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Good Riddance Obama!


Good Riddance Obama!
By Brother Nathanael Kapner December 29, 2016 ©

A HUGE SENSE OF RELIEF fills the air now that the bastard son of Frank Marshall Davis is about to be flung out of the White House.

Just as Satan himself was cast out of heaven, like an odious swine, Obama is about to be cast to the dogs to be devoured.

Oh, it will happen, as those who commit abomination, (that is, homosexual activity, proven to be Obama’s past conduct), are cast into the lake of fire, where demons with scorpion-tipped tails wait for their sodomite prey, and drive their weapons right up the anus.

They’re licking their chops just to get their projectiles into Obama.

And right up the anus is what Obama did to America these past eight years.

His legacy is this: Barack Hussein Obama sodomized America by pushing homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism…a profane trinity of his sex-gods.

Why did he do it? Is it because Obama hates America? Yes, and more.

Obama’s main influence for his amoral agenda transits via the Jew, Saul Alinsky, to divide a united country, and create civic upheaval and “change.”

He went further than his mentor’s wildest dreams by balkanizing a homogeneous culture through mass immigration, and by subverting the Church’s morality.

Yet, Obama is essentially a coward.

ATTEMPTING TO ESTABLISH a balance of influence in the Middle East via his 2009 Cairo Speech, Obama quickly backed down.

For shortly after the speech the Jews told their ‘schwartza’ how the world works:

“Obama did not fully address the long record of Palestinian noncompliance with peace initiatives.”

Thus, the Jewish hokum used to blame the Palestinians for the failure of Zionist “peace initiatives,” (which everyone knows is a Jewish snow job), effectively muzzled the mouth of Obama.

The schwartza next tried to stop the illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, but after a posse of Jews banged down the White House doors, the cowardly ‘house-nigger’ caved.

And his latest parting shot by abstaining from voting on UNSC Resolution 2334 condemning Israel’s settlement expansion in the Palestinian West Bank is essentially a toothless action.

A SLAP ON THE WRIST is laughed off by the Jews. Oh, they make a fuss…but there is no punitive action in the Resolution that would obstruct continued settlements.

Yet another round of sanctions against Russia, enabled by Obama and authored by the Jew, Jacob Lew—bereft of any evidence of “Russian hacking”—has been executed.

“The devil is come down, having great wrath, because he knows he hath but a short time.”

Good riddance Obama! Hell has opened its mouth to receive you..!


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Brother Nathanael @ December 29, 2016


  1. Brother Nathanael December 29, 2016 @ 10:36 pm

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  2. Brother Nathanael December 29, 2016 @ 10:37 pm

    Dear All,

    I got back from my quiet retreat on Tuesday. I feel good about the future of my ministry and plan on continuing.

    AND, I DO appreciate the prayers coming from so many.

    May God CONTINUE to BLESS our Real Jew News Family!

    +Brother Nathanael

  3. Brother Nathanael December 30, 2016 @ 12:01 am

    Kushner To Have Major Role As Trump’s Adviser @
    I’m beginning to think that Trump’s hyper-Israel stance is largely due to his relationship with his JEW son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and the Kushner family, huge real-estate moguls in New Jersey.

    Together with his father, Charles, Jared is worth some 2 billion dollars in liquid and real estate assets both in NJ and NY.

    My sense is that Trump is in hock to the Kushners…(Trump’s father was associated with Charles Kushner vis-a-vis real estate ops.)

    Whether its private loans or special favors wielded in Trump’s behalf, Donald returns the favor by touting Jared’s foreign policy position regarding the settlements and the annexation of “Judea and Samaria,” legally known as the “West Bank.”

    For Jared Kushner, (a son-in-law…not blood), to have such a strong influence over Trump indicates to me that there are money favors involved.

    I took note a few times over the past eight months that Trump was totally in favor of the settlements and even that they should “expand,” tantamount to advocating “annexation.”

    Where did he get this?

    Settlements were never Trump’s particular field. But Jared Kushner is a settlement likudnik.

    I also was told by officials when I was outside the AIPAC Conference during Trump’s speech that Jared Kushner wrote the speech in its entirety.

    In any event, I was the FIRST to point out Trump’s intensive Jewish connections at the outset of his campaign:

    “Trump’s Got A Trump Card” @

    “When Trump Makes A Deal” @

    “Trump’s Got Plans For America” @

    “Trump Takes The Kosher Seal” @

  4. Shekel Hillary and Trumpstein=NYC Shabbus Goys December 30, 2016 @ 12:50 am

    Obama is a hoodlum.

    If he declares martial law to keep power it wouldn’t shock readers of this blog.

    What’s irritating is how he was a total Zio lapdog. There’s even a documentary by conspiracy theorist Texe Marrs about Obama called “Rothschilds Choice” lol but, the Joo media acts like Obama’s some radical Joo hater when he’s their total slave.

    Every Murican’ with an IQ over 100 (that’s a bit of a stretch I know) should just boycott all media and Hollywood propaganda. Starve the beast and don’t allow ticket sales or ad revenue in to these fake news propaganda mills by opting out of their circulation of bs.

    I remember all the idiots who were in love with Obama back in early 2008.

    I even lost personal acquaintances on my email list for sending out mass emails about how he totally sucked as an option for President, but many of the sheep bite his line of bs.

    It’s the same with Trump. I call him GW Bush 2.0 just like I called Operation Iraqi Freedom Vietnam 2.0.

    US politics suck. I don’t blame these people who leave America and teach CELTA in places like Argentina or Vietnam.

    America is not the country I grew up in anymore — it’s like the Twilight Zone: Koshernostra edition.

    George Carlin had a point when he said, “If voting made a difference, they’d make it illegal”.

  5. Brother Nathanael December 30, 2016 @ 1:00 am

    Israel Is Ambushing The Trump Administration @

    Despite all of the assurances that were made by the US President-elect Donald Trump to Israel throughout his presidential campaign, the Israelis are keen, as always, to ambush and control the new administration before its term starts.

    Among the factors that captured Israeli attention are Trump’s remarks that he would never impose anything on Israeli. Israeli focus was pointed directly towards two points:

    The first is that there will be no limitations on the question of settlement expansion, which had at least been held hostage under the Obama Administration. Israel seeks to annex the entirety of the West Bank. This initiative is due to the efforts of Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hotoveley, and the Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, the mastermind behind the new Israeli outposts.

    The second demand is to maintain bilateral Israeli-Palestinian negotiations as the foundation of any future settlement. All other platforms for negotiations must be rejected and no other parties are allowed to interfere with the negotiation process. What is being referred to here are the UN’s resolutions and motions passed to address the lack of human rights for Palestinians.

    The main goal from both of these demands is to eradicate the possibility of a “two-state solution” in the end and to enforce the “choice of an all-Jewish state” on all of Palestine. The Palestinian population will subsequently be treated as an Arab minority and as second-class citizens in an all-Jewish state. The exclusion of Gaza from any of these negotiations must remain a matter of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

    If the yearly diplomatic Jerusalem Post conference, which is held in occupied Jerusalem every year, exposed Israel’s plans to achieve more gains, then it must be said that the goal in the strategic Israeli mind is to create a new Middle Eastern regional reality in which Israel is the one in control.

    This vision came to light after it was highlighted that the majority of instability in the region is taking place in Arab countries such as Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen. The majority of these countries are currently driven by sectarian and tribal violence. Due to this, Israel is given the opportunity to impose this reality on the region. This is Israel’s main confrontation with the Trump administration.

    The disagreements that took place during the Jerusalem Post’s conference serve Israel’s goals because they give the Israeli government the opportunity to pounce on the opportunities to enforce strategic goals that were once impossible.

    This regional project is the essence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s vision. He discussed achieving a solution with the Palestinians via the Arab countries. Netanyahu is placing his bets on creating an axis of moderation with a number of Arab countries and Turkey. Israel will target Iran through this axis and its discussion of a solution with the Palestinians will be made through this platform.

    Yet, the interventions of the Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, and Minister of Education and chair of the Jewish Home Party, Naftali Bennett, both emphasised the need to tame the Trump administration.

    Lieberman stressed the need to foster a new relationship with the Trump administration, one that would avoid the failures of its relationship with the Obama administration. By contrast, Bennett stressed the importance of moving the Trump administration away from the possibility of a two-state solution in the end.

    This new direction marks the beginning of Israel’s attempts to enforce a new regional reality. The Israeli government, led by Netanyahu, wants Trump and the rest of the American government to come to the conclusion that Israel is an invaluable partner in the Middle East.

    Israel must be viewed as the centre of regional agreements, particularly when it comes to the Iranian-Russian alliance in Syria. The goal is to prevent Iran from becoming a major source of influence in a new Syrian administration.

    The question that people are asking with regards to this new direction is how any benefit can be derived from the death of the two-state solution and the emergence of all-Jewish state?

    From here we must consider that Netanyahu took advice from Amos Yadlin, the head of the National Research Institute, which emphasises the need for understanding on the major points between the two countries.

    Among these points are: the Iranian file, with the Iranian-Syrian file at its forefront. This point is particularly important because Trump wants a good relationship with the Russians.

    There is also the question of the Iranian nuclear file. This is the direction and the rationale that many Israelis are thinking.

    The Trump administration will be direct in such a way that Israel will be able to achieve its supreme goals.

  6. Irene Bonney Faulkes December 30, 2016 @ 1:57 am

    Brother Nathanael, I think what you have written is so superb. To me, it outdoes anything from you previously.

    Obama has been an anti-Christ. Not being American, I say little about him, except this. He evidenced being a snake in the grass before being elected the first time.

    He was always there on many a false pretense and never did hide his contempt for the U.S.A., his hatred of Whites, his chip on the shoulder regarding much supposed ill treatment of the blacks, or his tendencies to evil.

    He cited a Pastor and church attendance but true believers knew he never was one. He evidenced having been a school boy at a school where he would have learned the Koran and Arabic. At the same time, he surely had to be communistic!

    You state: ‘Oh, it will happen, as those who commit abomination, (that is, homosexual activity, proven to be Obama’s past conduct), are cast into the lake of fire, where demons with scorpion-tipped tails wait for their sodomite prey, and drive their weapons right up the anus’.

    His fate sounds fearful but it surely is what is in store for those of his ilk and forever. It reminds one of scenes in the wonderful book of ‘1 Enoch’.

    ‘It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God, The I Am That I Am.

    That judgment surely awaits him and all of those many who have imbibed the fountain of the sins of homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenderism – ‘the three sex gods’.

    Same sex marriage in Russia, is I believe, not legal and the world heard of their hatred of homosexuality when they hosted the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. But many including some Australians were not happy about it.

    I am sure many Americans coming under the name of Christian, despise those sins.

    Do they not realize that the nation and people to whom they give ‘favored status’ are peddlers of such sins? They should read their Talmud.

    Therefore they cannot be obedient to the Pentateuch in Old Testaments they read, because those sins are an abomination to the Lord God.

    The Israel of the Old Testament frequently indulged in such abominations, the first occasion described being before their dancing before the Golden Calf that Aaron made.

    Their frequent worship of gods such as Moloch and Baal included not only these wicked depravities but also worship of a huge man-made god with its belly open ready for the fierce fire within to burn the screaming child into which its Hebrew parents would throw as part of their idolatry.

    Oh yes, the nation was prone to evil all throughout the Old Testament and indeed was divorced by a Holy God. So much for Judaism being the parent of Christianity, as taught, and the Jews being ‘God’s chosen people’ and His restored Israel.

    There was always only a remnant who were true to their God but they all had their place in the Israel of God of the New Testament, along with the millions of others.

    The remnant who followed Christ were placed back into the olive tree, whose root is Christ Himself. The millions were attached and actually have become the far greater majority in this only True Israel.

  7. ✯НовоЗеландия✯ December 30, 2016 @ 2:45 am

    You missed Judea Declares War on New Zealand …

    Sure, lets war!

  8. Zionien December 30, 2016 @ 4:07 am


    Yep – and is one reason why New Zealand can’t import its delicious Stienlager beer to the USA anymore!

  9. Zionien December 30, 2016 @ 4:11 am

    BN+ I see how the evil Jews talk!

    It’s just a bunch of redundant semi-complex words of a merry-go-round that bog’s ones mind down in it’s attention/ power sapping swamp of minutia!

  10. Darkwing December 30, 2016 @ 4:53 am

    Berry was doing what his handlers told him to do.

    Tramp, sorry Trump, will be no different, he will bow to Jewland and WW3.

  11. KathJuliane December 30, 2016 @ 4:57 am

    Moscow Times: Russian Foreign Ministry Proposes Expelling 35 U.S. Diplomats

    Dec 30, 2016 — 14:04 — Update: 14:14 [Moscow Time]

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has proposed expelling 35 American diplomats from Russia. The plan comes as a proportional response to new U.S. sanctions against Russia for its alleged hacking of institutions related to the U.S. presidential election.

    According Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s proposal, Russia should expel 31 employees of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and four employees of the General Consulate in St. Petersburg.

    The diplomats’ names were not mentioned in the proposal.

    Lavrov also proposed banning U.S. Embassy employees from using both a warehouse located on Dorozhnaya Ulitsa and a dacha in Serebryany Bor.

    On Thursday, the Obama administration ejected 35 Russian intelligence operatives from the United States and imposed sanctions on Russia’s two leading intelligence services.

    The U.S. also sanctioned four intelligence officers who belong to the military unit Washington says ordered the hacking attacks on the Democratic National Committee and other political institutions.

    Earlier today, CNN reported that Russia would close the Anglo-American School of Moscow in response to the sanctions.

    However, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova later denied that this was true.

    Where’s the evidence? Show me the evidence! “Washington sez” isn’t evidence.

    In the meantime, KathJ practices puzzling out words transliterated from the Russian alphabet.



    New Zealand!

  12. Rosie December 30, 2016 @ 5:02 am

    I think Israel needs a lot of healing “diversity.”

    Open the flood gates… I wish somehow they could be flooded with the psycho terrorists they have supported in Europe and Syria.

    Maybe, like the terms of the EU, they can have more land but they must accept a flood of asylum seekers and terrorists.

  13. Koolz December 30, 2016 @ 5:48 am

    Obama’s Wife is not his wife, he is reportedly a man.

    Obama’s Kids are not his kids reportedly, they have been rented to pretend they are his kids.

    Obama was posted on Jew Time Magazine as being the first Gay President (with Rainbows).

    Obama never said one true word the whole time he was President. He actually never had a thought that was his own. The Teleprompter he spoke from was written by Jewish Propagandists with the Elders of Zion in the background.

    Obama was groomed to do exactly what he did as President, bring in People who hate America and Christianity. And there is more so so much more.

    Yes Obama in twenty days your time is coming.

    You, the DNC, all of you.

  14. KathJuliane December 30, 2016 @ 5:55 am

    Video Shows the Morally Challenged Goons of the Most Moral Army in the World™ Abusing A 7-Year Old Child During Weekly Palestinian Illegal Settlements Protest


    B’Tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

    7-year-old caught in soldier stakeout at Kafr Qadum protest

    Last Friday, 23 December 2016, the residents of Kafr Qadum held their weekly protest – held regularly since July 2011 – demanding that the road from their village to the city of Nablus be reopened.

    Since the military blocked the road off following expansion of the Kedumim settlement in 2003, village residents have had to take a bypass road, extending the 15-minute trip to Nablus to 40 minutes.

    The weekly protests frequently involve clashes between the protestors, who throw stones at soldiers, and soldiers, who fire rubber-coated metal bullets and tear-gas canisters.

    Last Friday at midday, around 12:15, a group of protestors – residents of the village and Israeli activists – began marching toward a roadblock on the eastern side of the village.

    Testimonies collected by B’Tselem indicate that they reached a house on the eastern edge of the village, unaware of the presence of soldiers in the area. At that point, several children kept walking eastward, separately from the rest of the protestors.

    Village resident Muamen Murad Mahmoud Shteiwi, 7, was one of these children. He described what happened next in the testimony he gave to B’Tselem field researcher Abdulkarim Sadi:

    One of the kids threw a stone towards a dirt mound that had a tin sheet on it. As soon as the stone hit the tin, men with masks came out from under it. Because of their masks and black gloves, at first I thought they were protestors. The rest of the kids who were around me ran away.

    I realized they were Israeli soldiers, but I was so surprised and scared, I couldn’t run. One of the masked soldiers knocked me over and grabbed me, and then more masked soldiers gathered around me. I was afraid. I cried and screamed because of how they looked.

    The soldiers detained me for about ten minutes. They shot at the protestors with me next to them.

    A 7-year-old boy was held by masked soldiers while they fired at his friends. This is the occupation. This is what it looks like.

  15. IRONKRAFT December 30, 2016 @ 7:06 am

    Some people may not wait much longer for a Biblical end to our woes.

    Judea has had 2000 years of near-total control, of Christian and Muslim countries and communities.

    In some quarters, there are musings of what’s becoming known as a “Trained Hands Revolution”.

    Such a suggested Revolution, presumably means taking the head off the snake, thus, speculatively saving millions of lives, whilst removing the threat once and for all time.

  16. KathJuliane December 30, 2016 @ 7:11 am Statement by the President of Russia

    December 30, 2016 15:15

    We regard the recent unfriendly steps taken by the outgoing US administration as provocative and aimed at further weakening the Russia-US relationship.

    This runs contrary to the fundamental interests of both the Russian and American people.

    Considering the global security responsibilities of Russia and the United States, this is also damaging to international relations as a whole.

    As it proceeds from international practice, Russia has reasons to respond in kind.

    Although we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore Russian-US relations based on the policies of the Trump Administration.

    The diplomats who are returning to Russia will spend the New Year’s holidays with their families and friends.

    We will not create any problems for US diplomats. We will not expel anyone. We will not prevent their families and children from using their traditional leisure sites during the New Year’s holidays.

    Moreover, I invite all children of US diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas children’s parties in the Kremlin.

    It is regrettable that the Obama Administration is ending its term in this manner. Nevertheless, I offer my New Year greetings to President Obama and his family.

    My season’s greetings also to President-elect Donald Trump and the American people.

    I wish all of you happiness and prosperity.

    This is genuine Christian patience and forbearance, and grace under pressure.

  17. KathJuliane December 30, 2016 @ 7:16 am

    Russian Embassy in UK Blows Off Obama’s Retaliation with “Lame Duck” Tweet

  18. Ft. Nolan December 30, 2016 @ 7:46 am

    First item… Why are all of these “snowflakes” and Hillary supporters so scared of Trump being President? How is it they believe (more likely presume) that they are going to be rounded up and trucked to some concentration camp?

    In my opinion, they are under the assumption that what they intended for conservative Americans — had Hillary prevailed — is going to be done to them. When the Bolsheviks came into power, the Cheka was established to eliminate all opposition. There was no accomodation, no assimilation and no attempt at convincing opposition to the Bolsheviks of the betterment of the Soviet system.

    Opposition to Bolshevism was eliminated, liquidated. It comes to my understanding that the Killary supporters were planning on eliminating opposition to President “Jezebel’s” administration. Now that they are on the losing team, they believe it is they who will be eliminated.

    Such is the power of the Jew World Order with its communistic methods.

    Second item… Given Trump’s debt to the Kushner’s (let’s not speculate, let’s assume this is the case), is it possible Ivanka acts as some form of “tribute” to keep the debt resolved? Maybe it is an arranged marriage. Maybe Ivanka is putting on a good show, playing her part as Jew convert. Maybe she is hostage to this arrangement?

    [If I am visited by a bunch of first-name “suits” and find myself sent off for a “vacation” after posing this hypothesis, then we may be on to something.]

    Why is it when Ivanka Trump marries into a Jew family, she converts but when Chelsea Clinton marries into a Jew family, she remains Gentil-ish and does not convert to Judaism? And why is it the husbands do not receive baptism and become Christians so as to accomodate their wives?

    (Chelsea likely did not pass quality control, that is, unable to pick up on Hebrew and read from right to left.)

    Judaism is a one way street leading to Hell. For what the New Year holds, we might be walking through a fireworks factory chain-smoking all the way.

    Lastly, if memory serves me well (unlikely), it was a Dutchman, Jan “somebody” who discovered “Zealandia Novus.” It would be two-hundred years before Captain James Cook (hardly a nobody, and mentor to Lieutenant William Bligh) rediscovers the islands keeping the Anglicized name given by Jan. Had the French or Portuguese discovered and settled the place…

  19. KathJuliane December 30, 2016 @ 7:56 am

    Diplomat blasts CNN report on closure of Anglo-American School in Moscow as blatant lie

    /TASS/: Russian Politics & Diplomacy December 30, 14:12 UTC+3

    The CNN earlier reported that Russian authorities have ordered the closing of the Anglo-American School in Moscow as a retaliatory measure after Washington’s new sanctions

    Information on the closure of the Anglo-American School in Moscow spread by CNN is completely false, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, wrote on her Facebook.

    “US officials ‘anonymously informed’ their media that Russia closed the Anglo-American School in Moscow as a retaliatory measure,” she said.

    “That’s a lie. Apparently, the White House has completely lost its senses and began inventing sanctions against its own children.”

    “You should not write that ‘Moscow denied…. Or Moscow will not…”. Write as it is: “The CNN TV channel and other Western media have again spread false information citing official American sources,” Zakharova stated.

    The CNN earlier reported that Russian authorities have ordered the closing of the Anglo-American School in Moscow as a retaliatory measure after Washington imposed new sanctions on Russia.

    On December 29, it became known that Washington slapped new sanctions on Moscow over its supposed cyberattacks on US institutions.

    The restrictive measures announced on Thursday apply to some Russian companies, the Federal Security Service and the Russian General Staff’s Main Department and its senior officials.

    In addition to that, US authorities declared 35 Russian diplomats persona non grata. Washington also informed Moscow that it would deny Russian personnel access to two recreational compounds in the United States owned by the Russian government.

    Moscow has repeatedly denied any involvement in cyberattacks. Commenting on the new sanctions, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said they are a manifestation of aggression.

  20. BobtheGrape December 30, 2016 @ 8:45 am

    Brother Nathanael;

    That pervert, O’Bummer, isn’t out of the White House yet.

    O’Bomba and his handlers may have something really perverse up their perverted sleeves.

    Let’s hope not. Keep up the good work!

  21. Albert December 30, 2016 @ 9:14 am

    Let’s Drain the Swamp with Brother Nathanael

    Buy Brother Nathanael T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Greeting Cards and Stickers etc,.

    All profits go to the Brother Nathanael Foundation.

  22. charlie December 30, 2016 @ 10:17 am

    The whole system is so corrupt, the legal system is just as guilty as the political system.

    In fact judges and lawyers are the real threat and then the political system. Both need to be replace and trials for treason begin.

  23. Robert Ford December 30, 2016 @ 2:01 pm

    I received my Brother Nathanael coffee mug the other day.

    It looks terrific.

    Blessings to you Brother.

  24. wideawake December 30, 2016 @ 3:24 pm

    Was a disgusting display of your inner Jew to use that despicable insult to black people by referencing schwartza and house-nigger in your article-real fucking Christian of you.

    You are a phony bastard, I agreed with a lot of what you write but this is just too much and shows you can convert the Jew but those attitudes remain–just sickening.

  25. Brother Nathanael December 30, 2016 @ 3:48 pm


    Go back to bed, you moron, or continue being a sleep walker.

    You don’t have a clue how Jews think, I do. They ALL know that Obama is simply their “house nigger” and that he’s no more than their “schwartza” in the White House.

    I don’t write for idiots like you revealing How Jews Think. I write for those who wish to understand the mindset of those who rule Jewmerica.

    For those of our Real Jew News Family who are NOT asleep like this comatose dope, SEE:

    How The Jews Took The White House @

    AND: The Obama Hoax Finally Revealed @

    AND: Russia Turns Christian…America Turns Jewish @

    AND: How Jews Talk @

    AND: How Jews Think @

    PS And by the way, those like you who cannot put forward a rational defense of their position ALWAYS resort to FOUL language. You sound JUST LIKE A JEW, you miserable troll.

  26. Koolz December 30, 2016 @ 4:31 pm

    Did anyone ever see the list of people that Obama (Puppet) appointed when he became president?

    The list is who’s who of Jewish Zionism. And it’s not just Democrats, it’s Republicans too.

    Congress and Senate. Zionists making sure they are in control. Why else would they agree to give Israel 4 billion a year. Congress voted 95 percent to give Israel 4 billion a year.

    Obama was just part of the deception. I remember Obama saying he was the most Jewish President.

  27. Irene Bonney Faulkes December 30, 2016 @ 5:12 pm

    C.N.N. and Fox News report false items all the time. They do this regularly about Putin and Russia and have been doing so for at least three years from personal observance.

    The graciousness and Christian ethics followed by Putin are to be applauded. The marks of Christ are seen therein from those who desire to be true salt of the earth.

    Obama follows the evil demands of the Satan he serves. It would seem that he is infused with the tenets of the Jewish cohorts under whose control he is.

    This Christmas and New Year time in our Western countries there is diffused a refreshing stream of peace and goodwill from Putin and the Russian people.

    We here acknowledge their evident tokens of friendship imbibing a Christian principle. Some of us respond with a hearty and loving ‘Thank you’.

    One may well wonder at the scarcity of such an attitude from any other President and country in history, if there has been one.

    In France during World War I, soldiers on both sides did have a time of freedom from war and a Christmas relationship, even though in effect, they were enemies, killing each other.

    Russia and its President outclass even that point in the history of Europe.

  28. jim Jones December 30, 2016 @ 8:09 pm

    You hit it: Obama is a pure Devil…He will get his due along with Bill, Hillary and Soros….Eternal damnation is guaranteed.

    Don”t forget the other bastard child, Bill and how hew screwed our nation..They are good communicators and hide their demonic behavior …God had to step in to make Trump win…God has the last laugh.

  29. Eileen K. December 30, 2016 @ 8:47 pm

    I’m happy you’re back from your quiet retreat and are back at work on your ministry.

    I’m also happy you’re going to continue and not give up (the Lord Jesus doesn’t want you to give up).

    I, too, will be mighty happy when Obummer and Moochelle finally leave the White House and Trump and Melania and some of the family moves in.

    One piece of good news is that Trump will issue/sign an Executive Order rescinding all of Obummer’s EO’s, the worst one referring to men (transgenders?) using public women’s restrooms and endangering women and children in the process.

    Obummer’s definitely the worst POTUS in US history. No other has wreacked so much unrest and chaos in this country as he has … pushing White Christian genocide with massive non-white immigration from the cesspools of the planet, altering the military by infiltrating it with transgenders, along with gays and lesbians, and fomenting racial strife by encouraging riots/looting and attacks on Whites.

    No other POTUS has ever hated the US so much as to destroy it, as Obummer has done.

    In addition to his obsessive hatred of Vladimir Putin, Obummer has another reason for wanting war with Russia .. He doesn’t want Trump to succeed him.

    These are two main reasons for accusing the Russians of interfering in the November elections. He has to make up an excuse for declaring martial law to either postpone the inauguration of Trump or cancel it altogether and declare himself President for Life.

    However, he’s playing with fire in this case and will get burned. The American people have spoken On 8 November and will rise up if Obummer tries making himself a dictator for life.

    As we all know, Br. Nat, Hillary Clinton lost the election all by herself.

    She alienated the Millennials and other Bernie Sanders supporters by rigging the primary elections; and in doing so, she drove many into the arms of Trump and lost the general election.

    I pray daily that 2017 will be a better year and that Trump will honor his pledge to put America first and engage in better relations with Russia, China and many other nations.

    I also pray that your financial situation will also improve, that more and more people who read your articles and view your videos will reach into their wallets and donate to your Foundation.

    May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you in the coming New Year.


  30. Albert December 31, 2016 @ 12:25 am

    @Robert Ford

    I’m glad you like your Brother Nathanael Coffee Mug.

    I wish more people would buy more because all the +BN merchandise we have on offer is great advertisement for +BN.


    Buy Brother Nathanael T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Stickers etc,.

    All profits go to the Brother Nathanael Foundation.

  31. Ted Gorsline December 31, 2016 @ 1:35 am

    Its kind of funny watching just how hopeless and petty CNN is given their candidate Hillary lost.

    They say 1) The Russians fixed the election 2) A Radio City Rocket doesn’t like Trump 3) Some other band member has resigned rather than sing at a Trump rally.

    This is not news. This is pathetic.

    CNN is pathetic.

    The Israelis who own CNN are pathetic.

    Freedom of speech, like individual liberty is an Anglo Saxon invention. The Jew boys with their Middle Eastern might-is-right value system just don’t understand the idea and as such should never have any role in any kind of free press.

    They just can’t do it. It isn’t in them.

  32. Ted Gorsline December 31, 2016 @ 2:26 am

    Something smells. CNN has just given us three remarkable survivors including, you guessed it, a holocaust survivor who somehow survived in the very hands of Dr Mengele.

    This follows an announcment a month earlier that Anne Frank’s bones had apparently been found. Talk about wallowing in self pity.

    Something else smells. CNN has been promoting a Jewish $billionaire and friend of Jewish casino owner Steve Wynn who supports the Sea Shepard Conservation Society.

    The SSCS is one of the more bizarre environmental groups, and for some reason the Jews are financing many of them.

    For example Toronto billionaire Jew Robert Schad, whose former company, Husky Injection Moulding, did more to pollute all the world’s oceans with platisc debris than any one else, had a web site asking children of bed wetting age – 6 to 9- to send him $300 in return for about $10 worth of trinkets.

    Since I pointed this out on other web sites, they have taken it down.

    George Soros allegedly supports PETA. Just why the Jews such as casino owner Steve Wynn have become environmentalists is unclear because the only form of non human life left in Israel is their national bird – the vulture – which they feed on Palestinian children.

  33. MamaPrice December 31, 2016 @ 4:39 am

    Bastard (fake name) Obama,

    Also has worked to bring more Middle Easterners to targeted places to harm and break them up.

    Our country is so overrun with Mexicans it’s just sick.

    IN 20 years what will even be left when the Boomers die out?

    Trump must address this as one of the most important things, to make America white again.

    Americans and Europeans

    All whites need to protect and secure their homes and way of life for their family and their children’s future, and let tommorow be today.

    Remeber only whites want conservatism in any way so Trump must maintain white America for there to be a future for anything he is doing.

  34. Robert Mandelbaum December 31, 2016 @ 8:29 am

    I am trying to get this Youtube video to Brother Nathanael.

    I believe it will be of interest to him.


    Filmed in the Old City of Jerusalem, this ground-breaking documentary investigates the research of renowned Biblical archaeologists, Bob Cornuke, David Seilaff and Earnest L. Martin who claim that Solomon and Herod’s Temples never stood on the Haram al Sharif, also known as the Temple Mount.

    If they are right, then there is nothing to stop the Jewish people building their long awaited for Third Jewish Temple in the actual site where the Temples once stood. But is tradition too strong?

  35. Jason December 31, 2016 @ 9:56 am

    The Opioid Crisis and the Jewish connection. A must read article.

  36. Kalin December 31, 2016 @ 10:23 am


    Great point! I think you’ll find this 10 minute “AntiRacist Hitler” comedy very cute:

  37. Kalin December 31, 2016 @ 10:33 am


    Of course it’s easier to enjoy the AntiRacist Hitler video after one is familiar with the 1 minute “Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies” video:

  38. John OSJ JBS December 31, 2016 @ 11:03 am

    It is the end of 2016 and with great hope and wisdom, 2017 will be the beginning of a new America and a new World Order. A real awakening is needed to take back America.

    The massive fraud and lies being forced on us from various News media outlets as fact and truth must be exposed. Americans are handing over Their Freedom, Liberty, Right to Privacy and Right to have Money in the name of National Security. All dressed up as the “Terrorist Threat”.

    Statistics prove this to be a lie. Yet We are told daily that We are in danger, massive amount of Our tax dollars are being spent for “defensive” measures as part of the false narrative.

    A perfect example, look at the massive amount of spending to “protect” New York City from a “Terrorist Attack”. When the fact that more Americans will die in New York City from drug overdoses, prescription drug over doses, suicide and alcohol separately than will die all across America in the next year from terrorism.

    Yet the Hollywood style images will create the illusion that “Terrorism” is a real threat to America.

    America, Please wake Up.

  39. KathJuliane December 31, 2016 @ 11:05 am

    Just three more weeks to go.

    The lunatics aren’t running the asylum, the toddlers have taken over the nursery school.

    Obama is a whining, petulant, destructive brat throwing a tantrum because the world is finding out that he is a shallow, petty tyrant and a legend in his own mind. His exit from the White House forever memorable because Barky leaves sticking his tongue out at Putin.

    Obama has spit out his pacifier, taken the lid off of his sippy cup, and dumped the formula everywhere and mashed up the graham crackers reserved for nappy time.

    Not only that he’s soiled his Pampers and smearing the walls with his stinky baby poo, touches everyone’s lunch with his nasty hands, and tipped over all the other kids’ prams, dragging their binkies through the mud, hoping to provoke deepening an even worse diplomatic crisis between America and Russia than what already exists.

    Whether an Obamaphile, or an Obamaphobe, after 8 years the American people are left to clean the mess he made up after him, along with that of his Axis of Weasels.

    God bless Putin. He simply put the brakes on escalating the diplomatic tit-for-tat. He called Obama’s tactics trying to provoke a fight to be on the level of “kitchen diplomacy” (petty squabbling and dish throwing) which he wouldn’t stoop to participate in.

    That’s what it looks like to the rest of the world outside of America.

    Then Putin, rather than punish US diplomats and their families in Moscow because our quacking Lame Duck POTUS is an idiot, personally and graciously invited them to come to the Kremlin and enjoy the Russian Christmas holidays, which for the Orthodox country, begins January 1 and runs through the 10th, with Nativity on the 7th of January (December 25 on the canonical Julian calendar).

    If we can’t have Vladimir Vladimirovich as our POTUS, could we at least have Maria Zakharova? Pro tem would do, say for the next four years? Or better, Secretary of State.

    I know there’s not much of a workaround to the Constitution’s requirement for natural born citizen to be elected POTUS, but there is no such restriction for the Secretary of State, and there have been several foreign born Secretaries, like Henry Kissinger, Madeline Albright, and Elaine Chao.

    The Secretary of State is forth in the line of succession after the Vice-President, Speaker of the House, President of the Senate pro temp, and the first in the line of the succeeding Cabinet positions.

    Some of the office holders have been, in fact, ineligible to serve as president, and should the succession come to them, they would have been passed over.

    Maria Zakharova would be perfect for the job of Secretary of State, she’s a university trained, highly qualified professional career diplomat and composed stateswoman.

    She’s an eminently stable, sincere, self-contained lady who, while having a sharp tongue when necessary, never raises her voice to airport decibles, not a screeching womanoid harpy like the Hildabeast, Queen of Pazuzu, whose shrieking has been known to make people’s ears and eyeballs bleed on occasion.

    The Department of State Twitter indicates the tweet went out at 1:51 pm EST on December 29 of Toner’s statement to expel the 35 Russian diplomats and close down access to the diplomat retreat houses which are, in fact, Russian state owned real estate properties, and have been for decades.

    The Russian diplomats thank you, Obama. They wouldn’t have been able to go home for a real festival season and spectacular Russian New Years otherwise, not to mention a beautiful and edifying Russian Christmas.

    In Russia, because the Church uses the canonical Julian calendar (O.S.) as do 85% of Orthodox churches, while the secular civil calendar is Gregorian (N.S), the Nativity of Jesus Christ occurs on January 7 (December 25 O.S.) after the civil New Years.

    So don’t let the somber faces fool you, Obummer, you twit. They were dancing inside at this unexpected turn of events sending them home for Russian Christmas vacation.

    3 more long weeks, 21 days, and a new chapter turns in White House history. I have my worries about a Trump administration and that the White House has now become a colonial outpost of the Likud Party takeover of the Jewnited States of Israel, but at least it appears that four years of Trump will be something somewhat different.

    He certainly doesn’t seem as hell bent to hurl America into the abyss of a war with Russia as the War Presidency of the Hildabeast would have been.

    Obama, all I can say when the time comes and the White House door closes behind you for the last time is:

    See ya! Wouldn’t want to be ya!

    Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey-ey Dasvidanyia! Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-ey, Good-bye!

  40. Ted Gorsline December 31, 2016 @ 11:53 am

    Take a look at Wayne La Pierre’s comments at the NRA website. They plan to unravel the axis of evil. No mincing of words.

    The don’t use the name “Jew” but they do use swear words like Soros and Bloomberg.

    Bloomberg alone aparently outspent them them 4 to 1 in this last election but go his butt kicked by 5 million organized votes.

  41. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS December 31, 2016 @ 12:05 pm

    Good Riddance Obama!


    OBAMA and the JEW World Order have LOST the WAR in Syria.

    THANK YOU President Putin my HERO.


    Those Russian Rockets from your ships taking out the ISIS Terrorists were awesome.

    The US War Weapons had been delivered to ISIS Terrorists under the guise of “humanitarian aid.”

    OBAMA must be prosecuted for War Crimes.

    Aiding and Abetting the ISIS Terrorists with War Weapons.

    What a Dirtbag.

    The WAR was all about a “GAS PIPELINE and OIL”.

    Nothing to do with “Democracy”.

    Fantastic News: WW3 Nuclear War has been Cancelled!

    THANK YOU President Putin, my HERO.

  42. Leave a comment December 31, 2016 @ 1:16 pm

    Happy New Year dear friends!

    Do not forget Orthodox Christmas Day 2017 is on Saturday, January 7, 2017.

    Send our dear brother a Christmas card with a some money in it!

    He needs your help 🙂

  43. KathJuliane December 31, 2016 @ 1:48 pm

    Even the Green left is sick of Barky Nobama…

    Green Party 2016 candidate calls Obama ‘immature hack’ over Russia sanctions

    Ajamu Baraka, who ran as Green Party nominee Jill Stein’s running mate, hit President Obama for new sanctions placed on Russia over the Kremlin’s suspected involvement in the computer hacking of Democratic leaders.

    Writing Saturday on Twitter, Baraka linked to a report that said Russian President Vladimir Putin would not expel U.S. diplomats from the country in retaliation to the new sanctions.

    “Move by Putin exposes Obama as immature hack he has always been,” wrote Baraka.

    Last week, the Obama administration announced plans to punish Russia for the hackings, which included the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats in the U.S. and the closing of two Russian compounds, one that was in New York and the other in Maryland.

    Baraka has criticized Obama’s response to Putin in recent days, suggesting that the president has been too far to the “right.”

    “Can the Democrats under Obama be even more right-wing when you are to the right of Trump on Russia. [sic] Obama please just go away after the 20th?” he said Thursday.

    “Obama please just let it go and go make your money like your friend Hilary [sic],” Baraka said in another tweet.

  44. KathJuliane December 31, 2016 @ 2:02 pm

    Eeeewww. Something nasty just stuck to my shoe…


    Washington Examiner: Obama: I won’t leave on Jan 20

    President Obama used his final weekly address in 2016 to make it plainer than ever that he won’t retire quietly once Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

    Couching his address to the nation as assurance that he will remain committed to defending the “progress” achieved by his administration, the president made it crystal clear that he intends to be a thorn in President Trump’s side after the official handover of power on Jan. 20.

    Offering the clearest indication yet of his plan to be active on the political scene after he is ostensibly back in private life, Obama said Saturday, “As I prepare to take on the even more important role of citizen, know that I will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that this country forever strives to live up to the incredible promise of our founding — that all of us are created equal, and all of us deserve every chance to live out our dreams.”

    The words were an implicit rebuke of the inequality and retrograde policies that Democrats claim will be on the agenda of Trump and the GOP when they take over a unified Republican government next month.

    When Obama expected, and most polls indicated, that Hillary Clinton was going to win the White House, the president suggested that he looked forward to a quiet retirement. But now he says his plans have changed. The unmistakable suggestion is that Obama claims he needs to stay active to guard the nation against Trump’s predations.

    “I promise you that next year Michelle and I are going to be right there with you, and the clouds are going to start parting and the sun is going to come back out, and we’re going to be busy, involved in the amazing stuff that we’ve been doing all these years before,” Obama told supporters in late November.

    Obama also revealed then that his family plans to stick around Washington, D.C., for a few years while his younger daughter, Sasha, finishes high school.

    Many of Obama’s main accomplishments and priorities, such as Obamacare and a green agenda hailed by environmental activists, are on Trump’s hit list for demolition.

    Obama and Democrats can see the clear prospect that his legacy will be reduced sharply by the incoming government. Obama’s Saturday speech shows that the outgoing president does not intend to stand by and let that happen.

    Touting what he claims are gains made in expanding health insurance coverage, job creation, bringing troops back to the U.S. from Afghanistan and Iraq, and killing al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, Obama said that the country has “made extraordinary progress as a country these past eight years.”

    The Saturday address was a dogged defense of what has been done for or to America since Obama was first sworn into office in January, 2009. He said income is rising, poverty falling and the auto industry is “resurgent.”

    Turning to diplomacy, Obama said, “We shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons program, opened up a new chapter with the people of Cuba, and brought nearly 200 nations together around a climate agreement that could save this planet for our kids.” He also gave a nod to the 2015 Supreme Court ruling to grant nationwide marriage equality.

    “We’ve made extraordinary progress as a country these past eight years,” Obama said. “And here’s the thing: none of it was inevitable. It was the result of tough choices we made, and the result of your hard work and resilience.”

    Looking ahead, Obama said the task of moving forward on progress falls to people working together.

    Obama thanked Americans for their support and said “almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago.”

    Barky’s Weekly Address: Working Together to Keep America Moving Forward [to push it over the cliff…]

    Bonus video: Obama’s Legacy: “He Wanted to Be the Reagan of the Left”!

  45. KathJuliane December 31, 2016 @ 9:50 pm

    Moscow New Year Fireworks | Russia Welcomes 2017 With Blasts | Full Show

  46. Kalif December 31, 2016 @ 11:11 pm

    ‘Hit the road Jack, and don’t you come back no more no more no more…’

    — Ray Charles.

  47. Ted Gorsline January 1, 2017 @ 3:20 am

    I see that on the first day of 2017 CNN recycled the confused little Syrian boy who was covered with covered with dust.

    A dewey eyed Kate Balduan prattled on about he was like her little boy. A ratty looking woman who preaches about Allepo for CNN chimed in and then CNN actress Christian Anamwhore, reeking with her usual stage managed insincerity, piped in too.

    The orginal footage CNN showed weeks ago was a wide camera shot that showed the little boy was frightened half to death not by the war, by the 20 or so strange CNN journalists and sound men who confronted and photographed him to use him for propaganda purposes. I would not be suprised to find his dusty face was touched up with a little make up.

    CNN got caught with their pants down back then so now they just do close ups of the little boy so the facts don’t disagree with their rewritten narrative.

    CNN, really just news or rather propaganda for jews, and no one else, is such a disgusting institution. I wonder how their staff sleep at night.

    I guess their fired staff like Peter Arnett, Helen Thomas and jim Clancy all finally came to the conclusion that a good night’s sleep was better than a bad conscience. Unpaid mortgages probably explain why the tattered hacks on their staff still stick around.

  48. richard feibel January 2, 2017 @ 2:13 pm

    Unfortunately for us the next POTUS is even worse on the matter disgusted by Bro on the sexual decadence of the current administration.

    Trump is a deviate of the worst kind /just look to his marriages.

    And mark my words he will be even more LGBT than Obama. He already stated that, but somehow no seems to have heard that here and other places as well.

    He stated that his bathrooms are open to all. Get real and smell the stench of a deviate personified.

    Just ask Epstein and his air crew who flew the Lolita Express.

    There are many people here and elsewhere that have drank the Trump-ade and are drunk with giddiness. Unfortunately, I think they will have to sober up as he is now revealing his true ideology.

    He just stated in response to UNSC 2334 that “ISRAEL HANG ON JAN. IS COMING SOON”.

    Gee, I wonder what he means? Maybe one of the drunk Trump-ade drinkers can enlighten me.GEE I WONDER WHAT HE MEANS MAYBE ONE OF THE DRUNK TRUMPAIDE DRINKERS CAN ENLIGHTEN ME. And also Trump is conferring with Kissinger, another omen.

    Just ask Epstein and his air crew who flew the Lolita Express.

  49. Laskarina January 12, 2017 @ 9:43 pm

    Obama–the man with two fake names, fake ID, and fake family (his partner is reportedly Michael, not “Michelle”) is not even part African.

    This is all a deception by the Jews who are in control of Americans too dumb to see reality.

    Reportedly his mother was a Jew, who was a whore for the CIA, therefore according to Jewish law, he is a Jew. Like many Jews, he has at least one fake name.

    His birth certificate has been proven to be a PDF forgery–no physical copy exists at all. He is really part (or even all Indonesian) and certainly not an American citizen.

    Most Americans do not know that his features are south Asian, not African, but outside the US, this is well known– especially in Indonesia ( a place long controlled by Jews and full of rent boys and sex tourism.) He has hundreds of “doubles” there.

    People who think he is part black probably think Trump’s real color is orange and have never heard of a spray tan.

    No one at Columbia knows him or ever saw him in class there. There is no school transcript of diploma. This has been public knowledge for some time now.

    Every year Obama has been in the White House, he has celebrated Passover (even when it fell on Easter Sunday), and he has always made sure the thirty-foot menorah is lit by the rabbis, but no creche is in sight.

    He has bombed eight Muslim countries, and expanded use of black sites and mercenaries for torture and murder.

    Not only is he a practicing homosexual, but even worse, he is pederast. You can’t get more Jewish than that.

    Trump is pimp, who rides the Lolita Express, and has been married to three prostitutes, at least two of whom are likely crypto-Jews. He also has, in spite of claiming to be Presbyterian, possible Jewish ancestry in the form of pimps and drug dealers from Germany.

    But perhaps a pimp is preferable to a pedophile like Obama, and certainly preferable to a Satanic, lesbian, pedo, cannibal in the second stage of Kuru’s disease like Hillary.

    There is no doubt that Satan has sway in this world, excepting over those who are with Christ.

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