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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2009

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THE FAILED ‘TERRORIST’ ATTEMPT on Christmas day 2009 by Omar Farouk Abdul Mutallab on Northwest Airlines from Amsterdam to Detroit was a singular victory for the Zionist/Military Complex which rules the White House and Capitol Hill.

Working in close connection with the Pentagon and the CIA – the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and its intelligence branch, the Mossad, have set their sights on a new Middle East target, the nation of Yemen which borders oil-rich Saudi Arabia.

Yemen is of particular interest to the Zionist/Military Complex as both China, a trading partner with Yemen, and Russia, now exporting weapons to Yemen, are gaining greater influence in the area. (Obama with Nobel Peace Prize in hand, bombed and killed 120 civilians in Yemen on December 16, 2009.) View Entire Story Here, Here & Here.

With reports that Mutallab ‘admitted’ to the FBI that he received his training in Yemen by Al Qaida, the Detroit plane incident provides the justification the Zionists need to engage in “preemptive strikes” against Yemenite radicals.

Only two days after the “Christmas Day Terror Attack,” (as the Jewish-occupied press promotes it), Talmudic Jew, Senator Joseph Lieberman, foremost champion of the Iraq War, told Fox News that the “US must pre-emptively act in Yemen.” How convenient for the Zionist Jews who love to send American Gentile kids to die for their causes.

Thus, in his attempt to detonate an improvised chemical mixture concocted in his underwear aboard the Detroit-bound flight, the Nigerian 23 year old Muslim ‘terrorist’ Abdul Mutallab, fulfilled his role as a Mossad plant and patsy.

The incident also serves to catapult Zionist Jews and their militarist dependents to greater heights of power over US citizens & domestic policy: -1- Deployment of Full Body Scanners at Airports -2- Retention of the US Patriot Act Surveillance Provisions -3- Profiling of ‘Extremists’ and ‘Dissenters’ -4- Renewal of the War On Terror by Obama -5- Increased Power of Homeland Security and the Jews in Congress Who Run It -666- Conditioning of the Masses to Passively Accept ‘Big Brother/Anti Christ’ Intrusions.


THE JEWISH CONTROLLED MEDIA immediately began preempting evidence indicating that Mutallab was a witting patsy of a larger plot planned by the Mossad and its associates at the CIA and India’s intelligence agency, RAW.

Hundreds of news stories reporting “intelligence failures” and Obama calling in Intel chiefs for a “failure review” with calls for “heightened security” have dominated headlines.

And, of course, we are being told that Al Qaida, that bogeyman amorphous enemy of American TV watchers, is claiming responsibility for the attack – complete with Obama vowing to use “every element” in the US arsenal to seek and destroy Al Qaida in Yemen and all across the globe.

Billed as the “Christmas Day Terror Attack” and the “Christmas Bomb Plot”, the Jewish-occupied press would have us believe that a revival of the War on Terror must come on the heels of an amateurish chemistry experiment made in a man’s underwear on an airplane seat. (Slightly singed underwear creating a smoky mist and hysterical screams from Jewish women will bring us even more global misery and US soldiers’ deaths.)

The Zionist-Jewish propaganda masters have succeeded once again in preventing US citizens from realizing that yet another false flag terror operation perpetrated by the Mossad and their associates has occurred on American soil.


BY ALL INDICATIONS, the British educated Omar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, turned radical Muslim, son of a wealthy Nigerian banker, was an easy mark for Mossad operatives.

If indeed Mutallab was an ‘Al-Qaida agent’ as propagandized by the Jewish-occupied press, how is it that Mutallab was allowed to board the plane despite his father’s warnings to officials? That his ‘bomb’ aborted in his underwear? That he delayed to detonate his chemical pudding until the plane ‘prepared to land?’ That he “seemed out of it…staring into nothing” and surrendered himself without a struggle to a video producer who ‘grabbed’ him? That he did not yell out, ‘Allah is Great!’ to his captors? And that he sang like a canary to the FBI after being apprehended? View FBI Charges Against Mutallab Here.

AND WHO WAS THE WELL-DRESSED SPONSOR from India who acted on behalf of young Mutallab with his multi-entrance passport at the Amsterdam airport?

According to the eyewitness testimonies of Michigan attorneys Kurt and Lori Haskell, a well-dressed Indian man arranged for Mutallab as a “Sudanese refugee” to board Northwest Flight 253 without showing his passport to security. (ICTS, an Israeli Security Firm with intimate ties to the Mossad, provides the security controls at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.) View The Wayne Madsen Report Here & Here. (Non-Subscribers View Here).

The Haskells emphasize that it was not an issue of whether Mutallab had in his possession a passport or not – but rather that he was allowed to pass through security without presenting it. Kurt Haskell said later that because every passport has a bar code with a profile of the passport holder, this would have revealed damning evidence against Mutallab.

Haskell and his wife originally reported this to CBS News but it is now being suppressed. In Zionist-Jewish fashion, CBS is now claiming that Mutallab did have a passport, which is not the issue. Further exposure of the Haskells’ testimony is now on total blackout by the Jews who own the press and media. View Haskells’ Entire Testimony Here.


TALMUDIC JEW SENATOR JOSEPH LIEBERMAN is now calling for compulsory Full Body Scanners at all US airports. If Lieberman has his way, (Jews on Capitol Hill always have their way), innocent Americans treated as SUSPECTS by the Zionist rulers in Washington will be subject to a virtual “strip search” every time they fly.

In an interview with Fox News on September 27, 2009, Lieberman, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee, (why do Jews always chair Congressional committees?), defended the “strip searches” and disparaged American people’s concern about their privacy. “Security overrules privacy concerns,” Lieberman said, “these concerns are frankly, unfounded.”

Not to be left out of Jewish control over the “goyim,” former Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, (also a Talmudic Jew), echoes Lieberman’s demand for Full Body Scanners. In an interview with NPR Radio on December 29, 2009, not only did Chertoff emphasize the need for scanners, but admitted (lots of stuttering here) that as a “consultant” for the manufacturers of the devices, he has a financial interest in seeing widespread installations. View Entire Transcript Here.

Both Lieberman and Chertoff represent the quest of American Jewry to “strip” US citizens of both their clothes and freedoms. Standing naked before the Jews who rule our nation in order to enjoy the privilege of flying, is soon to be the fate of all travelers. What’s next as terrorist suspects are looked for under every American rock? The privilege to buy and sell, that’s what’s next.

This privilege will be granted only to those who have lasered on their foreheads, the mark of the beast. Big Brother, that is, the Anti-Christ, is on his way. And he will be a Jew…


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Brother Nathanael @ January 3, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2010 @ 6:53 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family & All Readers –

    I really don’t see things getting better.

    In fact, for those of us who were born in the 1950s, it is obvious that things have gotten progressively worse. A Hershey Bar went for a nickel in 1959. Now it goes for $1.25.

    To change your flight schedule on an airline was once at no charge. Now they charge us $150.00 and $20 per bag to boot. When making reservations on the friendly skies of United, we used to hear nice American voices. Now we have to decipher a “strange tongue” from New Delhi or Malaysia. Things are getting worse.

    American TV watchers are being duped and they don’t know it and quite frankly, and I don’t really think they care. That’s why the Jews run all over the “dumb goys.” Jews don’t sit in front of the boob tube. They are scheming how they can make more money and achieve greater power over the goys. Or, they produce the TV shows to DUMB DOWN the goyim.

    Perhaps one or two Americans everyday will “see the light” and begin to figure it all out that JEWS – CHRIST HATING, FREEDOM HATING JEWS, are running America into the ground. But then they turn on their TV sets (HUGE SCREEN TV SETS!) and let the Jews “entertain” them to DEATH into “forget-it-all” land. Jews love to make the “goyim” laugh while they take them all to the cleaners in EVERY SPHERE of American life. DUMBING DOWN THE GOYS is what the Jews are all about.

    YES INDEED! Jews now control every aspect of America’s infrastructure: Financial, Banking, Monetary Policy, Federal Reserve Private Consortium, Academia, Media, Press, Entertainment, Hollywood, Music Industry, Real Estate, Fashion Industry, Retail Industry, Jurisprudence, The Courts, The Legal Sphere, Education, Book Publishing, Politics, Lobbies, Domestic & Foreign Policy, Medical Profession, the Pentagon, Capitol Hill & The White House.


    AND – the particular Jews in CONTROL of these spheres, work closely with the powers that be in Israel: Netanyahu, Dagan of the Mossad, and the Israel Defense Force (IDF). That’s why the Jew Controlled Media has BLACKED OUT the Haskells’ EYE WITNESS TESTIMONY. We are IN FOR GREATER SURVELLIANCE my friends. And the “dumb goys” of America will just passively go along with it.

    And DON’T THINK FOR A MINUTE that Talmudic Jew, Michael Chertoff, former chief of US Homeland Security, who CONSULTS for Full Body Scanner manufacturers, doesn’t have a major influence in what Homeland Security buys and their policies.

    Jews DO NOT GIVE UP their power and influence that easily once they gain it. Chertoff is BUDDIES with his fellow Talmudic Jew Lieberman, who chairs the Senate Committee on Homeland Security. BOTH of these CHRIST-HATING/FREEDOM-HATING/ALL CONTROLLING Jews DECIDE what Homeland Security BUYS and DOES. (Jews, CHRIST-HATING JEWS, like Lieberman and Chertoff control America.

    Please see the last Heading in this article: “Big Brother Prep.” Is it not evident that the masses are being conditioned (WILLINGLY) for the coming of the Anti Christ? You better believe it.

    Soon, (and I do now believe that it could very well be in our lifetime), because the Jews at Capitol Hill and who run puppet Obama (no, he is not the Anti Christ, he’s a mere puppet) will use their scare tactics with more false flags that the Jew Media spins that terrorists “hiding out” in America must be “starved out” — a LASER BEAM will be affixed as an invisible bar code on everyone’s wrist or forehead. People will not be able to “buy or sell” unless they have this laser beam affixed on them. Supermarkets already have non-clerk aisles in PREPARATION of the laser beam.

    THIS IS THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST, the Anti Christ, “666,” which is foreshadowed in the Old Testament as FIGURATIVE for the ECONOMIC DOMINANCE OF CHRIST-HATING JEWS. (More on this soon.)

    We must all prepare for the Anti Christ and the “number of his name” (more on the “number of his name” soon.)

    I myself am on a strict Vegan diet. I eat no frills that are Supermarket dependent. And I am continually in prayer and commitment to the ONE Who CONQUERS the Beast and his agents the Jews. His NAME is the Lord Jesus Christ, my God and Saviour, the TRUE and ONLY Messiah.

    I still have much to report on dear Real Zionist News family. Indeed, I “work hard for a living” with the hundreds of hours I put into these articles. Hits are Climbing. New Visitors come every hour. Page visits are now up to 880,000 hits per month. More and more sites like David Duke Site, Truth Seeker Site, Watcher Files Site, What Really Happened Site, are posting Real Zionist News articles.

    But – the higher Real Zionist News climbs in Hits and the longer and harder I work, the lower are the numbers of donations that come in. This is very discouraging.

    Tens of thousands of visitors come to OUR site, Real Zionist News, every week. But only a tiny fraction, probably 1/100th of a percent, if that, (only a handful), are willing to help keep OUR site, on line with the TREMENDOUS costs of running OUR site.

    Will You Then Please Consider Helping To Keep OUR Site, Real Zionist News, online?

    There Is A DONATION FEATURE BUTTON at the Top & Bottom Of This & Every Real Zionist News Article. Or Simply Click: (Why Do I Post This When Hardly Anyone “Clicks?”) IT’S HASSLE FREE AND TOTALLY SECURE EVERYONE! Better Than Pay Pal Who Banned Me Too!

    Donation May Also Be SAFELY SENT To:
    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    I thank those FEW who Faithfully Donate and those FEW new readers who are willing to help out financially.

    On another note, I will be leaving for NYC for Street Evangelism and our Russian Orthodox Christmas at my parish in NYC this coming Tuesday, January 5- 9 2010. Please keep me in your prayers for Christ’s Protection & Guidance. And, I will make every attempt to post DAILY REPORTS HERE on our Comments Section which is read by thousands every day.

    Many write to me out of concern for my safety when traveling. This is why I NEED and ASK for all of your prayers that Christ our Lord, Saviour, and God, will keep me under His protection.

    I have also made DEFINITE arrangements for LA Street Evangelism: January 20-23 2010. A beautiful Christian couple from LA are hosting me in their home with full travel help. I do need help with airline costs as it was rather expensive especially after I made a mistake in reservations and had to change it with BIG HIT for schedule change.

    Our beloved Joe Cortina has invited me to Tampa FL for a February Street Evangelism trip – ALL Expense Paid. Have you all seen Joe Cortina’s hard hitting Web Site, “My Name Is Joe Cortina’ @
    You Got To Check It Out!

    Okay, Gotta start packing for NYC!

    I love you all, I APPRECIATE you all, and let’s KEEP a GOOD THING GOING with our wonderful fellowship of our Real Zionist News Family.

    Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  2. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2010 @ 6:53 pm


    I’d like for you all to see a bit of what I am trying to accomplish with the Street Evangelism.

    First of all, Here is a MAJOR RENSE ARTICLE On My “STREET EVANGELISM” @

    Second, Here is an Interview of me with my dear friend Mark Glenn of Internet fame – In This Pic I Am In Front Of The Federal Reserve Bldg in Boston @

    My vision is to go to EVERY MAJOR CITY in the USA for Street Evangelism – BUT – I will need financial help to make this vision a reality.


    AND: Check Out Brother Nathanael “On The Streets” @

    Once Again:

    There is a DONATION FEATURE BUTTON on the Top & Bottom of this and every Real Zionist News article. Or simple Click:

    This is a HASSLE FREE, USER FRIENDLY, SECURED, Online Donation Feature.

    Donations May Also Be Safely Sent By Snail Mail To:
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    I really need your financial support to CONTINUE my Street Evangelism which meets with OVERWHELMING POSITIVE RESPONSE – ESPECIALLY FROM THE YOUTH.

    With Much Love In Christ Our Saviour, +Brother Nathanael

  3. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2010 @ 6:54 pm

    +++ Hear Brother Nathanael On Radio! +++

  4. John King January 3, 2010 @ 7:44 pm

    It’s high time to turn the tables on these modern day Pharisees and money changers.

    Being a Patriot is a difficult task at first. It’s always difficult for the first man to stand up and scream “I am human being! I will not put up with this anymore!” He’s already done that and for our sake. Now it’s our turn.

    If everybody out here reading would donate just $10 Dollars per month to Bro. Nathanael, we can help him reach his destiny. He may be a damn good researcher and writer but he’s also the mouse that roared.

    He is our advocate, our knight in shining armor, our Rocky Balboa. Time is running out brothers and sisters. Freedom isn’t free. We have before us a man who is not scared to grab a viper by the neck, not scared to tie an octopus’ feet in knots, not scared to rip a steak from a lion’s jaws. He needs our help.

    He knows that the next step in his evolution (upward) is radio. Think about what I said, a small donation each month …$5, $10, $20 whatever you can afford but be consistent.

    I don’t know who put the “sin” in “synogogue” but he’s ready to blow the walls down and chase out the vermin.

    If I can’t wake you you up at this time and spurn you to your own activism, do the next best thing and help out a man who lives a life of poverty because he knows that riches are best measured in a man’s deeds.

    Getting Bro Nathanael on the radio is his next step towards slaying the Beast.

    Please everyone reading tell Bro Nathanael that radio is his next step.

    John King

  5. Karen January 3, 2010 @ 8:24 pm


    The pornographers have found an easy way to get their jollies–full body scans!

    These idiots don’t know when to stop, do they?

    Because as soon as I heard about the “undie bomber” I knew it was a false flag.

    I know I’m not the only one–lots of people are catching on faster and faster.


  6. Hello January 3, 2010 @ 8:37 pm

    The trend in increasing security leads down the path of fear which is the opposite path of improving international relations which would be the path of good will.

    The path of fear leads to an authoritarian state, the path of good will leads to freedom..which one should we support?

  7. Nicolae January 3, 2010 @ 8:40 pm

    “The Jewish people (FROM SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, CONVERTED KHAZARS) as a whole will become its own ‘messiah.’

    It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.

    In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews.

    It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

    — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928







  8. kmarie January 3, 2010 @ 9:05 pm

    Aaron Foley of the Metro Detroit Local News & Talk has more coverage of the Kurt Haskell eyewitness angle to this story.

  9. Al whorwood January 3, 2010 @ 9:20 pm

    Great article B.N. I’ve got this feeling that 2010 is going to be a great year for you.

    Karen, Undie bomber, thats a good one.

  10. Adora January 3, 2010 @ 9:37 pm

    Am I correct, Brother Nathanael, when I say that the enemies of Christ and mankind are the Zionist? Or should I say the Jews?

    To my knowledge, I have met two Jews in my lifetime. I was a teenager when I met the first one. I was on a Greyhound bus in 1978, heading home to Texas when I sat beside a young man a couple of years older than me from Israel. He was educated and very much a gentleman, unlike the American males that were on the bus at the time.

    He said he was headed home to marry the woman his parents had picked out for him. A muscular woman who could work in the garden, not the woman of his choice, but he wanted to please his parents.

    His kindness and humbleness impressed me so much that I still remember it to this day.

    The second Jew I met was the owner of a Pawn Shop. He was just the opposite of the first Jew I met.

    Because of the internet, I have learned that the oppressors of mankind are the ? Zionists or the Jews?

  11. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2010 @ 9:53 pm

    Dear Andora –

    A Brief Answer.

    All Jews STICK TOGETHER. All Jews are involved in “collective guilt” so long as they IDENTIFY as Jews.

    The MAJORITY of American Jews *link their identity* AS JEWS to the ZIONIST state of Israel.

    I call them all JEWS. Zionists and all of their Sympathizers, though most Jews ARE Zionists. If not, they Sympathize with them to a greater or lesser degree.

    Even Chomsky who ATTACKED Meisheimer and Walt’s book, The Israel Lobby.

    AND -They are ALL Christ-Deniers, including the “most enlightened” Chomsky.


  12. Timu January 3, 2010 @ 11:45 pm

    The incident also serves to catapult Zionist Jews and their militarist dependents to greater heights of power over US citizens & domestic policy: -1- Deployment of Full Body Scanners at Airports -2- Retention of the US Patriot Act Surveillance Provisions -3- Profiling of ‘Extremists’ and ‘Dissenters’ -4- Renewal of the War On Terror by Obama -5- Increased Power of Homeland Security and the Jews in Congress Who Run It -666- Conditioning of the Masses to Passively Accept ‘Big Brother/Anti Christ’ Intrusions.

    Some one once said that “the devil is in the details”. With this incident, as with so many others, we see an effect being achieved, and ground gained, to some degree. It would be a safe bet I think, that no matter what all truth was behind this incident, it (the incident) will be used to advance their agenda. And, as it is, we will be inundated with confusing and conflicting reports, opinions and debates, side issues as diversions, until at last, the whole incident exhausts itself, after having exhausted us.

    In the mean time the agenda has advanced. One of the end runs to this agenda is to secure the sovereignty of the U.S.A. to the State of Israel. It is obvious that the American Political Machine, was to be rewarded with being the world’s dominant power, for their co-operation in middle eastern Zionist ventures. But alas, it is the Zionist State that controls the American Political Machine, as such, it is they who are the dominant political world power.

    That American megalomaniacs have become obscenely wealthy, through the Middle Eastern ventures, (e.g. Cheney/Haliberton Brown and Root, Condi Rice/Exxon, Enron etc.), can only be viewed as the epitome of betrayal and corruption, and dividends paid in full upon their ‘deal with the devil’.

    Yet in addition to all the observed rewards, that both the Israeli and American establishments have gained, such as oil and natural gas, and pipelines stretched out over the Middle East, with prolonged and luccerative, contracts attending; there is still, I believe, a much bigger ‘end game’ on the board.

    How it has all fallen together can only be described as a brilliant diabolic stratagem. With the country of Yemen now coming on stage, we must sooner or later see, that there is another end to this madness; another purpose, which is just below the radar, and out of the picture entirely the vast majority.

    The higher up we go, toward our ‘birds eye view’. the clearer it becomes, that, the real and continuing purpose, in spite of all the side benefits, has been to conquer Islam. We are at present, seeing an effort to secure the nuclear capabilities of Pakistan. All avenues lead to the conclusion that Islam will be brought down and dominated by Zionism via the U.S.A. and her allies, in behalf of Israel.

    I think that this is being done, to avert an all out global conflagration, that will occur, if they are not subdued before Israel makes their final great move in preparation for the Antichrist.

    That move which would start the end of the world by Israel, if all the Muslim powers are not brought under toe beforehand, is the seizure of the Temple Mount, and the destruction of the Mosque of The Dome of the Rock, in preparation, for the construction of their Temple, in which the Antichrist will sit, and proclaim to the world, that he is god.

    That is, I believe, Satan’s true and burning purpose in these hours. The reinstitution of animal sacrifice, after the fact of Christ’s death for sin, and resurrection, will become the ultimate blasphemy. any who wish to persue this line of thought, which may veer off topic, can do so here,

  13. Man January 4, 2010 @ 2:57 am

    All ordinary Jews have to understand that their Judaic maniac leaders push to complete disaster not only upon Gentiles but ordinary Jews, too.

  14. debbie January 4, 2010 @ 8:06 am


  15. Doug P. January 4, 2010 @ 10:29 am

    Bro Nate:

    For a Street Evangelist you certainly seem to know alot about the operations of Mossad…from where do you get your information?

  16. Brother Nathanael January 4, 2010 @ 10:38 am

    Dear Doug P.

    I grew up as a Jew in an upper middle class B’nai B’rith syangogue.

    I’ve got the inside track.

    This is why the ADL took this site down 3 times (my current Web Hosting Co will NOT cow to them.) This is also why Pay Pal Banned me.

    I am the Jews worst nightmare. I know and EXPOSE their game and I’ve got nothing to lose – no family, no profession, no public obligations for them to threaten.

    As an Orthodox Christian monk, DEDICATED to CHRIST, I am willing to DIE in exposing these Christ Haters.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Orthodox Christian Monk


    Bro. Nathanael,

    John King is 1000% correct when he says your voice needs to be heard on the radio because you are a Prayer-Warrior who is not afraid to use your intellect and courage to face the wretched Zionist “Jew”/Khazar Synangogue of Satan that is trying to destroying Christianity and the West along with it.

    This false flag op is another indicator of the Kosher Khazar globalist power matrix-today I was silenced by their ZOG corporate internet provider trying to send truth out. They want an Internet2 to shut down “dissenters”/ people who will always speak the truth to their lies.

    We who know this should prepare (and of course fight them all the way for our Free Speech Rights).

    We know what the Khazar goons did to Jack Bernstein, Benjamin Freidman, and many others. I pray Bro. Nathanael will live to be 125 – he is a beacon of great hope in this dark, wretched World. From my heart, I say God really made a special man for His Kingdom the day Bro. Nathanael came into this World.

    Everyone should pray for his strength, support, and continual spreading of the truth. Like the Apostle Paul, Bro. Nathanael is a godly man who saw Jewry for what it is and decided to do something about it for all that is good, just, and true. My soul wells up with hope thinking humanity is blessed to have people like that among us who can transcend the barriers of post-modern corruption and speak of truth, liberty, and righteouesness.

    The issue here is it’s wise to pre-empt any croneyism by the establishment as I can attest today as I tried to send out an e-mail on AOL Kosher IP to several brothers fighting the good fight for freedom and truth about “Arming Goldman Sachs with Pistols” by Alice Schroeder on AOL/ZOG IP blocked it.

    If you know anything about Gun laws you know Jew York City has some of the most Nazi anti-freedom gun laws in America (having any kind of gun is an slammed door guarantee of 1 year at Rikers Island). Yet, Goldman Sucks and their Khazar mafioso pals are getting armed to the teeth right on the streets of NYC in addition to being flanked by armies of privately paid-for armed thugs while, the goy can’t even keep a handgun in his residence to protect himself from the many other criminals in NYC.

    One can see Bro. Nathanael’s ideas about Jewish arrogance, elitism, and manipulation being validated by articles like Ms. Schroders. Our ancestors in the 1920’s should have ran the Khazar banksters out after their first big heist with their Kosher Reserve Bank-WWI.

    3 Suggestions to consider to protect Free Speech and truth from the domestic Samzidat –

    1) Capacity to download Real Jew News site. It would be prudent to have this site.

    2) Printable handbill downloads (i.e., the Jews and your American Dollar, The Jews and your “news” media. the Jews and their goy death camps/FEMA Camps, the Jews and their grab for your guns, etc.) to make flyers to paste in the streets as a means to spread information to the masses.

    3) Future DVD, audio CDs of Bro. Nathanael’s message to download, buy, etc. and COPY and spread out to share truth with others.

    3 ideas for turth communication broken down more –

    An entirely downloadable site of Real Jew News (via online, external harddrives pre-formatted for sale, etc.) if these rats yank the internet into their Samzidat globalist pit.

    Also, some downloadable pamphlets or flyers that could printed out, and mass copied as handbills and placed on city street corners, bulletin boards, parking lots, etc., etc. to spread the word right now, and to prepare when these Khazar pinkos Samzidatists yank the net.

    Another suggestion-

    Audio Cds, Dvds, etc. with your message condensed in an hour or so as a back up plan.

    God bless you Bro. Nathanael you are a voice of liberty and I will pray for your safety and for the manifestation of continual wisdom to be shared.

    I’m donating right now!

  18. GreyWolf January 4, 2010 @ 11:10 am

    I agree with Al, it’s a most interesting article. No doubt there is someone behind the plot to take complete control of the world.

    What’s next & who will stand up to tyranny will be interest in 2010?

    Finally, someone just wrote a book that’s about a small town in America that does stand up to federal tyranny (and those controlling our country) &; ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution.

    It’s a must read for what’s coming in the 2010 elections & the future of our country.

    It may be that history is now calling on each of us to find our destiny & fulfill our legacy for the next generation. A must read!! I recommend it to everyone:

  19. Joe Cortina January 4, 2010 @ 12:56 pm

    Ever notice that interesting characteristic of the NAME of Joe-the-Jew – Lieberman?

    You know – like those catchy TV phrases like Kay Jewelers in their clever little song: “EVERY KISS BEGINS WITH ‘K'”?

    Well here’s one for Joe-the Jew.

    His very NAME begins with the word LIE – get it? Joe LIE-berman.

    And as for Al-Queda. Here are some interesting Jew ‘facts’ about this surreal – ellusive-etherial – urban/legend myth created by the “SONS OF THE DEVIL” to suit their demonic agenda of total subversion of their playground of filth greed and perversion – a place – once a Christian nation blessed by the Almighty – formely known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    Did you know that ====?

    AL-Queda is responsible for all porn
    AL-Queda is responsible for all abortions
    AL-Queda is responsible for all economic collapse
    AL-Queda is responsible for all Homo-perversion
    AL-Queda is responsible for all drug use
    AL-Queda is responsible for the destruction of Christmas
    AL-Queda is responsible for all unemployment
    AL-Queda is responsible for all government corruption
    AL-Queda is responsible for all investment scams
    AL-Queda is responsible for all profanity violence and lurid sex on TV
    AL-Queda is responsible for all Heavy metal and demonic ‘rock’
    AL-Queda is responsible for starting all wars
    AL-Queda is responsible for all natural disasters
    AL-Queda is responsible for all inflation
    AL-Queda is responsible for all banking collapse
    AL-Queda is responsible for all high medical costs
    AL-Queda is responsible for all violations of our Constitutional rights
    AL-Queda is responsible for illegal immigration
    AL-Queda is responsible for cancer
    AL-Queda is responsible for all broken marriages
    AL-Queda is responsible for our compulsion with greed
    AL-Queda is responsible for us becomming fat pasty couch potato slobs
    AL-Queda is responsible for our national debt to become an all consuming monster
    AL-Queda is responsible for our monumantal hypocrisy
    AL-Queda is responsible for perverting our Christian faith into something evil/demonic
    AL-Queda is responsible for increased violence in our youth
    AL-Queda is responsible for increasing school drop-outs
    AL-Queda is responsible for the dumbing down of AmeriKa
    AL-Queda is responsible for slandering Jesus as a “bastard son”
    AL-Queda is responsible for calling the Mother of Jesus a “WHORE”
    AL-Queda is responsible for high taxes
    AL-Queda is responsible for unaffordable insurance
    AL-Queda is responsible for increasing homelessness
    AL-Queda is responsible for taking prayer out of our schools
    AL-Queda is responsible for removing the laws of God from our courthouses
    AL-Queda is responsible for all adultery
    AL-Queda is responsible for all credit card abuse
    AL-Queda is responsible for all defamation of our beloved Founding Fathers
    AL-Queda is responsible for loss of our Constitutional freedoms
    AL-Queda is responsible for the devaluation of the dollar to that of ‘Monopoly money’
    AL-Queda is responsible for the looting of trillions from the Pentagon
    AL-Queda is responsible for all despondency suicides
    AL-Queda is responsible for our corrupt Congress specifically
    AL-Queda is responsible for loss of public confidence
    AL-Queda is responsible for our war criminal President
    AL-Queda is responsible for the 1,500,000 civilians we have murdered in cold-blood
    AL-Queda is responsible for our criminal fraud Zionist/Marxist sockpuppet President
    AL-Queda is responsble for our collective transformation into a morally rotted corpse
    AL-Queda is obviously responsible for ALL of our problems.

    OH – Hmnnn – perhaps in retrospect – is was probably more like =


    Learn MORE TRUTHS on my site – before Joe- the LYING JEW – LIE-berman has it censured

  20. Hello January 4, 2010 @ 2:47 pm


    You speak about the endgame.

    That’s really something to contemplate – is it something to watch passively or to actively intercept?

  21. AntiPharisee January 4, 2010 @ 4:50 pm

    The media said the firecrackers or small bomb was detonated on landing, then 5 minutes before landing, then 10 minutes and now 20 minutes before landing.

    So silly me for thinking that a bomb was pre-sewn into the seat cushion, and there was a Mossad agent on the ground near the airport at the arrival destination, who activated a remote trigger to set off the bomb inside the seat cushion between passenger patsy’s legs.

  22. Fr. Joseph January 4, 2010 @ 5:32 pm

    Dear Joe Cortina,

    Hmmm…one heck of a psycho-spiritual-socio-political-religious LITANY you composed there (big grin).

    So between you and I, my dear Joe, what do you think that the CATHOLIC Church along with the EASTERN Orthodox Churches get on DOING in order to bring about the utter and final destruction of….


    (laughing out loud to myself)

    – Fr. Joseph

  23. miranda January 4, 2010 @ 6:46 pm

    I can be counted on to give $100 a yr, to our fine Brother. Maybe I better give more, because there are soooo very many judaized goys, that are pure evil, maybe as much as are the Jews, their masters.

    What a horrible legacy of filth we are leaving the next generation. I am glad that my parents are dead, did not have to realize all this betrayal of our Christian American values.

    I bet the R C Christian who signed the stones in Georgia, calling for the dimunition of population, was actually a Jew, RC standing for “Roman Catholic”. Always making fun of us. I remember back in the 1980’s, a Jewish woman in the agency for which I worked, approached me and told me that I was the only woman on our floor, that was not a cow. I think she was complementing me for not being goylike.

  24. Suzanne January 4, 2010 @ 8:44 pm

    Apparently or according to eyewitness at the airport at the time, this “terrorist” or undie bomber was escorted on to the airplane with a man dressed in a fine expensive suit who dissplayed a badge to the “security” at the airport. With a nod and a smile from the security, this Nigerian youngster and this so called “gentleman” in the fine suit boarded the plane.

    On the plane eyewitness also noted that this young man would often stare at the ceiling or stare for long periods of time into the distance, looking lost and confused. Could this youngster be an MK Ultra victim? Curtiosy of the CIA lab.

    Also, isn’t it strange how Obama cut short his undeserved holiday in Hawaii to appear on tv and announce what had happened before this youngster had apparently “done” anything yet?Odd. Many questions indeed.

    We little people might never know the fine, little details or the in’s and out’s, but one thing is for sure we all know who the architects of this criminality are. ZIONIST JEWS.

  25. John January 5, 2010 @ 7:10 am

    How long will it take before Americans understand they are under attack by Jews? This is all out war! Americans seem to be in a daze about what’s going on. They are using SIMPLE mind games on you and you fall for it!

    Get over to and find out more.

    For you military guys and girls, get over to and fall in line.

    Br. Nathanael is right, here is an ex-Jew telling you what the problem is.

    So why are you arguing on his boards about what the problem is?!

    He will most likely die one way or another for saying what he says. Grab your guns and take back America!

  26. kmarie January 5, 2010 @ 10:27 am

    Dahr Jamail is an independent unembedded journalist who has written Beyond the Green Zone Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq. The things America is doing to Iraq (whitewashed by the mainstream media) are indescribably horrible, yet he describes them very well.

    While many Americans are tiring of the war in Iraq, the War Machine is frothing at the mouth to take the so-called “war on terror” further and further. This Zionist-inspired war frenzy might better be called the “war OF terror.”

  27. Fr. Joseph January 5, 2010 @ 11:55 am

    Dear Folks the World over AS WELL AS all of you in the U.S. Armed Forces the World over.

    And the end of the HORRENDOUS global/worldwide Second World War – after all of the black-power and nuclear fallout DUST HAD SETTLED, it was the U.S. 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur in the FRESHLY CONQUERED Japan who told a visiting Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen the following:

    “The WORLD STRUGGLE is not political or economic. Rather, it is RELIIGOUS and THEOLOGICAL. It is either God or atheism.”

    Now GOD just so happened to LOVE all of Mankind SO MUCH that He requested His Only Eternally Begotten Son to take on OUR created human nature in the womb of a WOMAN who conceived her Child, the only Son of God the Father of us all in Heaven – and this Woman’s CHILD grew up to be a Man and this Man Who Is God Incarnate Himself TOLD OUR HUMAN RACE Who God Is, How God Is, Where God Is, What God Is, Why God Is.

    So the REAL ‘WORLD STRUGGLE’ all boils down to simply THIS:

    Either the Governments and the Peoples of the Nations of our World ACCEPT God and Who He Is – or they REJECT God and Who He Is.

    Now your ZIONISTS, TALMUD RABBIS, your KHAZARIAN KABBALAHISTS the World over in, through and from EVERY LAST nation’s Government of our World – and that expressly means and INCLUDES the United States of America – utterly REJECT God and Who He Is.

    So ALL of the Military and Intelligence operations of our current/contemporary United States of America are being ORDERED by people in and throughout our current U.S. Government’s Offices, Departments and Agencies who have REJECTED God and Who He Is and WANT He wants DONE here on this planet earth of His Own Creating.

    In other words, these GOD-REJECTING so-called Leaders, Authorities, Officials, etc. are ORDERING all of you TO DO every manner of thing that is diamterically CONTRARY to the Divine Will of GOD HIMSELF!

    Succinctly put – you have BLOOMIN’ ATHEISTS dressed up to pass themselves as ‘respectable men’ with ‘sacred religious heritages’ and ‘cockamamie psuedo-spiritual and psuedo-religion’ BELIEFS’ ORDERING YOU ALL to do every manner of thing to other PEOPLES of our World that VIOLATES God’s Holy and Divine Will FOR all of Mankind and FOR this planet earth which He created and which HE AND HE ALONE ‘OWNS’!

    I think that it’s high-time for every last US Goverment Official to seek the SPIRITUAL COUNSEL of the Bishop of Rome – and every last member of the US Armed Forces go get their ‘CHAPLAIN’S CARD’ PUNCHED by and and all of the BISHOPS of the CATHOLIC CHURCH here in the United States of America.

    The Bishop of Rome ALONG WITH the Bishops of the Catholic Church have GOD’S AUTHORITY to bring about WORLD PEACE for every last member of our Human Race – for the ONE, REAL AND TRUE GOD is a GOD OF LIFE, a GOD OF TRUTH, a GOD OF LOVE and a GOD OF PEACE!

    Everybody in and throughout our US Goverment, our US Nation and our US Armed Forces either DOES THAT – or these GOD-REJECTING ATHEISTS throughout the Upper Echelons of our US Goverment, our US Nation and our US Armed Forces are going to get ALL OF US ‘NUKED’!

    At your service…

    Fr. Joseph – Honorably Discharged USAF Veteran – “N.C.O.” – AFSC 42652
    ‘Informer’, ‘Communications Expert’
    1st Lieutenant – His Holy Army
    Christ Jesus’ Church MILITANT here on earth

  28. charlie January 5, 2010 @ 12:38 pm

    America and the rest of the world has been poisoned, dumbed down, bewitched, electomagnetically brain deadened, lied to and threatened to the point of no return.

    All they are awaiting now is the the satanic oath of allegiance followed by microchipping, (I disagree about the laser printing Br Nathanael); anyone dares object the grid is emcompassed with gulags, transportation and guillotines…lots of each.

    Now….who you gonna call?

    Try Jesus!

  29. Fr. Joseph January 5, 2010 @ 1:00 pm

    Ssheezzzz Louizzee! What does a fellow have TO DO to get something TO REGISTER in the minds and hearts of people!

    The MONEY I’ve spent on copying and mailing letters and information time after time after time again to US GOVERMMENT OFFICIALS – both elected and appointed – to COMMISSIONED OFFICERS in the U.S. Armed Forces – to FEDERAL and STATE Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments – to RELIGIOUS and CIVIL leaders here in the USA an other nations/states of our World – with ALL THAT MONEY I’ve spent from my “hourly wages”, I could have bought myself a FARM and FARM HOUSE somewheres in the boonies of the State of Pennsylvania and gone into ‘seclusion’ in order to live my own personal LIFE OF PEACE!

    Now ‘The Bible’ SEZ…

    “My People PERISH for want of knowledge!” – Prophet Hosea 4:6

    Death was NOT God’s Doing,
    He takes NO PLEASURE IN
    the extinction of the living.”
    – Book of Wisdom – Wisdom 1:12-13


    “And am I not to fell SORRY FOR Ninevah, the great city, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand people WHO CANNOT TELL THEIR RIGHT HAND FROM THEIR LEFT?” – Prophet Jonah – Jonah 4:11

    So I have to figure out some sort of way in order to get the BLOOMIN’ ATTENTION of every last Government Intelligence Service – both Civilian and Military – here in the USA, and maybe in ALL of the governments throughout our contemporary World.

    This was the ‘Idea’ given to me here at my hermitage just about 20 minutes ago…

    I understand that the F.B.I. has this Internet monitoring program called ‘Echelon’ or ‘Carnivor’ which AUTOMATICALLY SCANS every last e-mail or Internet transmission of ‘Buzz Words’ which then ALERTS Agents and Staff Workers in the F.B.I. by “capturing” and “flagging” that particular e-mail or Internet transmission.

    So here is my ‘Trojan Horse’ in order to GET INTO and GET INSIDE of their ‘Heads’!…


    But now that THIS particular posting of mine has been FLAGGED by the F.B.I. and is being printed out and DUMPED INTO THE LAP of someone within the F.B.I. who, in turn, can rely the following information onto EVERY LAST ‘Intelligence Agency and Department’ throughout the USA, THIS is what needs to be ‘Passed UP their Chain-Of-Command(s)’

    First, ALL of the ‘Intelligence Agencies’ here in the USA (and for the rest of the entire World for all that I care) can GOOGLE search

    “Albert Pike and Three World Wars”

    Next, ALL of the ‘Intelligence Agencies’ here in the USA (and for the rest of the entire World for all that I care) can GO WATCH the on-line/in-the-public-domain documentary entitled

    “Heaven’s Key To Peace”

    currently loaded and available on

    NEXT, all of the ‘Intelligence Agencies’ here in the USA can call up their ‘counterparts’ in the RUSSIAN ‘Intelligence Agencies’ in order to VALIDATE the following

    “Examples of slogans include ‘DEATH TO ALL THINGS LIVING'” – kinda/sorta a TERRORIST threat coupled with HATE SPEECH, doesn’t everybody in our entire world think? – from

    And LAST but certainly NOT LEAST, every last individual in every last Military organization here in the USA and the rest of our World – and every last individual in every last ‘Intelligence Agency’ and ‘Intelligence Service’ throughout the World can now PRINT OUT the following webpage which contains a ‘Divine Super Tippy Top SECRET’ with information TO SAFEGUARD their own nation-state from this sort of ‘TERRORIST THREAT’ and ‘HATE SPEECH’ cited above:

    ‘Divine Super Tippy-Top SECRET’:

    Kinda like ‘James Bond, 007’

    In the SERVICE of her Royal Divine Majesty, the Queen of Heaven and of the earth, the Mother of God, the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY…

    – Fr. Joseph
    ‘Informer’ ‘Communications Expert’
    1st Lieutenant – His Holy Army
    The Church MILITANT here on earth

  30. Fr. Joseph January 5, 2010 @ 1:07 pm

    Ooppsss…clumsy me.

    Sorry about that all of you in our US and rest of the World’s MILITARY and CIVILIAN ‘Intellience Agencies and Departments’…

    If at first you don’t succeed…try and try AGAIN!


    Kinda hard getting all of this stuff straight and accurate all by myself.

    – Fr. Joseph

  31. charlie January 5, 2010 @ 1:46 pm

    “Genocide. The History of the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel.”

    See also Geoffrey Smith’s work on Monsanto, (Jew owned) and genetically modified poison crops; cancer causing chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers, terminator seed monopolization, and the laws they are getting passed to monopolize worldwide food production.

  32. charlie January 5, 2010 @ 4:25 pm

    “Digital TV-Mind control by the sound of silence.”

    “Is Alex Jones and Infowars working for the globalists.” by Jane Birgermeister.

    Alex Jones and Infowars have portrayed themslves as patriots and enemies of a global tyranny to be implemented under any New World Order using the UN, WHO and IMF as vehicles.

    However, Infowars recent report on UN plans for gold coins strongly reinforces the notion that the website is actually trying to hide UN plans to move to a global currency – and a New World Order psych op website.

    Paul Joseph Watson posted a report yesterday on Infowars saying that the recent announcement by the United Nations that it will begin to mint gold and silver bullion coins bearing the UN logo “is likely to be a hoax, muddying the waters of the very real move towards a global monetary system”.

    Watson goes on to claim that the story is spread by FBI operatives, ignoring the fact that Infowars was among the first to put it out.

    “UN to produce bullion coins as world currency ,” was the headline of a story by Dwight Jones on December 31, 2009 posted on Infowars.

    So what is Watson actually complaining about when Infowars was one of the first websites to put out the story of the UN’s plans to produce bullion coins?

    How come it is suddenly a hoax?

    The original Dwight Jones story put out by Infowars was uncritical. It suggested the UN bullion coin was inevitable and even reasonable, that is to say, it served to condition people positively to the idea in a low key way.

    However, others – including myself – began to ask questions such as where would the gold or even the license come from for the UN to be able to print silver and gold coins?

    These critical reports have now come under fire from Watson and attacked as muddying the water.

    Watson now says there is no evidence that the UN wants to create a world currency. “There is nothing on the UNCTAD website to verify the authenticity of the story,” Watson writes.

    The fact is, the UN trade body, UNCTAD, basedf in Geneva close to WHO, has been calling for stable global exchange rates — the back door to a UN global currency — since March 2009 when the FT Deutschland reported on an UNCTAD study calling for stable exchange rates.

    Also, the UNCTAD Trade and Development Report 2009, which can be downloaded from the UNCTAD website, clearly advocates a radical overhaul of the world’s financial and monetary system and an agreement among the countries of the world to maintain stable exchange rates along the lines of the European monetary system.

    But the European monatery system established in 1979 when some European countries linked their currencies to prevent large fluctuations relative to one another, ultimately led to the creation of the euro with its coins and bank notes, as Wikipedia reports.

    ON page 127 of the UNCTAD Trade and Development Report 2009, you can read:

    “The Bretton Woods system and the European Monetary System provide precedents for what could be an appropriate solution to determine exchange rates within a multilateral framework. In these systems, the implicit rule was that the exchange rate of the national currencies with the international currency would be determined by the purchasing power of the currency expressed in all other currencies.“

    How long the UN currency remain gold or silver before it too is transformed into a paper, fiat currency is another question.

    Infowars is not interested in exploring this issue or the way the UN is introducing a global currency through the back door as reported in UNCTAD’s own website contrary to Watson’s claims.

    Infowars is interested in putting out an uncritical report announcing UN bullion coins as a fait accompli – and if others notice the implications, Infowars attacks them, slurring them as FBI informanats, apparently more eager to defend the UN than the truth.


    This report is just one piece of growing evidence that Jones is working for the NWO and his internet news operation is designed as part of a programme to spread fear.

    More and more people are noticing that Alex Jones’s always focuses on a problem – but never on the solution.

    Just one example.

    Alex Jones gave a commentary at New Year about the need for Americans to live up to the ideal of the freemason Founding Father George Washington over Christmas – but Jones never mentions the efforts of the Continental Congress to restore the Constitution, an effort much broader in scope and more important to rebuilding the USA than Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill, which is given acres of space.

    And what about the suggestion of moving money to community banks? No mention hardly of that on Infowars.

    In spring 2009, Alex Jones was one of the most prominent scare-mongerers over the swine flu virus in the alternative media along with controlled opposition Bill Deagle and True Ott.

    Jones had callers into his show talking of millions of infected people in Mexico. He told everyone he was disappearing to his farm if the pandmeic virus ever appeared.

    And he only reported on the dangers of the untested swine flu vaccination and the forced vaccination element in pandemic plans after the news had circulated far and wide on the US alternative media network thanks to the work of Dr Rebecca Carley and others like myself.

    But we were never given a spot on his show. Our appearance was cancelled on spurious grounds.

    Jones never mentioned that I have filed charges against Baxter or that they were being investigated by the police. The impression Jones gives is that the police and army are people’s biggest enemy. This is not true.

    Jones call today for people to file petitions and lawsuits against proposals to implement full body scanners at airports looks great. But a closer look reveals that the real story concerning the Delta airplane bombing — namely the overwhelming evidence elements in the US government conspired to destroy a plane — has been pushed out for all the reports on Yemen and body scanners.

    The latest episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory on the global plot to murder millions through the vaccine was clearly designed to instill fear while giving as little useful information as possible – let alone any real solutions.

    This is also true of Jones’s treatment of Climate Gate and the Copenhagen Treaty.

    Christopher Monckton’s video clip posted on Youtube in October on the dangers in the Copenhagen Treaty was widely seen before Alex Jones picked up on the story.

    The hacked emails became the major, indeed only item, for weeks on Jones website after the entire internet was buzzing with it.

    Copenhagen was widely believed to have been a significant failure for the globalists and banksters’s plan to establish the UN system as a global form of government – but Jones perpetuates the view they scored a major success and are just “playing dead”.

    The UN and WHO and IMF have been largely ignored by Jones, though it is becoming increasingly clear they are the key vehicles of control.

    Jones also presents himself as a champion of 9/11 truth. But is he?

    Alex Jones does not, for example, mention Dr Judy Wood and the evidence that directed energy weapons destroyed the twin towers on September 9/11, evidence submitted in a case that has made its way to the Supreme Court.

    But it is not just what Jones leave out that is important – but also what he puts in to his shows.

    Alex Jones promotes well known counterintelligence agents such as Dr Rima Laibow, wife of retired Major General Albert Stubblebine, head of a US psych op warfare department.

    Even David de Rothschild is allowed air time.

    He also gives space to less well known ones such as Nigel Farage of the UKIP, widely believed to be another member of the controlled opposition who gives big speeches in European Parliament while consistently blocking any effective action according to party members.

    And what about Ron Paul?

    Though a medical doctor, his only criticism of the swine flu vaccine campaign made to Russia Today was that the Big US Government could not deliver the vaccine fast enough.

    How come Paul, another freemason, could not find a few words to say about the fact the vaccine was untested and toxic ?

    They represent the false mainstream/alternative media paradigm.

    They work for the same paymasters.

    They are there to collect IP addresses, enable them to be put in data bases and matched with addresses and now too with GP coordinates folllowing the census, etc.

    They are there to terrify, paralyze, humiliate and bully.

    Just now there was a report on Infowars saying 70% of Americans were in favour of invading Yemen.

    Who believes that?

    But this so-called on line poll gives the impression a consensus has formed and that the invasion of Yemen is inevitable when no consensus has formed and an invasion is not inevitable.

    In 2010, the time has come to move forward with constructive proposals for rebuilding the USA and Europe – and the time has come to remove obstacles to their implementation.

    And Alex Jones has become an obstacle with his fear mongering and manipulation of information.

    The USA is lucky to have people like Dr Rebecca Carley, Dr Robin Falkow and Dr Mercola, among many others, in the alternative media.

    They are crticial and informative while being constructive in their approach.

    We need fresh news websites, fresh ideas, fresh avenues of communication, real confidence is needed to meet the challenges ahead.

    We need a clear visions of what can be accomplished in the coming weeks and months.

  33. Brother Nathanael January 5, 2010 @ 4:38 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    I am now in NYC (arrived late due to plane delays around 3 PM at La Guardia) and just finished 2 strong hours in Times Sq at a major Median Strip intersection on Broadway.

    It is VERY COLD and all of the police and people were shivering. Yet, people, tons of people came up to me and said, “Thank you!” “God Bless You For What You Are Doing!”

    I will be out tomorrow, Lord willing, at Wall Street and then for rush hour, Times Sq again.

    I NEED you help everyone FINANCIALLY to keep this thing going, both ONLINE and ON THE STREETS. This is why I pour so much time and energy into these articles so that I can KEEP THIS site ONLINE and my Street Evangelism ON THE STREETS.

    Hardly anyone has used the DONATION FEATURE on the top & bottom of this article, EVEN THOUGH, this recent article has gotten close to 20,000 hits in only two days.

    Will You Then PLEASE Consider Helping Me Out?

    AGAIN –

    There Is A DONATION FEATURE BUTTON at the Top & Bottom Of This & Every Real Zionist News Article. Or Simply Click:


    Donation May Also Be SAFELY SENT To:
    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    I thank those FEW who Faithfully Donate and those FEW new readers who are willing to help out financially. IF IT WASN’T FOR THE FEW, I WOULD HAVE TO SHUT DOWN AND CALL IT QUITS.

    Much Love To You All – AND Please Keep Me In Your Prayers For Christ’s Protection, Guidance, & Provision.

    Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  34. Fr. Joseph January 5, 2010 @ 6:43 pm

    Dear Br. Nathanael,

    ‘Pay Day!’ for me this coming Friday.

    $$$ coming your way.

    – Fr. Joseph

  35. Sherif Shaalan January 5, 2010 @ 6:51 pm

    Geographically, it would appear that Yemen would be of equal or greater strategic value to Israel than the Suez Canal in Egypt was and is.

    Perhaps, the Mossad seeks to gain control in Yemen to gain control of the seaway connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea which allows water transportation between Europe and Asia without navigating around Africa.

  36. charlie January 5, 2010 @ 9:44 pm

    Problem – bomb hidden in underwear.

    Reaction- oo aaah!

    Solution- full body scan.

    [Already in place, with Chertoff having major shares in the company, now become compulsory.]

    Its all out in the open for anyone with eyes to see. (No pun intended.)

  37. Adora January 5, 2010 @ 11:25 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Will you please visit Denton, TX, someday?

    There are two colleges here. In the students’ hearts they will know what you preach is right and true, but the Zionists who own the colleges here, as with other colleges, teach them their ways.

  38. jgalindes January 6, 2010 @ 6:15 am

    Now they will teach Americans how to implement airport seach/scan, using their “technology”, of course.—israelification-high-security-little-bother

  39. AntiPharisee January 6, 2010 @ 8:18 am

    If the Satanic Zionists (as opposed to the Godly Zionists – Micah 4:2) could get control of Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan then they would have Iran surrounded.

    Yemen from a southwest vantage point.

    If they could trick people into believing that “coalition” (American) troops were only sent to these countries to restore order in each of these places, then Iranian Defense Generals may let their guard down and not prepare for a coming attack of their country.


    Charlie great post about Alex Jonestein.

    Is there an alternative DAILY news website you can reccomend?

    On Jess Ventura’s Jew-run Show-

    I think Jesse Ventura like Jonestein is a public opinion feeler/op for the establishment.

    The comments on Dr. Rima Laibow make sense in light of discussing her connections with the intel world.

    It’s like Sen. Feinstein-a true Second Amendment/self-defense hypocrite (Read her quote about taking the (goys) guns yet shes armed):

    Another Jewess who’s a central figure on the Senate Intel Committee and her hubby who has major holdings in one of the largest defense contractors. Coincidence? Nada.

    These NWO Khazars must laugh hard at the public. What a sad state the USSA has reached.
    If youv’e seen the show and know much about body language watch Jesse Ventura closely.
    Most likely, there is more to meets the eye.

    Besides, a Khazar is one of the Executive Producers.

    Regarding Freemasonry –

    I’ve known former Masons who say Freemasonry is a black religion/malevolent.

    When one Mason I talked to (We used to go to Church together) about the occult seem to think that the occult was an acceptable platform. His argument was – people basically don’t realize the bigger truths and they misinterpret what it’s about. I staunchly disagree. It’s an excuse to be involved in deep humanistic self-aggrandizement.

    Also, one of my Grandfather’s was a 33rd Degree Mason who converted to Christianity.
    He would never talk about the details of it (they swear a blood oath to secrecy) but said it should be avoided at all costs.

    The others I’ve spoken with who left it said the exact same thing.

    If we notice the decline in the culture around us-we can readily observe the humanism growing and the love for Jesus, one another, and worthy causes (i.e., political freedom, higher culture, etc.) fading into materialism, perversion, and malice.

    We have to pray.

  41. Lynda January 6, 2010 @ 4:03 pm

    It should be of great concern to everyone that security in airports and mass transit is being contracted to Israeli security firms. They will (accidentally / on purpose) be frying the hated goyim with radiation.

    So there will always be a way to get the patsies for these black ops through ‘security’.

    Also, internet and telecommunications – what do we find: Israeli companies in charge of billing, providers – all backdoor surveillance.

  42. Bob January 6, 2010 @ 5:43 pm

    Jews do not control anyone, it is the Zionist-Illuminati Thugs that control the World.

    Zionists are not really Jews but really Khazars.

    Peruse the book by Prof. Sholomo Zand -“When and How Jewish People Invented”.

    G-D Bless You!!!

    Sorry – I cannot leave my real email address-you are dealing with real crooks-the Zionists.

  43. kmarie January 6, 2010 @ 6:56 pm

    Brother Nathanael is now doing his Street Outreach in NYC. He is lifting up the cross of Jesus and he is lifting up Jesus the Saviour. It is good to know that he has been getting a warm reception even though the weather is cold. Jesus did say, “If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me.”

    Let’s keep Brother Nathanael and his ministry in our prayers. And if we can send even tiny amounts of money our donations are points of connection and support.

  44. Frank L January 6, 2010 @ 7:22 pm


  45. The Prodigal Son January 6, 2010 @ 10:41 pm

    Merry CHRISTmas to everyone… all of the Old Calender Orthodox Christians out there ! (Today is Christmas according to the Julian calendar.)

    I encourage everyone to look at this page and to examine it with an honest heart. We here in the West have been misled and lied almost to from the very inception of our Nations… certainly TRUE Christianity in the West was already in ruins before I was even born.

    A quote from that page which explains things quite succinctly:

    (’The Orthodox Church considers Jesus Christ to be the head of the Church and the Church to be His body.

    Thus, despite widely held popular belief outside the Eastern Orthodox cultures, there is not one bishop at the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church; references to the Patriarch of Constantinople as a leader equivalent or comparable to a pope in the Roman Catholic Church are mistaken.

    It is believed that authority and the grace of God is directly passed down to Eastern Orthodox bishops and clergy through the laying on of hands — a practice started by the apostles, and that this unbroken historical and physical link is an essential element of the true church (Acts 8:17, 1 Tim 4:14, Heb 6:2).

    However, the church asserts that, “Apostolic Succession also requires Apostolic Faith,” and bishops without Apostolic Faith, who are in heresy, forfeit their claim to Apostolic Succession.

    Each bishop has a territory (see) over which he governs. His main duty is to make sure the traditions and practices of the Church are preserved. Bishops are equal in authority and cannot interfere in the jurisdiction of another bishop.’)

  46. Frank L January 6, 2010 @ 10:55 pm

    Bolshevik Winter Break!

  47. charlie January 6, 2010 @ 11:06 pm


    Its a little difficult to find news items on a daily basis which are actually empowering against Judeo-masonry. Here’s two I saw today.


    Palestine/Israel: A single state, with liberty and justice for all, regardless of religion

  48. The Prodigal Son January 6, 2010 @ 11:25 pm

    Hey Charlie,

    In your post you wrote:

    “Jones also presents himself as a champion of 9/11 truth. But is he?

    Alex Jones does not, for example, mention Dr Judy Wood and the evidence that directed energy weapons destroyed the twin towers on September 9/11, evidence submitted in a case that has made its way to the Supreme Court.”

    — — —

    ‘Dr. Judy Wood’ is a plant ! A misdirection ! Directed energy weapons ? Really ?

    9/11 was carried out by Israel. There were NO Arab hijackers.

    There were NO physical hijackers that boarded the planes AT ALL. The planes were taken over remotely through the anti-hijack software with which all Boeing planes (except for those owned by Germany’s ‘Lufthansa’) are equipped.

    The planes DID have real passengers on them and they really did die horribly (may God preserve them), but those passengers did not make any phone calls from those planes. The calls were faked electronically with scripts obtained through Israeli backdoor surveilance pre 9/11 with eavesdropping technology linked to ALL of Americas telecommunications.

    The twin towers WERE struck by two of those planes – and shortly thereafter were taken down in IDENTICAL free-fall fashion – primarily by Military grade Nano-thermite. The resulting collapses of the twins (AND building 7) appeared identical to each other AND identical to a STANDARD controlled demolition.

    If we see a video record of a controlled demolition of some OTHER high-rise building… should we assume that it was brought down by a fantasy ‘directed energy’ weapon also ?

    There is HARD AND FAST peer-reviewed scientific evidence of NANO-Thermite in the dust from the World Trade Disaster ! The people who did 9/11 LOVE IT when people talk about ‘mini-nukes’ and ‘directed energy’ weapons ! They LOVE IT !

    They love it when people say things like, ‘There WERE NO PLANES !’ and ‘It was all computer generated !’…
    They LAUGH at us.

    And I for one – am SICK – of being laughed at. I am also SICK of hearing Jesus’ name dragged through the mud.

    This HAS to stop ! Come on people – it’s been almost 10 YEARS ! Alex Jones is just another Zio-clown… and ‘Dr. Judy Woods’ is a Zio-quack if you ask me.

  49. Hello January 7, 2010 @ 9:44 am

    Palestine/Israel: A single state, with liberty and justice for all, regardless of religion
    Prior to the establishment of Israel, Palestine had been multi-religious and multi-cultural. Christians, Muslims and Jews, Armenians, Greek Orthodox, to name a few, all had a place there; and all lived in relative harmony. Other nations fought wars and waged epic struggles to attain the kind of coexistence that was already a reality in Palestine.

    by Susan Abulhawa
    with Ramzy Baroud

    But while the world strives toward the noble truths that we are all created equal, Israel legislates the notion of a Chosen People with exclusive rights and privilege for Jews. Where countries have worked to integrate their citizens to create the richness of diversity, Israel is working in reverse, employing racist policies to “Judaize” the land whereby property and resources are confiscated from Christians and Muslims for the exclusive use of Jews.

    Where there is consensus that certain human rights are inalienable, Palestinians have lived subject to the whims of soldiers at checkpoints; of airplanes and helicopters raining death onto them with impunity; of curfews and restrictions and denials; and of violent armed settlers who fancy themselves disciples of God.

    Living under Israeli occupation, in refugee camps or in exile, we Palestinians have endured having everything callously taken from us – our homes, our heritage, our history, our families, livelihoods, freedom, farms, olive groves, water, security, and freedom. In the 1990s, we supported the Oslo Accords two-state solution even though it would have returned to us only 22% of our historic homeland.

    But Israel repeatedly squandered our generosity, confiscating more Palestinian land to increase illegal Jewish-only colonies and Jewish-only roads. What remains to us now is less than 14% of Historic Palestine, all of it as isolated Bantustans, shrinking ghettos, walls, fences, checkpoints with surly soldiers, and the perpetual encroachment of expanding illegal Israeli colonies.

    While the Palestine Authority has led us into a shrinking land mass, less water, more restrictions, ominous walls and merciless slaughter, notable individuals and popular movements have mobilized for Palestine as once happened for South Africa. Moral authorities like former President Jimmy Carter, Nobel Laureates Desmond Tutu and Mairead Maguire, and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson have condemned Israeli Apartheid.

    Organizations supporting the Divestment and Boycott Campaign against Israel include religious institutions such as the Presbyterian Church, The World Council of Churches, United Church of Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Anglican Church, the Federation of European Jews for a Just Peace, among many others. It includes civil and professional organizations such as the National Lawyers Guild, the Irish Municipal, Public and Civil Trade Union in Ireland, as well as labor unions in Canada, Britain, and other nations.

    An academic boycott of Israel has spread throughout the UK and other parts of Europe and taken root in US universities across the country. The International Solidarity Movement has seen thousands of individuals come to the Occupied Territories to protect Palestinians from the violence of settlers during the olive harvest; to protect children on their daring daily journeys to school; and to bear witness to the inhumanity of military occupation.

    The Free Gaza movement has transported by boat hundreds of people willing to risk their lives to bring greatly needed supplies to the besieged people of Gaza. This Christmas, internationals will march to the Egypt/Gaza border to break this siege. These are but a few examples of growing popular support for the Palestinian struggle.

    When compared with the accomplishments of these grassroots movements, the futility of “negotiations” becomes painfully apparent. It is clear that we cannot look to our leaders (elected or imposed) to achieve justice. Just as only the masses could bring South Africa’s Apartheid to its knees, it will be the masses who will also bring Israel’s Apartheid crashing. The continued expansion of international action demanding the implementation of Palestinian basic human rights is inevitable.

    The notion of religious-ethnocentric entitlement and exclusivity for one people at the expense of another has been rejected the world over. Palestinians reject it and we assert that we are human beings worthy of the same human rights accorded to the rest of humanity; that we are worthy of our homes and farms, our heritage, our churches and mosques, and our history; and that we should not be expected to negotiate with our oppressors for such basic dignities.

    The two-state solution was and remains an instrument to circumvent the basic human rights of Palestinians in order to accommodate Israel’s desire to be Jewish. Polls show that Palestinians refuse to be the enemies of our Jewish brothers and sisters anywhere, just as we refuse to be oppressed by them.

    It is time for our shared land to be the inclusive and diverse country it had been. It is time for leaders to follow the people’s determined movement toward a single democratic state, with liberty and justice for all, regardless of religion.

    Susan Abulhawa is the author of Mornings in Jenin (Bloomsbury, 2010); and Ramzy Baroud is the author of My Father was a Freedom Fighter: Gaza’s Untold Story (Pluto Press, 2009)

  50. Brother Nathanael January 7, 2010 @ 11:28 am

    Hi Everybody –

    I could not get to a decent computer yesterday here in NYC as the computer at the Youth Hostel I am staying at was broken down and kept freezing on me.

    I just got back from our Russian Orthodox CHRISTmas service and headed now to Wall Street and the Times Sq.

    I will be reporting on yesterday and today later tonite when I am done with Street Evangelism.

    In the meantime, no one is Clicking on the Donation Feature. I am struggling alone our here in the cold in NYC. Please consider helping me to keep this thing going.

    And I DO thank those FEW out of 10s of thousands of readers who DO help financially to keep Real Zionist News online and on the streets. It is a continual struggle.

    There is a DONATION FEATURE BUTTON on the Top & Bottom of this and every Real Zionist News article. Or simple Click:

    This is a HASSLE FREE, USER FRIENDLY, SECURED, Online Donation Feature.

    Donations May Also Be Safely Sent By Snail Mail To:
    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    I really need your financial support to CONTINUE OUR site, Real Zionist News, and my Street Evangelism which meets with OVERWHELMING POSITIVE RESPONSE – ESPECIALLY FROM THE YOUTH.

    With Much Love In Christ Our Saviour, +Brother Nathanael

    Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  51. miranda January 7, 2010 @ 12:02 pm

    I so agree with the Prodigal Son. And the way Jones refuses to accept that Project Cyanide, by Israel against the USA, was just that.

    Tuesday, he notified his listeners that he and his wife (who is proud posed naked for PETA} and staff look up the ip addresses of those who dare to suggest that he is what he is.

    911 was a Jew job.

  52. Hoff January 7, 2010 @ 1:00 pm

    “Joe Cortina Speaks to Hesha Tillawi about Israel and Palestine”

  53. Hello January 7, 2010 @ 1:37 pm

    @ Hello

    Responding to my own post- this is where things have gone wrong – Susan Abulhawa with Ramzy Baroud clearly show how Israel/Palestine should become more like the U.S. instead of the U.S. becoming more like Israel.

  54. Michael K. January 7, 2010 @ 2:12 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Is the truth about body scanners hidden in plain sight?

    Look at the logo for the company that makes them:


    Or, read another way:


    Or even,


  55. Brother Nathanael January 7, 2010 @ 4:59 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    The Street Evangelism both on Wall Street and Times Sq is going very well. I just completed my 3rd day here and I appreciate your prayers and support.

    I am exhausted, have not eaten all day, and must get a “recharge.” Blessings in Christ to all! +BN

  56. Tina January 7, 2010 @ 6:45 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael-

    After you have rested and “recharged”, could you please let us know how your street envangelism went the last few days?

    We would love to hear some of your experiences (good and bad) and the general reactions of the public.

    Do you ever have anyone video you in action?

    I would appreciate seeing you work.

  57. Tina January 7, 2010 @ 6:57 pm

    And also to comment to you, Joe Cortina, I was laughing just the other day thinking about the funny names of lying jews.

    Paul WOLFowitz
    WOLF Blitzer
    Elie WIESEL (weasel)
    Abe FOXman

    I’ll have to add Joe LIEberman to my list. Let me know if you have some other good ones.

  58. charlie January 8, 2010 @ 12:23 am

    Rape Cam is what it is.

    “Naked body scan” is the actual technically correct term, but would be unacceptable to the American public and they know it.. They (the American public) would be up in arms about it if they did call it that…there would even be a revolt – so the sneaky conniving subtle ziomasons, playing the American public like a fiddle, call it a ‘full body scan’, why it even sounds wholesome – and the people have one more nail driven into their enslavement..

    Now they have lost not only their freedom but their dignity; not only their self respect but their privacy.

    By submitting to this scan (scam) they are signalling to the ziomasonic devilry which rules their world….take us, we are yours, and opening the way to the further removal of resistance through the gradual weakening of the will of the population.

  59. Jarrad January 8, 2010 @ 4:48 am

    A connection between a well-dressed Indian and Talmudic Jews like Joe L.?

    Well, India is strengthening its ties with Jewish Israel as well. India is home to an extremely large Hindu population. Hindus are not sympathetic to any monotheistic cause, whether Jewish or not.

    I say this because it has been documented that Hindus cling to the symbol of what we call the Swastika, an inherently non-Christian symbol. Does the Swastika really signify Christianity in any way? I really don’t think that it does.

    So, why have the Hindus allied with Israel? Well, India is home to a large Muslim population, and, home to a devout Christian population. These two groups interfere with Hindu interests.

    The Hindus look for an ally in the Jews because neither of them are Muslim or Christian. Also, neighboring Pakistan poses a threat to India as well, especially to the Hindus.

    Is the connection between Israel and the Hindus tenuous? I think not. At least in my view, the connection is being strengthened to overcome the Pakistanis, Chinese, and the Indian Muslims and Indian Chrisitans.

    Now, having established this connection, where does this really leave us?

    John Hague has admitted, and quite frankly, that America should be supporting Israel to overcome Israel’s enemies. Shouldn’t John Hague have American interests at heart? That should be a resounding yes. Likewise, shouldn’t the Hindus be serving their nation and not play into Israeli hands? Again, this should be a resounding yes.

    As usual, Talmudic Jews are getting what they want – even more power by playing on fears, dividing, and then conquering.

    Where is Russia in all this? Are they caught in middle? Yes, they could be the deciding factor is this constant power struggle. If their loyalties lie with China, then they can continue to disrupt Talmudic interests. If they succumb to the whim of the Talmudic Jews, then the Talmudic Jews are that much closer to true world domination, for Russia is still quite powerful.

    For such a small nation belonging to the smallest religious group in the entire world, Israel sure has a lion’s share of wealth, military prowess, and scientific experts to move the Zionist agenda long.

  60. jgalindes January 8, 2010 @ 8:25 am


    I came across this repulsive document and wanted to share with you:

    “Techniques. require advance approval from Headquarters, as do standard techniques whenever feasible.

    The field must document the use of both standard techniques .and BITs.

    63.~The DCI Interrogation Guidelines define “standard interrogation techniques” as techniques that do not incorporate significant physical or psychological pressure. ‘These techniques include, but are not limited to, all lawful forms of questioning employed by U.S. law enforcement and military interrogation personnel.

    Among standard interrogation techniques are the use of isolation, sleep deprivation not to exceed 72 hours, reduced caloric intake (so longas the amount is calculated to maintain the general health of the detainee), deprivation of reading material, use of loud music or white noise (at a decibel level calculated to avoid damage to the detainee’s hearing), the use of
    diaphers not to exceed 72 hours, and moderate psychologic pressure.

    The I Interrogation Guidelines do not specifically prohlbit improvised actions. A CTC/Legal officer has said, however, that no one may employ any technique outside specifically identified standard techniques without Headquarters approval.

    64.~EITs include physical actions and are defined as ·”techniques that do incorporate physical or psychological pressure beyond Standard Techniques.” Headquarters must approve
    the use of each specific EIT in advance.

    … may be employed only by trained and certified interrogators for use with a specific detainee
    and with appropriate medical and psychological monitoring of the process.

    …psychologist/interrogators began Al-Nashiri’s interrogation using EITs immediately upon his arrival. Al-Nashiri provided lead information on other terrorists during day of interrogation.
    On the twelfth day of interrogation psychologist/interrogators administered two applications of the waterboard to Al-Nashiri during two separate interrogation sessions. Enhanced
    interrogation of Al-Nasbiri continued through 4 December 2002.

    …; continued to consult with DaJ as the CTC Interrogation Program and the use of beyond the
    interrogation of Abu Zubaydah. This resulted in the production of an undated and unsigned document entitled, “Legal Principles Applicable to CIA Detention and Interrogation of Captured
    Al-Qa’ida Personnel.” According to OGC, this analysis was fully coordinated with and drafted in substantial partby OLC.

    In addition to ‘reaffirming the previous conclusions regarding the torture statute, the analysis concludes that the federal War Crimes statute, 18 U.S.C. 2441, does not apply to’Al-Qa’ida because members of that group are not entitled to prisoner of war status. The analysis adds that “the [Torture] Convention permits the use of [cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment] in exigent circumstances, such as a national emergency or war.”

    It also states that the interrogation of Al–Qa’ida members does not violate the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments because those provisions do not apply extraterritorially, nor does it
    violate the Eighth Amendment because it only applies to persons upon whom criminal sanctions have been imposed.

    Finally, the analysis states that a wide range of EITs and other techniques would not constitute conduct of the type that would be prohibited by the Fifth, Eighth, or Fourteenth Amendments even were they to be applicable:

    The use of the following techniques and of comparable, approved techniques does not violate any Federal statute or other law, where the CIA interrogators do not specifically intend to cause the detainee to undergo severe physical or mental pain or suffering (i.e., they act with the good faith belief that their conduct will not cause such pain or suffering):

    isolation, reduced caloric intake (so long as the amount is calculated to maintain the general health of the detainees), deprivation of reading material, loud music or white noise (at a decibel level calculated to avoid damage to the detainees’ hearing), the attention grasp, walling, the facial hold, the facial slap (insult slap), the abdominal slap, cramped confinement,
    wall standing, stress positions, sleep deprivation, the use of diapers, the use of harmless insects, and the water board.

    …Representatives of the DO, in the presence of the Director of Congressional Affairs and the General Counsel, continued to brief the leadership of the Intelligence Oversight Committees on the use of EITs and detentions in February and March 2003. The General Counsel says that none of the participants expressed any concern about the techniques or the

    Let me clarify that during long years, the USA have been training our Latin American military(totally alligned with USA) in the School of the Americas, formerly in Panamá later at Fort Bragg if I’m not mistaken.

    Cruel torture techniques were always taught to these animals, under the so called “Monroe Doctrine” to the displeasure of many here.

  61. R. C. Christian January 8, 2010 @ 10:30 am

    Muslim screaming “I want to kill all the Jews” taken off Miami flight

  62. R. C. Christian January 8, 2010 @ 10:38 am

    TSA employee arrested. Acts kooky and says “I’m God!”

    They are the first line of defense in airport security but two troubling incidents involving TSA agents at LAX are raising concerns.

    A TSA agent was arrested on January 3rd in Terminal One at LAX, a source told NBCLA. He had just gotten off duty and was behaving erratically, saying, “I am god, I’m in charge.”

    Meanwhile, a TSA Internal Affairs investigation turned up evidence of LAX TSA agents using drugs at an after-hours party.

    TSA officials say a videotape of the party was of poor quality and the employees were not in uniform, but 4 employees were tentatively identified.

    All 4 were tested for drugs. One came back positive and that employee was fired.

  63. R. C. Christian January 8, 2010 @ 12:20 pm

    Anybody see this as being somewhat ironic and troublesome?

  64. R. C. Christian January 8, 2010 @ 12:44 pm

    Albert Pike; father of modern Freemasonry and author of “Morals and Dogma”.


    “Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!” [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, p. 321, 19th Degree of Grand Pontiff; Red Emphasis added]

    Masons from the first initiation which is the first degree are urged to mightily “seek the Light!” The average Mason is continually saying that he is “seeking the Light,” and will spend his entire life “moving toward the Light.”

    People who haven’t studied this subject would assume that this “Light” is the revelation of the God of the Bible. This statement is continuously held up to try to convince us that Masonry is Christian. In the above quote, Albert Pike is saying that Lucifer is the One who bears the Light of Freemasonry.

  65. Michael K. January 8, 2010 @ 12:58 pm

    Dear R.C. Christian,

    An interesting airport case there in Miami. After reading the comments on ‘Atlas Shrugs 2000’ I became convinced that there was nobody posting there who saw this as anything other than a “Muslim” making “a terrorist threat” against Jews, “which is a hate crime”. One guy wanted him caned Singapore style – skin from bone. These people, while justifiably aroused against this guys menacing and disorderly conduct failed to notice the obvious:

    The “Palestinian” was an American citizen, and whatever applies to one citizen has to apply to all. Look at this incident as one should (from a maintaining your liberty from socialist encroachment perspective). That is to say as if it were you (an ordinary citizen with the exact same rights) and you were being misunderstood and mistreated, you got angry and you yelled provocative words.

    Anyways, the police and courts handled it “normally”, which is to say they were within precedent and standard operating procedure. This has the commenters over there foaming mad. This guy fits all preconcieved stereotypes: Palestinian, anti-semitic, threatening, and with a record. The only thing missing was that he wasn’t drunk or on drugs (Islamofacist).

    They wanted this guy made an example of just for fitting paranoid Jewish stereotypes while making a scene, and were actually unable to understand why the Jews weren’t out there making mincemeat out of him with their vast resources and media empire. This made them even madder.

    It seems rather apparent to me that this guy was emotionally unstable, something happened which set him off, and he got irrationally angry and made a big scene, probably over being viewed with contempt and suspicion by other passengers for being ‘one of them’.

    No wonder the Jews don’t want to focus attention on him. If people discovered this was the case they would sympathize. After all, no one has gotten down to the root cause of why he started all that provocative screaming. The really and truly irrational folks are over there commenting at “I love Ayn Rand like the sun just shines from off her naked body” (Go see for yourself) website.

    After all, who in their right mind really believes that an AMERICAN (especially a Palestinian by race) wouldn’t already know that you AREN’T SUPPOSED TO YELL I WANT TO KILL ALL JEWS ON AN AIRLINE FLIGHT in this day and age.?

    You really have to be a fool to take this thing at face value! “Oh yeah! There goes one them towel heads yelling he wants to kill all the Jews, jest like ye read about. Git him ‘fore he goes crazy ‘n blows up a tall building or somethin’. ”

    “Yeah why didn’t the Mossad just ransom him out of jail and take him privately to Israel for a military interrogation? That would only be appropriate in cases such as these. What happened? Where are they?”

    All I can say is that what we see here in these Ayn Rand fans is called being somewhat brainwashed. If fools like that are in the majority in this country we are facing a serious problem, but I really don’t think they are. This minority just flocks to and congregates where the sun shines from Ayn Rand’s two hundred foot tall naked body for a reason.

  66. R. C. Christian January 8, 2010 @ 1:08 pm

    Freemasonry IS Talmudic Judaism.

    The Hidden Power
    Behind Freemasonry
    Part 4 of 8

    Lt. Col. Gordon “Jack” Mohr,

    LETTER #5 – When Adam and Eve sinned, God made them coats of skin. Our pastors have told us these were sheep skins.

    I believe they were the skins of the lion and leopard and this is the reason why heathen high priests still use these skins as a sign of their high office.

    In their KABALLAH, the Jewish TALMUD-MISHNA, the Jewish rabbis say: “Ham smuggled and hid the coat of Adam in the ark and used it after the Flood to gain power.”

    Could this have been the same garment that Achan took at Jericho (Joshua 7:21), some believe it was. The TALMUD says that NIMROD had received this garment which gave him great power and that this was stolen by ESAU, when he assassinated NIMROD.

    This is the reason, they claim, that Esau was so exhausted the day he sold his birthright to his brother Jacob (see Gen. 25:30-32).

    The story goes that he had been fleeing from NIMROD’S MEN, after he had killed their king.

    The NEW AGE of FREEMASONRY is nothing new. It is the same old demonism, Satanism and voodooism which has been practiced worldwide since the Garden of Eden.

    The god that Masons demand their “proselytes,” or initiates” worship is Satan or Lucifer (see Matt. 23:15). This is confirmed by Albert Pike in his MORALS AND DOGAM.

    Masons believe there are two gods – brothers, if you will. There is LUCIFER, the “good guy,” whom they worship, and ADONAY-JESUS Christ, who is the “bad guy.”

    A constant warfare is going on between these forces of “good” and “evil.” But of this you can be sure, THE GREAT ARCHITECT OF MASONRY is not the God of the Bible, or Christianity. Their symbol worldwide is that of the CAT.

    It is interesting also to note that God calls PHARAOH, the king of Egypt, “the great dragon,” (Ezek. 29:3). This is the same term used in Rev. 12:9. It does not refer to a man. You no doubt have heard Egypt called the “land of the PHARAOHS?” But in all actuality, it should be called “the land of the devil.”

    Ignorance of facts is the destruction of our white, Christian people. Hosea 4:6 tells us that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Not “lack of education,” but “lack of knowledge.” -THE END-

    In the next few pages, we will look at some of the occult symbols and advertisements which appear daily in American newspapers and magazines. Our country has literally been taken over by Satanism and the occult and both JUDAISM and FREEMASONRY has given their consent.


    I disagree with the author above about consent by Judaism and Freemasonry as they are both Talmudic. And don’t forget the secret rituals performed by Mormans aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

    They are all Talmudic in my opinion.

  67. R. C. Christian January 8, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

    Michael K,

    The Judge kept saying he was in big trouble but never said exactly what constitutes “Big trouble”. It’s funny how the Judge seemed to perk-up when he heard Mr. Muslim say he had over $100,000 in the bank.

    It doesn’t matter that he really didn’t commit a crime as we Americans (supposedly) still have a 1st Amendment. And that’s all he did was speak freely. I want to kill all flies but I don’t get thrown away for saying that. Welcome to the Jew World Order.

    The Jewdicial system will drain this fellow of his life blood. I suspect the Judge may be Jewish although I haven’t been able to confirm it.

  68. Renee January 8, 2010 @ 2:04 pm

    @ R.C. Christian

    Was the Muslim quoted accurately by the news wire? That language sounds extremely stereotypical and not the way people would naturally speak– it almost sounds made up.

  69. Renee January 8, 2010 @ 2:24 pm

    @ RC Christian

    You should always consider the source of your information.

    Atlas Shrugs is a pro-Jewish news outlet.

  70. charlie January 8, 2010 @ 4:13 pm

    The Earth Charter on Global Warming is a religious document.

    This could be one of the leverages the Synagogue of Satan, also known as the UN, uses to usher in a One World religion.

    Here is my counter charter ;-


    TV news has the same item at the same time almost to the second on so called rival stations.

    This indicates branwashig, controlling, shaping in a particular direction, night after night, year after year.

    If you try to avoid it by changing stations you can’t.

    It is clear then that they have a set program going that they don’t want interfered with by the ease of use of the remote control. This is something which is happening where I live locally, and nationally, which is outside the US.

    They are targeting the whole population.

    Therefore safe to say, news in emphasis, if not in content, is lies, all lies even.

    Avoid being influenced by it.

    Digital TV then is to be regarded with severe caution – as a further step in already existent elecromagnetic mind control process.

    Frankly I’ve given up on people. God himself has said He will [must] send a sign to all. They will only get one chance.

    Therefore I pray constantly that they will respect it and take it.

    100th Monkey syndrome!

    What is it.
    How to achieve it.
    Does it work for good as well as bad.

    Increase in human connectiveness is responsible for this; 100 monkey syndrome has scientific basis and it does work for good as well as evil.

    Japanese scientists noticed that monkeys on a particular Pacific Island started washing their food before eating (in response to what I wonder). This started out as just a few and gradually increased till the number reached 100. Then all of a sudden all the monkeys, tens of thousands of them, on all the other islands as well started washing their food before eating.

    So keep pushing!!

    This interconnectedness includes humans with animal and the earth and with God.

    The disconnect therefore is the result of insidious forces at work we don’t know and must ask God for assistance to root them out, to overcome and defeat them utterly, for good, ie.for eternity.

    The world has already been conditioned to a state of perpetual war: We must escape this.

    The power for this spiritual battle begins in the heart and with a heartfelt saying of the “Our Father …

    Who art in Heaven
    Hallowed be thy Name
    Thy Kingdom come
    Thy will be done
    On earth as it is in Heaven… Morning prayer.

    Give us this day
    Our daily bread
    And forgive us our trespasses
    As we forgive those who trespass
    against us –
    ..Evening prayer

    Lead us not into temptation
    but deliver us from evil.”
    …Night Prayer.

    ….. as we acknowledge also that we have only one Father and that Father is our God in the Heavens – Who longs for his children to come home.

    Will He not respond to our prayers?

    He will not … unless they emanate from our heart, or from obedience to Him. In other words we do not have to always “feel” from the heart.

    This “bread” consists of freedom from mind, thought, belief, control.

    This forgiveness consists of letting go of this control.

    “Lead us not into temptation” – never stray back into their control

    “But deliver us from evil”.

    Refuse captivity.

    You have been taught all your life that Christianity is bunkum. Who do you think taught you that?

    Who had the means and control over you to teach you that?

  71. Brother Nathanael January 8, 2010 @ 4:38 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    I just completed my last day here in NYC-Manhattan doing Street Evangelism in bitter cold weather.

    The time here was a GREAT SUCCESS. It is important that I come here for Street Evangelism on a regular basis, that is, if I can get the funding. (Donations have been at a very low level lately.)

    The YOUTH simply MOB Brother Nathanael. They want to take pictures with him in Times Sq on the Median Strip where I stand on 45th and Broadway. They automatically put their arms around me and ask me about Christ. I have shared our Saviour and God, the Lord Jesus Christ with many young people this week.

    The same is the case on Wall Street. The young people are on tours of Wall Street and veer off from their guides to take pictures with me. Even the police were taking many pictures of me HOLDING HIGH THE HOLY CROSS OF CHRIST in front of the Jew-occupied NYSE.

    I got some strong verbal abuse from a Jew today in Times Sq how knowing that I was once Jewish, (he kept yelling out, “Hey Yeshiva boy, You’re a Phony!”) (Jews recognize others immediately as being “Jewish” by the way they look.)

    I told the Jew that I am NOW a CHRISTIAN and that Jesus Christ is the TRUE MESSIAH of the Jews since He came to CONQUER DEATH and BEAR OUR SINS on the Cross. But the Jew kept on yelling at me, “Yeshiva boy, You’re a Phony!.”

    As I was walking back from Times Sq, a crazed, demonic possessed young person starting raving at me, yelling out curses. But then, a man from a fancy hotel came out of the front door and being very excited started calling out as I passed the hotel, “Brother Nathanael! Brother Nathanael!” Is that you, Brother Nathanael?”

    I turned back to him, and he said, so excitedly, “Yes, it’s you! Brother Nathanael! I know you from your Web Site, Real Zionist News!”

    He was so excited, and I was so encouraged by this!

    AGAIN – it is very important that I come to NYC on a regular basis because of the INTERACTION with TONS OF YOUNG PEOPLE. But I need your help. Since I started reporting on my NYC trip this week, not a soul has donated by the Click & Pledge online donation Button.

    Please consider helping me out. I am not doing this for myself, but for the Lord Jesus Christ, and to let the CHRIST-HATING JEWS know that they will NOT have a monopoly on our American life.

    There is a DONATION FEATURE BUTTON at the Top & Bottom of This Article. Or simply Click:

    Donations May Also Be Safely Sent TO:
    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    I am doing my part. I spend hours upon hours every week researching and putting together a weekly article here. But out of 10s of thousands of hits every week, ONLY A FEW, a 100th of percent, if that, donate to help me pay for OUR site, Real Zionist News and the Street Evangelism that I am hoping to bring to every MAJOR city in the US.

    So please consider making some kind of sacrifice as I DO constantly for THE TRUTH OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST @

    Much Love TO You ALL!

    +Brother Nathanael

  72. The Prodigal Son January 8, 2010 @ 6:32 pm

    How many know that George Washington in 1789 was sworn in using a Masonic Bible ?

    200 years later in 1989, George H. W. Bush was inaugurated also using Washington’s own Masonic Bible.

    — — —

    R.C. Christian,

    Freemasonry is based on the Talmud – only in the sense that Masons qualify as Noachides. This is because no matter what religious background a Mason is from, they must all worship the same so-called ‘Great Architect of the Universe’ (G)… (who is: of course – whether they know it or not – the god of the ‘Jews’ (Pharisees).

    They are known as ‘Free and Accepted Masons’… I theorize that this is because they are FREE – primarily from traditional Christian beliefs (believing in ONE Architect) and ACCEPTED as Noachides by ‘Jews’ & the Sanhedrin.

    According to Masons, “Masonry is not A religion – but RELIGION… Not a church – but a worship; in which men of all religions can unite.” (Un-knowingly under the so-called ‘7 Noachide Laws’).

    But otherwise – Masonry is based on Kaballah (Zohar, etc). Masons claim to trace their origin back to the beginning of time !

    Many of their teachings are supposedly tied to Solomon’s Temple (directly from ‘Judaism’ (Pharisaism)… Many Masons are already observant Noachides without even knowing it !

    Indeed, they also claim that John the Baptist AND the apostle John were BOTH Freemasons !

    This – even though Masons are forbidden to proclaim that Jesus is Lord and God, and the only way to get to heaven… While – in the second book of John the apostle clearly states:

    “Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God.”
    – II John :9

    A Mason cannot hold this view and still BE a Mason ! But Masons claim (just like the R.C. church) that there are many paths to heaven, and in fact – it is forbidden to speak the name of Jesus Christ in the lodges.

    “Masons refer to the Bible as (one of) the ‘Volume(s) of the Sacred Law’ (VSL), and it is considered a neccessary component of what is called ‘furniture’ in a Masonic lodge.

    But the Bible (O.T. & N.T.) is found as ‘furniture’ only in so-called ‘Christian’ lodges… The Hebrew Pentateuch is used in a ‘Jewish’ lodge, the Qu’aran in a Muslim lodge, etc.

    Jim Shaw, a former 33rd degree Master Mason says that Masonry is not based on the Bible (which is misleadingly referred to as ‘The Great Light’), or on any of the other so-called ‘VSL’s – but on the Kaballah (and therefore on ‘Judaism’ (Pharisaism) – Kaballah is based on the Zohar, etc… books of mysticism and magic.”

    Masonic authority Henry Wilson Coil also admits that Kaballistic teachings can be seen in some of the mystical & philosophical degrees of Freemasonry.

    Albert Pike (the man responsible for virtually rewriting the Scottish rite degrees into their present form) said that the Masonic ‘Search After Light’ leads directly back to Kaballah – the ultimate source of Masonic beliefs (morals and dogma).

    How many know that the ‘Staues of Liberty’ represent Lucifer – ‘The Light-Bearer’ ?

    And also the ‘Columbia Pictures’ lady stands – torch in hand – likewise symbolizing ‘The Light-Bearer’.

    Here is one of the earliest versions of the Columbia Pictures light-bearer:

    Notice how the beams of light form the image of a pyramid (also see the back of a U.S. dollar bill), with the beams of light emanating from the area of where the capstone would be.

    This also clearly identifies them with those who have also turned from “The Stone which the builders rejected” – Matthew 21:42 – (Head of the corner; Cornerstone)… replacing Christ with the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ and the light-bearing torch of Lucifer.

    Upon initiation and whenever Masons ascend to the next degree they state & REstate their vows of secrecy, swearing:

    “(…) Under no less a penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the roots, and buried in the rough sand of the sea at low water mark where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, should I ever knowingly or willingly violate my solemn oath and obligations as an entered apprentice mason. So help me God.”

  73. Michael K. January 8, 2010 @ 9:16 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Let us consider the above article which in its title refers to “Future Plans”. Here is a hot You Tube video from Canada with all the clues needed to conclude that a major false flag terror attack has already been set in motion for the upcoming Vancouver Olympics in one month:

    Clues include:

    Irregular recess of Canadian Parliament – egregiously postponed until after the Olympic Games.

    Mossad front company Verint, which played a major role in the 7/7 bus bombing psy-op and cover up is involved in providing airport security in Vancouver now.

    Massive police state build up, suspended Parliament and military preparations.

    Credit to Darryl Bradford Smith for posting the video above on his website:

    Peace in Christ.

  74. Eternal Love January 8, 2010 @ 10:16 pm

    “Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!” [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, p. 321, 19th Degree of Grand Pontiff; Red Emphasis added]”

    Our Freemasonry brothers live in deep confusion or perhaps in a world of wishful thinking. Lusko or Lucifer is not Light bearer. On the bases of me studying in the Great Spiritual School of our Holy Father I got different info and in the name of our great Creator I would love to share part of it with our family here.

    How could Lucifer be bearer of the light that was created by GOD and given to the world???

    The Real Bearer of the Holy Light is naturally our Great Spiritual Holy Father. Years ago, when I had the vision of the White tall with wonderful peaceful face man I saw in his hands that Light. He came holding in his hands the Light!!! At first it looked to me like a huge lamp spreading strong white/silver Light. The Light I saw was absolutely different compared to the light we see on the picture given by our The Prodigal Son.


    The Holy White Man or our Father himself was actually emitting warm Silver Light. Sort of he was made of white light. He gave that Light or I called Lamp to me, but he did not put it in my hands. Surprisingly and somehow scary to me He put The Light on my head. Why on the top of my head and not in my hands I do not know.

    Later on, when my brother passed away I saw Lucifer. I wrote here about the case several months ago. Lucifer did not have light in his hands. What he had, I remember very vividly, was a little star on his front. His entire face was covered with black mud, only that little yellow start was shining on his front, between the eyes. Actually the two lights (the Lucifer star and the Holy Light of our Father) are not comparable at all.

    But having the Light is not enough. If the Light is not accompanied by the Holy Love it loses its divine meaning. Here I also had some special lesson connected to Divine Love.

    One night 5-6 yrs ago I woke up feeling my body very electrified. The Holy Father came and told me to start to repeat only one sentence. The sentence was “Everything is Love”. I repeated it 750 times with his help of course. I was like a zombie for about an hour, could be two. Repeating and counting “Everything is Love, Everything is Love, Everything is Love, etc”

    At the end, The Holy Father gave me a small present. I saw with my inner vision the present, unbelievably beautiful White Flower. Since than I have been looking in all flower stores to find that shining white flower but in vain. Finally, last year, I stoped looking for it because I realized that this is a Divine Flower which grows only in GOD’s Gardens. In any case that is even better. The Flower is always with me, I could see it when I want!!! To me it is a symbol of the Holy Connection between us humans and our Great Holy Father!!!

    I wish all good Souls to have that Flower and the Holy Light +Love!!!

    This evening I am entering my 7th day of Holy fasting, on hot water, fruits, honey. I got the info about the whole fasting plan. I had to fast 15 weeks or 105 days through this and next year 2011 year. For some reason I will finish in May 2011. I will write more about that later on.

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble cause of our Brother fighting for Christianity and our Common Good!!!

    Eternal Love

  75. Fr. Joseph January 8, 2010 @ 10:24 pm

    Br. Nathanael,

    Perhaps a RZN reader can DONATE a cellphone with movie taking capabilities.

    The NEXT TIME you get VERBAL ABUSE from any JEW – you get their FACES moving their LIPS spewing that stuff out AT you. Then put it HERE for the entire world to see.

    After THAT, contact the New York Police Department with that (Jewish) individual spewing that stuff out AT YOU IN PUBLIC – and you have the NYPD go ARREST that person or persons and have then CHARGED WITH

    1) ANTI-SEMITISM on account of your natural birth heritage and


    We simply CANNOT TOLERATE this “Anti-semitism” and “Hate speech” there in NEW YORK CITY!

    – Fr. Joseph

  76. Eternal Love January 8, 2010 @ 10:25 pm

    One of the Canadian airports managed to buy 44 pornographic body screeners and paid $12 million for them… Imagine how many airports we have around the world and of course a lot of them are much bigger so they will buy even more of these gadgets.

    The business of our Chertoff selling pornographic, pedophiles gadgets will bring him a lot of money no doubt here.. . The vaccination campaign did not bring them the expected millions and they will try now something else.

    Sending US soldiers in Yemen, (the US army recruitment is higher now due to the high unemployment ) and selling there weapons is even better.It reminds me of what happened ten years ago when US attacked first a poor country Afghanistan and the next year Iraq. We will see who is going to be the next this time….

    “Spotty enforcement for new US air screening rules

    Among the 14 nations are four – Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria – that the U.S. government considers state sponsors of terrorism. The list also includes Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen.”

    I am surprised how they forgot to put in the list Iran LOL.. Could there be some reason for that….??

    Congratulations to our Brother on his successful Street Evangelism trip in NYC!!! Many more to come!!!

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble cause of our Brother fighting for Christianity and our Common Good!!!

    Eternal Love

  77. Eternal Love January 9, 2010 @ 1:30 am

    The madness is gaining momentum… now in France…

    Paris airport to try scanners on US-bound flights
    Jan 8 03:45 PM US/Eastern

    “PARIS (AP) – Body scanners will be used on an experimental basis at France’s busiest airport later this month for flights headed to the United States, the deputy director of transportation at the General Direction for Civil Aviation said Friday.”

    “A passenger who does not want to undergo a body scan can request a manual check. “Each person can choose,” Guillou said.”

    Well, we could go with the “manual check” LOLOL…

    These and some other “preventive measures” will isolate US from the rest of the world. Not many people would be willing to come to US in order to be subjected to that profane humiliation imposed by sick people. Judging by what I am reading on internet most of the people from different countries and continents express opinion that they will be coming to US if something very, very urgent is forcing them to go there.

    In any case the number of visitors from other countries to US has dropped 15% last year, now with the “manual check” will plunge even further…

    “Each scanner costs between euro100,000 and euro150,000. Extra costs will include salaries for personnel who operate the scanners.”

    Well, I would expect the rise of the price of the airfare in order people to pay for the pornographic or “manual” check.

    I hope people from all over the world wake up and boycott that pervert decision…

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble cause of our Brother fighting for Christianity and our Common Good!!!

    Eternal Love

  78. Frank L January 9, 2010 @ 3:17 am

    Br. Nathanael the Baptist is in town and Zionism’s comin’ down!

    Brother Nathanael the Baptist: Zionist Fear of a Christian America



  79. Tina January 9, 2010 @ 12:33 pm

    Brother Nathanael-

    Thank you so much for sharing with us some of your experiences this week in NYC. It is exciting to hear that the young people are mobbing you and hungry for the gospel. They have been starved for so long.

    R.C. Christian, Prodigal Son and Eternal Love-

    Jesus asked me to come out of my church 5 years ago because I was grieved about the rampant sin and hardness of heart there. He began to teach me Himself when I depended entirely on Him. I asked to be shown the ROOT of our problems and the divisions in the Body of Messiah.

    There is a great saying by Oswald Chambers from the book “My Utmost for His Highest”. He said, “It is not always true that Jesus wants to teach you something, but that He wants you to unlearn something.”

    It was only this past year that I have been online. Before that time, the only news I had was the television and newspapers. (Totally zionist controlled). Almost all churches are the same way I found.

    The root is the religion of the Pharisees. The Kingdom of God on earth. Jesus said that His Kingdom is not of this world. The religion of the Pharisees is British Israel. This is the WHORE that always rides any Beast she can find. I woke up out of this just recently. I call it my British Israel Babylonian Talmudic Masonic AshkeNazzzzzzzzzzi NIGHTMARE. No offense Bro. Nathanael if you are Ashkenazi.

    This teaching has been around for about 400 years and its fruit is Masonic lodges, the British Throne believing that they are the house of David that are destined to rule the world, and these Brits are just using Jews trapped in their spiritual darkness by the Rabbis for their international imperialism. Great Britain, through the international banking cartel and their false bloodline religion (that they are the lost 10 tribes and the present day Jews are from the tribe of Judah).

    Charlie- the beginning of my awakening was when I started praying the “Our Father” every day about 7 years ago. We do need to pray that His spiritual Kingdom would rule in our hearts. Jesus is the root and offspring of David and holds that eternal throne on the right hand of Our Father forever. He is the only one worthy.

    Eternal Love- the Light was poured on your head because His Name is as oil poured forth. It is the anointing of the priesthood of Melkizadok. Jesus is our highpriest forever. We are never an order of flesh. In the Revelation it says we are all priests and kings to Our Father in heaven. We reign in life over the slavery of sin because of the blood of the Lamb. Jesus ever lives to intercede for us.

    The natural seed of Israel was over 2000 years ago. Christians that get free or understand that they must beware of the leaven of the scribes and Pharisees are the true Israel now. I was thrilled to find Bro. Nathanael’s website because he understands this.

    I loved Messianic Jews and contacted Jews for Jesus to serve with them to bring the gospel to the Jews. They told me because I was a gentile, I could only cook for the Jewish missionaries, not go out on the streets and speak to anyone. I was deeply grieved about this. They are also caught up in race not understanding it is grace.

    I started to get totally free of this mind control by reading the book “The Union Jack” written by an anonymous author who is still alive, but has remained anonymous to this day. I found it at the website “Educate”. He’s got some weird alien stuff like Jeff Rense which I ignore, but I found the book under the heading of “British Israel”.

    This book is absolutely brilliant. I had to read it 3 times over the course of 6 months to totally get my mind free. It explains how the British Empire through the New World Order of Babylonian Talmuduc Masons have wrecked the true faith in America through the Scofield Bible. This Bible was published in 1908 through the Oxford Press in London. All Rhodes scholars were trained at Oxford University in London also. They are trained to infiltrate our government and run it for the British Empire.

    Has anyone out there read “The Union Jack”? It was written in 1970. I wish all of our parents had read this book when I was a child. Our country may not be in the mess it is in now, and our churches wouldn’t be zionist-synagogue outposts. Please make time to read this book and have all your relatives and friends read it.

    It has a wonderful chapter about anti-catholicism that you would appreciate Father (brother) Joseph. I was raised a catholic but no longer hold to some of their specific teachings, but appreciate that every Sunday when my parents took me to church I heard, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the Sin of the World”. You will never hear that in a synagogue!

    On CHRISTMAS, when I heard of the so-called terror attack, I saw that the “New World Masons” were at it again. The always pull this stuff at CHRISTMAS to terrorize us poor goyim. We should maybe carry signs on the street that we know this is a hoax and maybe we could stop the next one.

    Brother Nathanael- Have you been to Chicago yet? I live only 90 or so miles away and have 2 good cars to drive you in. You are welcome to stay with my family-and by the way – I am actually a very fine cook that grew up in the Italian restaurant business and can also make you a totally vegan Italian dinner. You are one missionary that I would be glad to cook for.

    You understand the gospel unlike Jews for Jesus. In fact, I first met a Jews for Jesus missionary on the streets of Chicago in 1988. I had never heard of such a person. It would be fitting to take a real Christian back to those streets.

    I have the whole summer off work, so when the weather is nice would be a good time. It appears that you work alone. If you want anyone to join in carrying a sign, I would join you. I really think it would be great to take the gospel right to the streets where it belongs for every creature to hear. That’s where John the Baptist went, and where Paul went, too.

  80. charlie January 9, 2010 @ 3:55 pm


    “The Citizens Have Won”, Says Dr Marc Girard: Victory in Swine Flu Information War Made Possible By Internet

    Friday, 08 January 2010

    French doctor and author of a book on the swine flu scam, Marc Girard, has declared victory in the information battle in Europe surrounding the swine flu vaccine following the decision by the French government to cancel 50 million doses and abandon the vaccine centers under intense political pressure.

    Some other key turning points in the campaign were:

    *…the decision by the German army in September to refuse to take the toxic Baxter Celvapan jab forcing Baxter to drop mercury and adjuvants at the last moment when seeking EU approval for its vaccine and so triggering a storm of protest inside Germany about the two classes of vaccines with and without adjuvants.

    *…protests by Belgium citizens groups stopping a parliamentary law allowing forced vaccination to go through.

    *…the announcement by the Polish Health Minister and family doctor Ewa Kopacz that she would [not?] order the inadequately tested jab for Poland.

    *…the legal action by Marc Vercoutere and Christian Cotton that forced French Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot to start to account, through her lawyer, in a Paris court on January 4th for the swine flu campaign irregularities.[se my previous post on this- very enlightening]

    “In the flu affair, by the sole force of the internet and an unprecedented majority, the citizens have won: against the lobbies supported by the large media, and in spite of the objective collusion of all the politicans – including those who are today calling for a commission of inquiry. The time has already come to think about the time after the flu and to reflect on the factors that allowed such a scandal possible.”

    “Dans l’affaire de la grippe, par la seule force d’internet et à une majorité sans précédent, les citoyens ont gagné : contre les lobbies soutenus par tous les grands médias, et malgré la collusion objective de tous les politiques – incluant ceux qui réclament aujourd’hui une commission d’enquête.

    “Il est déjà temps de penser l’après-grippe et de réfléchir aux facteurs qui ont rendu possible un tel scandale. Réalisée dans des conditions techniques précaires imposées par une situation que tout le monde connaît, la vidéo qui suit vise à susciter une réflexion citoyenne sur la question centrale des conflits d’intérêts.” Bonne écoute – bonne réflexion… Marc Girard”

    “However, while we, in Europe, have beyond a doubt achieved a fantastic victory, much remains to be done to stop the swine flu jabs being sent to developing countries, among other things.”

    “Also, we need to start legal actions and insist on parliamentary inquries to identify those responsible for this scam.”

    “Since this is the same international corporate crime syndicate organised around the Bilderbergs that is also responsible for Codex Alimentatarius, GMO foods, poisoning us through water and other means, as well as for the financial crisis and instigating numerous false flag terrorist attacks and wars (Afghanistan, Iraq and now Yemen), there is a unique opportunity to deal with a multitude of problems by systematically dismantling the power structure of this group.”

  81. charlie January 9, 2010 @ 4:11 pm

    Tina, don’t be fooled by that twit at – he’s 100% disinfo.

    Its the Jews controlling the Brits not the other way round. They have done for 400 years.

    Who do you think owns the British banking system now and then? And therefore the old British East India Company? These Jewish bankers built the British Empire for their own ends.

    All “Crown” colonies belonged to them, not the royal Crown.

  82. George January 9, 2010 @ 5:46 pm

    Why is it we still cannot see the video images of the man who assisted Mutallab in getting on board that plane in Amsterdam without a passport after having paid for his ticket with cash ????

    Why is the Jewish controlled media going to great lengths to suppress these video images?

  83. Michael K. January 9, 2010 @ 6:55 pm

    Dear Tina, Charlie:

    I agree with Tina that “The Union Jack” is a great book. Nothing in it contradicts what we generally know about the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy, but rather it stated the idea as a whole some thirty eight years ago, much to the author’s credit.

    Charlie, your flippant dismissal of the whole thing lacks any evidence or depth of insight. While I am sure that warning people not to take Ken Adachi’s website too seriously is a well meaning comment and one with which I personally agree, the book in question was not authored by Adachi. He just has it on his website.

    In my opinion it is an open question whether the British Monarchy is crypto-Jewish. Indeed the term: “The British Empire” is similar the term “The American Empire”. Both are a sort of misnomer. While technically true on the surface, they mask the true identities of the ones who are truly the power behind the scenes.

    Here’s an idea: if you think “The Union Jack” is such nonsense, read it and then quote where it is spewing malarkey. That would be honest and intelligent debate, and it would be open to refutation, agreement or discussion. Blanket statements are something I believe you are quite a bit better than and I value your informed opinion foremost.

    I think that “The Union Jack” is required reading. When you understand it, you will understand the ‘Anglosphere’ a whole lot better. What we all benefit from understanding is that The US, UK, Israel and Australia and Saudi Arabia are all playing from the same sheet of music. The book is a good primer on the madness of the English speaking world and its Armageddon mythos.

  84. The Prodigal Son January 9, 2010 @ 8:46 pm


    I Agree w/ Charlie on this (!)… you said, “(…) these Brits are just using Jews trapped in their spiritual darkness by the Rabbis for their international imperialism.”

    The Rothschilds are not ‘Brits’ – they call themselves ‘Jews’. The ‘Brits’ dont control the Rothschilds !

    The Rothschilds control almost the whole world through control of central banks and – either the extension of credit OR the denial of credit to governments.

    Do you think that the so-called ‘Federal Reserve’ in the U.S. is controlled by ‘British Israel’ ?

    Or is the Fed controlled by ‘Jewish’ named & owned banks – primarily the Rothschilds ?

    You also said, “I loved Messianic Jews and contacted Jews for Jesus to serve with them to bring the gospel to the Jews. They told me because I was a gentile, I could only cook for the Jewish missionaries, not go out on the streets and speak to anyone. I was deeply grieved about this. They are also caught up in race not understanding it is grace.”

    Exactly ! Are these Christians ? ‘Jews For Jesus’ !?! How ridiculous !

    You – as a Christian ARE NOT a ‘Gentile’… and if they were really ‘Jews For Jesus’ – they would call themselves ‘Christians’ like the rest of us !

    Should whites then call themselves ‘Caucasians For Christ’ ? Soon we’ll see ‘Slavs for the Saviour’ & Orientals for Our Lord’ !

    Christ said He came to tear down the boundaries between ‘Jew’ and Greek… but the boundary actually was between CIRCUMCISED and UN-CIRCUMCISED.

    The English words ‘Jew’ and ‘Gentile’ should NEVER have existed anyway IMO…

    ‘Jew(s)’ should be read as either ‘Judahite(s)’ or ‘Judean(s)’.

    ‘Gentile’ should be read as ‘un-circumcised, or Greek,’ & ‘Gentiles’ should be read as ‘nations or peoples’.

    Using a concordance… the word ‘Gentile’ comes from the word ‘Hellen’ (Strong’s 1672 – based on 1671: ‘Hellas’ meaning ‘Greece’), and is translated as ‘Gentile’ 7 times – while the same word is translated as ‘Greek’ 27 times.

    According to Strong’s (1672) Hellen means: “A Greek either by nationality, whether a native of the mainland or of the Greek islands or colonies.

    In a wider sense (to the circumcised) the name ‘Hellen’ encompasses all uncircumcised nations that made the language, customs and learning of the Greeks their own; THE PRIMARY REFERENCE IS TO A DIFFERENCE OF RELIGION AND WORSHIP.”

    So for those ‘Jews’ to call you a ‘Gentile’ – when supposedly they are of the SAME RELIGION AND WORSHIP as you is therefore beyond foolish !

    Look at these three verses from the book of Romans… all contain the same original word ‘Hellen’ but one verse uses the made-up word ‘Gentile’… is it proper ? Or is there more to this ?

    “I am a debtor both to GREEKS and to barbarians, both to wise and to unwise.”
    – Rom. 1:14

    “Tribulation and anguish, on every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the GENTILE;”
    – Rom. 2:9

    “For there is no distinction between Jew and GREEK, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him.”
    – Rom. 10:12

    But perhaps the best verses to prove my point are Colossians 3:9-11:

    “Do not lie to one another, since you have put off the old man with his deeds, and have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him Who created him,
    where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcised nor uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave nor free, but Christ is all and in all.”

    The word ‘Gentile(s)’ in the O.T. comes from the Hebrew word ‘Goi/Goy’ or ‘Goim/Goyim’, and means “nation, people – usually of non-Hebrew background”… but is also used to describe:

    “- A ‘Goy’ (nation) of descendants of Abraham
    – A ‘Goy’ (nation) of Israel
    – A ‘Goy’ (nation) of a swarm of locusts, as well as other animals.

    ‘Goy/Goyim’ is translated in the KJV of the O.T. as follows:

    As ‘people’ – 11 times
    As ‘Gentiles’ – 30 times
    As ‘heathens’ – 143 times
    As ‘nations’ – 558 times

    The word translated as ‘Gentiles’ in the New Testament is the Greek ‘Ethnos’, meaning:

    “- A multitude (whether of men or beasts) associated or living together.
    – A company, troop or swarm.
    – A multitude of individuals of the same nature or genus.
    – The human family
    – A tribe, nation or people group in the O.T., foreign nations not worshipping the true God, pagans.”

    ‘Ethnos’ is translated the following ways in the N.T.:

    As ‘people’ – 2 times
    As ‘heathen’ – 5 times
    As ‘nation’ – 64 times
    As ‘Gentiles’ – 93 times

    Thus NO Christian should ever call themselves ‘Goyim’ (because it is used in a derogatory way to describe the un-circumcised nations or non-‘Jews’) or describe themselves using the word ‘Gentile’ because it is just the English version of ‘Goyim’ !

    Again see Colossians 3:9-11 ! We – as Christians are circumcised in Christ – so HOW can we call ourselves or allow someone else to call us ‘Goyim’ or ‘Gentiles’, because those words describe us as uncircumcised heathens & pagans… which Christians CLEARLY are NOT !

  85. Fr. Joseph January 10, 2010 @ 12:11 am

    Dear Tina,

    Which ‘specific teachings’ of the Catholic Church do you no longer accept? And for what reason.

    Perhaps I might be able to explain those teachings you doubt. And if you reject them for some personal reason, perhaps I might be of assistance.

    – Fr. Joseph

  86. jgalindes January 10, 2010 @ 5:50 am

    Br. Nathanael has the “honour” to be included in this IR from Simon Wiesenthal Center Snider Social Action Institute:

    Navigate to page 62.

  87. Gregory Laux January 10, 2010 @ 7:41 am

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Coming from a highly Catholic traditional family, there are multiple modern day heresies that came out of Vatican II being improperly applied in the church culture, which has now affected the secular culture to help produce the nightmare that we now see in the world.

    Before I post those teachings that I doubt, let me say that one of my ancestors is Fr. John Laux, a commonly used church historian that wrote many books on the subject of the Catholic church and her doctrines.

    The first teaching that I doubt, is the one where the Catholic leaders promote this concept of “purgatory” for those who could not bring themselves to fully love and obey God in this lifetime. There has never been any scriptural support for this doctrine going all the way back to the early church fathers, and yet the modern leaders act like it is well supported.

    Christ said there is one of two places a soul goes upon their death and the individual judgment, either heaven or hell. That is later followed by the general judgment where every soul is present to see God making His call as to where each soul will be spending eternity. Also Christ warns us about those who think they can try to worship both God and mammon, thus making it impossible to support the idea of “purgatory” as that would mean Christ lied about this then.

    The second teaching involves the “binding and loosing” that is commonly taught as having given leaders in the church the power to tell someone that their sins are forgiven. This has become a modern day problem, as the church leaders have taken this passage out of context and used it in order to support their authority structure. In order to say that you can forgive sins, you would have to have the full knowledge that God has regarding the purpose of ammendment, the seriousness of the sinner to confront and own up to their past sins, etc… That is something that no human can possess, as only God knows the true heart of the sinner.

    I have serious problems with the concept of telling someone that they can be forgiven without having them be willing to reconcile with those they sinned against, as even the Cathechism says restitution is owed when harm has been done to another human being unjustly.

    Rarely do I see the church stress the reconciliation aspect to being forgiven, even though Christ made it central to obtaining salvation with the example of Zachaeus the tax collector who misused his authority to extort more than what was honest from the taxpayers.

    The modern church has become very humanistic, not wanting to offend the sinners, but not caring about offending the victims of sin, which runs contrary to the “good samaritan” passage where Christ defines the question of “why is thy neighbor?” That passage is excellent because it refers to the second of the larger two commandments. “Do to others what you would want done to you.”

    This leads to the final teaching that I have problems with. Always demanding mercy from the victims of sinners, and not demanding love and mercy from the sinners towards their victims is also against the laws of God, His commandments. We live in times when the church leadership would rather stress “LOVE” and “MERCY” to be shown to sinners, while not demanding love and mercy in actions from every human being.

    So it is as if the church has excused non-Christians from those demands of God. A compromising church is not the church that Jesus Christ founded, as He confronted anyone that He saw who was not living according to the laws of God.

  88. Frank L January 10, 2010 @ 7:37 pm

    Br. Nathanael the Baptist: The Fall of Israel and the Rothschilds

  89. Fr. Joseph January 10, 2010 @ 9:19 pm

    My dear Gregory Laux,

    Out of honor for your family’s ancestor, Fr. John Laux, let me share with you what thoughts and insights that were given to me while mulling over what sort of answer(s) I might give to you regarding your own current problems with our Church and the Apostolic Faith which comes to us from God Incarante Himself.

    First, regarding ‘The Keys’ and the powers to bind and loose. The power and authority to extend God’s forgiveness of sins actually conferred to members of His Church by the Lord in the closing chapters of the Gospel of St. John 20:21-23. ‘The Keys’ given to St. Peter are meant for the administration and regulation of the Church, how it conducts her internal affairs and what constitutes the valid doctrinal and liturgical life of the Visible Church here on earth.

    With that having been said, everything becomes very, VERY EASY for us members of the Church Militant here on earth once we ACCEPT the real life FACT that living in this ‘World’ of ours is truly a very, VERY MESSY and VERY TRYING affair.

    In ACCEPTING every manner of thing is out of kilter and every manner of thing is NOT going according to the Best Interests of either Mankind of the Church Militant here one earth, we are left with NO OTHER OPTION but in realizing and ACCEPTING that our Human Race is in dire need of a SAVIOR, and that SAVIOR has been given to us.

    And in the midst of all of this convoluted MESS that is our contemporary World as well as within/throughout His Church here on earth, that SAVIOR promises never to leave us or abandon us as orphans, and that SAVIOR promises us the Divine Help and Consolations of His Very Own Holy Spirit.

    With regards to the Sacrament of Confession, we must never loose sight of the fact that we are ALL created by God to fall madly and entirely IN LOVE with Him.

    A person’s guilt over any sort or type of sin is a felt “pain” and a constant spiritual “distraction” and “impediment” in his or her being FREE and UNBURDENED so as to return to the tranquil and peaceful rememberance and attentive mindfulness of his or her All-good God and Father in Heaven.

    A person who makes the personal active attempt and effort to go to CONFESSION in order to confess any sin(s) whatsoever is being moved by the Grace of God TO RETURN to an active and increasingly steadfast mindful attentiveness of God.

    That is something God Himself longs for and desires – hence, if ANYBODY sought me out in order to confess any manner of sin or sins to me – I would not nor could I deny them hearing the words of Absolution – so that they would be freed and unburdened from their guilt IN ORDER TO use their God-given spiritual faculties and free will to be about doing LOVING things to their neighbors – such are reparation for evils and wrongs done as part of their Penance.

    True Penance is really and truly but LOVE REACTIVATED in that person. By their acts of assigned CHARITY towards other people, that CHARITY is received by Him Who desires that sinners repentance TO LOVE. And in their doing and carrying out their assigned Penance, they discover and are personally shown that their God-given human nature has NOT been destroyed, that they ARE capable of living as their All-good God desires, and in carrying out that Penance, they REDISCOVER within themselves their latent spiritual power TO LIVE LIFE as God desires for them as well as the goodness that comes from OBEDIENCE to instructions TO DO good things with their own personal God-given human natures.

    With regards to Purgatory….let me take a coffee break in order to shake off these pangs of fatigue that are setting into me (grin)…be right back.

    – Fr. Joseph

  90. Fr. Joseph January 10, 2010 @ 10:32 pm

    My dear Gregory Laux,

    Once again, in honor of your family ancestor Fr. John Laux, with his blessing and assistance let me share with you what is mine with regards to ‘Purgatory’.

    From the Gospel of St. Matthew, we read

    “I baptise you in water for repentence, but the One Who follows me is more powerful than I, and I am not fit to carry His sandals; He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and FIRE.’ – Mt. 3:11

    “For EVERYONE will be salted with FIRE.” – Mark 9:49

    “EVERYONE doing the building must work CAREFULLY. For the foundation, nobody can lay any other than the one which has already been laid, that is Jesus Christ. On this foundation you can build in gold, silver and jewels, or in wood, grass and straw, but whatever the material, the work of each builder is going to be clearly revealed when the day comes. That day will begin with FIRE, and the FIRE will test the quality of each man’s work. If his structure stands up to it, he will get his wages; if it is BURNT DOWN, he will be the loser, AND THOUGH HE IS SAVED HIMSELF, it will be as one who has gone through FIRE.”
    – St. Paul the Apostle – 1 Corinthians 3:11-15

    We just CAN’T discount the Words of God Incarnate, the same God Who created and sustains all things, seen or unseen, in existance.

    EVERYONE is going to be ‘salted with FIRE’ and as St. Paul the Apostle says, if our personal inner spiritual ‘structure’ stands up to His FIRE, we will be our wages. If what we build as our inner spiritual ‘structure’ from His Divine Teachings and Revelations gets BURNT UP, while we have been PUT THROUGH HIS FIRE and our personal spiritual ‘structure’ is burnt down – we will STILL BE SAVED by Him.

    So regarding PURGATORY, it’s that place wherein those who are NOT DAMNED TO HELL will undergo His Fire which will ‘burn away’ those things of our personal inner spiritual ‘structures’ that we ourselves have chosen to build with grass, wood and straw.

    Yet, even AFTER having suffered and endured such a PERSONAL LOSS, we will STILL BE SAVED by Him.

    God created us all with a Free Will. We are ALL morally ‘Free Agents’ as our own personal and unique indivdualized PERSON.

    And by His Divine SOVEREIGN Will, He allows and permits us all to use and utilize our own FREE WILL. And we are ’empowered’ by God’s PERMISSIVE Divine Will to use our own Free Wills freely in doing those things with, in, to and for the duration of our own personal lifetimes here in this seen ‘All’ of Time-Matter-Space-Energy of His Creating wherein we ALL move, live and have our being.

    In striving TO LIVE in accordance to God’s Holy Will, we ‘build’ our lives with Gold, Silver and Jewels which WILL hold up against the Testing Onslaught of His Own Divine Fire. This filial loving desire to be docile and obedient to God’s Own Holy Will for our lives has as its goal the filial DESIRE to be in and to live in God’s Divine Presence.

    Our All-good God, Creator and Father in Heaven is the Source of ALL-GOODNESS, and all that He has created in His Creation is likewise ‘good’.

    We, living in our incarnate spiritual natures, make our own personal choices as to what constitutes our own personal ‘good’.

    We can wind up LOVING CREATED THING while ‘using God’ – OR – we can ‘use’ created things and LOVE GOD.

    Purgatory is but the BURNING AWAY of our attachments to any ‘created good thing’ SO THAT we might be purified to utilize every morsel of our personal spiritual selves in LOVING and ENJOYING our All-good God, Creator and FATHER in Heaven.

    Make sense?

    – Fr. Joseph

  91. Fr. Joseph January 10, 2010 @ 10:44 pm

    My dear Gregory Laux,

    One final thing about the ‘humanistic’ tendencies in and throughout the contemporary Church.

    Pope Leo XIII was informed by the Lord Jesus that the Church would be subjected to Satan’s century-plus long onslaughts.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Akita, Japan back in October 1973 announced through Sr. Agnes, our Japanese Carmelite sister, that Satan had suceeded in infiltrating into the highest levels of the contemporary Church’s Hierarchy.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary personally elaborated on the satanic plague of ‘Ecclesiastical Masonry’ within our Catholic Church’s Ecclesiastical Hierarchy and in the Vatican.

    Archbishop Milingo along with Fr. Malachi Martin have had to report Satanism is being practiced in the Vatican.

    My dear brother, Gregory Laux, we in the Catholic Church are very much like the U.S. aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, during World War II.

    We are ‘taking TORPEDOS’ left and right. We hare having our ‘flight deck’ ripped to shreds by Dive Bombers. There is MESS and MAYHEM and SMOKE and WOUNDED and DAMAGE all over the place and on-throughout every level.

    All we can do, we members of the Clergy and the Laity of our Catholic Church in this year 2010 A.D. is but to do AS MUCH ‘DAMAGE CONTROL’ as we can at our personal ‘Battle Stations’ with the BLESSED HOPE we can keep our USS Enterprize AFLOAT while hoping against hope Heaven sends us RELIEF and ASSISTANCE from both the Skies and from the Oceans surrounding us.

    – Fr. Joseph

  92. The Prodigal Son January 11, 2010 @ 3:23 am

    Here in Canada we are getting the Naked X-Ray Machines all across the country…

    And they’re spinning it up – making it seem as if the Undie-Bomber is the catalyst and reason for the need for us all to be violated with these peep-machines…

    Look at the image in the last comment on this page (I must CAUTION – NUDITY… and yet THEY can see us all this way ?):

    … And tell me – who wants some creep being able to see your 18 yr. old daughter like that ?

    Either that or agree to be groped !

    Unbelievable ! ‘Come fly the friendly skies,’ they say !

    But if you look into it – you find out that the Canadian Government pre-ordered these peep-machines FIFTEEN MONTHS AGO !!

    How prophetic of them !

    What is REALLY amazing (in a bad way) is the fact that the security company ICTS International (owned by 2 Israelis) was in charge of security at ALL of the 9/11 airports… AND the airport the ‘Shoe-Bomber’ – Richard Reid departed from…

    AND now the ‘Undie-Bomber’ ALSO boards a plane from an airport who was secured (loose term) by ICTS !

    ISRAEL DID 9/11 !


    E-mail this to everyone who’ll receive it ! Available as a downloadable PDF on this page:

  93. Gregorylaux January 11, 2010 @ 8:19 am

    Fr. Joseph, your responses are ones that I could expect coming from the modern day priests who were taught heresies in the seminaries.

    The problem I have with your first response about the power to forgive sins coming in John 20:21-23, is that you are playing the cafeteria game of picking and choosing which scriptural passage should have more weight than the whole of scripture itself.

    The Scripture mentions many conditions regarding being forgiven by God, not just those three sentences in particular. For instance, the Scripture mentions things like “if you do not forgive your fellow man, neither will God forgive you of your sins” and yet too often priests like you have decided that these other comments become invalid or don’t apply when you find another passage that you like better.

    This means you DO NOT ACCEPT the full will of God, which is one that demands holiness and love from any soul wanting to inherit eternal life. Why are you ignoring the majority of the scripture passages that deal with forgiveness in favor of one or two passages that have appeal to you?

    As regard to the everyone will be salted by the FIRE comment, that doesn’t address the concept of purgatory. One must ask how the priests can say purgatory exists and yet the teaching of Jesus Christ never mention more than two outcomes one a soul dies, that of heaven and that of hell.

    Then we have John telling us about what God thinks of those who are lukewarm, those who cannot bring themselves to do what God expects from them. He says that to the lukewarm, “God will vomit you out of His mouth. He wish that you were either hot or cold, instead of sitting on the fence.” In addition Christ tells us that one CANNOT worship two masters, both God and the things of this world. How is the doctrine of purgatory supporting this teaching of not being able to serve two masters?

    Those who teach the doctrine of purgatory are telling souls that it is possible to serve two masters, and still obtain eternal life from God after you have decided to have other things get between your relationship with God.

    That is a violation of the commandment about having no other idols before God. We are reminded, “What profit does one gain if you gain the whole world, but in that process you lose your soul?” What possibly is so important for a soul to be able to do or have in this world that it comes before the love and honor that God is to be given?

    And yes, the Catholic church is taking on shots today in our world, but they are also participating in giving out many wounds and sins. The scandals of the abuse of little children sexually is an example where the church leaders openly decided to lie, in order to retain their possessions.

    I worked for a time for the local archdiocese in one of their schools, complete where I signed an employment agreement that said we were all employees of the archdiocese with our benefits being paid for by the archdiocese who bargained for lower prices in group rates. And then when the sex scandals made it to court, the church leaders said that each institution was separate and not part of the larger archdiocese, contrary to their own employment agreements and manuals.

    So what kind of moral leadership is the church demonstrating when they are willing to lie in federal court just to maintain the ability to keep their worldly properties? One must wonder the church leaders think it is their moral obligation to lie and cover up how the church was actually organized in order to keep more of their wealth. As Christ said, “You cannot worship both God and mammon.”

  94. Gregorylaux January 11, 2010 @ 8:35 am

    For Fr. Joseph, I have two more comments I want you to think about.

    What do you think about Mark chapter 11, verses 24-25?

    24Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. 25And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

    The “binding and loosing” is referred to more than once in the Scriptures. Since I am a computer tech by trade, I have searched the text of the Bible and found it appears elsewhere, and when it appears elsewhere it does not confer power for the priests to have the ability to forgive sins.

    Just as the ROCK in the “You are Peter and on this ROCK I establish my church” does not substitute Peter as being the ROCK. The ROCK is the eternal truth that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah sent to redeem the human race so that we all could have a chance again to inherit eternal life if we choose to live in obedience to God’s will.

    If only people could comprehend what took place in that passage where Christ establishes His church. He asked “Who do you say I am?” The answer to this question is what is referred to as the ROCK upon which Christ established His earthly church.

    Matthew chapter 16:

    13When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?”

    14They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”

    15″But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

    16Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

    17Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven. 18And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

    Far too often the church leaders have given themselves authority exclusively to lead the Church that Christ founded, when it was only founded upon the idea of a set of eternal truths from God, beginning with the central truth that He was the Son of the living God. There is no papal authority given in the Scriptures to act in the place of God in human affairs according to what the present leadership in the church wants to do with the cultures of the world.

  95. Fr. Joseph January 11, 2010 @ 11:28 am


    All right, all right – so with full premeditated intention, you ‘set me up’ just like the football-holding Lucy did and does to one very naive and trusting Charlie Brown.

    So with my back laying flat against the ground with NO football sailing on its way – looking up into the sky – ONCE AGAIN I simply have to roll over onto my shoulder, push myself up from off the ground, dust myself off with the full knowledge and anticipation of being ‘set up’ by another ‘Lucy’ in the very near future.

    Comes with the ‘territory’ of being ORDAINED into the Priesthood of the Church.

    Now just to let you know – I am NOT IMPRESSED one iota by either ‘Computer Technologies’ and those who profess to possess knowledge OF ‘computer technologies’.

    I see VERY FEW IF ANY computer scientists, computer programmers, computer operators and computer users THE WORLD OVER giving thanks and praise to their GOD and the CREATOR of all that is seen and unseen for the MARVELS OF the ‘Materials Sciences’ and ‘Law of Physics’ which CAUSES computer the World over to operate, run, function and ‘do their thing’ and every manner of ‘thing’ human beings get TO DO with computers.

    Next, you DID NOT search Sacred Scripture ‘high and low’.

    GOD Himself changes Abram’s name TO Abraham. Go and search ‘HIGH AND LOW’ Genesis 17:1-8. By changing Abram’s name, God ASSIGNS Him his role and duty in Human Salvation History.

    GOD HIMSELF charges St. Joseph to name His Only Eternally Begotton Son ‘JESUS’, thus assigning to His Eternal Son HIS Role and HIS Duty in Human Salvation History. Go and search ‘HIGH AND LOW’ Matthew 1:20-21.

    And when GOD INCARNATE HIMSELF changes Simon’s name – Simon means WATER REED – to ROCK, the God Himself assigned TO PETER his role and his duties in Human Salvation History.

    As for God granting the ‘Power To Forgive Sins’ – go search ‘HIGH AND LOW’ the Gospel according to St. Matthew – Matthew 9:4-8 – where THE PEOPLE witness for what God Himself DID and HAS DONE to, with, for and THROUGH Jesus and is INCLUDED in Sacred Scripture by the DIVINE INSPIRATION of God the Holy Spirit Who has written/recorded for EVERYONE with a ‘Bible’ to read for themselves as well..

    “A feeling of awe came over the crowd when they saw this, AND THEY PRAISED GOD FOR GIVING SUCH POWER TO MEN.” – Mt. 9:8

    The DIVINE MIRACLE of the physical healing of the paralytic was done AS PROOF that God HAS given the Power to Forgive Sins to MEN!

    Which brings us BACK TO John 20-21-23.

    Which brings us TO 1 John 2:1-2

    Which brings us TO James 5:16-20

    Which bring us TO Revelation 7:13-14

    Which bring us to what GOD THE FATHER Himself told Mother Eugenia back on July 1, 1932:

    “They are, chiefly the SEVEN SACRAMENTS. And the greatest means of securing your Salvation, despite your falls, is the Cross, My Son’s Blood poured out upon you every moment, IF YOU SO WISH, both in the SACRAMENT OF PENANCE and in the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS.


    And, in closing, DON’T BOTHER setting up any more ‘FOOTBALLS’ for me to kick either.

    ‘Homie Don’t Play That Game No Mo”

    – Fr. Joseph

  96. Fr. Joseph January 11, 2010 @ 12:05 pm


    There are somewheres around 27,000 ‘bible-based’ cults, sects and denominations throughout the world sporting hundreds, thousands and tens-of-thousands of members.

    So don’t be too upset if I tell you that most ASSUREDLY, from that entire number of the ‘legions’ of bible-based cults, sects and denomintions all across our World – there WILL BE yet another one ‘just-like-you’ to take your place with the SAME-SAME grid-locked mindset and heartset.

    But nevertheless, ON ACCOUNT OF my ordination into the Priesthood of the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood, I am OBLIGATED to give you GOOD spiritual counsel. And there is my ‘Two-Cents’ in return for granting me the opportunity to ‘kick a FOOTBALL’…

    Just as YOU in your ‘expertise’ in the Computer Sciences and Computer Technologies is VERY CAREFUL to not bend the pins of the various Input/Output PORTS of your computer and peripheries – and just as you are VERY CAREFUL to ensure the proper cables are attached to the various NETWORK computer’s ports – and just as you are VERY CAREFUL not to allow VOLTAGE SPIKES roast and fry your computer components and networks – and just are you are VERY CAREFUL not to allow computer Viruses and Worms to INFECT your own computer and computer network…

    …BE VERY CAREFUL with what you DO WITH the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith of our Lord and Saviour’s APOSTLES and His Church here on earth AS WELL AS what you do with ‘The Bible’.

    Gregory Laux is a very FINE name. I don’t want to see it ‘CHANGED’ to “Diotrephes”!

    – Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  97. Gregory Laux January 11, 2010 @ 12:38 pm

    I expected you to not like having some of the major heresies of the MODERN Catholic leaders exposed. I also noted that you didn’t confront them, but instead created a diversion.

    What do you think about Mark chapter 11, verses 24-25?

    24Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. 25And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

    I see that you dodged having to provide how you can say a priest was given the authority to forgive sins, when God’s word clearly says the forgiveness of sins depends on the sinner meeting a set of requirements that God has given to His church members to obey. Did I miss something in the Scriptures where you were told you can bypass His requirements?

    Only God knows the heart of the sinner and how serious they are about taking the responsibility for their sins, so only God can forgive sins. The best that a priest can do is remind the sinner of the requirements that God has already told us are conditions for being forgiven.

    I do recall you even totally bypassed the mention of Zachaeus when he made promises to Christ to give back 4 times what he wrongly extorted from the people, as well as giving half of his wealth to the poor. Is there a reason why you are too proud not to discuss this passage which dealt with the proper reconciliation aspect to being forgiven by God?

    Again, one must wonder why those who represent God in the Catholic church have become friends of sinners and enemies of the cross. The message of the gospel is that we are to love everybody all the time, and when we fail, we are to go back and love those who we didn’t chose to initially love.

    I don’t see that in the modern Vatican II leaders’ semons and teachings. I see a class based teaching occurring within the Catholic leadership that resembles the Roman Empire more than it looks like the church that was supposed to be apostolic and holy, as Christ founded it to be.

  98. Gregory Laux January 11, 2010 @ 12:52 pm

    Fr. Joseph, you also didn’t like my analogy of mentioning computer science as giving humans the skills needed to propery read the Bible and let it be self-interpreting.

    It is through understanding that all of the statements in God’s word have equal truth to them that one can begin to fully understand the nature of God.

    Humans in general are trained to only think one thought at a time, and they therefore find something in the scripture that they like and then claim it proves other statements are not to be obeyed because the new one gives them support for something that they personally choose to believe in.

    Being a computer tech teaches us to accept that it is all true, so the understanding of each aspect to God can only be rightfully made by accepting everything that He stated about each aspect or issue of His will. So we know what God’s will is on the aspect of forgiveness by listing out all passages from the scripture that make mention of forgiveness.

    We then can see it is not something as simple as one sentence, a flesh appealing, ear tickling sentence that was taken out of the full context of the whole scriptures.

    An analogy would be asking you to describe a certain car in a specific location at a given time. If you said that it was enough to say it was a red car, you are intentionally not giving a full account of what you have been asked to do. Until you give the make, model, body style, features in the car, you are just barely beginning to describe the car.

    God’s will is much more complex than just a single sentence or two.

  99. russ January 11, 2010 @ 2:11 pm

    Hey Gregory and Fr. Joe,

    As entertaining as your theological discussions are, I don’t see how they remotely apply to this topic.

    Can we all leave the theological semantics for another time and keep our eyes on the prize, the exposure and defeat of the Zionist Jew enemies.

  100. Gregory Laux January 11, 2010 @ 2:23 pm

    Russ, the point of my postings was exactly about the Catholic church changing its doctrines and teachings in the western world as the result of Vatican II, and the teachers in the seminaries who made the gospel more sin friendly and less Christian.

    I can tell you about the Jewish influence over the centuries with the workings of the church, as Fr. John Laux was a major church historian whose books are still being used in high schools and colleges around the world.

    Until many Catholics start holding their leaders accountable for messing with the doctrines of the Catholic church in order to become more Pharisee-like, away from being Christ like, this battle will become harder to win. Corrupting the Catholic doctrines was the final thing that evil people chose to do in order to get what they wanted in this godless, coming world order.

  101. charlie January 11, 2010 @ 2:36 pm

    Gregory Laux

    The priest does have the power to forgive sins.

    John 20 19-23.

    “….. ‘Peace be to you. As the Father has sent me, I also send you.” and when he had said this, he breathed upon them and said to them, ‘Receive ye the Holy Ghost: whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them: whose sins you shall retain they are retained.’ ”

    Also regarding Purgatory “……you will not come out of there I tell you until the last farthing has been paid.” – also from the gospel,. when I get the reference I will post it.

    also “….they wrest with Scriptures to their own destruction.” in one of the epistles, but also words to similar effect, I think, in the Gospel.

    The purpose of the Gospel is to teach Love. (thats the purpose of the entire Bible).

    That journey necessitates faith and hope as well.

    Thus they who have any other motive but to learn the above “…..wrest with scripture to their own destruction.”

    If you’re going to attack someone using the gospel as a weapon…….you’d better be sure you’re attacking them for the right reason.

  102. charlie January 11, 2010 @ 2:53 pm

    One other thing I wish to mention.

    Do you think it is easy for a grown man (or woman) to go to a priest to open up to this other man and reveal his soul?

    That of itself is a great act of repentance…..and is made possible only by the giving of the sacrament of Confession to the apostles (priests) in the upper room, as quoted above.

    Hence we this grace derives entirely from God, through the mediation of the priest, His representative on earth, through the Holy Spirit. (Again, as quoted above.)

    This is not to say confession is necessary, it does not say that, merely that it is available.

  103. russ January 11, 2010 @ 3:11 pm


    I can see your point, the Jewish influences have taken a toll on the Church, and I do agree that the Catholic Church has become very “Pharisee-like” through the ages.

    I am not a student of religion but was raised Catholic and had a hard time meshing most of its teachings with my love of Christ and my interperation of how Jesus would act.

    I now keep my religion and spirituality on a personal basis, and believe me I do not judge or disparage anyone of their personal beliefs in God. You and Fr. Joe and many other contributors to this site certainly know more theology than I, and all I was trying to say is that even though we have differences we should recognize the enemy and work together as brothers in Christ to defeat the Zionist NWO.

  104. Gregory Laux January 11, 2010 @ 3:33 pm

    Charlie, that is playing the same game that Fr. Joseph plays.

    The will of God is not in just one sentence or two. It is the complete Scriptures which have many things to say about issues like forgiveness. To argue that you can find a passage that appeals to the pride and soul of a sinner, and then claim all it requires to be forgiven is for a soul to ask to be forgiven, is to spit directly in the face of God. He said things in addition to that single message that relate to the other conditions He expects to be met before God or a priest can offer forgiveness.

    The Catholic church has taught since the early Church Fathers that these other conditions have to be met in order to qualify for forgiveness. But in the last 40 plus years since Vatican II, the western church has refused to adhere to the founding teachings of the church.

    For instance, the Catholic church has always taught that a sinner has to have a firm purpose of amendment for their sins to be forgiven by God. This means that the person is truly and deeply sorry for having committed the sin and that will lead to them repenting. Even the woman caught in adultery was taught by Christ to “go and leave your life of sin.”

    Then the Catholic church taught that the sinner has to fully reveal all the sins they are aware of, and not just the few that are less serious that they are willing to divulge. Then the Catholic Church cathechism has taught that restitution to the victims is required in keeping with the social normals of distributive justice.

    So the priest cannot tell someone that lets say stole $50,000 that the penance is to just say 4 Our Fathers and 4 Hail Mary’s and they will be right with God again. The priest has a duty to make the penance fit the sin, to force the penitant to honestly confront their sin and treat their victim also as a child of God that deserves to be loved.

    Part of the reason why so many people have left going to the sacrament of reconciliation is precisely because the priest and bishops have made a mockery of things for many decades now. I constantly hear “cafeteria Catholics” classify their mortal sins as just being common mistakes that require no reconcilation on their parts with those they victimized. The sex scandal are a great example of the church failing to promote true and honest reconciliation, but instead putting the burdens on the victims and not on the sinners.

    So the Catholic Church has dropped the ball since Vatican II and cremated the doctrines of the faith that were at one time well rooted in the church representing the holiness of Christ. If it is One, Apostilic, Holy church then it cannot go along with the modernist revisions of many of the church leaders who have made love with sinners and hated the victims of sin.

    As Christ asked, “Who is thy neighbor?” in the passage about the good Samaritan. It certainly cannot be the one who tolerates and even praises sinners but stomps underfoot the dignity and hope that the victims have of being treated with justice and fairness in this world.

  105. Fr. Joseph January 11, 2010 @ 4:40 pm


    God the Father sent His Only Eternally Begotten Son into our World in order to make THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS by any and all members of the Human Race both POSSIBLE, ACTUAL and AVAILABLE.

    Now prayerfully THINK about this…

    When the ANGELS sinned – they were summarily condemned to DAMNATION in Hell.

    When Human Beings sinned against the Same One True God in Heaven – GOD MADE HIS MERCY manifest to and for the members of our Human Race by the Divine Promise of a SAVIOR.

    If Christ Jesus IS really and truly FULLY God and FULLY Human, and if GOD Incarnate says that other HUMAN BEINGS have the Holy Spirit by which THEY can, likewise, effect the DIVINE FORGIVENESS OF SINS in their fellow Human Beings, then the Divine MERCY extended to the Human Race by God the Father and by God His Son Who conferred HIS OWN Divine Authority to FORGIVE SINS per His Own Divine Desire/Decree has been Divinely GRANTED to members of our Human Race.

    And those members of our Human Race who HAVE been conferred God Incarnate’s Divine Authority TO FORGIVE SINS against God Himself are TO MAKE God’s Forgiveness of their sins readily AVAILABLE to other Human Beings.

    Priests in the Church DON’T “Lord It Over Other Human Beings”. Priests in the Church are there to make the Divine Spiritual REALITIES established by GOD INCARNATE Himself to and for any and all members of our Human Race.

    And – BUT OF COURSE – a person has to realize that his or her SIN(S) have caused psycho-spiritual-physical-temporal DAMAGE to God’s Own Creation, to other Human Beings created in God’s Image and Likeness and to the HUMAN COMMUNITY, be that common-union of PEOPLE be of a purely socio-political nature OR other members of His Church here on earth.

    ALL PEOPLE the entire World over really and truly DO have GOD HIMSELF as their Father!

    Trouble is nowadays that PEOPLE the World over either DO NOT KNOW that God is their Father in Heaven – OR – they CARE NOT that God is their Father in Heaven – OR – they DON’T WANT God who is their Father in Heaven AS their own Spiritual Father!

    As a Priest, even though only in the Monastic Brotherhood, I will EMBRACE anybody, anyone, anywhere, who comes to ME as an ordained Priest of the Church who wishes to confess he, she or they have become psycho-spiritual-emotionally ESTRANGED from God on account of their sins.

    I will be ANXIOUS to confer God’s Forgiveness if they, in return, are ANXIOUS to confess to God the Father their sins against the Spiritual and Moral Order of God’s Creating.

    Their psycho-spiritual-emotional REUNION with their God and Father in Heaven is the ENTIRE PURPOSE for the Life, Mission, Teachings and Death of JESUS, the Christ.

    And THAT spiritual reunion of any individual to and with THEIR GOD and THEIR FATHER in Heaven occurs by the Actions of God the Holy Spirit.

    The Priest’s job is to make that Spiritual Reality a Tangible-Physical-Material Reality in this SEEN All of ‘Time-Space-Matter-Energy’ of God’s Own Creating and Sustaining.

    God allowed for NO PROVISION WHATSOEVER for the Elemental Angelics who rebelled against Him and SINNED. Yes, ‘ANGELS’ SINNED!

    God HAS make provisions for His Divine Forgiveness of SINS to and for every last member of the Human Race – those WHO WANT IT!

    It is the epitome of a ‘Very Stupid Thing’ to NOT seek and receive God’s Own Forgiveness of the SINS of our Human Race.

    God’s Own MERCY to us all ought to cause GREAT TEARS OF GRATITUDE to swell up in ALL of our eyes – every last member of our six billion strong-in-number Human Race.

    Our spiritual BANISHMENT from God’s Presence – our spiritual EXILE from the Abode of God the Father Himself IS OVER – or more properly put – has CEASED TO BE on account of the Death of Christ Jesus on His Cross.

    We can continue on accepting a life in this ‘World’ where others will not even give us so much as HUSKS FED TO PIGS out of CARE and COMPASSION that we, too, are HUMAN BEINGS just like they are – or we can seek to RETURN to the Ever-Loving Presence of God our Father in Heaven.

    Each one of us during the course of our lifetimes comes to a ‘Crisis Point’ where NOTHING BUT the Acceptance and Loving Compassion of God OUR FATHER in Heaven will do.

    THAT is the very essential TRUTH of our psycho-spiritual-religious-ontological EXISTENCE in this ‘Time-Space-Matter-Energy’ ALL of our God’s Creation.

    AND it is on account of PEOPLE from every walk of life and their NOT UNDERSTANDING that essential TRUTH of our psycho-spiritual-religious-ontological Human Being-ness that causes them to ‘WAG THEIR HEADS & SCOFF’ both privately and publicly about RELIGION in general and about Catholic Christianty in particular nowadays.

    – Fr. Joseph

  106. Gregory Laux January 11, 2010 @ 5:12 pm

    Again, more heresy Fr. Joseph. God says that He will give to each according to what they have done in the flesh. So the basis of you offering mercy to those who refuse to show mercy to their victims of sin is nothing but heresy. Our own “Our Father” prayer says “forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us.”

    Somewhere you fail to understand that the Lordship of Christ is required to qualify for eternal life (salvation). Christ said many times that He is not a Savior where He likewise has not been first allowed to be the LORD. Being “born again” of the Holy Spirit is when a person accepts Christ being the LORD over their lives and they live for the will of God for their life. Until that time people just give lip service to loving God.

    And you still are trying to dodge the reconciliation aspect to being forgiven, when the scripture says in multiple places that it is a requirement to be forgiven. God even says in His word that if you enter a church building to pray and give gifts but know that you have unsettled business with a neighbor, you are to leave the church and go reconcile before coming back to pray and offer God your gifts.

    The modern Catholic Church leaders have failed in the area of proper communative justice that is mentioned in the Cathechism of the Catholic church. You wish to want mercy without showing mercy to others. You wish to want forgiveness without forgiving others first. You want God to love you even though through your actions you haven’t demonstrated a love for God.

    At no time did God promise sinful humans any better treatment than they give to God and their fellow human beings. Instead He promised to give to each soul in eternity what each soul did accordingly while in their earthly bodies. That is why people do not maintain their pride when they sin and put the burdens upon God and the victim to make the effects of the sin go away.

    The prodigal son did not return to the father with his pride intact, dictating to the father the way he had to treat the son. The prodigal son came back humble, being willing to be treated just like the other hired hands that father had working for him.

    The reason why the confessionals are empty today is because the leaders in the church have abandoned the concept of RECONCILIATION altogether. People no longer see a need to stop sinning, nor to own up to their sins. They believe their sins are only between them and God, even though most of their sins were perpetrated against other human beings, thus interfering with God’s plan for those lives of the others.

    I hope one day that the apostate priests humble themselves enough to take the ownership of their lazy spirit that wants to be liked by man more than to be obedient to God. Until humanity can pursue justice for every human being, there is much to blame the church for in regards to not even demanding people live a holier life than what their flesh wants to do.

    Without sin, just MISTAKES as most Christians now call their evil actions, there is no need for a SAVIOR anymore, let alone a LORD.

  107. Gregory Laux January 11, 2010 @ 5:25 pm

    Before I leave for the evening, I have one final thought to add to the discussion.

    Fr. Joseph stated:

    “Each one of us during the course of our lifetimes comes to a ‘Crisis Point’ where NOTHING BUT the Acceptance and Loving Compassion of God OUR FATHER in Heaven will do.”

    My response to this is straight from the gospels themselves.

    How about the sinners being called to give unconditional acceptance and love to their fellow human beings and God, first? I do believe that is what the passages about not judging others was meant to address. Love seeks to do what is right always and not just when it is convenient.

  108. Fr. Joseph January 11, 2010 @ 6:37 pm


    You’re dragging me all over the map here.

    Look, the validity of the Sacrament of Confession is an entirely different subject from the Satanic-Masonic infiltration of the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

    The Satanic-Masonic infiltration of the Catholic Church was necessary so that no collegial consecration of Russia could be done so that the Illuminists-Satanists and the Allied Occult Alliance of 1931 could embroil our entire Human Race in a thermonuclear Third World War.

    The ‘filioque’ phrase of the Nicene Creed does not make the Sacrament of Confession either invalid or unnessary.

    The World Leaders of the nation-stats of our World are all REQUIRED to submit to the Kingship of Jesus the Christ and His Divine Will. Their NOT doing so does not invalidate or render ineffectual the Sacrament of Confession.

    Up until tht time when the nations of this world of ours begin to exchange thermonuclear weapons, peoples from every last nation of our World can STILL go to the Sacrament of Confession, confess their sins, and receive God’s Forgiveness. Their NOT doing to does NOT invalidate the validity of the Sacrament of Confession.

    The JEWS of this World as well as the MOSLEMS of this world as well as the SECULAR NEO-PAGANS of this World can STILL convert to the Christian Faith, receive Baptism for the forgiveness of their sins IF they wanted to, but their refusal DOES NOT make invalid the Sacrament of Confession.

    The CIA and Mossad can pull off every last DIRTY TRICK in their playing geopolitical games, but their dirty trick playing DOES NOT in any way, shape, manner or form cause Christ Jesus to NOT have His Divine Nature, nor does their dirty trick playing make invalid the Sacrament of Confession.

    My final word on this subject regarding the Sacrament of Confession is this:


    – Fr. Joseph

  109. Michael K. January 11, 2010 @ 6:46 pm

    Dear RZN Christians,

    I know priest baiting is almost as much fun as bear baiting to those who have contempt for both species of cranky, taciturn critters, but lets take just a moment to think about airport scanners, again.

    I see in this article:

    -that another highly esoteric brand name for a Rapist-(s)Cam booty/booby scanner is the:

    “L3 ProVision”.

    OOH! Sends shivers up and down my spine. What sorts of esoteric meanings are being communicated in this highly planned and thought out name?

    “L3” seems evocative of the words “Level Three”, but perhaps it really evokes the “Luciferic Three”, the Unholy Trinity. Just a guess, really.

    Then there is the word “ProVision”. On the surface it is a play on the words “provision”(as in security provision), and Pro(-fessional)Vision. The first cognate that comes to mind is “perv’-vision”. The next next is more of a stretch: “Pro(towards)Vi(-ctory)Sion(Zion).

    It’s more fun to me to try to solve the symbolic occult word scrambles in the BS names for the tools of oppression that inundate our modern world, than it is to play ‘slap the priest’. But that’s my peculiarity. Hope you also all get something from it.

    Peace in Christ.

  110. Gregory Laux January 11, 2010 @ 8:24 pm

    I’m back!

    I am going to do other things after this final posting for today. I was reading some response and just got a little ticked off by what is there.

    I saw the following:

    “Peoples from every last nation of our World can STILL go to the Sacrament of Confession, confess their sins, and receive God’s Forgiveness.”

    This statement runs contrary to the gospel message of Jesus Christ and the first commandments of God, not to say the other statements by God about what one must do for Him to offer forgiveness to a sinner.

    This unconditional love from God message is getting very old, as it is not accurate. It is a modern day heresy from those who refuse to confront the evils in our world. The Scripture makes it more than clear that God will only forgive souls who have forgiven their fellow humans first. Refusal to forgive others is the prelude to God denying a sinner soul forgiveness.

    It is also true that the word “unconditional” appears nowhere in the Bible in reference to God’s love. And yet it has become a modern day foundational teaching of most pastors. Where do they get this idea from, given it is not stated anywhere in the Bible? The Bible actually says that God will give each soul exactly what it earns based upon what the soul did while in the earthly flesh in this temporary lifetime.

    I continue to see why so many Catholics have lost their faith and lost their respect for the sacrament of reconciliation. As long as priest and other leaders in churches don’t teach the correct Gospel message about reconciliation nothing will change and people will continue to sin and think there are no consequences for sin.

  111. charlie January 11, 2010 @ 8:35 pm

    Gregory Laux.

    Priests do not always absolve the ‘penitents’ who come to them, as is indicated by the words of Christ in the upper room….’…..whose sins you shall retain they are retained.’

    Only God knows the heart of the sinner, that is why the very real presence of God in the priest in the confessional is the deciding factor, not you.

    Vatican II did not annul the sacraments. However my experience is that communion by anyone except the officiating priest standing and in the hand ( instead of kneeling and on the tongue), as well as being in a state of grace – you don’t have to be perfect to be in a state of grace – rather than vivifying and joining a person to Jesus who thus reveal himself to that person, is itself a sin.

    There is nothing more obnoxious than the sight of prideful people lining up with hands extended as though they are in command of something accepting the host.

  112. Fr. Joseph January 11, 2010 @ 8:56 pm


    People DO NOT go to the Sacrament of Confession UNLESS they are sorry for what they’ve done or failed to do.

    The Church has parishes and priests the World over. Hence, the peoples of this World CAN go to Confession.

    But they WON’T go to confession unless they want to be RECONCILED with both God and their fellow man.

    “What we have here is….A FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE!” The Warden from ‘Cool Hand Luke’

    – Fr. Joseph

  113. charlie January 11, 2010 @ 9:58 pm

    But then again I have seen Jesus, with a spiritual eye I guess, there is no other way to describe it, in whole congregations going up to and returning from receiving Holy Communion, as we call it in the Catholic church, to whom obviously no guilt was attached.

  114. The Prodigal Son January 11, 2010 @ 10:57 pm

    When I was a boy, my parents (like many Westerners) used to basically let the television set babysit me.

    I used to watch (among other things) a Canadian comedy show called ‘SCTV’…

    In the intro of that show there’s a scene that shows everyone in a downtown highrise neighborhood throwing their television set OUT THE WINDOW and the sets SMASHING on the pavement below…

    I think that a HUGE part of the problem we see ourselves in today can be traced back DIRECTLY to the television (and movies).

    When you watch television… you’re letting people into your house – who you would never normally ACTUALLY ALLOW into your house !

    And then – people actually allow these sick, perverted people (the people who run the T.V. networks and programs) into their living rooms to BABYSIT (INDOCTRINATE) THEIR CHILDREN !

    There are 8 yr. olds watching things on the cartoon channels today – (shows like Robot Chicken, South Park, etc) that were NOT on T.V. when I was 8 yrs old… Not even at night !

    These shows and others are not only disgustingly profane – but they also constantly and methodically blaspheme the very Name of Jesus Christ in ever increasing ingenuity & hatred.

    The effort is so OVERT and relentless – hammering away at the Name of Jesus (and His mother), that they (the fake ‘Jews’) show their hand ! The level of blasphemy has reached what is become a veritable frenzy; an anti-Christ free for all !

    And the (fake ‘Jewish’) makers and financiers of all of these shows see their nefarious works come to fruition with the steady degradation of morality, and the promotion & rising popularity of racism, brutality and God-lessness, and they laugh…

    When they see almost all of the young people of all colors talking like and dressing like gangster rappers – they LAUGH !

    Now we see even a Roman Catholic priest speaking in what could be called ‘gangster ebonics’ (“Homie don’t play that…” or whatever,)… and misquoting ‘Coolhand Luke’ (no offense Fr. Joseph).

    It just demonstrates the POWER that T.V. and movies hold over us (& especially our children)… and the powers that be (fake ‘Jews’) GLOAT over the ease in which they MOLD and SHAPE our cultures towards their ‘New Order’!

    Seeing a middle-aged white man ‘rapping’ just makes me shake my head (no – I am NOT a racist)… our society is so… monkey-see, monkey-do – it’s SAD ! A (‘Jewish’?) character in the movie ‘Wayne’s World’ says, “Schwing!” & “Ex-squeeze-me!”… and next thing you know – EVERYBODY is saying, “Schwing!” & “Ex-squeeze-me” ! Seinfeld says, “Yada, yada, yada,”… well – you get my point.

    It’s disheartening to see HOW EASY they can MOLD US into what they want us to be (all the same). I encourage everyone to abandon ‘gangster ebonics’ and speak proper English.

    And since it is none other than Mammon who runs T.V. & movies… I also encourage everyone to THROW THEIR TELEVISIONS OUT THE WINDOW !!

    Get these people OUT of your houses, and AWAY from your children (ALL CHILDREN). You won’t regret it.

  115. KathJuliane January 11, 2010 @ 11:42 pm

    There is much to which the Catholic and Orthodox agree about the holy orders, but there is also a distinct difference as to praxis and ecclesiology.

    In this sermon, Blessed Augustine the Bishop of Hippo, lover of Christ and His Church, a courageous and compassionate pastor and preacher, a man of God of profound humility and repetence, who fearlessly and unceasingly resorted to and interrogated his beloved Scripture for all the treasure of pearls he could find, and who towards the end of his life, requested copies of all the Psalms to be put on the walls of his cell so that he could read them and set his soul soaring in their grace and beauty as he lay dying, considered the “father” of the Latin church’s theology, argues so eloquently against the notion that Peter is the “rock” but that the Church of Christ is.

    A quote from the sermon:

    “Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the final days of His earthly life, in the days of His mission to the race of man, chose from among the disciples His twelve Apostles for preaching the Word of God. Among them, the Apostle Peter for his fiery ardour was vouchsafed to occupy the first place (Mt 10:2) and to be as it were the representative person for all the Church.

    “And therefore it is said to him, preferentially, after the confession: “And I give thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven: and if thou bindest upon the earth, it will be bound in the Heavens: and if thou loosenest upon the earth, it will be loosened in the Heavens (Mt 16; 19).

    “Wherefore it was not one man, but rather the One Universal Church, that received these “keys” and the right “to bind and loosen.” And that actually it was the Church that received this right, and not exclusively a single person, turn your attention to another place of the Scriptures, where the same Lord says to also all His Apostles:

    “Receive ye the Holy Spirit” — and further after this: “Whoseso sins ye remit, are remitted them: and whoseso sins ye retain, are retained” (Jn 20:22-23); or: “with what ye bind upon the earth, will be bound in Heaven: and with what ye loosen upon the earth, will be loosened in the Heavens” (Mt 18:18).

    “Thus, it is the Church that binds, the Church that loosens; the Church, built upon the foundational corner-stone — Jesus Christ Himself (Eph 2:20) doth bind and loosen. Let both the binding and the loosening be feared: the loosening, in order not to fall under this again; the binding, in order not to remain forever in this condition. Wherefore “by the passions of his own sins — says Wisdom — is each ensnared” (Prov 5:22); and except for Holy Church nowhere is it possible to receive the loosening.”

    In 1 Peter 5:1-4 The Apostle Peter writes: “The elders who are among you I exhort, I who am a fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that will be revealed…”

    From Christ Himself and throughout the history of the Church these words have been delivered in exhortation to the shepherds or leaders of the flock. All bishops are “Peter”, individually and collectively and it is the Church of Christ that has the “Petrine” – the Rock of Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Pastoral work is to be undertaken willingly and cheerfully, with neither finance gain nor power in mind. For faithful service is done on behalf of Christ, the Chief Shepherd, and awaits an eternal crown of glory.

    At 5:3 ‘Shepherd the flock of God…nor being as lords over those entrusted to you” (Gk. Kleron) means those who have “the inheritance,” and is the source of our word “clergy”. In the OT the Levites were the kleros; their inheritance was the Lord. While there are “orders” of clergy in the Church—bishops, presbyters, deacons—a separation or isolation between priests and laity is unknown in the NT. That sacerdotal dispensation was rendered inactive with our Lord’s Resurrection, and was closed forever with the destruction of the Temple.

    Christ commissions the disciples to continue His mission on earth, granting them the Holy Spirit and the power to forgive sins. This power comes from the Holy Spirit, not from the priest himself who does not replace or “act in the person” of Christ in Orthodoxy, but more as the “icon” of Christ and his bishop’s “hand”.

    These words of Christ are among the Scriptural foundations of the sacraments of holy orders and repentance. Through the consecration and empowerment of the Apostles by the Lord, and through their ordination of others to continue their apostolic mission, Christ’s own Holy Priesthood is communicated to the bishops and priests of the Church as orders, not a substitute for Him.

    Sacraments (or mysteries) are holy actions of the entire Church (and not just the clergy) by which spiritual life is imparted to those receiving them. Ordination, which means “to set in place” or “to select by the outstretched hand,” is one of several Orthodox sacraments. It is extended specifically to bishops, presbyters and deacons, and generally to all through Holy Baptism.

  116. KathJuliane January 12, 2010 @ 12:01 am

    The bishop is the “high priest,” the “president of the Eucharist and all the Mysteries. Presbyters and deacons are his assistants. The Western ecclesiology holds that the presbyter acts “in the person of Christ” when, in fact, he does no more than represent the bishop who is “the living icon of Christ.”

    The first prayer the bishop prays over the one being ordained in the Orthodox priesthood: “The grace divine, which always heals that which is weak, and completes that which is lacking, elevates through the laying on of my hands this most devout deacon to be priest.”

    The account of the first ordination of deacons (Acts 6:1-6) is quite detailed. “Seek out from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom,” the apostles said, “whom we may appoint [kathestemi – to “set down” or “ordain”] ”over this business”.

    The bishop continues to ask God to “fill with the gift of the Holy Spirit this man… that he may be worthy to stand in innocence before Thy holy altar, to proclaim the gospel of Thy Kingdom, to minister the word of Thy truth, to offer Thy spiritual gifts and sacrifices, to renew Thy people through the laver of regeneration.”

    Concerning our sins, God’s Word gives a marvelous promise. “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1John 1:9). The faithful are to bring their sins to God and receive cleansing and forgiveness.

    The early Christian community had a specific practice in this regard. People would stand and confess their sins to God in the presence of the whole congregation!

    Had not Jesus encourage His followers to walk in the light together, to confront problems corporately, to “tell it to the church” (Matt. 18:17)? Thus James writes, “Confess your trespasses to one another” (James 5:16).

    But as time went on and the Church grew in numbers, strangers and even spies and enemies during the persecutions came to visit and public confession became more difficult. Out of mercy, priests began to witness confessions of sin privately on behalf of the Church.

    Jesus gave His disciples the authority to forgive sin. “If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained”, but that never meant that they had sole power or that Christ had abdicated His. Moreover, in the Last Day, every shepherd and pastor will have to give an account for the flocks entrusted to them.

    From the beginning, Christians understood that the grace of ordination and of the Holy Spirit which enables the priest to serve God and the people, and endowed the godly shepherd of the flock with the discernment, means of good church discipline and guidance, and compassion to speak the words of remission, on behalf of Christ Who is invisibly present, regarding the sins of those who confess and turn from sin.

    In His mercy, God provides the sacrament of repentance after a humble “searching and fearless moral inventory” of conscience, sinful and evil thoughts, words and deeds, to give us deliverance from sin and from what psychologists call “denial” of the fallen and sinful human condition and our separation from God.

    The Orthodox people confess aloud to God in the presence of a priest, who representing the church, stands as witness to one’s confession of sins, and not the “mediator in the person of Christ” for Jesus Christ said:

    “Assuredly, I say to you (pl. His disciples/apostles in the context of “the church”), whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, **I am there in the midst of them**.” (Matt. 18:18-19)

    Unlimited forgiveness toward a brother or sister is illustrated next by the parable where sin is portrayed as a spiritual debt to God and His infinite willingness to forgive (Matt. 6:12). Although God’s forgiveness is primary, Jesus clearly teaches that there is a reciprocal relationship between divine and human forgiveness, and mutual forgiveness between people as a precondition of God’s forgiveness.

    Thus in the Eastern Church, we come before the holy icon of Christ to Whom we confess, and are guided by the priest, our spiritual father, in a cleansing inventory of our lives, after, as Paul wrote: “Let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup” (1Cor 11:28).

    When we tell God all, naming our sins and failures, we hear those glorious words of freedom which announce Christ’s promise of forgiveness of all our sins.

    And this is where the forms of priestly absolution differs between East and West:

    “God, the Father of mercies, through the death and resurrection of his Son has reconciled the world to himself and sent the Holy Spirit among us for the forgiveness of sins; through the ministry of the Church may God give you pardon and peace, and I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

    Orthodox theologians all hold that the Church possesses the power to forgive sins, where there is true repentance (metanoia – change of heart/mind) and sincere confession, with the priest as representative of the Church, witness and visible sign and seal of Christ’s absolution rather than the mediator. The form in use at present is as follows:

    “My child, N. N., may our Lord and God Christ Jesus by the mercy of His love absolve thee from thy sins; and I, His unworthy priest, in virtue of the authority committed to me, absolve thee and declare thee absolved of thy sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.”

  117. Fr. Joseph January 12, 2010 @ 8:55 am

    Prodigal Son,

    Christ Jesus used HUMAN LANGUAGE, these grunts and aural occilations that eminate from these human bodies of ours, in order TO EXPLAIN Supreme and Sublime DIVINE Things.

    Christ Jesus even used the image of ANIMAL MANURE to describe the imparting of Divine GRACES onto a soul in order to re-enliven that soul so as to BEAR FRUIT – that FRUIT being the realization of what GOD HIMSELF desires of and from His Own Created Things.

    One can say ‘Homie don’t play that game’ in a HUMAN fashion just as One can say

    “We played the pipes for You
    and You WOULDN’T DANCE;
    we sang dirges,
    and YOU WOULDN’T CRY.”

    in DIVINE Fashion.

    If the ‘FORM’ bothers you, then look to the ‘SUBSTANCE’ of what I’m trying to convey to you.

    If it BOTHERS you in the way I say things and/or express myself, if it BOTHERS you in what sorts and types of EXAMPLES and EXPLANATIONS and REFERENCES I cite here on RZN in order to “shut me up” and “make me go away”, then every last person with their own personal PET-PEEVE throughout the World is going to do whatever it is that comes into THEIR minds in an attempt to cause every last PATRIARCH, METROPOLITIAN, CARDINAL, ARCHBISHOP, BISHOP, ABBOT, ARCHPRIEST, HIERMONK, PRIEST AND DEACON to

    “shut THEM up” and “make THEM go away”.

    And then everybody throughout the entire World – as they watch their World go TO HELL in a handbasket with crazed Zionists and crazed Illuminists – turn right around and start BLAMING THE CHURCH for sitting on the sidelines saying and doing NOTHING!

    And in their personal judgement that the Church has been a FAILURE, filled with people who are HYPOCRITES, they then spew out their venom here DENOUNCING Christ’s Sacraments of His Own Church as INEFFECTUAL!

    And then people sitting, reading and listening on the sidelines – watching this tit-for-tat, this back-and-forth, begin to personally harbor REAL DOUBTS that their Lord, their God, their Creator, their Savior desires to give them all His Body and His Blood in the Sacrament of the Eucharist in order to grant them Spiritual Life – a Spiritual Life within them that will raise them from the DEAD on the Last Day and a Spiritual Life that will cause them to undergo a ‘theosis’ by which they will have ETERNAL LIFE with God Himself forever and ever in His Divine Paraside of Heaven.

    If YOU, Prodigal Son, think is so ‘BLOODY EASY’ to get up in front of thousands upon thousands of people in order TO EXPLAIN, in order TO INSTRUCT, in order TO PREACH to them all that their GOD, CREATOR, FATHER, SAVIOR, GOD INCARNATE came into the World in order to re-establish THEIR spiritual relationship with THEIR God, Creator and Father in Heaven – then instead of ‘getting in MY face’ about anything and everything – then instead of harboring but only a spirit of constant and unremitting CRITICISM of every last thing I might say and do or assert – then BE A MAN about it – and begin OFFERING UP SOLUTIONS to people this World as to WHAT TO DO in their own personal lives, their own family lives, in their own communal-national lives, in the lives of ALL Humanity here on earth.

    You Orthdox DO NOT want a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart so as to grant the Real Divine Prospect of WORLD PEACE from her Divine Son Who Is King over all of the Universe – seen and Unseen.

    I think that is a WEE BIT MORE OFFENSIVE the entire Human Race and to the REPUTATION of His Church Militant here on earth that my using the expression

    ‘Homie Don’t Play That Game No Mo’

    For it is THOSE WORDS spoken to the masses of Humanity by a IRREVENENT BLACK COMEDIAN that contains MORE DIVINE WISDOM to and for our entire Human Race that does the utter SILENCE of the entire Orthodox Church’s Hierarchy who INSIST that no such Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA can be done, ought to be done and will NEVER be done so as long as THEY are “in charge” of the Lord’s Church here on earth.

    – Fr. Joseph

  118. Fr. Joseph January 12, 2010 @ 9:49 am


    What are YOU going to do WITH the ‘Divine Liturgy of ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM’ in your ORTHODOX Church after reading St. John Chrysostom’s own words:

    “Peter, that HEAD of the Apostles, the FIRST in the Church, the friend of Christ, who received the Revelation not from man but from the Father…this Peter, and when I say Peter, I mean the unbroken Rock, the unshakable foundation, the great Apostle, the FIRST of the disciples, the FIRST called, the FIRST to obey.” (De Eleemos III, 4, vol II, 298(300)

    “Peter the coryphaeus of the choir of apostles, the mouth of the disciples, the foundation of the Faith, the base of the Confession, the fisherman of the World, who brought back our race from the depth of error to Heaven, he who is everywhere fervent and full of boldness, or rather love that of boldness.” (Hom de decem mille talentis, 3, vol III, 20(4)

    “The FIRST of the Apostles, the FOUNDATION of the Church, the coryphaeus of the choir of the disciple.” (Ad cos qui scandalizati sunt, 17, vol III,517((504)

    “The FOUNDATION of the Church, the vehement lover of Christ, at once unlearned in speech, and the vanquisher of orators, the man without education who closed the mouth of philosophers, who destoryed the philosophy of the Greeks as though it were a spider’s web, he who ran throughout the World, he who cast his net into the sea, and fished the whole World.”

    “Peter, the BASE, the PILLAR…”

    “This holy coryphaeus of the blessed choir, the lover of Christ, the ardent disciple, WHO WAS ENTRUSTED WITH THE KEYS OF HEAVEN, he who received the spiritual revelation.”

    Read St. John Chrysostom yourself here:

    Hence, it is DURING the Prayer of the People IN the Divine Liturgy of ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM that YOU and every last Serbian Orthodox Christian PRAYS FOR

    “…the STABILITY of the Churches of God (on the ROCK, the FOUNDATION of St. Peter who had and has his See in ROME), and for th UNION OF THEM ALL.”

    And while you go looking through our ‘Deck of Cards’ in order to find the ‘PROPERLY SUITED TRUMP CARD’ of your own personal selection to lay down here on the RZN ‘Card Table’, how about quoting ST. AUGUSTINE’S


    Our World is on the verge of a thermonuclear Third World War with crazed Zionists and crazed Illuminsts and crazed Satanists RECKING HAVOC with the temporal welfare and the eternal spiritual SALVATION of 6 billion human beings currently living and alive here on this God-given planet earth of ours in this year 2010 Anno Domini, and the MOST IMPORTANT THING in the entire whole-wide world if YOUR obsession with



    – Fr. Joseph

  119. Fr. Joseph January 12, 2010 @ 10:03 am

    So EVERYONE gets ‘The Keys’.

    Plenty of ALL SORTS OF ‘KEYS’ available.


    And EVERYONE is just cocked-sure THEIR ‘Key’ opens the ‘Divine Locks’.

    And with EVERYONE with their OWN personal ‘Set of Keys’ – no one is even BOTHERING trying to UNLOCK the Divine Lock which will give us all WORLD PEACE!

    Lots and lots of misguided and misgiven WISHFUL THINKING going on all over the World and within the Church Militant here on earth!

    – Fr. Joseph

  120. Fr. Joseph January 12, 2010 @ 1:21 pm

    Since so many people here on RZN just RELISH having ‘So Much Fun’ with this Catholic-Orthodox Schism since 1054 A.D. – and WANT for it to go on and on and on by dragging up every sort of historcal ‘morsel’ – let us RELISH how this Catholic-Orthodox Schism will be played out with great gleeful and joyful ANTICIPATION over the next 100 years in order to ‘see who WINS’.

    AFTER the Illuminists, the Satanists, the Freemasons, the International Spiritual Occult Alliance of 1931 A.D. get ‘The Sees’ of CONSTANTINOPLE, ALEXANDRIA, JERUSALEM, ROME and others reduced to GLOW-IN-THE-DARK SMOLDERING HOLES IN THE GROUND via their much desired, anticipated, sought after and LAUNCHED thermonuclear Third World War, who in the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH has the ‘Canonical Standing’ to ordain and consecrate the “NEW” Patriachs and Metropolitans of ALL of the Eastern Orthodox Church’s – Russian, Serbian, Syrian, Greek, Coptic, etc?

    If there remains NO ONE with the proper ‘Ecclesiastical Standing & Credentials’ within and throughout the Eastern Orthodox Churchs to APPOINT “New” Patriarchs and Metropolitans and Bishops and Hiermonks and Orthodox Priests who can BAPTIZE and CHRISMATE the “survivors” of this Illuminist/Satanic/Masonic/Kabbalahist instigated thermonuclear THIRD WORLD WAR – then it would logically appear that this 955 year CATHOLIC-ORTHODOX Schism brought to you by a Byzantine Emperor and his personal selection for the Patriarchy of Constantinople FINALLY ‘Comes To An End’.

    And we, here on RZN, will simply HAVE TO find some other sorts of ‘obsessions’ and ‘topics-of-arguments’ with which to preoccupy ourselves.

    – Fr. Joseph

  121. Fr. Joseph January 12, 2010 @ 1:43 pm

    While we are the topic of the Catholic-Orthodox Schism of 1054 A.D. with everyone’s “expertise” being with great BRILLIANCE in the form of historical citations, etc. – will somebody, ANYBODY in the Eastern Orthodox Church use their “expertise” in order to show THE WHOLE WORLD where in the Canon of the Christian Church’s SACRED Scripture do we find God Incarnate, Jesus Christ Himself, giving ANY SORT of ‘Authority’ to ANYONE in the Roman Empire of His time OR in the variations of the Roman Empire in FUTURE generations?

    Now from MY Catholic Church’s ‘Bible’, I only find JESUS being made to address a DEPUTY SUBORDINATE the the Roman Emporer – a LOWLY Roman Provinicial Governor by the name of PONTUS PILATE.

    In JESUS’ verbal exchanges with Pontus Pilate, from MY Catholic Church’s “Bible”, I do NOT see any Words from His Mouth indicating that the ROMAN EMPEROR or even his LOWLY SUBORDINATE of a Provincial Governor are PROMISED ANYTHING with respect to the current or FUTURE governance of His Church here on earth.

    Maybe their is something NOT INCLUDED in the Catholic Church’s “Bible” but IS included in the Orthodox Church’s “Bible” – on account of the conspiratorial machination of the COPYISTS of the Catholic MONKS down through the centuries AFTER the utter collapse of the WESTERN Roman Empire that has JESUS telling Pontus Pilate that a ‘future Roman Emperor’ will HAVE AUTHORITY over His Church and His Church’s Mission and Administration here on earth.

    So the ROMAN Emperor decides to move his POLITICAL-WORLDLY capitol to Constantinople.

    So ‘BIG DEAL’!

    The ROMAN Emperor could have moved his POLITICAL-WORLDLY capitol to 1) Timbuktu 2) York, England 3) Lower Slobovia 4) the North or South Pole.

    So ‘BIG DEAL’! a Roman Emperor decides to move his POLITICAL-WORLDLY capitol ANYWHERES in the known world.

    Can somebody explain to us “not-in-the-know-Catholics” exactly HOW does a Roman Emporer OBTAIN God’s Authority over His Church here on earth?

    By simply ‘taking it’? By simply ‘asserting it’?

    Now the ‘Sees’ of ROME and JERUSALEM and ALEXANDRIA existed long, long BEFORE Constantine’s ‘EDICT OF MILAN’.

    So how is it that CONSTANTINOPLE somehow now becomes ‘The Center of the Church’ and ‘The Center of Christianity’?

    From the time of St. Peter to the time of Constantine’s Edict of Milan – to ACCEPT consecration as THE BISHOP OF ROME automatically meant A DEATH SENTENCE!

    And from what I see as the ‘spiritual residue’ of the utter anymosity of so many of the Orthodox laity here TO and FOR the Bishop of Rome surely is the ‘result of being TAUGHT’ to have utter DISRESPECT and DISREGARD to and for the Bishop of Rome from their own Bishops and Clergy alike.

    Had the BYZANTINE EMPEROR decide to get his ‘Eastern Roman Empire’ Officials to “Start a NEW Christian Church” all on their own – and had the Byzantine Emperor began to HUNT DOWN and SLAUGHTER OFF the Patriachs, the Metropolitans, the Bishops of any and all of the EASTERN Orthodox Churchs, I would bet that all of them would be ‘Singing A Different Tune’ about the Office of the BISHOPS OF ROME!

    – Fr. Joseph

  122. The Prodigal Son January 12, 2010 @ 2:50 pm

    I also said, “no offense”…but I guess you missed that part. I just don’t see how gangster street talk was neccessary to communicate with the educated Mr. Laux (or anyone else for that matter).

    Your use of ‘gangster ebonics’ (specifically) doesn’t really bother me that much; I just think it’s telling. Do Carmelite hermit-priests watch television ? I guess I have my answer !

    I am not trying to ‘shut you up’ & ‘make you go away’ ! In one of the first discussions I ever had w/ you – you had stated that you were leaving here; never to return…

    And I PLEADED with you to come back! I don’t want you gone – I want us to help each other. There are things you have written that I (and others) have gained some edification from, and I read every word you (& all the others here) type.

    You consider yourself a part of (indeed – a shepherd of) the Church founded by Jesus Christ on earth in the beginning of the first century…

    I – however do NOT believe that I am a member of His Church… but I DO believe I have identified WHICH Church IS the Church founded by Christ (There is only ONE truth), and I believe that ONE Church is the Orthodox Church.

    I (as of this moment) consider myself to be a part of THIS WORLD (but I don’t talk with a pretend black gangter rapper dialect) – however I recognize the concerted effort to make everyone the SAME; I see the ease with which they have PROGRAMMED everyone (even you). to talk like gangster rappers !

    If Jesus came back today – would He talk like that? Of course NOT !

    I am a sinner in need of a Saviour… and a lover of TRUTH. Truth is not relative – truth is absolute. And the truth IS – I don’t think a shepherd of the age to come should (or would) speak in gangster ebonics.

    I will admit to you that I used to find myself doing it as well – BUT – I’m telling you it’s a product of the anti-Christ PROGRAMMING of movies & T.V., and I think it should be conciously rejected by intelligent people.

    I will never speak that way again… because I know that that’s how they WANT me (US) to speak.

    In Romans 12, Paul is describing TRUE AND PROPER worship – to be carried out “forever” (unto ages of ages).

    — — —

    “I beseech you therfore, brethren, by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.”

    — — —

    This is telling us to present ourselves (outwardly – to the world, and inwardly – to God) always in Christ-like wisdom & worship.

    If the failure of man to worship God properly brought about the downfall of mankind, the message is: TRUE worship of God will bring about the Salvation of mankind.

    From my Orthodox Study Bible…

    — — —

    “12:1 – (…) This true worship is:

    1) Physical – We are called to present our bodies for worship, meaning both the physical aspect of our nature and our whole human nature in general.

    2) Living – A contrast to the Old Covenant, under which sacrifices were put to death. Under the New Covenant, to die sacrificially means also to be resurrected. Thus true worship is a living, dynamic expression of both the believers faith and the community’s faith.

    3) Holy – True worship is SET APART FROM THIS WORLD, both in its FORM and its EXPRESSION. Worship that is acceptable is patterned after the Kindom of Heaven (see Isaiah 6:1-7; Hebrews 8:5) and filled with virtue that transcends earthly existence.

    4) Reasonable (from the Greek ‘Logike’) – This term means more than ‘logical’. As Jesus Christ is the Logos of God (John 1:1), true worship must be ‘Logos-like,’ which means it must be in Christ and according to Christ (‘filioque’ – see John 4:24).

    True worship is filled with the wisdom and truth of the Son of God; the Word made flesh. To worship reasonably means to worship and to live according to Christ.”

    — — —

    Now continuing with Romans 12:2…

    — — —

    “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove WHAT IS that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

    “(footnote) A faithful relationship to God changes our relationship to the world. To be conformed to this world is to stand for and pursue the world’s values and pleasures.

    Mind (from the Greek ‘nous’) here is more than the intellect; it is the highest faculty of human nature, encompassing the mind and heart. With this faculty one sees and comprehends God.”

    — — —

    So please forgive me if I’ve offended you… I only want to help you. Don’t conform to the world – be the image of what God wants us to conform to.

    With love,

  123. The Prodigal Son January 12, 2010 @ 3:23 pm

    Fr, Joseph,

    You asked:

    — — —

    “While we are the topic of the Catholic-Orthodox Schism of 1054 A.D. with everyone’s “expertise” being with great BRILLIANCE in the form of historical citations, etc. – will somebody, ANYBODY in the Eastern Orthodox Church use their “expertise” in order to show THE WHOLE WORLD where in the Canon of the Christian Church’s SACRED Scripture do we find God Incarnate, Jesus Christ Himself, giving ANY SORT of ‘Authority’ to ANYONE in the Roman Empire of His time OR in the variations of the Roman Empire in FUTURE generations?”

    — — —

    “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

    Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgement on themselves.”
    – Romans 13:1-3

    There’s more… but that’s enough I think.

  124. The Prodigal Son January 12, 2010 @ 4:44 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    Just a couple more things & I’ll leave you alone (if you want me to)…

    1) I do not consider myself an expert of any sort. I offer an alternative (Orthodox minded) opinion. That’s all. I am no priest – not even of the laity.

    2) In relation to the above in Romans 13… In the gospel of John (19:11) Jesus says to Pilate that he (Pilate) could have no power unless it was given to him from above.

    3) Regarding the ‘Fatima aparitions’… What do you think of this Orthodox reply @ ?

    — — —

    (Excerpt from the writings of Matthew Raphael Johnson, Ph.D. @ The Orthodox Medeivalist) :

    “I have been planning an article on the question of the “consecration of Russia” for some time now. It is rather shocking that the Orthodox world is either ignorant of this specific sectarian idea, or has little knowledge of it, and thus cannot answer it. It is indeed eccentric, and with a rather bizarre ideological basis.

    However, as a former Roman Catholic myself, I believe that it is time, finally, someone from the Orthodox side took aim at this notion.”

    (…) “The specifically stupid comment is that Russia is the fount [sic] of “so much evil in the 20th century.” I should take a few minutes here to remind Fr. Gruner that Marxism came from Germany, with plenty of revolutionary potential from France. It is the godson of the French revolutionaries and is the grandson of the western European enlightenment.

    Marxism and revolution was a western European import into Russia, while the Tsars did all in their power to stop the tide. In fact, all enlightenment materialism and liberalism was imported from the west into Russia. Fr Gruner continues:

    ‘At Fatima, Our Lady warned that if the consecration were not done as She requested, then “Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihilated.”

    By the same token, the miraculous conversion of Russia after its consecration by the Pope and the bishops, and the resulting peace in the world, will be a sign of the power of God’s grace acting through ministers of His Church and the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.’

    One might assume that the “conversion” here is one to Roman Catholicism. Russia was still officially an Orthodox country in 1917, so there can be no doubt as to its intention. It might be asked here why the invasion of Russia by Poland during the Time of Troubles did not succeed in converting the country, with a Roman Catholic “Tsar” in Moscow, and why there was no private revelation at this very propitious time for Catholicism in Russia.

    Or Austria’s attempt at forced conversion of the Serbs. Or the Crusaders in 1204 and beyond, or the Teutonic and Livonian Knights, taking advantage of Russia’s weakness after the Tartar attacks, etc. etc. Every attempt to forcibly convert Orthodox people has failed.”

    (End except)

    — — —

    Any responses would be welcome… here is the page so you (everyone) can read the whole thing:

  125. Fr. Joseph January 12, 2010 @ 6:29 pm

    Prodigal Son,

    ONCE AGAIN – Russia was the first nation here on earth – this SAME PLANET EARTH – upon which Our Lord and Savior – GOD INCARNATE – was subjected to a CRUCIFIXION of a Roman Cross.

    When an entire Nation, namely RUSSIA, comes out to tell the whole-wide world that there is NO GOD, that NO GOD-INCARNATE came to this planet earth in order TO DIE so that sins of Mankind MAY BE FORGIVEN – that particular Nation did GREAT DISHONOR to a Woman to whom the Archangel Gabriel came to announce to her that SHE would have GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT (Who just so happened to hover the formless chaos of no-thing-ness and brought for CREATION which INCLUDES the ‘Terra Firma’ right UNDER the entire land mass of the nation of RUSSIA)) – and that WOMAN just so happens to be the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY – THE MOTHER OF GOD.

    Now if HER DIVINE SON wants that GLOBAL INSULT against her to have a GLOBAL MEASURE of ‘Reparation’ – then it would be a MOST WISE THING INDEED for the Bishops of the Church TO DO what the Mother of God herself TOLD THEM to do – namely, perform a public, world-wide SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of her Immaculately Loving Heart.

    An Immaculately Loving Heart that SO CAPTIVATED God the He chose her to be THE MOTHER of God the Son, Spouse of God the Holy Spirit and Daughter of God the Father.

    An Immaculately Loving Heart that SO LOVED all of Mankind that she AGREED to bear God His Only Eternally Begotten Son – JESUS – for the Salvation and Redemption of our entire HUMAN RACE – and that INCLUDES the peoples of the nation of RUSSIA.

    Once one DROPS the STUPID BLINDERS of human PRIDE in order to look at ‘The Big Picture’ as God might look at His Own ‘Big Picture’, then the Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA is our Human Race’s way of making REPARATION to the gross INSULT the nation of RUSSIA did to her and to her Divine Son in publicly-globally proclaiming she, the Mother of God, was and is of NO CONSEQUENCE to and for ‘The March of Mankind’ – and that her Divine son was and is of NO CONSEQUENCE to and for ‘The March of Mankind’.

    Now you are most CERTAINLY FREE to send this particular comment of mine to one Mr. Matthew Raphael Johnson Ph.D. of/at the Orthodox Medevialist.

    Perhaps HE with his ‘Ph.D.’ might be able to REMOVE his ‘Blinders’ for but one brief moment.

    Go REMIND Dr. Johnson that the Schism of 1054 A.D. did NOT RESULT in the Mother of God requesting a Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA in 1117 A.D., nor in 1217 A.D., nor in 1317 A.D…nor in 1717 A.D., 1817 A.D..

    Nor did RUSSIA, which converted to Christianity via Prince Vladimir in/around 964 A.D. ever, ever, ever PUBLICLY DENOUNCE God Incarnate and His Mother to the whole wide world/international community of nations/Mankind/our Human Race UNTIL your “friendly” Kabbalahist Bolshevik Jews TOOK OVER the nation of Russia – that being the period from between 964 A.D. to 1917 A.D..

    Now then – perhaps – do we UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER at long last?

    – Fr. Joseph

  126. Fr. Joseph January 12, 2010 @ 6:48 pm

    Prodgial Son,

    I do NOT live on ‘Mount Athos’ living a CARE-FREE LIFE safe and snug on an island paradise FREE from all the trials, burdens, obstacles, frustrations, setbacks, disappointments, ‘bad news’, mind-wrapping media nonsense that the VAST MAJORITY of our Human Race DOES live out their lives and lifetimes.

    I am smack dab IN THE MIDDLE of all of this moral mayhem, this human suffering, these individual and community human struggles. I see – day and in and day – human TRAGEDIES. I see and hear the SUFFERING of people all around me. I see the DESPAIR in their lifeless eyes. I see the CRASS LOVELESS INDIFFERENCE of my fellow men, women and children to other fellow men, women and children.

    And THAT ‘kinda/sorta’ UPSETS ME.

    Now perhaps things on remote and isolated-from-the-World life on MOUNT ATHOS is just “peechy keeny” for the Abbots and Monks out there – but that AIN’T SO for the vast majority of the REST of our Human Race.

    And our Human Race is in DIRE NEED of God’s Mercy.

    And our Human Race is in DIRE NEED of God’s Compasssion.

    And our Human Race is in DIRE NEED of God’s Love.

    And our Human Race is in DIRE NEED of God’s DIVINE HELP!

    And I don’t see anyone on Mount Athos APPEALING to the Bishops of the Church here on earth TO OBEY what the Mother of God has REQUESTED of her ordained sons in the Church TO DO in order to bring about her own Divine Son’s Power and Authority to bear
    down upon our ENTIRE WORLD Divine Peace for ALL OF MANKIND.

    All I get to see from and about this USELESS Catholic-Orthodox antagonism is but so LITTLE care, so LITTLE love, so LITTLE concern for what is going on throughout the rest of this World and Mankind.

    Go TURN ON a T.V. set. Go WATCH your local nightly news. Go WATCH human misery and suffering paraded before your own two eyes with MUCH GLEE shining the eyes and off the perfectly pearly-white teeth of these teleprompter reading personalities.

    Perhaps they don’t allow T.V. sets on Mount Athos on account of their presense might, just might, UPSET the comfy-cozy ambiance of ‘Paradise Island’.

    If the MONKS on Mount Athos are NOT INFORMED by God the Holy Spirit that it is the MOTHER OF GOD’S OWN REQUEST to have Russia consecrated to her Immaculately Loving Heart – then something is VERY WRONG INDEED with what is going on IN and THROUGHOUT her own Son’s Church here on earth.

    – Fr. Joseph

  127. KathJuliane January 12, 2010 @ 7:37 pm

    Dear Prodigal son –

    Perhaps you will find below a gentle friend, companion and spiritual consoler for your own “on the way to catechumen” struggles. He, too, had many obstacles, worldly (no close Orthodox church) and spiritual in his journey to “east of east”.

    Also, the Centurion Cornelius (and his household) was already a devout God-fearer full of faith along with his household (but without the Phariseeism which avoided Caesaria Maritima), and as one of the uncircumcised so he was “very near” the ‘Court of Israel’ at the Temple, so to speak, which would have been the outer court of the Nations.

    “The ever-memorable Bishop Paul of Nazianzos, a contemporary Neo-martyr of Orthodoxy” (25th anniversary of his martyrdom: 1984-2009).

    Go to bottom half for English.

  128. Gregory Laux January 12, 2010 @ 9:46 pm

    In response to the comments by Fr. Joseph, I have these two to add to his list:

    And our Human Race is in DIRE NEED of God’s Justice.

    And our Human Race is in DIRE NEED of God’s Truth.

  129. The Prodigal Son January 12, 2010 @ 11:13 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Thank you again ! Know that you have been a huge help in bringing me back to the truth in Christ and also know that I will be forever grateful !

    I will never understand why some will discount what you say on the sole basis that you are a WOMAN… but at the same time will literally “follow the Pope into Hell” !

    From your link… The writings of Bishop Paul of Nazianzos:

    — — —

    (…) ‘The Popes have pronounced that it “is a scandalous error for one to believe that all the Christians could read the Holy Bible”, and the theologians assure us that the Holy Bible “is a dark cloud”.

    “For one to believe in the enlightenment and clarity of the Bible is a heterodox dogma” so claim our infallible leaders. “As far as the Tradition, I do not consider it necessary to remind you that we should primarily follow the Pope on matters of faith.’

    — — —

    The Vatican and the popes have done with the Bible – the same thing that the ‘rabbis’ did with the Law of Moses… and that is: they have turned it upside down !

    The pope is become the Pharisaic High Priest… claiming that only he and his subordinate ‘rabbis’ can interpret Scripture properly, and that their ‘rabbinical/papal’ decisions trump the Word of God.

    I feel though – that in the end… many Roman Catholics will come to love the truth more than they love the pope, and will – as I have – find their way home to Orthodoxy.

    May God make it so !

    Thanks again – for all your efforts !

    With love,

  130. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2010 @ 11:10 am

    Prodigal Son,

    And to ‘lend you MY hand’ in order to HELP YOU get up from the ground so that you, TOO, can likewise STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET, I present you with these TWO ‘Spiritual Gems’ to hold onto, look at, mull over and THINK DEEPLY about them – for THAT is the spiritual vocation of MEN in this Wacked-Out-World of ours, the year now being 2010 Anno Domini

    First – Something contested or asserted CANNOT ‘Be’ and ‘NOT Be’ at the same time.

    Second – Erroneous collective consciences and their erroneous collective consciousness DOES NOT CONSTITUTE any sort of individual or collective ‘INFALLIBILITY’.

    Somebody else will get you a ‘pair of socks’ and a ‘pair of shoes’ for your own personal Spiritual Journey.

    – Fr. Joseph

  131. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2010 @ 11:51 am

    Dear Gregory,

    ALL the things going on in our contemporary World are but mere mortal man (instigated by Satan and his elemental demonics roaming all about the World) flinging their puny FISTS in the Face Of God while making the BOLD-FACE CHALLENGE to God DARING HIM to render our planet earth and our ENTIRE Human Race His Divine JUSTICE!

    And our Creator, our ALL-GOOD God and Father in Heaven RELENTS with His Divine MERCY on account of His Own Knowledge of what He CAN DO to this planet earth and all of Mankind.

    And Mankind, in its satanically-induced RIOTOUS DRUKEN FRIVOLITY, actually finds ‘pleasure’ in DEFILING themselves as well as the rest of Creation. Contemporary Mankind is DRUNK and DRUGGED UP to its gills in Lust, in Avarice, in Jealousy, in Envy, in Gluttony, in Wrath and in Sloth to such a point that ONLY a second Outpouring of God the Holy Spirit OVER His entire Creation here on earth will manage to get our Human Race ‘SOBERED UP PRONTO’ in order to see the Spiritual Realities and the Spiritual Dilemma our ENTIRE Human Race is currently immersed and, apparently, HOPELESSLY engaged and enmeshed.

    So please ‘forgive’ me Gregory Laux – for it is my vocation and assignment as an ORDAINED PRIEST in the Catholic Church’s Monastic Brotherhood to make THE ATTEMPT to save as many souls from the eternal torments of Hell and eternal spiritual slavery to Satan.

    I have my spiritual orders to “Hold At All Costs” and is sure DOESN’T HELP having to take and duck ‘SNIPER FIRE’ from so many of these Orthodox contributors to RZN.

    Signing off for now from…


    – Fr. Joseph

  132. Gregory Laux January 13, 2010 @ 11:55 am

    Please don’t take this as an attack, Fr. Joseph, but I have a hard time not confronting your posting above where you speak of sinful humanity being in need of things from God, namely His Mercy, His Compassion, His Love, and His Divine Help.

    This posting by you is a great example of the effects the zionists have in our seminaries, to teach heresies to the candidates for the priesthood.

    You can known someone who is preaching a gospel different from the one Jesus Christ preached when they say that the problems in this world are rooted in God not doing enough for humanity.

    God has given humanity more than enough knowledge of His will. He has given humanity more than enough graces for evil people to repent if they truly wish to love others as they claim they want to do.

    Paul warned sinful humanity about getting so arrogant in the midst of the Mercy of God that we turn that mercy into a license to sin. That is what has happened by the priests, bishops, archbishops, and even Cardinals in the western world stressing the kind aspect to God, while burrying the aspect of God that deal with eternal truth and justice.

    I think your list was great proof of the way that you have been taught to accept only the ear tickling, flesh pleasing aspects to God, to an extreme level even. It would be more authentic to see you mention the not so pleasant aspects to God and His will, because that is the only way people will convert and turn away from their sins. As long as you sugar coat God and His views of sin, people will retain their sinful lifestyles.

    At no time did Jesus Christ sugar coat the gospel message in order to try and convert people. He always taught a message of holiness and love for God and all members of the human race, without exception.

    So like my previous posting said, I want to add things to your list, things that you left off because they are not pleasant to the humans who have chosen to be directed by their fleshly desires and not by the Holy Spirit.

    And our Human Race is in DIRE NEED of God’s Justice.

    And our Human Race is in DIRE NEED of God’s Truth.

    And our Human Race is in DIRE NEED to Get Real for once, as we don’t control God even if some people would like to do so.

    And our Human Race is in DIRE NEED of humility, an attitude that leads to repentance and reconciliation with those we have wronged in the past.

    And our Human Race is in DIRE NEED of more people like Brother Nathanael, as he is willing to actually confront members of our society with a message of enduring love and truth that is completely rooted in God’s will.

    We need fewer priests, pastors, bishops, archbishops, cardinals, etc… who are living for their own honor, glory, and popularity in this present age. We need saints in the leadership of the churches in order to save humanity from the nightmare that was brought upon us by far too many church officials turning a blind eye to injustice in this world. We need real holy leaders who love God in reality and not just with their lips.

  133. KathJuliane January 13, 2010 @ 12:51 pm

    “What are YOU going to do WITH the ‘Divine Liturgy of ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM’ in your ORTHODOX Church after reading St. John Chrysostom’s own words”

    What am I going to do, Fr. Joseph?

    Not foolishly confuse the Divine Liturgy composed by St. John Chrysostomos with the various festal hymnologies devoted to the saints and martyrs, not utilize “proof-texts” out of context from his many fire-in-the-heart homilies concerning Faith, Scripture and the saints and martyrs, including those extolling the love and zeal of the great Apostle Peter as one of the chief Twelve, and his ringing declaration of Faith that our Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God as found in Scripture.

    With one lip and with one heart and with one cross in hand, all Christians regardless of our respective situations should join Apostle Peter in his ringing confession of faith: ‘Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God!” Can anybody simply hear the love and joy in Simon bar Jonah’s voice?

    Moreover, as a suggestion, Fr. you should study Chrysostom’s blessed and courageous life a bit more, rather than to extend the suggestion that St. John would ever countenance long standing papal claims to have exclusive possession of “the throne of Peter” and therefore the perceived sovereignity over the Church. He battled this kind of thing in the East, and nothing he ever wrote suggests that he would not have done the same in the West.

    Our father among the saints John Chrysostom (347-407), Archbishop of Constantinople, is famous for his eloquence in public speaking and his denunciation of abuse of authority in the Church and in the Roman Empire of the time. He particularly emphasized almsgiving.

    He was also most concerned with the spiritual and temporal needs of the poor. He spoke out against abuse of wealth and personal property. In many respects, the following he amassed was no surprise.

    His straightforward understanding of the Scriptures without sophistry, and in contrast to the Alexandrian tendency towards allegorical interpretation, meant that the themes of his talks were eminently social, explaining the Christian’s moral conduct in life.

    In 398 he was called (considerably against his will) to be the bishop of Constantinople. He deplored the fact that Imperial court protocol would now assign to him access to privileges greater than the highest state officials. During his time as bishop he adamantly refused to host lavish entertainments.

    This meant he was popular with the common people, but unpopular with the wealthy and the clergy. In a sermon soon after his arrival he said, “people praise the predecessor to disparage the successor.”

    His extensive reforms of the clergy and the ecclesia were also unpopular with these groups. He told visiting regional preachers to return to the churches they were meant to be serving — without any pay out.

    Moreover, considering that Chrysostom was born of a noble Christian family and raised in the Church of Antioch in the 4th century, who, giving up all material and worldly goods, became a great ascetic and preacher, was tonsured and ordained a reader, deacon and then presbyter (priest) for 12 years before his ordination as the Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome, then it is quite understandable that Chrysostom’s hymnography would reflect particular affection and enthusiasm for the Apostle Peter as a great confessor of faith and role model for the bishopric within the vastly rich scriptural apostolic tradition and steadfast martyric witness of the Church of Christ in Antioch.

    Nevertheless, as Chrysostom wrote mostly in the late 4th c before the Papacy itself was institutionally formed during and after the 9th c, it cannot be said that his homilies and refined sense of ecclesiology would ever support the theory of papal monarchy and universal supremacy that did not even exist yet, but was barely in historical germination in the West.

    He would have certainly stood against it then, as his spirit stands against it now.

    The Orthodox Church honors Chrysostom as a saint (feast day, November 13) and counts him among the Three Holy Hierarchs (feast day, January 30), together with Saints Basil the Great and Gregory the Theologian.

    He is also recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, which considers him a saint and Doctor of the Church, and the Church of England, both of whom commemorate him on September 13. His relics were stolen from Constantinople by Crusaders in 1204 (commemorated on January 27) and brought to Rome, but were returned on November 27, 2004, by Pope John Paul II.

    The Orthodox Church teaches that the twelve apostles were completely equal among themselves according to their dignity, authority and grace. In a certain sense, it is possible to call the Apostle Peter the first, but the first among equals – the “primacy of honor” within the concilliarity of the college of the apostles.

    This teaching is confirmed by the whole history of the apostles, as it is set forth in the books of the New Testament, where the full equality of the apostles among themselves is demonstrated indisputably (for example, Matthew 4:18-19; 10:1, 40; 19:28; 20:24-27; 23:8-11; Mark 10:35-37, 16:15; Luke 22:22-30 and many others.

    Many passages demonstrate that the apostles received not only the grace of apostleship, but also the right to act by this grace in the Church, directly from Christ the Saviour, and not from the Apostle Peter (Matthew 4:18-22; Mark 1:16-20; Luke 9:1-6, John 20:21-23, and many others), and that all the apostles without exception are liable to a higher court – the Church (for example, Matthew 18:17).

    The history of the Apostolic Council (Acts, Chapter 15) speaks especially clearly against the princely supremacy of the Apostle Peter. The Antiochian Christians appeal not to the Apostle Peter for the resolution of their dilemma but to all the apostles and presbyters collegially and in council.

    We see in this excerpt from the book of the Acts of the Apostles that the question at the Council is subject to a general discussion by the Council and that the completion of the matter at the Council belongs to the Apostle James, and from his words the decision is written, and not from the words of the Apostle Peter.

    The fact that Peter, according to the testimony of Scripture, is sent by the apostles (Acts 8:14), gives an account of his actions to the apostles and the faithful (Acts 11:4-18) and listens to their objections and even denunciations (Gal. 2:11-14), which of course, could not be if Peter were the sovereign prince of the apostles and head of the Church, also speaks against the Catholic teaching.

    Orthodox theology strictly differentiates between the grace-filled service of the apostles and that of bishops.

    Bishop Alexander (Semenov-Tian-Shansky) writes of this: “The significance of the apostles is exceptional and in many ways exceeded the significance of bishops.

    “Bishops head local churches, while the apostles were wandering preachers of the Gospel. An apostle, having founded a new local Church in some locale, would ordain a bishop for it and would himself go to another place to preach.”

  134. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2010 @ 1:55 pm

    Dear Gregory,

    “He taught this Doctrine at Capernaum, in the synagogue. After hearing it, many of His followers said, ‘THIS IS INTOLERABLE LANGUAGE.'” – John 6:59

    And even you assert that my postings here are ‘INTOLERABLE LANGUAGE.’

    If you haven’t noticed, Mr. Laux, it DOES NOT MATTER what I post here signed off as ‘Fr. Joseph’. Anything I might post in ANY way – nice, polite, gruff, loud, cranky, frustrated, disappointed, intellecually, frivolously, factual, biblically, theologically…whatever – every last posting of mine is met with ‘THIS IS INTOLERABLE LANGUAGE’ by somebody or group of ‘somebodies’.

    It matters NOT how something is said, in the manner it is said, in the mode it is said, the spiritual-theological Truth-of-Reality expressed by St. Thomas Aquinas, Angelic Doctor of the Catholic Church remains

    “A Message is received according to the mode of the receiver.”

    Unlike Br. Nathanael, I personally CANNOT go out to the streets of the cities of the United States of America on account of the OBLIGATIONS I currently have.

    I go “preaching and teachings and wailing and throwing-dust-up-in-the-streets” by my POSTINGS here to the RZN.

    So I’ve personally EXPLAINED all sorts of things to people here on RZN. I have personally ARGUED with all sorts of people here on RZN. I’ve tried TO INSTRUCT all sorts of things to all sorts of people here on RZN.

    And the result of all these HOURS upon HOURS on the commentary section of Br. Nathanael’s RZN website? It’s always, always, ALWAYS the same:


    So tell me, what BLOOMIN’ GOOD would it be for me to abandon my current OBLIGATIONS to go our into the streets and BELLOW OUT the same old things and I say over and over and over again here on RZN?? YOU know and I know that all I am going to get is the same old, same old


    And don’t you DARE tell me that wouldn’t and isn’t the case.

    For when I discuss, bring up, hint at, suggest ANYTHING remotely related to the ‘generic subject’ of RELIGION in the public places I frequently spend time in – and when I ESPECIALLY bring up anything AT ALL regarding the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic FAITH of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – people immediately TURN ME ‘OFF’, walk away, and DELIBERATELY turn their focus and attention onto such more pressing things such as the final scores of football games, etc.

    Now on the passing CHANCE that there IS or there ARE indivduals who, being moved by the Grace of God the Holy Spirit, actually LISTEN and ask honest-sincere QUESTIONS regarding the Christian Faith – it is for THAT reason I make the personal choice to POST THINGS here “in-the-public-domain” via the GLOBAL-INTERNATIONAL INTERNET – not for my RZN ‘detractors’ benefit – but for the BENEFIT of that single, solitary, sole SOUL out there in this ‘Big-Bad-Wild-And-Wooly World’ who is honestly SEARCHING for a ‘Way Out’ of this global satanic human RAT-TRAP MAZE erected by the followers of Satan in which they are consigned to go searching after their own personal ‘piece of CHEESE’, going ’round and ’round in CIRCLES withing this maze, running time after time into yet another DEAD-END.

    While you are correct that there are to be PREACHERS and TEACHERS and LEADERS in and from THE CHURCH here on earth to the peoples of this World – you FORGET to assert that these PREACHERS and TEACHERS and LEADERS don’t mean anything IF there are no DISCIPLES and STUDENTS and FOLLOWERS!

    So you tell me, you GIVE ME some really good ADVISE here.

    How do you get people from every walk of life TO STOP their incessant, knee-jerk reaction and response of


    May God the Holy Spirit grant YOU the ‘Good Advise’ to share with me in WHAT NEES TO BE DONE in getting EVERYONE to stop saying and asserting


    – Fr. Joseph

  135. jgalindes January 13, 2010 @ 1:58 pm

    While we Roman Catholics all around the world may eventually acknowledge and understand Catholic Orthodoxy historical/theological/dogmatic reasons for not reconciling with us, and at the same time try to convert us to Orthodoxy there are much more powerful reasons that eventually hinder us to adhering to the super-accurate, high precision theology/dogma of Orthodoxy.

    And those reasons are reasons of tradition and of the heart.

    People use to say that when someone resorts to personal experience examples to argue, this person is devoid of the fundamental tools of scientific analysis and I, from the start, concede that this is my own case.

    My late father, a very humble being, was held orphan since 2 years old. His environment was one of the poorest ‘provincias’ of the Argentinean North.

    We are speaking back in the 1920th. His great-grandmother, already more than 80 years old suffered greatly to at least feed the kid 3 times a week.

    When my father was 6 years old, a local politician arrived in the company of a priest to their humble hut and asked my grand-grand-grandmother to send his kid as a religious semi-internee (returning home every day, at dusk) not so far from her place.

    That was marvelous, my father would have a superb education plus an assured supply of…food.

    Father leaned even philosophy and Latin there! Greek was optional.

    He learned to be respectful of God, to be a simple and honest man. This school still exists, is called Escuela San Cayetano and was created under the direction of the “curas azules’, blue gown priests, as we fondly call them. Their founder, an Italian whose name was Luigi Monti (in the process to become a Saint).

    Fast forward, we are in 1996, my father now terminally ill but still in good shape received a telephone call. Surprise: His very old teacher, Father “G” discovered my family whereabouts and asked if he could visit us to our pleasure.

    After so many years, Dad left the school in 1943, this very old priest wanted to see his…’son.’

    Unfortunately I was not present to this first meeting; my mother said it was deeply moving. Both of them cried.

    Until my Dad passed away, good father “G” visited regularly, himself very old and ill, giving spiritual comfort and assistance to my family.

    They had happy remembrances of those old days, the spiritual retreats (Villa Monti), some 15 miles off town, with it massive church, and a very nice and cozy environment.

    Father “G” told of the many times my father spent chasing birds or playing soccer ball and all the “punishments” he received due to his “lack of obedience” (writing 1000 times the same sentence on the blackboard, or staying in front of the class like an statue, etc). We all laughed to discover that father was a kid like any other despite his somewhat fabricated adult severity.

    Or when they sat calmly by the stove in those really cold winter days in Buenos Aires, with a glass of good white wine (from Cafayate, Salta, as both liked) and eating local made cheese. My Dad jokingly complained that food was not that good at school and the good priest asking to be excused:

    “Next time we’ll treat you better, Carlitos” …

    You see, our Church was present there, those priest were there, they worked hard many hours a day to help rise people like my Dad, not only gave good education, teach whatever doctrine was necessary to love Jesus, but they kept a large plantation, whose product went to feed their “sons”, they fought all the adversities to obtain good Christians out of this battalion of poor kids.

    Those anecdotic tales (there are many, as many as poor child were/are in my country) constitute an important resource of deep love to our Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    There was not another Church present, it was just our Church.

    It is something that run in our veins jointly with our culture, ethnicity, customs, is part of our soul, our being, inalienable and immutable.

  136. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2010 @ 2:23 pm


    And I really and truly DO BELIEVE that one St. John Chrysostom would have STOMPED right up INTO THE FACE of the Byzantine Emperor and SCOLDED HIM ’til St. John was RED-IN-THE-FACE that NO EMPEROR has ANY AUTHORITY nor ANY POWER to DEPOSE of the Patriarch of Constantinople in order to elevate and install his own Emporer’s choice of PHOTIUS!

    Lucky for BOTH the Byzantine Emperor and St. Photius that St. John Chrysostom was long, long dead and gone to his Reward.

    – Fr. Joseph

  137. Gregory Laux January 13, 2010 @ 2:25 pm

    Well, it goes like this Fr. Joseph. The leaders in the Catholic church, as well in many protestant churches have given the members of their congregations a good look at just how serious you are about the faith.

    The churches emptied out, as well as the confessionals emptied out, precisely because modern day leadership in the US Catholic church has become more infatuated with being popular and wealthy over serving the God they claim they are in a vocation to serve.

    One must ask why bishops and others got million dollar vacations houses when right outside those houses there are poor people dying on the street due to violence, hunger, disease, etc…?

    Where does God say it is okay for the leaders in the church to make friends with the wealthy class and the political class, all the while helping support the trampling on the rights and dignity of the people in the lower class.

    It is most always true that those in the lower economic and social class of the society have a stronger relationship with God than those at the top rungs of society. And yet I can tell you stories from the community in which I have lived for 37 years where a Catholic high school and elementary school have been operated as an institution where certain wealthy families run the show. The enrollment is declining massively now because people have walked away from the godless institutions that are Catholic only in the name on the sign in front of the school buildings.

    So the example of far too many church leaders has led many a good soul out of the Catholic church, as what they witnessed was not priests, bishops, cardinals, etc… living out the holy life that the vocation was meant to be. Instead the leaders in the church became modern day “money changers” selling access to their institutions and even to indulgences if you were willing to hand the leaders of the church a large amount of money.

    As I stated before, the leaders have almost entirely forgotten half of the gospel message of Jesus Christ, the half that deals with the worshipping of mammon and the consequences that are eternal from doing just this kind of thing.

    We hear, even in Catholic churches now, that the grace of God is a license that gets a proud sinner out of trouble with God without having them humble themselves and take the responsibility for their sins first.

    We hear the prayers in the Catholic mass modified to become pagan, like where we pray for God not to give us what we truly deserve but to have mercy on us. It is like the doctrines of the Catholic church were completely turned upside down since Vatican II. We are to want the will of God to be done always, which includes with that the idea that we all get what we deserve and not what we want. If you think that what you deseve is terrible then the problem is you are unwilling to make people address why they think they have behaved in ways that are completely terrible and out of conformance to the love that God demands from each of us.

    Even in your postings, you have adopted the humanism that is throughout the modern Catholic church doctrines. You only preach the ear tickling, flesh pleasing gospel sentences and leave out the condemning, punishing ones that also were taught by Jesus Christ.

    So the real question to you and other leaders in the Catholic church in the United States must be, “Who are you truly serving?” In my 43 years of living on this earth I can tell you that I have seen nothing more than leaders of most churches serving the wishes of evil men and women, while condemning the good souls to a life of misery, injustice, and persecution for holding on to the things of God that the apostles held onto and were made martyrs for defending.

  138. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2010 @ 2:35 pm


    And IF in your Orthodoxy you DO ASSERT that the Byzantine Emperor DOES HAVE Divine Authority over Christ Jesus’ OWN CHURCH here one earth – so much Divine Power that THE BYZANTINE EMPEROR was totally and entirely in his ‘Divine Right’ to DEPOSE a a sitting Patriarch of Constantinople in order to ELEVATE his own personal Emperor’s CHOICE to the See of Constantinople…


    That the current sitting U.S. PRESIDENT doesn’t get this ZIONIST IDEA from this Jewish Czars in Washington D.C. to DEPOSE of every last ORTHODOX Metropolitan here in every last Eastern Orthodox Church Archdiocese in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA so as to have CHERTOFF of ‘Homeland Security’ select and elevate to YOUR Eastern Orthodox Churches here in these United States of America – the ‘AMERICAN EMPIRE’ – the JEWISH-TALMUD-KABBALAH INSERTS the Zionists would want to have ruling over YOU and YOUR much beloved Serbian Orthodox Church.

    Let’s STOP this HYPOCRISY, this DOUBLE-STANDARD and this MINDLESS ANYMOSITY of YOURS against the Bishop of Rome.

    – Fr. Joseph

  139. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2010 @ 3:00 pm


    My spiritual advise to you is this – go EXPRESS YOURSELF to those who DO have million dollar vacation homes.

    What I’m TRYING to do here is to make people the world over that there IS a way that ALL OF US can really and truly have


    And the BISHOP OF ROME – because he has been entrusted with ‘THE KEYS’ given to the Apostolic Office of ST. PETER – the BISHOP OF ROME can ‘GIVE ORDERS’ to all the Bishops of the Catholic Church to perform a PUBLIC and SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA – the only nation in Human History that has GLOBALLY ANNOUNCED/DECLARED THAT ‘THERE IS NO GOD!’ – the the Immaculately Loving Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary – whose Immaculately Loving Heart STUNNED the Archangel St. Gabriel to Angelically gasp ‘WHOA!’ – the English word we use now is ‘HAIL!’

    And while you are at it, would you avail yourself of the INFORMATION granted to us all via the prophecy of St. Nilus who was a direct-immediate disciple of St. John Chrysostom.

    Do a Google search: The Prophecy of St. Nilus

    Thank you.

    – Fr. Joseph

  140. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2010 @ 3:02 pm



    ‘The Permament Instruction of the Alta Venditi’

    Go READ Fr. Malachi Martin’s book

    “The Keys of the Blood” as well as

    “Windswept House”

    Go READ the prophecy of Our Lady of Akita.

    I can’t possibly SPOON-FEED everyone here on RZN.

    – Fr. Joseph

  141. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2010 @ 3:07 pm


    I’m a ‘wee bit HOT under the collar’ at the momemt.

    I have BYZANTINE Emperors deciding who and who is NOT a properly installed BISHOP, installing their OWN Bishops to do THEIR bidding.

    I have KINGS OF ENGLAND going right ahead and BEHEADING Catholic Bishops in order to elevate their OWN personally selected and desired Bishops over the Church of England in order to do THEIR bidding.

    I have MASONS and SATANISTS selecting who they will elevate to the Office of Bishops in order to do THEIR bidding.

    So as a Catholic, I’m a ‘wee bit UPSET’ that everyone and their brother – from the Byzantine Emperors to the Freemasons and Satanists BUDDING & STICKING THEIR NOSES in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church’s AFFAIRS.

    – Fr. Joseph

  142. Gregory Laux January 13, 2010 @ 3:30 pm

    Fr. Joseph, true World Peace can only be obtained when every member of the human race gets their rightful share of justice. Jesus Christ established His church with this mission, to speak for those who were being abused and trampled on in the world.

    Yet since Vatican II, the Catholic church has changed from teaching about the justice and truth of God into speaking almost entirely upon the mercy and love of God, trying to make evildoers feel a sense of hope without calling them to conversion and reconciliation.

    You don’t change anyone’s behavior by patting them on the back when they do evil things to others, and then tell them that God loves them, so keep up the good work. You can only change them when you expose what they are doing to be totally outside the will of God, as it harms people who God also loves.

    And when leaders of the church have become the Bad Samaritans towards the victims of the sins of those who are the hardest of heart sinners, then you lose the faith of the good people who are being persecuted because the pastors have failed to live up to their vocation in life.

    JUSTICE for everybody is the only way to world peace. Until the institutions of this world pursue treating all humans with justice and giving them the dignity that God has given to them, there WILL BE NO WORLD PEACE! Churches and church leaders were supposed to be the spiritual folks who maintained that JUSTICE in this world against the secular governments of the world.

    But even in our own country the weak knee’d leaders of the Catholic church decided to give to Caesar that which belonged to God, as well as that which belonged to Caesar. So God basically got nothing, as well as His true believers actually got nothing but stomped into the ground.

    Just because a priest, bishop, cardinal wears the vestments and went to a seminary does not make how they live any more holy and right with God than a lay person is living. Often times the leaders in the church have compromised for wanting things of this world, the worshipping of mammon. Since Vatican II, when secular humanism was forced into the church, we have Catholic doctrines being totally turned upside down, where the good is called evil and evil is now praised and called good.

  143. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2010 @ 4:18 pm


    For everyone’s information here on RZN, the Orthodox Church’s designation of



    Strange, don’t you think that, with the EXCEPTION of St. Patrick, the official Orthodox designation ‘EQUAL-TO-THE-APOSTLES’ isn’t conferred to ANYBODY of the Western-Latin-Roman Church.

    So much for ‘White Christian Europe’.

    Perhaps all of you of the Eastern Orthodox Church need to refer to the REST OF EUROPE as ‘White APOSTATE-HERETICAL Europe’.

    And ALL OF THIS century-in-century-out anymosity and bitterness on account of a Byzantine Emporer’s deposing of a duly appointed Patriarch of Constantinople.

    And the MOTHER OF GOD, the WOMAN who gets to perpetually hold, caress, embrace, fondle, kiss, talk to, sing to, rock in her arms the CHRIST CHILD, the Incarnate Son of God, the Word made flesh by the Divine Power of God the HOLY SPIRIT asks for a simple world-wide collegial consecration of RUSSIA to her own Immaculately Loving Heart – and ALL of the most learned ‘Theologians’ and ‘Clergy’ and ‘Hierarchy’ of BOTH the Orthodox and Catholic Churchs REFUSE to ‘give her the COURTESY’ of setting aside their century’s old hostilities!

    The Catholic Church’s Hierarchy BURIES her Fatima Secret and the Orthodox Church’s Hierarchy DENOUNCES her Fatima Apparition.

    And back and forth we are perpetually relegated to a mutual ‘The Pot calling the Kettle BLACK’!

    So..what’s NEXT on your anti-Catholic, anti-Papacy agenda and ‘Shopping List’?

    Might as well PLAY this Catholic-Orthodox PING-PONG GAME in order to ‘pass the time away’ as we await the onset of Satan’s thermonuclear Third World War or God BURNING UP our entire planet earth per the Mother of God’s 1973 Akita, Japan Apparition – whichever comes first.

    – Fr. Joseph

  144. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2010 @ 4:30 pm


    The Sacrament of HOLY ORDERS confers upon a man the Divine Authority to administer CHIRST’S SACRAMENTS onto the members of His Church.

    Christ’s SACRAMENTS confer Divine Grace.

    Now if the individual – be he a member of the Clergy or if he OR she is a member of the Laity DO NOT USE those Divine Graces in order to LIVE in accordance to God’s Holy Will to the degree and capacity they are able to, they one cannot place WHOLESALE BLAME solely on any Bishop, Priest, Religious or member of the Laity.

    The Mystical Body of Christ consists of MANY parts.

    If the ‘liver’ decides on itself to SHUT DOWN, the rest of the Body suffers.

    If the ‘heart’ decides to develope an IRREGULAR BEAT, the rest of the Body suffers.

    And if the manifold MUSCLES and SINEWS decide to develope ARTHRITIS, moving and doing ANYTHING becomes a very arduous affair.

    And when foreign satanic VIRUSES invade the bloodstream of the Body, their arises a FEVER and a general LETHARGY in wanting to get around to doing ANYTHING at all.

    And if satanic POISON is injected into the Body, various members of the Body do anything and everything to keep THE HEART BEATING and the RESPIRATION RATE from falling to ZERO.

    You yourself can make yourself a ‘DEATH SPASM’ in the Body of Christ – OR – you can choose TO JOIN the rest of the functioning members of the Body in…


    – Fr. Joseph

  145. Gregory Laux January 13, 2010 @ 5:13 pm

    Fr. Joseph, have you ever read the book “AA-1025” the writings of a medical professional that saw in the suitcase of one of their dying patients the blueprint of the communists laying out the infiltration and destruction of the Catholic church from within the leadership of the church itself?

    Have you read the writings of the Fatima children and those who grew up around them, who claim the “smoke of satan” entered the leadership in Rome around the year 1972, right after Vatican II was over with and fully starting to be implemented into the churches all around the world?

    Have you talked with many priest and candidates for the priesthood from the 60’s and 70’s who were told by their superiors to stray from the traditional doctrines of the church or they would be removed from the priesthood or seminaries?

    Even Bishop Sheen was ordered off the tv airwaves because he preached the true Church doctrines but those in the leadership in the church were not wanting to hear the truth as they were very corrupt.

  146. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2010 @ 5:49 pm

    Dear Gregory,

    This is the WHOLE POINT of my asserting that a PUBLIC-SOLEMN-WORLDWIDE Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA needs to take place by the ORDER of the holder of ‘THE KEYS’ which not only comes along with the Office of Bishop – but with the Apostolic Office entrusted to ST. PETER.

    It was to the holder of ‘The Keys’, the Bishop of Rome, POPE LEO XIII, back in 1884 A.D. that GOD HIMSELF informed the Holy Father that SATAN had “gotten his wish” in order TO SIFT not only the entire CHURCH, but the rest of Mankind as well!

    Now ‘WHY ON EARTH?’ would GOD Himself advise ‘The Bishop Of Rome’ that SATAN was given a century’s worth of time and MORE POWER over those who would submit themselves to any/ever manner of Satanic, Luciferian, Occult practice, doctrine and belief in order TO ALLOW Satan to ‘sift the Church’ and to ‘sift ALL of Mankind’?

    Did not GOD HIMSELF likewise give ample WARNING to St. Peter that Satan had gotten his wish to SIFT THE APOSTLES like wheat? But it was GOD INCARNATE HIMSELF Who prayed FOR St. Peter so that, once he ‘recovered’ he, St. Peter, WAS TO STRENGHTEN the other Apostles?

    The FUTURE of Christ’s Church here on earth was ENTRUSTED TO the mere mortal man to whom God Incarnate ENTRUSTED ‘The Keys’!

    So 1800+ years of human and Church history go by. We come to the year 1884 A.D.. The then holder of ‘The Keys’ was Pope Leo XIII.

    Pope Leo XIII hears it STRAIGHT from God Himself that SATAN was granted his wish TO SIFT both the Church and all of Mankind as well.

    Now think in terms of Revelation 12:17 – PLEASE!

    Satan is “comin’ a gunnin’ and load for bear” vs. the Church and all of Mankind.

    The BLESSED VIRGIN MARY who happens to be THE WOMAN of Revelation 12:17 as well as Genesis 3:15 EXERCISES her Divine Office as ‘THE WOMAN’ of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    The MOTHER OF GOD herself comes to THE AID of both the Church and all of Mankind AS Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal back in 1917 A.D. – 33 years TO THE DAY after Pope Leo XIII experiences God Himself TELLING HIM Satan has gotten his demonic wish to SIFT the Church and the rest of Mankind as well.

    The MOTHER OF GOD insists that the self-proclaiming ATHETIST NATION of Russia be publicly consecrated to her Immaculately Loving Heart AS ‘The Woman’ of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    It was (and STILL IS) her own desire and God-appointed ability TO CRUSH the head of Satan with the CHILD JESUS, Who Is God Incarnate Himself, the CREATOR of all that is seen and Unseen, held in HER arms!

    Gregory, if ANYBODY knows anything at all about the PRE-FIGUREMENTS that regularly occur in the OLD TESTAMENT book accounts – the PUBLIC and SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to THE WOMAN’s Immaculately Loving Heart was to be a ‘Simple REPLAY’ of Father St. Elijah confronting the false prophets of Baal atop of MOUNT CARMEL in FULL VIEW of ALL the assembled PEOPLE!

    Believe me, I’ve tried and tried and tried yet again to get BISHOPS and GOVERMENTAL LEADERS and CIVIL AUTHORITIES and WHOEVER ELSE MIGHT LISTEN to my telling them that we CAN WIN this Spiritual Warfare and Combat vs. Satan, his legions of demonic elementals from hell as well as his ALLIED human stooges, dupes and allies working ALL ACROSS this World of ours…

    …by the BISHOP OF ROME giving the ‘Order’ to the Bishops of the Church to perform the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA per her ‘Divine Battle Plans’!

    But, as you can see…’WHO LISTENS?’…


    See what I mean?

    – Fr. Joseph

  147. KathJuliane January 13, 2010 @ 6:43 pm

    Strange, don’t you think that, with the EXCEPTION of St. Patrick, the official Orthodox designation ‘EQUAL-TO-THE-APOSTLES’ isn’t conferred to ANYBODY of the Western-Latin-Roman Church.

    So much for ‘White Christian Europe’.

    Fr. Joseph, that Wiki list was from a Christian women’s study group (had a problem with your link, btw, maybe my machine). They were looking at the role of Christian women who were “Equal to the Apostles” in their evangelical work, as well as those who were involved in the original great commission.

    In EO theology, “Apostle” is reserved to the ranks of the Apostles themselves, the last of whom by tradition is St. John the Theologian.

    Equal to the Apostles (isapostolos); is a special title given to some canonized Saints in Eastern Orthodoxy, and by Eastern Rite Catholic Churches of the Unia. The title is bestowed as a recognition of these saints’ outstanding labors in the spreading the Gospel and assertion of the glory of Christ, sometimes known also as “Enlighteners”, comparable to that of the original apostles.

    Below is a partial list of canonized Orthodox saints of the East and West who sometimes called Equal-to-the-Apostles on the liturgical calendars depending on local Church tradition:

    Mary Magdalene (1st century) (also “Apostle to the Apostles”)
    Photine, the Samaritan Woman (1st century)
    Thekla (1st century)
    Frumentius of Abyssinia
    Cosmas of Aetolia (1714 – 1779)
    Innocent of Alaska (1797 – 1879)
    Yelisey of Caucasian Albania 1st c.
    Saint Hubertus of the Ardennes, 656–727
    Gregory the Illuminator of Armenia, 256–331
    Boris I of Bulgaria (died 907)
    Vergilius of Salzburg, Carantania (745–84)
    Constantine I, the Great (ca. 272 – 337)
    Helena of Constantinople (ca. 250 – ca. 330)
    Augustine of Canterbury, England, died 604
    Remigius of the Franks, c. 437–533
    Willibrord of the Frisians, 657–738
    Irenaeus of Gaul, 130–200
    Denis of Gaul (3rd century)
    Martin of Tours, Gaul, 338–401
    Saturninus of Gaul, died c. 257
    Nina of Georgia, 320s
    Boniface of Germania, 680–755
    Abercius of Hieropolis (2nd century)
    Anastasius of Hungaria, 954–1044
    Patrick of the Sacred Isle, 373–463
    Nicholas of Japan (1836 – 1912)
    Ansgar of the Norselands, 801–864
    Ninian of the Picts, fifth century
    Adalbert of Poland
    Prince Vladimir I of Kiev who converted to Christianity in 988, and Baptizer of Kievan Rus
    Princess Olga of Kiev regent for her son, Svyatoslav.
    Columba of the Scotti 521–597
    Sava I of Serbia (1175 – 1235)
    Cyril of the Slavs, c 820–869
    Methodius of the Slavs 826-885

  148. charlie January 13, 2010 @ 8:08 pm

    Gregory’s points are totally valid, as is Jgalindes beautiful post.

    Both work together to highlight the difference in pre- and post- Vatican II fruits of the Catholic church, in an illustrative rather than a blanket, one-size-fits all definition.

    If we look at Sacred Scripture we see the severity of sin…..God did not spare his own Son, but was sacrificed on a cross on account of it – and why? .. because sin leads to hell, and hell is eternal.

    Every sin must be atoned for, either in this life or the next, even small sins.

    On the other hand, if God was not a God of love, this task would be hopeless.

    Indeed the severity of sin is due to just this – the holiness of love, and the offence to love that every sin is a manifestation of. That is ALL sin is – an offence against love.

    Real love, not the desecration of it the Judaeo-masonic Hierarchy of Satan has foisted on us as the substitute of it they wish us to follow.

    Thus St Paul teaches; “Love covers a multitude of sins.”

    To love is to obey the Gospels, pure and simple, without embellishment.

    The path of love is easy for a sinless person perhaps, but then he would find like Christ the desire, and to him/her, necessity to bear the burdens of others who are sinners, to try and atone for them, as a substitute for the sinner, and merit for them the divine grace to recover from sin.

    But for the sinner the path of love is fraught with difficulty due to the darkness of his mind and the hardness of his heart wrought by sin.

    “He who sins, becomes a slave of sin.”

  149. Fr. Joseph January 14, 2010 @ 8:57 am


    A previous citation of yours from the ‘Orthodox’ side-of-the-fence you posted here stating that BISHOPS were far INFERIOR to the Apostles in order TO DISCREDIT the Divine Fact it was to ST. PETER and the successors to the ‘SEE OF PETER’ that THE LORD entrusted ‘THE KEYS’ prompted me to QUICKLY bring to your biased-prejudiced attention that YOUR Orthodox Church ELEVATES many others – to INCLUDE Bishops – to the spiritual dignity of


    If Orthodox saints of all colors and types of the ORTHODOX Church are regularly and liturgically regarded as ‘EQUAL-TO-THE-APOSTLES’…

    …then PONDER UPON the Church Father’s Teaching and Instruction that the holder of ‘The Keys’ is the ROCK, the PILLAR, upon whom Christ Jesus would build His Church.

    St. John Chrysostom HIMSELF asserts that to all of you of the ORTHODOX Church!

    KathJuliane, what is it that renders YOU incapable of ADMITTING that you are WRONG, that you were in ERROR, and that you insist on plying DOUBLE-STANDARDS to the Orthodox Church and to the Catholic Church?

    Nevermind…THAT is something entirely between YOU and God the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of TRUTH.

    – Fr. Joseph

  150. Fr. Joseph January 14, 2010 @ 9:07 am

    And just when you’re spirits are sagging LOW, just when you GIVE UP on the idea that you are going to get something-or-other into the minds and hearts of people, when you look back on all that you might have done in order TO DEFEND Christ’s Church Militant here on earth and, by extention, the rest of Mankind for whom He died on His Cross – DIVINE PROVIDENCE steps in…

    My Bishop sent me an entirely UNEXPECTED surprise-blessing GIFT from another hermitage out in California. A small but elaborately crafted religious banner of CHRIST THE TEACHER which is now hanging on the door leading to my altar’s area.

    And I find this most surprizing article by Dr. Herny Makow on the Jeff Rense website:

    “Judiazed Christianity – Front For New World Order”

    That most recent article coupled with Mr. Christopher A. Ferrara’s article:

    “The Most Religious Nation?”

    Signifies to ME, at least, that I’m not “alone” here in this trench-hermitage of mine, here a ‘Bastogne’.

    And there is more…

    – Fr. Joseph

  151. Fr. Joseph January 14, 2010 @ 9:18 am

    And then we have Dr. Harold Bloom having written at lenght on this same subject of ‘The AMERICAN (Zionist) Religion’

    “The AMERICAN Religion: The Emergence of the POST-CHRISTIAN Nation”

    And ON TOP of all of what these knowledgeable individuals have had to say and ‘report’ to the rest of the people of our United States of America and, for that matter, the rest of our World – we have


    “Believe Me, if you had begun to honour Me with a special devotion from the times of the early CHURCH, after twenty centuries few men would remain living in idolatry, in paganism and IN SO MANY FALSE AND EVIL SECTS, in which man is running blindly towards the abyss of eternal fire! And see how much work remains to be done!”

    God the Father to Mother Eugenia – 1931 A.D.

    Yes, my dear people the World over. U.S. 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur KNEW what he was taking about when he relayed these words to one Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen in the Allied Occupied Japan:

    “The WORLD STRUGGLE is not political or economic. Rather, it is RELIGIOUS and THEOLOGICAL. It is either God or atheism.”

    And ‘atheism’ translates to SATANISM.


    – Fr. Joseph

  152. Fr. Joseph January 14, 2010 @ 9:22 am

    And as an afterthought…

    I think it was Pope Leo XIII – the BISHOP OF ROME – who declared and asserted

    “The equal toleration of all religions is the same as ATHEISM.”

    And everyone can have “fun” filling in the LAST WORD of this sentence:

    “The equal toleration of ALL ANSWERS to the question, ‘What is the square root of 144?’ IS ????????.”

    – Fr. Joseph

  153. Fr. Joseph January 14, 2010 @ 10:56 am

    Just to share a most recent personal ‘inspiration’ granted to me here at my hermitage with ‘The Blessed Hope’ that it will help THE LORD get everyone to start reading from the SAME PAGE of ‘His Sheet Music’.

    God Incarnate, the Word through Whom ALL THINGS visible and invisible were created and Called into being, used PARABLES to explain to the multitudes of people here in our World HIS Sublime & Supernatural Divine TRUTHS He wanted and wants for ALL OF US to know, understand and to IMPLEMENT in our own personal daily lives – that implemenation of His Divine Teachings being WISDOM herself.

    So here is my rendition of a ‘Fr. Joseph’ parable.

    Picture ALL OF US who either post to or simply READ Br. Nathanael’s RZN articles and accompanying COMMENTS posted by RZN readers from the World over – by the Power of a Supernatural Miracle – finding ourselves within the confines of a fight deck compartment aboard an airborne Boeing 777 (or Boeing 787 if you think things would be ‘too cramped’ for ALL of us).

    And KathJuliane is looking at the FLIGHT DIRECTOR displays between Pilot and Co-Pilot – and she is incessantly arguing that the CO-PILOT’S Flight Director is much more correct and accurate than the displays on the Pilots – and she is doing everything to convince THE REST OF US of her observations and conclusions.

    Meanwhile, Gregory Laux is looking at the FUEL QUANTITY GAUGES and, seeing their are in the LOW RANGE and that we are RUNNING OUT OF FUEL, Gregory is doing everything to convince KathJuliane and the rest of us that our LOW FUEL LEVEL is the most important thing to be concerned with.

    And Fr. John, the Greek-Serbian Orthodox Brothers, Lynda, Charlie and EVERYONE ELSE who posts here to RZN are ALL looking a their own particular guage, instrument, warning and indicator light – and everyone is expressing his or her or their CONCERN over their own observations and conclusions.

    Some others are relaying what they are hearing as RADIO TRAFFICE via any one of the multiple VHF and UHF radios.

    Some others are getting all aggitated over the print out advisory messages that are coming off the ACARS printer.

    And since EVERYONE who reads or contributes to RZN is ‘Supernaturally & Miraculously’ INCLUDED within the confines of this Boeing 777 or Boeing 787’s flight deck compartment – EVERYONE is looking at this, that and the other thing. EVERYONE is really and truly seeing WARNING and INDICATOR lights flashing all over the place from any and all of the flight deck’s display, switching and circuit breaker panels.

    And EVERYBODY is concerned with what THEY are observing and with their own CONCLUSIONS at to what needs to be addressed, what needs to be done and HOW that should be carried out by ‘others’ within and throughout our Boeing 777 and 787’s flight deck compartment.

    And ALL that I’ve been trying to do here as ‘Fr. Joseph’ with this US Department of Transportion Federal Aviation Adminstration Airframe and Powerplant LICENSE in my wallet is simply this:


    And there is but ONE ANSWER of what NEEDS TO BE DONE despite the Flight Directors not accurately reflecting each other’s display screen, despite our LOW FUEL quantity, despite any and all radio traffic going on, despite anything that is printed off the ACARS printer, despite ANY position ANY switch, despite ANY popped circuit breaker, despite ANY other indicator or indication currently grasping the attention of ANYBODY!


    There is simply NO OTHER COURSE OF ACTION that is going to give us ‘The Blessed Hope’ of AVOIDING smashing to bits with EVERYONE DYING in a BALL OF FIRE from the FIERY CRASH once we actually, truly and DO HIT the side of this quickly approaching MOUNTAIN dead ahead of us!

    Now ‘Who?’ is IN CHARGE of the Lord’s Church here on earth? ‘Who?’ has been given the Divine Right and the Divine AUTHORITY to sit in the Church’s PILOT SEAT?


    Divine Wisdom HAS given ‘The Keys’ to the OFFICE OF ST. PETER!

    And the current holder of ‘The Keys’ is the current BISHOP OF ROME who has the name of Pope Benedict XVI.

    The Bishop of Rome can ORDER for the Church’s CONTROL YOKE to be PULLED BACK.

    And the Bishop of Rome can ORDER the engine’s Throttles to be forceably and quickly PUSHED FOWARD – whether or not HIS ‘co-pilots’ and HIS ENTIRE ‘flight crew’ likes his DECISION or not!

    The LORD did not grant me a ‘Pilot’s License’. He KNOWS I have an inboard FEAR OF HEIGHTS and an inboard DISLIKE of being confined to a chair and made TO SIT for serveral hours on end.

    But the LORD did grant me a ‘MECHANIC’S LICENSE’ to troubleshoot and FIX/REPAIR all manner of DEFECTIVE thing aboard actual aircraft AND with and within His ‘Flying Church’!

    If the “F.A.A. INSPECTORS” want to see my ‘Mechanic’s License’ to WORK ON His ‘Flying Church’ – I will be HAPPY to preset to ANY F.A.A. Inspector my ORDINATION CERTIFICATE signed by MY BISHOP!

    – Fr. Joseph

  154. Fr. Joseph January 14, 2010 @ 11:46 am

    Now then, regarding ‘GIVING ORDERS’ in and to the Church Militant here on earth currently engaged in this LIFE-AND-DEATH SPIRITUAL COMBAT with Satan, his legions of elemental demonics and his entire cartel of human stooges, dupes and allies all across our contemporary World and planet earth.

    It was the Carmelite Saint, St. John of the Cross, MYSTICAL DOCTOR of the Catholic Church, who stated this in his classic Mystical Theology book entitled ‘The Ascent of Mount Carmel’:

    “In taking Sacred Scripture as our Guide, we do not err, for it is through the Sacred Scriptures that the HOLY SPIRIT speaks to us.”

    From the Acts of the Apostles, everyone from the Church and from all of Mankind can read:

    “While (St.) PETER was still speaking the Holy Spirit came down on ALL listeners…
    ‘Could anyone refuse the water of Baptism to these people, now they have received the Holy Spirit just as much as we have?

    “He (St. PETER) then GAVE ORDERS for them to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ.”
    – Acts of the Apostles – Acts 10:44-48

    St. Peter, the Rock…


    No ‘Diotrephes’, NO ‘Mannie, Moe or Mack’, NO ‘Moe, Larry or Curly’, NO ‘Kulka, Fran and Ollie’ ARGUED WITH St. Peter’s ORDERS!


    If the Bishop of Rome EVER gets around to ORDERING the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Mother of God who just so happens to be the Spouse of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF – NO ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’, NO ‘Mannie, Moe and Jack’, NO ‘Moe, Larry and Curly, NO ‘Kulka, Fran and Ollie’ had better DARE challenging the holder of ‘THE KEYS’ ORDERS in order TO COOPERATE with GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT in what GOD WANTS DONE ‘down here ON EARTH’ and WITH the peoples of this satanically vexed and butchered off Human Race of His Saving and His Redeeming!

    “You DON’T tug on Superman’s cape,
    You DON’T spit into the Wind,
    You DON’T pull the mask off the Lone Ranger

    – Fr. Joseph

  155. Gregory Laux January 14, 2010 @ 2:43 pm

    I do believe that the Scripture says judgment should be beginning in the churches of the world, to get them to either crap or get off the pot. Whose side are you on and what master are you serving?

    As long as the leaders in churches are doing the work of satan and helping to destroy those of true faith, the issue of conquering satan in this world will not be possible.

    It is time that all members of Christian churches unite in holiness and truth, and throw off the mammon that they have been addicted to worshipping.

    As the Scripture states, “When Christ returns, will there be any faith left for Him to come back to?”

  156. charlie January 14, 2010 @ 5:43 pm

    Quote: Michael K

    “Here’s an idea: if you think ‘The Union Jack is such nonsense, read it and then quote where it is spewing malarkey. That would be honest and intelligent debate, and it would be open to refutation, agreement or discussion.”

    I wanted to read it before I made a comment but was discouraged by Tina’s conclusions.

    I am aware of the name and may have read others quotes somewhere along the line.

    Does anyone know if it available on line?

    Ken Adachi is pro-Israel, in my estimation so don’t think he’d be into truth – which liberates, just ‘truth’ that intimidates, like Alex Jones, or that maintains the status quo, which isn’t really truth at all.

  157. Fr. Joseph January 14, 2010 @ 6:10 pm

    Dear Gregory,

    To imply that ALL those in the Church’s Hierarchy are in league with Satan is a GRAVE injustice to those who TRULY responded to the Call of Divine Grace to lay themselves prostrate, with face down pressed into the floor, at their Ordination.

    Both members of the ordained Hierarchy and the baptized Laity can ALL rally around the Mother of God seeking the Graces of her Spouse, God the Holy Spirit – and HER personal intercession before the Throne of God.

    Just as we have these ‘dual-citizenship’ ZIONISTS ruining and wrecking our natural and temporal lives throughout the nations of our World and planet earth – so do we Catholic Christians have these ‘dual-citizenship’ SATANISTS deliberately infiltrated into the ranks of our Church’s Governance.

    The Mother of God KNOWS how to distinquish between WHEAT and DARNEL.

    And with the Divine WISDOM that is hers on account of her Spousal Union to and with God the Holy Spirit – she knows EXACTLY how to deal with these WEEDS that have overgrown the PASTURES and the GARDENS of her Son’s Church here on earth.

    I think that might be a little ‘Lifting of the Foot and Setting It Down’ as the MOTHER OF GOD herself can MOST ASSUREDLY assert her Divine Maternity by


    And when she DOES – the entire Universe, seen and Unseen – will HEAR the crushing of a serpent’s SKULL!

    – Fr. Joseph

  158. charlie January 14, 2010 @ 6:47 pm

    Found the book, scanned it.

    Sorry, not my cup of tea.

    It’s just another attempt to shift the blame for what the Jews are doing onto a mythical enemy, in this case the now, no longer existent British Empire, when all along its the Jews and their interlocking networks which continue to sap the life out of the entire world.

    Give me a break.


    The skull and crossbones was the real flag of the British Empire and is still in use today by the same people who created it.

    It was hoisted a the last moment by ships working for the Jewish banker, to rob the booty of all their competitors on the high seas. They were not content just to take the lions share of the plunder of nations but had to take it all…..and lets face it piracy on the high seas was cheaper than plundering the countries themselves, as most of the work and the losses incurred were already done for you.

    Did the book mention that little detail by any chance?

  159. KathJuliane January 14, 2010 @ 7:16 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Umm, I’m not on your plane ride, am a little phobic of flying anyway (grin).

    “A previous citation of yours from the ‘Orthodox’ side-of-the-fence you posted here stating that BISHOPS were far INFERIOR to the Apostles in order TO DISCREDIT the Divine Fact it was to ST. PETER and the successors to the ‘SEE OF PETER’ that THE LORD entrusted ‘THE KEYS’ prompted me to QUICKLY bring to your biased-prejudiced attention that YOUR Orthodox Church ELEVATES many others…”

    Scriptural qualifiers for an Apostle in EO ecclesiology:

    “…Let another take his episkopen, (bishopric – position of overseer).

    a) “Therefore, of these men who have accompanied us all the time that the Lord Jesus went in and out among us,

    b) “beginning from the baptism of John to that day when He was taken up from us,

    c) “one of these must become a witness with us of His resurrection”. Acts 2:21 – 22.

    Notice, too, that prior to the Day of Pentecost that the apostles proposed two candidates in consultation with ALL the 120 disciples in the Upper Room, and that lots were cast for the final selection of the person to fill the slot vacated by Judas, none of which was at Peter’s sole discretion.

    And of course, the Apostle Paul was a witness to the Lord’s Resurrection through direct revelation on the road to Damascus, as well as being in full concillar and collegial doctrinal unity with the chief apostles themselves, and had numerous contacts and relations with “the greater part” of 500 witnesses who saw the Lord “at once” after His resurrection when he wrote his epistle about AD 55 (1 Cor 15:6) The Apostles’ commission was to preach the Gospel as far and wide as possible and plant seed churches with their own bishops, many of whom were of the Seventy.

    So, by the parameters set by the Apostles themselves, traditionally it is St. John as the youngest of the Disciples who reposed about 96 AD who marks the last apostle of the generation of direct disciples and witnesses of all the events of the Lord’s ministry on earth, and as commissioned by Him. At the minimum, John would have been about 80 years of age at his repose.

    As said before, the Apostles are in a different category altogether in the ecclesiology of the Church and canonical nomenclature because they are THE foundation stones of the Church. No one else besides them can truly qualify as an apostle because none can say that they personally witnessed all of the events of Scripture.

    After them came the ‘Apostolic Fathers’, bishops who carried on the apostolic office and taught the deposit of faith who had been either disciples of the apostles themselves, and some of whom would have been very young but part of the households of the Lord’s disciples, like St. Ignatius, who by tradition is the child that sat in Jesus’ lap when He said “suffer the children”. However, these were not members of the original Great Commission that was received directly from the Person of the Lord.

    “Equal to the Apostles” does not categorize these honored saints as scriptural Apostles, but reflects that their missionary work carrying on the Great Commission to the nations had the affect that was “equal to the apostles” through the Holy Spirit.

    In terms of Scriptural nomenclature, titles and honorifics in the canonization of saints and martyrs, liturgics and iconography, the term Apostle is reserved to this first generation, as they are first and foremost the direct witnesses of the Lord’s Life and Resurrection.

    Apostle means “one who is sent”, and scripturally by the Person of Jesus Christ in His Great Commission to all of the apostles. “Apostle” is used as the title for the Twelve Disciples who formed the foundation of the NT Church – the New Israel, replacing, symbolically, the twelve tribes of Israel, and Matthias was elected to replace Judas (Acts 1:15-26). The word is also used of the Seventy (or 72) sent by Christ, as well as of Paul, the repentant persecutor whom the risen Jesus sent as “Apostle to the Ethnon [Nations]. (Rom. 11:13).

    In Galatians 1:11-2:14 Paul expounds on the fact that in his day that the true gospel is taught by true apostles, but many declare themselves to be apostles, and so Paul spells out knowing true apostles from the false ones preaching a different gospel.

    1) True apostles are called by God. They learned the gospel by revelation, either directly from the risen Son, as did the original Apostles, or by the revelation of apostolic tradition. A true apostle brings glory to God, not to himself (1:18-23).

    2) True apostles form one Church government, holding the same doctrine and working by agreement reached in council (2:6-10).

    3) True apostles stand firm in matters of conscience and are correctable when mistaken (2:11-14).

    Great missionaries or the royal baptizers of nations in the Orthodox Church as listed in another post are often titled “Equal to the Apostles”. In Catholic tradition, great missionaries are titled “Apostles”, but this seemingly disregards using the criteria from Scripture from Acts 1. All the Apostles with the exception of Paul who did see and hear the Risen Lord Jesus, had been eyewitnesses and personal disciples of Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry from the time of John the Baptist to Christ’s Ascension.

    No one for over 1900 years can truthfully say this. So, when certain modern televangelical charismatic “apostles” self-assume the title it is a bit presumptuous, and intellectually dishonest in a way. That a bishop is endowed with the dignity of apostolic grace by virtue of his office and succession through ordination and consecration by his fellow bishops does not make them an original Apostle, but they can still by Faith do work that is “Apostolic”.

    And, Scripture is reasonably clear that three ordained “orders” – bishop, presbyter, and deacon were established by the Apostles. Some of the apostles besides the Twelve did become also seated bishops, or like James the Brother of the Lord, was ordained by the Apostles as Bishop of the Jerusalem Church, but he himself was not an apostle.

    The extension of the apostolic ministry or order in the Church today is in the episcopacy, the order of bishops in the Church. What part of this is so terribly difficult to understand? The Holy Apostles themselves are in a category distinct, set apart by the Lord.

    “Then Peter answered and said to Him, “See, we have left all and followed Thee. Therefore what shall we have?”

    So Jesus said to them, “Assuredly I say to you, that in the regeneration, when the Son of Man sits on the throne of His glory, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel…But many who are first will be last, and the last first.” Matt 19:27-30.

  160. charlie January 14, 2010 @ 10:20 pm

    Fr Joseph, not once in all the years I have been studying TERRORISM, for that is what we are dealing with, since the fall of the Soviet Union ( thank you JPII) have I ever come across any material to suggest that any of this terrorism is emanating from that part of the world.

    It all emanates from your country.

    Our Lady promised that just for carrying her statue of Our Lady of America in procession through Washington to the shrine of Our Lady of the Americas she would grant your country peace from these wolves that have turned the United States into the slut of Israel.

    Why don’t you bang that drum? – no pun intended.

    Not to say the Judeomasons no longer have influence in Russia, that would be naive when they ruled for 70 years, without reprisal except for one or two oligarchs. but Russia is not the problem, it is currently the salvation, with the backing of the block to which it belongs.

  161. Fr. Joseph January 14, 2010 @ 11:42 pm

    You people are obstinate.

    Do you not UNDERSTAND that elemental demonic spirits do NOT have any allegiance whatsoever to ANY race or nationality of the Human Race?

    And where, o please tell me where, is everyone’s holding onto the DOCTRINE of the Church – that Satan and his unseen demonics TEMPT and at times come to POSSESS human beings.

    And does everyone here want to FORGET that JESUS cast out demons – and that demons BEGGED for Him not to throw them into premature TORTURES?

    Now ‘Who?’ is going to SHUT DOWN all of these unseen elemental demonics stirring up and causing all of this spiritual DARKNESS and EVIL here on earth?

    Don’t any of you recall the APOSTOLIC TEACHINGS of St. Paul from the letter to the Church in Ephesus?

    If all of you DON’T want my imput here to RZN – then make an OFFICIAL REQUEST to Br. Nathanael.

    And if Br. Nathanael sez he and all of you DON’T NEED and DON’T WANT my inputs on account of anything I say is “Intolerable Language” – I’ll stop.

    – Fr. Joseph

  162. Brother Nathanael January 15, 2010 @ 8:18 am

    Dear Fr Joseph –

    OUR site, Real Zionist News, has in its Comments Section, an OPEN FORUM.

    YOUR Comments and all others are MOST WELCOME so long as their are no Ad Hominems and foul language.

    You engage in civil dialogue and this is totally acceptable here.

    +Brother Nathanael

  163. Fr. Joseph January 15, 2010 @ 8:58 am

    Thank you, Br. Nathanael. And I’ll make every effort to make myself PERFECTLY CLEAR and SUCCINCT as I possibly can be in what I’m about to post…

    It is a GREAT DISHONOR to our God and Father in Heaven to bethink to ourselves that an All-good and Omnipotent God, Creator and FATHER would create this planet earth of ours and grant us these lives of ours in order to LIVE here on this planet earth so as TO WITNESS and ENDURE all of these EVILS afflicting and affecting our Human Race.

    And it is a GREAT DISHONOR to our God, Creator and Father in Heaven to bethink to ourselves that an All-good and Omnipotent God, Creator and Father would ABANDON us all to LIVE with and to ENDURE all of these EVILS afflicting and affecting our Human Race.

    And it is a GREAT DISHONOR to our God, Creator and Father in Heaven to REJECT His Divine Aid and all that He has done in order TO SAVE US ALL from this Evil afflicting and affecting our Human Race – that Divine Aid being POURED INTO our Human Race in the Divine Person of His Only Begotten Son JESUS, the Christ.

    And it is a GREAT DISHONOR to our God, Creator and Father TO DISHONOR His Only Eternally Begotten Son Who took on our human nature in the WOMB of a Woman so as to bring to our entire Human Race God’s Own DIVINE AID.

    And it is a GREAT DISHONOR to His Divine Son Who obediently accepted His Divine Father’s Will to take on our human nature in the womb of a Woman in order to bring us His Divine Aid by REJECTING what His Divine Son DESIRES from our human race so that He may, once again, render His Divine Aid to and for our Human Race of the 20th century.

    And what does God the Father’s Own Divine Son WANT from our entire Human Race in order for Him to, once again, provide our Human Race of the 20th century His Divine Aid?

    God the Father’s Divine Son JESUS wants for the entire Human Race TO HONOR His Mother by whom He took on our human nature in HER womb by the Life Giving Power of God the Holy Spirit.

    And the Church and all of Mankind DISHONORS God the Father’s Divine Son and His Divine Son’s MOTHER by resolutely DISMISSING, REJECTING and DENYING the Mother of God’s Own SIMPLE REQUEST of her Son’s Church to perform a simple but PUBLIC and SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her very own Immaculately Loving Heart!

    Mankind DISHONORS their own ‘New Eve’!

    The Church DISHONORS their own Spiritual MOTHER!

    IF and WHEN every last member of our Human Race the World over AS WELL AS every last Leader of His Church and every last member of His Church ALLOWS to it TO SINK into their own minds, hearts, souls and spirits what they have ALL DONE to this single Woman, the MOTHER OF GOD, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of the Church, the NEW EVE to and for all of Mankind – then PERHAPS a great SORROW and Divine Spirit of REPENTENCE will sweep across every last living soul here on our planet earth – every last soul in His Church’s Hierarchy and Church Laity – every last soul in every last nation-state, race-nationality – and THEN with a SOBER mind, heart, soul and spirit –

    THE CHURCH will PUBLICLY and SOLEMNLY HONOR this Woman – the Blessed Virgin Mary – right in front of the WHOLE WIDE WORLD – without ANY shame, without ANY hesitation, without ANY fear, without ANY cowardice…


    But all I get to see here in these antagonistic postings against what I have to share with everyone here on RZN is this incessant desire on the parts of individuals to give HONOR to themselves and HONOR ONLY to their own particular ‘niche’ group(s) whatever they might ascribe as THEIR OWN ‘Honorable Group’!

    When I see any Orthodox Patriarch, Metropolitan, Bishop, member of the Clergy, the Laity OR when I see any Catholic Bishop, member of the Clergy or Laity, when I see any Orthodox Saint, when I see any Catholic Saint, when I see any Church Father having GIVEN BIRTH to God Incarnate Himself, then MAYBE, just PERHAPS, I will I will STOP insisting that it is a GREAT DISHONOR to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and the WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 to DISMISS, DENOUNCE and REJECT the Mother of God’s own REQUEST to have the nation of Russia consecrated to her Immaculately Loving Heart per her Fatima Apparitions Message, Counsel and Instructions.

    – Fr. Joseph

  164. Fr. Joseph January 15, 2010 @ 10:26 am


    When God Himself took it upon Himself TO ALTER the course of Human History by taking on our human nature in the WOMB of the Blessed Virgin Mary…

    …GOD DID NOT ‘CONFER WITH’ NOR DID GOD SEEK THE ‘APPROVAL’ AND ‘ACCEPTANCE OF HIS DIVINE PLAN’ from ANY Patriarch, Metropolitan, Bishop, Priest, Hiermonk, Monk or Lay Faithful within ANY of the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

    Nor did GOD ‘CONFER WITH’ NOR DID GOD SEEK THE ‘APPROVAL’ AND ‘ACCEPTANCE OF HIS DIVINE PLAN’ from ANY Pope, Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop, Abbot, Abbess, Priest, Deacon, Monk, Brother, Sister or Nun within ANY of the Rites of the Catholic Church!

    When Almighty God decided He was going to take it upon Himself TO ALTER the course of Human History, to WHOM did God seek His ‘Divine PERMISSION’ to alter the course of Human History.

    From what PERSON did God seek His ‘Divine Permission’ to SAVE and REDEEM the members of the Human Race, the indivudual members of Mankind?


    The course of Human History since the Jewish-Talmud-Kabbalah-Zohar inspired BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION has resulted in ONE NATION after ANOTHER NATION denying the existence of God, denying the leaders and peoples of those God-denying nations REQUIREMENT to obey God’s Commandments as well as their collective DENYING that all the peoples of this World ARE REQUIRED TO OBEY AND CARRY OUT GOD’S DIVINE AND HOLY WILL for His Own Creation which INCLUDES their very selves!

    The Lord of History DID NOT need the ‘Approval’, the ‘Consent’, the ‘Acceptance’, the ‘Counsel’ of ANYBODY here on earth back in 1917 A.D.!

    The Lord of History DID NOT NEED nor did He SEEK the ‘Approval’, the ‘Consent’, the ‘Acceptance’, the ‘Counsel’ of the Patriachs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Clery, Laity or LEARNED THEOLOGIANS of the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES back in time of the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY when she lived here on earth.

    And the Lord of History DID NOT NEED nor did He SEEK the ‘Approval’, the ‘Consent’, the ‘Acceptance’, the ‘Counsel’ of the Pope, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Clergy, Laity or LEARNED THEOLOGIANS of the many Rites of the Catholic Church back in the time of the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY when she lives here on earth either!

    And THE LORD OF HISTORY DOES NOT NEED to seek the Counsel or obtain the Approval of His Divine and Holy Plans with regards to what should be done and what SHALL be done here on earth from ANYONE AT ALL in either the Catholic or Orthodox Church.

    Once the foregoing SINKS INTO the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of EVERYONE – from ‘Top to Bottom’ of BOTH the Catholic and Orthodox Church – then maybe, just perhaps, both the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church will COOPERATE will all due haste in getting RUSSIA consecrated to the MOTHER OF GOD’S Immaculately Loving Heart per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Apparitions INSTRUCTIONS!

    At the Wedding Feast in Cana, the MOTHER OF GOD did not seek the counsel, the acceptance or approval of ANY Pope, Patriarch, Metropolitan, Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop, Archimandrite, Hiermonk, Abbot, Abbess, Priest, Deacon, or Lay member of EITHER the Catholic or Orthodox Church in expressing her Immaculately Loving Heart’s concern:


    And the MOTHER OF GOD ‘gave ORDERS’ to the stewards of that Wedding Feast;


    At the turn of last century, the Mother of God looked out onto our entire World and turned to HER DIVINE SON:


    And the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary DID NOT seek the counsel of ANY Pope, Patriarch, Metropolitan, Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop, Abbot, Abbess, Hiermonk, Archimandrite, Priest, Deacon, Lay member of EITHER the Catholic OR Orthodox Church.

    She ‘GAVE ORDERS’ to the Catholic Church Hiearchy to…

    …perform a PUBLIC and SOLEMN Collegial Consecation of RUSSIA to her very own Immacualtely Loving Heart.

    If ‘The Head Steward’ and the rest of ‘The Stewards’ of BOTH the Catholic and Orthodox Churches REFUSE TO FILL THE ‘WATER JARS FULL’ with a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to her Immaculately Loving Heart…

    …this ‘Wedding Feast’ between God and Mankind comes to an ABRUPT END – and ALL OF MANKIND becomes ‘The Loser’!

    – Fr. Joseph

  165. Fr. Joseph January 15, 2010 @ 11:28 am

    From a sermon by Saint SOPHRONIUS, BISHOP:

    “‘Hail, full of Grace, the Lord is with you.’ What joy could surpass this, O Virgin Mother? What grace can excel that which God has granted to you ALONE? What could be imagined more dazzling or more delightful? Before the miracle we witness in you, all else pales; all else is inferior when compared with the Grace you have been given. All else, even what is most desirable, must take second place and enjoy a lesser importance.

    “‘THE LORD is with you.’ WHO WOULD DARE CHALLENGE YOU? You are God’s Mother; WHO WOULD NOT IMMEDIATELY DEFER TO YOU, and be glad to accord you a greater primacy and honor? For this reason, when I look upon the Privilege you have ABOVE all creatures, I extol you with the highest praise: ‘HAIL, FULL OF GRACE, THE LORD IS WITH YOU!’ On your account joy has not only graced men, but is also granted to the Powers of Heaven.”

    About St. Sophronius:

    It seems that not too many people who regularly contribute to the RZN commentary sections care for what a PATRIARCH OF JERUSALEM has to say about the MOTHER OF GOD’s place in both all of His Creation as well as her pivotal/critical role in Human Salvation History – both ‘then’ and ‘now’.

    If EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS don’t want to heed with a PATRIARCH OF JERUSALEM has to say – if EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS don’t care what an Early Church Father has to say – then ‘WHO IN THE HECK’ am I to go on and on and on ‘beating-my-head-against-a-stone-wall’ here on RZN with respect to GOD’S OWN DIVINE WILL for a worldwide public and solemn Collegial Consecration of a the VERY FIRST NATION ON EARTH that proclaimed to the entire World and all the Races of Mankind


    to the Divinely Grace Filled IMMACULATELY LOVING HEART of the MOTHER OF GOD herself to whom the Archangel St. Gabriel announced that SHE was to become the MOTHER OF THE GOD which this particular Nation-State asserted DID NOT EXIST?

    – Fr. Joseph

  166. Fr. Joseph January 15, 2010 @ 4:16 pm

    If we but take a deep, slow breath – then let out a quick SIGH – let us all ‘Face The Facts’ regarding our contemporary World.

    For ALL of the factual information readily available in-the-public-domain via sources such as the Internet regarding ALL of the ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ (to borrow a lyric from pop-youth-culture’s AC-DC Rock & Roll band who ALSO blare out to the youth and rest of the members of our World ‘I’m On The Highway To Hell’), from 9-11, the Federal Reserve, Wall St. Banksters, Corruption within and throughout every rung of human society within EVERY LAST NATION here on earth and yada-yada-yada – LET’S FACE IT – there is nothing, nothing and still more NOTHING the single solitary individual can do in order TO STOP, TO PREVENT and TO CORRECT any and all of this.

    And not only can everyone NOT DO ANYTHING, the great numbers of people in our world DON’T WANT TO DO ANYTHING about any of this either.

    Now that we UNDERSTAND our real, true and actual ‘Human Condition’ here on and all across our contemporary World – I suppose we CAN still post more and more and yet MORE INFORMATION for the sake of ‘public consumption’ and ‘human curiosity’ in order to ‘PASS THE TIME AWAY’.

    And with the Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI going to go VISIT Fatima, Portugal this coming May 2010 A.D. – maybe he will DO something about this FINE MESS in which our contemporary World is immersed.

    Certainly no one else is doing ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE with all of this ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ information and reporting readily available in the public domain to and for anyone and everyone with access to the INTERNET and Br. Nathanael’s RZN website articles and reporting.

    Br. Nathanael can’t even get DONATIONS in order to fund the small WORKS he is dedicated TO GET DONE!

    That’s about sums up the problem with the peoples of the nations of our World and of the “churches”…


    …but EVERYONE wants the ‘Perks’, the ‘Privileges’, the ‘Benefits’ of a GOOD WORLD and of a GOOD WHOLESOME SOCIETY…

    …with EVERYONE having this strange belief and strange expectation that all of the OTHER PEOPLE in this World of ours ‘exist’ to make THEIR lives pleasant, carefree and free from personal responsibilities.

    – Fr. Joseph

  167. charlie January 15, 2010 @ 5:52 pm

    “Beginning on September 26, 1956, the Blessed Virgin Mary, under a specific appearance as “Our Lady of America,” manifested Herself to Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil) in the Convent of the Precious Blood Sisters at Rome City, Indiana.

    “Our Lady indicated to Sister that She had come in response to the United States having recognized Her privilege of The Immaculate Conception, especially through The Shrine of The Immaculate Conception at Washington, D.C., and Our Lady of America came with a message for the United States to focus on the virtue of purity.

    “Our Lady spoke about the recognition of The Indwelling Most Holy Trinity in the Christian Family, with The Holy Family (Jesus, Mary & Joseph) as a model. On October 5, 1956, Our Lady inspired Sister to write the prayer to “Our Lady of America,” which prayer (and the design of a medal of Our Lady of America) subsequently received in 1963 the formal approval of Imprimatur by Monsignor Paul F. Leibold, who was then serving as auxiliary bishop and Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

    “Sister Mary Ephrem was blessed to have as her spiritual director Monsignor Leibold for many years until his death in 1972. During this period, Monsignor Leibold authorized the printing of Our Lady’s messages to Sister Mary Ephrem in the form of a diary.


    “On October 13, 1956, The Blessed Virgin Mary requested that a statue of “Our Lady of America” be enshrined in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., as a special place of pilgrimage and a special safeguard for our Country. [TO THIS DAY THIS HAS NOT BEEN DONE]

    “Our Lady promised miracles greater than those of Lourdes and Fatima if her children heeded her warnings and fulfilled her requests. She indicated that this would be accomplished through her loyal sons, the Bishops of the United States. It is to the fulfillment of these requests that this [Langsenkamp Family Apostolate] website is dedicated and it is to Our Lady of America that it is consecrated.”

  168. charlie January 15, 2010 @ 6:43 pm

    In the 80’s Pope John Paul II (note: a pope) believed he had consecrated Russia in a collegial consecration with all the Catholic bishops of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    He did not mention Russia by name in the consecration knowing that Soviet spies were everywhere and this would bring down a new wave of persecution on the martyred church behind the iron curtain. Was it valid?

    The proof is in the pudding.

    Our Lady also had a request for the USA

    To this day it has not been complied with.

    What is the end result of this non compliance?

    Again, the proof is in the pudding.

    The USA is crumbling.

    Our Lady of America is the only canonically approved devotion that is based upon apparitions of Our Lady in the United States.

    “My daughter, will my children in America listen to my pleadings and console my Immaculate Heart? Will my loyal sons carry our my desires and thus help me bring the peace of Christ once again to mankind?”

    Sister Mildred’s Prayer to Our Lady of America.

    “O Immaculate Mother, Queen of our Country, open our hearts, our homes, and our Land to the coming of Jesus, your Divine Son. With Him, reign over us, O heavenly Lady, so pure and so bright with the radiance of God’s light shining in and about you. Be our Leader against the powers of evil set upon wresting the world of souls, redeemed at such a great cost by the sufferings of your Son and of yourself, in union with Him, from that same Savior, Who loves us with infinite charity.”

    “We gather about you, O chaste and holy Mother, Virgin Immaculate, Patroness of our beloved Land, determined to fight under your banner of holy purity against the wickedness that would make all the world an abyss of evil, without God and without your loving maternal care.
    We consecrate our hearts, our homes, our Land to your Most Pure Heart, O great Queen, that the kingdom of your Son, our Redeemer and our God, may be firmly established in us.”

    “We ask no special sign of you, sweet Mother, for we believe in your great love for us, and we place in you our entire confidence. We promise to honor you by faith, love, and the purity of our lives according to your desire.”

    “Reign over us, then, O Virgin Immaculate, with your Son Jesus Christ. May His Divine Heart and your most chaste Heart be ever enthroned and glorified among us. Use us, your children of America, as your instruments in bringing peace among men and nations. Work your miracles of grace in us, so that we may be a glory to the Blessed Trinity, Who created, redeemed, and sanctifies us.”

    “May your valiant Spouse, St. Joseph, with the holy Angels and Saints, assist you and us in “renewing the face of the earth.” Then when our work is over, come, Holy Immaculate Mother, and as our Victorious Queen, lead us to the eternal kingdom, where your Son reigns forever as King.”


    “Our Lady the Immaculate Virgin, Inc. is an organization whose mission is to support Our Lady’s request to have her likeness, as Our Lady of America, placed in the National Shrine to The Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. and to support the preservation of the Holy Ground in Rome City, IN where the central messages of Our Lady of America were given.

    “…to truly discern the spirits — which ones are from God and which are not — we present you with THE TRUE STORY, ( ) as fully documented as possible at this point in time.

    THE “OL BOY” AS SISTER MILDRED CALLED SATAN HAS ATTACKED THIS DEVOTION FOR OVER 50 years and continues to do so through well meaning people unable to discern the spirits, and thus, they have divided the movement and contaminated the message, using the old heresy that “the end justifies the means,” the very heresy at the heart of the “culture of death,” a false teaching and way of life against which Our Lady’s message stands.

    We present you with the Truth as we know it. It is up to you to discern the spirits. By their behaviors you will know them. “

  169. charlie January 16, 2010 @ 2:23 am

    The above link is incorrect here is the correct link for the above post.

  170. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2010 @ 9:36 am

    Dear Charlie,

    Thank you SO MUCH for coming over to my ‘starboard wing’ as a ‘wingman’ in this spiritual AERIAL DOGFIGHT taking place in and over the skies of ALL the nations of our planet earth with satan’s elementals.

    We are in one ‘HECK’ of ‘Global FURBALL’!

    So a little ‘Catholic Christian CATECHISM Class’ for everyone and anyone who reads or contributes to Br. Nathanael and his RZN sorties ‘into the spiritual skies’ in HIS spiritual ‘dogfights’, in HIS ‘interceptor’ missions – may THEY be so equipped to lend their own particular talents and abilities in joining this Spiritual COMBAT our entire Human Race is currently enaged in vs. God’s enemies – whether they be seen or unseen!

    “And just as God’s Mother predicted, the ‘errors’ of RUSSIA — (Christ-rejecting Khazarian-Jewish-Talmudic-Masonic-Kabbalah-Zohar) materialism, militant atheism, totalitarianism, abortion, euthanasia and genocide — have SPREAD across the face of the earth, leaving mountains of corpses as the ‘fruits’ by which ‘ye shall know them’ (Matthew 7:16)

    So now, we have US-UK-Israeli Christ-rejecting Khazarian-Jewish-Talmudic-Masonic-Kabbalah-Zohar US-UK-Israeli materialism, militant atheism, totalitarianism, abortion, euthanasia and genocide!

    People the world over are so DREADFULLY FEARFUL of catching the H1N1 Swine Flu VIRUS from other peoples who travel about this world – yet they have NO FEAR, NO CONCERN over the vicious Satanic Hell-Nihilist-SPIRITUAL VIRUS “conjured up”, “brewed up” and “released from” RUSSIA at the turn of the 1900’s!

    “At FATIMA, Our Lady declared: ‘Only I can help you.’ Considering the confusion, chaos and violence surrounding us everywhere today, Her words seem less a prophetic promise than an obvious and undeniable statement of fact.” – citations from:

    “The Crisis Of Our Times”

    “Let the Heaven’s rejoice anad all who live there; but for you, EARTH AND SEA, TROUBLE IS COMING – because THE DEVIL has gone down to you IN A RAGE, knowing that his days are numbered.” – Revelation 12:12

    “Then the dragon was ENRAGED with THE WOMAN and went away TO MAKE WAR on the rest of her children, that is, all who obey God’s Commandments and bear witness for JESUS.” – Revelation 12:17

    There you go – Hal Lindsey, John Haggee, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson…get before YOUR T.V. cameras and START PREACHING CORRECTLY from ‘The Book of Revelation’ like THE LORD JESUS CHRIST WANTS YOU TO!

    – Fr. Joseph

  171. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2010 @ 9:46 am

    Catholic Christian Catechism Class continuing…


    “Remember, O most gracious VIRGIN MARY,
    that NEVER was it known
    that ANYONE who fled to your protection,
    implored your help
    or sought your INTERCESSION
    (for our ENTIRE WORLD – parens mine)
    was left unaided.
    Inspired with this confidence,
    I fly to you,
    O Virgin of virgins,
    MY MOTHER (cf Revelation 12:17!)
    To you I come, before you I stand,
    sinful and SORROWFUL;
    O Mother of the Word Incarante
    despise not my petitions
    (despise not OUR BISHOPS’ PETITIONS
    – parens mine)
    But in your clemency hear me
    and answer me. Amen
    (But in your clemency hear US BISHOPS
    and answer US BISHOPS. Amen – parens mine)

    “The HOLY SPIRIT is with Jesus’ followers in EVERY ADVERSITY, speaking to us individually to help us in the task of witnessing to the Kingdom of God. OURS IS A WOUNDED HUMANITY not yet shining with the full glory we are destined for. The Spirit ASSISTS US in our deficiences.”
    – Sister Margaret Dorgan, DCM – from


    – Fr. Joseph

  172. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2010 @ 9:55 am


    “…COME HOLY SPIRIT, come by means of THE POWERFUL INTERCESSION of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – Your well beloved SPOUSE.”

    – from “Come Holy Spirit Prayers” at

    When the BISHOP OF ROME and all of the Bishops of the Universal Church WHO DESIRE our Human Race to have WORLD PEACE unite themselves in UNION and in SOLIDARITY for


    and THEY consecrate RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 – then the Spiritual Victory of THE SPIRITUAL BATTLE of Revelation 12:17 will be WON!

    And God and all of Mankind will REJOICE TOGETHER over the Final Defeat of SATAN, his legions of demonic elementals and ALL of his human stooges, dupes and allies with ALL of their interconnected alliances and networks and ‘secret/conspiratorial’ societies and agencies throughout our World!

    And ALL OF US will then have

    1) WORLD PEACE and

    2) God the Holy Spirit’s BLESSINGS, GRACES
    and GIFTS poured out onto and over ALL OF MANKIND! And THAT includes my own SONS and my own GRANDCHILDREN – and YOUR sons and daughters – and YOUR grandchildren as well!

    – Fr. Joseph

  173. charlie January 16, 2010 @ 1:57 pm

    It shows how powerful the forces of evil are in USA when a simple act like a procession and installing of the statue of Our Lady of America in the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, despite the tremendous promises of Our Lady for doing so, cannot be met.

    This despite a proliferation of Catholic organizations designed specifically for the purpose of this simple act.

    Also despite the unique status of official recognition of the validity of the apparitions, messages and consequent devotion, the only canoniclly approved one in the USA.

    And despite the passage of 50 years, since the request was made.

    What powerful diabolical forces you have in your country.

    Guess what?

    All that is about to change.

    Fr Joseph is about to begin a new letter writing campaign.

    America, your salvation is at hand.

  174. The Prodigal Son January 16, 2010 @ 3:42 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    A response to your ‘parable’ from Jan 14 @ 10:56am…

    First of all – I feel the problem is you are reading from the pope’s sheet music, NOT from the Lord’s.

    You’ll never catch me on a plane either, but I’ll play along for a moment. BTW, from where I sit on this plane – it seems to me that KathJ is not arguing what you think she is.

    If the plane we are on symbolizes the Church – then I feel the whole premise of your ‘parable’ is off. The plane I’m on has Jesus Christ as pilot and the Holy Spirit as co-pilot.

    KathJuliane is trying to tell you that behind that closed cockpit door giving instructions over the intercom – it is NOT who you think it is flying this plane !

    Jesus Christ never told His Church that PETER (nor his successors) would lead (navigate) us into all truth… He told us the Holy Spirit would navigate and lead us into all truth. Not ONE MAN – but ALL of us !

    So – “Who’s in command of this ‘flying Church’ here on earth?” Jesus Christ is the head – along with His unseparable body through the guidance of the Holy Spirit – the REAL navigator of His Church on earth, and their instruments never lie.

    Jesus never told us that an apparition would appear in the sky, prompting the bishop of Rome to bolt to the front of the plane and try (albeit unsuccessfully) to wrest the controls from Christ and to CHANGE the flight path which had been set; LOCKED by the Church through the guidance of the Holy Spirit (the Helper) – as per Christ’s instructions.

    He certainly didn’t tell us that an apparition of Mary would appear on the wing and tell us to exit the plane we’re on and get on a different plane !

    So the problem is not your diagnosis of the plane – it’s that you were BORN on a DIFFERENT plane, which is being flown by the pope – whose co-pilot is Lucifer (the light-bearer)… who appears as an angel of light to deceive even the elect.

    — — —

    Here is an Orthodox response proving that ‘Papal Primacy’ of authority is a clear INVENTION.


    ‘It is well-known that the Papists insist upon the so-called “primacy” of the Pope with unrelenting obstinacy. In addition, they have declared that: “Union of Christianity means nothing else but subjugation [to the Pope], the only representative of Christ on earth”.

    And that “the primacy and infallibility are not ecclesiastical decrees that the Church can annul but dogmas whose foundations no one is in a position to shake”. And furthermore that “the Catholic Church [i.e. the papist parachurch] is not going to sacrifice anything from its truths [note: rather its falsehoods]”.

    “In other words”, as the Professor of Dogmatics at the Theological School of the Aristotelian University of Thessalonica Demetrius Tselengides writes in an epistle he sent to the Holy Community of the Holy Mountain, “the Pope in the Latin West – through the dogmatically consolidated “infallibility”, also affirmed by the Second Vatican Council, and through the contested primacy of authority upon the entire Church – has arbitrarily *taken the place of the Spirit of Truth* in the Universal Church”.

    The Papists’ constant reiteration of this position leaves no doubt as to what type of union they seek through their dialogues with the Orthodox. They seek a union modelled after the detestable Unia.’

  175. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2010 @ 5:35 pm

    “For it is NOT against human enemies that we have to struggle, but against the sovereignties and powers who orginate THE SPIRITUAL DARKNESS in this World, the spiritual army of EVIL in the heavens.”
    – St. Paul the Apostle – Ephesians 6:12

    If you are going to have 36,000 Warsaw Pact T-62 battle tanks coming AT YOU in order to OVERRUN your territories, you DESIGN of one these:

    and you get lots and lots of MEN (and WOMEN nowdays) to accompany it into BATTLE.

    If you are going to have legions of Satanic elemental demonics coming AT YOU in order to overrun YOUR territories, You Design of of these:

    and you get lots and lots of MEN & WOMEN to accompany HER into Battle.

    With Br. Nathanael getting over 870,000+ readers A MONTH to this website of his doing via the Divine Inspirations and Graces of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT – the BOTH the Church and all of Mankind has a ‘pool of MANPOWER’ from which to draw in order TO COMBAT these legions of Satanic elementals running pell-mell ALL OVER our planet earth – grinding Mankind under their Satanic tanks’ treads.

    Now if ANY OF YOU want to join in this global, geopolitical, psycho-spiritual COMBAT vs. Satan’s legions, then this is what you do.

    You FIRST get yourself a statue or icon of the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY as ‘Madonna and Child’ – you get it BLESSED by a Priest – and if you DON’T have an ordained Priest available, you turn your eyes towards the Heavens and with heartfelt sincerity – you tell GOD THE SON you want for HIM to Bless that statue of His Mother holding Him when He was but a wee little Lad – and you place that statue/icon in a prominent place in your homes, your places of business, your schools, whatever so that it is out in FULL VIEW.

    If you want TO FIGHT, then let me HELP YOU ALL with the following postings of mine..

    “When He had gone indoors His disciples asked Him privately, ‘Why were WE unable to cast it (the demonic) out?’

    “‘This is the kind,’ He answered, ‘that can only be DRIVEN OUT BY PRAYER.” – Mark 9:27-29

    Going to do my very little part in making ANY and ALL OF YOU ‘Satanic Pact T-62 Tank BUSTERS’!

    – Fr. Joseph

  176. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2010 @ 8:10 am

    In the Gospel of St. Matthew, there are these verses:

    “And a Voice spoke from Heaven, ‘This is My Son, the Beloved; My Favor rests on Him.” – Matthew 3:17

    “This is My Son, the Beloved; He enjoys My Favor. Listen to Him.” – Matthew 17:5

    Folks, that’s the VOICE of our Creator speaking there. The One Who created ALL that is seen and unseen – from the inert elements of chemistry’s periodic chart to all the beings with a FREE WILL, He’s speaking to His Own creatures living, moving and having their being in HIS Creation – meaning to say OUR Human Race.

    Our Creator has and is attempting to make us all understand that HE wants for ALL OF US to live these lives of ours here on this planet of His creating like HUMAN BEINGS, the Way He designed and created Human Beings TO LIVE in the ‘Very First Place’.

    Now this yak-a-doodle elemental, once-angelic, now demonic SPIRIT royally screwed up the first Human Beings in the way in which they WERE SUPPOSED TO live their lives here on this planet – and that SAME yak-a-doodle elemental, once-angelic, now demonic SPIRIT is still at it, continuing to royally screw up the way Human Beings were and ARE meant to live their lives here on this planet.

    ALL Human Affairs since the ‘Dawn Of Time’ until the present momemt in Human History has been nothing but BELIEF and BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION to, with, for, amongst the many races of our Human Race.

    “Who and What Are We To Believe?” and

    “What and How Are We To Conduct Ourselves?”

    Now then, there is ‘the spirit of Satan’, there is ‘the spirit of this World’ and there is ‘the Spirit of our All-good Creator’.

    Everyone has a ‘FREE WILL’ by which to make CHOICES in this seen ‘Cause and Effect’ All of our All-good God’s Creating and Sustaining.

    If people WANT TO wallow in and continue on promoting the BONEHEADED IDEAS of this yak-a-doodle, elemental, once-angelic now demonic spirit – OR – if people WANT TO wallow in and continue on promoting these BONEHEADED IDEAS of the many seen yak-a-doodles ‘of this World’ and of our own Human Race – then either God’s Own ‘Cause and Effect’ will have to bring them to their own eventual ends OR our All-good God HIMSELF will see to it that He Himself in a Direct and Personal Way will PUT AN END to all of this yak-a-doodle boneheadedness!

    So our All-good God WANTS TO impart the Gifts, Graces and Consolations of His Own Holy Spirit in order to assist and cooperate with Him in bringing about the ‘REDEMPTION’ of His Own Creation. And ‘RE-DEEMING’ simply means DOING WHAT IT IS that our All-good God ORIGINALLY Envisioned for all of us members of the Human Race to whom He has granted each one individually this ‘Gift of Life’ and with these FREE WILLS He has so graciously gifted us while living and alive here in this ‘Cause and Effect ALL’ of His Creating.

    So onto approaching God with needy hands uplifted in order to request and obtain from our All-good God and Father in Heaven this Divine PRECIOUS Gift of His Own Holy Spirit…

    – Fr. Joseph

  177. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2010 @ 9:44 am

    Dare TO DO something completely different with your God-given FREE WILL in midst of our contemporary World. While so many people are doing everything imaginable in their powers to FLEE from, to ESCAPE Reality AS IT IS per God’s Designs via the same old hum-drum drug or alcohol consumption, immersing themselves in every form of ‘virtual man-made manfuctured reality’ via TV, computer simulations and games, sports and passive, unproductive and useless time-consuming entertainments or the temporary biochemical pleasures and euphoria sexual stimulation, summon up the inner COURAGE to ‘dare’ to live life in God’s Reality AS God desires us to move, live and have our being.

    It was the Spirit of God Who hovered over the primordial MEANINGLESS CHAOS of ‘No-Thing-Ness’ and that same Creative and Life-Giving Spirit Who was ‘then’ Is still ‘now’ and will Be forever.

    The Divine Spirit of God in Divine Wisdom brought forth this ‘Time-Space-Matter-Energy’ seen All into existance. And the Divine Spirit of God granted us all LIFE by granting us our own personal SPIRIT as well with our SPIRIT united to these MATERIAL bodies of ours in which we ALL participate in His seen ‘Time-Space-Matter-Energy’ REALITY in which we all move, live and have our being.

    All forms of MATTER consisting of any combition of the chemical elements in the periodic chart CAN assume the various ‘States of Matter’ – Gas, Liquid or Solid.

    Yet is it WATER – H20 – which even GODLESS SCIENTISTS throughout our Human Race will readily and PUBLICLY ADMIT is required for LIFE to occur.

    WATER is that ‘Matter’ by which Divine Wisdom of an All-good Creator God BRINGS FORTH every manner and sort of SEEN life – plant, animal and human.

    And it is by His created WATER that Divine Wisdom imparts and brings for NEW spiritual life in the INCARNATE spirits God has created to live, move and have their being here on this planet earth of His creating by granting the LIFE of His Own Holy Spirit to CREATED incarnate spirits created in His Image and Likeness.

    Just as WATER is perfectly capable of washing off our physical bodies for all the grim, dirt, filth that may accumulate on and cling to our physical bodies, God uses WATER – the Water of the Christian Church’s Sacrament of BAPTISM – to dissolve and wash away every manner of spiritual grim, dirt and filth that may cling onto our SPIRITs.

    And just as WATER brings forth natural and spiritual life, WATER brings forth all manner of OTHER living thing from which we obtain OILS contained in living creatures OTHER than ourselves. There is OLIVE OIL, for example, extracted from LIVING olive trees.

    Just as God utilizes WATER in the Christian Church’s Sacrament of Baptism in order to rejuvinate our spiritual life here in this seen ‘All’ of His Creating, God uses OILS in the Christian Church’s Sacrament of CHRISMATION-CONFIRMATION to annoint our very spirits with His Very Own HOLY SPIRIT.

    This bring us back to our entire Human Race’s SPIRITAL WAR vs. the death-and-destruction-dealing SATAN, his elemental demonics and his human allies, dupes and stooges intermixed within and throughout our Human Race.

    Getting yourselves MINDFULLY Baptized and Chrismated-Confirmed by the Blessed Holy Waters of the Church and the Blessed Holy Oils of the Church LOOKS LIKE THIS to the Satanic Pact’s T-62 battle tanks running amock all across OUR ‘territories’ which rightfully belong TO our entire Human Race (which is THIS planet earth of OURS):

    – Fr. Joseph

  178. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2010 @ 11:07 am

    “When He (JESUS) had gone indoors His disciples asked Him privately, ‘Why were we unable to cast it (an unseen elemental demonic spirit) out?’

    “This is the kind (of unseen elemental demonic spirit)’, He (JESUS) answered ‘that can only be driven out by PRAYER.'” – Gospel of St. Mark – Mark 9:28-29

    Now if YOU WANT TO take out a Warsaw Pact T-62 main battle tank, you simply gotta get one of these ‘suckers’ INTO it:

    A one pound depleted uranium projectile hitting at a velocity resulting in an impact pressure of 1,000,000 pounds per square inch causes the depleted uranium TO BURN ITS WAY THROUGH the thick hardened armor plating hull of a T-62 main battle tank.

    Once INSIDE, all sorts of ‘nasty things’ occur WITHIN that T-62 tank that causes it to be rendered OUT OF COMMISSION – hence, it’s TANK TREADS are incapable of rolling over the delicate toes of human beings thus preventing every manner of excruicating PAIN and MISERY to any individual(s).

    And the OTHER ‘nasty things’ that a T-62 might do and IS capable of doing – such as firing its SHELLS at lots and lots of very vulnerable people and their FAMILIES all gathered around for some PEACEFUL TIME as a family in their HOMES and in their VILLAGES and TOWNS and entire CITIES is abruptly ‘TERMINATED’ from ever happening in the very first place.

    Now ANY ‘Divine A-10 Warthog’ who gets himself or herself BAPTIZED and CHRISMATED-CONFIRMED needs some of these sorts of SHELLS to load up with IN ORDER TO take out any number of SATANIC PACT T-62 spiritual battle tanks running rough-shod over our planet earth and fellow members of our Human Race.

    ‘Divine A-10 Warthogs’ need to get LOADED UP with those Divine Armor Penetrating Shells by and with one of these:

    Now ANYONE and EVERYONE on planet earth can go down to their local Catholic or Orthodox Church parish – OR – any good Catholic or Orthodox religious goods store and purchase for themselves such things as ROSARIES and CHAPLET BEADS or JESUS PRAYER BEADS and begin TAKING OUT Satanic Pact T-62 spiritual battle tanks IF THEY WANT DO!


    Kids, teenagers and young adults can wallow hours and hours of precious time away playing their computer ‘First Person Shoot ‘Em Up’ WAR GAMES – or – they can do ‘THE REAL THING’ in doing COMBAT and having WARS with real life satanic elemental demonic spirits in order to ‘Save Their Own Skins’ and ‘The Skins’ of their friends, family and relatives.

    Now ‘WHO?’ is going to tell the millions of KIDS, TEENAGERS and YOUNG ADULTS this particular spiritual ‘The Birds and the Bees Facts of Life’?

    – Fr. Joseph

  179. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2010 @ 11:30 am

    Maybe THIS will help all of the TEENAGERS and YOUNG ADULTS who might, just might, be taking an interest OR who really and truly DO have an interest in Br. Nathanael’s mission, ministry and apostolate’s work here on RZN and out during his Street Evangelism efforts in such places as NEW YORK CITY.

    Regarding the Christian Church’s ROSARY, the Christian Church’s CHAPLETS, the Christian Church’s JESUS PRAYER BEADS:

    Looks like THIS!

    – Fr. Joseph

  180. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2010 @ 12:53 pm

    “‘MY FATHER,’ He (Jesus) said, ‘if it is possible, LET THIS CUP PASS ME BY. Nevertheless, let it be as You, not I, would have it.'” – The Gospel of St. Matthew – Matthew 26:39

    Divine Wisdom isn’t “folly” nor is it “stupid”.

    All of us tend to avoid both pain and anything that might bring us closer to our own deaths. And why is that?

    Because God is a God of LIFE and all of us are created in the Image and Likeness of our God of Life. We truly want TO LIVE and KEEP ON LIVING. And all forms of PAIN detract from our ability to live out our lives and all threats and modes of DEATH and DYING are repulsive to us – so much so as they create FEAR in us on account of losing the ability to continue LIVING in this Seen All of our All-good God and Father’s Creation.

    Jesus Christ, in His human nature DID NOT want to experience the pain or the death He would encounter during His Crucifixion on the Cross. But it was His Divine Nature as the Eternally Begotten Son of God our Father in Heaven which EMPOWERED HIM to overcome and ‘set aside’ every manner of LIMITATION imposed on Him via His human nature.

    There are times in ALL of our lives where we go out of our own way TO PROTECT ourselves from the PAIN(S) and even our own DEATH(S) when we are required to do something JUST WITH these human natures of ours – a task, a function, an action or an activity we WANT TO DO or NEED TO DO despite our innate fear and repulsion of both PAIN and DEATH.

    Firefighters don protective gear in order to entire burning buildings in order to save people inside those buildings.

    Football players don protective helmets and body armor in order to remain playing the human sport of football.

    And astronauts don their own sort of protective gear in order to confront and personally encouter the utter hostility of outer space on a human being’s created nature.

    And soldiers don helmets and body armor as well.

    So what of CHRISTIANS called to THE DEFENSE of the Church and of the Human Race vs. these satanic elemental demonics? What ‘on earth’ is going to give the individual Christian his, her or their sense of personal spiritual ‘Body Armor’?

    The Divine-Heavenly-Supernatural Answer comes to both the members of His Church and the rest of Mankind in the form of ‘SACRAMENTALS’ – the ‘Body Armor’ I want to inform everyone here on RZN about are 1) The Brown Scapular and 2) The Green Scapular

    The Brown Scapular

    The Green Scapular

    Even USAF A-10 Warthog PILOTS are encased in and surrounded by a TITANIUM ARMORED SHELL which prevents ground fire projectiles from KILLING THEM while in flight and on their Mission.

    The Brown and Green Scapulars are Heaven’s Protection from the Satanic SAMs and ground fire leveled against ‘Divine A-10 Warthog Pilots’.

    The Scapulars give these Pilots the ‘comfy cozy personal assurance’ to do THIS:

    – Fr. Joseph

  181. Constantine January 17, 2010 @ 4:14 pm

    Dear Father Joseph:

    I read some of your comments regarding the Orthodox Church and the claim of Orthodox Christians that this is the One True Church of Christ to this day.

    Is the Eastern Orthodox Church in error in terms of theology?



  182. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2010 @ 4:38 pm

    “By His DIVINE Power, He has given us all the things that we need for LIFE and for true devotion, bringing us to KNOW God Himself, Who has called us by His Own Glory and GOODNESS. In making these Gifts, He has given us the guarantee of something very great and wonderful to come; through them you will be able to SHARE the Divine Nature and to escape corruption in a World that is sunk in vice.” St. Peter – 2 Peter 1:3-4

    This ‘World’ of ours – rejecting and devoid of God the Holy Spirit, the Giver of Life – can do nothing BUT keep all people’s minds and hearts OFF God. This ‘World’ will incessantly demand people’s attention, emotions, obsessions over and preoccupations with every manner of thing which are incapable of granting people a true freedom and liberty of spirit, i.e. the blessed hope and anticipation of Living Life Fully for ever and ever.

    People KNOW OF this ‘perpetual squirrel cage’ running faster and faster to nowhere. They are LIVING IT NOW and do everything in their power to IGNORE that fact-of-life.

    When people ‘wake up’ to THAT spiritual reality of living life in this ‘World’ with all of its contemporary ‘Bells & Whistles’, they have DARED to slough off the spiritual chains by which Satan has rendered them perpetually bonded-chained servant-slaves.

    The Author and Source of All Eternal Life gives His Very Self to us CHRISTIANS in the Church’s Sacrament of THE EUCHARIST in order to sustain our journey through this spiritual satanic maze-leading-to-nowhere.

    When people recognize this World and all it has to offer really and truly leads to ‘nowhere’ except its next revolution of the satanic-squirrel cage – it’s commands to ‘run’ being busy, commands to ‘chase after’ whichever fashionable CARROT is dangled in front of their noses and eyes, its DEMANDS to be obsessed and preoccupied with that, that and whatever number of ‘other things’ – the God-given LIFE of their unseen spirit begins to YEARN for something much more greater and much more substantial that ALL this ‘World’ has to offer them.

    Seeking GOD in the Christian Church’s Sacrament of the Eucharist confected FOR the peoples of our World by the GOD OF LIFE Himself in the Divine Sacrifice of the Mass and of the Divine Liturgy does THIS to the arrays of the Satanic Pact’s T-62 battle tanks of this ‘World’:

    Wanna JOIN IN dropping God’s Divine Spiritual ORDINANCE on the Satanic Pact’s arrays of T-62 tanks?

    All ya need is but a wee bit of knowledge about the Catholic Church’s MASS or the Divine Liturgies of the Eastern Orthodox Church and Catholic Church. Your mindful PARTICIPATION in what is said, in what is read, in what is sung, in what is DONE at the Mass and Divine Liturgy IS the ‘Dropping Of God’s Divine Ordinance’ here on and here in THIS ‘World’:


    St. John Chrysostom
    St. Basil the Great
    St. James of Jerusalem:

    – Fr. Joseph

  183. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2010 @ 7:02 pm

    “JESUS turned round, saw them following and said, ‘What do you want?’ They answered, ‘Rabbi,’ – which means Teacher – ‘where do You live?’ ‘COME AND SEE’ He replied; so they went and saw where He lived, and STAYED WITH HIM the rest of that day.” – Gospel according to St. John – John 1:38-39

    “There is a season for everything, a time for EVERY OCCUPATION under Heaven…A time for knocking down, a time for building…A time for searching, a time for losing…A for keeping silent, a time for speaking…A time for WAR, a time for PEACE.”
    – Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

    There is A TIME to GO SEE where the Lord LIVES and TO STAY WITH HIM.

    re: Eucharistic Adoration

    – Fr. Joseph

  184. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2010 @ 7:13 pm

    “A time for WAR, a time for PEACE.”
    – Ecclesiastes 3:8

    And there ARE times in ALL of our lives – after having FOUGHT every troublesome ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ and every last one of their obstacles which have been thrown at us to PREVENT us from ENDING this psycho-spiritual WARFARE – with ALL of our personal ‘weapon’s racks’ ordinance’ having been FIRED OFF and with our inner spiritual FUEL TANKS dangerously low – where we simply MUST ‘Break Off Contact’ and remove ourselves from this Global Spiritual Dogfight ‘Furball’ in order to head for FRIENDLY SKIES to allow God the Holy Spirit to REFRESH and REPLENISH us…

    – Fr. Joseph

  185. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2010 @ 7:44 pm

    Dear Constantine,

    The Catholic-Orthodox Schism of 1054 A.D. was over 900 YEARS OLD – that is 9 WHOLE CENTURIES – before Almighty God, the Blessed Trinity, the Author, Giver and Grantor of LIFE decided to call ME into existance!

    How many MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS before I even came into existance had joined in, supported, perpetuated this 900 year old Catholic-Orthodox Schism?

    I think that it should be rather obvious to us all – after these past 900 years – that this particular SCHISM of the Church is NOT going to become resolved by mere human efforts. It’s going to HAVE TO TAKE God the Holy Spirit TO UNDO this fine MESS mere mortal men wrought onto the Church and Human History.

    But our REAL spiritual-religious-theologcal PROBLEM that is sitting squarely in MY lap, in YOUR lap, in BR. NATHANAEL’S lap, in the laps of ALL of the Church’s Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Clergy and Lay Faithful is this:


    If the Western Church and the Eastern Church don’t WAKE UP and utilize God’s Divine ‘Secret Weapon’ who happens to be THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 – this WOMAN being the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Most Holy Theotokos – with a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculately Loving Heart – there will be NO Catholic OR Orthodox Church left in order TO CONTINUE this 900 year old Schism!

    And SATAN WINS his challenge vs. JESUS. That satanic challenge was witnessed by and overheard by the BISHOP OF ROME, Pope Leo XIII, back in 1884 A.D..

    “Filioque” ISN’T our problem. Blessing ourselves with the Sign of the Cross from either left to right shoulder or right to left shoulder with fingers extended our with thumb, fore and middle fingers gathered together ISN’T our problem. Nor is using GREEK or LATIN or OLD CHURCH SLAVONIC or SYRIAC in the Mass or Divine Liturgies our problem.

    SATAN IS ‘OUR PROBLEM’ – and it sure does seem to me that the Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Clergy and Lay Faithful of BOTH the Western and Eastern Chruches have ENTIRELY FORGOTTEN THAT BIT OF ‘CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE’ ALTOGETHER!


    At least I am TRYING to obtain Him His Victory in my own ordained way.

    – Fr. Joseph

  186. Constantine January 18, 2010 @ 5:32 pm

    Father Joseph,

    Thank you very much for your response. If you dont mind, I wasn’t sure if you said yes or no in your answer, but if you could, would you please clarify for me what your position is.

    Is the Eastern Orthodox Church in error theologically?



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