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What To Do If Hillary Wins

Dear Diary Articles, Elections 2016

What To Do If Hillary Wins
By Brother Nathanael Kapner November 5, 2016 ©

A TERRIBLE DREAD, Dear Diary, has crept over me with the thought that Clinton could be elected president on Tuesday.

Sometimes it feels like a deep depression and other times a feeling of defeat.

The Jews will win big with Hillary. They were by her side in Arkansas, and have owned her ever since they made her senator from New York. Political careers go nowhere in New York unless you sell your soul to the Jews.

And although Trump is up to his ears in Jews, (for starters, his daughter Ivanka married into the powerful Kushner real-estate dynasty), he still has a huge ego.

That means if Trump feels like he’s being pushed around or threatened by Jews, his ego won’t allow him to cower. That’s a plus when dealing with treachery and intrigue. Jews aren’t called the children of the devil for nothing.

And besides, Trump’s a maverick, and his proposed End The Offshoring Act is a troublesome issue for Jewish Wall Street…who will push Congress not to act on it, or add so many legal conditions that it is rendered toothless and useless.

Jewish finance owns Clinton and you can kiss your jobs goodbye forever if she’s elected.

Jewish Wall Street also owns the arms companies and you can kiss peace with Russia goodbye if Killary wins.

And any FBI investigation into her Clinton Foundation and emails will hit a brick wall if she gets in with a Clinton-loyal DOJ starting at AG on down.

Speaking of on down, Wiener is just a metaphor for getting screwed over by Jewish money and media power. Clinton gets a pass and everyone else gets the shaft.

A DEEPER DESPONDENCY kicks in if Hillary’s elected president.

And that’s the specter of Bill Clinton occupying the Devil’s House once again.

For while Hillary is hosting LGBT dinners, Bill will be banging on every young intern he can get behind the devil’s doors.

Which brings me to my point, what to do if Hillary gets in:

1. Leave the country. (Not practical)

2. Go off-grid. (A no-go in JewSA’s police state)

3. Engage in civil disobedience. (Chertoff and friends at DHS will snuff it out in a minute)

4. Throw a blanket over your head and earplugs in your ears for you’ll be hearing Hillary screeching for 4 more years.

WELL, THE OPTIONS don’t look good. Best to resign ourselves to the destruction of America under Hillary: morally, spiritually, economically, and demographically.

And best to circle the wagons in your traditional churches, because Christianity is the new counter-culture.

But, wait, there is something we can do. We can build bomb shelters like we did during the Cuban Missile Crisis, following the infamous Bay of Pigs.

For this political pig, Hillary Clinton, will do the bidding of George Soros and her billionaire Jewish donors, to bring on a nuclear war with Russia.

It’s called “population reduction,” “getting even,” and “satisfying a grudge.” Jews don’t take defeat in the Middle East vis-a-vis the Russian intervention in Syria lying down.

But bomb shelters, dear diary, could be our only and last defense.


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Brother Nathanael @ November 5, 2016


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  3. Brother Nathanael November 5, 2016 @ 6:09 pm

    Dear All –

    Had to postpone my San Francisco Street Evangelism trip due to feeling rather sick.

    But I’m feeling MUCH better now. Thank you all for your prayers and support!


  4. Christian November 5, 2016 @ 6:47 pm

    Come Tuesday everything changes.

    Over the years I’ve enjoyed your dedication to spreading grace and truth through the Gospel of Christ.

    We will cast our votes and if they are not successful, we will simply stop playing the game and shut everything down.

    When there’s no signals transcending the bandwidth, no fuel at the stations, empty shelves at the Wally worlds… people will make their final choice.

    Win or lose, the line will be drawn and the question is where we, you and I, stand?

  5. Daniel November 5, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

    Yes, it will be Very Interesting to see how it will play out.

    We’re ready for the worst.

    AND We’re ready for the Best.

    We’ll be putting up the Christmas lights if Don wins.

    If things get bad and the economy tanks with Clinton, we’ve already gotten accustomed to eating from cans, heating with wood, and stretching a dollar.

    Here We GO!

  6. GRXS November 5, 2016 @ 7:01 pm

    I find it hard to believe that either side would use nuclear weapons.

    They must be planning to use all other types. I mean what good is it to win or get your way if the land is uninhabitable?

    I’m also aware of prophecies that the West will send missiles (look up locusts with fire tails) on the East. I don’t think nuclear.

    The OT does say that Meschech (European Russia) is in for it.

    Further, I expect that Russia will know everything that US is planning in real time. Because of the Jews and ethnic Russians working in the govt.

    Regardless of what names they use. Remember, Al Gore taught us that “racial profiling” is forbidden.

  7. Brother George November 5, 2016 @ 7:15 pm

    Soon the trumpets will sound.

    The beasts of perdition will flock like demons to stand beside Satan’s own, Hillary “The Beast” Clinton, to steal the election from Trump, and install the JWO (Jew world order) to forever enslave the goyims and destroy Christianity.

    I pray that God Almighty and his only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, call down the wrath of heaven upon these foul beasts and cast them into the ever burning BLAST FURNACES OF HELL.

  8. Chris November 5, 2016 @ 7:37 pm

    Don’t worry too much; their time here is very short.

    They all make up satan’s Zio “beast”/human temple with all of its hidden hands… also all guided by Satan’s hidden hand. All who willingly took the mark into their heads.

    And all who worship the Zio beast (includes Trump)…. for the number of the beast 666 is the number of man (and plenty of selfish females too).

    Typically their all reptilian-dominant brain “tares” anyway – full of pride and arrogance, they’re thin-skinned and highly insecure, selfish, cunning and conniving, sadistic, they’re extremely devious… which is definitely their dominate trait.

    The ratio worldwide of reptiles to non-reptiles I’d guess to be 10:1. Maybe slightly less.

    Lucifer and her Talmudic lizards REALLY effed themselves good this time. It’s really the only talent they seem to have.

  9. Gordius November 5, 2016 @ 7:51 pm

    Hey Brother N,

    Thanks for all you do. We are truly at a turning point in history – quite possibly the end for a significant portion of the population. I firmly believe that if Clinton steals this election, the US will likely see WWIII and very likely a Civil War.

    I’d suggest that people research “Leaderless Resistance” by Louis Beam.

    God Bless – and may he watch over all of us.


  10. KC November 5, 2016 @ 8:04 pm

    I pray it’s not Hillary.

    She looks demonic and her husband like a walking corpse.

  11. BN For President 2016 November 5, 2016 @ 8:47 pm

    Trump will win by a wide margin – assuming no levels of massive vote fraud, and the last frontier, the electronic database management systems which will be centralized, and then from there report to the slimeworks (MSM media).

    With Project Veritas, the Demonrats were called out on their numerous methodologies to fix the vote, and even though the voter registrar offices are swarming with demonic operatives, because of the heightened focus on the tricks of the Democrats, there will be a few non-demonrats present keeping a close eye.

    With all the scrutiny on the process, esp with the RNC placing pressure on all 50 states, it might be a lot harder to rig the #s than it might have been otherwise.

    Now that I have addressed that contingency, we can turn to more conventional points and analysis.

    First, it is a lie to say your vote does not count. If that were true, the evil empire would not invest so much money, time and energy to manipulate your mind to think one way or the other. I don’t think Trump is a co-conspirator.

    I think it is possible that TPTB drew Trump in because they actually did not want Hellary to win. Had there been no Trump, Hellary would have had pretty much zero opposition. The Jew-controlled media gave Trump wall to wall media coverage for his ideas, and with that level of free advertising, surely that would have helped his chances.

    Now, with all the Wikileaks, and the predictable backlash of a media so obviously colluding to get what most sane people see as a totally corrupted skank to ‘win’ the WH, this elevates the rage factor, and passion to resist the female Beast.

    Contrary to what some believe, there will be no WWIII, nukes will not fly, etc. The Jews already floated that one, and the idea has been resoundingly rejected all over the world.

    The lifeblood (the funding source) of the Zionist insurgency is their counterfeit money, and right now the viability of one of their most prized debt units – the Federal Reserve Note – is under heavy fire.

    The only path to restoring credibility in the ‘currency’, and hence the entire money scam they operate, is to raise the ‘price’ of their commodity, by making it more scarce, creating the necessary illusion of its value.

    If the counterfeit money system shuts down, I suspect a lot of the hot show ‘monied’ Jews dont have early enough gold and silver to cover their bet, and the lights go completely out on their scam.

    WWIII would have been excellent cover for a massive clamp on money supply, and a resulting escalation in rates to ‘save’ their crappy currency (on which the entire edifice of Western economies rely – scary, I know), but that idea was floated and is a non-starter.

    The next best thing, the obvious thing, is the get Trump in the WH, and start raising rates, built on the new cover of Trump’s ‘reckless’ trade deals, and misc. economic policies. It is much cleaner this way, the ‘bankers’ get their sage with the perfect patsy to blame it on (like the market collapse that will result).

    Some think that Trump can still outfox the fox here, but Nicholas Biddle almost destroyed the USA after Jackson went after him, with Jackson just barely winning that war.

    However, today, a far greater machine is in place by the Zionist insurgency; it’s tentacles and reach are just far too pervasive, the network of their money system too complex and deep for one man (Trump) to get in front of. The plan (my idea) all along was to dump on Trump.

    Once he is in office, he will be the useful fool for the media, and they will attack him relentlessly, destroying any last vestige of any part of his patriotic message, and all the blame for the economic chaos the collapse of the money supply causes will be laid squarely at the feet of Trump.

    So, the above lays out the motivation, and the psy-op mind game of drawing in Trump into this process. Now we look at polling data.

    In 2000, the R/D ration was close to even. 2004 a little better for D. 2008 +6 for D and 2012 +2 for D. This is the statistical data the pollsters are relying on to support their presumption that in 2016 D will have a +9% advantage in voter turnout.

    The trend had been essentially even, until 2008, when America was really hating on Bush. SO the 6% differential makes sense. But in 2012, the data fell back to the mean. How these pollsters now leap to a +9% advantage – just on that basis – is really laughable.

    Interesting to note, with a +9% advantage in Democrat/Republican sampling for polling purposes, the results still only give Hellary a 3%-5% advantage. These 12% – 14% ‘landslide’ polls for Hellary are total outliers, and only recently ABC and WaPo have been ‘fixing’ those joke polls so they are not totally embarrassed when the real results come in (and they KNOW what the REAL #s are).

    If the voter turnout is EVEN between Republicans and Democrats (I think that is a BEST case scenario for Democrats), if Hellary, with Democrat +9% poll sampling can only manage a 5% lead, that means Trump wins by 4%.

    Yet, you have to ask yourself, is is possible that the Republican turnout for Trump could be much better?

    The observable phenomenon on the ground, as measured by the passion and intensity for Trump voters, vs the almost non-existent interest in Hellary from her alleged supporters, the gap between these two intensity levels is extremely wide.

    Secondly, the ‘sign on the lawn’ measure. As is reported all over the country, few if any Hellary signs are out anywhere, but where people are brave enough to post a sign, Trump signs dominate. I live in Southern California, in LA County.

    This is ground zero for a satanic Demonrat. Despite the fact that Hellary has every billionaire, the media, the government rooting her on, here, where there are like 78% Demonrats, and I am not making this up, and I drive all over the place, I have not seen ONE Hellary sign, and not a SINGLE bumper sticker.

    Now, I have not seen very many Trump signs, but that makes sense, because here, people will actually kill you if you place a Trump sign out. I think here, Trump supporters dont advertise because they are scared – motivated, but scared. Nonetheless, in this satanic stronghold NO Hellary signs, and where there ARE signs, few they be, they are Trump.

    Finally, there is the total number in attendance at Trump rallies vs Hellary ‘appearances’. I think Trump weighs in ~8 million total from the start, and hellary around 600,000 (which is being very generous).

    The trend has been lately for fewer to show up at Hellary meets, and more for Trump, by excessively wide margins.

    So in terms of sentiment indicators, there is little doubt that Trump support is off the charts, and I think, then, there is every indication that 1) there will be 100% Republican turnout, and 100% Republicans vote for Trump, Trump will get 30% or more of Independents, and he will get a pretty good chunk of Demoncrats to vote for him.

    So I think we can reasonably forecast the Republicans as +5% turnout over Democrats, and that means Trump wins by 9%. With more people fading from Hellary amongst Independents and Democrats, Trump is likely to win by ~12%.

    Finally, there is the stock market indicator. Since sometime around 1920 (not looking at the chart) if the stock market is DOWN in the preceding 3 months, the challenger party beats the incumbent party. The stock market is down 4.5% at the close Friday for the period.

    With all this satan ritual garbage hitting the headlines in re the ‘Spirit Cooking’, I think Americans, even Demonrats, have just about had enough.

    Thus, on every point, the overwhelming evidence points to a major Trump victory. The only way that can be stolen by now is faked #s reported to the central database, or something like that. But I am skeptical that can happen at a level to counter the massive number of Trump voters.

    Trump wins, for sure. There is still a Jew/Israhell issue, and I dont care if TPTB think they have psy-oped me, but I’ll take Trump. I would have been happier to vote for a far mor radical Christain patriot, but whatever. Trump will do.

    The economic fallout will likely be intense, so our job will be to expose that as the Trump presidency unfolds. But that’s life in the real world. I definitely dont want Hllary in the WH.

  12. Lars November 5, 2016 @ 8:59 pm

    It is God that allows rulers to be raised up or taken down.

    Every believer in the USA is praying for a righteous President that will set things right and follow the law. I have confidence that God will allow it. But if not, then he will deal with it another way.

    Global evil will not last. Remember Abraham’s bargain with God before the destruction of Sodom.

    The Kingdom has been here for 1946 years and it’s His. Also to him belongs the power and glory forever.

  13. Radeon November 5, 2016 @ 10:55 pm

    Hundred story building inflicted torture,
    Rage and violence, intellectual and worth nothing,
    Striking random passerby with vengeance,
    Hearing the blood disintegrate in the sun.

    Rusted sword strikes earth,
    And it is the earth that consumes ignorant,
    Laughable presence that is interdependent,
    About varied moon and sun.

  14. Connie November 5, 2016 @ 11:50 pm

    “Christian faith is not the past but the present and the future. It is the foundation of progress. And I pledge to you that if [WHEN] I win, we’re going to end the Johnson Amendment which takes away the voice of your pastors. (Donald J. Trump)

  15. Leave a comment November 6, 2016 @ 2:12 am

    You can emigrate to Canada leave the USA or ask for referendum like Brexit and leave the United States of America.

    Separation is better than oppression.

  16. Irene Bonney Faulkes November 6, 2016 @ 2:19 am

    Despondency and hopelessness has set in and that is not surprising considering the chaos that has been wrought in all areas at this time.

    When Satan deceives the nations to excess and reigns supremely as now it seems is occurring, when he surrounds us with his ‘principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world (in supernatural realms), spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places’ surely this will occur:-

    As they encamp around the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the living God, Mount Sion, then fire will fall out of the sky, from heaven, and devour them.

    Is it about time for ‘the end’? We know not but endurance spiritually, faith and hope in the Lord must be the watchword.

  17. Steven Beresford November 6, 2016 @ 7:33 am

    Hi BrN:

    Nil desperandum!

    A huge spiritual awakening is taking place in Russia on scale not seen since Constantine converted the Roman Empire to Christianity. We must hold firm to our faith in God’s ability to prevail over evil.

  18. Mike November 6, 2016 @ 8:30 am

    That Senate seat in NY was going to be won by JFK Jr.

    Who just happened to have a tragic “accident.”

  19. Citizenfitz November 6, 2016 @ 11:57 am

    A good explanation of the banker’s hold on war and the world:

    Rivero’s a very smart, well spoken guy and knows the score too; however he doesn’t say the key words: “PRAYER AND PENANCE!”.

    If humans behaved less like animals, although I wonder if today you won’t find more animals of quality and worth, God would take care of the rest.

    Not through earthquakes, bolts of lightning or the raging sea but through something as minor seeming as someone’s shoe lace coming undone at the right time – which later on will bear significant fruit.

    And not only that, he’ll have the demons to undo the shoelace.

    Prayer and penance, guys.

  20. The English Man November 6, 2016 @ 12:54 pm

    All @ RJN

    Never forget “The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways”

    Should the Devils own the consummately corrupt Clinton clique steal the POTUS their wicked schemes & treasonous schedules will in due course be seen for what they are.

    There can be little doubt the times ahead are going to be most testing.

    Should America slip inexorably into the abyss, and it’s population become totally despondent we here at RJN know Gods gift to save America, both a President and I might add his Secretary of State!!!

  21. Albert November 6, 2016 @ 1:01 pm

    Trump will win.

    Brother Nathanael is a winner.

    Buy Brother Nathanael T-Shirts etc,.

    All profits go to the Brother Nathanael Foundation.

  22. By their fruits ye shall know them November 6, 2016 @ 1:02 pm

    I do not think Hilary will win even with rigged (Soros built) voting machines, massive unregistered voter fraud and the endless lies of M.S.M./Judenpress/Lugenpress

    I think the J.W.O. has conceded defeat on this one.

    However this is the ideal moment for them to implode the swindler monetary system (that is the basis of their wealth and power)and use the implosion to discredit their enemy Trump.

    This implosion is well over due and cannot be delayed forever.

    And you can be sure they will steer it to their own economic advantage and that they have already buttressed their own financial positions to protect themselves against the inevitable.

    In fact it might be that the whole monetary system will be re-set to China just like the whole industrial base has already been exported there at great profit to them and great cost to the rest of us.

    A war with Russia was their last hope since they could have used this to camouflage the re-organization of the monetary system with any colossal losses suffered by the Goyim conveniently blamed on the military conflict. But Russia has not fallen for the bait and Trump is unlikely to escalate matters.

    It looks like these people could well be panicking. Their 200 year reign is being exposed daily; their principal weapon M.S.M. will never regain its credibility; they can never bottle-neck and control information flows again; Trump has given expression to a movement that will grow globally.

    So keep your eye on the money power—that is the real power behind all the worlds evil–no surprises when you consider who created it and owns it.

  23. Greg November 6, 2016 @ 2:10 pm

    The destruction of war with Russia could be thru biological means.

    They have viruses that can wipe out large portions of the population, and keep infrastructure intact.

    Vote for the lesser evil.

  24. Patient Endurance November 6, 2016 @ 2:29 pm

    Dear Br Nathanael and co,

    When Obama was ‘elected’ in 2008 I prayed every day and looked carefully for a good place to hide away from the cities and the madness. But I came to some of the same conclusions that +BN noted above.

    Prophesies about the return of Jesus warn that He will come unexpectedly like a thief at night.

    You surely know that the Lord’s return will be as a thief coming at night.

    People didn’t realize (or believe) what was going to happen until the flood came and swept them all away. That is the way it will be when the Son of Man comes.

    Per Scripture above, most people will not recognize the fulfillment of prophecies and the signs of the times which signal His return. Therefore Jesus will be unexpected.

    The world’s rulers will ally themselves with the world government / beast.

    Mystery Babylon / Judaism will be destroyed by the beast / world government.

    The “man of sin” will set himself up on the temple mount at Jerusalem and claim the authority of God, but will be destroyed by Jesus at his return.

    The master will return unannounced and unexpected

    Comparing sciptures like those above with the Protocols of Zion and Jew World Order (JWO) methods, it appears the chaos, corruption, race riots, are being used to make people hate their governments so much that they will eagerly trade them for a one world government OWG promising peace, security, and good things.

    Once the JWO has consolidated power and firmly controls the nations under its world government (UN) then it will be time for fulfillment of 1 Thes 5:3 –

    When people say, “Everything is quiet and safe,” then suddenly destruction will hit them!
    ( )

    In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones.
    ( also Mark 13:20 )

    The bible advises “patient endurance” for this time of trouble –

  25. Shell Shocked November 6, 2016 @ 2:44 pm

    Carryover from last discussion, a couple people replied to my post that put me on information overload/overwhelmed so I had to take time out to try to find how much of it is true.

    Henry Makow is a Jew, I believe wrote for the Southern Poverty Law Center (perhaps Jewish front group to smear people they don’t like, possibly Christians), one (Morris Dees) wrote a book about the Oklahoma City bombing, “Violence on the Plain” and the militia movement which seems to have died off probably due to infiltration).

    Wiki says Makow is also a conspiracy theorist which can be either, good, bad, or both. I read the book and it set me off down another rabbit hole, let’s leave that at that, actually the first time I ever tried to drill down into assorted facts about a major event, can’t say as I ever felt I had gotten to the bottom of it.

    Now I was showing my daughter about Bohemian Grove, I don’t like to accuse people when I don’t have good evidence or sources as to who attended there and who didn’t. But the place is real in north Sonoma County CA and heavily guarded.

    I know the owl is real and part of a pagan-like ritual (huge idol to me). I happened to wake up in the night to hear on my radio I left on what I thought was more solid information about that subject. So it was a rerun of an hour clip (had to fill early in the AM for setting back our clocks).

    It was none other than George Noory interviewing Mark Dice. So I begin to think now I may be on to something.

    So I just looked up Mark Dice aka Mark Shouldice. Hmmm. That sounds Jewish. It could be. Supposedly part of a controlled opposition for a time against Alex Jones. Another rabbit hole.

    So I see this link to some images of a Marina Abramovich party (there is another one of an Italian party on youtube). I’m not implying that Podesta went to a different one or any at all.

    His brother Tony got an invite to one and passed the invite along to his brother, chairman of Clinton’s campaign. So that set off a flurry of chattering on both sides. The images are supposed to be art, but it is some pretty sick stuff imo. And Trump is bad about women. Sigh.

    So I won’t use my Alex Jones link to a video that shows part of an email via wikileaks to John Podesta inviting him to spirit cooking; he claims he didn’t go, and there’s no indication any of the Clinton inner circle did either.

    But wait. The Clinton Foundation gave $10,000 to Marina in support of that “art”. No they didn’t, see my footnote to this post.

    To show I try to be fair, I will post a link to what the Washington Post said about it (read some of the comments) and also the Guardian whereas I could have posted other links. It’s no big deal. It’s just art. First images are example of the art (be warned, not pretty stuff). Not claiming any of the Clinton cabal were in attendance at this gala either.

    ( )

    Reminds me of the “art” performers at the fairly recent opening of a railroad tunnel in Switzerland, I believe, with European hoi polloi in attendance. So each to their own but when art imitates life, and is supported by political leaders, it doesn’t make me feel good. It makes me wonder how much worse can it get?

    BTW I appreciate corrections and editing clarifications because in trying to put together something reasonably coherent, I see I often mess something up.

    Have to backtrack a minute. I looked for the alleged Clinton Foundation email. I zoomed it up and saw the $10K entry but no recipient. It seems per a poster on reddit that the Annenberg Foundation (Bill Ayers reknown) donated the $10K to the Clinton Foundation the same year they donated $25K to Marina Abramovich for a performance in England (Serbian something).

    ( )

    That is the kind of things you run into trying to separate fact from fiction.

  26. Koolz November 6, 2016 @ 4:26 pm

    It is already rigged for Hilary to Win. She will win by 42 percent and Trump will get 40 percent. They will say something about how Trump came close but Hilary got it.

    Now what they don’t understand is the War has already started. The psychology of people being fed up with the establishment will not go away.

    Even the inner circle of Satanism is being brought to the front.

    I am waiting for some reveals of Hollywood, CIA, and FBI all being involved in Satanism and the Gov.

    Is it over when Hilary wins? No it’s going to be War. The Minds of People this time will not change so easy. They have had their share of insight and this insight has allowed them to see how corrupt everything truly is.

    Hilary will not last as President, not even a year. What’s interesting is her, Obama, and others have already bought places in the East like Qatar where they can hide away.

    Truly Trump will Drain the Swamp even if he is not elected.

  27. Brother Nathanael November 6, 2016 @ 4:34 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Is Trump watching my Videos and reading my Articles?

    Sure looks like it:

  28. DaveE November 6, 2016 @ 5:16 pm

    Hillary “wins”? Secession.

    It’s really pretty simple. We just have to be willing to fight for it. But if enough states succeed, they won’t have a lot of options.

    Besides, I think this latest Comey decision NOT to prosecute hides a deep desperation to prop up Hillary, who is probably 30 points behind Trump in an honest poll.

    Think about it. Does anyone really think Comey would not have perused the 650,000 emails BEFORE going to Congress telling them he was reopening the investigation? Then, a few days later, saying, “Aw, shucks, folks, nothing to see here. Sorry.”

    It makes no sense. UNLESS Comey is playing a pre-planned psyop to generate sympathy for poor, persecuted Hillary, needlessly hounded by the big, bad FBI.

    At least Comey has removed all confusion about Comey. Not a milligram of integrity in this clown’s being.

  29. Earl November 6, 2016 @ 5:26 pm

    Folks, tell your friends on Facebook to vote Trump; text everybody you know.

    This wicked diseased (literally) witch has to be stopped.

  30. FRED November 6, 2016 @ 5:55 pm

    +Bro N is right about the Chosen not taking defeat.

    Purim 1946. Every Nazi was strangled. This was no hanging.

    Saddam was strangled. So much for the long drop.

    I suspect many read +Bro. N columns.

    I put the word out where I can, AND I use his defense of the Church against the Chosen when I can.

  31. Matt Wayne November 6, 2016 @ 6:11 pm

    Listen to ISIS issue a declaration of war on western Christian society.

    Clinton is stroking us, lying that the Muslims just want to be our friends, while it appears that some Muslims themselves are promising to destroy us.

    Whys isn’t the (((MSM))) screaming at the top of their lungs? What are demonic Jews hiding? (((They))) dream of a Muslim army that will destroy white Christian society.

    Trump said a few weeks ago that Clinton hates Catholics and Christians.

    The Jews will never change. Clinton is death to white Christians.

    We have no choice, but to back Trump.

  32. CHALIE November 6, 2016 @ 6:25 pm

    Well…yes, it doesn’t look real rosy. To reach a good future with America being great again? Seems insurmountable to me.

    I still feel, in this Dimension, secession is our only hope. The FED and “Federal Government” will never let us be great again. As well, they keep the States poor, when there are plenty of resources to be developed.

    Bomb shelters? While not a bad idea, who can afford a self contained one? And if nuked, considering the lasting effects, emerging from a shelter into a toxic world seems to be a very, very, steep curve in learning, or having the ability, to survive.

    I pray for Divine Intervention. The Heart Of Evil cannot stand for long against our Eternal Loving Source. Have faith in the Lord Our God and courage in the face of this adversity… and when the Hard Times come, remember the words of our Redeemer – “Love one another as I have loved you.”

  33. walt November 6, 2016 @ 7:08 pm

    Been fighting the depressed feeling for years now.

    Trump has given me the idea of hope and that has me going right now.

    If Hillary wins and does not pay for her crimes, then I was right when I stated that I have not only lost faith in the government, but the people, and that I will do all I can not to support this regime any longer.

  34. michael November 6, 2016 @ 7:50 pm


    I know we have some sick, bought-out military in the US, but if the good US military don’t pull a coup, if the Jews slip Hillary in, they deserve an appropriate label if they accept such a perverse woman as their Commander-in-Chief: “pussy-whipped military boys”.

    I make no apology for the term.

  35. Shell Shocked November 6, 2016 @ 8:19 pm

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    My latest rabbit hole has begun to bear a little fruit.

    Reading through the comments on the Washington Post link I posted above led me via a particular commenter and google to an author of a book on Salem witchcraft, John Putnam Demos who writes John Podesta’s wife Mary asking for a Thelema, a favor.

    He had lost John’s address so his wife forwarded the email request to him. Nothing suspicious in writing about Salem witchcraft necessarily.

    And the thelema, strange word for subject of an email, was asking for an elderly mother who adored Obama an opportunity to meet him. She had raised five or six successful children in Chicago it appears. Nothing wrong with that. It’s not known if the lady got her wish.

    So what is a Thelema? A religion founded by Aleister Crowley, found evidence of branches connected with lodges in Florida, think I may have heard of that a few years ago..

    Going further down the comments rabbit hole, I find that the author of the spiritual cooking email, Tony Podesta, his wife and he are art collectors with rather exotic tastes. In the living room of their Falls Church VA home is a golden sculpture of a naked man doing a back bend. You can’t enlarge the photo any more as it takes you to a different link.

    Then on page 3 of that old Washington Post article about Tony and Heather Podesta’s art collecting and home, there is a paragraph about their bedroom. On the walls are or were colored photos by photographer Katy Grannan of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes. Now that is just plain bizarro.

    The article is mirrored on some foreign site if it disappears.

    All that on top of the rap filth at the JayZ and Beyonce rally with Hillary. And who was it said that children shouldn’t be allowed to watch some video clip of Trump? I didn’t see any children on video of that rally, and there weren’t very many attendees, but I suppose children have been exposed to that rap language one way or another.

  36. Brother Nathanael November 6, 2016 @ 8:25 pm


    You got to realize that all the “good” US military personnel in ranked positions of influence were PURGED by the Jew-enabled schwartza in the white house, Obama.

    (See my Video: “Will A New Napoleon Arise” @

    That said, all that’s left in the US military are shills for the Jews who have NO gut, NO “nerve,” no lion-heartedness, to oppose the Jew-run system that shrieks for war, and who cut their paychecks (the Fed), and who promise post career positions and perks at their think tanks and armaments companies that Jewish finance enables.

    Not only gutless officers (like joint chief of staff Dunford) but maniacs like Milley and (retired) out-of-his-friggin-mind, Allen, are the sad remains of JewSA’s military, that only does the will of Israel-First, Russia-fearing JEWS, not the will of American interests.

    See: “General Allen’s Insane Democratic War Cry” @

    And: “Generals March To A Neocon Tune” @

    Now, it’s time to toot my own horn a bit.

    I grew up in Judaism, in an upper-middle class “B’nai B’rith” synagogue, where I was privvy to hear the “politicking” of the synagogue’s members.

    Thus, I KNOW, better than anyone, (yes, MUCH better than Paul Craig Roberts, Saker-faker, and so-called “truthers”), who runs the corrupt global system that Trump’s been exposing lately: JEWS.

    I name the names, SHOW the Jew faces, and specify their crimes against society.

    That said, I thank you, dear Michael, for your ongoing support, which has been from the outset of my Internet ministry.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Former Jew…NOW an Orthodox Christian (for 30 years) @

  37. Bob November 6, 2016 @ 8:33 pm

    Bomb shelters won’t save most Americans, or Jews for that matter.

    Modern industrial society is 100% dependant on access to electricity.

    Following a nuclear war, America’s electricity grid will be inoperable for months and years, depending on location, and that is best case scenario.

    This means the majority of survivors (80% of all Americans live in urban settings) will be subject to death by malnutrition, including side events, such as rioting, general anarchy and possible civil war.

    Furthermore, you can bet the farm that Russia will make certain that America never ever again rises from its ashes, if Russia is forced in a nuclear conflict that it doesn’t want in the first place. This means the US will be pelted with missile after missile –– GUARANTEED.

    P.S. If only takes FIVE large Russian missiles to wipe out 112 million Americans in the the northeast. Point: Russia has over 1,800 operable missiles. Moreover, these potent missiles will more than likely originate from nuclear submarines just off the West and East coasts, so Americans die FIRST, not Russians.

  38. KathJuliane November 6, 2016 @ 8:37 pm

    Dear +BN

    Thank you for a terrific Dear Diary.

    Sometimes I’ve felt depressed and despondent about this election, but that’s not exactly new, either. Every election cycle for the past 30-40 years makes me despondent.

    Jewmerica has been sitting on the edge of a cliff gradually falling away in pieces by unnatural, artificial forces, which has been eroding the country’s foundations for a long time.

    At some point, enough cliff will give way that America cannot stand anymore.


    I agree.

    Hillary is a bellicose feminist-humantarian international interventions hawk who is prepared to be a War President the moment she’s sworn in.

    We can thank male feminist Obama for doing Hillary’s “pussy-whipping” ground work for her over the past 8 years politically correcting the military into one which is pleasing to “progressives”.

    Hillary will be more than willing to let everyone know who wears the pantsuit in the US Armed Forces if she becomes the Commander-in-Chief.

    In fact, she won’t shut up about it.

  39. Mprice November 6, 2016 @ 9:43 pm

    Hi check this out! Love you all!

  40. Kalif November 6, 2016 @ 11:00 pm

    Egyptian Government favors Trump.

  41. William Geier November 7, 2016 @ 2:36 am

    The arrogance of this government would give Satan a run for the money.

    The American people must have divine guidance from God, or they will simply be playing into what is a major part of the Albert Pike plan.

  42. Brother Nathanael November 7, 2016 @ 3:25 am

    Dear All,

    Let’s revisit Trump’s latest (and powerful) TV Ad, “Donald Trump’s Argument For America” @

    Does anyone see the inherent contradictions in Trump’s ad?

    On the one hand, Trump is opposing the “global financial interests” as embodied by the Fed and Goldman Sachs (one and the same in reality), and on the other hand, has vowed up-teem times to “rebuild the depleted US military.”

    Given Jewmerica’s current government infrastructure, you don’t “rebuild” any federal institution without the Fed’s monetization…

    …and you certainly don’t specifically “rebuild” the US military, without dependence on Jew investment banks—primarily, Goldman Sachs—that underwrite the corporate stocks of defense contractors as well as finance their production of military weapononry, services, and equipment.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, this is NOT an indirect plug for Killary, not at all, but rather a hope that IF Trump gets in, he will immediately see the quandary he has made for himself by “opposing” global finance while at the same time “enabling” global finance, (Goldman Sachs in cahoots with ALL the Central Banks) which spells collusion with “Rothschild,” by vowing to “build” the US military.

    In other words, the military-industrial-security complex, of which Trump is a champion, is joined at the hip, neck, and ears, to international Jewish finance capital.

    Trump could begin to correct this inherent contradiction in his platform by enforcing through legislation the Constitution’s Article I, Section 8, Clause 5, stating the especial province of the US government to coin its own money. (See: How To Become A Consitutional Expert On Money @

    Also See: “Trump’s Catch 22 Military Policy” @

    “A Platform For Monetary Reform” @

    “Lets Unite To End The Fed” @

    +Brother Nathanael

  43. Leave a comment November 7, 2016 @ 4:46 am

    Help Brother Nathanael he says what peolpe don’t say because they are afraid to loose income/job.

    So Please donate what you can many small donations are better than 1 donation.

    Ban Santa and his own commercialized Christian culture, and bring in Jesus Christ would save you money 🙂

  44. ar November 7, 2016 @ 5:40 am

    Trump doesn”t like to lose-period!

    If Killary wins she remains in huge trouble anyway you look at it.

    The witch Killary and the warlock “Slick Willy,” won’t be to handle Trump’s hounds. You can bet on it!

  45. Santiago November 7, 2016 @ 6:58 am

    My guess is Trump will keep fighting and so many more people. Exposing the Devils’ face of Jewmerica was already a big gain.

    I would bet Mr Trump himself or at least one of his close relatives and advisers knows about Brother Nathanael.

    Trump’s campaign seemed all along very well aware about the evil in puppet Hillary and it’s origin in her Jewish puppet masters.

    It’s times like this we need to keep the faith. The Christ was KILLED, the disciples were chased, tortured and KILLED, the Church was divided and today only Orthodox Christianity and just a few other innocent believers survive.

    But even if Trump loses, there has been big gains: the Infernal Giant Zionist conspiracy against America and Human Kind and the entire universe was fully EXPOSED. Fully EXPOSED.

    From here no one can ever hide or deny again the Jewish origin and dominance of every evil on earth: from Crooked Politics, and Crooked Media and Crooked Financials to Crooked Judicial branches, and Crooked Military and Crooked EVERYTHING of power and wealth over the face of the earth.

    This campaign has brought light and an awakened understanding to peoples all around the world about the real dirty politics and real human kind’s evil. The USA has been the point of reference of the last generations in every imaginable matter, from ethics to industries.

    So having exposed American’s farce to the rest of the naive world is gonna to have consequences. At least much more people today have a lot of naked and cruel information about the dirty American Globalist Democracy behind the whole makeup facade otherwise it would keep buried forever.

    Anyway, if Trump looses, the world is different now thanks to him and the awakening of his followers.

  46. The English Man November 7, 2016 @ 9:04 am

    You’ve got it! Dearest +BN

    Should the Donald win it’s a safe bet he’ll be in the undrained mire straight the way.

    Far better for him to take the long view. Put personal pride/ego to one side, & to approach/consult & work with YOU.

  47. Zebo November 7, 2016 @ 12:14 pm


    A biological warfare is unlikely.

    The reasons are:

    1) The other side also has biological weapons to use. And you don’t know of what kind they are.

    2) Even if the other side does not have biological weapons, they can isolate the virus/bacteria etc and produce it in masses.

    3) if you are living on a tiny piece of sand with too many people like the Jews do in Israel, you won’t try this kind of war as you are the easiest target for those weapons.

    4) Vaccinating would not help, as a biological war the astronomic number of trillions of viruses/bacteris will let the original virus/bacteria eventually mutate in several variations,

    a) Making your vaccine useless

    b) Give your opponent the possibility to isolate (& even modify) this weapon and start massproduction and use it against you.

    As Jews tend to live among themselves this would make them an easy target.

    As long as the elites don’t wish to live the next 300 years in a bunker deep down, they’d try to avoid using biological weapons.

    A civil war plus destruction of civilian and supply infrastructure is a more likely scenario, as you Western guys forgot how to fight and feed yourself in an independent way.

  48. KathJuliane November 7, 2016 @ 2:17 pm

    Sometimes a person just has to set aside the artificial “Left/Right” paradigm and go right to War/Peace.

    The valiant anti-war Old Right movement, composed of Taft Republicans and Democrats dedicated to keeping America out of WWII right up to the day FDR declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941, and on Germany, December 11, 1941.

    The Democrats, the like-minded Neocon Republicans who are the “establishment” controlling the Republican Party to this day, and the Jewish lobby, mostly Democrats, pushed us into WWII.

    National Socialist Germany watched US politics and propaganda very closely, along with the gradual mobilization of the war industry, and began to realize that the anti-war Old Right would not prevail in keeping America out of the war after all.

    Constant US propaganda targeted the American people’s natural resistance to entering the war, demonizing the Old Right, calling them “Nazi” and “German sympathizers,” traitors, 5th columnists, and so forth.


    Mint Press News: Anti-War Movement Anticipates More War Under A Clinton Presidency

    ‘Clinton is one of the biggest war-mongers the country has,’ an anti-war organizer tells MintPress News as the candidate’s popularity sinks to record lows ahead of Election Day.

    NEW YORK — As the bizarre 2016 presidential election nears its end, activists in the United States are considering the prospects for war and peace under the next administration.

    And with Hillary Clinton leading comfortably in most polls, the Democratic nominee’s militaristic record, as well as her promises to expand the use of force, are sparking concern.

    “Clinton is one of the biggest war-mongers the country has,” Joe Lombardo, co-coordinator of the United National Antiwar Coalition, told MintPress News.

    “She pushed for the bombing of Libya and the regime change in that country. She has supported a no-fly zone in Syria, which can put the U.S. in direct conflict with Russia.”

    On the campaign trail, Clinton has repeatedly advocated a “no-fly zone” in Syria, an aggressive move necessarily accompanied by a widespread bombing campaign, similar to those in Iraq and Libya, which were followed by expanded interventions to impose regime change.

    Senior U.S. military pilots have warned that the proposal could plunge the United States into direct conflict with Russia, whose air force is currently deployed over Syria.

    In September, Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate that the prospect “requires us to go to war against Syria and Russia.”

    ‘Kill a lot of Syrians’

    “It is critical that we not be confused about what Clinton’s promise of a no-fly zone will mean,” Meredith Aby of the Minneapolis-based Anti-War Committee told MintPress.

    “It is an escalation of U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war and it will mean an increase in casualties.”

    In 2013, Clinton herself admitted in a paid speech to Goldman Sachs, obtained and released by WikiLeaks in September, that her proposal would “kill a lot of Syrians.”

    “To have a no-fly zone you have to take out all of the air defense, many of which are located in populated areas,” she said.

    Beyond Syria, Clinton has also threatened to attack and “totally obliterate” Iran, and she has repeatedly promised to take the United States’ ties with Israel “to the next level.”

    In August, after accusing Russia and China of hacking U.S. computer systems, she warned: “We will be ready with serious political, economic and military responses.”

    ‘A voice for war since 2002’

    These statements, along with Clinton’s long, unbroken record of supporting military interventions, have anti-war activists eying the future warily.

    “Many in the anti-war movement understand the dangers of a Clinton presidency,” Aby said.

    “From her resume it is fairly obvious she will be a hawk, more so than President Obama and President Clinton. She has been a voice for war since 2002 when she voted for war in Iraq.”

    Beyond Clinton’s explicit threats of wars, her administration may also seek to expand the use of “soft power,” ranging from diplomatic assistance and military aid to subversion and coups, in pursuit of its foreign policy goals.

    “She has called for boosting U.S. support for Israeli missile defense systems and supports helping Israel with technology to fight in Gaza,” Aby said, adding:

    “On the campaign trail, she has denounced the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement as a threat to Israel.

    “And while she hasn’t campaigned on it, she is no friend of Latin America. Her own emails show the role she played in helping provide support for the coup in Honduras.”

    Lombardo also noted that regions further removed from the headlines than flashpoints like Syria could face similar threats from a Hillary Clinton administration.

    “The Philippines is heating up and Clinton has a history in Latin America, where there are many places that the U.S. would like to see regime change,” he said.

    ‘A very unpopular president from day one’

    In the waning months of the campaign, both Clinton and her Republican rival, Donald Trump, have emerged as historically unpopular candidates, more so than others in the era of scientific polling.

    Indeed, while Trump’s aggression has kept his popularity below Clinton’s, she recently surpassed the bellicose billionaire as the least-liked candidate in history.

    A poll released by ABC News and the Washington Post on Tuesday showed Clinton’s unpopularity had reached a record-breaking 60 percent, while Trump’s stood at 58 percent.

    Despite her jingoism and promises to expand U.S. military efforts far beyond those of Barack Obama, organizers hope this public disdain may give them room to maneuver.

    “Although Clinton will win the presidency, she will be a very unpopular president from day one, which will give us the political space to organize opposition to her foreign policy,” Aby said.

    Lombardo agreed. “Clinton is very unpopular, and while the election of Obama put a damper on the anti-war movement, I believe we will see that turn around under Clinton.”

    He also noted the growth of domestic social movements, like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, that could herald a resurgence in mobilization.

    “There is a downturn in the economy, distrust of the government and the system as a whole,” Lombardo said.

    “The connections with the wars abroad and the wars at home is clear to more and more people. I think a movement against increased war can be explosive and powerful during a Clinton administration.”

    But he added that there was much work to be done. “Although anti-war sentiment in the U.S. is high, the anti-war movement in weak compared to where it was in the past.”

    ‘No optimism, only apprehension’

    As the clock ticks down to the election, numerous organizations have launched new efforts they hope will preempt the war drive expected to start soon after Jan. 20.

    Along with other groups and individual supporters, the United National Antiwar Coalition launched a “Hands Off Syria Coalition” and accompanying statement against further U.S. intervention in the war-torn country.

    The effort “is getting a tremendous response,” Lombardo said.

    Other organizations, including the ANSWER Coalition and International Action Center, have called for protests against the inauguration in Washington.

    “There’s no optimism, only apprehension,” International Action Center co-director Sara Flounders told MintPress. “People know in their bones that a larger war is coming. From the first day of a new administration, we need to send an angry warning.”

    But with the United States fatigued from a grueling election season that has left few residents with positive impressions of either candidate, widespread distrust of the political system may deny the new president the mandate he or she would need to embark on new military adventures.

    “I think people are less naive now then they were eight years ago,” Aby said. “People understand that foreign policy is not an issue that truly separates the two major party candidates.”

  49. KathJuliane November 7, 2016 @ 3:48 pm

    Anti-Russian Consolidation of American Establishment

    Nikolay Pakhomov

    Rethinking Russia expert

    Both American and foreign observers regardless of their political preferences and area of specialization almost unanimously say that the current American presidential campaign demonstrates general crisis of the US political system.

    Any crisis means that a system does not function properly, so a search for a solution starts.

    From this point of view, it is highly interesting to follow what is happening in America now, especially taking into account the fact that this political crisis has exposed the problems of Russian-American relations.

    For instance, as a consequence of the crisis the reasons for these problems have become clear.

    The storyline of the electoral campaign is already well-known: Donald Trump declared himself a candidate going against the establishment. This step provided him with solid support of the voters.

    It is no wonder that during the campaign different American elites ranged themselves against the billionaire and rallied around Hillary Clinton.

    It is also obvious that with the existing alignment of forces Clinton expresses the stance of the establishment on this or that issue.

    In this connection it is particularly interesting to observers in Russia that American elites declared Trump “Putin’s puppet” and try to frighten voters with the fact that Russia stands behind the billionaire.

    Posing the question this way provides an enormous study area for experts analyzing the perception of Russia in the United States.

    There is much data for study – from the remaining since the Cold War Era Soviet/Russian image of a rival, to stand against which national solidarity is needed, to some certain problems of Russian-American relations.

    Discussions of these relations in the USA are taking odd shapes: last week Russia faced chargers not only for interfering with the American electoral process, but also for allegedly cherishing an idea to organize a “color revolution” in the United States.

    Deficit of common sense in this electoral campaign is not surprising, but even taking this into account posing the question this way is quite odd.

    This approach with any rendering differs significantly from the official American stance on “color revolutions”.

    It seems that adherents of this vision, blaming Russia and Putin, regard “color revolutions” as a negative phenomenon and this differs dramatically from both official American position and prevailing in the West experts’ definitions.

    But here comes a nuance: at the moment the point is that “color revolutions” in the former Soviet Union were genuine, democratic, but Russian president does not understand this and wants to carry out an “inadequate color revolution”.

    This odd logic can hardly be worth close examination, but the fact is that it exposes the ongoing process of anti-Russian consolidation of the establishment. So, it should be given careful examination.

    To begin with, whatever – “adequate” or “inadequate” – “color revolutions” in the former Soviet Union were, it turns out that there are reasons to associate them with Washington. And this is obvious even in the United States.

    What is more important, to prove the existence of Russia’s plans to carry out a “color revolution” in the USA and the same revolutions in the post-Soviet space they compare current American situation with the realities of the former Soviet republics.

    So, alleged Russia’s plans rest on real US problems and protest moods provoked by these problems (an idea to call these problems a part of the Russia’s plan does not come even to the most heated brains of American op-eds authors).

    In other words, it is not Putin or “Russian hackers” who convinced Americans that there is widespread corruption in the USA (according to Gallup, 75% of Americans think that their authorities are corrupted), that politicians are unreliable (only 20% of Americans trust the authorities), that there may be irregularities in the vote count.

    Commenting on the probability of these irregularities formerly candidate for presidency, mayor of New York City, United States attorney and accomplished lawyer Rudy Giuliani, now supporting Trump, noticed that while assessing the probability of the electoral fraud in some regions of the country as high, he was guided by his experience as an elective politician and attorney, investigating these frauds.

    Giuliani is not the only one who is apprehensive about the frauds at the upcoming elections. Needless to say that these apprehensions, founded on experience, have nothing to do with Russia’s actions whether they are real or made-up by anti-Russian campaigners in America.

    Meanwhile, ordinary voters have enough reasons for protests even without alleged intrigues of Moscow.

    Clinton supporters and Democratic Party functionaries in every possible way try to avoid the issue of Clinton team’s email correspondence released by WikiLeaks, explaining that, firstly, Russia is behind the leaks, so, discussing the topic is unpatriotic, secondly, some of the emails are falsified.

    Both arguments are fallible: first, even the US intelligence cautiously go on Russia’s involvement, saying that there are reasons for suspecting Russia, but providing no evidence, second, nobody has explained exactly which emails and in what way were falsified.

    However, all suspicions of Russia’s involvement in creating negative image of Hillary Clinton can be taken off the table: information provided through legal channels that for sure have no connections with Russia is enough.

    For instance, now Republicans are spreading information gathered by journalists without WikiLeaks about the time when Clinton held office of the Secretary of State and gave contracts to rebuild Haiti to companies that previously sponsored Clintons’ charity.

    These and many more examples show that, put it mildly, Russia’s intrigues can hardly account for the current protest moods in the USA that secure Donald Trump’s support.

    The billionaire built up his campaign around the anti-establishment rhetoric, as a consequence, one can observe consolidation of the American elites regardless of their political preferences around Hillary Clinton.

    Anti-Russian rhetoric is just one more way of consolidating elites.

    Mass media popularize this rhetoric (it is remarkable that today Clinton’s supporters blame journalists citing WikiLeaks for contributing to “Russia’s plan” aimed at undermining the US democratic system). Mass media present Russia as a rival, whose intrigues can account for everything.

    In the nearest future it will become clear whether this image will be popular after the elections.

    According to the pre-election dynamics, Clinton’s victory is the most likely outcome of the elections. Taking into account confrontational and heated rhetoric of the campaign and Hillary Clinton’s personal rating that is not so high, experts predict difficulties with legitimacy and forming coalitions, necessary to take and implement decisions.

    In other words, her immediate success as president is doubtful. From this perspective, anti-Russian rhetoric is likely to be resorted to even later on to distract citizens’ attention from real problems and to explain difficulties, especially in foreign policy, with Russia’s intrigues.

    Time will show whether Clinton will win and how long the anti-Russian card will be played in American politics.

    However, even today it is already possible to say that during this electoral campaign American political leaders and mass media have promoted an image of Russia as a rival and to stand against this rival national solidarity is needed.

  50. Shell Shocked November 7, 2016 @ 4:14 pm


    I can’t vouch for your link but pictures don’t generally lie unless they are doctored. Two on there look legit. Torres, the convicted child trafficker attorney for Laura Silsby, is wearing a yarmulke. It’s a royal blue. On google images there is another shot of him wearing a black one.

    Meanwhile, here’s something else to consider, the rise and relationships of the Podesta Brothers. At my link below, the first one for chicagomag, Tony is being interviewed. He claims a long and fairly close relationship with Dennis “Denny” Hastert, who at the time of the writing, evidently hadn’t been busted for child molestation of teenagers he taught or coached and was paying blackmail to.

    That’s how the authorities got onto him, his large wire transfers aroused money laundering suspicions that were followed up on. He is currently serving time, former Republican Speaker of the House.

    There’s more about some of this but it’s getting dark and deep and we are into territory that few want to touch.

    It was a long time before anybody mainstream ever connected Clinton with Epstein, and that was FOX. I don’t recall seeing anything in the big ones but did some research a couple years back and found some fairly reliable sources at the time (a Miami newspaper and one of the liberal magazines).

    I’ve kind of gone off on a tangent here. I think chicagomag is reliable, worth the read in case anything more breaks. Now why does Hillary surround herself with so many unsavory types? I have seen some of her supporters and other Dems running for office, and don’t like their politics, but many of the women look like decent people.

    Tony Podesta speaks of Rahm, too, and how charismatic and talented he is, seems to think he will climb higher, just cutting his teeth in Chicago. Too bad the anti-cop demonstrators couldn’t force him out; somehow Rahm got the upper hand.

    ( )

    As a reminder regarding chicagomag, they published an article about Bill Ayers with the infamous (to some) photo of Bill in a back alley standing on a crumpled American flag.

    ( )

    Shouldn’t try to pack too much in a post but here’s something else. Look at the picture on the wall in John Podesta’s office in Hillary’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn. There are various speculations; I will just go with the dark and dismal feeling I get from looking at it.

    Podesta is quoted as having remarked something like he’d rather be the one sticking the fork, so evidently the man is holding a fork to the body of the man who appears dead with another man looking on.

    I don’t know where the rest of the article went, but as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It appears that Podesta’s office is part of a 24-picture slideshow, and there are just some captions. At least Time confirms the painting on the wall.

  51. Shell Shocked November 7, 2016 @ 4:33 pm

    @Mprice, Whomever,

    More on one Jorge Torres convicted in 2010. “In early 2010, Torres surfaced in the Dominican Republic posing as a lawyer representing American church workers detained in Haiti in the wake of the earthquake in that country. Torres convinced a church that he was Jorge Torres Puello, an international lawyer and president of “Puello Consulting” in the Dominican Republic.”

    Nothing about Hillary or Laura Silsby though but seems to relate to Silsby’s group at Mprice’s yournewswire link. So is he the Jorge Torres who got Silsby off?

    Note it’s ICE Dot gov.

  52. L November 7, 2016 @ 5:25 pm

    There is one thing to do, whether Clinton or Trump is elected:

    Impeach Thermonuclear Terrorist Obama, his hand is on the button ready to launch a first strike against Russia.

    Thus, Call your Congressional Representative and demand that they do their duty to uphold the Oath of Office which requires nothing less
    than impeachment.

    We must act and the precedent is Henry Gonzales back in the 1990’s who forced Bush to come to Congress for Gulf War I.

  53. Ft. Nolan November 7, 2016 @ 6:06 pm

    Should Hillary win, and you voted for Donald Trump or against HRC, here’s what you can do:

    Turn off your television for one week. Do not watch anything whether cable, satellite or antenna programming.

    Do not go out to eat whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner for one week. Brown bag it, clean out the fridge, use up some of those cans stacked in your pantry.

    Do not go to the movies, do not purchase any literary materials, do not purchase any music related profferings for one week.

    If you can avoid shopping for one week, do not do any shopping for anything. No shoes, no cars, no Christmas presents.

    If just 10% of Trump supporters follow this plan, the effects will be palpable. If more than 10% follow this and for more than one week, the effects could be devastating for the economy.

    Her Royal Clintoness may take to the air (which you will not be watching) ranting and raving about a lack of “Patriotic support” which is exactly the desired effect. She may go on with all sorts of commentary much like Michael Obama’s, “[people] are so stupid…” with regard to Patriotic Americans.

    She will not be moved, nor get the message behind such inactivity which is to her detriment. Other options exist which will be explored as the need presents itself. In the meantime, this is my best advice. Unplug, step back, shut down some stuff for awhile and do not participate.

    As for time frame, might I suggest November 13th to November 19th with a possible recurrence in December?

  54. benzion kook November 7, 2016 @ 7:06 pm

    In America, fights and elections are:

    a) fixed

    b) crooked

    c) a joke

  55. Jason November 7, 2016 @ 7:16 pm


    “Send the Jew Packing”

  56. Citizenfitz November 7, 2016 @ 7:59 pm

    Musings on a Monday evening:

    Babylon: Metaphor for the the anti-God world in all it’s various guises.

    The Whore of Babylon: Jewry

    Babylon the Great… the Great Babylon, the Greatest Babylon of them all….: The US? Interestingly, there’s a city on Long Island named Babylon – only 40 miles from downtown NYC.

    It’s a given that America must fall. But Like termites working on destroying a house, Jewry can’t seem to keep from destroying things to their own hurt.

    The puzzle picture for America is becoming clearer: financial collapse swiftly followed by the suspension of Constitution guarantees… swiftly followed jack booted martial law.

    But Americans are a mercurial lot and things might not go as planned. If Jewry finds it can’t keep a lid on the mess it cooked up here they’ll bolt for fairer climes… as always.

    The big Jews that is. The little Jews will be left behind to fend for themselves… as always.

  57. KathJuliane November 7, 2016 @ 8:34 pm

    Dear Shell Shocked,

    Here is a 2010 original news photo from the Sunday Morning Herald concerning Silsby’s arrest in Haiti without the Hildebeast photoshopped into it within the past day or two.×0.jpg

    In crunching my way through this speculation circulating in the conspiracy echo chamber and sleaze factory, this is what I have. And it’s sheer fantasy. This doozy isn’t generated with some critical thinking skills. It isn’t generated with non-critical thinking skills.

    It’s not generated with any thinking skills at all.

    Don’t get me wrong. Silsby committed a crime trying to smuggle children illegally from Haiti to the Dominican Republic, where she was “orphanage manager” based at a hotel which she hoped to turn into an orphanage.

    Whether she was attempting to do so purely out of Christian concern, or something more nefarious becomes mere idle speculation not worth venturing into. Human trafficking comes in all kinds of forms, from trafficking to the private adoption market to trafficking illegals across the Mexican-US border, as well as white slave and child sex trafficking.

    Here’s a recap of the Silby case.

    Laura Silsby, an Idaho missionary with 9 others, was arrested, jailed. Two months later, the other 9 had been released, and Silsby was tried & convicted in a Haitian court after the organization she founded, New Life Children’s Refuge, attempted to transport 33 Haitian children to the Dominican Republic after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

    At the time, the US Ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Merten, stated that the US justice system would not interfere in the case, and added “the Haitian justice system will do what it has to do.” But Silsby’s case was still under the oversight of the US Embassy.
    ( )

    Ambassador Merten, of course, worked for the Department of State under Hillary.

    The 2010 CBSNews report did also raise serious questions about Silsby’s motives for starting an orphanage in Haiti, because of Silsby’s “troubling financial history”.

    Although Silsby was originally charged with kidnapping and criminal association, after being questioned by the judge, she was ultimately convicted on one count of arranging illegal travel under a 1980 statute restricting travel out of Haiti signed by then-dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier.

    The original concern of the Haitian government was trying to control adoptions to prevent the trafficking of children after the earthquake, not child sex trafficking, per se. Ten American missionaries were arrested, but 9 were cleared and sent home, with just Silby incarcerated to face trial.

    She was convicted and sentenced to the 3 months and 8 days she spent behind bars, and then released on May 15, 2010.

    The prosecution had recommended a six-month sentence and she faced a maximum of three years on the charge, but the judge sentenced her to just time served, a little over half of the recommended sentence. Then Silsby had to return to Idaho and face criminal charges for her financial troubles.

    The original story of the so-called Clinton-Silby child sex trafficking ring started last Thursday when Wikileaks Twitter account tweeted a screen shot of a Reddit subreddit R/The_Donald conspiracy factition post, that attempted to tie a “woman caught stealing children in Haiti with the Clintons.”

    Wikileaks Twitter:


    The theory includes a couple of major errors.

    First error is that Laura Silby was let go. She wasn’t, as claimed.

    The second error resulting from brainstorming with just one brain cell, is missing the fact that both the Haiti earthquake and the Silby case occurred in 2010 while Clinton was Secretary of State as it involved the arrest and prosecution of US citizens in Haiti.

    The relationship of Silby to Clinton is only through Clinton’s office at the time, and that of her staff, who sent her Haitian embassy briefings and newsclips concerning the arrests of ten missionaries, 9 of which were released, while Laura Silby was held to answer and incarcerated until her trial.

    The US Department of State has jurisdicition over all US citizens traveling, conducting business, including NGOs and religious organizations, living abroad, and of course the case had international ramifications as a US-Haiti diplomatic incident as well.

    The Silby case involving US citizens arrested by foreign governments was the responsibility of the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince for oversight.

    Most of the Wikileak emails which R/The_Donald posted have as a header:

    “UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439″… which should have given someone a clue that this was all official business (on Clinton’s irregular computer/server/Blackberry systems and networking).

    The original Trumpeteer r/The_Donald/ comment (I’ve taken out the links on the Reddit original, but they’re available there):

    “The individual in question is one Laura Silsby, former director of The New Life Children’s Refuge. She was caught trying to steal 33 children from the country, most of whom were not even orphans and had families.

    “Hillary has a LONG history of interest in Ms. Silsby. Wikileak emails dating back till at least 2001 have been found in her archives discussing Laura’s NGO.

    “Laura had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. They instead located to Haiti.

    “Help me research!!! There are surely more emails to be found in Wikileaks on this! If we can connect the Clintons to a child abductor their campaign is DONE!!!

    EDIT: Wanted to add this email showing HRC contacting a lawyer regarding the 10 people who were arrested for their roles in this kidnapping case, thanks /u/Look_See_Think for bringing me this…”
    ( )

    Since at least one email is dated 01/01/2001, which is New Year’s Day, and Silby did not organize her religious organization until 2010, obviously, Hillary’s official interest doesn’t extend beyond 2010, and the date on the email is incorrect.

    Besides, everyone knows that government business shuts down on weekends and holidays except for vital and emergency services. This is about as explosive, smoking gun story as a soggy bagel.

    Now on to Jorge Anibal Torres Puello, erstwhile psuedo-attorney that you discovered on the site. There was no relationship between Puello and the Idaho missionaries prior to their arrest. He popped up two days after the Idaho missionaries were arrested.

    Puello called up an Idaho church where five of the 10 Americans attend, offering pro bono legal services. Two relatives called him back and accepted, and Mr. Puello then began acting as the group’s lawyer, even though he lacked a law degree.

    My Jewdar began pinging loudly.

    Here the Devil reveals his malicious sense of humor:

    New York Times (2010):

    PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — As the 10 Americans imprisoned in Haiti for trying to remove children from the country awaited a decision on their fate Monday, the legal woes of the man who falsely portrayed himself as the group’s lawyer mounted.

    The one-time legal adviser, who calls himself Jorge Puello, now acknowledges that he faces sex trafficking charges in El Salvador under the name Jorge Anibal Torres Puello.

    He remained at large on Monday, as Dominican, Salvadoran and American law enforcement officials worked with Interpol to interview his relatives and search border and immigration records to find him.

    Mr. Puello is wanted by the police in at least four countries in connection with charges including sex trafficking of girls and women, and making counterfeit documents and violating parole.

    The Salvadoran police unveiled a sex trafficking ring last May in which they said Mr. Puello was helping to bring women and girls from Central America and the Caribbean into El Salvador and luring them into prostitution through offers of modeling and office jobs.

    Nude and semi-nude photographs were taken of women and girls and put on Internet sites, the police said.

    See photo @

    Yep, he’s a Sephardi Jew. The Jews try to claim he’s a convert.

  58. KathJuliane November 7, 2016 @ 9:23 pm

    The Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta

    Excellent! Must see.

  59. Leave a comment November 8, 2016 @ 6:53 am

    Today is the day let’s see the American people choice!!

    I am from Europe they all like Hillary over here because of the media.

    Bad idea to support Hillary against Russia because Europe needs Russia and stability.

    Bless you B.N !!

  60. Koolz November 8, 2016 @ 9:42 am

    Wikileaks has revealed the Satanic Rituals that have taken place with people at the highest positions in the White House. Next is Hollywood and the CIA!

    Basically it’s impossible for the CIA to go through 650,000 emails.

    This used to be politics, there was a right and left, a right wing left wing that was the same body of the Eagle. That same body was the Jewish Globalists. They had a plan since the 1900’s to form a One World Gov (Satanic)

    Then came an outside source that decided to run as President. Yes he still had Jewish Ties do to business but he wasn’t a Zionist. He believed he truly could fix America. He already had wealth so he couldn’t be bought or controlled.

    That person is Trump!

    It’s battle of Good vs Evil, not politics. Truly is a battle of Good vs Evil. (God vs Devil) For the Average person the Wikileaks have shown just how corrupt and evil this Globalist Agenda is. Most has been revealed to everyone.

    Go vote for Trump and Pray to the Divine Spirit that we will fix this!

  61. IRONKRAFT November 8, 2016 @ 12:32 pm

    Russia, here we come, if Hellary gets in.

  62. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS November 8, 2016 @ 1:26 pm

    George Soros: Evil Zionist Puppet Master Exposed

    Soros got hacked. Can you guess what we found?

    10 Things You Didn’t Know About George Soros
    ( )

    Hillary Clinton Moves $1.8 Billion To Qatar Central Bank
    ( )

    Wikileaks: George Soros To Be Shadow President Of USA
    ( )

  63. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 1:41 pm

    Exit Poll: Most US Citizens Want Elections to Just ‘Be Over’


    US citizens experience mostly negative emotions in regard to the US presidential election, with the 85-percent majority hoping for it to just end as soon as possible, a Morning Consult/Politico exit poll showed Tuesday.

    The majority of the poll respondents, 85 percent, described their feelings about the elections as simply wanting it “to be over”, as 72 percent said they were anxious about the elections, while 71 percent were nervous.

    A total of 53 percent said they were angry, 50 percent — sad, 48 percent — overwhelmed, and 39 percent — depressed, according to the poll.

    Only 25 percent of the poll participants reportedly claimed to feel happy about the elections.

    The survey was conducted between October 18 and November 8 among 6,782 early and Election-Day voters.

    Read more:

  64. Hillary Moves $1.8 Billion to Qatar = Disinfo November 8, 2016 @ 3:35 pm

    Snopes and other web sites state that the $1.8 billion story is fake, has been debunked, orginated from known disinfo sources.

  65. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 4:26 pm


    That Clinton $1.8 billion story originates with notorious fraud disinfo site, “What Does It Mean?” starring the queen of internet hoaxes, “Sorcha Faal” aka David Booth, posted to the internet on October 16. It appears to be the original source by date and time.

    Search google, and you’ll find a long litany of a variety of other alternative media sites like Above Top Secret, Alex Jones and David Icke, etc, denouncing Faal/Booth as a fake.

    This grew legs because the Unofficial (not affiliated with Kelly that I know of) picked the story up on October 21.

    It began spreading throughout alt/conservative blog sites neworking with the the website: IJ Review, BizPac Review, RedState, Gateway Pundit, Human Events, JammieWF, Sooper Mexican, Lonely Conservative, Western Journalism, Pamela Geller, etc.

  66. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 4:58 pm

    I glance at the election results from time to time.

    My mind is already on tomorrow, the Day After Election Day.

    Regardless of How America Votes, Americans Want a Different Foreign Policy

    Ron Paul Institute

    I have said throughout this presidential campaign that it doesn’t matter much which candidate wins.

    Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are authoritarians and neither can be expected to roll back the leviathan state that destroys our civil liberties at home while destroying our economy and security with endless wars overseas.

    Candidates do not matter all that much, despite what the media would have us believe. Ideas do matter, however. And regardless of which of these candidates is elected, the battle of ideas now becomes critical.

    The day after the election is our time to really focus our efforts on making the case for a peaceful foreign policy and the prosperity it will bring.

    While we may not have much to cheer in Tuesday’s successful candidate, we have learned a good deal about the state of the nation from the campaigns.

    From the surprising success of the insurgent Bernie Sanders to a Donald Trump campaign that broke all the mainstream Republican Party rules – and may have broken the Republican Party itself – what we now understand more clearly than ever is that the American people are fed up with politics as usual.

    And more importantly they are fed up with the same tired old policies.

    Last month a fascinating poll was conducted by the Center for the National Interest and the Charles Koch Institute.

    A broad ranging 1,000 Americans were asked a series of questions about US foreign policy and the 15 year “war on terror.” You might think that after a decade and a half, trillions of dollars, and thousands of lives lost, Americans might take a more positive view of this massive effort to “rid the world of evil-doers,” as then-president George W. Bush promised.

    But the poll found that only 14 percent of Americans believe US foreign policy has made them more safe!

    More than 50 percent of those polled said the next US president should use less force overseas, and 80 percent said the president must get authorization from Congress before taking the country to war.

    These results should make us very optimistic about our movement, as it shows that we are rapidly approaching the “critical mass” where new ideas will triumph over the armies of the status quo.

    We know those in Washington with a vested interest in maintaining a US empire overseas will fight to the end to keep the financial gravy train flowing.

    The neocons and the liberal interventionists will continue to preach that we must run the world or everything will fall to ruin. But this election and many recent polls demonstrate that their time has passed.

    They may not know it yet, but their failures are too obvious and Americans are sick of paying for them.

    What is to be done? We must continue to educate ourselves and others.

    We must resist those who are preaching “interventionism-lite” and calling it a real alternative.

    Claiming we must protect our “interests” overseas really means using the US military to benefit special interests.

    That is not what the military is for.

    We must stick to our non-interventionist guns. No more regime change. No more covert destabilization programs overseas.

    A solid defense budget, not an imperial military budget.

    US troops home now. End US military action in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and so on. Just come home.

    Americans want change, no matter who wins. We need to be ready to provide that alternative.

    Ideas matter. War or Peace?

  67. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 7:55 pm

    Dear All –

    Just got this in from one of my sources:

    “First upset for the evening, Trump is taking Virginia, which Clinton was supposed to easily win. That’s Kaine’s home state.”

    STAY Tuned. +bn

  68. In Virginia, the winner is... November 8, 2016 @ 8:13 pm

    Hope your source is right +BN.

    But Real Clear Politics shows Hillary with a slight advantage over Trump in Va., 47.7% to 47.2% at 10:09 ET with 93% of the vote reported.

  69. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 8:44 pm


    94% of the counties are reporting: Clinton is now 47.8%, Trump is 47.1%.

    Virginia voting equipment is Direct Recording Electronic Method in its voting systems and do not require a Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail when conducting elections.

    Trump will sue Virginia, I’m sure, if he loses the race. There are no state provisions allowing a candidate for office to contest the results of a general election.

  70. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 8:45 pm

    HELLary takes Virginia:

    Clinton 48.3 // Trump 46.6

  71. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 8:47 pm

    Trump Takes Ohio – BIG:

    Trump 53.3 // Clinton 42.4

    Trump Takes Texas:

    Trump 52.0 // Clinton 44.4

    Trump Takes North Carolina:

    Trump 50.8 // Clinton 46.5


    Trump/Pence 49.2% (197 electoral votes) — Clinton/Kaine 46.5% (131 electoral votes)

  72. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 8:48 pm

    Clinton just took Virginia for 13 electoral votes, 48.2% to Trump’s 46.6%. It was very close.

    Politico’s map of Virginia is an almost solid blanket of red counties, punctuated by blue ones, which I started watching when +BN made his post.

    It was almost all red except for 1 blue county, the others being in process of the count. I get the sense that each county was a battleground.

    A few minutes after that, Clinton began to pull up by 0.1% at a time. I can see where Trump was sweeping Virginia until the more populated blue counties election counts came in.

    Trump has neatly won Ohio for 18 electoral votes, 53.3% to Hillary’s 42.3%.

    Trump currently has 197 Electoral Votes to Hillary’s 131 Electoral Votes. Trump needs 97 Electoral Votes for 270, a simple majority of the Electoral College.

    It’s getting to be a real slug fest. Trump is currently ahead by a small percentage in Michigan & Wisconsin.

  73. Electoral Votes November 8, 2016 @ 8:56 pm

    It may be short lived but at 10:57 PM Trump is ahead of the Hildabeast in electoral votes 213-131 –

  74. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 9:02 pm

    Trump TAKES Florida

    Trump 49.2 // Clinton 47.7

  75. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 9:16 pm

    Electoral Vote Count:

    Blue State California just came in with a big jump for Clinton with 55 Electoral Votes.

    Trump 217, Clinton 201 per Real Clear Politics.

    Trump is ahead in these states between a razor’s edge up to 8 percentage points in Georgia (16 EV), North Carolina (15 EV), New Hampshire (4 EV), Michigan (16 EV), Wisconsin (10 EV), Nevada (ahead by 40%; 6 EV), Utah (6 EV), Washington (12 EV) almost a dead even tie in Iowa (6 EV) according to Politico’s map:

  76. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 9:45 pm


    I could be wrong, but I think if Trump takes Michigan and Arizona then he wins the election.

  77. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 9:55 pm

    Hi +BN!

    Per Real Clear Politics, the Electoral Vote count now stands at:

    Clinton/Kaine 209

    Trump/Pence 255

    If this count is correct, then Trump needs only 15.

    I missed listing Arizona, with 11 EV. Washington went to Clinton, who came up from behind, no doubt as Seattle Metro Area’s votes came in. Trump, I would guess, led in the rural counties before the larger counts kicked in.

    For some reason, Politico is running behind with Trump at 238 EV and Clinton at 209 EV, but per their map Arizona, currently at 53% reporting, Trump is ahead in Arizona by 3%, and in Michigan by about 1.5%.

    If Real Clear Politics have the current figures, then yes, Trump carrying those two states would clinch the Electoral Vote at 270.

    It’s close, very, very close.

  78. Trump Leads & Market Crash November 8, 2016 @ 10:04 pm

    If Donald holds the edges in states he currently has, then he will have more than the 270 electoral votes needed.

    On the foreign exchanges the Dow Jones was down over 400 points early in the evening and is down over 700 points now.

    This may seem to mean the banksters are afraid that Donald will win. But the stock market was overdue for a crash regardless of who wins.

  79. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 10:11 pm

    Trump pulls ahead in PA:

    Trump – 48.3% // Clinton 48.1

    Trump still ahead in Michigan:

    Trump – 47.7% // Clinton – 47.1

    If Trump takes PA then he’s in the White House and Killary’s in the dog house. +bn

  80. Trump Pulls Ahead in Pa November 8, 2016 @ 10:14 pm

    The “experts” and polling pros didn’t give Trump much chance in Pennsylvania, but just now Trump pulled ahead by 48.3% to 48.1% with 84% of the vote counted.

    Pa has 20 electoral votes.

    Just Michigan or just Pennsylvania by itself would give Trump the 15 more votes he needs for 270. At this point it looks likely that Trump will win.

  81. benzion kook November 8, 2016 @ 10:37 pm

    WE WIN!

  82. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 10:38 pm

    Wisconsin & Arizona, Michigan & Arizona, or Wisconsin & Michigan

    Any combo of the above gives Trump 15 electoral votes added to his now 255 which puts him at the majority needed to capture the Electoral Vote.

    In Wisconsin at 87% reporting, Trump is ahead 49.2% to 45.6%

    Michigan at 78.5% reporting, Trump 47.8% to Clinton’s 47.0%

    Arizona at 72% reporting, Trump 49.3% to 45.8%

    Pennsylvania could be an upset by Trump, currently tied 48.2% -48.2% (Politico), although RCP has Trump at 48.3%-48.2%.

  83. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 10:42 pm

    Financial Times Reports:

    Markets jolted as Trump wins Florida and Ohio

    Investors around the world are pricing in a Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton, as wins in Florida and Ohio took the political outsider closer to a historic upset that could give Republicans control of the White House and both houses of Congress.

    Mr Trump’s victories in the critical swing states pointed to the likelihood that many white, working class “Trump Democrats” in the midwest had crossed party lines to vote for a businessman who vowed to bring jobs back to the US and “make America great again”.

    The tight race led to sharp swings in financial markets. The Mexican peso — seen as the prime gauge of Mr Trump’s fortunes — tumbled over 13 per cent, its biggest drop since the country’s 1994-1995 devaluation crisis to a record low of 20.7 to the dollar.
    Trump pulled ahead, (at least temporarily) and Wall Street saw that as a bad sign. Clinton is Wall Street’s stooge, while Wall Street would not be happy with a Trump win, because they don’t have any hooks into him like they do with Clinton. They fear he would be an erratic force on world affairs as president which would keep the stock market more upset.

    He will probably bend over backwards for Israel, but I don’t really see him actually cozying up to Wall Street. But who knows?

    The point is, Wall Street got a sudden belly ache, and the markets dropped. +BN

  84. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 10:43 pm


    Pennsylvania 96.4% Reporting

    Trump 48.5% (2,706,146 popular votes)

    Clinton 48.0% (2,680,667 popular votes)

  85. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 10:45 pm

    Trump pulls ahead AGAIN in PA

    48.5 vs 47.9

  86. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 10:47 pm

    Trump just took Wisconsin (90% of poll stations reporting) per Real Clear Politics

    Trump 49.1%

    Clinton 45.7%

  87. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 10:53 pm

    Arizona 69.1% reporting (per Politico)

    Trump 49.4%

    Clinton 45.7%

  88. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 11:06 pm

    Pennsylvania 98.3% Reporting

    Trump 48.6% 2,802,067 votes

    Clinton 47.8% 2,755,363

    Trump is very close to capturing Pennsylvania with 1.7% of the vote left to report

  89. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 11:07 pm

    PA is about to show election results and winner.

    Trump still has the edge. He takes PA it’s game over for Killary.

  90. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 11:16 pm

    Killary needs at this point 55 electoral votes to win, Trump only needs 15.

    Many are now conceding that Trump has won.

    But, it ain’t over ’till it’s over. +bn

  91. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 11:30 pm

    Jew York Times:

    Presidential Election Live: Donald Trump Nears Victory as Financial Markets Tumble

    Donald J. Trump, who ran an improbable and often ugly campaign against the establishment, was holding on to small but significant leads in a series of key battleground states on Tuesday night, upending months of polling that had given the advantage to Hillary Clinton and raising Republican hopes of seizing back the White House.

    Just after 11:30 p.m, Mr. Trump was declared the victor in Florida, earning him the state’s 29 electoral votes and giving him a more certain grip on the presidential contest with Mrs. Clinton.

    Reaction to the prospect of a Trump presidency rippled across the globe, with financial markets abroad falling as American television networks raised the prospect that Mrs. Clinton might lose.

    Asian markets were trading sharply lower, down around two percentage points, and in the United States, Dow Jones futures were down as much as 800 points in after-hours trading.

    Several hours after polls closed, the vote margins separating Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton remained razor thin in states that will determine the outcome of the presidential contest, with voters clearly demonstrating the polarized nature of the American electorate.

    But Democratic hopes that Mrs. Clinton would easily defeat Mr. Trump appeared to be crumbling as the Republican candidate’s bombastic style seemed to be winning support among white, working-class and rural voters across the country.

    Campaign advisers to Mrs. Clinton watched with increasing alarm on Tuesday night as healthy leads that had been predicted in polling for much of the past several months appeared to evaporate as votes were tallied.

    Mr. Trump also won North Carolina and Ohio, and he was clinging to small leads in Michigan and Wisconsin.

    Mrs. Clinton’s inability to secure an early knockout blow in the Southeast means the contest will turn to the North.

    The vote count will proceed much more slowly in states like Michigan and Wisconsin than it has in Florida or North Carolina, so there is unlikely to be a quick decision in either state.

    After Mr. Trump’s victories in North Carolina and Florida, he will have to win one of three battleground states — Michigan, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania — to win the election.

    His strength among white working-class voters makes that a real possibility. Even if he falls short, it will take a while to reach a decision.

    In another boost for Republicans in Florida, Senator Marco Rubio, a onetime presidential hopeful, won re-election in a hard-fought contest that could help thwart Democratic hopes to take over the Senate.


    New York Times had to scramble around to make new projections, too, I see.

  92. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 11:31 pm

    It’s neck and neck in PA and the counties still not fully counted favor HELLary. Can’t make any predictions, but she could still pull ahead.

  93. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 11:42 pm

    Trump WINS PA.

    48.9 vs 47.6

    It gives him 20 electoral votes. He only needed 270 to win, he now has 277.

    See you later KILLary.

    See you later queer-homo agenda, incompetent warmonging women.

    See you later Nudelman, Kristol, and Kagan.


  94. Mike November 8, 2016 @ 11:49 pm

    Isn’t most of this done electronically?

    Just call it, already.

    The networks are only looking for ratings.

  95. KathJuliane November 8, 2016 @ 11:56 pm

    Real Clear Politics says Trump has 277 Electoral Votes

    Poltico says Trump has 264 Electoral Votes

    New York Times 265 Votes

    Don’t know what the discrepency is due to other than different ways of calculating in real time.

    If it’s the lower figure, then if any one of these states, Arizona (76.2% reporting), Wisconsin (96.1% reporting), or Michigan (91.2% reporting) where Trump’s ahead will still put count to over 270 Electoral Votes.

  96. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2016 @ 11:56 pm

    Electoral Votes so far

    Killary – 215
    Trump – 277

  97. Brother Nathanael November 9, 2016 @ 12:12 am

    Podesta Refuses To Concede Loss

    Instead, tells supporters at headquarters to “go home.”

    What does this tell you about these malefactors?

    They cannot lose gracefully, but send their loyal supports home packing. +bn

  98. KathJuliane November 9, 2016 @ 12:22 am


    No, it’s not all electronic. There’s quite a few states which still use paper. From Ballotpedia, which has a list of which states use what kind of voting system and machinery:

    The following types of voting equipment are in use in the United States as of September 2016:

    Optical Scan Paper Ballot Systems: Voters mark their votes by filling in an oval, box, or similar shape on a paper ballot. Later, the paper ballots are scanned either at the polling place or at a central location.

    Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) Systems: DRE systems employ computers that record votes directly into the computers’ memory. These interfaces may incorporate touchscreens, dials, or mechanical buttons.

    The voter’s choices are stored by the computer on a cartridge or hard drive.

    Some DRE systems are also equipped with a printer, which the voter may use to confirm his or her choices before committing them to the computer’s memory.

    The paper records can be preserved to be tabulated in case of an audit or recount.

    Ballot Marking Devices and Systems: These systems are designed to help disabled voters who might be unable to vote using other methods.

    Most devices utilize a touchscreen along with audio or other accessibility features. Rather than recording the vote into the computer’s memory, the ballot is instead marked on paper and later tabulated manually.

    Punch Card Voting Systems: These devices employ a paper card and a small clipboard device. A voter punches holes in the card to mark his or her vote.

    The pattern of holes in the card indicates the votes cast. The ballot may then be placed in a box to be tabulated manually or scanned by a computer later.

    Additionally, some jurisdictions use paper ballots that are manually counted at the polling place. Other jurisdictions use these paper ballots for absentee or provisional voting.

  99. KathJuliane November 9, 2016 @ 12:30 am

    Haaretz: At Clinton’s New York Party, Celebratory Mood Turns Desperate as Trump Takes Lead

    The cheers as the Democrats won Virginia and California, sound almost desperate – supporters almost trying to drown out the disheartening news coming in.

    NEW YORK — “It’s a fucking funeral!” an angry Clinton staffer shouted into her phone.

    It was an unusual sight as Clinton staffers spent most of the night Tuesday in hiding, walking away from prying journalists as fast as they could, attempting to conceal the concerned creases in their foreheads.

    With Trump’s lead growing, the mood at the Javits Center in New York – where the official Clinton election party was being held – darkened significantly.

    The nervous optimism that characterized the beginning of the evening has been replaced by a kind of shocked, sustained silence, as more and more people realize this is not going to be a celebration.

    With Trump’s presidency looking increasingly likely, an eerie silence has taken over the Javits Center.

    “President Donald Trump, President Donald Trump, President Donald Trump,” a TV pundit is heard saying, with thousands of people staring at the screen with what can only be described as a look of profound disbelief.

    Before the cheers died out, they became louder than ever any time good news came in – including deafening roars when Clinton won Virginia. But then Trump took Florida, and the applause quieted down.
    Judging by the deteriorating state of Clinton’s star-studded gala, Clinton staffers are preparing for the worst.

    Some of the gates that previously blocked journalists from interacting with regular attendees have been lifted, with the adjacent Clinton staffers who previously guarded them now missing in action.

    Across the floor, some women can be seen barefoot, sitting on the floor. But most have their faces glued to the nearest TV or cellphone.

    Just a few hours ago, Hillary Clinton was considered an overwhelming favorite to win this race. Now, her aides are MIA, her festive gala looks like a funeral and Trump appears inches away from winning the presidency.

    None of this was supposed to happen, as far as those here at Javits were concerned. Except it did. (Asher Schechter)

    Democrats’ despair in Dallas

    DALLAS — Hillary Clinton’s supporters at the Democratic election night party here were expecting a light, entertaining evening.

    The large ballroom in the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Dallas was bedecked with balloons and Clinton signs, and attendees happily sat down at the tables to watch the results come in – which they considered a sure thing.

    But then the results and predictions began streaming in, and the atmosphere changed. When the TV networks declared that Trump had won Ohio and was leading in electoral votes, a deep sense of unease descended on the room.

    Some of those present left the room to find the bar, while others sat down on the floor near the screen broadcasting CNN.

    Alan Arismendez, a medical student, stared with concern at the screen. “We thought they’d declare her the winner within an hour, and now it’s 50-50,” he said.

    “There was even a minute at the beginning when they delayed the results from Texas because they thought maybe Texas would turn blue [Democratic] – but that didn’t happen.

    “I’m worried,” he added, “but Ohio [claimed by Trump] was always the swing state where Clinton had the smallest chance.”

    Elaine Sacks, secretary of the Congressional Black Caucus Veterans Braintrust in Texas, was sitting quietly next to a friend, watching the screen from afar.

    “I’m worried about the electoral vote, but we’re making slow progress,” she said, adding that the Democrats were ahead in Colorado.

    The funereal atmosphere was briefly broken with chants of “Hillary” when the Democratic presidential candidate was proclaimed the winner in California.

    Teisha Hood, who works with the Dallas Animal Services program, was almost crying with joy and could barely catch her breath.

    “I can’t describe what I’m feeling: happiness, joy, gratitude – all the feelings are mixed up,” she said. “Only a moment ago, I felt totally frozen with concern for the future of our country, and the atmosphere here was so difficult. Now I’m starting to recover.”

    At that moment, Republican candidate Donald Trump was declared the winner in North Carolina.

    “Oh, shit,” said Hood, leaning on a wall for support. (Taly Krupkin)

    I have one word for the Hildebeast:


  100. Heyoka November 9, 2016 @ 12:37 am

    Thank God that warmonger wont get the presidency.

  101. KathJuliane November 9, 2016 @ 12:42 am

    Trump takes Wisconsin (10 EV).

    That puts him unquestionably over the top at 276 EV per Politico; 278 EV per Real Clear Politics

    Per Politico with 98.2% of reporting:

    Trump 48.7% 1,385,524

    Clinton 46.1% 1,309,965

  102. Brother Nathanael November 9, 2016 @ 12:45 am

    Clinton just called Trump and CONCEDED.

  103. Brother Nathanael November 9, 2016 @ 12:46 am

    Trump about to take stage with Victory Speech

  104. Steve November 9, 2016 @ 1:08 am

    USA just said “NO” to nuclear war with Russia!

    I’m down with that!

  105. KathJuliane November 9, 2016 @ 1:17 am


    Meet Trump’s Cabinet-in-waiting

    By NANCY COOK and ANDREW RESTUCCIA 11/09/16 02:56 AM EST

    President-elect Donald Trump does not have the traditional cadre of Washington insiders and donors to build out his Cabinet, but his transition team has spent the past several months quietly building a short list of industry titans and conservative activists who could comprise one of the more eclectic and controversial presidential cabinets in modern history.

    Trumpworld has started with a mandate to hire from the private sector whenever possible.

    That’s why the Trump campaign is seriously considering Forrest Lucas, the 74-year-old co-founder of oil products company Lucas Oil, as a top contender for Interior secretary, or donor and Goldman Sachs veteran Steven Mnuchin as Treasury secretary.

    He’s also expected to reward the band of surrogates who stood by him during the bruising presidential campaign including Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, all of whom are being considered for top posts.

    A handful of Republican politicians may also make the cut including Sen. Bob Corker for secretary of State or Sen. Jeff Sessions for secretary of Defense.

    Trump’s divisive campaign may make it difficult for him to attract top talent, especially since so many politicians and wonks openly derided the president-elect over the past year.

    And Trump campaign officials have worried privately that they will have difficulty finding high-profile women to serve in his Cabinet, according to a person familiar with the campaign’s internal discussions, given Trump’s past comments about women.

    Still, two Trump transition officials said they’ve received an influx of phone calls and emails in recent weeks, as the polls tightened and a Trump White House seemed more within reach.

    So far, the Trump campaign and transition teams have been tight-lipped about their picks. (The Trump campaign has declined to confirm Cabinet speculation.) But here’s the buzz from POLITICO’s conversations with policy experts, lobbyists, academics, congressional staffers and people close to Trump.

    Secretary of State

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a leading Trump supporter, is a candidate for the job, as is Republican Sen. Bob Corker (Tenn.), the current chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

    Corker has said he’d “strongly consider” serving as secretary of State.

    Trump is also eyeing former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton.

    Treasury secretary

    Donald Trump himself has indicated that he wants to give the Treasury secretary job to his finance chairman, Steven Mnuchin, a 17-year-veteran of Goldman Sachs who now works as the chairman and chief executive of the private investment firm, Dune Capital Management.

    Mnuchin has also worked for OneWest Bank, which was later sold to CIT Group in 2015.

    Secretary of Defense

    Among the Republican defense officials who could join the Trump administration: Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a close adviser, has been discussed as a potential Defense Secretary.

    Former National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley and former Sen. Jim Talent (R-Mo.) have also been mentioned as potential candidates.

    Top Trump confidante retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, would need a waiver from Congress to become defense secretary, as the law requires retired military officers to wait seven years before becoming the civilian leader of the Pentagon.

    But Trump’s chief military adviser is likely to wind up some senior administration post, potentially national security adviser.

    And other early endorsers like Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) could be in line for top posts as well.

    Attorney general

    People close to Trump say former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s leading public defenders, is the leading candidate for attorney general.

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, another vocal Trump supporter and the head of the president-elect’s transition team, is also a contender for the job — though any role in the Cabinet for Christie could be threatened by the Bridgegate scandal.

    Another possibility: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, though the controversy over Trump’s donation to Bondi could undercut her nomination.

    Interior secretary

    Forrest Lucas, the 74-year-old co-founder of oil products company Lucas Oil, is seen as a top contender for Interior Secretary.

    Trump’s presidential transition team is also eyeing venture capitalist Robert Grady, a George H. W. Bush White House official with ties to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

    And Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., is said to be interested in the job.

    Meanwhile, a person who spoke to the Trump campaign told POLITICO that the aides have also discussed tapping Sarah Palin for Interior Secretary.

    Trump has said he’d like to put Palin in his Cabinet, and Palin has made no secret of her interest.

    Other possible candidates include: former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer; Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin; Wyoming Rep. Cynthia Lummis; and Oklahoma oilman Harold Hamm.


  106. Caveman2012 November 9, 2016 @ 1:24 am


    This is a landslide! Trump will end up winning with over 300 EV.

    Seeing the utter despair in the eyes of CNN, BBC and other presenters just made my day! The lying press really believed their own lies!

    Wall Street is in panic, and Lord knows that’s a good sign! The Jews are losing their grip on the US.

    Will Trump deliver? Will a stray bullet put an end to his presidency, just like JFK? Or will the Jews try to make him an offer that he cannot refuse?

    We don’t know. But the first battle has been won: Hellary is OUT! World War 3 has been postponed for the time being…

    Praise to the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

  107. Ted Gorsline November 9, 2016 @ 1:41 am

    Congratultions Bro Nat.

    I suspect Trump has been reading your blog. It does look like you have had a blogger’s victory.

    In contrast it looks like this is the crash and burn moment for Gordon Duff and Veterans Today.

    VT and its “intelligence professionals” are going to have to ask their Dracos living in caves under the western desert to move aside and leave a bit of room for a bunk bed for a bunk writer.

  108. KathJuliane November 9, 2016 @ 1:48 am



    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov cut a calm figure Tuesday, saying the Kremlin would “follow (the U.S. presidential election) along with other international events,” the state news agency Itar-Tass reported.

    The Kremlin was open to working with either candidate, he said. Yet as polls in the U.S. opened, the message from Russia’s pro-Kremlin officials and media lost all nonchalance.

    “Clinton will surround us with nuclear rockets, while Trump will recognize Crimea,” the mass market pro-government tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda declared, citing experts.

    “Clinton is a witch,” Vitaly Milonov, member of parliament from Putin’s United Russia party told Russian NSN news agency. “I see the mark of Satan on her.”

    “If Trump wins, I am convinced sanctions (on Russia) will be dropped completely,” Gennady Zyuganov, leader of Russia’s second largest party, the Communist Party, told state news channel Rossiya 24.

    “In this case, I believe Madam Clinton will win,” he added, blaming the “American oligarchy” of backing the former secretary of state.

    Russian daily business newspaper Kommersant set up its own poll, asking Russians which candidate they preferred.

    At the time of publication, the poll was strongly in favor of Trump, who had almost 84 percent of the vote. Clinton won only 16 percent.

    So expansive was the coverage on national airwaves that some Russians were outraged.

    A number of social media users expressed particular puzzlement at Rossiya 24’s decision to feature a countdown to the closing of the polls throughout the day, as this is not a common practice in Russia, let alone for covering foreign elections.

    “Correct me if I am wrong but there was no such thing during Russian elections,” Russian opposition activist and former MP Dmitry Gudkov wrote on Facebook.

    Indeed, the most recent Russian parliamentary election, in September, was declared one of the least dynamic in history by Russian observers, with a record low turnout and a record high win for United Russia.

    Meanwhile, Russian state media and officials have rallied to drum up conspiracy theories and questions over the likelihood of fraud in the U.S. election.

    “Questions from experts about the effectiveness of the U.S. electoral system arise, not for the first time, in particular with respect to transparency,” the Rossiya 24 anchorwoman of the two o’clock news declared.

    “I would like to remind you that the U.S. and EU regularly accuse Russia of unsavoury practices in voting,” Alexey Mukhin, one of these experts, said.

    “We observed numerous violations in the realization and organization of the referendum in the U.K. (in July), now we see them here.”

    The news segment focused on a petition submitted to Congress last month with over 100,000 signatures calling for the removal of “George Soros owned voting machines from 16 states.”

    Two weeks before polling day, however, the Washington Post had already debunked notions that liberal business magnate George Soros owned any company that produced voting machines.

    Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov fired another criticism at the legitimacy of the U.S. election Tuesday morning, telling state news agency Itar-Tass that he was aware of “some situations” that resulted in Russian diplomats being barred from acting as independent observers.

    His statement quickly made the lunchtime news broadcasts, followed by Russian Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova saying on Facebook that the U.S. State Department and FBI were encouraging Russians to keep away from the voting process.

    Meanwhile, Russian Senator Andrey Klishas dealt the knockout punch by asking why the U.S. was “so scared of Russian observers” that it resorted to “open threats against Russian diplomats,” Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported Tuesday.

    “Could it be that upon close inspection, U.S. elections are not as open and not at all as transparent as those who hail the U.S. as an example often love to tell us?” Klishas asked.

    U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner has subsequently dismissed claims that the U.S. turned away Russian observers as “false.”

    He called the allegations “nothing more than a PR stunt,” noting that Russia had to apply to individual states to act as an observer, or apply through the international monitoring body, Operation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

    (Zakharova posted a copy of the purported letter from the U.S. State Department to Russian diplomats on Facebook, which contained a request to apply through the OSCE and no threats to Russian officials. U.S. delegates observed Russia’s last elections through the OSCE).

    Sergey Mironov, leader of A Just Russia, one of the four parties in the Russian parliament, did not accept the U.S. State Department’s suggestion, telling RIA Novosti that “if they don’t let us [observe their elections], then they have no business at our elections.”

    One man yet to comment on the election is Vladimir Putin himself. His spokesman, Peskov, said the Russian leader would weigh in on the election in due course, possibly during an award ceremony for foreign envoys in Moscow on Wednesday.

    He urged journalists asking how Putin was planning to congratulate the winner of the election not to get ahead of themselves.

    “I cannot say how exactly President Putin will choose to send congratulations,” he said.

    Asked on Tuesday morning if the Kremlin was ready to accept the U.S. result, whatever it was, Peskov said “it would be unwise to comment on elections that have not taken place yet.”

    Ria Novosti:

    Peskov said that Putin could speak with the assessment in the US election results (google translated)

  109. KathJuliane November 9, 2016 @ 1:53 am

    TASS Russian News Agency

    MOSCOW, October 21. /TASS/. More than half of Russians (57%) believe the outcome of the US presidential election is important, with one in three (35%) certain that Republican candidate Donald Trump’s win would better match Russia’s national interests, as follows from the results of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, published on the organization’s website.

    Are US election returns important?

    The outcome of voting in the US presidential election will be important to Russia, said 57% of the polled, while 38% stick to the opposite opinion.

    One in three said Trump’s victory would better match Russia’s national interests. The share of those supporting this point of view is noticeably higher (44%) among those who attach importance to the election results, the poll says.

    At the same time a tiny 6% believe that Hillary Clinton’s victory would agree with Russia’s national interests, and one in five Russians (22%) replied that none of the candidates looked better.

    Russians’ interest towards the election campaign in the United States is growing: 53% (in contrast to 41% in July) keep an eye on the race.

    One in three Russians (29%) believe that Trump’s victory would improve US relations with Russia, 8% disagree and 35% say that relations will remain unchanged.

    Trump’s victory will be important for Russia, said 39% of the polled. Nearly half of Russians (45%) are certain that Clinton’s victory would entail a worsening in bilateral relations, and another 29% do not believe in an improvement of relations in case of such an outcome.

    Russia distrusts US politicians

    “In the context of acute confrontation between Russia and the United States our people make a predictable choice between one of the two main contenders for the US presidency.

    They choose the one who expresses sympathy towards Vladimir Putin and promises to settle key differences with Russia.

    On the contrary, Clinton is seen as a politician who will push ahead with Obama’s confrontational policies and enjoys no support at all.

    Incidentally, distrust towards the United States and US politicians in today’s Russia is so strong that a large number of respondents does not expect an improvement in bilateral relations regardless of the US election result,” said the pollster’s general director, Valery Fyodorov.

    The poll was conducted in 130 communities and cities of Russia on October 8-9, 2016. An audience of 1,600 adult men and women was questioned. The margin of error did not exceed 3.5% with 95% probability.

  110. Brother Nathanael November 9, 2016 @ 2:11 am

    Apparently, Putin was watching the results tonight very closely.

    15 minutes after Trump finished his speech, Putin was on the air congratulating Trump at 11:36 am, Moscow Time

    Vladimir Putin expresses hope for joint work to steer Russia-US relations out of crisis

    MOSCOW, November 9. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a message of greeting to Donald Trump upon his victory in the US presidential election.

    As the Kremlin’s press-service has said Putin expressed the hope “for joint work to steer Russian-US relations out of the critical condition and also to address crucial issues on the international agenda and identify effective responses to challenges to global security.”

    Putin also expressed the certainty that “a constructive dialog between Moscow and Washington, based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and realistic attitude towards each other’s positions meets the interests of the people of our countries and the entire world community.”

    Putin wished Trump success in his new capacity as the head of state that implied great responsibility.

  111. Brother Nathanael November 9, 2016 @ 2:24 am

    Putin looks PLEASED at Trump’s Victory (and RELIEVED)

  112. Brother Nathanael November 9, 2016 @ 2:25 am

    Congrats Pour In!

    09 November 2016
    09:02 GMT
    The leader of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party Heinz-Christian Strache has sent his congratulations to Trump on Facebook.

    “The political left as well as the aloof and sleazy establishment are being punished by voters and voted out of various decision-making positions,” he said.

    08:59 GMT
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has congratulated Trump. “What a great news. Democracy is still alive” he posted on his Facebook with a picture of him watching the election coverage.

    08:54 GMT
    UKIP leader Nigel Farage has congratulated Donald Trump on his victory. Farage, a Brexit campaigner and Trump supporter during his campaign, tweeted “I hand over the mantle to @RealDonaldTrump! Many congratulations. You have fought a brave campaign”.

    Putin congratulates Trump, hopes to work on intl issues – Kremlin (He looks pleased as punch)

    In a message to Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed confidence that the dialogue between Moscow and Washington, in keeping with each other’s views, meets the interests of both Russia and the US.

    Putin also expressed hope over the joint efforts on bringing Russian-American relations out of their current crisis.

    The Russian leader noted in the message that he hopes to address some “burning issues that are currently on the international agenda, and search for effective responses to the challenges of the global security,” RIA Novosti reported.

    On top of it, Putin has expressed confidence that “building a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington, based on principles of equality, mutual respect and each other’s positions, meets the interests of the peoples of our countries and of the entire international community.”

  113. KathJuliane November 9, 2016 @ 2:50 am

    RT: Politicians all over the world are reacting as Donald Trump has become president-elect of the United States.

    Some are congratulating him, while others are in shock.

    US Elections 2016

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has become one of the first global leaders to congratulate Trump with the victory, expressing hope that the two countries will continue collaborative work on international issues.

    Japan’s Prime Minister Abe congratulated Donald Trump on his victory in the presidential election and described the alliance between the two countries as “impregnable.”

    “With all my heart I hope that Japan and the US will play a leading role in ensuring peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. The Japan-US alliance is impregnable,” he stated in the message to Trump.

    Shinzo Abe will be sending his special adviser, Katsuyuki Kawai, to the United States shortly “to build confidence” with the new White House administration, Kyodo news agency reported.

    “The United States is our most important ally. It is crucial we create a relationship of trust with the new administration as soon as possible,” Kawai told reporters on Wednesday.

    Earlier, Secretary-General of the Japanese Government Yoshihide Suga said that regardless of who wins the US election, the policy of mutual cooperation between the two states will remain unchanged.

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban responded to Trump’s victory with the words “what a great news. Democracy is still alive,” posted on his Facebook page.

    Australia’s foreign minister, Julie Bishop, said her government is ready to work with “whomever the American people in their wisdom choose to be their president.”

    She noted that the US administration “will have a number of challenges, particularly in our region, and we want to work constructively with the new administration to ensure the continued presence and leadership of the United States in our region.”

    Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said his nation respects the result of the presidential election in the United States, although it is unexpected.

    “The victory of Donald Trump is the most important event that will change many things in the world,” the minister said, stating that Italy will continue its cooperation with the US.

    German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has said that it is a “huge shock” while speaking on German ARD TV. She urged Trump to prevent isolationism, saying, “It’s in Europe’s interest that the US remains open to the world.”

    A senior member of Angela Merkel’s conservative party said that no one has any idea what Trump would do as the US leader.

    “We’re realizing now that we have no idea what this American president will do if the voice of anger enters office and the voice of anger becomes the most powerful man in the world,” Norbert Roettgen, a member of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and head of the German parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said on Deutschlandfunk radio, as cited by Reuters.

    “Geopolitically we are in a very uncertain situation.”

    In France, Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has said that the election results mustn’t weaken relations between Europe and the US, and assured that France remains an ally of the US, and will have to see what the new president’s policies will be.

    The leader of the French “National Front” party, Marine le Pen, has congratulated Trump on his win over Twitter, posting, “Congratulations to the new US president Donald Trump and the free American people!”

    Meanwhile, one of America’s top allies in the Pacific, South Korea, said that they would expect the US to go on with the policy of pressuring North Korea.

    Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said he would prefer to see Hillary Clinton in the White House, but declared his readiness to work with Trump as well.

    “I think the election result will make many individuals, as well as the market, worried. At the same time it is a situation to which we are well prepared.

    “I would have preferred Hillary Clinton to win for a number of reasons.

    “However, Sweden will do everything possible to retain good relations with the United States, no matter who is the president,” he told SVT channel, noting also his concern with the “prevailing political climate of hate” in the United States.

    Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström also noted that the election results left her worried, especially due to some of Trump’s controversial statements, like the ones regarding the construction of a wall between the United States and Mexico.

    The lairds never liked it when the pitchforks starting coming out…

  114. KathJuliane November 9, 2016 @ 2:56 am

    Russian ex-minister says US election is “continuation of Brexit”

    MOSCOW, November 9. /TASS/.

    Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections is the continuation of Britain’s vote to withdraw from the European Union (Brexit), Head of Russia’s Center for Strategic Research (CSR) and ex-finance minister Alexei Kudrin wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

    “The US elections demonstrate that many are not satisfied with the current dynamics of global processes,” Kudrin said, adding that the elections means “the continuation of Brexit.”

  115. B November 9, 2016 @ 3:20 am


    It is very interesting that the date Nov 9 ( 11-9 ), when Trump finally received his needed total of winning electoral votes, is closely associated with the numbers in the other NYC disaster date of 9-11.

  116. KathJuliane November 9, 2016 @ 3:49 am

    UK Independent:

    Donald Trump win: Russian parliament bursts into applause upon announcement of US election result

    Country’s politicians say ‘Bill Clinton followed his wife around like an old rucksack’ and that ‘grandmother Hillary can take some rest now’

    Russian politicians reportedly burst into applause as an MP broke the news of Donald Trump’s emphatic election victory.

    Clapping and cheering in the State Duma – the country’s parliament equivalent – muffled an announcement by foreign affairs committee member Vyacheslav Nikonov that Mr Trump had triumphed.

    State news agency RIA-Novosti and Russian website quoted Mr Nikonov, also an education committee chairman, as saying: “Three minutes ago, Hillary Clinton acknowledged her defeat in the US presidential elections and just seconds ago, Trump began his speech as president-elect. I congratulate all of you on this.”

    Former lieutenant colonel and two-time prime minister President Putin sent 70-year-old Mr Trump a telegram of congratulation after his triumph.

    In a brief statement, the Kremlin said Mr Putin expressed “his hope to work together for removing Russian-American relations from their crisis state”.

    Mr Putin also said he had confidence in “building a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington that is based on principles of equality, mutual respect and a real accounting of each other’s positions, in the interests of our peoples and the world community”.

    Fair Russia party leader Sergei Mironov, according to, said: “As a man, I am not envious of Bill Clinton, because it seems he’s a little wife who’s followed Hillary Clinton to all the states like an old rucksack and now she’s lost.

    “This is the choice of Americans, as we always say. Russia will work with the president, elected by the American people.”

    Liberal Democrat party boss Vladimir Zhirinovsky meanwhile said: “We will make up Mr Trump a telegram of congratulations: Dear Donald, we congratulate you on a well-deserved victory. Grandmother Hillary can take some rest now.”

    Mr Putin has tacitly supported the millionare property mogul during the campaign, while Mr Trump repeatedly flattered and praised the Russian leader and said he was willing to work with him.

    Father-of-five Mr Trump however has, despite all the hints of flattery, denied ever meeting the Moscow leader despite reports.

    Hungary prime minister Viktor Orbán meanwhile said Mr Trump’s victory is “great news” and shows “democracy is still alive.”

    Mr Orbán has been often criticised by the United States, including by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, for weakening the democratic system of checks and balances.

    But Mr Orban offered his congratulations to Trump on his Facebook page.

  117. BN For President 2016 November 9, 2016 @ 9:36 am

    My guess is ~5,000,000 of those ‘votes’ for hellary were fake.

    This idea she won more of the popular vote is BS. There was no possible way Trump could win unless he had a massive# of voters to counter the Demonrat vote fraud.

    Plus, there are a few million Trump votes that were taken away, ripped up ballots, changed votes and so on.

    Once again, the demonrats walk off with more fraudulent propaganda.

    It’s a miracle that bitch conceded.

    One wonders if she decides to challenge one of the states’ results despite the concession. Trump ushers in a total sweep of POTUS, Senate and House, and we are supposed to believe Hellary won the popular vote – I don’t think so.

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