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Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Hoax

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Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Hoax
May 3, 2017

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Brother Nathanael @ May 2, 2017


  1. Brother Nathanael May 2, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Hoax
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2017

    Showman Trump is one big act.

    Last month he vowed that the federal government would ‘Buy American.’

    It was pure theater.

    [Clip: “Through the years, Snap-On tools have been at the center of our industrial life. For decades, this company has served the needs of American workers. It’s time we had a federal government that does the same.”]

    Wait a minute.

    The “Buy American Act of 1933” requires the federal government to prefer US-made products.

    But since then, due to America signing a World Trade Agreement, it gave waivers to 59 countries to bid on the same contracts that US firms do.

    Bid low, owe some favors, and who gets the work? Not us.

    Let’s take Israel’s Magal Security Systems, it plans to bid on Trump’s border wall, banking on ‘equal preference.’

    Trump just loves that ‘big beautiful’ West Bank separation wall that Magal helped to build.

    Jared Kushner—Israel’s mole in the White House—could certainly sweeten the pot.

    Now, Senators Baldwin and Merkley wrote to Trump last March demanding he “suspend” access to foreign firms until the World Trade Agreement is renegotiated.

    Trump snubbed them. On with the show.

    [Clip: “For too long, we’ve watched as our factories have been closed and our jobs have been sent to other faraway lands. We’ve lost 70,000 factories since China joined the World Trade Organization. And you’ve seen that and you’ve heard about it – 70,000. The World Trade Organization – another one of our disasters.”]

    If it’s ‘such a disaster’ then suspend the Government Procurement Agreement (“GPA”) with the World Trade Organization.

    A US president can withdraw from the GPA by giving 60 days notice with no liability.

    But the World Trade Organization—an offspring of the Bretton Woods Conference that ushered in Jewish financial supremacy—is a globalist constricting force.

    Farming out government contracts abroad is big business for Jewish Wall Street.

    Trump’s got three global boys advising him:

    Mnuchin, Kushner and Cohn. Sounds like a Jewish banking firm.

    It’s all under advisement.

    That’s why Trump’s ‘Buy American’ EO is ‘legally-tendered’ rubbish.

    [Clip: “Together, we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that more products are stamped with those wonderful words: ‘Made in the USA.’
    That’s why I’m here today. In just a few moments, I will be signing a ‘Buy American and Hire American’ executive order. You haven’t heard about that in a long time in this country. With this action, we are sending a powerful signal to the world: We’re going to defend our workers, protect our jobs, and finally put America first.”]


    59 countries can STILL bid on federal contracts.

    They low-ball and Jewish Wall Street boyz grab the high-ball.

    It’s ‘America last’ and US workers get the shaft.

    Get it? Then write Trump a letter.

    But with Mnuchin, Kushner and Cohn in charge, they’ll toss it in the trash.

  2. Brother Nathanael May 2, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael May 2, 2017 @ 7:32 pm

    Dear Everyone,

    As I have posted recently, PayPal banned me from receiving donations. This is after some seven years of using their donation services.

    This is a big blow to my ministry.

    What has happened is that the MANY monthly-recurring donations that came in automatically via PayPal is OVER.

    This is a BIG BLOW. (I was teetering at the edge when I had PayPal, but now that is has BANNED me, I need to recover my funding base.)

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    God Bless Us All! +Brother Nathanael

  4. Brother Nathanael May 2, 2017 @ 7:35 pm

    Dear Real Jews News Family,

    With PayPiss banning me a few weeks ago, many have requested I use Patreon as a donation venue.

    Well, HERE IT IS!

    +Brother Nathanael

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  6. Not An Alex Jewnes Fan May 2, 2017 @ 8:18 pm


    Trump=Juden Cuck Two-Faced BS Artist

  7. Brother Nathanael May 2, 2017 @ 8:46 pm

    Special THANKS To:

    “Keep Up The Good Work!”

    You INSPIRE me to KEEP on Talking! +bn

  8. Stephen Smith May 2, 2017 @ 9:04 pm

    I’ve already sent a number of letters to him. I guess another one wouldn’t hurt. I was totally unaware of what you are referring to here.

    The problem with writing letters to the President is that there is no way of guaranteeing he will even read them. Somebody else undoubtedly does and probably throws most of them in the trash. Maybe they will jot down the names of the ones who say “9-11 was a Mossad job” beforehand (I’ve already done this twice).

    What really needs to happen is the White House needs to setup a BLOG, where people can post their views on all sorts of topics. The advantage here is that people can verify that views are being made public.

    This can (and probably should) be done anonymously. If a certain topic gets enough comments, Trump or any other President won’t have an excuse to ignore it. If they ignore it anyway, this can be used against them in the next election.

    But after this sobering experience of Trump showing his true colors recently, I believe we’re never going to get anywhere with human rulers. Particularly when they surround themselves with Chosenites, who are only out for themselves.

    No king but King Jesus!

  9. benzion kook May 2, 2017 @ 10:34 pm


    Aren’t all of Ivanka’s “products” stamped “made in China”?

  10. Albert May 2, 2017 @ 11:23 pm

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    Also buy any of my 700 art works and,

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  11. Robert Klinck May 3, 2017 @ 5:08 am


    The only indispensable quality of a US President is an ability to read what his handlers put on his teleprompter.

  12. Oona May 3, 2017 @ 6:07 am

    The Tribal Bankensteins sucked Venice dray and moved on…
    They sucked Spain dry and moved on….
    They sucked Netherlands dry and moved on….
    They sucked England dry and moved on…
    They sucked France dry and moved on….
    They sucked Russia dry and moved on…
    They sucked Germany and Austria dry and moved on…
    They sucked the US dry and are moving on — with the help of the shabez goyim freemason and zionist christian dupes — to … a Greater Israel located astride the Suez Canal and their new markets in Asia.

  13. Michael Koop May 3, 2017 @ 6:07 am

    After having read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and having read Henry Ford’s The International Jew, I realize that until we throw the Zionist Jews out of our country we will never have anything but corrupt candidates running for the Dem or Rep parties.

    On Aug 2, 1492 the Jews were expelled from Spain & 1 day later Columbus set sail for the Americas with at least 6 Jews on board.

    So the Jews were here from the get go and have never let their grip go on this country.

    The American Indians may have had a better fate if no Jews had ever come to America. If we someday colonize another planet, the Jews will be there to ruin that too!

    PS-My best money making job was working for a Jew, but he sure stole anything he could & I regularly walked in his office and called him a mother f***er and he just gave me more money & said shut up.

    Now my daughter works for one and she has called him out for bad business practice and he gives her more money and tells her to shut up. On a larger scale, this is how our government works.

  14. The Elder of Zyklon-B May 3, 2017 @ 7:10 am

    More kosher follies from the Kushner Administration. “The Rabbi To The Stars” makes his appearance:

    Do not be deceived by the Bannon/Kushner “feud” as it is a hoax along with everything else about these Kol Nidre oath takers.

    The Kushners will take the jewing of Jewmerica to new heights.

    It is all a Talmudic inspired rope-a-dope fraud folks. What we are witnessing is the fruit of Jewish democracy.

  15. Frank Pentangeli May 3, 2017 @ 8:49 am


    How strange that Hitler has been proven right time and time again. Let’s look at 2008.

    Oh you remember the “bank” bailouts folks right? Yeah. If you look up those banks, then you will see they were all owned and operated by Juden.

    If I recall, Hitler spoke about this and went to war over it. He lost. And now, who just ripped off your Grandpa, your Mom, and other family?……..the Juden bankers.

    They ruined the price of your house. They stole $$$ from you. They fooled you all along. Hitler knew of this before many. He tried to stop them. He lost, and those that thought they won — were brainwashed.

    Even to this very day, they are either too stupid, too brainwashed, or too lost down the rabbit hole to ever figure that connection out. It was Hitler that was the hope — now it’s over.

    Your Juden bankers reign over you the goyim.

    They steal from you, all while you still demonize Hitler and think he’s the bad guy. It’s game, set, match on all you fools who thought you won.

  16. USSA Slave Skamp May 3, 2017 @ 9:11 am

    Doctor Ron Paul warned us all
    with his revealing poignant tale
    Israhell builds the promised wall
    Wage slaves in Melting Pot Pale
    Nor to keep Foreign Threat at bay
    Lazurusize Economy-intentionally destroyed?
    Invisible Prison Grid-Visible Prison Wall deployed

  17. Oona May 3, 2017 @ 10:06 am


    If the Master Racists build a wall between the US and Mexico, it will be to keep patriotic Americans from escaping the Drones that will be used to shoot them.

    Like shooting fish in a barrel.

  18. Eileen Kuch May 3, 2017 @ 1:46 pm

    I don’t like that at all, Oona.

    The wall you just mentioned was supposed to keep illegal aliens and cartel smugglers out of the USA. Whether that wall will actually be built is another story, since Donald Trump had done a 180-degree U-turn from his campaign promises and Inaugural speech.

    Unfortunately, Trump’s not in charge at the White House, his Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner (along with his daughter Ivanka) runs the show. It was Ivanka who pleaded with her father to attack Syria, and he dutifully obeyed. It was Kushner who’s been pushing Trump into making that U-turn from “America First” policies to “Israel First” and globalist policies.

    How many manufacturing jobs have returned to the USA since Trump assumed office? Certainly, not 70,000. A few did, among them, Ford and Carrier. Those that went to China haven’t as yet returned.

    Instead, it was the ones who had gone to Mexico that returned. And with Kushner and his fellow Zionist Jews surrounding him and giving him insidious advice, Trump no longer can fulfill his promises to the American people – especially, those who voted for him on 8 Nov., 2016.

  19. Trump-Fraud May 3, 2017 @ 8:39 pm

    Greater upward stock market manipulation under Trump than under Obama.

    When’s Trump going to replace Yellen?

    When’s Trump going to take down the Federal Reserve?

    Trump declared Goldman Sachs the enemy of the people, and look who he surrounds himself with now.

    The financially responsible are forced to lose more, while those who sold their souls to the central banks beast 666 continue to get big gains.

    I have been thinking more about the illicit nature of those controlling the world.

    I suspect the Federal Reserve made the stock futures nicely more than 4 percent down once it was determined Trump would win the election.

    And then came the call — asking if he’d play along with those pulling the strings and upon agreement, the market got manipulated right back up by morning the next day and through the ionosphere soon after.

    Note he never speaks of the Federal Reserve any longer.

  20. David Galea May 4, 2017 @ 4:50 am

    Jews are the epitome of evil. Their usual excuse for their murder, theft, and torture is to claim that Jewish law absolves them of all responsibility for their crimes.

    It’s not a problem for Jews to do wrong because they believe that God is on their side in everything that they do.

    Evil is nothing to them. Nothing at all. We all know it’s Satan who supplies the Jews with their power.

  21. Hoff May 4, 2017 @ 5:32 am

    Ingrid Carlqvist is a swedish journalist. For years she been writing about muslims. Now she is new awaken to the Jews.

    The video is 1h 40 min. The whole video is very good, but 15 to 30 minutes are especially interesting. She explain how big Jewry blackmailed the Swedish government to give the Jew Barbara Spector four million dollars.

    Ingrid Carlqvist – Scandal in Sweden When Ingrid Questions the Unquestionable


  22. The Elder of Zyklon-B May 4, 2017 @ 6:37 am

    “You have people in positions there that are emotionally inclined in favor of Israel, and that’s something that was emotionally missing in the previous administration.”

    Gather round Jewmericans and get your feels and emos in line with the Anti-Christ Chabad Lubavitcher Juden who rule over you.

    Let die Juden from The Forward explain to you how the Kushner Administration is running the show while Trump Of Chabad sits back and spews more lies and BS every time he opens his kosher mouth.

    Lying and deception are the “Art Of The Deal” you know.

  23. The Elder of Zyklon-B May 4, 2017 @ 11:55 am

    Let’s learn more about our new “Make America Great Again” Kushner administration RJN readers.

    Meet “Yael” Kushner, wife of King Jared, Der Grosse Hofjude – The Great Palace Jew.

    Yael appears to be rather fond of the Communist hag, Elenor Rosenfelt, and Yael intends to exert great influence on her Poppy, who said she has a great body and would probably date her if she weren’t his daughter.

    She has even traveled to Germany to a women’s conference organized by Chancellor Angela Merkel where I am sure she expressed great concern about the mass rapes and attacks on German girls, women and old ladies by the poor, displaced “immigrants”.

  24. Bob May 4, 2017 @ 4:17 pm

    The Middle-East is contaminated with Depleted Uranium.

    Go to You-Tube and do a search of “Depleted Uranium.”

    Research this. God works in mysterious ways.

  25. hvt May 4, 2017 @ 6:49 pm

    I apologize for being off the topic, but this is very important.

    How low can we fall?

    This is not easy to watch at all, but to be forewarned is to be forearmed, right?

    This is coming to a school near you if the enemy of our souls has his way. If nothing else, let us approach the Throne of Mercy on behalf of our children and grandchildren regarding their welfare…

  26. Zionien May 4, 2017 @ 10:18 pm

    Jew Worms need to feel secure enough in order for them to feel comfortable enough to assume the position of “domination”!

    Once they do, then the trap is sprung and once again the shape shifting worms begin their vertical train ride as they break the event horizon of the tunnel to hell of which they will fall into.

    All their scratching at its walls/sides will do them no good – down they go!+

  27. AJ May 5, 2017 @ 9:25 am

    I wrote this here once before and I’ll say again I continue to be baffled why so many Gentile elites feel compelled to allow Jews like Jared Kushner into their inner circle and family life.

    It is common, as you know, for ambitious Gentile professionals in the corporate business world and the entertainment industry to marry Jews and convert to Judaism, so as to secure employment in the heavily Jewish-run industries.

    Certainly Ivanka Trump is a smart and very attractive woman who has many connections through her father. So why then does she pick a weasly Jew to get married to? Did she marry for the money?

    She has plenty of wealth of her own and through her father, I would presume. Her and her creepy husband are practically running the Trump administration and America (into the ground).

  28. Jeff May 5, 2017 @ 9:54 am

    @ +BN

    Gilad was here in Chicago 2 nights ago.

    Would have been nice if y’all appeared together. Where will you be tonight and tomorrow?

  29. Reginald Jaffreys May 5, 2017 @ 8:18 pm

    @ +BN

    Blessed art thou, in the name of the Holy One. Blessed art every hair on your head.

    A special blessing bestowed upon you for safe passage to and from your Street Evangelism sites, and a blessing in each city you travel to.

    May you find riches not only in Heaven, but on Earth, and receive rich rewards from faithful followers.

    This I solemnly proclaim in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  30. Marcus May 6, 2017 @ 2:25 pm

    Macrongate is the Biggest Story in the World But Twitter is Censoring

    Surprise, surprise…

  31. Brother Nathanael May 6, 2017 @ 4:53 pm

    Dear All –

    BACK from Chicago…HUGE POSITIVE reception!

    Filming new Video now.

    Hope to post by Sunday eve or Monday. Stay tuned! +bn

    PS: Looking to do TWO Videos this week, Lord willing!

  32. For the Cross-Walkers! May 7, 2017 @ 12:20 am

    Thanks for that education, especially that there was already a law (1933) re Buy American!

    So no new law nor EO needed, but only to dump the world trade agreements that let all the other nations outbid USA businesses! What a sneaky run-around to the original Buy American law!


    If there’s anybody in the world who would appreciate the below story, it would be you, +BN! As a fellow “traveling street preacher,” only you would know the aches, pains, trials & tribulations, that comes with such a ministry.

    A street-preacher, Arthur Blessitt (website: blessitt dot com) made a wooden cross back in 1968 & began carrying it first all around Hollywood, CA, & then in 1969 he ventured out around the world. He’s been carrying it 49 years now, over 42,000 miles, & he is now 76 years old & still doing it. You brothers should hook up sometime for a street preaching event!

    Photo of Arthur carrying Cross in Australia in 1973 when he was still a young pup:

    His below one-liners-list of Facts/Experiences from his Cross-walks around the world is very interesting; it came through one of his emails from late April 2017.

    Quoted list from Arthur Blessitt:
    Good Friday, April 14th, I carried the cross past the 42,000 mile mark … World’s Longest Walk. Guinness World Record. All for Jesus! All Glory to God.
    –The cross has been turned away from being left overnight at more than half the churches requested, but has never been turned away from spending the night at a bar or nightclub in 49 years around the world.

    –Times arrested or in jail – 24.
    –Most apt country to be arrested in – USA.
    –Most apt city to be arrested in – Hollywood, CA.
    –Worst jail – Concord, New Hampshire; West Hollywood.

    –Most angry toward the cross – Amsterdam, Holland, and Tetouan, Morocco.
    –Coldest city (reception) to the cross – New York, USA; Montreal, Canada; and Sydney, Australia.
    –Greatest welcome to the cross – Papua New Guinea, Poland, Spain, India, Lithuania, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Guatemala & West Africa.

    –This is the first cross to be carried around the world on foot and the longest walking journey in the history of the world.
    –First made and carried the cross in early 1968, Hollywood, Ca.
    –Years carrying the cross: 2017 is 49th year.
    –Length – 12 feet. Cross cut in two. Bolt together to be 12 foot. Had to do this to fit airline regulations.
    –Width – 6 feet.
    –Thickness – 4 inches x 4 inches.
    –Weight – 45 pounds. Earlier crosses weighed more, first one 110 lbs. Had to reduce to fit airline weight limits.
    –Tire – 12 inch inflatable.
    –Average tire life – 2,000 miles.

    –Steps Walked – About 84 Million.
    –Average shoe life – 500 miles until getting a resole.

    –Total weight carried: Over 18 Billion Pounds.
    –2017 still carrying the cross at age 76. Glory.

    –Miles carried cross on foot (Actual) Over 42,000 miles (67,592 Km.)
    –Cross taken by boat – Estimated 20,000 miles.
    –Air miles cross flown – Estimated 2,300,000.
    –Miles cross carried on automobile(s) – Estimated 430,000 miles.

    –Friendliest airline to the cross – Swiss Air.
    –Longest time cross lost – one month (Alitalia Airlines).

    –Cross stolen – Christmas Day 1979, Assisi, Italy.
    –Cross wheel stolen – Bordeaux, France.
    –Cross overboard ship – Philippines.
    –Cross broken – Joplin, Missouri; Nigeria; Guam; Turkey; London.

    –Number of continents cross carried – Seven (North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and Antarctica).
    –Number of different countries, island groups and territories cross carried-324.
    –My Wife, Denise, has been with the cross and me in 294 nations, island groups and territories.

    –Wars – Carried the cross in 54 countries at war.

    –Highest cross has ever been – 60,000 ft. on Concorde.
    –Fastest the cross has ever flown – Mach II (1240 mph – twice the speed of sound on Concorde) 5 different flights.
    –Cross in Space – A small cross cut from my cross was launched into space August 2, 2008 from the Marshall Islands reaching 134 miles (217km). May 22-June 26, 2012 another cut-cross from the cross orbited the earth by SpaceX.

    –Worst storm at sea – Philippines and Papua New Guinea and The Drake Passage to Antarctica.

    –Longest walk in a day – 72 miles in 24 hours (with help); 47 miles (alone).
    –Longest walk (time wise) – Africa west to east; Mexico to Colombia (almost two years each).

    –Hardest road to walk – Pan-American Highway. Mexico City to Panama.
    –Toughest jungle to walk – The Darien Jungle, Panama to Columbia.
    –Best road to walk – Holland.

    –Worst traffic – Lagos, Nigeria; Istanbul, Turkey; India and Bangkok, Thailand.
    –Worst auto accident – Turkey, Guam.

    A few memorable scares:

    –Firing squad in Nicaragua;
    –stoning and beating in Morocco;
    –Civil Guardia attack in Spain;
    –LAPD choking, Hollywood, California;
    –pistol attack, Orlando, Florida;
    –to burn the cross, Birdseye, Indiana;
    –man broke the cross, Nigeria;
    –War in Lebanon crossing minefield;
    –Belfast, Northern Ireland, bomb blast.

    –Most beautiful countries – Norway, Switzerland, Greenland, Antarctica.
    –Most peaceful places – American Samoa and Manus Island (both in the Pacific), Maldives.
    –Most modern city – Perth, Australia and Hiroshima, Japan.
    –Most beautiful City – The city of Jerusalem.
    –Smallest country (in size) cross carried – The Vatican City in Rome and Sovereign Knights of Malta.

    –Friendliest Armies – Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Army.

    –Worst poverty – Chad; Mozambique, Djibouti, Ethiopia, India and Bangladesh.
    –Worst war – Lebanon and Mozambique.
    –Murder Capital of the World in 2010 – Juarez, Mexico.

    –Best food – Freshwater shrimp in El Salvador and fresh salmon in Finland.
    –Worst food – Squid in ink in Spain, monkey leg in Africa, Rat Soup in Belize and Pork Soup for breakfast in USSR.
    –Worst fast food – McDonald’s, Yellowknife, N.W. Territories, while we ate, manager ran out front, grabbed my cross & rushed to the garbage container to throw it away as trash! July 3, 2012. No happy meal if you brought your cross.

    –Longest fast – 40 days Washington D.C. 1970.

    –Best beds – St. James Club, London England; Livingstonia Beach Hotel, Malawi.
    –Worst bed – The Pig Hilton (a pigpen in Columbia); a single narrow board at a blown up bus stop in the Golan Heights, Syria/Israel border area; a hotel somewhere in China with dripping water.

    –Best road pets – El Salvador del Mundo (parrot), Central America; Basco (rabbit), Spain; Belfast (dog), Northern Ireland; Loretta (parrot) South Africa – USA; HRH Windsor (dog) U.S.
    –Worst dog – Israeli Army dog in the Sinai Desert.
    –Worst mosquitoes – The Amazon River and Greenland.
    –Biggest animal scares – Green Mamba snake in Ghana; baboon attack in Kenya; elephant chase in Tanzania; crocodile attack in Zimbabwe.

    –Highest mountain climbed with the cross – Mount Fuji, Japan (12,388 ft) & Bronzal Pass, Pakistan-Afghanistan border (18,200 ft – 5,547 M.)
    –Deepest into the earth cross carried – Carlsbad, New Mexico (850 feet).
    –Lowest point below sea level cross carried – Dead Sea (1,200 feet).

    –Worst cold weather – Golan Heights, Syria-Israel; Rome to Assisi, Italy; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Antarctica and Baltic Republics.
    –Hottest temperature – Jordan Valley; Chad; Yemen, Iraq & Djibouti (135 degrees plus).
    –Coldest temperature – 20 degrees below in Nova Scotia, Canada.

    –World’s largest tree cross was carried to – 3,000 year old tree in Mexico (163 ft. high, 163 ft. around).

    Biggest crowd preached to:

    –Half a million, Atlanta Rock Festival, 1970;
    –Washington for Jesus Rally, half a million-1980;
    –Carried the cross into Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and spoke April, 2016 to 65,000.

    Most beautiful views:

    –Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya/Tanzania;
    –Mount Cameroon, Africa;
    –Mount of Olives facing Jerusalem;
    –Sea of Galilee, looking toward Mount Hermon;
    –Mount Sinai;
    –Norwegian Coastline;
    –a Swiss valley with lake and mountains beyond Tierra del Fuego (Chile);
    –Penguins nesting in Antarctica;
    –Icebergs in Greenland, and Bronzal Pass in the Hindu Kush – Pakistan-Afghanistan.

    A few historical places and moments with the cross:

    –Washington, D.C. 1970, 1980;
    –Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Germany;
    –the Coliseum in Rome;
    –The Pantheon in Athens, Greece;
    –the pyramids of Egypt;
    –Cebu City in the Philippines at Magellan’s Cross;
    –carrying the cross across the Panama and Suez Canals;
    –the cross at the top of the world’s biggest pyramid in Cholula, Mexico;
    –October 31, 1987 Hollywood, CA, completed the distance around the world at the equator 24,901.55 miles;
    –China Wall and Red Square, Moscow;
    –Cross above the walls of Babylon;
    –North Korea;
    –Completed every nation and major island group June 13, 2008 Zanzibar in Indian Ocean;
    –Cross carried back to Hollywood to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for the premiere of the movie The Cross;
    –Lifting the cross up at second base at Yankee Stadium, New York in front of 40,000 people.
    –Crossed 40,000 miles on foot at Whitehorse, Canada, June 25, 2012.
    –Carried the cross into Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and spoke April, 2016.

    –Number of people prayed for, blessed or saved at the Cross – Many Millions but only God knows.
    End of his list.

    Whew! My feet hurt just reading that list. Amazing. (If I remember correctly, Arthur has had some arthritis troubles, & maybe a knee or two replaced.)

    Hope your knees are holding up, +BN! 🙂

  33. KathJuliane May 7, 2017 @ 11:26 am

    Haaretz: At Shanghai Event, Jared Kushner’s Sister Entices Chinese Investors With Immigrant Visas

    Kushner Companies, until recently headed by Trump’s son-in-law, seeks Chinese investment in real-estate project. Journalists were barred from the public event

    Organizers barred journalists on Sunday from a publicly advertised event in Shanghai to attract Chinese investment in a U.S. real estate project linked to the family of President Donald Trump’s son-in-law in exchange for immigrant visas.

    The two-tower luxury apartment complex in New Jersey, One Journal Square, is being developed by KABR Group and the Kushner Companies, which until recently was headed by senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, the husband of Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

    The developers are seeking to raise $150 million, or 15.4 percent of funding for the project, from investors through the EB-5 visa program, according to marketing materials posted by the event’s organizer, immigration agency Qiaowai.

    The controversial EB-5 program allows wealthy foreigners to, in effect, buy U.S. immigration visas for themselves and families by investing at least $500,000 in certain development projects.

    “Sorry, this is a private event,” said a man stopping journalists from entering a function room on Sunday afternoon at the Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai.

    Guests at the event said Kushner’s sister, Nicole Kushner Meyer, spoke for about 10 minutes, including about her family’s humble roots.

    According to The New York Times, Meyer attended a similar event in Beijing on Saturday and told the audience of about 100 people the project “means a lot to me and my entire family.”

    Jared Kushner, whose White House portfolio includes relations with China, sold his stake in Kushner Companies to a family trust early this year. His lawyer said in a statement in March that Kushner was fully complying with ethics rules, removing himself from active participation in his prior businesses and divesting assets.

    A Kushner Companies spokeswoman declined to comment in a New York Times article about the Beijing event published on Saturday.

    The Times story said Meyer did not respond when asked if she was concerned about possible conflicts of interest facing her brother. Journalists from the Times and Washington Post were removed from Saturday’s Beijing event, the newspapers reported.

    Popular with wealthy Chinese

    One potential investor, Sophie Xing, said a “very important” factor in her decision to attend Sunday’s event was the fact that the project was a Kushner Companies investment and that Trump’s son-in-law’s sister would be showing up in Shanghai.

    “Actually I really don’t know how close they are but I felt that this was a pretty good project,” she said.

    In a promotional text message seen by Reuters, Qiaowai made note of Meyer’s relationship to Trump and called her the event’s “heavyweight honored guest.”

    Qiaowai representatives at the event declined to answer questions from journalists, and calls to its listed phone number went unanswered.
    Qiaowai is also known as QWOS. Its promotional materials for the project, which it also calls Kushner1, advertise the prospect of putting money in under the federal EB-5 program.

    The program is popular among wealthy Chinese looking to shift assets abroad or move overseas, but it has come under fire in the United States.
    Some U.S. lawmakers have called for changing or abolishing the EB-5 program, but the scheme was recently renewed by Congress until September 30.

    Potential investor Xing said a Kushner representative who spoke on Sunday stressed that EB-5 rules could change after September to raise the minimum required investment.

    Another person who attended Sunday’s event, Liu Guoqi, was mindful of the potential rule change. Liu said he had been to previous pitches for EB-5 investments but had concerns about the risks.

    “The whole thing may change later this year so we feel that there isn’t much time left,” he said.

    In the United States, the EB-5 program has also sparked concerns about possible scams. Some immigrants have been burned by misrepresentations made about the program by promoters, both inside and outside the United States.
    Many have lost not only their money but their chance at winning U.S. citizenship.

    Trump has vowed to clamp down on illegal immigration.

    In addition to Beijing and Shanghai, the road show for One Journal Square was scheduled to hit the Chinese cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Wuhan, according to Qiaowai’s marketing materials online.

    It calls the Kushner family a “famous real estate clan,” and touts EB-5 immigration as “peace of mind.”

    Qiaowai’s Chinese-language marketing material describes the project as “supported by the government, created by a star developer,” and says the project is its 87th EB-5 program.
    read more:

    French Election: Macron Defeats Le Pen to Become France’s Youngest-ever President
    read more:

  34. Danielle May 7, 2017 @ 1:09 pm

    Maybe Macron is the Antichrist!

    He is 39 years old. He was not known by most of the French population until he was elevated to be the adviser of Hollande, then he worked as Minister of Economy in governement Hollande, and then he has become the Number 1 of France, he will destroy France. He is supported by Jews and fundamental Islam!

    Jesus Christ was unknown for about 30 years and then He started preaching, and then He has been crowned on the Holy Cross as the King of the Jews, but He is the Messias, the Son of God the Saviour, the Number 1 to save us !

    So we shall have war, civil war, and gulags for Christians !

    O Lord Jesus-Christ Son of God have mery on us and save us ! Amen !

  35. KathJuliane May 7, 2017 @ 3:08 pm

    Hurray! The divine yarmulke, premiere religious symbol of the divine Chosenites, is saved.


    Haaretz: French Jews Cheer Macron Win Over Le Pen, but Terror Threat Lingers

    In election that divided France’s Jewish community, most seemed relieved at Macron win, but not thrilled, citing terror threat and recent murder

    Clients and personnel of France’s best known and archrival kosher falafel restaurants cheered together when they discovered Emmanuel Macron was elected president.

    “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Yeeees!” shouted people in the Mi-Va-Mi restaurant while watching the giant screen set up on top of the Ace of Falafel’s front entrance, across the narrow street.

    “More than 65%!” said personnel members, a mix of waitresses and cooks of Jewish and foreign descent, comforted by Macron’s higher-than-expected result.

    In Paris’s historic Jewish quarter Rosiers St. most people seemed relieved although not thrilled.

    “Macron was the best choice we had. His program isn’t good, he’s definitely not a statesman but he seems smart enough to make crucial decisions when necessary,” said Guillaume.

    “We didn’t really have a choice now did we?” said Murciano’s chief baker. “Macron was facing Le Pen so I didn’t hesitate to vote for him and my clients told me similar things. But many complained that we had to choose between plague and cholera, meaning both options were bad.”

    The expression came up repeatedly throughout the week in the Jewish community, at times dividing families and friends, even more than in previous elections. Though the far right candidate is seen as harmful to Jews and other minorities, Macron’s plan to fight terrorism and increase security were considered weak.

    “We had to vote for Macron. What other choice did we have as Jews?” said Dan walking with his family and his friend, Mendel.

    “I disagree,” Mendel chimed in. “Both candidates had bad and good aspects. Le Pen could have brought some control over illegal immigration and she could have brought more security. Security is important too! So I abstained.”

    The vote comes as the Jewish community reels from the news of a suspected anti-Semitic murder of  a Jewish women in April.

    Gruesome new details of the death of Sarah Halim in her Paris apartment emerged in the local Jewish press and appear to support suspicions she was murdered because of her religion; a case that was downplayed on national media and that Jewish voters have often alluded to in recent days.

    Congratulating Macron for his victory Jewish community leader Joel Mergui urged the president-elect to tackle terrorism.

    “In the name of all the Jewish communities who have supported him and mobilized in his favor, I wish him success in his difficult task of leading a new spirit of Resistance. He has to address many challenges that we are all facing: and the first one of them is the fight on terrorism and all those who back it,” wrote Mergui.
    In his own message of congratulations, France’s Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia called on Macron to unite the country.

    “Knowing that so many voters turned to the National Front’s candidate I call on all political leaders to take their anger and shouts of despair into serious consideration by adapting their political platforms to regain the support and enthusiasm of the people before the upcoming legislative elections.”

    National turnout in the second round was the lowest in 48 years, according to French media. And many voters chose blank ballots, which are not included in the abstention figure.

    After the result of her defeat came in, Marine Le Pen said her party now represents France’s biggest opposition power.
    read more:

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