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The Jews Behind Michael Jackson’s Life And Death

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2009-2011

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IN PROMOTING A ROLE-MODEL who expressed the confused sexual values of the alternative life-style culture…

Rather than that of traditional sexual mores, the slew of Jews behind Michael Jackson’s career could be said to have advanced the plan of corrupting today’s youth as laid out by the renown Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion.

From his record label moguls to his business manager, from his lawyers to his personal confidants, and even to his dermatologist, Michael Jackson chose to surround himself with a crowd of money-hungry Jews who viewed Michael, not as a human being, but as a piece of merchandise to be used for financial gain.

For if a role-model who presented himself as an androgynous ‘boy-girl’ symbol could generate millions of dollars, then Michael Jackson’s Jewish handlers would not scruple to forego warning him of his ‘artistic’ persona’s destructive path which led to his ignoble death on June 25, 2009, by a drug overdose.

WITH THE HOLLYWOOD RECORD INDUSTRY dominated by Jews, Michael Jackson’s career accelerated to new heights when he left Detroit’s black conservative Motown Records and signed on with the Jewish mega-media conglomerate, CBS Records in 1975. CBS Records was later renamed Sony Music Entertainment in 1991, (still under Jewish control), with a host of subsidiaries, including Epic Records, Jackson’s label.

Leaving Motown founder Berry Gordy and singer Smokey Robinson, who were his conservative black mentors in Detroit, Michael Jackson was now under the influence of Hollywood Jews and the slew of Jewish serviles attached to the Hollywood record industry.

These serviles included Jewish business & music managers, Jewish lawyers, Jewish television & concert impresarios, Jewish fashion designers, and Jewish video magnates such as MTV’s Murray Rothstein aka Sumner Redstone.

MANY ARE OF THE OPINION that due to the decadence and perversity that the Jews of Hollywood promote, Michael Jackson’s life took a turn for the worse. For it was after his move from Detroit to Hollywood that Michael Jackson changed his appearance into a ‘boy-girl’ image through plastic surgery.

Soon following his new ‘androgynous look,’ Jackson was charged in 1993 with sexual abuse by Evan Chandler on behalf of his 13-year-old child, Jordan Chandler. (Jackson and Jordan had become friends in May 1992, much to the father’s disapproval and concern.)

Then in 2003, Jackson was charged with nine counts of molesting a 12 year old boy. Indeed, after his move to Jewish-run Hollywood, Michael Jackson’s life took a nose dive into the pit of perversity.


UNDER THE JEWISH INFLUENCE of one of the most powerful figures of the music business, the Jew, Rob Stringer, Chairman of Sony Music Label Group and its Epic Records label, (Jackson’s label), Michael Jackson’s career skyrocketed into a legendary ‘King of Pop’ scenario.

Rob Stringer, (the younger brother of the Jew, Howard Stringer, who is Chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation), is now involved in a $50 million agreement with AEG Live, Twentieth Century Fox, MTV, and Paramount Pictures — all Jewish companies — for distribution rights to a documentary about Michael Jackson’s final days.

In other words, the insatiable lust for the money that Michael Jackson can generate even through the unsavory circumstances of his death, continues by the Jews of Hollywood. This has been affirmed by Jackson’s music & financial manager, the Jew, Charles Koppelman, who said shortly after Jackson’s death, “Michael could generate more money now that he’s dead than when he was alive.”

MICHAEL JACKSON’S TIE TO JEWISH INFLUENCE did not end with the Jewish moguls of the Hollywood music, film, and video industry – rather – this is where the destructive influence in Jackson’s life all began.

For not long after leaving his conservative black mentors at Motown Records in 1975, Michael Jackson was placed under the Jewish influence of the high-powered global Business Manager, the Jew, Dieter Wiesner.

On his Website, Wiesner, who was granted by Jackson the ‘Power Of Attorney’ for all of his affairs, boasts that he formed a “new and excellent team of advisors and lawyers around Jackson that came up exactly to Michael Jackson’s conception.”

A cursory glance at the list of Jackson’s “excellent team of advisors and lawyers” shows that the names indicate a strong Jewish influence of Michael Jackson’s legal affairs which penetrated deep into the most intimate parts of Jackson’s personal life.

Names like Allen Grubman (negotiated Jackson’s $30 million deal with Sony Music) – Bertram Fields (represented Jackson during contract talks with Sony Music) – Benjamin Brafman (represented Jackson in his child molestation case) – Joel Katz (Jackson’s lawyer at the time of his death) – Bob Sanger (represented Jackson as a ‘close friend’ for 16 years) – and Lance Spiegel (handled Jackson’s child custody affairs) — indicate a preponderance of materialistic Jewish influence. View Entire Story Here.

Is it any wonder then that Michael Jackson reacted so virulently to this destructive Jewish influence when he later described two Jewish business associates as “leeches” and penned the stinging lyrics of his 1996 rap hit, “They Don’t Care About Us”, singing, “Jew me, sue me, Kick me, kike me.” View Entire Story Here.


‘An Obsession With Children’

“WE USED TO HAVE MICHAEL OVER FOR SHABBAT DINNERS,” recalled Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in his reminisces to the Jewish Telegraph Agency about his “warm relationship” with Michael Jackson which began in 1999.

Rabbi Boteach, in his efforts to convert Jackson to Judaism, escorted him to the Carlebach Shul in Manhattan in 1999. At the synagogue, Boteach introduced Jackson to the Jewish psychic Uri Geller, with whom the rabbi enjoys a very close business relationship. (Jews are always looking for ways to make money out of their ‘spirituality’ and connections, like superstar Michael Jackson.)

Geller, (born in Tel Aviv – now residing in England), seeing dollar signs all over his newly found friend, began courting Michael Jackson, even asking him to be his ‘best man’ at his wedding in 2001. Then in 2002, Geller found his opportunity to capitalize on his growing friendship with Jackson.

Geller negotiated for a huge amount of money, the now famous TV interview between Jackson and journalist Martin Bashir: “Living with Michael Jackson.” Michael agreed to the interview, but it all turned against him, when Bashir added much commentary which was very critical of Jackson.

UNEASY WITH MICHAEL JACKSON’S apparent obsession with children, Bashir repeatedly questioned a silent Jackson why he invites children into his room.

Jackson finally defended himself stating that such activity is natural when the children are of close friends or family, and that “many children” have slept in the same bed as him. View Michael’s Strange Relationship With Children Here & Here.

Bashir then challenged Jackson on the little known 1993 Child Sexual Abuse Accusations Against Michael Jackson. Pressing Jackson to respond to the accusations, Jackson refused to answer but did admit that he paid the accuser an out-of-court settlement.

In the 1993 case, Jackson was accused of molesting 13-year-old Jordan Chandler. The boy first told his father that Michael Jackson had touched his penis.

He later revealed to a psychiatrist and the police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation, and oral sex, as well as giving a description of Michael Jackson’s genitals.

Jackson agreed to a strip search, which was required to see if the description of his genitals provided by Jordan Chandler was accurate. Doctors concluded that there were strong similarities. View Entire Story Here.

THE UPSHOT OF MICHAEL JACKSON’S CAREER as the ‘King of Pop’ is that it was the crass ideology of the Hollywood Jews that encouraged Michael Jackson’s dubious life-style and questionable activities.

And it was a Christian journalist, Martin Bashir, (born to Christian parents – not unlike this Christian journalist who was born to Jewish parents), who exposed Michael Jackson and his life-style for what it really was…

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Brother Nathanael @ July 23, 2009


  1. admin July 23, 2009 @ 11:45 am

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    Much Love In Christ Our Precious Saviour,

    +Brother Nathanael

  2. a Man of peace July 23, 2009 @ 12:36 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael and RZN family.

    They were selling tickets to the man’s funeral like it was some rock concert, very disturbing and crass. They obviously didn’t want to lose out financially capitalizing on every part for what it was worth, like vultures feeding at the carcass of a fallen elephant.

    I did not watch it myself, but caught a short glimpse on the news. In one tribute they sang a song called WE ARE THE WORLD. Behind on a HUGE screen was the Star of David symbol amongst a few others… it was the most prominent symbol on the screen during the song..

    Please watch and you’ll see how blatant it is:

    Big artists since the very early days have always been exploited.. specifically the black community who were the originators of the blues.. which evolved from the Gospel singing.

    Jimi Hendrix died under very mysterious circumstances after meeting a woman named Monika Dannemann.. this was shortly after he cut lose from his big record label, he wanted to be free from censorship and the big Fat Cats.

    “There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief.
    Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth,
    None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.”

    Currently the artist Lauren Hill is unable to release her album under Columbia records. She is highly critical of the industry and the political establishment.

    Brian Jones of the Rolling-Stones is another who died shortly after splitting from the band. Janis Joplin.. Jeff Buckley.. Jim Morrison.. Kurt Cobain.. Bob Marley.

    All these artists cut short.. was it just drugs and an unhealthy life? or more to it..

    Bob Marley was very dangerous to the establishment along with Jimi Hendrix.. politically motivated people through music die young.

    Even John Denver.

    Is there more to it?

  3. Sara July 23, 2009 @ 12:59 pm

    Sorry, I just can’t stomach reading this whole article but skimmed over it.

    Unfortunately I appreciate Michael more now than when he was alive. Not a fan of his music–I’m a bit older.

    In the 80s he was terribly burned on the head and face. I believe that’s when his face started having the melted look.

    I’m not aware that he ever spoke badly about anyone, not Pepsi for the accident or his accusers.

    His young accuser has confessed that his father was motivated for the money. Michael was without guile and truly an innocent.

  4. a Man of peace July 23, 2009 @ 1:08 pm

    Every British school to have a ‘Holocaust Specialist’ !

  5. a Man of peace July 23, 2009 @ 1:23 pm

    Personally I don’t think the man was capable of the accusations against him, I think it was a cynical world that couldn’t understand him, If he suffered so much under his father I don’t think he could do these acts..

    A grown man sleeping in the same bed as minors is strange.. but, it is if sex is how you think.. I think it was innocent where he was coming from… but he’s naivety was twisted by the beasts around him and they milked a lot of money from the guy.

    The image was in my opinion a sickness.. he could not accept the beauty of his ethnicity and so changed it in a white mainstream america.

    I think acceptance was his biggest fear and motivation.. and so tragically changed himself.

  6. admin July 23, 2009 @ 1:25 pm

    @ Sara

    Your remarks prove nothing.

    I never heard that Michael Jackson claimed that his face was burnt so as to require the plastic surgery that altered his Afro American male appearance into that of a Diana Ross look-alike.

    You are going to have to show proof that Jordan Chandler retracted his testimony to the psychiatrist and police regarding the oral sex, masturbation, etc.

    And please READ the entire piece so you can know the context of the portions that you are singling out for criticism. +BN

  7. a Man of peace July 23, 2009 @ 1:56 pm

    He said the plastic surgery in the Bashir interview regarding his nose was to enable singing higher notes..

    a feeble excuse and laughable.

    The man suffered a narcissistic sickness.. hence the idol portraits.

    It is also EXTREMELY bizarre that not only he but two sisters have the exact same feature alterations. Diana Ross is no exaggeration.

    At the Brit Awards his show was hijacked by a British artist name Jarvis Cocker. He ran on the stage pulling faces etc.

    His reason for doing so was that Jackson was imitating a messiah-like figure for earth song and it was in poor taste.

  8. Hello July 23, 2009 @ 2:48 pm

    Michael should have stayed with Motown

  9. charlie July 23, 2009 @ 3:10 pm

    I never believed Jordan Chandler. He had no problem with Michael Jackson at all, from what I could make out, until his father got wind of the relationship.

    THAT is as good a proof that Jackson was not a poof, as you are likely to get.

    I know this differs from others points of view, including Geoff Rense and Brother Nathaniel both of whom are out there doing it for the truth.

    But I always take the side of compassion until real proof presents itself.

    Nevertheless, the article is a brilliant piece of real journalism, regarding the humanly-fatal Jewish connection, available, as all the others, by Br Nathaniel, nowhere else.

  10. KathJuliane July 23, 2009 @ 3:34 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    It was hard getting through this one without tears. Not a TV watcher or much into pop culture, I never followed his career after Jackson left Motown for Hollywood Pop. So your piece, and those linked pictures of his addiction to plastic surgery throughout his life struck all at once in full force: “The Modern Jewish Golem”.

    The Hollywood Jews took a vital and talented young man, destroyed his Christian upbringing and self-respect, then sucked the life out of him, and made him into animated clay – a golem.

    Jackson started out as a good Christian kid, from a seemingly decent family with a strict father who expected much from his talented kids in the way of discipline. Motown was a pretty clean, self-contained operation itself. As you mentioned, Motown had some great mentors, committed to expressing the dignity of the “Black Soul”, devoted to wholesome yet deeply meaningful cultural poetry of both joys and sorrows. As ‘Man of peace’ pointed out, that ‘soul’ came from Gospel-singing.

    The Jewish Sharks, Magicians of Holly-weird and Vultures left nothing of him – his inner nihilism acted out with that hideous self-mutilation and deformation.

    There are a lot of undercurrents moving around and through all of Jackson’s story.

    BN mentioned ‘Carlebach Shul’. Let me expand a bit on the Jackson-Boteach-Geller triumvirate for RZN family, as well as the place in the wild liberal 60’s culture of “the Dancing Rabbi”, Schlomo Carlebach held in those days who was also a famous songwriter.

    Jackson’s host was Shmuley Boteach, better known as “The Kosher Sex Rabbi,” a man who believed every question you ever had about making love to your spouse could be answered in the Bible, or actually from the Rabbinic Talmud. Boteach’s “Kosher Sex” book — a mixture of Talmudic teachings peppered with quotes from Mae West, Oscar Wild, Woody Allen and Zsa Zsa Gabor — became an instant bestseller.

    Uri Geller, the “psychic”, was a former Israeli paratrooper, and at his high point, Geller made suggestions that he was working with the CIA and Israeli intelligence on psychic espionage programs to keep the old Soviet Union in line. It should be easily documented with a search that Geller was involved with the Stanford Research Instititute in California. SRI had deep military intelligence and CIA connections, involved in psy-ops, weapons research and other secret programs.

    And then there is the charismatic Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach – “Hassidic saint” and New Age movement sexual predator:

    “With the synagogue now thrown into tumult, division has flared among members over Rabbi Intrator’s resignation and the future of the synagogue made famous by the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, perhaps the foremost songwriter of contemporary Judaism.

    Shlomo Carlebach was trained in strict Hasidic style with the Lubavitcher rebbe. But he left his Hasidic school and developed a method to teach classical and Hasidic teachings through his inspirational songs. In the 1960’s, he settled in the Haight- Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco and set up the only Jewish presence there, a commune called the House of Love and Prayer.

    Stories of his unusual evangelical methods abound. Once he sang to a concert hall full of naked hippies. He got a group of yogis singing and dancing on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Whether it be old Hasidic men in the Diamond District, or born-again Christians, Rabbi Carlebach always seemed to make them dance.

    Before he died in 1994, Rabbi Carlebach, who had become known as the Dancing Rabbi, selected Rabbi Intrator, his longtime assistant and concert manager, to succeed him as rabbi.”

    “The shadow side of Shlomo Carlebach”

    “While Rabbi Carlebach was never formally connected with the Jewish Renewal movement, which encourages spiritual and mystical expressions of Judaism, his teachings and music have had a deep impact on many Renewal congregations, and on institutions of other streams of Judaism as well. For this reason, he was a frequent guest at synagogues, youth conventions, Jewish summer camps and other gatherings.

    “Among the many people Lilith spoke with, nearly all had heard stories of Rabbi Carlebach’s sexual indiscretions during his more than four-decade rabbinic career. Spiritual leaders, psychotherapists, and others report numerous incidents, from playful propositions to actual sexual contact. Most of the allegations include middle-of-the-night, sexually charged phone calls and unwanted attention or propositions. Others, which have been slower to emerge, relate to sexual molestation”.

    Baltimore-based advocacy group for Jewish victims of sexual abuse:

    “Some of you may be aware of the fact that for the last 10 years there has been a movement to glorify the accomplishments of a man named Shlomo Carlebach. The Awareness Center firmly believes there is a problem in doing this. There have been numerous accusations that Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach sexually harassed and assaulted many young women, and sexually assaulted/abused a few teenage girls.”

    Well, the “Dancing Rabbi’s” sexual predations weren’t just confined to Jewish girls and women. I know, because in 1969-70, when Carlebach came to my high school for a day’s entertainment, I slapped the man’s face for putting his filthy hands where he ought not.

    @ Charlie: Who’s to say? I tend to believe the facts of the evidence in Jordan’s case, but also believe Jackson’s original personality was “deconstructed” from so much exposure to “Jewification”, a sexualized atmosphere, the Geller – Boteach -Carlebach influences, and Hollyweird corrupting his genius, that it seems like he may have simply regressed back into childhood, retreating somewhere into his own mind.

  11. Sara July 23, 2009 @ 4:29 pm

    In 1984 at the peak of his career Michael was severely burned while shooting a Pepsi commercial.

    He also had a congenital skin disease called vitiligo, which caused the skin to lose color and pigment.

    Michael Jackson and Vitiligo

  12. Sara July 23, 2009 @ 4:42 pm

    Questions about whether Michael was framed.

  13. Paul Isaac (NYsentinel) July 23, 2009 @ 4:44 pm

    Jimmy Walters, who appeared at St Marks church at a 9/11 Truth event and showed a film focusing on the sexual habits, homosexuality, beastiality and sexual perversions (in detail) of members of the Bush administration.

    Many of those in attendance left, appalled at the content being presented at a Les Jamieson promoted 9/11 event.

    Les Jamieson
    National Coordinator
    NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative / NYCCAN
    369 51st StreetBrooklyn,NY11220 718/492-5167

  14. Sara July 23, 2009 @ 5:02 pm

    Rare videos:

    Michael Jackson Denying Child Abuse Allegations In 1996 & Gets Emotional RARE VIDEO

  15. Skip Baker July 23, 2009 @ 6:13 pm

    The prophet Enoch wrote in his prophecies exactly what the Jews have done with their downhill trend to debauchery. Enoch was the 7th from Adam and wrote that the wicked would “write books” and use those to promote their debauchery and sinfulness.

    He described the Talmud exactly.

    And all the sins of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It is amazing that the Antichrist Jews made sure that Enoch’s book didn’t end up in the Bible. If it had it would have exposed the Talmud and everything that they do. The LIES are just staggering and the murders and stealing they do is described in Revelation 21:8. But soon perhaps in 2012 our Lord will be here to put them in the lake of fire for their lies and sins.

    Their blood bath in Gaza has shocked the world and opened the eyes of everybody. According to Revelation the 10 nations that Israel now controls will turn on her and “eat her flesh” and “burn her with fire.”

    One can only think of one thing with that kind of language.

    Great Babylon, the Great Whore of Revelation 17 is going to go down in a single hour just like Revelation said it will.

  16. charlie July 23, 2009 @ 6:50 pm

    Many years ago a hospital for dying children near Perth in Western Australia naively put in a request to Michael Jackson, to visit the children there, some of whom were fans of his.

    Now Perth is on the other side of the continent of Australia, probably as far as you can go from Los Angeles without leaving the planet.

    Michael Jackson quietly turned up to visit with those sick children.

  17. KathJuliane July 23, 2009 @ 8:50 pm

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus, Sara:

    Your link is a great find. The below blog by ‘Aaron’ states that he contacted GQ Magazine and they confirmed that the story did appear in the October 1994 Issue of GQ.

    He also has a copy of the GQ magazine issue cover on his blog. He has a link to ‘Above Top Secret’:

    “SHOCK: Was Michael Jackson Framed? GQ 1994 Article by Mary A. Fischer”

    I read completely through the GQ article, and it just becomes an even worse Jewish shark-fest nightmare of Hollywood-style jealousy, greed, corruption and extortion smothering Jackson’s life, complicated by a nasty divorce/custody situation between Jordan’s parents.

    Did you catch that Jordan’s father was a Bronx Jew who changed his name from “Charmatz” to “Chandler” because he thought it was “too Jewish sounding”?

    “Jackson’s involvement with the boy was welcomed, at first, by all the adults in the youth’s life — his mother, his stepfather and even his biological father, Evan Chandler (who also declined to be interviewed for this article).

    Born Evan Robert Charmatz in the Bronx in 1944, Chandler had reluctantly followed in the footsteps of his father and brothers and become a dentist. “He hated being a dentist,” a family friend says. “He always wanted to be a writer.” After moving in 1973 to West Palm Beach to practice dentistry, he changed his last name, believing Charmatz was “too Jewish-sounding,” says a former colleague. Hoping somehow to become a screenwriter, Chandler moved to Los Angeles in the late Seventies with his wife, June Wong, an attractive Eurasian who had worked briefly as a model.” (page 2 of the online GQ article from Sarah’s link)

    @ RZN family:

    There is also so far an unsubstantiated item circulating through the blogosphere alleging that “Jordan Chandler admits that he lied about Michael Jackson”.

    I can find no authoritative source such as a press release or news item carrying any authentic statements by Jordan admitting to this. It appears to have started on a blog set up the day after Jackson died.

    If there’s been nothing on TV and no real report, then maybe it was a planted rumor to start the cash rolling capitalizing on Jackson’s death.

    “Charles Koppelman , who said shortly after Jackson’s death, “Michael could generate more money now that he’s dead than when he was alive.” (BN’s article).

  18. Michael = Child Molestor July 23, 2009 @ 11:07 pm

    Michael Jacksom was not an innocent. He was a pedophile and a child molestor.

    How many young lives did he ruin?

    You would be surprised to see how the Jewish culture of greed protects men like Jackson because they are rich.

    Perversion is nothing new for the elites in the New World Order.

  19. No skin disease July 23, 2009 @ 11:16 pm

    Michael had NO skin disease. He took pills that caused his skin not to produce melanin.

    Bro. Nathanael’s article is right on the mark — in fact, it is understated.

    None of the Jews surrounding Michael Jackson ever told him no, you can’t do that.

  20. god bless all peoples July 23, 2009 @ 11:34 pm

    We are all children of God.
    The jews
    the non-jews
    the wise
    and the

  21. Koen July 23, 2009 @ 11:54 pm

    It is very likely that Michael Jackson (as young boy) was sexually abused as well, probably by his dad’s (Jewish?) show business partners. Jackson was a pedophile because of his childhood traumas. And gay as well (he had occasional adult homosexual lovers), but that is a matter of genes.

    Less known, he probably was an auto hebephile: he liked children of age 11 to 14 and wanted to look like one.

    Some people believe he castrated himself (explains his high voice) and this matches with his auto hebephile behaviour (did not grow up). This can explain also why “his children” are 100% caucasian.

    My theory: as adolescent he did not want to start looking like his behated father (skin bleaching, plastic surgery, castration) so he became an auto hebephile. It was the only way for Michael Jackson to survive emotionally.

  22. charlie July 24, 2009 @ 1:43 am

    It just dawned on me that this might need explanation.

    The naivety of the hospital staff I mentioned in the above post referred to the fact that Michael Jackson was a busy megastar on the other side of the world, not to anything else. I hope that was clear.

  23. Dickie July 24, 2009 @ 6:03 am

    For God bless all people.

    IF, you ask for forgivness for your sins, then you are a child. If not, you are a child of WHO?

  24. jgalindes July 24, 2009 @ 6:29 am

    Sorry is way off-topic but wanted to show how deep are Jewish criminal networks.

    Rabbis, Politicians Snared in FBI Sting

    “…NEW YORK, July 23 — A two-year federal probe into a money laundering operation taking place between the New York area and Israel ballooned into one of the biggest bribery and corruption sweeps in New Jersey history, netting three northern New Jersey mayors, two members of the New Jersey Legislature, a raft of local officials, five rabbis, and a Brooklyn man accused of trafficking in human kidneys, U.S. prosecutors said today….”

  25. Machovsky July 24, 2009 @ 8:26 am

    Read Romans 11:32 in the King James Bible. There are no Jews on earth today.
    Those who passed the test of faith, the Baptism of Fire, were raptured around AD70.
    The Old Testament Israelites were raised, and all were taken to heaven.
    Those who call themselves “Jews” are deceived, and/or deceiving imposters.

  26. Eternal Love July 24, 2009 @ 8:35 am

    Dear Brother,

    Thanks for the article. I did not expect to see so many Khazar/Jews brothers involved in Michael’s “shaping” but when big $$$ is flying they are there.

    Actually I am sorry for Michael. A poor black boy, coming from a family of 7-8 kids had been told by his bosses (who saw in him the next golden bird) that he was going to be rich and famous and even white if he obeys them… I would not be surprised if his mentors/image makers had advised him to change the color of his skin, a very painful and dangerous procedure as I read somewhere.

    I pray for him and know he is now in a better world with GOD that he dreamed of so much. RIP Michael…

    The day after his departure I read on a Russian board somebody saying, “They created him years ago and now they killed him”. Could be because dead Michael would bring them more $$$$$…

    I just read another story, 5 rabbis had been arrested today also some others, politicians, officials, etc. Yes, the fish gets spoiled from the head as people say…

    “More than 40 people, including politicians, officials and several rabbis have been arrested in a major FBI operation the US.

    Three mayors from the state of New Jersey and two members of the state legislature were among those held.

    One man is accused of alleged kidney trafficking involving Israeli donors.”

    Third story in NJ from two weeks ago. A big chain of drug trafficking ( of more than 20 people) had been destroyed and many of its members arrested. The group had been operating in NJ and NYC. Also some connections are known in California. They have been selling one of the worst drugs, forgot the name, could be some horse tranquilizer, that could kill a person if taken regularly for 3 yrs. Some famous sportsmen are involved as I read somewhere.

    Let’s pray for all of them, victims and culprits and send them Love if you can. Satan is strong and powerful around NJ and NYC.

    Happy also for our Brother for getting soon a new computer. Hope some nice and generous Souls, working for Christ, will donate him some funds.

    Lots of Love,

    Please support our $5 campaign for GOD and this Holy site,

    Eternal Love

  27. KathJuliane July 24, 2009 @ 9:52 am

    [Dear Juan, in a strange way, your post does relate it seems to me. Just as Jackson became ultimately an artificial showy piece of meat for “business” among the rich and famous, and his tragedy is not much different from the other tragic stars of the Jewish-owned Hollywood music and entertainment industry, your post reflects the Jewish supremacism and racism in Talmudic Judaism, non-Jews are “goyim”, “the masses”, “the multitudes”, “the beasts” which are there simply for the Jews to use at will.

    A study in ADL-like counter-propaganda for RZN family. The global organ market trafficking, legal, quasi-legal and illegal, especially among impoverished nations, or like in China, routinely taken from incarcerated persons against their will, is not unique to Israhell.

    What is unique is that when the finger is pointed at Israhell for routinely stealing organs from the corpses of Palestinian “detainees” in their torture/death camps whose organs are found missing during autopsies, or body-snatch a Palestinian or Israeli Arab that the IOF has mortally wounded or killed, then to point it out is considered “anti-Semitism” and “racism”, and called “blood libel” or “ritual murder myth”. They may have a point in that it is just business doing business. ]

    Tel Aviv University

    “Anti-Semitism and Racism

    “The Extreme Left: Anti-Zionism as a Function of Anti-Americanism and Anti-capitalism
    […about ½ way down the page]

    “The ritual murder myth – the allegation that the Jews killed innocent Christian children – has also penetrated anti-Zionist propaganda. One of the oldest antisemitic allegations, it brought about the destruction of many Jewish communities; even after World War II this accusation led to the pogrom in Kielce, Poland, in 1946.

    “Lately, this myth, which originated in the Christian word, has been transplanted to the Arab world where it is exploited in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict (see Arab Countries).

    **A version of the myth disseminated by the Palestinians is the accusation of organ theft. On 24 December 2001, a date that is undoubtedly not accidental, the official paper of the Palestinian Authority accused the Israelis of using Palestinian body parts “Clear signs indicate that the occupying authorities steal parts of martyrs’ corpses during the time they hold them, so that they can use them in Israeli hospitals, particularly for Israeli patients who need transplants.”

    13 On 16 January 2002, “photographs,” allegedly of the dissected corpses of three children, were disseminated via the Internet. Although clearly rigged and unverified, [as is the usual cry when Jews are caught red-handed…attempting to discredit without proof of their own] the information was immediately relayed by the majority of sections of the main anti-globalization press agency Indymedi, including on 17 January, Indymedia Belgium, which is particularly prone to primitive antisemitic attacks. The agency’s comment bore a religious overtone: “If this is true, then may God bless Israel.”**

  28. Stav July 24, 2009 @ 10:02 am

    Hi all,

    Below follow some specific instructions for becoming immune to the NWO, Zionism and ultimately the antichrist. If anyone follows these, they will be able to see, detect and effectively respond to all of today’s Zionist works. Needless to say that there is only one requirement to do all of what is listed below, to be a conscious Orthodox Christian.

    Found at:

    Here goes:

    1). Participate in loving prayer of the Divine Services of your parish Church, attend frequently Vespers, Matins, and the Holy Divine Liturgy, and when the Church calls you for further prayer.

    2). Prepare yourself to go frequently to Holy Confession with your local parish priest, and read the prayers before Holy Communion, and give Thanks to our Lord God afterwards.

    3). Live up to the prescribed fasting rules during the weekdays as we fast on both Wednesdays, and Fridays, as well as of midnight the night before the Holy Divine Liturgy. In addition follow the fasting periods in which the Orthodox Church has offered.

    We fast for forty days in preparation for the birth of our Lord, we fast for forty days for our Lord’s Holy Resurrection, we fast for a period of time for the Apostles, and for the Mother of God for fifteen days. Follow your Orthodox Church calendar in this regards to note when you should fast, and when you are free from fasting.

    4). Acquire to understand fully the teachings of our Holy Orthodox Faith from the teachings of the Holy Apostles, and the early Holy Fathers of the Church, and live within these guidelines to defend and share with others this loving faith. Seek out those who lived and struggled a most ascetical life and who have given us guidelines on the path towards our salvation.

    Find out what would the Holy Fathers [of Orthodoxy] say about the life of our Church, and about the issues we face from day to day. It’s spiritually impossible to live a full Orthodox life without the Holy Fathers of our Church. Learn who they were, how humbly they lived, and what they taught us!

    5). Learn about the lives of the saints of our Church, as well as the holy martyrs, and the ascetics of our faith. Read as frequently as possible (almost daily) about these lives, as a means of spiritual guidance for you and a means for you to follow their loving example for us all!

    6). Study the teachings of the early Seven Ecumenical Councils, and the lesser councils, as to what has been expressed and taught to us about the teachings about our Saviour Jesus Christ, both His divine and human nature, as well as the teachings of the Mother of God. Learn how these Ecumenical councils developed the guide lines on the books of Holy Scripture, and the Nicene Creed we confess, and other teachings of our Church.

    7). Do your morning and evening prayers as a family, and on an individual basis daily! Pray to our Lord God during the day as well. Find time for yourself to pray frequently and often.

    Learn about prayer and seek it out so that you can find God! Seek out the teachings of the “Jesus Prayer”, also known as the “Prayer of the heart”, seek guidance from not only the many rich spiritual texts we have available, but also seek out more information from your spiritual father, or have him suggest further guidance for you.

    Make prostrations to the floor frequently, and afterwards stay on the floor with tears in prayer for others who need our prayers, pray as did St. Seraphim of Sarov before your holy icons, and lift up your hands to the heavens as did the Holy Prophet and God-Seerer Moses, and other saints. Take a ride by yourself and go to the mountains to find even more private time for prayer and behold the spiritual beauty of our God.

    Or take a walk by yourself through the woods and pray. Do this often as possible. Weep in your prayers, and learn about tears, keep your head bowed down and fold your hands cross wise in humility before our Lord God. Fold your hands to pray, pray, and pray.

    8). Find time within your busy day to try to learn more about your faith and search out the many books now available that can guide you on the right path of your Holy Orthodox Christian faith. Read humbly about those who have confessed our faith, and lived it daily, read frequently about the lives of the Saints and you will be spiritually rewarded.

    Know the life of your loving patron saint, and be an expert in this regards to tell others about this precious God-loving life and good works. Share this information with others, and teach your children about the faith in a childlike manner.

    9). Know that the Ten Commandments are important for us to live and to follow. Read what the Holy Fathers had written about these Ten Commandments and seek from an Orthodox point of view their meanings for not only yourself but also for your beloved children.

    10). Pick up and read Holy Scriptures daily, and struggle to read both the Old and New Testament.

    11). Make a pilgrimage to either an Orthodox monastery or a convent. Make a serious decision to visit the Holy Land, or to go to Holy Mt. Athos. When you travel make plans to visit the local Orthodox Church’s and monasteries in the area, and call the monastery and parish that you would like to stop and pray.

    12). Seek out the teachings of our faith about the virtues and the teachings that lead you on your path towards salvation, in both seeking your salvation on a daily basis and living your faith as a good example.

    Seek truth, and learn that truth will guide towards your salvation. Remember humbly truth is bitter, but it’s truth! Have hope, and above all have faith in our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ. Remember to endure, and learn more about endurance, as did the lives of the Holy Martyrs of our loving Church.

    13). Love your children, respect your parents, and be honorable to your relatives, as well as your Godparents. Love your neighbor and care for their needs. Judge no one, and let our Lord God take care of this for all you have to do is pray for those in desperate need of your loving prayers.

    14). Forgive, forgive, forgive and learn how to forgive!

    15). Struggle, struggle, and struggle with love for God and His Church!

    16). Roar like a lion, but be mostly meek as a lamb!

    17). Pray for the living, and pray for the departed in the Lord! Keep list of these names, and bring it often to the priest to pray with you.

    18). Seek to be saintly and prepare yourself spiritually. Love peace and seek spiritually inner peace with our Lord Jesus Christ. When war is at our door step and destruction, cry out for peace, peace, and never cease in this regards in spite of what might seem a failure at that time. Keep knocking on the door for peace again and again!

    19). Love God and love one another! Love your faith and live your faith! Know your faith, and share your faith with others, as well as defend it and speak of it’s truths. Once again I repeat truth is bitter, but it’s truth. Christ our Lord is truth, and Holy Orthodoxy is the same truth.

    20). Learn about the inner peace of our Lord God and live for this peace.

    21). Live the pious Christian life of Beatitude! Remember almost by heart in remembrance of these spiritually rewarding Beatitudes. “Blessed are the meek….” Learn to be meek also.

    22). Feed the homeless and help the homeless in any way to get on their feet to lead a productive life. Learn that your responsibility is not to convert them, but to live a true Christian life. Reach out in caring for others when they ask for your help. Be a volunteer, and do it with Christian love and expect no reward.

    The poor and most unfortunate need food, a warm blanket, and shelter, as well as your love, give one of your blankets away, give some of your extra food to someone else, and suggest where one can find shelter and assist in this on a temporary basis. Pray for them and do not cry out that it’s their fault, as being poor is a horrific struggle to be what all human beings desire to get back on their feet once again. Aren’t we all ourselves at the door step at times in being homeless?

    Afterwards do not seek any rewards, and deny you did anything before man, as our Lord God will reward you most humbly. Help sponsor a dinner in your local parish and remember to when it’s Wednesday or Friday prepare fasting foods. When it’s not a fasting day remember that those who are homeless and hungry do not eat as often as yourself.

    23). Avoid pride and be humble!

    24). Do nothing for honor, and when you are caught doing something good express the following: It’s all for the Glory of our God! Or say: Glory be to God for all things!

    25). Pray for all and judge no one, leave that up to God!

    26). When you pray learn to weep in these humble prayers with all your mind, heart, and soul!

    27). Struggle and learn to struggle more!

    28). Look for Christ our Lord in others, and speak from the heart to the heart before you!

    29). Seek to cleanse your sins, and weep before our Lord God that you desire not to sin in the same manner again.

    30). Pick up your Cross, and then pick it up again!

    31). When you are ill seek out your parish priest to anoint you with the gift of the Holy Spirit that was performed on Holy Wednesday at the Holy Unction services.

    32). Be forbearing always!

    33). Listen to the truth as it might at times seem bitter to you.

    34). Learn about the Creed we confess during the Divine Services and in your daily prayers, seek to fully understand the Creed, and learn that it’s a confession of our Holy Orthodox Faith and it’s teachings. If anyone ask you about our faith refer to this Creed frequently.

    35). Establish icon corners and places for your holy icons in your home. Keep a vigil light burning fervently before your loving icons, and take oil from it anointing yourself and your beloved children.

    36). Respect your environment and plant a tree, and put flowers in the ground and see the beauty of our Lord God and His creation. Give room for nature to dwell, as we desire to dwell on this earth in humble preparations for the Kingdom of our Lord God.

    37). Have your house blessed by your parish priest every year.

    38). Go to Holy Confession and ask your local parish priest guidelines in preparation for this Holy Mystery.

    39). Lean that Holy Marriage is a blessing from God and constantly keep telling each other of your respected love, and learn to talk to each other, as well as the members of your family, and let Christ our Lord reign in your home and hearts. Pray together, and go to Church together, and struggle altogether!

    40). Give always Glory, Honor, and Worship to God to the Most Holy Trinity, One in Essence, and Undivided – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen!


  29. KathJuliane July 24, 2009 @ 10:15 am

    The very real “ritual murder myth” (as Tel Aviv University would have us believe) asks the question “Is organ havesting another spoil of war” for Israhell? :

    The Nasty Side of Organ Transplanting – Third Edition 2007
    Norm Barber

    Chapter 24
    Organ Selling, Organ Theft

    […]Halfway down page, he cites examples from other countries.


    Israel is arguably the world’s leading procurer of vital organs from other countries, at least for its size. Just 3.5% of Israelis are registered organ donors. Their donor rate is one-fifth that of Europe so they acquire vital organs from other cultures.

    The Jewish Diaspora provides an effective platform to broker organ purchases around the world. The Israeli government helps by paying up to $80,000 each to those visiting other countries to purchase an organ.

    Brokers openly advertise their services on Israeli radio stations and in newspapers.183

    An American, “Jane Doe”, describes herself as a “deeply spiritual woman”. She used an Israeli broker to buy a kidney from Alberty Jose da Silva, a 37-year-old Brazilian man from a large poverty-stricken family.

    They met in South Africa for the surgery where Jane got one of Alberty’s kidneys. He got $6000 though was robbed of it upon returning to Brazil. South African police later closed down this organ-selling racket.184

    Professor Nancy Scheper-Hughes, in her statement to the Committee on international relations, House of Representatives in the United States Congress described another racket,

    “Dr. Zaki Shapira, head of transplant services at Bellinson Medical Center near Tel Aviv…has been operating as a transplant outlaw since the early 1990s when he first used intermediaries and Arab brokers to locate kidney sellers amongst [cash]-strapped Palestinian workers in Gaza and the West Bank…

    “Meanwhile, human rights groups in the West Bank complained to me of tissue and organs stealing of slain Palestinains by Israeli pathologists at the national Israeli legal medical institute in Tel Aviv… in the late 1990s, Shapira [Dr Zaki Shapira of Israel] simply moved his illicit practice overseas to Turkey and to countries in Eastern Europe where the considerable economic chaos of the past decade has created parallel markets in bodies for sex and bodies for kidneys.”

    “Dr. Michael Friedlander, chief nephrologist at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, tired of reports about commercialization of kidneys in Israel, decided, like Dr. Diflo, to speak out, and he says that among his recovering international transplant patients are several Israelis who have recently returned this year and last from the United States with kidneys purchased here from living donors.”

    “In March of 2001, I interviewed in Israel two men, one a young student and the other a retired civil servant, who had both returned to Jerusalem from transplant units in Baltimore and New York City, each with a brand new purchased kidney.”185, 186

    Palestinians give organs of son killed by Israeli soldiers to four Jews and two Arabs.

    Twelve-year-old Ahmed Katib was walking to a shop in the Jenin Refugee Camp on the West Bank on November 3, 2005 to buy a tie for a wedding that evening. He became involved in stone throwing at Israeli soldiers involved in a gun battle with Palestinian snipers and an Israeli soldier shot Ahmed in the head and stomach.

    His parents, Ismael and Abla agreed to donate the vital organs of the mortally injured Ahmed and he was taken to an Israeli hospital where his lungs, liver, heart and kidneys were removed.

    A Druze Arab girl got his heart, a Bedouin boy got a kidney and four Jews got his lungs, liver and the other kidney.

    **The father of the four-year-old Jewish girl who got one of Ahmed’s kidneys said he wished it could have come from a Jew and not an Arab.187

    [The IOF killed the boy, his parents agree to let the Jews use the organs, and this racist Jewish father complains … exploitation list of Palestinians and Arabs continues.

    In the meantime, one of the two top main reasons for hospitalizations in Palestine is kidney failure, specifically due to dehydration because greedy Israhell has taken control of all the Jordan basin water sources, cutting off agricultural water, and forcing Palestinians to severely ration personal drinking and cooking water. ]

    “Is organ harvesting a spoil of war?

    “Organ removal is government retribution against criminals and dissidents in China. Has organ harvesting from defeated enemies become a spoil of war in the Middle East?”

  30. Stav July 24, 2009 @ 10:44 am

    And part two to my EMERGENCY MESSAGE follows below:

    And if you ask, “OK what if I am not an Orthodox Christian?” Then I would say:

    1) Pray to the Father, Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit to give you understanding.
    2) Love the Truth more than your self and your own opinions.
    3) Obey your conscience, it will tell you when you are going towards wrong and when you are going towards right.

    Time seems to be coming to an end! Things are only going to get worse for many of us, be ready and be vigilant. If we are not humble and God loving (instead of self-loving) enough, soon we will not be able to discern good from evil. It’s already very hard sometimes to tell the two apart.

    If you do not know what I mean by this, just consider telling whether ecology/environmentalism, national security, freedom of choice, political correctness or even science it self are practiced in the context of evil or good. Or consider what most people call spiritualism, is it for good, or is it for evil?

    If you think it is difficult to see the evil or good behind these ( or even worse, if you find it very obvious that all of the above are 100% good) , get ready because the tables are soon going to be reversed. Good is going to be portrayed as evil and evil as good!

    If nothing else, take EXTREME care and keep a guard around your brain and thoughts, as the conditioning of our thoughts has already started a long time ago. Be vigilant, the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

    Remember, the way of a Christian is the small and narrow, not the wide and easy path! If life, work, faith, spirituality seem easy and comfortable to practice, then there is a good chance you are on the wrong path! Or if your political affiliations, ideas and beliefs seem quite convenient and mainstream, again, you may very likely be on the wrong path!

    Don’t trust, politicians, globalized companies, globalized institutions, banks, medical institutions, new age and other spiritual newcomers as they are all linked into Zionism and by extension Satan him self!

    Almost EVERYTHING that we are being served by the media, newspapers, mainstream sources, TV, movies, magazines, etc. etc. by international organizations, governments, multinational companies and chain stores, whether material, mental or spiritual, is tainted and saturated with various poisons.

    Some of these poisons are literal, as for example with medicines, vaccinations and genetically modified foods and pesticides etc., and they WILL eventually destroy your body. And this is BY INTENTION!

    Some other poisons, much more serious, will POISON your thoughts and ideas, is such a way so that we become CATTLE like animals, without resolve or will power. AGAIN, THIS IS BY INTENTION!

    Lastly and this is the ULTIMATE DANGER, some of these poisons will POISON YOUR SOUL and thereby if care is not taken, you WILL LOOSE IT. JUST LIKE BEFORE THIS IS BY INTENTION THEIR GOAL IS TO DESTROY YOUR SOUL!

    And don’t think that eating GM food or taking your vaccinations like a good cattle will only “possibly” damage your body but you may not even believe that. The important thing to remember, is that many of these “inputs” to our bodies, minds and souls are not only physically tainted, the blows and damage they bring, are COMPOUNDED by psychological magical/satanic ammunition, so be careful, not all is a seems to be!

    I remember one particular quote by Fr. Paisios of Mt. Athos, when asked if one should take a particular Homeopathic (Homeopathy is heavily linked to the New Age Movement) drug or not.

    His answer was not “they don’t work” or “make sure you look into this because some of them do not work” or anything like that. His answer was: “Be careful, do not take them, throw them away, these particular pills that you have been given, have been ‘consecrated’ in Amsterdam in a satanic ritual.”!!!

    So you see, even if you think you are getting the “cleaner” or “better” or “more natural” or “alternative” solution, you may still UNKNOWINGLY be taking part in physical, mental or even SATANIC influences. Be careful, very careful, Cross and Pray over your food ALWAYS and any other intake whether material or not, because we no longer know where, or who, or how it was produced and with what methods or intentions.

    Have you ever wondered why many Jewish and other Elites do not eat the same food as us gentiles? Well, there you go, an additional practical reason!

    So please take care, follow the First Commandment first, LOVE GOD THE FATHER, SON JESUS CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND ALL YOUR MIND AND ALL YOUR STRENGTH and then follow up with the second and then the rest.


  31. a Man of peace July 24, 2009 @ 11:00 am

    Digression from present article.

    Black British filmmaker Ishmahil Blagrove speaks of experience in an Israeli prison.

    He was one of many including Cynthia Mckinney aboard the ship Spirit of Humanity to bring aid to the Palestinian children.

    “They confiscated and destroyed all our equipment including all our medical aid and toys and eventually we were all taken to Ramla High Security Prison where we were imprisoned.”
    Describing his experience inside Ramla, Blagrove said: “Without insulting the memory of those that have survived the Nazi concentration camps, the prison we were kept in can only be described in that manor. But most astonishingly the prison was full of black Africans. I was absolutely dumbfounded!

    “Israel operates under a right-wing racist government that discriminates anyone that is non-Jewish.

    “The first day I was there, I witnessed 500 Africans scooped from the streets of Tel Aviv thrown into prison. The next day 300 more Africans were taken in and the prison population continues to grow daily with Africans falling victim to the Israeli judiciary system.”

    It is my own personal belief that the racism engineered by the System has been created from Talmudic xenophobic texts.

    There is no other religion in this world that promotes its own race above others.

    Africa faces major problems with this expansion of the New World Order.

    African life is akin to the earth and big corporations have no business with these people.. however it is one of the richest lands in the world, so they are in trouble with this global expansion.. as seen in South Africa and the Congo.

    They put a price on everything and destroy the natural balance.. Many tribesmen look at a diamond as if it were just a stone.

    The western psyche looks at a diamond with dollar signs in their eyes ( not all of course but most in general ) and its incredible the amount of diamond merchants were Jews.. like in South Africa.

    If the disease of political bureaucracy expands further on the African lands there will be major chaos.

  32. jgalindes July 24, 2009 @ 12:11 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    One of the most heinous crimes today seems to be some form of trade of human organs especially those performed under kidnapping.

    There are several approach modalities, in Brazil is fairly common for young people to be lured into some sort of sex with unacquainted persons, being drugged and found some time latter without one or both kidneys!

    More gruesome are the possibilities of the existence of murdering rings dedicated to the “trade”.

    Yearly, people disappear in the hundred thousands in Latin America not attracting much interest of our authorities.

    There truly exists a vast network with global connections involving countries’ local security officials, more specifically those dealing with frontiers checking and immigration.

    You may find this article for download interesting:

  33. KathJuliane July 24, 2009 @ 3:24 pm

    Greetings in the Lord, Juan and Man of Peace:

    The international criminal human trafficking goes on everywhere and there are at least 50-100,000 American children that go missing every year as well, some to domestic custody disputes, but the vast majority just disappears without a trace.

    The same kind of things as you’ve described in Brazil, I have heard occuring elsewhere, and was especially serious in Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia with their social and economic crashes in the ‘90’s, but is still a serious problem today.

    Then there is the organized Jewish-organized crime “white slave trade”, forced prostitution going on in Tel Aviv with bait and switch “modeling jobs” for poor Slavic women.

    A little good news about a poll showing Israhell losing support from American voters, probably due to ‘alternative media’s’ great efforts to expose what is really going in Palestine and the horror of Cast Lead-Gaza, from’s “Israel and the Nutbar Factor (entire article is an outstanding read):

    Have Israel and its supporters gone over the edge?

    “As Israel defies the U.S. on settlement policies and its continuing mistreatment of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, a recent poll shows the American public is undergoing a significant shift in its historically pro-Israel views:

    “According to the survey of 800 registered voters, which was conducted June 9-11 by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, those who believe Israel is committed to peace has dropped to 46 percent this month from 66 percent last December.

    The poll found that some 49 percent of American voters call themselves supporters of Israel, down from 69 percent last September, and only about 44 percent of voters believe the United States should support Israel – down from 71 percent a year ago.”

    MOP: “It is my own personal belief that the racism engineered by the System has been created from Talmudic xenophobic texts.

    There is no other religion in this world that promotes its own race above others.”

    The Protocols, Henry Ford, etc. all distinguished between the “International Jew” and the “national Jews”, which the Protocols allude to as being the “lesser brethren” that the “Masonic Elders of Zion” are willing to sacrifice for their cause. The internal evidence of the Protocols leads me to believe that it probably originated out of revolutionary Grand Orient Lodges of France – and only one branch at the time allowed Jews, “The Order of Mizraim”.

    The very ancient Jewish national communities, such as in Greece, Iraq, Iran, India, the Palestinian Jews who refuse to self-identify as Israelis, and I understand even the Roman or Italian Jews as distinct from the white Euro-Jews, are not in any hurry to go to Israel, and seem to be anti-Zionist, at least in a passive way. Then there are the “Torah-true” Jews. The Iraqi Jews were routed out through joint British-Zionist terrorism in the 50’s. These “national Jews” all see themselves as Greeks, Iranians, etc.

    MOP: Agree with you, but it is even worse in that inside Israhell, the lovely Jew-el of Apartheidism and Racisim, in that there is a definite caste system of Jews by skin color and intermarriage is strongly discouraged (even persecuted) – with white European or Ashkenazi Jews at the top of the heap for jobs, homes, privileges, benefits, etc. – the first class citizens of “the only democracy in the Middle East”.

    Next are the Sephardim (Yemenite and Arab Jews) whose children were subjected to horrible X-ray experiments in the 50’s, and thousands of children went missing; then the Oriental Jews – Kurdish Jews emigrated in the 50’s; then there are the black Ethiopian Israelites or Falashas who have to undergo conversion to Rabbinic Judaism to be considered “Jews”, and they live in extremely sub-standard housing and work at the most menial of jobs.

    The Africans being arrested and deported are illegal immigrants and refuge seekers coming in from the devastated areas of Africa who live in the most squalid of conditions.

    There is ample evidence that Zionism, which cooperated with Hitler and the Fascist regimes (Jabotinsky of Revision Zionism admired and respected Mussolini and his methods) was not interested in saving the lives of Jews in Europe as much as it was in usurping Palestine and establishing a “racial” state in Palestine, something accomplished with considerable support and encouragement from the Nazi regime itself.

    [See Leni Brenner, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators (Lawrence Hill, 1993); Yehuda Bauer, American Jewry and the Holocaust (Wayne State University Press, 1981); The Holocaust Victims Accuse: Documents and Testimony on Jewish War Criminals, edited by the Neturei Karta, an organization of anti-Zionist Jews who support the goal of a secular democracy rather than a Jewish state.]

  34. KathJuliane July 24, 2009 @ 3:55 pm

    The Jews of Iraq
    by: Naeim Giladi
    April – May 1998
    The Link – Volume 31, Issue 2
    Page 1

    [Author was originally a Zionist radical in his native Iraq in the late 40’s. Very interesting read about British/Zionist collusion after fall of the Ottoman Empire in various countries. Highlighting the internal caste-racism that author experienced as an Iraqi Arab Jew.]

    I write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors.

    I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called “cruel Zionism.”

    I write about it because I was part of it.

    My preoccupation during what I refer to as my “two years in hell” was with survival and escape. I had no interest then in the broad sweep of Jewish history in Iraq even though my family had been part of it right from the beginning.

    We were originally Haroons, a large and important family of the “Babylonian Diaspora.” My ancestors had settled in Iraq more than 2,600 years ago – 600 years before Christianity, and 1,200 years before Islam.

    I am descended from Jews who built the tomb of Yehezkel, a Jewish prophet of pre-Biblical times. My village, where I was born in 1929, is Hillah, not far from the ancient site of Babylon.

    …The original Jews found Babylon, with its nourishing Tigris and Euphrates rivers, to be truly a land of milk, honey, abundance—and opportunity. Although Jews, like other minorities in what became Iraq, experienced periods of oppression and discrimination depending on the rulers of the period, their general trajectory over two and one-half millennia was upward.

    Under the late Ottoman rule, for example, Jewish social and religious institutions, schools, and medical facilities flourished without outside interference, and Jews were prominent in government and business.

    Page 2
    …Later I made my way to the new State of Israel, arriving in May, 1950. At the entry point they had trouble in Hebrew with my name Khalaschi. There is no “kh” sound in Hebrew, so they came up with an Eastern European, Ashkenazi conversion, Klaski. In one way, this “mistake” was my key to discovering very soon just how the Israeli caste system worked, but I didn’t know that then. I accepted Klaski as my new surname.

    … The new immigrants were given the worst of everything. The food was the same, but that was the only thing that everyone had in common. For the immigrants, bad cigarettes, even bad toothpaste. Everything. I left.

    Then, through the Jewish Agency, I was advised to go to al-Mejdil (later renamed Ashkelon), an Arab town about 9 miles from Gaza, very close to the Mediterranean. The Israeli government planned to turn it into a farmers’ city, so my farm background would be an asset there.

    … A clerk handed me a bunch of forms in Arabic and Hebrew. Now it dawned on me. Before Israel could establish its farmers’ city, it had to rid al-Mejdil of its indigenous Palestinians. The forms were petitions to the United Nations Inspectors asking for transfer out of Israel to Gaza, which was under Egyptian control.

    I read over the petition. …These families had been there hundreds of years, as farmers, primitive artisans, weavers. The Military Governor prohibited them from pursuing their livelihoods, just penned them up until they lost hope of resuming their normal lives. That’s when they signed to leave.

    I was there and heard their grief. “Our hearts are in pain when we look at the orange trees that we planted with our own hands. Please let us go, let us give water to those trees. God will not be pleased with us if we leave His trees untended.” I asked the Military Governor to give them relief, but he said, “No, we want them to leave.”

    …I could no longer be part of this oppression and I left. Those Palestinians who didn’t sign up for transfers were taken by force—just put in trucks and dumped in Gaza. About four thousand people were driven from al-Mejdil in one way or another. The few who remained were collaborators with the Israeli authorities.

    …I was disillusioned at what I found in the Promised Land, disillusioned personally, disillusioned at the institutionalized racism, disillusioned at what I was beginning to learn about Zionism’s cruelties.

    The principal interest Israel had in Jews from Islamic countries was as a supply of cheap labor, especially for the farm work that was beneath the urbanized Eastern European Jews. Ben Gurion needed the “Oriental” Jews to farm the thousands of acres of land left by Palestinians who were driven out by Israeli forces in 1948.

    …In the case of Iraq, both methods were used [in the cause of British Crown-Euro-Jewish Zionism and forced immigrations of ethnic and indigenous Jews]:

    uneducated Jews were told of a Messianic Israel in which the blind see, the lame walk, and onions grow as big as melons; educated Jews had bombs thrown at them.”

  35. a Man of peace July 24, 2009 @ 3:58 pm

    Hi KathJuliane,

    Yes I agree with what you say, in Jack Bernstein written texts he speaks very eloquently on the inner apartheid in Israhell. He married a sephardic Jewess and was treated like dirt as he was Ashkenazi.

    He couldn’t get a decent job, offered the worst housing etc, it all fits from he’s personal experience.

    This one World ideology all goes back to these ideals.


    Interesting interview shortly after 911.

  36. Joanne July 24, 2009 @ 5:16 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael,

    Just recently a movie called Bruno (actor named Cohen) was released just after Michael died. I didn’t see the movie but I’m sure it is a propaganda movie that was made to convince the average population that androgynism is productive for all mankind.

    Michael Jackson is a living specimen of the experimental New Man, an androgynous homosexual pedophile. Like Jackson (who divorced one wife and used the other merely as a baby provider) the condition of androgyny will supposedly be perfected in the person of the Antichrist who will be regarded as the New Man. As prophesied in Daniel 11:37, “Neither shall he regard…the desire of women…” The “King of Pop” exhibits not a few proclivities of the “king of the gods”— Zeus/Jupiter.

    The occult rationale behind androgyny is that man must be conformed to image of Christ who is the androgynous Adam Kadmon. H.P. Blavatsky expressed the occult Trinity as a male and a female who gave birth to a divine androgyne. According to [Franz von] Baader, the androgyne had existed at the beginning and will be again at the end of time. Thanks to Christ, man will again become an androgyne, like the angels [a false teaching].

    The Six-Pointed Star, which all mankind will be require to receive as the mark of the beast, is an occult symbol of the union of male and female to create an androgyne. During the Luciferic Initiation, Lucifer posing as the Holy Spirit and demons posing as God’s angels will administer the mark of the beast—in the form of an occult cross—on the foreheads of apostate Christians. Just how the Church is being conditioned for this deception is exposed in Bill Randles’ book, Weighed and Found Wanting.

    Other false teachers on the Christian scene subtly preach the concept of androgyny as the path to becoming like God. “Tony Campolo…says that Christ dwells in everyone whether they know it or not. In a recent book, in a chapter titled ‘Embracing the Feminine Side of God’, Campolo declares: There is that feminine side of me that must be recovered and strengthened if I am to be like Christ..”

    With Bible scholars now willing to rethink the gender of God, homosexual theology appears to have a bright future. Isn’t this very true of what you read in the newspapers. Henry Makow often writes articles about homosexuality and how the Jewish occult justify this type of lifestyle to manipulate the Goyim (Gentiles).

    Let us continue to remember the words of our Lord Jesus…Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth, Matthew 5:5

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Have a lovely weekend!

  37. a Man of peace July 24, 2009 @ 5:53 pm

    To Joanne

    I think there is some confusion concerning this matter.

    Androgyny is not merely a s-e-x-u-a-l characteristic but a growth of the female and male psychological traits in an individual.

    I’ve met some women that are not lesbian that have a very masculine temperament and I’ve met some men that have a more female temperament that are not homosexual.

    Sometimes what a man is meant to be can be too much one way with little of the other, like a soldier that has become insentient and emotionally dead.

    The female aspect of the psyche is intuitive and maternal, its often a good woman that keeps a wayward guy on the straight and narrow.

    It seems to me not perverse to think that men naturally do have female traits and vice verser however the sexual perversion is not natural.

    A woman too masculine is often a player and a hustler almost trying to be like a man in image.

    The dichotomy of the Almighty is not one way or the other but a union of duality, I think this is what’s ment by the androgyny.

    It is an over masculine world we live in without the strong and godly traits of the maternal women out there. This female strength has been undermined in the mainstream by exploiting them as s-e-x objects, If good women had more of a say in powerful positions would they send young men to die in wars?

    It is an over patriarchal power that influences and dominates the world, and it is no surprise to me that these elitists are homosexuals as the Female is not respected and has not been in the most influential positions.

    Women that are trying to be men don’t count, they often seem like fools and betray they’re natural position in life, like Margaret Thatcher- she was no woman but a Monster man beast in trousers- these women are too much one way with little of the other.

    Is it just me but does anyone notice this? throughout history women take a back seat in terms of power…. its unbalanced.

    is that the natural order of things? I think not.

  38. jgalindes July 24, 2009 @ 6:26 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    An interesting aspect of intra-jewish discrimination.

    On Jewish discrimination in India
    Taken from:
    ”The Jewish communities in India”
    by Joan G. Roland

    Concerned about their observance of marriage laws, the Sephardic chief rabbi , Itzak Nissim, issue a directive in 1962 ordering rabbis in Israel to investigate the ancestry of Bene Israel, one of the two main groups of Indian Jews who had recently emigrated to Israel ”as far back as it is possible” before officiating any marriages between a member of this group and a Jew from any other community.

    Unless it could be proved that there were no infractions of Jewish marriage and divorce procedures, or unless he or she were marrying another Bene Israel individual, the person in question had to undergo formal ritual conversion before the ceremony could proceed.

    Quickly this issue became a “cause celebre”, as the Bene Israel and their supporters accused the rabbinate of “racism” arguing that reformed Jews from affluent Western countries were not subject to such an extensive investigation before being permitted to marry other Jews.

    Two years later, under popular pressure, the Knesset passed a resolution supporting the Bene Israel and asking the rabbinate to “remove every factor producing a feeling of discrimination”.

    Finally the rabbis dropped the words Bene Israel from the directive so that the extensive investigation would apply to all Jews whose status was deemed doubtful. Interestingly, the eruption of the controversy over the Bene Israel may have been the result of the export of group conflict from India to Israel.

    The Bene Israel charged that it was not mere coincidence that the chief Rabbi, Itzak Nissim, was from the Baghdadi Jewish community of Iraq, a segment of which formed another principal group of Jews resident in India, and that his views may have been colored by Baghdadi attitudes toward Bene Israel that had long prevailed in India.

  39. Jack July 24, 2009 @ 7:31 pm

    In a letter to Engels dated 30 July 1862, Marx wrote that “the Jewish N—-r, Lassalle” was fortunately leaving London that weekend to return to Germany, adding:

    “It is now absolutely clear to me that, as both the shape of his head and his hair texture shows — he descends from the Negroes who joined Moses’ flight from Egypt (unless his mother or grandmother on the paternal side hybridized with a N—-r). Now this combination of Germanness and Jewishness with a primary Negro substance necessarily creates a strange product. The pushiness of this fellow is also N—rish.”

    Over a century later after Marx, chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer made a similar remark about the Jews:

    “Which is to expose the Jews for the criminals they are, the parasites they are, the liars they are, the thieves they are, the n—–rs they are.”

    Obama was crowned by the Jews as well. In 2008, even more Jews voted for Obama than they did for their Jewish brethren Kerry in 2004!

    Exit polls from 2004 and 2008:

    Historically, the Jews vehemently opposed 19th c. “scientific racism” and anti-immigration laws, while allying themselves with the bloodless humanism of Europe. The reason is … their cosmopolitan “Eurafrican” heritage?

  40. a Man of peace July 24, 2009 @ 7:37 pm

    I remember a few years ago there was an article in The Independant ( a large “left” newspaper in Britain ).

    It concerned Ariel Sharon and his visit in London, the article went on to say that he should be tried for war crimes after Lebanon but there was a loop hole in the law! Does anyone know the name of this loop hole?

    I couldn’t find the exact article but this loop hole had a name in French.

    It was astonishing to me than that the Mainstream Press acknowledged this, and stated the arrogance of a legal system to not bring these BIG criminals to justice.


    On another note to Brother Nathanael,

    I saw some lovely pictures of the mountains over there in Colorado..

    I was wondering if you were aware that there is the largest underground base called Cheyenne Mountain there. They hollowed out this HUGE rock for an underground base – its like something out of a crackpot James bond movie.

    I hope this is not where your stationed ( some British humour there )

    I wish you a good weekend.

  41. a Man of peace July 24, 2009 @ 8:14 pm

    An invaluable Book unveiling this conspiracy against Christianity.

    Nesta H. Webster’s – Secret Societies and subversive movements

    “Is it only a coincidence that last year a Socialist and Communist meeting in Trafalgar Square displayed a red banner bearing the motto: “No King, no G.o.d, no Law”

    I repeat: It is not an economic revolution which forms the plan of the real directors of the movement, it is neither the “dictatorship of the proletariat” nor the reorganization of society by the Intelligentsia of “Labour”; it is the destruction of the Christian idea.

    Socialist orators may inveigh against corrupt aristocracy or “bloated Capitalists,” but these are not in reality the people who will suffer most if the aim of the conspiracy is achieved.

  42. KathJuliane July 24, 2009 @ 9:02 pm

    Dear Man of peace,

    You might be interested in this reading for a different sense apart from the Westo-centric view such things as “patriarchy”, “feminisim”, “divine feminine” (a dualism of deity that is Kabbalistic and Gnostic which Orthodox Christianity does not hold at all, for “in Christ, there is neither male nor female”), or “androgyny” – especially considering Jackson’s Kabbalistic/Zohar alchemical metamorphosis. (There is also a lovely reflection on ordained priests and the priesthood of believers, since “female ordained priests” is a big thing with some feminist theologians.)

    Women in the Orthodox Church
    Brief Comments from a Spiritual Perspective
    by Archimandrite [now Archbishop] Chrysostomos

    Anyone reading the sublime words of the Orthodox Church Fathers is immediately struck with a number of overwhelming impressions. First, there emanates from their words a certain sense, by which all that is written seems intuitively true—as though some inner cord were struck in the reader, resounding harmonically with the tone of what the Fathers have written.

    Then, the more one reads of the Fathers, the more one feels, despite notable differences in their writing styles, modes of expression, and subjects of attention, that they are making one single statement, saying the same thing; although the content of that statement be elusive and more warm the heart than stimulate the mere intellect.

    And finally, though at times there is apparent hyperbole (an impression that comes to us because we are too often cold to the impulse of holy zeal), and though one cannot find in the Fathers the lack of commitment and detachment from moral absolutes which we today so wrongly call “objectivity,” the Fathers reveal a sense of moderation; they convey, amid their concerns for pure truth and undiluted veracity, a knowledge which is neither to the “right” nor to the “left,” which is perfectly balanced by that mystical and universal equilibrium which is truth itself.

    It is precisely these characteristics of the patristic writings which define that subtle cornerstone of Orthodox life: spirituality. Transferred from written word to personal life, they describe the holy person. Raised from image to experience, they portray the inner life of every Christian. The Fathers shared, in every way, the fullness of the Orthodox life, and it is this completeness which permeates their writings.

    They express the experience to which each of us is called, and inwardly we see this, if we are attentive and moderate in our own views. It is this spirituality, alas, that is absent in the discussion of the role of women in the Orthodox Church today.

    So, the discussion has become extreme (immoderate), secular, and worldly—detached from the inner life and spiritual experience. There have developed opposition parties, diametrically opposed views, warring factions, and intemperate antagonists, the latter expressing profound, spiritual issues in the arena of counter-spiritual emotions and dispositions.
    As regards the so-called “feminist” position (of which we hear so much today), there are certain issues on which the Orthodox Christian (if not, perhaps, the rational individual) cannot yield. We do affirm and recognize an order, meaning, and functional differentiation in created things.

    Thus our Faith teaches us that the female is endowed by God with certain characteristics and tendencies that differ from those of men. (And this, rather than detracting from her, elevates her as part of the divine scheme. By no means does this teaching suggest or tolerate the relegating of women to some lowly status.) Moreover, our intellects and senses teach us that women and men differ.

    We border on the insane (not an unusual thing in these bizarre times) if we deny the biological roles of men and women in procreation. These roles are verified by the external, physical distinctions of gender.

    And even the most radical psychological portrayals of men and women readily admit to fundamental differences between the sexes in cognitive style and mental functioning. (Paradoxically enough, it is part of the feminist movement itself that psychological profiles and categories standardized on males are not appropriate in the assessment of female behavior.)

  43. Hoff July 24, 2009 @ 9:59 pm

    l can believe this … organ trafficking.



  44. KathJuliane July 24, 2009 @ 10:27 pm

    Dear Juan,

    Israhell has been very, very busy tracking down the not “Lost Tribes”. The Apostles certainly knew where the Dispersion was.

    A number of remnant Israelite communities located in various parts of the world pre-date the Lord’s incarnation, and therefore represent the older, Hebraic (Samaritan, Galilean, and later 9th c. Karaites who rejected the Talmud) and post-exilic traditions of Ancient Judaism prior to the rise of the Pharisee Rabbinate and the Babylonian Talmud which reached its final form about the 7th-8th c. AD, and rely on the written Torah, similar to the Israelite Samaritans in Palestine.

    Bene Israel

    The Jews of the Bombay region of India believe themselves to be descended from Jews who had escaped from the persecution of Antiochus Epiphanes (175-163 BCE) (See Ancient Judaism). Shipwrecked on the coast south of Bombay with nothing but oral relics of their religion, and entirely cut off from other Jews until the eighteenth century, they nonetheless called themselves Bene Israel “children of Israel” and succeeded in preserving a form of Judaism.

    They knew no Hebrew and did not have any Hebrew texts, but could recite the Shema and celebrated the sabbath day and some of the festivals. They practised circumcision and observed some of the dietary laws, but they also adopted Hindu practices such as not eating beef, prohibiting widows from remarrying [which is actually Scriptural…Prophetess Anna of Asher was 84 years old, and remained a widow after her husband of 7 years reposed] and a form of caste system.

    The early origins of this community are unknown. Under the British authorities they came into contact with other Jews, including the Cochin Jews (see Cochin Jews), and the first Bene Israel synagogue was built in Bombay in 1796.

    Joined by Jews from Europe and the Middle East, the Bombay community grew dramatically and the first synagogue was soon too small. A larger synagogue was built on the same site in 1860, and two more were built in other districts of Bombay by the end of the century. Before the emigration of the Bene Israel to Israel after 1948, they had more than 20 synagogues.

    Most now live in Israel, where there was controversy over their Jewishness until the Orthodox Chief Rabbinate decreed in 1962 that marriage with Bene Israel was permitted, and the Israeli prime minister issued a statement in 1964 that the government of Israel regards them as Jews in every respect. […]

    [Most of the ancient Israelite groups that are being located in various parts of Asia and Africa are not considered “completed” Jews, that is practicing Babylonian Talmudism under the Pharisee Rabbinate. This group had 19th c. rabbinic contact, which is probably why they were given a pass, and of course, Zionist politics and needing more laborers at the time.]

  45. The Prodigal Son July 24, 2009 @ 11:12 pm


    So the police have raided the office of the doctor who was (coincidentally I’m sure) with Jackson whem he died…

    I have heard that Jackson had just become a Muslim recently… Is this true ? Was his upcoming final tour going to be a venue for Jackson to express his views on the situation in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine ? (Soon to be Iran too if Israel gets their way) Was Jackson’s finale tour going to be politically charged ?

    Anyhow, the story about Jackson’s doctor being investigated by the L.A. County(?)Robbery/Homicide Division mentioned that he died from a powerful anesthetic (to be used only under supervision of a trained medical professional) called ‘Propofol’…

    So I looked up ‘Propofol’… and I found that it’s manufactured by a company named ‘Teva’…

    So then I looked up ‘Teva’, and when checked out their contact information… I discovered that the company’s main office is located in – wait for it – Israel !

    Is this significant ? I don’t know…

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    I also read that the father of the boy who had supposedly been molested… a Mr.’Chandler’ is also himself Jewish…

    And that his father had changed his name to ‘Chandler’ because his real name “sounded too Jewish” !

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Is it true ? I don’t know… but it sure wouldn’t surprise me much !

    Do you guys remember the story that Jackson was feeding the kids wine, and telling them that it was ‘Jesus juice’ ?

    You know – that’s sounding less and less believable to me all as time goes on !

  46. KathJuliane July 25, 2009 @ 12:22 am

    Greetings in the Lord, Prodigal Son,

    Jordan Chandler’s father is Jewish, mother is Asian. From p.2 of Sara’s link to an Oct 94 GQ issue carrying the Chandler accusation (very interesting expose, and the smell of gefilte fish all over the incident as well as the rest of Jackson’s life.)


    >Questions about whether Michael was framed.

    >Jul 23, 4:42 PM

    “Born Evan Robert Charmatz in the Bronx in 1944, Chandler had reluctantly followed in the footsteps of his father and brothers and become a dentist. “He hated being a dentist,” a family friend says. “He always wanted to be a writer.” After moving in 1973 to West Palm Beach to practice dentistry, he changed his last name, believing Charmatz was “too Jewish-sounding,” says a former colleague.

    Hoping somehow to become a screenwriter, Chandler moved to Los Angeles in the late Seventies with his wife, June Wong, (Jordan’s mother, remarried as Schwartz) an attractive Eurasian who had worked briefly as a model.” (page 2 of the online GQ article from Sarah’s link)

    It begins to take on the epic proportions of a grand Judeo-Masonic drama (including, I just noticed, the very odd naming of his children: Prince Michael I, Prince Michael II, and Paris Michael Katherine. Jackson and Princess Diana were very close friends before she was killed in…Paris. His widow is Jewish, and she was Jackson’s nurse before their marriage. I wonder if she was an RN, and if she has Israeli citizenship as well…)

    The Haretz daily in Israhell asked “Was Michael Jackson a friend of the Jews?” (translated “Was he good for the Jews?” in carrying the below link:

    June 30, 2009
    Michael Jackson and the Jews
    By Tom Tugend

    Michael Jackson’s life was full of contradictions, and his relationship to Jews and the Jewish community was no exception.

    He asked to be allowed to visit the Museum of Tolerance and its Holocaust exhibit one week before its opening in February 1993.

    Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the museum, took Jackson on a two-hour tour ending with the vivid exhibit on the Final Solution.

    “When he left the exhibit, Michael was crying, and he wrote me afterwards that he cried for weeks,” Hier recalled Monday.

    Two years later, Hier and Jackson corresponded again, but this time the tone was quite different.

    Jackson had just released an album, featuring the song “They Don’t Care About Us,” including the lyrics “Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/Kick me, kike me, don’t you black or white me.”
    Jackson met another notable rabbi, Shmuley Boteach, in 1999, and the two became fast friends and toured together to promote the Heal the Kids campaign.

    Boteach, now a media figure in his own right, spoke by phone during a family trip in Iceland on Monday, reminiscing about his “warm relationship” with the pop star.
    “We used to have him over for Shabbat dinners,” Boteach recalled. “At one point, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was visiting, and I wanted Michael to meet him.”
    “Any suggestions that Michael was not friendly to the Jewish community are inaccurate,” Boteach maintained, though he acknowledged that he had not talked to Jackson for the last few years.
    Close followers of Jackson’s permutations had a busy year in 2005. On the one hand, a taped phone conversation revealed that Jackson referred to two former business associates, both Jewish, as “leeches.”

    On the other hand, sharp-eyed observers spotted something new after Jackson emerged from a trial in Santa Maria, in which he had been acquitted of child molestation charges.

    As Jackson waved to his fans, clearly showing on his left wrist was a bendel, or red string, worn by Kabbalah adherents, particularly supporters of the celebrity-attracting Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles.
    These Kabbalah speculations were replaced in the past year with reports that Jackson had secretly converted to Islam, following the lead of his brother Jermaine and had chosen the new name of Mikaeel.
    Even after Jackson’s death, the Jewish angle has been resurrected with speculation on whether custody of his two older children (and of the estate they will inherit) will go to the pop star’s parents or the kids’ Jewish mother.

    She is Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s former nurse, his wife for three years and biological mother of 12-year old Prince Michael I and Paris Michael Katherine, 11, who under Jewish law are also considered Jewish.

    A third child, Prince Michael II, was born of a surrogate mother, whose identity has not been revealed.

    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff on Monday granted temporary guardianship of the three children to Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson.
    To add a bit more spice, a British newspaper has resurrected an old story on Rowe’s alleged claim that she was impregnated artificially by semen other than Jackson’s. [The children would still be considered Jewish, which would explain why the children are so fair.]

    Stay tuned for developments.”

  47. jgalindes July 25, 2009 @ 7:14 am

    @ Man of Peace

    Hope these articles may help all us to remember all the facts sorounding assassin Ariel Sharon’s aborted trial.

    As you may read from the papers below, while Belgium legal system could in all probabilities indict Sharon, heavy political pressure was thrown mainly from the USA and Israel proper against an all important eventual favourable decision, that could , at any rate, hinder the intentions and desires of all other future genocides to be, to commit such horrendous and heinous acts.

    But as “Bibi” stated at that time” it was another blood libel against the jew”…

    So let’s history go on with Israel undeterred war crimes .


    Universal Jurisdiction

    It is now widely accepted under international law that certain crimes are of such an egregious nature that states are able to prosecute individuals charged with committing them regardless of the nationality of the perpetrator and regardless of the geographic location where, or the time in which, the crime was committed. Such principle is predicated on the conviction that perpetrators of such hideous acts should not enjoy the same rights customarily accorded by society to common criminals.

    In June 2001, three lawyers representing 28 survivors of the massacre filed a lawsuit in Brussels against Sharon, holding him responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

    However, due to a loophole in Belgium’s law, the attempt was unsuccessful. Belgian law, under which the complaint was filed, is based on the legal concept of universal jurisdiction and states explicitly that immunity attached to a person’s official status is no bar for him being charged. It sets aside limitation of time, citizenship and status.

    The loophole through which Sharon slipped was that the accused ought to be in Belgium for Belgian courts to exercise jurisdiction. Attempts by Belgian legislators to close this loop are already under way.


    “…Rwanda Was the Trigger

    When it was passed unanimously by Parliament in 1993, Belgium’s war crimes law seemed anything but controversial, a mere legislative implementation of the 1949 Geneva Conventions protecting civilians in time of war.

    Under the principle of universal jurisdiction, neither the complainants nor the accused needed to be Belgian for a case to go forward. And because Belgium follows continental European legal systems, any private person can bring a criminal complaint, which a magistrate is required to investigate and then determine whether further action is warranted…”

    “…One week later, a group of Palestinians living in Lebanon filed a complaint against Sharon for his alleged role, when he was the Israeli defense minister, in the 1982 massacre of hundreds of refugees by Christian militiamen in the Sabra and Shatila camps outside Beirut.

    Many Belgians were not unhappy at the prospect of seeing Sharon in the dock.

    But the case plunged Belgium into a diplomatic crisis when then-Israeli Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu denounced the complaint as an anti-Semitic “blood libel” and recalled Israel’s new ambassador before he could take up his post. Sharon canceled an official trip to Brussels to visit the European Union headquarters.

    More and More Cases

    The case against Sharon was suspended after the International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled in a separate case that leaders of foreign governments had temporary immunity while in office…”


    This is a very well written report on the juridical details entailing Sharon prosecution.

  48. jgalindes July 25, 2009 @ 8:04 am

    Dear friends,

    Peter Myers in a radio interview on july 23rd, very interesting on holocaust and other subjects.

    Its a 2 hour show, and I’m in the process of hearing it.

  49. George Manuelian July 25, 2009 @ 9:46 am

    Here’s something to sink your teeth into:

  50. charlie July 25, 2009 @ 10:54 am

    “Do not mourn for me but for your children”

    There are consequences for the unprecedented reluctance of any one in authority, in the west or east, including someone just picking up a pair of Rosary beads and praying, to do anything about the endless atrocities being visited upon the children of Gaza, The West Bank, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Thus children in the west are being vaccinated into submission by their parents who don’t even have the heart to see what is being injected into their children, and even when they do know go ahead and do it anyway. This is surely a punishment from God.

    Adopt a child in Gaza or Iraq today. Pray earnestly for that child. Do it now! And maybe God will have mercy on YOUR children as well.

  51. charlie July 25, 2009 @ 5:00 pm

    Hi Br Nathaniel:

    for your consideration —

    the Jewish vaccine industry,

    the Jewish GMO industry,

    the Jewish holocaust in Gaza,

    the Jewish seed monopolization and pesticide, herbicide and artificial fertilizer industry,

    but why stop there ….it goes on forever!

    Did we mention the Jewish home repossessions by the Jewish banking cartels?

    How about the Jew controlled FEMA exercise coming up for July 29, 2009? They had one of those for 9/11/01.

    A jew recently asked me if I was antisemitic.

    I replied that Jews were anti-gentile.

    His response to that was that that was a given!

    – seems to accord with the above.

  52. jgalindes July 25, 2009 @ 5:43 pm

    Dear Father Joseph,

    Please tell me:

    If the Roman Catholic Church is in the Talmudic Conspiracy, why do those filthy jews want to tarnish more and more our image?

    Is anybody in good mind health going to believe the nonsense?

    Vatican teaching Hezbollah how to kill Jews – says
    pamphlet for IDF troops

    By Ofri Ilani

    The Pope and the cardinals of the Vatican help organize tours of Auschwitz for Hezbollah members to teach them how to wipe out Jews, according to a booklet being distributed to Israel Defense Forces soldiers.

    Officials encouraging the booklet’s distribution include senior officers, such as Lt. Col. Tamir Shalom, the commander of the Nahshon Battalion of the Kfir Brigade.

    The booklet was published by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, in cooperation with the chief rabbi of Safed, Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu, and has been distributed for the past few months.

    The booklet, titled “On Either Side of the Border,” purports to be the testimony of “a Hezbollah officer who spied for Israel.”

    “The book is distributed regularly and everyone reads it and believes it,” said one soldier. “It’s filled with made-up details but is presented as a true story. A whole company of soldiers, adults, told me: ‘Read this and you’ll understand who the Arabs are.'”

    The copy obtained by Haaretz included a Pesach greeting from Shalom, “in the name of the Nahshon Brigade.”

    The story is narrated by a man named Avi, who says he changed his name from Ibrahim after he left Hezbollah and converted to Judaism. Avi says he was once close to Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, and describes Hezbollah’s purported close relationships with the Vatican and European leaders.

    The IDF Spokesman’s Office said in a statement: “The book was received as a donation and distributed in good faith to the soldiers. After we were alerted to the sensitivity of its content, distribution was immediately halted.”

    According to the book, Nasrallah was invited to join a delegation to tour France, Poland and Italy, including the Vatican. Nasrallah could not refuse an invitation from the Vatican, Avi explained: “We knew [the Pope] identified with Hezbollah’s struggle.”

    The book describes the alleged visit of Hezbollah officials to Auschwitz, led by the Vatican: “We came to the camps. We saw the trains, the platforms, the piles of eyeglasses and clothes … We came to learn … Our escort spoke as he was taught. We quickly explained to him: Every real Arab, deep inside, is kind of a fan of the Nazis.”

    The booklet also describes how European politicians and journalists ostensibly work against Israel.

    “Our escort introduced us to important figures who identify with our causes. Rich people, people with authority … They allocate big budgets to all sorts of Israeli organizations that erode the standing of the IDF … We have a special budget for encouraging politicians and journalists who serve our purposes. Every opinion piece that conforms to our position is rewarded generously.”

    Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu, the son of former Sephardi chief rabbi Mordechai Eliahu, is known for his extremist views, and was once charged with incitement to racism after calling for the expulsion of all Arab students from Safed College after a terror attack in the area.

    The younger Eliahu was also behind an online video in which he described the “miracle of our matriarch Rachel,” whom he claims appeared before Israeli soldiers in Gaza to warn them of booby-trapped buildings during Operation Cast Lead.

    “In some of the places we went in Gaza there was a woman who warned them … ‘Did they tell you who I am,’ she said, ‘I am the matriarch Rachel,” Eliahu says in the video. He claims his father confirmed the veracity of the story, and told him that he had prayed to Rachel: “I told her: Rachel, there’s a war… Go to God, Blessed Be He, pray over the soldiers who sacrifice themselves for the People of Israel, so that they will strike and not be struck.”

    David Menahemov, an aide to Eliahu, claims the book is not fiction. “Avi is a real person and everything in the book is absolutely true,” insists Menahemov. “It’s a totally true story, I know the guy personaly. He’s an Arab, who even though he converted still acts like an Arab. We helped him to write and to translate it. We changed a few details to protect him and his family.”

  53. Hello July 25, 2009 @ 8:07 pm

    Michael Jackson was a talented artist who succumbed to a Hollywood that destroyed him and other stars, as well, such as Elvis Presley, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe. When the image or legend becomes more than the real person, it is time to exit. Why isn’t the real person good enough? The real person has to set his/her own terms and not the terms set by Hollywood.

    As Elton John explains below:

    Candle In The Wind

    “Goodbye Norma Jean
    Though I never knew you at all
    You had the grace to hold yourself
    While those around you crawled
    They crawled out of the woodwork
    And they whispered into your brain
    They set you on the treadmill
    And they made you change your name

    And it seems to me you lived your life
    Like a candle in the wind
    Never knowing who to cling to
    When the rain set in

    And I would have liked to have known you
    But I was just a kid
    Your candle burned out long before
    Your legend ever did
    Loneliness was tough
    The toughest role you ever played
    Hollywood created a superstar
    And pain was the price you paid
    Even when you died
    Oh the press still hounded you
    All the papers had to say
    Was that Marilyn was found in the nude
    [repeat chorus]

    Goodbye Norma Jean
    Though I never knew you at all
    You had the grace to hold yourself
    While those around you crawled
    Goodbye Norma Jean
    From the young man in the 22nd row
    Who sees you as something more than sexual
    More than just our Marilyn Monroe”

  54. Russian Orthodox July 25, 2009 @ 8:15 pm

    O Christ, The Lord, by Your Inner Peace,
    which is higher than any thought and word,
    Strengthen us and keep us fearless of evil,
    Equate us with Your true worshippers, who worship You in the Spirit and the Truth,
    For Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory.
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
    now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.

  55. Hoff July 26, 2009 @ 4:06 am

    The most disgusting thing l ever saw. He is a jew. WARNING! This is not for the faint-hearted.


  56. Hoff July 26, 2009 @ 4:18 am

    The Obama Timeline

  57. jgalindes July 26, 2009 @ 4:34 am


    Worth watching video, presenting Rolling Stone Magazine editor Tobbi explaining jewish Goldman-Sach’s criminal whereabouts.

    It’s a series of 6 short clips in rapid succession.

  58. Michael K. July 26, 2009 @ 9:01 am

    Dear RZN Christians,


    Please look at the photos I took during one of the few sunny days we have had this summer, about mid-July. It could not be any clearer what is going on. These aerial campaigns always lead to several days of overcast and rainy weather, and occasionally freak lightning storms.

    As the result of nearly constant aerial attack, this region is awash in water, unable to make hay, and facing potato blight. While at the other end of the extreme Texas is dying from drought.

    I believe the technology is applied in areas which will cause the jet stream to shift its pattern or likewise stay in a holding pattern of intentional design.

    God Save US.

  59. a Man of peace July 26, 2009 @ 9:55 am

    to jgalindes,

    Some very good research and links, I listened to the radio interview with Suzie from the patriot Dames.

    Some good information on the history of the world wars and Communism.

    Some very revealing quotes from Ben Gurion and their One World Ideology.

  60. jgalindes July 26, 2009 @ 10:08 am

    Dear RZN friends,

    Better read this important article on free speech.

    Today Israeli Zionists are tightening their grip even MORE on our freedom of speech. Israel will use this to take the cause to America next.

    A Zionist “think tank” in England that has US ties is submitting a report to re-define the term “Anti-Semitism” and make those “new terms” illegal.

    The report,submitted to the British Government from the European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism (EISCA) the Zionist think-tank which sets out to “monitor” Anti-Semitism in the “World.”

    This will be used against the Government, the Media, Universities and hundreds of Pro-Palestinian organizations, not to mention blogs and any protests the public decide to hold against the Zionist state Military actions in Palestine.

    Report title:”UNDERSTANDING AND ADDRESSING THE ‘NAZI CARD” may be found here:

  61. AntiPharisee July 26, 2009 @ 10:18 am

    Charlie wrote:
    A jew recently asked me if I was antisemitic. I replied that Jews were anti-gentile.
    New Phrases to Use:

    Stop anti-Christitism!!!
    Don’t be anti-Christitic!!!

  62. jgalindes July 26, 2009 @ 10:26 am

    a Man of Peace,

    You are welcome my friend.

    Please check Peter Myers’ website link and enjoy from his formidable research.

    Here you will find original photostatics of Ben Gurion’s rant on One World Jewish Government.

  63. Mariano July 26, 2009 @ 10:39 am

    Hello everyone,

    I just want to say that there seemed to be certain link between Michael Jackson and Chabad Lubavitch, I mean other than his friendship with R. Shmuley Boteach.

    In fact, many MJ’s songs (“We are the World”; “Heal the World”; “Black or White”, especially its video) present what I clearly perceive as a strong Noahide proselytism, which I came to realize a few years ago, when I watched the video at the following link:


    Could it be that MJ was blackmailed from the early eighties (I ignore on which basis) as to accommodate to Menahem Schneerson’s will that the promotion of the so-called Noahide laws had a further step taken through the voice of the then newly global sensation MJ?

    This perhaps would explain not only the lyrics in “They don’t care about us” but also the mysterious allusions in his large video production of “Ghosts”, all of them available to be watched at Youtube.

    I really don’t know whether MJ was guilty of pedophile acts, though I do think this wouldn’t be an impossible thing, since he was apparently abused by people which his father could have sold him to… I don’t know any of this with certainty. I mean there is some guessing here from my part. The Lord knows better.

    Finally, I really feel deeply sorry for MJ fate. May the Lord be merciful to him and to everyone in the day of his Judgment.

    I greet you all in Christ Jesus.

  64. Russian Orthodox July 26, 2009 @ 12:19 pm

    Michael Jackson – They Dont Care About Us

    Skin head, dead head
    Everybody gone bad
    Situation, aggravation
    Everybody allegation
    In the suite, on the news
    Everybody dog food
    Bang bang, shot dead
    Everybody’s gone mad

    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us
    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us

    Beat me, hate me
    You can never break me
    Will me, thrill me
    You can never kill me
    Jew me, sue me
    Everybody do me
    Kick me, kike me
    Don’t you black or white me

    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us
    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us

    Tell me what has become of my life
    I have a wife and two children who love me
    I am the victim of police brutality, now
    I’m tired of bein’ the victim of hate
    You’re rapin’ me of my pride
    Oh, for God’s sake
    I look to heaven to fulfill its prophecy…
    Set me free

    Skin head, dead head
    Everybody gone bad
    trepidation, speculation
    Everybody allegation
    In the suite, on the news
    Everybody dog food
    black man, black male
    Throw your brother in jail

    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us
    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us

    Tell me what has become of my rights
    Am I invisible because you ignore me?
    Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now
    I’m tired of bein’ the victim of shame
    They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name
    I can’t believe this is the land from which I came
    You know I do really hate to say it
    The government don’t wanna see
    But if Roosevelt was livin’
    He wouldn’t let this be, no, no

    Skin head, dead head
    Everybody gone bad
    Situation, speculation
    Everybody litigation
    Beat me, bash me
    You can never trash me
    Hit me, kick me
    You can never get me

    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us
    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us

    Some things in life they just don’t wanna see
    But if Martin Luther was livin’
    He wouldn’t let this be

    Skin head, dead head
    Everybody gone bad
    Situation, segregation
    Everybody allegation
    In the suite, on the news
    Everybody dog food
    Kick me, strike me
    Don’t you wrong or right me

    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us
    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us

    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us
    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us

    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us
    All I wanna say is that
    They don’t really care about us

  65. Mariano July 26, 2009 @ 2:16 pm

    In case the link to the Noahide video hasn’t work, here is another:

    This is what I behold as a PsyOp masterminded by Lubavitchers Rabbis, with MJ being a tool in the eighties and early nineties, after which he may had refused to go on with the show (see my previous post).

  66. jgalindes July 27, 2009 @ 4:46 am

    RZN readers and friends,

    There is a crescent worry that H1N1 influenza virus be man made, that’s to say a bioengineered weapon of mass depopulation.

    I don’t know, but may be important to read following article and documents presented:




    Apparently “they” are using WHO to enforce global vaccination with a purported contaminated vaccine (Baxter, Novartis…etc).

    Is this another psy-op designed to drive us more vulnerable/malleable??

    Observe that Ms. Jane Burgemeister has filed criminal charges against the president of the USA, David Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bush,…etc.

    A little bit difficult one to win, isn’t it?

  67. Indian in the machine August 1, 2009 @ 3:46 pm


    Indian in the machine – Was Michael Jackson’s death, an assassination?

    Heart failure can be induced with electromagnetic beams from satellites and in fact, electromagnetic weaponry is commonly used especially in the middle east war zones. Russian FSB already tracked an electromagnetic beam to Michael Jackson’s house on June 25, 2009.

    For more information please visit Sorcha Faal @

    I N D I A N I N T H E M A C H I N E




  68. czarina August 1, 2009 @ 6:04 pm

    There may be even more to the story…how very sad

  69. Rob August 2, 2009 @ 11:29 pm


    David Letterman’s hate is as old as some ancient Hebrew prophets.

    Speaking of anti-Semitism, it’s Jerry Falwell and other fundy leaders who’ve gleefully predicted that in the future EVERY nation will be against Israel (an international first?) and that TWO-THIRDS of all Jews will be killed, right?

    Wrong! It’s the ancient Hebrew prophet Zechariah who predicted all this in the 13th and 14th chapters of his book! The last prophet, Malachi, explains the reason for this future Holocaust that’ll outdo even Hitler’s by stating that “Judah hath dealt treacherously” and “the Lord will cut off the man that doeth this” and asks “Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother?”

    Haven’t evangelicals generally been the best friends of Israel and persons perceived to be Jewish? Then please explain the recent filthy, hate-filled, back-stabbing tirades by David Letterman (and Sandra Bernhard and Kathy Griffin) against a leading evangelical named Sarah Palin, and explain why most Jewish leaders have seemingly condoned Palin’s continuing “crucifixion”!

    While David, Sandra, and Kathy are tragically turning comedy into tragedy, they are also helping to speed up and fulfill the Final Holocaust a la Zechariah and Malachi, thus helping to make the Bible even more believable!

    (For even more stunning information, visit MSN, Google etc. and type in “Separation of Raunch and State,” “Michael the Narc-Angel,” “Bible Verses Obama Avoids,” and “Hate Bill Favoritism.”)

  70. Mariano August 5, 2009 @ 4:55 pm

    Jane Bürgermeister has personally posed the question of whether this Sorcha Faal who wrote on MJ’s assassination by the CIA is a disinformer agent of the CIA itself, whose main goal would be to discredit the charges of bioterrorism and mass murder filled by Bürgermeister against Obama, WHO, UN et al. in relation with the Swine Flu by falsely associating her with this story about MJ being willing to use his London truncated concerts to sound the alarm about these plans of the elite.

    Please, before giving any credit to this new ager, this “Sorcha Faal”, do a wise research on the Web about her and see what Bürgermeister had to say about this alleged MJ connection to her filling of charges!

  71. Paul Isaac (NYsentinel) August 10, 2009 @ 6:07 pm


    Dan Wallace was the son of Lt. Robert Wallace, a NYC firefighter who perished in the 911 attacks. Dan realized that the story the government gave his family was fraudulent. He became an ardent 911 Truth Activist, a powerful speaker, and a leader in the fight to expose the lies and bring his father’s killers to justice. Dan vowed not to stop until the end, but it was an end that came much too soon for this brave and noble young hero.

    The film “Dedicated” was made with Dan Wallace, and was made for Dan Wallace well before he was taken from us. This is a tribute to one who has fallen and who leads us still.

    I only wished Danny could have seen how these people turn things around and use people. Danny was a smart kid and very reasonable to talk to, and he will sit and listen to someone side to a story in a debate. But when he called me to look at the Loose Change video, I some what believed in some of it, but that was because I had no clue about anything Loose Change was telling me, so I kept an open mind and did some research of my own.

    I also told Danny about my doubts but he seemed so caught up in this “Movement for Truth” he was almost blind to it. It was like they told him what to think and when you are always with someone (this someone was Luke) that tells you how to think, and always has something to say about what experts say, I guess you can be blinded.

    To me Danny just wanted the truth and the answer to why his father died. But he got caught up in these theories instead and was steered away from the truth and blinded by these people.

    As far as how Danny died, the police did say it was natural. What out family was told by the autopsy was because of the overdose of unknown pills, sleeping pills, or downer pills. Our family is not sure of what kind of pills he took, but because of a combination of that and his heart disease which we were unaware of until his death, that is what caused his death. Heart disease and taking those pills.

    His girl friend Sabrina Rivera was with him the night he died. She is heavily into the movement.

    “I do not know the full story of what happened to my nephew; but from what we, my family, were told by Danny’s girl friend Sabrina Rivera (what I am about to tell you I am still so confused about because her story changed so much into what happened or what he or she did that night, only Sabrina Rivera really knows).

    Version 1: Danny stayed over at her house that night in Queens and was having trouble breathing. Sabrina Rivera thought nothing of it, and just let him sleep, and in the morning she found him very blue and called 911.

    Version 2: Danny was having trouble sleeping so he took some sleeping pills. He was having trouble breathing. Sabrina Rivera thought nothing of it, so in the morning when she woke she found him blue and not breathing.

    Version 3: Sabrina Rivera and Danny had just got back from a party and Danny had bought the pills at the party from someone, took them to help him fall asleep. He took 1, then said “These pills aren’t working,” so took about 15 or some stupid amount of these pills; and later that night was having trouble breathing. Sabrina Rivera waited ’til morning when she woke and saw he was blue and not breathing.

    Version 4: Danny had bought these pills from this kid, and Sabrina Rivera is unsure how many pills he took, or what kind they were, but the pills had some numbers on it. In the morning she found him blue and not breathing.

    Now after his death our friends were telling all different kind of things that Sabrina Rivera had told them what happened. These were the versions I heard had happened. So many things went in my mind — theories. I wanted to put blame but I don’t know the truth. I do know she knows more to what happened then she was telling us.

    But she loved Danny, and Danny loved her, she went out with Danny for years. I believe it was 7 or 8 years they have been seeing each other. What really kills me though, I hear now she is currently with this Luke kid the one that was suppose to be Danny’s newly found best friend who dragged him into the truth911 movement! I am so outraged by this, but I keep quiet because of my family.

    Our family is together as a whole, but Danny’s mother and my mother (Danny’s grandmother) wants to believe in truth911 movement because Danny believed in it so much as they see it. To me, he was almost brain-washed and being feed misinformation by them. But they are mothers, what are they suppose to do?

    Shortly after Danny’s death, Dan was suppose to do a speech for the truth911 in Las Vegas, but because of his death his mother went there to speak for Danny.

    Also what got me, was when Danny was alive the truth 911 was telling Danny they will be making a movie about all of this, and he was going to be in the movie. It really seemed to me like they used Dan. Their videos on you tube of Dan really shows it. They used Danny and his father’s name so they can push their own ideas on people.

    It is not a movement for truth, but a movement for their thoughts and propaganda to be pushed on victims of 911 and the American people.

    You know what really p****s me off about this? It’s not that Luke lied about Dan’s death or Infowars is using a corpse for their gains, but that I am completely unshocked by this entire situation. I’ve been dealing with these psychos for over a year and seen their tactics. This does not surprise me.

    A few weeks after this turbulent meeting Dan Wallace died (or was killed) and “We Are Change” initiated when Luke and Les Jamieson, the leader of 9/11 “Truth” parted ways. 

    * Suijuris InfoWarrior: 9/11 A Legal Holiday?

    Jul 9, 2008 .. Sabrina A. Rivera Treasurer – Founder 

    * Rivera Sabrina – Email, Address, Phone number, everything …Jun 17, 2009 .. Sabrina Rivera: Luke Rudkowski’s GF ! “Americans want to throw off that ideological .. -Options

    * “The 9/11 Movement in NYC is really strong, both in this group, and in the other important group, We Are Change. I’m active with both groups, as a part of laying the groundwork for planning the big 9/11/09 conference, “Real Change and Transparency.”

    — Les Jamieson
    National Coordinator
    NYC Ballot Initiative / NYCCAN”

  72. Victoria August 12, 2009 @ 8:58 am

    Rob, it is people like you and Jerry Falwell, who are going to be killed for being the sick jerk that you are and wishing death on innocent men, women and children! In fact, you are dead inside already!

    It is the so-called Christians like you and him that are guilty of treachery for openly professing to support Israel and, while privately only praying for the mass murder of its people and continuation of conflict in the Middle East.That’s the whole reason why they are supporting Zionism. So people like that do indeed deserve to be ridiculed and exposed for what they are.

  73. salv August 14, 2009 @ 1:02 am

    Everyone saying that MJ may have been a pedophile because he was abused is off. The vast majority of people who were abused growing up do the complete opposite as they wouldn’t wish that on anyone. What happens over that outdated saying? The victims become the victims of that stereotype and then others treat them like they are going to abuse which creates even more emotional trauma on the person.

    All the psychopaths that murdered and claimed it was abuse as a child, one thing people have to remember is, psychopaths are usually compulsive liars that will always come up with something else to blame.

    May MJ rest in peace and I hope justice is served.

  74. LoveHimMore August 14, 2009 @ 5:03 am

    When you said police inspected Michael Jackson’s genitals and found “strong similarities” with the description Jordy Chandler gave them, you are so very wrong. There was no match, and Jordy Chandler was even wrong about circumcision.

    Read Michael Jackson Conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones. Also the GQ article by Mary Fischer. Those are extremely well-researched and factual exposes of the fact that Michael Jackson was always innocent and was set up by the powers that be, who were after his money.

    That’s why a jury declared him Not Guilty of all charges. There can be no doubt that Michael Jackson was always an innocent victim of extortion and greed if one will just do some homework and check the facts! The same greedy people that exploited Michael Jackson also destroyed and eventually killed him. Don’t believe the BS they’ve been spewing about this innocent man in their tabloid media machine.

  75. Paul Isaac (NYsentinel) August 17, 2009 @ 6:59 am

    Is this the new director of NYCCAN ?

    These comments were located at Jerusalem Post / Posner blog

    11  |  Ted Walters, Tuesday May 26, 2009

    “Amalek killed the old and the weak who traveled at the rear of Israel. They have no mercy. We see examples of this over and over. I have never seen a Jew run into a Arab wedding and blow everyone up.

    “On 9/11 everyone watched as Iran, the Palestinians and all of the other Arab nations celebrated the murder of over 3000 Americans who have been supplying money and food to the UN to distribute to the Arab people. And they celebrated that murder. They are Amalek.

    When they are not killing Jews and the rest of the world they are happy to kill each other as Shiites and Sunnis. GO SMITE AMELEK.”

    12  |  Ted Walters USA, Tuesday May 26, 2009

    “It never ceases to amaze me when Palestinians or Muslims is general accuse Israel of mass murder. We see evidence of thier violence in every country in the world. Riots and killing all over Europe, Asia, Russia and the US. And every time you see it Muslims are there. They even kill each other over Sunni and Shiite opinions.

    Moderate Muslims have proven themselves unable or unwilling to stand against Islam and by proxy become baby producers for future radical Islamists. Israel my brothers we are to prepare to defend ourselves. The time is short. We recognize who you are AMELEK !!”

    Written by the new NYCCAN Director ?

  76. BradleyJones August 25, 2009 @ 11:23 pm

    Michael Jackson was framed by a Jew. He was NOT a child molestor.

    Link below:

    Please do not be like the sheeple who follow the media and believe MJ was a child molestor.

    This talented but emotionally sensitive man was chewed up and spit out by the Zionist machine generating them lots of $$$$$. $$$ generated first from music, then from controversy. He was merely their pawn.

  77. Dawood August 28, 2009 @ 1:58 am

    P Diddy had very precisely described the genius of Michael Jackson: “He showed that you can actually see the beat. He made the music come to life. He made me believe in magic.”

    Check other notable tributes paid to Michael Jackson by peers:

  78. anne August 31, 2009 @ 8:16 am

    “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” by Aphrodite Jones is a great book.

    I like some of MJ songs but not really a fan of him. Hearing many awful news about him on media make me sympathetic for him. It seemed like nothing good in this man.

    Fortunately, after 9/11 I know that “just because you saw it on tv or read it in a newspaper, it doesnt make it a FACT !”

    After reading Aphrodite’s book, I know I am right, the way the mainstream media tried to put him down is beyond disturbing…

  79. renita fluellen September 12, 2009 @ 6:34 pm

    Yeshua the Messiah is returning back to the earth to remove his own.

    The sheep and the goats is the judgment that is now going on. Repent to all is all that can be said. The day of the Lord is near. There is no other power but the power of God who is Jesus(Yeshua is Jesus in Hebrew) and Jesus is representing God.

    Keep on complaining or read your Bibles, the New Testment and save your lives, because Satan hates all human beings.

    That is why people like me who are real saturday servants die or are persecuted to save the world from satan’s deceptions.

  80. Yakoub Purches September 15, 2009 @ 5:41 am

    Michael Jackson died a Muslim. He converted recently after his Brother Jermaine Jackson, also a Muslim revert. Michael’s shahada was reported by the British press at the time.

  81. MJMurdered September 17, 2009 @ 5:08 pm


    Michael WAS in great physical shape when he took that 5 HOUR PHYSICAL. No insurance company wants to LOSE MONEY. So, let’s go to the people who took OUT the insurance, AEG Live Concert Promoters. AEG said Michael passed with “flying colors” which I believe HE DID.

    AEG had Dr. Murray on THEIR PAYROLL – Murray a heart doctor who DID NOT KNOW HOW TO PERFORM CPR. Who knows about CPR holding up a person back? AEG WILL RECOVER THIS MONEY IN THE INSURANCE POLICY.

    AEG was PAYING Michael’s RENT – in a home with no phone working in his bedroom. AEG will recover this money IN THEIR INSURANCE POLICY,



    But here’s the kicker on the TYPE of insurance coverage.

    AEG boss: Jackson insurance covers OVERDOSE but NOT if he died of NATURAL causes. -music/

  82. MJMurdered September 17, 2009 @ 5:47 pm

    Also, you have some facts correct but you are wrong on others. Such as MJ did suffer from a rare skin disorder called Vitiligo. With MAKEUP he was able to transform himself to continue his career. For anyone else, that would have been the end to his career.

    The Pepsi commercial that resulted in 3rd degree burns to his scalp could have also ended his career since it burned off most of his hair. But he had a hair extensions and reconstructive surgery on his scalp. His hair was not his real hair as he lost most of it when Pepsi set him on fire.

  83. rosa October 20, 2009 @ 7:19 am

    On respecting and honouring the departed Michael Jackson, once a living human beng, a person, everyone especially MIchael Jackson fans,


    Only AEG and “handlers” will get richer in $$$$ from the movie!!

    Insane and inhumane to rob, steal, profit from a dead person.

  84. Denise February 14, 2010 @ 4:24 pm

    What I can’t understand –

    If MJ did what people are saying about Jordon C. now, and if I was the parent, then I would want him behind bars for life. So I do believe it was all about the money because MJ had alot of it and he loved kids.

    So, really you need to read alot of his books. You will understand what he was trying to say. Not only that, he had 3 kids of his own and no judge would let him have them, and I don’t care how much money he had.

  85. Patula March 14, 2010 @ 9:02 pm

    First of all, everyone on this site please purchase a book called Redemption by Ms. Geraldine Hughes who was the legal secretary to Mr. Barry Rothman who was the lawyer to the Chandler family in the first child molestation case. Mr. Evan Chandler, and this is the truth, drugged his own son Jordan and put him up to telling lies.

    I will be glad when he makes his own apology again. Yes, Jordan Chandler did in fact come forth a few months ago, and he admitted that he lied. He allowed his own dad to put him up to this.

    MJ was getting his life together before he died. Who knows exactly what happened only God. If God knows he was murdered because he was becoming too successful, then God will bring it to light. All of us need to recognize and pray for his three children. The media needs to keep their noses out of the Jackson family business period and so do some of you all. No offense.

    We do not know everything about everybody. Sites such as TMZ, the National Enquirer as well as many others are false and misleading.

    Michael Jackson was coming out of the music business for good after his This Is It tour. I believe that he was, in a way, setup. Dr. Tohme Tohme was introduced into his life in order to get his finances together. A close friend or relative based on actual truth did this to Mr. Jackson.

    Michael wanted to get himself out of the business because he had discovered the corruption that went on. Yes, he was a great artist, but he knew and encountered alot like so many others do. The truth. He never sang songs that devalued humanity like alot of these “so-called” singers of today. He sang about positive and uplifting people.

    No one is perfect except God. Enough already. I want to tell you all something. You must hear this and I pray that one day people will learn that Michael was being set up by Mr. Tom Sneddon who was the former District Attorney in Santa Barbara California. In Ms. Hughes book Redemption, she tells the truth about how he plotted along with two other people in his department to bring down an entertainer.

    Yes yes yes he did. Now, he had ample time to apologize but see he has yet to do so. So, Michael died because I believe he wanted to help alot of people and they never wanted a man to succeed who owns half of Sony and worked hard the honest way to get what he had.

    He could have cheated alot of people. Yet, we never ever talk about the good that he has done in terms of helping families. See, greed was what Mr. Sneddon had in mind when he got the FBI to send forty or more law enforcement officers to Neverland. He and Diane Diamond now of Entertainment Tonight had a personal vendetta against Michael Jackson.

    Read this website and you will all learn the truth which should have been believed a long time ago. Too little too late now for all of the so-called apologies. Everyone who he has truthfully and sincerely helped and turned their backs on him. Shame on you. Your time will come think before you hurt someone else. HMMMM.

    In Redemption, we learn that Ms. Hughes witnessed the extortion plan against the King of Pop. Go to and all of you on here will truthfully learn the sick mind of Evan Chandler who used Michael in order to get money for his own movie deal. Oh yes, Chandler was not innocent at all.

    Mr. Sneddon met the family of the second boy in a parking lot and told them to say that Michael had exploited his friendship with the Arvizo boy and then told the Mexican mother to tell the authorities that Michael Jackson had molested her son. It was all a lie.

    Mr. Beshir made that sick documentary himself and admitted to lying on Mr. Jackson. See, Michael beat him at his own game by having a video made there. He then took it to his PR person Ms. Raymond Bain. She was upset and had Maury Povich redo a documentary because Mr. Beshir had twisted the questions to trick the King of Pop. How sad. Mr. Povich told the truth in a rebuttal of what the first reporter said.

    Now, Ms. Hughes spoke with a former bodyguard of Michael Jackson’s and he told the truth. When children came to Neverland, Michael never slept with them. He had a sleeping bag and he slept in another room by himself. The media took what he said and twisted his own words. The bodyguard had his own sleeping bag. There are others to back up this story as well.

    Ms. Hughes has another book coming out called Michaelgate. It is the truth. Believe me nothing that Ian Halperin, Rabbi Boteach, or any of those so-called friends of Michael’s even Dr. Klein bigmouth swine says is true.

    Stop allowing the gossip websites to paint a picture of Michael Jackson for you. They have lied and sent an innocent man to the grave. Before I finish, I learned and it is true that Michael Jackson accepted God into his life before leaving this earth. It is true.

    He also did not hire the doctor but AEG did it and they did it in May just before the concerts. See, everyone knows that Michael had health issues that can be documented so not all of the time but on occasions he took prescription meds. Think about it he had lupus, several physical falls on the stage he had a band to prove this, and vitiligo. He had pain from when the police threw him in jail. He was locked in a men’s bathroom for forty-five minutes when they conveniently arrested him back in 03.

    See before you speak about someone that you do not know learn the facts. Then, you can start talking. His spiritual advisor said that he was getting alot of people out of his own life before he passed.

    Now, Dr.Tohme Tohme who was his financial advisor was fired in May of 09 when Michael learned that this fraud, who set MJ up for those fifty concerts when he only wanted to do ten, stole his own belongings from Neverland and attempted to sell them at an auction called Julien’s.

    They told the press, and many people did not know this. Now, this Lebanese business man has lied several times. He told people that he was an Ambassador to Senegal. He needs to be checked out thoroughly because he does not want to reveal his identity. But God knows who this buffoon is.

    He went into Michael’s account. Michael could not talk to his own lawyers, PR person, alot of his staff was fired not by Mr. Jackson but by Tohme Tohme. He had taken over Michael’s life. This man has close to twenty aliases. He needs not to be ignored. Michael hired a long-time friend Mr. Rowe who he could trust and was truthful to handle his finances.

    See, Michael was waking up to people who have hurt him. I know that he was getting himself together. Dr. Murray was hired by AEG and not Michael Jackson. He is also a liar. He blamed his own debt on the singer, but he is the one who was in debt before he met Mr. Jackson. The AEG took out an overdose policy and have done some things behind MJ’s back.

    They were more concerned about a concert than a man’s health. There are people who worked on This Is It and they cannot speak about alot of things. Although some of them have told the truth, they have to say things off the record or they will lose their jobs. Michael wanted to rest his body, and they did not want this.

    He told the promoter that he wanted to make changes, but they never listened. He could not hire his own dancers, and even wardrobe person.

    I’m not lying Mr. Rowe knows the truth. AEG brought all of those people in Mr. Branca who was fired by Michael and the other lawyer to.

    If this mess ever comes out, I pray it will. Stay tuned.

  86. Zionist Pig April 25, 2011 @ 8:46 am

    The problems of the world are caused by Zionists

  87. Ben W. May 31, 2011 @ 4:20 pm

    Still amazes me how the non-white community believes the Jews are on their side (victim for victim).

    Of course, we all know that Jews are only on one side, their own.

    Jews care about Jews and only Jews. And they are very good at exploiting non-whites and every other “victim” group to further their own Jew-serving agenda.

  88. Vigoratus June 13, 2011 @ 12:16 pm

    Russia’s FSB Reports Pop Icon Michael Jackson Assassinated By CIA

    FSB sources are reporting to President Medvedev today that American pop icon Michael Jackson was “most assuredly” assassinated by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after an examination of data transmitted by a Russian Military’s Kosmos 2450 satellite show “conclusively” that immediately prior to the music star’s death in Los Angeles an electromagnetic pulse consistent in pattern to EMR weapons looted from the former Soviet Union by the United States was employed at the “exact coordinates” of the rock star’s home.

    To the type of technology being perfected by the US Military-Industrial Complex based upon former Soviet Union research used in these kinds of assassinations we can read about as reported by Cheryl Welsh, president, Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, in her landmark 2001 report “Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Weapons: As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb”, and which says:

    “A newly declassified U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report says – extensive Soviet research into microwaves might lead to methods of causing disoriented human behavior, nerve disorders or even heart attacks…. A copy of the study was provided by the agency to The Associated Press in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The Pentagon agency refused to release some portions of the study, saying they remain classified on national security grounds.”

    Even more importantly, since Ms Welsh’s landmark report in 2001, the US has continued perfecting this insidious technology they’ve named Active Denial System (ADS), and as we can read as reported by New Scientist in their 2005 report titled “US Military seeks new non-lethal weapon; the prototype of the phaser?”, and which says:

    “The US military is funding development of a weapon that delivers a bout of excruciating pain from up to 2 kilometres away. Intended for use against rioters, it is meant to leave victims unharmed. But pain researchers are furious that work aimed at controlling pain has been used to develop a weapon. And they fear that the technology will be used for torture.”

    To the ‘final’ employment of these weapons [3rd photo, left] we can also read:

    “In January 2007, Theodore Barna, an assistant deputy undersecretary of defense for advanced systems and concepts told Reuters that “We expect the services to add it to their tool kit. And that could happen as early as 2010.”

    Apparently the military is still unsure about ADS after all the tests. Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne didn’t help clarify the issue when he suggested that the military should use the “pain ray” at crowds in the United States before deploying it in Iraq.

    It would be hard to imagine that Americans would be feeling okay about trying such weapons on themselves even if they believe they are not lethal.

    Wagner suggested a new nickname for the weapon; the “death ray,: since it’s well-known that exposing mammals to microwaves make them explode. He sent an email all around the U.S. in which he used a live example to prove his theory.”

    To the reason behind the CIA needing to assassinate Michael Jackson, these reports continue, was an out of court settlement the pop icon signed with son of the king of Bahrain, Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa, this past November in London, and which stated, in part, that in exchange for millions of dollars previously lent to Mr. Jackson by the Sheikh, Mr. Jackson would allow his sold-out United Kingdom concerts to be a “platform” for warning the World of a soon to occur mass genocide event.

    Both Michael Jackson and Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa have been long standing supporters of the fearless Austrian investigative journalist, Jane Burgermeister, who is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway, and as we can read:

    “Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder.

    “She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.

    “In her charges, Burgermeister presents evidence of acts of bioterrorism that is in violation of U.S. law by a group operating within the U.S. under the direction of international bankers who control the Federal Reserve, as well as WHO, UN and NATO.

    “This bioterrorism is for the purpose of carrying out a mass genocide against the U.S. population by use of a genetically engineered flu pandemic virus with the intent of causing death. This group has annexed high government offices in the U.S.

    “Specifically, evidence is presented that the defendants, Barack Obama, President of the U.S, David Nabarro, UN System Coordinator for Influenza, Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, David de Rothschild, banker, David Rockefeller, banker, George Soros, banker, Werner Faymann, Chancellor of Austria, and Alois Stoger, Austrian Health Minister, among others, are part of this international corporate criminal syndicate which has developed, produced, stockpiled and employed biological weapons to eliminate the population of the U.S. and other countries for financial and political gain.

    “The charges contend that these defendants conspired with each other and others to devise, fund and participate in the final phase of the implementation of a covert international bioweapons program involving the pharmaceutical companies Baxter and Novartis.

    “They did this by bioengineering and then releasing lethal biological agents, specifically the “bird flu” virus and the “swine flu virus” in order to have a pretext to implement a forced mass vaccination program which would be the means of administering a toxic biological agent to cause death and injury to the people of the U.S. This action is in direct violation of the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act.”

    Interesting to note, too, is on the day of Michael Jackson’s assassination, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that their mathematical models show over 1 million Americans have contracted swine flu and that of the 58,000 confirmed cases around the World the US has over half of them, and even worse, Emergency Containment Areas are now being reported being set up in that troubled country.

    Sadly though, and with an acknowledgement that this World star had led a much troubled life, it can never be taken away from Michael Jackson the real love he had for all of humanity and best expressed by him in the chorus of his anthem to the human race, We Are The World:

    Heal the world

    Make it a better place

    For you and for me and the entire human race

    There are people dying

    If you care enough for the living

    Make a better place for

    You and for me.

  89. Nan October 5, 2011 @ 3:35 pm

    John Lennon was also killed because he got too hot to handle, and John Denver dropped out of the sky over Monterey Bay (even though he was an expert pilot) for the same reason.

    Let’s not forget that MJ converted to Islam shortly before his death – a spit in the face to the Jews who were profiting mightily from his talents.

  90. Dave October 29, 2011 @ 4:25 am

    Rather than see the Jews as a very wicked, self centered, very bad people, your web site has really opened my eyes to see that God can never tell lies.

    What He says, shall come to pass. He said of the nation of Israel that they shall possess the gates of their enemies and shall dominate.

  91. Brother Nathanael October 29, 2011 @ 12:23 pm


    The “Israel of God” is THE CHURCH – NOT Christ Hating Jews! +BN

  92. Blackbutterfly October 30, 2011 @ 3:57 pm

    Michael Joseph Jackson professed his love of his Savior, and said: “I will never stop treating people the way Jesus said to treat people.” And the Jews hated him for this.

    Bye, Peace, and Joy.

    The universe is ours.

  93. Susie May 20, 2012 @ 11:45 am

    Even though Jackson tried in 1997 with his song ‘They don’t really care about us’ where he sang about his Jewish handlers, it was way too late.

    Dancing with the devil always leaves someone without a soul.

    When my sister told her Jewish husband she was (finally) moving out with her best friends and their son, the two friends ended up dead of a massive cocaine overdose, six times the amount to kill them. 3.9 m/dl is the highest dose in autopsies but 1.84 m/dl is six times that amount. And they didn’t use cocaine.

    So, with this ex, he didn’t murder my sister. He murdered her two friends who agreed she should marry him to have the ‘high life.’ In essence, he ‘murdered’ my sister.

    Now my sister lives every day knowing the ex will never go to prison. She wrote a book about it: ‘A Crime Worse Than Murder.’ She uses the real names of the culprits involved.

    Never sell your soul for money.

  94. ibrahim abdul nur February 10, 2013 @ 9:28 am

    I have read all & realize that Jackson was innocent about everything that was happening.

    And He is still a LEGEND in the eyes of many. One thing I cheered M J for, was his donation to the orphans, needy, charity etc.

  95. Quick corrections May 15, 2013 @ 9:40 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    I love all of your videos and articles and I really am a proud Christian and a huge fan of yours. I have to say that everything in this article about how surrounded Michael Jackson was surrounded by leeching Jews is 100% on the money and your research was impeccable as always.

    I also hate the moral degradation that the Jews are bringing forth into this country. However, I do think you were slightly off about Jackson himself. His visual transformation wasn’t due to anything the Jews did, but his own self-image issues he was dealing with combined with vitiligo, lupus, and who knows what else.

    Also, with regards to him being a pedophile, I can quite surely say that he was falsely accused.

    I’ve done many, many, many hours of research on just the cases themselves and I’ve seen all the evidence and lack thereof.. The truth of the matter is that, the man was just really child-like. He really, really loved kids. And contrary to your point, he’s actually cited Jesus multiple times as inspiration for his love of the innocence of children.

    The parents’ stories were filled with numerous holes and evidence of deceit. And the reason those pics you posted look off is because at that point, the combined effects of his previous operations and aging were catching up to him.

    If you look at footage of a younger him being with kids when he didn’t look creepy but actually looked quite good although very androgynous:

    You’ll see that it really was just genuine, fun. After watching all of his interviews and footage of the man over the decades, I find it nearly impossible to believe that he was even capable of doing what he was accused of.

    The truth of the matter is that he was taken advantage of by greedy parents and the Jew media. It was the Jew media that made him out to be some kind of perverted molester (although he made it easy as hell).

    In reality, he was a good person and the most philanthropic pop star of all time; supporting numerous charities that help the disadvantaged which is a teaching of Christ. A confused person with certain psychological issues sure, but he was a good person who embodied many of Christ’s teachings. His intentions were pure.

    I can only hope he actually accepted Christ before passing.

    I would really love it if you did a little more research on the more positive aspects of Jackson, the evidence of his innocence, and amended the article; but this article is a bit old so it may be a moot point anyhow.

  96. Quick corrections Part 2 May 15, 2013 @ 10:15 pm

    In addition to what I just typed, I thought I’d refute these statements just to get more specific:

    “He later revealed to a psychiatrist and the police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation, and oral sex…”

    But the boy’s father also admitted to giving his kid sodium amytal; a substance that is known to produce false memories. Needless to say, the boy was in a highly suggestive state.

    “… as well as giving a description of Michael Jackson’s genitals.”

    What you left out was that the boy also incorrectly described Jackson’s penis as circumcised when it in fact was not.

    In addition, an outside source reported that the description did not match at all.

    So really, the only word we have that the description matched is the few investigators who obviously had a bias against Jackson. Very flimsy, especially with all the other evidence pointing towards this being a conspiracy.

  97. @Muslima June 12, 2013 @ 11:19 am

    I will add a real proof that Jews are the ones behind his death.

    Michael Jackson was in Islamic Arabia for certain period of time before his death, which probably suggest that he embraced Islam and therefore was killed.

    In an interview with his sister, she emphasized a great change happened to him without mentioning that because when mentioned, people would embrace Islam like him and will single out that Jews are behind the scenes.

    Jewish Media company created his fans but does not want him to effect them. The poor guy did not realize the fact that Jews’ first enemy is Islam and embracing it would threaten his life. So the Jewish media created his fans and wanted him to effect them the way they like.

    When he crossed the line, he was killed so the fan manufactured by Jewish media would not be employed to serve Islam. Unlike Christians, Jews have no tolerance for Muslims. More over, he was killed by a Black to make it appeared as “normal” and far from suspicions of Jews who are usually white.

    Then something happened “over drugs,” and strangely the doctor is still out of the prison.

    This over thing happened to Princes Diana. She was close to a Muslim friend and probably pregnant. I assume that she was about to be Muslim or converted to Islam without publicizing it. She was killed with the same over thing ” over speed” and “over drinking driver.”

    you see?
    Masons or illuminati or what so ever Jewish society are doing very well. Islam would bring death to top famous / popular social icons.

  98. reinbeek January 15, 2014 @ 7:21 am

    Sad, sickening but interesting.

    Jews are useless as friends.

  99. Joy Ann July 6, 2014 @ 8:11 pm

    Charlie mentioned about Perth Australia about a hospital of dying children who wanted to meet Michael Jackson.

    Well, Michael was a great humanitarian and people don’t know that.

    If you go on you may find the video that I saw of Michael and his former wife (the Presley girl) in Romania in a children’s hospital. There was one child who needed some sort of surgery and Michael had his business manager to make sure that the child’s surgery was paid for.

    I have always enjoyed Michael Jackson’s songs from the time that he was a child to his adult hood. Michael told the truth and they killed him. Many great celebrities were murdered by the Jews and they will pay a terrible price for what they do and did.

    If you all listen to John Todd on he has a lot to say as well. He talks about Satanism. Also listen to former FBI agent who was an investigator on behalf of former Green Beret doctor Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald.

    His name is mentioned in the books and is on as well, but his name escapes me at the moment (senior moments this is terrible for me) and he speaks about Satanism and even about the Bush family and many other high ranking people in government, etc.

    This man speaks about the drug running along the East Coast of the US by the Bush clan and the Clintons, and it is mentioned about the drugs in Mena Arkansas when you go on and you will find out plenty.

    Music and film is mighty dangerous to get into and one becomes mighty corrupted and even ends in drugs, alcohol and death. Hollywood is derived from the holly stick used in magic and is a piece of wood. Hollyweird is right indeed.

  100. Joy Ann July 6, 2014 @ 8:49 pm

    If you go on there is a video of “what Jews did to Germany they are now doing it to America” and you must watch it.

    Yes it is all planned to take over the world and they have been doing quite a good job of it by demoralizing the people, and they have the power of the pen through their newspapers, radio and TV (Hollyweird movies, songs, etc.).

    Thank you all and this is a great site for so much information.

  101. Joy Ann July 7, 2014 @ 1:16 pm

    Yesterday I spoke about a former FBI agent who spoke about the drug running on the east coast of the US and his name is Ted L. Gunderson and he is mentioned in the books that a couple of authors wrote about the former Green Beret doctor who was accused of murdering his wife and children and his name was Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald.

    Ted Gunderson is on and speaks about everything and he even mentions a book by a Canadian author written in the 1950’s and it is called: “Pawns in the Game” and you can get it for free on PDF on your computers.

    The author of that book is called: William Guy Carr and it is all about communism infiltration in the US government. It is a must read.

    There is one other book called “Red Fog Over America” by the same author at the same time that the previous was written. You can even listen to William Guy Carr on speak and it is a very old speech from 1959.

    Ted Gunderson talks about Bush Sr. and others involved in pedophilia at the White House. Ted Gunderson was murdered by the powers that be and was poisoned. It is well worth looking into.

    JFK was killed by the same bunch because he wanted to bring in real money instead of the fake money that was backed by nothing at all. Everyone is a debt slave to these people who are the money changers – the money masters and I call them the banksters as in gangsters which they all are.

    They murdered former president Lincoln back in the 1860’s and they murdered pres. McInley among many others.

  102. junebug September 8, 2014 @ 10:34 pm

    I believe that MJJ was put here on this earth for such a time as this.

    While most self serving elite are in their own cocoon, partying, living it up, there are some of them that help and give to charities and quietly help individuals as well as physically assist in a national disasters, etc.

    But the scale & deep sincerity and the degree he was willing to put himself out that MJ showed was divinely ordained. It was always on his mind, and even though he was required by the elite secret society to dress provocatively and put messages in the music to influence the public to reject Christian values and live immoral lives.

    He somehow was able to get the messages of love and hope past his handler, apparently there is someone assigned to you to keep an eye on you, to encouraged us to love one another.

    He had the forum and used it well. I understand that he paid for people’s funerals, visited hospitals when he traveled, gave money to charities etc.

    I am so glad that I was able to discover the truth about MJ because for a while there i wasn’t sure…sometimes I thought he was guilty, and other times I felt he was innocent.

    Boy, using the news media really works and they can sway our opinions so easily because the network news and major newspapers have credibility and we have no way to do an investigation of our own because we are the worker bees and we are busy paying our taxes that are unproportionately saddled on the middle class.

    The Bible says we all are given gifts or talents when we are born and the kind of love MJ displayed comes from deep emotional pain and sensitivity.

    It has been said that he didn’t finish maturing into a full grown solid man, so they refer to him as being a man-child consequently his need to be around children so much, and other times a shrew businessman. They say he did a good job raising his kids, so kudos to him.

    Perhaps he had possibly multiple personality syndrome given the severe abuse he suffered. However, maybe some long term therapy could have helped. Remember Sybil with 13 personalities who was cured?

    God in his infinite wisdom knew who entrust the gift of caring for mankind to and since we only had him for a short time he did a good job! RIP MJJ.

  103. Dearson December 25, 2014 @ 6:43 am

    God is the real enjoy.

    While not enjoying the child-like-voice of Mikel Jackson, but always watching how his face got more and more unnatural: How sad. But, how wondering, his fans liked it.

    Guilty or not, believe him or believe the children’s words. Look to his father, look to Moneymakers, they drove him crazy. Poor Mikel.

    Thanks to Br. Nathanael also for this site.

    While reading about Mikel, finding a picture that reminds something which has to do with media and “fox”

  104. bj April 25, 2015 @ 2:08 pm

    No matter who threatens the establishment… they receive the wholly crosshairs.

    Michael (God bless his soul) was no exception.

    The crime lords doing Satan’s work will stop at nothing. All we can do is expose their unimaginable atrocities and pity their pathetic lives.

  105. ray November 8, 2015 @ 2:20 pm

    When a gullible soul falls to Khazar control
    He’s not likely to ever see freedom again
    Like a venomous spider they’ll wrap the outsider
    in tangles of sticky perversion and sin
    They’ll play on his pride saying they’re on his side
    and encourage his darkest obsession
    But should he ever slip they’ll have him in their grip
    And his life will become their possession.

  106. Joshua_Bowman August 20, 2016 @ 3:25 am

    Michael Jackson, he has influenced the whole world of music.

    ‘Man in the Mirror’ really deep song, best lyrics ever

  107. Tommy's Boots September 25, 2016 @ 9:35 pm

    For many of you stating that MJ loved Jesus, he was a Jehovah’s Witness who do NOT believe in the Trinity but believe Christ is Michael the archangel & created by God.

    This is not Christianity since we who are born again know Christ is God in the flesh.

    When one is not grounded in the truth of Scripture, they can be easily led and manipulated. While MJ had many good qualities, unfortunately he was not a born again believer and is not “resting in peace” which is the sad fate for all who reject Christ as Messiah – whether Jew or Gentile.

    Thank You, Lord Jesus for your sacrifice and promise of eternal life for all who accept You as Lord & Savior!

  108. Thinkmore November 22, 2016 @ 4:22 pm

    I have spent the last 7 years researching Michael Jackson.

    I read his book “Moon Walk” many times, as well as the books written by his brother Jermaine, Rabbi Boteach, and many other authors concerning Michael. I have much time reading old newspaper and magazine articles. And countless hours studying his live interviews and all video and recorded materials. I even spoke to Board Certified Physicians concerning his health issues, which he certainly did have.

    Consequently, there are two things I can say for sure.

    Michael Jackson wasn’t homosexual. He did not molest anyone. He did have vitiligo, which is an autoimmune disease. He also had lupus, another autoimmune disease. I am told that the burn he received, while filming the Pepsi commercial, could have triggered the lupus. However, he said that the vitiligo started between Off the Wall and Thriller. Which would agree with the current medical information.

    Vitiligo usually starts between the ages of 10-30. He was right in that age range when his started showing symptoms. His autopsy confirmed that he did have vitiligo. Furthermore, if you look at the footage from some of his concerts during the Off the Wall days you will notice that even then he wore the one glove to hide it.

    This disease is thought to be similar or, historically, even the same as leprosy. Which would explain his intentional effort to cover it up early on. Can you imagine how people would have responded to him with the burn on his head exposed and light spots all over his face and body. Need I say more?

    He was wise enough to understand this which is why he went through such extreme measures to cover it up. Michael Jackson was an extremely gifted, talented and blessed individual. A lot of people understood that and a lot of people had a very hard time accepting and understanding this fact. We all have to meet his same fate (death) one day.

    I’m just so sorry that Michael met his way too early and in such a violent way. The world has lost such a valuable treasure in Michael Jackson. It’s just ashamed that most of us are too blind to see it.

    Perhaps we will one day, if it’s not too late.

  109. Guy Rocky April 20, 2017 @ 10:47 pm

    Regarding the Jimi Hendrix comment by A Man Of Peace

    Jimi Hendrix died under very mysterious circumstances after meeting a woman named Monika Dannemann.

    This was shortly after he cut loose from his big record label, he wanted to be free from censorship and the big Fat Cats.

    “There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief.
    Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth,
    None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.”

    But those lyrics were written by famous Jew, Robert (Zimmerman) Dylan (although he did say that he had sold his soul to the devil in a later interview)

  110. Michael June 23, 2017 @ 12:29 am

    You might look into the close connection between Uri Geller, the Illuminist mind control doctor Andreya Pucharich, and the Esalen Institute, secretly run by the CIA.

  111. People February 13, 2019 @ 8:17 am

    What about Elizabeth Taylor?

    She converted to Judaism. Perhaps she was sent to “be-friend” Michael, all the while, polluting his mind, and getting him to live a more flamboyant lifestyle.

    Michael’s parents thought she was the one to get Michael on painkillers. She was also addicted to painkillers, and might have influenced Michael in that way.

    She also received lots of jewelry and donations to her AIDS charity. Michael might of paid for her 1.5 million dollar wedding. Lots of financial benefits there.

    People say she was a close friend of Michaels, but I think she was another bad influence that led to his downfall. Would love to read an indepth article about this.

  112. Lary February 13, 2019 @ 9:10 am

    In my opinion: Elizabeth Taylor was a factor in Michael’s downfall. She also converted to Judaism.

    I read in some of Michael’s biographies that Elizabeth was the person to introduce Michael to prescription drugs. I also read that Michael’s parents felt it was Elizabeth that got their son hooked on prescription drugs.

    They did not like Elizabeth in Michael’s life. Chandler’s father (don’t know if you can believe him, but) also said that Michael told him that Elizabeth said the drug just makes you feel happy. Conrad Murray (also don’t know if you can believe him) also stated that Elizabeth Taylor was the one to introduce these drugs to Michael.

    Remember, after the Pepsi accident I read in Michael’s biography that he REFUSED painkillers because of his Jehovah’s Witness beliefs. If prescription drugs led to Michael’s death, and she was the one to introduce it, then she is responsible for Michael’s gradual downfall. She herself was addicted. I believe Elizabeth was a bad influence in Michael’s life.

    Michael met Elizabeth around 1984?? (please correct). Things seemed to started to unravel around this time.

    I read somewhere that it was Elizabeth that encouraged Michael to move out of his parents home.

    If Michael never moved out he would not have had children all around him for them to accuse him of stuff. Living at home offered him some level of protection.

    I understand why he may have wanted to move out. But living with parents might have saved him from those allegations. Neverland was very expensive to upkeep.

    Did she encourage him to build something so unaffordable (my speculation)?

    All this didn’t help Michael financially. Again, a terrible influence it seems.

    It was also Elizabeth that told him to – lightened up (relax, basically), get in touch with his inner child.

    In a video footage she said it took her 5 years to get Michael to celebrate Christmas. Seems odd. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable celebrating Christmas, why would you keep at it for 5 years?

    Doesn’t sound like something a real friend would do. A real friend respects each others likes and dislikes.

    Michael later said that he cried in the bathroom after celebrating his first Christmas, because he felt he did something wrong.

    When Michael finally celebrated Christmas in 1993, then shortly after all the allegations started.

    Perhaps it was a spiritually judgment of some kind? (I don’t know, just thinking). Again, this shows Elizabeth was not a good influence on his life. She seemed like a narcissist slowing chiseling away at Michael’s beliefs, instead of respecting them.

    Michael also made lots of donations to her AIDS charity. He also bought for her lots of expensive jewelry. He might of paid for her 1.5 million dollar wedding at his Estate.

    It also seemed Michael had to foot the bill in some instances. (The bills for Marlon Brando and Elizabeth at Michael’s NYC Anniversay).

    I suspect Michael spent a lot of money on her. It is reported that Michael bribed her with diamonds to make her to go events with her. That doesn’t sound like a real friend at all. Seemed like she was using him, instead of helping him.

    Michael and Elizabeth seemed to have an unhealthy bond. Michael’s song “Elizabeth I Love You” was very strange to me. The songs ends with “I pray one day I’ll be just like… you.” It just doesn’t sound healthy to me at all.

    Does anyone know more about their relationship? Did she cast a spell on Michael or something?

    To me it seemed Elizabeth casted some kind of spell on Michael. Maybe a kind of narcissistic stronghold on Michael for whatever reasons. Maybe using their similar childhoods to attach Michael to her.

    In a biography, it reported that Michael’s mother felt Elizabeth stole Michael from her. Some kind of unhealthy attachment.

    Maybe Elizabeth was the one to fuel this idea that Michael lost his childhood, and kept fueling it, for her advantage to keep Michael close to her.

    I think real friend would have sympathized with Michael’s childhood, grieved with him and then encouraged him not to be a victim from it but to become stronger by it.

    I think Elizabeth

    -introduced prescription drugs to Michael which eventually led to his addiction and death.
    -encouraged him to leave home, which open his life up to all kinds of predators, including herself. (remember, Michael is still a child at heart and did not know how to protect himself. He tried to think the best in people, I think.)
    -unconsciously had Michael spend a small (or perhaps large) fortune on her and her charity. Maybe even spend money to impress her. Used him for his money??
    -Slowly chiseled away at his spiritual beliefs.

    All in all after reading so much about Michael, I feel Elizabeth Taylor was a bad influence on Michael’s life at led to his gradual downfall. Everything bad that eventually happened to Michael, seemed to have started with some kind of influence from her.

  113. Jan April 22, 2019 @ 6:46 pm

    And don’t forget Michael Hutchins INXS.

    His parasitic Jew lawyer took everything. All his family received was the belt he supposedly choked himself to death with. The parasite even took what Hutchins had left to his daughter, even his car.

    May WE the West indeed be gathering them all there in mythical IsraHELL,to fully annihilate them once and for ALL.

    Love and light to all. And pray fervently for the end of the parasitic evil back breakers of peoples.

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