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Egypt’s Revival Of Pan-Arabism


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Egypt’s Revival Of Pan-Arabism
By Brother Nathanael Kapner Copyright 2013
August 24, 2013

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ISRAEL IS BETWEEN A ROCK and a hard place with regard to the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

While an Islamic Republic on Israel’s western border gives rise to a unified threat vis-a-vis the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, a military takeover with General al-Sisi at the lead—an Arab nationalist known as the “Eagle of the Arabs” in the tradition of Saladin—a greater threat to the Jewish state in the form of a Pan-Arab revival is in the making.

Jewry has chosen the lesser of two ‘evils’ favoring the military dictatorship and continues to maneuver the chess pieces in what it thinks is in its short term interests.

But a long shadow cast by pan-Arabism looms large over the Jewish state in the far-reaching scheme of things.

The question of continued US aid to Egypt of 1.3 billion annually now comes into play.

(With a 94% approval rate in a recent Egyptian poll, the army remains the most trusted institution in the country with widespread popular support. The General himself enjoys “fireproof” support and with Saudi Arabia pledging to replace US aid to Egypt, al-Sisi has room to line up his geopolitical options.)

The benefit to Israel of America’s aid to Egypt still exists whether it’s the Muslim Brotherhood in control, or the Egyptian military, or a future (if any) popularly elected civilian government.

Evidently, the US-trained al-Sisi knows how Jewish power works in America and that the US would bend over backwards not to call it a “military coup” in order not to give Egyptian military the excuse to break the 1979 Camp David Accords signed by Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin and so have the opportunity to turn to Russia and Iran.

From the General’s carefully framed rebukes of Morsi for breaking off diplomatic relations with Syria, and fearing Morsi would send the Egyptian army into Syria (at the behest of the Western powers), al-Sisi may have his own old pan-Arab and Baathist ideologies, harking back to the short silver age of the anti-Communist United Arab Republic.

The UAR was a short-lived union between Egypt and Syria beginning in 1958 and ending in 1961. But due to political and economic problems along with Nasser’s nationalization policies creating dissension, it led to the UAR’s unraveling when Syria pulled out.

Yet there was and still is a huge potential for the restoration of the UAR which at one point also included Iraq in a brief revival of the union in 1963.

Egypt continued to be officially known as the “United Arab Republic” until 1971. If the UAR was in existence today it would be the 25th largest nation in the world.

Although Nasser’s nationalization policies led to the UAR’s demise, pan-Arabism still lives in the hearts of Arabs across the Middle East.


THE PRESIDENT of the United Arab Republic was Gamal Abdel Nasser…hated and feared by Israel and international Jewry.

(During the early years of its existence (1958–1961), the UAR was a member of the United Arab States, a confederation with North Yemen.)

As a pan-Arabist, Nasser, (member of the “Free Officers” that toppled King Farouk in 1952 led by General Muhammad Naguib and Anwar al-Sadat), banned the Muslim Brotherhood and began to rule in 1954 as a firm dictator.

General al-Sisi—influenced by 89 year old Mohamed Hassanein Heikal who was a close confidant of Nasser—will doubtless pursue the pan-Arabism of his military predecessors … casting a long shadow over Israel that in the long term does not bode well for the imperialist Jewish state.

In step with Nasser’s secular government which protected both Egyptian Muslims and Christians, al-Sisi is following suit given his promise to rebuild the churches burned down by the Muslim Brotherhood in the aftermath of Morsi’s ousting.

Thus Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein is urging Egyptian Muslims and Coptic Christians to build common ground with which to jointly resist international Jewry and its plans to attack Iran and Pakistan as well as Egypt via its new NATO-controlled (thus Jewish-controlled) Libyan client state.

With regard to al-Sisi routing out ‘jihadists’ in the Sinai (Western-backed/Shin Bet operatives and dupes?) who have been ineffectively lobbing bombs at Eilat, the General is pre-empting Jewish justification for another Israeli invasion of the Sinai.

The Sinai is too valuable a property both geopolitically and economically—ripe for energy development—for Egypt to let it go to Israel’s covetousness and imperialist designs.


THE UNITED ARAB REPUBLIC adopted a flag based on the Arab Liberation Flag of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.

The flag’s two stars represented the dual coalition of Egypt and Syria. This continues to be the flag of Syria to express its commitment to Arab unity.

But owing to the colonization funded by the Rothschild Dynasty of a “land with a people for a people stealing other people’s land,” the six-pointed occult star of Judaism was fixed as a ‘false flag’ amidst Muslim and Christian Arabs.

In 1963, Iraq established a flag that was similar to the UAR flag but with three stars, representing the hope that Iraq would be part of a lasting coalition. The current flags of Egypt, Sudan, and Yemen are also based on the Arab Liberation Flag of horizontal red, white, and black bands.

The Six Day War of 1967, orchestrated and provoked by Israel and international Jewry, set the stage for a diminished role of Nasser and the eventual demise of pan-Arabism with its United Arab Republics power base and potential for its restoration and expansion.

The idea of a federated UAR composed of Egypt and Syria is still sound…especially if operating under the Baathist pan-Arab political philosophy which being secular in Syria, accommodates Arab Muslims, Christians, and Druze. Al-Sisi is the right man in the right place to pull it off.

With the passage of time a new agreement and constitution can be hammered out by each country for a new United Republic.

International Jewry with its control of the US military and NATO would resist this.

For a long shadow of Arab nationalism hovering over the Jewish state—nemesis of the world and threat to global peace—would hem it in from the north and south by a united Egypt and Syria with Iraq and Yemen waiting in the wings to join their Arab brothers.

A new “Nasser” in the likes of al-Sisi is emerging in the Arab world—who, much wiser and calculating—understands what Jewish power is all about and how to oppose it.

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Brother Nathanael @ August 25, 2013


  1. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2013 @ 7:14 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family –

    I really got disgusted with so many so-called “geopolitical analysts” censuring the military takeover of Egypt that I decided to give a WHOLE NEW view of the issue that NOBODY else is touching upon: the potential for a Pan-Arab REVIVAL throughout the Middle East that will catch IsraHell with its pants down ONCE AND FOR ALL!

    Who cares about “democracy” in Egypt which brought the Muslim Brotherhood into power. “Democracy” is a Jewish invention designed to usurp State government that is “in form” carrying an “idea” that is both beneficial and enduring.

    For true nations are “idea-bearing” nations that bring saving benefits to the world. Russia is one such “idea-bearing” nation with its revival of the Tsarist governance of the symphony between Church and State.

    I will be doing a Video on this very topic next week. Speaking of which…
    …This is the FIRST TIME since I began doing Videos 3 years ago that I am not putting up a “weekly” Video.

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    “Vimeo does not allow videos that incite hatred or seek to verbally harm a person or group of people’s reputation, regardless of merit. Your account contained multiple videos with inflammatory statements about people with other religious beliefs.”

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    Many of your videos, including those in the “Politically Incorrect Jewish News” series, make statements about groups of people which our moderators view as discriminatory. For example, the most recent video in that series disparages religious practices of Orthodox Jews and refers to the Boy Scouts’ former policies banning homosexual scouts as a “censure of sodomy.”

    In the previous episode, you cite the existence of “Kosher Coupons” as “living proof that the saying ‘Jews don’t pay retail’ is not just another piece of anti-Semitism” and equate the ACLU’s position on same sex marriage to being “hell-bent on making sodomy and deviant sex a national pastime.”

    In addition, the descriptions of more than 50 videos link directly to your website, which prominently displays the following intention:
    “I Wish To Warn How Jewry Is Destroying Christianity Throughout The World”

    These are just a few examples of statements that are not in keeping with the Vimeo Guidelines.

    This account removal is final and we will not be responding to further inquiries on this matter. We hope you can find a video platform that better serves your needs.

  5. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2013 @ 7:39 pm


    Dear Real Jew News Family –

    I really got disgusted with so many so-called “geopolitical analysts” censuring the military takeover of Egypt that I decided to give a WHOLE NEW view of the issue that NOBODY else is touching upon: the potential for a Pan-Arab REVIVAL throughout the Middle East that will catch IsraHell with its pants down ONCE AND FOR ALL!

    Who cares about “democracy” in Egypt which brought the Muslim Brotherhood into power. “Democracy” is a Jewish invention designed to usurp State government that is “in form” carrying an “idea” that is both beneficial and enduring.

    For true nations are “idea-bearing” nations that bring saving benefits to the world. Russia is one such “idea-bearing” nation with its revival of the Tsarist governance of the symphony between Church and State.

    I will be doing a Video on this very topic next week. Speaking of which…
    …This is the FIRST TIME since I began doing Videos 3 years ago that I am not putting up a “weekly” Video.

    This is due to LOW NUMBERS of donations. It just kept on getting worse and worse over the past 4 months that CRUNCH TIME has set in.

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    With Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  6. Griff August 25, 2013 @ 8:07 pm

    Hip-Hip Hooray! Down with the Zionist State.

    Yes! The uprising against them will not only flower in the East but in the West in years to come.

    Bye Bye, Jews, have fun in hell!

  7. Justin August 25, 2013 @ 8:51 pm

    Great article, Brother Nathanael.

    It’s too bad Vimeo doesn’t wish to know the truth about the Devil’s children. We all know the truth about them, from you, the Scriptures, the Fathers of the Church, and most importantly from our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

    The one thing keeping the anti-Christ state of IsraHELL alive and the only thing, the money (what the Yid craves) coming out of the ZOG in Amerika, Britain and beyond.

    Pan-Arabism is the one thing that makes a Jew jump, it scares them, because it reminds them of National Socialism — anything Nationalist reminds them of that, even carrying the flag on the Independence Day of America.

    Egypt and Syria both are under Pan Arabism, albeit Nasserism was different from Baathism, but not by much.

    Baathism was founded by the Orthodox Christian thinker Michel Aflaq, who postulated a new rebirth among Arabs (both Christian and Moslem). This is what the Christ-hating Jews fear most — a united Arab bloc to oppose international Jewry’s schemes.

    Christ God bless you all!

    (Servant of Christ and HIS CHURCH)

    Saint John of Damascus pray to God for us!

  8. paschn August 25, 2013 @ 9:52 pm

    Thanks to your pointed explanation of the “ins and outs” of the machinations of occupied Palestine, and their drooling dogs in the West, the situation is becoming more clear.

    Thanks, Brother Nate.

  9. KathJuliane August 25, 2013 @ 9:53 pm

    Greetings in the Lord, dear +BN,

    Truly stunning and beautiful article, and what a wonderful way to look at the geo-political situation in the Levant, particularly in Egypt. You are right, no one is looking at it from this angle dear Brother.

    Being Orthodox Christian which is culturally Eastern and therefore more “visual-oral” than the written literary culture of the West, it is clear that you have developed an iconic ability to understand the “grammar” of symbology of Eastern cultures and history.

    Just as the American Flag symbolically speaks volumes to true patriots, you masterfully put together very strong symbols pertaining to pan-Arabism and an Easterner’s honor (whether Christian or Muslim), reflecting such enlightened and heroic Muslim men as Saladin and Nasser who have influenced General al-Sisi.

    He is extremely well versed in Egyptian and Muslim history.

    To me, General al-Sisi increasingly seems to be the Egyptian version of our beloved American patriot and hero, General Patton. I really like the opening photo of the General — his patient gaze is like the Sphinx looking across thousands of years of Egyptian time.

    The flags of the UAR and their symbolic meanings still contain the hopes and aspirations of the Arab people in the various countries of the Middle East.

    The title “the Eagle of the Arabs” is the key to unlocking some of the enigma of General al-Sisi that confounds the West. The Eagle on the Egyptian flag is indeed called “the Eagle of Saladin.”

    No one in the mainstream media (or alternative news) has addressed this angle as you have dear Brother. I know deep in my bones, you have gone straight to the heart of the story revealing the potential again of Arab nationalism and unity. I also entirely agree with Justin about Pan Arab nationalism and its effect on the Jews.

    Just looking at the map you provided, the idea of a restored federated United Arab Republic must be getting the Jews’ collective knickers in a twist.

    A federated Egypt and Syria would have Israhell boxed in north and south. What an astonishing fact that together as the UAR, it was the 25th largest country in the world, whereas Israhell is slightly larger than the State of New Jersey.

    A federated Egypt and Syria, plus the other aspiring countries like Iraq, would not only be a formidable powerbloc in the Middle East, they would squeeze Israhell like a pimple.

    Israhell will do anything to prevent the restoration of the United Arab Republic especially if it can destroy Syria to do so.

    It’s been sixty years since the so-called Yom Kippur War of 1973 when the Egyptian-Syrian coalition was defeated by Israhell. As modern states, these countries are now far more mature, educated, sophisticated, and wise.

    Although I’m rather sad that the Brovids will be slowing down for awhile, I must admit that reading one of your meticulous, informative, in depth and insightful articles again is a real treat, and I really enjoy the montages you put together.

    I look forward to many more. God bless you, dear +BN. I think you are following the wisest course.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  10. wasabi August 25, 2013 @ 10:09 pm

    The West is itching for war in the East but this time they seem to be inviting a retaliatory response that will involve Israel, Europe and the USA on their home soil.

    Your hypothesis supports this. This war, as always is being orchestrated by forces with no national allegiance whatsoever either in the West or the East.

    This is easy to understand as no nation ever benefits from these wars no matter which side wins or were to win.

    Financially the banks win, ideologically the spirit One Worldism takes a major stride as each side fight themselves to exhaustion and bankruptcy and society is driven to despair.

  11. KathJuliane August 25, 2013 @ 10:41 pm

    Why is no one in the West reporting on the deliberate efforts to erase Egyptian identity by the looting and burning of mosques, churches, museums and libraries by the Muslim Brotherhood and MB supporters?

    It is the very same plunder and pillage that has been going on in Syria. The US supports the MB and its al-Qaeda fellow travelers in Syria.

    Following Morsi Ouster, Is Egypt’s Cultural Identity Being ‘Erased’? [By Morsi Supporters]

    Burning Public Libraries and Looting Historical Museums in Egypt: Targeting Cultural Identity in a Systematic Way

    After the Egyptian army declared war on armed groups carrying the banner of “legitimacy,” following the ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi — who supported the same puritanical ideology — flames of fire have broken out in Egypt and reached the platforms of thought and culture across the country.

    After the start of the campaign launched by the Interior Ministry and the Egyptian armed forces to break up the Muslim Brotherhood’s protest camps and pursue them in alternative squares, Egyptian museums, public libraries and cultural palaces were set on fire.

    Members of armed Islamist groups broke into the Mallawi National Museum, which is just meters away from the Cairo-Aswan agricultural road, in Minya province.

    For his part, Mokhtar Kasbani, professor of Islamic art and a former adviser to the secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, attributed the attacks against Egyptian cultural sites to a plan designed to erase Egypt’s identity and heritage.

    He pointed out that execution of this plan began earlier this year with the demolition of part of the Mirza archeological site — built in the era of Mohamed Pasha Sufi — following an attack by a group of “thugs.”

    Kasbani said calls to demolish the archaeological sites by those who pretend to be Islamic — which came in particular during the reign of the former Brotherhood Culture Minister Alaa Abdel-Aziz — encouraged thugs to attack historic monuments.

    He placed what took place today within the context of Morsi’s revenge against Egyptian cultural identity.

  12. Cornelius August 26, 2013 @ 12:59 am

    The Western media made it impossible for me to make sense out of the situation in Egypt.

    Because they try to blur what is in Egypt’s best interest. According to the West that is democracy and a weak government on a leash, controlled by the United States.

    Clarification was desperately needed here.

    Thank you, Brother Nathanael.

  13. Steven August 26, 2013 @ 4:16 am

    Hi Brother Nathanael:

    As you valiantly make your way through this difficult period, remember that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.

    You are a voice crying in the wilderness but your message is true. Have confidence that God is benevolently acting in your best interests.


  14. Seraphim August 26, 2013 @ 4:35 am


    It is very comforting that you reacted exactly the same way as I would have done to the insight of Br. Nathanael.

    Few people I was talking to view the things in that light.

    I did say that the Muslim Brotherhood was a stooge of Zion before even it was allowed to grab the power in Egypt. People were laughing at me when I was saying that Nasserism might be revived.

    Well, yes, I believe that in fact Israel is quite distraught at the turn of events, although it puts a brave face, spreading the word that it was behind the coup that was not a coup!

  15. Nick August 26, 2013 @ 6:00 am

    Thank you so much for posting the TRUTH Brother Nate.

    So many alternative media outlets have shown their TRUE COLORS by suggesting that Al-Sisi is backed by the Obama or the Zionists.

    Morsi was Obama’s puppet, and the Israelis might not have liked it, but they were abiding it as long as Syria went down like Libya.

    Another outlet which has posted the truth about Egypt is resistencialibia dot info which is a Spanish language outlet.

    It has been shocking for me to see so many left-oriented alternative media sources scramble to cover for the Muslim Brotherhood! The conspiracy leading up to the “Arab Spring” runs deep!

  16. tom dean August 26, 2013 @ 7:09 am

    Dear Brother N:

    Hope your problem with Vimeo will be resolved, but it looks like an anti-Christian policy as you said.

    If Jesus was communicating on Vimeo, he would be censored because of what he said about the Jews.

    I expect more of this from our dictatorship and expect one day internet censorship.

    Attn: To all “real Jews” who do not repent: Your day is coming. It will be a day of sorrow..our Lord will make sure of that and the main thing to remember is it will be eternal.

    Read the New Testament and you will find out what it will be.

  17. frank depinto August 26, 2013 @ 8:41 am

    Frank DePinto
    Gentile Nation


    Happy to see you’re ‘still fighting’, providing important information for ‘the struggle.’

    “Instead of $ for ‘heat-start,’ US money is used to buy poision to murder the children of Syria for Jews and Israel.”

    “The Egypt military is the ‘right-arm’ of ‘JewDrivenAmerica/Oligarchy/Occupation.”

  18. Alan August 26, 2013 @ 8:54 am

    I’m not the only one who sees your clarity on video, and also benefits from your written text — spiritually — as other Christians on your site have stated

    And I can confirm — If any of your works are Of Him, you will be blessed — and persecuted — at times but will ultimately win.

    Vimeo reminds me of precisely why many American ex-pats leave America and why others renounce their American passports — Be All you can be, but don’t be too good–!Carnal jealousies by control-freaks, Jewish and others too, are the garden-variety stupidity all of us experience.

    I’m not a truther or a fanatical Ron Paul person, but as a born again Christian, it is clear that all races, tongues, tribes, peoples, have errors.

    The right to constructively criticize SIN s is essential for anyone to grow.

    You also should be congratulated for your relentless pursuit of the integrity of facts unstained by left wingnut/Jewish-communist-brainwashing and ersatz propaganda.

    Selective compassion is satanic — it is schizophrenic splitting. You alert people to the enormous filth of Feinstein, Filner, Axelrod, Soros, Powers, Weiner, Spitzer, Rattner, Geithner, Lew, Summers, Obama, Chertoff, Lieberman, Levin, Weinstein, Saltzman, Pritzker, and many others who are deeply complicit in a NWO globalist occult-fascism.

    No biological, nuclear, chemical weapon of any kind can touch the Divine Living Jesus Christ. This part of your Christian message is always 100 percent correct.

    I support 85 percent of the Orthodox theology out of 100 percent. The 15 percent variation does not cause me to go to ideological/spiritual war with Orthodox Christians. We have the Same Triune God and Know Jesus Christ as the Risen Saviour of All.

    And all shall stand and give an account on the last day. We who Love Jesus Christ as God are on the same team.

    Beware of jealousy form carnal church leaders even as you accomplish greater dissemination of the truth.

    Some Jews will be shamed into beginning to question why this is going on — Who was GEINRICH YAGODA prior to Hitler? And why Jews burn the New Testament on Fridays publicly in Israel? And why Israel has become the homosexual/Jewish-Communist capitol of the Middle East?

    Jews, much like Muslims, subvert any country they multiply in — destroying by subversion all that opposes their Talmudic-Koranic-Antichristian screed.

    Any Gentile who reads the Toledoth Yeshu, the Mishnah, the Gemara would be appropriately horrified, but suppression of the truth is an old political/ideolgical correctness.

    We are all equal, but some of us are more equal.

    Demonizing Christianity like he communists, Nazis and Muslims do is an old trick. We never need to be lied to as protection..that is Satan.

    For those who are still in darkness, Satan’s biggest lie is to say he doesnt exist. The 7th century, when the Talmud and Koran really originated, was a time of satanic unification.

    The NWO is also a Neo-Nazi/Communist/Occultism and will only create revolutionary anxiety, it is NOT OF GOD.

    All the best to +BN.

  19. KathJuliane August 26, 2013 @ 9:45 am

    “Only in Egypt: Muslims Defending Churches, Christians Protecting Mosques!”

    The full article at Canadian Free Press I’ve excerpted from is well worth the read, written by a person with first hand experience with “the facts on the ground” concerning the Muslim Brotherhood vicious activities in Egypt.

    Author Al Al Sharnoby is an Egyptian journalist and deputy editor living in Cairo.

    Cairo, Egypt-After a long stressful day due to increasingly crazy events and ever changing news, I had to quickly return home before curfew, which the government imposed to reduce the chances of Muslim Brotherhood violence in the streets.

    As I entered my home, I heard the bells of the nearby church ringing in a strange way. Next came screams and the sound of many gunshots. I told my children to stay away from the balconies, and got ready to defend my family against any possible attack.

    But my curiosity as a journalist kept on pushing me to get out and cover the story despite the risk because I know that journalists are most targeted by the Muslim Brotherhood gangs, even more so than police and army members, because they are present in an unmarked way with no badges or uniforms and work to uncover the facts of the Muslim Brotherhood to the public.

    The Brotherhood have already killed a dozen journalists and wounded many others.

    Heading fast to the nearby church, I noticed many of my neighbors, both Muslims and Christians, carrying knives, sticks and like me, scurrying to the church where the sounds of gun shots had stopped.

    I saw man with a serious wound to is arm as his brothers put him into a car to go to the closest hospital.

    Getting to the church, I had expected to see a large number of dead and injured people, and worried that the church would be torched.

    But thank God, I found only 3 wounded with minor injuries in the hand and the head, wounds that were the result of citizens fighting with Muslim Brotherhood members before people quickly converged on the church, forcing to Brotherhood to retreat and run away.

    There were hundreds of Egyptians of all ages. All of them made it clear they were willing to kill Brotherhood members if they turned up again. About half of them were Muslims.

    A few Salafists, too, came to be with us as they live in the same neighborhood and refuse to attack the church. I heard a lot of dialogues between Christians and Muslims.

    I felt the warmth of real cohesion and unity against the new danger, and knew that there is no difference between our needs and destiny because everyone was there to protect the House of God.

    I walked among the crowds and heard a Christian man say to a Muslim one: “They want to make discord between us and they think we will fight each other because of what they’re doing.

    Let them come now to see how we stand united. They do not belong to any religion because they come to burn and destroy the House of God.”

    The Muslim man replied saying: “My brother, we all know this, but even if this was your own home we will all defend it.”

    I was very impressed and touched when I saw them hugging and kissing each other after these words.

    A few moments later, some phone calls came to some of those present advising that the Brotherhood had attacked the nearby mosque, having despaired of coming back to the church. They threw stones at the mosque, shooting into the air to intimidate people inside.

    I found young people of all ages making a beeline as straight as an arrow to the mosque. Many of them were Christians, and I saw in their eyes a determination for victory, while they were running to protect the mosque from the aggressors.

    I remembered the defiant words of the [Coptic] Orthodox Pope, uttered the day before, when he told the Muslim Brotherhood and the extremists and terrorists with them:

    “If you burn the churches we will pray with our brothers in the mosques, and if you burn the mosques, Muslims will pray with us in the church, and if you burn them both, we’re all going to pray together in the streets protecting each other.”

    I remembered the words of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, when the Muslim Brotherhood started torching churches and attacking Christians.

    He announced that whosever does this is outside of the religion of Islam and all of us must fight him.
    Much more:

  20. BAB August 26, 2013 @ 10:44 am

    Perhaps this explains that false flag criminal act concerning chemicals in Syria.

    Perhaps they were really hoping that their puppet Morsi would bring Egypt to war with Syria.

    Now that this has fallen flat they desperately needed to invent an excuse for getting the US to attack Syria by air and by sea.

    Lets us pray that this is not going to happen and that it will fall flat also.

  21. KathJuliane August 26, 2013 @ 10:47 am

    Dear Seraphim and RJN Family, too:

    You will particularly find this next very informative and enlightening article by Ali Al Sharnoby, writing from Cairo, very supportive of your views and “minority opinion, as well as substantiating +BN’s brilliant analysis of the role of General al-Sisi and the renascence of Pan-Arabism.

    I just came across this today. I’d say that +BN has scored a bullseye. At the Bio and Archives link in Ali’s byline, are headlines of more interesting articles published at CFP.

    Ali is highly qualified, and writes as someone who has had to live day to day with the Muslim Brotherhood and the ruinous Middle East policies of Europe, Israhell, and America.

    Egyptian people have got the Muslim Brotherhood on the run.

    The Muslim Brotherhood Fall uncovers American-European schemes

    By Ali Al Sharnoby Sunday, August 25, 2013

    Cairo, Egypt-After American and European intelligence and research centers spent long years in attempts to conceptualize and create a new Middle East serving the interests of those countries, and to achieve the ultimate security of Israel, even the most pessimistic among them could not imagine that the Muslim Brotherhood group—seeded and grown in America, they were building castles in the sand.

    The George W. Bush administration planned to divide the Middle East into small states and re-arrange it to what former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called “the Great Middle East” and “creative chaos.”

    After Obama spent billions of dollars to support the Brotherhood, whom he thought could help him reach his goals faster, the Egyptian revolution exploded onto the world stage on June 30, toppling all these plans and arrangements, returning everyone to square one and telling them all… “checkmate.”

    With the CIA and the British MI6 in the Middle East after the establishment of Israel in 1948, the Muslim Brotherhood drew the attention of the CIA who thought that the brotherhood could offer them what they couldn’t get from the Egyptian governments.

    President Eisenhower met in the White House with Saeid Ramadan, a brotherhood leader in the fifties as the beginning of a long and strong friendship as an expression of the U.S. government’s desire to build bridges of cooperation and trust with the Muslim Brotherhood and its leaders.

    Nor were the CIA the only ones who believed in the benefit of backing the group: the British intelligence continued its manipulation of the group by giving them hope during the administration of Egyptian President Nasser, who strongly opposed the policies of the West.

    Ditto for German intelligence as they provided both support and an alternative home to the Brotherhood leaders that spread and saw them penetrated into German and Swiss society.

    The Brotherhood gained members influence and money through the famous mosque of Munich during the fifties and sixties—especially after Nasser began to track and arrest members of the group in Egypt, after their cooperation with the British during the tripartite attack on Egypt carried out by France, England and Israel when Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal in 1956, followed by four attempts to assassinate him.

    The group continued to grow and spread in the United States under several names and associations. The Brotherhood existed in all levels of American society, starting with schools and universities, up to the military until it reached the pinnacle after its success in penetrating the current administration headed by Obama.

    This had a significant impact on U.S. foreign policy which is now influenced by the Brotherhood. And, of course we don’t have to mention Huma Abedin, bosom buddy of Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Dalia Mogahed and a number of other representatives of the global Muslim Brotherhood organization.

    They deluded the American administration with their ability to implement America’s Agenda in the Middle East, giving a fake picture about their sweeping popularity in the Arab world; that their being in power will be the guarantor of the security of Israel and peace process success.

    Cunning leaders of the global Brotherhood showed loyalty and obedience to a United States, already deceived by their golden dreams of easy gains.

    But now, after the overthrow of the Brotherhood in Egypt by the Egyptian Army, Egyptians are suspicious of the Obama administration and the British, who offer protection and support to terrorists.

    They are also aware of the duplicity of France and Germany claiming their positions originate from democratic values, which even their own journalists and political analysts no longer believe having seen the streets of Egypt filled with millions of people demanding the overthrow of the Brotherhood and Morsi.

    The U.S. administration must know of its weak position and the dangerous situation that Obama put himself in, especially with the increasing criticism, and resentment of Americans of Obama for spending taxpayers’ money on a terrorist group.

    In recent days the administration also learned that they do not have a lot of influence with General Al Sisi and the new government in Egypt, making their threat to cut off U.S. aid to Egypt became like words lost in the wind.

    In other words, not worth the ink they’re written on. The outcome of the real game is now in the hands of Egyptian people and army, and the final decision for the future of Egypt rests with them and no others.

    The tide in the Land of the Pharaohs has turned because the Egyptian people have got the Muslim Brotherhood on the run.

  22. BAB August 26, 2013 @ 2:11 pm

    A fourth US warship capable of launching the type of cruise missiles that turned Libya to rubble and paved the way for al-Qaeda affiliates to take control of that country is now rushing to the waters off of Syria, ready to unleash destruction.

    The media worldwide is pushing willing leaders in the US, France, and the UK to finally treat Syria to another devastating “liberation.”

    What has prompted this sudden dramatic move just over the past few days toward a Western invasion of Syria? A claimed chemical attack near Damascus: It is unclear whether a bona fide chemical attack has taken place, and it is even more unclear who might be responsible should the attack indeed be the work of some chemical agent.

    Yet all of a sudden another Washington/Paris/London war is to be set in motion.

    Somehow we are supposed to believe that within 72 hours after the arrival of a UN chemical weapons inspection team to assess — with the Syrian government’s cooperation — the sites of previous claimed chemical weapons attacks, that same Syrian government would launch a chemical weapon attack on civilians just miles from where the UN inspectors are staying.

    The UN inspectors were there on invitation from the Syrian government and that same government would launch chemicals right into their neighborhood. It quite simply makes no sense.

    Credible reports coming from the pro-government press in Syria that the rebels have time and time again — including just yesterday – used crude chemical agents in their fight to overthrow the government are routinely ignored by the same Western media.

    Additional questions also remain unanswered, especially regarding the timing of the attack, being that it occurred on the exact same day that a team of UN inspectors was in Damascus to investigate earlier claims of chemical weapons use.

    It is also unclear what tactical goal the Syrian army would have been trying to achieve, when over the last few weeks it has managed to push back the rebels who were encroaching on central areas of the capital.

    Tomahawk missiles may be flying by the time you read this article. But do not make the mistake of believing the lies being told to make the case for another war. This is another war based entirely on lies and the result will be the destruction of the people of Syria.

    Another war crime under cover of “humanitarian intervention.”,-the-sequel,-in-syria.aspx

  23. Cornelius August 26, 2013 @ 3:23 pm

    The Muslim Brotherhood is for losers, just like the Aryan Brotherhood.

    They are like bikers who will jump you when it is 10 against one.

    Muslims hate them like National Socialists hate tattooed white trash that hijacked their beliefs.

  24. Scotty August 26, 2013 @ 6:17 pm


    The upcoming conflict in Syria has a distinct Jewish odor to it.

  25. KathJuliane August 26, 2013 @ 7:28 pm


    Western public frightened by General Al-Sissi
    by Thierry Meyssan

    While 95% of Egyptians support the military coup that overthrew President Morsi, the Western press calls for the return of the dictatorship and mourns the dead civilian victims of repression.

    For Thierry Meyssan, this attitude stems from the emasculation of Western populations who have forgotten the lessons of their elders and think that all conflicts can find peaceful solutions.

    [In other words, General al-Sisi doesn’t believe in coddling fanatics. Thierry makes good points (or he was being sarcastic) about how the Japanese and Germans weren’t coddled either by Churchill and Roosevelt in WWII.] Excerpts:

    However, the fundamental problem of the West with respect to the Egyptian crisis is related to violence.

    Seen from New York or Paris, an army firing live ammunition at protesters is tyrannical. And, to add to the horror, the press highlights that many of the victims are women and children.

    This is an emasculated vision of human relationships where a person would be willing to discuss because they would be disarmed. But fanaticism is a behavior that has nothing to do with being armed or not. Westerners faced this problem 70 years ago.

    At the time that Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill razed entire cities, such as Dresden (Germany) and Tokyo (Japan), the civilian population was disarmed.

    Both leaders are not considered as criminals but are celebrated as heroes. It was obvious and indisputable that the fanaticism of the Germans and Japanese made a peaceful solution impossible.

    Is the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist and must it be defeated? A comprehensive answer would be wrong because there are many trends in the International Brotherhood.

    However, their record speaks for itself: they have a long history of coups in many Arab states.

    In 2011, they organized the opposition to Muammar el-Qaddafi and took advantage of his overthrow by NATO.

    They continue the armed struggle to seize power in Syria.

    Regarding the Brotherhood in Egypt, President Morsi rehabilitated the killers of his predecessor Anwar Sadat and released them.

    He also appointed as governor of Luxor the second in command who massacred 62 people, mostly tourists, in 1997.

    In addition, during the simple call to demonstrate for the reinstatement of “their” president, they burned 82 Coptic churches.

    Western repulsion for military governments is not shared by the Egyptians, the only people in the world to be governed exclusively by the military – with the exception of one year of Morsi – for over 3000 years.

  26. Seraphim August 26, 2013 @ 11:19 pm

    I am exceedingly glad that people, even a few of them, can see the light through the poisonous smokescreens of the US/UE stooges of Zion (actually provinces of it).

    Everything emanating from them are lies because they are “the sons of the devil and they love the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him, for he is a liar and the father of lies”.

    We Orthodox can see through their lies and know what is in store for them.

  27. Glory B. August 27, 2013 @ 3:11 am

    “We see that this ancient occult figure of the hexagram, or Seal of Solomon, or STAR OF DAVID – as it is also called — is NOTHING MORE THAN A REPULSIVE PAGAN SYMBOL OF SEXUAL UNION AND REPRODUCTION.

    “The triangle pointing downward REPRESENTS THE FEMALE SEXUAL ORGAN, THE VAGINA, and the upward pointing triangle REPRESENTS THE MALE PENIS. JOINED TOGETHER in the hexagram, they REPRESENT THE ACT OF SEXUAL UNION.

    “Thus the hexagram was a PART OF SATAN’S ANCIENT WORSHIP RITES AND SYMBOL OF BAALISM – the sensuous religion of Nimrod and Semiramis – which began just this side of the Flood!”

    Brother Nathanael, it was very instructive to read this article showing that the so-called Star of David, the very symbol of Jewry, is actually a sign of Satan.

    “When the occult practitioner puts a curse on someone, he uses the hexagram!”

    When I was a Jew, before I turned my life and my immortal soul over to the Lord Jesus Christ, I was immersed in Satanism, without even knowing it.

    Of course, I was only a little kid, so what did I know about all that muttering of incantations and obscenities in the synagogue? All I knew — and felt in my bones — was that there was something evil and dreadful that permeated those dark, gloomy halls.

    Thank you, Lord Jesus, for showing me the light and bringing me out of that criminal cult called Judaism. I never wanted to hurt or harm Christians, which is what Judaism is all about.

    Trust the JEWS to WORSHIP a SATANIC, SEXUAL SYMBOL!!! Jews are truly disgusting.

  28. BAB August 27, 2013 @ 3:35 am

    I don’t know about the “the emasculation of Western populations.”

    I think that Thierry Meyssan has got it wrong this time.

    The “Western populations” are not emasculated but manipulated by their TV and Media.

    Furthermore one cannot justify the crimes committed by the Allies during WWII nor by anyone else, and I totally disagree with Thierry Meyssan when he says that a peaceful solution was not possible with the Germans and the Japanese.

    This is a lie because it was the Allies who wanted to continue WWII in spite of the fact that the Germans and the Japanese wanted to surrender long before the war ended.

    Like most of us, the Muslim fundamentalists are also manipulated by the lies of the West which employs them as mercenaries for its own interests.

  29. Heinrich Von Manschtein August 27, 2013 @ 10:01 am

    Brother Nate,

    It stands to reason why Morsi was threatening Ethiopia with War over a Dam that Ethiopia is building — Ethiopia is 80% Christian, has the oldest Church in existence, has some of the oldest Christian artifacts, and is said to have the Ark of the Covenant hidden there.

    Stands to reason Why Morsi would want to destroy Ethiopian infrastructure.

  30. BAB August 27, 2013 @ 10:27 am

    @Heinrich Von Manschtein

    Thank you for your very interesting comment.

    Morsy anyway was working for the West and thus also for international Jewry.

  31. BAB August 27, 2013 @ 11:01 am

    Dear Glory B.

    We have in RJN:” House Of Rothschild Controls Our Lives” the following comment:

    The red-shield, with the so-called “Star of David,” is an occult symbol from the 13th Century occult Kabbalah and only became associated with Jewish people after the Rothschilds adopted it for themselves in the 18th century.

    It has absolutely no connection to “King David” as Jewish historical sources confirm.

  32. Snowy Smith South Africa August 27, 2013 @ 11:42 am

    Egypt is a totally ILLEGAL Military COUP all planned by JEWS and JEW-controlled USA government.

  33. Has C. August 27, 2013 @ 12:13 pm

    Mark Glenn and his crew over at the Ugly Truth is of the opposite opinion to you, Brother.

    He says that Morsi was quietly forging an alliance with Russia, Syria and Iran. His ouster, Glenn says, was engineered with the assistance and encouragement of Israel. Some titles from Mark’s website:

    Israel quietly backs Egypt’s military

    Erdogan–Israel behind Egypt military coup

    Egyptian Jews: We support military’s fight against ‘terrorism’
    ( )

    Israel lobbying U.S., EU to support Egypt’s military government
    ( )

    Venezuelan president: Israel, US behind Morsi ouster
    ( )

    And particularly, Mark’s broadcast of 20th August (from ca. min. 45.50 – 48.00) ( )

    What to think? Glenn is knowledgeable on the Middle East, after all.

  34. Wotan August 27, 2013 @ 1:48 pm

    Middle East Politics is not an easy thing to understand.

    When Britain, France and the US seek to destroy well organised and flourishing Arab countries, whose leadership was at all times easily responding to Western pressures (holding back African immigrants to Europe, accepting responsibility for blown up aircraft when CIA and Mossad were more likely to have had their hands in this etc. etc.);
    and then proceeding to place these Arab countries into the hands of international terror gangs seems a rather outlandish thing to do.

    Especially so for France, Britain and the US — with the latter’s Ambassador to Libya having been killed recently by elements of the liberated Lybian population (sic!).

    In trying to explain all this to myself I remembered a reference in Chris Bollyn’s internet book on 9/11, in which he cites a Jewish document of the eighties according to which all strong and centrally governed Arab nation states should be broken up along tribal lines for Israel to have better control over its neighbourhood.

    Ok, from Israel’s point all this might make sense of some kind, but it would still defy the question why people should be installed, who overtly would appear to be especially hostile to Israel and why the US, Britain and France should so frantically support such a ring of apparent hostility around Israel?

    This question or equation resolves itself easily:

    France, Britain and the US have no voice of their own, they represent exclusively Israeli positions. Also: the travelling al Kaida terror syndicates are mainly paid for by the CIA whilst being directed by Mossad psy op agents.

    So perhaps one should re-phrase the question: Why should Israel want to surround itself by surrogate Governments hostile to herself? That was a hard nut for me to crack, but then I remembered that in Jewish circles, especially in Israeli circles, there exists the latent dream of a “Greater Israel.”

    If Israel would be surrounded by friends or friendly nation-states how could Israel ever reasonably hope to persue this aim? There must be enemies, and these enemies should be preferably controlled by Israel (Mossad) without the enemy realising it.

    At the right time Israel can then proceed to cause nine-elevens at will and at leisure in Europe and in the USA and it will be Israel, who, at its chosen time, will present to the down-trodden and fouling Western civilisation the evidence that all the current nine-elevens are perpetrated by extremist Arab groups from the countries surrounding Israel.

    Like a knight in shining armour Israel will then proceed to occupy her Arab neighbour countries, and if the foolishness of our political elites can be projected into the future we will help Israel in enacting this new fraud on humanity just as we have been doing it with the nine-eleven of today.

    And when Greater Israel has come into existence European Civilisation will be carried to its grave in Europe and North America with Jewish pipe players playing condolence music and shedding false tears on the way.

    I am not claiming that all and and everything I am saying here is right. But it would certainly be a way of explaining conclusively and coherently what otherwise would
    elude rational consideration.

    Some might perceive my interpretations as an approximation of reality, others may feel sure that I am not describing reality in any shape or form, but am merely revelling in an out- or undergrowth of my own fantasies.

    Bro Nat’s article on pan-Arabic stirrings in Egypt has caught me flat-footed, but the boiling electronic(?) soup, which is our home, seems to create a world of endless kaleidoscopic surprises. Our short-lived perceptions may not recognize sense or purpose in all the bits that reach us.

  35. BAB August 27, 2013 @ 2:51 pm

    It’s difficult to know exactly what is happening with all the lies spreaded by the MSM, but in this case I feel that Brother Nathanael has got it right and that Glenn is mistaken.

    The West was hoping that Morsi would take Egypt to war with Syria, but the peoples of Egypt obviously were against.

    This is probably the true reason for the CW false flag in Damascus giving the US an excuse for attacking Syria.

    The present situation is extemely dangerous and could even lead to WWIII.

  36. BAB August 27, 2013 @ 4:00 pm

    Dear Wotan,

    You should know that what Jewry hates most is Christianity.

    It is for this reason that the West, directed by international Jewry, is using radical Islamist fundamentalists to destroy the moderate Arab nations surrounding Israel, because at the same time Jewry is destroying Christianity in the whole Middle East.

  37. wasabi August 27, 2013 @ 4:47 pm

    Its very simplistic to blame “the Jews” for the world’s troubles.

    However this should not be confused with the House of Israel which is completely a different box of anthropology.

    Due to the diaspora 3600 years ago only God knows the identity of this group, but exist it does.

    This is easily understood in the light of the words of God through the prophets of old. Words which prove their preservation and their eternal covenant with God. To deny this is to mock the word of God which is to mock God. God is not mocked.

  38. Seraphim August 27, 2013 @ 7:19 pm

    Mark Glenn is out of his depths.

    If anyone cares to check the entry (brought as evidence of Israel calling the shots in Egypt) will have to control an immense laugh.

    The article, which is actually taken from Jerusalem Post, quotes Magda Haroun, the president of the Egyptian Jewish community.

    Now what do we find about the Jewish community? That “Haroun 61, is the youngest of the 14 women who make up Cairo’s dwindling community. Most are now in their 80s, living off charity and rental income from properties the community has owned for generations.”

    And Erdogan substantiated his assertions quoting some vapid mumblings about MB by the “famous” French philosopher Bernard Henry Levy, who is Jew.

    Risum teneatis amici.

  39. KathJuliane August 27, 2013 @ 8:03 pm

    A Short Guide To The Middle East

    Helpful letter to the editor clears up confusion about the Middle East

    Republished by MSN-NBC:

    That whole Middle East deal sure can be confusing.

    Thankfully, in this concise and clearly articulated letter to the editor published in the Financial Times, Mr KN Al-Sabah, of London, lays it all out in a way anyone can understand.

    In full, his letter, entitled “A Short Guide to the Middle East,” read:

    “Sir, Iran is backing Assad. Gulf states are against Assad!

    Assad is against Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood and Obama are against General Sisi.

    But Gulf states are pro Sisi! Which means they are against Muslim Brotherhood!

    Iran is pro Hamas, but Hamas is backing Muslim Brotherhood!

    Obama is backing Muslim Brotherhood, yet Hamas is against the US!

    Gulf states are pro US. But Turkey is with Gulf states against Assad; yet Turkey is pro Muslim Brotherhood against General Sisi.

    And General Sisi is being backed by the Gulf states!

    Welcome to the Middle East and have a nice day.”

    And a good day to you too, Mr Al-Sabah, and thank you for clearing all that up.


  40. Aechos August 27, 2013 @ 9:05 pm

    Today at my university I received a lecture from a guest speaker, Adam Garfinkle, in my class on terrorism. I have little interest in the class but I needed another class as a filler. As you can imagine, the ideologies are very liberal.

    Anyway, as Garfinkle takes the stage, my Jewdar goes off based on the man’s appearance, demeanor, and name. The first things he did were market his books for $20 a piece and direct the class to read The American Interest, his magazine.

    In summary, his lecture was that the Muslim world is the source of modern terrorism and that the NSA is a trustworthy ally of citizens.

    However, at the conclusion of his lecture, he boldly stated that the U.S. will attack Syria with cruise missiles a few weeks from now. He didn’t even explain the rationale behind such an attack. We all know the implications though. Given his past roles and lofty connections, I have feeling that his statement might be true.

    However, I sincerely hope it will turn out to be just another example of Jewish disinformation.

  41. Seraphim August 27, 2013 @ 9:31 pm

    Indeed this is all confusing. Apparently.

    You read on ERR/News (Estonian Public Broadcasting) an extremely illuminating comment made by the Director of the Estonian School of Diplomacy, Vahur Made:

    “If any Western-led military operation in Syria is successful, it will send a message to both sides in Egypt that if the conflict deepens and no internal solution is found NATO MAY DECIDE ON MILITARY INTERVENTION IN EGYPT.”

    All suggestions so far are that the strike against Syria would come around Thursday, 5th. That would be the definitive give out that the strike is on behalf of Israel.

    The 5th is the Rosh Hashanah! Rosh Hashanah is the New Year but also “the day of judgement.” On this day three books of account are opened, wherein the fate of the wicked, of the righteous and those of intermediate class are recorded.

    The names of the righteous are immediately inscribed in the book of life, and they are sealed ‘to live’. The intermediate class are allowed a respite of ten days, until Yom Kippur, to repent and become righteous; the wicked are blotted out of the book of the living forever.”

    A few details would add more clarity. The Arab League squarely blamed Assad’s regime of “genocide” and clamored that the “perpetrators be presented for international trials.”

    And in an even more telling development, Shimon Peres called for the UNO to appoint the Arab League to set a temporary government in Syria “to stop the bloodshed.”

    Egypt has rejected military intervention in Syria, and stressed that it does not support ‘Jihadists’ in Syria.

    So be on the watch on the 4-5th and on the 14th of September.

  42. Brother Nathanael August 27, 2013 @ 11:18 pm


    The Church is the “Israel of God” to whom the promises of an “eternal covenant” was made NOT to Christ-killing Jews.

    This is the teaching of the holy Orthodox Church and NOT your evangelical missappropriation to Christ-hating Jews. +BN

  43. Seraphim August 27, 2013 @ 11:45 pm

    Notice also that the rhetoric now is to PUNISH. What?

    I have an inkling that the real reason for “punishing” Assad as well as Mubarak was that they published the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (and of course for “denying the Holocaust” and promoting the “blood libel” – which, it was asserted, “originated in 1840 in DAMASCUS” which at the time was ruled by the Mamluks of Egypt).

  44. Brother Nathanael August 28, 2013 @ 12:29 am


    I’m working ’round the clock on a Video about Jewmerica’s pending “punishment” of Assad for not bending to the Jews and their warmongering Jew lies.

    Stay tuned…hope to have it up by Friday. +BN

  45. Seraphim August 28, 2013 @ 12:37 am


    Actually the promise to David was quashed already by the Prophet Jeremiah 22:30.

  46. Brother Nathanael August 28, 2013 @ 2:09 am


    The “physical” line of David was quashed but not the “promise” of an eternal Davidic Throne in so far that Jechoniah (who did have children) would be “childless” looking forward to a Divine-Man as “son of David”/”Son of God” fulfilled in Messiah Jesus.

    The genealogies in the Gospels illustrate this. +BN

  47. Seraphim August 28, 2013 @ 3:24 am


    You are right. It is actually what I intended to say. Sometimes I tend to be too elliptic.

    I can’t wait for your video.

  48. Danielle August 28, 2013 @ 3:35 am

    We, Christians, must be aware of St Paul warnings:

    We cannot ally ourselves to people who do not believe in the Holy Trinity, because denying the Holy Trinity implies the denying of the Holy Spirit and this is the greatest sin never forgiven not in this world and not in the world to come ! !

    As God is Holy, His Spirit is HOLY!

    St Paul said that we have nothing in common with non believers and St John says do not even say to them “hi”! So, we much depart from them and put our confidence in our Lord Jesus-Christ only: He is the Savior and He has also the power to deliver from enemies on earth too: we have learned this from the Gospel!

    So the alliance that some “moderate” Muslims could offer to the Christian Orthodox (Russia) to make the Zionist fall will result in an other trap:

    – Supposing allied Orthodox Christians and Muslims get the goal and put the State of Israel K.O., then, after WWIII, talks will start between Muslims and Christian Orthodox on how to govern the pieces of countries delivered by both sides from Zio-Jews hands.

    It will be like what happened at the end of WWII when talks were performed to delimitate zones of government between the European countries.

    Some Muslims believe they will conquer the world, and that all the world will be under Islam because their prophet announced this.

    So there is a big question: will the Orthodox Christian be obliged to fight another war and this one will be to keep their own faith saved?

    Certainly, Yes! Why?

    Because of what is in Islam called the “taqqiya” = keep low profile untill you have force and can impose to your ennemies your domination.

    That is to say that “moderate” Muslims will become more and more audacious under fallacious pretexts to gain power, oppress and attack Orthodox Christians, and not only Orthodox Christians but also from all other denominations.

    There will exist some radical Muslims (even a few of them remaining at the end of the big war) who will try to avenge, because as the Jews they do not forgive because of much pride.

    Their prophet said: “When you kill, it is not you who kills, but God.” I do not know the N° of the verse but it is explicitly said in the Koran! So this sentence exonerates radical Muslims from their murders!

    To fight with the help of one demon (claiming false propheties) against another demon (Mammon believers) will lead to another war more dangerous for Christian souls in the whole world!

    So, if Zionism abolished, it means 1 obstacle only is destroyed but another arises.

    Even with “Moderate” governments in Arab countries (Pan Arabism) or “Radical Brotherhood Muslim” (Pan Islamism) governments, the problem will be the same: Christianity against Muslims because these united Muslims will replace, after WWIII, the Jewish supremacy on the whole world because of their belief.

    So, even if Shekh Imran Hossein is actually moderate, humble and sincerely pacific (he even said that perhaps he will be killed as Sheickh El Bouti has been killed) there are others who will jump on the horse to impose their views.

    He said that the Muslims in Turkey have made the great error of transforming Hagia Sophia Church into a mosque and then into a museum, and that Saint Sophie will come back to the orthodox Christian in WWIII. Consequently it is probable that some radical Muslims will not be happy of hearing these words coming from his lips!

    Some could say:

    “Who is not against you is for you” as our Lord answered to the Apostles questioning about people who casted demons down in His name but are not being at all disciples of our Lord.

    I believe that those who cast the demons in such a way (badly: taking money and not even being baptised in the Christian faith) will be punished for not having adhered in Spirit and Truth to our Lord.

    For if the Name of Jesus has power, it is the proof that Jesus Himself has actually power and consequently that He is the Son of God, the Savior!

    It is as if our Lord would have said:

    “Those who are not against you are for you, that is to say: I use them as means for my plan of redemption but be aware they themselves do not save but work under the sin of pride (temptation to feel they do good things instead of thinking they are non-useful servants and sinners), I am the Savior!”

  49. $10 Bagel August 28, 2013 @ 3:45 am

    I think it’s safe to say that the entire “Arab Spring” was instigated by the Jews and Jewish manipulated western governments.

    With that being said, it seems that the Jews ousted their longtime stooge, Mubarak.

    Whose side Morsi was on is anyone’s guess. Maybe he was installed by the Jews or maybe he was removed by the Jews or both.

    At this point, it has become so confusing even to Egyptians.

    What I do know is that most Egyptians feel very connected with the people of Gaza and absolutely hate what Israel is doing to them and they want to see something actually done about it.

    It would be good for them to have a government that actually represents THEM.

  50. Danielle August 28, 2013 @ 6:35 am

    I would like to add these few words:

    it is important today to work taking into account the common good for all (le bien commun) to keep peoples in danger of eradication to live without being genocided. Who remembers Biafra today? Much noise has been done but at last its people has been put completely down.

    So, we must pray and ask from the Holy Spirit to inspire all our Christian goverments which are now faced to take important decisions for the future, for life.

  51. Glory B. August 28, 2013 @ 6:51 am


    Regarding your comment about differentiating between “the Jews” and “the House of Israel,” I sense that you are one of those who argue that there is a difference between Zionism and Judaism.

    If that is the case, you are wrong. There is NO difference between Zionism and Judaism. They are ONE AND THE SAME!

    All Jews are Zionists, but not all Zionists are Jews. There are many misguided “Christian Zionists,” who support the Jews in their greedy, land-grabbing, criminal ambition to destroy Christ and His Church and rule the world under a Jewish czar.

    Just remember that the commie Jews ruled Russia and the Eastern bloc for many years, destroyed churches and killed millions of Europeans. That is what the so-called Christian Zionists forget.

    Believe me, I was a Jew for years, born and raised, learned the Yid prayers, heard the Jew-flock curse Jesus Christ, but never raised my voice or my arm against our Lord and His followers.

    It wasn’t until the Lord Jesus reached down, embraced me with His love and brought me out of the filthy quagmire that is Judaism that I learned that Judaism (and Zionism) is nothing less than a criminal cult masquerading as a religion.

    Judaism is NOT A TRUE religion, because the JEWS WORSHIP GOLD, NOT GOD. Satan is the REAL GOD OF THE JEWS!!!


    As was proved earlier, Jews use the so-called “Star of David” as their shield and their protector, instead of calling on the name of their true Messiah, and the Messiah of all mankind, the one, begotten Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The Jews hate Christ, they killed Christ and their goal is to destroy Christ all over again and rule the world under the “Star of David.”

    Jews think of King David as this little kid who slew the giant Goliath with a slingshot.

    When David killed Goliath, his people the Philistines turned tail and ran, the Jews are told.

    Just remember, in the Jews’ eyes, the PHILISTINES of yesteryear are the PALESTINIANS of today.


    What they are doing to the Palestinians is what they will do to all of the non-Jewish world when their Jewish Messiah arrives.

    After many years, I have adopted the motto: “Never trust a Jew.”

    They are all liars, and you cannot believe a word they say.

    Never trust a Jew and you’ll get along much better in this world.

    Also, ZIONISM plus JUDAISM equals SATANISM!!!

  52. nigly24 August 28, 2013 @ 8:10 am

    Sorry to hear you are in financial distress, I wish I could help.

    Living in France, (Zionist control) Vimeo was the only access I had to your videos.

    I offer prayers and wish you well and feel good must shine through.

    You are the best crusader we have in the fight against evil. I hope you can continue.

  53. thinker August 28, 2013 @ 10:55 am

    Thank you for this great article.

    Rich details and analysis, and sorry for what happened to your Vimeo account.

    You may search for anti-Islam/Christian vids on Vimeo, and I am sure they are many, make a video about them to show their double standards.

    Publish it on other server and Vimeo will contact you to solve the issue. Here in Middle East, we always have an Islamic version of the social networks like YouTube, knowing that all such channels are almost controlled by Zionists.

    In my opinion, I think the Flag is marginal point because it is a simple not a whole plan. There is a deeper conflict in the area behind the scene. What I noticed that U.S. is sending their money along with Saudi Arabia and probably (UAE) to Egypt in order to topple Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi.

    Morsi who was elected by people must be put down by the same box, not by military. All the public here in the Middle East is understanding that it is a religious war against Muslims directed by Jews/Zionists and its written in their protocols, religion shall not govern a country.

    If you listen to the stories from protesters about murder, snappers, etc by the military and how it was put in media as made by Muslims Brotherhood.

    Morsi threaten not only the Zionist state but also Arab leaders because Morsi represent public aspirations, and may lead to Jihad in return for Palestine.

  54. Has C. August 28, 2013 @ 1:44 pm

    Very appropriate of Wotan to remind us of the Israeli “Strategy for the 1980s” which, although implemented with delay, seems to be the name of the game in the Middle East.

    Israeli politicians seem to have learned something from Bismarck and Metternich. Already twenty years before Iraq War they were considering splitting of Iraq into 3 parts.

    General al-Sissi may be a brave man, but the population is restless and extremely impoverished, and so his throne is standing on a foundation of sand anyway. I hope he can keep peace, lest Egyptians start pouring into Europe.

  55. GE Bonaventure August 28, 2013 @ 3:31 pm

    I was playing golf on vaction in Florida with retired USAF Colonel GE Bonaventure, and even though he is a traditional Roman Catholic with neo-Nazi and neo-Confederate leanings, he’s thinking about reverting to Judaism.

    He just can’t take it any more, but reading a Hebrew newspaper is impossible.

    The Jews are too smart. They’re in control of HBO and MSNBC and seem to be naturals for chaos. The Arabs are probably more doomed than the Europeans.

    I enjoy the pleasure of my own company sometimes. Is that so bad?

  56. Aga August 28, 2013 @ 3:40 pm

    Dear Bro:

    Rense’s site posted a vid in youtube which I believe is leading to confusion @

    In the vid he and his guest “clarify” that modern Jews have nothing to do genetically with biblical Jews. That they are Khazars and all that bs which I believe is totally false.

    I believe modern Jews are the descendants of the same dudes of the biblical times: John 8:44 and also because they didn’t accept Jesus and killed him.

    I tried to leave a comment on the YouTube Rense’s channel after watching the vid and it was impossible, it kept appearing “Error, Try again.”

    Could you please dear Brother make a vid about all this false information? Explaining that there are no such thing as Khazar Jews and the real “peaceful Jews” (the error they keep spreading?)

    Thanks so much Brother Nat!

    Greetings from South America!

  57. BAB August 28, 2013 @ 4:27 pm

    Once the War Begins, How Do We Stop It?

    A key lesson of history is that it is far easier to start wars, especially major ones, than to stop them.

    At the beginning of the Great War (what we now call World War I), no one expected it to go on for more than a few months, at the longest.

    We learned that once the Tsar of Russia mobilized his army per the treaty with Serbia, and early mobilization of his far flung army was vital, then the German High Command, and the Austria-Hungarian High Command felt that they had to mobilize against Russia.

    This, of course, led the French and British to rush an emergency mobilization into place. To stop that mobilization, would have thrown such a ‘monkey wrench’ into the very detailed mobilization plans that it would have exposed the nation suspending its mobilization, to a potential quick defeat.

    So, everyone mobilized and from that point in time the horror and destruction of Europe and much of the world was locked in.

    Once America, the United Kingdom and France begin their assault upon Syria, no doubt with the assistance of Israel, Turkey and the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) states, it will lock in what I am calling the Great Holocaust of the Human Race…a General Middle East War…World War III…Armageddon!

    The Syrians have rode out at least one tactical nuclear strike (early May) and perhaps as many as four or five such strikes, plus a massive chemical attack on a Syrian Army unit a few weeks ago, without ‘taking the bait’ and responding.

    But both Iran and Syria have made it very clear (with the full support of both Russia and China), that an American and allied military attack is ‘crossing the red line’ and will NOT be tolerated.

    And of course, that is whole point of the False Flag chemical attack and the US/UK/French bombing of Syria.

    The West has finally racheted up the level of violence to the point that it can no longer be ignored as a reasonable strategic choice. This is the beginning of a regime killing operation, regardless of the words coming out of Obama’s mouth to the contrary.

    The Syrians and their Iranian and Hezbollah allies know that this is a fight to the death for all of them.

    That they will either win this battle or be destroyed in it. They also know that ‘the clock is ticking’ on the use of their strategic military assets.

    That SAS and USMC long-range recon troops, and others, are in-country now to ID hidden Syrian missiles and other key hardware. That they have to ‘use it or lose it’ within a relatively short time … days at best.

    This will be a major driver in the escalation/counter-escalation scenarios in the first day/days of the war.

    So what happens when they hit the British Sovereign base in Cyprus with a punishing missile attack, and the US Air Base in Turkey and multiple Israeli high value targets?

    What happens when Iran announces that the Straight of Hormuz is closed? What happens when the Israelis cross the Lebanese and Syrian frontiers? What happens when several US warships are sunk with great loss of life?

    What happens when things really begin to get out of hand … which could be Day 2 or Day 3 or so of the war? When nuclear weapons are clearly being used?

    What happens when chemical and radiological weapons are used in return? Does the line continue to be crossed in ever expanding worse levels of a nightmare right out of Hell? What happens when Israel sees itself in risk of total destruction … or Iran?

    Does Israel use the Samson Option? Does Iran use its doomsday advanced biological warfare option?

    The trouble is, 21st Century warfare and the massive deaths from WMD and the short timelines involved, tend to compel a rapid and beyond horrific cycle of response and counter-response and counter-counter-response.

    The central national command authority may be so degraded as to be incapable of stopping the madness, once it has quickly reached a certain point. What is that point? We simply do not know because no one has ever used these levels of death dealing technologies in combat before.

    There is a line in the old movie ‘Wargames,’ where the ‘thinking computer’ that is about to blow up the entire world finally realizes that “the only winning move is not to play.”

    Sadly Colin Powell’s advice that America needs to “back away from Syria” seems to have fallen on deaf ears. We will soon be trapped in events that might be described as Hellish and then it will be too late.

    Tim Earl of Stirling News Blog EUROPE

  58. Halina August 28, 2013 @ 5:29 pm

    @Glory B

    This was a very powerful, eye-opening comment that with your permission I would like to use and pass on.

  59. wasabi August 28, 2013 @ 5:38 pm


    May the Mother of God protect you beneath her mantle and God bless.

  60. BAB August 29, 2013 @ 2:18 am

    The British Parliament has forced a delay in the War on Syria by the United Kingdom and this appears to have also slowed down the Obama Administration’s drive towards war. — Stirling

    True prayers can have very powerful results.

    It’s time now to pray earnestly for peace for all mankind so that the evil plot to take us all to World War III will fail.

  61. tom dean August 29, 2013 @ 6:45 am


    Also in the US some politicians are reminding Obama that it is unconstitutional to go to war without congressional consent.

    If we get involved in WW3 it will be because of Israel.

    They want us to get involved with Syria so it can drag Iran and Russia in too. This way they can take Syria and/or other reasons.

    I personally think the Zionist Jews want to destroy Russia because they stand up for the Christian faith.

  62. AL August 29, 2013 @ 8:47 am

    All Jews are not Zionists and all Zionists are not Jews, but ALL Jews and ALL Zionists are ALL Anti-Christ whether they are All Jews or Not.

    Get it?
    Who is your brother…SAUL or PAUL? There is nothing NEW under the sun.

  63. r a feibel August 29, 2013 @ 12:07 pm

    Oh, Bro. Nathanael,

    I would hope you are correct as there hasn’t been much hope as of late, meaning the last 20 years.

    But with due respect, I am not a believer in the Zionist financed Egyptian military. Unless Al Sisi is a mastermind of intrigue, the Jew and American/British will figure him out and will never allow him to gain that much power.

    I do believe you know the killing power the Jew has. They even got Arafat finally.

    I’m afraid we are going to see a blood bath in Egypt soon. The Zionist Jew with their proxies won’t let go of Egypt easily.

  64. The Elder of Zyklon-B August 29, 2013 @ 5:49 pm

    “If we get involved in WW3 it will be because of Israel.”

    That’s right tom dean. If Israhell pushes us into yet another Mideast conflict whether it is Jew World War III or not, it will be just fine with all anti-CHRISTian Zionists sitting in their apostate churches singing praises to Israhell and Christ-hating Jewry.

    The following is not only just fine and dandy with all the congressional whores, but most Amerikans as well. They either approve, or they just don’t care that Israhell has a long history of spying on us and selling the information to China and others.

    It’s all going to end in a very ugly fashion for the JSA.

    “‘Don’t expect any statement by the White House press secretary tomorrow that says, ‘Oh my gosh, we are really upset with the Israelis for trying to spy on us’. You’re never going to hear anything like that, because politically it is hazardous for basically any American politician.”

  65. Harriet August 29, 2013 @ 7:03 pm

    I agree with Snowy Smith South America as regards what is going on in Egypt.

    Mossad tries to cover up their crimes by propagating false stories about crimes that did not happen and then if that be not enough Israel and Zionist occupied US, Britain and France attempt escalation of war for mass murder.

    We need to examine people in the truth movement to see how many actually are disseminating the truth (and even if that be so up to the time they have won sufficient number of people) purpose behind their writings and the website.

    Could it be that they are controlled opposition and that the real purpose is to record people’s emails and other whereabouts to help their masters at a later time to hunt them down while also depleting the wallets of these innocent and naive people through donations?

    I got caught for this scam with Mark Glenn of Ugly Truth and his friend Michael Collins Piper whom I thought were serious truth people.

    Michael Collins Piper has blasted Chris Bollyn almost every time he went on the radio. It is time we get to hear the other side of the story from Chris Bollyn.

    Mark Glenn keeps on blasting “White Supremacists” while speaking the same language as those in the ADL and SPLC: two of the many Jewish organizations who hate White people. Who could be the real masters of Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper?

    Mark Glenn has not been attacked by any of the Jewish organizations as far as I know and his website does not get hacked like website.

    I hope Joe Cortina will read this post.

    Joe Cortina is a very nice person and a true patriot. It doesn’t mean bad people cannot deceive him or influence him.

    We all can get deceived from time to time because we want to believe people and we want to believe that they are on the side of the truth and we want to be on the side of the truth and we are desperate for the truth.

    A person for the truth must not suppress other people who are for the truth or bad mouth them. A true patriot will not be against the White people or Muslims as a group because they are not the problem. They must not be against people like David Duke or Dr K who runs NoDisinfo website and must not be silent about the arrest of Edgar Steele.

    I am hoping Brother Nathanael will soon write an article about the framing of Edgar Steele.

  66. spinerau September 19, 2013 @ 2:24 pm

    In this link inform us all the mankind and you, General El-Sisi is a Jewish Mossad Agent, his mother is Jew, and his uncle (brother of his mother) was a Hagannah member, so, as you can see Egypt is another Zionist occupied country.

    This is another link about Jewish link of General El-Sisi

  67. KathJuliane September 19, 2013 @ 3:08 pm


    This is the Muslim Brotherhood accusing General al-Sisi of being a crypto-Jew. It is a common tactic in the Arab world to accuse one’s political enemy of being a secret Jew to attempt to discredit them.

    The one constant among all the quarreling Arab clans is anti-Israelism. In the Arab world, next to throwing a shoe, the most effective way to insult an Arab is to call him a “Jew.”

    Qaddafi was a “secret Jew.” Bashar al-Assad is accused of being a “secret Jew.” When Morsi appointed al-Sisi he was a good pious member of the Muslim Brotherhood (according to the Muslim Brotherhood); when Morsi was sacked by the Egyptian people, al-Sisi becomes a Jew (according to the Muslim Brotherhood).

    And even if his mother was a Moroccan Jew as alleged who hadn’t converted to Islam, because the father is Muslim, any children would still have to be raised as Muslims.

    The same smear tactic was done by the political enemies of Hitler and the NSDAP back in the 1930s (particularly the Austrian Catholic party), who accused him of being a Jew and a bastard. Hitler had his family tree fully investigated and then published for the German people to see.

    Jews are not above using this smear tactic themselves, using anti-Semitism for their own purposes when launching black and grey propaganda of their own, red herrings and false-flags, especially throughout the Arab world to cause divisions and factional in-fighting, And there are plenty of Arab-speaking Oriental or Mizrachi Jews in Israhell who immigrated from Arab countries around them that could plant a fable in Arabic.

    Veteran’s Today ran this slanderous gossip about General al Sisi, and using sources which are obviously biased and without any confirming documentation.

    Gordon Duff admitted in a radio interview on Mike Harris’ Short End of the Stick, October 12, 2012, that 40% of what he writes is false information.

    ProdigalSon888 published the pertinent excerpts from the interview, and also has archived the complete audio of the radio show downloaded at his website, which is linked to his YT page back in November 2012. ( )

    The radio interview is also archived at both as an online track, and an MP3 is available to download.

    Sometime after ProdigalSon888 and another YT user with the name of Mike Wayne had each independently published Duff’s radio interview in November, Harris deleted his October RBN archives, and pushed to get another YT video (of the radio show) deleted from another account on copyright grounds on or about November 9 as well.
    ( )

    Not only did the October RBN archives vanish for Harris’s show, but he’s no longer on the schedule, listed as a host, or in the archives.

    Duff then went on Barrett’s Nov. 9 Truth Jihad show to deny he said what he said and claims the “tape” was spliced and dubbed (technically true as an edit from a longer tape, but not taken out of context), but then Duff also claims that Fred Tobin put out the tape to discredit him. And Barrett wrote a Nov. 16 piece suggesting Duff was joking about the 40% disinformation.

    So which way is it? Spliced and dubbed out of context (by Tobin?), or he said what he said just as recorded, but meant it as a joke? And why should Harris pull his October archives if Duff was joking on the interview?

    Gamal Nassar is the man making the claims that Morsi is a “secret Jew.” Nassar is the former media secretary to the General Guide [Guidance Office(?) — the information and propaganda arm] of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    He aired these claims on the Pro-western, neo-Zionist Qatar government-funded, Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer Al-Jazeera network on August 17, 2013.

    The interview was also carried by Israeli-founded MEMRI-TV which provided the English translations:

    “Al-Sisi Is Jewish, Implementing Protocols of Elders of Zion in Egypt
    Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) – August 17, 2013 – 01:50

    Nassar said in the interview, “I was trying to figure out Al-Sisi’s origins. I wanted to know more about him. I was surprised to learn, from the Algerian Al-Watan newspaper, that Al-Sisi is of Jewish origin.”

    On the other hand, when Morsi appointed al-Sisi, the Muslim Brotherhood started the rumors that he was a member of the MB, that his father, uncle and children were Brotherhood members, and that his wife wore a veil.

    They also claimed that he was an instrument for the Brotherhood’s quest to Islamize the armed forces and induct them into the Brotherhood.

    The Brotherhood’s aim in spreading these rumors was apparently to make the Egyptian people lose hope about keeping their army purely nationalistic and apolitical, free from the dangers of political affiliation and frequent lies, and break their trust.

    Approximately 96% of the Egyptian people trust their military.

    General al-Sisi embraces the principle of Egyptian nationalism and secular government “based on the principles of Islam,” (but not Islamic religious law or Sharia itself), both of which the Brotherhood opposes who strive for an Islamic state under the rule of Sharia.

    He grew up in the Gamaleya neighborhood of Cairo which is a poor area, his family known to be a pious conservative Muslim family but also Egyptian nationalists who were loyal to Nasser; his father was a shop owner and artisan in Muslim religious arts and crafts; he has extended family in Cairo.

    MEMRI was co-founded in 1998 by retired Colonel Yigal Carmon who spent 22 years in Israeli military intelligence, and Meyrav Wurmser, an Israeli-born, American political scientist.

    The founding staff of seven included three who had formerly served in military intelligence in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

    Carmon later served as counter-terrorism adviser to two Israeli prime ministers, Yitzhak Shamir and Yitzhak Rabin.

    Wurmser, who later left MEMRI, is an Israeli-born, American scholar of the Arab world. She is also a Senior Fellow at the US think tank, the Hudson Institute, who participated in a study that led to the report, A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, a paper prepared for Likud party leader and then incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    MEMRI’s current staff includes “people of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths [who] hold a range of political views.” It is based in Washington (although it’s address seems to be a secret) but with recently-opened offices in London, Berlin and Jerusalem.

    MEMRI’s original mission statement read: “In its research, the institute puts emphasis on the continuing relevance of Zionism to the Jewish people and to the state of Israel.” It changed its mission statement shortly after the September 11 attacks, and its purpose now, according to its website, “explores the Middle East through the region’s media.”

    MEMRI “bridges the language gap which exists between the West and the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu-Pashto media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East.”

    Anyway, I located El Watan (MEMRI translates it as Al-Watan) which is an independent French language newspaper in Algeria, that the Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gamal Nassar claimed as his source as the originator of this rumor, but without mentioning the issue or the date or providing any other references.

    I ran a search using the combination of General al Sissi (and al Sisi) and “juif” (French for Jew). 8 pages turned up, but none of the headlines and synopses going back 6 months had the word ‘juif’ associated together with the words “General al Sissi” (or Jew in the google translation.)

    I don’t speak French, however, so if someone who does would care to take a look at El Watan do a search in French, to see if they find a headline or a synopsis from the issue that Gamal Nassar claimed had reported that General Al-Sissi was a secret Jew and had a Jewish mother, here is the website:
    ( )

    Of course, none of this could possibly have anything to do with the fact that the grassroots Tamarod (Rebellion) Movement, which played a major role in the July 2013 protests in Egypt and the ouster of Morsi, has joined a popular grassroots campaign calling to stop US aid to Egypt, and to cancel the 1979 Camp David peace treaty with Israel.

    From the Jerusalem Post (August):

    Tamarod [movement], who played a major role in the ousting of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, demand the Egyptian regime to hold a referendum on banning US aid, cancel the peace agreement with Israel, and reword security-related treaties to allow Egypt to revive its national sovereignty.

    The movement claims that Israeli and international peacekeeping forces in Sinai prevent the Egyptian military from sending more forces to the peninsula to stop terrorist activity in the area.

    Daily News Egypt quotes the movement’s media coordinator Mai Wahba as saying the campaign will collect signatures from people, and that there was no timetable for the campaign yet.

    The “No to US aid” campaign had gathered 300,000 signatures in August.

    Interesting how this has been ignored or downplayed in the Western media, but played up in the Jewish press. You do know that Tablet Magazine is also Jewish owned, Jewish run, and meant for Jews?

    Israhell is part of a disinfo campaign to discredit General al Sisi, a popular trusted figure among the vast majority of the Egyptians. The Jews had no problems with Morsi because from the start, he affirmed that he would continue to hold up the 1979 Camp David Peace Treaty.

    Jews have no problems themselves claiming someone else in the Arab world (or elsewhere) is a Jew if such a lie is good for the Jews, because Jews, particularly Zionist Jews, must have anti-Semitism to keep their perpetual victimhood going. And, they came to good terms with Morsi, his government, and were “getting used to” the Muslim Brotherhood as well.

    Israhell is keeping fairly quiet about Egypt since there is a large political movement seeking a referendum to shut off US military aide to Egypt, a major condition of the Camp David Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israhell.

    The Tamarod movement is also seeking a referendum to abolish or renegotiate the Camp David Peace Treaty.

    You can bet that Israhell is not happy with this prospect, either, so why not join in the chorus and parrot the Muslim Brotherhood’s accusative insult that General al Sisi is “a Jew” in order to shake the confidence the Egyptian people have in him and the military?

    P.S. Tablet Magazine is also a Jewish magazine.

  68. spinerau September 19, 2013 @ 6:32 pm

    maybe Al-sisi is a Donmeh, it requires confirmations but Veteran’s Today affirm that here:

  69. spinerau September 19, 2013 @ 6:46 pm

    Thanks about your extremely clear facts and details.

    I completely agree now with you, and I recognize I was confused. It would be another good article by Brother Nathanael about your answer to my post.

    Thanks and best Regards


  70. Wayne Pacific January 29, 2014 @ 12:14 pm

    Well, I have read that the Al-Sisi regime closed down the tunnels and restricted access to Gaza, which is directly supportive of Israel’s position.

    There may be some grand pan-Arab scheme, but in the meantime the Gazans are dying and the West Bank is being eaten away by Jewish settlements.

    I am not at all sold on the theory that Al-Sisi supports any type of coalition that is actually anti-Israeli. So far he has been a great aid to Israel.

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