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Rosh Hashana DinDin For War On Iran

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Rosh Hashana DinDin For War On Iran
By Brother Nathanael Kapner October 6, 2017 ©

‘ISRAEL SEES A CHANGE coming to the Iran deal that will fix it,” said Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer to a group of Jews on Rosh Hashanah.

Guests such as Wolf Blitzer, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (Sheldon Adelson’s rah-rah rabbi for lobbing a bomb on Iran), Abe Foxman (Jews NEVER retire), and Congressman Eliot Engel (even flaming fags love war), cheered their host.

Lifting a toast to his fellow warmongers at his Maryland residence, Dermer proclaimed that Jews finally “have a voice” and can “sound the shofar!”

That shofar, suggests the ambassador, was sounded as a war cry for Israelitish battles against their enemies in days of old and remains intact today.

Trumpeting a renewed battle with, “The rising power of Iran poses a critical challenge for Israel which will act to prevent Iran from establishing a terror front in Syria,” Dermer drummed a coded message into the ears of a willing audience.

FOR WHAT DERMER MEANS is that America, NOT Israel, must expand its troops in Syria to “prevent” an Iranian presence.

Avigor Lieberman, IsraHell’s defense minister, recently said the same:

“We hope the US will be more active in Syria. We are faced with Russians, Iranians, and also the Turks and Hezbollah. This is no simple matter to deal with.”

Of course not! Let the goys die young! Let America’s youth wage WW3 against nuclear-armed Russia and its allies in Syria to keep the Zionist project of Greater Israel afloat.

‘Send us your tired, your weary, your Gentile boys over here to do the dirty work for us,’ is what Lieberman is really saying.

The Amen Choir in DC will chant, “Jews! Jews! Our careers on Capitol Hill depend on money from fat cat Jews!”

And Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, and Bernard Marcus—Trump’s fat cat Jewish donors—will be looking for an Israel-First return on their investment.


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Brother Nathanael @ October 6, 2017


  1. Brother Nathanael October 6, 2017 @ 12:32 am

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  4. Brother Nathanael October 6, 2017 @ 12:34 am

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  5. Anthony Clifton October 6, 2017 @ 4:21 am

    THANK JESUS – – – No one on earth HAS to be a “JEW”….!

    Free Speech for Gentiles


  6. Eileen Kuch October 6, 2017 @ 10:52 am

    @Br. Nat

    Nailed it, Br. Nat! The cowardly Israelis want the US to fight their wars for them, but I say it loud and clear .. NO WAY!!

    Let’s withdraw ALL US troops from Syria (they don’t belong there, anyway) and from the entire Mideast. Shut down the US base in Israel, it has no allies (even Saudi Arabia isn’t a true ally).

    President Trump must gather up some courage and clean house. Fire all the Trotskyists in his Administration, beginning with his own son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Next, he must fire the warmongering, armchair Generals and replace them with those with experience on the battlefield and who have a conscience.

    As for Rex Tillerson, Trump has to ensure that he exemplifies diplomacy. As for AG Jeff Sessions, he has to ensure that the DOJ does its job in prosecuting Hillary Clinton and other crooks for their crimes.

    The American people must come first, this is Trump’s job. He has no choice but to drain the swamp. If he doesn’t, he’s finished as POTUS. His idiotic threats against the DPRK (and now Iran) must end. Period.

    I wish you the best, Br. Nat, on your trip to Boston. I’m sure you’ll have a very enthusiastic audience as you preach the Gospels to them. If DC denizens can cheer you on, Boston residents can do it also.

    As Anthony Clifton wrote, “Thank Jesus .. No one on earth has to be a Jew. Keep the Faith, Bro.” It’s good advice. Jesus will never desert you.

    God bless you always,


  7. Citizenfitz October 6, 2017 @ 12:40 pm

    “For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdeth, do hold, until he be taken out of the way.” – Thess 2:7:

    I used to think Thess 2:7 was describing the “mysteriousness” of evil. But I was wrong: evil isn’t mysterious, it’s ridiculous. St. Paul described it so because the “mystery” is that iniquity/evil somehow manages to prosper in spite of all the attendent absurdities.

    As one example among many I could give: “Stupid” isn’t a word one usually associates with Jews. Yet Jews consistently revert to stupid and predictable tribal behaviors guaranteed to (eventually) enrage the Gentiles they live among – whom they seem determined to provoke. A kind of narcissistic death wish from which they never seem to learn anything.

    Likewise, Gentiles will stubbornly ignore all the scheming and swindling emanating from the Tribe – long after it’s become clear what is going on.

    They’ll even call you an “anti-Semite!” for pointing out a Jew who’s rifling through their pockets. Then all of the sudden they erupt in a collective rage that makes no distinction between the guilty Jews or the innocent. Though of course by the time that finally happens the kikes have flown the coop, leaving the little Jews to suffer the wrath of the mob.

    Jews… when times are good no one will hear anything bad about them. When times are bad no one will hear anything good about them.

    It’s the same as it ever was.

  8. pj October 6, 2017 @ 5:32 pm

    The push to attack Iran is going full steam ahead, Philip Giraldi was just fired after 15 years by the cowards running The American Conservative for exposing the Jews who want war with Iran just as you are doing — good thing nobody can fire you:

    Also Bro, I’m waiting to hear your take on the latest mass shooting, you know, the one in Las Vegas at the nearly all white country music concert the one that they can’t seem to find a motive for after 5 days now.

    I’ve been telling people to stay away from crowds for a long time and even more so since those “ISIS” threats were in the news a few months ago, and they even singled Las Vegas and a couple of other cities as targets, but people keep going to these events. I wonder if some of them are just stupid or if others want to be there for some morbid reason.

    Anyway I was thinking last Saturday that the attack might come then to coincide with Yom Kippur and I was waiting to hear any minute news of an attack somewhere but Saturday came and went.

    When I heard the news about the Sunday night attack in Las Vegas when I turned on the radio Monday morning, it took me a few hours to realize that it just missed Yom Kippur by a day.

    But as a few days went by I became suspicious especially after seeing so many bodies of white women in their cowgirl boots and cowgirl hats and all the other mostly white people running for their lives. And of course these people weren’t Antifa freaks, so I thought I should do a little research on Yom Kippur and below is the message I’ve been leaving on various message boards:

    Just like 911, Jews were not there

    Oct 1, 2017: Motza Yom Kippur, Las Vegas shooter waited until the stars came out at the end of Yom Kippur before he started the slaughter.

    “The night after Yom Kippur ends is called “Motza Yom Kippur,” which means “the exiting of Yom Kippur.”

    “All Jewish days begin at night and end at night. Since it is unclear whether that should be at sunset or when the stars come out, for Biblical practices we take the more stringent approach. Therefore, even though Yom Kippur begins before sunset, it ends the next day after the stars come out”


  9. KathJuliane October 6, 2017 @ 9:39 pm

    President of Russia Received Foreign Ambassadors’ Credentials

    Vladimir Putin received credentials from 20 foreign ambassadors. The ceremony, which symbolises the official start of the ambassadors’ missions in the Russian Federation, took place in the Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace. (English CC): Putin Has Frank Words for New US Ambassador to Russia During the Presentation of Credentials Meeting in Kremlin

    Today Vladimir Putin expressed his opinion of the situation in Spain. The president received credentials from the ambassadors of 20 states.

    Traditionally, the Russian leader outlined his stance on the situation in the world and commented on the bilateral relations with countries whose representatives had arrived in the Kremlin today.

    What does the president think of the Catalan referendum? How to improve the relations with the US? How to settle the Syrian conflict? Dmitry Petrov has the details.

    (Ambassador Huntsman looked a little intimidated just standing in the magnificent historical Alexander Hall)

  10. KathJuliane October 7, 2017 @ 12:45 am

    The vile, obnoxious, evil little Antifa neo-Vandal Wannabees and Black Bloc Bozos are gearing up to go to work on Monday


    Far Left Watch: [Video] Militant antifa group launches “Deface Columbus Day” campaign

    In recent weeks, multiple Christopher Columbus statues have been defaced. Five of which, all occurred in New York. In a recent case, which took place in Central Park, the vandals painted the phrases “hate will not be tolerated” and “#SomethingsComing”.

    It now appears that this ominous message was a warning about a coordinated campaign to destroy more monuments.

    On Thursday, September 21st, a NYC based Antifa group, Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM), announced a nationwide “Deface Columbus Day” campaign in which they called on antifa groups all across the country to take action and “decorate” their neighborhoods.

    As we previously reported, RAM is an extremely militant group that advocates for the violent redistribution of property and they recently hosted an “Our Enemies in Blue” anti-police workshop.

    Although the video they included with the launch of this campaign depicts people physically destroying monuments they did not use any incriminating language in their statement at the antifa news website, It’s Going Down:

    The battles lines have been drawn and white supremacists are on notice. White nationalist statues are crumbling all over the US as our collective revolutionary power is growing. As the monuments of white supremacist society fall we must continue to make it clear that their reign of terror is coming to an end.

    For the occasion of Columbus Day, October 9th, one of the most vile ‘holidays’ of the year, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement is calling for collectives all over the country to take action against this day and in support of indigenous people in the US and abroad who have been victims of colonialism and genocide.

    We are calling for groups to “decorate” their neighborhoods as they see fit: put up murals, wheatpaste posters, drop a banner, etc. On October 9th put a picture of your action on social media and use the hashtags below.

    With these actions multiplied around the country, we will make it unequivocally clear that revolutionaries will always stand with the indigenous!

    [And eventually the vast majority of the “indigenous,” if they haven’t already started to do so, will reject you pantywaists and your methods because they don’t want to be associated with you pests.]

    Revolutionary greetings to the insurgent Zapatista communities, the Lakota warriors, the Mapuche fighters, and all of our indigenous comrades in the struggle. With these actions, we renew our commitment to building a revolutionary movement strong enough to turn the tide permanently.”

    These violent, far-left, extremists are not only coordinating a nationwide campaign to engage in criminal activity, they are encouraging their participants to broadcast these illegal actions and use the hashtags #F*ckColumbusDay and #DestroyColonialism.

    This is an extremely effective propaganda technique and I expect we will see similar campaigns in the future.

    As for this campaign, there is no doubt that we will see more monuments defaced in the coming weeks.

    The question is how will elected officials, the media, and our law enforcement community respond to these premeditated, politically motivated crimes?


    Antifa group calls for Trump’s head with “Make the Guillotine Red Again” posters

    It was recently brought to our attention via an anonymous tip that the prominent antifa website, It’s Going Down, began immediately advocating for the death of President Trump just days after he was elected.

    We’ve previously reported on this same site offering recruiting materials that depict Trump supporters being bayoneted, providing instructions on how to sabotage critical transportation infrastructure, and sharing recruiting videos from violent communist militia groups.

    This new discovery shows that they have been advocating for physical violence against President Trump for much longer than previously thought.

    On November 13th, just days after Donald Trump was elected, It’s Going Down began promoting a downloadable anti-Trump poster that says “Make The Guillotine Red Again” and depicts President Trump under the blade of a guillotine.

    This theme of wishing to publicly execute ideological opponents borrows from the French Revolution and is alarmingly prevalent in far-left, communist circles.

    This theme is also mainstreamed by people like Huffington Post contributor, Jesse Benn who has this as his pinned tweet. [Pepe the Frog under the guillotine, and the executioner is wearing the tri-cornered hat evoking the French Jacobins and the Reign of Terror -Kj].

    Proponents of antifa and the hard left will no doubt claim that this type of violence is only directed at “fascists” but keep in mind that antifa leader and John Jay College professor, Mike Isaacson, believes that “anti-communism is code for fascism”.

    Mike Isaacson @VulgarEconomics
    Anti-communism is code for fascism
    5:21 PM – Oct 22, 2016

    Silly, feckless SJWs who fight every nazi/faschi hiding under their beds, and think they want war. And Isaacson is either a long-necked human giraffe, or a very long-necked Jew.

  11. KathJuliane October 7, 2017 @ 1:37 am

    Phil Giraldi getting fired by the American Conservative “for fear of the Jews” even lit a fire under Paul Craig Roberts and he lets loose with both barrels…

    Has The Israel Lobby Destroyed Americans’ First Amendment Rights?

    Paul Craig Roberts

    The Israel Lobby has shown its power over Americans’ perceptions and ability to exercise free speech via its influence in media, entertainment and ability to block university tenure appointments, such as those of Norman Finkelstein and Steven Salaita.

    Indeed, the power of the Israel Lobby is today so widely recognized and feared that editors, producers, and tenure committees anticipate the lobby’s objections in advance and avoid writers, subjects, and professors judged unacceptable to the lobby.

    The latest example is The American Conservative’s firing of former CIA officer Philip Giraldi.

    ( )

    Giraldi wrote an article for the Unz Review about Israel’s influence over American foreign policy in the Middle East.

    The article didn’t say anything that the Israeli newspaper Haaretz hadn’t said already.

    The editor of The American Conservative, where Giraldi had been a contributor for a decade and a half, was terrified that the magazine was associated with a critic of Israel and quickly terminated the relationship.

    Such abject cowardice as the editor of The American Conservative showed is a true measure of the power of the Israel Lobby.

    Meny seasoned experts believe that without the influence of the Israel Lobby, particularly as exerted by the Jewish Neoconservatives, the United States would not have been at war in the Middle East and North Africa for the last 16 years.

    These wars have done nothing for the US but harm, and they have cost taxpayers trillions of dollars and caused extensive death and destruction in seven countries and a massive refugee flow into Europe.

    For a superpower such as the United States not to be in control of its own foreign policy is a serious matter.

    Giraldi is correct and patriotic to raise this concern. Giraldi makes sensible recommendations for correcting Washington’s lack of control over its own policy. But instead of analysis and debate of Giraldi’s proposals, the result is Giraldi’s punishment by an editor of a conservative publication anticipating the Israel Lobby’s wishes.

    Americans should think about the fact that Israel is the only country on earth that it is impermissible to criticize.

    Anyone who criticizes Israeli policy, especially toward the Palestinians, or remarks on Israel’s influence, is branded an “anti-Semite.” Even mild critics who are trying to steer Israel away from making mistakes, such as former President Jimmy Carter, are branded “anti-Semites.”

    The Israel Lobby’s purpose in labeling a critic an “anti-Semite” is to discredit the criticism as an expression of dislike or hatred of Jews.

    In other words, the criticism is presented as merely an expression of the person’s aversion to Jewishness. A persistent critic is likely to be charged with trying to incite a new holocaust.

    It is possible to criticize the policy of Germany, France, Spain, UK, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, China, Iran, the US, indeed, every other country without being called anti-German, Anti-French, Anti-British, Anti-American, etc., although US policy in the Middle East is so closely aligned with Israel’s that the Israel Lobby regards critics of US Middle East policy as hostile to Israel.

    Despite the failures of US policy, it is getting more and more difficult to criticize it without the risk of being branded “unpatriotic,” and possibly even a “Muslim sympathizer” and “anti-Semite.”

    The power of the Israel Lobby is seen in many places. For example, the US Congress demands that RT, a news service, register as a Russian agent, but AIPAC, before whom every year the US Congress pays its homage and submission, does not have to register as an Israeli agent.

    The many anomalies in the Israel Lobby’s power pass unremarked. For example, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) defines criticism of Israeli policies as defamation and brands critics “anti-Semites.”

    In other words, the ADL itself is set up in the business of defamation or name-calling. The incongruity of an organization created to oppose defamation engaging in defamation as its sole purpose passes unremarked.

    Israel is very proud of its power over the United States. Israeli political leaders have a history of bragging about their power over America. But if an American complains about it, he is a Jew-hater.

    The only safe way for an American to call attention to the power Israel has over the US is to brag about it. It is OK to acknowledge Israel’s power if you put it in a good light, but not if you complain about it.

    So, let me put it this way: Israel’s unique ability to discredit all criticism of its policies as a mere expression of anti-Jewish sentiment is the greatest public relations success in the history of PR.

    The stupidity of the goy is easily overcome by the more capable Jew. Hats off to Israel for outwitting the dumbshit Americans and taking over their foreign policy.

    Perhaps Israel should take over US domestic policy as well. Or have they already? It has been 30 years since the Federal Reserve has had a non-Jewish Chairman, and for the past three years Stanley Fischer, the former chairman of the Central Bank of Israel, has been Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

    Since the Clinton regime, the Treasury Secretaries have been predominately Jewish. We can say that their financial talent makes them natural candidates for these positions, but it is disingenuous to deny the influence of this small minority in American life. This influence becomes a problem when it is used to silence free speech.

    Here is Giraldi:

    Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni

    “Anti-semitic”–“its a trick we always use it”

  12. Big ears October 7, 2017 @ 4:39 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    You say it as it is and welcome to Israel Identity through Christ.

  13. The Elder of Zyklon-B October 7, 2017 @ 6:38 am

    What? Has Dr. Roberts found his man-parts?

    The best line from Kath’s link above:

    “The stupidity of the goy is easily overcome by the more capable Jew. Hats off to Israel for outwitting the dumbshit Americans and taking over their foreign policy.”

    “Perhaps they have taken over domestic policy as well?” he asks.

    Paul Craig still has doubts here?

    He still has some work to do, but I guess this is a start.

  14. Kalin October 7, 2017 @ 8:56 am


    “Marching to Zion” – a video (on that ought to be shared.

  15. Robertvnik October 7, 2017 @ 3:01 pm


    Paul Craig Roberts must have been mulling over what Brother Nathanael Kapner was trying to bring to his attention in the past.

  16. KathJuliane October 7, 2017 @ 3:08 pm


    Syrian troops have sent a birthday message to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Putin was born on October 7, 1952. On Saturday, he turned 65.

    Putin is now the senior head of state on the international stage.

    God grant you many years, President Putin, Defender of Syria!

  17. pj October 7, 2017 @ 4:20 pm


    We won’t be seeing Paul Craig Roberts on Alex Jones anymore.

  18. KathJuliane October 7, 2017 @ 7:12 pm

    Here’s a historical date which ought to be forgotten, but adored especially by the reviving Neo-Jacobin Club and sans-culotte twerps of the communist movement known as Antifa — short for Anti-Fascist Action — which has sparked violence across the nation (and their intersectional political allies):

    6 October, 1791 Revolutionary France (and Andorra) adopts a new penal code which no longer criminalizes sodomy.

    France thus becomes the first Western European country to decriminalize homosexual acts between consenting adults

    The legalization of homosexual acts between two consenting adults came as part of the French Penal Code of 1791, during the French Revolution. The code was sponsored by French politician Louis-Michel le Peletier, who presented the code as a clear guide to crimes and their respective punishments.

    It was a major shift in legal procedure, taking power away from judges and instead outlining explicitly what a crime’s repercussions were. The code was also notable in that it did not adhere to a strict Christian doctrine and legalized sodomy.

    As Jacobin Magazine writes in its glowing, proud prose:

    Officially called the Society of the Friends of the Constitution, the Jacobin Club in the period of Maximillien Robespierre embodied the most radical response to the revolutionary crisis; to defeat the forces of reaction, they found themselves compelled to take radical measures — including price controls, food seizures, and the period of tactical violence that would come to be known as the “Reign of Terror.”

    While in early periods the Jacobin Club had included more moderate actors, the radical wing that cohered around Robespierre — known as the Montagnards — ultimately became the dominant tendency within the Jacobins’ ranks.”

    “Sans-culotte is as sans-culotte does” [the modern Antifa “shock troops”].

    “Constant confrontation with the privileged often violently and in the street, demanding a world in which food is easily available and democracy simple and direct — this orientation, more than anything else, makes a sans-culotte.” [In this Jacobin Club incarnation of neo-Marxist Bolshevism, “privileged” is anyone and everyone who is white skinned and/or conservative, who are painted with a Hitler mustache and tarred as a Fascist=Natsi=White Supremacist],


  19. KathJuliane October 8, 2017 @ 1:42 am

    That ‘Israel Lobby’ Controversy? History Has Proved Us Right

    Stephen M. Walt

    en years ago, John Mearsheimer and I published a controversial article and subsequent book examining the impact of the “Israel lobby” — that is, a loose coalition of pro-Israel individuals and organizations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Christians United for Israel, just to name a few.

    We argued that decades of unconditional U.S. support for Israel — the so-called “special relationship” — is not explained by U.S. strategic interests or by shared values, as is often claimed, but is due primarily to the political efforts and activities of the lobby.

    The result, we also argued, does more harm than good to both the United States and Israel.

    For the United States, the “special relationship” undermines America’s standing in the Arab and Islamic worlds, has encouraged a more confrontational approach with Iran and Syria, and contributes significantly both to America’s terrorism problem and to needless and costly debacles like the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

    For Israel, unquestioning U.S. support for almost all its actions has allowed the decades-long subjugation of the Palestinians to continue unchecked, undermining the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and threatening Israel’s future as a democratic and/or Jewish state.

    We made it clear that the lobby was not a monolith controlling every aspect of U.S. Middle East policy, but rather a collection of disparate groups and individuals united by the aim of defending Israel’s actions and deepening the special relationship.

    We explicitly rejected the idea that anything nefarious was going on, explaining that AIPAC and related organizations were simply part of a powerful interest group like the farm lobby or the National Rifle Association.

    Their efforts to influence U.S. policy are “as American as apple pie.” And we used the term “Israel lobby” to highlight that not all American Jews support these policies and that some key members of the lobby (such as Christian Zionists) aren’t Jewish.

    The book also emphasizes that none of these groups or individuals is solely responsible for the choices U.S. leaders make.

    As the article and book predicted, a firestorm of criticism followed their publication, including more than a few accusations that we are anti-Israel or anti-Semitic.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Our aim was to elicit a debate that would help move America’s foreign policy in a wiser direction and increase Israel’s chances of achieving a durable, peaceful two-state solution with the Palestinians.

    By successfully squelching any criticism of Israel in almost any form, and by encouraging military action against Israel’s foes, the lobby — in our view — had led us away from both.

    Unfortunately for Israel as well as the United States, the past 10 years provide ample evidence that our core argument is still correct.

    Nevertheless, shifts inside the pro-Israel community and in Israel itself may yet lead to positive shifts in U.S. Middle East policy and to a healthier relationship between the two countries.

    There is little question the lobby remains a potent political force today. The “special relationship” is firmly intact: An increasingly prosperous Israel continues to receive billions of dollars in U.S. assistance, and it is still largely immune from criticism by top U.S. officials, members of Congress or contenders for public office.

    Being perceived as insufficiently “pro-Israel” can disqualify nominees for important government positions; one need look no further than Chuck Hagel’s contentious confirmation hearings — and the 178 times Israel came up — to see how crucial a role being pro-Israel plays in achieving political success in this country.

    People who criticize Israel too pointedly can still lose their jobs. Wealthy defenders of Israel such as Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban play outsize roles in American politics, especially on Israel-related issues.

    A number of hard-line individuals and groups in the lobby remain staunch opponents of the sensible 2016 nuclear deal with Iran and may eventually help convince President Trump or the Congress to overturn it.

    The clearest illustration of the lobby’s enduring power, however, is the Obama administration’s failure to make any progress on settling the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

    President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were strong supporters of Israel, and both believe a two-state solution is, as Obama put it, “in Israel’s interest, Palestine’s interest, America’s interest and the world’s interest.”

    But even with backing from pro-peace, pro-Israel organizations such as J Street, their efforts to achieve “two states for two peoples” were rebuffed by Israel, working hand in hand with AIPAC and other hard-line groups.

    So instead of seriously pursuing peace, Israel expanded its settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories, making it more difficult than ever to create a viable Palestinian state.

    Given AIPAC’s enduring influence in Congress and its unyielding opposition to any meaningful compromise with the Palestinians, Obama and Kerry ultimately could offer Israel only additional carrots (such as increased military aid) to try to win their cooperation.

    Like their predecessors, they could not put pressure on Israel to compromise by threatening to reduce U.S. support significantly. As a result, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had little incentive to make a deal.

    So, the two-state solution, which the United States has long sought and Netanyahu has long opposed, is now further away than ever. This outcome is bad for the United States and for Israel.

    Despite the lobby’s continuing influence, however, there is a more open discussion of Israel-related issues today than there was before we wrote our article and book.

    Together with long-term trends in the region and the United States, the ability to speak more openly about Israel is likely to diminish the lobby’s impact on U.S. foreign policy in the future.

    For starters, despite joining forces with Netanyahu to oppose the Iran deal, AIPAC was unable to convince Congress to reject the agreement. This failure signaled a rare defeat for the lobbying group, and a triumph for J Street and other groups that had backed the deal.

    Furthermore, the taboo of publicly criticizing Israel, the lobby or the special relationship has been broken. In recent years, writers such as Peter Beinart, John Judis, Dan Fleshler and others have written important works examining the role of pro-Israel groups in American politics and criticizing their impact on U.S. foreign policy.

    Prominent journalists such as Thomas Friedman, Andrew Sullivan and Roger Cohen have penned their own criticisms of Israel’s policies and the lobby’s activities.

    More Americans have become aware of the complexities of life in Israel-Palestine and are more sympathetic to the needs and desires of both populations.

    There is also a growing divide within the American Jewish community over what is best for Israel itself. Scholars like Dov Waxman, Steven Simon and Dana Allin have documented that American Jews today are less reluctant to criticize Israel’s policies or the actions of the Israeli government.

    The creation of the pro-peace lobby J Street, the rapid growth of progressive groups like Jewish Voice for Peace, and the success of controversial online journals critical of Zionism, such as Mondoweiss, show that attitudes about Israel are more complicated than in the past.

    Reflexive support for whatever Israel does is no longer the default condition for many American Jews.

    These developments are especially evident among young people, and as Waxman emphasizes in his 2016 book “Trouble in the Tribe,” they have amplified divisions between the Orthodox and more liberal branches of Judaism.

    One sees this trend in a recent poll conducted by the American Jewish Committee, which found that nearly 80% of American Jews disapprove of the job President Trump is doing but 71% of Orthodox Jews support Trump.

    The main reason? Orthodox Jews tend to see Trump as more supportive of Israel. Yet even among the Orthodox, a recent survey by Nishma Research found that only 43% of those between 18 and 34 “actively support” the Jewish state, compared with 71% of those over 55.

    These trends stem from a core tension: The vast majority of American Jews remain deeply committed to liberal values, while Israel has been moving away from them for many years now.

    There is a certain tension between liberalism and Zionism, because liberalism assumes that all humans possess the same set of basic rights and it emphasizes mutual tolerance, while Zionism is a nationalist movement that in its current iteration privileges one people at the expense of another.

    Until 1967, however, that tension between liberal and Zionist values was muted because most Israelis were Jewish and the second-class status of Israel’s Arab minority did not receive much attention.

    When Israel gained control of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, the resulting subjugation of millions of Palestinians brought that tension to the fore. The occupation of the Palestinian territories has endured for half a century, and today, certain sections of Israel’s government are openly committed to retaining the West Bank in perpetuity and creating a “Greater Israel.”

    This policy not only involves denying the Palestinian subjects meaningful political rights, but also leads Israel to react harshly whenever the Palestinians respond with violence and terrorism (as happened in response to the two intifadas and in Israel’s repeated assaults on Gaza), further tarnishing its image in the United States and elsewhere.

    But as former prime ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert each warned, in the long run, denying the Palestinians a viable state of their own will turn Israel into a state akin to apartheid South Africa.

    Such a state will be increasingly difficult for Israel’s supporters — and especially liberal American Jews — to embrace and defend against the inevitable criticism that will be directed at it.

    Furthermore, the steady rightward drift of Israeli politics — exemplified by the 2016 “transparency law” marginalizing Israeli human rights organizations, as well as by Netanyahu’s decision to renege on a plan to allow non-Orthodox Jewish men and women to pray together at the Western Wall — also clashes with the political values of most American Jews.

    Even more disturbing, the Israeli government has begun to turn a blind eye to incidents of genuine anti-Semitism, when doing so is seen as safeguarding other priorities.

    Netanyahu was slow to condemn the anti-Jewish and neo-Nazi demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August, for example, and he declined to criticize Trump’s waffling response to these disturbing events.

    Netanyahu also remains on good terms with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban despite Orban’s anti-Semitic campaign against financier George Soros.

    Indeed, Netanyahu’s son Yair Netanyahu recently posted to Facebook an explicitly anti-Semitic meme about Soros, thereby earning a swift condemnation from the ADL.

    These and other events have accelerated what Waxman describes as a “splintering” among pro-Israel organizations. Past depictions of a weak Israeli David surrounded by a hostile Arab Goliath no longer ring true against the reality of a prosperous, nuclear-armed Israel that denies millions of Palestinian Arabs basic rights and uses its vast military power to keep those disenfranchised subjects powerless and afraid.

    Israel still faces a number of security challenges, but, contrary to what used to be the conventional wisdom, it is not weak, isolated or vulnerable to conventional attack.

    Instead, it has become a fiercely nationalistic state pursuing increasingly illiberal policies, which makes it increasingly hard for liberals to defend with enthusiasm.

    These trends, however, have yet to affect Israel’s most ardent defenders here in the United States. If anything, their efforts to silence criticism of Israel have reached new heights.

    How else can one explain the AIPAC-sponsored Senate bill that would make it a crime in the United States to participate in the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, legislation that the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International and the Center for Constitutional Rights have rightly denounced as a direct threat to free speech?

    Even if they succeed in muzzling some criticism in the short term, over time these tactics will turn off many Americans, including large numbers of American Jews who prize freedom of speech, tolerance and human rights, and who understand how important those values are for preserving the security of minority populations everywhere.

    Barring a major shift in Israel’s political trajectory, therefore, the fissures within the lobby — and in the American Jewish community more broadly — are likely to widen.

    If the balance of power in that community shifts in favor of more moderate and pro-peace groups, then there may be a glimmer of hope.

    “Two states for two peoples” will be harder to achieve today than it would have been under either President Clinton or President Obama, but political pressure from a powerful, pro-Israel and pro-peace lobby in the United States is probably the only development that would convince U.S. leaders to act as fair-minded mediators and persuade the Israeli government to grant the Palestinians a viable state of their own. Over the long term, that may also be the only way to preserve a secure Israel and the strong bonds of the U.S.- Israel relationship.

    Stephen M. Walt is the Robert and Renee Belfer Professor of International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School and the co-author (with John J. Mearsheimer) of “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007).

  20. KathJuliane October 8, 2017 @ 1:47 am

    Now for News About the Most Moral Army in the World — Jews and their Deadly “Purity of Arms” Farce

    IMEMC News: Army Abducted 400 Palestinians, Including 55 Children, In September

    The Palestinian Center for Detainees’ Studies has reported that Israeli soldiers have abducted more than 400 Palestinians, including 55 children and eight women, in September.

    Researcher Riyad al-Ashqar said the soldiers, and navy, have abducted seven fishermen close to the shore in the Gaza Strip, in addition to abducting Ramzi ‘Abed, who teaches at the Islamic University in Gaza, when he tried to cross Erez Terminal on his way to a conference in Italy.

    In addition, the soldiers abducted a patient, identified as Fadel Mazen Abu Haseera, 27, also at Eretz Terminal, as he was in his way to receive treatment in the al-Makassed hospital, in Jerusalem, even though Israel granted him an entry permit.

    Three more Palestinians were abducted by the soldiers while trying to breach the border fence, in the eastern part of the Gaza Strip, in search for work in Israel due to extreme poverty rates in the besieged coastal region.

    In the West Bank, the soldiers invaded the home of legislator Abdul-Rahman Zaiden, in Deir al-Ghusun village, near the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, and ransacked it for several hours.

    The legislator was interrogated for several hours at a military base, before the soldiers eventually released him.

    Al-Ashqar added that September also witnessed a serious escalation in the abduction of women and children, as the army detained 55 children, including Mohammad as-Sa’ou, only 10 years of age, who was taken prisoner from his home, in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem.

    The soldiers also abducted eight women, including a child identified as Sally Mohammad Shawwa, 14 years of age, from Jerusalem, and released her later after imposing a high fine.

    In addition, the soldiers abducted three girls, identified as We’am Hamada, Hadeel Sob Laban and Hiba al-Joulani, from Jerusalem, and released them later under the condition of not entering the Old City and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, for fifteen days.

    Al-Ashqar added that the army also issued 100 arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, holding the detainees captive without charges or trial. 33 of these orders were issued against the detainees for the first time, and 67 others were renewals of existing orders.

    The Administrative Detention orders that were issued in September vary between two and six months, and one of these orders was against Professor Essam Al-Ashqar of the Najah National University in Nablus.

    The army also escalated its violations against the detainees, including repeated invasions and violent searches of their rooms, arbitrary transfers to various prisons, in addition to forcing many detainees into solitary confinement.

    Two-State solution? What Two-State solution? There’s not a Palestinian to be seen. They’re all gone!

  21. KathJuliane October 8, 2017 @ 2:01 am

    Of course it’s about the Jews and Israel. It’s always about the Jews and Israel.

    If it isn’t about Jews and Israel, they’ll make sure its about Jews and Israel.

    Even if the Palestinians are thoroughly documented to be the ones who actually live out the Las Vegas-style horror every day under the heavily-armed military occupation of Israeli Jews and suffer constantly being shot, shelled, bombed, beaten, maimed, mutilated, and burned to death.


    Zionist Las Vegas Mayor: “Israel Lives With This Every Day”

    In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, the city’s Jewish mayor said that she might look to Israel for ideas on how to proceed on safety and security in the future.

    “Israel has lived with this every single day since 1948,” said the mayor, Carolyn Goodman, in comments to the Times of Israel. “I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We always have safety first. We have 43 million visitors a year.”

    Goodman is in her second term serving as Las Vegas mayor – and succeeded her husband, Oscar Goodman, who served three terms in office before her. The two are among the city’s prominent Jews, which includes the casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

    Goodman praised the actions of first-responders and the city and country’s ability to come together after the shooting on Sunday night.

    “I am so proud of everybody. The first responders. The people who were there [concert goers]. It could have been worse,” she said. “We are so grateful for the emotional embrace. There has been an incredible response from around the world.”

    Read more:

  22. Ted Gorsline October 8, 2017 @ 7:11 am

    Many years ago I spent five days fishing with a man named Patrick Grotto. He had worked at NBC and knew the entertainment business well.

    He said the Hollywood set were mostly degenerates. He said the country and western people were mostly Christian with good moral values.

    No wonder they are the ones that got whacked.

    There are so many things going on that don’t make sense – like Trump’s daughter marrying the sub human Jared Kushner and all these motivless murders. You have to wonder if the Mossad/C1A are not using scopalamine on targets.

    The killers should be tested for the presence of these drugs.

    Great movie about this mind control drug that steals your free will and makes you do horrific things that you forget.

    Its on VICE TV. Its called “World’s scariest drug” from the borrachero tree and is on You tube.

    Other sources say the plants are now being grown in California. Probabaly on Jewish estates.

    On another Hollywood note. Not long ago, Harvey Weinstein and Merle Creep said they were going to take down the NRA.

    Now we have Merle Creep on film giving a standing ovation to convicted child molestor Roman Polanski. That is a career ender.

    Harvey Weinstein is now caught up in a Bill Cosby type sex scandal. Another career ender.

    Ha! Ha! Ha!- Two more Hollywood Icons bite the dust.

  23. Tony2020 October 8, 2017 @ 1:36 pm

    Viva Catalonia.

    Finally good news they getting off EU imposed debt, developing own economy, no more open borders.

  24. The Elder of Zyklon-B October 9, 2017 @ 8:37 am

    In reference to the jacobinmag link above.

    [The modern Antifa “shock troops”].

    [In this Jacobin Club incarnation of neo-Marxist Bolshevism, “privileged” is anyone and everyone who is white skinned and/or conservative, who are painted with a Hitler mustache and tarred as a Fascist=Natsi=White Supremacist],

    ANY criticism, no matter how mild of Israhellian policy, Jewish agression/subversion, or their in-your-face supremacism will result in one being tarred and feathered as stated here.

    SO, since they are going to call you a “NATSI” no matter what, YOU MIGHT AS WELL GO ALL OUT. Shame the Christ-hating Jew and tell the truth.

    Come on Dr. Roberts, let it all hang out. Give Brother Nathanael a call. He is there to help.

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