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Putin Scorns Kerry’s Threats

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Putin Scorns Kerry’s Threats
By Brother Nathanael Kapner March 14, 2014 ©

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IF YOU THINK PUTIN fears Kerry’s threats, then you don’t understand Vladimir Putin, the Russian mind, or Russian politics.

While most Americans couldn’t locate Ukraine on a map, the Jew-lying press tells the Goyim how they must react to ‘boogie man’ Putin and his so-called ‘invasion’ of Crimea.

(99.9% of Americans never knew Crimea even existed until two weeks ago.)

In spite of Kerry’s latest threat: “Russia has until Monday to reverse course in Ukraine,” a backlash has already begun in America by US business groups opposing his twaddle.

Both PepsiCo and General Electric warned Kerry that sanctions would backfire by putting tens of billions of dollars of US investment and trade at risk of retaliation.

PepsiCo, the largest beverage company in Russia, said its earnings of $4.8 billion (in 2012) would be compromised — and General Electric’s joint venture with two Russian firms to manufacture gas turbines in Rybinsk would suffer.

Ford Motor’s partnership with the Sollers car company would come to a grinding halt and Boeing, a top exporter to Russia, would see its trade with Russia stopped.

“There are two ways America gets hurt in a game like this. One is by sanctions, that puts our members out of business, the other is by Russian retaliation,” said William Reinsch, head of the National Foreign Trade Council.

Billions of US dollars are intertwined in Russia.

According to Ernst & Young, the auto industry alone is worth $75 billion a year with large investments from Ford and VW.

Problem is, Jews (they rule America) FEAR Putin so much they will trash American business interests if they can only ‘get back’ at Putin for defying their global agenda.

But Putin is too smart for Christ-slaying Jews infected with the Deicidal curse for their corporate guilt of crucifying Jesus Christ.

Mr Putin will certainly welcome Crimea with open arms once the anticipated positive vote in this Sunday’s referendum is tallied. Go get ’em Vladimir! Watch Video Here.

This will drive the accursed Jews into hysterics with shrieks of war where only the Goyim die young. Jews let the Goys do their dirty work for them…they do NOT send their own to die in their wars.


AS FOR MERKEL, she can tout the Jew-fed line of ‘massive damage’ to Russia until the kosher cows come home.

For with Putin exporting 40 percent of Europe’s energy needs, Merkel has to play both sides: Jewry pumps dollars to keep its German colony in line and Russia pumps gas that keeps German homes heated.

“Sanctions on Russia would neither be desirable nor effective or implementable,” said Michael Harms, head of the German-Russian Chamber of Foreign Trade.

Companies like BASF, Stada Arzneimittel AG, (Germany’s biggest generic-drug maker), and Volkswagen, who enjoy part of Berlin’s 31 percent of EU’s trade with Russia, would see their huge piece of the pie swallowed up.

Already, Europe is feeling the negative effects of Merkel’s and Kerry’s threats.

Russian companies such as Lukoil are pulling billions out of western banks, anticipating that sanctions will lead to asset freezes.

IS PUTIN AFRAID of the big bad Jew wolf? No…Putin fears no one but Christ.

Are US and EU businesses afraid of the Jew wolf? Yes.

When will they realize that what’s good for the Jews is BAD for everyone else?


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Brother Nathanael @ March 14, 2014


  1. Brother Nathanael March 14, 2014 @ 4:57 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    It’s a DONE deal!

    Putin couldn’t care less about all of the Jew-shilled hacks like Kerry and Merkel.

    He will welcome the people of Crimea with OPEN arms!

    Putin already pacified the Muslim Tatars with an hour long phone call with Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev @

    Putin also has a friend in Muslim Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov @

    Putin covers ALL his bases. (Pun intended)

    The Jews are shivering in their panties. Go Vladimir! We LOVE You!

    (Watch Kiev closely after the vote. It may implode with Svoboda taking over parliament with machine guns and throwing out Yats the Yid. All h##l will then break out.)
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    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  2. Brother Nathanael March 14, 2014 @ 4:57 pm

    Watch my NEW Video Worldwide CENSOR FREE:

    “The Religion Of Vladimir Putin” @

    This is my STATE-OF-THE-ART Video Platform AND I OWN It!

    ALL Jew-Ruled EU Countries Can NOW View ALL My Vids Without JEW-CENSORSHIP! @

  3. Donovan March 14, 2014 @ 7:05 pm

    “You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations, there are no peoples! There are no Russians! There are no Arabs! There are no Third Worlds! There is no West!

    “There is only one holistic system of systems. One vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multi-variate multinational dominion of dollars. Petrol dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars. Reichsmarks, rins, rubles, pounds and shekels!

    “It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today.

    There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T and Dupont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today.

    “What do you think the Russians talk about in their councils of state? Karl Marx? They get out their linear programming charts, statistical decision theories, minimax solutions and compute the price-cost probabilities of their transactions and investments just like we do.

    “We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale. The world is a college of corporations inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business, Mr. Beale. It has been since man crawled out of the slime.” — Network 1976

  4. Nicolae March 14, 2014 @ 7:35 pm

    Nuland was promoted to Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs and took personal aim at the elected government of Ukraine, which had become a choice neocon target because it maintained close ties to Russia, whose President Putin was undercutting the neocons’ “regime change” strategies in their most valued area, the Middle East.

    Most egregiously, Putin was helping Obama avert wars in Syria and Iran.

    So, as neocon NED president Carl Gershman wrote in the Washington Post in September 2013, Ukraine became “the biggest prize,” but he added that the even juicier target beyond Ukraine was Putin, who, Gershman added, “may find himself on the losing end not just in the near abroad but within Russia itself.”

    In other words, the ultimate goal of the Ukraine gambit is not just “regime change” in Kiev but “regime change” in Moscow. By eliminating the independent-minded and strong-willed Putin, the neocons presumably fantasize about slipping one of their ciphers (perhaps a Russian version of Ahmed Chalabi) into the Kremlin.

    Then, the neocons could press ahead, unencumbered, toward their original “regime change” scheme in the Middle East, with wars against Syria and Iran.

    Russia Says It Intercepted A US Drone Over Crimea

    A United States surveillance drone has been intercepted above the Ukranian region of Crimea, a Russian state arms and technology group said Friday.

    “The drone was flying at about 4,000 metres (12,000 feet) and was virtually invisible from the ground. It was possible to break the link with US operators with complex radio-electronic” technology, said Rostec in a statement.

    The drone fell “almost intact into the hands of self-defence forces” added Rostec, which said it had manufactured the equipment used to down the aircraft, but did not specify who was operating it.

    Unrest in Ukraine part of NATO’s expansion plan.

  5. Ash March 14, 2014 @ 8:09 pm

    Br Nathanael,

    You are the best source to know about the Jew mentality towards the Goyim in their daily devious dealings.

    I often quote you whenever the opportunity arises.

    Sometimes it is essential to provide links to your brief videos but finding them is difficult under the ‘Categories’ column. I would appreciate if you would provide the videos under a separate heading for easy reference. Thanks.

  6. Dr albert pastore March 14, 2014 @ 9:08 pm

    Standing on my desk…while shouting in Al Jolsen Black Face:

    “Tell it Bro Nat. Tell it!”

  7. George W. Berry March 14, 2014 @ 9:58 pm

    God help us – We all need a man like Putin to prevent W. W. 3:

  8. Eileen K. March 14, 2014 @ 10:48 pm

    Br. Nathanael, you did it again. God bless you.

    Vladimir Putin, along with his Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, have left Lurch (aka Kerry) in the dust. The poor man cannot even come close to competing with the Dynamic Duo of Putin and Lavrov.

    Lurch issued his usual threats again; Putin and Lavrov just rolled on the floor with hysterical laughter. Obozo the Clown made a huge mistake in appointing that poor sop to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

    Heck, he’s no better at foreign policy himself; Putin ran circles around him over the Syria conflict, and he’s doing it again now over Ukraine and Crimea.

    Obozo the Clown thought he knew it all; but he found out the hard way that he is no match for the chess master who has also studied the geopolitical tactics of the ancient Chinese warrior-philosopher Sun Tzu, author of the book THE ART OF WAR.

    Obozo is just a puppet on a string – a dummy, so to speak – while Putin is a master. The Russian President also has Jesus Christ on his side as well, an excellent thing.

    Keep up the good work, Br. Nathanael, and God bless you.

    I have suggested to another blogger who has a website of his own, John Friend, to coordinate with you on sharing videos. He’s on the same page as far as International Jewry is concerned.


  9. paschn March 15, 2014 @ 12:20 am

    “Jews let the Goys do their dirty work for them…they do NOT send their own to die in their wars.”

    With the long, foul history of the denizens of the U.S. slavering all over themselves to do the bidding of “the oppressed,” the ruination of Germany rather then helping them rid Eastern Europe and Russia from their horror, their complicity and belief in the “cartoon world” called the Nuremburg trials, the U.S. Goyim will be right at home slaughtering/dying/coming home as half-men/women for their Jew masters.

    But be advised, Russia is NOT poor little Iraq, Libya, Syria, but a powerful growing nation who has experienced first hand the Bolshevik Jew treachery/evil, defending their OWN home from a recurrence of the horror, the REAL holocaust of Eastern European Christians/Muslims.

    To compare Russia to what the West has become is rather like comparing a pristine tropical pool of crystal clear water to a slimy, stinking cesspool swarming with maggots competing for bits of rotting flesh from their Jew masters’ table.

  10. Per March 15, 2014 @ 1:15 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I appreciate very much your insight as always.

    In your article you write:

    “Problem is, Jews (they rule America) FEAR Putin so much they will trash American business interests if they can only ‘get back’ at Putin for defying their global agenda.”

    The way that the real rulers of the US act has made me think for a long time that the real target is not Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and now Ukraine, but it is the USA itself.

    The Talmudic Jews are so anxious to destroy the third great Christian nation on earth by depleting its resources economically, militarily, industrially and morally.

    They started with their destruction of Holy Russia by instigating and implementing the Russian revolution, they continued by destroying Germany during WWII, the strongest Christian nation at the time, and now the target is USA, and they would not mind starting WWIII to make it happen, even if it will be in the form of the Samson Option.

    They need it because otherwise they will be have to face the reality that they have robbed the world blind, which includes that they have stolen all its gold reserves.

    The acts of crime which the US has been forced by the neo-cons to commit all over the world will be used against it once it is down and out, just as it happened with Germany, which is still living with the bogus consequences.

    The big problem with bringing this religious warfare to the end as planned by the Talmudic Jews is that Russia under Putin is rising out of the ashes of Jewish destruction and is retrieving its Christian identity.

    May our good Lord keep us safe and may He stop the evil one in his tracks!

  11. Wallace Klinck March 15, 2014 @ 1:35 am

    There are many cross-currents of conflicting information or propaganda—largely in my view because of a biased media which is serving a much larger agenda.

    We are all of us merely chess-pieces, raw material and cannon-fofdder in a strategy directed toward the achievement of World Dominion.

    The Ukraine is just one more victim in the overall process of subduing nations one by one with the financial instrument being the primary weapon used to rock them successively through their pivot points by means of continuous inflation and exponentially increasing financial debt.

    I understand that the plan was formulated a few years ago to “take down” about seven nations in that general part of the World. Significantly secular Iraq has been destroyed at enormous cost in human suffering and wreckage of infrastructure—followed by Libya in a similar but relatively brief period of destruction.

    Iraq had progressed materially in a substantial way with provision of medical and other services and all children being educated in English.

    Libya was the most literate of nations in the region with benefits being distributed widely amongst the general population.

    Iran as a major prized target posed more of a challenge and so by appearances the prior destruction of Syria–where I understand Christians lived in peace and security but now suffer persecution in rebel-occupied territory—a Russian-backed supporter of Iran, became the next strategic target in order that Iran would become more isolated and vulnerable to future attack.

    Meanwhile the provoked conflict in the Ukraine could be used as a global propaganda weapon to weaken the influence of Russia in the area. Russia has rejected some of the corrupting influences of “Western” (sic) culture, had dethroned some of the so-called “Oligarchs” and provides vast amounts of oil critical to fulfilling the needs of Western Europe, a resource the control of which is no doubt a prize coveted by the vengeful, avaricious and power-centralizing financial powers.

    Proposals for establishing a competing international currency for trade in the Arabic-Muslim part of the world were perceived as a major economic threat by the debt-mongering and usurious Western Financial Powers and may have induced them to accelerate their program of Globalization.

    We are all of us mere pawns in an audacious program for the establishment of Global Government and the tactics used by its promoters should serve as a sobering and fearful portent of what life would be like under the direction and domination of such megalomaniacal elements.

    As C. H. Douglas, founder of the Social Credit movement, observed, these powers care no more for the immolation of a continent than for the death of a sparrow. They appear most certainly to be demonstrating the truth of this allegation.

    And we, the hypnotized peoples of the West sit by immobilized by a mental and moral paralysis while the whole monstrous crime is being perpetrated before our eyes–with the use of our own mal-directed material and human resources. Douglas also said that society is hypnotized and that only a drastic de-hypnotization can save it.

    What will it take to bring about the denouement?

  12. German March 15, 2014 @ 1:38 am

    Angie = Kaz

    Allegedly born Kasner, divorced Merkel, married Sauer.

    Horst Kasner (as Horst Kaźmierczak; August 6, 1926 in Berlin – September 2, 2011 in Templin) was a German Protestant theologian and father of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


    Kasner was born as Horst Kaźmierczak in 1926 as the son of a policeman in the Pankow suburb of Berlin, where he was also brought up.

    His father Ludwig Kaźmierczak (1896 in Posen – 1959 in Berlin) was born as an out of wedlock child of Anna Kazmierczak and Ludwik Wojciechowski. Ludwig was mobilised into the German army in 1915 and sent to France, where he was taken prisoner of war and joined the Polish Haller’s Army fighting on the side of Entente.

    Together with the army he returned to Poland to fight in Polish-Ukrainian war and Polish-Soviet war. In 1923, Ludwig moved with his wife to Berlin, where he served as a policeman, and changed his family name to Kasner in 1930.

    Little is known about Horst Kasner’s wartime service, and he was held as a prisoner of war at the age of 19. During his high school years he was a member of the Hitler Youth, with the last service position of a troop leader.

    From 1948 he studied theology, first in Heidelberg then in Hamburg. He married Herlind Jentzsch, an English and Latin teacher, born on 8 July 1928 in Danzig (now Gdańsk, Poland), and their daughter Angela was born in 1954. (wikipedia)

  13. German March 15, 2014 @ 1:52 am

    Henoch Kohn (Helmut Kohl) used to call IM Erika publicly “my gal” and he was the one who paved her way to become a US power muppet right from the start, long before the Berlin wall was torn down to infiltrate Western Germany by STASI and transform the whole country successfully into communist GDR 2.0.

  14. John Knight March 15, 2014 @ 2:20 am

    While we were reading about the Washington visit of acting Ukrainian prime minister Arseny Yatsenyuk, one state-friendly tabloid in Moscow—Moskovsky Komsomolets, whose revolutionary name has not changed since its founding in 1919—was reporting that Yatsenyuk had smuggled out Ukraine’s gold reserves to hand over to the Americans.

    Not to be outdone, Putin, who has denied the legitimacy of the provisional government in Kiev, went even further while Yatsenyuk was in D.C.: Ukraine, Putin said, had left the Soviet fold in 1991 illegally.

  15. German March 15, 2014 @ 3:14 am

    I hope no one in the world will identify we the German people with this disgusting Merkel.

    The ZionistOccupationalGovernment in Germany offers you some 5 or 6 popular parties. As in most of the Western world ALL of them are of course in the iron grip of the JewWorldOrder.

    I, like a large part of Germans, do not participate in this scorn of the people´s voice. While the vast majority is deeply asleep to the roots of this ZOG problem, plebiscites on key political issues would still result in a completely different politics.

    One picture is enough to describe Merkel:

  16. German March 15, 2014 @ 3:18 am

    Ukrainian head of intelligence blows the whistle: US Behind Kiev Putsch and Snipers

  17. Luke March 15, 2014 @ 3:45 am


    The Samson Option, The “If I can’t have anything, then your not having anything option”

    Just shows the world how insane these crazy people are.

    What was Germany thinking when it supplied them with six nuclear lunch capable subs?

    I lament for the Earth and am bewildered by the power of false guilt.

  18. Mary March 15, 2014 @ 4:47 am


    I doubt anyone will label the German people in such a manner. I am of German descent and I believe you and agree with you.

    Not being for the Jew World Order could be thought of as similar to Martin Luther’s protests against “bishops” that were engaged in the selling of indulgences, just as there are some involved in that today.

    The Jews have obviously managed on perverting Luther as well as the Catholic Church.

    This should be stated to obviously reach out to Protestant theologians that have been caught in recording inaccurate history. This does not condemn the Catholic Church either. It’s just a minor difference of opinion in regards to Christianity.

    Between the “anti-Semitism” of Luther, Nietzsche, Wagner, Streicher, and other notables, it is hard to imagine that a German actually exists that is not like other Germans.

    I claim a voice of neutrality concerning the wall. If someone is for the wall, then they are labelled as not wanting the German people to be together. If someone is not for the wall, they do not understand how communists infiltrated West Germany upon the fall of the wall. Either way, they’ve got you.

    The case should be neither: the German people should be together and should not have to have communism in Germany.

    I was not aware of Merkel’s grandfather leaving the German army for the Entente in 1915. That is a betrayal in itself. Of course there were many betrayals that occurred during that on both sides.

    Historians claim that Wilhelm II sent Lenin into Russia, but then the Bolsheviks showed up in Germany and drove Wilhelm II out after they murdered Nicholas II of Russia.

    I am only engaged in various websites, such as this one, that refuses to engage in the Zionist Controlled Government. As Germany has 5 or 6 political parties that are engaged in this, the US has two that are as well. A non-brainwashed person will not listen to either of the two of them because they both lie.

    Many people are asleep when it comes to the ZOG. A person then has to ask themselves simple questions: Who are these politicians in debt to? Who is funding these political parties? Who controls what a person is exposed to on TV?

    It’s obviously the US was behind Kiev. Russia was busy with the Winter Olympics and America was sending gay activists into Russia to turn the Olympics into a scene that was not exactly honoring athletes around the world.

    As soon as the Winter Olympics end, the drama in Kiev began or shortly prior. That’s an excellent video to prove that there could be more good people left in the world than some realize.

    I hope this website (one among a few others) continues to hold up because I find it very valuable for anyone wishing to understand what is going on.

  19. William G. March 15, 2014 @ 5:39 am

    Yeah…Amazing how all these supposed ‘Neo-Nazis’ in Ukraine have Arseniy Yatsenyuk ‘Yatz’ (as ‘Nuland’ calls him) as their leader? Hmmm.

    Typical Jewish propaganda. Masquerading as one of your enemies to fight another. Many of the protestors with masks were Israeli military and agitators.

    Putin denies Israel a US-led victory over Syria and now payback is hell.

    Putin would be doing the world a favor if parked some nuclear subs off the coast of Israel and turned the place into a parking lot.

  20. Brother Nathanael March 15, 2014 @ 6:05 am

    Told ya:

  21. Per March 15, 2014 @ 6:32 am

    William G:

    Attractive as your idea regarding the submarines may be to some, it is not very Christian.

    One development in Israel, which I consider interesting is that the Orthodox Jews have turned on the Godless Zionists who want them to take up arms in IDF calling them Amalekites! They do not mince their words!

    In Deuteronomy the Jews are told by God that they will lend and not borrow, rule and not be ruled by others provided they keeps God’s commandments.

    As we know they did not.

    Maybe Brother Nathanael has views on whether the Godless Zionist Khazars became the head and the genuine semitic Jews became the tail?

  22. Hugh Beaumont March 15, 2014 @ 6:48 am

    “Russian companies withdraw billions from west, say Moscow bankers”

    Boink. Your move, Johnny.

  23. Yankee Goy March 15, 2014 @ 7:14 am

    Man that picture of Murphy, what a class clown, deranged. You sure know your jewishosities +BN.

    As it’s turning out conservatives are the peaceniks and the lefties and shabbasgoy/sayanim are drumming for war. You’re right, as in…don’t these idiot Jews know they’re going to get fried too?

    Sure they don’t want to fight, but that won’t matter in a nuclear war. There’s not enough hideyholes for all of them.

  24. stevieb March 15, 2014 @ 8:44 am

    Great comment, Per!

  25. Defiant March 15, 2014 @ 8:56 am

    Putin is like a body builder who snickers because his angry little girlfriend (Obama-Kerry) can scream at him and smack him with her tiny fists…but he knows in the end she’ll calm down without having done him any harm.

    She’s a tempest in a teapot who will be easier to manage once she’s flipped-her-wig and gone shopping.

  26. alex March 15, 2014 @ 9:15 am

    I wonder how the US will feel when it can no longer reach the space station…

    Embarrassed, I guess.

  27. Justin March 15, 2014 @ 9:22 am

    I love how you highlight the stupidity of my own countrymen.

    Yes, no one knew of Crimea until this whole thing broke out. Putin fears nobody but Christ, as do I. Any Orthodox Christian should have the same mentality and not fear the Devil, or his minions (Jews).

    Amerika makes empty threats. Lately I have associated them with the kid being bullied who complains and complains. It really is Juvenile (Jewvenile) how my country complains and whines about the world, thinking Putin cares.

    Putin cares only about what his Lord, and My Lord Jesus Christ commands. He doesn’t take anti-Christ Amerikan dictates from Johnny “Kohen” Kerry.

    God bless Russia and God save Crimea! Long live Vladimir Putin!

  28. Reinbeek March 15, 2014 @ 10:35 am

    I think most anti Zionist Americans will join the army right away when the US will be engaged in a big war with Russia.

    Most Germans, too. All eager to kill and a salary.

  29. Carol Ann March 15, 2014 @ 10:48 am

    “It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet.”

    IMF, World Bank, movement of gold in and out of countries to crush economies in their accordion economic system out of New York Fed and City of London.

    “There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T and Dupont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today.”

    Ancient days revisited. Solomon and King of Tyre (key deep water port) pact to control maritime trade routes. King David, the warrior, conquered strategic land trade route sites on the coastal Via Maris and inland King’s Highway. Water and essential goods trade routes. Modern essential is oil, so they say, though Tesla proves them wrong.

    Strategic trade routes and corporations (Solomon, King of Tyre) has always been the name of the game. Solomon became rich beyond measure.

    “… they have robbed the world blind, which includes that they have stolen all its gold reserves.” Gold is the international tool for the accordion economy destruction. They’re not called goldsmiths for nothing.

    Gold into and out of countries by way of import/export transactions is essential to this accordion mechanism which crushes targeted countries’ economies. Easiest lever to bring a sovereign nation to its knees. Learned in ancient days, modernized. Swiss canton called Glarus may be the answer to “where has all the gold gone.”

    “The Ukraine is just one more victim in the overall process of subduing nations one by one with the financial instrument being the primary weapon used to rock them successively through their pivot points by means of continuous inflation and exponentially increasing financial debt.” Wallace Klinck.

    Well stated. Through the Gold lever (interesting that the new Ukraine PM allegedly transported gold to the NY Fed) and Central Bank superstructure lever they control it all.

    When they deflate they claim all the real property collateral via their pretend “money and credit” system. They put up nothing and take usurious interest on top. Greatest scam on the entire world conceivable. Essential though expendable Bully boys, “cannon fodder,” ”dumb cattle,” are used worldwide to make compliance a sure thing.

    Christian communities destroyed. Christian Ukraine, Poland and Germany, Roman Catholic holocaust, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Christian Europe, Orthodox Christian Russia, Eastern Europe and Balkans, Syria ongoing, wholesale slaughter French Revolution Christians, English, Irish Christians, African Christians 2000 AD martyrdom, China Christians. Endless list of Christian slaughter. A targeted people.

    Martin Luther, “Whosoever eats up, robs and steals the nourishment of another, commits as great a murder as he who carves a man or utterly undoes him. Such does a usurer, and he sits the while on his stool, when he ought rather to be hanging from the gallows.”

    Jesus faced off against the Pharisees, the Sanhedrin, on the South Portico of the Temple, and against the Roman Empire. Rome lost, Sanhedrin won. That encounter is so timely for today’s world. Jesus hit to the core of the issue.

    The love of money is the root of all evil, the Babylonian metamorphosis of God’s people, the Pharisaic deviation from God’s Commands, usurious transactions. It’s all there. The Wisdom of the Bible is unparalleled. And the King of Tyre turns up in end time Revelations. Uncanny.

    These individuals, King Tyre “want a be,” hide under the cloak of religion and nationality. In reality, they are atheistic, Babylonian prototype pagans, international pirates with a counterfeiter’s heart and a gold filled pocket.

  30. Art March 15, 2014 @ 11:45 am

    I was tempted to predict das juden would attempt to do to Russia what they did to Germany. But it’s a different world today.

    2 or 3 nicely tipped Russian ICBMs would turn Israel into a sheet of melted glass. Checkmate juden…and America.

    Nuclear arsenals of countries not fond of the Jews may seriously limit their power in the future.

  31. German March 15, 2014 @ 11:47 am


    Thank you so much for your comment. There is more than one German writing here but your words surely resonate with all of us.


    There is no such thing as a German army, there are only “Bundeswehr”-US-mercenaries.


    What I don’t understand is Putin’s “Nazi” propaganda and threat of “denial” laws to be introduced, which totally complies with NWO propaganda and also his good relations with certain Jewish circles and huge donations to the “memorial” death cult.

    Could you please explain why he is doing so from your point of view?

  32. Per March 15, 2014 @ 11:59 am


    My understanding is that the Jews already did to Russia what they later did to Germany, and that it is USA which is next in line.

    As I have mentioned earlier they may not have envisioned that a strong Russia and Russian Christianity might re-emerge before their destruction of the third great Christian nation the USA.

    May God open the eyes of the Christian leaders of Russia and USA that they should join forces to destroy the Synagogue of Satan.

  33. Oona March 15, 2014 @ 12:20 pm

    Putin should announce that he is building a Holocaust Museum in St Petersburg to the 66 million Russian Orthodox Christians slaughtered by the Jews during and after the 1917 Russian Revolution.

    Putin should put a statue of Alexander Solzhenitsyn outside the entrance to the museum.

    Jewish New York publishing houses still won’t allow the publication (in English)of Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together, Parts I and II, a book which tells the story of the slaughter.

  34. German March 15, 2014 @ 1:54 pm


    Putin should finally open the Russian archives on WWII to act as a role model, not only for the sos Vatican!

  35. Irene Bonney March 15, 2014 @ 2:00 pm

    Christians of U.S.A. and Australia need to read your literary efforts and view your videos.

    Most believe fervently in Jews as “God’s people,” in Israel as being restored under God and in a coming one world empire, whereas the Bible clearly shows such will never occur.

    How to direct these millions to your site is a crucial question.

    Old Aussies, unlike Americans, were taught the geography at least of Russia and indeed of all countries!

  36. Zion Sky 7 March 15, 2014 @ 2:25 pm

    Real Jew News- 15.March.2014

    Nice top picture of John Kerry- the man looks completely INSANE!

    God knows how many psychotropic BIG PHARMA drugs he is on!!!

    Yeah, the JEWS are making ONE BIG MISTAKE (in a long line of fatal mistakes) with Russia and Putin — again.
    If there’s an on the ground confrontation between Russia and NATO, I hope NATO (and the Americans) get their butts kicked!!

    We’ve got a very REAL possibility of going into WW3 with Russia over this recent western invasion of Ukraine.

    I think this incursion has alot to do with Ukraine being the so called “breadbasket” of the world. Ukraine has very fertile agricultural land — and lots of it! The JEWS obviously want to get their hands on it.

    A world war would, of course, also provide the psychological/propaganda “cover” for the imploding global economic collapse which is NOW in progress.

    Just came across a good “patriot” video that talks about this a bit:

    Whether one believes in the global economic crash that’s coming or not, its good to prepare oneself for the HARD TIMES that are coming to a world that everyone would agree is in population “overshoot.”

    Natty Dread Rides Again……

    Left Coast USA

  37. robertvnik March 15, 2014 @ 2:31 pm

    William G

    “Putin would be doing the world a favor if parked some nuclear subs off the coast of Israel and turned the place into a parking lot.”

    Now you don’t really believe Putin is a murderer do you?


    “Maybe Brother Nathanael has views on whether the Godless Zionist Khazars became the head and the genuine semitic Jews became the tail?”

    This whole Khazar stuff has me a bit baffled too.

    Regarding Putin; My son who produces documentaries was filming at the Winter Olympics. He told me one day he found himself standing only a few feet from Putin.

    While my son was stuck behind a camera (he directs and edits as well as camera usually) his friend casually strolled over and shook Vladimir Putin’s hand and chatted with him a few moments.

    Incredible don’t you think? One of the world’s greatest leaders and yet so approachable. Man, am I jealous.

  38. German March 15, 2014 @ 3:35 pm

    I wish there would be more FACTS (instead of virtual emotionalization) about what Putin really DOES different or better than the usual Hollywood crowd which deserves being mentioned at all, when it comes to TRUTH!

    He speaks about Holowoodian “Nazi” revolutionaries just like any other indignitary in the msm which makes me think this is nothing but another hoax for the slaves.

  39. Grif March 15, 2014 @ 4:05 pm

    Yes, indeed there are negative effects of Jew Vampires sucking our economies dry in addition to their subversions of the West and attempts in Russia.

    However, if International Jewry plunges the world into a war again, it will not be the end of us, but the beginning of the end of Judeo-Liberalism.

    Yet another performance of us gentiles dying in there wars, usurpation of our money and destruction of our culture, more and more people will awaken from a long-overdue slumber.

    Putin will not only foil the Jews from the wicked West but will weaken them by exposing them.

  40. hvt March 15, 2014 @ 5:40 pm

    On nearly every thread here at Brother Nathanael’s site comments are directed at the “numbed” Christians who are blind to the true facts regarding Israel.

    The following is a well written expose that is both enlightening and easily understood:

  41. George W. Berry March 15, 2014 @ 6:55 pm

    Devout Christian and 27-year CIA veteran Ray McGovern – who gave daily reports to presidents Kennedy & Reagan – will be on the Sedona Dreams show tonight at 9 PM PDT – to tell the TRUTH about Russia, Crimea, and the Ukraine:

  42. Brendon O'Connell March 15, 2014 @ 9:07 pm

    Well, its good to see you still out there BIC. THanks for your prayers while I was in prison.

    I called a Jew a racist and was jailed for three years — no, its not a joke.

    Israeli Ambassador turned up for my case after Inspector of Counter Terrorism Gmailed me: “We all respect your work.”

    Then invited me out for coffee.

  43. Lerch March 15, 2014 @ 9:53 pm


    You hit the nail on the head.

    May I add the Christian Zionist community as well; due to the fact they have been brained washed in the churches by Judas pastors who have been trained willingly or unwillingly by their Jew infested seminaries.

  44. Snowy Smith South Africa March 16, 2014 @ 12:25 am

    @Brendon O’Connell

    Brendon WELCOME to the Resistance.
    YOU have paid your dues in full.
    It’s PAY BACK time.

    I need a good man to keep the Ammo coming.
    I am waiting for a call from President Putin.
    President Putin if you need a top Sniper give me a call Ill ride with you.
    Freedom Fighters UNITE against the Synagogue of Satan, JEW World Order.
    It’s time to prosecute the JWO for premeditated MURDER and War Crimes.

    Another JEW World Order “FALSE FLAG”
    USA Embassy Caught Planning Terror Attacks in Ukraine


    Not ONE Arrested?
    They do NOT ARREST JEWS.
    The JEWS OWN the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

    4500 TONS of ILLEGAL BANNED DEPLETED URANIUM bombed in Middle East.
    Middle East polluted with Nuclear waste for 1000 YEARS.
    All the People have CANCER and ladies are having DEFORMED BABIES.

    Not ONE Arrested.


  45. dro gonzo March 16, 2014 @ 1:12 am


    When are you gonna be a guest on any radio show, especially the pro-Israel, pro-Talmudic ones!

    I along with every other Christian/anti-Zionist would love to see you rip these bullsh—ers on these topics. For one, on how illegitimate the state of Israel is, and how satanic the Talmud is.

  46. Reinbeek March 16, 2014 @ 1:17 am

    Putin is a calculating politician.

    Trying to hold Russia together and wants and needs support of all the minority groups in Russia. The Jews, Muslims, Communists, Orthodox Church.

    Putin has no trust in ethnic nationalist Russians alone and probably with reasons: alcoholism, drugs, party, low birthrates, dying population, international NWO threats, etc.

    But Putin’s stimulation of traditional values and Orthodoxy, plus Russia’s giant surface will make Russia a strong nation in 30 years time, I assume.

  47. Ewnet March 16, 2014 @ 2:28 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael, all I want to wish you is to stay healthy and live longer so you can inform us reality!

    I am an Ethiopian and I was desperate to find the truth a few years back. I found on YouTube the lecture with “JACK OTTO” the title called The Forbidden Knowledge.

    That was eye opener for me. Since then I am able to find few but accurate, intellectuals and those people who have a fear of Christ like you.

    Since the fall of USSR, The world police (Zionist USA) has installed puppet governments throughout the third world. Among those, Ethiopia was a victim of Zionist sponsored criminals. Before they came to power their main goal was to destroy culture,religion and history.

    The same thing that is happening in Ukraine, was the destruction of monuments of those who fought against the fascist Mussolini.

    And in recent months, one Italian city want wanted to erect monument for Adolf Graziani, and people in Addis Ababa in the capital, decided to take protest outside in front of Italian Embassy to show their concern, but the Ethiopian government banned it.

    When it comes to the religion though, the government is openly involved in destruction of Orthodox Christian and also Muslim societies. The government ousted the Patriarch and the Imam, and installed their own — they overthrew the popular and put pro-government ones.

    As we all experienced in recent days, the Western government is trying to do similar to Putin or with Hitler, the Ethiopian puppet government is similarly trying to distort history by distorting the history about King Minilik, the man who fought and defeated the fascist Mussolini.

    Ethiopia is the oldest Christian country. I hope Brother Nathanael is aware about this, and the Bible also says “Ethiopia will rise her hand unto God.”

    I want you think about us on your prayers!

  48. Mary March 16, 2014 @ 5:49 am

    That sounds very correct, but I have a question.

    US stocks did not fall like they were reported to fall in both Europe and Asia following this incident where 99.9% of Americans didn’t even know Crimea even existed until 2 weeks ago and they all of a sudden know everything.

    If they are going to trash American businesses for the sole purpose to try to get back at Putin for defending Crimea, why did the stocks rise instead of fall? What games are being played on that end?

  49. Steven March 16, 2014 @ 9:22 am

    IS PUTIN AFRAID of the big bad Jew wolf? No…Putin fears no one but Christ.

    Is fear the correct word or would respect and admiration be more accurate? The Jews should fear Christ because they do not respect and admire him.

  50. Matt Wayne March 16, 2014 @ 10:26 am


    Yes, fear is the correct word.

    Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

    Anyone with eyes that see and brain that works, fears God.

  51. Yankee Goy March 16, 2014 @ 12:33 pm


    I’m horrified to hear of the abuse you suffered by these primate Jews, for calling them what they are, the most hatefilled racists. All that they do is constructed around supremacism and racism.

    Their Talmud is nothing but an ethnic cleansing book of racism and war on non-Jews. These torturers really need a taste of their own Talmudic medicine.

    I say torture because what they’ve done to you, what they do to ALL of us, is NLP torture. It’s a brainwashing or “reeducation” tactic whereby reporting on reality is met with punishment and pain until a person or society reports what the pain-inflictors WANT them to see so they can manage and kill without resistance.

    Ben Gurion murdered JFK to preserve the river of FED monies Israel and its JWO agenda need, after JFK signed an executive order for a national currency. JFK also did not want Israel to have nuclear weapons.

    Israel’s spies from Rosenberg to Pollard armed Israel which also sold nuclear weapons secrets to the USSR and China. Pollard stole hundreds of thousands of pages of documents and cost the US over $20B to change launch codes he sold to China.

    And these bastards in Israel support Pollard’s family with a hefty pension and regularly press for his release, and and whine about anti-Semitism. Pollard should not have even been kept alive.

    Without usury theft from the West, the failed economic state of Israel cannot exist. JFK did not know he should have preempted risk because of this fact. And so any move for a national currency will have to acknowledge that Israel will murder to keep its financial flow.

    Jews are not self-supporting. Individually they comprise the biggest white-collar level welfare thieves and Israel is the globe’s biggest welfare queen on earth.

    Israel can’t make it without usury, Jews can’t support themselves without theft and fraud … both out of incompetence and entitlementism/supremacism, and this is their biggest liability.

  52. Koen March 16, 2014 @ 12:38 pm


    It is an international world. The big question is:

    How much are Russia and China tied to the international banking cartel of the Zionists? Russia and China can become big business partners, isolated from the Western world.

    What can stop them from being independent?

  53. Thomas March 16, 2014 @ 1:04 pm

    In the article you said Philippians 4. I found your reference.

    Philippians 3:18

    King James Version (KJV)

    18 (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ:

    19 Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.)

    20 For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ…

  54. Cindy (Cynthia Lauren, but you can call me Cindy, my Brother :-)) Thorpe March 16, 2014 @ 7:28 pm

    What a joy it always has been reading and listening to your straight-forward and thought-provoking news, my Brother Nathanael.

    Please know that while I’ve been silent, I’ve had other Christian issues (fighting the good fight of faith by intercessory prayer, etc…) to tend to.

    Please know that as soon as I’m able to send you cash, I will – but, til then, I lift you up in prayer whenever our Savior places you on this heart and know that I’ve not EVER known another human being who speaks as eloquently with that direct Brother Nathanael PUNCH of TRUTH that you do.

    There are precious few true heroes of the faith, my Brother – but, I know beyond all doubt that you are one of them.

    Thank you sincerely for the clarity you bring to the spiritual and political conversation… In fact, I wonder if that’s one of the reasons why ‘we’ as ‘sheeple’ have been told endlessly to keep away from talking about religion and politics – to keep us from truly reaching out to each other with the Love of Christ Jesus to mend all hurting hearts.

    I just wrote a poem entitled: SEE SHELLS in which we — as disciples — are to look into a neighbor’s eyes and if we see them either empty or filled with pain or hurt of any kind, and that we silently pray for them and His Holy Spirit ministers as we give them a clear cool cup of water.

    That’s all we’re meant to do, my Brother. Cling to Jesus and His Will coming, on a daily basis speaking up with Love and Truth when injustice of any sort comes near us, and to keep our flesh at bay in this world.

    But, I ask you, my Brother. How CAN things be so very wrong when our GOD has made so much right and beautiful? The ache in my heart brings me to the ground in both worship, praise and pain for us all.

    So, Yes. This is your sister in Christ Jesus, Cindy (all formalities aside) saying that it is gentlemen like yourself that spark that spark of the divine within this heart

    And if Mr. Putin (Boy! Did you EVER get some great shots of him on this site! He’s BUFF! Wowie Zowie, my friend!) is even ‘close’ to being what you say he is – well, Yes. He as well as even the ‘obamanation’ needs intercessory prayer.

    What SPINE! What BACKBONE! What COURAGE! If Mr. Putin is even an eighth of what you share, the valiant men in America could certainly gain from learning from a stalwart such as himself.

    A true Leader is only one who yields to GOD’S Authority — and you can see that from a zillion miles away. You don’t need a drone or a telephoto lens to find it, either – my friend.

    All of our LORD’S Best to you.

    Cindy — your sister and fan

  55. It is I only March 16, 2014 @ 11:06 pm


    When Kerry issued his threats to Putin, Vladimir Putin burst in to tears behind his desk… LOL!

  56. Cassius March 16, 2014 @ 11:33 pm

    Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski is a foul, near-senile Old Man who has been manipulating American geo-politics for decades.

    He is a Russia-hating globalist. His fury is a form of insanity, and he should have been institutionalized years ago.

    He, George Soros, Bill Gates (yes) and the entire Council on Foreign Affairs are criminals, roaming free.

    Include these Clowns in your well-done analyses, if you will.

  57. Christopher March 17, 2014 @ 10:35 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    As always, you articles are passionate as they are incisive.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that you are accurate in your assessment of the powerful Zionists et al. But over the years, I’ve met, worked with, worked against and very much enjoyed and hated, lots of Jewish and Israeli folk.

    And I’ve seen the qualities you describe. The greed, the avarice and superiority etc. But I’ve also met a gentler kind. I think that often, they are a bit brainwashed themselves, about their own history. But when confronted with the ugly truth – their winces often turn to anger and I’ve seen it.

    They are not part of the Hollywood elite, they don’t walk down the corridors of power, they don’t control the economy. No, they battle like the rest of us, from day to day, wondering what on earth is going on in this world.

    Now I can’t tell you what the percentage of usurious, porn dealing, money grabbing and corrupting Jews there are, against well meaning Jews.

    But it would be a mistake to underestimate, what in my opinion is a formidable group of both religious and secular Jews (whoever they are) that vehemently oppose the Zionist agenda on grounds too numerous to mention. And include some rather heavy weight religious dudes that believe the habitation of Israel is the height of disobedience to God.

    I can’t help but think that this group are worth reaching out to. I think they can bring some unique skills and perspectives. And don’t forget, if you think that we struggle against terrible odds, their struggle is fraught with even more jeopardy. They are despised even more than the Goyim.

    All the very best to you.


  58. Luke March 21, 2014 @ 12:16 am

    6 countries have now signed agreements to trade directly with China without the USA as a middle man. The beginning of the abandonment of the American currency as the world reserve denomination has commenced.

    America is about to have it’s FIRST REAL dose of hyperinflation, (“So Stock Up Now!”)

    America MAY be forced into this war, The EU as well. Then final dissolution of Western European Society will be initiated.

    China will sit on the fence and produce goods for both sides. Chinese-based corporates are investing in the American stock market massively now, probably to provide a means for foreign interests in America to evacuate funds from that economy.

    “America, Heed this, Your Throat Is About To Be Cut.”

  59. Mirza Hussain April 1, 2014 @ 2:01 am

    The power of lies, deception and disinformation as Americans pay the price of collective stupidity.

    “You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House, you see, I know it & you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable.

    What can they (Americans) do to us?

    We control Congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America, you can criticize GOD, but you can’t criticize ISRAEL……” Israeli Spokeswoman Tzipora Menache.


    ARTICLE = Six Jewish companies control 96% of the world’s media.

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