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The Jewish Murder Machine

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The Jewish Murder Machine
December 7 2023

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Brother Nathanael @ December 7, 2023


  1. Brother Nathanael December 7, 2023 @ 7:27 pm

    The Jewish Murder Machine

    It’s on perpetual rewind.

    “The Jewish State has a right to defend itself.”

    No. it. does. not.

    The Hague Conventions and the International Court of Justice designate the Jewish “State” as an “occupying power” with no right to even exist.

    But what does international law have to do with it?

    It’s just a second-hand emotion as far as the Yids are concerned.

    They have their own law-‘self-preservation’-and the hell with the goyim who put together humanitarian laws.

    Satan has the floor. [Clip]

    [“You see what we are fighting against. We are fighting against human animals. This is the ISIS of Gaza. Gaza won’t return to what it was before. We will eliminate everything.”]

    Netanyahu takes orders from the Generals, not vice versa.

    We all knew as Jewish kids that Israel is a military dictatorship, not a ‘democracy.’

    Talmudic through and through, this “human animals” thing.

    The goyim, according to the rabbis, have a second-hand soul bereft of “divinity” of which all Yids by birth are given by some ‘chief rebbe’ in heaven.

    It’s a license to murder.

    The murderous kike thus can glibly declare a war crime: [CLIP]

    [“Gaza won’t return to what it was before, we will eliminate everything.”]

    You may ask.

    How is it that whatever the Jew accuses others of is not pinned on him?

    Because all looks yellow to the jaundiced eye.

    But when the Yid peeks at himself, all is rinsed and lippy clean. [Clip]

    [“I am angry. I am angry with the world that allowed the dehumanization of Israelis and sanitized the terrorism of Hamas. I must say, I love this show, and I love this network. But I’ve got to ask, who’s writing the scripts? Hamas, the people who did this, they are not fighters, Jonathan. They are not militants. I’m looking right at the camera, they are terrorists. It is a barbarian.”]

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    The lips are curled, the lower lip protrudes with blood-thirst.

    Murder pores forth from the left eye, while the right eye remains placid, a deceptive mix.

    Monkey ears jut out, and inhuman point sticks out from the top of his skull.

    It’s The Personification Of The Jewish Murder Machine right before your eyes.

    If anyone is the ‘terrorist’ or ‘barbarian’ it is the Jew through and through.

    Countless testimonies have poured forth from Palestinian children, women, and teens, who were raped and tortured both by Israeli interrogators, and in prison by Jewish ‘settlers’ and their satanic ilk.

    Yet Hamas-and prove me otherwise, you can’t-has treated each and every hostage with humanitarian care.

    Talk about “Hellfire.”

    The “Hannibal Directive”-“Mass Hannibal!” [Clip]

    [“I know some stories of attack helicopter pilots that communicated via cellular phones with the settlement emergency squads who coordinated with them firing inside the settlements.” “Apparently that is also the source of the rumors that the army exploded all kinds of houses inside the settlements, the ‘Hannibal Directive,’ and all kinds of conspiracy theories running around in the first few days.”]

    You see, the aim of the “Hannibal Directive” was to stop Hamas from capturing Israelis who could be used for prisoner swaps.

    Namely, slay them, so they would not be used as negotiation bait. [Clip]

    [“They didn’t explode houses without permission. The Hannibal Directive that is also being talked about, it’s a command for stopping the capture of a single vehicle authored on the basis of kidnappings carried out in Lebanon 30 years ago. There too is no unequivocal decision that the attack helicopter or drone that identifies the vehicle will fire on the vehicle itself to prevent the kidnapping at any cost – obviously also at the cost of harm to the hostage.”]

    Read between the Yidishee lines paleeeze, Mr Sleeze, Jonathan GreenBlech, actually it’s right up front.

    The Yids will slay their own.

    All those precious Jewish ‘mameshi’ and ‘kinderlach’ must drop dead just to keep Hamas from gaining a political edge by doing “prisoner swaps.” [Clip]

    [“Did it happen this time?” “‘We don’t know if hostages were harmed at the stage when helicopters and drones began firing toward the fence when they saw the masses entering and exiting.” “But Hannibal Directive is on purpose. If it was used it was used intentionally. If hostages were hurt in this case that is something else.” “The Hannibal Directive was applied at a certain stage because the moment they heard there is a kidnapping they immediately say, ‘Guys this is Hannibal!'”]

    And those precious Jewish hostages die-“intentionally”-from Israeli fire.

    My dear precious goyim, “Hannibal” exists wherever a human being breathes.

    You are a “human shield” that ‘Hamas’ hides behind.

    The Jews will kill YOU and the entire world population of “human shields” just so they can have their “ancestral homeland” that God kicked them out of so many times, and definitively in 70 and 135 AD.

    The Jewish Murder Machine extends beyond the borders of Gaza and IsraHell all the way to the shores of you and me.

    The war against the Palestinian children is waged by every single hack on Capitol Hill, the senile pervert in the White House, and his entire staff of kikes in every possible rank, file, and office.

    The war against the Palestinian children is waged by every single evangelical who worships Jews more than he worships Jesus.

    The war against the Palestinian children is waged by the Yids who own the media, run academia, own JewTube and Google, and finance the war machine via the FED and its entire consortium of Jew-run Central Banks and Equity Firms throughout the Western World.

    How do we stop the Jewish War Machine?

    Don’t put a gag in my mouth and I’ll stop them dead in their tracks.

  2. Art December 7, 2023 @ 8:58 pm

    The Hannibal Directive is that coincidence of the gif/meme entitled:

    “Who Shot Hannibal?” where the guy unloads a clip in his friend sitting on the couch and attempts to question ‘who shot hannibal?”

  3. The+Elder+of+Zyklon-B December 7, 2023 @ 9:15 pm

    Bravo Brother Nathanael! The Personification Of The Jewish Murder Machine is a highly accurate illustration. Physiognomy, although not an official science is real.

    “The war against the Palestinian children is waged by every single evangelical who worships Jews more than he worships Jesus.”

    The rapture rangers better realize this very soon and repent big time. Time is running out. They gung ho’ed the destruction of the Middle East wars because they ate up the jew lines surrounding and causing the mass destruction and death

    Their insane servitude to the Revelation 3:9 demons simply can’t continue without severe spiritual consequences.

  4. Brother Nathanael December 7, 2023 @ 10:13 pm

    Now I see it was worth the expense getting Real Jew News back up.

    “The Elder of Zyklon B” is here!


  5. Rebel+Roy December 7, 2023 @ 10:33 pm

    So glad the best site is back up. I surely was upset without it. I figured the Satanic forces had banned you somehow. Well, anyway I’m happy and proud to have you back Brother.

    Christ is Lord. Bless you and thank you.

  6. shawn hazelaar December 8, 2023 @ 12:05 am

    Glad to see you up and running Brother. You are needed more than ever.I have a question Brother?

    Do you believe that Israel set its citizens up? Was Security forces ordered to stand down during the attack in order to have a rock-solid case in destroying Gaza altogether?

    Do you believe 40 Jewish babies had heads chopped off?

    Do you believe over 1200 people were killed by Hamas attack?

    Do you think Israel is clearing any of the huge facilities they are destroying or do you think they are trying to wipe out the Palestinian people?

    Sorry for all the questions but would love to know your thoughts as they tend to be accurate, from what I have witnessed watching your videos.

  7. David Cutter December 8, 2023 @ 2:48 am

    Great seeing and you back online Bro Nath.

    Israel “Encouraged and Started Hamas” Rep. Ron Paul

    “In 2009, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) said on the House floor that Israel ‘encouraged and started Hamas.’

    Paul’s comments came during a speech about ‘blowback’ due to U.S. intervention in the Middle East.

    “What’s happening in the Middle East, in particular with Gaza right now, we have some moral responsibility for both sides in a way because we provide help and funding for both Arab nations and Israel,” Paul said.

    “We have a moral responsibility, especially now today the weapons being used to kill so many Palestinians are American weapons and American funds are being used for this,” he added.

    “But there’s a political liability, which I think is something we fail to look at because too often there’s so much blowback from our intervention in areas that we shouldn’t be involved in,” he continued.

    “You know Hamas, if you look at the history, you’ll find out that Hamas was encouraged and really started by Israel because they wanted Hamas to counteract Yasser Arafat,” Paul commented.

    “You say, Well, yeah, it was better then and served its purpose, but we didn’t want Hamas to do this. So then we, as Americans, say, Well, we have such a good system; we’re going to impose this on the world. We’re going to invade Iraq and teach people how to be democrats. We want free elections. So we encouraged the Palestinians to have a free election. They do, and they elect Hamas,” Paul continued.

    “So we first, indirectly and directly through Israel, helped establish Hamas. Then we have an election where Hamas becomes dominant, then we have to kill them. It just doesn’t make sense. During the 80s, we were allied with Osama bin Laden and we were contending with the Soviets. It was at that time our CIA thought it was good if we radicalize the Muslim world. So we finance the Madrassas school to radicalize the Muslims in order to compete with the Soviets. There is too much blowback,” he said.

    “There are a lot of reasons why we should oppose this resolution. It’s not in the interest of the United States, it is not in the interest of Israel either,” he added.

    Newsmax reported on Ron Paul’s comments in 2011 when he ran for president:

    As the debate swirls over Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s positions on Israel, a 2009 speech on the House floor comes back to haunt.

    The Texas congressman advanced the argument that Israel actually created Hamas, as well as blamed the CIA for radicalizing Muslims and the United States for supplying weapons and money that “kill Palestinians,” as reported at

    Paul’s 2009 comments came as he rose in opposition to House Resolution 34, “Recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself against attacks from Gaza, reaffirming the United States’ strong support for Israel, and supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.”

    An archived 2009 article from The Wall Street Journal stated: “How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas.”

    Per The Wall Street Journal:

    Surveying the wreckage of a neighbor’s bungalow hit by a Palestinian rocket, retired Israeli official Avner Cohen traces the missile’s trajectory back to an “enormous, stupid mistake” made 30 years ago.

    “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades. Responsible for religious affairs in the region until 1994, Mr. Cohen watched the Islamist movement take shape, muscle aside secular Palestinian rivals and then morph into what is today Hamas, a militant group that is sworn to Israel’s destruction.

    Instead of trying to curb Gaza’s Islamists from the outset, says Mr. Cohen, Israel for years tolerated and, in some cases, encouraged them as a counterweight to the secular nationalists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its dominant faction, Yasser Arafat’s Fatah. Israel cooperated with a crippled, half-blind cleric named Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, even as he was laying the foundations for what would become Hamas. Sheikh Yassin continues to inspire militants today; during the recent war in Gaza, Hamas fighters confronted Israeli troops with “Yassins,” primitive rocket-propelled grenades named in honor of the cleric.

    After 22 days of war, Israel announced a halt to the offensive. The assault was aimed at stopping Hamas rockets from falling on Israel. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert hailed a “determined and successful military operation.” More than 1,200 Palestinians had died. Thirteen Israelis were also killed.

    Hamas responded the next day by lobbing five rockets towards the Israeli town of Sderot, a few miles down the road from Moshav Tekuma, the farming village where Mr. Cohen lives. Hamas then announced its own cease-fire.

    Since then, Hamas leaders have emerged from hiding and reasserted their control over Gaza. Egyptian-mediated talks aimed at a more durable truce are expected to start this weekend. President Barack Obama said this week that lasting calm “requires more than a long cease-fire” and depends on Israel and a future Palestinian state “living side by side in peace and security.”

    The Intercept cited The Wall Street Journal piece in 2018.

    Via The Intercept:

    This isn’t a conspiracy theory. Listen to former Israeli officials such as Brig. Gen. Yitzhak Segev, who was the Israeli military governor in Gaza in the early 1980s. Segev later told a New York Times reporter that he had helped finance the Palestinian Islamist movement as a “counterweight” to the secularists and leftists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Fatah party, led by Yasser Arafat (who himself referred to Hamas as “a creature of Israel.”)

    “The Israeli government gave me a budget,” the retired brigadier general confessed, “and the military government gives to the mosques.”

    “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” Avner Cohen, a former Israeli religious affairs official who worked in Gaza for more than two decades, told the Wall Street Journal in 2009. Back in the mid-1980s, Cohen even wrote an official report to his superiors warning them not to play divide-and-rule in the Occupied Territories, by backing Palestinian Islamists against Palestinian secularists. “I … suggest focusing our efforts on finding ways to break up this monster before this reality jumps in our face,” he wrote.

    They didn’t listen to him. And Hamas, as I explain in the fifth installment of my short film series for The Intercept on blowback, was the result. To be clear: First, the Israelis helped build up a militant strain of Palestinian political Islam, in the form of Hamas and its Muslim Brotherhood precursors; then, the Israelis switched tack and tried to bomb, besiege, and blockade it out of existence.

    In the past decade alone, Israel has gone to war with Hamas three times — in 2009, 2012, and 2014 — killing around 2,500 Palestinian civilians in Gaza in the process. Meanwhile, Hamas has killed far more Israeli civilians than any secular Palestinian militant group. This is the human cost of blowback.

    “When I look back at the chain of events, I think we made a mistake,” David Hacham, a former Arab affairs expert in the Israeli military who was based in Gaza in the 1980s, later remarked. “But at the time, nobody thought about the possible results.”


    “For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh; 29 but he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, not in the letter; whose praise is not from men but from God.” Ro. 2:28-29

    “They say they are Jews, but they are not true Jews. They are a synagogue that belongs to Satan. ‘I know your suffering and your poverty—though you are rich—and the slander committed by those who claim to be Jews but are not. They are the synagogue of Satan.” Rev. 2:9

    “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” Rev. 3:9

    “I am for peace; but when I speak they are for war.” ~ Psalm 120:7


  8. Irish December 8, 2023 @ 5:58 am

    It’s past time for the blackmailed and bribed to stand up to this evil that is Isn’treal.

  9. KLolli December 8, 2023 @ 6:07 am

    How DO we stop these parasitical human-shaped slugs?

    I wish I could come up with some ideas other than 1) sprinkle them with holy water and mineral salts and watch them squirm and shrivel (slugs actually DO die when salt is poured on them), 2) drive silver stakes through their ‘blood-circulation devices’ (one can’t say they have actual ‘hearts’, like all other living, breathing creatures of this Earth), 3) just shoot the f*ckers.

    In the case of the D.C. crypto ziogoos (fjb), his vp the cackler, et al, I suggest gasoline and a lighted match.

  10. The+Englishman December 8, 2023 @ 6:25 am

    Indeed, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

    Whether by design or accident, the Israhell intelligence debacle has served to both establish & confirm the true nature of the IDF military & the hard-core current Israhell leadership. Exposing the ingrained Zionist elements in major European nations & Amerika.

    What is an undeniable financial struggle for all none jew platforms? became a reality in the fall with the cancelling of Real Jew News. A BAD day for many here.

    But… Post-October 7th the irresistible force, due to the vindication of all of Brother Nathanael’s knowledge, & forensics on the vexed jew made his pronouncements all the more legitimate.

    Who amongst us know the circumstances behind our beloved Brother’s “Resurrection”?

    His Brother in Christ will surely be a factor!

  11. The Englishman December 8, 2023 @ 6:37 am

    @The Elder

    My word, your comment on the “Rapture Rangers” is bloody good!

    Wanna bet we’re gonna see some dynamite from the “Greats” at RJN, That includes (God willing) you sir, J.C.

  12. Gregory December 8, 2023 @ 7:14 am

    Dear Nathanael,

    The yahoo dees are liars and fakes, stealing, killing and destroying all in the way of world domination. Your analysis is without apology against those who as Scripture teaches “are contrary to all men.” One should respect your boldness and zeal laying before all openly the plaque of the international Jew.

    It is the Jewish antichrist of the tribe of Dan, stemming from globalism before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, that enslaves the world as Palestinians in Gaza now are. This “beast dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly, having great iron teeth,” (Dan. 7:7) “devouring the whole earth, treading it down, breaking it in pieces” (Dan.7:23), perhaps unfolds before us in this age. We must watch and pray as commanded by Christ.

    So yes, worldly Israel does not contain God’s chosen people, nor does God condone the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza. Those committing these atrocities are of their “father the devil and the deeds of him they will do.”

  13. KathJuliane December 8, 2023 @ 11:11 am

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    And God bless RJN family.

    So good to have RJN back. I would love to thank everyone who financially backed +BN and made this little miracle happen.

    This article from Fox News broke my heart. Not that I have much use for Israel-worshipping, blood-thirsty Fox News, especially now, but this is the exception.

    Bethlehem church brings people to tears after redesigning Christmas nativity scene to reflect Israel-Hamas war

    “Just weeks before Christmas, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, located in the West Bank, unveiled a new display of the nativity scene that shows baby Jesus lying in a manger amid rubble.

    “The imagery symbolizes the destroyed Palestinian communities in Gaza and the ongoing war between Israel and the [Hamas-led resistance-Kj] group, a church official said.”

    The vast majority of Bethlehem’s annual economy comes from Nativity Season pilgrims and tourists. This year, because of the Israel Murder Machine’s genocide against Palestinians, including Palestinian Christians, especially the children, the Nativity Season is closed.

    We Orthodox are now in the Nativity Fast (“St. Philip’s Fast” because it starts the day after St. Philip’s Feast Day on the liturgical calendar (Old Calendar Orthodox Churches on the canonical Julian liturgical calendar lag 13 days behind Gregorian/New Calendar Churches).

    Advent is called a “Little Lent,” because, like Lent, it is a time of repentance. It anticipates Great Lent before the Great and Holy Pascha of the Lord. The Nativity according to the Flesh of Our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ anticipates His Passion on Great Friday and Bright Resurrection on the following First Day of the Week — the Lord’s Day.

    Both the Western and Eastern Churches used to observe Advent with the traditional Lenten practices: fasting and abstinence, prayer, and almsgiving.

    While fasting during Advent has fallen by the wayside in the West, the Eastern Orthodox continue to observe an Advent fast: Philip’s Fast, named after the Apostle Philip, because it begins on Nov. 15, the day after his feast day (Nov. 14, in the Eastern calendar). It runs through Christmas Eve, Dec. 24—a period of 40 days, mirroring Lent.

    Like most fasts in the Eastern Church, Philip’s Fast is fairly strict and includes abstinence from meat, eggs, and dairy products on all weekdays, and fish, oil, and wine on most days. On Sundays and certain feast days, fish, oil, and wine are allowed; different Eastern Churches observe the fast more or less strictly.

    This year, sober-minded Christian Americans have a lot to repent, pray, fast for.

    Genocide: Israel’s Mass Starvation Campaign, Targeting Children

    By Global Research News, December 07, 2023

    This video is the first major sign that I have seen that food will become a rare commodity and starving Palestinians with skin over bones may soon be more commonplace.

    [Gazans lining up for bread in one of the few bakeries left standing.]

    Below Two reports by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor :

    1) Israel expands its mass starvation campaign to include more than 65 percent of the Gaza Strip

    2) As part of its genocide in Gaza, Israel escalates its targeting of schools housing displaced people

    International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) has been tirelessly working in Gaza since 1997. Please consider giving them a little extra Nativity charity this Advent.

    And don’t neglect giving to RJN on a regular basis to keep the little miracle online. Anyone who says, “Let God provide, I don’t have to give up my Starbuck’s coffee” has no understanding of how God’s household economy works. He works through His people – us. It works through human hands reaching into their pockets to give to a worthy and charitable cause.

    God does not parachute bags of money to +BN (or anyone, for that matter).

    God bless us, every one! Happy to be back with my RJN family.

    [Royal wave to EZB & The Englishman!]

  14. Edwin (Ted) Walter Gorsline December 8, 2023 @ 11:44 am

    Funny that you point out Johanthan Greenblatt has wingnut ears. So do Benny Netanyahoo and IDF spokeman Mark Regev.

    Like the end of the nose split into 3 parts its a sign of inbreeding and a the presence of a certified dunderhead.

  15. Brother Nathanael December 8, 2023 @ 12:10 pm


    It cost me a fortune to re-launch this site.

    Now I have to pay the bill.

    I need SERIOUS help:

    Donate @

    Donate via Mail:
    Brother Nathanael Foundation
    PO Box 547
    Priest River, ID 83856

  16. Steven Rowlandson December 8, 2023 @ 2:14 pm

    I’d say the Jews lost any right to complain about Nazism and Nazi hospitality during the 1930s and 40s due to their post war bad behavior.

  17. The Englishman December 8, 2023 @ 2:52 pm

    Contrast Isra-merkia’s shambolic pack of rats, with the cool, modest, supreme Orthodox Christian President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

    Abu Dabhi spared no effort in honouring its illustrious guest.

    So, Dear KJ, it may be back to your Regal attire complete with diamond tiara!

  18. Gary G December 8, 2023 @ 3:33 pm

    Rumors said you had passed away but glad to see you are still here in the world. Would these people be the same way if they did not have the spirit of satan controlling them?

  19. KathJuliane December 8, 2023 @ 3:37 pm

    If Americans Knew: Rumors of war: did hundreds of Hamas fighters surrender to Israeli forces?

    Dec 8, 2023

    [TL;DR – No. Kj]

    Leaked videos and photos clearly indicate that a group of Palestinian men were captured and forced to strip. But who were they, and why were they there?

    Don’t believe the headlines. It turns out they were civilians, including boys as young as twelve and senior citizens. Among those seized were doctors, academics, shopkeepers, and construction workers.
    by Kathryn Shihadah

    At 9:13 pm Israel time on Thursday, Ha’aretz’s live blog made a stunning announcement:

    IDF spokesperson: Many terrorists surrendered to Israeli army in Gaza Strip
    The brief entry was unequivocal.

    Israeli army spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said on Thursday evening that many Hamas terrorists had surrendered to Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

    “The IDF and Shin Bet have arrested and interrogated hundreds of suspects in terrorist activities, many of them, in the last day as well, surrendered to us,” Hagari said.

    Photos of dozens of Hamas members who surrendered in the Jabalya area of the northern Gaza Strip were published earlier on Thursday.

    According to Hagari, the IDF is detaining everyone to verify their identities. “We check who is connected to Hamas and who is not, and we detain and question everyone,” he said. A resident of Beit Lahia told Haaretz that the army had arrested all the young men in the area, including civilians.

    A number of other news outlets also carried the story. Here are some of their headlines:

    Over 150 Hamas terrorists surrender to IDF forces in Khan Yunis (Israeli i24)

    Dozens of Hamas terrorists surrender to Israeli soldiers, report says (NY Post)

    Images circulate of dozens of Hamas terrorists surrendering in Gaza (Jerusalem Post)

    Israel Says It Detained Hundreds of Terrorism Suspects in Gaza (NY Times)

    WATCH: Hamas terrorists captured by the IDF (Israel Hayom)

    The New York Post piece included an extra detail: Israeli soldiers forced the “militants” to remove their “uniforms.”

    The New York Times carried the story without photos, reporting, “Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, the chief military spokesman, said in a televised briefing that many of the suspects under interrogation by the military and the Shin Bet domestic security agency had turned themselves over to the Israeli forces.” (The NYT reporter, Isabel Kershner, has a son who served in the IDF and may still be in the Israeli military.)

    As of this writing, the stories are still up on all of the sites.

    There was just one problem: the photos and videos do not depict Hamas terrorists, but innocent civilians.

    At best, these are examples of sloppy journalism; at worst they are the oft-repeated anti-Palestinian tropes that Israeli and pro-Israel spokespeople have burned into the collective mind of mainstream media.

    Many consumers of the news only skim headlines, so misleading headlines, whether accidental or intentional, are a dereliction of duty.

    The facts are readily available. Here is the real story behind the photos and videos.

    Hamas members or suspects? Surrendered or arrested?
    Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari seems to be the source of some misinformation. According to TRT, when he was asked about the photos, he claimed they were “terrorists…surrendering.”

    CNN reported Hagari as saying, “We’ve seen images of many captives, Hamas terrorists, that the IDF arrested during the ground maneuvering.”

    He also said, “The IDF and Shin Bet have arrested and interrogated hundreds of suspects in terrorist activities.”

    These statements are confusing and somewhat contradictory, but no one seems to have asked for clarification.

    As the headlines above indicate, a number of new agencies (among them Israeli outlets) went with the seductive “Hamas terrorists surrendered.”

    It is possible that some Hamas members surrendered, but apparently the photos and videos in question do not depict them.

    Wait, militants or civilians?
    The BBC provided another quote from Hagari. When asked about the video, he claimed that everyone detained was of military age.

    That is to say, not known Hamas members, but males who are the right age (unlike Israel, Gaza does not practice forced conscription).

    “We investigate and check who has ties to Hamas, and who does not,” he said. “We arrest them all and question them. We will continue dismantling each one of those strongholds until we are done.”

    But – the videos and photos include boys as young as twelve and senior citizens. Among the those seized were also doctors, academics, shopkeepers, and construction workers. (A quick look at the shoes scattered in the road indicates these were civilians. Flip flops and sneakers are not the footwear of fighters.)

    [Here I beg to differ with Kathryn. I’ve seen resistance paramilitary videos of fighters actively engaged with rocket & missile launches, or ambushing the IDF wearing sandals, flipflops, even barefoot, and generally civilian attire, like the ubiquitous sweatpants, in order to blend in quickly back into any populace.

    It may also be a tactic to defeat any AI targeting algorithms which could build ‘profiles’ looking for uniforms and party/paramilitary regalia. Nevertheless, mass sweep arrests of unarmed male civilians of fighting age is NOT the same as “terrorists surrendering in masses”. -Kj].

    It’s not rocket science
    It isn’t difficult to get this story right, but it does require a step that many mainstream journalists won’t take: talking to Palestinians – the people who know the facts because the stories happen where they live.

    For example, the New Arab identified one of the captives as their own well-known journalist, Diaa al-Kalhout. He would not be part of a mass surrender of Hamas operatives.

    His sister informed the New Arab that her brother had been “forced at gunpoint to leave his disabled seven-year-old daughter.” Kalhout’s brothers and other relatives were also arrested, forced to strip, and subjected to humiliating searches.

    Many Palestinians in Gaza and around the world [including America!] saw the photos and videos. Several were able to identify family members from the photos and videos. Others were present when the men were kidnapped.

    A man who saw the kidnapping related how Israeli soldiers had used microphones to order men to leave their homes and the UNRWA schools where they were sheltering with their families, and threatened to shoot women in the area if the men did not comply. Ten of the man’s cousins had been taken away.

    Other witnesses described Israeli soldiers going from house to house and through two UNRWA schools, rounding up men apparently at random, beating them, and forcing them to remove their clothes – shooting and killing at least 7 men who hesitated to strip.

    The men were then apparently loaded into Israeli military vehicles and taken away.

    Some have since been released; the fate of the rest is unknown.

    Husam Zomlot, Palestinian ambassador to the UK, described the video of the incident as “savage images of Israeli occupation forces detaining and stripping civilians taken from a UN shelter [which]evokes some of humanity’s darkest passages of history.”

    Bottom line: Israel has once again lost control of the narrative. It is getting caught in its own web of lies, and many news outlets are buying the propaganda – no questions asked.

    Meanwhile, Palestinian men have been humiliated and, in some cases, killed. No doubt anger and resentment against Israel have grown on the part of Hamas and Palestinians in general, not to mention people watching around the world.

    Will the media who fell for Israel’s propaganda issue public corrections – and be less gullible next time?

    And will Americans grow louder in their denouncement of Israel’s ongoing massacre and humiliation of the Palestinian people?

    As a P.S. the IDF also published a photo of these same men bound and kneeling, lined up in a massive pit of piled sand.

  20. KathJuliane December 8, 2023 @ 4:07 pm

    That is not far from the threat that it really is – IDF is perfectly willing to bury these kidnapped men alive.

    Some of the arrested men have disappeared, whereabouts unknown.

    Middle East Eye: Israel-Palestine war: Israeli politician calls for captured Palestinians to be ‘buried alive’

    Far-right deputy mayor of Jerusalem describes arrested Palestinians in Gaza as ‘subhuman’ and invokes biblical reference

    The deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Aryeh Yitzhak King, has called for the Israeli army to bury alive hundreds of Palestinian civilians captured in Gaza.

    In a post on X on Friday, King, a far-right politician, said the Israeli army was eliminating “Muslim Nazis” in Gaza and suggested it needed to pick up the pace.

    The post made specific reference to footage published by the Israeli army showing captured Palestinians stripped to their underwear, kneeling on the ground and being guarded by Israeli soldiers.

    King, in his post that has since been deleted for violating rules on X, said: “If it were up to me, I would have dispatched D-9 bulldozers and put them behind the mounds of dirt and would have given the order to cover all these hundreds of ants, while they’re still alive.”

    The men are thought to have been arrested in Beit Lahia, in the far north of the Gaza Strip.

    Israel said they were Hamas members; however it provided no evidence for the claim which could not be independently verified.

    Diaa al-Kahlout, a well-known journalist at al-Araby al-Jadeed, was identified by local media as among those being held.

    “They aren’t human beings and not human animals. They’re subhuman and that’s how they should be treated,” King said, adding “Eradicate the memory of Amalek, and never forget.”

    ‘They aren’t human beings and not human animals. They’re subhuman and that’s how they should be treated’

    – Aryeh Yitzhak King

    Amalek is in reference to a biblical verse, which has also been referenced recently by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling for the extermination of every man, woman and child, and their livestock, belonging to an ancient enemy of the Jewish people.

    Several far-right Israelis and ultranationalists have in the past referred to Palestinians as modern-day Amalekites, in what commentators have deemed as genocidal language used to justify the killing of Palestinians.

    As the deputy mayor, King administers all of the territory within Israel’s Jerusalem municipality, which includes occupied East Jerusalem and almost 400,000 Palestinians.

    More than 17,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by Israeli attacks since the war began two months ago. Most of the dead are women and children.

    The bombing campaign followed Hamas’s attack on southern Israeli communities on 7 October, which killed around 1,200 Israelis, most of whom were civilians.

    God ordered tribe of Amalek to be destroyed for 1) a fratricidal attack on the nation of Israel at Rephadim during their journey to Mt Sinai; 2) for their same unprovoked and cowardly ambush on the rear of the caravan, the weakest part of the travel party because that’s where the unarmed elderly, infirm, women and children, the oxcarts and flocks of animals marched.

    Generally, in the ancient rules of warfare, the warriors marched in front of any travel column with their leader, ready to parley for terms, or go head-to-head in case of threat or challenge.

    40% of IOF’s Gaza carpet-bombing murders are children, and 30% are women, the rest are the old, the infirm, and unarmed civilian men, and which includes around 40 Israeli hostages killed in IDF bombings.

    Released hostages in a contentious meeting with Netanyahu stated that they were more afraid of being killed by IDF bombings than they were of their captors turned guardians.

    Some stated that they were certain they would be targeted for strafing and sniping while their captors scrambled to move them above ground to safer places.

    Palestinian civilians are being routinely massacred.

    Who is the anti-human, demonic Amalek now?

  21. PvtCharlieSlate December 8, 2023 @ 4:19 pm

    Here is some very interesting information about Israel’s status as member of the United Nations:

  22. KathJuliane December 8, 2023 @ 4:22 pm

    BREAKING: Israel Invokes Amalek Directive to Assassinate Palestinian Social Media Activist Over Joke

    Refaat Alareer called a false Israeli claim of babies burned in an oven, “Zionist propaganda.” He was right. But died for it.

    Richard Silverstein | 8 December 2023

    Refaat in Gaza
    If I must die, let it be a tale.

    Today, Refaat Alareer died. Correction: he was assassinated. Not because he was a Hamas commander. Not because he had harmed a hair on the head of an Israeli. He died because of a joke.

    Refaat was a Palestinian poet and professor. It’s rare that countries assassinate poets. Not just murder them in wartime, but intentionally assassinate them. But Refaat was an unusual combination of teacher and activist.

    He not only taught his students Palestinian poetry. He also taught them Hebrew poetry. For this, he was profiled in the New York Times: In Gaza, a Contentious Palestinian Professor Calmly Teaches Israeli Poetry.

    Not that he was a fan of Israel. Just the opposite. But he was a humanist and realized there was humanity, some at least, on the other side. Not that this was easy. The IDF had murdered his brother, sister and her four children.

    He had been slated to speak at the Palestinian Writes Literary Festival, which was vehemently attacked by the Israel Lobby. The organizers cancelled his appearance when he became a special lightning rod for the protestors.

    The event was held on the University of Pennsylvania campus, but not sponsored by it. Nevertheless, the Lobby blamed University President, Liz Magill and wanted her head on a pike. They got it when she and two other university presidents were hauled before a House Inquisition. Her appearance may have cost her, her job.

    Early in the war, the head of Israel’s emergency services, Eli Be’er, was brought to Las Vegas to arouse the righteous anger of the Republican Jewish Coalition about the horrors Hamas inflicted on Israel.

    One of the stories he told the gathering was that Hamas had burned babies in an oven. It was part of a string of such fabrications. Another was that 40 burned babies were strung on a clothesline.

    There were atrocities committed on 10/7. There was no need to make up even more lurid ones. But Be’er did. And over time these particular stories were disproven.

    When Refaat first heard the story, he knew it was a lie. He tweeted a joke asking if they’d been baked “with or without baking powder.” Not the most tasteful joke. But at the time, when Israelis were reeling from tragedy and this story was circulating and enraging Israelis further, Refaat’s tweet marked him for death.

    His Twitter Followers have pinned blame for his death on Bari Weiss, who brought attention to his tweet. While she is a vile Islamophobic human being, it wasn’t her fault…this time. Though she has wide social media reach, the Daily Mail has far more.

    Its reporter, Jen Smith, sealed his death warrant with this hit piece, Palestinian professor previously published by the New York Times makes sick joke about claim Hamas BAKED baby in an oven. I have asked her for comment about the role she played in his murder. But she has not responded.

    He also met Pres. Biden during his visit to Israel and Palestine. Will the president have any word about someone he valued enough to meet, who has now been murdered deliberately by our so-called ally?

    I broke the story here about Israel’s security cabinet issuing the Amalek Directive to assassinate six senior Hamas leaders and their families. It also similarly targeted specific journalists and their families.

    The IDF has murdered 80 journalists suggesting that it is deliberately targeting them for execution. This is a war crime.

    An Israeli security source confirms my suspicion that the cabinet specifically approved adding Refaat’s name to the list because his joke had marked him as being a member of the tribe of Amalek.

    An eternal enemy of the Jewish people. He was no such thing of course. He was a poet, a teacher who loved literature. He was also a champion of his people. He was an implacable enemy of injustice. For that he died.

    Jen Smith and the Daily Mail have a lot to answer for. They put a target on his back and got him killed.

    This is part of the wretched job the media is doing in covering this war. It is just as cowed as university presidents, faculty, students, and politicians are. There are no foreign reporters there unless they are embedded with the IDF. As a result, they rely on stringers, whose work is never treated as seriously as their correspondents.

    The media has reported stories like this which turned out to be hoaxes. It rarely publishes a correction or retraction. There are hundreds of media profiles of Israelis who died on 10/7, hostages held in Gaza, hostages who were freed. There are few comparable profiles of Gazans.

    The media covers extensively the rapes committed on 10/7, but barely covers the 15,000 Gaza women and children who’ve died. Rape is a heinous crime. But there is a difference between being a victim of such crime and being dead.

    Sometimes we see a picture of a father gently laying his dead infant daughter’s body in a bicycle basket and peddling off to God knows where: a hospital, a cemetery? But rarely see more than a fleeting picture.

    We see Gazans as victims, but rarely as people with a story to tell and a life to live. The media is at fault. It gets people killed but acknowledges no responsibility for the irreparable harm it causes.

  23. Brother Nathanael December 8, 2023 @ 4:33 pm


    Suggest you report these “missing” Palestinians to that VONDERFUL “baptist” new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson.

    He’s a real “ethical” kind of jew-loving ‘christian’ who will call the ‘chosen people’ out lickety slick on this travesty.

    Oh, wait a minute!

    He knows, like the rest of the Jew-bought hacks on Kike Hill, which side his white bread is cream-cheesed on. +bn

  24. Brother Nathanael December 8, 2023 @ 4:36 pm


    What you posted is why the kikes got rid of UN Secretary–General Ban Ki-Moon.

    He refused to be a “Shabbos Goy.” +bn

  25. Brother Nathanael December 8, 2023 @ 8:10 pm

    “They can’t see us in the dark”

  26. John Iannucci December 8, 2023 @ 10:08 pm

    I am so glad to see your videos back Brother Nathanael! God bless you.

  27. Caveman December 8, 2023 @ 11:32 pm

    What a joy to see you again dear +BN, and RealJewNews back online!

    I wondered what happened and could find no answers, other than you were OK (I saw your “Bible with Brother” videos).

    There are only a few indispensable things in life, but one is certainly this site, +BN and the forum. Where else can someone find the truth about our fallen, Jew-dominated world, other than at this site?

    This is really the best Christmas present I could get!

    I will be sending you a contribution to help with your war chest.

  28. Ted Gorsline December 9, 2023 @ 4:26 am

    Judge Napolitano’s podcast “Judging Freedom” now has the best guests on the internet. They are all American intelligence specialists and very blunt and honest about Israel.

    I must say I am very happy about how Scott Ritter has now come down hard on Israel. I was beginning to think the jews owned him. That is not the case at all.

    Colonel Macgregor is the right stuff but he still avoids calling a jew a jew but you can tell from his talks that he knows what the problem is.

  29. Don Nobinger December 9, 2023 @ 8:41 am

    You better Support the Anti-Christ State of Israel in their Genocide of Palestinians or THEY will have to do another 9/11!

  30. The Englishman December 9, 2023 @ 9:00 am


    Good to see you back, what you say, I concur with.

  31. KathJuliane December 9, 2023 @ 11:14 am

    Dear +BN,

    Mike Johnson needs to be registered as a foreign agent of Israel.

    Robert Inlakesh
    BREAKING: Israel has now killed 23,012 people in Gaza, including 9,077 children, 4,645 women & 76 journalists!

    45,920 were also injured, as 1,840,000 were displaced
    & 62,300 housing units completely destroyed.

    For perspective, ISIS killed 18,800 civilians in 2yrs in Iraq.

    Robert Inlakesh
    Israel has officially become worse than ISIS for civilian deaths.

    UN said that in the first 2 years of the ISIS insurgency in Iraq, they killed 18,800 civilians.

    In 2 months, Israel killed 22,000 in Gaza (including those presumed dead under the rubble).

  32. KathJuliane December 9, 2023 @ 11:28 am

    The Palestine Chronicle

    An elderly Palestinian woman, who had gone viral for saying that she was “older than Israel” in a video circulating online, was killed by an Israeli sniper.

    Palestinian photographer Saleh Aljafarawi announced the death of Hadiya Nassar on Thursday.

    “You were martyred, my beloved. May God have mercy on you and make your resting place Paradise,” Aljafarawi wrote on the social media platform X.

    Al-Jazeera mentioned Aljafarawi as saying that he learned from his cousin that “members of the Israeli army sniped at (Nassar) at the door of her house”.

    Nassar became a popular figure after appearing in a video posted by Aljafarawi, who visited her while at the hospital as she was recovering after being wounded in an Israeli airstrike.

    In the video, the Palestinian photographer held the woman’s identity card and told her: “You are older than Israel”.

    “Of course, of course,” Nassar responded, adding “I am holding on to the (Palestinian) land.”

    Since October 7, 17,177 Palestinians have been killed and more than 46,000 wounded, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

  33. KathJuliane December 9, 2023 @ 1:11 pm

    INTERVIEW: Robert Inlakesh – ‘Gaza Under Siege – Holding On’

    21st Century Wire December 9, 2023

    Understanding the situation in the besieged Gaza Strip, and Israeli escalation in the West Bank.

    In episode #489 of the SUNDAY WIRE which aired on November 26, 2023, Patrick talks with journalist Robert Inlakesh, to talk about the current situation in the besieged Gaza Strip, as well as his experience on the ground in Palestine. All this and more. Listen:


    The Israeli army exclusively engaging with the air and school walls, claiming a decisive victory, is indeed a source of amusement!

    It’s hard to take seriously the notion that they boast the world’s strongest army when their actions invite ridicule.

    Learning how true men, the rightful owners of the land and rights, fight – that’s what you filthy Zionists should observe. Look at the difference between them.

    IDF army Hamas army

    To be fair, these brave, land-thieving, IOF clowns skilled in murdering defenseless elderly, men, women & children, journalists, medics, ambulance drivers (and the donkey cart drivers who replaced the destroyed ambulances), nurses, physicians & surgeons, rescue workers, teachers, professors, poets and artists, farmers, teenage and younger rock throwers, and handcuffed ‘detainees’, prisoners, and UN workers, were clearly fighting the Ghosts of Al Qassam standing in front of the walls.

    And another clue this is an IOF propaganda production is the fact that the infantry did NOT call in an airstrike which they can’t do without.

    “Ghosts” has become something of a sub-meme after radio traffic from a panicked IOF soldier was screaming to his command to get them out of where they were, because they were fighting “ghosts”.

    Presumably, it was a description of the Palestinian resistance’s tunnels warfare & hit-and-run guerrilla tactics. On the other hand, the jinn of Palestine are very angry. -Kj

    Israel killing their own. This time, an IOF POW from 7 October. -Kj

    Killing the Captives – What Happened in Israel’s Failed Rescue Attempt in Gaza

    Palestine Chronicle | 9 December 2023

    Instead of rescuing Saar Baruch, an Israeli military force killed him. This episode is likely to make Netanyahu’s life even more difficult.

    In the early hours of Friday, Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas, declared that it had thwarted an Israeli military operation aimed at releasing an Israeli prisoner held by the Resistance in Gaza.

    Al-Qassam’s claim was fortified by details about the failed mission, along with the name of the Israeli soldier who was being ‘rescued’.

    “A special Zionist force was discovered during its attempt to advance to free one of the enemy’s prisoners, resulting in a clash that led to the death and injury of members of the (Israeli) force. The military aviation (air force) intervened and bombed the area with a series of raids to cover their retreat,” Al-Qassam’s statement read.

    Saar Baruch
    The clashes, according to Al-Qassam, resulted in the killing of an Israeli soldier, named Saar Baruch, a 25-year-old trooper with an ID card numbered 207775032.

    Al-Qassam also claimed to have seized a rifle from one of the attacking soldiers along with other communication devices.

    Aside from the early morning statement, very little was added to the story – no video footage, pictures or any other details.

    Full story:

  34. KathJuliane December 9, 2023 @ 2:50 pm


    An IOF helicopter friendly fired at a building in which IOF soldiers in the Gaza Strip were fortified, killing one and wounding others after requesting air support.


    — Hamas: We announce the killing and wounding of a number of israeli prisoners during the barbaric occupation bombardments in several areas of Gaza City. [Dec 8]


    Al-Qassam (Hamas) regarding the failed IOF attempt to capture [rescue] a prisoner:

    The israeli assault team used an ambulance belonging to a humanitarian institution to cover and execute this failed operation, violating international laws.


    I believe this is related to the IOF’s murder of their own soldier taken POW on Oct 7, Saar Baruch. This is called wartime perfidy. -Kj

  35. Rabbi Glickman December 9, 2023 @ 3:03 pm

    Oy gevalt! He’s back! Acccchhhh….

  36. KathJuliane December 9, 2023 @ 4:51 pm

    If Americans Knew

    9 December 2023

    Gaza pumping stations stop, sewage is “flowing in the streets” – Day 63

    Israeli forces committed 20 massacres, wiping out entire families, kill 9 Palestinians in West Bank, Israeli military kills hostage it’s trying to rescue, Blinken bypasses weapons sale protocol for Israel, Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) casts lone “nay” on pro-Israel resolution, prominent Jewish organizations launch new centralized communications operation to advocate for Israel


    ‘Our children are dying from hunger’ – Day 62

    Gaza on ‘brink of full-blown collapse’, Israeli troops strip and kidnap dozens of Gazan civilians; State Dept. officials fear Netanyahu will drag US into wider war; US resumes drone flights over Gaza; US vetoes Security Council resolution demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza

    Network of wealthy pro-Israel investors, tech executives, & Israeli officials work to shape online discourse and silence pro-Palestinian voices

    Palestinian deaths since Oct 6 now over 17,000 (nearly 8,000 are children & infants), Israeli deaths ~1,147 (~30 are children) [not counting the presumed dead still under the rubble-Kj]

  37. Brother Nathanael December 9, 2023 @ 4:54 pm

    @Rabbi Glickman

    KikeTube BANNED my Bible With Brother Vids.

    These KIKES are Christ-Killers, these are the Devil’s henchmen—JEWS. +bn

  38. KathJuliane December 9, 2023 @ 6:31 pm

    Dear shawn hazelaar

    The last I heard, after Tel Aviv’s claims that 1400 Israelis were killed, once 200 or so incinerated remains were identified as being Palestinian, the count was reduced to 1200. Then I read in passing that the count was further reduced to 1000, no reason given.

    Electronic Intifada has been keeping on top of the evidence and events on October 7 that indicate that the IDF was responsible for a substantial number of gruesome Israeli deaths from IDF tank shelling of kibbutz housing where resistance fighters were holed up with the residents/hostages, and insane waves of helicopter/drone hellfire missile attacks firing on anything and anyone that moved, the extent of which needs to be thoroughly investigated forensically.

    Which is why Tel Aviv was in a tearing hurry for the IDF to remove a number of bodies, and to bury Jews as soon as possible for “religious reasons.”

    And now, all of the vehicles that were incinerated were gathered up in one place, and now it’s been decided that all of the vehicles will be shredded and buried in a mass grave, again for “religious reasons” given to give “proper burial” of any unrecoverable Jewish remains.

    In other words, getting rid of all the forensic evidence needed for Israeli and international investigations, and to completely avoid the distinct probability that the IDF may have actually killed the vast majority of Israeli and foreign workers.

    Anyway, Electronic Intifada has a good, comprehensive running investigative catalog of all the revelations of the IDF’s role in the October 7 massacres, including survivor eyewitness accounts as well as admissions by members of the IOF, as well as links to the work of other independent investigative journalists digging under the buried layers of official Israeli atrocity propaganda blaming Hamas for Israeli deaths, such as The Cradle, Grey Zone, & Mondoweiss.

    We blew up Israeli houses on 7 October, says Israeli colonel

    Electronic Intifada 5 December 2023

    An air force colonel has said that Israeli airstrikes may have intentionally killed Israeli captives rather than let them be taken to Gaza.

    Speaking in Hebrew about the airstrikes, Colonel Nof Erez told a Haaretz podcast in November, that “the Hannibal Directive was apparently applied” and that 7 October “was a mass Hannibal.”

    After weeks of claiming that 1,400 “civilians” were killed that day, Israel last month revised its death toll down to about 900 civilians plus around 300 soldiers and police. An official Israeli account posting to X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday appeared to lower the death toll even further to “over 1,000.”

    Erez’s interview was first reported in English by The Cradle.

    Watch: Debunking Israel’s “mass rape” propaganda

    Israel and its proxies have launched a new media blitz, reviving unverified claims that Hamas fighters perpetrated mass rapes of Israeli women during its 7 October military operation.
    Despite blanket coverage, Israel does not claim to have identified any specific victim of such crimes, nor produced any videos or forensic evidence corroborating that they took place.

    On The Electronic Intifada livestream we dissected this propaganda campaign and showed how it is being fronted by operatives close to the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Watch the video above.

    We explain how this is a deceptive campaign based not on evidence but emotional manipulation, outlandish claims, distortion and an appeal to racist notions that Palestinians are inherently violent and cruel.

  39. KathJuliane December 9, 2023 @ 6:51 pm

    Ziowood Productions…

    “Israeli invaders are so desperate to project an image of “victory” that when an old man they had already stripped naked and searched hands over a rifle, they declare a group of kidnapped male civilians to be “armed terrorists.” Absolutely pathetic.” — Max Blumenthal

    Max Blumenthal reposted
    Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده

    Israeli propaganda fail, take 100

    The Israeli colonial forces are sharing a video where the so-called Hamas fighters are handing over their guns. After the civilians being stripped naked of course, but still with their guns in their hands!

    Meanwhile, an Israeli soldier is yelling at them in Arabic: “Khabibi, grab the gun I gave you, but don’t shoot it, we don’t want trouble and march slowly carrying it and put it on the other side on the ground”.

    The man forced to carry the gun is Moin Qeshta Al-Masry, owner of an aluminum workshop, who fled to Al-Khalifa school in Beit Lahya, from where he was kidnapped with the others.

    Zachary Foster
    footage has now surfaced proving the entire thing was a disgusting Israeli propaganda stunt, one to humiliate dozens of innocent human beings.

    Alas no one will care because the victims are Palestinian men from Gaza

  40. KathJuliane December 9, 2023 @ 8:48 pm

    On the Anti-Hasbara Atrocity Propaganda front:

    Max Blumenthal
    Naama Levy is the centerpiece of Israel’s “Hamas rape” propaganda campaign and yet, even in the publication of Bari Weiss, her mother does not claim Hamas sexually abused her

    She also obscures the fact Naama was an active soldier on base at Nahal Oz enforcing the Gaza siege

    Bari Weiss

    Remember the 19-year-old woman we saw dragged out of a jeep by Hamas with her gray sweatpants covered in blood?

    This is her mother’s primal scream:


    The Free Press page at the above link does not mention that Naama Levy is active-duty IOF captured at a military base in the Gaza Envelope — the defense line of kibbutzes and embedded military installations.

    It looks to me that Naama’s wrists are tightly wired together and are bleeding. Probably her ankles were, too, at some point because the blood on her sweatpants is on just the lower legs. They were cut loose so that she could swing her legs out to exit the rear of the SUV.

    When she turns her back to the camera, she either has a large patch of blood or perhaps her bowels went loose on her. The first time I saw this video on or about Oct 7, it seems to me the stain on her pants was browner than the blood stain on her pants legs, which made me think her bowels had loosened from fright.

    If the former, the most likely reason is that she was sitting half-reclined, slouched on her bleeding wire-tied hands bound behind her, and her sweats soaked the blood up.

    I seriously doubt she was raped. Why? When she sits up and swings her legs out to exit the vehicle, for a second the crotch of her sweatpants is exposed, and there is absolutely no blood soaked into the cloth. -Kj


    We were flogged near to death with “believe all women!”. Now we’re getting suffocated with “Believe all Israeli women! Or else you’re an anti-Semite!” when demands are made for forensic evidence of “mass rape” occurring on October 7.

    Tel Aviv and the IOF have to keep coming up with atrocity propaganda to a) cover up their own war crimes and drown out their carpet-bombing massacres of innocent women & children; and b) continue to justify their war criminal genocidal policies to erase any trace of Palestine and the Palestinian people off of the face of the world.

    To keep their atrocity propaganda cottage industry going, they gin up front NGOs, especially good for the brand if the NGO is Arab Zionist controlled by Tel Aviv and the IDF.

    No self-respecting Arab woman would wear an Israeli hexagram necklace, especially a half Lebanese, half Syrian one. This one is also anti-Assad.


    Max Blumenthal
    Dec 8
    These “Arab peace activists” belong to Sharaka, a front group set up and managed by Israel and AIPAC lobbyists to push Gulf normalization with the apartheid state

    Sharaka is not even directed by an Arab, but by an Israeli army reservist
    Daily Wire
    Dec 7
    A group of Arab peace activists sat through the 47 minutes of footage from Hamas October 7 massacre against Israeli civilians

    This is their response [special invite on Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire+, of course. This was screened at the Israeli consulate in Boston, Massachusetts -Kj]:


    Sharaka was formed after the Abraham Accords. Their main goal in life besides working for Israel-Arab “normalization,” their major task is to go out and preach the monomeology of Auschwitz after the group was indoctrinated during a Holoco$t tour to Poland. -Kj

  41. Brother Nathanael December 9, 2023 @ 10:41 pm

    How KikeTube (YouTube) Works

    Larry Fink of BlackRock/Vanguard, and the Mossad, CIA, Pentagon, and IDF OWN KikeTube, via Google, and at top, “AlephBet”–“Alphabet”–the parent company.

    The Kikes in charge, (not brown-skinned Hindus as brownish window dressing), hire young goyisha kids in their twenties looking for some “career” in digital KIKE LAND, to do their dirty work.

    A ‘YouTuber’ comes along, a sincere “creator,” who has a message to tell on KikeTube where the reach is HUGE.

    The sad-sack ‘YouTuber’ spends tons of money on camera, computer techs, monetization formats, and endless HOURS putting together his Video messages.

    The forlorn, broke ‘YouTuber’ makes sure he stays within KikeTube’s ‘community guidelines,’ not quite sure even what specifically which ones he could possible break.

    On a sudden, BAN, hours and months of hard work are suddenly GONE.

    No warning, no explanation, just told he broke KikeTube’s ‘guidelines.’

    The poor guy tries to Appeal.

    He’s read the same script. He goes on a provided “chat” to a KIKE controlled robot, and asks what guideline he violated.

    The robot reads off the SAME formatted script.

    $5000 of his monetized revenue he worked so hard for is SEIZED by KikeTube, and all in legaleeze KIKE sleeze, because it’s all in KikeTube’s “Terms of Service.”

    His ‘YouTuber’ ass is cooked.

    No recourse, no more appeals, told he’s forbidden to ever do a KikeTube channel again, and presto! the KIKES smile with Satan for killing off a Christian messenger and his very effective Christian message.

    How do I know this?

    ‘Cause this is exactly what KikeTube did to me, +Brother Nathanael, and my “Bible With Brother” Videos.

    I’m now $5000 broke.

    And I had to pay a huge forturne to a computer tech to get this site back and running, Servers and all, and now need SERIOUS funding.

    Donate please! Secured +BN venue @

    Donate via Mail:
    Brother Nathanael Foundation
    PO Box 547
    Priest River, ID 83856


  42. Caveman December 9, 2023 @ 10:46 pm

    This Gaza War allowed us to probe the depths of the rift that divides Zionism.

    Maybe you noticed how critical many mainstream media, such as BBC or Deutsche Welle, have become towards Israel. I have never seen such a balanced reporting regarding any Jewish issue, not just Israel. And, take note, many of those outlets are Jew-owned!

    Alas, George Soros is even funding pro-Palestinian NGO’s, believe it or not:

    What we see here is the confrontation between the two sides of Zionism, namely globalist Zionism against national Zionism. The latter think that their false Messiah (aka Antichrist) will only appear after the rebuilding of the Temple, thus they need to possess Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

    Globalist Zionism is more creepy if you ask me. Somehow they think that destroying the nations and corrupting the Goyim takes priority, and a strong State of Israel goes against that goal, it is a bad example. I guess that they do not believe that a Messiah is coming, maybe they think that the Jews are their own Messiah.

    In the following post I will repeat what I wrote here back in 2018, you will see that it is more relevant than ever.

  43. Caveman December 9, 2023 @ 10:50 pm

    Real Zionism vs. Symbolic Zionism (posted here in 2018)

    Let us remember that there are TWO TYPES OF ZIONISM which battle each other, as already explained in 1935 by colonel Ulrich Fleischhauer in his analysis of the “Protocols”:

    1) Political Zionism (in German: Realzionismus, just like Realpolitik). They wish to have their own state -which they accomplished- and use it as a power base from where they attack/infiltrate/subvert the rest of the world.

    Among these Zionists are Theodor Herzl and the Jewish mainstream today. Furthermore, many Goyim are also political Zionists, the likes of John Hagee, most of DC’s politicians and even Donald Trump.

    2) Symbolic Zionism (in German: Symbolzionismus), who think that “the promised land” is the entire planet and do not agree to support a national state.

    Instead of Jewish nationalists, these symbolic Zionists are true globalists and cosmopolitan, they love to destroy the nations from within. Prominent symbolic Zionists are Ahad Ha’am (Asher Ginsberg) and George Soros, to cite just two.

    One could see the two opposing sides of Zionism in the presidential campaign Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. While Trump was supported by staunch political Zionists, Clinton had the backing of symbolic Zionists and less Realzionists.

    It is not yet clear if these two arms of the Satanic pincer will develop into all-out confrontation, which could bring relief to the nations on Earth.

    NOTE 2023: Now it is clear that they will fight it out to the end: our opportunity!

  44. Caveman December 9, 2023 @ 10:51 pm

    Dear Englishman,

    Thank you! Thanks to patriots like you and David Irving there is still hope for Britannia!

    David Irving: “The Holocaust lie – the Biggest Lie” (1995)

  45. Brother Nathanael December 9, 2023 @ 11:49 pm


    You’re making false distinctions.

    Zionism is JEW globalism that has it’s “spiritual” headquarters in Jerusalem, where Christ was crucified.

    Hitler summed it up quite brilliantly:

    “While the Zionists try to make the rest of the World believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim.

    “It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organisation for their international world swindler, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.

    “It is a sign of their rising confidence and sense of security that at a time when one section is still playing the German, French-man, or Englishman, the other with open effrontery comes out as the Jewish race.”

    Continuing the sly “DUPE,” the Jew-owned media will pretend to care for Palestinians so it looks “balanced.”

    And a George Soros, and his son, will fund some Palestinian NG0’s only to ramp up the comflict so as to create more dissension and chaos to bring all of Western society DOWN, so he can rebuild from the ashes his “New Society” based on ANTI-CHRISTIAN polity.

    This is JEW Agenda 101. My Videos are Jew Agenda 2.0.

    Suggest you get a copy of “The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion” to understand the “depths of Satan.” +bn

  46. The Englishman December 10, 2023 @ 5:40 am

    I fear your assessment of “Britannia” may be also at least not accurate or at most erroneous dear Caveman.

    The Crown, the Camerons, the Johnsons, & both Houses are all aboard the Rothchilde charabanc. They are firmly ensconced in the driving seat. I see nought that will influence this standpoint.

    The Bitchute vid. you posted is like so many ” Contains Incitement to Hatred” & is unavailable in UK. Tor browser, I can no longer get to view “restricted” material.

  47. Rabbi Glickman December 10, 2023 @ 10:52 am

    What must we do to shut this Brother Nathanael character down?

    Nothing seems to work! We Zyklon his PayPal account… to no effect. Our DDoS attacks on his servers are only temporarily effective. We nuke his first YouTube channel but he comes back with another. We shut that one down as well and here he is, firing up this hotbed of anti-Semitism again!

    What must we do? Accchhh…!

  48. The Englishman December 10, 2023 @ 11:37 am


    The developments concerning internet sensations Messers Scott Ritter, Col. Douglas Macgregor, & Larry Johnson have been surprisingly revealing to say the least. You mention Ritter, it would seem he has morphed the most. All three tacitly accepted “the jew per see, to the extent that months ago they would I suggest be at odds with +BN’s commentaries.

    Ritter’s recent video with a little-known host showed extraordinary vehement content towards Israhell.

    Lary J. some weeks ago upset many incl. Moi, by his defence of the jew & Israhell. Post Oct.7th his views have markedly changed (how could they possibly not?)

    Col. Douglas M. I would say has the ambition to become Supreme Commander, a role he would be perfectly suited for, though the mantra he often repeats these days “Israel has the right to defend itself” may put him at odds with +BN. It could be he’s laying a false trail, in the knowledge it’s best to keep your “enemies close”. I would wish him good luck with his endeavours.

    The above true American Patriots it seems to me are like the disciple who wished for proof off Jesus only to be reproached for lack of faith.

    It has taken the slaughter of 20,000 innocents to convince them all.

    Brother Nathanael, from long time past, trumped them all.

  49. KathJuliane December 10, 2023 @ 2:19 pm

    Fresh testimony reveals how Israel killed captives in Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7

    Hadas Dagan is the sole survivor of Israeli shelling of a house in Be’eri where 14 hostages were killed.. She has withheld her testimony, until now.

    Uncaptured Media | 10 December 2023

    Two months after the events of October 7, shocking new testimony reveals that the Israeli military, using an arsenal of gunfire, tank shelling and guided LAU missiles, killed almost certainly all but one of the 14 hostages held in a house in kibbutz Be’eri – along with their Hamas captors.

    The testimony, published by Israel’s Channel 12, was delivered by the sole survivor from the massacre inside one house, Hadas Dagan, a resident of Be’eri who had previously maintained her silence.

    Uncaptured Media has translated relevant segments of the report.

  50. KathJuliane December 10, 2023 @ 2:36 pm


    10 December 2023

    Press conference by the spokesman of the Health Ministry in Gaza:

    – During the past hours, the occupation committed 20 horrific massacres and annihilated entire families. We have received dozens of appeals from citizens in residential neighborhoods and schools, including the Khalifa School in northern Gaza, where the occupation committed a hideous massacre that claimed the lives of dozens of martyrs and wounded who bled to death. The displaced people in the north live in a catastrophic situation without water, food, or treatment

    – An ambulance was targeted while evacuating the wounded near ​​the European Hospital, which led to the injury of two paramedics and damage to the ambulance, raising the number of targeted vehicles to 57 ambulances.

    – The toll of the Israeli aggression has risen to 17,700 martyrs and 48,780 injuries since the 7th of October.

    Targeting hospitals is a red line and a crime under international humanitarian law, but the Israeli occupation has crossed this line several times. This war against hospitals, ambulances and medical teams is still ongoing in front of the whole world.

    – The Israeli occupation continues to besiege Kamal Odwan HospitL and Al-Awda Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip. During the past hours, the occupation snipers besieging Al-Awda Hospital killed two of the medical staff and killed and wounded many pregnant women when they arrived at the hospital to give birth.

    – Pregnant women in northern Gaza cannot access the maternity service at Al Awda Hospital, and this may render them killed and their fetuses killed.

    – The residents of northern Gaza are subjected to extermination from house to house and from school to school, and the wounded are left to die as a result of hospitals being sieged and out of service.

    – Hospitals in southern Gaza have exceeded their capacity and are powerless in the face of the huge numbers of wounded. Dozens of wounded are losing their lives.

    – The Israeli occupation deliberately displaces oncology patients from treatment places for the second time, as the patients were forced to evacuate the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital for the first time under direct bombardment.

    They were transferred to Dar Al-Salam Hospital in Khan Yunis, which the occupation forces came to, endangering the lives of the patients and forcing them to leave it, and now they have no place to go to, which endangers their lives.

    We lost dozens of patients after the first and second displacement of oncology patients as a result of their failure to receive treatment and health care.

    The Israeli occupation arrested three paramedics and seized the ambulances bearing the following numbers:
    We warn against the occupation using ambulances in its military operations in the Gaza Strip, and we affirm that the use of ambulances for hostilities is in violation of international law, but the occupation forces have already crossed all red lines.

    – The Israeli occupation is still detaining 36 of our medical staff in inhumane conditions.

    – The Israeli targeted 132 health institutions and rendered 22 hospitals and 46 health centers out of service.

    The Israeli aggression against the health system led to the death of 295 of the medical staff and the injury of hundreds of them.

    – We call on medical teams around the world to reach the Gaza Strip to rescue the wounded, especially orthopedics.

    – The current method used for evacuating the wounded is restricted and sterile and contributes to the killing of hundreds of wounded. We demand an effective mechanism for treatment abroad to preserve the lives of the wounded.

    – We appeal to medical personnel, retirees, graduates, and students from all health specialties to join work immediately in the northern hospitals, Nasser Medical Complex, and the European Gaza Hospital in Khan Yunis.

    We reiterate our call to health work partners to establish medical points and mobile clinics to care for the displaced in the western regions of Khan Yunis and Rafah.

  51. Ted Gorsline December 10, 2023 @ 2:39 pm

    @The Englishman

    It is true that Brother Nathaniel has been the leader at exposing the vile value system of the jew. He has awakened the others but they still give the common jew more credot than the deserve. The keep saying Israeli when they should be saying jew.

    Funny thing I noticed about the jewish bombing of Gaza. The very first thing they bombed was the central bank of Gaza. I think its only a matter of time before we start seeing Muslim freedom fighters bombing central banks in the western world which is simply applying jewish values to jews.

  52. Rabbi Glickman December 10, 2023 @ 2:42 pm

    Even I, a world famous and much beloved rabbi, who has won countless awards, has felt the cruel sting of seeing my YouTube account holocausted. I called it, “Cooking With Rabbi”. There at the end I had Six Million subscribers!

    But one day I uploaded a video titled, Cooking With Christian Children; which of course wasn’t about cooking *with* them but about cooking *them*. Well, the goyim are unused to such subtle distinctions. I soon got a personal email from Susan Warshekels saying my channel had been GASSED! All gone in an instant. The D—l take her!

    Anyway, as I was saying, my strategems for cooking and serving fresh caught Christian children as gourmet meals have won countless awards from Jewish culinary societies. But the times are changing.

    I have heard that Bitchute is a bit less finnicky about such things. Perhaps I should give them a try?

  53. KathJuliane December 10, 2023 @ 4:02 pm

    At least 300 Palestinians killed since Biden admin vetoed UN ceasefire resolution – Day 64 – IAK Daily Update

    If Americans Knew | 10 Dec 2023

    Humanitarian crisis, danger from Israeli attacks worsen; more Gazans kidnapped, stripped, & filmed; Rafah may be next target; West Bank news; Israeli PM thanks Biden for veto and weapons; over 17,000 Gazans killed, 52,000 injured

    Fighting Invading Israeli Forces: Who Are Hamas ‘Nukhba’ Fighters?

    Palestine Chronicle | 9 December 2023

    The Hamas armed wing is under the command of Mohammad Deif, who has masterminded various successful offensive operations against Israel.
    The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, or simply the Qassam Brigades, are the armed wing of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas and were behind the October 7 offensive against Israel, named Operation al-Aqsa Flood by the group’s leader.

    Now engaged in defensive ground operations, the armed group is using guerilla warfare tactics throughout the Gaza Strip to combat Israel’s invading army.

    The Qassam Brigades were officially established in 1991 and were led by its commander, Salah Shehadeh, until his brutal assassination in 2004.

    The Hamas armed wing has since been under the command of Mohammad Deif, who has masterminded various successful offensive operations against Israel.

    Today, the Qassam Brigades are the most powerful Palestinian Resistance group and lead the ‘Joint Room’ in the Gaza Strip, under which a myriad of smaller armed movements and military wings of different Palestinian political parties coordinate.

    Axis of Resistance
    In 1992, the Qassam Brigades received the backing of Hezbollah and began opening contacts to obtain the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    This was the unintended consequence of a mass deportation in December of that year, when Israel transferred some 415 Palestinians from the 1967 occupied territories to southern Lebanon, including prominent figures within Hamas.

    Opening an alliance with nations like Syria, Iran and groups such as Lebanese Hezbollah, aided in strengthening the tactics of the Qassam Brigades.

    Today, the Qassam Brigades are estimated to have between 30,000 to 50,000 combat ready fighters.

    It possesses specialized units that manage border control, intelligence gathering, offensive and defensive ground operations, an air defense team, airforce (hand-gliders), the frogmen (naval force), drone operations, explosives manufacturing, tunnel defenses, special forces for prisoner security, anti-tank guided-missile units, medical, all-female and rocket launch teams.

    There is even a specially designated choir, media teams and the Qassam Brigades spokesperson is the iconic masked figure Abu Obeida.

    Nukhba Commandos
    Perhaps the most feared of all the Qassam Brigades fighters are its Nukhba commandos, these special forces units are highly secretive in nature.

    Israel has given past estimates that the force could be around 1,500 men strong, although this is a guess.

    It is said that the Nukhba commandos are trained in Iran, they are also said to have gained battle experience in Iraq, Syria and coordinate closely with Lebanese Hezbollah.

    Israel accuses the Nukhba of leading the operations on October 7, during which around 400 Israeli combatants were eliminated.

    The Nukhba are pegged with not only defeating Israel’s Givati Brigades in a standup fight, but even engaging and killing members of Israeli special forces units.

    Israeli media have also alleged that Nukhba commandos managed to continue infiltration operations after Israeli forces had re-captured the settlements surrounding Gaza.

    It is important to keep in mind that Israel does not understand the true extent of the military power of the Qassam Brigades.

    The armed wing of Hamas specially chooses its fighters for their given roles, many of whom are individuals who have had family members murdered by Israel.

    Full story:

    Abu Obeida is Back – Masked Palestinian Fighter Has a Message for Israel, White House

    For over two weeks, Abu Obeida disappeared from television screens, prompting concerns among Palestinians and excited speculations among Israelis.
    But the masked spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas, has reappeared in a newly recorded speech, with the same resolve and confident language.

    It was apparent that Abu Obeida was intentionally making specific time references to end any doubt regarding the time of when his speech was recorded.

    For example, he referred to the number of Israeli military vehicles destroyed in the last ten days – a reference to the resumption of fighting following the brief truce – and the failed rescue mission that resulted in the death of an Israeli soldier two days ago.

    Below is the full statement of Abu Obeida, which was communicated via the Resistance News Network Telegram Channel on Sunday, December 10.

    Full story:

  54. Amber December 10, 2023 @ 5:59 pm

    All I can say +BN — you’re the best in dissecting them in all ways — right down to the Deicidal Curse:

  55. Caveman December 10, 2023 @ 10:06 pm

    Dear +BN,

    Interesting to read your opinion on the apparent rift between both sides of Zionism. I agree that some clarification is necessary.

    I was indeed quoting from Fleischhauer’s 1935 book, probably the best analysis ever published about the “Protocols”. Please note, the distinction between Symbolic and Real Zionism existed even before the establishment of Israhell in 1948, it is by no means my invention.

    I agree that “Der Führer” clearly saw the intentions behind the establishment of a Jewish state: to have a safe ground for their crimes. In the end, for them it all boils down to the question: “Is it good for the Jews?”.

    However, there are certain developments that cannot be dismissed out of hand without analysis. The change in the mainstream media towards Israel, to an openly critical stand, is impossible to ignore! We all know that these media outlets are either Jew-owned or Jew-controlled.

    Left-wing Jews have always been critical of Israel, thus Soros’ support for pro-Palestinian NGOs. Let’s also remember that Yitzhak Rabin was murdered by radical Jewish supremacist Yigal Amir, so the divide is really there.

    My point is: yes, all Jews work essentially for the same goal: a global dictatorship with the Jews as masters. However, there is strife among them in how to get there, they are not monolithic. And this differences among them may help Mankind and us Christians defeat the mortal danger of Zionism.

  56. Caveman December 10, 2023 @ 10:22 pm

    Dear Englishman,

    Of course, the UK has been for a long time the center of Jewish machinations, especially after the Rothschild 1815 coup in the aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo. The City of London is still one of the most important centers of Jewish financial terrorism against Mankind.

    But you know that God spared the faithful even in Sodom, so as long as there are Patriots like you, David Irving and Nigel Farage there is hope!

  57. Ted Gorsline December 11, 2023 @ 12:12 am


    I am not an expert at parsing jews but I get the impression that there are three following. 1) The died in the wool nut cases that follow the Kabbalah which includes most Hollywood studio jews. They have a huge loss to murder even amongst themselves. 2) Mainstream jews like the child slaughtering Israelis who follow the Talmud and 3)Jews that follow the Old testament who seem to be the ones in New York who are opposed to the state of Israel.

    Then you have the real smarmy Talmudic ones like Ben Shapiro who drag in the old testament to create the myth there are judeo/Christian values when in fact the values are polar opposites.

  58. Brother Nathanael December 11, 2023 @ 1:14 am


    You are a very intelligent man. You enjoy splicing up Jewry into distinct and OPPOSING factions.

    I told you what Soros is up to and you discounted it. You should not.

    I gave you the Hitler quote to demonstrate that Jewry is united through and through.

    These are really internal family squabbles. No one but a Jew who grew up in the inner guts of Jewry, (me), can understand Jews.

    Whatever distinctions can be made, ending up with Jews opposing each other in some definitive fashion, is a fictional dream of Gentile internet warriors.

    Even stupid assessments like from Ted Gorsline, who has no idea what he froths forth.

    Jews have a profound UNITY based on RACE, not politics, not OpEds, not ethics, not Zionist, or so-called ‘anti Zionist,’ not abstract Zionism, or some offshoots Zionism, not Zionism vs Judaism (WHICH IS ROOTED IN ZIONISM), not some moral ‘high’ or ‘low’ ground, not whether left or right, or communist or capitalist, or any so called “distinctions.’

    Jews are good at duping the goyim, it’s their forte. In the end:

    Jews are profoundly united by RACE. The ‘squabbles’ are a family affair. +bn

  59. Brother Nathanael December 11, 2023 @ 1:23 am

    Dear All,

    I took a “break” from the Jew stuff, and I needed it.

    Now with the re-launch of Real Jew News (partly because KikeTube BANNED me and STOLE $5000 of my revenue), I’m back on this forum and site.

    I’ve looked around again at varying commentaries on Gaza, World Jewry, the fascination some duped goys have with the so-called “anti-Zionist humanists” who are basically trying to cover their asses, and their “Tikkun Olam” scam.

    My assessment?

    No one absolutely understands the JEW, but those in the know who ARE Jews, and those (ONE, ME), who is willing to expose the JEW publically.

    It’s a very lonely road. It drains me, and again, I’m going BROKE doing it.

    To re-launch this site cost me tons of money, simply because I BURNED this site and all its Videos.

    I had to pay an expert in reviving BURNT things back into an UNBURNT state.


    Donate Here SECURED @

    Donate via Mail:
    Brother Nathanael Foundation
    PO Box 547
    Priest River, ID 83856


  60. Ted Gorsline December 11, 2023 @ 1:27 am

    My stab at jew boy parsing stands corrected.

    On another matter if you want to watch the war in Gaza that includes both the Israeli and Hamas POVs and battles Google Hindustan Times. According to HT Hamas killed almost 100 IDF soldiers yesterday. Try to find that in the western media.

  61. KathJuliane December 11, 2023 @ 2:37 pm

    If Americans Knew

    “Half of Gaza is now starving” – Day 65 | 11 December 2023

    Skyrocketing orphans in Gaza; Israel is committing “horrific crimes”; calls for a global strike; general strike in West Bank; UN 377 invoked in attempt to override Security Council failure; Israel has imprisoned 142 females from Gaza, including nursing babies and elderly; Bethlehem churches letter; over 1 million Americans participated in protests since Gaza-Israel war began Oct 7; US universities under fire; updated statistics

  62. Steve December 11, 2023 @ 3:19 pm

    Now gods, stand up for pedophiles!

    Two quick points:

    What we are witnessing with respect to the U.S. Congress, in my opinion, is the hard work and dedication by the two Mossad agents, Epstein and Maxwell, both of whom are alive and kicking only God knows where.

    Hannibal sounds bad but what I can tell you re the “Samson” option is that the Israelis have smuggled nukes in major European and American cities just in case they might need them to facilitate the Messiah’s return.

    This was bragged to me by numerous Israelis. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  63. Citizenfitz December 11, 2023 @ 5:22 pm

    It’s good to have you back again, +BN.

  64. Brother Nathanael December 11, 2023 @ 7:08 pm


    I’m RE-re-inventing myself. +bn

  65. Caveman December 11, 2023 @ 11:27 pm

    Dear +BN,

    If you say that all that apparent strife between Jewish factions is just a family affair I believe what you say.

    That is why you are precious to all Christians and to all Patriots alike: you can understand what is really happening and cut through the smoke and mirrors.

    Right after the First World War and in the early years of the National Socialist movement Arthur Trebitsch, a former Jew, did exactly what you do now: he unmasked the Jews.

    Hitler said of Trebitsch: “Read every sentence he has written. He has unmasked the Jews as no one else did”.

    One of his most important books is “Deutscher Geist-Oder Judentum. Der Weg der Befreiung” (1921), which translates as: “German spirit-or Jewry. The path to liberation”. He clearly saw the incompatibility of the Gentile/Christian worldview and that of the Jews, and was brave enough to publish it.

    Dear Brother Nathanael, this is how important you are for us, and for future generations!

  66. The Englishman December 12, 2023 @ 5:24 am

    Yes, Caveman! The point you raise is the single most salient aspect of Brother Nathanael’s work. Wishing to WARN the goyim of the jew agenda!

    Who else has the upbringing/background, insight, and acumen to “blow the whistle” on humanity’s misfortune?

    Even if tomorrow, a Col. Doug. were able to attain or wrench power (POTUS) he, without implementing +BN’s warnings would be doomed to fail.

    So long as our luminaries fail to APPRECIATE the Genius in their midst it will only serve to their detriment!

  67. Citizenfitz December 12, 2023 @ 1:05 pm

    The “Jewish problem”, imho isn’t Jews per se. It’s kikes. I’ve known lots of Jews and only one tried to kike me. That came out of a clear blue sky too because we were pals at school. He tried to shake me down for some money I found.

    Otherwise, except for only one or two others they’ve been alright, and some have been better than alright. I’ve had a lot more trouble from goy. But there’s been a sea change over the last 30 or so years. And it’s obvious that many Jews today have gone over to the dark side. Using the natural tendency of Jews to support one another (which by itself is a commendable quality) to advance their own agenda: the Kingdom of the Kikes.

    What I’ve noticed is how they’re just not very talented anymore. Take the Jewish comedians of today: Amy Schumer? Jerry Seinfeld? (the Seinfeld show is another matter) Sara Silverman?…. I grew up when there were Jewish comedians on practically every street corner. And they were genuinely funny.

    In other fields too they’re not distinguishing themselves like they once did. Those who do are often the beneficiaries of a generous helping of MSM hype. In marketing they call it “puffing”.

    There seems to be some kind of cosmic boom-bust cyle at work. Among Jews and in the World too.

    The Jews of old, who had to struggle for a living, developed defined personalities and outlooks due to it all. Today’s Jews have had it too easy. Trust fund babies. As a result their personalities lack a certain “colorfulness” that the Jews years ago had. To struggle and/or suffer does impose a personality on you.

    I see the dearth of funny Jews today as an ominous sign. I don’t know how many or what percent of them have gone over to the kike side, but I’m sure its a sizeable minority. Maybe even a majority.

  68. Rusn December 12, 2023 @ 2:05 pm

    The Jews in Israel supported the ISIS while Hezbollah hated the ISIS and killed the ISIS and saved others in Syria from the ISIS. The Jews are of evil.

  69. Brother Nathanael December 12, 2023 @ 3:08 pm

    @Citizen Fitz

    I guess there might be perhaps maybe some “good jews” around.

    But both of them need to stop doing their “woke” campaign.


    PS But I operate from the INSIDE TRACK, and knowing Jews, I stick within the realm of high improbablities.

  70. Brother Nathanael December 12, 2023 @ 3:09 pm

    “Jews are evil?”

    Nothng original here.

    The Prophets and Jesus Christ said it first. +bn

  71. Ricck Lineheart December 12, 2023 @ 3:13 pm

    Many times we hear the words ” anti-Christ ” and now we can plainly see the anti-Christ , the Jew.

  72. KathJuliane December 12, 2023 @ 5:34 pm

    Judge Napolitano: Col. Karen Kwiatkowski: Congress Supports Genocide.

    In the intricate landscape of international relations, the alliance between political entities and the endorsement of mass atrocities cast a dark shadow over the principles of democracy and human rights.

    Today, we embark on a crucial conversation with Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, a distinguished voice with extensive experience in military and international affairs, to shed light on the disconcerting alliance that has emerged between Congress and the support for mass atrocities.

    As mentioned on the podcast, at the AIPAC PAC Political Portal website, you, too, can directly donate to the Israel-worshiping unregistered foreign agent whores in Congress who are greatly supported by a colossal unregistered foreign agent openly representing Israel.

  73. John+Milone December 12, 2023 @ 6:25 pm

    I’m glad you’re back, Brother Nathanael! I was really worried!

    I’ve heard it said from many platforms now that “The way of Gaza will be the way/fate of the world.”

  74. KathJuliane December 13, 2023 @ 8:19 am

    Based. -Kj


    Far-right Polish lawmaker uses fire extinguisher on Hanukkah candles in parliament

    WARSAW (Reuters) – A far-right Polish lawmaker used a fire extinguisher to put out Hanukkah candles in the country’s parliament, leading the speaker to exclude him from the sitting and provoking outrage.

    Footage posted on the website of private broadcaster TVN24 showed Grzegorz Braun of the Confederation take the extinguisher before walking across the lobby of the parliament to where the candles were, creating a white cloud and forcing security guards to rush people out of the area.

    Full story:

  75. Citizenfitz December 13, 2023 @ 2:42 pm

    Good to see +BN and the olde gang back in business again!

    Laughed about that story about the Polish lawmaker putting out the flames on the Menorah, KJ. What a Chad!

    The predictable squeals of outrage were helpful though, in ID’ing some Freemasons, and other shabbos goyim. Especially that “Catholic cardinal” – possibly a Freemason himself – “apologizing to the jews” of Poland. For anyone who doesn’t know it yet, you can only apologize for something you had a hand in. So, maybe the Cardinal is confessing, albeit unwittingly, that he had a hand in it.

    Anyway, on a lighter note. Does anyone have a guess as to what percent of America’s jews have gone over to the kike side of the Force? I’d like to believe there are still some decent jews out there; but I’m willing to admit I’m wrong if it can be shown.

  76. KathJuliane December 13, 2023 @ 7:42 pm

    45 spoiled, “oppressed,” self-victimizing,” monomeist Jews dictate the municipal politics of a Dutch town with a population of over 160,000, and bullies the mayor, who is a political Independent, who signaled his neutrality on international issues.


    Dutch mayor refuses to be photographed with Israeli ambassador at Hanukkah event, setting off media frenzy

    Roelof Bleker said his intention was to keep a distance from the war in Israel and Gaza and avoid images that might stir controversy. But that effort backfired

    Jewish Telegraph Agency | 13 December 2023

    (JTA) — A Hanukkah celebration in the Dutch town of Enschede took a bitter turn after its mayor refused to be seen near the Israeli ambassador to the Netherlands.

    Jaap Hartog, chairman of the Enschede synagogue, invited Mayor Roelof Bleker to a celebration of Hanukkah and the synagogue’s 95th anniversary on Monday night. He reserved a seat for Bleker next to Israeli Ambassador Modi Ephraim, who was visiting Enschede for the occasion.

    But hours before the event, Hartog received a call with preconditions from Bleker.

    “The mayor didn’t want to sit next to the ambassador, didn’t want to shake hands with him and especially didn’t want to shake hands with a photographer present, so he wouldn’t have trouble with photos in the media,” Hartog told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

    Hartog responded by telling the mayor not to come at all. However, when Bleker insisted on joining, he was received and seated on the synagogue’s balcony between other guests.

    Bleker said his intention was to keep a distance from the war in Israel and Gaza and avoid images that might stir controversy. But that effort backfired, as his stipulations prompted a media frenzy in the Netherlands this week.

    Enschede’s small community of Jews — about 45 in total — were already frustrated with Bleker, according to Hartog. He said that Bleker rejected their requests for increased security and surveillance after Oct. 7, despite a surge of antisemitic attacks across the country.

    [But apparently not in Enschede, having no reported history of “anti-Semitic attacks,” so no need for the municipality to use public monies to beef up security and surveillance for 45 neurotic Jews, who are likely wealthy enough to pay for private security. -Kj]

    The Central Jewish Board of the Netherlands also criticized Bleker. Chairman Chanan Hertzberger chided him not only for conditioning his appearance at the synagogue, but also for sitting in the back instead of the front seat originally reserved for him.

    “The mayor should sit at the front of such a celebration,” said Hertzberger in translated remarks. “We can only conclude that this mayor projects his criticism of Israel onto the Jewish residents of his city.”

    Bleker said he regretted the controversy in a public statement on Tuesday, noting that he had called both Ephraim and Hartog to apologize. He is meeting with Hartog on Friday.

    But Bleker appeared to stand by his desire for separation from the Israel-Hamas war. “I am there for all Enschede residents and therefore want to stay away from international conflicts,” he said.

    Ephraim acknowledged the spat but emphasized his own appearance at the synagogue in posts on X, formerly known as Twitter.

    “Anyway it was an emotional Hanukkah celebration in Enschede, with hundreds of Christians and Jewish friends of Israel,” Ephraim wrote. “In my words I called to stand together against hatred and antisemitism.”


    Methinks the Dutch mayor won a subtle victory. – Kj

  77. YankeeZ8 December 13, 2023 @ 10:37 pm

    Great to have RJN back.

    All should consider making donations.

    What would be helpful as well are some connections to wealthy, influential and altruistic people who are at least in some measure turning against the World Jew-Matrix – Elon Musk, Alex Jones, Andrew Tate, etc. If men like them can get introduced to and involved with this site, that can be a game-changer. Tate, for example, is known for donating to many people around the World.

  78. Iambadtryingtobegood December 14, 2023 @ 12:11 am

    Brother Nathanael… My suspicions were right, you had been censored…My concern is for the so-called Christians who have been seduced by this spirit of Zionism…They must not know the teachings of Jesus…I think you chose a good name in Nathanael…I am thinking about traveling out to Priest River Idaho on a sojourn…Do you think I could pick your brain a little bit?…

  79. Mr. J December 14, 2023 @ 2:04 pm

    Interesting here in Chicago, Illinois there has been a large influx of Palestinians recently. They seem to be hard-working immigrants and have opened up a number of small businesses, restaurants.

    What would trump say about that? Would he expel them to Mexico?

  80. KathJuliane December 14, 2023 @ 3:39 pm

    Based Oakland tossed Devil’s Pitchfork into lake -Kj

    Oakland menorah destroyed, thrown into Lake Merritt

    Police are investigating the vandalism as a hate crime. Jewish leaders say they’ll rebuild the religious display tonight.

    Oaklandside | 13 December 2023

    A large menorah erected at Lake Merritt’s amphitheater was torn apart and thrown into the water early this morning by vandals who, according to Jewish leaders, also spray painted anti-Israel and antisemitic graffiti on the sidewalk nearby.

    This morning, a crew of city workers recovered the menorah’s metal parts while police waited nearby for local Jewish leaders to arrive.

    “I feel afraid,” said Rabbi Dovid Labkowski, of the Chabad Center of Oakland, which set up the large outdoor display. “It makes me feel angry that this would happen in Oakland, a place with so much diversity. It’s a place we want to live together in peace.”

    Labkowski said the graffiti included threats and antisemitic messages.

    Full story:

  81. CARLOS December 14, 2023 @ 11:25 pm


  82. Carlos December 14, 2023 @ 11:37 pm

    Bibi knew everything about Hamas and how to use them for his Purpose on Palestinians…ISIS was working for Zionist Israel since the days of the Libya Invasion and onto Syria and Iraq….I feel this All part of their Greater Israel Project…And they also want to build their 3rd Temple in Jerusalem…We Are in DIRE TIMES…GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK BROTHER NATHANEL!! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

  83. Rachel December 17, 2023 @ 11:18 am

    To Kath, 99% of the antisemitic attacks are the jews/rabbis themselves defacing and vandalizing property and symbols.

  84. jonah December 19, 2023 @ 8:47 am

    Bro N

    You’re still alive! Thought you passed away.

    Real Jew news has been inaccessible here in central Arizona or the past 2 months.

  85. jonah December 20, 2023 @ 9:51 am

    International Jewish Terrorist Network

    -Anti-Christ will be Jew
    -House of Rothschild/ Head of Snake/Ardent Zionist
    -the Synagogue of Satan/Rothschild banking cartel
    -US/EU military-industrial-intelligence National Security State complex
    used to protect International Jewish Corporate Empire from the masses of
    the peoples on the planet
    -US/British/Israeli Axis of Evil
    -Jew World Order

    The Rothschild Empire is today the richest, most powerful, most
    influential temporal force on the planet.

    Based primarily in London, UK, it has amassed untold TRILLIONS in wealth
    over the past 3 centuries to become the prime mover and shaker in
    international political and financial affairs.

    The House of Rothschild is ardently jewish and staunchly pro-zionist in
    its religious disposition and affairs. As of the year 2000, they have
    decided to engage and promulgate “international terrorism” to catalyze
    and ‘fast track’ their ultimate quest and goal for a One World
    Government based in the European Union.

    Rothschild interests not only control the United States of America
    directly through the US Federal Reserve, they also control (and weild)
    the most lethal military fighting force in the world today: the US
    military. This International Jewish Terrorist Empire fights by proxy,
    that is, they get others to fight, kill and die for them, in this case,
    deluded and deceived Americans.

    There exists a US/British/Israeli Axis of Evil that is reeking absolute
    havoc upon our world today, committing acts of military, economic and
    environmental terrorism, exploitation and destruction on an
    unprecedented scale all over the world, leaving only death, ruin, chaos
    and vengence in its wake.

    The Rothschilds operate out of the financial district in the heart of
    London, England; known as ‘the City’. All major British banks have their
    main offices there, along with branch offices for nearly 400 foreign
    banks, including at least 70 from the United States. Within ‘the City’
    exists the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange, Lloyd’s of
    London, Fleet Street (home of international publishing and
    media/newspaper interests), the London Commodity Exchange and the London
    Metal Exchange. It is literally the financial hub of the world…

    Covering an area of 677 acres or one square mile (known as the
    wealthiest square mile on Earth), the City is ruled by a Lord Mayor who
    is personally apppointed by the Rothschilds. ‘The City’ is, in its own
    right, a sovereign state existing within the confines of the larger city
    of London per se’, much like the Vatican is within the city of Rome.

    The United Kingdom (as well as the entire European Union), is
    controlled, directed and governed by the powers that be within ‘the
    City’. The British throne (the Crown), the prime minister and the UK
    Parliament are all fronts for the Rothschild Empire, as will the
    European Commission, Council and Parliament be when the EU assumes its
    role as global headquarters for One World Government in the not to
    distant future.

    The fact that the richest, most powerful dynasty in the world is Jewish
    should explain why the current international terrorist network operates
    out of the US/British/Israeli triad; the very heart of International
    Jewry. However, the Rothschild Empire has no love for jews in general,
    as they were the principal financier of Hitler’s Germany and the prime
    cause for the Nazi Holocaust. International geo-strategic and
    geo-political ‘one world’ interests come first, from their perspective.

    Al-Qaida and the US/EU/Israeli so-called ‘War on Terror’ are all funded
    and directed by this International Zionist Cabal of Jewish Financiers
    based in London. At issue here is the use of raw force to dictate ‘one
    world’ strategem for economic and political consolidation, as well as to
    control and defend the empire against the masses of hungry, desperate
    and angry peoples of the world, whose ranks are growing rapidly.

    That the Rothschilds control, influence and direct international
    intelligence agencies such as the CIA, NSA, GCHQ, Mossad and M16
    etc…is practically a given. In fact, such a worldwide intelligence
    network been the very secret, or key, to its phenomenal rise to global
    power this past half century.

    There are only 5 nations in the world left without a Rothschild
    controlled central bank: Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and Libya. Enter
    the so-called ‘war on terror’ and the real international jewish
    terrorist modus operendi that is about to strike Iran as they did Iraq,
    who was previously on that short list, but is no more.

    Today, the USA is currently being set up for the fall. Targets:
    anti-‘One World’ US patriots, American freedom and independence, the US
    Bill of Rights, The US dollar and New York City- London’s chief
    financial rival for world economic control, dominance and authority. NYC
    will most likely be “nuked” by this International Jewish Terrorist
    Network (under the guise of CIA/M16/Mossad sponsored Al Qaida or other
    Rothschild funded terrorist enterprise) once America has run its course
    for the Jew World Order.

    The very nature of securing and maintaining international power, from
    their perspective, is to employ every kind of diabolical, insidious,
    wicked and evil means of deceit, deception and terror (the motto for
    Israel’s Mossad is ‘by way of deception’) in order to effectively
    procure their rule and reign on Earth- and this they do without remorse.

    The state of Israel, though, is the crown jewel of international jewish
    world plans to assume the throne of global dictate. Ceasar, Fuhrer,
    King, Prince, Messiah… whatever name or title one confers, it is a
    near certainty that he who will rule the world from Jerusalem in the
    very near future will emerge from the House of Rothschild- the very root
    of international satanic jewish terrorism.

    The Anti-Christ will be Jew, sure to be a Man of fierce countenance,
    when he proclaims himself ‘god’ of this world on the jerusalem temple
    mount at the end of history. Hell awaits all murderous, christ killing,
    jewish talmudic/zionist filth at the Judgement. they will all be given
    fate ‘worse than death’ for the many Crimes they have willfully and
    maliciously committed against the peoples and nations of the world these
    past many centuries. they are the ‘chosen people’ slated for eternal
    damnation before the throne of the Living God on the Great Day of
    Vengence. Selah.


  86. Flor December 20, 2023 @ 4:17 pm




  87. jonah December 21, 2023 @ 10:08 am

    How the Rothschilds Are Secretly Forging a New AI-Powered Global Order:

  88. Ed December 23, 2023 @ 6:09 pm

    Maybe the hiatus mentally did some good. Other than your expenses. Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄

  89. Sylvia Hire January 12, 2024 @ 11:31 am

    Bless you Brother Nathanael for speaking out!

    As a humiliated German, I can finally breathe without guilt! Thank you!

  90. Miki Ringwald February 25, 2024 @ 7:22 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    I am Orthodox Christian and I have a question to ask of you. Our Old Testament is the same as the Jewish Torah right? I have read the books of Enoch and learned a lot.

    Who is this Lilith? The fallen angel Samael is the real father of Cain? Maybe a lot of truth has been kept from us. Eve was not Adam’s first wife. This may seem crazy but it seems like Eve has sex with the serpent who was controlled by Samael.

    I am trying to understand the 2 trees. Please let me know if I am right.

  91. Frank Allegro March 13, 2024 @ 6:22 pm

    Another masterpiece video presentation!

    Makes me laugh with blowing the whistle on the bad guys.

    Good Jews do exist though – and some good Christians could have Jewish ancestry since many Jews became Christians. Prof James Tabor has researched a lot on early Christianity.

    What about doing a video presentation on good Jews / and or Prof James Tabor about biological historical Jesus.

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