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Jews Push America Into WW3

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Jews Push America Into WW 3
By Brother Nathanael Kapner Copyright 2013
September 5, 2013

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WHILE McCAIN PLAYED POKER during Senate Hearings planning a US strike on Syria, the Assad government warned that an assault on its country would “not be easy.”

“We have two options: Either to surrender or to defend ourselves, announced Syria’s Foreign Minister. “The second choice is the best: We will defend ourselves.”

Syria’s deputy Foreign Minister added, “We have taken every measure to retaliate against an aggression. Syria will not change its position even if there is World War 3.”

Along with anti-ship Yakhont missiles and Iskandar high-precision missiles, many Syrian Air Force pilots are preparing suicide kamikaze bomber units to attack the US Navy ships stationed in the eastern Mediterranean poised to strike the Arab country.

But regardless of the repercussions for American lives and interests, the Jewish Lobby that pulls the strings of its puppets on Capitol Hill will have its way: A US War on Syria leading to WW3 that’s “good for the Jews” but bad for everyone else looks like a done deal.

AIPAC’s Michael Kassen leads the War Cry with, “America must stand strong against barbarism,” followed by Abe Foxman’s Holohoax spin, “Innocents being gassed invokes that special historical memory and sensitivity.”

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations echoes the cry for carnage with, “Those with weapons of mass destruction must see that there is accountability.” (Where have we heard this before?)

Andrew Tabler of the Jewish ‘think tank’ WINEP makes it clear where Jewry’s interests really lie: “Assad’s alliance with Israel’s arch-enemy Iran makes the Syria crisis a threat to Israel.” View Entire Story Here, Here & Here.

THE JEWISH LOBBY’S PUSH to attack Syria is to create the precedent for a much larger attack on Iran. AIPAC admits as much in its own carefully worded statement of support for the Syria attack.

Both Hafez and Bashar Assad scrupulously kept the peace with Israel since 1973 but AIPAC owns this issue, it owns DC. This is their war. And their war they will get…even if Gentile US soldiers have to die.

American Jewry will get authorization for war against Syria…but, when the time comes, the Jew-enabled Syria push will look like nothing. Syria is just a tactic for AIPAC’s political strategy. It’s #1 goal, no less from the vantage point of Capitol Hill, is war with Iran.

And, of course, the Jew-bought Congress will all fall into line or their campaign funds and Jewish-owned main-stream-media support will hit the trash can in the next election.

Yet, to this day, ‘evidence’ that Assad used gas on his ‘own people’ (even if he did it was on JewSA-sponsored imported terrorists) is based on lies from the chief War Criminal in the White House and remains both flimsy and unconvincing…where the meat of the ‘intelligence’ comes from the deceptive and war-waging (in their own words) Israeli Mossad.


IN A SPEECH before his Human Rights Council on September 4, Russian president Vladimir Putin had some harsh (yet true) words to say about US State Department head John Kerry.

Citing a congressional debate where Kerry was asked about al Qaeda, Putin remarked that even though Kerry was well aware that the al Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra group was fighting with the ‘rebels,’ he denied that it was operating in Syria.

When Kerry was asked on September 3rd while testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee if the Syrian opposition was infiltrated by al Qaeda, Kerry responded that it was “basically incorrect” and that the opposition had “increasingly become more defined by its moderation.”

Putin’s response? “This was very unpleasant and surprising for me. We talk to the Americans and assume they are decent people, but he’s lying and he knows he’s lying. This is sad.”

For sure, as Putin knows the truth about the Syria crisis, many of the Free Syrian Army ‘rebels’ have defected to the al-Nusra Front terrorists who are doing the main fighting.

And it’s the Syrian Christians, (who have already suffered at the hands of JewSA’s funded terrorists), who will be laid out for the slaughter if the Jews get their ‘regime change’… a stipulation just added to the Senate Resolution on Syria.

But do Jews care about Christians? They crucified Christ and they will not scruple to crucify Christians in Syria so long as they get their ‘Greater Israel’ agenda accomplished.


A GEOPOLITICAL STRUGGLE is now in the making vis-a-vis the Jewish lie that’s pushing America into WW3 by first attacking Syria opening the door for a coordinated US-Israeli strike into Lebanon and then on to Iran.

It’s a struggle for oil and hegemony NOT a struggle for democracy. And the Jews will use the US military until the empire dies and Pax Judaica rises in its stead.

For besides executing the “Oded Yinon Master Plan” to fragment Syria into a mosaic of ethnic and sectarian groupings, Jewry has its greedy eyes on water-rich Lebanon and the oil-rich Golan Heights.

When the US strikes Syria, opportunistic Israel will use an orchestrated ‘Hezbollah attack on Israel’ as a pretext to expand its territory up to the Litani River as it did in 2006, grabbing Lebanon’s water resources and adding military strength to the US efforts to smash Assad.

With that river in mind, it was in the 1930s that Ben-Gurion conceived of boundaries for the fledgling state of Israel extending from the Litani River in Lebanon across the Syrian Desert through Jordan and south into the Sinai Peninsula.

With Syria incapacitated by a US strike on its infrastructure, (as in Libya), Tel Aviv will tighten its grip on the Syrian Golan Heights which Israel has occupied for decades…voila!…Enter International Jewry.

The Genie Energy Company, whose principals include the Jews: Jacob Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch, Howard Jonas, Michael Steinhardt and Gentile zionist shill, Dick Cheney, was recently awarded via its Israeli subsidiary, Genie Israel Oil and Gas, exploration rights of the oil and gas reserves in the Golan Heights.

And the US Military will do Jewry’s dirty work for them. Jews don’t send their own to die in their wars.

While McCain plays poker with the lives of US soldiers…it’s the Jews who hold the cards.

Congress will fold and the US military will dive headlong into WW3 whose carnage will be ‘good for the Jews’ but bad for everyone else.

Thank You Servants Of Jesus Christ

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Brother Nathanael @ September 5, 2013


  1. Brother Nathanael September 5, 2013 @ 8:27 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family –

    The JEWS are not only OUR “misfortune” but are Asma’s & Bashar’s (two people BETTER than ALL Jews put together) MISFORTUNE.

    The WICKED Jew-Owned Press (no, NOT “corporations” OR “presstitutes” But JEWS) paint the Assad’s as the new Hitlers.

    But Dr Assad and his lovely wife Asma are REFINED people and NOT guttural, Christ-CRUCIFIERS like JEWS.

    Dr Assad is PROTECTING Christians in Syria BUT JewSA is FUNDING the Al-Quada TERRORISTS in Syria who wish to SLAUGHTER Christ’s people.

    This JEW-BOUGHT country is UNDER Christ’s HOLY JUDGEMENT. You wait and see if JewSA marches to Jewry’s drumbeat then ALL HELL will break loose.

    This Article is my Birthday Present to MYSELF.

    I wanted to EXPOSE the REAL CRIMINALS–JEWS!–Who Are Leading JewSA Into Yet ANOTHER War…THIS time heading us into WW3.

    “Happy Birthday” dear Brother Nathanael! YOU are the ONLY one WITH THE GUTS to NAME the Jew NAMES and SHOW the Jew Faces.


    I Wish Myself MANY YEARS to Continue EXPOSING Christ-Crucifying JEWS!

    Let’s KEEP a Good Thing Going!

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    With Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

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  5. $10 Bagel September 5, 2013 @ 8:37 pm

    Happy Birthday, Br. Nathanael.

    Hope you had an enjoyable day.

  6. Brother Nathanael September 5, 2013 @ 9:14 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Please bear with me for a bit with regard to new Articles & Videos as I am engaged in two very time-consuming Projects:

    1. I am working on my VERY OWN Video Platform 24/7 whereby I will have COMPLETE independence and won’t have to be looking over my shoulder constantly on-guard against JEW censorship.

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    “Hate Speech” terminology is a JEW INVENTION aimed at destroying our Gentile Founding Fatther’s FIRST AMENDMENT.

    The ADL with their BILLIONS of criminal dollars have foisted this freedom-subverting “hate speech” legalese into our judicial system to PREVENT exposure of Jewish criminality.

    I WILL not bow before WICKED JEWS, CHRIST-CRUCIFIERS and am working around the clock preparing an APPEAL with my lawyers to contest YouTube’s discrimination against me. (The book of Proverbs says: “The righteous bowing before the wicked is like a troubled spring and a broken down wall.)

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    PS Many Thanks To Those Who Sent “Birthday Wishes!” (I’m a a young 63 years old this Thursday, September 5…I plan on living until I’m 130!)

  7. Brother Nathanael September 5, 2013 @ 9:15 pm

    A SPECIAL “Thank You” To The “Humble Servants of Jesus Christ.” +bn

  8. Zellie September 5, 2013 @ 9:23 pm

    Happy Birthday, Brother Nathanael.

    We LOOK to you.

  9. Jason R. September 5, 2013 @ 10:08 pm

    Happy Birthday, Brother Nathanael! May you have many blessings to come.

    From the looks of it, (this my opinion) an airstrike on Syria is very unlikely. There is just too much at stake, both for Jews and their shills.

    You’ve probably noticed that Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and other neo-cons like them think it’s a BAD idea. Rush even goes as far as saying that the chemical weapons is a false-flag operation.

    I also think there some internal fighting within the Jewish ranks. They run the risk of losing their Zionist project know as Israel to the ground. Plus, Obama is not that stupid (again my opinion) to engage in a war with Syria along with Russia, China and Iran at the same time.

    Jews on the left and right are hard pressed to come to an agreement on how go about their world hegemony. Any miscalculation could lead to a mass awakening of the ‘Gentile’ world.

    I could only pray that cooler heads can prevail. However, if Congress decides not to give it a vote, who’s to say that either Obama would still disobey the rule of law, or Jewish interests pulling a fast one to inevitably become involved in Syria’s or Iran’s affairs even more overtly. Only time can tell.

    Thank you, Brother Nathanael for all of your efforts.

  10. B September 5, 2013 @ 10:09 pm

    I wonder if the reason that Syria is stated to be guilty for the sarin gas attack is a word mind game lie as follows:

    (1) Sarin gas is stated to be proven to be guilty by science for the mass killing.

    (2) Syrian is equated to be the same as Sarin, as the two words are almost identical in sound in English.

    (3) Therefore Syria is guilty for the sarin gas mass killing, because the word Syrian is equated to be the same ( or almost the same ) as the word Sarin.

    This is my guess as to what is going on.

  11. LEE September 5, 2013 @ 10:09 pm

    I thought Hezbollah was a pro-Palestinian construct?

    I am getting conflicting reports and don’t know who the bad guys are. Or, is Hezbollah infiltrated by the Mossad as they have done to other groups.

    This is making me sick and I have been in prayer all week. Let us all pray for peace in Syria, Palestine, and the rest of the world.


  12. Brian G September 5, 2013 @ 10:12 pm

    Thank you Brother, another accurate assessment of the Jews…

    ‘Big picture’ goals. This time however they will have bitten off more than they bargained for.

    With Russia and Iran both having more advanced technology than the warmongering USA, the conflict will be relatively short and disastrous for the aggressors.

    Syrian, Russia and Iran have continually stated they have the ability to respond vigorously and they are not kidding.

    A long overdue karmic payback for all the blood spilled over decades.

    After this conflict we will see some major adjustments to our world as we know it. I suggest be at peace with the process.



  13. Brian G September 5, 2013 @ 10:14 pm


  14. Lynn & Kev September 5, 2013 @ 10:18 pm

    You are a joy to our hearts!

    Hone in on the Rothschilds. Make sure they are the name behind every name.

    Also check out Ashkenazis, Khazarians under King Ashken who in 740 A.D. converted to Orthodox Judaism and his whole Country (bigger than Turkey) to avoid a war with the Sultan of the day, to avoid his land being turned into the war zone between Rome and what is now Iran.

    Trust you had a wonderful birthday. Think of you often with that great smile & delivery & will miss you until we see you again!

  15. Dave September 5, 2013 @ 10:20 pm

    Can’t wait.

    Keep spreading the WORD BN & Happy Birthday to you.

  16. k michael dean September 5, 2013 @ 10:27 pm

    Bliss, joy, wonder fill you.

    Grow in truth that as the sees and the mind forms this process is accessed by the Supreme source of all 24/7.

    Justice is served and never fooled. All is witnessed, processed simultaneously from a sea of perceptors. The Supreme is cultivating special witnesses in the height and depth of uniqueness as the light consciousness beings are guided from the edge of the experiment to their home of light consciousness.

    As the Master stated you cannot come with Me, there is no where to go. I go to prepare a place for the son of man (all of you) to lay his head (to exist and be).

    This was 2000 years ago.

  17. Robert Ford September 5, 2013 @ 10:32 pm

    Happy b day and God bless you, Brother.

  18. Paul September 5, 2013 @ 10:45 pm

    Happy Birthday, Brother Nathanael!

    I hope it has been a good one for you!

  19. Lerch September 5, 2013 @ 11:11 pm

    Happy Birthday Brother Nathaniel!

    May the blessings of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ envelope you and sustain you in health; spiritually, mentally and physically in the days, months, and years to come.

    As Christians we know as we pass thru the darkness of the tunnels of life there is that light at the end of each tunnel: Our God!

  20. Brother Nathanael September 5, 2013 @ 11:17 pm


    Yes, it was a GREAT ‘Birthday’ for me today.

    I spent the ENTIRE day WORKING on this Jew-Exposing piece.

    Nothing gives me greater pleasure than doing what everyone else FEARS to do:

    Naming the JEW Names & Showing the JEW Faces who are DESTROYING our once stable nation.

    Wake up Americans! Jews have STOLEN your nation, your voice, AND your souls.

    Happy Birthday dear Brother Nathanael!

    You are the ONLY one who has the guts to do what NO ONE else dares to do:


  21. KathJuliane September 5, 2013 @ 11:20 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN, and may God grant you many, many more years.

    I hope I’m still around when you reach 130, and that you are still calling out the Jews, naming names, and showing their wicked faces.

    This a very powerful Article on the geo-political basics concerning Syria, Lebanon, and of course, Israhell’s aspirations for “Greater Israel” by progressively stealing other’s peoples’ lands inch by inch by way of war, terrorism, deception, preying on peoples’ weaknesses and resorting to extortion and bribery.

    My Massa Got A Plan — a hilarious but true caption. Obombya came up through the corrupt Chicagoland Political Machine, which is nothing but Jew-run and Jew-owned, therefore he is beholding to them.

    If Black people knew what Jews in general think of them behind their backs and in the synagogue, they would know that most Jews are racists and consider Obombya nothing but the Jews’ slave “schwartza in the White House” owned lox, socks and bagels by Israhell, and hold him in considerable contempt.

    Excellent insight into the Zionist regime’s long standing aspirations to grab Lebanon’s terroritory up to the Litani. I’d forgotten about Oded Yinon’s Master Plan, written in 1982, I think, which called for this very thing.

    And it would certainly make sense as a major objective when the Zionist regime invaded Lebanon in 2006, only to get beaten like the dogs they are by the Hezbollah fighting wing.

    I looked up who voted how in committee regarding the AUMF.

    ROLL CALL on Senate Foreign Relations Committee Vote – Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF)

    Menendez (D)
    Boxer (D)
    Cardin (D)
    Shaheen (D)
    Coons (D)
    Durbin (D)
    Kaine (D)
    Corker (R)
    McCain (R)

    Udall (D)
    Murphy (D)
    Risch (R)
    Rubio (R)
    Johnson (R)
    Barrasso (R)
    Paul (R)

    Markey (D)

    And as a last item, to add insult to injury is this item from Washington Post:

    Kerry: Arab Countries Offered To Pay For Invasion

    Secretary of State John Kerry said at Wednesday’s hearing that Arab counties have offered to pay for the entirety of unseating President Bashar al-Assad if the United States took the lead militarily.

    “With respect to Arab countries offering to bear costs and to assess, the answer is profoundly yes,” Kerry said. “They have. That offer is on the table.”

    Asked by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (a Jew, R-Fla.) about how much those countries would contribute, Kerry said they have offered to pay for all of a full invasion.

    “In fact, some of them have said that if the United States is prepared to go do the whole thing the way we’ve done it previously in other places, they’ll carry that cost,” Kerry said.

    “That’s how dedicated they are at this. That’s not in the cards, and nobody’s talking about it, but they’re talking in serious ways about getting this done.
    ( )

    And he, the Secretary of State of the USA, is OK with peddling this to the world, Congress, and last and least, the American people, that our US Armed Forces are now for lease to the highest bidder!

    He is serious about the profound “offer on the table,” and sees nothing at all wrong or absurd with foreign countries, the Saudi Arabs and other Gulf states, paying the US to send its own military to do Israel’s and the Saudis’ dirty work, when the vast majority of Americans are opposed to any “interventionist” act of war against Syria at all.

    Saudi Arabia and Israel have been friendly to each other for years, even without formal diplomatic relationships, arranging things between each other via the backdoor in DC.

    Just google “Bandar bin Israel,” a nickname for Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, who is the name behind the Saudi funding of the overthrow of the Assad regime, the FSA, the foreign mercenaries, Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda, and also wants Iran destroyed.

    Sharmine Narwani writes that Bandar was “the US’s longtime go-to man in Riyadh – whose 22-year reign as Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Washington provided him with excellent contacts throughout the Israeli political and military establishments.

    “The former ambassador to Washington has the kind of relationships that go deep – no Saudi knows how to twist American arms better than he. But to push western allies in the desired direction, the Saudis were in need of an influential and opportunistic ally that was also passionately fixated on the same set of adversaries. That partner would be Israel.

    Like Israel, Bandar has long been a vocal advocate of curtailing the regional influences of Iran and Syria and forging a neocon-style “New Middle East” – sometimes to his detriment” [within the Saudi royal tribe].

    Paying for the US led war against Syria was doubtless negotiated when Kerry went to Saudia Arabia in June of this year to organize the push against Syria. If Kerry wasn’t considering it a real offer, it wouldn’t be “on the table,” would it?

    DC is Israel’s bitch, indeed.

    God bless you, dear brother in Christ.

    IC XC
    NI KA

    Pray for the peace of Syria, and that the Lord’s justice be done.

  22. Koen September 5, 2013 @ 11:52 pm

    Syria is in the way of cheap gas/oil pipelines from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Turkey.

    The house of Saud and the Turkish (military) regime are all crypto Jews. Obama offered Al Assad billions of dollars to cooperate with the Jewish controlled world and to drop Iran/Russia as partners a few years ago. Al Assad refused.

    More than a million people were murdered in Irak, and already 100,000 people were murdered in Syria, and I have no idea how many Afghans were murdered. If we don’t make an end to the Jewish controlled oil/gas/coal industry by actively demanding alternative energy sources, then we dig our own graves. A big global change in energy technology is the ONLY way to end the power of Judaic tribe.

    That is why the Zionists stole Tesla’s ‘free’ energy technology, and that is why we see a huge amount of deliberate disinformation about alternative (free) energy technology on the internet.

    That is why I dedicated my life to discovering the scientific background theory that explains cheap electric energy generator technology, discovered first by Nikola Tesla. My website:

  23. Gran Depine September 5, 2013 @ 11:55 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Greetings from Greece. Does the Bureau of Statistics in the USA publish the number/percentage of family members of AIPAC members currently serving in the defense forces of the USA? It would be interesting to see how many are backseat drivers.

    Also, I would like to know the USA defense force’s costings for the proposed “crisis exercise/intervention” in Syria compared to the funds promised to help the people who suffered from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Hurricane Sandy?

    Correct me if I am wrong, the USA Congress could not vote to pass a bill to fund to help all the victims of natural disasters who could not help themselves, but its quite alright to vote for a Trillion dollar “crisis/intervention” because the printing press can not distinguish between treason and compassion.

    How many shades of red is the “red line” in Syria? How green is green?

    Kyrie Eleison!

    I pray the truth comes quick and Archangel Saint Michael protect us from the cunning one.



  24. Hungarian loyalist September 6, 2013 @ 12:04 am

    Happy Birthday, keep up the good work exposing these parasites.

  25. Hoff September 6, 2013 @ 12:05 am

    Happy B.D. Dear BN.

    Amazing comment by KathJ.

  26. Anthony Clifton September 6, 2013 @ 2:14 am

    Is it true that 91% of the braindeadgoy oppose the Jewish plan

    To MASS MURDER innocent people based on JEWISH lies?

  27. Snowy Smith South Africa September 6, 2013 @ 2:23 am


    JEW USA CRIMINAL MAFIA WAR Memo from Secretary of Defence 2007_03_02.

    General Wesley Clark told us of this Memo.

    The USA JEW Criminal Mafia had their WAR Plan all set out for the next 5 YEARS. The JEW USA COMMUNIST CRIMINAL MAFIA was going to use the USA Troops to attack 7 Countries.

    YES, they had already planned to go to WAR attacking 7 Countries in 5 Years — Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and then Iran.

    The JEW USA CRIMINAL MAFIA planned this before 2007, so why are the American People so confused as to what is happening?

    The “American People” have gone from the most LOVED in the World to the most HATED in the World as a direct result of the JEW Communist New World Order WAR MONGERING JEWS.

    There is only ONE group of TERRORISTS in the World today and they are the JEW Communist New World Order WAR MONGERING JEWS.
    ever forget the 2500 TONS of ILLEGAL DEPLETED URANIUM used in Middle East

    JEW USA CRIMINAL MAFIA WAR Memo from Secretary of Defence 2007_03_02.

    It’s time to ARREST these WAR CRIMINALS, all of them including the JEW USA CRIMINAL MAFIA who has HIJACKED America.

    Also read book “COWBOY REPUBLIC” by Marjorie Cohn.

    All unrests, WARS in Africa and Middle East were all planned well in advance by the JEW USA COMMUNIST CRIMINAL MAFIA New World Order to steal the OIL and minerals and to install a New World Order “PUPPET GOVERNMENT”.

    Never forget that the JEW USA COMMUNIST CRIMINAL MAFIA New World Order destroyed South Africa.

    I, Snowy Smith, support the WAR CRIMES LAWYERS.
    WAR CRIMES PROSECUTOR — Professor Francis Boyle.


    Professor Boyle “WE THE PEOPLE” supports YOU 100%
    Go Professor Go.

    Best Regards,
    Snowy Smith
    Fair Civil Law
    P.O. Box 3022, Durban, 4000, South Africa.
    Cell: 0829648877

  28. Katherine September 6, 2013 @ 3:41 am

    Superb analysis! Happy birthday, dear Brother Nathanael.

    May God grant you many, many, many more! A small birthday donation is in the mail to you.

    God bless you and watch over you.

  29. escapeefromOZ September 6, 2013 @ 4:06 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    Thanks for your insightful videos and articles.

    My wife and I escaped from Australia because we discovered accidentally some secrets of state following a family search.

    That country has been heavily infiltrated by Jews. A lot of them were accepted as refugees when they were kicked out of Egypt. There are now about 100,000 of them and most of them are SAYAN or collaborators of Mossad. In effect they are fifth columnist.

    We knew some SAYANIM that were working in High Schools for ASIO (the Australian Secret Services) . The place is totally infiltrated now. Universities, the national Radio and TV broadcasters, Parliament, the newspapers are controlled by a Jew (Murdoch) even the secret services are controlled, and so on.

    I know that over the years those people have infiltrated prominent families by marriage, bought and adopted children. People don’t seem to understand the modus operandi of that tribe. They have permanent plans of infiltration and that’s why they have been kicked out of 109 countries in the last 2400 years.

    I wrote an E- book: “Escape from Australia: a gangstalking primer.” It is about our experience in OZ. It can be downloaded freely after Log in at


  30. Jazit September 6, 2013 @ 4:21 am

    Greetings and salutations Brother Nathanael,

    I would like to comment, that it is a pity there aren’t enough cyber spots or news outlets who are not reporting the truth about the sins of the Zionist Jews’ corrupt power-broking on the world scene. You are doing exceptional work in speaking the truth and how it really is. My heartfelt congratulations to you.

    As you know, Barack Obama is a loyal servant of his Zionist masters who needs to reassess what he has done in the recent past (in Libya, which is now a mess, as it now ruled by differing warring factions and militias).

    And he needs to reassess what his predecessors have not achieved politically in their previous war domains in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    President Obama seriously needs to reassess his plans on Syria.

    It is inevitable, that Obama and his allies will ‘fatalistically blitz’ Syria into the stone age.

    But, ‘Assad (an outspoken critic of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey) will be their unexpected ‘NEMESIS’ in the coming times ahead.

    America went ballistic with their rage on to the Arab & Muslim World after 9/11 struck them hard.

    Bashar Al-‘Assad was born on 9/11 in 1965! And he is literally worshipped as the expected ‘Al Mahdi’ by his own Alawite people and even by other minor Muslim sects in Syria!

  31. Snowy Smith South Africa September 6, 2013 @ 4:26 am

    JEWS Nuclear Attack on Syria 2

    When is JEW OBAMA going to attack the Israel JEWS who attacked Syria?

  32. Richard Wilcox September 6, 2013 @ 5:04 am

    Jump down, pick a bale of GMO cotton, pick a bale of GMO cotton for your Jewish controlled slave masters, today!

  33. Richard Wilcox September 6, 2013 @ 5:07 am

    Happy Birthday Brother Natanael. May you live VERY long and be healthy and do God’s good deeds.

    So many people love you.

  34. Dr Sam Cross September 6, 2013 @ 5:39 am

    Happy birthday, Brother Nat. May God grant you many years.

    The Jews have been trying to destroy the jewSA since the War of 1812. They were behind the Civil War and every war thereafter.

  35. tom dean September 6, 2013 @ 7:33 am

    Thank you, Brother N for another detailed and researched article.

    And I am sorry that your Youtube video was taken out.

    I hope they take out all the other pro-Muslim hate videos as well. The Jews want free speech unless its directed at them.

    If you don”t say favorable things about the Jewish Kings in power they will knock you out. They don’t play fair. And the thing is you are telling the TRUTH.

    If it was false information I can understand. You are educating us.

    Also I think Putin is right about Kerry. He always was and is a sellout.

  36. Russ September 6, 2013 @ 7:51 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    Thank you for +BN Birthday piece, another great informative article with plenty of sources and for being very dedicated to exposing the Zionist /Jew influence if not domination in the affairs of Americans and Christians in the world.

    I admire your courage to be outspoken about exposing the Zionists agenda, history and especial names given, but without being critical, I believe emphasizing that we believe Jews and Zionists have a right to lobby elected officials, to communicate their political ideology, and practice their religion in the United States of America.

    BUT we believe in the U.S. Constitution allows these liberties to be for all Americans not giving preference to the Israeli Lobby or Jewish interests whom ironically want to subvert our Constitution.

    I do not blame living Jews for killing Jesus, but they must be held responsible for the prosecution and intimation of Christians under Jewish control/influence.

    The Syria Crisis is highlighting this idea of Israeli Lobby vs the American people. In my own website Liberty Happiness my tag line is:

    “Your Happiness Depends on the Liberty that “We The People” are Afforded!” Maybe I should change “We The People” to “The People Of Israel” I love Jews and Israel as much as any other people or nations in the world. {Oh ain’t I sweet!}.

    It is becoming apparent that they do not love us or other non Jews in the world! So, it is not that I hate Jews I just want to restore the Constitution back to what it was intended to be and who it is to protect “We The People.”

    I think the Israeli Lobby is a major obstacle for this restoration. I would advise the Israeli Lobby to back off the Syria issue it is only making more of us empathic toward the grievances and issue of their enemies.

    Thank you, Brother Nathanael, for the information.

  37. Randall Becker September 6, 2013 @ 8:07 am

    Happy Birthday Brother Nathanael,

    It is YOUR presence and exposures, day in and day out, telling the truth about the real enemy of a peaceful, prosperous and happy world, that keeps me inspired to also tell the truth about this scum-of-the-earth incarnate plague that just won’t go away.

    Enjoy, be safe, be successful, and above all PERSEVERE in your noble efforts. And again THANK YOU for doing what you do.

    In Gratitude,


  38. zane_al September 6, 2013 @ 8:16 am

    Hi folks!

    At last the Armageddon is upon us. The destruction of Israel/Babylon sure is coming.

    We should rejoice. Our long wait is over. Our patience was tested to the brim. God has finally answered our prayers.

    But hang on, our personal safety is not guaranteed. There’s the Samson Option to be considered.

    Thanks to assistance/cooperation from these countries (USA & France for nuclear bombs, Germany for the submarines & India for ballistic missiles) the Samson Option will hit close to home for many people.

    I reckon once Israel is defeated, they would excercise the Samson Option. Western European cities would all be hit with severe devastation. Millions would die. My advice to you is to make an effort to move out of these cities.

    Then if they’ve some change to spare, the eastern US would be hit. Perhaps less severe but lots parking spaces would be created.

    The Baptduhs too would taste the Armageddon.

    Again, my prediction is millions would die.

    I trust that you’ll make your own judgement & do what is right.

  39. Santiago September 6, 2013 @ 8:18 am

    Readers must help themselves by helping Brother Nathanael to Spread the Real Satan News.

    Share the Links, Talk to People, Demand a Word, Involve your Church, Start Controversy.

    Don’t be naïve, it is Satan himself already ruling the world.

  40. KathJuliane September 6, 2013 @ 10:48 am

    Dear Hoff,

    Here is more on what Saudi Prince “Bandar bin Israel” has been up to, now the direct go between for the Saudis and the Israeli Jews.

    I wrote earlier that Saudi Arabia and Israel have been friendly to each other for years, even without formal diplomatic relationships, arranging things between each other via the backdoor in DC.

    Actually, I didn’t mention that steps were now being taken to formalize diplomatic relations and establish a mutual defense pact between Tel Aviv, Ryadh, and Abu Dhabi.

    From Times of Israel (May 2013): Israel may join defense pact with Saudi Arabia, UAE

    Jordan and Turkey to also play role in US-brokered plan to contain, rather than thwart, Iran, London’s Sunday Times reports

    Israel is working on joining an anti-Iran defense alliance with a number of moderate Arab states that would involve sharing Jerusalem’s newly developed anti-missile technologies, a British newspaper reported Sunday.

    The plan would see Israel join with [now openly Zionist Muslim] Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to create a Middle Eastern “moderate crescent,” [that’s a joke — Saudi Arabia is one of the most repressive, intolerant regimes in the world who could care less about human rights] according to the Sunday Times [as opposed to the sectarian semi-myth of the “Shia Crescent,” a term coined by the Sunni king of Jordan in 2004] which cited an unnamed Israeli official.

    Israel does not currently maintain formal ties with Riyadh or Abu Dhabi, and relations with Ankara have been strained since 2009.

    According to the report, Israel would gain access to radar stations in Saudi Arabia and the UAE and in exchange share its own early warning radar information and anti-ballistic missile defense systems, though it’s not clear in what form. The report details that Jordan would be protected by Israel’s Arrow long-range anti-missile batteries.

    The so-called 4+1 plan is being brokered by Washington, and would mark a sharp shift in stated policy for the White House, which has insisted the US is not interested in containing Iran but rather stopping it before it reaches nuclear weapon capability.

    Last October, Netanyahu praised the extremely friendly ties with Saudi Arabia

    The Israeli premier added that Tel Aviv and Riyadh have common economic and political interests in the Middle East.

    In May, a report by Tel Aviv University said Saudi Arabia was Israel’s last hope and defense line, describing the Saudis as Tel Aviv’s last chance to protect its political interests in the Arab world.

    The report said most of Israel’s allies in the region have collapsed and cannot play a significant role in the Arab world, adding that Saudi Arabia is the only country that stands against the Islamic Republic of Iran and thus it is Tel Aviv’s last line of defense against Tehran.

    The report noted that the Al Saud family is very important to Israel because Saudi Arabia is very actively working in countries such as Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon to reduce [Shiite] Iran’s influence in those countries.

    Which, without a doubt, also means the targeting of the persecuted Shiite minorities in those states, particularly in Saudi Arabia, whose traditional home is the same region of the Saudi Eastern Province that produces the bulk of Saudi oil.

    Around two million Shia Muslims live in Saudi Arabia, most in Eastern Province; the Shia community is dissatisfied with the discriminatory behavior of the ruling Sunni authorities of the Saudi monarchy. The Arabian Shiites are not allowed to build mosques, and are reportedly 1/2 of the oil workers in Eastern Province.

    There have been numerous demonstrations in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province since February 2011, with protestors calling for political reform. Activists say there are over 40,000 political prisoners in Saudi Arabia, many of them being held without trial or charges.

    We don’t hear much about that from the Jew-owned White House, do we?

  41. TheHolyCrow September 6, 2013 @ 10:49 am

    One of the main objects of Ww1 and Ww2 was to gain control of the MidEast oil supplies.

    Little do most Americans know, but according to the published facts in the EXXON publication “The Lamp,” we Americans get only 14% of our oil from the ME. Most of our supply comes from Mexico and Canada.

    In reality, We The People don’t need the Middle East for SQUAT. And, with the recent discovery of up to 400 BILLION barrels of shale oil under the OFFICER BASIN in South Australia, the importance of ME oil is even less to us. Certainly not risking a nuclear WW3 over.

    To put the Australian discovery in perspective, Saudi Arabia has only 263 billion barrels of oil. And the Australians are our long time friends and allies. So why doesn’t the MSM in the USA tell us about this Hugh Australian discovery?

    Could it be because the Israeli Firsters want to brainwash us into thinking that Israel is oh so important in keeping the oil spigot turned on?

    And what about the hydrogen-on-demand technology that Stanley Meyer developed, had patents for, and was ready to put into mass production before he stumbled out of his local restaurant clutching his throat and muttering “they poisoned me.”

    And what about the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) that Bearden et al had patents for and was supposed to go into mass production in 2003. About the size of a toaster oven, it could power your house with leftover juice you could sell to the grid.

    If you are not familiar with any of this info, it is all easily researched on the net. Just Google it. BTW, one very small oil company named LINC ENERGY has been quietly buying up acreage in the Officer basin, from what I have read and heard. And they aren’t the only one.

  42. Jenna September 6, 2013 @ 10:52 am

    Happy belated birthday, dear Brother Nathanael.

    May God grant you many, many years. Axios! Worthy!

  43. KathJuliane September 6, 2013 @ 12:46 pm

    Saudi Arabia is “moderate?” Ha ha ha.

    SA is a dynastic tyranny, and the state religion is the ultra-fundamentalist, neo-Zionist, Wahabi/Salafist school of Sunni Islam which strictly enforces the medieval form of Sharia Law.

    Qatar, now the Saudis, and the UAE are bankrolling the foreign Wahabi/Salafist al-Qaeda mercenary terrorists in Syria.

    The Saudis routinely behead people and stone people to death in public executions. Christianity isn’t tolerated; the Saudis turn an official blind eye, however, to Christian guest workers in Saudi Arabia, and at the same time keeps them on a tight leash.

    Proselytization and conversion to Christianity carries the death penalty, despite the fact that the earliest Martyrs mentioned in the Quran as “believers” are the thousands of Arab Christians of Najran, who were massacred and burned to death in a large ditch by the Yemenite Jew and Himyarite king, Yusuf As’ar Dhu Nuwas (sometimes called Masruq the Crucifier in contemporary Christian acta) in AD 524, about a century prior to the advent of Islam.

    Najran was an oasis, with a large Christian population and the seat of a Bishopric. It sheltered an oligarchy of Christian merchants which were as rich as any in Edessa or Alexandria.

    It had been an important stop on the spice route from Hadhramaut.

    Najran had been an important center of Christianity in South Arabia and the focus of international intrigues in which economics, politics, and religion were all entangled.

    Dhu Nuwas hoped to create, in the rich lands of Southern Arabia, a “Davidic” kingship which was independent of the Christian powers, and hoped to extinguish Christianity in Arabia. Some sources, especially modern Jewish, try to paint Dhu Nuwas as a convert to Judaism.

    However, to claim a Davidic kingship, he would have to have been an actual descendent of King David, of which there were many in the province of Babylonia, and by tradition the Exilarch was a descendent of David, some of whom had no doubt migrated into southern Arabia.

    According to one source, Dhu Nuwas was the great grandson of the Tobiad King of Himyar, Abu-Kariba Assad Tubba’ (with his own brand of Sadducee Judaism brought from Palmyra).

    Abu-Kariba’s grandson Shamir al-Janah, who had been sent to China, married the daughter of the Jewish Exilarch Huna V (r 465-470) and from this union Dhu Nuwas was born.

    Upon the failure of his uncle Mar Zutra II to create a Jewish state in Persia, Dhu Nuwas returned to Arabia, killed the Lakhmid usurper and sacked the Byzantine Arab Christian colony of Najran, and attempted to rally all Arabia to his cause.

    He was the first to adopt Persian, Rabbinic Jewish customs of Persian Babylonia and introduced them to Arabia.

    By adopting the more conventional version of Pharisaic Rabbinic Judaism, he hoped to claim the rights and honors of a Tobiad ruler of the Trans-Jordan, from the “Nile to the Euphrates.” He styled himself “The King of all the [Twelve] Tribes.”

    He also considered Najran to be a Byzantine base that controlled the Red Sea trade route and did harm to the economic situation of Himyar.

    When Dhu Nuwas invaded, he called upon its people to abandon Christianity and embrace Judaism. When they refused, he had them thrown into burning ditches alive. Estimates of the death toll from this event range up to 20,000 in some sources.

    Some sources say that Dus Dhu Tha’laban from the Saba tribe was the only man able to escape the massacre of Najran, who fled to Constantinople to seek help and promptly reported everything. Other sources have survivors fleeing to the Axumite kingdom in Ethiopia.

    Other sources say that the Jew Dhu Nuwas was so proud of what he had done that he sent letters to the Lakhmids and Persians about it, urging them to go massacre some Christians of their own.

    The Lakhmids were busy trying to make peace with Byzantium, so they handed over the letter to the imperial ambassadors to send back to their emperor, Justin I.

    This brought about the wrath of emperor of Byzantium, Justin I who, as protector of Christianity encouraged his ally, the Abyssinian king Ella-Asbeha of Aksum, to invade the country, kill Dhu-Nuwas, and annex Himyar in 525.

    The Banu Horith Martyrs of Najran, and their leader al-Harith (aka Arethes, Aretas), the men, women and children who steadfastly held to their faith, even jumping alive into the burning ditch, are remembered in the Christian calendars and are even memorialized in the Qur’an where the persecutions are condemned and the steadfast believers are praised.

    In Najran, they set up a great ka’aba (that’s simply Arabic for shrine; it is not an exclusive Muslim word, and there used to be lots of ka’aba shrines besides the one in Mecca) in memory of the glorious martyrs.

    The Ghassanids and other Christian groups took the names of the martyr saints for baptismal names.

    The story of the bravery of the Banu Horith is told in the Koran, in the short Surah “Al-Buruj” (the Constellations, or the Houses of the Stars), in the story of the As Hab al-Ukhdood (makers of the ditch, or people of the ditch).

  44. KathJuliane September 6, 2013 @ 1:13 pm

    Poking around on the internet, it seems that a lot of Muslims (as well as many Westerners) are unaware that the martyrs of Najran were Christian martyrs from someplace historical on the map, calling them “unknown people from an unknown place.”

    The local Arabian people of Najran know of the Christian Martyrs, despite the Saudi effort to erase their identity and place in the historical culture of the Arabian Penninsula, rather in common with Yusuf As’ar Dhu Nuwas (literally Lord Sidelocks or Lord Peiyot).

    A 2010 article from the NYTimes, “Muslim Sect Sees Struggle Through Christian Lens” writes:

    “Among the ruins on the edge of this ancient oasis city are deep trenches littered with bones.

    That, local people say, is all that remains of one of the great atrocities of antiquity, when thousands of Christians were herded into pits here and burned to death by a Jewish tyrant after they refused to renounce their faith.

    Residents of Najran say that the ruins on the edge of their city include deep trenches littered with the bones of thousands of Christians who were burned to death by a Jewish tyrant after they refused to renounce their faith.

    But it has become central to the identity of the people now living here, who mostly belong to the minority Ismaili sect of Islam.

    The Ismailis, widely reviled as heretics by Sunni Muslims both here and abroad, see the oppressed Christians of ancient Najran as their literal and figurative ancestors in a continuing struggle for recognition by the Saudi state.

    “This story means so much to us,” said Ali al-Hattab, a 31-year-old hospital worker and graduate student. “Our life and our struggle today comes from those martyrs who gave their lives for their beliefs.”

    Part of the site where the Christians are said to have been killed — including charred remnants from the fires — was buried and paved over years ago.

    In a small museum next to the ruins that is dedicated to the city’s ancient history, there is only one brief reference to the massacre.

    In part, this is a reflection of the deep hostility among Saudi conservatives toward any artifacts that predate the birth of Islam in the seventh century.

    Najran, a fertile valley on Saudi Arabia’s southern border with Yemen, was the last territory to be conquered by King Abdulaziz al-Saud, the country’s founder.

    He promised to respect the faith and customs of Najran — which had been an independent sheikdom — after bringing it into the kingdom in 1933.

    But Ismailis say his successors failed to follow through, denying them government jobs and pressuring them to convert to Wahhabism, the hard-line school of Sunni Islam that is dominant in Saudi Arabia.

    A drive down Najran’s main street conveys some of this: it is lined with government-built Sunni mosques, even though Ismailis are the majority of the town’s 500,000 people (the Saudi census does not include nor recognize sects, so it is impossible to know the true proportions).

    The government has naturalized Sunnis from Yemen in an effort to alter the sectarian balance. Saudi officials have often publicly maligned Ismailis as infidels. The Shiites of eastern Saudi Arabia have long faced similar discrimination, but because they are more numerous, their situation is better known.

    And this is the hidden face of the “moderate” Sunni Saudi theocratic tribal monarchy which is becoming Israhell’s new best friend.

    At the same time, the “Evil Assad(TM)” and his secular Syrian Arab government that protects Syria’s minorities, is targeted now by the US for destruction, along with the so-called “Shia Crescent” which the new Israeli-Saudi Arab defacto alliance has declared war upon. The Alawite tribes are considered a Shiite branch.

    “Shia Crescent” was coined in 2004 by King Abdullah II of Jordan at a time when Iran was accused of interfering in Iraq in the run-up to the January 2005 parliamentary elections.

    This was in the context of a threatened, later realized boycott of the elections by Sunnis in Iraq, which resulted in the Shia victory.

    The suggestion was that the common religion gives good potential for cooperation between Iran, Iraq, Allawite-dominated Syria and the politically powerful Shia militia Hezbollah in Lebanon; as well, the suggestion was that these others would be proxies for Iran in a regional power play.

    The term has come to encompass other Shia areas of the Middle East. The nations where Shia Muslims form a dominant majority are Iran and Iraq. Shias also represent a large majority in Azerbaijan, however it is constitutionally a secular state. Those who are actual practicing adherents are much lower, which has led to them generally being excluded from the crescent.

    Shia are also the majority of citizens in Bahrain, however the government is largely Sunni.

    Large minorities of Shia also exist in Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India and the UAE. Excepting Lebanon, where the weak central government structure of Lebanon has allowed Hezbollah to become involved in the Syrian civil war, these are not usually described as part of the Shia Crescent.

    Syria and Israel are still in a technical state of war.

    The relatively sudden “containment of Iran” idea blossoming in Israel’s fore-mind I believe has less to do with the buildup of any alleged nuclear weapons in Iran, and more with Israel heating up and attempting to “win” the war with Syria by depriving her of her chief allies, Iran and Hezbollah of Lebanon.

    It also looks most of the Sunni-dominated Muslim countries are coming out of the Zionist Muslim closet, some secretly on informal good terms with Israhell for years.

    If a regional “containment” alliance is formed up to block Iran as a central component to the semi-mythical Shia Crescent, that means these Zionist Muslim countries will declare open season on their own population of Shiites, which will be glossed over and propagandized as “sectarian warfare.”

  45. bobbi September 6, 2013 @ 1:24 pm

    Mothers, don’t let your sons and daughters grow up to fight the war for the Jews.

  46. Hoff September 6, 2013 @ 1:43 pm

    “There is no doubt that President Erdogan is disliked by many Turks, and that most of the demonstrators are sincere, pissed-off people. But these types of sudden ‘uprisings’ typically need a spark – an organized hard core of provocateurs.

    “The anti Erdogan passion (the fuel) is real, as it was in Egypt ….but the accelerating fluid, and the match, appear to have been provided by outside forces, working inside of Turkey.”

    Must read on Syria.

  47. Joe M. September 6, 2013 @ 2:00 pm

    Greetings in our + Triune God!

    Happy birthday to you, Brother Nathanael.

    Let us pray for our Syrian brethren in Christ. It makes me sick how Assad, who is protecting the Christian minority in Syria, is being demonized.

    Also sad is how many Iraqi Christians fled to Syria after we screwed up Iraq. Where will they go now?

    I called my two Senators and my Rep yesterday, but I have a feeling it would have been about as productive to talk to this computer screen. I told them that I don’t want as much as an American B-B gun in Syria.

    Blessings to all here.

    In Christ,


  48. Rob September 6, 2013 @ 3:03 pm

    Only Russia can push USA to war, or USA push Russia into war.

    Israel has retarded politicians, but this is Christian fascism conspiracy to use Mohamedans to make holocaust number two.

    Since Western countries helped Israel to happen they thought about it….

  49. Eileen K. September 6, 2013 @ 3:27 pm

    Happy Birthday, Brother Nathanael, and may the Blessings of our Lord, Jesus Christ, be with you at all times.

    There are not too many individuals who possess the courage, honesty, and integrity that you do. Your latest article is spot on, too.

    Barack Obama is a fraud; he cares nothing about the American people, only about his masters in Tel Aviv. He’s hell-bent on bombing Syria, even though 90% of the public is strongly opposed, and the House is 3-1 against as well.

    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote was 10-7 for aggression; but, those who voted YES are nothing but a bunch of reptilians, anyway. They’ll be gone.

    My best wishes go with you, Brother. Just keep hanging in there; my prayers go with you, too.

    God Bless,


  50. stevee September 6, 2013 @ 4:19 pm

    Happy Birthday, Brother Nathanael

  51. jim September 6, 2013 @ 6:18 pm

    Holy Christ, save US all.

    Israhell is committing suicide, and there is no way in Hell they are going to get the Litani River or anything else for that matter. As stated many times before, and look at a map if you dispute this, only one or two megaton-sized hydrogen warheads will instantly obliterate this entire country of Self Chosen Vampires.

    Russia now has numerous warships outside of Syria, and probably some nuclear armed submarines as well, and has openly threatened to generate serious payback if Syria is attacked.

    Is there some magical power that will somehow save Israhell when multiple warhead ICBMs rain down upon them? The Syrians showed them that their Sampson Option, German-built Dolphin submarines are useless crap when a Russian made sonar and torpedo are being deployed.

    Another already mentioned fact is after the first nuclear barrage, only bombers will be able to properly deliver nukes, since the Earth’s atmosphere will be highly ionized, thereby disrupting the guidance systems of long and even mid range missiles.

    The Self Chosen Vampires mostly congregate in large cities, and they will be the principle targets, so not only is Israhell going to be obliterated, and the Sampson Option become null and void, but most all of the Self Chosen Vampires on Earth will be incinerated.

    Am personally rooting for the Puppet Messiah to go for it next week, as he chickened out last week.

  52. KathJuliane September 6, 2013 @ 7:17 pm

    History Commons has a remarkable timeline of the major documents marking the progress and development of Israel’s foreign policy of supporting Islamic Militancy and its transformation into US foreign policy, based Oded Yinon’s A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” which +BN linked to.

    The timeline begins with:

    The winter issue of Kivunim, a “A Journal for Judaism and Zionism,” publishes “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” by Oded Yinon.

    The paper, published in Hebrew, rejects the idea that Israel should carry through with the Camp David accords and seek peace.

    Instead, Yinon suggests that the Arab States should be destroyed from within by exploiting their internal religious and ethnic tensions: “Lebanon’s total dissolution into five provinces serves as a precedent for the entire Arab world including Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and the Arabian peninsula and is already following that track.

    “The dissolution of Syria and Iraq later on into ethnically or religiously unique areas such as in Lebanon, is Israel’s primary target on the Eastern front in the long run, while the dissolution of the military power of those states serves as the primary short term target.

    Syria will fall apart, in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure, into several states such as in present day Lebanon.” [KIVUNIM, 2/1982]

    The core “Axis of Resistance” to the Zionist regime has been in existence since 1982 emerging out of the crucible of the protracted Israel-Lebanon conflict, and Iran, just three years after its own revolution against Western imperial powers and the puppet monarchy of the Peacock Throne.

    It includes the Syria; the semi-state of Lebanese Hezbollah, which was forged as a resistance party and fighting wing during the Zionist occupation of the “South Lebanon Security Belt;” and Iran backing Hezbollah, which formally signed a mutual defense treaty with Syria in 2006.

    The Axis of Resistance did include Palestine’s Sunni Hamas until last November or December or so, when Sunni Hamas allied with the mostly Sunni FSA and the mercenary, cannibal, mostly Sunni-Wahbist/Salafi/Takfiri terrorist thugs along sectarian lines.

    State orders diplomats and others out of Lebanon.

    The State Department on Friday ordered nonessential U.S. diplomats to leave Lebanon due to security concerns as the Obama administration and Congress debate military strikes on neighboring Syria.

    In a new travel warning for Lebanon, the department said it had instructed nonessential staffers to leave Beirut and urged private American citizens to depart Lebanon.

    The United States [in the person of the very bizarre, Dublin-born, fanatical red-headed Samantha Power, aka Mrs. Cass Sunstein, throwing up her hands in dismay and frustration at not getting her way with the adults present at the UN Security Council] declared on Thursday that it has given up trying to work with the U.N. Security Council on Syria, accusing Russia of holding the council hostage and allowing Moscow’s allies in Syria to deploy poison gas against innocent children.

    This childish, diplomatic tantrum thrown on the international stage by this Irish naturalized American wife of the Jew Cass Sunstein, is particularly embarrassing to me and my patriotic Colonial ancestors and maternal Puritan family roots going back 10+ generations to the very first ships to arrive from England.

    Power, who is a naturalized citizen, is a former Balkan war correspondent and activist journalist who helped perpetuate the Clinton White House lies, exaggerations, and deceptions against Serbia about Bosnia and Srebenica “genocides,” and is founding executive director of Harvard’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy.

    Her philosophy is that “force [euphemisim for war] can be justified on humanitarian grounds.”

    She, along with Hillary Clinton and then U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, is one of the main architects of the Obombya administration’s policies in Libya, and is the foremost voice in Obombya’s ear in going to war for human rights and “duty to protect” civilians by killing them in brutal military operations called “humanitarian interventions.”

    For the most part, Obombya has outsourced foreign policy to this evil Dublin woman who believes that countries have a moral duty to prevent genocides. We The People can clearly see that we actually have a matriarchal, feminist White House that rules the resident Black metrosexual male and alleged Sodomite, who is narcisstically attempting to make over America in his own image.

    Power, Rice and Hillary Clinton worked day and night to counter reluctant military leaders [mostly stupid, bigoted and chauvinist heterosexual men, of course, who were eventually purged from the top ranks] and to persuade Obama to launch military operations against Gaddafi’s forces, under the guise of protecting civilians.

    Power no doubt nodded in approval when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cackled over the televised brutal torture and murder of President Qaddafi by Western-backed, foreign mercenary “Libyan revolutionaries” — “We came, we saw, he died.”

    In any case, the Dublin-born Mrs. Cass Sunstein who did not get her way from her lofty perch on the UN Security Council walked away with the huffy attitude of “Fine. I’m taking my toys and going home!”

    Hillary Clinton (Wicked Witch of the West) stuck up for Power and called the failed UN Syria vote a “travesty.”

    There is a saying that for every finger pointing at someone else, there are three more pointing back…

  53. Aus Man September 6, 2013 @ 7:44 pm

    Awesome article +BN and “happy birthday!” all the way from South Australia.

    I receive your message loud and clear and uncensored! I am waking many Aussie sheep up, thanks to you amongst others and promoting/marketing your websites.

    It must take a real Jew-brainwashed moron to not put “2 and 2” together and see the writing on the wall.

    How obvious can it be that all the Shabbos Goy traitors of free humanity are purposefully doing the bidding of Satan and his children to inevitably lead our planet to thermonuclear destruction.

    I really hope that Putin is the real deal that will stand up to the synagogue of satan temporarily until Jesus Christ’s return. I know there is a better place for God’s people but life on earth is great too, at least in Australia.

    God bless the Assads and Putin! There are good people in the Western world that can see through the Jew bull crap.

  54. Seraphim September 6, 2013 @ 8:11 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I would rather consider your true birthday the day of your baptism.

    That was the day of your liberation from the darkness!

    Your work is the real witness of the illumination of the Truth which comes with the infusion of the Holy Ghost. Anyway, many happy returns.

  55. KathJuliane September 6, 2013 @ 8:17 pm

    BEIRUT — The Syrian government sent reinforcements, including tanks and armored personnel carriers, to a predominantly Christian village north of Damascus where rebels have battled regime troops this week, a monitoring group said Friday.

    Opposition fighters led by an al-Qaida-linked rebel faction attacked the ancient mountainside sanctuary of Maaloula on Wednesday, and briefly entered the village a day later before pulling out in the evening.

    The assault has spotlighted fears among Syria’s religious minorities about the prominent role of Islamic extremists in the rebel ranks fighting to overthrow President Bashar Assad’s regime.

    The government forces sent to Maaloula have taken up positions outside the village, which is still under the control of local pro-regime militias, said Rami Abdul-Rahman, the director of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    [SOHR is a one-man information office opposed to the Government of Syria, who supplies a lot of so-called intelligence to Britain and the West. Abdul-Rahman is the mouthpiece for the so-called Syrian National Council and the FSA; he selectively reports only violent acts of the government forces, and defends Islamic extremists to avoid losing support among the rebel forces.

    The “local pro-regime militias” are the ethnic Aramaen Christians fighting to defend their ancient home and people].

    He added that there were skirmishes Friday around the village, home to two of the oldest surviving monasteries in Syria — Mar Sarkis and Mar Takla.

    The assault is being spearheaded by [al Qaeda affiliated] Jabhat al-Nusra, one of the most effective rebel factions and a group the U.S. has deemed a terrorist organization. The group includes Syrians as well as foreign fighters from across the Muslim world.

    Rebels from the Western-backed Free Syrian Army also fought regime soldiers around the Christian village, according to the opposition coalition.

    FSA fighters “destroyed two regime checkpoints in Maaloula” and battled Assad’s troops near the village’s main entrance for two days before withdrawing from the area Thursday, the Turkey-based Syrian National Coalition said in a statement.

    The Syrian government has tried to emphasize the role of foreigners fighting on the rebel side in the civil war as part of its narrative that the Assad regime is battling a foreign-backed conspiracy.

    In that vein, Syrian state TV said Friday the government is offering 500,000 Syrian pounds ($2,800) for turning in a foreign fighter, and 200,000 pounds ($1,150) for information about their whereabouts or assistance in their capture.”


  56. Seraphim September 6, 2013 @ 8:47 pm


    Brilliant presentations!

    If you take a closer look at the whole history of the Zion conspiracy since it occupied the “House of Israel” through the centuries, you will see the same pattern repeating over and over again.

    Take a look at the Kingdom of Adiabene, “converted to Judaism” in the first century AD, which was meant to play a big role in the so-called “Jewish revolt,” in fact another attempt to implement “the Oded Yinon plan of the time,” if it was not for the Romans.

    And the so-called Jewish revolt under Bar-Kochba, and the revolt in Cyrenaica and Cyprus (full of “messianic fervor”) of 117 AD, and many other instances (the Khazars being one of the most egregious).

  57. Seraphim September 6, 2013 @ 10:42 pm


    If we are to learn any lessons (and comfort) from these histories, it is worth reminding how they ended.

    All the “revolts” had the ultimate objective to restore the Temple and reinstall the “Davidic line” on the throne of Israel, which the Lord promised it would never happen.

  58. Kiimm September 6, 2013 @ 10:51 pm

    Happy BIRTHday dear Brother Nathanael.

    In the midst of world chaos, Maranatha!

    May the Lord Jesus tarry not.

    May the Lord’s true followers be salt and light.

    At the sound of a frantic, sizzling violin. . . oh gosh… it’s been running… through a forest green running along this Path… moving along so fast oh gosh is someone behind me? Or is that just the forest sound? Keep running, don’t stop now! specially don’t slow down… specially don’t slow down…

  59. AtJim September 6, 2013 @ 11:04 pm

    “The Framing of Syria”

    Is there a possibility Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is secretly trying to force United States involvement?

    It seems odd for Syria to be sophisticated militarily to have or be able to launch chemical weapons.

    “In 1993, the U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment WMD proliferation assessment recorded Israel as a country generally reported as having undeclared offensive chemical warfare capabilities.”

    “Israel has signed but not ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). The Zionists have a chemical weapons program located at the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) in Ness Ziona.”


    Other websites on Israel’s Weapons of Mass Destruction:

    ( )

    ( )

    ( )

    “The Zionist extremists are on the point of launching an attack on Iran for allegedly having a program to build an atom bomb (even though that is a lie) – yet Israel is the only nuclear, chemical and biological-weapon armed nation in the Middle East.

    Although long suspected of possessing nuclear weapons, the veil was only finally lifted on the Zionist’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction in 1986 when Mordechai Vanunu, an Israeli with a conscience who was a technician to the world the true story of Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

    Vanunu, who was later kidnapped by Mossad and brought back to Israel to stand trial (and sentenced to 18 years in prison) also took pictures of one of Israel’s weapons facilities, copies of which can be found on the internet here.

    It is believed that Israel, hundreds of nuclear warheads, which included thermonuclear weapons in the megaton range. Israel is also reported to possess a wide range of different systems including neutron bombs, tactical nuclear weapons, and suitcase or “mini-nukes.”

    Delivery mechanisms include Jericho intercontinental ballistic missles, with a range of 11,500km, and which are believed to provide a second-strike option. Israel’s nuclear-capable ballistic missles are buried so far underground that they would survive a nuclear attack.

    Additionally, Israel has an offshore nuclear second-strike capability using German made submarine launched nuclear-capable cruise missles, which can be launched from the Israeli Navy’s Dolphins-class submarines. Although the Israeli Air Force lacks strategic bombers to deliver nuclear weapons over long range, its F-15I and F-16I Sufa fighter aircraft are capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

    Israel has signed but not ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). The Zionists have a chemical weapons program located at the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) in Ness Ziona.

    Some 190 liters of dimethyl methylphosphonate, a CWC schedule 2 chemical used in the synthesis of Sarin nerve gas, was discovered in the cargo of EL AL Flight 1862 after it crashed in 1992 en route to Tel Aviv. The shipment was from a U.S. chemical plant to the IIBR under a U.S. Department of Commerce license.

    In 1993 the U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment WMD proliferation assessment recorded Israel as a country generally reported as having undeclared offensive chemical warfare capabilities.

    Israel also has an offensive biological warfare capability. The U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment records Israel as a country possessing a long-term undeclared biological warfare program.

    Israel is not a signatory to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

    Contrast all of this with the universally acknowledged truth that Iran has low-level grade nuclear plants which are nowhere near capable of producing weapons-grade uranium, and that nation’s leader, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, repeated public statements on the matter and it can be seen that the Zionists…and their western government backers – are just hypocrites of the extreme sort.”

  60. Brother Nathanael September 6, 2013 @ 11:06 pm


    …I’m just getting warmed up. +BN

  61. KathJuliane September 6, 2013 @ 11:09 pm

    Dear Seraphim,

    Thank you.

    I’m happy to have the energy to work some of this up. The history of the “Oriental” or “Mizraim” Jews in the Muslim lands, like the Yemenite and other Arabian Jews, the Egyptian and Libyan Jews, many of whom were expelled from Arab countries in the 50s and made “return” to Israel, is probably the least known in the West.

    I think this is true even among the Jews themselves until Israeli Jews began doing the historical research, particularly on the tribes of the Arabian Jews, some of whom fled there after the destruction of Jerusalem, and the other two Jewish Zealot wars against Rome.

    Then there was that spectacular failure of the Jews to rebuild their Jewish Temple in the 4th century, prevented by direct Divine intervention, witnessed by both Christians and pagans, even with the complete cooperation, funding and assistance of the pagan Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate.

  62. KathJuliane September 6, 2013 @ 11:32 pm

    And now from The Onion (Warning, spoof site):

    Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria

    WASHINGTON—As President Obama continues to push for a plan of limited military intervention in Syria, a new poll of Americans has found that though the nation remains wary over the prospect of becoming involved in another Middle Eastern war, the vast majority of U.S. citizens strongly approve of sending Congress to Syria.

    The New York Times/CBS News poll showed that though just 1 in 4 Americans believe that the United States has a responsibility to intervene in the Syrian conflict, more than 90 percent of the public is convinced that putting all 535 representatives of the United States Congress on the ground in Syria — including Senate pro tempore Patrick Leahy, House Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and, in fact, all current members of the House and Senate—is the best course of action at this time.

    “I believe it is in the best interest of the United States, and the global community as a whole, to move forward with the deployment of all U.S. congressional leaders to Syria immediately,” respondent Carol Abare, 50, said in the nationwide telephone survey, echoing the thoughts of an estimated 9 in 10 Americans who said they “strongly support” any plan of action that involves putting the U.S. House and Senate on the ground in the war-torn Middle Eastern state.

    “With violence intensifying every day, now is absolutely the right moment—the perfect moment, really—for the United States to send our legislators to the region.”

    “In fact, my preference would have been for Congress to be deployed months ago,” she added.

    Citing overwhelming support from the international community — including that of the Arab League, Turkey, and France, as well as Great Britain, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Japan, Mexico, China, and Canada, all of whom are reported to be unilaterally in favor of sending the U.S. Congress to Syria — the majority of survey respondents said they believe the United States should refocus its entire approach to Syria’s civil war on the ground deployment of U.S. senators and representatives, regardless of whether the Assad regime used chemical weapons or not.


  63. KathJuliane September 6, 2013 @ 11:47 pm

    Just Whose War Is This?
    Friday – September 6, 2013 at 1:35 am

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Wednesday, John Kerry told the Senate not to worry about the cost of an American war on Syria.

    The Saudis and Gulf Arabs, cash-fat on the $110-a-barrel oil they sell U.S. consumers, will pick up the tab for the Tomahawk missiles.

    Has it come to this — U.S. soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen as the mercenaries of sheiks, sultans and emirs, Hessians of the New World Order, hired out to do the big-time killing for Saudi and Sunni royals?

    Yesterday, too, came a stunning report in the Washington Post.

    The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations has joined the Israeli lobby AIPAC in an all-out public campaign for a U.S. war on Syria

    Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League have invoked the Holocaust, with Hier charging the U.S. and Britain failed to rescue the Jews in 1942.

    Yet, if memory serves, in ’42 the Brits were battling Rommel in the desert and the Americans were still collecting their dead at Pearl Harbor and dying on Bataan and Corregidor.

    The Republican Jewish Coalition, too, bankrolled by Sheldon Adelson, the Macau casino mogul whose solicitude for the suffering children of Syria is the stuff of legend, is also backing Obama’s war.

    Adelson, who shelled out $70 million to bring down Barack, wants his pay-off — war on Syria. And he is getting it. Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor have saluted and enlisted. Sheldon, fattest of all fat cats, is buying himself a war.

    Yet, is it really wise for Jewish organizations to put a Jewish stamp on a campaign to drag America into another war that a majority of their countrymen do not want to fight?

    Moreover, this war has debacle written all over it. Should it come, a divided nation will be led by a diffident and dithering commander in chief who makes Adlai Stevenson look like Stonewall Jackson.

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey is having trouble even defining the mission. While Obama says it will be an in-and-out strike of hours, a “shot across the bow,” John McCain says the Senate resolution authorizes robust strikes, lethal aid to the rebels and a campaign to bring down Bashar Assad.

    If the Republican Party backs this war, it will own this war.

    And U.S. involvement will last not for days, but for the duration.

    And if our power is unleashed, our prestige and superpower status go on the line.

    If the rebels then lose, we lose. And if the rebels win, who wins?

    Is it the same jihadists who just shelled that Christian village and terrorized that convent of Christian nuns?

    Is it the same rebels seen on the front page of Thursday’s New York Times about to execute, Einsatzgruppen-style, captive Syrian soldiers, forgetting only to have the victims of their war crime dig their own graves first?

    Does the Republican Party really want to own a war that could end with al-Qaida in power or occupying sanctuaries in Syria?

    Does the U.S. Jewish community really want to be responsible for starting a war that ends with two million Christian Syrians facing a fate not unlike that of Poland’s Jews?

    About the debate on this war, there is an aspect of the absurd.

    We are told we must punish Assad for killing Syrians with gas, but we do not want Assad’s regime to fall. Which raises a question: How many Syrians must we kill with missiles to teach Assad he cannot kill any more Syrians with gas? Artillery, fine. Just no gas.

    How many Syrians must we kill to restore the credibility of our befuddled president who now says he did not draw that “red line” on chemical weapons; the world did when it outlawed such weapons.

    Yet this statement may offer Obama a way out of a crisis of his own making without his starting a war to save face.

    Iran and Russia agree chemical weapons were used. Vladimir Putin has said Russia will back military action against those who did it. The Russians have put out a 100-page document tracing the March use of chemical weapons to the rebels. The Turks reportedly intercepted small amounts of sarin going to the rebels. We claim solid proof that Assad’s regime authorized and used chemical weapons.

    Why not tell the Russians to meet us in the Security Council where we will prove our “slam-dunk” case.

    If we can, and do, we will have far greater support for collective sanctions or action than we do now. And if we prove our case and the U.N. does nothing, we will have learned something about the international community worth learning.

    But the idea of launching missiles based on evidence we will not reveal about Syria’s use of chemical weapons, strikes that will advance the cause of the al-Qaida terrorists who killed 3,000 of us and are anxious to kill more, would be an act of such paralyzing stupidity one cannot believe that even this crowd would consciously commit it.

  64. $10 Bagel September 7, 2013 @ 12:01 am

    PressTV is running an article that says it’s Saudi Arabia that convinced the United States to attack Syria.

    Their source is Adam Entous of the Wall Street Journal who is most definitely a Jew.

    While Saudi Arabia has everything to gain by an attack on Syria, this disinfo by Adam Entous is designed to take the spotlight off of Israel and put it on someone else.

    Now Iran is buying into this because they have an axe to grind with Saudi Arabia. That is, Saudi Arabia is aligned with the United States and Israel, and it is a Sunni nation.

    It bothers me that PressTV protects the Jews by censoring the word “Jew” in comments by replacing it with “Zionist” and is running obvious Jew disinfo.

    Tell it like it is. Israel and World Jewry are behind all of these wars.

    Why can’t they get it right? What are they afraid of?

  65. Brother Nathanael September 7, 2013 @ 1:43 am

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Besides my pressing projects of creating my own Video Platform and appealing the YouTube banning of my Video, “The Real IRS Scandal,” I am now working on a VERY IMPORTANT new Article that many in high influential positions, who are sick and tired of wicked Jews ruling our country and subverting civilian government, will read AND act upon.

    The Article will spell out very clearly how we can overturn Jewish rule in America and how we can RESTORE our nation Spiritually, Morally, and Economically.

    I may do an introductory Article regarding pessimism in the US military about the failure of civilian authority over them which I find VERY interesting. I did a Video that indirectly address this sentiment: “A Military Coup In America?” @ +bn

    Stay tuned. +BN

  66. The Elder of Zyklon-B September 7, 2013 @ 6:23 am

    Powerful quote of the week:

    “While McCain plays poker with the lives of US soldiers…it’s the Jews who hold the cards.”

    Can you think of any two better poster boys for shabbos goyim suck ups than McCain and Lindsey Graham?

    These two might as well service Obongo and Reggie Love with the Talmudic video team filming it all. This crap actually does go on folks, believe it or not.

    I like Pat Buchanan and always have, but he knows he must evoke imagery of the “Einsatzgruppen” rather than dead and tortured Germans in the Danzig Corridor and Ukrainian children nailed to barns by Bolshevik Jewry.

    If he ever refers to the murderous Jewish Marxist terrorists instead of suffering Polish Jewry, he realizes that he won’t be appearing on the Jewtube anymore.

  67. Noname September 7, 2013 @ 6:35 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    When I read on your comment about “Jews” push USA in WW III, do you know that The Saudi House has Jewish Roots and want the Temple Mount back?

    There is a document that the Saudis has given the land of Pälestine to the British Empire, so there is a key and also the Shiites in Iran want to get the Temple Mount back. They are making “war” to bring in the 12th Imam, the Mahdi.

    So Saudi Arabia plays a key role and if the roots are Jewish?

  68. Don Jones September 7, 2013 @ 7:39 am

    The zealous: always so eager, so impatient, rushing ahead, thinking they know the way better than others.

    Well, since you can’t follow, setting off on your own path would seem to be your only course of action.

    Enjoy the trip because you are probably not going to like the destination.

  69. A.J. September 7, 2013 @ 12:26 pm

    Can’t wait for the new article!!

    Bravo on this one again as well, BroNat.

    We’re all sick to death of all the Jewish lies being uttered to us on the Jew Tube! But there are signs American are resisting any more calls for intervention in the MidEast.

  70. Griff September 7, 2013 @ 1:16 pm

    Well done!

    Brother, I can’t wait until you of a news broadcast system. Then we would really get the message in.

    — May you live to a thousand years old Brother N.

  71. Snowy Smith South Africa September 7, 2013 @ 1:21 pm

    @$10 Bagel

    It bothers me that PressTV protects the Jews by censoring the word “Jew” in comments by replacing it with “Zionist” and is running obvious Jew disinfo.


    They have changed all my comments from JEW to Zionist.

  72. bubba September 7, 2013 @ 2:33 pm

    Has the US ever actually WON any war decisively?

    In the context of “Beware of Foreign Entanglements,” what has it achieved in any wars? It has, in essence, not only lost them, it has exacerbated the problems it claims to play “superhero/saviour white knight” and hastened the collapse of the US.

    I’ve seen some videos of the Russian weaponry and it is quite amazing. Russia has a score to settle with the US via Bolsheviks trained in the U.S. over 100 years ago.

    The U.S. has always been the big bully picking on much smaller nations, remember Grenada? Yet still getting its ass handed to it on a platter, like Vietnam.

    The US had to ally itself with Britain, Canada and other nations to defeat Germany, a country smaller than many U.S. states, and it took 5+ years.

    Maybe getting its ass kicked big time will be good for the world.

  73. Renee September 7, 2013 @ 3:20 pm

    I just wish that I could reach into my television set and strangle JUDEO-Christian apostates, Bill O’Reilly & Sean Hannity for their never ending blind allegiance towards Christ’s eternal enemies on earth, the Jews!

    Night after night, both of these men continue to urge their misguided viewers to support our so-called, alleged “friend” in the Middle East; Isra-HELL! These counterfeit Catholics are so beholdened in maintaining a strong foothold within the Judeo-controlled media while spitting on the cross of our Divine Savior!

    All that matters to these two con men & other counterfeit Christians within the news media ranks, are their neverending loyalty to their Jewish bosses, who sign their weekly, astronomically fat pay checks!

  74. Citizenfitz September 7, 2013 @ 3:23 pm

    “Those of us who live elsewhere should be taking a good look at what’s going on in Greece — because it’s the small beginning of a huge avalanche that’s coming our way: unemployment, cold, hunger, disease, anger, brown outs, political extremism….

    Here in the US things will definitely be worse than in Greece. We won’t have American taxpayers to bail us out!”

  75. Hoff September 7, 2013 @ 7:21 pm

    Quotes Jews were behind the rise to power of Mao Tse Tung, the communist dictator of China, who tortured and murdered tens of millions of Chinese during his brutal reign.

    Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of China’s propaganda organ. Another Jew, Israel Epstein, was Mao’s Minister of Appropriations (Finance).

    [2012 Book] 9/11–Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Edward Hendrie

  76. George September 7, 2013 @ 7:33 pm

    @10$ Bagel

    “Why can’t they get it right? What are they afraid of?”

    Wrong word. They’re not afraid, they’re OWNED.

  77. bluto September 7, 2013 @ 10:06 pm

    Unbeknownst to John ‘Slam Dunk’ Kerry, and like Colin Powell before him, Kerry was the useful patsy transmitting a Neocon hoax to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the American people as a centerpiece of his presentation.

    Yes folks – just like his predecessor Colin Powell prior to the Iraq War, Kerry was regurgitating falsified intelligence stovepiped to him by Neocon outlets – in this case by Elizabeth O’Bagy (who turns out to be a PAID Lobbyist for the Syrian Rebels/Syrian Oppositon and the ‘Institute of War’ run by the infamous Neocon Jew Kimberly Kagan) – who has since been forced to disclose her PAYMASTERS with the Wall Street Journal editors and her unfortunate readers.

    “What Kerry and McCain neglected to mention was that Elizabeth O’Bagy had been recently hired as the political director (ie LOBBYIST) of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), a little known outfit that functions as a lobbying arm of the Syrian opposition in Washington.”

    Yes — John Kerry — either unwittingly or in collaboration with the Neocons, just like in the bums rush into the Iraq war, was feeding false information to the American people as well as to the Senate as to the makeup of the Syrian Rebels and their massive degree of involvement with Al Qaeda Syria (Al Nusra) — and pointing everybody to a Neocon as his source.

    During the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Syria on September 3, Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator John McCain both cited a Wall Street Journal editorial by Elizabeth O’Bagy to support their assessment of the Syrian rebels as predominately “moderate,” and potentially Western-friendly.

    ‘Only after a storm of criticism did the Wall Street Journal insert a note in O’Bagy’s recent op-ed disclosing her paid position at SETF’

    The facts are the MAJORITY of the ACTUAL FIGHTERS doing the fighting against the Assad regime are Al Nusra (Al Qaeda Syria) – with estimates of 50% to an unbelievable 75% being Al Nusra as contrasted to the numbers Kerry is giving of ~15% to 20% that he bought from the Syrian Opposition/Syrian Rebel Army Lobbyist Elizabeth O’Bagy.

    Kerry has been caught holding the bag of a big ol’ load of NEOCON propaganda — and trying to lie the American people and the US Senate into a war with it.

    from Max Blumenthal at:

  78. $10 Bagel September 7, 2013 @ 11:42 pm


    I thought PressTV is owned by the Iranian government.

    So why can’t they get it right? What are they afraid of?

  79. Snowy Smith South Africa September 8, 2013 @ 12:49 am

    The JEW COMMUNIST USA Government has lost all CREDIBILITY throughout the World and is now the second most HATED Government and Country in the World running a close second behind Israel and the WAR MONGERING JEWS who STOLE Palestine.

    ISRAEL and USA are now the two most HATED Countries in the World.

    I feel very sorry for the USA “WE THE PEOPLE” who have been totally Brainwashed by JEW PROPAGANDA.

    It’s time to IMPEACH and Criminally Prosecute JEW OBAMA and his WAR MONGERING COMMUNIST Atheist, SATANIC JEW Government.

    Very Important:

    Never forget that the JEWS did 9-11.


    Memo from Secretary of Defence 2007-03-02.
    Generally Wesley Clark told us of this Memo.

    Before 2007 the WAR MONGERING JEWS had already planned to:
    Attack and take down Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and then Iran.

    The Truthseeker: Obama’s arrest, Bush’s trial (E18)


    The Chemtrails in the North West South Africa are terrible.

    People are sick and dying but all are ignorant.

  80. Viscount Ghoul of Zanzibar September 8, 2013 @ 12:59 am

    Happy birthday Brother Nathanael — a true biblical prophet.

  81. Hoff September 8, 2013 @ 7:07 am

    RR 2 When the Jew-whore Ronald Reagan was my “hero” – by Hoff

    I Hoff HATE Jew communism. In my book Ronald Reagan was the greatest president America ever had. That was until I realized RR was just the same as most presidents of USA – cheap Jew-whores.

    Have you ever been to West Germany during Jew ruled Soviet time? I have. I was in north Germany by car in 1989. I was driving at random, got a little tired and stopped to have a break in a small Dorf, a little village in German.

    Relaxing, not thinking about much, nice little Dorf, straw roffing, nice and clean. Open field 200 yards, meter.


    Watch towers? Barb wire? Mine field? No man’s land? This can’t be true? Looked to the north, 200 yards and another wooden watch tower, look to the south 200 yards and another wooden watch tower.

    No man’s land, mine field, barb wire and a wooden watch tower every 200 yards. This is “Workers’ Paradise”?

    I Hoff was a staunch anti-communist before, but this came as a shock to me. If I wasn’t anti-communist before …

    This was the summer 1989. Shortly after Ronald Reagan was in Berlin and he said: Take down this wall Mr Gorbatjov.

    Well, soon after the Berlin wall was taken down and in my view it was Reagan who did it. Hence Reagan became my hero. I think it was 2004 I read a book about Reagan, written by one top advisor to Reagan.

    I don’t remember his name or the title of the book, but from page one Reagan was described in less flattering words. And I was: What the heck is this? Slandering my hero Reagan!?

    Then he wrote that he had some short PMs he wanted Reagan to read. Reagan refused to read and that made him very upset. – But you have to read it’s important …

    – Don’t worry, it’s all been thought out, was Reagans reply. I am going to take nap.

    Now I stopped reading. I was very angry; who the hell does he think he is? Smearing my hero! Well, what little did I know. Two years later I woke up to the Jews, and realized that Ronald Reagan was nothing but a cheap Jew-whore.

    In 1966 the Jews who ruled Soviet started to leave Soviet en mass, almost all seven million Jews living and ruling Soviet left Soviet in the late 60s.

    See: Two Hundred Years Together, 1795-1916 – by Solzenitsyn, chapter 26:

    After most Jews left the Jew ruled Soviet the whole Soviet empire was a self-playing piano for two decades. If the m(asses) in the west and in Soviet had dared, the wooden watchtowers and the Berlin wall could have come down in 1970.

    The simple truth is that first the Jews took control of America, then the Jews took control of Russia – with the help of the Jew ruled America.

    If the Jews did NOT control America in 1917, the Jews could never ever have taken control of Russia in 1917.

    America is the Jews bitch. In the 1880s the Jews invaded America by the millions and ever after the Jews have taken control of the American state apparatus.

    America the year 2013 is ruled lock, stock and barrel by the Jews. Period.

  82. George September 8, 2013 @ 7:49 am

    $10 Bagel,

    Like American TV is owned by the American government? I believe we’re watching a stage play where the heroes and villains are all part of the same production company. Media is a worldwide enterprise, albeit tailored to meet the needs of each location, but aimed in the same direction to accomplish specific goals.

    But then, what do I know?

  83. Hoff September 8, 2013 @ 9:11 am

    “For seventy years, from the Bolshevik Revolution to the closing years of the Gorbachev regime, militant atheism was the official religion, one might say, of the Soviet Union, and the Communist Party was, in effect, the established church.

    It was an avowed task of the Soviet state, led by the Communist Party, to root out from the minds and hearts of the Soviet state, all belief systems other than Marxism-Leninism.”

    — J. D. Van der Vyver

  84. Hoff September 8, 2013 @ 9:20 am

    In a shocking revelation, The Jewish Chronicle Supplement actually admitted on page three of its Feb. 26, 1937 edition that the pockets of Jewish persecution in the Soviet Union were the work of the hands of the Jews themselves and provided a means to an end for the greater Jewish-Bolshevist goals.

    “It is a known fact in Russia, in so far as there was persecution of the Jewish religion, it never came from the higher staff authorities but from the Jewish Communists, who were, in most cases, sons of strictly religious fathers….


    The whole “Jew pursecution” during the Soviet time is nothing but Jew ruled controlled opposition. Jews persecuted Jews. Jew false-flag operation.

  85. Taylor September 8, 2013 @ 9:47 am


    Very well said. However, this is my question. Why do you continue to watch those two putrid Jew sychophants, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reily?

    I was never one to tune into O’Reilly. Couldn’t stand the guy from the beginning. Early on in Hannity’s national career, I did follow him, but that did not last. Hannity is just as repulsive, abominable, and repugnant as O’Reilly.

    The only way that these two deceitful reprobates will go away is when enough people have departed their domains.

  86. Hoff September 8, 2013 @ 11:31 am

    The Zionists demanded the submission of American state policy and offered in return a four year tenure of the presidency to the highest bidder…”

    Douglass Reed in “Controversy of Zion,” p 299

  87. Snowy Smith South Africa September 8, 2013 @ 1:51 pm

    @10$ Bagel

    “Why can’t they get it right? What are they afraid of?”

    Wrong word. They’re not afraid, they’re OWNED.


    They are definitely NOT OWNED by the JEW USA COMMUNIST CRIMINAL MAFIA New World Order.

    Most of my comments are printed and as you know I do NOT beat around the bush.
    The JEWS did 9-11, full stop.

    PressTV has some EXCELLENT Videos especially “The Debate” videos.
    Experts from all over the World debating.
    The JEW Propaganda spies get hammered every time.

    Brother Nathanael you need to get in on the PressTv debates.
    Very interesting.
    Very popular World Wide.

    There is a White Man from Muslim Christian alliance, very good debating, knows what is happening.
    I will get his name.

  88. profnasty September 8, 2013 @ 2:13 pm

    I hope they do.

    As a loyal and multi-generational American, I honestly hope someone, or somebody in the ME stands up on their hind legs and fights back.

    Enough has been said. The lines are drawn. Good vs. Evil. God Damn Saudi Arabis, God Damn Kuwait, Yemen, and Qatar. May they boil in the Hell that is Gehenna.

    Is there a God who will deal with the Jews?

    I suppose not.

  89. Philthy Phestering Phermenting Pheces September 8, 2013 @ 2:45 pm

    Happy Birthday, Brother N.

    It is truly a ghoulish delight to see the loathsome Jews brought down to their knees through article after article.

    The bastards have taken over academia, law, medicine, politics, etc.

    The snide, snickering Jews have joyfully stolen our birthrights, and they can’t help but rub our noses in it.

    The ADL, AIPAC, ACLU, and the Southern Poverty Law Center with their ridiculous “tracking” of everything they deem offensive, are all scum.

    But you show their lying, hook-nosed faces, and that the Church and Christ are our salvation.

  90. Halina September 8, 2013 @ 4:42 pm

    McCain is refusing to respond to accusations of treason:

  91. Seraphim September 8, 2013 @ 6:57 pm


    Delving into the history of the Jews in Arabia has brought to light a very interesting chapter.

    I wonder whether you ever had the opportunity to become acquainted with a book that made some waves but was quickly submerged under a tide of silence.

    Very hard to come by. It is the book of Prof. Kamal Salibi “The Bible came from Arabia,” London, Jonathan Cape, 1985.

  92. Ralph Fisher September 8, 2013 @ 7:54 pm

    It is so obvious that satan (not capitalized) is the word we should be using instead of Jew, or at least mentioned for all the those that know the truth.


  93. AtBubba September 8, 2013 @ 8:21 pm


    Your comments are deliberately naive.

    The score Russia never settled is not with the U.S. but with Jewish Bolshevism which killed over 60 million White Russians in 1917. Your framing tries to implicate the U.S. but it is known that Jews operate unto themselves no matter where they live.

    Similarly when people refer to The Russians, it refers to the White Christian majority living in Russia not to the minority population of Russian Jews.

    Russian Jews would be referred to as Russian Jews, not The Russians, similarly because Jews are unto themselves and aligned with Israel no matter where they live, operating as satellites and Sayanims.

    Jews do not align themselves with any host nation in which they live or identify as citizens of any host nation.

    Jews identify solely as Jews around the Globe and as expatriots of Israel.

    The Jewish takeover of Russia in 1917 was planned and plotted by Jews who murdered mostly Christians in Russia.

    That is the score Russia has to settle.

  94. AtBubba September 8, 2013 @ 8:59 pm

    From Wikipedia


    A sayanim (sing. Sayan; Hebrew: helpers, assistants) is a Jew living outside Israel who volunteers to provide assistance to Israel and/or the Israeli Mossad utilising the capacity of their own nationality to procure assistance.

    This assistance includes facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering. Estimates put the number of sayanims in the hundreds of thousand.

    While not official Mossad agents and sometimes acting without explicit knowledge, they may work in the capacity of unregistered representatives of the government of Israel in their respective nations.

    Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad katsa turned author, wrote extensively about activities of the sayanim, as has Gordon Thomas. According Ostrovsky and Thomas, the sayanim provide assistance of various kinds to Mossad officers operating in foreign countries.

    This assistance can include facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering.

    They can be Judges, Court Clerks, Expert Witnesses, Assistant District Attorneys, or anyone with a great degree of power over people’s lives, and will do anything at the behest of Mossad case officers (katsa) for the State of Israel against its enemies or those perceived to be unfavorable politically to Israeli policy. (“By Way of Deception”, Jews wage war. Victor Ostrovsky).

  95. It is I only September 8, 2013 @ 10:54 pm

    US/NATO attack Syria!

    1 Rain of anti-ship Yakhont missiles and Iskandar high-precision missiles on the US/NATO naval ships.

    2 Rain of Scud missiles on Israel.

    3 Rain of Scud Missiles on US bases in Arab Peninsula & the shitty states making the Arab peninsula.

    4 More Scuds on Israel.

    5 Stay tuned!

  96. Hoff September 8, 2013 @ 11:26 pm

    The “Class less workers paradise”

    The O.G.P.U.. has become the owner of large plots of land in the great cities. The finest buildings which have been built in Moscow are those O.G.P.U. residences and in the South the O.G.P.U. has entrenched itself and has excellent houses.

    The shops of the O.G.P.U. are the best stocked in all Russia. The wives of O.G.P.U. officials have the best dresses and the best fur coats. Many of those excellent foreign cars which are now common in Moscow belong to O.G.P.U. men.

    They have the greatest privileges in the Soviet Union.

    This is Jew Talmud/communism at work.

  97. Hoff September 9, 2013 @ 12:53 am

    Exchange OGPU with “Jews with guns” and you get the truth aboit the Jew ruled Soviet.


    Grain left to Rot

    Failure to harvest the crop? It seems incredible in a country where millions have been dying for want of bread. But I saw with my own eyes, in the fertile farmlands of Soviet Ukraine, field after field covered with ungarnered grain, that had been allowed to rot where it had been grown and ripened and been cut.

    There were districts where it was possible to travel for a whole day between these fields of blackening wheat, seeing only here and there a tiny oasis where the harvest had been got safely in.

    “It’s because so many farmers starved or were shipped away last spring,” was one answer which I got repeatedly, when I inquired about this mysterious waste.

  98. zan xu du September 9, 2013 @ 4:58 am

    Hello Brother,

    You know, apart from the Jew news I want to give you one idea.

    I think the lawsuit is not worth it, you will lose so much money.

    I know what will work.

    Brother, if you were kind enough to teach us one article each week about the Bible, and teach us the stories of the whole Bible then I’m sure your donations would go through the roof.

    It is Christianity that we need.

    Of course the donations will come thick and fast to whoever can teach Christianity.

    There are young people all over the world in any country and every young person needs God and Jesus.

    Please be the teacher of the Bible on this website.

  99. Matt Wayne September 9, 2013 @ 6:16 am

    zan xu du,

    You sound like a hippie from the 60’s, just love everybody. Send your kids over to the pedophiles or Gary (Steinman) Ridgway’s house to be watched. All you have to do is love everyone and it will be all ok.

    You need to go back and read the way Jesus lived; he called the Jews vipers, murderers, liars and children of the devil. He warned and told people to be wise and careful.

    Brother Nathanael has been called by God to be a watchman and to warn. A very valuable ministry.

    If you saw a child getting into a car with a stranger who you knew was a murderer and pedophile, would you intervene and stop the child or would you go over and wish the stranger a good day and God’s blessing and then go your way?

    Is that what you call being a good Christian is? No thanks, we’re at our limit with those type of empty shell, so called Christians and don’t need any more.

  100. Anonymous September 9, 2013 @ 4:38 pm

    Brother Nate Said:

    “It’s [Manufactured Syrian Conflict] a struggle for [Jewish-Controlled] oil and hegemony NOT a struggle for democracy.”

    Let us also not forget OPIUM!

    Many Americans, including perhaps even Brother Nate, are unaware of the Worldwide Jewish-Controlled Drug Trafficking operations and how the Jewish struggle for 100% monopolies in that arena interfere with “sovereign” nations’ political activities…

    “The main countries involved in growing poppies [flowers which produce opium resin] and the cocoa bush [used for cocaine] are Burma, Northern China, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Thailand, Lebanon, Turkey, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

    Colombia does not grow the cocoa bush but, next to Bolivia, is the main refiner of cocaine and the chief financial center of the cocaine trade which, since General Noriega was kidnapped and imprisoned by [the 1st] President Bush, is being challenged by Panama for first place in money laundering and capital financing of the cocaine trade.

    The heroin [derived from opium] trade is financed by Hong Kong banks, London banks and some Middle East banks such as the British Bank of the Middle East [all Jew-run]. Lebanon is fast becoming the ‘Switzerland of the Middle East.’ Countries involved in the distribution and routing of heroin are Hong Kong, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Monaco, France (Corsica and Marseilles), Lebanon, and Pakistan.

    The United States is the largest consumer of narcotics; first place going to cocaine, which is being challenged by heroin [derived from the opium from the poppies]. Western Europe and Southwest Asian countries are the biggest users of heroin. Iran has a huge heroin addict population- in excess of 2 million as of 1991.

    There is not a single government that does not know precisely what is going on with regard to the drug trade, but individual members holding powerful positions are taken, but of by the ‘Committee of 300’ through its world-wide network of subsidiaries. If any government member is ‘difficult,’ he or she is removed, as in the case of Pakistan’s Ali Bhutto and Italy’s Aldo Moro.

    No one is beyond the reach of this all-powerful Committee, even though Malaysia has been successful in holding out up until now. Malaysia has the strictest anti-drug laws in the world. Possession of even small amounts is punishable by the death penalty.

    Like the Kintex Company of Bulgaria, most smaller countries have a direct hand in these criminal enterprises. Kintex trucks regularly ferried heroin through Western Europe in its own fleet of trucks bearing the EEC marker Triangle Internationale Routier (TIR).

    Trucks bearing this marker and the EEC recognition number are not supposed to be stopped at customs boarder posts. TIR trucks are allowed to carry only perishable items. They are supposed to be inspected in the country from whence they originated and documentation to this effect is supposed to be carried by each truck driver.

    Under international treaty obligations this is what happens, thus Kintex trucks were able load their cargoes of heroin and certify it as ‘fresh fruit and vegetables;’ and then make their way through Western Europe, even entering high-security NATO bases in Northern Italy.

    In this manner, Bulgaria became one of the principal countries through which heroin was routed.

    The only way to stop the huge amounts of heroin and cocaine presently finding their way to markets in Europe is to end the TIR system. That will never happen.

    The international treaty obligations I have just mentioned were set up by the Committee of 300 [Jews], using its amazing networks and control mechanisms, to facilitate passage of all manner of drugs to Western Europe. Forget perishable goods! A former DEA agent stationed in Italy told me, ‘TIR = DOPE.’

    Remember this the next time you read in the newspapers that a big haul of heroin was found in a false-bottom suitcase at Kennedy Airport, and some unlucky ‘mule’ [individual drug courier] pays the price for his criminal activity.

    This kind of action is only ‘small potatoes,’ sand in the eyes of the public, to make us think our government is really doing something about the drug menace.

    Take for example, ‘The French Connection,’ [Frank Serpico’s Famous Bust- a Jewish-controlled Hollywood movie was made about it] a Nixon program embarked upon without the knowledge and consent of the Committee of 300.

    The entire amount of opium/heroin seized in that massive effort is somewhat less than one quarter of what a single TIR truck carries. The Committee of 300 saw to it that Nixon paid a heavy price for a relatively small seizure of heroin.

    It was not the amount of heroin involved, but a matter of one whom they had helped up the ladder to the White House believing that he could now do without their help and backing, and even go against direct orders from above.

    The mechanics of the heroin trade go like this: wild Thai and Burmese Hill tribesmen grow the opium poppy. At harvest time, the seed-bearing pod is cut with a razor or sharp knife. A resinous substance leaks through the cut and starts to congeal. This is raw opium. The crop of raw opium is made up into sticky roundish balls. The tribesman are paid in 1 kilo gold bars- known as 4/10ths- which are minted by Credit Suisse [Jewish Bank].

    These small bars are used ONLY to pay the tribesman — the normal-weight gold bars are traded on the Hong Kong market by the big buyers of raw opium or partly processed heroin. The same methods are used to pay hill tribesman in India — the Baluchis — who have been in this business since the days of the Moguls.

    The ‘Dope Season,’ as it is called, sees a flood of gold traded on the Hong Kong market. Mexico has started producing relatively small amounts of heroin called ‘Mexican Brown’ which is much in demand by the Hollywood crowd.

    Here again the heroin trade is run by top government officials who have the military on their side. Some producers of ‘Mexican Brown’ are making a million dollars a month by supplying their U.S. clients.

    On occasions when a few Mexican Federal police are prodded into taking action against the heroin producers, they are ‘taken out’ by military units who seem to appear as if from nowhere.

    Such an incident occurred in November 1991 at an isolated airstrip in Mexico’s opium [poppy] producing region. Federal narcotics agents surrounded the strip and were about to arrest people who were in the act of loading heroin [derived from opium] when a squad of soldiers arrived.

    The soldiers rounded up the Federal narcotics police agents and systematically killed all of them. This action posed serious threat to Mexican President Goltarin, who is faced with loud demands for a full-scale investigation into the murders. Goltarin is over a barrel; he can’t back off from calling for an inquiry, and neither can he afford to offend the military.

    It is the first such crack in the tight chain of command in Mexico that stretches all the way back to the Committee of 300. Raw opium from the Golden Triangle is pipelined to the Sicilian Mafia and the French end of the business for refining in the laboratories that infest the French coastline from Marseilles to Monte Carlo.

    Nowadays, Lebanon and Turkey are turning out increasing amounts of refined heroin and a large number of laboratories have sprung up in these two countries in the past four years. Pakistan also has a number of laboratories but it is not in the same league as France, for example.

    The route taken by the raw opium carriers of the Golden Crescent [Iran] goes through Iran, Turkey, and Lebanon. When the Shah of Iran was in control of the country, he refused to allow the heroin trade to continue and it was forcibly discontinued up until the time that he was ‘dealt with’ by the Committee of 300.

    Raw opium from Turkey and Lebanon finds it way to Corsica, from where it is shipped to Monte Carlo with the connivance of the Grimaldi family.

    Pakistani laboratories, under the guise of ‘military defense laboratories’ are doing a bigger share of refining than they were two years ago, but the best refining is still done along the French Mediterranean coastline and in Turkey. Here again, [Jewish-Controlled] banks play a vital role in financing these operations.

    Let us stop here for a moment. Are we to believe that with all the modern and vastly improved surveillance techniques, including satellite reconnaissance, available to law enforcement agencies in these countries, that this vile trade cannot be pinpointed and stopped?

    How is it that law enforcement agencies cannot go in and destroy these laboratories once they are discovered? If this IS the case, and we still cannot interdict the heroin trade, then our anti-narcotics services ought to be known as ‘The Geriatrics’ and not drug enforcement agencies.

    Even a child could tell our alleged ‘drug watchers’ what to do. Simply keep a check on all factories making acetic anhydride, THE most essential chemical component needed by laboratories to refine heroin from raw opium. THEN FOLLOW THE TRAIL! It is as simple as that!

    I am reminded of [the actor] Peter Sellers in the ‘Pink Panther’ [film] series when I think of law enforcement efforts to locate heroin-refining laboratories. Even someone as bumbling as the imaginary inspector would have had no trouble in following the route taken by acetic anhydride shipments to their final destination.

    Governments could make laws that would oblige manufacturers of acetic anhydride to keep scrupulous records showing who buys the chemical and for what purposes it is to be used. But do not hold your breath on this one, remember Dope = Big Business and Big Business is done by the oligarchical [Mostly Jewish] families of Europe and the United States Eastern Liberal Establishment.

    The drug business is not a Mafia operation, nor one run by the Colombian cocaine cartels. The noble [Mostly Jewish] families of Britain and America’s top people are not going to advertise their role in the shop windows; they always have a layer of front men to do the dirty work.

    Remember [Mostly Jewish since late 1600s] BRITISH and AMERICAN “nobility” never dirtied their hands in the China opium trade. The lords and ladies were much too clever for that, as were the American elite: the Delanos, Forbes, Appletons, Bacons, Boylestons, Perkins, Russells, Cunninghams, Shaws, Coolidges, Parkmans, Runnewells, Cabots and Codmans, by no means a complete list of families in America who grew immensely wealthy from the China opium trade.

    Since this is not a book about the drug trade, I [Dr. John Coleman] cannot of necessity, cover the subject in an in-depth manner. But its importance to the Committee of 300 must be emphasized.

    America is run not by 60 families but by 300 [mostly Jewish] families and England is run by 100 [mostly Jewish] families and, as we shall see, these families are intertwined through marriage, companies, banks, not to mention ties to the Black Nobility, Freemasonry, the Order of St. John of Jerusalem and so on.

    These are the people who, through their surrogates, find ways to protect huge shipments of heroin from Hong Kong, Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan and ensure they reach the market places in the U.S. and Western Europe with the minimum cost of doing business. [a major reason US troops are used by the Jews/Israel in the Middle East- much more so than Jewish-controlled oil/lithium/etc monopolies].”

    Above quoted excerpts were taken form the following book:

    “Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of The Committee of 300” by Dr. John Coleman ©1991

    Some of you who have read Dr. Coleman’s works may have noted that he never calls out the Jew- or somewhat “lies by omission” so-to-speak when it comes to Israel or the Jews. This has also been noted by other Jew-wise persons such as Michael Collins Piper…

    Listen here as Michael Collins Piper Talks about Dr. John Coleman’s “Committee of 300”:

    The signs are everywhere around us…

    Almost ALL roads point to Israel…

    “Where it ended up is anybody’s guess. Some of the money paid Frigorificos* [Frigorificos de Puntarenas, S.A.], bank records show, was wired out in never-explained transfers to banks in Israel and South Korea. When the U.S. General Accounting Office [GAO] audited the NHAO’s** ‘broker’ accounts, it was unable to trace most of the money.

    Of $4.4 million that went into the accounts, less than $1 million could be accounted for, and much of that was in payoffs to Honduran military officials. The rest was traced to offshore banks and then disappeared.” — Gary Webb, “Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion” ©1998 Seven Stories Press, First Edition (page 234)

    *One of the interlocking chain of companies created by former Medellin cartel accountant and Cuban-American, Ramon Milian Rodriguez, to launder the torrents of cash that were pouring into the cartel’s coffers from its worldwide cocaine sales.

    Drug money would go into one company and come out of another through a series of intercompany transactions, clean and ready to be banked or invested. In 1982, Frigorificos was taken over by a group of major Miami-based drug traffickers, who began using it to help the Contras.

    **Nicaraguan Humanitarian Assistance Office (NHAO)

  101. AtAnonymous September 9, 2013 @ 8:01 pm

    RE: China mentioned in the above article.

    The British forced opium on the Chinese in the Opium Wars because China was isolationist and did not want to trade with foreigners. The ruling Chinese dynasties knew that this would corrupt their citizens and traditional values.

    Drug use in China is seen as an undesirable Western influence and an unwanted scourge.

    It is very sad to see the introduction of drugs in beautiful, natural nations around the world.

  102. Kirill September 10, 2013 @ 9:52 am

    @zan xu du

    In the meantime you could read explanations of the Gospel by two Orthodox Christian Saints – John Chrysostom (St. Chrysostom Volumes):

    And Cyril of Alexandria:
    ( )

    The (selected) Russian Orthodox chants can be downloaded from, for instance,

    I would recommend at first the following:

    ( )
    ( )
    ( )

    Great Lent chants:

    ( )
    ( )

    Holy Friday matins:
    ( )

    Easter night service chants:
    ( )
    ( )
    ( )

    ( )

    My comments on true Christianity might be also useful:

    ( )
    ( )
    ( )
    ( )
    ( )
    ( )

  103. Anonymous September 10, 2013 @ 3:20 pm

    AtAnonymous Said:

    “The British forced opium on the Chinese in the Opium Wars…”

    The “British?”

    Jews and their non-Jewish agent helpers/protectors (Shabez Goi) [Webster Tarpley/Lyndon LaRouche/Alex Jones/etc] typically invoke the “British” cover-name at will.

    Perhaps it would behoove us all to read the following very important book in order to further understand what is in fact truly/authentically “British” and what is only libelously labeled so:

    “The Nameless War” by Archibald Maule Ramsay ©1952

    Furthermore, one should further study the Jewish Rothschild/Sassoon Familial connection to the Opium Wars referenced above. Likewise, one should study the Jewish bloodlines that eventually infiltrated the British royal family starting in the late 1600s.

    – – –

    Thomas Jefferson was a wonderful citizen of the United States of America, and was also a competent employee of the Federal Government of the United States of America, and was a great “American Leader.”

    George W. Bush was a citizen of the United States, and was also an employee of the Federal Government of the United States, however he was NEVER an “American Leader.”

    – – –

    Instead of incorrectly stating that “American Leaders” are about to start World War III via Syria, let us correctly say something similar to the following:

    Traitorous, un-Christian, and un-American employees of the Unites States government have chosen to no longer represent the interests of their American employers (mostly Christian and American-born voters whom they promised to represent while in office); and have decided to align their interests and loyalties instead with Anti-Christian and Anti-American foreign powers (such as Israel).

    Thus, these dishonorable turncoat employees are now conspiring against their employers with a plan to attack innocent Syrian life […]


    Next we shall provide a detailed contact list — listing the names/home addresses etc of the aforementioned conspirators so that if need be, they can be physically removed from their job positions.

    First however, we shall provide detailed instruction, encouraging/outlining the lawful/legal way to go about removing these offensive employees from their jobs.

    Should that method appear to fail, we shall then outline Gandhian-style non-violent methods to try — and if that too should prove to be unfateful we shall have no other choice but to resort to physical self-defense.

    In other words, we shall grab our former employees by their collars, pull them away from their former desks, and throw them out onto the street — “You’re Fired!” Those employees that resist violently with firepower, or the use of another’s firearms (bodyguards etc), shall be dealt with in like manner on the spot.

    So let the above be a lesson to us all, including Brother Nate, that we need to improve our speech daily in order to speak more precisely and clearly at all times.

  104. Justin September 10, 2013 @ 8:47 pm

    A very belated happy birthday Br. Nathanael, I’ve been away for a while.

    Hope you are doing well.

    Keep on exposing the Christ-hating Jews and their associates (Christian Zionists, freemasons, communists etc). If the Yids want to push Amerika into WWIII they’ll have to get passed a lot of pissed off “Goyim,” who know what they are up to.

    More and more are waking up every single day from their stupor. The Jews had best learn from Admiral Yamamoto about awakening sleeping giants.

  105. James Woroble Jr September 11, 2013 @ 2:25 pm

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Br. Nathanael.

    Just became aware of it in a previous posting.

  106. Anonymous September 13, 2013 @ 9:10 am

    Again, @AtAnonymous…

    “The affinity between the Jews and the aristocrats is simple to explain. Like the Jews, the European aristocrats were a small, international community, closely inbred over a period of centuries, with strong ties transcending geographical boundaries.

    In 1914, the King of England, the Czar of Russia, and the Kaiser of Germany were all three cousins.

    The aristocrats and the Jews have always had the same purpose, to brutally oppress and exploit the working people. Indeed, the continent of America was settled solely because of the desire of the European workers to escape further exploitation by the Jews.

    The centuries during which the alliance of Jews and aristocrats held Europe in bondage have been termed “the Dark Ages” by historians. Due to Jewish intrigue, the nations were periodically involved in senseless wars which resulted in great loss of life, and great profits for the Jews.

    Frederick the Great, who is considered the most enlightened monarch ever to rule in Europe, wrote of this era:

    ‘The study of history leads one to think that from Constantine to the date of the Reformation, that the whole world was insane.’

    And indeed it was, governed by insane aristocrats and schizophrenic Jews. Not only were the Jews schizophrenic because of their unnatural way of life, existing on the Gentile host, but the aristocrats showed a strong strain of hereditary insanity.

    This may have been due to racial contamination, because the aristocrats intermarried with Jews and Negroes in a process of self-degradation beginning with the downfall of the Roman Empire.

    The result showed all too plainly in the many European aristocrats who had broad flat noses, kinky hair, and dull gray skin. They were also renowned for their senseless cruelty.

    Many European aristocrats were more Jewish in appearance than the Jews. As a native born German, Frederick the Great was free of this racial taint, and he was disgusted by the fact that so many of his fellow monarchs showed strong traces of Jewish and Negro blood.

    The aristocracy of Spain, Italy and France were particularly Jewish in their physiognomy. In the past fifty years, a strong Jewish strain has shown up in the English monarchy, so that Elizabeth the Queen looks much like the Yiddish…

    Time after time, the kings of England, facing revolution if they refused, were forced to expel the Jews in response to the demands of the working people. In October, 1290, sixteen thousand Jews boarded vessels, leaving England to live with their fellow-parasites in France, Flanders, Germany and Spain. They were kept out of England for three hundred years, and during this period, England became the greatest nation in the world.

    The Jews finally succeeded in returning, by financing a revolution for a fanatic named Oliver Cromwell. With unlimited funds at his disposal, Cromwell hired troops and seized the country.

    He beheaded the King, Charles I, and began a campaign of ruthless extortion and crime against the people of England. Ostensibly, the Cromwell party was Christian, and it was called the Puritans, but in fact, it was Jewish from its very inception, financed with Jewish money for the purpose of regaining a foothold in England.

    Its every precept was Jewish, and its adherents worshipped the Jews as the Chosen People of God. Cromwell’s lieutenant, a Major Gordon, introduced a resolution before Parliament that the English language be forbidden and that henceforth Hebrew should be the language of the land.

    The resolution failed by only four votes, as four members who had previously agreed to the measure, were stricken with conscience and voted against it. As a result, this book is being written in English instead of Hebrew.

    So cruel was the oppression of the Christians by Cromwell and his Jewish group that the English people rebelled and restored King Charles II to the throne. The first thing they demanded was that he expel the Jews, whom Cromwell had brought back to the country.

    Charles II was a dissolute profligate who cared only for the company of prostitutes. He needed money for his sex orgies, and he needed the Jews to help him raise the money. He refused to expel the Jews, and they stayed in England and consolidated their power, even though they were hated and feared by every decent Englishman.

    Throughout the Middle Ages, the gentile hosts reacted biologically against the Jews, periodically rising up and driving them out because of anger and fear. In no case did the Gentiles attempt to examine the problem intelligently, or to set up a program for controlling the Jews.

    As we have seen, during this same period, the Byzantine Empire had no Jewish problem because no Jew was allowed to hold government office or to teach the young. The nation was securely protected against Jewish treason and subversion of the people. Unable to do any real damage to the Byzantine people, the Jews lived quietly, merely one more minority in a vast empire.

    In Europe, however, the Jewish problem was considered only from the religious standpoint. It was never examined biologically. The Jews bore the blood guilt for the physical execution of Christ, and this was the principal objection to them.

    As a result, the expulsion of Jews from country after country occurred without any real understanding of what was going on. It was a reaction to a particularly horrifying ritual murder, such as that of Saint Hugh of Lincoln, or because of some other temporary problem. There was no study of the destructive effect which the Jews had on the Gentile community.

    Jews were also feared because of their practice of medicine. In the year 833, the Mohammedans forbade the Jews to adopt the profession of medicine, and in 1335, the Holy Synod of Salamanca declared that Jewish physicians entered this profession solely for the opportunities which it offered them to kill Christians…”

    —Eustace Mullins, famous author of “The Secrets of The Federal Reserve” ©1952, in one of his later books entitled “Mullins’ New History of the Jews” ©1968

    – – – –
    – – – –

    “The family [Rothschilds] was first connected with large financial dealings when Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1855)[originally born Mayer Amschel Bauer], son of a Jewish merchant of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, opened a money-exchange house.

    He invested the wealth of an Austrian nobleman, and handled the money so well that he soon handled investments for many royal families. When he died, he left his five sons a family banking house and enormous fortunes.

    Amschel Mayer Rothschild (1773-1855), the oldest son, took control of the family bank in Frankfurt. He was succeeded by his sons. Salomon Mayer Rothschild (1774-1855), the second son, established part of the family banking firm in Vienna, while Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836), the third son, started the London branch of the family firm.

    Karl Mayer Rothschild (1788-1855), the fourth son, founded a branch bank in Naples, and James Mayer Rothschild (1792-1868), the youngest son, founded the Paris branch of the firm.

    These banks greatly influenced European affairs. They sometimes supported wars and sometimes prevented them by refusing the necessary loans. They helped to start national education systems in France and Germany, and aided in the industrial development of many European countries.

    Lionel Rothschild (1808-1879), a son of Nathan Rothschild, led in freeing British Jews from discrimination. Between 1847 and 1857, he was elected four times to Parliament, but was not allowed to take his seat because he would not take an oath supporting Christianity.

    Finally in 1858, he secured passage of an act which freed Jewish members of Parliament from taking such an oath. He sat in the House of Commons from 1858 to 1868 and from 1869 to 1874.

    Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1840-1915), the first English Baron Rothschild, was a member of the House of Commons. In 1885, he became the first Jew ever to be admitted to the House of Lords.

    Lionel Walter Rothschild (1868-1937) was a zoologist. He served in the House of Commons, and was elected to the Royal Society in 1911.”

    —Charles F. Mullett, “The World Book Encyclopedia” Q-R Volume 16 ©1974 (page 448)

  107. Adam September 15, 2013 @ 2:44 pm

    Greetings Brother,

    What are your thoughts on Calvinism?

  108. John K September 15, 2013 @ 7:22 pm

    The Jew testicles are now busted hard.

    Russian heavy cruiser Kirov is in the area of conflict and Oreobomber knows Putin WILL pull the trigger if pushed too far.


  109. John K September 15, 2013 @ 7:34 pm

    “Only Russia can push USA to war, or USA push Russia into war.

    Israel has retarded politicians, but this is Christian fascism conspiracy to use Mohamedans to make holocaust number two.

    Since Western countries helped Israel to happen they thought about it…”.

    Wrong. The Brotherhood has it fingers in many pies and WW-3 is the prime one of them.

  110. Halina September 15, 2013 @ 8:29 pm

    2013 – Whistleblower LEAK: Pentagon Is Starting WW3!

    WW3 – in America Military Coup Now Americans rising up

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