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Poland Holocaust Law Pisses Off Jews

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Poland Holocaust Law Pisses Off Jews
By Brother Nathanael Kapner February 13, 2018 ©

WITH JEWS DOMINATING THE PRESS, one realizes that any return to sanity by our Jew-ruined country hasn’t a mazah ball’s chance in hell of occurring.

And with the news fixed on world events that ‘enrage’ Jews, one can only mutter in disgust, “Will Jews ever be content? Will their eternal gripe ever end?”

For example, Jewish HoloHoax ‘survivors’ are demanding that Poland rescind its law that prohibits blaming the nation for Holocaust crimes committed in its territory, for example, by referring to ‘Polish death camps.’

“You should be ashamed!” snorts Shalom Steinberg. “I escaped from Auschwitz and weep every night from all of the things I went through there. We will not forget that the Nazis massacred us on your Polish soil.”

The nation of IsraHell chimes in:

“Israel views with utmost gravity any attempt to challenge historical truth,” the foreign ministry’s spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon tweeted, “no law can change the facts.”

Here’s one for the books:

“The law makes Poland the first nation to legislate Holocaust denial,” says Israeli MP Itzik Shmuli. “History will judge Poland twice, for its role in the Holocaust and its despicable attempt at denial.”

And finally: (There is no end…)

“The memory of six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust is stronger than any law,” vomits out Israeli housing minister Yoav Galant.

LET ME SAY THIS about all of that.

1) Shalom Steinberg says he “cries every night and will never forget that us Jews were massacred on Polish soil by the Nazis.”

Hey Shalomee! Take your moral garbage and dump it in Tel Aviv. Why aren’t you crying, you miserable liar, for all the Palestinians that your “us Jews” murdered and continue to murder on stolen Palestinian soil?

2) Emmanuel Nahshon tweets that “no law will change the facts.”

Since when are JEWS defender of “facts?” Try factually showing that JEWS rule America and watch out! The ADL will have you gassed at one of their nearest censorship chambers like Jew-owned YouTube.

3) “The law makes Poland the first nation to legislate Holocaust denial,” barfs Itzik Shmuli.

Hey Itzy! This is an event for every Gentile to celebrate! It’s about time Jews are thrown out of the ‘narration’ business of world events. Good job Poland! The Jewish cult of ‘guilt-tripping’ all over the goyim is coming to a glorious end!

4) “The memory of six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust is stronger than any law,” vomits out Yoav Galant.

Mr Galant, we are sick and tired of your ‘Jewish suffering’ as if you Jews have a monopoly on it, like you do on everything else in this Jew-ruined world.

We are trying to FORGET your fairy tales of ‘gas chambers,’ ‘showers,’ ‘lampshades,’ ‘shoes,’ and your preposterous ‘six million.’

Milk of amnesia is what we need. Not the milk of Jewry’s eternal gripe.


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Brother Nathanael @ February 13, 2018


  1. Brother Nathanael February 13, 2018 @ 1:20 am

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  3. Brother Nathanael February 13, 2018 @ 1:25 am


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  5. Zionien February 13, 2018 @ 1:44 am

    Couldn’t have said it better +BN!

    But it is a start, and as we know from fables like the Princess and the Pea – they can keep covering it up, but it only becomes more apparent that there’s something rotten in kosherville!

    Others — hopefully Germany — will fall in suit in a few years and more then after!

    I believe Trump is just waiting for these worms to paint themselves into a corner, turn around for help: and find that the US reminded them – US citizens FIRST. And then Putin can take out the trash – AMEN!!!

  6. Mike S. February 13, 2018 @ 2:49 am

    Jews will never be happy until they run everything.

    Trying to appease them is madness.

  7. Brother Nathanael February 13, 2018 @ 2:54 am

    @Mike S.

    You wrote: “Jews will never be happy until they run everything. Trying to appease them is madness.”

    Did you mean: “Jews will never be happy until they RUIN everything…?”

  8. The Odd Duck February 13, 2018 @ 3:49 am

    So how many of the Kapo and collaborator who help by rounding their friends and neighbors ever went to trial?

    Or did they just sneak off into the night.

  9. Desert February 13, 2018 @ 3:56 am

    I can understand the position of the Israelis on Poland’s decision to clear the air about Poland’s association with Hitler’s work camps.

    When you have built a history on lies, anything from the opposite corner — aka the truth — is a cause for concern.

    This truth-telling might spread to bigger issues such as no gas chambers, no 6 million dead, not even close etc

    Actually I’m downplaying the issue somewhat. “Cause for concern” really means “reason to panic”.

    If they played their cards right and agreed with the obvious truth of Poland’s clarification they would have been safe.

    Their hysteria over nothing exposes them for the liars they are, and with these lies comes a total disregard, disrespect, and dishonouring of the rest of humanity.

    But hey! – what else is new in Judaestan?

  10. Kalin February 13, 2018 @ 5:16 am

    Amen, Brother Nate!!!

  11. Cornelius February 13, 2018 @ 5:36 am

    1. The Palestinian mother’s cry every night for their dead children.

    2. No law can change the historical truth that the Jews Naftaly Frenkel and Genrikh Yagoda sent millions of people to their deaths in the real death camps known as the Gulags.

    3. I thought every nation involved in WWII has legislated holocaust denial, so they can keep the truth out.

    4. The memory of the 6 million has to be remembered, no matter if you take away 2 or 3 million, it stays 6 million. Remember that!

  12. Lawrence Welk's Last Prostate Massage February 13, 2018 @ 6:43 am


    @Brother Nate

    Bravo! Another fantastic production!

  13. Brother Nathanael February 13, 2018 @ 6:47 am


    There are now two types of “holocaust-denial” laws.

    The first, up until Poland’s recent legislation, allows the Jews to have a monopoly of the Holocaust narration, which is loaded with lies, hate-mongering of Christians, falsifications, and inflated fantastical inanities.

    The second, given Poland’s recent legislation, tells the Jews: “Take your anti-Goyim narration and shove it!”

    Bravo Poland! Gotta love these classic Catholics! +BN

  14. Brother Nathanael February 13, 2018 @ 7:12 am


    You wrote: “The memory of the 6 million has to be remembered, no matter if you take away 2 or 3 million, it stays 6 million. Remember that!”

    I write back: The 6 million tale is legalized fiction. Subtract a measly 1 million and you’re thrown into a European jail.

    And even if you add another million, and even write a book, “The Seven Million Who Really Died,” you’ll be accused of being a hateful anti-Semite simply because you altered the magic number.

    They say every dog has its day.

    The Jew, who is really a dog, owns the Holocaust meat market.

    But when the meat market gets robbed by nations like Poland, the dog start barking, and if prolonged, it’s time to put the dog to sleep. +BN

  15. KRIS February 13, 2018 @ 7:15 am

    When Germany stopped paying Jewish reparations these two countries came to an arrangement to shift the burden onto Poland:

    Israel Singer was secretary general of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) from 1986 to 2001.

    In 1996, the Reuters news agency reported that at a meeting of the WJC congress in Buenos Aires, Singer said “more than three million Jews died in Poland and the Polish people are not going to be the heirs of the Polish Jews. We are never going to allow this….

    …They’re gonna hear from us until Poland freezes over again. If Poland does not satisfy Jewish claims it will be publicly attacked and humiliated.”

  16. Ft. Nolan February 13, 2018 @ 7:32 am

    Wasn’t Poland occupied by a foreign power when the “death camps” were built and filled up during the war? And weren’t Jews invited into Poland as a haven from persecution dating back to the Middle Ages?

    As for Jews being expelled from every European country (in many cases more than once) throughout Western civilization’s history, were they ever expelled from Poland?

    This vitriol directed against Poland seems to be a bit misdirected if not downright inappropriate.

    Just more of Israhell shouting “Wolf! Wolf!” and “The sky is falling!” and “Gimme, gimme, gimme!”

    Should Israhell declare war against the Visegrad, I will be getting my “tourist” visa from the local Polish Consulate.

  17. Chris February 13, 2018 @ 7:58 am

    Jews are such an MK ultra brainwashed cult it’s sad.

    Their “chosenness” brainwashing from birth is so strong and the resulting pride and arrogance, it is what makes them behave like such tyranical spoiled children and feel such pain at the slightest of insults.

    They’re brainwashed by generations of lies stacked on top of each other. Only satan could be proud of the sinagogue.

  18. Truth Seeker February 13, 2018 @ 8:16 am

    Funny how they declare that legislation can’t change historical fact, when the facts are against them and in cases in Canada and England where historians told the truth and were arrested and arraigned for “Holocaust denial” the courts ruled, “the truth is not a defense!”

    They have legislatively attempted to change history and reality by the Jews bribing or pressuring politicians in all of Europe to pass antiholocaust laws where in some nations, like Austria, one can receive up to 25 years in prison simply for presenting historical facts.

    If they are not afraid of the truth or history why do they have to pass laws to punish people for speaking it and to scare everyone else in to not speaking it?

    How is is not defamation of the German and Polish war dead to claim they were monstrous murderers when they were not?

    Most cities in Europe viewed having the Germans take the town from the Soviet troops as “liberation”. Germans were disciplined and orderly and law abiding, not cruel and rapacious.

    Even during WWI this is evident; despite the defamation of Jewish Hollywood, the Red Baron and other German pilots would not even fire on an enemy plane if the enemy’s guns jammed, they would salute them and fly away to meet on a fair field of battle.

    When a respected English ace would die, a sole German pilot would risk his life to fly into enemy lines and out of respect drop a wreath at the funeral site, tip the wings as a sign of respect, and fly off before attack planes went after him. See: the very interesting: Richthofen: Red Knight of the Air, Sykes, 192pp., pb., 16.00 + P&H. [The only annoying thing about this book is the British habit of not using periods in abbreviated words and titles, such as Mr., Mrs., etc.]

    If, as they claim, historical truth is on their side, why are they afraid of public debate? Why do they outlaw dissent? That is communist totalitarianism.

    They invade our nations and belch “Tolerance” and then when they amass influence they are the most intolerant of all.

    If the truth is on their side they should willingly engage in open debate with experts, and if the experts are lying or in error (on either side) they will be embarrassed. If the truth is on their side, why do people who speak out against lies and defamation receive death threats by the Jews, or have acid thrown in their face, cars bombed?

    How is it not a crime against millions of Germans to have their ancestors defamed? To have their children brainwashed? To be financially blackmailed and extorted for the past 70 years?

    The official Holocaust authorities lowered the numbers who died at Auschwitz to 800,000. Have the Jews given back the money extorted for the millions of Jews who were not gassed?

    Have the Germans been apologized to for having been accused of murdering millions of Jews whom they did not murder? How are the grandchildren responsible for the grandparents anyway?

    Illegal aliens, “Dreamers” (wonderful euphemism) have liberals championing tolerance (while tearing down our national monuments) for the children of illegals saying the children should not be held accountable for the actions of the parents. The Talmudic double standard swings wide.

    See: A Greater Miracle Than The Lost Ten Tribes Discovered—The Dead Six Million Uncovered…!, Clèraubat, 544pp., pb.; exposes Holocaust lie, multi-billion dollar Holocaust Industry, exposes Holocaust Mafia/those behind it; Hall of Fame: those who spoke out / had lives ruined—100s photos. Very compelling compilation of evidence/insight, 6 million not murdered (“jewish” experts, population data, chemistry, math & science, history); indexed. photocopies from original census data (compiled by “jewish” sources) from “World Almanac and Book Facts” 1934, 1945, 1946, 1950; Illustrated; 30.00 + P&H.

  19. KathJuliane February 13, 2018 @ 9:42 am

    New book by CODOH (from email newsletter):

    An Auschwitz Doctor’s Eyewitness Account
    The Tall Tales of Dr. Mengele’s Assistant Analyzed

    By Carlo Mattogno and Miklós Nyiszli

    Everyone knows Dr. Josef Mengele, the evil Auschwitz doctor who sent countless Jews to the gas chambers, performed cruel, pointless medical experiments on inmates, and gave twin research a bad reputation. But how do we “know” about his many diabolical deeds?

    The most important source for what Mengele is said to have done at Auschwitz comes from the Hungarian Jew Miklós Nyiszli, a forensic physician who claims to have been Dr. Mengele’s assistant at Auschwitz.

    In 1946, he published a book about his traumatic experiences while he was at Auschwitz. Over the years, his book has been translated into all major languages of Europe.

    It has become one of the mainstays of the orthodox Auschwitz narrative, right next to the testimonies of other key witnesses, such as that of the former Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss, or of Elie Wiesel.

    As influential as Nyiszli’s book has been in forming the world’s opinion about Auschwitz, Nyiszli’s various writings have never been subjected to thorough critical scrutiny. The present book changes this.

    Part 1 of this book contains a faithful translation of the original 1946 edition of Nyiszli’s Hungarian book, while Part 2 makes publicly accessible for the first time essential excerpts of much-less known postwar texts by and about Nyiszli.

    Part 3 thoroughly scrutinizes Nyiszli’s writings with what we know to be true about Auschwitz from solid material facts and authentic documentation, while Part 4 compares his various claims with what other inmate doctors have stated who were in a similar position at Auschwitz as Nyiszli claims for himself.

    Part 5 takes a critical look into how orthodox historians have dealt with Nyiszli’s texts, while a short essay in the Appendix lays bare the mythical nature of the cliché of Dr. Mengele as the “Angel of Death.”

    The author’s conclusion is dispositive:

    “Nyiszli was either an extraordinary impostor or a lunatic; there is no escaping from the dilemma. And both horns of this dilemma – shameless mendacity or lunacy – disqualify Nyiszli and completely destroy his credibility.”

  20. m.raz February 13, 2018 @ 10:19 am

    The Cossack Solution

    If we want to take over the government we have to give the people more than promises.

    We have to guarantee that our government will not dominate the people but serve the people.

    The guarantee is going to be given in the form of a declaration signed by every member of the government and every state employee stating that if I betray the nation, if I steal from the nation, if I do anything fraudulent knowingly I do know and accept there will be only one punishment, death.

    This legal change of government will require a new political party from the people, willing to guarantee honesty in the government. Because of freedom in thinking, there are no innocent bystanders.

    How many will refuse to vote for a future president willing to guarantee the honesty of government with his life?
    Kozacke Riesenie

    ak chceme prevziat vladu musime dat narodu, viacej nez sluby.

    Musime im dat zaruku ze nasa vlada nebude ovladat ludi,ale ze bude sluzit narodu.

    Tato zaruka bude dana vo vyhlaseni co podpise kazdy clen vlady a statnej sluzby.

    Vyhlasenie je taketo – ak zradim narod ak okradnem narod, ak urobim nejaky podvod na narode,Vedomo.

    Ja viem a prijimam ze bude vtom pripade iba jeden trest a to trest Smrti.

    Tato legalna zmena vlady, si vyzaduje novu politicku stranu z naroda, z ludu, co bude ochotna zarucit ludom cestnost vo vlade.

    Lebo je sloboda myslenia niet nevinnych okolostojacich. kolky odmietnu volit za buduceho prezidenta co je ochotny zarucit poctivost vlady s jeho zivotom?

    A to preto ze kazda vlada je nepriatelom naroda.

    A preto ze nestaci iba hovorit. Jasik

  21. Don Tate February 13, 2018 @ 10:40 am

    “Hey, sorry about that business at your party, Shalom, but I was soooo blitzed at the time!”

  22. heaven help us February 13, 2018 @ 10:48 am

    Jewish World Almanac and the Encyclopedia Britannica stated World Jewish Population:

    1933 15315000
    1948 15753631

  23. Citizenfitz February 13, 2018 @ 10:51 am

    You guys understand Jewish math: 6,000,000-1=3 to five years.

    Of the 4,000,000 Jews in Nazi occupied Europe 6,000,000 were gassed and only 5,000,000 survived.

    World Jewish population: 15,748,100, American Jewish Committee, 1936. 15,753,000, World Almanac, 1948.

    On Friday 2+2=7.392. On Saturday you’re a vile anti-Semite!

  24. Citizenfitz February 13, 2018 @ 10:54 am

    Props to Poland for giving the Holohoax the finger. But this act of defiance will no doubt be addressed.

    Expect Polish passenger jets to start falling out of the skies before long.

    Jewry recognizes that the poorly constructed Holocon edifice is finally cracking at the seams and are in panic mode to keep it from enlarging.

  25. Citizenfitz February 13, 2018 @ 11:02 am


    The funniest thing about the Holocaust shtick is how Jews become enraged if you say only 800,000 of them were killed in WW2.

    And they call US “anti-Semites”.

  26. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS February 13, 2018 @ 11:09 am

    The JEW World Order hates anyone who is telling the TRUTH about what the JEW Criminal Mafia are doing.


    President Vladimir Putin is determined to destroy the JEW World Order.

  27. John 8:44 February 13, 2018 @ 11:25 am

    When is Germany going to pass a similar law?

    They have been defrauded of 80 Billion dollars which needs to be repaid in full plus decades of accrued interest.

    Additionally they should lodge a trillion dollar claim for the biggest slander in history.

    Judgment should be executed against the assets of the collective called international Jewry

  28. Brucifer February 13, 2018 @ 11:59 am

    Brother, Thank you so much.

    I took some Milk of Amnesia, and Canada is wonderful again! I’m so happy.

    Mmmusst Haave mmmore

  29. IRONKRAFT February 13, 2018 @ 12:12 pm

    I have a feeling that the air disaster a few years ago, was not an accident.

    Something similar could once again happen. Judea is collectively evil enough, but their elites are pure evil. They are the essence of “you are of your father, the Devil”.

  30. Sam Nelson February 13, 2018 @ 12:24 pm

    @ +BN

    Very well done, very well said.

  31. KathJuliane February 13, 2018 @ 12:42 pm

    Poland’s on a roll!


    UK Independent: Poland’s government has proposed a new law that would limit kosher slaughter, in a move that has provoked a global outcry from the Jewish community.

    The animal welfare bill will seek to impose significant limits on the technique and would enforce “restrictions on exporting kosher meat from Poland, which would affect a very large part of the Jewish communities in Europe,” according to the European Jewish Association.

    Kosher slaughter was banned in Poland in 2013, but the decision was overturned by the high court in 2014.

    The country already imposes limitations on its practice but the new legislation would go further, prohibiting the slaughter of animals when they are “in an unnatural state,” and bringing in a four-year jail sentence for those in breach of the law.

    The Sejm, Poland’s lower house of parliament, will take a vote on the bill this week, the EJA said.

    EJA Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin said the proposal was in breach of laws protecting religious freedom.

    “These restrictions on kosher slaughter are in complete contradiction to the principle of freedom of religion of the European Union,” he said.

    “I call on the Polish government to not legislate this shameful law and to take into consideration that the Jewish people’s trust in the Polish leadership is deteriorating.

    “I don’t want to imagine what the next stage will be after legislating the Holocaust Law and putting limits on kosher slaughter in the country.”

    Oy, veh! It’s anudda Shoah!

  32. Sam Nelson February 13, 2018 @ 12:44 pm

    The biggest part of our Holohoax misery:

    There is no way any of the Politicians (or, Judges) who are caught committing criminal acts while in Office, while serving in or connected to Washington D.C., will ever even go to trial for the crimes they have committed.

    Crimes against Humanity actually, now isn’t that a kick in the butt? The worst sort of crime, the worst sort of people, but like, Bush, ‘nope no weapons of mass destruction over there, none over here, hmmm, where did those weapons of mass destruction go,’ he queried, a smart ass grin on his face. Wiping that grin off his face, now wouldn’t that be a sight to see, imagine.

    Imagine, because that’s all we are ever going to get to do, imagine.

  33. Steven Rowlandson February 13, 2018 @ 12:54 pm

    “Will Jews ever be content? Will their eternal gripe ever end?”

    No! I don’t think the nature of any kind of a Jew will change without real conversion to Christianity and then maybe.

    Only a slim minority of them will see the light and do the right thing and bend the knee to Jesus and the rest are in big trouble and that is being polite about it.

    If Rev 18 is an indicator God is going to deal with the reprobates personally for their crimes against both himself and humanity.

    Not 100% sure about an organized human campaign against Jews in the future but God is definitely going to get em!

  34. Desert February 13, 2018 @ 1:29 pm

    On Monday Syrian forces protecting illegal terrorists opened fire on American forces just outside Washington.

    This was in self defence as US forces had earlier in the week opened fire on illegals trying to storm Washington and take over the government by force.

    The Syrian government released footage of the strike and said it would continue to protect those forces composed of Mexican and other South Americans, African and Middle Eastern revolutionary forces trying to take over the American government and that this was sufficient justification for the Syrian army stationed in the US for the strike.

    The worldwide Syriaan press agrees.

  35. Desert February 13, 2018 @ 2:28 pm

    Netanyahoo has finally come around.

    Speaking at a Foreign Ministry event for 36 foreign diplomats in Israel he said all nations should protect the truth about the Holacaust, always study it and remember it; according to the Haretz Daily Newspaper on 5/2/18.

    He went on to talk about the “greatest horror in history”. Presumably he was talking about the 60 million killed, tortured and imprisoned in Soviet Russia.

    Nice man. I always liked his style.

    I hope the current corruption charges against him also uncover the truth and protect the innocent leading to a justifiable outcome.

    Truth out now.

    Justice for Palestinians.

  36. Six Million Stories February 13, 2018 @ 3:43 pm

    Even prior to WW1, the “Six Million Jews” holocaustic stories were going strong in the Jews Media –

    The links above give proofs that the holocaust is BS. After WW2 the Zionists finally agreed on WW2 as their official time for when the so-called holocaust of 6 million Jews was supposed to have happened.

    Zionists use big lie theory – If the lie is told long enough and loud enough the sheep will eventually swallow it. With their control of mass media the Jews can easily shout down all opposition.

    After WW1, the Rothschilds had the Balfour Agreement, but they still hadn’t replaced the people of Palestine with Jews. The Rothschilds had to populate Palestine with Jews to form their Jewish state of Israel. No Jews in Palestine meant no Jewish state of Israel.

    The prime directive that the Rothschild bankster empire ordered Stalin and Hitler to carry out was to round up herds of Jews and drive them from Russia, Germany, Poland, etc, to Palestine. The six million story was used on low level Jews to scare them into leaving Europe for Palestine.

    So the Rothschilds used Stalin and Hitler as cattle prods to round up and herd Jews from Europe to Palestine / Israel. Stalin and Hitler were used as the motivating forces to populate Israel with enough Jews to establish the Jewish state of Israel in 1948, at the end of WW2.

    The main reason for WW2 was the creation of Israel and the United Nations – the JWO controlled global government.

    The hundreds of millions of Christians killed in WW2 was another big reason for WW2 from the viewpoint of the children of the devil.

  37. David Galea February 13, 2018 @ 5:05 pm

    Why are Jews so evil? Why can’t they be flawed but decent like the rest of humanity?

    They love doing evil so much. It’s perplexing. Look what they did to Germany. Just name the country. Look at what they’ve done in Syria. Well, they were kicked out of England before, but now they run the show in London.

    Just name the country. Iraq, Iran, Syria, America,etc. All are victims of Jewish evil. Jews are raping the nations.

  38. True February 13, 2018 @ 5:52 pm

    Excelente production Report, please keep the good work Bro’ Nath!!!

  39. Robert G Pickle February 13, 2018 @ 6:27 pm

    You are always on spot at the appropriate time.

    And yet Nathanael, the Goyim proselytes back the anti-Christ shem sham of Hashem’s shame with hilarious glee. They all call now for the king of the Jews to be “over them”.

    Thanks, this is a great addition to add to the Noahide News.

  40. Brother Nathanael February 13, 2018 @ 6:48 pm

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  41. Brother Nathanael February 13, 2018 @ 6:49 pm


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    MAIL: Brother Nathanael Foundation; POB 547; Priest River ID 83856

    May God Bless Us & Prosper Us All! +Brother Nathanael

  42. Kiimm February 13, 2018 @ 8:45 pm

    Never fear. Mateusz Morawieci is here.

    Will ultimately make all OK (kosher)! Not to worry. ALL GOOD! He will teach his good people to “harness” their speech.

    Meanwhile, harness (good) energy, block bad. Feel the flow. It’s circular like a carousel…circle…with the music…all good things.

    Meanwhile, all God’s blessings to you and yours, Brother Nathanael. Prayers are with you. Donation went.

  43. Victor Fletcher February 13, 2018 @ 9:50 pm

    For reporting mere facts in our 18 years as a tabloid Toronto Street News has had four major arson attacks with our members being burnt out of their homes and repeated attempts on my life.

    You Americans should be content that you have a level of freedom of speech that does not exist here in Canada.

    When police ask us who our enemies are — which are named in the paper like the 30% owner of the Toronto Star and we tell them face to face — they drop their notebooks and run away.

  44. el hombre February 13, 2018 @ 10:02 pm

    It is amazing to look at international efforts to turn Poles from being a victim of German aggression into villains.

    It is done by quoting feelings rather than facts. The best antidote for this chutzpah is a grotesque.

    It is surprising (or rather not so much surprising) this Polish legislature is missing in this process of defamation.

    Here is a link (in Polish) to:

    On the Amendment to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance – the Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation, the Act on Graves and War Cemeteries, the Act on Museums and the Act on the Liability of Collective Entities for Acts Prohibited under Penalty

    For an imperfect translation into English, use embedded translate function on Chrome or other browsers, or go to Google translate, paste the above link in the left panel, it will show up as a hot link in the right panel translated into English.
    Here couple examples what Poles tried to do to inform the world about crimes:

    ‘The Auschwitz Volunteer,’ by Witold Pilecki
    ( )

    Jan Karski from the documentary film “Shoah” by Claude Lanzmann, French Jew.

    But the world did not care.

    As always is is about money, it is about heirless property — without an heir (= a member of the family to whom property, money, or a title can be left).

    There are different numbers floating but most common is 65 billions. In most if not all legal systems this property goes to the state.

    So it does in the Polish Law.

    Our dear American friends to help us to circumvent the law come with this legal lock pick:
    ( )

    The work on this piece of legislation was slowed down when great legislators realized that it could swamp American courts with American Indian claims, so they came with exclusion and now is ready for extortion.

  45. benzion kook February 13, 2018 @ 10:12 pm

    Israhell is an outlaw, gangster, nuclear terrorist “state” run by racist non-Jew hating abominators. See incog man’s “racist Israel to dump African swartzes on u.s.”

    Anti-national socialist workers party/fascist mass-murdering “Reds” composed one nation under the flag of the Red Hammer and Sickle who exterminated 62 million Europeans in the gulag death camps these filthy liars don’t want you to know about for obvious reasons.

    hell holes run by Kaganowitz, Berman, Goldstein, Yagoda, Bloch, Frenkel and 10’s of thousands of Jew war criminals.

    Trillions are owed in reparations. It will be taken, because these fraudulent, lying holohoaxsters will never honor their debts.

  46. Mike February 13, 2018 @ 10:45 pm

    Great post!

    Thank you Brother Nathanael

  47. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS February 13, 2018 @ 11:07 pm

    France will strike if chemical weapons use proven in Syria: Macron!?!

    President Emmanuel Macron is a JEW WORLD ORDER PUPPET.

    When is President Emmanuel Macron going to attack ISIS TERRORISTS?

    Sounds like FAKE NEWS JEW World Order PROPAGANDA to me.

    USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia destroyed SYRIA.

    US spent $7 trillion in the Middle East BOMBING and KILLING MILLIONS of INNOCENT People also Financing TERRORISTS.

    4500 TONS of ILLEGAL BANNED DEPLETED URANIUM Bombed in the Middle East.

    US must spend $7 trillion in the Middle East on Re-Building the Countries they Destroyed.

    WHEN is President Emmanuel Macron going to ATTACK USA for 4500 TONS of ILLEGAL BANNED DEPLETED URANIUM Bombed in the Middle East?!?

  48. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS February 13, 2018 @ 11:12 pm

    The JEW LIES of the Hitler GAS Chambers.

    JEW OWNED Newspaper The New York Times Report:

    The ‘6 Million Dead’ was proclaimed before a single camp had been liberated.

    The Leuchter Report

    Gas Chamber Expert, The Leuchter Report

  49. ely February 13, 2018 @ 11:37 pm

    Russia Insider: Jews Dominated the Bloody Terror Apparatus of Stalin’s USSR

    This is an article from 2006 written by a Jewish author in one of Israel’s largest online news sites, Ynet. It calls for Jews to recognize their guilt in one of history’s bloodiest crimes. It’s original title was “Stalin’s Jews”

    Here’s a particularly forlorn historical date: Almost 90 years ago, between the 19th and 20th of December 1917, in the midst of the Bolshevik revolution and civil war, Lenin signed a decree calling for the establishment of The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, also known as Cheka.


    Ynet original: Stalin’s Jews (2006),7340,L-3342999,00.html


  50. ely February 13, 2018 @ 11:47 pm



    Russia Insider: Putin’s Phone Call to Netanyahu Put an End to Israel’s Strikes on Syria

    “The quiet after the Netanyahu-Putin call shows once again who’s the real boss in the Middle East”

    Russia’s public response to massive Israeli strikes on Syria last Saturday including on T4 airbase where Russian troops are perhaps still stationed was rather subdued.

    The Ministry of Defence said nothing at all and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs only offered the terse statement that “creation of threats for Russian military personnel in Syria is unnaceptable”.


  51. ely February 14, 2018 @ 12:13 am

    TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army discovered a large cache of Israeli-made arms and ammunition in mop-up operation in liberated regions in Deir Ezzur province on Tuesday.

    The army sources said they were carrying out cleansing operation in the villages of al-Sayal and Hasarat East of the town of Albu Kamal in Southeastern Deir Ezzur when they discovered several warehouses containing a large number of Israel-made missiles, rockets, mortars, shells, landmines and hand-made bombs.


  52. ely February 14, 2018 @ 12:15 am

    Army finds Israeli-made weapons and ammunition in Deir Ezzor Countryside.


  53. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS February 14, 2018 @ 12:24 am

    JEW Criminal George Soros, the CIA, JEW Rothschild Jewish Criminal Mafia, are involved in Hundreds of illegal coup d’état world wide.

    George Soros Staff Exposed Bragging About illegal coup d’état Toppling Democracies.

    Please watch this excellent very informative YouTube Video.

  54. KathJuliane February 14, 2018 @ 1:04 am

    Medical News Today: University of Zurich (UZH) has proven that generosity makes you happier.

    Researchers have found a strong connection between happiness and the performance of selfless acts. Giving to others, they say, activates an area of the brain linked with contentment and the reward cycle.

    “It was also found that all participants who had performed, or had been willing to perform, an act of generosity – no matter how small – viewed themselves as happier at the end of the experiment.

    “You don’t need to become a self-sacrificing martyr to feel happier. Just being a little more generous will suffice,” says Prof. Tobler.”

    Get a little lift today: Donate to +BN.

  55. KathJuliane February 14, 2018 @ 2:58 am

    SANA: Russian Coordination Center (in Syria): Al-Nusra terrorists are preparing chemical weapons to be used against civilians

    Lattakia, SANA- Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim said that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, in cooperation with so-called White Helmets, are preparing and circulating for the use of chemical weapons against civilians in Idleb to accuse the Syrian forces of this act.

    The center stated that one of the civilians in Saraqeb, in Idleb countryside, informed the center about data that Jabhat al- Nusra terrorists are preparing for a provocation by using chemical weapons and broadcast that via a foreign channel.

    It added that the terrorists brought to Saraqeb more than 20 cylinders of Chlorine gas, while the White Helmets have already made rehearsal showcasing unreal first aids pretending to rescue civilians form poisons of toxic gases.

    The center said that the scenes were filmed by professional photographers who commented on the work as “a great work carried out by the so-called White Helmets,” putting a fabric cover on a microphone with CNN logo on it.

  56. KathJuliane February 14, 2018 @ 3:25 am

    How American Media Spin-Doctored the Iranian Protests

    A new poll suggests the demonstrations were not about Iran’s foreign policy.
    By SHARMINE NARWANI • February 12, 2018

    Barely a month ago, Iranians were amassing in the streets to protest against their government.

    Their core grievances, according to Western media and politicos, were the economy, foreign policy, expansionism, and human rights.

    Today, the protests are over. But according to a recent survey by the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (based at the University of Maryland) and IranPoll, only one of those grievances actually provided the spark: the economy.

    “Civil liberties” was at the bottom of the list in miniscule proportion, like 1/3 of 1% = 0.33% – Kj

  57. Desert February 14, 2018 @ 3:55 am

    Without the United States Israel would cease to exist as a terrorist, homicidal, genocidal, manipulative parasite, and not at all unless it decided to live respectful of its Arab and other neighbours.

    The ball is in its court.

    The obstacle to world peace, the only obstacle, is the dysfunctionality of the United Nations.

    The undeclared world reality is that every country in the world is against the United States.

    The undeclared reality is that the United States is destroying the entire planet.

    It may get its way. Trump is the only possible hope for your nation.

    Back him, not everything he does obviously, his hands are tied or lose the race to the bottom of the swamp.

  58. Halina February 14, 2018 @ 4:24 am

    Perhaps Jewish concentration camps rather…? –

    Wojciech Sumliński

    January 30, 2018 Poland 6

    Not even in the wildest imagination working well overtime I would be able to imagine the squeal, that could be heard from Tel Aviv to New York, if the Polish ambassador in Israel demanded from the Israeli government a withdrawal of the act punishing the Holocaust deniers.

    Why therefore, yesterday’s news about the Polish Seym adopting a new law on the Institute of National Remembrance, that contains provisions on criminal prosecution for lies about alleged “Polish death camps”, caused in Israel such a stormy reaction?

    To the point that, the ambassador of the Israeli state allowed herself and on behalf of the Israeli authorities, deny the newly introduced legislation by other sovereign country and informed the public that, “the Israeli government rejects this amendment”?

    Why is this amendment, which defends the obvious truth, causing such an outrage in Israel? Among many others, Yair Lapid the former minister for finance in Israel and the current member of the Israeli parliament expressed that, “There were Polish death camps and no law will ever change that”.

    Why would Israel, a supposedly friendly country, put on the line the apparently good relations with Poland, and instead opposed to the obvious truth strengthening instead and perpetuating the historical lies?

    Why, why, why? ! A lot of questions, but few answers.

    Let’s try to find out.

    As an investigative journalist, I try to stick to facts, which obviously do not require interpretation, because they are just what they are. And what facts do we have in this matter? Let’s take a look at recent history to remind us the things that seem just so obvious.

    Rejecting unequivocally Hitler’s blandishments and unlike many other European countries (Italians, Austrians, Slovaks, Romanians, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Spaniards, Finns and for the first two years of the war, also Russians) from the first to the last day of World War II, Poland was on the right side opposing Germany and the barbaric ideology of the Nazis – that is a fact.

    For loyalty to ideals, fighting Germany on all fronts of World War II and a putting up a tough resistance expressed on one hand in the absence of any forms of state-organized collaboration (as opposed to French or Norwegians), and on the other in creating the largest underground army in occupied Europe, in the Warsaw Uprising and in helping the Jews murdered by the Germans, we paid a terrible price:

    A great tribute of blood and in material and in territorial losses, the looting of our wealth is incomparable to any other country – this is an undeniable a fact.

    After the war, we were betrayed by all allies and sold in Yalta, this time to Soviet invaders and occupiers, suffering the effects of which we feel to this day – this is another fact.

    Despite all these facts, someone (who?) went through a lot of trouble to slap us hard with the label of Hitler’s ally, vile “Nazis” co-responsible for the Holocaust of Jews and the creators of “Polish concentration camps”. Whether we like it or not, we have been pictured with this image today throughout the entire world (who does not believe should watch the video of Violetta Kardynał, “Upside down” about the perception of “Nazis” by American and Canadian youth) – this is also a fact.

    The attempt in passing a resolution by the Polish Parliament that blocks and/or limits the spread of these falsehoods, and the fight for truth has met with a sharp protest and denial of officials and authorities from Israel – this is the latest and last fact.

    So what is going on?

    Let’s forget now about the Polish-Israeli friendship, because no matter how much one may swear by the ‘reality’, it’s clear that there is no friendship here.

    The answer, even though not easy, is paradoxically simple – it is just like in investigative journalism; connecting the dots.

    During all those years of spreading slander about alleged “Polish concentration camps” – mainly in the United States and Germany, and not only – I have never heard any squeaks from any Israeli ambassadors in these countries, any officials or representatives of Israeli government circles, that are otherwise so sensitive about everything concerning Holocaust, that they were against such an overt lie.

    There was an obvious permission to falsify reality and twist history.

    So, is it “just” consent?

    The fury and reaction exposed in some Israeli circles to the new law of the Polish Seym to punish the falsification of historical events and the using of term about “Polish death camps,” caused some masks to drop completely showing more clearly, that what hidden was today, it could be something much more than “Only” permission for lies, and that the reproduction of this kind of slander is simply beneficial for Jews.

    Perhaps, the battling against the lies about Poles as accomplices of “Nazi crimes” (no longer mentioning German crimes at all), and against the wrongful portraying of Poland’s contribution to the courageous fight against German “Nazism” as well as the terrible price paid by Poles in this war stands in the way to the “monopoly” of the Jewish Holocaust Industry?

    Perhaps blocking those lies and revealing to the world the obvious truth could disrupt the functioning of the Holocaust enterprise machinery, which with the help of the US Senate, entered into the decisive stage in finalizing payment of restitution by Poland (in one form or another) of $ 65 billion, which claims would be attributed to Jewish educational organizations about the Holocaust? It cannot be ruled out that it may include both.

    One way or another, let’s forget about the Polish-Israeli friendship, because it’s clear that there is no friendship here, and even if there was any, it would be as once expressed by Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain: “If I was to have such friends, I do not need more enemies.”

    The facts unfortunately show that, there are only cold interests on the other side; in addition – dirty businesses, based on combating the truth and the spreading of mendacious falsehood.

    Germany has paid up and by Israeli account has washed off her guilt! Time to look out for another scapegoat! ( by Admin)

    What to do in this situation?

    It is not true that there is no good way to out, as some publicists have proclaimed straddling the barricade.

    The best and only way to get out of this stalemate situation is, as always, the path of truth. Just like the Saint of our times, Father Jerzy Popiełuszko taught: “You are in the dark, in the fog and you do not know which way to go? Follow the path of truth, and everything will become simple.”

    Have there really been Polish concentration camps?

    Then why the writing remained in German? “Arbeit macht frei”. (German pronunciation: [ˈaɐ̯baɪt ˈmaxt ˈfʁaɪ]) is a German phrase meaning “work sets you free”.

    The slogan is known for appearing on the entrance of Auschwitz and other German Nazi concentration camps.

    Were there Polish Nazis?

    Are we on the side of executioners or victims?

    Poles know the answers to these questions, but the world doesn’t seem to know. Talking about “Polish concentration camps” just “because they were located in Poland,” as the defenders of this term claim it to be – is just as absurd as talking about, for example, “Jewish concentration camps,” because Jews were mostly locked in them. You can use geography-based nomenclature – why then not use statistics?

    Reality can be relativised in many ways, but it is a road to nowhere. Therefore, the only way that has a chance to stop this madness is the path of truth. Period!

    Therefore, the Polish nation and I expect from the Polish authorities and Polish government regardless of the current calumnies, regardless of the unfair international pressure, that it will not stop half-way and will eventually enforce the new law in relation to absolutely everyone who dares to mention the term of “Polish death camps”; even if it means the weakening of relations with some countries.

    Too bad!

    Perhaps this is the price we have to pay in the struggle for TRUTH.

    Let it be the last fight for TRUTH in the most of obvious cases.

    Wojciech Sumliński

    Translated and edited from:


    A Jew can insult me, a Pole,
    Yet I’m forbidden to criticise
    and even to defend,
    for I will immediately become a xenophobe,
    anti-Semitic and a fiend,
    I can only keep the Native Flag …. inside my bag.
    Let’s go back to the war and Hitler though…
    For one saved Jew a Polish family died.
    But why?
    Because they hid you risking their own lives.
    Yet you just now have called us Fascists
    along with the people, who on such a large scale,
    have almost wiped your kinship from the world’s ‘tale’.
    Tell it to your grandma and grandpa if still alive.
    Perhaps they will tell you then
    who the Fascists were and how unkind.

    Were they the Poles in their occupied lands?

    It was your own treacherous kindred that created Kapo,
    in the ghetto camps like Gestapo.
    In order to survive they sacrificed other Jewish lives
    and condemned their own brothers to death.
    Why you do not talk about that?

    What Kapo was you do not boast about.
    But now you slander the Poles
    spitting malicious smear from your mouth.
    Hurling calumny & lies at us
    is your second nature.
    Because a Pole never gave up,
    And in Your defense has often stood up,
    courageously fighting all over Europe as well.

    Yet today Europe kicks him like hell!
    Around the clock the truth is being told
    continuously revived to uphold,
    that perhaps you live thanks to a Pole.

    Finally, let me tell you one truth:
    Even though I feel badly hurt …. I forgive you.

  59. Halina February 14, 2018 @ 4:25 am

    The Holocaust, the Poles, and World War II Memory

    by Marek Chodakiewicz

    A hurricane of recrimination has erupted between Poland and Israel. It all started because the Poles are sick and tired of hearing the scurrilous slander of “Polish concentration camps.” That’s Holocaust revisionism plain and simple. The camps were German and Nazi. However, a bumbling Polish attempt to fix the problem via regulation blew up in Warsaw’s face.

    What began as a historians’ quarrel gone public has spun out of control into a diplomatic row between Israel and Poland. Jerusalem enjoys the support of world public opinion, Ukraine, and, most importantly, the United States of America.

    Warsaw initially suffered isolation but now it has unexpectedly found new champions: Germany and Russia. This has a dangerous potential for the crisis to metastasize into the world of military geopolitics, thus endangering the Western system of alliances, NATO in particular.

    Washington concurs with Israel’s fears that Poland wants to thwart academic freedom and cover up real and imagined Polish wartime crimes.

    Kiev, meanwhile, has joined the anti-Warsaw bandwagon to object to Poland’s condemnation of Ukrainian integral nationalism and its leader Stephan Bandera and his followers, whom the Poles hold responsible for ethnic cleansing and genocide during World War II.

    On the other hand, Russia’s largest political party predictably supports Poland because of its opposition to Ukraine’s extreme nationalists. And Germany has stepped in unexpectedly to admit that, indeed, the term “Polish concentration camps” is quite unfair and inaccurate.

    The disparate stances have been amplified in editorial pages and social media all over the world. On the face of it, the international furor is about an attempt by the ruling Law and Justice party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość — PiS) to amend a piece of legislation, namely the Act of December 18, 1998, regulating Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance.

    According to the newly introduced amendment, Article 55a, “anyone ascribing publicly and falsely responsibility or co-responsibility to the Polish Nation or to the Polish State for the Nazi crimes committed by the Third German Reich” will be prosecuted, fined, or imprisoned. This does not apply to anyone who “has committed this act as part of their artistic or scientific activity” (legal analysis here).

    To disentangle the legalese: first, the new Article 55a seems to contradict (without overriding) the old Article 55 of the same Act. The latter penalizes denying Nazi crimes (including Holocaust revisionism) and Communist crimes (including not only mass murder but also persecution of dissidents and others), as well as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    Second, the new amendment means that no historian, author, or performer will face any penalties whatsoever for publishing or publicizing anything. If so, why introduce the new law? Was it a public relations stunt? If so, it badly misfired for the PiS. Second, one would have to accuse collectively either the “Polish State or the Polish Nation” of collaboration with the Nazis, to qualify as a wrongdoer.

    Nobody half-versed in the tragedy of the Second World War could ever allege anything like this. Collectively, the Poles were victims of Hitler and Stalin and not their collaborator.

    In September 1939, Poland was destroyed jointly by the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. Throughout the Second World War Poland’s government was in exile in the West, a part of the Allied coalition. Thus, since the Polish State did not exist in occupied Poland, except as the leader of the anti-German underground, there was no state collaboration.

    The very name “Poland” was indeed obliterated and its lands were treated as a Nazi and Soviet colonies. Further, no collective national collaboration was possible since the Germans considered Polish Christians as sub-humans and, accordingly, murdered between 2 and 3 million of them (in addition to annihilating over 3 million Polish Jews whom the Nazis regarded as non-human).

    What’s the problem, then? First, Warsaw introduced the law, with a singular cultural deafness, on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27). Second, the amendment as it stands, alone and in legal context, is confusing. Third, the opponents of the law, and their international supporters, including prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have misconstrued the law as condoning Holocaust revisionism and curbing academic freedom.

    On each count, Netanyahu and others are mistaken, as shown above. Yet, the Israelis fear that under the guise of fighting Holocaust revisionism, Poland would bar studying collaboration of some Polish nationals with the German occupiers.

    There are, indeed, postmodernist scholars who qualify as Holocaust revisionists since they argue that “the Poles” collectively are “co-responsible for the Holocaust.” That is just part and parcel of modern academia. However, no one has persecuted them either in or out of Poland.

    Also, the doors are wide open to study individual, group, and even institutional collaboration. For instance, it is possible to study the Polish Navy Blue Police in Poland as much as it is the Jewish Ghetto Police in Israel and vice versa.

    Further, one is somewhat baffled by the diplomatic storm because the Polish government had made the Israeli government privy to the intended amendment and consulted with it for about a year prior to the blowup. Obviously, both sides need to consult more.

    The libertarian perspective would be to have no law curbing freedom of speech, allowing both the postmodernists and the revisionists to spew their venom, as repulsive as it is, as well as anyone else in between. Such a solution stands no chance in Poland at the moment, alas. Law and Justice likes government intervention.

    Where do we go from here? Everyone should calm down. This includes politicians and pundits. Leave the field to scholars. The Poles have taken the first step by setting up a committee for mutual dialogue, which the Israelis have accepted.

    Also, the voices of reason have at last, if gingerly, begun to emerge from the hysterical cacophony of tweets, as recorded by Seth J. Frantzman. Venerable Moshe Arens leads the way: “Blaming Poland for the Holocaust is Unjustified.” Let’s keep it this way. The Polish narrative need not threaten anyone of good will. And no row should threaten the Transatlantic Alliance.


    Source :

  60. Halina February 14, 2018 @ 4:32 am

    A Response to Israel.

    There were no Polish Death Camps.

    Poland did not collaborate with Nazi Germany.

    Poles overwhelmingly did not collaborate with the Nazi German occupiers. Obviously, not all Poles were courageous saints; no one in Poland is denying that some Poles did despicable things, nor is anyone denying that there wasn’t some anti-Semitism in Poland before, during or after the War.

    However, the simple truth is that the camps were designed, created, operated, staffed, and run by Nazi Germany and their collaborators.

    This is a Nazi German crime and referring to them as anything else is an affront to the victims of that murderous regime.

    Shifting the blame of the Holocaust from the Nazi German perpetrators to their Polish victims is effectively whitewashing German crimes and is a form of Holocaust denial.

    In what language is the sign above Auschwitz gate?



  61. Halina February 14, 2018 @ 4:36 am

    Why Israel and Jews now seek war with Poles?

    How can such a small country in the world cause this much storms in Poland? This is unheard of as to how they have changed their view of the Holocaust. They supported not only the thesis of German propaganda, but also the Nazi one. And that’s something that the mind of every Pole can no longer comprehend.

    Yair Lapid, head of the central group Yesh Atid wrote: “I totally condemn the new Polish law that tries to deny Polish complicity in the Holocaust. It was established in Germany, but hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered without meeting a German soldier.”

    In other words, this Jew claims that Poles killed hundreds of thousands of Jews? Has he gone mad?

    One may disregard this statement of a madman, but the rage of the beast in the Khazar Jewish state reaches its zenith!

    All the so-called ‘saints’, led by Netanyahu and the chairman of the Knesset, are condemning the parliamentary law on the Institute of National Remembrance, in which every person, even a foreign person, is to be punished for using the phrase of “Polish Death Camps”.

    What right do the Jews have to once again provoke a war with Poles? Do they understand that in doing so they support the Nazi doctrine?!

    How are Poles to respect them now if they spit on Polish nation throughout our history?

    They wanted to build their own country in the Polish lands called Judeopolonia, but without success. Is that their revenge now?

    They themselves organized and managed ghettos during the Second World War. They thought that when the Germans withdraw from Poland they then would not give up the areas where the ghettos were located.

    They were on the services of the German Nazis and signed death sentences on their Jewish compatriots and even family members in the ghettos.

    After the Second World War, they entered the PZPR Communist structures and murdered the Polish Underground Army.

    It was them, with the lips of the main rabbi in Poland, Schudrich, who called us Poles: the Nazis, just because we dared to profess our freedom in the Independence March.

    And now they are slandering us to the whole world accusing Poles of murdering Jews and even their our own kinship in our concentration death camps! SCANDALOUS!!!!


    It’s high time you ended this hypocrisy, deception and falsehood; otherwise any co-operation or friendship with you will become IMPOSSIBLE.


    Every now and then you create INTERNATIONAL WARS, as well as war with Poles now and with Polish patriots.

    It is you who fuel hatred towards Poles, you act against our people, and you act against Poland.

    You are the danger to the entire human world!

    Why there is no law or act that punishes Anti-polonism yet?

    What is going to happen now with the law on the IPN?

    As it now goes from Sejm to the Senate it must be passed by senators and then it will go to the president’s desk.

    However, will the pro-Jewish president, Andrzej Duda sign this law or will he be disgraced once again by serving the warmongering Jews instead?

    Will the Polish politicians succumb to the Jewish beast and stop the proceedings?

    I hope NOT!


    Why the leftists hate Poland?

    By Jan Peczkis

  62. Brother Nathanael February 14, 2018 @ 9:46 am


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  64. John February 14, 2018 @ 10:44 am

    The Jews will never be happy. We had the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917 last year.

    Where over 70 million white Christians died.

    The Jewish hierarchy of the Communist destruction of Mother Russia are going to pay for their sins.

    70 million men, women and children whose lives they erased – We Will Never Forget!

  65. Larry Chasteen February 14, 2018 @ 10:49 am

    Brother Nathanael, in trying to get all of this in perspective, I’m reminded of the following quote:

    “In September, 1941, the wearing of the “Jewish badge” was enforced in Germany. In October wholesale deportations to Poland started, where in the following year the policy of physical annihilation began to be carried into effect. The Jewish population of Greater Germany in 1938 was approximately 540,000; by September, 1939, the number had been halved, and by 1942 virtually none remained.”

    Germany, The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, p.364

  66. Larry Zingales February 14, 2018 @ 11:36 am

    I know of no group of people other than the Jews who are welcomed into a country only to repay by undermining it through lies, deception and evil deeds in order to take it over and corrupt its people.

    I feel sorry for them. And they will always carry God’s curse until they repent and change their ways …

  67. Desert February 14, 2018 @ 1:05 pm

    The problem for the Poles is that they want to have their cake and eat it too.

    They want to support the Jewish holahoax as long as it doesn’t involve Poland.

    As for the smart person exclusion (scientific and academic) from the proposed new law, that’s just ridiculous – one in all in or not at all. Sorry Poland.

    As for the “I forgive you” response to the Jews attacks that’s just ridiculous. It’s succumbing to and then trying to get yourself out of the false guilt trip complex the Jews have imposed on you.
    There is no forgiveness for wilfull, persistent never ending lies.

    The problem for the Jews is that the above proposed new law exonerating Poles from the holahoax represents a chink in the guilt tripping of all gentiles for antisemitism and on which guilt trip the state of Israel rests.

  68. Brother Nathanael February 14, 2018 @ 2:30 pm

    @Larry Chasteen

    The quote is simply Jews writing fictional history.

    Fake News and Fake History have the same authors. +bn

  69. Brother Nathanael February 14, 2018 @ 2:54 pm

    @Larry Zingales

    You wrote: “I feel sorry for them [Jews].”

    I write back: I don’t.

    I feel sorry for all the goys that the Jews have totally brainwashed and trapped in the vice-grip of self-censorship. +bn

  70. Halina February 14, 2018 @ 7:44 pm


    About the Polish holocaust NOBODY wants to know …


    The Forgotten Holocaust: The Poles Under German Occupation, 1939-1944

    Publishers’ Weekly: Hitler hated Poles only slightly less than Jews; exterminating Poles and other Slavs was part of the Nazi master-plan. During the German occupation, three million Gentile Poles (and as many Polish Jews) were killed by mass executions, starvation or in labor camps; there were 2000 extermination and labor camps in Poland for Jews and Gentiles alike.

    One million non-Jewish Poles were deported in cattle cars to Germany and elsewhere; Polish children were sent to the Reich, where it was determined whether they were suitable for “”Germanization” or should be slaughtered. This eloquent, gripping account of the Nazis’ systematic genocide of Poles, and of the Polish resistance movement, written by a professor at Tennessee Technological University, is exhaustively researched and fills gaps in our knowledge.

    Lukas disputes Holocaust historians who have portrayed Poles as anti-Semites who did little to help the Jews with evidence that Poles of all classes gave assistance to persecuted Jews. To explain the hostility between Gentiles and Jews in the Polish underground, he cites Jews’ close ties to the Communist movement. His arguments will provoke debate, and his important study deserves wide attention.

  71. Halina February 14, 2018 @ 7:48 pm


    Regarding the simple poem, which was found on Facebook and translated into English shows, that there are some kind-hearted Christians still willing to forgive, which is inspiring…

    I personally probably wouldn’t be able to …

    I have lost both grandfathers that I have never met.

  72. B February 15, 2018 @ 12:56 am

    Most people of the earth would not believe that the Zionist Jews declared a worldwide economic boycott war on Germany on March 24, 1933, just 25 days after Hitler started his rule, and that the Jews won this war in 1933 and the Jews forced the Germans to accept the terms of the Zionist Jews.

    But what is most difficult to believe are the terms of the Jews, which was for Germany to accept the Transfer Agreement, which meant that Germany would transport willing rich German Jews and transfer their money with them to Israel and to purchase from Germany and deliver infrastructure for Israel with part of the money that was transferred.

    Germany was in a very bad economic state, and all Germany needed to do to improve the German economy was to motivate many more rich German Jews to be willing to use the Transfer Agreement to move to the desert lands of Israel, where the rich Jews would then have to fight to survive.

    So what would motivate more rich German Jews to volunteer to use the Transfer Agreement? What about German persecution of the Jews?

  73. Halina February 15, 2018 @ 3:01 am

    Poland is attacked diplomatically simultaneously by Israel, the USA and Ukraine

  74. By Way of Deception February 15, 2018 @ 9:30 am

    The history we have been taught in textbooks, the History Channel, newspapers, and the rest of the Jews Media was written to brainwash us, not to enlighten us.

    Mass media teachings about Hitler, Germany, the holocaust, Stalin, Israel, politics, etc, are designed to make us sympathetic to Jews, make white people look racist, make Jews appear as innocent victims, make lies seem true, and truths seem false.

    In Jews media history, the stories and names have been changed to protect the guilty and blame the victim. History is shown as directed by those in power. History is used to promote the powers that be, the JWO.

    You get a much more accurate sense of news and history from Jews media sources if you realize that the truth is opposite of what mass media teaches, especially in political matters.

    The Jews call evil good and good they call evil, as prophesied. Jesus wasn’t joking when he called them children of the devil.

  75. KathJuliane February 15, 2018 @ 9:52 am

    SFGate/AP: Poles abroad asked to report “anti-Polish” statements

    WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland’s senate leader has appealed to Poles living abroad to report to the authorities any statements deemed to hurt “Poland’s good name” — part of a wider campaign by the government to defend the country against what it calls historical untruth and slander.

    The letter, posted recently on the Senate’s website and reported by German media Thursday, is linked to a controversial new law that penalizes publicly and falsely attributing the crimes of Nazi Germany to the Polish nation.

    The government insists it is not to block historical research, but critics say its wording is unclear.

    Israel has vehemently protested the law, adopted earlier this month, saying it could limit discussion about the Holocaust and whitewash the role some Poles played during Germany’s occupation of Poland from 1939 to 1945.

    The United States has also expressed “disappointment” over the law.

    Observers say the campaign, which also includes ads on YouTube, is a means for the ruling Law and Justice party to consolidate its power by rallying voters around the idea that Poland needs to be defended against a hostile outside world.

    In his letter sent last week to Polish organizations in the world, Senate Speaker Stanislaw Karczewski appealed to millions of their members to “document and react” to signs of anti-Polish sentiment and “statements and opinions that hurt (Poland’s good name)” and to report them to Polish diplomatic missions.

    The letter acknowledges individual Poles committed shameful deeds during the war, but that they were not typical of the entire nation.

    In Germany, a senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party called the letter “regrettable.”

    “This partisan tactic consists in spreading the feeling in Poland that they’re being treated unjustly abroad,” Norbert Roettgen told the Thursday issue of the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung.

    “This political behavior by the government and by the (Law and Justice) party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski is a shame and very regrettable,” he added.

  76. Larry Chasteen February 15, 2018 @ 10:09 am

    “The quote is simply Jews writing fictional history. Fake News and Fake History have the same authors. +bn”

    I disagree in this instance, Brother Nathanael, 540,000 is considerably less than six million.

  77. Not Gilad Atzmon February 15, 2018 @ 10:33 am

    Judaism is a religion, and every religion must have a God.

    Some Jews worship G-d, but some Jews claim to be “secular Jews”.

    What’s this? A member of a religious community with no God? No, the God is just hidden.

    Rather than deriving purpose in life from belief in a higher power, these people must get it somewhere else – the Holocaust.

    So, the Holocaust is truly a new Jewish God and must never be questioned.

    Every Holocaust memorial is a temple, and in Europe people are imprisoned for denial of this God.

  78. KathJuliane February 15, 2018 @ 10:41 am

    Israel squeals like a little girl when the shoe is on the other foot and it pinches. From the SFGate article:

    “Israel has vehemently protested the law, adopted earlier this month, saying it could limit discussion about the Holocaust…” Ahem.

    Settler Jews being settler Jews in Hebron. They are truly the crème de la crème of Jewry as a light unto the nations (sarcasm off).

    Capturing Occupation Camera Project in Palestine: Jewish settlers trying to break into the Shuhada street kindergarten in Hebron

    Egads! Reminds me of Night of the Living Dead 1968 original version

  79. KathJuliane February 15, 2018 @ 11:21 am

    Unz Review: Michael Hoffman: The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday

    It was Shrove Tuesday, 1945 in the magnificent German art city of Dresden, which was packed with helpless Christian refugees fleeing the Red Army of the Stalinist USSR.

    Dresden’s native Lutheran and Catholic children, dressed in their festive Saxon folk costumes, were aboard a train taking them home after Mardi Gras parties at different points in the far-flung city.

    Still merry from the night’s festivities, they cavorted on the train prior to Ash Wednesday, February 14, and the solemnities that would be observed even in wartime, in memory of the passion and death of Jesus. In the sky Allied fighter planes caught sight of the civilian train and opened fire on the children inside, whose blood was soon pouring out of the wreckage.

    This carnage registers almost not at all in the American mind.

    The holocaust in Dresden, lasting two days and killing at least 100,000 people, like the atomic holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, usually merits not much more than a few sentences or a single paragraph in the back pages of metropolitan newspapers, unlike “Yom HaShoah (יום השואה) Holocaust Remembrance Day,” in April, which is observed with countless civic, educational and media events, hosannahs, apologies and genuflections, from the Vatican to the White House.

    The barely remembered German and Japanese victims of Allied war crimes were of the wrong race and religion.

    In the spring of 1945, after prosecuting the bombing holocaust against every major German city, and with the end of the Second World War in sight in Europe, Winston Churchill began to consider his reputation in the post-war period, when the 500,000 German innocents he ordered incinerated could come back to haunt him and stain his prestige.

    On March 28, 1945 he issued a deceitful, back-stabbing memo blaming the mass incineration on his own Bomber Command and by insinuation, upon its commander Arthur Harris, whose force would be denied a post-war campaign medal, and Harris a peerage.

    Harris and Bomber Command had been only following Winston Churchill’s explicit orders, yet Churchill attempted to shift responsibility onto the corps of airmen who had suffered among the highest casualties of any branch of the British military.

    Churchill, like many others, endeavored to blame Germany for being the first to saturate civilians with terror-bombs —at Guernica in Spain on behalf of Franco’s forces, and in Rotterdam, during the war with Holland.

    In both cases Churchill stated that thousands had been killed. Even one death is regrettable of course, but less than 100 people were killed in Guernica according to historian David Irving, and less than a thousand in Rotterdam, when the Luftwafe accidentally struck a margarine factory and the flammable liquid burned houses nearby.

    Churchill had said “thousands” died in Guernica, and that 30,000 perished in Rotterdam, which is more than what Deborah Lipstadt says died in the two-day inferno in Dresden (the absurdly low figure of 25,000 is now the officially fixed count to which the “news media” comform without deviation).

    The Germans had pledged not to be the first to bomb civilian centers in Britain.

    Churchill had hoped they would carpet bomb London to give him the excuse to silence the large peace movement in England which was dogging him in 1940, at a time when the Germans had not dropped a single bomb on London, almost a year after Britain had declared war on Germany.

    The British Prime Minister obtained his pretext toward the end of August, 1940, when a lone, wayward German bomber “lost its way flying up the Thames” river.

    It had orders to attack an oil refinery, but instead dropped its bombs on London’s East End. No one was killed thankfully, but Churchill was elated.

    He had the excuse he needed to massively retaliate against Berlin, knowing Hitler would respond in kind, and that the British peace movement would vanish in the smoke and flames of the “Battle of Britain” and the “Blitz.”

    Churchill ordered a hundred bombers to attack Berlin. Royal Air Force (RAF) commanders warned him that the Luftwaffe would do the same to London.

    At this juncture we pause to contemplate the bloody treason that was at the heart of Churchill’s soul: he wanted as many of his own English civilians in London to die as possible, so he could point to their deaths as the justification for a total war against Germany, and he succeeded in his objective.

    Much more:

  80. Ted Gorsline February 15, 2018 @ 11:26 am

    They really ought upgrade the Auschwitz facilities to WW2 standards in regards to its hospitals, swimming pools, little theatres, tennis courts, and soccer fields.

    This way, poor Americans such as blacks living in the south side of Chicago, or wounded, disabled American vets living under highway underpasses in San Francisco and other parts of California, have decent facilities they can visit to improve their physical and mental well being compared to what is available for them now in Jew-controlled America.

  81. Brother Nathanael February 15, 2018 @ 11:32 am

    @Larry Chasteen


    The Jewish Encyclopedia is only counting Jews in Germany that were supposedly wiped out in ‘concentration camps,’ and not counting the remaining alleged 5.5 million from other countries. +bn

  82. KathJuliane February 15, 2018 @ 11:42 am

    Unz Review: Phil Giraldi: Boycotting Israel Is the Right Thing to Do

    Israel’s war on free speech continues

    Tracking the consequences of Israel’s apparent conviction that it should never be bound by the rules and conventions that constrain the behavior of other countries sometimes leads one into dark places.

    The daily torments inflicted on the Palestinians is increasingly a horrific tale that has no apparent end, while Benjamin Netanyahu struts and boasts of his power to do more and even worse, openly calling for war with Lebanon, Syria and Iran on a world stage where no one seems willing to confront him.

    I have chronicled how Israel does terrible damage to the United States, through inciting war, its financial demands, and its unparalleled ability to make Washington complicit in its war crimes and general inhumanity.

    But, as bad as it is, in some areas the worst is yet to come, as Israel and its hubristic leaders know no limits and fear no consequences, thanks to the uncritical support from the American Establishment, a large percentage of which is Jewish, that is unwilling to take a strong stand against Netanyahu and all his works.

    Israel has been particularly successful at promoting its preferred narrative, together with sanctions for those who do not concur, in the English language speaking world and also in France, which has the largest Jewish population in Europe.

    The sanctions generally consist of legal penalties for those criticizing Israel or questioning the accuracy of the accepted holocaust narrative, i.e. disputing that “6 million died.”

    Those attacking Israeli government policies can be found guilty of antisemitism, which is now considered a hate crime in Britain.

    Under the new law, passed in December 2016, Britain became one of the first countries to use the definition of antisemitism agreed upon earlier in the year at a conference of the Berlin-based International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

    A statement from British Prime Minister Teresa May’s office explained that the intention of the new definition was to “insure that culprits will not be able to get away with being antisemitic because the term is ill-defined, or because different organizations or bodies have different interpretations of it”.

    May went on to elaborate how the law“…means there will be one definition of antisemitism – in essence, language or behavior that displays hatred towards Jews because they are Jews – and anyone guilty of that will be called out on it.”

    The Guardian, in covering the story, added that “Police forces already use a version of the IHRA definition to help officers decide what could be considered antisemitism.”

    The British government’s own definition relies on guidance provided by the IHRA, which asserts that “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews” and elaborated that it could be considered antisemitic to accuse Jews of being “more loyal to Israel or their religion than to their own nations, or to say the existence of Israel is intrinsically racist.”

    In other words, even if many Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the countries they live in and even though Israel is intrinsically racist, it is now illegal to say so in Great Britain.

    The British government’s subservience to Jewish and Israeli interests is nearly as enthusiastic as in the United States, though it is driven by the same sorts of things – Jewish money and Jewish power, particularly in the media.

    A majority of Conservative Party members of parliament have joined Conservative Friends of Israel and the Labour counterpart is also a force to be reckoned with on the political left.

    Israel’s complete hypocrisy was highly visible in yet another news story last week.

    The Polish government has passed controversial legislation, subject to judicial review, to criminalize any claims that Poles were responsible for the Second World War prison camps that the Germans set up in their country.

    This has been strongly and vociferously opposed by Netanyahu speaking for the Israeli government, which is apparently concerned that its claim on perpetual and universal victimhood is being challenged.

    Washington is also, to no one’s surprise, lining up with Israel, threatening that the new law might damage bilateral relations with Warsaw.

    Characteristically, no one in the U.S. mainstream media, which is generally supportive of Bibi’s complaints, is noting that the proposed Polish legislation is not too dissimilar to any number of existing anti-free speech laws criminalizing holocaust denial in Europe or criticism of Israel in the United States.

    Nor is it different than some laws in Israel, including the criminalization of anyone who speaks or writes in support of BDS.

    As usual, there is one standard for Jewish issues and Israelis and a quite different standard for everyone else.

  83. Brother Nathanael February 15, 2018 @ 12:56 pm

    New Vid Tonight. Stay tuned…

    Help Me Continue With Amazon Pay. User-Easy! @

    Donate Via Amazon Pay

  84. Citizenfitz February 15, 2018 @ 1:07 pm

    Sadly, Jews went over to the Dark Side – to the “Synagogue of Satan” – which supplanted the Synagogue of God.

    But God knew this might happen and worked it into His plan.

    At the end of the age Jews WILL get their mojo back! and become the holy people they were meant to be. In the end… when they finally give up their stubborn hostility to Jesus.

    But as one of the saints said regarding the end times Jews, “At The Judgment they will show no sympathy for their anti-Christian brethren.”

  85. Brother Nathanael February 15, 2018 @ 1:27 pm


    St Paul makes it very clear that up until the “fullness of the Gentiles” (which is up to the Second Coming of Christ) only a small remnant of Jews will come to Christ.

    This is the teaching of the Holy Fathers of the historical Church (Orthodox and Catholic) to which you and I belong and were united as one Church before the Great Schism in 1054 AD.

    Homilies on Romans Chapters 9-11 by St John Chrysostom are invaluable in understanding end times scenarios of salvation. +bn

    PS Just got your generous donation…many thanks!

  86. Desert February 15, 2018 @ 2:55 pm

    @KJ and All

    The settlers on the West Bank are a real piece of work. The ones causing confrontation.

    Probably informers sentencing people to the hardships of Soviet gulags for saying “the wrong thing” in a previous life.

  87. KathJuliane February 15, 2018 @ 6:49 pm

    Syrianna Analysis:

    Syrian Christians: ISIS, Al-Nusra & FSA are two sides of the same coin

    Trailer for the documentary Tears of Another Genocide.

    The documentary is rare footage taken by Eddie Gaboro Hanna on his last aid mission to Syria in 2017, to help create awareness of the persecution and genocide of Christians.

    The documentary will be screened in various locations in Sydney and Melbourne, stay tuned on Eddie’s page for details.

    Syrianna Analysis: “The U.S. supporting terrorism in Syria”

    The victims of the mortar shells in Damascus blame the U.S. for their losses.

  88. KathJuliane February 15, 2018 @ 7:42 pm

    Gumshoe News: Ursula Haverbeck’s Fate and Why Aussies Should Freely Discuss Holocaust Revisionism

    by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

    Ursula Haverbeck, age 89, lost her appeal last week and is expecting to be jailed for her demand that Germans be provided with specific information about the 1940s Holocaust.

    Germany, France, and other nations have a law forbidding citizens to “miminize” the Holocaust – as it insults the dead and/or incites racial violence.

    In 2009, Adelaide’s Dr Fredrick Toben was held in contempt of court for refusing to delete offensive things from his website. I submitted an amicus curiae brief.

    It was rejected by the judge on the grounds that Toben’s counsel could have said the same things. I print it here as “public domain” in case anyone wants to use it in a similar case.

    My brief has nothing to do with Auschwitz and does not mention the content of the case against Toben. I was speaking for “other parties,” namely, the Australian public.

    In the Federal Court of Australia, South Australia district registry, in the appeal from the decision of JUSTICE BRUCE LANDER in Fredrick Toben v Jeremy Jones

    BY MARY MAXWELL, Ph.D., widow

    The issues to be dealt with, in two parts of the amicus brief, are as follows: … Part One — the need, for schools and universities to continue to impart students the traditional rules governing scientific and historical research, and Part Two — the way in which a jail sentence for a scholar will chill free expression in Australia, mainly by engendering self-censorship.


    Excerpted: The Discipline of History, Too, Has Rules, and Is Permanently Open to Revision

    Historiography, the writing of history, has its own rules. Academic historians guard their field, as scientists do, by teaching students to follow certain protocols of research and writing.

    A person who publishes a history, of any period or place, is expected to justify her writing by presenting the sources on which she relied.

    She is explicitly not allowed to make something up, nor is she allowed to take a wild guess. Even an ‘educated guess’ will be greeted with plenty of criticism by colleagues.

    Thus ‘good history’ is cautious. It states as historical fact only that for which there is substantial evidence.

    Typically, colleagues – who are competitors, actually – publish criticism of history books, pointing to errors or to inferences that cannot be supported.

    Moreover, as every political scientist knows, the rulers of a society prefer that their version of history be the one learned by the people, so that people will not gain power over them via, say, anger.

    Often a government denies having done something that it shouldn’t have done.

    For example, for many years South Australians were assured that no one was harmed by the nuclear explosion conducted by the British at Maralinga. Later it was admitted that that assurance was incorrect.

    Both because new historical material is always turning up, and because there are revisionists with an explicit mission to correct wrongly-told history, it is important that the public know that there are standards by which various histories can be judged.

    To believe otherwise is disruptive of rationality in general. It would be a throwback to the days of prejudice, and could be expected to impinge on fairness.


  89. Desert February 16, 2018 @ 1:23 am

    Trump will never allow the disarment of Americans so why all the false flags?

    They’re pissing against the wind in my view.

    They have – the “deep state” – been exposed, haters for hate’s sake.

    How soon before the part in the Bible about the fall of the money grubbing pseudo powers?

    10, 140, 1,800 – years? Pick a number.

  90. KathJuliane February 16, 2018 @ 7:55 pm

    Dear Halina,

    Polish American Richard C. Lukas is to be commended for his book The Forgotten Holocaust which pried some of the Jewish fingers off of Jewry’s exclusive deathgrip on the Holocaust narrative as a unique event which occured only to them.

    In reality, the entirety of WWII was “the Holocaust” on an epic global scale, no part of the world was untouched and the numbers of war deaths, civilian and military, are staggering.

    No one people’s sufferings top another, not with an estimated total war deaths of 72,500,000 (averaged from different sources) in a particularly brutal, savage and dirty war with multiple sides. That doesn’t count the permanently maimed and disabled.

    Jews, who had the monopoly on “the Holocaust” (“burnt offering” in America and the Anglophone world) and “the Shoah” (“calamity” in Europe) were particularly irked when Russians appropriated the Greek word “holocaust”.

    How dare the Russians apply the word “holocaust” to their own national calamity that resulted in at least the loss of 15-20% of the Soviet population of 170.5 million (1939), which included the loss of nearly an entire generation of young men so that at the end of the war there were about 75 males to 100 females.

    Still a demographic burden today, this WWII population disaster results in the skewed Russian demographic today of 86 males to 100 females. The word “holocaust” was appropriated by both communists and nationalists to describe what they perceived as genocide in the early 1990’s.

    By comparison, the sex ratio is 98 males to 100 females in the US.

    Jews are extremely resentful that they are losing control of the holocaust narrative and its economic and political power, and that “the holocaust” is becoming internationalized.

    Your comment also brought to mind our upcoming Orthodox Lent, at the same time I was digesting the fact that yet another psychopath shot up a high school in Florida and that it occurred on Ash Wednesday.

    And, the Jewmedia will exploit and exaggerate the fact that the shooter is a White Hispanic and the gungrabbers rant about his use of an AR-15 and gun control.

    In the MSM, there was a photo of a terrified school mom in angst with the Cross of Ashes on her forehead in a crowd of parents who were waiting at the school to learn about their children.

    There were 17 killed, and at last report I checked, 20 wounded.

    My own mortality and the Judgement Seat of Christ weighs heavily on my heart today. In the Orthodox Church, this Sunday February 18 is the Sunday of Forgiveness.

    We also commemorate the Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise.

    The Lord’s Prayer

    When teaching men to pray, Christ said,

    Pray then like this: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil (Mt 6.9–13, cf. Lk 11.2–4).

    The prayer “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” has been especially emphasized by the Lord.

    For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you; but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses (Mt 6.14–15).

    This is the point of Jesus Christ’s parable about the unforgiving servant (Mt 18.23–35).

    All men need the forgiveness of God and must pray for it. All men are indebted to God for everything, and fail to offer the thanksgiving and praise and righteousness that are due.

    The only way that God will overlook and forgive the sins and debts of His servants is if they themselves forgive their brothers, not merely in words and formal gestures, but genuinely and truly “from their hearts” (cf. Mt 18.35).

    In the prayer taught by Jesus Christ this is clearly acknowledged.

    What is the “Unforgiveable Sin”?

    The one that a person doesn’t think is a sin. The one not repented of.

  91. LARRY ZINGALES February 16, 2018 @ 8:27 pm


    Checkist 1992 – Russian Film – eng sub (full)

  92. benzion kook February 16, 2018 @ 8:57 pm

    Who is persecuting whom?

    Obviously, as has been stated by Jews themselves, it’s the Jews who have always been the historical haters and persecutors of Christians.

    The rest of their “narratives” are nothing but simple-minded hokum.

  93. Halina February 17, 2018 @ 2:58 am

    A Lancaster County man is asking for forgiveness after admitting he lied about being a holocaust survivor and having escaped from Auschwitz.

    Joseph Hirt, 91, of Adamstown, wrote a letter to LancasterOnline in which he says he lied in a misguided attempt to bring attention to the plight of holocaust survivors.

    How many more such liars are claiming retirement pension and compensation from Poland?!

  94. Halina February 17, 2018 @ 4:29 am

    Dear KathJuliane (7:55 pm ),

    Your comment as usual contains words of great knowledge and wisdom.

    I know The Lord’s Prayer and say it often wanting to forgive.

    Yet, when some of my friends and I get together in family gatherings including some frail grandfathers it is a little heart-wrenching thinking about what I have missed on.

    I do agree that the entirety of WWII was “the Holocaust” on a global scale. Atrocities, including civilian massacres, reprisals, bombing, shelling, mass displacements, disappearances and torture, were the norm. Many families paid the ultimate price during the war losing relatives in the horrific battlefields on all fronts.

    Unfortunately, in such circumstances the resources to help those affected are extremely limited.

    The Jewish leaders in Israel and elsewhere regularly use the Holocaust tragedy to dramatize Israel’s position and the alleged ‘threats’ facing Jews in a sense of victimhood, that is far out of proportion.

    The Jewish claim to victimhood in fact enables them to deny their role in oppressing others.

    Here is an interesting video about the number of Jewish victims.

  95. KathJuliane February 17, 2018 @ 12:25 pm

    Polish Restitution Law – Holocaust vs. Nakba
    February 14, 2018 / Gilad Atzmon

    Reported by Gilad Atzmon

    We learned today that the Polish Justice Ministry is reviewing draft legislation regarding the restitution of Jewish property confiscated during and after the Holocaust.

    On Wednesday, the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) expressed concern over the delay of the law.

    “Elderly Jewish and non-Jewish claimants who have waited over 70 years for justice for their lost property cannot wait any longer,” said Gideon Taylor, the WJRO chair of operations.

    And I wonder how long the ethnically cleansed Palestinian should wait before the Jewish State and the WJRO acknowledge their right to reclaim their land, villages, houses, fields and orchards or shall we just say Palestine?

    One may wonder how is it possible that Jewish institutions are so dedicated to the restitution of Jewish property while being completely dismissive of the exact same right when it comes to the Palestinians.

    I guess that choseness is a possible answer. Jewish victimhood is too often blind to other victims, especially those who were victimised by the Jewish State.

  96. LARRY ZINGALES February 17, 2018 @ 12:58 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    There is a phrase in the Lord’s Prayer that reads “…and lead us not into temptation”. I believe we recorded it wrong. It sound’s like the Lord leads us into temptation.

    I pray as follows which I believe is correct, “And let no one lead us into temptation’ and always deliver us from evil…”

  97. KathJuliane February 17, 2018 @ 1:42 pm

    Dear Larry Zingales,

    You are certainly free to make up what you want of the “Lord’s Prayer” but then it’s not the Lord’s Prayer.

    It is entirely God’s prerogative to send us temptations, or as the Greek uses, “trials” or “tests,” just as He may allow trials from the Devil to afflict us.

    So, now you tell God what He can and cannot do, and tell Jesus Christ that He misspoke.

    This is a phrase which is not easily translated into English from the Greek. In it’s literal translation from Greek into English it reads:

    “And no You-may-be-into-carrying-us into trial but rescue us from the wicked-one (or evil-one).”

    Yes, in the Greek, it’s not just a prayer for rescue from evil, but the Evil One himself.

    When we undergo trials we are tempted to sin, and it is in sin that gives place to the Devil.

    It was recorded that way 2000 years ago in the New Testament Greek, there is no error.

    What we have “received” is an English translation which doesn’t capture the full essential meaning and nuances of this simple sentence.

    There are also the variant English translations of “trespass(ors)” or “debt(ors)”.

    Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev) give an excellent homily on this sentence of the Lord’s Prayer.

    Provoslavie (Orthodoxy in Russian):

    On Prayer XXIX: “And Lead Us Not Into Temptation, But Deliver Us From the Evil One”

    We should remember that evil, of course, has power and can have a negative, even devastating impact on our lives, but only when we ourselves allow it access to us.

    The devil is powerless where he isn’t invited, where his presence isn’t wanted.

    If one goes to church, prays, wears a cross, and makes the sign of the cross; if he fulfills God’s commandments and refrains from sins, then the devil is powerless and has no place in such a person.

    What is temptation and who is the evil one?

    Temptation is a test that is either sent to us from God, or comes from the devil, but is allowed by God.

    Every temptation for us is a kind of endurance test. And sometimes we pass this test, and sometimes we don’t.

    When we ask God: “And lead us not into temptation,” we are as it were saying to God: “Do not send us a test beyond our strength; send us the kind that we can deal with, so that the trials and tribulations that You send will not crush us or kill our faith.”

    The evil one is the devil, the enemy of the human race. With regard to the devil, one needs to avoid two extremes.

    Some tend to deny the existence of the devil and demons. These people – believers or unbelievers – do not recognize the real existence in this world of evil powers; moreover, not as abstract powers, but as living beings, because the devil and demons, like angels, are real, living beings.

    There is another extreme, especially widespread among believing and churchly people, when people exaggerate the importance of the devil, when one becomes so afraid of the actions of the devil and evil powers, that he lives in a semi-paralyzed condition.

    Hence the common fear among believers of the evil eye, black magic, and the like.

    Hence comes about a timid approach to life, when one is scared of everything, when one sees threats everywhere, and when one can’t live creatively, freely, and fully.

    We should remember that evil, of course, has power and can have a negative, even devastating impact on our lives, but only when we ourselves allow it access to us.

    The devil is powerless where he isn’t invited, where his presence isn’t wanted. If one goes to church, prays, wears a cross, and makes the sign of the cross; if he fulfills God’s commandments and refrains from sins, then the devil is powerless and has no place in such a person.

    When does the devil gain strength? When one opens the floodgates and vents in one’s home; when, for instance, one falls into a given passion: say, when one becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol.

    The danger of alcoholism is not that people drink more wine than they should; it’s that it weakens him and opens the way for the devil to get inside his soul.

    Therefore, when we pray to God: “Deliver us from the evil one,” we are asking that he would always grant us the power to refrain from that which gives the evil one power over our lives.

    And if we learn this, then neither the devil, nor any other dark power, nor black magic, nor anything like it can have any effect on us.

  98. KathJuliane February 17, 2018 @ 2:25 pm

    Turning Earth Into Heaven

    August 22, 2017 · Fr. Michael Gillis

    I don’t think I can repeat often enough that the one Greek word peirasmos means both a trial and a temptation.

    These two concepts, trial and temptation, are quite distinct in English and so it’s hard for us English speakers to understand statements in the Fathers such as “this sickness is a temptation.”

    How can a sickness be a temptation if I don’t want to be sick? It doesn’t make sense in English, because in English a temptation is understood as something you want to have but can’t, or want to do but shouldn’t.

    Consequently, many wannabe scholars, like me, who know just enough Greek to hang themselves, say to themselves: he must have meant that the sickness is a trial—i.e. something difficult to bear.

    However, when you read further you realize from the context that he really does mean temptation. For the Orthodox Fathers and Mothers, every trial is a temptation and every temptation is a trial.

    That is, everything in our life that is difficult to bear creates in us a temptation to sin. Whenever the circumstances of my life limit my ability to do or be what I want to do or be, or I think I should do or be, then I am tempted.

    I am tempted to doubt God or even curse God, tempted to curse and blame the people around me, tempted to despair, self pity or obsessing over self-absorbed thoughts such as a continual drone of “what did I do wrong? Why is this happening to me? If only I had or hadn’t done X, Y, or Z.”

    But for many of us, myself included, we are so used to responding to difficult circumstances by falling into depression or anger or self pity or self-absorbed introspection, that we don’t know what else to do.

    We don’t even realize that there is a different way to respond to difficult circumstances. Perhaps we have been taught that trials and tribulations come into our life because of sins (which is true), but we assume that if we could be better people, we would avoid suffering (which is not true).

    Thus we are either thrown into a fit of selfish introspection and obsessing over what we should have done differently, or we rage at God (at least some of the braver and more honest of us do) because we really did try with all our might to do what we were supposed to do, and yet still my wife is leaving me, or my cancer is progressing, or my child is turning away from God.

    How are we to respond when tragedy strikes, when unexpected circumstances, failures or responsibilities keep us from doing and being what we thought God wanted us to do or be?

    St. Isaac the Syrian in homilies 59 and 60 speaks at length about this.

    “Now if, while a man is walking in the path of righteousness, and is making his way toward God…he encounters in this path some afflictions of this sort, he must not turn aside from his way.

    “Rather, he should accept whatever it is joyously, without scrutiny, and give thanks to God, because God has sent him this gift.

    “That is to say, because he has been deemed worthy to fall into temptation for His sake, and to become a partaker of the sufferings of the prophets and the apostles, and of the rest of the saints who endured tribulations for the sake of God’s path, whether from men, from demons, or from the body.

    “For without the bidding of God it is impossible that tribulations should be permitted to arise; but they occur so as to be for a man the cause of righteousness.”

    Please note that St. Isaac specifically points out that the immediate source of the tribulation does not matter.

    The man or woman of God receives the difficulty as a gift from God and gives thanks regardless of where the immediate cause seems to be: from man, from demons or from the body.

    Misunderstandings, false accusations and injustice from people are always a test, always an opportunity for virtue, always a “cause of righteousness” in the man or woman who is following Christ.

    Even demonic attack—as the Prophet Job reveals to us—is an opportunity either to curse God or to grow in righteousness. This kind of attack also includes the attack of unclean and impure sexual thoughts (heterosexual or homosexual).

    Some saints, Moses the Ethiopian comes to mind, are glorified specifically because they endured a lifetime of repeated attacks of unclean thoughts without sin.

    And bodily sickness, either in our own body or in those we love and care for, this too is a gift. It is a gift in that it is an opportunity for the fruit of virtue to manifest, for the Fruit of the Spirit to grow.

    When I was younger I used to think that only overt persecution for the faith, the actual torture and killing of people who refused to deny Christ, I thought only that produced martyrs.

    But the hymns of the Church speak often not of martyrs being made by persecution, but of them being revealed that way. In other words, they were martyrs before they died, which is what made them able to die so publicly for Christ’s sake.

    The suffering for Christ that produces sanctity does not require overt persecution from other people, although that sometimes manifests such sanctity.

    Whenever we suffer in any way, “from men, from demons or from the body,” as St. Isaac puts it, we are tempted. And how we deal with that temptation makes all of the difference.

    Do we turn to Christ or deny Christ (perhaps not so much with our words, but by our actions)? Do we continue to love others or begin to blame, accuse and condemn others?

    Do we thank God for all things, or do we grumble in our hearts?

    It is a temptation. Every difficult and painful circumstance in our life is a temptation.

    And because such suffering is a temptation to sin, it is also an opportunity to deny Christ.

    It is an opportunity to curse God or curse man made in the image of God.

    It is an opportunity to become lost in self pity and never-ending introspection.

    It is an opportunity to become engrossed in the immediate human or demonic or biological causes, and to ignore God almost completely, as though our suffering and difficult circumstance were happening behind God’s back.

    The same difficult or painful circumstance becomes for us the means by which we either grow in Christ or in some way deny Him. And of course what is happening to us never makes any sense in the midst of the suffering.

    That’s part of the temptation. We don’t know why God is letting this happen. We don’t know what God is doing. It just doesn’t make sense.

    And at that point of confusion, that dark night of the body and soul, all we have left is naked trust, naked hope that God is still God despite all of the evidence to the contrary, despite the pain and confusion and injustice of the situation.

    Can we say with Job, “Even if He slay me, yet will I trust in Him”?

    St. Isaac goes on to emphasize that this sort of trial and tribulation, this sort of temptation, is actually a necessary part of our salvation.

    And he points out that this is not merely his own opinion, the Scriptures also say the same thing:

    “It is not possible that God should benefit the man who longs to be with Him otherwise than by bringing temptations upon him for the sake of the truth.

    “Further, without a gift from Christ, a man cannot himself become worthy of this greatness—that is, on account of these divine things to enter into temptations and to rejoice.

    “St. Paul also testifies to this. For so great is this, that he plainly calls it a gift that a man should be made ready to suffer for hope in God through faith.

    “Thus he says, ‘Unto you it is given from God, not only to believe on Christ, but also to suffer for His sake.’ And as St. Peter wrote in his epistle, ‘When you suffer for righteousness’ sake blessed are you, seeing that you are become partakers of the sufferings of Christ.’

    “Therefore, when you are unoppressed, do not rejoice; and when tribulations come upon you, do not be sullen, accounting them as foreign to God’s way.

    “For His path has been trodden from the ages and from all generations by the cross and by death.

    “But how is it with you, that the afflictions on the path seem to you to be off the path? Do you not wish to follow the steps of the saints?

    “Or have you plans for devising some way of your own, and of journeying therein without suffering?”

    The path of all of the saints before us included suffering. And here’s a secret: the path of every human being, saint or sinner, includes suffering.

    Everybody suffers. Everybody dies. No body gets what they want. And even those who seem to have everything, are bitter of heart, addicted to substances of various kinds, and rejected by those whom they want most to love them.

    Sure, one person’s suffering looks easier than another’s; but once you get to know people you realize that the load of pain can be largest in those who seem to have it easiest.

    And here’s the thing, since you are going to suffer anyway, why not use it to become more like Christ? Why not choose, or at least strive to choose, to commit your self to God and trust in Him despite everything?

    This is what the martyrs did. They reasoned, “Well, since we have to die anyway, why not die for Christ? Why not turn necessity into virtue? Why not trade earth for heaven?”

    And so we too, every time our plans are crushed, our hopes are dashed, our health is attacked and our character is maligned, why don’t we too follow the saints and entrust ourselves to the One who suffered all things for our sakes?

    Why not turn what is unavoidable into a virtue? Remember, even sinners suffer these things.

    Why not take the unavoidable suffering of this very broken world and turn it into doxology, into thanksgiving, into trust in the God who raises the dead?

    This is the gift St. Isaac is talking about, the gift to turn death into resurrection, the gift to turn earth into heaven.

  99. Halina February 17, 2018 @ 3:25 pm

    When will Jews pay debts to Poland?

    Debts which value is in billions of dollars, and in gold – because they have enlisted them in gold!

    The US government is obliged to respect its own jurisprudence and international agreements on settlements that were concluded between Poland and the US on July 16, 1960.

    Jews lost their case in the US Supreme Court on March 23, 2006 – reference number Docket Act 02-78-44, rejecting all their claims against Poland and this judgment can not be revised!

    There are of course certain settlements between ethnic Poles and Jew. Jews owe Poland money in gold that goes into billions.

    Poland was the creditor to Jews at least since 1764.

    In general, the debts of Jewish organizations owed to Poland at that time is 2.5 million (two and a half million Polish zlotys then).

    This was counted by the parliamentary committee, elected for this purpose in 1764.

    But how many more loans did not register?!

    Many more smaller loans of the wealthier rural Jewish gentry probably remained outside the census, but so numerous that in total would also contribute to more than million.

    Taking into account the interest payable such as in the Jewish Banks – Jews would have to sell Israel to be able to repay Poland (See F. Koneczny: “Jewish Civilization”, London 1974, p. 311)


    Interestingly such claims had no place when Poland still was in ruins.

    Poland was rebuild with the hands and sweat of ethnic Poles.

    Now Israeli Jews often travel to Poland and they love what they see…

  100. Zionien February 17, 2018 @ 3:52 pm

    Evil Jews and their fixation on the number six — 6 pointed star, “6 million”, 6 day “war”…etc etc etc.

    There’s your “666” mark of the beast!

    And Folks – Don’t forget +BN’s AWESOME VID – The Kosher Seal Revealed!

  101. Desert February 18, 2018 @ 8:57 am


    What I often find intriguing is the reference to 666 being the “number of a man” – singular

    If this is a correct translation it stil leaves open the question – how, and which man?

    Does it mean “any” man – that is one interpretation,or a specific person?

    If the latter, how and why, and then whom?

    And then we have to ask how is this related to the 666 “number of the beast” ?

    Is it because he is the controller of the 666 microchip computer system and therefore that is the reason why this number is ascribed to him?

    Is there further significance in that particular number?

    We have to ask these questions to see what is unfolding in our world. We would be remiss if we did not.

  102. Desert February 18, 2018 @ 9:01 am


    There were 66 people on board the Iranian passenger plane which has just crashed mid flight with no survivors.

  103. benzion kook February 18, 2018 @ 9:45 pm


    I wonder who did that in Iran?

  104. Halina February 18, 2018 @ 10:54 pm

    Israel’s outgoing chief archivist says war crimes are being concealed

    January 18, 2018 at 11:43 am

    Israel’s outgoing chief archivist has warned that “most of the contents of the state archives is closed and will never be opened,” reports Haaretz, adding that historical war crimes are being concealed under the guise of ‘national security’ concerns.

    In a report issued Monday, Yaakov Lazovik summarized the issues faced by the Israel State Archives, which is subordinate to the Prime Minister’s Office, the paper reported.

    Announcing his retirement, Lazovik “said that most of the material in the archives will never see the light of day, and the remainder will be opened under unreasonable restrictions, without transparency or public oversight”.

    In particular, “he claimed that under the cloak of national security concerns, the state conceals from the public material, much of it unrelated to security issues. This includes material that could prove embarrassing to the state, such as human rights violations or that do not add to the states honour”.

    Read: Israel killed 8 unarmed Palestinians in Gaza

    The outgoing chief archivist said that “Israelis have committed war crimes,” and also noted how “the Shin Bet security service was involved in education in the Arab sector,” and “Israel treated its Arab (and other) citizens in a manner that doesn’t dignify a democratic state”.

    According to Lazovik, “if Israel commits acts that a court here or abroad would reject, Israeli citizens should know about this and decide whether they agree with them”.

    Haaretz noted that “Lazovik proposed examining the involvement of the military censor in the archives operation. One can understand the need for censorship in our circumstances, but letting censors decide on non-operational matters is unprecedented in the democratic world”.

  105. Halina February 18, 2018 @ 10:57 pm

    Indeed, why are Poles held to a higher standard or responsibility towards Jews, when they themselves were under siege?

    The German occupation was applied differently in countries such as Holland, Denmark, Norway, and others, because the Germans considered those nations their racial peers.

    Poland was the only occupied country which did not spawn a collaborationist regime, and one of the few which did not produce volunteers for the Waffen SS.

    The Poles did not participate in mass execution as did others such as Ukrainians and Lithuanians, nor did they proactively deliver their Jews to the Germans as did the French.

    The sad fact of the matter is that the World Jewish Congress has made good on its threat to “humiliate Poland in the international forum” if their demands for restitution (for property despoiled by the Germans and later the Soviets) are not met.

  106. Halina February 19, 2018 @ 12:14 am

    Edek Royce House Foreign Affairs Committee

    The Honorable Ed Royce
    House Foreign Affairs Committee

    Dear Chairman Royce,

    The POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS represents the interests of Americans of Polish heritage who are convinced that their ancestral country, Poland, as a key NATO ally, protects United States national security interests in Central and Eastern Europe and promotes the values of freedom and limited government in that dangerous part of the world.

    1. Res. 447, known as the JUST ACT OF 2017, includes Poland among countries, which were Axis allies during World War II, such as Romania and Hungary.

    A parallel resolution H.R. 1226 is under consideration by your committee. It also appears to ignore, or evade, moral and historical principles of high importance, with the result that H.R. conflates victims with villains.

    Poland’s unique circumstances, as a victim nation of German and Soviet aggression in September 1939, which started World War II by virtue of the mutually-planned and executed Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, need to be recognized by Congress in these matters.

    The language of HR 1226 proposes that claims (under Terezin Declaration definitions) could be made against today’s Polish State for crimes today’s Poles did not commit. Stunningly, this completely ignores that the monstrous crimes perpetrated on Polish territory by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were followed by massive property transfers carried out directly by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

    Indeed, Poland’s history from 1795 to 1918 found her wiped from the map of Europe by way of the infamous three Partitions of 1772, 1793, and 1795 that had been engineered by her contiguous imperial neighbors, Russia, Austria, and Prussia (the latter nation being an integral progenitor of Nazi Germany).

    Moreover, the issue of wartime compensation to be paid to Poland as a victim (as identified by the International Military Tribunal – Nuremberg Proceedings) is entirely unresolved.

    These two factors make Poland’s case unique, and materially different from other East Central European countries, like Hungary and Romania, both having been loyal allies of Nazi Germany.

    Today, claims for private property compensation in Poland are decided case by case. This fact alone should give pause to anyone considering imposing on today’s Poland a one-size-fits-all general law on compensation for private property despoiled by Nazi Germany and then nationalized by the communists.

    Poland already has compensated all United States citizens who owned private property in Poland before September 1, 1939. This was done in compliance with the 1960 Bilateral Treaty signed by Poland and the United States. Moreover, in Poland, all claims submitted for compensation by children and grand children (as real persons) of people who lost property have been adjudicated and have been paid.

    Clearly, the purpose of H.R.1226 appears to be the extension of this to other entities or persons as well, an approach that suggests it being an unreasonable and arbitrary overreach by the United States Congress.

    The House version of the JUST Act of 2017, H.R. 1226, unjustly conflates the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II with countries that were Axis allies. By contrast, in North Africa, and in Western Europe, and in occupied Poland, from start to finish in World War II, Polish armed forces fought Nazi Germany as a full state ally of our own United States of America.

    There was no collaborationist Nazi German satellite state on Polish territory.

    The claimants’ bill for their despoiled and nationalized private property on conquered Polish territory during the World War II era should be presented not to the victim nation — Poland — but to the perpetrators, Germany and the Russian Federation, the latter as successor of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    Informed readers recall that the Soviet Union, as an ally of Nazi Germany, invaded Poland on September 17, 1939, two weeks following Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland. Both invasions were not accidental, but rather, mutually orchestrated aspects of the infamous Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.

    It is unjust to lay the groundwork, political or otherwise, to require today’s Polish society to pay extravagant sums to legacy organizations related to victims of loss of private property or that despoiled by Nazi Germany and then nationalized by a regime indisputably established by Soviet communists.

    This amounts to a perverse collective punishment of today’s Poles for crimes of private property expropriation perpetrated by Nazi Germany and the communists (most of them Jewish) on conquered Polish territory.

    Again, Poland has already undertaken a good faith effort, under strict rule of law, to address these matters.

    Clearly, further investigation of facts, or hearings, should occur before action is taken. This is why I encourage you to ask the members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee not to apply H.R.1226 to Poland.

    The POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS, which represents Polish American organizations and communities, wants the House Foreign Affairs Committee thoughtfully to address our concern that our ancestral country Poland receives just and equitable treatment from the United States Government.

    Our sincere wish is to prevent this issue from becoming one that Polish Americans would come to feel has to be redressed at the ‘ballot box’. Those who vote for the application of the JUST ACT OF 2017 to Poland, which is most UNJUST to our ancestral country, run that risk.

    Your gracious consideration, and hopefully, support, will be appreciated greatly by our nation’s Polish American Community.

    Sincerely yours,
    Frank J. Spula,
    Polish American Congress

    Report on Article 55a of the Act amending the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance
    ( )

    A Straight Look at the Jewish Lobby

    The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime

  107. Halina February 19, 2018 @ 12:20 am

    Jewish Communists terribly persecuted and killed thousands of Polish people after World War II.

    One of the tragic examples was the history of our war hero, general Emil Fieldorf Nil, who was a high ranking officer of anti-Nazi resistance, who organized attack on Frank Kutchera – cruel SSman responsible for the death of thousands Warsaw people. After WWII Jewish Communists such as Helena Wolinska, Maria Gurowska and others accused him of betrayal and ordered to kill him.

    After WWII thousands of Polish patriots were persecuted and killed in the Red Terror action led by Jewish Communist, Jakub Berman who was a de facto dictator and an influential minister for home affairs.

    He was assisted by many other important and cruel Jewish Communists such as Salomon Morel, Helena Wolinska, Stefan Michnik, Jozef Swiatlo and many more.

    Morel was one of the biggest killers and was accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. As the commander of the Zgoda camp he was made personally responsible for the death of about 1500 to 2000 people.

    Izzak Flejcharb vel Jozef Swiatlo organized kidnapping of 16 Polish resistance leaders who were deported to Moscow for trials.

    After WWII many Jews took part in installing Communist regime against the will of 95 percent Polish citizens. A Jew, Hilary Minz was the economical dictator responsible for imitating Soviet economy in Poland and for confiscating private properties. Polish private businessmen were arrested and locked in Communistic jails.

    Other Jewish persecutors: Jewish vice-ministers for the Ministry of Public Safety, Mieczyslaw Mietkowski, Moses Bobrowicki and Roman Romkowski (real name Grunspan Kikiel), director of investigation department of MBP Jacek Rozanski (Goldberg), director of 5th Departament of MBP Luna Brystiger – called Bloody Luna (she was famous for her sadism crushing genitalia of political prisoners), director of 10th Department of MBP Anatol Fejgin, Main Shief for Commission of Information Polish Army Stefan Kuhl, called Bloody Kuhl.

    There were numerous Jewish prosecutors and judges hunting for Polish anti-Nazi and anti-Communist resistance fighters: Benjamin Wajsblech, Paulina Kern, Emil Merz, Jozef Feldman, Maksymilian Litynski, Marian Frenkiel, Nachuma Lewandowski, Stefan Michnik brother of main journalist of Gazeta Wyborcza Adam Michnik – real name Schechter, Helena Wolinska –real name Faigla Mindla Danielak, Maria Gurowska – Jewish daughter of Moritz and Frajda Sand.

    Poles did not approve of the new regime after the war, because they experienced the Communists terror during the Soviet occupation in eastern Poland when the Soviets terribly persecuted Polish citizens in the period of 1939-41 .
    For instance, partly with Jewish help the Soviets deported about 1 million Poles to Soviet camps in Siberia and killed thousands of Polish officers in Katyn, Piatichatki and Miednoje.

    One of the NKWD officers responsible for Katyn crime was Jewish Communist Leonid Reichmann called Eichamnn of the East. Therefore most Poles resented communism and desired free and democratic country.

    Unfortunately their rights were denied by the international gang of Jewish Communists, who installed this regime against their will using bloody terror.

    The Red Terror with significant Jewish role in it took the lives of 25,000 – 50,000 victims . According to historian Maria Stanowska, in Poland directly after 1944 about 10,000 people were killed during interrogations by institutions of the Red Rerror, in which Jews had influential positions.

    About 518,000 Polish farmers were arrested by the Communists, because they were against collectivization.

    There were 150 000 political prisoners in the period of 1944-56 (of course they were all Poles).

    According to Polish historian Marek Jan Chodakiewcz Jewish people denounced 3128- 6238 Poles (what is officially recorded). And unofficially….?

    As a result of direct Jewish activity and denunciation after 1944, thousands of Poles were arrested, suffered torturous interrogations, were killed and locked in jails or camps.

  108. Halina February 19, 2018 @ 12:21 am

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki speaks at a security conference in Munich, Germany, on Feb. 17, 2018. (Thomas Kienzle / AFP/Getty Images)

    Israeli politicians accused Poland’s prime minister of anti-Semitism on Saturday for equating Poles who participated in the horrors of the Holocaust to supposed “Jewish perpetrators,” setting off a new chapter in an angry dispute over Poland’s new bill criminalizing the mention of Polish complicity in the Nazi-led genocide.

    Yair Lapid, head of the centrist opposition Yesh Atid party, said Israel should recall its ambassador immediately in response to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s comments, which he called “anti-Semitism of the oldest kind.”

    “The perpetrators are not the victims. The Jewish state will not allow the murdered to be blamed for their own murder,” said Lapid, the son of a Holocaust survivor.

    Labor leader Avi Gabbay said Morawiecki sounded like any other Holocaust denier with the remarks he gave in Munich, Germany, on Saturday.

    “The blood of millions of Jews cries from the earth of Poland over the distortion of history and the escape from blame. Jews were murdered in the Holocaust and Poles took an active part in their murder,” Gabbay said. “The government of Israel has to be a voice for the millions of murdered and strongly denounce the Polish prime minister’s words.”

    Morawiecki was responding to a question from an Israeli journalist at the Munich Security Conference. Asking about a new Polish law that criminalizes some statements about the Holocaust, the journalist shared a personal story about his parents being reported to the Nazis by Polish neighbors. He asked if he would now be considered a criminal in Poland for relating the story.

    “Of course it’s not going to be punishable, not going to be seen as criminal, to say that there were Polish perpetrators, as there were Jewish perpetrators, as there were Russian perpetrators, as there were Ukrainian, not only German perpetrators,” Morawiecki said in response.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also attended the Munich conference, called his Polish counterpart’s comment “outrageous.”

    “There is a problem here of lack of understanding of history and lack of sensitivity to the tragedy of our people,” Netanyahu said, adding that he planned to speak with Morawiecki soon.

    It was just the latest fallout from the Polish Holocaust speech law that has drawn outrage in Israel and elsewhere.

    In recent weeks, Israeli officials have sharply criticized the legislation that criminalizes blaming Poland as a nation for crimes committed by Nazi Germany. Israeli critics have accused Poland of seeking to use the law to whitewash the role of some Poles who helped Germans kill Jews during the war. Holocaust scholars estimate that Poles killed about 200,000 Jews during the Holocaust.

    Polish authorities say they just want to protect Poland from being depicted as a collaborator of the Nazis when the country was Adolf Hitler’s first victim and suffered through nearly six years of war and occupation.

    Israeli Labor party lawmaker Itzik Shmuly, who is pushing for a counter bill in the Israeli parliament to criminalize the denial of Nazi collaboration, quipped on Twitter that “the next step of Morawiecki’s pathetic project to erase the crimes of the Polish people is probably going to be blaming the Jews for their own Holocaust and presenting the Nazis as victims of the circumstances.”

    Morawiecki’s office had no immediate reaction to the uproar in Israel.

  109. LARRY ZINGALES February 19, 2018 @ 11:59 am

    Dear KathJuliane,

    There are many temptations that we sadly fall into because our flesh is naturally weak, but we have a God who will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear; He will provide a way out (1 Corinthians 10:13).

    We can therefore be victorious and then will thank the Lord for deliverance from temptation. Jesus’ experience in the desert helps us to see these common temptations that keep us from serving God effectively.

    Furthermore, we learn from Jesus’ response to the temptations exactly how we are to respond—with Scripture. The forces of evil come to us with a myriad of temptations, but all have the same three things at their core: lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. We can only recognize and combat these temptations by saturating our hearts and minds with the Truth.

    The armor of a Christian solider in the spiritual battle of life includes only one offensive weapon, the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17). Knowing the Bible intimately will put the Sword in our hands and enable us to be victorious over temptations.

  110. KathJuliane February 19, 2018 @ 1:43 pm

    Dear Larry Zingales,

    Tests/Temptations come in all kinds of ways, and not necessarily from personal sin and weakness, although there’s plenty of that, too.

    There are numerous stressors in this world that can be trials that tempt you to sin, and more is piled on all of the time in the digital “post-modern” age. As Apostle Paul writes to the Galatians, the works or lusts of the sarx (“flesh” as in fallen human nature — the mind-body or psuchesoma, and not just bodily flesh), which through its ties to the fallen world and mortality, struggles against spiritual growth and leads one into sin.

    Christians are called to subdue the lusts of the flesh so that they may grow in union with Christ (see Romans 8:4-9; Galatians 5:16-24).

    Natural and manmade disasters, chronic or terminal illness, war or threat of war, bad weather, petty and violent crimes against your person, relationships in difficulties and family problems, divorce, death of a spouse, family member or close friend, job dissatisfaction, unemployment, money problems and debt, politics, bad politics, disputes or grudges between people, addictions, etc. Then there’s traffic jams, getting into an accident that wasn’t your fault.

    Your kids stayed out past curfew. Your football team loses. Antifa, race-baiting Black liberals, and Social Justice Butterflies.

    Even positive things like winning awards, getting married, going on vacation, can all be sources of testing/temptation as exercise in subduing the works of the sarx. What about an unexpected pregnancy? Kids growing up?

    Losing the checkbook or luggage at the airport? Or, heaven forbid, losing the Smartphone!

    Apostle Paul lists some of the works of the sarx: Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders drunkenness and revelries in Gal. 5:19-21. It’s not just actions, it’s also about controlling one’s sinful thoughts.

    In Gal. 5:22-23, Paul lists the fruit of the Holy Spirit: Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, modesty, continence, chastity — under all circumstances and at all times. That takes much prayer, and sometimes fasting. The Holy Martyrs down through the centuries have exhibited the fruit of the Holy Spirit even under torture and cruel, sadistic deaths.

    Every morning I thank the Lord that I have not succumbed to the works of the flesh. Then I pray that He will help me the rest of the day because the next thing I have to do is get out of bed. Lol!

    And, I have a 9-month old kitten who is named Mischief. She used to be Missy because she is a cute tabby, but she’s really a good-natured, furry demon. Just when I thought I had my life under control, Mischief showed up on my back porch one day half starved.

    She’s a sweet kittie, but a head-strong one. She’s always into something when my back is turned when she’s not pestering me with high decibel yowls that my neighbor hears two doors down.

    Half the time she doesn’t even know what she wants, either, but I feel she does it because she knows it gets my goat. She’ll defiantly look you right in the eye, and then start clawing the furniture.

    Thus, this is how the Lord sends tests/temptations, too. The great Righteous Job endured Satan’s engineered disaster after disaster with tremendous patience and forebearance.

    My wannabe saintliness is daily undone by Mischief.

  111. Desert February 19, 2018 @ 3:34 pm

    @Larry Zingales

    There are two separate and distinct stages when it comes to temptation.

    And both are easy to understand by everybody.

    The first is when we are presented with the temptation.

    The Lord’s Prayer is not specifically referring directly to this.

    The second is when we give in to temptation.

    This is what the Lord’s Prayer is referring to when it states “lead us not into temptation” i.e. may we not enter into the temptation and the only way you can do that is by succumbing to it.

    This is what is meant by lead us not into temptation, i.e. may we not buckle and succumb to temptation.

    This is a very profound statement. It asks God to help us to not succumb to the temptations which “must come” according to the Gospel, and for all the reasons quoted by above posts.

  112. KathJuliane February 19, 2018 @ 5:58 pm

    Dear Larry Zingales,

    You wrote: “There are many temptations that we sadly fall into because our flesh is naturally weak, but we have a God who will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear; He will provide a way out (1 Corinthians 10:13).”

    True enough so far as it goes, even if the only way out is through.

    A way out? What if the only way out is death with “My Lord Jesus” on your lips with a knife at your throat, or else apostasy? A great and terrible test, and temptation.

    Three years ago this month The 21 Coptic “Cross Worshipers” of Libya were slain by ISIS.

    Two months later, 30 Ethiopian “Cross Worshipers” were butchered by ISIS — some on the Libyan beach and some in the desert. They died with “My Lord Jesus” on their lips, too.

    These weren’t politicians, nor military soldiers, or they were not armed people, considered to be dangerous people for security. Rather they were young innocent Ethiopian “economic migrants” looking north across the Mediterranean hopeful for a better future, for themselves, their families, and for Ethiopia.

    Their future was not one that they were looking for, but more glorious than they ever expected. The Copts and the Egyptians, both living in suffering and impoverished conditions, spend much time during the week as well as Sundays praying in their churches.

    Initially, it was believed that all of the men killed for their faith in February of 2015 were from small villages in Egypt. However, the name and background of one of those killed, a black man, was unknown.

    Mathew Ayairga was soon identified by friends after being recognized in video footage of the killings released by IS. According to Ahram-Canadian News, Mathew was from Chad.

    Mathew had gone missing in January 2015, captured by one of the radical groups in Libya who have kidnapped hundreds, both Muslim and Christian.

    The video made public on Feb. 15 shows each of the men dressed in orange jumpsuits, kneeling on a beach, with their black-clothed attackers standing behind them.

    Each one is systematically beheaded, and the video clearly shows many of the men praying “Lord Jesus Christ” in their final moments.

    According to reports, Mathew Ayairga was not a Christian. However, when moments before his death the IS extremists demanded that he follow Islam, Mathew turned them down.

    After reportedly witnessing the “immense faith” of the Egyptian believers, he decided to become a follower of Christ.

    On camera, one of the terrorists asked Matthew, “Do you reject Christ?”

    “Their God is my God,” he responded, and he became one of the 21 men laying down their lives for their faith in Christ.

    ISIS vs Christ (RT Documentary)

    In early 2015, a small Egyptian village was dealt a cruel blow. ISIS killed 20 men from Al-Ur because they were Christian. Now their families take comfort from their faith as they to come to terms with the loss.

    The whole community honours the dead as martyrs, Christian and Muslim neighbours alike mourn their deaths and condemn the killers.

    A few survived and are torn between survivor’s guilt and admiration for the courage shown by their fallen friends.

    However hard times may be for this village, the community finds solace and pride in how the martyrs’ faith remained strong to the very end.

    It is through these Christians that Daesh tried to turn into terror propaganda props, that we see how the Syrian and Iraqi Christians assumed their crowns of martyrdom at the hands of walking dead men, their slaughters not made public.

    In 2015, the tide began to turn for Syria when Russia was finally invited in. “How long, Oh Lord?” It wasn’t very long at all.

    Glory to God for all things!

    Christ Conquers All!

    IC XC
    NI KA

  113. benzion kook February 19, 2018 @ 9:15 pm

    Jews are the real crime against humanity, not the National Socialist Workers Party of Deutschland.

    Smears and the big lie are typical Jew tactics well-known to all who are not fools.

    The connection is that Jews ran the USSR, and now the Jews run the USSA.

    Down goes the Jew F-16, then Russian and Iranian airliners are blown up. Definitely moral and legal grounds for declaring war on Israel, the deforciants defiling Palestine.

  114. Desert February 20, 2018 @ 3:15 am

    The Jewish Talmud demands 100 gentile lives for one Jew death, I seem to recall?

    These two airline downings are no co-incidence. That’s for sure, even though the Jewish? pilot was not killed in the downing of the Israeli fighter jet?

  115. Halina February 20, 2018 @ 10:54 pm

    Why Jews are afraid of the truth?

    Historical truth by Ph Dr Ewa Kurek!
    Video – English translation.

  116. Halina February 21, 2018 @ 6:48 pm

    Polish MP Dominik Tarczynski talks emotionally about Jewish, Israel, Zionist fake propaganda

    Listen to this Jew – UNBELIEVABLE!! Polish lives don’t count, no matter how many….

  117. Halina February 21, 2018 @ 6:54 pm


    Jewish police in Warsaw Ghetto:

  118. Halina February 22, 2018 @ 9:05 pm

    Would a Jew save a Pole?

    Here is an answer:

  119. KathJuliane February 28, 2018 @ 9:34 am

    RT: Polish priest sparks outrage after claiming ‘truth’ to Jews is ‘whatever serves their own interests’

    Poland’s Jewish association has accused a Catholic priest of spreading hate speech after he claimed on a TV show that Jews have their own perception of truth, which is often something that “serves Israel’s interests.”

    Jewish people have “a completely different system of values, a different concept of truth,” Henryk Zielinski, a priest and editor-in-chief of Catholic magazine ‘Idziemy’ (‘We are going’) told broadcaster TVP during a show aired last Saturday. He proceeded to claim that truth was a very flexible notion for Jews.

    Zielinski argued that “the truth corresponds to facts” for the Poles but, for Jews, “truth means something that confirms to [their] understanding of what’s beneficial.”

    If a Jew is religious, “then truth means something God wants,” the priest claimed. In secular Jews, “the truth is subjective or whatever serves Israel’s interests.”

    In support of his claim, Zielinski claimed to have good knowledge of Jewish spiritual literature, citing the Haggadah, namely a text that describes the Biblical story of the Jewish exodus from ancient Egypt.

    “Often these stories have nothing to do with facts,” noted the Catholic priest.

    The remarks have caused outrage among Poland’s Jewish diaspora.

    The Union of Jewish Communities in Poland have filed a complaint under laws that stipulate “broadcasts or other messages may not propagate illegal activities… they may not contain content that incites to hatred or discriminate on the grounds of race, disability, sex, religion or nationality.”

    It also lambasted TV host Michal Karnowski for not challenging Zielinski’s views.

    He is not the first Polish public figure to make an odd reference to Jewish people or the Holocaust, fueling the ongoing spat between Warsaw and Tel Aviv.

    In mid-February, Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told the 2018 Munich Security Conference that there were Polish perpetrators in the Holocaust, “as there were Jewish perpetrators, as there were Russian perpetrators, as there were Ukrainian and German perpetrators.”

    The remarks have been criticized in Israel, whose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused his Polish counterpart of an “inability to understand history.” Other politicians branded Morawiecki’s comments “anti-Semitism of the oldest kind.”

    Relations between Poland and Israel began to sour after the eastern European state passed a law earlier in February that outlawed blaming Poles for their complicity in Holocaust crimes during the Second World War, and took particular notice of the words “Polish death camp.”

  120. Halina March 1, 2018 @ 2:54 am

    The international campaign of attributing co-responsibility of the Holocaust to the Polish nation is one of the most shocking and scandalous events in modern history of Poland.

    Poland ceased to exist at the end of September 1939 being partitioned by two super powers; Nazi Germany and Soviet Union.

    In the occupied territories of Poland, Germany built ghettos and concentration camps not only for Jewish prisoners, but also for ethnic Poles, who in fact were the first camps prisoners.

    Poland – in contrast to many European countries – has never collaborated with Nazi Germany.

    Death penalty was imposed for helping Jews in Poland. Nevertheless, many courageous Poles were not intimidated and during World War II they saved over 100,000 Jews, which cannot be said about the passive and ignorant rich American Jews.

    Of all the nations, the Yad Vashem Institute awarded numerous Poles with the most decorations of the Righteous Among the Nations.

    Today, when history is being falsified in front of civilized societies by the enemies of true history – only few stand for Poland. Very few have the integrity and courage to stand on the truth’s side.

    Poles are shocked and saddened that after 70 years, the world fell into amnesia.

    See: Polish #RespectUs campaign sends trucks across Europe to spread message on Nazi crimes

  121. Halina March 1, 2018 @ 3:36 am

    JTA: Poland’s prime minister said some Jews collaborated with Nazis. Scholars say he distorted history. By Cnaan Liphshiz, February 20, 2018

    “Complicity in the Holocaust”: No Double Standard on Polish and Jewish Collaboration

    February 21, 2018

    There are many exculpatory misconceptions, about Jews who collaborated with the Nazis, that are floating around. Here are some of them:

    I. MYTH: Jewish Misconduct Under the Nazis Cannot Be Compared With Its Polish Counterpart

    FACT: It Not Only Can; It Has

    Eyewitness and Holocaust-Survivor Zelkowicz thus wrote of the German-made Lodz Ghetto:

    “Major felonies were committed in the ghetto…Furthermore, we know, things are no different among the Jews than among the Gentiles.” (p. 132).

    With reference to the German-made Warsaw Ghetto, eyewitness Jewish historian Emmanuel Ringelblum wrote:

    (May 25, 1942): “As a result, a smuggler has to buy off four parties: Polish, Jewish, and German policemen, and now civilian agents as well.” (p. 278).


    II. MYTH: Because “All Jews Were Victims”, There is No Such Thing as a Jewish Nazi Collaborator

    FACT: This “Spin” is as Dubious as It Is Recent

    For the first 20 years after WWII, Jewish collaborators were freely recognized–and punished–as such. In fact, the judgement of Jewish collaborators was explicitly modeled after the judgement done to Polish and French collaborators. [Gabriel N. Finder (p. 84) and Shimon Perego (p. 140) in Jockusch].


    III. MYTH: Jewish Nazi Collaboration Was of No Significance

    FACT: It Had a Large Impact on the Fate of the Jews

    Eyewitness Yitzhak Zuckerman thus wrote of the dispatching of 400,000 Warsaw Jews to Their Deaths at Treblinka:

    “When there were hundreds of thousands of Jews in Warsaw, the Germans couldn’t have taken the transports to Treblinka without the help of the Jews themselves.

    “It was the Jewish policemen who caught and took out the masses of Jews. Our blame is that we could have delayed the sentence, we could have made it hard for the Germans, we could have forced them to bring 10,000 Germans to do the work done by 2,000 to 3,000 Jewish police.” [pp. 208-209; Emphasis in original.]

    As another example, Stella Goldschlag, a Jewish Gestapo agent, single-handedly betrayed as many as 2,300 fugitive Jews in Berlin (Wyden 1993).


    IV. MYTH. Jewish Nazi Collaboration Developed Out of the Desperation of the Jewish People Facing Annihilation

    FACT: Jews Collaborated With the Nazis Long Before the Nazi Genocidal Intentions Became Known to the Jews

    Eyewitness Jewish historian Emmanuel Ringelblum wrote:

    “(September 22, 1942): “The Jewish police had a very bad name even BEFORE the resettlement. The Polish police didn’t take part in the forced-work press gangs, but the Jewish police engaged in that ugly business.

    “Jewish policemen also distinguished themselves with their fearful corruption and immorality. But they reached the height of viciousness during the resettlement…And now people are wracking their brains to understand how Jews, most of them men of culture, former lawyers (most of the police officers were lawyers before the war) could have done away with their brothers with their own hands…”

    “Very often, the cruelty of the Jewish police exceeded that of the Germans, Ukrainians, and Letts…For the most part, the Jewish police showed an incomprehensible brutality.” (pp. 329-331; Emphasis Added).


    V. MYTH. Because of Their (Supposedly Unique) Circumstances, Jews Serving the Nazis Cannot Be Responsible For Their Actions

    FACT: Yes They Can. Not Every Jewish Act on Behalf of the Nazis Partook of Either Powerlessness or “Choiceless Choices”

    A Jewish Kapo who savagely beat a fellow Jew, in the absence of German orders and especially in the absence of German supervision, was hardly lacking in freedom to act.

    Nor were Jews forced to become Kapos in the first place. (Gutterman, p. 61, 138; Zertal, pp. 72-73).

  122. Halina March 1, 2018 @ 3:39 am

    Poland, Paradise of the Jews – E. Michael Jones

  123. Halina March 1, 2018 @ 2:37 pm

    Orthodox Jews in Israel defend Poland

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