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McCain Panders To The Israel Lobby

McCain Panders To The Israel Lobby


By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2011

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JOHN McCAIN KNOWS who runs a Presidential election: The Jewish Lobby.

The most powerful Jewish Lobby is The American Israel Public Affairs Committee known as AIPAC.

Here Is An Excerpt Of John McCain’s Speech To AIPAC On June 2 2008:

“It’s a pleasure to be in the company of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. And I am proud to be in the company of the distinguished senator from the State of Connecticut, my friend Joe Lieberman. (McCain’s Jewish handler, BN)

When President Truman recognized the State of Israel he resolved that Israel would always have a friend in the United States of America.

Recently I was in Jerusalem with Senator Lieberman and we went to the Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem. Today when we join in saying “never again” it is not a wish against Israel’s enemies, but a promise that the United States and Israel will honor against any foe.

Iran’s nuclear weapons poses a danger to Israel which we cannot allow. I was pleased to join Senator Lieberman in backing an amendment calling for the designation of the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization responsible for killing American troops in Iraq.

Another matter of importance to the security of both America and Israel is Iraq. Our troops in Iraq have made hard-won progress. Al Qaeda terrorists are on the run and our troops are going to make sure they never come back.

America’s progress in Iraq is the result of a new strategy that Senator Obama opposes. He says he intends to withdraw troops from Iraq. We must not let this happen.

In a world full of dangers, Israel and the United States are the most natural of allies. And that alliance is forever.” All Here & Video Of Speech Here.


Let’s Read Between The Lines Of McCain’s Speech:

1) “I am proud to be in the company of Senator Joe Lieberman.”

Between The Lines: “I promise to do whatever Lieberman tells me to do.”

2) “Truman said that Israel would always have a friend in the US of America.”

Between The Lines: “You Jews look upon Truman as a hero. I want to be your hero too!”

3) “I went to the Holocaust memorial.”

Between The Lines: “I will never say a word about Israel’s inhumanity to the Palestinians.”

4) “Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is responsible for killing American troops in Iraq.”

Between The Lines: “I’m going to declare war on those Iranians!”

5) “Obama intends to withdraw troops from Iraq.”

Between The Lines: “I promise that even more Gentile Americans will die in Iraq!”

How Then Can We Break The Power Of The Israel Lobby?

I Recommend That Americans Wake Up
To The Jewish Threat To Our Nation!

And That Americans Become Committed Christians Once Again!

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Brother Nathanael @ June 4, 2008


  1. InSiSt June 4, 2008 @ 9:41 am

    Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-66)

    Can anybody tell if this man was a Jew or not?
    If yes, this confirms his initial contribution to mind orientation of healing arts, like the antroposofic orientation of theosophy by the Austrian Jew Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner.

  2. Jim June 4, 2008 @ 12:32 pm

    This covers McCain pretty good.

  3. Timothy O'Leary June 4, 2008 @ 2:39 pm

    Now that Obama has pledged his commitment to Israel, it becomes ever more difficult to make a distinction between the Republican and Democrat candidates. Obama’s support for Israel had, until today, been somewhat equivocal but is now assured. This relieves Bush of the need for a precipitous attack on Iran before his term is finished. That attack can now be delayed until a “false flag” operation can make it appear to be imperative.

    With both McCain and Obama being pledged to the AIPAC agenda is bad news for the dwindling Christian communities in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Israel but good news for Israel.

  4. AsWas June 4, 2008 @ 3:45 pm

    Actually there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with two nations virtually fusing and becoming one entity, so long as all parties agree, but I would suggest that it would be more honest to the rest of the world if the symbols of the subordinate partner in the merger should change to reflect its new status. Thus, I think that the USA should rename itself the ZSA, i.e., the Zionist States of America, and it should adopt a more appropriate flag as shown here:

  5. NoNewOrder June 5, 2008 @ 12:23 am

    Just makes you sick dont it.. Obama,Hilary,Mccain and all the rest of Washington year after year playing”papa” to the Pharisees.Sad to say but Ahmadinejab and Putin are the only ones willing to stand up and call Israel what they are and is,A TERRORIST STATE! has been for sixty years when they stole the land in the first place.Watching those two puppets Clinton and Obama suck up to the Jewish Lobby today made my stomach turn(No joke)I got ill and had to turn the station.The Republican Party and the Democratic party is ruled by the same puppet master”Its a one party system”it just gives the Illusion that its separate party,the same corporations run both parties and at the end of this treason/criminal cabal lies the many Jewish lobbies the gate keepers for any candidate that wants to rule the freeworld has to pay the pied piper.I dont understand it these people calm to be god fearing christians when God him self had nothing but scorn for the jews, he denounced them and their oral law because Jew Torah/Talmud is not Yahweh’s law and he had disdain for them and called them what they have been since Yah walked the earth(THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN)he called them vipers and hypocrites(Scribes/Pharisees).But yet still our governement is complacent to defend what Yah tried to put down..Judaism/Zionism should be called what it is and always has been and people should know what Jews are and always have been Yah and his kingdom knew exactly what the Jews are,certain world leaders know exactly what the Jew are cough.. cough.. president of Iran knows; THE SEEDS OF CAIN,people dont understand that in our very world there are actual bloodlines of Jesus(Yahweh) and of Satan”Actual living bloodlines of our Father and Satan”that why Yah said”That generations of holy and evil bloodlines will fight until his return”,Satans quest has been to make unpure the holy blood and pave the way for the anti-christ agenda that way when Yah returns is creation his bloodline will be tainted in evil.. The Jewish are not gods choosen people that’s been the biggest lie and Hoax for centuries Yah yes has ancestory in Judaism but we all have ancestory in other races with other religions like half indian/Irish etc, its the same with Yah but he is not Jew not not not not not!

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