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America’s New Social Classes

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America’s New Social Classes
Copyright 2013

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Brother Nathanael @ October 23, 2013


  1. Brother Nathanael October 23, 2013 @ 10:17 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    America’s New Social Classes
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2013

    Three new social classes have emerged in America shaping its political, economic, and cultural future:

    The Affluent Jewish Class
    The Crushed Gentile Middle Class
    And The Ill-Omened College Grad Class

    Topping this 3-tiered stratum is the “Affluent Jewish Class” whose iconic omnipresence pummels us into compliance with their over-arching agenda:

    Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer with their Gun Control agenda.

    Bernanke, Yellen, Blankfein, with their Transfer of Wealth agenda.

    Foxman, Schapiro, Wiesel with their Homosexual, Anti-Christian, and Worship of the Jewish Dead agenda.

    Second down the ladder in our newly-emerged social stratum is the “Crushed Gentile Middle Class” which once enjoyed prosperity in our former industrialized society.

    But ever since Jewish Wall Street starting sending white and blue collar jobs to China and India the Gentiles have been pulverized into near poverty conditions.

    James Wolfensohn, Jewish former head of The World Bank, makes no apologies for helping to bring this to pass:

    [Clip: “By 2030 the estimate now is that there will be 3 billion people in the middle class. And of that 3 billion, 2/3rds of it will be in Asia.”]

    That’s right. Those who once enjoyed high-paying Middle Class jobs as IT Pros, R&D Specialists, Engineers, and Factory Personnel, have been replaced by cheap Chinese and Indian labor.

    AND at the bottom of the ladder is the “Ill-Omened College Grad Class.”

    [Clip: “From the time an American child reaches the sixth grade, they’re taught that if they get into a great college and get their college degree, any type of job they desire in the field of their choice will be there waiting for them.

    “After getting their dream job, they will be able to buy any car and house they desire, start their own family, and live the American dream.”]

    Nothing’s waiting for them. There’s no jobs. PhDs are on Food Stamps and Engineers are working as Janitors.

    How ’bout an MBA? You’re working as a Bank Teller…or if you’re lucky, as a Bartender with just enough tips to get you by.

    You’re living with 12 other Grads in a 5 room House or back home with your parents.

    Marriage and children? Forget it. You’re already $70,000 in student loan debt with no way out.

    The future is with “The Affluent Jewish Class.” They rule, they prosper, they shape events.

    “It’s a Jewish Age,” proclaimed historian Yuri Slezkine in his acclaimed, “The Jewish Century.”

    If you’re a Gentile, good luck. Maybe you’ll get a job with Goldman Sachs. But don’t count on it unless your name begins with Cheng or Shariq.

    Your “Century” passed you by a long time ago when The Church was strong and the Synagogue was weak.

    Unless The Church becomes strong again you don’t have a chance. Will we have a Christian America or a Jewish America?

    That’s up to you.

  2. Brother Nathanael October 23, 2013 @ 10:18 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael October 23, 2013 @ 10:18 pm

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    +Brother Nathanael

  4. Brother Nathanael October 23, 2013 @ 10:32 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family –

    Yes, siree! The JEWS have it GOOD. The bad economy isn’t making a dent in their prosperity, rule, and influence in JEWmerica.

    But the “Goyim” need to WAKE UP and TAKE America BACK from the Jews.

    When The Church is weak the Synagogue is Strong.

    The historic Church (not Jew-loving, Jew-worshiping Zio-christians) MUST become STRONG again.

    Then Jews will get their due as second class citizens once again where they belong as it was in the Orthodox Christian Byzantine Empire from 325 AD to 1453 AD.

    Numbers of donations have plunged to an all-time low.

    I’m hanging by a thread. I can’t get out of deep debt to the tune of $25,000.

    Perhaps I need to go more main stream and stop naming the Jew names.

    Then, like Alex Jones and Gerald Celente (who NEVER mention the JEW names nor show their JEW faces) I can boost my financial base.

    But if I do this then I will be selling out. I need to find a new angle. (I will NOT allow advertising on RJN nor will I sell hats and t-shirts.)

    *** What I WOULD LIKE TO DO is raise funds for a Full Length Documentary: “A New History Of The Jews;” or “Time Line Of Jewish Control.” ***

    I need $15,000 to produce a full length Documentary. Please consider funding this.

    In the mean time, MANY THANKS to the FEW who make the continuance of this site possible.

    Let’s Keep a GREAT Thing Going!

    Everywhere I go people yell out, “I see you on YouTube!”

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    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

    PS ALL cash donations by mail come in safely and securely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    With Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  5. Reinbeek October 24, 2013 @ 1:13 am

    We all are looking forward to a full length documentary.

    I will send some money this week, we all should do that.

  6. DudleyDoRight October 24, 2013 @ 2:20 am

    We need the original Constitution back…

    1. 13th amendment intact (no lawyers in government, which is yet another reason why Obama JD Esquire is illegal besides not being a born-incountry-of-citizen-parents natural born Citizen)

    2. 16th was never ratified by states (no federal income tax)

    3. Enforce the LAW of Article I Section 8 (no illegal Jewish Federal Reserve! Congress coins money.)

    4. 14th was never ratified by states (no jus soli only citizenship)

    A few extra rules…no Jews in education, finance, government.

    Start with a Byzantine Orthodox benevolent monarch who enforces the laws of the Republic. Armed to the teeth to take on the Jews who would provoke any war wanting to see it topple.

    Re-teach our children proper Christian and America-loving values and the TRUTH about history and pride in their European/American heritage.

    It’s time to stop apologizing about the fact that only Christians can maintain a Republic; when they do so, a limited government with everyone armed (with machine guns, in the street, like Israel!) and a free market economy, such a country would not become a “Somalia”, no way!

    Pretty soon the world would be clamoring for the doors, but there wouldn’t be any Jews to herd them inside!

  7. England October 24, 2013 @ 2:31 am

    You think David Cameron runs England?

    Think again.

    ( )

    I have a bad feeling they will kill me or frame me soon.

    Please alert the world to the English situation. Please let everyone know Daniel Finkelstein’s name. That is my wish.

    I will take my King James Bible and pray to God.

    Please let everyone read the story of King David again. One young man must read this and found a new era.

  8. Cornelius October 24, 2013 @ 3:31 am

    You defined the essence of the Jewish problem in this video dear Brother Nathanael.

    And with that you clearly presented the solution.

    Problem: Jews – Solution: Jesus

    The Church is going to have to go on a counteroffensive if they want a Christian America.

    They will have to attack the heart of the problem now, if they want to win.

    Martyrs will pay in blood if they wait, for the rest there will be Hell to pay.

  9. tom dean October 24, 2013 @ 6:37 am

    Great insight, Brother N.

    The “Club Fed” Jews are going to turn America into a third world state like Brazil and Venezuela with virtually no middle class…thanks to the Goyim.

    Thank God we have countries like Russia, Iran and China to put these affluent middle class Jews in check, otherwise we in the middle class would all be shining shoes.

  10. Reinbeek October 24, 2013 @ 7:25 am


    Yes, the Jews are, as a racial geo-political force, determined to destroy the European race, a threat to the existence of our entire race. Our nations are since long in the hands of the Jews. And sure the Jewish religion, tightly woven with the Jewish race, is the main enemy of the Church

    Yes, the CHURCH should lead the battle against Jewish ‘modernism,’ basically meaning Jewish hegemony and destruction of European heritage, including the Church.

    The Church is actually only in White nations able to possibly operate against the Jewish infiltrations and threats to the spirits of it’s believers, and the Jewish threats to it’s lines of defence for the only Truth.

    Basically, we have 2 options. Destroy all the power and freedom the Jewish race has within predominantly White nations or turn into pure Christian Kingdoms within 10 years.
    In which the jews will probably commit suicide because of misery.

    Outside these two options both the Church and the White race will be lost and destroyed.

    The Church and the White race do need each other in these troubelsome times, although the Catholic church is fully in hands of satanists and Jews.

    The destruction of all Jewish power, influence and freedom will be as the situation of the medieval Catholic kingdoms.

    As it seems impossible that Whites will en masse convert to a united church, the only option seems that of a political overthrow of Jewish bandits.

    And we need to throw all the barbarians out of predominantly White nations brought here by the Jews. They are causing enormous problems and are extreme anti White.

  11. Al October 24, 2013 @ 8:26 am

    Honest, Concise and powerful! …a great vd +BN.

  12. Taylor October 24, 2013 @ 8:31 am


    You left out the issue with the 17th amendment, which like the 16th amendment, too was never fully and properly ratified.

    A former Illinois state revenue agent by the name of Bill Benson proved this. He also proved that the 16th amendment was never properly ratified. Not surprisingly, Mr. Benson has endured tremendous persecution for his stupendous work on behalf of the public.

    The 17th amendment is one that made picking senators no longer appointment by state legislatures but instead by popular vote, meaning that those with the bucks (or access to bucks, often by way of Jewish money) would be the ones elected.

    In essence, the states lost much of their voice in their federal government when the constitutional right of the states to pick its federal senators was taken from them.

    The Federal Reserve Act, the 16th Amendment, and the 17th Amendment were all foisted upon us pretty much at the same time.

    What a curse all three have been.

  13. Santiago October 24, 2013 @ 10:16 am

    Really: “That’s up to you.”

    Be Brave. Pass this video link to anyone you know to see the USA revive.

  14. A.J. October 24, 2013 @ 12:00 pm

    I would start emailing/contacting wealthy people who could easily donate large sums.

    There have to be some very wealthy Christians out there!

  15. Henry October 24, 2013 @ 1:33 pm

    Your video on America’s New Social Classes provides the right time to ask some important questions about how the Jews succeed in business.

    Even in a bad economy, they prosper. The Jews often succeed while others in the same business are failing.

    You mention Jones, Celente, McGrath, and there are dozens of others who constantly bemoan the sad state of the Goyim, the terrible economy and the control of the bankers.

    They never offer any practical answers or viable solutions. It’s just moaning and groaning. It’s depressing doom and gloom, which convinces the Goyim that they are powerless and the situation is hopeless.

    Where is a ray of sunlight? Where is the leadership?

    The “Goyim” need education and guidance on how to use the laws, business structures (corporations, trusts, foundations, non-profits) and tactics to regain their strength and wealth.

    If your readers prosper then so will you prosper. Donations will increase. Wealthy readers have the resources to donate. Poor, unemployed and broke readers have nothing to give. That situation can be turned around.

    Or we just talk and talk about how bad it is. Talk won’t change anything.

    I spoke with a young Jewish boy who told me that his family was teaching him the ways to wealth, and the power that comes with it. I asked about the teachings, but he said these secrets are only for the Jews.

    He said that his family knows how to shift their wealth offshore and bring it back without taxes. He said this is only one way of many ways that “we prevail where others fail.”

    You can boost your financial base by empowering your supporters.

    The new angle you seek is to share the knowledge to wealth in Brother Nathanael’s Prosperity Club. What better way to put the Goyim on equal footing with the Jews? What better way to reduce the power of the Jews than to train the Goyim to be just as skilled in wealth and power?

    Brother Nathanael, share with us the secrets of Jewish business success. How is it done? What are the proper business structures and how are they utilized to their maximum benefit? What tricks and inside business knowledge do the Jews use and teach to their children? What are the answers?

    Let everyone, you and the readers, share knowledge of success so it can be duplicated. Or we can just continue to moan and groan.

    We can vent our anger in the comments section and offer imaginary solutions like: throw out all the bankers, restore the Constitution, and etc! And who will implement all these wishful solutions?

    Certainly not a powerless, unemployed and shrinking middle class of Goyim who live at home with their unemployed parents. As you say, their “Century” passed by a long time ago when the Church was strong and the Synagogue was weak.

    The Church must become strong again and so must the Middle Class, or there’s no chance. It won’t be accomplished by moaning and groaning, nor by flights of fancy and wishful thinking.

    Will we have a Christian America and a free world or a Jewish American and Jewish world?

    That’s up to you.

  16. bubba October 24, 2013 @ 3:09 pm

    Why Did 17 Million Students Go to College?


    Two sets of information were presented to me in the last 24 hours that have dramatically reinforced my feeling that diminishing returns have set in to investments in higher education, with increasing evidence suggesting that we are in one respect “overinvesting” in the field.

    First, following up on information provided by former student Douglas Himes at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), my sidekick Chris Matgouranis showed me the table reproduced below (And for more see this).

    Over 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees (over 8,000 of them have doctoral or professional degrees), along with over 80,000 bartenders, and over 18,000 parking lot attendants.

    All told, some 17,000,000 Americans with college degrees are doing jobs that the BLS says require less than the skill levels associated with a bachelor’s degree.


    When I was in High School (1970’s)..the stats indicated 10% of the annual High School grad class went on to University.

    Since then, I have always had suspicions that University was an indoctrination (secular church) venue to also promise false hope (especially via feminism ) and to pervert unemployment statistics.

    Their prime target would be a White female who seeks a Master degree (like MBA) who ends up in debt, bitter and claims all the men are @ssholes.

  17. profnasty October 24, 2013 @ 3:33 pm

    I am class of ’72 (applause).

    My best friend graduated with me as a Chemical Engineer. He was successful. But I asked him, of the 25k students in our University, how many Chemical Engineers graduated with you? Answer — about 20. Twenty of .25(25k)….20 of 6000.

    Thank you SUNY, you are a true Wall Street phenom. And thank you veterans for this freedom you have given us.

  18. Nano October 24, 2013 @ 4:26 pm

    Henry, you give the Zionistas way too much credit.

    The “secret” to Jewish business “success” is only this: ruthlessness. With due respect to the lovely Jewish people I know who have no affiliation with predatory Zionist ideology, take it from someone who spent many years in their service, starting on Wall St.

    Zionists as a rule are depraved and terrifyingly soulless, such that they can do with ease things that would be unimaginable to anyone else.

    They lie, cheat, steal, distort, and destroy, with glee. They only promote their own and undercut everyone else, including non-compliant Jews, even especially — no mercy for the weak in their eyes. All with a fancy suit and a smile.

    They do this because their version of religion not only permits but compels them. Wreaking havoc, creating chaos, defiling innocence, mutilating beauty, poisoning the pristine, mocking the sacred, these are the tools of the Zionist trade.

    The better question is why such diabolical behavior goes unchecked, slowly but surely increasing their foothold by stealing the earnings, creativity and even DNA (yes, they’re even genetic rapists because their own seed is so impotent) of the honest, righteous, and productive.

    Why, indeed? Here the answer is equally simple: because we let it. We allow this perpetual evil because we fail to see it for what it is, being so foreign to us, so repugnant to our essence, and counter to out logic.

    These are not logical beings we speak of, except within their own satanic paradigm. High IQ’s, sure, but no wisdom, and again, no soul. You and I would forgo personal or class gain if it would lead to the destruction of whole species, ecosystems, nations, or planets. Not they.

    Bro Nat, we need to get you hooked up with David Icke.

  19. Sza Sza October 24, 2013 @ 5:45 pm

    Zionists also use manipulative techniques to prevent focused dialog, kind of like bubba, whatever he’s babbling about.

  20. The Elder of Zyklon-B October 24, 2013 @ 5:49 pm

    “Perhaps I need to go more main stream and stop naming the Jew names.”

    You mean like Paul Craig Roberts?

    “The Wall Street gangsters sighed for relief over the last minute debt ceiling agreement.”

    “This favored rate, the darling of the regime in power, the presstitutes, and Wall Street,….”

    “Yet, the Obama regime, the Wall Street gangsters, and the pressitute media tell us how much better the economic situation is becoming as more small businesses close…”

    “When the presstitutes speak of economic recovery, they mean recovery for the one percent.”

    “America is in the toilet, and the rest of the world knows it. But the neocons who rule in Washington and their Israeli ally are determined that Washington start yet more wars to create lebensraum for Israel.” (Mentioning Israhell is as close as he is allowed to get.)

    Now for the grand finale. Drum roll please.

    “Early in the 21st century the liberal Democrat Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer, and I coauthored an article in the New York Times about the adverse effects on the US economy of jobs offshoring.”

    Dr. Roberts, America is in the toilet due to the fulfillment of very long range plans conceived by Talmudic International Jewry. Henry Ford warned us of this as you are very aware of.

    You may think Wall Street shut Chuckie Schumer up as you go on to say, but I have to question whether you really believe that.

    The following by Roberts is really a companion piece to this latest video of Brother Nathanael. He not only lets his readers down, but himself too because he refuses to tell the hard cold truth about those who created all the monetary, economic, and political problems he writes about.

    Teaming up with Chuckie is evidence that during his career in Washington, he willingly took favors from die Juden.

    He is thus compromised now and forevermore.

  21. DudleyDoRight October 24, 2013 @ 6:11 pm

    The Christian Zionists are a huge problem.

    American Christians, many of them, cannot see they are under seige by Zionists, because they are taught that Israel is on their side and the only civilized nation in the Middle East, and Muslims are “bad” and the Palis are “Fakestinians” and po’ Jews were persecuted by Hitler and Jews are humble and just “good with money” and eat kosher stuff and bagels and lox.

    And if you mention their responsibility for the Bolshevik genocides (never mind all the other major wars) and the FED Americans are likely to parrot “anti-Semite!” and call you Adolf.

    Ann Barnhardt is one, she badmouths Muslims constantly and yet calls the perps in the ZioBolshevik genocide “NeoStalinists” and other Jewphemisms…she chastises Americans saying (sic) “You’d better do something about these liberals and neo-Stalinists or you’ll end up in a gulag.”

    She also warns about how the US economy is totally corrupt. These partial truths leave readers paralyzed with fear and unable to identify WHO the perps are, which is her JOB as a controlled opposition blogger, to misdirect and confuse.

    By the way she’s a recent “convert” to Catholicism so I’d venture a guess as to what she was before (hmm??).

    I suggest spreading the word, co-opt mailing lists, ignore the naysayers, get censored/blocked as you do, write articles, speak up, trust your gut in terms of creative approaches…

    One thing that needs someone to tackle is how the Jewish media and Jewrywood falsely malign Christians. I can think of a couple of quick examples:

    Spielberg’s movie Amestad impugns Christians as slave traders when they were almost entirely Jewish.

    James Cameron’s (a Jew) movie TITANIC which purportedly shows the OLYMPIC (it had a distinctive balcony, number of port-holes) being sent out on the doomed “maiden voyage” (plus the French Oceanographic Institute video’d the name OLYMPIC engraved on the hull of the sunken aka Titanic in 1986).

    It is claimed that JP Morgan sunk the Olympic because it was irretrievably damaged (keelbent, list aport). The other alleged proof of this is the fact that the real Titanic which went on in life as the aka Olympic until 1935 was never repaired, even though the very serious damages to the Olympic, from three collisions, were archived.

    And of course there’s innumerable movies painting Christians as “hypocrites” and bad people and mocking them.

    These directors’/producers’ works need to be exposed and they need to be publicly shamed/humiliated for their literal attack on white Christians.

    I’m just a blogger, but I take the pulse of things by reactions, and there’s two odd reactions I’ve gotten of late from the Sayanim bloggers.

    “You may just be a genetic Jew yourself” (Irish/American Indian — don’t think so!) and very animated and prolific and non-repeatable ad hominem attacks for pointing out that Jews are at war against white Christians, and that Rabbi Moses Hess and Marx were Zionists who invented collectivism, to “collect” the property of the Goyim (including their very lives)!

    But I also notice that despite some resistance, that people intuitively know there’s a “truth” out there that’s so obvious once spoken that they get right on board.

  22. USSA Today October 24, 2013 @ 9:24 pm


    I think some coverage about how the Khazars/”Jews” have clogged our spirituality in America would help offer great clarity.

    In antiquity, mans imagination was focused more upon God and the church. Now mans mind is unde assault by the Rothschild Luciferian Illuminati Zionists to destroy lives and souls via the onslaught of propaganda they use to corrupt the thought process.

  23. Justin October 24, 2013 @ 9:36 pm

    Jewish emancipation is the heart of this problem.

    When the Jews were ghettoized (Byzantine Roman Empire, Venice, Spain until expulsion, etc).

    When the English after King Charles II’s restoration gave Yids civil rights in his kingdom, it was over for Britain.

    This precursor started however under Cromwell who had a bizarre (and definitely heretical) view on Jews, almost a precursor to Christian Zionists. The Church is the only foundation (and an invincible rampart) that will stand up to the Jews, and more importantly to SATAN (who people seem to forget is really behind this).

    The devil controls (indirectly) the Jews, he has their hearts in his pocket. When Christ was tempted, the devil offered possession, prestige, and power.

    The Jews took all three of their father’s offers, while our Lord not only refused them, but rebuked Satan.

    The only solution is the CHURCH, and it will overcome the Synagogue (with emphasis on SIN). Amerika can then become an Orthodox CHRISTIAN nation, and not one ruled by Jews, and their protestant sell outs.

  24. Jay October 24, 2013 @ 10:24 pm

    I guess as a younger “gentile” born too late it seems the story is already in place and nobody locally is speaking out in a mass media way, just internet forums.

    I do see some of this in action in my town. Many part time jobs, no full time. Many unwed mothers, people moving back in with parents, and yes many college graduates in the restaurants and Walmarts.

    Avoid the liberal arts colleges and learn a trade, however with the immigration issue (giving citizenship to the millions of illegals in the USA), manufacturing/warehouse industry can help train and hire this low wage workforce.

    Some people I know that join the police force or the military seem to be doing well compared to others with more education in the same age group. Nursing seems to be a better paying job in my town. I can see the tightening grip, and as Brother Nathanael points out who is responsible.

    Many of these people are not religious, so not sure if labeling the battle as a Christian America vs. a Jewish America will work.

    No local church people are distributing any information on what’s going on in the real world. They must be owned or infiltrated too which is dampening any trust of authority or voice the Church would have.

  25. Reinbeek October 25, 2013 @ 12:38 am

    The reason why Jews, East Asians, Arabs or other Middle Eastern people are relatively successful economically in White nations is because they come from very despotistic cultures.

    In other words, they come from way different cultures than the Christian culture. Christian culture is unique in the world and all other cultures are basically barbaric and very natural selective: The strongest will have everything and reproduce and the weaker people have nothing.

    The fact that in modern times things in those countries slightly changed to more Christian values was due Christian conquest and might in the past 500 years.

    Most people of non Christian nations are ruthless, and only focused on their own success or the success of their tribe when they are a minority. It is just a matter of cultural background and race.

    It is actually ridiculous that we allowed those barbarians in our former Christian nations. We will face tremendous Darwinistic struggle between the minority groups soon.

    The Jews as just one group of all the barbarians are eager to join that struggle and they will be also ruthless when the struggle for economic success and reproduction is getting more intense.

    It is starting. And I am sure the Jews will win. The Whites will lose. We just are not programmed for this kind of society.

  26. Gregory October 25, 2013 @ 2:49 am

    You know, I think you could have more effect if you could mentally paint a picture of how rough things will be in the future.

    Anyone can parrot the latest news stories with their own interpretations and goal about Pakistanis and Ethiopians flooding the streets of major cities.

    If people realized there will be no health care, food, crumbling communities, broken down churches (most congregations are older looking on average that attend and tithe) and that there will Zionist armed drones flying around US civilian areas and Gestapo crews raiding gardens, etc.

    A given picture of all this would make more sense if it could be communicated in a way that made it real for the audience.

    Otherwise, it all becomes dishonored through familiarity – people brought to the motions and then the ugly ballon payment of misery and despair hits because apathy ruled the course of conduct for far to long.

  27. Cornelius October 25, 2013 @ 4:44 am


    The “secrets” are unethical business practices.

  28. BAB October 25, 2013 @ 5:08 am

    America’s biggest mistake was letting Israel take over the US government on September 11th, 2001

    The USA must prosecute the Israeli assets and traitors who orchestrated 9/11 and the 9/11 wars.

    Those wars were not designed to bring democracy to the Middle East, or oil to America.

    They were designed to destroy the Middle East on behalf of Greater Israel.

    The trouble is the way the globalists and Zionists have changed the American political system from democracy to one based on money, it allows the globalists and Zionists to totally trash democracy and to rule over us in our own nation.

    Last month, the entire world came close to facing a man-made extinction event, the Third World War, due to the control that the evil globalists and Zionists have over America.

    The veteran American diplomat Thomas R. Pickering believes that the election of moderate politician Hassan Rouhani as Iran’s new president has created a unique possibility for Iran and the United States to put aside their differences and disputes and work toward a negotiated compromise over Iran’s nuclear program.

    He said in an exclusive interview with Iran Review that the people in America and Iran are asking their governments when they can have better and improved relations with each other.

    It’s now time to strike while the iron is hot.

    If the human race wants to survive the next few years, it has to return to God and to end the power that the Global Banking Cartel families and the Zionists have. — Stirling (Lord Stirling’s News Blog Europe)

  29. Taylor October 25, 2013 @ 6:48 am

    Informative video, as always!

    Seems to me, however, that there are more distinctive classes than the three that our dear friend BN+ has outlined. Within the top — the Jewish ranks (or as some might prefer to say, the “Kike” ranks) we have elite Jews that include Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Lieberman, Dershowitz, Foxman, various heads of media conglomerates, Bernanke, Greenspan, the list goes on and on and on.

    Then just below these schmucks are the vast numbers of ordinary Jews, which are followed by the sell-out, suck-up Sayanim that include John “Insane” McCain, Sarah “Air-Head” Palin, John “Fat-Man” Hagee, Joel “Phonier Than Thou” Olsteen, Condoleezza “The Sycophantic Shrill” Rice, and sadly so many, many more (i.e., a large percentage of these many others found within the political class in D.C. and throughout our state capitols)!

    Then we get to the unfortunate Gentile class, to include the many millions of middle class folks, now tragically mostly poverty-stricken.

    These huge numbers are followed by the millions of formerly and still low-economic class of Gentiles, who, with the fall of the Gentile middle class, are beginning to more and more resemble what used to be the much more prosperous middle class.

    Then the most unfortunate of all, some would argue, would be our present-day class of college educated Gentiles — with few prospects for securing a solid working class position in society due to the scam of college loan entrapment and the countless lies and deceptions on the part of the college education industrial complex (borrowing this phrase from Gerald Celente).

    Bottom line is this: our nation has morphed into a really crappy place.

  30. KC October 25, 2013 @ 8:08 am

    The problem is, whichever major profession you choose to study, you will hit a Jewish Wall. Politics, finance, law, medicine.

    Medicine or anything that deals with real environment, such as architecture, is better because then you can be more independent and shift between trade-like work to professional.

    Like Br. Nat said, Christ is the only answer. My first instinct is to promote something like a church-centered community life, but in reality I’d rather see strong professionals chipping away at the Jewish wall until it falls. These people need to take Jew qualities, be driven, support each other, etc.

    Jews are materialistic as hell. All they think about is money and power, talking to some of them makes me want to throw up.

    It’s all they care about. Also it is their vulnerability, because their materialism is stronger than their fascist religion. Satan has no strength, so on the religious side, they’re super weak.

    Christianity is MUCH stronger, because only through it we are connected to God. I’ts REAL.

    Now, we do have more leverage — we have God, we CAN build Christian communities that are family-based, we CAN support each other. The White problem is lazyness is lack of spiritual drive and vision.

    Try talking about death, for example. Its a taboo subject! Since when death is taboo subject for a Christian? For us, its a step to new and better life. Everyone should be talking and thinking about it, because it defines life!

    Basically Whites been soooo brainwashed by Jews, its just unbelievable. How? Their materialism and dependence on comfort. The nasty food. Kosher, at that.

    So, Whites need to dump the materialism…how? Through Christian religion, followed by non-profitable deeds, through action that supports faith. We have to become materialistic in a way that we build treasures on heaven, NOT HERE.

    Then Jews will lose the only leg their whole system is really standing on. They will lose anyway when Christ comes back, but we have the power to do it earlier, for our spiritual safety as well as our children’s.

    If someone doesn’t want that, just become a Jew. It’s better than being their follower and constantly losing. At least you’ll gain something.

  31. bubba October 25, 2013 @ 10:41 am

    Simple, higher education is being turned into another Talmudic indoctrination center, a Yeshiva for Goy.

    Perhaps look at modern medicine, the Flexner Report, and how it has ended up producing a heath care system run by Big Pharma.

    We know one of the Jews goals is to take over and control all institutions.

    The end game I see regarding Education is a Communist state whereby some “educated” Goy will end up in government jobs as traitorous apparatchiks to keep us as equal slaves.

  32. DudleyDoRight October 25, 2013 @ 1:51 pm

    Myron Fagan Expose on the Illuminati, 1967. Excellent!

    He put out three LPs and his review is very complete and fills in many gaps.

  33. Brother Nathanael October 25, 2013 @ 11:42 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family –

    Numbers of donations have plunged to an all-time low.

    I’m hanging by a thread. I can’t get out of deep debt to the tune of $25,000.

    Perhaps I need to go more main stream and stop naming the Jew names.

    Then, like Alex Jones and Gerald Celente (who NEVER mention the JEW names nor show their JEW faces) I can boost my financial base.

    But if I do this then I will be selling out. I need to find a new angle. (I will NOT allow advertising on RJN nor will I sell hats and t-shirts.)

    *** What I WOULD LIKE TO DO is raise funds for a Full Length Documentary: “A New History Of The Jews;” or “Time Line Of Jewish Control.” ***

    I need $20,000 to produce a full length Documentary. Please consider funding this.

    In the mean time, MANY THANKS to the FEW who make the continuance of this site possible.

    Let’s Keep a GREAT Thing Going!

    Everywhere I go people yell out, “I see you on YouTube!”

    Please HELP ME TO CONTINUE my work!

    To Donate Via PayPal CLICK:

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    By Mail:

    TO: The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Personal Needs: (Rent, food, utilities, necessities etc)

    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

    With Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  34. DudleyDoRight October 26, 2013 @ 12:36 am

    Dear +BN:

    Listening to the Myron Fagan recordings it’s apparent the real festering putrid oxidized core of all this evil is a specific sect, the Illuminati/Zionists (called the CFR in the USA), comprising very few people.

    In this recording Mr. Fagan says the Illuminati Zionists were willing to expend Jews (funding Hitler), they funded Pogroms, and he says that if their plots are too exposed they plan to misdirect by killing more Jews.

    It just occurs to me that maybe some good Jews would be more in tune to how expendable they are to the Illuminati/CFR/Zionists and less “supportive” of them, and more supportive of you!

    Focusing efforts like a laser beam on these hardcore sociopaths (including the FED and UN) seems like it could interest mainstream Jews once they realize they’re just duped patsies.

  35. Dogged October 26, 2013 @ 1:55 pm

    Excellent video Br. Nathanael.

    The way I see things, Christ will come back soon. These days were predicted (2 Tim 3:1-5, 13; Lk 23:31) long ago by the Apostle Paul. The days will only get more evil before Jesus returns.

    The Antichrist still must come to power before Christ Jesus returns to reign visibly on earth, 2 Thes 2:1-12 KJV:

    “Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.

    “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

    “Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

    “And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

    “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

  36. Citizenfitz October 26, 2013 @ 3:51 pm

    Margie Phelps, the daughter of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps admits they’re actually for Obama:

    I’ve been saying this for a while: it’s become obvious the Westboro Baptist Church is being used as an agent provocateur. Their job is to travel around the country and act like idiots — in order to discredit (and demoralize) Christians and anti-fag groups.

    At the same time they serve to energize liberals — whose energies are flagging due to their realization that Obama has duped them — but who get all amped up at the antics of WBC.

    The Jews who — no doubt — fund the WBC are the same ones who fund NAMBLA, PFLAG and all the other fag groups.

  37. Citizenfitz October 26, 2013 @ 4:56 pm

    Nano: “The “secret” to Jewish business “success” is only this: ruthlessness….”

    Many years ago my father used to be an executive with CBS. He once caught one of his staff, a Jew, who’d forged his signature to some papers. He called the guy in and fired him.

    30 Years later my father started getting harassed by either the IRS or the Florida Dept. of Revenue. They were accusing him of underreporting his taxes.

    It took a long time and cost him a lot but he finally beat it. Along the way though he discovered the name of the tax official who was pushing the case: it was the Jew he’d fired thirty years earlier!

    The guy had become some revenue agency big shot and was getting back at my father. Thirty years later!

    Never forget and never forgive!

  38. Citizenfitz October 26, 2013 @ 5:02 pm

    The Charm

    Whenever I am feeling sad,
    Because an argument is lost,
    I simply emulate my Dad,
    And scream his hate word, “Holocaust.”

    The patient seeker after truth,
    Sifts documents his whole life long,
    Who dares to read his well-turned proof,
    When “Holocaust” I call upon?

    The journalist at times may roar,
    Lion-hearted to defend free speech,
    But when I call out “Holocaust,”
    He darts for cover with a screech.

    The Church, which long ere Luther’s time,
    Would guide to Christ its Gentile flock,
    Now has become a Judas shrine,
    A holy Holocausting shop.

    Each day through movies, books, and sketches,
    The Holocaust is battered in
    To brains of trauma-pated wretches,
    Fills up my coffers to the brim.

    History, the way I write it,
    This is the law from time long past,
    The Goyim’s love of truth I smite it,
    With hate-filled myths of Holocaust.

    John Bayldon

  39. JL October 26, 2013 @ 5:18 pm

    Hello and thanks +BN and all.

    That’s the way it looks like, but go to any 100 years old marketplace, who’s the master, it’s the customer with ability to pay.

    Maybe that credit and usury based monetary system has affected customers mind so that feeling not to be master and not to buy American but to be right wing Communist slave and buy Chinese as the chosen masters told.

    But those chosen masters themselves created expection and speculation based economy and it can turn upsidedown overnight. if some 2% percent of Americans suddenly decided to buy american rather than others from 3rd World, that would cause a quite movement in capital.

    I think, the more convinced was Hollywood, ADL etc, the thinner is the ice below our self chosen masters.

  40. Danielle October 27, 2013 @ 8:30 am

    Dear Citizenfitz,

    “Never forget and never forgive!” this is the Anthem of the Jews! It is not the Anthem of Christians!

    Remember: our Lord ordered to pardon “jusqu’à septante fois sept fois,” but He also said on the Holy Cross :

    “Father, pardon them because they do not know what they are doing.”

    Let God Himself take revenge (which is Divine Justice) after the 2000 years of His Divine Patience He has shown to us as from the Incarnation of our Lord, for the sake of His Holy Name which has been so blasphemed among the nations by those same people He wanted to save from Hell.

    And also for the sake of His only begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ Who has been crucified with no offense on his part and continue being so Misericordious to all repented sinners.

    So there is no doubt that this divine revenge/Divine Justice against that particular Jew who took revenge after 30 years waiting to take revenge from your father because he gripped him “la main dans le sac” (as we say in French – found guilty), will follow!

    Perhaps this Divine Revenge will arrive to this Jew in the same manner it happened to Saul/Saint Paul on his road to Damas so that he converted!

    Or perhaps this Jew will refuse “la main tendue” of God and will remain in his sin untill the end.

    We do not know, but God knows and is patient much more than men!

    So, from this particular story of yours you kindly shared with us and from the proofs Br. Nathanael gives us, we can easily conclude that in the end the war between Christians and Jews will be of such a force and intensity that the events which have been described by the Prophets of the Bible and the Fathers of the Church and ever imagined by various watchers among lay Christian people around the world would appear for many: to the “sceptiques” and unbelievers, as Hell on earth leading them to two possibilities: to convert from their bad behaviors or not!

    “Keep your soul in Hell and do not despair” (Saint Seraphim of Sarov if I am not mistaken) because to God only the last word!

  41. Reinbeek October 27, 2013 @ 10:37 am

    Boycott them. Ignore them. Isolate them. Refute them. Repudiate them. Fire them.

    Every single one of them. Show no mercy, no love, no respect, no joy to them.

  42. BAB October 27, 2013 @ 2:18 pm

    Dear Danielle,

    To be able to truly pardon and forgive all those who have harmed or swindled us is something indeed very difficult, even for a good Christian.

    I believe that it is impossible to truly pardon without prayer and begging the Lord to help us forgive, if not we always keep a dislike within ourselves towards all those who have caused us harm.

    It is very important to realize that God cannot forgive us if we are unable to forgive others, and thus that it is so significant we beg Christ to be able to truly forgive others as He also did on the Holy Cross.

  43. Beth October 28, 2013 @ 2:52 am

    Bro, your pyramid only describes the top half Americans that still work today.

    Beneath them today is another half of Americans that government pays $30k/yr to not work.

  44. Danielle October 28, 2013 @ 6:13 am

    Dear BAB,

    You are perfectly right!

    So, we Christians must put in application the words of our Lord Jesus-Christ: “Knock at the door it will be opened to you, ask and you will receive.”

    The problem is that most of time people even of good will forget His holy words!

    And also that the memory from time to time reminds to the people all the bad things which have been done to them by others.

    In spite of the fact forgiveness is an act of the will of the man who uses his “libre arbitre” to follow the orders of our Lord with love, the reminding of the bad things come to his mind even in times he thinks he had perdoned and forgotten them completely. I speak by experience.

    And I agree with you: it is not easy to stay calm because the Demon do not want we follow the Word of God! The Demon wants war to lose souls!

    So, by experience I can say when the memory reminds us something bad done to us, and when consequently we are in fears because of it and we are crying because of it we must say both in our hearts and with our lips in prayer: “no ! I do not want to take revenge! God ordered us “do not take revenge, please our Lord help me, have pity on me” !

    But doing this does not imply to sit down and to do nothing! It is our duty to denounce those who do bad things in order to make the culprit/l’accusé to learn the lesson, to convert and to be saved, and by this to increase and confirm the Glory of God among the nations and sanctifying Him.

  45. BAB October 28, 2013 @ 9:17 am

    Dear Danielle,

    To forgive does not mean to accept.

    One should always denounce the bad deeds commited against others.

    In the case of the Jews one should refer to the teachings of the traditional Christian churches who advised the faithful to beware of the Jews and not to mix with them, but also to be correct and honest with them as with everyone.

    I recommend you read:

    Abbé JULIO MEINVIELLE “Les Juifs dans le mystère de l’histoire”

    Hereto is the link :

  46. Croatian Calvinist October 28, 2013 @ 1:44 pm

    Filthiest mouth on the radio: Howard Stern

    Biggest name in porn: Ron Jeremy
    King of trash TV: Jerry Springer
    Also: Maury, Geraldo, Jenny Jones, Rikki Lake

    Founder of satanism: Anton Levey

    Godfather of the sexual revolution: Sigmund Freud

    Pro-Nambla: poet Allen Ginsburg

    Pro-infanticide: Canada`s Stephen Pinker, Australia’s Peter Singer (both teach at US’ Ivy League universities)

    Scientists pushing for atheism: Carl Sagan, Weinberg

    New atheists: Christopher Hitchens is proud of his Jewish roots, thinks it brings him prestige; Sam Harris

    — We need to debunk the myth that Jews have higher IQs.

    Jews grow up rich, and their talent is never wasted, and potential never goes unfulfilled – Jews cannot fail in this world they control.

    High attendance of Jews in Ivy Leagues.

    White genius goes wasted easily: Chris Langan, highest IQ in the USA, works at a ranch.

    Jews take idiots like Andy Kaufmann and turn them into comedic geniuses ‘though they have no talent.

  47. Danielle October 28, 2013 @ 4:26 pm

    Thank you BAB for the link!

    There is no confusion in my mind — of course to pardon does not mean to accept.

  48. Citizenfitz October 29, 2013 @ 2:03 am

    “Jews take idiots like Andy Kaufmann and turn them into comedic geniuses ‘though they have no talent.”

    LOL! That’s very true. Probably the main reason there’s so much mediocrity in the world today… Jewish no talents being given the job.

    Remember those witless rabble rousers from the 60’s — Abbie Hoffman, Ira Einhorn and Jerry Rubin — who all found themselves standing front and center in the national lime light?

    I rest my case.

  49. Laskarina November 1, 2013 @ 2:30 am

    Thank you, Brother Nathanael.

    Great video and to the point, as we have come to expect.

    Danielle, you may be quoting St. Silouan the Athonite, “Keep your mind in hell and despair not” (the mind, not the soul!) In other words, as an Orthodox Christian monk explained it to me: think of what you deserve, but don’t doubt or despair of the mercy (misericorde) of Christ.

    St. Seraphim of Sarov — a truly great saint and wonder-worker beloved the world over, but not the author of that particular quote.

    You may be interested to know that St. Seraphim appeared to St. John of Kronstadt and showed him the future horrors the Jews would inflict on Imperial Russia. The vision took place in 1901, well before any earthly hint of the catastrophe. Here is one translation:

    And here is more about the life of St. John of Kronstadt:

    Croatian Calvinist, remember that just about every evil you can think of has a Jew at it’s head or at least involved. Slavery and prostitution, sanctioned and run by those who call themselves Jews since ancient times to name two. For all the temptations that Christ refused Satan, the Jews accepted.

    Revelation 2:9, 3:9

  50. David August 23, 2015 @ 7:29 pm

    @Croation Calvanist

    Well said! You should also include Jerry Seinfeld–he is not funny (except when someone belts the s**t out of him LOL).

    And that vulgar Australian Jewess, Rachael Berger, she is vile and dedicated her whole show about her parents being “holocaust” victims (Yawn… & my camp brother Stephen no doubt went to her show free of charge contra-deal).

    Good Info


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