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The Flip Side Of Trump’s Embassy Move

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The Flip Side Of Trump’s Embassy Move
December 7, 2017

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Brother Nathanael @ December 8, 2017


  1. Brother Nathanael December 8, 2017 @ 1:00 am

    Text –Text– Text

    The Flip Side Of Trump’s Embassy Move
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2017

    “A reckless move!” cried numerous nations around the world.

    “Violence will erupt!” they warned.

    But Trump, scornful of world opinion, made his ‘historical’ decision.

    [Clip: “I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. While previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise, they failed to deliver. Today, I am delivering.”]

    To whom? Those ‘deplorables’ who prefer, ‘America First?’

    They certainly didn’t vote, ‘Israel First.’

    This crowd did.

    [Clip: “When I become president, the days of treating Israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one.” (Applause) We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem!” (Applause!) (Applause!) (Applause!)]

    I grew up as a Jew and know something about campaign promises to the Israel Lobby.

    ‘Cash in advance’ always expects ‘cash-back on delivery.’

    [Clip: “Through all of these years, presidents representing the United States have declined to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In fact, we have declined to acknowledge any Israeli capital at all.”]

    Au Contraire.

    A dog off his leash can pee in all the wrong places.

    [Clip: “What’s the capital of Israel?” “The capital of Israel that I go to, sir, is Tel Aviv, because that’s where all their government people are.” “Do you agree with me that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem?” “Sir, right now I stick with the US policy.” “Okay.” “Do you support moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?” “I would defer to the nominee for Secretary of State on that, sir.”]

    Tillerson? He got a gag in his mouth.

    But Kushner got a megaphone.

    [Clip: “When we started the process of looking how to create the peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians the first thing a lot of people told us is that it wasn’t the right time, the conditions weren’t right, after years of distrust…” “I’m happy you mentioned trust, because there’s no trust between the sides at all. You’ve managed to build trust on the Israeli side, I know you’re working hard on winning trust on the Palestinian side. But frankly, it’s all going to end up with the mediator, you.”]

    As Mossad’s mole in the White House? As the uber-zuber Zionist behind Trump’s embassy move?

    It’s been the “art of the con” all along to let Bibzy dump the two-state solution under the cover of the Trump White House.

    [Clip: “Mr Prime Minister, did you come here tonight to tell the President that you’re backing off the two-state solution?”]

    Why the head-rolling, Bibzy? ‘Me give up the 2-state solution?’

    Trump to the rescue!

    [Clip: “I’m looking at two-state, and one-state, and I like the one that both parties like.” (Netanyahu Laughing) “I’m very happy with the one both parties like. I can live with either one.”]

    Abandon ALL hope, all ye Palestinians who enter here. Quote:

    “Trump has delivered a message to the Palestinian people: ‘The two-state solution is over,'” said Saeb Erekat, chief Palestinian peace negotiator.

    But don’t despair…there’s a flip side to Trump’s dirty deal.

    “Now is the time,” stressed Erekat, “to transform the struggle for one-state with equal rights for everyone living in historic Palestine, from the river to the sea.”

    That means equal citizenship, equal rights for both Jews and Palestinians…I kind of like the flip side, don’t you?

  2. Brother Nathanael December 8, 2017 @ 1:04 am

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  5. Brother Nathanael December 8, 2017 @ 1:38 am

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    This past seven days only a handful donated to me. This is disastrous.

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  6. pj December 8, 2017 @ 6:03 am

    This could be a back door to war with Iran.

    Trump and Netanyahu are betting that mayhem and “terrorism” will spiral to a point that can blame Iran.

  7. jim December 8, 2017 @ 7:58 am

    Although Trump was trying to fulfill a campaign promise and do the right thing,

    I don’t believe Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel like he and Zio-Christians say

    When Jesus comes back there will be a new Jerusalem. So these Jews must read the New Testament to see that…

  8. Kalif December 8, 2017 @ 8:34 am


    The flip side sounds good to me too.

  9. edward wallace December 8, 2017 @ 9:23 am


    Next year Trump might Trump himself and make Jerusalem Capital of JEWSA as well

  10. T W Huning December 8, 2017 @ 9:56 am


    Yes, one Palestine indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

  11. Ft. Nolan December 8, 2017 @ 10:09 am

    Perhaps Jerusalem should be its own country much like San Marino, the Vatican (oops), Monaco plus other micro-states.

    The Vatican would just love the possibility of occupying Jerusalem, claiming it for Roman Catholicism. Such has been an objective since the Crusades. Read up on how the Jesuits (re: “Jewsuits”) operate for better understanding this matter.

    With smoldering conditions existing in the Middle East these days, our President pours gasoline on what will or should become a blazing fire of indignation. No American, no European is safe in the Levant and surrounding Arab world for the time being. If you can’t provoke a world war in the Far East, then provoke one in the Near East. Either way, the globalist zio-cons are at the root of it all.

    Will the fall of the House of Saud precipitate an Iranian attack on the Arabian peninsula followed by a united Muslim push against Israel? Bring in Turkey and perhaps the Apocalyptic “Kings of the East” become a reality.

    Pastor Chuck Baldwin elaborates on the fate of Jerusalem after Titus leveled the city: (you will have to read past his opening remarks)

    Essentially, the Lord drives out the Jews for rejecting His Messiah, and now zionist Christians want to overturn the Lord’s work by returning Jerusalem to the insidious Jews. Think along the lines of a drunk driver losing his or her license only to have some idiotic sympathizer stumping for its reissuing.

    In the end, you have to ask, what are the Israelis going to do with Jerusalem if and when they gain full control of Jerusalem?

    Whatever they do, it will not be righteous or scriptural and it certainly will not be endorsing any Christian sentiments.

  12. Robert G Pickle December 8, 2017 @ 11:17 am

    Connecting the dots.

  13. Brother Nathanael December 8, 2017 @ 6:14 pm

    Special Thanks to:

    Byron C. (Blessings to you, dear Byron!)

  14. Brother Nathanael December 8, 2017 @ 6:31 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    I’m in serious trouble.

    I’ve never seen it this bad. My online ministry is on the edge of collapse.

    I can’t seem to engender donations like I used to. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? What I need to do to get the donations up to par?

    I’m at the brink. My ministry (no ironic pun intended) is on the line.

    And NOT ONLY my online ministry but my Street Evangelism is ALSO on the edge of collapse.

    (The anonymous sponsorship for my Street ministry has come to a grinding halt.)

    Anyone have any insights and ideas for me?

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Publisher, Real Jew News
    & (struggling) Street Evangelist!

  15. Chris M December 8, 2017 @ 7:42 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    I think people are frightened to contribute. It’s hard to know who’s keeping tabs on us in these days of surveillance.

    On top of that, people’s finances are as tight as they ever have been. A lot of households are one bill away from financial disaster.

  16. Brother Nathanael December 8, 2017 @ 8:20 pm

    @Chris M

    The Jews count on goys being ‘frightened.”

    They create the fear and keep their power.

    ‘For Fear Of The Jews’ @

  17. Zionien December 8, 2017 @ 9:08 pm

    Uhhh Huuuuuh – Yes, but the Jews like their bread buttered on both sides, but this sure makes it a guaranteed mess when it is inevitably dropped!

    I like your outside of the box thinking here +BN. Trump doesn’t speak for the 360 MILLION US citizens, as much as the Jews want to fantaLIES about it!

    All Trump has done is told them what they been wanting to hear — (gets the monkeys off his back) and he left the stinking cry babies hang up (fake statehood legitimacy via shame bait) on their own laps so when it blows up.

    It’s THEIR baby!

  18. Zionien December 8, 2017 @ 9:11 pm

    The Constitutional Republic Of Palestine?

    Sounds pretty good! Let the Jeworms claim a democtherocracy — lying is what they do best!

  19. Al December 8, 2017 @ 9:28 pm


    Trump gave Israel what it wanted and in return AIPAC will block any attempts to impeach Trump.

  20. Caveman2012 December 8, 2017 @ 10:52 pm

    This is one more step towards rebuilding of the Salomon Temple by the satanic Jews. They already have their fake new priests and golden menorahs.

    And all this is brought to us by this slimy bastard “Mr. 666” — Jared Kushner.

    Is he just a wannabe Antichrist or is he the real deal?

    Someone please tell him that +JESUS CHRIST+ will CRUSH him and his master, the old serpent, the Devil.

    Come Jesus and deliver us from this Evil, have mercy on us!

  21. Brother Nathanael December 8, 2017 @ 11:49 pm

    +BN’s GAB of the DAY!

    Follow +BN on GAB! @

  22. Brother Nathanael December 9, 2017 @ 12:33 am

    Palestine now favours Russia as a de-facto global mediator (use online translator)

  23. Brother Nathanael December 9, 2017 @ 2:11 am

    Check out +BN on The Truth Seeker @

  24. Brother Nathanael December 9, 2017 @ 2:59 am

    Russia is ONLY honest broker for Palestine statehood @

    Russia’s prime minister touched on this with Abbas years ago:

  25. B December 9, 2017 @ 3:05 am

    The people of the USA really need to know that all of the weather disasters and other disasters in the US are spiritually caused by the rottenness of Israel and of the Jewish leadership.

    That the Jewish leadership can make such great and continuous disasters year after year, demonstrates how much in control that they are in the USA.

  26. rt news December 9, 2017 @ 4:24 am

    Russia-China real gold standard means end of US dollar dominance

  27. The Englishman December 9, 2017 @ 6:30 am

    American children of Foundation Fathers!

    Time for action is overdue. Your vile, cancerous, parasitic, treacherous occupational clique of kikes must be dealt with.

    First to be frogmarched on to a Henry Ford built three axle, 6X4 canvas backed 15 tonner — none other than Hiam Saban followed by the many kikes in both Chambers, with a special place for traitor Goy Linsey Graham.

    No trip to the Arizona desert, no dumb dumb low velocity bullet to the gut, no, that is their bestiality.

    As suggested by a great mind here, their very own Penguin Isle in the southernmost waters, free passage courtesy of Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines.

    Over time, with help from Russia possibly China, a suitable Planet elsewhere, preferably beyond our Solar System, can be found for them to infest.

  28. Seek The Truth December 9, 2017 @ 10:07 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    Have you ever tried demonstrating at a Christian Zionist rally?

    I know you’ve been to AIPAC rallies, but I’ve never heard of you attending a Christian Zionist rally in Texas, Alabama etc. and offering an alternative voice to the fanatical worship of Jews as “God’s chosen” which excuses them for crimes against the U.S.

    Crimes such as the killing of JFK as enemy #1 of Israel or the blowing up of the U.S.S. Liberty in order to try to start a war between Egypt and the U.S., or the Mossad participation in 911 in order to justify endless invasions of Muslim countries by the U.S. military.

  29. The Crowd Cheered On December 9, 2017 @ 10:21 am

    Moving Israel’s capital to Jerusalem is a big step toward Zionist headquarters being set up at Jerusalem in fulfillment of Daniel 11:45 and 2 Thes 2:4.

    Unlike past presidents, Trump didn’t sign the waiver to keep the US embassy in Tel Aviv. Trump announced that the US embassy is to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    Immediately after Trump made these announcements promoting Zionism for Jerusalem, Trump gave a big speech in Pensacola, Florida denouncing NAFTA, TPP, globalism, the sub-ordination of the USA under the UN, and similar MAGA verbage. And the crowds cheered on.

    There are video collages with clips of Trump saying the Clintons are great alongside clips of Trump saying the Clintons are terrible. Trump lies and contradicts himself more than any politician I can remember, even BS Clinton and Obama ben Lying.

    Trump made a big move promoting Jew World Order, one world government, by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Jerusalem is touted as the “International City.” Think international as in global as in global government headquartered at Jerusalem.

    Immediately after Trump announced that the US embassy will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Trump gave his anti-globalism speech in Florida denouncing NAFTA, globalism, etc. Trump’s statements on globalism are just opposite his actions on globalism.

    Trump does the opposite of what he says. Trump says he will stop the migrant flood, but that must mean the migrant flood will continue, because Trump does opposite what he says. Trump said great sounding stuff at his Florida speech, but his speeches are made to hide his true plans.

    If Hillary Rotten had been elected matters would only be the same or worse. Donald and Hillary were both selected by Rothschild agents.

    Satan and his children are leading the world down the road to the great tribulation and Armageddon.

  30. Zionien December 9, 2017 @ 2:36 pm


    ^ I too believe the Antichrist is Jared Kushner.

    What a panzy WORM that D bag is – Yikes!

    Seriously, if he was ever in a regular school, he would’ve been the one who would have off’d himself for bullying – too bad :(!!!

  31. Zionien December 9, 2017 @ 2:40 pm


    I enjoyed your read and I agree. SO be it – let’s get this party started.

    The sooner we start the sooner THEY will be DONE!

    It’s inevitable anyway, so lets sit back and watch it all unfold and blow up in their faces!

  32. Kiimm December 9, 2017 @ 4:55 pm

    Seasons greetings and Merry Christmas dear Brother Nathanael and RJN family (donation coming soon BroNate!).

    God Bless. . .

    Meanwhile, some “warm” winter weather greetings!

  33. TelAvivStranglerStrikesThrice December 9, 2017 @ 5:18 pm

    Gazing out beyond Lines in the Pale of Stein sand
    For Stein Sublime came Late to the Promised Land
    With Skin not of Slate-brought Mossad & Chabad;
    Created a Wasteland of Ethnohate-Widow Sun’s Gifts
    Matured none Too Late; bought Hiram Abif Thrift
    For Stein Sublime came Late to the Promised Land
    Now Drumpf Delivers Bibzi’s C.O.D. on Time-Everytime

  34. KathJuliane December 9, 2017 @ 10:27 pm

    Dear +BN.

    Thank you and God bless you for putting all the clues together in this Video. This has been in the planning between Adelson, Netanyahu, Kushner and Trump ever since Trump officially declared he was running for president.

    Adelson, besides being a big time Judeo-neocon Republican Party donor, is a big supporter of the Israeli Zionist religious right. Adelson, a Las Vegas and international gambling mogul, and Trump who was in the gambling biz himself, have been friends for 30 years.

    Netanyahu is so closed to the Kushner family and Jared that whenever he stayed at mansion as their houseguest, Bibi slept in Jared’s bed (according to Jared) when Jared was a kid. That’s how far back Bibi’s relationship goes with the Kushners.

    Bibi’s “oh sh**” moment with head- and eyeroll is priceless. He was truly stuck and embarrassed. Then when Trump sleazed in to cover for him, Bibi’s expression is like, “I can’t believe how smoothly he just saved my lox and bagel!”

    Love that reporter, great question that captured Bibi’s two-faced duplicity on MSM, who was probably from Middle East or maybe Iran. We don’t hear about Bibi dumping two-state two years ago, but he keeps up the pretense to keep milking the US and Israel.

    The back story behind all this is that Netanyahu has repeatedly stated in Israel that there will never be a Palestinian state as long as he’s president.

    Actually, there is a State of Palestine recognized by 70% of the world’s countries including Russia, which is under total Israeli military occupation and control. Palestine has a real embassy in Moscow, and a real Palestinian ambassador to Russia with accepted, recognized credentials. The State of Palestine is, after all, an observer member of the UN.

    Americans should see beyond what the Jewmedia wants you to see about Palestinian “Ayrab terrorists”, that there are intelligent, thoughtful people like Palestinian Saeb Erekat who are extremely polished, committed, well-educated Palestinian policy makers and politicians (and gentlemanly, not an effeminate, Jew metromale like Kushner).

    Saeb Muhammad Salih Erekat, who has always been committed to peace, and describes himself as a “moderate” Muslim, received advanced degrees in America and England, has more qualifications behind him as the chief negotiator for the peace process than the entire White House, including the State Department, combined.

    And, he’s fluent in English, of course.

    Erekat served as chief of the PLO Steering and Monitoring Committee until 12 February 2011. He negotiated the Oslo Accords with Israel and remained chief negotiator from 1995 until May 2003, when he resigned in protest from the Palestinian government. He later reconciled with the party and was reappointed to the post of in September 2003.

    Erekat was born on 28 April 1955 in Abu Dis, Jerusalem Governate of Palestine, then annexed by Jordan. Erekat received a BA and MA in political science at San Francisco State University in the United States, and completed his Ph.D. in peace and conflict studies at Bradford University in England. He is married and is father of twin daughters and two sons.

    On 8 May 2012, he was hospitalized in Ramallah after suffering a heart attack In October of this year, he received a lung transplant and is doing quite well.

    What about his experience as negotiator?

    After gaining his doctorate in peace studies at Bradford, Erekat returned to the West Bank town of Nablus to lecture in political science at An-Najah National University and also served for 12 years on the editorial board of the widely circulated Palestinian newspaper, Al-Quds.

    In 1991, Erekat was deputy head of the Palestinian delegation to the Madrid Conference and the subsequent follow-up talks in Washington between 1992 and 1993. Later, in 1994, he was appointed the Minister for Local Government for the Palestinian National Authority and also the Chairman of the Palestinian negotiation delegation.

    In 1995, Erekat served as Chief Negotiator for the Palestinians during the Oslo period. He was then elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council in 1996, representing Jericho.

    Considered an Arafat loyalist, he was at the Camp David meetings in 2000 and the negotiations at Taba in 2001. Erekat was also, along with Arafat and Faisal Husseini, one of the three high-ranking Palestinians who asked Ariel Sharon not to visit the Al-Aqsa Mosque in September 2000, an event which Palestinians claim sparked off the Second Intifada.

    He also acted as Yasser Arafat’s English interpreter. When Mahmoud Abbas was nominated to serve as Prime Minister of the Palestinian Legislative Council in early 2003, Erekat was slated to be Minister of Negotiations in the new cabinet, but he soon resigned after he was excluded from a delegation to meet Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

    This was interpreted as part of an internal Palestinian power struggle between Abbas and Arafat. Erekat was later reappointed to his post and participated in the 2007 Annapolis Conference, where he took over from Ahmed Qurei during an impasse and helped hammer out a joint declaration.

    The point being, however, the eminently diplomatically qualified and experienced Erekat has been at the center of Israel-Palestine politics and negotiations for almost 30 years. He knows every nuance and shade of legal meaning of every word and phrase in every negotiation agreement since the Madrid Conference.

    So, when Erekat pronounces the Two-State solution dead, it’s probably dead.

    Actually, the two-state solution was dead a long time ago, Trump just happened to sneakily pull the plug of the life support machine it was lingering on.

    Palestinians have known for years that Bibsy had no intention of following through on the two-state solution, because the two-faced bastard said so. He says one thing to the Israelis (Jewish state only), and brazenly lies to the West (“Israel is committed the two-state solution).

    Which is entirely why when the Middle Eastern journalist asked Bibi if he was there to tell the new POTUS that Israel had dropped the two-state solution, but for once Bibi was caught flat-footed. It was common knowledge all over the Middle East, especially Palestine, he had no intention of pursuing the two-state solution in any meaningful form.

    Of course, Fox News won’t interview Ereket, only CNN will. But in any case, the below video news bits just proves that Netanyahu and Trump have cooked this up for a long time.

    Bibi announced he was dumping the two-state solution in early 2015, just a few months before Trump announced he was running for president that June.


    PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat shares his reaction to Israeli PM Netanyahu winning a fourth term and his lack of support for a two-state solution (3/18/2015).

    “No Palestinian State while I’m leader.”

    PLO: Embassy move ‘last nail’ for two states (01/27/2017)

    Saeb Erakat, chief Palestinian negotiator, says if America moves its embassy to Jerusalem, the PLO would revoke its recognition of Israel.

    Erakat: Jerusalem decision crowns extremist [sic]. (12/7/2015)

    Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that President Trump is part of the problem and his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has disqualified the US from a future role in peacemaking.

    The Palestinians knew this was coming from the first moment Trump didn’t publicly give at least lip-service to the US commitment to a two state solution when he covered for Bibsy’s eye-rolling embarrassment, the policy used and abused by Trump’s predecessors since the Olso Accords.

  35. KathJuliane December 9, 2017 @ 11:52 pm

    To add insult to injury, the Palestinians were blindsided by Trump’s Jerusalem designation ambush. They saw it coming, just not when.

    What an evil brood of vipers. They were too busy burning up the communication lines between Trump, Kushner and Da Team, Netanyahu and Adelson planning it all out to bother with diplomatic necessity and protocol. Or else they were too busy plotting how to deliberately set the Palestinians up just to pull the rug out from under them for the sadistic fun of it.

    Oh, and Bibsy needs a huge distraction from the deep cesspool of corruption he’s neck deep in, and being investigated for, and facing possible indictments. And he needed some kind of provocation to get the Arab Street really angry in order to go to war with Gaza, and maybe strike it lucky, and have a pretext to attack southern Lebanon.

    Either way, it just shows the utter contempt Trump WH has for the Palestinians.

    Foreign Policy Magazine: Trump Administration Blindsided Palestinian Leaders on Jerusalem Designation

    Just last week, Palestinian diplomats were cautiously optimistic that U.S. President Donald Trump was on a path that could deliver what the president termed the “ultimate deal” — a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    According to a senior Palestinian official, their optimism was bolstered by a series of interactions with Trump, culminating in a previously unreported meeting on Nov. 30. The meeting included Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner, Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt, and Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell, who met with three senior Palestinian intelligence and diplomatic officials.

    The American side, however, did not inform the Palestinian delegation that Trump would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital at the meeting — even though the president had insisted on doing so in internal deliberations days earlier.

    The meeting, which was confirmed by a National Security Council official, a former U.S. diplomat, and a senior Palestinian official, was held as the first news reports that the Trump administration would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital were already breaking.

    The Palestinian delegation asked whether Trump would sign the waiver to prevent the U.S. Embassy from moving to Jerusalem, which the president did sign this week, but the American side did not volunteer the additional information about Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem.

    Instead, the meeting focused on Trump’s yet-to-be-released peace plan, which may now be dead in the water. Protests have spread across the Arab world in the wake of Trump’s Dec. 6 announcement, and hundreds were wounded and at least one person killed in protests in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip on Friday.

    Following Trump’s speech, PLO Executive Committee Secretary-General Saeb Erekat declared that the “two-state solution is over” and that the time had come “transform the struggle for one-state with equal rights for everyone living in historic Palestine.”

    “This whole thing is not about the status of Jerusalem, it is about the status of Washington,” a Palestinian official told Foreign Policy. “Washington has been seriously damaged as a mediator, and has isolated itself from the global consensus and international law.”

    In an emergency meeting at the U.N. Security Council on Friday, 14 countries on the 15-member council — every country except the United States — opposed the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton told FP that the possibility that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was discussed with the Palestinians and other Arab leaders throughout the year, but that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was not notified of the final decision until his call with Trump on Dec. 5.

    [Yep, blindsided Abbas at the last minute to humiliate him, and deliberately set him on the back foot.].

    The plan to move the embassy came out of a meeting of Trump’s national security advisors that took place on Nov. 27 — three days before the U.S. team’s meeting with the Palestinian delegation, in which they did not mention the impending move.

    Trump was expected to drop in on that Nov. 27 meeting for about 15 minutes, but instead stayed for an hour, according to a Middle East analyst familiar with the deliberations. Trump came with “surprisingly detailed questions and he demanded specific answers,” the analyst said. “He made it clear that the status quo was unacceptable.”

    The recognition of Jerusalem dashed Palestinian hopes that Trump would emerge as their unlikely champion in Middle East peace negotiations.

    More: (Subscription only):

    Oh, oops, Trump. Now what?

    Invade Palestine and join Netanyahu’s miltary occupation for an Israel-Jewmerican Mandate over the Occupied Territories in order to prove that you are still a neutral mediator and honest broker for peace?

  36. KathJuliane December 10, 2017 @ 4:25 pm

    It is often the case when it comes to Israel/Palestine: Media focus is on the reaction to injustice, not on the injustice itself.

    The illegality of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian East Jerusalem is rarely mentioned. Palestinians are prisoners in their own homes and streets with restricted movements.

    Nevertheless, Hebron, a Palestinian city with IDF military occupation protecting illegal settlers, is scarcely being covered at the moment.

    December 8 2017, young boys were randomly arrested by Israeli army in Hebron-H1

    However, to be fair, “the Most Moral Army in the World©” next shows us how it stands up for and preserves democracy…for the Jews that is.

    Israeli soldiers punching and kicking Palestinian teenager in Hebron in an older video.

    Al-Khalil/Hebron. Many Palestinians have been detained today as protesters clashed with Israeli occupation forces. One teenager was filmed being beaten as he was handcuffed with his arms behind his back. It’s standard operating procedure.

    Spunky kid, he still tried to kick them.

    In Jewmerica and more so in Europe, when Israel’s actions and views create their own dissent and resistance out of moral conscience and righteous indignation, we are told that the West is just anti-Semitic, which is a lie.

    Most people are just opposed to the brutal military occupation and repression of the Palestinians at the hands of the Jews and their Israel Occupation Forces (IOF). The Israel-Palestinian conflict and “peace process” has been going on for 70 years–5 years older than I am.

    And no, foolish Jews, the hasbara won’t work that there are Israeli Arabs in the IOF, too. The fact is, they are a small minority in the IDF, and a number of them are nomadic Bedouin who have had their livestock, towns and villages destroyed in order to force them to move into the cities.

    Our Zionist Occupied Government and mega-billion Jewish Lobby and Zio-christian neoliberalcon political engine never see Israel’s actions as questionable, they are religiously blind, morally deficient, avaricious, power hungry, and Greed is their idol.

    I’ve located the original photo of the 14-year old kid being taken into custody that +BN posted above. I discovered his name and location where he was arrested: Fevzi El-Junidi of illegal Settler-occupied Hebron.

    In the above photo at Al Manar its clearly evident that the IDF cowards smacked him around pretty good after he was handcuffed, his shirt is bloody, too. Just getting the standard operating treatment as the Hebron video from months ago. But he’s a fighter.

    One IDF soldier has grabbed his hair on the back of his neck, presumably to stop him from head-butting after restraints.

    Take a look at the kid’s knees in the Al Manar pic. He’s wearing some kind of ad hoc protection for his knees under his jeans, possibly crafted from pieces of steel belted tires?

    Although the IDF is supposed to only use sponge rounds for riot control, they also use “rubber” bullets and other “non-lethal” weapons and are supposed to be shot at extremities, but dozens, maybe hundreds, have been injured, maimed and killed by both “non-lethal” and live rounds. Israeli doctors condemn the use of “rubber” bullets.

    The sneaky, cowardly IDF thugs use “rubber bullets,” really, just plastic or rubber coated steel bullets, and often sneakily load live rounds to deliberately target the kids’ knees to blow out the joints in order to permanently cripple them. It’s far more fun if they can sniper them from concealed positions while the kids are just standing around.

    The Jews don’t care and act with impunity because they know they won’t be disciplined by their Jewish command or the Jewish government. They’ve crippled very young children for target practice.

    The IDF soldier in the photo to his left also has Fevzi grabbed on the shoulder with his left hand, and grabbing the hair on the back of kid’s head with his right hand to keep him from head butting to fight back.

    Another IDF directly behind has his arm locked through the elbow area of the kid’s left arm which is handcuffed from behind.

    Mondoweiss: Sponge rounds, rubber bullets, and tear gas — how Israel’s non-lethal munitions can kill

    ( )

    The Israeli Jews routinely abuse, violate and disregard their own official Open-Fire Policy on live rounds, “rubber” bullets and other projectiles. B’Tselem explains how they do this all of the time, resulting in thousands of injured, maimed, and killed Palestinians, whether protestors, bystanders, or passers-by. The actual numbers of militants killed in

    “B’Tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories — works to end Israel’s occupation in acknowledgment of the fact that ending the occupation regime is the only way to forge a future in which human rights, democracy, liberty and equality are ensured to all persons living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

    While it is not B’Tselem’s role to choose between the various political options that can bring about this future, one thing is clear: none of them include continuation of the occupation.”
    ( )


    Well! Hit ’em where it hurts! In the pocket-book certainly, but in the Israeli Jews’ boastful pride and joy, their hi-tech industrial sector.

    The Trump Effect: Japanese and Chinese High-tech Delegations Cancel Visits to Israel

    China’s Singulato and Tencent cancel visits to Israel, as does Japan’s Toyota Foundation, amid Trump’s Jerusalem decision

    Read more:( )

    Israelis are afraid of Palestinian flags, especially big, bad Defense Minister Avigdor Leiberman.

    Wadi Ara is an area in Israel populated mainly by Arab citizens of Israel (Arab Israelis). Wadi Ara is located northwest of the Green Line, in the Haifa District.

    “What is happening in Wadi Ara is intolerable,” Lieberman said. “So I am calling for a boycott of Wadi Ara. Don’t go there and don’t buy there.

    “They need to understand that it is impossible to demonstrate with Hezbollah flags, Palestinian flags and pictures of [Hezbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah. To accept billions from the National Insurance [Institute] and to also destroy us from within,” he added.
    read more:


  37. KathJuliane December 10, 2017 @ 7:24 pm

    Russian Faith –Christian Renaissance

    Russian Church Vows to Help Rebuild Christian Syria

    The ties between Russia and Syria are ancient – The Russian Orthodox Faith came from Antioch, Syria, where the disciples of Jesus were first called Christian (Acts 11:26)

    [St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called is one of the ancient links having preached and baptized in various parts of now modern Russia in Central Asia, and also by way of the Baltic Sea during his missionary travels.]

    The leader of the Russian Church, Patriarch Kirill promised that the Russian Church will help Syria to cope with post-war problems in every way possible, Interfax Religion reports.

    His main concern is to help reestablish ancient Christian communities, many of which were ravaged by western-backed terrorists fighting the legitimate Syrian government. Many monasteries and Churches were damaged, for example, the Mar Taqla Monastery in Maaloula, where they speak the same language which Jesus spoke – Aramaic.

    [Aramaic was the regional lingua franca originated from Mesopotamia and Assyrian-Babylonian Empire spread across Asian trade networks, then adopted by the Persian royal court.

    Alexander’s conquest of the vast Persian Empire, and the three hundred years of the Greek Macedonian era made Greek the lingua franca from Roman Britannia North Africa and the Roman Near East including Syria and Northern Arabia, to Hellenized Parthian Empire and areas of Central Asia and India in its orbit.

    That Jesus’ spoke in his native tongue of Galilean-Aramaic doesn’t exclude Jesus speaking in Greek, to Pontius Pilate, the Centurions, and to the Hellenes and Hellenisti Jews, or Hebrew for that matter, since He could read the Hebrew Torah in the synagogues.]

    The leader of the Russian Church, Patriarch Kirill promised that the Russian Church will help Syria to cope with post-war problems in every way possible, Interfax Religion reports.

    His main concern is to help reestablish ancient Christian communities, many of which were ravaged by western-backed terrorists fighting the legitimate Syrian government.

    Many monasteries and Churches were damaged, for example, the Mar Taqla Monastery in Maaloula, where they speak the same language which Jesus spoke – Aramaic.

    Orthodox priests and believers were cruelly persecuted. [The author’s] mother’s family is distantly related to Father Fadi Haddad, a priest martyred by extremists in Qatana, a village within sight of the biblical Mount Hermon.

    The conflict in Syria has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, including the country’s Orthodox Christian Defense Minister in 2012 [Syrian General Daud Rajhi, Greek Orthodox Christian was killed when the West was vigorously branding their Jewmerica/Israel/NATO regime change proxy war against President Assad as a civil war “uprising”.].

    Since the Russia intervened in the Civil War, the fight against terrorism has been the labor of the Russian air force in the sky and the Syrian Army on the ground.

    They turned the tide, so Syrians view Russia as their greatest friend and ally.

    The Patriarch stated on Wednesday in his report at the Bishops’ Council in Moscow:

    “The time has come to seriously consider resolving the problems that Syria will face after the establishment of peace in this country. The most important issue is creating safe conditions for Christians living in Syria and to aid the return of refugees.

    “Reconstruction of destroyed churches, infrastructure and housing is necessary. The Russian Orthodox Church will contribute in every way to this process.”

    The spiritual leader pointed to the significance of his meeting with the Pope in February last year to determine and resolve the conflict in the Middle East.

    After the signing of the joint statement, the persecution of Christians was called what it is – “genocide,” he explained.

    Compare this with the typical Zio-christian Ted “If You Will Not Stand with Israel and the Jews, Then I will Not Stand with You” Cruz who insulted an entire conference of Eastern Christians belonging to a non-profit inter-Church organization working to combat the vicious persecution of Eastern Christians by US/Israel/Turkey/Gulf monarchies-backed ISIS and al Qaeda, and local “rebel” stooges.

    It’s bitter irony that Cruz insulted the foreign Christian hierarchs in attendence of the those very same persecuted local Eastern Churches, who flew in from the Middle East.

    Oy veh! Look! It’s תיאודור Cruz!

  38. Halina December 10, 2017 @ 7:27 pm

    Donald Trump Prays with Judeo-Christian Evangelical Religious Leaders, Kenneth Copeland, Paula White and others.

  39. KathJuliane December 10, 2017 @ 8:25 pm

    Over 200 injured in fresh Palestinian protests

    Four Palestinians have been martyred in protests against US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

    Erdogan has been busy burning up the phone lines, even going so far as to call Israel a “terrorist state”. Pardon me while I laugh up my sleeve. Sooty Pot, meet Blackened Kettle.

    I’m not sure Erdogan will actually give up his renewed bilateral relationship with Israel after Netanyahu finally gave a half-fast apology for the IDF’s piracy of the Mavi Mamara and subsequent murder of 9 passengers, however.


    Turkish, Indonesian, Nigerian leaders discuss Jerusalem. Erdogan also spoke to the presidents of France, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Lebanon.

    Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia assailed Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a rallying speech to his ruling party ahead of elections next year.

    And the Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said that the United States’ decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel was “a slap in the face for the entire Muslim world,” pointing out that his country’s military is prepared to perform its duty if its services are required.

    “We have to be prepared for any possibilities. The ATM [Malaysian Armed Forces] has always been ready, waiting for instructions from the top leadership,” the Malaysian state news agency Bernama quoted Hishammuddin Hussein as saying.

    “Let us pray that this dispute would not lead to chaos,” Hussein added.


  40. Brother Nathanael December 11, 2017 @ 4:02 am

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    I need help, can anyone please help me? I’m about to plunge into financial ruin due to ever declining donations which is plunging rapidly. Anyone? I can be reached at: bronathanael[at]yahoo[dot][com]

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    I will put out in the Universe in hopes others will join, to pledge $100 as a donation to continue.

    It is not much to cover your expenses but if 5% of people join, I am sure it will help.

    I am single, $100 would cause sacrifice but your insight and wisdom is priceless.

  42. KathJuliane December 11, 2017 @ 10:34 am

    Mission accomplished!

    Now Trump can boast that he defeated ISIS with his own bare hands.


    Al Manar: Putin from Hmeimim Orders Withdrawal of Russian Troops, Warns Terrorists: Video

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria in a surprise visit to Hmeimim Airbase in Syria’s Latakia province on Monday morning.

    The Russian president has visited the base for the first time since the launch of the anti-terrorist operation at the request of President Bashar Assad.

    The Russian leader has emphasized that should the terrorists try to “rear their heads” in Syria again, Russia will strike them as “they have never seen before.”

    The Russian president was met by his Syrian counterpart, Bashar Assad, and Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu at the airbase, which houses Russian forces assisting Syria in the battle against ISIL terrorists.

    “I order the defense minister and chief of the general staff to start the withdrawal of Russian troops to the site of their permanent deployment,” Putin stated, speaking in front of Russian military personnel at Hmeimim.

    The Russian leader said that in the space of two years the Russian and Syrian armies have “defeated the most battle-hardened grouping of international terrorists.”

    Putin added that he had made the decision that a significant number of the Russian military contingent in Syria should return to Russia.

    Russia Insider: Putin to Russian Soldiers: The Homeland is proud of you! You are returning victorious to your homes! (Russian only)

    RT: ‘Russian troop withdrawal from Syria signals mission accomplished’

    President Vladimir Putin’s announcement on withdrawing “a significant part” of the Russian troops stationed in Syria sends a clear message to the region that the mission has come to an end and others should follow suit, analysts say.

    Russian anti-terrorist op in Syria

    “It assures the region, people back home in Russia and also the troops that the mission has been accomplished,” journalist and author Adel Darwish told RT. Since the start of the campaign, Moscow has pursued its goal – “to keep the integrity of Syria,” he said.

    Putin’s withdrawal order signals that “terrorists have been defeated on the ground,” Darwish added, noting, however, that “there is a lot of work to be done” to stop Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) ideology from spreading.
    “If it wasn’t for the Russian intervention, there would be no massive military force to take on the terrorists,” he said.

    The comments were echoed by the director of the British think tank Gnosos, Ammar Waqqaf, who believes Russian military backing for Syrian government forces “did help turn the tide” in Syria by “most importantly” presenting “a psychological factor.”

    The militants suddenly felt they were no longer fighting only the government, “now there was a superpower,” Waqqaf said, adding it affected the terrorists’ morale and performance on the battlefield.

  43. KathJuliane December 11, 2017 @ 10:39 am

    Vladimir Putin visited Khmeimim Air Base in Syria

    Meeting with President of Syria Bashar al-Assad

    Vladimir Putin met with President of Syria Bashar al-Assad while on a tour of the Russian airbase at Khmeimim. The two leaders discussed the outcome of the counterterrorism operations in Syria.


    Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah launched a military operation in order to clear the desert area in eastern Syria from ISIS.

  44. KathJuliane December 11, 2017 @ 1:06 pm

    Al Jazeera: Anger as ‘This is Bahrain’ delegation visits Israel

    Palestinians have refused a Bahraini delegation from entering Gaza after the group visited Israel amid ongoing controversy over the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem and recognise the city as Israel’s capital.

    The interfaith “This is Bahrain” civil society group defended its visit to Israel on Monday, a day after its trip was reported, as a gesture of tolerance.

    The 25-member group, which is on a five-day tour, includes Sunni and Shia Muslim leaders, Christians, the leader of a Hindu temple, and a Sikh.

    It aims to visit Islamic, Christian, Jewish and other holy sites, the group said, according to a statement carried on Bahrain’s state news.

    Ater widespread outrage, a coalition of various political factions condemned the group’s attempt to visit the besieged Gaza Strip, home to two million Palestinians.

    In a statement on Monday, the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces in Gaza said there was no place for those who normalise relations with Israel in Gaza – or any other place of the occupied Palestinian territories.

    It added that the people of Gaza would prevent the delegation from entering the enclave.

    Reports said the Palestinian Ministry of Education also refused to meet with This is Bahrain, and would not receive the delegation in the occupied West Bank or Gaza.

    Chan’ad Bahraini

    So sweet. As Israel was dropping bombs on Gaza, and Palestinians were protesting Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, King Hamad of Bahrain sends delegation to convey “message of peace” to Israel

    Times of Israel whines: EU upbraids Bobblehead Netanyahu for suggesting it will follow US lead on Jerusalem

    After PM says in Brussels he believes most European countries will recognize Israel’s capital, Bloc’s diplomatic chief Mogherini says he ‘can keep his expectations for others’

  45. KathJuliane December 11, 2017 @ 1:44 pm

    Mondoweiss: ‘My aim is not to resolve the conflict’ — former top Israeli negotiator

    “My aim is not to resolve the conflict. My aim is to secure a Jewish democratic Israel . . . the Zionist vision that came true 70 years ago,” Gilead Sher tells Gilad Halpern and Dahlia Scheindlin at the Tel Aviv Review.

    If you ever wonder, why is there no peace with the Palestinians, you need look no further than this.

    Gilead Sher is an attorney who served as Israel’s chief negotiator with the Palestinians under Prime Minister Ehud Barak (1999-2001) for the Sharm el Sheik Agreement, the Camp David Accord, and the Taba Agreement. Today Sher heads the Center for Applied Negotiations at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies.

    The program discussed Sher’s co-edited book Negotiating in Times of Conflict, which offers a panorama of perspectives on how to overcome obstacles in peace negotiations, looking at examples from around the world. The Institute does good and valuable work and Sher has helpful insights to offer.

    But when it comes to Israel, Sher’s focus appears to be all tactics and manipulating advantage. Based on this interview, justice is not the focus.

  46. benzion kook December 11, 2017 @ 9:18 pm

    “israel is a terrorist state that murders children.” -Tayip Erdogan.

    There’s news for you.

  47. Brother Nathanael December 12, 2017 @ 12:03 am

    NEW Vid tomorrow! STAAAAAAAY tuned. +BN

  48. Brother Nathaniel Fan December 12, 2017 @ 8:04 am

    Brother, on the forced migration into Europe: guess who’s behind it?

    Names are named here. I hope you do a BroVid on the topic. Sad.

  49. jonah December 12, 2017 @ 2:08 pm

    Hey Brother Nathanael-

    Another nice video- thanx

    Arizona USA


  50. Cornelius December 12, 2017 @ 5:42 pm

    Some of my friends keep saying, give Trump a chance.

    Maybe he wanted one state with equal rights for all.

  51. B December 12, 2017 @ 10:38 pm

    There are four large outdoor Menorah Candle lighting services at three locations in front of or very close to the largest casinos in Las Vegas.

    All of the Las Vegas Menorah lighting ceremonies are shown in the following online schedule of events.

    From the above online web address schedule:

    Tuesday, December 12 4:30 pm Fremont St. Grand Menorah Lighting – Fremont St corner LV Blvd – Close to the Downtown Casinos

    Wednesday, December 13 7:30 pm Menorah Lighting on the Strip at Bellagio Hotel Casino Main Entrance

    Saturday Night, December 16 7:00 pm Menorah Lighting on the Strip in front of The Venetian Hotel Casino

    Tuesday, December 19 6:00 pm Menorah Car Parade Down the Las Vegas Strip and Menorah Lighting at the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

    These Menorah ceremonies at Casinos have been done for many years in the past.

    Possibly the local TV stations websites or youtube will show pictures of these events.

    Possibly the Christians sometimes also gather at the Casino theaters or outdoors of Casinos to sing Christmas or Christian songs.

  52. benzion kook December 13, 2017 @ 10:19 pm

    Sounds like Trump’s Pensacola “remarks” came straight out of Likudnik Central, or from his Jew handlers.

    Now all real Jew newsters can plan their Hanukkah viewing to coincide with their sojourns to Murder Incorporated’s world headquarters.

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