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How The Rothschild Dynasty Operates

How The Rothschild Dynasty Operates, Rothschild Articles

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2010

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Sources: The Rothschilds, Frederick Morton; The Empire Of The City, E. C. Knuth;
The Elite Don’t Dare Let Us Tell The People, Robert Gaylon Ross;
Two Rothschilds And The Land Of Israel, Simon Schama.

SECRECY IS THE HALLMARK of the Jewish Rothschild Dynasty. But I, Brother Nathanael Kapner, a former Jew, am intent on bursting the “Rothschild-bubble.” I am doing this because I perceive that the Rothschilds, (they are Jews), are the leaders, (they are secretive), in destroying Christian civilization throughout the world.

Here Is A List Of The Prominent Family Members Of The Jewish Rothschild Dynasty & Their Principal Functions:

Jacob Rothschild: Born in 1936 in England. After gaining prominence in the family bank, NM Rothschild and Sons in London, he established in 1988, the Rothschild Investment Trust, now known as RIT Capital Partners Here which holds controlling investment interest in Royal Dutch Shell Oil.

~ Jacob Rothschild is the Chairman of Yad Hanadiv Here, a Zionist Charity of the Rothschilds’, which gave to Israel the Knesset & the Israeli Supreme Court.

Nathaniel Rothschild: Born in 1971 in England. He is Jacob Rothschild’s son & heir apparent. He began his career in 1994 at the Rothschilds’ Jewish sister bank, Lazard Brothers in London.

~ Currently, Nathaniel Rothschild is an executive (what else would he be?) with Gleacher Partners, a New York-based mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm founded by Eric Gleacher, former head of M&A at another Jewish sister bank of the Rothschilds,’ Lehman Brothers.

~ It should be noted that both Lazard Brothers & Lehman Brothers hold shares along with the principal share holder, NM Rothschild & Son, in the privately-held Jewish bank known as the Federal Reserve System of America Here.

Evelyn Rothschild: Born in 1931 in France. He began his career as Director of the Paris-based De Rothschild Freres Bank. Between 1976 & 1982 he became Chairman of NM Rothschild & Sons in England & Rothschild Bank in Zurich. He is also honorary director of De Beers Consolidated Mines & IBM United Kingdom Holdings Limited.

~ Evelyn Rothschild is a man of many propaganda-hats. He has served in Directorships of the internationally renown, The Economist, and newspapers owned by Lord Beaverbrook, which included the London Evening Standard & the Daily Express. He has also served as Director of Lord Black’s Daily Telegraph.

David René Rothschild: Born in 1942 in NYC. He is currently the Senior Partner of Rothschild & Cie Banque of Franc Here. He took over the Chairmanship of NM Rothschild & Sons of London upon the “retirement” of Evelyn Rothschild in 2003.

Benjamin Rothschild: Born in 1963 in France. He succeeded his father, Edmound de Rothschild, as Chairman of the LCF Rothschild Group in France Here. The LCF Rothschild Group, centered in Paris with a branch in Tel Aviv, has a global network Here of financial institutions with assets over €100 billion.


THE STATE OF ISRAEL would not exist if it were not for the Jewish Rothschild Dynasty. Shimon Peres, the current President of Israel, recently said the following about the Rothschilds:

“Never has a family donated so much of its wealth to the making of the State of Israel.”

Between 1890 and 1924 Edmound Rothschild had established many settlements in Palestine Here through his co-funding of the Jewish National Fund. Later his son, James, established Yad Hanadiv, to finance the Zionist entity of Israel. Today, Jacob Rothschild is the Director of Yad Hanadiv.

Due to Yad Hanadiv donating 6 million Israeli Pounds towards the construction of the Knesset building & millions more for the Israeli Supreme Court, and because of his continual benefactions, Jacob Rothschild has been named an “Honorary Fellow of Jerusalem.” In other words, the Rothschild Dynasty is underwriting the Zionist State of Israel.


Here are 3 options:

1) Open up a bank and compete with the Rothschild Dynasty.

2) Write a letter to the London Evening Standard protesting International Zionism.

+ Pray To The Lord Jesus Christ That A Christian Consensus Would Develop Once Again Throughout The World!

Only Then Can We See Rothschild International Zionism Conquered Once & For All!

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Brother Nathanael @ April 29, 2008


  1. Ileana Stan April 30, 2008 @ 1:49 am

    This is nothing but a filthy anti-Zionist insult! The Jews are powerful but not the most powerful ones. Look at the Arabs! Take a deep look at them and think! After some thinking, you will have a strange flash of understanding, I am sure! The Jews have made mistakes, grave mistakes in the Past. But the Others? They should learn fron their mistakes and, finally, restore their character and human conscience into a better, more positive one! We, the humans, are fairly superior celestial beings and should teach ourselves to behave according to the Galactic Human Alliance’s laws.

  2. Lynda April 30, 2008 @ 2:34 am

    Rothschild money also set up peak masonic bodies like the Grand Orient Lodge founded in Paris as training ground and recruitment for the Masonic Revolution unleashed upon the world in 1789.

    The French Revolution, the revolutions in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Eastern Europe, China – all the revolutionaries went to school for the Revolution at the Grand Orient. The commanders and commissars might have been preponderantly Jewish. But the ‘middle management’ was largely Gentile.

    Gentile Masonry is totally complicit in the genocides, holocausts, killing fields of the twentieth century and in our own time.

  3. Concrete man April 30, 2008 @ 3:58 am

    Brother Nathaniel,

    I am speechless at your ability of research. I will just remark on one aspect of this horrific puzzle. Assuming that is true that the Rothschild’s a major share holders in Royal Dutch Shill (I assume this is uncontroversial fact), that may explain why the Liberal Left has fallen hook line and sinker for the canard that the Iraq war was for the “oil.” I have no doubt that his absurd explanation, thanks to Zionists such as Noam Chumsky and his minion of trained seal followers, will never die. Nevertheless, teh empirical evidence does not support such a thesis (for example, no oil execs were clamoring for war, unlike the zillions of Zionist commentators in the US media). Oh well. At any rate, Rothschild influence in Big Oil would certainly help to explain why prices are so high: gouge and rape consumers while repressing alternative transport and lifestyle choices; destroy Christian and other civilizations. If this is true it is very very sick and evil.

    All the best to our friends on this list,

    Concrete man

  4. james April 30, 2008 @ 9:19 am

    I’ve noticed how Chomsky may critisize Israel but doesn’t mention organised Jewish support structure that supports it using the false flag that its US imperialism and corporate interests that determine US foriegn policy. He even said that AIPAC welds no more power than any other lobby group in the US.
    Do the Rothschilds believe in occult figures like Molech? After all Israel was founded after “the holocaust” which has direct reference to Molech.

  5. America, the Beautiful April 30, 2008 @ 10:13 am

    Brother Nathaniel,

    What happens to nations, if you know, that decide to “opt out” of the Rothchilds banking system?

    What if the United States decided to go back to what the founding fathers intended and dropped the Federal Reserve?

    Any educated guesses?

  6. admin April 30, 2008 @ 10:25 am

    Dear America the Beautiful –

    Every President that tried to stop the Fed was assassinated or attempt on his life, as in the case of Andrew Jackson.

    See my article: “Will The Fed Assassinate Ron Paul?” @


  7. Dave April 30, 2008 @ 11:19 am

    Is it not true that Nathaniel Rothchild had an older brother which committed suicide some years ago??? Could it be possible that this individual found his unchosen destiny unfathomable???

  8. ABelanger April 30, 2008 @ 12:56 pm

    To Ileana Stan (1st comment):

    YOU ARE WRONG AND YOU LIVE IN A DREAM WORLD. Are you seriously trying to suggest Arabs are more powerful than Jews???! Are you high? Jesus weeps at comments like yours.

  9. Captain Kirk April 30, 2008 @ 1:13 pm

    Well.. as a 32 year retired senior military officer. I have this to say.
    People can change a system. We in the USA do not, repeat, do not live in a democracy. We live in private law and deal cutting.
    We are a very corrupt society. We just smile at each other and as long as our world is not upset.. we don’t give a darn. Get real America. We screw up every thing we touch. Nations, the earth.. think about it . We are fat, lazy, corrupt and no one gives a scrap about us. Good Grief, one tenth of our population is in prison. We are #1 in so many areas. Debt, Divorce, abortions, obesity, alcoholism..etc, etc. We all live behind closed doors.
    As long as we have white teeth and a gas hog SUV the world just doesn’t understand.
    I fought for this crap and saw a many of young men die. USA is BULLSHI*!
    You cannot fix until you admit its broke. One thing about Americans is there is no accountability. Everyone is perfect.
    Let the big boys run your life. They are doing a great job.
    Drown Happy!

  10. John Aspray April 30, 2008 @ 1:24 pm

    I agre with the comment made by Ileana Stan
    April 30, 2008 @ 1:49 am. Namely, ‘behave according to the Galactic Human Alliance’s laws’.
    Too many people asleep on this prison planet. I don’t blame the Roths or Rockers, they are just doing what they do. Please people, wake up to what you really are, otherwise this planet will die and become another asteroid belt. Please connect with

  11. gk April 30, 2008 @ 2:36 pm

    Ileanna Stan…The facts clearly state that this family runs the major financial institutions of the world..including the printing of our dollar and you blame the arabs (whose elite also benefits yes)the same bankers who funded both Churchill and Hitler to bring us the war that gave the world Israel…

    Your comment reminds me of the guy who looks for his lost item where the light is better rather than where it was obviously lost.

  12. Lynda April 30, 2008 @ 2:44 pm

    This is Ground Control to Space Cadets Stan and Aspray.

    “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    The same was in the beginning with God.

    All things were made by him: and without him was made nothing that was made.

    In him was life and the life was the light of men.” The Gospel of Jesus Christ According to John 1:1-4

    NO Need for broadband. You can contact HIM direct by raising the eye of your heart to HIM.


  13. loveandtruth April 30, 2008 @ 2:44 pm

    “This is nothing but a filthy anti-Zionist insult!”

    You mean this is nothing but an anti-Filthy Zionist expose..You’re right. It’s a moral imperative.

    If the Arabs – as imperfect as they are – were both the dyed-in-the-wool maniacs and usurpers of American power, Israel would have beenz razed decades ago. Your impliciations argue against themselves.

    “I don’t blame the Roths or Rockers’..Roths? Rockers? Sound like pet names. Very, very strange.

    “they are just doing what they do” – Exactly, hence all the scrutiny and alarmed concern.

    These Zionist uberpower-brokers don’t have exactly a Disney Land envisioned for the inhabitants of the world. And that goes for people of all origins.

    We know who they are, an we know who they are already. If you want to save lives, billions of them, take heed of Brother Kapner’s documentation. I can’t – and won’t – attempt tp pound the obvious into your heads. You must understand it freely. Godspeed to one and all.

  14. Allen Wood April 30, 2008 @ 3:21 pm

    If you look at the big picture, WHO CARES?
    Did anyone alive today have the choice of birth into this world? Death comes to every living thing on this planet eventually. I for one am not afraid of death, and all I would hope for from my creator is to not be a burden. Why do so many people complain about what they don’t have instead of giving thanks for what they do. The Rothschilds will die, each and every one of them, just like you and I will die. Just because they have more wealth than you or I does that make them better? When our creator decides that our time is finished all the money or wealth will not buy 1 extra second. In the end, we are all the same!

  15. Doc April 30, 2008 @ 4:05 pm

    The thing that truly distinguishes the Rothschilds from the rest of us is the fact that they OWN global coinage. They designed this world and control it by defining the possible paths that can be taken. We all work for them. The fractional reserve banking debt system is designed so that nobody actually owns any money – it is in fact a debt owed to the Rothschilds. THEY OWN ALL MONEY! Get it? All central banks are either owned by them and their agents or controlled by the IMF. When money is printed, the governments ask them to produce the money, which they do out of thin air and then they demand that the money be repaid to them with interest. If that aint enough, they control every evil thing in this world and prolong it’s existence so that they can generate more money – what the hell for? Oil is controlled by them and their agents – with the result that their lackeys, ie. government, suppress free energy on their behalf. That is downright evil. Big pharma is controlled by them and the end game there is permanent sickness and medication. That’s sick. These people are nothing like the rest of us, they are the scum of the earth and the earth would be a paradise without them!

  16. CJ April 30, 2008 @ 4:32 pm

    None of this comes as a surprise to some of us.

    They need to enjoy their laurels while they can because after a certain time, they are finished and gone to Hell.

    ‘Never saw a hearse with a luggage rack on it.’ (Don Henley)

  17. jonah April 30, 2008 @ 4:33 pm

    nice article brother nathanael!
    Another great piece!
    Jeff Rense has linked to this site.

    Jonas the prophet
    California USA

  18. Fred April 30, 2008 @ 4:45 pm

    Next: The Rocky Fellers 😉

  19. Wendy April 30, 2008 @ 6:03 pm

    Thank you, Mr. Wood. Your words are eloquent.
    We all create reality with our individual belief systems. It is all part of a co-creation.
    In other words, the Jewish/Arab historical battle has little impact on me since I did not choose to be a part of that energy. The Rothchilds have not affected me in any way. I can still grow tomatoes and potatoes on these few acres. Herbs, asparagus, and lots of greens.
    There ARE people out there who can show me new energy systems where I will not need to depend on oil. ( Dr. Stephen Greer for one ) I guess he is my hero now. If ever there was a hero, he is certainly mine. Giving up being A DOCTOR AND DEDICATING HIS LIFE TO NEW ENERGY SYSTEMS. Check him out, folks ! I think the answers are here. Really, he is honest and speaks truthfully. There should be no wars involving $$$ and oil because we are at a pivitol moment in history when the Rothchilds are dying. There are solutions. There is still hope. Google Dr. Stephen Greer.
    Hope you are all listening. This is a time of hope and opportunity.
    We are no longer dependent on oil. The Arab/ Israeli war isn’t our problem any longer and should never have been. Paper dragons. If we can recognize that these two adversaries are just PAPER DRAGONS…and that free energy is totally available to us, we have bypassed their silly battle. We win. No doubt about it.
    Thank you for listening….and PLEASE pass this on to everyone you know. Critical time….let’s network. Let’s bring back our faith so that we can get rid of this old paradigm…..learn, grow, and expand. There is free energy out there. Think of all those scientists and inventors who get murdered or mysteriously died everytime they tried to break through the system. Their lives were lost. Let’s all get together and form a network much stronger than afew Rothchilds, Jews, and Arabs.
    Thank you for listening,


  20. jon April 30, 2008 @ 6:40 pm

    Brother Nathanael, don’t forget David de Rothschild who’s currently supporting the Global Warming Hoax.

  21. JANJON April 30, 2008 @ 7:46 pm

    Brother Nathanael, why can’t the american people put their funds together to form a Bank? The M1 shows we have alot of money or, the M2. It could be called the American Bank run by real bankers (honest) that lost their banks to these Zionist.

    What do you think? I’d be happy to invest my funds I have. We could loan with 1 to 3% interest until we got established. Then we’d do away with interest charges. I’m sure there’s a way of supporting ourselves after we stopped charging %.

    Thank you very much for great info.

  22. bonanzaman April 30, 2008 @ 7:52 pm

    The highest form of ownership on earth is allodium. The Vatican holds allodial title to earth enforced by the Jesuits (since 1300 ad). The Rothschilds hold earth in fee simple (right of use) similar to how you own land in the US. The top of your title is “the Crown” (the Rothschilds, or the city). They took this position (they were known as Meyer then) in 1689 when they replaced Mary, Queen of Scots with William the III of Orange, a German living in Denmark who gave them their charter for the bank of England in 1694. Every war, economic collapse, has been orchestrated by them. So if you want to know where all your taxes go, they control every central bank on the planet except for 5. So keep paying you gomers, the Rothschilds love it.

  23. perry April 30, 2008 @ 8:03 pm

    It appears that the Rothschilds are too pampered. They look more like Hollywood stars than movers and shakers of the world. I have noticed that many of the zionist big dogs are looking psychologically flabby.

    Nathan may be the exeption; he appears to be a thinker.Nonetheless he is a midget compared with his forefather Mayer Amschell and the Waterloo Nathaniel.

    The sad fact is that when anti semitism is at its lowest ebb so is jewish ability. They are in desperate need of anti semitism.Who is the guy who said: “if there was no anti semitism it would be necessary to create it.”

    Is this Kapner’s real role?

  24. Kev April 30, 2008 @ 8:17 pm

    Jews for many years have marginalized the white man.Why they do makes little sense.White Europeans have been their benefactors and in many cases bulwark.Zionists are crapping in their own bed if they think continued degradation of the West is going to help them.Asians will slap them down in a heartbeat if they pulled the kind of shit they do in the West.It would be a true Holocaust then.

  25. mojoputo April 30, 2008 @ 8:54 pm

    Instead of complaining and protesting do something about it.

    – Barter with family and friends
    – grow some fruits and veges in your yard
    – install solar panels
    – buy a bicycle and use it for short trips
    – deal with some inconvience and have one car for the family. It will save you insurance and gas and maintance and debt
    – earn FED dollars, it’s okay, convert to items needed or gold and silver right away
    – Help your neighbor
    – Never donate to multinational charities
    – Don’t borrow from banks

    See plenty to do and convince others to do

  26. I go by Diogenes April 30, 2008 @ 9:10 pm

    The comments of Ileana Stan are raw emotionalisms based on propagandised ignorance and hardly worthy of responses. She will use exactly, (with exactness) the red herrings deliberately put in place for useful idiots as herself who are blinded by a constant stream of indoctrinations.
    The one endeavour most useful to survival must be the study of law, and here is why –
    Under the heading “6, Importance of the study of law
    And, first, to demonstrate the ability of some acquaintance with the laws of the land, let us reflect for a moment on the singular frame and policy of that land, which is governed by a system of laws…
    (I cannot place enough emphasis on the following) This liberty rightly understood, consists in the power of doing whatever the laws permit; which is only to be effected by a general conformity of all orders and degrees to those equitable rules of action, by which the meanest individual is protected from the insults and oppression of the greatest….”

    The following first two Brocards of law (maxims) state crystal clearly what our roles are under law.
    You Americans would do well to realise that by an ignorance borne of propaganda and your own collusion plus the Latin maxim “Qui tacet consentit” ( silence implies consent ) you have more than dropped the ball, you have forfeited the quarter

  27. I go by Diogenes April 30, 2008 @ 9:12 pm

    April 30, 2008 @ 7:52 pm
    The highest form of ownership on earth is allodium. The Vatican holds allodial title to earth enforced by the Jesuits (since 1300 ad). The Rothschilds hold earth in fee simple (right of use) similar to how you own land in the US. The top of your title is “the Crown” (the Rothschilds, or the city). They took this position (they were known as Meyer then) in 1689 when they replaced Mary, Queen of Scots with William the III of Orange, a German living in Denmark who gave them their charter for the bank of England in 1694. Every war, economic collapse, has been orchestrated by them. So if you want to know where all your taxes go, they control every central bank on the planet except for 5. So keep paying you gomers, the Rothschilds love it.

    pay strick attention to the words of bonanzaman as they ring true.

  28. suraci May 1, 2008 @ 12:05 am

    As I understand it the Bolshevik revolution in Russia was enabled by a boatload of Jewish money, machine guns and 300 trained activists led by Trotsky out off New York. The boat was actually intercepted on it’s way across the Atlantic and held in a British port until the Zionists secured it’s release.

    Most religions were persecuted in post revolution Russia, apart from Judaism. The Bolsheviks were regarded as Atheists, when they were in fact extreme Jewish Talmud, hence the way they slaughtered the Romanovs so brutally, a religious act. Intelligence reports from various countries agencies stated openly that the revolutionaries were Jewish controlled and financed. It was not a secret then, but is now thanks to Zionist controlled education, media and politics. I had a university history lecturer once who stated openly that the Russian revolution was a Jewish war, but he didn’t last long in his teaching post. That’s how they maintain this big lie.

    A few loonbats on here think Muslims are behind all of this, which is bizarre. If Muslims actually run the world, they’re not very good at it given the millions of people they’ve lost these past few years. If Israel is but an innocent victim of oppression, it’s doing rather well for itself somehow. Maybe it’s protected by god himself, as Zionists would have us believe. Personally I think it’s continued existence is down to the Rothchilds and others deep pockets, and the American military. Israelis are crap at fighting when on their own, as we saw with the hilarious debacle in Lebanon recently. Their preferred target is kids with rocks and old women.

  29. Mike knows May 1, 2008 @ 12:28 am

    The Iraq and Afghanistan war was to take over their central bank and keep the war going long enough to keep them in debt to these central bankers for generations. That is why Iran is next for the same reason. Everything else you hear is propaganda. They don’t want them to create their own debt free currency and prosper.

  30. Platipus May 1, 2008 @ 12:54 am


    You understand it right!


    the Bolshevik revolution in Russia was enabled by whatever Bolsheviks could get. From New York, London, Pinsk or Warsaw.

    But mainly from robbing all those in Russia who had anything to rob – christians, jews, muslems and anyone not of “proletariat”

    Not most religions but ALL religious were persecuted in post revolution Russia, NOT apart from Judaism. Someone misled you here. I am sure it was a Zionist attempting to throw some poison in your clear Christian thinking.

    The Bolsheviks were regarded as Atheists, and they were in fact extreme atheists, hence the way they slaughtered the Romanovs as brutally, as they slaugter millions of other. Without any discrimination. Someone played a prank on you with information.

    Intelligence reports from various countries agencies were not so intelligent after all. Otherwise they could have stop the russian revolution beforehand.

    Revolutionaries were controlled by many. Jews included. Stalin (almost a priest and many other took a pleasure in destroying all of the GOD!

    And Rabbies were piesfuly drinking dirty water together with Orthodox Priests in soviet gulag. Under supervision of Christian, Muslem and Jewish guards.

    the Russian revolution was a Jewish war???

    Your lecturer did a bit much LSD in his/her younger years.

    Prase Jesus!

    Muslims are behind WHAT of this? Behind Russian revolution? If they do – they are nuts.

    Muslims DO NOT run the world,

    Nobody does.

    And you – Dear Brother-in Christ should be mo accurate with numbers – What millions of people they’ve lost??

    Israelis really are crap at fighting when on their own, as we saw with the hilarious debacle in Lebanon recently.

    Who is not crap in fighting is the USA! With half a trillion dollars spent every year on mighty military – we cannot for 6 or 7 years deal with bunch of poorly equipped camel herder. Arent we the true power?!

    Oh yes we are!

    Praise Jesus!

  31. Journey May 1, 2008 @ 3:09 am

    One more comment … it`s this kind of Sabo-Tage (the keybrd screw-ups I spoke of trying to post my first comment) that only verifies what Bro Nathan and many many others have been trying to say to us. They don`t want the commoners to know this stuff !!!
    They will use every dirty trick in the book and then some that aren`t even in the book yet !!! It all just makes me laugh at them now. Before I thought they were a serious threat to everyone and everything … but when you can identify them and their modus operandi and see it for what it is … it`s a tradgedy so tragic that it`s a comedy !!!
    So pathetic are their last attempts at retaining their control which brings me to my next point … what do desparate criminals do when cornered … they often tend to lash out in blind rage !!!
    But I suppose we`ve been there done that before with the earlier incarnations of the controlling elites … no É
    That funny character U see after no is supposed to be a question mark. Here is the ampersand character ” nice eh É
    So you can see now how this message is being sabo – taged … screw up the site just enough so that non-computer savy people cannot post their sentiments on said topic.


  32. Journey May 1, 2008 @ 3:21 am

    Just in case someone out there figures I`m a Nazi of some stripe or other … For the record I have enough hair on my head and face to make up for 3 Rabbi`s … pssst … most of it is on my face but don`t tell …
    and I play a pretty good rendition of Black Sabbath`s Paranoid and for some reason they keep calling me Rabbi Kibbles & Bits !!!
    go figure eh …


  33. M. duberson May 1, 2008 @ 7:02 am

    Great website. Lots of accurate history. Love ya’ brother Nathaniel. But you lose me when you switch from Judaism to Christianity. Surely a man as bright as you can see that ALL religion is pure bullshit! Religion in nothing more than mind control to facilitate the evil of government. Religion transfers our responsibility for ourselves to a fictitious ‘cosmic muffin’, the myth of ‘god’. It is self-abdication! Why do you think they gave you Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? See the movie ZEITGEIST. If it was illegal to introduce our children to religion until their 21st birthday, how many would go to church? None and there would be no churches! Humanity must break the chains that bind it. The indoctrination of religion is the greatest evil on earth along with the LAW! The LAW and RELIGION are the two greatest frauds ever perpetuated against mankind. And to conclude, they too, are the products of the Satanic Rothschild Dynasty. Fools!

  34. Laurie Smith May 1, 2008 @ 7:15 am

    When you have Occult Satanists called the Illumanati running the planet….well this is what you get…phony balony lies and deceit…a sick and dying planet….everything is sick and dying from the hands of Satanic Worshippers…..ALL these Bastards want is to rule the planet by famine and disease….

    LOOK at the video on youtube called

    The Esoteric Agenda….it will spell out to you how this has been working for centuries….

    The time has come to TAKE AMERICA BACK…as David Icke stated…there will come a time when there will be a window of opportunity for the TRUTH to present itself….

    the TRUTH MOMENT has arrived…..time to end the TRYANNY by the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Morgans running this mess

  35. james May 1, 2008 @ 8:56 am


    The bolshevik revolution didn’t just happen after WW1 Lennin, Trotsky, etc lead to assualt for about 20 years prior to the installation of communism in Russia. It was founded by Karl Marx(Jewish), financed by Jacob Schiff(Jewish) and promoted by Jewish intellectuals in Europe in academia and media. Also the operators of the Gulags and senior government positions like the NKVD were Jewish. Like other prominant jewish political movements it promotes egalitarianism and multi-culturism for non-jews but not for Jews. Soviet jews even tried to establish an exclusive Jewish settlement.

    Interesting when they were demolishing Orthodox churches no synagogues were touched.

  36. Barney May 1, 2008 @ 9:07 am

    Quite a few trolls on here, particularly the one who can’t spell and who repeatedly blasphemes the name of Jesus Christ as if that gives weight to bigoted or mistaken arguments.

    Some good ideas too, especially concerning self-sufficiency and creating our own banking system. My suggestion would be to tie any new currency to the one thing of real and lasting value – land. As an example, one UK pound would buy approximately 5 square yards of average land, providing the necessary link to the existing monetary system during the changeover period. Other countries would have to set their own values.

    Just something to think about.

    Keep up the good work, Brother Nathaniel. The world needs more people with your integrity and clarity of thought.

  37. Platipus May 1, 2008 @ 9:11 am

    Dear Brother Barney!

    I’ll forgive you your venomous tongue. For you do not know love!

    I was born in Africa and English is not my first language indeed.

    But having great command of spelling is not equal with clear thinking.

    As for new currency connected to the one thing of real and lasting value – land – it is truly great idea and I can see one sharp economic mind.

    Please do not be offended – I do have love for all of my Christian Brothers.

  38. Barney May 1, 2008 @ 9:24 am

    Thank you Platipus, and apologies for my assumption that English was your first language.

    We may differ on some things, but we can all be united in love and truth.

  39. excubitoris May 1, 2008 @ 11:50 am

    Words of Your Brother Nathaniel is heard even in this remote corner of World called Estonia. We have our own problems but in closer look they are all connected to the same peril called “international bankers” …

    We where installed with our own zionist for President called Toomas Hendrik Ilves. And even the information on this WAS in our local press no one believed it and took it as “bolÅ¡evik” propaganda – what a irony.

    So – I have trying to find out his US “story” – looks like You came from “same” neighborhood – ever heard about place called Leonia in North jersey ? It will be greatly appreciated if You can shed some light on this issue. I will include a link to a story from local “newspaper” – maybe it can narrow it down little bit.

    My best for You quest and for all …

  40. Lynda May 1, 2008 @ 2:37 pm


    Of all the people writing on this thread who can’t spell, who quickly it occurs to Platipus that you are referring to him as the blaspheming troll.

    Well I think you are right. Platipus is playing the race card. He is a Jew writing in to screw up this site. He is pretending to be a black, ‘over the top’ Christian charismatic with all this Praise Jesus and love and truth – which coming from him is pure Kosher dill.

    He gets the Black American idioms wrong. He is pure Borat.

  41. America, the Beautiful May 1, 2008 @ 5:38 pm

    Mr. Duberson:

    Your conclusions are illogical. It sounds like you’ve bought into the lie perpetrated most recently by the religion hating atheistic secularists Hitchens and Dawkins.

    So obviously you are searching for answers to life: why are we here, where are we going?

    You critisize Brother Nathaniel for leaving Judaism and converting to Christianity; therefore, I will assume you are Jewish, or at least a former Jew.

    In today’s world which propagates no objective truth and is beholden to moral relativism — it is easy to be discouraged with religion.

    We should be wary of some religions. There are plenty of charlatans out there doing plenty of evil in the name of God.

    But surely, Mr. Duberson, do not let your excessive fears of religion scare you away from an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

    If you are brave enough, you will go home this evening in the quiet and privacy of your own room and ask Him to reveal himself to you.

    And, if you are sincere, He will.

    It may not be instantaneously, it rarely is. But IF you are sincere about your search for TRUTH – – – He surely will respond to you.

    Ask yourself, are you brave enough?

  42. Lynda May 1, 2008 @ 8:39 pm

    M Duberson,

    The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ Ps 14:1

    The Zeitgeist is the spirit of this age of the world seated in wickedness and perishing in its sins.

    But in our Lord Jesus Christ, the human race can be regenerated into the New Heaven and New Earth that is even now aborning in the convulsions that will bring this our present time of distress to its end.

    At present, earth is the flat note in the cosmic symphony. But in our Lord Jesus Christ, we can become re-attuned. Through rebirth in the waters of baptism and the Holy Spirit we can become part of the New Creation of his body, the Church and go on through death into the New Heaven and New Earth that shall be.

  43. Ileana Stan May 2, 2008 @ 8:21 am

    The Rothschilds are geniuses in businesses, indeed. But, as real geniuses, there is a bad side in them. A really bad side. They must understand, like David Rockefeller, that we, humans, are equals and should be treated such. There are people much clever than others, I have no doubt. But the size of the brain isn’t connected with the size of the bank account because of many, far too many, reasons. There are men and women much clever than “the power elite”. Much clever and totally devoted to the humanitarian values.

  44. Seshia May 2, 2008 @ 10:50 am

    How sad….that Ileana thinks that funding ww2 and making the world go in debt to one, single family is worthy of being called “genius”.

    The way the “rot-childrens” are running this world…..”genius” is not the word I’m looking for.

    The people who do missionary works, people who teach literacy to the far corners of the earth with little or no pay, people who spread the gospel to those who have never heard of YHWH nor Yeshuwa bar Yousef/Iesu Chrisostom: Nazarenus Rex Iuaedorum…… THOSE ARE PEOPLE WORTHY OF COMMENDATION….”GENIUSES”

    Not one iota of praise should be given to those rot-children….do so you just stroke their ego one too many. It is necessary to slap their heads with a shovel and tell them: START FEEDING!!! START TEACHING!!!! START SEEING!!!!! START BURYING for the many corpses that you created.

    Trust me, those rot-children are not gonna make “golems” out of the many victims they are accountable for…especially Christian victims.

    Bro. Nathaniel, God-speed.


  45. Seshia May 2, 2008 @ 10:55 am

    Didn’t Freidrich Nitzche declare that “there is no God” and sign it with his own blood?

    Then soon after God wrote in his dream “there is no Freidrich Nitzche” and signed it.

  46. Webmaestro May 2, 2008 @ 8:55 pm

    G’day from sunny Adelaide, South Australia!!! I just wish say hello!!! Very nice and useful website. Lot of good stuff inside. Have a nice day and stay online!!! 🙂

  47. Victor Fletcher May 3, 2008 @ 1:28 am

    These comments look like a public relations effort on behalf of the Rothschilds.

    Knowing of their financial power and their actions to get it — they are simply a dynasty of the most evil murderers and scum. And they don’t intend to change their ways.

    May God help the world — there’s no one on the planet to do it within my few days left here.

  48. Glad the Inhaler May 3, 2008 @ 7:06 am

    America the Beautiful: To answer your question of what would happen if a country decided to “opt out” of the Rothschild banking system, two American presidents attempted that and both were assassinated.

    Abraham Lincoln issued debt-free “greenbacks” and was pretty quickly eliminated. John Kennedy was about to issue silver certificates, also debt-free, and was quickly taken out before the certificates could be issued.

  49. America, the Beautiful May 4, 2008 @ 8:25 am

    Glad the Inhaler,

    And one more fellow, Ron Paul, was quickly maligned and “taken out” of politics before his star could rise any further.

    I agree with Brother Nathaniel, we must PRAY — this seems to be a spiritual stronghold that only prayer and fasting can break.

  50. Proud gun-bearing jew May 4, 2008 @ 8:33 am

    Great a so-called jew spitting at jews and of course the symbol of modern-day jewry, Israel.
    As antisemites cannot say that when there are no jews there will be world-peace as then they reveal their real nazi faces, so they claim that if there will no longer exists the jewsish state, Israel (self-reliant jews that have total autonomy; must be scary for all you antisemites), there will be world peace.
    If ‘real-jiddle’ is a jew he places himself directly there with the juedenrats, the torquemadas and of course his hated rothschild warburg-clan (sponsors of the anti zionists such as soros, et al).
    Middle aged backward losers.

  51. admin May 4, 2008 @ 9:02 am

    Dear Proud gun-bearing jew,

    Thank you for proving before thousands of readers that you people can only engage in spewing insults and threats to those of us Christians who simply wish to present the facts of the Anti Christian and evil conduct of Zionists.

    My prayer is that you will put away your gun and come to the Prince of Peace, Yeshua Ha Moschiach, the true Messiah of Israel.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Former “gun bearing jew”
    NOW Orthodox Christian!

  52. Proud gun-bearing jew May 5, 2008 @ 1:08 am

    Just one more thing. Unlike those who speak through the voice of goebbels and adolf, I luckily know that most christian are not fanatic antisemites like yourself and those you follow. However, losers like yourself that belong to the church of adolf cannot distinguish between jews and humans who happen to be jews…. I assume all bad people in this world are jews and operated by the ‘elders of zion’…. Give me a break and take all your nonesense back to the church of adolf were it belongs.

  53. Lynda May 5, 2008 @ 1:39 am

    Proud gun-bearing jew,

    “losers like yourself [I guess you are referring to Br Nathaniel and his correspondents] that belong to the church of adolf can not distinguish between jews and humans who happen to be jews”

    Well, I would hope that you are not making a distinction like this, proud gun-bearing jew.

    I don’t think anyone here is making a distinction between jews and human beings.

    Adolf and the nazis were occultists and Luciferians. These ideologies always subscribe to master-race theories. The Talmud also subscribes to the master race idea; in the Jewish version, the Gentiles are the untermensch and the cattle.

    This website invites everyone who is suffering from this type of misguidance to give it up.

    The Christian faith teaches that all are descended from Adam and Eve our first parents. And through them, all have inherited a carnal nature that is fallen from the likeness of God in grace and holiness: Jews and Gentiles both. This is the sad equality of our common humanity.

    From the Day of Pentecost, the Synagogue and the Church have been in conflict. This is detailed in the Talmud, in the historical record of the West, in Jewish sources, ecclesiastical history and the jurisprudence of the Western nations.

    And in that conflict both sides have acted defensively and both sides have acted aggressively.

  54. admin May 5, 2008 @ 5:54 am

    Dear Proud gun-bearing Jew,

    Again, thank you for using insults and Ad Hominems in your lame attempt to defend your facile position as a “proud gun-bearin jew.”

    Proud of the Lord Jesus Christ,
    Cross-bearing Orthodox Christian,
    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  55. I go by Diogenes May 6, 2008 @ 5:25 pm

    Re:I go by Diogenes April 30, 2008 @ 9:10 pm
    mea culpa! I was/am in err.

    Dura lex, sed lex
    “The law [is] harsh, but [it is] the law”. It follows from the principle of the rule of law that even draconian laws must be followed and enforced; if one disagrees with the result, one must seek to change the law.
    Ignorantia legis non excusat
    “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Not knowing that one’s actions are forbidden by the law is not a defense
    It is crucial that one note the system of laws known as British Common Law is in reality a misnomer as BCL is a Hodge podge (hoge poge) of Roman law, ecclesiastic law and a smattering of laws common to England.

    Visit and


     Law: A body of enforceable rules governing relationships among individuals and between individuals and their society.

     Natural Law: A system of universal moral and ethical principles that are inherent in human nature and that people can discover by using their natural intelligence (e.g., murder is wrong; parents are responsible for the acts of their minor children).

     Positive Law: The written law of a particular society at a particular point in time (e.g., the U.S. Constitution, the Texas Securities Act, the Internal Revenue Code, and published judicial decisions).

  56. Reuven Meir May 7, 2008 @ 1:54 am

    These guys are not so bad as you think. They want nothing but to enrich themselves to the brim.Such goal is not very healthy or humanitarian, you see. There are many others, from different races, who think exactly like them.All of them are Bilderbergers. It’s useless to talk about “jewish power”. Must think about the Arabs. Or look deep inside the East!

  57. admin May 7, 2008 @ 8:55 am

    Dear Reuven,

    Are you a Jew? Is this why you come to the Rothschilds’ defense? Is this why you whitewash and deflect their criminality?

    The Rothschilds are the enemies of mankind. They are the money behind the Police state known as the EU which is wiping out all Christian national distinctions in Europe.

    The Rothschilds are the principal holders of the Fed Reserve System which has enslaved Americans and had 4 Presidents and 1 Congressman murdered to protect their usury.


  58. America, the Beautiful May 7, 2008 @ 1:32 pm

    Mr. Meir,

    There is nothing morally wrong with wanting to work hard, make a profit and live comfortably. Particularly if you are charitable with your wealth and improve living conditions not just for yourself but for your community.

    These type of individuals are held in high esteem by every social/religious group.

    But that is not what we are talking about here.

    Brother Nathanael has done a superb job on his website showing historical facts about our modern day banking system, that is now worldwide.

    If you explore his website and familiarize yourself with the beginnings of this system (began back in the 1700s in Europe) you will see that the “agenda” was ominous, wicked and self-glorifying — to what appears to be the intentional destruction of Christianity and Christian nations.

    To understand this on a spiritual level, you must realize that there has always been a spiritual battle between God and Lucifer.

    Lucifer, being the angel of “light” was said to have been God’s most beautiful creation. He was almost near perfection. Of course, only God IS perfection.

    But as a creature, Lucifer was the closest to near perfection. He was beautiful, intelligent, charasmatic, and unfortunately self-centered and full of his own self-importance.

    Biblical history tells us that he refused to submit himself to the will of God and rebelled against God, taking nearly a third of the angels with him in his rebellion.

    Since that time, Lucifer has been battling with God and God’s dominion over all creation.

    Of course, he will not win in the end, but nevertheless there will be epic battles before that Final Day which the Book of Revelations proclaims.

    My point in stressing the spiritual conflict between God and Satan is to let you know that each of us have been born into a world already brimming with spiritual “warfare”.

    These are “battles” that cannot necessarily be seen with the naked eye. They operate on a spiritual level. Often “felt” through emotions such as anger, humiliation, self-defeat, etc.. and many more.

    Satan has made it clear that he desires to destroy every soul and take those souls to Hell where he can persecute them for all eternity.

    God has made it clear that he wishes none to be lost.

    So — there you have it, an all out Spiritual Battle over the Span of Time, until the Final Day. (Which appears to be quickly advancing, if you ask me.)

    Mayer Amschel and his five sons began the first international banking system ever in the 1700s. As I say, read Brother Nathanael’s historical references and descriptions, they are far better than my memory and recall.

    His plan in a nutshell was to have one son in each of the major European cities and one in the “New World” (America).

    As you research, you soon begin to connect the dots between the increased number of wars begun, the profiteering that was to be gained by those wars and conflicts, and the fact that big cities and great countries soon became “indebted” to the international banking system, which of course, was a family owned business you might say.

    The Bible tells us that Usuary is wrong.

    Thank God, the Israelites were there to receive God’s Word through Moses and pass onto us the Ten Commandments and the Mosaic Law — finally man was able to KNOW exactly what pleased God.

    Unfortunately, even though Mayer Amschel was a Jew, he engaged in flagrant usuary to profit himself and his sons.

    I actually believe he thought he was being a good Jew, raising money and attempting to destroy Christianity.

    Of course, he would have been wrong.

    I believe Amschel was trying to build up “the kingdom” as he perceived it to be.

    Unfortunately, as the New Testament explains . . God’s promise was complete in Jesus Christ, His only Begotten Son, the Messiah, the Promised One.

    The Lord God’s Covenant continues with those who “had eyes to see and ears to hear” Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ explained that His Kingdom was not of this world.

    He said that the servant is not greater than the Master. If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you. Because you follow me.

    So Amschel and his sons, who eventually became the Rothchilds, are trying to constitute a worldly kingdom for a world king (messiah).

    Maybe, possibly without even realizing, they and their “system” are working directly CONTRARY to what God has deigned for this world.

    By attempting to CONTROL people and finances, wealth and prosperity, seeking glory for themselves — they actively thwart the Plan of God.

    This is all part of the Spiritual Battle, that I believe, will constitute the Final Battle portrayed in Revelations.

    I could be wrong but I believe that Brother Nathanael feels like I do — IF only enough people pray, fast, do penance, expose the truth of this diabolical scheme — possibly, just maybe a great number of Jews will see the light and KNOW that Jesus their Messiah, has come to rescue them – – – if they would but turn their softened hearts to Him.

    This is why Brother Nathanael always ends his reports in PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for the conversion of the Jews.

    It really is born of a True love for his kinsmen, both physically and spiritually.

    ALL those who Love Christ are compelled to pray for the Jews (the lost sheep of Israel) because they are loved beyond measure by the Messiah —- who desires not their destruction or condemnation, but their Salvation.

  59. Lynda May 7, 2008 @ 2:55 pm

    Mr. Meir,

    I think it is extremely useful to talk about the identity of the Rothschild cartel and its corporate infrastructure.

    Nations are bricked into this infrastructure – owned in fee simple, their populations converted to ‘human resources’. And yes, there are vast numbers of human resources who want nothing more than to profit from this going concern and have no interest in the fundamental issue of legitimacy. The Roschilds are simply of the Kings of Sam Hill so to speak.

    Zionism and Communism (which in its true Marxist definition is global) are merely international policies of this cartel. The Bilderbergers are the CEOs over nations.

    Only those completely brainwashed by state education and mass media (whose number by God’s grace and The Net grows fewer every day) would look for the source of our problems “deep inside the East.”

    I hope you weren’t referring to Iran which is a compliant signatory to nuclear non-proliferation as documented in many sources.

  60. jonah May 9, 2008 @ 2:48 pm

    Here’s an article I just wrote on the “Anti-Christ (Jewish) World Empire” if anybody is interested:

    Its not exactly up to snuff with my own personal standards- but at least give me credit for TRYING to tackle this one!

    Comments are welcome at:


    Jonas the Prophet

  61. Catholic Christian May 9, 2008 @ 11:30 pm


    I find your article regarding the end times to be such a conglomeration of heresy, fantasy, foolishness and conjecture, it simply boggles the mind.

    If you actually believe in Jesus Christ, as you profess to (I think) than why do you have Him in your final scenario contradicting Himself and all that He has already proclaimed?

    Christ came for our salvation but He also came to establish His Church on earth.

    He knew that in order for Christianity to be preserved wholely in its entirety and its integrity, there would need to be a Body on earth, with a Head in a position of Authority led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    Christ knew that His Body, The Church, would be necessary to prevent individuals with wild-hair ideas from formulating their own fantastice ideas and notions about Christian prophesy and doctrine.

    Therefore, he gave Peter the Keys to the Kingdom and he said Simon, you are Peter (Petro, meaning rock) the Rock, and upon THIS Rock I will build My Church, and the Gates of Hell SHALL NOT prevail against.

    Now in the Biblical times that Christ walked the earth if someone gave you the keys to their estate, you were able to take ownership of the estate AND, each of your descendants or “successors” would then inherit the estate.

    Christ was specifically establishing his Church with Peter as the Head, and expected that there would be a succession of headship — until the End of time, upon his return.

    The Roman Catholic Church is the ONLY CHRISTIAN church that show an historical, unbroken succession of headship beginning with Peter, the first Pope.

    Absolutely no other can do that.

    Jonah, are you absolutely sure you want to write the Pope off as somehow being involved in your version of the anti-Christ end times?

    Christ promised Peter (and thus all of us) that He would send the Holy Spirit to guide the Church into all Truth.

    Therefore, we are not trusting a Man to be perfect (‘all are sinners and fall short of the glory of God’) … but instead we are trusting Jesus the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth.

    When God makes a promise, He can be trusted to fulfill — regardless of whether man can keep his promises or not.

    So the Roman Catholic Church has stood for over 2000 years now — and why?

    Do you suppose the hierarchy are just good managers? Or maybe it was a grand scheme to accumulate wealth and wear colorful clothing, do you think? Or, or maybe they decided that Rome, Italy was impervious to attack — was that it?

    Answer: None of the above.

    The ONLY thing holding the Catholic Church together generation after generation, century after century, millineum after millineum is ONE thing and ONE thing ONLY:

    The Promise of God, HIS Faithfulness, HIS Plan for Salvation and His gifts of the Holy Spirit given to the Magisterium (the teaching body of the Church).

    So if you have a Beef with the Catholic Church, perhaps you should study the history of world a little more thoroughly, read and reseach the vast amount of information available regarding the Early Church fathers.

    And then when you have done all of that, get down on your knees, humbly thank God for allowing you to discover all that you did not know before — and then ask Him that if by His Divine Mercy upon your soul you may serve Him all the days of your life according to HIS WILL.

    I thank God everyday for providing the Magisterium, the holy Teaching Body of the Church. Through them the Holy Spirit helps Christians to decipher right from wrong, the truth from a lie, what is morally approved and what is morally forbidden.

    Without the Magisterium — we are simply left to our own imaginations and notions as to what is Christian Truth.

    Our Compassionate Lord Jesus Christ saw that we needed much more than that for our sustenance before His final return.

    Having said all of that, let me say Jonah, that I see you are “trying” to understand all that is going on around us and trying to draw some ‘logical’ spiritual conclusions.

    However, this is an area that you CANNOT leave to your “own wisdom”.

    Christ has provided the answer, if we will but trust HIS Plan.

  62. jon yaworsky May 26, 2008 @ 6:38 pm

    GOD brought about the nation of israel,he can use any means HE wants.SURLY YOY SEEN THAT IN THE BIBLE ,JON

  63. Putin’s Purge Of The Rothschild Money Changers | Real Jew News June 2, 2008 @ 3:22 pm

    […] And: “How The Rothschild Dynasty Operates” Click Here […]

  64. Mary Louise June 22, 2008 @ 9:19 am

    The Jewish controlled Wikipedia’s take on the House of Rothschild is that it has been declining in wealth and power since the 1930’s! LOL.
    You gotta hand it to them; they never give up, do they?

  65. Dan July 12, 2008 @ 6:31 am

    Aristotle Onassis was a billionaire Greek shipowner (as well as making money from a lot of other businesses, including hotels and an airline). He allegedly used his ships to transport drugs into all different countries, especially the US. As one can imagine, the cocaine would originally be in Colombia and make its way to Argentina, where it would be shipped to the US and other various places, ‘hypothetically’ speaking. We do know for a fact, though, that Onassis owned oil tankers, a fact that is interesting because oil controls our economy, and therefore oil’s been controlled by the people that want to (and do) control the economy.

    Aristotle married Athina (Tina) Livanos, born into money herself. She later married Stavros Niarchos, another ‘Greek shipping magnate’ before marrying a relative of the late ‘Sir’ Winston Churchill, who is related to the Vanderbilt family and the late Princess Diana through marriage. Aristotle also married Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, the embodiment of ruthlessness. She used her political knowledge to help further Aristotle’s business interests, although both she and her late husband (a former US President) used their inside information to help move a lot of their buddies up the ladder. After all, they work collectively.

    The Niarchos family is also intertwined with the Ford family. And they are all intertwined with the Rockefellers (of Standard oil), the Auchinclosses (of Standard oil, and Hugh Auchincloss was Jackie O’s step-father), and the Marshalls (remember Anna Nicole Smith? Her seemingly senile late husband was once a vital part of this network.)

    Of course, in the middle of it all are the Rothschilds, because they have created an international banking dynasty and now mostly everything is dependent on them.

    Add to that, we have a variety of celebs that come from prominent families (Joan Collins, Jackie Collins, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sharon Osbourne and her spawn, Donatella Versace, Victoria Gotti, Lisa Marie Presley, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jane Fonda, Miley Ray Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Kimberley Stewart, Casey Johnson, Charlotte Casiraghi, Athina Roussel de Miranda, Nicole Richie, Drew Barrymore, Debbie Reynolds, Tatum O’Neal, etc). Each of them is worth millions of dollars individually, yet they represent only a fraction of the wealth and power that the corrupt have amassed for themselves.

    We also have people of the business world on a relatively minor scale, that are allegedly working in with the corrupt and evil people (Sir Robertson Stewart, Samuel Morgan, James Packer, John Key, Sir Elton John, the Todds, Eric Watson, Gina Rhinehart, the Grundys, the Oppenheimers, Barry Colman, Hugh Fletcher, Stephen Tindall, Michael Hill, the Latsis family, the Hoffmanns, the Huttons, the Trumps, etc).

  66. Dan July 26, 2008 @ 5:27 pm

    Interesting fact: Hanover Finance, which is a New Zealand company owned in large part by Eric Watson, is on the brink of a collapse. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens to other companies owned by Mr Watson (Blue Star office products, Whitcoull’s, Bendon lingerie).

  67. Al July 27, 2008 @ 8:36 pm

    captainkirk is right in every word he has written

  68. suraci July 28, 2008 @ 3:46 am

    Clearly these usurper so called Jews are not real jews at all, but southern Russian immigrants, as one of them clearly stated. They used to be positioned between the Christian and Muslim worlds in the dark ages before converting to Judaism for purely political reasons. Most Jews today have as much real jewish blood in them as I do, in fact I probably have more as I am of Anglo-Saxon descent.
    I am not their serf though, nor their slave. They have enjoyed some power of late following their 911 coup in America, but many more like me are now on to them. We will fight for what we know is right. It’s only a matter of time.
    Zionists be warned, your enemies are not only to be found in the Muslim world.

  69. marti July 28, 2008 @ 5:47 am

    Brothers & Sisters, The Christians!
    Let us come en masse to the mirror and look at ourselves… Are you ready?
    What do you see? Do you see the Mr.Calvin, The Protestant Priest is looming behind your faces? Do you hear him preaching THE USURY ( the ancient Jewish craft) as the LAWFULLY JUSTIFIED ROBBERY?
    Do you see any good Christian, while in the Sunday’s mass in the Church reciting the Christ’s moral outrage against the usury, would rebel against the profits which come from the interests on the borrowed money? ( The Jews’ ancient craft)
    Do you see now where on the back what the flashing lights says? It says: HYPOCRISY ( in capital letters)

    Protestants ( Christians), who established the usury
    ( banks) as the governing power upon the human life, transfer the moral longings of Christ into the ancient craft of Jews. The appearance of Rothshilds on the scene became immanent.
    When the MATERIAL WEALTH prevailed upon the cleanness of the consciousness , we turned the page and now reciting the chapter “Revelation”.
    AT WAR WITH OURSELVES, we, The Christians, decided that fron now and then we are “Judo-Christians”. ( What might be closer to the truth than it looked from the beginning)
    Being at war with ourselves, awaiting for the Apocalypse to come and destroy us, we still EATING FROM THE USURY, where Rothshilds are Tzars!
    There is no more “Bolsheviks” in sight, no Roberspiers or Marats, who used the Jewish money for some ( at least) ALTRUISRIC ideals .
    The United front of The Judo-Christians now kills nations
    for the one and only reason: the usury must go on.
    And, my Judo-Christian bothers and sisters, the obedient sjeeps, don’t we FOLLOW the Jewish ancient craft vigirously? Did not we founded The United States of America on the DICTATE OF USURY?
    Did not this parasite “pain-body” eaten up the whole essence of the Christ’s teaching?
    Look at the mirror.

    The book: Religion And The Rise Of Capitalism; by R.H. Tawney ( British); 1922 = will help to be true to ourselves.

  70. Fuzzy July 28, 2008 @ 10:44 am

    Response to Ileana Stan

    Why do you zionists always have to drag in the Arabs? Leave them be for God’s sake!

  71. xion July 29, 2008 @ 7:07 am

    We have to get together against this family

  72. peace July 29, 2008 @ 7:09 am

    you can find more information regarding Rotchilds confessions.

  73. marti July 30, 2008 @ 9:40 pm

    XION: ” We have to get together against this family”

    1. We SHOULD NOT get together until, and unless, some first rays of the light will enlighten our minds, and thus, our human consciousness.
    Until then, every time, when we ( the good Judo- Christians) get together, the Bilderberg Group or another The Trilateral Commission happen to us…
    “Money is there, don’t worry about it!” , cries “Lords” from the Rothshild’s Houses in London, in Washington, in Paris,”just SAVE THE SYSTEM!” . And the splendid Armies of “righteous solders – the heros”, paid by the Banking Usury, begin to march to the song: “Trained To Kill, Kill We Will!”….

    2. We SHOULD NOT get together against “this family” of Rothshilds ( and their too many branches of the usury) , if we can not decipher the PROPAGANDA, BOUGHT and FULLY PAID by The “Lords”.
    We lost too much time. And we continue loosing every minute of it while listening to the Holy See of Vatican ( on the Rothshilds’ pay check) or local Evangelists praising Israel ( on the Rothshilds Trust Fund) , as the Sacred Torah-Talmud- Bible holder …
    Brains washed and minds controlled, the future robots-alike humans ( “scientific experiments” are paid by Rothshilds) should not “get together”: WHAT WE HAVE TO SAY to “The Lords”?
    Read. Think. And read again, and think again.
    Is Arabs with their Koran are our “enemies combatants”?
    Is religious visions of Shariat of Ancient Persia ( Iran) bothers our Christian faith?
    Or it is the ANCIENT JEWISH CRAFT OF USURY( Disaster Capitalism) pushes us to get more,amd more,and more?
    Think of that. Read. And think again.
    That will take time. But without this process there is no need for us, who is NOY SEEKING the ILLUMINATION of 80% of HUMAN POPULATION for the sake of Lords’ profits, there is no need for us “to get together”: we will be tasered.(All innovative bombs and guns are paid by Rothshilds and their faithful followers)

    I visited this illustrious, very helpful, site once more. And what happened after that.Sorry and thank you.

  74. Fiona August 15, 2008 @ 1:59 am

    Could you check your spelling of the family name please when posting comments? The Jewish surname is ROTHSCHILD and the plural of which is ROTHSCHILDS.

    It is NOT ‘Rothchilds’ [note: without the letter ‘s’ in the middle] – which is an Irish protestant surname.

  75. Rick Ernst August 15, 2008 @ 12:02 pm

    Can’t we sue the private owners of the Federal Reserve Bank for $50 Trillion for high crimes and misdemeanors related to purposely initiating the dot-com and real estate bubble costing Americans at least that much? The goal would be to put them out of business. Rockefeller and Rothschild are worth trillions!

    Please advise.

    Rick Ernst

    “Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible,
    and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi

  76. FrankDialogue September 4, 2008 @ 8:23 am

    Brother Nat:

    You’ve got some good, up to date info on the Rothschilds…I’ve been studying them for a number of years, and have spent quite a bit of time ferreting ouy info about all their various machinations, ‘investments’ and strategies…Also, you did a good ‘in-a-nutshell’ overview of the situation in Russia regarding the Rothschilds…But, I may be one step ahead of you…go to my website: KULTURE/AMERIKA, specifically here: to see how an ‘America First’ president handles the situation.
    Frank Dialogue

  77. usman September 23, 2008 @ 8:47 am

    this is ur good site and i realy liked it i would like to say u that plz tell ppl through midia how rothschilds r makinng world hell .we hav tell ppl how to stop them.amercans r now fully under the graple of rothchils.these r the ppl who r real terorists they hav tobe stoped.and the only way to stop them is to reveal their dirty thinkings to the world.they r the real terorists.

  78. Andrew September 26, 2008 @ 3:54 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael

    I figured it out today and then read your article. The head of the NWO is the Rothschild family.

    I like you a lot. You are a ‘deadset’ legend. You are also very funny. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and send you fifty bucks.

    You’re doing a fantastic job.

    Best wishes


  79. Brownhawk September 28, 2008 @ 7:09 am

    To say that the U.S.A. was founded on the dictates of usury is misleading and paints an incomplete picture of the history from those times.

    When the British Army came to the realization that the unthinkable was happening on the battlefields of the American Revolutionary War (they were losing) and it wasn’t gonna be the slam dunk they assumed in their arrogance,a new battle commenced when the founders convened to hammer out the details of a constitution.

    Unfortunately, the proponents of a central banking system, led by the Illuminati-backed Alexander Hamilton got their way over the Jefferson led faction which were opposed to it.

    When the convention in Philadelphia concluded, the story goes that a woman asked Ben Franklin what they had given us, to which he replied,’A Republic madam, if you can keep it.’

    Methinks he said this knowing full well what the Jewish bankers did to the nations in Europe with their thieving ways.

    We’ve been paying for it literally and figuratively ever since.

  80. Diggity Dog September 28, 2008 @ 1:34 pm

    You USAans are so dumb. You voted for Bush twice, you ride around in big jerk-off cars that eat up loads of gas. You eat crappy food, you pay taxes to spin doctors to brain wash you. You idolize Paris Hilton.

    You are such dunb-asses, the whole world laughs at you behind your backs, they see you as naive and stupid.

    Keep paying your taxes to fund WW III, it’s going to be a biggie, and the Roths and Rocks will be living in space stations you also payed for, until everything dies down.

    The big fat dumb yankee, is the slave to the big fat, rat cunning Zionist.

    What do you guys think the United Nations, The Fed, the CFR, World Bank, IMF, G9 nations, ASIO, Nafta, are all really about.

    I’m sure you ship of fools actually believe what you see on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Time magazine.

    The paranoid country, the good ‘ol USA, who helped fund Hitler.
    The great and wonderful people who created MuckDonalds, Kentucky Fried Cruelty, Starschmucks etc etc. All designed for a country of people who believe anything they are told. The perfect robots.

    The USA is nothing but a bunch of jerks funding the globalization of the world for the bankers, they are the new cannon fodder.

    Wasn’t it you guys who gave us Lady Jewess, Gloria Steinem, and Ms Magazine. How wonderful feminism has turned out to be.

    Feminist brainwashing was stolen directly from the Nazis. Find and enemy Jews/Men, then dehumanize them, Jews/Vermin, Men/Pigs. Change the language, who remembers where politically correct language came from. Change history, the Nazis burnt books, the feminists changed the university curriculum.

    Nazis sold the Jews, Arbeit Macht Frei (work makes freedom) and everyone was shocked, the feminists sold exactly the same to women, Work Makes Freedom and everyone was saying how wonderful the feminists where, until the shit hit the fan.

    The good Ol’ US of A, home of bullies, cowards, psychopaths, exterminators, junk art, junk movies, junk food, junk TV, junk.

    Home of the greedy, vain and hopeless. The joke of the world.

    In God We Trust, should read In God We Detest.

  81. Karen October 10, 2008 @ 8:36 am

    Did you ever stop to consider that the De Rothchilds are from HELL? These people are not human!

  82. Matt November 17, 2008 @ 9:12 am

    To Diggity Dog.

    You are obviously not from America so therefor you have no say so.

    As for your information, the Rothschild’s , Rockefeller’s and the rest of the Illuminati orchestrated the World Wars, revolutionary wars etc. America is not a democracy and never have been. The Federal Reserve bank in America is not a Government Institution but a Private Company, so we have a private company run the country’s economy.

    I’m a American resident and i can see the people are blind to what is coming.

    The country is about to bankrupt and sucked into the North American Union with Canada and Mexico. Just another step in the Illuminati’s plan for New World Order.

    European Union and the Euro is also part of their plan. So before you complain about lazy, fat and stupid Americans, look at yourself and see if they have pulled the curtin infront of your eyes.

  83. RUSSIAN FRIEND November 28, 2008 @ 5:21 am

    Look up “liakopoulos” on metacafe (similar to youtube) and look up his website where it has a story called “O Keros Gar Eggys.

    This is a story of prophecy for Greece to be given Constantinople back by the Russians when the Turks make a move over Greece border and the Russians overrun the turks and nato will have lost against the Russians.

    This happens few months before the Russians advance further south after handing over the great city Constantinople to the Greek army. There is this story from Cyprus that identifies a date that the Greeks will regain Constantinople.

    It is on Easter but any who are curious about the year have to see the documentary and go to liakopoulos website:

    All the very best from RUSSIAN FRIEND

  84. steve June 24, 2009 @ 8:26 am

    I want to say that I admire the Rothschild family-they are incredibly powerful and clever!

    If you think somebody is better in finance than them!

    I am amazed – all the family works like watch machine – complicated and precisive!

  85. gman October 25, 2009 @ 11:08 am

    They are not JEWS, they are KHAZAKS.

    That’s the link with the Arabs, and they have taken Arab land in the name of Jews hence dividing and conquering both, creating a division and diversion.

    Also MONEY is another division between men and they USE that too. Stop using their money.

  86. freethinker November 27, 2009 @ 6:55 pm

    I want to say that I admire the Rothschild family-they are incredibly powerful and clever!

    If you think somebody is better in finance than them!

    I am amazed – all the family works like watch machine – complicated and precisive!


  87. Christena April 1, 2010 @ 1:44 pm

    Good morning, Happy Fool’s Day!!

    My wife invited some people to dinner. At the table, she turned to our six-year-old daughter and said, “Would you like to say the blessing?”

    “I wouldn’t know what to say,” she replied.

    “Just say what you hear Mommy say,” my wife said.

    Our daughter bowed her head and said: “Dear Lord, why on earth did I invite all these people to dinner?”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  88. ITK7 May 2, 2010 @ 10:57 pm

    Yet another excellent post!

    We seem to have some things in common…


  89. Rita McCauley June 27, 2010 @ 2:04 pm

    Dear Brother,

    Why not teach about The Balfour Document of 1916? IT PROVES THAT the atheistic Zionists — the mother of all TERRORISTS — were awarded by the British 1/6 of Palestine, and they now ‘OWN’ 94%!!!!

    Tolstoy called this a big mistake and that the king of England should have put them in Great Britain!!

    The so-called Zionists are SQUATTERS and OCCUPIERS OF PALESTINE!!

    NO Israel and no Israelis.

    Also please publish KINGS 2:17-49.

    God dispersed His chosen people because of their disobedience.

    The Arabs CANNOT be punished for this with 94 long years of OCCUPATION!!

  90. Brother Nathanael June 27, 2010 @ 7:36 pm

    Dear Rita –

    I have written about the Balfour Declaration MANY TIMES.



  91. Joe July 10, 2010 @ 11:05 am

    You are a very brave and very honest ex-Jew and now Christian.

    Other information that is useful to people who come here is a book written by Lt Gen Jack Mohr called the “The hidden power behind Freemasonry.”

    Practically all the presidents of America have been Masons. Greorge Bush senior is a top Freemason who helped organise 9/11 with Mossad to create an appetite for war in the American people against Israel’s enemies in the Middle East.

    Naturally the kick back for the Bush family was oil, a business they have been in for generations.

  92. anti new world order August 1, 2010 @ 10:33 am

    Hi, I am really impressed with your work.

    I just wish I could have the time and brains to do such a thing. The only way to stop the NWO and the Jews/Ashkenazis is to let the World know of their existence.

    I would really like to talk and learn more from you, would be nice to chat and have some advice etc.

    I dont remember everything I read. I dont have any info I use to, but would be nice to email me and we will talk, hopefully.

    If not nice site.

    Good Luck

  93. Joao Gouveia December 9, 2012 @ 9:26 pm

    Check this link if you want to Know the cruel Truth!

    I am an impartial person and wouldn’t put here this link if wasn’t really very important and extremely worthy.

    *It is in Portuguese but you can translate it. No intent to publicity or profit or any obscure reason. If you want to read about all REAL story and the truth:

    The Biggest Fraud in Human History is the title:

    Best regards
    International Analyst Programmer

  94. Pastor Mike Palevo June 3, 2013 @ 6:03 pm

    In reading most of the material here, I can say it’s pretty accurate.

    I’ve got enough books, articles, and evidence to prove that what is being said here is accurate.

  95. CAT222 September 16, 2013 @ 6:11 am


    “How Citibank and JP MORGAN Crafted Argentina’s Shock Therapy Program, January 2006 Link in Spanish ( )

    In this interview with the Lavaca Collective, historian Alejandro Olmos Gaona reveals that the banks JP MORGAN and Citibank wrote Argentina’s shock therapy program.

    According to Gaona, the economic plan mandated, “the privatization of utilities, the labor law reform, the privatization of the pension system. It is all laid out with great attention to detail…. one believes that the economic plan pursued since 1992 was Domingo Cavallo’s creation, but that’s not the way it is.” — Interview with Domingo Cavallo, January 2002 ( )

    Argentina’s former Economy Minister discusses the impact of Argentina’s shock therapy measures, stating that “700,000 workers were fired during this period.”
    ( )

    “JPMORGAN Chase has an International Council which provides advice to the bank’s leadership on economic, political and social trends across various regions and around the world. The International Council is chaired by TONY BLAIR, former Prime Minister of the UK, who also sits as an adviser to Zurich Financial.” ( )

    (,_4th_Baron_Rothschild )
    ( )

    “Tony Blair. Illegitimate Son Of Jacob Rothschild….Evidence”
    ( )

    ( )
    ( )


    ( )
    ( )
    ( )
    ( )
    ( )

    “New York’s Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Aug. 23 that Argentina must pay $1.33 billion to the two predatory vulture funds — NML Capital and Aurelius — that bought up that nation’s debt prior to its 2001 default, at pennies on the dollar, and then demanded payment of the full face value of those bonds after default.

    The Circuit Court’s ruling was a scandalous assertion of the vulture funds’ “rights” to loot Argentina, paying scant attention to the legal merits of the case, but rather fulminating against Argentina as a “uniquely recalcitrant debtor” which hadn’t shown proper respect for the killer vultures. ”

    “Speaking for the three-judge panel, Circuit Judge Barrington Parker, nominated to the court by G.W. BUSH, rejected Argentina’s predictions of economic disaster, in the event of a ruling against it.”

    “What the consequences predicted by Argentina have in common is that they are speculative, hyperbolic and almost entirely of the republic’s own making.”


    “David Mills was subsequently charged with money laundering and tax crimes (indicted July 2006) as a cohort of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, an ally of the Cheney-Blair-Bush war axis.”

  96. Jack March 11, 2014 @ 7:21 am

    Always remember what our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of our God said: “What good does it make a man if he wins the whole world and looses himself?

    People are growing stronger and becoming formidable as time passes by, those who did them injustice would have to be subjected to their justice. Only then they would understand where the real values lie.

  97. Joy Ann June 22, 2014 @ 12:33 pm

    @Mike Knows

    That is exactly what I said to one Arab lady living in Australia that all these wars of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, etc. has to do with Central Banks and she agreed 100%.

    Lebanon has its own state Central Bank and so does Iran and other Arab countries since they are not under the control of Rothschild or any other Jews. All the wars in the world from ancient times till today has nothing to do with terrorism but with money and oil.

    People are dying because of those two things; and oh yes, not to mention drugs which is money as well.

    The Vatican “Jesuits to be exact” own the world and people do not really own their land — more like a lease on the land — a tenant in other words; and your taxes go to the Vatican Bank as well as to London England.

    And yes, Americans have paid for the royal weddings and still do since in reality the US is not a republic anymore, not since 1789, and that is why Obama can twist things the way he wants and the Zionist Jews along with him who own and control him.

    JFK tried to do away with the Jewish control and make real money and got assassinated. The US is really a British Colony like my Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Arabs are mighty rich (the hierarchy) but they have very little power but are partners with all these very rich people – it is all about world domination (the secret societies).

    The same holds true with the Chinese, Japanese and others — remember the song “Everyone wants to control the world” and how true that is. It is all more about power and control than anything else.

  98. Joy Ann June 22, 2014 @ 1:19 pm

    @ Diggidy Dopg.

    You sure told the Yanks plenty that the entire world knows all about. Crappy food (GMO garbage brought to you by Monsanto), so much so that it would make a rat sick with cancer, etc.

    Those gas guzzling SUV’s, obesity, people who believe in everything that comes across the idiot box aka TV and yes I too can go on and on but some of us already know that.

    I live in Canada and wish that I was far from the US. Not all Yanks are bad and stupid (there are people who are awake, and yes my fellow Canadians are in the same boat as the Yanks – the vast majority of them) but people are gradually finding out the truth little by little and sometimes it takes people longer to find out.

    There has been too much brain washing in education (run by the Zionist Jews) and yes I can to on and on. 911 was done by the Jews and the murder of JFK, RFK and others was done by the Zionist Jews. Everyone finds the Arabs as scape goats.

    If you listen to Eustace Mullins he will give you the low down about the Jews and the Arabs how the Jews want to kill the Arabs and the Arabs are fighting for their lives.

    The Zionist Jews want a New Middle East and take up most of the Arab land including Lebanon.

    You all have to see this by bringing up the plans about this and the history of whose idea this was. I am talking too much and will let others in. Thank you all and a great forum.

  99. Joy Ann June 22, 2014 @ 5:22 pm

    Folks I have something for all of you to read.

    It is vital for all to read and understand all of what is going on.

    I have something where Israel, Britain and the US is going to redraw the man of the New Middle East and not only that part of the world but hold on to your seats – the entire world.

    Remember hearing about the North American Union and and things like that? Well, I have something here for all of you and it is from the site: I will give you the title to read the entire thing:

    Lebanon, Syria, Iran and the Coming Imperialist Re-Division of the World

    This article will open your eyes. If you look for retired US General Wesley Clark on he is going to give you something from him for all of you to listen to. He speaks about the war in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc. were all planned well in advance and of course had nothing to do with 911.

    Share everything with the people that you know. Everything that is happening is all planned by Israel, Britain and the US.

    Canada, the US, and Mexico will be in a North American Union like Europe and read on it will tell you much more.

    Don’t trust the government at all and everything is in the Bible folks. Whether you are a believer or not it is all written. I will stop here and let you do your own research.

    Thank you.

  100. Jerry Bourn March 22, 2016 @ 11:50 am

    This is a poor mans view of what the wealth and power of subject groups can do to the world at it’s self.

    Again we have a violent action today in the world. Yet the bottom line to resolving is the fact of money. Yet when you get down to tracking money it all comes back to a Set Group. I watch as millions of dollars are adding up to the reconstruction of the world.

    Do you as a Group, and I would be included, all find away to settle and resolve the damage to the world?

    It was said “I must have vast holding and animals to rule, thus to be a King” Do your research as I have and find the great man who made this remark in a speech.

    “To find the right road is not reading a map, but to read the area you are in.”

  101. Keila August 17, 2023 @ 1:22 am

    The sin of usury infested the Christian world before Christianity even left Europe in large numbers.

    There is a huge anti-Christian consensus among the developing and non-European world, which is evident if you go to places like India, like Vietnam, and so on. To put it simply, the rest of the world see Christians the same way Christians see Jews.

    Empires like the British Empire often use “divide and conquer” techniques on their foes, as well as purposefully using financial techniques (like pump and dump) in order to destroy economies. When protectionist countermeasures against this technique failed, the British will literally invade the nation, and re-institute the monopolistic techniques which they use to maintain their “primacy”, often reducing India to a poppy field.

    There is nothing more egregious, more disgusting, and more Jewish than how the British Empire treated China. The British Empire would literally smuggle cheap drugs into China (opium), trading it for valuables like silver, and, when they were prohibited from doing so, they would literally use gunboats in order to do such a thing.

    Yes, gunboats for the express purpose of hard drug proliferation. Upon seizing Shanghai as a treaty port, the British immediately worked to transform Shanghai into a land of sodomy, known as a “Sin-Capital”. The same treatment the Jews did to Weimar Berlin, by the way.

    In typical British fashion, after taking over a treaty port and sodomizing the entire place through their governance, they will then blame the local people. Just as Jews blame random southern whites for everything today!

    Why did the British do all this?

    The British was, to put it simply, a slave to usury, the expansion of capital, and the reign of Jews and the Pseudo-Jews the Catholics call “Contractum Trinius”.

    “Contractum Trinius,” a practice you no doubt have heard of, is essentially a Christian deciding that he wants to be a Jew, but does not want to be excommunicated, so in typical Talmudic fashion he found a loophole in the doctrine such that he can be a Jew-on-earth, yet, according to Catholic doctrine, still be considered “Saved”.

    After the discovery of “Contractum Trinius,” European society, though still “outwardly Christian” (whatever that means, given their love for both legalistic worming and usury), has developed a form of Jewish character which persisted through the entirety of the colonial era.

    It was widely known as the largest failure of the Catholics of the time, with the Church taking a backseat to the affairs of these new Pseudo-Jews, and their desire for more land, more resources, lebensraum in America (which they call “Manifest Destiny”), and, in our current era, Francis-approved Homosexuality and the like.

    In short, the Christians have become Jews. The Jew has emancipated himself insofar that the Christian has adopted the worldly religion of the Jew, Huckstering, and the worldly god of the Jew, which is to say, Money.

    The so-called “solutions” to Jewish control of the Christian states, which is to say, the establishment of competing “banks,” is doing nothing but encouraging the very sin of usury which made a complete mockery of Christianity in the past 500 or so years.

    It is usury which has destroyed the soul of the Christian character, reducing Christianity to nothing but a Talmudic Rabbinical Sanhedrin capable only of conducting usury, treating their fellow man as animals, and ordaining the theft of anything from “the goyim”.

    Only a ban on interest-taking in any form, even through the combination of multiple contracts, can restore the Christian nature of Europe and expel the Jewish nature which has taken root, presented itself as “Contractum Trinius”, and became the soul of the so-called “Christian” states.

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