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The Jews Behind The NDAA

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The Jews Behind The NDAA
Copyright 2012

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Brother Nathanael @ January 5, 2012


  1. Brother Nathanael January 5, 2012 @ 11:23 pm

    Text — Text — Text

    Who’s Behind The Military Detention Act?
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2012

    Barack Hussein Obama ushered in the New Year by signing the National Defense Authorization Act, and thus trashed the Constitution and our Bill of Rights once and for all.

    While our Founding Fathers are turning in their graves, who wished to protect us from the unlawful use of the military from intruding upon civilian life, the Act grants to the U.S. military the power to arrest – WITHOUT CHARGES…WITHOUT TRIAL…and WITHOUT END – any American citizen simply suspected of engaging in “terrorist” acts.

    The sponsor of the Bill is Jewish Senator Carl Levin, head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, a very powerful chair where perhaps a conflict of interests exists between those of the powerful Jewish Lobby and those of our once-free America.

    When challenged with regard to U.S. citizens being denied their constitutional rights via the Act, Levin went on the defensive and blamed Obama, while at the same time, ALLOWED Obama’s demands. Now listen closely.

    [Clip: “The administration asked us to remove the language which says that U.S. citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section. And that we removed it at the request of the administration.”

    Yes indeed, Levin REMOVED the language that PROTECTED us from military arrest, indefinite detention, and probable torture. Levin IS culpable and should be tried for treason.

    Senator Levin’s co-religionist, Talmudic Jew, Senator Joseph Lieberman, head of Homeland Security, is apparently is more than happy to see “suspects” not only apprehended by the military but TORTURED as well.

    [Clip: “When a member of al-Qaeda or a similar associated terrorist group is captured, I want that person to be terrified about what’s going to happen to them in American custody. I want them not to know what’s going to happen. I want that terror that they inflict on others to be felt by them.”

    “Uncertainty” regarding what a “suspect” can “expect” when indefinitely detained? This is scary stuff my friends.

    And EVEN MORE ‘uncertainty’ is attested by Lieberman’s pending new legislation of whether or not exercising our right to free speech will find us all hauled off to Guantanamo Bay—Gitmo—subject to military rendition…I mean torture.

    You see, Lieberman recently introduced his Enemy Expatriation Act which would strip Americans of their citizenship when only suspected of “engaging in hostilities” against the U.S. and its allies.

    Say something critical about Zionist-controlled America or Europe and you’re in BIG trouble.

    [Clip: “If an American citizen is shown to be…have joined and worked with a foreign terrorist organization, as far as I’m concerned you should lose your right to citizenship. This is not just going to be Joe Lieberman sitting in a room somewhere saying, ‘You’re an enemy of the United States, you lose your citizenship.”


    It’s NOT “JUST” going to be Lieberman “sitting in a room deciding” who’s an enemy, but apparently his co-religionists – Diane Feinstein, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Daniel Benjamin, head of Counter Terrorism at the U.S. State Department – who will be making the fatal determinations.

    My fellow Americans, I have given you fair warning.

    When a squad of U.S. soldiers show up at your door to haul you away for …well they DON’T have to produce any charges…then at least you’ll KNOW just WHO’s behind the Jewish Police State coming to a military “theatre” near you!

  2. Brother Nathanael January 5, 2012 @ 11:31 pm

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    Much Love AND Appreciaton In Christ To All!

    +Brother Nathanael

  3. Muhammad Abdullah January 5, 2012 @ 11:32 pm

    This act of Jews is not only against Christians or Muslims, but against all those power who wants a change of this corrupt system.

  4. Lord Lucan January 5, 2012 @ 11:36 pm

    Dear Brother, Many thanks for your wonderful works.

    Do you think that Israel and Jews in Europe and USA are ruling the world? I think so. And I also think that US is gradually becoming an external power base for the Jewry whose central base is Israel.

    I think we are going to have to put up with that until Jesus is coming back to put everything in order. It may be too late to reverse until He comes back.

  5. Joshua Hendrickson January 6, 2012 @ 1:10 am

    Very informative, Brother.

    This flagrant violation of our civil rights is frightening to the extreme. Be very careful because this leaves you, me, and every American citizen open to arrest and possibly an indefinite stay in a correctional institution on the whim of some left wing bureaucrat.

    I recently e-mailed my congressmen asking them to please do everything they could to stop this travesty, as of today I’ve received one response in form letter style informing me “they” would fight this bill. HA, bunch of stinking liars is what I think.

    I’ve also posted the bill in its entirety on Facebook, emailed to everyone in my address book, I’m pretty sure no one even cared to look. With downright criminals running this country and the sheeple ignorantly allowing these horrid actions to continue, I think we have now entered the realm of 1984.

    My advice is to put our faith in God and damn the rest. Peace be with you and every other true Patriot, stand strong, and remember Big Brother is watching you.

  6. $10 Bagel January 6, 2012 @ 1:25 am

    @Lord Lucan

    The Jew’s current “financial headquarters” is in Europe (more specifically London). The Jew’s current “military headquarters” is in the United States.

    Their goal is to eventually make Israel (Jerusalem) their “central base” for the world economy, world government, and world religion.

    We don’t know when Jesus will return and we can’t sit around and wait while we do nothing. We need to actively RESIST this Jewish system until that day.

  7. DachsieLady January 6, 2012 @ 5:07 am

    Naming Names is important.

    This article includes the names of the 13 U.S. senators who had the courage and decency to vote against this atrocious bill. It is odd that Senator Mark Udall of Colorado, who fought the bill early on, ended up voting for the bad bill. If your senator is not one of these 13, you need to make it known as widely as you can what a traitor your senators are.

    NAME NAMES – Expose the doers of unrighteousness. That is all we have left and doing that may land us in Gitmo — indefinitely.

    It is important to remember that the traitors are equally distributed between traitor party Democrat and traitor party Republican. This is not “left wing” garbage. This is universal betrayal by the left and the right, and those terms no longer mean anything thanks to the Zionist subversives owning and occupying and ruling “our representatives.”


    “Bill Passes Senate 86 to 13

    Unfortunately the Indefinite detention bill passed in Senate

    Exactly 220 years to the date after the Bill of Rights was ratified, the US Senate today voted 86 to 13 in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, allowing the indefinite detention and torture of Americans.

    As RT reported earlier, one provision in NDAA FY2012 will allow for the reinstatement of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” essentially making waterboarding and forms of psychological torture a very possible reality for anyone America deems to be a threat, including its own citizens who, prior to the ruling, had the US Constitution on their side.

    Among the corporations which have lobbied in support of NDAA FY2012 are several military contractors, including Honeywell and Bluewater Defense, who together have received millions of dollars in Pentagon guarantees this year alone.

    “How long can you hold them? As long as it takes to make us safe,” said Graham.

    In his closing marks, Graham ironically recited that in respect to “civil liberties and the American way of life,” US citizens must fight. “If we don’t fight for it, we’re going to lose it.”

    Unfit for Office

    Any Senator voting on a bill that would allow US citizens to be arrested, detained indefinitely, even sent to Cuba without being formally charged with any crime is no friend or supporter to the US constitution.

    Note the absurd irony in Graham’s statements. The fight for freedom can never be won by trashing freedoms or the Bill of Rights.

    Senator Graham and Senator McCain are both huge hypocrites and cowards.

    Indeed, all 86 Senators who voted for that bill are cowards, a hypocrites, and no friend to the United States or the US Constitution.

    Even more disgusting, Senator Mark Udall introduced an amendment intended to forbid the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens and even that amendment was rejected by a vote of 38–60.

    I do not have a roll call on that, but there are 60 extreme cowards who wrap themselves in a flag while pissing on the Constitution.

    13 Courageous Votes

    Nay ID Crapo, Michael [R]
    Nay ID Risch, James [R]
    Nay IL Durbin, Richard [D]
    Nay IA Harkin, Thomas [D]
    Nay KY Paul, Rand [R]
    Nay MD Cardin, Benjamin [D]
    Nay MN Franken, Al [D]
    Nay OK Coburn, Thomas [R]
    Nay OR Merkley, Jeff [D]
    Nay OR Wyden, Ron [D]
    Nay SC DeMint, Jim [R]
    Nay UT Lee, Mike [R]
    Nay VT Sanders, Bernard [I]

    There you have it. Anyone not on that list voted to trash the constitution. I am particularly pleased by the votes of Senators Jim DeMint, Thomas Coburn, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Michael Crapo, and James Risch.

    Those are the only six Republicans willing to stand behind the Constitution.

    Senator Rand Paul Explains His Vote

    Link if video does not play: Rand Paul’s Impassioned Plea

    “Detaining citizens without a court trial is not American. … Justice Scalia said the very core of liberty, secured by our anglo-saxon system of separated powers has been freedom from indefinite imprisonment at the will of the executive. Justice Scalia was, as he often does, following the wisdom of our founding fathers. … As Franklin wisely warned, those who give up their liberty for security may wind up with neither.”

    Wikepedia has the Benjamin Franklin quote as follows “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    Benjamin Franklin is correct and Senator Rand Paul was a hero for fighting this bill. Sadly, Rand Paul failed to a collective group of cowards who do not know what the Constitution is about or why we need it. “

  8. Hoff January 6, 2012 @ 5:39 am

    100 books in full text online about the global crime network known as the Jews.

    My blog JeWise wordpress com only have three pages. Press and hold down Ctrl and then hit F = Search. Enter title of book.

    Page 1:

    Page 2:

    Page 3:

  9. DachsieLady January 6, 2012 @ 6:54 am

    I just searched for Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and found generous selections from that large tome. Thank you for this wonderful service.

  10. Kwai Chang January 6, 2012 @ 7:00 am

    When will the a soldier refuse to obey an illegal order???

    Probably not until ordered to, how brilliant!

    (I hope I’m wrong!)

    Leiberman and Levin aren’t very subtle. This kind of leadership proves how scared they are. They will only wake up the masses if they implement any of it.

    Even so, we’ve been warned …again!

    Thank you, Brother Nathanael

  11. James Woroble Jr. January 6, 2012 @ 7:43 am


    Good to see you here. Visit your site often. ‘Thank you for your service’.

  12. Mark Jeffreys January 6, 2012 @ 7:45 am

    Excellent video Brother Nathanael, keep on bashing em!

  13. Santiago January 6, 2012 @ 8:08 am

    31/12/11: The day the notion of an American nation has been erased.

  14. Just Saying January 6, 2012 @ 8:10 am

    “Who’s Behind The Military Detention Act?”

    The Jews are! Same playbook as the Bolshevik Revolution. The Jews are stupid, obvious and unoriginal. They can always be predicted to stick to their game plan regardless of how many times it fails for them.

    The NDAA and Homeland Security passing out Billions to beef up security at synagogues (of Satan) are all preemptive actions to their game plan of launching WWIII and rounding up the Goyim for a wholesale slaughter of White Goyim and the permanent end to Christianity in Western Society.

    Their plan is the same as it has always been, wipe out the White race and Christianity and enslave the Brown races to serve the Jew unto eternity.

  15. Brizilliant January 6, 2012 @ 9:06 am

    Welkom to Amerika. This breaks my heart.

  16. Martin Dobrowolski January 6, 2012 @ 9:50 am

    Dear Brother,

    Thank you very much for you for great videos. I believe you do a mission which is done to you by God.

    I find a funny article. I have read article.

    Rick Santorum, candidate for President of USA said in New Hampshire that these days the enemies for the USA are: Iran, Egyptian Islamists created by the “Arabs Springs” operation, which in turn is created by CIA and Mossad and …Poland.,Najwiekszym-zagrozeniem-dla-USA-sa-Iran-islamisci-i-Polska,wid,14144584,wiadomosc.html

    Believe me I said the truth. He is so “clever” that he mistaken Poland which is located in Europe with probably Pakistan. He even doesn’t know where Poland is located. Very intelligent man. Good luck, Americans!


  17. Mark Jeffreys January 6, 2012 @ 11:01 am

    What a shameful, disgraceful criminal this Levin is.

    This is the same piece of human excrement that allowed homosexuals to serve openly in the military. They know that when they allow these filthy wicked homosexuals to strut around in our military it destroys the fabric of our society.

    This detention without reason was clearly a Jewish/zionist plan but this deceitful Jew makes it look as if he was the good guy and creates the impression of “…sniff sniff, it’s you the government that told us to put all these terrible things in the bill…”

    How true the words of the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion ring..”…….but we the Jews will always be in the shadows…”

    They always hide themselves and their true intentions from the public, while controlling the situation.

    For those of you who are newcomers and haven’t heard of the Protocols here is an excellent video about it on youtube.

  18. DachsieLady January 6, 2012 @ 11:36 am

    “They know that when they allow these filthy wicked homosexuals to strut around in our military it destroys the fabric of our society. ”

    Destroying the moral fabric of societies from within by sophisticated covert means is the revolutionary Jew’s stock and trade. This is their revolution and rejection against Logos. A Christian must cling ever closer to Christ for His protection in this filthy world of the Satan worshipping revolutionary Jews.

    The patterns of their evil ways are becoming more clear and more and excellent analysts are exposing them, though many have not reached identifying them by the J-word.

  19. Nicolae January 6, 2012 @ 12:10 pm

    Read the whole truth here America, wake up from your sleep.

  20. Timothy O'Leary January 6, 2012 @ 12:42 pm

    Jews have not risen to their obvious prominence as a result of some nefarious Satanic cabal.

    They have done so because of their superior intelligence (an average IQ of 110) and the natural human tendency to support our own kind. This latter phenomenon is now being especially forcefully expressed because, for the first time in history, Jews find it within their grasp to dominate the world.

    Organizations with global reach such as the WTO, IBS and the World Bank give to those who control them unprecedented power. The old advice to “follow the money” is now particularly applicable.

    Any opposition to Jewish domination in the West is too fragmented to be effective. Their control of the information and entertainment media has not been by some contrived plot but a natural result of superior intelligence. It is, however, a fact and assures their ability to control the masses in the Western democracies.

    The fly in the ointment is their preoccupation with the state of Israel which has reawakened the sleeping Islamic giant and this has created the sole possibly effective opposition to Jewish control of the West. That is demographics, which is tending to neutralize the nominally Christian nations that Jews now dominate.

    Of course, the single greatest threat to Jewish global domination is China and this may prove insurmountable.

    For now, a prudent person will arrange his affairs in such a way as to accommodate to the reality of a Jewish controlled North America and Europe.

  21. Volodia January 6, 2012 @ 1:40 pm

    God Bless BN!

    You did it again!

    I recently came across this revealing info:

    I suggest you consider using PGP-encryption to communicate with your closest ones. This will make life a bit more difficult to the Warmongers Megalomaniacs.

    Not long ago you mentioned what the great journalist Helen Thomas said.

    I think that the audience should be reminded of this to diminish all that “anti-Semitism,” “self-hate” misdirection.

    Remember Johnny Cochran’s at the OJ Trial?:

    “If the globe don’t fit, you must acquit!”

    You can have your own: If the globe fits: you must admit!

    This can be done at the end of your presentations (sort of your signature to counter the enemies).

    God save us from Satan|Lucifer worshipers!

    PS: We have added a new webpage:


  22. jonah January 6, 2012 @ 1:44 pm

    Yes, the JEWISH House of Rothschild (HQ’ed in the ‘CITY’ of London, UK) is behind the new communistic, Judeo-fascist Indefinite Detention Act in the USA. Welcome to the 2012 shift.

    I suspect it was set into Law for the purposes of going after select American enemies of the Jewish Rothschild Empire.

    The Dept of Homeland Security and the TSA are the new DOMESTIC Zionist Brown Shirt security forces in the USA, along with the US military, who have now been turned on the American people in DIRECT violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

    The American Police State is here.

    Let us continue to keep a sharp eye out on these Jewish fascists.
    Let them scheme all they like, their fate is already ETERNALLY sealed in Hell.

    DHS/TSA Watch:


  23. Mark Jeffreys January 6, 2012 @ 3:06 pm

    @ Timothy O’Leary

    It’s not that the Jews are intelligent, they are cunning and cohesive, they have a plan. They know the enemy, the Goyim always has to be deceived, I know of very few situations where Jews have been genuinely intelligent say in engineering, science etc,

    In those situations where they appear so intelliegent go and scratch a little deeper and you will see that there were usually other Jews pulling strings behind the scenes.

    Their Kabbalistic masters who set the program and directions of actions for them are intelligent, producing the grand strategy and focus areas is intelligent, but as we well know their intelligence comes from there master Satan or Lucifer as they like to call him.

    It is well known that these families are under the direct control of Satan through mediums etc.

    Your references to China don’t make sense to me at all. It is well known that the Chinese are communists, and we know who the originators of Communism are! The Chinese even had a Jew in their top political leadership. The Chinese are being groomed for very sinister purposes indeed. Your sad comment……

    “For now, a prudent person will arrange his affairs in such a way as to accommodate to the reality of a Jewish controlled North America and Europe”

    A prudent and Godly man, a real man that is will spit in the face of the filthy demonic scum and will do everything in his power to awaken his fellow citizens to the danger of the Jews. He will use the Jew’s own tactics back on them by quietly working in the shadows to alert all.


    Reading your comment I get very suspicious, for it is well known that the enemy wants to snuff out all hope in the Goyim, because it is hope and hope in our God that will overthrow them and destroy them.

    Fritz Springmeir has also pointed this out, it is psychological warfare if you remove all hope from your victims they have defeated themselves. Repeating the myth of Jewish intelligence is an old tactic. I have seen the ploy used by Jew plants and spies to intimidate the Goyim.

    Is your name really Timothy O’Leary? such a nice Goyim name.

    If you are not Jewish, then I suggest you get a bit of fight in you and change your attitude.


  24. Chris Moore January 6, 2012 @ 3:15 pm

    ‘Anonymous’ recites the prophetic prose of legendary, anti-Zionist crusader Brother Nathanael Kapner

  25. Thor January 6, 2012 @ 3:35 pm

    We know who is involved with the destruction of our nation and economy.

    We know why they are doing it and have always done it. My question is when do we DO something about it?

    And I don’t think an election is going to change things that much — we’ve fallen that far.

  26. Dogged January 6, 2012 @ 4:41 pm

    Martin Luther, the father of the Protestant Reformation, warned of the Jewish threat before he died.

    He wrote a book entitled “On the Jews and their Lies.” ( )

    In it he demonstrates how the Jews blaspheme Jesus and Mary and how they invent lies about the scriptures to deny that Jesus is the Messiah.

    Martin Luther said he was aware of the writings of the Jews, that the Jews invent all kinds of evil against us (Gentiles) and that their blasphemous Talmuds should be taken from them and their synagogues burned to the ground and they should not be allowed to practice their abominable usury.

    Unfortunately, Luther’s warnings were not heeded.

  27. Oceania's Cat January 6, 2012 @ 4:43 pm

    No wonder the Nazis rounded up all the Jews and placed them into Concentration camps.

    Might I suggest that America does the same with this very Legislation.

    After all, isn’t an Israeli American just an Israeli?

  28. Bubba January 6, 2012 @ 5:45 pm

    V-E-R-Y Interesting video:

    END:CIV Resist Or Die (approx 75 minutes)

    Much of it was shot in my own backyard, (BC Canada) but a Global theme nonetheless.

    I found the latter half the most intriguing, with a logical dissection of why PEACEFUL and PASSIVE protests do not work. History has shown this .

    They are not advocating violence, per se, but that the ELITE have realized that ” protest ” is a given, but the Elite strategy is to promote the pacifistic side of a movement ( Y’know, the one who form a human chain and simply get dragged off in handcuffs ).

    Then the Elite identify the leaders and negotiate through them.

    Gandhi was a prime example….manipulated into a puppet.

    This video ( BTW: not all of which I agree with ) exposes the way dissent is managed, and how we all need to re-strategize to facilitate the needed change

  29. Lord Lucan January 6, 2012 @ 8:44 pm

    @$10 Bagel

    Yes. You are right about the UK as the financial wing, and the USA as the military wing, of a nasty vulture.

    This act of NDAA is simply to protect Jews as they are well aware of what is coming next. I am sure this Act will also be pushed through EU.

  30. debalazo January 7, 2012 @ 2:06 am

    Oh – you shameless one!

    “Timothy O’Leary — Jews have not risen to their obvious prominence as a result of some nefarious Satanic cabal.”

    Directly from the Protocols; directly from the Talmud; directly from the demented rabbis; directly from Satanic Babylon… Want CAKE?

    “They have done so because of their superior intelligence (an average IQ of 110”)

    Arf-arf! That was GROSS! A very thorough investigation against your mouth spill, is “Are jews intelligent” – Fathers Manifesto. Google. Poor creatures, lowest of the lowest; below the black race. IQ-70. For lack of intelligence, you use cunning, deceit, treachery, ad nauseam.

    “and the natural human tendency to support our own kind.”

    ‘human’?? You mean, poisonous wasps from a hive, yes indeed.

    “…for the first time in history, Jews find it within their grasp to dominate the world…”

    In your blinding dumbness, you can’t see that you are EXPOSED…Secrecy is gone.

    A majority around the world is much aware and cursing you. Not one single bullet has been fired yet against the Beast from the Latrine in Babylonia, and when in false security you take the next step, arrest and harm Americans, all Hell will descend upon your heads.

    So much so, that the coward pariahs in israhell are getting passports to flee for their lives. Enjoy hell, soon.

  31. Susie January 7, 2012 @ 8:37 am

    Bro. Nathanael,

    What amazes me is that you are more direct, “Jewish Police State,” than non-Jews that I know that ‘say’ they want to save our nation!

    Lieberman is the one responsible for knocking off of YouTube videos that warn Americans and videos about the USS Liberty. He is a true Jewish censor. He said he would take off ‘anything offensive to the Jews.’

    Susan Lindauer, who wrote ‘Extreme Prejudice’ about our government knowing about 9-11 and the Towers/planes at least 5 months before it happened, was DETAINED by the Patriot Act in a women’s prison for a year (to shut her up) and then released with no charges.

    I promise that as soon as I get some money, I am making a contribution to your site.


    ‘Moral Cowards’ on

  32. Mark Jeffreys January 7, 2012 @ 8:40 am


    Yeah, it looks like we have caught ourselves a nice fat little Jewish piggy trying to tippy-toe his way into a Goyim discussion and surreptitiously leave his droppings so his poison can flavour the discussion.

    Let’s have a look at what he really said and how Jewish tactics work to psychologically manipulate our thinking this is a classic case.

    I will translate each paragraph into what he is really trying to achieve.

    Firstly he tells us rather bluntly that Jews haven’t become so powerful because the are organized into a tightly knit international crime organization called International Jewry and Freemasonry, and they don’t use sorcery spell casting and other forms of demon invocation according to their kabballah religion.


    He tells us that it’s actually because they are so smart! Yes these poor little Jews are not devious evil, schemers that stand together like one man and work behind the scenes to empower each other and to destroy and enslave the goyim by taking control of every sphere of of our earthly existence. No not at all. It’s only now for the first time in history that these poor Jews can only start to dominate us because they are so gifted so much brighter than us it’s only fair they should dominate us! Sniff, sniff, sniff, oh give these poor gifted Jews a chance they have suffered so much, it’s only now they can achieve something.


    He then goes on to mention the big Jewish financial organizations that enslave us, keep us in perpetual labour and poverty, lets remember the words of the Protocols, “… the Goyim must be kept so burdened and bowed down with heavy labour that he is not able to look up..”

    Why must the Goy not look up? Because if he looks up he will have time to see what the Jew has done to him and make plans and have a little resources left over to make a plan to break the shackles of his oppressor.
    He then gives the advice of “..follow the money…” like stupid unthinking Goy sheep we must just follow the money our whole thinking and outlook must be based on figures, even social problems like alcohol abuse, delinquency and others are simply solved by taxation, or punishment in courts in terms of fines when we know full well that a $50.00 fine to a Goyim mother trying to feed her children is a massive amount. The same $50.00 to a Jew banker he would use to light his cigar. In other words the Goy is treated like a stupid donkey and when the Jew holds out his carrot on a stick the Goy donkey must be trained to just chase after the carrot.

    He tells us that we are just too weak to do anything about it. The Jews control all the media and public opinion forming tools, and we have no hope at all. But mind you he says this is not because Jews are evil schemers who planned this evil take over in concert with international Jewry as a long term strategy many years ago. Noooo, nu nu nu, not at all it’s JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE SO MUCH SMARTER THAN US, NATURALLY GIFTED YOU KNOW BY THEIR god OF “ISRAEL” YOU KNOW…TELLING US THAT JEWS ARE MORE INTELLIGENT THAN US IS AN OLD JEWISH TRICK TO JUSTIFY THEIR SLAVERY OF US IN OUR MINDS, IT IS A COMPLETE MYTH, GO SCRATCH A LITTLE DEEPER ON THE WORK OF THESE JEW GENIUSES AND YOU FIND THERE WERE OTHER JEWS PULLING STRINGS. If you want proof of this go and look at the companies the Jews have stolen from the Goy, they always get high intelligence white, Germanic, Scandinavian management and workers.

    Also look at their bullshit success stories like Google, the myth that these two poor, highly “intelligent” Jew boys set up this teeny weeny little company in their garage and LOOK how the god of Israel has blessed them NOW A MASSIVE COMPANY. Google was funded by serious Jew money and the rest was a cute story to deceive the Goy into believing what wonderful country we have you just have to work hard and be clever like the Jews and you too can start a company in your basement and make bazzilions of dollars, pure bullshit Goy manipulation.

    He gives us more disinformation to the effect that China is in opposition to International Jewry another complete lie.

    The Jews have used the Chinese to enslave us, yes mighty America is in debt to the tune of billions to China. As it says in the Bible. “The lender shall be a slave to the borrower” How can the mightiest most productive, technologically advanced country in the world borrow money from a country whose people were living wretched lives in mud huts and poverty when America was sending astronauts to the moon.

    The Jews through international money schemes did this to America. As mentioned in my earlier post Communist China is the result of the Jewish plans, I think it was in the fifties that there was a Jew in the senior leadership of Communist China, there may still be for all I know. It was Elizabeth Dilling in her book that showed us that international Jewry and Communism were synonymous.
    Lt Gen Jack Mohr that great man of God, and a very brave fighter against the Jews showed us in his book “The hidden power behind Freemasonry” that Jews and communists are one and the same thing.

    He goes on to say. “For now, a prudent person will arrange his affairs in such a way as to accommodate to the reality of a Jewish controlled North America and Europe”.

    What he is saying is cower before the Jew bend down, obey him completely it’s the smart thing to do. This is pure psychological intimidation, he is lying to us, telling us there is no hope for us, BECAUSE THE VERY THING THE JEWS FEAR THE MOST IS HOPE IN THE HEART OF THE GOYIM. BECAUSE WHEN WE HAVE HOPE AND FAITH IN OUR GOD, AND WE START TO MAKE PLANS OUR DEFEAT OF THE JEW IS VERY POSSIBLE AND I BELIEVE WILL COME.


  33. Joe Cortina January 7, 2012 @ 2:13 pm

    Try this yourself – I did ( and don’t hold your breath)

    Google in this phrase – or similar:


    Our military has become the fearsome collective ‘BORG’ monster of Star Trek.

    My know nothing son — proud to be a member of our AmeriKan Gestapo — is making FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT more as a PFC that I did as a full company commander with a hugely responsible job.

    My modest SS check had increased only 6% in the past ten years and not one cent in the past three years! My son’s ARMY pay increased 8% just last month! As a nation – we are unquestionably fiscally bankrupt, yet he make as much as I did in the seventies as a top rookie salesman for IBM!

    Every sleazebag psychopath on the block who can’t make it on the ‘outside’ has discovered our Jew-controlled Army will provide a comfy, good-paying job.

    In case you have forgotten the fairly recent interview with Brother Nathanael – let’s refresh your minds. In it, as a former USATC basic training company commander, I voiced serious concerns over the sick twisted violence these kids — our sons — were being taught by jew authorities.

    Specifically, they are now being indocrinated into following orders to ‘KICK IN THE DOORS” of civilian homes and terrorize and or murder the helpless occupants should they resist.

    Let me tell you something folks.

    You put that kind of criminal Jew mentality crap in the mind of a kid who spends SIX TO EIGHT HOURS A DAY playing the most violent war games (Gears Of War etc) imaginable (all created by Jew filth); who hasn’t the FOGGIEST notion of ANYTHING about this nation — it’s history, our Founding Fathers, the Constitution and the Bill Of rights, cannot name a single Presidential candidate:

    Combine those facts with their ignorant ‘Silly Putty’ filled brains, AND NOW ADD this latest high treason against ALL Americans as the law of the land, and you have ALL the requirements for a mindless, armed, JACK-BOOTED mob of useful idiot thugs who WILL (AS ALREADY PROVEN — 29 PALMS) MURDER THEIR OWN PEOPLE ON DEMAND!

    For those of you still stupid and ignorant enough to not believe that is possible or even a realistic threat – here is a HISTORIC reminder of the dark side of mankind.

    CUBA – CASTRO – of half a million civilians imprisoned about half died

    CAMBODIA – POL POT – over two million murdered. That was almost THRITY PERCENT OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION!

    USSR – STALIN – over SIXTY MILLION – many who were Christians



    There were ‘common denominators’ in all of these imprisonments and grizzly mass murders:

    (1) ALL were done by an obedient military – common people who UNHESTIATINGLY ARRESTED, BEAT, TERRORIZED and eventually MURDERED THEIR OWN NEIGHBORS!! Sound familiar?

    (2) ALL of the murdered were CIVILIANS! ALL were murdered under the pretext of being enemies of the State who dared to speak out against injustice and crime. Sounding more familair?

    (3) ALL of these regimes were Communist: COMMUNISM = JUDAISM. ALL having their roots created by Jews like Lenin, Marx, Engles and the usual suspects. Obama and the entire Demoncrap Party is leftist – AND loaded with Jews.

    (4) ALL of these mega-tragedies happened because of the ignorance of the masses, sheeple who trusted their government, until it was to late. Do we see that EXACT SAME ignorance and or indifference here today?

    (5) ALL of the killing was against a defenseless population and was executed by THEIR OWN MILITARY – NOT The military of a foreign power! We have a Godless MERCENARY military today which has UNQUESTIONABLY committed more war crimes against helpless innocent civilians than all of the conflicts of the past century combined!

    It is a WIN – WIN situation for the Jews!

    Do you finally see it CLEARLY now? – Or will you have to witness your neighbors disappearing in the middle of the night – never to be seen or heard from again!

    No – of course you don’t (with small exceptions). I have offered my services as a speaker time and time again.

    The combination of my experience as a trainer of young warriors my self — along with the unique coincidence of having a son who was recently trained and conditioned by these new Jew-dominated scum in techniques to be used to enslave our OWN PEOPLE as well as those of other soverign nations — should have been a wake up call to have me speak at every church, civic center and or social organization in my area.

    Not a single person has ever even bothered to contact me. THAT FACT OF INDIFFERENCE is what really scares me.

    BTW – the offer still stands. At least the people DID listen to Paul Revere.

    I would like to know I did all I can for my family and country before I end up in prison, cuffed by my own son’s peers.


  34. Dan January 7, 2012 @ 3:50 pm

    Besides another informative video by Brother Nathaenal, there some REALLY great posts here.

    With all this information coming out seem to be an overload for the common person. The masses are waking up and speaking out, many people now have the info on why, who, what and where…

    So the big issue now that we know what is going on is: WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT?

    Some answers I have received is:


    Have meetings at the local VFW halls

    Start storing food and ammo and just wait

    Donate to information websites and speakers

    Vote for independent politicians

    Run for a local government position

    Pass out newsletters at Walmarts and other public places.

    So what do we start doing about it?

  35. Dogged January 7, 2012 @ 3:59 pm

    @Timothy O’Leary

    I’m going to assume, as Mark Jeffreys pointed out, that you are a Jew mole, spreading your Zionist misinformation to confuse and distract.

    You say, “Jews have not risen to their obvious prominence as a result of some nefarious Satanic cabal.” What a big fat lie.

    Jews have served the Devil and been his church since they killed Christ and they will continue to serve Satan as his church until they repent and believe in Jesus Christ.

    Which will happen according to the prophecies of Saint Paul: “For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.” (Rom 11:25) So until God saves all his elect from among the Gentiles you Jews will continue to chose be blind, spiritually, and agents of Satan, not God, for there is no middle ground.

    But what do we have here? You say, “They have done so because of their superior intelligence (an average IQ of 110) and the natural human tendency to support our own kind.”

    So, you employ your Darwinist language to confuse us into thinking you are some kind of more superiorly evolved species or subspecies of homo sapien. Ha, Jews have always used Darwinist propoganda to blind the minds of the Gentiles to the truth of God’s word.

    Take away the literal interpretation of the book of Genesis and you take away any credibility in the Bible and any belief in God. “Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzsche-ism. To us Jews, at any rate, it should be plain to see what a disintegrating importance these directives have had upon the minds of the goyim” (Protocol 2).

    There you have it, who is responsible for spreading the lie that the world is 5 billions years old, and that we evolved from apes? The Devil and by extention his church the Synagogue of Satan and its adherents the unbelieving, rerobate Jews.

    I see the propaganda all over the place, subtly spreading the lies about the origins of man and the age of the earth. You know that, silly Jew.

    But what is the aim of the Devil and his children? “[I]t is indispensible for us to undermine all faith, to tear out of the minds of the Goyim the very principle of Godhead and spirit, and to put in its place arithmetical calculations and material needs” (Protocol 4).

    Is that why you tell us to “arrange [our] affairs in such a way as to accommodate to the reality of a Jewish controlled North America and Europe” to set our minds on “arithmetical calculations and material needs”?

    We should be arranging our affairs to get right with God who will judge each and every one of us and will render to each according to his works. The first part of the quote from the Protocols deals with tearing out of the minds of the Gentiles the ideas of Spirit and Godhead.

    For man was created as a soul with a body, who has a mind, or spirit. The mind is the spirit and is immaterial. But Satan has employed his agents to suggest that we are merely physical matter, with no spirit, and that the world was created spontaneously by “chance.”

    But disbelief in the God behind the physical creation is the very thing that God is most displeased with, as says Paul: “For the wrath if God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

    “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse” (Rom 1:18-20).

    So in other words we have ample proof from creation of God’s righteousness and power and Godhead, rendering us without excuse for not worshipping Him. But the Devil blinds the minds of unbelievers, “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them” (2 Cor 4:4).

    You say, “[F]or the first time in history, Jews find it within their grasp to dominate the world.”

    It may be true that the Jews are getting closer to their goal, that is patently obvious, but who is behind it? Is it not Satan, the enemy of all righteousness and foe of God? What will happen to him and his kingdom? It will be forever destroyed and He will spend eternity in a lake of fire burning along with all unbelievers, and perhaps the hottest flames will be reserved for those who have the Law of God but do not obey it.

    So, I exhort you to repent, and come to Jesus Christ, and receive the forgiveness offered you and every Jew (and Gentile), which forgiveness is the free justification in Christ’s blood accomplished on the cross.

    Only Jesus can save you, not your lineage, not your circumcision, not your membership in the nation of carnal Israel, only Christ and Him alone. For the gospel is this: “That Jesus died for our sins, that He rose again, that He was seen by many witnesses, and that He ascended into heaven, and will return to judge the living and the dead.”

    Your false messiah, the Anti-Christ will be cast into a lake of fire “and the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever.” (Rev 14:11)

  36. Mark Jeffreys January 7, 2012 @ 4:34 pm

    Good comment Joe!

    You are spot on about the mindless games produced by the big Jewish companies, not to mention the mountains of rubbish films centred on sex and pride and foolish behaviour promoting every kind of stupid theory and idea.

    Again I always like to refer to the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion, and the Jews who cry it’s a fraud.

    It speaks about Jewish authors who will be promoted who write stories stories about sex, lust, mindless romantic novels to lead stupid Goyim astray, makes me think of Barbara Cartland, that Jewess author of filth, who made millions.

    Go into any municipal library in Britain today which are all under the grip of Freemasonry and you find mountains of worthless s–t. Not one book by the authors who expose Jewry or Freemasonry or on mind control like MK ultra.

    The old saying rubbish in rubbish out holds true. They know that for as long they keep pumping this into the minds of our youth through films, TV, and literature, the fruits will be dumbed down Goy sheep easily handled and led.

    On a different note, I was looking at some Jewish attempts to discredit Brother Nathanael, just really pathetic nonsense and when that was all they could dish up, they turned to him dancing in the street as if that is a crime to have some spark of individuality, not to mention a good “marketing” ploy to get people to take notice of you.

    They then gave a long rambling bulls–t story about the evil Vatican, Jesuits and Catholics how they want to attack the Jews when the Jews know full well that the Catholic church is a Satanist organization under the full control of the Jews. As a secret little signal to other Jews the Pope even wears a big Yamulke. The Rabbis must have a good chuckle up their sleeve when they see the Pope.

    I remember Christmas eve in 2010 on British television they showed a Catholic mass in England. The entire Church, the priests themselves even were festooned with pentacles, the devils sign, completely lost on the brainwashed sheep watching.

    Oh I do get carried away, don’t I?

    Keep up the good work Joe.

  37. sdc8874 January 7, 2012 @ 11:33 pm

    Bro. Nate,

    I’m sorry to be off-topic, but it looks like our Archbishop of Cyprus sold us out to the Jews.

    Chief Rabbi of Israel and Archbishop of Cyprus pledge to deepen ties

    Posted on December 8, 2011 by Gev

    Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger signed a historic declaration on Tuesday in Nicosia, Cyprus, with Archbishop Chrysostomos, primate of the Church of Cyprus, in which the two men promised to deepen relations between the Church and the Jewish people.

    The declaration affirms the illegitimacy of the doctrine of collective Jewish guilt for the deicide of Jesus.

    This is the first time an Orthodox church has explicitly repudiated this doctrine, which was one of the most important factors in the development of religious anti-Semitism in Europe.

    “We, the chief rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, and the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos, give thanks to God for the blessed increase of this mutual respect and affirm our commitment to advancing excellent relations between Cyprus and Israel,” the declaration says.

    The Orthodox Church of Cyprus is one of the 14 autocephalous, or independent, churches of the Eastern Orthodox Communion.

    Adherents of the Orthodox churches number some 300 million people, 700,000 of whom belong to the Church of Cyprus.

    Metzger, Cyprus archbishop pledge to deepen ties
    12/08/2011 02:57

    Joint declaration affirms illegitimacy of doctrine of collective Jewish guilt for death of Jesus, highlights commitment to good

    Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger signed a historic declaration on Tuesday in Nicosia, Cyprus, with Archbishop Chrysostomos, primate of the Church of Cyprus, in which the two men promised to deepen relations between the Church and the Jewish people.

    The declaration affirms the illegitimacy of the doctrine of collective Jewish guilt for the deicide of Jesus.

    This is the first time an Orthodox church has explicitly repudiated this doctrine, which was one of the most important factors in the development of religious anti-Semitism in Europe.

    “We, the chief rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, and the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos, give thanks to God for the blessed increase of this mutual respect and affirm our commitment to advancing excellent relations between Cyprus and Israel,” the declaration says.

    The Orthodox Church of Cyprus is one of the 14 autocephalous, or independent, churches of the Eastern Orthodox Communion.

    Adherents of the Orthodox churches number some 300 million people, 700,000 of whom belong to the Church of Cyprus.

    The declaration explicitly states, however, that the Church of Cyprus was never party to accusations of collective guilt or to the “systematic negation” of Jewry.

    “We accordingly affirm the repudiation of such prejudice as incompatible with the teaching of the Holy Scriptures,” reads the declaration.

    The Roman Catholic Church repudiated the notion of the collective guilt of the Jewish people for Jesus’s death in 1965 with the
    promulgation of the Nostra Aetate, passed by the Second Vatican Council, which states that although some Jewish authorities called for Jesus’s death, blame cannot be apportioned to all Jews from that time, nor can Jews today be held accountable.

    The other major provision of Tuesday’s pronouncement declares that proselytizing among the respective communities “undermines the religious identity of the other” and is “incompatible with mutual respect.”

    “We have signed today a historic declaration about the Jewish relationship with the Orthodox Church,” Metzger told The Jerusalem Post.

    “Until now, the Orthodox churches have been reluctant to take this kind of step, but the Church of Cyprus has taken on this responsibility with today’s brave declaration.

    “We hope that now, step by step, we will be able to enter into similar relationships with the other major Orthodox churches, such as the Greek and the Russian churches,” he said.

    Metzger emphasized the political importance of the declaration, pointing to the strong influence of the churches in Cyprus and the other countries with predominantly Christian Orthodox populations.

    “Many people in these countries look to the approach of their religious leaders for guidance and take their political views from the stance of the Church,” Metzger said.

    “This kind of declaration gives legitimacy to the State of Israel in the eyes of these people and has a significant political impact.”

    Metzger also referred to the strengthening of ties between Cyprus and Israel following the decline in Israel-Turkey relations in recent years.

    “People in Cyprus feel much stronger because they are closer to Israel,” he said.

    “You cannot walk around this country without meeting citizens who will talk of the pain they feel that Turkey stole half their island and occupied it.”

    With an eye on the recent diplomatic strife with Turkey as well as general conflict with other parts of the Islamic world, Metzger called the rapprochement between Judaism and the Orthodox Church a “revolutionary” change, years in the making, which is important in light of a new common “enemy.”

    The declaration also affirmed the teachings of both Judaism and Christianity regarding the sanctity of life and stated that “accordingly, we condemn all acts that desecrate this sanctity, in particular violence and terror against innocents and especially when this involves the abuse of the name of God and religion.”

    Rabbi David Rosen, the international director of interreligious affairs for the American Jewish Committee and honorary adviser to the Chief Rabbinate on interfaith matters, welcomed the declaration, but said that it was only the beginning of the process.

    “It is significant in that the head of the Church of Cyprus is making this declaration,” he said. “But the main importance is the potential to expand the content of this declaration to the greater part of the Orthodox world.”

  38. DachsieLady January 8, 2012 @ 4:37 am

    Interesting article about Cypress. I will search for the link.

    This is a classic case of how the rabbis infiltrate a nation and a Church and start “dialog.” The Roman Catholic Church made a major error in beginning “dialog” with the rabbis and the Jews about 60 years ago. That is why the Roman Catholic Church is in a shambles. The Jews infiltrate and ruin.

    I vaguely recall that there was some historical event that happened involving a ship of Jews coming to Cypress. I cannot recall if it was a military attack or some Jews planning to immigrate and live in Cypress, but the official stance of the government of Cypress since that event was to lock out all Jews from immigrating to Cypress.

    Apparently that policy has been eroded or stopped. Wish I could recall the full facts of that historical event in Cypress history.

  39. DachsieLady January 8, 2012 @ 7:30 am

    Just to get back on topic:

    I think that while it is important and good that those who made this atrocious NDAA happen are fully identified, as Brother Nathanael does so admirably, another important thing to keep in mind about the NDAA is that this Constitution-murdering law tells us with utmost clarity that TYRANNY IS UPON US in the USA.

    We might do better to realize this and start making preparations as best we can rather than primarily focusing on the truth that the Zionist Jews in the US legislature are the ones who are culpable for this murdering of the U.S. Constitution.

  40. USSA TODAY January 8, 2012 @ 9:26 pm

    Does anyone ever wonder why humanity has a knack for ruining anything that’s good?

    Throughout history civilizations have been built up, and torn down by traitors from within and without. This is really depressing. Sorry to be so negative.

    All people want is freedom. Not enough people care so we all suffer. It’s like author Boston T. Party said about gun control, “If everyone would do 1/10th of what a great man like Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America (obviously our great men here are Brother Nathanael, Jeff Rense, Joe Cortina) is doing to protect our freedom then we would see a reversal of all of this bad legislation.”

    Doesn’t anyone realize Congress has the power to reverse any legislation they desire? They won’t. The whole game is rigged by lobbyist money. Who leads in campaign contributions (rhetorical question)?

    Americans should care more about politics than they do. Like many of you, I feel these people out here are impossible to communicate due to their apathy and indifference.

    No one can give up but, our fellow humans can definitely work our patience to it’s ends. I feel this way everyday, anyone else feel annoyed by most people?

  41. Bubba January 8, 2012 @ 11:11 pm

    History as shown that Joe/Jane average citizen does not react until their own door is kicked in and their own abodes’ inhabitants are hauled away….even if there is a pile of info-flyer’s in their mail box warning them of this draconian possibility.

    Sadly, at the end of the day, it may be best to secure one’s own castle, as the communal tent is no longer a viable priority.

  42. Joe Cortina January 9, 2012 @ 7:30 am

    Dachsie Lady – you are so totally aware – spot on! Many in our OWN readership still do NOT ‘GET IT” regarding the jews – in spite of Nathanael’s CONSTANT reminders of their universal wickedness.

    I was raised Roman Catholic and have observed the gradual erosion of the Church as it became more and more like the Jews who wish to destroy it – than the original Christian Church.

    Two millennia later – we have a Pope who talks like a Jew – who acts like a Jew and who even LOOKS like a Jew and a Rabbi!


    You do NOT negotiate or have dialogue with demonic, filthy, wicked creatures without becoming ‘INFECTED’ your self.

    It is just that simple. I am beginning to believe that the LAST and ONLY salvation we may have for mankind is the Orthodox Church. They KNOW WHO and WHAT the Jews are and what their agenda is.

    May they (the OC) be blessed and protected by our Lord – as true and faithful servants.

    Any one of you who STILL clings to the FALSE notion that the Catholic Church is the representative and ‘defender of the faith’ – just watch the official TV network of the Church – EWTN.

    I have observed it dozens and dozens of time over years and have yet to witness the slightest condemnation of the wickedness of the Jew agenda at ANYTIME – not even ONCE!!


  43. DachsieLady January 9, 2012 @ 9:14 am

    The Gospel of Mathew tells us there is a “Church” against which the gates of hell will not prevail.

    I do not know if we can label this “Church” as Orthodox or Roman Catholic. It will exist in such a minimalist form at the return of the Lord that it would be difficult to apply either one of those labels. I surmise that we will move back to a first century AD true Christian Church with many martyrs and many powerful living saints.

    That “Church” will exist in some form until the return of the Lord. That “Church” will continue to exist in heaven and eternity as “the Church triumphant.”

    I am amazed at the Zionist infiltration of all of the popular Catholic media these days. I listen to Relevant Radio and like some of the information, especially about the lives of the saints, but they are universally “infected” — and I do like your word “infected.”

    EWTN has become pretty much of a Zionist mess. I listened briefly to some EWTN radio host last night on my radio and his name was Arroyo. He was interviewing William Bennett who has written a new book about helping young men to be a real man. The book sounded pretty good but when I hear Bill Bennett speak, I think of a Zionist pitiful neocon with, as far as I know, a serious gambling addiction.

    A part of the interview focused on one chapter in the book dealing with politics. Bennet and Arroyo were praising all the neocon politicos as being exemplary Christians and they spoke about all of the current GOP presidential candidates EXCEPT Ron Paul. Ron Paul does not exist in the world of Catholic media.

    I personally do not think Ron Paul can “save” the USA Consitutional Republic. I think that is long gone. We are in survival mode, and as Christians, a dire last-ditch survival mode for our souls and salvation.

    I also think “Roman Catholic” media ought to, by God, seek and speak the full truth, as Christ commanded. To totally ignore Ron Paul, who is a top running GOP candidate, is totally DISHONEST and IS NOT OF THE TRUTH and is totally CHRIST DISHONORING.

  44. Mark Jeffreys January 9, 2012 @ 9:33 am


    I was also raised a Catholic. It was only many years later of the Holy Spirit working on my heart that my eyes were opened to the sad truth. Are they any worse than the thousands of Judeo.Christian churches preaching a false gospel and a double-minded belief?

    (a) The Bible teaches us that “…he who denies that Jesus is the Christ is the anti-christ…”

    (b) The Judeo-Christian churches teach that the Jews who deny that Jesus is the Christ are God’s chosen people, can you see the falsehood?

    In Biblical times there were two tribes in what is today southern Palestine/Israhell. One was the tribe of Benjamin and the other the tribe of Judah, from which we get the term the Judeans which was shortened much later to Jew.

    So Judeans were just one of the twelve tribes of Israel that is true Israel, not that robbers den on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The false Judeo-Christian pastors tell us that all true Israel was Jewish, this is a complete lie.

    IMO, we white Christian people who migrated across Europe are the remaining 11 tribes of True Israel, that is why to this day the whites are still called Caucasians because when true Israel moved up from Palestine into Europe they came through certain passes in the Caucasus Mountains.

    In Galations the Apostle writes to “..the twelve tribes scattered abroad…” that’s why IMO white Christians are the only people who had the Bible in Europe?

    In 740 AD king Bulan of the Khazars a kingdom in what is western Turkey, for strategic purposes converted his whole tribe to Judaism, and that included the teachings of the Babylonian Talmud which the Jews had since the Babylonian captivity.

    These false Ashkenazi Jews slowly moved across Europe over the next few hundred years proclaiming to this day to be God’s chosen people and cry anti-semtic when someone tells them “not so.” In fact these Khazar Jews who make up 90% of Jews today don’t have a drop of semitic blood in them.

    I believe it is us white Christians who are true Israel and are Semitic. They have pulled off a fraud on us.

    But this is God’s promise of punishments and curses for turning away and we still do it as a nation from God’s laws.

    Jesus taught us to obey God’s word and to love him with all our heart, soul, and mind.

  45. Mark Jeffreys January 9, 2012 @ 11:25 am


    I agree with your comment on martyrs and saints. As the Bible says “many are called but few are chosen.” The Bible makes it clear that there will only be a very small remnant of true Israel, that will be preserved by the Lord.

    I see that you are having a hard time trying to find something worth while to listen to on the radio, which is not surprising as you certainly don’t sound like one of the foolish sheep.

    I often listen to the Scriptures for America radio station they have a short wave transmitter but I just use the internet. The website is

    Just click on one of the media player choices like Windows etc.

    They also have a large archive of sermons of the late Pastor Peter Peters available for free in audio or video.
    They often have replays of these sermons and teachings of his on the radio.

    On youtube there are some very good video of interviews that pastor Peters did with Eustace Mullins, Lt Gen Jack Mohr and E.Raymond Capt.

    He did a very good video called DC STREET SORCERY which is on the Google video archive.

    That great British Historian David Irving who dared to speak the truth about the Jews and has faced all kinds of attacks on him since the 1970’s his videos on Youtube are very entertaining and informative.

    I liked his video on the Holocaust fraud.

    I hope you get some use and entertainment from the above, good luck and God bless.

  46. DachsieLady January 9, 2012 @ 12:14 pm

    Thanks Mark for the site to maybe get some good Scripture exegesis.

    I fear that the Jews / Zionists are going to infiltrate the Orthodox Church, after reading that posting about Cypress.

    No matter how all of this sifts out, I believe here in the USA, and really the whole world, are in for some very war-filled, poverty filled times.

    They are turning everything into a hideous police state and there is a story about how local police are going to pay people $1000 to rat out anyone who owns and carries a firearm. They want to turn us all into being suspicious of each other. I think a radically sold-out-to-Christ church is the only place where we will be able to have close community with other people in these coming bad times.

    I feel that a radically Christian community would be able to sniff out a Jewish infiltrator quite easily and such a community would have the strong protection of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, what I see on the horizon is pure Hell.

  47. etterling January 9, 2012 @ 1:50 pm

    I´m Catholic too.-

    But, for once, lets be practical.-

    Our Church is under extreme pressure and does whoever it can do, living in countries were masons control civil power, justice, military and media makes for tough times for a Christian society and religious practice.-

    Masons are for Christians what Judas was to Jesus, and that´s reason for so much Jewish power: betrayal.-

    The tempting of a shortcut to success in life, “… see for yourself, there is nothing wrong in our gatherings”, or “… we just work for human understanding”, convinces many not so innocent fellows to join lodges, who take the oath of secrecy and obedience, and worst, to inform the lodge all about neighbors, family and friends.-

    A true fifth column installed in every town, and makes those traitors elligible for office or a steady public job as being reccomended by “brothers” already in strategic places.-

    Of course, support for Jewish policies becomes part and parcel of their jobs, and when the time comes of a MSM interview (they are the only ones receiving attention from media) they regularly and obsequiously join the wagon of homosexuality, banking power, permanent warfare, abortion, euthanasia, separation of Church from State and everything within the scope of a single global dominance, as advised in lodges, for issues that many times are repugnant to their consciences.

    But under the scare of losing every asset and becoming ostracized, execrated and desecrated, choose to keep the “30 coins” of their traitorous lives, justifying lack of any moral consideration with the excuse of done for the sake of “progress”.-

    Responsibles for many political, military, economic, and social wrongdoings of American history, the Judeo-masonic gang would not easily step aside when time comes of government change, so their control of both parties assures no investigation nor justice would ever come across of their criminal tyranny placed upon the lives of American People.-

  48. etterling January 9, 2012 @ 2:02 pm

    In order to fight the gang, check on community members of lodges, and isolate them from participating in regular meetings, parties, events or family gatherings. Further on ask them to be explicit about their membership, and if members to explain how they manage to be exterior “Christians” and simultaneously supporters of every single anti-Christian measure taken by the GVMT.-

    And if they resort to the secrecy oath, just tell them: how can we know that what you are doing it is good when it is secret.-

  49. Bubba January 9, 2012 @ 2:13 pm

    I think that it is the unresolved Hegelian Dialectic that confuses many Christians.

    The Chosen People are still waiting for Messiah, so does this mean Christians get first prize when Christ returns and the Jews get runner up????, But will we ALL be Christians at the 2nd coming ? Everybody sing Oh Lord…..Koom-Bay-Ya ?

    Thanks to others for assisting me in the epiphany that IF you do NOT believe in Christ N-O-W, or soon… will be SOL. Jews do not get a “Free Pass from Hell”.

    There will not be warnings, it will be like a thief in the night, sudden and at any time.

    The Jews may believe in God….but salvation is going the next level.

    They may have been the Chosen people, in the past, and actually God wished for them to be saved, along with the Gentiles, but many Jews rebuked him.

    Sorry, the NEW Chosen people are those converts to Christianity…PERIOD.

    I am a Catholic, but I am also researching what others claim has been a sell out and dilution of the true faith.

    The Sheep are lead astray and to the slaughter if they buy into the misinterpretation of who God’s CHOSEN actually are NOW.

  50. Mark Jeffreys January 9, 2012 @ 3:07 pm


    Yes, I think the infiltration of the Churches has been going on for long time, I recall reading of a Pope Clement in the early 1700’s already warning of Freemasons infiltrating the Catholic church.

    In Britain, I don’t think it is possibe to attain any position of authority in any church without being a Jew and/or Freemason son of the Devil.

    I agree, I think we are in for hard times, I believe the third world war started just after 9/11 as planned. Aaron Russo who was running for governor of Arizona when he befriended Nick Rockefeller who told him 11 months before 9/11 about a planned war on terror which will never end against a non-existent enemy.

    He gave a very interesting interview to windbag Alex Jones, on Youtube. 1.7 mil hits

    Police in Britain are constantly telling the public to report “suspicious behaviour,” recorded messages train stations etc.
    People in Britain are horribly brainwashed, their brains remind me of the little creme caramel puddings that pop out of little plastic tubs, each one exactly the same; thanks to the mind control of the BBC.

    We need to walk very close to our Lord Jesus always listening for his warnings in the Spirit.

    God bless

  51. William January 9, 2012 @ 4:11 pm

    The City of London, and other Illuminati/Bilderberger/Freemason criminals KNOW that, as more and more Americans see the FACTS of the false flag attacks on America on 911 by very high levels of the US government and Israel, these Americans will become more resistant to the rule of the false Jew Khazars.

    So, now that these evil Talmudic Satanists have “momentum” from Iraq, they will push for more and more wars for Israel, and the total destruction of America and the US Constitution.

    Why should they hold back now — they have America defeated because the US Congress is just a pack of cowards and FOOLS!

  52. SINNER January 9, 2012 @ 6:42 pm


    I need that link or reprint of the article on:


    Please find it and post or direct me to the link.

    Thank you in advance.

  53. Makaveli January 9, 2012 @ 8:01 pm


    The Jews may believe in God….but salvation is going the next level.

    Yes they believe in God but it’s not the SAME God, the one we believe differs greatly from the one they worship.


    Yes Joe, Jews are trying to infiltrate the Orthodox Church through the West (or it had been started in 1923 by the Ecumenical Patriarch).

    According to the Orthodox Holy Fathers those who are supposed to be DEFENDING THE FAITH meaning, they are going to be the first ones to betray CHRIST.

    It started with the Ecumenical Patriarch Meletios Metaxakis who was in very good terms with the WEST (Catholics), and also a Freemason decided to betray the Orthodox church by introducing the forbidden fruit (the Papal or Gregorian Calendar as well as some of Ecumenistic teachings).

    According to the Seventh Ecumenical Council:

    “If someone sets aside any tradition of the Church, written or unwritten, let him be anathema. “

    According to St. Augustine: “Let there be no innovations, because innovations defile antiquity.”

    The True Orthodox use the Julian Calendar or have been till 1923, now only Russia, Serbia, Mount Sinai, Mount Athos, and JERUSALEM rely on the old Julian Calendar.

    Catholics managed to convert masses by FORCE, which is against what Jesus Christ taught. I discussed this in another post, don’t mean to be repeating myself.

    Also I’m not blaming/judging the people as one Orthodox Saint said: “the fault does not lie with the flock, but with the shepherds.”

    Then you also have certain Oriental Orthodox excluding Armenians who still observe the canonical old Julian Calendar. Apart from a minority of True Orthodox who keep the canonical Old Julian calendar, a majority of Greeks, Romanians, Bulgarians and the rest of the Eastern Orthodox switched over to the new hybrid Gregorian/Julian calendar also sometimes referred to as Revised Julian calendar to confuse and divide the masses.

    (Average Joe) does not understand the significance of this, he is too busy trying to survive in this capitalistic world.

    Going back to Ecumenical Patriach Metaxakis who was a Freemason, who introduced the new calendar without the Synod(Ecumenical Council), the same way the Catholic Pope introduced the New Gregorian Calendar without the Synod.

    Additionally let me quickly brush up on, Patriach Metaxakis who was sworn in to protect the true faith of Christ, (Brother Nathanael knows this ask him).

    Metaxakis acted in defiance of Holy Tradition, he did something he had no right to do; by usurping and taking the authority that rightly belongs to the council and breaking the continuous liturgical cycle and thus violently disrupting the liturgical unity of the entire Orthodox Church.

    Moreover after doing so he was plagued by disease and censured by his conscience, Meteaxakis died by saying: “I’m suffering because I split the Church.”

    There are a numerous number of Saints as well the Holy Fathers who condemned the Catholic church for disobeying the Holy Tradition and the Holy Fathers, the Apostolic Canons as well as what Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself taught!

    Saint Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain, according to whom the Latins “are age-old heretics.”

    Saint Kosmas of Aetolia, who, with his simple teachings, used to warn the Christians to “fear the pope,” because he was “the incarnation of the insidious figure of the antichrist.”

    Canon 64 of the Holy Apostles: “If a Clergyman or a Layman should enter a Jewish synagogue, or pray with heretics, let him be excommunicated and defrocked.”

    Canon 37 of the Local Synod of Laodicea:. “One must not accept the festive tokens sent by Jews or heretics, nor celebrate together with them.”

    We proclaim that Roman Catholicism is a womb of heresies and fallacies. The Holy Fathers have, for centuries, viewed the Roman Catholicism as a womb of heresies, beginning with the adoption and promulgation of the filioque clause.

    Consider the following statements from another Confession of Faith from modern times, the Patriarchal Encyclical of 1848: “As soon as [the filioque] was introduced into the Churches of the West it brought forth disgraceful fruits, bringing with it, little by little, other novelties, for the most part contrary to the express commands of our Savior in the Gospel.

    According to Patriarchal Encyclical of 1895 (a copy was sent to the Papacy): “But the present Roman Church is the Church of innovations, of the falsification of the writings of the Church Fathers, and of the misinterpretation of the Holy Scripture and of the decrees of the holy councils, for which she has reasonably and justly been disowned, and is still disowned, so far as she remains in her error….

    As has been said before, the Western Church, from the tenth century downwards, has privily brought into herself through the papacy various and strange and heretical doctrines and innovations, and so she has been torn away and removed far from the true and orthodox Church of Christ.”

    The teaching of the “Filioque” – that is, the procession of the Holy Spirit AND from the Son – is contrary to everything that Christ Himself taught about the Holy Spirit.

    “I believe… in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of Life, who proceeds from the Father, who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and together glorified.” This, the original form, is recited unchanged by the East to this day in the Symbol of Faith.

    But, the West inserted an extra phrase “and from the Son” (in Latin, filioque), so that their Creed now reads “who proceeds from the Father and the Son.

    The entire chorus of Fathers, both in Synods and individually, regard Roman Catholicism as a heresy because apart from the Filioque, it produced a host of other fallacies: such as the primacy and the infallibility of the Pope, the unleavened bread (host), the fires of Purgatory, the immaculate conception of the Theotokos, created Grace, the purchasing of absolution (indulgences)… it has altered nearly all of the teaching and the practice pertaining to Baptism, Chrismation, the Divine Eucharist and the other Sacraments, and has converted the Church to a secular State.

    Contemporary Roman Catholicism has deviated even further than the medieval Latins from the teaching of the Church, to the extent that it no longer comprises a continuance of the ancient Church of the West.

    It has introduced a swarm of new exaggerations in its “Mariology,” such as the teaching that the Theotokos is a parallel redeemer of the human race. It has reinforced the “Charismatic Movement” of Pentecostal (supposedly Spirit-centered) groups.

    It has adopted eastern mysticism, such as Hindu and Buddhist religious practices and methods of prayer and meditation. It has introduced additional innovations into Divine worship, such as dances and musical instruments.

    It has shortened and essentially ruined the Divine Liturgy. With respect to Ecumenism it has set down the basis for a unification of all religions with its Second Vatican Council, by recognizing “spiritual life” in the people of other religions.

    Dogmatic minimalism has led it to a diminishing of moral requirements, on account of the bond between dogma and morality, resulting in the moral failures of leading clergymen and an increase in moral deviations such as homosexuality and pedophilia among clergymen.

    By continuing to support “Uniatism” – that sad caricature of Orthodoxy with which it victimizes and proselytizes faithful – the Vatican is sabotaging the dialogue and is contradicting its supposedly sincere intentions for union.

    Generally speaking, after the Second Vatican Council there has been a radical change in Catholicism and a turn towards movements of the “New Age.”

    According to Saint Simeon of Thessaloniki, the Mystagogue, “Papism” caused more damage to the Church than ALL the heresies and schisms combined.

    It is for this reason that, as St. Symeon states, with each such pope, “not only do we have no communion, but we also call him a heretic.”

    On account of their blasphemy against the Holy Spirit with their teaching of the Filioque, they forfeited the presence of the Holy Spirit and therefore everything of theirs is deprived of Grace.

    Not one of their Mysteries (Sacraments) is valid, according to Saint Simeon: “Therefore the innovators are blaspheming and are far away from the Spirit, by blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, hence everything of theirs is graceless, inasmuch as they have violated and have demoted the Grace of the Spirit…

    Some quotes on Pope and by Popes:

    “Only the Roman Pontiff is rightly called universal; the Pope can be judged by no one; no one can be regarded as a catholic who does not agree with the Roman church” — Pope Gregory VII

    “The Pope is of so great dignity and so exalted that he is not mere man, but as it were God, and the vicar of God…Hence the Pope is crowned with a triple crown, as king of heaven and of earth and of the lower regions.” — From a Papally-endorsed encyclopedia

    The Pope proceeds to also say that he cannot be judged by anyone and that he has God’s authority over mankind in both civil and ecclesiastical spheres, the civil being utterly subordinate to the ecclesiastical….Pope Boniface VIII

    “The pope, as the Vicar of Christ on earth, possesses the same full power of jurisdiction that Christ Himself possessed during His human life.” — Pope Clement VI.

    “The pope can do all things God can do.” — Nicolaus de Tudeschis

    “Though unworthy, We take the place of God on earth” — Pope Benedict XIV

    “Every cleric must obey the pope, even if he commands what is evil; for no one may judge the pope.” — Innocent III

    “The Pope is Christ in office, Christ in jurisdiction and power…We bow down before thy voice, O Holy Father, as we would before Christ Himself.” — Vatican I

    The Pope is “God on earth” John Bosco — considered a great modern saint and doctor by the Papacy

    “The pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ, but he is Jesus Christ Himself, hidden under the veil of the flesh. –Pope ‘St.’ Pius X

    As stated by the Elder Porphyrios from the Mount Athos:

    I believe in one God, Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible. And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all ages; Light of Light, true God of true God, begotten, not created, of one essence with the Father through Whom all things were made.

    Who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary and became man.

    He was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate, and suffered and was buried; And He rose on the third day, according to the Scriptures.

    He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father; And He will come again with glory to judge the living and dead. His kingdom shall have no end….”

    HE is the One we believe in. So, in our faith, it says that He is the Founder of the Orthodox faith and that all other religions are not the same as this one. There is only one religion: The Orthodox Christian faith, and that Orthodox spirit is the true one.

    As you can see WE DO NOT AND NEVER will accept the Pope as the Christ on Earth for we only know one God, Father, Almighty, Creator, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    The following key Churches in Jerusalem belong to the Orthodox Church:

    – The Chapel of Nativity in Bethlehem where Christ was Born.
    – The upper church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.
    – There is an Orthodox Church in a Shepherds Field, where shepherds in Bethlehem were the first to find out about the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    – There is an Orthodox Church where Martha and Mary once Lived.
    – The Shrine at Golgotha where the Cross Stood belongs to the Orthodox Church.
    – The Place Where Our Lord’s Body was Anointed For Burial belongs to the Orthodox Church.
    – The Lord’s Tomb belongs to the Orthodox Church.
    – The Orthodox Church of the Mother of God’s Tomb.
    – The Cave Where Saint John the Theologian Wrote the book of Revelation belongs to the Orthodox Church.
    – The Largest Piece of the True Cross Enshrined is on Mount Athos (which also belongs to Orthodox Church).
    – The Church of Holy Sepulcher ( or The church of the Resurrection of Christ) belongs to the Orthodox Church.

    Lastly the miraculous appearance of the Holy Fire on Great Saturday (Julian Calendar NOT GREGORIAN), in the Tomb of the Savior in Jerusalem for 2,000 years.

    The reception of the Holy Fire belongs exclusively to the Orthodox Church. Heterodox (non-Orthodox) representatives have tried to receive it without success. The appearance of the Holy Fire is the greatest visible manifestation of the Paradise of God in our sinful world, serving for the enlightenment and salvation for us sinners.

    People of many nations come to see this miracle including Greeks, Serbs, Russians, Armenians, Arabs, Englishmen, Americans, Frenchmen, Turks, Orthodox Christian Hebrews, Orthodox Palestinians and many many more.

    If you stand outside the church on a higher vantage point, you can see a clear thin zig zag of light like lightning flash from above and striking down downwards where our Lords Tomb is (the Church of Holy Sepulcher). And this happens not on a fixed annual date, but with the lunar moveable feast cycle of Orthodox Easter.

    If you ever get a chance travel to the Holy Land to experience the Light of Christ that appears at the Tomb of Jesus only on Orthodox Christian Easter (“Julian Calendar” not the West’s “revised Julian/Gregorian Calendar” which Catholics/Protestants use).

    God Bless,

    IC XC
    NI KA

  54. DachsieLady January 9, 2012 @ 8:40 pm

    Metzger, Cyprus archbishop pledge to deepen ties
    12/08/2011 02:57

    Joint declaration affirms illegitimacy of doctrine of collective Jewish guilt for death of Jesus, highlights commitment to good relations.


    But remember:

    January 7, 2012 @ 11:33 pm

    Is the one who told us about this in this thread. He is an Orthodox resident of Cypress and would have the most insight as to the full importance of this.

  55. James January 9, 2012 @ 8:50 pm

    This link has a lot of very pertinent info, which goes into certain areas quite deeply, and uncovers some deceptions. I’d be interested in others’ comments, especially regarding the veracity of the information presented.

  56. sdc8874 January 9, 2012 @ 9:17 pm

    Link on Cyprus

  57. DachsieLady January 10, 2012 @ 5:44 am

    James, regarding Barbara Aho and her Watch Unto Prayer writings, I used to read her stuff years ago, but came to conclusion, to put it briefly, “something just not right” about her and her writings.

    Somehow, some way, we need to keep our focus on Jesus Christ, the One Who said He is Truth. We need to cling to Christ and He will protect us. This world is control of the Evil One and unless Jesus controls our hearts, souls, and minds, we can get tripped up in to worldly philosophies and writings and movements.

    Let our Redeemer lead our indiviudal lives and we will stay on the path to heaven and the beatific vision. Self and this world, and even The Protocols, no matter how real a document the Protocols may be, are obstacles that Jesus and His Holy Spirit will surely help us avoid.

    Jesus and His Holy Word give us all we need to wage this war against the principlatities and powers of darkness. (I am not saying “sola scriptura” because there are several places in the New Testment that say that the spoken word as well as the written word make up our instruction and guide.)

  58. DachsieLady January 10, 2012 @ 6:07 am

    Here is an insightful article that the RC Church uncovered unequivocable the Judeo – Masonic plot in 1936

    Catholics Unveiled Masonic Jewish Plot in 1936
    March 26, 2010

    Excerpt from this article…


    “We are the Fathers of all Revolutions – even of those which sometimes happen to turn against us. We are the supreme Masters of Peace and War. We can boast of being the Creators of the REFORMATION! Calvin was one of our Children; he was of Jewish descent, and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the Reformation.

    “Martin Luther yielded to the influence of his Jewish friends, and again, by Jewish authority and with Jewish finance, his plot against the Catholic Church met with success…

    “Thanks to our propaganda, to our theories of Liberalism and to our misrepresentations of Freedom, the minds of many among the Gentiles were ready to welcome the Reformation. They separated from the Church to fall into our snare. And thus the Catholic Church has been very sensibly weakened, and her authority over the Kings of the Gentiles has been reduced almost to naught.. ”

    “misrepresenations of Freedom” is key to understanding Libertarianism and libertarianism. Jesus Christ, our God, has a very different take on “Freedom”. It has to do with “the glorious freedom of the children of God.”

    Amerika was not founded on God’s concept of freedom. The entire “Protestant Revolution (not Reformation)” was a Jewish confection. John Darby of England in the 1830s came in with his new theology of “dispensationalism”, millenarianism (heresy of chiliasm), and “Christian Zionism”. I have established where Jew Samuel Untermyer financed Cyrus Scofield, but I have not yet uncovered the Jewish influences on John Darby.

  59. Jarrad January 10, 2012 @ 11:41 am

    That’s pretty insane Brother Nate – I mean the footage you show with that person being shoved into a vehicle and take into custody.

    I did hear about the severity of what terrorists or suspected terrorists have to endure, but I do want to point out a few key areas.

    First, if you torture, humiliate, or do any inhumane act to a terrorist, do you not believe this just adds to the problem?

    Second, do you not fathom that a terrorist has connected with you if you incite or cause terror to them or their associates? How then are you different then a terrorist???

    Third, terrorists exist for a reason. How about not giving them a reason to exist???? Try to understand why they are terrorists, and not how to deal with them if they decide to cause harm. Eliminate the root causes and you get rid of terrorists.

    As for citizenship, what the hell is Joseph L. talking about? Terrorists do not have a homeland; they don’t belong to any nation or religion; they just are and always will be out there to create mayhem, chaos, death, and destruction until someone eliminates the root causes for their actions!

    People it’s time to wake up! Terrorism cannot be tamed unless counter-terrorists can be tamed. Both sick sides of the game have to exert self-control for it only takes time until they become indistinguishable.

    What would be the difference between a terrorist and a counter-terrorist if both having the funding, aid, manipulation, and mind to cause harm to the other side? I see no difference, since both sides just continuously hurt non-combatants.

    To me, both sides need to be eliminated.

  60. Dan January 10, 2012 @ 7:58 pm

    Still no fantastic informative answers on what to do about it, other than secure your homes and wait???

    Not really seeing answers come from the Occupy Movement members either.

    Wonderful info about what is happening, but not much on how to reverse or stop it.

  61. DachsieLady January 11, 2012 @ 4:55 am

    I have been “in the patriot movement” since 1998 and in the 9-11 truth movement since 9-11-01.

    There is nothing we can do about it except prepare for martial law and pray. As a Christian, we are commanded to expose the deeds of darkness, deeds of unrighteousness. Exposing to the light of truth is our strongest weapon as there is the outside chance than when a “critical mass” of people “wake up” to the truth, then their plans to ruin us will not succeed.

    Brother Nathanael is the only one who on a large scale is NAMING NAMES, and you cannot truly EXPOSE DEEDS OF DARKNESS unless you NAME NAMES.

    In my activism on various issues over the years, I have tried to NAME NAMES and FOLLOW THE MONEY. When there are “left wing” people heading up the activism on a particular issue, I was ostracized for wanting to NAME NAMES and FOLLOW THE MONEY. One issue where that has happened is stopping fluoridation of city water supply. Full TRUTH is not what is wanted.

    Another important issue where I have tried to NAME NAMES and get at truth is the pro-life issue. It is amazing how the top Catholic and Christian activists deliberately drop the ball when it comes time to name names and follow through with action on the implementation of a new state statute that supposedly cracks down on the baby killers.

    The pro-life activists always deliberately drop the ball when it comes down to getting truth and light in their fight. Instead, they follow the lead of a bunch of Jew controlled Catholics and Protestants.

    We can expect no help from our crooked courts. We need to plaster the names of all of our U S representatives and senators who voted for the NDAA. Plaster their names far and wide. Protest at their offices to do that plastering.

    Not sure that will change them but it certainly will expose them and more and more will associate their names with their deed of murdering the U S Constitution. Only 13 senators voted against the NDAA. It is my understand that like 99 percent of the House of Representatives voted for the NDAA.


    I am not peddling this book. I got this advertisement from American Free Press that is really from Off the Grid news for this $49 set of material plus $10 shipping. But it just shows that those folk are not telling us what we can do to fight this other than just hunker down and try to survive martial law.

    Dear Patriot,

    It’s a terrible thing to fear your government. For the past 65 years, we’ve deluded ourselves into thinking that our government is a benign entity which only has the best interests of its citizens at heart. After all, our government is all about freedom, civil liberties, justice, and constitutional rights… right?

    We’ve turned a blind eye to Washington’s increasing isolation from the rest of the governed. We’ve ignored Congresses that have enacted laws from which those very members were exempt. We’ve immersed ourselves in mindless games and Hollywood drivel while presidents have signed executive order after executive order, consolidating power within centralized bureaucracies in ways our forefathers never imagined.

    And when our judicial branch issues verdicts and rulings so out of the mainstream of society and against the Constitution, we simply shrug our shoulders and cluck disapprovingly to ourselves. After all, what can we do?

    That complacency has created a monster that has come back around, reared its ugly head, and has bitten us on our collective rear ends.

    On December 31st, 2011, President Barack Obama “reluctantly” signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act into law. He said in the signing statement (that has no legal validity, but is just a statement of intent) that although the Act does give him the authority to detain American citizens indefinitely, without charge, his administration “will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens.”

    In essence, the Bill of Rights died on December 31st, 2011, and no one mourned its passing. The American citizenry, as a whole, are acting like dumb sheep, not even so much as bleating as we’re led away to the slaughter.

    Benjamin Franklin, responding to a woman who asked him what type government the Framers had devised, said, “A Republic, madam, if you are able to keep it.”

    I guess we weren’t smart enough to hold onto the best civil government devised by man. The American people might as well get their Gitmo gear together because it’s going to be a long train ride to Guantanamo Bay, especially if you’re for limited government, limited taxation, believe in the Constitution, are an abortion opponent, a Christian, a Ron Paul supporter, or even a returning war veteran.

    After all, aren’t those the people that Homeland Security has identified as terrorist threats instead of the actual perpetrators of terrorism?

    Suddenly those FEMA detention camps don’t seem like such an off-the-wall theory, do they? The events after Hurricane Katrina, where law enforcement confiscated legally held weapons from homeowners and instituted martial law, seems more of a roadmap of things to come than an aberration, doesn’t it?

    For months now we’ve been being trained to respond obediently to any unconstitutional act by Big Brother through the auspices of the TSA as they expand their iron fist past airport security to actual traffic stops on state highways.

    Your state governments are inviting this federal thuggery in, and we the citizens sit with hands folded, unwilling to believe what is right before our eyes.

    Can you read the signs of the times?

    How are you going to survive the coming police state?

    Solutions From Science can show you how in their book Understanding and Surviving Martial Law. Friends, trust me when I say that it’s just going to take one “crisis,” one precipitous event that our government reacts against to bring this house of cards crashing down around us.

    We used to be a strong and vibrant republic, but with the financial disasters, the bloated government, and congressmen and women who increasingly act like they are an autonomous entity with no accountability to the electorate, we can no longer pretend that things are the way they used to be.

    We live in perilous times. However, this book is packed with valuable, practical information that will empower you not just to survive… but perhaps even thrive during the coming police state. Within its pages lie:

    The secret that is more important than guns, food or money.

    Why you must act now… before it is too late.

    What the most dangerous time in America will be… and why it will be too late for those who haven’t prepared!

    What group of conservative Americans will be the first to “disappear” under Martial Law!

    The endless supply of electricity available to you… even if the electrical grid is shut down!

    The “Five Martial Law Rules to Live By” that every survivor must memorize!

    Reading through Understanding and Surviving Martial Law, you’ll discover:

    What the most dangerous agency in the U.S. is (you’ll never guess!)

    The nine most dangerous numbers in your life.

    What the dreaded “knock on the door” means for you… and your family.

    How to cook food for your entire family… without gas or electricity… even if you live in a tiny apartment!

    What the World War II phrase “loose lips sink ships” means to you and your family today.

    The 15 essential supplies you MUST have to survive the coming police state… including one very unusual one that nine out of ten survivalists would never guess.

    This is just the information you’ll find in one chapter of this book. What you’ll also find is an entirely new way of thinking, one inspired not by fear and anxiety but by calm confidence, knowing you have done all you can and at least have a shot at making it through this new America your government officials are designing.

    And if you’re not an American, you can still gain practical knowledge to survive in your country, as they are all descending into the same melting pot of tyranny and control.

    This offer comes with several additional FREE bonuses when you order now. You’ll not only get the hard copy edition of Understanding and Surviving Martial Law, you’ll receive a free eBook edition as well. On top of that, if the commodity of time is rare in your life, then the publisher is also offering a FREE audiobook download so that you can listen to it in your car, while jogging, or while out in the garden.

    If you’re at all concerned with how life in this new America is shaping up for 2012, then you owe it to yourself to order your copy of Understanding and Surviving Martial Law today.

    There are only a select few in society that not only sense the changes in the winds of political shenanigans, but have the ability and willingness to prepare for that future.

    Most of the people will go on as always, convincing themselves that life is continuing on normally and there’s nothing to worry about. When the hammer falls, they will act the most surprised and will be the least prepared.

    Will you be one of them?

    >>>>Click Here to Order Your Copy of Understanding and Surviving Martial Law today

  62. Christian January 19, 2012 @ 2:19 am

    It’s not the Jews guys.

    It’s the Pope of Rome pulling the strings, using his Masonic Labor Zionist Jews.

  63. Watcher465 January 25, 2012 @ 6:40 am

    Really Christian?

    Well until all these Jewish groups & cults quit with the Jewish solidarity, and tell us what’s really going on and which groups serve who, I’ll continue to blame all of them.

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