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What’s Behind The Kosher Scam?
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Brother Nathanael @ September 23, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael September 23, 2010 @ 3:02 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family,

    It’s time for me to have a heart to heart talk with my RZN family.

    First of all, I want to say that I have you all in my heart and you are all a GREAT comfort to me in the midst of my concern for the anti-Christ forces, the Jews, who are ruining and SELLING OUT our nation, such as the Jewish oligarchs on Wall Street.

    As I stated in the article, we now have the establishment of a corporate combine of Jewish bankers actively ruling over the resources and people of the North American Continent. THIS IS SCARY!

    NOW TO BE PERFECTLY FRANK with all of my RZN family, because of huge expenses to run this site and all of the activity of The Brother Nathanael Foundation, the donations are not at all coming up to the expenses.

    In other words, I AM RUNNING A DEFICIT– and this has been the case for the last two months.

    FIRST OF ALL: To run OUR site, Real Zionist News, is very costly.

    Expenses include: 1) A Web Manager; (2) A Computer Technician (3) Anti Hacking Software (4) A Dedicated Server (5) Multiple Domain Names to prevent pirating) (5) Subscription News Svs (6) Research Materials (7) A Web Tracking Service (8 Etecetera, Etc.

    I would like to subscribe to a geopolitical News Service called Stratfor (it is pro Israel BUT the research on other countries is superb) and purchase some important research materials and books but have had to hold off due to all of the huge expenses and low numbers of donation.

    I had to purchase very expensive Video Equipment which cost me a ton. Everything I bought is TOP OF THE LINE.

    The ADL apparently wrote to the State of Colorado saying that the newly-established “The Brother Nathanael Foundation” was not complying with Donation regulations. (It INDEED WAS in FULL compliance – but an investigation was set in motion in spite of it all.)

    I had to involve my law firm and hire a top CPA firm to deal with the “investigation” that took place. This cost me $1500. And now the State of Colorado is satisfied BUT my pocket book is hurting.

    Now with trying to get Nativity Scenes up here in Colorado – towns are reticent and fear the wrath of Civil Rights Groups who DEMAND equal time for all the “minority” creeds that the Jews flooded our nation with in their “Open Immigration Law of 1965.”

    I have been “stone-walled” after two personal inquiries — and thus I HAD NO CHOICE — but to get my law firm involved once again. (I will update you as we find out what answers we get)

    Thus, AGAIN, I have no choice to get my Law Firm involved (I may not do it for lack of funds this year) to LITIGATE against the Hanukkah Menorah on the White House Lawn, as the lawyer who was going to volunteer to do it apparently is too busy to help with this.


    Donations have now hit ROCK BOTTOM.

    The last think I want to do is take aut a loan.

    It seems the harder I work, the more research I do, with the articles and the Videos, the less comes back in return.

    Last week the Hits were moving into the 30,000 hit range. How many do you think donated? Only about 8. What percentage is that? A 1/1000 of 1 percent?

    If all of the readers could just donate $5.00 then I could close the deficit and then some.

    TO THOSE OF YOU who have donated this past month and weeks and have made some real financial sacrifices — I THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart.

    I have said it so many times: If it weren’t for the “few” – I would have had to shut this whole thing down a long time ago.

    IF YOU HAVE BENEFITED from this article — Please Consider Making a Donation @

    Donations MAY ALSO BE SENT to:

    Brother Nathanael Kapner
    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.


    +Brother Nathanael

  2. Brother Nathanael September 23, 2010 @ 3:03 pm

    Street Evangelism UPDATE!

    I will be going BACK to NYC September 18-21 for more Street Evangelism. Please keep me in your prayers for Christ’s Blessing and Protection.

    A donation recently came in to fund this trip.

    I am planning Street Evangelism trips to Chicago, UCLA, St Louis, and Monterey California in the near future.

    Please consider sponsoring these trips with a financial donation to:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Or Simply Click HERE @

    ALSO – I am reposting the Boston Street Evangelism Trips in 3 Parts.

    God Bless You All! +Brother Nathanael

  3. Brother Nathanael September 23, 2010 @ 3:35 pm

    More RZN “Moments” Later.

    Going out for Street Evangelism… +bn

  4. Marshall September 23, 2010 @ 3:44 pm

    Yom Kippur Talmudic follies!!!

    September 17, 2010 / News / Williamsburg

    Bump in the trunk! Jews rushing to get caffeine suppositories

    By Andy Campbell
    The Brooklyn Paper

    Bum’s rush: Many religious Jews in Williamsburg insert caffeine suppositories to skirt Yom Kippur restrictions on the intake of food. Here, Baruch Herzfeld, a coffee lover and religious Jew, shows off his supply.

    Jews throughout Williamsburg snapped up caffeine suppositories today, hours before the start of the Yom Kippur fast that would deprive them of the jolt — and hunger suppression — that coffee typically provides.

    The day-long fast is the centerpiece of the holiest day on the Jewish calendar — but some religious Jews see a Talmudic loophole that allows them to ingest their daily dose of caffeine, albeit through a different orifice.

    “It helps — you know, it’s hard to concentrate when you’re fasting and also addicted to caffeine,” said Baruch Herzfeld, an Orthodox Jew who owns a bike store in Williamsburg. “Some take it before sundown, but most take it throughout their fasting. These guys love a good loophole.”

    These huge, rectally inserted pills are popular. Pharmacists at Rafieh — one of many distributors in south Williamsburg on Lee Avenue — sold nearly 150 suppositories today.

    “We have caffeine suppositories!” the store’s handwritten sign heralded. “Be ready!”
    Mac Support Store

    But is it kosher?

    There’s some controversy over whether Jews observing the Biblical fast should be taking an easy out (or, more accurately, in).

    Some Jewish leaders said that consuming anything — through the body’s traditional entrance or its exit — is against the spirit of the ritualistic fast.

    “We’re supposed to do it the old fashioned way — I wouldn’t advise [suppositories],” said Rabbi Simcha Weinstein, a Hasidic leader. “We wanna keep Jews in the synagogue and not in the bathroom.”

    ©2010 Community Newspaper Group

  5. Disgusted White Christian September 23, 2010 @ 3:45 pm

    Here are the marks Bro Nate:

    You have to EXPOSE this fraud Nate.

    Check out the latest from the Zion Shill Alex Jones:


    By Rev. Ted Pike
    22 Sep 10

    In a recent Youtube clip, talk show host Alex Jones describes himself as the most influential leader of the Patriot/Tea Party revolt, next to Rep. Ron Paul. Many would disagree.

    Yet he inarguably has the power to influence and mislead many.

    A tactic of the intellectually dishonest is to mock or defame their opponent instead of responding to their facts.

    On Youtube, Jones can be heard repeatedly using this strategy to oppose critics of Israel.

    “What I want to say is this…I support Israel. It is their land…it is the UN that has declared them terrorists.

    The UN supports groups that want to dissolve Israel…” (Youtube: ‘Alex Jones – “I Support Israel Its Their Land” Zionism’) Jones ignores the 65 years of abuse of Palestinians and violations of international law that cause the UN to criticize Israel.

    He vilifies other critics of the Jewish state: “I watch these Nazi and anti-Israel groups. They’re a bunch of scum.”(Youtube: ‘Alex Jones on Israel critics: “weak minded idiots”…’)

    According to Jones, they are “weak-minded idiots” who find fault with Israel because in 1948 she violently drove 800,000 native Palestinians into concentration camps.

    They are “Israel-bashers” who refuse to accept Israel’s long and growing record of human rights violations, including:

    * Continuing seizure of Arab lands, largely through illegal settlements;

    * Denial of basic freedom to Palestinians, particularly Gazans in recent years;

    * Incarceration of an annual average of 8,000-12,000 Palestinians, most without due process;

    * Torture of Arab prisoners, including women and children (See, Torture in Israeli Prisons);

    * Ban on free speech for Christians to witness in Israel under penalty of imprisonment, as well as government-permitted persecution of Messianic Christians by ultra-Orthodox Jews;

    * Proliferation of hundreds of nuclear missiles which threaten a Mideast Armageddon, while bullying Iran for allegedly planning to build even one such weapon;

    * Control of Congress and manipulation of the electoral process by pressure and money from the Jewish lobby;

    * Draining some $5 billion annually in foreign aid to a nation which makes enemies for America in the Mideast and has enticed us into Mideast wars for its own benefit.

    These are just starting concerns for “scummy” people like me and millions of others. Jones says he is “sick of peer pressure to attack Israel” and he wants nothing to do with us.

    And he has one high-sounding reason. Jones says too much truth about Israeli and Jewish misdeeds will “radicalize” the Tea Party movement and destroy its ability to win elections.

    Jones says he will limit his criticisms of Israel only to those opportunities where he can be “credible.”

    After Israel brutally attacked the Gaza flotilla, Jones allowed an apologist for Israel to defend its actions.

    He did criticize Israel’s raid (Youtube: ‘Alex Breaks Down Gaza Aid Flotilla Ship Attack by Israel …’ 4 parts), yet he has not emphasized the dangerous agenda inspired by Judaism’s sacred Talmud and Kabbalah, with their history of fomenting communism and world revolution.

    He has never exposed the well-documented Jewish dominance of big media—including Hollywood, the big three TV networks and the largest print media in America.

    (See, Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish). Instead of speaking the truth, he says, “Hollywood is owned by the Arabs, and the Israelis for some reason.

    But the actual financing… is mainly Saudi and Jordanian and the folks from Dubai and Qatar and a few other places and the British of course.” (Youtube: ‘Alex Jones Covers Up That Israel Owns Hollywood’)

    Clearly, Jones is not about to antagonize the Jewish power structure.

    He specializes in diverting attention to the lesser conspiracies of Masonry, the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilateral Commission, even the Bohemian Grove, etc.

    He says self-righteously that he will not “wear Nazi armbands” by criticizing Zionism or Judaism’s racial/religious goals. He will not associate with the “mentally ill” who express such concern.

    Jewish/Zionist supremacism originated 2,000 years ago with the same Pharisees who crucified Christ. It is enshrined in Rabbinic Judaism’s most sacred scriptures, the Talmud and Zohar (Kabbalah).

    This vast and hateful racist literature clearly states that Jews must someday control the world, after destroying the strong opposition that comes from Christian/capitalist civilization.

    But according to Jones, the masses should not know too much of this controversial truth.

    The Patriot Movement should relate to dumbed-down Americans, who are oblivious to the Zionist danger, by ignoring it themselves. Yet such ignorance will not lead to safety.

    Nor will the whole truth lead to fanaticism and violence.

    The truth about Jewish control in media, international finance and Congress will make many angry; that’s called “righteous indignation.”

    But it does not create violent, bigoted fanatics out of most people, whose moderation and perspective will encourage restraint.

    Instead, the whole truth will empower us to become discerning citizens who can defend American liberties, culture and foreign policy!

    Such enlightenment contributes to slowing unconditional support of Israeli injustices that inflame the Arab world;

    Slowing the ability of the Anti-Defamation League to pass freedom-destroying legislation;

    Slowing election and appointment of supremacist Jews to high office;

    Slowing Jewish media’s corruption of Christian culture and beliefs;

    Slowing America’s debt to Jewish international bankers through the Federal Reserve – in short, slowing the advances of Jewish supremacism to destroy Christian civilization!

    Jones: Media Manipulator

    Jones’ mentality is that of every dictator and censor, who says half-truths secure the threads of social fabric and the safety of governing elite.

    History reveals that ending such censorship leads to liberty. When the Bible finally became accessible during the Protestant Reformation, Rome’s dominion was shattered.

    The profusion of Biblical truth resulted in independence of thought and action, vital to the founding of the greatest social experiment in history: the United States of America.

    If the whole truth poured out, the Zionist stranglehold on western nations would be demolished. We could see a new age of enlightenment and renewal. The whole truth does not radicalize society; it stabilizes it.

    Jones vilifies true patriots and attempts to scare us away from facing reality. He says that, when patriots criticize Jews and Israel, they are playing into the globalists’ hands, who pit one group against anther, desiring to create world chaos. The truth is, the globalists are Jewish supremacists.

    Yet Israel, ADL, Rothschilds, Bronfmans, etc. above everything else, fear worldwide exposure and criticism.

    By cautioning patriots against criticizing (bashing) Jewish supremacists, it is actually Jones who sows mass confusion and inaction, becoming one of the NWO’s best protectors.

    It is hard to defend Jones from the charge that he sows disinformation along with the truth.

    By urging the same ruinous appeasement of the Jewish supremacist agenda as have Christians and conservatives for the past century, Jones, despite his bluster, is an appeaser. His “moderation” on the Jewish issue is really a mask for his enormous fear of Jewish power.

    A year ago, a trusted friend of mine, then a Jones supporter, told me he called Jones’ office and, surprisingly, Jones answered. During their conversation, Jones expressed anxiety about criticism of him for not addressing the Jewish issue. But he feared the Zionists more.

    “The Jews,” Jones said, “own everything.”

    Jones wants us to believe he isn’t afraid and will not hesitate to tell the whole truth. Yet his conspicuous silence about the threat of Jewish supremacism speaks powerfully: Alex Jones lives in fear of the Jews.

    Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

    TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this topic. Call (503) 631-3808.


  6. Jimmy "T" September 23, 2010 @ 4:42 pm

    Hey Brother Nathanael this video is great!

    Speaking of Kosher I was just watching a video on the kosher scam the other day:

    Compliments your video nicely.

    Nice work and keep them coming.

    Thanks so much,

    Jimmy “T”

  7. arya arkaim September 23, 2010 @ 4:56 pm

    First time I saw Bro Nat on video.

    HE’S GOT SOME SKILLS!!! BRO NAT should make a rap album.

  8. KathJuliane September 23, 2010 @ 4:59 pm

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus, Bro. Nathanael,

    Great one-two punch presentation on this scam.

    The montage is striking, especially as a parody on Madison Ave advertising tactics, turning brand marketing back on them.

    Also especially appreciate pointing to the tie-in between the gradual psychological preparation playing on ‘food security’ and symbolism during this anti-Christian spirit of the age, into eventual voluntary mental acceptance of the Antichrist.

    Just as is happening with the Judaizing Christians and the Noachides.

    More info on the Kosher Scam:

    “Kosher Tax” is popular term, but a misnomer.

    The “Kosher Tax” is part myth and part fact: in the world, it is a private brand certification fee paid by producers for sponsorship, kosher certification, and endorsement by private, non-profit, Jewish rabbinic business enterprises raking in tax-exempt dollars.

    They are incorporated as tax-exempt non-profit service/education organizations, and closely follow food industry trends for advancing niche marketing.

    “Kosher Science” is what they peddle.

    This is a parasitic Jewish rabbinic corporation piggy-back pyramid scheme and shuffle, camoflaging religious “ritual purity” observance as a true “science.”

    Through niche marketing techniques, they attach sham rabbinic aura of Talumidic Jewish Dietary Laws to legitimate food and agriculture industry sciences, research, and mandatory government food and safety inspections, and existing organic, vegetarian and health food markets, spas and hotels.

    Its applied to everyone’s food and everything under the sun remotely related to food industry in the Gentile world now considered as Trief until blessed by a rabbi for a fee.

    While once the term treif referred to the meat from an animal with certain defects, today treif is used for all non-kosher products, and implies the Gentile world.

    “Foremost, A Kosher symbol means that the organization providing that symbol, stands behind the product and guarantees to the best of their ability that the product is kosher.”[for Jewish ritual use only. Not that the food is any healthier, more pure, better quality, or prepared under strict, scientific food hygiene standards.]

    Usual letters alongside the various trademark certification symbols:

    D – Implies the product has Dairy ingredients.
    DE – Implies the product is processed on Equipment that processes Dairy ingredients.
    M – Implies the product contains meat / poultry or processed on meat / poultry equipment.
    P – Implies the products is kosher for Passover, but may not be Pareve (non-milk or meat).”

    This is it, the core of the religious “science” of the clever, greedy, scheming Rabbis and their global tax-free business. To make sure that the commercial pot that stewed the tomatoes for Heinz ketchup was not used to cook something else combining meat and dairy together.

    Kashrut certification does not guarantee food safety or quality or better tasting food; will NOT protect any consumer’s health from “mad-cow,” botulism, salmonella or E. coli, chemically contaminated food, nutrient-deficient mass produced food, genetically modified food, etc.

    As for schools and everywhere is in the public sphere, the kosher trademark comes in on any products they purchase from commercial vendors that bear the seal. A truly religious “kosher public school kitchen” would be one that is certified as also practicing the innumerable Jewish dietary laws itself.


    P.S. – Marshall, please help me get up off the floor! Hilarious!


    IC XC
    NI KA

  9. arya arkaim September 23, 2010 @ 5:18 pm


    Talmudists are NOT HEBREWS, just like MORMONS are not Christians.

    They both follow unscriptural books that are NOT DIVINELY GUIDED.

    The TALMUD and THE BOOK OF MORMON are occult freemasonic texts that are corruptions of the original religion.

    PALESTINIANS are more semitic than the KHAZAR TALMUDISTS.

  10. Disgusted White Christian September 23, 2010 @ 6:04 pm

    Arya Arkaim,

    Well said, very well said.

    I like that!


  11. KathJuliane September 23, 2010 @ 6:27 pm

    To RZN Family,

    HISTORICAL BASIS AS A TRUE “KOSHER TAX”: originally an obligatory religious tax decided by a religious rabbinic authority obligatory upon the Jewish community food trades itself. But, its not the Jewish neighborhood Mom & Pop kosher deli, cheesemaker, baker and butchershop anymore.

    “Time Magazine, Monday, Nov 27, 1933:

    “Oldest and largest of orthodox rabbi groups, Union of Orthodox Rabbis of US and Canada (Agudath Harabonim), an organized religious government body, voted to LEVY A TAX on the kosher slaughterhouse.

    “It figured that if it could collect 1/2 cent on every pound of kosher meat sold, it could raise $1 million or more in one year (1933 dollars) from the 6500 kosher butcher shops in NY where lived nearly one half of all US Jews.,9171,746361,00.html

    Many producers in the USA and Canada look for specialized markets as a way to boost profits. From chocolates, preserves, pasta, juices and condiments, more and more Kosher certified products are available to seemingly satisfy consumers in search of quality product and in food security.

    In Canada, Kosher trademarked food represents a growing niche associated with all types of cuisines.

    A recent study by USDA (United Status Department of Agriculture) shows that sales of Kosher food increased from $480 to $557 million Canadian dollars from 2000 to 2001.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/sis8737

    The Kosher food marketing is an indirect way of propagating Judaism via the cultural food rituals recruiting anyone who might be interested.

    The way they are legally set up as non-profit educational groups rather than religious, they are front companies for the Jewish religious communities, using official sounding names like “agency,” “bureau,” “division.”

    Per usual brand market advertising practices, most of the larger manufacturers and companies choose to have their items kosher simply to appeal to a wider consumer base.

    Going kosher makes products more marketable, and if it appeals to “only” a certain 3% market share, that is still a sizeable and profitable chunk of global consumer base in the overall food industry.

    “10 million consumers seeking kosher products in the United States alone with sales reaching $165 billion in 2002 $45 billion in 1996, according to Integrated Marketing Communications, which publishes Kosher Today, an industry newsletter.

    “Most of that growth has come from people outside of observant Jewish communities, with 28 percent of the country’s population saying they have knowingly purchased a kosher product, while only 8 percent said they bought kosher foods for religious reasons, according to a March 2003 survey by Mintel Consumer Intelligence.

    “Sales of kosher products are projected to jump almost 10% to $50 billion this year compared with 1998.

    Once confined to smaller stores in largely Jewish neighborhoods, kosher foods and beverages now are in about 18,000 of the nation’s 30,000 supermarkets, including big national chains.

    “And non-Jewish customers now make up a significant majority of the market for kosher goods, says Integrated Marketing Communications, a New York kosher-food marketing company.

    Today the OK Certifies over 140,000 products, produced by over 1500 companies worldwide, including food giants such as Kraft, Snapple, and ConAgra, Proctor & Gamble, General Foods, Heinz, etc. It employs over 350 Rabbis worldwide.

    Corporate grocery chains, like Albertson’s, have their own in-store corporate kosher category managers. 2002

    Has spawned “Kosher Information Bureau” websites targeting food aficiandos by listing the symbols of “Kashrus certifications KosherQuest recommends catagorized by country.”

    One Giant Sustainable Pyramid Scheme.

  12. KathJuliane September 23, 2010 @ 6:59 pm

    List of kosher certifying agencies by national standing, States and other countries, and their brand certification seals (copyright kosher trademarks – hekhshers)

    There are about 400 kosher major and minor ‘certifying agencies’ (Rabbinic rackets) with their own trademark symbols, and marketing territories.

    Different rabbis have different views about what exactly passes as kosher.

    Various food industry companies often deal with multiple rabbinic “agencies” (even if it is a small, sole rabbi operation) for the same product, or else the rabbinates cut deals with each other (endorse my seal and I’ll endorse yours).

    Products can bear multiple kosher seals if marketed to another country and rabbinic turf, negotiated seperately. Canadian goods sold in the US might then bear for example, COR and O-U kashrut trademarks.


    The Rabbinic Orthodox Union (OU) Kashruth Division as a tax-exempt, non-profit concern peddling a religious idea – “certifying agency” — handles current and prospective Kosher-certified companies and interlocks with Big Agra, Big Food and Big Pharma industries, regardless of either Gentile or Jewish ownership.

    The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, the O-U (whose symbol is the letter “u” inside the letter “o”) is the largest Kashrut organization in the US.

    The Orthodox Union (and all of the rabbinic clones) is an incorporated non-profit service organization, therefore it also has a lucrative, profitable tax-exempt status as well.

    The OU Kashruth Division rabbinically certifies over 400,000-500,000 products from more than 6,000 plants in 77-83 countries, including China, making it the “undisputed world leader in kosher certification” (I estimate controlling about 85% of the Kashrut market share).

    Employs about 1200 kashrut rabbis. Peddles “kosher” educational materials meant to indirectly advance Talmudism.

    Vigorously pursues court actions and “corrective measures”, sends out a constant stream of “Consumer Alerts” when companies and individual products are either decertified as kosher, or mistakenly carry a kosher copyright symbol on packaging shipped from somewhere else on an unkoshered product.

    In Canada, Canadian Kosher products are stamped with the letters “COR” which stands for “Council of Orthodox Rabbis.”

    This is purportedly a front group for the powerful Canadian Jewish Congress, which actually receives all the money from this tax. The Jews in Canada are so united they do not allow any competition which is not the case in the U.S.

    SECOND LARGEST PRIVATE ‘CERTIFYING AGENCY’ — The Organized Kashrut “Laboratories” (OK) Labs with the prominent K trademark. It was the first one to take on the form of a distinct non-profit religious certification business. Founded in 1935, Abraham Goldstein founded OK Labs.

    In 1968, Rabbi Bernard Levy, head of Committee For The Furtherance of Torah Observance, purchased OK Labs which matured into international certifications. Headquarters is in Brooklyn, NY, with offices in Europe and Israel.

    Levy instituted several new methods employed by kosher rabbinic certifying agencies to verify the nature of products. Until then, many ingredients of products were assumed to be kosher, without visiting the company of each one.

    His policy was to travel to each company to see how the production was done first-hand.

    This led him to further investigate other companies in the Food Industry supply chain which provide raw ingredients, non-edibles, and pre-packaged sub-components for the final product.

    New market expansion byways were found for new kosher certifications of each ingredient coming from suppliers, and then on to food industry non-edible and disposable equipment and packaging itself.

    I’m surprised they haven’t yet found a way to kosher the vehicles of the food transportation industry.

    Besides their hand in the global Fast Food, Gourmet, Hotel, Travel, Hospital, Rest Home, and Restaurant industries, Kosher certification is not limited to groceries and edible items (spring water, vitamins, coffee, tea, fresh fruit and vegetable packing, fruit and vegetable canning, and other non-dairy, non-meat edibles).

    They recommend or certify as kosher also non-edible consumer products, dishware (Corelle), utensils, kitchen tools, equipment and appliances, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, packaging industries, and mega-corporations:

    Clorox Corporation, (Clorox bleach, GladWrap and plastic bags) Reynolds Aluminum, Dow Chemicals, Cascade diswasher detergent, Scotch-brite scrubbing pads, Tide laundry soap, Ivory liquid dish soap, Safeway Corporation (Mormon founded and owned, btw.)

  13. Disgusted White Christian September 23, 2010 @ 7:02 pm

    Ahhh, I can see it now, the new Talmudivison reality show “The Best Damn Kosher Chef”, and the host can be Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

    On Mike’s birthday:

    Here he contemplating the winner:

    2nd and 3rd place finishers get the Rabbi Schmuley bobble-head doll:

    Rabbi Schmuley pays honor to Hassidic Homosexual love:

    Modern day Schmuley groupies:×220.jpg

    Zionism’s true intentions:

    Schmuley brings out his version of the Ouija board (Khabbalah):


  14. Postman September 23, 2010 @ 7:16 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    I for one will be sending a modest amount to help with your ministry. I have enjoyed your writings, and now your videos, for quite some time now, but have never sent a donation.

    The times demand that I now do so.

    If I may, and I am sure many of your followers already know about this site, there is a site out their that tells of the menace that is the Zionist Jew.

    Google, “When Victims Rule.” With over 2000 pages of scholarly work, this wonderful e-book explains exactly what Brother Nathanael is talking about.

    Why the Jews have been sent packing in many countries over the centuries; how they have come to dominate the entertainment and finance industries and also how they have muzzled criticism through the use of Victimhood and cries of antisemetism.

    If it is not already clear that the degradation of North American society is due to the scourge that is the Zionist Jew, then it soon will be.

    It is both damning, and rather frightening, because their is no way to fight, save through prayer and the reawakening of the American Christian ideal. Not the Zionist Christian ideal mind you.

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work, and may God bless you and your activities, and may he keep you safe from your enemies.

    All you other readers, Brother Nathanael cannot keep these efforts up without your donations. Please give what you can to help support him.

    Also, be compassionate and loving to all, for that is the message of Jesus.

  15. Auctions September 23, 2010 @ 7:17 pm

    It gives me a good feeling to know that this Keystone Light beer I am drinking has been approved by a Kosher rabbi. [/sarcasm]

    Seriously the kosher symbol is on the side of a light beer can!

    What does brewing and canning a beer in North America have anything to do with kosher laws?

    How much exactly is the cost of this endorsement? How much is it affecting the cost of the product?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  16. StMichael September 23, 2010 @ 7:37 pm

    I wonder about the spiritual implications of consuming food products that have Rabbinical “blessings” attached?

  17. Disgusted White Christian September 23, 2010 @ 7:48 pm


    It has nothing to do with it, except those little yarmulke donning shysters want to extort money, any place and everywhere they can!

    Like Bro Nate stated, if you don’t pay, they bring down all the Zionist Jew organizations on you, and soon they have Gentiles boycotting you also, until guess what?

    You are broke.


    By Rev. Ted Pike
    23 Sep 10

    The extensive and meticulous investigative report by the UN Human Rights Council on Israel’s May 31 raid on the Free Gaza flotilla was released yesterday.

    Interviewing 112 survivors (but forbidden by Israel from questioning any of its commandoes), the report devastates Israel’s claim of innocence — further damaging her international reputation.

    Here are selected passages from the UN’s high-drama, fast moving account, beginning with attack on the Mavi Mamara and ending with abuse and humiliations of survivors before deportation from Israel.


  18. SGTbull07 September 23, 2010 @ 8:28 pm

    Bro, I love you man.

    I’m sorry I can’t do more just yet… but will again soon. I just had a video I created get 24,000 views in 5 days, and of those 24,000 folks, I only picked up 65 new subscribers to my You Tube Channel.

    It’s weird, people are interested in the content, but most folks just are not people of follow-through ACTION like you are.

    With great respect and wishes that I were a multi-millionaire & could donate accordingly,


  19. john king September 23, 2010 @ 8:29 pm

    Great work again, Brother Nathanael.

    I’d like to see these fine manufacturers have a “non kosher” line of foods for us.

    Serious. I don’t want to eat anything that a rabbi is involved with.

    Judaism = death and having a rabbi “bless” our food stuffs is like psychically blowing poison on it.

    Is this something your Foundation could add to its agenda?

  20. john king September 23, 2010 @ 8:34 pm


    Did you read that Bro Nathanael is ready to get a loan because YOU have not been helping out his ministry $$ financially $$ ?

    This man is working his hands to the bones for us. What you see here, this website, is the result of donors.

    Unlike the JEWS at the Federal Reserve, Bro Nat cannot print money in his apartment.

    PLEASE look at yourself. If each person out here in cyberland would donate just $5, he’d be high on the hog.

    If you don’t attend church like me, just consider it your month’s Tithe.

    Bro Nathanel’s doing the LORD’s work and the LORD is looking at YOU to see what you do.

    Kind Regards —

    John King, Jasper IN

  21. SGTbull07 September 23, 2010 @ 9:13 pm

    For: Disgusted White Christian, and to some extent anyone else who wants to continue to call Alex Jones a Zionist Shill.

    I speak from the heart and the mind, so please listen to my POV.

    Here’s the thing, I have been through it all in this battle to share the “Truth.” And it has cost me dearly. Please understand, you guys cannot possibly toss every baby out with the bath water and hope to get any where.

    I listen to Jeff Rense via mp3 on a daily basis. But guess what? I also listen to Alex Jones every day via podcast. (Yes, I drive a great deal and often have ear buds in when I’m not driving).

    Now, you can name call and dismiss me, or you can listen to what I am about to tell you with an open heart.

    My friends, family, work associates and peers can barely begin to comprehend, much less accept the tiniest fraction of what is said by Alex Jones on a daily basis. But I will tell you, his tree bears fruit. Every single day.

    He talks about 9/11 being a false flag and he explains it. He talks about the dangers of the mercury in the shots, the Flouride in the water, he speaks of how NORTHCOM is preparing for a fight against the American people – and yes, every now and then he even mentions Israel, and the bad things Israel does and has done.

    Traditionally he speaks of the “Globalists” or the “International Bankers” and their desire to usher in the New World Order. He will talk about the Rockefellers and the even the Rothschilds.

    His guests go into great detail on a myriad of subjects that the averagle Sheeple probably would dimiss out of hand as “conspiracy theory” regardless of the guest’s pedigree. But he has also woken up many thousands of people.

    I personally have battled for 5 years to awaken people (friends, family and colleagues) to the truth behind the horrors of 9/11. To the truth behind the horrors of the Federal Reserve System, etc.

    Without having much luck on even those simpler levels, how on earth am I (or Alex Jones) supposed to explain the power of Jewery & Zionism to an uneducated public? It’s just too deep and people are too conditioned to reject it out of hand – and reject the messenger a racist anti-Semite.

    I have had very little luck in waking up the folks I know and who are dear to me. How on earth do you expect me – or Alex Jones – or anyone else – to stand in the face of the unrelenting power of Zionism and begin to explain it all to people who cannot even understand the basics like the FED, or what a false flag is?

    As an honest decent person who cares, I must speak out and tell you all – if you are going to continue to call Alex Jones a Zionist Shill, fine. But you are going to turn off thousands and thousands of people who are just beginning to head down a rabbit hole that is miles long.

    I wish you all the best,


    * I will not return to comment on this subject or defend my opinion here. Please take it with the heart felt honesty with which it is intended, and consider it.

  22. Brother Nathanael September 23, 2010 @ 9:25 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family,

    First of all, an update on the man who spit on me and the young man who wrote to me a death threat email.

    I had to get the police involved from two jurisdictions to hunt these felons down.

    The man who spit on me and on the Holy Crosses that I wear gave some lame story that he had a cold and opened his window to spit and had no idea that I was to be the recipient of his glob.

    He told the officer that “I did not even see that man with the robe,” which is an OBVIOUS admission that he DID see me.

    We cannot proceed to court with an Assault & Battery charge since it will be his ‘word’ against my testimony. That ends that one.

    The death threat incident was handled by the police in contacting the young man and he was shocked that the police tracked him down. He was given a warning.

    Both of these incidents (and more than a few people cursing me in my home town) was sparked by a new Editor who seeks to ruin my name of the Summit Daily News who published a feature article on me, “What’s Behind Brother Nathanael’s Smile?”

    The article went on to libel and slander me that “behind my smile” is an “avowed Anti Semite” who calls for “the eradication of all Jews.” (Both assertions CANNOT BE PROVED.)

    I went to see my Lawyer (more expense) and he said that I have to prove malicious intent which is very difficult and that with the paper’s syndicated corporation TEAM OF LAWYERS it will cost me a fortune to pursue a libel case. So, that ends that one too.

    As regards the Nativity Scene the Foundation is working on to put up in Frisco CO, I had to get my lawyer involved and the wheels of government are moving VERY SLOWLY.

    I will update you all as we hopefully make some progress on this endeavor.
    As regards Street Evangelism, again a donation is supporting my Evangelism in NYC.

    This is a GREAT venue for me since I am extremely well-received by tourists (mostly youth) on Wall Street and in Times Square.

    Many Jews are also given the opportunity to behold their salvation on The Holy Cross of Christ that I proudly hold high on Wall Street an on Times Square.

    AND – the demons shudder.
    AS REGARDS DONATIONS – I am at a loss to express my keen disappointment on how few out of TENS OF THOUSANDS of readers are unwilling to help me to continue.

    I go to a site called Information Clearing House once in a while — a site which is a low cost Microsoft “Front Page Editor” that only posts other people’s articles, and the owner of the site complains that only “180 people donated this month.”

    If I could get HALF OF THAT than I would be all set.

    But, sadly, ONLY A FEW are willing to help out.

    I loathe to have to take out a loan to keep this site going with its HIGH COSTS.

    I got a boost for The Brother Nathanael Foundation from a few contributers to keep the Foundation alive for the time being.

    And donations for Street Evangelism DO help to keep the Holy Cross before American people who NEED to BE REMINDED what their FIRST PRIORITY needs to be.

    Here’s my pitch.

    If you like what I am doing (I work 24/7) then please consider helping me to continue.

    You can either donate to The Brother Nathanael Foundation @

    Or to Brother Nathanael of Real Zionist News @

    By Mail To:

    Brother Nathanael Foundation / or Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    God Bless You ALL and I MUST get some sleep as I was up until 5 AM this morning doing research and preparing the Video on the Kosher Scam.

    Your Ever +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  23. KathJuliane September 23, 2010 @ 9:29 pm

    Food marketers increasingly target non-Jewish customers, tinkering with their ads to suggest that their products offer earthly benefits as well as heavenly ones.

    Besides Hindus, and Muslims in the Western world who do think that Koshering is the same as Halal, the pitch is made to the Judaizing Christian sects such as vegetarian Seventh Day Adventists (Kellog was SDA) the Mormons, as well as the general health-conscious public ears.

    Purportedly, Customer Relations departments when asked by Gentiles about the ‘Kosher Tax’ responded that Jews told them that by submitting to rabbinical supervision they are informing the public that “kosher products are produced under sanitary conditions.”

    As if the same non-koshered products were produced under less than sanitary conditions, and that a rabbi makes all the difference!! With or without the ‘rabbinic supervision’ the products, kosher or not, have to follow the same sanitary conditions.

    The Jews know this is a marketing scam of trafficking on religious feelings and consumer fears and quality concerns, and has nothing to do with true industrial food science, better quality, inspections and hygiene.
    The Jewish Press of Feb. 26, 1988, quotes Menachem Lubinsky, a major marketer of kosher products as saying, “the industry should tell inquisitive Christians this line: Kosher has become something like the ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.’

    It makes a product APPEAR to be healthier and of better quality.”

    The Washington Post of Nov. 2, 1987 quotes Rabbi Schulem Rubin, an Orthodox rabbi from the Bronx as declaring:

    “Kosher doesn’t taste any better; kosher isn’t healthier; kosher doesn’t have less salmonella. You can eat a Holly Farm chicken which sells for 39 cents a pound on sale, and next taste a Kosher chicken selling for $1.69 a pound, and not tell the difference.

    “There’s a lot of money to be made!”

    The Sun-Sentinel of March 20, 1987, quotes Rabbi Irving Silverman, who organized the giant Kosher Foods Exposition in New York City, as stating:

    “There’s one misconception I would like to clear up. There’s a perception that the Jewish dietary laws are steeped in health considerations.

    “That’s not so at all. It is a commitment to a strict adherence to a tradition, a thread from one generation to another.

    “I’m not kosher because it’s healthier – I’m kosher because my parents were kosher and my grandparents were kosher. It’s a commitment!”

    “There would be no objection if the small Orthodox Jewish community stuck to making their own kosher products [insteading of foisting it off onto the Gentile world] and paid for them, as they did before the kosher business was launched in 1919, for the general public.”

    America’s huge manufacturers of processed food products and related industries keep a tight lid on this subject. Literally thousands of manufacturers pay for kosher brand advertising, which they pass onto consumers, to put these Jewish religious brand trademarks on their products.

    This racket is nothing new or unusual, and now the wing of Conservative Jews want to piggy-back a seal of approval on top of the Kosher Racket now brand marketing ETHICS.

    Jewish Review: 6/2010

    Now Conservative Jews and their green Social Justice consciousness are “seating themselves at the Orthodox Jewish Kosher Table.”

    A newly formed Conservative Movement Hekhsher Tzedek Commission hired a social auditing firm to compile standards for what the seal of the Magen Tzedek (Star of Righteousness) will represent.

    The Magen Tzedek certification for kosher food companies had been in development for three years following the scandals at Agriprocessors of Postville, IA.

    Joe Regenstein, an adviser to the Hekhscher Tzedek Commission and professor of food science at Cornell University, said the new certification will cover five areas (as if the replaces the government regulatory bodies responsible for these areas):

    1) wages and benefits and corporate transparency;
    2) health and safety of workers;
    3) animal welfare;
    4) environment and sustainability;
    5) and a broad category of corporate responsibilities, such as nutritional labeling and good practices.

    Regenstein noted that it might prove economically desirable for kosher certified companies to acquire the seal because it will widen the market for their foods to those who care about ethics even if they don’t keep kosher.

    “By tying it to kosher products, you will have more Reform and Conservative Jews looking at products that are kosher,” Regenstein said.

    A Never-ending, Sustainable, Pyramid Scheme.

    Now Conservative Jews can build up their own ‘Jewish Rabbinical Ethics’ rackets.

  24. N6J September 23, 2010 @ 10:47 pm

    One has to wonder about pork products and shellfish, are these made Kosher like other foods?

    When Our Lord tells Peter to ‘rise up, kill and eat,’ this is the end of uncleanness in foods.

    Consider the possibility of non-kosher food sources being the most available during an emergency.

    Who would starve under such circumstances? Not gentiles!

    Keep a bag of bacon bits handy…

  25. Hoff September 23, 2010 @ 11:06 pm

    When Victims Rule, the whole book in full text @ Hoff

  26. Left Coast Christian September 24, 2010 @ 2:09 am

    I only became aware of satanic subliminal messaging about a week ago when DWC pointed it out, and how widespread it is.

    For anyone who has studied psychology you’ve probably heard the study about flashing for a split second on movie theater screens “buy coke” or “buy popcorn” and it turned out it DOES NOT work.

    However, I’ll never look at satanic subliminal messages the same again. I guess satan works in more subtle ways than I ever considered.

    Here are some examples:

    Then again luciferian Albert Pike supposedly predicted the three world wars and the guy died in 1891:

    So who knows what’s possible? Oh well.

    Thank you Brother Nathanael for giving us one more small way to defy them. Who knows maybe if enough peop;e stop buying kosher, the mossad art students will have to make yet ANOTHER trip back here, just to track who dares to defy them.

    I don’t know about anyone here, but LCC got a visit from them at my very own house, and I hate to see what their visit will mean this time.

    Brother Nathanael,

    It truly saddens me that so few people are willing to financially help out.

    I’m sure it’s been asked but if we start to get more and more visitors, is it possible that we could get just a small amount from having people advertising here?

    Sorry, but I don’t know much about how bloggers make money and how many visitors are usually necessary.

  27. Nicolae September 24, 2010 @ 5:04 am


    U.S. congressmen urge Obama to free jailed Israeli spy —

    Jonathan Pollard, a former civilian intelligence analyst, was sentenced to life in U.S. prison in 1987 on charges of spying for Israel.

  28. Nicolae September 24, 2010 @ 5:19 am

    Soon, the Askenazi devils are going to accuse us of terrorism, extremism, and that Brother Nathanael is one of them.

    Top U.S. officials say homegrown terrorists an emerging threat:

  29. Fr. John September 24, 2010 @ 6:01 am

    “I wonder about the spiritual implications of consuming food products that have Rabbinical “blessings” attached?”

    Remember, St. Paul says that ‘food sacrificed to idols’ (where [sic] ‘Kosher’ food falls) is sanctified with a word of prayer.

    The Catholic/Anglican/Orthodox tradition [‘Tradition, tradition!” – think ‘Fiddler on the Roof” he he] of making the sign of the cross on one’s person, and then saying Grace ‘Bless us, O Lord, etc.’ is the spiritual ‘cleansing’ of the ‘doctrines of demons.’

    I like Indian food, for example, and it must shock the normal Hindis that see me make the sign of the cross on myself, and on the food.

    Imagine what the one restaurant that was run by the Krishnas must have felt, (I subsequently stopped going there – why fund a competing faith, even one that is no faith?) when I did the same?

    “Whoa, dude, bad karma.” Yeah, well my dogma just bit your karma,” or something like that.

    So, to recap.

    Make the sign of the cross, and say a prayer of blessing. Done deal. And God is praised. How cool is that?

  30. David Robertson September 24, 2010 @ 6:48 am

    Re. Alex Jones as a Zionist Shill,

    Michael Hoffman sent out the following open letter to Alex Jones yesterday on the subject of Ted Pike and his relentless attack on Alex Jones:


    Sept. 23, 2010

    Dear Alex

    Michael Hoffman here. You had me on your show in 2008. Ted Pike has been relentlessly attacking you as an Israeli agent (Sept. 7 and Sept. 9). As recently as Sept. 22 he was referencing a short “YouTube” video clip of what looks like you many years ago arguing in support of Zionism.

    Ted Pike’s hypocrisy is astonishing. For two years Rev. Pike has relentlessly boycotted all mention of my 1100 page book, “Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit.”

    This book is the first major addition to suppressed knowledge of Judaism since Israel Shahak’s 1994 work, “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years.”

    Ted Pike is allied with Right-wing Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who he often praises as a critic of the Left-wing ADL, apparently overlooking the fact that if the Talmud is evil, how can one ally with a rabbinic follower of the Talmud such as Daniel Lapin?

    Is the ADL more evil than the Talmud? Pike is sending a double-minded message sure to confuse his followers.

    Rev. Pike is blind to the fact that both Right wing Talmudic rabbis and Left wing Zionists such as Abe Foxman are two pillars of one occult Judaic temple. Judaism is neither Right wing nor Left wing. It assumes the habiliments of each as the zeitgeist demands.

    In its essence, Judaism is a shape-shifting phenomenon capable of assuming almost any guise. It uses conservatism, monarchy and capitalism as readily as it has used revolution and Socialism.

    It was White supremacist in America’s Jim Crow era and Black supremacist in the Civil Rights age. At present it is having its greatest subversive success on the American Right.

    There is nothing that Daniel Lapin in his current bondage to Talmudic iniquity can do for our movement. Yet Mr. Pike has upheld Lapin as some sort of antithesis of ADL evil (Pike may change his position after today; let us recall his record in this regard as of today, however).

    On Aug. 10, 2010 Rev. Pike wrote, “As Orthodox rabbis Daniel Lapin and Nachum Shifren testify, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League is in relentless attack against Christian conservatives.”

    Excuse me Reverend Pike, but could you be so obtuse as to be oblivious to the fact that all Orthodox rabbis are themselves in “relentless attack” on Christianity?

    What could be the possible significance of singling out the ADL in this regard while building up as allies and whistleblowers two followers of the stinking pile of antichrist filth that is the Babylonian Talmud?

    Is Rev. Pike really so deranged? In my estimation he is an intelligent and very lucid individual and this makes his double-minded dichotomy — helpful Orthodox rabbis sounding the alarm about the evil ADL — all the more suspicious. Why is he engaged in such misdirection?

    Rev. Pike makes elementary mistakes concerning Judaism, such as claiming on Sept. 9 that Rabbi Moses Maimonides was a practitioner of the Kabbalah. This is a “mistake” in the sense that, to the best of my knowledge, the only source for that arcane fact concerning Maimonides is Michael Hoffman.

    Since Rev. Pike will not source or mention Michael Hoffman or “Judaism Discovered,” where does he get the documentation (and by documentation I do not mean not a line from Wikipedia or some other ephemera, but actual evidence) that allows him to declare that Maimonides was a practitioner of the Kabbalah?

    That information is so rare I am the only one who has divulged it (to my knowledge). Without my research, making such a statement misleads his audience because, if called upon to prove it, his followers, if they are ignorant of my work –and Rev. Pike has made them ignorant of it –will be unable to demonstrate that Maimonides was a practitioner of the Kabbalah.

    This sets them up for a fall. Why would Pike engage in such a ruse?

    I have watched your July 9, 2008 radio show on YouTube on Israeli nukes.

    In general I agree with you, although contrary to your stated view concerning your grandfathers’ participation in WWII, I do not believe that Nazi Germany was any threat to the United States of America. I do approve of your denunciation of Israeli nuclear weapons and foreign aid to the Israeli murderers at this URL:

    I also looked at your website (Sept. 23, 2010) and you have criticisms of Israeli policy linked there.

    Don’t ignore Rev. Pike’s hypocrisy, Alex, in the name of “unity.” He cares nothing for unity himself, obviously, since he has made you the number one enemy in at least three of his e-mailed columns.

    If he cared for unity he would not boycott my book when his readers desperately need the facts contained within it to more effectively battle the enemies of Truth. His followers imagine that Rev. Pike would do everything possible to defeat Judaism.

    Little do they know that he has withheld a mine of information from them. Why has he done this? Who benefits from the boycott of “Judaism Discovered,” a book so greatly feared that even banned it for several months, until the grassroots protest and resulting publicity (“Banned by Amazon!”) became a net loss for the establishment, and Amazon relented.

    Where was Pike when, for months, courageous activists across the anti-Zionist spectrum put aside their differences and publicized Amazon’s outrageous and unprecedented ban of “Judaism Discovered”?

    Pike was totally silent. His silent treatment remains in effect as of this writing.

    I have not troubled to confront Pike on his various suppressive moves and errors for some years now, since so many people merely respond to such an expose by saying, “we need unity.”

    Furthermore, I am very much occupied at present with my work – writing a book about Maimonides and Kabbalah, and a newsletter on Judaism in the American South. I cannot afford to be sidetracked.

    Hence, I wish I did not have to engage Rev. Pike, who, back in the 1980s, inspired many of us with his fine book, “Israel Our Duty, Our Dilemma” (which our company helped to sell and
    publicize), and a pioneering anti-Talmudic video.

    But watching Pike excoriate Jones in three dedicated e-mail columns, as if you were the head of the Sanhedrin, is troubling.

    I certainly wish you were stronger in certain areas such as Talmudic skullduggery. Like Jesse Ventura you have some growing to do in this regard. But your website does indeed contain pointed criticism of Israeli policies and your relatively more recent YouTube entries reveal your protest of evils like Israeli nukes and the targeting of Iran.

    You hosted this writer on your program in 2008, you publicized my work and allowed me to speak freely and at length on any subject I chose, even when I challenged you. Just because you don’t hit every high note does not make you the devil incarnate.

    Your work on the crucially important 9/11 conspiracy has been exemplary. If we can unravel the 9/11 conspiracy before the public, the Cryptocracy will be seriously destabilized.

    In consideration of his own considerable failings and questionable dealings, how is it that Ted Pike feels qualified to act as grand inquisitor over Alex Jones, while serving as an enthusiastic booster of Rabbi Daniel Lapin?

    Michael Hoffman

  31. Rick W September 24, 2010 @ 8:23 am

    The sad truth is —

    That if Christians would unite and tell these companies that they would not buy their products until the kosher certification is removed, it would be gone.

    But point out this Jewish scam to your average Christian and you are met with apathy at best or ridicule and anger at worst.

    They have neither eyes to see nor ears to hear. They are blind, deaf and, I’m sorry to say, dumb!

  32. KathJuliane September 24, 2010 @ 9:42 am

    Medieval Kabbalah of Rambam and Maskilic Maimonides of Early Modern Europe

    “Related to the 804th yahrzeit of Maimonides later this week…” Monday, January 12, 2009

    This list of published references found on just this one webpage, some out of Europe, and probably not widely circulated in the US outside of Jewish circles, date to 2004 concerning modern Jewish studies over centuries long rabbinic debate on Maimonedes and his practice of Kabbalah or not, prior to the publication of Hoffman’s Judaism Revealed.

    The “arcane fact” of Maimonides practice of Kabbalah is not so arcane, nor does Rev. Pike’s assertions to the same mean that he took his information from one particular source without mention to a particular author, when, in fact there are other sources available, enough to make a generalization.

    “See Menachem Kellner — of what I titled — “Bibliography of Jacob I. Dienstag’s Maimonides bibliographies,” originally published in Jewish History 18:2-3 (May 2004): 284-289, from a forum on “Commemorating the Eight Hundredth Anniversary of Maimonides’ Death.”

    “From this same issue, see Moshe Idel, “Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed and the Kabbalah,” Jewish History 18:2-3 (May 2004): 197-226.

    See also Elliot R. Wolfson, “Beneath the Wings of the Great Eagle: Maimonides and Thirteenth-Century Kabbalah,” in Görge K. Hasselhoff & Otfried Fraisse, eds., Moses Maimonides (1138-1204): His Religious, Scientific, and Philosophical Wirkungsgeschichte in Different Cultural Contexts (=Ex Oriente Lux: Rezeptionen und Exegesen als Traditionskritik, vol. 4) (Würzburg: Ergon Verlag, 2004), 209-237; and idem, “Via Negativa in Maimonides and Its Impact on Thirteenth-Century Kabbalah,” Maimonidean Studies 5 (2008): 393-442

  33. KathJuliane September 24, 2010 @ 10:46 am

    The purposeful religious Judaistic nature and intent behind the Kosher ‘Tax’ Scam is well documented, public information, and legally codified into secular civil and administrative law.

    Moreover, ‘synagogue’ has politically crossed the ‘state’ line into secular government regulation for explicit and intentional religious purposes. Example of a dispute using constitutional arguements for religious purposes now bound up with secular administrative state regulations:

    The Georgia Kosher Food Labeling Act, enacted in 1980, which mandates that any food sold as kosher must meet “orthodox Hebrew religious rules and requirements.”

    A Conservative Rabbi sought to declare Georgia’s Kosher Food Labeling Act unconstitutional.

    His argument is NOT based upon “separation of church and state” issues.

    He argues the Act de-legitimizes interpretations of “kosher” by different Jewish communities, discriminates against ‘freedom of religion’ (in this case, freedom to be a Conservative Jew practicing a sectarian rabbinic interpretation of religious Kashrut) and (unsaid) cuts them out of the lucrative pie.

    “A rabbi in Georgia is suing to have the state’s kosher law declared unconstitutional.

    “According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Rabbi Shalom Lewis of Congregation Etz Chaim in Cobb says the state’s Kosher Food Labeling Act delegitimizes non-Orthodox definitions of “kosher.” Lewis is Conservative.

    “The law, in force in Georgia since 1980, requires that food sold as kosher in the state meet “Orthodox Hebrew religious rules and requirements.”

    “The lawsuit notes differences in Conservative and Orthodox kashrut standards. The Conservative movement allows swordfish, forbidden by Orthodox authorities, and does not require a hechsher, or kosher supervision, on cheese or wine.

    “In his suit, Lewis says the law prevents him from exercising his faith when he seeks to certify kosher foods and is a violation of church-state separation.

    New Jersey changed its kosher laws following similar objections in 1992, as did New York in 2005.”

    The fools are actually trapping themselves with their own Pharasaic Talmudic mentality.

  34. KathJuliane September 24, 2010 @ 11:32 am

    People who consume products certified by the Rabbinic Kosher Cartel as “kosher” are paying for the privilege of consuming products that contain toxic preservatives and additives not excluded from Jewish dietary laws.

    For some reason, it has not occurred to the Jewish clergy to update dietary laws to meet the demands and pitfalls of modern food manufacturing processes.

    Food inspections like these are for the benefit of the manufacturer and the rabbinic organizations. If the food is marked as kosher then they can benefit from a wider market share just by putting a little symbol on the side.

    The gimmick with kosher trademark is that it just parasitically piggy-backs onto the state certifications, with no real science behind it. All manner of products have to be inspected for safety etc before they can be legally sold, and is conducted by qualified experts and inspectors.

    In the UK, all meat produced has to be inspected by a qualified Vet to ensure there are no bits of spinal cord. Even if rabbinically slaughtered, the meat would still require the Vet inspection because of mad-cow disease.

    Does a kosher inspection deal with any of these things, or is a final seal of approval on the state inspections and quality control? NO, but with clever marketing, it APPEARS that it somehow does.

    Honest Media Today wrote an article worth reading: The ADL and the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax: Fact and Fiction.’

    “The Kosher Tax –

    “The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith wrote an article called “The Kosher Tax Hoax,” in which the organization alleged that the Kosher-tax paid by Gentiles on their food was, in fact, fair and not a dishonorable attempt to fleece Gentile consumers of their money.

    “However, it is not fair, nor is it honorable.”

    True, so far as ADL’s goes in terms of describing secular business practices, and that it is not a government tax, but a private religious certification fee imposed upon the general consumer market.

    ADL (itself a front organization for B’nai Brith) dodges the religious issue altogether in that it involves RABBIS and religious front organizations.

    ADL calls anyone who resents it an “anti-Semite,” and evades the fact that really benefits no one else but Jews as religious consumers.

    Moreover, through commercial food culture and industry, the Kosher Mafia advances Judaism and Judaizing through the front organizations set up as private, non-profit, tax-exempt service/education certifying organizations operated by Rabbis.

    Truthful, factual misgivings and legitimate objections about it being foisted on the Gentile world were long ago (unfortunately for the rest of ‘Christian America’ and happily for the Jews) first broken by the controversial anti-Jewish World Church of the Creator and it’s founder Matthew Hale, who spoke openly about the “Kosher Tax.”

    The Jew-owned Wikipedia keeps reinforcing the emotionalism and misdirection by focusing on the group itself, and avoiding the objective issues and complaints that were presented, by pulling out a version of the the “anti-Semite” bludgeon.

    Wiki keeps the mess going by avoiding the complaint altogether, and by footnoting ONLY to highly biased Jewish sources finding “anti-Semitism” in every nook and cranny and other references in all but one or two of their footnotes.

    Poisoning the well, Wiki starts the article “Kosher Tax” with the demonizing turn-off:

    “The “Kosher tax” (or “Jewish tax”) is a canard or urban legend spread by antisemitic, white supremacist and other extremist organizations…”

  35. Hoff September 24, 2010 @ 11:58 am

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: 200 Years Together

    Four new translated to English chapters.

    And guess what? Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews … and more Jews all over in the Soviet state. @ Hoff

  36. Hoff September 24, 2010 @ 12:14 pm

    The Communists who ran the post-war camps that murdered innocent Germans are little known.

    Many of these people were Jewish. But I don’t see the point of using blatantly untrue holocaust horror stories to qualify the later horror.

    I have never heard of a four star German general, nuts and bolts for german tanks? They use rivets.

    How would blowing up the crematoria save anyone? Crematoria are used for disposal. You can still use open pits, etc.

    I guess you have to demonize the Germans before you can criticize the Jews.

    An Eye For An Eye – by John Sack, Jew.

    The whole book in full text.

  37. Nicolae September 24, 2010 @ 12:30 pm

    This is not related to their Kosher tricks, but it makes me very angry to see the chosen Edomites, Askenazi sons of hell doing this.

    All of you should be angry, to.

    The Destruction of the Mamilla Cemetery: Desecration of a Sacred Site.

    The final few acres were dug up just before the beginning of Ramadan, in the middle of the night (as can be seen on the CNN video) so that Israel can build the Museum of Tolerance in conjunction with the Simon Wiesenthal Center in the United States.

    Take a look at the video.

  38. USSA Today September 24, 2010 @ 1:49 pm

    David Robertson thank you for posting that open letter to Alex Jones by Michael Hoffman.

    Hoffman is a very, very well read individual who writes with skill unequaled by few. Hoffman should be interviewed on RZN again — if possible. He always has a ton of erudite insight to offer to any audience. If the information is out there under some rock, Hoffman can find it and expose whoever as a big brother fraud, conman, etc.

    Regarding Ted Pike, he criticized Ed Griffin (author of Federal Reserve expose’, “The Creature From Jekyll Island”) from Newswith Ed Griffin resides in a wealthy area of Southern California and probably doesn’t want to let the cat totally out of the bag for geographic and personal reasons.

    Alex Jones, as Brother Nathanael showed us, has tons of wealthy “Jewish”/Khazar sponsors and has association with WLBJ (a Khazar operation like the Summit Daily News).


    Is Genesis Communication Network that Alex Jones show on controlled by Khazars as well?

    Alex Jones cannot open a printing press in his living room like the Federal Reserve does – so he must at a minimum dance to a Kosher tune.

    On the other side of the coin, Alex Jones could be big brother too.

    However, when comparing his show to the lamestream media AT LEAST you learn more than watching the lamestream media’s 5th Avenue clad models bark soundbites at each other spewing the mass propaganda of the day for the establishment.

    Bottom Line –

    The whole problem is money.

    Everybody needs money to do their thing, and who prints all the money?

    If you can print up all the money you could ever want, you can use it to build propaganda telling the masses what you want them to know, and how to herd them into the type of thinking and action you desire from them to better serve your elitist agenda.

  39. Nick - Soldier in the Army of Christ September 24, 2010 @ 2:28 pm

    This is an article published in The New York Times in 1905.


    Their Salvation Lies in the Efforts and Power of Their Own People.

    To the Editior of the New York Times:

    I note with profound regret the fact that one of my co-religionists advances the theory that it would be wise to petition the Pope with a view toward his intervention with Russia in our behalf, and with the idea of bringing to a cessation the terrible atrocities that have befallen our brethren in that country.

    While apreciating full well the principle that prompted him in making this suggestion, I nevertheless beg to differ with him, not withstanding that the Pope had so kindly intervened in behalf of the Armenians in Turkey.

    I maintain that it has been already demonstrated that our salvation lies in our own hands.

    If my worthy friend will only inconvenience himself to the extent of referring back to Jewish history he will find that the Jew worked out his own salvation. There is now a Jew who could with a few strokes of his pen bring about the amelioration of existing conditions in Russia.

    I refer to Baron Rothschild, the well-known banker. Why, then, appeal to foreign influence? The Jew has piloted his own way since times beyound recollection; he will likewise continue to do so, and I prophecy that eventually it will be shown that only through our own efforts will Jewdom be a nation as much respected as any other nationality.

    We are a long-suffering people, but the hour is not so far distant when we will be regarded more humanely than we have been up to the present. “Right is might,” and God knows we are innocent of the crimes leading up to this wholesale slaughter of our unfortunate brethren in Russia.
    New York, Nov.27,1905.

    The New York Times
    Published: Decemer 1, 1905

  40. KathJuliane September 24, 2010 @ 2:40 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, Nicolae,

    The Jews would Kosher the entire universe if they could. After all, part of Zionist Nationalism is the messianic quest to “repair God.”

    Since the whole business about kashrut is what is ‘clean’ and ‘unclean,’ and since only Jews are “clean” and the rest of the world is “unclean,” these demented white-washed sepulchres in Israhell are simply speaking by their actions precisely what they believe Talmudically about Gentiles (which includes Muslims, btw.)

    Simon Wiesenthal / Museum of Tolerance, indeed, what bitter irony. Of course, these Jew sons of hell were so certain of their righteous cause that they had to sneak it in under the cover of night to do it.

    Palestinian Christian martyrs slain by the Palestinian and Babylonian Jews during the Persian conquest were buried in and around the Mamilla Cemetary, too, just twenty years before the Arab conquest of 638.

    The Arab nobles would never have let themselves be buried close to something they considered unclean or unholy.

    I would suggest that the 7th century Arab Muslims were quite familiar with the martyrdom of the Christians by the Jews, that it was still a part of living memory, and would have deemed it an honor to be buried close by them.

    Moreover, considering the intricate oriental tribal, dynastic and family house relationships, it is likely that the early Arab Muslims that were converts from Christianity for whatever reasons were related to the Christian people that were slain by the Jews, and buried around Mamilla.

    First the Jews and their precious Israhell continue to attempt to erase any cultural presence of first Byzantine-Syrian-Palestinian Christian civilization.

    Increasingly being trashed is any evidence of the successor Arab-Byzantine culture which gave rise to the famous advances in philosophy, science, architecture and mathematics of the Muslim world, and the ties between the Eastern Christian world, Constantinople and the early Arab Caliphate.

    St. John of Damascus, for example, was also a trusted, high ranking official in the early Caliphate.

    Now the reprehensible destruction of the Muslim cemetary of Arab nobles, as part of the next stage in their insatiable urge to destroy everything and remake it in their own warped Talmudic image of the temple of Antichrist to come in ‘the Land’ where the bloody Synagogue of Satan real-world polluters and corrupters now reigns.

    To ponder: At the Monastery of St. Katherine at Sinai, which fully escaped the Jewish devastation of 614-617, inside the compound walls is a small 16th century mosque built by the monastery for the local Muslim Bedouin, out of gratitude for their centuries of loyal service, labors and devotion to the monastery since the time of Mohammed.

    There is no synagogue on the 16 acre monastery premises.

    From Israel Shamir:

    “Outside of Jerusalem’s Jaffa gate (Bab al-Halil), there was once a small neighbourhood called Mamilla, destroyed by real estate developers just a few years ago.

    “In its place they created a monstrous village for the super-rich, abutting the plush Hilton Hotel.

    “A bit further away, there is the old Mamilla cemetery of the Arab nobles and the Mamilla Pool, a water reservoir dug by Pontius Pilate.

    “During the development works, the workers came across a burial cave holding hundreds of sculls and bones. It was adorned by a cross and a legend: God alone knows their names.

    “The holocaust of the Christian Palestinians in year 614 is well documented and you will find it described in older books, for instance in the three volumes of Runciman’s History of The Crusades.

    “It has been censored out of modern guides and history books. It is a pity, as without this knowledge one cannot understand the provisions of the treaty between the Jerusalemites and Caliph Omar ibn Khattab, concluded in year 638.

    “In the Sulh al Quds, as this treaty of capitulation is called, Patriarch Sofronius demanded, and the powerful Arab ruler agreed to protect the people of Jerusalem from the ferocity of the Jews.

    “After the Arab conquest, a majority of Palestinian Jews accepted the message of the Messenger, as did the majority of Palestinian Christians, albeit for somewhat different reasons.

    “Israel could have turned this mass grave [at Mamilla] with its Byzantine chapel and mosaics into a small and meaningful memorial, reminding its citizens of a horrible page in the history of the land and of the dangers of genocidal supremacy.

    “Instead, the Israeli authorities preferred to demolish the tomb and create an underground parking lot in its place. It did not cause a murmur.”

  41. Disgusted White Christian September 24, 2010 @ 4:21 pm

    SGTbull07, David Robertson

    I have been on Ted Pike’s site for years, even before coming to this site. I have always known the guy to be the most honest and reputable person.

    Ted Pike is not the only one to openly confront Alex Jones on his double standard.

    As a matter of fact, I heard Bro Nate interviewed one time by Mark Glenn, and Mark questioned both Hagee and Alex Jones’ TRUE motives??

    This stuff, with right wing/left wing Talmudist or whatever you were saying Rev. Pike stated, I have never heard ANYTHING FROM HIM BUT CONDEMNATION of all forms of Talmudic Christ-hating Judaism.

    Pike has NEVER backed away, like Alex Jones does from statements, and Jones takes his listeners on some type of FAIRYTALE crusade against the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, and all that NONSENSE about Arabs owning our media!!

    Bro Nate has a thread on here about WHO OWNS THE MEDIA. I don’t remember Arabs from Dubai, but I remember all the Zionists and Talmudist that Bro Nate traced, just like Ted Pike stated, Jones is a DIS-INFORMER!


  42. Disgusted White Christian September 24, 2010 @ 4:52 pm

    One other thing I forgot with Alex Jones?

    You guys talk about how he CLAIMS 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB? Who was the inside job orchestrated by?

    Israel and the Zionists are the ones who benefited the most by us getting so-called attacked by the Muslim world!

    Yet, Alex Jones calls this NAZI work (Dr. Pastore below), and the work of scumbags defaming Israel.

    Read Dr. Albert D Pastore Phd. brilliant piece, methodically spelling out who the skunk in the woodpile was.


  43. JesusRaymond September 24, 2010 @ 6:10 pm

    The Jews control and block the media news, that they do not agree with.

    By correspondence:

    They also block the Spiritual Truths from getting into the minds and hearts of people.

    Thus, they hinder spiritual growth and spiritual wisdom, from entering into the world.

  44. Andrew September 25, 2010 @ 3:01 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael

    I sent you what I think is an important email in the last 24 hours before you emailed me in the last 24 hours. Did you get it or has some unseen force sent it down the memory hole?



    P.S. I’m sorry and embarrassed that I mispelt your name in the email. I need to tighten up against typographical errors.

  45. Andrew September 25, 2010 @ 3:04 pm


    You are SO right and you’ve captured the enormous gravity of this problem in just a few words.

  46. charlie September 25, 2010 @ 3:26 pm

    Food – the Ultimate Secret Exposed..

    GMO trilogy. Unatural selection..

  47. Brother Nathanael September 25, 2010 @ 3:54 pm

    Yes Andrew, I DID get it.

    ALL emails sent to me GO THROUGH as I have very expensive firewalls on my computer network as well has expensive back-ups.

    Same goes for RZN and the BNF Web Sites.


  48. Disgusted White Christian September 25, 2010 @ 5:18 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    They have been playing games with David Duke’s website, twice now in two days, it has had problems, which I have not seen with his site in 7 years. I saw a similar problem with Ted Pike’s site, a few years ago.

    “Server error problems.” Domain problems. was up and running OK, but a lot of our Internet is either owned by Zionist Jews or companies that are from Israel.

    I think, all of you may be attacked at some time or another, it is very wise to have the best cyber equipment.

    I read an article, where similar to China, the Israeli Government trains and sponsors cyber attacks, on sites they feel hostile to their cause.

    Unlike China though, the Israelis receive help from our government. Instead of defending our American sites from a hostile foreign country, our government helps them?

    Yet, supposedly they are our best ally in the world, and the only democracy in the Middle East, WHAT A JOKE!


  49. Bill September 25, 2010 @ 6:13 pm

    Its not just food, its food products like wrap also.

    Well over 6,000 items have a Kosher Tax, and 98% of it comes out of the pockets of Christians.
    A Multi Billion dollar industry.

    Could you just imagine the uproar if there was a Catholic Tax on Food, or an Orthodox Christian Tax on food? Or a Muslim / Sharia Tax on Food?

    Yet we tolerate a Jewish Kosher Tax on our food..

    Can you say sickening double standard, boys and girls?

    What of separation of Church and State?

    Why must we pay this insane tax in a terrible scam?

  50. Disgusted White Christian September 25, 2010 @ 6:14 pm

    The Forgotten Man:


  51. loren September 28, 2010 @ 4:31 pm

    Kosher tax??

    I received an email about 12 months ago, which I accidentally opened, I did not recognize the senders name. But it stated that all food in Australia now has to be stamped with “Halal Approved.”

    I innocently deleted this email, and later that week visited my daughter and son-in-law. They told me about their strange email, so we started asking friends, neighbours and relatives.

    A few still had the unopened email on their computers, I do not know how they got hold of our email addresses, but I feel betrayed as very few knew my email address at the time.

    The gist of this is that Jewish sympathisers are sending out these emails to as many people as they can, just to demonize the Palestinian people.

    From now on though, I will check every item of food that goes into my shopping basket.

  52. KathJuliane September 28, 2010 @ 7:29 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, Loren

    Regarding ‘Halal’ for information:

    Superficially, the growing practice of ‘Halal’ symbols for this blossoming food market niche for Muslims may resemble the scamming, hyper-ritualistic, pyramid-scheme “Kosher Tax” of the Rabbinic Mafia pushing seals on even plastic wrap.

    I suppose it might eventually go that way.

    But, there is a far different rationale and logic behind halal especially in the western world and the ‘lovely’ modern food industry — like actually being concerned with health and nutrition, the quality and wholesomeness of food, and hygiene and fitness of ingredients for consumption, and truth in advertising and label laws!

    If you are an organic and/or health conscious shopper, or diabetic, or a vegetarian, you would be following certain “rules,” too, reading labels and ingredients on boxes.

    The food restrictions for Muslims are very few, and the rules are simple, unlike the legalistic knotwork of the rabbinic dithering.

    Basically, all foods are lawful, unless otherwise forbidden as found on a short list, especially pork products. Meat animals have to be slaughtered in a certain way which has to be ethical and painless.

    The big concern for observant Muslims are the hidden and doubtful ingredients in many processed foods, like something with gelatin as an ingredient, and not knowing if its from beef or pork, for example, or if something was cooked in lard.

    And then there are all of the additives, GMOs, and chemicals we have to contend with anyway.

    Take a look at the website of Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, and you may get an idea of the direction it takes.

    IFANCA resorts to food science and technology, working with existing food research labs, like the USDA, to certify ingredients and such.

  53. Patrick October 1, 2010 @ 10:29 pm

    Great job, Bro. Nate.

    Keep it up.

  54. kris December 28, 2010 @ 1:54 pm

    How can I help?

  55. Mike Love March 20, 2011 @ 10:51 am

    The kosher tax could be hundreds of billions. Who know if it was 1 cent a can it might be 50 billion.

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