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Trump Holocaust Law Pisses Off Poles

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Trump Holocaust Law Pisses Off Poles
By Brother Nathanael Kapner May 13, 2018 ©

THE VULTURE-IN-CHIEF STRIKES AGAIN and the winners are the Jews who feed on the carcasses of their victims.

Last Wednesday, on the heels of enacting a Jew-pleasing policy in scraping the Iran Deal, Trump signed into law an Act that pressures European countries to ‘recover’ property ‘stolen’ from Jews during World War II.

The victims of Jewish political intrigue this time are the Poles who refused to alter their recent law that prohibits blaming Poland for Holocaust crimes committed in its territory, for example, by refusing to call the detention sites, ‘Polish death camps.’

Known as the “JUST” Act—”Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today“—the law does not mention Poland specifically.

However, Poland is the only European country that has not passed laws to compensate Jews who supposedly lost property and other assets during World War II…and given Poland’s refusal to cave under pressure, Jewry strikes back.

Jewish vengeance is a mean-spirited thing that translates into legislation…and Trump is the perfect stooge to shill for the Jews.

Trump needs all the Jew-support he can get vis-a-vis the ‘Cohen investigation’ on his back.

POLAND IS BLASTING the law as an innovation that fixes the restitution of property in Europe as a permanent fixture of US foreign policy independent of any countries’ policies.

Poland’s popular right wing media chimed in also with headlines such as: “Stop This Madness, It Will Cost Poland Tens Of Millions!”…and, “The Holocaust Industry Is Attacking Poland!”

But the World Jewish Restitution Organization praised Trump’s decision:

“This law makes a clear statement about America’s uncompromising commitment to Holocaust survivors and their aspiration for justice.”

Hmm…are there still any Holocaust survivors left?

Perhaps some third-generation-removed Jewish nieces and nephews of all those aunts and uncles that were “GASSED” in the “SHOWERS.”

I grew up as a Jew in the 50’s and nothing was ever said to us about “gas chambers” or a “holocaust.” It wasn’t invented yet.

It wasn’t until the late sixties that the Holocaust Industry hit the presses and suddenly every Jew had an “aunt” who “died” in the “holocaust.”

It’s a scam. Uncle Sam plays the flimflam man. But Auntie Semite will soon strike back.


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Brother Nathanael @ May 13, 2018


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  4. KathJuliane May 13, 2018 @ 8:13 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    You floored me with this one. Shocked, shocked, I tell you!

    The Jews are insatiable. Decades of shoah business repatriations and pensions from different countries, particularly Germany, flowing through venal, corrupt, embezzlement-ridden Jewish reparation agencies skimming off the top, the bottom, and the middle, and they still want more.

    I recognize that “✡️✡️✡️✡️✡️ Trump – Make Israel Great Again! ✡️✡️✡️✡️✡️” sign.

    It’s a real sign in Israhell. It’s on some kind of fence in front of the really ugly new Embassy to Israel-Jerusalem that the Jews are so giddy about.

    The way things are going, with the authority of this bill guiding Trump’s US foreign policy now, I can just see US Treasury imposing sanctions, and thus, Jewmerica becomes the thuggish extortionist global bill collector for world Jewry.

    Oy, veh! Pay up and we won’t break your kneecaps!

  5. Brother Nathanael May 13, 2018 @ 8:36 pm

    Nothing in the world like a pissed-off Pole. Truly. They hit the vodka and then it’s quite the sight to behold.

    I wonder how many anti-Semitic incidents will kick up — knocking over tombstones, painting graffiti and six-pointed stars, rocks through windows, tipping over buildings — in areas in the major eastern cities where they have communities of Little Polonias?

    (“Pisseth” is in the KJV Bible, by the way)…+BN

  6. dave May 13, 2018 @ 8:36 pm

    ““This law makes a clear statement about America’s uncompromising commitment to Holocaust survivors and their aspiration for justice.”

    Hmm…are there still any Holocaust survivors left?

    They’re probably referring to “holohoax survivors’ relatives in eternity”

  7. dave May 13, 2018 @ 9:01 pm

    Hey Bro,

    I just learned something new from listening to Gordon Duff from interview US marine vet jewish decent Dr. Alan Sabrosky.

    That the US army 20th Armored Division that first went into I believe Auschwitz saw rosy, full-cheeked (as opposed to gaunt-faced) street-clothed (as opposed to prison-garbed) camp inhabitants cheering and waving them on

  8. PvtCharlieSlate May 13, 2018 @ 9:34 pm

    Brother Nathanael:

    I read an article the other day that reported that BOTH houses of the Connecticut Legislature unanimously passed a bill that requires that state’s public schools theach “Holocaust history”. The scumbag blowhard liberal governor Malloy will undoubtedly sign it into law.

    Thank God I no longer live in CT. It really “pisseth” me off that my home state where I have family history that goes back to well before the Civil War and that was one of the original Thirteen and one of the four that drove the American Revolution (MA, CT, VA, SC) has been turned into a bankrupt, alien-sanctuary shithole.

    I’m your next door neighbor a few miles to the south. You have a standing invitation to dinner.

  9. Brother Nathanael May 13, 2018 @ 9:40 pm


    Email me at: bronathanael[at]yahoo(dot){com}

  10. KathJuliane May 13, 2018 @ 10:03 pm

    I have to say that the Comrade Commissars of the Anti Defamation League are on top of things now that they are policing social sites thanks to their very pricey Silicon Valley/Berkeley Online Hate Index project.

    They’ve just published their first ever study on Twitter May 7, all designed, of course for Tikon Olam — repairing the world to make it a better place — for Jews:


    ADL: Groundbreaking ADL Analysis Estimates 4.2 Million Anti-Semitic Tweets in One-Year Period

    Washington, D.C., May 7, 2018 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today issued a new report analyzing anti-Semitic speech on Twitter, providing the first-ever snapshot of the trends and themes of anti-Semitism on the social media platform over the course of a one-year period.

    Using proprietary research strategies to evaluate Twitter for thousands of possible anti-Semitic expressions, including classic stereotypes, code words, symbols and conspiracy theories, and conducting a human review to scan for sarcasm or other non-anti-Semitic uses of such terms, the ADL’s Center on Extremism found that at least 4.2 million anti-Semitic tweets were shared or re-shared in English on Twitter over the 12-month period ending January 28, 2018.

    Those 4.2 million tweets were sent from an estimated three million Twitter handles. The margin of error is 3 percent.

    The research shows that the number of anti-Semitic tweets fluctuated between a low of 36,800 the last week of July 2017 to a high of 181,700 in the first week of December 2017. The average number of anti-Semitic tweets per week: 81,400.

    The new ADL report, “Quantifying Hate: A Year of Anti-Semitism on Twitter,” was released during ADL’s National Leadership Summit, a three-day conference of more than 800 leaders and activists from across the country in Washington, D.C.

    “This new data shows that even with the steps Twitter has taken to remove hate speech and to deal with those accounts disseminating it, users are still spreading a shocking amount of anti-Semitism and using Twitter as a megaphone to harass and intimidate Jews,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO.

    “We hope this report will create a renewed sense of urgency among all social media providers that this problem is not going away and that they need to find innovative new ways to tamp down the spread of hatred online.”

    The report also shows that subject matter experts are crucial to accurately defining anti-Semitism and gauging user sentiment.

    Continued (if you can stomach the whinging self-pity running through it all):

  11. Eileen Kuch May 13, 2018 @ 11:38 pm

    @ +BN

    Br. Nat, you just nailed it perfectly.

    The Jews are after Poland for simply passing a law that states Poland isn’t responsible for what happened to the Jews during WWII, and refuses to pay the extortion money.

    As you said yourself, there’s nothing in the world like a pissed-off Pole. They hit the vodka, and then it’s quite a sight to behold.

    I’m sure you do wonder how many anti-Semitic incidents will kick up, I wonder the same thing myself. Will they knock over tombstones, paint graffiti, and six-pointed stars, throw rocks through windows, and damage synagogues?

    I’m one pissed-off American citizen, that Trump would be so stupid as to do the Jews’ dirty work for them, that is, sign into law an Act that would pressure European countries to “recover” property “stolen” from Jews during WWII.

    By doing so, he has just committed treason. He has no right to meddle in the internal affairs of European countries (and other countries, as well) and act as Israhell’s tax collector (or extortion racket).

    Lord, I thought Obongo and Hillary were bad, but these latest actions of Trump’s has just doomed his Presidency.

    Have the Jews really found a skeleton in his closet for which he could be blackmailed? Only time will tell.

    God bless you always.


  12. Tucker May 13, 2018 @ 11:54 pm

    Israel DID 9/11 (Israeli Mossad) Dr. Alan Sabrosky

    Is anyone besides myself curious as to why the Jews who own and control YouTube and who are so eager to shut down and censor videos that advocate in favor of a pro-White position, and which tend to expose the evil that Jews are up to; but, this video by Sabrosky that blows the whistle on the jews complicity in 9-11, or the one by Barbara Lerner Specter where she is boasting, smirking and admitting that Jews are behind the white genocide agenda of flooding every historic White European nation with millions of dangerous, incompatible and parasitic non-whites from the third world — never seem to disappear or get censored?

    I have pondered this question at considerable length and I have finally concluded that the Jews at YouTube and whoever they answer to, are deliberately keeping these videos available because Jews are arrogant and cocky and they love to taunt their enemies and rub their noses in how easily jews can pull the wool over on them.

    It’s like they are gloating: “See what we Jews can do to you lowly White goyim and get away with it?”

  13. Koen May 14, 2018 @ 1:10 am

    Jews deny the commie holocaust all days, a holocaust they organized long before the Nazi labour camps existed.

    Is there a monument for all the commie victims anywhere (with long long lists of names engraved in hard rock)? Are bookstores filled with sad stories about the Gulag death camp victims? Which law forbids to deny the absolute horror of life in communist regimes? No law?

    That explains the sudden rise in the numbers of young neo-communist retards, in sharp contrast with the much smaller number of young neo-nazis.

    It is the Jewish-communist terror that radicalized Germany in the first place. Germany was a country that cared for Jewish people more than any other European nation, until international Jewry enslaved Germany during/after WWI.

    Nope, Jews don’t mind about denying holocausts at all (they do it all the time), as long as we don’t deny the “6 million Jews gassed by Zyklon-b” hoax.

    Anglosaxon countries must suffer the same fate as Germany sooner or later, for mindlessly trusting Jews who lead these countries by the nose.

    Finally, who will have the last laugh after the sudden end of Anglo world dominance. Germans? Jews? You tell me.

  14. Piotr Bein May 14, 2018 @ 1:56 am

    Dear Nathanael,

    1. In 1960’s Poland paid off in full if not in excess all property left in Poland by Jews and others who emigrated after WW2.

    2. Law 447 concerns property left in Poland without heirs. Buildings, contents etc. have been destroyed by war operations and systematic plunder by the invaders and occupiers: Jew-Nazis and Jew-Soviets. Claims to them, please! Or to Jew banksters and global Zionists who have orchestrated WW2 and the Holocaust (over 20 groups, Poles being one the most affected).

    By Polish and international law, heirless property belongs to the state. So, 447 was rushed thru without the required Congressional quorum. In legal terms, 447 is trash, therefore imposed as chutzpah with a lot of noise and posing. Possible only because pro-Zionist scum rules Poland: the president, the PM, the cabinet, most of the parliament and VIPs in institutions.

    3. An overwhelming majority of Shoa victims concerned by 447 were Jews with Polish citizenship, so the Holo-Industry may bug off. They were the assimilated Jews and the Orthodox Jews, both against emigration to Rothschild’s project in Palestine, therefore no predecessors of the Zionist orgs and Jew swindlers who will line up to milk 447.

    4. Gas chambers may be questioned, but there were other modes of extermination, e.g. hunger and disease in the ghettos.

    5. Dave’s quoting @May 13, 2018 @ 9:01 pm is gas. US forces could only arrive at Auschwitz AFTER the Red Army has “liberated” it, i.e. kissed the gate of an empty death camp. A couple of weeks before the Reds arrived, the Nazis marched the surviving inmates into February frost, westwards to the 3rd Reich.

    It’s not the first time VeteransToday propagate BS about Poland and WW2. German shills and useful idiots prey on the VT, peddling info that whites out German collusion in the ruin of Poland and in the Holocaust by ascribing it to Poles (which hasbara has accomplished with “Polish death camps” and “Polish responsibility” for 3 mln Jew deaths in Shoah, as a prelude to 447).

    We are not primitives that would do the things. Look at videos here — what Americans do with our monument of tens of thousands of Polish POW officers and intellectuals murdered in the Katyń Massacre. City party on initiative of a Pole-hating Jew mayor:

    Mind your own backyard, fellows. You don’t know what is losing 1/3 of the population to a war, including extermination on the streets for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, in villages for harbouring Jews, and in death camps. You can’t fathom what intellicide is — about 80% of our elites were killed off in a co-ordinated plan of both Jew invaders.

    You need to brush up your forum membership, Nathanael… and your acumen, too:

    God bless you in Truth, Brother

    Piotr Bein, Polish Canadian

  15. The Englishman May 14, 2018 @ 2:10 am

    The Patriot All American Guy PvtCharlieSlate.

    You are so fortunate to have the Illustrious American Brother Nathanael as a near neighbor.

    The oath you took is inextricably the preserve of such rare men as he.

    Your good self, and like minded guard him well.

  16. Zionien May 14, 2018 @ 3:13 am

    Dear +BN

    Do you think the evil Jew Mossad will impersonate Arabs and bomb CHRIST-ian churches in an attempt to anger Americans and effectually decieving them into attacking/hating/fighting them in yet another war for the Jews?

    Hmmmm :/

  17. David C May 14, 2018 @ 4:46 am

    You have to wonder why more people are not conversant with the terrible Holodomor Genocides occurring in 1921-22, 1932-33 and 1946-47.

    The violent seizure of Russia by Jewish Bolsheviks in 1917 represented the ultimate terrorist act in the Jewish agenda since the assassination of Tsar Alexander II by Jewish terrorist Vera Figner.

    Yet typically as with the Jewish propaganda that incited the so called ‘pogrom’ the rest of Europe was not to know the real terror visited upon their Eastern brethren by the alien parasite now in control of their land.

    This leech implemented a psychology that was meant to instigate resistance from indigenous Europeans thus providing a ‘plausible excuse’ for the Jewish Bolshevik authorities to use force against the native population.

    The Tambov massacre had all the characteristics of a dry run in which the Bolshevik Red Army first exercised all its dreadful force against the civilian population, revealing that Lenin had discovered a powerful weapon against the ethnic European people which is evidenced by the mass murders known as the Holodomor Genocides occurring in 1921-22, 1932-33 and 1946-47. (Watch film)

    16.5 Million Europeans murdered in all 3 Holodomors film here:

    The Holodomor (Ukrainian: “Extermination by hunger” or “Hunger-extermination”; derived from ‘Морити голодом’, “Murder by Starvation”) refers to a series of purposeful mechanized genocidal famines that took place under the Jewish Bolshevik regime during the periods of 1921-23, 1932-33 and 1946-47. Holodomor is a compound of the Ukrainian words holod meaning “hunger” and mor meaning “plague”.

    The expression moryty holodom means “to inflict death by hunger”.

    Lenin established a Jewish regime that slaughtered well over 66 million ethnic Europeans the Holodomor Genocides alone resulted in a death toll of 16.5 million. Therefore, in the minds of those that experienced the Holodomor Genocides the term will forever conjure up the kidnappings, torture and cannibalism taking place under the Jewish Bolshevik regime.

    “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.

    The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated.

    Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and victim of Jewish Bolshevism (Marxism).

    Wall Street Funded the Bolshevik Revolution – Professor Antony Sutton

  18. Halina May 14, 2018 @ 5:36 am

    Every honest Christian or Jew should ask what happened to billions of dollars of compensation paid mainly by Germany allegedly to victims of Holocaust.

    The answer to this question can be found in the activity of so-called Holocaust Industry described by Norman Filkenstein.

    We are currently dealing with an unprecedented anti-Polish propaganda campaign on the part of Holocaust Industry, aimed at transferring part of the blame for Holocaust from Germany to Poland in order to extort huge damages from Poland.

    The part of this propaganda campaign is in an attempt to popularize the term “Polish concentration camps” instead of German Nazi Concentration camps in occupied Polish territories, falsifying history of World War II.

    Interestingly, nobody would dare questioning it soon after the war…

    The memories were too fresh… and many witnesses still alive.

    Poland is a very uncomfortable country for Holocaust Industry because it has been victim of aggression by two of the most criminal systems in history of the world: Nazism and communism.

    Jews who were victims of Nazism and Jews who came with the Bolsheviks in the communist system were activists of Soviet apparatus of terror, responsible for mass crimes committed on the Slavic (including Poles) civil population.

    Racialism and hypocrisy of the Western ideology of political correctness is puzzling. All attention is focused on suffering of Jews and almost completely ignores crimes committed on the Slavic nations like Poles, treating them as second-class victims.
    A good example of such an approach may be the case of Soviet dissident Solzhenitsyn, who was adored in the West for many years.

    He even received Nobel prize. However, when he wrote a book in which he revealed enormous participation of Jewish communists in crimes of the Soviet system, he fell into disgrace and his book was almost completely ignored in the West.

    ( )

    Extorting compensation from Germany the zionists Got a Good Thing Going, so why Stop With the Germans? The Pedagogy of Shame For Poland.

    The trend nowadays is to redefine non-German European nations (notably Poland) as co-perpetrators of the Holocaust (or at least “complicit in the Holocaust”).

    For an update of Finkelstein, please click on, and read detailed English-language review by Jan Peczkis:

    It is clear that, individual exceptions aside, the Poles owe the Jews nothing. All Jewish demands, for compensation for Jewish properties lost during the war, had been satisfied in 1952 and 1960.

    Please note, that current preoccupation with the Holocaust, among both Jews and gentiles, did not begin until well over 20 years after WWII, therefore it cannot be just a delayed reaction of the Jewish community to the trauma of the event.

    Germany paid up, but it was not enough.

    Jewish GREED is insatiable.

    Finkelstein traces the origins of the Holocaust Industry to the progressively more flagrant misuse of reparations monies that began from West Germany in 1952. In time, the number of “Holocaust survivors” has been bloated to a ridiculous extent (even to the inclusion of 2nd and 3rd generation of those who experienced the Holocaust).

    Moreover, up to now, only 15% of reparations monies have actually gone to Jewish Holocaust survivors! The rest went to Jewish organizations that never went through the Holocaust, but which have arrogated to themselves the claim that they speak for Jewish victims. Finkelstein calls this a racket.

    The Polonophobic tone of Holocaust materials have long made Poles suspicious that it is agenda driven.

    Compensation-reparations demands are never satisfied, and can go as far as pressuring Poland to pay for everything that belonged to Jews before the war, even though Poland had been conquered by Germany and Soviet Union, and had nothing to say about the seizure of Jewish property mostly left in ruins bombarded.

    Of course, this ACT 447 could totally bankrupt Poland.

    In this case, perhaps Ukraine, Byelorussia, and Lithuania would have to pay compensations to Poland for the pre-war Polish lands seized by the Soviet Union. But why stop there?

    Would present-day Germany and Russia pay Poland compensation for all the vast amounts of Polish properties destroyed during and after the German-Soviet WWII conquest and occupation of Poland?

    Shouldn’t the American Indian take advantage of it as well?

    President Trump, didn’t you just shoot yourself in the leg?


  19. Halina May 14, 2018 @ 6:07 am

    By adopting the Senate’s goofy bill S-447, the House of Representatives tried to kill three birds with one stone. They violated US inheritance law, they tried to violate other (European) countries’ inheritance law, and they violated international law as well.

    Individual people own property.

    They could sell it, will it, give it away, and inherit. They could deal with it in any way they deemed correct or advantageous. The entire world legal order is founded on this principle.

    Property of a legal entity, a person or an organization, can be transferred under particular circumstances. When the rights of blood succession are satisfied or when the property is condemned, confiscated, or willed, it may change hands. The successors of the owners inherit the property from the owners who died and left the property.

    What happens when someone dies without successors? It is very simple and straightforward – the property goes to the state. The state is the ultimate successor of heirless property.

    On April 24, 2018 only 92 out of 435 members of the House were present. The House Speaker designated the Honorable Bruce Poliquin to act as Speaker pro tempore for the day and to take over. Ms. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the Congresswoman from Florida, noticed the “underrepresentation” of the lawmakers.

    The Speaker ordered recess. When the lawmakers returned, they emphasized the need to compensate the Jewish (only) survivors of the holocaust. This law “forgot” the victims of other religions, like Protestants, Catholics, gypsies, or atheists.

    Nobody would question inheritance by legal successors, but why by non-related organizations?

    Why should Latvia pay for holocaust education in the USA? They should do it in Latvia.

    Why should Poland pay American Jews from Germany or Russia for property previously owned by deceased Polish Jews, for their heirless property?

    Will America compensate Poland for the property left in Manhattan by General Tadeusz Kościuszko, hero of the American War of Independence, the father of West Point?

    The property – half of Manhattan – was donated to him by the US Congress.

    Should the Pułaski family claim benefits for the death of General Kazimierz Pułaski, killed in the Battle of Savannah, father of the US Cavalry?

    Can friends or other nationals, organizations, maybe ethnic or religious groups inherit such heirless property?

    Not in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom of Great Britain, France, or Germany. Not in most other countries. Only some countries recognize tribal law.

    Should Apaches inherit lands that were owned by the Nations signing the famous Fort Laramie Treatyii signed into law on April 29, 1868?

    Maybe it should happen on the 150th anniversary of this act authored by the hero of Atlanta, General WiIliam T. Sherman.

    Apaches profess the same religion; they are also American Indians. The genocide actually happened to Apaches as well as to Oglala, Miniconju, Lakota, Yanctonai, and Arapaho.

    How should the First Treaty of Fort Laramie of 1851 be treated?

    Should we add other “vanished” tribes, like Cheyenne, Crow, Assiniboine, Aricara, Haidatsa, Mandan?

    The territory at stake includes the modern areas of Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota. It is a very large portion of the United States. Should we return the land to those tribes of American Indians and remove all settlements, cities, businesses, improvements?

    The law just passed by the US Congress allows the actions described above. Should American religious organizations and people inherit the heirless property of those of similar religions in Europe?


    Is it acceptable or legal to pass a law with only 92 members (21%) of the US Congress voting?

    Can we superimpose our laws upon another country?

    Should our alliances remain stable?

    What steps should we take when humiliated by another state – by their refusal to obey our law?

    American Jewish restitution organizations have claimed over $300 billion from Poland.

    Do our lawmakers think that any Polish government would give one half of the entire Polish economy to those religious organizations?

    Do our lawmakers know how easy it is to reclaim property in Poland by means of rightful inheritance?

    Do our lawmakers know anything about losing 11 million out of a 35 million-strong nation (one-third of an entire population)?!!!

    How about our country’s security when we betray our allies? Are we reshaping the NATO alliance, or are we ready to abandon it? Are we ready to derail the Three-Seas-Concept? Are our lawmakers derailing President Trump’s foreign policy goals?

    Silence is Golden

    Should we stay silent, or should we raise our voices?

    Today’s events turn with thunderous speed. It is time to make decisions – smart ones. The time for corrections has passed, and it is difficult to turn back events.

    For example, Poland paid $40 million to the US government for the claims of US citizens who owned or inherited properties seized after 1945. How was this money distributed? In the spirit of the Terezin Declaration (signed by US representative Stuart Eizenstat), we should have resolved the issue.

    Have we?

    Are there any records?

    In the spirit of the Declaration, Poland transferred to nine Jewish religious communities in Poland and one in New York properties estimated at $8 billion as restitution and for sustaining Jewish cultural, religious, and social traditions.

    Are there any records showing how this money was used?

    Probably not, since Polish nationals are the ones who established a foundation to repair and maintain the old Jewish cemetery in Warsaw. It was funded with $120 million from the Polish government when the nearby old Catholic cemetery is decaying with no funds available.


  20. ricck lineheart May 14, 2018 @ 6:14 am

    I had 2 uncles both were brothers and killed in WW II. My grandmother received a hand full of medals and no other compensation.

    And yet the lying J*w that continues to weasel and lie and receive compensation for being caught up in the middle of a war that the J*ws themselves had declared on Germany.

    Its becoming more plain that the house of Trump is just another bedroom for the house of Rothschild !

    ….Keep working for Christ and the Truth Bro. Nathanael, God keep you!

  21. Robert May 14, 2018 @ 8:13 am

    And do you know why it wasn’t until the late 1960s that organized Jewry started to really flex its muscles regarding the so-called “Holocaust” and other issues and non-issues?

    Because it wasn’t until then that they acquired the atomic bomb with which to coerce and blackmail the world.

  22. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS May 14, 2018 @ 8:39 am

    45 Palestinians Dead shot by Israeli Army Snipers.

    2000 Palestinians Injured shot by Israeli Army Snipers.

    White Phosphorous Bombs rain down on Peaceful protest.

    What a Disgrace!

    “We are witnessing an abhorrent violation of international law and human rights in Gaza…. This must end immediately,”

    Must see YouTube Videos

    Israeli snipers target protesters on Gaza ‘day of rage’, kill scores

    Holocaust Hoax Demolished in Five Minutes by Gas Chamber Expert

  23. FRED May 14, 2018 @ 10:52 am

    I am so sick an tired of these Jews ruining our world and Trump catering along to them like a puppet.

    If they are stupid enough and capable of murdering their Messiah… they’re capable of anything.

    I just lost the most important being that meant everything to me in this world… my first kitty… my friend.

    I can only imagine what Jesus went through, being mocked and rejected by the very own people that he came to save.

  24. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS May 14, 2018 @ 11:19 am

    ‘Terrible massacre’: Israel kills 52, injures 2,410 Gaza protesters as US embassy opens in Jerusalem.
    See Videos and photos.

    Around 35,000 protesters gathered at the border fence and thousands more within half a mile of the vicinity, according to Israeli Defence Forces.

    President Donald Trump in now working for the JEW Criminal Mafia Swamp

  25. zebo May 14, 2018 @ 12:53 pm

    The greed and hunger of the eternal parasite knows no limits.

    They always pull something new out their butts, thanks to the ultimate one size fits all super-racist tool (Holocaust) which can be used as a threat, a shield, and excuse to get away with everything.

    Thanks to this fantastic invention which makes Jews so superior that they convinced the whole world that (the fake number) 6 million dead Jews are so much more worth than the tens of millions killed by Jewish communism in Russia and China (85% of non-Chinese top communists being Jewish after Jews already killed millions with their opium wars (Sassoons) and the slave trade they controlled.

    And in the meantime the Kike Klux Klan is trying to rip of the world with a CO2 tax and AGW (now rebranded as “Climate change”) being started by people with German names — Mann, Hansen, Schneider — and introduced by the Rothschilds at the UN in 1992.

    And all this started by Hitler who burned 6 trillion Jews in a handful of ovens.

    But maybe the day will come when people start to ask how the hell Jews already knew in the 1920s that 2 Jew killers (Hitler & the Trump of USSR – Stalin, who was so ‘anti-Semitic’ that he created the first historically confirmed Jewish state=Jewish Autonomous Oblast) will appear.

    Therefore the tribe sent their terrorists (Irgun etc.) many years before WW2 to establish a powerful underground army against the Palestinians knowing very well that a war will come and so will many Jews to create Israel.

    The knowledge about WW2 was so well known among the Jewish elite that the members of the Jewish think tank Frankfurt School (we all suffer from their critical theory and polymorphic perversion nowadays) left Germany at the beginning of the 30ies.

    We need more Laws from the kikes for the kikes presented by their mules who pretend to be in power-more political correctness, more hate speech laws, more hate crime laws and more holocaust laws to make indoctrination through the backdoor and rewriting history the new normal.

    And all this can happen because Hitler burned six million of them by just using a match and a gallon of gas.

    Just imagine a world without holocaust lie — a Jew world order would be impossible.

    We would have started analyzing and talking about their systematical crimes as worldwide mafia that turned psychopathy and victimhood into a religion.

    They would have been removed from power all over the world and sent to their beloved Israel.

  26. KathJuliane May 14, 2018 @ 2:27 pm

    RT: ‘Terrible massacre’: Israel kills 55, injures 2,771 Gaza protesters as US embassy opens in Jerusalem

    Published time: 14 May, 2018 08:30
    Edited time: 14 May, 2018 19:59

    Fifty-five Palestinian protesters, including six children under 18, have been killed by Israeli fire during demonstrations on the day of the US embassy’s inauguration in Jerusalem, the Palestinian health ministry said Monday.
    More than 2,700 protesters have been injured in Gaza on what has been the most violent day of the six week long Great March of Return. Those wounded on Monday include 203 children and 78 women, according to the ministry.

    The Palestinian government denounced Monday’s violence as a “terrible massacre” perpetrated “by the forces of the Israeli occupation”, and called for an immediate international intervention to prevent further deaths.

    A day of national mourning has been declared by the government in Ramallah, to be held Tuesday.

    Around half of all injuries were caused by live bullets while hundreds more were targeted with teargas, according to the ministry. The Palestinian Health Ministry claims that Israeli forces are directly targeting emergency services and journalists and are calling on citizens to urgently donate blood to help save the lives of those wounded.

    Six journalists have reportedly been injured while covering Monday’s demonstrations, according to the Journalist Support Committee.

    The latest deaths bring the number killed since the Great March of Return protests began six weeks ago to 100.

    Dr. Mkhaimer Abuseda, professor of political sciences at Alazhar University in Gaza, told RT that the relocation of the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem is “a very sad day for the Palestinians, reminding them of their first Nakba some 70 years ago.”

    “It seems to me that the Palestinians have decided that the US is no longer an honest broker in the MidEast peace process between the Palestinians and Israelis,” he said, adding that it will likely lead to further Palestinian rage and resistance.

    Scuffles have reportedly broken out outside the new US embassy in Jerusalem as the inauguration ceremony took place inside.



    Ron Paul Liberty Report: Weekly Update — Trump’s Plan for Iran: Put Terrorists in Charge

    Guess who the “regime changers” want to rule Iran?

  27. Steven Rowlandson May 14, 2018 @ 3:29 pm


    Sounds like Poland is getting Holocausted just like the rest of Europe and North America, and the perps are not the Germans.

  28. Ike May 14, 2018 @ 4:11 pm

    If they are collecting data on how many anti-semitic tweets then you can be sure the Mossad know who sent them and where they live…heads up, be wise as a serpent.

    Israel and their allies along with Chabad believe they are creating their false Armageddon scenario not knowing the power of God and his Will trumps their falsehood. Get ready they are fulfilling the Armageddon script to the letter. It is all in prophecy! The wicked know nothing.

    They know they are doing evil but cannot change who they are…God is exposing their depths of depravity to the entire world. The European Beast is aligning with Russia and the False Prophet is aligning with Israel…peace and safety…sudden destruction.

    Turn to Jesus Christ because all hell is about to let loose. The wrath of God is on the horizon.

  29. Tim May 14, 2018 @ 5:07 pm

    I am 61 and I too, do not recall pretty much any comments about the HoloHoax when I was a kid.

    It was not until about 1970 that the Holocaust Industry started gaining momentum.

    A friend of mine in school was Jewish. His parents were in Concentration Camps and made no deal talking about it. They did not call themselves Holocaust Survivors. They were very discreet and rational folks.

    Once The Diary Of Anne Frank was forced down our throats in Junior High the HoloHoax Industry was off and running. At that time I refused to read it.

    My father, an Air Force pilot who bombed Dresden and Ploesti said the Allies were responsible for the deaths of Jews and other prisoners through starvation.

    In 1985 I visited Dachau. The “Showers”/Gas Chambers were fake. They had flimsy glass and wood doors that any person could have and would have broken through. It is all BS…!!!

    Now we are compelled to endure the Three Minute and 46 Second Rule: A Jew will always bring-up the HoloHoax within three minutes an forty-six seconds. Watch and see for yourself.

    Christian “Pastors” like John Hagee are evil in that they aid and abet the Jews and their cause. It is all rigged. One big lie.

  30. KathJuliane May 14, 2018 @ 6:43 pm

    The Holoco$t justifies everything the Jews have ever done to the Palestinians.

    Now that King Cyrus Trumpus has handed Jerusalem completely over to the jubilant murderous Jews as promised, it’s time to buckle up.

    Woe, woe, woe, stupid, blind, and deaf Jews and your Axis of Arrogance.

    What are you going to do if and when 400,000 Palestinians and more just get up and decide to tear down the fences with their bare hands?

    You can kill some of them, but you can’t kill all of them. They have nothing left to live for except their land of Jew-occupied Palestine and for each other.

    Palestinians are the beating heart of the Axis of Resistance in the Middle East and throughout the world.

    The true Holocaust can’t be denied anymore, it’s been happening for 70 years and more in Palestine, it’s happening now, and Israel is committing it.


    Mondoweiss: ‘Superpowers will not give us freedom so we will take it with our own hands’: scenes from Gaza’s final Friday protest at the border

    Even though Etaf Wadi seemed unfamiliar with how to use her slingshot it didn’t stop her from firing her small stones towards the Israeli snipers behind the sand berms more than ten times. Most of the stones fell far before their desired target.

    Wadi, 56, was one of the thousands of Palestinian demonstrators who protested for the seventh and final Friday of the Great March of Return as it headed into its last days ahead of Nakba Day on May 15th.

    The protest is scheduled to end on the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, in which approximately 750,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled from their homes during the 14-month Israel-Arab war.

    On Friday, Israeli snipers killed a Palestinian and wounded 170 protesters in Gaza, local medical workers said. Dozens more were overcome by tear gas.

    Forty-five protestors have been killed and more than 4,000 injured by Israeli fire since the rally kicked off in late March.

    A report released by Save the Children on Friday said that at least 250 children in Gaza have been hit with live bullets during the protests, and nearly 700 children have been injured overall.

    The protests are part of an initiative to end the siege imposed by Tel Aviv and Cairo since Hamas took over Gaza 11 years ago.

    “People here are tired of life and futile peace negotiations for 25 years with a state does not want peace and denies right of the other people to exist,” Wadi told Mondoweiss. Wadi, a mother of eight children and her parents were displaced from Bayt Dras, 32 km northeast of Gaza.

    “Palestinians are not equal with Israel’s power,” she added, “but we have the right of return according to the UN’s Resolution 194. We are the only people in the world are still occupied. The United States has used 43 vetoes against the Palestinians, but we have the right to freedom, and the superpowers will not give it to us so that we will take our right by our own hands.”

    She remembers when she was five and heard of mass massacres committed by Israelis against Palestinians in Gaza during the 1967 war.

    March’s organizers dubbed Friday’s protest the “Friday of Preparation and Foreboding” ahead of the U.S. moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Monday.

    Monday’s inauguration of the U.S. Embassy comes five months after President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a move that outraged Palestinians.

    Concerns of violence are growing after the leader of Hamas in Gaza hinted that thousands of Palestinians might cross the border fence at Monday’s march.

    Comparing the enclave’s people to a “starving tiger,” Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades leader Yahya Sinwar said, “What’s the problem if hundreds of thousands storm this fence which is not a border of a state? What’s the problem with that?”

    Israel has been criticized by human rights groups for its lethal response to the protest.

    I met Hammad Abu Safiya, a grandfather of 14 grandchildren, whose hand was amputated during a work injury while working in Israel 23 years ago. He is desperate for any dramatic change on May 14 and 15, but is doubtful. “Nothing will happen,” he predicted.

    “Even if hundreds of demonstrators cross the border, the Israelis forces will gather them in buses and deport them to Gaza at the evening,” Abu Safiya, 58, said.

    “Israel manages everything wisely from the point of its people’s view, it sees and knows everything, even what you write in your notebook in this interview,” Abu Safiya told me.

    “Therefore, nothing will change the situation of the Palestinians” he added, “but a volcano or earthquake that destroy their state, then the Palestinians may be able to return.”

    Abu Safiya believes that a devastating war would also change the situation, as happened with the former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat after the 1967 war when Israel was forced to sign the Camp David Accords. “So Israel will only understand a destructive war.”

    RT: ‘Terrible massacre’: Israel kills 59, injures 2,771 Gaza protesters as US embassy opens in Jerusalem

    Fifty-nine Palestinian protesters, including seven children under 18, have been killed by Israeli fire during demonstrations on the day of the US embassy’s inauguration in Jerusalem, the Palestinian health ministry said Monday.
    More than 2,700 protesters have been injured in Gaza on what has been the most violent day of the six week long Great March of Return. Those wounded on Monday include 203 children and 78 women, according to the ministry.

    The Palestinian government denounced Monday’s violence as a “terrible massacre” perpetrated “by the forces of the Israeli occupation”, and called for an immediate international intervention to prevent further deaths. A day of national mourning has been declared by the government in Ramallah, to be held Tuesday.

  31. Albert May 14, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    There’s a new up to date image of you for products like T-Shirts etc,.

    Just wanted to add that Post Cards are the cheapest way to get something about you to share. Less than $2 each…..even cheaper than Stickers and twice the size and quality.

    All profits go to the Brother Nathanael Foundation.

  32. Kalin May 14, 2018 @ 8:06 pm

    I’m wondering where Hungary is in all of this.

    Victor Orban is wide awake to the Jew power over Jewmerica and the EU.

    I can’t picture him going for the Jew milking programs.

  33. Honorary Jew May 14, 2018 @ 8:32 pm

    If anyone wants to read “Six Million,” the link to a free download is here.

    Decide for yourself.

  34. Piotr Bein May 14, 2018 @ 8:39 pm

    WW2 documentary — Warsaw Ghetto

    †BN forum, don’t tell me the bodies are fake like the gas chambers in Dachau and Auschwitz.

    To Jew trolls: the ghetto police and councils are NOT Polish nor German, but Zionist Jews. The victims are Jew Undermensch: assimilated Jews and some Orthodox anti-Zionist Jews…

    In the beginning of the documentary, they come eagerly of their own will to the Ghetto, for re-settlement to a new Jewish territory being supposedly arranged.

    Watch what happens as the Wansee Conference in 1942 decides on the Final Solution with the fiasco of Hitler’s invasion of the USSR where such territory was planned to be set up.

  35. Piotr Bein May 14, 2018 @ 8:45 pm

    Some books destroyed by the Zionists.

    Evidence from Jews themselves on the Zionist villainy of Shoah:

  36. Zionien May 14, 2018 @ 8:46 pm

    Wow – I am sooo shocked to really see that the Jew-S-A embassy has been moved to Jerusalem.

    And to twist the meaning, the evil Bibi WORM includes his own beliefs of it being America will, but it was really just a Jew-fooled greedy Manhattan real estate deal pushed through by a man named Trump.

    Trump isn’t America, and doesn’t represent what we believe, only represents us as a nation, how pompous! What is to become of this arrogant action?

    When your wings are pulled off – you cant fly is what has happened to the CHRIST-ian Palestinians like Jesus, the remnants of the Judeans, who were NOT Pharisee Jews. These Euro Jews transplanted from European countries are so well deceived.

    I feel so saddened over this. I felt that feeling that must have been felt to that 80’s movie – “My Body Guard” — when that Jewish kid gets a body guard, and then his bully.

    Mooney gets his own bodyguard to fight his victim’s bodyguard, and in the final act of that fight is too afraid to do what MUST be done.

    But when he overcomes his ignorant fear, he finds out that going into action his fear is melted away easier than nurturing it and he easily overcomes his adversary.

    Why does Islam hate The U.S.? I think it’s clear in this action right here.

    Who is this man to claim such huge rights to this land with such authority to oversee land that GOD himself has REVOKED from the evil Jews and override the will of GOD by handing it over to them like a Easter basket?

    Does might make right? Where’s is the compassion/humanity/fair play and Honesty? Some have said that – “religion is to blame,” and that if there were no religion there wouldn’t be any conflict. What a load of horse manure!

    Abandoned religion – abandon faith, hope, trust, and essentially GOD! We know who the vermin are who claim this deception!

    It’s so much easier for them to avoid responsibility/accountability and blame others & things.

    What will happen now +BN?

    Will Orthodox CHRIST-ian Russia back Iran, overcome their fear and finally step in and fight Pisreal’s body guard, FIRST smashing the instigating/misery creating worms?

    Will the ever paranoid Jews become complacent and return to THEIR claimed, but really stolen land, only to find that they can’t return to the U.S. again due to America First, as in no dual citizenships?

    That would be almost too much to ask. Will GOD send Jesus back to reap his long awaited vengeance upon the impostor Jews FINALLY restoring balance & TRUTH?

    I wish I knew so I wouldn’t feel so disappointed, dismayed, sad, and empty.

  37. IRONKRAFT May 14, 2018 @ 10:55 pm

    Whatever people’s belief system, Jews are going all out to make themselves hated amongst the nations they infest.

    Juden must be the only entity on God’s Earth, whom never learn from history or their own ways.

    The well known adage, that “insanity is the behaviour of those keeping up the same thing, with the same causes over and over again,” is true of them.

    Next time, retribution must be aimed at the Serpent’s head. All else is futile.

    God bless you and all true Christians.

  38. Brother Nathanael May 14, 2018 @ 10:55 pm


    Heat’s on under the pressure cooker, that’s for sure. The Axis of Resistance–Iran, Syria, Hezbollah (spearheaded by Iran)–is playing the long game.

    The more the Israeli’s kill and maim the Palestinians, the more they reveal themselves as the demonic animals that they are, and ironically, the more the American Jewish millennials (small but growing) are turning away from Israel.

    Jews aren’t winning, in fact they got their faces smashed by the SAA in the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights, this is evident from Lebanese and Syrian social sites which reported numerous explosions, sirens all over Occupied Golan and the sounds of numerous ambulances responding into the area, as well as the failures of Iron Dome.

    There is extremely tight military censorship on any news out of Occupied Golan. In fact, ALL Israeli media is under military censorship and has been since IsraHell’s inception.

    Turns out, SAA developed their own homegrown self-propelled, remote-controlled, very hefty, short-range surface-surface cruise missile, interestingly enough called the “Golan 1000” that they’ve recently been using to bust up the hardened bases of ISIS and the other terrorist armies in some of their maneuver warfare operations.


    The Russians, according to Vesti, are very impressed with the bunker-buster power of this SAA surface-surface missile that has long been more in the domain of air-surface missile launches.

    Israel says only 20 missiles were launched by “Iranians” and state that the Iron Dome system shot down 4, but there were 50 launched according to the SAA, 55 according to Nasrallah, and orders for launch of these Golan missiles came strictly from SAA General Command.

    Lieberman didn’t look very well, rather subdued, when he was babbling this bluster.

    Nasrallah’s analysis is that the SAA’s retaliatory strike on the Israeli military installations in the Occupied Golan has changed the calculus, and marks a new phase in the Israel-Syria conflict.

    Remember, Syria has been carefully abiding by the terms of the 1973 ceasefire, while Israel has struck inside Syria over a hundred times since the Syrian insurrection and invasion by Jewmerica’s terrorist assets began. Damascus was too tied up with fighting elsewhere to respond to Israel.

    Now, much of the fighting is letting up, Yarmouk Refugee Camp district is nearly liberated, the last ISIS stronghold in Damascus suburbs complete with Russian military-police patrols, SAA has just liberated the Syrian Palestinians’ Quds Mosque.

    With no major dangers to Damascus left now that they’re winding up Yarmouk, and the other militant-held sections adjacent to the Yarmouk pocket now surrendered to the government, and the Russian MPs and Syrian Internal Security are coming in, the SAA’s attention is turning to southern Syria where Israel’s proxy “moderate rebels” are, acting as a buffer between the SAA and the Occupied Golan.

    And that is why the Jews are nervous.

    When Bibzy came to Moscow last time, Putin essentially told Bibzy to stop lighting fires.

    Israel launched an aggressive action from the Golan not too long after Bibzy’s meeting at the Kremlin, and Syria hit back.

    Israel escalated, and Syria hit back even harder apparently with the “Golan 1000” systems.

    We won’t hear about the damage or the Israeli body count anytime soon. The SAA has been straightforward about their losses, 5 SAA, and perhaps around 23 allied NDF and pro-Assad paramilitary fighters.

    But, we are always hardpressed to hear REAL news about the Jews unless you click on Real Jew News @

    +Brother Nathanael Reporting

  39. Zionien May 14, 2018 @ 11:32 pm

    Thank you +BN.

    That last update/message did well to at least comfort me in that – not ALL is lost.

    I will continue to pray for you/US and send $ ASAP.

  40. benzion kook May 14, 2018 @ 11:40 pm

    Deutschland doesn’t owe Jews or anybody else a plug shekel. They started Jew World War 2 by declaring war on Deutschland.

    Commie Jews committed atrocities beyond belief.

    Jews hate the Arabs, who are more “Semitic” than they are! Witness Palestine.

    It’s the lying, holohoaxing Jews you should be “anti.”

  41. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS May 15, 2018 @ 1:30 am



    Excellent must see Videos:

    Gaza: The Killing Zone (Documentary)

    Israeli ‘toxic influence’ responsible for extreme US policy – Max Blumenthal

    Blumenthal, the director of ‘Killing Gaza’ documentary about the 2014 Israeli attack on the Hamas-run Palestinian territory, answered’s questions and later spoke to RT International in the wake of Monday’s bloodshed, in which over 50 people were killed and almost 3,000 injured on the Israel-Gaza border.

    Every Country now has a decision to make, either you are with “WE THE PEOPLE” or you are with the Jews Mossad Terrorists of the Jew World Order Criminal Mafia.

  42. KathJuliane May 15, 2018 @ 1:54 am

    RT: America’s Jerusalem embassy for mass murder, occupation and wider war

    Finnian Cunningham

    How obscenely ironic. Embassies traditionally symbolize diplomacy and peace. The opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem was occasioned by a grotesque baptism of murder of Palestinians, heralding wider war in the Middle East.

    Not only that, but on the very anniversary of one of the most shameful episodes of ethnic cleansing and dispossession over the past century – the 1948 Nakba or Catastrophe for Palestinians – the US government is brazenly siding with the heirs of that historic violence, the Israeli state.

    Trump’s wholesale abandonment of any shame in endorsing Israeli violations against Arab historic rights is an incitement to regional conflagration.

    It’s hard to express the horror. Israeli snipers shooting unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza, while some 100 kilometers away in Jerusalem, US dignitaries and evangelical pastors were blessing the opening of Washington’s new embassy as ‘God’s work’.


  43. KathJuliane May 15, 2018 @ 2:12 am White House: Israel Not to Blame for Gaza Killings

    Scores slain are ‘propaganda,’ US officials say

    Jason Ditz Posted on May 14

    It’s seemingly a straightforward sequence of events – Israeli troops lined up along the Gaza border, firing machine guns into the strip at unarmed protesters, and scores of those protesters were killed, the US is desperate to portray it as a “propaganda” plot by Hamas.

    The White House portrayed themselves as wholly comfortable with Israel’s actions, saying they totally absolve Israel of any responsibility for all of those people they killed. Spokesman Raj Shah insisted the protests were Hamas’ fault, and the deaths are, too.

    Shah further rejected reporter suggestions that Israel should show any sort of restraint, saying Hamas is responsible for whatever happens. He said Israel has an absolute right to engage in “self defense” against the protesters.

    Historically the US would issue some vague call for all sides to exercise restraint in the face of a large death toll. White House officials, however, seem angered that the massacre has taken attention away from their new Jerusalem embassy, and seem determined to be entirely okay with whatever Israel does in response to the dissent.

  44. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS May 15, 2018 @ 8:59 am

    BEST must see YouTube VIDEO

    More Legal Guns – Less Crime:

    Real Gunfighter Lance Thomas on Justice Files

    Off-duty policewoman shoots armed robber attacking group of moms (VIDEO)

    A group of moms with their kids seemed like an easy target for one armed robber. How wrong he was – one of them turned out to be an off-duty cop who shot the assailant within seconds.

    Gun control activists are ‘civil terrorists’.

  45. KathJuliane May 15, 2018 @ 3:58 pm

    For over 1,000 years, Poland was the safe haven for Jews from other parts of the world.

    There, Jews prospered like in no other place in history, and under generous royal privileges and concessions granted by the Polish sovereign along with an inviolable “self-government,” the Polish Jewish community as its own feudal estate was governed under its own laws by the Kahal which were untouchable under the law of the land.

    The only person who could possibly change any of the Jews’ privileges and concessions was the king.

    In such cases where the king attempted to rein in some of their excesses, the Polish Jews, some of whom had been accepted into the Polish Szlacta (nobility) would then agitate their wealthy Gentile estate owners they had concessions and contracts with as estate managers and tax collectors, and their aristocratic business partners of the Szlachta against the king until he relented and reversed his own decrees concerning the Jews.

    Although supposedly, Jews could not “own” land, most of the Polish lands, and therefore the feudal peasant serfs, the estate’s villages, churches and towns, were in Jewish hands anyway under the Polish arendar or lease system for perpetuity, if the Jews did not own it out right.

    The Szlachta was a legally privileged noble class of magnates and nobles in the Kingdom of Poland, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Ruthenia, Samogitia and the Zaporozhian Host — the Polish Commonwealth or legally “The Kingdom of Poland-Grand Duchy of Lithuania”.

    The freedom of religious practices was encoded in the Golden Liberty of 1575 and its Confederation of Warsaw Clause. Poland’s Jewish citizens felt secure and a rich and vibrant Jewish culture emerged as a distinct Polish estate.

    Today, more than 70% of Ashkenazi, European Jewery, can trace their roots to Poland.

    Wealthy and powerful Jews were accepted into the ranks of the aristocracy from throughout the entire Polish Commonwealth without having to convert to Christianity, even having their own house coat of arms and heraldry denoting a “fourth feudal estate” besides the Polish king, the nobility, and the clerical hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Alas, fact of noble Jewish membership in the Szlachta and the Paradisus Iudaeorum is not often explicitly mentioned in popular Jewish histories, nor are Jews very forthcoming about how they often and usually created their own troubles because of their own practices, especially fleecing the poor and already down-trodden.

    Before the partition of Poland in the last decades of the 18th century, Poland was “Heaven for the nobles, Paradise for the Jews, and hell for the serfs.”

    “Hell for the serfs” was invariably where the so called “pogroms” bubbled up from, when in fact they were nothing but mob riots and uprisings from poor, exploited, and infuriated serfs, peasants or poor people in urban areas fed up with being taxed and abused beyond endurance.


    From the horse’s mouth.


    Wladyslaw T. Bartoszewski

    Polish-Jewish relations go back to the 10th century when the first Jewish communities appeared in the country. Poland lay between western and eastern markets and well-traveled trade routes soon developed across the country’s plains.

    There was also considerable Arabian trade with northern and eastern Europe.

    The role of the Jews grew with the introduction of monetary trade. Soon there were Jews in charge of the mints producing coins bearing the Polish sovereign’s name in Hebrew letters.

    Between the 10th and the 13th century the everyday language of the Jews was Slavonic, which was only later overtaken by Yiddish.

    The big development of the community occurred in the 13th century during the great migration wave from western Europe. Faced with growing religious intolerance and expulsion, which began during the Crusades and intensified in the 13th century, Jews began to move eastwards in large numbers.

    In 1264, Boleslaus the Pious granted the Jews a privilege known as the Kalisz Statute. This, and the later Extended Privilege, became the two main documents regulating the Jewish legal and social position in Poland until the 18th century.

    The privileges ensured the personal protection of the Jews, their property, and religion. It allowed them to organize their communities according to principles of self-government, and to engage freely in trade and money-lending.

    Their main occupation for the next couple of centuries was trade. Many of them leased property, including the royal mint and salt mines, and collected customs and tolls.

    Few of them were engaged in agriculture, although some owned villages, manors, fish ponds and mills.

    In the later Middle Ages, Jewish economic activity expanded to encompass fur-making, tailoring, tanning, and other crafts – all of which aroused the opposition of the Christian burghers.

    In the 14th and 15th centuries there were anti-Jewish riots in various cities as a result.

    The 16th century witnessed a flood of immigrants as a result of widespread persecution and expulsions from Eastern Germany. The Jewish population increased to constitute five per cent of the overall population.

    The Polish rulers welcomed this influx which they considered to be beneficial to the country’s economy and granted the Jews a variety of privileges.

    Even Spanish and Portuguese Jews found their way to Polish cities, despite the local resistance of burghers who feared Jewish competition and obtained privileges de non tolerandis Judaeis which forbade the Jews to reside in some towns.

    The result was often segregation of the Jews in separate quarters, or their settlement just outside the city walls, which were under the rule of the nobility and the Church.

    The later centuries were characterized by the constant struggle between the townspeople and the Jews. The latter were often supported by the kings and the nobility who drew considerable benefits from the Jewish presence.

    The nobility was by law forbidden to trade (with the exception of grain and timber) and therefore relied largely on Jewish craftsmen and tradesmen residing on their estates.

    The Jews were also engaged in managing noble estates, and in toll and tax farming.

    The Jews who, unlike the burghers, did not compete with the nobility politically, operated in a sense outside the estate structure. They were not tied to the land like peasants. They did not have many of the rights enjoyed by the townsmen (as a result of the above-mentioned laws).

    On the other hand, they enjoyed self-governing autonomy under their own diet (between 1581 and 1764) and from 1588 were automatically ennobled if they embraced Christianity (1).

    During that time Polish Jews enjoyed more autonomy than anywhere else in Europe. Community elders took care of all internal matters, be they economic, legal, cultural or religious, and the Diet, the Council of the Four Lands, represented all the Jews in their relations with the Polish state. From the point of view of the monarch, the Council’s most important function was to organise and collect the poll-tax from Polish Jews.

    Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the Jews entered into what may be described as a marriage of convenience with the nobility. As a result of the legal protection enjoyed by the Polish Jews, their economic co-operation with the magnates and their autonomy within the state, 16th and 17th century Poland was described as ‘heaven for the Jews, paradise for the nobles, hell for the serfs.’

    The Jewish community suffered greatly during the 1648 Cossack uprising which had been directed primarily against the Polish nobility. The Jews, perceived as allies of the nobles, were also victims of the revolt, during which about twenty per cent of them were killed.

    The second half of the 17th and the 18th century brought a significant deterioration in the Jewish situation. Constant wars fought on Polish soil led to the pauperization of towns and practically paralysed all long distance and foreign trade.

    During that period many Jews became traveling craftsmen and petty traders, the so-called peddlars [sic], who moved between small towns and villages selling small items to the peasants and repairing things on the spot. They became indispensable to the rural economy as tailors, shoemakers, carpenters, haberdashers, blacksmiths etc.

    The interdependence between Polish village and small Jewish town (shtetl) which was unique in Europe persisted until 1939.

    In the 18th century Poland lost its independence following three partitions by Russia, Prussia, and Austria, in 1772, 1793 and 1795. Polish Jews became subjects of foreign monarchs, some of whom – like Catherine the Great – had not previously ruled over Jews. They determined the legal position of the Jews until 1918, when Poland regained independence.

    During the 19th century Jews ceased to be a feudal estate and gained civil rights (in Prussia in 1850, in Austria in 1867-8, partially in Russia in 1862). Their relations with the Poles were largely linked to the question of Polish independence. The Jews participated in two armed uprisings against the Tsars in 1830- 31 and 1863-64. The second half of the century witnessed an industrial revolution and the breakdown of traditional rural society.

    This resulted in the creation of a Jewish middle-class which was first glorified by the Poles as a harbinger of economic progress, but was soon criticised on the grounds that capitalism went against their traditional value-system. Any sign of Jewish co-operation with the (foreign) authorities was considered by the Poles to be detrimental to the central issue of independence and was regarded as unpatriotic.

    The accusation of lack of patriotism has been a constant one throughout the 20th century and was to intensify with the emergence of the concept of a communist-Jewish alliance, commonly referred to as ‘Judeo-Communism.’

    The Jews perceived the Poles in an equally stereotypical way. in early modern times the Jews considered all other nations to have been created for their benefit – ‘were it not that there is some good [that comes from them] they would not have been created at all’ – preached Rabbi Levi Yitshak of Berdichev to his followers at the end of the 18th century. (2)

    In the 19th century this image was enriched by some new elements according to which all Gentiles could be divided into revolutionary philo-semites and reactionary anti-semites. The transformation of the country from the feudal system of complementary estates to the modern world was characterised by the growth of nationalism, industrial development, and economic competition.

    The difficult adaptation to the new socio-economic structure raised a variety of problems including the acculturation, assimilation and secularisation of the Jews. The newly emerging national identities put great strain on Polish-Jewish relations.

    The new Polish and Jewish political parties fought the prolonged battle with each other which continued until the outbreak of the Second World War. Polish nationalism and especially the National Democratic Party of Roman Dmowski had a dramatic and adverse effect on Jewish life in Poland, and modern political anti-semitism established itself as a significant force.

    The traditional Jewish responses to the Gentile world: the fight for civil rights, emancipation and assimilation, proved ineffective. The anti-Jewish policies of Tsar Alexander III, largely continued by his successor Nicholas II (under whom most of Polish Jewry lived, since they inhabited the area of Poland incorporated into Russia during the partitions), prompted the emergence of Zionism and Jewish socialism, represented by the Bund, and the mass emigration to the United States and Western Europe.

    After the re-creation of the Polish Republic in 1918 its Jewish community was still the largest in Europe, constituting approximately ten per cent of the Polish population. Most of them lived in the cities although almost a quarter lived in villages, which allowed for the continuation of the unique shtetl communities.

    The overwhelming majority of Jews worked in commerce, industry, and the professions and in some areas the Jews constituted a majority. Tailoring and shoemaking were typical Jewish occupations, as was shopkeeping. At the same time 56 per cent of all doctors, 43 per cent of teachers, 33 per cent of lawyers, and 22 per cent of journalists were Jewish. Most Jews belonged to the petty-bourgeoisie and were not well off. (3)

    Depressed economic conditions and anti-semitism, which was rampant in Poland especially between 1918-1923 and 1936-38 forced many Jews to emigrate. As Ezra Mendelsohn stated ‘The experience of Polish Jews between the wars was a combination of suffering, some of which was caused by anti-semitism, and of achievement made possible by Polish freedom, pluralism, and tolerance.(4)

    Despite the anti-semitism, Jewish politics, culture, and religion flourished and made for a spiritually rich and varied life. Jewish education and scholarship prospered. The press was in three languages (Yiddish, Hebrew and Polish). Social, communal, political and religious organisations blossomed in a way which made autonomous Jewish life in Poland richer and more interesting than that in Western Europe and America.

    Almost 40 per cent of the pre-war Polish population belonged to ethnic minorities (apart from the Jews there were Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Germans, and others). After some hesitation the Polish government opted for the ‘nation state’ instead of a ‘state of nationalities’ which made the lives of minorities more difficult.

    Almost the entire three and a half million strong Jewish population perished during the Second World War. There are no accurate figures about the number of survivors but it is estimated that only 100,000 of them remained in Poland by 1945.

    The majority of those left soon after because they did not want to live on amongst the ashes of the community, because they feared Communist power, and because they were shocked by the anti-semitic violence which swept the country in 1946, (especially after the Kielce pogrom, in July 1946, during which 42 Jews were killed).

    Bartoszewski, Wladyslaw T. Chap, in The Convent at Auschwitz. New York: G. Braziller, 1991.
    *Title added by the staff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center


    See A. Ciechanowiecki, ‘A footnote to the history of the integration of converts into the ranks of the szlachta in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth’, The Jews in Poland ed. C. Abramsky et. al. (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1986), pp. 64-9.
    M.J. Rosman, ‘A Minority Views the Majority: Jewish Attitudes Towards the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and Interaction with Poles’, in POLIN: A journal of Polish-Jewish Studies, vol. 4, 1989 (Oxford: Basil Blackwell), pp. 31-41.
    E. Mendelsohn, The Jews of East Central Europe Between the World Wars (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1983), pp. 25-8.
    E. Mendelsohn, ‘Interwar Poland: good for the Jews or bad for the Jews?’, in Abramsky et. al., op. cit. pp. 138-9.


    This is what you’ll find reading between some of the lines of the above:

    Goy Guide to World History: E Michael Jones, Jewish Revolutionary Spirit Part 3 — Spain Holland Slavery Poland & the Pale


    “It must be therefore, since the enemies of the Jews belonged to the most diverse races, since they lived in countries very distant from each other, since they were ruled by very different laws, governed by opposite principles, since they had neither the same morals, nor the same customs, since they were animated by unlike dispositions which did not permit them to judge of anything in the same way, it must be therefore that the general cause of anti-Semitism has always resided in Israel itself and not in those who have fought against Israel.”

    –Bernard Lazare – a famous French Jew, in Chapter One of his book “Anti-Semitism, It’s History and Causes”

  46. Piotr Bein May 15, 2018 @ 7:21 pm

    Dear in Christ Brother Nathanael

    I nominate Persons of the Month on my blog

    For your article on Trump’s idiotic law S-447, I took the liberty of nominating you:

    “Pro-polski Publicysta Zagraniczny: Brat Nataniel Kapner (RealJewNews)”

    meaning “Pro-Polish Foreign Publicist”.

    God bless,

    Piotr Bein

  47. benzion kook May 15, 2018 @ 8:46 pm

    Weaselthal numbers?

    Serial murderer Numbnutsanyahoo is the spitting image of the head clown in the Jew cultural masterpiece “Killer Klowns from Outer Space.”

  48. KathJuliane May 15, 2018 @ 10:21 pm

    For over a thousand years, Jews prospered in Poland like in no other host country, and even with the partition of the Polish Commonwealth between Russia, Prussia/Germany and Austria, the Jews were hardly phased or discomfited.

    Their Arendar system and abuse of peasants and serfs on the Szlacta estates continued unabated well into the mid-late 19th century, when Tsar Alexander II liberated the serfs which the Polish nobles and their Jewish arendars fought tooth and nail, and granted them full citizenship as with an eye to his envisioned land reform programs.

    Under the Russian Empire, the Polish Jews continued to prosper.

    So it completely astonishes me that after all the Poland has given the Jews through the centuries to feed their insatiable greed and covetousness, they still demand their holoco$t reparations.

    Encyclopedia Judaica: Arenda

    ARENDA, Polish term designating the lease of fixed assets or of prerogatives, such as land, mills, inns, breweries, distilleries, or of special rights, such as the collection of customs duties and taxes. The term was adopted with the same meaning in Hebrew and Yiddish from the 16th century (with the lessee, in particular the small-scale lessee, being called the arenda). The arenda system was widespread in the economy of *Poland -Lithuania from the late Middle Ages.

    I. Great Arenda

    This term refers to the lease of public revenues and monopolies. The first leases to be held by Jews were of royal revenues and functions: the mint, salt mines, customs, and tax farming. Large-scale operations of this type were conducted by the Jews *Lewko (14th century) and Volchko (15th century).

    The number of Jewish lessees of central and regional customs duties and of salt mines increased in the 15th century, especially in the eastern districts. Often the same persons leased both the customs and the mines. In western Poland the nobility, possessing more capital, prevented Jews from leasing royal revenues, this being a highly lucrative activity.

    As the power of the nobility increased during the 16th and 17th centuries, they tried to obtain a monopoly on leasing the royal prerogatives. In 1538 the Polish Sejm (Diet) prohibited the lease of royal revenues to Jews. From fear of retaliation by the nobility, the Jewish autonomous body, the *Council of Four Lands , in 1580 forbade Jews to lease the great arenda.

    However, none of these enactments succeeded in eliminating Jewish enterprise completely from this sphere. Even where the nobility monopolized the lease of the royal prerogatives, there remained a broad field for Jewish enterprise and capital in the lease of revenues and functions from towns and private townships.

    These revenues were taxes on products and services, especially flour milling, potash and pitch, fish ponds, and alcoholic beverages (both production and sale); but sometimes the lease of whole estates was involved. All these types of lease were linked with the agricultural arenda (see below). Until the middle of the 16th century, Jews were among the chief lessees of the customs in the stations in Lithuania and White Russia [Belorussia].

    Some moved there from Poland for this purpose. In 1569 the Lithuanian Sejm accorded the nobility the monopoly on leases in Lithuania, which also included Belorussia and the Ukraine. The economic consequences of this prohibition would have been disastrous for Lithuanian Jewry, which felt strong enough to defy it openly.

    The Va’ad Medinat Lita (Lithuanian Council) therefore twice passed a resolution supporting the lease of customs and taxes by Jews, stating: “We have openly seen the great danger deriving from the operation of customs in Gentile hands; for the customs to be in Jewish hands is a pivot on which everything (in commerce) turns, since thereby Jews may exert control” (S. Dubnow, Pinkas… Lita (1925), 29, no. 123).

    In Lithuania, Jews openly held concessions for the great arenda, with the exception of the mint, until late in the 17th century.

    In the 16th and 17th centuries the Jews in Red Russia also occupied a not insignificant place in the lease of customs, salt mines, taxes from drinks, etc. The lessees of these large economic undertakings often contracted them out to sublessees, mainly to Jews, as well.

    That Jews actually operated customs stations is attested by customs registers of 1580, written in mixed Hebrew and Yiddish, even where and when the prohibition on Jewish customs leasing formally remained in force. Jewish expertise and financial ability in this field were in demand. Jews are later found as silent partners of the nominal Christian lessees, often Armenians.

    II. Agricultural Arenda

    This term refers to the lease of landed estates or of specific branches (in agriculture, forestry, and processing), in which Jews gradually became predominant in eastern Poland during the 16th and 17th centuries.

    There were several reasons for this development. The increasing exports of agricultural products to Western Europe and the development of processing industries (especially of alcoholic beverages) led to the progressive commercialization of the landed estates, but the majority of the nobility had little interest in the actual administration of their vast (and remote) latifundia, as well as insufficient capital and commercial skills.

    Thus they turned to the capital, enterprise, and expertise of Jewish lessees. These, on the other hand, showed growing interest in this activity as a result of increasing competition and discrimination against Jews in the towns. Many a lease originated in a loan to the estate owner, who mortgaged the general or certain specific revenues from his land as security (Zastaw).

    In Lithuania and Red Russia in this period Jews leased from the magnates not only single estates but also whole demesnes (klucze) and towns.

    In 1598 Israel of Zloczów leased the land owned by the Zloczów gentry, together with all the taxes, the monopoly on the taverns, and the corvée, for 4,500 zloty yearly. Jewish lessees played a central role in the colonization of the *Ukraine .

    The Jewish lessee frequently became the economic adviser and factotum of the Polish magnate. The Jewish sublessee could also exert considerable economic leverage and social influence from his position in the tavern, but his financial situation was not necessarily good.

    Because of the importance of agricultural arenda in Jewish economic life, problems concerning this institution were often the subject of resolutions of the Councils of the Lands. One of the most far-reaching takkanot (“regulations”) introduced by the Council was that of ḥazakah to prevent under-cutting among Jews in this field. The regulation interdicted a Jew from attempting by any means to acquire a lease already held by another Jew for three years.

    Other takkanot dealt with problems of Sabbath observance or halakhic points arising in the course of management of estates with Christian owners.

    In southeastern Poland, Jewish lessees found themselves between the hammer and the anvil, under pressure from the extortionate nobility for whom they were agents, and hated by the peasantry. The attitude of the Jews themselves toward the peasants was often much more humane than that of the Polish landlords.

    A council of rabbis and communal leaders of Volhynia, a central district of the agricultural arenda, urged Jewish lessees in 1602 to forgo the work due from peasants on the Sabbath: “If the villagers are obliged to do the work on weekdays [i.e., Monday through Saturday]… let them forgo the Sabbath and [Jewish] holidays altogether.

    “Living in exile and under the Egyptian yoke, our forefathers chose the Sabbath day for resting… Therefore also where Gentiles are under their hand [the Jews] are obliged to keep the Law… Let them not be ungrateful to the Giver of bounty, the very bounty given; let the name of the Lord be glorified through them” (Ben-Sasson, in: Zion, 21 (1956), 205).

    However, the Jews were frequently maligned. They were accused falsely of interfering in the affairs of Greek Orthodox (Pravoslav) churches in villages leased by them. All the Jews living in the southeastern parts of Poland were attacked and thousands massacred in the Cossack and peasant uprisings in the 17th century (see *Chmielnicki ).

    The last years of the Polish “republic of the nobility” (1648–c. 1772) were a period of economic and cultural decline accompanied by growing Catholic reaction to the Reformation. The central administrative authority progressively weakened and the nobility felt itself free to act unfettered by law.

    The conditions, character, and role of Jewish leaseholding changed for the worse in this situation. At that time in certain districts village Jews formed a third of the total Jewish population. The 1764 census shows that around 2% of the Jews in Poland were lessees (generally tavern keepers) in towns; in rural areas, while only a few were large-scale lessees on the magnates’ estates, the number of Jewish lessees of taverns and inns had increased.

    In the district of Lublin at this date, 89% of the village Jews engaged in leaseholding operations were inn or tavern keepers. An insignificant number of larger-scale lessees held more than one inn or tavern. The rest, nearly 11%, leased mills and dairy processes. Petty lessees often combined trade with a craft, such as hatters, tailors, and pitch burners.

    Solomon *Maimon, in the late 18th century, depicts in his autobiography the poverty of the Jewish innkeeper who plied his trade in a smoky hut with peasants sitting on the floor and drinking vodka, while the Jewish teacher taught the half-naked children of the proprietor. The Polish poet Ignacy Krasicki describes an inn as a barn where the Jewish innkeeper had not even a bundle of straw to serve as a bed for his guests.

    Arbitrary arrests and humiliation were part of the lot of the Jews in these occupations. In the 18th century the petty squires and the general public demanded the expulsion of the Jews from the villages, especially the lessees of the taverns. During the period of the Partitions of Poland, the limitation which had been imposed on the lease of revenues and real property by Jews remained in force until the formal political emancipation of the Jews in each partition district.

    The weight and importance of leaseholding in the occupational structure of Eastern European Jewry decreased in the 19th century with urbanization and industrialization and the process of Jewish migration to the cities and industrial and commercial centers. Formerly, the system of agricultural arenda had brought Jews to the villages and incorporated them in village life.

    It provided a broad area of settlement and sources of livelihood enabling the growth of the Jewish population in Poland-Lithuania. Even during its decline, and despite the tarnishing of its image from the 18th century, the arenda system for a considerable time played an important role in both Jewish and Polish economic and social life.

  49. Halina May 16, 2018 @ 12:42 am

    Before the Second World War, rich Jews, knowing that another war is about to break out, had left Poland migrating towards the East, mostly to Russia. They took loans against their properties in Polish and other banks operating in the Poland at the time.

    Determining Jewish ownership for the occupation authorities was quite simple, because according to the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles, people of Jewish origin living on the territory of the Second Polish Republic were exempt from property tax.

    Jews leaving Poland used the borrowed money to buy foreign currency and gold, thus causing a very large shortage of money at the time in the circulation. The last very wealthy Jew left Poland in April 1938.

    After the war Jews were COMPENSATED for their properties left behind, therefore they are not entitled to any compensation whatsoever, much less for the same properties!!!

    After the World War II, at the request of the European countries, USA and Canada the government of Poland from 1946 to 1987 has paid compensation for the properties left in Poland by Western citizens.

    The Jewish claims, however, do not even take into account mortgage loans and it would have been necessary to calculate the interest on these unpaid loans, which in turn should significantly reduce the amount of claims.

    Today American Jews, who have no legal rights and have done nothing to save their own kinship are demanding the “restitution” and take over of properties belonged to then Polish citizens of Jewish origin.

    Jewish demands for “restitution” are totally unfounded, because as there are no heirs left, such assets automatically pass onto the state treasury. Owners of these assets are no longer alive and almost 80 years have passed since their deaths. Many ownership documents were destroyed during the war.

    Jews, in addition are also demanding compensation for property from the Borderlands, now part of Ukraine!

    It is worth remembering that, those mythical Jewish properties often did not really exist. Jews are now peddling a lie, that over 10% of their population in Poland paid 40% of taxes, but in fact, 1/3 of Jews were so poor that they lived thanks to the help of charitable organizations.

    In 1938, 50% of Jews in Poland were not able to pay 5 zlotys of the necessary tax and 2/3 of the Jewish population lived in poverty. The realities of pre-war Jewish poverty once again show the absurd of the recent claims.

    The truth, in fact is, that the Jewish Capos often killed and denounced their own in ghettos not only in order to survive themselves, but also to steal from the ones, who were somewhat better off.

  50. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS May 16, 2018 @ 12:51 am


    Coups R US:

    RT documentary looks at US ‘humanitarian’ interventions & regime changes

    Watch ‘Coups R US’ on May 16 on RTD website and on RT’s live feed. The time of the broadcast is available on RT’s schedule page.

    “There are three stages. In the first one, the government that we don’t like shows bad faith by bothering an American company. Then we convince ourselves that this country is our geo-political enemy. And we sell the intervention as humanitarian intervention,” says Kinzer, who currently lectures at Brown University, in his introduction.

    “We only do it to help them. We don’t do anything for ourselves; in fact we sacrifice ourselves for the good of others,” he adds sarcastically.

    Guatemala, where the CIA installed a right-wing government in 1954 before backing a series of strongmen, shows the more covert Cold War-style meddling. Libya serves as a more modern example, where the media, activists, and international organizations created a public campaign of demonization and “red lines” leading to armed involvement.

    ‘Russia’s role in WWII has been distorted by Anglo-American media’ (RT documentary)

    “In 2011, Muammar Gaddafi looked like he might be about to carry out a human rights atrocity. So we decided it was time to participate in an operation to overthrow Gaddafi. In that operation, of course, he was killed,” says Kinzer.

    “So we succeeded in the short term goal: get rid of Gaddafi and depose that government. But then what happened, we didn’t have a plan for what was going to come next. We thought that by magic, some peaceful regime would emerge, everybody would cooperate, sing songs together.”

    But after the 15-year disaster of Iraq, the disappointment of the Arab Spring, and the brutality of Syria where even Washington seems to have forgotten who it supports, will lessons be learned?

    “The United States, at least in a relative sense, is declining in power in the world,” reasons Kinzer. “We’re not used to this. We’re not ready for this. Psychologically, Americans have always been on top. We think of ourselves as always getting our way. And we’re entering into a period when that’s not going to be so easy.”

    Watch ‘Coups R US’ on May 16 on RTD website and on RT’s live feed. The time of the broadcast is available on RT’s schedule page.

    WHO Murdered Gaddafi?

    Benghazi Whistleblowers – The TRUE story behind the cover-up – CTM #670

  51. KathJuliane May 16, 2018 @ 1:55 am

    Robert Martin

    Israeli soldiers shot and injured a Palestinian elderly during pro-Gaza demonstrations in Al-Bireh city, and when paramedics approached to give him first aid, the soldiers shot them too!


    It’s hard to tell the Palestinian paramedics from the protesters. They’re just the ones wearing the fire engine red vests with the giant Red Crescent on them.

    Crikey, you stupid, arrogant Jews, dim light bulbs unto the nations.

    You keep whinging about “anti-Semitism” and yet can’t figure out why people grow to hate you psychopaths everywhere you go ever since the time of Christ.

    Unarmed children, youths, women, old people, medics, the press, unarmed young men, middle aged men, elders, you shoot them all. And don’t give me the crap that “Hamas uses them as human shields, so it’s not our fault.”

    Assuming this to be true for a second, since you know this, you moral degenerates go ahead and shoot them anyway.

    What does that say about you, you filthy menstrual rags?

    ‘Burn them, shoot them, kill them’: Israelis cheer in Jerusalem as Palestinians shot in Gaza


    Made in USA Chemical Weapons Are Still Being Tested on Gaza Civilians

    by Ariyana Love

    The Israeli Occupation Forces carried out their most brutal massacre in Gaza yesterday, since the beginning of the Great Return March demonstration, beginning March 30th.

    Once again, Israel tested a new kind of chemical weapon on civilians, according to The Central Commission for Documentation and Pursuit of Israeli War Criminals.

    The “strange” and “unknown” gas, which contains a nerve agent, was dropped by Israeli drones onto protesters at yesterday’s demonstration.

    Head of the commission Imad Al-Baz told Quds Press:

    “We do not know the kind of gases which were used for the first time,” he said, “but we took cultures from the blood and urine of those affected and we expect the results will be shocking.”

    The white gas has been reported by mainstream media as “tear gas,” but the symptoms are too severe to be standard tear gas.

    Gaza Doctors and medical professionals say the white gas contains a nerve agent which is causing severe suffocation, seizures, hours of unconsciousness and even coma.

    According to the International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR) in Gaza, the gas has been used repeatedly during the Great Return March and dozens of people have entered into a coma as a result of inhalation.

    The ICSPR added that the chemical weapon gas canisters read, “made in the USA.”

    Below is a breakdown of yesterday’s massacre in numbers.

    61 martyrs
    2771 Injuries
    8 martyrs are children One of them is [infant] girl.
    One martyr of paramedic
    203 injuries from children,
    12 journalists injured
    78 women injured
    40 critical cases,
    76 dangerous cases,
    945 medium condition,
    1204 live bullets,
    133 injured by shrapnel,
    79 Injuries in the neck and head,
    161 injuries in the top,
    62 injuries to the back and chest,
    52 injuries in the abdomen and pelvis,
    1055 in the lower limbs

    On a lighter note, Gaza protesters managed to shoot down two of the Occupation’s drones yesterday, with fire crackers of all things! These drones were being used by Israel, to drop the chemical nerve gas onto civilians. Previously, Gazans had succeeded in downing one of the drones, using a slingshot.


    Bernard Lazare’s words are worth repeating:

    “It must be therefore, since the enemies of the Jews belonged to the most diverse races, since they lived in countries very distant from each other, since they were ruled by very different laws, governed by opposite principles, since they had neither the same morals, nor the same customs, since they were animated by unlike dispositions which did not permit them to judge of anything in the same way, it must be therefore that the general cause of anti-Semitism has always resided in Israel itself and not in those who have fought against Israel.”


    Foolish Jews. You cowards just aren’t right in the head.

  52. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS May 16, 2018 @ 3:37 am

    Donald J Trump is Aiding and Abetting Jew Criminals in Palestine.

    Trump, relocated the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv, with all the other embassies, to Jerusalem, half of which though annexed by Israel still constitutes Occupied Territory under international law.

    It is a criminal offence to “make permanent changes” on “territory acquired by force” – which this territory was in 1967 when Israel seized it by force of arms.

    Israel has made many such changes to Occupied Territories. For example, the Golan Heights still belongs to Syria despite the many illegal settlements built there, however much stolen oil is extracted there, or however many field hospitals for Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and Al-Qaeda fighters Israel erects there.

    That like Jerusalem, the Golan has been illegally annexed makes no difference at all in law nor to every other government in the world.

    Except Trump’s government.

  53. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS May 16, 2018 @ 11:06 am

    Fist-size gunshot wounds, pulverized bones, inadmissible use of force by Israel in Gaza – HRW to RT

    Published time: 16 May, 2018 13:52Edited time: 16 May, 2018 13:54

    The Israeli Attack Force (IAF) have issued their sniper battalion with special bullets that cause the maximum amount of internal organ, bone splintering damage.

    After the protests in Gaza, we’ve seen injuries that you see in conflict situations, not what you would expect in policing and law enforcement situations, Omar Shakir, Israel & Palestine Director at Human Rights Watch, told RT.

    The UN Security Council gathered Tuesday for an emergency meeting following the killing and injuring of Palestinians in Gaza by Israeli soldiers during protests on Monday. At least 60 people lost their lives in what’s become the deadliest day in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since 2014. More than 2,700 people were injured, many with live ammunition.

    The violence came as the US controversially opened its new embassy in nearby Jerusalem. However, Washington’s envoy to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said that there is no link between US Embassy move and deaths of Palestinians.

    RT: Have you been surprised by the extreme force used by the Israeli military against the largely peaceful protests in Gaza?

    Omar Shakir: Unfortunately, no. Israeli officials said quite clear that their live fire regulations permit them to open fire on demonstrators irrespective of whether or not they pose an imminent threat, which is a threshold required under international law. The scale of the killings reflects the fact that more protesters took to the streets. But the reality is for weeks now Israeli officials have green-lighted opening fire on largely unarmed demonstrators.

    RT: The IDF said that they were using all possible restraint to keep the casualty numbers down. What do you make of the comment?

    OS: Clearly not. Israeli officials have used live ammunition from the first moments of the protests beginning on March 30, continuing for successive Fridays and for this week. They have effectively turned a no-go zone into a free fire zone. And they fired into protesters inside of Gaza, who have not by the evidence of Human Rights Watch (HRW), accumulated, not posed the kind of threat that would justify the use of force.

    Remember, Israel has kept Gaza under closure for a decade, caged into a 50 by 11 kilometer strip, under occupation for a half century. And quite simply their use of force does not meet international standards.

    RT: Could you comment on the severity of the injuries that have been seen?

    OS: We’ve seen injuries reflect the kind that you see in conflict situations, not that you would expect in policing and law enforcement situation. You see small entry wounds, fist size exit wounds, according to doctors that treat patients. You see bones pulverized to the edge. And the kind of injures that reflect a grotesque use of force that should not be used in a policing situation.

    RT: Is there a medical capability on the Palestinian side of the border to deal with this number of casualties?

    OS: Unfortunately, hospitals in Gaza have been under incredible strain as a result of Israel’s decade-long closure, electricity cuts, limited supplies of medicine, inability of doctors to attend training, limited capacity. So, the reality is that hospitals have been overwhelmed having to take patients that have anything but life threatening situations outside of hospital care. Quite simply, they have been overwhelmed and the closure certainly doesn’t help.

    RT: There have been reports of the IDF using devastating ‘butterfly bullets’ and high-velocity munitions. Why would it have been doing that?

    OS: We are still investigating. What we can say is we’ve seen a caliber of weapons typically used in conflict situations, bullets that inflict significant damage on human body and should in no circumstances be used on demonstrators in a law enforcement situation.

    RT: Israel claims it is just defending its borders. What would be, in your view, an acceptable way of doing that?

    OS: The Israeli authorities should respect the right to demonstrate. Every population has a right to demonstrate. It is a different scenario and of course Israel has the right to protect unauthorized crossing of borders. But the way you respond to that is to follow the UN guiding principles and use non-lethal means and arrests. But we are talking about firing into Gaza, not actual individuals crossing the Strip.

    They have created the argument that obscures the reality of forces safely tucked away inside of Israel, picking off, one by one, protesters who do not pose an imminent threat inside of Gaza.

    In Gaza, dozens of people lost their lives, thousands have been injured. This is far beyond the capacity of the health system, which was weakened in the past by the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Doctors were struggling [on Monday] to cope with the influx of patients…

    Al-Shifa hospital only was dealing with 400 injured people; at the same time, the doctors were overworked over the past weeks.

    Monday deepened the crisis in hospitals. Hospitals have been working with limited resources, doctors have been working around the clock to cope with the influx of the wounded. – Suhair Zakkout, spokesperson of ICRC Gaza (International Committee of the Red Cross)

    Marie-Elisabeth Ingres, MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) representative in Palestine, described Israel shooting with live ammunition at Palestinian demonstrators as “shocking.” She told RT that what happened on Monday was unmanageable by the medical staff of the minister of health because of the number of wounded people.

    “We did what was possible to do but there was more than 1,300 gunshot injures for Gaza. And MSF was presenting free hospitals in Gaza in support for the Minister of Health. For example, in Al-Aqsa hospital in less than 4 hours there was more than 300 injured people,” she said.

    Ingres added that the situation, which reached its climax on Monday, has been going on for many weeks.

    “Monday was the most impressive for the media and for the international community. Unfortunately, we are speaking about more than 3,000 injured people. And the health system for many years we are already on the verge of collapse. There is only four hours of electricity in Gaza, people are not paid, or partially paid. There is a shortage of drugs and disposables. The medical staff is struggling for many months to give a quality of care for the patients,” she said.

    “As humanitarian actors, we do what we can, we try to send medical doctors, surgeons, nurses, but of course it is not enough. It is not the humanitarian actors who will solve the situation. We need a political solution to what happens in Gaza,” Ingres told RT.

    Time to ARREST Israeli Prime Minister WAR CRIMINAL Benjamin Netanyahu.

    ‘No link between US embassy move & deaths of Palestinians’ – Nikki Haley at UNSC

    Nikki Haley is a Delusional Idiot now working for the Jew World Order Criminal Mafia Swamp. She talks the biggest rubbish I have ever heard pushing stale very old Jew Propaganda Lies.

    The Apartheid Israeli Border is 100 miles from Gaza. The occupation border in dispute is an illegally placed occupation border resulting from bulldozing State of Palestine villages with criminal impunity by the brutal Apartheid Israeli State.

    It’s a direct violation of International Laws and Geneva Conventions to place even a single brick by a occupier on occupied lands. USA UN Ambassador Nicky Haley should be stood up and directly told the Israeli Border she’s spewing about doesn’t exist in that area whatsoever. That’s an illegal occupation fenceline, not an international border, because there is no established territorial State of Palestine.

    The Apartheid Israeli Border is 100 miles from Gaza.

  54. The Englishman May 16, 2018 @ 11:37 am

    BBC A bottomless poo pit

  55. Halina May 17, 2018 @ 3:46 pm

    The Zydokomuna at its Worst.

    Sweden and Israel Are Now Dens of Unpunished Jewish Murderers of Poles
    ByJan Peczkison May 15, 2018

    Format: Paperback

    WARNING: This Polish-language scholarly book is not for the politically correct. Nor is it for those steeped in the standard narrative, endlessly promoted by academia and media, of the innocent-victim Jew and the villainous Catholic Pole.

    Author Pluzanski is unafraid to call a spade a spade—the ZYDOKOMUNA (Judeo-Bolshevism: p. 365).

    Especially nowadays (Spring 2018), the American public hears a lot about so-called Polish “complicity in the Holocaust.” But if Jews can play the complicity card, then so can Poles.

    Even if it is true that Communism was never primarily Jewish, and that Communist evils would have happened even in the complete absence of Jews, the fact still remains that Jews were actively complicit in the torture and murder of tens of thousands of Poles—very much so.

    The Stalinist murders—those that were the direct outcome of the sham court cases on trumped-up charges–cost the lives of 5,000 Poles. (p. 100). But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Tens of thousands more Poles died in Communist prisons and in the armed struggle against the 2nd Soviet occupation of Poland. (p. 100).


    Leading Jewish Communists had a much larger impact than their already-high numbers suggest. They had an exceptional fervor for Communism, which, combined with their zero compassion for Poles, made them much preferred by Stalin. (pp. 499-500).

    In addition, they were people of many talents and of high intelligence. For example, Jakub Berman gave unstinting credit, to fellow Jewish Communist Julia “Luna” Brystygier vel Preiss, for her outstanding and highly-effective development of the murderous Communist Security Forces (BEZPIEKA). (p. 433).

    Among Jewish Communist BEZPIEKA leaders, Salomon Morel (p. 62), Feliks Rosenbaum (p. 293), Jacek Rozanski vel Jozef Goldberg (p. 293), Benjamin Wajsblech (p. 373), and Anatol Fejgin (pp. 497-498) were notable for their exceptionally sadistic cruelty to their Polish patriotic inmates.


    High-level functionaries, of the Security Office (U. B. or BEZPIEKA) that was part of the Soviet-installed Communist puppet government, were personally involved in the persecution of high-profile Polish patriots.

    In the case of Witold Pilecki, these included Jacek Rozanski vel Jozef Goldberg, Adam Humer (the veritable symbol of Stalinism: p. 236), Jozef Czaplicki, Roman Romkowski vel Natan Kikiel, etc. (pp. 90-91). On the other hand, General Stanislaw Radkiewicz, an ethnic Polish “internationalist”, was a figurehead in the U. B. (p. 91).

    The executioner of not only Witold Pilecki, but also of Polish freedom fighters Hieronim Dekutowski “Zapora” and Adam Doboszynski, was the Jew Piotr Smietanski, who is best known as the Butcher of Mokotow Prison. (p. 254).


    As the so-called de-Stalinization proceeded, there was the danger that Jewish Communist criminals could be among those finally brought to justice for their many crimes. So many of them fled Poland to the West.

    To crown their evasion of justice, they went around proclaiming themselves as victims of Communism and—better yet—as victims of (what else?) Polish anti-Semitism.

    Helena Wolinska vel Brus-Ochsmann was especially vocal in yapping about Polish anti-Semitism. (p. 424). This was an integral part of her ultimately-successful evasion of extradition requests (from England) to face justice in Poland.


    Scholar Tadeusz M. Pluzanski (p. 399) estimates that, just after March 1968, around a thousand Jewish deep-dyed Stalinists obtained refuge in the State of Israel. (So much for the exculpatory myth that Jewish Communists were “not really Jews”. In the eyes of the State of Israel, they certainly were, especially when it became convenient for them to be recognized as such.)

    Soon after the events of 1968, sadist Feliks Rosenbaum (p. 293) found asylum in Israel (p. 296), as did, for example, Maks Auster and (even earlier) Edward Gol vel Rubin Schweig, (p. 401).

    Among those Jews specifically responsible for the murder of Emil August Fieldorf “Nil,” the following found favor in Israel: Wladyslaw Dymant, Gustaw Auscaler, and Israel Gustaw (now Szmul), (p. 375: pp. 402-403). Among other Jewish murderers of “Nil,” Helena Wolinska (p. 371) and Paulina Kern (p. 375) found new homes in England.

    Now consider Salomon Morel, the notorious Commandant of the Communist camps at Jaworzno and Swietochlowicach. (p. 414).

    During WWII, the lives of Salomon Morel’s immediate relatives had been saved, from the Nazi German occupants of Poland, by the ethnic Pole Jozef Tkaczyk, who was awarded at Yad Vashem for doing so. (p. 410).

    Guess what? Salomon Morel returned the favor by torturing and murdering thousands of Poles. The case of Salomon Morel calls to mind the “You knew I was a snake” meme.


    Salomon Morel, fearful of the Polish authorities about to finally bring him to justice, fled Poland and quickly got Israeli citizenship. (p. 412).

    The State of Israel lost no time in denying Polish requests for extradition, citing Israeli law that states that Morel’s acts are not genocide, and, besides, whatever his deeds, they were too long ago. (p. 413). How convenient!

    To further add to the total (even farcical) miscarriage of justice, the still-living BEZPIEKA criminals continue to receive high pensions from the Polish government—moreover pensions that are considerably higher than those received by most law-abiding Poles. (pp. 14-15). This was notably true of Salomon (Szlomo) Morel. (pp. 408-409).


    Some 2,500 Polish Jews moved to Sweden in 1969-1971. (p. 443). In addition, Sweden, even more than Israel, became the favorite place for Jews evading justice. (p. 401). It became the new home for Maksymilian Litynski (Lifsches) and Jozef Bik-Bukar-Guwarski, a high-level BEZPIEKA functionary at Gdansk and later Katowice. (p. 399).

    The most famous person to flee Poland for Sweden was the Stalinist judge Stefan Michnik. (p. 399). He has the blood of at least nine innocent people on his hands. (pp. 436-437). Stefan’s exculpation? His past was “his private business,” and, besides, he was “young and naïve” when he did what he did. (p. 438). [Imagine a Nazi defendant, charged with murdering Jews, trying to get away with such a farcical defense.]

    Stefan Michnik has never once admitted his guilt, and never has apologized to the families of his victims. (p. 439).

    Stefan Michnik is the half-brother of Adam Michnik vel Szechter, the editor of the leftist and Judeocentric GAZETA WYBORCZA, which has been funded by George Soros.

    The only difference between half-brothers Stefan and Adam is that they accomplish their anti-Polish deeds in different ways. GAZETA WYBORCZA delights in regularly publishing articles that run down Polish patriotic and religious traditions.

    Surprise…surprise…GAZETA WYBORCZA tried to whitewash Jewish murderess Helena Wolinska. (p. 425).

    Excuses…excuses…Sweden’s pretext for refusing to extradite Stefan Michnik? Polish anti-Semitism (what else?). (p. 439, 444).

    And, ironic to those who would have us pretend that Stefan Michnik and Adam Michnik are not connected with each other in any way, Sweden had no problem asserting that the attempted prosecution of Stefan was just a Polish way of harming Adam.

    No Justice, No Peace!


    The agenda of GAZETA WYBORCZA can be generalized. In the Foreword, film-maker Jerzy Zalewski called attention to the fact that the likes of GAZETA WYBORCZA and POLITYKA have been relativizing Communist crimes, and blurring the boundary between the Communist perpetrators and the victims of Communism. (p. 12).

    LEWAKS have compared the Communist and Nazi prisons with the pre-WWII Polish detention center at Bereza Kartuska. This is beyond absurd. Only a literal handful of Communists perished at Bereza Kartuska. (p. 170). If anything, Bereza Kartuska is comparable other nations’ run-of-the-mill prisons, such as the one in Dartmoor (England). (p. 170).

    When the ultimately-unsuccessful efforts were made, by the Polish government, to extradite Salomon Morel, the LEWACTWO also got in the act. These so-called progressives lectured us that Morel should be left alone because he is elderly. (p. 411).

    Yeah, right. No such considerations were given to elderly Nazi- and Nazi-collaborating individuals, the most egregious example being that of John Demjanjuk, who was repeatedly prosecuted, moreover despite failed prosecutions, and moreover despite his ill health, well into his nineties–until finally relieved by death.

    In 1999, then-President Kwasniewski awarded Stanislaw Supruniuk, the onetime U. B. butcher of Rzeszow, the prestigious KRZYZ KOMANDORSKI ORDERU ODRODZENIA POLSKI. (p. 15).


    The ZYDOKOMUNA is a very real issue. It will not go away. The more the Holocaust Industry tries to blame everything on Poland, the more the ZYDOKOMUNA will be brought to light.

    Polish generous hospitality has come to an END.

    The UNGRATEFUL JEWS have overstayed their welcome.

    Now Is High Time To Go Elsewhere!!!

  56. Alex May 20, 2018 @ 2:50 pm

    Being an alien “outpost” in the Middle East, Israel’s very existence depends on the political, military and financial support of the West (i.e. the United States and Western Europe), which must be constantly pressurized into providing this vital aid.

    Hence the need for a compelling narrative — churned out in the form of numerous newspaper articles, lectures, books, films, radio and television programmes etc. — that will exert continual moral pressure on Western voters and Western politicians.

    After the Six-Day War in 1967, this narrative crystalized as the “Holocaust” narrative, which can be summed up as follows:

    “The extermination of European Jewry during the Second World War was the worst genocide in human history — not only because six million totally innocent Jews were murdered by the Germans, but also because no other nation (including America) tried to prevent it.

    “Indeed, there were nations which — like the antisemitic Polish nation — actually welcomed the extermination of the Jews and even took an active part in it.

    “Because of centuries of Christian (and in particular Catholic) antisemitism, no one helped the Jews in their hour of need and — even when the war was over — those few Jews who survived continued to face persecution (especially in Poland). Hence the need for a Jewish haven in Palestine.”

    The trouble with this new narrative was that much of it was completely false, the only true element being the fact that the Germans really did manage to murder several million Jews by the time Hitler was defeated by the Allies in 1945.

    However, the only country where the official “Holocaust” narrative couldn’t possibly work was … Poland, where most of the German Nazi war crimes were actually committed. Why? Because the Poles knew and remembered too much about what really happened in Poland during WWII.

    In particular, they remembered that in that half of Poland which was occupied by Hitler’s Soviet ally in September 1939, most of the Jewish population immediately forgot that they were Polish citizens and gladly collaborated with the Russian invaders. Armed Jewish communist militias hunted down retreating Polish soldiers, arrested Polish officials and provided the Russians with lists of Poles to deport to the death camps in Siberia. That is but one “skeleton in the cupboard”

    The authors of the new “Holocaust” narrative knew perfectly well that sooner or later it would be questioned by Poles (wherever they lived), so — at the beginning of the 1970s (when memories of the war were fading in the West — and purely as a preventive measure, of course)– they were forced to start a smear campaign against the Polish nation, which the extensive Jewish propaganda machine systematically accused of large-scale complicity in the Nazi extermination of the Jews.

    To date this fifty-year-old smear campaign has been very successful — so much so, that even politicians such as President Obama have found themselves making public statements about “Polish Death Camps”.

    Any Pole who dares to question the veracity of the official “Holocaust” narrative is thus automatically discredited as an anti-Semite who is trying to deny “well-documented” and “obvious” Polish complicity in Nazi war crimes.

    This state of affairs cannot go on for ever, of course. As Abraham Lincoln famously remarked, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

    Apart from recent signs of inevitable “holocaust fatigue” in the West, the Polish government itself — to the horror of the Israeli government — has now taken an official stand against attempts to accuse the Polish nation of complicity in German war crimes, thus giving valuable moral support to those historians and journalists (not to mention rapidly increasing numbers of internet users) who can and have been “setting the record straight”.

    As the Israeli “Nazi hunter” Efraim Zuroff has candidly observed, the greatest danger to the official “Holocaust” narrative is the fact that East European countries (some of which — unlike the underground Polish State, but like German-occupied France — did opt for collaboration with the Germans) are now reminding the world that there was “another holocaust” perpetrated by Soviet communists, many of whom were Jews:

    “[…] if Communism is categorized as genocide, it means that Jews committed genocide. Jewish communists were among those who committed the crimes of the Communist regime. If Jews committed genocide, how can we complain […]?”

  57. Halina May 20, 2018 @ 8:56 pm

    Hating the Poles is the New Bigotry of the Day

    Tensions between Jews and Poles are at an all time high over a new Polish law that would would make it illegal and punishable by up to three years in prison to say that the Polish government or nation took part in the Holocaust.

    The Jewish Diaspora and Israelis alike have been quick to condemn the bill. And yet, in so doing, they are not only revising history, but some are also betraying their own history, and thus exposing a shocking hatred to the Polish people, that seems to Poles almost as hateful as the anti-Semitism they accuse Polish nation.

    The “Never Again” campaign, run by the Ruderman Family Foundation, which video has since been deleted was absolutely shocking.

    The video clearly was produced with actors and not identifiable Jews in Poland.

    In it, Jews both young and old said that they were willing to go to prison for what they were about to do. This act that they were about to undertake would be to “fight” against the “oppressive” ( ??!) Polish law.

    The actors on the recording then proceeded to repeat the phrase “Polish Holocaust” thus falsifying the historical facts about the Poles, who they apparently consider to be responsible for the Holocaust. The video ended with a cruel call on the United States to sever diplomatic relations with Poland.

    The video was incredibly upsetting to Poles, whose nation was the one mostly affected by WW2. Not only did it disregard history (as it was a German Nazi Holocaust), but it disregarded the joint suffering of Poles and Jews together, portraying Poles as a nation of perpetrators of genocide.

    This video, before it was taken down, was obviously designed to hurt and offend Poles, and to disseminate a false historical narrative, and succeeded in it.

    Thankfully, the outcry against the video from some Jewish and Israeli institutions was swift and harsh.

    The Israeli embassy wrote in a statement that “the message of the video, which appeared through the American foundation, is unacceptable. Its content is inconsistent with historical truth and strikes at the memory of all victims of Nazi Germany.”

    The Association of Jewish Religious Communities went further by stating: “We strongly condemn the film of the Ruderman Family Foundation, and its use of the words ‘Polish Holocaust,’ which we do not accept, and which are untrue and harmful.”

    The American Jewish Committee, too, condemned the video.

    And yet, the hatred that the video showed, and the disregard for history, has been part of the Jewish and Israeli response to the bill from the beginning.

    Consider the events at the annual Munich Security Conference, where a popular Israeli journalist publicly confronted the Polish Prime Minister. In the question and answer session of a panel discussion, journalist Ronen Bergman suggested that for stating that his family was turned over to the Nazis by their Polish neighbors, he could be sent to prison. His mother vowed never to speak Polish ever again.

    His lies were quickly exposed; the young man saying these words is not even 50 years old, so how old then is his mother, who accuses Poles of denunciation. The journalist has most likely been born after the war, so how come she survived after being denounced?

    The above are the consequences of educational shortage in the science of Math as well as logic. I wonder…didn’t he get embarrassed after realizing his error? I think he probably did… a little.

    Now, he admits that, from a historical perspective this was untrue. “Clearly, the Nazis were the ones who initiated the Holocaust, and they were the ones who built the concentration camps.”

    This kind of conduct as the above video and this journalist in Munich is nothing short of unjustified prejudice against Poles. Imagine if someone said something like this about Jews.

    In fact, there were many Jews, such as Capos (Jewish police in ghettos), who denounced their own in order to steal from them and bribe the Nazis for their own survival. Unfortunately, this is the hell of war, and has been for centuries. It pits people against each other, often loved ones.

    Medal za wspolprace z okupantem

    Many people have problems with the bill, which in their opinion requires clarification and significant amendments. But anyone with any familiarity with the bill knows that what Bergman said is biased and very unjust.

    Today we can and must look at the events of the Holocaust from the distance afforded by time and ask if lies like that of Bergman’s justly reflect history.

    The actors in the above video and Bergman’s words turned Poles, in the eyes of many Jews and other nations, into people worse than the actual architects of the Holocaust. And to the Poles, the insistence on misrepresenting the new Polish bill and blaming Poles for the crimes of the Nazis is deeply upsetting.

    But since those doing the misrepresenting admit that what they are saying is not historically accurate, we can only conclude that it stems from a deep-seated hatred of Poles, which is frightening, horrifying and angers many Poles, causing this time the rise of justified antisemitism.

    There is almost no Polish family out there that has not been affected by this war. I, for example, have never had the chance to meet both of my grandfathers killed in the war; one by the German Nazis and the other one at the end of war by Soviet Bolsheviks.

    At the heart of opposition to Poland’s new law is a worldwide view that is fundamentally steeped in anti-Polonism. This prejudice perpetuates the myth that while the Germans — the originators of the Holocaust — have atoned for their wrongs, the unrepentant Poles are eternally anti-Semitic to their very core.

    Surely one can see that it is unbelievably upsetting to be on the receiving end of such prejudice, considering the condition Poland was in. The country has been partitioned for the fourth time by Nazi Germany and Soviet Union, and simply did not exist.

    Although the Dutch provided Germany with the largest foreign Waffen-SS units (50,000 volunteers), and set up their own SS cell inspired by the local Socialist party Anton Mussert, they are today seen as model citizens.

    Though the Danes issued 10,000 volunteers for the Waffen-SS, and their military contingent was the only one in Europe that received full support from the government and the Danish National Socialist Workers Party Fritz Clausen, they are presented as an alternative to the “collaborating Poles.”

    “One unique feature of the Waffen-SS was that it was a volunteer army, in which from 1942 European soldiers from many lands and peoples could be found:

    “Albanians, Bosnians, Britons, Bulgarians, Cossacks, Croats, Danes, Dutch, Estonians, Finns, Flemings, French, Georgians, Greeks, Hungarians, Italians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Norwegians, Romanians, Russians, Serbs, Slovakians, Swedes, Swiss, Ukrainians, Walloons; as well Armenians, Byelorussians, Hindus, Kirghizes, Tartars Turkmen and Uzbeks served under their own flags in the Waffen-SS. Almost all of these peoples were represented in my unit.” – Otto Skorzeny (the famed former elite Waffen-SS commando) [1]

    The German Army actually consisted of volunteers from 29 different nations, and saw throughout its ranks not only Europeans from all over the map, but also other very diverse non-European ethnicities such as black Africans, North African Muslims, Syrians, Iraqis, Saudi Arabians, Trans-Jordanians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Central Asiatic Turkic peoples, Indians, Mongolians, Siberians, Chinese, Japanese[?], Koreans, Indonesians, and Thais.

    It represented the largest collection of ethnic groups that have ever banded together in military history.

    Poland in no way agreed to collaborating with the Nazis.

    Poland was also the only country in occupied Europe that created an underground council for aid to Jews. Despite the threat of the death penalty, thousands of Poles were involved in helping Jews escape the Holocaust. German official records reveal that at least 5,000 Polish people were executed for hiding Jews.

    By denying the Polish state the right to defend its own citizens against false accusations, some Jews are seemingly ignoring entirely the unspeakable cruelty of the German occupation of Poland and to the Polish people, who also suffered extermination.

    Unfortunately, as time goes on and the last witnesses are dying, the history has twisted away from the truth, as have the Polish-Israeli/Jewish relations.

    Forgotten Holocaust: Nazi Genocide of Poles–the Untold Story


    Jews murdering and massacring Ethnic Poles: Double betrayal of Polish National Interest and Jewish survival (1939-1989)

    ( )


  58. Mawloud Ould Daddah November 4, 2018 @ 9:28 am

    Hello from here, Mauritania, where a corrupt junta is perpetuating oppression and tyranny in total unaccountability because she sells the country, and his resources, to ISRAEL


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