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Killing Democracy In Ukraine

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Killing Democracy In Ukraine
By Brother Nathanael Kapner February 25, 2014 ©

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PRAISING THE POWER SHIFT in Ukraine, the Jew York Times paints “pro-democracy” activists as heroes but Russian-leaning Ukrainians as villains.

For all the ‘democracy touting’ of the Jew-infested press, democracy hit the skids in Kiev this week with the illegal ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych and the installment of Oleksandr Turchynov as acting president.

“There is no one to talk to there. It is an aberration to call legitimate what is the result of an armed mutiny,” said Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev.

Tossing aside constitutional procedure, the parliament ousted democratically-elected Yanukovych, issued warrants for his arrest and members of his constitutionally-protected party, and installed former KGB head and Tymoshenko aide, Turchynov, as president.

Ukraine is in constitutional limbo, the parliament operating lawlessly in the guise of law.

Although Yanukovych did not return Ukraine to its 2004 Constitution, he did reinstate—with the approval of the Ukraine Constitutional Court—the 1996 Constitution in 2010 which provided greater presidential powers.

Even Tymoshenko, Turchynov’s former boss, agreed with this while in prison.

Therefore, the 1996/2010 Constitution is still in force, a legality the JewSAowned parliament has deliberately bypassed, particularly when it came to the line of succession in appointing an acting president.

Article 111, identical in both versions of the Constitution, states the parliament has the right to initiate a “procedure” of impeachment if “treason or another crime” is committed.

It then outlines in clear wording specific due process steps to be employed by parliament when impeaching an incumbent.

This includes the establishment of a “special investigatory commission whose composition includes a special procurator and special investigators.” Results from the investigation then go back to parliament for deliberation.

THERE IS NO WAY Article 111 was followed in a couple of days in the actions of the opposition-controlled parliament. Where is the special investigation commission?

The vote indicting Yanukovych for “mass murder” followed by a warrant for his arrest does not uphold any of the constitutional guidelines, particularly the call for a review of the investigative case by Ukraine’s Constitutional Court and a three-fourths majority vote by the parliament, i.e., 338 lawmakers.

Both of these things HAVE TO HAPPEN in order to have a lawful impeachment.

The Ukraine parliament spat on its own Constitution. And ‘democracy-loving’ Jews praise the parliament for it.

Why not? Ukraine’s Jew-run National Bank is about to enslave its people to the Jew-owned IMF.

At least for now, Kiev is a JewSAowned, EU-backed, thugocracy after all.


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Brother Nathanael @ February 25, 2014


  1. Brother Nathanael February 25, 2014 @ 10:23 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Everybody is saying: “Ukraine’s parliament ouster of Yanukovych is illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional.”

    BUT, nobody is saying WHY.

    I just did. Hope you appreciate this new Article.
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    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  2. Brother Nathanael February 25, 2014 @ 10:24 pm

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    “Money For People NOT Jewish Bankers” @

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  3. KathJuliane February 25, 2014 @ 11:26 pm

    Dear +BN,

    Thank you so much for pointing out the hows and whys Yanukovych’s ouster is unlawful, and how true it is that this current thugocracy is simply “lawless in the guise of law.”

    No wonder Prime Minister Medvedev said this isn’t a legitimate government that Russia can deal with:

    “Strictly speaking, there is no one to talk to, there. There are big doubts about the legitimacy of a whole series of organs of power that are now functioning there. … It is an aberration to call legitimate what is essentially the result of an armed mutiny,” Medvedev said.

    He’s right. I’ve tried to make sense of Ukrainian politics and it’s post-Soviet history since 1991.

    At this point I can only conclude that the Constitution of Ukraine is just Silly Putty to whatever kleptocratic partisan factions and their endlessly shifting loyalties happen to assume power, and Tymoshenko won’t be any different if she’s elected president.

    And I thought our Constitution was in bad shape with our elite “1%” running over us chipping away at our civil rights. Even so, our political elites still have to work hard at getting their way.

    It has to be far worse for many of the Ukrainian people and my heart goes out to them.

    Thank you so much, and God bless. Contribution is on the way.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  4. aleex February 26, 2014 @ 12:43 am

    I do love America — greatest nation on earth!

    And I love the American people — kind, generous, just good people.

    But the government, actually the forces ($$$$) behind the gov’t, $$$$ are the most vile toxins of humanity.

    They will vociferously destroy anyone, anywhere, anytime, for their pursuit of $$$$ ie Iraq, Lybia, Syria, now Ukraine, Venezuela.

    What they don’t yet see, is that sadly all will come back around.

    Very very sad, and It not going to be pretty.

  5. Reinbeek February 26, 2014 @ 1:50 am

    Unscrupulous egoists are with increasing speed and force destroying the world.

    Of course led by International Jewry.

  6. Nicolae February 26, 2014 @ 3:04 am

    Very good article Brother Nathanael.

    ‘La-La Land’: ‘EU doesn’t have political capital to spend on Ukraine’

    The head of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction Aleksandr Yefremov said in a televised comment on Wednesday that he had information that George Soros had allocated funds for the overthrow of the Ukrainian political authorities.

    Leading party says Soros prepares “Libyan scenario” for Ukraine

    “I even have information that Soros has allocated certain funds in order to prepare a certain group of young boys here in Ukraine who could launch any existing projects based on the North Africa examples,” Yefremov said. He also added that he hoped that the Ukrainian people will be wise enough not to follow such provocations.

    Russian burn Amerikan flag in Crimea

  7. Koolz February 26, 2014 @ 4:39 am

    I hate to say it but it’s time for Putin to put his foot down. Close in on Kiev and put a stop to this madness. The whole thing is about destabilizing Russia. You have a great Group of Satanists that see Russia as a threat now and there making there move against Russia.

    What has happened in Libya, what has happened in Syria, they are trying to do in the Ukraine.

    Will they try the same tactics they used to create WW2? Now that is a scary thought! These Jew Satanists have to be Stopped!

  8. jeff king February 26, 2014 @ 5:08 am

    I lived in Pukraine for 8 years. My wife and stepkids are Ukrainian. My son was born there too.

    Luckily, my wife and son are in Boston. Yanukovych got what he deserved, even if it was illegal. He still has his offshore bank accounts.

    I knew this was coming sooner or later. You have to live there to see what it is like. It really is a modern”Animal Farm.”

  9. paschn February 26, 2014 @ 6:03 am

    What we are seeing is a Jacob Schiff (insert Int’l Jew), financed/orchestrated “Revolution” (insert “regime change”), redux.

    The global body politic has been taken over by a tiny but lethal parasitic infection. The Goyim no longer have the intellect nor the backbone to come up with a cure.

    They truly are the Synagogue of Satan and Lucifer moves his key players about the global chess board for his own pleasure and the collapse of the world into chaos.

    This is truly Satan’s system of things.

  10. Mary Ann February 26, 2014 @ 7:18 am

    I wish I could understand this mess. There is no possible reason that a President, nor Czar, nor King can live that way, while their people are in dire need.

    I have seen videos of people saying that the Ukraine people want to be on their own, not under NATO, EU nor Russia. What is the real answer?

    I wish someone could answer that for me. It is all part of the New World Order, and good people always suffer.

  11. soldierjack February 26, 2014 @ 8:01 am

    To the people of Ukraine, this is a mistake (My wife is Ukranian).

    If you have any doubt about the negative impact of joining the EU, just ask the average Latvian what happened after they joined the EU about 10 years ago. Prices went up (almost immediately), but wages did not.

    What might appear to be right wing nationalist, I wonder who are they controlled by?


  12. Santiago Ramirez February 26, 2014 @ 9:00 am

    I’m about to believe that Judaism is nothing but an ancient but sophisticated set of tips and tricks for running humanity as a disrespectful but funny and lucrative business.

    What holiness can be in it? But in that case, what is left to think of Christians’?

    How not to believe most people don’t care to be disposable pieces in a game board if only fries and beer are life time guaranteed?

    How not to believe we are just differently evolved animals of a same species with different types and varieties, like cradle in which some are good for the heights some for the lowlands, some for the tropics, some for the seasonal some for the meat some for milk.

    Some people are from a retarded variety and some other belong to a more intelligent or conscious type.

    How to believe it is not just natural and biological differentiation among a common DNA root, like chimpanzees from orangutans, Israelis from Saxons or Arians or Asians. How to believe this is not just Darwinism at its purest concept?

    How to believe intelligence and consciousness is not so different property to humans than reproductive or feed instinct to animals or Photosynthesis in plants.

    Jewish behavior definitely works more in a wild animal direction than any spiritual or superior conception.

  13. Ft. Nolan February 26, 2014 @ 9:06 am

    A better title for that television show “Democracy Now!” should be “Socialism Now!” Likewise, whenever you see or hear about “democracy” being pursued around the world, think “socialism” and you have a better understanding of what is really happening.

    The EU is not much more than a geopolitical vampire intent on draining away the resources of the Ukraine just as it has done with many other EU members. Those promoting EU membership for Ukraine must be part of that group where misery loves company.

    It is unfortunate President Yanukovych did not declare the uprising an insurgency threatening to send in the Army to deal with it. Instead, the police are tasked with fighting this very determined mob and now the police are villified with shooting and killing gasoline bomb throwing insurgents.

    It just may happen forces from Russia and Belarus will roll into Ukraine which would tempt NATO forces to react. However, since Ukraine is not a NATO member, any move by NATO forces into Ukraine would rightfully be considered an invasion by NATO which by all accounts is outside the NATO charter and would thusly be a condemnable act.

    Should NATO pre-emptively “invade” Ukraine, President Putin would be fully justified in putting together a coalition of former Soviet states, Belarus and Kazakhstan being the first, to resist the invasion. Don’t be surprised if Chinese forces join this coalition as “volunteers” allowing them to work undercover for the Russian coalition.

    For any strategist with NATO, keep in mind, Russia (from the Arctic Ocean to the Black Sea and eastward) can never be occupied. It can be raided multiple times as the seasons allow, however, such action will only strengthen the resolve of the people being raided. Eventually, such a strategy becomes ineffective.

    Western powers are not going to win in any conflict with a Moscow based military coalition. World War III could erupt from this impending conflict. The question President Obama has to ask himself, does he feel lucky, well does he (punk)?

  14. BobtheGrape February 26, 2014 @ 9:34 am

    When the Jewish Bolsheviks ruled Russia (the Soviet Union) they, according to my junior & senior high school teachers, developed the NKVD, KGB state intelligence-terror squads.

    I went to Catholic schools, and we were told by the nuns that the Soviet “police” would crash in your door in the middle of the night and haul you off, many times to never be heard from again. You would be shot for crimes against the state or disappear into the Gulag Archipelago.

    Well, guess what? The Jew Boys who are running this country are instituting the same police state tactics here, in my opinion. So this is becoming the USSA.

    Thanks Schumer, Feinstein, O’Bummer et al.

  15. PJ February 26, 2014 @ 10:04 am

    Hey Bro,

    Great analysis, but even though I keep hearing Yanukovych is a slimeball, he was still better then what is likely to come there — the Goyim seem so easily manipulated to be their own worst enemy time after time.

    On another note, I was having great success educating people by linking your videos on the ZIOHedge forum a while back — maybe you saw some traffic from there — but they finally banned me supposedly because I used term “Jew supremacist” and that is racist. So ZIOHedge is obviously in the Zionist camp.

    Then I hit the Alex Jones forum, and I was having good success there linking your vids for a while until they banned your links. So I continued fighting the fight there pasting items from your articles without the hyperlink and other good information trying to educate the Alex Jones morons.

    I believe I was effective in a fair amount of cases but they finally banned me there was well, I think because I exposed the ADL training and control of our police forces especially of Austin Chief Art Acevedo who was the topic of some police heavy-handedness in an Infowars feature article last week.

    Exposing the ADL training and control of our police is information Alex Jones doesn’t want known obviously.

    Also, Alex Jones is such an obvious Zionist Judas goat that if someone had the resources and talent they could be very successful with a website/radio show/forum dedicated to refuting and exposing that dirtbag’s lies and disinfo from his daily radio shows. Maybe you could do another vid on him — the ones you already did were excellent.

  16. Nico February 26, 2014 @ 10:42 am


    WOW! Right on the mark(ists)!

    Russia’s P.M. Medvedev had the most succinct and sensible explanation for this ‘democratic’ show of FARCE.

    “The West would now have you believe that the balaclava clad, AK 47 toting and Molotov cocktail throwing thugs are now Ukraine’s ‘legitimate’ governing body. PLEASE…!”

  17. Em February 26, 2014 @ 2:43 pm

    @jeff king

    “I lived in Pukraine for 8 years. My wife and stepkids are Ukrainian. My son was born there too.

    Luckily, my wife and son are in Boston. Yanukovych got what he deserved, even if it was illegal. He still has his offshore bank accounts.

    I knew this was coming sooner or later. You have to live there to see what it is like. It really is a modern ”Animal Farm.””

    For everybody here that is complaining how unfair Ukranian president is and all the money he has: Let us look at Bush, Clinton and Obama’s and their riches. First Lady wears every day some clothing of haute couture creation that costs thousands of dollars.

    There is no president on the face of THE earth that is not corrupt. No president that is living on welfare. So why this kinds of comments: “Yanukovich got what he deserved?”

    Like Obama has no off shore accounts?! How is it that Yanukovich deserves all this, and the Gas Princess Yulia, Obama, Merkel and like that are no doubt worth bilions themselves, are considered “legit”?

  18. Missy February 26, 2014 @ 2:54 pm

    Just another Washington-instigated “regime change” project a.k.a. “nation building.”

    Been there, seen that. Y-A-W-N…

  19. Nat February 26, 2014 @ 3:51 pm

    I cannot find anything anywhere about Oleksandr Turchynov as having had anything to do with the KGB, much less being the ‘head’ of it.

    Can you verify this for me? Thank you …

  20. KathJuliane February 26, 2014 @ 5:53 pm

    Dear Nat,

    Brother Nathanael writes tight, consolidated articles with an economy of words to feature the high points of his theses.

    He then uses embedded links not only for supporting references, but these links will usually further expand his thoughts and provide a fuller expansion of his thought.

    If a person does not go to these links and read the resources behind them, that is missing out on a lot in the way of further explanation of his contexts.

    When it comes to deciphering arcane Ukrainian politics, I’m impressed that he does so well, separating the wheat from chaff. I certainly can’t do what he does.

    +BN wrote:

    “Tossing aside constitutional procedure, the parliament ousted democratically-elected Yanukovych, issued warrants for his arrest and members of his constitutionally-protected party, and installed former KGB head and Tymoshenko aide, Turchynov, as president.”

    Having read his resource article, to me “KGB” is used here in the figurative sense for internal security apparatus of post-Soviet Ukraine, just as some Americans still insist on calling the Russian domestic security agency “the KGB.”

    At the red-lettered word “installed,” there is an embedded link to a BBC News Profile on Olexander Turchynov appointed interim president by opposition-controlled parliament, which identifies him as “the right hand man of Tymoshenko.”

    Here is the actual link he used:

    Scrolling down towards the end of the BBC profile, we find that this “right hand man” was security agency chief during the Yushchenko administration when Yulia Tymoshenko was Prime Minister.

    In the section titled “Security agency chief” we also find that Turchynov helped run the campaign of Viktor Yushchenko.

    After the Orange revolution put Yuschenko and the Tymoshenko in power, Turchinov was appointed the head of the SBU – Ukraine’s domestic security agency.

    Turchinov, according to the BBC profile, was ‘”Charged with reforming the successor of the Soviet-era KGB along Western lines, he pledged to stop the practice of using it as a weapon against political opponents, end the illegal wiretapping of phones and revive the population’s trust in the agency.”

    When Ukraine gained her independence, she inherited a portion of the old Soviet KGB apparatus amputated from Moscow, which remained defacto KGB-like in its operations and methods, and apparently was being used as a club against political opponents. Turchinov was supposed to reform it, although “along Western lines” is ambiguous enough as it is, considering our own monster executive branch Homeland Security domestic security empire.

    Turchinov lost the job as head of the security agency after seven months when Yuschenko sacked Tymoshenko, only to reappear on the political scene as deputy prime minister when Tymoshenko became prime minister again.

    In any case, seven months was long enough for Turchinov as security head to do some favors.

    According to the Kiev Post, he allegedly destroyed a dossier and case files on Russian mobster mega-boss Semyon Mogilevich and his alleged role in the lucrative gas trade between Ukraine, Russia and other former Soviet states, along with documents incriminating the Gas Princess Tymoshenko and her alleged connections to Mogilevich, as revealed in a diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks.

    Turchinov naturally called such claims an “elaborate ruse” to discredit his close ally, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who (coincidentally) made a fortune in the gas trade in the 1990s.

    What +BN was essentially conveying is that the now interim president Turchinov, former Communist Party member in Soviet Ukraine, now turned Evangelical Baptist pastor (and Evangelical Baptists are generally Zionist Christian), is a long-standing faithful guard dog of oligarch Yulia Tymoshenko and her Orange mafia.

  21. Yankee Goy February 26, 2014 @ 6:45 pm

    Why has Putin parked a warship in Havana, with geezer Castro coming out to chat even?

    It seems like he’s saying to McCain, “distractions aren’t a one way street.”

    Obama’s too dumb to consider what he thinks. It’s probably something like “bzzzzzzzzz.”

  22. chestergimli February 26, 2014 @ 10:02 pm

    A man where I go to church once said that God is a benevolent dictator.

    Those who worship Satan, the Jews, view God as an enemy, while those who love mankind worship him. The idea is similar when viewing what is happening in Ukraine.

    President Vladimir Putin will be presented as a dictator if he goes in to restore order in Ukraine. But those on the opposite side will give him a hero’s welcome.

    Mr. Putin must send in Russian forces to restore order in that nation and let the chips fall where they will. He has to draw the line. He knows who is behind all of this and if he doesn’t do this, then Russia will be on a terrible defensive from now on.

  23. Reinbeek February 26, 2014 @ 10:49 pm

    It is not a matter of intelligence to be able to resist the coming chaos.

    It is purely a matter of faithfullness to the church.

    A massive slaughtering is probably coming because we played the game along with the devil.

  24. KathJuliane February 26, 2014 @ 11:14 pm

    Dear +BN,

    You are definitely ahead of the curve with this article.

    You said, “Everybody is saying: ‘Ukraine’s parliament ouster of Yanukovych is illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional.’

    “BUT, nobody is saying WHY.”

    Speaker of the Federation Council, the upper house of Russia’s parliament, Valentina Matviyenko agrees with your assessment, and explains why outlining the points of Article 111 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

    She said Wednesday said Viktor Yanukovich was Ukraine’s legitimate president because no procedure had been carried out to remove Yanukovych from office.

    “President Yanukovich is a legitimate president. If Ukrainian citizens and the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s parliament) decide to remove him from office, certain legal procedures should be followed with,” the Federation Council speaker told the media.

    “First impeachment proceedings should be carried out. Then this issue should be submitted to the Supreme Court and the Xonstitutional Court. When all proceedings are over, he will cease to be Ukraine’s legitimate president,” she said.

    The fact that Ukraine would return to the 2004 Constitution “arouses indignation in the regions”, she stated.

    “In any democratic state, a new version of the constitution is a document of nationwide accord. All political forces, civil institutions and regional authorities take part in working out the document,” Matviyenko said.

    “Of course, such a document should be through a referendum. A narrow group of people cannot approve such far-reaching decisions,” the Federation Council speaker added.


    As you said, “Kiev is a JewSA-owned, EU-backed, thugocracy after all.” Prime Minister Medvedev conveyed the gist when he called it an “armed mutiny.”

    Yes indeedy, lawlessness in the guise of law. Unhappy Ukraine is now a “pure democracy” which according to Aristotle was a mobocracy, or what the ancient Greeks named as an okhlokratía (ochlocracy); mob + rule.

    An ochlocracy is the rule of government by mob or a mass of people, or the intimidation of legitimate authorities.

    Polybius coined the word in his Histories to name the destructive version of popular rule in opposition to the good version, which he refers to as democracy.

    In ancient Greek political thought ochlocracy was considered as one of the three “bad” forms of government (tyranny, oligarchy and ochlocracy) as opposed to the three “good” forms of government (monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy).

    The distinction between “good” and “bad” was made according to whether the government form would act in the interest of the whole community (“good”) or the exclusive interests of a group or individual at the expense of justice (“bad”).

    Polybian terminology for forms of state in ancient Greek philosophy has become customary, although Aristotle terms democracy as “polity” (sometimes translated as “republic”) while giving the name of democracy to ochlocracy.

    Corruption and political clans are endemic to Ukraine, no matter the party. The plundering and pillaging of the country by the parties voted into power have been going on since 1991. It would not be too far off to call their form government a mafia-ochlocracy.

  25. Eileen K. February 27, 2014 @ 12:08 am

    @Ft. Nolan

    Nice bit of research you did, Ft. Nolan, to obtain this gem you just posted.

    It certainly is unfortunate that Yanukovych failed to treat the uprising as an insurgency and call in the Army to suppress it. Instead, the police were tasked with fighting this highly determined mob and are now villified for shooting petrol bomb-throwing insurgents.

    Putin’s already massing his military forces near Ukraine’s border for “war games” exercises, and this may be a cover for an actual incursion.

    He does have a fleet of warships in the Black Sea port of Sebastopol; and, he also has allies in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other nearby countries with which he could form into a coalition, should he decide on military action.

    This may tempt NATO to intervene; but, since Ukraine isn’t a NATO member, any invasion by NATO would violate that organization’s charter.


    Bob, you forgot the first secret police organization formed by the Jewish Bolsheviks who had ruled Russia; namely, the Cheka.

    It was under Stalin that the name was changed to NKVD, and the KBG was the last. Indeed, under Stalin, the NKVD staged midnight raids in several neighborhoods and kicked in doors to haul off suspected “enemies of the State” to be either shot or disappeared into the Gulag Archipelago.

    The late Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote a book on his experiences as a prisoner in the Gulag.


    Thank you again for another very insightful article; this time, covering the coup in Ukraine. I totally agree; Israel had a large role in this coup, having inserted its agents among the groups that had demonstrated against the gov’t of Viktor Yanukovych to foment violence into a then peaceful rally.

    Of course, Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) and his Secretary of State, John Kerry (aka Cohn), not to say, his now infamous Undersecretary of State, Victoria Nuland (aka Nudelman), who obviously aroused a huge stink when she uttered the words “F**k Europe”, couldn’t keep their noses out of Ukraine’s business – just as they couldn’t keep them out of Syria’s and Venezuela’s.

    But, if O butts in too far, he will have bitten off more than he could chew, since Putin is not someone to mess with. He had already greatly outsmarted O last autumn vis-a-vis Syria; thus, preventing an all-out war in the Middle East. He surely wouldn’t hesitate to do so again in this case.

    Again, Br. Nathanael, thank you for sharing your keen insight on the shenanigans of World Jewry with me and your other readers. We all look forward to future such articles.

  26. titus February 27, 2014 @ 7:30 am


    Why is the United States of Israel bullying everyone around the world and nobody is doing anything about it?

  27. Jane February 27, 2014 @ 11:26 am

    Here is another excellent expose of Jew funded and controlled Ukrainian opposition


  28. Koen February 27, 2014 @ 12:16 pm

    Remember how the satan-zionists setup Germany against the rest of the world by murdering the Sudeten Germans in Poland and Czechoslovakia, before WWII.

    The murderers were the Zion backed communists. The Satan-Zionists use the same method with reborn Christian Russia. They tried this method in Georgia/Ossetia: the Georgian president and his Israeli advisors attacked South Ossetia, then Putin had to intercept this attack.

    The Israeli military advisors immediately fled Georgia, during Russia’s successful counter move. This was a failed attempt to destabilize Russia.

    The Ukrain armed protest, who armed the protest movement, who finances the protest movement? It is Israel again! See,

    What do I see on Dutch TV everyday? Ukrain, Ukrain, and again, Ukrain, and how heroic the protesters are, and what a villain the president is. Dutch TV is a constant stream of brainwashing disinformation. I know that for many years now, that we are fed lies via TV and newspapers.

    Btw the Dutch national gas company is blamed for destroying a whole dutch city, Groningen, which is sinking in the soil after way too much natural gas has been pumped out of the Groningen area. It is a multi billion disaster.

    Dutch national gas is almost finished now. Who is going to sell us gas? Russia. The Ukrain does not need the EU, it only needs Russia, and it is the same story for the Dutch!

    Lets dump the totally undemocratic EU bureaucracy-dictatorship once and for all; all the EU laws have been made by undemocratic ‘EU commissions’ that resemble the former sovjet union. Ukrain people should understand this and only this: the EU is a coup d’états.

    One last thing about The Netherlands: it is absolutely forbidden to protest anything in the streets! After the last free protest, which was a protest AGAINST THE EU, btw, former prime minister Wim Kok changed the law: nobody is allowed to protest spontaniously in public space.

    Only with “permission from the city council” can we organise a protest march in my country.

    Big deal, freedom in The Netherlands, it is as small as the country itself. Wim Kok, a communist marxist, finished his career high up in the EU ranks (Brussels), of course!

  29. Grif February 27, 2014 @ 4:58 pm

    I feel like the Jews are trying to start war in order to forestall the decay of their NWO which is already starting to take place albeit slowly.

    One with a half a brain can see that when ever the Jew Bosh gets desperate they resort to sloppy tactics of using treacherous force instead of their covert duplicity and divide and conquer strategy.

    Some people are starting to wake up with crypto-currency, which already has the Yid banking cabals sh%ting in their pants. Many coward Jew-bought hacks have shamefully killed themselves like animals, rather than repent like men.

    Also the internet has already awoken many people I know. Such sites like RJN are the precious modes of resistance against the “Whore of Babylon.”

  30. Em February 27, 2014 @ 5:00 pm


    Very good points About the Netherlands. The Dutch are not only brainwashed with Ukraine daily on TV but also newspapers. There is only one-sided news, nothing objective About Yanukovich, one would think he is some kind of Hitler

    Also they even had Pussy Riot few weeks ago on NOS 3, one of the most conservatives channels (making their “struggle” even more legit). But the number one total and utter Zionist brainwash is that of Geert Wilders.

    The majority of Dutch support this sorry excuse for a politician that is getting his funding from Israel and his Jewish friends.

    He has single handedly dived the Netherlands, made antisemitism even more sacred, and even pledges his loyalty to Israel openly and proudly.

    Personally I think next to Americans the Dutch are most brainwashed and ignorant people on face of earth when it comes to Zionist influence.

    Hope Brother Nathanael does a piece on Geert Wilders, one of the biggest Zionist puppets of the Western world.

  31. Nat February 27, 2014 @ 5:43 pm

    KathJuliane – I read your response to my question regarding Ukraine’s new President’s history

    Did you think I was being supportive of Turchynov? Geez ! I certainly follow BN’s articles regularly, have for years, click on his links and admire and support his work, and do not need to have what he ‘intended to convey’ explained to me … the intention of my post was to clarify that Turchynov was never the head of the KGB, just as Putin never was, from the BBC link:

    Mr Turchynov was appointed head of the SBU – Ukraine’s domestic security agency in February 2005.

    Charged with reforming the successor of the Soviet-era KGB along Western lines, he pledged to stop the practice of using it as a weapon against political opponents, end the illegal wiretapping of phones and revive the population’s trust in the agency.

    And SBU was / is not the KGB.

    It’s hard enough for some folks to follow who is who, clarity should be essential …Thank you and have a good evening.

  32. Mary February 27, 2014 @ 5:57 pm


    I loved your post about the situation in Ukraine. On the news tonight in the USA, the US is warning Russia to stay out of the situation in Ukraine. At the same time, the news here was openly showing massive Ukrainians standing outside and proudly waving Russian flags.

    @Yankee Goy

    I could see Russia sending ships through the Pacific, but where did you receive information that Russia sent ships to Cuba? I’m not saying it’s possible, but where did this come from?

    You do realize that communism has been gone since the Soviet Union fell.

    At the same time, they are fearful of the word “democracy” because it only means “Marxism/Communism” in the long run. Putin has openly stated that he is in favor of a bipolar world and not a New World Order.


    I don’t know why the US wants to bully everyone in the world around. The US did send a severe message in 1945 with the atomic bomb to the world. I am assuming that they feel they are invincible.

    The US is on a different continent and all the states are connected, for the exception of Mexico (which Mexicans hate America and Americans; are taking American jobs; and spreading lies and rumors that Americans are lazy and unless you live or been to the Southwest, you wouldn’t know the truth).

    America is going to end up destroying themselves while they are busy trying to take over the world. The fall will come from within.

  33. KathJuliane February 27, 2014 @ 6:49 pm

    Dear Nat,

    Got it now, forgive me.

    We are working off the same page, now.

    I agree, it is confusing enough to try to penetrate through the layers as to what is really going on, especially in Eastern Europe.

    And thanks, I appreciate your effort made to clarify matters to begin with.

    Cheers, and God bless!

  34. Yankee Goy February 27, 2014 @ 6:49 pm

    Russia sends ship to Cuba.

    There was a big story on Drudge.

  35. KathJuliane February 27, 2014 @ 9:06 pm

    Latin American Times
    Caracas, Venezuela

    Russian Navy Ships Arrive in Havana, Cuba
    Planned visit to last until 23 December.

    HAVANA — Three Russian navy vessels arrived Friday at the Havana harbor in the first such visit since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    The destroyer Admiral Chabanenko entered the harbor before 10 a.m. with the entire crew lined up on the deck. It fired its guns in salute upon entering Havana Bay, with Cuba answering in kind with its own welcoming shots from La Cabaña Fort.

    The port call was greeted with martial music played by the Cuban navy band, while a throng of curious onlookers crowded alongside the canal that forms the entrance to the harbor.

    Later, two Russian support vessels made their entrance.

    A Russian diplomatic official told Efe that “the main goal of the visit is the development of relations of cooperation between the Russian navy and the Cuban navy, as well as of ties of friendship.”

    The former Soviet Union was Cuba’s staunchest ally, buying 63 percent of the island’s sugar, 73 percent of its nickel and 95 percent of its citrus – all at inflated prices as part of Moscow’s massive subsidies to the Communist regime in Havana.

    The Cuban economy went into a tailspin with the loss of those subsidies following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    The ships will remain at the island until Dec. 23 and, according to the official, Cubans will be allowed to tour the Admiral Chabanenko over the weekend.

    Cuban authorities said the Russian crewmembers will pay a courtesy visit to the head of the Cuban navy, Vice Adm. Pedro Perez Betancourt, and that meetings also will be held at the seat of Parliament and Cuba’s naval academy.

    The Admiral Chabanenko recently participated in joint exercises with the Venezuelan navy and also visited Nicaragua.

    Russia’s navy deployment to Venezuela, Cuba’s close ally, was the first to the Caribbean since the Cold War and came after Moscow expressed its anger over Washington’s move to send Navy vessels to Georgia during that country’s recent conflict with Russia.

    Although Moscow said the early-December joint exercises with Venezuela – governed by socialist Hugo Chavez, a fiery critic of U.S. foreign policy – had nothing to do with “third countries,” they were widely viewed as a challenge to the U.S. influence in Latin America.

    Also this month, a Russian warship traversed the Panama Canal for the first time since World War II.

    The Russian vessel also docked close to the Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral in Old Havana.

    The first service of the Russian Orthodox Church in Cuba began in 2001. At first they were held in the Russian trade delegation, then – at the embassy, and later – in the Catholic Church.

    The first agreement for the project dates back to 2002. Starting then, preparations began for the work, whose construction was initiated on November 14, 2004 at the initiative of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who, according to his memoirs, “offered to build the Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church in the capital of Cuba as a monument to Russian-Cuban friendship.”

    The first stone of the temple was laid in November 2004 by Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, (since 2009 the Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’, and Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church) following an agreement by the Cuban authorities with the Russian Orthodox Church.

    The church was consecrated October 19, 2008 in a ceremony ministered by Metropolitan Kirill Gundyaev[3] in the presence of Heads of State of Cuba Raul Castro and hundreds of Orthodox believers, including employees of the Russian embassy in Havana and missions.

    Also see:

    IC XC
    NI KA

  36. The Elder of Zyklon-B February 27, 2014 @ 9:10 pm


    The Satan-Zionists did indeed promote attacks against ethnic Germans in the Sudeten, Poland and Czechoslovakia before WWII.

    What we are seeing today in the Ukraine appears to be right out of the Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxembrrg and Kurt Eisner Judeo Marxist playbook.

    Research the above names if you are not familiar with them RJN readers. Compare what they were doing then to what is going on now in the Ukraine, Syria and so many other places.

    Die Juden were the movers and shakers of the European chaos then, and they remain on the job today as well.

    We truly are dealing with The Synagogue Of Satan as Christ defined and condemned it.

  37. Snowy Smith South Africa February 28, 2014 @ 10:14 am

    @Ft. Nolan

    Thanks for the excellent info.

    @ Brother Nathanael as usual you have leaded us out of the dark forest of JEW Propaganda into the bright sunshine of truth and reality.

    Thank You.
    All my money is on Vladimir Putin.
    What a real man!
    A true Christian.

    The IMF, EU, NATO, USA are all owned and controlled by the Mommunist Jew World Order Mafia.
    Obama you and the JWO going to take Putin on in his back yard.
    YOU have no chance.
    Obama and your JWO you are not bluffing anyone.

    We now all know about the financing of Terrorist Mercenaries and JWO activists to do Regime Change “Land Grabs.”

    The Coming Jew World Order is a Communist Military Dictatorship run by the Jew Banking Mafia. GENOCIDE of USA soon.

    Vladimir Putin has built over 300 new Christian churches.

    How many has Obama built? Zero.

    You in USA do not even have Christmas. What a disgrace.


    Impeach OBAMA for Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, and more Lies.

    Genocide of USA soon.

    Obama, when the shtf are you going to be hiding in Kenya?
    I don’t think they want you in Israel; they are deporting all the Blacks.
    A mud hut in Kenya will have to do.
    Obama maybe you can start a Gay Night Club in Kenya.

  38. zane_al February 28, 2014 @ 5:17 pm

    Those Ukranian neo-nazis are a vicious lot. Putin is wise not to interfere as a major bloodbath is a real possibility.

    Who encourage and finances these thugs? Jewnited States of course!

    My guess is they will take Ukraine after some negotiations with the Russians unless the Jews want to celebrate some Purim.

    Then they’ll slaughter a few thousands.

  39. Yankee Goy February 28, 2014 @ 7:22 pm

    I cannot believe these stupid Americans in the comments section of the National Review.

    They are so disappointed that Obama isn’t tough on Putin, utterly clueless that this faux-revolution was to get Ukraine into the EU/IMF.

    Some are starting to get it.

  40. Snowy Smith South Africa February 28, 2014 @ 11:35 pm


    “Those Ukrainian neo-Nazis are a vicious lot?”

    NO they are NOT neo-Nazis.

    They are Jew World Order financed, armed TERRORISTS, mercenaries doing the same old JWO Scam of Regime Change and Land Grabs for the JEW Mafia Banker One World Government.

    The JWO has done this same old JWO SCAM of Regime Change and LAND GRABS in hundreds of counties World Wide.

    The IMF, EU, NATO, USA are all owned and controlled by the Communist Jew World Order Banking Mafia.

    Negotiations with the Russians?

    I don’t think so.

    Synagogue of Satan and Christianity do NOT mix.

    Do you honestly think that Putin has forgotten the genocide of 62 million Russian Christians murdered by the Jew World Order Communist Bolshevik “Robber Barons”?

    @Yankee Goy

    “Stupid Americans in the comments section of the National Review.”

    You have to remember that there are thousands of Trolls on the internet paid by the JEW World Order, ADL, AIPAC and Mossad to post JEW disinformation Propaganda.
    Obama seems to have a huge problem; nobody believes his lies anymore and he seems to be preoccupied in the gay club.

    America is run by the extreme Jews who are Communist “Robber Barons” doing land grabs, theft, fraud and corruption the very same as the did in the Jew World Order Bolshevik Revolution and the USSR.

    It’s time to prosecute the JWO Banking Mafia for premeditated MURDER, financing TERRORIST Mercenaries and War Crimes.

  41. Hoff March 1, 2014 @ 1:34 am

    JTA) — He calls his troops “the Blue Helmets of Maidan,” but brown is the color of the headgear worn by Delta — the nom de guerre of the commander of a Jewish-led militia force that participated in the Ukrainian revolution.

    Read more:

  42. Nat March 1, 2014 @ 12:17 pm

    KathJuliane – thank you for your most gracious acknowledgement!

    I knew that we are on the same page.

    As to the Russian ships arriving in Havana, do you know that there is a sizable Russian community there, in the North West of the island, on land given them by Cuba in the old days?

    And back to the Ukraine/Crimea (which is probably what it will come down to), I hope that Russia keeps a close eye on Syria during this and does not miss a fast move being pulled there … (by you know who)

    And how about this, about Russia :

    Be well, Kath … N

  43. Mary March 1, 2014 @ 6:05 pm

    @Yankee Goy

    I don’t think as many Americans trust Obama or even agree with him. It’s the press. Our governor is a Democrat and is basically always telling Obama off. Long story.

    Putin sent the Tear Drop Memorial for the victims of 9/11. He stopped the Syrian Civil War that was in fact provoked by these Satanists we are discussing.

    Witch Hillary Clinton then told Putin after Putin stopped the Syria War that he “would pay for that.”

    I checked many Jew-funded and pro-Jew articles to see their stance on Putin and Russia through all of this. They want to oust Putin. Pro-Jew articles also became very anti-China after China announced that their country needed more morality and they were going to introduce Christianity to be one of the accepted religions in China.

    See the pattern?

    The Ukrainian president has stated that his life was in danger and seeks refugee with Putin and Russia. The US media was so incorrect that before that was announced, they were stating that he resigned and a new leader would be appointed in May. The media’s story has changed again.

    My husband is generally a man of few words, but he is aware of most of this. When he saw what was occurring in Ukraine, he immediately stated “The US needs to stay out of this and Obama needs to back off. Let Little Russia and Russia work on fixing this problem.”

    Since Putin was able to successfully end the Syrian Civil War, I would think that he could have the same success with Ukraine, who has 2/3 of historical times been very pro-Russia.

    Their goal is to oust Putin. They’ve already made an embarrassment of themselves in front of the world while they disrespected the Olympic Torch and spent more time talking about gay people than the medals, athletes, and countries participating in the Olympics. They don’t even realize how idiotic they looked in front of the world.

    To all of these people that think America is doing so great and Americans actually believe the media, here’s a story that a long-time friend of mine told me today. She was at the store getting coffee. There was one man stealing food to eat. There was a woman stealing food to also eat.

    My friend was going to say something because she didn’t realize what was going on. She was in a hurry and after she left there, she saw how these people just wanted to eat and everything you hear is a complete lie.

    My friend ended up giving them food after that and she is very upset over this. So much for what you hear about food stamps, huh?

    While I don’t like or approve this behavior, this is America right now. This is not something for anyone to be proud of. But they have enough money though to start up even more wars while people are starving.

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