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My Struggle

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My Struggle
February 22, 2019

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Brother Nathanael @ February 22, 2019


  1. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 2:15 pm


    My Struggle

    Everyone’s got a cross to bear and if you’re without one it will catch up with you.

    I’ve got my own you see.

    Will I use it to improve? Or by fighting it to ruin me.

    But there’s a different kind of cross, a struggle, whether in the religious or secular realm.

    It too must be used aright and it’s given to a select few.

    [Clip: “There’s a lot of madness out there now. And most I’ve seen and heard, many on social media, desirous of my death. Chuckle. Everybody has to die. But nothing you can say or do will put a death to the man who is speaking to you now.” (Cheers & applause). “My enemies who want me dead, and they’ve been chanting it for thirty some years now, ‘Who do you want?’ ‘Farrakhan.’ ‘How do you want him?’ ‘Dead!'”]

    If some want Louis Farrakhan dead, then he must be saying something they don’t like.

    [Clip: “Now you’ve got my sisters in there. A hundred and two women in Congress. Boy, am I happy. And one of them said that mmmmm, she was using some funny language, brother. But, Ms. Omar, from Somalia, she started talking about ‘the Benjamins’ and they’re trying to make her apologize. Ah, sweetheart, don’t do that. Oh pardon me for calling you sweetheart, but you do have a sweet heart. But you’re sure using it to shake the government up. But you have nothing to apologize for. Israel and AIPAC pays off senators and congressmen to do their bidding! So you’re not lying. So if you’re not lying, stop laying down!”]

    He’s surely in a struggle, a tug of war, a battle for a cause he’s fighting for against those who oppose.

    This one also has his foes.

    [Clip: My question is specifically about Iran and the nuclear weapons and the discussion you were having with regard to Iran and the international community. I definitely understand the idea of a country obtaining a nuclear weapon or developing one themselves out of a form of protection or to be on the same, I guess, international status as other countries who are considered superpowers or on the same level as the superpowers to convey themselves having nuclear weapons, but what do you do when a country is openly trying to develop one or obtain one, and also opening, open, openly threatening to wipe out a country and claiming that a country shouldn’t exist. I mean, those are really two big issues that we’re dealing with, and I didn’t really think you addressed that, and I was curious what you had to say.” “That’s true. Well, what do you do about countries that already developed nuclear weapons outside the framework of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and are daily violating resolutions of the Security Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency? I mean, that’s a much more serious problem.” “But that’s a different situation because those countries aren’t openly threatening to wipe out another country.” “Nor is Iran. Just take a look at the statements. The statements are that they don’t think, they said in the, actually it goes back to Khomeinei at the time of the US-Iranian alliance, the Israeli-Iranian alliance, and Israel didn’t care about it then. And it keeps being repeated. The statement is that, you know, in the course of time, Israel should no longer exist. And actually, I happen to agree with that, too.”]


    Making God a co-conspirator of evictions and genocide based on awaiting the Antichrist is proof enough that the Jewish state should not exist.

    [Clip: “Actually, there is, there are two countries that are not only calling for some nation not to exist, but are destroying it. Namely, the US and Israel. That’s their position with regard to the Palestinians. And they’re not just saying it — (Applause), let’s stress, they’re not just saying it, they’re doing it day by day.”]

    Chomsky’s made a lot of enemies for that—Alan Dershowitz for one—for censuring Israel for its maltreatment of Palestinians.

    His struggle continues, he keeps on fighting.

    And Millennials—whose heart and purse strings aren’t tied to AIPAC’s ‘Benjamins’—could lend their fists to the fight.

    How about this guy?

    [Clip: “My two Jewish parents took me to Hebrew school when I was six years old. This was in addition to attending Sabbath services every Friday evening and Saturday morning, which also included Sabbath school. You see, Jews educate their children from the cradle. Although I was steeped in Yiddishkeit, that is the Jewish experience, throughout my growing up years, my fondest memory was singing Christmas carols with my Gentile friends. Every December, we would go door-to-door throughout the neighborhood, singing Christmas carols such as “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” and “Silent Night”. One Christmas Eve, after finishing a rousing rendition of “Joy to the World,” the man of the house came out from the living room to the front porch, pointed right at me, and said “What’s a Jew boy like you singing Christmas carols?”]

    That’s an excerpt of my first Video, “Why I Left Judaism.”

    YouTube’s flaggers disappeared it after 1.5 million hits.

    That’s part of my struggle, striving to be heard in the face of intense censorship.

    It seems every Video I do that criticizes Israel gets disappeared.

    Perhaps I should start criticizing Scotland or Somalia. It would pass the censors every time.

    I’m thankful for my struggle though I often complain.

    For in my pain I can relate—and hope to help and sustain—those who undergo greater pain than I.

  2. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 2:15 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 2:16 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    If you like my Videos & Articles please help me continue.

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    God Bless Us All! +Brother Nathanael


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  4. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 2:17 pm

    My Videos Are ALSO Posted Here! @

  5. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 2:36 pm

    Dear All,

    With all of the INCREASE of my efforts over the past three months with multiple Articles, weekly Videos, and the newly established RealJewNewsLetter it has resulted in a substantial DECREASE in funding.

    Thus I’m going to PULL THE PLUG on the Newsletter. Not only has it been a total flop in raising money, it’s created an additional burden on my expenses as I cannot afford the cost of the server.

    I’m posting this new Video today after many hours of formatting, filming, editing, and the laborious effort involved in posting.

    If I can’t get sufficient funding in the ensuing days this Video may be my last one.

    Why have people stopped supporting me?

    I don’t know, but with Brother Nathanael gone who’s going to name the JEW? Paul Craig Roberts? Steven Lendman? Ricardo Celente? Daniel McAdams? Tom Luongo? Mister Constitutional Napolitano?

    I hope it doesn’t come to that. If so, you’ll have ringing in your ears such ambiguities like “presstitutes,” “elites,” “interventionists,” and the rest of the avoidance of the real culprits: JEWS. +bn

  6. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 2:58 pm

    Dear All,

    Regarding JEWmerica’s “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela, besides being a propaganda stunt, the US is trying to push their shipments by way of Columbia and probably Brazil by illegally penetrating the Venezuelan borders and not through the normal ports and airports without any certification of manifests and facilitation by the Red Cross, the UN, or other internationally recognized humanitarian aid organizations, as well as shipment inspection by the lawful Venezuelan authorities.

    The IRCC and other humanitaran orgs have already denounced the US “humanitarian aid” effort, and will not have anything to do with it.

    Russia has shipped hundreds of tons of food and other aid and medicines without incident via normal channels in coordination with the Maduro government without incident. I think China, Turkey and perhaps Cuba have done so as well. Some 15,000 Cuban physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other medical technical staff have long been involved voluntarily in Venezuela’s medical systems and schools.

    Instead, the Trump administration is attempting to force shipments by way of a never-opened and barricaded Venezuela-Columbia cross-border highway finished in 2015, this “humanitarian cause” being pushed through by Pence and the CIA-front USAID, which is not an international organization, but a US/federal one.

    Secondly, coming illegally across the borders from US vassal countries Columbia and Brazil means the shipments can easily carry covert arms, skating any shipment inspections at the checkpoints. The Venezuelan security authorities have already confiscated at least one covert weapons cache belonging to the “opposition,” and there are easily far more that they are hunting for.

    Venezuela has every right to prevent penetration of its borders even if by illegal humanitarian aid, but everyone in Latin America knows from the Dirty Wars that illegal weapons shipments by the US came in under the rubric of “humanitarian aid”.

    A large percentage of of the poorest Venezuelans can’t buy food because of the rampant currency inflation. It’s not because the food isn’t there, it is. Nearly all of Venezuela’s food supply is imported, some of it is subsidized and put on privately owned grocery store shelves, and then the capitalist (not socialist) store owners and grocery distributors to outlying areas either hoard the food or else speculate and sell it in Columbia for US dollars at a much high price than they get in subsidies, which further squeezes the bolivar in the escalating inflation cycle.

    If Trump admin was sincere, despite all the acrimony, they wouldn’t weaponize humanitarian aid, (presuming that’s what it is) and coordinate with Caracas, and would certainly send far more than the alleged $20 million in aid for a mere 5000 poor people.

    In the meantime, everyone in the urban middle class and higher are extremely well fed and can buy quite a bit of what they want in the urban supermarkets. +bn

  7. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 2:59 pm

    Dear All,

    I’m posting this new Video today after many hours of formatting, filming, editing, and the laborious effort involved in posting.

    If I can’t get sufficient funding in the ensuing days this Video may be my last one.

    Why have people stopped supporting me?

    I don’t know, but with Brother Nathanael gone who’s going to name the JEW?

    Paul Craig Roberts? Steven Lendman? Ricardo Celente? Daniel McAdams? Tom Luongo? Mister Constitutional Napolitano?

    I hope it doesn’t come to that.

    If so, you’ll have ringing in your ears such ambiguities like “presstitutes,” “elites,” “interventionists,” and the rest of the avoidance of the real culprits: JEWS. +bn

  8. Kalin February 22, 2019 @ 3:59 pm

    Amen to that!

    There are those born to fight, while the other 98% are more interested in who’s gonna win the ballgame. The fighters are recognized in Ezekiel 9:4.

    When I say “fighters,” I’m talking about real men, not killers that slaughter civilians for a Z.O.G.

  9. Eileen Kuch February 22, 2019 @ 6:10 pm


    Actually, Br. Nat, there is another individual who’s been calling out the Zionist Jews; namely, Mike S. King of His feline sidekick, Sugar, passed away on Christmas Eve from cancer, so he’s posting his articles by himself. His articles on Venezuela and Iran are similar to yours, he doesn’t have videos along with his articles.

    Mr. King has written a number of books, from “The Bad War” to “The British Mad Dog” to “Bancarotta”, etc. “The Bad War” has been banned by Amazon, btw. I know you like to create Videos to add to the Articles.

    Perhaps you need to just post written Articles for a while until you get back on your feet financially. I may be wrong, but I feel the funding has gone down due to people’s fear of a market crash. A number of people who read your Articles and watch your Videos may own stocks, who knows? It’s just a guess on my part.

    I wish GoFundMe hadn’t dropped you like it did, Brother. You didn’t violate its principles, the Jews forced it to drop you. It was a lot easier for me to contribute through that entity in that I got Facebook friends to also contribute. Now, it’s more difficult.

    However, I’ll do my best to donate.

    God bless you always.


  10. Citizenfitz February 22, 2019 @ 6:50 pm

    Brother Nate, I survived my fast for RJN in good shape.

    Usually, after about 16-18 hours without food I’m feeling it. But not so much this time. Hardly at all in fact. Even after the full 24 hours.

    I’ll dedicate a 24 hour water only fast to RJN each month. And send you some $$$ too.

  11. KathJuliane February 22, 2019 @ 7:12 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN, and thanks for a beautiful and moving Video about your struggles against Jew Power.

    For anything that can be said pro or con about Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm X, one thing is for certain, they were extremely Jew-wise and anti-Zionist back in the 1960s.

    ADL, a public face of Mossad, had been spying on the NOI since the 1940s, so it would not surprise me that Malcolm X, who was vehemently anti-Zionist, fiercely pro-Palestinian, was ultimately assassinated by the Jews 54 years ago.

    I dread the day when you will make your last Video, maybe even this will be the one. I’m heartsick at the thought.

    God knows how you’ve struggled to keep going for so long in the red out of your own pocket when the donations from good-hearted people don’t cover all the costs, going into debt in the process.

    I’ve said before that I wish I were a millionaire so that I could donate sufficient to keep you online ministry and Street Evangelism going, but I’m not.

    I live below the poverty line in marginal health but still donate monthly what is in my means to send (and I don’t live in federally subsidized housing, either).

    I don’t have the expenses of a car, I don’t pay for cable TV, I don’t have a wasteful $5 dollar a day Starbuck’s Coffee habit (coffee is never owned, it’s only rented), and I don’t have any credit cards to pay off, so I am happy to go without extras for myself to have supported Real Jew News the best I can all these years.

    I know others also faithfully donate what they can, their incomes are limited and they have other obligations, and they also go without extras to send their contributions.

    Like Citizenfitz said a day or two ago, its getting tighter and tighter financially for ordinary people in the lower end of the shrinking middle class, now on the tail end of the inflationary cycle.

    In case this may be the last RJN Video, then all I can say is that all of your hardship and struggle has not been for naught.

    If it’s time for you to move on to other things as God’s providence decides, then I am entirely grateful for what you’ve done and accomplished for the past 12 years or so.

    You should know that you’ve done more good in the things you’ve reported and taught, diligently shone the light in dark Jewish corners and turned over many rocks exposing just how rotten and evil Israel, Zionism, and Jew-Power are; and planted good seeds for Christ everywhere throughout the world through your unswerving dedication to writing and producing Real Jew News Articles and Videos, along with your Street Evangelism.

    I do believe that when it comes time to face the Judgement Seat of Christ, He will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant” for your stewardship of what is ultimately His project. I believe on that day you will be able to stand tall before the Judge in clear conscience.

    On to Venezuela. Max Blumenthal of the Greyzone Project just published this sometimes hilarious video yesterday.

    February 21, 2019

    VIDEO: Investigating Venezuela’s ‘Humanitarian Crisis’: Max Blumenthal Tours a Supermarket in Caracas

    The corporate media claims Venezuela has no basic food or supplies, so The Grayzone investigated — at a giant supermarket in Caracas.

  12. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 7:14 pm

    @Eileen Kuch

    Thank you for your faithful support throughout all the years I’ve been able to sustain my online ministry. I’m at the brink of unsustainable continuation.

    First of all, I do not call out “Zionist Jews,” I call out JEWS.

    As for Mike King, no one has ever heard of him, nor his site, and very few read, though perhaps meritorious, his long essays.

    For those who read Mike King if Brother Nathanael goes then at least you’ll have him and his Tomato Bubble.

    But not a single Gentile like Mike King, not even Drs David Duke or Kevin MacDonald, can fathom the depths and the multiple layers of JEWish deception.

    Brother Nathanael Kapner can, and as far as I’ve seen, no one comes close.

    My Videos have put Brother Nathanael on the map not the Articles.

    If I don’t get sufficient funding then this Video posted today may be my last one.


    Donate by Click and Pledge @

    Patreon @

    Bitcoin @

    MAIL: Brother Nathanael Foundation; POB 547; Priest River ID 83856

  13. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 7:17 pm

    Brother Nathanael On Rense Radio

    Tonight at 9 pm Pacific!


  14. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 7:33 pm


    Not long ago I met a man who is an avid reader of this Real Jew News Comment Section.

    He could not find adequate words to describe his amazement and appreciation of KathJuliane’s brilliant posts.

    Responding to his praise, I simply asked if he could help fund RJN since I have to pay for the server that allows for KathJuliane’s posts that he so apprecates.

    It was if I was committing a mortal sin by my request. He then replied, “So that’s what you’re all about, MONEY.”

    I laughed and said, “Perhaps, but my Web Hosting Service CERTAINLY IS.”

    This is the problem. People think I just snap my fingers and a Video comes popping out. BUT FIRST, I have to make sure that my Adobe Creative Cloud lease GETS PAID.

    I’m in a terrible fix. I have a GREATER REACH than ever, but LOWER funding than ever. This is a horrible oppression that I would wish on no man, that I have to max out my Credit Cards to produce yet another Video. +bn

  15. Signs February 23, 2019 @ 2:01 pm

    Yesterday the Jews Media made lots of announcements about rich Jew Robert Kraft and hip-hop artist R Kelly being busted for sex with trafficked and/or underage girls.

    Robert Kraft is a multi-billionaire Jew who owns the New England Patriots among other things. Notorious feminist Jewish political hack Gloria Allred was involved in the Kelly bust which practically guarantees that big money Jews are behind the Kelly bust.

    Recent busts of prominent Jews and their puppets for sex related misconduct is a new trend.

    Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Bill Cosby, and now Kraft and Kelly are among the examples.

    It looks as if the Jew World Order bosses have turned the page on allowing big Jews and big puppets to get away with anything as was permitted to Roman Polanski, Marc Rich, Bill Clinton.

    Secretary of Labor Al Acosta is taking heat because prosecutors he led previously “violated federal law when they failed to tell victims about an agreement not to prosecute Jeffrey E. Epstein, a wealthy New York financier accused of molesting dozens of underage girls in a trafficking ring.”

    Mass media announcements about Kraft, Weiner, and other prominent Jews are warnings and advertisements to Jews and their puppets in high places that laws are now being applied to high powered Jews and their puppets also.

    The Protocols of Zion explain that this was to come after Jews had gained power over the goyim.

    The POZ explains that the main reason for this is to have credible, clean looking rulers and leaders so that leaders in the great deception, the Jew World Order, appear respectable, honest, legitimate.

  16. The Englishman February 23, 2019 @ 4:34 pm

    Are we prepared to lose +BN and then to tolerate such abominations? …

    Lower than Dog Do.

    This Vile Jew supportive Sharlila and her Ilk.

    ..If so, let the instant sunshine commence.

  17. Brother Nathanael February 23, 2019 @ 5:31 pm

    Venezuela Crisis Report
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner

    No it’s not over. This is just the overt stuff designed for “optics” and propaganda, particularly trying to persuade the Venezuelan military to turn on Maduro.

    Most likely will follow a double-track: even tighter financial and economic seige (“sanctions”) and more viciously “kinetic” (lethal) and covert, especially with Dirty Wars Abrams as Trump’s guiding light and ramrod for his “Venezuelan Project.”

    Trump recognized Guaido, he’s invested himself in this for months, or even years, along with his Cabinet, especially Pompeo, Bolton, and now Abrams (who was unofficially advising Trump to begin with) and Trump has his phenomenal narcissistic ego and MAGA self-esteem on the line.

    Guaido has said if the “humanitarian aid” doesn’t make it through today, there will be a push tomorrow, and more violence on the border.

    It’s all building up towards some kind of military intervention with US pushing proxies Brazil and Columbia and their death squads.

    See My Video: “Botching A Coup In Venezuela” @


  18. William H Gross February 24, 2019 @ 10:39 am

    I post your site many times a day to Facebook.

    I don’t have money to help you but I’m trying to get attention to you!

    Plz don’t go!

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