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Sources: Outer Space Handbook Here
Weapons In The Age Of Nuclear War @ Here

THE JEWISH NEOCON-LED BUSH ADMINISTRATION released its “National Security Strategy of the United States of America” on September 20 2002.

This strategy was enacted in the midst of protests over the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive war. This new security strategy abandons all past concepts of deterrence.

The document advances a justification for a colossal escalation of American militarism. It asserts the ‘right’ of the US to use military force anywhere in the world against any country it believes to be a threat — (Read: Israel’s enemies).

The document begins with an arrogant boast:

“The US possesses unequaled strength and influence in the world. The US national security strategy will be based on a distinctly American internationalism.” Here.

A crucially related US document called “Vision for 2020” was published in February 1997 by the US Space Command. (The US government has removed the historical & official record of the document. But it is still recorded as an historical document Here & Here).

The mission statement at the head of Vision for 2020 reads: “US Space Command — dominating the space dimension of military operations to protect US interests and investment.” There is no mention of democracy or human rights…


ON APRIL 11 2001, a conference was hosted by Vladimir Putin in Moscow, called, Space Without Weapons. Hundreds of heads of space agencies, prominent diplomats, senior officials of the UN, scientists, cosmonauts, space engineers and businessmen from all over the world were in attendance.

The participants affirmed their allegiance to UN Resolution 55/32, entitled, “Prevention Of An Arms Race in Outer Space, which called for “the use of outer space to be for peaceful purposes and carried out for the benefit of all countries.”

At the conference, Putin implored all nations to prevent a new arms race in outer space:

“We must by joint efforts preserve a peaceful space. Russia has made its choice for a weapon-free space. We are against expenditures for a new arms race for purposes which are not compatible with the true needs of our people and all of mankind” Here.

But the Bush Administration has ignored Russia’s plea. Using the events of 9/11, Bush has obtained the funding for the use of outer space for US militarization.

Shortly before Bush took office, a document entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses was published by a Jewish neocon organization called the Project for the New American Century, of which members included the Zionist Jews, Paul Wolfowitz & Richard Perle. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were also prominent members. These and many other members would go on to be central figures in the upcoming Bush administration.

This document focused on getting more tax money allocated for the US Space Command’s project to weaponize and control outer space.

On the night of 9/11, Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, was prepared to use the 9/11 attacks to obtain more money for the US Space Command. In front of television cameras, Rumsfeld berated Senator Carl Levin, then chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, saying, “Doesn’t this sort of thing convince you that an emergency exists in this country to increase defense spending?” Here.

This strategy worked. Congress immediately appropriated an additional $40 billion for the Pentagon and its project for the weaponization of outer space.


ONLY THE US & ISRAEL voted ‘No’ on the UN’s Resolution, entitled, Prevention Of An Arms Race In Outer Space in 2002.

The Zionist-Militarist State of Israel has much to gain by its alliance with the US in the weaponization of outer space. Military corporations which work in conjunction with Israel are the recipients of the billions of dollars allocated for US space wars. Companies such as Lockheed Martin, Aerojet, Boeing, TRW, and Vista Technologies, all work with Israel.

The “Space-Based Laser Project” built by TRW, which has many joint projects with Israel, is only one example of US military projects being permeated by military technology developed in Israel.

On June 11 2005, in a rare public discussion on Israel’s military use of space, Yuval Steinitz, Chairman of the Israel’s Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, said that Israel “must compensate for its lack of strategic depth on land by expanding use of space-based attacks.”

Specifically, Steinitz urged Israeli defense and industry officials to “consider future developments of satellite-attacking lasers and ship-based missiles that can strike the skies.”

Is A Brave New Zionist World Coming?
It’s Already Here.
And It’s Soon To Be In The Skies If We Don’t Stop The Zionist Jews NOW!


For More See: “US State Department Is Run By Jews” Click Here

And: “The Zionist War Party In America” Click Here

And: “Outer Space Handbook” Click Here

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Brother Nathanael @ September 20, 2008


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  2. Hoff September 21, 2008 @ 5:29 am

    What is war and how do you win a war?

    Control the space is all about war, let’s look at war and space. Most woman are not the slightest interested in war, hence they do not now the first thing about war. Many men are interested in war, but they too don’t know the first thing about war and how you win a war. Climb up a hill and take the hilltop that can most people understand, but that is tactic, what we are talking about is strategic warfare.

    In the beginning man fought face to face with clubs. That’s the army. Next a king wanted to go overseas to conquer, now you have a navy. Then came the Wright broders and now you have the airforce.

    To win a war you MUST have air superiority. You can have the biggest army and navy there are, but if you don’t have air superiority – you lose. It’s that simple, air superiority is everything, the rest is secondary.

    This is all about airspace and to take air superiority, how do you do that? Spitfire is probably the most well known airplane in the world. It’s a fighter plane and it has only one purpose and that is to take air superiority. What a fighter does is simply to shot down the enemy’s fighter planes. Spitfire are propelled and could at the time for World War Two do like 500 km/h, 300 miles/h, at top speed.

    If you look at any movie with fighter planes you will see that they are all over, up and down, twisting and spinning, it’s called dogfight. What that is all about is to get at the back of the other fighter. If you have a fighter that can climb higher than the enemy fighter he can’t reach you and you can get at his tail from above and you can gain higher speed than the other fighter, and this is what air superiority is all about – higher and faster than the enemy.

    A propeller driven fighter has a speed limit of approximate 500 km/h in the 1940s. The next step is fighter jet. Germany had the Messerschmidt 626 jet fighter at the end of the war, and if they had had suffice jet fighter Germany might have won the war. What war is all about is air superiority and England and America wasen’t even close to have jet fighter.

    Propeller or jet engine dosen’t matter, the pricipal is the same: Fastest and highest is what counts, hence get behind the enemy fighter. But dogfights are costly and you can’t be sure to win if you even in planes. You can surpass all the dogfighting by just hit the enemy fighter plane on the ground, and that’s exactly what israHell did in 1967, the jew-mafia took out the whole airforce of the arabs on the ground.

    You hear tearful jew-mafia propaganda about how “little israHell” fought a heroic battle against a “sea of arabs”. Well, that is total bull. The jew-mafia had air superiority befor they attacked, that’s the simple truth, israHell could not lose the war the jewmafia started.

    And this is how you wage war and always win, first and last you take air superiority – with overkill.

    America is controlled by the jewmafia and they know everything there are to know about air superiority. America has twelve carriers, do you know why America has twelve carriers? Just look at a globe, study the globe very careful. What do you see? You see the whole earth from above, and think: How can I control the whole earth? That is what the jewmafia has been doing for centuries.

    Look at the blue part of the globe. What you see is that 70 percent of the earth is water. That is why America has twelve carriers.

    A carrier is built with one purpose and ONE purpose ONLY, to take air superiority anywhere in the whole world. What the carriers are carrying are the best jet fighters in the whole world, F-14 after Vietnam, replaced recently with F-18.

    One carrier will take out the airforce of 70 percent of all the 190 countries in the whole world. Two carriers will take out 98 percent of all airforces in the whole world. Three carrier are overkill, America, the jewmafia controled America has four carriers on the border to Iran.

    Two carriers will take out any airforce save America, Russia, Sweden and israHell. Why do you think israehell has the worlds third or fourth biggest jet fighter airforce? Air superiority of course, and all stolen from America of course. israeHell has hundred F-15 and F-16, the best jet fighter there are.

    Look at the globe again, just look at it and think: What if … What if I can make some stupid man go to war? Like some stupid idiot in Georgien? What if and what will happend next? What if I can pit a stupid man called Churchill against Germany? What will happend then? What if I can pit the stupid russian king AND the stupid Churchill against Germany? Well, that is how the jewmafia looks at the world, and the jewmafia controls America.

    It’s all about one thing and one thing only: Air superiority, and America has twelve carriers that can take air superiority anywhere on the globe. Air superiority is all about to get highest and be fastest and to do that you must control the sattelites.

    Go to Google Maps and search, NOT where you live, take any place in the whole world next to you or on the other side of the globe dosen’t matter: What do you see?

    Well, they who control the sattelites has taken air superiority.
    America has air superiority and America is controled by who?

    This is from above. Pick any webcam in a public place in the whole world and replace it with a high-resulution survellians camera, connect the camera with a 3G cellphone and you got what? Satellite monitoring of the whole world from above and right in your face. And this info is controled by who?

    You can’t get any higer than the satellites. Just look at the globe and you are the satillites. What do you think the jewmafia will do with that air superiority?

  3. Friend September 21, 2008 @ 10:08 am

    Zionists will not be able to weaponize space.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Earth is surrounded by weaponry that does not belong to the Zionists.

    Every single space weapon the Zionists have attempted to launch has ‘mysteriously’ been destroyed. To whit, Satellite 193 malfunctioned before it ever reached orbit, and was disabled. Embedded in this video is a NASA photograph of the unknown weaponry in space which is preventing the Zionists from taking their bloodshed into space:

    These videos featured on Rense’s web site are the reason why the Zionists keep trying to take the Rense site down. The Zionists don’t want anyone to know how weak their position really is.

  4. admin September 21, 2008 @ 10:20 am

    Dear Friend – You obviously did NOT read the article above.

    US Military Corps work HAND IN HAND with Israel using much military technology develeped in Israel. Please click on the links I offer as PROOF.

    I was raised as a Jew and I have many friends in Israel, some of them are high level laser/radar scientists. I know what’s going on. +BN

  5. Beau September 21, 2008 @ 10:37 am

    Would like to have a look at “Friend’s” link, but it doesn’t work anymore. Is there an alternative site?

  6. Friend September 21, 2008 @ 12:34 pm

    Dear Beau,

    Yes, you can look at the ‘unknown’ space-based weaponry at Rense. com

    All of this rhetoric about ‘star wars’ and Jews trying to take over space is baloney. USA is almost 100 years behind technologically. The USA doesn’t even have a space program! They’re relying on the Russians for transport to the ISS!


    The Russians have weaponry which could instantaneously wipe out all life on Earth within 10 minutes which doesn’t need space-based hardware. Nuclear weapons are totally obsolete. BUT the weaponry in space, surrounding Earth, is not Russian either. No one knows where it came from, but the US government knows for certain that it’s deadly. They’ve lost a lot of satellites.

  7. Friend September 21, 2008 @ 12:41 pm

    Dear Admin:

    One more comment. Israel is a scape goat for the Federal Reserve. ALL of Israel’s weaponry is provided by the USA. If the USA doesn’t have a space program or space weapons — then Israel doesn’t either.

    All this sleight-of-hand blame on Israel is a cover for the dirty doings of the Federal Reserve backed Zionist government — which, btw, is only concerned about money and mind control. The LAST thing the Rothschilds want is people escaping into space and getting away from their fiat money ponzi scheme.

  8. admin September 21, 2008 @ 1:11 pm

    Dear Friend – You are frothing at the mouth pretending to be an authority on the US Space program. But you are nothing but a dilletante. Nothing but an armchair scientist who only watches the Discovery Channel for your unlearned ways.

    All you can do is bring up the Rothschilds which is remotely related to the Space Weapons.

    You cannot EVEN GIVE YOUR REAL NAME my “friend.”

    All you do is make assertions without backing them up by proof. is indeed a reliable source. And Confirms my assertions!

    READ THE ARTICLE AGAIN dummy. See the PROOFS I give. The US Military-Industrial complex is PREMEATED with Israeli technology. See the TRW link that I give.

    You, MR ANONYMOUS, MR Big Shot, are full of hot air. I have many friends in Israel who work for military technology companies. I KNOW what’s going on regarding Israeli/US military co-operation.

    Read the Link I give at the top as a reliable source: “Outer Space Handbook.” +BN

  9. Jim DeTexas September 21, 2008 @ 1:15 pm

    The last time we went through this was in the Reagan years under the smoke and mirrors of star wars which as we all know turned out to be the GPS tracking satellites.

    Boeing concerned by budget cuts on airborne laser
    Last updated September 9, 2008 5:01 p.m. PT

    On Sunday, Boeing, the prime contractor on the program, and its industry partners, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin Corp. successfully fired a high energy laser during a ground testing at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

    The test, one of the more than 70 that have been conducted, is the first time the laser has been equipped to the plane when fired.

    Ground testing will continue throughout the remainder of the year with firing planned over a longer duration. It will then be followed by a flight test of the entire system.

    The Chicago-based aerospace manufacturer says it remains on track to complete an airborne intercept test against a ballistic missile by early fall in 2009.


  10. Friend September 21, 2008 @ 1:20 pm

    Dear Admin,

    You’re beginning to sound like a Zionazi shill.

    Israel is a front-operation for the Rothschilds. Every weapon they have has been provided by YOU and YOUR government.

    YOUR government is known for it’s bull crap artistry — commonally known as propaganda and psychological operations. YOUR government would LOVE to have the prople believe that the Zionazis, like yourself, have weaponry you DON’T have.

    If YOU had it, you wouldn’t be in the predicament YOU’RE in — your money is worthless and your country is bankrupt.

    And need we remind you — your Israeli/US operation in Georgia was squashed with a few tanks. So much for weapons in space.

    The Israelis do not have the technology to launch a space weaponry — never had it and NEVER will.

    Here’s what’s stopping them (aside from being so amazingly incompetent that they can’t run a fiat money scheme):

    Whose weapons are these, BN? They’re not yours.

  11. admin September 21, 2008 @ 1:33 pm

    Dear “friend” you ANONYMOUS COWARD –

    Now you slander me and call me names! See what a fake you are! I only let this comment of yours go through to show that you REALLY ARE FULL OF HOT AIR.

    So now in order to prove your empty assertions you call me a “Zionazi shill.”

    To prove your shallow and unsupportable assertions you include me in all “Zionazis.”

    Bye bye, kid. And good riddance. Go make your own Web Site and have a ball.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Russian Orthodox Christian
    (And a discerner of BS artists)

  12. Jim DeTexas September 21, 2008 @ 1:51 pm

    Dear Bro Nathanael,

    Make no mistake your good works are appreciated by myself and a whole bunch of others.

    Please don’t take my comments or post as a personal attack.

  13. admin September 21, 2008 @ 2:02 pm

    Dear Jim DeTexas – Why would I take your comments as a personal attack?

    Have you ever called me a Zionazi like “friend” the anonymous coward just did? +BN

  14. Jim DeTexas September 21, 2008 @ 3:01 pm

    I didn’t read past the 1st line of “Friend’s” comment.

    “Friend” apparently does not realize that the men and women in charge of our government are either bought and paid for by Zionist bribes or are made to conform because they couldn’t circumscribe thier lustful passions in thier past and are now being blackmailed.

    My reference was because we do not agree at times. I believe that every man and woman stands on thier own merits, and not the stereotypes by others in this world.

  15. james1 September 21, 2008 @ 7:07 pm

    Brother Nathanael is right Dov Zakheim (don’t know how to spell his name) is involved in DARPA and ITCS and made more than a trillion dollars of Pentagon money disappear.

    FRIEND sounds like a disinformation agent like Lame Cherry who posts on Rense or comments under the initials LC on this website.

    LC blames Russia for all the woes claiming to be behind the wars in Pakistan, Lebanon and international terrorism and that Israel is bad because Putin immigrated specific Jews to Israel which she claims was behind the Lebanon war and a danger to Israel.

    Or Daryl Bradford Smith (not his real name) who would have us believe Russia is controlled by Zionists and about capture the oil fields of the Middle East.

    And that we should join a fraudulent coalition with Muslims who, with Jewish support, have genocided the Serbs, ethnically cleansed the entire population of ethnic Russians from Chechnya areas, which only became part of under Khrushchev. They are historically Russian and lived there for decades during and after a war that the Chechens pre-planned and orchestrated beginning in Bosnia in 92.

    Align with Muslims instead of aligning ourselves with Orthodox Christian nations.

    Russia is the only real Christian nation on earth and the major threat to the NWO.

    Here’s a good website how Russia helped the US during the Civil War holding back British intervention:

  16. Hoff September 21, 2008 @ 9:48 pm

    Dov Zakheim

  17. Concrete man September 22, 2008 @ 2:47 am

    Excellent article on an important topic.

    Oddly enough, you have Rumsfeld, a NonJew, I presume, berating Levin, a long time Israel Firster, for not supporting military spending. I’m sure Levin did’n’t want to appear greedy and Rumsfled has no shame whatsoever. As the book by Grant F. Smith, Deadly Dogma shows, the Neocons long ago used military spending as a way to sift off funds to pet Neocon projects for Israel’s benefit.

    As an aside, I was just listening to Dick Eastman in an older interview with Rense talk about how Henry Morganthau probably murdered FDR, and Bernard Baruch was the real force behind the decision to drop the A bomb. Not unrelated to the topic at hand, not at all.

  18. Michael K. September 22, 2008 @ 5:31 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    The peace of Christ be with you. This discussion touches on all sides of an issue which I consider to be one of the most mysterious enigmas which we face today. I am no closer to having information which would reveal the truth than anyone else. I would sincerely like to know the truth about Russia, however. Perhaps there is more evidence you can give than your good faith assertions that the Russian leadership is not crypto-communist.

    You see, I don’t understand how Putin can go from being an avowed ultra-commie and head of the KGB, to being a moderate nationalist and ideal Christian. Note, I am not denying it, I just can’t fully believe it without some clue as to how and why. Perhaps you could direct me to a relevant article on the events surrounding this transformation, if that’s what it is. It seem like a leopard doesn’t change his spots, so I wonder.

    Take for example, during the early part of this decade Russia appeared to be mounting its own deceptive ‘War on Terror’ in full cooperation with the Zio-block, against the Chechen people, in their country. I remember the stories, and it seemed to be the same level as any typical tyrannical war.

    Then take South Ossetia. Although Russia was completely in the apparent right, something don’t add up. There is nothing in South Ossetia of strategic value, that I am aware of: no port, pipeline, or poppies. All the attack provided was an opportunity for the Russians to hit one out of the park. Putin is even cited as calling it “Russia’s 9-11.” Well, that means to me that it was a false flag psy-op for the purpose of galvanizing public support in Russia for the government. Is that not a reasonable thing to think.

    I understand your alliance with Russian Orthodox Christianity, and love Russia’s people and Church too. But ‘Byzantine’ is a word that connotes intrigue, isn’t it? If you are a disinformer, it is not because you have any intent to do so, in my opinion. But even the most benevolent skeptic remains skeptical for good reason.

    I truly hope that Russia and America will know Christian brotherhood and peace. But if Russia is still under crypto-Zionist influence it would be no good for them either.

    Please continue your earnest effort to proclaim the Truth, and relay reliable information from Russia “with Love.”

  19. james1 September 22, 2008 @ 12:36 pm

    @Michael K.

    “An avowed ultra commie head of the KGB”

    Putin was not an ultra communist. He wanted to serve his country and never followed the communist ideology as he stated in a 94 interview. When he was in the KGB his job was economics intelligence gathering and analysis of Western economy.

    “Take for example, during the early part of this decade Russia appeared to be mounting its own deceptive ‘War on Terror’ in full cooperation with the Zio-block, against the Chechen people, in their country”

    Wrong the president of Chechnya contrary to mass media perception was a fascist dictator whose region he governed was a haven for the judiao/chechen mafia operating in Russia which helped finance his militias.

    Years prior to the first war, Chechen gangs were murdering, raping and keeping as slaves ethnic Russians stoked on by the Chechen president ultra-nationalist rhetoric.

    The CIA and Western intelligence have been training and supporting Chechen terrorism since the first Chechen president meet Brezinski in Harvard in 92 and sent him to Bosnia were Western intelligence was running international terrorist training camps.

    Country what country? Chechnya was never an independent country, and large areas of what was now Chechnya was given to them under Khrushchev.

    “I remember the stories…”

    Were these the ones from Guisinky a Jewish gangster who controlled the media in Russia and who after the war as head the World Jewish Congress in Russia transported thousand of Chechen into the heart of Russia.

    Did any of the stories you heard about report the ethnic cleansing of the entire Russian population?

    What about the fact that the capital was 50% ethnic Russian, and it was the Chechen leadership that kept the war going agreeing to and then breaking ceasefire agreements.

    Former CIA counter-terrorism agent in Russia details in his book “Wolves of Islam” the countries and roles played by international terrorism during the first war to the present.

    Russia only sent in the troops after Chechnya became so volatile that it was engaged in a civil war were different clan leaders were fighting each other for supremacy.
    This gave western intelligence a pre text like Afghanistan in 79 to launch a covert war against Russia.

    In reference to South Ossetia and the 9/11 statement Medvedev was right Georgian forces launched a terrorist attack bombarding residential areas with modified WW2 rockets and killed Russian peacekeepers hours before Russia responded.

    You are the same category as the previous mentioned Lame Cherry or Daryl Bradford Smith — a wolf in sheep’s clothes or perhaps you’ve just been deluded by the mass media and “alternative” media sources.

  20. Michael K. September 23, 2008 @ 5:33 am


    I am more deluded by media than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    That’s why I ask for your input to give me leads to investigate, and the assessments of others. Who can know anything about what goes on around the world than through the written and spoken word? I am on this site because I support this discussion, and want to get to the truth.

    I am skeptical of the claims I hear, because skepticism is fully warranted on the subject of world power politics. I am hopeful that the good things I’m seeing in Russia are true, but skeptical.

    James1, what about the alleged “Perestroika Deception?” Doesn’t the possibility that Communism has been playing possum in Russia concern you? How can you be so sure?

    I am not here to tear down Brother Nathanael and his friends. Brother Nathanael is courageous to put himself out there where the lions roar. But as a true friend, I believe it is my duty to apply constructive criticism to the information which he offers, in order that we get to the truth.

    On the subject of Chechnya, I read a firsthand account of the Chechen war called “My Jihad,” by Aukai Collins. While I don’t think reading a book makes me a shill, the author made it pretty clear that the Russians fought with utter brutality, and mustard gas.

    That aside, Collins pretty much leads the reader to the conclusion that the Jihad is a myth and an industry used to cover for organized crime. A conclusion that concurs with what you’ve said.

    Still, the Beslan massacre seemed like it might have been a KGB psy-op. Who really knows?

    How can you be so credulous that the a former director of the KGB was never an ideological Communist? Please direct me to relevant source material, rather than make further unsupported claims.

    Last, I too, am suspicious of “Lame Cherry,” so that puts us together on that skeptical doubt.

    Thanks for answering my post, I look forward to future conversations.

  21. james1 September 23, 2008 @ 10:18 am

    @Michael K.

    Communism died after 67 when the USSR broke off ties with Israel, breaking international Jewish support, and thereafter limiting the amount of Jews to hold top level jobs in the USSR hence the change of the Neocons from communists to conservatives in the late 60’s.

    From the 70’s onwards Jewish communists switched from Communism to organised crime, hence the so called “Russian Mafia.”

    I see you’re not a deliberate shill to demonise Russia but I would question the validity of the author. For example the assertion that Russia used gas weapons is false. This is black propaganda used against Russia, this time being mustard gas.

    I heard stories they were Plutonium they also used this accusation against the Soviets in the Afghan war. The idea that Chechens became militant and international terrorists became involved because of the first Chechen war is a myth as I stated it goes back to 92.

    To understand what’s going on in Russia you need to look at what happened to Yugoslavia and the Serbs in the 90’s as that is the same blueprint they have planned for Russia.

    I don’t conclude that it is myth that international terrorism is not primarily involved. On the contrary, I am making the assertion that, like Afghanistan, Western intelligence agencies have aligned themselves with the Chechen leadership creating and linking organised crime and international terror networks to further there geo-political agenda to break up Russia, deny her access to the Caspian basin, and break it apart through a series of proxy wars.

    The leaders who coordinated the attacks in the neighbouring regions are all commanders in Bosnia Jihad in the 92-95 war.

    The so called Al Queda terror network is fake.

    What Western powers present to use as an international terror network headed by OBL is really an international mercenary force linked and trained to Pentagon-affiliated private contractors like MPRI.

    “How can you be so credulous that a former director of the KGB was never an ideological Communist? Please direct me to relevant source material, rather than make further unsupported claims.”

    I saw it on a program on the BBC talking to a journalist who interviewed him in 94 and showed extracts of the interview. It was a while back, so I don’t know the journalist’s name, and it didn’t mention if he worked for a news station or was a reporter for a TV program.

    I only have to look at Putin opponents to see he is sincere, and Putin himself has spoke out against the evils of Communism.

    Paul Klebnakov, who basically said that Russia was a Jewish Mafia State in the 90’s, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn, both critics of the Yeltsin regime, supported Putin.

    Communism itself was never an ideological Russian movement, but a Jewish one.

    In stated in previous articles on the site Putin is removing Soviet holidays and replacing them with pre-Communist Russian Orthodox holidays and Christian teachings in schools, building churches, etc.

  22. Michael K. September 23, 2008 @ 2:05 pm

    @ james1

    Thank you sir, for your courteous and convincing response. I see how your viewpoint adds up, and I am glad to know those details. Hope to see your posts next time.

  23. Frances September 23, 2008 @ 2:21 pm

    More on Weapons in Space,

  24. james1 September 23, 2008 @ 6:32 pm

    @Michael K.

    I can see why you would view Russia with suspicion. Media imagery and perspective are very powerful, whether it be images of the Holocaust, which evidence suggest was false, or the 90s Serbian death camp hoax, which was proven to be false, or the bombed out city of Grozny which was not due to aerial bombardment but ground fighting and 50% ethnic Russian.

    Russia has done a terrible job on the PR front. Only recently have they started their own international news service Russia Today which showed what really happened in Georgia.

    GlobalResearch also has good developments of what went on in Georgia

    Only independent journalists online have debunked Western PR campaigns against Russia, like Justin Raimundo of who debunked the Ukrainian poison myth; and Marcus Epstein who debunked the KGB plutonium poison story and revealed that Litvenenko was an MI6 agent smuggling plutonium from the Panski Gorge from the Chechen mafia. Plutonium 210 is used in nuclear triggers.

    In the 9/11 documentary Zero a member of EU parliament reveals that CSIS think tank created by Brezinski who runs ACPC and bragged about international Islamic terror network to lure Russians into Afghanistan in 79, showed a scenario where “Bin Laden” explodes a Nuke at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

    Do you think this is connected to the plutonium 210 case?

    Would he go that far to launch a nuke in Europe?

    Hollywood and TV have been promoting this loose nuke scenario for years most recently in that god awful movie Sum of all Fears.

    I’m pretty sure 9/11 was an inside job if they could do that in the US with four airlines which is pretty complex it would be easy for them to detonate a nuke in the EU.

  25. stephen September 29, 2008 @ 3:26 pm

    Militarization of Space

    “the militarization of space is a real threat to survival”
    -Noam Chomsky


    A profound strategic transformation of the US Military-Industrial-Corporate-Information-Intelligence Complex is underway today that will radically re-design the enterprise into an ultra-imperialist force for global domination in the upcoming years and decades.

    Billions and billions of US dollars are now being milked from the US taxpayers and funnelled into projects to build weapons in space (death star lasers, particle and microwave beam weapons, electromagnetic ‘psychotronic’ weapons arrays, tracking, communications and surveillance networks, targeting and delivery systems for nuclear warheads and weapons etc…)

    Complete with real time digital spy satellites, anti-gravitic craft, orbiting space stations, bases on the Moon, Mars and the outer moons of Saturn, a grand scheme is underway to control, dominate and militarize the ‘final frontier’ of space.

    Labelled, “full spectrum dominance” in the US Space Command’s ‘Vision for 2020’ mission statement, their plan is to create a state of the art, cutting edge, space-based war fighting force for the Earth’s global corporate and military elite. This new force is to be employed in order to defend themselves from the rising, angry, poor and destitute masses of the world who are demanding access to dwindling, scarce and finite natural resources on Earth.

    A very small number of the planet’s ultra-rich are preparing to defend themselves and their wealth (at all costs) against the majority of the planet’s poor and desitute who are rightfully demanding their right to survive.

    In addition, the domain of space is viewed today as open territory to be seized upon for eventual corporate profit, with projects designed to mine planetary bodies for scarce resources such as water, minerals, diamonds and gold etc…

    In the year 2000, almost 140 nations voted for a resolution entitled the “Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space.” It recognized “the common interest of all mankind in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes,” reaffirming the will of all states that the exploration and use of outer space “shall be for peaceful purposes and shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interest of all countries,” and declared “that prevention of an arms race in outer space would avert a grave danger for international peace and security.”

    Only two nations declined to support this bill–the United States and Israel. Both abstained.

    Steve Jones
    P.O. Box 1141
    Boulder, Colorado




    1. Video: Arsenal of Hypocrisy
    The Space Program and the Military-Industrial-Complex
    AOH Productions
    P.O. Box 3631, High Springs, Florida 32643 USA

    2. Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
    P.O. Box 652, Brunswick, Maine 04011 USA

    3. Institute for Space and Security Studies
    c/o Robert Bowman
    5017 Bellflower Ct, Melbourne, Florida 32940 USA

    4. Federation of American Scientists
    1717 ‘K’ St- NW, Suite 209, Washington, DC 20036 USA

    5. Popular Science Magazine
    2 Park Ave, 9th Floor, New York, New York 10016 USA

    6. The Extraterrestrial Threat

    7. Stop the War, Feed the Poor, Save the Planet

    8. Vision 2020/US Space Command
    901 Sac Blvd, 1A1, Offutt AFB, Nebraska, 68113 USA

    9. Union of Concerned Scientists
    2 Brattle Square, Cambridge, Massachussttts 02238 USA

    10. Nuclear Resister
    P.O. Box 43383, Tucson, Arizona 85733 USA

    11. Colorado FIRST STRIKE Project

    12. ***Book- Military Space Forces: the Next 50 Years
    by John Collins

    13. ***Book- Arming the Heavens: The Hidden Military Agenda for Space
    by Jack Manno

    14. The Resource Wars

    15. Global Electromagentic Weapons and Warfare

    16. ***Book- Case Book on Alternative 3
    by Jim Keith

  26. Randall September 30, 2008 @ 9:56 pm

    Hey Steve, I believe you’re right on the money.

    Have you checked out what’s orbiting our Earth lately?

    Check out what this young English kid is filming which has been Featured at Rense: In fact everyone should check this out.

    This machine changes it’s parameters very very fast, and it had to be slowed down to view it properly.

  27. Randall September 30, 2008 @ 10:06 pm

    Sorry, here is the link to his you tube page, the big one is the info.

    Truly creepy.

  28. joe jussac October 25, 2008 @ 10:18 pm

    Nath, I beg to disagree re the AIR superiority on winning EVERY war as someone stated above (1st post). Vietnam? USA KAPUT! IRAQ? It has been more than FIVE years now, and at the time when MOST if not ALL of Saddm’s F-14s and other types of “modern” jet fighters HAVE BEEN securely “parked” at IRAN!

    How about Afghanistan? Same same. The coalition of the (“White”) forces and the USAF, KAPUT! For those interested to read the REAL stats re ISRAELI’s superiority during the war v Arab nations in the past, visit the very good web of something like F-16 (search, I have the complete files in my 4Gig USB not available at the time of this writing. So good, very complete the detail the HOURs of Israeli Air Force downing the Arabs’ various MiGs (15 to 21), Mirages.

    Know who made it possible? 1st, I am NOT the lover of Israel, yet we must acknowledge HOW damn good have been the psi-dept of the Israeli intel/IDF and air force to indoctrinate their YOUNG fighter/bombers pilots.

    The SURVIVABILITY of ISRAEL is in their hands v their enemies. So, their determination to DOG FIGHT till their last breath. Wanna see how they dogfight v Arab? Buy on line the WINGS OVER ISRAEL (WOI), and you will understand. Sorry to say; most Arabian fighter pilots at the time of the wars lacked such determination, and, therefore, chicken ot during the air fight or dog fight.

    Btw; the Istaeli Air Forces’s scoring the high rate of kills was much jelped by the US-made radar/heat/x-ray seeking various missiles. Read the stats at F-16 Web. I played and really enjoyed the WOI, though I believe some Arab pilots have downed the Israeli US- and French made jet fighters, too.

    Air battles, since they involved lots of electronics, the “age” or duration would always BRIEF. The ARMY (land forces) will always be the KINGS of wars/battles when the air-related electronics are down. Does ECM (electronic counter-measure) ring a bell?

    The Russian new surface-to-air SS(?)-300 missiles IRAN may soon have will really be an EQUALIZER v he West/NATO and ISRAELI much more modern jet figthers. Israel is sure to have the newest air toys the F-22 Raptor, some 75 piece of it form the (again!) the USA (the USURY States America, hence, Kaput!). Why? Coz the SS-300 CAN “sniff” any incoming attackers as far as 150 kilometers and EASILY knocked them out as close as THREE miles! Bravo Russia and Iran.

    Peace. Joe GunSlinger

  29. Suzie November 25, 2009 @ 10:53 pm

    What is the difference between a Jew and a Zionist?

  30. servant of Jacob May 19, 2010 @ 6:59 pm

    After Yom Kippor 2012, two will appear who will have greater abilities than any weapon of human origin.

    The warning they will give will only be received sadly by the remnant of the nation. The sackcloth they wear will bear testimony to that loss to come. But there is hope for those that listen to their good oil & enlightenment; & for those that don’t, or wish them harm eternal damnation.

    So I say bring it on, for this world has suffered enough & sickened YHWH with it’s worship of money fornications & murders.

    Follow Christ Yeshua the only hope & way forward.

    Maranatha, Shalom, the servant of Jacob; bond servant Christ Yeshua.

  31. servant of Jacob May 19, 2010 @ 7:29 pm

    Sorry should have answered Suzie first before my personal rant.

    There is basically no difference in God’s eyes between any of the creatures around the throne of heaven; they are all anti or against Christ.

    Whether you be Jew [lion] Hindu [calf] Buddist [face of man] or Muslim [wings of eagle] they’re all anti-Christ — these are the 4 creatures that will all recognise the Messiah of the first & I believe all had common origin in past millenia.

    Their hope & way forward is Christ Yeshua.

    Maranatha, Shalom, servant of Jacob

  32. servant of Jacob May 20, 2010 @ 2:07 am

    Servant of Jacob should apologise for writing dates day/month/year but that’s the way we do it in my country.

    So my info could misconstrued & appear incorrect.

    Will remember it for future comments…..Shalom

  33. Rebekah June 27, 2010 @ 6:30 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    I have found your site a breath of fresh air as I have gone on the CUFI site and tried to tell them the truth and I got bashed.

    But if only more could have shared in this journey that has been my life and what was done to me well, they might wake up to what is happening. I was told I have a demon and that I needed to see a psychiatrist.

    I tell FATHER it is so hard and I am not sure I can wear the shoes HE has placed on my feet, yet here I sit trying to wear them as I do not want to fail HIM. Sometimes I am afraid I already have. I have seen things of the supernatural realm few ever do.

    We can save our world if people will just dig themselves out of the dogma that has without mercy been shoved down their throats. Anyway I will keep you in prayer and I could use all of it I could get.

    P.S. I plan on being a warrior! I will fight to the death!

  34. hotstuff September 13, 2010 @ 7:43 pm

    Hello james1 September 21, 2008 @ 7:07 pm

    Dov Zakheim seems to Have stolen about “3 trillion” From Amerika through the Pentagon where he was administrator…he “donated?” for billions of Military Weaponry to Israel.

    Just Like Jewish Minister of Defence of Germany “donated?” 6 submarines in 2009 to the Poor nation of Israel with which the Israelis did not hesitate to sink a South Korean War vessel with their German Torpedos and blamed in their World terrorist-papers the North Koreans !

    In Russia they — Mossad — started multiple forestfires and blamed Europe in their filthmedia.

    Wikileaks — USA Militairy info — used to hostilise the Moslims a little more and add Pakistan to the enemy list in their Terrormedia, the only thing they talked about for weeks.

    The Info Where it Says soldiers under Jew-command ( What Else in All of History? ) are exterminating All Opposition And Leaders, So Jews can easily settle in the crucial power positions over there to plunder, prey and rape That Nation. Inhabitants And Children are Carefully Left Out !

    The USA the Jews are slandering also a sneaky way in the Eyes of the World through the HAARP, chemtrail and plunder stories (they Commit them selves). Chemtrails — someone wants to kill You.

    Who? That is left out. Result: a severe base of General Fear And Paranoids. Attention for every thing else going on gets less. Jews rule.

    HAARP. Every little and big disaster, no matter what, any where any time, is blamed on HAARP.

    By that construction, HAARP is known to be located in Amerika, slandering and blaming Amerika, for evertything and anything that went wrong with this planet.

    Even the Pakistani Blogosfere is buzzing about HAARP. No doubt helped more than a little by Pakistani gov, who are happy with the distraction of anger and violence !

    Plunder. Jews do direct all military action and war. We are in Irak, Afghanistan, maybe Iran (and Pakistan?), only because of the Jews and their endless manipulations and crimes!

    None of the concerned races will have a penny left over from those adventures and sacrifices. As always it is in history, already has been the case. But in their Jew filth-media, Jews always refer to the wars and conflicts as “USA this” and “USA that” — not a single ONE word about “Jews this, Jews that.”

    That is the only way they wrote ALL of our histories, our KRISTLLNIGHTS, and still going strong Day and Night 24/7 !

    They get the profits…And We the bills, the blames, the accusations, the Sufferings the Sorrows And Disasters; and the revenge of the Jew-made enemies as it is for many centuries now. All the way accompanied by the accusing and blaming Jews from one end to the other end of our existense!

    Them Selves?

    Asian Man eaters, Lost Children With out memories, identity or knowledge of Their incredible awful Destiny of Anihilation !

    As they do now to Irak, Afghanistan, they plundered, raped Europe and the USA since the end of WW2, after installing themselves the Afghanistan way. (In the USA, they ruled since 1830 or erlier. Already, maybe (very likely) they always ruled us. There is a very long story to it.)

    Their plunderings of nations they always end by throing the Nations into disasters, wars, major starvations, epidemics, whatever helps diverting attention from their atrocities. !

    The plunderings of the USA and Europe ended for the big part somewhere before WTC !

    I Guess the Dov Zakheim 3 trillions also.

    They were finishing their plunder by trying to fly a Russian warhead over Washington with a military transporter flown in from Jackson, California. It should have been detonated over Washington, starting World War 3.

    That failed by an Act From GOD !

    Because of That they did the WTC Disaster to divert attention toward the Islamics !

    Because of That they started slandering and blaming the Russian Federation for years any way they could, to also separate Us from Each Other — a big important neccesity for the Jews — “keeping Us divided asmap.”

    All Nations they are setting up against each Other ARE atomic power nations!

    With the genocide attack against the Palestines shortly after WTC they also tried to initiate a world war by being so cruel to the defenceless Palestinians that almost the European Nations started their military against Israel !

    France barely could be held back …it was to initiate a World war again!

    So they stole the World !

    Yés Jews!

  35. Maia Gabrial March 7, 2011 @ 5:48 pm

    Thank you for all the information you provide on your website. Very informative!

    The more I learn about the dirty deeds the Jews perpetrate against the world, the angrier and more despondent I get.

    It doesn’t look like they want to change, so I guess they’re going to face the big wrath.

    I especially loved your section where you describe Putin as a strong Christian leader who isn’t swayed by Jew pressure or threats.

    Love it that someone in this world has honor, decency and courage to stand up the their scourge…. I have newfound respect for Putin….

  36. David L Kaas June 15, 2011 @ 10:56 am

    I would like to announce my independent candidacy for the 2012 Presidential elections at this time.

    My plan will be one of great-change in view of the planetary-flip scheduled for September of 2015. Many changes now need to happen in order that this race survive the coming seven year drought due to happen after this readjustment.

    If elected to office:

    1) Beans, rice and corn now need to be grown and stored for the lean years just ahead.

    2) Hemp(and marijuana) shall be legalized and grown to manufacture over 500 different household and industrial items.

    3) Truck and automobile engines shall be converted to a hydrogen fuel taken from the water we all drink.

    4) All incarcerated for all drug charges will be released with their full rights restored. All murders, rapists and child molesters will humanely be put to sleep.

    5) An internal policing of our elected officials shall be installed with the mandatory price of execution for all caught using their appointed position for personal gain.

    6) Grow gardens shall be put in place in all shopping malls across the US in order to produce food for the local residents, educating their children on proper procedures to produce this needed food.

    7) The Capitol now located in Washington DC will be moved to a location in the Mpls/St Paul Minnesota area.

    8 ) All cell phones now causing cancer will be redesigned and altered in frequency so as not to confuse the frequency used by honey bees to return to their hives.

    9) All fluoride will be removed from tooth paste and drinking water.

    10) Our military will be recalled, stationed along our Southern border States and used to rebuild our interstates and freeways. They will then be stationed along our perimeter along with medical personal before the flip in 2015.

    11) For our financial system to recover I have adopted the “Fishman’s Framework for Tax Reform” and the “Sub-prime Mortgage Solution” both found at:

    This can also be viewed on the at: Fishmans Tax Reform(

    12) There are also problems that have existed since the 1930’s when a meeting between then President FDR and the Grey’s/Renticuli resulted in their offering of the “sonar technology” in return for the granted ability to take animal and a limited amount of humans for research purposes.

    Since then they have tried to destroy our economy through deception of our elite, our military high-command as well as out democratic and republican parties. They now have control of Monsanto as well as the bankers(Rothchilds)of this world.

    The main contingency is now located at the Dulce New Mexico deep underground military base (D.U.M.B.) now having kidnapped our children hooking them to drainage machines which capture the small amounts of secretions taken from their pituitary glands.

    This is then mixed with various chemical, taken as a food source for this invading colony. They are now addicted to our hormonal secretions. Their plans are to exterminate 90% of the population by 2029 through different means.

    They now have use of our HARRP systems located in Alaska and Nevada combined with the Scalar Technology which is ruining this years spring and fall harvests within this country by weather upsets on a continual basis.

    Following this year Marshall Law will be in acted in order to control the crowds and this eliminating anymore free elections. All governmental offices shall be appointed from within form that time forward.

    It is for these reasons that I am running in this next election not only to secure once again this Republic continued existence, but to recall our people to a true understanding of just what it means to be in a human body at this time in history. Men and women now need this understanding in order to continue in existence here.

    Let me assure you now that there is a Federation of Planets. They have communicated to me their desire to assist in our efforts should I win this next election. If elected to office I will use their help in the exterminating of all invading groups from all planets from this day forth.

    There will be much more coming out this next year concerning my bid for office but I wanted to place this information here today and ask you all to reconsider everything that you’ve been taught to date.

    Thank you Brother Nathanael for all of your efforts!

    The New David

  37. David L Kaas June 15, 2011 @ 12:00 pm

    The new-molecular South-spun Fluid Concept now dove-tails with the famous Seven Year Cellular Rebuild Cycle in your own body.

    Access now: A New Cure for Cancer ( )

    ( ) ( )

    Now you really can learn how to live long and prosper in the way your Creator’s have always wanted it to be!

  38. Immad Khalid August 24, 2011 @ 4:07 am

    Servant of Jacob, I reject your comment on saying that Islam is against Christ.

    If you had any knowledge of The eschatology of Islam, and who we see as the messiah; you would know that we also predict the coming of Jesus (peace be upon him).

    Please don’t speak of which you have no knowledge of.

  39. servant of Jacob May 18, 2012 @ 7:06 am

    Immad Khalid,

    The Quran clearly states Christ is not the son of God and that He didn’t really die on the cross.

    The Bible says those that deny Him are against[anti of] Him. Sorry no apology.

    So much for your knowledge. Shalom.

  40. John Banning July 2, 2012 @ 2:47 pm

    Outerspace control would mean they could punch through the stratosphere and travel where radar would not detect them and they could travel around the earth saving fuel.

    The USA will spend hundreds of billions for this.

    They have nobody to tell them they can’t. The Russians would be wise to not let this happpen. The USA probably already has a missile defense system that neutralizes Russia’s weapons.

    Space is the next frontier.

  41. Peter Lowrie June 1, 2013 @ 6:16 pm

    I’ve given up on praying for peace, tolerance and understanding.

    I have come to realise these are not a part of God’s plan for the immediate future.

    The world has to go through hell before the prophesy in the Lords Prayer be fulfilled; on Earth as it is in Heaven.

    Now I pray for the Lord’s plan to accelerate in the direction of Heaven on Earth.

  42. Ken Schneijder November 6, 2018 @ 1:33 pm


    Can I please become the content manager of this jewel of a JPG festival 🙂 Thanks!

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