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Unique Source: Ukraine-Yushchenko Reveals Why Israel Backed Him @ Here

RUSSIA CLEARLY UNDERSTANDS that the Zionist-occupied West has its puppets in strategic locations. Ukraine’s President, Victor Yushchenko, happens to be one of these Zionist-controlled puppets.

Yushchenko, propped up by the dual citizen Jew & Vice President of the Euro Asian Jewish Congress, Yevgeny Chervonenko, (he controls Ukraine’s media), is currently being challenged by Ukraine’s Russian-leaning Prime Minister, Yulia Timoshenko.

The current focus of contention between Moscow & Ukraine centers on the Black Sea port city of Sevastopol, located on Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is based here under an agreement signed by the two ex-Soviet states.

Kiev’s jurisdiction over the Crimea peninsula remains a volatile issue for the Crimea’s largely Russian populace, whose political, economic, and cultural affiliations are closer to Moscow than to Kiev. The Russian Bloc Party, a pro-Moscow–anti West group based in the Crimea, has stepped up its anti-NATO rhetoric in recent days.

On August 13 2008, Yushchenko rankled an already bristling Vladimir Putin, by announcing tougher “permission” rules on Russian naval moves in the Black Sea. Tensions between Russia & Ukraine had already been simmering due to Moscow’s opposition to Kiev’s efforts to join NATO and its plans to cooperate with US missile defense plans. It was only last spring of 2008 that Putin threatened to “dismember” Ukraine by detaching the Crimea if Yushchenko continues his pursuit of the West’s agenda in the area.

Russia’s lease in Sevastopol does not expire until 2017. Yet Yushchenko is now insisting that Russia leave Sevastopol when the lease expires. Moscow has made it clear it will refuse to do so. Thus, a “break-away” state of Crimea, dominated by ethnic Russians with diplomatic ties to Moscow, could very well be a solution that would satisfy Vladimir Putin.


POLITICAL CHAOS FACES President Yushchenko due to rising tensions in the Black Sea. Already a feud between Yushchenko and Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko is intensifying over Russia’s opposition to Ukraine’s pro West policies.

Yushchenko’s Chief of Staff, Andriy Kyslynskyi, recently said that Timoshenko was plotting to use a deepening crisis with Moscow to take over as President:

“The actions of the current Prime Minister show signs of high treason and political corruption. We said last week that Timoshenko systematically works in the interests of the Russian side.” Here & Here.

Kyslynskyi added that “Russia is considering supporting Timoshenko in the Ukrainian 2009 Presidential elections on the condition that she adopt a passive position on the Georgian conflict.” Thus far, Timoshenko has remained silent.

On August 18 2008, ten days after the outbreak of the Georgian conflict, Ukraine’s Business daily, Delo, announced that Russia began a trade war against Kiev. Delo reported that heavy industry in the country’s eastern oblasts bordering Russia could be hard hit by shortfalls in deliveries of Russian coking coal.

Since these oblasts are made up of a Russian-speaking majority, they are inclined to support co-operation with Russia. A weakened economy could then persuade the residents to ‘break away’ from the pro-Western Ukraine.

Putin’s warning that the West’s decision to grant independence to Kosovo
for the sake of “ethnic Albanians” would backfire –
is coming home to roost in the Zionist-controlled Ukraine.


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Brother Nathanael @ August 29, 2008


  1. james August 30, 2008 @ 2:00 am

    Didn’t reference the dioxin poison farce that Justin Raimondo cover on

    Viktor ( I was on an alcoholic bender and got Pancreatitis and say I was poisoned by Russians ) Yushchenko.

  2. Ken August 30, 2008 @ 4:25 am

    Bush, Cheney, McCain, Obama. I got news for you. There is now a football player in the game and he is about to kick the shit out of you. He does not care if he gets bloodied, he is used to it. And he has stood longer than any of you after a fight and history has proven he has always came out on top.

    God is on his side.

    Putin and Russia.

    One guy with the power of many. This is what integrity looks like.

    Cowardism is many guys joining their satanic obsessions. This is what the US has now become.

    Unfortunately, the media in the US has Americans blinded to the truth of things.

    One other thing, no offense to Medvedev, who one day will mature to the degree of Putin. But Putin is the one with the age of wisdom in this most serious of matters. He is the football player who the weak can gather around.

    No nation stands forever. Germany was once a good state. But it too lost integrity in the early 1900’s. This is the way of all things. Whether an old growth forest or a nation. All life is this way. Things grow old and decadent. A forest reaches its climatic state and then is infested with a fungus called ‘heart rot’ that enters the giant trees of the stand. It attacks from inside of those massive trunks.

    America and the corruption of our current elite.

    In its diseased state, the stand begins to die and dry out.

    A wildfire comes along and finishes the job.

    This is the way God made things.

    Putin, the key to winning as you know is to deal with each individually so they shit their pants when standing alone – as was Georgia’s sad excuse for a president.

    The US is no different.

    The biggest bully of all will try to get others to fight his wars for him. You have to take on the one bully as the many asskisser countries are intended diversions to keep you occupied.

    On another note, my dad had a name for people like Merkel in Germany. When he got pissed, rather than missles, he let his military language fly. He called people like her “cock suckers”.

    And guess who she has been working.

    Germany, you are no different under this bitch than Hitler.

    May God have mercy on our souls for the war that is about to begin. That it would have to come to this, where we will likely destroy all of Gods creation on his once wonderous green earth, is the most satanic of all.

    Now, I am probably going to go to a goolag for what I have spoken against my government. But you know, I speak for the voice of the people. Those who have been treaded upon in America. The poeple who have lost their rights and freedoms in America. A nation in decline and decay. But you know, I will gladly spend that time in that gulag if my words help the football player wage battle…

    the one man with the integrity of many,

    In the most terrible times ahead, may God bless Putin, Medvedev and the Russian people.

  3. Mark Nilson August 30, 2008 @ 6:00 am

    Thanks Brother Nathanael Kapner, you are doing a great job. I like to read you web site. I am a strong reform Christian, Post Mil, Christian Reconstructionist, and partial preterist. I look forward to the day when the whole world will give glory to Christ. Ps. 72:8,11 Ps. 22.27

    Please look at Rushdoony’s works in take a look at the store/ books.
    Also look at
    Dr Phil Kayser is my nephew
    They both understand the power of the Zionists but our God is King of Kings.
    also see
    Read the following books
    End Times Fiction by Gary DeMar
    Last Days Madness by Gary DeMar
    Days of Vengeance and Paradise Resored by David Chilton – very good
    Creation Sites:
    Have a good day and keep up the good work
    In Christ
    Mark Nilson The Church Is Israel Now: The Transfer of Conditional …The Church Is Israel Now Old and New Testament Scripture texts which illustrate the conditional privileged position and title of “racial Israel” and their … – 197k


    1. The Will of God or the Will of Man?
    2. Sovereignty
    3. The Incredible Scofield and His Book

    The Incredible Scofield and His Book
    From the back cover:

    Almost everyone knows about the Scofield Reference Bible. But no one before this has worked out a detailed account of the life of Cyrus I. Scofield. And yet there is such an amazing amount of material that should be known about this man that everyone who is at all interested in the dispensational system should read this book.

    This is a powerful book. The material is well documented. Anyone who gets this book and reads it will find here some amazing things about a man whose book is well known, but whose life we believe concerning many of its most features has been purposely concealed lest it be found to contradict his teachings.

    This is one of the most powerful books that has ever been written against the dispensational system. It is powerful because it shows how the book that has the most to do with promotion of that system. The Scofield Reference Bible, originated.

    Here is a book that dispensationalists as well as others will do well to read. It is powerful, so powerful we dare say, that if dispensationalists would read it carefully, perhaps half of them would turn from that system

  4. Chris Cruz aka CC August 30, 2008 @ 6:07 am

    God Bless Russia and more power to Russian people……

  5. Fireye August 30, 2008 @ 6:21 am

    You got some guts there Ken. Well i’ll tell you what…I’ll be in that gulag beside you because I feel the same way and so do many others. Maybe not blast us off the map but kick our ass real good and proper. It wasn’t the Romans who stopped Rome and it won’t be Americans that stop this monster of destruction either. I root for Russia and Putin to as they are the only ones that can break the back of this nwo order gang for good.

    They have turned my state into a prison and are felonising everybody and everything they can get there sick little hands on. This system is truly beyond evil in its level of corruption. Nothing like it has ever been in the history of mankind. We the people have had enough of them!! Time to take them out by whatever means will work and if that means Russia blasting a big hole in the middle of us then so be it. Better to be dead than live under this kind of sick, immoral and demented bunch of demons. What they have done to my country and my fellow countrymen will not be forgiven by me ever. I will never forgive what I view as pure evil in its human incarnate form.

    There is no future whatso ever as long as this gang of NWO thugs exists.

    The world has found them out and the word spreads more everyday. Even if they shutdown the internet it has all been burned onto disks all over the world and is spreading like wildfire as the copying multiplies this information exponentially. The stage is much more equal now with internet communications taking the monopoly of informational disemination out of thier hands and into we the peoples hands.

    There IS going to be a showdown soon in this country one way or the other and if it takes being invaded to stop them then so be it as well.

  6. Nabil August 30, 2008 @ 9:04 am

    very beautifull text. i congratulate you for your true words,and the way they are formulated. that was for ken, sorry =)

  7. james August 30, 2008 @ 9:11 am

    US Hypocrisy!

    Zionist Tom Lantos former Jewish congressman promises Kosovo independence in 89.

    The video quality is bad but it is him.

    Hashim Thaci Kosovo PM loves Israel
    Thaci’s campaign adviser was an Israeli.

    It would be good on a future post how Jew lobbied and supported terrorism and separatism against the Serbs.

  8. Greg August 30, 2008 @ 9:48 am

    Another interesting hot point in this zionist game in the middle east involves the nation of Turkey. Right now Turkey is being torn to either choose Russia and the Asian countries or choose NATO. In previous war games involving NATO forces, it is the Turkish air force that has even beat the US air force in simulated air battles. If turkey were to join China, Russia, Syria, etc… then the US/UK/Israel would truly have another problem to worry about.

  9. james August 30, 2008 @ 9:52 am


    Chechen terrorists have been supported by the West since 92 in Bosnia supported by CIA, MI6, etc forging ties with international terrorist groups like the Algerian Salafist group.

    The first Chechen war was pre-planned trap to get the Russians to send in troops started by the ethnic cleansing of ethnic Russians in Grozny under the command of the Chechen President.
    Years prior his private army and the state he created was financed by organised crime gangs in Russia with protection and a safe haven there.
    They have been used as a proxy to annex Dagestan from Russia so western countries can control the Caspian basin.
    Western intelligence and there Middle Eastern counterparts have financed, trained and recruited Islamic militants from around the world to fight Russia.

    FACT: There never was an independent Chechen state.

    FACT: Large areas of Chechnya are historically Russian given to them by Khrushchev after WW2.

    Tales of massacres and atrocities are as bogus as those lobbied against the Serbs. In fact the same organisations NED, etc are involved.

    There extensive links to international terrorism and organised crime and the states that support them are detailed in Paul Murphy’s book Wolves of Islam.

    First independent news reports indicated that Georgia started the conflict with a mass bombardment of South Ossetia.

    Most of the civilian deaths happened in the first 24 hours as a result of the Georgian bombardment.

  10. greek/serb orthodox brothers August 30, 2008 @ 11:42 am

    thanks james for the post regarding kosovo and thaci adviser. the israelis are very clever and have yet to recognise it as independent. i expect that once all its resourses have been plundered and its useless to them recognision will follow.

  11. Benjamin Shlomo August 30, 2008 @ 12:24 pm

    I’ve been a fan of Henry Makow’s website. But today he posted that he is not on the Putin “bandwagon.” Even though he recognizes that Putin is acting (as opposed to ‘is’) Anti-Zionist, he believes that Putin is still part of the New World Order. This is his formula: New World Order= Zionist + Anti-Zionist.

    I guess that is the Hegelian Dialect, the process of pitting two controlled forces against each other in order to get a desired result. Thesis, Anti-Thesis, and Synthesis result.

    Henry’s article here:

    Personally, I hope Putin is not just playing a part of this evil Hegelian scheme but is the genuine thing. A high level of discernment and knowledge is certainly a requirement in today’s world to know what is really going on!

  12. admin August 30, 2008 @ 1:00 pm

    Dear Benjamin,

    I am with the Russian Orthodox Church and Vladimir Putin is a fellow communicant.

    A Russian Orthodox priest recently told me that when attending Moscow’s Church Of Christ The Saviour, Vladimir Putin was in attendance. The priest said he saw Putin making the sign of the Cross on his person throughout the entire service.

    Something like that cannot be pretended. +BN

  13. james August 30, 2008 @ 1:35 pm

    Brother Nathanael

    It would be good if you would do a post on Israel and Kosovo as your next topic.
    I’ll try to find links to articles and other things to reference via email.

    @greek/serb orthodox brothers

    You probably know this but the best website for info on Serbia and what really happened in the Balkans is
    Theres a good documentary on the Serbian death camp hoax called Judgement under the multimedia section.

    @Benjamin Shlomo

    I think this theory that Russia and the US are both NWO and is some sort of political theatre is stupid. You only have to read CFR statements to debunk that myth.
    Putin stands in the way of Brezinski’s Grand Chessboard strategy.

    I never base my conclusions on other people’s opinions. I read news and articles from a variety of sources and draw my own conclusions.

    No one seems to mention the Balkans wars during the 90’s. This was a pivotal event and a crucial link to 9/11.

  14. Greg August 30, 2008 @ 1:40 pm

    Just to go to a point made a few days ago, about the founding of the Christian church by Jesus Christ. In matthew chapter 16 we see Jesus Christ establish His church on the earth based upon the “rock” or truth that He is the Christ, the Son of the living God. The passage does not claim that Jesus Christ established a church with the ability to determine for itself what is morally right and morally wrong. Those things about the will of God do not ever change and no religious authority on the earth was ever given authority over such matters. This is the reason why so many different denominations exist today, as sinful man wants to create their own gospels and doctrine that seems to always match their own lifestyles and choices. Man made gospels are the doctrines of the anti-Christ’s (false pastors and churches). We are living in times of massive apostasy from the original truths that Christ established as the standard by which God will judge all souls when they die. It is time for humanity to cleanse itself from the man made gospels and doctrines which bring insult to God and injury to humanity. At the heart of the original gospel that Christ taught is the concept of OBEDIENCE TO THE WILL OF GOD as being required for any soul to inherit eternal life. Obedience to man’s laws and traditions is the recipe for eternity opposite heaven in hell. Institutions that create their own definition of what is morally right and wrong are being lead by promoters of the anti-Christian kingdoms which are enemies of God. Remember that two signs of the last days before Christ returns would be mankind in massive numbers following after their own gospels and doctrines which were prophesied to be taught by false Christs (pastors who claim they are representing Christ). I chat daily with people from all over the world in internet forums and I see how COLD the LOVE of many has grown in these times right before the final battles occur on the earth and Christ returns. The evidence is all around us of the COLD heartedness of people, with the banks eagerly taking homes from people who miss a couple of mortgage payments, to the homeless having no government benefits but Israel gets tons in military and financial aid from the US each year. The zionists are the enemies of God and by spending money on the goals of the zionists our country has stopped representing the will of God and should as such quit saying “God Bless America!” God has no intention of blessing His enemies.

  15. Greg August 30, 2008 @ 2:18 pm

    Now what bothers me the most about the enemies of God’s will in this lifetime, is that these folks pretend like they are more than willing to obey God in eternity, but unwilling to obey God in their earthly lifetime. What nonsense they speak! If someone is unwilling to fully submit to God’s standard for living in this lifetime on the earth, they will also be unwilling to obey God fully in eternity, which is why Christ taught that the lukewarm (fence sitters who try to worship both God and mammon) are the ones who anger God the most. Many pretend they love God, but they at the same time aren’t willing to allow God to be the #1 priority in their lives. Our times are very interesting indeed, as we can see from looking a good many who are going to be greatly suprised on the day of judgment when God tells them that He never knew them and their home in eternity will not be heaven.

  16. admin August 30, 2008 @ 2:41 pm

    Dear Greg – The Lord Jesus Christ established a VISIBLE Church on earth, the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church, which is the “right worshipping” *Orthodox* Christian Church.

    Christ gave power to the apostles and their successors, Orthodox Bishops, to receive and promulgate the Orthodox Christian faith throughout all generations. This is evidenced in the 7 Ecumenical Councils which countered the heresies of the 1st 9 centuries AD.

    The apostolic successors are the Bishops of the Holy Orthodox Christian Church of which I am a member and a confessor of Her unerring doctrines. +BN

  17. admin August 30, 2008 @ 2:43 pm

    Dear James – you wrote:

    “No one seems to mention the Balkans wars during the 90’s. This was a pivotal event and a crucial link to 9/11.”

    Tell us more please. +BN

  18. Greg August 30, 2008 @ 3:30 pm

    Yes, Christ established His church on the earth based upon the will and truths of God. That church was to preach the truth and retain the gospel without changes throughout history, never caving into temptations that come before it. But as Christ predicted there would come a time when most of the world would come under great deceptions of the satanic forces, and would stray from the faith. 1 Timothy chapter 4 and 2 Timothy 4 both speak of the massive deception inside churches and in the world right before Christ returns.

    2 Timothy chapter 4:

    3For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. 5But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.

    That is why I like folks like you Brother Nathanael, you don’t let your preaching get modified in order to make people happy or feel good about themselves. You got your sights set on the real prize, which is God and eternity with Him.

  19. admin August 30, 2008 @ 3:46 pm

    Dear Greg – There are NO deceptions in the Holy Orthodox Church to which I belong.

    Christ said that He would build His Church through the apostolic succussion of Bishops and that the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church, led by His apostolic successors.

    Whatever I preach is from the confession of the Orthodox Christian Church which is a “received” confession handed down from bishop to bishop through the ages.

    Patriarch Alexy II and Metropolitan Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church to which I belong are two such “successors” of apostolic tradition, that is, that which is “handed down” since the days of Christ’s original apostles.

    You sound like a one man show. The Orthodox Church is not a “God & me” religion, but God & His Body, the Church. +BN

  20. Greg August 30, 2008 @ 3:53 pm

    I am not looking to argue Brother, but can you give an idea where Christ established a church that had the authority to decide right from wrong on their own? I think Christ established the truths of God that are to never change, no matter what the culture wants or says is now permissable. I see very few churches today which are solid on their faith to that degree. And I also see that the “ROCK” used in scripture which Christ founded His church was the truth that He is the Christ, the Son of the living God, not some other institution that we often hear as being that rock. Christ asked just who Peter and others thought who He was. In response to that question, Peter said “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” It is at this time that Christ says to Peter, “You are Peter and upon this rock (truth that He is the Christ, the Son of the living God) I establish my church on the earth.”

  21. admin August 30, 2008 @ 4:07 pm

    Dear Greg –

    The Apostles received Divine Revelation of Who Christ Is and His work of salvation on the Cross and Resurrection.

    The epistles in the New Testament Canon are letters to Churches and parishioners of what that revelation is. St Paul also stated that the doctrine of the Church were given to the Churches by him and the apostles by oral tradition as well.

    The successors of the apostles promulgate the same apostolic faith with the authority of apostolic ordination. This is the end of this thread Greg as I do not have time nor wish to discuss it further. Please comply. +BN

  22. james August 30, 2008 @ 6:14 pm had good articles on Bosnian and Kosovo links to 9/11, Madrid and London attacks with links to the independent Defense & Foreign Affairs publication which has former intelligence officers working as its research staff including a former Israeli counter terrorist intelligence officer.

    Unfortunetly the site itself does not have a search engine like this one and google searches haven’t turned up anything.

    I’ll keep searching for the articles especially those with referance to 9/11.

  23. Archie1954 August 30, 2008 @ 6:34 pm

    Russia today is NOT the old USSR. Russia embraces Christianity and has dismantled Communism. Russia is a country that culturally and spiritually is founded on the land. Mother Russia must be protected from its enemies by its people. This they have done for centuries. The Communists were an unfortunate blip in the history of the country. They are gone. The current government looked to the West for friendship and acceptance but unfortunately for the world, the US administration is under the heel of the neocons, a most unworthy gang of international thugs. They hypocrtically spoke words of encouragement to Russia and attempted to stab it in the back. You only get one chance to do that to Russia and if you didn’t succeed than you will suffer the reaping of the harvest you have sown. The US had better smarten up fast or the whole world will be plunged into turmoil worse than it is already.

  24. Jim DeTexas August 30, 2008 @ 7:43 pm

    @ Greg

    I agree we must be very careful how we worship God, we must see that we neither add to nor take away from the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is the reason I remain unaffiliated, I believe it would be better to not worship at all then to worship wrongly.

  25. JustAGoy August 30, 2008 @ 8:50 pm

    USA trying to poison the Russians?

    Vladimir Putin:
    “In July and August, our sanitation services conducted inspections of U.S. plants that supply poultry meat to our market. It was a spot-check inspection. It revealed that 19 of those plants ignored the concerns that our specialists had raised back in 2007. These plants will be removed from the list of poultry exporters to the Russian Federation.

    Twenty-nine plants were given warnings that they must, in the near future, rectify the situation that our sanitation specialists find unacceptable. We hope the response will be rapid and that they will be able to continue supplying their products to the Russian market.”

    “The decision from Russia, the biggest foreign consumer of U.S. poultry, to ban imports from U.S. poultry companies, and the myriad other meat recalls that have occurred recently in the U.S., illustrate that the American meat supply is shockingly unsafe. Prior to Russia’s ban, 19 poultry facilities ignored warnings from Russian inspectors concerned about excessive levels of antibiotics and arsenic found in their poultry.”

  26. Loren August 30, 2008 @ 9:07 pm

    @ Greg and Br. Nathanael :

    I don’t mean to open up this thread again, but I understand where both of you are coming from. I am not a member of the Russian Orthodox Church, nor do I know much about it, so Br. Nathanael’s site and his explanations and expositions that deal with the Russian Orthodox Church are very informative for someone like myself. In fact, this site has increased my interest in the Russian Orthodox Church to the point where I am going to see if there’s one in the city I live in.

    My objective, should I visit such a Church, is to “see for myself” what it is all about, and if the “proof is in the pudding”, so to speak, then I’ll consider it a true blessing to find such a Church. However, my objective would never be to bring discord nor division to such a Church. My beliefs are my beliefs at this point, of course, as are yours also, Greg, and the beliefs and practices of the Russian Orthodox Church are theirs to freely follow as Christ has commanded them and as the Spirit continues to lead them.

    It would never be my place to downplay nor denigrate their beliefs and practices in any way, but to show them the utmost respect. But should I find some topic or position that I have an absolute irreconcilable difficulty with, then it would be ME who should freely leave their fellowship, quietly and graciously, and with no ill feelings nor ill will.

    My church background has not yet involved the Russian Orthodox Church, nor the Greek Orthodox Church, nor the Catholic Church. My mother was Catholic, but my father was Methodist, so my mother followed suit, and so I was brought up in the Methodist Church. Later in college, and afterwards, through till now, I have been exposed to Lutherans, Pentecostals, Catholics, Baptists, Holy Rollers, and the Word of Faith movement (but I have stayed away from the excesses and evolvements of this movement, such as the “Toronto Blessing” and other such movements and fellowships which have gone so far in excess as to become opened unto non-Godly forces!).

    As much as I have been exposed to different “churches” and “belief systems”, my faith and salvation have always been anchored in Christ Jesus since 1973. And I WILL NOT deny that! My anchor is in Christ Jesus, and in NO OTHER! And Praise God that this has been so, for while attending some churches, I had almost lost my faith completely because of “them”! So I had to leave those churches and go “solo”, depending totally upon God’s leading through His Spirit and nurturing through His Word to build my faith back up again so I could move forward.

    Odd, isn’t it, that a person could lose their faith by attending a church? Churches are “supposed” to be faith-builders, not faith-destroyers.

    So the question before me is, what if I would finally find my “home” within the Russian Orthodox Church? What if, this has been the Church that I have longed for all these years of unfulfillment? I won’t know unless I go. But I won’t go without prayer and presenting myself before God, so that I may present myself properly before such a Church.

    So in closing, I understand where both of you are coming from. And I have expressed in this post where I am coming from and where I hope to go. Let’s remember, that we may have our disagreements about this or that, but we must maintain our absolute agreement and unity in Christ Jesus and the Holy Trinity and in what the Church (Body of Christ) has been called and commissioned to do. God bless you both, God bless all the readers and posters of this site, and God bless the Russian Orthodox Church and all Churches who faithfully represent Christ Jesus and act upon His Great Commission!

  27. hoff August 30, 2008 @ 9:34 pm

    Txh james for the Lantos video. Bush et al praised Lantos to the skies after his death. Know I know why.

    Judicial-Inc and Turkey

  28. hoff August 30, 2008 @ 9:40 pm

    “Zionist Nazi Censorship”; “Guilt and Fate,” Joseph G. Burg, he is a jew.

    Burg had discovered that the German Zionist leaders requested as early as 1933 that the Jews be required to wear the yellow star. The Zionists saw it not as an insult but as a heroic gesture, just like the SS wore the swastika. In 1938 the director of the Zionist movement in the Third Reich brought about the wearing of the yellow star by the Jews against the wishes of both Göring and Goebbels. (25-6850)
    Burg wrote in his books about the co-operation which existed between the Zionist leadership, including David Ben-Gurion, with the Nazi regime prior to the war. (26 6877) Several days after Hitler had been named Chancellor, Rabbi Leo Baeck, a leader of the Zionist organizations in Germany, announced publicly that the interests of Jewry were identical with the interests of National Socialism.

    Burg testified that Baeck meant “Zionism,” not “Jewry.” The Zionists at that time in Germany constituted one and a half percent of the Jewish population. A few days later another Zionist leader made a similar declaration. The sense of these declarations, testified Burg, was as follows: ‘We nationalist Jews, meaning Zionists, are in agreement with this regime. We are not ashamed of our nationalist thoughts.’ The Germans who had to deal with the Jewish question co-operated immediately with this minority of Jews in order to prove to the whole world that they were not anti-Jewish but were co-operating with the Jews. (26-6878, 6879)

    Jimmy Carter on who control America, 20 sec video.

  29. dw smith August 30, 2008 @ 9:52 pm

    I am going to be super brief! Ken, with his lengthy dissertation was well received by me. I only hope and pray that preface to his WW111 sensitivities that our powerful GOD will promote or permit some cataclysmic event to self destruct rothschild zionism and bushco israelism.

  30. hoff August 30, 2008 @ 10:21 pm

    Turkey-Israel relations date to March 28, 1949, when Turkey became the first Muslim country to formally recognize the State of Israel. [1][2] Since then, Israel has been a major supplier of arms to Turkey. Military, strategic, and diplomatic cooperation between Turkey and Israel is accorded high priority by the governments of both countries, which share concerns with respect to the regional instabilities in the Middle East

  31. pete September 2, 2008 @ 1:57 pm

    HI Ken,

    Cudos and nice to see theree are others that see the truth. One thing though about Germany. It didn’t grow old and decadent, it was led along and befouled, raped and pillaged by zionist Khazar Jews. Which is in keeping with their history of being EJECTED from +/- 80 countries over millenia.

  32. pete September 17, 2008 @ 12:10 pm

    “Unfortunately, the media in the US has Americans blinded to the truth of things.”

    Nah, not blind. The bulk of folks in this cesspool are arrogant fools, led by arrogant fools, working for evil swine. Putin/Medvedev just moved closer to the top of my heroes list which includes Chavez, Castro, Gueverra.

  33. anti-zionist December 23, 2008 @ 7:10 pm

    The Russia Iran alliance has leveled the playing field in the middle east. I also dont believe Putin is also a zionist agent.

  34. TFWL88 October 4, 2009 @ 6:34 pm

    Thanks for the great site! I will donate as soon as possible!

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