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Stew Peters Interviews +BN On Jews!

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Stew Peters Interviews +BN On Jews!
January 18 2024

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Brother Nathanael @ January 18, 2024


  1. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2024 @ 7:42 pm

    Dear All,

    Like Alex Jones, Stew Peters knows there is something DEEPLY wrong with America.

    Alex blames ‘ChiComs,’ Stew gets closer with ‘Zionists.’

    Stew has been reflexively averse to naming the Jew.

    Watch the interview, everyone, and see how Stew is now naming the JEW.


  2. Christian January 18, 2024 @ 7:44 pm

    Great interview as always +BN.

    Do you need any audio equipment for your new digital studio project? I may have some stuff laying around I can send.

  3. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2024 @ 7:51 pm


    I’ll email you about your offer of your laid-around equipment to help build my Virtual Studio. +bn

  4. Nathan the Scot January 18, 2024 @ 7:55 pm

    I think Stew is part Jewish, so I assume that plays some part in his hesitation. As Brother Nathanael well knows, you pay a heavy price and become an outcast in your community when you speak the truth too loudly.

    To make matters worse, the majority of the goyim are too brainwashed to recognize the truth even when it is laid bare at their feet, so the return on truth telling isn’t what it should be, at least in this life.

  5. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2024 @ 7:59 pm

    +BN’s Virtual Studio Project!

    I need funding for this.

    A few donors already got excited and got me a camera and microphones.

    This is just the beginning of my Virtual Studio project.

    My Virtual Studio would segway into my own “Live Streaming” on Rumble.

    I would do call-in Q&A’s, Interviews with key intellectuals regarding political current events, and Segments explaining the various facets of Jewish control where I know people in the Ron Paul orbit who would be glad to be interviewed.

    I could be the next “Info Wars” if I can get the funding.

    I NEED funding to get this project moving and up and running!

    Donate to my VIRTUAL STUDIO Project HERE!

    Mail: Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 547, Priest River ID 83856

    It’s an idea whose time has come! +bn

  6. Bill Tinsley January 18, 2024 @ 8:06 pm

    Yeah, buy that gold and like they did in 1933, they’ll come and collect it like before!

    Does history really repeat, I guess we’ll find out.

  7. Bill Tinsley January 18, 2024 @ 8:14 pm

    Wasn’t Scofield a Jew?

  8. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2024 @ 8:23 pm

    NO. Scofield was NOT a Jew. But a Jew-lover.

  9. Solipsis January 18, 2024 @ 8:25 pm

    Great interview.

    Too many goy unwilling to name the jew because of their gated community, Tesla, college tuition and vacations. That’s why we’re losing — God deliver us!!

    It’s all going bye bye! America is the titanic after it hit the iceberg. Head for the lifeboat–Jesus.

  10. KathJuliane January 18, 2024 @ 8:38 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    A very outstanding interview.

    You and Stew have real chemistry, excellent back and forth discussion, and amplified the anti Jew Power message together.

    His love for Jesus Christ is deep and unfeigned, and he sees and feels the political, moral and spiritual toxicity and degradation of America by the Jews, and not afraid to say so.

    Intelligent guy puts himself into researching for his show.

    It seems like he’s been a lone voice in the wilderness of Zionist and crypto-Zionist shills and those cowed by “fear of the Jews” on his end, and was relieved to finally talk with you, sharing similar Jew-wise realism.

    This is your best interview, and the closing about getting on knees and praying made the hair stand up on my neck.


    I look forward to more.

    End the Fed.

    Make AIPAC register as a foreign agent, as President Kennedy and his AG Robert Kennedy attempted to do back in the 1960s.

    Any political movement in this direction to change our Israel-worshipping Congress hoping to elect true America First senators and representatives will take decades to accomplish and the generational dedication and patriotic education of children to accomplish it.

    @Nathan the Scot

    Where do you get that Stew Peters may be part Jewish? I can find no information on this.

  11. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2024 @ 8:41 pm

    Stew gave me a voice to express my knowledge of the Jew menace.

    The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that there IS a problem.

    Many are unwilling to acknowledge the root of the problem.

    1. By nature Jews are “Enemies of the Cross,” as St Paul says, and thus, Enemies of mankind. ALL Of Them.

    2. By nature Jews are “Of The Spirit Of AntiChrist,” as St John says, and thus, Enemies of mankind. All Of Them.

    3. By nature, Jews bear the “Deicidal Curse,” as St Matthew says, and thus, Enemies of mankind. All Of Them.

    4. By nature, Jews cannot work goodness, rightousness, or forthrightness, because they are “Enemies of the Cross, “Of The Spirit Of AntiChrist, and bear the “Deicidal Curse.”

    Jews bring unto themselves and unto the world untold misery, strife, wars, conflicts, divisions, and malignant social fracture.

    If left unchecked, the Jew menace will ruin the world for us and also themselves.

    Eliminating Jewish rule saves nations AND saves Jews.

    It is CLEAR, Jews should NOT be in any positions of power. +bn

  12. Nathan the Scot January 18, 2024 @ 8:45 pm

    Yes, *I think*, pardon my manners. God bless those who wield the Sword of Truth, without regard for the loss of the favor of men.

    “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

  13. Got Mit Uns January 18, 2024 @ 9:06 pm

    Hey bro Nat, why did you say the Hassidic Jews have no power on Stew’s show today?

    So all those photos with Chabad leaders with all the US presidents, Bill Gates, Epstein, Putin etc. MEAN NOTHING? So you say the ones who will be forcing Noahide Laws on the Goyim have no power? 770=7 Noahide Laws for the 70 nations! And you say the Chabad tunnels are a nothingburger and your “friends” in Chabad told you so?

    I have to admit I now am having thoughts that you were put here as a Gatekeeper to tell us “it’s the Jews” but not “those Jews” who are actually the most dangerous fanatic Jews there are.

  14. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2024 @ 9:47 pm

    Hasids are NOT involved in politics.

    It’s the SECULAR Jews who hold the power positions. NOT Hasids.

    So what? So a picture here, a photo there. SO WHAT! +bn

  15. Got Mit Uns January 18, 2024 @ 9:14 pm

    Bro Nat what the hell are you talking about Stew Peters being afraid to name the Jews? I watched the interview and that is not what I witnessed!

    Stew does much better then that FED plant Alex Jones and calls the Jews out constantly now. Are you trying to just be subversive or what?

  16. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2024 @ 9:46 pm

    Like Alex Jones, Stew Peters knows there is something DEEPLY wrong with America.

    Alex blames ‘ChiComs,’ Stew gets closer with ‘Zionists.’

    Stew has been reflexively averse to naming the Jew.

    Watch the interview, everyone, and see how Stew is now naming the JEW.


  17. Nathan the Scot January 18, 2024 @ 9:45 pm


    As he professes the Christian faith, perhaps the “neither Jew nor gentile” treatment should be applied, but in answer to your question, by appearance and disposition I would think approximately in the range of Greg Gutfeld, 1/3 Ashkenazi.

  18. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2024 @ 9:50 pm

    @Got Mit Uns

    Sure thing, Mittee boy, I’m just trying to be “subversive.”

    Go on, keep trying to discredit me.

    It WON’T work. +bn

  19. Got Mit Uns January 18, 2024 @ 10:11 pm

    I am not trying to discredit you.

    I have seen Stew naming the Jews nonstop on Gab for months now. Got Mit Uns means “Gods With Us” in German! Anyways he is farther ahead then Alex Jones imo.

    I must have misunderstood when you said Chabad has “No Power” you meant no political power because they seem to have plenty of influence and could just as easily be installing puppet politicians to do their bidding, like Trump who became a Chabad member in 2019.

    They are obsessed with Noahide Laws for the Goyim and in the Bible it says those who refuse to denounce Christ (And I am guessing vow to follow Noahide Laws) will be tortured and Beheaded after being dragged “Into their Synagogues”.

    Maybe that is what all those thousands of guillotines Obama purchased are being planned for. Only God knows for sure! Sorry for the misunderstanding!

  20. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2024 @ 10:18 pm

    Like Alex Jones, Stew Peters knows there is something DEEPLY wrong with America.

    Alex blames ‘ChiComs,’ Stew gets closer with ‘Zionists.’

    Stew has been reflexively averse to naming the Jew.

    Watch the interview, everyone, and see how Stew is NOW naming the JEW.


  21. Mike Johnson January 18, 2024 @ 10:41 pm

    Trying to reach out for Contact Info, may have a couple of Hosts to have you on their Show sometime.

  22. Baregil de Gomçesval January 18, 2024 @ 11:28 pm

    So BN wants us to believe that the Hassidic Synagogue tunnels are a no brainer.

    The no brainer is not the tunnels but Nathaniel K tabú is the jewish passover ritual murders that take place there.

    He wanted to dismiss the subject as no dare to go zone. Isn’t this interesting?

  23. Caveman January 18, 2024 @ 11:39 pm


    What a joy to see you speaking to a large audience, interviewed by a Christian and Patriot that actually lets you speak!

    Your laughter is contagious, that is a sure sign that the Holy Spirit inspires you. You had me laughing, it was an uplifting interview!

    And your conclusion is spot-on: we must pray to +God, +Father, +Son and +Holy Spirit, that He may deliver us from the evil Jews and their minions.

    A long time ago I believed that we can get rid of the problem through politics, through military force or other worldly measures. Not so! We need God’s help to overcome the Eternal Jew!

    “Die Juden sind unser Unglück” said the Germans, “the Jews are our misfortune”. But there is more to that saying than meets the eye: it is meant as a spiritual misfortune, a chastisement.

    In “Faust,” Goethe had the Devil saying: “I am a part of that force that always wills evil and always creates good”. Same with the Jews, by their chastisement Mankind will find its way to Jesus Christ!

    Thank you +BN for your courage and for speaking for our Lord Jesus Christ!

  24. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2024 @ 11:48 pm

    @Baregil de Gomçesval

    I deal with facts, man, NOT “sensationlistic” internet crap.

    Get out of here and go back to Internet land and enjoy the “sizzle” and “slop” that I will not enter into.

    Just the FACTS, man, JUST THE FACTS. +bn

  25. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2024 @ 11:50 pm


    See my Video, “The Devil’s Retirement Plan” @

  26. Caveman January 18, 2024 @ 11:52 pm

    “Gott mit uns” (notice, double “t”)

    German Wehrmacht soldiers had this engraved in their belt buckles, every single German soldier carried this.

    It is the meaning of the name “Emmanuel” (God with us), that was applied to Jesus Christ:

    Matthew 1:23: “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).

  27. April January 19, 2024 @ 12:25 am

    Thank you for all you do, Brother Nathanael.

    The message you gave in this interview while frightening ended quite beautifully.

    God bless you.

  28. colin January 19, 2024 @ 12:41 am


    I heard on AM radio today someone going on about how the Old Testament is the story of man falling short without God (something along those lines I think I butchered it), and he went on to connect how the New Testament fulfills the old covenant with Christ.

    The question I have from that is do the Jews not view the Tanakh the same as man falling short over and over again? Is The Old Testament for Israel only and not us? I may be off trail, but I am really going deep into the Gospel of Matthew right now and these questions have been on my mind.

  29. Caveman January 19, 2024 @ 12:49 am

    Dear +Brother,

    The prospect of ending in hell with those ogres as companions can deter even the most hardcore sinners!

    By the way, big THANK YOU to Stew Peters! He proved once again that he is the real deal and not controlled opposition.

    Stew already showed with his firm resistance against the plandemic that he is only interested in finding and speaking the truth. But this interview is the icing on the cake!

    He was visibly shaken at the end of the interview, I think he grasped that we as Christians and White European people are in mortal danger!

    “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

  30. Brother Nathanael January 19, 2024 @ 1:09 am

    +BN’s Virtual Studio Project!

    I need seed funding for this.

    A few donors already got excited and bought a camera and microphones for this important project.

    This is just the beginning of my Virtual Studio project.

    My Virtual Studio would segway into my own “Live Streaming” on Rumble.

    I would do call-in Q&A’s, Interviews with key intellectuals regarding political current events, and Segments explaining the various facets of Jewish control where I know people in the Ron Paul orbit who would be glad to be interviewed.

    I could be the next “Info Wars” if I can get the funding.

    I NEED funding to get this project moving and up and running!

    Donate to my VIRTUAL STUDIO Project HERE!

    Mail: Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 547, Priest River ID 83856

    It’s an idea whose time has come! +bn

  31. Kevin January 19, 2024 @ 1:18 am

    Excellent, Br Nathanael.

    At last, an interview with someone intelligent.

    No talking over you or interruptions.

    You are right about Jeff Rense, he too is not afraid to name the Jew.

    Now I would like to see you debate Jordan Peterstein and tear him a new a**hole, and maybe ask him why he supports the genocide of Palestinian children and why he texted Netanyahu with words of encouragement prior to the IDF incursion into Gaza.

  32. Brother Nathanael January 19, 2024 @ 1:40 am

    Stew Peters Promotes +Brother Nathanael! @

    Stew Peter’s WebSite @

    Stew Peter On Rumble! @

  33. Brother Nathanael January 19, 2024 @ 1:47 am


    Juden PeterSTEIN works for Benny Shapiro.

    He has to support the murder of children—those “sub-humans” in Gaza—or he loses his job, his reach, his career. +bn

  34. Jeff January 19, 2024 @ 2:17 am

    Brother Nat, Stew seemed to like you and be very cordial.

    May I suggest that you allow some of these guys to ask you questions etc?

    You “preach,” per say, on your site.

    Please let them have a little more time to pick your brain.

    You did great on his question where you went into Scofield etc. And in my opinion the interview got way better from that point.

    We really need you to fill in the smaller blanks to connect all the dots.

    Its awesome to see you getting out and interviewed.

    I think you should do Stew Peters again. He seemed fair and truly honestly interested, and he was cordial and accommodating to you as his guest; totally unlike that satanic kikerat yesterday.

  35. Jeff January 19, 2024 @ 2:27 am

    Brother Nat,

    Why not post a cost breakdown of the studio with a list of what it will actually require?

    As the one guy above notes, he may have some stuff you can use, and if we see a dollar target and a list and we can see progress towards the goal it can help motivate us to push past the goal line with ya!

    We are still human (sadly lol) after all!

  36. Jeff January 19, 2024 @ 2:31 am

    Brother Nat,

    This MMA kid is over the top ripping on sodomites at a press conference!

    Then I googled him and hes a solid kid from a DISASTER home situation.

    But this is a must watch and ALL OF US HERE AND EVERYWHERE need to hold this kid’s boldness up as an example of a White man standing up for truth!

  37. KC January 19, 2024 @ 4:43 am

    I know a few of Jews who have been baptized and became Orthodox Christians. From certain videos I know there’s an undercurrent in Israel that some Jews are converting to Christianity, often secretly, and it irks traditional Jews.

    Israel’s aggression opens up this discussion. Once Jews can’t be victims, noone trusts their saviorism/ideology, they become the aggressor on steroids.

  38. Kevin January 19, 2024 @ 7:49 am

    Br. Nathanael.

    Yes, rather disingenuous of Jahuda Peterstein in my book, after all his ‘rational’ diatribe about the Woke left. Bait and switch, bait and switch. As a psychologist he is all too familiar with these manipulative tricks, but to be honest I never knew he was on the ‘payroll’.

    Yes, the Stew Peters video was indeed awesome, and I liked the comments on his Rumble page after checking out your link above. You have garnered a few more followers and quite rightly so. And now to Christianity.

    Sorry to say this but the Roman Church is compromised and has been for centuries. The Catholic congregation have been duped for ages. The last nail in the proverbial coffin was the Second Vatican Council in 1962/63 when they abandoned the proper Tridentine Rite and liturgy and adopted a ‘progressive’ stance.

    They alienated a lot of real Christians. The Rothschilds have been bankers to the Vatican for quite some time now. Only a matter of time until they have full homosexual weddings and transgender Bishops.

    Rothschild’s loans to the Holy See:

    There are plenty of documented accounts that point to the Papacy as being the Antichrist, though I wouldn’t want to comment personally because there are a plethora of other candidates for that title. Check this out:

    The Pope a Shabbos Goy??:

    The only true Christian Church remaining is the Orthodox Church, be it Russian, Greek, Syrian, Ethiopian Coptic, etc. They do not have ‘Popes’ since all Bishops are considered equal.

    But back to Juden Peterstein briefly. Is it just me, or does anybody else think that he has what might be described as a ‘very creepy’ relationship with his ‘shameless over-exposing’ daughter. Ahhh sorry – probably nothing.

    Keep up the good work Brother.

  39. Once a Jew, always a Christian. January 19, 2024 @ 8:37 am


    Re: Brother Nathanael is another Bobby Fischer.

    Why is it that the best Jews are always turbocharged Christians?

    Like Christ himself.

  40. Adam Beck January 19, 2024 @ 11:22 am

    Brother Nathanael. I want to be like you. I wish I had a teacher like you. I want to be a street evangelist but first have to learn.

    I am 34 years old in North Dakota. If you see this message I was curious if you had feelings on the OCA. I want to be in ROCOR. I will have to move I am afraid I have a child in the area I pay child support for. I really want to become a ROCOR monk but I don’t feel worthy. I share all your videos and will be donating to your Foundation as soon as I have more funds to do so.

    I wish I had a spiritual father like you. The OCA church I have been going to doesn’t seem like anyone in there knows what’s going on in the world with Jewry. I feel like an outsider although I do feel the love. I also hate that liturgy is only an hour.

    I think I must move as soon as I can find work to a ROCOR church. I really want to live for the Lord. The first part of my life was addicted and in atheism.

    Thank you so much for all you do. Your the best and your really making an impact on young men’s lives. God Bless You, Brother.

  41. Nathan the Scot January 19, 2024 @ 11:51 am

    After finally having an opportunity to review the interview today, I just wanted to say thank you, Brother Nathanael, for your excellent work and for your courage.

    Every word you spoke was truth, which is what we need more than anything right now, God bless you.

    As an aside, I wonder if you are familiar with the music of Orthodox Christian Simon Khorolskiy, located in the Pacific NW. He sings primarily in the Russian language, with my personal favorite being his song “Sign of the Son”.

  42. dr k January 19, 2024 @ 12:31 pm

    So very proud of you, Nate and Stew Peters, but you must promote and read out loud the Save the Children Manifesto!

    You must run for office and help like-minded Christians take over government!


    Jeffersonian/Jacksonian Banking System with interest free money backed by gold AND SILVER confiscated from the criminal international central bankers and printed by the Treasury Department(Abolish the FED!) ARREST, TRY FOR TREASON, AND EXECUTE ALL Communists INCLUDING central banksterists) for UNCONSTITUTIONAL sedition and treason! REPARATIONS TO POST COVID HOAX SMALL BUSINESS PEOPLE OUT OF CONFISCATED ROTH$CHILD […]
    Read more “

  43. Amber January 19, 2024 @ 12:32 pm

    +BN — consider a very powerful backdrop for you in your new studio and at the same time, will have your back (literally–we could say): The New Glory flag–Inspired by the Archangel Michael to clear the way for us and at the same time ground Earth for Heaven through our Godly Ideals–while we pray and fast)–COMPLETING America’s true purpose and destiny:

    Complimentary to you our dear and best +BN, and also available for ALL +BN supporters–where proceeds to your cause.

  44. Ferenc Starodub January 19, 2024 @ 12:44 pm

    ‘If You are godless
    your just a fool,
    but if You love the Jews
    Your an Enemy of God’

    Old German Proverb.

    In the German Language&Kultur Space
    everything that’s
    evil, filthy
    nasty, broken etc.
    just calls ‘jüdisch’

  45. michael January 19, 2024 @ 1:59 pm

    Goi”im may be interpreted as Christians and Muslims and less important humans than Jumans. However Goi”im was once used in the Bible to mean a “King of Nations” when describing the war against Sodom and Gomorrah.
    Genesis 14:1

  46. Citizenfitz January 19, 2024 @ 2:29 pm

    The main reason Adam King is down on Catholicism is because anti-Catholic protestants are sending him money. He smells the coffee.

    But the fact that someone as slimy as King IS down on Catholicism is actually a recommendation for Catholicism. A reverse benediction if you will.

  47. The+Elder+of+Zyklon-B January 19, 2024 @ 2:45 pm

    I’m sorry Fitz, you are headed to the Lake of Fire as a Catholic. Some good ole boy in a Southern Baptist Sunday school class once told us that.

    That settles it.

  48. Citizenfitz January 19, 2024 @ 3:00 pm

    Laughed hard at Sean Strickland’s takedown of that pale and limp Canadian reporter. Thanks, Jeff. That made my day.

    Of course, all the usual internet media outlets are screaming bloody murder about it. More LOL!

  49. Citizenfitz January 19, 2024 @ 3:04 pm

    Thanks for the heads up there, Elder. Guess there’s no hope for me now. I’ll miss you guys.

  50. Jose Gallardo January 19, 2024 @ 3:59 pm

    Please interview Dr. Shiva, he talks a lot about Zionism but doesn’t think jews are the problem.

  51. Jason January 19, 2024 @ 6:57 pm


    You once said that Russia must have government ownership of its news media, because otherwise the Jews will own it.

    Why wouldn’t the Russians be able to privately own their own media?

  52. Brother Nathanael January 19, 2024 @ 7:29 pm

    Twitter X doing +Brother Nathanael!

  53. Brother Nathanael January 19, 2024 @ 7:49 pm

    Stew Peters Nails JEW-RUN BBC @


  54. Nick January 19, 2024 @ 10:31 pm

    Galatians 3:28 Context

    25 But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster. 26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. 27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 29And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    Brother Nathanael,

    As an Orthodox monk, shouldn’t Christians be praying for all people around the world?

    Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich was a Christian bold enough to speak out against the Nazi Party. He was arrested and taken to Dachau, a concentration camp. Shortly after being freed, he fled the communists and came to America where he taught for several years before falling asleep in the Lord in 1956.

    That being said, this prayer was not written by a man who knew only the normal difficulties. He suffered much, and wrote the following beautiful prayer about enemies:

    Bless my enemies, O Lord. Even I bless them and do not curse them.

    Enemies have driven me into your embrace more than friends have.

    Friends have bound me to earth, enemies have loosed me from earth and have demolished all my aspirations in the world.

    Enemies have made me a stranger in worldly realms and an extraneous inhabitant of the world. Just as a hunted animal finds safer shelter than an unhunted animal does, so have I, persecuted by enemies, found the safest sanctuary, having ensconced myself beneath your tabernacle, where neither friends nor enemies can slay my soul.

    Bless my enemies, O Lord. Even I bless them and do not curse them.

    They, rather than I, have confessed my sins before the world.

    They have punished me, whenever I have hesitated to punish myself.
    They have tormented me, whenever I have tried to flee torments.
    They have scolded me, whenever I have flattered myself.
    They have spat upon me, whenever I have filled myself with arrogance.

    Bless my enemies, O Lord, Even I bless them and do not curse them.

    Whenever I have made myself wise, they have called me foolish.
    Whenever I have made myself mighty, they have mocked me as though I were a dwarf.
    Whenever I have wanted to lead people, they have shoved me into the background.
    Whenever I have rushed to enrich myself, they have prevented me with an iron hand.
    Whenever I thought that I would sleep peacefully, they have wakened me from sleep.
    Whenever I have tried to build a home for a long and tranquil life, they have demolished it and driven me out.

    Truly, enemies have cut me loose from the world and have stretched out my hands to the hem of your garment.

    Bless my enemies, O Lord. Even I bless them and do not curse them.

    Bless them and multiply them; multiply them and make them even more bitter against me:

    so that my fleeing to You may have no return;
    so that all hope in men may be scattered like cobwebs;
    so that absolute serenity may begin to reign in my soul;
    so that my heart may become the grave of my two evil twins, arrogance and anger;
    so that I might amass all my treasure in heaven;
    ah, so that I may for once be freed from self-deception, which has entangled me in the dreadful web of illusory life.

    Enemies have taught me to know what hardly anyone knows, that a person has no enemies in the world except himself.

    One hates his enemies only when he fails to realize that they are not enemies, but cruel friends.

    It is truly difficult for me to say who has done me more good and who has done me more evil in the world: friends or enemies.

    Therefore bless, O Lord, both my friends and enemies.

    A slave curses enemies, for he does not understand. But a son blesses them, for he understands.
    For a son knows that his enemies cannot touch his life.
    Therefore he freely steps among them and prays to God for them.

    From Prayers by the Lake by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich, published by the Serbian Orthodox Metropolitanate of New Gracanica, 1999.

  55. mrbuttermaker January 19, 2024 @ 10:40 pm

    BN..I hate to be the “Debbie Downer” here… ..Just my .02. Doesnt necessarily mean im right. Ive always had lots of respect for you. BUT i found 2 things very troubling regarding your SP interview.

    Im still rather stunned how you brushed the tunnel story aside like it was a nuttin burger. You have your opinion , i have mine. Suppose just maybe you could have read a few of those gems in Rabbi Schneeeeeeeeerson’s pleasant dissertations. I think only Jeff Rense has mentioned Kushner’s dealings with .
    This is from “The Forward” which seems to be a Jewish organization. Maybe i have the spelling wrong thus why maybe im off track. You all say “Chabad” they spell “Shabbat” . Maybe its 2 separate entities.? “Two years later, Ivanka Trump would introduce Kushner as her boyfriend.

    “Kushner writes that after dating Ivanka for some time, she told him she would consider converting to Judaism. “We began meeting with a rabbi and studying and practicing Shabbat together,” he wrote. “I saw that Ivanka was enjoying these rituals.” The two spent Friday evenings together eating takeout from his favorite eatery, the 2nd Ave Deli, until Ivanka Trump offered to start cooking for the Shabbat meal. “She loved it and quickly became an excellent chef.”
    Now that debunks your theory Ivanka was always a jew ,but ill side with you on that one.
    Im just lost why you brushed aside these freaks on the show. (no they are NOT human) Baby strollers, or whatever they are, stained beds, etc . The only “person” That acts the way the “freaks” did ,would be one that has lots to hide. Come on BN. Dont pooh pooh something that is right in front of our faces. You could be right, but we are hypothetically talking about children!
    Just some random wonderings of why”?

    -Col Douglas MacGreggor (spelling) has been a HUGE disappointment regarding Gaza. Hes dead on regarding JewKrain but bounces around regarding Gaza. So has Larry Johnson, McGovern etc. Hear that Judge? And please. No more Tony Schaeffer . (spelling once again but hes not worth spelling it the right way)
    -Why has it been that only Christian white nations had to cough up their Leopard II, Challengers,Bradleys etc and yet, tell me how many Hunk of metal garbage Merkava’s did Israhell cough up? A big fat ZERO !

    -Why is it that Ukies STILL cant figure out what is wrong with a Jew running a Christian country? Then again i never found Ukies to be the brightest bulbs in the socket Its like these sad stories about men being pulled off the street. I wonder how many still insisted of caring around their spy devices. Hello. You still think the DIA ap is “for your safety and convenience “? Even MacGreggor wonders out loud the poor strategies etc. Duh Col. Its never been about Ukraine winning. Why did you think Victoria Jooland got a promtion? Its not cause she failed. Theres nothing like 500k dead christian males that got you the victory you always wanted
    -I struggle to find Sympathy for Mr Gonzo. What kind of fool would post a vid 5 km from Hungary boarder ? You ever hear of trianglization ? Like Dennis Fetcho said, a total fool for just that .

    -Id love to see a SU-35 go against a Israhell F-16 or F-35. Regarding the F-35. Way to go Israhell. Suckers. You have how many squadrons of that hunk of garbage. Have Fun!
    -Speaking of SU-35, Noboby mentions the 18 Su-35s Iran took delivery of in the summer. Maybe its nothing but now Iran has a formidable Air Force other than old F4s and F18 s. Maybe that is why things have gotten faster, for lack of better word. Its why its such a joke about “Iran Having Nukes”. They dont need them. They can Make Tel A Veve be a glass parking lot with what they have.
    – I asked a Palestinian friend of mine “why dont you all just clear out, all nations release the Krakon , and live to fight another day. He said”its just cause giving up is not in our DNA”: Profound. I guess that is life for all of us. You gotta know when to hold em or when to fold em i guess
    -Embrace this time. We now get a golden opportunity to who has been jerkin us and who has not.
    -Like , who one of my favorite YT content creators Stanislav Kaprivnik (spelling again) says. , hes Born Russian , lived in US most of his life. Served 11 years in US Army, now moved beck to Donetsk . He spits some hard truths Americans need to hear. He always ends “Stay with god” You all to !!

  56. Brother Nathanael January 19, 2024 @ 11:49 pm


    I assume you’re familiar with King David’s assertion of “hate” for enemies.


    I’m not going to tell you where.

    But don’t cheat.

    Don’t use a concordance.

    With your holiness and perfect Christian knowledge please tell us where King David asserts it.

    NO CHEATING. +bn

  57. Brother Nathanael January 19, 2024 @ 11:52 pm


    Suggest you ask Stew Peters to inteview you so you can tell the world your spin on the Tunnel.

    I’m sure all your assertions will be backed by hard evidence that can hold up in a court of law.

    No speculations, no sensastionlist internet crap either please.

    This is MY stricture for all that I assert.


  58. Dave January 20, 2024 @ 2:44 am


    After all the years of hard work you’ve put forth you can take a HUGE step forward this Sunday if you attend a big pro-Palestine rally to be held at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

    This is a phenomenal international venue for you to be seen spreading the word which I understand will be held at the same time the crying jews are holding a panel on “deadly tropes” about jews and israel.

    Rumored for weeks, a pro-Palestinian protest has been set for noon on Sunday, January 21 at the Sundance Film Festival. By coincidence or not, the Let Gaza Live gathering is organized at almost the exact same time a Sundance partnered panel on “deadly tropes about Jews and Israel on TV, Film and Media” is planned on Sunday.

    Presented by American Orthodox Jewish nonprofit organization Jew in the City, the tropes panel is not programmed by the festival.


  59. Dave January 20, 2024 @ 2:46 am

    Gaza War Protest Hits Sundance On Sunday; “Safety & Security” Top Priority, Festival Says

  60. Senad January 20, 2024 @ 3:43 am

    This must be the best interview I heard in such a long time. Stew, hats off.

    Bro. you don’t need a studio. The interviews from nature you do are simple and the best.

  61. Ted Gorsline January 20, 2024 @ 5:46 am

    Since the beginning of time, most civilizations have been faced with the problem of “what to do with the jews.” Mostly the jews have been kicked out of countries and sent elsewhere only to be kicked out again and again and again and again in an endless cycle that never ends.

    Once the armies of Turkey, Gaza, Yemen, Iran, Syria and Lebanon meet in Tel Aviv, they, too, will be faced with the age old problem of what to do with the captive jews.

    Beyond the Pale didn’t work, Treblinka didn’t work, Auschwitz didn’t work. What to do?

    I say apply jewish values to jews. Don’t kick them out of Palestine rather imitate Jewish Talmudic teachings in reverse and allocate 3,000 Jewish slaves to every Palestinian citizen so as to facilitate the rebuilding of Gaza, the West Bank and the chopped down olive groves in the rest of Palestine.

    This is of value to the jews, too. As a people now regarded solely as useless eaters, they can be trained to become useful citizens and acquire pride in themselves instead of being burdened with their current self-loathing.

    I envisage streams of jews wearing shackles along the lines of those they used on Blacks when they controlled the American slave trade. I see them lugging the concrete waste in Gaza and putting it in the sea to create massive new docks and harbours for the rebirth of Palestine.

    I see people like Rafael Hariri, George Soros and his son, Benjamin Netanyahoo and his son, Michael Bloomberg, and thousands of other high profile jews and Shabbos goys being captured via bounties, and then brought to Palestine to be retrained to clean public washrooms, probably the only job in the world that jews are really suited to do.

  62. Rosita January 20, 2024 @ 8:29 am

    Hi Brother Nathanael, I have sent you a message on Instagram.

    I would love to speak with you about a lot of topics including veganism, spirituality/religion, history and yes the JQ.

    Please check your Instagram message requests or email me if you are interested in a conversation with me.

    Thank you

  63. Nick January 20, 2024 @ 10:55 am

    Father Bless,

    What if a person is self-destructive?

    St. Nikolai Velimirovich wrote.

    “Enemies have taught me to know what hardly anyone knows that a person has no enemies in the world except himself.”

    So how does one begin to forgive themselves for all the wrong they’ve done in this world?

    The damage they’ve caused others, and to themselves, and how they’ve hurt Christ, and continue to do so, it never ends.

    Matthew 5:44 Context

    41 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain. 42 Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away. 43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. 44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; 45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. 46 For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? 47 And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?

  64. Citizenfitz January 20, 2024 @ 11:11 am

    Stew Peters is a boss. Great interview, Bro!

    And the smackdown he put on the BBC, especially their “Covid disinformation reporter, (((Rachel Schraer))) was epic stuff:

    The guy’s a mensch!

  65. The Ghost of Paul Harvey January 20, 2024 @ 11:28 am

    ALL that you say is true….

    but it’s almost a POST MORTEM as compared with a DIAGNOSIS.

    The former is simply a report of cause of death…the latter provides a best effort to describe the illness and its cause.

    BUT WHAT WE NEED IS A PRESCRIPTION for the patient so as to enable defeat and recovery from the illness.

    And if Jesus Christ is the ONLY solution to what appears to be a TERMINAL disease, how will WE survive in a JEW run world where GAZA is the blue print for eradicating EVERYONE who does not bend the knee to SATAN ?

  66. Sean Paul January 20, 2024 @ 12:01 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Why has no one brought up the connection between all the countries the United States is funneling money to are controlled by Jews?

    1. Ukraine: Has a Jewish president, a rich history of Judaism, between 1941 & 1959 the Jewish population in Ukraine dropped 70% with the majority migrating to the new state of Israel.

    2: Israel: no explanation needed

    3: South Korea: mandatory all kids read the Talmud- look into riots in 2015

    4: Taiwan: Look into their president elect and Judaism

    I may be over thinking things, I never know what to believe anymore other than Christ, the world is so confusing, seen you on Alex Jones and the Hitler not being Christian throws a wrench into everything.

  67. Mike January 20, 2024 @ 7:40 pm


    Seriously? You’re gonna use St Nikolai Velimirovic against Brother Nathanael?

    Do you not know what he wrote about the Jews? Just because he criticized the NS regime doesn’t mean that he didn’t know about the Jews.

  68. KathJuliane January 20, 2024 @ 7:48 pm

    Why the Guardian’s ‘Hamas mass rape’ story doesn’t pass the sniff test

    If Americans Knew | 19 January 2024

    How is it that journalists are not pausing to question the outrageous improbability of so many of the evidence-poor Hamas rape stories being advanced?

    by Jonathan Cook, reposted from, 19 January 2024

    The Guardian has just published the latest in the western media’s endless cycle of stories claiming Hamas committed “systematic, mass rape” on October 7. Its article is headlined: “Evidence points to systematic use of rape and sexual violence by Hamas in 7 October attacks”.

    The biggest problem with these stories isn’t just the continuing absence of any meaningful evidence for “systematic” rape; or Israel’s long track record of lying to justify state terrorism; or Israel’s refusal to cooperate with independent investigators; or the racist, anti-Arab tropes that pass for sophisticated analysis in western circles.

    It is simply the outrageous improbability of so many of the evidence-poor rape stories being advanced.

    The Guardian recycles a supposed eyewitness account of a group of Hamas fighters taking turns to rape a woman at the Nova festival on October 7, then cutting off her breast to play a football-like game with it at the side of the road.

    We are supposed to believe this happened when we also know – from facts provided by the Israeli media – that Hamas stumbled on to the Nova festival totally unprepared and on their way to what they assumed would be a major confrontation with the Israeli military at a nearby army base; that its fighters were quickly confronted by paramilitary Israeli police who engaged them in gun battles; and that Israeli Apache helicopters, with little intelligence to work on, were firing Hellfire missiles at anything that moved, based on the “Hannibal directive” to prevent hostage-taking at all costs.

    Does any of that add up? Did Hamas’ most disciplined elite fighters – training for years and knowing that this might be their only, brief moment to take on the Israeli army in a near-fair fight or drag hostages back to Gaza for a prisoner swap before the Israeli military used its air power to overwhelm them – really take time out to indulge in a sick game involving a woman’s breast?

    How is it that no one – the Guardian reporter, her section editors, the paper’s editors – stopped for a moment and thought “Is this really plausible?” and “Am I being played to advance a nefarious agenda?” – in this case, genocide. Or did they simply recite in their minds – as Israel knew they would – “Believe women!”, especially if they are confirming a racist assumption that Arab men are blood-thirsty, sex-obsessed primitives.

    In fact, the Zaka volunteers who are being heavily relied on in this Guardian “report” are Jewish religious extremist men, also with a proven record of lying: they came up with the complete fabrication of “40 beheaded babies”, when no babies were beheaded. Two infants are recorded dying that day.

    [Also see: “Scandal-stained Israeli ‘rescue’ group fuels October 7 fabrications“]

    The woman leading the “Hamas mass rape” campaign – now an academic – is a former spokesperson for the Israeli military. Their job, as any honest reporter will tell you, is to lie to journalists to excuse Israel’s incessant war crimes.

    What we now know – from multiple credible Israeli sources – is that Israel killed lots of its own civilians on October 7. Ynet, Israel’s biggest media outlet, has just published an investigation in Hebrew showing that Hamas successfully took out Israel’s all-seeing drone “eyes” over Gaza that day, leaving the Israeli military blind about what was happening. Panicked, Israeli commanders invoked the Hannibal directive, allowing those in the field to order tanks and helicopters to fire at anything that moved.

    It was Israel that incinerated the hundreds of cars trying to flee the Nova festival, killing potentially hundreds of the 1,140 Israeli civilians that died that day, as well as Hamas fighters. It was an Israeli tank that incinerated 13 Israeli civilians, and 40 Hamas fighters, holed up in a house in Kibbutz Be’eri by blasting a shell through its front wall.

    Israel, of course, wants no one, least of all the western media, talking about any of that. What it needs instead is anything that will help to distract from its crimes against its citizens and justify its committing of genocide against the people of Gaza. So it has every reason to serve up the “Hamas mass rape” story, feeding what it rightly assumes are the Islamophobic prejudices of most Israeli Jews and western reporters.

    Journalists at the Guardian, the BBC and the rest of the establishment media are paid to play their role in regurgitating these lies to advance western foreign policy goals. You are not. So please hold on to your humanity – and refuse to play along with Israel and the media’s racist disinformation campaign.

    I have written previously about the media’s peddling of deceptions about October 7. You can find those articles at these links:

    Full story:

  69. Citizenfitz January 20, 2024 @ 7:58 pm

    It took a while but I found Died Suddenly.

    It’s almost like someone is trying to suppress it, but that couldn’t be. Definitely worth watching:

  70. Rav Mortichai January 20, 2024 @ 8:05 pm

    Welp, I was baking some unleavened bread and frying up some latkes when I realized I was fresh out of gefilte fish.

    We’re buried in snow here thanks to global warming so I had to use the secret tunnel in my basement to get to my neighbors.

    We are all networked underground here like prairie dogs in case the goyim rise up.


  71. KathJuliane January 20, 2024 @ 8:56 pm

    From the 1990s, Netanyahu and his mob of murderous, terrorist land thieves never intended to fulfill their end of the Oslo Accords. – Kj


    Netanyahu Declares Israel’s Vision in Occupied Palestine – ‘From the River to the Sea’

    By Palestine Chronicle Staff | 20 January 2024

    Netanyahu ruled out any chances for a post-war peace process, rejecting a sovereign Palestinian state on any part of historic Palestine.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his rejection to the establishment of a Palestinian state on Thursday, stating that Israel will take control over “from the river to the sea,” according to the English translation of a televised statement he has made at a nationally broadcast news conference.

    In the translated segment, provided by Israeli news channel i24NEWS, Netanyahu said, “In any other arrangement in the future, the state of Israel will be in control of all area from the river to the sea.”

    Another translation claimed that Netanyahu referred to the “entire territory west of the Jordan River,” which essentially means the same thing.

    Netanyahu’s comments at the press conference seemed to be a response to a US-led push for a Palestinian state, and for allowing the Palestinian Authority to play a part in the future of Gaza.

    Netanyahu, however, ruled out any chances for a post-war peace process, rejecting a sovereign Palestinian state on any part of historic Palestine.

    “Israel must have security control over the entire territory west of the Jordan River,” Netanyahu has reportedly said. His comments were a direct response to American requests for a political vision in the occupied Palestinian territories. “The prime minister needs to be capable of saying no to our friends,” he said.

    US officials have intensified their calls for a two-state solution in recent days, with US Department of State spokesperson Matthew Miller saying that “there is no way to solve (Israel’s) long-term challenges to provide lasting security (…) without the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

    Netanyahu, however, is not the only Israeli official who dismissed the idea of the establishment of a Palestinian state.

    On Saturday, Miki Zohar, Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports, said that Israel “will never allow the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

    These statements were echoed by other members of the Israeli government.

    In comments to Israeli news newspaper Maariv, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said that “there is a broad consensus in Israel against a Palestinian state and the division of the land.”

    Al-Jazeera also cited the Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir as saying that he has always opposed the concept of a Palestinian State, which constitutes “an existential threat to Israel”.

    Cut off any and all aid to Israel, including ‘charitable’ and ‘religious’ donations from Jewish and Zio-christian synagogues, churches, and political organizations.

    Force AIPAC, and their stable of some 300+ Congresscritters they own, to register as a foreign agent of the Pariah State. -Kj

  72. KathJuliane January 20, 2024 @ 9:11 pm

    From across The Pond -Kj

    The Daily Sceptic Newsletter
    Question everything. Stay sane. Live free.

    In Today’s Newsletter

    Concerning Safety Signals Revealed by Hidden Pfizer Vaccine Report

    “I’m a Public Health Fascist”: Journalist Who Led Calls for Lockdown Publishes Book Demanding We Prepare to Do it All Again But Harder (So it Works This Time)

    Politics 101

    Scandals Should Not Take Decades to Expose

    Cash and its Enemies Part II: The Opportunities and Risks of CBDCs

    News Round-Up

    Excerpted from “I’m a Public Health Fascist”

    For nearly four years, I’ve been curious about who spoke to [Donald G. McNeil…the very first English-language voice who on February 27th 2020, in a NYT podcast, alerted the whole of the Western media as to what was coming: lockdown] to give him the green light to whip up the nation into a disease frenzy. How did it come to be that the NYT let him? Here he spills the beans.

    [Quote] Then on February 24th [2020], the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 1,000 points, the first lurch in what would ultimately be a 30% drop. President Trump responded with a tweet: “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC and World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock market starting to look very good to me!”

    The next day, in a phone call with reporters, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the CDC’s Chief of Respiratory Diseases, effectively contradicted him, saying a major outbreak in the United States was “not so much a question of if this will happen anymore, but rather a question of exactly when this will happen, and how many people in this country will have severe illness”. She suggested that Americans “start thinking about” how they would cope if their schools and businesses closed, gatherings were canceled, and travel was limited. The markets tumbled further, enraging the President.

    On February 27th, prompted by Dr. Messonnier’s words and the shaky markets, Michael Barbaro invited me onto his podcast, The Daily. He began by asking how many epidemics I had covered and how bad I thought this one could be. [End quote]

    So there we have our answer. It was the CDC’s own Nancy Messonier. She was in touch with Anthony Fauci and he with McNeil, as we know from emails. So the entire apparatus of how the administrative state undermined the Trump administration during this period is right there in black and white.

    Actually, even 10 days earlier, Dr. Messonnier was already holding phone calls with the media that contradicted everything the Trump administration was saying. On February 12th 2020 she told the media as follows: “The goal of the measures we have taken to date are to slow the introduction and impact of this disease in the United States but at some point, we are likely to see community spread in the U.S. or other countries and this will trigger a change in our response strategy.”

    “If you want the short version of the book [The Wisdom of Plagues], he has written it in a New York Post article: ‘The U.S. needs a “Pentagon” for diseases‘. “I generally back ironfisted responses to epidemics,” he writes.

    Here is a man who very nearly tasted the power that comes with running the world. He was extremely close to all of it, pen pals with Anthony Fauci, and the Walter Duranty of virus control at the New York Times, the world’s most influential media voice. The experience has plainly made him crazy.

  73. Mongo Like January 20, 2024 @ 9:12 pm

    American “Exceptionalism,” which has been engendered by the Zionists who prepared PNAC- the documents which needed another Pearl Harbour but got 9/11- this Exceptionalism has blinded the population of the United States to the fact that it is Israel which runs Washington and not the other way around! It helps that US MSM, Social Media, Hollywood, Wall Street, YT, Wikipedia, FBI, DOJ, DHS, DOS, CDC etc. are also working against you. All US wars are in Greater Israel.

    Not even the most ‘interesting, intelligent, astute and truthful’ US news websites will recognise or admit this truth.

    Meanwhile, it is being forgotten that October 7 was the result of THE most unlikely ‘lapse of security’ in Israeli history! Israel does not make security mistakes like that considering that they regularly target individuals anywhere on the planet.

    The genocide in Gaza was PLANNED, intentional, which just goes to amplify the ghastly premeditated crime.

  74. KathJuliane January 20, 2024 @ 9:32 pm


    SONAR21 | 20 January 2023

    I do not know Maria Mateiciuc, but she claims she recently visited Ukraine and presents a persuasive case about the desperate situation Ukraine is facing. She has a X (formerly Twitter) account and appears to be a legit person. I do not think she is a bot or someone hired to tell a tragic story.

    She posted what she says is an image of her passport from her recent trip to Ukraine. Read her post. What do you think?

    “I just got back from Ukraine, where I was visiting some friends. Everything we have heard about what’s happening in Ukraine is a lie. The reality is darker, bleaker, and unequivocally hopeless. There is no such thing as Ukraine “winning” this war.

    – By their estimates, they have lost over one million of their sons, fathers and husbands; an entire generation is gone.

    – Even in the Southwest, where the anti-Russian sentiment is long-standing, citizens are reluctant or straight-up scared to publicly criticize Zelensky; they will go to jail.

    – In every village and town, the streets, shops, and restaurants are mostly absent of men.

    – The few men who remain are terrified of leaving their homes for fear of being kidnapped into conscription. Some have resorted to begging friends to break their legs to avoid service.

    – Army search parties take place early in the morning, when men leave their homes to go to work. They ambush and kidnap them off the streets and within 3-4 hours they get listed in the army and taken away straight to the front lines with minimal or no training at all; it is “a death sentence.”

    – It’s getting worse every day. Where I was staying, a dentist had just been taken by security forces on his way to work, leaving behind two small children. Every day, 3-5 dead bodies keep arriving from the front lines.

    – Mothers and wives fight tooth and nail with the armed forces, beg and plead not to have their men taken away. They try bribing, which sometimes works, but most of the time they are met with physical violence and death threats.

    – The territory celebrated as having been “won back” from Russia has been reduced to rubble and is uninhabitable. Regardless, there is no one left to live there and displaced families will likely never return. – They see the way the war has been reported, at home and abroad. It’s a “joke” and “propaganda.” They say: “Look around: is this winning?”.

    – Worse, some have been hoaxed into believing that once Ukrainians forces are exhausted, American soldiers will come in to replace them and “win the war”.

    There is no ambiguity in these people. The war was for nothing – a travesty. The outcome always was, and is, clear. The people are hopeless, utterly destroyed, and living in an unending nightmare. They are pleading for an end, any end – most likely the same “peace” that could have been achieved two years ago.

    In their minds, they have already lost, for their sons, fathers and husbands are gone, and their country has been destroyed. There is no “victory” that can change that. Make no mistake, they are angry with Putin. But they are also angry with Zelensky and the West.

    They have lost everything, worst of all, hope and faith, and cannot comprehend why Zelensky wishes to continue the current trajectory, the one of human devastation.

    I didn’t witness the war; but what I saw was absolutely heart-breaking.

    Shame on the people, regardless of their intentions, who have supported this war. And shame on the media for continuing to lie about it.”

    She is absolutely right about the media and political leaders in the West lying about the reality of Ukraine’s military situation on the ground and the public mood in Ukraine’s cities west of the Dnieper River. There is a report today that Russia has made significant progress in capturing Avdeevka: …

    Full story:

  75. KathJuliane January 20, 2024 @ 9:41 pm

    ‘From All Directions’ – Iraqi Resistance Targets US Military Base in Iraq

    Palestine Chronicle | 20 January 2024

    By Palestine Chronicle Staff

    The Islamic Resistance in Iraq declared responsibility for targeting the Ain Al-Assad US military base in the Anbar region west of the country.

    The attack on the American military base is described as the strongest since the escalation of violence, resulting from Washington’s unconditional support of Israel in its ongoing genocidal war in Gaza.

    The Islamic Resistance said that the attack, which involved large missiles, is a direct response to “Zionist regime massacres against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip,” Al-Mayadeen reported on Saturday.

    The Lebanon-based news network said that the attack on Ain Al-Assad took place from several directions and involved at least ten heavy missiles, based on early estimations, and that all the missiles struck direct hits against the military base.

    Other estimates have ranged from 17 to 40 missiles and shells fired at the US military encampment.

    US military sources said that several US soldiers were wounded in the attack.

    Earlier, the Iraqi Resistance announced that they had targeted and downed, on Thursday, an American ‘MQ9’ drone in the Diyala province.

    In a statement, cited by Al-Mayadeen, the Iraqi Resistance said that the drone was launched from an American military base in Kuwait.

    “Our operations will continue to confront and shell enemy bases,” the Iraqi Resistance said.

    A few days earlier, Al-Mayadeen correspondent in Syria reported that the US has ordered the evacuation of a military base in the northern Hasakah region in Syria as a result of repeated attacks by the Iraqi Resistance.

    The targets of the Iraqi Resistance, however, were not confined to American targets but to Israeli targets as well, including a recent strike at a ‘vital target’ in the city of Haifa, using an advanced long-range cruise missile, Al-Mayadeen reported.


    Exclusive: Iraq seeks quick exit of US forces but no deadline set, PM says

    Reuters | 10 January 2024

    Army Staff ‘Baffled’ by Sharp Decline in White Recruits in Last Five Years

    State of the Union | 13 January 2024

  76. KathJuliane January 20, 2024 @ 10:14 pm

    Palestine Chronicle

    Israel has Failed to Achieve All of Its Objectives in Gaza – NYT

    When the War is Over – Did Gaza Usher in the Age of the New Palestinian Armed Resistance?

    By Palestine Chronicle Editors

    After 100 days of Palestinian steadfastness and resistance to the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza, an important question imposes itself: Is this the age of the Palestinian armed resistance?
    In a speech commemorating the 100th day of the ongoing Israeli genocidal war on Gaza, Abu Obeida, the military spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, said that the majority of all weapons used by the Resistance in the Strip were manufactured by the Resistance itself.

    According to Abu Obeida, these weapons include everything from sniper guns to anti-personnel shells, to various types of armaments, including the advanced Al-Ghoul sniper gun.

    Even much of Resistance munition was itself manufactured in Gaza, he said.

    These statements would have not had as much impact before October 7, as they are having now, following 100 days after a relentless Israeli war involving hundreds of thousands of Israeli soldiers and the world’s most advanced weaponry.

    When the War is Over

    When the war in Gaza is over, the possibility of armed rebellion in the West Bank will grow even stronger.

    In fact, we predict that, in addition to armed rebellion starting in the northern West Bank, non-state political actors throughout the region will rise in terms of power and relevance, modeling themselves around Al-Qassam and Al-Quds Brigades in Gaza, while unifying around a single goal, that of fighting foreign occupation and political meddling.

    The fact that the Islamic Resistance of Iraq is now demanding a complete withdrawal of the US forces from the country is a case in point.

    Washington and its Western allies know, as well as Tel Aviv, that the post-Gaza-war Middle East will emerge as a whole different region than the one that existed prior to it. This is why Washington, unsurprisingly, interpreted the Israeli war on Gaza to be an American war as well.

    That, however, was a strategic mistake because the imminent Israeli defeat will also be interpreted as an American defeat. Neither US-UK attacks on the Ansarallah group in Yemen, nor all of American firepower can possibly change this equation now.

    The fact that these dynamics have all occurred because of local fighters, engaged in a seemingly desperate combat in a besieged area like the Gaza Strip, should force us to revisit all of the notions that we embraced for many years, that Israel is undefeatable, that armed resistance is not a solution, and that the cause of Palestine, as some would occasionally argue, is a ‘lost cause’.

    As for the mighty Merkava, over 1,000 of which have been damaged or destroyed in the war so far, is likely to contribute to the Israeli scrap industry. Indeed, the legend of the Merkava has ended at the hands of the Yassin-105 in the war-torn streets of Gaza.


    Laptop Warriors – Who Are Hamas’ ‘Green Hat Hackers’, and Why They Terrify Israel

    Hamas’ hackers are as impressive as its fighters, in the eyes of intelligence and military specialists, as they are able to utilize simple means to make great impacts, with the aim of defeating traditional armies and state-run intelligence.

  77. Nick January 21, 2024 @ 2:33 am

    @Mike wrote:

    “Seriously? You’re gonna use St Nikolai Velimirovic against Brother Nathanael?”

    “Do you not know what he wrote about the Jews? Just because he criticized the NS regime doesn’t mean that he didn’t know about the Jews.”

    Where do you suggest I begin?

  78. TONY LOPEZ-CISNEROS January 21, 2024 @ 9:39 am

    Brother Nathanael:

    I remember all to well, as a kid from the Hyde Park neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago, when Charles “Chuck” Percy was the senior senator of Illinois, of course bought & paid for by the University of Chicago founded and controlled by the Rockefeller Dynasty.

    My understanding of Democratic Senator Paul Simon–although he is ethnically &/or racially Jewish was religiously a Missouri Synod fundamentalist protestant Christian Lutheran, whose parents, I believe, were evangelical Lutheran Christian missionaries to China, either before, during, or after the takeover of China by the Communists in 1949.

    As C-SPAN has in its archives Illinoise Senator Simon, at the time honoring the wife and widow of the founder of Nationalist/Capitalist China (at the island of Formosa), Taiwan, etc. & victor of the Chinese forces (with the help of the USA & Douglas MacArthur) against the Empire of Japan in 1945 AD: Genrealissimo Chiang Kay Shek!

    That’s why, to this day, the “Jewsuits” cringe everytime a/all true Holy Bible Christians publish, preach, proclaim, promulgate & perpetuate the words of the one and only Holy Triune God – God the Father, Son & Holy Ghost/Spirit when they say:

    +++++++”For the love of money is the root of all evil.” – 1st Timothy 6:10++++++

  79. John January 21, 2024 @ 10:24 am

    Alex Jones is an impostor.

  80. Sandy January 21, 2024 @ 4:59 pm

    See Wikipedia Timeline of antisemitism

    From antiquity until today, in 2024 is there a “Timeline of Friendship Towards the Jews” available?

    Antiquity · Century C.E.: 1st · 2nd · 3rd · 4th · 5th · 6th · 7th · 8th · 9th · 10th · 11th · 12th · 13th · 14th · 15th · 16th · 17th · 18th · 19th · 20th · 21st

    As opposed to a Timeline of antisemitism?

    Comment: I was unable to find a “Timeline of Friendship Towards the Jews” online as opposed to a Timeline of antisemitism.

    Starting from the 21st Century and going back to Antiquity, if possible, to keep the peace, what if there was a joint effort between Jews and non-Jews who would work together, to accumulate stories from around the world?

    Galatians 3:28 Context
    25 But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster. 26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. 27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    Long before “the controversial term “philosemitism” arose as a pejorative in Germany to describe the positive prejudice towards Jews; in other words, a philosemite is a “Jew-lover” or “Jew-friend”.”?

    Philosemitism – Wikipedia

    Coined in Germany in 1880 as the antonym to another neologism – antisemitism – the word “philosemitism” was invented by avowed antisemites as a sneering term of denunciation for their opponents.

    Introduction – Philosemitism in History (

    There must be volumes of books which were lost or destroyed, some which are still available, with stories, quotations, and sayings that give the reader a firsthand and honest description of the author’s interaction with Jewish people.

    And I’m just looking to find all the positive stories, quotations, poems etc. written up about them as individuals and as a community.

    Someone must have compiled a database or list over the years.

    What is the general sentiment of non-Jews towards the Jewish people around the world?

    From a historical standpoint, what positive stories have people from ethnic European backgrounds, African, First Nations, Asian, Aborigines etc. honestly documented?

    Does Rabbinic Judaism Need Enemies to Survive?

  81. Matt January 22, 2024 @ 5:14 am

    First some old Russian or Ukrainian Bolshevik era cartoons I got off Bitchute years ago. I uploaded here:

    Regards Chicoms. It’s been so long I forgot why I stopped watching Infowars and started watching again. It was Alex and his Chicom pitch back in about 2018. It was so ridiculous to suggest when it’s obvious the Jews are in positions of authority. Like the late Henry Kissinger.

    Alex even pitched that they were taking over the movie industry. Absurd. When was that? About 2018 if I recall.

    I think he’s got a bit of Stockholm Syndrome, aka apologetics for fear of their wrath. He already has a target on his back so I give him a pass. His apologetics are well meaning because he doesn’t want to single out Jews and doesn’t want division. But Judaism is nepotistic toxic tribalism, so it is founded on division. It’s Us vs Them, not right vs wrong.

    If this was not so, they’d be as nationalistic and patriotic as Tom, Dick and Harry living in a nation together where all are equal. There would be no so called “Antisemitism” which is really opposition to their racism. Alex believes in a paradox; “unity with dividers”. Not possible.

  82. Peter January 23, 2024 @ 3:04 pm

    Great interview!

  83. RevelationSixPreacher January 23, 2024 @ 8:16 pm

    Praise The LORD! Thank you Brother for speaking boldly for the Faith!

    Blessed be the name of YAH; in the mighty name of Jesus!

  84. Art January 24, 2024 @ 8:44 am


    It’s all #WordFuckery by the #storytelling inbreeds. Thank you both!

  85. Ronald Leeis January 25, 2024 @ 9:56 pm

    Stew Peters had that same uncomfortable look as Alex Jones.

    It’s funny how the the alt-media will use “globalist”, “elites”, or now “Zionists” because it safe and won’t ruffle feathers. But, B. Nathanael says don’t disguise it, call it what they are the “Jews”.

    My thoughts are there is the 24/7 group ethnicity that literally wants to destroy and rule the world. And in America we have given them the keys to our house and said, “tear it down.”

    European nations sovereignty has been destroyed. Look at Germany, the Jews finally won, mosques and Muslim immigration. Sweden migrants have torn up the country and the government is worried about being called racist for blaming them. It’s so bad the Swedish people believe that nonsense.

    As an African American born in this country, our little multicultural experiment has failed miserably! The government has created mistrust between all peoples and only a small number of us see the game! We have the most horrible president in history and both parties refuse to seek his removal by impeachment!

    And the worthless Supreme Court has decided to back Biden on this Texas border issue with the razor wire. Thank God 25 states are backing Texas.

    One thing Br. Nathanael said that I realized one evening watching TV, was that everything is a distraction from Americans focusing on what’s important: 24-hour shopping channels, baseball, football, basketball, and hockey leagues. Listen to how worked up people get over sports teams losing, all the while their freedoms are being stolen by a corrupt cabal Jewish run super state.

    How do you get 280 million people to (repent) see what we and come together and pray for divine intervention.

  86. Carol January 26, 2024 @ 2:43 pm

    I’m not sure I agree with you about the Deicidal Curse.

    Lots of people become hideous looking as they age. Just look at the late American journalist Helen Thomas (ethnically Lebanese).

    That poor woman had a face that could stop a clock. I just think “Deicidal Curse” detracts from all of your other valid points.

  87. KathJuliane January 29, 2024 @ 1:23 am

    Our face reflects our soul, something of our spiritual condition.

    Although advanced age, well into her 90s, wasn’t kind to Helen Thomas physically, as happens with many people with chronic medical conditions, or entering into advanced old age, she was Orthodox Christian, and she aged gracefully with the beauty of a strong spirit on her face and in her eyes.

    There was no trace of chronic, lifelong hatred, anger, pride, haughtiness, avarice, fleshliness, graspiness, bitterness, and habits of lying and double-talk etched into her face like is seen on the sometimes lopsided facial expressions of power Jews like Nudelman, especially Israelis. Their faces are engraved by a rotten inner disposition, corrupt morality, self-worshipping victimhood, and multi-generational malicious hatred of Christ and Christians and their anti-Christian spirit, especially among religious Jews and Zionist zealots, and their sadistic glee.

  88. sygma March 6, 2024 @ 12:20 pm

    +BN nailed it on 55:00 mark…

    That is our only chance against the antichrist jews !

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