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Dreaming Of A Raid On Russia

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Dreaming Of A Raid On Russia
By Brother Nathanael Kapner September 4, 2017 ©

TOSSING AND TURNING all night, I got up, gulped down some borscht, and went back to bed.

Falling into a deep sleep I dreamt I was in Moscow in front of a large apartment building.

Nikita Khrushchev was leading a tour of American democrats, namely, Chuckie Schumer, Eliot Engel, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and William Kristol.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Kristol. “I thought you were a neocon?”

“What’s the difference?” he answered, “it’s all a matter of what Jewish flavor of politics you want. All Jews hate Russia now, it’s way to conservative for our tastes,” he remarked.

“And you?” I asked Ginsburg. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m looking for homosexual neighbors. I want to push same-sex marriage here. That’s how I got it passed in America. I said my neighbors in New York were homosexuals. It made for a convincing argument in court. The other three Jews on the bench thought it was brilliant.”

Suddenly, Masha Gessen appeared on the side of the apartment building. She was hauling a bunch of garbage filled with gefilte fish. It really stunk. Schumer and Kristol ran over and started raiding the garbage for leftovers.

Gessen looked so horrid that I started gagging. She looked like a feminized man and her mouth was locked in a scowl. Fellini would’ve had a field day.

“I’m your gal!” she exclaimed to Ginsburg. “I’m an out-and-out lesbian. I’m proud of it and hate Putin so much that the New York Times features me.”

“But you live in America now,” I reminded her, “you’re hardly a Russian ‘neighbor.'”

Then Khrushchev chimed in.

“YOU WANT A HOMO?” Khrushchev asked Ginsburg. “He’s standing right next to you,” pointing to Eliot Engel.

“Eliot Engel’s a homosexual?” I asked Nikita. “How do you know that?”

“Just take one look at him and how he talks in a constant pout,” answered Khrushchev.

“Yeah, you’re right,” I said, “he’s constantly pouting about Putin interfering with our democracy.”

“Shut your mouth!” shouted Schumer to me. “Americans have no idea what democracy is all about. You better not tell them!”

“I’ve already told them,” I answered. “Democracy’s awarded to the highest bidder—Jews.”

I pulled out a picture of Putin standing in front of a painting of Czar Nicholas II, and said, “Only monarchy will save the world. Long Live Holy Russia!”

I awoke and poured myself a vodka.

“Ahh,” I said to myself, “I need to listen to Moscow Nights!”


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Brother Nathanael @ September 3, 2017


  1. Brother Nathanael September 3, 2017 @ 11:21 pm

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  4. Brother Nathanael September 3, 2017 @ 11:25 pm

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  5. Albert September 4, 2017 @ 2:07 am

    @ +BN

    Have you got any more good photos I can use on your T-Shirts?

    This one of you holding the Crucifix is the hottest selling one at the moment.

    …and it’s 20% off at the moment ….use discount code…. 20PERCENT

  6. Zionien September 4, 2017 @ 5:25 am

    Classic +BN!

    Hey +BN — ACTS 4:10-12.

    This always brings me a very needed peaceful & assuring sense of relief!+

  7. Robert Ford September 4, 2017 @ 8:12 am

    @ +BN

    Happy B Day to you Brother, and I will be sending you out another donation.

  8. George September 4, 2017 @ 10:06 am

    If Brother Nathanael has at least 12 seriously minded people wholly concerned not only about the present reality, but also about the coming Bolshevic boot on our face — then please email me at the below site to see how we seriously can come together to form a network that will not only support ourselves, but also Brother Nathanael comfortably FOR LIFE.

    We are all allies in this fight — and should use that bond to help ourselves stay in.

  9. The Englishman September 4, 2017 @ 11:44 am

    Putin’s RUSSIA Beautiful!

  10. Eileen Kuch September 4, 2017 @ 12:56 pm

    Happy Birthday, Br. Nat, a day in advance.

    So you turn 67, eh? I turned 72 on August 16. I bought a T-shirt from your collection a few weeks ago, it reads: DRAIN THE SWAMP WITH BROTHER NATHANAEL. That’s an excellent slogan.

    That must’ve been some nightmare you had, Brother. Thankfully, it was just that and not reality. But reality’s not so great, either.

    Donald Trump has surrounded himself with sinister characters he had been vilifying during his campaign, which leads me to believe he’s lacking in courage. The retired Generals he picked are a far cry from those of integrity, such as George S. Patton (who was murdered in December, 1945). Mattis, Kelly and McMaster don’t even come close to Patton and Douglas MacArthur of WWII fame.

    It was MacArthur who warned against waging a land war in Asia. After all, he had done that in both WWII and Korea.

    The reason Harry Truman sacked him was his proposal to nuke the DPRK, which was an insane proposal, anyway. Trump and his Generals sorely need to read books on the history of 20th Century Korea, before going off cockeyed on attacking the DPRK.

    The late Spanish writer/historian Georges Santayana said it best: “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Organized Jewry wants a war on the Korean Peninsula and the DPRK destroyed, Br. Nat, but they’d better be careful of what they wish. Their wish could very well backfire disastrously. Both China and Russia won’t let this happen.

    Since your birthday’s tomorrow, I’m going to send you an extra donation of $20. I hope your B-day will be a good one for you.

    God bless you forever.


  11. Kiimm September 4, 2017 @ 1:44 pm

    Dearest Brother Nathanael,

    Happy Birthday manana!

    My snail-mail should reach you by week’s end.

    We remain with you.

    All the best and God Bless!

    P.S. That militant Masha Gessen’s a prize isn’t she? Misery so becomes her. She absolutely despises Vladimir.

  12. Kalin September 4, 2017 @ 3:51 pm

    All you lacked in your dream is that lesbian-Jew Rachel Maddow, Brother Nate.

    I’m not so sure Tony Judt wasn’t correct when he said that within 25 years the American Empire will realize that Israel is nothing but trouble and become tired of the Jews like Rome did in 64-70 A.D. (, “Total Control of the United States | The Israeli Jewish Lobby | Full Documentary” @ 48 minutes).

    He said the issue of the (so-called) holocaust and anti-Semitism is declining with demographic move to the next generation. This is disasterous for Israel, because Israel has no other friend in the world.

    I believe he’s an educated Jew, was sincere in what he said and probably not too far from the mark.

    The world-wide respect for people like Brother Nate will be on a sharp rise approaching that day.

  13. KathJuliane September 4, 2017 @ 4:08 pm

    Dear +BN

    God bless you, dear +BN, and I’ll be sending you a little extra this month. God grant you many, many more years!

    Egads, what a nightmare you had this time. Sort of a very bad version of Through the Looking Glass.

    I’d be gulping vodka, too, if that weird atheist Jewish creature Masha Gessen had shown up in my nightmares.

    She, the Ashkenazi Jewess born in Soviet Moscow in 1967, the LGBT activist who declared that “gay marriage is a lie” and that the whole purpose of sodomite marriages was to destroy marriage itself, is enough to give anyone heartburn and a headache in real life.

    What a paragon of marriage abolitionist and family destroyer, and advocate of spiritual incest if barely stopping short of physical incest in her inner chaos.

    Gessen makes her own life as the superior example for her selfish and self-serving advocacy to do away with marriage in order to recreate the natural, God-created order in her own image.

    Gessen described the complex, and surely dysfunctional, family structure in which three children whom she parents live: one of them is adopted with her ex-partner, another — whom she birthed — has a biological father in Russia, and the third is the biological child of her current partner and Gessen’s brother.

    These three children have five adults in parenting roles, but not all five adults parent all three children. So, I wonder what issues her kids have now having grown up with this confusion?

    “I would like to live in a Legal system that is capable of reflecting my personal reality.”

    Whatever that personal reality is. But her determination to turn the world, in microcosm her bizarre family structure, into something which matches her own inner chaos so that she can finally feel “normal,” is why she hates Putin and Russia.

    No wonder she looks like something rotted retrieved from an icy hell, and then rewarmed.

    Her photograph is enough to make my eyes bleed.

    Fig Trees and Vineyards: American Legion Calls for Full Investigation Into Israel’s Attack Upon the USS Liberty

    “Ed. note – The American Legion, at its annual convention, has adopted an historic resolution on the June 8, 1967 attack by Israel against the USS Liberty–an attack that resulted in the deaths of 34 US sailors and injuries to 173 more.

    Below [at link] is the resolution itself, posted on the USS Liberty Veterans Association blog, followed by an article by Alison Weir.

    The American Legion held its convention August 22-24 in Reno, Nevada. The resolution was adopted on the final day of the convention.

    ( )

    Also from Fig Trees and Vineyards: Christian Zionists on a Mission in Houston: Providing ‘Kosher Food’ to Jewish Hurricane Victims

    Christians United for Israel is perhaps the premiere Christian Zionist group in the US.

    Their love and adoration for the state of Israel and every last Jew in the world is evident in the aggregate of all their undertakings, from their annual conferences in Washington to their “Nights to Honor Israel” held at local churches around the country.

    Hardly a surprise, then, that CUFI is now on a mission–providing relief to Jewish flood victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

    In a newsletter sent out Friday to members on its email list, the organization announced that it will be delivering kosher food to Jews in the disaster-struck area:

    “Tomorrow, a refrigerator truck will travel from Dallas to Houston filled with kosher food for the local Jewish community. CUFI’s Associate Texas State Director, Greg Stephens, and CUFI’s Texas State Director, Pastor George Pearsons, worked with a Dallas synagogue to make this delivery happen.

    “As a result of our leaders’ generosity, as well as the deep relationships they have with the Dallas Jewish community, Jewish families at shelters throughout Houston will have the opportunity to eat kosher meals.”

    Human beings are human beings of course, and distributing aid on the basis religion strikes me as, well–unprincipled in a manner of speaking.

    But assuming one were going to do this, one would think that a group of people claiming for themselves the title of “Christians” might at least prioritize their co-religionists. Ah, but apparently not the case here.

    The newsletter contains one other interesting tidbit of information: that an Israeli aid group known as IsraAID has now also involved itself in the hurricane relief effort in Houston.

    I posted an article on IsraAID in February of last year. The piece is written by Shabana Syed, who discusses the mysterious appearance, at that time, of an IsraAID team on the Greek island of Lesbos.

    She also wonders whether the group’s real intent is to provide “assistance” to those fleeing war-torn areas of the Middle East, as proclaimed, or whether it might actually be facilitation of the flood of refugees into Europe.

    I’m of course not suggesting here that IsraAID, in its activities in Houston, is motivated by anything other than a desire to help the people of that city.

    But it is a pity that this same attitude isn’t taken by the Washington Post–with regard to an offer of assistance delivered to Houston by Venezuela.

    It was announced on Wednesday that Venezuela, more or less like IsraAID, will donate $5 million to recovery efforts in Houston. [To the benefit of all Houstonians unconditionally, I might add – Kj]

    This aid offer, however, was disparaged in a report by the Washington Post in which the writer expresses the view that “Venezuela has a long history of trolling U.S. leaders with kindness.”

    Apparently the Washington Post does not believe that Israelis are now attempting to “troll the US with kindness.” It’s only the Venezuelans who do that.

    It’s a pity such cynicism exists in the world, but look on the bright side: Jews of Houston will have a nice, hearty kosher dinner tonight, courtesy of CUFI.

    And, to top it off, the rogue terrorist Jewish state and Zionist carbuncle on the face of the Middle East is pledging $1 million to the Jews of Houston.
    In 2016, there were about 63,700 Jews in the Greater Houston area. Some estimates are that there were 12,000 elderly Jews and about 71% of the Houston Jewish population affected by the floods.

    There are at least 6.4 million people altogether in Greater Houston, with 2.3 million people just in the City of Houston itself.

    Does the pledge from Israel go towards alleviating the conditions for the general population?

    Nope. Between CUFI, the Jewish organizations, and the State of Israel, it just goes to show the Jewish mentality “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.”

    On the opposite hand, just like most Christian charities and the State of Venezuela (which certainly can’t afford in its economic situation to pledge $5 million to relief efforts in the US), Muslim charities are raising relief funds earmarked for the general good of hurricane victims.

    Muslims had also early opened their mosques, like a number of local churches did, for relief shelters, and were involved in rescue efforts.

  14. KathJuliane September 4, 2017 @ 7:12 pm

    Jewmerica’s losing it…paranoia will destroy ya.

    The Duran: BOMBSHELL: FBI searched Russian diplomatic properties looking for EXPLOSIVES

    This new revelation adds insult to illegal injury.

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has revealed a shocking revelation that as US authorities, including the FBI searched Russian diplomatic and consular compounds in contravention of the Vienna Conventions, they were on a mission that was utterly surreal.

    Zakharova has stated that the FBI agents were searching the compounds for explosive devices, something more common in the hideout of terrorist groups than in the embassies and consular properties of large states.

    During an interview on Rossiya One television, Zakharova described the incident in the following way,

    “By the way, do you know, what they were looking for – as we were told before the searches? You would not believe it – they were looking for explosives”.

    She continued, stating that against what would have been a natural reaction of anger, the Russian representatives had to act calmly in the face of a grave insult in order to preserve a reputation of dignity in the face of great odds, so as not to be seen by US based MSM as “aggressive Russians”.

    “Just try to imagine that you are being brainwashed for a year that an enemy is living overseas and this enemy is impacting your life and everything bad that might happen – the election of a president you don’t like – has been done by the Russians.

    On September 2, black cars with FBI and State Department officers rolled up to our consulate general in San Francisco and they came into the building.

    A day before, the directorate chief said that if the doors of our diplomatic compound, which is our property, were closed they would be broken.

    More to it, a car of a private company specialising in forcing open doors, locks and safes drove to our trade mission in Washington.We have posted this video in the internet.

    I don’t know how our diplomats could find nerve enough to open the doors and be polite”.

    The US actions against Russia not only contravene international law and historic diplomatic protocol, but the new revelation that the US authorities seriously thought that Russian diplomats were housing explosive devices in their properties is simply a ludicrous accusation with no bearing on reality.

  15. benzion kook September 4, 2017 @ 9:21 pm

    Pay no attention to the “deep state” Jewlaggers behind and holding the curtain.

    Located at 350 Third Avenue, Nuke York City: The Henley Vaporium.

    They didn’t call it the Manhattan Project for nothing.

  16. KathJuliane September 4, 2017 @ 10:01 pm

    Far-fetched enough to actually be true.

    Trump has always been fond of eminent domain to line the pockets of private real estate developers, including his own…

    The properties which have belonged to the Russian state for decades, perhaps even a century, are very choice properties.


    Duran: US Closure of Russian Diplomatic Properties May be Act of Property Development Piracy

    The local implications to some of America’s biggest property markets may be a key angle in understanding why the US has acted so aggressively.

    While initial reports concealing the forced eviction of Russian diplomatic and consular offices from their property by the US State Department has generally been discussed in terms of geo-political implications, there is another angle which hitherto has been ignored.

    There is an increasing likelihood that part of the reason why the US kicked the Russian diplomats and their staff out of properties they have held for decades, is due to a desire of local and federal US actors to get their hands on properties that are worth millions on the open market.

    The properties which were formerly occupied by Russian diplomatic and consular officials are objectively grand buildings in prime (aka expensive) locations in three of America’s most expensive cities, New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

    The phenomenon of so-called ‘property regeneration’ has been a prominent fixture in each of the aforementioned cities.

    One element of property regeneration whether in poor areas being redeveloped or in affluent areas which are home to old buildings which aren’t living up to their ‘economic potential’, is when longtime tenants or owners are removed in order for new tenants and owners to move in.

    These new owners are tenants are selected on the basis of being able bring more economic value to the local economy.

    One of the ways American state, local and federal governments do such things is through the use of something called eminent domain wherein property owners are forced to relocate while being compensated at a rate the government determines.

    Unless a property owner can win a lawsuit against the government in a court of law (which rarely happens), the owners/tenants have little say in the matter. They are simply forced to pack up without having the privilege of selling their property on the open market.

    Donald Trump himself made extensive and controversial use of eminent domain when he encouraged Atlantic City to evoke it when clearing out the owners of old buildings where he ended up building large hotels and casinos.

    Generally speaking, the properties of embassies and consular facilities in cities across the globe are in prestigious areas of capital cities and other big metropolitan areas.

    Naturally, the property which is owned by the governments of foreign countries would be worth a great deal of money on the open property market, a market which real estate brokers and developers are more than eager to get their hands on.

    As of yet, there is no instance of the US invoking eminent domain against a foreign embassy or consular property, not least because such things would almost certainly violate the Vienna Conventions.

    The US has shown a precedent for being all too aware of this. For example, one of the biggest American embassies overseas is located in London. The current embassy of the United Sates in Britain is located in Mayfair, the most expensive region in the British capital.

    In 2008, the United States announced it would be constructing a new embassy in the Nine Elms area of London, a then derelict part of the city where land was vastly cheaper than the location of the current embassy.

    By the time the US moves into the new embassy, the property prices in Nine Elms will have increased substantially, as the once barren area filled with crumbling post-industrial facilities has been ‘redeveloped’.

    In other words, America will make a great deal of money from selling their old property while obtaining a good investment that may pay for itself in a few short years.

    The former locations of the Russian properties in the United States which have recently been vacated are also located in extremely expensive parts of extremely expensive cities.

    The large building which housed the Russian Consulate in San Francisco is located in the Pacific Heights district, one of the most affluent and beautiful parts of the California city.

    The question now is: what happens to the properties?

    The way in which the Russian diplomats and workers were kicked out leaves little room for doubt that the facilities are not going to be re-opened to their existing owner, the Russian Federation.

    As a result Russia expects compensation as anyone in a similar position would seek.

    This reality was mentioned by the official Spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. She stated,

    “I am telling you a sensation. It is difficult to believe, officially the Department of State made it clear to us, we were told directly, that they expect that we shall sell those facilities to the US.

    They expect from us that we shall sell those properties to the American government. Today, we shall make a set of pictures of those facilities, so that it is clear what we are talking about – those are not one-bedroom flats in the outskirts.

    “Those are central locations in Washington and San Francisco (and New York). The facilities, the so-called residences fare the most respectable locations and this is why it was so interesting to host events there”.

    While Russia has called America’s actions “hostile” in respect of violating the internally recognised Vienna Conventions, the act also most be something else, a proverbially hostile takeover.

    From a pure economic standpoint, it seems incredibly devious that the US will according to Zakharova, force Russia to sell the properties to the US government rather than put them up for sale on the open market.

    If the properties were put up for sale on the open market, Russia could reasonable expect to receive a better final sale price.

    If the US does indeed purchase the properties what then will happen? Will the US use the properties, thus increasing the property portfolio of the US government by an amount that is almost certainly over the tens of millions and will almost certainly increase over time?

    Or will the US government sell the properties themselves on the open market to the highest bidder?

    Extrapolating this further, might the US government sell the properties to a developer who may have donated money to a Congressional party or a prominent politician?

    All of this is not only possible but increasingly probable.

    The US may be close to getting a good deal on properties which are extremely desirable, properties the rightful owner did not have any intention on selling or otherwise giving up.

    It is a kind of eminent domain which has been exercised through geo-political and diplomatic warfare, all of which is illegal according to international law.

    While this could merely be an unintended outcome of the protracted diplomatic struggles Washington has instigated against Moscow, it must be said that prior to becoming the President of the United States, Donald Trump was a property developer.

    If anyone in the US government knows how much the properties are worth and what economic potential they hold, that person is Donald Trump, a man who objectively has more experience in the property market than he has on foreign policy.

    Actually, the Russian deputy FM didn’t say Jewmerica was a hooligan, but a state hooligan…

    RT: Moscow Will Retaliate Over Consulate Row, But Not Like Deviant Hooligan America – Russian deputy FM

    Moscow will take action in response to the way the US handled the closer of its diplomatic facilities, but will it won’t be a mirror response, because Russia considers Washington’s actions “deviant behavior” and “state hooliganism,” Russian deputy foreign minister said.

    “We shouldn’t try to be like them. We never say that any unfriendly or hostile action by America should be responded to with a counteraction that replicates the American line, which leads towards political and judicial lawlessness,” Sergey Ryabkov told journalists on Monday.

    He was commenting on Washington’s decision at short notice to shut down the Russian consulate in San Francisco as well as two diplomatic facilities in Washington and New York. The August 31 eviction notice ordered Russian diplomats to vacate the building by September 2. The FBI on Saturday started searches of the premises, which, Russia insists, violate the diplomatic immunity of its mission in the US.

    ‘Illegal, Meaningless Clownery’: Russia Condemns US Searches of Diplomatic Property

  17. The Englishman September 5, 2017 @ 4:30 am

    @ Brother Nathanael

    Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Dear Great One!

  18. KathJuliane September 5, 2017 @ 7:48 am


    Voiceover by Harold Hoover

    The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces have repelled an ISIS counter-attack at the Sukhna-Deir Ezzor highway and established full control over the Sohlah area following intense fighting with terrorists.

    Government troops entered the Sholah and Kobajjep areas last weekend. However, the SAA gained full control over these sites only on Monday after all ISIS counter-attacks had been repelled.

    At the same time, intense fighting continued between Kharratah fields and the 137th Brigade Base where the Tiger Forces established a link to the part of Deir Ezzor controlled by the Republican Guard.

    The Russian Aerospace Forces have increased airstrikes against ISIS terrorists in and near Deir Ezzor city.

    On Monday, Russian warplanes conducted over 80 combat sorties, destroyed 2 battle tanks, 3 infantry fighting vehicles, 10 weapon equipped vehicles, and killed over 70 ISIS members.

    Two Russian military servicemen were killed as a result of ISIS mortar shelling in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, the ministry also said on Monday.

    The ministry added that the servicemen were escorting the motor convoy of the Russian center for reconciliation. No information of when the incident took place was provided.

    Local sources from Deir Ezzor province report about increased Russian military involvement in the ongoing anti-ISIS operation on the ground. Russian Special Operations Forces troops actively participate in battles against ISIS as forward air controllers, ATGM operators, and military advisers.

    Some experts link the major SAA gains against ISIS in central Syria with the increased Russian involvement.

    The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) killed 1,244 ISIS members and destroyed 28 car bombs in clashes in the city of Raqqah in August, the Kurdish People’s Defence Units (YPG) claimed in a statement describing recent achievements.

    The YPG added that the SDF also destroyed “a workshop for improvised mines, a factory for the preparation of bomb-laden vehicles, 3 military vehicles, downed a drone, and discovered 3 underground tunnels. Only 101 Kurdish fighters were allegedly killed during the clashes. However, this number is likely an overestimate ISIS casualties and an underestimate of SDF casualties.

    Last weekend, the SDF re-captured Moroor district from ISIS in the southern part of Raqqah. Now, it is able to focus on battling ISIS in the city center.

    A decisive victory over Israhell.

  19. KathJuliane September 5, 2017 @ 7:53 am

    The 3-year ISIS blockade of Deir Ezzor city, Syria is officially broken.

    Yesterday, the residents of the city began celebrating in the streets as the Tiger Forces leading the SAA and NDF blitzed to within a mile or two of Deir Ezzor, punching their way through Daesh’s last stand, withstanding at least a dozen VBIED attacks.

    Very large convoys filled with food and humanitarian aid are waiting some distance away to enter Deir Ezzor as soon as it is safe and secure.

    The SAA and NDF is currently fighting on the streets of Deir Ezzor.

    Local villagers in various places have risen up against the occupying ISIS monsters.



    On Tuesday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF), led by the Tiger Forces, officialy broke the ISIS siege on the city of Dier Ezzor.

    The advance was actively supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces and Special Operations Forces. A Russian warship even launched Kalibr cruise missiles on ISIS targets near the city.

    According to the Russian Defense Ministry, over 50 vehicles belonging to ISIS were destroyed during the clashes.

    “Using the outcome of the Russian air and missile strikes Syria’s government forces under General Suheil Hassan mounted a lightning offensive to penetrate the Islamic State’s defenses and unblock Deir ez-Zor [Deir Ezzor],” the ministry said in a statement.

    “The terrorists tried to halt the advancing Syrian troops using suicide bombers and armored vehicles loaded with explosives. The assault groups of Syria’s government army destroyed more than 50 jihadi armored pickups used by the terrorist forces.”

    Government troops reached the outskirts of Deir Ezzor last weekend and engaged ISIS terrorists besieging the city in an intense fighting. However, they were able to secure a corridor to the city only on Tuesday.

    The Syrian Defense Ministry released an official statement confirming that the Deir Ezzor siege was lifted:

    According to pro-government sources, ISIS terrorists suffered significant casualties in clashes with the SAA in the Deir Ezzor area. Various sources say that from 100 to 150 ISIS members have been killed over the last 48 hours. However, these numbers still have to be confirmed.

    The Syrian state-run media outlet SANA released a fresh video showing a moment when the advancing SAA units met with the Republican Guard in the 137th Brigade Base.

    Gen Issam Zahreddine, a leader of the defenders of Deir Ezzor, could be seen on the video:

    However, the stituation remained complicated at the Sukhna-Deir Ezzor road. Accorindg to the recent repots, the SAA was not able to secure the areas of Ash-Sholah and Kobajjep yet.

    An intense fighting between government troops and ISIS terrorists resumed there few hours ago.

    With the lifting of the Deir Ezzor siege, the Sukhna-Deir Ezzor highway became a key aim of the SAA in this part of Deir Ezzor province.

    If government troops secure the entire highway, they will be able to use their advantage in manpower, military equipment and supplies in order to drive ISIS terrorists from Deir Ezzor as soon as possible.


  20. KathJuliane September 5, 2017 @ 9:19 am


    Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated to Syrian and Russian militaries with a strategic victory over terrorists in the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor and sent a telegram on the issue to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

    “Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin has congratulated the command of the Russian military group as well as the command of the Syrian state army with such a strategically important victory over terrorists from the standpoint of Syria’s liberation from the Islamic State[ISIS],” Peskov said according to the Russian state-run news agency TASS.

    “President Putin sent to Syrian President Assad a telegram, in which he highly evaluated this strategic victory and congratulated the Syrian president with such an important step toward the liberation of Syria from terrorism.“

    According to Peskov, a street-to-street fighting is now underway in Deir Ezzor.

    Fighters of the Syrian Republican Guard (thedefenders of Deir Ezzor) meet with the Syrian Army advancing from the desert west of the city:

  21. KathJuliane September 5, 2017 @ 9:39 am


    Moscow, August 31, 2017

    Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II, and Patriarchs St. Tikhon of Moscow, Sergius (Stragorodsky), and Alexey II, and Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh have been included in Forbes magazine’s list of the 100 most influential Russians of the 20th century, reports online journal Foma.

    The ranking of the 100 most influential Russians of the 20th century was compiled for the magazine’s 100th anniversary.

    The main part of the list consists of those whose political, scientific, cultural, or spiritual activities came at the beginning of the previous century, and exerted influence “on the minds of millions,” although the list also includes 21 of our contemporaries, reports the Russian Forbes site.

    The personalities in the list were not ranked according to importance, but were divided into five areas: economy and business, science, politics, society, and culture and arts.

    Expert groups, including researches from the Russian Academy of Sciences, The National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow State University, and other leading universities from around the country, helped compile a list of more than 150 influential Russians, while readers then helped narrow the list to 100.

    Readers’ number one pick was Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin, chosen by 52.2% of readers, followed by dictator Joseph Stalin and President Vladimir Putin, both chosen by 44.6% of readers.

    Forbes 100 Most Influential Russians of the 20th Century

  22. Citizenfitz September 5, 2017 @ 10:44 am

    Tales from the holohoax:

    “Then, one day, Dr. Mengele came to the hospital and gave a new order. From now on Jewish women could have their children. They were not going to be killed because of their pregnancy. The children, of course, had to be taken to the crematory by me, personally, but the women would be allowed to live. I was jubilant!

    “I had 292 expectant mothers in my ward when Dr. Mengele changed his mind. He came roaring into the hospital, whip and revolver in hand, and had all 292 women loaded on a single truck and tossed, alive, into the flames of the crematory.” – The Lost Generation: Children in the Holocaust, Azriel Louis Eisenberg

    Given this sad story how can anyone question the holocaust?

  23. KathJuliane September 5, 2017 @ 10:48 am

    The Syria Times: Syrian Army Breaks ISIS-Imposed Deir Ezzor Siege

    DEIR EZZOR-The Syrian Arab army managed on Tuesday to break the siege which has been imposed on the city of Deir Ezzor by the ISIS terrorist organization for three years.

    According to the Syrian Presidency, the Syrian Arab Army and Allied Forces break the siege imposed on Deir Azzour by ISIS for more than 3 years.

    Syrian Army and Allied Forces meet with the steadfast heroes of the Republican Guards and the 17th Brigade, who stood firm defending the city against terrorists.

    “You have proved through your steadfastness in the face of the terrorist organizations that you are up to the responsibility and the trust entrusted to you as the best example for coming generations.

    History to register that you, though of your small number, have spared the most dear and valuable you possess as to safeguard the trust and defend the unarmed citizens and YOU have indeed been able to fulfil your tasks in the best form and registered, with no fear or hesitation, sequence of heroism deeds,” said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, the General Commander of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces.

    In a phone call with Army Commanders, Officers and Soldiers of Deir Azzur City, President Assad added that “history would record that some of you have been martyred, or wounded, bandage his wounds in a primitive way and continued the battle; these sacred and pure blood yielded this glittering victory against the terrorist takfiri thinking, backed regionally and internationally.”

    “You today stand shoulder to shoulder with your comrades in arms who waged the fiercest battles as to break the siege imposed on the city and as to stand with you in the frontline to cleanse the whole region from terrorism, restore security and safety to all of Syria till the last span of its territory,” underscored President Assad.

    According to a statement by the General Command of the Syrian Arb Army and Armed Forces, the siege was broken as a great accomplishment and turning point in the war against terrorism and as a base for expanding war against terrorism and division schemes, lauding the role of the Army and its allies, the role of the Syrian and Russian Air Forces, and the steadfastness of the Syrians in Deir Ezzor pledging continued war against terrorism.

    According to SANA reporter in Deir Ezzor, units of the Syrian Arab Army advancing from the western side of Deir Ezzor met today with the army personnel from regiment 137, that has been safeguarding the city, and managed to break the siege that has been imposed by ISIS for more than three years.

    By lifting the siege, hundreds of thousands of civilians in Deir Ezzor city can finally start receiving food and medicine from highways rather than risky air drops that would occasionally fall into ISIS-held areas.

    The reporter said earlier that Army units carried out new military operations under an intensive air cover to break the siege imposed by the ISIS terrorists on Deir Ezzor city .

    According to SANA, the army units positioned in al-Sanouf Hill opened a 700m-long gab in the areas between the Hill and the areas where the terrorists are positioned towards the gas factory at a time when the Army units advanced to an area very close to the Hill.

    The reporter added that the Syrian Air Force destroyed a convoy embracing 10 of the ISIS vehicles in the southwestern direction of Deir Ezzor city, in addition to destroying an ammunition depot in al-Bghiliyeh village in the western countryside of the Province.

    The Syrian Air Force also destroyed ISIS vehicles and fortifications in al-Malha, al-Bghiliyeh, in the surroundings of al-Jazira University, al-Taim Oil Field, al-Shola and in the surroundings of Regiment 137, killing or injuring a number of terrorists.

    The reporter added that the Army units engaged in a fierce clash with ISIS terrorists on the Regiment 137 and Kabajeb axes in the southwestern countryside of the Province, asserting that large numbers of ISIS terrorists escaped, leaving their weapons, ammunition and the bodies of their dead terrorists behind.

    The Army units are still advancing of the Regiment 137 axis to the west of Deir Ezzor city, and the army units destroyed a number of cars rigged with explosives belonging to ISIS terrorists, according to the reporter.

    On Monday, Governor Mohammad Ibrahim of Deir Ezzor said that the city witnessed on Sunday evening celebrations and jubilation over the advance of the Syrian Army towards the outskirts of the besieged city.

    “The residents of the war-torn city have endured the lack of food and the daily terrorist attacks with mortar shells, not to mention the sacrifices of the martyrs from the city who died defending the homeland,” he added.

    The Syria Times: Russian Defense Ministry: ISIS weapons and ammunition depots in Deir Ezzor destroyed

    Moscow – Russian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that the Russian frigate “Admiral Essen” fired a salvo of Kalibr cruise missiles at the ISIS positions in Deir Ezzor, destroying their weapons and ammunition depots.

    Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the frigate ‘Admiral Essen’ positioning in the Mediterranean Sea, destroyed a communications center, weapons depots and a repair workshop used by ISIS terrorists, SANA reported.

    God bless the Hero City of Deir Ezzor

  24. Citizenfitz September 5, 2017 @ 2:16 pm

    Happy birthday, Brother Nathanael!

  25. mrbuttermaker00 September 6, 2017 @ 8:35 am

    Well one good tidbit of news.

    Fed vice-chairman Stan Fischer Resigns for Personal Reasons

    Maybe too many pics of you eating “pizza” Stanley??

    Here let me take you to the airport, and I’ll stick my boot in your tooty as I give your one way ticket to Tel Aviv.


    Yes, step right up Ms Yellen, you’re the next contestant on “Kick the Right Jew Out”.

    This has to be started more on an involuntary basis. Once a few dominoes fall it will be all downhill.

    It can be done. Putin did it and look at Russia now.

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