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Great Reset In Jewish Time

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Great Reset In Jewish Time
April 21 2021

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Brother Nathanael @ April 21, 2021


  1. Brother Nathanael April 21, 2021 @ 1:17 pm


    Great Reset In Jewish Time

    The “Great Reset” is just the beginning of our woes.

    It sounds globalist but its members are cliquish.

    It sounds bland but its stamp is a Jewish brand.

    The gasbag of the “Reset” is Klaus Schwab, born of a Jewish mother, which rabbinically makes him a Jew.

    As head of the World Economic Forum, Schwab uses ‘pandemics’ to beget his sinister polemic. [Clip]

    [”The COVID 19 pandemics just has accelerated certain trends which we had seen before and which were actually discussed in DAVOS this year like the lack of inclusion and lack of paying sufficient attention to the environment. So what we will see now is acceleration of those trends…”]

    The ‘tongue’ of the Jew sticks it to you… [Clip]

    [”…And of course a unique opportunity to reset our global agenda.”]

    The “reset” of that “global agenda” is to turn corporations into social overlords. [Clip]

    [”Finally, what is the role of companies in this new post-COVID era. I think we are moving from short term to long term, from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism.”]

    This Jewish gibberish of “Stakeholder Capitalism” is simply the Soviet wish of the few to rule over the many.

    For with its deceptive notion that corporations should not just benefit their shareholders but “society at large” through “public policy” is a draconian social engineering scheme.

    America’s “Business Roundtable”—comprised of CEO’s of the nation’s top companies like Coca Cola, Delta, 3M, PayPal, and Johnson & Johnson—have already signed on to Schwab’s “Stakeholder Capitalism.”

    That’s because ALL corporations and their CEOs are dependent on Wall Street Jews and international Jewish banking to finance and underwrite their stocks.

    Following the Jewish script, these CEOs want us to swallow that “stakeholders” are “customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders.”

    This is Jewish hokum.

    You see, the meaning of a “stakeholder” is one who owns controlling shares of a company with decision-making authority.

    Do “communities” have the same corporate decision making authority as Schwab and his synagogue buddies?

    Believe that and I own a Coca-Cola plant in Thailand.

    The real “stakeholders” of this deceptive new brand of “capitalism” are a transnational cabal of Jews brandishing control over the goyim by crushing all independent thinking and behavior.

    It’s “communism” with a Jewish ‘capitalist’ twist.

    Fat cat Jews like David Solomon of Goldman Sachs, Charles Scharf of Wells Fargo, Laurence Fink of BlackRock, and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase—are your new corporate Jewish overlords.

    And you’re not invited to the Bar Mitzvah.

    Alex Gorsky, Jewish CEO of Johnson & Johnson, is.

    That’s why his company sponsors lewd gay parades that celebrates homosexuality, and lesbianism, and every form of sexual deviancy.

    Whether it’s killing off the population with Gorksky’s Johnson & Johnson’s blood-clotting ‘vaccine’…

    …Or wiping out the White Christian race with his sexually deviant parades, Gorsky’s got a huge “stake” in socially-engineering America’s obliteration.

    Robert Iger, Jew head of ABC/Disney is also invited to the Bar Mitzvah.

    That’s why Iger threatened to ban filming in Georgia over Governor Kemp’s “heartbeat” anti-abortion law. [Clip]

    [”Just before Disney CEO Bob Iger unveiled a new Star Wars attraction at Disneyland, he stepped foot into the abortion wars. He told Reuters Disney may stop shooting in Georgia if a new anti-abortion law takes effect.” “Well, I think if it becomes law, it will be very difficult to produce there. I rather doubt we will.”]

    Irene Rosenfeld and Dirk Van de Put, Jewish heads of the parent company of Chips Ahoy, got invited to that Bar Mitzvah.

    That’s why they featured a drag queen to sell their cookies. [Clip]

    [”Y’all know what we’re celebrating today? Mothers’ Day. And I am so thankful for a mother, like mine, who supports me through all my craziness and loves on me, and buys me Chips Ahoy! cookies — chewy, the original — and everything under the sun. My mom knows I love my cookies. So get those cookies. And what do we suggest for you do to your mama? You’re real mama, your drag mama, whichever mama, somebody, whoever take care of you, whoever you feel or consider your mama, it’s their day today. Get them a cookie.”]

    Marc Benioff of Salesforce is invited.

    That’s why his company supports Black Lives Matter, a social front for a Marxist strategy.

    And the CIA*—that receives secret money from the Jew-owned Federal Reserve for its criminal operations abroad in collusion with the Israeli Mossad—is a featured guest at the Bar Mitzvah.

    That’s why the CIA—to keep the pipeline of Jewish money coming in—celebrates “Pride Month” throughout the entire month of June.

    We’re now at an historical moment in Jewish time.

    All to the tune of international organized crime. [Clip]

    [”It’s now an historical moment, a crucial moment to rebuild the future, to reset our policies. And we have certainly, we have to take certain lessons from the pandemic which we had to fight, and still have to fight, and we have to build a world which is more resilient, more inclusive, and also more sustainable.”]

    “Resilience” for Schwab means being resistant to religious mores.

    “Inclusion” for Schwab means bringing in a swarm of sinful men and women into every component of society so as to corrupt the entire lump.

    “Sustainability” for Schwab means getting Jews into power and making sure they stay in power.

    Any time there’s a culture that passes down a stable heritage and tradition you’ll find Jews amassing there in droves.

    Once they prosper in and by that culture they set out to debase and replace it with degeneracy and dung.

    Jews barf and vomit it all out of the devil’s own tongue.

    Like a squalid spout, that’s what the “Great Reset” is really all about.

  2. Brother Nathanael April 21, 2021 @ 1:27 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael April 21, 2021 @ 1:28 pm

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    Keep Up The Good Work

    Raymond B (Praying for you…)

    Tim N

  4. GTS April 21, 2021 @ 3:45 pm

    Jn 8:44 plays out before our eyes every single day.

    Humble thanks as always, Bro Nat.

  5. now is new April 21, 2021 @ 3:58 pm

    Few can put out the truth like Brother Nathanael.

    Rense radio has stopped a great voice for showing truth.

    Very upsetting, to say the least.

  6. Kathy April 21, 2021 @ 8:11 pm

    “A man without guile”

    Recently, EM Jones was asked what he thought about Brother Nathanael, and that was his response.

    God bless you both.

  7. B April 21, 2021 @ 11:38 pm

    Congress is rushing fast to help America with what America needs most, and that is a Federal Anti-Semitism Monitor.

  8. Eric April 22, 2021 @ 4:59 am

    If you want to know what it means to have the Jews rule over you, just look at their fantasies.

    Like Auschwitz, for example. Their version of it.

  9. Joe Cortina April 22, 2021 @ 9:38 am

    ALL that ANY Christian needs to know about the jew is contained in the 44 words of JOHN-8-44. The Lord said it all TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO!

    YET – NOT ONE CHRISTIAN IN A THOUSAND HAS EVER READ IT – OR HEARD OF IT WHY???? Why not ask your FAKE priest of pastor. His guilty face will become red with anger because he has been exposed for the fraud he is as he struggles to serve Christ and Satan and dine at BOTH tables and SERVE BOTH MASTERS

    Yet I’l wager not ONE of you readers will have the moral courage to expose these evil fake cowardly enemies of God. That is the ugly TRUTH of Amerikan ‘synagogues of Satan’

    I’ll wager that there will not be so much as ONE comment following this – to give testimony to you love of the lord and hatred of evil – that says MY NAME Is ‘John Doe’ and I stood up for my faith and exposed the ‘false prophet’ who fears offending the demonic jew MORE than mocking Christ.

    It has cost me censorship ridicule and persecutions but at least i have done this small sacrifice to fight the evil in our midst.

    Joe Cortina – a voice in the wilderness

  10. Ft. Nolan April 22, 2021 @ 11:05 am

    And how was it decided that Klaus “The Schlub” Schwab would dictate to the rest of Earthikans how we would live and what we can and can not do with ourselves?

    That tongue action of his might indicate his reptoid origins, or maybe he’s signaling his reptoid overlords by doing that. When you get past seventy, a person should be more concerned with taking it easy, spending time with the grandkids, helping out at your parish and NOT scheming for world domination!

    It is amazing how so many “seniorized citizens” want to continue in what they think is “public service” only to go to their graves believing they are making a better world when they are only ruining it for their progeny.

    How disappointing it will be for them when a ‘new heaven and a new Earth’ is spoken into existence.

  11. Nicholas Landholdt April 22, 2021 @ 11:35 am

    WTPP remains the only Christian movement calling for rounding up and expelling Judaics from Texas and America.

    All other movements and groups and individuals are cowards who have the “fear of the Jews” syndrome.

  12. Joe Cortina April 22, 2021 @ 12:45 pm

    OH and BTW _ It costs REAL dollars to run his truth site. All the nie “I love yous” and God bless yous” and “keep up the good work” – the “thanks” DO NOT PAY THE BILLS.THEY DO NOT KEEP HIS WORK GOING .

    Where the hell are the: “Great story – “I am sending a $100 gift right away” I you REALLY appreciate what he has dedicated his life to – the future of you and your children and THEIR CHILDREN – THEN START WALING THE WALK – more action and less talk!

    His site is NOT an intellectual talk forum for entertainment and diversion – It is for YOU to TAKE ACTION and get off your butts and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING in your OWN COMMUNITY. Preaching to the choir is mental masturbation. If yu have learned something important and urgent and new to you – SHARE IT WITH EVERY ONE YOU KNOW EVERY CHANCE YOU HAVE.

    TAKE ACTION! You call yourselves Christians? Are you willing to make even a TINY percent of the sacrifice that Nathanael has, to save this nation from self- destruction. Take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourselves – can I look in the face of God and SAY : Lord – I have done my best?

    If you ALL had done your jobs – after all these years – today Brother Nathanael would be a nationally known acclaimed and respected soldier of Christ. We lose this battle for TRUTH and the entire world is doomed.


  13. Brother Nathanael April 22, 2021 @ 1:51 pm

    Help Me Continue!

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  14. Pierre April 22, 2021 @ 3:00 pm

    Probably not a coincidence I last night started reading a David Graeber book on bureaucracy, The Utopia of Rules, that shows this corporo/fascist empire that is being strung around our necks, down to the your last CO2 monitored breath.

    Unfortunately he does not mention the J word too often (not even in Debt the First 5000 years, or BS Jobs), then again Solzhenitsyn did not in his first volume of Gulag Archipelago either. Not hard for us more educated less beguiled types to fill in the gaps.

    P.S. Anyone taking the jab, please consider leaving Brother Nathanael something in your will. If your relatives are taking the jab too, they will not be around to make use of it.

  15. The Englishman April 22, 2021 @ 3:05 pm

    It takes a special strength to swim against the tide.

    The bitter pill, those touched and profoundly influenced by our Lord Jesus to the extent of defense against all who align or tolerate Christ’s murderers, is when our very own blood mock our convictions.

    The effect for the many affected can be to disengage.

    With the Second Advent due, those gifted with the Gladitorial Spirit within a sea of unbridled indifference will be hailed.

  16. Citizenfitz April 22, 2021 @ 7:49 pm

    Some here might remember a guy named Curt Maynard. Years ago he had a blog called “Politically Incorrect Apostate”.

    Maynard was a very smart guy: he had two masters degrees, was an RN, and a licensed electrician too. He was also a good writer.

    Unfortunately, he was extremely politically incorrect and even worse used his own name when online. This caused him a lot of trouble. To the extent that he came up on Jewry’s radar. They harrassed him… publicly and privately. He was vilified across the Internet and his various blogs were shut down. Finally he was pushed down the Internet memory hole.

    He couldn’t hold a job either as his employers would soon find out that he was THE Curt Maynard. Before long he was unemployed again; though I don’t know how much his own ill-starred fanaticism played into that.

    In spite of his exhuberant White Nationalist loyalties Maynard married a Mexican girl – whom he put through college. Then, after she graduated, his marriage went very sour and she filed divorce papers.

    For reasons unknown Maynard hired a Mexican lawyer to represent him in court. The judge may have been Mexican too; and may have been a woman. His ex-wife’s lawyer was. Whatever, Maynard lost large. He responded by posting pornographic pictures of his ex online.

    Soon afterwards he blew his ex away and badly wounded her daughter from a former relationship. Then, after a brief police chase and car crash he killed himself.

    This was a pitiful, ignoble end for a guy as bright and insightful as Maynard was. He must have gone mad somewhere along the line as the Maynard of old would have taken out his ex, his lawyer, the judge and his ex’s lawyer too.

    It was eleven years ago today that he fired his last shot. And though he was a murderer, attempted murderer and a suicide perhaps God will spare some sympathy for him. I think I remember him saying once that his house was in the middle of a forest of cell towers, etc. Electro-magnetism is known to effect people’s moods. Perhaps he was driven mad. So, spare a prayer for Curt. And his ex-wife too.

    And if you can still find it online read his masterpiece, “It’s the Jews, Stupid”.

  17. benzion kook April 22, 2021 @ 7:49 pm

    CNN: Democrats suggest social security “racist.”

    Plan to double capital gains tax, to fund the lifestyle of illegal aliens.

    Jews plan is to turn Europeans into dependent bond servants.

    “I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.” – Walter Cronkite (Conallkike) – World Federalist Association, 1999, which also featured communist Killary Clinton as guest speaker.

  18. Ted Gorsline April 23, 2021 @ 12:56 am


    I looked up Maynard’s essay.

    Jews have inserted a number of essays with the same title that leads you down the garden path on Google but a 40 page essay attributed to Maynard is available from Australia at

  19. KathJuliane April 23, 2021 @ 12:39 pm

    Dear Citizenfitz and Ted Gorsline,

    Buried treasure.

  20. benzion kook April 23, 2021 @ 1:31 pm

    Jew lesbian controlled CDC recommends coYID injections for pregnant women.

    Reminiscent of the Israhell “one shot-two kills” jew sniper T-shirts.

  21. JIM April 23, 2021 @ 2:41 pm

    We are lucky to have Putin to save us… The Jews are afraid of Putin and his Nukes.

  22. R. Richardson April 23, 2021 @ 7:41 pm

    The Great Reset may refer to transforming the Christian-controlled Western civilization into the Jew-controlled Western civilization, which was already done years ago.

    But it may be difficult for the Western elites to reset, change, influence, and control all over the world, which includes the Eastern civilization, Third World countries (Africa, South Pacific islands, South Asia, Iran-led Middle East, and some Latin America countries), and Russia, which happens to be neutral and between the Western civilization and Eastern civilization.

    Even if the Western elites (U.S.) and Eastern elites (China) are secretly merged, their globalization plans may still not work because of their criminal backgrounds. Internet will always find a way to expose their gross imperfection, regardless of their locations.

    Criminals are criminals. Criminals did not develop and create Internet. Righteous citizens of a sovereign country did. Internet became the eighth wonder of the world and showed that the global-level criminals (wealthy, non-productive, and recognized elites are also included) and obedient and productive citizens of nations were not meant to get along and blend.

    A lot of ordinary people abhor the pedophiles and sex trafficking. Elite pedophiles know that. Jefferey Epstein being successfully caught and exposed is a good example.

    “The Great Reset” is nothing new. It is akin to the New World Order, which everyone already knows for many years.

    We should be aware that Klaus Schwab only wrote a book entitled “COVID-19: The Great Reset”, NOT “The Great Reset” alone! He tried to use this book as a smoke screen for the elites, who would try to use the COVID scam (distraction, atrocities, deception, threats, constant lies, intimidation, enforcement, life-related coercion, and murders of the well-informed, conspiracy-theory, and whisteblowing humans) to extend the Zionist NWO’s life span, criminals’ wealths, and oligarchy-based economies of different countries.

    Nevertheless, time for us to limit power of the U.S. asset management firms, which are identified as the BlackRock, Vanguard Group, and State Street. They are known as the “Big Three” and managing over $15 trillion in global assets.

    American Economic Liberties Project saw them as threats to the U.S. economy and financial markets.


    The investment funds, which the Big Three manage, can be utilized by those seeking to launder money and are suitable for money laundering where a large sum of illicit money is already within the financial system.


    My many questions for the BlackRock, Vanguard Group, or/and State Street:

    Are they all secretly involved in money laundering and criminal activities?

    Why did the BlackRock bail out its ETFs with the Federal money (taxpayers’ money)?

    Why did an inexperienced former employee of the Vanguard Group pledge guilty to money laundering?

    Why does the BlackRock own both of GlaxoSmithKline plc’s and Pfzier’s shares?

    Why was GlaxoSmithKline accused for building a lab in Wuhan, prior to the joint venture with Pfizer in 2019?

    Who owns the BlackRock? Maybe so many investors? Why is the Vanguard Group also included on the list?

    *[https: //]

    Who owns the Vanguard Group? Maybe the Rothschild family and others? Just the shareholders’ inorganic “funds” themselves, instead of the organic creatures, humans? What and why?

    Why is the BlackRock, as a private agency, allowed to do business with the Federal Reserve?

    Why is the Federal Reserve able to poise itself as a private company to “buy” BlackRock’s E.T.Fs and assets?


    Does the BlackRock actually lend money to the Federal Reserve and even other central banks in other countries?

    Why did the BlackRock and Vanguard Group really want to do business in China, starting in 2020?

    In August 2020, the BlackRock got approval to set up a mutual fund management in Shanghai. Additionally, the BlackRock, along with Singapore’s Temasek Holdings as its partner, got approval to build an asset-management business in China.


    Why did George Soros own the BlackRock’s shares? Why did the Soros Fund Management Llc do erratic selling and buying the BlackRock shares within July 20, unidentified year?


    Well, I understand that the Wuhan laboratory is run by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and funded by the Chinese government. Ok. I just want to know who controls the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Then an answer to this question would be the China’s State Council. I can see that. So, who is the premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China? It is Li Keqiang. He has this job since 2013.

    Brother Nathanael, I have noticed that you were writing about the World Economics Forum in Davos, Switerzland. Guess who attended there in 2010? Li Keqiang did!


    Did George Soros also attend there in 2010? He did.


    Bill and Melina Gates, too? Yes. In 2010? Yes. There, they just announced that their foundation was going to “pledge $10 billion to research, develop and deliver vaccines for the world’s poorest countries”.


    What about Barack Obama? He did not, but his economic advisor, Larry Summers, did. Guess what? Larry Summers, among Bill Gates, Jes Staley (JP Morgan), and Boris Nikolic (Bill Gates’ science adviser) had met Jefferey Epstein at Epstein’s mansion in 2011. A photo of them standing in a group is found on Internet.

    Link to a bit of the World Economic Forum 2010 information about bankers, China, George Soros, and Bill Gate:


    The world does not need more people, who always work with money and lie to the public all the time (refers to the mainstream media).

    If a mainstream media outlet is failing, it can get money from the U.S. government through the PPP loans. Thanking to the PPP loans/funds, the mainstream media outlets stay alive, while other businesses die because of the COVID scam.


    Americans should realize that. They must stop watching news on TV and reading the MSM articles.

    The mainstream media outlets are more important to the Jew-controlled U.S. government than other kind of businesses, which the Americans depend on.

  23. KathJuliane April 23, 2021 @ 9:33 pm

    Climate is the new Covid

    The “public health policies” allegedly in place to fight Covid19 are being rebranded as “saving the planet”.

    Off Guardian

    Kit Knightly

    Yesterday was Earth Day. The traditional day environmental hashtags temporarily trend across all social media sites. This year was no different, with the exception of the stronger than usual whiff of agenda.

    The narrative of the “deadly viral pandemic” is slowly losing momentum. Whether this is through the public having “post viral fatigue”(as it were), or a deliberate shift in media talking points is unclear. But there’s certainly less energy in the story than at this time last year.

    That said, it’s also perfectly clear that governments around the world are in no mood to give up their newly acquired “emergency powers”, and that alleged “anti-covid measures” are not going away anytime soon.

    Especially lockdowns, which are being freshly marketed as “good for the planet”.

    The narrative that locking down the public was “helping the Earth heal” actually dates back to last March, when it was reported all across the world news that only a few weeks of lockdown had cleared up the water in Venician canals so much there were dolphins swimming through the city.

    This story later proved to be completely untrue, but that didn’t stop dozens of outlets from picking up the story and running with it.

    At various times in the intervening year, Covid has been sold as a having an environmental silver-lining. Including potentially “saving the planet”.

    Just last month, the Guardian published a story with the headline:

    Global lockdown every two years needed to meet Paris CO2 goals – study”

    That this is all about marketing and opinion control is only further evidenced by the fact that, with a few hours, they edited the headline to remove mention of lockdowns, the new one reading:

    Equivalent of Covid emissions drop needed every two years – study

    At around the same time, they had another article, warning that emissions will increase to “pre-pandemic levels” once lockdowns are ended. Another saying lockdown has taught us to “love nature”. And another claiming the UK’s “star count” had increased thanks to lockdown.

    All this kicked into another gear on Earth Day, the theme of which is Restore Our EarthTM (yes, it really is a registered trademark).

    Yesterday morning I woke up to a news alert on my phone, claiming this Earth Day we should “celebrate how much the planet has healed during lockdown“.

    Later, I saw an advert for a new documentary titled “The Year the Earth Changed”, chronicling the ways nature has rebounded during lockdown, and how much the “Earth has healed”.


  24. KC April 24, 2021 @ 3:50 am

    Jews have a tendency force their worldview on non-Jews, and are quite paranoid of those who don’t want that.

    What kind of mindset is that?

    In Communist times, they’ll kill all dissenters. In our sexual-deviancy times, they’ll outcast those who think differently, as if they’re normal and others are not.

    The great reset Jew elite trying to sell it to the regular folk “you’ll own nothing and be happy”. Like, seriously? How about you, the Jew, own nothing and be happy?

    Their amount of worldly power and money is nauseating. Yet, they’re out of touch. I tried to read the Great Reset book and it’s a total What do they want? How much more possessions they want to take? Trillions are not enough?

    Apparently not. They want total control. Paranoid people who no one really cares about. So now they’re getting into our bodies with the needle. More billions and trillions.

    I guess next step could be something spiritual. Can you imagine what kind of cocktail ‘for the greater good’ they’ll come up with- till you barf – so that people will accept it? Or they’ll make life so unbearable for everyone, that people will accept it, just so let the Jew leave them alone?

  25. Ted Gorsline April 24, 2021 @ 4:10 am

    Man made global warming, has now morphed into climate change which has been with us since time began.

    10,000 years ago Toronto was covered with a 2-mile thick ice sheet that has retreated, but still exists in Greenland.

    The easy way to monitor climate change is to cut down a 150-year-old white pine tree along the Housatonic River in Connecticutt the state where Eli Whitney started the Industrial revolution. If there are no white pine that old there now go 300 miles north to Algonquin Park where its known there are 400 year old Hemlock trees.

    Cut one down and look at the annual rings. Wide in hot years and narrow in cold years. Costs a few bucks, not the $4.5 billion now being spent every years to prove climate change is man made.

    Global Warming was hatched by Maurice Strong, one of the world’s biggest crooks, a good friend of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and a man caught taking a $1 million bribe while at the U.N. One of his aunts was a hard core Commie and good friend of Mao Tse Tung.

  26. KathJuliane April 24, 2021 @ 8:23 am

    A public benefit corporation is a corporation created specifically to benefit the public in some way, to generate social and public good, according to the likes of Bill Gates of Hell.

    Sounds noble on the surface.

    However, “the public” is really all the important people of the 1% and the managers of their corporate feifdoms , and the rest of us are no-account deplorables and future neo-feudal serfs in the coming Global Neo-Marxist-Leninist Socialist Communist Democratic Neo-Feudal Technocratic Corporate Fascist State.


    CEOs answer the call of the woke by pivoting to ‘stakeholder’ capitalism

    America’s corporate leaders are tailoring their success metrics to match political agendas of activist progressive shareholders.

    Just the News

    April 23, 2021

    The age of the woke activist shareholder is upon us, and CEOs have been altering the metrics by which they judge their companies’ success to fit the goals of agenda-pushing shareholders, as well as their own political preferences, according to Scott Shepard, deputy director of the Free Enterprise Project, a conservative-leaning shareholder activism program.

    CEOs of megacorporations — including Bank of America, Deloitte, and BlackRock — are “pushing a set of metrics to judge how well stakeholder capitalism is going,” said Shepard, a fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research. “And they’ve written those metrics to make sure that they all require left-wing, and only left-wing, movement.”

    Corporations going “woke” — a trend that surged into wide public view recently with the overt embrace by many corporate leaders of Democratic opposition to GOP election reform plans — are driven by two sources, in Shepard’s analysis.

    First, there are the activists, who buy shares in corporations with the sole aim of filing proposals that further their progressive political agenda.

    Second, there are the CEOs who tailor their measurable standards of corporate success to match goals of “global sustainability” and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) instead of bottom lines and fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders.

    They claim these goals are more globally-oriented, and beneficial to “stakeholders,” as opposed to “shareholders,” to whom corporations have historically answered.

    One corporate leader in the forefront the leftward realignment of big business is Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan. “The context in which businesses now operate has been transformed by climate change, nature loss, social unrest around inclusion and working conditions, COVID-19 and changing expectations of the role of corporations,” Moynihan wrote in a September 2020 white paper entitled Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism Towards Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation.

    “Further, the global pandemic has exacerbated underlying and longstanding failures regarding equality and access to economic opportunities. To continue to thrive, companies need to build their resilience and enhance their licence [sic] to operate, through greater commitment to long-term, sustainable value creation that embraces the wider demands of people and planet.”

    Prepared in collaboration with the CEOs of the Big 4 accounting firms — Deloitte, Ernst and Young, KPMG and PwC — and published under the aegis of the World Economic Forum (best known for its annual Davos conclaves of the international political and business elite) — the paper details a list of “core metrics” that companies are “encouraged to begin reporting on,” including categories like racial and sex diversity and including carbon emissions, and the “ratio of the annual total compensation of the CEO to the median of the annual total compensation of all its employees, except the CEO.”

    Absent from the report’s recommendations are any metrics measuring viewpoint diversity or any language to discourage companies from discriminating in order to achieve certain numerical diversity and inclusion metrics.

    On the activist end of things, the 2021 Proxy Preview, a report for socially progressive foundations, religious organizations, pension funds, and other tax-exempt entites, describes the ESG proposals that have been filed ahead of this year’s shareholder meetings.

    “Covid-19, the contested U.S. election, the racial justice uprising, and climate change disasters continue to take a toll on the global psyche and require fundamental systemic transformation,” writes Andrew Behar, the publisher of the report.

    “Shareholders, as always, reflect the zeitgeist in their proposals. What I see in 2021 is an authentic, empowered, and self-aware movement emerging from the chaos, putting us on a trajectory toward a regenerative economy and civil society based on justice and sustainability.

    “Investors feel the momentum, as do company executives; shareholders are escalating with new tactics, tired of talk and demanding action at a scale appropriate to the risk … Investors in passive index funds can see that they are blindly complicit as they profit from society’s destruction; becoming aware of their power to align their investing with their values.”

    The report advocates that all corporations embrace a “net-zero, Paris-aligned, climate transition plan and report progress annually” and employ an “antiracist stance” immediately.

    Shepard says that “zeroing out carbon production and emissions” at most of these companies would mean “rapidly increasing costs across the board and rapidly increasing energy costs that would cripple Middle America while allowing CEOs like Brian Moynihan to continue flying around the world without any constraints.”

    Even proposals that fail to win a majority vote during proxy season may signal momentum on a particular ESG issue and signal to leadership that pressure is mounting.

    Sometimes a company may even hold a negotiation on a proposal before it is brought to a vote. These negotiations are productive when CEOs and leftist activist groups are aligned on their political ends, as is the case with corporate heads like Brian Moynihan, Larry Fink of BlackRock, Delta CEO Ed Bastion, and others.

    The ultimate goal of the groups behind the Proxy Preview report, including a nonprofit called Shareholder Commons, is to transform American companies into public benefit corporations.

    Recently, Shareholder Commons generated a set of proposals suggesting that companies — including BlackRock, Alphabet (Google), Amazon, and Caterpillar — legally reform themselves in order to prioritize the interests of their “stakeholders” instead of their shareholders, even when that could mean “surrendering total financial return at an individual company.”


    Political Humor: New TV Commercial

  27. benzion kook April 24, 2021 @ 10:53 am

    The times they are a screwy: sheeple beware!

    Occupying jew invaders in (Jeru)Salem chant “death to Arabs” during Ramadan. Zero Hedge.

    Shots to be made mandatory for college admissions.

    How much time and money did you spend to raise kids to have your future generations mutated out of existence?

    Crackpot commie climate-changin’ cretins. Arabs, and you, have oil. They don’t.

    Climate fluctuates on its own over tens of thousands, millions of years. Ice ages come and go, they will again.

    Maybe a Dumberg used idiot will melt them with the hot air coming out of her gap.

    USSR regurgitated.

  28. B April 24, 2021 @ 12:53 pm

    Today I listened to Pastor David Lankford of The Voice of Evangelism on my local TV, and he stated in his sermon that the loss of the election by Trump did great harm to Christianity in the USA and the world.

    And the reason that he gave was that many famous Christian leaders had given a prophecy that Trump would win the election. And in fact David claims that some even closed their ministry after Trump loss the election.

    I am now wondering if a particular group could have intentionally been behind this particular hacking of today’s Christianity?

  29. KathJuliane April 25, 2021 @ 7:04 am

    From Paul Craig Roberts

    Hate Speech Against White People Is Universal In White Countries Except Russia

  30. The Englishman April 25, 2021 @ 3:52 pm

    A short video sent to me by an Iranian friend.

  31. benzion kook April 25, 2021 @ 6:44 pm

    CoYID mass suicide of the “lemmings” or worst genocidal mass murder ever perpetrated?

    Jews have induced a Jim Jones-like mass psychosis in much of the American population, substituting “jew flu” shots for kool aid.

  32. KathJuliane April 26, 2021 @ 8:32 am

    Paul Craig Roberts posted:

    The Liberal Idiot Portland Mayor Who Turned Portland Over to Rioters and Looters Is Now Begging Residents to Help Him “Take the City Back.”

    April 26, 2021

    Epoch Times comment: Now the idiot wants the public to do his dirty work, after actively encouraging all this to begin with.

  33. KathJuliane April 26, 2021 @ 9:31 am

    The Atlantic staffwriter Edward-Isaac Dovere’s double-chinned face is the very definition of “smarmy Jew”.


    Should Unvaccinated and Obese Be Penalized by Government?

    Dr. Mercola

    April 23, 2021


    >According to one Atlantic staff writer, the economic costs of vaccine refusals will need to enter the discussion, as people who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine will end up accruing higher health care costs

    >This argument fails to do a proper accounting of the cost/benefit of vaccination compared to the cost/benefit of not vaccinating and focusing on foundational health parameters

    >Obese individuals have a 40% to 133% higher risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19 than their non-obese peers, and their chances of requiring intensive care 74% higher; 82.2% of COVID-19 patients are vitamin D deficient. Should these individual choice-based conditions be similarly penalized as they greatly increase your risk of COVID-19

    >It’s still too early to tell whether vaccinated people will end up costing more due to increased susceptibility to variants and/or side effects

    >As of April 15, 2021, some 5,800 Americans who had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 had been diagnosed with COVID-19; 396 (7%) were hospitalized and 74 died. Preliminary research found people who had received both doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine were eight times more susceptible to contracting the South African variant of SARS-CoV-2

    “Vaccine refusal will come at a cost — for all of us,” Edward-Isaac Dovere, a staff writer for The Atlantic, proclaims in an April 10, 2021, political commentary.1 Unvaccinated individuals “will have higher health care costs,” he says, and the vaccinated will have to foot the bill, either through taxes or insurance premiums.

    This argument could have been made for decades, and can still be made today, for any number of groups. Obese individuals have far higher health care costs than those of normal weight. Insulin resistant people and those with Type 2 diabetes end up costing the health care system enormous sums. Who pays for them?

    Overall, healthy individuals — people who generally do what they can to take good care of themselves to prevent chronic conditions — have always paid for those who are less particular about their diets and lifestyle.

    The Economic Costs of Vaccination Vs. Vaccine Refusal

    Dovere predicts the economic costs of vaccine refusal will begin to feature heavily as we move forward. He quotes Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who told him,2 “You have a liberty right, and that unfortunately is imposing on everyone else and their liberty right not to have to pay for your stubbornness.” Not surprisingly, Dovere and Inslee both focus on just one side of what needs to be a two- if not four-sided equation.

    When making public health policy, you have an obligation to analyze both the benefit and the cost of any given policy.

    In this case, what might be the cost of vaccine side effects, both in terms of health care costs and lives lost? As of April 1, 2021, VAERS had received 56,869 adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination, including 7,971 serious injuries and 2,342 deaths.3 By April 13, the had updated that death toll to 3,005.4

    What might be the cost if the vaccines don’t work and you get sick anyway?

    As of April 15, 2021, some 5,800 Americans who had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 had been diagnosed with COVID-19 post-vaccination; 396 (7%) required hospitalization and 74 died.5 These cases are popping up all over the world.

    The vaccines are not foolproof. In fact, so-called “breakthrough cases,” meaning cases in which a fully vaccinated individual is diagnosed with COVID-19 are to be expected.

    I’m not sure why anyone is surprised, seeing how the vaccine makers have acknowledged that the mRNA injections are not designed to actually make you immune to SARS-CoV-2.

    You can still contract the virus and spread it to others. What the shots may do is lessen your symptoms if and when you get infected with SARS-CoV-2. So, of course people can still get sick, as they did before. Some will require hospitalization. Some will die — just like they did previously, before the vaccine.

    Then there’s the question of whether vaccinated individuals end up being more susceptible to variants of the virus than unvaccinated individuals.

    Preliminary research6,7,8,9 found that people who had received both doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine were eight times more susceptible to contracting the South African variant of SARS-CoV-2, called B.1.351, (5.4% compared to 0.7%).

    Unfortunately, the study was too small to glean any information about outcomes, so we don’t know whether they developed milder or more serious illness than unvaccinated people sickened by the same variant.

    Either way, if vaccinated people are more susceptible to more dangerous variants (which they claim B.1351 is), why assume that unvaccinated people would incur higher health care costs?

    Variants are now cropping up all over the place, so maybe vaccinated people will end up being responsible for a greater share of medical expenses. Maybe, if they have milder illness and unvaccinated have more serious illness, the costs might end up about the same for each group.

    May There Be Economic Benefits to Vaccine Refusal?

    In my view, the notion that COVID-19 vaccines will end this pandemic is an illogical fallacy since these shots do not provide actual immunity. The fizz in Dovere’s argument starts going flat on that basis alone. But there’s much more.

    To really determine what’s best for public health, you’d also want to do the benefit and cost analysis of not vaccinating and relying on naturally-acquired immunity in combination with immune-boosting strategies instead, such as improving vitamin D levels across the entire population, for example.

    Only when you have made all of those calculations — the benefit and cost of vaccinating, and the benefit and cost of not vaccinating — can you compare the two and begin to make statements about how certain groups of people may incur higher health care costs, and which strategy is likely to save the most lives.

    As of right now, it’s pure guesswork as to who’s going to cost more in the long run.

    For example, I don’t know of any actual data showing that the health of people who are planning to forgo the vaccine place them at increased risk of serious COVID-19.

    If I were to guess, and this is pure speculation, people who have decided not to get vaccinated may be doing so because a) they know they’re in a low-risk category and/or b) they are health-conscious people who feel confident that they can prevent and/or treat COVID-19 in other cost-effective ways, should they get sick.

    There are a lot of data that need to be compiled and analyzed before we can start declaring the COVID-19 vaccination campaign a public health care success, let alone a cost-saving imperative.

    Appeal to Illogical Reasoning

    Dovere goes on to discuss some of the messaging campaigns employed to lure people out of their vaccine hesitancy:10

    “Two appeals seem to work best: First, the vaccines are safe, and they’re more effective than the flu vaccine. Second, you deserve this, and getting vaccinated will help preserve your liberty and encourage the government to lift restrictions.

    (That last idea is what Jerry Falwell Jr. focused on in the vaccination selfie he posted11 this week, captioned, ‘Please get vaccinated so our nutcase of a governor will have less reasons for mindless restrictions!’) Inslee hopes that emphasizing those points will persuade more Republican men to get their shots.”

    Sometimes it can help to spell out a logical fallacy using different words. (Personally, I believe Falwell was simply trying to be funny, but Dovere and Inslee have apparently seized the “lift restrictions” angle as a social conditioning opportunity, so that’s really what I’m addressing here.)

    One rewrite of Falwell’s plea could be: “Please ignore your current health status and potential vaccine risks and just obey so that our governor will have less reason to impose unconstitutional and unscientific limitations on our basic rights and freedoms.”

    In my view, a more appropriate way to prevent “mindless restrictions” would be to peacefully disobey and/or take the governor to court, as has been done to California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

    The Supreme Court has ruled against him no less than six times, finding he abused his power, overstepped his authority and violated the Constitution with his pandemic restrictions on churches.12

    Urging someone to take a vaccine to prevent an elected official — who can be unseated — from implementing unscientific and/or unconstitutional restrictions is hardly rational.

    Let’s not forget that cost-benefit analyses13 have actually been done for lockdowns — perhaps one of the most mindless of restrictions — and the cost is far greater than the benefit.

    The cost of the lockdowns in the U.K., in terms of Wellbeing Years (WELLBY), is five times greater than might optimistically be saved, and may in reality be anywhere from 50 times to 87 times greater. The cost for lockdowns in Canada is at least 10 times greater than the benefit.

    In Australia, the minimum cost is 6.6 times higher, and in the U.S., the cost is estimated to be at least 5.2 times higher than the benefit of lockdowns. A cost-benefit analysis performed for New Zealand, which looked at the cost of adding just five extra days of “COVID-19 alert level 4” found the cost in Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALY) was 94.9 times higher than the benefit.

    Should We Penalize Obesity and Vitamin D Deficiency?

    “If you cannot fathom penalizing obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes or vitamin D deficiency — conditions known to significantly raise your risk of severe COVID-19 — then how could you possibly consider penalizing an unvaccinated person based on that single parameter alone?”


  34. KathJuliane April 26, 2021 @ 11:48 am

    Oregon Bill to BAN Livestock – Stunning War on Farming/Ranching

    The Duran

    — Ice Age Farmer
    by Dewey Fernfield

    April 25, 2021

    Oregon Bill to BAN Livestock – Stunning War on Farming/Ranching

    Oregon Bill IP13 would criminalize raising food animals in the state, and reclassify animal husbandry practices as “sexual assault.” The bill specifies that animals can only be eaten after dying of natural causes (at which point, aged/diseased meat is not good).

    Oregon’s 12,000 beef producers raising about 1.3 million head of cattle are slated for elimination, as traditional farming and ranching is shut down in favor of lab-grown meat and indoor farms owned by the technocrats — a perfect way to force the population into perfect slavery.

    Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.



    If this goes through, this will only push agricultural rural Eastern Oregon to speed up joining Idaho.

  35. benzion kook April 26, 2021 @ 3:49 pm

    Zeks lining up to get themselves mutated for a hoax sold to them on the jew boob tube?

    You bet, nothing new there.

    Crazy commie jews have been using those tactics on ’em for a while. That and self-incarceration.

    Beats having to ship ’em to a gulag death camp or shoot ’em in the back of the head NKVD style for being euroXtian “domestic terrorists.”

  36. Citizenfitz April 26, 2021 @ 7:06 pm


    Great job finding Curt Maynard’s Politically Correct Apostate in the “hidden archives”! And a special thank you for all your good work at RJN.

    It wouldn’t be the same here without you.

  37. Steve April 26, 2021 @ 11:54 pm

    Fascism is The Marriage of Government, Corporations, and the MSM:

    Below is a perfect example of the medical establishments boots on the ground, except there was pushback.

  38. KathJuliane April 27, 2021 @ 9:48 am

    The WEF’s Great Reset – Euphemism for a WWIII Scenario?

    The Liberty Beacon

    April 27, 2021

    By: Peter Koenig

    Let’s make no mistake, we are already in WWIII.

    A more noble term is “The Great Reset” – the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) eloquent description of a devastated worldwide economy, countless bankruptcies and unemployment, abject misery, famine, death by starvation, disease and suicide.

    Hundreds of millions of people have already been affected by this “collateral” damage of the “covid-19” fear-propaganda bio-war, with a death-toll maybe already in the tens of millions, but which in reality cannot even be assessed at this time.

    And this only one year into this criminal madness, a diabolical elite of multi-multi billionaires has pushed upon us, We the People. We are only in the first year of the war which by the Reset’s plan is to last the entire decade 2020-2030. The agenda is supposed to be completed by 2030 – it’s also called UN Agenda 2030.

    See this.

    The WEF is, in fact, nothing more than an NGO, registered in a lush suburb of Geneva, Switzerland. Its members are, however, a collection of dirty-rich people: High-ranking politicians, heads of corporations, banking gnomes, artists and Hollywood personalities – none of them are people’s elected officials with a mandate to rule the world.

    Yet, they are effectively ruling the world, by coopting, coercing, or threatening the entire UN system and its 193 member countries into their obedience. Because they think they have all the money in the world, and they can.

    Mind you, money acquired in a fraudulent system designed by them. – But more importantly, because We, the People, let them.

    The Great Reset has three major goals, all of equal importance

    (i) massive depopulation,

    (ii) shifting all assets from the bottom and the middle to the top; following the motto for the masses, at the end “You will own nothing and be happy”. That is Klaus Schwab’s conclusion for the completion of The Great Reset; and

    (iii) a complete digitized control over everything – money, mind, personal records and behaviors – a combination of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, and George Orwell’s “1984”. See this.

    As we can see, the WEF is involved at every level in the Plandemic and its consequences, especially the consequences that favor the Great Reset.

    As Klaus Schwab in the Great Reset so revealingly says, the pandemic opens a “small window of opportunity” during which these consequences (meaning the reshaping of the world) have to be realized. Everything has to work like clockwork.

    Covid-19: The Great Reset – Revisited. Scary Threats, Rewards for Obedience…

    So far, it seems to be on track. Though, as more people are waking up and scientists consciousness make them leaving their straight-jacketed matrix-jobs, resistance is growing exponentially.

    The NGO, trillion-dollar members-powerhouse, WEF, is outranking the world’s peoples designed and implemented UN system by far. Recently the WEF, now in association with Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, was warning of a cyber-attack on the western monetary system. To emphasize their point, they said, it is “Not a Question of If but When.“

    According to the Last American Vagabond (LAV), a “report published last year by the WEF-Carnegie Cyber Policy Initiative, calls for the merging of Wall Street banks, their regulators and intelligence agencies as necessary to confront an allegedly imminent cyber-attack that will collapse the existing financial system.”

    The LAV article goes on saying

    “In 2019, the same year as Event 201 took place (Event 201 – 18 October 2019, in NYC, simulating the current SARS-CoV-2 plandemic and destruction of the world economy), the Endowment launched its Cyber Policy Initiative with the goal of producing an “International Strategy for Cybersecurity and the Global Financial System 2021-2024.”

    “That strategy was released just months ago, in November 2020 and, according to the Endowment, was authored by “leading experts in governments, central banks, industry and the technical community” in order to provide a “longer-term international cybersecurity strategy”, specifically for the financial system.””

    The Cyber Policy Initiative emanating from the joint venture’s WEF- Carnegie Endowment report of November 2020, is contained in a paper titled

    “International Strategy to Better Protect the Financial System.”

    It begins by noting that the global financial system, like many other systems, are “going through unprecedented digital transformation, which is being accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.” It concludes with the warning that:

    “Malicious actors are taking advantage of this digital transformation and pose a growing threat to the global financial system, financial stability, and confidence in the integrity of the financial system.

    “Malign actors are using cyber capabilities to steal from, disrupt, or otherwise threaten financial institutions, investors and the public. These actors include not only increasingly daring criminals, but also states and state-sponsored attackers.”

    A fully digitized monetary system has been on the WEF’s and IMF’s agenda for years. They cannot wait to implement it. So, if indeed, a cyber-attack on the western monetary system actually will take place, there is no question, who has planned and implemented it.

    The drive for total digitization of everything, but foremost the (western) world’s monetary system, is an integral part of The Great Reset. It is supported, of course, by the banking and finance sector, including western central banks.

    Its implementation is to be accelerated by the covid-fraud, but encounters fierce resistance in many countries, especially in the Global South but also in the western industrialized countries, where intellectual groups realize what this means for the resources and assets worked for and owned by the people – it will be easily ‘expropriated’ so to speak, for example, for disobedience, as the control will be fully with the banks.

    And this leads to the conclusion of the nefarious Great Reset – “You will own nothing and be happy”.

    Luckily, the East, led by China and Russia, has gradually withdrawn from the western monetary system and are largely independent, monetary-sovereign countries. Therefore the western digitization drive does not apply to the East which is further enhanced by the China-Russia led Shanghai Cooperation Organization – SCO – accounting for about half the world’s population and a third of the world’s economic output – GDP.

    See here for the full LAV article.

    If Klaus Schwab and the WEF’s “Illuminati” would have their way, by 2030 the grand flock of humans will be transformed into “transhumans” – a kind of semi-robots that responds to AI signals controlled by The Great Reset’s masterminds (sic), which by then will have become the leaders of a tyranny, called the New or One World Order – OWO.

    We, the People, would then have become the new AI-directed serfs. Or, as per Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the “epsilon people”.

    Let that not happen.

    Let’s unite and resist with all our powers.

    We are still 7.8 billion people against a few pathological soulless multi-billionaires.

    About the Author: Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he has worked for over 30 years on water and environment around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America.

    He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020).

    He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

  39. KathJuliane April 27, 2021 @ 10:02 am

    Dear Citizenfitz and Ted Gorsline,

    TY (blush!)

    At the very bottom of the post on the Aussie site that Ted Gorsline found, the original link was dutifully posted, and so I was able to do a wayback search.

    Maynard’s original ITJS piece.

    In his intro, he linked to another lost and almost forgotten site, Conspiracy Pen Pal with its Nickel Rants, also archived:

  40. Ted Gorsline April 27, 2021 @ 1:20 pm

    Maynard’s original ITJS piece is spot on.

    The additional websites KathJuliane dug up but which are mostly buried are also spot on.

    Suddenly, after reading Maynard, the light bulb went on.

    And what I now see coming, after reading bits and parts of Maynard and the buried websites, is the sudden and spontaneous extermination of all jews, in every country on earth, something which you would think the jews would be aware of but which they are do not seem to be even remotely aware of.

    I credit the inbreeding.

    The issue is not even slightly about races, so called anti-Semitism that nobody nobody even thinks or cares about. It’s just a jewish con.

    The disgust with the jews is entirely about their behavior, Talmudic values.

    Talmudic values are primitive and are incompatible with civilization and as such all the carriers of those values have become the enemies of the people, in essence the enemies of all that is good and decent, the enemies of all mankind.

  41. KathJuliane April 27, 2021 @ 2:17 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    Maynard referred to Edgar J Steele’s original ITJS piece written in 2002 during the run-up to the US Invasion of Iraq.

    As a sort of time perspective, +BN began his Real Jew News blog ministry in 2007, 5 years after Iraq, and 6 years after Afghanistan.

    +BN has never changed his original statement of purpose:

    My Name Is Brother Nathanael Kapner
    I’m A “Street Evangelist”

    I Grew Up As A Jew
    I’m Now An Orthodox Christian

    I Wish To Warn How Jewry
    Is Destroying Christianity Throughout The World”

    Destroying Christianity, and the Jews are taking the rest of the world down with us.

    The Jews have always tried to destroy Christianity and blot the name of Jesus Christ from the earth.

    Rabbinic Judaism, which Jews readily acknowledge is the direct heir to the Pharisee legacy found in the New Testament, is literally based on anti-Christ thought, the denial of their own Messiah whom they had crucified, pressuring Pontius Pilate into it.

    A lot of Talmudic thinking starts with Pharisee Rabbis before and after the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 who consciously persecuted and discredit Christians trying to destroy belief in Christ, especially the Christians of Judaea (probably the only time that “Judeo-Christian” is actually historically, demographically, and geographically appropriate).

    The beginnings of the persecution of Christians is recorded right in the New Testament, particularly when the ultra-Pharisee Saul, acting as prosecutor for the Great Sanhedrin of Jerusalem, was sent to Damascus to prosecute the Sanhedrin’s case against Judeo-Christians living in that city.

    No one was more dedicated to destroying and murdering the Christians of Judaea than Bar Kochba and Rabbi Akiva, responsible for the region-wide 3rd Judaean War Against Rome.

    Here are +BN’s very first Articles from September, 2007.

    Here is an archive copy of Steele’s 5-page essay available for download:

    Essay written by Edgar J. Steele, who died in prison on September 4, 2014 after being brought up on trumped up charges.

    “If you don’t see jews as being at least part of the problem, then you are seriously misinformed and wandering in extreme self delusion.

    “I won’t even try to deal with you in this essay below this level. Go do your elementary research, then come back, because we don’t even speak the same language as yet.

    “I and my children have received death threats from jews. My professional reputation has been destroyed by jews. My law practice has been destroyed by jews (not difficult, since virtually every power point in the profession is occupied by them).

    All because I thought it was unfair to hammer the defenseless for being a little stupid. Of course, it turns out my clients weren’t stupid at all!

    Little did I know…”

    His published and now banished book, Defensive Racism, is downloadable here:

    Reading Steele now is like opening a time capsule. Per an Information Clearing House newsletter today:

    Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590”

    Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801

    Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan: 3,487

    Cost Of War

    Total Cost of U.S. Wars Since 2001 – $5,355,432,331,138

    It all only benefited Israel, not America.

  42. Ted Gorsline April 27, 2021 @ 11:30 pm


    Thanks. I will go through the links that you provided. I am not up on history at all but regardless of where you come from, you always end up with the same conclusion.

    Liberty, the Magna Carta, the US Constitution, Anti-Trust Laws, always depends on the distribution of power. And when you follow any trail having to do with the centralization of power be it through banking (Rothschilds), Communism (Karl Marx), the media (too many names to list but for example Google jigsaw) you always end up at a jew.

    The level of treachery (there is no intellect involved) is so extreme that it is impossible for a moral human being to come to grips with it. Also its too scary for a decent person to contemplate and that is the strength of the jew and the weakness of the Christian.

    But I think the jews have made a big mistake making too big a thing of their alleged holocaust, using it as a psychological lever, because by keeping it on everybody’s mind, it ever so gradually is becoming thought of as a good start rather than a tragedy.

  43. elida weiss May 23, 2021 @ 12:48 pm

    It had to be a jew.

    Never in a thousand years would I have guessed that Klaus Schwab is a jew.

    They are all jews, not that I am anti-semitism. We are are in trouble and people better wake up.

  44. John Gilbert February 20, 2022 @ 5:17 pm

    It looks like the same mindset of the Pharisees and Sadducees that controlled the corrupt racket of the Temple of Jerusalem that Jesus was so against and was crucified over.

    “Anytime there’s a culture that passes down a stable heritage and tradition you’ll find Jews amassing there in droves.” Once they prosper in and buy that culture they set out to advance hedonism, nihilism and degeneracy & debase the morality of the Western culture and turn it to shit.

    The Tendrils of the World Economic Forum
    The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters Published February 19, 2022

  45. John Gilbert February 20, 2022 @ 5:20 pm

    Why the Establishment Avoids Discussing the Temple Cleansing?

    Honoring Christ. HAPPY EASTER.

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