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Obama’s Zionist Global Plans


By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2011

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“A GLOBAL ECONOMY REQUIRES A GLOBAL CURRENCY” stated Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, who is currently on Obama’s economic team.

The economic team includes the Zionist Jewish banker, Robert Rubin. Many Washington insiders believe that Volcker will be Obama’s pick for Treasury Secretary.

Volcker’s call for a global currency is featured as the header on the Single Global Currency Association Web Site. The SGCA boasts that it is “dedicated to implementing a Single Global Currency within a Global Monetary Union and managed by a Global Central Bank.”

But before a Global Central Bank can be established, there must first be a series of “regional” Central Banks. Zionist Jews, like Robert Rubin, who is the Director of Citigroup Banking & on Obama’s economic team, are already planning a “North American Central Bank” as a stepping stone to a Global Central Bank.

As CS Lewis said in his famous book, The Screwtape Letters: “the safest road to Hell is the gradual one.”


ZIONIST JEW HERBERT GRUBEL of the Fraser Institute Of Canada recently proposed a “North American Central Bank” as part of a monetary union between America, Canada, & Mexico. Here’s what Grubel stated in his article, “The Case For The Amero:”

“The national banks of America, Canada, and Mexico, will be replaced by a North American Central Bank. Like the European Central Bank, it will have its own Constitution. Thus the policies of the North American Central Bank will be free from partisan national politics.” View Entire Story Here.

A Zionist “think tank” known as the Center For Strategic And International Studies (CSIS) is pressing for “regional integration” to implement a North American Central Bank in stages. This is stated in their North American Future 2025 Project Report.

Zionist Jews literally flood the roster of “expert members” of the CSIS. And Obama’s foreign policy advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is listed as a CSIS “Counselor & Trustee.”

Brzezinski recently articulated his globalist “slow road to hell,” saying, “We cannot leap into world government in one quick step. The precondition for globalization is progressive regionalization.”

Zionists will cause the dollar to be devalued to the point where Americans will accept regionalization as Obama’s solution for dollar recovery. In fact, Obama’s globalist slow road to hell is already being built. Just “read his adviser’s lips…”


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Brother Nathanael @ November 19, 2008


  1. admin November 19, 2008 @ 11:48 pm

    Hi Everybody –

    Well, the one ‘change’ we cannot look forward to is movement to a One World Government “in stages” in an Obama administration.

    How did Obama get as far as he has gotten? By being his own man? Ha ha ha. Obama is the perfect “tool” for the Zionist Jews and the NWO boys. Just pull the little string and Obama will dance for them – he’s their puppet.

    I WILL BE TAKING a 4 days off until some time early next week to get “recharged.” Also, I will be entering into intensive prayer for 1) my own salvation 2) more insight in Christ’s holy will for my life 3) greater penetration into the Zionist/NWO threat to our once Christian nation and worldwide 4) For all of you, many of which, have made some financial “sacrifices” to keep the ministry of Real Jew News alive.

    And we must all make “sacrifices” to conquer the enemies of the Cross: Zionist Jews & the New World Order boys. As I have said so many times, we are all in this together.

    Now I add this. We must now all WORK & PRAY together.

    Much love to you all – +Brother Nathanael

  2. Bob November 20, 2008 @ 12:39 am

    God bless you Brother Nathanael. Recharge your batteries, we need you speaking the truth!

  3. rich November 20, 2008 @ 8:36 am

    i think they’ll go for a regional currency first such as the “Amero” or some similar name just like Europe chose the Euro !!!! but who knows, maybe they’ll just pass that phase and go for broke !!!!!

  4. Ray O Hope November 20, 2008 @ 9:40 am

    It is online NOW.

    Thursday November 20, 2008

    Guest: Dr. Tatyana Koryagina

    Topic: Rebroadcast of Rick Wiles’ historic November 2001 interview with the Russian economist who predicted the 9/11 attacks

    Dr. Tatyana Koryagina is a RUSSIAN Economist and was an advisor to President Vladamir Putin.

    She PREDICTED in July 2001 that an attack would take place on the U.S. in August 2001.
    911 happened just weeks later.

    please pass this on.

  5. America, the Beautiful November 20, 2008 @ 11:19 am

    Yes, the Globalists have already shown us what their version of a bank heist looks like, its called the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out.

    With the North American Union and the Amero, it will be so much easier to ‘lighten our wallets’ — and soon, they will not have to be dragged before the impotent Congress and risk further humiliation.

    Their “plan” always stacks the cards in their favor.

  6. Jim DeTexas November 20, 2008 @ 1:14 pm

    Is Instant Gratification Jewish?!?!


  7. Sly November 20, 2008 @ 2:06 pm

    One of the first issues with Obama was that he had a Muslim background,now it’s a Zionist connection? Which is it? What’s next, his affiliation with the Rotary Cub? And to think,he hasn’t even taken office yet.

  8. Scared in Arkansas November 20, 2008 @ 4:52 pm

    Pray at night on your knees. During the daytime, we must spread the news. Even if the poor brainwashed, idiotized, public thinks we’re crazy. In two years they may believe us.

  9. jonah November 20, 2008 @ 5:50 pm

    let us NOT forget the 3 million innocent iraqi men, women and children that the clinton and bush dynasties KILLED these last 15 years. Let us NEVER forget the JEWISH treachery BEHIND the puppets who purportedly rule the USA.

    Come Judgement Day, rest assured, they will ALL be held to account for their CRIMES.

    Jonas the Prophet
    California USA

  10. james November 20, 2008 @ 7:13 pm

    “A Zionist “think tank” known as the Center For Strategic And International Studies (CSIS) is pressing for “regional integration” to implement a North American Central Bank in stages. This is stated in their North American Future 2025 Project Report.

    Zionist Jews literally flood the roster of “expert members” of the CSIS. And Obama’s foreign policy advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is listed as a CSIS “Counselor & Trustee.”

    Brezinski founded the CSIS and is or was the director as well as the Trilateral commission.

    Here’s what January surprise is going to be.

  11. Skip Baker November 21, 2008 @ 9:05 am

    “Volcker’s call for a global currency is featured as the header on the Single Global Currency Association Web Site.”

    A Single Global Currency would be just the thing to bring on the Mark of the Beast.

    They could stop anybody’s debit card who didn’t follow their false religion.

    Then they couldn’t “buy of sell.”

    It would sure bring about what Revelation 13 is talking about.

  12. Nick - Soldier in the Army of Christ November 21, 2008 @ 10:09 am

    @ Ray O Hope

    Thank you so much for posting the BROADCAST.
    It is extreamly interesting.

    May Christ’s will be done for us all!

  13. Jim DeTexas November 21, 2008 @ 11:13 am

    Talmudic jewery in practical application. Follow-up

    BREAKING! Angry Mob Of Agriprocessors Workers Protest Outside Multicultural Center

    Story here…

  14. Fr. John November 21, 2008 @ 5:13 pm

    JimdeTexas- I’ve already written about this fiaso.

    And NO, Postville is an ‘everytown’ small town in Iowa, not a ‘multicultural center.’

    The Deicides’ presence there is the stuff of talmudic legend.

    Nothing but Evil, evil, evil.
    Anathema sit.

  15. Tom November 21, 2008 @ 6:32 pm

    The money changers are still in the temple.

    All I can say is that the day will come when the jews (money changers) will be removed from the temple.

    The jews will no longer be the bankers in control of the worlds Federal Reserves and Treasuries.

    Watch for when this happens and that will be the sign of revalation is near.

    When the 99% of the world is returned to 99% of the world and not controlled behind the curtain by 1 religious ethnic group then revelation is near.

  16. Anon John November 21, 2008 @ 8:26 pm

    Both parties are owned by Zionists but Globalists are greater than just the Zionists.

    If you look at the global banking system, there are many Jewish people but there are many other people there as well. As the current financial markets are in crisis we will soon be sold a “bill of goods” to “help” us.

    REMEMBER they will try and manipulate us through our fear.

    The same way they did with terrorism. We need to keep our independence and our civil liberties and rights.

    People don’t realise that automation of our personal records, banking information, health records etc. is already an erosion of our privacy and thus our civil rights.

    Money is nothing more than numbers and decimals on a computer. When was the last time you held even 10% of your total assets in your hand?

    The bank owns them either through your bank account or your 401k or your house through your mortgage.

  17. carlos muro November 21, 2008 @ 9:21 pm





  18. KathJuliane November 21, 2008 @ 9:37 pm

    [Christian America Speaks Up-Tells Follywood and Foxman to Shove It On ADL’s Own Survey! Foxman’s knickers twisted up and he is shrilly yelping! Maybe they should have left Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of the Christ’ alone…]

    Survey: Americans Believe Religious Values Are ‘Under Attack’

    Los Angeles, CA, November 14, 2008 … A majority of the American people believes that religious values are “under attack,” and that the people who run the television networks and major movie studios do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans, according to a survey from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) issued today.

    ~American Attitudes on Religion, Moral Values and Hollywood~[survey online at CDL], a national poll of 1,000 American adults conducted in October 2008 by The Marttila Communications Group, found that 61% of the American people continue to believe that religious values in this country are “under attack.” The poll also found that 59% of Americans agree that “the people who run the TV networks and the major movie studios do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans.” [This poll was surprising in that only 22% thought Hollywood was controlled by Jews, presumably because the people thought it was controlled by pop movie stars, sodomites, “Kabbalists”, feminists, pornographers, and pedophiles, organized crime, ad nauseum, not connecting it all with the Jewification of America.]

    The poll was released during the League’s 2008 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.

    “These findings point to the challenges that we face in dealing with issues of religion in society,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “The belief that religion is under attack underlies the drive to incorporate more religion into American public life. [Belief? The drive, jackass, is to incorporate Biblical morality and good conscience. Remember the written Torah and the Ten Commandments, Foxman?]Disturbingly, 43% of Americans believe there is an organized campaign by Hollywood and the national media to weaken the influence of religious values in this country.” [This is “significant minority” statistics. This can be worked with patience, education, and grass-roots activism to de-liberalize the American Main Street.]

    Among the main findings of the ADL survey, American Attitudes on Religion, Moral Values and Hollywood:

    61% of Americans say they believe that “Religious values are under attack in this country,” while 36% disagree with that statement (graph). 59% agree that “the people who run the TV networks and the major movie studios do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans.” And 43% hold the view that Hollywood and the national media are waging an organized campaign to “weaken the influence of religious values in this country.” (graph)

    Significantly fewer Americans believe today that Jews control the TV and film industries. [We need to run counter-propaganda to this one.] The survey showed that 63% disagree with the notion that “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” while only 22% agree.

    When ADL conducted its first survey on anti-Semitic attitudes in 1964, nearly half of all Americans believed that the television and film industries were run by Jews. (graph)

    There is surprising support for censorship. Nearly 40% of the American people support the notion that “dangerous ideas should be banned from public school libraries,” and nearly the same number of Americans disagree with the statement that “censoring books is an old-fashioned idea.” (graph)

    • Nearly half of those surveyed – 49 percent – believe that the United States is becoming “too tolerant in its acceptance of different ideas and lifestyles;” 47 percent disagreed with that statement. (graph)
    “It is troubling that so many Americans feel as if the output of Hollywood is part of an organized campaign to undermine religious values in this country and believe that censorship is acceptable,” said Mr. Foxman. “It shows that in this age of pervasive media and the widening availability of the Internet, many Americans still maintain a very parochial view toward the information age, and even believe in censorship to ‘protect morality.’ If anything, it points to the need for a greater awareness of the fundamental role that the First Amendment has played in helping religious freedom in America to be sustained, and indeed, to flourish.”

    [Yeah, Foxman. And I suppose you would also run a vicious campaign against parents for stopping their children from ingesting rat-poison, simply because children should drink whatever the hell they want as a Constitutional right.]

    The survey was conducted by the Marttila Communications Group, a Boston-based public opinion research firm that has conducted numerous national surveys for ADL measuring American attitudes on a wide range of domestic and foreign policy issues. The survey has a margin of error of +/-3.09 percent. For many questions, the survey used the technique of split sampling,” a process in which the 1,000 sample was split into two demographically representative national samples of 500 respondents each. The margin of error for questions answered by 500 respondents is +/- 4.38 percent.

    The Pro-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world’s leading and most rabid mad-dog organization fighting Christianity and morality, through programs and services that promote Talmudic hatred, amorality, prejudice and bigotry, humanism, and perversion, and defends sodomy, pornography, pederasty, feminism, abortion, parasitism, and desecration of the Holy Land by viciously supporting that crappy little mamzer nation in the Middle East. [This last paragraph severely hacked by KJ. All the rest is true to the original outside of brackets.] .

  19. Eternal Love November 22, 2008 @ 6:14 pm

    I also think that Hollywood is the nest of Evil and should ultimately be outlawed because I do not think anything goes in democracy. I read somewhere that the so called “cultural movie making place” has been created by Khazars/Jews coming from East Europe.

    Not only Hollywood but also magazines like Playboy/Playgirl and the likes pornography must be banned from bookstores.

    To me, allowing pornography to be promoted is not democracy. This is the means, used by satanic kids (Lucifer), to concentrate people’s attention on their anatomy, not on their Divine Soul which is actually the True Will of GOD…

    Please brothers and sisters, boycott the Satanic culture, do not watch their movies and protest against the Porno industry!!!

    Lot’s of Love, and thanks a lot for all interesting links, videos and posts, which I try to send out to more friends all over the world…

    Eternal Love

  20. Eternal Love November 22, 2008 @ 7:16 pm

    Film alleges American bankers behind wars, terrorism Part 1

    The link is from Russian newspaper

    Eternal Love

  21. james November 22, 2008 @ 7:47 pm


    Maybe you will know this.

    Why does the Vatican and Mecca both have Obelisks?

    I have never thought of this before.

    When mention this in the news they refer to it as a pillar

    I know in Mecca it is suppossed to represent the devil.

  22. KathJuliane November 22, 2008 @ 8:02 pm

    @Eternal Love, God bless you for your labors. If one person educates with facts and evidences just ten people to make them aware, and if each one of the ten people comitted to educate 10 more, then within relatively little time a great number of people will be able to make informed and moral decisions about what they need to do, whether it looks like the times mean preparing for the long term to endure, resist or vigorously reform the political and social situation, and it begins in one’s local schools, neighborhoods, politics and churches.

    Freedom of speech includes where and what a person spends their dollars [pennies?], and economic and academic boycott is a lawful form of freedom of speech.

    There’s no way of taking this wall of liberal manure down from the top. Like Roman seigecraft of old, in storming a hostile fortress, many times the soldiers had to remove the foundation stones in a tactic called the ~testudo~. Originally the name was given to the penthouse of shields formed by the soldiers while storming the fortress. The second and following ranks held their shields in a slanting position over their heads; the first rank and the men in the wings held them straight up in front of them. These shields were covered with wet skins or cushions as a protection against fire being thrown down on them.

    By forming this penthouse when no battering ram sheds or mining huts were available, sappers and miners could work on pulling out the foundation stones to collapse a section and breach the wall that way.

    This just in from the ticker tape at Air Talmud:

    The Obama-quin Administration is looking like a third term for both the Clintons and the Bush League.

    Brennan, Harding Slated For Top Intelligence Jobs
    20 Nov 2008 06:40 pm

    “Democratic and national security sources say that former National Counterrorism Center head John Brennan remains the favorite to be nominated director of the Central Intelligence Agency even as his pending appointment raises the hackles of some Obama advisers because of his ties to George Tenet and controversial programs.

    The sources say that Brennan has begun to recruit a team he hopes to bring with him to the agency, and that he has been vetted. Brennan did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment. Along with former CIA official Jami Miscik, he is helping to organize Obama’s intelligence agency transition and policy review.

    Also being vetted for a key intelligence job is Maj. Gen. Robert Harding (Ret)., formerly director of operations at the Defense Intelligence Agency and a former head of the army’s intelligence operations.

    Brennan, who was once slated to be deputy to current DNI Mike McConnell, is a lifelong Republican who converted to Obama last year, after his friend Tony Lake asked Brennan to serve on an intelligence advisory panel. A career CIA officer, Brennan favors a holistic and systematic approach to intelligence gathering, and earned the respect of Democrats as the founding director of the Terrorist Threat Integration Center, now the National Counterrorism Center. On terrorism, as he told National Journal’s Shane Harris, United States foreign policy should be more proactive. [More vicious and aggressive re: Central Asia.]

    Marc reports the Republican, former chief-of-staff for George Tenet (who authorized war crimes as CIA head), admirer of Dick Cheney, CEO of the company one of whose contract employees improperly accessed Obama’s and McCain’s passports, and defender of renditions and “enhanced interrogations” is still Obama’s front-runner pick to head the CIA. No, I’m not making this up. Brennan was high up in the agency during the run-up to the Iraq war and has since conceded this about the intelligence he was in part responsible for…

    So Brennan was complicit and naive in the run-up to the Iraq war. And Obama wants to reward him? Brennan is also a believer in Cheney’s term “the dark side,” wishing merely to have some limits within it. He clearly has a mindset that has far more in common with the war crimes of his former boss than with the clear, and indisputable beliefs of the Obama movement. Listen to the ambivalence about torture here: [See Website]

    The simple answer to the question – what length do we want to go? – is to abide by the rule of law. Why is that so hard to understand? And yet Brennan and Tenet didn’t. They authorized clear torture sessions. Why is such a man even considered for the post under Obama? This man cannot end the taint of Bush-Cheney. He was Bush-Cheney. In fact, if Obama picks him, it will be a vindication of the kind of ambivalence and institutional moral cowardice that made America a torturing nation. It would be an unforgivable betrayal of his supporters and his ideals. It would be an acknowledgment that Tenet himself is not a war criminal, while the facts indisputably prove that he was.” [More on Website]

  23. Jim DeTexas November 22, 2008 @ 10:31 pm

    As a modern day prophet said in the days immediately following September 11, 2001:
    “America, Wake up ! ! ! Seize this God-given opportunity. There is no more time to dally in fear and ignorance and greed. For yours is a destiny that must serve as a beacon of Light and Hope and Peace to the world. Make haste, the time is drawing nigh!”

    A must read…..

    The Judeo-Russian Mafia: From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Dominion

    Story Here…..

  24. Orthodox Russian November 22, 2008 @ 10:37 pm


    Thanks for interesting site. Look at this site too

    Defeat of Bel(Baal, Nimrod)

    Hayk then discovers Bel’s host in a mountain pass (that Moses locates at the site of Dastakert), with Bel himself in the vanguard.

    In the Battle of Dyutsaznamart, near Julamerk southeast of Lake Van, dated to August 11, 2492 BC by Mikayel Chamchian[6], Hayk slays Bel with a lucky arrow, sending his force into disarray.

    He establishes the castle of Haykaberd at the battle site and the town of Haykashen in the Armenian province of Taron (modern-day Turkey). He names the region of the battle Hayk‘ “Armenia”, and the site of the battle Hayoc’ Jor Հայոց Ձոր “gorge of the Armenians”.[7] But the hill where Bel with his warriors fell Hayk called Gerezmank.[8] Hayk embalmed the corpse of Bel and ordered it to be taken to Hark and to be buried in a high place in the view of his wives and sons.

    Hayk is also the name of the Orion constellation in the Armenian translation of the Bible.

    Symbolically the defeat of Bel by Hayk is the Victory of Christianity over Evil.

  25. KathJuliane November 23, 2008 @ 8:53 am

    @James, God bless you. What a dreadful site…all speculation and incompetent. Mr. Kilkenny, the author of this website, needs to learn how to be competent iconoclast by at least doing his homework. His Scriptural “proof-texting” leaves a little to be desired as well, and he’s definitely a Judaizer. [Iconclast means an “image-hater”.]

    You asked: “Why does the Vatican and Mecca both have obelisks?”

    Because they were stolen in antiquity. The pagan Caesars were crazy about the Egyptian obelisks booty and shipped various ones from Egypt to Old Rome. I haven’t a clue about the one at Mecca, but it has since been replaced with a long wall representing Shaitan that pilgrims can throw rocks at after the mob crush incident a few years ago. Obviously, the old obelisk was of little consequence as an alleged “idol”.

    Obelisks had nothing to do with the fertility/phallic cults, per se. Egyptians used smaller ones for all kinds of things, like monuments and ~stele~ lithed stones with some kind of engraving, even for timekeeping. The Masons adopted it as a symbol of time immemorial or immortality. They were also deeply appreciated for the skill of geometry and stone cutting that went into one great obelisk—they were traditionally quarried from one 44 ton piece of stone, moved and then erected. As far as the phallic symbols themselves, the ancients were quite capable of, well, making realistic phallic symbols for those cults.

    The word obelisk is taken directly from Greek, where it is a diminutive of the word ~obelos~, meaning a spit or skewer or similar pointed object. It was used by the Greeks to refer to a characteristic monument of ancient Egypt, a tapered stone shaft with a pyramidal top, typically erected in pairs on the two sides of the ceremonial way approaching the entrance of a temple. They were called ~benben~ or ~tekhennu~ in Egyptian. The obelisk, called ~tejen~ in the sacred language of the ancient
    Egyptians, was a term which was synonymous with “protection” or “defense.” Some scholars speculate that the obelisk may have been inspired by a natural phenomenon called a “sun pillar”.

    The ~pyramidion~ was the most important, sacred portion of the obelisk symbolizing the the rays of the sun, which was plated in gold, a metal which the Egyptians considered as the “flesh of the gods”; the rest was a monument base. As with the pyramids, this monument had a primitive relation with the solar cult of Ra or Re, or Ammon-Ra the creator sun-god, and oldest god of the pantheon.

    Most often, pairs of giant monoliths of red granite from Aswan were erected in front of the massive double towers of a temple gateway. As a symbol of the sun, the creator-god of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, the giant obelisks marked the temple as a zone of sun worship. Therefore obelisks are not found in front of every temple, but only in temples associated with the sun-god.

    Also associated with divinized kingship [sun-kings], obelisks were usually erected by a Pharaoh to mark the celebration of his jubilee, when he had ruled thirty years. The lateral surfaces were covered with hieroglyphs expressing prayers and boasts of the Pharaoh.

    The true Egyptian obelisk was made from a single block of red granite or similar rock, and its pyramidal top, the ~pyramidion~, was sheathed in gold or electrum, and was about a tenth of the total height. Catching the first rays of the sunrise, was an offering to the sun god Re, whose rays glistened at its top. There was a small chamfer at each corner of the base. The cross section was often square, but could also be rectangular. In the latter case, the pyramidal top did not come to a point, but to a line.

    Pyramids were actually short obelisks, just the caps, and had similar religious meanings. ~Pyramidion~ is just pyramid with the Greek diminutive ending -ion.

    As a symbol of kingship, the Egyptian obelisks were sometimes hauled off by invaders as trophies. Gaius (Caligula) erected the obelisk from Thebes begun by Thutmose III and finished by Thutmose IV in the Circus Vaticanus about 37 CE to mark the turning point of a racetrack, a popular use, before the Christian basilicas were built. This 105.5 ft shaft ended up in front of St. Peter’s in Rome. It was still standing, the last one in Rome, and was moved to its current location in 1586 with the major rebuilding of St. Peter’s and Vatican Plaza, and a cross was placed on top of it. [

    The site says: “At the Vatican, the obelisk is considered a “sacred” symbol and the Pope faces it when he addresses the pilgrims below.” No duh, although it is not a sacred symbol in the way this author means. There is a cross on top. It was re-erected in the 16th century, after being relocated to the center plaza as a major engineering feat and the cross was added. It’s in the middle of a plaza that holds a million people, so yes, if the Pope is facing the people, he is going to be facing the obelisk, too.

  26. KathJuliane November 23, 2008 @ 9:04 am


    It’s good to think about things, but the Papacy had nothing to do with the rise of Islam. The author of the site is either extremely ignorant of ANY history, or he’s being deliberately obtuse.

    An obelisk makes a fine outdoors ~gnomon~, that can be used as a sundial or calendar, as was done by Augustus in Rome. The end of the shadow can be marked for certain important times, as well. On Augustus’s birthday, the shadow of the Solarium pointed to the Altar of Peace. From the shadow of an obelisk, the compass directions can be accurately determined by standard observations, as well as the latitude of the place.

    Augustus also brought two obelisks to Rome. One was erected in the Circus Maximus, and the other in the Campus Martius as a large sundial, the Solarium or Horologium, in 10 BC.

    Influenced by the Sumerian culture, the Egyptians were the next to formally divide their day into parts something like our hours. Obelisks were built as early as 3500 B.C. Their moving shadows formed a kind of sundial, enabling citizens to partition the day into two parts by indicating noon. They also showed the year’s longest and shortest days when the shadow at noon was the shortest or longest of the year. Later, markers added around the base of the monument would indicate further time subdivisions.

    The site says: “Allah is just another name for the great mother goddess Cybele”.

    Nope. ~Allah~ is the word for God. ~Allat~ or ~Ilit~ in Arabic means ‘goddess’, which is one name the pagan Arabs used. As each tribe had its own deities, the names varied some. A Palestinian Arab Christian, who speaks the same language as an Arab Muslim, says “Allah” when they are speaking of God. Having the same Semitic root, the Hebrew ~El~, ~Elyon~, and ~Eloh-im~, and the ancient Aramaic ~Eli~ which our Lord Jesus uttered on the cross are all cognates of “God”.

    In general, although the pantheon varied by tribe, the Sun-Moon-Venus deities of pagan Arab tribes were opposite of Western concepts—the Sun was a goddess, the Moon and Venus were male gods, of course named in Arabic. Cybele was originally a goddess of Asia Minor (Turkey). I won’t rehash the rest of the Arab and other pagan religions since the Jews and Judeo-Christians are doing their best to infuriate the Muslims with all their guesswork about Islam’s origins, so I’ll just jumpt to the best parts.

    Symbols are used for many things, like heraldry, flags, and coinage can have a number of different meanings assigned to them. The octagon shaped stop-sign is also the symbol for a) the cosmos, b) the “four directions and the four quarters” of the world and where we get the compass points from, c) an 8-sided part of a basilica called a ~martyrium~.

    The pagan Babylonian and Egyptian moon and star symbols for goddesses is well known, but that is not where Islam acquired them, and in fact, many Muslim nations don’t use the crescent and star at all, as they, too consider them pagan symbols.

    The star and crescent weren’t even used by Muslims until the Ottoman Turks in 1453. How do I know it was 1453? Because that was the ensign flag for the City of Constantinople. The Star and Crescent signifies concentration, openness and victory, as well as sovereignty and divinity. According to tradition, in 339 BC a brilliant waxing moon save Byzantium (now Istanbul) from attack by Philip of Macedon who’s troops were trying to tunnel in at night during a siege because the crescent moon was shining. To mark their gratitude the citizens thus erected a statue of Diana, goddess of the moon, whose statues frequently showed her with a crescent moon. The Crescent of Diana became the city’s emblem.

    When Byzantium became the Christian Constantinople in 330 AD, its Crescent assumed the significance of an attribute of the Virgin Mary and the Star was added at an unknown time to symbolize Jesus Christ, the Morning-Star [2 Pet 1:19]. In Orthodox iconography, 8-pointed stars when used are attributed only to the Virgin Mary written very finely on her clothing. The great sign in heaven of Revelations 12, the woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars is either the Virgin Mary or true Israel, the Church (Is. 7:14). Orthodoxy sees the Theotokos as the perfect symbol of Israel and the Church. The moon under her feet symbolizes her preeminence among all that is created.

    King Richard I of England adopted the star and crescent as a royal badge, from the Emperor’s standard of Governor Isaac Comnenus, after capturing Cyprus. The English Admiralty took it as their emblem until the 16th century, when perhaps as a result of the fall of Constantinople, it was replaced by another emblem of Richard I, the Anchor of Hope.

    In 1299, conquering what is now Turkey, according to legend, Sultan Osman had a vision of a crescent moon stretching over the world; it thus became a symbol of the Ottoman dynasty, and when Constantinople fell to Muhammad II in 1453, the crescent came to represent both Islam and the Turkish Empire. The star was added by Sultan Selim III in 1793 (its five points being established in 1844).

  27. Woody November 23, 2008 @ 11:19 am

    This analysis of the global monetary scheme may be correct–who knows? My own guess is that the elitists will skip past the Amero and other regional currencies, and instead introduce one of the others that have been proposed.

    The leading one is called the SDR, based on the International Monetary Fund.

    SDR was created in 1969. It would easily be convertible to USD and other world currencies.

    It will serve the elitists’ interests more than any other plan, because it gives formal global privilege and hegemony to the USD in conversion rates, far beyond what is deserved. (Even as the USD is being mass-produced in trillions, far greater rate in the past 2 months, than in all previous time combined).

    Any gradual shift to a global unit would not be necessary and would simply slow down the scheme for no reason. Just a thought. I really don’t have a clue.

    Love and Peace to all.

  28. Eternal Love November 23, 2008 @ 1:22 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    GOD bless You for you tireless and fruitful work here. You are right. If we can educate even just one person and he himself educates another one and so on we will spread GOD’s words throughout the World really fast.

    I call it Divine Chine of Love, Truth, and Light and people involved in it God’s kids of Light!!!

    Let us hope the number of these Kids grows by the day…

    Keep up with the good work!

    Lots of Love,

    Eternal Love

  29. james November 23, 2008 @ 3:01 pm


    Great info how do you know so much?

    You should start your own website like Hoff did.
    I would definitely visit it as there are lots of questions I have about Christian theology and history.
    Plus there is a lot of disinfo on the internet and it would be good to have a link to a site for reference when reputing other people’s comments on other websites.

    Do you belong to a religious congregation if so which one?

    It would be good if there was a brief timeline chronicling how western society became Christian.

  30. Orthodox Russian November 23, 2008 @ 9:46 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Every time I read your excellent posts I am more and more convinced how little I know.

    About Islam. As our many Holy Fathers state Islam originated from Nestorius heresy. As St. Simeon of Thessaloniki argues places visited by Nestorius are the same as Muhammad, so it is indirect prove that Islam got its roots from Nestorius heresy.

    I have seen a documentary about Church of Apostle Thomas and how it was ruined after taking it over by Nestorius followers. And soon in that place (Central Asia border) Islam appeared.

  31. Dissident November 24, 2008 @ 10:44 am

    Some Video of Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel being roasted at an epilepsy fund raiser.

    I believe this sort of sets the tone for the Obama Administration.

  32. Hoff November 24, 2008 @ 1:36 pm

    To KathJuliane – it takes less than five minute to start a blog, a working email, the name of your blog and a password – just do it KJ.

  33. Hoff November 24, 2008 @ 10:36 pm

    “Rahm Emanuel on Obama and Israel” – o:18 sec to o:32 sec – video

    “this president [Bush] … forced israel to … against israels wishes …”➻-➻-➻/#comment-118

  34. Hoff November 24, 2008 @ 10:37 pm


  35. KathJuliane November 26, 2008 @ 11:30 am

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus from No Cal in occupied territories of US of Talmudistan

    re: spam filter tip. My stuff was getting bumped, too. I found that first typing out in ‘Word’, refreshing the RJN page, then copy/paste into comment section has worked out for me on longer posts.

    @James and all +BN’s loyal readers

    Back online after a demonic attack through my fibromyalgia…

    Blush, but I’ll pass on the blog of my own. There are plenty of excellent bloggers already in the RJN community, like Fr. John and Mr. Cortina, and their work is quite valuable to the Lord, and so add to “street evangelism” concept. Hoff has started his own worthy blog site with his specialty regarding the Holocaust, which adds to, but does not pull away from +BN’s central mission.

    I’m humbled at the compliments, but in my heart I also see what in Orthodoxy is called “temptation to the right”, a spiritual warfare concept not usually encountered in Western Christianity. We are used to the “temptation to the left”, the sinister side of things (“sinister” in the neutral sense is the Latin name for the left hand, while “dexter” is the name for the right hand), but not used to “temptation to the right”, where Satan uses the good, but for his own evil purposes.

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” or think of a mother who chronically feeds the voracious appetite of a morbidly obese child because she doesn’t want her child to go “hungry”. I feel strongly first my own false pride pulling at me, and secondly Satan’s attempt to “divide and conquer” with the temptation to set up my own blog site. Not that your suggestions are evil (heaven forbid), but understand what Satan is trying to do, which is to pull me away from RJN and Brother Nathanael and his holy labors.

    My health is too up and down to take much stress like +BN does, God bless him and Jesus Christ and the entire heavenly host always is with him, because +BN is on the side of the angels. “A house divided cannot stand.”

    The Lord seems to want me do what I can for +BN to help him wake “Christian America” up, and you, his regular supporters and prayer warriors. He’s our patrol sergeant and our point man in this spirit of the age.

    There’s nothing planned, I write up things as they come to me during prayer, (or make me miffed) or many times +BN gives a short answer about Orthodoxy, or if your comments prompt an idea, so I develop it out as I do have plenty of time to go through some of the patristic texts that I have, and then there is the very handy Internet.

    Until I found RJN quite by providential “accident”, although a better word might be divine “concurrence”, I’ve been pondering and conceptualizing many things, relationships and patterns for many years, processing brainwise having to do with being a 9-1-1 Emergency Services dispatcher for over 18 years, pushing police cars and fire engines around in my head while dealing with maps, pre-planned emergency responses and such.

    I’m a convert Orthodox Christian for well over 10 years. Before that I was actually quite “secular humanist” and lapsed Episcopalian, until a ‘spiritual awakening’ in the late ‘80’s which set me on a journey to find my “true home” spiritually in Christ. At that time, I never expected to return to an established organized Church. Orthodox conversion is my joy in Jesus Christ, and it has challenged everything that I thought I knew or believed in my life, too. For one thing, it has restored my own proper place in the world as a beloved creature in relation to the loving Creator.

    It is phenomenal how much lying delusion I’d been living in most of my life because of this perverse spirit of the age, and not realizing it, but thinking all along that I was crazy. About the only thing that maybe kept my sanity was the idea that if I could question my sanity, maybe I wasn’t crazy after all.

    I’m humbled and grateful to have my mind somewhat free at last but it is still a fight within my self. That’s the paradox of Orthodoxy. Coming under ascetical discipline as the ‘patristic mind’ of the Church teaches it, there is constant warfare over “the works of the flesh”, but a part of the regeneration is the liberty of mind in the security of Christ. And my journey has probably not been nearly as rough as it has been for dear +BN who grew up within this Jewish insanity and hysteria, and the satanic and evil determination of Satan through Judaism to extinguish Christianity in the effort to avoid their own phenomenal guilt. I don’t know him “personally”, but I know that +BN is perhaps one of the most sober-minded men in this world today, [along with Putin and Medyedev] and he sees things through the Holy Spirit.

    Spending ten years on and off chemo [off right now], so mostly homebound also coping with fibromyalgia, I’m blessed with plenty of time to read Church and Byzantine Roman history, patristics, politics, ancient and cultural traditions and surf the net, and puzzle out this whole NWO thing, because I used to be a sleepy ‘disbeliever’ in the “conspiracy wingnuts”.

    When I woke up to the truth of the Illuminati thing, I was terrified. So, I approached it like I did with my lymphoma—learning everything I could about this Nihilistic disease. Naming something, like a diagnosis, gives a person some power over the thing.

    Now I am proud to be a wingnut along with everyone here at RJN, but it’s taken many years to wade through, and shake off being stuck in the Pavlovian “dialectic” of managed consensus formation and opinion shaping. It’s getting worse for people, especially the graduates of the public seal-training school system.

    I’m in my late 50’s, so am probably the last generation to have a “classic” 3-R school education–a real education where a kid is taught to think, and not merely be trained to be a rote technician, administrator, or Lord help us, facilitators. My own sister, 7 years younger than I, graduated from high school with the “new education” in the 70’s and couldn’t tell time from a dial wristwatch. (Am I dating myself? I’m old enough to have worked with a slide rule.!)

    I know the NWO is real, malicious and it is lethal. I’ve been fighting cancer most of my life, and finally found out why a couple of years ago. When they first came out with the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines, turns out they were contaminated with Simian Virus-40, which was a polycarcinogenic virus in the monkey kidney tissue they incubated the virus in (they lied and said it was chicken embryos or something). Labs were finally able to isolate that SV-40 in my white blood cells.

    Oh, oops. That was in the 50-60’s. Between 10 million and 40 million kids got contaminated polio vaccines. Then the PhD’s came out and said, “Oh, it’s harmless” and the usual b.s. It was in the 60’s that the cancer rates started shooting up, and then they have the nerve to say that there’s no correlation between 10-40 million kids getting dosed with polycarcinogenic SV-40 in their polio vaccines, and the fact that cancer rates started skyrocketing in the 70’s?

    I’m not happy being a Malthusian guinea pig, and I refuse to roll over and die just because “they” demand it. I’ve been stage 4 twice in the past decade. Call me obstinate, but I intend to live until I’m 100 just to annoy “them”. In the meantime, I’ve learned everything possible and do what I can afford in the way of natural health measures to keep the damn virus quashed.

    Take it from a career cancer patient, its better in the long run to learn everything possible about the diagnosis and get a name for it, know its parameters and then go to war with it.

    No TV either. Going through conversion I mostly lost my interest in it, even though I only watched a couple hours a week.

    The Lord’s desire, I believe, through this unique forum, is for “us”, “We the People” of Christian America, to teach each other, and build a cohesive “spiritual army” for Christ on RJN and then taking it to the street in whatever form a particular person is called to do.

  36. THE TIME TRAVELING 'messiah' August 1, 2009 @ 1:38 pm


    America will befriend Iran, than ask the Iranian to join them in the fight against Arab Terrorists and if need be take it all the way to the Kaaba in Mecca. While there fighting a war with the Arabs, the Iranians will decide not to leave.

    Because of a pre-existing, dirty-bargain deal made between Israel and Iran, the Iranians will take over the Kaaba in Mecca from Arab control. And the trade off, the Israelis will take the Dome of Rock. The two parties will than fight a phony war over the Dome of Rock, but the winner and loser will be predetermined before the fight begins.

    All this because the Zionists/Pope want to rebuild the third temple where now the Dome of Rock is situated at, in Jerusalem.

    There are more beneficiaries to a smoke screen Iranian revolution/civil war. The following are:


    It is a win win strategy for all five-point parties involved, its killing 5 birds with one stone.

    All of this can be achieved by an orchestrated phony smoke screen green Iranian part 2 revolution/civil war, which will be headed by the CIA.



    THE TIME TRAVELING ‘messiah’.

  37. Eloise Nedd September 13, 2011 @ 3:16 am

    I find the talk about Obama’s Zionist Global Plans | Real Zionist News all a bit meaningless.

    Political leaders and central banks round the planet have done everything they can to prop up failed banks, and loans that were imprudent from the onset.

    We will not have a real self sustaining recovery without an end to deficit spending and lots of banks going bust.

    I find discussion about mortgage finance and loans a bit meaningless. I also think the home prices have to reduce a lot even now.

    I mean why would you want to own a home in the US or the UK? Isn’t it much more cost effective to rent?

    Regards, Eloise Nedd

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