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The Partisan
March 19, 2017

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Brother Nathanael @ March 18, 2017


  1. Brother Nathanael March 18, 2017 @ 11:30 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    The Partisan
    Adapted By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2017

    When they poured across the border
    I was cautioned to surrender
    this I could not do
    I took my gun and holster.

    I have changed my name so often
    I have lost my wife and children
    but I have many friends,
    I have all of France.

    An old woman gave us shelter
    she hid us in the attic
    then the soldiers came
    her daughter died with a whimper.

    When they poured across the border
    they said to me ‘Surrender’
    this I could not do
    I took my gun and fired.

    Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing
    through the graves the wind is blowing
    freedom soon will come
    but you will die in the shadow.

    Les Allemands étaient chez moi
    ils m’ont dit “Résigne-toi” mais je n’ai pas pu
    j’ai repris mon arme.

    J’ai changé cent fois de nom
    j’ai perdu femme et enfants
    mais j’ai tant d’amis
    j’ai la France entire.

    Un vieil homme dans un grenier
    pour la nuit nous a cachés
    les Allemands l’ont pris
    il est mort sans surprise.

    Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing
    through the graves the wind is blowing
    freedom soon will come
    but you will die in the shadow.

    When they poured across the border
    they said, ‘Surrender’
    this I’ll never do
    I took my gun and fired.

  2. Brother Nathanael March 18, 2017 @ 11:31 pm

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  4. Brother Nathanael March 18, 2017 @ 11:35 pm

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  5. Lars March 19, 2017 @ 2:01 am

    That was brave.

    That’s why we have the 2nd Amendment.

    We have an armed population – (somewhat like Switzerland; not as good though).

    The US should stay out of other people’s countries, but still be armed to the teeth.

    Hey, that’s also what Washington said:

  6. one_love March 19, 2017 @ 2:05 am

    I do not know what I just watched. But I think I liked it.

    I had to build a protective mental construct just in case you were reciting a spell. lol

    Good stuff, BN.

    Creativity is energy to burn.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these.


  7. Jaroslav Belicka March 19, 2017 @ 2:41 am

    Good one, Brother Nathanael.

  8. Darkwing March 19, 2017 @ 2:59 am

    Very beautiful and touching.

    It is coming to America.

  9. Cavalier March 19, 2017 @ 4:15 am

    Excellent use and adaptation of a song originally written by French Communists.

    I always enjoyed the Leonard Cohen version, of course that was before I realized that Germany was not the real enemy during WW2 and had not yet realized how pervasive the influence of International Communism had become.

    Another great song I have always wanted to adapt to our Country’s circumstances is “Parcel of Rogues”.

    Excellent performance! Better than Cohen.

  10. Cornelius March 19, 2017 @ 4:47 am

    Nice surprise!

    I would like to know more about the history of this song.

  11. MM March 19, 2017 @ 5:45 am

    Beautiful. Tears streaming.

    Life moving so quickly in slow motion.

    Freedom is never free, but most will never know until it’s too late.

    Blessings to you Dear Brother Nate.

  12. david burns March 19, 2017 @ 7:19 am


    The hidden hand is unknown to America — sad.

  13. The English Man March 19, 2017 @ 7:28 am

    Excellent video +BN

    Yet again the unedifying portrait of crack U.S. forces destroying innocent young (& old) lives. What for?

    A true notable heroine in Middle East corresponding is Anissa Naouai. Do view her take on coalition actions in Mosul, and the West’s non-reporting,

    Jew run Channel 4 headed by extreme liberal, ‘holier than thou’ Jon Snow and his side kick Matt Frei, have yet to mention suffering in Mosul. Yet Aleppo, we were subjected night after night by these creeps to the “Daily War Crimes” allegedly committed by Assad’s forces, together with interviews with “moderate rebel” spokespersons demanding retribution.

  14. Ft. Nolan March 19, 2017 @ 7:50 am

    This is quite the change from the usual instructional video. For enrichment purposes, might I suggest reading William Carr’s seminal works:

    “Pawns In The Game” and “Satan, Prince Of This World.”

    Both can be found in PDF format with some easy searching.

    Much like a child playing with toy soldiers, toy animals or whatever is available, there exists a World Revolutionary Movement (WRM) masquarading as “Illuminati” plus a multitude of other secret organizations which plays two sides against each other for the express purpose of destroying both parties. This is Carr’s overreaching thesis.

    Much like taking the red pill (“Matrix”), Carr’s work blows away the fog of what we can smell but can not quite visualize with the way humankind is being manipulated via Luciferian/Satanic, let’s say “Adversarial” forces.

    As admonished in the Scriptures, we do not fight against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. These P-and-P’s manifest themselves through the minds of men and women who then perform the dirty deeds of denigrating humanity.

    Tares amongst the wheat is an apt explanation. Infiltration and usurpation have been ongoing ever since the Sanhedrin sent our Lord to Pilate for condemnation.

    What gets difficult to grasp is how the Jews are being manipulated to fulfill the efforts of the very forces which seek to destroy them. It’s not just this single category, Muslims, Christians, just about every grouping you can name is being manipulated into bringing about its own self-destruction.

    Wisdom, discernment and above all God’s grace should be sought in times such as these.

    You are doing a good job of things Brother Nathanael, keep up the good work.

  15. Benoit March 19, 2017 @ 8:04 am


    Congrat, Benoit

  16. Socrates007 March 19, 2017 @ 9:09 am


    Ask and thou shall receive:

  17. The Jew Hack March 19, 2017 @ 9:39 am

    This video was different. It made me wonder when the Jewish resistance leaders will start disappearing like what happened after the Bolshevik coup.

    The Jews’ media obsession with accusing Russia of hacking Hillary’s email, hacking the election, hacking into bank accounts, reminds me of the Jews’ old trick of blaming their victims for the evils the Jews themselves do.

    The Jews media has been pressuring Trump to reveal what evidence he has about the hack of Trump Tower. The Jews seem very concerned that Trump is keeping his cards close to his chest and won’t say what the evidence is.

    This strong interest the Jews have in what evidence Trump has about the hack of Trump Tower, suggests that the Jews are afraid Trump may have evidence pointing to Israel, the Mossad, and other Jewish spies.

    Zionist Jews delight in blaming their victims for the crimes of the Jews themselves. Every time the Jews media talks about “Russian Hackers” it sounds like they are covering up for the real hackers – the Jews.

  18. Hoff March 19, 2017 @ 9:41 am

    Alan Dershowitz: Never Apologize for Being a Jew —One minute

  19. Hoff March 19, 2017 @ 10:00 am


    I’m still stunned I give you that.

  20. Greg March 19, 2017 @ 11:30 am

    This song can be applied to any country being invaded.

    Well done Brother Nathanael.

  21. Paul Mitchell March 19, 2017 @ 11:47 am

    So different for Brother Nathanael but such impact!

    Thanks you.

  22. Mr. Hogwaters March 19, 2017 @ 12:26 pm


    Brilliant! Brilliant! Your best work yet!

  23. Zionien March 19, 2017 @ 12:27 pm

    325 Million American Citizens — and they think their measley pathetic Jew-fooled groups of a mere 1000+ strong will sway the mass public opinion — HONESTLY..?!

    There is no honesty when it comes to Jews! What a twisted sorted bunch of losers they truly are! GIVE US LIBERTY/FREEDOM/HONESTY, or We’ll give you death of your perverse system!

    The enemy MUST be defined in order to defeat them!

    Nice job with your video there +BN! I assume youre a picker… harmonica too..

    It takes courage/bravery/honesty/determination and most of all – it takes LOVE to post as you do +BN.

    (Please post another music video soon – it has a undeniable psychological message that evil worms simply CAN’T excuse).


  24. Golf Tango March 19, 2017 @ 1:20 pm

    Motivating the troops, the main job of the leader.

    Well done +BN.

  25. Marcus March 19, 2017 @ 2:06 pm

    I enjoyed your vocals very much +BN.

    You have a natural singing talent.

    And the interpretation was very good, Cohen is always rather lugubrious and deadpan, but this had gravitas and feeling in equal measure.

    Vive la chanson!! Le rouge et le noir ne s’epousent-ils pas?

  26. Brother Nathanael March 19, 2017 @ 2:27 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Thank you all for your well-wishes and compliments on this Video.

    I spent three very grueling days working to put this Video together. I had to get the timing just right and it wasn’t easy, given many technical factors involved. But it looks effortless and that’s the mark of quality work.

    AND please note.

    This piece, (like Leonard Cohen’s), is a POETIC adaption—with illustrations—of the original French Resistance poem so as to address a current issue of the time: The anti-war movement of the 60’s in Cohen’s case; In my case, the Zionist-JEW global wars via Navy Seal goyim murderers who KILL little innocent girls in Yemen like littleNawar al-Awlaki. God REST her precious little soul.

    So all obtuse, stupid comments by those without a poetic strain in their veins are not going to see the light of day here. Moderators Please Take Notice.

    To understand THIS Video it MUST be WATCHED. (But those whose brains are stuffed with dense matter will still not grasp it.)

    And by the way, Navy SEAL officer, William Ryan Owens, died a MURDERER, NOT a “hero” as Trump touted it, parading his widow out before all the JEW-BOUGHT blood-soaked hacks on Capitol Hill. (And I’m the only one with the GUTS to say it.)

    Bill Owens, Ryan’s father, REFUSED to see Trump when he BARGED in on the family-requested PRIVATE military transfer ceremony of Ryan’s body at the airbase.

    When the chaplain informed Bill Owens and his family that Trump was about to arrive from DC, he said, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to see him.”

    Bill Owens and others questioned the botched operation, critical of Trump’s militaristic actions.

    When the Trump White House called the mission a success and criticized detractors of the raid, saying those who question its success dishonor Ryan Owens’ memory, Bill Owens said, “DON’T HIDE BEHIND my son’s death to prevent an investigation.”

    The Jewish Wall Street enabled Pentagon is a WICKED institution.

    With deranged soldiers like ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis working for the Jews at the helm, this country is FINISHED. (And I’m the only one with the GUTS to say it.)

    I want to continue doing these Videos but will not be able to if this miserable downward trend of paltry number of donations continues. I depend on donations to do my online work…(and to keep a roof over my head, not to mention my daily bread.)

    Whenever I send out an Appeal to some 5,000 regular viewers, only 4 to 11 respond. And some with $1 donations. Pretty depressing, very discouraging. This is a lousy way to make a living.

    When I was a straight-commissioned salesman for 25 years we had a saying: “Simply Work.” (And you’ll make money.)

    But as it is now in the work I’m currently doing, the saying would go:

    “Simply Work.” (And you’ll go broke.)

    Please help me to continue!

    To Donate Your Tax Deductible Contribution Via PayPal CLICK:

    Or Donate Your Tax Deductible Contribution Via Click & Pledge CLICK:

    By Mail: The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

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    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

    +Brother Nathanael @

    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely.

  27. Brother Nathanael March 19, 2017 @ 4:35 pm


    Well, not even black cats are all alike.

    We’ve got MANY “truthers” out there. Paul Craig Roberts thinks The Saker is the “cats meow.” I think he barks like a dog while his tail wags. He simply can’t name the JEW.

    Paul Craig Roberts thinks Steven Lendman is wiser than an old cat. I say the man barks like a pipsqueak. He cannot even use the euphemism: “Zionist.”

    Anywhoo, thanks for the compliment! +bn

  28. Steve Oz March 19, 2017 @ 5:06 pm


  29. Brother Nathanael March 19, 2017 @ 5:31 pm

    Trump joins Saudi war crimes in Yemen

    First the murdeous Navy Seal raid authorized over a White House dinner that resulted in Nurra al-Alwaki’s death.

    Now this:

    The upshot of it all is that the Houthis are not proxies of Iran.

    The other Jew-twisted war effort freakiness is that the Saudis are supporting al-Qaeda in Yemen. +BN

  30. Kalin March 19, 2017 @ 5:57 pm

    Very nice, Brother Nate.

    Your song made me think about three videos I recently linked to others, regarding the Jew created and supported ISIS creeps attacking Syria (below). So sad.

    It makes me want to grab my own guns and go over there and help those people out.

    “EXCLUSIVE: Who are “Assad mercenaries” killing? “innocent Saudi tourists” in Syria?”

    “Syrian Christian girls defend their town from Western backed Islamist terrorists”

    “Syria – Assad Protects Christians from Obama & Saudi FSA Terrorist Hordes – Maaloula Visit”

    Thanks to you, Brother Nate and a small handful of others, Jewmericans and Europeans are starting to wake from their slumber.

    We can gauge this by indicators such as the comments under the recent video “Ken O’Keefe Unveils The Truth About Adolf Hitler”.

    10 years ago there wouldn’t have been but one or two positive comments; however, now look.

    Like I’ve said before, Brother Nate – I count you as one of my best investments.

  31. KathJuliane March 19, 2017 @ 7:24 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thank you so much for for this powerful, emotional, poetic and iconic Video commemorating the death of young Nora al-Awaliki, which has gone out throughout the world.

    I just discovered this in the comments on +BN’s YT Channel. I’m amazed at the responses you are getting with this masterpiece:

    Published on Mar 19, 2017
    A tribute to Brother Nathaniel.

    You’ve created a great cover piece for Cohen’s own melancholy cover piece adapted from the 1942 or ’43 French Resistance song, “Complaint of the French Partisan,” against the German occupation and Vichy France.

    Cohen universalized his version for the ’60s, particularly the anti-war dimension of the US-Viet Nam War as protest songs, along with other songs done by protest folk singers of the day, such as the originally Irish resistance song titled Patriot Games.

    I believe Joan Baez also did a cover version of the Complaint of the Partisan.

    And now, as you’ve so beautifully explained, your cover piece decries the brutality of The Project for the New Jewmerican Century and resistance to imperialist “Zionist-JEW global wars via Navy Seal goyim murderers who KILL little innocent girls in Yemen like little Nawwa, in my case. God REST her precious little soul.”


    Sometimes it takes awhile for the tears to dry when I think of your Video, or watch it again, and the blurry vision to clear up.

  32. Seek The Truth March 19, 2017 @ 7:32 pm

    Brother Nathanael, Your poem upstairs is great and very subtle. Here’s my contribution:

    Jews trolling the internet

    Upholding the satanic lie
    that Jews would never hurt a fly
    They say Arabs did 911
    Gamblers dice rolled lucky 7
    Not one Jew went to heaven!

    Asbestos dust flew in the air
    Hot plasma burned holes everywhere
    Yet Rabbi Cohen magically
    walked through radioactivity
    never was Mossad activity

    They lie about the “holocaust”
    Jews died 6 million was the cost
    No zionist whispered to Hitler
    It was by the Church they do blame
    Someday these trolls go down in flames!

    by Seek the Truth

  33. Brother Nathanael March 19, 2017 @ 8:15 pm


    Some still don’t get it. Some obtuse boor actually accused me of “bashing Germans.”

    The first man was a poet:

    “She shall be called Woman [Hebrew: Ishah] for out of Man [Hebrew: Ish] was taken this.” Genesis 2:23

    Yet some, many, have lost the primordial image almost completely. +bn

  34. J. Southstar March 19, 2017 @ 10:15 pm

    Well done! Trés apropos. Cheers, Brother!

  35. Citizenfitz March 19, 2017 @ 11:24 pm

    Brother Nate’s voice has kind of a Johnny Cash vibe.

  36. Citizenfitz March 19, 2017 @ 11:28 pm

    Song of the Holocauster

    Whenever I am getting beat
    And feel the argument is lost
    I use a trick my father taught:
    And scream the dread word, “Holocaust!”

    I never need to fear defeat –
    Though every word I speak is crossed –
    I have a word that trumps them all
    Should I but say it: “Holocaust!”

    And when I find myself in court
    I know who’s going to win because
    The judge will lend a kindly ear
    Each time that I say, “Holocaust!”

    All politicians bow and scrape
    Dissenting voices are soon quashed
    When I stand at the podium
    And cry about “The Holocaust!”

    Historians become perplexed
    When into prison they are tossed
    ’Cause they unwisely delved into
    The mysteries of “Holocaust!”

    Should you awaken from your slumber
    There among the great unwashed
    You’ll hear the television scream
    The lullaby of “Holocaust!”

    I have no need to prove my facts
    All challenges are quickly squashed
    When I sit at the wheel
    Of the juggernaut called “Holocaust!”

    The years roll by for you and I
    The world goes round without a pause
    Yet in six million years, you’ll still…
    Be hearing of: “The Holocaust!”

  37. Ted Gorsline March 20, 2017 @ 2:12 am

    Bro Nat is a very courageous man and his work is intellingent and artistic.

    My favorite protest song along the same theme, is very hokey and Country and Western, but its blunt, simple and easy to understand. Google it. Its called “Ty England’s NRA song”.

    There is a video of this song on YouTube and its as funny to watch and at the same time is as serious as can be.

    In the song is the line, “all the friends of Ted Kennedy” and while the video doesn’t mention Jews, the three People standing beside Kennedy in the video are all Jew or Jew-friendly including John Kerry whose grandparents were Jews and whose wife owns the multi billionaire Jewish Heinz Company.

    I took a look at the NRA Website and no longer see pardoned drug dealer Oliver North promoting Israel on their site, so I am willing to give the NRA a second chance. I suspect the protests from NRA members who follow Bro Nat caused them to drop Oliver North.

    Well done NRA!

    The jew boyss definitely want the guns. Its an obsession with them as George Soros (and his puppet Barack Obama) and Michael Bloomberg and all jewsih owned media have demonstrated for many decades.

    Jewish organized crime, and that is who the bad guys are, cannot turn America into another Palestine unless they get the guns.

  38. Ghost Of Lee Van Cleef March 20, 2017 @ 5:30 am

    Bravo Brother Nathanael!

    No Jew’s Harp necessaire…

  39. Marcus March 20, 2017 @ 6:20 am

    I feel quite mean, as I have never been able to donate before, but I made a donation today, albeit a modest one.

    I think we should all try and give something, tbh…

  40. Frank Pentangeli March 20, 2017 @ 9:31 am


    Interesting Web Link about WW2 quotes:

  41. Banshee March 20, 2017 @ 11:05 am

    Well, that song got me. You have a new financial supporter. I’ve come and gone over the years giving what I could when I could but this time I’ve committed for at least two years every month.

    I’ve been looking for anyone who could rally the troops and sadly they don’t exist. There have been a good many “flash in the pan” types that come and go but never anybody able to strike the collective nerve of the American people.

    You, however, are consistent and on target every time I hear or read what you have to say. You are also an American patriot writ large.

    Surviving on a shoestring because the message is more important than the messenger makes you a stand out in the “truther” crowd. The sum of it all makes you an icon of the resistance and trust me, there will be resistance.

    I’m through looking for the “right” guy to support. The right guy has been slugging it out on pennies and dimes for years and right under my nose. The fact that you haven’t tossed in the towel is a testament to your grit and determination.

    You’ve been pulled through a knothole backwards and you’re still here, on target refusing to be silenced. That’s enough for me.

    I wish that I could do more and maybe, in time, I will. But, I’ve committed for two years to provide monthly financial support. I would that God would give you a thousand supporters that could pony up a paltry $25 bucks a month and maybe He will. Time will tell.

    Anyhow, I didn’t intend to write this much and I certainly didn’t intend to toot my own horn.

    The song was excellent and very moving. It would probably be wise that we all learn it for future use because I think we’ll be needing it.

    Godspeed friend.

  42. Missy March 20, 2017 @ 11:29 am

    1. This country is FINISHED.

    2. You have a beautiful voice.

  43. Leave a comment March 20, 2017 @ 12:37 pm


    Try to donate to Brother Nathanael. Answer his work with a donation..

    “‘I want to continue doing these Videos but will not be able to if this miserable downward trend of paltry number of donations continues. I depend on donations to do my online work…(and to keep a roof over my head, not to mention my daily bread.)

    Whenever I send out an Appeal to some 5,000 regular viewers, only 4 to 11 respond. And some with $1 donations. Pretty depressing, very discouraging. This is a lousy way to make a living.”

  44. - The Jew Hackers - March 20, 2017 @ 1:18 pm

    The Jews have created the impression that a president or high ranking official can merely stamp classified on a document and then its secrets are safe. Some naive Goy politicians buy into this.

    The Jews have top officials believing they can press the encryption buttons on their phones and emails and be completely protected from eavesdropping and spying.

    The secrecy is maintained only if keeping it secret suits the purposes of Jews in high places. National Security and the dictates of the ranking officials mean little. Rules apply as the Zionists apply them.

    Secret agencies and secret societies such as the FBI and the Masons are controlled by Zionists, not Goy politicians. Secrets, mysteries, and intrigue are played on the home court of Jews who change the rules as the game plays out.

    Trump officials suspect someone in the government of leaking classified info, but Jews control all or nearly all of the leading communications companies such as AT&T, Cisco, Verizon, General Electric, Bell, Yahoo, T-Mobile, Facebook, etc, any channel by which officials communicate.

    Obama Jews used the email account of General Petraeus to bring down the general. Top level Jews can access government secrets through their spies inside government or via their spies outside government who provide electronic communications services to government.

    For Trump’s people to find the proverbial needle in the haystack (the spy betraying the secrets) they have to search lots of haystacks. The needles they find will probably be false evidence and Russian needles planted to lead them on wild goose chases.

  45. KathJuliane March 20, 2017 @ 4:27 pm

    USCENTCOM Commander: “We have probed ourselves, and found ourselves innocent”.

    Publicly falls on sword on Capitol Hill for Trump, Matis, Flynn, Dunford and the Pentagon brass.
    ~~~*~~~ (Mar 9)

    No ‘Incompetence’ or ‘Bad Judgment’ in Yemen Raid, Probe Finds

    A military fact-finding investigation found no evidence of “incompetence or poor decision making” in the Jan. 29 Yemen raid that would require a broader probe as demanded by the father of slain Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, a top commander said Thursday.

    Army Gen. Joseph Votel, commander of U.S. Central Command, said he presided over what he called an “exhaustive” after-action review of the raid. “As a result, I made the determination that there was no need for an additional investigation into this particular operation.”

    “We’ve lost a lot on this operation,” Votel said in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on the first combat mission personally authorized by President Donald Trump. “We lost a valued operator, we had people wounded, we caused civilian casualties, we lost an expensive aircraft.”

    Following the raid, the military began three separate investigations: a fact-finding investigation under Article 15-6 of military regulations, an investigation into the loss of the Osprey, and an investigation of the civilian casualties.

    Votel told the committee that the civilian casualty and fact-finding investigations had been concluded, but the aircraft investigation is still underway.

    “We have made a determination based on our best information available that we did cause civilian casualties, somewhere between four and 12, that we accept responsibility for — I accept responsibility for,” Votel said.

    Previous estimates from the Pentagon were that 14 to 20 civilians were killed, along with about 16 AQAP fighters in what CentCom has described as a “ferocious firefight.” Yemeni officials have said that among the civilian dead was eight-year-old Nawar al-Awlaki, the daughter of AQAP’s chief propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen who was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2011.

    In his testimony, Votel said the committee should look to him for accountability in the Jan. 29 raid in the remote and mountainous Yakla district of Yemen’s Al Bayda governorate.

    “I am responsible for this mission; I am the CentCom commander,” he said. In his oversight of the fact-finding investigation, Votel said he was looking for “indicators” of possible “incompetence or poor decision-making or bad judgment throughout all this.”

    “I was satisfied that none of those indicators that I identified to you were present,” he said. “I think we had a good understanding of exactly what happened on this objective, and we’ve been able to pull lessons learned out of that, that we will apply in future operations.”

    Following the raid, the military began three separate investigations: a fact-finding investigation under Article 15-6 of military regulations, an investigation into the loss of the Osprey, and an investigation of the civilian casualties.

    Votel told the committee that the civilian casualty and fact-finding investigations had been concluded, but the aircraft investigation is still underway.

    “We have made a determination based on our best information available that we did cause civilian casualties, somewhere between four and 12, that we accept responsibility for — I accept responsibility for,” Votel said.

    Previous estimates from the Pentagon were that 14 to 20 civilians were killed, along with about 16 AQAP fighters in what CentCom has described as a “ferocious firefight.”

    Yemeni officials have said that among the civilian dead was eight-year-old Nawar al-Awlaki, the daughter of AQAP’s chief propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen who was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2011.

    In his testimony, Votel said the committee should look to him for accountability in the Jan. 29 raid in the remote and mountainous Yakla district of Yemen’s Al Bayda governorate.

    “I am responsible for this mission; I am the CentCom commander,” he said. In his oversight of the fact-finding investigation, Votel said he was looking for “indicators” of possible “incompetence or poor decision-making or bad judgment throughout all this.”

    “I was satisfied that none of those indicators that I identified to you were present,” he said. “I think we had a good understanding of exactly what happened on this objective, and we’ve been able to pull lessons learned out of that, that we will apply in future operations.”

    I have to give credit where credit is due to John McCain when he has moments of sanity. From the beginning, he was extremely critical of the botched raid, and Votel focused on a very narrow scope of “indicators” which would attempt to refute the fact expressed by the Pentagon at the time just after the incident that the raiders knew that the mission was blown, and went in anyway, as I recall.

    Then at the hearing that Vogel testified at, McCain said something which I personally identify with, having lost friends, my high school sweetheart, and a couple of cousins in Viet Nam.

    My first husband was a Marine Corp sergeant and helo machine gunner with the Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463, and did four extended tours of combat duty in Nam from 67-72.

    The ex- wasn’t quite right in the head. The marriage ended after 14 years, but over time, I learned a lot of interesting things from he and other Nam vets in our circle of friends from the public safety and law enforcement world about what went on in the war.

    I can confidently say that President Assad did not invent the hyper-mythical “barrel bomb being dropped from helicopters.” HMH-463, the “Pegasus” Squadron did, but by all means, certainly the US did.

    The ex- was there for all of HMH-463’s barrel bomb operations, and thought pushing the 55-gal mixed napalm and gasoline barrel bombs onto Vietnamese villages watching them explode and catch people on fire was “great fun.”

    When our vet friends heard that one Monday Night Football night after the game, they came to the conclusion that the ex- was psychopath.

    A couple of them who were in country on the front lines, including a fire paramedic who was a highly decorated Green Beret sniper in Nam, quietly mentioned it to me later and suggested I start thinking about a divorce.

    Our vet friends didn’t talk much about their war experiences, and when they did, it was in somber tones. Not the ex-, he loved bragging about his experiences.

    I suppose to make up for the fact that he was awarded a Purple Heart for getting shot in the butt. The psychopath’s mask began to slip after that, things began to add up that he had done and said during my marriage, and indeed, I did start to plan a divorce…covertly.

    I’ve known Nam vets with great hearts, including the fire paramedic who gently, selflessly and compassionately took great care of all kinds of victims. Others were good cops who had nothing macho to prove, and would rather talk their way through a police incident than get into a conflict. The ex- was not one of them.

    The Marines didn’t make him the way he was, he was just born wrong, and going to Nam made it worse.

    So, when former Marine Corp general, Mattis, the Butcher of Fallujah, let slip in an old video that came out during the presidential campaign that he thought killing people “was fun,” some time ago, the hair stood up on the back of my neck, and made my skin crawl.

    McCain makes my skin crawl, too. However, also reported:

    Toward the end of the SASC hearing, McCain referred to Vietnam in stating that a fuller examination of the Yemen raid might be needed.

    He said, “Unless we tell the American people the truth, the absolute truth, then we are going to revisit another war a long time ago where we didn’t tell the American people the truth and we paid a very high price for it.”

    “There’s 55,000 names engraved in black granite not far from here,” McCain said of the Vietnam Memorial. “The American people were not told the truth about whether we were succeeding or failing in that war and then, because of that, it all collapsed.”

    That’s right. Some names I personally hold dear are engraved on the “black granite”. McCain said this in the hearing to spite Trump, I suspect. But it is true.

    The American people, all of us, including those who were drafted or enlisted for the Viet Nam War, were lied to then, and we’re being lied to and propagandized now.

    Votel said an interesting thing. “We have made a determination based on our best information available that we did cause civilian casualties, somewhere between four and 12, that we accept responsibility for — I accept responsibility for,” Votel said.

    There were many more “civilians” than that killed, besides three tribal chiefs. There is, alone, a list of 9 children’s names who were killed.

    Currently, a SEAL Team 6 operation is actually a task force having multiple components, and can typically have around 30 team members.

    We know that there were Emerati special forces with the SEAL Team, and there were likely also CIA special forces, which are classified as a civilian paramilitary special operations arm of the CIA. Yemeni sources I’d been following, including said that upwards of 57 people in Yakla were slaughtered in the raid.

    The principal targets of the raid were members of the al-Dhahab family and their houses, led by Abdul Raouf al-Dhahab. This clan of the al-Dhahab family is influential and Abdul Raouf reportedly could call on a tribal force of 800 clansmen. The entire al Dhahab tribe has a number of clans, split in two factions some years ago, and has not been without its infighting among half-brothers.

    The three senior tribal leaders killed in the raid: Abdul Raouf al-Dhahab, Sultan al-Dhahab and Seif al-Joufi. The elder brother Abdul Ilah al-Dhahab survived the attack that targeted the house of Raouf in Bayda.

    The late patriarch of the tribe, Sheikh Ahmed Nasser al-Dhahab, had four wives who produced 18 boys and 9 girls.

    At least three of the eighteen sons of the late patriarch Sheikh Ahmed Nasser al-Dhahab joined AQAP or its armed affiliate organizations, including Tariq, Qaid, and Nabil. Qaid was killed by an August 2013 drone strike. Tariq died while leading an AAS takeover of Rada’a, which also claimed the life of his half-brother Hizam, fighting on the other side.

    Whether or not Abdelrauf was affiliated with Al Qaeda is disputed, but the evidence weighs in favor that he was not. As of 2014, Slate reported, Abdelrauf “skirt[ed] the line between an AQAP sympathizer and outright supporter.” Abdul Raouf al-Dhahab “repeatedly denied belonging to al-Qaida,” and publicly pledged to the governor of Al Bayda governate to drive them out of the province in 2013.

    There’s no reason to believe that Abdelrauf al Dhahab would go back on his public pledge to the Al Bayda governor and so break his honor in what was effectively a pledge of loyalty.

    There were no Al Qaeda in the village. Even one surviving village elder stated to investigative journalists that there were no al Qaeda in the village which is located in a wadi, or seasonal riverbed valley. Al Qaeda were all “up in the hills”.

    Now we get to why the US/Saudi-backed Hadi government was so angry at the civilian casualties incurred by the botched commando raid authorized by The Donald, that he withdrew permission for the United States to run Special Operations ground missions against suspected terrorist groups in Yemen.

    Prior to the raid, Abdul Raouf al-Dhahab held a five-day meeting with military officials in the US-backed recognized government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi currently in southern Yemen.

    The military reportedly gave Abdul Raouf some 15 million riyals (US$60,000) to fight against the Houthi rebels. Hadi government military spokesman Maj. Gen. Mohsen Khasrouf has stated that al-Dhahab was working with the government as part of operations to retake the city of Rada’a from the Houthis.

    Located in the Al-Bayda’ governorate, Rada’a is the largest and most important of its cities, and so part of Al-Bayda governate is controlled by the Houthis and the Saleh government.

    By the way, Rada’a was once the home of the second largest Jewish community in Yemen, after Sana’a.

    One of the very first things the very day after the raid corroborating this, is that I found that a male relative of Abdul Raouf had stated to Yemeni media (through googlese from Arabic) that the tribal chief had just returned from the military summit with the pay for his tribesmen fighters. He denied that anyone in the village was al Qaeda, but said that someone who had come down from the hills to confer with Abdul Raouf may have been al Qaeda.

    This unknown named man stated that he’d been on the cellphone with a cousin in the village when the raiders’ firefight broke out, and heard what which went on inside this particular house. As I recall, this man’s son, identified as the caller’s nephew, was the 13 year old who’d been shot in the face when he heard noises outside, opened the door and called out into the dark “Who are you, what do you want?’

    I have a picture of the dead 13-year old boy and his facial wound which was uploaded and archived from Yemeni news media, along with some of the other slain children. I have a video clip of probably a cellphone recording of a little girl that I believe is Nora that was uploaded to internet. None of the photos in a reverse image search show up earlier than the day of the raid.

    So, SEAL Team 6 made botched an operation on the village in the Yakla’ district which is controlled by forces loyal to the Saleh government, and the home of a very important tribal ally of the US/Saudi backed President Hadi, the anti-Houthi chief of which had banished al Qaeda completely from Al Bayda’ governate, who was to be an essential Arab tribal component of an upcoming Saudi coalition/Hadi military operation to retake the second largest city in Yemen.

    The official fables from the horses’ asses at the White House and the Pentagon supporting the “Raid on al Qaeda” just don’t make sense. The original 29 January press release from the Pentagon, which has since been tossed down the memory hole and replaced by a far more subdued one, quoted Trump’s own press statement:

    ““In a successful raid against al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula headquarters, brave U.S. forces were instrumental in killing an estimated 14 AQAP members and capturing important intelligence that will assist the U.S. in preventing terrorism against its citizens and people around the world,” President Donald J. Trump said in a statement issued today.”

    Al Qaeda, ever willing to find ways enhance it’s own prestige, puts out their own propaganda “mourning” the killing of Sheik Abdul Raouf al-Dhahab as a “holy warrior” and the other tribal fighters, without specifying how many were killed, in a message on its official Telegram channel.

    However, the message comes just short of actually claiming they belonged to Al Qaeda, but leaving the impression that the three dead tribal chiefs did, and so supporting the White House assertion that it was a raid on an “al Qaida” stronghold, complete with “compound” implying some kind of armed fortress kind of thing.

    I’m certain the CIA’s own special forces was part of the team, because on the SEAL Team task force operations, it’s usually the CIA’s responsibility to sweep up such intelligence items as computers and cell phones, which the Pentagon stated was the actual object of the mission.

    Neither the Hadi government nor the Saudis are actively hunting for al Qaeda. They’re fighting Houthis and the Saleh loyalist faction of the Yemen armed forces. In fact, al Qaeda operations in Yemen work very much in favor of the Saudi’s interests extending a pipeline through Yemen and bypassing the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf and Iran’s control over it.

    The Saudis fear that Iran might someday blockade the strategic oil transport chokepoint, as does Jewmerica, so pipelines overland to the Gulf of Aden through Yemen are in Jewmerica’s interests as well.

    In fact, one of the prime beneficiaries of the Saudi pipeline strategy in Yemen is AQAP who, surprise, surprise, have also received deliveries of Saudi arms shipments according to sources I’ve found, including statements by an EU geopolitical analyst who wrote about a year and a half ago that al Qaeda was in control of the port and the international airport of al-Mukalla, government seat of Hadramawt governate, the Saudis’ targeted destination point in their trans-Arab oil pipeline strategy–the Hadramawt pipeline.

    Saleh opposes the Saudi pipeline through Yemen, Hadi supports the pipeline through Hadramawt governate.

    The governorate of Hadramawt is one of the few areas where the Saudi-led coalition does not conduct air strikes on al Qaeda. This battlespace map from the day before the botched raid shows the military situation in Yemen, and colors the al Bayda province by who controls what territory.

    A smaller southwest portion of the governate is under the control of the Saudi/Hadi alliance, while the majority of the province is under Houthi control. Houthis also do vigorously fight al Qaeda.

    So, yes McCain, a thorough investigation is called for because all the evidence points to a major screw up for what amounts to a commando raid on a US/Saudi allied tribe, but I know that’s not going to happen.

    Your father, Admiral John S. McCain II., under the Jew-owned Johnson White House, was a major player in whitewashing and covering up Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 by ordering just a limited one week Navy investigation of the attack.

  46. Only Foxjews Shows Trump Speech March 20, 2017 @ 5:25 pm

    All the speeches I’ve seen Trump make previously were shown on CNN, MSNBC, Foxjews and the rest of the MSM.

    Tonight Trump is making a speech in St Louis. Only Foxnews and Fox Business Channel are showing Trump’s speech this time. Maybe CNN and the rest of the far left media will no longer broadcast Trump talking about fake news and similar subjects.

    Regarding left, center, and right in politics and news, that is fake too. Really it’s left, far left, and extreme left instead of left, center, and right.

  47. Brother Nathanael March 20, 2017 @ 8:50 pm

    The Axis Of Resistance Trumphs, Israel Panics
    (Scroll down for Transcript)

  48. Brother Nathanael March 20, 2017 @ 9:27 pm


    What we’re witnessing now from the Jew-enabled Pentagon (The Fed’s funding/Jewish Wall Street/Military Complex) is Orwellian doublespeak.

    Votel found “no evidence” of “incompetence” or “poor decision making” in the Navy Seal raid in Yemen, YET stated, “we lost a valued operator, had people wounded, caused civilian casualties, and lost an expensive aircraft.”

    Sounds like incompetence to me.

    But, a “botched raid” and all, if just one civilian is killed (30 in all including children) it means the operation was “criminal” and the soldiers acting on Pentagon orders committed the SIN of “murder.”

    Owens, (who Trump touted as a “hero” when trotting out his widow before all the Jew-bought (Israel-war promoting) hacks on Capitol Hill), died a MURDERER.

    What we are witnessing before our eyes (those with eyes to see) is the public display of Jewmerica in decline.

    What else could it be when a General says the operation failed completely YET found “no evidence” of poor decision making?

    What we are witnessing day after day at that official Jewish Conference held on the House and Senate floors is a country that has become a sociopath.

    How else could it be when America is run by neurotic, mentally unbalanced, morally-deficient JEWS?!

    My dear KathJuliane, as the glory of the All Existing One abandoned the apostate nation of Israel for crucifying its Messiah Jesus, God has ABANDONED Jewmerica.

    America is no longer under any “blessing” of God. There will be MORE, ever MORE, “botched” operations AND policies to come.

    +Brother Nathanael

  49. KathJuliane March 20, 2017 @ 10:39 pm

    Resistance has may faces, many jobs, and many ways to fight back.

    Kevork Almassian is a Syrian Armenian Christian who moved to Germany in the war. (His English is excellent, by the way).

    He has recently launched a YT Channel — Syrian Analysis.

    Kevork posted important historic video footage documenting evidence of key Syria events in early 2011.

    “It proves that what happened was not a revolution.”

    The narrative of the corporate mainstream media is that the vast majority of Syrians resorted to peaceful protests against the “dictator Assad regime”.

    In this video, I will prove with evidences that, what you were being told is a lie. (18+)

    I remember some of these scenes back in 2011 on Syrian social sites, but it was in Arabic. A few independent journalists were reporting these events trying to break through the MSM’s cloud of lies. +BN was one of the earliest. Some of the long-time RJN family will remember his expose on FSA’s links to ISIL, and how these operations occurred while Robert Ford was US ambassador to Syria.

    Now, I’m happy that Kevork can put the context of these footages into English in the chronological order that they occurred.

    PS: @+BN

    God bless you. Christ Conquers!

    IC XC
    NI KA

  50. DRight March 21, 2017 @ 2:07 am

    We are again approaching the annual celebration of the Lord’s death, burial, resurrection; called Easter.

    Regarding the guilt for Christ’s death, called deicide, the act of killing a divine being; interesting my spell checker won’t acknowledge the word.

    In 2011 the Pope excused the Jews from the sin of deicide based on the notion that there wasn’t anything in the Scriptures to justify the charge. I guess the words of Jesus don’t mean much to the Pope.

    John 19:10 Then saith Pilate unto him, Speakest thou not unto me? knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, and have power to release thee?

    11 Jesus answered, Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above: therefore he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin. 12 And from thenceforth Pilate sought to release him: but the Jews cried out, saying, “If thou let this man go, thou art not Caesar’s friend: whosoever maketh himself a king speaketh against Caesar.”

    13 When Pilate therefore heard that saying, he brought Jesus forth, and sat down in the judgment seat in a place that is called the Pavement, but in the Hebrew, Gabbatha.

    14 And it was the preparation of the passover, and about the sixth hour: and he saith unto the Jews, “Behold your King!”

    15 But they cried out, “Away with him, away with him, crucify him.” Pilate saith unto them, “Shall I crucify your King”? The chief priests answered, “We have no king but Caesar” (KJV).

  51. Citizenfitz March 21, 2017 @ 11:18 am

    As often happens, Brother Nate’s article inspired me to troll my “elected representative’s” office’s.

    I asked them, given General Votel’s alternate reality appraisal of the disastrous Seal Team 6 raid into Yemen, if they could find out what he’s smoking and let us know.

    I strongly advocate calling your DC reps. Brother Nate articles are a great resource and we should use them for more than pissing and moaning among ourselves.

    I mentioned this here once before and someone whimpered that because DC is Israeli occupied territory it does no good.

    Wrong. It does a lot of good. Jews are aware of and sensitive about their public image. If their public image is taking enough of a beating they WILL retreat.

    Lastly, we should dedicate ourselves to prayer and fasting on Fridays. I do a weekly 24 hour fast: Thursday night to Friday night. The hunger pangs let up after about 20 hours.

    Also, we need to do better at honoring the Sabbath. As a nation we’ve become very remiss in obeying that commandment.

    Not to mention all the others.

  52. Mats-Gunnar March 21, 2017 @ 12:02 pm


    One thing which astonish me: USA seems to be so weak and leftwinged.

    Most of the people still not realized what the “Dry the Swamp” is about.

    The once so serious TV-stations, like women are they spreading nonsense.

    The women themselves stressed, talking fast. Ein Affentheater.

    God bless America. Without Trump a catastrophy.

  53. Ted Gorsline March 21, 2017 @ 12:37 pm

    The worlds biggest media whore, Christain Anampour (real name Christy Rubin) outdid herself tonight in her perpetual propaganda efforts to get Americans to pay and to die to invade Syria on behalf of the apartied state of Israel.

    In the best traditions of Israeli owned – CNN’s famed fake journalism – her interviewee not only had a fake name, (she called him Caesar) but his physical features were also blacked out.

    I am not even sure if it was his voice or if the voice was just some bogus CNN producer or maybe its the the voice of a recycled “Danny The Jew” whom they used a while back as an Syrian “activist,” dubbing in fake gunfire for a better Hollywood effect.

  54. David Galea March 21, 2017 @ 1:02 pm

    Yemen? No problem here.

    No Jewish law has been broken! (Jewspeak)

  55. Marcus March 21, 2017 @ 1:17 pm

    ‘Without Trump a catastrophy’

    I think the general feeling is that Trump (French for to deceive) is a mere apostrophe, (with a trophy wife), on the road to catastrophe.

  56. Ted Gorsline March 21, 2017 @ 4:26 pm

    It looks like Trump, in conjunction with Israel, is now escalating the war in Syria and according to Gordon Duff has killed and wounded hundreds of Syrian civilians today, so blood lusting Christian Anampour ought to be happy that her propaganda is working and she is getting her way.

    I assume Israeli owned CNN, the foreign owned network that fields ex-AIPAC lobbyists and, unlike Russia, really does try to infleunce American elections, will be happy with their new recruit Donald and maybe they will start to pull their punches and kiss his butt.

    On the downside for the US/Israeli war machine, The Syrian Arab Army has captured a bunch of American made Stinger missiles, so American and Israeli civil aviation is no longer safe.

    Well done, Mr. Trump, you idiot.

  57. Santiago March 21, 2017 @ 6:32 pm

    Oh My Lord!!!!

    Beautiful and Powerful!!!!

  58. Brother Nathanael March 21, 2017 @ 7:26 pm

    Special Thanks To:

    “You do good work, you nail it.”

    As regards your question, Hollywood celebs adopt black babies as part of Jewry’s war on whites. (Jews own Hollywood (like everything else in JEWmerica) and dictate its culture.)

    Whites are automatically identified and classified in a JEWish cultural mileau as “Christian.” Jews hate anything that has anything to do with “CHRIST.” It scares them, indicts them, and exposes their sinfulness. That’s why they changed the name of CHRISTmas to “holidays,” and Easter break to “spring break.” +BN

  59. Kiimm March 21, 2017 @ 8:09 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael –

    Relevant now more than ever.

    My heavy heart grieves. . .

    Lord help us, grant us the strength to withstand the coming days ahead now and in the future.

    So many implications as to your most recent work. Trying to decipher and understand all, even though, yes, I do get it.

    The precious innocent soul of Nora lives on as she now rests in the safety and security of the Almighty’s arms.

    Also, thanks much to KathJuliane for her tomes of much wisdom and information, also edifying.

    P.S. Personally we could live life without the Kushners in the Trump camp and quite frankly they scare me.

    Also lets get rid of the “Mad-Dog” Mattis (for he’s definitely a yahu, only moreso). 🙂

  60. Kiimm March 21, 2017 @ 8:18 pm

    Brother Nathanael has always had a “beautiful voice”.

    Please support him (financially) as he presses on and as we all take part in his ministry.

  61. Kiimm March 21, 2017 @ 8:40 pm

    Black-n-white to living color!

    John3:8 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

    There’s an urgency in his message.

  62. Robert Kuskis March 21, 2017 @ 10:15 pm

    Dear Readers,

    I never see prayers on this site but here is mine!

    Oh Mighty Father in Heaven,

    We cannot approach thy throne unless covered by the Blood Of Jesus and thank-full for the blood that was shed for me and all mankind.

    Oh Lord, Crush the very two top Demonic Council with thine hand – (and I think you already did that)

    The Nations are a drop in the bucket according to thine Almighty word.

    In Jesus Name,
    Bob Kuskis

  63. Ricck Lineheart March 22, 2017 @ 6:44 am

    Well now this was quite a good surprise!

    I have to wonder just how many members of our U.S. Congress and House of Representatives hold the ‘ Dual Citizenship ‘ status?

    I understand most are Israel/U.S. and a few are other countries. This should not happen in America this can lead to where we stand now, in an unholy alliance with the butcher shop Israel.

    This ‘Dual Citizenship ‘ creates partiality for one and dislikes for the other.

    President Washington warned us about this in his farewell speech.

    Thank you Brother Nate, God Bless you and keep you !

  64. Citizenfitz March 22, 2017 @ 10:25 am

    Scandal, bribery, perjury, lying newspapers, changing stories, suspicious deaths, perversions of legal norms…. Just another page in Jewtopia’s playbook.

    Things you’ll never read about L’affaire Dreyfus in Wikipedia:

  65. Migrant Madness March 22, 2017 @ 10:29 am

    The Jew World Order leaders are in a dilemma. On one hand they want to use migrant terrorists to bring chaos and destruction to the white Christian nations. On the other hand, the terror makes the white Christian nations oppose the floods of immigrant terrorists.

    The JWO tries to portray the terrorists as sweet lovable innocent immigrants while they rape, murder, and destroy.

    The JWO wants to unleash the most violent and destructive “immigrants” on the the white Christian nations in order to maximize destruction. At the same time the JWO wants us to view the “immigrants” as innocents to be welcomed with sympathy and love.

    To make people believe such mind bending lies requires powerful deception. But the Jews media made people believe the 9/11 delusion and other lies that didn’t pass the gut check.

  66. KathJuliane March 22, 2017 @ 11:56 am

    Since we “Judeo-Murricans” wear the white hats, and “they” the _________ (fill in the blank) wear the black hats, what “we” do is always right, and what “they” do is always wrong, the label of hypocrisy can’t stick to the “exceptional nation” (and it’s hideous Zionist second head with the dirty white yamulka).


    Activist Post: As The Media Focuses On Russia, Government’s Own Data Shows US Interfered In 81 Elections

    Ask an average American who makes a habit of following government-mouthpiece corporate media about interference in national elections and you’ll likely elicit a nebulous response concerning Russian hackers and a plan to install Donald Trump in the White House — but you probably won’t hear a single syllable pertaining to United States government’s actual attempts to do the same.

    On Monday, FBI Director James Comey confirmed for the first time publicly that the bureau is officially investigating hotly contentious allegations of Russian meddling in the U.S. election — but, even if proven true, such geopolitical escapades better characterize the routine behavior of accuser than of accused.

    “The F.B.I., as part of our counterintelligence effort, is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 president election,” the director announced, adding the bureau would conduct a probe to discern whether Trump’s associates had contact with Russian officials.

    Despite that the U.S. has hypocritically exerted influence over foreign elections in all corners of the globe — in fact, it has arrogantly done so a whopping 81 times between 1946 and 2000, alone — with just one-third of those operations undertaken overtly.

    WikiLeaks ✔ @wikileaks
    US agencies have interfered with 81 elections not including coups. #CIA


    Oxford Academic Study [paywall]:

    12:10 PM – 20 Mar 2017

    Database Tracks History Of U.S. Meddling In Foreign Elections

    NPR’s Ari Shapiro talks to Carnegie Mellon University researcher Dov Levin about his historical database that tracks U.S. involvement in meddling with foreign elections over the years.

    For months, mainstream media parroted murky accusations hurled by politicians — keen to point a finger of blame for the apparently stultifying victory of a former reality television host on someone — that The Russians had somehow surreptitiously undermined the election-centric foundation of American Democracy.

    While that has yet to prove true, this new Red Scare constitutes a duplicitous attempt by the pot to call the kettle … an election meddler.

    Researcher Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University’s Institute for Politics and Strategy — an expert on the topic at hand — discussed the lengthy but incomplete list of times the U.S. government has interfered in other nations’ elections with NPR’s Ari Shapiro.

    Asked for examples where this tampering tangibly altered results, Levin stated,

    “One example of that was our intervention in Serbia, Yugoslavia in the 2000 election there.

    “Slobodan Milosevic was running for re-election, and we didn’t want him to stay in power there due to his tendency, you know, to disrupt the Balkans and his human rights violations.

    So we intervened in various ways for the opposition candidate, Vojislav Kostunica. And we gave funding to the opposition, and we gave them training and campaigning aide.

    “And according to my estimate, that assistance was crucial in enabling the opposition to win.”

    Levin reiterated the more blatant methods with which the U.S. asserts dominance — through the overt coups or all-out regime changes branding the nation a notorious interventionist — are not among the list of the 80-plus attempts to manipulate the electoral outcome.

    As for the issue of pot versus kettle, Levin explained that — although Russia and other powerful nations indisputably employ similar tactics — the United States has been quite prodigious in its effort.

    “Well, for my dataset, the United States is the most common user of this technique. Russia or the Soviet Union since 1945 has used it half as much.

    “My estimate has been 36 cases between 1946 to 2000. We know also that the Chinese have used this technique and the Venezuelans when the late Hugo Chavez was still in power in Venezuela and other countries.”

    As sanctimoniously as U.S. politicians cry foul about The Russians, it would behoove the new McCarthyites to reflect on the nation’s sticky imperialist fingerprints around the globe — like that time in 1996, when the United States undertook an extensive, secret operation to ensure the presidency of Boris Yeltsin.

    That is, of course, former President Boris Yeltsin — of the Russian Federation.


    I obtained the report. It’s a solid, objective academic political science research paper despite the (((author’s))) ethnicity, subject to peer review. He did not count covert coup d’états interventions like the United States did in Iran in 1953 or in Guatemala in 1954, which would push the number higher for Pax Judaica meddling.

    The take away conclusion of his paper? Quote:

    My findings demonstrate that, overall, partisan electoral interventions seem to substantively benefit the aided candidate or party. Furthermore, overt interventions prove to be significantly more effective than covert interventions in swaying elections.

    Of course, given the average effect that I find (about a 3 percent change in vote share), electoral interventions will not always assure victory for the great powers’ preferred candidates.

    However, such interventions often do swing elections. The evidence presented in this article suggests that in the foreseeable future, partisan electoral interventions will continue to be an effective way for great powers to determine the leadership of other states, regardless of whether their targets are governed by “competitive authoritarian,” partially democratic, or fully democratic regimes.

    These results also provide further—and cross-national—support for the finding of Corstange and Marinov ( 2012 , 664–669) that no popular backlash effect existed in their survey experiment of overt intervention.

    Future research should focus on other effects of electoral interventions. Partisan electoral interventions affect a key democratic institution—the national level elections and the process by which the executive is peacefully replaced or retained.

    As a result, such interventions may have major effects on the target. For example, one important direction for future research in this regard would be to investigate whether electoral interventions have ramifications for the level of democracy in the target over the medium and long term.

    Another important direction for future research would be the possible effect of electoral interventions on the target’s domestic stability. Research on this question could investigate, for example, whether such interventions may inadvertently encourage various kinds of extra-parliamentary opposition (such as mass protests, general strikes, riots, and terrorism) by the frustrated losing side.

    This study shows that even when foreign powers do not use force (whether overtly or covertly) toward a democracy, they can still exert a major influence over the nature of its leadership, and they are frequently willing and able to use this option.

    Indeed, in a world in which military interventions are increasingly costly and democracies are more common, partisan electoral interventions are likely to become an ever more central tool of the great powers’ foreign policy.

    For example, had the Arab Spring led to a new, more enduring crop of democratic and democratizing regimes (in addition to Tunisia) in the Middle East, it is quite likely that some of these countries would have become targets of partisan electoral interventions in order to prevent “undesirable” parties or leaders from winning power.

    Indeed, carrying out electoral interventions for this purpose was an option openly advocated during the initial aftermath of the Arab Spring by some segments of the US foreign policy community.

    Furthermore, given the fact that many of China’s and India’s neighbors and potential peer competitors are full or partial democracies, a future attempt by either power to rise to regional or global prominence may not necessarily lead to warfare as some theorists predict (compare Mearsheimer 2001 , 396–402).

    Instead, either power may choose initially to invest its efforts in replacing foreign leaders strongly hostile to their geopolitical ambitions with “friendlier” ones through a partisan electoral intervention, thus preempting much of the resistance to their rise. Ballots thus may well supplant bullets in the twenty-first century but in a way quite different than usually conceived. [End quote]

  67. KathJuliane March 22, 2017 @ 1:29 pm

    Russia Beyond the Headlines:

    What’s life really like in Crimea 3 years after reunion with Russia?

    RBTH took a trip and found out the truth about life in Crimea three years after the Black Sea peninsula reunited with Russia, and to see whether Crimeans are happy or not.

  68. KathJuliane March 22, 2017 @ 4:27 pm

    U.S. Airstrike in Syria Is Said to Kill Dozens of Civilians

    BEIRUT, Lebanon — At least 30 Syrian civilians were killed in an airstrike by the United States-led coalition fighting Islamic State militants in a rural area of Raqqa Province early Tuesday, according to residents, activists and state television.

    The coalition said it had no indications that an airstrike hit civilians, but in its daily report on coalition strikes, the United States military acknowledged that strikes were carried out in the area.

    It said that coalition warplanes carried out 19 airstrikes on Tuesday — an unusually high number for a single day — on a range of Islamic State facilities near the city of Raqqa.

    The attack, which hit a school in the town of Mansoura, where civilians had taken shelter on Tuesday night, was the second time in a week that Syrians had accused the United States of involvement in a strike that killed dozens of noncombatants.

    Forty-nine people died last week when American warplanes fired on a target in Al Jinah, a village in western Aleppo Province.

    United States officials said the attack had hit a building where Qaeda operatives were meeting, but residents said the warplanes had struck a mosque where hundreds of people had gathered for a weekly religious meeting.

    The United States military said it was investigating whether civilians had been killed in that airstrike.

    In Raqqa, the Islamic State’s self-declared capital, hundreds of people who fled their homes in other parts of Syria were sheltering in the school, according to residents and to the group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, a team of activists originally from Raqqa who monitor the conflict.

    The two airstrikes have raised concerns about whether the United States military has become less careful, or less selective, in its targeting.

    President Trump repeatedly said during his campaign that he would loosen restrictions intended to protect civilians during attacks against the Islamic State and other extremist groups.

    The attack came as American forces took a new step in their campaign against the Islamic State, also known by the acronyms ISIS or ISIL.

    On Wednesday, United States Special Forces troops and members of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the name used by the Kurdish and Arab forces working with the United States military in northeastern Syria, were dropped into territory held by the Islamic State near the Tabqa Dam on the Euphrates River, as more Kurdish forces crossed the river to reinforce them.

    The school in Mansoura was not far from that area.

    Airstrikes during the Obama administration also led to high civilian death tolls, most notably in an operation last year in Manbij, a town in northern Syria near the Turkish border that was being held by Islamic State militants.

  69. KathJuliane March 22, 2017 @ 8:19 pm

    BBC documented last year that Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) in Yemen, and doubtless in the mercenary pay of the Saudis, just as the Gulf States also supported ISIS & Al Qaeda in Syria, was fighting alongside Saudi coalition forces backing Hadi’s government in the Yemeni civil war. Although not conclusive, it confirms what I’d found from Yemeni/Arabic media and social media.

    This harmonizes with the information gleaned from several Yemeni social sites in Arabic (via googlese) with different dates and locations in Yemen to the effect that they’d observed peaceful transfers of zones of control from al Qaeda to Hadi army and tribal militia loyalists, and Hadi loyalists handing security over to al Qaeda.

    “Houthi rebels” = Saleh loyalist faction of Yemeni army & various mostly northern Yemeni Sunni and Shia paramilitary groups & Houthi allies in control of the capital, Sana’a, and a large regional chunk of Yemen.

    Hadi’s government is the US-Gulf recognized Yemeni government. Hadi is from the south, originally hailing from Abyan province, where the botched SEAL Team 6 raid occurred in Nora’s village in Yakla district.

    Saleh was ousted as President of Yemen in 2012. Saleh previously served as President of North Yemen from 1978 until unification with South Yemen in 1990.

    Between 4 June and 23 September 2011, Hadi was the acting President of Yemen while Saleh was undergoing medical treatment in Saudi Arabia following an attack on the presidential palace during the 2011 Yemeni uprising.

    On 23 November, Hadi became Acting President again, after Saleh moved into a non-active role pending the presidential election “in return for immunity from prosecution”. Hadi was expected to form a national unity government and also call for early presidential elections within 90 days, while Saleh continued to serve as President in name only.

    Mansour Hadi was chosen as a president for a two-year transitional period on February 21, 2012, in an election in which he was the only candidate. In January 2014 his mandate was extended for another year. However, he remained in power after the expiration of his mandate.

    Then on 22 January 2015, Hadi resigned.

    Consequently, the Houthis seized the presidential palace and placed him under virtual house arrest. A month later, he escaped to his hometown of Aden, rescinded his resignation, and denounced the Houthi takeover as an unconstitutional coup d’état.

    The Houthis named a Revolutionary Committee to assume the powers of the presidency, as well as the General People’s Congress, Hadi’s own political party.

    On 25 March 2015, Hadi reportedly fled Yemen in a boat as Houthi forces advanced on Aden. He arrived in Riyadh the next day, as Saudi Arabia began a bombing campaign in support of his government.

    In September 2015, he returned to Aden as Saudi-backed government forces recaptured the city.

    More recently, Saleh openly allied with the Houthis (Ansar Allah), leading to the Yemeni Civil War, in which an insurgency succeeded in capturing Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, causing Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi to flee the country.


    BBC (2016): Yemen conflict: Al-Qaeda seen at coalition battle for Taiz

    The BBC has found evidence in Yemen that troops from a Saudi-led coalition force and al-Qaeda militants are both fighting Houthi rebels in a key battle.

    On a visit to the frontline near the city of Taiz, a documentary maker filmed jihadists as well as UAE-supported pro-government militiamen.

    The coalition of 10 mostly Sunni Arab states is backing Yemen’s government in its war against the Shia rebels.

    But it denies co-operating with Sunni extremists also opposed to the Houthis.

    The coalition’s member states consider al-Qaeda a terrorist organisation, and the jihadist network’s local affiliates have attacked coalition forces and Yemeni government personnel.

    At least 6,000 people have been killed in Yemen since March 2015, when the coalition launched a military campaign to defeat the Houthis and allied army units loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and restore the government.

    ‘Spreading the message’

    Pro-[Hadi] government forces have been battling the rebels for control of Taiz, about 205km (123 miles) south of the rebel-held capital Sanaa, for months.

    The Houthis [and Saleh loyalists] control all routes into and out of the city, and are besieging a Sunni Islamist-dominated alliance of local forces holding the city centre, while coalition-led forces are attacking the rebels on several fronts to the south and west.

    Taiz has suffered huge destruction as a result, and the UN says some 200,000 civilians are trapped inside the city without critical medical supplies or food.

    During a visit to the frontline outside Taiz late last year, documentary maker Safa AlAhmad spoke to pro-government militiamen attacking Houthi fighters on a key hilltop with the support of troops from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who were providing tactical advice.

    While there, Ms AlAhmad was warned by one group participating in the battle not to film them.

    She was told they were members of Ansar al-Sharia, an affiliate of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and that they were angered by the presence of a woman.

    Ms AlAhmad said it appeared that AQAP – which has exploited the chaos and seized parts of southern Yemen, including the port city of Mukalla – had sent fighters to Taiz to increase the group’s influence and spread its message.

    Several reports of coalition forces and AQAP militants battling the Houthis in the same areas in southern Yemen have emerged over the past 11 months, despite the jihadists’ long-standing violent opposition to governments of coalition-member states, who are allied with the US.

    Some have alleged that the Yemeni government is avoiding direct confrontation with AQAP, which in turn has avoided attacks on government targets.

    The Houthis have claimed that Saudi Arabia and its Sunni allies are more concerned with checking the influence of Shia power Iran, which has denied providing military support to the rebels, than combating al-Qaeda.

    Al Jazeera (2016): Yemen war: Al-Qaeda fighters leave Mukalla

    Yemeni government troops and allies from a Saudi-led coalition have entered a city held by al-Qaeda for a year after the group’s fighters left.

    Local Yemeni officials and residents told the Reuters news agency on Sunday that some 2,000 Yemeni and Emirati troops advanced into Mukalla, taking control of its port and airport and setting up checkpoints throughout the southern city.

    The coalition said in a statement, carried by the official Saudi news agency SPA, that “more than 800 al-Qaeda elements” had been killed and that the rest of the fighters had fled the city, the provincial capital of Hadramout.

    The death toll could not be independently verified.

    Iona Craig, a journalist who was in Mukalla last month and who said she regularly communicates with residents there, described the coalition’s claim as “ridiculous”.

    “There weren’t even 800 fighters left there,” she told Al Jazeera by phone from the UK. “There was no fighting inside the city because al-Qaeda had already left.”

    The coalition’s statement said the forces of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi were backed by Saudi and Emirati special forces in the operation on Mukalla, which is home to an estimated 200,000 people.

    The move appeared to be part of a wider offensive aimed at taking back parts of the country from groups such as al-Qaeda, who have exploited a 13-month war between Saudi-backed government loyalists and Houthi rebels supported by Iran.

    It coincided with UN-brokered peace talks in Kuwait, which were arranged after a ceasefire came into effect on April 11, and from which al-Qaeda and its allies were excluded.

    “We entered the city centre and were met by no resistance from al-Qaeda militants who withdrew west” towards the vast desert in Hadramout and Shabwa provinces, a military officer told the AFP news agency by phone from the city.

    Mukalla, capital of Hadramaut Governate, is the port city on the Gulf of Aden that the Saudis desperately want to run their ambitious pipeline project through, under the kingdom’s sole ownership and control.

    Hadi approved; Saleh disagreed with the Saudi project on sovereign Yemen soil. Saudis are also desperate to take control of Yemen with a puppet government, to control two critical maritime oil transportation “choke points”:

    1) Hormuz Strait between Oman and Iran at the entrance to the Persian Gulf; and,

    2) Bab-el-Mandeb passage from the Arabian Sea to the Red Sea, and with it the Gulf of Aden between Yemen and Socotra–a tiny Yemeni island archipelago in the Gulf of Aden east of Somalia in the Gulf of Aden, and a political subdivision of the Hadhramaut Governorate, where the Saudis want their pipelines.

  70. Irene Bonney Faulkes March 22, 2017 @ 8:29 pm


    For all of us

    The Protocols of the Elders of Sion advocates among other matters, for the Jews (as one body) to avail themselves of all opportunities.

    That precept is certainly followed today, its arm even extended to reach little Nora.

    Sergei Nilus was the brave Christian who published the Protocols as translated into Russian in 1901.

    He was a protege of one, Father Barsanuphios of the Optina Monastry. Tolstoy and Dostoevsky knew of Optina and it appears ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ is based on that Monastery.

    A visit to websites from the Russian Orthodox Church concerning the above proved most enlightening and stimulating. I would suggest all readers do likewise.

    The area is somewhere south of Moscow and the Monastery itself continued to be the center of an increasing spirituality in Russia, that began much prior to the publication of the Protocols of the Elders of Sion.

    This was the work of God and as Kuskis in his above comment prayed, perhaps we all should concur and do likewise.

    God is willing and able to listen to such prayers. We could have an increasing awareness in our Western countries and churches as to the verities of such as the publication and its evils by that Cabal of Jews who are decidedly not the people of God. We need such knowledge as to our enemies – of Christ and of us

    If you are blessing them you could be receiving the reverse in a curse against yourselves as I am positive is the case. In that case a decided release is necessary..

    This cult has been penetrating our multitudinous congregations in buildings erected to house true gospel worship for generations. The attacks are ongoing, against true doctrine, the truth of the gospel, Bible exegesis, the Bible itself, both Old and New Testaments.

    The onslaught is forever, and entails intrusion by all means, never fair but always foul.

    The demons affect preachers, seminarians, people. Falsity is believed instead of the Truth. The myths of the millennium, great tribulation, reign of Christ (theirs whom they never envisage as our Biblical Christ), fulfillment of prophecy, are eagerly swallowed.

    The Zionists approach just as Paul informed Peter did occur in Galatia. This is by subterfuge and through means of spying out the land. They do not find giants because they are the giants from even that time of old Tower of Babel.

    So Christians looking at Rabbis on Television, in their churches the blowing of the shofar and the revealing Menarah and so-called ‘Star of David’ are viewing fakes.

    Public announcements that ‘Jews are rich because they tithe” make a welcome dessert after feasting on the poisoned church sermons in regard to having to follow the “Passover’ as one example. Or visit Israel for the Feast of Tabernacles. How the serpents must be dancing in glee!

    There has been a Replacement Theology of some gospel wedded to Rabbinic Judaism. This was the kind of Judaism followed by the Pharisees of the time of Jesus and the Judeans then (Israel if you wish). He proclaimed it to be Satanic and fruitless as far as His message entailed.

    Yes, we need a revival as some in Russian Orthodox Church did experience more than a century ago.

  71. Chico March 22, 2017 @ 9:28 pm


    Not only can you stand up for the truth, you can sing too.

    That’s a powerful combination.

  72. KathJuliane March 22, 2017 @ 9:40 pm

    Dear Irene Bonney Faulkes,

    You may be interested in The Elders of Optina series of books published by St. Herman of Alaska Monastery Press.

    As far as the Protocols of Zion, after the murders of Tsar Nicholas II and the Royal Family and members of their household, the Czech allies of the pro-royalist White Army took Ekaterinburg in September, 1918, enquiries were made as to the whereabouts of the Imperial Family.

    Within a couple of days a heap of charred bones was discovered in the bottom of a mine shaft about 30 versts north of town. Among the ashes were personal items that were identified as belonging to the Tsar, Tsaritsa and their children.

    The White Army had a chance to conduct an investigation into the murders over some months. The Jew Norman Cohn writes in his so-called critical work, a genuinely sneering, hateful screed at times, Warrant for Genocide, about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

    “Indeed, what launched the Protocols on their career across the world was above all the murder of the imperial family at Yekaterinburg…on July 17, 1918 (July 4, 1918, OS). Here chance played an extraordinary part. Some months before her murder at Yekaterinburg the deposed Empress had received from a friend, Zinaida Sergeyevna Tolstaya, a copy of Nilus book containing the Protocols.

    It seems to have meant little to her, to judge by a letter which she sent to her great friend Anna Vyrubova on 20 March 1918: ‘Zina has sent me a book: The Great in the Small, by Nilus. I am reading it with interest.’

    This terse comment hardly suggests enthusiasm; and the Tsaritsa, though a stupid, superstitious, and hysterical woman, was in fact far less of an antisemite than her husband… As luck would have it, the Empress took Nilus’ book with her to her last home, the house of Ipatyev at Yekaterinburg. A week after the murder of the imperial family, Yekaterinaburg was evacuated by the Bolsheviks and occupied by the ‘Whites’;…[discovery of the remains]…

    Meanwhile the examining magistrate Nametkin was engaged in drawing up an inventory of the belongings found at Ipatyev’s house. He found three books belonging to the Empress: the first volume of War and Peace, the Bible in Russian, and The Great in the Small by Nilus” (Warrant For Genocide: The Myth of the Jewish World-Conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elder of Zion; p 116, 1st edition).

    Cohn then goes on to make a whole number of “Aryan” innuendos about a swastika, her favorite good luck symbol, that Alexandra had scrawled on a window sill, and penciled the date 17/30 April 1918 while she, Nicholas, and their daughter nervously waited for the rest of the family to arrive.

    I typed out the quote from my copy of Cohn’s book, but if you run a search with the phrase “He found three books belonging to the Empress: the first volume of War and Peace, the Bible in Russian, and The Great in the Small by Nilus” it should come up in a Google books search results (the linked snippets don’t say much at all).

    Nilus’ book, a much larger work than just the Protocols which formed chapter 12 of the book, was fully titled, ‘The Great within the Small and Antichrist as an Imminent Political Possibility. Notes of an Orthodox Believer’.

    If the Protocols were a forgery produced by the Tsar’s own secret police, why would the Tsarina have kept a personal copy of the book with the chapter even in her own room, and one of three books she took to her death? If it was a forgery, she would have had no use for it, and her husband, Nicholas would have made sure it was gone.

    Moreover, considering it was one of the three books, clearly most important books to the Empress, that she took to Yekatarinaburg with her, then it certainly meant much more to her than Cohn snarks.

    On the contrary, the Emperor was also interested in the Protocols for deeply spiritual reasons, related to Orthodox prophecies by Russian Elders and Fathers, which spanned several centuries, about the last Tsar and his woes, about themselves, and the disasterous course that Russia was on, which were now fulfilling themselves right before their eyes after the abdication.

    The entire royal family were deeply pious, virtuous Christians, their persecutory captivity under the Bolsheviks only deepened their faith. Contrary to Cohn’s depiction of Alexandra as a “hysterical woman,” she invested almost superhuman energy into her nursing duties as a Red Cross Nurse (along with her daughters, also Red Cross Nurses) and superintendent of a very large hospital network that she established.

    Baroness Sophie Buxhoeveden wrote in her biography of Alexandra in the chapter on the Empress’ war work in 1915:

    Neither the Red Cross not the Commissariat could cope with the ever-growing demands of the hospitals for linen and supplies. The Empress arranged for her sklads [rural localities, I believe the old noble and imperial estates with peasant villages] to co-operate with these institutions, particularly in helping small military hospitals, close to the fighting line.

    She had sklads at Petrograd, Moscow, Odessa, and Vinnitza, and a whole line of lesser sklads in small towns near the front. Their sphere of activity became very wide. Supply trains and single carriages attached to empty ambulance trains took hospital material from the main sklads up to the fighting line.

    Automobile squads had been formed in Poland in connection with these trains, most of them being run by members of the great Polish families, who put their private cars at the disposal of the sklads. They did excellent work all through the war.

    The needs of the moment were what guided the Empress and her assistants. At the head of the Moscow sklad, which directed the whole work, was M. Nicholas de Meck, always called by the Empress “Uncle Meck,” and his nephew V. V. Meck.

    The Petrograd sklads were organized by Princess E. N. Obolensky; Count Apraxin, the Empress’s gentleman-in-waiting, was continually going with the trains to the front, to see how everything was working.

    To villages where there were no baths, the Empress had bath cars sent out, attached to the supply trains. These the soldiers greatly appreciated; they called these cars the “disinfection ” cars – an apt mispronunciation of the word!

    In the winter warm clothing was supplied, as well as linen. In 1915, when the armies were more stationary, she arranged to send field churches. The country in which the fighting was taking place was Catholic, and there were few Orthodox churches.

    Priests went out with these portable churches, and were a great comfort to many dying men, unable to get into touch with the regimental priests.

    New ideas were always working themselves out in the Empress’s brain. The days were too short for her.

    Wounded POW German, Austrian, and Hungarian soldiers were given the same medical treatment right alongside Russian soldiers in the hospitals. Neither the Empress nor the Princesses shied away from duties as surgical nurses in the hospitals.

    The strain, however, was hard on the Empress’ heart, and she had heart trouble for the rest of the war and was forced to take bedrest at times. In fact, the Austrian Croat, Tito, fighting in the Austro-Hungarian army, had been wounded and taken POW and spent some months in a Russian hospital recuperating from his critical injuries.

    Pictures of Alexandra and her daughters, and other women of the Romanov family dressed in their Red Cross Nurse habits can be found doing on online search.
    ( )

    Fr. Nektarios Serfes writes:

    In writing about the complete devotion and faithfulness of the Tsarina let us not forget her nursing duties, as a Red Cross Nurse when the war between Germany and Russia began in 1914. Her influence as Empress enabled her to set up hospital wards in many of the Russian palaces, and encouraged the use of hospital trains which were sent across the vast Empire to assist the wounded.

    Let me humbly also speak of the great charitable work in which the Empress Alexandra was involved. She set up work houses for the poor around the country. She also established a School for Nurses, and an Orthopedic Hospital for children. In addition, she assisted widows, and orphans, and did all she could to relieve hunger.

    The Empress also gave her support for the School of Popular Art, setting up a two-year program designed to assist girls on low incomes. She was also constant in her support for nuns and their convents.

    The Empress Tsarina Alexandra was a enthusiastic philanthropist, but most of the time she did a great deal of her work in secret, and many people did not know she was assisting them, only discovering this later.

    Often the Empress would visit the very ill and widows at their homes, as well as inviting them to the Palace, and sent them flowers, personal books, and wrote to them encouraging letters, assuring them of her prayers. All of this well indicates that this was hardly an Empress who was stiff, cold and unfeeling.

    In addition the Empress had a deep interest in the many Sanitariums for tuberculosis victims near Livadia, the family’s estate in the Crimea. Those who could not afford the expense of being treated for this illness, the Empress paid from her own pocket, as well as setting up bazaars to help assist and support the Sanitariums.

    Then again the Empress also taught her children the need to help others, as Grand Duchess Olga and Grand Duchess Tatiana both became Red Cross Nurses during the war with Germany. Her eldest daughter, Grand Duchess Olga, herself set up charitable assistance for the refugees in Serbia, as well as assisting many children who needed further medical care, these funds coming personally from the pocket of the Grand Duchess.

    As World War I began, the Empress Alexandra characteristically threw herself into the war effort, and she took training courses to qualify as a Red Cross Nurse, along with her two loving daughters, the Grand Duchesses Olga, and Tatiana. Both the younger Grand Duchesses, Marie and Anastasia, also did voluntary work at the local hospitals that were set up by the Empress at The Petrovsky and Poteshny Palaces in Moscow, the Nicholas Palace, and Catherine Palace.

    The Empress also set up and constantly supervised 85 military hospitals and ten medical transport trains, and to ease the plight of wounded soldiers and their families she caused apartment blocks to be set aside for them in St. Petersburg.

    Empress Alexandra saw herself not only as a Empress of Russia, but also as the Mother of Russia, personally responsible for her “children”, the Russian people, and this care can be clearly seen in her attention to war relief and the other programs she helped that I have indicated.

    On a regular basis the Empress sent comforting letters to the soldiers and their families, and despatched gift parcels which delighted them. For those soldiers who perished during the war, she was very concerned as to the plight of their widows.

    There have been, sadly, historians who have written that all the Empress did was stay in bed throughout the morning, imply that she was pampered and lazy. However, due to her heart condition and her exhausting charitable work, as well as the relief work she undertook from 1914-1916, the Empress was genuinely exhausted from her constant work, and her doctors advised total rest. But once the Empress regained her strength she was back again at her faithful duties. — The Faithful Royal Martyr Tsarina Alexandra of Russia

    Behind the royal trappings and obligatory court life and diplomacy, the Romanovs struggled to live as humbly and ascetically as possible as a family with daily cycles of the Liturgies in the royal chapel, in simple clothing of the day, eating simple “peasant” foods. Unless it was an occasion for the intricacies of high court dress, they dressed themselves. The rural countryside was their refuge.

    They knew their destiny beforehand and spent their last months in Bolshevik captivity spiritually preparing for it with much prayer and fasting, reading the Bible and spiritually edifying and encouraging each other as a family, withstanding enormous humiliation, dishonor, and abuse at the hands of their captors.

    The Romanovs’ Christian demeanor towards their captors was such that the bitterly cruel, hardened hearts of some of their first guards and their hatred of the Emperor and Empress began to soften and began to treat the family more humanely and considerately. These guards were immediately removed, and the Bolsheviks then made certain to rotate the guards to avoid any familiarity.

  73. Marcus March 23, 2017 @ 12:51 am


    My understanding – well, that which was explained to me patiently several years back by some brothers and sisters, and which is now my belief – is that the ‘great deception’ that the Church is swallowed up in is the love of Judaism, who, when wearing his tuxedo, is, of course, Zionism.

    The American Churches are absolutely marinated in this, and it is very hard to find any Christians in America who do not get very paternalistic over the state of Israel.

    I suppose in many ways the Prosperity Gospel and Zio-christianity are two sides of the same coin. They both go on about blessing and cursing, and interpret blessing to mean material increment.

  74. Irene Bonney Faulkes March 23, 2017 @ 2:36 am

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Thank you for your long and interesting comment. most of which is news to myself.

    Some months ago, one of my daughters and her husband excitedly told me of their viewing a B.B.C. documentary about the ‘evil’ Romanovs. They had been gripped by the narration and of course their knowledge of Russian history was non-existent.

    On being so informed, I immediately discovered from them the name of the narrator. ‘Ah, I said, I am sure that is a Jewish name’. I searched it out and of course it was, which we discovered together.

    After this episode, I decided to purchase a few books on the assassination, rather cruel murder, of the Czar, Czarina and the three daughters and son. Naturally, I did know of them as most of us with television sets years ago would have seen true stories about the whole family and their ghastly deaths. I think there had been a woman who claimed she was a surviving daughter.

    I perused the books, some on the actual assassination, that included some of the facts you indicated as well as some about the Czarina, her husband, the Czar (you called them Emperor and Empress) and of course her spiritual monk. He was classed as a clown and a controlling agent of the wife who in turn seemed to have controlled her husband. There was also a book on the family jewels that was interesting. Their spirituality in regard to Christianity was obvious.

    My daughter and her husband were then given the books for themselves. I of course knew all about the Bolsheviks and had read quite an amount regarding Stalin and even years ago, Lenin and Trotsky and of course, Karl Marx.

    For the first time, a few days ago I was given sites to visit in relation to the unknown Australian many tens of thousands of ‘Russian Anzacs’, who had served with the Australian Imperial Forces in World War I, in France. To my surprise, my father had been one, having joined that army in 1916, having migrated to Australia some years previously.

    The point of all this is that it was stated by the historian in Canberra that the Emperor of Russia had proclaimed his desire for Russian emigrants to join the armies of the Allies. This would have been before 1917.

    I had gathered that maybe Estonia at some times in history had been part of Russia and knew his religion had been Russian Orthodox and that he could speak Russian. This personal interest makes me all the more keen to venture further into the field of Russian history especially in connection with the links you mention, so I do thank you again and most heartily.

    We were never taught about the Bolsheviks or Jews in Russia and just thought ‘Communism’ in our ignorance but my father hated Socialism and the Labor Movement here and on one occasion at least, stood by the Boss and spoke to his fellow workers urging them not to strike and they did not.

    As one Eastern European migrant here told me once, and I surely agree with her: ‘Australians are ignorant and naive about politics European matters’. I would point out I felt excluded from that true opinion because of having been a prolific reader that included a smattering of Russian history and the then present and past events. Of course, during the Cold War, she was ‘the Enemy’. Having rejected communism and the Oligarchy, places her in a different position, despite all the lies spoken about that country from the Jew controlled media both in the States and even here.

  75. Rabbitnexus March 23, 2017 @ 4:30 am

    Unfortunately the US is today the Empire against whom true partisans of resistance must fight.

  76. Ted Gorsline March 23, 2017 @ 5:35 am

    Gordon Duff has a great interview with an FBI agent on VT today. Well worth listening to.

    Its about the drug trade and Mitt Romney and Bain Capital and within the interview Duff says he is in almost daily contact with the head of the Russian drug trade, almost certainly a Russian Jew although Duff does not say much about that or even why he is in daily contact with such a man.

    Very strange?

    Duff also tried to get the FBI man to say the corruption in Bain Capital and with other drug deals lies directly with the GOP, but the FBI man does not bite and says its both parties. Equal opportunity bribing I suppose.

  77. Subverted Government March 23, 2017 @ 8:48 am

    The US military has been subverted and turned against us like so many other branches of “our government.”

    With their subverted politicians running the government, the Jews use the various branches of “our government” for their evil purposes.

    The Jews are using the US military to uproot people from the Mideast, North Africa, Syria, Libya, Sudan, etc, and herd them to the white Christian nations – not to China, South America, Africa, India, etc.

    The Jews’ media calls them refugees and immigrants rather than outraged Muslims who have been bombed, raided, driven from their homes, and provoked to hate and attack the white nations where they are being driven.

    As usual, our soldiers are young naive men in their teens and twenties who are kept in the dark about how they are being used by the Jews to destroy themselves and their country.

  78. Ted Gorsline March 23, 2017 @ 9:58 am

    According to CBC News of a few minutes ago, a man who has been threatening Jews in America has been arrested.

    Turns out he is an Israeli Jew. That is usually the case. Once the Jew Boys think their role as victims is in danger, they make themselves into victims.

    The Jews have hijacked suffering.

  79. Hoff March 23, 2017 @ 12:01 pm

    We need good music. Here’s two:

    Ирина Билык – Катюша


    Midnight Oil – Blue Sky Mine

  80. Leave a comment March 23, 2017 @ 1:08 pm

    Nice to read all your comments my compliments 🙂

    Israel is waging war without effort, with their known tactics to come in last when the chance of victories are the biggest.

    The tactics in Syria and Iraq are simple let the Gentiles (locals and abroad) fight and kill each other.

    The infrastructure is systematically destroyed so even when Assad wins it will be a Pyrrhic victory. All serves just one cause the region (greater Israel) will be less populated with Gentiles, because they fled the region or they got killed. Meanwhile Israel itself is looking for a reason to confiscate land under security reasons like they did with the Golan.

    The refugees themselves are also used to cause more ‘havoc’ in the Western world so public opinion of European countries and the US change dramatically and fast for the benefit of the Israeli cause. The same refugees who fled from NATO wars and chaos as result!!

    So the proxy war with Israel as mastermind with the Western countries and their vassals against Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Russia, China and Yemen can turn real fast in a global crisis. Russia, China, Iran and friends have experienced already revolts and student uprisings.

    If you wonder how Israel is able to do this they own the global US petrodollar monetary system and all markets that’s their main weapon of choice. It attacks and bribes people and countries into their evil scam.

    With just one goal they want to restore the kingdom of David and Solomon as leading country in the world were everyone has to pay tax to. In fact the world is already doing just that with the FED global monetary petrodollar system. USA is now being used like they used France and the British empire.

    Only this time on bigger scale because France and the British empire are being used to replace all monetary systems from all the countries they colonized into a global monetary system of that of the US petrodollar.

    This is the reason why the USA went so powerful in such a short time raised to give birth to a greater Israel, after France and the British empire gave birth to Israel.

    The king of the greater Israel will also be the high priest and and paid like King Solomon. ”Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold”

  81. Steve March 23, 2017 @ 3:56 pm

    The best news I’ve had all day.

    Go Eastern Europe/Russia for standing up to this POS and his minions whose name is LEGION!

    Soros-funded charities targeted by Trump-inspired crackdown in East Europe

  82. Irene Bonney Faulkes March 23, 2017 @ 4:56 pm

    @Ted Gorsline

    Yes, one of their own is used to be the perpetrator of an evil deed.

    Their old-time trick of causing more anti-Semitism so as to produce more sympathy for themselves.

    The gullible public falls for the deceit and bows to this organized mind-changing system that produces much self-deceit in the already deceived.

  83. KathJuliane March 23, 2017 @ 8:08 pm

    Dear Ted and Bonney Irene Faulkes,

    Do you mean this dual-citizen Israel-American Jew?

    They are already lawyering up the sob story of some “medical condition” to explain away the creep’s deeds. And from the tremendous amount of technology that the creep used, it reeks of “Jewish lightening” given a hacker twist.

    Oh, puhleeze. 19-year old Israeli-American Jewish experienced hacker using sophisticated hacking technology to create false-flag terrorism?

    And I love how they try to float the word “teenager” to leave the impression it’s some young mischievous adolescent.

    This is a 19-year old MAN. 18-year olds are legally adults, and are eligible to enlist (or conscripted) in the IDF.

    That Jews in the IDF have the mental maturity of a toddler crayoning the walls, punching holes in them, and smearing their own feces around in the homes, business, farms and other properties of Palestinians, as well as joyfully pull wings off of butterflies, is beside the point.

    That’s similar to how the Israeli press will describe how the Palestinian just suddenly went berserk for no reason, and attacked “Jewish civilians” for no reason, along with members of the IDF and internal state police and security services.

    Digging deep enough, those “civilians” will almost invariably be armed, state-supported Settler paramilitaries who take their weapons everywhere. They are state-funded paramilitaries operating under the official auspices of Tel Aviv, and therefore a component of the Occupation.

    It’s application season at the state level for upcoming FY-2016-2017 federal DHS national security grants to non-profit organizations.

    Jewish organizations (like the ADL, ahem), synagogues and community centers have been aggressively applying and lobbying for these DHS grants, hoovering up 90% of the available grant money for over ten years. The rest of us have to make do with the 10% that’s left over in grant money to do something with our churches, mosques, and ashrams.

    The Zionist began recruiting motley crews of computer hackers to lead the nation’s cyber-warfare efforts back in 2011-2012.

    Jerusalem Post: “These are some of the top experts in their field,” a senior officer said.

    The new soldiers will serve in Military Intelligence as well as in the C4I Directorate, the two military branches responsible for cyber-warfare in the IDF.

    C4I stands for command, control, communications, computers, and (military) intelligence.”

    The government recently established a cyber task force that will be responsible for improving Israeli defenses and coordinating the development of new software and capabilities between local defense and hi-tech companies.

    The IDF recently organized the units that deal with cyber-warfare, establishing offensive capabilities and operations within Military Intelligence’s Unit 8200 and defensive operations within a new division within the C4I Directorate.

    The new division is run by a colonel who took up his post over the summer.

    The officer is the former commander of Matzov, the unit that is responsible for protecting the IDF networks and a Hebrew acronym for “Center for Encryption and Information Security.”

    Matzov writes the codes that encrypt IDF, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Mossad networks, as well as mainframes in national corporations, such as the Israel Electrical Corp., the Mekorot national water company and the Bezeq telephone company.

    [And so forth].

    The Guardian:

    Israeli teenager arrested over bomb threats to US Jewish targets

    A 19-year-old Israeli Jewish man has been arrested in Israel on suspicion of making multiple bomb threats to Jewish organisations and an airline in the US and elsewhere.

    The unnamed individual – who lives in Israel, reportedly in the southern city of Ashkelon, but has joint US-Israeli citizenship – was arrested at the request of the FBI, which has been examining a wave of threats against Jewish centres.

    The arrest took place after a months-long undercover investigation by an Israeli police unit specialising in cybercrime.

    Police seized a number of computers as well as other equipment during the arrest. Micky Rosenfeld, an Israeli police spokesman, said the motives behind the threats were unclear.

    Rosenfeld alleged the suspect was “the guy who was behind the JCC threats” – referring to Jewish community centres – and said advanced technologies had been used to mask the origin of calls and communications to synagogues, community buildings and public venues.

    “He didn’t use regular phone lines. He used different computer systems so he couldn’t be backtracked,” Rosenfeld said. The suspect also made threats in New Zealand and Australia, Rosenfeld alleged.

    According to a recording acquired by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, in one call to the airline Delta the caller is heard threatening to kill Jews onboard a flight.

    The suspect’s lawyer said her client suffers from a “very serious” medical condition that may have affected his behaviour.

    Galit Bash told reporters outside a courthouse that the young man’s condition had prevented him from serving in the army or going to school. The medical condition could “affect the investigation”, Bash added.

    The US Anti-Defamation League has tallied 166 hoax bomb threats to Jewish schools, synagogues and cultural centres since 9 January. There has also been a spate of vandalism in Jewish cemeteries, leading to fears of rising antisemitism in the US.

    The Trump administration was accused of not speaking out quickly enough on the threats, though last month the White House denounced them and rejected “antisemitic and hateful threats in the strongest terms”.

    Despite efforts to mask the source of the calls, police investigators in New Zealand and Australia were able to identify the IP address of the computer used as being inside Israel.

    According to some reports, the equipment used included a large antenna and unusually sophisticated computer hardware. The caller also used technology to alter the sound of their voice.

    An Israeli police official said sophisticated methods were used. Yaniv Azani, the head of technology in the Israeli police’s cyber unit, said several different means were used “to camouflage the various layers of communication mechanisms” to carry out the calls.

    According to Nimrod Vax, a co-founder of the US-Israeli cybersecurity company BigID, the phone calls required a level of sophistication but were “not too difficult” for an experienced hacker.

    Rosenfeld said the investigation was carried out with the help of the FBI and police from other countries.

    The suspect is the second person to be arrested in connection with the hoax bomb threats in the US. Earlier this month, Juan Thompson, a former journalist, was arrested in relation to eight of the bomb threats.

    Federal officials said some of the calls were made in the name of Thompson’s former partner as part of a campaign to harass and intimidate her.

    Commenting on Thursday’s arrest, Israel’s public security minister, Gilad Erdan, said: “We hope that this investigation will help shed light on some of the recent threats against Jewish institutions, which have caused great concern both among Jewish communities and the Israeli government.”

    Or else he’s just some poor autistic patsy who is brilliant with computers.

  84. Anti-semites Among Us March 23, 2017 @ 9:48 pm

    Yet another case of a Jew performing anti-semitic acts is in the news again today.

    An AP headline about it reads: Israel arrests hacker linked to threats on US Jewish centers.

    The Jews media typically hides these type stories but strangely they reported this one.

    These fake anti-semitic scams are so prevalent that every time I hear about an anti-semitic act in the Jews media my first thought is that a Jew probably did it. That’s how it usually turns out.

    If the “anti-semitic” culprit gets caught he usually turns out to be a Jew. Anti-semitism is as fake as a four dollar bill.

  85. Kaylin March 23, 2017 @ 11:04 pm


    The Israeli staged anti-Semitism is an example of Munchausen and Munchausen-by-proxy Syndrome as strategy for influencing opinions and controlling the narrative via deception.

  86. Ted Gorsline March 23, 2017 @ 11:29 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    You are simply dangerous! It’s because you do great work.

    You come up with more detailed and accurate information in an hour, than the whole Veterans Today staff digs up in a week.

  87. I Don't Like Alex Jewnes Infosnores March 24, 2017 @ 1:30 am

    BN and RJN-

    What do you think of Trump so far? IS he a Juden cuck like Alex Jewnes or does he really love America?

  88. Zionien March 24, 2017 @ 5:34 am

    Trump AGAIN was right.

    A Jew WORM was behind all the SINagogue Of Satan bomb threats, but he’ll do super easy time in Pisreal w/o any chance or extradition.

    Of Course — WORMS!

  89. Curtis March 24, 2017 @ 7:16 am

    The news media could not ignore the story about the source of the phone threats coming from a Jewish dual-citizen in Israel so they co-opted the story.

    Instead of saying “anti-semitism” is not as much as it was played up, they quoted the usual suspects (ADL, etc) as saying it’s just another example of the anti-semitism in the US or they reminded us of the (isolated) incidents of the cemetery stones overturned.

    Hopefully more people are getting disgusted by these tactics but I doubt it. From what I’ve seen most of the religious right here in the South have doubled down on the BS.

  90. mrbuttermaker March 24, 2017 @ 11:13 am

    +BN Got himself some well deserved pub on VT courtesy of Preston James, another one that seems to me has the guts to name, names. A must read.

  91. KathJuliane March 24, 2017 @ 11:20 am

    US General: Russia ‘Perhaps’ Supplying Taliban

    Offers No Evidence or Details of What He’s Actually Alleging

    In the past few months, US officials have increasingly found it convenient to blame Russia for anything that goes wrong, no matter how little credibility such an accusation has.

    NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, US Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, may have gone the farthest, however, saying that it was conceivable that Russia was providing unspecified “supply” to the Afghan Taliban.

    Gen. Scaparrotti told the Senate Armed Services Committee that he had “seen the influence of Russia of late,” and that “perhaps” this included supplies, though he neither offered any details on what sort of supplies he was accusing Russia of “perhaps” giving the Taliban, nor any evidence that anything he said was true.

    There is plenty of reason to believe it isn’t true, however. Russia fought a long, unsuccessful occupation of Afghanistan itself in the 1970s and 1980s, against a US-backed Islamist force that eventually became the Taliban.

    Since the US occupation began in 2001, Russia has publicly supported the US, and at times like the US and NATO use their territory for a supply route.

    There were reports of Russia trying to send out feelers to the Taliban and other factions in Afghanistan when NATO started talking up their withdrawal from Afghanistan, as Russia has a defense deal with some of Afghanistan’s former Soviet neighbors, and is extremely concerned about the war spreading across central Asia.

    Such efforts likely have been abandoned, however, with the US extending its occupation more or less permanently, and ensuring that the Taliban will be busy for quite some time.

    @Ted Gorsline

    TY! God bless!

  92. KathJuliane March 24, 2017 @ 4:22 pm

    Another face of the Resistance

    YouTube: Fourth Annual “The Israel Lobby and American Policy” Conference

    Hosted by the Washington Report on the Middle East (WRMEA) and Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep)

    [This was streamed live today and video recorded. It’s long, an all day conference, but well worth listening to in increments as you have the time.

    Or you can go to the program link below and find a speaker of interest. Since it started at 9 am ET and ended about 5 pm ET, it should be fairly easy to pin down at what point in the conference a particular speaker appeared in the video: example: 10 am = hour 1; 2 pm = hour 5, etc. Speakers cross the political spectrum, but share this in common — anti-war, anti-Zionist Nationalism, anti-Israel lobby.]

    Growing numbers of Americans question massive, automatic and unconditional U.S. support for Israel.

    The American Educational Trust, publisher of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, and the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy will host an historic fourth annual conference on March 24, 2017 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC focusing on the key issues.

    Expert keynote speakers and panelists will present their analysis of:

    — U.S. foreign aid, intelligence and diplomatic support to Israel.

    Since 1948, the U.S. has provided more foreign aid to Israel than to any other country. In 2016 the U.S. signed a new pledge to provide it $38 billion over 10 years. Is the aid unconditional?

    Will the U.S. provide it no matter how many illegal settlements Israel builds or what military actions it takes?

    — Israel as a U.S. ally.

    During the Cold War, many claimed Israel was America’s “cop on the beat” in the Middle East, squaring off against Soviet client states and protecting U.S. access to oil.

    Were these claims ever true? Does Israel currently serve any identifiable U.S. strategic interest, or is it in fact a liability?

    — Israel lobbying organizations have launched many programs in the U.S.

    They transfer billions of dollars in tax-deductible charitable contributions to support Jewish immigration to Israel (including from the former Soviet Union), and fund Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program. Do these programs further harm American interests?

    — Israel affinity organizations and prominent neoconservatives have long demanded that the U.S. should militarily engage Israel’s rivals, including Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and Iraq.

    Is the list of targets growing? What future wars are these neocons currently agitating for? How likely is it the U.S. will comply?

    — The Israel-Palestine conflict is the longest running confrontation in the region. It generates terrorist attacks and other blowback against the United States.

    What are the latest views from the region about prospects for a viable Palestinian state vs. Israel’s continual territorial growth as a foreign-supported settler-colonial enterprise?

    — American public opinion is rapidly turning against unqualified support for Israel. How do Americans really feel about U.S. aid to Israel, Israel’s huge influence with U.S. elites, and its treatment of Palestinians?

    –Beyond changing perceptions, increasing numbers of Americans are actively working against Israeli programs.

    What is currently being done at the grassroots level, in courtrooms and internationally to confront, expose and challenge Israel lobby initiatives?

    The Israel Lobby and American Policy conference is solely sponsored by the American Educational Trust, publisher of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, and the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep).

    ( )

    ( )


    It will also be live streamed on

    The full program of speakers and activities can be found here.

    Speaker bios may be browsed online here.
    ( )

  93. KathJuliane March 24, 2017 @ 6:49 pm

    The Duran: In Syria, Social Media Has Been the ‘Weapon of Mass Instruction’

    Unlike in previous catastrophic events, such as the fall of the USSR, the internet is the most powerful medium in the Syria conflict

    I, along with others have been wondering just how the events in Syria from 2011 onwards might have unraveled had the internet not been as advanced as it has been in the last six years.

    When the US and the UK invaded Iraq in 2003, those Iraqis who knew of the internet saw it as an exotic, alien entity. Mobile phones were scarce, and even satellite television was not permitted prior to 2003 while email services were mostly limited to government officials.

    Would things have transpired differently had the Iraqis been able to electronically communicate their plight with one another and the world to help counteract the established corporate media’s fake narrative that Saddam Hussein possessed Weapons of Mass destruction?

    My feeling is yes, things might have turned out differently. Iraq might not have survived the invasion due to its sectarian make-up and heavy sanctions placed on it that greatly weakened the country, but at the very least there may have been less bloodshed and more political and military unity.

    The Shi’ias, Sunnis and Christians might well have united in patriotic spirit to fight a common Imperial enemy and save their country had they only had the means to liaise with ease amongst themselves.

    The Baa’th Party had already instilled a culture of education and learning, so I’m certain that had the people had access to internet, the majority would have wholly embraced it and Iraq might have just survived and been spared of the inevitable terrorist and sectarian wars that it suffers now.

    Many Iraqis who lived through Saddam’s rule admit they regret his absence and many only understood the objective of the war well after the invasion.

    By contrast, when the NATO alliance began its wars on Syria and Libya in 2011, the internet was more or less as it is now. Both Libyans and Syrians had full access to Facebook and Twitter.

    Syrians admit that internet and particularly the social media has played a huge role in counteracting the established media’s lies and propaganda which has in turn helped establish an international movement, one that supports President Assad and the Syrian Arab Republic.

    Syrian writer and commentator Afraa Dagher says, “Mainstream media uses the net and social media to divide and occupy our land and spread lies, especially lies about civilian bombings by the Syrian or Russian airstrikes.

    “By the same token, we, Syrians reveal their lies by posting original photos along with the real sources. The mainstream media show photos from Gaza, from actual videos of Songs, sometimes from Benazir Butto suicide bombings, and claim them to be in Syria.

    “But we still post the truth, despite our limited net, we post about Hezbollah’s heroic efforts and the real crimes of Israel which they try to censor simply because they know the truth would win.

    “Recently, the NATO aligned media tried to spread lies about the collapse of our army in Jobar Damascus, lying about the control of the terrorists over Damascus, in the same way they lied about Iraq, making the world think that Iraqi people welcomed the American soldiers when in reality they did not.”

    The Libya situation is far sadder. Although Libyans had full (and free) internet access, they did not take to the internet in the same way the Syrians did, despite the near 100% literacy rate in Libya.

    They did not share the same keenness and curiosity as the Syrians toward the outside world, partly due to the tribal mindset and partly because, unlike Syria who had Iran and Hezbollah – and later Russia step in to assist, nobody did the same for Gaddafi.

    Gaddafi turned Libya from sand to the richest state in African history, turned tents to skyscrapers but the culture of learning was not imbedded in a people with a less than 10% literacy rate prior to Gaddafi’s rule.

    The Levant, by contrast was always ahead in terms of ancient civilization and modernization, and this is why I don’t believe Libya would have survived the war one way or another.

    As for the illegal break-up of the Soviet Union, there was little hope of things transpiring any differently because of the remarkable degree of treachery by Yeltsin and because the internet did not exist for ordinary people in 1991, when an overwhelming majority of Soviet citizens voted in a referendum stating that they wished to remain within a single state, the USSR.

    Both during the referendum and in the aftermath of the end of the USSR, Soviet citizens could not share their views with their fellow countrymen and the world on social media because it did not exist. Had it existed, there could have been a real discussion and people like Yeltsin, who covertly conspired to dissolve the USSR at a secret meeting in Belavezha Forest may have been held to account.

    Nor was the internet advanced enough to serve any meaningful purpose in 1999 when NATO illegally waged war on Serbia, bombing civilian targets including schools, churches and television stations. The only reporters on the ground whose voice were heard, were the NATO propagandists.

    It is interesting that by being a moderate leader and trusting of his people and allowing them access to the wider world, both electronically and intellectually, Bashar al-Assad has inadvertently – or perhaps by design helped to keep Syria independent and sovereign, despite the established media’s lies that the ‘moderate’ rebels are winning.

    In actual fact, the Syrian Arab Army is making great gains against the terrorist factions and other intruders.

    By contrast, the more aggressive Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi lost both their lives and nations, perhaps because they didn’t foster an environment that allowed their people to do something the established media never could: tell the truth from the perspective of the people about to be bombed to death.

    It is deeply ironic that Bashar al-Assad once laughed at a warning Colonel Gaddafi made at an Arab League summit, when the Libyan leader said that anyone in the room could be next to hang from the American gallows.

    It seems that Assad has learned from his own mistakes and those of others. He has become a man who has given his people the freedom to be independent and his assured victory guarantees his people will forever more have the independence that will assure their freedom.

  94. KathJuliane March 24, 2017 @ 8:48 pm

    The world is getting weirder.

    The scary part? We’re getting used to it.

    BBC: Naked Demonstrators Kill Sheep Under Auschwitz Gates

    Police in Poland have detained at least 11 people after a naked demonstration at the Auschwitz museum, on the site of the former Nazi death camp.

    The museum said “a group of people killed a sheep, undressed and chained themselves together”.

    The incident took place beneath the main gate, which bears the infamous slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” (“Work sets you free”).

    The motive behind the demonstration was unclear, officials said.

    A firecracker was also launched in the car park.

    Museum guards immediately intervened and ordered the group to dress. Police attended the site in the southern city of Oswiecim, which was closed to visitors.

    The individuals involved are said to be aged 20 to 27, and their identities are unknown.

    The seven men and four women included six Poles, four Belarusians and one German, regional police spokesman Sebastian Glen said.

    The demonstrators could be charged with insulting a monument or symbolic place, which may result in a fine or a restriction of liberty, police said.

    Local media reported that they used a drone to film the disturbance, and draped a white banner with the red text “love” over the gate.

    Some Polish media say the action was a protest against the war in Ukraine, the BBC Warsaw correspondent Adam Easton reports.

    In a statement, the Auschwitz museum said: “Using the symbol of Auschwitz for any kind of manifestations or happenings is outrageous and unacceptable. It is disrespectful to the memory of all the victims of the German Nazi Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp”.

    [Cue the sobbing klezmer violin:]

    About 1.1 million people, including one million Jews, were murdered by the Nazis at the camp.

    The way I read it, that’s precisely 1 million Jews and therefore, “about” 100,000 Goyim hit the “gas chambers”. I guess they couldn’t get away with only Jews died at Auschwitz anymore, could they?

    But really, a 10:1 ratio?

    This isn’t nearly as bizarre as P*Riot’s protest rock prayers of blasphemy performed inside Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 2012, but even so, heaven forbid anyone disturbs the peace of a discarded holy Jewish toenail clipping, not to mention Auschwitz.

    Pushy, obnoxious Jews can and do shock normal people’s sensibilities with pornography, ridicule and protest other faiths, particularly orthodox, conservative Christians, with their gutter humor and sit coms, but touch not the $hoa Bu$ine$$.

    I had to find a Polish article just to be sure it wasn’t some belated Purim spoof like the one from 3 years ago in the Times of Israel: “Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine” which launched a whole new round of anti-“Khazarians” literature.

    The article was published March 18, 2014; Purim was March 16-17 in 2014. Purim Jokes are the equivalent of April Fool’s Jokes but given a sick Jewish twist. The evil clowns can’t help it.

    Polish:( )

    Purim spoof literature is typical. One example is the spoof Megillah Saddam, a parody on the Jewish Book of Esther published by Chabad Lubavitch written especially for Purim 2003 when Bush declared war on Saddam Hussein, even though the war had really begun on March 13, and every leader in Iraq knew it.

    Jews had been calling Saddam Hussein the new Haman since before Desert Storm in 1991.

    Two iconic scenes from Operation Desert Storm stand out in my memory through the decades, also associated with Purim.

    One is the completely blackened sky from the 700 Kuwaiti oil wells the retreating Iraqis torched. A scene from hell.

    The other is the utter destruction along Highway 80 and Highway 8, which came to be known as the Highway(s) of Death—the six-lane highway running from Kuwait City to the border with Iraq, and a much longer coastal highway.

    A scene from an even deeper part of hell is permanently burned into many peoples’ memories including mine. The indiscriminate bombing and strafing of tens of thousands of Iraqi troops and civilians retreating from Kuwait is one of the most heinous war crimes in history.

    Information Clearinghouse: High above a swamp, over 60 miles of coastal Highway 8 from Kuwait to Iraq, a division of the Iraq’s Republican Guard withdrew on Feb. 26-27, 1991.

    Baghdad radio had just announced Iraq’s acceptance of a cease-fire proposal and, in compliance with UN Resolution 660, retreating Iraqi troops were ordered to withdraw to positions held before Aug. 2, 1990.

    Nonetheless, President George H.W. Bush derisively called the announcement “an outrage” and “a cruel hoax.”

    “U.S. planes trapped the long convoys by disabling vehicles in the front, and at the rear, and then pounded the resulting traffic jams for hours,” says Joyce Chediac, a Lebanese-American journalist.

    “It was like shooting fish in a barrel,” one U.S. pilot said.

    Randall Richard of the Providence Journal filed this dispatch from the deck of the U.S.S. Ranger: “Air strikes against Iraqi troops retreating from Kuwait were being launched so feverishly from this carrier today that pilots said they took whatever bombs happened to be closest to the flight deck.

    “The crews, working to the strains of the Lone Ranger theme, often passed up the projectile of choice… because it took too long to load.”

    “When you see the battlefield littered with dead bodies as far as you can see and there’s smoke swirling around, and the smell of the dead bodies, the ammunition, the fuel, the explosions; it’s very overpowering,” said Paul Sullivan, a combat veteran from Operation Desert Storm who went on to create the National Gulf War Resource Center.

    Sullivan later described the so-called “Highway of Death” as “miles and miles and miles of charred trucks, tanks, blown up buildings, pieces of arms, pieces of legs every which way.”

    “Many of those massacred fleeing Kuwait were not Iraqi soldiers at all,” adds U.S. Attorney General-turned-peace activist, Ramsey Clark, “but Palestinians, Sudanese, Egyptians, and other foreign workers.”

    “Every vehicle was strafed or bombed, every windshield is shattered, every tank is burned, every truck is riddled with shell fragments,” Chediac reported after visiting the “Highway of Death” scene in 1991.

    “No survivors are known or likely. The cabs of trucks were bombed so much that they were pushed into the ground, and it’s impossible to see if they contain drivers or not. Windshields were melted away, and huge tanks were reduced to shrapnel.”

    “At one spot,” Bob Drogin reported in the Los Angeles Times, “snarling wild dogs had reduced two corpses to bare ribs. Giant carrion birds picked at another; only a bootclad foot and eyeless skull are recognizable.”

    “Even in Vietnam I didn’t see anything like this. It’s pathetic,” said Army intelligence officer and eyewitness, Major Bob Nugent.

    Just a gruesome little Purim joke for the Jews to get drunk to as they rejoiced in the slaughter of more Arab “Ameleks”.

    As a matter of fact, Poppa Bush called a cessation of operations of the rollicking “Coalition of the Willing” wargasm played out on the Highway of Death over two days on February 28, 1991, which just happened to be the very first day of Purim that year.

    Twelve suffering years of sanctions later against the Iraqis which already resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths of men, women and children, with 9/11/2001 the neocon pretext, Judeo-Christian evangelical Dubya Bush, darling little evil pet monkey of Chabad Lubavichers, picked up where Poppa Bush left off.

    George the Evil Monkey kicked off the Shock n Awe Invasion of Iraq, done with a theatric Purim flourish.

    At 8:15pm, Eastern Standard Time, on March 17, 2003, after months of drama, Bush appeared on TV to announce a 48-hour ultimatum to Saddam Hussein to leave the country with his sons, or suffer the invasion. Thus, the 48-hour ultimatum expired at 8:15pm EST, March 19.

    In Israeli time, President Bush appeared on TV at 3:15am on March 18 and the deadline expired at 3:15am, March 20. The entire 48-hour ultimatum to Saddam Hussein occurred precisely during the time of the Purim celebration, and that year, a lot of Jewish kids, especially Chabad, wore Purim costumes dressed up as US soldiers in cammies with American flag patches.

    Highway 80: The Highway of Death (Music: “Hurt” by Johnny Cash)

  95. Ted Gorsline March 25, 2017 @ 3:49 am

    Dear KathJuliane,

    The video of Colonel Khadaffi’s speech is an eye opener, he was so honest and accurate in his assessment of things, and none of this has ever appeared on Mainstream Media.

    I think that if the truth be known, there really is no such thing as MSM.

    When you think about news sources like CNN, CBS, NBC, Atlantic Magazine, Huffington Post, the New York Times ad nauseum, what you are really talking about is Jewish Whore Media.

    Ther is no MSM. There is only Jewish Whore Media.

  96. benzion kook March 25, 2017 @ 11:05 am

    Most residents in the former “Soviet Union” through violence of Jewviet communist republics wanted to remain in a USSR?

    I don’t think so. Although a phony entity concocted by mass murdering (62 million+) gulag death camp runners would probably appeal to some.

    Google “gulag death camps,”, 200 Years Together, and “the Chekists.”

  97. Cornelius March 25, 2017 @ 1:27 pm

    @benzion kook

    The break up of the Soviet Union was a free for all in which the spoils of the USSR went to the oligarchs. The average citizen had nothing to gain from a break up. Of course that doesn’t mean every republic suffered from it.

    East Germany is better of under American occupation then it was under Soviet Russian, nevertheless they remain occupied and pay tribute to a new master.

    Ukraine on the other hand is completely screwed by trying to switch allegiance. They are just getting looted and are not going to be turned into productive slaves by the US.

    On a different note, Trump’s populist approach is finished and that was that.

    Left/right propaganda rules the narrative, thus there Is no way out of the present situation.

    America needs to be reindustrialized and needs to produce. It also needs free education and healthcare. Military spending and trade deficit go hand in hand: More military spending requires more stealing, or the standard of living will go down.

    Glimmer of hope: resolution to end trade deficit.

  98. KathJuliane March 25, 2017 @ 7:47 pm

    Russia Insider: Lavrov Gives Landmark Speech: New Centers of Economic Power Will End US ‘Global Domination’

    Russia’s Foreign Minister paves the way for a consensus-driven world order in a landmark speech in Moscow

    This is perhaps one of Sergei Lavrov’s finest addresses. It needs to be read in its entirety to fully appreciate the scale and depth of Lavrov’s observations — although we’ve provided a very short excerpt for those with short attention spans.

    Lavrov’s driving thesis is that the U.S.-led global order has abandoned the concepts of state sovereignty and international law, choosing political expediency over consensus.

    Lavrov believes that shifting economic centers will bring this era to an end:

    Ironically, the American elite, which emerged as freedom fighters and separatists anxious to cast off the yoke of the British crown, had transformed itself and its state by the 20th century into a power thirsting for global imperialist domination. The world is changing, however, and – who knows – America might yet purify itself and return to its own forgotten sources.


    The redistribution of the global balance of power continues. We are witnessing new centres of economic power and associated political influence come into being in the world…The formation of a polycentric international order is an objective process. It is in our common interest to make it more stable and predictable.

    The speech was given to senior officers of the Military Academy of the General Staff in Moscow on March 23.

    We have included a video of his address at the bottom.

    Mr Kuralenko,

    Comrade officers, colleagues, friends,

    I am grateful for the invitation to speak at the Military Academy as part of the Army and Society series of lectures. The organisers are doing a great job supporting the tradition of unity of the people and the army, as it should be and has always been in the best years of Russia’s history.

    Today, we will focus on Russia’s role in international politics. This theme has always been of interest to our citizens, patriots, and all the more so to servicemen protecting our state.

    How is the role of state determined in international politics? Just like in other social disciplines, there are specific fundamental values ​​and criteria in international relations for making judgments on that.

    Geopolitical weight is among the most important ones. It is clear that a vast country like Russia, with its wealth of resources and unique geographical location spanning Europe and Asia, is unlikely to remain on the side, let alone be isolated from international processes, especially in the modern era when trade, economic, financial, information, cultural and human relations simply demand that our planet be united into one truly unified space.

    I’m aware that some entertain the notion, which is eagerly picked up by Russophobes, that Russia’s vast geography took shape due to expansion resulting from an internal sense of insecurity. As if the Russians, who for several centuries expanded their territory, were trying to “push back” a potential aggressor.

    To this, I can say that the greatest misfortunes in the past centuries came to Russia almost always from the West, while Russia, according to Mikhail Lomonosov’s famous dictum, “expanded through Siberia,” bringing different peoples and lands in the East under its wing.

    Many centuries of experience of harmonious coexistence of different ethnicities and religions within one state now allow Russia to promote a dialogue and form partnerships between cultures, religions and civilisations, which is also what happens within the UN, the OSCE and other international and regional organisations.

    Another hallmark associated with our vast Russian territory concerns respect for the state, which is the guarantor of the country’s unity and the security of its citizens.

    A strong state also underpins an independent foreign policy. In international relations, all of that is embodied in the notion of sovereignty.

    The sovereignty of states, their equality as the main subjects of international relations, was substantiated and approved within the Westphalian system that took shape in Europe in the 17th century.

    Currently, these traditional notions are being questioned in a number of Western countries. They are trying to secure for themselves, for example, the ability to interfere in other people’s affairs under the pretext of non-compliance with all sorts of unilaterally engineered human rights concepts like the so-called “responsibility to protect.”

    We are against such a distorted interpretation of the most important universal international legal norms and principles. Healthy conservatism with regard to the inviolability of the stabilising foundations of international law unites Russia with most countries of the world.

    Of course, it takes more than just the size of a country’s territory for it to be considered “big and strong” in today’s world. There is also the economy, culture, traditions, public ethics and, of course, the ability to ensure one’s own security and the security of the citizens under any circumstances.

    Recently, the term “soft power” has gained currency. However, this is power as well. In other words, the power factor in its broad sense is still important in international relations.

    Its role has even increased amid aggravated political, social, and economic contradictions and greater instability in the international political and economic system. We take full account of this fact in our foreign policy planning.

    Thanks to its advanced nuclear deterrent capabilities, Russia plays an important stabilising role in global politics. At the same time, strategic stability for us is not confined to maintaining the nuclear balance between us and the United States.

    Given globalisation processes, the increasing mutual dependence of countries and the development of technologies, including military technology, we’re taking a broader view of this concept.

    In politics, strategic stability is a state of international relations that ensures strict compliance with international law by all countries and their associations, respect for the legitimate interests of all countries and peoples and non-interference in their political affairs.

    In the military context, it means consistently bridging the gap between military capabilities, ensuring a high level of confidence, transparency and predictability and abstaining from steps which may be perceived as a threat to the national security of other countries, forcing them to resort to retaliatory measures.

    We stand for the strengthening of all aspects of strategic stability which is the foundation for a lasting peace and reliable, equal and indivisible security for all.

    Recently, there has been a push towards forcing the nuclear states to abandon their nuclear arsenals and banning nuclear weapons altogether. It is crystal clear that this is premature.

    Let me remind you that it wasn’t for nothing that the parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty wrote into it that the nuclear arsenals had to be fully scrapped but only in the context of general and complete disarmament.

    We are prepared to discuss the possibility of further gradual reductions in nuclear capabilities but only if we take all the factors influencing strategic stability into account and not just the quantity of strategic offensive weapons.

    Another reason why we’re prepared to discuss this issue is the growing sense of urgency about making this process multilateral. The restrictions on nuclear capabilities which Russia and the United States have repeatedly accepted for many years have led them to a situation where, essentially, they cannot proceed doing this on the bilateral basis.

    We take pride in the fact that there has been a qualitative change in the Russian Armed Forces’ capabilities in recent years.

    It’s particularly important to note that the position of Russia today is that force can only be used in strict compliance with international law and its own laws and commitments – not to conquer, and not to export political ideas as repeatedly happened in world history and in our past history, for that matter, but to defend our most vital interests, when all other means have been exhausted, or to help our allies and friends at their request, as is happening today in Syria at the invitation of the country’s legitimate government.

    Regretfully, not all countries in the world are so scrupulous in providing legal grounds for the use of military force. We have noted cases of loose interpretations of the UN Charter and of removing any boundaries for designating something a threat to one’s own security.

    The negative trend of using economic tools of coercion is accelerating in international relations. These are diverse kinds of unilateral sanctions and restrictions that clash with the UN Security Council’s positions and prerogatives. As we know, there are attempts to use these tools on Russia, on the assumption that we are especially sensitive to this kind of influence.

    However, it is impossible, and will remain impossible to ignore the fact that Russia is among the largest and most stable economies in the world. It is hard to overestimate its role in some fields of the global economy, particularly in energy, including nuclear energy.

    Whether some people like it or not, Russia remains the economic centre of gravity for the post-Soviet countries.

    This objective factor, not Moscow’s mythical urge to “revive the empire,” underlies the movement toward Eurasian integration. We and our partners in the Eurasian Economic Union are linked in today’s globalised world by centuries-long economic and cultural contacts and the intertwined destinies of our nations.

    We also advance the EAEU’s foreign contacts to implement President Vladimir Putin’s initiative to form a multilevel integration model in Eurasia. Interest in this initiative is growing steadily.

    Historical traditions should also be mentioned among the factors that determine a nation’s role in world politics. “History is the memory of States,” said Henry Kissinger, the theoretician and practitioner of international relations.

    By the way, the United States, whose interests Mr Kissinger has always defended, did not aspire to be the centre of the liberal world order for a greater part of its own fairly short history, and did not see that role as its preeminent mission.

    Its Founding Fathers wanted its leadership and exceptional nature to derive from its own positive example. Ironically, the American elite, which emerged as freedom fighters and separatists anxious to cast off the yoke of the British crown, had transformed itself and its state by the 20th century into a power thirsting for global imperialist domination.

    The world is changing, however, and – who knows – America might yet purify itself and return to its own forgotten sources.

    Russia has its own experience with messianic fervour. Its current foreign policy is pragmatic, not ideological. Our country has its traditions and wholesome values, and we do not try to impose them on anyone. We warn our partners at the same time that when they are in Rome they should do as the Romans do.

    After many centuries of trials, our country made it to the forefront of international and European politics under Peter the Great – his name graces one of the academies whose students, as I understand it, are here today – and then fully participated in European affairs during the Vienna Congress of 1814-1815.

    At that time, with the direct participation of Alexander I, a system for a balance of power that existed for many years and mutual recognition of national interests, precluding domination of any one state, was created in Europe.

    The ensuing developments show us the futility of any efforts to drive our country out of the European or international arena. Resolving any pressing international issues without Russia became impossible. We can also see the major damage caused by such efforts to all the participants in this process.

    The collapse of the Vienna system (during which events such as the Crimean War of 1853-1856, the unification and the rise of Germany, and the final collapse of monarchy in France took place) resulted in the bloodletting of World War I.

    After it ended, Soviet Russia was left outside of the Treaty of Versailles, which largely predetermined its brief existence.

    The distrust of Western democracies and the reluctance to interact with us on an equal footing doomed the attempts to create collective security in Europe in the 1930s, which resulted in the even greater destruction of World War II.

    Only after it was over were the foundations of the international order laid with our active participation, which remain relevant to this day.

    The UN is called on to play the central coordinating role in the international order. It has proved that there are no alternatives to it and that it enjoys unique international legitimacy despite all the shortcomings of this huge “organism” which unites almost 200 states.

    Russia supports ensuring the inviolability of the UN Charter’s key provisions, including those related to consolidating the outcomes of World War II. We support comprehensive efforts to expand the capacity of this international organisation to efficiently adapt to new international realities.

    In modern Europe, the roots of many problems can be seen in the irrational and doomed desire to sideline Russia, the Eurasian power.

    NATO and EU expansion has reached the point where Ukraine and other CIS countries were all but presented a false choice: either you are with Russia, or with Europe. Such an ultimatum was beyond the capacity of yet inherently unstable Ukrainian statehood.

    As a result, a major crisis in the heart of Europe broke out directly on the borders of Russia and the West. Frankly, the prospects for its settlement and the implementation of the Minsk agreements have so far been bleak.

    First, this is due to the lack of political will and a realistic vision for the future of this country from the Ukrainian government, and due to its attempts to look for ways to resolve Ukrainian problems not on the basis of pragmatic interests in the name of national harmony and prosperity, but at the behest of external sponsors who have no regard for the aspirations of Russians, Ukrainians and Eastern Slavs, in general.

    We do not see that our European partners are willing to work honestly in favour of creating a common security and cooperation space. A fair settlement of the Ukrainian crisis in line with the Minsk agreements, which we have consistently advocated, could become part of it.

    In general, the European Union has been tangibly “losing itself” recently. In fact, they are serving other people’s interests, failing to find their own unified voice in foreign affairs.

    We are patient people, and we will wait for our colleagues to realise that due to a number of reasons – including historical, geopolitical, economic, and cultural – we, Russia and Europe, need each other.

    The historical, geopolitical, moral foundations that shape the foreign policy of Russia are solid and constant. They set the tone of our day-to-day diplomatic efforts which, in keeping with the Constitution, are guided directly by the President of the Russian Federation.

    The world is really changing fast. Another “industrial revolution” is unfolding, and a new, more technologically advanced way of life is taking shape.

    Uneven development, a wider gap in the wealth of states and nations, and the battle for resources, access to markets, and control over transport arteries are exacerbating differences. Competition is acquiring civilisational dimensions and becoming a rivalry of values and development models.

    In the region of the Middle East and North Africa, the situation has reached a point beyond which lies the annihilation of states and of the regional political map.

    This widespread chaos has been conducive to an unprecedented increase in the threat of terrorism embodied by the aggression of the so called Islamic State and other similar groups.

    Global terror is a challenge to international security, and it can only be addressed by establishing a joint international coalition, acting on a solid legal basis — as Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested in his speech at the 70th United Nations General Assembly.

    The redistribution of the global balance of power continues. We are witnessing new centres of economic power and associated political influence come into being in the world.

    The Asia-Pacific Region has established itself as the driver of the world economy.

    Latin American and African nations, which have considerable human and resource potential, are taking a more active role.

    These developments bring into stark relief the cultural and civilisational diversity of the modern world. The need to democratise relations between states is becoming a more pressing issue.

    The formation of a polycentric international order is an objective process.

    It is in our common interest to make it more stable and predictable. In these conditions, the role of diplomacy as a tool to coordinate balanced solutions in politics, economics, finance, the environment, and the innovation and technology sectors has increased significantly.

    Simultaneously, the role of the armed forces as the guarantor of peace has increased too.

    It is clear that there simply isn’t any other way except painstaking daily work to achieve the compromises necessary to peacefully overcome the numerous problems in the world. History shows that betting on hegemony and one’s own exceptionalism leads to greater instability and chaos.

    There is an objective, growing need for Russia-advanced approaches to key modern issues that are free of ideology and rooted in the principles of multilateralism and respect for international law. More and more countries are coming to share these approaches, which strengthens Russia’s authority and its role as a balancing factor in world politics.

    We do not favour confrontation or isolationism. Guided by the Foreign Policy Concept approved by President Vladimir Putin, we will continue to advance a positive agenda in our relations with our partners and neighbours, including the United States and the European Union.

    Under the current circumstances, there is no alternative to an independent, pragmatic and multi-vector foreign policy based on the consistent defence of national interests along with the simultaneous development of equal cooperation with all who are interested in reciprocating.

    All our actions are aimed at protecting our sovereignty and creating conditions for the peaceful and sustainable development of Russia and the Russians.

  99. KathJuliane March 25, 2017 @ 8:04 pm Mattis: US Troops Need to Stay in Iraq for ‘Years’

    Insists Keeping Troops in Iraq Is in the ‘National Interest’

    With US officials still hopeful that Iraq’s ongoing offensive in Mosul is the beginning of the end of ISIS’ presence in that country, top Pentagon officials, including Defense Secretary James Mattis, are also eager to point out that it’s not going to mean the end of the US military presence in Iraq.

    In comments to Congressional committees over the course of the week, Mattis was very clear about the need to keep US troops in Iraq, calling it a “national interest” and insisting US forces need to stabilize Iraq, while downplaying the idea that this would be nation-building.

    It’s not going to be a short process either. While Mattis wasn’t very specific on how long this post-ISIS US military presence would last, he made it clear that it would be “years,” and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Joe Dunford said the same thing later.

    Pentagon officials have been insisting since last year that the deployment to Iraq this time is more or less permanent.

    That they are couching this as a matter of “years” now does not necessarily mean that the timespan is going to be finite, but that they don’t want to admit, believing the war is closer to ending, that they intend to stay in an open-ended manner.

    Defense 1: ‘Major assault’ in Syria; Mattis wants troops in Iraq ‘for years’; What one Joint Chief thinks of Trump; The rising threat of kamikaze drones; and just a bit more…

    Light on Raqqa. We have a bit more clarity on Wednesday’s “major assault” that opened a “new frontier in Syria,” as the New York Times puts it.

    “In a significant commitment of American forces, American helicopters ferried fighters across enemy lines while Marine Corps howitzers, Army Apache attack helicopters and American warplanes provided firepower for the operation. Army surface-to-surface Himars rockets, which are based in northern Syria, are also part of the mission. American Special Operations forces were advising the Syrian fighters on the ground.”

    Certain details, including precise troop counts, were omitted in U.S. military officials’ description of the assault. “It could be 500; it could be a heck of a lot more,” said Col. Joseph E. Scrocca, a spokesman for the American-led command in Baghdad.

    The goal: “to take control of the Tabqa Dam on the Euphrates River near Lake Assad, the nearby town of Tabqa and a local airfield. An immediate goal was to take the dam intact, but the structure was still under the control of the Islamic State…and officials said that the fighting was intense.”

    About the militiamen the U.S. brought along: “American military officials emphasized that Syrian Arabs made up 75 percent of the fighters in the Tabqa operation — while acknowledging that Syrian Kurds were also involved in the assault,” the Times writes, acknowledging Turkey’s long-held opposition to the U.S. use of Syrian Kurds—widely seen as the most competent force in Syria—to fight ISIS.

    Worth noting: “Pentagon officials said that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was informed of the Tabqa operation, as was the White House, but the assault was being carried out within the authority that has been delegated to American military commanders.”

    Coming soon to the ISIS fight: “Col. Jonathan P. Braga, the chief of staff of the Joint Special Operations Command and the former deputy commander of Delta Force, has been named as the next senior operations officer for the American-led command that is leading the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,” the Times reported, calling it “another telling indication on Wednesday that American Special Operations would continue to play an important role” in the U.S. military’s war on ISIS. Read the rest, here.

    SecDef Mattis’s prediction on Iraq: “I believe it’s in our national interest that we keep Iraqi security forces in a position to keep our mutual enemies on their back foot,” Mattis told lawmakers Wednesday. And Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. echoed that sentiment, noting that “the Iraqi security forces will need that kind of support for years to come.”

    Military Times: “Both also signaled support for additional U.S. assistance for again rebuilding infrastructure in the war-torn country, which Iraqi government officials have estimated at $50 billion in coming years.”

    Mattis, again: “It’s going to be an international effort, it should not be carried fully by the American taxpayer. But we should certainly be part of it.” More here.

    Mattis also said he welcomes a new war authorization to fight the Islamic State group in Syria—not that anyone’s holding their breath, AP reports. And, “as far as committing any additional American forces, Mattis said he would have ‘to see the specific military problem. But I’m not at that point right now.’” More here.

    The first U.S. carrier of President Trump’s tenure has entered the Persian Gulf. AP has more on the capabilities and mission, reporting from aboard the USS George H.W. Bush, here.

    At the counter-ISIS meeting Wednesday in Washington, SecState Tillerson said the U.S. wants to build “interim zones of stability” for refugees inside Syria.

    “Rather than the ‘safe zones’ protected by U.S. air cover that the Syrian opposition and some allies have long demanded for civilians besieged by Syrian and Russian bombing in the separate civil war against Assad, Tillerson’s ‘interim zones of stability’ refer to areas cleared of Islamic State fighters by the coalition and Turkey,” the Washington Post reports.

    And “in areas being cleared of the Islamic State by the coalition in both Syria and Iraq, the United States plans to install interim local governance during an upcoming ‘stability phase.’”

    He also said “the United States would look to others to pick up a larger share of an estimated $2 billion needed for stabilization and reconstruction this year.” Story here.

    Anyone else want a piece of the Syrian pie while Trump and Rex are busy carving up the sovereign state of the Syrian Arab Republic?

    Gee, Tillerson. Syria already has “zones of stability”, and they aren’t “interim”. They’re called the Syrian government-held zones of Syria where 80% of the people are beginning to get back to their normal lives, or have been living as normally as possible for the past 6 years.

    The SAA, the NDF, and the independent militias, and the allied forces, along with government services work night and day to keep the people secure, attend to their needs, and start the rebuilding of homes, shops, public facilities and transportation.

    East Aleppo is coming to life again, as people are cleaning up after the US’ “moderate rebel” hyenas of war beheaded them, shot them, held them captive for ransom, tortured them, kept them miserable and suffering for over three years.

    These same charmers forcibly conscripted the men and boys to fight for them in order to keep their captive families alive, trapped behind the lying masks and media propaganda of the White Helmets, so that they could receive the humanitarian relief supplies for the east Aleppoans that the “moderate rebels” stole and withheld.

    Damascus is in talks with Iran, Russia, China and other friends about reconstruction contracts for the rebuilding of Syria, and and investment in its industries. Syria is entitled and well within her rights to reward those countries who have steadfastly stood by Syria and supported Damascus’ war efforts to cleanse the filth off Syrian soil.

    The greedy, grunting, snarling Western warthogs just can’t stand it after breaking Syria to begin with — they’re grumbling about how unfair it is that Assad hasn’t included them in reconstruction talks.

  100. KathJuliane March 25, 2017 @ 9:11 pm

    South Front (3/25):


    Israeli warplanes reportedly delivered airstrikes against Syrian army targets in the Qasioun Mount region near Damascus early on March 22nd. Israeli jets allegedly carried out four rounds of airstrikes.

    There were no reports about casualties or damage suffered by Syrian government forces.

    Initially reports about the incident appeared in pro-militant social media accounts and then were widely spread by the Israeli media.

    If confirmed, the recent raids were the fourth round of airstrikes attributed to Israel in Syria in less than a week.

    The reports about the fresh Israeli airstrikes in Syria came just a few hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue hitting targets in Syria. Netanyahu made this claim during a visit to China, adding that he had informed Putin of Israel’s intentions.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned Israel’s Ambassador to Moscow to protest an Israeli military strike near the Syrian city of Palmyra last Friday.

    This was after Israeli jets breached Syrian air space and attacked a military target near Palmyra on the night of March 17th. According to Israel’s Channel 2, the Israeli strike hit close to Russian troops.

    In turn, the Syrian military fired several anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli warplanes and claimed that one of them was destroyed and another one hit.

    The Israel Defense Forces denied these claims and said that one missile fired from the ground was intercepted by the Arrow 2 anti-ballistic missile.

    Following the incident, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, threatened to destroy Syrian air defense systems. “The next time the Syrians use their air defense systems against our planes we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation,” Lieberman said on Israeli public radio.

    At the same time, Israel continued to push the narrative that Russia and other powers must move to limit Iran’s military strength in Syria. The director-general of Israel’s Intelligence Ministry, Chagai Tzuriel, repeated this in an interview to Reuters on March 21st.

    The growing Israeli propaganda and diplomatic and military efforts over the conflict in Syria came amid the intensification of military operations of the so-called moderate opposition against government forces in northern Hama and eastern Damascus.

    Jaish al-Islam and other groups invited to the Astana format supported the military actions of Hayat Tahir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

    This showed that the negotiations in Astana brokered by Ankara, Moscow, and Tehran resulted in no progress in separating “moderate rebels” from their “radical counterparts.”

    Most likely, this situation is a result of the fact covered by SF in its last two videos about the geopolitical standoff in the post-ISIS Middle East – Turkey provides a general support to the Israeli efforts aimed at undermining the Assad government and limiting the Iranian influence.

    Turkey and Israel also share the ground in supporting so-called moderate rebels operating in western Syria.

  101. B March 25, 2017 @ 9:40 pm


    Is the USA controlled by Talmudic Bolsheviks which is the highest level of Talmudic Zionism ?

  102. benzion kook March 25, 2017 @ 10:21 pm

    The people of Liithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other countries had everything to gain from the dissolution of the Soviet Union: their lives, freedoms, and countries.

  103. Geoffrey April 2, 2017 @ 2:13 am

    Well done Brother Nathanael for an interesting and creative video, and I understand the point you are making.

    I then watched the Leonard Cohen version, he is not really a singer either and neither is Nick Cave. But people love their output and I confess I like many of their gloomy songs.

    It is nice to hear a deep manly voice when most male pop singers sound more like castrati for reasons known only to (((those))) who promote pop music.

    The YouTube comments on the Leonard Cohen song show that many people see the unintended irony in this Communist song, all about defending ones homeland from foreigners. Here are two such comments:

    “Death to the invaders pouring across the border… I’ve lived in Leonard’s hometown, and I have a good feeling he’d be appalled by the hyper-liberal open-border policies destroying his once beautiful Montreal.”

    “As a Montrealer, it kills me inside to watch my beautiful city go. Third-world foreigners have risen to 40% of the population, up from 15% just twenty years ago. Indeed, we’re becoming the foreigners in our own neighborhoods, and to think this is just the beginning. Such are the wonders of diversity.”

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