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Trump’s Row With Google

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Trump’s Row With Google
September 12, 2018

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Brother Nathanael @ September 11, 2018


  1. Brother Nathanael September 11, 2018 @ 9:43 pm


    Trump’s Row With Google

    Trump took to Twitter with a new target: Google.

    His row is with Search-Results which he calls ‘rigged.’

    [Clip: “President Donald Trump is targeting Google. ‘They have it rigged for me and others.’ ‘Well, I think that Google, and Facebook, and Twitter, I think they treat conservatives and Republicans very unfairly.'”]

    “Trump News Results,” sez the prez, “are from left-wing media, like CNN,” who after gutting every conservative voice, act as if they’re squeaky clean.

    [Clip: “This is all part of the President’s appeal toward his base kind of placing an “us versus them.” The same sort of thing that he does with the media, painting these big groups that work in these centers of San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles as the “them” that are against the President and his supporters when that’s not necessarily the case.”]

    There they go again.

    Those “deplorables” that Hillary dissed are paraded again as all that matters to Trump, rather than him bringing to light buried issues.

    CNN got some competition.

    A WSJ headline reports that various State Attorney Generals are talking “antitrust regulations;” “breaking up Google” and “stopping suppression of conservative speech.”

    The article targets the big three Information Gateways:

    Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Where you be, Sundar? [Clip]

    [“More breaking news now after President Trump hammers Google censorship. Its CEO making a move, a defiant move he will regret forever. Bloomberg reports that Google’s Sundar Pichai is now facing bi-partisan criticism for refusing to testify at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing next week, but the panel’s chairman signaled he’s unlikely to issue a subpoena to force the chief executive officer to appear. I say subpoena the guy.”]

    Waste of time.

    It’s Google’s parent company, Alphabet…in toto, with whom Trump has to do.

    Now tell me, whatever happened to Sergei Brin and Larry Page?

    You don’t see them anymore.

    Did they fall off the face of the earth?

    And, did they ever really own Google?

    For as Stanford students in the 90’s they shaped their craft in a top research university that does lots of R&D for the Pentagon and Intelligence Agencies.

    But Zuckerberg is a whole different story. [Clip]

    [“Mr. Zuckerberg, I will say there are a great many Americans who I think are deeply concerned that, that Facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship. There have been numerous instances with Facebook. In May of 2016, Gizmodo reported that Facebook had purposely and routinely suppressed conservative stories from trending news, including stories about CPAC, including stories about Mitt Romney, including stories about the Lois Lerner-IRS scandal, including stories about Glen Beck.”

    “In addition to that, Facebook has initially shut down the Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day page, has blocked a post of a Fox News reporter, has blocked over two dozen Catholic pages, and most recently blocked Trump supporters Diamond and Silk’s page with 1.2 million Facebook followers after determining their content and brand were quote ‘unsafe to the community.’ To a great many Americans, that appears to be a pervasive pattern of political bias. Do you agree with that assessment?”

    “Senator, let me say a few things about this. First, I understand where that concern is coming from, because Facebook and the tech industry are located in Silicon Valley which is an extremely left-leaning place. This is is actually a concern that I have and try to root out in the company is making sure that we don’t have, um, any bias in the work that we do. And I think it is a fair concern that, um that people would, would, would at least wonder about this. Now–”

    “Let me, let me ask this question. Are you aware of any ad or page that has been taken down from Planned Parenthood?” “Senator, I’m, I’m not. But let me just — can I finish?” “How about”


    “How about”

    “I’m not specifically aware of those.”]

    George Soros, Zuck—the hidden hand behind—branded for allegedly funding Antifa and other, sometimes violent, anti-Trump protest groups.

    [Clip: “How about any Democratic candidate for office?”

    “I’m not specifically aware. I mean, I’m not, I’m not sure.”]


    Let’s hammer a few more nails in the censorship coffin.

    Since Social Media are vehicles for person-to-person communications–put them on par with Telecommunication Companies which operate as ‘quasi-public utilities’ that provide wide communal services.

    You’re not banned, yet, for being ‘politically incorrect’ by AT&T when you use your phone.

    The paradigm should apply to the Information Gateways—not by Big Gov—but by all of us net-heads who deserve a free flow of information.

    “Oh,” the tech giants cry, “we’re private and can do what we decide!”

    But bakeries are public?

    C’mon, The tech giants are inflicting pervasive censorship while hiding behind “oh, we’re private and privileged.”

    They’re only “private” because America has a Constitution that permits companies to be private.

    Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.

    If you live under the Constitution, tech giants, then…live and let live, and kill censorship before it kills you.

  2. Brother Nathanael September 11, 2018 @ 9:44 pm

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  7. Brother Nathanael September 11, 2018 @ 9:58 pm


  8. Brother Nathanael September 11, 2018 @ 9:58 pm

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  9. Brother Nathanael September 11, 2018 @ 9:59 pm

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    Eventually, it may also be necessary to create a parallel internet backbone depending on funding and level of censorship.

    Phase 4:
    A financial transaction system will ultimately be necessary, providing access to funding and payment transfers between BrotherNet users.

    Phase 5:
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  10. Brother Nathanael September 11, 2018 @ 9:59 pm

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    An idea whose time has come

  11. B September 11, 2018 @ 11:26 pm


    How many petition signatures would be needed to influence Congress to sponsor an investigation into the cause of the red molten steel that was observed at the World Trade Center on and after 9-11-2001 ?

  12. Lugu September 12, 2018 @ 12:19 am

    Another eloquent and succinct presentation from Brother Nathanael.

    You never cease to amaze me, brother. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Bless you and protect you, always.

    PS: It’s gonna be fun to see JEWggle and Jewtoob reaction on this video and I won’t be surprised if JewToob decide to delete this video within 24 hours.

  13. KathJuliane September 12, 2018 @ 12:54 am

    RT: Syrian state YouTube channels ‘terminated’ amid fears of looming false-flag chem attack

    A number of Syrian state and media-linked YouTube accounts have gone dark, as the battle for Idlib looms amid Russia’s warnings of an imminent false-flag chemical attack and Western preparations for retaliatory strikes.

  14. T W Huning September 12, 2018 @ 12:58 am

    You forgot to give Markie a blue hexagram of David (Ben-Gurion).

  15. Israhell September 12, 2018 @ 1:15 am

    Giraldi: Israel’s Fifth Column

    Exercising control from inside the government

    Excerpt: The OTFI (Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence) story is outrageous, but it is far from unique. There is a history of American Jews closely attached to Israel being promoted by powerful and cash rich domestic lobbies to act on behalf of the Jewish state.

    To be sure, Jews who are Zionists are vastly overrepresented in all government agencies that have anything at all to do with the Middle East and one can reasonably argue that the Republican and Democratic Parties are in the pockets of Jewish billionaires named Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban.

    Neoconservatives, most of whom are Jewish, infiltrated the Pentagon under the Reagan Administration and they and their heirs in government and media (Doug Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, Richard Perle, Bill Kristol) were major players in the catastrophic war with Iraq, which, one of the architects of that war, Philip Zelikow, described in 2004 as being all about Israel. The same people are now in the forefront of urging war with Iran.

    American policy towards the Middle East is largely being managed by a small circle of Orthodox Jews working for presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner.

    One of them, David Friedman, is currently U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

    Friedman, a bankruptcy lawyer who has no diplomatic or foreign policy credentials, is a Zionist Jew who is also a supporter of the illegal settlements on the West Bank and a harsh critic of other Jews who in any way disagree with the Israeli government.

    He has contributed money to settlement construction, which would be illegal if OTFI were doing its job, and has consistently defended the settlers while condemning the Palestinians in speeches in Israel. He endlessly and ignorantly repeats Israeli government talking points and has tried to change the wording of State Department communications, seeking to delete the word “occupied” when describing Israel’s control of the West Bank.

    His humanity does not extend beyond his Jewishness, defending the Israeli shooting thousands of unarmed Gazan protesters and the bombing of schools, hospitals and cultural centers. How he represents the United States and its citizens who are not dual nationals must be considered a mystery.



  16. KathJuliane September 12, 2018 @ 12:33 pm

    Haaretz: Pro-Israel Group Secretly Ran Misleading Facebook Ads to Target Palestinian-American Poet

    Anonymous digital campaigns appear to be a central part of the advocacy group Israel on Campus Coalition’s efforts to combat pro-Palestinian activism on U.S. campuses

    In 2016, as Palestinian-American poet Remi Kanazi performed at college campuses around the United States, his appearances seemed to spark student protests.

    Before his visit to John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, a page called “John Jay Students Against Hate” appeared on Facebook with Kanazi’s face next to a uniformed cop, painting Kanazi as anti-police.

    When Kanazi crossed the country a few days later to visit San Jose State, a nearly-identical Facebook page popped up, this one called “SJSU Students Against Hate,” with Kanazi’s face superimposed over an image of military graves. Paid Facebook campaigns promoted both pages.

    Despite their names, the Facebook campaigns were run by professional Washington D.C. political operatives who work for a group called the Israel on Campus Coalition, according to promotional materials obtained by ProPublica and the Forward.

    In the materials, which the ICC distributed to its donors, the group describes each of the Facebook pages as an “anonymous digital campaign.” The group says it paid to promote the campaign, which reached tens of thousands of people.

    The social media campaigns provide another example of how well-funded advocacy organizations are using deceptive strategies to promote their cause online. The ICC launched these campaigns during the 2016 election season, at the same time that entities linked to the Russian government bought misleading Facebook ads on a range of political issues.

    The ICC didn’t respond to requests for comment. The group had a budget of $9 million in its fiscal year ending in June 2017, according to federal tax filings. Its funders include the foundations of billionaire Republican donor Paul Singer and philanthropist Lynn Schusterman.

    Asked about the Israel on Campus Coalition pages, a Facebook spokesman said they “violate our policies against misrepresentation and they have been removed.”

    In response to criticism of Russia-linked ads, Facebook recently created new rules requiring disclosure of who is paying for political ads on the site. How the company defines what is political remains murky.

    Anonymous digital campaigns appear to be a central part of the ICC’s efforts to combat pro-Palestinian activism on U.S. campuses. This past spring, the ICC appears to have set up at least one anonymous website to oppose a George Washington University student government resolution that called on the school to divest its endowment from certain companies that students said were profiting from Israeli violations of Palestinian rights, the Forward reported.

    The ICC’s leaders discussed their covert social media tactics in an unaired Al Jazeera documentary featuring hidden camera footage of Washington, D.C. pro-Israel advocacy officials.

    “With the anti-Israel people, what’s most effective, what we found at least in the last year, is you do the opposition research, put up some anonymous website, and then put up targeted Facebook ads,” said the ICC’s executive director, Jacob Baime, in the Al Jazeera documentary, which was filmed in 2016. The film was viewed by ProPublica and the Forward.

    Baime also said in the documentary that his organization’s work is based on a doctrine used to fight Al Qaeda and the Taliban. “It’s modeled on General Stanley McChrystal’s counterinsurgency strategy,” Baime said. “We’ve copied a lot from that strategy that has been working really well for us, actually.”

    McChrystal, who led the U.S. military’s special forces and the NATO war effort in Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010, emphasized so-called “offensive information operations” to embarrass and discredit violent insurgents.

    The Al Jazeera documentary, in which a journalist went undercover as an intern for a pro-Israel advocacy group in Washington, has been the subject of months of international intrigue and has never been aired by the network. Decrying the undercover tactics, pro-Israel groups and members of Congress have pushed back against the documentary series and Qatar, which funds Al Jazeera.

    The network, which has faced public criticism from its own journalists for not airing the documentary, said in April it did not buckle under pressure from a pro-Israel group in deciding not to broadcast the program. A spokesman didn’t respond to requests for comment.

    Footage in the documentary also shows ICC officials describing their working relationship with the Israeli government.

    Baime says in the documentary that ICC officials “coordinate” or “communicate” with Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, an Israeli government department that has become the hub of the Israeli government’s overt and covert efforts against the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement in the U.S. and around the world. A spokesman for the agency didn’t respond to requests for comment.

    In the same hidden camera footage, Ian Hersh, the ICC’s director of operations, said that the Ministry of Strategic Affairs participates in the group’s “Operations and Intelligence Brief,” a regular strategy meeting.

    In recent days, some aspects of the Al Jazeera documentary as well as a short clip have been posted on the website Electronic Intifada, a pro-Palestinian news site whose executive director, Ali Abunimah, appears as an interviewee in the film.

    Baime and Hersh didn’t respond to requests for comment about the footage of them in the documentary.

    The ICC’s online efforts against Kanazi, the Palestinian-American poet, began in November 2016 while he was touring college campuses to promote his book, “Before the Next Bomb Drops: Rising Up From Brooklyn to Palestine.”

    According to the ICC’s donor materials, the group identified and worked with a non-Jewish military veteran and San Jose State University student to write a blog post critical of Kanazi. The precise nature of the group’s work with the student is unclear from the donor materials, and the student did not respond to requests for comment.

    The ICC then created and paid to promote the “SJSU Students Against Hate” page, which linked to the blog post.

    “Kanazi preaches hate on the campuses he visits,” the student wrote in the post, which appeared on the website Medium and has since been deleted.

    Kanazi said that he does not recall being aware of the anonymous Facebook pages at the time. “These insidious tactics are part of a larger campaign to smear students, professors, and anyone who dares speak up for Palestinian human rights at universities,” he said in an email.

  17. KathJuliane September 12, 2018 @ 1:10 pm

    The takeaway from this article is not that it involved Black Lives Matter, it could be any activist group that Jews don’t like, but is proof-positive that Israhell’s government is directly involved with their meddling, sabotage and astroturfing causing ever increasing levels of corruption of American politics.

    When, oh when, is AIPAC and it’s Likudnik wing the Israel American Council (IAC) going to be forced to register as a foreign agent, along with every other Israel-firster Jewish organization, lobby group, and synagogue?
    And Hagee, too. And Judeo-christian evangelical Israhell-worshipers. And about 98% of Congress. And Dershowitz.

    Life in the United States of Adelson

    ~~~*~~~ Censored Documentary Exposes the Israeli Government’s Attack on Black Lives Matter

    Exclusive footage from the censored Al Jazeera documentary, “The Lobby – USA,” shows Israeli government officials taking credit for attacks on Black Lives Matter and reveals an Israel lobbyist explaining how his organization shut down a BLM fundraiser

    By Max Blumenthal

    When the Movement for Black Lives released a platform in August 2016 that supported the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement and identified Israel as an apartheid state engaged in a project of genocide against Palestinians, the Israeli government snapped into action.

    Previously unreleased footage from Al Jazeera’s censored investigative documentary, “The Lobby – USA,” shows Israeli diplomats complaining about the Black Lives Matter “problem” and boasting about their cultivation of established black civil rights activists as pro-Israel proxies.

    The footage also reveals how the Israel lobby orchestrated the sudden cancellation of a Black Lives Matter fundraiser at a New York City nightclub.

    Recruiting black communal leaders into Israel’s war on Black Lives Matter

    Just days after the Movement for Black Lives released its pro-BDS platform, Al Jazeera’s undercover reporter, James Kleinfeld (who appears as “Tony” in the documentary), attended the 2016 conference of the Israel American Council, or IAC.

    Organized as a coalition of the most hardline Israel lobby groups in the US, from Christians United For Israel to the Israel on Campus Coalition, the IAC functions as the right-wing, pro-Likud supplement to AIPAC. With a massive cash infusion from pro-Israel oligarchs such as Sheldon Adelson and Adam Milstein, the IAC has emerged as one of the most powerful arms of Israel lobbying in America.

    Kleinfeld attended a break-out session at the IAC conference that was packed with Israeli diplomats serving at consulates across the US. Their anxiety about the Movement for Black Lives platform statement was palpable.

    “The major problem with Israel is with the young generation of the black community — Black Lives Matter starts there,” stated Judith Varnai Shorer, the Israeli consul general in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Shorer boasted that she and other government officials were taking decisive measures to drive a wedge between established black community leadership and the new generation gravitating towards Black Lives Matter.

    “I had last week a sit down dinner at my house for forty people which I considered the leadership of the black community,” the Israeli diplomat recalled. “Many very important people [were there]. They can be part of our doing and activities.”

    Andy David, the Israeli consul general in San Francisco, California, described how he personally recruited Clarence B. Jones, the former lawyer for Martin Luther King Jr., as an advocate for Israel.

    “He’s somebody that I reached out to,” David said of Jones. “He became a close and personal friend. Because of that relationship he published three articles in the Huffington Post explaining why their agenda was hijacked.”

    The articles David was referring to were a series of editorials Jones published in the Huffington Post during August 2017. Jones wrote as a civil rights elder concerned that linking efforts against police violence to the Palestinian struggle would disrupt community relations with Jews. He did not acknowledge his apparent relationship to the Israeli government or any input from Israeli officials.

    “While the Black Lives Matters Movement may want to encourage the end of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands, we respectfully suggest that they should not make this a central or major issue in their current struggle for Police accountability for the repeated and successive shootings Blacks across America,” Jones argued.

    While Jones’ editorials had negligible impact within Black Lives Matter circles, he represented an important asset for an Israel lobby that feared losing the support of black communal leadership. In 2014, when Jones was honored at the Israeli consulate in New York City, he claimed that “Martin Luther King Jr. would have supported Israel today.”

    Al Jazeera cancels “The Lobby – USA,” footage leaks out

    In hopes of preventing the public from seeing the full breadth of its political subterfuge, including spying on American citizens in coordination with Israel’s Ministry of Strategy Affairs, the Israel lobby initiated a pressure campaign to prevent Al Jazeera’s release of “The Lobby – USA.”

    The campaign consisted of visits by high profile Israel lobbyists Alan Dershowitz and Morton Klein to Doha, as well as threats from Congress to force Al Jazeera to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act if it aired the documentary. Qatar has since donated $250,000 to Klein’s Zionist Organization of America and other hardline Israel lobby outfits.

    An August 29 article by the Wall Street Journal reported that Dershowitz and Klein were among 250 influential pro-Trump figures targeted by a Qatari lobbying blitz after the wealthy kingdom fell under embargo by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The Qatari royal family’s goal was to preserve its relationship with the Washington by cultivating support within Trump’s inner circle, especially among his most hardline pro-Israel political fixers.

    Electronic Intifada reported in June that Qatar had decided to nix “The Lobby” over “national security concerns.” According to reporters Asa Winstanley and Ali Abunimah, Qatari royals fretted that that release of the documentary could be a factor in provoking the US to pull its Al Udeid Airbase from the Gulf country at a time when it was under diplomatic attack by Saudi Arabia and UAE, both close allies of Israel and the US.

    Despite the ban, pieces of the documentary have begun to trickle out. This August 27, Electronic Intifada released footage identifying Adam Milstein as a moving force behind the malicious anti-Palestinian blacklisting operation known as Canary Mission. The report came on the heels of a Grayzone exclusive naming pro-Israel lawyer Howard David Sterling as the owner of Canary Mission’s web domain.

    More recently, the Grayzone released footage from “The Lobby – USA” showing Emergency Committee for Israel executive director Noak Pollak teaming up with the right-wing Hoover Institution to pay protesters to heckle a 2016 conference of Students for Justice in Palestine.

    Reporter Alain Gresh has published a detailed review of the censored documentary at Le Monde Diplomatique. He confirmed an Electronic Intifada report from this March that the film revealed Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs director-general Sima Vaknin-Gil describing the neoconservative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) as an unregistered agent of Israeli intelligence in its war against the BDS movement.

    “Data gathering, information analysis, working on activist organizations, money trail. This is something that only a country, with its resources, can do the best. We have FDD. We have others working on this.” Vaknin-Gil stated in footage contained in the film.

    Haaretz editor Amir Tibon has also covered the exclusive reports on the suppressed documentary by Grayzone and Electronic Intifada.

    Amir Tibon

    Based on these excerpts (haven’t watched anything else) it feels like the “deal” some Jewish groups cut with Qatar to censor the movie was a mistake, serious “own goal”. Makes the whole thing much more mysterious and fascinates the imagination

    10:51 AM – Aug 30, 2018

  18. KathJuliane September 12, 2018 @ 7:21 pm

    Oh, no. The self-appointed Three Branches of the Technocracy – Facebook, Google, and YouTube – aren’t politically biased at all.

    In the first few minutes, spinmeister Sergey Brin tells a big fib, that he’s a “refugee” who left “oppression” in Russia. No. During the dissident Soviet 70s at the age of six his entire Russian Jewish family immigrated through normal INS channels from Moscow to America in a relatively short period of time, unlike what happened to other ‘refuseniks’ who were sent to the gulags, internally exiled, or else allowed to emigrate somewhere else as an exile, to name some of the punishments.

    No. Brin’s family was neither “refugee” or political “exilee”. While it is true that there was a general central government crackdown on the dissident movement itself, there was not targeted suppression of the Sovetskiye yevrei — Soviet Jews qua Jews per se.

    The term refusenik is derived from the “refusal” handed down to a prospective emigrant from the Soviet and Eastern Bloc authorities, and were typically but not exclusively Soviet Jews. One of the most famous of the dissenters and exilees is the late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Orthodox Christian author and critic of communism and the Soviet Union.

    During the same period of time there was a major wave of migration to Israel. For the purposes of loading Palestinian demographics in the favor of Jews, many of the Sovetskiye yevrei and their families made “aliyah” under the very liberal state’s rules. They were a legal Jew eligible for Israeli citizenship if one of their grandparents was racially Jewish, even if they didn’t qualify as a Jew under Rabbinic religious rules.

    In September 1978, Sergey’s father applied for an exit visa for the family, and according to Sergey his father was immediately fired from his job by the Soviet government. The family had to make do with odd jobs, but in May 1979, the Brin family was granted their official exit visas and then immigrated to America.

    The Brins did not come to America on refugee status. That’s not how it’s done. I’ve known a couple of former Soviet families who came to America in the 80s as real refugees, and its a much different process handled through the US State Department, not the US immigration authorities.

    During the last wave of government crackdowns during the early blossoming of the spiritual revival of the Orthodox Church, one former Sovietsky refugee family of crypto-Christians I knew defected in the 1980s and requested asylum at the US embassy while then on an authorized vacation in Italy as a reward for being good Party members with 25 years of good standing.

    Anyway, this video of the triggered Joogle employee group hug and support group is watermarked “confidential and for internal use only” and fits exceedingly well with +BN’s exposure of Zuckerberg the Weasel.



    Breitbart Exclusive: LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election

    A video [only on Breitbart] recorded by Google shortly after the 2016 presidential election reveals an atmosphere of panic and dismay amongst the tech giant’s leadership, coupled with a determination to thwart both the Trump agenda and the broader populist movement emerging around the globe.

    The video is a full recording of Google’s first all-hands meeting following the 2016 election (these weekly meetings are known inside the company as “TGIF” or “Thank God It’s Friday” meetings).

    Sent to Breitbart News by an anonymous source, it features co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, VPs Kent Walker and Eileen Naughton, CFO Ruth Porat, and CEO Sundar Pichai. It can be watched in full above. It can and should be watched in full above in order to get the full context of the meeting and the statements made.

    It was reported earlier this week that Google tried to boost turnout among the Latino population to help Hillary Clinton, only to be dismayed as the usually solid Democratic voting bloc switched to the GOP in record numbers. This video shows a similar level of dismay among Google’s most high-profile figures.

    These individuals, who preside over a company with unrivaled influence over the flow of information, can be seen disparaging the motivations of Trump voters and plotting ways to use their vast resources to thwart the Trump agenda. …

    More with video and printed key moments:


    Too bad. So sad.

  19. KathJuliane September 12, 2018 @ 10:01 pm

    American Herald Tribune: Alternative Media under Attack: American Herald Tribune another Target on the List

    Facebook Removes American Herald Tribune Page

    Alternative media is under attack. It seems that the US government and its allies do not find it suffice to control mainstream media, and is, in fact, desperate to shut down any alternative media that speaks the truth.

    Two weeks ago, the Gmail of the alternative media outlet, American Herald Tribune was shut down without prior notice. Google stopped serving ads on the website.

    Suddenly afterward the website’s Facebook page was shut down (not so surprising! Read the Washington Post op-ed by Mark Zuckerberg and it should remove any ambiguity).

    As with similar cases for other alternative media, the American Herald Tribune team should expect to see their Twitter account down anytime soon. This is not the first case of online “aggression” towards alternative media outlets. Alternative media is under serious attack.

    Freshly, the prominent TeleSur program The Empire Files was shut down as a consequence of US sanctions imposed on Venezuela.

    Meanwhile, Facebook and other social media giants have been censoring and concealing content that doesn’t fit the corporate media narrative and exposes the censorship of mainstream media.

    A Facebook page containing pro-Palestinian posts has been taken down by the social media giant, of course only one of a string of pages that have been shut down.

    The closure of the Occupy London page, which has garnered more than 150k followers since its opening in 2011, follows the “continual removal of posts related to Palestine”, an Occupy London spokesperson had said.

    According to an Intercept report, of some 158 requests made by Tel Aviv to Facebook (over just four months) for the removal of Palestinian content, 95 percent were granted.

    Mark Zuckerberg himself acknowledged that Facebook has become little more than a vehicle for US government censorship and Western propaganda.

    Zuckerberg admitted in an op-ed he wrote for the Washington Post that “protecting democracy” is an “arms race” and reaffirmed Facebook’s commitment to winning.

    Frankly speaking, Mark admitted that Facebook and social media outlets are weapons of hegemony.

    The US is not only launching an economic war and hard military war against states here and there on the planet, but has also decided to continue its war in the virtual world, all taking place amid international community silence.

    Help keep the American Herald Tribune online by sharing every article across your social media and following the new page:

  20. Dave September 13, 2018 @ 2:15 am

    Dr Duke & Christian Theologian Blake Sawyer Explode the Sick, Evil Insanity of Christian Zionists – who tell us to Support the Anti-Christ for Jesus!

  21. Citizenfitz September 13, 2018 @ 7:37 pm

    Does anyone else think Zuckerberg’s mug at times betrays bad wiring? He’s an odd one. More of a machine than a human being.

    Bro, keep an eye on your POB – the check is in the mail. Not as much as I’d like to have sent – but happily, things are getting better here.

  22. Citizenfitz September 13, 2018 @ 7:51 pm

    Today is the feast day of the mighty Saint John Chrysostom. Folks here might want to read what he had to say about the Tribe. He would be with us here at RJN too were he still alive.

    “The Jewish people were driven by their drunkenness and plumpness to the ultimate evil; they kicked about (like wild cows), they failed to accept the yoke of Christ, nor did they pull the plow of his teaching. Another prophet hinted at this when he said: “Israel is as obstinate as a stubborn heifer.”

    “Although such beasts are unfit for work, they are fit for killing. And this is what happened to the Jews: while they were making themselves unfit (for the work of God), they did grow fit for slaughter. This is the reason Christ said [through His parable about a king] ‘But as for these my enemies, who did not want me to be king over them, bring them here and slay them before me.’” – St. John Chrysostom

  23. Anthony Clifton September 14, 2018 @ 12:00 pm

    Matthew 13:39-43

    39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

    40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

    41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

    42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

    The eternal ovens of truth are warming up…

  24. KathJuliane September 14, 2018 @ 12:38 pm

    About one-quarter of the way down the home page: Chrysostom Adversus Judaeos

  25. KathJuliane September 14, 2018 @ 1:17 pm

    Everywhere one searches for virtually non-existent “Russian meddling” into American politics, you step on camouflaged and booby-trapped smelly Jew hasbarat turds that sticks to your shoe and can’t shake off.

    Their stink stays on you and penetrates everything until you throw the shoes away.

    Ewwww. The worst part of it is, our two-headed anti-human War Party political elites hold out their hands to the Jew Lobby and lie, telling you in all sincerity that your nose is lying, and that it’s just the misunderstood odor of ‘stinking rose’ [garlic].
    “So we have a lot of side projects that we are trying to influence the public debate with.” — Jordan Schactel, ex-The Israel Project (TIP) hasbarat.

    Good old two-faced Fakebook.


    “Israel Project provides what it calls ‘white label’ — unbranded [pro-Israel] content to other outlets [that the then publish with their own name on it].”

    “The Israel brand is increasingly toxic. So you can’t sell Israel directly. You have to other hip stuff that’s very inocuous, fun, and then from time to time you’re going to slip something about Israel in.”

    Electronic Intifada: Censored Film Reveals The Israel Project’s Secret Facebook Campaign

    By Ali Abunimah and Asa Winstanley

    The Israel Project, a major advocacy group based in Washington, is running a secret influence campaign on Facebook.

    This is revealed in The Lobby – USA, an undercover Al Jazeera documentary that has never been broadcast due to censorship by Qatar following pressure from pro-Israel organizations.

    The video above, exclusive to The Electronic Intifada, shows the latest excerpts to leak from the documentary.

    Earlier leaked footage published by The Electronic Intifada and the Grayzone Project has already revealed underhanded tactics by anti-Palestinian groups planned and executed in collusion with the Israeli government.

    In the newest clips, David Hazony, the managing director of The Israel Project, is heard telling Al Jazeera’s undercover reporter: “There are also things that we do that are completely off the radar. We work together with a lot of other organizations.”

    “We produce content that they then publish with their own name on it,” Hazony adds.

    A major part of the operation is the creation of a network of Facebook “communities” focused on history, the environment, world affairs and feminism that appear to have no connection to pro-Israel advocacy, but are used by The Israel Project to spread pro-Israel messaging.

    — “Secretive thing”

    In a conversation also revealed in the leaked video excerpts, Jordan Schachtel, who worked for The Israel Project at the time, tells the undercover Al Jazeera reporter about the logic and extent of the covert Facebook operation.

    The undercover reporter, known as “Tony,” was posing as an intern at The Israel Project.

    “We’re putting together a lot of pro-Israel media through various social media channels that aren’t The Israel Project’s channels,” Schachtel states. “So we have a lot of side projects that we are trying to influence the public debate with.”

    “That’s why it’s a secretive thing,” Schachtel adds. “Because we don’t want people to know that these side projects are associated with The Israel Project.”

    Tony asks if the idea of “all the rest of the non-Israel stuff is to allow the Israel stuff to pass better.”

    “It’s just that we want to like blend in everything,” Schachtel explains.

    One of these Facebook pages, Cup of Jane, has almost half a million followers.

    Cup of Jane’s “About” page describes it as being about “Sugar, spice and everything nice.”

    But there is no disclosure that this is a page run for the purpose of promoting Israel.

    The “About” page does identify Cup of Jane as being “a community launched by TIP’s Future Media Project in DC.”

    There is however no direct and explicit mention of Israel or indication that “TIP” stands for The Israel Project.

    The Electronic Intifada understands that even this vague acknowledgment of who is behind the page was only added after The Israel Project learned about the existence of the Al Jazeera undercover documentary and presumably anticipated being exposed.

    The Israel Project also added an acknowledgment on its own website that it runs the Facebook pages. However its website is not linked from the Facebook pages themselves.

    There is no evidence in the Internet Archive of the page existing before May 2017 – months after “Tony’s” cover was blown.

    According to Schachtel, The Israel Project is putting considerable resources into producing Cup of Jane and a network of similar pages.

    “We have a team of like 13 people. We are working on a lot of videos, explainers,” he tells Tony in Al Jazeera’s documentary. “A lot of it is just random topics and then maybe like 25 percent of it would be like Israel or Jewish-based.”

    Al Jazeera states in the documentary that it “approached all those featured in this program. None of the pro-Israel advocacy organizations or individuals working for them responded to our allegations.”

    — Fake progressives

    Cup of Jane tries to establish progressive credibility by posting pictures and quotations from such Black female icons as Maya Angelou and Ida B. Wells, whom the page honored on her birthday as a “revolutionary thinker, writer and activist.”

    There are also posts about groundbreaking environmentalist Rachel Carson and Emma Gonzalez, who along with classmates launched a national campaign for gun control after surviving the February 2018 high school massacre in Parkland, Florida.

    Woven into the stream of progressive-flavored fluff are attacks on actual progressive movements, such as Chicago’s Dyke March, whose organizers faced an Israel lobby smear campaign after asking pro-Israel provocateurs to leave their march in 2017.

    And a posting in October 2016, soon after the Cup of Jane page was launched, attempted to portray Israeli militarism as cute and empowering for women.

    “The Israeli Airforce has painted fighters pink in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How cool is that?” the post states, accompanied by a photo of an Israeli fighter jet. “This is fierce. Women, by the way, need an air force all their own,” Cup of Jane adds, along with a smiley face.

    Other pages identified by the censored Al Jazeera documentary as run by The Israel Project include Soul Mama, History Bites, We Have Only One Earth and This Explains That.

    Some have hundreds of thousands of followers.

    History Bites does not reveal its affiliation with The Israel Project, not even with the vague formula used by Cup of Jane and the other pages.

    History Bites simply describes itself as conveying “The awesome of History in bite-sized chewable pieces!”

    That page re-posted Cup of Jane posts presenting Golda Meir, the Israeli prime minister who implemented racist and violent policies against indigenous Palestinians, and viewed Palestinian women giving birth as an existential threat, as a feminist hero.

    A 2016 This Explains That video spreads false Israeli claims that the UN cultural agency UNESCO “erased” Jewish and Christian reverence for holy sites in Jerusalem.

    History Bites reposted the video last December stating that it “seems to support President Trump’s declaration today that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish state of Israel.”

    The video has received almost five million views.

    Another video posted by History Bites attempts to justify Israel’s June 1967 surprise attack on Egypt, launching the war in which Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and Syria’s Golan Heights.

    The video describes Israel’s military occupation of East Jerusalem as the city being “reunified” and “liberated.”

    –Israel’s toxic brand

    The Israel Project’s resort to a spoonful of proverbial sugar to try to make pro-Israel messages go down more easily is an acknowledgment of what a tough sell an apartheid state can be.

    As Ali Abunimah, one of the authors of this article, states in the Al Jazeera documentary, “The Israel brand is increasingly toxic, so you can’t sell Israel directly. You have to have other hip stuff that’s just very innocuous, fun and then from time to time you’re going to slip something about Israel in.”

    The Israel Project’s attempts to co-opt progressive sensibilities in the service of Israel, even though its own policies are on the hard right, fit into a wider Israeli strategy, which seeks to divide the left and weaken Palestine solidarity.

    Run by Josh Block, a former Clinton administration official and former senior strategist at the Israel lobby powerhouse AIPAC, one of The Israel Project’s top goals was to scupper the international nuclear deal with Iran.

    The Israel Project’s covert Facebook campaign is manipulative on its face, but is even more cynical given that its mastermind is Gary Rosen.

    For years Rosen ran a virulently homophobic and Islamophobic Twitter account called @ArikSharon – the nickname of the late Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, who was responsible for Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon and the massacres at the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila that same year.

    In transcripts of a recording made by Al Jazeera’s undercover reporter seen by The Electronic Intifada, Rosen acknowledges operating @ArikSharon as a “secret account.”

    Rosen was employed at the global advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi, but in November 2013 joined The Israel Project, where he is responsible for digital strategy.

    Rosen deleted many of the most offensive tweets from the @ArikSharon Twitter feed after he was exposed in 2013 by one of the authors of this article as the person running the account.

    But while operating covert Facebook pages attempting to normalize support for Israel among progressive audiences, Rosen continues to use the @ArikSharon Twitter account to spread right-wing, pro-Israel messaging.

    — Anonymous ads exposed

    This is not the only covert effort by the Israel lobby to use Facebook to achieve its goals.

    A joint report by The Forward and ProPublica reveals that the Israel on Campus Coalition ran anonymous Facebook ads smearing Remi Kanazi, a Palestinian American poet, in advance of his appearances on US campuses.

    The Electronic Intifada was the first to report the Al Jazeera film’s revelations about how the Israel on Campus Coalition’s efforts to smear and harass Palestine solidarity activists are covertly coordinated with the Israeli government.

    A Facebook spokesperson told The Forward and ProPublica that the Israel on Campus Coalition ads targeting Kanazi “violate our policies against misrepresentation and they have been removed.”

    In 2012, The Electronic Intifada exposed a scheme by Israel’s government-backed national student union to pay students to spread pro-Israel propaganda on Facebook. However the current covert effort run by The Israel Project appears to be far more sophisticated.

    Since the 2016 US presidential election, Facebook has been accused of allowing its platform to be used for manipulative Russian-sponsored propaganda aimed at influencing politics and public opinion.

    Despite the hype, these allegations have been grossly overblown or unsubstantiated.

    Nevertheless, Facebook has partnered with the Atlantic Council in an effort to ostensibly crack down on “fake accounts” and “disinformation.”

    The Atlantic Council is a Washington think tank that has been funded by NATO, the US military, the brutally repressive governments of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, European Union governments, and a who’s who of investment firms, oil companies, arms makers and other war profiteers.

    As the apparent result of this partnership, a number of completely innocuous social media accounts with few or no followers were recently taken down.

    More worryingly, pages run by leftist news outlets focusing on countries targeted by the US government, such as Venezuela Analysis and teleSUR, were suspended, though later restored.

    Now with solid evidence of The Israel Project’s well-resourced and extensive influence campaign on Facebook, it remains to be seen if the social media giant will act to ensure that unwitting users are aware that what they are being exposed to is propaganda designed to boost and whitewash the Israeli state.

    In response to a request for comment, a Facebook spokesperson told The Electronic Intifada the company would look into the matter.


    Electronic Intifada: Censored Israel lobby film starts leaking

    After The Electronic Intifada exclusively released the first excerpts from the censored Al Jazeera documentary The Lobby – USA last week, further details have emerged.

    At The Grayzone Project, journalist Max Blumenthal released more scenes from the film showing how right-wing Israel lobbyist Noah Pollak faked a grassroots protest against Students for Justice in Palestine’s national conference in 2016.

    In the undercover footage, a junior staffer from a right-wing think tank agrees that their protest is “astroturfing,” which he describes as “when you set up fake protests.”

  26. KathJuliane September 14, 2018 @ 1:46 pm

    Good old covertly Zionist two-faced Fakebook and its Zuck ben Data founder.


    Facebook Shuts Anonymous Right-wing Page Critical of Israel

    Twitter roiling over after Facebook removes popular ‘Adam Gold’ page for reported fake account

    The Twittersphere has been roiling over the past 24 hours with criticism of Facebook for removing the popular “Adam Gold” page where an anonymous, eloquent and knowledgeable person posted on daily events.

    Many people, including news media professionals, tweeted in protest against Facebook, accusing the social media giant of imposing censorship and harming free speech.

    The page had been launched in 2016 and its popularity soared. The texts were right-wing and harshly critical of Israel’s government. The page had been taken down previously and restored.

    The account was removed again in March, saying its anonymity was in breach of Facebook rules and the user profile was fake.

    The anonymous user found a solution and the page went live again, under the name of Sharon Horesh, a resident of the United States. But about a week ago the page was taken down yet again. The response, especially from Twitter users, was a pressure campaign aimed at trying to persuade Facebook to restore the account.

    Facebook informed Horesh it saw the content as making use of a fake profile, against the rules. “To ensure Facebook security, we demand that people use their authentic identity when they create a profile.

    We do not allow the use of an arbitrary or false identity or nicknames and we remove accounts that use information that is not authentic when we become aware of this.

    In this way we ensure that all users know who the people are that they are in contact with,” Facebook said.

  27. Kiimm September 14, 2018 @ 9:20 pm

    Zuck’s laughing all the way to the political bias bank.

    The tentacles run deep. America’s (been) toast.

  28. KathJuliane September 15, 2018 @ 12:34 am

    Bid to Starve 2 Million Palestinians into Submission as Trump Repays Zionist Backer Netanyahu for His Presidency

    By Hans Stehling
    Global Research, September 14, 2018

    As the Trump-Netanyahu conspiracy to destroy the indigenous people of former Palestine gathers pace: as the numbers of unemployed and starving in Gaza increase by the hour: as those without electricity, food and shelter reach crisis point: as disease and contagion spread – the world watches in silence as long-established, vital humanitarian aid is arbitrarily cancelled by Trump upon the demand of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, thereby directly threatening the existence of nearly two million Palestinians in Gaza.

    In a scenario reminiscent of other notorious examples of ethnic cleansing, the Likud – White House initiative to destroy an entire people is today being carried out as more illegal settlements are authorised by the Netanyahu government on occupied Palestinian land in open violation and contempt of international law and the will of the United Nations.

    The entire US-Israeli operation is a criminal endeavour by a White House under the open influence and funding of a cohort of evangelical Christians and other Zionists who bank-rolled the Trump Presidency using millions of casino dollars and who now act in concert on behalf of the Israel lobby to destroy the Palestinian people and the establishment of a Palestinian state.

    The EU and the U.N. Security Council must act now to stop this program of ethnic cleansing.

    The first action should be to stop all trade with the Israeli state unless or until it complies in full with UNSC Resolution 2334; dismantles its illegal settlements and have those of its citizens in the Occupied Territories repatriated to Israel as demanded by the United Nations.


  29. KathJuliane September 15, 2018 @ 12:15 pm

    Iraqi Christian HRC


    Iraqi Christians who have returned to our ancient Christian towns in Nineveh Plains, Iraq, celebrate the Feast of the Cross with prayers in Aramaic, a bonfire, lit crosses, and fireworks. God bless them.

    Video by @SufianJarbo.

  30. KathJuliane September 15, 2018 @ 12:40 pm

    Muraselon: Popular Uprising Continues Against US Occupation In Raqqa

    Tens of residents of Raqqa staged rallies against the occupation of US forces as tensions between people and Washington-backed militants in the province have heightened.

    The rallies were held on Thursday 500 meters away from the US base in the region.

    The protestors carried placards in support of the Syrian government, calling for the US forces’ withdrawal from Raqqa province and deployment of the Syrian army units.

    Meantime, reports from Raqqa said that attacks by unknown assailants against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have increased in the region as SDF has intensified moves against the civilians.

    The SDF suffered casualties on Wednesday after two bombs went off at their bases in Raqqa province.

    A bomb went off at SDF’s base in al-Nour street in the Northwestern part of Raqqa city, injuring a number of SDF members.

    In the meantime, fierce clashes were also reported between the SDF and the attackers after the bomb explosion.

    Also, a bomb went off near Ibn Khaldoun school in Raqqa city, killing two SDF militias.

    The SDF has arrested over fifty young men in the villages and towns in Northern Raqqa under a forced recruiting plan.


    WATCH Syrian Army Strike Militant Positions Near US Military Base In Al-Tanf

    The development comes nearly two weeks after a spokesperson for the US-led coalition’s Operation Inherent Resolve against Daesh told Sputnik that there was no terrorist camp near its military base in Syria’s al-Tanf.

    The Syrian army has launched a surprise offensive against Daesh terrorists north of al-Tanf in Homs province.

    Government forces struck militant positions in the settlements of Kobajjep and al-Rashwaniyah, control of which opens the way to the strategically important area of Humeimah, which lies on the border with Deir ez-Zor province.

    A military source told Sputnik that “the Syrian army is dealing the final blow to the last enclaves of Daesh fighters in a desert in central Syria. This is an area between Homs, Deir ez-Zor and Damascus.

    The army managed to liberate vast territories, destroy dozens of militants and shelters that were located in the rocks.”

    The source further noted that “the Syrian aviation helped infantry units to conduct a successful attack on the position of terrorists.” As a result, a large-scale operation to completely clean up this area of the country has nearly come to an end, the insider added.

    The offensive came shortly after Reuters cited a commander of the Pentagon-backed Maghawir al-Thawra militant group as saying that joint drills with the US-led coalition, which wrapped up near the US military base in al-Tanf, were the first such exercised with live-fire air and ground assault, involving hundreds of rebels and American marines.

    “These exercises have great importance and have enhanced the defenses of the area and improved the combat capabilities and morale and that of civilians in the area,” Colonel Muhanad al-Talaa was quoted as saying.

    US military spokesman Sean Ryan, in turn, told the media outlet that the exercises were a show of force, which he claimed were conducted “to reinforce our capabilities and ensure we are ready to respond to any threat to our forces within our area of operations.”

    The report came on the heels of a statement by a spokesperson for the coalition’s anti-Daesh operation, who dismissed the allegations that there was a terrorist camp near the US base in al-Tanf as “malign propaganda.”

    “There is no terrorist camp within the al-Tanf de-confliction zone, which runs in a 55k diameter around the Coalition’s al-Tanf Garrison.”

    Nearly two weeks ago, Syrian government forces captured two militants near Palmyra, who claimed that they were members of the Lions of the East group, the Russian Defense Ministry stated.

    The two detainees also admitted that they had been trained and armed by American instructors in a camp near the al-Tanf military base.

    The US-led coalition has been conducting airstrikes against what it referred to as Daesh targets in Syria without either a UN mandate or Damascus’ authorization.

    The Syrian government has repeatedly denounced their military presence as illegal, demanding that the American forces leave the country and withdraw from the al-Tanf base.



    By Dilyana Gaytandzhieva; Originally appeared on

    The US Embassy to Tbilisi transports frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for a secret US military program. Internal documents, implicating US diplomats in the transportation of and experimenting on pathogens under diplomatic cover were leaked to me by Georgian insiders. According to these documents, Pentagon scientists have been deployed to the Republic of Georgia and have been given diplomatic immunity to research deadly diseases and biting insects at the Lugar Center – the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.

    This military facility is just one of the many Pentagon biolaboratories in 25 countries across the world. They are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program – Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

    Secret experiments at night

    However, I go back at night when the laboratory is seemingly still working. No matter how far the distance the air is laden with the smell of chemicals. This smell coming from the Lugar Center at night is blown by the wind to the residential area. Local residents from the Alexeevka neighbourhood, where the laboratory is located, complain that dangerous chemicals are being secretly burnt at night and that hazardous waste is being emptied into the nearby river through the laboratory’s pipes.

    Locals complain of constant headaches, nausea, high blood pressure and dizziness when chemicals are being burnt at night in the laboratory which is just a couple of hundred meters from their homes.

    “There is a smoke – black, red, green at night or especially early in the morning at around 3, 4 a.m. Even the hens have died. They put a big pipe underground and connected it to the drains. This smell comes from there. It smells like rotten eggs and decaying hay. The smell is so bad and is spread in different directions by the wind”, says Eteri Gogitidze who lives in a block of flats next to the laboratory.

    Full story:

  31. KathJuliane September 15, 2018 @ 2:14 pm

    RT: ‘Chlorine delivered’: Idlib militants ‘readying false flag attack’ in Syrian village – Russian MoD

    Militants in Syria’s Idlib have transported several canisters containing chlorine to the village of Bsanqul, apparently preparing to stage a false flag chemical attack, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.

    The chlorine-filled canisters were delivered by the Al-Qaeda-affiliated militants of Tahrir al Sham, formerly known as Al-Nusra Front, a spokesman of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Lieutenant General Vladimir Savchenko, said in a statement Saturday.

    He added that the latest developments showed that the militants are preparing for a false flag attack that would be used to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against its people.

    This is the latest warning from the Russian military on what it says is a chemical “provocation” in the making. On Wednesday, it said the White Helmets group has shot videos intended to be used in framing the Syrian government.

    Earlier, the MoD said toxic chemicals had been delivered Idlib and accused the White Helmets of carrying out the delivery.

    The US and its allies have so far dismissed the Russian warnings, but said that the government in Damascus might instead be preparing chemical attacks against civilians.

    Moscow has suggested that the attack might be prepared with the support of Washington, which wants to justify further air strikes against Syria. Those planned strikes are said to be much larger in scale than those launched against the Syrian military by the US, the UK and France in April.

    It comes as Washington has been building up its military presence in the region.

    In late August, the missile destroyer USS Ross was deployed to the Mediterranean, carrying 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles, while the USS The Sullivans was deployed to the Persian Gulf and a B-1B Lancer strategic bomber was moved to an air base in Qatar.

    Most recently, the USS Bulkeley (DDG-84), an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, entered the Mediterranean through the Straits of Gibraltar. Last week, the attack submarine USS Newport News (SSN-750) arrived in the Mediterranean as well.

    With the arrival of the Bulkeley, the US forces in the region reportedly have up to 200 Tomahawk cruise missiles available to strike targets in Syria if ordered to do so, Russian media reports.

    READ MORE: Merkel reportedly weighing German involvement in Syria, coalition partner says ‘Nein’

    READ MORE: ‘Don’t test us’: Haley threatens US strikes over ANY attack on Syria’s Idlib

  32. KathJuliane September 15, 2018 @ 8:57 pm

    The Syria Deception, Part 1: Al-Qaeda Goes to Hollywood

    This exclusive Grayzone investigative mini-doc by Dan Cohen exposes the cynical deceptions and faux humanitarianism behind the campaign to sell the dirty war on Syria.

    It will demonstrate the lengths that the US and its allies have gone to develop new ploys to tug at Western heartstrings

    Tom Luongo’s Gold, Goats & Guns: Stakes Rise in Browder-Gate – EU Threatens Cyprus with Article 7

    It’s been quite a week for Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty. First Hungary and now Cyprus. And all because of some guy named Bill Browder?

    Despite numerous warnings and obstacles, Cyprus continues to assist Russia in investigating the finances of Bill Browder. This has resulted in letters of warning to Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades as well as lawsuits by Browder citing the investigation violates his human rights.

    Like everything else in this world, just ask Browder.

    Last fall Browder and 17 MEP’s launched a two-pronged assault on Cyprus to end their assisting Russia’s investigation into Browder. Browder with the lawsuit. The MEP’s with a letter of warning.

    The lawsuit has failed, however. The Nicosia District Court handed down a ruling recently which allowed for Browder to sue for damages to his reputation but not putting an injunction on the investigation.

    More than a month ago the Nicosia District Court said that the cooperation with Russia in its politically motivated probe would violate the human rights of Bill Browder and his associate Ivan Cherkasov and the two would have good prospects in claiming damages from the government. Still, the court rejected Browder’s application for an order preventing Cypriot authorities from cooperating with Russia in its proceedings against him on the grounds that any damage would not be irreparable.

    And this is where this gets interesting.

    Because now in light of this ruling the stakes have been raised. Four of those original 17 MEP’s, many of whom are on the infamous “Soros List” as being in the pay of Open Society Foundation, sent a more serious letter of warning to Anastasaides threatening Cyprus with censure via Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty for not upholding the European Union’s standards on human rights.

    Now this is a dangerous escalation in service of an investigation into someone who, agree or not, Russia has a legitimate interest in pursuing. Dismissing all of Russia’s concerns about Browder as ‘politically motivated’ is pure grandstanding. It carries no weight of law and stinks of a far deeper and more serious corruption.

    Because if Browder was as pure as the driven snow as he presents himself to the world then he would have no issue whatsoever in Cyprus opening up his books to Russia and put his question of guilt to rest once and for all.

    The ruling from the court stated that Cypriot officials are not barred from helping Russia get to the bottom of Browder’s web of offshore accounts, all of which, according to Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya, run through Cyprus.

    From RT last year:

    “He [Browder] is afraid of the Russian probe that has conclusive evidence of his financial crimes and proof that his theory of Magnitsky’s death is an absolute fake. That’s why Browder is ready to stage any provocation,” Veselnitskaya said. She went on to say that the investor’s decision to intervene was particularly “influenced by the fact that the entire network of offshore companies that make up his organized criminal group is located on the territory of Cyprus.”

    The incident that Veselnitskaya was referring to took place in late October 2017. At that time, 17 members of the European Parliament appealed to Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades in an open letter, in which they called on him to stop assisting Russia in its investigation against Browder.

    Remember, Veselnitskaya was the woman who met with Donald Trump Jr. during the 2016 campaign. She was adamant she had information that was pertinent to them. The Mueller probe and the media tried to spin that meeting as her giving Trump access to Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

    But what she was really trying to give them was the low-down on Browder, the Magnitsky Act and the whole rotten, sordid history of him, Edmund Safra of Republic National Bank and the raping of Russia by them and others in the 1990’s.

    And to show Trump that the Magnitsky Act was built on a lie and the sanctions against Russia should be lifted because of this.

    Some of this I covered in an earlier article.

    Piraya Film Facebook:

    Piraya Film is asking Vimeo to rethink its censorship of THE MAGNITSKY ACT – BEHIND THE SCENES

    THE MAGNITSKY ACT – BEHIND THE SCENES was taken down from Vimeo on Demand Sept 1-2 after deceptive letters from Hermitage Capital / Bill Browder and Carter-Ruck / Natalia Nikolaevna Magnitskaya. Piraya Film will not be silenced and will provide the film on other platforms soon.

    Andrei Nekrasov

    Sep 3
    More Andrei Nekrasov Retweeted Torstein Grude

    Propaganda in the form of legal letters paid by someone wanted for tax frauds takes down a film that investigates him. The sense of the data protection turned upside down, along with serial lying – all to deprive the public of the knowledge of Browder’s Magnitsky false alibi hoax.

  33. B September 15, 2018 @ 11:32 pm

    The US House of Representatives has just passed a new anti Semitism law.

    This new law is reported in the following news video beginning at 3 min and 20 seconds.


  34. KathJuliane September 16, 2018 @ 3:32 pm

    Activist Post: The Social Media Purge and How It Affects Everyone

    By Daisy Luther

    Just about every website owner I know is feeling personally victimized by the recent social media purge that has been going on. But here’s an interesting fact: it isn’t, as is widely perceived, just conservative voices that are being silenced. It is dissenting voices.

    It’s the voices of critical thinkers whose ideas run the gamut of philosophies who find that they no longer have much in the way of reach.

    This social media purge affects everyone, even people who are not on social media. It does so in several ways:

    — Dissenting information is silenced which stifles discussion

    — Young people who are avid consumers of social media are being literally brainwashed because they only see one side of the story – any story

    — The social media purge harms websites that post non-establishment information because it stamps out their ability to reach readers who would be interested in their content.

    — The unfairly biased search results show people who are trying to learn more about a topic only one side of the information.

    You don’t have to be on a Twitter feed to see how this is an overwhelmingly anti-American problem.

    Like it or not, social media is a monumental source of information these days, and when it’s censored to only show one point of view, the future of our republic is in peril. We are well on our way to peak censorship and this has been carefully orchestrated.

    Non-establishment websites are in trouble.

    Their website traffic is plummeting because they no longer show up anywhere near the top of search results. Their posts on social media are not presented to the public – or even the people who deliberately opted to “follow” them.

    Here’s an example from my own page. I have more than 30K people who chose to follow my page, as you can see in the top image. But in the bottom image, you can see how many of those people were actually shown my post. And this was actually a more successful one than many.

    And the same thing goes for social media like Twitter, too. I have an email list and if I didn’t, I’d hardly reach anyone. (If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, you can do so right here.) And I really have to wonder – will our “offensive” websites one day just disappear, scrubbed from the Internet permanently? It’s only a matter of time until the web hosting companies are being pressured to get in on the censorship game.

    For the record, I consider myself neither conservative nor liberal. I try to veer away from any form of extremism and I make an effort to think a situation through before automatically aligning myself with a “side.” If anything, I’m a small l libertarian. My core beliefs are personal autonomy and freedom of association are to be sought in all cases that are not harmful to others. And yet, somehow, that is threatening to some people.

    Don’t think it’s limited to website owners. Twitter recently banned 70 million accounts, claiming they were “fake.” But there have been repeated accusations that conservative accounts have been at the very least “shadow-banned” if not all out deleted.

    The most notable purge recently has been Alex Jones and Infowars. Love Alex Jones, hate him, or feel utterly ambivalent aside from an occasional eye-roll, he has been the most notable victim to have been thoroughly erased from the public eye as far as the large social media outlets are concerned.

    He lost his voice on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Apple, and Google. Even his email service provider dumped him.

    I’m not personally a huge fan of Jones, but I do believe what happened to him was collusion between social media giants. Big Tech got together and now Alex Jones has to find new ways to reach his very large audience. No one is going to stumble across him accidentally in a Google Search anymore.

    No one is going to see his videos embedded in another website anymore. Like him or not, he has the right to exist publicly. Jones has a lot of money so this may not be the end of him, but for most website owners, this would be the absolute end of our ability to do business.

    And to be able to bring the information we bring, we do have to run our websites as businesses. It’s far more expensive than most people realize to run a site.

    I know that my own operating costs every month are more than $2000. A site as big as Jones’s would be many times that amount. When all your avenues of monetization are cut off, it wouldn’t be hard for a site – and the dissent and information they share – to cease to exist.

    The Ministry of Truth is control of all the things from which people could garner their opinions. They provide their own twist on history, current events, entertainment, education, and the arts.

    The people of Oceana believe them because there isn’t enough information to believe anything else. And questioning the Ministry is a thoughtcrime, punishable by horrible torture or worse.

    Part of Winston’s job is to turn anyone who doesn’t follow the Ministry line into an unperson and erase them from history as though they never even existed.

    So who is behind this mass purge of dissenting voices?

    There’s always a money trail to follow. Any time you wonder why or how something has occurred, look for the money.

    In this video by Ben Swann, an independent journalist who was mysteriously silenced for quite some time, he provides some important insight (“The War Against Ideas”).

    — A nearly two year old document reportedly issued by Media Matters for America lays out a plan for “defeating Trump” and Republicans over the next four years.

    But is this strategy actually responsible for the social media purge which only protects establishment “left” and “right”?

    This is happening RIGHT NOW. We are living it. We are living in the world of 1984.

    Rest assured, the way things are going, it isn’t long before we will see only what “they” – the people with the power and money to make it happen – want us to see.

    Full story:

    Read the Confidential David Brock Memo Outlining Plans to Attack Trump

    Memo was handed out to big money liberal donors at posh Florida retreat for ‘Democracy Matters’

  35. KathJuliane September 16, 2018 @ 4:06 pm

    Google — The International Economic, Financial, and Fiscal Tapeworm


    The Week: Google is not an American Company

    Unless President Trump has finally adopted the royal first-person plural and owns a significant amount of Google stock, it is hard to know what the president meant when he complained on Thursday that the European Union has slapped a $5 billion fine on “one of our great companies.”

    Because whatever else it may be, Google is not an American company.

    “Google” is, more than anything else, a logo and a marketing label; it is also a subsidiary of a holding company called XXVI, which is in turn a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., a corporation that is also an umbrella for a number of other venture capital and research entities.

    For another two years, until the deadline imposed by an Irish court expires in 2020, Google or Alphabet or the Money Machine or whatever you want to call it will continue to steal from the rest of us by means of two accounting schemes known as the “Irish Double” and the “Dutch Sandwich.”

    A rehearsal of the specifics of these arrangements would exhaust the space of a column, but what they mean in practice is that Google has an Irish subsidiary that swallows up billions in revenue, which is then moved to a Dutch company — one which employs exactly zero persons — before being passed on to another outfit based in the Bahamas but also registered in Ireland.

    This labyrinthine scheme allows it to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes on the advertising revenue it generates when people in countries around the world use its ubiquitous search engine on their smartphones, tablet devices, and computers.

    Estimates suggest that this strategy has left the tech giant with an effective tax rate of less then 20 percent, 15 percent lower than the longstanding U.S. rate of 35 percent. (The GOP’s tax reform bill slashed the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent beginning this year.)

    These tax schemes have been immensely profitable for Google. Just last year it was able to avoid paying more than a billion euros in France because a court ruled that it had no meaningful presence in that country.

    Which is true, I suppose. That’s the whole point: Google isn’t liable because it is nothing and nowhere and endless.

    Nice work if you can get it. An ordinary American running a business or earning wages who makes $40,000 a year can’t say that, actually, the labor he or she performs on behalf of his employer isn’t subject to taxation in a particular place and thus save himself a few grand a year at tax time.

    Only the poorest and the richest Americans avoid paying taxes, the former because they don’t make enough money, the latter precisely because they make too much.

    It is disgraceful. The tax dodging that has allowed Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and other tech companies to become the largest and most profitable in the world — while the corporate bogeymen of yesteryear, such as Walmart, for all their faults at least put something back into the system that makes their ill-gotten gains possible — is theft on an almost indescribably massive scale.

    When Trump tweeted that the European Union was “taking advantage” of the United States by fining Google over an antitrust violation involving Android, he was getting things exactly backwards.

    It is actually Google that is taking advantage not only of us but of the European Union and people the whole world round.

    When I say that Google is not an American company, I don’t just mean that practically speaking it manages to avoid some of the most straightforward consequences of being one — namely, having to pay taxes at current rates.

    I also mean that, by extension, Google is un-American. It has no stake in the American people or their flourishing or even their basic well-being. This is not to say that Google cares overmuch about the flourishing of people in other parts of the world either. Some 23 percent of Bermudans live in poverty.

    Google, with its ability to generate unimaginable amounts of income without producing any tangible product or benefiting, even indirectly, anyone who is not involved in it is virtually unprecedented in history.

    It represents something new in human affairs, so new, in fact, that we cannot hope to describe it unless we resort to the language of biology. “All that is solid melts into air,” Marx wrote. After the ice caps of community and tradition have melted in the technogenic heat of globalized capital, new flora and fauna appear, evolved to flourish under the new conditions.

    Google is such a specimen, indeed a perfect one, a kind of incorporeal fungus that aborbs nutrients without leaving a trace or even wrapping its tendrils around its host.

    Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 not because he made a secret deal with Vladimir Putin that involved tricking union retirees into clicking on Facebook bots but because, like Bernie Sanders, he spoke to the anxieties of millions of Americans who felt that the institutions — public and private alike — that dominate the modern world cared nothing about them.

    But speaking is not the same thing as understanding or feeling or even believing, much less doing.

    The idea that the EU’s recent attempt to limit the ability of a parasite like Google to suck obscene amounts of revenue out of Europe was an attack on this country or her people shows us that he knows nothing of globalization and its discontents.

    This is unsurprising. The president is lashing out at the EU because the other day he ran his mouth and called Europe a “foe” of this country. He would have seized on any example at hand in an attempt to justify his latest assault on common sense.

    If he knew what he was talking about, he would have reserved his disapprobation for a real enemy of the United States — Google, for example.

  36. They JEW'D our food - DUDE! September 17, 2018 @ 12:13 am

    Hello +BN – another GREAT eye opening video!

    Anything on that LiberAhole Christine Margaret Blasey Ford..?

    I love Judge Jeannie Pirro’s Kavanaugh video that calls out/SLAMS that witch Sen. Feinstain in her awful pathetic attempt to try to discredit Kavanaugh, prolong the hearings/confirmation — all in the worms’ attempt to hold on to what little power they can.

    DISGRACEFUL, but only a blind IDIOT wouldn’t see how EVIL these demonRats (democRats) truly are.

    Even this Worm Christine said she is just now bringing this to light because of his very very likely confirmation — what a loser!

  37. Ted Gorsline September 17, 2018 @ 11:57 am

    I see where CNN lost 25% of its viewing audience last year. Great news.

    It also looks like Lone Wolf Blitzer is missing in action and Anamwhore is being watered down and has to share the spotlight with three other jewiih bought and paid for shills.

    It won’t be long before she is chasing firetrucks. Chris Coumo has already been relegated to drowned rat status chasing storms. Its great to see.

    Otherwise the Jewish war machine’s best asset is maintaining Jewish journalism finest traditions. Rosemary Church has eyebrow raising down pat, Anamwhore has eye rolling down pat, and the rest of the staff are good at spending lots of money on expensive clothing. No hard news of course, just fake unattributed news, but what’s not to like.

    When all you want to see are women with lots of teeth and hair and no brains, CNN is where you go.

  38. Henry Ford Was Right September 17, 2018 @ 1:46 pm

    Trump is a gruesome cuck for Rothschild/Israhell/ZOG Intl’/the NWO.

    His base must be full of a lot of dummies if they ever actually thought a sociopath creep like Trump is for the people or Constitution.

    His regular tweets are idiotic; he looks like an overly emotional baboon half of the time and is definitely not a stoic intellectual (more of what I would call a ‘Presidential vibe’) like Richard Nixon or George HW Bush.

    I can’t stand the guy (Trump), he’s a text book narciscistic sociopath and shabbus goy big corporate cuck.

    The sheep might as well have elected GW Bush for a 3rd term of Neocon military industrial complex big Pharma Wall Street hell wrapped up in some bs Stars and Stripes talk by his fellow shabbus goy Neocon Cucks at Faux News.

  39. Brother Nathanael September 17, 2018 @ 3:22 pm

    Dear All,

    Had shut my computer down for a few days for quiet and prayer.

    Just opened it back up and working on NEW Vid. Hope to post by Wednesday.

    STAY TUNED! +bn

  40. KathJuliane September 17, 2018 @ 5:33 pm

    RT: Russian plane disappears from radars during Israeli attack on Syria’s Latakia – MoD

    A Russian military Il-20 aircraft with 14 service members on board went off the radars during an attack by four Israeli jets on Syria’s Latakia province, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

    Air traffic controllers at the Khmeimim Air Base “lost contact” with the aircraft on Monday evening, during the attack of Israeli F-16 fighters on Latakia, said the MOD. The plane was 35 kilometers off the coast of Syria when it vanished.

    Russian radars also registered the launch of missiles from a French frigate in the Mediterranean on the evening of September 17.

    Fourteen people were on board the plane at the time of the disappearance. A search and rescue mission is underway.

    The Ilyushin 20 (IL-20) surveillance turboprop plane is an Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) platform, equipped with a wide range of antennas, infrared and optical sensors. The aircraft’s SLAR (Side-Looking Airborne Radar) and the plane’s satellite link allows the Russian military to monitor Syrian skies in real time.

    An hour-long attack on Latakia began around 10 pm local time, and targeted a power station as well as two facilities belonging to the Syrian military. Syrian officials said the attack was “foreign” and came “from the sea,” but could not initially confirm rumors that Israel was behind it. Seven people were injured in the attack, according to Syrian officials.

    While the Russian military said it recorded four F-16 Israeli jets over Syria at the time of the attack on Latakia, the IDF has refused to comment on the report.

    Despite the fact that Israel rarely acknowledges striking specific targets inside Syria, earlier this month the IDF admitted to hitting at least 202 “Iranian targets” in the country. Overall, Israel has launched 792 bombs and missiles at Syria since 2017, arguing the strikes were necessary to prevent Iran from setting up bases in the country in order to stage attacks against the Jewish state.

    As Israel continues to claim the right to intrude into Syria, despite repeated condemnations from Damascus, France had said that it will join the US-led campaign to strike Syria again if there are reports of chemical weapons use.

    Over the last few weeks, Moscow has been beating drums about the false-flag chemical attack that is being prepared by the notorious White Helmets and jihadists in Idlib province in order to frame government forces. Such a provocation, the Russian military argues, will be used to trigger a US-led attack against Damascus.

    The attack on Latakia came just hours after Russia and Turkey negotiated a partial demilitarization of the Idlib province, which is the last remaining stronghold of anti-government militants, including the Al-Qaeda affiliate Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (also known as the Jabhat Al-Nusra).

  41. Brother Nathanael September 17, 2018 @ 7:01 pm

    Keep On Tweeting Bro! @
    Click HERE!

  42. KathJuliane September 17, 2018 @ 8:15 pm

    ‏Verified account

    AI culture wars: Israeli government launch video of Twitter/Facebook “Command Centre”, which monitors “all posts” for “anti-semitism” with “artificial intelligence” then lodges complaints e.g with “intelligence & law enforcement” in a “certain european country” or other officials

  43. The Englishman September 18, 2018 @ 3:17 am

    The downing of the Russian radar plane is shocking, and saddening.

    Russia is experiencing a small taste of the “liberty” treachery.

    This Nutty Rat will apologize profusely to Putin, and perhaps like the Turkey downing, will be unavenged.

    It is hard man Zhirinovsky who stated:- ” Russia will never allow any kind of violence against Israel”.

    High time the Thiefdom was dealt a bloody nose, pre the knock out punch.

  44. Zionien September 18, 2018 @ 3:22 am

    Pisreal uses Russian surveillance plane as cover, hiding behind it in order to sneak into Syria air space and bomb targets.

    In doing so they subjected the Russian plane to Syria’s anti-aircraft missiles, which shot down the Russian plane and killed all 19 crew members!

    Russia blames Pisreal and Pisreal refuses to comment.

    I hope to GOD ALMIGHTY Russia opens the flood gates of Iran, and partakes in the ass kicking party with Pisreal as the maid of honor!

    Interesting, Trump has decided to pull away from Iran nuclear talks too.

    So ^Ford was right – you may want to cut Trump some slack – he’s literally navigating a Juden political mine field, but things are beginning to get into place – and it’s going to be warm in the desert for the children of the devil!

    Havanagilla monster!:)+

  45. KathJuliane September 18, 2018 @ 5:18 am

    Vesti News: Israel is Shameless Provoking Russia!

    Official Statement from MoD on Downing Russian Il-20 Aircraft

    The official statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense: “We consider these provocative actions of Israel to be hostile.

    “The reckless actions of the Israeli military killed 15 Russian airmen. It’s absolutely incompatible with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership.

    “We reserve the right to respond accordingly.”

  46. KathJuliane September 18, 2018 @ 5:27 am

    RT: Israeli army blames Damascus for Russia’s Il-20 downing, mourns death of crew – statement

    Israel has blamed the Syrian government for the downing of the Russian Il-20 plane jet in Latakia province, according to the IDF statement.

    Israel said that it “expresses sorrow for the death of the aircrew members” of the Russian plane. However, it stated that the government of Bashar Assad “whose military shot down the Russian plane,” is “fully responsible” for the incident.

    Israel Defense Forces


    Israel expresses sorrow for the death of the aircrew members of the Russian plane that was downed tonight due to Syrian anti-aircraft fire.
    Israel holds the Assad regime, whose military shot down the Russian plane, fully responsible for this incident.

    6:38 AM – Sep 18, 2018

    Apart from Damascus, Israel put the blame on the “unfortunate incident” on Iran and the Hezbollah group.

    In a series of tweets the Israel Defense Forces explained that its jets were targeting a Syrian facility “from which systems to manufacture accurate and lethal weapons were about to be transferred on behalf of Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon.” It claimed that the weapons were “meant to attack Israel.”

    IDF assumed that the Syrian anti-air batteries “fired indiscriminately” and didn’t “bother to ensure that no Russian planes were in the air.”

    The Israel Defense Forces said that when the Syria launched the missiles that hit the Russian plane, its own jets were already within Israeli airspace. “During the strike against the target in Latakia, the Russian plane that was then hit was not within the area of the operation.”

    The IDF promised to share “all the relevant information” with Russia “to review the incident and to confirm the facts in this inquiry.”

    According to the Israeli military, both IDF and Russia have “a deconfliction system,” which was agreed upon by the leadership of both states, and “has proven itself many times over recent years.” The system was in use when the incident happened, IDF stated.

    The military presented a four-point initial inquiry of the events in Latakia. it insisted that “extensive and inaccurate” Syrian anti-aircraft fire caused the Russian jet “to be hit and downed.”

    The Russian Il-20 aircraft with 15 crew on board, went off the radar during an attack by four Israeli jets on Syria’s Latakia province late Monday. Later on Tuesday the Russian Defense Ministry said that an Israeli raid on Syria triggered a chain of events that led to its plane being shot down by a Syrian S-200 surface-to-air missile.

    According to the ministry, on Monday evening four Israeli F-16 fighter jets attacked targets in Latakia after approaching from the Mediterranean. The Israeli warplanes approached at a low altitude and “created a dangerous situation for other aircraft and vessels in the region,” it said. The Il-20 plane was in the area during the Israeli operation.

    “The Israeli pilots used the Russian plane as cover and set it up to be targeted by the Syrian air defense forces. As a consequence, the Il-20, which has radar cross-section much larger than the F-16, was shot down by an S-200 system missile,” the statement said, adding that the crew died as a result.

  47. KathJuliane September 18, 2018 @ 6:29 am

    Vesti: Shoigu: Israel Is FULLY RESPONSIBLE for Killing Russian Servicemen

    The latest news: the situation with the Russian airplane that was shot down. Israel is fully responsible for the crash of the airliner and the deaths of the crew.

    This statement was voiced by Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu during his phone conversation with the Israeli Defence Minister.

  48. Brother Nathanael September 18, 2018 @ 1:56 pm

    “Israel’s Actions Reckless And Unfriendly” – Russian Foreign Ministry

    +BN Tweets On This! @

  49. KathJuliane September 18, 2018 @ 5:58 pm

    The Yom Kippur Syndrome

    September 18, 2018 / Gilad Atzmon

    A message to Jews from Gilad Atzmon

    When the Yom Kippur War broke out 45 years ago I was ten years old. I recall a lot of fear all around me. Israel was my home and it was about to be wiped out.

    This is what I believed at the time, and this is what everyone around me repeated. We were all certainly caught unprepared.

    My father was called up by the Air Force in the early hours of Yom Kippur (October 6th 1973). We didn’t hear from him for a few weeks. We didn’t know whether he was alive. In fact, we had good reason to believe he wasn’t. We were very worried.

    For the adults around me, the first days of the war were a reminder of the Shoah. Israeli leaders, Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan as well as the top Israeli military command appeared perplexed and hesitant on TV.

    Their message was: ‘the future isn’t clear, we may even witness the destruction of the 3rd temple.’

    Years later, when I became an avid reader of history and military texts, it became clear to me that the collective Shoah dread into which we immersed ourselves was a manifestation of Jewish pre traumatic stress disorder (Pre TSD).

    We were tormented by a phantasmic fear. Neither the Syrians nor the Egyptian armies had plans to ‘destroy Israel,’ wipe out the Jewish state or ‘throw the Jews into the sea’. Their military objectives were, in fact, very limited. Neither the Egyptians nor the Syrians wished to expand their military ground operation beyond a few miles into the Sinai and the Golan Heights.

    Both Arab armies were dependent on Soviet ground to air missiles that severely limited Israeli air superiority above the battlefield.

    The Soviet missile umbrella provided about 10 miles of anti air cover and the Arab armies had no intent to proceed beyond that ‘safe’ zone.

    It took me years to grasp that Israel’s panic during the first few days of the war led to some serious military blunders (such as the IDF’s disastrous counter offensive on the 8th of October).

    This panic was fueled by projection. Believing that the Arabs were ‘about to throw the Jews into the sea’, Israeli generals and cabinet members reacted irrationally and wasted their limited reserve forces in a counter offensive that failed and cost many Israeli lives.

    But why did the Israelis believe that the Arabs were about to throw them into the sea? Why did they assume the Arab armies were murderous or possibly genocidal? Why did PM Golda Meir and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan believe that the ‘3rd temple’ was about to be annihilated?

    Simple, because the Israelis were and still are driven by lethal inclinations towards their neighbours. It was the Israelis who literally pushed the Palestinians into the sea in 1948 into the sea.

    Israelis were panicking because they were projecting their own symptoms onto the Arabs.

    In ‘The Wandering Who’ I elaborate on projection in the context of Jewish ‘pre traumatic stress.’ The principle is simple. The more murderous and sinister one is, the more fearful one becomes of others.

    Humans tend to attribute their own reasoning and symptoms onto others. Accordingly, the more menacing one is, the more sinister one believes the other to be.

    Israelis consistently attribute their own racist and barbarian symptoms onto the Palestinians. The possibility that a Palestinian or an Arab would be as merciless as the IDF causes real and total panic for the Israeli.

    The thought that the Palestinians, for instance, would want to displace a quarter of Israeli citizens and massacre Israelis as the IDF has done to Gaza numerous times must evoke terror amongst Israelis and for a good reason.

    But this state of collective anxiety is not unique to Israelis; it is embedded in Jewish culture.

    Basically, Jews are tormented by anti Semitism because they assume that their own ‘goy hatred’ is echoed by ‘Jew hatred’ from their gentile neighbours.

    As Martin Heidegger noted in the 1930s, the Jews opposed in the Nazis the racism which they recognized from themselves. Heidegger wrote in his Black Notebooks: the Jewish people, with their talent for calculation, were so vehemently opposed to the Nazi’s racial theories because “they themselves have lived according to the race principle for longest.”

    In 1973 Israel believed that that the Arabs were out to eradicate them because this is exactly what the Israelis would have liked to do to the Arabs.

    The Syndrome

    Projection is just one aspect of the Yom Kippur war. I guess that, at least from a philosophical perspective, the most interesting aspect of the 73 War was that it marked a sudden switch from Judeocentric manic ‘hubris’ to melancholia, apathy and depression.

    Following their outstanding 1967 military victory, the Israelis developed an arrogant disrespectful attitude toward Arabs and their military capability.

    Israeli intelligence predicted that it would take years for Arab armies to recover. The Israeli military didn’t believe that the Arab soldier had the ability to fight, let alone score a victory.

    But on 6 October 1973, the Israelis had a devastating surprise. This time the Arab soldier was very different.

    The Israeli military strategy that was built on air superiority and fast ground maneuvers supported by tanks was crushed in only a few hours.

    The Egyptians and Syrians helped by new Soviet antitank and ground to air missiles managed to dismantle Israeli’s might. In the first days of the war Israel suffered heavy casualties and, as mentioned above, the Israeli leadership and high command were in a state of despair.

    This type of crisis wasn’t new to the Jews. It is consistently symptomatic of Jewish culture to be ‘surprised’ and overwhelmed by the Goyim’s fierce resilience.

    The Israeli military fiasco at the first stage of the war was a repetition of a tragic syndrome that is as old as the Jews themselves.

    Jewish hubris that is driven by a strong sense of choseness and that repeatedly leads to horrific consequences is what I call ‘The Yom Kippur Syndrome.’

    The syndrome can be defined as a repeated chain of events that drive Jewish societies towards an extreme irrational sense of pride, arrogance, self-confidence and blindness toward others and the tragedy that inevitably follows.

    On October 6th, the Israelis realised that they had grossly underestimated their enemies. But it wasn’t the first time such a mistake occurred in Jewish history.

    Every Jewish disaster is, to a certain extent, a repetition of the Yom Kippur Syndrome.

    In 1920s Berlin the Jewish elite boasted of its power. Some rich Jews were convinced that Germany and its capital were Jewish occupied territories.

    At the time, a few German Jews dominated banking and influenced Germany’s politics and media.

    In addition, the Frankfurt School as well as other Jewish school of thoughts were openly dedicated to the cultural uprooting of Germans, all in the name of, ‘progress,’ ‘working class politics,’ phenomenology and cultural Marxism.

    Then, almost from nowhere, as far as German Jews were concerned, a tidal wave of resentment appeared. And the rest is known.

    But was there really a sudden shift in German consciousness? Should German ‘anti Semitism’ have come as a surprise? Not at all. All necessary signs had been present for some time.

    In fact, Early Zionists such as Herzl and Nordau correctly predicted the inevitable rise of European anti Jewish sentiments. But Jewish hubris prevented Berlin’s Jewish elite from evaluating the growing opposition around them. The Yom Kippur Syndrome.

    The same could be said of the Jewish Lobby, AIPAC, Friends of Israel clubs in Britain, the BOD, the three British Jewish papers that, in the name of British Jewry, declared war on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

    These Jewish lobbies and institutions that relentlessly seek influence over Western foreign affairs and the Labour Party in particular: do they grasp the level of resentment and the potential disaster they are bringing on their fellow Jews?

    Can the Jew recover from the Yom Kippur Syndrome? Can the Jew somehow detect resentment as it grows and amend his or her ways?

    All it takes is drifting away from choseness. But once stripped of choseness what is left of the Jew or for the Jew?

    This may be the most devastating question and the true meaning of the existential Yom Kippur Syndrome; there is no Jewish collective ideological escape for the Jew.

    Zionism failed to provide the goods and the so called ‘anti Zionists’ have done little other than form their own racially exclusive enclaves of chosenness within the so called ‘Left over.’

    The only escape route from the Yom Kippur Syndrome is personal and individual.

    Try leaving the tribe late in the night, crawl under the ghetto fence, dig a tunnel under the ‘separation wall’ if necessary and then once on land of the free, proceed quietly and modestly towards the humane and the universal.

    Good luck

  50. Israhell September 18, 2018 @ 9:18 pm

    Russia blames Israel after military plane shot down off Syria.

  51. Brother Nathanael September 19, 2018 @ 12:21 pm

    Dear All,

    Due to some technical issues a NEW VID will not be posted until tomorrow, Thursday, by late afternoon.

    In the meantime…+BN Daily Tweets! @

  52. Dave September 20, 2018 @ 4:16 am

    Amulets with Christian symbolism have been found in the oldest extant town in Denmark; they may shed new light on the Christian roots of Scandinavian society.

  53. Brother Nathanael September 20, 2018 @ 4:38 pm

    Still working on NEW Vid getting it just right.

    Hope to post a bit later some time tonight. TUNE IN THEN!

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    Complex editing. Will post New Vid Friday afternoon. +bn

  56. KathJuliane September 21, 2018 @ 9:00 am



    Google employees brainstormed ways to mitigate the effects of Donald Trump’s travel ban in 2017 by altering search functions to show pro-immigration organizations, new emails showed.

    The company’s internal email chain, obtained and reported on by The Wall Street Journal, shows employees at the multibillion-dollar technology company discussing how to combat Trump’s travel ban against seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

    Google workers talked about how they could alter their search functions to show their users how to contribute to pro-immigration causes.

    They also discussed how to alter the search engine so that people could easily contact their lawmakers and government agencies to ask questions about the ban, the emails showed.

    Employees also suggested ways to “leverage” Google searches so that they could counter “islamophobic” search results from people looking up terms like “Islam,” “Muslim” and “Iran.”

    In one of the emails, a Google employee wrote that it would “require a full on sprint” to make any of the suggested proposals happen. “But I think this is the sort of super timely and imperative information that we need, as we know that this country and Google would not exist without immigration,” the employee added.

    The emails were written in late January 2017, just days after the president signed his first travel ban. But none of the plans discussed ever came to fruition, the company told the Journal.

    “These emails were just a brainstorm of ideas, none of which were ever implemented,” a Google spokesperson told the newspaper in a statement, adding that the company has “never manipulated its search results or modified any of its products to promote a particular political ideology—not in the current campaign season, not during the 2016 election, and not in the aftermath of President Trump’s executive order on immigration. Our processes and policies would not have allowed for any manipulation of search results to promote political ideologies.”

    Google, along with Apple, Facebook and other technology companies, filed a joint amicus brief challenging the travel ban, stating that it “inflicts significant harm on American business, innovation and growth.”

    Google has come under fire by the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers who claimed that the search engine was biased toward conservative voices. The company denied the president’s allegations, and other tech companies vouched for Google.

    President Trump has accused the company of rigging search results to intentionally suppress positive stories about and reactions to his administration.

    In a series of tweets, Trump said that Google only shows the results of the “Fake News Media” so that nearly all the stories about his presidency are “BAD.”

    Right. “These emails were just a brainstorm of ideas, none of which were ever implemented”.

    So convincing, but Google needs to work on sincerity.

  57. KathJuliane September 21, 2018 @ 10:24 am

    Jewmerica’s project of ethnic Cleansing of historically indigenous Syrian Aramean and Assyrian Christians and other Christian communities, Muslims, and Arab tribesmen in occupied eastern Syria at the hands of their Manchurian junkyard Kurds, and the non-violent Christian resistance to Kurdification, US occupation, and forced separation from Damascus against the will of the people.

    The city of Qamishli was once known as “The Paris of Syria”


    The Rabbithole/Global Research: Syrian Activist Nidal Rahawi Provides Rare Insight into the Deteriorating Conditions in the Northeastern Region
    Transcript of the Interview, Part I

    By Nidal Rahawi and Sarah Abed
    Global Research, September 21, 2018

    In this exclusive interview Syrian Nationalist/Outspoken Activist/Artist Mr. Nidal Rahawi a Qamishli native and resident, provided us with crucial direct insight into the most recent tragic events that have taken place in his hometown in north eastern Syria. An Arabic version of this interview will be available on The Rabbit Hole.

    Mr. Rahawi discussed how life has drastically changed under the illegal rule of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and their military wing the People’s Protection Units (YPG) which is the Syrian arm of the Turkish PKK who are considered a terrorist organization by the US, Turkey and other countries. The YPG was later rebranded into the Syrian Democratic Forces under the guidance and suggestion of US forces that wanted to distance their allies from the PKK association.

    Mr. Rahawi spoke about the concerted effort by separatist Kurds and their western backers to establish Kurdish nationalist sovereignty in north eastern Syria.

    In a must-read article titled Romancing Rojava: Rhetoric vs. Reality by Max J. Joseph and Mardean Isaac refer to this as the “Rojava Project”.

    As I have noted in previous articles, Kurds as an ethnicity are not a homogenous or collective group and therefore should not be painted with a broad stroke paint brush.

    The focus of this and other articles has primarily been on the actions of Kurdish militias and their political councils not the people themselves, who are located around the world, nor the ones that live in the four countries that some Kurds inaccurately claim historically belongs to them (Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran).

    Some Kurds do not agree with the aspirations of their political or military leaders. It’s important to keep in mind that tribal identities and political interests often supersede a unifying national allegiance.

    In Part I of this II part article, Mr. Rahawi explains what the past, present, and future may look like for Qamishli. Part II will discuss some of these items in more detail along with videos from the demonstration that took place on August 28th against the Kurdish militias latest wave of school closings.


    Sarah Abed: It’s my understanding, that you are responsible for organizing a demonstration in Al Qamishli in northeastern Syria that took place on August 28th 2018. What prompted the demonstration? What was the outcome?

    Nidal Rahawi: In fact, I was not behind the uprising, but the frustration that the people of Hasakah governorate in general and Christians in particular had felt, accumulated over the past six years because of the actions of the so-called (Kurdish) self-administration against citizens at all levels, and their takeover of the state institutions including schools, and shutting them down, was the main motive behind this demonstration, which was called upon by all the people of the city, especially the Christians.

    This demonstration was after the Kurdish self-administration conducted an armed attack – through members of the Syriac Union party that works under the cloak of the separatist plan – on the (Private) Christian Church Schools and shut them down.

    Afterwards, they deployed their gunmen in the yards of schools and churches from the inside on 28/8/2018.

    And then we the people of Qamishli city with representatives from the Arab Tay tribe arranged a sit-in in front of our churches and schools to get them back from these gangs, and we were led by some clerics and representatives of a number of religious communities such as the Syriacs and Evangelists.

    But the initiative of these gangs to use live bullets in our face just because they saw us, despite the presence of clerics at the forefront of our march contributed to turning our sit-in into a real uprising, and we were able to get back our schools and churches and our inherited right which we have earned through generations.

    (I’d like to make a quick note here that multiple local sources had notified me about Mr. Rahawi’s brave involvement in organizing the demonstration that took place on August 28th. As you will read later in the interview he references this demonstration again and his involvement) – Sarah Abed

    Sarah Abed: What changes has the Kurdish PYD self-administration implemented in the area? Do they have the authority to make these changes and demands?

    Can you tell us more about the school closures, and what they are trying to achieve? How long has Kurdish self-administration prevented education in Arabic? Are state schools still open?

    Nidal Rahawi: The changes implemented by the so-called “self-administration” in all the lands that they have seized, while taking advantage of the state’s preoccupation with other fronts, in addition to the endless support that they receive from the US administration, these changes have affected everything:

    such as changing the names of towns, villages and public utilities, rejecting all the licenses that belonged to citizens, and their properties and their activities, imposing taxes as they like, and even issuing a Military Service document of their own alongside the official requirements and daily life need … etc. in addition to the issuance of personal status laws that do not match the religious beliefs of the Syrian people.

    Of course, all of this was imposed by the administration with the power of arms because it does not have a legitimate authority and the people did not and will not accept them – this is what was proven by the reality on the ground during the last (few) years of the war and until now, and most of their leaders are either Turks or Iraqis and this means that all the decisions they make against the citizens in our region are being issued by non-Syrians.

    The biggest evidence of this is the pictures of their leader, Abdullah Ocalan (Turkish), that they are putting in all the institutions they have seized, in addition to the PKK flag they carry everywhere.

    And even their curriculum, which they want to impose on schools, we note that the main purpose is to Kurdify the region and close any school that does not recognize this curriculum (which is unrecognized by anyone) and therefore we see that they closed all the schools of the state, perhaps there are no more than four or five schools that are still opening their doors within the security blocks of the state authority in the region.

    This is what the administration has done for three years now. This also applies to the private schools.

    Sarah Abed: Can you tell us about the ambush attack that took place on ِSeptember 8th, 2018 by the Asayish killing 14 Syrian Arab Army soldiers? Who are the Asayish? What do you think about the SDF’s apology? Do you think the Syrian government will react?

    Nidal Rahawi: On the morning of 8 September, at around 9 am, three cars carrying members of the Syrian Arab Army moved towards a guard post at Zawra, which is located at the entrance to the city (Al Qamishli), in order to replace the members of rotation on this barrier controlled by the State, which was part of a daily routine that has been going on for a long time.

    But the Asayish forces had ambushed them in one of the streets of the city where the ambush had been set for them since 4:00 am, and they deployed the snipers on the roofs that are overlooking the road that the Army members will pass, and deployed gunmen in the corners of the streets, so they surprised the army members, stopped them and then started to shot at them directly while most of them were still inside their cars.

    It is not true what Asayish later reported, saying that the patrol was arresting civilians within the control area of ​​the Asayish belonging to the so-called self-management, this lie does not mislead anyone, especially us, the people of the region, because we know that the state can not enter these areas, and this was clear in the video clips that was photographed by the citizens.

    The evidence is that the operation took place on a public street that connects the city with the outside, also the pictures and video clips show that they did not have any medium weapons possessed by the murdered members.

    Since the decline of the state control over a lot of Syrian territories as a result of the war, the Syrian branch of the PKK (Turkish Workers’ Party) began to expand its influence on the Syrian Jazeera (north eastern region) under the pretext of protecting the region from the Takfiri organizations.

    (They received a lot of support from the Syrian state before they turned on it to the favor of the American plan that suited their aspirations), so then their true intentions towards secession from Syria has appeared, and they began to create new names for the region, such as Rojava and the province of West Kurdistan, for the purpose of Kurdification.

    They also formed many militias, including the Asayish militia, which they recently changed its name to (Internal security). By the way, even the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces, which were established with purely American support, are also under the control of the PYD, even if they try to cover it with some Arab members, and proof of that, as I said earlier, is the pictures of Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the (Turkish) PKK.

    This is why, we the people in the region do not buy these apologies from some of their factions every time another faction of them conducts an attack, and that is exactly what was happening when the Asayish were attacking us in Al Wusta neighborhood (which has a Christian majority) we had lost many martyrs as a result of their repeated assaults, while at the same time the rest of their factions were repeating the play of apology.

    Of course, they are taking advantage of the circumstances and the preoccupation of the state, and the American support to continue these attacks on citizens and their personal properties, and on the state also, realizing that the state can not respond to them at this time because of priorities on other fronts and battles in the rest of the Syrian geography.

    The words of President Bashar were clear (about two months ago) when he said regarding the Syrian democratic forces “Qasad- SDF”: if they do not accept the dialogue, we will restore the entire Syrian territory with the US presence or without it.

    Sarah Abed: On September 8th, 2018 the Syriac Patriarch was interviewed on Al Mayadeen, what do you think of his statements?

    Nidal Rahawi: Many disagreed about what was said in the speech of the Patriarch in that interview on the subject of the private schools, where despite that he was late to make any statement or position since the attack on schools in 28/8, they saw that his speech was not as important as the event and did not touch on the real injustice that occurred to Christians in general and the Syriac community in particular.

    But let me go to his interview that was published on 9/14 on the Facebook pages in a meeting with Christian youth in Damascus (as I believe).

    His speech was clear and unequivocal – stating he categorically rejected the curriculum that the Kurdish so-called Education Authority in the self-administration had imposed on them.

    He described their movement against the Christian schools as (attack and closure of churches and schools). He declared that the Christians and their churches were and will remain with the Syrian state as they have been since the beginning of the establishment of Syria (he said).

    Sarah Abed: Can you describe to us what life was like in Al Qamishli before the war in 2011? How has life changed? Do you think at some point things will return to how they were prior to 2011?

    Nidal Rahawi: I remember as a child that there was a description for Qamishli city as (Syrian Paris), and the history of this city is very modern dating back to the 1920s, where the first of its builders and residents were Syriac and Armenians (1923 – almost), thus they were able to paint the city with their culture, folklore, customs and lifestyle, the most important characteristic of which was joy, tolerance and the acceptance of other expatriates later, including Kurds.

    Until 2011, the city was full of life in the same style as the big cities, despite its smallness. Everyone shared a very close social life without paying attention to differences of religion, ethnicity or sects.

    The relations between all of its inhabitants were brotherhood and common living relations, without any party trying to control the other or impose its wishes or dictates on it, especially Syriac, who we all know to be the indigenous people of this region.

    Unfortunately, I do not think that things will return to what it was before 2011, even after the state regain control of the region, and this is because of the policy adopted by these gangs that claim democracy, the same policy practiced by the Zionist gangs in Palestine until they were able to pass a UN resolution that recognize them, this policy based on the forcible displacement of indigenous peoples and changing the demographic reality to make it easier for them to Kurdify the region after emptying it from its original inhabitants (Syriac).

    The character of the city has now changed completely with a direct American help (and the Americans have several military bases in and around our city), they are not only seeing what these gangs are doing with the citizens and the city, but they directly manage, nurture and support them in all possible ways, including weapons of course.

    With all this I do not expect the return of life to the city as it was before 2011.

    Sarah Abed: We hear about many Christians fleeing your region, have you thought about leaving? What is your message to those that have fled? Do you think they will return at a later date? Have any returned already in your area? Do most people in your area support President Assad?

    Nidal Rahawi: Yes, unfortunately most of the Christians emigrated (forcibly) and this was not because of ISIS, but because of the abuses committed by the so-called self-management against them by various means, including economically besieging them.

    For me, I did not think about leaving my city and my country, but I still defend our rights in our land and our presence with those who remain here. This is what I see as a duty for every Syrian citizen.

    Many immigrants are contacting me, expressing their intention of return and their regret because they have left their homeland, complaining of the humiliation they have suffered in their expatriation, but the situation now and their own circumstances there do not allow them to return.

    Many of them now come home and return to their new countries, but unfortunately who returned and stayed here are very few, we can count them on the fingers of one hand.

    In any case, this war contributed in one way or another to the emergence of the national sense and the spirit of citizenship, the spontaneous and sincere belonging of the homeland by most Syrians, especially the people here in the region and even those of them who left.

    Not only that, but this war has also established in the hearts of the majority a great affection and support for President Bashar al-Assad, which was already planted in their conscience before the war, he proved to his people that he was a strong and intelligent leader in choosing his alliances, and was able to stand up with our army in the face of this war, in which America and some of its agents conspired with it against us.

    Sarah Abed: How has the war impacted you on a personal level? Has your life been threatened for speaking out and leading a demonstration? What precautions do you have to take to insure your safety? I heard that you had a restaurant and that it was a target of a terrorist act. Can you tell me what happened?

    Nidal Rahawi: In fact, the issue of threatening my life by assault, kidnapping attempts, and murder attempts are nothing new or because of my involvement in the recent demonstration.

    I’ve been living with these repeated attacks for three years now, since I was an investor of Domino restaurant that is located in Al Wusta neighborhood, and now I’m forced to refrain from doing any business after all of these treacherous attempts against me.

    We in Al Wusta neighborhood, did not accept the to surrender our neighborhood or ourselves to the so-called (Kurdish) self-management, but we stayed defending the state authority and our Syrian flag, this is what bothered these separatists, with the Syriac Union Party, which had intended to give us to these gangs, so they started harassing us and annoying us through their militants (Asayish and members of the Syriac Union Party, whose Christian members do not exceed 15).

    We have often had to arm ourselves to confront them with the help of Sootoro, which was responsible for protecting Christians in Al Wusta neighborhood.

    A lot of skirmishes happened between us and them without being able to get our steadfastness, and our insistence that we are Syrians and we will stay with the Syrian state, we lost some martyrs because of the attacks they were carrying out against us.

    After they were sure that we will not bow to them, they resorted to other methods like explosive devices which they planted several times between our cafés, our restaurants and our gatherings, one of them was in New Year’s Eve (2015/2016), where Christians gathered to celebrate, in that night alone we lost nearly 25 martyrs, and then their terrorist attacks continued against us civilians and against our businesses, and of course including myself, through several attempts to kill me, specifically targeting my restaurant, this is because I was one of the most prominent resistors to them, and have been exposing their kurdification plans.

    One time a head of an Asayish patrol, that was trying to attack us, said to us when he saw the large crowd of Christian civilians who had resisted them:

    “This is Rojava and you will leave, or we will burn Al Wusta with everyone in it.” This was the last time they harassed us.

    After that the terrorist attacks, which lasted for more than six months, began with several bombings – claiming that those who carried out these terrorist operations were ISIS. Of course, this lie did not mislead anyone in the city.

    Sarah Abed: Do you think there is a political solution for the current situation in Al Hasakah governorate or will there be a military response from the SAA and the Syrian government?

    Nidal Rahawi: I believe that the possibility of a political solution for the situation in the province of Hasaka with these gangs has become very difficult because of their recent practices against the citizens and the state, especially in this last period after the army went to Idlib.

    Even if the state accepts any kind of political solution, I will still have to ask: How can I, as a citizen like the rest of the citizens and with all that we have suffered of terrorism by these gangs, accept a political solution?

    Sarah Abed: In your opinion, what is the solution that Christians and Muslims wish?

    Nidal Rahawi: In my opinion, the only solution that citizens can accept (that I’m aware of) is the return of the state and the restoration of its full authority over the facilities, as was the situation before 2011, without giving anything to these separatists except granting permits to the rest of the Kurds to establish their own schools, like other ethnic groups and sects.


    Make Art Not War

    Mr. Rahawi risks his life every time he speaks out against the criminal and inhumane actions of Kurdish militias’ in his hometown. He has made it a point to explain how their illegal actions have negatively impacted the lives of the majority of Syrians in the region in many different ways.

    They have essentially made life in one of the most oil and agriculturally rich areas in the country almost unbearable. Unless a person is living under these dire circumstances it’s hard to imagine the amount of stress and trauma residents go through on a daily basis.

    Mr. Rahawi had mentioned during our phone call that he was an artist, but couldn’t go out much to buy supplies due to various reasons including availability and the risk involved in leaving his house.

    Here are a few of his original paintings [at Global Research]:

    A tragedy that not too many people are aware of is that the people being targeted the most whether it be by Kurdish militia’s or other terrorist factions in this particular area, are the indigenous people, the original inhabitants: the Assyrians and Arameans.

    These are the native people whose roots dig deep into the fertile Mesopotamia soil and will not be easily uprooted. Not only have they had to endure coordinated attempts to kick them out of their homes, steal their land, ransack their businesses but they have had to deal with cultural appropriation and historical revisionism which is at the center of the Kurdish imposed curriculum.

    Many of the Syrians I have spoken to in the north eastern region over the past few years, have expressed the same frustration that Mr. Rahawi touched on. At this point, the remaining residents that have weathered the storm fully acknowledge that they need to fight for their right to exist and can only do so if they are united, just as we saw during the demonstration on August 28th, 2018.

    In part II of this article, we will expand on the issues brought on by the unrecognized yet strictly imposed Kurdish self-administration curriculum on Kurdish and non-Kurdish children alike in the north eastern region of Syria.



    Also see Nidal Rahawi’s videos of the Syriac protests and resistance at his channel, Syria Memory. In Arabic, but the visuals are generally self-explanatory in the context of his above interview with Sarah Abed – Kj]:

  58. KathJuliane September 21, 2018 @ 11:08 am

    Tech gurus don’t let their kids have smartphones. Here’s why

    As suspicions about technology’s dark side increase, the ‘digital detox’ has grown in social status

    Excerpt: There is one group of parents, however, who restrict their children’s use of technology ruthlessly, so keenly are they aware of its potential for distraction and damage.

    They are the titans of tech, the very people whose job it is to develop and popularise these devices in the first place. Bill Gates, the principal founder of Microsoft, has said he banned his three children from owning a mobile phone until they were 14, excluded ‘tech’ from meal times and restricted its use before bed.

    His wife Melinda, a former Microsoft executive, said last year that if she could rewind the clock she would have held out further against smartphones: ‘I probably would have waited longer before putting a computer in my children’s pockets.’

    The late Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc, was even sterner: in a New York Times interview in late 2010, he revealed that his children had never used what was then Apple’s exciting new product, the iPad, saying: ‘We limit how much technology our kids use at home.’

    Tim Cook, the current Apple CEO, doesn’t have children of his own, but said: ‘I have a nephew that I put some boundaries on’ — including a firm instruction to stay off social media.

    One might have imagined that the self-proclaimed geeks and nerds of Silicon Valley would be tech’s greatest cheerleaders. Yet it seems that the tech elite are instead keenly aware of just how much effort goes into making devices addictive, and how disturbingly successful that has been.

    As constant ‘connectivity’ seems to be warping both our political systems and our mental health, some tech pioneers are showing signs of guilt, rendered uneasy by the monstrous reach of their inventions.

    Sean Parker, the founding president of Facebook — who left the company in 2005 — said last year that he had become ‘something of a conscientious objector’ against social platforms.

    The original thought process behind social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, he said, was: ‘How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible? And that means we need to sort of give you a little dopamine hit every once in a while, because someone liked or commented on a photo or a post or whatever.’

    The aim, Parker said, was to create ‘a social validation feedback loop’ that ‘exploits a vulnerability in human psychology’. He added: ‘The inventors, creators — it’s me, it’s Mark [Zuckerberg], it’s Kevin Systrom on Instagram, it’s all of these people — understood this consciously. We did it anyway.’

    For those who recognised the enormous potential of a ‘social validation feedback loop’ early, it has brought unimaginable profits. Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, is worth roughly $67 billion.

    Last summer he wrote a public letter to his new daughter, August, in which he made no mention of tech. Instead, he talked about putting leaves in buckets, reading Dr Seuss books and taking naps. ‘The world can be a serious place,’ he wrote, ‘That’s why it’s important to make time to go outside and play.’

    Tristan Harris, a former Google ‘design ethicist’, is now head of Time Well Spent, a non-profit organisation that seeks to reverse the problem of constant distractibility, or the ‘digital attention crisis’.

    He seems particularly concerned about emotionally fragile teens and their yearning to be liked: ‘We’ve never had 100 million human animals viewing hundreds of their friends having fun without them.’”


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