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Elliot Abrams Leads Regime Change In Venezuela

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Elliot Abrams Leads
Regime Change In Venezuela

By Brother Nathanael Kapner January 25 2019 ©

ONCE A NEVER TRUMPER, Elliot Abrams is back, this time doing regime change in Venezuela, ‘Jewish-style.’

He’s come out of the shadows, officially doing what he’s already been doing under cover with Pompeo at State, that is, fast-forwarding in 2019 his former scheming of the failed, attempted Venezuelan coup in 2002 under Bush in the hopes of toppling Hugo Chavez.

Now he’s lending his sullied hands to yet another ‘Dirty War’ in Latin America. He’s experienced!

Trump snubbed him when making up his cabinet due to Abrams’ OpEd in May 2016 titled When You Can’t Stand Your Candidate after Trump clinched the GOP’s nomination.

How is it that Abrams wormed his way into the Trump camp? Like all Jews who wait in the back alleys of the Beltway they slither their way out of their holes and worm their way up to the top of the ant hill.

Pompeo announced on Friday that Abrams, neocon Jewish warmonger, has joined the State Department team to “restore democracy” in Venezuela and “assist the people” in achieving the outcome that “America wants them to achieve.”

It’s one thing to restore democracy and quite another to assist people who already have it.

And it’s a treacherous thing to shove down the Venezuelan people’s throats something they don’t want.

THE MAJORITY of Venezuelans including the military and police are fully behind their current and legitimate president, Nicolas Maduro.

And with Venezuela’s Minister of Defense denouncing the self-proclaimed ‘president’ Juan Guaido as a “US puppet who wants to rule Venezuela from Washington,” the dirty hands of Abrams have a glorious neocon-Jew opportunity to use the puppet to sow chaos, bloodshed, and misery once more.

Abrams is good at that. His role in the ‘dirty wars’ of Latin America in the eighties as Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights when he whitewashed a massacre of a thousand men, women and children by US-funded death squads in El Salvador, appears to have whetted his appetite for even further nastiness.

You don’t ever want a Jew sticking his nose into ‘human rights.’ All you’ll get is ‘human suffering’ instead.

AMERICA’S NEW BOOGEYMAN of the neocon Jew agenda, Nicolas Maduro, was democratically elected as President of Venezuela in 2013 and 2018.

But oil speaks volumes when bringing democracy beyond America’s borders by a Washington engineered coup and by funding malcontents willing to make a dirty buck and keep America at the top by crushing any competition.

It’s not about Maduro, it’s about seizing Venezuela’s oil assets because Abrams was part of a plot to overthrow his predecessor Hugo Chavez back in 2002 for that very same reason.

As of early 2019, 500,000 barrels per day of Venezuelan crude—essential to American diesel production—were being imported to the United States.

Added to the inter-connected malaise is that Citgo, a refiner based in Texas, is owned by Venezuela’s national oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela.

Now looking to fall into Abram’s hands, Maduro vows to defend the company from a Washington-engineered takeover.

THUS WHEN POMPEO was asked about the Maduro administration’s overseas assets, he said, “We will announce how Juan Guaido (self-proclaimed president of Venezuela) will have the resources he needs to lead the Government of Venezuela forward.” (Ugh.)

Pompeos’ partner in regime change, Botch-It-Up Bolton, told reporters Thursday that he was working on funneling Venezuela’s oil revenue payments to a Guaido-led government.

At present, the Jewish-owned Bank of England refuses to release the $1.5 billion gold bullion they are holding belonging to the government of Venezuela, so the Brits who once ruled the seas are now plunged under the cesspool of the global Jewish thumb.

Abrams, pushy Jew that he is, will ratchet up pressure on the Maduro government, (the Jew-owned media now calls it “regime”), including imposing heavy sanctions on its oil sector that will worsen the crisis and increase the suffering of the Venezuelan people.

Perhaps Trump hasn’t full control of his administration when you see how this Jew Abrams who trashed Trump during his campaign finagled his way into the State Department to hold the reins of regime change in Venezuela.

Yet it’s clear as day that Pompeo, Bolton, Pense, Mnuchin—with Trump’s approval—have been working on Venezuela regime change for 8 months ever since Maduro was re-elected.

Do we really want to get bogged down in another military quagmire abroad leading to civil war, civilian deaths, and the demolition of yet another country’s infrastructure all in the name of “restoring democracy,” Jewish style?

Ask Abrams who has a talent for sending goys to die in wars for the Jews.



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Brother Nathanael @ January 26, 2019


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  5. Eileen Kuch January 26, 2019 @ 2:40 pm

    @ +BN

    Elliot Abrams should’ve been left in the shadows, Br. Nat, he’s among the worst of the worst.

    He’s a traitor that should’ve been arrested, charged, and prosecuted for High Treason back in 2002. However, the Cheney-Bush regime put him in charge of the coup attempt against the late President Hugo Chavez.

    Now, traitor Pompass Pompeo illegally brought this snake out of its lair to attempt to do the same to Chavez’s successor, Nicolas Maduro – who, btw, as you stated – was democratically elected twice.

    Again, he betrayed his boss, POTUS Donald Trump.

    Trump should’ve fired both Pompous Pompeo and Bonkers Bolton a month ago, but he didn’t, and now, he has to deal with the demonic traitor, Abrams.

    JFK would’ve had this trio of traitors in solitary confinement at Leavenworth, if not executed, but Trump’s too weak to do that.

    These traitors have made him into a figurehead, causing his base to abandon him. If he really wants to win re-election next year, he’s going to have to grow a pair and stand up to filth such as Abrams, Pompeo, and B Bolton.

    We certainly don’t want a Democrat in the White House – especially, one as nasty as Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren.

    I’m very glad you posted this Article, and previous Video for readers and viewers to read and watch. God bless you always.


  6. jim January 26, 2019 @ 4:07 pm

    The Russians right now are protecting Madura.

    They already warned the US to stay out of the country — Russia and China did. So that means we won’t do anything.

    If there is a large scale war, most Jews don’t go to the battlefield.

    What I don’t understand is why are we as Christians on the same side as the Jews (against Hitler WW2), now against Madura in Venezuela?

    Look how the Jews treat us in the US: Gay marriage, Abortion, Conservative censorship, sanctuary cities, big deficits, left wing Media, Hollywood, Wall Street, insider trading…

    They control everything.

  7. Sababu A. Sanyika January 26, 2019 @ 4:45 pm


    I really think Yukon Jack has it right about what it takes to defeat and eliminate the devil community because Satan’s devils can not be negotiated with – PERIOD.

    Great Men Needed to Save America – Veterans Today…/23/great-men-needed-to-save-america

    We need to revolt and take back the country. What is needed at this point are great men to organize the masses and route the snakes and return America to sanity.

    What is needed are authentic Americans who will return America to production and thrift. No more free lunch. No more budget deficits or debt.

    You be the decider.


  8. Arthur January 26, 2019 @ 5:18 pm

    Just one more U.S. backed coup to rape a country of its resources under the guise of bring democracy to the people, which is why we are still in Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan is about poppies and rare earth metals and nothing more.

    Venezuela is about oil and other natural resources like gold which Madura recently entered into an agreement with the Russians to mine, something the U.S. most certainly cannot allow.

    Once again, it’s all about the “love of money” for Satan’s Zionist children.

  9. Kalin January 26, 2019 @ 5:33 pm

    Jewmerica keeps digging a deeper hole for itself.

    The most pompous nations on the planet have the most dismal future – Israhell and it’s whores.

  10. The Englishman January 26, 2019 @ 5:38 pm

    Joke of the day:- Amerika’s imposing democracies, who is bringing democracy to Amerika? (RT)

    With all that is & isn’t going on it would seem POTUS Trump is digging a hole he himself will not get out of by 2020.

    With stooges of the likes of Bozo Bolton & Anathema Abrams plus a few more appointments of these type crazies Mr. President, you stand to lose the core support that got you in the W H.

  11. Carlos Edwin January 26, 2019 @ 5:45 pm


    How pathetic that the (((government))) can throw out regimes but not build a wall.

  12. Kalin January 26, 2019 @ 5:51 pm

    Amen on your Ben Shapiro being a “prop”, Brother Nate.

    I figured that from the gitgo like others that come out of no where, yet are given hours of free press to enlighten the Jew’s subjects – Noam Chomski, Gore Vidal, Alex Jones to name a few.

    Now I see a new one advertising on JewTube videos trying to swoon the simple, neo-con mind called “PragerU”.

    A total Jew front tickling the ears of the Fox Jews style right-wing folk.

  13. Brother Nathanael January 26, 2019 @ 5:55 pm

    Telesur Facebook Video: Right Wing Coup Attempt In Venezuela

    The people are defying a coup attempt instigated by the United States
    As with Syria and Iran, even people not in favor of Maduro or the Chavistas or the ‘opposition’ will patriotically tighten up in face of this intervention and interference by the US.

    The Latin Americans all have very bitter memories of the Yanquis and the Dirty Wars.

    The Venezuelan protests originating in the impoverished working class barrios have been economic protests, not political protests, which are invariably hijacked by the political, and often violent, opposition, in this case, Guaido’s right wing partisans. +bn

  14. Rachel Brooks January 26, 2019 @ 6:18 pm

    Outstanding Article, Brother Nathanael.

    It’s chock full of no-holds-barred information that we need to know to understand the Venezuela situation.

    Sad to see the downfall of this once great nation, the most prosperous in Latin American.

    For those who want to know more about third world countries and America’s role in their impoverishment and downfall, read New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.

  15. Brother Nathanael January 26, 2019 @ 8:24 pm

    ‘Democracy’ In Action In Caracas (Vid)

  16. Brother Nathanael January 26, 2019 @ 8:35 pm

    Venezuela’s US-Backed Coup Leader Requests IMF Money

  17. Israhell January 26, 2019 @ 8:44 pm

    Christian Zionism: The Tragedy and The Turning, Part I (Full Documentary)

    Christian Zionism has led millions of so-called Christians to support war, rather than peace, and the merciless killings of millions of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine.

    What a horrendous perversion of the Gospel of Love! How can people who claim to follow Christ be so misled?! Because they have been fooled into believing the Bible teaches something it does not teach: Christian support of Israel. Israel is, in fact, antichrist, because Israel denies both the Father and the Son: “Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist – he denies the Father and the Son.” (1 John 2:22)

    by A.J. Macdonald, Jr.

  18. Israhell January 26, 2019 @ 8:45 pm

    In pre-revolutionary Russia, Jews followed the Talmudic prescription that Gentile property is a “free-for-all” for Jews who, for a fee, are pre-authorized by the town council (”The Kahal”) to finagle it.

    This is the beating heart of Talmudic Judaism and the inspiration behind the New World Order.

    Most Jews are unaware of this and would deny it, just as most goyim would deny that their so-called leaders have joined in this satanic plot to rob humanity of its birthright.

    Source: (


  19. benzion kook January 26, 2019 @ 8:46 pm

    What the hell is this?

    Was there a coup d’etat in America I missed?

    Dictator Pelosi controls whether elected President Trump delivers his State of the Union speech?

    This is how the Jew Reds took over Russia.

  20. Joel Paul January 27, 2019 @ 5:45 am


    Gotta expose more widely the Israel/neocon role in 9/11.

  21. The Elder of Zyklon-B January 27, 2019 @ 6:48 am

    Jim you say you don’t understand why are we as Christians, on the same side as the Jews (against Hitler WW2), are now against Maduro in Venezuela.

    Now we are inundated with degeneracy, rampant homosexuality, perversion, DEBT SLAVERY, and a Jewish owned media/entertainment complex which promotes it all.

    You are right, “They control everything.”

    What the hell did you think was going to happen when we turned this land over to Christ-hating Jews via the Federal Reserve and two global fratricidal wars?

  22. Fakeahontas January 27, 2019 @ 1:04 pm

    What? Kamala Harris is black? Who knew?

    Is Kamala another “Pocahontas,” another Rachel Dolezal, another woman playing the race fraud card?

    Mass media outlets are singing the praises of Kamala. It looks like a done deal that Kamala will be the Demonrat nominee for prez.

    Don’t be white if you run for prez as a Demonrat!

    What nickname will Trump come up with for Kamala? Kamala Dolezal? Fakeahontas?

  23. Zionien January 27, 2019 @ 2:52 pm

    Pisrael “recognizes” Guaido as Prez.

    Haaaa – go figure. No Worm left behind – force (SHOVE) it through!

    My guess is, it wont work out the way the evil Jews like Abrams wants!

    It’s too obvious & blatantly WRONG to push this coup.

    They need to dirty up Maduro – false flag, smear him to gain public support.

    Damn the evil Bank of London wormy Jews who will use the false flag as some sort of re-payment fund (”shame” payment like Germany has been forced to do) to Jews/holohoax claiming Venezuela allowed many “Nazi’s” to enter/live in their country – or some B.S. along that line.

  24. Rachel Pienkowski January 27, 2019 @ 7:25 pm

    Mantra, “Dumbing down of America,” another farce, as if it’s intellect.

    It is spiritual.

  25. Thomas January 27, 2019 @ 7:36 pm


    Is this all really true?

  26. Israhell January 27, 2019 @ 9:20 pm

    A senior Iranian lawmaker has strongly criticized Russia for deactivating its S-300 missile defence system deployed in Syria during the recent Israeli airstrikes on what Tel Aviv claims were Iranian positions in the Arab country.

    Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Heshmatollah Falahatpishe says that had the systems operated properly, Israel could not easily carry out its airstrikes on Syria.

  27. Arthur January 28, 2019 @ 12:16 am

    I see Howard Schultz is serious about running for President.

    If he wins that should make for an easy transition as it will make one more Zionist in the White House.

    Benji will then have his boy at the top and the Zionist takeover of the U.S. will be complete.

  28. KathJuliane January 28, 2019 @ 12:20 am

    Mint Press News: Washington Follows Ukraine, Syria Roadmap in Push for Venezuela Regime Change

    What happens in Venezuela going forward will have major consequences for the entire region and the world; and, with the U.S. already pushing countries to pick sides, the world may soon become as divided as it was immediately preceding WW II.

    by Whitney Webb

    anuary 26th, 2019

    CARACAS, VENEZUELA — Since the decision of the Trump administration on Wednesday to recognize a member of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaidó, as an unelected “interim president,” the situation in the South American country has become increasingly tense, with efforts to force the current government of Venezuela — led by Nicolás Maduro — out of power having grown in intensity over the past few days.

    Despite the enormous pressure his government faces from both local and international sources, Maduro has managed to maintain his position thanks to a combination of factors.

    These include the loyalty of the country’s well-armed military, in addition to popular support from Venezuelans who recently voted for Maduro, as well as Venezuelans who may not like Maduro but prefer him to a politician hand-picked and foisted upon them by the United States.

    Yet, the long-standing campaign of the United States to effect regime change in Venezuela — a campaign that has been ongoing ever since Hugo Chávez, Maduro’s predecessor and mentor, was elected in 1998 — has shown time and again that the U.S. is unwilling to let go of its dream of installing a “friendly” government in the world’s most oil-rich country.

    For that reason, if the Trump administration’s attempt to simply install a Venezuelan president fails to produce the intended result (regime change), there is substantial concern that the U.S. will turn to other means to bring about a change in government, including the instigation of a new proxy war.

    While direct military intervention by the U.S. has not been ruled out, it has long been seen as more probable — based on the U.S.’ troubling history of ousting leftist Latin American governments through right-wing coups — that the U.S. would follow the roadmaps it used to push for regime change in both Syria and Ukraine.

    In other words, the danger of another major proxy war — this time in Latin America — looms large and, much like what has transpired in Syria and Ukraine, the manufacture of such a conflict would again pit the U.S. against both Russia and China, both of which have invested heavily in Venezuela, and by extension in the current government, for nearly two decades.

    Also troubling is the fact that the U.S. has already laid much of the groundwork for such a proxy war and the chaotic situation on the Venezuelan-Colombian border offers U.S. intelligence enough cover to funnel arms, money and personnel into Venezuela to further destabilize the country. If Maduro is to be believed, the U.S. has already been doing this for much of the past year.

    Raising the temperature and the stakes

    Juan Guaidó, a relative newcomer to Venezuelan politics and a founding member of the Popular Will political party, declared himself to be the new president of Venezuela on Wednesday, a move that was quickly backed by the U.S. with the support of all countries closely allied with the U.S. throughout the Americas, North and South.

    The U.S. decision to back Guaidó, as has been pointed out by many analysts in recent days, was significant as it shows a clear effort by the U.S. to push the already tenuous situation in the country to its boiling point.

    Indeed, by effectively creating two governments within Venezuela, the clearest consequence is to deepen the rift in Venezuelan society by forcing the country’s citizens to choose sides.

    Though Guaidó’s relatively short time in Venezuelan national politics gives him the benefit of having relatively little political baggage, his association with the Popular Will Party, known as Voluntad Popular in Spanish, makes it clear why he so quickly won the U.S.’ support.

    Popular Will was founded by Venezuelan opposition firebrand Leopoldo López. Lopez is a member of the upper echelons of Venezuela’s political aristocracy, educated in elite institutions like the Hun School of Princeton, a private boarding school whose alumni include Saudi princes as well as the children of U.S. presidents and Fortune 500 CEOs.

    He attended Kenyon College in Ohio and then Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Some journalists have asserted that López began a relationship with the CIA while at Kenyon.

    A few years after beginning his political career, López — immediately prior to the U.S.-backed failed coup of 2002, in which he enthusiastically participated — began heading to Washington rather frequently “to visit the IRI (International Republican Institute) headquarters and meet with officials from the George W. Bush administration,” according to journalist Eva Golinger.

    The IRI is one of three foundations that comprise the National Endowment for Democracy, a U.S. government-funded NGO linked to numerous regime-change efforts abroad, including Egypt (2013) and Ukraine (2014).

    Notably, the IRI, along with the National Democratic Institute (NDI), both have funded Popular Will since its founding in 2010. López is currently the party’s national coordinator.

    While the U.S.’ decision to back Guaidó was undeniably an effort to escalate the situation in Venezuela, the U.S. has also made it clear that it plans to continue pushing for escalation.

    Indeed, the U.S. has officially requested a UN Security Council meeting on Saturday “to discuss the ongoing crisis in Venezuela.” South Africa’s U.N. Ambassador Jerry Matjila stated that the “consultations” between the Security Council and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would be closed, though subsequent reports have claimed that the meeting would be open.

    The meeting, if it is approved by 9 out of 15 member states, will likely push for countries to choose between Guaidó and Maduro.

    Given that the U.K., Spain and Germany have already backed Guaidó at the U.S.’ behest, more European nations are likely to follow, meaning that the international pressure facing the Maduro-led government will continue to grow following Saturday’s events.

    Thus, in addition to forcing the Venezuelan people to choose sides, the U.S. will likely be — over the weekend — forcing the international community to choose sides as well.

    Notably, key countries — including Turkey, Russia, China as well as Maduro’s regional allies such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Cuba — have backed Maduro.

    Given the presence of both Russia and China, who hold veto power on the UN Security Council, any resolution by that body that would support Guaidó will be dead on arrival.

    Yet, if the U.S. is able to win the support of a significant number of countries in its bid to withdraw Maduro’s “legitimacy” — whether by diplomatic or more forceful means — the Trump administration may feel confident enough to take matters into its own hands.

    This makes the recent comments of a top Trump official stating that “all options are on the table” in regards to Venezuela equal parts significant and chilling.

    Groundwork for Syria/Ukraine-style regime-change op already laid in Venezuela

    In pursuit of regime-change agendas abroad and as part of a larger strategy of containment aimed at Russia and China, the U.S. has followed a roadmap in recent cases that includes some or all of the following elements: the manufacture of a “humanitarian” justification for regime change; funneling of arms and weapons into the country via its foreign borders; mass funding of the political opposition; and covert involvement of U.S. government agencies, particularly the CIA.

    In the case of Syria, a CIA-backed revolt, along with a compliant international media and complex network of pro-regime-change “humanitarian” organizations, were critical in creating the current situation, which was further exacerbated by the influx of weapons and funds to “moderate rebels” via the CIA and later U.S. allies.

    A few years later, Ukraine followed a distinct but similar roadmap. As was noted last year by South Front, the U.S.-backed regime-change operation in Ukraine in 2014 involved an outsized role from the U.S. State Department, billions of dollars in U.S. funding of the political opposition, and the early involvement of the CIA.

    Unsurprisingly, many of these elements are currently at play in Venezuela. Since the late Hugo Chávez came to power in the 1998 election, the U.S. has funded the Venezuelan opposition to the tune of over $100 million.

    The humanitarian justification has long been played up by the international media, which has placed sole responsibility for Venezuela’s economic and political crisis on the Maduro-led government, despite the role of U.S. sanctions and economic warfare, as well as the U.S. government and the Venezuelan opposition groups it funds colluding to create the conditions for the current political crisis in order to facilitate their regime-change plan.

    Though this last point is less known, it was confirmed following a leaked 2013 phone conversation of Maria Corina Machado, another key figure in the U.S.-funded Venezuelan opposition and another top political ally of Guaidó and his associate Leopoldo López.

    In the leaked conversation, Corina Machado describes what Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, the chairman of the opposition umbrella group Mesa de la Unidad Democrática, told Undersecretary for Latin American Affairs Roberta Jacobsen, whom he had recently met in Washington.

    During the call, Corina Machado stated:

    “I found out that Ramon Guillermo Aveledo told the State Department that the only way to resolve this is by provoking and accentuating a crisis, a coup or a self-coup. Or a process of tightening the screws and domesticating to generate a system of total social control.”

    In addition, there is substantial evidence that the still chaotic situation on the Venezuelan-Colombian border offers plenty of opportunity for U.S. intelligence agencies to funnel arms, insurgents and other agents of destabilization into Venezuela.

    Furthermore, the conflict there could potentially be used as the pretext for a direct role for the U.S. military in escalating the situation in Venezuela.

    For decades, the Venezuelan-Colombian border has been the sight of considerable violence, much of it the result of in-fighting among leftist and right-wing paramilitary groups vying for control of the regional drug trade.

    It is increasingly porous, allowing the flow of paramilitary fighters, migrants, smugglers and others between the two nations, resulting in various controversies that have seen Maduro close the border from August 2015 to July 2016 following an attack by a Colombian group on the Venezuelan military.

    Since then, drug-fueled violence and Colombian concerns over the exodus of Venezuelan migrants have led Colombia to increasingly militarize its side of the border, though some analysts have claimed recent violence from the National Liberation Army (ELN) leftist paramilitary group has led the Colombian and Venezuelan authorities to leave major expanses of the border “to its fate.”

    Given the precarious situation on the Venezuela-Colombia border, it is a weak point through which state actors wishing to destabilize Venezuela could easily act.

    Some evidence, including the aforementioned incident in August 2015, suggests that such action has already taken place.

    For instance, in March 2017, the Venezuelan military dismantled a right-wing paramilitary camp near the Colombian border, which was stocked with numerous supplies including stolen Venezuelan military uniforms, Colombian military uniforms and — most notable of all — U.S. army uniforms.

    At the time, teleSUR asserted that the discovery “substantiates claims that the U.S. Army is training right-wing paramilitaries to spread terror in the region.”

    More recently, last year, Maduro asserted that Colombian paramilitary groups were “seeping through” the Venezuelan-Colombian border and had been planning to “carry out a series of provocations” before being intercepted by Venezuelan authorities.

    At the time, he had blamed Colombian oligarchs and the U.S. government for orchestrating the “infiltration.”

    Though some may choose to discount Maduro’s claims, the CIA essentially admitted in 2017 that it was actively attempting to foment regime change in Venezuela.

    In July of that year, Mike Pompeo — then CIA director — stated:

    “We are very hopeful that there can be a transition in Venezuela and we the CIA is doing its best to understand the dynamic there, so that we can communicate to our State Department and to others.”

    He then added:

    “I was just down in Mexico City and in Bogota a week before last talking about this very issue, trying to help them understand the things they might do so that they can get a better outcome for their part of the world and our part of the world.”

    In addition, while the Venezuelan-Colombian border may be used to destabilize the situation by more covert means, the current situation along the border may also provide the U.S. a justification to intervene militarily.

    Indeed, the presence of the ELN group in both Venezuela and Colombia has led notable U.S. figures — such as the architect of the current coup, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) — to offer them up as reasons to list Venezuela as a “state sponsor” of terror.

    Rubio has been pushing for Venezuela to be added the U.S.’ State Sponsors of Terrorism list for months.

    Last Saturday, however, Rubio claimed in a tweet that ELN “operates from Venezuela where Maduro has given them safe harbor,” though the group is equally active in both Colombia and Venezuela, Venezuelan soldiers are frequent targets of ELN attacks, and pro-Maduro Venezuela outlets often characterize ELN as an “illegal group”.

    Though Rubio provided no evidence to support the claim that Maduro has given ELN members “safe harbor,” the growing strength of the group and its violent tactics could be just the pretext the U.S. or its regional allies would need to intervene more directly in Venezuela, especially considering that U.S.-linked think tanks have claimed that the ELN is now present in half of Venezuela.

    Indeed, making Venezuela an official “state sponsor of terrorism” would allow the U.S. to greatly increase its pressure on the country, both economically and diplomatically.

    Marco Rubio

    Left-wing terror group carried out the bombing that killed 21 people in #Colombia.

    The groups leaders live in #Cuba under the protection of regime.

    And the group operates from #Venezuela where Maduro has given them safe harbor. #StateSponsorsOfTerror

    7:42 AM – Jan 19, 2019

    Left-wing rebel group blamed for car bomb that killed 21 in Bogota
    The attack may doom already stalled peace talks between the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army.

    Other events that have occurred in the past few years have suggested that a role for the U.S. military is in the cards as well — a possibility only strengthened by the emerging “state sponsor” narrative already being fielded by Sen. Rubio.

    For instance, in 2017, the U.S. military held a major military drill and established a “temporary” military base in close proximity to Venezuela with the governments of Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

    Since then, following the recent election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, a Colombian official stated, “If Bolsonaro helps topple Maduro with military intervention, he will have Colombia’s support.”

    Though Bolsonaro later claimed that he has “no interest” in a military intervention in Venezuela, several of the top officials in his government — including his Vice President, Hamilton Mourao — have repeatedly called for a “humanitarian intervention” in Venezuela.

    The size and scope of such an intervention, however, has yet to be determined.

    These complex situations along its border, the confirmed role of the U.S. in bringing about the country’s political crisis, and the looming possibility of military intervention — by either the U.S. or its regional allies — show that Venezuela currently has many of the same elements that were present in Ukraine in 2014 and Syria in 2011.

    The U.S. seems intent on bringing about regime change in Caracas by any means necessary, but Washington’s success will largely depend on the actions of Venezuela’s most powerful foreign allies, who incidentally are both Washington’s chief rivals — Russia and China.

    Russia and China’s skin in the game

    In the event that the internal situation in Venezuela — thanks largely to external pressure — devolves into a major conflict between Guaidó-supporting and Maduro-supporting sides, it will only be a matter of time before both Russia and China join the fray — either directly or indirectly — to prevent a U.S.-backed regime-change effort from succeeding.

    A major reason the involvement of Russia and China is a given is that both have invested a tremendous amount of money in the country, particularly after Venezuela’s relationship with the U.S. greatly decayed during the early years of Chavista rule.

    By a large margin, the largest foreign sponsors of Venezuela following the rise of the Chavista movement have been Russia and China.

    Though no exact measures of their investments in the South American nation are available, China is believed to have invested around $70 billion, in the form of loans as well as social projects and maintenance of the country’s oil production infrastructure.

    Most of those loans are set to be paid back to China in the form of Venezuelan crude.

    In addition, China and Venezuela have formed several joint ventures involving the production of automobiles, mobile phones and computers, among other goods. These investments and connections make China by far Maduro’s largest and most influential foreign sponsor and creditor.

    However, as Foreign Policy wrote in 2017:

    “If Venezuela collapses …, China faces a large risk of diplomatic and financial blowback. Opposition politicians are well aware that China propped up … Maduro rule.

    “A new Venezuelan government could well refuse to honor the Maduro-era obligations entirely and look to Washington for support instead.”

    Russia is believed to have lent and invested around $17 billion in Venezuela over the past 20 years, significantly less than China.

    However, Russia — through state-run companies such as Rosneft — has gained significant ownership stakes in at least five major Venezuelan oil fields along with several decades worth of the future outputs of Venezuelan-held natural gas fields in the Caribbean.

    In addition, and most significantly from the U.S. perspective, in 2017 Venezuela offered 49.9 percent of Citgo — its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary — along with three Gulf Coast refineries and its pipeline network as collateral to Rosneft for $1.5 billion.

    Rosneft’s interests in Venezuela are so great that its executive chairman, Igor Sechin, stated in 2017 that “we will never leave and no one will be able to kick us out of there.”

    Yet, as Leonid Bershidsky recently wrote in Bloomberg, “If Maduro falls and a U.S.-backed government takes his place, it’s highly likely that the Russian projects will be suspended and Venezuela’s debts won’t be repaid.”

    In addition to the tremendous amount of money on the line for both nations, neither Russia nor China is willing to let the world’s most oil-rich country — with more proven crude oil reserves than Saudi Arabia — see its current government, which is friendly to their interests but hostile to those of the U.S., be toppled and replaced with its polar opposite.

    Not only would a new U.S.-backed government in Venezuela endanger the billions of dollars in loans that Maduro’s government owes to both countries, it would also endanger the independence of all of Latin America.

    Indeed, many Latin American governments in recent years have been targeted by the U.S. for regime change, and most of these attempts were successful, including those in Honduras (2009), Brazil (2016) and Paraguay (2012).

    Venezuela, with its significant oil and gold reserves, is the obvious prize in the region but also arguably the strongest country opposed to U.S. dominance of the region.

    Were Venezuela to fall, it would greatly weaken the governments of Maduro’s regional allies, particularly Nicaragua and Cuba.

    This is underlined by National Security Adviser John Bolton’s recent creation of a new Latin American “Axis of Evil” that he terms the “Troika of Tyranny,” encompassing Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

    If Venezuela’s government is toppled, Bolton has already given the signal as to which nations will be the subsequent targets of regime-change efforts elsewhere in Latin America. Thus, Russia and China — lest they wish to see a domino effect of the toppling of most of the remaining Latin American countries not dominated by the U.S. — are more likely than not to do everything in their power to prevent the collapse of Maduro’s government.

    It is also important to point out that, for its part, the United States can’t really back away either.

    While the U.S. strategy of “containing” Russia and China has been largely focused on starting and fomenting proxy wars in both geopolitically strategic areas and on their doorsteps, Russia and China’s strategy has been more covert and aimed at reducing their dependence on the U.S.-backed financial system, particularly the U.S. dollar.

    This effort to undermine the U.S. dollar has frequently targeted the petrodollar, which has been a major factor in past U.S. military interventions, such as the toppling of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and later Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

    In 2017 Maduro, like Hussein and Gaddafi before him, stopped selling Venezuelan oil in dollars.

    In order to shore up the petrodollar system amid its own looming economic recession, the United States needs a government in Venezuela that will denominate the sale of its oil in dollars to keep the cornerstone of its global hegemony, the U.S. dollar, in demand despite unprecedented threats to its value.

    Thus, with neither the U.S. nor its rivals able to back down without ceding a major geopolitical and strategic advantage to the other, it is almost assured that, as the situation in Venezuela escalates, the involvement of all three will soon make Venezuela the most watched country — and the most dangerous — in the world.

    “Another bloody battlefield of the color revolution”?

    Given the enormity of their investments in Venezuela and their eagerness to keep the world’s largest oil reserves controlled by a government friendly to them but hostile to their greatest rival, Russia and China have unsurprisingly condemned in no uncertain terms the U.S.’ recent decision to recognize Guaidó as Venezuela’s “legitimate” president.

    Russia’s response not only warned the U.S. against the “catastrophic consequences” of its effort to escalate the fragile situation in Venezuela but also hinted that the U.S. decision would lay the groundwork for a civil war.

    On Thursday, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, told International Affairs, “We warn against this … We believe that this would be a catastrophic scenario that would shake the foundations of the development model we see in the Latin American region.”

    In a phone call to Maduro, Russian leader Vladimir Putin described the U.S. move as “destructive interference.”

    Then the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a separate statement that described the U.S. move to recognize Guaidó as president as being ”aimed at deepening the split in Venezuelan society, increasing the conflict on the streets, sharply destabilizing the internal political system and further escalation of the conflict,” with such escalation being “fraught with catastrophic consequences.”

    Some media outlets compared this statement to those made by Russia during past international exchanges with the West prior to intervention in Libya and Syria.

    Since then, Russian military contractors have been deployed to Venezuela, which prompted Maduro to promise that Venezuela will not become another “Syria or Libya.” [Russia has since declared Russian military contractors in Venezuela to be fake news. – Kj]

    Some reports have claimed that the Russian military contractors have “been charged with stopping opposition sympathizers or members of Maduro’s own forces from detaining him.”

    China’s response also hinted that the U.S. decision was aimed at stoking an internal war in the country. In an article published by the Chinese government-aligned Global Times, Beijing stated:

    In recent years, Washington has enhanced its interference in affairs of Venezuela and Cuba and attempted to regain influence in Latin America.

    The fast recognition of Guaidó signaled the strong U.S. desire to intervene in Venezuela’s internal affairs.”

    The article went on to note:

    “All sides must keep calm and be alert about possible provocation to militarily intervene in Venezuela … The international community should encourage forces of Venezuela to peacefully solve the issue within the framework of dialogue.

    “Picking sides will not be conducive to the solution, but intensify the rivalry, worsen the situation and possibly push the nation into long-term turmoil.”

    It ultimately added, “Venezuela should not be another bloody battlefield of the color revolution.”

    The fact that the responses of both the Russian and Chinese governments to the U.S. decision to back Guaidó directly stated that the U.S. move is set to create another U.S.-backed proxy war masquerading as a “color revolution” is highly significant.

    Indeed, such clear assertions of this reality not only show how clearly the U.S. is pushing for a major escalation in Venezuela but also show that both Russia and China are aware that their interests in the country are under threat as a direct result of this U.S. push.

    This greatly increases the likelihood that any continued push for escalation from Washington will trigger strong responses from both countries and could quickly devolve into a tit-for-tat that could eventually develop into a major military conflict.

    Is this how WW III gets going?

    The current situation in Venezuela — if the U.S. continues to push for fresh escalations — has the potential to morph into one of the world’s most dangerous proxy wars, owing to the size of the prize (world’s largest oil reserves included) and the fact none of the major parties involved can back away without making major concessions to their chief geopolitical rivals.

    Russia and China, as previously stated, are unlikely to stand idly by as the U.S. installs a government that would undo their years of investment in the country and refuse to pay back billions in loans.

    Indeed, Russia has already sent military contractors into Venezuela, setting a precedent that could see more significant Russian support for Venezuela in the coming months.

    Beyond that is the fact that the U.S. has made it clear that Venezuela if it succumbs to regime change, is merely the first on the new “Troika of Tyranny” list of leftist Latin American governments that the Trump administration seeks to topple.

    The goal is to make a Latin America that is obedient to the U.S., a crucial part of the ultimate U.S. goal of maintaining the existing unipolar world order.

    However, both Russia and China know that this goal is a microcosm of Washington’s end game and that they are both the ultimate targets. Such an agenda is hardly a secret given that it is directly stated in the Pentagon’s National Defense Strategy.

    However, it would be naive to assume that the U.S. will be planning to escalate only in Venezuela and not in other U.S. proxy conflicts such as Ukraine and Syria.

    Indeed, just two months ago, there was a flare-up in Ukraine in what is now known as the “Kerch Strait Incident” and provocations in Syria have commonly occurred throughout the conflict, particularly during moments when it seemed things were finally dying down.

    These flashpoints and more — such as the South China Sea, among others — can all be pressed on rotation by the U.S. in an effort to disorient its Russian and Chinese rivals.

    Thus, Venezuela may become host to the latest in what is now a series of proxy wars and flashpoints across the world that Washington has erected as part of its long-term goal of preventing the formation a multipolar world order.

    And it may quickly become the most dangerous in terms of drawing larger world powers into the conflict, making the risk of a wider world war a striking possibility that cannot be ignored.

    What happens in Venezuela going forward will have major consequences for the entire region and the world; and, with the U.S. already pushing countries to pick sides, the world may soon become as divided as ever, with the risk of another “great war” looming large.

  29. T.I January 28, 2019 @ 1:15 am

    I mean just look at Abrams, those eyebrows, that nose.

    I hope Maduro and people of Venezuela teach these leeches a lesson by rounding up that Guido and the sellouts, just pushing them into the sea, tell them to go to the puppet masters.

    Every Jew rat will pay dearly for these cunning cunning atrocities, hear me shrews?

    Seriously I hope and pray everyday for an asteroid to hit the earth and wipe out all life even with us to take out these scum. They don’t deserve existence at all.

    Another funniest thing is look at those mainstream headlines….

    “Maduro-guaido power struggle..US gets involved..”

    “Guaido declares himself president..” etc

    Like nobody knows who is behind the stupid USA cow and who is pushing the drama. it is not us you are fooling, worms.

    For example, take a look at your own Jewtube comments, no matter how hard you try to make Hitler (peace be up on him) evil, in the comment section, you will know that people are no longer buying your 6 gorillion bullshit and seeing Hitler as the man who knew it all.

    No matter how hard you veil the truth, it will burst out like ball underwater. Burning bush will soon be smothered in cold water LOLOLz. Digest on that, creeps.

  30. T.I January 28, 2019 @ 1:41 am


    Kamala is of Indian Brahmin origin, Brahmins are basically Jews of India, so no surprise there.

    Trust me for I am an outsider who know these rats very well and what they do to achieve power. Who knows? An Indian Brahmin Jew might be deciding your country’s fate soon.

    Wake up, for I am an Indian who knew about all these game of Jew Brahmins. give it a thought. Internet is a tool of the Jew, so of yours. Use it.

  31. KathJuliane January 28, 2019 @ 11:36 am

    Russian Ambassador Lays Into United States At Emergency U.N. Security Council Meeting On Venezuela

    Emergency U.N. Security Council Meeting On Venezuela

  32. Dan January 28, 2019 @ 12:39 pm

    The main controlled opposition outlet of the Jews Media appears to be Foxnews.

    Ingraham, Hannity, and the Foxnews anchors have a pattern of showing clips from CNN, MSNBC, and similar mass media outlets, clips which seem designed to evoke anger at what demonrats and left wing dingbats are doing.

    When Foxnews shows such left wing clips, it typically causes anger or else causes viewers to change the channel. With these clips Fox helps lead red kool-aid people to be angry at the blue kool-aid people, the left wing people.

    Showing these left wing clips is a pattern on Foxnews. It’s not just Hannity or only one program on Fox doing it, which implies that it’s directed from higher powers at Fox.

    On the blue kool-aid side of the Left-vs-Right Jewish paradigm, CNN, ABC, NBC, and the rest of left-wing media attack whatever Foxnews is pushing and whatever the red kool-aid crowd likes.

    Kat Timpf is a frequent commentator on various Foxnews programs. Srdja Popovic is a tool of George Soros, used to help incite unrest, revolution, and destabilize governments in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, and other nations.

    In the picture linked below, the young lady in the light pink turtleneck, next to the right end, her hair flying up on her left side – is that Kat Timpf in the group following Popovic who is on the scooter?

    If it’s not Kat Timpf then maybe Kat has a twin. In the picture, notice what it says on the shirts of some of the followers of Popovic – “Let’s start a revolution.”

    Demonrats vs Republicans, Left vs Right, Whites vs Minorities, Red States vs Blue States, are some of the ways Jews have us primed for revolution, riots, civil war, cutting our own throat, our own destruction.

  33. KathJuliane January 28, 2019 @ 12:40 pm

    American Herald Tribune: If Guaido Can Elect Himself President, Why Can’t Le Pen?

  34. KathJuliane January 28, 2019 @ 3:41 pm

    ‏Verified account
    2 hours ago

    What’s happening with Venezuela? @WikiLeaks’ publication of US coup manual FM3-05.130, Unconventional Warfare [UW], provides insight

    DOS=Department of State
    IC=Intelligence Community
    UWOA=UW operations area
    ARSOF=US Army Special Operations Forces

    See Appendix E: Financial Instrument of National Power

  35. Paul January 28, 2019 @ 4:56 pm

    Juan Guaido is a US puppet.

    Stupid piece of garbage — he sold his soul to ‘the Synagogue of Satan’. The US is slave to Jewish Mafia.

  36. Cornelius January 28, 2019 @ 5:31 pm

    This reminds me of how the US would steal land from the Injuns.

    They would negotiate a treaty with a drunken chief on the reservation, while the true chief was out on the tribal hunting grounds. When he came back, his hunting grounds were sold.

    Why are there so many idiots that can’t see that’s how it works.

  37. Brother Nathanael January 28, 2019 @ 7:04 pm

    BroN On Rense Radio Tonight! Pacific Time. LISTEN FREE @

  38. Zionien January 28, 2019 @ 8:41 pm

    If all matter is mind – then all mind is matter.

    So if you don’t mind – it doesn’t matter, and if it matters – why should you mind ;).

    I believe in a concerted effort of people; ^These people here, to focus their minds in a meditative state of prayer to defeat and promote the failing of the Jews and EXPOSE them to the world+!

    The power of prayer – mind over matter that is, will work, and it’s so easy and indefensible for the worms to counter!

    Every day at 12 O’clock noon (lunch) EST, I will be performing this meditation daily, and if anyone of you wants to join me – you are very welcome to do so :)+

  39. T.I January 29, 2019 @ 12:16 am

    With apologizing to +BN for going slightly off-topic,


    Why all those tricky riddle talks like the Jews talk? Forget mind and matter, forget “meditative state” prayers.

    Of course, it is good to identify with like minded people, but ultimately we don’t have to lift a single finger out of our own effort to eradicate the Jew scum. Everything will be done by the FATHER, for He is the one gave the Jews their cunning mind and intelligence in the first place.

    We just need to relax. Isn’t it by the Jew we have nuclear power? Isn’t it by the Jew we know that there are billions of galaxies with billions of stars?

    Yet, the Jew can’t grab a ‘certain realization’ (that’s what I like to call it) because it is not destined for him. The Jew is always destined for the desire of worldly life, worldly pleasures, and continuation of his immortality through his progeny, while systematically destroying the goyim. It is hardwired into him, we should honestly pity him.

    Without repentance, the Jew is the eternally damned one, out of that frustration he does all these cunning atrocities.

    Now please don’t expect any “meditation” or “prayer” to do any magic to bring down the Jew.

    The Jew will bring end to himself. No matter how ‘statistical’ or ‘mathematical’ or even ‘foreseeing’ he is, his doom is in his hands.

    Just merge yourselves with the FATHER and SON. Sorry if this came hard, I notice you in every article 😉

  40. mrbuttermaker January 29, 2019 @ 7:49 am

    T.I. . You got the attitude the rest of this country should have.

    Good for you. I can tell you have had it. Always have said, the scum in the MSM wouldnt be doing what they do if every night they need the butler for some soup taste testing.

    They do it because they have no fear.

    Maybe someday that will change, and well see what tough guys and girls they are. I haven’t finished the entire Rense radio, but I got a hunch that if Jeff was told about Elliot Abrams on air he would have blown a gasket.

  41. Fakeahontas January 29, 2019 @ 8:47 am

    The Wikipedia entry and bios on Kamala Harris lists her as an African American who belongs to several black women’s organizations, African American associations, and so forth.

    Based on RJN comments, Kamala being married to a Jew, her background, it looks as if Kamala is secretly a Jew, a crypto Jew who conceals her Jewish ancestry.

    When a Jew does something good the Jews Media reports that he is a Jew. When a Jew does something rotten the Jews Media usually reports that he is white.

    So if Kamala is a crypto Jew, it implies her dirty deeds won’t be blamed on a Jew.

  42. T.I January 29, 2019 @ 9:21 am

    Again apologizing to +BN for going off topic, but this has to be said:

    As a rural Indian (though I studied in various European countries), my folks never had testicular cancer, breast cancer or the plummeting sperm count the white folks going through right now even with their “higher” standards of living.

    Guess why? The (((agenda))) of turning the prime threat (white Cristian masculinity) to a more controllable, submissive, queered-out mixed race droids. They are planning this on other races too, but the white man is the prime target right now, it is a shame that I know this yet most white folk don’t.

    The BPA, GMO and other “queerifying” are worldwide now for all races, natives..etc, but the first fallen are the white folks. I hope they give the Jews a proper backlash.

    Now I feel blessed to know all these things, and I do all I can to educate my local countrymen to realize this great deception. Please do your duty white folks, as the great Hitler said, we, every race of planet earth can co exist in-peace with prosperity and struggle to become ubermensch. That is the way the great one intended.

    In the matter of how the world unaware of Jews, many of you may know the famous jewtuber Pewdiepie and his controversial ‘death to all Jews’ video.

    In that event, those Indian boys didn’t even knew what a Jew is, that is how camouflaged these scum are. What needed is EXPOSURE, world wide.

    Also, they started gang-stalk Christ even before he was born, harassed him life long, ultimately crucified Him, yet my Lord Christ let them knowing all-all along.

    Such an extraordinary deed by the SON for all of us.

    Remember that white folks, Jews nowadays do everything to mock the SON, and make Christianity a joke.

    It is now up to you to claim back the kingdom of Heaven. I will post more soon, blessings.

  43. Zionien January 29, 2019 @ 1:17 pm

    To my friend T.I.^ –

    I thank you for your message/concern, but the LAST thing anyone should ever do is “pity the fool, Ooop – I mean Jew”!

    That is their go to tactic to get the upper hand in EVERY situation the feel they are losing! When you take communion, or accept Jesus CHRIST-ian by eating bread (his body), wine (his blood) you are in affect accepting Jesus the Son of God into your life.

    God is now with you. God can now act through you.

    Jesus was not what many have been duped into believing, a passive wimp. Those are the hippies!

    Jesus called out the wicked ones, he whipped them in the market place. Jesus was a warrior and I am a warrior for Jesus+!

    Faith with out works is dead! It sounds to me like you may be threatened, T.I.

    Prayer in his name is POWERFUL! Sounds like you missed this chance at prayer today at 12 o’clock EST, but maybe you can join us tomorrow;)+

    Exodus 15:3-The Lord is a WARRIOR!

    Ephesians 6:10-18-“Put on the FULL armor of God”!

  44. benzion kook January 29, 2019 @ 1:20 pm

    Jews, inventors of the neutron bomb (Cohen), that kills people sparing property ( that “komrades” can’t have anyway), are concerned about human rights and peace (totalitarian tyranny)?

    What stuff.

  45. AJ January 29, 2019 @ 1:32 pm

    I’m a Christian and against Jewry and globalism but I wonder if it’s time to advocate more abrasive measures against Christ’s enemies. These people rule over the World in such a ruthless manner, destroying the lives of millions upon millions of innocent people.

    Would possible solutions such as these be too “extreme” in light of the egregiousness of their crimes past, present and future?

    1 – Immediate capital punishment or life imprisonment/forced labor for any elected or appointed person advocating War on innocent nations

    2 – Singling out Marxism, Satanism and Judaism as subversive anti-Christ movements and banning them in any forms, with severe reprisals for offenders

    3 – Outlawing any and all sexual/adult content (including open homosexuality/transgenderism) on public airwaves to children

    4 – Declaring Christianity as the official World Religion, with Christian ideals and morals elevated above all others (though no one would be forced to convert from another religion)

    5 – Severe penalties for news agencies publishing fake news stories

    6 – Impeachment of U.S. Supreme Court Justices who violate the Constitution, and invalidating Roe v Wade.

    7 – Invalidating the Obama presidency due to his ineligibility to run because of not being a U.S. citizen at birth

    8 – A U.N. declaration singling out International Jewry as the enemy of all nations

  46. KathJuliane January 29, 2019 @ 2:57 pm

    The Grey Zone: US coup in Venezuela motivated by oil and corporate interests – Neocon John Bolton spills the beans

    In an interview on Fox Business, Trump’s neoconservative National Security Adviser John Bolton hinted the US-led coup in Venezuela is motivated by oil and corporate interests.

    Not even pretending to hide it anymore.

  47. KathJuliane January 29, 2019 @ 4:13 pm

    RT: ‘Troika of Tyranny’: US hawks take aim at Venezuela’s president Maduro

    Axis of Weasels’ “3 Amigos of Imperialism”: Warmongers, Convicted Criminal – US Dream Team

  48. KathJuliane January 29, 2019 @ 7:34 pm

    Mint Press News: The US Senate Just Quietly Advanced A Free Speech Busting Anti-BDS Bill

    Under the guise of preventing “anti-Semitism,” this anti-BDS bill represents a fraught, Orwellian overreach by Congress into the private lives of all Americans and their right to make politically-motivated decisions.

    WASHINGTON — In an evening vote that garnered essentially no national media coverage, the U.S. Senate voted last night to advance the “Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019” – sometimes called the “anti-BDS bill” for its component that would allow state and local governments to punish companies or individuals who support the non-violent Boycott, Divest, Sanctions movement aimed at promoting Palestinian rights and ending Israeli apartheid and military occupation of the West Bank.

    The bill was, notably, numbered S.1 — the Senate’s first legislative act of its 2019-20 session.

    Numerous rights groups, politicians and civil rights advocates have accused this measure of violating freedom of speech and setting a dangerous precedent for the private political activism of American citizens, all on behalf of a foreign country.

    The bill was adopted by the Senate in a vote of 74 in favor to 19 against, with seven abstentions.

    The bill had previously been blocked by Senate Democrats by a 56-44 vote as part of their objection to acting on legislation during the government shutdown.

    However, many of those Democratic senators who had previously blocked the bill ultimately voted in support of the measure. In order to become law, the measure would still need to pass the Democrat-run House of Representatives.

    However, given the amount of support for the measure among Democrats and the power of the Israel lobby, the bill stands a considerable chance of passing the House.


  49. Zionien January 29, 2019 @ 8:16 pm

    Then there’s Psalms 144:1 too, T.I.

    Nice heads up @KathJuliane.

    But I seriously doubt it will ever pass the Senate floor, and Trump won’t sign it either.+

  50. Zionien January 29, 2019 @ 9:55 pm


    Could it have anything to do with Maduro being a socialist.. :/ …?

  51. Israhell January 30, 2019 @ 1:04 am

    “Today, while driving through town, I wound up behind a minivan that had a big sticker on the back.

    The sticker had an Israeli flag in the middle of it, and under it the quotation from the book of Genesis that reads “I will bless those who bless thee.”

    I would like to take this time to list my own reasons for thanking and blessing Israel, our lone ally in the Middle East, for everything she has done for us, since I am quite sure most Americans are unaware of just what kind of friend she has been to us.”

  52. Citizenfitz January 30, 2019 @ 8:21 am

    Regarding the Synagogue of Satan:

    “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so you also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.

    “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, and say, ‘If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets.’ Wherefore you be witnesses against yourselves, that you are the children of those who killed the prophets.

    “Fill you up then the measure of your fathers. You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” – Matthew 23:27-33.

    “For many shall come from the East and West and sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom of Heaven – but the children of the kingdom shall be cast into outer darkness.” – Matt. 8:11-12

    “But as for those, my enemies who would not have me rule over them, bring them here and kill them in front of me.” – Luke 19:27

    “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” – Revelation 3:9

    “The Jews… who killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets and who have persecuted us severely. They are displeasing to God and are enemies of the whole human race. They prohibit us from speaking to the Gentiles so that they might be saved. They are filled with sin and the wrath of God has come upon them to the end.” – 2Thess. 2:14-16

    “The Gentiles have attained to justice, even to the justice that is faith. But Israel has not come unto the law of justice. Why so? Because they sought it not by faith, for they stumbled at the Stumbling Stone.” – Romans 9:30-32

    “One who dies a Jew will be damned.” – St. Vincent Ferrer

    “The Jews are the enemies of God and foes of our holy religion.” – St. Pius of Pietralcina (Padre Pio)

    “The ‘exterior darkness’ is that of the Jews – who heard the truth but refused to believe it.” “By their malice, the scribes and Pharisees and princes of the Jews were a considerable hindrance to the salvation of the people; both because they opposed Christ who is the only way to salvation and because their evil morals corrupted others.” – St. Thomas Aquinas

    “If anyone of the clergy or faithful has taken a meal with Jews it is determined that as a corrective punishment he is to abstain from Communion so that he may be reformed.” – Council of Elvira

    “Go, so that cured by your Christian faith you may not die in Jewish faithlessness.” – St. Peter Chrysologus

    “Raging against the Gentiles as ‘unclean’ Israel became in very truth unclean themselves; while the Gentiles have become clean. The justice of Israel has become like the rag of a menstruous woman.” – St. Basil the Great

    “Let the Gospel be preached to them, and if they remain obstinate, let them be expelled.” – Pope Leo VII

    “If someone should murder the beloved son of a man and then stretch forth their hands, still stained with his blood, asking for fellowship, would not the blood of his son, visible on the hands of the murderers, provoke him to anger instead? Such are the prayers of the Jews.” – St. Basil the Great

    “What is your iniquity O daughter of Jacob that your chastisement is so severe? You have dishonored the King, and the King’s son, you shameless whore.” – St. Ephrem

    “Since the Synagogue refused to receive Him, Christ answered, “You are a whore!” and he gave her a bill of divorce, as we read in Isaiah 50:1. And so, the Jews, as children of the whore, were repudiated….” – St. Vincent Ferrer

    “Oh, Jews! Your faithlessness has served as others salvation. The death of Christ liberates us but it accuses you.” – Pope St. Leo the Great

    “Well should the Jews mourn who, not believing in Christ, have assigned their souls to perdition. They crucified the Son and reject the Holy Spirit and their souls have become the abode of devils.” – St. John Chrysostom

    “Do not add to your sins by saying that the Covenant is both theirs and ours. It IS ours, but they lost it forever. Assuredly, God gave the Covenant to the Jews, but their sins made them unworthy to keep it.” – St. Barnabas

    “Those who deny the Son thereby also deny the Father.” – St. Athanasius

    “Poor Jews! You invoked a dreadful curse upon your own heads in saying, ‘His blood be upon us and our children!’ It has been done as you asked! And you carry that curse to this day; and to the end of time.” – St. Alphonsus Maria Ligouri

    “How dare Christians have the slightest intercourse with Jews – those most miserable of all men! They are lustful, rapacious, greedy, perfidious bandits – pests of the universe! Indeed an entire day wouldn’t suffice to tell of all their rapine, their avarice, their deception of the poor, their thievery and their huckstering.

    “Worship God? They worship the devil! Their rites are criminal and unchaste, their religion a disease, their synagogues are dens of crooks and caverns of demons….” – St. John Chrysostom

  53. Citizenfitz January 30, 2019 @ 9:25 am

    An Allegory on Paper Money

    This came from a fellow named Pat Healey at Incogman’s site some years ago. It’s very good and I posted it at my Citizenfitz site. Read it and understand why we’ll be eating our pets before it’s all over:

    “Let’s imagine I’m the only bank on Earth.

    “Now let’s imagine that there are only $2.00 in the entire economy. Furthermore, let’s imagine that the entire economy consists of my bank, a farmer and a manufacturer.

    “You can easily explain this to anyone using 8 quarters. Go grab 8 quarters and stack them in front of you.

    “Let’s suppose that the farmer comes to borrow $1.00 to buy equipment he needs to run his farm. At the same time the manufacturer comes to borrow $1.00 to make equipment to sell to the farmer.

    “My ‘bank’ loans each of them $1.00 at 50% interest for one year. This means that at the end of the year each will owe me $1.50 – or twelve quarters total. (I’m using an exaggerated 50% interest rate here to quickly and clearly illustrate how the scam works. However, ANY AMOUNT of interest will end with the same result).

    “Separate the 8 quarter stack into two stacks of 4 quarters – each one representing the loan.

    “The farmer and manufacturer work hard all year. Me? All I have to do is wait. At the end of the year, when the loan is due, I’m scheduled to collect $3.00 on the original $2.00 loaned out.

    “But wait… weren’t there only $2.00 in existence? Where did the other $1.00 come from?

    “Well, the third dollar doesn’t exist. It’s a trick.

    “The third dollar can exist ONLY if extra money is added to the economy. OK, so lets assume no extra money was added to the economy.

    “The money I loan to the farmer and manufacturer circulates between them. The farmer buys equipment. The manufacturer sells equipment.

    “At the end of the year, when the loan is due, the manufacturer made money from the farmer and is able to repay the entire $1.50. So, take 2 quarters from the farmer’s stack and place them on the manufacturer’s stack. Then give these to the bank as repayment of the manufacturer’s loan.

    “But there are only 2 quarters left….

    “Of the initial $2.00 in our mini economy, the bank now has $1.50 and only $.50 is left in circulation.

    “Unfortunately, no matter how hard the farmer worked and no matter how good his crops were, there’s only $.50 left in the economy. But he owes $1.50.

    “And THAT my friends was the plan all along. When the farmer can’t pay, my bank gets his farm.

    “How did this happen?

    “Because you cannot pay with that which doesn’t exist.”

  54. White Jewnocide January 30, 2019 @ 10:46 am

    In politics the Demonrat party is being turned into the anti-white party.

    The Jews replaced white players with black players in the NBA, NFL, and sports.

    Jews are replacing white people with immigrants from non-Christian areas.

    Satan wants to replace Christians with anti-Christians.

    Ephesians 6:12 – For we are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age.

  55. KathJuliane January 30, 2019 @ 12:53 pm

    Guaido is “the US-selected, Wikipedia-approved” candidate.

    RT: ‘US pawn that can be discarded any time’– Max Blumenthal on ‘president’ Guaido

    Self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ of Venezuela Juan Guaido is a “product of US-backed regime change factory” installed to do Washington’s bidding, journalist Max Blumenthal told RT, arguing the only US interest there is oil.

    The 35-year-old opposition leader, now recognized by the US and several other Western nations as the legitimate representative of Venezuela, was a relatively obscure figure on the country’s political scene until he was hand-picked by the US to “sell the coup,” Blumenthal told RT in an interview.

    He earlier co-authored an expose on the person at the tip of US operation to topple the government in Caracas published by the Grayzone Project. [See below – Kj].

    Guaido’s meteoric rise from “a low-level legislator in one of the least populous states” to the self-proclaimed “Wikipedia-proofed” leader of the country is artificially constructed by the US, he stressed.

    “And that is because he is the perfect pawn, he is the product of US regime change factories, specifically the group Otpor, which is being backed by the National Endowment for Democracy, USAID, and – according to many reports, the CIA – to topple Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia.”

    The US-backed group “trained” Guaido and a group of selected Venezuelan students between 2005 and 2007, Blumenthal said, arguing that it paved way for his future political career.

    The journalist described the Popular Will party, which Guaido helped his mentor and former Caracas mayor Leopoldo Lopez to establish, as “the most violent, radical right-wing party in Venezuela functioning as shock troops of oligarchy” and as “an asset of Washington” that has been “largely discredited in Venezuela.”

    “They’re seen as undemocratic, they are hated by the parts of the opposition that would like a resolution here and that would not like war,” Blumenthal said, adding that party’s approach does not strike a chord with the majority of Venezuelans.

    However, the low popularity did not prevent Guaido from trying to seize the power, as he and his team “are very popular in Washington, and have a constituent base in halls of power here.”

    Guaido does not have a base in Venezuela on which he can rely, Blumenthal said, arguing that the engineer-turned-politician’s popularity “is much lower than [Venezuelan President] Nicholas Maduro’s” who himself cannot boast high approval numbers, as his popularity is “on par with [French President] Emmanuel Macron.”

    After completing his engineering education at Andres Bello Catholic University in Venezuela, Guaido took up politics and eventually studied at the George Washington University in the United States.

    “For average Venezuelans, who at the rate of over 80 percent oppose sanctions and oppose military intervention, this crew around Guaido, and most of them actually exist outside Venezuela, are anathema, because they have been responsible for so much violence and so much destabilization.”

    Stirring up violence in Venezuela even further is what Washington aiming for by backing Guaido and his entourage, Blumenthal argued, as for the US administration “it’s not about democracy, it’s not about human rights, it’s about oil.”

    Blumenthal believes the US considers Guaido to be expandable, an asset that can be easily shelved away if it no longer needed.

    “Guaido can be discarded any moment, he is Washington’s pawn.”

    On Tuesday, Guaido was barred from leaving the country and had his assets and accounts frozen until an investigation into “serious crimes” he is accused of is finished by Venezuela’s attorney general.

    Guaido is accused of undermining constitutional order by inciting protests that led to violence. Washington has already warned that Caracas would face “serious” repercussions if it harms Guaido.

    GreyZoneProject: The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader

    Juan Guaidó is the product of a decade-long project overseen by Washington’s elite regime change trainers. While posing as a champion of democracy, he has spent years at the forefront of a violent campaign of destabilization.

  56. dave January 30, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

    “Ethiopian Israelis rally in Tel Aviv against police violence”

  57. Zionien January 30, 2019 @ 7:38 pm


    Really Awesome!

  58. Israhell January 30, 2019 @ 10:52 pm

    Palestinian girl fatally shot at Israeli checkpoint


    The Antichrist Spirit is a Jewish Spirit

    By Jason Charles on 1/30/2019 (13 hours ago) Israel/Zionism

    Patriarch Kirill the head of the Orthodox Church gave the world a stern warning recently saying modern smartphones are the technological building blocks of the Beast System described in Revelation 13: 16-17.

    “Patriarch Kirill has clearly updated the long-held myths to meet the requirements of the modern era. Gone is the narration of the leviathan coming out of the sea, with seven heads and ten horns.

    “Now the thing to be frightened of is the omniscient supercomputer. He repeatedly reminded the audience every time they use their gadgets, someone somewhere knows their location and what they are doing. This sounds just like a god.

    “Patriarch Kirill did not stop at that. He said within a short period of time, the technology that is being developed will not only offer access to all information but also permit the use of such information.

    “It is clear that all the power of the world will be concentrated in the hands of the few. Such level of control comes before the arrival of the Antichrist.” (World Religious News)


  59. IRONKRAFT January 30, 2019 @ 11:39 pm

    The parasite has no bounds morally, whatsoever.

    For things to change for the better, there will have to be a “Trained Hands” coup, instigated on an international basis.

  60. Brother Nathanael January 30, 2019 @ 11:40 pm

    Dear All,

    Just got back from Street Evangelism in Summit Cnty CO. Went GREAT.

    New Vid tomorrow, Thursday. Stay TUNED. +bn

  61. dave January 31, 2019 @ 3:34 am

    Trapped in Gaza, star of Sundance documentary misses film festival

  62. dave January 31, 2019 @ 3:47 am


    Your expose on the evil Jew Abrams is sorely missing of the true evil of this creature! Abrams is a true son of the Talmudic tribe in love with everything Israel and one of its great co-conspirators in international crime.

    Bolton’s, and now Abrams’ ascendancy to such high positions in Trump’s government is very shocking proof that Israel controls America.

    It leads a reasonable person to conclude that America is without question well on its way to suicidal destruction by its parasite Israel and all its malevolent agents.

  63. dave January 31, 2019 @ 3:49 am

    Unholy Alliance: The US Has an Unhealthy Relationship With Israel

    Mark Glenn Thu, Jan 24, 2019


    Today, while driving through town, I wound up behind a minivan that had a big sticker on the back. The sticker had an Israeli flag in the middle of it, and under it the quotation from the book of Genesis that reads “I will bless those who bless thee.”

    I would like to take this time to list my own reasons for thanking and blessing Israel, our lone ally in the Middle East, for everything she has done for us, since I am quite sure most Americans are unaware of just what kind of friend she has been to us.

    For extorting from me and my fellow Americans $6,000,000,000 (billion) a year for the last 4 decades, we bless thee.

    For taking our most sophisticated weapons technology and stealing it for yourself without paying the American patent holders, we bless thee.

    For taking that high-tech military technology and selling it to our enemies, such as the Russians and Chinese, thus further endangering us, we bless thee.

    For using that weaponry in a sustained attack against a United States ship, the USS Liberty, resulting in the deaths of 34 American servicemen and the wounding of almost 200 others in an attempt to sink her, blame the attack on Egypt in order to push the Americans into joining you in your war against the Arabs, we bless thee.

    For bribing and blackmailing the United States government into covering this act of war up, preventing any justice from being done for the benefit of the families of the lost sailors – as well as the American People, we bless thee.

    For sending your agents into Egypt and blowing up American buildings for the purpose of blaming the Arabs in an event known as the Lavon Affair, we bless thee.

    For sending your agents into Libya during the Reagan administration, and broadcasting radio messages in Arabic that were designed to sound like “terrorist cell planning” so that the US would initiate military strikes against Khadafi, we bless thee.

    For withholding information from us concerning the planned attacks against the US Marine barracks in Lebanon, attacks you knew about through your moles in the Islamic world and about which you deliberately refused to warn us in order to further your interests against the Arabs, we bless thee.

    For employing Jonathon Pollard, an American serviceman paid to spy for Israel in order to steal even more of our National Security secrets for your parasitic purposes, we bless thee.

    For blackmailing President Clinton through one of your intelligence agents, Monica Lewinsky, in order to prevent a coherent peace program from being pushed forward between yourself and the Palestinian people that you have brutalized and murdered for the last 50 years, we bless thee.

    For breaking every agreement you have made with your Arab neighbors, stealing their land, displacing, murdering, and treating them like the animals you see them as, we bless thee.

    For using your agents within the first Bush administration to involve us in the first Gulf War, causing the deaths of American men and women, and exposing our servicemen to whatever bioweapons were/are responsible that has led to Gulf War Syndrome, we bless thee.

    For your role in the September 11 attacks in this country, and for blackmailing and bribing the US government into deporting back to Israel the 100 or more intelligence agents that were arrested after the attacks, we bless thee.

    For supressing the information from the American people of your involvement in the September 11 attacks and sending us in the wrong direction in search of answers, we bless thee.

    For using one of your agents in the US Army Weapons Lab, Lt Colonel Philip Zack to steal anthrax and distribute it into our mail system, terrorizing US citizens and killing several in order to blame the Arabs, we bless thee.

    For using your agents in the US Government, namely, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, and the rest into initiating this war in the Middle East so that you could bring to heel all the enemies you have made during the last 50 years, we bless thee.

    For using your agents in the media to lie to us on a minute by minute basis about the war, how “just” this cause is, and what the real reasons behind it are, we bless thee.

    For using your agents in the Christian Evangelical community, such as Falwell, Graham, Swaggert, and the rest who praise you as God’s chosen people and further keep Americans in the dark about who you really are, what you have done, and what you are truly about, we bless thee.

    For bringing idiots like Limbaugh, Liddy, Hannity, Beck, and Savage to the forefront as paid liars that will support you and further lead Americans astray, we bless thee.

    For making America your attack dog, and for sending her sons and daughters to fight and die in all your future wars, we bless thee.

    For using your influence in the media to hide the real statistics about the war, the dead and wounded on both sides, we bless thee.

    For using us in such a way that not only further inflames the Arab world against us, but as well has succeeded in our alienating ourselves against those nations with whom we have been friendly for over a century, we bless thee.

    And finally, for using your influence in our media and academia to flood our minds with pornography and lies, as well as inculcating in us a hatred for our history, religion, and culture, for dividing our nation between races and sexes, and for releasing into our society all of your plagues and filth that have left us a rotted out corpse of a once great nation, oh Israel, our friend, we bless thee.


    The author can be reached at

    Source: The Ugly Truth

  64. KathJuliane January 31, 2019 @ 7:10 pm

    Sputnik: ‘Extremely Foolish’: US Envoy [Elliot Abrams] Warns Maduro of Acting Against Guaido – Reports

    US Special Envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams warned on Wednesday the Venezuelan Authorities of any actions against the self-proclaimed interim country’s president Juan Guaido, Reuters reported.

    “The security of interim President Guaido is a concern”, Abrams told reporters Wednesday as quoted by Reuters.

    “The regime has not acted against him in some time and I hope that is because they recognize that he has the support of the vast majority of Venezuelans and that would be an extremely foolish move for the regime to make”, US Special Envoy said.

    Abrams also said Wednesday that the United States is looking around the world for more assets of the Venezuelan government, including bank accounts and gold holdings.

    On 23 January, head of Venezuela’s National Assembly Juan Guaido declared himself the country’s interim president amid the ongoing anti-government protests.

    The United States and a number of other countries, which disputed last year’s re-election of Maduro, have recognized Guaido’s leadership.

    READ MORE: Maduro: Bolton Prohibited Trump From Initiating Dialogue With Me (EXCLUSIVE)

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called Guaido a “US puppet” and accused Washington, which has stated that it has all options on the table to respond to the crisis, of organizing a coup in the Latin American country.

    Russia, Mexico, and NATO-member Turkey are among those countries that continue to recognize President Nicholas Maduro, who was recently sworn in for a second term in office.

    Meanwhile, Juan Guaido thanked Wednesday US President Donald Trump for support, expressed during a telephone conversation and in a separate statement said that he would convene a press conference on Friday to discuss the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Latin American country.

    “I thank the President of the United States Donald Trump for the phone call, in which he repeated the words of full support for our work, the promise of humanitarian assistance and recognition of us as the president [of Venezuela] from the part of his administration”, Guaido wrote on Twitter.

    “[Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro does not recognize the emergency humanitarian situation, when 90 percent of [people living in] the country want changes […] On Friday there will be a press conference, dedicated to the delivery of humanitarian aid”, told TV Venezuela broadcaster after being asked when the humanitarian aid would reach Venezuela.

    According to Reuters, Mark Green, head of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), spoke with Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido on Wednesday.

    US officials will continue to coordinate with Guaido’s team about the creation of a specific plan in the upcoming days to meet the country’s humanitarian needs, Mark Green’s spokesman said, cited by Reuters.

    READ MORE: Trump, Guaido Agree to Keep Contact ‘to Support Venezuela’s Path to Stability’

    Meanwhile, UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Information Desk Chief Joung-ah Ghedini-Williams told reporters on Wednesday that refugees continue to leave Venezuela for neighboring countries at a rate of about 5,000 persons each day, according to observations by about 400 United Nations staff at border crossings with neighboring nations.

    More than 3 million Venezuelans have fled the country to escape an economic collapse, food shortages and hyperinflation, which have led to protests by a segment of te population demanding Maduro’s resignation.

    READ MORE: Venezuelan Opposition Won’t Have Any Dialogue With Maduro — Guaido’s Envoy to US

  65. KathJuliane January 31, 2019 @ 7:51 pm

    Sputnik: Maduro: Bolton Prohibited Trump From Initiating Dialogue With Me (EXCLUSIVE)

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has given an exclusive interview to Sputnik, discussing relations with Russia, the ongoing crisis in the Latin American state and prospects for negotiations with the Guaido-led opposition, as well as US policy toward Caracas, including new sanctions on state oil company PDVSA.

    Sputnik: Now in this very critical situation for Venezuela, did you ask for any help from Russia? Perhaps about military or financial assistance?

    And, as we heard, a number of private security officers from Russia have now arrived in Venezuela, as they’re saying in the media, to ensure your safety. Is this true or not?

    Nicolas Maduro: President Vladimir Putin always provides us with assistance from Russia in every sense of the word, and we are grateful.

    What I asked President Putin is to keep in touch with us, to support us at the diplomatic and political level in the UN and to defend the truth of Venezuela internationally.

    During a conversation a few days ago, he told me that we would strengthen cooperation in the economy, trade, oil, gas, military affairs, in all areas.

    In terms of military cooperation, we have Russian equipment of the highest level; the most modern weapons systems are in Venezuela.

    They are well deployed and all of our personnel are working. They have been trained in Russia. We have a very good relationship in terms of military cooperation with Putin.

    Sputnik: In this situation, are you planning to request any new weapons?

    Nicolas Maduro: We always have plans to advance cooperation in order to improve air defences, artillery, and rocket technology. We will always be moving forward in this area. And the most modern weapons in the world will come to Venezuela.

    Sputnik: When?

    Nicolas Maduro: They arrive each month, there is cooperation each month. And this is normal, there is nothing extraordinary here.

    Sputnik: Do you see any risks for Russia in terms of cooperation with Venezuela after the new US sanctions against PDVSA?

    Nicolas Maduro: None. Because Russia is an independent, sovereign country. Russian enterprises are very powerful in the world, they have their own engineering personnel, finances, and logistics.

    PDVSA is an enterprise of a sovereign country, and since we are two independent countries, we will do business, invest, and implement large oil production projects. Everything will be fine. A business between Russia and Venezuela in oil and gas is armour-protected.

    Sputnik: Could you tell us if there is already a detention order against Mr Guaido because the General Prosecutor’s Office announced that they would take certain measures against him?

    Nicolas Maduro: This is the constitutional issue of Venezuelan justice. As the head of state, I believe that it was the promotion of a coup d’état, a violation of the Constitution. But this is only the opinion of the head of state.

    The Prosecutor General will have to act, and he has already begun to act, the Supreme Court will have to act — and it is already acting. And what the prosecutor’s office and the courts decide will be executed in the Venezuelan legal system.

    Sputnik: But a detention order does not exist yet?

    Nicolas Maduro: As far as I know, this measure has not been adopted yet. Let’s wait for the internal constitutional and judicial processes to see what the results will be. Let’s not rush, we will wait.

    Sputnik: How would you describe the US decision to transfer control over part of Venezuela’s assets to Guaido? What legal actions are planned?

    Nicolas Maduro: This decision completely violates the norms of international law.

    This is an illegal decision seeking to expropriate a Venezuelan asset and a Venezuelan company. This is what we are going to demonstrate. I’m sure that we will come out winners defending Citgo as the property of the people of Venezuela.

    This is one of the most risky, adventurous and one of the most insane decisions by John Bolton.

    Sputnik: How would you describe the overall economic situation in Venezuela?

    Nicolas Maduro: We are in a stage of critical restoration.

    We’re overcoming obstacles and attacks on the exchange system and the pricing system. We have a consistent programme, a plan. I’m sure we will advance and make every effort to stabilise the current situation.

    Sputnik: Do you expect a new assassination attempt against you?

    Nicolas Maduro: That’s a difficult question.

    Sputnik: Is it possible?

    Nicolas Maduro: First of all, my fate is in God’s hands; I’m a Christian and I believe in the protection of the Lord… I’m protected by the people of Venezuela; we have a good intelligence service.

    However, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump had ordered to kill me; he told the Colombian government and the Colombian mafia to kill me.

    If something happens to me, it will be Donald Trump and Colombian President Ivan Duque that are responsible for that.

    Meanwhile, I’m protected; we have a good protection system. Moreover, we have more substantial protection – the protection of God, who will grant me a long life.

    Sputnik: Are Russian private security guards part of this protection?

    Nicolas Maduro: I can’t tell you that. No comment. I’m not making any comment… I have no comment on that subject.

    Sputnik: Are you ready to hold early elections, be it parliamentary or presidential?

    Nicolas Maduro: It would be good to hold early parliamentary elections; that would be a good form of political discussion and a good decision with a popular vote.

    I would support it if it was done earlier, and if we held earlier elections to the National Assembly.

    Sputnik: And what about presidential elections?

    Nicolas Maduro: The presidential elections were held less than a year ago, 10 months ago. They were held in accordance with all constitutional and legal norms.

    Sputnik: But part of the international community insists on a new presidential election…

    Nicolas Maduro: This is an absurd trick by some countries obsessed with Donald Trump’s policies. We are returning to neo-colonialism when one European capital, I mean Washington, can give orders to any country in Asia, Africa, Latin America, or the Caribbean, basically to any country.

    But who are they to decide here? I won 68% of the vote. That was a legitimate victory; we held elections through a transparent electronic system, with international observation.

    We don’t accept any ultimatum from anyone in the world, don’t accept blackmail. Venezuela’s presidential elections have been held, and if the imperialists want new elections, they’ll have to wait until 2025.

    Sputnik: Given John Bolton’s recent statement with regard to sending 5,000 soldiers to Colombia, how can Venezuela respond to a possible increase in US troops there?

    Nicolas Maduro: First of all, I’d like to say that what John Bolton did was something very infantile, this is just clownish.

    To come out with a folder as if he’s the US president to read that he’d send troops to Colombia is just nonsense.

    Even Colombia’s government, Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence have denied this.

    This is a provocation; this is rather childish on the part of John Bolton in his disappointment and hatred of Venezuela. This is stupid childish behaviour.

    Sputnik: Are you ready to meet with Mr Trump — invite him here to Venezuela, for instance, to discuss the current situation?

    Nicolas Maduro: For all these years, I have been trying to reach him on a personal level — I have sent messages that reached Trump publicly, through the media, in order to establish a relationship with the US government, in order to have respect, a dialogue, despite the political, cultural, and ideological differences between Donald Trump and Nicolas Maduro.

    And it seemed like the window of opportunity opened for it. But Bolton prevented Donald Trump from initiating a dialogue with Nicolas Maduro. I have the information that he has prohibited it.

    At this point, I think it is difficult. I am ready to talk with Donald Trump personally, in public, in the US, in Venezuela, wherever he wants, about any agenda, on any subjects he would like to discuss.

    Moreover, I am convinced that if we meet in person, it will be a different story. But I think, they will not give us a chance. Let’s be patient. For now, I think it is very difficult.

    Sputnik: What do you think are the primary motives behind US actions in Venezuela? Oil?

    Nicolas Maduro: There are a couple of goals. The primary goal is to get Venezuelan oil since we have the biggest reserves of certified oil in the world.

    We are certifying what is on track to become the biggest gold reserves in the world, we have a quarter of world’s gas, we have vast reserves of diamonds, huge reserves of drinking water, aluminium, and iron.

    We are a power in the field of energy resources, natural resources. But there is a certain point that needs to be taken into consideration, which is more than 200 years old.

    Venezuela is the country where Bolivar was born, we have the strongest Bolivarian tradition here.

    Over the course of 200 years, our revolutionary project has influenced Latin America and the countries of the Caribbean.

    They [the US authorities] fundamentally want to destroy the example, the idea, the spirit of Simon Bolivar.

    This is the second big reason — to kill this spirit — spiritually, culturally, politically. And to move without any resistance to neocolonialism in Latin America.

    They [the US] consider us their “backyard”. And we say, we are not anyone’s backyard, we are an independent republic. As you would say in Russia, we have a 200-year historical impulse, we are winning and we will win.

    Sputnik: If relations improve, will American companies, primarily oil companies, be able to return to Venezuela?

    Nicolas Maduro: Over three thousand American companies are entered in the register of trading companies in Venezuela. They work in Venezuela. There are companies in the oil field like Chevron with large investments.

    I say to American investors in the field of oil, gas, tourism, technology, gold, and diamonds: despite the tense relations with Trump, you are welcome, let them invest and work in Venezuela.

    This tension should not prevent American investments in Venezuela. We welcome them.

    Sputnik: Guaido promised amnesty to the military if they switch to his side. What is the current situation in the armed forces, following the proposal? Any disagreement with your government?

    Nicolas Maduro: The subject of the armed forces is very delicate for any country.

    There are calls from the White House for the military to raise their weapons and refuse to recognise me as the commander-in-chief, as the President of the Republic.

    And the right in Venezuela — this is not happening in any country — the right called on the military for an armed uprising, for a military coup d’état.

    This has never happened in Latin America. In the 20th century in Latin America, there were more than a hundred coups. But never, in spite of the fact that all the coups were prepared and carried out by the American Empire, the USA, neither the president, nor the secretary of state, nor a high-ranking official ever called for a coup.

    When Pinochet carried out a coup in Chile, the US government supported the coup later.And not that President Nixon said: “There must be a coup”.

    This is the first time in history. This indicates how desperate the White House is. This is a very delicate matter.

    What am I doing? I fulfil my duties as a supreme commander under the Constitution, rallying the national Bolivarian armed forces. And the Bolivarian armed forces demonstrate a lesson in morality, loyalty, and discipline.

    We will win a big victory — (establish) stability, peace, and loyalty in Venezuela.

    Sputnik: You talked about the possibility of a dialogue with the opposition. Who could be a mediator if it takes place?

    Nicolas Maduro: There are several governments, organisations in the world that demonstrate their sincere concern about what is happening in Venezuela, they have called for a dialogue.

    The governments of Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia, Russia, the Vatican, some European governments support (call for) a dialogue.

    I sent official letters so that they maintain a dialogue in Venezuela — where they want, when they want and in the form in which they want.

    I am ready to sit down at the negotiating table with the opposition so that we can talk about what benefits Venezuela, for the world and its future.
    Sputnik: Has there been a response from any country?

    Nicolas Maduro: At this stage, we are talking about private negotiations, phone calls between presidents, the heads of foreign ministries.

    Our foreign minister is very active. We hope that there will be positive results in the coming hours.

    Sputnik: Has your government requested financial assistance from the governments of Russia and China in recent days?

    Nicolas Maduro: We have good financial relations with China and Russia, and they will develop.

    Relationships on financial cooperation in the area of wheat, for example. They finance, and we pay for it on time. Russian wheat has been very successful in Venezuela. This is cooperation for food security and independence.

    China is financing oil production, and we hope to increase Chinese financing in the coming months. We count on strong support from China and Russia for the economic development of Venezuela.

    Sputnik: Can your government guarantee that loans given by Russia and China will be returned?

    Nicolas Maduro: Venezuela pays, and always on time.

  66. KathJuliane January 31, 2019 @ 9:08 pm

    Grey Zone: Is the US Meddling in Venezuela? Max Blumenthal Asks US Congress Members.

    “I don’t think so. We’re the superpower of the world.”

    Amidst Russiagate fever, the Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal heads to Capitol Hill to ask members of Congress if they think the US is meddling in Venezuela’s political system.

    The Trump administration had recently recognized the president of the country’s National Assembly as interim president of the nation and intensified sanctions on the country.

  67. KathJuliane February 1, 2019 @ 4:02 pm

    Counterpunch — Elliott Abrams: A Human Rights Horror Show in Three Acts

    Originally published at Counterpunch

    Date: February 1, 2019
    Author: Brett Wilkins

    Last Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Elliott Abrams would once again be returning to government, this time as President Donald Trump’s special envoy to help “fully restore democracy and prosperity” to Venezuela.

    Abrams, 71, is best known for abetting dictators and genocide in Latin America and for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal during the Ronald Reagan administration, as well as for his ardent support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and for green-lighting a failed coup in Venezuela while serving in the George W. Bush administration.

    He is as reviled by countless Latin Americans as he is revered among neocons who pine for a more muscular US role in the hemisphere and beyond.

    What follows is an overview of the human rights horror show that has been Abrams’ government career, which now spans three presidential administrations over four decades.

    Act I: Dictators, Death Squads and Drug Dealers

    During the last decade of the Cold War, the Reagan administration staunchly supported right-wing military dictatorships throughout Latin America.

    The US was also instrumental in the creation and training of these regimes’ military officers, troops and security forces, some of whom committed assassinations, massacres and even genocidal violence with tacit, and sometimes open, American backing.

    The Reagan administration also covertly — and illegally — supported the brutal Contra rebels as they waged a terrorist war against the democratically elected government of Nicaragua.

    This was the state of affairs at the State Department when Abrams was hired in 1981, first as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs and then as Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs.

    No Reagan administration official worked harder to subvert human rights in the Americas than Elliott Abrams.

    After the Atlacatl Battalion, an elite Salvadoran army unit created at the US Army School of the Americas, carried out a series of horrific massacres including the wholesale slaughter of more than 900 villagers at El Mozote in December 1981, Abrams praised the murderous battalion’s “professionalism” while attacking reports of casualty figures and the journalists who reported them.

    He also whitewashed Contra atrocities as well as those of the genocidal regime of General Efrían Ríos Montt in Guatemala, the Argentinian military junta — which was stealing and selling the babies of its victims at the time — and other pro-US, anti-communist regimes.

    Abrams was point man on Reagan’s Panama pivot, in which drug-dealing dictator General Manuel Noriega was quickly transformed from friend to foe.

    When asked in October 1987 if the US was trying to destabilize Noriega’s regime, Abrams replied with a straight face that “Panama should not be run by a general; it should be run by an elected civilian government.”

    Meanwhile, the US supported military dictatorships across the region and around the world while going out of its way — and outside the law — to destroy the elected civilian government in neighboring Nicaragua.

    Late in 1986 the world learned of a secret arms-for-hostages deal between the Reagan administration and US archenemy Iran. The US also used proceeds from the arms sale to fund the Contras, who also trafficked drugs to bankroll their insurgency.

    Both the Iran deal and supporting the Contra terrorists were illegal. It would emerge that Abrams, who worked closely with key Iran-Contra criminal Colonel Oliver North, knew about North’s efforts to illegally assist the Contras and was “directly involved in secretly seeking third-country contributions” to the rebels.

    Reagan was infuriated by press snooping into this dirty Contra war. Once again, the president called on his attack dog Abrams, who launched a smear campaign against Robert Parry and Brian Barger of the Associated Press, two of the first journalists who reported on Contra drug running.

    The pair were even falsely accused of poisoning Oliver North’s dog to death.

    Federal prosecutors prepared multiple felony counts against Abrams for his role in the scandal but he was never indicted; instead he cooperated with the government and struck a deal in which he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of withholding information from Congress.

    Neither Abrams nor any of the five other Reagan officials who pleaded guilty in the scandal ever spent a day in prison for their crimes; President George H. W. Bush, who as Reagan’s vice president was himself deeply involved in the Iran-Contra affair, pardoned them all on Christmas Eve in 1992.

    Act II: Neoconned

    In 1997, prominent neoconservatives William Kristol and Robert Kagan founded the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a think tank dedicated to “the promotion of American global leadership.”

    PNAC’s roster featured many neocon hawks who would later serve in the George W. Bush administration, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton and Elliot Abrams, who was appointed Senior Director for Democracy, Human Rights and International Operations at the National Security Council in June 2001.

    Many of PNAC’s goals — which included regime change in Iraq — aligned perfectly with George W. Bush’s aggressive post-9/11 foreign policy and PNAC members including Abrams found their power and standing elevated as the US entered the era of never-ending war on terrorism.

    But before Iraq there was the matter of a failed coup against Hugo Chávez, the democratically elected president of Venezuela whose socialist reforms — which included nationalizing foreign commercial assets to fund programs of social uplift — infuriated Washington and Wall Street.

    According to the UK Observer, Abrams had advance knowledge of, and approved, the military coup that removed Chávez from power for 47 hours in April 2002.

    The coup plotters, who backed pro-US businessman Pedro Carmona for president, reportedly visited the White House several times, with the Bush administration rushing to recognize the illegitimate Carmona regime before Chávez loyalists quickly quashed the brief revolt.

    As Bush’s special Middle East adviser, Abrams was one of the key intellectual architects of the 2003 US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq.

    He had long been an enthusiastic advocate of overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s regime, co-authoring a 1998 letter to President Bill Clinton urging regime change in Baghdad.

    Iraq wasn’t the only Middle Eastern nation that Abrams helped destabilize.

    The staunch Zionist, who ran the NSC’s Israel/Palestine desk, has been accused of leading the Bush administration’s effort to subvert the 2006 Palestinian elections to block the formation of a Fatah-Hamas unity government.

    “It was during Abrams’ tenure in the NSC that the United States lost all credibility as an honest broker among Palestinians,” Eric Alterman wrote in The Nation in 2013.

    Act III: Prelude to Regime Change?

    President Trump’s hiring of Abrams has perplexed many observers, not only because the president previously rejected him for being critical of his candidacy but also because Trump has repeatedly voiced disdain for neoconservatism.

    The president has called the Iraq war the “worst single mistake” in US foreign policy history and time and again has roundly rejected core neoconservative ideals including nation building and the spreading of democracy. [It’s “the worst single mistake” because in Trump’s opinion, to the victor goes the spoils, and “We didn’t take the oil.” In other words, the Iraq War was a money loser for Mr. Transactional Trump. – Kj]

    Nevertheless, Abrams is now the second prominent Bush-era neoconservative after National Security Advisor John Bolton to be hired by Trump.

    This is an ominous development for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and the millions of Venezuelans who still support him and the Bolivarian Revolution despite his increasingly authoritarian rule.

    Last September, the New York Times reported Trump administration officials held secret talks with coup-minded Venezuelan military officers to discuss overthrowing Maduro.

    If Trump, who has repeatedly raised the possibility of invading Venezuela, embraces regime change in Caracas — which many believe he already has by recognizing presidential pretender Juan Guaidó — Abrams will certainly play a starring role in what is sure to be a brutally bloody affair.

    It will be a fitting third act in the human rights horror show that is Elliott Abrams’ appalling career.

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    Dear Brother Nathaneal,

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    Do you have a bookstore where you stay that might have them?

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