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Hungary Begins Backlash Against Jews

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Hungary Begins Backlash Against Jews
By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2012
November 29, 2012

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“JEWS HAVE BOUGHT OUR COUNTRY!” is the chief rallying cry of the Nationalist “Jobbik” Party of Hungary.

As Hungary’s third-largest party holding 44 of 386 seats in parliament, Jobbik—Movement for a Better Hungary—describes itself as a “patriotic Christian party whose purpose is the protection of Hungarian values and interests.”

Closely allied with Jobbik is the “Magyar Garda” or Hungarian Guard, a growing militia and paramilitary group dedicated to “rescuing” and “arming” Hungarians in order to “challenge” the state’s monopoly of force.

With Christian rhetoric such as, “Jews have desecrated our national symbols,” Jobbik captured the attention of Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League who calls the group an “openly anti-Semitic and racist party.”

Outraged by the strong showing in the 2010 Hungarian parliamentary elections in which 1 in 6 Hungarian voters cast their ballots for Jobbik, Foxman described voter enthusiasm as a “vote for hate.”

And alluding to the never-ending ‘Holocaust’ hokum, Foxman said, “The Jobbik party’s appeals to racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism have their antecedents in modern European history and no one wants to see that history repeated in Hungary.”

DESPITE FOXMAN’S CENSURE, Jobbik—”The Movement for a Better Hungary”—is one of the most powerful political forces in Hungary.

Stirring patriotic fervor throughout Hungary last week, Marton Gyongyosi, a leading MP of Jobbik, called for a list to be drawn up of Jewish politicians and government members who pose a “threat to national security.”

Although provoking outrage among Hungary’s 80,000-strong Jewish community and liberal politicians, Gyongyosi justified his demand saying that it was due to increased tensions following Israel’s latest assault on Gaza.

Regarding Jobbik’s charge of Jews “desecrating national symbols” … one wonders if perhaps the same charge (and backlash) can be made against the Jews in America?

FOR AFTER ALL, American Jewry wages unrelenting war against Christian symbols in the public square, education, and in the general culture.

Hungary has indeed launched an impending global backlash against the Jews.

Still, the nation upon which Jewry holds a deadly grip—America—must lead the way if we are ever to see the end of Jewish devastation and rule.

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Brother Nathanael @ November 29, 2012


  1. Brother Nathanael November 29, 2012 @ 9:52 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family.

    IF there is to be a MUCH NEEDED backlash against the Jews (and we surely need one) it HAS to be done here in Jewmerica.

    JEWS hold a DEADLY grip on America’s entire infrastructure: political, financial, economic, academic, media, arts, and publishing.

    Can a backlash against the Jews happen in Jewmerica?

    Are the sheeple able (I’m not even saying “willing”) to rise up against Jewry’s stranglehold on our country?

    Whenever I go to the airport I see the “Goyim” in sloppy jeans, torn T-shirts, and almost ALL to a man HOLDING THEIR HANDS HIGH IN SURRENDER in Jew Chertoff’s BackScanners.

    Let’s open it up for discussion…

    I thank those who responded to my APPEAL yesterday for funding so that I can continue.

    I WANT to continue. I am willing to fight to the death to see Jewry’s lock on America BROKEN.

    BUT, I need your support.

    I am going broke FAST. I need at least $5,000 to pay my bills next week. Please help!

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    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Publisher, Real Jew News

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  3. Brother Nathanael November 29, 2012 @ 9:56 pm


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  4. billy November 29, 2012 @ 10:17 pm

    Looks like it is beginning. A movement is happening. The lies of Jewry are unfolding and people are sick of it.

    It seems the European and Middle-Eastern nations will start the slow awakening for Jewry’s downfall; perhaps our politicians will see to do this?

    Nah. Jewry’s grip on Amerika is too great now.

    For once, it would be great for at least one politician here in “The Home of the Brave” to flip the bird at them.

    Great article as always, BN.

  5. Taylor November 29, 2012 @ 10:20 pm

    So who besides Brother Nathanael, Glory B., Joe Cortina, Justin, Arjan, KathJuliane, i.e., the Real Jew News crowd, is going to take the bull by its horns in America?

    Real Jew News is a very fine start, but there must emerge others to help drive the message forward.

    As long as the overwhelming vast majority continue to ignore the underlying duplicity and treachery of Jewry, the campaign to beat back this kike perfidious stranglehold over America will perpetually be stuck in the mud and spinning its wheels.

  6. Kalif November 29, 2012 @ 10:34 pm

    George Sorrows you hear that?

    No more nightmare-less nights.

    George Sorrows you hear that?

    No more easy nights.

  7. Justin November 29, 2012 @ 10:46 pm

    To Billy –

    You despair over Amerika being lost to the Christ-hating Jews.

    Do not lose heart, that’s exactly what the Devil and the Jews want you to do. Like the Talmudic rabbis whose grip on the mind of the Jews (even atheist Jews) is like iron, the same can be said of the heretical “Christian Zionists.”

    The grip of their heretic “preachers” (Hagee, Robertson, Stanley, Lindsey, and others) on them is heavy.

    Have faith my friend, Christ will conquer the Devil and Jewry with the Holy Cross. The backlash is coming soon.

    If the people refuse to awaken, then Christ (as he is already doing it seems) will bring about his holy retribution upon godless Amerika. That will crush the Devil and world Jewry.

    Christ God bless you,

    (Servant of God)

  8. Paul87 November 29, 2012 @ 11:33 pm

    Good on the Magyars.

    Hopefully more in Europe wake up.

    Although one thought does cross my mind…

    What if NATO/US pull another Yugoslavia/Serbia on Hungary. NATO is the military arm for “goyim” to die for the Jew.

    Remember ZOG has a very strong control of North America, and Western and Central Europe.

  9. Werner November 30, 2012 @ 12:20 am

    Their concern was about dual state membership, they did not want foreigners with a foreign country passport voting for the good of Magyar.

    The Hungarian who brought that demand into Parliament, pulled back the next day and apologized, but I don’t think he is giving up.

    In Greece is similarly a strong nationalist movement. Gaining rapidly support.

    Russia is reported to have about 50% “Nazis,” as the opposition to Jewish Influence is so aptly termed.

    There are also a number of fake nationalist movements in Europe who get the ‘love’ of their Jewish masters while criticizing kosher slaughter, or genital mutilation.

    Seems the tide is turning. Almost everybody knows some crime of the Jewish Mafia.

    But I guess they will not go voluntarily and peacefully.

  10. Hans November 30, 2012 @ 1:00 am

    The red star – some they it represents the five sons of Amschel Mayer Baur (Rothschid) – was banned in Hungary.

    Hungary was the only country of the world where communistic symbols have been banned as far as I know.

    Maybe the Hungarians haven’t forgotten what “Stalins best pupil” Mátyás Rákosi aka Rosenfeld had done to them.

    But I think this ban has been overturned recently by a European court. Of course.

    So if you read in a newspaper that “thousands” of right wing crimes happens in an European country – don’t believe it.

    That means only that some illiterates have scribbled a swastika on a wall, nothing more. Mostly without any political intention at all.

    This is a “crime” nowadays. Scribbling a red star is of course not a crime and won’t emerge in any statistic.

    On average 40,000 cars alone only France are torched every year by left wing culprits.

    The press does not talk about it. On the contrary they try to hide it, but when there is a scribbling of a swastika on the wall everybody screams bloody murder.

    US and SU, US|SU two mirror images, were run behind the scenes by the same people. They had the same symbols on their military vehicles during WW2:

    A pentagram. The one was white, the other red.

    The stars on flags shows you who owns this respective countries: China, SU, EU, US – all have the Rothschild trademark on their flag.

    The best thing would be if Hungary — like Finland, one of the few healthy countries of EU — would leave this madhouse, but I am not sure if they have the power to do this.

    Because the result would be a world wide economical boycott (incited by Satan’s Little Helpers) and 24/7 slandering in the press.

    Hungary is not strong enough to withstand this kind of pressure so they have to comply.

  11. Peter November 30, 2012 @ 1:27 am

    Definitely the Jews have a negative influence on our societies.

    But when I read the comments here I have to say that you make them more powerful than they are. On the other hand you ignore the non-Jewish negative influence.

    If the people were not so stupid and cowardly, and everybody would do right and speak truth in the environment where life put him we would have no problems.

    For example some Jews decide to start a war with Iraq. The politicians do as they were told by them, all the administration in the Pentagon does, and the entire military hierarchy does beginning from the general down to the ordinary soldier who pulls the trigger.

    I agree “the” Jews are guilty, but so are all the other people involved. Often bad things have their origin from the Jews. But the Goyim are all too willing to serve them in their work of destruction and to keep their mouth shut when things are wrong and unjust.

    And then some of you complain like huffy children that the evil Jews are our misfortune. You are hanging on the lips of people like, Lieberman, Soros, Foxman, Rothschild etc. and get exited and complain over their words and deeds.

    If society is like it is today it deserves their puppet masters. You empower the Jews by fearing them, by demonizing them and by being dependent on your society and government.

    Live your life in the way you want and you feel it is right. Don’t care about the other people because you cannot help them as long they don’t want to help themselves.

    There is no society anymore in a sense of a homogeneous group of people with a common destiny – that’s history. You cannot win this struggle because the brainwashed have the majority. You only bring yourself in trouble.

    The best way to heal society is to heal and care about yourself and those who are close to you and willing to do the same. If the people want to be misled let them be. One day they will wake up. And if not – also fine because everyone has a free will and is responsible for him-/herself.

    I wasted my time and energy for years by trying to convince people who don’t want to be convinced. Those who are willing and open will come to you and listen.

    Live your life in a good and noble way and don’t bind yourself to a sinking ship called “state” or “society.” You will see that at the end this is the best for all.

  12. dobrowolski73 November 30, 2012 @ 2:07 am

    Dear Brother and Real Jew News family,

    See these links about Hungary’s debt in Swiss franc. Poland is in very similar situations.

    Please see this figures how Swiss franc grow on www sites.

    A huge number of middle class Hungarians are sinking in debt repayments, after taking out private loans in Swiss francs.

    Comment from last film: While the government is trying to rescue private debtors at the expense of mostly foreign banks, a significant number of people are struggling to make ends meet.

    Brother I hope you will do film about Zionists like people bellow who do “economic changes” in Eastern Europe from the year of 1989.

    In my private opinion government of Hungary doesn’t want or can’t help its own people. What they do it is now only propaganda.

    Why Hungarian people paying so huge debt? Because of housing bubble similar like in USA. But they have a credit not in Dollar like Americans but in Swiss Frank.

    When the number of credits for people from banks were the greatest? When the Hungarian Forint was the strongest, now it is the weakest in history and people have rates higher than 100% – minimum.

    Greetings from Poland,

  13. Anon Bob November 30, 2012 @ 2:19 am

    I hope you are around on a weekend when you come to San Diego.

    I would like to meet you in person.

  14. Glory B. November 30, 2012 @ 4:02 am

    After reading Brother Nathanael’s latest blog, I feel encouraged.

    It appears that Hungary is waking up to the Jewish danger.

    The very fact that Foxy Foxman is sticking his big Yiddish nose into Hungarian affairs shows that world Jewry is worried about a rising wave of anti-semitism in Hungary.

    I have long felt that Europe is the best shot at defeating the Jews and their continual war against us Christians.

    France is another country where anti-semitism is on the rise. Vive la France.

    In Russia, Mr. Putin is taking on the Jews and beating them at their own game. How can Russians forget the years of Jew-created, Jew-inspired, Jew-supported, Jewish Communism?

    In Italy, a Jewish soccer team is heckled by fans supporting the Palestinians, and denouncing the merciless bombing of Gaza and its people by the criminal state of IsraHELL.

    In Vienna, crowds of people march through the streets shouting “Death to the Jews.”

    In Greece the openly anti-Jewish Golden Dawn movement is gaining in strength and popularity, and for good reason. The international Jew-bankers have raped Greece financially while enriching themselves, and patriotic Christian Greeks are fed up with Jewish dirty dealings.

    In Amerika, it’s a different story. As we know, the Yids are in control, and they’re fighting hard to keep their claws around our throat.

    The presidential election was between two Jew-lovers, and it didn’t really matter who won — the Jews still come out on top.

    But just wait! When Amerika goes over the fiscal cliff, a lot of fingers are going to be pointed — and they’re going to be pointed at the Star of David wearers.

    It will take another economic disaster, like Brother Nathanael has been warning about, to make Americans realize that it is the Jews that are behind all our problems.

    Then watch out, kikes, ’cause God’s wrath is going to descend upon you!

  15. Dave November 30, 2012 @ 4:52 am

    Here is the historical Jew/Goy dynamic boiled down to the simplest term; The Jews use guilt, legal and social intimidation to deter non-Jews from discussing their growing leverage and domination against the Goyim.

    This naturally gives Jews the advantage of gaining even more control, which often leads to their ultimate goal of total domination and enslavement of the Goyim, even using death to those that resist.

    It’s nothing new, it’s hardwired into their DNA (except for the fine Br. Nathanael!)

    Of course not all Jews wish to dominate non-Jews, but there are enough to cause problems as their wonderful traits of power and wealth consolidation gains strength over time.

    Abe Foxman is frantically employing this tactic right now with the emerging resistance and Jewish awareness in Hungary, but it’s not certain to work due to the efficient dissemination of information with the web.

    Abe, along with the SPLC (Michael Cohen and the creepy Mark Potok) also know that the net undermines their ability to dictate the narrative of so-called hate speech, this is why Julius Genachowski (Talmudic Jew and FCC chief) and senator Lieberman (dual Israeli citizen masquerading as a US senator) want an internet kill switch pronto!

    We sure are living in interesting times, but to keep it contained in the realm of interesting and not threatening, we must NEVER relinquish our guns to this tribe.

    Thank you Br. Nathanael for all of your hard work, expenses and assaults that you must tolerate doing what you do, you are a gem.

  16. andrew mango November 30, 2012 @ 5:17 am

    For certain the Talmudic cult aka Judaism will be crushed by Christ the King! Get ready and be worthy, the HELPER is on HIS way.

    The Talmudic Jews today have much Christian blood on their hands and have a huge Debt to repay. Caution!

    These Talmudic Jews have their Agents aka the Agents of Satan already in the works. The police force, or the Pigs who really serve Mammon are out to accuse you of crime.

    If you succumb to the snares of Satan or find yourself about to, STOP! Look for strength through Prayer. Call on the Holy Saints and Angels. Seek intercession through the Ark of the New Covenant, The Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Just like when Jesus honored her request to turn water into wine. ( And He really didn’t have to, as he has indicated to woman Mary). Discover the absolute hatred and disgust against this most Holy Woman by the Jewish playbook/Talmud.

    That’s how powerful and effective she is. And they know that!

    When you serve the evil forces by making the pact with their god Satan, you fall into their hands. The Police force or Pigs are a chip off the Babylonian system of justice or as the Jews know it as “Just Us” system. Once you’re convicted and incarcerated you forfeit the Debt owed to you.

    If on the other hand, you find yourself innocent of the accusations by the” Just Us” system. Gratefully accept that as Torture for Christ! Your reward will be “70 times 7.”

    Start with peaceful revolution and only escalate as a final and well thought out plan commissioned by a Christian expert and theologian.

    Keep in mind as well that our own government is complicit in this as well. Which is why things just keep getting worse and not better by the hour.

    It’s the point of no return. Keep and remain ever vigilant. ” Behold [I am] coming soon”

    Unworthy and always for Jesus Christ,

    Andrew John, A Christian Soldier

  17. rick November 30, 2012 @ 5:38 am

    I don’t believe enough people will wake up nor do I think it is God’s will as, from my understanding, this horrible situation on Earth needs to play out for Jesus to come back and drive Lucifer out.

    It sucks living in this dark hour, and personally am not enjoying life very much and want it to pass ASAP.

    BTW, I think you are terrific Brother Nathanael!

  18. Arjan November 30, 2012 @ 7:27 am

    Peter, there are two arenas to work in: public and private.

    Secondly there is prayer and action.

    You are not sincere if you don’t harmonize these spheres.

    Everyone that posts on this site and has not donated yet may be all talk and no action.

  19. Hans November 30, 2012 @ 7:30 am

    I wonder what business an American Jew has in Hungarian affairs.

    Jobbik must have said something true, otherwise they would not be in panic now.

    “JEWS HAVE BOUGHT OUR COUNTRY!” is the chief rallying cry of the Nationalist “Jobbik” Party of Hungary.

    Yes, look here:

    It should be forbidden for any Jew to purchase anything in an European country. They tend to misuse every bit of power they have.

    This twisted behaviour is maybe in their genes or in their rabbinic books – either way, this danger has to be banned.

    It is really unbelievable how someone could be so power-mad.

    This is exactly the problem. 99% of all normal humans can’t imagine this and therefore won´t believe it.

    Maybe this “we hate all humans” behavior comes from circumcision? Sexual mutilation with a razors edge without anesthesia is not really good for growing up normal.

    At least that is what they say.

    Or Is there any other reasonable explanation for this enormous amount of atavistic hate?

  20. Taylor November 30, 2012 @ 7:57 am

    @ Glory B. (November 30, 2012 @ 4:02 am)

    Thank you again for your candid post. All that I can add is “yet another punch in the Jewry nose by the amazing Glory B.”


  21. Doug November 30, 2012 @ 9:11 am

    Until you take the money printing presses away from Jew, you have not even a slim chance to ever be free.

  22. Bill November 30, 2012 @ 9:23 am

    Sporting events or Sunday Evangelical Services are great places to flier cars.

    Begin papering windshields under wipers with info fliers 30 minutes before they let out, and ‘inform’ them with well written, non inflammatory information that requires some thought.

    Link to news sites and blogs as well.

    Its really an info ‘war’.

    St Francis deSales converted 60,000 Calvin (nee Cohen) Methodists (2nd generation) in the Chablais region in France doing just this.

  23. The Elder of Zyklon-B November 30, 2012 @ 9:48 am

    Chapter 19 of the book titled “The World Conquerors” by the Hungarian Louis Marschalko documents the background of the Hungarian Freedom revolt of October 1956 against Jewry’s death grip on the country.

    Marschalko states that, “the leaders of the Bolshevik terror regime in Hungary, occupying key positions in the terror organizations of the police and of the army, were almost exclusively Jews.” He continues below.

    “The character of the terror itself was predominantly Jewish and only Slav-Bolshevistic to a small degree.

    “It is from us that the all-engulfing terror proceeds,” say the Protocols. And everything prophesied and envisaged in the Protocols concerning the Jewish secret police was here materialized and highly developed.

    The State Security Department, which was solely controlled by Jews, had everybody in Hungary registered in its police files on the card index system. These so-called ‘cadre cards’ gave details about each member of the population.

    In them each person’s character, peculiarities, etc., were recorded with meticulous care, including even occasional expressions of his or her views or ideas. It was known that the worst possible entry on anybody’s card was to be recorded as an “anti-Semite.”’

    More applicable quotes to our current situation:

    “What hopes have you got for the future, you men of the West living in “free” lands, bombarded as you are by empty phrases proceeding from the lips of Jew-run statesmen and leaders? Can you not see that your much extolled democracy is really no democracy but judeocracy” p. 236

    “When democracy sinks to such a low level that Jews can behave as they wish, then corruption cannot be checked and the rapid progress of Bolshevism is ensured.” p.220

    Just think for a moment RJN readers about this new and improved Jewish instigated “war on terror” they are using to terrorize us with now.

    You think perhaps Abe and the ADL boys might just have profiles of us as we read and type away on sites such as this? How about those fusion centers?

    What steps are being taken to keep those “free and independent” Texans “safe and secure”?

    Watch the video and check out the embedded links below. It’s so nice to see our “hero” troopers cashing in on their service to Christ-hating Jewry. They are here now in “The Homeland” to apply their skills and training to help keep us free you see.

    Rest assured that they are not training to thin out feral hogs, but rather future “dissidents,” “anti-Semites,” and sundry “haters.”

    Secession anyone?

    One more time: “It is from us that the all-engulfing terror proceeds,” say the Protocols.

    “Die Juden sind unser unglück.”
    Heinrich von Treitschke (1834-1896) Professor of History at the University of Berlin

  24. Susie November 30, 2012 @ 9:58 am

    Foxman’s yada yada yada is getting OLD.

    Most all of the people living in the Middle East are Semitic. I’m not against the Semitic Arabs because they have done nothing wrong.

    Those nations in the Middle East will fix the problem with Israel. I believe the American Blacks will fix the Jewish problem here.

  25. KathJuliane November 30, 2012 @ 10:22 am

    ‘Islamization of Europe a Good Thing’ Says Rabbi

    Assyrian International News Agency

    As concerns grow over the increasing number of Muslims in Europe, it appears not everyone is bothered by the issue, including an Israeli rabbi who even welcomes the phenomenon.

    Rabbi Baruch Efrati, a yeshiva head and community rabbi in the West Bank settlement of Efrat, believes that the Islamization of Europe is actually a good thing.

    …Efrati wrote in response that the Islamization of Europe was better than a Christian Europe for ethical and theological reasons — as a punishment against Christians for persecuting the Jews and the fact that Christianity, as opposed to Islam, is considered “idolatry” from a halachic point of view.

    “Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there,” the rabbi explained as the ethical reason for favoring Muslims, quoting shocking descriptions from the Rishonim literature (written by leading rabbis who lived during the 11th to 15th centuries) about pogroms and mass murders committed by Christians against Jews.

    “We will never forgive Europe’s Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly… Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity…

    “A now, Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won’t be able to atone for.”

    Notes: Many Westerners are not familiar with Assyrians, who are far more ancient than even Old Israel, and some of the earliest Christian converts date back to apostolic times.

    Assyrians are Semites indigenous to Mesopotamia. They are Mediterranean Caucasoids, and are ethnically distinct from Arabs and Jews.

    Assyrians have practiced two religions throughout their history: Ashurism and Christianity. Ashurism was, of course, the first religion of the Assyrians. The very word Assyrian, in its Latin form, derives from the name of Ashur, the Assyrian god.

    Assyrians continued to practice Ashurism until 256 A.D, although by that time, most Assyrians had accepted Christianity. Assyrians were the first nation to accept Christianity, and the Assyrian Church was founded in 33 A.D. by Thomas, Bartholomew and Thaddeus.

    Mesopotamia became a Roman province for the second time from approximately AD 198 until the Muslim conquests in the 7th century.

    Assyrians today are divided among several churches. They speak, and many can read and write, dialects of Neo-Aramaic.

    The Assyrian homeland corresponds with the Kurdish homeland, including parts of what is now northeast Syria, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran and southeastern Turkey.

    The area of Iraq with the greatest concentration of Assyrians is located in the Ninawa-Mosul region in Northern Iraq where the biblical Assyrian capital of Nineveh was located.

    This area is known as the “Assyrian Triangle.”

    In certain areas of the Assyrian homeland, identity within a community depends on a person’s village of origin or Christian denomination rather than their ethnic commonality, such as the Assyrian Church of the East, the Chaldean Catholic Church, and the Syriac Orthodox Church (some of whom are Assyrians), the Ancient Church of the East and various Protestant churches.

    In the 20th century alone, Assyrians have suffered massive genocide, have lost control of their ancestral lands, and are in a struggle for survival.

    Since the 2003 Jew Neocon instigated Iraq War, social unrest and anarchy have resulted in the unprovoked persecution of Assyrians in Iraq, mostly by Islamic extremists,(both Shia and Sunni), and to some degree by Kurdish Nationalists, and who knows to what extent the Mossad have their filthy hands in this, but the Israel Jews were working very closely with the Kurds.

    Israhell has a significant population of Kurdish Jews who immigrated in the ’50s and ’60s.

    In places such as Dora, a neighborhood in southwestern Baghdad, the majority of its Assyrian population has either fled abroad or to northern Iraq, or has been murdered.

    Islamic resentment over the United States’ occupation of Iraq, and incidents such as the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons and the Pope Benedict XVI Islam controversy, have resulted in Muslims attacking Assyrian Christian communities.

    Since the start of the Iraq war, at least 46 churches and monasteries have been bombed, priests and bishops murdered, and lay Christians terrorized and slain.

    Flemming Rose, the Zionist Jew cultural editor of Danish Jyllands-Posten was the creator and publisher of the notorious anti-Prophet cartoons in 2005.

    The Assyrian nation today stands at a crossroad. One third of is in a diaspora, while the remaining two-thirds lives perilously in its native lands. These are some of the dangers facing the Assyrians:

    — Denominationalism and fragmentation
    — Islamic fundamentalism
    — Arabization
    — Cultural immersion and absorption into Arab societies
    — Mass emigration to the West, and absorption into Western societies

  26. Hoff November 30, 2012 @ 10:35 am

    El Diablo Matamoros

    According to Henry Ford, the Jews did not “take over” America, they practically created America as an extension of their financial dominion. That is why America is filled with the “spirit of the Jew”.

  27. KC November 30, 2012 @ 10:58 am

    I could be wrong, but there is a huge unemployment in Hungary from the last major news I’ve read on it. Perhaps, people there have nothing to lose and are not afraid to fight. The Jews have nothing to take away.

    Or they could be mad at Israelis buying up land, correct me if I’m wrong? ‘Israeli President: We are buying up Manhattan, Hungary, Romania and Poland’:

    Maybe, once Americans are at that stage, once they totally lose their comfort, THEN there will be some REAL CHANGE. But at that point it will be obviously a fight on the level of life and death.

    Unless people do something today, there is no other option down the road. But most of the time people wait until they are really backed up against the wall, and only then react. The challenge is to act before that!

  28. Joe November 30, 2012 @ 12:26 pm

    Dear Brother,

    I enjoy reading your articles and watching your videos.

    However I would like to point out some inaccuracies from Spiegel in your latest.

    The Hungarian Guard is not a militia, or a paramilitary organization, they don’t have arms and not arming anyone.

    It’s simply an organization to lend support to Hungarian people against atrocities committed by gypsies, the police force, and government agencies.

    They are the first ones usually to help out when needed, like floods, storms or other natural disasters, and they do it without asking or expecting any compensation.

    Statements like these don’t help their cause, on the contrary gives ammunition in attacking the Guard or the Jobbik Movement by the other parties and the goverment, that are ALL unconditional supporters of Zionist Israel.

  29. jeff November 30, 2012 @ 2:07 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Great work as always!!

    May I make a suggestion that you draw up some sort of budget for your operations and then your readers and supporters can see how much their contributions matter as the bills get paid (or not); and can better appreciate the various costs if they can see them somewhat itemized.

    You could also post targeted goals for specific projects that people might want to contribute to, such as “trip to Chicago January 10th, cost $1500.00, $600.00 raised to date” or something to that effect.

    It sometimes helps people to see that their contribution is making a difference, just like in the “Jerry’s Kids” fundraisers.

    It will also help people appreciate how much you actually do and how much that YOU have contributed to get the truth out.

    Best regards, in truth and liberty!!

  30. Snowy Smith November 30, 2012 @ 2:26 pm


    What are the extremely violent JEW supremacist terrorist group doing today?


    The JEWISH CRIMINAL MAFIA Hijacking the World?


  31. Bobby November 30, 2012 @ 2:37 pm

    The leaders of Christian Churches in the U.S. are basically cowards.

    They never seem to be bothered by the ACLU protesting nativity scenes and getting them removed, etc.

    Their congregations are also by and large cowards or they would challenge these false preachers that preach to them.

  32. Adam November 30, 2012 @ 3:29 pm

    Great work like always Brother Nat.

    If you get a chance, check out my webpage, we’re giving away 20 bids:)

  33. Jenna November 30, 2012 @ 5:03 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    We appreciate all your hard work to uncover the truth and keep us informed! God Bless you!

    My husband and I have decided to forgo dinner out and a movie tonight (even though the kids had plans with friends) and make a $50 donation to you instead.

    And I would like to challenge all your readers to do the same. Please consider making a donation to Brother Nathanael instead of spending money on “entertainment.”

    We were planning to see the movie “Lincoln,” arguably more educational than entertainment, but still we decided that the information Brother Nathanael provides is much more valuable to our family. We can wait to see the movie at the dollar theater.

    Take the challenge and make a donation!

  34. hp November 30, 2012 @ 7:00 pm

    Respectfully, sir, I’m thinking it’s Europe who must lead the way.

    That the majority of European’s free speech is neutered by law and subject to (fines, imprisonment, economic devastation) if not consciously self-censored is the single most insidiously egregious form of slavery extant.

    Until the men and women of Europe are able and do stand up and say out loud for the world to hear (“We don’t believe six million died”) there will be no hope of relief.

    This actually seems pretty obvious and simple.

  35. Johnny Danger November 30, 2012 @ 8:16 pm

    Avoid taxes…barter and deal…buy PHYSICAL Silver…

  36. NathanielG November 30, 2012 @ 8:22 pm

    @ Peter November 30, 2012 @ 1:27 am

    Thank you Peter, Thank you! You said it all:

    The best way to heal society is to heal and care about yourself and those who are close to you and willing to do the same. If the people want to be misled let them be. One day they will wake up. And if not – also fine because everyone has a free will and is responsible for him-/herself.

    I wasted my time and energy for years by trying to convince people who don’t want to be convinced. Those who are willing and open will come to you and listen.

    Live your life in a good and noble way and don’t bind yourself to a sinking ship called “state” or “society.” You will see that at the end this is the best for all.

  37. Norcal763 November 30, 2012 @ 8:43 pm


  38. paschn November 30, 2012 @ 10:08 pm

    Hi Brother Nate, I hope this short note finds you safe, warm and well.

    At the risk of sounding silly, I have several questions to you. I notice your garb doesn’t look like the Roman Catholic Church’s does. Are you a member of the Eastern Orthodox?

    And, did the split occur when the Roman Empire was divided, Orthodox remaining in the Eastern portion of the Empire with Roman Catholic, (Vatican etc), remaining in the West?

    Finally, in your opinion, could the collapse/division of the Empire been linked in some way to the Synagogue’s activities from within, including their tampering with Biblical translations by Jew translators foolishly hired by the West to carry out?

    Thanks for your time in helping me with this.

  39. George Hunt November 30, 2012 @ 10:16 pm

    I appreciate your honesty and courage in revealing the web of Edomite Jews who disgrace our peaceful world civilization with their incessant lies, wars and greed. As the Mossad slogan says “By deceit we shall conquer them” and words to that effect.

    Netanyahu said on November 28, 2012, at a Jerusalem press conference, with Hillary Clinton by his side, that Israel intends to kill and ravage Gaza’s hospitals, schools, mosques and people.

    That sort of person’s attitude would be identified immediately by psychiatrists as necrophilic (a lover of death) and a psychopath (a lost soul filled with evil).

    These are the people who intend to control the world! Satanic monsters. God help us.

  40. KathJuliane November 30, 2012 @ 11:40 pm

    Dear George Hunt,

    Careful with that supposed quote from Netanyahu — its from a Dutch TV satire, aired in a time slot just for satire.

    It did tick off some in the Dutch Jewish community and has been condemned by the Anti-Defamation League.

    What has gotten Abe Fauxman’s knickers in a bunch is that the parody is brilliantly close to the truth of the “inner Netanyahu.” And, if this was on closed circuit Jew-TV, they’d be laughing their heads off.

    Netanyahu and some of his defense staff recently consulted with Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the head of Shas’s Council of Torah Sages and a senior Sephardi adjudicator for military advice about Iran.

    In 2010, Yosef said in a sermon that the sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews, according to the rabbi.

    Yosef caused a diplomatic uproar when he wished a plague upon the Palestinian people and their leaders, a curse he retracted a few weeks later, when he blessed them along with all of Israel’s other peace-seeking neighbors.

    “Burgerslachtoffers” (Civilian Casualties, Dutch Parody Channel

    Official government video release with authentic words — not that Netanyahu isn’t almost as bizarre as the spoof, because he is.

    He makes it sound like the Palestinians are running high-tech, state of the art, smart-missiles to “deliberately target children,” instead of mostly homemade rockets which nearly all fall down in open terrain, and occassionally make it to a town or city. (IsraelPM):

    What the Israelis think about it when black humor is turned on them:

    “The video, which was aired during a satirical slot of a prime time evening broadcast, edited Netanyahu’s comments to make it appear that the Israeli leader was boasting of civilian casualties during operation Pillar of Defense.” (JewishNewsOne):

  41. joe1 December 1, 2012 @ 2:42 am

    @ Glory B.

    The satanic entity known as Talmudic Judaism is nearing its end and it’s showing up all over the world.

    Just last week in Rome for example, a group of about 10 English supporters of the Tottenham Football (soccer) Club were violently beaten up by a group of 50 or so Italian football fans, who have very strong nationalistic and anti-Zionist sentiment, in a local pub.

    The reason for the attack? Tottenham Football Club is the preferred team of London’s Jewish community.

  42. Replica December 1, 2012 @ 9:51 am


    Search the following sites they have some very good material.

    Welsh Orthodox Archimandrite Barnabas said it wisely:

    “The people in Europe believe that they know Christianity; but quite often they are misguided, because theirs is not a knowledge of Christianity; rather, it is a caricature of Christianity. The West had so much Christianity, that they…. were impervious to it!”

    I think the same concept can be applied to Americans/Western world.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  43. KathJuliane December 1, 2012 @ 10:23 am

    FM Sergei Lavrov blisters the collective hide of our insane “democratic” Administration, Government, and State Department and the shotgun method of foreign policy and diplomacy:

    Russia says West pushing democracy with “iron and blood”

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused Western states on Saturday of trying to advance democracy abroad through “iron and blood,” defending Moscow’s refusal to join nations seeking the exit of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.–sector.html

    KathJ’s favorite comment from article:

    “This Russian makes sense. Using weapons and mercenaries to further democracy is like using prostitutes and strippers to further chastity!” — Panama Joe

  44. Taylor December 1, 2012 @ 1:31 pm


    As much as I can’t stomach Talmudic Judaism, when it comes to sports I really wish fans could leave their politics and preferences aside.

    For example, the University of Toledo woman’s basketball team has on its roster a Talmudic Conservative Orthodox Jew, whose first name is Naama.

    While I don’t admire this young woman for her passion to study the rancid Judaic Talmud and to closely follow her cunning and malevolent rabbi, I am able to marvel at her overall basketball prowess as the Toledo point guard. Stick her on a basketball court and, wow, she is one helluva ballplayer.

    I recall a little over a year and a half ago when Toledo met and defeated Southern California for the WNIT championship. The Jewish girl dropped in 40 points facing a good Pac-12 school.

    I remember a moment during this game when there was a loose ball and she (the Jewish girl) was seen battling with one of her gentile opponents for the loose ball. You should have seen how fierce and aggressive the Jewish girl went for that ball, i.e., as if she was fighting her gentile opponent for that “last nickel.”

    Of course the Jewish female player secured the ball and quickly called a time-out (or in life outside of basketball, the Jew got the “nickel”, while leaving the gentile opponent with an empty pocket.)

    Bottom line: while it’s inspiring for blow-back to take place against the treachery and tragedy of international Jewry (non-violently, of course), in the world of sports it is best to place our religion, our politics, and our other passions on the side shelf until the sporting event is over, and that includes even in the bar before and after the match.

  45. KathJuliane December 1, 2012 @ 3:56 pm

    Greetings, Taylor

    Very nice for Gentiles to leave it all off the playing field, and such, but do you realize how much her Talmudic Judaism and Zionist politics remains on the court and how much accommodation has to be made for that one ultra-privileged Orthodox Israeli Jewess and her religion, particularly by her team?

    No doubt, there are also hidden costs to the college involved as well to keep this super-athlete happy.

    She doesn’t leave her Orthodox Israeli Jewishness off the court, ever, and she makes sure everyone dances to her tune, particularly since she is admired for being so humble and modest.

    Among Naama’s requirements: she needs to eat a kosher diet, wear a T-shirt under her jersey (I actually agree with this for every female athlete, but it breaks up the uniform look the team strives for), can’t practice from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday and can’t ride in a motorized vehicle or aircraft during that time frame.

    The team stocks a storage freezer in a nearby eatery with kosher meals, and of course that storage freezer has to be koshered, and probably the eatery as well.

    The team has to tote her frozen kosher food with them. If the team has a pre-game meal, Naama has to find special accomodations to heat her food up. Generally, health codes either prevent personal food from being heated up by restaurants, or if they do heat it up, it can’t be eaten inside the restaurant.

    So now what? The entire team, out of team spirit, has to march out of the restaurant with her, and eat together.

    Which means, the entire team lives life around her and her religious needs.

    In Toledo, the entire basketball program (not just her own team) adapted its practices to accommodate Shafir’s religious needs. There are no practices on the Sabbath, and whenever there is an away game, the team travels together on a Friday, before sundown.

    But, you’ll be happy to know that, in the Talmudic hair-splitting pilpul way of rabbis, Naama’s rabbi in Israel did bless her to play games on Saturdays. Wow.

    Chaim Burgansky, rabbi of Hoshaya where Naama is from, wrote: “The halachic rationale is based on the fact that although the Halacha says that it’s forbidden to jump and run on Shabbat, someone who derives pleasure from it can do it. But exercise is forbidden,” he told the Forward in an e-mail.

    “Practice is in the category of ‘exercise’ and therefore forbidden, but the game itself is fun for the player. Who wants to sit on the bench?”

    Normally, she wouldn’t be allowed to play on Saturdays in Israhell at all, but since she is “outside the land” her rabbi says it is ok. Especially since she is such a good ambassador for…the USA? No, for Israhell, but she just happens to be on an American team.


    Nothing new. The Romans got tired of Jews serving in the legions for much the same reasons. The Jewish cohorts couldn’t march or fight from sundown Friday until sundown on Saturday, so they held up the entire legion. It kind of messed up any battle plans.

    The army received is daily rations of bread from the state bakers, but the Jews had to have special bread all of their own.

    So, the Roman Army was in the situation of having to give Jewish soldiers cash, so they could buy their own bread. And the wheat had to be from Egypt, Judaea or Syria (and Babylonia when Rome held the province), and not from anywhere else in the grain growing areas of the empire.

    Think it’s any better today? Nope. The military now provides more expensive kosher meals to Jewish soldiers at taxpayers expense, kosher meals to Jewish government officials at taxpayers expense, not to mention Jewish criminals now have the kosher option as mandated by law in prisons.

    Surely, there must have been an equally or better talented Gentile basketball player from someplace here in America.

  46. Steven Rowlandson December 1, 2012 @ 8:59 pm

    It looks like Abe Foxman and his ilk have over played their hand.

    If the Jews don’t repent and behave themselves, things can go very badly for them and it will be entirely their own fault.

  47. Taylor December 1, 2012 @ 9:21 pm

    Hi KathJuliane,

    Thank you for your detailed synopses of this situation. I was aware to some extent regarding the special accommodations provided, but I never knew it was that extensive.

    Quoting you, “Surely, there must have been an equally or better talented Gentile basketball player from someplace here in America.”

    Most definitely there are, but a Gentile player of her ability or better is not going to play for Toledo.

    Had Shafir not been a Talmudic Supremacist, she definitely could have received an offer from a more recognizable program. However, there’s no way a more named program would bend over totally backwards to put up with all of her required kosher baloney.

    Thus, she had to find a “nobody” program (i.e., Toledo) to agree to sucking up to her “specialness.”

    Shafir is a very good point guard. Had she not been Jewish and had there not been any of the pain-in-the-rear-end lifestyle baggage for others to have to deal with, she might possibly have had professional playing opportunities post-college.

    She does not have elite speed or strength (fairly average), but she is a very smart player and is very skilled distributing the basketball and driving inside when the time is right.

    She also is a very aggressive, intense, and an extremely competitive player. Upon slightly banging up her ankle a couple seasons ago in a game and then immediately coming off the court, I recall seeing Shafir sort of shove the team’s trainer, who was going to attend to her, out of the way.

    A tough player no doubt she is, but surely a bit too abrasive.

    Surely there are some within the Toledo basketball system who deep down are probably glad that this is her final season, i.e., no more having to kiss the kosher posterior.

    Last season would have been her final year of eligibility at Toledo, but she tore her ACL early in the 2011-2012 season (Nov of 2011) and was granted an additional year of eligibility (not uncommon).

  48. The Mighty Cynic December 2, 2012 @ 12:21 am

    Abe Foxman,

    Try being an actual Semite first, you misidentifying moron!

  49. SnoeySmith December 2, 2012 @ 8:54 am


    The JEWS are CRASHING the dollar and the euro very soon to bring in their (NWO) JEW SUPREMACIST CRIMINAL COMMUNIST MAFIA.

    Jews are Edomite Canaanites who are the children of the devil.

    Synagogue of Satan.

    The TRUTH is NOT Anti-Semitic.

    GOOD LUCK and have fun.

  50. Has C December 2, 2012 @ 9:32 am

    The most important thing is to create structures and organizations which center on The Problem, not unlike Deutsche Arbeiter Partei which later became NSDAP.

    They started with just 7 determined people.

    The more places it happens, the better. Hungary has suffered a lot from the sons of Satan. No wonder it’s the valiant Magyars who are beginning to rattle the cage.

    One day, when American soldiers in Germany don’t get their paycheck and go home with tails between their legs, also the Germans will begin to remind each other what has been done to them and by whom, and the avalanche will start rolling in earnest. Again.

  51. Silver Eagle December 2, 2012 @ 2:41 pm

    In response to Jenna’s comment “Take the challenge and make a donation!” here is also my $50 donation.

    +BN keep up the good work.

  52. Joe December 2, 2012 @ 2:54 pm

    @Has C

    I hope you are right, but just look what an uproar that comment in the Hungarian Parliament caused.

  53. JKnTX December 2, 2012 @ 3:14 pm

    Oh, don’t you know that’s the sound of the Jews working on the chain gang, that’s the sound of the Jews working on the chain gang.

    All day long they work so hard, and even after the sun goes down, paying back all they stole and wearing, wearing a frown…

  54. Tony Goyem December 2, 2012 @ 3:41 pm

    Lets just talk country, of course Israel is the most racist, hate-mongering, criminal nation, and I wish their future to be as they wish Iran to be.

    But I still believe that there are good Jews of course, anti-Zionists that seek justice.

    As they pity, say, the Palestinians who are victims of the hate-mongering Israel, I wish the country of Israel to DISAPPEAR.

  55. JKnTX December 2, 2012 @ 5:05 pm

    “But I still believe that there are good Jews of course, anti-Zionists that seek justice”.

    Ok, but didn’t Christ curse ALL Jews? I don’t recall any exemption for “anti-Zionists” in there…

    Let them renounce their religion then, and follow Brother Nathanael’s example. Seems pretty simple.

  56. Seraphim December 2, 2012 @ 5:44 pm


    Perceptive as always. I think that it is not stressed enough that the real enemy of the “chosen” is Christianity. Islam was a creation of the Jews to assault Christianity. Objectively they have always been allied in subjugating and exploiting Christians.

    Is there any surprise then that “the Sunni’s world most respected theological authority,” “the sole spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Syria, Libya and the rest of the world,” “one of the most influential Muslim scholar living today,” “voted 3rd among the most intellectual people in the world” (by on-line polls organized by Prospect Magazine-UK and Foreign Policy -US), Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi has declared Russia “the number one enemy of Islam and Muslims”?

    The Muslim Brotherhood was slated to become the enemy of Russia. In fact it is a creation of ilks of Rabbi Baruch Efrati.

    As to the Naama case, is it not the same revenge of the “persecuted” who force the hated Goyim (the Ohioans this time) to grovel at their feet, to attend to their every whims and to express their admiration for one of them (irrespective of how mediocre player she is, or perhaps because of that)?

  57. KC December 2, 2012 @ 5:44 pm

    The thing is, Judaism is not a religion.

    When we start talking about ‘Not all Jews are Zionist’ it makes no sense.

    Any Jew is part of Judaism, that at the end, is about this world, this worldly power and anything associated (money, gold), and in itself follows thick books with tons of made-up laws that contradict each other, it is basically a Jewish culture more than any religion. It has very little do to with the message of God in the Bible.

    Any Jew, even secular, falls under Judaism. Study it and you will see it is NOT A RELIGION as commonly thought.

    It’s worth to understand what they believe in, and to any Jew reading this, as a Christian I can tell you – I feel sorry for you.

    You have a really ‘flat’ faith, I think even Muslims are closer to God in terms of deepness of religious thought although I have no regard for Koran, but on a conceptual level even they have more ‘divinity.’

    I don’t understand what Jews are so proud of, it’s all made up by themselves, for themselves; that’s why they’re so paranoid and painfully dependent on Goyim for their illusionary well-being – there is no grounding to their system, amongst other more important reasons, such as rejecting God and His message.

    It’s based on pride, not faith. And, Orthodoxy 101, pride is the source of all sins…so when you have Jews in power..what do you have?

  58. KC December 2, 2012 @ 5:52 pm

    I kind of see a correlation between Judaism and modern academia.

    Tons of written words, that really have no specific grounding, no strong backbone – but, lots and lots of articles and opinions on this/that but with no defined linear message.

    It’s interrelated, like Judaism. But it does not look ‘outside’, it bans real history, real thought.

    Judaistic academia ‘expands’ their ideology, creating a sort of ‘culture’ that is very different from real academic sources in history – seminaries and monasteries which carry a more universal message, having meaning, pushing real boundaries.

    Today’s academic level is like Judaism for Goyim, learning Jewish culture without knowing that its Jewish culture. Ugh.

  59. JKnTX December 2, 2012 @ 7:12 pm

    “Surely, there must have been an equally or better talented Gentile basketball player from someplace here in America.”

    My question is why does anyone in the world pay any attention at all to these idiotic “sports” games?

    Isn’t there a bit in the Protocals about establishing same to distract the goy masses?

    “Games played with the ball are too rough for the body and stamp no character upon the mind.”

    –Thomas Jefferson

  60. Seraphim December 2, 2012 @ 7:40 pm


    For sure there is a correlation between Judaism and modern academia.

    They have a common goal: the de-Christianization of the “modern” world.

    They have the same battle cry (shouted by Voltaire in the “pre-modern” era of The Enlightenment): “Ecrasez l’Infame” = Crush the infamous (Church).

  61. Taylor December 2, 2012 @ 7:58 pm


    Totally agree with you. For instance, in the field of “education” you wouldn’t believe the clap-trap students are forced to read and write about. It constitutes endless “nothingness” and surely saps the soul of the desire to study and learn rationally while engaging in critical-thinking.

    Thanks for your post.


    I have to agree with you — to an extent! However, I pay attention to a limited amount of sports as a diversion from becoming too melancholic regarding the tragic nature of our world.

    I feel that the problem concerns those many who are overly engrossed in the sports culture that results in said individuals neglecting to give attention to that in our world which really does matter.

    Believe or not, a healthy dose of sports’ participation (and a limited amount of fan support) can be positive.

    In the case of women’s basketball, the practices, the travel, and the competition often serves to keep young women focused on what is important, and that is their studies — not the boys or young men (i.e., there is no reason to jump into serious relationships too young; young women and men have decades of that ahead of them to deal with during their early 20s and after).

    Furthermore, if you examine the GPA of female players (certainly not the males) it is often impressive and typically rests higher than non-sports participating students’ GPAs.

    One case worthy to share is a school in northern Michigan, i.e., Michigan Tech. There the average GPA of the women basketball players is something like a 3.3 to a 3.5, and the typical major is chemistry, pre-med, mathematics, or engineering.

    Certainly in this case one cannot argue that the extracurricular athletic endeavor of basketball has been detrimental to these women. Seems instead to be having the opposite effect by keeping these young women’s goals focused and in right order.

    Bottom line: this is one statement by the legendary Thomas Jefferson that I do not agree completely. Most of the time, sure; playing ball does not build character. However, sometimes it can be positive.

  62. JKnTX December 2, 2012 @ 9:00 pm

    “Believe or not, a healthy dose of sports’ participation (and a limited amount of fan support) can be positive.

    In the case of women’s basketball, the practices, the travel, and the competition often serves to keep young women focused on what is important, and that is their studies — not the boys or young men (i.e., there is no reason to jump into serious relationships too young; young women and men have decades of that ahead of them to deal with during their early 20s and after)”.

    I’m sorry, but I DON’T belive it.

    As to the second paragraph:

    “Only a fool believes he will live to see the sun rise”.


  63. JKnTX December 2, 2012 @ 9:06 pm

    “Bottom line: This is one statement by the legendary Thomas Jefferson that I do not agree completely. Most of the time, sure; playing ball does not build character. However, sometimes it can be positive”.

    WHERE exactly? What are they doing except Brotherhood programmed nonsense? It seems that caring and learning about nuturing and raising a family isn’t PC anymore is it?

  64. The Monk December 2, 2012 @ 9:09 pm

    I am a first generation Hungarian, and I have stories to tell you about them.

    During WW2, the Jews were fed with the best and freshest foods, while the common man either ate scraps of bread or went to bed hungry, and no Jews were seen or recorded sharing or supplying any food (the Jews OWNED ALL major businesses) with the starving common families.

    It was the BLESSED Franciscan monks who supplied food for the Hungarians during WW2.

    Also, the Jew factory owners made shoes with soles made out of paper for the army, who suffered because of that. The Jew doctors didn’t operate on children with life threatening illnesses if Mom and Pops didn’t show up with the money.

    The Hungarian Jews are mostly Khazars and Kabars (the leader of the Kabars, a break away branch of Khazars, was Samuel Kaba, and Samuel isn’t a Hun name), a nasty race of people from the Caucasus, and they treated common Hungarians like animals.

    The nastiest Jews were doctors, who let many children suffer because their parents didn’t have the money during WW2.

    During Commie times in the 50’s, the so called Holocaust survivors were given free houses, money, and awards for being holocaust survivors who fought the Nazis (YEAH RIGHT), and whoever questioned their accounts as Jewish Nazi hunters were imprisoned by the Commie system, for Janos Kadar was another commie Jewish puppet, he was half Jewish through his mother.

    Hungarians have a very negative view on Jews because of their inhuman behavior, and we will never forget about what they did to our country, especially during the war and the Jewish Communist era.

    The Hungarians are the ONLY Europeans OPENLY going on the street to tell the criminal Jewish network Jew what they are: EVIL.

    There are Hungarians and people with Hungarian descent in America, Canada, and Australia, and we are born to support and protect the country of our fathers’ Hungary.

  65. JKnTX December 2, 2012 @ 9:13 pm

    “Most of the time, sure; playing ball does not build character. However, sometimes it can be positive.”

    It sure was, just ask the ancient South American Indians about it.

    They used to play a game like basketball except the hoops were on the side walls of the arena and vertical rather than horizontal. The losing team got sacrificed as in killed dead, real positive huh?

  66. Replica December 2, 2012 @ 10:18 pm


    Not only that, recently the prince of Saudi Arabia Turki al Faisal addressed Clinton this year at some Global fund raiser and his exact words were:

    “Muslims will never forget your deliverance of Bosnia-Herzogovenia and Kosovo, and near-deliverance, within 100 meters, of Palestine from occupation.”

    IC XC
    NI KA

  67. JKnTX December 2, 2012 @ 11:45 pm

    “Muslims will never forget your deliverance of Bosnia-Herzogovenia and Kosovo, and near-deliverance, within 100 meters, of Palestine from occupation.”

    And the STUPID goy Amerikan sheeple helped blast Orthodox Christian Serbs out of their holy land right at Christmas in 1999 and were SO proud of it!

    The ethnic Albanian “Kosovars” we just HAD to go in and “save” are the biggest bunch of liars, criminals, and drug runners outside of D.C. and London and no wonder we supported them some 13 years gone.

    Ever hear of Camp Bondsteel? Look it up, you might be surprised.

  68. Glory B. December 3, 2012 @ 7:03 am

    @ The Monk

    Your comment about how the Jews acted in Hungary before, during and after WW II is very enlightening.

    Jews are always whining about how mistreated and persecuted they are, when it is really the kikes who are persecuting the Goyim.

    It’s typical of the attitude that Jews have, that they are the superior race and Gentiles are just animals whose role in life is to be the slaves of the Yids.

    When times are hard and honest Christian people are just scraping by, or even starving like in Hungary during WW II, the Jews always make out well because they own the stores and the businesses. They are the rich people who accumulate their wealth by swindling honest, hard-working Christians out of their money.

    “During WW2, the Jews were fed with the best and freshest foods, while the common man either ate scraps of bread or went to bed hungry, and no Jews were seen or recorded sharing or supplying any food (the Jews OWNED ALL major businesses) with the starving common families.

    “It was the BLESSED Franciscan monks who supplied food for the Hungarians during WW2.”

    This is HISTORY, but because the Jews control the MSM, we never get to find out the REAL facts.

    The truth is, the Yids don’t care about anyone but their own kind.

    “Also, the Jew factory owners made shoes with soles made out of paper for the army, who suffered because of that. The Jew doctors didn’t operate on children with life-threatening illnesses if Mom and Pops didn’t show up with the money.

    “The nastiest Jews were doctors, who let many children suffer because their parents didn’t have the money during WW2.”

    Monk, you are right about that, I hate to have to see a Yid doctor, because they don’t care about me at all.

    They are nasty and cold, and they rush you out of their office like they don’t have any time for you. Just pay them their exorbitant fee and get the hell out, ’cause there’s other dummies waiting to pay me and you’re just wasting my time.

    So what the hell do I care if you’re feeling lousy or you have a pain in your chest or whatever? Just take two aspirin and don’t bother to call me because I’m too busy making money to bother with your problems any longer.

    Any way that the kikes can think of to make Christians miserable is a good day for them. And if they can do it on a Christian holy day, like Christmas or Easter, why that just doubles and triples their pleasure.

    Tony Goyem says, “I still believe that there are good Jews of course, anti-Zionists that seek justice.”

    Don’t believe it for a moment, Tony Goyem. You’re just parroting Yid propaganda.

    As a former Jew who abandoned the phony Jewish belief system (Judaism is not a religion because the Jews worship GOLD, not GOD. Satan is the real god of the Jews!) when the Holy Spirit led me to our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I can tell you that THERE ARE NO GOOD JEWS!!!

    Every Jew that does not renounce his satanical belief system, who does not repent for his ancestors’ role in persecuting, torturing and crucifying the true Messiah, is a true Jew at heart, guilty of killing Christ.

    What is Communism — which ruled Hungary and other countries after WWII, as The Monk has pointed out — but a fiendish system created by atheist Jews to further the Jewish plan for world domination?

    And just because the Communists suffered a TEMPORARY defeat, don’t think for a moment that the Jews have given up their overall plan to rule the world and make slaves of the Gentiles.

    They’re still plotting in their twin headquarters of Jew York and Jewrusalem to grind us Christians into the dust.

    Jews are liars and frauds in everything that they do. They are not as smart as they pretend to be. This is another of their Jewish swindles.

    They want Christians to believe that they are intelligent so that we acquiese to their opinions and follow their advice, which is intended to further their own interests.

    The Yids have access to wealth and power simply because they stick together, and they have no conscience or morals. They assume a lofty air and Gentiles believe that they are more than they are.

    A “doctor” so-and-so has more prestige than a mere so-and-so. And they are in the habit of installing unqualified Jews into positions better served by qualified Gentiles. So, if they are over-represented in anything, it is in their ability to betray trust and con the unwary.

    Then there are naive folks like Trish, who in an earlier post in a website said she agrees that the Jews are wicked and evil, but that we should pray for them, nevertheless.

    Well, Trish, I do pray for the Jews — I pray that they will all descend into the lower regions to be with their father the Devil in HELL.

    Meanwhile, they’re doing a pretty good job of making life on Earth a HEll for the Gentiles.


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  69. Joe Cortina December 3, 2012 @ 1:44 pm

    Here we go again.

    It seems like no matter how many times I or Nathanael or Glory Be so clearly and passionately explain that THERE ARE NO GOOD JEWS, some clueless naive person just MUST tell us that there are, despite the thousands of hours of research, countless personal experiences, tens of thousands of miles of travel experiences.

    OH AND OF COURSE not to forget the Jesus ‘person’ who so CLEARLY and so FREQUENTLY damned these putrid Godless demonic filthy scum to the degree that He exposed them as the sons of Satan.

    If God the Son says they are all damned who without repentence have followed their putrid Satanic death cult of hate, arrogance, and sociopathic, egomaniacal lust of power, gold, worship, sex and perversions, that should be GOOD ENOUGH FOR ALL OF YOU.

    WHAT IN HELL DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE NO ‘GODLY’ Jews PERIOD! I have been fighting this battle for decades and have YET to meet ONE person who proudly calls himself or herself ‘A JEW’ who is not putrid, lying, treacherous, 2-faced, despicable scum!

    They will almost ALL ultimately side with ‘The Tribe’. The WORST hypocrites of this brood of vipers are the blasphemous ‘Jews for Jesus.’

    I have yet to see even ONE Of these reptiles show any REAL compassion for the genocide brought against the poor Palestinians by their tribe. Show me even ONE such person who is willing to sacrifice his safety or fortunes to do ANYTHING MEANINGFUL to atone for the monstrous crimes committed by his fellow Self-Chosenites!

    PLEASE STOP CONTRADICTING Brother NATHANAEL! He has a free conscience and decided on his OWN that he no longer wished to be ANY part of the collective wickedness of Judaism or Jewishness.

    BTW – the topic was going well until the nonsense about some Jewess athlete.

    What’s next to ‘admire’ about the Christ killers? A really effective speaker ( who is promoting more killing perhaps)? A really talented actor (like the scumbag Jew Isadore Demsky AKA Kirk Douglas – who was a loyal Christ-hating Talmudist till the day he died?)

    If some of you like would spend as much energy and time in helping Nathanael pay the bills to keep this valuable learning site alive – as one commentor does in making stupid comments like these:

    “But when I read the comments here I have to say that you make them more powerful than they are. On the other hand you ignore the non-Jewish negative influence.” perhaps Nathanael could accomplish even more good works.

    Tell me Peter, these Jews you consider so feeble and impotent, who have decimated most of the major powers on the planet, how could they be more powerful than to completely own the most powerful nation on earth?

    Also Peter – in you infinite wisdom of international matters – can you enlighten us poor country bumpkins of ANY “NON-JEWISH INFLUENCE” which has brought us to our knees, close to being on the ashheap of history, economically and morally? Perhaps I should visit your website.

    Perhaps you could teach me something I have overlooked in my 40 years of intelligence, analysis, journalism and world travel to over thirty nations. And in all this time I had believed it was the Jews who ran the show (our own undeniable world-class stupidity non-withstanding.)

    Silly me.

    Perhaps Nathanael could accomplish even more good works.

    Only a handful of people have attained that TRUE commitment to goodness and have divested themselves ENTIRELY from The Tribe of pure evil to become truly Godly. The average American will NEVER meet such a person in their entire life.

  70. Shane December 4, 2012 @ 1:51 am

    Peter –

    I agree with you.

    Certainly it is good to try to help non-Jews understand the nature of Judaism and the Talmud that is so concealed by them, and the hidden history they’ve swept away (the lunacy that Khazars who don’t believe in Jesus have any covenant right to the Holy Land to Christians is idiotic), but the non-Jews who go along with them just make me scratch my head.

    Lesson learned: I had an issue with my health care provider recently. I was red-hot angry and pretty much determined that the company was run by Jews, since they were trying to cheat me. I researched the 12 members of the company’s board of directors. I couldn’t find any evidence that a single one were Jews!

    These were all just garden variety, mammon-worshiping Gentile dirtbags who knew how to make money, but apparently were otherwise ignorant about the plight of the world.

    The backgrounds of several of these fat cats showed they were major supporters of political campaigns for John McCain and other mainstream Republican shills. There were a few Jewish connections – one was connected to Seagrams.

    Another had taken over Progressive Insurance. Progressive was founded by a Jew, but apparently he had hand-picked a gentile to take over the company for him. Who can blame the Jews when they hand over their companies to non-Jews because they evidently believe in the same business practices?

    There is a serious problem with the internal perception of our society as a whole, and it is magnified among the wealthy because of the power they have.

    In my opinion, this perception is not going to start to be broken, unfortunately, until there is a collapse and disintegration of the United States that forces the rich and powerful who control it to deal with the reality that their ideas ARE A FAILURE.

  71. Justin December 4, 2012 @ 11:55 am

    Judaism as they would have us believe (and as some wrote) is NOT a religion.

    The problem is that illiterate heretics think Judaism is the same as the Law of Moses. This couldn’t be further from the truth as Mosaic Law was what Moses the God-seer (the prophet Moses) received from God on mount Sinai.

    The Talmud is Judaism and Judaism is the Talmud, the “tradition of the elders” that Christ rebuked the Jews (in all their blindness predicted by the Prophet David).

    As Christ clearly puts it to the Yids, they are NOT of God. Yet the media and false “Christian Zionist” “churches” (Judaizing hell holes) are puking out the garbage that Jews are “Chosen.”

    However what they in their ignorant, red-neck, and racist (anti-Arab or what have you) mindset can’t understand is that Christ sealed the Christians permanently as HIS (being Master of All) Chosen: “Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in My name, He may give it you.” (John 15:16).

    But you’ll never get through to them as the heretics of Amerika are under Jewry’s satanic thumb. Remember one final point the Jews are “earthly Israel” which Apostle Paul distinguishes.

    Ancient Israel, the true people of God (the Children of Israel) is the Church of the Old Testament. Judaism is Devil worship personified.


  72. Ash December 4, 2012 @ 1:17 pm

    “These were all just garden variety, mammon-worshiping Gentile dirtbags who knew how to make money, but apparently were otherwise ignorant about the plight of the world.”


    Don’t you realize that the Jews do not outnumber their enablers in evil, the delusional Christian Zionists?

    Or did you and Peter deliberately suppress that fact out of any Judaizing tendencies of your own, and simultaneously highlight the evil deeds of delusional Christian Zionists to imply Christians are equally evil as the Jews?

    Either you have grossly missed the point that the source of most evil is the Jews who manipulate the gullible Gentiles to do evil on their behalf, or it is deliberate deception on your part to mislead the more naive readers amongst us.

  73. RobL December 9, 2012 @ 1:43 am

    I find that what the Jewry does is despicable, especially in the light of the continued attacks and maligning of the Palestinians and their plight in Gaza. I have recently just realized what is going on in my own country of America and the true controlling faction of our supposedly elected government.

    I am disgusted by the infiltration of our educational system and especially so in regards to our seminaries which I see as an extension of the Jewish religious system with “educated” Pharisee’s and Sadduces teaching the masses. (Hence the “Holochristianity” of today.)

    They were prevalent in Christ’s time and many times teaching “truth” for their own benefit and I believe that is why you don’t see the vast majority of “pastors” preaching truth from Scriptures.

    Instead they teach what is accepted as truth today and what they PAID in tuition to be taught by men. This is unfortunately reminiscent of what Simon the Magician wanted from Peter without the rigors of training and exhortation by the Holy Spirit first and foremost, in order to gain a paid position of leadership and prestige in whatever “sect” of “Mainstream Christianity” appeals to them.

    @Joe Cortina having said that I think that this comment “WHAT IN HELL DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE NO ‘GODLY’ Jews PERIOD! I have been fighting this battle for decades and have YET to meet ONE person who proudly calls himself or herself ‘A JEW’ who is not putrid, lying, treacherous, 2-faced, despicable scum!” is as scathing and condescending as anything I have heard from the Jewry.

    I am happy that you have had such wide and varied experiences that you can make absolute judgments upon every person who claims to be a Jew. You have obviously met and spent time getting to know the majority of them all to be able to make a statement such as that.

    I must be misunderstanding the Scripture in Revelation 5:9 “And they sang a new song saying, “Worthy art thou to take the book and break it’s seals for Thou wast slain and didst purchase for God with Thy blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”” and that there is NO possible way that some Jews may see that they are in error at some time and accept the truth of Scripture and our Savior and Messiah Jesus Christ.

    Or is the blood of our Lord not sufficient, (which IS an absolute IMPOSSIBILITY!!), for some reprobate Zionist Jew in the future for salvation? Maybe a modern day murdering Pharisee such as Saul/Paul that Jesus met on the road to Damascus AFTER he had been implicit in the persecution and murder of believers in Jesus?

    The Zionists ARE deserving of prayer and pity as if ANYTHING that their father Lucifer could devise for them to do to true believers of Jesus Christ will amount to anymore than a momentary irritation in comparison to the eternal glory reserved for us and the eternal judgement that Our Lord has reserved for ANYONE who does not know and follow Him.

    There aren’t Jews and Gentiles any longer, only those who are of “the circumcision of the heart” (believers, who are the true descendants of Abraham) and those who are of “the circumcision of the flesh” or all unbelievers.

    Instead of attacking those who are just now coming to the realization of how the body of Christ has been duped by Satan through his Zionist agenda maybe you could educate with kindness and brotherly love since somehow I doubt that anyone was born innately with all this knowledge that the rest of us are just now being shown.

    Also @Ash “Either you have grossly missed the point that the source of most evil is the Jews who manipulate the gullible Gentiles to do evil on their behalf, or it is deliberate deception on your part to mislead the more naive readers amongst us.” Jeremiah 17:9 and 10 clearly states that:

    “The heart is more deceitful than all else, And is desperately sick. Who can understand it? I the Lord search the heart, I test the mind. Even to give to each man according to his ways, According to the results of his deeds.”

    I don’t see the Jews somehow singled out there as the source of “most evil” but men as a whole who do not serve God with all their heart, soul, and mind. People, not “Gentiles” can be “gullible” and could many also be willingly doing these things for their own gain as well?

    After all the Jewry are just men given the benefit of reaping what they have on this earth as a “reward” for following Lucifer and are only able to do what God will allow, no more no less. And just as Lucifer with Job and Pharaoh with the Israelites they are serving Our God’s will and purpose no matter what they may think or desire.

    And as a final point we are ALL deserving of hell. Or are somehow our offenses before God and our life of unbelief and sin before Jesus’ blood cleansed us are somehow not as disgusting to God as the sins of the Jews? The creation shows and gives evidence to us of Our God and Creator so NOONE has an excuse for living apart from God at ANYTIME in their life.

    So to act as if we are somehow better than the “Jews” instead of only being acceptable to God by His grace, mercy, and sacrifice and not of ourself is just as prideful as anything you condemn the Jews of.

  74. DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES September 23, 2013 @ 7:10 pm

    Looks like Jews control Hungarian courts and prosecutors as they do ours.

    The Guard has been dissolved and any other incarnation outlawed:

  75. Reinbeek September 26, 2013 @ 5:14 am

    if you believe in God you should know that God leaves infidel nations on their own and that means the destruction of any Christian values and probably the death of yourselves.

    Because Satan’s Jews are rushing in power to exterminate Whites and Christians. For many Europeans, descendants of 1500 years of church dominance, that is shocking and uncomfortable.

    The solution is to become a Christian and ask God to help us by sending us a strong leader who will exterminate all sinful seducing stuff.

    But not only Jews, also the godless Chinese will exterminate us in a second if they can. Simply because they are under the command of satan. There are only children of God and the darkside.

    Sin means total destruction. Because of the disobedience of Adam we are all born under the leadership of Satan.

    Only after the baptism you may be able to live a decent life under command of the Church. But even today the body of Christ is being gassed to death by the smoke of satan. Is there a way to escape the gaschamber?

    We must be honest and exterminate Satan among our ranks.

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