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The Old Order Is Falling


The Old Order Is Falling
By Brother Nathanael Kapner June 2 2019

A DISPLACEMENT IS UNFOLDING and world Jewry is blind to it.

Do they really think their dominance will remain as a perpetual state of affairs?

For if the current trends among Millennials and Generation Z signal a U Turn in Jewry’s one-way street then we’re on our way to a change in direction.

Neither group is swallowing the Holocaust Hoax, Israeli ‘Democracy,’ Jewish Statism, or the mass of Jewish Warmongering propaganda.

More than one-fifth of Millennials in the US haven’t heard of the so-called Holocaust and nearly two-thirds never heard of Auschwitz.

The majority of the upcoming Generation Z doesn’t know that the “Third Reich” ever existed and couldn’t care less what happened some eighty years ago.

With regard to celebrating the “Jewish State,” a recent survey showed that among younger evangelical Christians support for Israel was on the wane coinciding with an emerging and germinating sympathy for Palestinian concerns.

And as a significant symbol of the ‘social media generation’ not siding with Jewry’s LGBTQ agenda, one finds the popular 14-year-old YouTuber “Soph,” who while undergoing horrific Jew-censorship, expanding her reach.

AND all ages in every cultural category view the ‘Anti-Semite’ charge as a slimy attempt to silence criticism of both Israeli politics and overweening Jewish influence, of which effort, only inspires the silenced to open their mouths WIDER.

Voat and GAB, the younger generation’s social media venues, tell a story that are making Jews sh#t in their untervesh.

WITH A TOTAL LACK of self-awareness, mega media corporations are tossing sound marketing models to the wind.

Jewish-owned Walt Disney Company, for instance, has threatened via the voice of its Jewish CEO Robert Iger, to boycott Georgia over its new anti-abortion law.

But who is the clientele of Disney, isn’t it children? Yet Disney and Iger, with their pro-abortion stand, want children, their marketing target, to die.

This is not a sustainable business model.

Then there’s Google which is consciously destroying their search engine through obvious censorship, compromising people’s privacy, and shutting down the Ad Blocking ability on their Chrome browser…and again, this is not a sustainable business model with Millennials migrating to Brave as their preferred browser.

And in the wake of YouTube purges, Gen Z and Millennials—“Soph” among them—are heading to alternative platforms like Bitchute and DTube.

Mossad-owned Google, parent of YouTube, would do well in firing its Jew censors, led by the hateful Jew bitch Eileen Hershenov of the Anti-Defamation-League, and the thoroughly-discredited Jewish hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

And underscoring self-defeating marketing models, Dick’s Sporting Goods is taking a big hit due to the firm drawing back its sale of firearms.

Talk about pissing off your customer base of campers, outdoors enthusiasts, fishermen, and yes, hunters, ALL big buyers of GUNS.

THE OLD ORDER with its moth-eaten monsters such as Jewloving warmongering shills Pompeo and Bolton is slowly collapsing.

And Jewpushed homosexuals like Pete Buttigeig are seen by a perceptive upcoming generation as pawns of the Jewish social engineering apparatus.

While Jewish Hollywood showcases black transgenders as heroes/heroines and white virile males as villains, what moral person of any stripe would eagerly watch black transgenders being treasured and white culture trashed?

Maybe Jews would slurp it up, but they’re increasingly a hated minority.

Before our very eyes a backlash against the Jewish programme is emerging where critiques of Jewry’s political lobbying, media decadence, spiteful censorship, and radicalization of conflicts abroad, are rapidly swelling.

One such critique appeared at the Democratic State Convention in California where a left-leaning Resolution demanded, in its initial version and subsequently removed, that the Party oppose “all efforts to stigmatise and suppress support for Palestinian human rights by falsely conflating it with anti-Semitism.”

What is more, well-written scrutiny of pernicious Jewish influence on sites such as Unz Review, LobeLog, and If Americans Knew (all three deranked by the Jew censors of Google) are burgeoning and breeding a fertile brood of well-informed readers.

A NEW ORDER is coming—it may begin with calamities, measles, machinery failures, floods and fires—but it’s coming.

And all the Shapiros, Maddows, and Spielbergs will be no more than a bad memory.



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Brother Nathanael @ June 2, 2019


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  4. Kalin June 2, 2019 @ 8:26 pm

    It does appear that things are turning downward for the Jews.

    They’re feeling the strain of being exposed.

    Like Vampires and cock roaches, they don’t like the light. Creeps like Joe Bernstein running his big mouth actually brighten the light.

    Indeed, they’re getting reckless.

  5. T W Huning June 2, 2019 @ 8:34 pm


    Unser Unglück (“Our Misfortune”) – Can they keep the lid on the pressure cooker of resentment forever?

  6. Caveman2012 June 3, 2019 @ 12:36 am

    Dear +BN,

    Meanwhile we are closer than ever to Huxley’s Brave New World.

    I am not as optimistic as you are, I see the devastation that has been caused by drugs, mass media, gender ideology and the climate hoax on young people’s minds.

    Anyway, we can all contribute to this war against Satan & Co. by not using their “free” software and apps. Here a couple of substitutes:

    1-Stop using their e-mail services (gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc). There are free services in Europe, operated by non-for-profit organizations that have to comply with stringent European data protection laws. One example in Switzerland is Protonmail:

    2-There are several search engines that do not record your IP and do not use your data (in fact, they do not have any data on record!). Examples are:

    -Startpage (based in the Netherlands):

    -MetaGer (Germany):

    They are as good as Google, but without the spying!

  7. Stephen Smith June 3, 2019 @ 12:44 am

    Wow! I have vastly underestimated the wisdom of the younger generation.

    Millennials to the rescue!

  8. Steve June 3, 2019 @ 4:02 am


    Remember that Marx/nihilist-based piece of propaganda?

    Like all evil winds they will ultimately rebrand themselves as something seemingly innocuous and good for a “diverse” society:

    “Intersectionality” along with “transgender”…gay marriage etc. will always leave in their wake dead bodies and ruined souls, while those of us with faith in the essential sanctity of ALL life linked to the laws of nature will ultimately prevail.

    All revolutions begin with an enlightened minority.


  9. ricck lineheart June 3, 2019 @ 6:48 am

    Brother Nathanael it’s true!

    I have had many conversations with Millennials and others in or below that age group and they could care less OR really sympathize with the cruel and inhumane treatment Israel dishes out to the Palestinians daily, but this is in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    I once attended a small Christian church that about 60% of attendees were elderly and held steadfast to love the Jew was a sure fire way to the front seat in Heaven.

    And now after some years have passed and the elderly have all passed on, lo and behold the words of Jesus and St. Paul are becoming a more regular Sunday School sermon with emphasis on the teachings of the lecherous and sinful Jew and it’s becoming commonplace now to hear open talk about the cruel Israelis in church circles.

    I pray and hope that I see the day when the lies of the circus act known as the Holocaust will be shut down and closed as the bridge to nowhere would be.

    God keep you, Bro. Nathanael!

  10. Oy Gevalt June 3, 2019 @ 8:38 am

    Oy vey!

    They figured out how to suppress the price of gold, silver, and eating utensils – who’s to say they are smart enough to figure out how to keep the pressure cooker under control?

    “Hey Benny – yes Henry? Turn down the heat or open up the valve some… You know, before it gets too messy.”

  11. Glory B. June 3, 2019 @ 9:07 am

    I have long been an admirer of Brother Nathanael’s web site, for he and I are both former Jews who abandoned the satanic Jewish belief system (Judaism is not a religion because the Jews worship Satan, not Jesus Christ) and turned our lives and our immortal souls over to Jesus, the perfect Man and divine Son of God.

    The Jews are all liars, and there is no truth in them. Think about this: the Jews scream that they are persecuted and that they are innocent victims, but it is the lying Jews that persecuted Jesus and crucified Him. Ever since they killed their own God, the Jews have been at war against His followers, the Christians, and they are eternally seeking our destruction.

    After the yids arrived in Palestine and set up their sewer state of Israhell, they persecuted the Muslims and stole their land.

    All of the land illegally occupied by the lying kikes was stolen from the Palestinians who lived there. Now the kikes persecute the Palestinians, by denying them the means to make a living, cramming them into horrible refugee camps, and using inhuman means like phosphorus bombs to burn and maim them.

    The Jews are behind all of the wars fought in the Middle East, such as the unjustified U.S. invasion of Iraq, the U.S. effort to overthrow Syria’s Assad, and now the Trump administration’s push to start a war with Iran.

    The kikes are masters at getting other people, especially Christians, to fight their wars for them. The Jews use wars as a way of thinning out the Christian population. This is part of their unholy program to conquer the world by weakening the White Christian humanity.

    That is, the fewer White Christians there are to oppose their evil, depraved belief system, the easier it will be for the spawn of Satan to rule the world from Jewrusalem under the Jewish anti-Christ.

    There is no evil act that the lying Jews will not do as long as they are protected by their satanic father. Even before they killed our Lord, the Jews have been shielded by Satan to torment and persecute the non-Jews. When their wickedness is uncovered, they turn the tables by whining that they are being persecuted.

    The Jewish control of the news media and the financial system means that the dirty, filthy, stinking, rotten hooknoses will always have the upper hand. Only when the Jewish power structure is broken up and its perpetrators sent to be with their satanic father will there be peace and harmony in the world.

    Using their control of the news media and the entertainment industry, the Jews continually push their lying holohoax propaganda down our throats. Time and again it has been proven that the holohoax is a fairy tale dreamed up by the Jews to make the gentiles feel guilty so that we’ll support the bandit state of Israhell, while the Jews go about their business of world conquest.

    Remember when a White Christian man entered a Jew den of corruption in Pittsburgh and killed about a dozen Jew devils? How many days were we Christians subjected to an unending stream of Jewish propaganda about the “poor persecuted Jews.” It went on and on, all designed to create sympathy for the kikes, most of whom were probably part of the Jewish conspiracy against White Christians.

    Now we have a similar incident in Virginia Beach, except this time it’s 12 White Christians who have been gunned down. Let’s see how long the Jewsmedia keeps their deaths on the front pages. The filthy Jews have no interest in keeping the memory of Christians alive. They want us all gone, and the sooner we die, the better it is for them.

    Still, as Brother Nathanael has noted, it seems like more and more Christians are becoming aware of Jewish lies and deceit, and are taking stronger measures against Jewish corruption. It’s probably too early for there to be a large-scale campaign against the Jews, but every little bit helps.

  12. Eileen Kuch June 3, 2019 @ 12:04 pm


    Is it coincidence, Br. Nate, that Mike S. King of wrote a similar story, but of Dr. Robert Rozell, director of the libraries at the Vad Yassem Holocaust Memorial finally pushing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos into no longer selling his (Mike’s) book on WWII – THE BAD WAR – forcing Mike to sell the book himself?

    That’s just what happened and that will hit him financially as what has happened with your videos.

    The usual suspects (Jews) are only cutting off their noses to spite their ugly faces in this type of behavior. Millennials and Generation Z people care less about the “Holohoax” and resent having it shoved in their faces.

    This is a good sign, folks. Not even their False Flags can change the younger generations’ opinions anymore.

    It looks like the tide is turning against Jewish domination, even though the process is still somewhat slow. However, this is still good news for us all.

    Thank you, Br. Nate and all, for posting this story and commenting on this subject. God bless all of you.


  13. KathJuliane June 3, 2019 @ 12:20 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    You aren’t the only one observing that the Gentile world is growing Jew-weary and fatigued by the day. Every Video and Article always finds me a little astonished that yet once again, Brother Nathanael has his finger on the pulse of the world.

    Here is an outstanding like-minded piece from Taxi, a long time Jew-wise American ex-pat now residing somewhere in “the southern Levant” with a clearer vision of Israhell, the Lebanon-Hezbollah Axis of Resistance, and America than we have ourselves, who’s been blogging on Plato’s Guns since 2015.


    Plato’s Guns-MidEast Geopolitics and Poetics:

    They Shoot Gentiles, Don’t They? – by Taxi

    We have ceased to be mesmerized by the hypnotic sorrows of the holocaust.

    We no longer care about how or how many Jews perished in World War Two.

    Ann Frank, that Jewish cultural vampire that’s been weaponized and directed at our Gentile youth’s jugular for seventy odd years has now been publicly exposed as a hoax; accused by some of being a pornographer; featured as an object of ridicule in the popular party game ‘Cards Against Humanity‘; and more recently: little Ann got herself a long-overdue roasting from Hitler himself on a Netflix comedy show.

    Anne Frank Diary Exposed:

    Ann Frank, that melancholic, melodramatic Jew with violin in one hand and a begging bowl in the other has lost her status as Grand Jew Icon and scared cow of the so-called holocaust.

    Seventy some years of her myth relentlessly forced upon the Gentile psyche through a Jew-manufactured cultural saturation has by now dulled our passions to the point of indifference.

    We don’t give a damn about Ann Frank anymore. Not when we know that approximately over a million Iraqi, Yemeni, Libyan, Syrian and Palestinian children have been the targets of ongoing multiple genocidal wars, all engineered by Tel Aviv in its attempt to realize its terroristic, kleptomaniac Yinon Plan.

    The Gentile masses are no longer interested in the deaths of Jewish children who lived in the last century – certainly not when on a daily basis, we read about Palestinian children being murdered and intentionally maimed by Jews: shot in the back or in the crotch for no good reason and with no remorse. (*Note the genocidal implication of shooting at the crotch).

    Simply, the Jews have created so very many wars in our present day that we no longer have the time or the emotional capacity to extend our ‘care’ to the alleged suffering of historic Jewish figures who lived in some faraway black and white calendar from the past.

    You could say: the iconography of Ann Frank has arrived at the overreach point and no one gives a hooting poppycock anymore.

    Ann Frank is now becoming irrelevant. Ann Frank is dying – which is just as well as we too were about to die from the utter boredom of her nauseating, pseudo-literary spin.

    There is no denying the palpable fact that Western Gentiles are currently experiencing a mounting Jew-fatigue.

    The public questioning and debasement of Ann Frank is a clear indicator of this. I am making mention of Ann Frank purely symbolically, so as to demonstrate to you that the harder that Jewish propaganda is pushed on Gentiles these days, the less ‘influence’ on Gentile minds they wield.

    And this fledgling mental resistance against the Jews is both cultural and political.

    Currently, the Jewish overreach is clawing towards its peak, especially with regards to their well-documented warmongering and kleptomania. And it’s this very blatant overreach of Jewish violence and looting that has actually woken people up.

    Yes, the Jews, through their own predictable excesses are again being “hoisted by their own petard”, as Shakespeare is wont to say.

    So very many Americans, hundreds of millions, even billions worldwide, are now fully aware of Israel’s intentions for America to start a war against Iran while Tel Aviv hides behind the Pentagon’s apron.

    The overwhelming majority of these citizens do not support this war of aggression against Iran.

    Old ‘rush to war’ gaslighting and false-flag ops are now falling flat on their faces in the first 24 hours, despite aggressive, warmongering media blitzes – (read the latest humiliating Ziocon failures in both Venezuela and the Persian Gulf this past month alone).

    Assessed soberly, Jewish warmongering is really classic anti-Gentilism.

    According to the Talmud, its intent is to divide then destroy Gentile society. Worldwide. Including the destruction of America. It’s therefore no exaggeration here to say that Jews hate America.

    Let me repeat this: Jews hate America. If your spouse was forever raiding your wallet and constantly starting armed bar fights and dragging you into them, endangering your life night after night after night, wouldn’t you at some point start thinking: ‘my partner doesn’t really love me – wants me bankrupt and worse: wants me dead’?

    Well heck, this is exactly what the Jewish lobbies have been doing to us Americans for literally the past one hundred years: fleecing us to bankruptcy and dragging us into war after war after war – wars that benefit only the Jew and never the Gentile.

    There is therefore no getting away from the conclusion that Jews hate America.

    And indulge me here if you please: at the risk of sounding like a wide-eyed alarmist, I must remind you here that the Israeli military is in possession of nuclear warheads sitting on top of ICBMs: long-range intercontinental missiles that can travel some 10.000 miles away from their launch points.

    Yes, America too is within reach of Israeli nukes – vulnerable to deadly weapons that our treasonous politicians gifted to Israel.

    When one is dealing with a back-stabbing, infiltrator-enemy, one has to rightly assume that their worst weapons are also aimed at one’s back. And… well… they shoot Gentiles, don’t they?

    Indeed they do. Every. Single. Day.

    Ponder now this question: how can the Jews realize their dark Talmudic fantasy of singlehandedly ruling the world, with a wealthy and mighty America still strutting around?

    No, America must be milked, milked some more till its teat-flesh between Jewish thumb and index finger becomes raw, pinkish pulp. Then, it must be destroyed. ‘Milk then destroy’.

    This is the Talmudic tactical policy that guides all Jewish lobbies in our Western societies, under instruction of that hideous, genocidal, grotesque, occult-loving necromancer known as the ‘Jewish World Congress‘.

    Think of it this way: Jewish lobbies are the anti-Gentile barracudas in our waters and the Jewish World Congress is the remorseless, insatiable shark: the ultimate mass-murdering, aquatic terrorist.

    The very evil creature that must be targeted by Gentile spears en mass. It’s all very well to smack away on the Jewish lobbies’ hind – this has now become the accepted norm among the chattering classes, despite the suffocating censorship – but it’s by far more imperative and intelligent to target the terroristic Jewish World Congress specifically for exposure and censure, and further: for complete banishment from civil society – targeted even for final destruction.

    The Jewish World Congress is no different in ideology to Alqaida and their human-heart eating Wahabi step-sisters.

    In fact, members of the Jewish World Congress are the very inseminators, the midwives, the nurturers and protectors of Wahabi terrorism.

    Yes, the Jewish World Congress has many an evil tentacle and tooth: all aimed at global Gentile society. They use Wahabism for military terrorism and they use zealot, self-hating Christian Zionists as home-made religio-political terrorists.

    They only love Gentiles who love the Talmudic ‘head-chopping’ punishment and accept the fallacy of Jews as the supra-divine supremicist of humanity.

    And of course, this Jewish “love” towards the cowardly, idiot, colluding Gentile is a misnomer in itself: because the very nature of this Jew love for Gentile is fake, temporary, and opportunistic – in fact, it’s the very opposite of the actual sentiment and act of love.

    For the Jews, America and Americans are not lovable – they are usable and disposable – every single one of them. Milk and destroy, milk and destroy. It’s all so very satanically simple.

    There is currently a status of growing awareness accompanied by a new collective mental resistance to the Jewish occupation of our society.

    Mild as this proactive mental resistance may presently be, yet it exists today when yesterday it didn’t – and it looks to have an appetite for mass growth – steadily but surely it grows: because where truth lays a root, there it grows abundant.

    And if we’re to go by the history of Jews, we observe that collective mental resistance to Jews soon turns into a physical one.

    Yesterday, Americans were only merely becoming ‘aware’ of bits and pieces of nefarious Jewish activity; and today, this awareness has become wider, solidified and collective – and it is this very ‘collective awareness’ that has birthed a proactive force of resistance.

    We now see how this collective awareness has evolved into an actual unified mental resistance that finds itself unabashedly amused at a satirical sketch of a Hitler roasting a hapless Ann Frank.

    This in itself is a milestone.

    The war of fake information and threats that Jewish media assaults us with on a daily basis is now being countered by actual mental rejection of Jewish propaganda and influence – even when this propaganda is opiated and aimed like arrows at our brains by immaculately turned Gentile agents from hairless Hollywood and hirsute DC.

    Jewish propaganda by now has become too obvious for even the mentally malleable citizen to buy into. Obvious to the point of casual dismissal.

    Even the American citizen that used to be peacefully neutral on the Jews is now shifting to take sides against the Jews. Say what?! Well what else did Rabbi Chosenstein expect?

    Haven’t the Jews learned by now that everyone hates a steel boot in their mouth? Literally, EVERYONE! That, forced censorship is a sure way to resentment and eventual violent, hateful rebellion against the censor?

    Throughout both Gentile and Jewish history, the bloodiest of revolutions have been fought over this precise issue of forced censorship.

    And let me make mention here that today’s growing mental resistance by Gentiles is not instigated or inspired by a Goebbelsian social-engineering program, but is in fact a natural and organic reaction to the misdeeds of the cruel and uncivilized censor: in this case, the Jew.

    Uncaring of the Palestinian issue, our average Gentile American citizen is mentally resisting the Jew for their own personal cause: this being the issue of harsh and unreasonable Jewish censorship that’s being increasingly imposed on them.

    America now has a fledgling cultural resistance against the Jews. It is slowly taking shape.

    I do not see it as using bullets against the Jews, as of yet – the resistance has not yet reached the Lebanese-Hezbollah level of organized resistance – maybe it never will or even needs to – but, it has indeed arrived.

    And its first aim is to crush and lay asunder the PC mouth-chains that political Jews and cultural Judaeo-centric groups have shackled us with.

    This is the resistance’s first order of business. And it will use subversive jeer and comedy in public, and it will increase negative chatter and discussion of Jewish foul-play at American dinner tables, and, of course, on social media – always finding clever ways to circumvent the Jewish censor’s gag-ball.

    The wheels of change initially turn slow and vigilance and perseverance is here needed for the weighty Gentile collective to gather momentum and speed. But at least, at this point in time, the ‘resistance wheel’ is being mentally welded in readiness for turning.

    The war of information is a war for seizing the minds of the masses. It is a dirty and unscrupulous war over the capture of human ‘awareness’.

    Gentile mass mind farming and culling is a highly sought-after labor and prize in the universe of every Jewish lobby. They actually exist purely for this reason.

    Gentile resistance to this maleficent Jewish project is no longer marginalized and underground. We are at the entry point of a war between Jewish power and Gentile citizenry – citizens who, in increasingly numbers, are bypassing the orders and instructions of their corrupt representatives and media.

    It is a war directly between citizen and lobby. It is a war fundamentally about personal freedom. One side wants to express it, and the other wants to criminalize and suppress it.

    Proactive collective awareness has now become a loaded weapon against continuing Jewish domination and swindles.

    ‘Awareness-sharing resistance’ as a transformative weapon against those who seek to enslave the Gentile mind.

    So next time the topic of AIPAC is raised in your social circle, don’t just slam on AIPAC, but do take this opportunity and push it a step further: share and specifically expose the diabolical Jewish World Congress.

    If Adelson and the Rothschilds are now household names, so must be the Jewish World Congress: the very center and source of evil in the midst of humanity.

    It’s high time that everything Jewish and hidden is shared out near and far. High time the whole big, whopping Jewish hatred of Gentiles be exposed and studied – dismantled and destroyed.

    It’s time our kids turned to Hemingway instead of Jewish literary impositions. ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ versus the ‘Diary of Ann Frank’. Athens versus Jerusalem.

    Now that’s a Gentile no-brainer.

    Let us therefore acknowledge and celebrate the stirrings of freedom. Freedom from the unnecessary hardships and agonies of bankruptcies and wars engineered by Talmudic Jews.

    It’s time Jews know that when we don’t give a damn about Ann Frank, we don’t give a damn about the Jews.

    And when we don’t give a damn about Jews and their narrative, Jews lose their power over our minds and therefore over our promising destiny.

  14. mrbuttermaker June 3, 2019 @ 1:17 pm

    -Yes. Brave is a great browser! A must on a dumb phone. Ive found EPIC to be even better than Brave on a PC.

    -Blows me away why anyone would use a Joogle product. And thank god “someone” pointed out to stop using the term “google it”. About time.

    -Caveman good call on Startpage and Proton. Lets just say some groups I know crave anonymity use it. Well leave it at that.

    -Mossad-owned Google. Since a very popular site, I say Mossad owns Ziohedge. Seemed Mr. Durdenstein had a little problem with me pointing out that all his sources are — ding ding ding — Jew owned media. Hes just an re-brander. Careful there. Who did the Bolsheviks go after first? See yesterday’s post on the Syria bombing.

    Who’s twitter post does Durdenstein post? The ITF. No its not Defense in my world.

    -Im thinking maybe +BN took a liking to Owen Benjamin after the Seinfeld masterpiece. Im just careful because his comments on Trump were way off. And he preaches there is no master plan? Owen bomb on. But just listening to his latest on “Bridge Burning” it’s clear he knows who +BN is, but I suspect he may not know at one time BN was a Jew. Maybe someone can help him with that.

    – Hope for Gen Z? I beg to differ. I live around many in a large Jew-run city. Sorry, I’m not seeing it. Most useless lobs of brain mass ever assembled.

    And it’s the Asian students that perplex me the most. I want to stop one some day and pose the question — “You mean you spent all this money to go to school here, so you walk around with your head buried in that thing all day? You could have stayed in Bejing and buried your head in toilet and saved hundreds of thousands!!”

    And we think they are smart.

  15. KathJuliane June 3, 2019 @ 4:27 pm

    RT: Mike Pompeo & Henry Kissinger attend mysterious Bilderberg 2019 (VIDEO)

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his predecessor, Henry Kissinger, have arrived in Switzerland for the 67th annual mysterious Bilderberg conference.

    The pair were captured arriving at and leaving the luxurious Fairmont le Montreux Palace hotel on Saturday, with Kissinger, 96, needing assistance to get into his vehicle. The were joined by the likes of French Minister Bruno Le Maire and the former chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt.

    About 130 world leaders from 23 countries, ranging from royalty to industry and everything in between, have been lined up to attend the four-day 2019 Bilderberg event. The group is expected to discuss topics including Russia, Brexit, and the future of AI.

    The notoriously secretive meeting was established in 1954 with the aim of improving US-European relations.

    However, attendees are forbidden from disclosing any information derived from discussions, resulting in various conspiracy theories speculating as to what might really be going on behind closed doors.

  16. Brother Nathanael June 3, 2019 @ 5:35 pm


    Ever since PayPiss banned Owen Benjamin and JEWtoob gave him a strike for CALLING OUT THE JEWS he’s been a total bore.

    If you don’t name the Jew you’ve got nothing much to say politically. He spends over an hour rambling about disconnected thoughts. I’ve got better things to do.

    This is why I didn’t mention him in my Article above because whenever he starts to criticize the Jews he immediately RUNS FOR COVER and starts touting the “good Jew” bullsh#t.” Like I said, I’ve got better things to do than to watch a man trying to be brave then instantly cowers.

    There is NO such thing as a “good Jew” along with bad Jews that Benjamin is now touting.

    He wants nothing to do with me as I’ve tried to connect with him many times and in different ways but he snubbed me. No loss, he’s in a different category than I.

    I say it straight while he beats around a bush a hundred times in circles. I have to fineesse what I say a bit because I have a monkey-jew censor hanging over my shoulders every time I film a Vid.

    Again: There is NO such thing as a “good Jew” along with bad Jews that Benjamin is now touting.

    Every “Jew” is afflicted with the Deicidal Curse and bears collective guilt for the murder of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Glory B and I understand what the “Jew” really is. +BN

    PS – His piece on the Jewish comedians was out of date. I did Vids and Articles on them years ago.

    The Vids on them got CENSORED because I NAILED the wicked Jew comedians.

    Did Benjamin’s piece get censored? No. Then it was NOT a “masterpiece.”

  17. Israhell June 3, 2019 @ 6:04 pm

    Chuck Baldwin Destroys Christian Zionism and Perpetual Wars

    Since World War II, virtually all of the military conflicts in which the U.S. has been involved in the Middle East have been at the behest of Israel. For all intents and purposes, foreign policy makers of America’s federal government—from both major parties—are little more than lap dogs for the Zionist State of Israel.

    Read full article.

  18. Brother Nathanael June 3, 2019 @ 6:49 pm

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  19. good, better, best June 3, 2019 @ 8:38 pm

    There is a “good Jew” +BN — ONE THAT DOESN’T EXIST!

    Oh, and Bobby Fischer – “Most of these Jews should be in jail; a lot of them should be hung.”

  20. PeterPiper June 3, 2019 @ 10:18 pm

    What really happened at Tiananmen Square.

    Wiki Leaks told us the truth, that is why Assange is being Chemically tortured for revealing truths.

    Indeed, as I have written elsewhere, there is rather strong circumstantial evidence that suggests that the CIA and US State Department played a key role in trying to goad on the student protestors at Tiananmen Square; much like the CIA did in Hungary in 1956, in order to provoke a government bloodbath of repression.

    Around the same time as Tiananmen protests in April-June 1989, the Chinese government banned a Chinese NGO of US operator George Soros, the Fund for the Reform and Opening of China, after interrogating its Chinese director in August 1989 and claiming that the Soros China fund had links to the CIA. The Soros Fund according to Chinese reports had been supported by ousted Communist Party chief Zhao Ziyang.




    Real atrocities are not reported..

  21. PeterPiper June 3, 2019 @ 10:46 pm

    Was Trump lying again?

    Russia denies withdrawing specialists from Venezuela, says cooperation is set to expand

    Reports of a mass exodus of Russian military and technical specialists from Venezuela are not true, Russian officials have said. Cooperation with Caracas is going on as usual and is set to expand, they said.

  22. Nyponsoppa June 4, 2019 @ 2:54 am

    Hoax to cover up the massmurder of Caucasians in Soviet. (Done by J)

  23. PeterPiper June 4, 2019 @ 3:33 am

    Tiananmen Square June 4, 1989: What really happened?

    Sensational eyewitness account

    WikiLeaks, the website that received hundreds of thousands of pages of intercepted diplomatic correspondence from the US State Department, has released a classified diplomatic cable from then-Beijing Ambassador James Lilley to Washington dated July 12, 1989 more than four weeks after the events. In his report, Lilley writes the following shocking version of events:






    Indeed, as I have written elsewhere, there is rather strong circumstantial evidence that suggests that the CIA and US State Department played a key role in trying to goad on the student protestors at Tiananmen Square; much like the CIA did in Hungary in 1956, in order to provoke a government bloodbath of repression.

    Around the same time as Tiananmen protests in April-June 1989, the Chinese government banned a Chinese NGO of US operator George Soros, the Fund for the Reform and Opening of China, after interrogating its Chinese director in August 1989 and claiming that the Soros China fund had links to the CIA. The Soros Fund according to Chinese reports had been supported by ousted Communist Party chief Zhao Ziyang.

    Significantly in addition to the Soros Fund, Gene Sharp of the Cambridge Massachusetts Albert Einstein Institution, whose handbooks on “non-violence as a method of warfare” have been the “how-to” textbook for every color revolution to date, was in Beijing days before the Tiananmen events. Then-US Ambassador Lilley himself was a career CIA officer who, like then-President George H.W. Bush, had been in the secretive Yale Skull & Bones society, and who was with Bush at the CIA.

  24. Halina June 4, 2019 @ 5:07 am

    What Jews are afraid of?

    Brooklyn Churches under pressure – cancel speeches by right wing Polish figures

  25. PeterPiper June 4, 2019 @ 8:53 am

    Eustace Mullins videos are fantastic , he is no longer with us, but was an outstanding Christian vilified throughout his adult life and his videos are still there.

    The banksters kept the USSR going 70 years without support form Americas Banksters it would have collapsed long before it did.

    About the Harriman family, I recommend you watch Eustace Mullins videos, real eye openers.

    According to Mullins, Avril Harriman went to Russia and ran Russia from 1942 to 1944 when Stalin had a nervous breakdown. Only 2 people from the West could fly and land unannounced in Moscow Avril Harriman and David Rockefeller. The only purpose of the Cold War was to arm Israel to fight the Arab nations.

    The Banksters business is WAR.

  26. PeterPiper June 4, 2019 @ 10:34 am

    Eustace Mullins explains the New World Order, what a Christian, he is no longer with us but his work is, thank God.

  27. The Elder of Zyklon-B June 4, 2019 @ 12:19 pm

    Glory B. three of the twelve victims were black. I don’t think there is any certainty that all were Christians, although they may have been.

    The Jewish media monopoly certainly has no interest in keeping the memory of Christians alive as you say, but the Jewsmedia is dropping this reported event because the suspected shooter is black.

    Violent and virulent black behavior is downplayed and scrubbed as quickly as Brother Nathaneal is censored. Hence, rampaging gangs of black youth are ALWAYS referred to as “teens” etc, etc.

  28. KathJuliane June 4, 2019 @ 12:28 pm

    Realist Report: Jewish News Outlet Exposes Jewish Role In LGBT “Civil Rights” Movement

    Is there any subversive cultural or social movement the Jews have not been behind?

    The people groups like the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center call “anti-Semites” are often accused of promoting “conspiracy theories”, “tropes”, and “stereotypes” about Jews and their dominate role in promoting and leading various subversive social and cultural movements, including the promotion and normalization of pornography, tattoos, transgenderism, homosexuality and sexual deviancy more generally, among other movements.

    In reality, “anti-Semites” are just pointing out easily observable and provable facts about Jews and their subversive, anti-Christian, anti-Western cultural inclinations.

    Indeed, radical Jewish activists, who are deeply influenced by their Jewish background and ethnicity as Dr. Kevin MacDonald so ably demonstrated in his masterpiece Culture of Critique, have been leading champions of all of the degenerate and entirely subversive movements and cultural norms mentioned above.

    Incredibly, Jewish news outlets and activist organizations often openly and proudly report on these facts, as The Times of Israel recently did in regard to the Jewish role in the so-called “civil rights” struggle for the LGBT community.

    Apparently, June is LGBT Pride Month:

    LGBT Pride Month

    The LGBT “civil rights” movement was not so much about ensuring the “rights” of LGBT individuals as it was about openly celebrating and elevating the degenerate LGBT lifestyle. Now, you’d be considered a “Neo-Nazi” if you criticize, even slightly, any aspect of the LGBT agenda.

    In an incredibly revealing article published by The Times of Israel, radical Jewish activists are proven to have played a central role in the overall movement, which is commonly accepted to have been majorly influenced by the Stonewall riots, a series of violent clashes between New York City police and LGBT activists in Greenwich Village in the heart of Manhattan.

    The riots began on June 28, 1969, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic clashes.

    Jews & LGBTQ movement

    Times of Israel: 50 years after Stonewall Inn, US Jewish institutions take pride in LGBTQ support

    “Marking confrontational pivot point in the gay rights movement which saw police violence, museums and nonprofits join consortium to commemorate the event through art and education

    “At first glance Ross Bleckner’s “Double Portrait (Gay Flag)” might be viewed simply as a pop-culture tribute to the rainbow flag symbolic of the gay rights movement.

    “But a closer inspection of the painting reveals a raised Star of David and it becomes clear — the nine-foot by three-foot canvas is really an exploration of the artist’s overlapping gay and Jewish identities.

    “For the past year, as part of the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, the Jewish Museum’s “Scenes from the Collection” has displayed works highlighting themes of gender and identity.

    “Through these canvases it hopes visitors will further explore the role Jewish people, institutions and art played in the LGBTQ civil rights movement

    “The museum is one of several Jewish institutions, including the Center for Jewish History, the American Jewish Historical Society and the Museum of Jewish Heritage, participating in the nonprofit Stonewall 50 Consortium.

    “The consortium provides the framework for commemorations and celebrations of the watershed event.

    “Jews have always been involved in social justice in US and gay Jews and allies have been key players in the movement,” said Eric Marcus, the consortium’s founder and chair.

    “Among those instrumental in supporting LGBTQ rights were people such as Pauline Phillips, who wrote the advice column Dear Abby, and famed writer Larry Kramer, who co-founded the nonprofits Gay Mens Health Crisis and Act Up.

    “There was also Jeanne Manford, who founded PFLAG, an organization for parents of homosexual children, and her son, Morty, who became an activist after he was brutally beaten in 1972. […]

    A prolific author as well as founder and host of the podcast Making Gay History, Marcus said many might not realize just how many Jewish people were involved in the early years of the movement. […]” [End quote]

    It goes without saying that individual Jews and Jewish organizations continue to play a leading role in the LGBT movement.

    Longtime American politician and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stated years ago that Jews “drove gay marriage changes” in the U.S., a fact Jewish news outlets like YNet News, an Israeli news source, reported on at the time.

    Biden was of course celebrating this fact, not condemning it or criticizing it as “anti-Semites” often do, as he and virtually all Democrats are fully supportive of the degenerate, anti-Christian, anti-family LGBT agenda.

    YNET: Biden: Jewish leaders drove gay marriage changes

    Speaking at Jewish American Heritage Month reception, US vice president says Jewish values are essential part of who Americans are

    Associated Press|Published: 05.23.13 , 07:29

    US Vice President Joe Biden is praising Jewish leaders for helping change American attitudes about gay marriage and other issues.,7340,L-4382986,00.html

    I highlight these facts not because I “hate” individuals identified with the LGBT movement. I judge people, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or anything else, based on their actions, work ethic, and disposition.

    I highlight these facts to demonstrate that the LGBT movement has largely been led by radical Jewish activists who are profoundly influenced by their Jewish identity and desire to fundamentally transform traditional Western societies. And Jews and Jewish news outlets openly admit and even boast about these facts.


    Breitbart: Trump Celebrates LGBT Pride Month, Urges World to Decriminalize Homosexuality

    President Donald Trump tweeted Friday in celebration of LGBT Pride Month, which begins in June, and repeated his administration’s call for the international community to decriminalize homosexuality in countries where it is illegal.
    Trump tweeted:

    Donald J. Trump

    As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people have made to our great Nation, let us also stand in solidarity with the many LGBT people who live in dozens of countries worldwide that punish, imprison, or even execute individuals….

    2:12 PM – May 31, 2019

    Donald J. Trump

    Replying to @realDonaldTrump
    ….on the basis of their sexual orientation. My Administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invite all nations to join us in this effort!

    2:12 PM – May 31, 2019

    Trump has frequently been attacked by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) activists on the left, particularly for his administration’s policies on transgenderism.

    Trump has barred transgender individuals from serving in the military, and reversed Barack Obama’s policies encouraging public schools to provide for transgender bathrooms. His administration also recently insisted on sticking to a definition of sexual discrimination that refers to biological sex.

    More broadly, however, President Trump has championed gay rights at home and abroad.

    On the campaign trail in 2016, he was proud of his support from the LGBT community, emerging onstage at a rally in Colorado bearing a Pride flag with the words, “LGBTs for Trump.”

    Continued: []

  29. Brother Nathanael June 4, 2019 @ 3:32 pm

    +BN on Rense Radio Tonite!

    Listen Live 8 pm Pacific time @

  30. Jeff R said June 5, 2019 @ 7:48 am

    Gen Z – who may come up immune to, or certainly ignorant of the traditional tools of social subjugation that have been used on our generation so effectively for so long…

  31. sandor June 5, 2019 @ 10:58 am

    If Zionism is at or near its high-water mark of influence, then the US must be heaved into WW3 sooner rather than later.

    Pax Judaica depends upon a drastically reduced global population which can only come about with massive & mutual nuclear annihilation.

    There will be no better time than now.

  32. Nicholas Landholdt June 13, 2019 @ 9:35 am

    Now is the time to market the message to youth that, due to what Judaics in the Syn of Satan have done in the world over the last 100 years, they have no future unless they get involved and mobilize to end the antichrists rule in America.

    The Christian Militia is working on that in Texas.

    Email nlandholt [at] for details

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