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Tlaib Tabs Israel As True ‘M-F*er’


Tlaib Tabs Israel As True ‘M-F*er’
By Brother Nathanael Kapner January 6, 2019 ©

“WE’RE GOING TO GO IN and impeach the motherf*er,” avowed Rashida Tlaib to cheering supporters at a MoveOn event Thursday night in DC.

“People love you, and you win, she told the room, “and when your son looks at you and says, ‘Mama, look you won, bullies don’t win.’ And I said,” ‘Baby, they don’t,’ because we’re gonna go in there, and we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.”

So what if she calls Trump names? Everything he’s done in the Middle East so far has benefited only Israel.

And his boyz, Bolton and Pompeo, are barfing bellicose more than ever towards Iran and the allies of the Axis of Resistance, especially Hezbollah and Syria.

But who does Tlaib really tab as a true m-f*r? The rogue state of Israel, that’s who.

Born in Detroit to working-class Palestinian immigrants, Rashida was primed in the ways of the genocidal state of Israel by her father who grew up in occupied East Jerusalem, and her mother who was raised near the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.

“I will humanize the Palestinian people in the US Congress,” Tlaib trumpeted after her win last August in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District for the Democrats.

With family members still living in the occupied West Bank―where her roots are “still very strong”― Rashida Tlaib firmly stated, “I’m going to be a voice for them,” lamenting the “walls and fences” that separate Palestinians and Israelis.

And those “walls and fences” are the real scandal, not a passing expletive that scandalizes no one these Jew-ruined days.

“I WILL USE my position in Congress,” affirmed Tlaib last summer, “so that no country that discriminates against its residents should get aid from America.”

In a subsequent interview Tlaib endorsed a one-state solution, the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and free speech rights of BDS activists who promote Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.

“I have family that left Palestine in 1967,” Rashida told the magazine, “they left and took their keys with them. They thought they could come back, and they’ve never been back. My uncle would tear up because he couldn’t believe he couldn’t go back.”

With regard to the apartheid Israeli regime, Tlaib related from personal experience, “When I was 19 with my family in Israel with some of them wearing head scarves we all jumped in the water and the Israelis jumped out as if my cousins were diseased. That’s the lens I will bring to Congress.”

J-Street—that ‘Anti-Occupation Light’ Jewish lobby—withdrew its support for Rashida due to her redirection of her formerly espoused two-state-solution stance towards policies which more closely track current realities.

“The shift should be lamented,” shrieked Zionist Jewish journalists for The Hill.

NETANYAHU DID THE SAME when espousing a two state solution to garner broad support before endorsing a single Jewish “nation-state” law that relegates Palestinians, both within and without the 1967 precincts, to second and third-class rank.

Hypocrisy is a one way ‘J’ street for Jews where only their critics are the offenders.

But the day is coming—oh it’s coming—when the finger (middle too!) of the entire world’s hand will turn toward the Jews.

And it won’t be done with expletives…it will be done with explosions.



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Brother Nathanael @ January 5, 2019


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  7. Stephen Smith January 5, 2019 @ 8:36 pm

    This is one Demonrat that I can actually support! We should keep an eye on her.

    She spells big-time trouble for the whole Zionist house of cards.

  8. Abaddon January 5, 2019 @ 10:24 pm

    After seeing the video of what Muslims did to Louisa Jespersen and also her friend Maren Ueland, I don’t want any Muslims in my country. None.

    If I have to pick between Muslims and Jews, I will pick neither. Let them destroy each other.

  9. Ed January 5, 2019 @ 10:41 pm

    We have to say a step in the right direction.

    This stately woman stands tall in a sea of devils.

  10. Jo January 5, 2019 @ 10:58 pm

    Look up the article in the Title is “Rashida Tlaib Misrepresented Soros Stipend IN Financial Disclosures”

    Also, she has worked as Community Partnerships & Development Director for the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice.

    They are one of 3 NGOs (the others are the Michigan ACLU and the which gives most of its grant monies to the ACLU in Michigan, and the National Lawyers Guild who receive the bulk of the ‘grant’ monies handed out every year at the “Buck Dinner” which was started in the 1930s by Maurice Sugar.

    You can visit buckdinner(dot)org/grantees to see a list of the other organizations which have received grants.

  11. benzion kook January 5, 2019 @ 11:00 pm

    So Schumer and Pelosi shut down the government because they don’t want to fund a wall to protect America.

    What about the 700 kms of walls built by Jews in Palestine to keep the Palestians out of their own country?

    Schumer, Pelosi and the rest send billions of your tax $ to Israel to build them, not to mention the additional trillions stolen by the Jews from Americans and the rest of the world.

    Not a word about that from these truly hypocritical m’fers.

  12. Eileen Kuch January 6, 2019 @ 8:52 am

    When it comes to the Zionist Apartheid State of Israel, I’m on the same page as Rashida Tlaib. Bibzy Nutty&Yahoo’s one of the cruelest Prime Ministers Israel’s ever had. His wars on Lebanon and Gaza are the worst, targeting civilians with his bombs and missiles.

    The latest attacks on Gaza was by IOF snipers shooting at peaceful Gaza protesters, wounding several. Also, his imprisonment/torture of Palestinian men, women, and children is an abomination.

    Nutty&Yahoo has also sent in IOF pilots to attack Syria. In one of their intrusions, they caused Syrian defenders to accidentally shoot down a Russan plane, killing all 15 crew aboard. The Syrians apologized, but not Nutty&Yahoo. If he did, it wasn’t sincere, and Russian President Vladimir Putin called him out on that incident.

    Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib should be castigating Israel for its crimes against humanity, and she should also be castigating AIPAC as well.

    Trump should honor his (and Mattis’) signatures on the total withdrawal of all 2,000 US troops out of Syria and the withdrawal of 7,000 troops out of Afghanistan, with the other 7,000 to be withdrawn in stages. He should ignore Nutty&Yahoo’s warnings against these withdrawals.

    After all, the American people demanded these withdrawals, as well as Syria. In addition, the current Iraqi Gov’t also demanded the withdrawal of all US troops still occupying that country. Just let the Middle East deal with its problems.

    Thank you, Br. Nate, for posting this article, and may God bless you aways.


  13. IRONKRAFT January 6, 2019 @ 9:25 am

    I fear nothing will come of this mouthy daughter of immigrant Muslims. She is truly misled if she thinks Zion will stand by and allow any opposition to Israel or Jewish dominance, either at home or abroad.

    Saying that, the old Jewish/Communist tactic of “Controlled opposition”, may give her a limited life in the public eye.

    She will of course, go nowhere in the long run. She will also be “used” by the tribe, to further the Anti-White agenda. Now that’s always worth a few Jewish crocodile tears.

  14. Tlaib Funded by Soros January 6, 2019 @ 10:24 am

    Is recently elected congresswoman Palestinian Muslim Rashida Tlaib really on the side of Palestine instead of Israel? It seems unlikely that Jew controlled politics would allow that.

    After reading the comment posted above by Jo and the article, about Tlaib being funded by George Soros, it seems like Tlaib is a crypto Jew pretending to represent Palestinians and Muslims instead of Jews.

    If the Jews Media praises Tlaib instead of condemning her, that would be another clue that Tlaib is a Zionist agent pretending to be on the side of Palestine and Islam.

    Soros donating money to Tlaib implies she is on the same team as Soros.

    It’s telling that Tlaib tried to hide her funding from Soros as described in the Free Beacon. There is a reason why Tlaib tried to keep her connections with Soros from being known.

    Pretending to be your friend while secretly trying to destroy you has been a Jewish tactic down through the ages.

    Maybe Tlaib is a crypto Jew pretending to be a Palestinian Muslim for the purpose of betraying Palestinians and Muslims.

    Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss which was a pre-arranged signal to point out Jesus to the leading Jews and their mob.

  15. KathJuliane January 6, 2019 @ 2:38 pm

    Who appointed ultra-necon Zionist Israel-loving, Russia and Iran-hating Bolton and Pompeo?

    Why Israel-loving Trump did of his own free will. Nobody foisted those two on him, he’s not an innocent and helpless man trapped in the Oval Office.

    Trump wouldn’t have appointed these two walking, talking toxic cancer tumors if they weren’t fundamentally sympathetic to his own eccentric but still Israel-first Jew York Judaized Zionist point of view, despite his superficially erratic and chaotic methods.

    And, is Bolton verbally setting up and giving a green light to the “Syrian rebels” for another chemical false-flag scenario inside Syria as a pretext to attack Damascus again?

    I have little doubt about Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s commitment to her Palestinian family and people and their rights.

    If Rashida Tlaib can build and spearhead a congressional movement to batter the walls of DC’s neocon pro-Israel related foreign policies, and start lifting the rotting albatross carcass of the Jewish state off our collective American necks, more power to her.

    Trump is routinely hailed as “the New King Cyrus” in both the Israeli religious right and Zio-christian evangelical Judaizers.


    Al Masdar News: US to withdraw from Syria only when no risk remains to Israel’s security – Bolton

    US National Security Adviser John Bolton stated that the US withdrawal from northern Syrian will occur when “ISIS is defeated and is not able to revive itself,” speaking during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Sunday.

    He also emphasised that the withdrawal would only take place once the US was sure the “defence of Israel and our other friends in the region is absolutely assured.”

    John Bolton hailed “the best US-Israel relationship in our history” and repeated the commitment of his administration to support Israel and monitor Iran’s potential nuclear capabilities.

    The Israeli prime minister for his part thanked the Trump administration for its support regarding Israel’s objection to the Iranian nuclear deal and Israel’s “right to defend itself.”

    Bolton is in the region to visit both Israel and Turkey.


    YNet: (w/video clips): Netanyahu to Bolton: we’ll never leave the Golan Heights

    Prime Minister Netanyahu holds joint press conference with U.S. National Security Advisor Bolton; as Bolton hails US-Israeli relations, Netanyahu asks for Washington’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

    Ynet|Published: 01.06.19 , 20:45

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton for Washington’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights Sunday.

    Netanyahu stressed Israel’s right over the Golan Heights at a joint press conference with Bolton, a day after the latter arrived in Israel.

    The Golan Heights is the area captured from Syria and occupied by Israel during the Six-Day War, territory which Israel effectively annexed in 1981.

    Netanyahu turned to Bolton, and thanked Washington for its unequivocal support of Israel.

    “Your visit has given us an opportunity to do two things,” Netanyahu said. “First, it has given us an opportunity to thank the Trump administration for their extraordinary support. Secondly, the president decided to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the embassy to Jerusalem—a historic decision which we welcome.”

    “Third, you’ve unequivocally backed Israel at the United Nations, which is deeply appreciated by Israelis around the world. You have backed both in words and deeds Israel’s right to defend itself,” he added.

    “Tomorrow, if whether permits, we will go up to the Golan Heights, it is tremendously important for our security. When you are there, you’ll be able to understand perfectly why we will never leave the Golan Heights and why it is important that all countries recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights…Welcome friend,” the prime minister said.

    According to a Washington official, Bolton arrived in Israel to allay Israel’s concerns about U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria. As expected, Bolton conveyed the message that the United States has strong ties with Israel, claiming it’s “the best US-Israel relationship in our history.”

    “We’ve got the continuing threat of Iran’s quest for deliverable nuclear deal, and despite getting out of the Iranian nuclear deal and despite the sanctions, we have little doubt that Iran is strategically committed to achieving deliverable nuclear weapons, United States and Israel are strategically committed to making sure that doesn’t happen.”

    As for Washington’s decision to pull all its troops from Syria, Bolton said he intends to discuss this issue further, but was confident that the U.S. administration will continue to protect Israel in the process.

    “We will be discussing the president’s decision to withdraw and but make sure IS is defeated and…. make sure the defense of Israel and our other friends in the regions is assured,” he said.

    “Trump backs Israel’s right to self defense; he says it publicly and unequivocally. Any nation…that has any doubt about American support for Israel’s self defense— it better think about it again,” he added.

    The pullout announced before Christmas was initially expected to be completed within weeks, but the timetable has slowed as the president acceded to requests from aides, allies and members of Congress for a more orderly drawdown.

    Israeli officials have expressed alarm that a swift withdrawal of the roughly 2,000 troops could enable Iran to expand its influence and presence in Syria, wracked by a yearslong civil war and the Islamic State militancy.

    In addition, Trump’s move has raised fears about clearing the way for a Turkish assault on Kurdish fighters in Syria who have fought alongside American troops against IS extremists. Turkey considers the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or YPG, a terrorist group linked to an insurgency within its own borders.

    Bolton warned Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, not to use the U.S. drawdown as a pretext to use chemical weapons against Syrians, saying there is “no change” to the U.S. position that their use is a “red line.” Trump has twice carried out airstrikes in Syria in response to apparent chemical attacks, with the intention of deterring Assad.

    Trump’s announcement about the intended troop withdrawal was greeted by surprise and condemnation from many U.S. lawmakers and allies, and prompted the resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the U.S. special envoy for the anti-IS coalition in protest.

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is following Bolton to the Mideast this coming week for an eight-country tour of Arab allies to shore up support for the administration’s partners in the region. Before leaving for the Mideast, Pompeo said that them the administration has cultivated a relationship between Arab states and Israel in order to ensure a coalition to secure American security.

    “The previous administration decided that the biggest terror supporter in the world, Iran, would be its partner in the Middle East. We have categorically changed that… You heard the president’s declaration about the withdrawal from Syria, but with the help of our partners we will still be able to effectively combat the ISIS threat in the region and do it without the presence of 2,000 troops on the ground,” he said.,7340,L-5441903,00.html

  16. KathJuliane January 6, 2019 @ 3:09 pm

    Al Ahed News (Lebanon): Syria: Kurds Seek Deal with Gov’t Regardless Of US Pullout

    Local Editor

    Syrian Kurdish leaders seek a Russian-mediated deal with the Syrian government regardless of US plans to withdraw from their region, a senior official reported.

    The deal would mark perhaps the most important milestone because the two biggest chunks of Syria splintered by seven years of war would be rejoined, leaving only a corner in the northwest in the hands of militants.

    Senior Kurdish official Badran Jia Kurd told Reuters that the Kurdish-led administration, which runs much of northern Syria, presented a roadmap for an agreement with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during recent meetings in Russia.

    “The final decision is to reach an agreement with Damascus, we will work in this direction regardless of the cost, even if the Americans object,” Reuters quoted Jia Kurd as saying in the northern Syrian city of Qamishli.

    The main aims of the roadmap, the report added, are to protect the Syrian border with Turkey, to integrate the governing structures of northern Syria into the constitution, and to ensure a fair distribution of resources.

    Last week, residents in Manbij asked the Syrian government to retake the northern city on the Turkish border after a US pledge to withdraw troops from the Arab country.

    Jia Kurd said the local Kurdish-led administration was ready to cooperate with the government on ending Turkey’s occupation of Syrian territories and defeating the remaining terrorists in the north.

    The region is currently controlled by the US-backed YPG militia which Turkey views a terrorist group but the fighters have mostly avoided confrontation with the Syrian government during the war.


    Seems to me that by stating, Let Iran do what they want” in Syria Trump, who is anxious to outsource the US-led war to Israeli Jews, Turks, and Arabs, essentially gave Israel a blank check to do what they want in Syria from this point on.

    The Jews can freely lie and claim anything to be the doing of “Iran” as a pretext for their continued attacks on Syrian military assets.


    Al Ahed: Trump Not Listening To Intel, Doesn’t Get Iran Moves In Syria – ’Israeli’ Source

    Local Editor

    US President Donald Trump’s decision to allow Iran “to do what they want” in Syria following the imminent withdrawal of American troops, was made contrary to the advice of the intelligence services and shows he does not understand the situation on the ground, according to a senior “Israeli” source.

    The statement followed Trump’s remarks which indicated that he appeared to change course on Syria.

    “They can do what they want there, frankly,” Trump said of Iran’s presence in Syria. “Iran wants to survive now … they were going to take over the whole Middle East, but Iran is a much different country right now.”

    “It’s unfortunate that he isn’t paying attention to the evidence provided by the intelligence services,” the source went on to say.

    “We are in a state of shock. Trump simply doesn’t understand the extent of the Iranian military’s presence in the region.”

    “What is comforting is that at least Trump isn’t opposed to “Israel’s” operations in Syria … The president’s statement will not change the situation as far as we are concerned, we will continue to act resolutely against the Iranian entrenchment,” the source claimed.

    Two weeks earlier, the Trump administration announced it was to withdraw all of the approximately 2,000 American troops in Syria—against the advice of top national security aides and without consulting lawmakers or US allies.

    Trump did not provide a timetable for the planned military exit from Syria, but said it would happen “over a period of time,” and vowed to protect the US-backed Kurdish militants in the country.

  17. KathJuliane January 6, 2019 @ 3:11 pm


    Russia Celebrates The Birth of Christ – С РОЖДЕСТВОМ ХРИСТОВЫМ!

    Byzantine (Antiochian) Nativity chant in Arabic

    A voice from the unheard voices of the Christians of the Middle East who have been witnessing to faith in the Saviour since His Incarnation in their midst.

    Al Yaoum Youladou Mina Al Batoul

    Byzantine Christmas Hymns in Arabic: Mount Lebanon Choir (Lebanon)


    Troparion of the Feast

    “Thy nativity, O Christ our God,
    has shown to the world the light of wisdom;
    for by it, those who worshipped the stars
    were taught by a star to adore Thee
    the Sun of Righteousness,
    and to know Thee, the Orient from on high.
    O Lord, glory to Thee.”

    Kontakion of the Feast

    “Today the virgin, gives birth to the incomprehensible One;
    and the earth offers a cave to the unapproachable One;
    Angels and shepherds glorify Him;
    the Wisemen journey with a star;
    since for our sakes is born the ETERNAL GOD, as a little Child.”

    Christ is Born, Glorify Him!

    IC XC
    NI KA

  18. KathJuliane January 6, 2019 @ 4:01 pm

    Iraqi Christian HRC

    Egyptian President @Alsisi Official & Pope Tawadros II, head of Coptic Orthodox Church, at today’s inauguration of the largest Cathedral in the Middle East.

    The new Coptic Cathedral in #Egypt is called the “Cathedral of the Birth of Christ.” (Pics: Coptic Church Spokesperson)

  19. Kalin January 6, 2019 @ 4:04 pm

    Well, she has an uphill battle in the DC club. First bill up is H.R. 1, to stop BDS:

  20. KathJuliane January 6, 2019 @ 4:52 pm

    Reuters: Bolton says Turkey must not attack Kurdish fighters once U.S. leaves Syria

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) – White House national security adviser John Bolton added a new condition on Sunday to the U.S. withdrawal from Syria, saying Turkey must agree to protect the United States’ Kurdish allies.

    President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to announce a U.S. pullout from Syria left many questions open, chiefly whether Kurdish fighters who had been operating in northern Syria alongside U.S. forces would now be attacked by their long-time enemy, Turkey.

    Bolton, on a trip to Israel and Turkey, said he would stress in talks with Turkish officials, including President Tayyip Erdogan, that Kurdish forces must be protected.

    Ahead of talks with Israeli officials, he told reporters the pullout would be done in a way that guaranteed the Islamic State jihadist group “is defeated and is not able to revive itself and become a threat again.”

    And it would be carried out in such a way as to “make sure that the defense of Israel and our other friends in the region is absolutely assured, and to take care of those who have fought with us against ISIS and other terrorist groups.”


    “We don’t think the Turks ought to undertake military action that’s not fully coordinated with and agreed to by the United States at a minimum,” Bolton said, “so they don’t endanger our troops, but also so that they meet the president’s requirement that the Syrian opposition forces that have fought with us are not endangered.”

    The YPG has indicated that it might seek a deal with Damascus after the U.S. forces have gone.

    Bolton, who will travel to Turkey on Monday, said the United States would talk to Ankara to find out what its objectives and capabilities were.

    Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said Turkey’s targets were the YPG, the PKK and Islamic State.

    In Washington on Sunday, Trump reiterated that the United States would be pulling its troops out of Syria but suggested the move might not happen soon.

    Later on Sunday Bolton met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and reassured Israel and other allies of the United States’ commitment to their security.

    Full news story:

  21. KathJuliane January 6, 2019 @ 5:11 pm

    Sputnik: ‘Force for Good’? Pompeo to Visit Middle East to Calm Fears After Trump Remarks

    Pompeo will travel to the Middle East next week in an attempt to smooth fears following widespread confusion over Trump’s intentions in Syria.

    Amid confusion over the regularly changing foreign policies of US President Donald Trump, the office of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced that the latter will tour America’s Middle Eastern allies in a bid to clarify in person the president’s often murky remarks on the region.

    The junket, planned from January 8-15, will see Pompeo in Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. Iraq is said to be on the list, although no confirmation has been made by the state department due to security concerns, according to Politico.

    Announced on Friday, the hastily-organized tour follows deep uncertainty among US allies in the region after a sudden Trump avowal for a swift military troop withdrawal from Syria was followed by another conflicting declaration by the president that the process would be “slow” and “careful.”

    Pompeo’s visit will coincide with rising political opposition on Capitol Hill — particularly within the newly-Democratic House of Representatives — to the ongoing war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen at the hands of Saudi Arabia and a handful of other Middle Eastern states.

    Pompeo will also visit Israel and Turkey, following in the footsteps of Trump national security adviser John Bolton, who will arrive in the area Friday. Bolton is expected to engage in political damage control over Trump’s conflicting Syria pullout remarks, according to Politico.

    While in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, the US secretary of state is expected to deliver a speech about America’s “commitment to peace, prosperity, stability, and security in the Middle East,” according to the state department, cited by

    In December, Trump stunned advisors and military brass with an unplanned announcement that the Pentagon would quickly withdraw the estimated 2,000 American troops currently deployed to Syria, triggering an instant bipartisan backlash that resulted in the resignation of US Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

    Trump and his advisors were forced to backpedal the sudden Syria pullout declaration, stating that a more considered plan would be created and explaining the new position as a method by which Daesh could be kept scattered and weak and that Kurdish allies fighting alongside the US would not be left unsupported.

    A senior State Department official said on Friday that the US had no official timeline to match Trump’s unscheduled remarks on the Syria pullout.

    “We have no timeline for our military forces to withdraw from Syria,” an unnamed official confirmed in a telephone news briefing, cited by Politico.

    “It will be done a deliberate, coordinated way,” as a means of keeping pressure on Daesh, it was reported.

    US State Department officials noted that during the course of Pompeo’s lengthy Middle Eastern visit, the top official will likely “speak about America as a force for good in the region,” cited by the Washington Post.

  22. AJ January 6, 2019 @ 6:49 pm

    Congrats to her and I’m happy more anti-Israel voices are coming out of the woodwork. Muslim and Palestinian Americans in USA have gotten short shrift for too long.

    Certainly this article is not what most Trumpsters want to hear (WAKE UP MAGA-heads), and most of her other views seem in line with the far left wing of the Democrat Party.

    Someone should ask her how impeaching the “M’fer” Trump will help the Palestinian cause. And what privileges the rights of her people across the World vs. Americans at home who have been victims of illegal immigrant crime?

    White Americans who care so much about illegal immigration need to be asked the same question as well, in reverse.

  23. KathJuliane January 6, 2019 @ 7:09 pm

    SANA: Christmas mass at Armenian Orthodox Church of St. Sarkis in Damascus

    6 January، 2019

    Damascus, SANA- A mass was held on Sunday at St. Sarkis Church for the Armenian Orthodox in Damascus on the occasion of Christmas as observed by the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar.

    Bishop Armash Nalbandian, primate of the Armenian Church of Damascus, delivered the Christmas sermon, in which he highlighted the high meanings of Christmas, calling for love , peace, and justice to prevail among all people.

  24. Israhell January 6, 2019 @ 8:55 pm

    Need to Soften on LGBT, Says Leader of New Ukrainian Church Created by Patriarch of Constantinople

  25. KathJuliane January 6, 2019 @ 9:00 pm

    The Intercept: Rejecting Israel Lobby’s Influence Over Congress, Rashida Tlaib Plans To Lead Delegation to Palestine


    If Americans Knew – Intro Video

    If Americans Knew about the numerous human rights violations and other treacherous behavior carried out by the state of Israel, they might feel differently about the overwhelming financial and military support given to them by our government.

  26. KathJuliane January 6, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

    There is no peace plan. There is a plan for the Jews to occupy all of Palestine using Trump’s “Deal of the Century” as a figleaf for their actions.


    Press TV: Friedman: Trump’s Israel-Palestine peace plan delayed several months

    The Trump administration’s plans to allegedly bring an end to the Israeli Palestinian conflict will not be released for several months, says the US ambassador to Israel.

    [Pro-settler ambassador to Israel] David Friedman made the comments told reporters in occupied Jerusalem al-Quds on Sunday.

    “We want to release it a way that gives it the best chance of getting a good reception,” Friedman said in Jerusalem. The Israeli elections, he added, “are a factor, but not the only factor.”

    The White House had signaled last month that the Israeli decision to dissolve the coalition and go to elections on April 9 is “one of many factors we are considering in evaluating the timing of the release of the peace plan.”

    US President Donald Trump had set January 2019 as the deadline for publication of the plan.

    “The challenge to a peace plan is making the case for a much more sober assessment of the realities in this region,” he said. “The last time there was a meaningful agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians was 1993. A lot has happened since 1993.”


  27. KathJuliane January 6, 2019 @ 11:31 pm

    MEMO: America’s New Year’s resolution: Kill off the Palestinian potential for statehood

    To make a resolution for self-development and personal aims at the start of the New Year is a natural thing. Those resolutions, however, usually range from going to the gym to starting a long overdue diet plan.

    Rarely, if ever, do those resolutions consist of degrading an entire people of their future and dignity, but that is exactly what the United States set out to do long before 2019 even began.

    Since the United States announced it was withdrawing funding and support for the United Nations Refugee and Works Agency (UNRWA) in summer last year, the agency – the primary lifeline for the Palestinian diaspora exiled by the occupying force of Israel – has been undergoing a financial crisis unlike any other it has witnessed in its seven decades of service.

    When UNRWA was created in 1949 there were around 750,000 Palestinian refugees under its supervision, but now there are some five million individuals worldwide who are eligible for support by the UN agency, including the descendants of male refugees and their adopted children.

    Overall, however, the primary recipients of UNRWA aid, and those most in need of it, have been Palestinian refugees in the 58 recognised camps in the Middle East; in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

    For decades, the US was by far the largest contributor to UNRWA, pledging hundreds of millions of dollars to the agency, along with the European Union and various Middle Eastern nations such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

    In 2017 alone, it contributed around $364 million to the agency. The cut in US funding, therefore, was a hard hit for UNRWA and the agency was forced to raise extra funds from its other member states, eventually managing to gather an additional $122 million to see it through the remainder of 2018.

    This year looks to be even bleaker.

    Despite UNRWA’s efforts and that of member states who increased their funding, the camps in the region and the Palestinian refugees inhabiting them have been directly hit by the withdrawal of US funding. One camp in Lebanon, on the outskirts of the capital Beirut, suffering particularly as a result.

    Adel Nayfeh, a former Palestinian refugee now working as an interpreter for UNRWA in the area, informed Middle East Monitor in December of the massive hits that both education and healthcare have taken in particular.

    “Three years ago they started to minimise it,” Nayfeh said regarding the sharp decrease in funds, until it decreased by 70 per cent in Lebanon. This has affected the nearly 700 schools in which 500,000 refugee children study annually.

    “So they are not able now to do education very well, they are not able to pay for the schools. And even the UNRWA schools are in a bad need for the support which was taking place.”

    READ: Is there a plot to depopulate Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon?

    He outlined the effect the cuts have had on the accessibility of healthcare and medication in the camp, stating that “three years ago UNRWA was covering 80 per cent of the medication, especially the operations, and the patient was covering 20 per cent, or he was supported by an association or foundation.”

    After two years, however, the agency started covering only 40 per cent in some cases, leaving patients to pay 60 per cent of their medication and healthcare costs.

    “And most of the hospitals who were dealing before with UNRWA,” Nayfeh continued, “they will tell you ‘sorry, we are not contracted anymore because they didn’t pay us.’ This is the direct effect, because those people left after 70 years without assistance.”

    Theft of the last shred of dignity

    The official reason the US cut its funding to UNRWA was, as President Donald Trump said, the “massive amounts of money that we were paying to the Palestinians” was disproportionate compared to the contribution of other member states.

    As a form of blackmail, he added to the Palestinians that “we’re not paying until you make a deal.”

    It is well known that the US can no longer legitimately be a mediator between the Palestinians and Israel: it gave up that supposed role when it revealed its true support for the state of Israel (not like anyone was fooled beforehand) through Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the state’s capital in 2017.

    This move, however, is more than a simple tactic to favour Israel, but signals possibly the largest threat to the potential for Palestinian statehood and the refugees’ right of return.

    Yaakov Amidror, a retired major general and former national security adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, admitted himself that “reduction in funds is one way to shut up and close UNRWA. How do you do it? By saying, ‘UNRWA, you don’t exist anymore, with all due respect.’”

    By removing the hundreds of millions of dollars of funding from UNRWA, the US is attempting to suffocate the agency and strictly limit its activities in providing support for Palestinian refugees.

    Over time, the agency will be on its last legs and will collapse, causing the Palestinians’ status as refugees to be redundant and worthless. In turn, the removal of the refugee status from the Palestinian diaspora means that they would lose the right of return, ending the decades-long debate about the Palestinians’ right to return to their land and homes that are now in Israel and occupied by settlers.

    It would leave the approximately 5.3 million Palestinian refugees registered with the agency even more stateless than they currently are. As the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said: “The loss of this organisation could unleash an uncontrollable chain reaction.”

    “This is the dangerous thing, that’s why a lot of people from the Palestinians are dreaming that they can escape,” Nayfeh explains.

    First they took their lands, then they took their homes, and now the US and Israel seek to corner the Palestinians and take their status as refugees from them.


    MEMO: US attacks in Syria increased after Trump’s withdrawal announcement

    Despite US President Donald Trump’s announcement that he will withdraw US troops from Syria, American strikes in the east of the country have increased.

    This was revealed Thursday by an investigation conducted by Al Jazeera and The Intercept, which found that there are about 50,000 to 60,000 people stuck in eastern Syria – which is dominated by Daesh – living under these US attacks.

    An activist, who refused to give his name, was reported saying: “The civilians in these areas have no place to go or hide from the US bombardment of their villages.” He added that the residents have been harmed at the hands of the Syrian government, the US and Daesh alike.

    In the wake of international controversy and news that Daesh was not fully defeated in Syria, Trump declined to give a timeline for the US troops’ withdrawal from Syria, instead saying this would take place “over a period of time”. It remains unclear whether US airstrikes will continue once the troops leave.

    Describing the US strikes, a Daesh fighter said: “They just like to disrupt and mess everything up […] They bombed the places where they sell gasoline, or they sell cooking oil, or where they filter the water — they bomb all these places. They bomb everything just to make your life horrible.”

    The fighter added: “No building is empty here,” referring to the remaining Daesh-controlled villages in Deir Ez-Zour.

    The Intercept said that fighters and civilians in the villages have reportedly been describing the US bombing campaign as a scorched-earth policy.

    Meanwhile, the US-led international coalition in Syria admitted on Thursday that it had killed 11 civilians from one family, including a child in Deir Ez-Zour, Anadolu Agency reported.

    On Sunday, the US military admitted that it had killed 1,139 civilians in Iraq and Syria since the start of its campaign against Daesh in 2014.

    This figure is significantly smaller than the estimates of civilian casualties made by monitoring groups, with one group – Airwars – saying that between 7,308 and 11,629 civilians have been killed.

  28. Zionien January 7, 2019 @ 12:32 am

    She’s a confused brainwashed yidiot!

    Now watch the likes of Ocasio-Cortez, (total gross LOSER) fan Tlaib’s flames of misplaced anger!

    What a way to represent herself as a Pali, mother & a U.S. citizen – LOSER^!

  29. The Englishman January 7, 2019 @ 5:31 am

    The Orthodox Monk with a crystal ball, or rather a Seraphic gift.

    US Troops Aren’t Coming Home…Soon | Real Jew News

  30. Steve January 7, 2019 @ 5:48 am


    AOC is a “conversos” Sephardic Jew from Spain. She is also a classic Marxist Leninist RED like Bill DeBlasio and B. Sanders.

    The main difference is that they know how to keep their mouth’s shut as they came of age when one didn’t opening call for the overthrow of the capitalist system…unlike AOC who is a NYC punk-level radical with little or no character or brains.


    The Dems really have their work cut out for them with this freshman class of potty-mouthed hoods who shoot from the hip.

    The libs and Jewish libs have cooked their geese by trashing Gentile culture as they will soon find that here as in Europe they have jumped from the fire into the frying pan.

    Nazi here, Nazi there, Nazi in your underwear.

    There’s always room on the kibbutz. But who wants to live on a kibbutz?

    MAZEL TOV my niggas.

  31. KathJuliane January 7, 2019 @ 8:26 am

    Palestinian Center for Human Rights: On 41st Friday of Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli Forces Wound 46 Civilians, including 7 Children, 4 Journalists and 6 Paramedics

    On Friday evening, 04 January 2019, Israeli forces wounded 46 Civilians, including 7 Children, 4 Journalists and 6 Paramedics, in an excessive use of force against the peaceful demonstrators in the eastern Gaza Strip though the demonstrations have scaled down for the tenth week consecutively and despite absence of most means usually used during the demonstrations since the beginning of the Return and Breaking the Siege March 9 months ago.

    According to observations by PCHR’s fieldworkers, Though the demonstrators were around between tens and hundreds of meters away from the border fence, the Israeli forces who stationed in prone positions and in military jeeps along the fence continued to use excessive force against the demonstrators by opening fire and firing teargas canisters at them, without the later posing any imminent threat or danger to the life of soldiers and despite the prevailing calmness for the 9th week since the Great March of Return started on 30 March 2018.

    On this Friday, the Israeli forces have increasingly targeted the medical personnel in the field and wounded 6 of them, including one who was hit with a teargas canister while he was in an ambulance transferring one of those wounded in eastern Rafah City.

    Moreover, the Israeli forces fired a barrage of teargas canisters near where ambulances were parked in Khan Younis.

    All of this indicates an Israeli systematic policy to target the medical personnel and obstruct their humanitarian action that is guaranteed with protection under the international humanitarian law.



    Middle East Eye: Attacks by Jews against Palestinians in the West Bank tripled in 2018: Report

    Violence by Jewish settlers and right-wing activists against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank tripled last year, with 482 such incidents reported by mid-December, compared to 140 for 2017.

    In addition to beating up and throwing stones at Palestinians, more frequently the offences consisted of painting nationalist and anti-Arab or anti-Muslim slogans, damaging homes and cars and cutting down trees belonging to Palestinian farmers, Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported.

    Such incidents decreased sharply in 2016 and 2017 from previous years, with the decline attributed to the response of the authorities after the firebombing of a home in the West Bank village of Duma.

    Saad and Riham Dawabsheh and their 18-month-old baby, Ali, were killed in that attack, while the couple’s four-year-old son, Ahmed, was the sole survivor.

    After the attack the Shin Bet security service arrested several extremist right-wing activists living in the northern West Bank who were suspected of involvement in violence and incitement to violence against Arabs.

    A series of actions taken during that time – including detention without charges, restraining orders keeping suspects out of the West Bank and in a few cases the granting of permission to interrogate suspects using harsh methods – enabled the authorities to crack a number of cases, according to Haaretz, which acted as a deterrent and brought down the rate of violence against Palestinians.

    However, over the past year, after the activists were released, as well as due to the rise of new, younger groups, violent acts increased once again.


  32. Birds of a Feather January 7, 2019 @ 9:10 am

    What do Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, Obama, Van Jones, and Linda Sarsour have in common?

    All of them are socialists.

    All of them are connected to George Soros.

    Like communism, socialism is a Jewish scheme used to replace goy government with Jewish controlled government.

    Tlaib was led into politics by the Jew Steve Tobocman –

    Tlaib is or was on the board of directors of the Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center. Maurice Sugar is a Jew and an affiliate of the Communist Party USA. Dirty demonrat John Conyers was led into politics by Maurice Sugar –

    The Sugar Law Center is affiliated with typical Zionist led organizations such as the NAACP and Democratic Socialists of America –

    Tlaib may be a useful idiot without a clue instead of a willing idiot who knowingly sold out to Satan. If Tlaib doesn’t have a clue, she may be in for a rude awakening like what happened to Cynthia McKinney when CM rejected Jewish Supremacy.

    Birds of a feather flock together. Geese fly in formation with other geese and sparrows don’t nest with hawks. It’s no accident that Tlaib is in bed with Soros & Co.

    ———- ##### ———-

    Tlaib Funded by Soros

    January 6, 2019 @ 10:24 am

    Is recently elected congress woman Palestinian Muslim Rashida Tlaib really on the side of Palestine instead of Israel? It seems unlikely that Jew controlled politics would allow that.

    After reading the comment posted above by Jo and the article, about Tlaib being funded by George Soros, it seems like Tlaib is a crypto Jew pretending to represent Palestinians and Muslims instead of Jews.

    If the Jews Media praises Tlaib instead of condemning her, that would be another clue that Tlaib is a Zionist agent pretending to be on the side of Palestine and Islam. Soros donating money to Tlaib implies she is on the same team as Soros.

    It’s telling that Tlaib tried to hide her funding from Soros as described in the Free Beacon. There is a reason why Tlaib tried to keep her connections with Soros from being known.

  33. KathJuliane January 7, 2019 @ 9:35 am

    The Destroyers are at it still.

    Just another angle to the Jews obsessive and relentless erasure of Palestinian presence, culture and history by destroying the wealth of two thousand years of Christian and Muslim archaeological artifacts and archaeological remains.

    God help you, though, if you disturb a site somewhere in the Jewish heaven on earth that might have once had the discarded holy toenail clipping of a chosen one discarded on it.


    Haaretz: 1,200-year-old Islamic-period Town Found in Israel, but You Will Never See It

    Nebi Zechariah once housed Christians and Muslims living together, and now it’s going to house a logistics center.

    Here’s why Israeli salvage digs almost always end in development

    Archaeologists digging in central Israel have uncovered the remains of a prosperous rural town from the early Islamic period.

    They unearthed luxurious homes decorated with mosaics and arches, plastered water cisterns, and once-bustling oil presses and glass workshops from about a thousand years ago.

    All of which most people will never get to see, as the area has already been handed over to developers, and the ruins will soon be covered or destroyed by the construction of a new logistics center for the nearby city of Modi’in.

    The decision by the Israel Antiquities Authority to allow development on the site has caused consternation among some archaeologists and residents in Modi’in, who say regulators are too quick to greenlight projects even when important ancient remains have been found.

    The IAA counters that it must strike a balance between protecting antiquities and the needs of Israel’s economy; in this specific case, it says the excavation it conducted at the site documented and preserved knowledge of the early Islamic settlement.

    “In a salvage excavation, you never know what you are going to get,” says Avraham Tendler, the IAA archaeologist who led the dig. “I was expecting to find Hellenistic, Roman or Byzantine remains, so this [early Islamic town] was quite a surprise.”

    Mainly Christian

    Modi’in is a modern city built between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as a commuter town. It does not purport to be a reincarnation of the ancient town of Modiin, the precise location of which has been lost to time.

    Nebi Zechariah, located northwest of the modern city, is surrounded by archaeological treasures, lining the ancient road connecting Jaffa to Jerusalem which ran by the site. Previous finds nearby include a Byzantine monastery, caves used by hermit monks from the same era, and an ornate burial from Roman times.

    In this case, the archaeologists unearthed dozens of buildings in a well-planned town dated to the 9th-11th centuries, when the Abbasid and Fatimid caliphates ruled the region.

    The find is unexpected because the area around the modern-day city of Modi’in was thought to have been sparsely populated during the early Islamic period, Tendler explains. The dig, which extended over around 4,000 square meters, uncovered only a part of what must have been a fairly large settlement, he adds.

    Even more interestingly, Nebi Zechariah may have been home to both Christian and Muslim communities. The archaeologists found crosses chiseled into the stones of the town’s olive presses and fragmentary Greek inscriptions, the written language commonly used by Christians in the region.

    In one of the homes they also found a clay pilgrimage token, a Christian souvenir that was probably brought back from Egypt, Tendler reports. But the researchers also unearthed glass weights with Arabic inscriptions – which were used to weigh coins with great precision – and a partial Arabic inscription that may cite a koranic verse.

    No signs of a church or mosque have been found, but there is enough evidence to suggest the town had a mixed religious identity.

    The idea that Nebi Zechariah’s population may have been mainly Christian is consistent with what we know from the archaeological record and contemporary chroniclers, which tell us that, especially in the rural areas, Christian communities continued to exist well after the Islamic conquest of the Levant, Tendler says.

    Missing signs of violence

    There is a longstanding debate amongst scholars over how violent and destructive the early Islamic occupation of the Holy Land was, and how problematic the relations between the various communities were.

    Finds like Nebi Zechariah point to a relatively peaceful transition after Muslim armies seized the region from the Byzantine Empire in the first half of the 7th century, says Uzi Dahari, an archaeologist and former deputy director of the IAA.

    “When the Muslims arrived, power changed hands but not much else happened, except for a slow process of conversion to Islam by part of the population, especially Christian Arabs and some Jews as well,” says Dahari, who was not involved in the dig at Nebi Zechariah.

    Whoever the locals were, they certainly achieved a modicum of prosperity, given that Tendler’s team also unearthed jewelry and large homes with mosaic floors and arched ceilings.

    The large number of warehouses and workshops that produced oil, glass, wine and other commodities suggests that Nebi Zechariah served as an important farming and industrial center for Jerusalem and nearby Ramle, which was the provincial capital during the Caliphate, Tendler concludes.

    The town declined during the Crusades, and was briefly revived in the Mameluke period between the 13th and 14th centuries before being definitively abandoned.

    The name Nebi Zechariah refers to the father of John the Baptist – who is mentioned in the Gospels and the Koran – rather than the biblical prophet of the same name. However, the name dates to the Mameluk period, after the town was abandoned, and was probably linked to a burial place attributed to this holy figure, so we don’t know how the inhabitants of the early Islamic period called the place, Tendler says.

    A wide assortment of spaces

    In the foreseeable future, any further study of the ancient town will be confined to the finds that the archaeologists were able to remove from the site during their hurried four-months excavation last year.

    As of last week, a sign perched atop Nebi Zechariah announced the upcoming construction of the new industrial and logistics center, offering “a wide assortment of spaces for industry, storage and logistics.”

    Modi’in takes its name from the ancient village traditionally believed to have been the place of origin of the Maccabees, who in the 2nd century B.C.E. led the revolt against the Greeks celebrated by Jews during Hanukkah.

    “But after the Greeks and the Maccabees and the Romans, people still lived here, though not a lot of attention has been paid to them,” says Marion Stone, a local preservation activist. “A lot of evidence has been found, and a lot of remains have been destroyed.”

    Given the many archaeological sites already found nearby, the area should never have been zoned for development, says Stone, who urged authorities to stop the destruction of the early Islamic town and make it accessible to visitors instead.

    “This is a special site, it’s an amazing place, and to destroy something like that is just criminal,” Stone says.

    The salvage dig, and the planned construction, only cover a small part of the much larger site, which will remain not only untouched by private development – but unexcavated, says Doron Ben Ami, the IAA’s chief archaeologist for Israel’s central district.

    “Every excavation is a destructive act,” Ben Ami says. “The moment you dig, even if you don’t release the land for development, the remains themselves begin to suffer from erosion processes, so the less we dig, the more antiquities are preserved.”

    As for the area that was investigated, it was well documented to preserve as much knowledge of it as possible, Ben Ami says.

    Most of the remains will be covered and built over so that, theoretically, they might be unearthed again by future generations once the planned logistics center is no longer in use, he says. “This is the balance we have to find between preserving archaeological sites while being aware of the development needs of the country,” says Ben Ami. “The easiest thing to do would be to say categorically: ‘No, everything is important, don’t touch anything.’ It’s more complicated is to find a way to say yes, with certain limitations.”

    But archaeologists interviewed by Haaretz say cases like Nebi Zechariah have less to do with a delicate balancing act between the needs of the past and the present, and more to do with the underlying problems of the system governing salvage excavations in Israel.

    The Israel Antiquities Authority is underfunded and would never be able to conduct digs at the myriad of building projects across the country on its meager state budget, explains Dahari, the former IAA deputy chief.

    These excavations, including the one at Nebi Zechariah, are instead funded by the developer, creating an instant conflict of interest for the archaeological authorities.

    While the IAA theoretically has the right to prevent works from going ahead, its financial dependence on the developers means there is pressure on it to release the land as quickly as possible, Dahari says.

    Almost nothing gets saved

    One might think that the Israeli authorities would favor preserving Jewish sites over Christian or Muslim ones. But when it comes to salvage excavations, there seems to be little room to save sites linked to any particular group or time period, says Yonatan Mizrahi, an archaeologist and CEO of Emek Shaveh, an NGO that works to protect cultural heritage.

    In almost all cases, the same fate awaits anything from prehistoric remains to coveted ruins from the time of the First or Second Temple.

    “From the beginning, it is well understood by all parties that, after the excavations, the land will be released for development regardless to what is found at the site,” Mizrahi says.

    It takes a really unique find to stop the bulldozers in their tracks. This happened, for example, when road works led to the discovery of a spectacular Roman-era mosaic in Lod in 1996.

    But these exceptions are few and far between, says Mizrahi. “The IAA has no policy regarding what to save and what not to save, how to protect unique sites that are found,” he says. “Development is destroying antiquities and we haven’t prioritized any places to save.”

    Where the cultural identity of a discovery does come into play is in mobilizing public pressure that can sometimes push authorities and developers to adapt their plans to the finds or give up on construction altogether, he notes.

    This may yet be the case with the First Temple remains that were recently uncovered in a huge salvage dig in Beit Shemesh ahead of a road expansion and which are now at the center of a roaring debate between scholars, residents and conservationists.

    But there is much less interest in saving sites from the early Islamic period like Nebi Zechariah. “In Beit Shemesh they found a layer from the 7th century B.C.E., from the First Temple period, so people are now saying ‘this is part of our history.’” Mizrahi notes. “In cases like Nebi Zechariah there is much less pressure: no one says ‘it’s part of our history’ – but it is very much part of our history as well.”

    Paywall: (

  34. Tatyana January 7, 2019 @ 10:16 am

    I’m Palestinian and Christian.

    I don’t think that it would be easy for her to make any difference.

    I agree with many of the above comments that she may be actually on the side of the Zionists.

    Plus, if she is pro-abortion and pro same-sex marriage, I definitely could not support her.

  35. KathJuliane January 7, 2019 @ 11:27 am

    The infinitely deep black maw of insatiable Jewish greed and their quest for more and more “reparations” shakedown schemes.

    “The Israelis are also undoubtedly going to use their American puppets in Washington to force this extortion money out of the Arabs – just like they did with Germany and even Switzerland. This “world order” with Organised Jewry at the apex is nothing but a criminal operation.” — Comment by ‘The Professor’


    RT: Israel to seek $250bn from Arab countries that expelled Jews to ‘restore their rightful property’

    Israel will demand $250 billion in compensation from seven Arab countries and Iran for assets left by Jews forced to flee after the creation of the State of Israel, in an effort to correct the “historic injustice” of the pogroms.

    The specific demands are being finalized for the first two of the eight countries, according to Hadashot TV news, which reported that Israel would seek $35 billion from Tunisia and $15 billion from Libya.

    Compensation will also be sought from Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Iran.

    Gila Gamliel, Israel’s Minister for Social Equality, who is coordinating the effort, said that the time had come to “correct the historic injustice of the pogroms [against Jews] in seven Arab countries and Iran, and to restore, to hundreds of thousands of Jews who lost their property, what is rightfully theirs.”

    With the help of an international accountancy firm, the Israeli government has been quietly researching the value of property and assets that Jews were forced to leave behind when they left the countries in question, the Hadashot report said.

    Compensation, if it were received, would not be allocated to individual Jewish families, but would be distributed through a special Israeli state fund, according to the report.

    An estimated 856,000 Jews fled 10 Arab countries after Israel was established in 1948, according to Justice for Jews from Arab Countries (JJAC).

    Until now, however, Israel has never formally requested compensation for Jews forced to leave Arab countries.

    Meir Kahlon, chairman of the Central Organization for Jews from Arab Countries and Iran told the Times of Israel that at the time, Jews did not seek refugee status in the newly-created Israel as it was seen as a return to their “historic homeland” and the country’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, wanted to project an image of a state that was legitimate and could care for its people.

    The move comes as the Trump administration in the United States prepares its long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal — an effort which some analysts have already declared dead-in-the-water after the US, in a hugely controversial move last year, recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    It also relocated its embassy to the city, which Palestinians in turn consider as the designated capital of the State of Palestine.

    In 2010, Israel passed a law which states that any peace deal must provide for compensation for Jews forced to flee Arab countries and Iran.

    Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority has also sought $100 billion in compensation from Israel for assets left by Arabs forced to leave the lands controlled by Israel today.

    Palestinians have also sought a “right of return” for the surviving refugees and their descendants — a demand that has repeatedly been dismissed by Israel.

    The Trump administration also seems to have taken Israel’s side on that issue, halting funding for the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA) last year.

    In 2014, Israel officially made November 30 a national day to commemorate the exiting of Jews from Arab and Iranian lands.

    Each year the day is used to raise awareness of the subject and to promote the issue of compensation to Jews. That year, Canada also formally recognized the refugee status of its Jewish emigres who fled there after 1948.

    At a 2014 event marking the displacement of Jews, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Arab countries had “compelled” Jews living in their territories to leave their homes and assets behind and that the state would “continue to act” so that the claims of those Jews “are not forgotten.”

  36. KathJuliane January 7, 2019 @ 11:56 am

    Saif Deen Bitar

    SAVAGES & BARBARIANS➤ Settler Squatters Violence


    #Israeli #Jewish settlers with aid of the #Israeli occupation forces assault peacefully living #Palestinian women in the most barbaric manner in an attempt to force them out of their OWN homes


  37. KathJuliane January 7, 2019 @ 1:47 pm

    It’s easy to hate the ACLU until, like the celestial stars aligning in certain configurations, you need them to protect and enforce your civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Left, Right, or Center, this is an non-partisan question which matters to every American.

    “Since when do American citizens have to pledge to act in the interest of a foreign power in order to do business with their own government?” – ACLU


    American Arab Institute Newsletter Alert – James Zogby

    Friend — Rubio Constitution

    With every new Congress, the House and the Senate set their biggest priorities for their terms in the very first bills they introduce.

    Typically, these priorities focus on fundamental American interests. But this year’s first Senate bill, S1, takes aim at the First Amendment in an effort to shield Israel and its illegal settlements from American human rights activism that takes the form of boycotts.

    U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), James Risch (R-ID), Cory Gardner (R-CO), and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) introduced the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019, a package that includes Rubio’s Combating BDS Act, which the ACLU says would “encourage states to adopt unconstitutional laws that would unjustly punish those doing business with the state based solely on their political beliefs.”

    So far, two separate federal court decisions have ruled that anti-boycott state laws were unconstitutional as they violated the First Amendment-protected free speech of Americans.

    And beyond the legal technicality of the matter, there is an intuitive common sense question which has been posed in a blog posted by the ACLU: “Since when do American citizens have to pledge to act in the interest of a foreign power in order to do business with their own government?”

    Americans who engage in boycotts of Israel or its illegal settlements are engaged in First Amendment-protected activity, and Rubio’s efforts to enact punitive measures for them is unconstitutional and unAmerican.

    TAKE ACTION: Please call and e-mail your Senators and urge them to oppose Rubio’s attack on our First Amendment freedoms!


    TruthOut: Senators Push Bill to Punish Boycotts of Israel Amid Shutdown

    After The Intercept reported over the weekend that a bipartisan group of senators is pushing, as its first legislative priority, a bill that would hand states more power to punish boycotts of Israel — even as the prolonged and deeply harmful government shutdown continues into its third week — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday condemned the legislation itself and urged Democrats to block any bills that are not related to reopening the government.

    “It’s absurd that the first bill during the shutdown is legislation which punishes Americans who exercise their constitutional right to engage in political activity. Democrats must block consideration of any bills that don’t reopen the government,” Sanders wrote on Twitter. “Let’s get our priorities right.”

    Sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), the legislation would give states and localities more legal authority to punish companies that participate in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

    Kathleen Ruane, senior legislative counsel with the ACLU, condemned the measure as an attack on Americans’ First Amendment rights that must be voted down.

    “In the midst of a partial government shutdown, Democratic and Republican senators have decided that one of their first orders of business… should be to sneak through a bill that would weaken Americans’ First Amendment protections,” Ruane declared.


  38. KathJuliane January 7, 2019 @ 8:01 pm

    Life in the United Vassal States of Israel Governed by the Zionist Occupied Government.

    Jew-owned Democrat or Jew-owned Republican, they can’t beat each other through the door fast enough to show just how more devoted to Israhell, a foreign power, each party is over the other.


    RT: ‘Boycott Israel, we’ll boycott you’: How US Senators & state lawmakers put foreign power first

    Published time: 7 Jan, 2019 17:23

    With the US Senate opening 2019 with a bill aimed at protecting Israel from boycott, similar state-level laws are facing opposition. One newspaper in Arkansas is suing the state, calling the boycott ban unconstitutional.

    Given that the government is still partially shut down over President Trump’s plans to build a wall at the Mexican border, one would imagine the first piece of legislation rolled out by the Senate this year would prioritize breaking the impasse and ending the shutdown. Not so.

    Instead, S.1 is a collection of foreign policy measures aimed at strengthening military cooperation between the US and Jordan, reiterating opposition to Syrian leader Bashar Assad, appropriating foreign aid money for Israel, and – most controversially – giving state and local government the authority to refuse to do business with firms that boycott Israel.

    Marco Rubio

    First item the Senate will take up in the new congress will be our bill to deal with the crisis in #Syria & support our allies in the Middle East.

    You can read the text of our bill Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019 here:

    9:22 PM – Jan 3, 2019

    The bill is sponsored by Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, a longtime opponent of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement and ally of AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobby.

    Aside from Rubio, the bill is expected to receive the bipartisan support necessary to muster a Senate majority.

    A similar bill introduced by Rubio last year was cosponsored by several Democrats, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) is expected to support this latest effort, the Intercept reported.

    While Rubio’s bill is a watered-down version of a hardcore piece of legislation introduced by Democrat Ben Cardin (Maryland) in 2017 that would have actually criminalized boycotting Israel, the American Civil Liberties Union has still sounded the alarm.



    This was a bit of a shocker, but shows just how committed to Israel the Zionist “progressive” left is:

    RT: Too anti-Israel? Birmingham institute abruptly revokes Angela Davis’ civil rights award

    Alabama-based Birmingham Civil Rights Institute has changed its mind about honoring civil rights activist Angela Davis, without much of an explanation. Critics are pointing to Davis’s positions on Israel and Palestine for clues.
    Davis, 74, was supposed to receive the Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award from BCRI in mid-February, but the institute announced that this will not happen.

    Upon closer examination of Ms. Davis’ statements and public record, we concluded that she unfortunately does not meet all of the criteria on which the award is based.

    The BCRI cited complaints by “supporters and other concerned individuals and organizations, both inside and outside of our local community.”

    Though the BCRI did not point to any specific reason, many African-American and Jewish activists quickly pointed to the most likely cause: Davis’s support for the Palestinian cause, and in particular the Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions (BDS) movement.

  39. benzion kook January 8, 2019 @ 12:33 am

    The “U.S.” Congress is a totally corrupt, Jew-run joke.

    P.S. You rock, Angela.

  40. Sam Wheat January 8, 2019 @ 9:46 am

    Hello Brother Nathanael Kapner,

    First and foremost I do believe this woman (congress critter Rashida Tlaib) is a Soros plant to get people as Jim Stone has said to Start hating Palestinians, here’s a link that should be an eye opener.

    Never forget the Israeli’s are professionals at deception.

  41. KathJuliane January 8, 2019 @ 11:23 am

    Always try to understand the bias of your publishing sources. Do some history and background checking to get an idea where they are coming from.

    Could there be any possible prejudicial animus by Washington Free Beacon against Congresswoman Tlaib because she is not pro-Israel, and has openly declared herself to be in full support of BDS, Palestinian rights?

    As the Washington Free Beacon itself points out in the ending update to their story, that whatever the fellowship Tlaib had with Open Society in 2016 and 2017, it was terminated at the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018 when she declared her campaign, and that no Soros payments to her were received after that date.

    Washington Free Beacon has not provided any proof that Soros made political contributions to Tlaib’s actual election campaign which would be an entirely different money category from paying an educational fellowship program grant, something like a scholarship.

    In any case, PNAC Jew-founded, “combat press” confrontational and sensationalistic Washington Free Beacon is pro-Israel neocon hawk and well embedded in the circles of Israel-loving necon think tanks and publications, and hostile to anything or anyone Palestinian or in the least bit anti-Zionist.

    WFB started out as a necon political party journal, then went private for profit in about 2013.

    According to Big League Politics: “The Washington Free Beacon was revealed to have been the original financier of Fusion GPS’ anti-Donald Trump effort.

    That project yielded the discredited Christopher Steele dossier on Trump’s alleged Russian collusion.

    The Free Beacon reportedly handed the project off, directly or otherwise, to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC in April 2016.

    The Beacon is denying that the project was focused on Russia at the time that the Kristol-linked site was financing it.”

    Washington Free Beacon’s Jew-owned parent company, Center for American Freedom, is a 501(c)(4) organization and subsequently not required to disclose its donors, and it doesn’t.

    Just another black hole where political dark money is collected.


    Right Web: Washington Free Beacon

    The Washington Free Beacon describes itself as “a nonprofit online newspaper.”

    Published by the Center for American Freedom (CAF), a right-wing advocacy group chaired by media pundit and political strategist Michael Goldfarb, the Beacon has close ties to the neoconservative flagship journal the Weekly Standard [the WS is now defunct as of December 2018 – Kj].

    The Standard’s contributing editor Matthew Continetti serves as the Beacon’s editor and chief, while Standard editor [super-neocon Jew] Bill Kristol [Continetti’s father-in-law-Kj] sits on CAF’s board.

    Michael Continetti is Bill Krisol’s son-in-law. Michael Goldfarb was also a writer with The Weekly Standard, which was owned by Rupert Murdoch and edited by William Kristol.

    Goldfarb also worked as a research associate at the Project for the New American Century.


    Right Web: Center for American Freedom

    The Center for American Freedom is a rightist advocacy group founded by neoconservative pundit Michael Goldfarb to serve as a counterweight to the liberal-leaning Center for American Progress.

    Its sole activity appears to be publishing the Washington Free Beacon, a news and commentary site fashioned as a conservative answer to progressive blogs like Think Progress and Talking Points Memo.[1]

    CAF’s founding chairman is Michael Goldfarb, a lobbyist and activist associated with several neoconservative groups, including the Emergency Committee for Israel, the Liz Cheney-led Keep America Safe, and the now-defunct Project for the New American Century.

    The editor of the Washington Free Beacon is Matthew Continetti, a contributor to the neocon Weekly Standard. Aaron Harison, the former executive director of Keep America Safe, is the group’s president.[10]

    Board members include the ubiquitous William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and a supporter of a passel of neoconservative pressure groups, as well as Weekly Standard contributors Jaime Sneider and Mary Katharine Ham, who is also conservative radio host and Fox News commentator.[11]

    Although he has declined to reveal the group’s donors, Goldfarb told reporter Ben Smith in early 2012 that CAF would have an annual budget of “several million dollars.”

    Reported Smith: “The group is currently structured as a 501(c)(4) advocacy group, Goldfarb said, mimicking CAP’s more combative media and research arm, the Center for American Progress Action Fund; it may add a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit, like CAP, for less overtly partisan work, he said.

    “Goldfarb said he’s borrowing another position from the liberal think tank, which was founded in 2003 to buttress the Democratic opposition to a Republican president.

    “Like CAP, his group won’t disclose its donors. CAP has justified that stance by saying that, unlike the anonymously financed campaign groups it criticizes for secrecy, it doesn’t run TV ads.”[12]


    The Weekly Standard was an American opinion magazine[2] published 48 times per year. Its founding publisher, News Corporation, debuted the title on September 18, 1995.

    Originally edited by founders Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes, the Standard had been described as a “redoubt of neoconservatism” and as “the neo-con bible.”[3][4]

    It was owned by MediaDC, a subsidiary of Clarity Media Group, itself a subsidiary of The Anschutz Corporation.[5]

    On December 14, 2018, its owners announced that the magazine was ceasing publication, with the last issue published on December 17th.[6]

    Many of the magazine’s articles were written by members of conservative think tanks located in Washington, including the American Enterprise Institute, the Ethics and Public Policy Center, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the Hudson Institute, and the Foreign Policy Initiative.

    Individuals who wrote for the magazine included Elliott Abrams, Peter Berkowitz, John R. Bolton, Ellen Bork, David Brooks, Gertrude Himmelfarb, Christopher Hitchens, Harvey Mansfield, Cynthia Ozick, Joe Queenan, and John Yoo.



    Does anyone detect any possible bias on the part of the Washington Free Beacon against Congresswoman Tlaib?

    A late friend of mine, a Palestinian Greek Orthodox Christian born in Ramalla who immigrated to the US as a refugee in the early 50s after the Nakba, once showed me his family address book of just the American clan who came from Palestine. Not counting the rest of the tribe in Palestine, there were over 2000 names listed.

    Tlaib has extended family still in the Israel-occupied West Bank, which Reuters reported on the day she was sworn in.

    Doubtless, she also has relatives here, apart from the fact that she is the oldest of 14 kids.

    She was married in the family village back in 1997, so surely someone might say something if Tlaib was some kind of Soros Trojan horse plant.

    Reuters: Palestinian family celebrates Tlaib’s victory in Congressional race

    BEIT UR AL-FAUQA, West Bank (Reuters) – Sharing smiles and hugs, the extended family of Rashida Tlaib, who is set to become the first Muslim woman to join the U.S. Congress, celebrated her election victory on Wednesday in the courtyard of their West Bank house.

    Tlaib’s grandmother, aunts and uncles welcomed neighbors in the village of Beit Ur al-Fauqa in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, who gathered near their single-story stone house beside a grove of olive trees to congratulate them on the historic win.

    “This makes us proud – as the Tlaib family, residents of Beit Ur, as Palestinians, as Arabs and as Muslims, that a simple girl reaches such a position,” said her uncle, Bassam Tlaib.

    Tlaib is a registered member of Democratic Socialists of America. I personally don’t care for many of her ultra-liberal domestic policies and the left’s “intersectional politics”, at the same time, I’m sympathetic towards her attitude towards the long disenfranchised labor class, and opposition to corporate greed and welfare.

    However, her domestic policies are not at issue for when it comes to her anti-Zionist, One State, foreign policy.

    As founded in Jerusalem with the blessing of Bibsy Netanyahu tBreitbart News whiningly complains about in an article about how she stuck a sticky note to an office map renaming Israel as “Palestine”:

    “Tlaib has framed the “Palestinian” cause as akin to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. She also accused Israel of implementing ‘separate but equal’ and ‘apartheid policies.'”

    “Tlaib opposes Zionism via her support for the ‘one-state solution,’ which would subsume Israel within disputed territories east of the 1949 Armistice Line, including their Arab — and majority-Muslim — populations.”

    “The ‘one-state solution’ would end Israel’s Jewish majority. She also supports the ‘Palestinian right of return,’ a position which advocates for the demographic destruction of Israel’s Jewish majority by permitting descendants of Arab refugees from the 1947-1949 Arab-Israeli War and 1967’s Six-Day War to emigrate to Israel and obtain citizenship.”

    Let’s not forget, Andrew Breitbart was adopted and raised as a Jew, and he has always been acknowledged by Jews as a Jew, if not a religious one, and he always stuck up for Israel, no matter what.

    So, does anyone detect any possible bias and hostility on the part of the Washington Free Beacon against Congresswoman Tlaib?

  42. AJ January 8, 2019 @ 1:36 pm

    American Jews and Israeli Jews headed for a “Messy Breakup”

    It seems nearly all of the anti-Zionist sentiment in America is on the American Left now, which 70% or more of American Jews identify with.

    Only Rand Paul and his father and some other token voices are heard coming from the Right.

    Muslims are the favorite whipping boys of Trump’s White supporters and Trump himself, deluded as most of them still are about Zionism.

    Americans should work further to drive a wedge between American Jews and Israel, as younger Jews tend to be more assimilated and face little real anti-Semitism here at home.

  43. Border Foolishness January 8, 2019 @ 2:17 pm

    Trump is scheduled to make a speech about the border tonight that will be carried by all the major networks.

    It’s certain that neither Trump, the Dems, the Repubs, nor the Jews Media will say a word about the real obstacle that prevents border walls and fences from being built – Jews.

    Zionist controlled Demonrats come up with absurd stories as they try to justify the Zionist instigated battle for open borders, no walls, no fences, in the demonic scheme to replace Christian America with an Anti-Christ America.

    The Dems claimed to want border security while the Obama administration used US embassies in Latin America to advertise to people there that if they would come to the US border and turn themselves in they would receive food, drinks, clothing, housing, asylum, etc.

    The Dems advertised and promoted illegal immigration in Latin America and Soros helped finance it. That’s the origin of the migrant hordes flooding the USA and it helps show why Dems oppose border walls.

    It’s almost entertaining to hear the loony lies the Dems tell as they claim they want border security while at the same time the dems do all they can to prevent border security. It’s like a lying contest.

    The border madness is all about the children of the devil destroying Christian America by replacing white Christian culture with their anti-Christian Jew World Order.

  44. Citizenfitz January 8, 2019 @ 2:37 pm

    More than ever before, Jew-wise people are showing up at JooToob.

    The JIDF hasbarats are there again in force too – but they’re so malignant they’re doing more to turn folks into “anti-Semites” than any other group.

    And even with all the hasbarats lurking there, and JT massively rigging the recs in Jewry’s favor, they’re now almost outnumbered by the awakened.

    It won’t be long before they *are* outnumbered.

  45. Citizenfitz January 8, 2019 @ 2:46 pm

    KJ, called my “Sinner’s” offices asking them to vote no on S.1 – Marco Rubio’s anti-BDS bill.

    Thanks for catching that one.

  46. KathJuliane January 8, 2019 @ 4:04 pm

    Putin Celebrates Christmas In His Hometown By Visiting Church Where He Was Baptised As Kid

    President Vladimir Putin attended the service in St. Petersburg’s Transfiguration Cathedral, where he was baptized.

    Meanwhile, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill led the mass in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.


    Dear Stephen Smith,

    Sometime back I recall you asked about Putin’s Christianity. For the most part, he keeps his faith quite personal and private. Over time, he has mentioned a few things which occurred in his life that helped the development of his faith.

    Writing from memory, both his parents were baptized as infants in the Orthodox Church. Later, Putin’s father became a staunch Communist as an adult, but his mother, as was common in the Soviet era, kept her faith quiet.

    Some churches, although generally repressed and kept on the books as simply private religious communities, were allowed to continue to operate on the idea that only the old folks continued to attend, and that Christianity would eventually die out after they passed.

    Putin’s mother had him privately baptized as in infant at the Transfiguration Cathedral, then Leningrad, shortly after his birth. I know this wasn’t unusual in that my late husband, P.L. was a Russian national born in Leningrad (St Petersburg) the same year as Putin, 1952, and told me a similar story about himself. I’ve met other Russians and Ukrainians, and Orthodox Christians in other areas of the Communist Bloc, who told me their mothers or grandmothers had them secretly baptized during the 50s and 60s.

    P.L.’s mother, who never recovered well from the Seige of Leningrad, died shortly after giving birth to him. His maternal aunt defied P.L.’s father (very staunch Communist Party member) and had him baptized at the same time the priest came to give last rites to his mother.

    Putin’s Russian Orthodox grandparents on both sides of the family (and their ancestors) originate from villages close to the town of Turginovo, where they are buried in the cemetery of the Church of the Holy Protection, the same church which keeps the Metrical Books recording births and baptisms, marriages, and deaths. They record Putin’s ancestors several generations back. He comes from peasant stock, and until the 1860s, peasant serfs generally stayed in one locale for all of their lives.

    There was never a Jewish community located close to the town Turginovo, which to this day only has a population of about 2000 people. In fact, until the late 19th century, Turginovo was in an area of Russia proper where it was forbidden for Jews to live.

    Putin lived a secular childhood and adolescence, growing up as something of a street ruffian. He later made a decision to join the KGB, considered one of the most patriotic jobs a person could do in Russia. After his career in the KGB, Putin went into city administration. Putin married Lyudmilla, had two daughters.

    During the 80s (and a wave of Soviet government persecution against the Church) and then the 90s, Russia experienced the first thaws of an “Orthodox Spring” and the revival of Christianity, along with other spiritual movements which began to take off.

    I recall it may have been during an interview with Larry King who asked about his faith that Putin said his life began turning towards God about 1997 after he and his family miraculously escaped from their family dacha which had caught on fire and burned to the ground. A dacha is a seasonal or year-round second home, often located in the exurbs of Russian and other post-Soviet cities, and are still very common in Russia.

    In sorting through the ashes of the dacha, as I recall Putin’s recounting, he located an Orthodox cross completely unscathed which his mother had given him along with the promise that this cross would always protect him. From that point on, Putin, embarked on his course following Orthodox Christian spirituality going deeper into the Church.

    I’ve met Russian clergy who know him, and who know the clergy closest to Putin. I’ve also met people who’ve made pilgrimages to places like Mt Athos, only to have met Putin there, who traveled privately.

    From what I understand, Putin regularly goes to confession, several times a day prays in the chapel of his presidential home located outside of Moscow, and lives a quiet life having an exercise routine, going about his daily work schedule which must be 15 or 16 hours a dao, and getting about 4 hours of sleep a day.

    Putin has on occasion “disappeared” from Moscow on “working vacations” to other parts of Russia to spend time at monasteries and churches. He has been known to make private pilgrimages to monasteries outside of the country. Since he’s been president, Putin makes it a habit to celebrate the Nativity with the local people at various churches around Russia.

    When he’s gone to Israel on diplomatic visits, although the Jews make a big deal of him showing up, he spends as much time as possible in the Orthodox churches and monasteries there, particularly the Russian Orthodox Mission in the Holy Land. His trips have been timed to usually correspond to an Orthodox Christian liturgical feast, such as Holy Pascha (Easter) when he worshipped at the Holy Sepulchre.

    I recall during his first visit as president back in the 2000s he wore the oversized visitor’s yarmulke for the photo-ops and paid his respects at Yad Vashem, but he has never prayed at the Western Wall.

    I think it was that one time he also did decide on the spur of the moment to go see the Wall sometime after midnight as a tourist and walked to it. He had Israeli security and the Western Wall rabbis scrambling to accommodate him at that time in the morning. He may have been in the tunnel excavation area underneath the Wall, some of which is now dedicated as a synagogue or prayer area.

    Out of respect for someone else’s holy ground, Putin wore the oversized yarmulke again, but stood behind a guardrail or short barricade with his security team discussing the massive foundation stones of Fortress Antonia which were excavated.

  47. KathJuliane January 8, 2019 @ 4:11 pm

    Dear Citizenfitz,

    Thanks! I was on the phone to my ‘Sinner’s’ office the minute I saw the S.1 alert come through my email.

    Checking the bill status at, S.1 – Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019 is still in its introduction to the Senate floor phase, and it has now passed cloture motion, that is, the end of floor debate.

    If Americans Knew is also running an anti-S.1 Congress notification and petition drive:

    Contact your senators today: Tell them to vote NO on S.1!

    Please phone and email your senators today to vote no on Senate bill S.1!

    This composite bill, the first Senate bill of 2019, would give Israel billions of dollars and would work, in its own words, to “combat BDS.” The fraudulent title is “Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019.”

    For more information on the bill and its four components see my recent article on S.1.

    The first component of the bill gives Israel the largest military aid package in U.S. history – see our previous report on the $38 billion to Israel package, and how it goes far beyond the Obama MOU.

    Go here for more information on how the bill’s “combatting BDS” component violates the First Amendment right to free speech.

    As you can see from the email below, sent out by the Republican Jewish Coalition, all four components of the bill are created on behalf of Israel.

    The good news is that we have a real chance of defeating it! See below:

    Republican Jewish Coalition: Democrats Blocking Pro-Israel, Middle East Security Bill

    -Tell Senators Schumer and Durbin: Stand up to pro-BDS Democrats, stop using Israel as leverage in shutdown fight-

    S. 1, the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019, is a vital piece of legislation.

    S. 1 would authorize state and local governments to fight back against entities engaged in BDS (the movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel); extend our military assistance to Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East; authorize the transfer of defense articles to Israel in times of need; reauthorize our defense cooperation with Jordan, another close Middle East ally; and sanction entities that are helping finance the brutal Syrian regime [destabilizing Syria has long been an Israeli strategic goal].

    Call Sen. Schumer: (833) 416-9019

    Call Sen. Durbin: (833) 416-9313

    Democrats have announced that they plan to block this legislation.

    What’s worse, Senator Marco Rubio tells us that not all Democrats are doing this because they want to use Middle East security as leverage against Republicans.

    He has learned that there is infighting in the Democrats’ ranks because “a significant number of Senate Democrats now support BDS and Democratic leaders want to avoid a floor vote that reveals that.”

    This blockage is unacceptable. Call Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) right now and tell them to stop playing games with Israel and Middle East security!

    Call Sen. Schumer: (833) 416-9019 (Toll Free)
    Call Sen. Durbin: (833) 416-9313 (Toll Free)

    [End RJC email]

    You can be sure that Israel partisans are calling their senators about this. We need to do the same!

    Call the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Senator. And then use the form below to email and tweet at your Senators. (Find your senator here.)

    This is scheduled for a vote tomorrow. There’s no time to waste!

    Thank you!

    – The If Americans Knew Team

    (There is also an email form at the bottom of the page which will be mailed to your local state senators with a Tweet option.)


    More on Rubio’s Senate bill

  48. Michael Mazur January 8, 2019 @ 4:39 pm

    Tlaib ‘opposes’ Trump to confuse the Jews. That she accepted funding from Soros is more of the same.

    In a few words, KathJuliane, what do you think?

  49. KathJuliane January 8, 2019 @ 5:47 pm

    For real. Photo of him with the congregation.

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    ‏Verified account


    Today in Iran, the Armenian community celebrated Christmas. I attended the church service with them and met many lovely people.

  50. Geoffrey January 8, 2019 @ 6:10 pm

    “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.

    The relentless Jew propaganda/lies about non-white humans having superior talent and ability to white men has led to the Democratic Party make up of today. It will get even more bizarre in the next few years.

    In addition, chief executives will increasingly be non-white women, trannies and other emotional nut cases like Aztec Cortez.

    Jew controlled advertising leads the way — almost all companies are promoting black men being coupled with white women — even though many consumers would dislike these propaganda ads.

    What is hilarious about the decline and fall of the West and USA in particular, is that Jews have been driving this bus every inch of the way.

    Israel is doomed because of the destructive and anti-civilisation Jew policies in all Western nations. Aid to Israel will end because of trouble making Jews.

    Why do nations like the USA borrow money from Jews (the Fed) then give the money to Jews in Israel?

    Why do many bankrupt Western nations “borrow” money (via legal counterfeiting) then give it to Third World countries so they can breed billions of non-white babies?

  51. Citizenfitz January 8, 2019 @ 6:53 pm

    @Sam Wheat

    Yep… I too wonder about Tlaib’s resume. Obviously she could not have been elected without the consent of the Tribe.

    Enquiring minds can be forgiven for suspecting she has a role in some nefarious scheme.

  52. KathJuliane January 8, 2019 @ 7:37 pm

    Dear Michael Masur,

    Forgive me, but I’m just not getting your question — “Tlaib ‘opposes’ Trump to confuse the Jews. That she accepted funding from Soros is more of the same.

    In a few words, KathJuliane, what do you think?”

    What do I think? I doubt she’s playing any kind of games. Jews hate her. Eight months ago she was speaking out on the One State Solution, and it cost her liberal Jewish support, including the major endorsement by Soros-funded J-Street.

    According to the half-assed correction update by Washington Free Beacon as I read it, they’re admitting to have made a mistake concerning the records they inspected after Open Society sent a correction:

    UPDATE 11:45 A.M.: Jonathan Kaplan, the communications officer for the Open Society Foundations, sent the following quote after publication:

    “Rashida Tlaib was awarded a Leadership in Government fellowship from the Open Society Foundations in the fall of 2016. Her project: to focus on increasing the civic participation of disenfranchised urban communities of color. When Ms. Tlaib informed us that she was planning to run for Congress [, we mutually agreed to suspend her fellowship and no further payments were made.

    This post has been updated to reflect Kaplan’s comment.”

    Tlaib did not receive the Leadership in Government (LIG) money in 2016, although she may have received other grants for 2017. Her LIG stipend may have started being paid out on a monthly or quarterly basis in 2017, if she didn’t get a lump sum for the year.

    On her financial disclosure statement for 2018 signed and filed on December 7, 2018 as amended after Tlaib was sworn in, the most recent one (and not the one signed May 2018 when she was a candidate that WFB used), she listed having received $85,307 for the year 2017, correcting the earlier dollar amount.

    For 2018 “N/A” was entered, which is a common and perfectly legitimate abbreviation in tables and lists for the phrase not applicable, not available, or no answer.

    That doesn’t mean she, or rather her campaign doing the bookwork and filing, was trying to dodge the question. Financial disclosure forms are not like tax returns, and can be corrected and amended as necessary. How many amended financial disclosure forms did Jared Kushner have to file? I don’t know that he ever got his disclosure forms straightened away. Or Trump, for that matter.

    Per federal law, Financial Disclosure Reports are used to identify potential or actual conflicts of interest. They are not meant to capture hard data, which is why the value of assets and debts, for example, are listed within a range, and not an exact dollar value.

    In putting N/A in the 2018 column for the Leadership in Government grant on Tlaib’s disclosure form, that reflects the fact that the fellowship was suspended at the end of 2017 or early 2018 before another stipend payment was made by Open Society. In other words, ‘not applicable’.

    Tlaib worked as public interest lawyer at the nonprofit Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice from January 2015 drawing a $42,000 year salary until she took a limited leave of absence from May 2018 to November 6, 2018 for her campaign. Sometime at the end of 2017 or early 2018 she notified Open Society of her plans to run, and then announced it in February 2018. Open Society suspended the Leadership in Government fellowship and “no further payments were made” after that point.

    In November 2016, Open Society announced the first year of their Leadership in Government Fellows awards for the year 2016, of which Tlaib was one out of eight to win the inaugural fellowships.

    While it was originally announced in the OS press release that “stipends of $100,000 to $133,000 to help facilitate projects lasting between 12 and 18 months,” the Form 990 PF paperwork that Washington Free Beacon refers to shows only $85,307 for the year 2017.

    The word “payments” (plural) in the correction from OS published by WFB infer that the fellowship grant was paid out in monthly or perhaps quarterly allotments.

    Back last August, Brietbart, in the person of Jerusalem’s bureau chief and senior investigative reporter Aaron Klein, ever zealous to point out just how very unpatriotic and un-American it is not to support Israel, breathlessly informs us that “Dem Candidate Rashida Tlaib’s Anti-Israel Comments Too Much Even for Soros-Funded J Street”.

    J Street is the liberal Zionist advocacy group for the “Two-State Solution” and “who want Israel to be secure, democratic and the national home of the Jewish people.”

    Klein wrote:

    The George Soros-funded J Street, a leading critic of Israel, has reversed its endorsement of Rashida Tlaib, the Democratic Party candidate for Congress in Michigan who advocated slashing U.S. aid to Israel, called for a one-state solution and expressed support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

    J Street’s affiliated political action committee, JStreetPAC, had endorsed Tlaib, who could become the first female member of Congress, before she made her latest controversial comments against Israel.

    A J Street statement released on Friday reads:

    After closely consulting with Rashida Tlaib’s campaign to clarify her most current views on various aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we have come to the unfortunate conclusion that a significant divergence in perspectives requires JStreetPAC to withdraw our endorsement of her candidacy.

    While we have long championed the value of a wide range of voices in the discussion of the conflict and related issues, we cannot endorse candidates who come to the conclusion that they can no longer publicly express unequivocal support for a two-state solution and other core principles to which our organization is dedicate.

    Tlaib reportedly actively sought the endorsement of J Street when she was running in the primary for the Democratic nomination. The organization’s vetting process includes personal interviews with candidates.

    After she clinched the nomination, Tlaib gave numerous interviews in which she made her controversial remarks about Israel.

    Speaking to the radical left “In These Times” website, Tlaib was asked whether she supported a one-state solution. Palestinian activists routinely use the one-state solution phrase to refer to a state that replaces Israel.

    “One state,” she replied. “It has to be one state. Separate but equal does not work. I’m only 42 years old but my teachers were of that generation that marched with Martin Luther King. This whole idea of a two-state solution, it doesn’t work.”

    Tlaib told Britain’s Channel 4 that she would consider cutting U.S. military aid to Israel.

    “Absolutely, if it has something to do with inequality and not access to people having justice,” she said. “For me, US aid should be leverage. I will be using my position in Congress so that no country, not one, should be able to get aid from the US when they still promote that kind of injustice.”

    Prior to the withdrawal of its endorsement, J Street hailed Tlaib’s presumptive election as “a historic milestone for the Palestinian-American community and for the United States as a whole.”

    “We strongly support and are encouraged by her commitment to social justice, and we are inspired by her determination to bring the voice of underrepresented communities to Capitol Hill,” the J Street statement said. “We wish her and her campaign well, and we look forward to a close working relationship with her and her office when she takes her seat in Congress next year.”

    The loss of J Street’s support demonstrates just how beyond the pale are Tlaib’s remarks about Israel, even among the far-left arm of major American advocacy groups related to the Middle East.

    While the Soros-funded J Street describes itself as a liberal, pro-Israel lobby, it has faced mounting criticism for the policies it advocates, which many argue are harmful to the Jewish state.

    In 2009, the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. refused to send its ambassador to J Street’s first national conference, explaining that the organization’s policies could harm Israel’s interests.

    Bla bla bla. Thanks, Klein


    So as far back as August 2018, Tlaib had made known her policy stance on Palestine and the “one state solution” and so, Zionist J-Street dumped her.

    Then, on the local level, The 13th District Jewish News made it a point to publish that Tlaib had lost J-Street’s support, which means she lost the support of all the liberal Detroit Jews (if any exist in her district).

    Michigan’s 13th Congressional District is made up of portions of Wayne county including some areas of the city of Detroit.

    The 13th District is 3rd out of 436 other congressional districts in Income below poverty line, making it one of the most impoverished districts in the US.

    Demographically, the district is about 56% Black and 37% White, and the rest other minorities.

    Tlaib wasn’t elected by Jews, but by poor people in her district the majority who are black, the out-of-work blue collar workers that were left behind when Detroit manufacturing was outsourced overseas decades ago.

    The number of voting seats in the House of Representatives is currently set at 435 with each one representing approximately 711,000 people, so the 13th District congressional election sending Tlaib to the House of Representatives was not like an all-state Senate race.

  53. Zionien January 8, 2019 @ 11:34 pm

    Just finished watching Trumps statement to the Nation.

    Then saw the WORMY Jews Piglosi and Jewmer – of course with their spin on it! Look how they smile with “doe eyes” in their news pics. They are actually smirking like devious taunting teasing children – Children of the Devil that is!

    Look at Trump – straight faced and concerned. Look at the worms – they wont lose ANY sleep tonight. Why are people sooo f’n stupid? Why do they believe the puppets? I’ll tell you why. Because the Democrats are lazy fantasizing babies and the TRUTH requires steadfastness/vigilance/and sticktoitiveness- which is work!

    They’d rather just say -“Can’t we all just come up with something else” – but that day NEVER comes. They just keep putting it off, just like they’re request that Trump open the Gov. and then we’ll talk.

    Phuuuh are you even kidding me. Deceptive is the snake, deceptive is Satan, but he’s a POS WORM just the same and a loser!

    He knows he’s a loser, The Dems know they are losers, but hey — they have feelings too, and they get embarrassed too, so why not create and make believe lies like Russian conspiracy?

    I mean it had to have been, because no one would vote for Trump right? Wrong – Dead Wrong! Trump will win! Their lying spin on their media outlets will falter. Time for a false flag!

    We will get our troops out of Syria when people stand up to the tyrantical control the jew WORMS have over us! It’s the only way!

    Oh but for now – lets just legalize weed, sedate them while we take their gun rights and tax them to death!

    I tell you folks there are a LOT of people who are at the end of their rope and a lot more who are waking up.

    I know the wormy Dem’s keep smirking and jeWISHING it all away. It’s all they have, but reality is not their fantasy, and we aren’t dreaming – they are!

  54. Brother Nathanael January 9, 2019 @ 8:20 am

    Dear All,

    Ran into a MAJOR snag in finalizing my upcoming RealJewNewsLetter.

    Hope to launch next week.

    In the meantime my Videographer is on Christmas break until next Tuesday. Hope to have a NEW Vid next week and regular weekly Vids.

    STAY TUNED. +bn

  55. KathJuliane January 9, 2019 @ 9:38 am

    The Dems are good for something… (Israel) whings: Senate Democrats block Middle East policy, anti-BDS bill amid shutdown

    Democrats are refusing to proceed any legislation that does not end the government shutdown

    US Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a contentious bill regarding Middle East Policy proposed by Senator Marco Rubio that had been sparking debate in the states over the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement.

    The bill was blocked by Democrats who have refused to vote through any legislation that does not end the government shutdown.

    The legislation, referred to as S1 as it was the first bill introduced by the new 2019 Senate, deals with a number of foreign policy issues including sanctioning the Syrian regime and extending military assistance to Israel.The most contentious aspect of the bill, however, would introduce protections for states’ ability to pass laws designed to thwart the BDS movement targeting Israel.

    Nearly all Senate Democrats voted against proceeding debate on the bill, including lawmakers who have previously supported legislation against BDS and in favor of continued security assistance to Israel.

    The US government is currently entering its third week of a shutdown as President Donald Trump has refused to sign any funding legislation that does not include $5 billion for a border wall with Mexico.

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has affirmed that the official party line for Democrats is that no bill should come up for a vote until President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans agree to end the government shutdown.

    The Jewish Democratic Council of America supported the Senate Democrats on the vote, tweeting shortly after that they are “right to insist on reopening the government and ending the #Trumpshutdown.”

    Senator Rubio, however, slammed Democrats for blaming the bill’s blockage on the shutdown. Rubio insisted earlier in the week the shutdown was being used as an excuse to allow the Democrats to block the bill.

    Rubio claimed a “significant number of Senate Democrats” actually support the BDS movement against Israel – an accusation that was fiercely denied by Democrats, who noted that no Senator in their party has ever expressed support for BDS.

    “Today Senate Democrats decided to put shutdown politics ahead of support for Israel by voting against beginning debate on our Senate Bill 1. But we will try again later this week,” Rubio said.

    The bill has come under fire from several prominent Democrats who believe anti-BDS legislation endangers personal liberties guaranteed by the US constitution.

    The most outspoken critic has been Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who slammed the introduction of the bill in the midst of a government now in its third week.

    “It’s absurd that the first bill during the shutdown is legislation which punishes Americans who exercise their constitutional right to engage in political activity,” Sanders wrote on Twitter, sharing an article from The Intercept.

    “Democrats must block consideration of any bills that don’t reopen the government. Let’s get our priorities right,” the senator continued.

    So, can anyone, including Trump, actually explain how a 2000 mile long border wall, which through land expropriations of millions of acres will isolate and destroy private property homes and holdings, communities, and the fragile desert ecologies, will fix the illegal immigration thing, considering at least two-thirds of illegal aliens coming through the regular ports-of-entry are here because their legal visas expired and they overstayed?

    Crossing the border is not the way the large majority of persons now become undocumented,” per the Center for Migration Studies (CMS).

    Per their 2017 report, two-thirds of those who joined the undocumented population did so by entering with a valid visa and then overstaying their period of admission.

  56. Zionien January 9, 2019 @ 12:27 pm

    Democrat Liberals = Americas NEW hippies!

  57. KathJuliane January 9, 2019 @ 2:03 pm

    I am Israel. Written by Hashem Said on Feb.25.2002.

    Video made by Jihane Al Quds on Sept.4.2009.

    Music: Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Variation) – Rob Dougan


    The Real Identity of Israel

    I am Israel. I came to a land without a people for a people without a land. Those people who happened to be here, had no right to be here, and my people showed them they had to leave or die, razing 480 Palestinian villages to the ground, erasing their history.

    I am Israel. Some of my people committed massacres and later became Prime Ministers to represent me. In 1948, Menachem Begin was in charge of the unit that slaughtered the inhabitants of Deir Yassin, including 100 men, women, and children. In 1953, Ariel Sharon led the slaughter of the inhabitants of Qibya, and in 1982 arranged for our allies to butcher around 2,000 in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila.

    I am Israel. Carved in 1948 out of 78% of the land of Palestine, dispossessing its inhabitants and replacing them with Jews from Europe and other parts of the world. While the natives whose families lived on this land for thousands of years are not allowed to return, Jews from all over the world are welcome to instant citizenship.

    I am Israel. In 1967, I swallowed the remaining lands of Palestine – the West Bank and Gaza – and placed their inhabitants under an oppressive military rule, controlling and humiliating every aspect of their daily lives. Eventually, they should get the message that they are not welcome to stay, and join the millions of Palestinian refugees in the shanty camps of Lebanon and Jordan.

    I am Israel. I have the power to control American policy. My American Israel Public Affairs Committee can make or break any politician of its choosing, and as you see, they all compete to please me. All the forces of the world are powerless against me, including the UN as I have the American veto to block any condemnation of my war crimes. As Sharon so eloquently phrased it, “We control America”.

    I am Israel. I influence American mainstream media too, and you will always find the news tailored to my favor. I have invested millions of dollars into PR representation, and CNN, New York Times, and others have been doing an excellent job of promoting my propaganda. Look at other international news sources and you will see the difference.

    I am Israel. You Palestinians want to negotiate “peace!?” But you are not as smart as me; I will negotiate, but will only let you have your municipalities while I control your borders, your water, your airspace and anything else of importance. While we “negotiate,” I will swallow your hilltops and fill them with settlements, populated by the most extremist of my extremists, armed to the teeth. These settlements will be connected with roads you cannot use, and you will be imprisoned in your little Bantustans between them, surrounded by checkpoints in every direction.

    I am Israel. I have the fourth strongest army in the world, possessing nuclear weapons. How dare your children confront my oppression with stones, don’t you know my soldiers won’t hesitate to blow their heads off? In 17 months, I have killed 900 of you and injured 17,000, mostly civilians, and have the mandate to continue since the international community remains silent. Ignore, as I do, the hundreds of Israeli reserve officers who are now refusing to carry out my control over your lands and people; their voices of conscience will not protect you.

    I am Israel. You want freedom? I have bullets, tanks, missiles, Apaches and F-16s to obliterate you. I have placed your towns under siege, confiscated your lands, uprooted your trees, demolished your homes, and you still demand freedom? Don’t you get the message? You will never have peace or freedom, because I am Israel.


    Gaza Massacre by Israel:

  58. KathJuliane January 9, 2019 @ 2:58 pm

    Common Dreams: Voted Down on Tuesday Night, McConnell Raises Alarm by Forcing Second Vote on ‘Unconstitutional’ Anti-Boycott Bill

    “When was the last time the Senate voted twice in less than 24 hours to consider the same bill? They’re doing it right now on S.1, a bill to authorize $38 billion in weapons for Israel and encourage states to deny contracts to people who support boycotts for Palestinian rights.”

    Less than 24 hours after Senate Democrats successfully voted down a motion to proceed to legislation that would give states and localities more power to punish pro-Palestinian boycotts of Israel, rights groups raised alarm and urged Americans to call their senators immediately on Wednesday as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) moved to bring the bill up for yet another procedural vote.

  59. Zionien January 9, 2019 @ 9:07 pm

    GREAT write up, KathJuliane^!

  60. Karl B January 11, 2019 @ 9:42 am

    I have to disagree with you Brother Nathanael when you say Trump has only benefited Israel. Trump will not harm Israel — but nor is he their slave.

    His game is to act like an Israeli ass-kisser as he turns the region over to Russia-Turkey-Iran protection.

    And also as one of your followers said lately that Trump is militaristic. She can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Who has de-escalated tensions between the US and North Korea?
    Who has become friendly with Russia?
    Who is pulling troops out of Syria?
    Who cut off funding to the “moderate” rebels in Syria?
    Who declared that the US will no longer dance to the false song of Globalism (aka jewish world order)

    Trump gives superficial concessions to the Jews, while accomplishing things of real substance.

  61. The Englishman January 11, 2019 @ 6:01 pm

    @Karl B

    “She can’t see the forest for the trees”

    Your “suggestion” suggests there are none so blind as they that can’t see.

    Few of us here can hold a candle to “she”.

  62. Marina Price January 14, 2019 @ 8:16 pm

    Thank you @steve

    I basically said the same thing.

    My gut instinct has never been wrong these people!

  63. January 31, 2019 @ 3:23 pm

    Please read in depth before you judge.

    Tells the truth about America and Israel.

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