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Anti BDS As Group Think

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Anti BDS As Group Think
February 15, 2019

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Brother Nathanael @ February 15, 2019


  1. Brother Nathanael February 15, 2019 @ 2:01 pm


    Anti BDS As Group Think

    The Senate just passed yet another package of aid to Israel.

    It contained legislation called the “Combating BDS Act” which runs smack dab
    into a clash with the First Amendment.

    Sponsored by Marco Rubio—perhaps to please his donor Norman Braman—
    the Act rubber stamps states to penalize boycotters of Israel.

    Every single Republican voted for the bill save this one.

    [Clip: “One of the things that I think is fundamental to our country is the freedom to protest, the freedom to dissent and the freedom to boycott if you so choose. Our country was actually founded with the boycott. The boycott was dumping English tea into the ocean. In my state, Henry Clay was famous for passing legislation boycotting British goods so that you would wear American clothing. He actually fought a duel over that and became famous, and then became one of the most famous US senators.”]


    Boycotts are a long-established political tool.

    Why should Israel get a pass?

    Why should Rubio and his backers decide what political expression is or isn’t allowed
    and authorized?

    Rand says no way.

    [Clip: “Now I’m not making really a point on whether the boycott’s good or bad, or with regard to Israeli policy. My point is whether it’s good or bad with regard to the First Amendment. You see, the First Amendment isn’t really about hearing from people about things that you like. If it’s speech that you like and people say you’re a great guy, you’re not going to be offended by that speech. It’s when people are critical of you or critical of your thoughts or have different thoughts. But that’s what the First Amendment is about.”]

    Right. It protects speech you don’t want to hear.

    Yet Rubio isn’t about America’s fundamental principles, his eyes rest sentimentally on Tel Aviv: “Boycotting Israel is discriminatory,” says he.

    But no one’s prejudicing a race or creed but instead protesting a policy of discrimination that Israel carries out against Palestinians.

    It’s like someone saying back in Martin Luther King’s day:

    ‘Don’t protest sending blacks to the back of the bus ’cause if you do you’re discriminating against the bus driver.’

    Yet Rubio tweets, “BDS is about destroying Israel.”


    With Israel getting $10 million US bucks per day and armed to the teeth with nukes, Israel needs anti-BDS laws to keep it from being destroyed?


    Rather it fears that its ‘good guy’ brand is fading, whether through BDS or outright censure.

    ‘Wrong Think’ is catching up with the narration.

    What to do?

    Supplant it with ‘Group Think.’

    [Clip: “It’s group think around here. Everybody’s so paranoid and says, ‘oh we can’t object to this Lobby because this Lobby is so powerful, we can’t object to them.”]

    That takes balls, Rand Paul, bravo!

    But strange.

    How is it that grown men, Republican senators, who cry ‘Constitution! The Constitution!’…
    can’t stand up to…ahh… the Lobby

    [Clip: “That means the next administration, whatever party that’s in, six years from now, whenever that may be, is going to inherit a law that has put, that has codified the memorandum of understanding as a floor, and makes clear to the world that the US has a legal commitment, not just a moral one, but a legal obligation to come to Israel’s assistance and to continue to provide help.”]

    …and toss the First Amendment into the trash?

    Methinks there’s some rats on Capitol Hill that everyone sees but afraid to trap.

  2. Brother Nathanael February 15, 2019 @ 2:03 pm

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  4. Brother Nathanael February 15, 2019 @ 2:04 pm

    My Videos Are ALSO Posted Here! @

  5. Chris February 15, 2019 @ 2:47 pm

    The Jews’ whores (United States of Isreal politicians, Trump included) are like a bunch of cowardly, brown-nosing teacher’s pets who need to be taken out to the playground and slapped upside their Jewish cock sucking heads.

    Sold their cheap 2 dollar souls to Satan and Satan’s synagogue for that easy DC money and cushy, comfy lifestyle.

  6. dave February 15, 2019 @ 3:18 pm

    My, my, my what a coincidence!

    That I just posted this a couple hours ago certainly bears repeating right now

    “Being Marco Rubio”
    The boyish senator from Florida is owned by the Israel Lobby

    “One of the emptiest of all the empty suits in the Senate is Marco Rubio of Florida.

    The boyish looking Rubio is, to be sure, ambitious, but his thought processes, if they exist at all, are hard to discern.

    He is, more than most congressmen, both totally ignorant and completely programmed in what he says and how he says it.”

    I think this is the first time in my life I’ve been the first one to post on a Bro Nat video, TOO!

  7. Zionien February 15, 2019 @ 3:19 pm

    If the 1st Amendment is tossed into the trash – The 2nd Amendment will follow.

    WAKE UP Yidiots!

    It breaks my heart to see Pence adorned with the Yid Lid at Ahhhsihtz! 🙁

    C’mon Pence – We ALL know you’re pandering to the evil Jews!

  8. Citizenfitz February 15, 2019 @ 3:39 pm

    That article dave linked to (in Brother Nate’s previous article) by Ady Barkan illustrates in an interesting way the stumbling hurdler phenomenon. Barkan reveals that Ilhan Omar is basically right about Jewish money subverting the political process. OK….

    But then he goes on to whinge about the dangers of “Anti-Semitism'” “White Nationalism” and other bogeymen of and from the Jews.

    Being right about something important doesn’t make you right on other things.

    The actress Patricia Heaton is another example of the stumbling hurdler. She can speak eloquently against abortion… but with her next breath speak eloquently for queer marriage. She makes it over one or two hurdles then stumbles at the next.

    Such is the world today.

    Don’t automatically respect anyone just because they’ve cleared some moral or intellectual hurdle(s); more likely than not they’ll be doing a face plant at the next.

  9. Zionien February 15, 2019 @ 6:09 pm


    Ooop – Haaa – yes- I agree!

    Can’t serve two masters, or as Mr. Miyagi said in The Karate Kid, :Either you Karate Yes or Karate No. If Karate Maybe = squish like frog in the middle of the road.

    @ +BN!

    Glad to hear your back at it- safe & sound.

    Proof that Jews are of this earth – meaning earthly things =Mammon!

    Many simply struggle to accept a higher power they can’t control – it must have to do with their moral compass and their arrogant egos.

  10. Lee February 15, 2019 @ 8:51 pm

    Nice disappearing effect.

    Rand Paul would have to be controlled opposition to speak like that?

  11. Eileen Kuch February 15, 2019 @ 8:52 pm


    I totally agree with Senator Rand Paul when it comes to BDS, and totally disagree with puppet Senator Marco Rubio.

    The 1st Amendment to the US Constitution’s quite clear when it comes to freedom of speech, of religion, and to assemble peaceably to express grievances.

    This nation was founded on boycotts. In 1773, Boston Patriots tossed tea into the water – a form of boycott. Apparently, Rubio’s completely ignorant of US history, especially where freedom of speech is concerned.

    If he loves the Zionist Entity so much, he should go live there. He could convert to Judaism, as Ivanka Trump had done, just before leaving the US. He should renounce his US citizenship as well.

    Rand Paul, on the other hand, is a courageous patriot and should be joined by other Senators opposed to Rubio’s anti-BDS bill. The bill was rejected before, it can be rejected again and again until the anti-BDS campaign dies.

    Israel has NO allies, only vassals. Anyone who says it’s our ally is totally deluded. A true ally would never deliberately attack another ally’s ship that’s conducting surveillance in International Waters and flying that other ally’s flag. I’m talking about the 1967 attack by Israel’s air and sea forces on the USS Liberty wherein 34 sailors perished and 171 more were injured.

    Thank you for posting this serious Video on the anti-BDS bill Rubio’s trying to push through the Senate, Br. Nat.

    This bill must never pass. In addition, I’m glad you’re back up doing the Lord’s work. Keep up the good work and I’ll try to help with a donation.

    God bless you always.


  12. dave February 15, 2019 @ 10:55 pm

    “If he loves the Zionist Entity so much, he should go live there”

    Don’t you think, Eileen Kuch, that Rubiostein is playing a role? (Think of Jack “Rubinstein” Ruby)

    If he moved to Jewland he would no longer have any purpose.

    His purpose is to pressure Congress to legislate laws which benefit Jews and Israel. He is their good little obedient puppet and for all intents and purposes a spy for Israel, as well as a traitor to America, just like that other disgusting Lindsey Graham.

    Also, I don’t necessarily think Rubio’s completely ignorant of US history. He’s just strictly obeying the dictates of his masters in Tel Aviv.

    Thank God Almighty that Washington, Madison, and Jefferson don’t have to deal with this garbage!

  13. dave February 15, 2019 @ 11:01 pm

    So much for anti-Semitism hysteria:

    “American-Israeli man convicted for JCC bomb threats
    JUNE 28, 2018 5:26 AM

    Bomb Threat Suspect

    A teenager suspected of being behind over 100 bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers in the U.S. showing up at the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court in Israel, March 23, 2017.

    (JTA) — A 19-year-old American-Israeli man was convicted of making hundreds of bomb threats to Jewish community centers and Jewish schools in the United States, as well as airlines.

    Michael Kadar, who holds dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship and whose name is barred from publication in Israel, was convicted Thursday in Tel Aviv District Court on several counts including extortion, conspiracy to commit a crime, money laundering and assaulting a police officer. Reuters reported that the conviction was based partly on Kadar’s confession.

    The judge said Kadar was competent to stand trial and understood that his actions were improper, despite the claims by defense psychologists that he is autistic and incompetent.

    The hoax threats to the JCCs and other Jewish institutions in the first three months of 2017 forced widespread evacuations and raised fears of a resurgence in anti-Semitism. Kadar’s parents and lawyer have not disputed his involvement in the bomb threats but asserted in his defense that he has a brain tumor and a low IQ.

    Earlier this year it was revealed that Kadar managed to make another 100 hoax bomb threats to schools in Israel from prison.

    Kadar was charged in Israel in April 2017 with thousands of counts on offenses that include publishing false information, causing panic, computer hacking and money laundering. He had been arrested in Israel the previous month in a joint operation with the FBI.

    In March, the U.S. Justice Department indicted Kadar on federal hate crimes charges.

  14. GiftGas February 16, 2019 @ 2:10 am

    Dear +BN

    I just got done looking at NUMEROUS picts of Auschwitz/Berkinow – or whatever they’re called, and stumbled on some real head scratchers. First off the “scratches” on the wall, attempting to depict a desperate but vain attempt to escape, and just on one section of a common wall, where the Jews’ claim they were gassed, is a hoot = absolute JOKE!

    Only a certified Yidiot would believe that for a sec., but an artist with some skill did do it, and appreciate his efforts.

    Back to the 2 significant head scratchers — If you look at the “gas” room you will see there are lights wired up in there (it would be pitch black otherwise) using a cord – NO conduit. Why is this interesting..? Because the hydrogen cyanide gas, which his highly explosive, that the Jews claim to have been used to kill them would’ve exploded during the make and break contact of the switch mounted on the wall. Also the risk of not running wire in conduit would be a concern in it’s own right!

    Also the alleged gas chamber is right next to 4 furnaces with a common doorway between them… :/ hmmmmm. It should be a hermetically sealed doorway! But what is overlooked is always what’s right up in front.

    The tracks — train tracks that is! You see them in front of the furnaces used to burn lice infested clothes, would be worn down to a nub!

    The wheels on the carts would have been destroyed too with ALL the executions that were to have taken place there. Even if you were to divide up the “6” million to Treblinka and the rest, it simply does NOT compute!

    Each oven would have to burn in the area of 2K Jews a day! Today’s Jew knows this, and is becoming too embarrassed to Shoa off! They MUST go for the “Anti-Semite” attack on US CHRIST-ians, get MORE FOOLS to defend them with pity.

    I predict there will be more claims of anti-Semitism, and a false flag or 6 to push it through, but more and more people are even making their own children aware of the LIE that is the Jew.

    Even after going to D.C. and forced to wait in the FREEZING COLD with my son’s CHRIST-ian private school group essentially forcing us to see the “holohoax” museum 25 years ago before I knew about you and RJN, I just couldn’t squeeze out a tear in the “museum of horrors”. Something told me inside “it just isn’t real”

    I have told my son about you to make him aware. +

  15. The Englishman February 16, 2019 @ 4:54 am


    Interesting video for all typical Yid lovers.

  16. dave February 16, 2019 @ 6:25 am

    From a recent post on YahooJewNews of “20 Palestinians wounded in border clashes,” here’s an example of what probably are Satanyahu’s truth-perverting internet army which get payed by the Israel government to lie for Israel.

    “Steve19 hours ago
    That’s what happens when someone participates in violent riots, people get hurt, simple solution is to not riot.


    Marty E10 hours ago
    20 Palestinians wounded during border clashes ——correction: 20 Palestinians wounded while committing ACTS OF WAR. There, fixed it.”

  17. American Pie February 16, 2019 @ 10:22 am

    The Senate passed the Anti-BDS bill by a wide margin, 77-23.

    The 22 Dems who voted against the bill includes Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and those who for political purposes need to claim they voted for freedom of speech.

    With practically all GOP senators voting for the bill, it gave lots of wiggle room for Jew enabled Dems like Kamala to vote against the bill.

    Apparently the Zionists directed lots of their political puppets to vote against the bill to create the illusion that the Democrat party isn’t controlled by Jews.

    The vote on this bill is one more piece of evidence that the Zionists have a choke hold on the USA. It seems to be the same with most other countries.

    As the flames climbed high into the night, I saw Satan laughing with delight, the day the music died – a dirge about the death of Christian America.

    American Pie was about the death of Christianity in America, but the Jews didn’t want the Goyim to understand that, so the Jews made up the cover story about Buddy Holly.

  18. dave February 16, 2019 @ 11:08 am

    Read it and Weep

    General Wesley Clark reveals US war plan

    It’s such a shame though he just can’t get himself to talk about the Israeli Jew fake American dual citizen spies in the Pentagon and White House that pressured their puppet G W Bush into illegally invading Iraq — all for Israel.

    It should say “General Wesley Clark reveals US war plan for the masters in Israel”.

  19. dave February 16, 2019 @ 11:18 am

    John Hagee Being Trained by Kabbalah Wizards?

    I had to stop after 30 seconds. I just couldnt stand the psychological torture of listening to this evil satanic christ-perverter speak anymore.

    Even the very tone of his voice, and his weird arrogant speech peculiarities annoys me.

    See this interesting comment at the above link:


    I live here in San Antonio. And we have a very affluent Jewish population here. It would surprise me if he was converted. He also lives in a mansion in the richest neighborhood called the Dominion.

    I have meet him several times outside of the church and he has always been extremely rude. His church is located on the most expensive land available in San Antonio.

    He’s never been right in my book. And people down here worship him. His church looks like a Jewish temple too.”

    I wanted to comment myself but now you have to sign in to the joogle internet surveillance police.

    I was definitely going to mention realjewnews too for the TRUTH! Hopefully these apparent good Christians already know.

  20. Zionien February 16, 2019 @ 3:01 pm

    “Jew” – it isn’t just for Yids anymore.

    You will know them by their acts.

  21. Kalin February 16, 2019 @ 4:02 pm

    These things will continue to come.

    It’ll require Jewmericans having lives similar to that of the Palestinians before they repent.

    If the whole truth were known, such a punishment would be considered getting off quite light for a nation who sacrifices their sons and daughters to the Antichrist.

    A nation that’s traversed the planet killing, raping and plundering for well over one hundred years.

    A nation that has twice participated in the slaughter, rape and plunder of its own brothers and sisters in Germany at the beckon call of the Antichrist.

    Historically, God judges nations rather than individual men. The just tend to perish along with the unjust, so long as the nation is moved by the unjust.

    It’s just the cold, hard facts of history.

  22. KathJuliane February 16, 2019 @ 5:14 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thank you for another brilliant Video.

    Evil Israel worshipper and bloodthirsty bomb-bomb-bomb Iran enthusiast Marco Rubio is without any doubt a bought and paid for political whore and stooge for the neocon Jews and Netanyahu.

    He always acts and speaks far more like a Jew- and AIPAC-paid foreign lobbyist endlessly spewing his Israel First propaganda than a US senator representing Americans, the same Americans described in the Preamble to the Constitution as “We the People.”

    So much so, he earns the well-deserved sobriquet of “Jewbio”.

    It’s time to register AIPAC as the foreign agent of Israel.


    RT: Scott Ritter and Chris Hedges on Israel big footing US

    Rick Sanchez discusses America’s defense spending and massive aid to Israel.

    Is Washington’s unwavering support for Israel hurting the US? He talks with former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter about Israel’s powerful lobby and its ability to manipulate US foreign policy for Israel’s benefit.

    He says that Israel has “twisted the Hezbollah narrative” and that Hezbollah poses no threat to the US.

    Then we’ll hear from Chris Hedges, host of “On Contact,” about war hawks in the Trump administration, their imperialistic foreign policies and their likely plans for Venezuela.


    Greyzone Project video: Venezuelans’ message to the US: Hands off our country

    The Grayzone reports from inside Venezuela, where millions of people waited in long lines to sign an open letter to the US public, strongly rejecting foreign intervention in their country.

    Anya Parampil interviewed working-class Venezuelans in Simon Bolivar Square in the capital Caracas, on February 10, 2019.

    Read the letter in full here:

  23. KathJuliane February 16, 2019 @ 8:29 pm

    Isn’t this the United States of AIPAC?

    I mean, isn’t it the United Vassal States of Adelson where criticism of and objections to Jews enforcing a brutal military occupation and shooting unarmed Palestinian kids in the head is considered “anti-Semitic”?


    RT: Israel lobby proves Ilhan Omar’s point

    US Representative Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minnesota) tweet is a critique of US-Israel collusion in the Middle East, Institute for Public Accuracy’s Sam Husseini tells RT America’s Manila Chan.

  24. IRONKRAFT February 17, 2019 @ 9:06 am

    Every now and then, it pays to top up your “Protocols” learning.

    Every two-faced Senator, and all the pro-Zionist/Israhell lunatics, are playing the roles outlined in them.

  25. Anti-BS February 17, 2019 @ 1:52 pm

    Sometimes it looks as if BDS is just another controlled opposition operation designed to prevent a boycott of Israeli products, increase investment in Israeli companies, and prevent sanctions or other forms of retaliation against Zionism.

    BDS may be just another gimmick to arouse sympathy for Jews similar to the many cases of Jews who painted swastikas, called in bomb threats to synagogues, or Jews who wrote threats against Jews on their own dorm room doors, and so on.

    Any organization or movement portrayed as anti-Israel or anti-Semitic is immediately suspect because Jews have an ugly history of playing the victim card with false flags and front group operations.

  26. dave February 17, 2019 @ 4:26 pm


    Remember the famous WW2 Hitchcock movie “Saboteur”?

    I just found out that the slimy villain that played the saboteur, Norman Lloyd, was a Jew. How appropriate! The real true saboteurs of America.

    “Norman Lloyd was born Norman Perlmutter on November 8, 1914, in Jersey City, New Jersey. His family was Jewish and lived in Brooklyn, New York.

    Lloyd later returned to Hollywood to play a Nazi spy in Alfred Hitchcock’s Saboteur (1942)…” — Wikipedia

  27. Nicholas Landholdt February 18, 2019 @ 11:31 am

    The First Amendment is about CONGRESS not passing laws to suppress freedom of press, speech, religion, etc.

    Fake Patriots forget about the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

  28. Fake Racism February 18, 2019 @ 2:17 pm

    Anti BDS, fake hate, and ongoing headlines about Jussie Smollett faking racism and hate crimes against himself made me wonder if Smollett had a Jewish connection.

    Smollett appears to have black ancestry, but sure enough Smollet’s bio shows his father is a Jew. Smollet isn’t the first Hollyweirdo to fake racism against himself in an attempt to get big media Jews to revive his career in show biz.

    It’s standard operating procedure with lots of Jews and their puppets like Al Sharpton, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, to use fake racism in their diabolical schemes.

    With all the wild lies and extreme exaggerations in news reports, movies, documentaries, history books, the holohoax, the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax, the Tawana Brawley rape scam, it makes me wonder what so-called slavery in the USA hundreds of years ago actually was. The truth is typically opposite mass media portrayals.

    The Jews Media has lied shamelessly about slavery, the holohoax, and other racism scams. The Jews Media never mentions that rich people who owned slaves were often Jews, or that the vast majority of white people were dirt poor and in worse conditions than slaves of rich Jews.

    The Jews Media portrays victims as aggressors and aggressors as victims. The fake victim scam has become so ubiquitous that the goyim may realize (((who is behind it))) if the Jews don’t tone it down.

  29. Dafydd February 19, 2019 @ 11:29 am


  30. KathJuliane February 19, 2019 @ 12:53 pm

    WRMEA: Why Should My Newspaper Pledge Not to Boycott Israel?


    Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, March/April 2019, pp. 20-21

    Special Report
    By Alan Leveritt

    LAST YEAR, LETTERS FROM THE STATE of Arkansas began drifting across my desk, demanding that our weekly newspaper, the Arkansas Times, either sign a pledge not to boycott Israel or forfeit all state advertising.

    The letters were the result of an obscure, cookie-cutter law passed in 2017 by our Republican-controlled legislature. Specifically, it requires any company entering into a contract with a public entity to certify that it “is not currently engaged in, and agrees for the duration of the contract not to engage in, a boycott of Israel.”

    Initially, we and our longtime state agency clients simply ignored it and went about our business of producing a newspaper. But when the University of Arkansas System began strictly enforcing the law last fall, it told us that we had to sign the anti-boycott pledge in order to continue running advertisements for the University of Arkansas-Pulaski Technical College.

    At that point, we had a decision to make. Times are hard in the publishing industry, and we really needed the business. But at what price? It had never occurred to us to boycott anyone, but the idea that the state would force a publishing company to take a political position in return for business was offensive.

    We then learned the law offered to let us continue to do business without signing the pledge, so long as we accepted a 20 percent cut in our ad rates. I said, “Well, to hell with them.” We were not going to pay a 20 percent tax for the right to hold beliefs independent of the Arkansas Legislature, at least not without a fight.

    So, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, we sued the state to have this law overturned on free speech grounds. Our hearing to get an injunction against enforcement of the law was on Friday, Jan. 4. In other states where similar laws have been passed, citizens have sued because they support the boycott against Israel based on how that country is treating the Palestinians.

    We’re focused on Arkansas at the Arkansas Times and have never editorially advocated for a boycott of Israel. But as journalists, citizens and taxpayers, we dispute the right of the state to impose any ideological litmus test on a publisher or other business, when the only consideration in awarding a state contract should be merit.

    We’ve heard through the grapevine that the law has created some absurd confrontations for the state. For example, many state colleges and universities bring in touring musicians for concerts. Imagine demanding that a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame musician sign what amounts to a loyalty oath to the state of Israel before he can be paid.

    An architect from Fort Smith, Arkansas, who was bidding on a state job said it well when he wrote his local newspaper that he has “no political axe to grind with either Israel or the Palestinians, but this is a rather remarkable thing to require of a citizen to get a job.”

    Supporters of the law have argued that it is regulating action, not free speech. But political boycotts have long been recognized as free speech, going back to the civil rights boycotts of white businesses in Mississippi during the 1960s. If political boycotts are not protected, then neither is political speech.

    What other pledges might state legislatures require if this law is upheld? And what might the federal government, which has considered passing a criminal anti-boycott bill, come up with?

    Could legislatures in blue states penalize citizens or businesses for flying the Confederate flag? Might red state legislatures prohibit the state from doing business with anyone who boycotts Trump family businesses? Imagine similar scenarios where boycotts of tobacco companies or political parties are at issue.

    This law is a rabbit hole our country does not need to go down. Since when do American citizens have to pledge to act in the interest of a foreign power in order to do business with their own government? Since when does the state of Arkansas punish its own taxpayers in an effort to assist a foreign government with its domestic policy?

    As an American, I say it is none of their damn business what political beliefs we hold. We’ll see them in court.

    Alan Leveritt is the publisher of the Arkansas Times. Published ­January 3, 2019 on the ACLU website. Reprinted with permission from ACLU.

    Other State-Level Anti-Speech Developments

    Texas: Bahia Amawi, a veteran children’s speech pathologist who has contracted her services to the Pflugerville Independent School District for nearly a decade, had her annual contract offer rescinded last year after she refused to sign an anti-BDS certification.

    Under a 2017 Texas law, all state contractors are required to sign a pledge that they will not participate in a boycott of Israel.

    In December, Amawi filed a lawsuit against the state with the help of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Legal Defense Fund.

    The next day, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit on behalf of four other Texans who were denied employment with the state as a result of their refusal to sign the pro-Israel pledge.

    “This misguided law seeks to undermine a form of protected expression that has been a part of our nation’s constitutional tradition since the founding,” said ACLU attorney Brian Hauss.

    The ACLU has successfully fought similar anti-BDS laws in Kansas and Arizona.

    Maryland: CAIR filed a lawsuit in January on behalf of Syed Saqib Ali, a software engineer and former state legislator.

    Ali alleges that Governor Larry Hogan’s 2017 executive order that requires the state to deny contracts to businesses that boycott Israel infringes on his First Amendment right to free speech and wrongly excludes him from bidding on government work.

    “Maryland’s ban on contracting with anyone who participates in such boycotts constitutes viewpoint discrimination that chills constitutionally-protected political advocacy in support of Palestine,” the lawsuit states.

    Florida: Freshman Rep. Mike Caruso (R-Palm Beach County) introduced a bill in the state House of Representatives in January that would require Florida’s public schools to adopt the State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism.

    Among other things, the bill would ban teachers and students from “applying double standards to the State of Israel” and from legitimizing “the work of a multilateral organization investigating Israel for peace or human rights violations.”

    The bill, which has two bipartisan co-sponsors, is nearly identical to one passed by South Carolina last year.

    The State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism was never intended to police speech domestically, and even the original author of the definition has said he opposes it being used to chill First Amendment rights.

    —Dale Sprusansky


    Editor’s note: On Jan. 24, U.S. District Court Judge Brian Miller dismissed the Arkansas Times’ lawsuit. The newspaper “has not demonstrated that a boycott of Israel, as defined by Act 710 [the anti-BDS state law], is protected by the First Amendment,” the judge said.

    “A boycott of Israel, as defined by Act 710, is neither speech nor inherently expressive conduct,” Miller insisted.

    In its 1982 NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware Co. ruling, the Supreme Court affirmed the rights of black Mississippians to boycott white-owned business as a means of protesting their second-class citizenship.

    In that case, the court determined that boycotts “to bring about political, social and economic change” are protected under the First Amendment.

    However, Miller argued that the Claiborne case “does not hold that individual purchasing decisions are constitutionally protected, nor does it create an unqualified right to engage in political boycotts.”

    “We disagree with the district court’s decision, which contradicts two recent federal court decision and which would radically limit the First Amendment right to boycott,” said Holly Dickson, the ACLU’s Arkansas legal ­director.

  31. Bow Down to the Beast February 19, 2019 @ 6:24 pm

    Forcing people to bow down to Israel has begun with laws such as Anti-BDS.

    Rev 13:8 – All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast, all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.

    Daniel 7:17-23 explains that in prophecy a beast symbolizes a kingdom, a government, an empire: These four great beasts are four empires which will arise on earth.

    An image symbolizes a false religion as shown by the commandment to have no graven image, no idol, by the great image that Nebuchadnezzar ordered his subjects to worship, and by other instances of image in the bible. The image of the beast, that is, the false religion of Israel, is Judaism, the anti-Christ religion.

    Rev 14:9 – If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand, they too, will drink the wine of God’s fury

    This Anti-BDS law looks like more evidence that the Zionists are starting to carry out Protocol 24 which includes setting up their “King of the Jews,” their messiah –

  32. Brother Nathanael February 19, 2019 @ 6:24 pm

    +BN On Rense Radio Tonight!

    9 pm Pacific Time

    Listen Live @

  33. dave February 19, 2019 @ 9:37 pm


    “‘A boycott of Israel, as defined by Act 710, is neither speech nor inherently expressive conduct,’ [Judge] Miller insisted.”

    If it’s not speech or expressive conduct, what the hell is it?

    I wonder what slimy Jewish AIPAC agents payed this weak disgusting traitorous pitiful excuse of a judge off?

  34. dave February 19, 2019 @ 9:57 pm

    Joseph Goebbels

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    The source of the big lie technique is this passage, taken from Chapter 10 of James Murphy’s translation of Mein Kampf:

    But it remained for the Jews, with their unqualified capacity for falsehood, and their fighting comrades, the Marxists, to impute responsibility for the downfall precisely to the man who alone had shown a superhuman will and energy in his effort to prevent the catastrophe which he had foreseen and to save the nation from that hour of complete overthrow and shame.

    By placing responsibility for the loss of the world war on the shoulders of Ludendorff they took away the weapon of moral right from the only adversary dangerous enough to be likely to succeed in bringing the betrayers of the Fatherland to Justice.”

    All this was inspired by the principle—which is quite true within itself—that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.

    It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.

    Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.

    — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X[1]
    According to Hitler, the “big lie” was a propaganda technique typically used by Jewish Marxists.

  35. KathJuliane February 19, 2019 @ 10:47 pm

    “It’s all about the Benjamins, Baby”

    “For my team so while you sleep I’ma scheme
    We see through, that’s why nobody never gon’ believe you
    You should do what we do, stack chips like Hebrews
    Don’t let the melody intrigue you, ’cause I leave you
    I’m only here for that green paper with the eagle” — From Puff Daddy and the Family’s No Way Out album


    The Nation: This Is How AIPAC Really Works

    An AIPAC and Capitol Hill veteran explains the lobby’s tactics of reward and retribution.

    By M.J. Rosenberg

    One thing that should be said about Representative Ilhan Omar’s tweet about the power of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (more commonly known as AIPAC, or the “Israel lobby”) is that the hysterical reaction to it proved her main point: The power of AIPAC over members of Congress is literally awesome, although not in a good way.

    Has anyone ever seen so many members of Congress, of both parties, running to the microphones and sending out press releases to denounce one first-termer for criticizing the power of… a lobby?

    Somehow, I don’t think the reaction would have been the same if she had tweeted that Congress still supports the ethanol subsidy because the American Farm Bureau and other components of the corn/ethanol lobby spend millions to keep this agribusiness bonanza going (which they do). Or that if she had opposed the ethanol subsidy, she would have been accused of hating farmers.

    That’s American politics; the only difference between all the domestic lobbies that essentially buy support for their agenda is that AIPAC is working for a foreign government, a distinction but not much of a difference when the goal is to maintain a status quo that is not necessarily in the national interest.

    What did Omar tweet that was so terrible, anyway?

    Actually it was two tweets that produced the unsettling but oh-so-telling coming together of President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in common denunciation of the first-term member of Congress.

    Omar’s crime: daring to suggest that campaign contributions orchestrated by AIPAC play a large part in achieving bipartisan support for anything proposed by the Israeli government and/or its lobby, AIPAC. This is, of course, something everyone knows and which even a former president of AIPAC once admitted in a conversation that was recorded by an interlocutor.

    In fact, as early as 1988, 60 Minutes did a segment on how AIPAC divvies up the money.

    (Moreover, I, as an employee of the lobby from 1973 to 1975 and 1982 to 1986, repeatedly and personally witnessed the whole process of funding and defunding, which is anything but a secret within the organization. Additionally, I spent close to 20 years as a legislative assistant to Democratic House and Senate members and saw AIPAC’s tactics of reward and retribution from that vantage point too.)

    Officially, of course, AIPAC does not engage in political fundraising; it would be illegal for it to do so, and the lobby is vehement on the point that it doesn’t. And it is true that, to my knowledge, it does not directly raise money to support or defeat candidates. But that is just a technicality.

    Political fundraising is a huge part of AIPAC’s operation. One of the three top positions in its massive Washington, DC, headquarters is that of political director, who runs both the Washington political operation (his annual salary is over $450,000) and deputy regional directors around the country.

    Here is how AIPAC describes what these officials do, as described in a “help wanted” description for a Los Angeles deputy regional political director:

    — Help track House and Senate races in the region
    — Assist with planning and executing local Congressional Club events and Congressional Club components in local events
    — Attend and assist in regional events
    — Establish and maintain contact with House and Senate campaigns to assist in the scheduling of candidate meetings and facilitate the submission of position papers
    — Solicit financial support for AIPAC’s Annual Campaign
    — Conduct candidate meetings
    — Research, track and record FEC and polling data
    — Work with colleagues to increase pro-Israel political participation in the region (Solicit Congressional Club commitments)
    — Assist with AIPAC legislative grassroots mobilizations
    — Assist with scheduling and organizing of caucuses in the regions and lobbying appointments during the AIPAC Policy Conference
    — Assist with the integration of AIPAC’s activist bases in the Jewish and — Outreach communities
    — Promote participation at local and national AIPAC events including regional events and national political training conferences
    — Research, gather and deliver information requested by pro-Israel political activists
    — Other duties as assigned

    Not mentioned is what all the information is used for: political fundraising. That means making sure that pro-Israel PACs know what to do with their money. And making sure that individual donors know what to do with theirs. That is why AIPAC has a large national political operation.

    If it were not in the money-distribution business, it would simply rely on its legislative department to lobby for and draft legislation for members of Congress. Nor would its political director make a half-million dollars a year.

    In short, AIPAC’s political operation is used precisely as Representative Omar suggested. Again, I know this because I witnessed it over and over again.

    I sat in AIPAC staff meetings at which the political director discussed whom “we” would be supporting in this campaign and whom “we” were going to “destroy” in that one. I also sat in on meetings at AIPAC’s huge annual policy conference, attended by as many as 20,000 AIPAC members and virtually the entire Congress, at which fundraising pitches were made.

    AIPAC, of course, denies that anyone raises money at its policy conference. And it’s true. No one does… in the official AIPAC rooms.

    However, there are also the side rooms, nominally independent of the main event but just down the hall, where candidates and invited donors (only the really wealthy donors get the invites) meet and decide which candidate will get what.

    This arrangement is almost a metaphor for the whole AIPAC fundraising operation. The side rooms are nominally not AIPAC, so AIPAC can deny that any fundraising takes place at their conference. But in fact, they are the most exclusive venues in the country for candidates to raise money in the name of advancing the AIPAC cause.

    AIPAC denies fundraising precisely the way Captain Renault in the film Casablanca declared he was “shocked, shocked, to find that gambling is going on” in his establishment. As he is saying it, one of the club’s crooks hands him a wad of cash, saying, “Your winnings, sir.”

    Same with AIPAC: “We don’t donate to campaigns. Here’s your check.” Or, more usually, a bundle of checks that are not traceable back to AIPAC because, on paper at least, they come from individuals who like a candidate’s stand on Israel or Iran sanctions (as told to them by AIPAC’s political operatives).

    So enough about AIPAC’s fundraising denials, which insult the intelligence of anyone who hears them. Except, check this out: Political activist Ady Barkan describes how a congressional candidate he worked for scored $5,000 from an AIPAC representative just by promising to support AIPAC’s pet issues. Easy money!

    Back to Representative Omar. The first tweet, which resulted in ominous storm clouds over her head, was her response to a journalist who asked, by tweet of course, what accounted for such fierce defense of a foreign country by US political leaders even if it meant attacking the free-speech rights of Americans.

    Omar responded, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” breezily referring to $100 bills.

    This was bad enough, suggesting that campaign contributions plays a part in AIPAC’s success at garnering support for legislation that reads like it’s written by the Likud Central Committee.

    But that was nothing compared to the monsoon of invective produced by her response to a reporter from the Jewish newspaper Forward, Batya Ungar-Sargon, who (again in a tweet) disingenuously asked Omar who she thought is “paying American politicians to be pro-Israel.”

    Even before Omar responded “AIPAC!” Ungar-Sargon had resorted to the lobby’s (and its media friends’) favorite tactic when exposed or criticized: charging Omar with anti-Semitism; specifically, for using what Ungar-Sargon described as an “anti-Semitic trope.”

    That opened the floodgates for the full “she’s an anti-Semite!” onslaught.

    One by one, other Jewish organizations weighed in (AIPAC is designated by virtually all the mainstream Jewish organizations as their official lobby, and they invariably jump when AIPAC tells them to). And then AIPAC’s congressional enforcers weighed in, led by Steny Hoyer, the House majority leader, who has been AIPAC’s man on the House floor for decades, Pelosi, and others.

    They all said the same thing: that Omar’s tweet was anti-Semitic, with many adopting Ungar-Sargon’s characterization of Omar’s words as “an anti-Semitic trope,” by which they seem to mean using the words “Jewish” and “money” in the same tweet.

    But that is not what Omar said. She wasn’t even talking about Israel per se. When asked whom she is accusing of buying members of Congress, Omar responded with one word: AIPAC. Period.

    And here’s the thing: AIPAC is not synonymous with Jews. By its own admission, AIPAC has 100,000 members out of an American Jewish population of about 6 million. Of that number, most are Jewish but, as it proudly proclaims, many are evangelical (and other) Christians.

    Implying that criticizing the power of a predominantly Jewish organization is anti-Semitic is like saying that those who point to the Catholic Church’s pedophile scandal are anti-Catholic, or that condemning violent Islamist extremists is tantamount to hating Muslims.

    It is ridiculous. It is also clever, because it deters legitimate criticism of Israel or, God forbid, of the lobby by sending a clear message to politicians that any such criticism will cost them mightily.

    Watching what the lobby and its acolytes, in Congress and out, are saying about Omar would cause anyone in politics to think long and hard before saying anything at all about Israel, other than the effusive statements of praise AIPAC wants. And that is the lobby’s goal: to ensure that Congress never questions Israel about anything, that it just shuts up and keeps the billions of dollars in aid coming.

    And above all, without conditions, like requiring Israel to take steps to end the occupation, the blockade of Gaza, or to grant equal rights to Palestinians inside Israel and in the occupied territories.

    The only thing wrong with Ilhan’s tweets about AIPAC is the seeming suggestion that money is all there is behind US support for Israel.

    There are many, many reasons why the United States supports the existence of the State of Israel and the security of its people. One of them has always been the Holocaust, which demonstrated that Jews do need a secure refuge because, as has been dramatically illustrated in the United States since the rise of Donald Trump, anti-Semitism remains a contagion that can infect a xenophobic population anywhere.

    Tell me that there is no need for a Jewish state anymore, and I’ll point to the massacre at the kosher supermarket in Paris or, even more frightening, the slaughter of 11 worshipers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh (the worst act of anti-Jewish terrorism in the history of the United States).

    But believing that Israel has every right to exist in peace is not the same as saying that it should continue to occupy or blockade Palestinian lands or deny full democratic rights to the people who live there.

    It does not mean that we should enact laws that penalize people who choose to boycott Israel because they oppose its policies toward the Palestinians.

    It does not mean that we should continue to support members of Congress who refuse to put conditions on our aid to Israel, just as we impose conditions on other congressional appropriations, including those that go to our own states and local governments.

    It certainly does not mean that we have to embrace AIPAC’s number-one priority of recent years: preventing and then destroying President Obama’s nuclear pact with Iran simply because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prefers to deter an Iranian nuclear bomb through war (preferably an American attack) rather than diplomacy.

    No, supporting Israel has very little, if anything, to do with keeping quiet about the dangers represented by its out-of-control lobby.

    In fact, it more likely represents the opposite. AIPAC is bad for America, but it could well be catastrophic for Israel, if it hasn’t been already.

    This is something more and more Jews (particularly the young) now understand, which is why groups like J Street, IfNotNow, Americans For Peace Now, and Jewish Voice for Peace have come to the fore in recent years and have grabbed their share of the congressional turf, which was once exclusively owned by AIPAC.

    Joining them are the newly energized Arab American Institute and a significant new player, the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, as well as various Palestinian student groups which are ensuring that Palestinian voices are heard, sometimes in concert with the progressive Jewish groups and sometimes on their own. But finally heard.

    The bottom line is that despite all the congressional denunciations of Omar and the hysterical denials that AIPAC buys support for Israel with its “Benjamins,” the times are changing.

    On February 5, when AIPAC’s “Combating BDS” bill passed the Senate, 22 Democrats voted against it. That is a decent number, but the real sign that AIPAC’s power is on the wane is that every Democratic senator who is a candidate for president (except Amy Klobuchar) voted No.

    They voted No because they are seeking to win support from the Democratic grassroots, which, naturally enough, skews younger and younger, more and more progressive, and less and less white, leading naturally enough to more sympathy for Palestinians and less for Netanyahu’s Israel.

    That wouldn’t have happened before 2016, when Bernie Sanders embraced Palestinians and their cause as part of his coalition and not only did not lose support because of it but gained it. By 2020, it will be close to impossible for any Democrat to claim the progressive mantle while aligning with AIPAC.

    For now, with the Baby Boomers still the most influential segment of the population, AIPAC is holding its own, even happily raising money over the whole Omar incident. But its future looks dim, especially its post-Trump future. And that is very good news.

  36. Steve February 20, 2019 @ 6:55 am

    “Germany-based Global Public Policy Institute (GPPI) reported on Sunday…”


    Who the *&^% is this GPPI anyway…some deep state NGO run by only God knows some international shyster?

    NOTE: Historians will note that at this time the balance of power in Christendom will have moved from the west to the eastern Church.

    The Judaeo-Christian west is morally bankrupt. We have all the $$$ and technology but the east has the unity and the integrity to not buy into the above nonsense.

    Speak the truth ALWAYS!

  37. The Beat Goes On February 20, 2019 @ 7:33 am

    In sync with Anti-BDS, Trump is replacing Rod Rosenstein with Jeff Rosen, replacing one deep state swamp Jew with another one.

    It was Trump who nominated Rosenstein to be Deputy Attorney General. After the Mueller disaster that Rosenstein brought Trump, there is no sane excuse for Trump to repeat the same mistake with Rosen.

    The Jews seem to be rubbing Trump’s nose in the deep state doo by making Trump replace a Jew named Rosenstein with a Jew named Rosen.

    Lately, Foxjews has been pushing the big lie that Trump has kept all his campaign promises. But the truth is that Trump hasn’t ended the wars, ended Obamacare, built the border wall, drained the swamp, etc.

    Trump is a convincing actor, a gifted front man selling red-state kool-aid. Politicians have been reduced to puppets.

    The US government isn’t run by the president. The president is just another puppet. Zionist Jews run government by pulling the puppet strings of their politicians.

  38. benzion kook February 20, 2019 @ 10:22 am


    Jews to award themselves a very special Oscar to “all the Jew victims of the holohoax.”

  39. dave February 20, 2019 @ 11:21 am


    Heard you last night on Rense.

    Sorry to hear you got hit by that crazed psycopath. It probably got payed off with cocaine or meth by AIPAC agents.

    I had always presumed you’d never dare be on the streets like you’ve been without some form of protection. That’s crazy!- you must’ve known you’re a huge target.

    You should ask Rense for finanacial help-he obviously likes you and what you stand for.

    I never heard you say like you did last night how depressing and negative you really feel about the situation as Rense does too!

    You know if you’ve been reading my comments that I think we’re all toast, its just a matter of time. Sabrosky agrees with us also.

    Anyway, like Rense says, and I whole-heartedly agree, I won’t give up the fight. NEVER!

    Here’s an extremely interesting article about the hideous ZIONIST INTERNATIONAL DICTATORSHIP (Z.I.D.) in Israel.

    “After Israeli anchor calls out brutality of ‘occupation’, political leaders land hard on her”

  40. KathJuliane February 20, 2019 @ 3:21 pm

    Mondoweiss: Ilhan Omar and the anti-Semitic ‘trope/canard’ smear

    The latest brouhaha over Ilhan Omar’s supposed flirtation with anti-Semitism was started by Batya Ungar-Sargon of the Forward, who ignited a twitter debate by challenging Omar’s assertion on February 10 that AIPAC used financial pressure on members of Congress on behalf of Israel.

    Ungar-Sargon then wrote a column accusing Omar of repeated use of anti-Semitic “tropes,” which has become something of a “mot du jour.”

    The exchange exploded quickly into a firestorm, leading to rebukes from Democratic Congressional leadership and calls from President Trump for Omar to resign from Congress or at least the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

    Ungar-Sargon, who views herself as politically “on the left,” has perversely become a leading practitioner of the familiar playbook smearing those who stray from the narrow boundaries of acceptable criticism of Israel as anti-Semites who are conjuring some historical anti-Semitic “trope” or “canard.”

    There has been plenty of discussion regarding the Omar-AIPAC affair, but for Ungar-Sargon, it is a repeat performance from this past November, when she set her sights on Linda Sarsour.

    At that time, in a Facebook defense of Omar’s stance in favor of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), Sarsour called out “folks who masquerade as progressives but always choose their allegiance to Israel over their commitment to democracy and free speech.”

    Sarsour was criticizing those who preach progressive values of equality and inclusiveness while excusing Israel’s innumerable violations of those principles, a rather common phenomenon known as PEP – Progressive Except for Palestine.

    Enter Ungar-Sargon, who immediately tweeted her dismay: “Really really really disappointed to see this canard of dual loyalties.”

    The “canard of dual loyalties” involves accusing an entire Jewish community of being more devoted to their own minority community (or to Israel) than to the interests of their nation.

    It casts Jews as self-dealing, secretly devious outsiders unwilling to join in a communal effort to benefit the larger polity.

    Sarsour’s complaint didn’t remotely resemble this “canard.” She criticized unnamed individuals who are self-proclaimed “progressives” and said nothing about Jews in general.

    Sarsour accused these PEP progressives of sacrificing free speech principles to protect Israel from criticism, a charge that would be applicable to a large swath of Democratic Party officials.

    Bungar-Sargon disingenuously connected Sarsour’s entirely bigotry-free remark to the “dual loyalty canard,” apparently thinking that use of the word “canard” alone was sufficient to demonstrate anti-Semitism.

    Anti-Semitic “tropes” and “canards” and “slanders” have become the go-to staple of Israel support.

    In January, a six-year-old tweet by Ilhan Omar during Israel’s brutal 2012 assault on Gaza that “Israel has hypnotized the world” was revived and dragged into the spotlight, most prominently by Bari Weiss in her New York Times column.

    Omar’s language was harsh but the nature of her exasperation is obvious: How does Israel establish and maintain a state that harshly discriminates on the basis of ethnicity and religion, killing and immiserating untold numbers of victims in the process, and convince the world, or at least a significant and powerful part of the world, that it is the victim?

    When recently asked on CNN to justify her 2012 tweet, Omar replied: “I don’t know how my comments would be offensive to Jewish Americans. My comments precisely are addressing what was happening during the Gaza War and I’m clearly speaking about the way the Israeli regime was conducting itself in that war.”

    Weiss, duly horrified, claimed that Omar’s criticism of Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza is another chapter in the long-running “conspiracy theory of the Jew as the hypnotic conspirator.”

    Weiss says “criticisms cross the line into anti-Semitism when they ascribe evil, almost supernatural powers to Israel in a manner that replicates classic anti-Semitic slanders.”

    She meandered through a pseudo-scholarly discourse of ancient Rome and the death of Jesus, Goebbels’s 1940 approval of an anti-Semitic movie, and criticism of Jewish neocons for promoting the Iraq War launched in 2003.

    (On this latter note, Weiss’s claim that Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith, because of their Jewish heritage, were blamed for Middle East carnage more than Bush and Cheney were blamed, strikes me as paranoid.)

    Not surprisingly, Weiss’s column referenced Omar’s “Israel not Jews” defense but conspicuously failed to acknowledge much less refute the distinction.

    She was unable to offer any argument, coherent or incoherent, that US Jews should feel threatened by Omar’s or any other criticism of Israel.

    Instead, Weiss essentially takes Omar to task for referencing Israeli hypnosis without first conducting a thorough historical investigation of the nature of anti-Semitism throughout world history.

    Would Weiss think that it “crosses the line” into bigotry to accuse others of hypnotizing, brainwashing, or just plain lying?

    In fact, Netanyahu recently accused Israeli media outlets of “brainwashing.” He has previously accused Palestinians of “brainwashing.”

    Other pro-Israel propagandists have leveled the “brainwashing” charge against BDS activists and the “left” and LGBT activists. Does Weiss feel that an accusation of “brainwashing” is okay but “hypnosis” is not?

    This trope/canard nonsense could be used to immunize Israel from virtually any criticism.

    Anyone who dared suggest that Israel, throughout its history, has deliberately killed civilians could be accused of appealing to the anti-Semitic “canard” that Jews place a lower value on the lives of non-Jews.

    Accusing Israel of conducting espionage in foreign countries, whether spying on the US or stealing New Zealand passports, would invoke the anti-Semitic “trope” of the devious, dishonest Jew.

    There surely is an anti-Semitic trope, canard, or slander, real or imagined, to fit every criticism of Israel.

    These defamations by Weiss and Ungar-Sargon are part of an effort to portray those who oppose ethnic/religious discrimination as perpetrators of discrimination.

    The smear artists hope to deter future transgressions, warning others who contemplate speaking out for Palestinians that they risk association with historical anti-Semitic slanders that led to genocide of millions.

    The stench of an anti-Semitism accusation can be quite destructive with far-reaching consequences, electoral and otherwise.

    Bari Weiss has a long history of such calumny dating to her undergraduate years at Columbia, but it is unfortunate that Ungar-Sargon, who has occasionally taken progressive stands as the Forward op-ed editor, has joined the army of slanderers who use the anti-Semitism cry as a weapon.

    Recently, a Harvard Law professor offered this common sense warning about overuse of the accusation of anti-Semitism:

    “I think we have to be very careful before we accuse any particular individual of being an anti-Semite…And I think one has to be very careful about using the term anti-Semitic…I don’t think anybody should be called or accused of being anti-Semitic unless the evidence is overwhelming.”

    Thank you, Alan Dershowitz, that’s excellent advice, even though you used it to defend Steve Bannon.

  41. KathJuliane February 20, 2019 @ 7:14 pm

    Roger Waters weighs in on Venezuela, Richard Branson’s “humanitarian aid” stunt, and how everyone is being sold a lying narrative.

    “Leave the Venezuelan people alone to exercise their legal right to self-determination.”

  42. dave February 20, 2019 @ 8:06 pm

    President Morales Calls Out U.S. Foreign Policy as Trump Listens in UN Security Council Meeting

  43. dave February 20, 2019 @ 8:30 pm

    If Americans Knew: US court revives $1Billion Palestinian lawsuit against Sheldon Adelson

    In a unanimous decision Tuesday, a DC court is allowing Palestinian plaintiffs to sue Sheldon Adelson and others for $1billion over their support of Israeli settlements and alleged war crimes – including genocide.
    by Middle East Eye and agencies

    A US appeals court has revived a $1bn lawsuit by Palestinians seeking to hold billionaire Sheldon Adelson and more than 30 other pro-Israel defendants liable for alleged war crimes and support of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, a Reuters report said.

    In a unanimous 3-0 decision on Tuesday, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit said a federal district judge wrongly concluded in August 2017 that all of the plaintiffs’ claims could not be decided in American courts.

    The plaintiffs, including 18 Palestinians and Palestinian-Americans as well as a Palestinian town council, alleged a conspiracy among many defendants to expel non-Jews from the occupied territories, and accused the defendants of committing or aiding in genocide and other war crimes.

    “A legal determination that Israeli settlers commit genocide in the disputed territory would not decide ownership of the disputed territory and thus would not directly contradict any foreign policy choice,” said Circuit Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson in the court’s ruling.

    Other defendants included the billionaire Larry Ellison, Bank Leumi BM and Bank Hapoalim BM, construction and support companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co and Volvo AB, 13 nonprofits, and the United States.

    The lawyer for the plaintiffs did not immediately respond to requests for comment. A lawyer for the individual, nonprofit and corporate defendants, as well as the US Department of Justice, did not immediately respond to similar requests.

    In Tuesday’s decision, without ruling on the merits, Henderson said the only political question concerned who had sovereignty over the Israeli-occupied territories.

    She said courts could rule on whether the defendants conspired to expel non-Jews or committed war crimes “without touching the sovereignty question, if it concluded that Israeli settlers are committing genocide”.

    Adelson is the chief executive of casino company Las Vegas Sands Corp. Ellison is the chairman of Oracle Corp, the database software company he co-founded.

    Adelson has made billions of dollars from his casinos and is an open supporter of Israel’s right-wing government and the US Republican Party.


    Sheldon Adelson’s $82 million+ donation bought U.S. Israel policies

    Sheldon Adelson: the casino mogul driving Trump’s Middle East policy

    Watch: Sheldon Adelson regretted he served in the U.S. Army rather than the Israeli military

    GOP Hostility Toward Iran Secured After Adelson Gives $30 Million To Top Super PAC

    “The Godfather” – CBC exposé on Sheldon Adelson’s influence on Trump, Harper, & Mideast policies

  44. dave February 20, 2019 @ 8:34 pm

    If Americans Knew: Sheldon Adelson’s $82 million+ donation bought U.S. Israel policies

    Billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who seems to prefer Israel to the US, runs ‘Trump’s’ Mideast policies

    Reposted from the American Conservative, “In Sheldon Adelson, Far Right Israel Hits the Jackpot”

    A bet on Donald Trump for president may have seemed risky two years ago. But for billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, the payout has been spectacular.

    The 85-year-old and his wife Miriam gave $82 million+ to Republicans and candidate Trump in 2016, and within two years watched their man execute two major Adelson asks: moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal.

    This was accomplished in consultation with Adelson comprador John Bolton, who in December 2016 promised members of the American Friends of Beit El that Trump would not only move the embassy—declaring Jerusalem the true capital of Israel—but that he would not oppose any Jewish settlement expansion in the West Bank territories. Adelson is also credited with opening the door for Bolton’s appointment to national security adviser in March

    [IAK note: Adelson once said he wished he’d served in the Israeli military instead of the U.S. army:

    (After this piece was published, Trump awarded Miriam Adelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Nov. 16)

    Meanwhile, Adelson has enjoyed a direct line to Trump, speaking with him in person and on the phone at least once a month.

    Most recently Adelson was able to convince the president to cut off U.S. aid to Palestinian refugees living in crowded, dirty, and unrelentingly hopeless refugee camps outside Israel. Around the same time, Trump withdrew $25 million in assistance from impoverished East Jerusalem hospitals that also serve Palestinian cancer patients allowed in from the West Bank and Gaza for treatment.

    Of course, Adelson’s pro-Zionist agenda, which includes expanding the settlements as far as they can go—most recently pouring his money into a huge new Israeli medical university on one of those settlements—is in sync with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party. It’s been a great year for all involved.

    And why not? For the first time in recent presidential history, there is no pretense of peace with the Arabs.

    Trump’s endorsement of a two-state solution at the recent United Nations General Assembly in September may have appeared hopeful, but it was as lame as it was patronizing. “I like [a] two-state solution,” Trump offered spontaneously, posing for smiling photographs with Netanyahu. “That’s what I think works best. That’s my feeling.”

    For someone who supposedly has a “peace plan” but hasn’t announced it after two years in office, his “feelings” are as worthless as poker chips outside a casino.

    Maybe that’s why Bibi didn’t offer much of a response. After declaring he would consider Trump’s non-existent plan “with a keen and open mind,” Netanyahu reiterated that any Palestinian state endorsed by Israel will be an unarmed one. So not really a state at all.

    Plus, actions matter. Not long after Adelson (and, it turns out, Netanyahu) encouraged Trump to strip all funding (an estimated $300 million allocated in 2018) from a UN agency tasked since 1950 with providing aid for Palestinian refugees, Trump abruptly closed the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) offices in Washington—the only diplomatic conduit between the U.S. and the Palestinian National Authority.

    The reason given: “PLO leadership has condemned a U.S. peace plan they have not yet seen and refused to engage with the U.S. government with respect to peace efforts and otherwise.”

    This is rich, considering the administration’s aggressive behavior and the friends it keeps—including Adelson.

    Moreover, Trump’s point man for the peace plan is none other than his son-in-law Jared Kushner, whose family has generously supported the aforementioned Beit El settlement and is old friends with Netanyahu. Kushner was the primary agitator behind yanking the refugee funding, calling the aid an entitlement program and the withholding of it a punishment for Palestinian leaders who vilify the administration.

    More cynically, reports indicate he is merely helping Israelis end-run “right of return” for Palestinians and their kin displaced during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Similarly, the embassy move was designed to take the contested issue of Jerusalem “off the table.”

    Meanwhile, Netanyahu’s government just passed a nation-state law that declares Israel a Jewish state, one that affirms Jewish settlements and the right to self-determination for Israeli Jews only, codifying, in essence, that the 1.8 million Arabs living there are second-class citizens. This loads the dice before the games even begin.

    Only people like Kushner and Adelson, who at a net worth of $42.5 billion is the 16th richest man on the planet, would see withholding food, education, and healthcare as way of “disappearing” a problem to gain leverage in future negotiations. Only Trump would consider that the “art of the deal.”

    If this is “winning,” let’s hope this is one jackpot the White House never hits.


    Israel Nudges Trump Towards War With Iran

  45. benzion kook February 20, 2019 @ 10:13 pm


    We are all Palestinians to the Jews.

  46. Citizenfitz February 20, 2019 @ 11:19 pm

    Heard a good one today, guys: “Most people are sheep – and the TV is their shepherd.”

    Turn it off.

  47. dave February 20, 2019 @ 11:43 pm

    “British ‘holocaust denier’ David Icke barred from Australia”

    AFP•February 20, 2019″”an important blow against rising anti-Semitism in Australia”.

    Here’s my comment as well as other truthers:

    Rising anti-Semitism – ummmmmm haven’t I been hearing that same thing right here in America like every 46 minutes on the Jew Israeli-owned and controlled fake American mass media and now it’s rising half way around the world down in the southern hemisphere in Australia?

    Gee that sounds awful, awful strange considering Jews are infamous for lying about anti-Semitism in the first place let lone the rise in it. Remember all two summers ago every single damn night on the Jew/Israeli owned- and controlled fake American evening news we would be barraged with another bomb threat of some Jew facility?

    Then all of a sudden it stopped? Here’s why, which they wouldn’t dare tell us about:

    American-Israeli man convicted for JCC bomb threats – Jewish Telegraphic Agency

    The hoax threats to the JCCs and other Jewish institutions in the first three months of 2017 forced widespread e…

    (JTA) — A 19-year-old American-Israeli man was convicted of making hundreds of bomb threats to Jewish community centers and Jewish schools in the United States, as well as airlines.

    Michael Kadar, who holds dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship and whose name is barred from publication in Israel, was convicted Thursday in Tel Aviv District Court on several counts including extortion, conspiracy to commit a crime, money laundering and assaulting a police officer. Reuters reported that the conviction was based partly on Kadar’s confession.

    The judge said Kadar was competent to stand trial and understood that his actions were improper, despite the claims by defense psychologists that he is autistic and incompetent.

    The hoax threats to the JCCs and other Jewish institutions in the first three months of 2017 forced widespread evacuations and raised fears of a resurgence in anti-Semitism. Kadar’s parents and lawyer have not disputed his involvement in the bomb threats but asserted in his defense that he has a brain tumor and a low IQ.


    The bomb hoaxes were traced to the Israeli prison where the 19-year-old suspect is being held pending trial.

    Kadar was charged in Israel in April 2017 with thousands of counts on offenses that include publishing false information, causing panic, computer hacking and money laundering. He had been arrested in Israel the previous month in a joint operation with the FBI.

    In March, the U.S. Justice Department indicted Kadar on federal hate crimes charges.

    Bob 2 hours ago
    The last Holocaust story was released around two hours, twenty minutes and 40,000 nano-seconds ago, according to the atomic clock in Denver Colorado..

    Franc Spinne 9 hours ago

    All over the world, Anti Semitism is spreading rapidly.The world is now awash with anti Semitism. Millions in the working class are coming out and fearlessly taking anti Israel positions, joing the BDS movement and standing against the Jewish control of the mass media.

    The masses are even dropping the cheap sleazy swindler RUSH Limbaugh who has been lying to the American people for decades. They see Limbaugh for the advocate for Zionism and the Jewish control of the mass media. The ball is rolling and this is a good thing.

    Michael 18 hours ago
    If you want to know who rules you, simply find who you aren’t allowed to criticize.

    Hezbollah = Army of Light 20 hours ago
    Semitism and Holocaustianity: New-era religion created by Zion masters which you should blindly and fully follow, otherwise, you’ll be “infidel”: you’ll lose your job, lifeline, and will be lynched politically & socially.

    Jalil 21 hours ago
    So odd that believing something or not believing in something is enough to get you shut out of some countries, where does it end?

    your 21 hours ago
    Freedom of speech until you talk about Jews

  48. Question? February 21, 2019 @ 2:51 am


    Maybe people here have answers to this question about Jewish Divide and Conquer operations.

    The Roman Empire was divided into an eastern part and a western part with the eastern headquarters at Constantinople and western headquarters at Rome. The Great Schism divided the church into the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic divisions of the church.

    Such divisions line up so closely with Zionist divide and conquer strategy it strongly suggests that Jews were behind the schisms. There are additional reasons which suggest this. The Jews Media often speaks of “the West” and “the East.”

    The Jews Media still sows seeds of division between “east and west” by constantly accusing Russia, China, North Korea, the eastern nations, of various evils. Trump colluding with Russia, North Korea developing ICBMs, are among current Jews Media propagandas used to incite Americans against Russia and North Korea.

    There may be solid documentation of Jews manipulating the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church to divide, but if so, Jews would have tried to hide it, distort it, cover it up, and keep the goyim in the dark about it. I haven’t been able to find such documentation. Such divisions, schemes, rebellions, are probably why Jews were expelled from so many nations.

    Does anyone have links to articles and websites which document Jewish roles in dividing the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church?

  49. dave February 21, 2019 @ 8:24 am


    You should get in touch with Dr. Dankof

    “A Lutheran Pastor Explains – Russia Is a Beacon of Promise for a Christian Future: By Mark Dankof”
    JULY 13, 2018

    The American military is a regime change janissary force for Israel, the banks, and the fossil fuels cartel – and Russia is standing up to it

    As an American who has witnessed the metastasizing of 5th stage cancer in the Empire since the 1960s, I must freely admit that the three holidays in this country which produce the most sadness and profound depression for me at this stage of my life are the 4th of July, Veterans’ Day, and Memorial Day.

    Donald Jeffries covers the bases on many of my feelings today at Lew Rockwell in an essay entitled Our Plastic Patriotism. Suffice it to say that cardboard patriots in Star-Spangled Attire mouthing platitudes about “freedom” not only fail to understand that Washington, Adams, and Jefferson would not even recognize what this country has become internationally or domestically, but proceed to a mindless and terrifying embrace of the notion that utilizing the American military as a Regime Change Janissary force for Israel, the banks, and the multinational oil, gas, and mineral consortiums is a laudable thing.

    Starting a war of aggression with Russia utilizing NATO would be just terrific by these folks.

    Jefferson knew otherwise. Even a cursory look at his writings reveals his grasp of the truism that a country involved perpetually in foreign wars of aggression has a government also bent on destroying the liberties of its domestic population.

    And yet the flag waving and mindless chants of USA! USA! on this day fail to grasp the dark truth that the United States is the leading nation on the face of the earth in the exportation of the instruments of death and the accompanying ideology of preemptive wars for the promotion of usury, sodomy, Palestinian land theft, and World Government eventually culminating in the appearance of Antichrist.

    Just a few days before this fateful 4th of July, I encountered a young man at an exercise gym near Randolph AFB in the Alamo City, also known as Military Town USA. After identifying himself as a member of an Evangelical Baptist Church in San Antonio (read “pro-Zionist” and “pro-Empire“), he proceeded to engage me in conversation on several political subjects that pertain to these very issues.

    I told him of some of my past appearances in recent years on Press TV available on YouTube and elsewhere, and jotted down a random sample of some of my articles and interviews in the last decade which include The Closing of the Zionist Mind; FDR and Pearl Harbor: The Primer for the Zionist Assault on the American Republic and the Nation of Iran; Mark Dankof’s Final Word on Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment on Israel and the Assassination of JFK; a review of The Real Lincoln; a past radio show on Israel and 9-11; a conversation with Iran’s Kourosh Ziabari on this latter topic; an interview with the Tasnim News Agency of Iran on Western duplicity, and interviews with everyone from David Duke to Bedros Hajian of Armenian Christian television in Los Angeles.

    I also included a couple of articles I thought an Evangelical might actually warm up to, including The Church of Smyrna Speaks to the Confessing Church of Christ in This Darkening Hour; and An Overview of Jonah as Prototypical Primer for Catacomb Church and Homeschool Study. For good measure, I threw in a graduate paper of mine on Dispensationalism, just to challenge his eschatology.

    Our chat became particularly spirited when the subject of Russia came up. He initiated this. It was fascinating to see that this young Evangelical Baptist’s perception of both President Putin specifically and Russia generally was taken right off the 3×5 note cards of either Hillary Clinton or William Kristol.

    I explained that in my view, Russia was not only a post-Communist society coming out of a 70 year tragedy, but that Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church were jointly leading the country into a pre-Bolshevik spiritual, moral, and political renaissance based on Christianity.

    I went on to say that Putin’s Russia was the last and best bastion against the New World Order itself, deliberately targeted by globalist forces for this very reason. Using his smart phone, I pointed him to both Russia Insider and Russian Faith as necessary alternatives to American Mainstream Media (MSM) for his careful consideration.

    As we parted, I reminded him of Francis Bacon’s famous dictum: “Read, not to believe and take for granted; nor to contradict and confute; but to weigh and consider.”

    I ran into him again at the gym on July 3rd. He seemed nervous, distant, even slightly hostile. I greeted him on my way to the jacuzzi after my floor workout. He later caught up with me there but didn’t seem to be the gregarious sort he had been some 72 hours before.

    When I inquired as to how he was doing, he suddenly came out with, “My father and my pastor told me to stay away from you and stop reading and listening to these things. They said you must be some sort of Communist.”

    I was trying to keep an Old Right Prophet’s straight face when I said, “You know, kid, your father and pastor are wise and cautious fellows. They’re just trying to protect you from concluding that worship of Jesus and Old Glory may not be one and the same thing. That would be a shame after all the work they’ve done in educating you to ‘know the truth, the truth which shall make you free.’” (John 8:32).

    The young man never detected the amused sarcastic intent. I parted with him with a sincere handshake and a smile. Maybe he is on the beginning of a journey that will take him to a better vantage point in this present life, and the next one.

    And at the end of July 4th, 2018, I take one lesson away from all of this.

    If one is indeed encouraged in matters of truth, theology, culture, politics, war, and history to read and to think, to weigh and consider critically from any and all sources of information and knowledge available, it may in fact quite rightly be perceived as a most dangerous and subversive concept. It is apparently considered inherently suspicious by the Citizens of these United States on this hallowed day of Flag Waving and Caesar Worship.

    After all, the person making the recommendation might just be some sort of Godless Communist deliberately missing the parades and the stadium fly-overs.

    (Mark Dankof is a Lutheran clergyman, radio broadcaster, and past contributor to Press TV, the International Christian Family Network in Los Angeles, the American Free Press, and the Tasnim News Agency of Iran.)

  50. KathJuliane February 21, 2019 @ 8:53 am

    If Americans Knew: Poll: 75% of Americans Oppose Outlawing Boycotts of Israel

    Americans in general do not like anti-BDS laws nearly as much as Congress does: just 22.5% of American adults polled favor anti-boycott measure. But Washington and many state legislatures are pushing through legislation that would criminalize boycott of Israel.
    by Grant Smith,

    New legislation passed in the Senate seeks to legalize the right of individual state governments to force American companies to certify they won’t engage in economic boycotts of Israel as a condition for receiving government contracts.

    The “Combating BDS Act of 2019” is embedded as Title IV within the ‘‘Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019’’ (S.1). If signed into law, S.1 would allow states to withhold government funding from entities unwilling to certify they will not boycott Israel. Most existing state anti-BDS measures require pledge forms that contractors must sign as a condition for winning or renewing contracts.

    But only 22.5% of American adults favor anti-boycott measures. A new representative IRmep poll conducted through Google Surveys finds that 74.9% of Americans oppose forcing government contractors to forswear boycotts.

    Question: Should Congress force American businesses seeking government contracts to first sign a pledge that they won’t boycott Israel for its human rights record and military occupation?

    Late in 2018, Senator Ben Cardin, a leading recipient of Israel lobby campaign contributions, attempted to include the Israel Anti-Boycott Act in must-pass spending legislation. The effort was stymied by the government shutdown.

    In 2017 Cardin co-sponsored legislation seeking to amend a swath of U.S. laws to outlaw boycotts of Israel.

    That earlier “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” legislation was also broadly unpopular. 69% of Americans opposed its harsh individual penalties which could have fined Americans up to $1 million or jailed them for up to 20 years.

    The earlier version also clumsily inserted Israel into laws authorizing US national and economic emergency response.

    At least 25 states – many quietly lobbied by local Israel advocacy organizations – have now passed their own laws or started enforcing gubernatorial executive orders prohibiting the flow of state contracts to any business unwilling to sign pledges not to boycott Israel.

    They also ban compliant contractors from transferring state funding on to subcontractors unwilling to sign such pledges. But some are beginning to fight for their right to boycott as speech protected by the 1st Amendment.

    Esther Koontz prevailed in a freedom of speech lawsuit against the state of Kansas which attempted to insert an anti-boycott pledge into her contract to train math teachers.

    Bahia Amawi sued the state of Texas after refusing to sign an anti-boycott waiver and then losing her contract as a speech pathologist.

    IT contractor and former Maryland state representative Saqib Ali in January sued over lost business opportunities state of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Attorney General Brian Frosh under Hogan’s anti-BDS executive order.

    Not all such 1st Amendment lawsuits have prevailed. In January, Arkansas Judge Brian Miller dismissed a case filed by the Arkansas Times challenging the state’s anti-BDS law after the newspaper refused to sign waivers as a condition to receive state-funded university ads.

    Acknowledging his ruling diverged from federal precedents, the presiding judge found that boycotts are not, in fact, protected by the First Amendment.

    The Arkansas legislature – which like other state bodies and the Congress is under constant pressure of local and national Israel advocacy organizations – was poised during the lawsuit to undertake modifications to its law until something unchallengeable in court finally emerged.

    However, their intense behind-the-scenes support of unpopular anti-BDS measures have put some Israel advocacy organizations under an uncomfortable spotlight.

    The office of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam released under state sunshine laws in 2018 hundreds of pages of records detailing the questionable activities of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board.

    VIAB is an opaque taxpayer-funded state entity launched in 1996 that works independently of the commonwealth’s economic development board to secure lucrative opportunities for Israeli businesses.

    In 2016-2018 VIAB executed a complex reconstitution to hire a new anti-BDS director from Israel – by diluting the governor’s right to influence VIAB’s leadership appointments.

    A broad coalition of state human rights organizations – the Virginia Coalition for Human Rights – is now calling for a cutoff in all funding to VIAB and an audit of its activities.

    In addition to anti-boycott measures S.1 also includes loan guarantees and Israeli access to prepositioned stockpiles of US weapons Israel can use in the event of regional conflict.

    S.1 augments Israeli access to US space technology, missile defense and anti-UAV support. The measure also expresses opposition to US withdrawals from Syria which the Israeli government strongly opposes.

    Poll methodology and information about RMSE as a sampling error benchmark, raw data and demographic filters are available from Google.

    Grant F. Smith is the director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington and the author of the 2016 book, Big Israel: How Israel’s Lobby moves America which is now available as an audiobook.

  51. Citizenfitz February 21, 2019 @ 10:08 am

    @ Question?

    “Such divisions line up so closely with Zionist divide and conquer strategy it strongly suggests that Jews were behind the schisms….”

    I remember an online article touching on this matter. The author quoted an early saint or patristic writer who stated there wasn’t a persecution of Christians (by the Roman emperors) that wasn’t egged on by the Jews.

    But I seriously doubt Jews were behind the East-West Schism of 1054 – although they certainly saw their opportunities there and exploited them. The problem was much closer to home: bad Christians. Same as it ever was.

    Even the most kabbalistic rabbis don’t know the full Luciferian plan. They merely see opportunities emerging from the clouds of their sorcery and seize on them — without really knowing how or why. But the nano-second Satan has wrung all he can from the Jews he’ll throw them under the bus too.

    What we’re seeing is this: the army of Satan is preparing for a grand assault — and it’s going to be ugly. Not because Satan is stronger than Christ but because Christ’s army, like at no time before, is riven with apathy, desertion and betrayal.

  52. Citizenfitz February 21, 2019 @ 10:27 am

    Today marks the 8th anniversary of the death of Dr. Bernard Nathanson. He was a one time notorious abortionist and co-founder of NARAL.

    Somewhere along the line Dr. Nathanson had a religious experience and totally repudiated his former evil – becoming an eloquent anti-abortion activist and writer.

    The Catholics and Orthodox here might want to spare a prayer for his soul.

  53. dave February 21, 2019 @ 10:56 am

    So this apparently accounts for the Jews paranoid hysterical rise in anti-Semitism

    Israeli-American Who Terrorized U.S. Jews With Thousands of Bomb Threats Jailed for 10 Years

    The 19-year-old was charged with making thousands of bomb threats, including to a United States senator, as well as to airports, schools and Jewish centers in the U.S. in 2016 and early 2017

    Israel-American hacker accused of terrorizing U.S. Jews now suspected of making bomb threats – from jail
    Israeli-American hacker allegedly behind U.S. bomb threats attempts to escape police custody
    Israel convicts Israeli-American hacker who terrorized U.S. Jews with bomb threats

    An Israeli-American hacker who terrorized U.S. Jews with bomb threats was sentenced on Thursday by a Tel Aviv District Court judge to 10 years in prison.

    The 19-year old was charged with making thousands of bomb threats, including to a United States senator, as well as to airports, schools and Jewish centers in the U.S. in 2016 and early 2017.

    The hoax threats forced widespread evacuations and stirred fear of resurgence of anti-Semitism.

    The hacker, whose name was withheld from publication, was arrested in March 2017 with the help of the FBI. An Israeli court convicted him in June of all counts committed when he was no longer a minor, from 2016 onwards.

    Among other counts, he was convicted of extortion, conspiracy to commit a crime, money laundering and assaulting a police officer. According to the conviction, he made around 2,000 false terrorism threats from 2015 until his arrest in March 2017.

    In addition to the 10-year prison term, the Tel Aviv court gave the hacker a year’s probation and fined him 60,000 shekels ($16,000).

    Among his targets was the Israeli embassy in Washington, the Israeli consulate in Miami, Jewish institutions, schools, malls, police stations, hospitals and airlines.

    “One can imagine the terror, the fear and the dread that the airline passengers experienced when they were forced to make an emergency landing and when some were injured in the evacuation of the planes,” Tel Aviv District Court Judge Zvi Gurfinkel noted, “the major inconvenience and fright caused when it was necessary to evacuate students from schools, following the hoax calls that there were bombs there; and the major public chaos and harm caused by the disruption and cancellation of flights following the hoax calls; the need to dispatch fighter aircraft to accompany the planes as they made an emergency landing, the need for planes to dump fuel over the ocean prior to landing.”

    The hacker, a resident of the coastal Israeli city of Ashkelon, used advanced technology to disguise his voice and conceal the origin of his calls, including by achieving control over remote computers. Among other things he would pay for the calls using bitcoin, a virtual currency that requires no identification to use.

    He allegedly called in threats to schools in central Israel while he was in prison.

    At trial, the hacker did not deny his misdeeds but claimed he could not be held responsible and was not fit to stand trial due to his autism. He told Prison Service officials that boredom was responsible for his actions, which to him had been like a game, and expressed regret.

    The judge dismissed the defense’s argument that the defendant was unfit for trial due to a brain tumor that caused autism and other mental problems, and held him responsible for his actions.

    In the sentencing ruling, the defendant was described as suffering from personality disorders from a young age that his parents refused to address. Earlier in life, he is said to have committed violent acts that the police investigated. Social welfare officials sought to have him diagnosed by a psychologist or psychiatrist but his parents adamantly refused, claiming that his problems were neurological.

    A local social welfare official sought a court order to have him hospitalized and diagnosed, but to evade such as step, his parents returned with him to the United States, where his parents said the brain tumor was diagnosed. They were advised later to have him examined by a psychiatrist rather than undergoing surgery, but that was not done prior to the acts that were the subject of the criminal case.

    Subsequent psychiatric examinations found that he was on a spectrum of autism, but on the high end. “His functioning is high and there is a major disparity between his intellectual capabilities and his social skills,” Judge Gurfinkel noted in his sentencing.

    In response to a claim advanced by the hacker’s lawyer, Yoram Sheftel, the judge said the investigation of the case was indeed flawed in that the police did not appoint a special investigator, which the judge said was required in such cases. But the investigation did address the defendant’s mental fitness and health problems early on in the case and the police were aware of the claims by his family and lawyers, it was noted.

    The teen was also indicted in the United States earlier this year.

    In Florida alone, he was charged with making multiple threatening calls about bomb threats and gun attacks against Jewish community centers throughout the state in January and February 2017. He also is alleged to have made bomb threats against the Orlando International Airport and a school.

  54. Citizenfitz February 21, 2019 @ 11:13 am

    Brother Nate, I sent you $100 two weeks ago and it still hasn’t cleared.

    Have you gotten it?

  55. KathJuliane February 21, 2019 @ 12:01 pm

    If Americans Knew: AP’s articles on Ilhan Omar left out much of the story

    By Alison Weir

    The Associated Press sent out two versions of a story on responses to Ilhan Omar’s comments regarding the Israel lobby. Both were entitled “Omar’s edgy Israel tweet no surprise to some back home.” One version was slanted; the other made that one look good.

    As we’ll see below, such distortion on Israel-Palestine isn’t unusual for AP.

    The long version

    AP’s longer report led off with accusations against Omar claiming she was “antisemitic,” and stated that the concerns were “confirmed.”

    Only at the end of five long paragraphs did the report finally mention that some people disagree with the accusations.

    The story then included comments on “both sides.” The problem is that the article gave significantly more space to individuals who claimed Omar is “antisemitic” as to those who defended her.

    While the long article includes quotes from local Jewish and Muslim communities, it failed to include comments from a Christian organization in the area that focuses on Palestine, which could have described how false claims of antisemitism are often used to silence criticism of Israel.

    The short version

    AP also sent out a short version of the story, which seems to have been disseminated first. This version was even more prejudicial to Omar. It went to some newspapers and, especially, to radio and TV news programs.

    In this report, only the accusations against Omar were published. There was no indication whatsoever that there are people who disagree with the accusations of antisemitism, believe her comments to be valid, and support her.

    What else AP left out

    The AP article also fails to include the fact that numerous experts have confirmed Omar’s point that the Israel lobby has a massive and damaging influence on U.S. policies.

    Fortune magazine calls AIPAC “the biggest, most powerful group in the Israel Lobby.”

    According to Fortune, AIPAC has “serious juice when it comes to Washington politicking. The group has one of the most sophisticated lobbying efforts around, including a highly professional set of lobbyists on the Hill who know how to get congressman to vote their way when it comes to issues affecting Israel.”

    Former AIPAC official M.J. Rosenberg writes: “AIPAC’s political operation is used precisely as Representative Omar suggested.”

    Rosenberg says: “The power of AIPAC over members of Congress is literally awesome, although not in a good way.”

    Former Congressional campaign staffer Ady Barkan reports: “As a Jew, an Israeli citizen, and a professional lobbyist (ahem, activist), I speak from personal experience when I say that AIPAC is tremendously effective, and the lubricant that makes its operation hum is dollar, dollar bills.”

    International scholars John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt’s book and London Review of Books article on the Israel Lobby document this power. They state:

    “The bottom line is that AIPAC, a de facto agent for a foreign government, has a stranglehold on Congress.”

    A reviewer of their best-selling book wrote: “To almost anyone with experience in American electoral politics, Mearsheimer and Walt were stating the obvious: The near unanimity of politicians’ support for Israel resulted not from inborn Zionist sympathies, but rather organizing and influence—which in Washington invariably involves money.”

    AIPAC is a “leviathan among lobbies”

    Many Israel partisans have also previously made Omar’s point.

    New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman described Congress’s 23 standing ovations for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as having been “bought and paid for by the Israel lobby.”

    Jeffrey Goldberg, an Israeli citizen who served in the Israeli military, currently editor of The Atlantic, called AIPAC a “leviathan among lobbies, as influential in its sphere as the National Rifle Association and the American Association of Retired Persons are in theirs.”

    J.J. Goldberg, columnist for the Jewish weekly newspaper The Forward, said regarding AIPAC, “There is this image in Congress that you don’t cross these people or they take you down.”

    As a result of this lobby, Congress is currently poised to pass a $38 billion package to Israel, the largest such aid package in U.S. history. The aid, to be given to Israel over a 10-year period (and which will likely go even higher), works out to over $7,000 per minute and is about $23,000 per every Jewish Israeli family of four.

    AP has failed to inform Americans about this legislation.

    AP’s pattern of distorted reporting

    AP, which normally provides valuable reporting, has a record of providing slanted coverage on Israel-Palestine.

    In the past several years, our organization has conducted two statistical studies on AP reports. Both revealed notable distortion.

    A study of AP’s 2004 reports showed that AP had covered Israeli children’s deaths at a rate 7.5 times greater than they reported on Palestinian children’s deaths, which were far greater and had occurred first.

    A 2018 study revealed that AP headlines reported on Israeli deaths at a rate four times greater than on Palestinian deaths, and that articles on Israeli deaths were almost three times longer than those on Palestinian deaths. In addition, the study found that essential information was often missing from the AP reports.

    Perhaps this distortion is related to the fact that AP’s control bureau in the region is largely staffed by Israeli journalists, who write and edit the AP reports that are sent to the U.S. – even those carrying a Palestinian byline.

    Americans need and want full coverage, not slanted journalism, on all topics, including Israel-Palestine. AP can and should do better.

    To contact AP about this go here.

    Alison Weir is executive director of If Americans Knew, president of the Council for the National Interest, and author of “Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel.”


    Yes, Ilhan, there is an Israel Lobby – Despite the Phony Controversy, by Walter L. Hixson, distinguished professor of history at the University of Akron

    NPR misleads public in report on AIPAC vs Ilhan Omar

    NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ segment underreports AIPAC’s finances, uses only Israel partisans as commentators, minimizes power of AIPAC, ignores Palestinians, and fails to inform listeners of the full scope of the Israel lobby
    By Alison Weir

    A recent NPR report, “Unpacking What The American Israel Public Affairs Committee Does,” misleads listeners on several points.

    The report is in response to freshman Democratic Congress member Ilhan Omar’s tweet that AIPAC is the cause of U.S. politicians’ support for Israel over U.S. needs and principles. Omar has come under numerous attacks ever since.

    NPR’s report, broadcast Wednesday, substantially downplays the power of AIPAC. In doing so, it suggests that Omar’s comments were “antisemitic,” while failing to interview anyone with different views.

    The report was on NPR’s All Things Considered, which says it is “the most listened-to, afternoon drive-time, news radio program in the country.”

    NPR’s only commentators are Israel partisans


    “It’s All About the Benjamins, Baby!”

    A “Benjamin” is slang for a $100 dollar bill because of the portrait of Benjamin Franklin on the currency.

  56. KathJuliane February 21, 2019 @ 12:07 pm

    Dear Citizenfitz,

    All it took was one real-time sonogram of an abortion right after the invention of the early sonogram technology to radically change Dr. Nathanson’s life and worldview after seeing how very human and aware the pre-born baby reacted to the death instrument that would take it apart.

    At the time, he was the director of one of the largest abortion clinic in the western world.

    He’s been my personal hero ever since I learned about him and his radical change of life when I volunteered at a Christian pro-life center in Northern California back in the 90s, and saw his movie ‘The Silent Scream’.

    Dr. Nathanson was a remarkable man for repenting of his anti-human evil as an abortionist and NARAL.

    Going beyond just the personal decision to not perform any abortions after that fateful sonogram, Dr. Nathanson went above and beyond by taking up his cross to intelligently and passionately devote the rest of his life to pro-life activism which brought him into the Christian circles, and eventually converting to Christianity as a Catholic.

    After his landmark book, Aborting America, a few years later Dr. Nathanson published The Abortion Papers: Inside the Abortion Mentality.

    Well worth the read, because it’s the same vicious mentality today, only more bizarre, psychotic and violent, even to the point of becoming a deranged feminist religious cult.

    Dr. Nathanson thoroughly skewered the media (MSM prior to the rise of Internet and alt-media) of the 1980s for its failure “to report the abortion struggle fairly and accurately, as well as the ruthless manner in which the pro-abortionists (the abortion people) employed and exploited latent anti-Catholicism in the United States.”

    In the book, Dr. Nathanson also “examines the rise of the new science of fetology…, and its role in establishing unequivocally the unborn as a human being–a fully protectable person from the moment of conception.”

    Quotes are from The Abortion Papers jacket cover front flap.

    Dr. Nathanson’s spiritual conversion followed his ethical conversion to pro-life. Those in the pro-life movement had a profound impact on him, and he also came to understand conservative Christianity’s position on life. He later wrote of his personal odyssey, The Hand of God: A Journey from Death to Life by The Abortion Doctor Who Changed His Mind.

    So, yes, today I will include Dr. Nathanson in my prayers as you requested.

    Memory eternal.

    P.S. Also say a prayer for Donald S. Smith, founder of Crusade for Life, who died on January 30 at the age of 94.

    He joined forces with Dr. Nathanson, and was both the writer and the executive producer of “The Silent Scream,” the 1984 anti-abortion documentary.

  57. benzion kook February 21, 2019 @ 1:17 pm


    Yeah, most people are ignorant sheeple, and the Jew boob tube is their BAD shepherd.

  58. dave February 21, 2019 @ 1:18 pm

    “Israel and American Jewry: A Parting?”

    The National Interest
    Henry Siegman

  59. Brother Nathanael February 21, 2019 @ 3:03 pm

    Dear All,

    Just got back from two SPONSORED trips for Street Evangelism, back to back in NYC and DC.

    I was assaulted in DC by a demon-possessed young man. I’m fine, but due to intense Street work I am extremely fatigued, not to say entirely despondent over lack of funding for my online ministry.

    (I’m working on a new Video now and hope to post it later tonight or tomorrow.)

    But quite frankly, due to EVER-DECREASING donations, I’m considering shutting down. Actually, I may not have a choice. Please do not let this happen. I simply can’t pay my online ministry bills.

    If you like my Videos & Articles please help me continue.

    Donate by Click and Pledge @

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  60. Brother Nathanael February 21, 2019 @ 4:12 pm


    Got it! Just got back from 10 day Street trip. +bn

  61. Behind the Fake Racism February 21, 2019 @ 8:15 pm

    Another clue that Foxjews is controlled opposition – Foxjews is pushing the big lie that Jews Media outlets promoted the Smollett racism story “because viewers wanted to hear news like that.” What a ridiculous lie!

    This big lie is simply a cover story to hide who it really is that wants viewers to hear racially divisive news – Jews in high places. Talking heads simply read what the Jews put on the teleprompters.

    It’s the heads of mass media, Jews with titles like CEO, President, Chairman of the Board, who makes these decisions to run stories which divide the races against each other, promote hatred, portray white people as evil, and incite the races against each other.

    It’s not “viewers” who make these evil decisions to broadcast race hate. It’s Zionist Jews who make these evil decisions.

  62. Brother Nathanael February 21, 2019 @ 8:47 pm

    NEW Vid tonight! (may be my last one…people have STOPPED donating to me.)

    Stay tuned.

  63. Brother Nathanael February 21, 2019 @ 10:14 pm

    Dear All,

    Due to extreme fatigue and deep despondancy over declining donations I will not be posting a new Video tonight.

    Will post tomorrow. (Again, it may be my last one if I can’t raise funding.) +bn

  64. Citizenfitz February 21, 2019 @ 10:34 pm

    I’m glad you got the $$$, Bro!

    I’d send more but I have some other causes needing money too. I suspect people aren’t contributing as much as they used to because many here are on the tail end of the current inflationary spiral.

    I mentioned Dr. Nathanson in a prior post. Well guys, we have another inconvenient Jew here at RJN… Brother Nathanael.

    If you can’t help him out with a monetary contribution then at least offer up prayers and fasting for his intention! The Catholics here know what I mean; or at least they should. Who knows anymore.

    Anyway, +BN I’m on a 24 hour water only fast on RJN’s behalf. I’ll say a full, all three of the mysteries, rosary for you too. On my knees.

    I brought the fasting idea up here a couple months ago but the silence was rather loud; so for better or worse it’s only me as of now.

  65. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 10:40 am


    Thank you for you sacrifice and continual financial support. I do hope to continue my online ministry in the hopes that sufficient funding will come in.

    In the meantime with all of the INCREASE of my efforts over the past three months with multiple Articles, weekly Videos, and the newly established RealJewNewsLetter it has resulted in a substantial DECREASE in funding.

    Thus I’m going to PULL THE PLUG on the Newsletter. Not only has it been a total flop in raising money, it’s created an additional burden on my expenses as I cannot afford the cost of the server.

    I’m posting a new Video today after many hours of formatting, filming, editing, and the laborious effort involved in posting. If I can’t get sufficient funding in the ensuing days it may be my last one.

    Why have people stopped supporting me?

    I don’t know, but with Brother Nathanael gone who’s going to name the JEW? Paul Craig Roberts? Steven Lendman? Ricardo Celente? Daniel McAdams? Tom Luongo? Mister Constitutional Napolitano?

    I hope it doesn’t come to that. If so, you’ll have ringing in your ears such ambiguities like “presstitutes,” “elites,” “interventionists,” and the rest of the avoidance of the real culprits: JEWS. +bn

  66. dave February 22, 2019 @ 11:26 am


    I drove to New York in 2017 and 2018 with $10,000.00 in my pocket both times to hand to you directly while I took off work early to battle heavy rush hour North Jersey-New York traffic.

    My financial situation has since collapsed, but I know in my heart of hearts I made the honest effort to genuinely help you out.

    I said before go to Jeff Rense. He seems to like you very much, and from what I hear is loaded.

  67. Brother Nathanael February 22, 2019 @ 12:08 pm


    And I own a tea garden in timbuktu. (You never gave me a penny.)

    If I’m the only one who names the Jew then I’m not too easily duped.

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