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The Boxer

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The Boxer
May 7, 2017

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Brother Nathanael @ May 7, 2017


  1. Brother Nathanael May 7, 2017 @ 8:47 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    The Boxer
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2017

    I am just a poor boy
    Now my story’s being told
    I have tempered my resistance
    Where a pocketful of mumbles
    Are their promises
    All lies and twists
    Where a man hears what he’s told to hear
    And has the facts dismissed

    When I left my home
    And my family
    I was no more than a boy
    In the company of seekers
    In the noise of New York City
    Running wild
    Cornered though
    Seeking out the bogus quarters
    Where the loaded people go
    Looking for the places
    Only they would know

    Asking more than workman’s wages
    I come looking for a job
    But I get no offers
    Just a come-on from the Jews
    On Broad and Wall Street
    I do declare
    There were times I was so needy
    But I took no comfort there
    Not like Trump,
    No, not like Trump

    Now I’m laying out my summer clothes
    Not ready to be gone
    Not going home
    ‘Til the New York City Jews
    Come bleeding me
    Leading me
    To my true home

    In the clearing stands a boxer
    And a fighter by his trade
    And he carries the reminders
    Of every glove that laid him down
    And cut him till he cried out
    In his anger, not his shame
    “I’m not leaving, I’m not leaving”
    This fighter still remains!

  2. Brother Nathanael May 7, 2017 @ 8:47 pm

    Watch My LATEST Video Worldwide & In All EU Countries CENSOR FREE:

    “The Boxer” @

    This is my STATE-OF-THE-ART Video Platform AND I OWN It! It Bypasses ALL Jew-Censorship.

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  3. Brother Nathanael May 7, 2017 @ 8:52 pm

    Dear Everyone,

    As I have posted recently, PayPal banned me from receiving donations. This is after some seven years of using their donation services.

    This is a big blow to my ministry.

    What has happened is that the MANY monthly-recurring donations that came in automatically via PayPal is OVER.

    This is a BIG BLOW. (I was teetering at the edge when I had PayPal, but now that is has BANNED me, I need to recover my funding base.)

    Sadly, only a few have reverted their monthly-recurring donation to my Click And Pledge venue @

    FOR ME TO CONTINUE I’m requesting special financial assistance via donations during this crisis period…(of which, Christ WILL deliver me.)

    PLEASE CONSIDER floating me a loan for $5,000 or $10,000 and I will arrange a 12 month repayment with a notarized IOU.

    ( Contact me at: bronathanael[at]yahoo[dot]com )

    Click and Pledge is STILL an active Donation Venue for my ministry @

    MAIL: Brother Nathanael Foundation; POB 547; Priest River ID 83856

    God Bless Us All! +Brother Nathanael

  4. Brother Nathanael May 7, 2017 @ 8:53 pm

    Dear Real Jews News Family,

    With PayPal banning me a few weeks ago, many have requested I use Patreon as a donation venue.

    Well, HERE IT IS!

    +Brother Nathanael

    PS Patreon Button is on Main Page and Bottom of This Video Posting (Scroll up from here.)

  5. Brother Nathanael May 7, 2017 @ 9:02 pm

    STREETS ACROSS AMERICA! – Bro N’s Street Evangelism Schedule!

    All Sponsored Trips:

    Chicago: May 3-6/HUGE Success!

    Summit County CO: May 15-19

    NYC: June 1-June 6 (Confirmed!)

    Please consider sponsoring me to your city!

    PS – Just came across the Video someone put together of me in Times Square!

    +Brother Nathanael
    Member of Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia “In Good Standing” (ROCOR) @

  6. Brother George May 7, 2017 @ 9:59 pm

    When the time comes and God gives the final nod to his favorites, Brother Nathanael will be among the first group that ascends to sitith at His right hand.

    Woe unto those who have cast their lot with the allfather of lies.

  7. KathJuliane May 7, 2017 @ 10:37 pm

    Dear +BN

    Your adaptation of The Boxer should become a classic of a monk rock ballad. You are the Boxer in this version.

    It goes very well along with the themes of your Real Jew News online ministry and the Street Evangelism sentiments you’ve expressed before — “I’m a street-fighting man!” — and you never give up.

    Many people can and do identify with Brother Nathanael — the spiritual bare-knuckle boxing fool for Christ always in the arena, relentlessly taking his best shots at Jewry.

    You have a terrific voice, dear +BN, folksy, yet far more masculine than S&G ever were, more along the earthy lines of Johnny Cash or maybe Jim Croce.

    The graphics are also fantastic in this one.

    The interplay of the audio/visual dichotomies are amazing.

    Here you are, singing your version of the folk song from down on the streets, contrasting with the graphics of the privileged and ultra-wealthy Trump-Kushner Jews who were born with 24k gold spoons in their mouths. Or is it 24k toilets stuck to their butts?

    There’s no way Trump and his hi-rise Mishpacha of elite Jew Yorkians into could ever, at any point of their lives, really identify with ordinary poor and working class people.

    And, your adaptation ties together the the visual contrast between the Orthodox monk and his vows of poverty, chastity, modesty and obedience and the very image of the ultra-consumptive, morally bankrupt, opulent and decadent lifestyles of the rich and infamous, like Trump and the elites of Jew York.

    God bless you, and thank you again for such a surprising and wonderful musical treat which has real spiritual muscle behind it.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  8. Moneyball May 8, 2017 @ 7:46 am

    +BN, brilliant work!

    The “white shoe boys” will work themselves into a lather over this one. Dearth of comments because people are stunned.

  9. Ft. Nolan May 8, 2017 @ 8:06 am

    You beat the Dems, you win the race,
    then bring in Jews from all-over the place!
    The facts of life, the facts of life!

    Your son-in-law who is a Jew
    Tells you what you have to do,
    The facts of life, the facts of life!

    Nothing changes, stays the same,
    But you’re the one who gets the blame,
    Thank Is-ra-el, thank Is-ra-el!

    But when it all comes down to you,
    The facts of life are all about the Jews!

    Oy vay!

  10. go lucky "happy" senior May 8, 2017 @ 8:44 am

    @ +BN

    Unexpected but welcomed and admired — The jewel of all videos!

  11. Molecule May 8, 2017 @ 8:45 am

    You are a beautiful man, +BN. Truly!

    The closer you move to what might just be a higher calling (singing), the happier and more powerful the message of your life becomes.

    You are a powerful singer. The voice is beautiful. It has a rawness in it. It may stlll be “finding its sest within you,” but it’s there for sure!

    It’s the innocence and the loneliness and the courage of your personality, of your Christianity.

    It radiates out when you sing. It gives us all courage to recognize our innocence and just be ourselves.

  12. Ted Gorsline May 8, 2017 @ 10:31 am

    Great left hook.

    You have had the Jew Boys punchy and on the ropes for years.

  13. Christine pavlisak May 8, 2017 @ 10:31 am

    He said he would never bend, never change and never give up the fight (arms held high in a V for victory sign) for workers rights.

    He was a Labor Leader of Laborers Local # 7 Binghamton NY, and 1950 New York AAU Heavyweight Golden Gloves Champion Peter Pavlisak, my dad. He never gave up.

    Like you, Brother Nathanael, a champ a rock, a solid oak seeking truth and persecuted for pointing it out always with joy,wit and humor.

    Thank you this May 8, my birthday, for reminding me and others to always fight for truth.

    You I recognize are a fighter.

    My favourite line in the song ….where a man hears what he’s told to hear and has the facts dismissed.

    Keep fighting!

  14. Simony Carbuncle May 8, 2017 @ 10:51 am


    Production, Lyrics Excellent-liked the delay doubling and extra instrumentation; a foreshadowing of the CHAMP’s Raised Fists at the end.

  15. Someone May 8, 2017 @ 12:22 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Would you be able to have someone video your visit to NYC in June?

    Will you be in Times Square or elsewhere? I know someone who conducts walking tours in NYC and you might be a great ‘stop’ along the route! The different walking tour routes are in the financial district/Wall St., Greenwich Village, Central Park, and Times Square.

    Keep on keeping on!

  16. Eileen Kuch May 8, 2017 @ 1:33 pm

    @Br. Nathanael

    Br. Nat, you have a great voice, and the Boxer song fits you to a T:-)

    I just submitted a $20 contribution, which is all I can afford right now. I still need another expensive repair done to my car before emissions testing. I’ll need my catalytic converter replaced at a cost (including labor and tax) of around $755+.

    I’m happy to hear that your Evangelism trips have been such a huge success, but I hope you also received contributions from your audiences. It doesn’t sound like you received enough, if any, and that’s a shame.

    You’ve done such great work for a long time, and I keep praying that you’ll be able to continue with Jesus Christ’s work throughout this nation.

    I plan to send another contribution to you soon. Just keep on fighting, like that Boxer in your song.

    God bless you now and forever.


  17. Peter Wehlin May 8, 2017 @ 2:25 pm

    @ +BN

    Excellent! -Excellent! – Never saw such a performance!

  18. Robert Ford May 8, 2017 @ 4:09 pm

    Simon and Garfunkel and Brother Nate!!!

    Loved it!!! Spot on!!!

    Expect a donation from me in the mail. I have your address.

  19. hvt May 8, 2017 @ 5:35 pm

    Absolutely brilliant, my dear Brother Nathanael, and a joyous surprise.

    God bless you.

  20. jim May 8, 2017 @ 6:05 pm

    To All:

    The Jews got their guy in France elected.

    Would you believe he is viewed as an outsider?

    By the way, don’t go on the “American Idol” show!

  21. WillynotWonka May 8, 2017 @ 8:39 pm

    There’s an AWFUL lot of others talking about Jews over the years… lots that were around before you and at least 3 that I know of who weren’t afraid to finger them as JEWS, who also lost their PayPal access, and therefore all donations.

    In your case, considering how you’ve really lambasted Jews nonstop for years, it kind of surprises me that you were able to maintain PayPal for MUCH longer than the others. But then the others were Goys, so that might be a reason why.

    Still, it’s a drag how PayPal will gladly drop those they’ve made good profits from because some rotten rabbi decided to put your name to have you removed.

    Just look at the recent Amazon Book Ban. There’s so many books that tell the ACTUAL truth about the Holohoax, who have now had all their books pulled. Many have even been burned. It’s like they really want WAR, and now they’re getting it right between the eyes with the increase in YouTube videos showing what all went down.

    Even all the extra movies they make to push the 6 million lie, is not not having the effect they want… there’s still way more contrary essays, videos, etc., etc., that are teaching the younger crowds that what they’re being told in school is total bullcrap.

    I hope I live long enough to see the majority believe the TRUTH that Gen. George Patton wanted to expose when he got back to America.

    When he said that we fought the wrong enemy, claiming Germany was right at the top of the pile of honorable men, in a country with a leader who only wanted PEACE, being forced to go to war against all the sick, deranged warmongers like FDR, and even worse Eisenhauer, Churchill, Stalin.

    Imagine communist Russia being allied with America… LOL… that in itself proves how the whole ordeal was planned beforehand — and now all the Communists are here in America running the show.

    People really need to do a lot of reading up on the past wars and come to learn who the actual bad guys were. They were the opposites of what we’ve all been taught from 1950 to present, minus our internet years which is still in its infancy.

    The only way it will be able to keep the LIES spreading is if they shut down a lot of the internet, but they can’t now — most business is done online. They never saw the internet and how BIG it has become.

    That was the JEWS biggest BLUNDER, was building the WWW to where it is. All they saw was mass $$$… and never realized the rest of what would follow. I’m sure they’ve been kicking themselves ever since. It IS their downfall.

  22. benzion kook May 8, 2017 @ 9:09 pm


    You forgot the Jew duos’ “Lie, lie lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.”

  23. Kiimm May 8, 2017 @ 9:13 pm

    Hilarious, Brother Nathanael.

    Very clever parody.

    Paul Simon has nothin on you!

  24. Albert May 9, 2017 @ 4:58 am

    Buy Brother Nathanael T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Stickers etc,.

    All profits go to the Brother Nathanael Foundation.

  25. Zionien May 9, 2017 @ 5:37 am

    I think Paul Simon is a Jew worm, as is his Garfunkle friend!

    Nice +BN – Lie Lie Lie – Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie – Arrrgghh!

    We Love You +BN – Sock It To Them ALL!!!

  26. philip tillman May 9, 2017 @ 6:52 am

    @ +BN

    Man, with the right kind of training you could have been great!

  27. The Elder of Zyklon-B May 9, 2017 @ 11:38 am

    Trump Of Chabad rides the Great Harlot and the work of the Harlot he will do.

    It appears that he will play a major role in paving the way and ushering in the forces of anti-Christ.

    It will all be done by lying and deception.

    It’s “The Art Of The Deal” you see.

  28. The Englishman May 9, 2017 @ 12:55 pm

    Trump the Chump

    Nate the Champ!

    Your Lord and Savior’s Glory shine upon you!

  29. Halina May 9, 2017 @ 3:56 pm

    @ +BN

    Simply: WOW !

  30. KathJuliane May 9, 2017 @ 4:18 pm

    “You’re Fired!” Emperor Trump’s Two Favorite Words on the White House Reality Show

    So, what was it? Comey and the criminal investigation side of the FBI getting too close to in the way of international organized crime, not national security, investigations (if any)?


    READ IN FULL: Trump’s Letter to Comey Informing Him of His Termination as FBI Chief

    Trump fired FBI director James Comey

    Dear Director Comey:

    I have received the attached letters from the Attorney General [Jeff Sessions] and Deputy Attorney General [US Attorney Incumbent Rod J Rosenstein] of the United States recommending your dismissal as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    I have accepted their recommendation and you are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately.

    While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau.

    It is essential that we find new leadership for the FBI that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission.

    I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
    Donald J. Trump
    President Donald J. Trump
    The White House
    Washington, DC 20500

    Dear Mr. President:

    As Attorney General, I am committed to a high level of discipline, integrity, and the rule of law to the Department of Justice – an institution that I deeply respect.

    Based on my evaluation, and for the reasons expressed by the Deputy Attorney General in the attached memorandum, I have concluded that a fresh start is needed at the leadership of the FBI.

    It is essential that this Department of Justice clearly reaffirm its commitment to longstanding principles that ensure the integrity and fairness of federal investigations and prosecutions.

    The Director of the FBI must be someone who follows faithfully the rules and principles of the Department of Justice and who sets that right example for our law enforcement officials and others in the Department.

    Therefore, I must recommend that you remove Director James B. Comey, Jr. and identify an experienced and qualified individual to lead the great men and women of the FBI.

    Jeff Sessions
    Attorney General
    Memorandum for the Attorney General
    FROM: Rod J. Rosenstein
    SUBJECT: Restoring public confidence in the FBI

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has long been regarded as our nation’s premier federal investigative agency. Over the past year, however, the FBI’s reputation and credibility have suffered substantial damage, and it has affected the entire Department of justice. That is deeply troubling to many Department employees and veterans, legislators and citizens.

    The current FBI Director is an articulate and persuasive speaker about leadership and the immutable principles of the Department of Justice. He deserves our appreciation for his public service.

    As you and I have discussed, however, I cannot defend the Director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails, and I do not understand his refusal to accept the nearly universal judgment that he was mistaken.

    Almost everyone agrees that the Director made serious mistakes; it is one of the few issues that unites people of diverse perspectives.

    The director was wrong to usurp the Attorney General’s authority on July 5, 2016, and announce his conclusion that the case should be closed without prosecution.

    It is not the function of the Director to make such an announcement. At most, the Director should have said the FBI had completed its investigation and presented its findings to federal prosecutors.

    The Director now defends his decision by asserting that he believed attorney General Loretta Lynch had a conflict. But the FBI Director is never empowered to supplant federal prosecutors and assume command of the Justice Department.

    There is a well-established process for other officials to step in when a conflict requires the recusal of the Attorney General.

    On July 5, however, the Director announced his own conclusions about the nation’s most sensitive criminal investigation, without the authorization of duly appointed Justice Department leaders. Compounding the error, the Director ignored another longstanding principle: we do not hold press conferences to release derogatory information about the subject of a declined criminal investigation.

    Derogatory information sometimes is disclosed in the course of criminal investigations and prosecutions, but we never release it gratuitously. The Director laid out his version of the facts for the news media as if it were a closing argument, but without a trial. It is a textbook example of what federal prosecutors and agents are taught not to do. 

    read more:

  31. AJ May 9, 2017 @ 8:53 pm

    Let me know when you get to NYC, I would love to chat, I need to.

    I’ll e-mail you.

  32. stevor May 9, 2017 @ 9:12 pm

    Okay, I have a question.

    Was/is the whole thing about both parties (the left and right butt cheeks of the globalists) being against Trump all a fraud and just for show?

    What of the supposed effort by O’bama/Soros/Jarrett to take out Trump?

  33. Wally May 10, 2017 @ 9:31 am

    Hey Brother.

    I just want to let you know that I just became a contributor to your Patreon.

    God bless you and keep on the good work.

  34. Zionien May 10, 2017 @ 9:51 am

    Just looking at that Kushner worm freaks me out – YIKES!

    I see an angry suffering sociopathetic smirking, do-what-I-want child rotting from within.

    Hey – it’s what I see.

    I mean, what was Ivanka thinking?!? But then deception/covetousness/power/greed are the Devil’s tools!

  35. Jmom May 10, 2017 @ 2:04 pm

    1 Timothy 6:12:

    Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, where unto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

    Bountiful grace and encouragement be with thee Brother Nathanael. Amen.

  36. Christopher May 10, 2017 @ 2:58 pm

    Keep on fighting Bro Nat, don’t let the Jews bring you down.

    You’re a true American and a Christian. Those are two things the Jews hate in our country.

  37. Brother Nathanael May 10, 2017 @ 9:57 pm

    Dear All,

    Many thanks for encouraging me to keep my ministry going…and that’s my plan!

    I’m working on a NEW Video now. Hope to post by tomorrow — Thursday eve.

    Through your continued support the Vids will KEEP on coming! +BN

  38. Brother Nathanael May 11, 2017 @ 9:14 pm

    New VID coming soon…but not tonight. Edit turning out to be rather complex.

    Stay tuned! +bn

  39. Geoffrey May 12, 2017 @ 1:32 am

    Good song and good voice +BN.

    You could cover any song by Bob Zimmerman or Leonard Cohen and probably sound better than either of them. Changing the lyrics of course.

    Leonard Cohen (name for rabbi) had a curious (for a Jew) fascination with Jesus in several of his songs such as “Suzanne” 1967. Part of the song only here –

    “And Jesus was a sailor
    When he walked upon the water
    And he spent a long time watching
    From his lonely wooden tower

    And when he knew for certain
    Only drowning men could see him
    He said “All men will be sailors then
    Until the sea shall free them”

    But he himself was broken
    Long before the sky would open
    Forsaken, almost human
    He sank beneath your wisdom like a stone

    And you want to travel with him
    And you want to travel blind
    And you think maybe you’ll trust him
    For he’s touched your perfect body with his mind.”

    Here is a song about Trump/Kushner which might need no lyrics change, “”Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who, 1971.

    Just the last few lines…..

    “Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
    We don’t get fooled again
    Don’t get fooled again
    No, no!


    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss”

  40. Henry Ford Was Right! May 12, 2017 @ 5:43 am


    They been ran out of over 109
    A well read goy declares in his heart
    “These hook nosed sociopaths are no friends of mine”
    They’ve turned my country into a living hell
    As always with them it’s two sets of rules
    They play the naive for fools
    Cucks and pinkos are just their deluded tools
    How about we make it 110 America and
    Finally kick out these Khazar commie gouls?


    Paypiss you are a disgrace to trade
    A Zionist cabal of corporate shysters
    Oppressing Brother Nathanael for exposing
    Your fellow cotribalist liars
    Jewbook Jewgle Paypiss Scamazon
    All Khazar Orwellian Corporate blight
    On the Nations soul and the people’s mind
    May the awakening come and the masses find
    Out the truth and leave their electronic overlords
    Communist Zionist New World Order garbage behind

    “Scumbag Alex”

    Scumbag Alex, Zionist cointelpro gatekeeper
    Lying to white trash simps over cheesy broadcasts down via Austin Texas way
    Controlled opposition subverting the real truth of the struggle for some shekels every day
    Identical to the Tea Party in giving the angry hordes a false hope
    But subverting their anger with quasi Libertarian new age opportunist mental dope
    Just a Zionist gatekeeper never answering the Jewish question
    But pretending to be a patriot when you’re a Paytriot selling
    your core demographic of AR-15 kit building tin foil wearing rednecks
    a bunch of bullshit and false hope
    Now you’re married to Jewess number 2 who worked as an escort named Anya on Austin Sugar Nights
    And a baby’s on the way so now you’re the proprietor of 4 total half Khazar kids
    You lie to your angry redneck Southern crowd, many of whom are too dumb to
    Collectively say “I knew it all along! America’s problem isn’t the globalists it’s the Illuminati Yids!
    And Alex has played us- saying there’s going to be an awakening while nothing ever changes
    Other than it getting worse everyday and him telling us anything else but the brutal truth that it is”

  41. Marcus May 12, 2017 @ 8:56 am


    If +BN went on a talent show, it would have to be Juke Box Jury ….boom boom!

  42. dave May 12, 2017 @ 4:04 pm

    Two Top Christian Leaders: Former Melkite Patriarch Gregory III and Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna begin hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

    POSTED ON: MAY 10, 2017

    Two prominent Christian leaders, Gregory Lahham III, former Melkite Patriarch of Antioch and All the East and Alexandria and Jerusalem, and Archbishop Theodosios of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, more commonly known as Archbishop Atallah Hanna, began hunger strikes this week in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners striking in Israeli jails.

    Lahham, 83, who submitted his resignation for retirement to Pope Francis from pastoral office on Saturday, as Greek Melkite Patriarch, said in an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV, “I say to the prisoners, we are with you in your sacrifice for Palestine.”

    Atallah, issued a statement that the prisoners’ cause is the “issue of all Palestinian people,” stressing his support for the prisoners’ just demands. He went on to say, “We belong to this land and we belong to this people who fights for freedom. We will always remain biased to the just Palestinian cause.”

    Both Lahham and Hanna have been strong advocates for justice in Palestine.

    @ +BN

    Where in New York will you be? I want to come give you money person to person! I don’t trust this other crap.

  43. Brother Nathanael May 12, 2017 @ 5:41 pm

    Dear All –

    Due to the complexities of this New Vid I’m working on it looks like I won’t have it ready for posting until late Saturday night, or sometime this Sunday. It’s been (and still is) a grueling endeavor.

  44. Brother Nathanael May 12, 2017 @ 5:43 pm

    @Dave and AJ

    Please email me June 1 and I’ll let you know how we can meet in Manhattan.


  45. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS May 13, 2017 @ 2:57 am

    The JEWS WHO DESTROYED South Africa:

    JEW Bolshevik,
    JEW International Zionist
    JEW Lionel Bernstein,
    JEW Bob Hepple,

    JEW Dennis Goldberg,
    JEW Arthur Goldreich,
    JEW Hazel Goldreich,
    JEW James Kantor,
    JEW Ruth First,

    JEW Colonel Joe Slovo,
    JEW Oppenheimer’s,
    JEW Rothschild
    JEW Freemason with ties to B’nai B’rith,

    JEW NAACP in the United States,
    JEW CIA financed the assassination of President Verwoerd.
    JEW funding and support from both the Bolshevik JEW Soviet Union and the US CIA.
    JEW Gill Marcus,
    JEW Trevor Manuel,

    JEW Alec Erwin,
    JEW Helena Dolny,
    JEW KGB Colonel Joe Slovo,
    JEW Ronnie Kasrils,
    JEW Louise Tager,

    JEW Michael Katz,
    JEW Meyer Kahn,
    JEW Richard Goldstone,
    JEW Arthur Chaskalson,
    JEW Albert Sachs

    JEW PUPPET: Frederik De Klerk
    JEW PUPPET: Pik Botha
    JEW PUPPET: Samuel Huntington,
    JEW PUPPET: Chester Crocker,
    JEW PUPPET: Piet Koornhof

    JEW PUPPET: Tienie Groenewald
    JEW PUPPET: MI6 and the CIA
    JEW PUPPET: Tito Mboweni

    The CIA is a CRIMINAL Organisation part of the Synagogue of SATAN COMMUNIST CFR JEW World Order JEW Khazarian Criminal Mafia.

    The CIA is totally OWNED and CONTROLLED by CRIMINAL JEWS Rothschild.

    The CIA CRIMINALS are involved in Hundreds of illegal coup d’état World Wide where thousands of innocent people are MURDERED.

    The Rothschild COMMUNIST Bolshevik JEWS DESTROYED South Africa.

    South African Genocide •

    Do you think they will ARREST these CRIMINALS?

  46. dave May 13, 2017 @ 6:22 pm


    I just read a fabulous book called “Unfinished Victory”.

    I highly recommend it to you and “the brotherhood” LOL.

    It was written in 1939 by an Englishman who personally toured Germany many times and apparently lived in Germany in post WW1 Weimar era.

    He saw first hand the daily trauma which the innocent German people were made to suffer through at the hands of the French revenge and the almost impossible reparation sanctions inhumanely imposed upon them. Just to really twist the screw on the Germans, the French stationed Negro Sengalese troops throughout Germany who raped German women and girls at will.

    Also, it goes on to say how the German Jew through his international network (ala Henry Ford’s “The International Jew”) would receive money from their international relatives and buy up land and buildings in Germany at dirt cheap prices because of the currency collapse.

    The Germans then were to suffer through the horrible inflation and devastation of their currency. Then the hideous inhuman British blockade. No doubt an Adolph Hitler would rise from this undeserved misery and the German people would follow him.

    i hadn’t known any of this before I read this book! I’d like to believe I’m a rather intelligent man. But at 64, it just goes to show how even the most intelligent of us can live in a state of ignorance and brainwashingness.

  47. dave May 13, 2017 @ 6:25 pm

    Also —

    The famous British economist Lord Maynard Keynes all but guaranteed another war because of the impossibly harsh reparation conditions imposed on Germany.

    And so did Winston Churchill!

  48. benzion kook May 13, 2017 @ 11:08 pm


    Jew terrorist hackers attack the “nations”?

  49. Marcus May 14, 2017 @ 10:32 am

    “And this also,” said Marlow suddenly, “has been one of the dark places of the earth.”

    One wonders what Conrad’s great allegory was really all about. Marlow was talking about London. Kurtz of course is an Ashkenazi name.

  50. Frank Pentangeli May 14, 2017 @ 10:45 am


    Can they just get it over with and rename “The White House” to “The Jew House?”

    Once they make that official I could then just leave the country!

    As Frankie once said, “And you give your loyalty to a Jew over your own blood?”

  51. John Carter May 14, 2017 @ 12:51 pm

    @ +BN

    Now we know you can always fall back on work as a folk musician!

  52. David Godfrey Lawn May 17, 2017 @ 2:13 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael

    Thank you for your Video — The Boxer.

    You pass on to me the feeling for “home”.

    I cry when you lift your arms.

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