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Syria – It’s A Jungle Out There

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Syria – It’s A Jungle Out There
June 26, 2018

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Brother Nathanael @ June 26, 2018


  1. Brother Nathanael June 26, 2018 @ 10:10 pm

    Text -Text- Text

    Syria – It’s A Jungle Out There

    There’s one leader who tells it like it is.

    I’m not talking about Donald Trump.

    It’s Dr Bashar al-Assad who nails it every time.

    [Clip: “Is there any way to prevent all these provocations, because the Russian Ministry of Defense tells that one of these provocations is to be prepared in Deir Ezzor, and they told it recently. How to stop this?”
    “You cannot, because this is not a result of our reality, this is the result of their imagination, of their media. This is something created in their own media and their own countries, and then spread all over the world on the internet or in different media outlets.”]

    Fake news?

    Or just plain lying news.

    [Clip: “The Americans only tell lies, and they attack right away.”]

    It’s a crisis of credibility. No one trusts America anymore.

    Agreements are trashed, promises broken, friends mocked, adversaries invented, and tweets twittered with bizarre twists and turns.

    And when it comes to honoring the Law, it’s either distorted or scorned.

    [Clip: “When you don’t have international law to be respected, when you don’t have effective United Nations institutions, you cannot talk about preventing provocations, because this is a jungle now, all over the world.”]

    It’s a jungle out there.

    And the queen of the jungle is…

    [Clip: “For too long the Human Rights Council has been a protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias.”]

    No kidding, Nimzra!

    And most of the world is overjoyed that one of the worst bullies and human rights abusers just quit the HRC, the USA!

    I mean, it’s a cesspool out there!

    And the empress is…

    [Clip: “Today, the General Assembly is devoting its valuable time to the situation in Gaza. Gaza is an important international matter. But what makes it different and more urgent than conflicts in Nicaragua, Iran, Yemen, Burma, or many other desperate places?”]

    Because there are no perpetual open-air prisons in other ‘desperate’ places; no unconscionable killings and maimings of nurses; no phosphorous bombs leaving children legless and ridden with cancer…that’s why.

    Who are you serving anyways? America?

    Or a foreign nation that feeds from the nipple of the American cash cow.

    [Clip: “What makes Gaza different for some is that attacking Israel is their favorite political sport, that’s why we’re here today. The nature of this Resolution clearly demonstrates that politics is driving the day.”]

    Just like The Lobby drives the way hacks in DC pour billions into Israel’s nuclear military machine.

    And Bibzy’s thrilled to have a permanent ambassador to the UN Security Council with veto power in Nimzy Haley.

    It’s a cesspool out there coursing it’s way from Capitol Hill that seeps its sewage into the streams and gorges of the jungle faraway out there.

    Not sure who writes Haley’s script.


    Or Israel’s Ambassador to the UN?

    How about both!

    But Bashar al-Assad’s script?

    He shoots from the hip.

    Facts load his gun, and Truth…pulls the trigger.

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  8. Lugu June 26, 2018 @ 11:02 pm

    “The Americans only tell lies, and they attack right away.”

    It couldn’t be more eloquent and succinct than that.

    Thank you, Brother Nathanael for a such an eye opener revelation. God Bless You.

  9. B June 27, 2018 @ 11:28 am

    Here is another example about the greater world Jungle.

    Regarding Brother Nathanael’s posts about how the Jews plotted the Armenian Genocide, the US Jewish Broadcasting Service has produced and shown a video which only portrays Jews as only having tried to help to prevent this world’s very first real Holocaust tragedy of the murder of over 1.5 million Christian Armenians ( many who died in the Syrian desert near Aleppo Syria ). Jews Plotted The Armenian Holocaust; Jewish Young Turks Were Murderers! Jewish Broadcasting: Armenian Genocide Centennial

  10. KathJuliane June 27, 2018 @ 1:22 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN for another terrific Video.

    You gave me a good laugh with dubbing Nimrata Randhawa Haley as “Nimzy” which rhymes with Bibsy.

    It’s been a long-suffering and brutal 8 years and more for the Syrian people who through the shedding of their own blood, sweat and tears and innumerable prayers, have valiantly resisted the United States of Adelson’s determined efforts to destroy the Syrian state.

    Damascus is going from strength to strength in its offensive Operation Basalt in southern Syria (and securing Deir Ezzor province at the same time) as the defenses of the US/Israel backed FSA-Southern Front and its intertwined international jihadist terrorists are collapsing.

    The ultra-neocon Foundation for Defense of Democracies, of which I believe Bolton is a fellow or at least very closely tied to, wrote today:

    “Jihadist groups in Syria are attempting to rally insurgents against an offensive launched by the Assad regime, Russia and their allies in the southwest part of the country.

    “Syrian and Russian warplanes have been pounding locations inside the city of Daraa, as well as areas in the surrounding countryside, for more than a week. Daraa province is located near the border with Jordan and the Golan Heights.

    “Jihadist organizations, including Hay’at Tahrir al Sham [HTS/al Nusra/al Qaeda] and the “Guardians of Religion,” are calling on all insurgents to join forces against the onslaught.

    “On June 24, via its Ebaa News Agency, HTS issued a statement noting that the US had said it wouldn’t interfere in the Assad regime’s offensive.

    “In a separate message that same day, HTS reported that Russian aircraft had joined the battle.”

    ( )


    It’s vital to both Syria’s general national security as well as eradicating all danger from the south to Damascus once and for all that the SAA go in an clean up the mess that Israel and the US created in southern Lebanon.

    Dr. Assad said at one time that the best way to fight Israel and the US meant going in and destroying their proxies. That’s exactly what the SAA and resistance axis allies are doing.

    In the meantime, as the SAA advances its offensive into Daraa and its region, some Syrian militant groups formerly under the umbrella FSA-Southern Front, seeing the opportunity to extricate themselves from the outlawed ISIS and especially the HTS/al Nusra/al Qaeda terrorists, have been turning themselves in on the amnesty and reconciliation terms, and are now fighting alongside the SAA.

    There’s a growing movement of villagers in areas waiting to be liberated who are openly expressing their support for Dr. Assad and the SAA. And, more of the Syrian militants are turning themselves in.



    On June 27, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces captured the villages of Nahitah and Samma al-Hneidat in the eastern Daraa countryside, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

    The two villages witnessed heavy clashes between the SAA and the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups during the last two days.

    A day earlier, the SAA and its allies liberated the town of Buser al-Harir, the village of Maliha al-Atash and all the settlements in the region of Lajat in the northeastern Daraa countryside.

    In a related development, the Syrian News Channel reported that 450 fighters of the FSA surrender to the SAA in the northeastern Daraa countryside.

    According to the source, these fighters will sign a reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government and join the SAA.

    Meanwhile, the FSA operations room in southern Syria known as “Tawhid al-Sufuf” said that the FSA artillery and rocket launchers shelled several positions of the SAA in the eastern Daraa countryside and in the city of Daraa.

    A source in the SAA told SouthFront that the shelling was “heavy but ineffective.”

    The next target of the SAA is the town of al-Harak, 5km southwest of Nahitah. According to local sources, the SAA artillery and the Russian Aerospace Forces already begin hitting the militants’ positions and vehicles in the town.

    ( )

    Asem Saleh: Pro Assad Demonstrations in Daraa Towns

    Pro Assad demonstrations erupted in some towns in Daraa.

    The video shows one of them that took place today in the town of “Ghariyat ash Sharqiyah”.


    The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed up by the Tiger Forces and the National Defense Forces, have liberated the town of Busra al-Harir, the village of Malihat al-Atash and advanced in the direction of the villages of al-Hirak and Nahita.

    In Busra al-Harir, government troops captured at least 5 battle tanks – one T-72AV, one T-72 and three T-55M, which had been abandoned by retreating militants.

    Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) carried out limited counter-attacks but failed to stop the government advance.

    Meanwhile, pro-government sources said that the SAA is developing a new advance in an attempt to capture the siols and the Gharaz prison southeast of the city of Daraa.

    The goal of the advance is to outflank the militant-held part of Daraa and to cut off it from the village of Elnaymah, which is the main militant stronghold east of the provincial capital.

    Two helicopters of the US-led coalition have evacuated two ISIS commanders from the area of Twaimin in the Syrian province of al-Hasakah, the Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported on June 25 adding that the goal of the move is “prolonging terrorist war on Syria”.

    The terrorists were allegedly transported to a US military facility in al-Shaddadi.

    The Syrian government, Iran and Russia have repeatedly accused the US-led coalition of providing at least indirect assistance to ISIS terrorists. The SANA has released a number of reports saying that aircraft of the coalition evacuate ISIS members from the combat zones in Syria to the coalition-occupied areas.

    The US-led coalition officially rejects all the accusations claiming that this is just a propaganda. At the same time, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have released a number of statements accusing the SAA and Russia of cooperating with ISIS and supporting the terrorism.

    A weak media response of the coalition and the SDF to the SANA accusations is linked with the fact that almost all the remaining strong points of ISIS in eastern Syria are located on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, declared by the coalition as its zone of responsibility.

    Thus, on one hand, the coalition is not hurrying up to fight ISIS because this move will undermine its already weak justification of the military presence in Syria.

    On the other hand, it has to show that it is fighting ISIS in an attempt to hide its current goals – to prevent the restoration of the Syrian territorial integrity under control of the Damascus government, to limit the Russian influence in the region and to assist Israel in opposing Iran.

    Syrian internal security services, public agencies, the Russian Reconciliation Centre for Syria and its MPs, along with Syrian and Russian humanitarian relief are following on the heels of the the SAA to secure liberated areas and restore services to stricken areas, and begin the process of normalization and restoration.

    A couple of days ago, the Ron Paul Liberty Report covered Nimzy Haley and the US withdrawal from the Human Rights Council as well as covering events in southern Syria:

    “US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, announced this week that the US would be quitting the UN Human Rights Council.

    Haley cited bias against Israel as a prime factor in the US decision. Is this a good move…or more politics?”

  11. Missy June 27, 2018 @ 2:29 pm

    For a moment I thought you said “Nimrod-a”.

    Which is a better way to describe CrazyWoman.

  12. KathJuliane June 27, 2018 @ 3:35 pm

    Middle East Monitor: Report: Israel army has plan to dissect and occupy parts of the Gaza Strip

    The Israeli military has prepared plans for a full-scale invasion of the occupied Gaza Strip, in the event of a serious escalation in the south, according to a report by Israeli news site Ynet.

    Veteran correspondent Ron Ben-Yishai, citing unnamed Israeli military officials, wrote that the army “is already considering alternatives to the Hamas government,” should the latter not cooperate in efforts to establish an economic-security “arrangement” in Gaza agreeable to the Israelis.

    “There is a feeling in the [Israeli army’s] Southern Command that, this time, the IDF will be able to create a considerable change in the situation if it is required to launch a major campaign in Gaza,” wrote Ben-Yishai.

    “The offensive missions inside the Strip will be carried out from now on by the IDF’s tip of the spear storming divisions, which—according to the plan—will enter Gaza and dissect it in two, and even occupy significant parts of it,” Ben-Yishai continued.

    “The plan is based on three things: A strong protection of the western Negev and the Israeli home front, a systemic blow of fire in full force from the very first moment, and a quick broad manoeuvre into the Strip to dissect it and conquer parts of it.”

    Read: Gazan dies of wounds, death toll rises to 132

    According to the defence expert, the Israeli army’s goal “will be to prevent Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad from gaining psychological achievements and getting them to request a ceasefire as soon as possible following the beginning of the fighting.”

    Israel will also reportedly seek to prevent the involvement of a third-party mediator by “reach[ing] a military victory in the next war that will be so decisive and unequivocal that it will allow Israel to dictate the terms for the end of the fighting to Hamas and to the Palestinian factions.”

    A new report from the Israeli army Ombudsman Major General Yitzhak Brick has revealed dangerous findings about how prepared the Israeli army are for a future war, Quds Press reported yesterday.

    According to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the news agency reported Brick presenting “a disturbing picture of the organisational culture in the army, as well as its ability to face the current challenges”.

    Brick noted that a lot of units, especially the reservists, do not take care over the maintenance of military equipment and tanks. He also found that a civil cleaning company was hired to clean military equipment after training at one of the military bases.

    He also noted that the reservists, who form the majority of the Israeli military forces during wars, do not receive the right training. He revealed that there is a lack of professionals among them, as well as a lack of equipment.

    Report: Israel army has plan to dissect and occupy parts of the Gaza Strip

    Brick also expressed concern about the declining quality of medical treatment for soldiers and criticised at length the prevalence of smartphone and WhatsApp use in combat units.

    According to Brick, these are dangerous because they can reveal the movements of the military to the enemy. He also said that commanders used WhatsApp to communicate with troops despite the fact that they are very close to them, noting that this creates social distance between them.

    The report revealed that more than 7,000 written complaints were filed with the Ombudsman in 2017 and another 20,300 at the commission’s call centre, noting that up to 59 per cent were found to be justified.

    Haaretz: Israeli Military Watchdog Warns: IDF in Crisis, Best Career Officers Leaving

    The army is facing a serious crisis due to its inability to retain high-quality officers, the Israel Defense Forces ombudsman wrote in his annual report Monday.

    Maj. Gen. (res.) Yitzhak Brik devoted an entire chapter of his report to this problem, noting that many junior officers don’t want to stay in the career army.

    To really understand Israel and the Middle East – subscribe to Haaretz

    This is especially true in technology units, he said, warning that the departure of high-quality young officers “has damaged the army’s knowledge base, which is hard to repair.” But the problem is also severe among both commissioned and noncommissioned officers in the medical, ordnance, logistics, education and intelligence corps.

    Report cites inadequate training and maintenance, points to shortening of compulsory service and new promotion system

    The result, Brik said, is that “those who remain aren’t necessarily the best, the ones the army thought were right for it.

    Brik ascribed much of the blame for the high attrition rate among qualified career officers to the uncertainty caused by a new promotion structure, under which any officer who is not promoted to lieutenant colonel after 14 years must leave. Many officers fear being discharged booted out at this juncture, when they are too old to easily enter the civilian job market but too young to retire.

    “The new career army model leads officers to leave the army after serving as company commanders,” Brik said. “Surveys within the army show that 50 percent of officers don’t advise their relatives to sign on for long stints in the career army.”

    Brik was also critical of the quality of training given reservists. “There are more exercises than in the past, but the quality of these exercises has declined in the reserve system,” he said, noting that this is especially important because reservists constitute the bulk of the army’s fighting force in wartime.


  13. dave June 27, 2018 @ 3:39 pm

    Unit 8200, Israeli stranglehold on USA & Mueller’s ever-growing investigation

    ( )

  14. Forcing Socialism on the World June 27, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

    Maybe God is on the side of Bashar al-Assad and Syria.

    Otherwise, it seems unlikely Assad could keep his government from falling like Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, fell when they were attacked by the UN, USA, and Jew World Order puppet nations.

    Nimrata “Nikki” Haley, Mad Max Waters, Obama, Pelosi, Insane McCain, are a few examples which show that Zionist Jews prefer useful idiots for political puppets instead of smart people.

    Just as Zionists prefer low-brow cops, they prefer political puppets who are easily misled. The link below shows the preference for witless cops –

    Co-opted Cops

    An up and coming trend to win in politics is a background in “Community Organizing” and Communism / Socialism. It appears that young “minority” people seeking political careers as demonrats can write their own ticket if their background includes Community Organizing and Communism / Socialism.

    Community Organizing is a misleading name the Jews use for vote rigging. It’s for evil reason that the Jew World Order, their Jews media, and their puppet politicians strike down laws requiring photo ID to vote.

    One form of community organizing / vote rigging is sending out vans full of drug addicts and goons to vote democrat at multiple precincts. This would be more difficult if such people had to show photo ID to vote. That’s why the demonrats, Jews media, and Jewdicial System oppose voter photo ID laws.

    Communism / Socialism is mostly about making citizens more dependent on government services, making government bigger, thus giving government more power, which in turn gives the Jews more control because they control the government via their puppet politicians.

    In yesterday’s elections, Jew York replaced veteran Democrat Congressman Joe Crowley with community organizer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is a Democratic Socialist.

    If the political fortunes of Community Organizer / Socialist Barack Obama are any indication of what becomes of such people, then Ms Ocasio-Cortez will go far.

  15. dave June 27, 2018 @ 6:17 pm

    Could Sheldon Adelson Empire Be Toppled by Lawsuit?

    Read more:

  16. Kiimm June 27, 2018 @ 8:55 pm


    Dr Bashar al-Assad – an eye doctor who sees.

  17. pesach ben or June 27, 2018 @ 11:08 pm

    Now that the Syrians have beaten up Trump
    Time to take him and his tariffs to the nearest town dump.

  18. Heyoka June 27, 2018 @ 11:57 pm


    That’s good Kiimm.

  19. Zionien June 28, 2018 @ 3:19 am

    Haley is just a needy, insecure loser!

    A definite useful Yidiot, but she thinks they really care about her – Haaaa!

    Wow – Yidiots like her ALWAYS have a very rude awakening! After she is used/abused they’ll kick her to the curb UNFULFILLED in ways that really matter!

    Thanks +BN for your time & effort!

    I never heard Dr. Bashar Assad speak before. Very cool dude!+

    I hope & pray that Putin continues to cover for the Syrian president lest he end up like Gaddafi.+

  20. Edward June 28, 2018 @ 9:59 am

    Lets give AIPAC Haley some credit here.

    She is a PHD in Hebrew studies.

    She could be a fine school teacher for Palestinian children. Do not throw rocks at our Tanks, Kids.

  21. Adelson's Empire June 28, 2018 @ 10:08 am


    That article you linked about Adelson on the Forward site makes it appear that Zionists are fighting each other.

    On the surface, it looks as if Jews in high places want to shut down Adelson because of his support of Trump.

    The Forward is a Jewish institution and the Adelson Empire article is clearly anti-Adelson.

    The Bible has various accounts of enemies turning against each other, killing each other, and destroying themselves. In at least some of these accounts God caused them to attack each other.

    If Trump Jews are being attacked by Clinton Jews it seems likely that the Trump Jews will retaliate.

    Will the Rothschilds step in and remind both parties that they are all part of the same tribe?

  22. KathJuliane June 28, 2018 @ 10:24 am

    The Duran: British priest and Parliamentarian reveal conditions on the ground in Syria

    The situation in Syria, as described by the mainstream media, according to this report, is therefore wholly false and misleading

    June 28, 2018, 13:13

    Lady Caroline Cox, a member of the British House of Lords, and an Anglican priest, Rev. Andrew Ashdown, have embarked on a journey to Syria, where they surveyed the conditions in Aleppo, Homs, and Latakia to prepare a report on the conditions on the ground in the country, and what the sentiment is regarding Western intervention.

    Vesti Russian news briefly covers the subject, and speaks with both Lady Cox and Rev. Ashdown in the following video clip and transcript below:

    Transcript: British social activists have reported on their trip to Syria. These experts have visited several settlements, personally witnessing the situation in the country, particularly who represents what and what the White Helmets really do.
    Let’s see what our UK correspondent, Aleksandr Khabarov, has to say about this.

    Reverend Andrew Ashdown, an Anglican Priest, has always lived outside of politics. However, he’s become a harsh critic of the British government after a few trips to Syria.

    He believes that they financially support extremists in Syria. The White Helmets Organization among them. They receive money from the British Foreign Minister.

    Andrew Ashdown: “I was taken to visit the White Helmet’s headquarters in East Aleppo, which is adjacent to the former headquarters of Jabhat Al Nusra. Right next to it is a school building, whose walls are covered with extremist slogans.”

    Andrew Ashdown met the family of Omran Daqneesh in Aleppo, now that it’s free of insurgents.

    Andrew Ashdown: “In 2016, the insurgents disseminated the picture of this child throughout western media. This boy was lightly injured after an explosion. He was in shock, covered in dust, the White Helmets had kept him for 40 minutes without any medical aid, all for one picture that would later be spread worldwide.

    Many people call them “the extremists’ propaganda machine.” They act exclusively in the regions controlled by insurgents.”

    Baroness Cox, a member of the British House of Lords, accompanied Rev. Ashdown on his trip to Syria.

    Caroline Cox, a member of the British House of Lords: “I must commend Russia for expelling ISIS and other Islamic groups from the majority of Syria.

    “We’ve talked to many people from over Syria, and all of them are against the jihadists and their brutality.

    “In Latakia, I’ve met a woman whose husband and son were decapitated in front of her by the Islamists. She said, “During a war, people die by explosions, but the insurgents also cut their heads off. We don’t want that.”

    The Baroness presented a report, “Voices from Syria”, to her House of Lords’ colleagues.

    Caroline Cox: “Syrians are outraged by the air strikes delivered by the US, the UK, and France. And I support them.

    “This attack was illegal. Syria doesn’t pose a threat to our countries.

    Everything was done without a UN mandate, without a report by international experts. The latter hadn’t yet made it to the site of the alleged chemical attack to determine what really happened there.

    “This strike may only stimulate more action from the jihadists. Three British Ambassadors to Syria and my colleagues in the House of Lords share our concerns.

    “We’ve spoken before many audiences, and they all thank us for our speech, which is so different from what the BBC tells them. They now know just how much more complicated the real situation in Syria is.”

    According to the report’s authors, the US-led coalition basically prevents Syria from reconciling the conflict.

    Despite the harsh censorship, they sometimes see the information about who those supported by the West in Syria really are, along with the obvious negative consequences of the US invasions of Libya and Iraq.

    However, the British government doesn’t see any criticism, nor do they pretend to.

    The report is provided on Lady Cox’s own website, and a summary therefrom is reproduced here:


    — Foreign interference: All those to whom we spoke passionately believe that Syrians should have the right to determine their own future and to elect their own leadership, without foreign interference.

    — Western airstrikes: All expressed deep anger at the recent missile attacks by the USA, the UK and France. They question the legality of the attack, stating that it is fundamentally wrong to inflict missile strikes related to alleged chemical warfare before evidence is known and publicised.

    Moreover, there is real fear that the response by the USA, UK and France may encourage jihadists to initiate a chemical weapons incident in order to stimulate an even more ferocious response by these countries against the Syrian Government.

    — Public opinion: Many Syrians are disturbed by the tendency of the UK response to be based on past actions and policies of the Assad government, rather than a willingness to confront current realities, including a widespread shift in Syrian public opinion in the face of the religious extremists.

    — Regime change: There is a great desire for the UK to retract its commitment to an imposed ‘regime change’.

    As there are no longer any ‘moderate’ armed opposition groups, it is believed that such a policy would be disastrous and create another dire situation comparable to those in Iraq and Libya.

    — Media coverage: Many asked why the horrendous and well-documented atrocities perpetrated by various jihadist fighting groups, and the appalling scale of those atrocities, are given very little publicity by Western media compared to the focus on actions carried out by the Assad government and armed forces.

    — Cultural heritage: Syria continues to strive to uphold its long tradition of being a multicultural, multi-religious secular State, offering a model different from most other countries in the Middle East.

    It is suggested that does not suit the interests of the other more totalitarian societies, seen as allies of the West.

    — Sanctions: Different viewpoints were expressed regarding the effect of economic sanctions. Some claimed they had little effect.

    The majority maintained that restrictions on the supply of medicines, equipment and raw materials has very serious effects on essential supplies of health care and food – and seriously hampers reconstruction.

    — Reconstruction: As on our previous visit, we were encouraged by the consistently positive relations between Christians and Muslims in Government-controlled areas.

    We witnessed numerous cooperative reconstruction projects in regions which have been destroyed by war, including the (re)building of houses, universities, orphanages, medicine factories and historic religious sites.

    Voices from Syria:

    The situation in Syria, as described by the mainstream media, according to this report, is therefore wholly false and misleading as to who the heroes and villains of this conflict are, where Western funding is really going, what the efforts of Western military and economic actions really mean, and what the sentiments of the Syrian people really are.

    Here, that reality is presented not from the perspective of a news organization trying to push a certain narrative for ratings or views or to bolster some action contemplated by a government, it’s coming straight from Syria, from the mouths of average Syrians, in a report invited by the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch, His Holiness Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem.


    At various times, I’ve also read on social media priests have found more Muslims than Christians at their church services fostering national and social cohesion.

    In the regular Syrian Arab Army formations, units are not divided by religion or ethnicity since it is a secular national military force. Long ago the decision was made not to segregate the army, and so all conscripts, volunteers and officers of various faiths (or none) are barracked, work and fight together. ‘

    Great respect is paid by many Muslims not only in Syria but in Iraq as well to icons and statues of Jesus Christ and His Mother, the Virgin Mary, especially when they encounter damaged churches and monasteries. A great deal of effort goes into salvaging whatever they can. Muslims in various places in Syria and Iraq are helping their Christian compatriots protect, clean and rebuild their holy sites — many await for their Christian neighbors to return.

    As most of the troops are religious, it is not unusual to see Syrian Muslim and Christian soldiers praying alongside each other.

  23. Zionien June 28, 2018 @ 6:15 pm


    +BN is the only Hebrew studies I need — but thanks anyway Edward^!

  24. dave June 28, 2018 @ 8:12 pm

    Busted, Caught! US Safeguarding ISIS Commanders
    By South Front – June 27, 2018

    Two helicopters of the US-led coalition have evacuated two ISIS commanders from the area of Twaimin in the Syrian province of al-Hasakah, the Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported on June 25 adding that the goal of the move is “prolonging terrorist war on Syria”.

    The terrorists were allegedly transported to a US military facility in al-Shaddadi.

  25. dave June 28, 2018 @ 11:15 pm

    “Dr Duke & Eric Striker on Ours and Trump’s Vindication as Israel Convicts Jewish Agent of hundreds of False Flag Bomb Threats against Jewish Schools”

  26. dave June 28, 2018 @ 11:18 pm

    “Dr. Duke & Eric Striker Discuss the Zio War on Free Speech at Berkeley, the Mossad, Israeli Bomb Threat Hoax Unravels, plus the Zio NY Times Says USA Must Support ISIS!”

  27. dave June 28, 2018 @ 11:31 pm

    “Why Palestine Matters”
    by Sheldon Richman

  28. Jewspaper Attack June 29, 2018 @ 6:18 am

    5 dead, multiple injuries, at Capital Gazette newspaper publisher in Annapolis, Md.

    In the past these “mass killings” were usually carried out at schools with a few exceptions.

    Will the suspect in the Annapolis attack, Jarrod Ramos, get greater than usual damnation in the Jews Media because he attacked a mass media outlet?

    The Jews Media organizes and announces dates, times, and locations for protests, riots, and such evils. This time around the Jews Media was the victim instead of the perp.

  29. KathJuliane June 29, 2018 @ 6:26 am


    On June 29, the towns of Ibta and Da’il in the western Daraa countryside reached a reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government after a quick and successful negotiation, according to the Syrian state TV. Before the beginning of the negotiation, the locals managed to expel the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) from both towns.

    Syrian pro-government activists said that the reconciliation agreement will force the former fighters of the FSA in the two towns to hand over their weapons to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). The Russian Military Police was also deployed there under the same agreement.

    Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that the towns of Umm al-Mayadin, Nasib, al-Tayyibah and Sayda in the eastern Daraa countryside have accepted a similar agreement. The state-run news agency added that the former fighters of the FSA in these towns will hand over their weapons to the SAA very soon.

    According to local sources, thousands of civilians are currently protesting against the FSA in most of the villages and towns in the governorate of Daraa. These protests will likely force the remaining US-backed groups to accept an evacuation agreement very soon.

  30. KathJuliane June 29, 2018 @ 6:40 am


    On June 29, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 4th Division, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, captured the hill of Zumaytiyah and the nearby air defense base west of the city of Daraa following heavy clashes with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

    A source in the 4th Division told SouthFront that the FSA’s main supply route between the western and eastern countrysides of Daraa is now under the fire control of the SAA. The next target of the 4th Division is the village of al-Yadudah west of Daraa, according to the source.

    Meanwhile, the SAA and the Tiger Forces resumed their advance in the eastern Daraa countryside and captured the towns of al-Karak, according to the Hezbollah media wing. Syrian opposition activists confirmed that FSA fighters withdrew from the town, which may sign a reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government.

    Hours earlier, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that the towns of Umm al-Mayadin, Nasib, al-Tayyibah and Sayda in the eastern Daraa countryside had accepted a similar reconciliation agreement.

    The upcoming days will likely witness the full collapse of the reaming positions of the FSA in the eastern Daraa countryside as most people there have stressed their support for a peaceful agreement.

  31. Seek The Truth June 29, 2018 @ 8:55 am

    I see this Jew witch in Bro Nathanael’s video claims those mean rock throwing Palestinians are picking on the poor Jews and their micro nukes and Apache helicopters.

    I wonder what she would say about the brothels in Tel Aviv full of kidnapped women forced into sex slavery to rich Jews and U.S. congressmen?

    She would say that those impudent tarts from the Ukraine, Jordan, Egypt are resisting what they are supposed to do for the brave Zionist men, and that Hollywood Jew Harvey Weinstein is being bullied by women in MeToo who claim he dangled his precious participle before them.

    Maybe, she would say that those ungrateful people who rushed out of the WTC towers after the planes hit were not willing to sacrifice themselves to the greater good of endless wars for Israel by its U.S. military slave colony and the hard working Mossad agents who spent months wiring the towers with explosives.

  32. KathJuliane June 29, 2018 @ 9:44 am


    The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and their allies have continued their successful operation against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the province of Daraa. They have liberated the town of al-Hirak, the villages of Rakham, al-Surah and Alma as well as the 49 Air Defense Brigade and some nearby points.

    Additionally, government forces liberated Sad Ibta, Tell Hamad and the 271st Brigade north of the city of Daraa.

    A humanitarian corridor allowing civilians to withdraw from the combat area was also opened near the town of Da’il.

    All signals show that the SAA is set to continue its military operation in southern Syria in a full force.

    On June 28, the SAA and its allies repelled an ISIS attack on their positions southwest of the border town of al-Bukamal. According to the SAA General Command, many ISIS fighters died and a vehicle was destroyed in the clashes.

    On June 27, the Syrian military claimed that it had cleared 5,200km2 of the Deir Ezzor desert of ISIS cells. However, establishing securing along the entire border will require further efforts.

    13 planes, 14 helicopters and 1,140 personnel have been withdrawn from Syria over the past few days, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the alumni of military academies at a reception on June 28 adding that the pullout of Russian forces from Syria began in December 2017.

    Putin’s statement followed reports that some Russian Ka-52 attacks helicopters and their crews have withdrawn from Syria.

    However, the withdrawal of some aircraft does not sign that Russia is going to cease support and assistance to the Syrian military on the ground and in the air.

    As it has already been before, this is just a sign of a new phase, likely with some additional focus on diplomatic efforts, of the Russian participation in the conflict.



    A spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, once again affirmed the need to eliminate terrorists – ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) – in southern Syria during a press briefing on June 28.

    Commenting on the situation in the area, Zakharova once again emphasized that the US and its allies did nothing to combat the terrorists in the area despite the reached de-escalation agrement in the area.

    HINT: The agreement excludes ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and is designed to allow moderate opposition groups to separate from them and to set conditions to combat the terrorists.

    So, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, took a firm stance to defeat the terrorists there.

    “We confirm the need to fulfill these provisions, including on the fight against terrorists – Al Nusra and ISIS,” Zakharova said. “It’s high time our American partners did what the Syrian forces are doing now with the support of Russia’s Aerospace Forces.”

    Zakharova also recalled the US decision to allocate $6.6m to the White Helments saying that this decision casts doubt whether Washington sincerely wishes to eradicate terrorism, and to achieve settlement and stability in Syria.

    Over the past few days, the SAA and its allies have made large gains against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and linked militant groups in the province of Daraa thus causing jitters in the mainstream media and officials of the US-led bloc.


    The settlements of Um Oualad, Tafas, Saida, Um Mayazin, Taybah, Nassib and Jabib in southern Syria have accepted a reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government, according to pro-government sources.

    Earlier, the towns of Da’il and Ibta also accepted the very same reconciliation agreement.

    These 8 settlements will be fully controlled by pro-government forces soon. Servicemen of the Russian Military Police will also enter the area according to some reports.

  33. KathJuliane June 29, 2018 @ 12:17 pm

    In Daraa Governate, several important “rebel” held towns accepted reconciliation or surrendered to the SAA.

    More are following in a domino effect, or else the people are simply rising up and are kicking the FSA and their sometimes ISIS/al Nusra tactical allies out.

    Some former FSA members who reconciled with the Syrian government and agreed to fight alongside the SAA against the jihadists have bravely lost their lives.

    Ivan Sidorenko

    Daraa countryside : the rebels in Tayba, Saida, Um AlMayzan and nassib in East Daraa CS agree to hand over their weapons to the tiger forces and accept reconciliation.

    3:40 AM – 29 Jun 2018

    Within Syria

    FSA withdrew from Ibta and Da’il, officials of the Syrian government and intelligence entered both towns. Security forces and Russian military police will likely enter the towns in the upcoming hours.

    Most remaining towns are negotiating now and many kicked FSA out. #OpBasalt

    3:19 AM – 29 Jun 2018

    Within Syria

    Live stream from inside Ibta, former FSA fighters handing over their weapons now

    [Syrian News Channel Live #1]

    3:22 AM – 29 Jun 2018

    Fares Shehabi Facebook (Shehabi is US educated Aleppo businessman and MP):

    Watch how the people of the most hardcore rebel strongholds in # Daraa welcome the advancing Syrian army.

    Western media outlets such as CNN & BBC will not show you this footage ..!


    SANA YouTube: A rally in the outskirts of rural Daraa welcomed the Army and supported it in its war against the terrorists
    ( )


    Zerohedge: Someone finally asked Obama administration officials to own up to the rise of ISIS and arming jihadists in Syria.

    In a wide ranging interview titled “Confronting the Consequences of Obama’s Foreign Policy” The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan put the question to Ben Rhodes, who served as longtime deputy national security adviser at the White House under Obama and is now promoting his newly published book, The World As It Is: Inside the Obama White House.

    Rhodes has been described as being so trusted and close to Obama that he was “in the room” for almost every foreign policy decision of significance that Obama made during his eight years in office. While the Intercept interview is worth listening to in full, it’s the segment on Syria that caught our attention.

    In spite of Rhodes trying to dance around the issue, he sheepishly answers in the affirmative when Mehdi Hasan asks the following question about supporting jihadists in Syria:

    “Did you intervene too much in Syria? Because the CIA spent hundreds of millions of dollars funding and arming anti-Assad rebels, a lot of those arms, as you know, ended up in the hands of jihadist groups, some even in the hands of ISIS.

    “Your critics would say you exacerbated that proxy war in Syria; you prolonged the conflict in Syria; you ended up bolstering jihadists.”

    Rhodes initially rambles about his book and “second guessing” Syria policy in avoidance of the question. But Hasan pulls him back with the following: “Oh, come on, but you were coordinating a lot of their arms.”

    The two spar over Hasan’s charge of “bolstering jihadists” in the following key section of the interview, at the end of which Rhodes reluctantly answers “yeah…” — but while trying to pass ultimate blame onto US allies Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia (similar to what Vice President Biden did in a 2014 speech):

    MH: Oh, come on, but you were coordinating a lot of their arms. You know, the U.S. was heavily involved in that war with the Saudis and the Qataris and the Turks.

    BR: Well, I was going to say: Turkey, Qatar, Saudi.

    MH: You were in there as well.

    BR: Yeah, but, the fact of the matter is that once it kind of devolved into kind of a sectarian-based civil war with different sides fighting for their perceived survival, I think we, the ability to bring that type of situation to close, and part of what I wrestled with in the book is the limits of our ability to pull a lever and make killing like that stop once it’s underway.

    To our knowledge this is the only time a major media organization has directly asked a high ranking foreign policy adviser from the Obama administration to own up to the years long White House support to jihadists in Syria.


    Original interview: ( )

  34. KathJuliane June 29, 2018 @ 1:38 pm

    Syrian Arab Army Unofficial Facebook:

    Syrian Arab Army
    2 hrs ·

    The Syrian command issued cease fire orders and sent out clear and nonnegotiable conditions to the remaining groups in the South:

    1. All heavy and medium arms will be turned to the Syrian Authorities

    2. Syrian authorities will takeover the border crossings and all the border lines will be secured by SAA and border control units

    3. Any gunman who is not a member of ISIS or al-Nusra will be granted amnesty if they surrender themselves and their light arms.

    4. The Syrian Authorities will enter the towns and cities and reestablish Services.

    # Operation_Basalt
    # Basalt

    Syrian Arab Army

  35. Semite Supremacy June 29, 2018 @ 5:37 pm

    Today there is an AP article in lots of Jewspapers across the nation titled – “Colleges See Sharp Rise in White Supremacist Propaganda” or with a similar title.

    White supremacist is another term created by Jews in their attacks on Christian culture, similar to the “white privilege” myth. Semites are much more privileged than than the white people they portray as privileged.

    It’s Semites who are trying to rule all the other races with their Jew World Order, not white people.

    The Jews Media labeled Ramos, the Hispanic shooter at Annapolis, as white instead of Hispanic. If Ramos had done something honorable the Jews would have described him as Hispanic.

    Just as an anti-semite is best defined as someone Jews hate, a white supremacist is a term used in Zionist propaganda to make the victim look like the villain and make the villain look like the victim.

    Accusations like anti-semite and white supremacist are used by the Jews Media to accuse their victims of what Jews themselves are guilty.

  36. KathJuliane June 29, 2018 @ 6:14 pm

    Nimzy the Wicked Witch of the US of Adelson threatens India


    TIMES OF ISRAEL: Nikki Haley urges India to ‘rethink’ Iran ties ahead of US sanctions

    In 2-day visit to New Delhi, US envoy warns renewed measures could hit India over Iranian oil imports

    NEW DELHI, India — The US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley on Thursday urged India to reconsider its ties to Iran, one of its key energy suppliers, as fresh US sanctions on buyers of Iranian oil loom.

    Washington has stepped up pressure on major Iranian customers to stop importing its oil, warning no trading partner will be exempt from new economic sanctions when they bite from November 4.

    India imports the overwhelming majority of the Islamic Republic’s oil and Iran is the third-largest supplier to the nation of 1.25 billion.

    India’s foreign ministry said Thursday however that the Islamic Republic was a “very traditional partner” that enjoyed “historical, civilizational linkages” to India.

    “She has her views, and ours views on Iran are very clear,” said ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar of Haley, whose two-day visit to India also included visits to holy sites in the Indian capital.

    “We will take all necessary steps, including engagement with relevant stakeholders to ensure our energy security.”


  37. KathJuliane June 29, 2018 @ 7:26 pm

    TV7 Israel: Iran remains the greatest threat to Israel’s existence, says Netanyahu – TV7 Israel News 29.06.18

    Bla, bla, bla, Iran, Iran, Iran, bla bla bla, Iran, Iran, Iran, eh Bibsy? He flat out states that Iran’s economic problems now are caused by Trump dumping the JCPOA.

    Israel Jews are so comfortable now in their grandiose delusions of power and their policy of “strategic ambiguity” [”keeping a low profile”], that they proudly spill the beans on what is the biggest ongoing Jewish scam in the world that 5 presidents, now including Trump, are complicit in.

    All in order to keep fraudulently receiving tens of billions of dollars of US military aid, by the way.

    In this roundtable on TV7 Israel News’ ‘Jerusalem Studio’, the Jew talking heads float the vaguely amusing propaganda statement that Israel will give up its nuclear program when all of the Arab states have signed peace treaties with Tel Aviv.


    TV7: Israel’s [Officially Non-Existent] Nuclear Capabilities – Jerusalem Studio ep. 343

    Since Israel’s inception, the survival of the Jewish state has been threatened time-and-again.

    In response to vocal aspirations to bring about its destruction, Israel had obtained nuclear weapon capabilities – that for many years, deterred regional enemies from realizing their damning aspirations.

    To further discuss Israel’s deterrence and its use of nuclear weapons.


    1.Dr. Emily Landau, Senior research fellow – Institute for National Security Studies

    2.Prof. Ze’ev Hannin, Expert on Russian and Middle Eastern Studies, Bar Ilan and Ariel Universities

    3.TV7 Analyst: Mr. Amir Oren

    ~~~*~~~ Four Presidents Conspired To Give $100 Billion to Israel

    Secret White House Letters Buttress Ongoing US Arms Export Control Act Violations

    by Grant Smith Posted on June 25, 2018

    The New Yorker staff writer Adam Entous revealed on June 18 that four sitting U.S. presidents beginning with Bill Clinton signed secret letters agreeing never to publicly discuss Israel’s undeclared nuclear arsenal.

    According to Entous, President Trump’s aides felt “blindsided” by Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer’s urgent demand to sign a fourth letter.

    Only a small number of “senior American officials” in the previous three administrations even knew about the existence of such letters.

    Though said not to specifically mention Israel’s arsenal, Israeli leaders interpret the letters as binding American pledges not to publicly mention Israel’s nuclear weapons or press Israel to sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

    The letters add to growing evidence of a longstanding multifaceted executive and federal agency conspiracy to violate the US Arms Export Control Act on Israel’s behalf.

    [Chart: US Foreign Assistance to Israel Since the Clinton Administration (US Billion)]

    Source: 2018 GAO report “US Foreign Aid to Israel,” MOU commitments, inflation-adjusted, excludes black budgets.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – who has FBI-documented personal connections to Israel’s nuclear weapons program smuggling operations – was particularly concerned about newly-elected president Barack Obama.

    On February 9, 2009, veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas asked if Obama knew “of any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons.” Obama dodged answering the question before finally replying that he didn’t “want to speculate.”

    Speaking in Prague in April, 2009 Obama called for strengthening the NPT. However, by May 2009, Obama yielded to Israeli pressure and signed an updated version of the secret Israeli gag letter, according to Entous.

    On September 6, 2012 Obama’s Department of Energy, in consultation with the Department of State, issued a secret directive called “Guidance on Release of Information Relating to the Potential for an Israeli Nuclear Capability,” or WNP-136 making it a crime for any US government employee or contractor to publicly communicate any information – even from the public domain – about Israel’s nuclear weapons program.

    The Israelis, empowered by their $6.3 billion per year US affinity network, are ever eager to curtail informed public discussion and policymaking about Israel’s nuclear weapons stockpile.

    Entous notes that Israel already had three nuclear devices by 1967 but does not examine how a country with no infrastructure to produce highly-enriched uranium managed to assemble such weapons.

    According to CIA and FBI files, Israel colluded with Pennsylvania nuclear processing plant administrators, two connected to Israeli intelligence and three with strong connections to the Zionist Organization of America, to divert enough US government-owned highly-enriched uranium to build several devices in the 1960s.

    The pillage of NUMEC, a privately-held thinly capitalized Atomic Energy Agency contractor, left behind a toxic mess and hundreds of poisoned, uncompensated victims.

    More important than avoiding public knowledge about how Israel built its nuclear program, Israel and its lobby wish to preempt overdue enforcement of the 1976 Symington and Glenn Amendments to the Foreign Assistance Act now embedded in the US Arms Export Control Act.

    US presidents, upon learning that a non-NPT member is trafficking in nuclear weapons technology and testing nuclear weapons, are supposed to publicly notify Congress and cut off US foreign aid to said country.

    Israel has not signed the NPT and also continually smuggles nuclear weapons-making technology from the US.

    The President can comply with the AECA by publicly justifying to Congress why continuing foreign aid to non-NPT signatory proliferators serves the US national interest, as was done in the case of waivers for Pakistan.

    No president has ever complied with any of provisions of the AECA regarding Israel, including waivers. (PDF)

    In May of 2018, the US District Court of Appeals of DC upheld a lower court’s ruling that US citizens have no standing to sue the president and executive agencies complicit in failing to enforce the AECA over harm the many administrations inflict by improperly withholding information sought through the Freedom of Information Act about Israel’s nuclear weapons program and US policy.

    In a brief, the US Department of Justice argued that the President has sole authority whether or not to recognize Israel’s nuclear weapons program as fact, stating “The legislative history of the [AECA] statute, moreover, makes clear that Congress intended that ‘the determinations under this section. . . be made by the President…the president’s decision whether or not to make a determination…is the epitome of a discretionary judgment…’” (PDF, page 5 and 6).

    Most Americans believe Israel has nuclear weapons and that Congress should factor Israel’s nuclear arsenal into congressional discussions about US foreign aid given to Israel to allegedly maintain its “qualitative military edge.”

    In polls, Americans consistently say the US gives too much aid to Israel.

    Excluding clandestine US aid funneled through black budgets, US presidents and Congress have given an inflation-adjusted sum of $222.8 billion to Israel since the Symington & Glenn Amendments became law in 1976. Since Bill Clinton became the first known US president to sign a secret letter to Israel, inflation-adjusted aid to Israel has grown to $99.9 billion.

    [This doesn’t include the enormous amounts of taxpayer-funded interest paid by the US Government when borrowing these amounts to begin with…]

    Grant F. Smith is the director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington and the author of the 2016 book, Big Israel: How Israel’s Lobby moves America now available as an audiobook.
    ( )

  38. KathJuliane June 29, 2018 @ 11:49 pm

    RT: 2 killed, 300+ wounded and Israeli drone shot down in latest Gaza clashes (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

    Palestinian protesters have shot down an Israeli surveillance drone, amid heavy clashes during the latest weekly Great March of Return protest, in which the IDF killed two people and injured over 300 more at the border fence.

    Thousands of Palestinians once again descended on the Israeli-Gazan border on Friday for the latest showdown with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

    The Israeli forces responded with live fire as rioters hurled rocks and Molotov cocktails and also sent incendiary balloons across the fence which sparked at least 15 fires in Israel, the Times of Israel reports.

    The protesters also managed to take down an Israeli surveillance drone that was trying to map out their location and movements.

    An online video, yet to be verified, showed a small UAV being taken down by what appears to be a slingshot. Previously, the Israeli forces used drones to drop tear gas on Palestinians at the border.


    Bibsy the Absurd Kleptokrat Killer Klown:

    RT: ‘You stopped Ronaldo!’ Netanyahu incites Iranians to depose government channeling World Cup euphoria

    Showcasing his ball-dribbling skills, Benjamin Netanyahu engaged in some footsy lobbying with Iranians, insisting that, if their national team could stop Cristiano Ronaldo, then the opposition can surely take out the government.

    Playing on the emotions of millions of Iranians, who were thrilled to see their team achieve an “impossible” World Cup 1-1 draw with Portugal, the Israeli PM decided to demonstrate he too can play ball, while conveying his love and care for the Iranian people.

    Netanyahu appealed to the Iranian opposition to seek inspiration in their squad’s performance against superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and his boys, and to find the “courage” to stand up against their government.

    To the Iranian people I say: You showed courage on the playing field, and today you showed the same courage in the streets of Iran,” Benjamin Netanyahu said in the video, titled ‘Could you stop Ronaldo from scoring a goal?!’

    READ MORE: Aggressive US campaign to overthrow Iranian govt serves only to boost its support – experts

    The euphoria felt by the fans at the FIFA World Cup in Russia, the PM hinted, can only be exceeded by the feeling of total freedom when the government of Israel’s arch-rival, which is, of course, the root of all Iranians’ troubles, is toppled.

    “Iran has many problems — air pollution, water scarcity, billions wasted on terror,” he pointed out. “Can you imagine what would happen if the Iranian government, instead of wasting your money in Syria, in Yemen, and in unnecessary wars in the Middle East, would start investing it in solving these problems in Iran?”

    Stressing his desire to help Iranian people help themselves, the Israeli PM painted a bright future, in which “Iran’s soccer team goes head-to-head against Israel in a free Tehran. On that day, we’ll all be winners.”

    Attempts to win the hearts of the English-speaking Iranian social media users have become Netanyahu’s signature tactics over years of meddling in Iranian affairs.

    It’s not the first time Netanyahu has used sports events to encourage the Iranian opposition to rise up against Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

    Tehran has repeatedly accused Washington and Tel Aviv of providing support for sporadic protests aimed at overthrowing the government.

  39. Soros Jews Buy More Riots June 30, 2018 @ 9:37 am

    Soros and Co are financing more riots/protests through MoveOn, the ACLU, and the usual Jewish-led riot makers –

    The young fools and useful idiots who accept Jew money to create these riots don’t know what it’s really all about. If they understood, they would realize they help destroy themselves by serving Soros.

    The Jews Media is giving Soros full support in advertising, organizing, and announcing the protests for migrant madness.

    The purpose of the Jew-led migrant floods is the destruction of Christianity.

  40. The Social Architects June 30, 2018 @ 2:46 pm

    Greetings Brother +N,

    Very glad to see that your “GoFundMe” campaign is doing well.

    Anyway, I wanted to talk about something, namely, the influence of the CIA on shaping narratives in mainstream news media.

    There appear to be several recurring themes:

    -Every day, we see videos released of the police beating and shooting people; we never, ever see people successfully fighting back or resisting.

    -Ordinary people, especially conservative, Christian, hetero, white males, are always portrayed as stupid, fawning, and dependent;

    -The “Faustian Bargain” of “Black Lives Matter” is offered to people of color, in return for granting them an elevated victimhood status over the whites. In other words, standard divide-and-conquer. For the issue with police is not a race issue, but an abuse/oversight issue.

    -According to the stories planted by the CIA in mainstream media, guns are evil. Trope: “the gun IS the crime”. According to the state, there are increasing classes of “prohibited persons” (legal fiction) and guns themselves are inherently illegal (another common legal fiction, of course).

    -Snitch. Be a rat. See something, say something. Governments love snitches.

    -Resistance against the police is futile.

    -Obey, conform, follow, do as you’re told, don’t question, don’t oppose, be docile: and you will be rewarded with a comfortable existence somewhere with a large, plush bed, a large window overlooking trees and grass, and a big fluffy pillow. Also: unlimited beverages, unlimited ice cream.

    -Those who disobey the police, even in the slightest, are either killed or jailed for life.

    -For a while, the CIA was planting UFO stories, a couple of years ago.

    The story template would be: Weird object seen in sky by layperson. Layperson phones up Government. Government ‘experts’ find rational, scientific, explanation, that involves science, debunking original sighting. End: implied that original layperson was irrational and incapable of independent thought, ergo, ‘Government’ is needed.

    -Ugly images of birds (symbol of flight and freedom) being captured by large, ugly spiders (symbol of deceit in government). These are repeated periodically as color photos in the news. Objective: demoralization; leading to nihilism, therefore, increased governmental control.

    -Illegal aliens always referred to as “undocumented immigrants”. Lie, falsehood, euphemism designed to blunt the seriousness of illegal activity that the government underhandedly encourages.

    -Anti-white tropes: anti-white race-mixing. Black men always shown with white women. Race mixing in this tired, formulaic template widely encouraged. Objective: giving birth to a homogeneous brown race of docile, easily commanded slaves.

    -Political Correctness: inducing fear and dread in those who go against Democratic Party goals and planks.

    Consequences: those who betray, abandon, or go against the Democratic Party are viciously ostracized, labeled as anti-Semitic and racist, and are defunded, fired from their academic post (if held) or fired from their work, if elsewhere. Harassment of individual and their family at all levels, in many types of ways (i.e., Rules for Radicals). Being cut off from GroupThink updates of strategic information.

    -Life is always sunny on Wall Street: no matter what the markets are actually doing, everything is Great! Buy, buy, buy! Employment numbers and all government statistics obfuscated, tweaked, fudged, and skewed. Numbers in reality are worthless.

    -Palestinian children are breaking our soldiers’ fists with their evil faces! Palestinian aggression must stop! (said in a whiny, soyboy, Jewish voice)

    -Crazy 9-1-1 calls (repeated endlessly): Example: woman who purchases tainted or fake street drugs, calls police to complain. Black woman at McDonald’s calls police because her chicken nuggets were served cold. Objective: demoralization, making us members of the public look stupid to ourselves and each other.

    -Routine news media blackouts on people such as Ron Paul, on important issues such as the defensive use of handguns, and on any matter that helps white males, or goes against the State.

    Example: ‘Lauren Southern’, a young Canadian woman, had to fly all the way to Africa, to report truthfully on the murders of white farmers there, that the US mainstream media has ‘blacked out’. US mainstream media won’t touch the stories about the farmers.

    -There are many stories about high-tech spying by the government on the people–however, they take the form of “fear porn,” luridly making people fascinated and scared, instead of sharing technical facts. Readers and viewers are left vaguely frightened instead of informed and prepared.

    -Accounts of ‘negro lotto’ attempts for police brutality, etc. Apparently, the Government doesn’t care if you later try to sue them for tens of millions of dollars — that ok, but just don’t ever physically resist them.

    -The Holocaust is God.

    -It’s ok for white males to be gay, or to masturbate all day. But black males should impregnate white women.

    -Rich, powerful, politically-connected individuals get to drive drunk, commit crimes, and then ‘apologize’ as if that’s sufficient, they are not pursued in court. Poor people doing exactly the same thing are charged with multiple felonies, and go to prison for a long, long time.

  41. benzion kook June 30, 2018 @ 2:58 pm

    Jews plan is to destroy Europeans.

    They’ve already destroyed Christianity.

  42. KathJuliane June 30, 2018 @ 3:47 pm

    Russia Insight: Watch What Happens When Russian Volunteer Finds Out That His Mayor’s Candidate Is Gay

    Journalist Anton Krasovsky filed papers for the nomination for mayor of Moscow. Tsargrad TV interviewed volunteers who are gathering signatures for his candidacy.

    English cc:

  43. KathJuliane June 30, 2018 @ 5:37 pm


    On June 30, the Yemeni Missiles Force [loyal to the Houthis] announced that it had launched a new short range “ballistic missile” at a gathering of Saudi-led coalition troops on the western coast of Yemen. A day earlier, coalition forces were targeted with a missile of the very same type.

    The Saudi-led coalition has not commented on both missile strikes yet. Furthermore, no hits or interceptions have been reported by any Yemeni source.

    The Yemeni al-Masirah TV reported that the Yemeni Missile Force will reveal the new short range “ballistic missile” in the upcoming days.

    According to the pro-Houthis TV channel, the new missile was developed with “pure Yemeni experiences.”

    On March 22, the Yemeni Missile Forces revealed a “short range ballistic missile” named Bader-1.

    Later experts determined that the Badr-1 is a copy of the Iranian Fajr-3 artillery rocket as both rockets appear to have similar diameter and length.

    The new Yemeni “ballistic missile” may be an upgraded variety of Badr-1 with a heaver warhead and a shorter range – Badr-1 range is over 40km – or even a copy of the more modern Iranian Fajr-5 artillery rocket.

  44. KathJuliane June 30, 2018 @ 7:57 pm

    RT: Life in Gaza with Norman Finkelstein

    Norman Finkelstein, Scholar & Author of “Gaza: An Inquest Into Its Martyrdom,” discusses Gaza, its people, and its future.

  45. KathJuliane June 30, 2018 @ 9:01 pm

    RT: ‘Propaganda organization’: White Helmets ‘engage in anti-Assad activities’ – author Sy Hersh to RT

    Although some members of the Western-supported White Helmets may be in the business of saving lives, the group is also a “propaganda organization,” author Sy Hersh has told RT’s ‘Going Underground.’

    “Too many times we’ve seen the same child in photographs, year after year, always covered in dust,” Hersh said, adding that the White Helmets “do engage in anti-Assad [activities].” He added that such a tactic is “very easy” because Assad is “hated” by so many.

    Hersh went on to explain that, when a chemical attack took place in Syria under the Obama administration in 2013, it was well known then that Damascus had sophisticated chemical weapons. Because of this, it was clear that the substance used in the attack “was not the same as in the Syrian military.”

    He explained that, in June 2013, there was a “very important” intelligence report put out by the US government. That report said there was “tremendous concern” in the intelligence community because Saudi Arabia and Turkey were providing chemicals to Al Nusra in Syria that, when mixed together, make a nerve agent referred to as “kitchen sarin.”

    “The government knew from this very important intelligence report…that there were two suspects – Al Nusra had the stuff and Syria had the stuff. Forget about having it analyzed – they knew right away and they only talked about one,” Hersh said.

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist also spoke to RT about reporting in the United States and how it changed under the Obama administration, as well as the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, UK.

    Watch Hersh’s full interview here:

  46. dave June 30, 2018 @ 9:33 pm

    “Facts load his gun, and Truth…pulls the trigger”.

    Love it Bro, brilliant just brilliant! Certainly one of your very best!

    Btw, when are we gonna hear another song?

  47. Brother Nathanael July 1, 2018 @ 12:23 am


    My singing days are over. We are now at the vestibule of apocalyptic events, a turning of world order, a collapse and crumbling of the foundations that once stabilized some sense of international order and diplomacy.

    The control of historical developments is not in the realm of Jewish competence as Jews might arrogantly believe. The tide of world opinion, even of those once favorable to the aims of World Jewry, is turning against Jewish interests.

    How long do the Jews really believe they can create hostility against world Islam with impunity? How long do Jews think that they can censor free speech and the millennial generation not constrain its contempt? How long can Israel and Jewmerica shed innocent blood without the cry of shed blood not reaching the ears of divine retribution?

    There are no “songs” to sing about the coming cataclysm, only honest, informed, and specifying reporting. I have much to say and this time around it will not fall on singsong ears.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Former Jew with the Inside Track
    Days Of Retribution Are Coming

  48. Soros Jews Incite More Riots July 1, 2018 @ 6:59 am

    Once in awhile Foxjews shows their true colors. Foxjews is complicit with George Soros and the rest of the Jews Media in how Fox describes the protests for migrant floods and open borders.

    Like the rest of the Jews Media, Fox isn’t saying a word about Soros being behind the protests or about Soros paying people to do these protests/riots in support of the migrant floods.

    Instead of exposing that Soros is behind the riots, the Jews Media reports “protests erupting” or “people rallying” to make it sound like a spontaneous grassroots movement.

    Instead of exposing it, Fox is reporting these protests as if it’s all on the level. Fox broadcasts the same fake news about the protests for migrant madness as the rest of the Jews Media.

    The Jew World Order is balkanizing the white nations similar to what they already did to Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Serbia, Eastern Europe.

    Soros and his Jew World Order partners are using the migrant floods to destroy the old white Christian order of the world so they can replace it with a Jew World Order.

  49. dave July 1, 2018 @ 12:55 pm


    Here is a very revelatory piece from Phil Weiss over at Mondoweiss.

    Some members of Birthright tourist excursion in Israel wanted to also see Palestinian conditions and meet Palestinians for themselves, and decided to depart the bus.

    It enraged the Israeli Jewish tourist manager and other Jews on the bus.

    “Birthright walkout is met with vitriolic rage in Israel — ‘Radicals’ ‘You will get raped’

    Activism Philip Weiss

  50. dave July 1, 2018 @ 2:32 pm

    Remember you posted this awhile ago on “How Jews Rule”?

    Brother Nathanael
    June 11, 2018 @ 10:17 am

    @Eileen Kuch

    Jews are getting scared, the world is catching on to these vermin.

    Hitler will look like a lamb compared to what’s coming.

    This time around the ‘innocent victim’ spin won’t fly.

    This time everyone will say, ‘The man-hating Jews deserve it.’ +bn

    So my question to you is even IF the dumb heretofore zio-brainwashed labrats are finally catching on SO WHAT?

    What are all we knowledgeable people gonna do?

    The great statesman, senator William Fulbright, not a politician but a statesman, and theres a big difference in that, said all the way back in 1973 that Washington DC (meaning the US federal power infrastructure) was Israeli occupied territory. 1973!

    Do you think it’s let up any since? It’s probably exponentially greater!

    I’ve been thinking of sharing this with you for a long time but this is the appropriate time.

    Around 2000 I went down to my local Blockbuster Video store to try and get an old movie.

    When I went thru the front door I noticed a black man who I’d never seen before standing behind the counter. I asked him if he had in stock this old movie. He said no but he felt very confident he could get it.

    He wasn’t a regular employee there but went all over the country responsible for liquidating Blockbuster stores. He was from Arizona and gave me his card inviting me to stay in touch.

    There was something distinctively interesting about this guy. We would talk at first like every month or so then it got to be every week. Then all of a sudden he shocked me by telling me he was a Jew. I said to him I’ve never heard of a black Jew before.

    So he told me about this tribe from Africa — maybe the one Satanyahu and co are expelling from occupied Palestine.

    Then about a year later or so he told me he had been in the Mossad. I thought it was weird he would reveal something like that but I felt I could believe him.

    Then, around maybe 2005 or 2006 he really made some startling comments.

    He first said “America is Israel’s lapdog”.

    I thought this was absolutely unbelievable and utterly ridiculous. America a lapdog? No f’ing way. We’re not anybody’s lapdog.

    I thought I had either misheard him or he misspoke. I tried to discuss this with him but he refused to.

    He had a strange personality; he could be very entertaining but then extremely arrogant and wouldn’t converse like normal people, but spoke like “Deep Throat” in ‘All the President’s Men’ did, just giving little hints about things.

    When I complained about this he told me that it’s up to me to find out the veracity of something and he would only confirm or deny it. It was extremely frustrating dealing with this but I thought he was worth putting up with.

    Then, several times over a period of several months he would tell me in a very concerned almost fearful manner that he had to get out of the country because they were going to start rounding up people and putting them in camps.

    Again he would never explain himself.

    The scary thing about his comments was that it was right after Hurricane Katrina when FEMA was building all those huge monstrous evacuation centers which easily could be converted to “camps”.

    Obviously, considering he was a Jew, when he mentioned camps I couldn’t help but think of Auschwitz. And for me the scary connection was that pictures I had seen of these huge FEMA centers/camps had a railroad track leading into them exactly like the famous pictures of the one at Auschwitz.

    Then, a month or so went by without hearing from him. He finally called me up telling me he had been in the hospital. He believed he had been deliberately bitten by a brown recluse spider, which apparently is very common out there, but potentially deadly.

    Tests finally came back negative for the spider poison so it was never determined what the problem was, but after about another month of phone calls I’ve never heard from him again. And he was only about 65 in very good health.

    So to sum up this guy he made two startling comments: that outrageously ridiculous comment that “America was Israel’s lapdog” which I now know full well is absolutely true.

    And it only gives credence to that other startlingly hard-to-believe comment that “they” are going to start rounding us all up and putting us in camps.

    So what do you make out of this all?

  51. Henry Ford Was Right July 2, 2018 @ 7:58 am

    RJN regulars I would appreciate your theological insights here-

    I heard the craziest story on YouTube by this guy named Gerald Clark (he’s a MENSA type IQ guy-hes not slow but I don’t fully believe him/won’t pray to Thoth or read ‘The Emerald Tablets of Thoth’ as my Holy book) who has a show called ‘Decoders of Truth’ and says we are all controlled by Anunnaki from Nibiru.

    He has had a Vatican defector priest who did translations on his show that is very critical of Christianity. These guys believe that the Anunnaki aliens interacted with the ancient Sumerians and that two Anunnaki alien brothers control all these World religions and are fighting among themselves for power.

    This alien named Marduk is the one who had control all the way back to Ancient Egypt and Babylon and is the one behind the Jew World Order Rothschild banksters (and also taught them their Babylonian money magic according to Gerald) while he claims another alien named Enil is the one behind Christianity and Islam.

    Enil is the good guy Anunnaki while Marduk is very bad according to Clark, although Clark says all the Anunnaki want to control humans because we are designed by them as a slave race and this all dates back to the Sumerian cuneiform.

    David Icke has said similar things above to how all religions are a way these aliens control humanity.

    They both say they used Oxford scholars research into ancient languages and texts to come to their conclusions-Gerald Clark often emphasizes this. He believes in something called ‘The Emerald Tablets of Thoth’ as the ultimate truth and says we reincarnate after death.

    For Christians arguments like this (which are gaining traction on YouTube) this is a good opportunity to boost your apologetics ability towards the faith because all of this stuff these guys are saying sounds crazier than Scientology.

    Some thoughts I have on all of this-the Jews controlled everyone through banking and used their goy flunkies in power in the political structure to administer things now and had some of that going on back in Jesus’s days. Even Jesus had to fight the Jew money changers and their related chronies. The government has basically always oppressed people.

    People in America in Christianity (at least where I live) don’t have that shirt off of my back brotherhood like the Mediterranean culture Jesus and Paul enjoyed among their followers.

    It’s every man for himself, and we’ve got a corrupt Vatican and all the 501c3 sell-out Scofield Dispensationists teaching their redneck simpleton crowds the Zionist doomsday nuclear Armageddon rapture line (probably as a way to social-engineer mass consent to a major population culling of the goys per Zionist Masonic plans that creeps like Scofield dreamed up).

    In the Protestant world you have all these little groups fighting for power and what I like to call ‘Redneck popes’ fighting among themselves.

    I think it’s disgusting the Church is so fractured-why can’t we have true brotherly universal unity like we see among Paul and his followers in their Mediterranean culture? Anyone honest in America knkws we have anything but that in American Christianity.

    Also, why was the Bible translated so many times? Wouldnt they want to keep the words of Jesus/God intact instead of have all these translations?

    All of these things about Christianity in America are very frustrating to me. The pagan sect (ie Varg Vikerenes on youtube) of the White Nationalists (plenty of people like him on Stormfront forum too) say why should the European people follow a Jewish desert religion?

    Don’t call me a heretic but logically why are Europeans following religions from the Middle East (including Judaism and Islam).

    How did all of these Abrahamic religions gain so much traction in Europe and her colonial lands over the other ones in the World?

    When I think of all the other Jewish psychological control scams/ideologies out here the cynical part of me wonders if the elitist Jews do that with every other thing why would any religion be different and to make a distinction here.

    Maybe they created all of those translations to suit their Zionist politics like how they wrangle American evangelicals like cattle via guys like John Hagee and Hal Lindsey pushing their agenda.

    The skeptic in me also wonders how do all of these religions know they’re right-how do the Odinist/pagans know they will reincarnate? How do the Muslims dare claim people will burn in hell if they don’t follow Allah?

    How do we know what Christian worldview is correct on he afterlife (This guy on YouTube named Anthony Woodcock-GodRules is his channel teaches that the early Church Fathers taught differently than what many Churches teach today).

    You could call me a struggling Christian, and a skeptic. Everyone wants you to believe the way that they do. It sounds like most of it is about control of people and their time, energy, and resources. I thought I knew politics and looked down that rabbit hole and when I try to untangle all of this info about religion it seems far, far deeper of a rabbit hole than politics.

    Do not think that I have not considered that all of that aliens made it all up and Odin or Islam talk all these guys talk out here isn’t just them being deceived by the devil.

    I have. A question I have is if hell is real and God can see all of the affairs of men and realizes what a trickster the Devil is coupled with how corrupt the modern churches are and how vast the current population is, why wouldn’t God allow Jesus to warn everyone Himself and show man his errors directly so that man could get his heart and soul right?

    How would Jesus appearing directly and warning everyone violate His Soveriegnty or Plan? As bad as this World is with Rothschild Masonic shills everywhere with nukes we could all use God’s help right now.

    Am I wrong for saying this?

  52. KathJuliane July 2, 2018 @ 9:01 am

    AzerNews: Iranian military reports: mystery U.S. ship with chemicals onboard in Persian Gulf

    By Trend

    A senior Iranian military spokesman accused Washington of hatching a “dangerous plot” in Iraq and Syria.

    Iranian Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier General Bolfazl Shekarchi reported Sunday that a U.S. cargo vessel with chemicals onboard escorted by a warship had entered the Persian Gulf.

    “Checking the records of the U.S. cargo vessel MV Cape Ray revealed that the vessel had been present in the coasts near Iraq and Syria, where the Americans had launched a military aggression under the pretext of the use of chemical weapons by those countries,” Shekarchi said, according to Sputnik News citing Mehr News.

    According to the officer, the cargo ship entered the Gulf with the aim of deploying its chemical cargo in Iraq and Syria. Shekarchi accused Washington of resorting to “dangerous methods” to “justify their illegitimate presence” in the region.

    “We have more accurate details about the U.S. vessel, such as the number of crew members and the chemicals cargo in their possession, [which] will be disclosed to the public in the future,” Shekarchi promised.

    The Pentagon has made no official commentary on the Iranian military’s claim.

    It’s not immediately clear what the officer meant with his statement of US military aggression under a pretext of chemical weapons use, and whether he meant the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, or the more recent alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria, which Damascus, Moscow and Tehran have called a false flag operation to justify the Western airstrikes against Syria in April.

  53. dave July 2, 2018 @ 4:44 pm


    Here is a very fascinating study of an often overlooked Jew/Israeli contaminator of Christian America.

    Overlooked might not necessarily even be appropriate. Most people probably don’t even know the leading position this guy held in the Jew/Israeli/Neocon effort.

    The Legacy and Fallacies of Bernard Lewis

  54. Brother Nathanael July 2, 2018 @ 6:25 pm

    Dear All –

    New Vid coming soon.

    Hope to post by Wednesday eve. Stay tuned! +bn

  55. KathJuliane July 2, 2018 @ 8:30 pm


    The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and their allies are about to achieve a stunning and rapid victory in their battle against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and their allies in southern Syria.

    Over the past few days, government forces have liberated over 15 settlements in the eastern and western countryside of Daraa and forces some groups of militants to accept a surrender agreements.

    According to the Syrian state media, at least 10 villages – Tisiyah, Maaraba, al-Samaqiyat, Smad, Samj, Abu Khatula, Elemtaih, al-Taebah, al-Nada and Jamrin – almost signed the reconciliation agreement and militants started preparing for surrender.

    Militants in the town of Bosra al-Sham already started surrendering weapons. At the same time, the so-called moderate opposition in the town of Tafas and have pledged allegiance to the ISIS-linked Khalid al-Walid Army.

    The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have deployed additional armoured and artillery forces, including battle tanks, in the occupied Golan Heights, near the contact line with Syria.

    Israel claimed the additional forces were deployed solely to “respond” to potential incidents and that “the IDF will continue to insist on the principle of non-involvement in what is happening in Syria”.

    Meanwhile in reality, Israeli forces have repeatedly targeted forces of the Damascus government in southern and central Syria describing these strikes as a defensive measure.

    It’s interesting to note that many of these strikes took place during important battles between the SAA and terrorist groups.

    Syrian and local sources say that the IDF is preparing for carrying out more strikes amid the ongoing SAA anti-terrorist operation in the provinces of Daraa and Quneitra. While such strikes cause a new round of the Syrian-Israeli tensions, they will not likely influence in any way the strategic situation in these provinces because militants’ defense has already collapsed.

    If Israeli forces continue striking SAA troops attacking the Khalid al-Walid Army near the occupied Golan Heights, the international audience will easily find out that Israel is encouraging ISIS in the area and using the terrorist group to create a buffer zone there.

  56. KathJuliane July 2, 2018 @ 11:21 pm

    Counterpunch: Prince William’s Trip to Israel


    In spite of British Foreign Office policy that “the Royal Family should not make official visits to Israel due to its historic and grave violations of human rights, international law and UN resolutions,” Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, made just such an official visit last week – the first royal to do so since the establishment of the state in 1948.

    A Kensington Palace statement announced: “The non-political nature of His Royal Highness’s role – in common with all Royal visits overseas –allows a spotlight to be brought to bear on the people of the region: their cultures, their young people, their aspirations, and their experiences.”

    But surely the visit is especially politically charged, given the aspirations of the over 120 Palestinians massacred and 14,000 injured by the Israeli army during the Great Return March protests in Gaza? British arms exports “almost certainly” were used in the attack, in direct contravention of the UK’s policy that arms exports should not be used in the Occupied Territories.

    UK arms export licences to Israel soared to £216m last year. They include “technology for military radars,” grenades, bombs, missiles, armoured vehicles, assault rifles, small arms ammunition, sniper rifles and components for sniper rifles which may have been used by the Israeli military on the Gaza border.

    The violence prompted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to call for a review of arms sales to Israel, condemning its “illegal and inhumane” killing and wounding of “yet more unarmed Palestinian protesters”. But Wills, (without his wife Kate), had nothing to say on that subject.

    Instead, at the British Embassy Garden Banquet on Tuesday in Tel Aviv he said that he was delighted to be in Israel. He spoke about his first official engagement visiting Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial, which he found a “profoundly moving experience”.

    “As I wrote in my message at Yad Vashem,” he said, “We must never forget what was perpetrated against the Jewish people in the Holocaust. I am well aware that the responsibility falls now to my generation to keep the memory alive of that great crime as the Holocaust generation passes on. And I commit myself to doing this.”

    I doubt if any of his grateful Jewish Israeli hosts pointed out to Prince William the location of Deir Yassin on the other side of the valley from the Holocaust Memorial, the village where 254 Palestinian men women and children were brutally murdered by Zionist forces in 1948, now bulldozed and covered by a new settlement of Orthodox Jews centered round a mental hospital.

    And I doubt if he was informed that Yad Vashem had fired an instructor for comparing the trauma of Jewish Holocaust survivors with the trauma experienced by the Palestinian people in Israel’s War of Independence. Teacher Itimar Shapira admitted that he had spoken to visitors about the Deir Yassin massacre.

    “Yad Vashem talks about the Holocaust survivors’ arrival in Israel and about creating a refuge here for the world’s Jews. I said there were people who lived on this land and mentioned that there are other traumas that provide other nations with motivation,” Shapira said.

    “The Holocaust moved us to establish a Jewish state and the Palestinian nation’s trauma is moving it to seek self-determination, identity, land and dignity, just as Zionism sought these things,” he said.

    “I only tried to expose the visitors to the facts, not to political conclusions. If Yad Vashem chooses to ignore the facts, for example the massacre at Dir Yassin, or the Nakba (“The Catastrophe,” the Palestinians’ term for what happened to them after 1948), it means that it’s afraid of something and that its historic approach is flawed.” Shapira said when he was sacked (ten years ago).

    Prince William also visited the “Occupied Palestinian Territories”, (a title which infuriated Israelis), shared peace pleasantries with President Abbas and played football with some kids.

    In Ramallah he spoke to school girls in Jalazone refugee camp, and visited a cultural display and a street food festival, but the continued annexation of land, building of settlements and walls, the killing, systematic repression and displacement of Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli state remained absent from discussion, and unsurprisingly, the daily lives of Palestinians, which includes checkpoints, an apartheid wall and illegal settlements remained invisible in the official visit.

    “You will not be forgotten,” Prince William told his Palestinian hosts as he stepped from the Occupied Territories back into Israel – the real focus of his visit.

    As he told his Tel Aviv embassy audience: “The United Kingdom stands with you as we work together for a peaceful and prosperous future. The ties between our two countries have never been stronger, whether in our record levels of trade and investment, our cooperation in science and technology; or the work we do together to keep our people safe.”

    In Jerusalem, donning a black skullcap at the Western Wall, accompanied by security guards, he placed his right hand on the ancient stones, stuck a note in a crack, and stood for a full minute while cameras flashed.

    “Today we experienced a moment of history which will live long in the memory of Jews around the world,” said the Chief Rabbi of Britain Ephraim Mirvis, who accompanied the prince on his visit. “The Western Wall stands at the epicenter of our faith. To see the future monarch come to pay his respects was a remarkable gesture of friendship and a sign of the duke’s regard for the sanctity of Jerusalem.”

    Mission accomplished, Prince William flew back to London on Thursday from Ben Gurion airport, named after David Ben Gurion, chairman of the Jewish Agency and head of the Zionist workers movement.

    In 1938 Ben Gurion is quoted as telling Jewish leaders: “In our political argument abroad, we minimize Arab opposition to us, but let us not ignore the truth among ourselves. We are the aggressors and they defend themselves.”

    I doubt Prince William knew that.

  57. Ted Gorsline July 3, 2018 @ 2:59 am

    I see by CBC News that Zionist shill Steven Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada, has just visited the White House, via the servants entrance, for secret meetings with John Bolton and others?

    No doubt he wants to upgrade his boot licking credentials.

  58. Syrians Flee to Israel July 3, 2018 @ 6:02 am

    Foxjews is showing a tent city that has sprung up along Israel’s border with Syria.

    Fox says about 200,000 Syrians have fled the violence and warfare [incited by Israel]. The fleeing Syrians set up camp next to Israel because they think it’s the only part of Syria that won’t be bombed.

    The Syrian refugees are not being allowed into Israel. But eventually, what goes around comes around.

    The Jew World Order will probably try to arrange for these Syrians to be dumped on Europe, Australia, America, the formerly white Christian nations.

  59. Ted Gorsline July 3, 2018 @ 10:24 am

    The essence of propaganda is repetition – Pavlovian dog training. Israeli (Jewish) owned CNN is the worst of the worst as far as this goes.

    We have them pushing weapons fo mass destruction that don’t extist.

    We have Christy Anamwhore repeating that Assad is killing his own people.

    We have CNN promoting the bogus White Helmets for months.

    Now on their African Shows we have the constant message “We will tell you what you need to know”.

    And finally we have a voice constantly repeated that tries to imitate President Kennedy’s speech, finally ending with how great cable TV is.

    This is Jewish bulls**t’s finest hours.

    CNN is a collection of pure human garbage.

  60. KathJuliane July 3, 2018 @ 11:15 am

    Now a word from the underground in the United States of Adelson


    Unz Review: Phil Giraldi: Feeding the Monster

    Washington’s spinelessness enables Israeli brutality

    I have just spent a couple of days in New York City. Returning to Virginia on Wednesday morning, I had a somewhat strange experience.

    I cleared through my emails before leaving the hotel and also read through a number of the featured news articles.

    One, in particular, caught my eye. It described how the Democratic Party primary in Queens New York had returned a startling result.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won over mainstream incumbent Joe Crowley, signaling that not everyone in the Democratic Party is buying into the Clinton model of good governance by big donors and powerful interest groups.

    Many want change and even a radical departure from the political game whereby media savvy pressure groups and narrow constituencies are pandered to to create a governing majority.

    One paragraph in particular in the article I read was highly suggestive, the claim that Ocasio-Cortez had been strongly opposed to the Israelis’ routine slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, which has by now become of such little import that it is not even reported any more in the U.S. media.

    She is also allegedly a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement (BDS), which pressures Israel to end its theft and occupation of Palestinian land.

    The article expressed some surprise that anyone in New York City would dare to say anything unpleasant about Israel and still expect to get elected.

    This is what Ocasio-Cortez, who called the shooting of more than 130 Gazans a “massacre,” actually said and wrote:

    “No state or entity is absolved of mass shootings of protesters. There is no justification. Palestinian people deserve basic human dignity, as anyone else. Democrats can’t be silent about this anymore.

    “I think I was primarily compelled [to speak out] on moral grounds because I could only imagine if 60 people were shot and killed in Ferguson.

    “Or if 60 people were shot and killed in the West Virginia teachers’ strikes. The idea that we are not supposed to talk about people dying when they are engaging in political expression just really moved me.”

    Five hours later, when I arrived home in Virginia I went to pull up the article I had read in the morning to possibly use it in a piece of my own and was somewhat surprised to discover that the bit about Israel had been excised from the text.

    It was clearly yet another example of how the media self-censors when there is anything negative to say about Israel and it underlines the significance of the emergence of recent international media reporting in The Guardian and elsewhere regarding how Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson largely dictates U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

    That means that the conspiracy of silence over Israel’s manipulation of the United States government is beginning to break down and journalists have become bold enough to challenge what occurs when pro-Israel Jews obtain real power over the political process.

    Adelson, for what it’s worth, wants war with Iran and has even suggested detonating a nuclear device on its soil to “send a message.”

    I personally would have liked to see Ocasio-Cortez go farther, a lot farther.

    Israel is a place where conventional morality has been replaced by a theocratically and culturally driven sense of entitlement which has meant that anything goes when it comes to the treatment of inferior Christian and Muslim Arabs.

    It also means that the United States is being played for a patsy by people who believe themselves to be superior in every way to Americans.

    The question of the relationship with Israel comes at a time when everyone in America, so it seems, is concerned about children being separated from their parents who have illegally crossed the border from Mexico into the United States.

    The concern is legitimate given the coarse and sometimes violent justifications coming out of the White House, but it’s a funny thing that Israeli abuse and even killing of Arab children is not met with the same opprobrium.

    When a Jewish fanatic/Israel settler kills Palestinian children and is protected by his government in so doing, where is the outrage in the U.S. media?

    Settlers and soldiers kill Palestinians, young and old, with impunity and are almost never punished. They destroy their orchards and livestock to eliminate their livelihoods to drive them out. They bulldoze their homes and villages.

    The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency does none of that and is yet subject to nonstop abuse in the mainstream media, so what about Israel?

    A recent story illustrates just how horrible the Israelis can be without any pushback whatsoever coming from Washington objecting to their behavior.

    As the United States is the only force that can in any way compel Israel to come to its senses and chooses not to do so, that makes U.S. policymakers and by extension the American people complicit in Israel’s crimes.

    The particularly horrible recent account that I am referring to describes how fanatical Jewish settlers burned alive a Palestinian family on the West Bank, including a baby, and then celebrated the deaths while taunting the victims’ surviving family when they subsequently appeared in court.

    The story was covered in Israel and Europe but insofar as I could determine did not appear in any detail in the U.S. mainstream media.

    Israeli Jewish settlers carried out their shameful deed outside a court in the city of Lod, chanting “’Ali was burned, where is Ali? There is no Ali. Ali is burned. On the fire. Ali is on the grill!” referring to the 18-month old baby Ali Dawabsheh, who was burnt alive in 2015 by Jewish settlers hurling Molotov cocktails into a house in the West Bank town of Duma.

    Ali’s mother Riham and father Saad also died of their burns and were included in the chanting “Where is Ali? Where is Riham? Where is Saad? It’s too bad Ahmed didn’t burn as well.”

    Five year-old Ahmed, who alone survived the attack with severe burns, will have scars for the rest of his life.

    The settlers were taunting Ali’s grandfather Hussein Dawabsheh, who accompanied Ahmed, at a preliminary hearing where the court indicted a man who confessed to the murders and a minor who acted as an accomplice.

    A video of the chanting shows Israeli policemen standing by and doing nothing.

    The court appearance also revealed that there have been another Molotov cocktail attack by settlers on another Dawabsheh family house in May that may have been an attempt to silence testimony relating to the first attack.

    Fortunately, the family managed to escape.

    And by all accounts this outrage was not the first incident in which the burning of the Palestinian baby was celebrated.

    A December 15th wedding video showed settlers engaged in an uproarious party that featured dances with Molotov cocktails and waving knives and guns.

    A photo of baby Ali was on display and was repeatedly stabbed. A year later, 13 people from what became known as the “murder wedding” were indicted for incitement to terrorism, but as of today no one has actually been punished.

    Israelis who kill Arabs are rarely indicted or tried. If it is a soldier or policeman that is involved, which occurs all too often, the penalty is frequently either nothing at all a slap on the wrist.

    Indeed, the snipers who fired on Gazans recently were actually ordered to shoot the unarmed civilians and directed to take out anyone who appeared to be a “leader,” which included medical personnel.

    The Trump Administration could, of course, stop the Israeli brutality if it chooses to do so, but it does not think Benjamin Netanyahu’s crimes against humanity are on the agenda.

    Nor did Clinton, Bush and Obama dare to confront the power of Israel’s lobby, though Obama tried a little pushback in a feeble way.

    Someone in Washington should be asking why the United States should be fighting unnecessary wars and becoming an international pariah defending a country and people that believe they are “chosen” by God?

    One can only hope that the shift in perceptions on the Middle East by liberal Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez has some legs and will lead to some real change in U.S. foreign policy.

    To succeed the liberal Democrats will need to push against some formidable obstacles within their own party, most notably the Clinton wing and people like Senator Chuck Schumer, Minority leader in the Senate, who describes himself as Israel’s “shomer” or defender in the Upper House.

    Perhaps someone on the New York Times editorial board should publicly suggest to Schumer that he go and run for office in Israel since he seems to prefer it to the country that has made him rich and powerful.

    But of course, the Times and all the other mainstream media, which is responsible for what we are not allowed to know about Israel and its American mouthpieces, will never entertain that suggestion or anything like it.

  61. KathJuliane July 3, 2018 @ 12:38 pm

    Oh, the horror…the horror! (Sarcasm off).


    Norm Finkelstein: New Image of Deadly Hamas Rocket Attack

  62. Brother Nathanael July 3, 2018 @ 1:01 pm


    This is what I’ve been saying of late myself:

    “The conspiracy of silence over Israel’s manipulation of the United States government is beginning to break down and journalists have become bold enough to challenge what occurs when pro-Israel Jews obtain real power over the political process.” — Phil Giraldi

    Jews are getting nervous. This is why Jew-censorship will be ratcheted up.

    Apart from a few erroneous views, here’s another sampling of a journalist taking the gag off:


    Why the US-Israel Alliance Will Soon Be a Trouble for Both

    The recent shredding of over 70 years of American foreign policy with regards to the location of the US Embassy in the State of Israel has been a major catastrophic inflection point in the tortured history of the State of Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the American/Israel uber-special Alliance.

    It has also been a crystallization moment for many such as myself who once were unwavering and unquestioning supporters of Israel and defenders of Israel in an overwhelmingly hostile anti-Israel environment in the UK and Europe.

    I was always pro-Israel alongside being pro-Palestinian State and believed strongly in Israel’s right to exist and the creation of a State of Palestine living side by side a State of Israel.

    I believed passionately in the policies and leadership of the likes of Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin – the Oslo peace process – along with the heirs to such traditions in the form of Ehud Barack, the peace-loving and reasonable Israelis who sought to find a way out of the quasi-Nazi/Zionist situation they had created in Palestine and inflicted upon the Palestinian people in the immediate aftermath of World War II with the establishment of a ‘Jewish State’ and ‘Jewish Homeland’ for the Jewish people.

    However it all changed on May 14, 2018. It was a monumental mistake of epic proportions for the Israelis and Americans to engage in such a grotesque and deranged policy action and the most offensive and vulgar display with the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem by Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Steven Mnuchin and David Friedman alongside Benjamin Netanyhau and Avigdor Lieberman.

    The United States is in the midst of a collective nervous breakdown. That has always been the case for Israel from the get-go of its founding. America has always had a very hyped up, neurotic, loud and brash side to it. That can be sometimes tolerated and excused in a social context.

    However politically with the arrival of the Trump Government this extreme irrational vulgarity and stupidity has spread like a virus throughout the USA and engulfed it in the most base and worst aspect of the American character.

    There is an argument that can be mounted now that under the Trump freak circus that laughably passes for a Government the United States day by day is becoming the United States of American Psychos devoid of any sensible, rational, dignified and responsible policy thinking, planning and implementation.

    Sadly upon reflection the same has always been the truth regarding the State of Israel. Perhaps one could say now we are witnessing the apex of the United States of American Israelis Psychos defined in the extreme by a pathological neurosis of the lowest order.

    It was not only morally disgusting what went on in Jerusalem on May 14 2018 – with the Ivanka/Jared cheap freak circus ‘party’ inside the tacky, disgraceful and shameless US-Jerusalem Embassy while over 50 Palestinians in the open air concentration camp of Gaza were mercilessly slaughtered by the thugs of the IDF – it made no rational geostrategic political sense for American national interests and standing in the Middle East and wider region.

    That combined with the again disgraceful, pathetic and irrational decision to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement leads one to believe either Trump and his daughter and son-in- law along with his official Middle East advisors have either gone completely bonkers or they enjoy officially telegramming to the world what has long been speculated, that Israelis security/political/economic/financial National Interests are in fact American security/political/economic/financial National Interests.

    It is combination of both. Very interestingly it is the Israeli State and Israeli Government that is actually in full command of all the levers of American power. It is the Israeli dog that wags the American tail. It is high time now for some fundamental truths and hard realities to be spoken. Washington DC takes its orders from Tel Aviv/Jerusalem.

    Everything from American defence policy to broader foreign policy, to economics/business/finance, to cultural, social and entertainment policy, from American soft power to hard power is dictated by the quasi-Nazi State of Israel.

    There is no Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process and there has not been one for 18 years. There will never be the conditions for a State of Israel to live in peace and harmony side by side a State of Palestine because the dominant forces in charge in Israel and its American puppet simply do not want it.

    However, in their greatest moment of triumph the Israelis have actually revealed their undoing. Hubris is pride before a fall and the Israelis are the best in the world at hubris.

    Dr. Henry Kissinger, a supremely eminently wise strategic foreign policy titan and one of the greatest of all American Secretaries of State and National Security Advisors has given the most fascinating prediction that the State of Israel will be finished in its current incarnation by 2022 either through an internal reconfiguration or an external cataclysmic event. For Israel the writing really is on the wall.

    The combined coalition of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and perhaps Jordan and Egypt will either finish Israel off through a military campaign that will make every intifada and the Yom Kippur War look like a walk in the park or a bi-national State of Israel/Palestine will over time completely reconfigure the demographics of the Jewish State and Jewish Homeland.

    If a full scale war against Israel does break out with invasions and campaigns from its Arab neighbours and their proxies in the north, south, east and west this will not only engulf Jerusalem it will suck the entire life blood out of the Trump administration just as the Nixon administration was consumed with one matter and one matter only during the autumn of 1973 – ensuring the survival of the State of Israel.

    All Trump/Ivanka/Jared/Navarro policy focus, energy and making will be totally consumed by an all out to the death war between Israel and its Arab neighbours and their affiliates. Nothing will get done in Washington DC apart from a full-scale operation in the White House and throughout the entire American Government to ensure the survival of the Israelis and Jerusalem.

    All great powers, superpowers and empires die. Some, very few, in fact perhaps only one all-encompassing civilisation in the totality of human history has demonstrated time and again an ability to rise, fall, rise, fall and continue a process of constant rebirth of great continuous effort.

    Normally Empires and Superpowers enter their end period during a moment of seemingly but ultimately illusionary maximum success, what historians have called imperial over-reach followed by imperial decline, decay, collapse and ultimate death such as was the case with the British Empire.

    For the United States and Israel this moment was reached long ago. The days when America/Israel could rule the world are long gone. America is not now even perhaps 3rd in the top tier of 21st century Great Global Superpowers. The third place could be the USA or it might be the EU.

    One thing is for sure if the USA wants to occupy the 3rd place within the ranks of the 21st century Great Global Powers it will have to give up and jettison its addiction to Israel. As for Israel it is finished one way or the other.

  63. KathJuliane July 3, 2018 @ 4:01 pm

    Wow, +BN.

    That’s quite a write-up from Strategic Culture, and there’s not much I disagree with other than the overtop praise of Kissinger.

    However, Kissinger has always been an astute foreign policy analyst, and while his estimation of Israel’s demise by 2020 may be a little optimistic, the fact of the Jewish state’s more frantic thrashings at keeping it’s bully power would indicate that it is, in fact, a waning regional power.

    The writing’s on the wall. Indeed. To paraphrase Daniel 5:22 [“Judge of God”]

    But you, Oh harlot daughter of Babylon, have not humbled your heart, even though you knew all this.

    23Instead, you have exalted yourself against the Lord of heaven. … But you have failed to glorify the God who holds in His hand your very breath and all your ways.

    24Therefore He sent the hand that wrote the inscription.

    25Now this is the inscription that was written:


    26And this is the interpretation of the message:

    MENE means that God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.

    27TEKEL means that you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient.

    28PERES means that your kingdom has been divided and given over to the Medes and Persians.”

    No wonder Bibsy and a good part of the Jewish state is so frightened of boogeyman Iran (ancient Media today in western Iran and Persia). The more paranoid they get, the more they hubristically tell on themselves in an effort to show how all powerful they are.

    Perhaps this is a clue as to how the international jihadists and the US/Israel/Saudi/UK/France stooges of the FSA acquired such stashes of huge weapons arsenals and military aid that the SAA is uncovering and retrieving now, much of it still brand new and in original packaging.

    In the meantime, the neurotic Israeli Jews are now desperately attempting to polish up their brand on the world stage, which has taken quite a beating over the Palestinian massacres in Gaza, by trying to show what “humanitarians” they really are by blowing the lid off of one of their undercover “humanitarian” NGO operations inside Syria.

    And then, this Jewish NGO, Israel Flying Aid, has the nerve to say that now that the US isn’t paying their share of expenses for the the UN Human Rights Commission, that the US can fund it instead.

    May God grant the demise of the Jews’ Zionist Nationalist state soon.

    Oh, foolish deluded Jews, keep pushing to take over the Noble Sanctuary and threatening to destroy the Dome of the Rock, where the Temple of YHWH never stood.



    “I said my name is Gal, and I came from Israel. I am an Israeli and a Jew, and I care for you.”

    The Israeli NGO Israel Flying Aid has been providing humanitarian aid to Syrians for years through a “full undercover unit of all native Arabic speakers,” Gal Lusky, the head of the organization, said Monday.

    In the last few days, the NGO has gone public following reports that the IDF carried out a mission last Thursday night – with the group’s help – to deliver massive amounts of humanitarian aid to refugees fleeing Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces in southwestern Syria.

    Lusky, in a conference call put together by The Israel Project, said her organization has been “really busy” with the IDF, providing aid on a weekly basis to Syrian refugees over the last two years.

    She said Israel Flying Aid specializes in delivering aid to countries that do not have diplomatic ties with Israel.

    According to Lusky, the NGO has three units working around the world.

    “We have a visible Israel Flying Aid unit with our logo and name on it, and are always proud to do that,” she said.

    “In countries hostile to Israel, we use a unit that uses a different name and logo that works under a cover story of a European mission.

    “And in an enemy country like Syria we have a full undercover unit, all native Arabic speakers – these people are fully committed to saving lives, as reflected in the Jewish culture and religion.”

    Lusky said it was not “natural” to operate in Syria, something they have done since 2011.

    “We have operated in Pakistan, Sudan, Iraq and more, but this thing in Syria was not so natural,” she said, explaining that the main concern was that “if something ever happened to us, it might drag the whole Israeli government and civilians into being blackmailed, and that was the last thing we wanted to do.”

    During the first three years of operations in Syria, she said, even the Syrians that the organization was working with did not know the true identity of the group.

    “One night we suffered bombings in a joint convoy with Kurdish troops in northern Syria, and I personally decided to step forward with my identity and allow them to choose if they want to collaborate with Israel in the future or not,” she said.

    The first reaction of the Syrians she was working with was very harsh, she said, relating an incident where she revealed her true identity.

    “It was in one of the neighboring countries with Syria. There were two generals belonging to the Free Syrian Army, and two diplomats from a political party belonging to the opposition,” she recalled.

    “I felt I needed to open with an apology, so I said: “Listen, I owe you an apology, because throughout the last year we have been working together very tightly, but I needed to technically lie to you. I am not who you think I am.”

    Lusky said she then removed her hair covering and for the first time her interlocutors saw her full face.

    “I said my name is Gal, and I came from Israel. I am an Israeli and a Jew, and I care for you.”

    She said one of the general’s immediately started to scream and said, “Now I understand – you are not my friend, you are my enemy! So let me tell you one thing: I am going to finish with [Syrian President Bashar] Assad, and you are next.”

    Lusky said she replied by saying that she agreed with him about removing Assad, and added, “I strongly believe you should live in the same conditions and security and prosperity as we do next door, and that’s what the beginning of the revolution [in Syria] was all about.”

    She said last week Israel supplied massive amounts of tents, baby formula, medication, food items and hygiene sanitation kits to the refugees.

    But, she said, the weight of the humanitarian assistance cannot solely rest on Israel’s shoulders, even though Israel is a gateway to access the Syrians fleeing the Deraa region.

    If she had just “five seconds” with US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, Lusky said she would recommend redirecting funds that the US once paid to the UN Human Rights Council – which it quit last month – to aid the Syrian refugees via Israel.

    Lusky said she did not think Israel should open its northern border to the refugees.

    What it should do, she recommended, is ensure that there was a wide enough buffer zone across the border – which would be protected – that would “allow these people to stay among their own people and be able to get access” to international humanitarian aid.

  64. Israhell July 3, 2018 @ 4:19 pm

    Close combat footage of Syrian troops capturing dozens of towns in Daraa


    Netanyahu to visit Moscow on July 11 to have talks with Putin



    A senior Iranian military spokesman accused Washington of hatching a “dangerous plot” in Iraq and Syria.


    In an interview with the al-Alam News Network on Wednesday, President Bashar Assad underscored his country’s full support for “any act of resistance, whether against terrorists or against occupying forces regardless of their nationality.”



    Bashar Assad has accused London of openly supporting the White Helmets, whom he described as a branch of al-Qaeda.

    7In the Syrian president’s words, the White Helmets are little more than a “PR stunt by the UK.” Speaking to Sputnik, Dr. Tim Anderson, professor and author of two books on the Syrian war, shared his perspective on Assad’s remarks.


    ( )

  65. KathJuliane July 3, 2018 @ 4:30 pm

    You’ll never guess who showed up in in Syria during a surprise visit traveling in the sneaky footsteps of his close pal, John McCain.


    US Senators Lindsey Graham and Jeanne Shaheen [D-NH] visited Manbij, Syria, on July 2. Senator Graham said he would tell President Trump it was important to keep US forces there.

    The footage shows a US delegation touring Manbij streets and a local market, alongside members of the Manbij Military Council, a Kurdish militia and US ally.

    The mood among Syrians is that time for the Yankee occupation to go home will come.

    Syrians anticipate that this time will arrive sooner or later when too many US forces start returning in black body bags, and Americans will demand that no more of their soldiers die in foreign wars with countries that pose no threat to the territory of the United States of Adelson.


    Mint Press News: Lindsey Graham Warns U.S. Withdrawal from Syria Would Be “Terrible” During Surprise Visit to Manbij

    It remains to be seen how Graham plans to walk the fine line between his recently voiced support for Kurdish fighters and his desire to maintain a strong relationship with Turkey.

    MANBIJ, SYRIA – After meeting with Turkish leadership over the weekend, Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) made a “surprise visit” on Monday to Manbij, where they met with members of Manbij Military Council (MMC), a Kurdish militia that operates as part of the umbrella group, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

    After visiting a city market and speaking with militia members, Graham told MMC officials that “I will tell President Trump that it’s important we stay here to help you. You are friends of the United States and if we leave it will be terrible.”

    Graham has long been known for his hawkish stance on Syria, having criticized the U.S. strikes on three alleged Syrian chemical-weapons sites this past April for not going far enough, calling the strikes a “missed opportunity.”

    Hussein Akoush

    US Senator Lindsey Graham in a visit to the SDF-held Minbej#SDF #Minbej #Syria #USA #LindseyGraham

    6:30 AM – Jul 2, 2018

    The senators’ visit was warmly accepted by MMC members, who saw their appearance as proof that U.S. support to the group would continue despite the recent U.S.-Turkey agreement that would see Turkey jointly administer Manbij with the U.S. — an agreement that the MMC has refused to accept.

    Despite the MMC’s high hopes, Turkish media has reported that Kurdish militia groups will begin leaving Manbij as soon as Wednesday as the U.S.-Turkish plan to jointly administer the area is set to come into full effect later this week.

    Other observers of the senators’ visit, however, took it as a sign that U.S. military involvement in Syria will not only continue but increase, despite rumors that Trump is planning to use withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria as a bargaining chip with Russian leadership at a U.S.-Russia summit scheduled for later this month in Finland.

    Meanwhile, Syrian state media reported that the U.S. was planning to increase the deployment of its troops in and around Manbij after Graham’s visit.

    As MintPress has previously reported, Manbij is home to two U.S. bases that host American and British forces, as well as a French military base. The Western military presence has only increased in recent months, particularly after the Turkish government threatened to overtake Manbij after its successful offensive that removed SDF Kurdish militias from the city of Afrin earlier this year.

    Watch | Lindsey Graham tells Kurds in Manbij: “it’s important we stay here to help you”

    [Did Graham just say Allaakbar to the SDF? -Kj]

    Graham walking a new fine line

    However, Graham’s statements during his visit to Manbij are unusual given that the senator has not always backed U.S. support for Syrian Kurds.

    Indeed, last year, Graham strongly criticized the U.S. alliance with Kurdish groups connected to the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), both of which are considered terrorist groups by the Turkish government but also form the backbone of the U.S.-allied SDF.

    For instance, last May, Graham criticized the Trump administration’s decision to provide heavy weapons to Kurdish groups, asserting that “cooperation with the YPG harms relations with Turkey.”

    He also questioned whether it would be better for the U.S. to train more Arab fighters in lieu of Kurdish fighters in order to assuage Turkish concerns of U.S. support for the YPG.

    Given that Graham described his recent weekend meeting with Turkish President Erdogan as “very good, respectful, and candid” and asserted that the U.S. needs Turkey as a “strategic partner,” it remains to be seen how Graham plans to walk the fine line between his recently voiced support for Kurdish fighters and his desire to maintain a strong relationship with Turkey.

  66. KathJuliane July 3, 2018 @ 4:37 pm

    Syriana Analysis: The History of Bab Tuma in Damascus (Gate of Thomas)

    Bab Tuma (Gate of Thomas) is a borough of the Old City of Damascus in Syria, one of the seven gates inside the historical walls of the city, and a geographic landmark of Early Christianity.

    It owes its name to Saint Thomas the Apostle, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. During the Roman era, the gate was dedicated to Venus.

  67. KathJuliane July 3, 2018 @ 6:35 pm

    Neither ISIS nor al Nusra/al Qaeda have ever been included any of the de-escalation zones.

    TASS/Twenty-seven communities in Syria’s southern de-escalation zone join government’s side

    According to the Defense Ministry, efforts are being taken in these settlements to prepare for restoration works at infrastructure facilities and begin deliveries of humanitarian assistance



    Pro-government forces are now in control over about 60% of the southern Syrian province of Daraa, the Hezbollah media wing in Syria said on July 3 releasing maps allowing to compare the military situation before and after the start of the Syrian Army’s operation in the area.

    Since late June, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have liberated about 1,000km2 from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and other miltiant groups, thus establishing control of 2,350km2 of the Daraa province.

    Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allied militant groups remain in control of 1,350km2 – 34% of the province. The ISIS-linked Khalid al-Walid Army controls 250km2 – 6% of the province. It’s interesting to note that the ISIS-held area is located near the Israeli-occupied Golan Hegihts.

    Currently, negotiations are ongoing between the Damascus government and more or less moderate militant groups in the province of Daraa. Damascus suggests them a reconciliation agreement which would allow militants to settle their legal status after a surrender of their weapons.

    However, the situation remains complicated because of a notable Hayat Tarhir al-Sham influence in the area.

  68. KathJuliane July 3, 2018 @ 6:57 pm

    Perhaps if the United States of Adelson was to formally apologize for the murder by the USS Vicennes of 290 civilian passengers on a flight from Iran to Dubai over the Persian Gulf, including 66 children, on board a civilian Iranian Air Bus 30 years ago today, then the Iranians would stop chanting “Death to America” (meaning, the government of the USA) every Friday.

    Let’s recall that on the 9/11 Trade Towers Disaster, thousands of Iranians turned out on the streets in sympathy and solidarity offering their prayers and candlelight vigils.

    I remember reading that it was the shootdown of passenger Flight 655 in a normal civilian flight lane and the subsequent shabby White House treatment of the Iranian people after the incident, including V.P. George HW Bush’s bellicose statement that the US would never apologize for the USN’s responsibility for the disaster.

    In fact, besides an effort at cover-up and strings of lies, the Reagan White House tried to turn the tables and blame Iran instead for the disaster, and that became the reason why Iranians started the Friday chant.


    Foreign Policy Journal (July 3, 2017): The ‘Forgotten’ US Shootdown of Iranian Airliner Flight 655­ [Excerpted]

    On the rare occasions the US mainstream media refer to the US shootdown of an Iranian airliner in 1988, they sustain the myth it was simply a “mistake”.

    Today marks twenty-nine years [30 years now] since the shootdown by the USS Vincennes of Iran Air flight 655, which killed all of the plane’s 290 civilian passengers. This shootdown of a civilian airliner by a US naval ship occurred on July 3, 1988, toward the end of the eight-year Iran-Iraq War.

    This incident is, of course, something that the people of Iran well remember. Americans who rely on the US mainstream media, on the other hand, would have to be forgiven for never having heard about it.

    Furthermore, in the rare instances when the media do mention it, to this day they tend to maintain official US government falsehoods about what occurred and otherwise omit relevant details that would inform Americans about what really happened.

    The lack of mention of the incident or, when it is mentioned, the deceptive reporting about what occurred illustrates an institutionalized bias in the media. The consequence is that Americans seeking to understand US-Iran relations today fail to grasp a key historical event that has helped to define that relationship.

    How the Mainstream Media Report the US Shootdown of Flight 655

    If one does a quick Google search for relevant keywords specific to the shootdown, only a handful of US mainstream media reports turn up on first-page results.

    Max Fisher in the Washington Post wrote a piece about it several years ago, appropriately titled “The Forgotten story of Iran Air Flight 655”.

    For context, Fisher asserted that “the Vincennes was exchanging fire with small Iranian ships in the Persian Gulf.” As explanation for how the Vincennes “mistook the lumbering Airbus A300 civilian airliner for a much smaller and faster F-14 fighter jet”, Fisher suggested it was “perhaps” due to “the heat of battle” or “perhaps because the flight allegedly did not identify itself.”

    The Washington Examiner a couple years ago ran a piece with the headline “Iran says 1988 airliner shootdown is why U.S. can’t be trusted”.

    The author, Charles Hoskinson, stated simply that “An investigation revealed that the cruiser’s crew mistook the airliner for an attacking F-14 fighter jet while involved in a confrontation with Iranian gunboats.”

    Fred Kaplan in Slate noted in a 2014 piece that the incident “is almost completely forgotten” (at least in the US).

    His article was appropriately subtitled “The time the United States blew up a passenger plane—and covered it up.”

    As a journalist who had reported on the incident at the time and challenged the US government’s official story, Kaplan noted that “American officials told various lies” intended to blame the Iranians for the tragedy.

    The government had claimed that the Vincennes was in international waters at the time, that the plane was flying “outside of the prescribed commercial air route” and descending at the “high speed” of 450 knots directly toward the Vincennes, and that the plane’s transponder was squawking a code over a military channel.

    In truth, the Vincennes was in Iran’s territorial waters, the plane was ascending through 12,000 feet at 380 knots within the established commercial air route, and its transponder was squawking the plane’s identify over a civilian channel.

    The above is not an exhaustive list, but these examples illustrate that, on the rare occasions when the US mainstream media do mention the incident, to this day they sustain the US government’s narrative that this killing of 290 civilians was simply a “mistake” for which no one should be held criminally responsible.

    So how well does this narrative hold up?

    The Facts about the US Shootdown of Flight 655

    After the Vincennes shot down Flight 655, as Fred Kaplan noted in his Slate piece, Vice President George H. W. Bush responded by saying, “I will never apologize for the United States of America—I don’t care what the facts are.”

    The facts were that the Aegis cruiser USS Vincennes, under the command of Captain Will Rogers III, had entered Iran’s territorial waters and opened fire on and sank two Iranian gunboats posing no threat to the American vessels. (Aboard another Iranian boat the Vincennes was passing by at the same moment Rogers gave the order to open fire, the crew was seen relaxing topside, as captured by the camera of US Navy journalists.)

    At the time, as a Navy investigation later acknowledged, the Vincennes detected a plane ascending “on a normal commercial air flight plan profile” and squawking a transponder signal identifying itself as a commercial aircraft.

    Aboard the Sides, with identical radar information as received aboard the Vincennes, Captain Carlson determined the plane was a “non-threat”.

    Aboard the Vincennes, Lieutenant William Montford warned Captain Rogers that the plane was “possible COMAIR”, but Rogers nevertheless ostensibly convinced himself that his ship was under attack from an F-14 fighter plane and minutes later ordered it shot down.

    (Incidentally, the US had sold F-14s to Iran in the early 1970s while it was under the thumb of Washington’s strongman, Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi, who was put in power after a CIA-orchestrated coup in 1953 overthrew Iran’s democratically elected government by deposing Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh for having nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. The Shah was in turn overthrown during Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution.)

    Well aware that his action might kill civilians, Rogers ordered his gunner to open fire on the plane, shooting it out of the sky.

    The Navy’s self-investigation attributed the discrepancy between the known facts and Rogers’ actions to “scenario fulfillment”. Rogers had made “an unconscious attempt to make available evidence fit a preconceived scenario.”

    In other words, even though the information the officers and crew aboard the Vincennes were receiving indicated that the plane was ascending along a commercial flight path and squawking its identify as a civilian airliner, Rogers imagined it to be an F-14 fighter jet coming down out of the sky to attack his ship.

    US government officials evidently also suffered from “scenario fulfillment” as they proceeded to make claims about what had happened bearing no relationship to reality.

    President Ronald Reagan claimed that the killing of 290 civilians was justified as “a proper defensive action”.

    Never one to apologize, Vice President Bush, while campaigning for the presidency, called it “just an unhappy incident” and reassured Americans that “life goes on.”

    As he was scheduled to speak before the UN Security Council about the incident, Bush said, “I can’t wait to get up there and defend the policy of the United States government” by presenting “the free world’s case” for why 290 mostly Iranian civilians were dead.

    Speaking before the Security Council, Bush blamed Iran for allowing a civilian airliner to go about its business carrying passengers to Dubai at a time when an American warship was “engaged in battle”.

    He declined to explain how the pilot, Captain Mohsen Rezaian, or the air traffic controllers at the airport in Bandar Abbas, where Flight 655 had taken off, could possibly have known that a US warship with an imaginative captain on board was in Iran’s territorial waters firing at anything that moved.

    Bush lied to the Council that the Vincennes had “acted in self-defense” against “a naval attack initiated by Iranian vessels” on the American ship when it “came to the aid” of an “innocent ship in distress.”

    Also not wont to question the actions of the US government, the New York Times in an editorial published July 5, 1988, urged Americans via their headline to put themselves “In Captain Rogers’s Shoes”.

    Sympathizing with the killer, the Times editors described the shootdown as “horrifying”, but “nonetheless an accident.”

    It was “hard to see what the Navy could have done to avoid it.” Captain Rogers “had little choice” but to open fire, they opined, assuming the US government’s account “turns out even approximately correct”.

    Of course, the official account turned out to be pretty much the opposite of the truth in virtually every aspect, but the Times was, as ever, not over-eager to seriously question the government’s claims.

    Thus, the editors maintained the deception that the Vincennes was “in a combat zone” and “engaged in action against Iranian gunboats making high-speed runs against it.”

    The editors also relayed as fact that the radar operators aboard the Vincennes had “reported an aircraft heading toward the ship and descending.” Furthermore, they “apparently had indications, which the Navy refuses to discuss, that the plane was a powerful F-14 jet.”

    Unimaginatively, the Times editors failed to conceive of the most obvious reason why the Navy would refuse to discuss that claim: because there were no such indications.

    The furthest the Times would go to question the official narrative was to state that it was “not yet clear why sophisticated radar did not distinguish between an F-14 and a much larger Airbus.”

    The lie the Times was upholding then—as to this day—was that the ship’s sophisticated radar had indicated it was something other than a civilian airliner.

    After axiomatically accepting this lie, the editors immediately urged their readers to “put yourself in Captain Rogers’s shoes”.

    They proceeded to assert that the “evidence” suggested “an imminent attack” by the plane on the Vincennes.

    Note that the word “evidence” in this context is being used euphemistically by the Times’ editorial board to mean claims by US government officials that were directly contradicted by the actual evidence available to them.

    The Times proceeded to state that, if the US government’s account was at least “largely correct,” then we could safely conclude that the Iran Air pilot was to blame “for failing to acknowledge the ship’s warnings and flying outside the civilian corridor.

    “Iran, too, may bear responsibility for failing to warn civilian planes away from the combat zone of an action it had initiated.”

    They concluded that “the onus for avoiding such accidents in the future” fell not on the captains of American warships operating in the territorial waters of other countries, but “on civilian aircraft” flying in their own airspace.

    The takeaway lesson presented by the Times was that civilian aircraft should just “avoid combat zones, fly high, [and] acknowledge warnings.”

    Finally, the editorial concluded that ultimate blame lay with the government of Iran, with the “accident” instructing the world that it was time for Tehran “to bring an end to its futile eight-year war with Iraq.”

    Of course, as the Times editors were perfectly well aware, it was Iraq who started the war, which dragged on for eight long years in large part due to the fact that the US was backing the aggressor.

    Far from being held accountable for the mass murder of 290 civilians, Captain Rogers was later presented with the Legion of Merit award “for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service” during his time as commanding officer when the shootdown occurred.

    Rogers’ weapons and combat systems officer at the time, Lieutenant Commander Scott E. Lustig, received two commendation medals and was praised for “heroic achievement” for his conduct during the incident.

    The entire crew of the Vincennes received combat action ribbons.

    Full story:


    Every year, Iranians throw stalks of flowers in the Persian Gulf to mark the anniversary and pay tribute to the victims of the terrible human tragedy, which retains the record for highest death toll of any aviation incident in the body of water.

    To refuse to apologize is showing no integrity.

    The U.S. Supreme Court later that the families of the dead passengers could not sue the U.S. because the US was in a state of war with Iran, owner of the passenger Airbus.

    Neither country apparently knew they were at war until so informed by SCOTUS.

    The disaster occured towards the end of the 1980-88 Iraq-Iran War, with Iraq as the proxy force for the US orchestrated strategy of overthrowing the revolutionary Iranian government which had overthrown the US’ own puppet Shah in 1979.

    Iranians with very good reason believe that the airliner was shot down intentionally as a signal as to what would happen to the rest of Iran in order to force Iran into signing a peace treaty with Saddam Hussein when Hussein was “our bad guy,” before the US turned on him in 1990 after 8 years supplying him military aid and weapons systems.


    YouTube (2017): Iran Air 655 passenger flight 29th Anniversary of USA warship war crime (no translation needed)

  69. KathJuliane July 3, 2018 @ 7:38 pm

    RT: ‘If I shake your hand I will be fired’: Exclusive Interview with New Russian Ambassador

  70. dave July 3, 2018 @ 9:53 pm

    @Brother Nathanael

    Re: Why the US-Israel Alliance Will Soon Be a Trouble for Both

    Well good ‘ol George Washington warned in no uncertain terms in his 1797 Farewell Address to America that we must avoid at all costs getting embroiled in “a passionate attachment” to a foreign country or else it will certainly destroy us in the end.

    He said “foreign country” 12 times. And if you insert “Israel” in place of “foreign country” it would be perfectly applicable to today’s relationship with Israel in 2018.

    And yes, short of an internal military coup d’état it will undoubtedly be our destruction.

    As far as this 4th of July celebrating stuff, I sure as hell won’t be celebrating ’cause we are not independent!

    @Ted Gorsline

    I see by CBC News that Zionist shill Steven Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada, has just visited the White House, via the servants entrance, for secret meetings with John Bolton and others?

    Is that the entrance that says “servants of Israel only”? LOL

  71. OPPORTUNITY July 3, 2018 @ 10:50 pm

    William C. Rogers III, (born December 1938) is a former officer in the United States Navy, most notable as the captain of USS Vincennes, a Ticonderoga-class Aegis cruiser.

    While under his command, the ship shot down Iran Air Flight 655 in the Persian Gulf, killing 290 civilians and creating an international “incident”.

  72. pesach ben or July 3, 2018 @ 11:01 pm

    Prince William sticks his “prayers” in the wall of a Roman fortress?

    What kind of holohoax JS is that?

    Did the prince or whatever he is visit the Jew memorial to their “implosion” of the World Trade Centers in New York, perhaps adding his wad of gum to the mementos left there by concerned visitors?

  73. Israhell July 3, 2018 @ 11:04 pm

    Israel Preparing for Complete Annexation of the West Bank, UN Warns

    Analysts have predicted that US absence from the UNHRC will give the Palestinian and Arab side more influence at the council; however, time will tell if more countries will eventually bow to US pressure.

  74. Zionien July 7, 2018 @ 4:18 pm

    @Pesach Ben Or

    Good one!

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