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Confessions Of A Former Jew
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Brother Nathanael @ February 6, 2011


  1. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2011 @ 7:32 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family,

    Pretty disgusting about Jimmy Carter BEING SUED by the Jews for $5 million for simply writing a book endorsing “peace” in the Middle East!

    I mean, it’s not asserted (in fact) that the Israelis should to give back all the land THEY STOLE from the Palestinian indigenous inhabitants.

    It’s not like he stated (in fact again) that the Jews POISONED the wells in multiple Palestinian villages and should be CONDEMNED for their atrocities.

    No, he simply wrote a book exhorting the Jews NOT to live their LIES — THEIR “DOUBLE STANDARDS” — by which they ACCUSE the nations of their VERY OWN “RACISM!” (What hypocrisy!)

    These people are of the father the devil, who, as our Saviour taught us, was a LIAR from the beginning.

    I thank Christ that He DELIVERED ME “out of the darkness” of Judaism into the Holy Light of Orthodox Christianity! Thank you Lord!
    On another note:

    Our Billboard Campaign of my Holding the Sign “Got Hope?” @


    We now got a quote of $5500 for a Billboard leading into Summit County where I live, the heart of the Ski & Summer Resorts.

    This price includes graphics, display, set-up, and a one month rental.

    PLEASE HELP The Brother Nathanael Foundation GET THIS BILLBOARD UP soon!

    Simply Click:

    OR @

    Donations By Mail: The Brother Nathanael Foundation / Or Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    AND – On 1 More Note:

    I will be going to NYC for Street Evangelism February 9-12, 2011, this coming Wednesday.

    I will be posting regular REPORTS from the Streets of Manhattan, Times Square, & Wall Street.

    PLEASE, dear Real Zionist News Family, DO KEEP ME in your prayers for GOOD SUCCESS & Christ’s Provision and Protection.

    With MUCH LOVE in Christ,

    +Brother Nathanael
    “Street Evangelist!”

  2. Kalif February 6, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

    Bravo and God Bless you !

  3. Kalif February 6, 2011 @ 8:10 pm

    Jimmy Carter was instrumental in securing the Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1979 when Begin and Sadat kind of shook hands and we all applauded.

    Is Mr. Carter now being sued because the peace he engineered now looks ephemeral and wouldn’t hold due to these uncertainties in Egypt ?

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

  4. KathJuliane February 6, 2011 @ 8:26 pm

    Greetings in the Lord, +Br. Nathanael,

    Delightful change of pace, always a joy to hear of your turning to Christ. It truly helps my faith to hear it as well from you.

    And just loved the encore “visit” from your old teacher, Mrs. Schecter, to remind us of how things really are in Talmudic “schooling” for some Jewish kids about Christianity, and where they learn their utter disrespect for Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother.

    The Jews’ lawsuit based on ‘anti-Semitism’ against former President Jimmy Carter writing a politically astute — and not the least bit inflammatory — book about Peace for Palestine and giving up Apartheid is the height of absurdity.

    It is like suing Jimmy Carter for being — Jimmy Carter.

  5. allovertheplace February 6, 2011 @ 8:55 pm

    Thank you, Brother Nathanael.

    Your righteousness may help to save this country yet. I pray for courage, desire and hope for us and courage for our countrymen.

  6. Disgusted White Christian February 6, 2011 @ 8:56 pm

    @ Bro Nate:

    The Civil Rights was nothing but a move to steal White Christian rights away from the countries that Jews were in.

    As I said, where was their concern for Black rights, when for over 400 years the Jews propagated and financed, and became billionaires from the Black Slave trade in North America?

    It didn’t exist!

    Even up until the early 20th Century, they portrayed Blacks as sub-human in their minstrel shows in New York, and in their Hollywood exploitation films.

    Now, they portray Blacks as supermen, super-smart, and super-attractive to White females, when they need to control their minds.

    How the Black community can’t see through this facade, I don’t know?

    Everything they do is a scam, and ALWAYS WILL BE A SCAM! Whatever is best for the Jew!


  7. John King February 6, 2011 @ 9:14 pm

    Dear Bro. Nathanael,

    You are absolutely right to point out that under our current system of government, judeopsychopathocracy, there is a 2-tiered system of justice.

    Well, actually it is not justice because justice treats everyone equally.

    If I abuse any animal in public I will charged with “animal cruelty.”

    But if such acts are done at a Kosher slaughterhouse there will be no charges because the slaughterhouses are openly exempted in the law.

    If someone like Rick Sanchez of CNN hints at Zionist Jewish ownership of the misnamed “mainstream” media he is fired.

    But if Jewish columnist Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times does a detailed article on the same subject, well, in that case it’s no problem. SEE:,0,4676183.column

    Imagine a time and place where there is true justice and people are rewarded for telling the truth.

    Please support the work of Bro Nathanael.

  8. USSA TODAY February 6, 2011 @ 9:15 pm

    Jimmy Carter is a prime example of what being a shabbus goy, CFR, Trilateral Commission scumbag can do for your career.

    He was a nobody until NWO bankster elites decided he would make a good teleprompter reader for their shadow government.

    The institution of the Presidency has became a joke — they are all NWO think tank approved, Khazar bankster financed, and controlled puppets to steer the masses into deeper tyranny and oppression.

    Politicians suck!

  9. dave February 6, 2011 @ 10:42 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Why are you Orthodox and not Catholic?

  10. Gator February 7, 2011 @ 12:46 am

    Good onya, Brother Nathanael.

  11. MIguel February 7, 2011 @ 2:28 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    What is the attraction with New York? There are no Nathan’s hot dogs over there right now because it is snowing and it is just too darn cold.

    So, get your good self out to Northern California and start saving some souls out here Brother. Also, please be careful back in New York. I just heard through the grapevine there’s a whole lot of Christ hating Jews back there shlepping around.

    God Bless, and Keep You Safe Bro. Nat.


  12. Glory B. February 7, 2011 @ 2:36 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    For some time I have been working on a poem that describes my feelings toward the Jews.

    Now I have finished it, and it gives me great pleasure to present it to you.

    It would give me great pride for you to be the first to publish it on RZN.

    (I dedicate this poem to Brother Nathanael Kapner and Joe Cortina, who are my ideals of patriotic, Christian Americans.)


    Never trust the dirty Jew
    You’ll regret it if you do
    For the object of the Jew
    Is to bring great harm to you

    Jews crucified Jesus Our Lord
    To the Cross they sent Him, to mock His word
    And ever since then, they have been trying
    To win our sympathy with their lying

    Throughout history Jews have caused
    Death and destruction, sickness and wars
    Always taking, never giving
    Making miserable Christian living

    Adolf Hitler put it best
    “Christians eat better when Yids are fed less”
    If Christians could simply cut back on Jews’ food
    That would reduce the Jewish brood

    Hitler was the main attraction
    On Yids he laid some heavy action
    When Hitler got going, those dirty Yid bitches
    Weren’t so quick in flaunting their riches

    Hitler was smart and Hitler was right
    He got rid of the kikes without even a fight
    Everyone knows the Jews are all yellow
    And Hitler was a wonderful fellow

    Not satisfied with killing Christ
    The Jews paid Communism’s price
    Starting the commie revolution
    Is another example of Jewish pollution

    By pushing their godless integration
    Jews have brought great harm to our nation
    Black men and white men should not mix
    It’s Jews who’ve gotten us into this fix

    Who do you think caused all of the fussing?
    Bringing Afro kids in by busing
    Forcing whites and blacks to mix
    It’s Jews, up to their same old tricks

    Jews are really a tricky race
    They’re sneaky, laughing in your face
    Behind your back, they’ll curse you out
    But to your face, they’ll never pout

    Their attitude is to smile
    But give ’em an inch, they’ll take a mile
    While Christians shed their precious blood
    The Jews get rich by selling crud

    When Christians say a Jew is dirty
    They know that what is said ain’t purty
    But behind the saying, there is a reason
    A Jew is dirty, whatever the season

    Winter, summer, spring or fall
    The Jews will never wash at all
    For shoes or pants they never care
    They’d sooner buy another pair

    And why shouldn’t they, their money comes cheap
    While Christians struggle, their dollars to keep
    The Jews pursue the mighty penny
    And Christian dollars? There aren’t any

    Jews are schemers, there is no doubt
    Cheat the Christians, they scream and shout
    No wonder minorities are the Jews’ best friends
    Helping them meet their terrible ends

    Jews are like a bunch of moles
    Plotting deviltry in their holes
    But when unearthed, they blink and grin
    While seeking return from their wages of sin

    Christ is the light which all the Jews hate
    Like moles in dark they deliberate
    Religion to them is an empty phrase
    Money’s the god that the Jews most praise

    Pornography and dope and crime
    Are weapons of the Jewish swine
    Aimed at Christians’ heart and soul
    To crucify us, that’s their goal

    Lord have mercy when Jews gain power
    They love to make us beg and cower
    Mercy to them is an unknown word
    Our pleas for mercy would go unheard

    We Christians have suffered long enough
    It’s long past time for us to get tough
    Every day we delay is a cause for Jew-smiles
    Another chance to practice their guiles

    Christians are hurting because we refuse
    To use our good judgment in stopping the Jews
    Ridding our land of the Yiddish cancer
    Of greed and lust is the only answer

    Whatever pain the Jews must suffer
    On us they’ve been a whole lot rougher
    And though they cry their tears of salt
    They really know it’s their own fault

    For under Jewry’s evil plan
    There is no room for Christian man
    The Jewish lust would be unsated
    ‘Til Christ Himself’s annihilated

    So who can blame the Christian folk?
    For breaking out from Jewish yoke
    And calling down God’s awful thunder
    Not doing so would be a blunder

    Christ Our Lord, whom the Jews crucified,
    Failed to bring them to His side
    Now is the time we need to be strong
    To put the Jews where they belong

    And thus in cleansing the Jewish stain
    We’re really fulfilling Our Lord’s great aim
    Do unto others is a noble view
    But we have to be firm in fighting the Jew!

    Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord
    I’ll punish the Jews with a terrible sword
    Christian love will grow and swell
    While Jews will go directly to hell

    The Germans clearly recognized
    Their nation being Judaized
    They saw just what they had to do
    To save their country, get rid of the Jew

    And so they had their “final solution”
    To halt the Hebrew revolution
    The Yiddish power grab was foiled
    The German people stayed unsoiled

    Plainly it could be the fates
    Of Christians in the United States
    To be nailed up on the same wooden tree
    Crucified by Jew-ery

    Jews have caused us so much pain
    And suffering, they are to blame
    Yids will go to any length
    To weaken Christ and increase their strength

    The hour’s late, the time is near
    To protect what we all hold most dear
    Our Christian faith, our American nation
    Defend them from the Jew-inflation

    From Yiddish bankers frenzied greed
    Our country must be truly freed
    If down the river we’ll not be sold
    We’ll free ourselves from Jewish hold

    Christ Our Savior is our shield
    To Jewish evil we’ll never yield
    We’ll make them pay one hundredfold
    We’ll shower earth on Jewish gold

    The Jews will never ever rise
    To heap on us their filthy lies
    Of brotherhood and equal rights
    And nigras who are as good as whites

    The Jew-Star will be smashed to dust
    Their heathen relics left to rust
    And where once lived the Hebrew race
    The Cross of Christ will take its place

    And that will end the Jewish stealth
    And grasping for ill-gotten wealth
    It will be a beautiful day
    When Hebrew swindlers are sent on their way

    Oh, what a great day it will be
    When Jews are gone from our economy
    How wonderful in every way
    When Jews are removed from the old U-S-A

    Christian justice has demanded
    Freedom from the Jewish bandit
    Christian suffering needs relief
    From the lies and tricks of the Jewish thief

    Christians are crying, “Please release us
    From the greedy killers of Our Lord Jesus”
    Although it may take many days long
    We have to be firm, we have to be strong

    For Christian justice, Jews should be told
    They must pay for their crimes of old
    Fire and brimstone will suit the Jews well
    In their father’s kingdom of hell

    Hell is where the Jews will go
    When they will burn in torment slow
    Twisting and writhing in agony
    Hell is the place where the Jews should be

    And down in hell, they’ll feel at home
    With their father, the Devil, from whom they have roamed
    While up on Earth, we Christians will use
    Our money, at last gotten back from the Jews.

  13. Jeannon Kralj February 7, 2011 @ 5:28 am

    Greetings and blessings in the Lord Jesus Christ, Brother Nate.

    Good that you shine the light of Truth on the double standard and hypocrisy of the Jews in the USA.

    The woman who filed the law suit is a dual citizen of USA and Israel. I hope the judge throws out this suit as frivolous and charges her a huge fine for wasting the court’s time.

    So amazing that now, the rules of discourse inposed by the Jews has explanded from ‘ you can’t say the word “Jew” unless you are portraying them as the wrongly treated victim; to now “you can’t say the name of the country, Israel, unless you are portraying Israel favorably.”

    So now we have moved beyond the “anti-semitism” charge to “anti-Israel.”

    The ENTIRE Old Testament DOES NOT SUPPORT Israel’s national geopolitical behavior. I have posted the verses before showing that God fulfilled all of the land promises to the Israelites in OT times.

    What is so amazing is that those dispensationalist “Christians” who read the OT the way the Jews like them to, actually think that God has promised Israel and national Israel’s people, the Jews, ownership and rulership of ALL NATIONS. I learned that recently by some guy named Wagner.

    Here is a good article by Robert Sungenis if anyone wants to get the correct interpretation of the OT, and that must be done by using the New Testament to interpret the Old Testment.

    “Who or What is “Israel”?

    Who Will Receive the Fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecies about “Israel”?

    Someone sent me a paper written by a Clarence H. Wagner, Jr., titled “12 Keys to Understanding Israel in the Bible,” and asked me whether, in view of Scripture and Catholic teaching, his views are correct. After reading his essay, I can safely say that they are not what either Scripture or the Catholic Church has taught regarding Israel. In fact, they are the exact opposite.

    The Jews are actually inciting to anti-Jewish violence. They want to force or trick people into criticizing their behavior in an unjust way. So evil.

    Remember, when the Jews rejected Christ, they rejected the Word, the Logos, and that means they rejected the entire created order, the social order, the moral order, thus they rejected and now fight against and manipulate people into revolutions against Logos.

    What I observed, and I guess I could be wrong, but it is weird the way Jews do not seem to really have a healthy love of their own people, their own purported nation, and certainly not their own religion.

    They do not want to convert anyone to their religion and they do not want anyone to be in their family or live in their country. They do not proseletize at all. They simply subversively manipulate revolutions and chaos and discord against all that is right and orderly and of Logos in this world.

  14. Bill February 7, 2011 @ 9:03 am

    Your story is amazing, Brother Nathanael.

    To go where you have gone and do what you have done, and ultimately to become that which they despise…

    I put you in the same breath as Bobby Fisher, Benjamin Freedman, Mortichai Vanunu and a few others.

    All of them gave Jewry the proverbial ‘Middle Finger’ and became Christians/Catholics. And saved their souls in the process.

  15. Disgusted White Christian February 7, 2011 @ 10:23 am

    @Jeannon Kralj,

    Just for the record, Glory B is an ex-Jew, that was privileged (if you want to call it that) to grow up in the Jewish faith, and actually see who the real bigoted, racists monsters were/are from real life experiences, similar to what Bro Nate describes in his video accompanying this thread.

    They (Jews) just have one hell of a PR campaign, and millions of useful Goy idiots, to drink their rancid Kool-Aid, and buy their lies and fairy tales.


  16. Augustine February 7, 2011 @ 10:37 am

    Jimmy Carter being sued by an Israeli shyster lawyer in a New York Court for violating Consumer Protection laws is a good example of a tribe run amuck.

    A Tribe who is so asinine, so arrogant, so over the top self-righteous, that if the American people don’t wake up from this alarm bell, nothing will wake them.

    If I could advise the great President Carter, it would be this:

    Ask for a jury trial, and go to NYC, go on the witness stand in his own self defense, and recite the 1000’s of war crimes Mr. Carter knows so well of, as well as the nuclear policy and practices of the “shitty little country” as the French Ambassador termed it.

  17. Hoff February 7, 2011 @ 1:28 pm

    Radio lslam – about the Jews, in:

    English French Deutsch Swedish Russian Spanish Italian Nederlands Indonesian Serb Polish Norsk Arabic Suomi Danish Roman Slovakien Czech Hungarian Portugues Croat Bulgar:

  18. Joe Cortina February 7, 2011 @ 3:46 pm

    As always by Brother Nathanael – your honesty is inspiring fresh and a much needed ray of hope and leadership.

    When a man comes to the personal realization that an ideal a way of life – a loyalty and a concept of what is right and wrong – evil and good – Godly and demonic – selfish and selfless becomes so clouded and murky that you find yourslf literally – LIVING A LIE – It is time to move on.

    Although not nearly as emotionally brutal – I had a similar experience. I was once a loyal super-compaigner, constituent sustainer of the demonic filthy nasty DemonCRAP Party. For TWENTY THREE YEARS – to be exact.

    Since then I have probably been responsible for more people leaving that living toilet bowl than anyone I have ever known. Ronald Reagan’s words – as to WHY he left the party – echoed my deepest sentiments EXACTLY.

    How is it that so few Jews – a learned and educated people – have denounced their patently evil history surroundings and teachings?

    How can ANY Human being with even a basic feeling for truth justice compassion and goodness – possibly stay devoted to the stench of pure concentrated demonic evil – 24-7 – for a LIFETIME?

    I have no reason to feel that I am ‘tight with God” in any way – but I DO pray the He guide protect and spiritually strengthen our spiritual and academic figurehead – Brother Nathanael.

    I also ask you to support Brendon Lee O-Connell of Australia, as he faces a Jew prison in a country that has sold out to these Sons Of Satan and their Christ hating agendas of hate, violence, lies, and murder.

    The Jews who had him cast in a dungeon for years for simply speaking the truth and defending those perscuted children who have no voice – are INDEED filthy lying racist psychotic murdering maniacs.

    IF – I had spoken those TRUTHS in Jew occupied Australia – I would be in prison shortly with our spiritual brother – Brendon.

    I do not easily find favor with the Irish – but I do love this brave man and his unabashed courage and Undeniable righteousness. He stood firm and did not so much as flinch in the face of overwhelming adversity.

    Joe Cortina

  19. Disgusted White Christian February 7, 2011 @ 4:28 pm

    Picture says 1000 words:


  20. Mr. Dickie Pope February 7, 2011 @ 6:00 pm

    Sometimes Brother Nathanael some of us have to remove a whole lumber mill from our own eyes before we …..remove the speck in others.

  21. just a friend February 7, 2011 @ 9:03 pm

    Have you noticed, the more Brother Nathanael teaches, the younger he looks?!!!

  22. Augustine February 7, 2011 @ 10:09 pm

    Brother, do you know of any actuarial studies on the likelihood of so many so-called survivors from the WWII era?

    For example, if Israel claims 500,000+ survivors today, how many were likely alive in 1946?

  23. Heinrik Von Manshstein February 8, 2011 @ 12:46 am

    Bro. Nate,

    Another timely video, I would say.

    It is interesting that Jimmy Carter, a one term president, is apparently the most respected president since JFK, if not more so, and is undoubtedly the most respected American overseas.

    It’s very interesting that Jimmy Carter can pretty much walk the streets of any Arab/Moslem Capital without being attacked, but in Israel they will spit on him. Does Jimmy Carter Catch all this Hell because he is a Christian?

    DWC, be careful when you say that “the Blacks” are not aware of the Jewish hypocrisy. Which Blacks aren’t? That is the key — Black scholars have been writing about this for a long time, just reference the works of Dr. Ben Joachanan, John Henrik Clarke, Dick Gregory, Tony Brown.

    There is an avalanche of material out there written by Blacks, you are just not aware of it. Wasnt Jessie Jackson driven out of Mainstream politics because he called New York a Jewish Town (“Hymie Town”), which it is?

    Which Blacks are not aware? Certainly not the mainstream ones, and that goes for mainstream Whites, Hispanics, Asians etc.

    Your Zeal is appreciated but you need to check your facts. Half truths, lies and disinformation is not the way of the the Christian.

  24. Hoff February 8, 2011 @ 1:29 am

    Six million Jews, and the year is 1900.

    “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.”

    New York Times, 31 October 1911: “The 6,000,000 Jews of Russia are singled out for systematic oppression and for persecution due to process of law.”

    THE JEWISH PUBLICATION SOCIETY OF AMERICA 1911 The American Jewish Year Book 5672 September 23, 1911, to September 11, 1912 – page 308:

    “Russia has since 1890 adopted a deliberate plan to expel or exterminate six millions of its people for no other reason than that they refuse to become members of the Greek Church, but prefer to remain Jews.”

  25. Jeannon Kralj February 8, 2011 @ 4:25 am

    “Black scholars have been writing about this for a long time, just reference the works of Dr. Ben Joachanan, John Henrik Clarke, Dick Gregory, Tony Brown. ”

    There has been throughout USA history something referred to as the “Jewish / Black Alliance” or the “Jewish / Negro” alliance.

    This article by E. Michael Jones explains a whole lot. There has also been something called the “WASP Jewish” alliance, the “Catholic Jewish” alliance and more recently the “Holywood Jewish” alliance.

    The moneyed Jewish power elites back, usally in leadership positions but behind the scenes, mainly with money, but also with strategy advice for the surface leaders of some political movement, like the civil rights movement.

    After the Jews succeed, with their big money, they make the leaders of the newly succeeded movement do the bidding of the interests of the Jews.

    “Race” refers to skin color – black / white, brown. “Ethnicity” refers to DNA family group / physical ancestry of a person or group of people. Polish people had Polish neighborhoods in the USA and the people identified with each other and had some solidarity and power because of their ethnicity, but their skin color was “white.”

    Jews are white, but they have financially just about owned and operated every civil rights movements of the “Blacks” in the USA.

    There was an important book of 1967 by Harold Cruse “The Tragedy of the Negro Intellectual.” Mr. Cruse was a communist leader in Harlem and a brilliant multi-talented man who studied American social life. I believe he was “white.”

    His book showed Negros in Harlem, and really the rest of the country, that the Jews were using them. The Jews were supplying them money, but then they made everyone perform the interests, do the bidding of, the Jews after the Negro gained office or some more powerful political postiion.

    The “Blacks” woke up to some extent, but Obama, who is / was mainly financed by Jewish Wallstreet big money and Jewish Hollywood money (David Geffin and others) so Obama revived the “Jewish / Black” alliance to some extent which had been dead since about 1967 when Harold Cruse’s book was published.

    The Jews subversely back popular movements and make themselves look patriotic and benevolent and fair and just, but in reality, they only care about their own interests and power and they do not care what people they temporarily use.

  26. Left Coast Christian February 8, 2011 @ 12:14 pm

    The Jews supported Black “Civil Rights” for the same reason they fought for open immigration, and of course the same reason they helped to form political correctness/cultural marxism.

    They wanted to break down White/Christian hegemony. But in places like South Africa when SHTF they take off.

    For a glaring example of Jew hypocrisy, look at how they treat Mel Gibson, but then ignore what the disgusting Sandra Bernhard said about Sarah Palin:

  27. Jeannon Kralj February 8, 2011 @ 1:41 pm

    I did not watch the video of Sarah Bernhard, as I usually try to avoid depravity.

    However, the article by David Duke beneath the video is very very enlightening:

    Ari Roth of the Goldstein, Jewish Theater, shows very clearly the anti-White and at the same time, pro-Jewish nature of the show. Bernhard warns Palin, the Goy, to stay away from her Jewish Old Testament and stick with the crappy, bullsh-t of the New Testament.

    Roth goes on to discuss the anti-White nature of the show. By the way, Jews never refer to themselves as “White folks.”

    Notice that Jews do not refer to themselves as “White” but the reality is that their skin is “White.” They have such an exalted rarified view of themselves that somehow the color of their skin is not the color of their skin.

    They are supreme, over and above skin color. That is how they curiously can use whites, blacks, browns, as well as any people of any race who belong to various religions. These revolutionary Jews take special pride in using, misusing, and abusing many of their own Jews. (I think there is ample evidence of that in the historial record of NAZI Germany.)

    The point is that Jews are anti-everything that shows any strength or power in our world. Their basic identity is negative – rejector of Christ. If there are some strong dominant Chrisitans over a society, they will tear them down. They are an equal-opportunity destruction team.

    They do not care what religion they tear down or build up. It is ALL done to tear down the orderly dominant values and religion of a culture (Logos). They use vulgar speech, as Sarah Bernhard, and they use pronography to ensalve and use a people.

    Remember that after the Israelis took over Palestine in 2002 they took control over Palestinian TV stations, and the Israeli military began broadcasting porn.

    You see, use of porn, use of communism, use of whites, use of blacks, is all their their weaponry, their arsenal, of revolutionary “using” behaviors to “tear down” and manipulate for revolutionary purposes against all that is of God, of Logos.

  28. Sam February 8, 2011 @ 3:09 pm

    Re: the Bernard video:

    Just evidence the Jews are getting more and more brazen.

    Jews like Bernhard aren’t children of God like the rest of us. You can feel their serpentine nature when they’re around. They’re some adulterated, intelligent, mangled version of humanity.

    They lack respect for Christian transcendence because they can’t feel transcendence. But, they can sense its power in the lives of people.

    There, they recognize the power of Christ’s transcendence, which threatens them.

  29. Etean February 8, 2011 @ 3:42 pm

    Arrogance and low moral quality in Jewish culture are the factors that Jews are the multItude owners of nearly all medias in USA.

    Christians respecting the New Testament never can equal themselves with Jewish wealth. Bible forbids Christians to enslave and misuse anyone — Moslems, Jews, Pagans, or Atheists. The
    material values are not our life targets.

    Open the Talmud and you would wish, as I, to squeeze the neck of each white American Judge being blind to read it, and cry loudly how ever democratic America with 80% Christians should tolerate this Zionist crap book.

  30. Hoff February 8, 2011 @ 4:37 pm

    German Bible Goes Politically Correct,2144,2023998,00.html

  31. Disgusted White Christian February 8, 2011 @ 5:01 pm

    @ Jeannon Kralj,

    Very good, you say it well. Their protocol and paradigms of dividing people is true, as the Bible tells us, “a house divided will always fall.” The Jews do this to the rest of humanity with perfection.

    I have to post this URL below again. It is fabulous, it is about 2 hours, but it is WORTH WATCHING. It shows what a shyster Steven Spielberg is, and his foundation.

    Someone posted it a few threads ago, I have to re-post it, it is that good!

    It is funny, entertaining, and the narrator is great, he will actually have you laughing, Hoff, you will love it!

    Last Days of the Big Lie:


  32. Clark February 8, 2011 @ 5:18 pm

    Thank you for this enlightening video, Bro N.

    I commend you for your high level of accountability.

    I differ in viewpoint than some of the other posters I’ve encountered here, and I want to describe my position because I think it’s important to bring other views into the discussion. I hope that I do not offend…

    I grew up in an Episcopalian household outside of NYC. Until the age of 8, when I was in a life-changing accident, I absolutely “knew” Jesus Christ: he was my brother and best playmate. (I am now attempting to recover that connection.)

    I recall having only one Jewish classmate through all my grades until 7th. (He now runs a boutique investment firm on Wall St. Go figure.) I will admit that some of the elder members of my family had words, too, for the Jews.

    I never understood those comments and thought nothing of them. Nonetheless, my eyes were opened in high school as I became a minority amongst them. Perhaps to your surprise, came to think very highly of them.

    I was fortunate to have many friends at that time, from several circles. Those who were Jewish impressed me more than any other (ironically with an individual exception and that was my dear Arab friend, but that’s another story).

    I saw that the Jew’s families were tightly-knit and loving. The kids worked very hard in school; they were clever, witty, creative, resourceful and, often, beautiful; they seemed to be born leaders and knew it, but not arrogantly so; they had tremendous pride and resourcefulness; and I came to admire them. I still do.

    So, what of it? I see it like this: the Jewish race is hugely gifted and is still a significantly intact and well-coordinated tribe whereas our Gentile and/or Christian “race” has been devolving for some time now.

    We are splintered and asleep, with few mindful and God-serving leaders. We are a prime target for those Jews who willingly use their talents in business, persuasion, organization, financial manipulation, social indoctrination, etc, to foment a policy of dominance.

    Meanwhile, surrounding, supporting, blindly encouraging those evil-minded few, there are many Jews who are unawares that they are doing so, towards evil ends: these are good, honest, hard-working, intelligent members of that same race.

    They may or may not support Zionism, but none that I know support cruelty, hatred, mind-control, etc. Thus, from my perspective, many Jews in America -– perhaps most of them -– are just as much sheep as we are, but because the belong to that race, system supports and benefits them.

    Make no mistake, though: plenty -– and I do mean PLENTY -– of white, Christian, or formerly Christian Gentiles, are falling in step with the New World Order, driven as it is by the Zionists on both sides. To me, these Gentiles are our worst enemies and may remain so to the very end.

    Ironically, Mr. Benjamin once said that Gentile Zs were the worst humans alive (quote needed). I agree with him.

    BN’s videos remind me of how brilliant the Jewish people are and that if the awake Gentiles and the awake Jews were to unite against the evil NWO -– run by both Jewish and Gentile Zionists -– we would be the greatest force ever reckoned with.

    This is to say that a Jew who has gone to the dark side can be hugely evil, perhaps the worst, but a Jew who has gone to the side of light and faith and love is a brilliant person, as Bro Nathaniel illustrates. Indeed, a Jew who converts to Christianity is a great gift to our religion and our human race.

    It’s sickening to think about, but here in the good ‘ole USA more Christians will die at the hands of fellow Christians or Gentiles than will die at the hands of the Jew. And, it will be our own damn fault for assisting in the massacre, by silence, ignorance and racism.

  33. Wally February 8, 2011 @ 5:20 pm

    Here is another piece of the Kosovar puzzle:

    This helps to explain why the Jews would ever support Muslims.

    ‘Needs of a Stranger: Muslims Saving Jews During World War II’

    ‘Righteous Amalek’ they probably call them…

  34. Disgusted White Christian February 8, 2011 @ 5:27 pm

    Israeli Economy For Beginners

    ‘Israel is doing better than other countries because it runs one of the dirtiest, non-ethical economies in the world.’

    By Gilad Atzmon

    We learn from the press and political analysts that, against all odds and in spite of the global financial turmoil, Israel’s economy is booming.

    Some even suggest that Israel is one of the strongest economies around. Why is the Israeli economy so strong?

    ‘How come?’ you may ask; besides maybe avocado, oranges, and some Dead Sea beauty products, none of us has actually ever seen an Israeli product on the shelves.

    They don’t make cars; nor do they make electric or electronic appliances, and they hardly manufacture any consumer goods.

    Israel claims to be advanced in high-tech technologies but somehow, the only Israeli advanced software ever to settle within our computers have been their Sabra Trojan Horses.

    In the land they grabbed by force from the indigenous Palestinians, they are yet to find any lucrative minerals or oil.

    So what is it? How is it that Israel is impervious to the global financial disaster? How can Israel be so rich?

    Israel may be rich because, according to the Guardian, “out of the seven oligarchs who controlled 50% of Russia’s economy during the 1990s, six were Jewish.” During the last two decades, many Russian oligarchs have acquired Israeli citizenship.

    They also secured their dirty money by investing in the kosher financial haven; Wikileaks has revealed lately that “sources in the (Israeli) police estimate that Russian organised crime (Russian Mafia) has laundered as much as US $10 billion through Israeli holdings.”[1]

    Israel’s economy is booming because mega swindlers such as Bernie Madoff have been channeling their money via Zionists and Israeli institutions for decades.[2]

    Israel is ‘doing well’ because it is the leading trader in blood diamonds. Far from being surprising, Israel is also the fourth biggest weapon dealer on this planet.

    Clearly, blood diamonds and guns are proving to be a great match.

    As if this is not enough, Israel is also prosperous because, every so often, it is caught engaged in organ trafficking and organ harvesting.

    In short, Israel is doing better than other countries because it runs one of the dirtiest, non-ethical economies in the world.

    In spite of the Zionists’ initial promise to bring about a civilised ethical Jew, Israel has, instead, managed to develop an outstanding level of institutional dismissal of international law and universal values.

    It operates as a safe haven for money made in some horrendous global criminal activities. And it employs one of the world’s strongest armies to defend the wealth of just a few of the wealthiest Jews around.

    Increasingly, Israel seems to be nothing more than a humongous money laundering haven for Jewish oligarchs, swindlers, weapons dealers, organ traffickers, organised crime and blood diamond traders.

    Such a realization can certainly explain why Israel is totally impervious to social equality within its borders.

    Poor Israelis

    Since Israel defines itself as the Jewish state, one may expect the Jewish people to be the first to benefit from their country’s booming economy.

    This seems to be not at all the case. In spite of the economy’s strength, Israel’s record on social justice is appalling.

    In the Jewish state 18 families control 60% of the equity value of all companies in the land. The Jewish State is shockingly cruel to its poor.

    As far as the gap between rich and poor is concerned, Israel is listed right at the top of the scale.

    The meaning of all of that is pretty devastating; though Israel operates as an ethno-centric racially orientated, tribal setting, it is proving to be totally careless of the members of its own tribe —

    In fact, in the Jewish state, a few million Jews are serving the darkest possible interests, the fruits of which, are to be enjoyed by just a very few rich villains.

    Smoke Screen

    But there is a deeper and far more devastating meaning implicit within it all. If my reading of the Israeli economy is correct, and Israel is indeed a monstrous cash haven for the dirtiest money around, then the Israeli Palestinian conflict is, at least, from the Israeli-elite’s perspective, nothing but a smoke screen.

    I hope that my readers and friends will forgive me for saying it — I hope that I will forgive myself for saying it — But it seems to me that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Israel’s horrendous crimes against the Palestinian people, actually serves to divert attention away from Israel’s complicity in some colossal and global crimes against vast populations around the world.

    Instead of addressing the above relentless greed-driven attempt to grab wealth on the expense of the rest of humanity, we are all focusing on a single territorial conflict, that actually brings to light just one devastating criminal side of the Jewish national project.

    It is more than likely that the vast majority of Israelis also fail to detect the deceitful role of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

    The Israelis are indoctrinated to look at every possible issue from a national security perspective. They have failed to realize that along the intensive militarization of their society, their Jewish state has become a money laundering haven and a refuge for villains from all over the world.

    But here is some bad news for Israel and its corrupted elite. It is just a question of time before the Russians, Americans, Africans, Europeans, all of humanity, begin to grasp it all — We are all Palestinians and we all share one enemy.

    I would even take it further, and argue that it is possible that, not before too long — some deprived Jews and Israelis will also begin to realise how deceptive and sinister Israel and Zionism truly are.


  35. Hoff February 8, 2011 @ 6:35 pm

    Search: “Militant Zionism in America: the rise and impact of the Jabotinsky movement”

    as Googlebook.

  36. Mission Impossible February 8, 2011 @ 7:15 pm

    Brother Nathanael –

    Regarding this video: “Confessions of a Former Jew.”

    Your closing statement is very profound, and its presentation was quite brilliant.

    “We take the log out of our own eyes, before we take the speck out of others.”

    Wow. Very powerful. That will stay with me, as your quote, for many moons to come. All power to you Brother Nat.

    If every American visitor to this website resolved to donate 10 Federal Reserve Notes each and every month to RZN, they’d be getting far better value than any magazine or cable subscription currently on the market!

    Best wishes,

    Mission Impossible

  37. Hoff February 8, 2011 @ 11:26 pm

    This book was written in 1890.

    The Great Red Dragon OR LONDON MONEY POWER

    The Imperialism of Capital to which I allude is a knot of capitalists—Jews almost to a man—who their headquarters in the Money Quarter of London, in Threadneedle street, Lombard, and other streets in that vicinity, where bankers have their habitat.

    These Jew capitalists have succeeded in centralizing in their own hands the industry and commerce of the earth.—They own almost all the debts of the world,—the debts of nations, states, counties, municipalities, corporations and individuals,—amounting in the aggregate, it is estimated, to seventy-five billion dollars, on which they are annually receiving about four billion dollars of interest.

    —They own the manufactories, the shipping, and the commerce of Great Britain, and most of the manufactures, shipping and commerce of the whole world.—

  38. Jeannon Kralj February 9, 2011 @ 2:23 am

    Capitalism is wrong.

    The entire money system and Federal Reserve System is wrong. In the book, the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit by E. Michael Jones, he explained how capitalism began in Elizabethan England and the City of London.

    Actually the Puritans were Judaizers. Protestant America was suffused with Judaizing Protestantism. So the USA went wrong economically and financially from the get-go.

    Om March 19, in South Bend, Indiana, Dr. Jones is holding a conference “Economics As If God Mattered.” Catholic economics is based on the writings of Salvatore Fanfani, and I think it is referred to as “distributionism.” Dr. Jones wanted to “start having the conversation” about what a just and God-honoring economic system looks like.

    At Capitalism’s philosophical base, there does not exist a “sense of the good.” Capitalism has failed. Though our media keeps trying to tell everyone our USA economy and economic system is showing signs of recovery, that is simply a big lie.

    Our system has been based on usury, speculation (gambling, and often gambling with the taxpayers’ money), greed. Capitalism, according to Karl Marx, is THEFT. He got that right even though his solution was wrong and evil.

    Labor is the source of all value, not usury. Money is sterile. Human labor truly creates value. A bag of gold does not create value.

    In capitalism, PROFIT is the top god.

    Dr. Jones,, says that the culture wars in our country are not understandable in terms of “race.” (skin color). They do become understandable in terms religion. After three generations, country of origin stops being an indication of ethnic identity and religion becomes the main indicator of one’s identity.

    Protestants — Catholics — Jews. Its called the “triple melting pot” theory.

    Judaism and Protestantism has the philosophy of labor and money (means of exchange) wrong. That needs to be discussed and understood.

    The good of a man so that he is assured of making a living wage, the common good of all, and the primary goal of having a system where each person has the best enviornment, the best chance of reaching his highest fulfillment and reaching heaven.

    In Christianity, man is to strive for perfection while on earth, not most amount of money, not worldly power, but…

    “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect”

    We each can respond to God’s grace and the gifts He has given us and try to become what God wants of each of us – perfection.

    This temporary world we live in is basically filth. It is our testing ground and it is through life in this world that we have our road to heaven. Use every second of it to bring honor and glory to our Loving Father and Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.

  39. Jeannon Kralj February 9, 2011 @ 8:04 am

    Hoff, thanks for link to book. I note in the very beginning, it refers to the

    “The British Landed Aristocracy had large incomes from their estates”

    The first of the British Landed Aristocracy were the Cecil, Russels and Cromwells and others. They got their land by just stealing the monasteries, the abbeys.

    They kicked all the poor people who worked the land at the monasteries off the land and into poverty in England from which, even today, those poor people and their descendants never got out of poverty. They became “lost.”

    This was the beginning of “capitalism” in England, and I am presently learning the Jewish connection to this history but their definitely is one. The evil British aristocracy went in like the Israelites mowing down the Amalekites. That is what Old Testment (Judaizing) mentality produces.

    So we need to understand exactly how the “British Landed Aristocracy” became “landed” and became “aristocratic.” They became so by THEFT.


    We are not anti-Jew, but we are anti-Jewish principles. Every Christian should be able to claim, namely, “I am anti-Judaic, just like Christ.” The Catholic Church has allowed some Jews to come in and blur that truth which has always been the teaching of the Church about Judaism.

    The matter is coming to a head and there MUST BE clarity by the Church on this matter because the Church now is in DISASTROUS condition because of this subtle Judaic inflitration and influence.

    Jews work strongly to make Christians’ criticisms of Jewish behavior appear to be “racial” and “anti-semitic.” That is their big power tool to control all criticism and public discourse about their BEHAVIOR. No Christian has anything, or should have anything, against anyone’s DNA, and that is what “racial” and “anti-semitic” charges are.

    “There are people who object to policies of Jews, but none to Jews per se.” The fact that Jews insist on obscuring the issue means that only Christians can frame the issue properly, and yet this is precisely what the Catholic Church has refused to do for the past 40 some years.

    Making the proper distinctions would pave the way for the solution to the problem, but this is precisely what Jews want to avoid, because it would mean the end of their hegemony over discourse.”

    Quote of Israel Shamir, a Jew converted to Orthodox Christianity in his book “Caballa of Power” and of E. Michael Jones writing about Mr. Shamir at…

  40. Etean February 9, 2011 @ 11:48 am

    Dear Mr. Jeannon Kralj (Means King)

    Interested topic. Tragedy of American Catholics is that majority of them never stick to the Magisterium teaching. Neither Bush, John McCain or the puppet Obama, murderer of the innocent aborted children are, or have been ever Christians.


    What better could Jews = Zionists wish to have?

    I pray God that people as Br. Nathanael or Joe Cortina could be, by the miracle, the leaders for America.

    One good bishop from Eastern Europe told me that Jews were threatening Vatican by the secret cable diplomacy if Vatican tries to oppose the state of Israel, by the atom solution.

  41. hvt February 9, 2011 @ 3:41 pm


    Thank you for your link to the Francis article.

    What a great read!

  42. D Costa February 10, 2011 @ 10:48 am

    Another great video by Brother Nathanael that exposes Jewish madness.

  43. Miranda February 13, 2011 @ 5:26 pm

    How ignorant and nasty are you who think, ned., that your white skin is indicative of your being superior to those with black or brown skin.

    I am sure Jesus would not agree with your arrogance and hatred!

    In my educated opinion, the greatest American that ever lived, was Dr. Martin Luther King, still constantly maligned.

    To read about the cause of his murder, research at, AN ACT OF STATE, the Execution of Martin Luther King, by the remarkable William F. Pepper, who you also can hear on video on line.

  44. nuzzaci September 23, 2012 @ 3:13 am

    I am for peace. I can’t stay silent about the situation in Palestine.

    I’m not for Islam, but if you touch a child or woman or old citizen or weak person, I feel that those who commit such crimes should suffer.

    These people are guilty. It does not matter their rhetoric. Shame on Israel and all who defend this state of evil.


  45. Dr David (Sports Pscyhologist) October 25, 2015 @ 8:16 pm


    Like Brother Nathanael, I too, are from the Baby Boom generation, born mostly in the 1950’s. It is not only the Jews who are to blame for the demise of the West, but also the selfish and greedy attitude of the Baby Boom generation.

    The baby boom Jews were far more greedy than the older Jewish generation, that preceded it.

    Yes it’s true Jews are absolute hypocrites.

    My old vile Austrian Jew “mutter” made us feel “guilty” about the WW2 Holo Hoax, but when it comes to “human rights” in Israel, the Jew goes in for the kill! My vile mother justifies Israel’s human rights abuses, by saying “the Palestine Arabs use children as human shields”.

    Does any of the readers here know, what the old Austrian witch means by that?

    Anyway, keep up the good work Brother Nathanael and here’s my poem-


    We can invade the people of Syria and Iraq
    We can hurt them and leave them flat
    But we are nice people
    We are the heroes of independence from Britain of the brave and bold
    But like good little colonial provincials for the British Rothschild banksters
    We still do what we are told!
    But we are nice people and don’t use the F**k word !

    Also the Israeli (I used to live in Israel) Shin Ben or Shabak are trying to kill me by trying to set me up false “terrorist charges”. The Beth Weizmann center works closely with the Israeli “Shabak” and one of the leading ex-pat “American” Rabbis, this guy called Rabbi David Morris Borenstein, from what I’ve been told, wants me dead!

    Rabbi David is connected to a fundamentalist American Rabbi sect, I recall , called the “Kabahs”? Even his late Polish father, Hyam (or Henry) said he’d rather David be another young Jewish drug addict, than be involved with these dangerous American fanatics!

    This group now also operates in Australia, in Melbourne & Sydney, and David is one of it’s main recruiting Rabbis.

    He even makes special “boxes” for young orthodox Jewish males who get their “bris meela” (circumcision) to keep their foreskins in, for keepsakes (how sick) and Rabbi David himself (& the other special Rabbis), is like a vampire, sucks the baby boy’s blood, after he cuts off the foreskin and makes a memento box for the family to keep the “skin” as a souvenir.

    True story, no slander here!

    Rabbi David’s mother is called horrible Helen, and Helen originates from Manchester in England, but tells everyone, she’s from London. Many of the Jews hate her guts and are embarrassed by her, but I like her forthright, upfront honesty, in total contrast of today’s yuppy Jewish community, where everybody is “sooo nice”.

    Anyway, I must keep on moving, the “shabak” of Rabbi David, will see me and “whack” me like they did with Israeli PM Rabin.

    Have a Nice Day

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