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Attack Of The Algorithm

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Attack Of The Algorithm
October 23, 2018

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Brother Nathanael @ October 23, 2018


  1. Brother Nathanael October 23, 2018 @ 5:50 pm


    Attack Of The Algorithm

    A germ is a deadly thing.

    And like an algorithm that performs a digital assignment, a germ has the same task, to harm human life.

    Once the germ enters the body, it multiplies within the host, and the plague sets in.

    A nation is like a human body, it too can be stricken.

    Like disease-ridden rats that soundlessly occupy a habitat, so an unsuspecting nation can unknowingly grow a swelling that breaks into a cancerous ulcer.

    [Clip: “Facebook constantly manipulates their users. They do it by the things they insert into the newsfeeds, and they do it by the types of hosts they allow their users to see.” “They can suppress certain types of results based on what they think you should be seeing, based on what your followers are presenting.” “It’s what Google and Facebook are doing on a regular basis by suppressing stories, by steering us towards other stories rather than the stories we’re actually seeking. That’s the real manipulation that’s going on.”]

    It’s a new kind of virus with a threefold abscess.

    The eruption of Censorship, Ignorance, and Paralysis.

    ‘Cause we’re living in a material world, and she’s just a material girl.

    [Clip: “ADL and University of California at Berkeley’s D-Lab have been working to develop a new approach to tackle online hate using the latest methods. We’ve just completed our first phase of research, and found that the machine learning model identified hate speech accurately between 78%-85% of the time. While there’s still a long way to go with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning based solutions, we believe the Online Hate Index will help tech companies better understand the extent of hateful content on their platforms by creating community-based definitions of hate-speech.”]

    What community?

    The ADL and the SPLC?…

    …YouTube’s apparent flaggers?…

    …where “hate” is just another word for speech they hate to hear…and want to hide from you.

    [Clip: “Well Google is policing the content posted to YouTube and they’re using a thoroughly discredited left-wing group to do that. Google is creating a group of trusted flaggers who will help the company monitor alleged extremist content on the website. One of those trusted flaggers is not trusted at all. It’s the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s not an expert on the South, or poverty, or the law.”]

    Now, I was once connected with an overly-represented community.

    I recall speaking with a squeamishly ‘religious’ person who was very ‘observant.’

    He kept kosher, attended services daily, and was bent on keeping the ‘613 commandments.’

    Yet without apologies, he frankly told me he didn’t believe in God.

    You got to believe that God exists, according to Maimonides, so you can move to the second commandment, and then you got 611 more to go.

    Censorship is just like that.

    You’re given 613 words, and break just one, you’re scrubbed.

    Then the Thought Cops push you into a narrow corner; afflict you with nearsightedness, and throw you onto a slender stage where the scenery never changes—and society, no longer thrives.

    The monotony of the one-tongued voice withers the soul, atrophies the mind, and the spirit sags from deficiency of diet.

    But we’re living in an algorithmic world, and she’s an algorithmic girl, and if I don’t get my cache—‘c-a-c-h-e’—it’s time to say goodbye.

    But breaking up the Monopoly of Search is very hard to do.

    The Algorithm with its International platform leaps over borders in a single bound, changes the course of mighty searches, and enjoys powers far beyond those of mortal men.

  2. Brother Nathanael October 23, 2018 @ 5:51 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael October 23, 2018 @ 5:56 pm

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  4. Brother Nathanael October 23, 2018 @ 5:57 pm

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  6. Brother Nathanael October 23, 2018 @ 6:26 pm

    Street Evangelism Is BACK!

    October 30 thru November 6: Washington DC

    (I WILL be posting a Vid from DC while I’m there)

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  7. B October 23, 2018 @ 6:41 pm

    What is the definition of righteousness?

    Is the definition associated with manifest expressions of God’s love?

    Or is the definition the might that makes the chosen people’s will, that which is right?

  8. Eileen Kuch October 23, 2018 @ 9:59 pm

    The true definition of righteousness is associated with manifest expressions of God’s love, not the might that makes the chosen people’s will.

    Br. Nate, you’re absolutely right about algorithms, they attack people’s minds and souls, just as a virus attacks their bodies, making them ill. Algorithms send people into depression, thus taking away their will to live.

    Most Jews, who don’t believe in God, are victims of these algorithms and they try to substitute wealth for God’s love; and, guess what, Brother? They’re quite unhappy and depressed because no matter how much wealth they may obtain won’t bring them the happiness they crave unless they repent and accept God’s Love for them.

    Please don’t let any of these algorithms affect your mission of doing God’s work, Br. Nate; just shrug them off and ask for the Lord’s help. I’m sure He will come to your aid and help you continue your Apostolic work.

    God bless you always.


  9. Jack October 23, 2018 @ 10:22 pm

    @ +BN

    Where in DC will you be during Oct 30 – Nov 6?

  10. Brother Nathanael October 23, 2018 @ 10:35 pm

    I stand holding high the Holy Cross of Christ on the medians of 9th and Pennsylvania; Constitution Blvd and Pennsylvania. +bn

  11. Brother Nathanael October 23, 2018 @ 10:42 pm


    These despicable mankind hating, Deicidal cursed JEWS, have already banned 11 of my Videos and restricted 136 of my Videos, including my own autobiography, Why I Left Judaism.

    They’ve restricted almost all of my anti-Israel Videos which prove they’re JEW-Firsters and hate Americans.

    What can be done about a cancerous growth on the host body?

    An abscess before it putrifies the whole body must be cauterized with a hot iron.

    A backlash against these parasitical vermin is heating up. This time its glow will irradiate the whole globe with its rising flame.

    Retribution is coming. Though it tarry it will surely come.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  12. Citizenfitz October 23, 2018 @ 10:45 pm

    I remember the good old days when you could easily find all kinds of curious and diverse information on the Internet.

    Now it seems like the Internet’s is run through some gigantic thought processor – with predictable, derivative mush as the product.

    Exactly like what Jewry has done to the entertainment industry.

  13. Zionien October 23, 2018 @ 11:50 pm

    Precisely +BN Precisely!

    Give a listen to these songs while thinking of the shifty/evil jew’s, (Bob Marley: Stiff necked Fools, and The Kinks: Catch me now I’m falling) 😉

    Will be sending some $ this week +BN!

  14. Hanka October 24, 2018 @ 2:58 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Thank you for another insightful and inspiring video. Your work is incredibly important.

    It certainly has opened my eyes to the crazy, evil and immoral dis-information and censorship that has been and is being inflicted upon us.

    The Jews have pulled off the greatest hoax in the history of mankind, playing the victim, while being the perpetrator.

    They are the ultimate wolf in sheepskin’s disguise.

    It is very difficult, not to say virtually impossible, to open people’s eyes to the monstrous deceit that they are the victim of.

    I will keep forwarding your videos. Please keep on making them: we need you.

    All the best,


  15. Molecule October 24, 2018 @ 7:58 am

    So Beautiful!

    When I first heard you say “the monotony of the one-tongued voice …” the thought also rang through my mind “the monopoly of the one-tonned voice … as offered to us by the one-eyed Marxist truth tube … like the one hanging on our bedroom walls.”

    Switching over to the media frenzy about Khashoggi, which is also a story about censorship (and tyranny), I note that there is one person, who I believe is at the center of all of it, and he is *never* mentioned by the media.

    His name is John Brennan. Avowed and known Wahabbist. A true believer in radical Islam. Known agent of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is operated out of CIA-Langley more so than London. As CIA Director for 8 yrs, Brennan had access to the funds necessary to set up a “presidential pickle job” like this.

    As “station chief” for CIA black ops in Riyadh, Brennan also had deep contacts within Wahabbist elements in Saudi Arabia. Brennan’s hatred for Trump (which is not to give a pass to any of Trump’s many weaknesses) is known, Brennan was the initial designer, instigator and organizer for the “pee-dosier.”

    Within hours after Comey gave president-elect Trump his fake-FBI briefing on “the dosier,” Brennan had leaked the dosier all over town. Brennan is a master at conceiving and implementing this kind of setup.

    Now look at the Khashoggi media event. Brennan’s talents, emotionally and spiritually deranged as they are, and his deep-cover CIA contacts with different black-ops talents in Riyadh, are once again at the center of every critical phase of this Khashoggi operation.

    It is a form of media censorship, by oblique emphasis of the “political incorrectness” of criticizig the Muslim Brotherhood, Radical Islam, and Wahabbist terrorism, while at the same time pretending to emphasize the political correctness of Khashoggi’s form of criticism.

    Brennan kills two birds with one stone. This is exactly Brennan’s talent. By coordinating the murder of Khashoggi, gruesome as in made for media,” Brennan and his CIA-Langley and MB-Riyadh loyalists isolates Trump and bin Salmon, both of whom where anti-Wahabbist and anti-Muslim Brotherhood.

    IMHO, Brennan is the missing character. He also holds the keys to all of the critical elements needed, to coordinate a hit like this, behind bin Salmon’s back, and straight into Trump’s face.

    Trump is proven a failure by three words – (1) the wall (which he *never* really pressed as an issue; it was always used as a negotiating ploy for other more important issues). (2) Rosenstein, who Trump is protecting, because Rosenstein in protecting Mueller, who is protecting Hillary and Comey, Wrey and others.

    Trump’s claim that he can’t fire Hillary’s protector (Rosenstein) because “otherwise Nancy and Chuck might soil their panties, and clearly we don’t want that now, do we?” So, Trump asks us to believe he needs to protect Rosenstein, who is protecting Hillary and the Deep State of Public Distrust, because Nancy and Chuck might wet their panties?

    Being the hypocrite that he is, Trump eggs his crowds along, as they chant “Lock her up!” But his grinning face, he protects Rosenstein, who is protecting Hillary, using the excuse that Nancy might pee her panties.

    And (3) Marijuana, which comes in three flavors — 1) medical marijuana is a fraud, because when it is sold by multi-million $$ big pharma startup operations, for $450/oz, it is laced with an opiod and intentionally so, because opium dependency is one of the big-pharma keys to global enslavement of future mankind.

    2) recreational marijuana, which is also a fraud.

    And 3) kitchen-window marijuana, which is now proven by VA study in CA, 2014 to 2016, 10,000 participants, to cure cancer. A weed, grown in a kitchen window, at a cost of pennies, manages sleep and pain issues better than heroin, and makes cancer tumors go away as a side effect. If true, Kitchen-window marijuana (pennies for the pound, not multi-million $$ medical marijuana) will put big pharma and the pentagon out of business.

    So, Trump’s proven to be a politcal fraud, on these three words alone: the Wall, Rod Rosenstein, and Kitchen-window marijuana.

    But that doesn’t mean that Brennan is not the key element to this Khashoggi case.

    Please feel free to delete this comment if appropriate in your judgment. I offer these ideas, perhaps that you might be better able to investigate and share than me.

    God Speed to you, BN+


    Within a molecule, there is nothingness; nothing but empty space. And within that space, there is nothing but Love. One day, just one molecule of Love will be able to change not only the world as we know it, but also the entirety of the Universe that surrounds it as well.

  16. KathJuliane October 24, 2018 @ 10:47 am

    Ron Paul Liberty Report: ‘Business As Usual’ – US Desperate To Cover-Up Khashoggi Murder

  17. KathJuliane October 24, 2018 @ 1:27 pm

    Activist Post: 1984: Twitter Removing Accounts That Tweet Infowars Material

    By Aaron Kesel

    Twitter is removing accounts that tweet out and support Alex Jones and his website

    Yahoo News reports the company confirmed the removal of more accounts affiliated with Infowars.

    Twitter confirmed a CNN report stating the permanent suspension of 18 accounts, in part due to attempts to aid Infowars, as well as Jones circumventing the ban put in place.

    Last month, Twitter permanently banned Jones and Infowars from its platform, stating in a tweet that the accounts violated its behavior policies.

    Twitter has previously stated that it would evaluate any reports regarding other accounts potentially associated with Jones and Infowars.

    Tech companies joined together to hinder Infowars’ operations when Apple Inc., Google parent Alphabet Inc. and Facebook Inc. all banned Infowars and content produced by Jones on their platforms.

    Meanwhile, in September payments processor PayPal Holdings Inc. ended its business relationship with Infowars.

    It’s irrelevant what you think of Infowars or Alex Jones; this is the acceleration of blanket censorship. To loosely quote Martin Niemöller — first they came for Infowars, then they came for the rest of us — and there was no one left to speak.

    Argue as you may whether Alex Jones deserved it for hyping up that some people didn’t exist at Sandy Hook and harassing families. The bigger issue is that this is already beginning to set a precedent as was predicted by this writer in a Steemit report.

    It’s true that false flags have occurred throughout history, as ZeroHedge reports and they are a method used by governments to control the population.

    However, claiming a government psyop false flag murder whether a staged event or real, a few minutes or hours after the event is dangerous and disgusting.

    It not only completely destroys your credibility, but it provides a reasoning for the mainstream media to attack such theories while brushing off real evidence of false flags like the proposed U.S. military Cuba false flag Operation Northwoods.

    Jones faces five defamation lawsuits; three brought by Mark Bankston in Jones’ home of Austin, Texas. These lawsuits threaten Jones for his website and reporting, My Statesman reported.


  18. KathJuliane October 24, 2018 @ 2:12 pm

    Qui bono?

    Brennan or Tel Aviv?

    Let’s not forget that White House Perfume Prince Kushner and Clown Prince Moshe bin Shlomo are best friends forever. Because the US has no ambassador to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, only a chargé d’affaires, Jared Kushner, one half of Trump’s two-headed Senior Advisor, Jarvanka, is also Trump’s special envoy to the Kingdom of Headchoppers and Bonesaw Assassins.

    A few days ago, a CBS reporter, Eroll Barnett, tried to ask Jared Kushner about Saudi Arabia and Jamal Khashoggi while sharing the same New York-bound passenger flight.

    The Secret Service shut him down.

    Electronic Intifada: Israel lobby wants Saudis to get away with Khashoggi murder

    With ever more gruesome details emerging about the slaying and dismemberment of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, fingers of blame are pointing squarely at Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

    This is a huge problem for Israel and its lobby who see the Saudi de facto ruler – commonly referred to in English-language media by his initials MBS – as their key regional ally.

    Until the 2 October killing in Istanbul, the Saudi autocrat had been feted by European royalty, American politicians and pundits, and Silicon Valley billionaires.

    But following the Khashoggi killing, many are running for cover, especially one of the Saudi crown prince’s most egregious cheerleaders, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.

    Friedman and company had been marketing MBS as a “reformer.”

    Israel lobby stalwart and longtime US “peace process” steward Dennis Ross even dubbed the prince “a Saudi revolutionary.”

    This was all in keeping with a tradition – which as Georgetown University in Qatar professor Abdullah Al-Arian documented goes back decades – of US elites greeting every new Saudi ruler as a “reformer.”

    This ruse operates as cover and justification for a deep US alliance with a regime whose brutality and abuses have always gone unchecked.

    But the ruse can only work if the Saudis keep their side of the bargain, by refraining from actions that fall outside the elite consensus of acceptable and marketable behavior.

    Killing thousands of children in Yemen and starving millions more, beheading dozens of people each year and funding jihadist groups to sow chaos across the region can all be tolerated by the US and Europe, because such atrocities are seen as necessary to keep the Saudi regime in power, or essential to implement Western “foreign policy.”

    Murdering and dismembering a Washington Post columnist inside a Saudi diplomatic mission, however, just goes too far and hits too close to home.

    “Now, as Saudi Arabia struggles to rebut accusations that Crown Prince Mohammad was complicit in the grisly killing of a Saudi dissident, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the prince’s other allies across the region are starting to worry that damage to him could upend their own plans and priorities,” The New York Times acknowledged on Monday.

    — “Kid gloves”

    But amid the howls of outrage, there are still quite a few voices cautioning against being too hard on MBS, because of his value to Israel.

    As BuzzFeed noted on 18 October, Israel, Saudi Arabia’s “unofficial ally,” has remained “noticeably quiet” about Khashoggi’s killing.

    The Israelis are “in a very difficult position,” Dan Shapiro, President Barack Obama’s ambassador to Israel, told the publication. “They count very much on Saudi Arabia,” which is “central to their strategic concept of the region.”

    Indeed, Israel and Saudi Arabia are staunch allies, sharing an enmity towards Iran.

    The Saudi crown prince’s pro-Israel leanings and attacks on the Palestinians last spring greatly boosted his stock with Israel and its lobby.

    But a Saudi Arabia weakened as a result of the Khashoggi affair would “undermine Arab cover provided by the kingdom for [President Donald] Trump’s efforts to impose a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that would favor Israel at the expense of the Palestinians,” James Dorsey, of Israel’s Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, warned in a commentary Tuesday.

    Given what Israel hopes to gain from its relationship with Saudi Arabia, some are arguing that it should stand by the Saudi crown prince no matter what.

    Haaretz commentator Tzvia Greenfield counseled that even if MBS ordered the murder of Khashoggi, “it’s necessary to treat the suspect with kid gloves.”

    “For 50 years we’ve prayed for a key Arab leader who agrees to sign a significant pact with Israel. Such a leader has finally arrived,” Greenfield stated, adding that calls to remove MBS “are destructive.”

    — “Quiet diplomacy”…


  19. benzion kook October 24, 2018 @ 9:06 pm

    I see where the Soros organization (Mossad) has sent out “pipe bombs,” none of which exploded, to his various comrades in conspiracy.

    Who the hell is dumb enough to fall for this sh*t stunt, hyped by the various Jew-owned propaganda outlets, just before the “elections,” featuring the peoples’ choices, Jubulo and Jubulum?

  20. Brother Nathanael October 24, 2018 @ 9:18 pm

    Alexander Mercouris, geopolitical analyst, NAILS it on Bolton’s INF Treaty pullout @

  21. Brother Nathanael October 24, 2018 @ 10:07 pm

    @Brother Nathanael

    What Putin said at Valdai was essentially that Russia had no pre-emptive/ first strike doctrine, but that their retaliation to someone else’s first strike with a reciprocal counter-strike would take just a few seconds to launch once an attack was confirmed because they do have an extensive global early warning system.

    Whatever advantage an aggressor might think they have, is only good for a few seconds. When Putin says “reciprocal” I’m interpreting it as measure-for-measure nuclear counter-strike.

    Russia also has the ability to intercept and destroy a certain number of inbound US/NATO nukes at the same time they would launch their counter-strike — first the European countries with nukes –, but the US, while they would be capable of knocking down down some of Russia’s older nuclear missile stock, would not be able to strike down Russia’s new super-weapons, at least not for several years. +bn
    Vladimir Putin: But you cannot quote things out of context. I will remind you what this was about. I was asked whether we were ready and whether I was ready to use the weapons we have, including weapons of mass destruction, to protect ourselves, to protect our interests. And that’s what I answered.

    I will remind you of what I have said. I have said that our nuclear weapons doctrine does not provide for a pre-emptive strike. I would like to ask all of you and those who will later analyse and in one way or another interpret my every word here, to keep in mind that there is no provision for a pre-emptive strike in our nuclear weapons doctrine. Our concept is based on a reciprocal counter strike.

    There is no need to explain what this is to those who understand, as for those who do not, I would like to say it again: this means that we are prepared and will use nuclear weapons only when we know for certain that some potential aggressor is attacking Russia, our territory. I am not revealing a secret if I say that we have created a system which is being upgraded all the time as needed – a missile early warning radar system.

    This system monitors the globe, warning about the launch of any strategic missile at sea and identifying the area from which it was launched.

    Second, the system tracks the trajectory of a missile flight.

    Third, it locates a nuclear warhead drop zone.

    Only when we know for certain – and this takes a few seconds to understand – that Russia is being attacked we will deliver a counter strike. This would be a reciprocal counter strike. Why do I say ‘counter’? Because we will counter missiles flying towards us by sending a missile in the direction of an aggressor. Of course, this amounts to a global catastrophe but I would like to repeat that we cannot be the initiators of such a catastrophe because we have no provision for a pre-emptive strike.

    Yes, it looks like we are sitting on our hands and waiting until someone uses nuclear weapons against us. Well, yes, this is what it is. But then any aggressor should know that retaliation is inevitable and they will be annihilated. And we as the victims of an aggression, we as martyrs would go to paradise while they will simply perish because they won’t even have time to repent their sins.

  22. Zionien October 25, 2018 @ 6:46 am

    Dear +BN

    I think these mail bombs are a obvious false flag attempt by the evil lying LiberAhole left to attempt to garner sympathy via victimization and smear the GOP/Republicans during the mid term elections – because they’re losing, and will of course ALWAYS blame Russia every time the continue to lose!

    I mean one had a mock ISISflag on it… really :/ what a stretch at an attempt to throw suspicious minds off their trail.

    Reminds me of the Jew who destroyed a Jewish graveyard in an attempt to place blame on others. Really quite pathetic, but of course they know who’s who on their mailing list huh..?!?!

  23. Citizenfitz October 25, 2018 @ 12:25 pm

    That Mecouris interview was interesting.

    I think he’s right. Largely because the (((usual suspects))) in the British establishment are smearing his name.

    Zionien, if the alleged mail bomb perps aren’t caught we’ll know it was a Mossad job.

    If the perps ARE caught we’ll know it was a Mossad job.

  24. ricck lineheart October 25, 2018 @ 2:18 pm

    Thank you as always, Brother Nathanael.

    I have lived long enough to understand and know now I am awake and have both eyes open, I can see these Tribal people act as victim and operate as perpetrator.

    I see them as a field of monkeys protecting the only banana tree in the world.

    Acting fierce or playing dead whenever the occasion arises but always collecting the bananas without actually working or breaking a sweat to feed themselves.

  25. Brother Nathanael October 25, 2018 @ 5:44 pm

    Grassley Refers Avenatti And Swetnick For Criminal Investigation

    The matter concerns false statements made to the committee during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.
    In a move that has stunned many liberals, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has referred Julie Swetnick and her ‘creepy’ lawyer Michael Avenatti to the Justice Department for criminal investigation.

    The announcement today signals that the Senate will not allow false allegations and potentially false statements to be made.

    Swetnick accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of being involved in so-called ‘gang-rapes’ during his high school years. However, later backtracked her claims.

    Avenatti has been facing his own trials. He was recently evicted from offices in California for failure to pay rent, and in a separate case, a judge awarded his former colleague a settlement of over $4 million dollars.

    “The law prohibits such false statements to Congress and obstruction of congressional committee investigations. For the law to work, we can’t just brush aside potential violations. I don’t take lightly making a referral of this nature, but ignoring this behavior will just invite more of it in the future,” Grassley said in a statement.

    Avenatti responded on Twitter, writing it was “ironic that Senator Grassley now is interested in investigations.”

    “He didn’t care when it came to putting a man on the SCOTUS for life. We welcome the investigation as now we can finally get to the bottom of Judge Kavanaugh’s lies and conduct. Let the truth be known,” the porn lawyer claimed.

    Avenatti added in an email to The Hill, “Grassley has just made a major mistake. Let the investigation into Kavanaugh and his lies begin.”

    Of course, Avenatti was belligerent after evidence of misconduct was delivered against him in the case last week too. It seems to many people that he really doesn’t know any other way than to scream about injustice, all while being guilty.

    Swetnick claimed in a sworn declaration that Kavanaugh “was at a party where she was gang raped. Kavanaugh vehemently denied the allegation.”

    Later, during a television interview, she then said that she couldn’t be sure that Kavanaugh was there. And, a number of witnesses to her previous ‘sketchy’ behavior helped demonstrate the possibility that she was not being truthful.

    In a letter sent today to Attorney General Jeff Session and FBI Director Christopher Wray, Grassley wrote that he was referring Swetnick and Avenatti for investigation on “materially false statements they made to the Committee during the course of the Committee’s investigation.”

    “In light of the seriousness of these facts, and the threat these types of actions pose to the Committee’s ability to perform its constitutional duties, I hope you will give this referral the utmost consideration,” Grassley wrote.

    Many people hope that the Justice Department will investigate, and that it will help deter other leftists who make up ‘false statements’ to malign conservatives.

  26. KathJuliane October 25, 2018 @ 6:22 pm

    Consortium News: Facebook Censorship of Alternative Media ‘Just the Beginning,’ Warns Top Neocon Insider

    October 24, 2018 • 32 Comments

    At a Berlin security conference, hardline neocon Jamie Fly appeared to claim some credit for the recent coordinated purge of alternative media, report Max Blumenthal and Jeb Sprague.

    By Max Blumenthal and Jeb Sprague
    Gray Zone Project

    This October, Facebook and Twitter deleted the accounts of hundreds of users, including many alternative media outlets maintained by American users.

    Among those wiped out in the coordinated purge were popular sites that scrutinized police brutality and U.S. interventionism, like The Free Thought Project, Anti-Media, and Cop Block, along with the pages of journalists like Rachel Blevins.

    Facebook claimed that these pages had “broken our rules against spam and coordinated inauthentic behavior.” However, sites like The Free Thought Project were verified by Facebook and widely recognized as legitimate sources of news and opinion.

    John Vibes, an independent reporter who contributed to Free Thought, accused Facebook of “favoring mainstream sources and silencing alternative voices.”

    In comments published here for the first time, a neoconservative Washington insider has apparently claimed a degree of credit for the recent purge — and promised more takedowns in the near future.

    “Russia, China, and other foreign states take advantage of our open political system,” remarked Jamie Fly, a senior fellow and director of the Asia program at the influential think tank the German Marshall Fund, which is funded by the U.S. government and NATO.

    “They can invent stories that get repeated and spread through different sites. So we are just starting to push back. Just this last week Facebook began starting to take down sites. So this is just the beginning.”

    Fly went on to complain that “all you need is an email” to set up a Facebook or Twitter account, lamenting the sites’ accessibility to members of the general public. He predicted a long struggle on a global scale to fix the situation, and pointed out that to do so would require constant vigilance.

    Fly made these stunning comments to Jeb Sprague, who is a visiting faculty in sociology at the University of California-Santa Barbara and co-author of this article.

    The two spoke during a lunch break at a conference on Asian security organized by the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in Berlin, Germany on Oct. 15 and 16.

    The remarks by Fly — “we are just starting to push back” — seemed to confirm the worst fears of the alternative online media community.

    If he was to be believed, the latest purge was motivated by politics, not spam prevention, and was driven by powerful interests hostile to dissident views, particularly where American state violence is concerned.

    Fly: A Rising Neocon

    Fly is an influential foreign policy hardliner who has spent the last year lobbying for the censorship of “fringe views” on social media.

    Over the years, he has advocated for a military assault on Iran, a regime change war on Syria, and hiking military spending to unprecedented levels. He is the embodiment of a neoconservative cadre.

    Like so many second-generation neocons, Fly entered government by burrowing into mid-level positions in George W. Bush’s National Security Council and Department of Defense.

    In 2009, he was appointed director of the Foreign Policy Initiative(FPI), a rebranded version of Bill Kristol’s Project for a New American Century, or PNAC.

    The latter outfit was an umbrella group of neoconservative activists that first made the case for an invasion of Iraq as part of a wider project of regime change in countries that resisted Washington’s sphere of influence.

    By 2011, Fly was advancing the next phase in PNAC’s blueprint by clamoring for military strikes on Iran. “More diplomacy is not an adequate response,” he argued.

    A year later, Fly urged the US to “expand its list of targets beyond the [Iranian] nuclear program to key command and control elements of the Republican Guard and the intelligence ministry, and facilities associated with other key government officials.”

    Fly soon found his way into the senate office of Marco Rubio, a neoconservative pet project, assuming a role as his top foreign policy advisor.

    Amongst other interventionist initiatives, Rubio has taken the lead in promoting harsh economic sanctions targeting Venezuela, even advocating for a U.S. military assault on the country.

    When Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign floundered amid a mass revolt of the Republican Party’s middle American base against the party establishment, Fly was forced to cast about for new opportunities.

    He found them in the paranoid atmosphere of Russiagate that formed soon after Donald Trump’s shock election victory.

    PropOrNot Provides the Spark

    A journalistic insider’s account of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, Shattered, revealed that “in the days after the election, Hillary declined to take responsibility for her own loss.”

    Her top advisers were summoned the following day, according to the book, “to engineer the case that the election wasn’t entirely on the up-and-up … Already, Russian hacking was the centerpiece of the argument.”

    Less than three weeks after Clinton’s defeat, The Washington Post’s Craig Timberg published a dubiously sourced report headlined, “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news.’”

    The article hyped up a McCarthyite effort by a shadowy, anonymously run organization called PropOrNot to blacklist some 200 American media outlets as Russian “online propaganda.”

    The alternative media outfits on the PropOrNot blacklist included some of those recently purged by Facebook and Twitter, such as The Free Thought Project and Anti-Media.

    Among the criteria PropOrNot identified as signs of Russian propaganda were: “Support for policies like Brexit, and the breakup of the EU and Eurozone” and “Opposition to Ukrainian resistance to Russia and Syrian resistance to Assad.”

    PropOrNot called for “formal investigations by the U.S. government” into the outlets it had blacklisted.

    According to Timberg, who uncritically promoted the media suppression initiative, Propornot was established by “a nonpartisan collection of researchers with foreign policy, military and technology backgrounds.”

    Timberg quoted a figure associated with the George Washington University Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, Andrew Weisburd, and cited a report he wrote with his colleague, Clint Watts, on Russian meddling.

    Timberg’s piece on PropOrNot was promoted widely by former top Clinton staffers and celebrated by ex-Obama White House aide Dan Pfeiffer as “the biggest story in the world.”

    But after a wave of stinging criticism, including in the pages of The New Yorker, the article was amended with an editor’s note stating, “The [Washington] Post… does not itself vouch for the validity of PropOrNot’s findings regarding any individual media outlet.”

    PropOrNot had been seemingly exposed as a McCarthyite sham, but the concept behind it — exposing online American media outlets as vehicles for Kremlin “active measures” — continued to flourish.

    Taxpayers Pay for Russian Bot Tracker

    By August, a new, and seemingly related initiative appeared out of the blue, this time with backing from a bipartisan coalition of Democratic foreign policy hands and neocon Never Trumpers in Washington.

    Called the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD), the outfit aimed to expose how supposed Russian Twitter bots were infecting American political discourse with divisive narratives.

    It featured a daily “Hamilton 68” online dashboard that highlighted the supposed bot activity with easily digestible charts. Conveniently, the site avoided naming any of the digital Kremlin influence accounts it claimed to be tracking.

    The initiative was immediately endorsed by John Podesta, the founder of the Democratic Party think tank the Center for American Progress, and former chief of staff of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

    Julia Ioffe, the Atlantic’s chief Russia-gate correspondent, promoted the bot tracker as “a very cool tool.” Unlike PropOrNot, the ASD was sponsored by one of the most respected think tanks in Washington, the German Marshall Fund, which had been founded in 1972 to nurture the special relationship between the U.S. and what was then West Germany.

    Weisburd: Brains behind Dashboard.

    The German Marshall Fund is substantially funded by Western governments, and largely reflects their foreign-policy interests.

    Its top two financial sponsors, at more than $1 million per year each, are the U.S. government’s soft-power arm the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the German Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt).

    The U.S. State Department also provides more than half a million dollars per year, as do the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and the foreign affairs ministries of Sweden and Norway. It likewise receives at least a quarter of a million dollars per year from NATO.

    Though the German Marshall Fund did not name the donors that specifically sponsored its Alliance for Securing Democracy initiative, it hosts a who’s who of bipartisan national-security hardliners on the ASD’s advisory council, providing the endeavor with the patina of credibility.

    They range from neocon movement icon Bill Kristol to former Clinton foreign policy advisor Jake Sullivan and ex-CIA director Michael Morell.

    Jamie Fly, a German Marshall Fund fellow and Asia specialist, emerged as one of the most prolific promoters of the new Russian bot tracker in the media.

    Together with Laura Rosenberger, a former foreign policy aide to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Fly appeared in a series of interviews and co-authored several op-eds emphasizing the need for a massive social media crackdown.

    During a March 2018 interview on C-Span, Fly complained that “Russian accounts” were “trying to promote certain messages, amplify certain content, raise fringe views, pit Americans against each other, and we need to deal with this ongoing problem and find ways through the government, through tech companies, through broader society to tackle this issue.”

    Yet few of the sites on PropOrNot’s blacklist, and none of the alternative sites that were erased in the recent Facebook purge that Fly and his colleagues take apparent credit for, were Russian accounts.

    Perhaps the only infraction they could have been accused of was publishing views that Fly and his cohorts saw as “fringe.”

    What’s more, the ASD has been forced to admit that the mass of Twitter accounts it initially identified as “Russian bots” were not necessarily bots — and may not have been Russian either.

    ‘Not Convinced on This Bot thing’

    A November 2017 investigation by Max Blumenthal found that the ASD’s Hamilton 68 dashboard was the creation of “a collection of cranks, counter-terror retreads, online harassers and paranoiacs operating with support from some of the most prominent figures operating within the American national security apparatus.”

    These figures included the same George Washington University Center for Cyber and Homeland Security fellows — Andrew Weisburd and Clint Watts — that were cited as experts in the Washington Post’s article promoting PropOrNot.

    Weisburd, who has been described as one of the brains behind the Hamilton 68 dashboard, once maintained a one-man, anti-Palestinian web monitoring initiative that specialized in doxxing left-wing activists, Muslims and anyone he considered “anti-American.”

    More recently, he has taken to Twitter to spout off murderous and homophobic fantasies about Glenn Greenwald, the editor of The Intercept — a publication the ASD flagged without explanation as a vehicle for Russian influence operations.

    Watts, for his part, has testified before Congress on several occasions to call on the government to “quell information rebellions” with censorious measures including “nutritional labels” for online media.

    He has received fawning publicity from corporate media and been rewarded with a contributor role for NBC on the basis of his supposed expertise in ferreting out Russian disinformation.

    However, under questioning during a public event by Grayzone contributor Ilias Stathatos, Watts admitted that substantial parts of his testimony were false, and refused to provide evidence to support some of his most colorful claims about malicious Russian bot activity.

    In a separate interview with Buzzfeed, Watts appeared to completely disown the Hamilton 68 bot tracker as a legitimate tool.

    “I’m not convinced on this bot thing,” Watts confessed. He even called the narrative that he helped manufacture “overdone,” and admitted that the accounts Hamilton 68 tracked were not necessarily directed by Russian intelligence actors.

    “We don’t even think they’re all commanded in Russia — at all. We think some of them are legitimately passionate people that are just really into promoting Russia,” Watts conceded.

    But these stunning admissions did little to slow the momentum of the coming purge.

    Enter the Atlantic Council

    In his conversation with Sprague, the German Marshall Fund’s Fly stated that he was working with the Atlantic Council in the campaign to purge alternative media from social media platforms like Facebook.

    The Atlantic Council is another Washington-based think tank that serves as a gathering point for neoconservatives and liberal interventionists pushing military aggression around the globe.

    It is funded by NATO and repressive, US-allied governments including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Turkey, as well as by Ukrainian oligarchs like Victor Pynchuk.

    This May, Facebook announced a partnership with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) to “identify, expose, and explain disinformation during elections around the world.”

    The Atlantic Council’s DFRLab is notorious for its zealous conflation of legitimate online dissent with illicit Russian activity, embracing the same tactics as PropOrNot and the ASD.

    Ben Nimmo, a DFRLab fellow who has built his reputation on flushing out online Kremlin influence networks, embarked on an embarrassing witch hunt this year that saw him misidentify several living, breathing individuals as Russian bots or Kremlin “influence accounts.”

    Nimmo’s victims included Mariam Susli, a well-known Syrian-Australian social media personality, the famed Ukrainian concert pianist Valentina Lisitsa, and a British pensioner named Ian Shilling.

    Shilling: ‘I am not a bot.”

    In an interview with Sky News, Shilling delivered a memorable tirade against his accusers. “I have no Kremlin contacts whatsoever; I do not know any Russians, I have no contact with the Russian government or anything to do with them,” he exclaimed.

    “I am an ordinary British citizen who happens to do research on the current neocon wars which are going on in Syria at this very moment.”

    With the latest Facebook and Twitter purges, ordinary citizens like Shilling are being targeted in the open, and without apology.

    The mass deletions of alternative media accounts illustrate how national security hardliners from the German Marshall Fund and Atlantic Council (and whoever was behind PropOrNot) have instrumentalized the manufactured panic around Russian interference to generate public support for a wider campaign of media censorship.

    In his conversation in Berlin with Sprague, Fly noted with apparent approval that, “Trump is now pointing to Chinese interference in the 2018 election.”

    As the mantra of foreign interference expands to a new adversarial power, the clampdown on voices of dissent in online media is almost certain to intensify.

    As Fly promised, “This is just the beginning.”

  27. Brother Nathanael October 25, 2018 @ 7:44 pm

    Mattis Sending 800 Troops To Southern Border

  28. KathJuliane October 25, 2018 @ 8:17 pm

    Of course abortions and abortuaries are part of the radical feminist self-deifying wing of the Antichrist religion and its obsession with the subversion of natural womanhood, destruction of the God-ordained natural family, and holding onto and increasing its intoxicating vampiric power of death.

    Does the Christ-hating Cecile Richards look like a mentally and spiritually healthy woman?

    This sick abortion activist and womanoid parasite adored by the Jewish retired this year as president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, serving from 2006 to 2018 — making an estimated $6 million in accumulated salary off of Planned Parenthood revenues earned from mothers’ blood, sorrows and pain, and the flesh and blood of dead babies.


    LifeNews: Cecile Richards Recalls Obama Forcing Christians to Fund Abortions: “No Sweeter Day in My Lifetime”

    News Abortion activist Cecile Richards told a women’s group that one of her “sweetest” moments in life was working with President Barack Obama on the oppressive Obamacare HHS mandate.

    Richards, who made a nearly $1 million salary running the abortion “nonprofit” Planned Parenthood, spoke Oct. 11 to the National Council of Jewish Women’s annual Women of Vision in Michigan.

    The Jewish News reports she urged women to vote for liberal candidates, and spoke about her proudest moments working for Planned Parenthood, which aborts about 320,000 unborn babies every year in America.

    “Marching is great, knitting ‘pussy’ hats, calling senators, sending postcards, those are all great, but voting is the whole deal,” Richards said, pushing pro-abortion liberals to vote in the November midterms. “Every bit of progress we’ve made is on the line.”

    During her 12 years at the abortion giant, Richards made numerous trips to the White House to visit pro-abortion President Obama and work with him on the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. That work is what she is the most proud of, she told the group.

    According to the report:

    Richards regards her work on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as her signature achievement.

    “There was no sweeter day in my entire lifetime,” she said, than the day President Obama called her to tell her the ACA would include no-cost birth control.

    “It’s hard to overstate how dramatic this change was,” she said. “For the first time, women had access to no-cost, effective birth control as well as to preventive care.”

    But it was that same HHS mandate that forced religious charities and business owners to go to court or face crippling fines for refusing to violate their beliefs.

    The mandate forces employers to cover numerous forms of birth control, including types that may cause abortions, with virtually no moral or religious exemptions.

    Because of Richards’ work, Hobby Lobby, Little Sisters of the Poor and other employers were forced fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court for their religious freedom. Fortunately, the high court did provide them relief.

    But the reality of Richards’ “sweetest moment” is that her work threatened the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans, born and unborn.

  29. KathJuliane October 25, 2018 @ 8:24 pm

    Mandatory burial or cremation of aborted pre-born baby remains will cut deep into Planned Parenthood’s lucrative secondary, and often international, market profits from trafficking dead baby parts, organs and tissues and other misc. “products of conception” to not only medical and genetic research institutions, but to the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries as well.


    LifeNews: Justice Kavanaugh’s First Case Could See Him Protect Babies With Down Syndrome From Abortion

    An important case about whether states can protect unborn babies from discriminatory abortions could be U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s first on the issue that caused so much rancor during his confirmation hearings.

    The Indiana law, which Planned Parenthood is challenging in court, bans abortions performed because of an unborn child’s race, sex or disability, such as Down syndrome. It also requires abortion and medical facilities to bury or cremate fetal remains.

    Earlier this month, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill asked the Supreme Court to hear the case.

    Pro-abortion blogs and news outlets already are speculating about how Kavanaugh would rule if the high court agrees to hear it.

    Bustle reports:

    [Quote] It’s not entirely clear how Kavanaugh, whose appointment affirmed the Supreme Court’s conservative bent, would rule on an abortion-related case, though abortion rights advocates believe he would err on the side overturning or defanging Roe, if given the opportunity.

    This issue arose during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, after a leaked email obtained by The New York Times indicated that Kavanaugh didn’t necessarily believe Roe v. Wade to be “settled by law of the land.”

    When. Sen. Dianne Feinstein asked Kavanaugh to explain what he meant, he said he was “referring to the view of legal scholars,” and described Roe v. Wade as “an important precedent” that has been “reaffirmed many times.”

    The Supreme Court only takes on a tiny fraction of cases sent to it, but according to The Times Of Northwest Indiana, the court hasn’t heard a discrimination-based argument against abortion, nor a fetal remains argument, meaning that there’s a greater chance they will take it on. [End quote]

    Kavanaugh previously served on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for D.C. for more than a decade, where he developed an extensive record of protecting religious liberty and enforcing restrictions on abortion. Pro-life leaders believe he will do the same on the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Specifically, Kavanaugh ruled against the Obamacare HHS mandate that forced Hobby Lobby, Little Sisters of the Poor and other Christian-run businesses and organizations to fund abortion drugs in their employee health care plans. Recently, he also ruled against an ACLU case to force the Trump administration to help facilitate abortions for underage illegal immigrants and refugees. His rulings upholding religious liberties and free speech also have received a lot of praise from pro-life and conservative groups.

    Because of these rulings, pro-abortion groups labeled Kavanaugh a “serious threat” to “women’s right” to abortion. They spent huge amounts lobbying against him and persuading protesters to interrupt his confirmation hearings.

    With conservative justices now in the majority on the high court, pro-life leaders are hopeful that they will uphold the Indiana law and begin to restore protections for unborn babies.

    In 2016, then-Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana signed Bill 1337 into law, which bans abortionists from knowingly aborting an unborn baby solely because of a genetic disability such as Down syndrome, the unborn baby’s race or sex. The law also had other abortion-related measures, such as a requirement that aborted or miscarried babies’ bodies be cremated or buried.

    The passage of this legislation was a pro-life victory for Indiana, which received a “F” grade from radical pro-abortion group NARAL. In September 2017, a federal judge struck down the law. Judge Tonya Walton Pratt permanently blocked the law in a ruling, claiming the law was unconstitutional. Then, earlier this year, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a decision to strike down part of the pro-life law.

    Now it is up to the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case.

  30. Brother Nathanael October 25, 2018 @ 9:53 pm

    Europe Will Become a Battlefield:
    Putin Bluntly Explains What Discarding INF Treaty Means

    President Putin: “Of course, there are certain issues concerning the development of missile technology in the world and the restrictions which only the US and the USSR, then the Russian Federation undertook. But what are we concerned about? We are concerned that the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty was terminated. Now we are talking about the treaty on intermediate-range and short-range missiles.”

  31. Brother Nathanael October 25, 2018 @ 10:08 pm

    Fake Bombs Join Fake News

  32. KathJuliane October 26, 2018 @ 12:16 am

    Politics? Nope.

    Just the biggest and most politically intricate and corrupt Jewish high-tech international Yiddish mafioso money-grubbing, asset-robbing, shake-down and fraud racket yet, next to the $hoah Business.


    Haaretz: $6 Billion of Iranian Money: Why Israeli Firm Black Cube Really Went After Obama’s Team

    When it was revealed earlier this year that the commercial spy firm was targeting members of the Obama administration, it was assumed it was working for the Trump team. But official company documents leaked to Haaretz reveal a far more lucrative target – the seizure of Iranian cash worldwide

    The name Caroline Tess doesn’t mean much to most Israelis or Americans. Born in 1979, after a career in government as aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and assistant to U.S. ambassadors to the UN Susan Rice and Samantha Power, in 2014 she was appointed senior director for legislative affairs on the National Security Council, under President Barack Obama.

    In this position, Tess coordinated all the legislative perspectives relating to the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPA) and its approval by the U.S. Senate and House.

    Haaretz has uncovered that Tess was a target of the Israeli commercial intelligence firm Black Cube, during its private investigation into members of the Obama administration.

    The Haaretz investigation relies on sources that work or worked in the intelligence company, and internal documents that reveal the broad, comprehensive operation Black Cube conducted against senior Obama administration officials, as well as its objective and its funder.

    Last May, the Observer newspaper and New Yorker magazine published articles on the espionage operation against senior Obama administration officials.

    At their center were Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes and national security adviser to the vice president, Colin Kahl. Black Cube had contacted both under different covers, in order to discuss Iran. The operation failed and was exposed.

    But another operation was supposed to ensnare Tess.

    The most difficult part of Black Cube’s work is to lure the target into meeting with them.

    Given the nature of the job, wealthy businesspeople, company directors and senior members of governments are highly suspicious of any potential meeting with a stranger.

    Black Cube prepared a document regarding each of its targets. This mapped their occupational history, their residences, parents, siblings, spouses, children and hobbies, in order to identify points of interest through which they might open a conversation.

    The research on Tess revealed that she had a pastime: scuba diving. A picture of her from a 2016 diving trip to Cuba was found on the Facebook page of a women’s diving club called Diving Divas.

    Another website displayed reviews she wrote of diving sites around the world. Black Cube reached the conclusion that the most effective way to get to Tess was through diving.

    They built a website domain for an Argentine diving club called New Porto Ocean Club. The address they selected, 557 Bouchard, was that of an office building on the bay in Buenos Aires.

    “Hello Ms. Tess,” the bogus Black Cube email began. “My name is Beatriz Ruiz and I am the president of the New Port Ocean Club, a non-profit diving club located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    “I came across the ‘Diving Divas Club’ Facebook Page and got curious about the potential for cooperation.

    “We are a non-profit and all our trips are sponsored and we’d love to possibly work with the club.

    I was hoping we could arrange to speak on the phone and you could give me some information, we’d also be happy to offer you a trip with us for the help in any case! Feel free to check out the website below.

    “I look forward to hearing from you.”

    Tess did not respond to the fake email.

    A private Mossad

    Black Cube has been the subject of much attention in recent years, since being founded in 2010 by Dr. Avi Yanus and Dan Zorella.

    A source close to the company told Haaretz that premier law firms in the United States no longer want to work with the private intel firm, but apparently other lawyers have different standards.

    Last February, Black Cube moved into new offices – an entire floor of the luxurious Bank Discount Tower on Yehuda Halevy Street and Herzl Boulevard in Tel Aviv. Visitors to the office are confronted with a plain black entrance with no writing on it.

    Former employees report that the company operates like a secret spy organization. This is partially for actual needs, and partially to project a certain image. Office doors open only with fingerprint door locks.

    The office of general director Zorella features a collection of the most expensive bottles of whiskey and cognac in the world, for guests to drink.

    This isn’t by accident: The reception room of the Mossad espionage agency at Glilot, north Tel Aviv, greets visitors with a similar bar, featuring the best the world has to offer.

    Black Cube wants to give its clients the impression they are getting a private Mossad, for any purpose.

    The structure of the company imitates that of Israel’s intelligence agencies: “There are different teams and each one is responsible for a different objective,” says one former employee.

    “As an analyst, you don’t know the portfolio itself. You receive SEI (Specialized Essential Information) [terminology imported directly from intelligence units], that just tells you what intelligence we need to obtain. What X will say about Y, for example.

    Afterward, you think, ‘If this information needs to be obtained, who will know it? What is his incentive to talk?’ But we as analysts don’t know who the client is.”

    Given that many of Black Cube’s operations are undercover, analysts are tasked with the initial invention of the cover story. “For instance, buying a SIM card and foreign telephone account that fits the chosen cover story,” says the former employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    “Whoever answers the call will be, in most cases, in an office in Israel. Acquiring a domain for all this requires a credit card that is not connected to the company, so that the transaction cannot be traced back to it. There is a logistics team whose job it is to take care of operation logistics.”

    The ‘actives’

    Agents are the tip of the company’s spear. In the “Weinstein affair,” an agent named Stella Penn, who lived in Jaffa, was exposed as targeting Americans.

    In the professional lingo, they are called “actives.” Their salaries are the highest – much more than the 45 to 65 shekels ($12 to $18) per hour that junior staff make, according to former employees.

    “I was surprised to see how some clients enjoy this, and not particularly because of the final results. I will tell you a secret: Many times, the final result isn’t so great,” says one former employee.

    “Actives” were supposed to get Rhodes, Kahl and Tess to talk, after establishing initial contact, and to extract valuable information from them.

    After the operation became public last spring, fingers were pointed at the Trump administration and its allies.

    That was because the assumption was that Black Cube’s objective was to get information that would support the public campaign to cancel the Iranian nuclear deal.

    But the documents Haaretz has obtained point to a different objective.

    Chasing damages

    On April 9, 1995, a suicide bomber from the Islamic Jihad group drove his booby-trapped vehicle into a bus packed with soldiers, near Kfar Darom in the Gaza Strip.

    Seven soldiers were killed, along with a 20-year-old U.S. citizen, Alisa Flatow, who was studying in Jerusalem. Her father, Stephen, an American attorney from West Orange, New Jersey, began a campaign against Iran.

    At the time of the attack, foreign countries had complete immunity from being sued in U.S. courts. In the wake of Flatow’s campaign, Congress passed a law in 1996 called the “Flatow Amendment,” which permitted lawsuits against countries financing terrorism.

    In 1998, a ruling was handed down: A federal district judge ordered the Iranian government to pay $247.5 million in damages to the Flatow family.

    The ruling opened the door for a series of further lawsuits. On February 25, 1996, a suicide bomber from Hamas blew up a number 18 bus on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem.

    Among the 26 victims were two Americans, Matthew Eisenfeld and Sara Duker. Their families sued Iran and in 2000 were awarded $327 million.

    American families also sued over the Hezbollah attack on the Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 and were awarded $1 billion. The sum total of these judgments is now in the tens of billions of dollars.

    [Pardon the interruption. Just never mind the fact that President Reagan publicly accepted responsibility for the tragedy in 1983 having underestimated inserting the Marines in the middle of a three-way civil war between Sunni, Shia, Falangist Maronite Christians, with Israel’s meddling and interfering filthy Jewish paws scrabbling everywhere to keep the pot stirred throughout their 12 years of military occupation of Lebanon.

    Two truck bombs struck buildings housing Multinational Force in Lebanon (MNF) peacekeepers, specifically against American and French service members, killing 241 American and 58 French peacekeepers, 6 civilians and the 2 suicide attackers.

    A group called Islamic Jihad, about as vague and generic a militant brigade name can be claimed responsibility for the bombings and said that the attacks were to get the MNF out of Lebanon.

    Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger said at the time that there is no knowledge of who did the bombing. While Israeli analyst Shimon Shapira points the finger at Hezbollah and Iran, they have consistently continued to deny any involvement in any of the bombings.

    Besides, there’s no evidence that Hezbollah was even formed at the time of bombing, or that Iran had anything to do with it. Hezbollah published their manifesto in 1985.

    The Beirut Bombings always had more than a whiff of Mossad gefilte stink-fish to me. I forget where I read it, but reportedly Mossad had the intelligence about the bombing for weeks, but never warned the US or France. – Kj]

    Iran, of course, does not recognize these rulings and does not pay the victims’ families. In a sense, then, these lawsuits are a modern treasure chest: A group of attorneys hold court bills worth billions, and whoever succeeds in finding Iranian assets can claim nice percentages on them.

    Commercial intelligence firms like Black Cube specialize in locating assets around the world to help pay these legal judgments, and these kinds of challenges prove particularly alluring to them.

    Even small percentages of Iranian funds that are frozen in different parts of the world could yield potential profits of millions of dollars, for negligible cost.

    Funding the operation

    Pursuing asset forfeiture is actually an independent business initiative of Black Cube. No specific entity “ordered” this operation – but it had a funder.

    His name is Nobu Su, a Taiwanese shipping tycoon who previously retained Black Cube in relation to his legal conflicts.

    Su, who is said to be friendly with the company’s managers, invested money from his own pocket – and his return is part of Black Cube’s percentage of the forfeiture.

    Black Cube loves to market itself as the smartest and boldest commercial intelligence business of them all.

    While its competitors engage in classic asset location, Black Cube will go further and try to get senior government officials to reveal those assets or leads.

    In the world of commercial intelligence, there is an unwritten law: “You don’t mess with the Americans.” As a result, many companies refuse to conduct this type of operation in the United States – and certainly not with former senior administration officials.

    Black Cube broke this law. As far as it is concerned, as long as the attorneys allow it, it will take any job.

    The background document for the project, which Haaretz possesses, establishes that the pursuit of Rhodes, Kahl and Tess was supposed to yield intelligence that would then enable a number of legal operations.

    The first was the location of unknown Iranian assets, such as bank accounts in the Gulf states or the Far East.

    The second was assistance to Iran in hiding its assets in violation of U.S. or international law. If it turned out that a certain bank helped Iran hide assets, Black Cube believed it would be possible to sue it.

    The third was assistance to Iran in shifting money in violation of American or international laws.

    At the time of the operation, many months before Black Cube was exposed, Zorella bragged to cronies about the Iranian forfeiture – because he would soon be in possession of major and dramatic information.

    If it were possible to prove that the Obama administration officials acted illegally – an allegation that has never been proven – in a case like this, you could sue the banks or the U.S. government in order to get Iranian money.

    Banks and governments are classic targets of lawsuits because they have deep and bottomless pockets.

    The Black Cube background document includes mention of “gathering intelligence leveraging the banks to disclose information on Iranian assets.”

    The Omani bank affair

    The primary focus of the investigation was the “Omani bank affair.” Iran had an account with Bank Muscat in Oman, where it banked payments for oil it sold.

    By 2015, the sum at the bank had reached $5.7 billion, but in Omani rials. The Iranians sought to convert the money into euros – but because Omani currency is linked to the dollar, no bank would agree to convert such a large sum.

    For this, an American bank would need to agree to convert the money from rials to U.S. dollars, and thence to euros.

    However, despite the nuclear agreement, Iran has yet to gain access to the banking network in the United States and therefore needed the help of the Obama administration.

    The affair ultimately reached Congress, which opened an official investigation whose findings were published last June. According to the probe, senior Obama administration officials worked with the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control – which is responsible for enforcing sanctions – to allow it to permit the currency exchange, in spite of sworn statements that Iran would not receive access to the banking network.

    In the end, Wells Fargo Bank and J.P. Morgan refused to participate in the exchange due to concerns about legal liability.

    Black Cube also conducted its own investigation into the affair with that huge sum in Oman proving impossible to ignore.

    The intel firm earmarked a series of senior officials at the two bank as potential targets, and their names are recorded in the Black Cube document, as well as the managers at the Omani bank.

    Profiles were prepared of some of these bankers for the agent approaching them to use, including occupational history, addresses, phone numbers, email accounts, etc.

    At least two profiles were prepared for bankers whose jobs related to sanctions enforcement. Ultimately, this also failed to produce anything.

    A suspicious message

    After the Weinstein affair was made public last November, it soon became clear to Kahl that a Black Cube operative had also approached his wife, Rebecca Kahl, under a false identity – using the cover of a representative of a fund involved in education who sought to donate money to their daughter’s school.

    The fund cited was Reuben Capital Partners, the same name as the one used when a Black Cube agent approached actor Rose McGowan during the Weinstein operation.

    Rebecca Kahl referred the operative to school staff, as she had insisted on speaking only with her, and then stopped answering the operative’s emails completely.

    But the approach to Rebecca Kahl only took place after Black Cube had first approached Kahl himself. In order to reach him, they used an agent impersonating an emissary, who sent the following email:

    “Greetings Professor Kahl

    “Following the presidential election in France, and in anticipation of the upcoming parliamentary elections, The Neri Foundation is looking to organize a conference in conjunction with the IFRI and IRIS research institutes here in Paris.

    “The goal of the conference is that we have experts in the fields of international relations and national security participate, along with former government national security officials, in order to contribute their experience and perspectives on the problems facing Europe in general, and France in particular.

    “In our research your name featured prominently as an experienced academic as well as a government figure. I’m arriving in Washington D.C., in the second half of June, to meet with a number of others who have confirmed their participation in the conference I have attempted to reach you through email as well as leaving voicemail with the hopes of being able to meet you while I’m in town.

    “With the assumption that you are interested, I was hoping that you might be able to tell me when you can set some time aside for us to meet while I am in D.C. so I can explain to you in more detail what we are looking to put together.

    “It goes without saying that, on top of a speakers fee, the foundation is willing to cover all expenses associated with your participation in the event. While the date for the conference has yet to be finalized, we expect to hold it towards the end of the summer.

    “I look forward to hearing from you.

    “Sincerely, Emile Neri”

    Kahl was suspicious. He responded via email: “I will be traveling with family from mid-June to mid-August, so I won’t be in DC to meet.

    “Can you give me a better sense for the conference agenda, whether there are other sponsors, and who else has been invited?” The two arranged to talk by phone, but that never happened. Neri’s website soon went offline.

    Black Cube said in response to this article: “Black Cube policy is never to discuss its clients with any third party, and never to confirm or deny any speculation about its work. Black Cube only works to gather evidence in the biggest litigations in the world and not in other cases.

    “It should be stressed that Black Cube always acts in accordance with the law, in any country it’s working in, and in accordance to the legal counsel by the leading law firms in the world.”

    Nobu Su did not respond to an inquiry from Haaretz.


  33. IRONKRAFT October 26, 2018 @ 10:43 am

    Many of us, never mind “normies,” do not remember or even know, that we are living in a 21st Century “Weimar Republic” writ and actioned large.

    All we are witnessing is a Jewish replay of every era they ever previously did. Jews are supposedly of superior intelligence, but they and their pathetic supporters, seemingly act as the old addage states:

    “The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing continuously, with the same results”.

    Brother Nate, you say a revolution is coming, but is that a human backlash, or the final Biblical “coming of Jesus”?

  34. Brother Nathanael October 26, 2018 @ 11:26 am


    A backlash; a cleansing through natural disasters; a purging and chastisement through plagues and epidemics; all of which will decimate Jewry’s insidious influence as well as its physical injury more than others.

    They deserve it, they are bringing it down on their own Deicidal-accursed heads.

    For who brought the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah back to ruin Western civilization where young junior high teens are now experimenting with homosexual and lesbian acts and perversity?

    Who are creating havoc, bloodshed, continuous wars and enmity among nations world wide?

    JEWS, accursed JEWS. +bn

  35. benzion kook October 26, 2018 @ 11:32 am

    How bout dem lyin’ Kikes?

  36. KathJuliane October 26, 2018 @ 11:55 am

    NYT: Opinion: Mikhail Gorbachev: A New Nuclear Arms Race Has Begun

    President Trump says he plans to withdraw from a nonproliferation treaty that I signed with Ronald Reagan. It’s just the latest victim in the militarization of world affairs.

    Over 30 years ago, President Ronald Reagan and I signed in Washington the United States-Soviet Treaty on the elimination of intermediate- and shorter-range missiles. For the first time in history, two classes of nuclear weapons were to be eliminated and destroyed.

    This was a first step. It was followed in 1991 by the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which the Soviet Union signed with President George H.W. Bush, our agreement on radical cuts in tactical nuclear arms, and the New Start Treaty, signed by the presidents of Russia and the United States in 2010.

    There are still too many nuclear weapons in the world, but the American and Russian arsenals are now a fraction of what they were during the Cold War. At the Nuclear Nonproliferation Review Conference in 2015, Russia and the United States reported to the international community that 85 percent of those arsenals had been decommissioned and, for the most part, destroyed.

    Today, this tremendous accomplishment, of which our two nations can be rightfully proud, is in jeopardy. President Trump announced last week the United States’ plan to withdraw from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty and his country’s intention to build up nuclear arms.

    I am being asked whether I feel bitter watching the demise of what I worked so hard to achieve. But this is not a personal matter. Much more is at stake.

    A new arms race has been announced. The I.N.F. Treaty is not the first victim of the militarization of world affairs. In 2002, the United States withdrew from the Antiballistic Missile Treaty; this year, from the Iran nuclear deal. Military expenditures have soared to astronomical levels and keep rising.

    As a pretext for the withdrawal from the I.N.F. Treaty, the United States invoked Russia’s alleged violations of some of the treaty’s provisions. Russia has raised similar concerns regarding American compliance, at the same time proposing to discuss the issues at the negotiating table to find a mutually acceptable solution.

    But over the past few years, the United States has been avoiding such discussion. I think it is now clear why.

    With enough political will, any problems of compliance with the existing treaties could be resolved. But as we have seen during the past two years, the president of the United States has a very different purpose in mind. It is to release the United States from any obligations, any constraints, and not just regarding nuclear missiles.

    The United States has in effect taken the initiative in destroying the entire system of international treaties and accords that served as the underlying foundation for peace and security following World War II.

    Yet I am convinced that those who hope to benefit from a global free-for-all are deeply mistaken.

    There will be no winner in a “war of all against all” — particularly if it ends in a nuclear war. And that is a possibility that cannot be ruled out. An unrelenting arms race, international tensions, hostility and universal mistrust will only increase the risk.

    Is it too late to return to dialogue and negotiations? I don’t want to lose hope. I hope that Russia will take a firm but balanced stand.

    I hope that America’s allies will, upon sober reflection, refuse to be launchpads for new American missiles. I hope the United Nations, and particularly members of its Security Council, vested by the United Nations Charter with primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security, will take responsible action.

    Faced with this dire threat to peace, we are not helpless. We must not resign, we must not surrender.

  37. KathJuliane October 26, 2018 @ 12:23 pm

    Except their own online speech, of course.


    Legal Insurrection: Coalition of left-wing activist groups calls on big tech to censor online speech

    Posted by William A. Jacobson

    Thursday, October 25, 2018 at 6:00pm

    Call for censoring “hateful activity” online is just an attempt to weaponize left-leaning corporate managers to act as gatekeepers for online speech.

    While you were focused on the midterm elections, the Kavanaugh hearings, and other media firestorms, a coalition of left-wing activist groups, including some that actively attack conservatives, has moved forward with efforts to get big tech companies to censor online speech.

    The problem of big tech companies acting as speech gatekeepers has been a focus here for a long time. What starts with calls to censor “Nazis”and “White Supremacists” inevitably morphs into broader attempts to censor anyone who is right of center or deemed to have expressed politically incorrect views.

    The focus on internet gatekeepers is a way around First Amendment protections, which only limit what the government can do.

    Big tech, however, controls the means of access to the most important speech forum, the internet.

    By creating content chokepoints operated by private entities, leftist groups believe they have found a way of limiting speech without implicating government conduct. Yet the censorship can be just as effective when done by Google or Facebook or Cloudfare or other gatekeepers as when done by authoritarian and totalitarian governments (which happens frequently abroad).

    I wrote about this problem in August 2017, Charlottesville is being exploited to attack freedom of speech and internet freedom:

    [Quote] This was a really bad week for freedom of speech and internet freedom.

    As documented in my post Gathering Storms And Threats to Liberty, corporations that operate the gateways to the internet, such as domain registrars and services such as Cloudfare, have come under pressure and have capitulated to drive the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer from the internet.

    That pressure is now moving to other organizations based on biased and politicized “hate” lists from groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League.

    I pointed out the danger to internet freedom:

    “Attempts to induce corporations to silence conservatives are nothing new. We have seen years of pressure tactics from groups such as Media Matters to shut down voices such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity by pressuring and harassing advertisers.

    “Campaigns are currently underway to force advertisers away from websites such as Breitbart and Gateway Pundit….

    “That tactic now has gone to a completely different level with attempts to intimidate internet hosting companies and companies that provide internet infrastructure to cut off access to the internet. So far, the effort has been focused on the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer.

    “People might not care that The Daily Stormer is taken down, but the history of leftist tactics show that the target universe will expand dramatically and it will not be long before efforts are directed, as they are now for advertisers, at mainstream conservative and right-of-center websites….

    “Companies like Cloudfare and others who provide internet infrastrucure will come under increasing pressure, and it won’t be limited to the Storm Fronts of the world. We know from history that the “hate” label is broadly applied for political purposes, and will be used only against right-of-center websites.

    “Being cut off from domain registrars and other aspects of the internet backbone is something we expect from totalitarian governments. Now that power is in the control of almost-uniformly left-wing corporate managers.” [End quote]

    The Southern Poverty Law Center has been at the center of these efforts through it’s “hatewatch” and “extremist” lists. Those lists are then used to try to keep speakers off campus, and off the internet.

    The Center for American Progress is a Democrat-operative group that operates, among other things, Think Progress, a website that regularly attacks conservatives. Color of Change also has engaged in such efforts.

    So it should come as no surprise that SPLC, CAP and Color of Change are included in a group of leftist activist demanding internet censorship by big tech. NBC News reports on the effort, misleadingly referring to them as “civil rights” groups, Civil rights groups call for tech firms to crack down on hate groups:

    [Qoute] Six organizations that push for civil rights are asking the tech industry to take a harder line against hate groups that use their services.

    The organizations said in a report on Thursday that they want companies across the tech sector — from social media networks and retailers to online payment processors and website hosts — to prohibit “hateful activities” in their terms of service and to put more resources toward enforcement.

    They said they plan to release a report card next year on the extent to which tech companies follow their recommendations. The report came from the Center for American Progress, Color of Change, Free Press, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the National Hispanic Media Coalition and the Southern Poverty Law Center. [End quote]

    It doesn’t stop with these six groups. They are just leading the charge, but the report titled Change the Terms indicates dozens of other activist groups in their coalition:

    The definition of “hateful activity” used by these groups is sufficiently broad as to be abused for political purposes:

    Change the Terms uses the term “hateful activities” to mean activities that incite or engage in violence, intimidation, harassment, threats, or defamation targeting an individual or group based on their actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.

    We know this definition will be abused because such concepts already are abused by SPLC, which at one time had Rand Paul and Ben Carson on its list of extremists, and targets Christian groups.

    Under this definition, SPLC arguably should be censored due to its anti-Christian bias. But that’s not how these lists work, it’s unidirectional.

    There is every reason to believe that this is not an effort to address narrow and potentially violent activities online, or stalking and other activities that are illegal. Rather, given the coalition members, it’s clearly an attempt to give left-wing groups de facto control of who gets to speak online by controlling the big tech gatekeepers.

  38. KathJuliane October 26, 2018 @ 1:19 pm

    Russia Insider/Zerohedge: Twitter Bans Conservative Neocon Critic Paul Craig Roberts in Dramatic Escalation of Censorship

    Roberts, Former Asst. Treasury Secretary in the Reagan administration and former contributing editor at the Wall Street Journal has been an outspoken critic of neocon foreign policy and Washington corruption from a conservative viewpoint.

    He has an enormous following on the internet and publishes at the Unz Review and on his own website.


    ***Report unfounded. It was a spoof account operating in his name, which PCR requested be taken down.***

  39. KathJuliane October 26, 2018 @ 3:45 pm

    Paul Craig Roberts: “My” Suspended Twitter Account

    Dear Readers:

    It is all over the internet and international media that Twitter has suspended my account.

    This is not the case.

    I do not use social media.

    I discovered that a Twitter account was operating in my name.

    I requested that the account be taken down.

    I have no recollection of giving anyone permission to operate a Twitter account in my name.

    I am still extremely busy trying to help family relatives impacted by Hurricane Michael and could only quickly look at the Twitter postings. It seemed to be mainly innocuous, consisting of links or quotes from my posted columns.

    However, there were other things, such as appeals that money be sent to Alex Jones InfoWars and other things. I have no objection to Alex Jones. However, my webmaster and I were concerned that things could be posted that would be dangerous for me, such as libel, death threats to others, and so forth.

    To repeat, the account was closed at my request.

    To repeat, I do not use social media.

    Paul Craig Roberts

  40. KathJuliane October 26, 2018 @ 5:54 pm

    A few days ago during a joint Russian-Italian press conference, in answering a question about the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, Putin mentioned that the congressional budget had already been approved for US research for short- and intermediate range missiles.


    Question: I have a question on the INF Treaty, the subject being discussed these past few days not only in our country and in the US, but also in Europe.

    Due to the specifics of these arms –intermediate and short-range missiles – the Europeans could become hostages to the US if Washington withdraws from the treaty, as my colleague said yesterday.

    It is not clear yet if Washington is withdrawing or is revising the format of this document, however, whatever the case, if Trump and his administration move beyond words, what steps will you take? This question is addressed to both leaders.

    Vladimir Putin: This problem did not come up yesterday or even three days ago when the US President announced it.

    It came up earlier, and as you might have noticed, and we did notice, the United States Congress had already earmarked expenses for R&D on intermediate and short-range missiles.

    This means the decision has been taken. Once research and development is underway – and they do not do it so it can sit on the shelf and collect dust, it means that the next step will also be made.

    The budget was passed, the Congress approved it while a political statement was made several days ago. Yes, indeed, there are certain questions regarding progress in missile technology and the limitations undertaken only by the United States and the Soviet Union, now the Russian Federation.

    However, what worries us is that the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty has been scrapped. Now we are talking about the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. And the future of a new START Treaty on limiting strategic offensive arms is unclear.

    If all that is scrapped, then nothing will remain to limit arms growth. The situation will then become very dangerous, in my view. There will be nothing left but an arms race.

    GovTrack: H.R. 5515: John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019

    It was signed into law by Trump on August 13, 2018.

    It’s 788 pages long.

    In the Summary, Gov Track writes (excerpt):

    H.R. 5515 authorizes and prioritizes funding for the Department of Defense (DoD) and military activities and construction, and prescribes military personnel strengths for Fiscal Year 2019.

    The bill complies with the bipartisan budget agreement and authorizes $639.1 billion in base funding. Further, the bill authorizes an additional $69 billion in the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) fund to cover contingency operations.

    When factoring in $8.9 billion for mandatory defense spending, a total of $717 billion is authorized to be appropriated. Significant provisions of the legislation include:

    Building a Modern Force – The legislation supports the President’s request to buy new equipment to replace that which is too broken or too expensive to repair, or lack modern capabilities useful against current and emerging threats. These include:

    — Authorizing $360 million, an increase of $338.1 million, for Stryker A1 combat vehicles, the most survivable and advanced version of the Stryker combat vehicle.

    — Supporting the President’s budget request to modernize Army Armored Brigade Combat Team vehicles, including 135 M1 Abrams tanks, 60 Bradley fighting vehicles, 197 Armored multi-purpose vehicles, 38 Improved Recovery Vehicles, and 3,390 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles.

    — Authorizing multiyear procurement authorities for F/A-18E/F Super Hornet aircraft, C130 Super Hercules aircraft, E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft, advanced missiles and amphibious ships to generate better cost savings for the taxpayer and provide needed capability to the Navy;

    — Supporting the President’s budget request for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and authorizing 77 aircraft.

    — Authorizing an additional $85 million for additional UH-60M Black Hawk utility helicopters for the Army National Guard. The most modern Black Hawk version.

    — Supporting additional funding to maintain the maximum production rate of critical munitions, such as small diameter bombs, joint direct attack munitions, hellfire missiles, advanced precision kill weapon systems, long range anti-ship missiles, tomahawk missiles, advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles and torpedoes.

    — Mandating recapitalization of the Navy’s 43-year old auxiliary fleet which would help to transport Army and Marine Corps forces in times of conflict.

    — ***Encouraging the rapid development and fielding of interim maneuver short range air defense capabilities and indirect fire protection solutions to address current deficiencies in air and missile defense.

    — Fully supporting funding for the Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine and the B-21 Raider bomber programs

    — Adding $150 million to accelerate U.S. efforts to field a conventional prompt strike capability before FY22, in response to the critical advances Russia and China have made in developing their prompt strike hypersonic weapons.

    The item 3rd from the bottom mark *** is probably what Putin meant.

  41. Citizenfitz October 27, 2018 @ 10:04 am

    Uh oh…. A synagogue of Satan shooting in Pittsburg. Eight or more dead. Probably pro Second Amendment Jews…. That’s how it usually goes.

    The gun grabbing Jews will be singing on the graves of those murdered by the maniac.

  42. KathJuliane October 27, 2018 @ 12:45 pm

    WSWS: The US military’s vision for state censorship

    5 October 2018

    In March, the United States Special Operations Command, the section of the Defense Department supervising the US Special Forces, held a conference on the theme of “Sovereignty in the Information Age.”

    The conference brought together Special Forces officers with domestic police forces, including officials from the New York Police Department, and representatives from technology companies such as Microsoft.

    This meeting of top military, police and corporate representatives went unreported and unpublicized at the time. However, the Atlantic Council recently published a 21-page document summarizing the orientation of the proceedings.

    It is authored by John T. Watts, a former Australian Army officer and consultant to the US Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.

    The Atlantic Council, a think tank with close ties to the highest levels of the state, has been a key partner in the social media companies’ censorship of left-wing views. Most notably, Facebook acted on a tip from the Atlantic Council when it shut down the official event page for an anti-fascist demonstration in Washington on the anniversary of last year’s neo-Nazi riot in Charlottesville.

    Confident that none of the thousands of journalists in Washington will question, or even report, what he writes, Watts lays out, from the standpoint of the repressive apparatus of the state and the financial oligarchy it defends, why censorship is necessary.

    The central theme of the report is “sovereignty,” or the state’s ability to impose its will upon the population. This “sovereignty,” Watts writes, faces “greater challenges now than it ever has in the past,” due to the confluence between growing political opposition to the state and the internet’s ability to quickly spread political dissent.

    Watts cites the precedent of the invention of the printing press, which helped overthrow the feudal world order.

    In the Atlantic Council’s estimation, however, this was an overwhelmingly negative development, ushering in “decades, and arguably centuries, of conflict and disruption” and undermining the “sovereignty” of absolutist states. The “invention of the internet is similarly creating conflict and disruption,” Watts writes.

    “Trust in Western society,” he warns, “is experiencing a crisis. The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer has tracked this erosion, showing a 30 percent drop in trust in government over the last year in the United States.”

    Watts notes that this collapse in support for the government cannot be explained merely by the rise of social media. This process began in the early 2000s, “at the dawn of the social media age but before it had become mainstream.”

    Left out are the major reasons for the collapse of popular support for government institutions: the stolen election of 2000, the Bush administration’s lies about weapons of mass destruction, unending war and the impact of the 2008 financial crisis.

    However, while it is “hard to argue that the current loss of trust results solely from the emergence of social media,” Watts writes, there “can be little doubt that it acted as a critical amplifier of broader trends.”

    He continues: “Technology has democratized the ability for sub-state groups and individuals to broadcast a narrative with limited resources and virtually unlimited scope.”

    By contrast, “In the past, the general public had limited sources of information, which were managed by professional gatekeepers.”

    In other words, the rise of uncensored social media allowed small groups with ideas that correspond to those of the broader population to challenge the political narrative of vested interests on an equal footing, without the “professional gatekeepers” of the mainstream print and broadcast media, which publicizes only a pro-government narrative.

    When “radical and extremist views” and “incorrect ideas” are “broadcast over social media, they can even influence the views of people who would not otherwise be sympathetic to that perspective,” Watts warns. “When forwarded by a close friend or relation, false information carries additional legitimacy; once accepted by an individual, this false information can be difficult to correct.”

    People must be isolated, in other words, from the “incorrect” ideas of their friends and family, because such ideas are “difficult to correct” by the state once disseminated.

    But how is this to be done? The growth of oppositional sentiment cannot be combated with “facts” or the “truth,” because “facts themselves are not sufficient to combat disinformation.” The “truth” is “too complex, less interesting, and less meaningful to individuals.”

    Nor can the growth of political opposition, for the time being, simply be solved by “eliminating” (i.e., killing or jailing) political dissidents, because this only lends legitimacy to the ideas of the victims.

    “Eliminating those individuals and organizations will not be sufficient to combat the narrative and may in fact help amplify it.” He adds, “This is also the case for censorship as those behind the narrative can use the attempt to repress the message as proof of its truth, importance, or authenticity.”

    Enter the social media companies. The best mechanism for suppressing oppositional viewpoints and promoting pro-government narratives is the private sector, in particular “technology giants, including Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter,” which can “determine what people see and do not see.”

    Watts adds, “Fortunately, shifts in the policies of social media platforms such as Facebook have had significant impact on the type and quality of the content that is broadcast.”

    The private sector, therefore, must do the dirty work of the government, because government propaganda is viewed with suspicion by the population.

    “Business and the private sector may not naturally understand the role they play in combating disinformation, but theirs is one of the most important…. In the West at least, they have been thrust into a central role due to the general public’s increased trust in them as institutions.”

    But this is only the beginning. Online newspapers should “consider disabling commentary systems—the function of allowing the general public to leave comments beneath a particular media item,” while social media companies should “use a grading system akin to that used to rate the cleanliness of restaurants” to rate their users’ political statements.

    Strong-arm tactics still have a role, of course. Citing the example of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange, Watts declares that “governments need to create consequences” for spreading “disinformation” similar to those meted out for “state espionage” – which can carry the death penalty.

    What Watts outlines in his document is a vision of a totalitarian social order, where the government, the media, and technology companies are united in suppressing oppositional viewpoints.

    The most striking element of the document, however, is that it is not describing the future, but contemporary reality. Everything is in the present tense. The machinery of mass censorship has already been built.

    The Atlantic Council report, based on high-level discussions within the military and state, is a confirmation of everything the World Socialist Web Site has said about the purpose of changes in the algorithms of internet and social media companies over the past year-and-a-half.

    On August 25, 2017, the WSWS published an open letter to Google alleging that the company is “manipulating its Internet searches to restrict public awareness of and access to socialist, anti-war and left-wing websites.” It added, “Censorship on this scale is political blacklisting.”

    Over the subsequent year, key details of the open letter have been indisputably confirmed.

    At congressional hearings and in other public statements, leading US technology companies have explained that they reduced the propagation of political views and statements targeted by US intelligence agencies, and did so in secret because they feared a public outcry.

    At the same time, they have explained the technical means by which they promoted pro-government, pro-war news outlets, such as the New York Times and Washington Post.

    But the Atlantic Council document presents the most clear, direct and unvarnished explanation of the regime of state censorship.

    The struggle against censorship is the spearhead of the defense of all democratic rights. The most urgent task is to unify the working class, which is engaged in a wave of social struggles all over the world, behind the struggle against censorship as a component of the fight for socialism.

    Andre Damon

    Online and downloadable publication of Atlantic Council’s ‘Whose Truth? Sovereignty, Disinformation, and Winning the Battle of Trust’


  43. KathJuliane October 27, 2018 @ 2:12 pm

    This is about the ugliest of Bad Jewish Art that I’ve ever seen.

    Philadelphia is the birthplace of our democratic Republic. The “rebirth” of the Jewish nation upon the “sacrifice” of the fictional “6 Million Jews” who were fictional gassed offerings, not “burnt offerings” to their Ha Shem in Europe, in terms of world history is equal to the founding of the US of America.

    This malformed malignant looking thing (which if I were to artistically visualize the horror of my non-Hodgkins lymphoma as a statue, it would look exactly like this) was erected in 1964, which also marks the beginning push of Post-Auschwitz Theology and Zionist PR during the abrupt Israel-first change of foreign policy by LBJ.

    At partial taxpayer’s expense, of course.

    Anglo-American History, Constitution and US Government, Political Science, Civics, and Geography are hardly taught in schools anymore, but by Moshe, you’ll get an even bigger ration of $hoah Education.

    Cue the weeping violins…


    Billy Penn: The $9 million Holocaust memorial is about to open on the Parkway

    At eight months from start to finish, it was one of the fastest construction projects in recent memory.

    Updated 1:30 p.m.

    After just eight months of construction, the brand new Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial Plaza is complete. It will open Monday, Oct. 22, on the Ben Franklin Parkway as a lasting tribute to Philly’s survivors, liberators and witnesses.

    The triangle of land at the intersection of 16th and Arch has hosted the Six Million Jewish Martyrs statue since 1964, when it became the first public monument of its kind in the United States.

    Philadelphia is the natural home for such memorials, said Eszter Kutas, acting director of the Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation.

    “It’s the birthplace of our democracy,” Kutas said. “We are trying through holocaust testimony as well as some physical installations to connect Philadelphia’s story with what happened in Europe during the war.”

    All four of Kutas’ grandparents survived the Holocaust. The idea of it being forgotten is painful for her — “As soon as it’s forgotten, it could happen again.”

    A $9 million price tag

    Construction on the project was quick: less than a year from start to finish is pretty much unheard of in Philly.

    It was also costly. Originally projected to come in around $7 million, the capital campaign for the memorial reached $9 million by the time it was done.

    But that discrepancy “is not for miscalculations of construction at all,” Kutas clarified. Rather, the foundation received more donations than it initially expected and decided to put some money aside for future maintenance and educational programming.

    Money raised by the foundation and its collaborative of donors was supplemented by a mix of state and city sources. “We received such broad community support,” Kutas said, “we felt we could up [the total capital campaign] amount.”

    Teaching the Holocaust, free and digital

    The new memorial won’t impact much on the Parkway. It is not expected to increase traffic or cause any road closures, Kutas said, and it’s meant to be accessible. The entire plaza is public — leaving it open and free of cost for anyone meandering around the city.

    When the memorial plaza opens to the public on Monday afternoon, on the wedge of land adjacent to the old Bell Telephone Building, it will boast:

    Six pillars, representing the six million Jewish victims, each each contrasting American constitutional protections and values with what happened during the Holocaust:

    — A grove of trees, representing the woods where people hid from the Nazi regime [and hordes of armed, militant Polish and Communist Jewish partisans fought from, by the way – Kj]

    — An eternal flame, symbolizing a commitment to remembering the Holocaust

    — Original train tracks from the railroad adjacent to the Treblinka concentration camp

    — A tree, representing one that children nurtured at the Theresienstadt concentration camp (despite knowing they would not live to see it mature).

    Renderings of those attributes have been public for longer than a year now — and Kutas said the final product will look “quite similar.” “There are little changes here and there,” she said, “but the layout of the plaza is exactly like how you see in those images.”

    The foundation also developed a complementary digital component: a free app meant to be used by visitors to the memorial while they’re there. It’ll offer guided tours, plus first-person stories from survivors. Ideally, Kutas said, the app will educate young people who never actually lived through the Holocaust. [$hoah Business Pokémon? – Kj]

    You can check out the memorial in person after it’s unveiled on Monday. After a brief private event, the plaza will open to the public around noon.

  44. Brother Nathanael October 27, 2018 @ 5:41 pm

    Dear All,

    Working on NEW Vid. Hope to post by Monday eve.

    Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tuned. +bn

  45. Brother Nathanael October 27, 2018 @ 6:09 pm

    About The Synagogue Killings
    By +Brother Nathanael Kapner

    I LIVED IN SQUIRREL HILL where the synagogue killings took place for many years which is a heavily populated Jewish area of Pittsburgh.

    I had attended Yom Kippur Services and Sabbath Services at the Tree of Life synagogue on a few occasions but did not care for it.

    It is VERY secular, very liberal, and VERY wealthy. Like Judaism in all its aspects, totally BANKRUPT spiritually.

    I’m sure than many of its members are BIG donors to all the wretched causes: LGTBQ, mass immigration, socialistic big government, and of course, bloody wars for Israel.

    When disasters and murders occurred in ancient Palestine during Christ’s sojourn, he told the Jews, “Except ye repent ye shall likewise perish.” (St Luke: 13)

    Instead of Jews in Jewmerica BEEFING UP their physical security in light of this latest shooting with TONS more of Homeland Security tax-payer money, they should BEEF UP Eternal Security by repenting of their sins, embrace Christ, and undergo baptism in the Orthodox Church.

    In the Russian Church there are many former Jews and quite a few of them are priests.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Member in Good Standing of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia @

    Keep Scrolling Down For MANY More!

  46. Kiimm October 27, 2018 @ 10:20 pm

    Is this real, or another psy-op false flag, Brother Nathanael?

    Don’t know what to think anymore.

  47. Brother Nathanael October 27, 2018 @ 10:39 pm


    Whatever it is, one thing for sure, it will launch accelerated JEW Censorship since they’re already screaming to take down GAB on which the alleged murderer posted his rants.

    GAB has been down all day and Schulman’s PayPISS has cut it off.

    Why aren’t JEWS decrying the Saudi/Jewmerica/IsraHell slaughter and starvation of innocent children in Yemen so as to “counter Iran?”

    Instead we hear the Jew media telling us we must weep for a few Christ-hating Jews from Pittsburgh.

    I weep for the Yemenite children, not for Deicidal-accursed Jews. +bn

  48. Citizenfitz October 27, 2018 @ 11:54 pm

    My son was just banned from Facebook for a month – for calling some fat role playing Marvel comics heroine wannabe “fat”.

    When he protested to FB he told them, “It’s not like I called her a “faggot”, like you guys.”

    A chip off the old block.

    Strange that Jewry has made obesity one of its idols. Maybe it has something to do with Amy Schumer.

  49. The Elder of Zyklon-B October 28, 2018 @ 5:35 am

    Here is a very good, brief, and timely article for you and your son C-Fitz. Pulasky explains it very well here in spiritual terms as he has a knack for.

    Congratulations for having reared a discerning son.

    “With the normalization of miscegenation, feminism, homosexuality and transgenderism now accomplished, the ungodly anti-science Left has started pushing the next item on its agenda: the normalization of obesity. In this development we can see the continuing humanist trend of systematically denying every one of God’s commandments.”

    Now back to the regularly scheduled program of organized Talmudic spying and treachery.

    “The great anti-Semitic fantasy is that Jews, operating from some secret base somewhere, are involved in almost every form of nefariousness across the world. A recent article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz shows that this fantasy is, to significant degree, true.”

  50. Brother Nathanael October 28, 2018 @ 5:52 am

    @The Elder of Zyklon-B

    Speaking of JEWiiiiiiiish perfidy, the free-speech site of GAB has been taken down by JEWiiiiiiishoah DEMAND over a few JEWeeeiiiiish deaths.

    THE HORRID irony of it all is that the JEW will do more harm by his dying corpse than he does by his living corpse.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Former Jew, now Orthodox Christian @

  51. Brother Nathanael October 28, 2018 @ 8:10 am

    @The Elder

    How much mileage can a Toyota get?

    29 miles per gallon.

    How much mileage can “Hate Speech” on the now deceased Gab get?

    Oh, a million miles of Jew censorship! +bn

  52. Brother Nathanael October 28, 2018 @ 8:18 am


    The Holocaust hoax is on its last legs, and the Jew knows it. Kids yawn about something that supposedly happened 80 years ago.

    So the Jew needs a NEW victim trick. How about ‘Hate Speech’ on Gab supposedly resulting in 11 Jews dead but with all the press coverage appears as if 6 million died.

    Ah, that’s the trick! Make a few dead Jews appear out of the “Hate Speech” hat to multiply into 6 million in one day!

    The horror of it all! Bring out the gas chambers, the showers, the Zyklon B that Gab used on the six million and shut it and free speech down!

    Aren’t you glad you’re not a Jew? Don’t you wish everybody wasn’t?

    The Jew will kill off more free speech in his death than he’ll do in his life. +bn

  53. Brother Nathanael October 28, 2018 @ 8:21 am

    @The Elder

    I simply can’t look at any news for the next 3 days. All I see are sullen Jews yelling:

    “Shut it down! Kill all anti-Semites! Murder all those who dare to find fault with our wonderfulness! And may Israel kill as many as it will!”

  54. Brother Nathanael October 28, 2018 @ 8:29 am


    I’ll tell you why I like Trump, he’s a wrecking ball knocking down the present order.

    Will a new one arise? Not before cataclysms, plagues, natural disasters, and epidemics wreaking large scale destruction ravage the West.

    Abortions, which the JEWS push, have created female demons like the locusts with womanly hair flying out of the bottomless pit.

    Homosexuality, which the JEWS push, have created male demons, like the locusts with stings in their tails flying out of the bottomless pit.

    The blood of the unborn, the foulness of anal sex proliferating throughout JEW-ruined America, are the precursors of seals unloosed. +bn

  55. Citizenfitz October 28, 2018 @ 10:33 am

    @The Elder…

    Thanks. Yep, my boy is definitely one of the woke. And he’s doing his part to wake others.

    Regarding the synagogue shooting: given our time you have to consider the possibility that the whole thing could be fake.

  56. Steve October 28, 2018 @ 12:46 pm


    Whenever anyone is shot all medical resources are applied to save that life. A victim is not declared dead until every possible remedy is applied.

    Even when someone is “dead” they can be resuscitated with emergency procedures.

    The one element missing from ALL these shootings is the absence of ambulances, triage units, etc., to treat and transport.

    Look at the youth from the Florida shooting who supposedly took 5 AR15 bullets protecting others… The mangled bone and tissue damage would be beyond lethal.


  57. Brother Nathanael October 28, 2018 @ 2:36 pm

    Tom: Bob, lots of anti-Semitism these days.

    Bob: Really? Where? I don’t see it where I live.

    Tom: Where do you live?

    Bob: Pittsburgh.

    Tom: But that’s where the anti-Semitism took place.

    Bob: One lone killer, and that’s ‘lots of anti-Semitism?’

    Tom: Not one guy, it’s all over the place.

    Bob: Where do you see that, pray tell?

    Tom: In the Washington Post in an OpEd by Jennifer Rubin.

    Bob: You believe a Jew?

    Tom: See, I told you, even you’re an ANTI-SEMITE! Rubin’s got you nailed…
    …to the Cross, just like that did to Jesus Christ. +bn

  58. Zionien October 28, 2018 @ 2:40 pm



  59. Zionien October 28, 2018 @ 2:46 pm

    OR laying to rest a gay teen killed damn near 20 yrs ago in what they consider to be the key church of the U.S., soiling it’s holiness.

    You don’t see Jews burying sodomy worshipping queers in ANY of their SINagogues!

    Oh Geeee – Ms. PIGGY (Amy Schumer) is boycotting the Super Bowl – – – Haaa – and she thinks anyone at all cares!

    What Mr. President Trump did was call out the evil Jews when he drew a line that connected this “terrorist act” in Pittsburgh to ALL the evil Jews!

    It IS THEM who are constantly attacking him – HE knows it – WE know it – THEY know it, yet they see that as an “anti-Semitic” statement, “OMG – How dare you blame us …. for ANYTHING – anything at all… WORMS LIVE IN THE DIRT!

    The evil worms just cant seem to get around that “Freedom of Speech” issue, and they NEVER EVER WILL!!!

    The whole mail bomb was a REAL DUD!

    So they pad it with a (S.O.S.) = Synagogue Of Satan shooting…. uh – & still no one really cares!

    Like The Honorable +BN would most likely agree – I think they’re VERY desperate to appear viable and they’re running out of sympathy cards to play, so they’ll milk this shooting for all it’s worth!

    The only thing left is their baiting U.S. into war, Trump wont have it – he totally see’s them, OR a nuke false flag attack perpetrated by Iran, which AGAIN WILL blow up in their EVIL faces!

    Nope – the Jew is in the back seat – they very back seat of the bus and is where he will remain – where he will/MUST behave!

  60. B October 28, 2018 @ 3:17 pm

    Is it strange that today’s location of the Muslim Dome of the Rock, where Israel claims Israel’s 3000+ year historical right of the location of the former Jewish Jerusalem Temple, looks like a gold plated nuclear reactor?

    Israel has found many artifacts of the former Jerusalem Temple that were found sitting on the ground near the Dome of the Rock, but there is no evidence that any of these many artifacts were not brought there from another different location, where the former Jerusalem Temple may have actually been located.

    There is historical documented proof that the Jerusalem Temple was located at another different location, that is much different than today’s location of the Dome of the Rock.

  61. Dave October 28, 2018 @ 3:22 pm


    I tried to post this on the New York edition of the New ISRAEL Times but was turned down:

    “Imposing ‘Balance’ Requires Distortion of Palestine-Israel Struggle”

  62. Brother Nathanael October 28, 2018 @ 3:50 pm

    Moshe MOSSADberg: This synagogue bombing is right up our alley.

    Sidney CIAstein: How so?

    Moshe Mossad: If anyone gripes that we’re censoring on our Google op we simply say we have to guard against hate speech and anti-Semitism and thus a few conservative posts will fall through the cracks, collateral damage and all that.

    Sidney CIA: Brilliant! You’ve got a real Yiddishee kup! Aren’t you glad we’re Jews, don’t you wish everybody was?

    Moshe Mossad: No way! Where we would be without the goys fighting Israel’s wars for us?

    Sidney CIA: We’d be six feet under. Let the GOYS die young!

  63. Brother Nathanael October 28, 2018 @ 4:01 pm

    Tom: Heaps and heaps of Jews are being killed. It’s tragic.

    Bob: Really? My neighbor is a Jew and looks quite healthy with four healthy kids and drives a Cadillac, his wife a Lexus, and his teenage son a Peugeot.

    Tom: You dummy. Don’t you know that 6 million Jews were killed at that Holocaust Museum downtown, and now 11 more at the synagogue genocide. That makes 6,000,011 massacred Jews in a very short time!

    Bob: I don’t care if it’s 6,000,012! What have Jews ever done for me?

    Tom: You’re unpatriotic! Jews gave us LGBTQ, fags, queers, lesbians, transvestites, cross-dressers, Hillary, dykes, Search Engines, the Fed, misogyny, mass-immigration, an up-to-date Democratic party, abortion, porn, feminism writ large, outraged women with scars on their bellies from abortions, Jew journalists with penetrating insights into the blight of anti-Semitism, and most of all, wars for that wonderful democracy in the middle east, the Jewish state!

    Bob: We’re ruined!

  64. Missy October 28, 2018 @ 5:10 pm

    Two things, Brother Nathanael:

    #1 The NY Post says that the hullaballoo happened during a circumcision:

    So why are all the media continually now calling it a Baby Naming Ceremony? I have never, ever, heard of a Jewish penis-cutting called a baby naming ceremony. Is this something new?

    #2 Please note this:

    “Rabbi Stephen Weiss was mid-prayer when the shooting began, his son, Zachary, 26, told Buzzfeed.

    “He was davening,” the son said, using the Hebrew word for ‘praying.’ “All of a sudden there was a loud boom.” His father fled home to safety, and “I gave him a big, big hug,” the son said.

    Well, Brother, I think it was you mentioning “davening” on one of your videos – and it wasn’t “praying”. LOL.

    So – who’s got this right? Thank you.

  65. Brother Nathanael October 28, 2018 @ 5:37 pm


    You got it right, no such thing as a “baby naming ceremony” in Judaism.

    It was a circumcision party at the Tree of Life synagogue that eventuates in cutting of the foreskin of everybody’s lips which dares to challenge the wonderfulness of Christ-killing Jews.

    As for “davening,” Tree of Life synagogue, which I attended a few times in my many years living near it in Squirrel Hill, is a REFORMED (secularized) synagogue.

    They don’t daven there like the ultra Orthodox, they only dish out political oriented sermons serving up wars for IsraHell, sexual perversity, and mass immigration to destroy a white Christian political bloc in Jewmerica.

    I’m not weeping for these Christ killers.

    They are now safely with their father the devil in hell. +bn

  66. Kiimm October 28, 2018 @ 6:02 pm

    Thank you, Brother Nathanael, well said and understood.

    And then there’s the botched bris (unfortunately) at the same synagogue in 2013 by a rabbi who was sued after a baby was injured during circumcision, requiring 8 hrs of surgery, 6 blood transfusions and a 2-month hospitalization of the infant.

    The good Rabbi is now a mohel in Lakewood, New Jersey. All’s good! Or is it. . .

  67. Brother Nathanael October 28, 2018 @ 6:36 pm

    Izzy Whinestein: Why aren’t you mourning? You look happy.

    Bob Gentile: Why should I be mourning?

    Izzy Whinestein: There was a massacre, a genocidal slaughter in a Jewish area.

    Bob Gentile: Oh no, more Palestinians murdered by the Jews!

    Izzy Whinestein: Why do you have to be so politically incorrect? We Jews set the narratives, NOT you goys.

  68. Kalin October 28, 2018 @ 7:35 pm

    Possibly a false flag.

    However, if the event was real, it couldn’t have happened to a better people.

  69. ADL October 28, 2018 @ 8:14 pm

    Just wanted to mention that a great deal of the film footage from Pittsburgh Synagogue could have been from DHS Active Shooter Drill done their in March or Jan of this year – no confirmation other than the MSM, DHS and TribLive from Allegheny, PA. Some say it was so cold that morning that one should have seen the members and FBI’s breath, but all weather channels say above 44 degrees.

    Also, in many of the interviews show duping delight obviously, but that does not have a great weight.

    They shut down GAB.COM, one of the social media forums that the alleged patsy spilled out blatant anti-Semitic rant, but let other bigger Social Media Forums like Fakebook proudly display – proving that Fakebook never censors (sarcasm). He did not vote for Trumpstein apparently. But it all seems mighty peculiar. Hopefully, more relevant facts will come to light.

    DHS on Active Shooter Drill in March on CNN (Guess this was cut out but someone recorded originally)

  70. pesach ben or October 28, 2018 @ 8:23 pm

    Yeah, where were the ambulances, the triage units, the bullet ridden bodies?

    How did the alleged shooter miss the mohel?

    What if the Jews posted his supposed comments on the now defunct Gab?

    What if the Jews fabricated this incident and are falsely “reporting” it on Jew-owned media the way they did 9/11, using it as an excuse for Talmudic totalitarian communist control?

  71. 21stcenturydragonslayer October 28, 2018 @ 9:17 pm

    One of the most curious elements of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting event is that nine of the 11 killed were seniors, and five could be classified as elderly.

    Joyce Fienberg, 75, of Oakland
    Richard Gottfried, 65, of Ross
    Rose Mallinger, 97, of Squirrel Hill
    Jerry Rabinowitz, 66, of Edgewood
    Cecil Rosenthal, 59, and his brother David Rosenthal, 54, both of Squirrel Hill
    Sylvan Simon, 86, and his wife, Bernice, 84, of Wilkinsburg
    Daniel Stein, 71, of Squirrel Hill
    Melvin Wax, 88, of Squirrel Hill
    Irving Younger, 69, of Mt. Washington.

    If a virulent anti-Jew — in this case, one Robert Bowers — was willing to throw away his own life with an attack, why would he target seniors at an inter-faith religious facility?

    Seriously. Old retired Jews on Squirrel Hill is a far cry from the heart of the New World Order.

    As a target, it’s utterly nonsensical.

    Instead, he would go after high value and far more culpable targets.

    The man condemned a slew of Judaics and their specific activities. So why didn’t he go after them? The story makes ZERO sense on its face.

  72. Citizenfitz October 28, 2018 @ 9:35 pm

    @pesach ben or


  73. Ed October 28, 2018 @ 9:37 pm


    Wonder if they will lower the flag for the people killed in Gaza the other day by Israeli fighter jets?

  74. Zionien October 28, 2018 @ 9:40 pm


    It’s common Jew knowledge that a Mohel sucks the circumsized baby penis with his mouth :O~.

    Perhaps this patsy (“who shot & wounded 4 cops”) saw that and freaked out as any normal CHRIST-ian would… :/



  75. Stephen Smith October 28, 2018 @ 10:01 pm

    I’m afraid we’re never going to hear the end of this.

    Standby for the next Steven Spielberg horror show “Holocaust on Squirrel Hill”.

    Gotta admit it has a ring to it.

  76. Zionien October 28, 2018 @ 10:02 pm

    So now Campbell’s Soup will be owned by ANOTHER evil Jew; Daniel Loeb!

    @ +BN – They just canned their CEO over his beliefs of that pig Soros’ involvement in the ILL-Legal mob “caravan” attempting to worm their way into our country.

    Hell – if the wormy Jews want them so bad – send them ALL to Pisreal!

  77. Eileen Kuch October 28, 2018 @ 10:46 pm

    It won’t be long before Mike S. King of does his piece on the Fair Tree Synagogue mass shooting.

    Mr. King posted an excellent piece on the fake bombs mailed to George Soros and a few leading Democrat politicians. The Jewish controlled media went on a frenzy over these fake devices, all to distract the American public from the caravan of migrants – over 90% of them criminals of different types and members of the MS-13 and MARA-18 gangs.

    The Fair Tree Synagogue event may also be fake since there weren’t any ambulances and medical personnel on the scene. This is just another distraction to keep the public’s attention on Pittsburgh and away from the 90%+ violent criminals in the caravan, which is headed straight for the US.

    I hope, Br. Nate, that you’ll find time to read Mr. King’s latest story and connect it to the Pittsburgh false flag. As you rightly said, the JEW’s on his last leg; the millennials don’t believe that 6 million Jews were exterminated during WWII, that the entire thing was a hoax.

    Great job, Brother, and God bless you always.


  78. Astraea October 29, 2018 @ 5:30 am

    Brother Nathanael – did you know that the Saudi “royal” family are Jews?

    And did you know that I love you?

  79. van helsing October 29, 2018 @ 7:55 am

    When will there be any initiatives to fight hate against whites?

  80. Citizenfitz October 29, 2018 @ 8:30 am

    Google has certainly de-ranked Mike King.

  81. nickels October 29, 2018 @ 9:19 am

    The failure of Christianity to face the Jews and knock down their weapons of immigration, LGBT and multiculturalism, means that some other force will have to arise to counter their perfidious programs.

    Unfortunately, this alternative will be ugly, and all sides will suffer, but the Jews’ power will end.

  82. Egress October 29, 2018 @ 2:29 pm

    Why were there all very old people killed in the synagogue?

    A killer would not go for old folk.

    A false flag by people who see people as units of energy (nwo) which needed victims would.

    Almost too evil to even contemplate without being sick and damaged.

  83. KathJuliane October 29, 2018 @ 2:33 pm

    Daily Signal: The Left Goes Full Open Borders

    It wasn’t long ago that both sides of the aisle believed America’s border laws should be enforced.

    As President Donald Trump pointed out on Twitter, even former President Barack Obama, at least rhetorically, said that illegal immigrants couldn’t be let into the country en masse and without restrictions. (He said that as a senator.)

    “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants into this country,” Obama said.

    This dynamic has dramatically shifted, as the American left now increasingly sees any level of border enforcement as beyond the pale.

    The migrant caravans originating in Honduras and heading north to the U.S. border are testing just how far the left will go in embracing this new narrative.

    The position Obama held just over a decade ago is now considered offensive in some circles. Some are even demanding that the U.S. let the caravan into the United States.

    “Every one of these people are coming from a real fear. These are refugees,” Cambridge, Massachusetts Mayor Marc McGovern said, according to the Boston Herald. “These are people who really are facing real problems and we have to let them through.”

    The left is sending a message that concern over unchecked immigration is illegitimate.

    Yet this is out of step with the American people in general.

    Americans are clearly divided when it comes to the issue of immigration. Some want more high-skilled immigrants, others don’t. Some think a wall is necessary for border security, others don’t.

    But one thing that Americans tend to agree on, strongly, is the idea that we have a right to control our border and determine who comes into the country. This belief flows from the concept that we are a sovereign nation that must maintain law and order for the safety of everyone.

    The idea that thousands of people can just arrive at the border, demand entrance to the United States, and possibly force their way in by overwhelming U.S. authorities offends our idea that America is a nation of laws, and it undermines the idea that the American people have the right to set their own immigration policies.

    America has very specific laws regarding legal immigration and asylum—which generally only applies in cases of state-based repression. Allowing a gaggle of thousands of people into this country with little oversight and little legal standing would only encourage more of this sort of tactic.

    This worry is fueled by an increasingly aggressive left-wing stance that any level of border enforcement is tantamount to racism and nativism. This view is no longer held by just a few radicals. It is increasingly the stance of more mainstream progressives and Democrats.

    Earlier this year, the call to abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, morphed into a mainstream movement embraced by prominent Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.

    One can see how this public position actually encourages more illegal immigration, including the massive caravans.

    As The Heritage Foundation’s senior policy analyst for Latin America, Ana Quintana, noted, many of these migrants have been manipulated by South American left-wing parties into believing this is their path to the United States.

    It’s a political tactic used to sow chaos, and unfortunately puts lives at risk—including the migrants who travel thousands of miles through dangerous locations to get to the U.S. border.

    “This caravan antic is right out of the left’s disorder and chaos playbook,” Quintana wrote. “The timing before the U.S.’s midterm elections and the change of presidency in Mexico is not coincidental. It is also clear the caravan organizers are more interested in creating turmoil than the well-being of the migrants.”

    We are paying the price of the world believing we won’t enforce our border laws.

    The issue now at stake with the caravan is not merely immigration, but whether the United States is in fact a sovereign country—whether the American people have the power to decide their immigration laws, and whether our government will enforce those decisions.

    All of this shows just how far progressives have moved away from the mainstream when it comes to immigration.

  84. St. Longinus October 29, 2018 @ 2:49 pm


    I’ve come to the conclusion the Jews, as a group, are suicidal.

  85. John Nada October 29, 2018 @ 4:30 pm

    1. Gab is not over yet.

    The mainstream media gave Gab millions of dollars worth of publicity.

    We have to remember that people do exactly the opposite of what the media tells them to.

    Gab will be back.

    2. The more the Jews push and overplay their hand, the more they expose themselves.

    It’s all part of the plan. They have to censor and freak out more — before they are exposed.

    3. As far as I’m concerned, the Synagogue false flag is a great conversation starter:

    “You heard about the guy who shot 11 Jews at the Synagogue?

    Why would he hate Jews so much?


    To do something so desperate?”

    Wait for the person to reply.

    Then subtly give red pills about Jews.

    I really feel that things have to get worse so that people finally start noticing the Jews.

    It’s all part of the Jew’s downfall.

    They push and push and push…. until people finally awake.

    I’m seeing the big picture, I’m seeing this as the natural progression to the expulson of the Jews from America.

    Like I am in 2100, and I read about all this in a History book.

    If you look at it from a personal level

    What did the Christians feel when they were thrown to the lions and persecuted during Ancient Rome?

    Did they even suspect that within 350 years, Christianity will conquer the Roman Empire?

    We will win, it is inevitable.

    We just have to look at the big picture.

    Christianity eventually won.

    First there is persecution, then we win.

  86. John Nada October 29, 2018 @ 5:04 pm

    For me, this is the moment of SHIT JUST GOT REAL!

    THIS IS WAR, literally.

    I went from disbelief, to anger, to “let’s see what the Jews do this time”.

    I think for millions of people, the LATEST attempt of censoring Gab and everyone else is a SHIT JUST GOT REAL moment for them too.

  87. Sallie Ann October 29, 2018 @ 5:28 pm

    Why is it that the trigger happy cops didn’t shoot and kill Bowers considering he did supposedly shoot 11 people and wounded some cops?

    Could it be that he was never wounded? And for cops to loiter around for HOURS at a crime scene is unheard of….unless they are there for more photo ops. And why no photos of all the alleged victims, and released photos the NEXT day considering the Baptist Church shooting had photos up within hours of that shooting incident? And the church got millions to refurbish the building afterwards?

    Golly Gee…..can’t they do any better than this crap show?

    The photo of Bowers looks like a Driver’s license photo and not very clear either, and we don’t really see much of him except a few quick seconds here and there. This entire incident stinks to high heaven.

    And for the Jews to demand Donald apologize to them is outrageous. Wonder how much $$$ they will receive for a New Building seeing as how they can’t “worship” where there were people murdered? My guess is probably $50 million or more…. And at least a few million per family of the victims as well.

    Why was it that Uncle Joe Stalin made antisemitism a CRIME early on in his reign of terror? Could we now have this come to America as well? They have something like this about the Muslims in Europe now. So the Jews want to be untouchable now, too?

    The holohoax is fading and they must make sure no one forgets all the horrible things that were done to them — like having to WORK. Their continual lies are getting stale now as the “survivors” are now dying off in droves.

    The worst massacre of Jews in American history!!! Kinda has a ring to it. I am sure there will be a movie about this starring all the Jews in Hollywood with important parts — more Jewry crammed down our throats!

    “Feel sorry for us. We have been maligned again. We were just cutting off the foreskin and traumatizing an infant and you had to go and shoot us up”!!!

  88. Brother Nathanael October 29, 2018 @ 5:30 pm

    NEW Vid coming soon! YAY. +bn

  89. KathJuliane October 29, 2018 @ 5:43 pm

    Ron Paul Institute: ‘Hate’ Attacks In America – Is Free Speech To Blame?

    Written by daniel mcadams monday october 29, 2018

    Those who work to stifle free speech and particularly anti-establishment speech have rushed to exploit the tragic murders in Pittsburgh to further their agenda.

    Government officials and ex-government officials are increasingly pressuring social media companies to restrict speech.

    Is it an attack-by-proxy on the First Amendment?

    Is social media and free speech to blame for the actions of a deranged murderer? Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:

  90. Elena November 5, 2018 @ 2:03 pm

    here’s a way to break down this algorithm:

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