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Dr Ford’s Fatal Fixation

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Dr Ford’s Fatal Fixation
October 3, 2018

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Brother Nathanael @ October 3, 2018


  1. Brother Nathanael October 3, 2018 @ 8:29 pm


    Dr Ford’s Fatal Fixation

    Do you remember the flick, “Fatal Attraction?”

    It might help us peer into the psychological substructure of the Ford-Kavanaugh issue where a woman’s attraction in the movie ripened into a fatal obsession.

    [Clip: “I’ve gotta see you.” “It’s gotta stop.” “No, it’s not going to stop, it’s going to go on and on.” “She keeps calling the apartment.” “Hello?”]

    Now, Dr Ford says that the alleged incident didn’t stop decades ago but like a vague flashback ‘goes on and on’ somewhere deep in her clouded memory bank.

    [Clip: “Let’s talk about the gathering from the time you arrived ’til right when you went up the stairs. Just that period of time, ok? What was the atmosphere like at the gathering?” “Mr Kavanaugh and Mr Judge were extremely inebriated, they had been drinking prior and other people at the party were not.” “Can I ask you just a followup on that? When you said it was clear that they’d been drinking prior, do you mean prior to the time you had gotten there or prior to the time they had arrived?” “Prior to the time that they arrived, I don’t recall who had arrived first though, whether it was me or them.”]

    Strange, this smile of hers.

    She’s recalling an event that ‘made havoc’ with her life—to this very day—yet she swerves between anguish and glee.

    [Clip: “Please continue.” “I recall — I can sketch a floor plan — I recall it was a sparsely furnished, fairly modest living room. And it was not really a party like the news has made it sound but a gathering that I assumed was going to lead to a party later on that those boys would attend.”]

    “Those boys,” please note, Ford already singled out as Kavanaugh and Judge.

    Please continue, Dr Ford, with your little girl coquettish anguish and caprice.

    [Clip: “Besides the music that you described was playing in the bedroom, was there any other music or television or anything like that?” “No.” “So there wasn’t a stereo playing downstairs?” “No.” “Senator Leahy.” “Dr Ford thank you for being here. You would not mix up somebody else with Brett Kavanaugh? Is that correct?” “Correct.” “Or Mark Judge?” “Correct.” “Well, then, let’s go back to the incident. What is the strongest memory you have, the strongest memory of the incident, something that you cannot forget? Take whatever time you need.” “Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter, the laugh – the uproarious laughter between the two, and their having fun at my expense.” “You’ve never forgotten that laughter. You’ve never forgotten them laughing at you.” “They were laughing with each other.”]

    Those “two boys,” Kavanaugh and Judge, please note, were “laughing with each other” “at Ford.”

    [“And you were the object of the laughter?” “I was, you know, underneath one of them while the two laughed, two friend – two friends having a really good time with one another.”]

    “The two laughed,” Ford said, “having a really good time with one another,” while she was, in her words, “underneath one of them.”

    Here at a critical part of her story, Ford can’t cough up Kavanaugh’s name as the boy she was under.

    If Kavanaugh and Judge are laughing with each other, then who is Ford “underneath?”

    Methinks her “100%” recall that it was Kavanaugh must be objected to.

    Speaking of which, Michael Bromwich, Ford’s leading lawyer along with Katz, has his own objection.

    [Clip: “Dr. Ford, we were talking about you meeting in July with Congresswoman Eshoo. Did you talk about your allegations with any Republican member of Congress or congressional staff?” “I did not. Where I live, the congressman is a Democrat.” “Was it communicated to you by your counsel or someone else that the committee had asked to interview you, and that they offered to come out to California to do so?”
    “We’re going to object, Mr. Chairman, to any call for privileged conversations between counsel and Dr. Ford.”]

    Enter Lindsey Graham, an experienced courtroom prosecuting lawyer, who leaps into the fray.

    [“Could we, could you validate the fact that the offer was made, without her saying a word?” Is it possible for that question to be answered without violating any counsel relationships?” “Can I say something to you? Do you mind if I say something to you directly? I just appreciate that you did offer that. I wasn’t clear on what the offer was. If you were going to come out to see me, I would have happily hosted you and been happy to speak with you out there. I just did not – it was not clear to me that that was the case.”]

    But it was clear to her lawyers, Bromwich and Katz, who on Ford’s behalf saying she appreciated the Committee’s various options, declined the offer.

    Legal malpractice is now being pursued by Graham and Senator Cotton aimed at Bromwich AND Katz.

    Mixing politics with jurisprudence is illicit business.

    Bromwich, by the way, also owns his own PR firm (surely the hidden hand behind Ford’s newly-acquired public face) which vaunts that it implements strategies to tell a client’s story so as to shape public perception.

    But is the public so dumb to ‘perceive’ that Ford is a victim in distress?

    The “perception” the unbiased eye sees here is a cat swallowing the canary.

    Look, I don’t want to cast aspersions on anyone, but when an accuser comes forth with tales of ancient reminisces we have a natural urge to cross-examine.

    I mean, I wonder if Dr Ford has some fatal fixation.

    Is this what Senator Graham is pointing to?

    [Clip: “On Sean Hannity’s program you seem to suggest she has a problem, I want to play that here.” “I am now more convinced than ever he didn’t do it, that he’s the right guy to be on the court, that Ms Ford has a problem, and destroying Kavanaugh’s life won’t fix her problem.”
    “She has a problem?” “Yeah, yeah, I think she does.”]

    So what’s the problem?

    That the pursuit of an apparent villainy springs from emotional and mental causes?

    That some psychological disorder using choking voice, frowns, and wide-mouthed smiles can turn a Senate Committee into a Hall of Judgment complete with objecting lawyers?

    Or perhaps that Bromwich, Katz and Company—unelected representatives of unsubstantiated accusations—can turn Capitol Hill into a PR scheme to bring a decent man down.

    This may be the fatal fixation from which our falling country may never recover.

  2. Brother Nathanael October 3, 2018 @ 8:29 pm

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  6. Brother Nathanael October 3, 2018 @ 8:53 pm

    Dear All,

    This “Dr hussy Ford” is a lying bitch. She’s a cunning fox who has been in on destroying Judge Brett Kavanaugh from the start.

    She’s been a leftist, pro-abortionist, for decades, and no doubt has murdered some babies of her own in her own belly.

    She’s been hard ridden and put out to pasture soaking wet.

    This is what the anti-Kavanaugh crusade is all about, a feminist effort to vindicate their murder of babies in their wombs rather than repenting.

    I hope to do an upcoming Article or Video on this subject soon.

    In the meantime, look at Dr hussy Ford at her polygraph test on August 18 before the JEW BROMWICH did a makeover on how the “public perceives her” @
    (Scroll Down):

    She looks like the typical lesbian slob Jew leftist in the pic, doesn’t she?

    +Brother Nathanael

  7. Brother Nathanaeli October 3, 2018 @ 8:56 pm

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    Raymond B
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  8. Citizenfitz October 3, 2018 @ 10:06 pm


    They must be putting some pretty heavy $#!+ in birth control pills.

  9. Cornelius October 4, 2018 @ 4:13 am

    @Brother Nathanael

    I’m sorry that you are in dire straits financially.

    People with money use it for themselves.

    Or just to have more and more and more.

    You are not getting any, because Americans lacks the faith and moral fiber to fund someone who exposes the root of the problem. There is no problem bigger than the Jewish dominance in media, finance and politics.

    And Americans would not have it any other way. They wear stupid buttons that say: “I voted”.

    Stupid American slob! You have to do something if you want freedom! Why do you think people in prison don’t hold a vote to set themselves free?

    “Keep fighting!” Is all I can say to you, Brother Nathanael. The glory is all in the struggle.

  10. Brother Nathanael October 4, 2018 @ 6:08 am


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  12. Ft. Nolan October 4, 2018 @ 7:10 am

    What an act. And the “Oscar” goes to: “Driving Miss Blasey!”

    When you can’t be the triumphant victor, then play the oppressed victim.

    Brett Kavanaugh is not pure as new fallen snow, he does have some background worthy of deeper investigation (Jesuit prep school; Bush administration legal opinions; alleged Vince Foster coverup…).

    What we are seeing here is an intramural firefight between the Zionists and Jesuits for control of the “Rule-From-The-Bench” Supreme Court for furthering the allowances of ruling class activities in establishing the global plantation.

    In the process, Democrats are showing themselves to be the monsters they really are.

    Take notice of how Judaics comprise a sizeable portion of the opposition against Kavanaugh. These hearings define the time when we departed the last vestiges of being a republic and have fully become a democracy. Mob rule is now the governing principle imposed upon us.

  13. Yale University wants to find a "Dignified End" for White Protestants. Hmm, I Wonder Why? October 4, 2018 @ 5:33 pm

    (original submitter’s comment: “Oh those pesky, well-educated, leadership-oriented, self-governing, substantially armed, fiercely independent white Christian men! When will they learn?” Thank you, Yale University, for continuing your new path of destroying everything we’ve built, and everything (that matters!) that we gave you.)

    Please see the hyperlink below for the source. Thanks.

    Finding a Dignified End for White Protestantism – by Robert P. Jones

    Robert P. Jones

    The end of a life is often difficult to discern. In the natural order of things, it is most often marked not by a clear announcement but by a near-imperceptible sigh as breath leaves the body without return. In the era of modern medicine, when technology can artificially transform the inevitable into the indefinite, the end of a life may arrive long before breath or heart or organs fully cease to function.

    We face death not just accompanied by our family and friends (if we are lucky) but armed with “do not resuscitate” orders, living wills, and healthcare powers of attorney. The word “dignity” has migrated into the palliative care vocabulary as a way of expressing the hope for a reasonable end, where a life is ultimately honored by foregoing “extraordinary measures” and letting it go.

    Astonishing Feat

    Martin Luther’s religious descendants can take an appropriate sense of pride in a remarkable five centuries of freewheeling religious innovation and massive institution building. White European Protestantism became the most powerful religious and cultural force in the modern Western world. This longevity, and the sheer dominance of this movement, is something that would have astonished Martin Luther, who had a keen sense that the eschaton was near.

    The success of Luther and other reformers was initially marked by the official adoption of Protestant forms of Christianity in the emerging nations of northern Europe. But it truly flowered in American soil that was tilled by religious liberty and congenial to the growth of an amazing diversity of Protestant denominations. Even as Protestant church member rates were plummeting across northern Europe’s state churches, Protestantism among Americans of European descent seemed to be an exception.

    White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism was the undisputed dominant demographic, cultural, and institutional power in the US up through the 1980s.

    But over the last few decades, white American Protestantism’s vital signs have ebbed. The last year white Protestants constituted a majority of the US population was 1993, and that percentage has now dropped to 30 percent.1 After so much ink has been spilled charting that decline among white mainline denominations (in the last decade alone, down from 17.8 percent of the population to 12.8 percent), we now have evidence of a second wave of white Protestant diminishment – among white evangelical denominations.2

    White evangelical Protestants have decreased from 23 percent of the population in 2006 to 16.8 percent today. The Southern Baptist Convention – the nation’s largest Protestant denomination – has posted losses of over 1 million members across ten straight years of membership decline.

    Diminished Clout

    And the likely future trends are etched in the stark generational profiles of American adults. Nearly half of seniors ages 65 and older identify as either white mainline Protestant (19 percent) or white evangelical Protestant (26 percent). But only about one in six American adults under 30 identifies as either white mainline Protestant (8 percent) or white evangelical Protestant (8 percent).3

    White Protestants have also lost considerable cultural and institutional clout. For all the good work the National Council of Churches does, it is a shadow of its former self. Its gleaming, limestoneclad initial headquarters, the Interchurch Center in New York, was dubbed by its founders as “the nearest thing to a Protestant-Orthodox ‘Vatican’ that the modern world would ever see” when none other than President Eisenhower laid the cornerstone in 1958. But after years of downsizing, a reduced NCC staff left the building in 2013 to land at the United Methodist Building in Washington, DC.

    A growing number of white Protestant seminaries are closing, merging, tapping endowments, or selling off assets to keep the doors open and the lights on. Even among the white evangelical branch of the Protestant family tree, parachurch institutions like Focus on the Family have a fraction of the employees they had in the heady 1980s and 90s.

    In the elite halls of government, there is now only one Protestant – President Trump’s recent appointee Neil Gorsuch – serving on the US Supreme Court with five Catholics and three Jews.

    A Legacy Continues

    To be sure, there is considerable life in African- American and especially Hispanic-American churches today and among Protestant Christians of color in the developing world, who are themselves inheritors of Luther’s legacy. But because of the way racism has historically segregated the Protestant world, these institutions have by necessity developed lives of their own.

    The descendants of white Protestantism who deny its grim prognosis by pointing to the health of these denominations are like a person who attempts to lift her spirits by reading the chart of the healthier patient in the next bed.

    The signs all point to a conclusion that is difficult for many to face: White Protestantism, as the dominant religious and cultural force in America, has reached the end of meaningful life. Though white Protestant churches and institutions are not going to disappear fully, it is time to lay white Protestantism – the infrastructure built for the days of cultural dominance – to rest.

    For those who have been nurtured by it, the most important act in our time may be the pastoral task of guiding it to a dignified end. Marking the 500-year arc of European Protestantism might be more productively thought about as a wake than a birthday party.

    Difficult Conversations

    One significant challenge for the future is that there has been virtually no estate planning. If white Protestantism’s survivors can move through the stages of grief, from denial to acceptance, they could begin to have important, reasoned conversations about responsibly redistributing or reallocating enormous resources.

    Even in healthier institutions, hard questions – such as whether maintaining massive institutions to benefit dwindling numbers of members and students is justifiable – will have to be asked. And in struggling institutions, they will be sharper: Is spending down endowments to primarily shore up historic buildings rather than serve living people consistent with a church’s mission?

    White Protestant institutions have billions of dollars in assets, and they have a current window of opportunity to think about their legacy – their witness – in this time.

    Such conversations are always difficult. And as is all too often the case in emotionally charged end-of-life settings, the temptation is to be more desperate than deliberate. The key difference between Luther and his white Protestant descendants today is this: Luther was convinced the end times were near, yet his legacy has endured for five centuries; today’s white Protestants are taking extraordinary measures to ensure white Protestantism’s dominance will live forever, but the end has already come.

    Robert P. Jones is the CEO of Public Religion Research Institute and the author of The End of White Christian America (Simon & Schuster, 2016).


    1 Here and throughout, “white” refers to survey respondents who identify as white and non- Hispanic.

    2 I unpack these trends more fully in The End of White Christian America (Simon & Schuster, 2016).

    3 Robert P. Jones and Dan Cox, America’s Changing Religious Identity: Findings from the 2016 American Values Atlas (Washington, DC: Public Religion Research Institute, 2017).

    Issue Title: Reformation: Writing the Next Chapter
    Issue Year: 2017

  14. GW Smith October 4, 2018 @ 5:37 pm

    I’m on board with you this time, Brother.

    The political undertones reek to high heaven behind the masquerade of innocence and femininity.

  15. May God have mercy on her soul October 4, 2018 @ 8:29 pm

    Why don’t you do a speaking tour, summarising what you have learnt about the forces of darkness?

    Call it the Br Nathanael whistle stop tour, in the footsteps of Mark Twain.

    Sympathetic Churches would be ideal hosts. You could start off in the Times Square church whose young parisheners always give you a warm welcome on the street outside.

    Who knows you might even convert the ziochristians.

  16. Zionien October 4, 2018 @ 9:55 pm

    Oh – the princess and the pea, or is it the Jew and the lie – take your pick – each is one of the same in avoiding the truth with lies!

    This will evolve into a very uncomfortable/embarrassing dilemma – that is TRUE! It’s also TRUE that the wormy Jew’s evils are INDEED EXPOSED to any worth a damn human being with a normal brain – but watch them throw another mattress on it – always the scoundrel!

    The definition of Scoundrel is missing a 3 letter word in it’s description! That word IS – JEW!

  17. The Englishman October 5, 2018 @ 4:17 am

    @ +BN

    Your internet life’s work has driven the nails purposely into humanities nemesis.

    Why you are starved of financial support from the adorers of the Blood of Christ is totally baffling.

    Shame on those that could help but don’t.

    Mindful of nails being hit squarely on the head, the suggestion that “Democracy Equals Mob Rule” is today evidential.

  18. KathJuliane October 5, 2018 @ 8:39 am

    The cloture vote is something like a test vote for tomorrow’s final Senate floor vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation


    Sputnik: US Senate Approves Advancing Kavanaugh to Final Vote Amid Protests

    The Supreme Court nominee’s candidacy has been drawn out by allegations of sexual misconduct, with President Trump accusing Soros-funded protesters of trying to “make Senators look bad” by protesting in front of the Capitol and Senate office buildings amid preparations for the confirmation vote.

    The US Senate voted to limit further debate on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, with 51 Senators voting in favor and 49 opposed. One Republican and one Democrat voted against the rest of their respective parties.

    The procedural vote sets the stage for the final vote to confirm Kavanaugh, which may take place as early as Saturday.

    President Trump congratulated Kavanaugh over the Senate’s decision, saying he was “very proud” of lawmakers.

    Very proud of the U.S. Senate for voting “YES” to advance the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 5, 2018

    Earlier, the president accused protesters against Kavanaugh’s nomination of being “paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad,” and suggested they were “paid for by Soros and others.”

    Also on Friday, an FBI probe concluded that it was unable to corroborate the accusations of sexual assault made against Kavanaugh by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez.

    The investigation, initiated at President Trump’s request, was established to determine whether Ford and Ramirez’ allegations that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted them in high school could be conclusively proven.

    Kavanaugh and Ford were not interviewed for the FBI probe, but did testify extensively before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

    Nearly 300 protesters were arrested before the US Capitol building during so-called ‘Cancel Kavanaugh’ protests on Thursday.

    Activists, including survivors of sexual assaults, have been confronting Senators all week as they entered the elevators in the US Capitol and Senate office buildings, urging them to vote against the Trump nominee.

  19. benzion kook October 5, 2018 @ 10:28 am


    Kikes release shit-storm of disinformation in attempt to confuse the masses (not difficult) and establish world-wide totalitarian control.

  20. KathJuliane October 5, 2018 @ 10:48 am

    Naw. Who are you going to believe, Deplorables? Your lying eyes or we Demonrats?

    There wasn’t a massive Soros-backed weaponization of victimhood and mob mobilization spearheaded by Bromwich Group paving the way for the Democrat apparatchiks with Clintonista ties inside and outside Capitol Hill in a coordinated smear campaign against Kavanaugh designed to skew the confirmation hearings in revenge for Kavanaugh’s role in the Starr special investigation which led up to Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

    Judge Kavanaugh said in the continuation hearing that the Regressive Left/Media political ambush and smear campaign was motivated by “Revenge on behalf of the Clintons” and Senate Democrats’ “search and destroy” mission.


    The Political Pasts of the Lawyers Representing Kavanaugh Accusers

    The lawyers for the three women accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct all have been on the legal battlefields of either celebrity or politics.

    One ran for office multiple times as a Democrat. Another was a federal appointee of both Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Still another defended the alleged misconduct of Democrat politicians.

    Kavanaugh has denied allegations made by each woman.

    Here’s a look at the political pasts of the lawyers representing the accusers in one of the most politically charged Supreme Court confirmation processes in recent times.

    — From Iran Contra Prosecutor to McCabe Advocate

    Michael Bromwich is one of the lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford. Bromwich and another lawyer, Debra Katz, sat on either side of Ford during the Sept. 27 hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Quote tweet: A vicious, vile and soulless attack on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Is it any wonder that she was terrified to come forward, and that other sexual assault survivors are as well? She is a remarkable profile in courage. He is a profile in cowardice.

    — Michael R. Bromwich (@mrbromwich) October 3, 2018

    Ford claims that in the early 1980s, during a small gathering of teens, a drunken Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed and forcefully tried to remove her clothing.

    Before going into private practice, Bromwich was a prominent federal prosecutor.

    In the 1980s, he served as associate counsel for the Office of Independent Counsel during its investigation of the Iran-contra affair.

    He was one of three courtroom lawyers leading the prosecution against Lt. Col. Oliver North, then a National Security Council aide. North’s conviction was overturned on appeal in 1990.

    In 1994, Clinton nominated Bromwich and the Senate confirmed him as inspector general for the Justice Department. The Office of Inspector General acts as the internal watchdog to investigate waste, fraud, and abuse, and in some cases, make a criminal referral.

    A little over a decade later, Obama tapped Bromwich to lead an effort to reform the Minerals Management Service in response to the Deepwater Horizon explosion in 2010 off the Gulf of Mexico.

    Bromwich oversaw reorganization of the agency to eliminate conflicts among its different missions, which included establishing safety standards, regulating industry compliance, and collecting royalties, according to the Obama White House.

    Starting this year, Bromwich began representing Andrew McCabe, who had been deputy FBI director under James Comey since 2016 and, for a short time after President Donald Trump fired Comey, was the acting FBI director.

    McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe, ran an unsuccessful campaign for state Senate in Virginia, receiving about $500,000 from a political action committee run by then-Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a political ally of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Bromwich, the Justice Department’s former inspector general, represented McCabe as he was under a probe by the current Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General that determined he was not honest with investigators.

    The FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility recommended that McCabe be fired. Attorney General Jeff Sessions followed up by firing him.

    Bromwich consistently has contributed to Democrats, including Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He also has made donations to the Democratic National Committee.

    Bromwich did not respond to email and phone inquiries.

    –Defender of Al Franken and Bill Clinton

    Debra Katz has hit the talk show circuit, speaking up for Ford’s allegations more than Bromwich has. And she is no stranger to commenting for the media.

    Last year, Katz provided commentary defending Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., before he resigned in disgrace after multiple reports of groping women.

    “Context is relevant,” Katz said about Franken. “He did not do this as a member of the U.S. Senate. He did this in his capacity of someone who was still functioning as an entertainer.”

    In the 1990s, Katz was also a strong defender of Bill Clinton amid charges of sexual harassment made by Paula Jones.

    In April 1999, Katz said on “CBS Evening News”:

    Quote: Clearly a one-time incident that took place in 10 to 12 minutes, she was not forced to have sex, she left on her own volition, the courts increasingly are finding that that is not enough to create a sexually hostile work environment claim.

    Katz also talked about the Jones case to The New York Times in March 1998.

    Quote: “If a woman came to me with a similar fact pattern, that is someone in the company above her propositioned her but only once and she suffered no tangible job detriment, I would probably tell her that I’m sorry, it’s unfair, but you don’t have a case,” Katz told the Times.

    Clinton eventually settled his case with Jones, and was found in contempt of federal court.

    In a follow up point in the Times, Katz continued: “If it’s one time, it has to be severe, almost a sexual assault, not just a touching of somebody’s breast or buttocks or even forceful kissing.”

    Katz is a donor to Obama’s presidential campaigns and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, and to numerous Democratic congressional candidates across the country.

    In a Facebook post in March 2017, Katz, referring to a Hillary Clinton line during the campaign, said of advisers to President Donald Trump: “These people are all miscreants. The term ‘basket of deplorables’ is far too generous a description for these people who are now Senior Trump advisors.”

    Katz did not respond to phone and email inquiries.

    — He Has an Eye on 2020

    While most of the lawyers involved in the Kavanaugh accusations have a past in politics, Michael Avenatti hints at a significant political future.

    Avenatti already has asserted that he is considering running for president in 2020.

    Over the past year, he has built a high-profile legal resume to raise his name recognition, making well more than 100 TV appearances.

    One of his clients, Julie Swetnick, made the most serious accusation against Kavanaugh—one that the nominee and current D.C. Circuit Court judge called a farce.

    Swetnick claims in an affidavit that when she was a young adult, she was present at multiple parties where Kavanaugh, as a high school student, participated in gang rapes.

    She said that she eventually was gang-raped at one of the parties she attended. She said she couldn’t remember whether Kavanaugh was one of her attackers—only that he was present at that party.

    Avenatti also represents porn star Stormy Daniels, a stage name for Stephanie Clifford, who has said she had a consensual one-night stand with Trump in 2006. Daniels was trying to get out of a nondisclosure agreement that she signed shortly before the 2016 election.

    While in college and later in law school, Avenatti worked for Rahm Emanuel’s Democratic-affiliated opposition research firm the Research Group. Emanuel is now mayor of Chicago.

    However, most of Avenatti’s career has been with the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, where he once sued businessman Trump.

    Avenatti wasn’t a major political donor, but contributed to the presidential campaign of former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, Kerry’s presidential campaign, and at least one of Sen. Barbara Boxer’s campaigns.

    — Democratic Candidate

    Deborah Ramirez claims that as a college freshman Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a party when they were both students at Yale.

    The two lawyers representing her, according to reports, are Stan Garnett and John Clune, both of Colorado.

    Garnett is a former district attorney for Colorado’s 20th Judicial District in Boulder County, an elected office he held for about a decade, according to an online biography.

    In 2010, Garnett was the Democratic nominee for Colorado attorney general. He lost the race to Republican John Suthers.

    In private practice during 2003, Garnett represented Rep. Mark Udall, D-Colo., in his capacity as an individual in the case of Salazar v. Davidson, which led to a court’s striking down a redistricting plan approved by a Republican-led state legislature.

    He contributed to Democratic congressional candidates across the country, and also to Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

    — High-Profile Cases

    Clune, also an attorney for Ramirez, hasn’t been as transparently political as most of the other lawyers involved in the allegations against Kavanaugh.

    Many of his high-profile cases involve sexual assault, however.

    Clune has represented students and families on campus rape and Title IX matters.

    Quote: Debbie Ramirez spoke to the FBI for over two hours this past Sunday. It was a detailed and productive interview, and the agents were clearly motivated to investigate the matter in any way they were permitted. Ms. Ramirez identified a number of witnesses, and, 1/

    — John Clune (@CluneEsq) October 2, 2018

    Quote cont: at the end of the interview, her lawyers provided the FBI the names and known contact information of additional witnesses (totaling more than 20) who may have corroborating information. Although we do not know the status of the investigation, 2/

    — John Clune (@CluneEsq) October 2, 2018

    Quote cont: we are not aware of the FBI affirmatively reaching out to any of those witnesses. Though we appreciated the agents who responded on Sunday, we have great concern that the FBI is not conducting—or not being permitted to conduct—a serious investigation. 3/

    — John Clune (@CluneEsq) October 2, 2018 [End quote]

    Clune represented clients alleging sexual assault in civil litigation against pro basketball’s Kobe Bryant, as well as in a civil lawsuit against pro baseball’s Johan Santana and several actions against schools alleging Title IX violations.

    In 2009, Clune co-founded and served as the first legal director for Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center, a pro-bono nonprofit organization dedicated to enforcing the rights of crime victims, according to an online biography.

  21. Citizenfitz October 5, 2018 @ 2:10 pm

    Kavanaugh is looking good for us.

    Tweeting libs are wringing their hands and wailing and turning on one another.

    If things looked good to them they’d be chortling and dancing.

  22. KathJuliane October 5, 2018 @ 3:23 pm

    Why Murkowski Voted No on Cloture

    Hundreds of female Alaska attorneys call on Murkowski, Sullivan to vote ‘no’ on Kavanaugh

    Collins has principles she stands by particularly about fairness and due process, even though I don’t agree with about 40% of her positions, particularly pro-choice, pro- gay marriage. On the same hand, she will dig her heels in against her own base when she needs to based on principles.

    Collins’ Senate floor speech is an eloquent flashback to what a floor debate over a Supreme Court confirmation should really be like.

    She methodically deconstructs the “progressive” Guillotine Mob’s distorted and hyperbolic objections and claims about Kavanaugh, the corruption of the principles of fairness and due process, and delivered a pensive, dignified, thorough, dispassionate speech on judicial philosophy.

    She also took Avenatti out behind the woodshed for a gentle thrashing.

    Murkowski is simply a political whore.

    In other words, Murkowski says, “He’s a good man, impeccable judiciary credentials, but we have to bork him anyway, because 350 Alaskan female/feminist lawyers said so for the sake of #MeToo.”


    Wall Street Journal Live Coverage: Murkowski: Kavanaugh a Good Man But ‘Not the Best Man for the Court at This Time’

    GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska told reporters that she had been wrestling with her decision before she voted against advancing Judge Kavanaugh on Friday.

    “I believe we are dealing with issues that are bigger than a nominee,” she said, saying it had been the “most difficult” decision she has ever had to make. Ms. Murkowski was the only Republican to vote against Judge Kavanaugh on Friday.

    “I believe he is a good man,” she said, but “in my view, he’s not the best man for the court at this time.”

    Kristina Peterson

    Wall Street Journal Live Coverage: Collins and Manchin to Vote ‘Yes’ on Kavanaugh, Giving Him Enough Votes to Win Confirmation

    Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, the final undecided Republican, wrapped up her floor speech by saying she will vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, giving him enough support to win confirmation.

    After she announced her stance, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced that he, too, will vote yes, making him the only Democrat to support the nominee.

    Of the four undecided senators heading into the day, three now plan to support the nominee — Sens. Collin, Manchin, and Jeff Flake of Arizona. One, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, is voting “no.”


    Needless to say, Senator Collins speech caused Leftist/Red & Lavendar heads to explode.

    According to MSNBC, the Anti-Susan Collins Crowdpac campaign, Maine People’s Alliance, had raised $2 million before Collins speech.

    The site then crashed due to the weight of donor traffic surge.

    “Maine People’s Alliance doesn’t have a candidate in mind — the money will go to whomever the Democratic challenger ultimately is.

    “On Friday, multiple names were already circulating. Among the suggestions: former Marine and current Congressional candidate Jared Golden, sitting Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, and former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, who has a house in the state.

    Former UN ambassador Susan Rice went ahead and threw her hat in the ring.

  23. Brother Nathanael October 5, 2018 @ 3:35 pm


    Many are asking, “Who leaked Ford’s ‘confidential’ Letter?”

    Was it Feinstein? Someone in her staff?

    Cmon, let’s not be naive.

    Ford is a cunning hussy bitch, who in conjunction with her Christ-hating Jew lawyers, Katz and Kin, (along with Soros funding), LEAKED the letter to WaPo, another Christ-Hating Jew operation where the Meyer-Graham family still has much influence via leveraging the Bezos purchase under his LLC which is protected by privacy into its financial dealings.

    Ford is NOT credible. If you read carefully Susan Collins’ statement she graciously and most politely with finesse and subtlety called Ford a LIAR and a FRAUD. +bn

  24. Brother Nathanaelu October 5, 2018 @ 3:37 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    I’m at the edge of financial collapse.

    I’m at the precipice of declaring bankruptcy.

    I’m at the brink of folding.

    I can’t even raise $5000 on GoFundMe after a 4 month initial run.

    Can anyone help me out of this pending disaster?

    Please email me at: bronathanael{at}yahoo(dot){com}

    MAIL: Brother Nathanael Foundation; POB 547; Priest River ID 83856
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    Bitcoin @

    “Keep Up The Good Work”
    Raymond B
    Byron C

  25. KathJuliane October 5, 2018 @ 5:48 pm Supplemental FBI Investigation Executive Summary

    Oct 05, 2018


    At the Senate Judiciary Committee’s request, the FBI opened a supplemental background investigation into Judge Kavanaugh. It’s his seventh FBI background investigation in 25 years, going back to 1993. The request was for an investigation into current credible allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.

    In the course of its investigation, the FBI decided to reach out to eleven people, ten of whom agreed to be interviewed. The FBI reached out to all witnesses with potential firsthand knowledge of the allegations. The FBI provided to the Senate 12 detailed FD-302 reports summarizing their interviews with the witnesses as well as supporting materials cited by the witnesses during their interviews.

    Interview Subjects

    The FBI interviewed the following ten individuals:

    — Ford Allegations

    The three individuals identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as having attended the gathering where she was allegedly assaulted.

    Mark Judge[1]
    PJ Smyth
    Leland Keyser

    Two other individuals included on Judge Kavanaugh’s July 1, 1982 calendar entry.

    Timothy Gaudette
    Christopher Garrett
    An attorney for one of the witnesses

    — Ramirez Allegations

    Deborah Ramirez

    Two alleged eyewitnesses named by Deborah Ramirez (a third alleged eyewitness refused to submit to an interview)

    Deborah Ramirez’s close friend from college

    — Conclusion

    The Supplemental Background Investigation confirms what the Senate Judiciary Committee concluded after its investigation: there is no corroboration of the allegations made by Dr. Ford or Ms. Ramirez.

    [1] Mr. Judge was also questioned extensively about other allegations besides Dr. Ford’s.


  26. benzion kook October 5, 2018 @ 7:28 pm

    When the hearing is over
    and Kavanaugh is safe
    who will accuse his accusers
    of statutory legal rape?

  27. KathJuliane October 5, 2018 @ 8:53 pm

    God bless you, +BN!

    I’m not being naive.

    Ford has a “problem” as Graham has said, but that doesn’t make her an innocent lamb. It’s obvious to me that she also has a problem. I personally believe, too, that Ford was a willing participant in this charade as well as a bad actor.

    Mentally ill people aren’t usually stupid, they still follow their own internal logic and moral compass, and some may even become more fanatical and obsessed about a cause, or fixated as you’ve aptly titled this latest Vid, than they would without whatever 200 different kinds of mental illness they may have.

    Professor Ford may very well perceive herself to be the heroic martyr for the regressive ‘Resistance’.

    Sen. Tom Cotton from Arkansas said Sunday the 30th on Face the Nation that Feinstein’s office will be investigated to determine whether or not they leaked the confidential letter from Ford.

    There’s only four possible sources of the leaked letter — Ford, Congresswoman Eshoo and her stsaff, Katz et al, and Feinstein and her staff.

    The thing is, Feinstein and/or her staff could have leaked the most important excerpts as bullet items or notes in emails, and still have plausible deniability in that she and/or her staff did not leak a copy of the actual letter itself.

    Graham, Collins, Grassley and the other Republicans on the Judiciary do appear to have unfeined sympathy for Ford, while at the same time stealing the Democrats’ thunder by hammering the idea that the Democrats used and abused her callously for their own agenda.

    They are gracefully and firmly easing Ford out as an iconic #MeToo hero by constantly reiterating that “It’s obvious she has problems; it’s obvious something happened to her; but her story doesn’t jive with her own witnesses statements” in order to marginalize her story, at the same time they are weaving a certain amount of protection around her.

    It serves no purpose politically for the Republicans to come off as her adversary and publicly call her a liar.

    For that, the Mitchell report did it’s job, pointing out the inconsistencies in Ford’s own statements to the media and at the hearing.

    At the same time, the Senate Republicans are working to maintain the high ground and trying to keep the good will that women are willing to lend them seeing how well Ford was treated with “dignity and respect”.

    The Republicans are not discounting the the enormous problem of real criminal sexual crimes and harassment and trying to separate it all from the #MeToo Cult of Victimization.

    They are also working very hard to shift their narrative from Ford’s weaponized victimization to that of the Democrats abuse of due process and good order.

    In my opinion, the dipshit Democrats with their blind hatred of Trump and especially of Kavanaugh and this whole ginned up Ford political drama of theirs have actually set back 20 years of major efforts nationwide to get justice and healing for real victims of violent sexual trauma and harassment — men, women, and children.

    Senator Grassley tweeted:

    I never knew Sen Margaret Chase Smith of Maine but I know her reputation for her trailblazing spirit & taking leadership positions on tough issues (exposing Sen McCarthy’s use of the “four horsemen of calumny: fear ignorance bigotry & smear” in her 1950 speech) 1/2

    2/2 I think Sen Collins in the same spirit did more to expose the ugliness of the controversy around the Kavanaugh nom process than any other senator. I commend Sen Collins for her thoughtfulness & am proud to have her support for such a well qualified nominee #confirmkavanaugh

    Senator Collins brought common sense to the Senate floor with her elegent speech on why she would be voting to confirm Kavanaugh.

    It really is worth reading because what she is actually addressing with her rigorous, logical argument in support of Judge Kavanaugh, is not so much political issues as it is the breakdown of decency, civility, order, and the threat to constitutional due process itself that the Guillotine Left represents after the Democrats’ latest craziness.

  28. Zionien October 5, 2018 @ 9:20 pm


    The spoiled children of the devil = REV 2:9, 3:9, are gnashing their teeth!!!

  29. PeterK October 6, 2018 @ 5:18 am

    This is exactly what the Communists did in Russia.

    Fake guilty verdicts before entering the kangaroo courts.

    THey are homely looking beasts. Live devils in disguise.

    Just look at the faces of those looking toi bring this man down. Ugly, homely and unbaptized.

  30. KathJuliane October 6, 2018 @ 8:03 am

    Michelle Malkin: ‘Sincere’ Christine Blasey Ford or Sincere BULLCRAP?


    Media Misses: Kavanaugh Coverage Ignores Supporters

    It’s safe to say that media bias these days is out of hand, but one network in particular has taken it to another level. Over an 18-day period, CNN personalities used the word “rape” 191 times in reference to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, according to a Media Research Center analysis.

    Even Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has had enough of the media’s bias against Kavanaugh and he called it out at a press conference earlier this week, asking why the press has only covered protesters but not supporters.

  31. KathJuliane October 6, 2018 @ 12:30 pm

    Live Coverage of Senate Confirmation Vote

    Majority Leader McConnell giving opening speech.

  32. KathJuliane October 6, 2018 @ 1:06 pm

    The US Senate has voted to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court by vote of 50-48.

    Congratulations, Associate Justice Kavanaugh.

  33. Brother Nathanael October 6, 2018 @ 2:14 pm

    Some great comments from my YouTube channel

    thirstyphilosopher6 minutes ago

    Why didn’t she have a few kids and get over it? Is she an attention whore, also? What a little frolicking escapade she was having!

    Rui Duarte Adao25 minutes ago

    She is so fake. It’s as plain as day. Does she realise, that one day, she will be before our dear Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ? She will have to give an account for her life. I definitely wouldn’t want to be in her shoes that day. The best pillow to lay your head on is a good and clear conscience.

    burrbonbowler33 minutes ago

    I just love her ‘valley girl’ baby talk. This is all acting!

    titus titus33 minutes ago

    Once again a great observation on your part Brother Nathanael. What a twit Ford is. I wasn’t sure if she was playing a Valley Girl or Malibu Barbe. (“My beach friends…”) The smiling is from a reflex called ‘Dupers Delight”. Watching this lying scum and the brood of vipers with her makes one recall the show trials of communist Russia before they sent millions of Christians to the Gulags.

    symbolsandsystems1 hour ago

    it’s not about destroying Kavanaugh, it’s about destroying America.

    shubus1 hour ago

    Thanks for this penetrating analysis of Ford’s highly flawed testimonyl

    May Pop1 hour ago

    That dude looks like Fed Chairman Burnanke.

    Bratty Young1 hour ago (edited)


    svt2832 hours ago

    Forgot to mention how much Jewish is helping support her to bring Trump down

    Rup Tratin3 hours ago

    Bad actress. Face doesn’t even match the photo that was circulated by the news and internet for a couple weeks before she appeared.

    Gerald’s Videos4 hours ago

    Indelible in the hippocampus.
    Oooooooh this is soooooo prepared.

    Steved D4 hours ago

    All those old disgusting hags wish they were sexually assaulted.

    Clandestine Reactionary5 hours ago


    Mal Reynolds5 hours ago

    This whole thing is a dog-and-pony show because the “deep state” is freaking-out about having a Constitutional conservative on the Supreme Court. They will stop at nothing to try and keep Kavanaugh out of the SC. Blasey Ford is just another one of their disgusting tactics. Americans see through this ridiculous sham.

    DK Knight7 hours ago

    This psychology professor should be in a mental i situation. He is right how can anyone smile about something like that. She is so eager to fill people on the juicy details. Evil joy.

    Aye Jay7 hours ago

    When I watched this live, I was in awe of the BULLSHIT

  34. Smenster Pones October 6, 2018 @ 3:47 pm

    Hello, Brother Nat, I am really, really sorry, Brother, I have to apologize in advance for what I am about to say, what I need to say.

    I acknowledge that you are a member of ROCOR (i.e., the Russian Orthodox Church, outside of Russia) and that you are in good standing with that organization.

    I acknowledge your Christian and Rabbinical authority, your lineage, and your authority to teach.

    That being said, I’m sorry, the video you produced, above is just unwatchable. It is cringe-worthy. However, it is not because of anything that you have done, to it. The woman testifying in the video, just about makes me vomit. She does. This “Dr. Ford”, is an old woman (the age of a Hag, and certainly past the Wall, that is, past child-bearing years).

    But even though she is an old woman, she is wearing hair extensions, and has extensive hair dye and streaking, well, to try to look much younger than her years. She tries (sickeningly) to flip her head, flip her hair (like a much younger woman) and tries to smile and giggle.

    Brother, there is nothing, and I mean, nothing, more disgusting and unattractive than a woman who is well past her prime, acting like she has viable eggs. There is nothing worse than an old hag, trying to force out flatulent-like giggles, to try to make herself sound and appear like a teeny-bopper. That thing, is no teeny-bopper.

    She is a Hag. I repeat, she is a Hag. No amount of lipstick, or pancake makeup, or hair treatments, or corsets to hold sagging, blown-out midriff skin will subtract 30 years from her gross body.

    Her brain is obviously heavily medicated, and dried out. She is totally out-of-touch with many important facets of her reality, and her station in life.

    The woman is an absolute fraud, and she may as well be talking out of her (certain to be) bleached asshole, because that’s about how much credibility she has.

    Thank you for letting me participate in your discussion forum.

  35. Brother Nathanael October 6, 2018 @ 4:10 pm


    Why should I be offended? You complimented me then went on to say what I pretty much portrayed in my Video.

    I was in DC holding high the Holy Cross during the Ford testimony. When I got back to the hotel and saw the pic of Ford with her huge glasses hanging down her nose I immediately said, SHE’s a FRAUD.

    You see, I was a straight commissioned successful salesman for 25 years and reached the point that I could get an instant read on people.

    Voila! Ford’s a hussy, hard ridden and put out wet and frothing, with bales of lying hay between her teeth. +bn

  36. Laskarina October 6, 2018 @ 5:07 pm

    Kavanaugh was slated to be admitted to SCOTUS. All this tabloid hysteria was a distraction brought to you by the usual suspects.

    This is so Americans can ignore the fact that US has dropped more than 200,000 bombs on Syria,or that daily the IOF maims and kills people on their own land, or that the entire country of India uses bio-metrics for all financial transactions, or that tens of millions in Yemen are perishing of starvation, etc.

    The Ford character is a not only a complete fraud, but the Jew devils around her reek of evil. She is not “Dr. Ford”, as she has only a masters degree. If you read the leaked letter, with the numerous language errors, you would think it was written by someone whose first language is not English.

    In the state of California in order to use the title “psychologist,” you must be licensed. Ford has never been licensed in California or any other state, according to public databases.

    Her faculty webpage has been changed twice since the hearings began and her social media accounts wiped. She allegedly does “research” and teaches, which gives you an idea of the caliber of Jew controlled academia.

    Her “expertise” is supposed to be in the area of FDA relations with big Pharma and she has been involved with the company that makes the “morning after” pill.

    Anyone with a modicum of maturity can see she is someone who has smoked and drunk enough to look to be in her 80s at least, rather than a mere 51. Her duping delight discredited anything she said, as if her lies and inconsistencies weren’t enough. Someone who lost a pet 35 years ago would have shown more pathos.

    So, the focus was on her, not the nominee. This was on purpose.

    The synagogue of Satan knows that Americans are dumb enough to believe anything. They saw that people fell for controlled demolition of three buildings and the attendant insurance fraud as “terrorism,” and believe it to be a ‘causus belli’ to slaughter millions in the Middle East and beyond. Since they pulled off that lie, the sky is the limit.

    On the bench, he has made no rulings on gay marriage and made one ruling concerning abortion — that in dissent against a “new right for unlawful immigrant minors to abortion on demand”. (The case involving his mother as presiding judge in Ford’s parents’ foreclosure case ruled in their favor–they are all of the same cloth.) You will see that Kavanaugh will help the majority Jewish SCOTUS remove all privacy rights and seal an Orwellian future.

    It reminds me of the Clarence Thomas hearings. Anita Hill was a lot more credible though, and her accusations detailed, yet he is on the Court making bad decisions to this day. The conservatives liked Scalia too. Supposedly he was a Catholic. He said he did not recall any mention of torture in the Constitution, so in this country torture is legal. I wonder how he explained that before the judgement seat of Christ.

    The lunatic females protesting or verbally assaulting senators show themselves to be screeching harpies–a disgrace to moral women everywhere. They demand special treatment, dressing like whores.

    Why aren’t they complaining about the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia? Or the Congo? Or Pakistan?

    Why don’t they protest the legally allowed rape of Palestinian women by the IDF in Stolenland? And most of all, why don’t they talk about the systemic sexual molestation of children in the RC Church, by rabbis, and in the govt? Why aren’t they going after “Uncle Joe” Biden, who grabs little girls even in public?

    All this just reminds us that God’s Kingdom is not of this world, and the ruler of this world has already been judged.

  37. Kiimm October 6, 2018 @ 5:19 pm

    Hardly able to watch this “comedy”.

    Who wants to? And especially all the now old faces “reminiscing” of the past (ugh). . .laughable, indeed, but more embarrassing.

    Can we believe that the (((U.S. gov’t))) is actually wasting time on all this nonsense?!

    Great (or gross) theater! More at — utter insanity. Hesitate to say Lindsay Graham was a welcome comic relief (surprisingly)!

    Don’t care about Kavanaugh one way or other. Sorry he actually got confirmed. Are we done yet?

    Good work as usual dear Brother Nathanael shedding truth and light on all these things plus more.

    Meanwhile, on to more important matters — like bombing Syria. Time is of the essence.

    You know what I mean. . .

  38. Brother Nathanael October 6, 2018 @ 7:18 pm

    Grassley’s Gloves Are FINALLY Off

    Grassley to investigate Feinstein, Hirono press leaks on Kavanaugh @

    Possibly witness tampering. Feinstein has a fine mess on her hands.

    Leland Kayser alleges she was pressured to revise her initial statement. She reportedly accused another one of Ford’s friends, retired FBI agent Monica McLean, of applying the pressure.

    McLean retired in 2016. Monica McLean was named in a penalty of perjury statement to Judiciary by Ford’s ex-boyfriend and live-in of six years, name redacted on publication, as having witnessed Ford coach McLean back in the 1990s on how to take a polygraph when she applied to the FBI. McLean was one of the 17 women that signed a letter vouching for Ford’s honesty.

    Rachel Mitchell specifically asked Ford if she had ever coached or guided anyone on how to take a polygraph, which Ford denied.

    I believe ex-boyfriend’s letter came in after Ford testified, so it was either a lucky shot, ex-boyfriend was prompted after hearing her lie to contact Judiciary, or else Grassley/Committee Republicans had independent information.

    Wall Street Journal ]

    Senator Cotton Also (hopefully) WILL Go After JEW Feinstein and friends @

  39. Brother Nathanael October 6, 2018 @ 8:00 pm

    Check this out, everyone.

    Trump pronounces Feinstein’s name just like me: FeinSTEEN.

    She’s the leaker…? Trump does a ‘body language’ impersonation!

  40. Brother Nathanael October 6, 2018 @ 8:12 pm

    Trump putting at least 69 Conservative judges on Federal Courts.

    Go job, Mr Prez! (Not too many JEW names either)

    “Trump Is Putting Indelible Conservative Stamp on Judiciary” @

    “Trump Flipped Two Circuit Courts From Liberal to Conservative” @

  41. Brother Nathanael October 6, 2018 @ 8:14 pm

    Bravo and Congrats to Brett Kavanaugh!

    You made it to the highest bench of justice…

    …now may Hussy blarney Ford find justice catching up with her.

    I will not be surprised–now with Ford’s million dollar bonus from GoFundMe money raisers–that like the man in the Gospel who bragged that he was “all set” suddenly heard a voice from heaven, “Thou fool, tonight your soul shall be required of you.” +bn

  42. KathJuliane October 6, 2018 @ 8:57 pm

    Washington Examiner: Christine Blasey Ford’s ex-boyfriend casts doubt on claims she made under oath

    by Katelyn Caralle
    | October 02, 2018 10:00 PM

    A man who dated Christine Blasey Ford for six years countered a number of statements she made in sworn testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    In a letter sent to Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, which was obtained by Fox News, Ford’s longtime boyfriend said she never spoke of sexual assault experiences, coached a friend on taking a polygraph, and often flew without expressing any fear.


  43. Brother Nathanael October 6, 2018 @ 9:44 pm

    Here’s Feinstein making her statement with Schumer on the FBI Report.

    She looks, worried, scared, holding back crying, nervous, NOT your typical adamant and determined witch that she habitually is (now was.)

    Methinks there’s something in the FBI Report that incriminates her of which Grassley calls (newly-discovered information.)

    Watch her particularly at 2:50 as she end her spiel and hands the dais over to Schumer.

    Then watch how nervous she looks while he’s talking, trying to keep from choking up…that’s why she keeps bobbing, then lifting her head and stretching her neck a bit to stretch out the tear duct system to drain into her nose and throat.

    I think we’ll see HOPEFULLY a lot of unsavory activity coming to light soon.

    Again, look at Grassley’s latest:

    “Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote a letter to Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers Thursday asking for records and descriptions of communications with the offices of Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Mazie Hirono “in light of recently uncovered information.”

    The new request, revealed in a late-Thursday press release sent hours after senators got a chance to read the FBI’s report on its investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations levied against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh,…”


  44. Brother Nathanael October 6, 2018 @ 10:03 pm

    Went through Feinstein’s statement again.

    Yep. She looks frightened.

    You can see from the start that when she looks down at her notes, her eyelashes are clumped together because they’re wet, not because of bad mascara.

    And every so often she puts on the brave smile for a few seconds, but she’s trying hard not to cry. She keeps glancing at Schumer to reassure herself as he talks, and she actually kind of retreats behind him.

    Their statements were already prepared about incomplete FBI Report, ragging on the White House, etc, etc, and that’s what they resorted to.

    However, Feinstein said “I had an opportunity to read some, but not all” of the report. She falters a bit after she said that. Was that when she came across whatever was in the report that upset her?

    Seriously, when has Feinstein ever spent a mere three minutes speaking to the press, and not take questions?

    Schumer, the long-winded gas bag par excellence, read whatever it was, too, in the FBI Report, because at the start, he said he wasn’t going to take questions, either. And he’s not acting his usual bloviating, obnoxious self.

    When Feinstein was talking, Schumer looked at her eyes several times. If you compare his and her eyes, Schumer’s are normal moist, but hers are virtually brimming with tears, which do begin to dry up towards the end of her statement.

    As soon as she steps back, they fill up again, and she’s struggling to remain in control of her emotions.

    She’s had long, long practice controlling her emotions, and shutting them off, but whatever it is in the Report was almost beyond her ability to stay in control.

    Something quite unexpected, but I have no guesses. It’s also, of course, because her wicked plot was broken, but it was something in the Report that deflated her and SCARED her.


  45. Citizenfitz October 6, 2018 @ 10:19 pm


    America is no longer a country, it’s a Jewish circus.

  46. Lugu October 7, 2018 @ 3:40 am


    Touché and Spot On! If there’s a single sentence that perfectly described current state of USA, yours definitely is the one. Good job, sir.

  47. KathJuliane October 7, 2018 @ 7:32 am


    The Kavanaugh/Ford hearing was excruciating to watch, but nevertheless instructive.

    The entire nation came face-to-face with the neon-glare of the nastiness that is now the Democrat party. Decent Democrats still exist, but they either fail to pay attention and, therefore, function on tradition only, or their education has so failed them that they have no idea that the party has gone off the deep end; they don’t know there is a deep end.

    The 21st century Democrat is not a new species; he is just a new rendition of the ancient pagan mindset. These new Democrats have more raw power than ancient pagans ever had.

    They have all the advantages of modern technology; they have phenomenal wealth behind them; they have the leisure to work themselves into twisty fits over any instance of reality that dirties their rosy-pink world.

    America has always stood on a sturdy foundation of hard work, honesty, self-reliance, and a reverence for the individual as a creation of God Almighty.

    American jurisprudence was founded on ancient Hebrew law and on Anglo-Saxon concepts of government. Democrat ideas, as well, come up out of antique concepts, but theirs are the opposite of everything America has ever tried to be.

    America built its laws on the basis of the Ten Commandments. Those commandments are good guides for any society. Any civilization made up of people who largely govern themselves along those lines will be a free, peaceful, and prosperous nation.

    History demonstrates that. But Democrat policies are at odds with the entirety of these guidelines; they have developed their own Decalog.

    These they adhere to with a vengeance:

    I. Thou shalt have no other gods but human power. Winning elections is the Democrat reason d’etre because power is their god, the party is their church, and its manifestation is large, centralized government.

    The party may demand Democrats lie, cheat, steal, destroy property, shoot baseball players, or kill babies, but all those activities are for the greater good – power.

    II. Thou shalt worship under the direction of these priests: Darwin, Alinsky, Spock, Marx, Dewey, and Sanger – to say nothing of Baal.

    Child sacrifice is their sacrament. All ideas counter to the thinking of these apostles must be mocked, blocked, and twisted.

    III. Thou shalt bow down to nothing wholesome or productive. Kindness, genuine caring, duty and honor are attributes to fake in order to win elections – see the 1st Commandment – but are never indulged with sincerity.

    These values can clog with guilt many of the actions necessary for the required political fight-to-the-death.

    IV. Thou shalt demonstrate no respect for the universe as God’s creation. Good Democrats must see the Earth as fragile, purposeless, and a god itself.

    Democrats may show up for church on Sunday, but they are not to take any of it seriously and should choose a church that preaches Marx rather than Paul.

    V. Thou shalt destroy all vestiges of family.

    Democrats believe in taxing citizens so intensely that both parents have to earn a wage. Their public school curricula train children to revere government rather than parents.

    Democrats champion sexual deviance and prepare children to indulge their sexuality from a young age.

    They champion abortion at all stages of fetal development, and deny the differences between the sexes to produce maximum societal confusion.

    When the family fails, then government can take over. One can see the resemblance to the ancient phallic cults.

    VI. Thou shalt attack, provoke, ridicule, and kill whomever gets in your way. Even when they don’t physically kill their political opponents, they kill their livelihoods, their reputations, their families.

    This commandment gives modern Democrats an excuse to run conservatives out of restaurants, out of theaters, out of their homes. Democrats can attack with impunity Republicans’ electronic privacy – Dems can spy, tap, intercept emails – whatever is necessary.

    This commandment goes so far as to block any attempt their opponents can make to defend them selves –take their guns; take their knives; keep them vulnerable.

    Remember – winning is everything because winning brings power.

    VII. Thou shalt have any kind of sex with whomever, whenever, and wherever. Refer back to 5th commandment. Societal chaos and desperation opens the door to government control – i.e. power.

    VIII. Thou shalt legalize theft by authorizing the government to steal.

    Big government requires big money to bribe voters, to keep them dependent, to be able to import new voters.

    Under this command, law enforcement must be hamstrung to such an extent that property crimes can’t be enforced.

    All ideas of private property must be squelched and socialism championed.

    IX. Thou shalt bear false witness against thine enemies. They make up elaborate stories of sexual deviance and financial malfeasance, of drunken orgies and high school shenanigans.

    Though they condone such behavior amongst themselves, they feign horror and outrage at the supposed missteps of their opposition.

    They gum up the operations of government with said allegations and erase all remembrance of innocence-until-proven-guilty.

    Winning, remember, is everything.

    X. Thou shalt envy, covet, and indulge all jealous attitudes, hating anyone who has accumulated more wealth, more power, or more fame than you have.

    This is the engine the runs the whole thing. Without envy there is no discontent. Where there is no discontent, there is little need of government. Where there is little need of government, there is no accumulation of power.

    If there is no accumulation of power there is none for the party to grab and no wealth for the party to pocket.

    What we saw the Democrats do before, during, and after the Kavanaugh inquiry had to have sobered up a lot of honest, honorable Americans because what we saw on display was grotesque.

    Kavanaugh was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t before he even walked into that chamber. Without one word of testimony Democrats were spouting their “I believe her,” decrees as if they were holy proclamations.

    But most Americans are good people – generous and forgiving, honest and hard-working, earnest and dutiful.

    What we saw in the behavior of the Democrats, both in the committee and around the edges, was the opposite of everything we have been proud of as a nation.

    The Democrat adherence to these leftist directives, these ancient pagan mandates, proved to be too ugly to countenance.

    No doubt decent Democrats all over the nation looked in that national mirror and were as horrified as the rest of us were. The voting booth is the only way we have to wash that venomous taste from our mouths.

  48. Brother Nathanael October 7, 2018 @ 9:06 am


    Both parties, Republican and Democrat, are part of the evil system. Which party denounced our national sins? Both promotes and promoted them:

    Upholding Israel, the blood of the Palestinians, all of the millions dead after the Trade Towers Inside Job by Jewry (Mossad) in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, and historical interference in Central and South America, Iran, Viet Nam, Cambodia and elsewhere, homosexual and lesbian activity, transgender perversity, the blood of 60 million aborted children is the mark of America’s national sins, and will sink this county.

    BOTH parties, Republican and Democrat, are to blame.

    Remember, “Collins” the great heroine that conservatives are praising is a promoter of CHILD MURDER in the wombs of mothers.

    Graham’s the “hero” of the day too, but he’s a warmonger, a lover of Christ-killing Jews, and a toady for Jew-driven hatred of Orthodox Christian Russia. +bn

  49. Brother Nathanael October 7, 2018 @ 9:38 am

    Will Justice Catch Up With Christine hussy Ford?

    She said she has a “fear of flying” due to a phobia of being “trapped in tight places.”

    Yet Ford has flown in planes many times and has been pinned down and “trapped in a tight place” many times due to her sexual promiscuity, as her ex-boyfriend’s account leads us to infer, and according to his statement, was “unfaithful” to him, spreading her legs with her tight place penetrated by another.

    Justice will catch up with this liar, schemer, and fornicator.

    Wait for it, though it tarries, it shall surely come. +bn

  50. KathJuliane October 7, 2018 @ 10:33 am

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    All I can see sometimes is a waking image from Apocalypse of Jesus Christ to St. John (updated) is that alongside the souls of the Christian martyrs down through the ages the altar of Christ, are the souls of millions of non-Christians, still made in the image of Christ, who have the Law of God written on their hearts.

    Who comes to mind are the countless number of Syrian citizens who have fought and laid down their lives in defense of their families, friends, God and their beloved Syrian land to free it from Jewmerican and Israeli tyranny.

    Then there’s the beautiful Muslim Palestinian medic shot dead by a Jewish sniper in Gaza, Razan al-Najjar who volunteered as a paramedic for God martyr to the anti-humanism of the Jews.

    I see little Nora of Yemen, murdered by “exceptional” Jewmerica eternally bonded to “chosen” Israel as a martyr to this Nihilist Age and the greedy, insatiable forces of Judeo-Christian Calvinistic Capitalism and Zionist Nationalism feeding publishing mogul Henry Luce’s 1941 messianic-missionary vision of the imperial “American Century” of global hegemony.

    Dearest Razan saw Christ in the faces of all those she freely gave aid to in the best fashion of our Holy Unmercenary Physicians and Healers.

    She just didn’t know His name when Razan saw Him.

    +BN, we are not living in America anymore.

  51. Albert October 7, 2018 @ 11:24 am

    I don’t get it.

    Who’s Dr Ford?

  52. Brother Nathanael October 7, 2018 @ 12:18 pm


    It’s a different America indeed from the one we grew up in the 50s as baby boomers.

    I think this is why we can speak more authoritatively with regard to America’s ills, something that Alex Jones who was born in the 80s cannot do. Perhaps that’s why he shouts and screeches. We don’t have to since we see it clearly.

    As for what America now is, it’s the product of Jewish influence in academia, the media, politics, and public schools.

    Whatever the Jews want, that’s what America is for. The Jew and America are synonymous.

    The personification of America is no longer “Uncle Sam” but “Sheldon Adelson,” “Albert Einstein,” “Alan Dershowitz,” along with associated fags, feminists, queers, and the leftist “mob” continually thrown up in our faces by the Jew owned media.

    Now, I’ve given much thought to the personage of Brett Kavanaugh. He’s more than a person, he’s a symbol.

    Kavanaugh symbolizes the newly intelligent successful White Irish Catholic of which harkens back to American immigration of White Europeans who were hard working Americans not hoping to survive by handouts and attached to their families and heritage.

    Jews (they rule this country and fund leftist activist groups) despise this symbol, and will not suffer competion or any challenges to their perversity and hatred of historic Christianity that includes Orthodox and Catholics (Irish Catholics and Orthodox aren’t Zionists) and thus HATE Kavanaugh.

    As for Kavanaugh’s traditional Catholic anti-abortion stand, Jews want to see the Catholic and White Gentile family unit ANNHILATED, so abort all those goys in the shiksas’ wombs.

    This battle isn’t over. It’s gonna get ugly.

    The Democratic party will now become super radicalized and mucho feminized (that is, totally Juden-influenced), and the media, OWNED BY JEWS (not “presstitutes” mr paul craig roberts) will splatter the screen with MORE wretchedness from the Jew-enabled left.

    Feminists, fags, queers, and all those belonging to the cult of murdering the unborn are going to come out in droves for the mid-terms and vote Democrat.

    I hope Trump sees this, and the old guy McConnell too, and not rest on their Kavanaugh laurels. They better get Republican and Trump voters out in masses to outnumber the “mob.”

    AND, I hope Kavanaugh beefs up security for himself and his family.

    As for us, the hell has only just begun. +bn

  53. Brother Nathanael October 7, 2018 @ 1:08 pm


    Here’s what I don’t get.

    Why have readers and viewers of the site stopped donating to me?

    Why am I unable to raise even $5,000 on GoFundMe after 4 months running?

    Why is this site on the verge of closing down with such dismal support?

    Why, as popular as +Brother Nathanael is should he be on the brink of bankruptcy?


    PS Dr Ford is the subject of this Video. She’s the one with the streaked dangling hair, the dirty glasses hanging down her nose, and faking frowns and a little girl voice.

  54. Brother Nathanael October 7, 2018 @ 1:38 pm

    Dear All,

    I’m at the brink of financial ruin.

    I’m at the precipice of declaring bankruptcy.

    I’m at the brink of folding.

    I can’t even raise $5,000 on GoFundMe after a 4 month run.

    Can anyone help me out of this pending disaster?

    Please email me at: bronathanael{at}yahoo(dot){com}

    MAIL: Brother Nathanael Foundation; POB 547; Priest River ID 83856
    Donate by GoFundMe (User Friendly!) @

    Donate by Click and Pledge @

    Bitcoin @

    “Keep Up The Good Work”
    Raymond B
    Byron C

  55. KathJuliane October 7, 2018 @ 2:28 pm

    Dear Albert,

    Just to get an idea of the narrative, here is the entry on Christine Blasey Ford at Wikipedia.

    It will give you the bare bones of the lunatic political circus the Democrats have been running since Judge (now Justice as of last evening) Kavanaugh went through the Senate confirmation hearings for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

    Wikipedia writes about the Supreme Court as “the highest court in the land”: The Supreme Court of the United States (sometimes colloquially referred to by the acronym SCOTUS) is the highest court in the federal judiciary of the United States.

    Established pursuant to Article III of the U.S. Constitution in 1789, it has original jurisdiction over a small range of cases, such as suits between two or more states, and those involving ambassadors.

    It also has ultimate (and largely discretionary) appellate jurisdiction over all federal court and state court cases that involve a point of constitutional or statutory law.

    The Court has the power of judicial review, the ability to invalidate a statute for violating a provision of the Constitution or an executive act for being unlawful.

    However, it may act only within the context of a case in an area of law over which it has jurisdiction.

    The Court may decide cases having political overtones, but does not have power to decide nonjusticiable political questions. Each year it agrees to hear about 100–150 of the more than 7,000 cases that it is asked to review.

    [Despite this, we’ve been plagued for essentially 70 years with activist Justices “legislating from the bench” and skewing the ordering and function of the Three Branches of Government outlined in the Constitution.

    The purpose of the Supreme Court is to interpret cases in the framework of the Constitution and existing law, not having activist justices create new legal constitutional rights from the white spaces between the lettering where none exist, as what happened with Roe V Wade in 1973, or the redefinition of the separation of Church and State in 1947 from what it originally meant.

    We are in this mess because Congress has more or less abdicated its law-making responsibilities despite all of its noise and busy work – Kj].

    According to federal statute, the Court normally consists of the Chief Justice of the United States and eight associate justices who are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

    Once appointed, justices have lifetime tenure unless they resign, retire, or are removed from office.[4] Each justice has a single vote in deciding the cases argued before it; the chief justice’s vote counts no more than that of any other justice.

    However, the Chief Justice—when in the majority—decides who writes the court’s opinion. Otherwise, the senior justice in the majority assigns the writing of a decision.

    In modern discourse, the justices are often categorized as having conservative, moderate, or liberal philosophies of law and of judicial interpretation.

    While a far greater number of cases in recent history have been decided unanimously, decisions in cases of the highest profile have often come down to just one single vote, thereby exposing the justices’ ideological beliefs that track with those philosophical or political categories. [end quote].

    Trump promised to nominate federal judges and justices who are NOT activist justices, but are “originalist” that is, legally interpreting a case through the lens of what the Constitution originally meant, and the judicial thought of the Framers of the Constitution. The originalist judges/justices also tend to be socially conservative or moderates, while the activist judges/justices are social liberals, such as Justice Ruth Ginsberg.

    At the very core of the Left & Marxist Feminist hatred of Justice Kavanaugh is the fear that he will single-handedly overthrow their religious cult of child-murder (abortion) in the synagogue of Planned Parenthood.

    Can’t happen, Justice Kavanaugh does not have that unilateral power. As an “originalist” he opposes judicial activism and legislating from the bench.

    It would take a majority of the Supreme Court justices to curtail or overturn Roe v Wade when the appropriate cases are received by the Court after running through the District and Appelate Courts system.

    I believe the pro-Life strategy will be for the Supreme Court to eventually affirm that the unborn from the moment of conception have full civil rights under the Constitution, but it will take decades to get to that point.

  56. KathJuliane October 7, 2018 @ 3:51 pm

    LifeNews: Liberals are Exploiting Sexual Assault Victims to Trash Kavanaugh and Push Their Abortion Agenda


    Ana Maria Archila writes in USA Today (October 1, 2018) about her confrontation of Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, urging him to vote against Brett Kavanaugh.

    She said she was following Christine Blasey Ford’s example of telling her story “to protect our country.” She writes, “I asked him how he could live with himself, as a father of daughters, knowing that Kavanaugh allegedly violated a young girl.”

    And hence does Ana Maria fail in her mission.

    Had she said that she shared her story to encourage all Senators, and the wider public, to be more sensitive to women who are victimized in this way, that would have been honorable, and she could have claimed some measure of success.

    She got a pulpit, a temporary spotlight, to get her message across, and it seems to have affected the Senator to the point that he asked for the additional FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh, which is now moving forward.

    But that wasn’t where she stopped. It wasn’t just “for women” or “for victims.” It was against Kavanaugh.

    And her approach violated the most basic premise of our justice system: innocent until proven guilty.

    Notice her words quoted above. She says the Senator should not be able to live with himself if he votes for Judge Kavanaugh — but not because he committed sexual assault, but because he “allegedly” did so. And that word changes everything.

    “Innocent until proven guilty” is a bedrock principle of our civilization and of our legal system. It does not mean “innocent until accused” or “innocent until attacked.”

    It means that even if one is accused or attacked, even by multiple people, he or she is to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

    Lack of commitment to such a principle introduces chaos into society and all its institutions.

    In the current process regarding Judge Kavanaugh, the Democrats have demonstrated a frightening unwillingness to explicitly embrace and employ this principle.

    When Senator Mazie Hirono was asked recently by CNN’s Jake Tapper, “Doesn’t Kavanaugh have the same presumption of innocence as anyone else in America?” she should have answered with a simple and straightforward, “Yes, of course.” But she didn’t.

    She went on, instead, to complain about his “ideological” positions, with one featuring prominently.

    She said, “This is a person that is going to be sitting on our Supreme Court, making decisions that will impact women’s reproductive choice. He has a — he very much is against women’s reproductive choice.”

    And indeed, Ana Maria Archila’s USA Today column echoes the same, as she writes, “Much of his record… on health care and reproductive justice is an abomination.”

    Tucker Carlson stated on his show a couple of weeks ago that everyone in Washington knows that this opposition to Kavanaugh “is all about abortion.”

    I agree. The Democratic Party has never been as extreme in its pro-abortion position as it currently is, with a policy that allows abortion up until the day of birth, and demands that we pay for it with our tax dollars.

    The Senate Democrats of the Judiciary Committee constitute a “who’s who” of decades of abortion advocacy.

    Before Brett Kavanaugh’s name was even announced, the retirement of Justice Kennedy caused the left to erupt into a frenzy over the abortion decision Roe vs. Wade, and that frenzy hasn’t stopped.

    They know many other of their prized positions are at risk with a shift in the court, but this one always tops the list.

    We can and should debate abortion — in the courts, the legislatures, the media, academia, the press, and the wider culture.

    But the behavior of the Democrats and their Leftist allies in this case isn’t about debating abortion; it’s about their willingness to destroy people’s careers and reputations, and to destroy basic premises of our American legal system, to preserve their dogmatic allegiance to abortion.

    And that has multiple unfortunate consequences, one of which is that the very thing that Ana Maria Archila claims to be doing — that is, advocating for the victims of sexual assault — is lost in the ensuing frenzy.

    Such victims, suffering all across our country, are not served when abortion advocates use them for the ulterior motive of hijacking a confirmation process, and in the process, destroy a man’s reputation, and throw the presumption of innocence out the window just to hold on to power.

    And another very unfortunate consequence is that young men and women throughout our land who may someday be inclined to offer themselves to serve our nation’s judicial system, or in some other form of public service, will be disheartened and discouraged from getting anywhere near such a destructive process.

    We in the leadership of the pro-life movement have always claimed that aside from its obvious impact on babies and their families, abortion poisons our entire legal system and indeed our entire culture.

    With sad and painful evidence, the nation is currently learning that the hard way.

  57. KathJuliane October 7, 2018 @ 4:08 pm

    Pro-Abortion Democrat Plans to Investigate Kavanaugh if Democrats Retake House

    A New York Democrat in line to take up the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said he is planning to open an investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh if his party wins back the House after midterms.

    There is evidence that Senate Republicans and the FBI oversaw a “whitewash” probe into sexual assault allegations leveled against Kavanaugh, New York Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler✡ told The New York Times Friday evening [Oct 6].

    He sidestepped the possibility of impeachment, but said the GOP should expect a reckoning for moving forward with the vote.

    “It is not something we are eager to do,” Nadler✡ said. “But the Senate having failed to do its proper constitutionally mandated job of advice and consent, we are going to have to do something to provide a check and balance, to protect the rule of law and to protect the legitimacy of one of our most important institutions.”

    Senate Democrats pushed for an FBI probe into allegations by three women — Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick✡ — that Kavanaugh had engaged in sexual assault or misconduct.

    Democrats said they believe the ensuing investigation was not exhaustive enough, even though Kavanaugh underwent multiple FBI background checks prior to September’s confirmation hearing.

    Nadler✡ said such an investigation would be part of broader Democratic concerns that President Donald Trump is degrading U.S. institutions.

  58. Brother Nathanael October 7, 2018 @ 4:49 pm


    You wrote: “At the very core of the Left & Marxist Feminist hatred of Justice Kavanaugh is the fear that he will single-handedly overthrow their religious cult of child-murder (abortion) in the Synagogue of Planned Parenthood.”

    Well, I couldn’t have said it any better.

    At the core of the cult of child-murder (abortion) is indeed the Synagogue of Satan:

    JEWS such as Betty Freiden, Susan Sontag (Rosenblatt), Gloria Steinem (raised by her Jewish father since her mother was mentally ill), were the original modern ‘feminists’ who went way beyond suffrage to promoting killing babies in their mothers’ wombs, something suffrage feminists would hardly countenance.

    I recall my mother buying Betty Freiden’s paperback trash, The Feminine Mystique, which initiated the JEW destruction of the Gentile family. (Not Jews, really, since the Jews depend on perpetuity to carry on their self-appointed ‘choseness’ so as to ‘morally’ and ‘intellectually’ instruct the ‘immoral’ and ‘stupid’ goys.)

    My mom, an avid reader of serious books and committed wife and mother, read and few pages and then tossed it away.

    She later became an Orthodox Christian, baptized one year before she died.


  59. Brother Nathanael October 7, 2018 @ 5:15 pm


    You cited:

    “Nadler✡ said. “But the Senate having failed to do its proper constitutionally mandated job of advice and consent, we are going to have to do something to provide a check and balance, to protect the rule of law and to protect the legitimacy of one of our most important institutions.”

    Yet another devilish JEW scheme, to declare that because of Kavanaugh’s confirmation the Supreme Court is now “illegitimate.”

    I guarantee that all we’re going to hear from hell on in is “illegitimate” ad infinutum regarding the Supreme Court from WICKED, anti-American JEWS.

    Get rid of these people!

    Send them off to China and let the Chinese chop up their stinking corpses and sell their organs wholesale! Such a deal! (A good deal, really.) +bn

  60. Dave October 7, 2018 @ 6:46 pm


    Jews and Bolshevism
    By Ian Greenhalgh –


  61. Brother Nathanael October 7, 2018 @ 7:12 pm

    WSJ — The Next Kavanaugh Stakes

    Anyone who thinks the brawl over Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court ended with his confirmation by the Senate on Saturday might want to listen again to Chuck Schumer’s floor speech.

    The Minority Leader made clear that Democrats are going to use accuser Christine Blasey Ford as a campaign prop from here to November and beyond.

    That may have been the Democratic plan all along once they learned of Ms. Ford’s accusation: Hold it for weeks, spring it as close to the election as possible, and if it doesn’t defeat Mr. Kavanaugh then use it to mobilize Democratic turnout.

    Perhaps that will work, and if it does Democrats will feel their delay-and-destroy strategy was worth it. Republicans should call out this behavior for how Democrats would govern if they take Congress.

    Meantime, Senate Republicans held together and prevented a Supreme Court defeat that would have been a political disaster. Judge—now Justice—Kavanaugh deserves the most credit for refusing to withdraw and fighting for his seat under enormous pressure.

    By forcefully defending his integrity and repudiating the Democratic strategy, he gave GOP Senators the confidence to stand with him. He would have been defeated had he played it as meekly as his critics now say in retrospect that he should have. Credit to Donald Trump too for standing by his nominee.

    Majority Leader Mitch McConnell somehow managed to keep his conference together except Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski. Susan Collins opposed ObamaCare repeal, but Mr. McConnell understands you never know when you might need every vote with a 51-vote majority. The Maine Senator’s confirmation speech was the finest moment of this Congress and in any confirmation fight in many years.

    Democrats won’t forgive Mr. McConnell for denying Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland a hearing in 2016 pending the presidential election. But he was doing what Democrats would also have done, and what Chuck Schumer explicitly said in 2007 that they would do when Democrats held the Senate during the last year of George W. Bush’s Presidency.

    Mr. McConnell’s legacy now includes a new conservative majority on the Supreme Court, as well as some 26 new appellate judges, substantial deregulation and tax reform. He has done more policy with a narrow Senate majority than any leader we can recall.

    Had John McCain not defected on health care, he might have even repealed most of ObamaCare. More than a few people on the “anti-establishment” right owe Mr. McConnell an apology.

    As for the new Court majority, Democrats are predicting doom, but our guess is that it will be more cautious than they fear. The Justices themselves say that the dynamics at the Court change each time a new colleague joins them, and often in surprising ways.

    Chief Justice John Roberts will become the swing vote, and he is an incrementalist who will not want to overturn precedents willy-nilly. With the politics surrounding the Court so polarized, he might be more cautious than warranted on issues where the Court needs to clear up its own indecision.

    One of those issues is the constitutionality of racial preferences, about which former Justice Anthony Kennedy continued the legal hair-splitting of Sandra Day O’Connor. Justice Kavanaugh is likely to join the other four conservatives.

    Another area ripe for the Court to be heard again is the Second Amendment. Cities and states have been willfully defying the Court’s Heller and McDonald rulings with gun bans and other regulation, and liberal lower courts are upholding the laws. The Court needs to set clearer limits on the kind of regulation that is constitutional.

    The real source of Democratic grief is less what the new Roberts majority might do than what it won’t. For some years at least, the Supreme Court is unlikely to be the left’s alternative legislature for its policy agenda.

    A conservative majority won’t bar arbitration if Congress hasn’t done so, won’t create new rights that aren’t in the Constitution, and will be more skeptical of executive-branch rewrites of Congressional statutes.

    The paradox is that over several years this could reduce the political tempers over the Supreme Court. The reason nominations have become so contentious isn’t merely because the country is politically divided.

    It is because progressives have used the courts as a political pile-driver on abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and the death penalty, among other controversial issues. Democrats will now have to achieve their goals the old-fashioned way—by winning elections.

    Which brings us back to Mr. Schumer’s use of Justice Kavanaugh to rally voters in November. The stakes are high, especially for the courts. If Democrats retake the Senate, no Donald Trump nominee will be confirmed for the Supreme Court and perhaps not the appellate circuits.

    Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who would be Judiciary Chairman if Democrats retake the House, says he will investigate Justice Kavanaugh for perjury and reopen the sexual-assault probe. He means it.

    We doubt this is what most Americans want from Congress, but it is where the Resistance will drive Democrats.

    The ugly Kavanaugh confirmation has awakened many complacent Republicans to the methods of the American left. Those methods will be in charge if Democrats control Congress.

  62. Brother Nathanael October 7, 2018 @ 7:53 pm

    @Brother Nathanael

    As regards any investigation of Feinstein by the Senate Ethics Committee as propelled by Graham and Cotton, I think they’ll hold off until after the mid-terms.

    Any kind of inquiry into Feinstein’s criminality regarding her anti-Kavanaugh scheme will only fuel the mob.

    Soros is already planning to fund and organize a pro Democrat vote in all kinds of devili$h ways. +BN

  63. Brother Nathanael October 7, 2018 @ 8:18 pm

    Another view of the mid-terms
    Democrats Die Again on the Wrong Hill

    There seems to be no strategy other than Trump rage, and despite going nuclear on a man’s life, they just can’t win.

    By PETER VAN BUREN • October 8, 2018

    While Democrats continue to refight the 2016 election, Republicans confirmed their second Supreme Court judge over the weekend.

    And the soiled Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process put Democratic strategy for the 2018 midterms in plain view. The question is: will what hasn’t worked to date do any better for the Dems a month from now?

    This week’s FBI investigation was never going to turn up much beyond incomplete recollections. Apart from liberal Twitter, all of whom are apparently trauma memory experts (last week they were scholars of perjury law), most people in Normal America have a hard time conjuring up details from long ago.

    It’s even harder to remember things that never happened. The FBI ran six background investigations on Kavanaugh over a period of decades without uncovering any of what he’s been accused of. Democrats knew that unless the FBI miraculously turned up a blue dress with semen stains on it, the facts by themselves were never going to be enough.

    The investigation, like Trump’s taxes and Russiagate, was really just a way to turn a scar into a scab to pick at, enough to carry the story into another week.

    Then, if no new smoking gun-let dropped into the media’s lap, they would claim the process itself was unfair—Putin stole the election, gerrymandering cheated the vote, the FBI wasn’t allowed to interview enough witnesses.

    The real plan was always to force the confirmation into the template that Democrats think will win them the House, the same one they thought would deliver a landslide in 2016. And so Kavanaugh’s complex judicial record was discarded in favor of Clinton-esque, er, progressive, talking points: the election, um, sorry, the confirmation is all about respect for women, fighting misogyny, defeating privilege, too many White Men, Trump is evil, we can’t have an accused rapist in the White House, sorry, on the Supreme Court! Disqualification via demonization.

    The Kavanaugh hearings were an updated version of what was supposed to be the 2016 game-changer, the “pussy grabbing tape.” The Dems would give America another shot at having had it with the patriarchy.

    It didn’t work. Despite endless bleating, the hearings were a “job interview” and the hashtags were not enough. Judicial temperament problems? The issue never came up in all of Kavanaugh’s long career.

    And anyway few courtroom situations call for a judge to be a senators’ punching bag; maybe a little righteous anger was called for? Some may even remember how Democratic voters abandoned presidential candidate Mike Dukakis when he was too dispassionate in his reaction to a question about someone assaulting his wife.

    Things had devolved quickly from concerns over Roe v. Wade to an attempt to catch Kavanaugh out on yearbook nomenclature. Dems convinced themselves it was conclusive when Rachel Maddow labeled Kavanaugh a liar over what “Devil’s Triangle” really meant at a suburban Maryland boys’ school in 1982.

    They imagined people would believe that wrongly stating the drinking age in Maryland decades ago was perjury and not just a mistake. They thought people would care more if the pool of “victims” (i.e. anyone who saw Kavanaugh with a brewskie) increased exponentially. Most everything serious was lost in a cloud of stupid.

    It is hard to get people concerned about health care as a life-or-death issue to take you seriously as a party when all you seem to care about is high school butt sex.

    Jester Michael Avenatti pushed things further into farce with an “accuser” whose credibility failed sitcom standards. Susan Collins specifically cited Avenatti’s actions as a reason she voted “yes” on Kavanaugh.

    Yet Democrats still see Avenatti as a useful idiot, a kamikaze working alongside them, without understanding that he demeans everything he touches as a tabloid anti-Midas.

    It was little surprise that the absurdity of it all was missed by the Dems. One Democratic strategist stated that “identity politics has really become the ecology you’re operating in. Economics aren’t as dispositive as they used to be.”

    That makes sense only to a party banking its midterm strategy on voters not noticing that the economy is doing pretty well. It follows to pretend that constant predictions of trade wars and real wars haven’t all turned out to be crying wolf.

    And then it starts to make sense that America would go along with the idea that a guy claiming he wasn’t a drunk in college means he’s a liar unfit to serve on the Supreme Court.

    Kavanaugh’s Media Slaughter Inspires the Right to Slug Back
    There were issues in Kavanaugh’s judicial history worth debating. Concern over Roe runs deep. But the Democrats spent little thought on that. They failed to grasp that while American demographics may be changing, they haven’t yet changed.

    The only constituency energized over Kavanaugh is suburban liberal white women (accuser Ford could not have been more of a Clintonite if Murphy Brown was reanimated out of the 1980s via a horcrux from Hillary herself), who already favored the Democrats.

    Apparently this group can also be counted on to ignore that a Democratic senator likely outed Ford when she wanted to remain anonymous, and to overlook attempts to slut-shame high school girl Renate Schroeder.

    Same for the tsunami of criticism directed at Susan Collins, labeled a traitor to her gender to the point that people are donating money to her unknown opponent of the future. CNN has yet to praise her as a courageous woman who made a thoughtful decision.

    There’s little about the Kavanaugh fight to drive minorities, already understood as reluctant voters, to the polls. Millennial voters have a historically low turnout rate.

    If you can’t get much more than one out of four of a demographic to show up, things are unlikely to work out. Meanwhile, 71 percent of Americans over 65 vote, skewing Republican, and the Kavanaugh saga could easily energize them into even higher turnout.

    There seems little to no Democratic plan to shift these trends other than Trump rage and the warm feelings of consensual hallucination embodied on social media, both of which failed again this week to affect a #RealWorld event.

    “Purple” men moving to the Democratic side? One of the things that damaged the women’s movement in the 1980s and helped the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to fail was an overemphasis on men as the enemy, a feature of the Kavanaugh process. Many women walked away from feminist groups supporting the ERA, knowing the mantras “all men are rapists” and “Republicans hate women” just weren’t true.

    This is what is happening now. Those who support Trump based on his plans for the economy end up labeled fascists, those who support Kavanaugh based on his judicial history are rape apologists (or traitors), and those who support free speech are Nazis. It was similar to after the Parkland shooting when those who support the Second Amendment were slandered as child killers.

    It’s deplorable. No one supports rapists or child killers. And few voters are willing to trust Democrats who see them as those things.

    The point of politics is to change people’s minds, not declare your rivals unfit to walk among decent folk. Kavanaugh proved that the Democrats (and their partners in the media) are still unaware that while this may be the year of #MeToo in Washington, New York, and Hollywood, it’s still just 2018 in West Virginia.

    The Democrats failed in 2016 when they tried to make the election a referendum on Trump’s behavior. They failed again this week with the same strategy, even after building up Kavanaugh into a psychopathic POTUS mini-me. With no tailwind from Russiagate, Democrats move towards November with little more than more of the same, throwing in some mumbled threats to impeach Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court (will that be before or after they impeach Trump?).

    It’s bad enough to pick the wrong hill to die on. Even worse to do it three times.

    Peter Van Buren, a 24-year State Department veteran, is the author of We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People and Hooper’s War: A Novel of WWII Japan. He is permanently banned from federal employment and Twitter.

  64. KathJuliane October 7, 2018 @ 9:02 pm

    “Democrats won’t forgive Mr. McConnell for denying Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland a hearing in 2016 pending the presidential election.”

    All the Republicans did in 2016 with Judge Garland was invoke ‘the Biden Rule’. Democrat Senator Joe Biden opined in 1992 that Supreme Court confirmations should not occur in a presidential election year.

    Naturally, Biden denounced Republicans using his own rule.

    Democrats couldn’t stand the kitchen heat if the Republicans turned the flame up using the same dirty rules and methods that the Democrats use.

    In the meantime…

    Axios: In their celebrations, Team Kavanaugh thanks Michael Avenatti

    Michael Avenatti was a hot conversation topic Saturday night at Trump Hotel, where administration officials gathered for happy hour with advisers from the outside groups who poured money and energy into confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

    What we’re hearing: At one point in the evening, a senior person at one of the outside groups joked that Avenatti might have been on the Republican payroll. “You guys put Avenatti up to it, right?” the person said, according to a source at the party.

    “I can’t overstate how important Michael Avenatti’s role in this [confirmation] was” in adding to undecided senators’ doubts about the allegations being leveled at Kavanaugh, the source added.

    The source noted that Sen. Susan Collins specifically mentioned the gang rape and drug peddling allegations leveled by Avenatti’s client, Julie Swetnick, when she explained why she decided to vote for Kavanaugh.

    I asked Avenatti on Sunday what he made of this criticism. “This is complete garbage,” he said, “and reflects an effort by the Republicans to discredit me in light of the comments recently made by Steve Bannon and others. They are threatened by me and rightfully should be.”–b741c9b6-4e00-471a-85cb-18b835c71559.html

  65. benzion kook October 7, 2018 @ 9:34 pm

    Beware of any & all
    of Soros’ evil plans
    for surely the demon
    is satan’s left-handed man.

  66. Shell Shocked October 7, 2018 @ 9:53 pm

    @KathJuliane, +BN

    One has to wonder what drives women for so zealously supporting avoiding children, usually other women’s. There is an extensive bio of Mazie Hirono’s life here:

    I’ll only touch on two points. Her father was an alcoholic Japanese citizen married to an American wife, Laura. They had 3 children.

    Mazie, the middle child, no mention of her ever marrying or having children. She earned a psychology degree at the Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa graduating Phi Beta Kappa. From there she went to the mainland and studied at Georgetown UNIVERSITY Law Center and graduated with a law degree.

    Returning to HI, she practiced law until her apparent ambitions drove her to begin an extensive political career.

    That adds to the paradox of one who had practiced law holding back on the principle of innocence until proven guilty (in a court of law with a jury of one’s peers?). That is a core principle of our legal system which comes to us from English Common Law IIRC.

    She was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer which had spread to her 7th rib. That was treated by laser surgery to remove the kidney and treat the diseased rib. It was fortunate for her that it was discovered with routine x-rays in preparation for an eye procedure. Apparently she is optimistic about her prognosis to plan on running for the Senate again in 2018.

    On another matter, I hope I didn’t pick this upthread but think I saw it on a MSM site. Sara Netanyahu is being tried for fraud as of this writing. It involved costing extra money in the PM’s residence for hiring “celebrity chefs” when they already had a chef. Also the pink champagne which doesn’t seem too egregious but what do I know?

  67. KathJuliane October 8, 2018 @ 7:48 am

    Washington Times: False reports of sexual assault not as rare as claimed, studies show

    The assertion from forces against Brett M. Kavanaugh that false allegations of rape or attempted rape are extremely rare is rebutted by a number of studies, researchers say.

    Liberals on TV and social media said repeatedly during the Senate confirmation process that only 2 percent of charges are lies — meaning there likely would be truth in the majority of such charges, such as that of Christine Blasey Ford, who accused now-Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her 36 years ago.

    Brent E. Turvey, a criminologist, wrote a 2017 book that dispels this notion. His research, and that of two co-authors, cited statistical studies and police crime reports.

    One academic study showed that as many as 40 percent of sexual assault charges are false. Mr. Turvey wrote that the FBI in the 1990s pegged the falsity rate at 8 percent for rape or attempted rape complaints.

    “There is no shortage of politicians, victims’ advocates and news articles claiming that the nationwide false report for rape and sexual assault is almost nonexistent, presenting a figure of around 2 percent,” writes Mr. Turvey, who directs the Forensic Criminology Institute.

    “This figure is not only inaccurate, but also it has no basis in reality. Reporting it publicly as a valid frequency rate with any empirical basis is either scientifically negligent or fraudulent.”

    A recent study supports this assessment. The Pentagon issues an annual report on sexual assaults in the military. Nearly one-quarter of all cases last year were thrown out for lack of evidence, according to a report released in May.

    “It appears that die-hard opponents of Kavanaugh have invented a narrative to imply that false accusations hardly ever happen,” said Elaine Donnelly, who directs the Center for Military Readiness.

    “You see where they are going with this,” she said. “Any man who doubts Ford is hostile to women experiencing abuse, who make accusations truthfully 90 to 98 percent of the time. This is why hard data from the Pentagon, which shows rates of false accusations averaging 18 percent in annual reports since 2009, is important.”

    Women’s advocates say that an unfounded case doesn’t necessarily mean the accuser was lying.

    The National Sexual Violence Resource Center puts the false report rate at 2 percent to 10 percent.

    “Research shows that rates of false reporting are frequently inflated, in part because of inconsistent definitions and protocols, or a weak understanding of sexual assault,” the center said.

    Three women accused Justice Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. During the confirmation process, the FBI looked at two of those complaints: Ms. Ford’s and one from Deborah Ramirez, a former Kavanaugh classmate at Yale University. The FBI, as well as Senate Judiciary Committee Republican staff, interviewed potential witnesses who didn’t back up either charge.

    A third charge, Julie Swetnick’s accusation of gang rape, was deemed not credible by Republicans and wasn’t on the FBI interview list.

    NBC News showcased Ms. Swetnick and reported that she provided the names of four witnesses. One was dead, one said she didn’t know Ms. Swetnick and two didn’t respond.

    Ms. Ramirez and Ms. Swetnick refused the committee’s requests for interviews, according to Republican staffers.

    Ms. Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 27 that Justice Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a high school house party 36 years ago when he was 17. He denied the event ever happened. The FBI reported to the committee that agents interviewed supposed attendees, including Ms. Ford’s high school best friend. They all failed to corroborate that the party took place.

    The Obama administration ordered the military to wipe out sexual crimes, leading the Pentagon to improve one of the most extensive sex-crime-tracking studies in the country from the Defense Department’s sexual assault prevention and response office. The campaign’s objective was to spur more personnel to report assaults — which they have.

    The statistics on unfounded cases are contained in an appendix of 3,567 cases last year. Of those, 729 cases were dropped because of “insufficient evidence” that a crime was committed. Another 79 were deemed “unfounded” at the command/legal review level. The total — 808 — represents 23 percent of all cases that year.

    Mrs. Donnelly said the Defense Department office, up until 2015, classified those two categories of cases — insufficient evidence during the investigation or at the command level — as “unfounded.”

    She said the rate of unfounded complaints jumped from 13 percent in 2009 to 26 percent in 2016 and fell to 23 percent last year.

    Mr. Turvey’s 2017 book, “False Allegations: Investigative and Forensic Issues in Fraudulent Reports of Crime,” looked at a range of bogus reporting, including on rape and sexual assault. He examined existing studies and police statistics.

    “False reports happen, they are recurrent and there are laws in place to deal with them when they do,” he wrote. “They are, for lack of a better word, common.”

    Mr. Turvey quotes a study by researcher Edward Greer, past president of the Association American Law Schools. He traced the one and only source for the “2 percent” assertion to a 1975 book, “Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape,” which quoted statistics from New York City, not from across the nation.

    Mr. Turvey cites 10 studies that debunk the 2 percent assertion in the U.S. and abroad.

    “The power of any lie is equal only to our desire to believe it,” Mr. Turvey wrote. “Specifically, our need and eagerness to believe it. This is the problem with belief — which is accepting something as true or correct without proof.”

    Sexual assault is a broad term that encompasses different types of penetration, attempted penetration and unwanted touching or attempts.

    For statistical purposes, the Justice Department tracks rapes, attempted rapes and a threat of rape as one category. It keeps separate statistics on other types of sexual assaults.

    It defines assault as “A wide range of victimizations, separate from rape or attempted rape. These crimes include attacks or attempted attacks generally involving unwanted sexual contact between victim and offender. Sexual assaults may or may not involve force and include such things as grabbing or fondling. It also includes verbal threats.”

    Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin says the 2 percent number was one of the most frequent weapons unleashed against Justice Kavanaugh, who was confirmed and sworn in on Saturday.

    “The truth is that number has no documented empirical basis,” Ms. Malkin said in a Twitter video.


    Had it ever been proven in a court of law that Kavanaugh was convicted of a crime of attempted rape had occurred in 1982, it not only would have had to be tried in juvenile court, as +BN pointed out in another video, but also under Maryland’s penal law was statutory at the time.

    Maryland penal code in 1982 classified attempted rape as a misdemeanor, liable for penalty of up to one year in jail. The statute of limitations for the 1982 ran out a long time ago.

  68. Brother Nathanael October 8, 2018 @ 8:38 am

    Dear All,

    Working on NEW Vid. Hope to post no later than Wednesday.

    Stay tuned! +bn

  69. KathJuliane October 8, 2018 @ 11:58 am

    Here is a revealing video from a 2017 weekly press conference is making the rounds of Pelosi pointing a wagging, accusative finger at Republicans for “attack ads” and dirty smear tactics directed at her.

    It shows House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) delivering a defiant message to those Democrats calling for her ouster following a string of special-election defeats: Bring it on.

    In it, she explains to the assembled press what a “wrap-up smear” is and how it can be used to harm political opponents.

    It reads very much like the template for the Democrats’ base and the Soros’ funded unfounded attacks on Justice Kavanaugh during—and after—his confirmation hearings.

    Interestingly Pelosi and her partisan virtue signalling starts out saying “they,” (meaning Republicans) when describing the tactic, but ends up owning the whole thing as her eyes get brighter and brighter, speaking in the first person singular and plural, “I” and “we” when describing the tactics of the “wrap-up smear”.

    Starting at 24:00 in this video she spells out Dirty Tricks, Wrap-Up Smears, and Yellow Journalism for us:

    Pelosi: “The Republicans are afraid of that contrast in a race, because they are going to go there to be involved in trickle-down economics, shutting down hospitals, and the rest of it. So they don’t want them [voters] to see that contrast, so they focus on something else.

    It’s a diversionary tactic. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy, you demonize and then — its called the wrap-up smear. You smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest and then you merchandise it.

    And then you [the press] write it, and they’ll say, see it’s reported in the press, that this, this, this and this, so they have that validation that the press reported the smear, and then it’s called the ‘wrap-up smear.’

    And now I’m going to merchandise the press’s report on the smear that we made. (Smirking and grinning) It’s a tactic. And it’s, it’s self-evident.”

    Self-evident. Yes, after the Marxist/Democrat carnival from hell the past month over Kavanaugh’s confirmation, it most certainly is.


    This next study of ‘Grievance Studies’ was carried out by established, well credentialed liberal academics, by the way.

    When they began, Mr. Boghossian said, he and his colleagues were “resigned to the state of the university” and consequently never doubted that they would meet with a depressing degree of success.”


    Washington Times: ‘Grievance studies’: Culture of corruption at universities exposed with hoax papers

    Mein Kampf and intersectional feminism aren’t usually lumped together in many people’s minds, but if linked with the right language and buzzwords, left-wing academic publications apparently will accept the combination as scholarship.

    That’s the conclusion reached by a trio of self-declared “left-wing academics” who ran a research project exposing what they call higher education’s burgeoning field of “grievance studies.”

    Led by Peter Boghossian, an assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University in Oregon, they submitted what they called “intentionally broken” papers to leading publications on gender, race and sexuality.

    By August, seven of their papers had been accepted for publication, they said. One of them — exposing “rape culture” by studying the sexual activities of dogs at dog parks in Portland — has even “been honored as excellent scholarship.”

    “We did this to expose the political corruption that’s taken hold of the university,” James Lindsay, a mathematics doctorate, says in a video featuring him and his collaborators, Mr. Boghossian and Helen Pluckrose, an English literature professor.

    In a conference call Wednesday from Portland, the three said they do not consider the papers as hoaxes but grotesque exaggerations. The goal was not to discredit the fields, which all agree are worthy of study, but to warn that a political bias has so badly infected them that it is becoming impossible to trust some of the work being conducted.

    In other words, not that the emperor has no clothes, but that his threads are ratty.

    “It’s not the total university where this has happened, but just in the areas of scholarship we’re concerned about,” Ms. Pluckrose said.

    Publications such as “Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography” and “Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy” accepted the papers. The former published the dog park study.

    Those publications are regarded as top-shelf in their fields, the three said, and getting published in them exceeded their hopes.

    “I am deeply disappointed to learn that two papers that were recently submitted to Hypatia are apparently hoaxes. The journal relies on a double anonymous peer review process to inform editorial decisions, and our reviewers provided each author with thoughtful comments on how to revise their work.

    “Referees put in a great deal of time and effort to write meaningful reviews, and the idea that individuals would submit fraudulent academic material violates many ethical and academic norms,” said Hypatia’s interim editor, Ann Garry.

    Esther Rothblum, a women’s studies professor at San Diego State University and the editor of “Fat Studies,” which published a piece claiming bodybuilding discriminates against obesity, did not respond to a request for comment.

    All of the published essays were peer-reviewed, although some were removed by the publisher after their authors went public.

    When they began, Mr. Boghossian said, he and his colleagues were “resigned to the state of the university” and consequently never doubted that they would meet with a depressing degree of success.

    Still, they were astonished at times by the degree of acceptance.

    In the video, the three are shown convulsed with laughter at the acceptance of the dog park piece. Mr. Lindsay read aloud that one reviewer worried that the researchers had invaded the canines’ privacy by inspecting their genitalia.

    That such absurdities could not only be accepted for publication but also win praise underscores the real problem, they said, which is that “grievance studies” have subordinated the truth to only acceptable political positions.

    “It’s like there’s a religious architecture in their mind, where ‘privilege’ is sin, ‘privilege’ is evil,” Mr. Lindsay said in the video.

    Using aliases, they wrote 20 papers, and the publications sent all but one to full peer review. Seven have been accepted and four have been published so far.

    Had their work not been exposed by The Wall Street Journal and background checking that failed to verify some of the pseudonyms’ credentials, at least a dozen of the pieces would have been published, the scholars believe.

    The three have written a longer piece about their project — “Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship” — published in Aero magazine, of which Ms. Pluckrose is the editor.

    The news wasn’t all bad for the journals.

    When they started their project in August 2017, Mr. Boghossian and his collaborators wrote completely bogus papers, hoaxes such as the one New York University physicist Alan Sokal famously got published in “Social Text” in 1996. But those were rejected, and by Thanksgiving, Mr. Boghossian said his team was starting to fret.

    So they jettisoned the fake papers in favor of using real material, twisting it to an absurd end, and then presenting it with fancy language that pressed the appropriate political buttons.

    Labeling the field “grievance studies,” the trio would take a genuine topic — Plato in one instance, elementary school teaching practices in another — and then press it through a filter of slogans such as “white privilege” or “rape culture.” The doors suddenly opened.

    By taking intellectual pursuit hostage, much of the work produced by university academic departments such as queer theory and race studies has veered more toward propaganda than intellectual rigor, and in the process perverted the noble goals they purport to uphold, Mr. Lindsay said.

    “This does not continue the work of the civil rights movement; it corrupts it,” he said, calling the scholarship peddled by “grievance studies” departments a “social snake oil.”

    The reaction among their colleagues has been mixed, the three said. While some scholars have embraced their work as a necessary wake-up call, others have criticized it as mischief or unethical.

    In the Wall Street Journal piece, the three predicted a dire future for themselves within the academy. Ms. Pluckrose predicted that she won’t be accepted into a doctorate program, and Mr. Lindsay expects to become “an academic pariah.”

    Mr. Boghossian, who has published a book labeled “a manual for creating atheists,” said he feared he might be fired, but he said by Wednesday night that he had not heard from administrators.


    Janice Fiamingo, a professor of English at the University of Ottawa, avowed anti-feminist, deconstructs the Blasey Ford feminist carnival from hell.

    She hosts The Fiamengo File, a weekly YouTube series on Studio Brulé, in which she reveals the fraud of academic feminism by examining its tenets, bizarre obsessions, outlandish claims, and its impact on western culture.

    For $23,000 per year, the female-centered, female-empowerment private university and its Cult of Victimhood is “all SJW all of the time.”

    Fiamingo File: To Understand Christine Blasey Ford, Take a look at Palo Alto University

  70. Dave October 8, 2018 @ 10:39 pm


    Sara Netanyahu, Bibi’s wife goes on Trial for Fraud

    If convicted, Sara could face up to five years in prison.

    By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor –

  71. KathJuliane October 9, 2018 @ 7:20 am

    CBS News: Breaking: Nikki Haley resigns today | Trump Press Conference at 10:30 am, live stream

    Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has resigned, CBS News’ Fin Gomez has confirmed, according to a senior administration source. President Trump has accepted her resignation, but he tweeted that a “big announcement” was coming at 10:30 a.m.

    For further details:


    Adios, Nimrata. Don’t let the door hit you on the butt, murderous Israel-loving witch.

  72. Brother Nathanael October 9, 2018 @ 9:38 am

    Dear All,

    Working round the clock on NEW Vid. It’s gonna be a GROUND BREAKER.

    Shaping up to be more of a documentary rather than a hit between the eyes piece.

    YET will have a KNOCK OUT punch.

    Lots of work left to do.

    May not be able to post until Thursday but WILL BE worth the wait.

    STAY tuuuuuuuuuuuned! +bn

  73. Brother Nathanael October 9, 2018 @ 11:33 am

    +Brother Nathanael On Rense Radio!

    Discussing His Upcoming New GROUND BREAKING Vid!

    This Thursday 9 PM Pacific Time @

    Tuuuuuuune IN! +bn

  74. pesach ben or October 9, 2018 @ 1:14 pm

    Jews have no empathy whatsoever for their fellow human beings.

    People like that are properly classified as psychopaths.

    “They are not worth a Jew’s fingernail.” – rabbi Yitzhak Ginsberg.

    “They are as offal to us.” – president of Israel menachem begin.

    What do you expect from “people” such as that?

  75. Citizenfitz October 9, 2018 @ 2:27 pm

    Thank you, KJ for linking to that Janice Fiamengo video at YT.

    I hadn’t heard of her before now but the girl’s definitely a keeper!

    Brother Nate, another check will be coming your way this week.

  76. Citizenfitz October 9, 2018 @ 2:29 pm

    Won’t surprise me if Bibsy takes the stand against his wife at her trial.

    But trouble in Jewtopia is always good news for the rest of us.

  77. KathJuliane October 9, 2018 @ 5:20 pm

    Dear Citizenfitz,

    I ran across the delightfully sane and reasonable Janice Fiamengo who is endowed with plenty of common sense just a few days ago. I’m running through her playlists from the very beginning when she started them in 2013.

    She’s a treasure.

    Can’t find again the video where she describes herself as starting out in feminist studies, she realized that it didn’t make sense, and spent several years more getting over the indoctrination.

    Professor Fiamengo as an avowed anti-feminist (“feminisim is not the same as equal rights for women”), is very outspoken about what academic feminism has done to two and three generations of males raised in the man-hating insanity of radical red-feminism.

    She’s a strong advocate for men’s rights and academic free speech. From a couple of videos I’ve seen of her lectures on campus, she terrifies the feminists (male and female) and social justice snowflakes, because she blows the whistle on the academic fraudulence of “gender studies” using logic, facts and figures, and blows up the radical lesbian Marxist-feminist utopia.

    She authored a book close to a year ago, Sons of Feminism: Men Have Their Say, which I’ll be getting.

    In the meantime, you have to see her dissection of How To Write A Gender Theory Paper – TFF Episode 66.

    The uploader’s notes say “A look at the nonsensical nature of Gender Theory articles and how [parody paper] The Conceptual Penis is indistinguishable from “serious” papers published on gender theory.”

    It’s hilarious take with her comedic Straight Man delivery going through the gibberish and faulty logic of the ‘real’ academic Gender Theory paper and the parody counterpart.

  78. Brother Nathanael October 9, 2018 @ 9:36 pm

    More GREAT JEWtoob Comments!

    It’s up to 86,504 views now.

    imnotmelvin31 hour ago
    Kavanaugh is in the Supreme Court now. The beat goes on……..

    Jon Boll1 hour ago
    She delivers quite the heavy crock of BS!

    JackManic19841 hour ago
    how exactly would she know they arrived drunk if she didn’t know when she or they got there in relation to each other?

    Elaine e1 hour ago (edited)
    I only had to watch her testimony for 10 minutes to realize she had the demeanor of a mental patient. And all those Jewish lawyers made me think of the Nuremberg trials. Kavanaugh was a “skull and bones man”, it was all a dog and pony show. Lindsey Graham like a willow in the wind, sided with Trump because he knows what happened to McCain, his close friend.

    lincbond4422 hours ago
    Liar, liar, swimsuit on fire.

    Bead Weaving with Betty2 hours ago
    Her go fund me page has garnered her over $700,000.She will need it to pay her handlers to buy her out of this mess now

    The Big Show2 hours ago
    The offer to go to her in California was widely reported in the news!

    Russbot Apocolypse 20162 hours ago
    Sooo she is saying she was traumatized for life because a few guys she was rough housing with in a bedroom wanted the situation to turn into sex and when they realized she wasn’t game, they left her alone?.

    Zaki De Luca2 hours ago
    We want Dr Ford’s in jail

    SpeakEasy DoorMan2 hours ago (edited)
    Fraud……err I mean Ford is such a lying sack of shit An to think people pay serious money for this crack to “get help” This BITCH…… can’t even make a good ‘sammich

    Nyder2 hours ago
    Listen to her stupid vocal fry “Baby voice”. what a fake, phony affectation.

    Floyd Grove2 hours ago
    Really, how is that ANYONE does not see that this “woman” (man) is nothing more than a very unskilled actress?

    Bluehealer1002 hours ago
    UFC and MMA fighters have nicknamed Kavanaugh SPECIAL K the great fighter!!!

    laceyavron2 hours ago
    How can anyone remember what they “assume” decades ago?

    lee santos2 hours ago
    Good video Brother Nathanael !

    EricBlackmonMusic Tonal Logic3 hours ago
    She did not fool me for even a second. Have a hard time understanding how anyone else could be.

    Nancy Whitehead3 hours ago
    Ford also is not a licensed Psychotherapist in California and the Masters Degree she claims from U of Hawaii no one can find any records of it in Hawaii She has also suffered from Alcholism since she was very young This all can be verified on record

    Omar Espinosa3 hours ago
    this woman should be brought up on charges, for for the lies she is telling.!! you can tell schumer paid her very well.!!

    Jesus isLord3 hours ago
    Oh the tears that never came out of her eyes…

    Theresa Gluckhertz3 hours ago
    Great video! When are people going to understand, this is a war between good and evil… not republican vs. democrat

    Thomas Pickering3 hours ago
    You are one of the only Jews that I trust. All other Jews are lying deceivers. Keep telling the truth and you will keep my respect.

    B C3 hours ago
    Does she teach with that voice???

    Marilyn Phan4 hours ago
    Love your videos.

    Mariah O4 hours ago
    Yes…Palo Alto= School for BUFFOONS…

    It’s Okay to Eat Mayo4 hours ago
    From what I understand (I can’t verify) Ford started having memories in therapy the same year Oven Mitt Romney had Kavanaugh on his list of SCOTUS picks. In a nutshell, this looks like a planned hit job. After this shitshow, a lot of men are coming forward with their lives ruined by false allegations. Friends, we need to make it so people accused of sex crimes cannot be made public until after there’s a trial and conviction. I’m not a legal expert. If someone has a better way of explaining what I’m talking about, I want to take it to my city council and get the law passed and then put it on the 2020 ballot.

    BGW Yay4 hours ago
    She needs.a good B-complex for starters

    Veritas Est Lux4 hours ago
    Her script was written by a collaboration of loonie left movie directors.

    Paul Wolf4 hours ago
    You’re the first person who’s come out with the”fatal attraction” theory. Very interesting. Also about her lawyers P.R. firm. God bless you, sir.

    coltonwayne4 hours ago
    How many Penis’s has this woman enjoyed since that time? At that time all are raging in hormon’s and she was there to get laid…period…..

    yvonne allen4 hours ago
    Trying to channel “Carrie” saying they laughed at her. This bitch is a fraud. Doing so much harm to real victims

    johnny swinestein4 hours ago

  79. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2018 @ 8:47 am


    93,928 views // Might crack 100,000 sometime today at this rate.

    David Gair
    6 days ago
    “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.”
    Abraham Lincoln

    Roast Chicken
    6 days ago
    Keepin it real out here I see, my brother Nathanael

    David Gair
    6 days ago
    Brother (in Christ), Have you done a video about self-proclaimed Vietnam war hero Richard Blumenthal who was never in Vietnam?

    Konrad Ford
    6 days ago
    The glasses, the shy hair style to hide her face, the girl voice, the acting was over the top. Liar

    Jean Lloyd Bradberry
    6 days ago
    She looks and sounds insane!

    Rugia 1168
    5 days ago
    Many people who go into psychology do it because of personal psychological issues.

    Sandra Mowery
    6 days ago
    Ford is a Liar and should be prosecuted for perjury !

    6 days ago
    Her child-like behavior and her vocal fry seriously threw me off from the start. No sane 50 year old woman would behave like this on a regular basis.

    copper spartan
    6 days ago
    I wish Brother Nathanael had done the cross-examination.

    Eddies blacksmithing
    6 days ago
    I believe that this woman bears false witness.

    6 days ago
    Her fake cry voice makes me feel like Im having an aneurysm.

    Mickael Williams
    6 days ago

    David A
    6 days ago
    Dr Ford never met John Kavanagh in high school they didn’t know each other. the Bolshevik opposition has just dug this up, created this in their war against America. Just look at her two Bolshevik attorneys, as well as Senator Schumer Feinstein and Blumenthal and tell me what do you see?

    Blue Collar Mark
    6 days ago
    Kavanagh will be a Supreme Court Justice. A second grader could tell ya that that Ford has a severe metal problem. Don’t need to be a doctor to see she’s a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.

    Tom C
    6 days ago
    Bromwich, or is it Abramovich. Add to this Katz and Feinstein, and Senator Blumenthal, and what do you have.

    Infidel Atheist
    6 days ago
    Ford is CIA ,expert in self hypnoses. Obviously mind controlled.

    Bill Green
    6 days ago
    Brother Nathanael described this woman’s delivery as “little girl coquettishness”. This is exactly right. She changed her voice to make it sound like a little girl in order to get more sympathy.

    perla hudson
    6 days ago (edited)
    This woman Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is under MK ultra mind control and she’s working for the CIA just like her father is and been working since the 70’s for the CIA. This is all an agenda to have Judge Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court blocked . They (CIA) did the same thing to Julian Assange with false accusations. And the woman who falsely accused Assange was and is a CIA agent. Same Modus Operandi.

    Fritz Deutche
    6 days ago
    The Communists are at work overtime here. Thanks Brother Nathanael.

    Julian Price
    6 days ago
    You’re doing God’s work brother nathanael

    6 days ago
    She should be ashamed of herself, If she was raped then why didn’t she speak up then? No this is a political strategy to smear a good mans reputation, shame on you ford.

    kelly billy
    6 days ago
    this whole trial is pure theater and distraction!

    Sir Admar the Xth Crusader
    6 days ago
    Your channel is highly underrated. You and the X22 report are my personal favorite. Well articulated, great vernacular, with stunning insight.

    Frank Frank
    6 days ago
    Why would a teenage girl go into a house that had drunken teenage boys in it? And after all these years, how do we know she wasn’t playing the part of Jezebel and deliberately enticing the boys, especially since, conveniently, there weren’t any witnesses? Since she was smiling and happy at the hearing, as Brother Nathanael pointed out, she couldn’t have been too upset by her memories of this event. At the time this event supposedly happened why didn’t she file a police report? Why didn’t she go to a doctor? Why didn’t she tell someone, her mother, her girlfriend, anyone?

    Sage Flowers
    6 days ago
    KATZ and BROMWICH..both dirty juice!! Don’t know how you stopped yourself from screaming that from the treetops. Maybe its because your channel would be next under attack. Well done Bro Nate! You really do tell it like it is. Without even referring to the juice here!! …;D

    Ihave one
    6 days ago (edited)
    I have a suggestion to the problem of false witness…. “Who so ever brings forth an allegation of wrong doing against somebody, and that allegation should prove to be false… shall bear the FULL punishment prescribed by law for the crime the defendant is accused of…” At that point go ahead and accuse somebody who is innocent…

    North Idaho Exposed
    6 days ago
    Love what you do brother!

    jonathan martin
    6 days ago
    Brother Nathanael is filled with the truth. That is what he stands for. Servant of the Christ.

    6 days ago (edited)
    kavanaughs mother was also a judge that did a foreclosure on her parents home years ago,,i bet it was around the same time as she was this “raped teenager” ,there is a motive,not to mention the women had stormy Daniels solicitor (or its the other accuser but i’m fairly sure its this accuser)and she had google interns sleeping over at her house and went and spoke to a democrat,,they are all connected,

    Joe Meyer
    6 days ago
    Jewish Prudence, you turned a phrase!

    6 days ago
    That elitist twat’s glasses are so dirty, she has to look over the top of them!

    6 days ago
    Never stop making these videos! Love your work!

    6 days ago (edited)
    If you have just discovered brother Nathaniel on YouTube, congratulations! for you have been Blessed.

    Yumcha Zeen
    6 days ago

    Alan Stordal
    6 days ago
    As you started up the stairs drunk and on Pharmaceuticals what do you remember

    6 days ago
    That voice of hers and her smile, and gestures. She is creepy. This is all a lie, says my ceribellum to my hippocampus, as if that wasnt clearly apperant enough prior to her ever testifying.

    6 days ago
    I can’t stand to look at or listen to her. Urgh,…..nasty

    6 days ago
    Regression Therapy was it’s name seems some Quacks are still using it under a different set of names Deep Memory Process or Life Regression Therapy, Recovered Memory Therapy. For those not old enough there was an entire program a decade or so ago where patients were induced by Psychologists to “Remember” forgotten trauma’s to explain their mental health issues. Many people were falsely accused of Rapes and Molestation even though the “victim” could not recall any such event. The practice eventually lost credibility due to court action and derision by real Psychologists who claimed patients were being pushed to remember False Memories
    DMP Training
    Roger Woolger it’s creator.

    alp D
    6 days ago
    That lady doesn’t look normal?

    Paul Ferrer
    6 days ago
    Keep up the good work, Brother Nathanael! May God be always with you! —- /From a fellow–Orthodox Christian/

    6 days ago
    The worst part in her story was that two guys were laughing while one was on top of the Ford. Even if this horseplay were true, that’s nothing compared to what pro-choice women do.

    6 days ago
    What was telling about Ford’s testimony to Rachel Mitchell was her wildly disrespectful refusal to publicly state the name of the boy that introduced her to BK. Mitchell gave her 2 chances to do so, and Ford refused both times. Mitchell let it end there, but any fair-minded observer can see the significance of this factor. Ford might as well have let out a loud 10 second fart in that room, but her inappropriate and insolent refusal to say the boy’s name for the record would stink even more! I am positive that this boy is the one that drove her to and from the party that day, and that she’s trying to protect either herself or him by playing dumb. And it is completely inconceivable that Ford would forget the name of the person that drove her to her assault and also who rescued her from her assault. My speculation is that her BF was Chris Garrett who drove the 2 of them to this party, he tried to take their relationship to the next level, she refused, and then he dumped her after driving her home. She remembers the assault and she remembers being in the bathroom adjusting her clothes to make it look like she had not been attacked, but how horrific was the attack if she was concerned about that? How awful was the attack such that she left her best friend in a house containing drunken and violent boys? Yet she forgets her source of transportation to and from the event. It was someone that she trusted, I have no doubt. Sorry to ramble…

    glenn smythe
    6 days ago
    God be with you and protect you brother Nathanael the minions are many

    6 days ago
    Silly distraction.

    Karlene McLean
    6 days ago
    Indelible in the hypacampus??????? who the hell says that when they have beeen abused pray tell????

    4 days ago
    I just love her ‘valley girl’ baby talk. This is all acting!

    Bird Worldist
    6 days ago
    I don’t support deep stater Bush era Kavanaugh! He helped cover up JFK, 911 and even Vince Foster.. this whole trial is pure theater and distraction!

    John Forge
    6 days ago
    Lieing Bitch!!

    Daniel Maxter
    5 days ago (edited)
    False rape accusations should be punished with a 10 year jail time so all those skanks learn a lesson but in America’s clown world there is no justice!

    Billy Graham
    6 days ago
    Great observations by Brother Nathanael.
    Ford is completely unbelievable. And what is up with her cracky weak voice? That’s the voice used by those pretending to be sick and calling in to work, looking for sympathy. Here she’s saying “feel-sorry-for-me-as-I-am-a-poor-victim-of-attempted-rape…”. And she calls it attempted rape? She says one of the boys put his hand over her mouth so she would not scream, and she could not breathe? What about her nose? Was that all stuffed up? Or was the boy pinching her nostrils shut too? And then she somehow escaped — and can’t remember who drove her home. And then no one says Kavanaugh was even at the party… and on and on it goes. Yet, CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, etc., the chief “fake news” outlets, they have Kavanaugh drawn up as a rapist and Ford drawn up as a woman that was virtually raped by Kavanaugh. This is the way the anti-American media does “reporting” these days — serving up propaganda for the anti-American left. And, of course, we know who runs the media, thanks to Brother Nathanael and others not afraid to speak out, and we know their agenda. The media is a propaganda machine, filling our lives with lies.

    In my mind Bret Kavanaugh must be a pretty good guy for the Democrats and the media to be going after him so hard here. Thus, I am praying for his confirmation as the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice. I think this experience will actually help him to understand just how bad things have gotten under the globalists and their control of just about everything. I hope he proves to be a great warrior for justice — true justice — in the U.S. Supreme Court. But I am not holding my breath here.

    Stallowned Stallion
    1 day ago
    The 2nd worst injustice here….that nutter accuser is a “doctor”…

    Matt Lloyd
    6 days ago
    She’s something strange very strange to be honest. For some reason I think she’s lying lol

    Simeon Mayanja
    6 days ago
    That woman was under hypnosis. Her voice and her body language say “alter”.

    grgr basil
    6 days ago

    6 days ago (edited)
    Love you, Brother Nathanael, I love your works. I believe I live near you, would love to have a good discussion with you and the order. On another note, Ford is a sociopath, that is for sure, whether this is theater or not. The fact that they presented her as a psychologist is what intrigues me the most, communists always used psychologists to promote their narrative and even they thought that the fake psychology and studies fed to them were true, even telling the truth based on their false studies as you see in the universities now, gender studies, cultural studies, history, so on and so forth. this woman is a psychologist for christ’s sake, supposed to be a highly informed individual, concerning the mind, which includes, religion, philosophy and the simple effects of cause and effect, action and reaction to hard truthful principles according to the basic humanities. no one could even accept this woman as having any of these traits, so why is she said to be of these intellectual commodities by either side of the spectrum? this signals me to believe that the whole thing is kabuki theater, I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

    Mark Reynolds
    6 days ago
    The best commentary on this yet. Thank you Sir.

    4 days ago (edited)
    Regarding the polygraph test Ford was given by a man PAID FOR by HER OWN ATTORNEYS. The test only asked two questions that simply asked whether her written “statement” was true or not. The polygraph test never even mentioned Kavanaugh. WHICH STATEMENT ARE THEY REFERRING TO??? The two questions never specified! How do we know that the statement she is being asked about in the lie detector test is the statement where she claims Kavanaugh attempted to rape her??? Think about it.

    It is very likely that the statement questioned in the lie detector test had nothing to do with her allegations, perhaps a written statement that simply states undeniable facts like her name then based the lie detector test on THAT statement.

    Therefore, the written statement, where she made unsubstantiated accusations towards Kavanaugh, which is being shown by the mainstream media, is NOT the statement she was given a lie detector test over.

    Besides, have you ever heard of a lie detector test that simply asked a couple questions about a “statement”, rather then asking her very specific and direct yes or no questions about her detailed accusations including asking about, gee I don’t know, the IDENTITY of the person she is accusing???

    The test needs to be performed by a trusted official, not someone who literally is being paid by and works for her own attorneys, the test needs to ask her direct questions about her allegations, needs to mention Kavanaugh as being the one who attempted to sexually assault her, and so on, ALL of which needs to be filmed by multiple cameras.

    There is no way we can trust the test and statement we are being shown especially when it was performed by a man who has been repeatedly hired by her attorneys to give them the results they want instead of giving us THE TRUTH!

    Then and only then can we begin to trust the results of a lie detector test.

    Mallard The Ducking Head aka Brian
    6 days ago
    I Love You Brother Nathaniel, You are a Highly Intelligent Man of God!!! May God Bless You on Your Journey!

    Happy Wife
    5 days ago (edited)
    She’s a paid liar #ConfirmKavanaugh

    6 days ago (edited)
    It is the will of god that America falls and that Europeans pay for their crimes against humanity.

    motta bobo
    5 days ago
    Allways refreshing watching you my Brother. I love the nature scenery you perform in for your vids. And know we live in a safe universe for it’s GOD’s home. Thank you. Peace, love and compassion.

    Stephen Klick
    5 days ago (edited)
    Her behavior is very strange. She does keep acting like a little girl, and just too innocent and ditzy. Crackly voice, smiling when it really is not appropriate, and then moving into crying and grief. Just weird. The fallen situation from which this country may never recover is witchcraft. It’s so bad and is everywhere and I just want to be with Jesus and get away from these liars and tricksters and insane maniac people.

    Jack Meyerhoffer
    6 days ago
    @Brother Nathaniel
    What do you think the primary motivation for the Jews involved in this? Making sure they’ll be able to ram censorship through the court or satanic bloodlust for gentile abortions?

    N PEN
    6 days ago

    6 days ago
    Destruction of the First and Second Amendments are priority number one.

    Then, they can raise taxes on Americans.
    Tax us into oblivion!

    While they (you know who) cement their position, on top of the pyramid; Sealing their self fulfilled destination, as rulers supreme for eternity!

    6 days ago
    ZERO HEDGE REPORT……Former boyfriend sent a letter to Chuck Crassly stating she is a fraud…cheated on him ,ran up his credit cards. Coached her friend how to lie when taking a lie detector test.. She Looks like a one tooth drunken beaver .

    6 days ago
    Baby talk baby talk it’s a wonder Ford can walk.

    6 days ago
    I think she did also have a infatuation with Kavanaugh. He denied her and she was furious. HE probably embarrassed her as well and vowed revenge.

    Free Saxon
    6 days ago
    Hello brother, another good video

    ashamed of canadians ignorance
    6 days ago
    Theatrical distraction after theatrical distraction. The psychopath Internationalists only need to buy another year or two of time…at most. Then it is game over for the free world. At least the brain dead populace has been thoroughly entertained by it all.

    Howlin Wolff
    6 days ago (edited)
    Hang them HIGH and let the world watch them wretch!!! These people are EVIL and STUPID! We have everything! It is over for them all and they know once Justice Kavanaugh is seated the game is over!!! God Bless America!!! YHWH is in control always!!!

    Huge Faggot
    6 days ago
    Not censored in Europe for once

  80. Citizenfitz October 10, 2018 @ 10:19 am

    I called Feinstein’s DC office and asked if she’d send a congratulatory letter to someone. It’s a service many pols offer.

    The woman I spoke with said, “Definitely.”

    “Great!” I said, “His name is Brett Kavanaugh.”

    Silence…. Click.

  81. pesach ben or October 10, 2018 @ 10:47 am

    “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

    Every October in synagogue the Jews pronounce the “kohl nidre” which states that Jews MUST bear false witness against the “nations,” us, for yet another year.

  82. Citizenfitz October 10, 2018 @ 11:36 am

    For those who haven’t heard, U2 frontman Bono claims to be a Christian, but he also fervently supports abortion and once did a U2 tour dressed up as the diabolical “Mr. MacPhisto” – horns and all.

    It’s not surprising that such an arch-hypocrite would give a shout out to his “old friend” the arch-homosexual predator, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick – Archbishop of WDC – and, of course, a John Paul II appointee….

    “On the heels of rock star Bono’s out-of-the-blue meeting with Pope Francis last week, a clip from a 2017 concert surfaced on social media with the U2 front man dedicating a song onstage to the disgraced, now-former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

    “‘This goes out to an old friend – Cardinal McCarrick!’ Bono says during an instrumental interlude of the band’s song “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”.

    “The concert took place June 20, 2017, at FedEx Field in the Washington, D.C. area, one year to the day prior to the disgraced ex-cardinal’s removal from public ministry for credible and substantiated allegations he abused a minor more than four decades ago. (The cardinal has quite an extensive history with young seminarians)

    “It appears it was not the first time Bono invoked McCarrick at one of his shows.

    “McCarrick was in attendance at a U2 performance also held in D.C. back in October 2009, according to a Georgetown Berkeley Center review of ‘Bono’s Prophetic Rock Concert.’

    “‘We have a Cardinal at a rock show,’ the review says Bono announced. The review described this as a ‘shout-out’ from the star to ‘his friend and co-activist Theodore Cardinal McCarrick’.

    “Further and arguably the most manifest conflict for Catholics is the fact that U2 took the pro-abortion side in repealing Ireland’s pro-life Eighth Amendment and supported legalizing abortion on demand there earlier this year.

    “‘Bono’s ‘One Campaign’ is funded almost entirely by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,’ Father Hollowell tweeted, ‘and believes contraception is part of the solution to poverty.’” –

  83. Citizenfitz October 10, 2018 @ 11:50 am

    For the Catholics here – and I suspect there are quite a few of us, I recommend reducing or even withholding your tithes to the institutional V2 church and instead give the money you’d have given it to another.

    Brother Nate has gotten quite a lot from me over the years because I look and listen for *any* corruption from pulpit, sanctuary or See and when I hear or see it, which is routine by now, direct the money elsewhere.

  84. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2018 @ 2:23 pm

    MORE Jewtoob Comments To Enjoy

    (Actually, add about 30,000 to YouTube’s Counter on my Vids since they slowed down the counter a few years ago.)

    You have a new fan here, Brother Nathanael. Glad that there are people out there who aren’t fooled by Ford. Thumbs up and smiles

    Mitch Ryder 4 minutes ago

    everyone of them dipped their hand into the thousands of dollars go fund me funds

    Mitch Ryder 10 minutes ago
    quite the makeup artist

    Gus Astacio Healing X Outreach HXO 33 minutes ago
    Awesome the elephant in the room few will speak about and brother Nathaneal you have addressed very well with spades! just subscribed!

    Brenda Macek1 hour ago

    You have a new fan here, Brother Nathanael. Glad that there are people out there who aren’t fooled by Ford. Thumbs up and smiles

    ace toxic37 minutes ago
    Even though it’s her client and she is very much invested in the outcome and how her client’s testimony will effect the desired outcome, she can barely stomach the whole charade and her sensibilities are being traumatized. The lawyer I’m speaking of is not the bulldyke to her immediate right but the normal woman behind her right shoulder.

    Paul Adams1 hour ago
    complete fabrication so obvious

    Chris Kilmer1 hour ago
    Wow and double wow….this is my kind of religious leader. Insightful and compelling.

    Ronny charles1 hour ago
    Brother Nathaniel……. I’m a pretty good judge of people, and am convinced this lying dirtbag clown is utterly, totally a FAKE, lying nasty bitch ….. just sayin ……

    Brian Masters2 hours ago
    What a pair of whores.

    Groundskeeper Willie 2 hours ago
    Is that a large shekel tribe lawyer with Dr. Ford?

    Flight 19 2 hours ago
    Is Bro Nate super cool or what!!

    AL P 4 hours ago
    Linsey Graham of course did not want to interview Ford in CA, they wanted the Media Circus.

    Laurence 5 hours ago
    Ford , big glasses tiny voice , what a act !!!!! Primed and prepared by her attorney.

    Henry Hill 5 hours ago
    Don’t ask too many questions… she’s under oath… let her bury HERSELF with the bullshit… At 3:20… :”The laughter at my expense” …. Now she can read minds… Can’t remember: The House When it happened Who was there, besides Kavanaugh..and his buddy The Time it happened, NOTHING, except it WAS Kavanaugh… And we don’t go to the Police immediately after it happened cause she: Was DRINKING herself.. How much??? Was Underage going to a DRinking party Was Wearing a Bathing Suit cause she EXPECTED to be “Felt UP” at least by a boy…. Went into a BEDROOM with TWO boys… after DRINKING, did she explect to study for a math test with them?

    Johann Goethe 5 hours ago
    She scrubbed the internet of all video of her in her normal speaking voice, with the assistance of an insider at Google (perhaps her tenant who really used that second “front door” (really a guised door to rental space in the home, not a second means for her to “escape”). Since she works at a SJW factory college in Palo Alto, her speaking could not have been a source of contradiction to her claims? Opinions expressed that would show her political animus? Her normal voice is nowhere near as coquettish? That difference would surely be like a lightning bolt to a dry dead tree.

    PRADIPA MAHADEVA 5 hours ago
    Don’t sweat it Honey! it’s all LIES – All of it.

    Jimmy Toetoe5 hours ago
    Shes obviously fake cried

    gearhead0800 6 hours ago
    Brother Nathanael, when Hillary was campaigning, an interview was aired with a woman who was one of Hillary’s closest friends for many, many years. The name of that woman is Lynn Forester. For those who don’t know Lynn’s full married name is Lynn Forester de Rothschild wife of Evelyn de Rothschild. That is what is really behind all this, the World Bank and the Federal Reserve. Therein lies the tremendous multi-faceted efforts by the so called “Left” and why it will not go away without a fight. That is WHY the “Lady protests too much”. The world planners are anguished that their world will start to unravel. Soros is just a water-boy for the Rothschild empire. The Rothschild’s are using little Georgie as a front-man and operator to keep the Rothschild name out of all of this.

    ACE2FST 6 hours ago
    Liar liar pants on fire. CBF was nothing but a wishful whore, that wouldn’t have been given the time of day for a popular boy like Judge Kavanaugh or his friends. She was promiscuous at that age as witnesses stated. I remember the Ho’s from High school. Their memories weren’t the best thing they had going themselves. She may have been used by the DNC, but she never recanted nor admitted such. We can only look at the evidence given, or the lack there of.

    ACE2FST 6 hours ago
    The CIA, and Ford being a member of the CIA’s Farm is way easier to swallow than your voice!

    David Davies 6 hours ago
    I hope ford and the others gets indicted for this. Teach others to think twice

    Giovanni Ching Autheman 7 hours ago (edited)
    I don’t remember this, I don’t remember that after each interrogation. A pause before it, smiles between interrogator and interrogated. Breathing heavily for seconds and instant recovery, not sweat at all, well essayed harsh voice without but for few seconds without exploding into tears. Odd explanations like one teenager drunk was drunk and not the others than she says all of them were drunk, Lawyers like Bromwich make trials a joke with his denials of answers to inconvenient questions. Sen.Leahy asking the interrogated woman “take whatever time you need” 3:05. No good movie producer would buy this script to make a defense for rape against women because of its many flaws If they were going to sell this story they clearly would have to invent events. Bad for them when people see first that movie without watching this interview, when they want to review how it all begun, the real speeches with the real people involved, they will lose their faith in Hollywood (especially liberal’s kids) and in liberals at all. This lack of credibility is characteristic of the French “infamy” started during the French Revolution. Defamation of good characters or society on demand to replace them will evil agents to overthrow any existing order so the forces behind the anti-monarchy could institute divorce, decriminalize adultery (apart from divorce), persecute the Church and such. Today that’s just done, so they try with abortion and LGBT rights over heterosexual majority’s rights, to punish those who oppose the sodomite lifestyle and to ban conservatives political parties forever. This hearing as “simple” as it seems for many people, it tries to uphold all those anti-values in the US and throughout the world.

    Adam Smith86 7 hours ago
    She believed she was doing her Civic duty by helping to keep Satan himself off of the Supreme Court. The “Evil” Brett Kavanaugh will surely over turn Roe Vs. Wade and destroy Women’s right to murder their child. The ends justify the means. It’s for a good cause…… The left has lost what little of their minds they had. The left surely isn’t liberal anymore. God help us!!!!

    Nan Kidd 7 hours ago (edited)
    Brother Nat by jackal l think you may be on to was a circus to be sure,media raking in the dough,as the world eyes were glued to the screen,perhaps she could use your spiritual guidance.least you could let her know hell is resevered for liars and deceivers.what a joke.

    WINSTON SMITH 7 hours ago
    She’s a damn liar

    Nick Friend 7 hours ago
    Joseph Goebbels quote: “If you tell a lie big enough (I prefer ‘long enough’) and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    Neil Fagan 8 hours ago
    is this a joke what a load of bollocks

    PIGGY WIGGY 9 hours ago
    Ford is a professional nut job

    Patter Hill 10 hours ago
    She needs help. She hurts real survivors who really were hurt. LOCK HER UP FOR LYING and her lawyers.

    Jim Morris 10 hours ago
    She has a highly paid job!

    Mike Cripps 10 hours ago
    Crusty Blasey-Fraud needs to be put in Prison for perjury or in an Insane Asylum the Mental Skag. Lock her up with that tiprat Julie Slutnick

    Erwin Montiere 11 hours ago
    Justice WINS over psychology. This woman is a lying sham and her agenda together with the despicable lawyers were to destroy justice.

    Richard Cianfrone 11 hours ago
    The disgusting Jezebel’s baby voice is sickening.

    Astorrian 11 hours ago
    Interesting fact: Her legal bills were paid by George Soros… that says it all!

    Robert Cathcart 11 hours ago
    Typical isn’t it, the so called ”Psychology Professor” turns out to be a psychotic, attention seeking, fruitloop dyke who should be confined to a mental institution.

    john sakowicz 14 hours ago
    Blasey-Ford needs to be investigated for perjury.

    Ken Brown14 hours ago
    Europa the last battle watch it

    Free Speech 15 hours ago
    Why is a 50 year old college professor acting like a 12 year old child?

    jewleetube 15 hours ago
    Women are stupid AND completely full of satan shit!!!!!

    Paul Crane 16 hours ago
    mrs. Ford was probably accosted by four boys in the mid 80’s as her therapy notes indicate,but the entire and she agreed to transpose the experience to Brett in conjuction with her FBI friend and her lawyers showed her how to avoid perjury traps by being vague

    Meno Passini 16 hours ago
    Borderline personality, Someone who enjoys playing “The” victim, who sucks people in to help them. When you think it’s resolved, you are labeled uncaring who lacks the ability to understand. Did you notice that the story kept getting bigger and there was no end.

    tackyman2011 16 hours ago
    I thought a hippo campus was a school for overweight feminists.

    Stephen Mitchell 17 hours ago
    lots of Larch trees in the background, must be close to BC

  85. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2018 @ 2:27 pm

    Dear All,

    Headed out to FILM my NEW Vid now.

    Hope to post sometime tonight!

    It’s gonna be, (Lord willing), a WINNER! +bn

  86. KathJuliane October 10, 2018 @ 3:51 pm

    The Fiamengo File: So What If Kavanaugh Was At The Party? – TFF Episode 90

    “When it comes to accusations of sexual assault against men, we’ve completely abandoned reasonable doubt. We’re at a point where any allegation, even one as empty as Blasey-Ford’s, is taken seriously by a majority of the population, and in which a significant minority is willing to throw out all safeguards for accused men.

    “As radical feminists keep on pushing the idea that women should be believed even in the absence of any evidence, well it starts to seem reasonable to believe women with just a little evidence.”

    “By sheer persistence and reiteration, the untruths are being accepted, and the burden of proof is shifting to the accused. It’s a scary time.

    “Maybe it’s already too late to reverse course. But it’s definitely time to fight hard for the rights of accused men, because if we don’t hold on to that, we lose everything.”

  87. Zionien October 10, 2018 @ 4:43 pm

    Can hardly wait, +BN 🙂

  88. KathJuliane October 10, 2018 @ 4:59 pm

    Real Clear Politics: CNN: Hillary Clinton: “Civility Can Start Again” When Democrats Take The House And Or The Senate

    Hillary Clinton discusses President Trump, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and civility in politics with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

  89. Dave October 10, 2018 @ 5:46 pm

    Nikki Haley Resigns As Ambassador To UN.


  90. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2018 @ 7:33 pm

    Dear All,

    Not posting tonight, very complex editing and illustrating…almost 10 minutes long, my longest Video yet!

    It’s gonna bring the house down. Yes! +bn

  91. KathJuliane October 10, 2018 @ 8:09 pm

    Just as Professor Janice Fiamengo predicted, Blasey-Ford has reached the pinnacle of feminist achievement and faux-martyrdom and is now on the glide path inside the Anita Hill School of Success.


    Western Journal: Blasey Ford Nominated for Distinguished Alumna Award

    Christine Blasey Ford, the college professor who accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were in high school in the early 1980s, has been nominated for a distinguished alumna award from her alma mater, the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

    The award recognizes alumni “for outstanding contributions to humankind.”

    Ford earned an undergraduate degree in experimental psychology from the school in 1988.

    Her name was put forth by Jennifer Ho, a professor in UNC’s Department of English and Comparative Literature, The Hill reported Tuesday.

    In a letter urging others affiliated with UNC to support the nomination, Ho said that Ford did “something that was extraordinary” when she testified on Capitol Hill accusing Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party in the early 1980s.

    Ford didn’t testify because of “partisan politics,” Ho said.

    Rather, she said, it was about “recognizing that the simple of act of speaking one’s truth, especially when that truth involves sexual assault, is an act of bravery.”

    “We live in a society that does not believe women,” Ho wrote. “The many indignities that women experience in their day-to-day lives is proof of this, as is the continued attacks on Dr. Blasey Ford after her testimony.”


  92. Zionien October 10, 2018 @ 8:31 pm

    Yes Hallelujah indeed Dave^!

    After hearing her speak of her retirement – I was actually quite impressed with her grasp of reality! Almost as if she had broken away from the trance of the snake(s) that were manipulating her.

    I believe she dodged a real bullet as she would have been used, abused, and discarded by the worms as a sacrificial lamb all for their evil causes had she stayed.

  93. Zionien October 10, 2018 @ 8:45 pm


    Kick them ALL to the wind +BN!

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