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Trump Plays The LGBTQ Card

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Trump Plays The LGBTQ Card
July 27, 2016 ©

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Brother Nathanael @ July 26, 2016


  1. Brother Nathanael July 26, 2016 @ 10:58 pm

    Trump Plays The LGBTQ Card
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2016

    Hillary’s been trumpeting “LGBT” from day one.

    One glance at her first ad tells the sad story.

    But why is Trump now playing the LGBT card? You could see it coming.

    [Clip: “What if Caitlyn Jenner were to walk into Trump Tower and want to use the bathroom, you would be fine with her using any bathroom she chooses.”
    “That is correct.”]

    And the scheme to “take a pee” was surely agreed between ‘I Am Cait’ and the ‘Celebrity Apprentice Star.’

    [Clip: “Oh my God, a transwoman in New York, I gotta take a pee. Anyway, uhm. My God, Trump International Hotel. I love this. Ok. Last week, Donald Trump said I could take a pee anywhere in a Trump facility. So I am gonna go take a pee in the ladies’ room.
    Ladies room?”
    “On the left.”
    “That way? Thanks.
    M? Not anymore. W. Oh, this is what I need.
    Ah, ok. Thank you, Donald, I really appreciate it. And by the way, Ted, nobody got molested.”]

    The unsayable is now sayable.

    And the Republican Party, known for maintaining traditional sexual mores, will never be the same.

    [Clip: “Only weeks ago, in Orlando, Florida, 49 wonderful Americans were savagely murdered by an Islamic terrorist. This time, the terrorist targeted LGBTQ community. No good, and we’re gonna stop it. (Applause! USA! USA! USA!)
    As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. Believe me.
    And I have to say, as a Republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering for what I just said. Thank you.”]

    So now it’s LGBTQ? That’s Q for queer.

    Will the homosexual lobby add P for pedophile? How about another B for bestiality? Soon we’ll be saying the whole alphabet.

    And what’s so “wonderful” about homosexuals consorting at a ‘gay’ pick-up bar?

    It’s all such a sordid affair but suddenly ‘Republican Approved.’

    You see, homosexuality, once abjured, but now affirmed by candidates and plastered all over the media, has become politically and socially correct. Who can escape its devastation?

    For by encouraging sodomy—which undermines God’s law for natural family and procreation—it casts God out and all kinds of immorality rushes in.

    Look it up. St Paul underscored this in Romans Chapter 1.

    But don’t ask, don’t tell the RNC.

    [Clip: “Every American has a unique identity. I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican. But most of all I am proud to be an American.” Loud cheers, standing ovation — crowd chants “USA! USA! USA!….”]

    He’s gay, he’s proud, and the crowd chants USA?

    It’s Queer Nation all the way.

    For with both parties cheering perversion, America gets queerer every day

    [Clip: “When I was a kid, the great debate was about how to defeat the Soviet Union. And we won. Now we are told that the great debate is about who gets to use which bathroom. This is a distraction from our real problems. Who cares?”]

    Republicans once did care. But the party’s been ‘trumped’ into the Democratic party’s strange social experiment.

    It’s not culture wars. It’s a war on God.

    And that war is being waged not only by the Jewish-owned media, Jewish lobbies, and the Jewish-ruled courts, but now by both the Democratic AND Republican parties.

    Authentic Christianity just became the counter-culture.

    We’re now entering the Twilight Zone of Immorality.

    The demons are coming, they’re already here.

    The Great Apostasy has only just begun.

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  5. Jean July 27, 2016 @ 2:21 am

    No wonder, the (nearly) whole world is filled with perversion.

    A sure sign that Our Lord Jesus Christus is not far off.

    As in the last days sodomy, perverts, godless, thieves, liars, and what more will raise their hats.

    Therefore it is that a small amount of persons will enter the new Jerusalem, let us hope it are the chosen one.

  6. The English Man July 27, 2016 @ 2:45 am

    Reminder: America… Land Of The Free Home Of The Brave.

    Davy Crockett, many a red blooded young lad’s hero (was mine.)

    What would those early frontiers folk think of todays United States?

    Dear Br. Nathanael:

    “No Body Does It Better, No Body Does It Half As GOOD As YOU! You’re The Best.”

  7. Ted Gorsline July 27, 2016 @ 3:09 am

    I must say I have often wondered why these toilet bowl issues are so important to gay people in mainstream media. They are less than 2% of the population and yet these issues are always put on center stage.

    It may just be that so many people in MSM, as with the theatre and acting profession are gay, and use their positions, not simply to do their reporting jobs, but also to drive their own agenda.

    Just look at CNN. A great many of their male reporters are openly gay like Don Mellon, Richard Quest, Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt, etc and many others are not open about it but who seem to be that way including Farid Zakarious, John Vaux and a South African guy they field as a reporter.

    It looks like at least 50% of their male reporters are fudge stuffers. I don’t know about the women. Becky Anderson looks a bit butchy to me.

    Media people are always wanting quotas for minorities to make things more representative such as having a proportional number of blacks on police forces relative to the overall black population.

    Maybe if the hook-nosed media masters applied that quota idea to gay reporters, and kept their numbers at under 2%, we would once again begin to get some real news instead of all this toilet bowl coverage.

  8. Ted Gorsline July 27, 2016 @ 3:39 am

    There is no doubt whatsoever that Hillary and Bill Clinton are two of the world’s foremost money grubbing sociopaths. They reek of corruption. It ooses from their pores.

    For that reason I have never been able to understand why Gordon Duff at Veterans Today, who seems to be relatively bright, supports them and not Trump. Duff has not yet attained his dotage.

    Finally Duff sat down, spit out the gum, and said what he thinks. Basically he thinks “organized” crime, headed up by Sheldon Adelson is behind Trump so Hillary is the better of the two evils.

    To give VT credit they have begun to copy Bro Nat and from time to time they now use the dreaded “Jew” word.

    Duff outed Wolf Blitzer as the main apologist for Israeli spy Johnathan Pollard. Well done.

    The Clinton advantage seems to be that they are representative of “disorganized” crime, that is they take money from anyone who will toss it their way (and especially Goldman Sachs that, like Sheldon Adelson, backs Israel) and will dispense favours in return.

    In that sense they are less dangerous than the more focused Trump because they have been bought and paid for by so many different interest groups they are always in a muddle and lack focus.

    Lacking focus and being busy cashing cheques they will be able to run America as peacefully as Ronald Reagan did during the last two years of his presidency when he had full blown Alzheimer,s disease and forgot where he put the nuclear trigger.

  9. Mark July 27, 2016 @ 4:29 am

    What should we do, pray?

    Sure, but how to take action, Brother Nathanael?


  10. GRXS July 27, 2016 @ 4:52 am

    A few thoughts.

    Naturally a tranvestite dressed as a female should use the female washroom. Thank goodness there are no urinals there cos he would then insist on embarrassing everyone.

    +BN, maybe with your email notifications you could include a sentence of text so we have a clue what it’s about this time. And I didn’t know what LGBTQ was.

    What is distressing to me is how Trump DOESN’T GET IT regarding conspiracies. These various shootings, and including 9/11, are all preplanned by the “powers that be”. But how much of a threat could Trump possibly be to Jewish control when he is one of their greatest SUCKERS.

    Instead he wants to wage war against the Muslims. Why should the Jews kill him? He’s safe this way.

    Saudi Arabia responsible for 9/11? HAHAHAHAHA … Arabia is one of the last remaining allies of the conservative West.

    This is clearly a strategy to overthrow what remains in the Arab world. “Arab Spring” anyone?

  11. Stephen July 27, 2016 @ 5:18 am

    Trump appears to have made a number of concessions to the Jews recently.

    First is his choosing Mike Pence as his running mate. Although Pence is socially conservative, he caved at the last moment to the Homosexual Lobby and gutted the Religious Liberty Act that he had just signed to protect Christian business owners from prosecution by the insane LGBTQ community.

    He is also very pro-Israel, supported the war in Iraq, and is all in favor of “free trade” deals like the TPP. None of this is good, and at least one commentator has openly wondered whether Trump hasn’t signed his own death warrant. Picking Pence was like saying to the Jews, “If I get out of line, just bump me off and you’ll get your man.”

    This latest statement from Trump on transgendered restrooms was completely unacceptable.

    This isn’t about giving 0.3% of the population “equal rights” in using public toilet facilities. It’s about turning male sexual perverts (mostly Jews) loose in women’s restrooms. They can always claim that they’ve always “felt like a woman on the inside,” and there will be no way to prove they are lying.

    I don’t know if Trump is aware of this aspect, but he certainly should be.

    The whole “LGBTQ” narrative just thoroughly sickens me. Trump and the GOP are out of their minds for making concessions to it.

    I suppose I’ll still vote for Trump, because Hillary is just so repulsive to me. But my enthusiasm for Trump has taken a significant nosedive with this new information.

  12. Wally July 27, 2016 @ 6:04 am

    Hello Brother.

    What is your opinion regarding people such as Jeff Rense and David Duke who openly support Trump?

    I personally think its disgusting how both of them worship him, especially Jeff Rense. I cant even bring myself to go on Rense’s site anymore over how disgustingly brown nosed he is towards Trump, you would think they were Husband and Husband the way he talks about him.

    After all the flip flops, after all the pandering towards Israel, after Sheldon Adelson’s endorsement (perhaps the biggest red flag) they still continue to support and endorse him.

    Are these people mentally defective? What are your thoughts on these people and others like them?

  13. BN For President 2016 July 27, 2016 @ 7:44 am

    For all his success and money, that Peter Theil didn’t seem very sure about himself. Or is that just me?

    Either way, it doesn’t do people who engage in homosexual practice any favors to pat them on the back and affirm what they are doing is OK, when they themselves on some inner level know it isn’t.

    Where are they to go for help? Nowhere, that’s where.

  14. mike July 27, 2016 @ 7:51 am

    Bro Nat

    My understanding is that “Q” us for “questioning” —- as in all these confused and corrupted young people now “questioning” what they are.

    These would be salvageable souls at this point because the thought has yet to become action. Because it mostly targets kids, the “q” is therefore the most evil of the acronym letters.

  15. Robert July 27, 2016 @ 8:31 am

    A hateful foreign ideology?

    Is this what belief in the God who created the universe has become???

    Wow!! Donald you are a disgusting foulass!!!

    I do not think it matters who gets elected.

    The falling away began in the 60’s. Remember? When the Jews took Jerusalem.

    They’ve been pushin’ this queer crap ever since.

  16. Santiago Ramirez July 27, 2016 @ 8:31 am


    Jews have made the US so rotten the only leadership choices are two evils of the same mother.

  17. Bobby July 27, 2016 @ 8:51 am

    Totally disgusting!!!

    Donald you are a sick dog.

  18. Robert July 27, 2016 @ 9:01 am

    A hateful foreign ideology?

    “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

    So this is how he describes the words of the living God. Straight from the Hebrew Bible.

    Donald, you are one sick putrid globalist. You ain’t foolin anyone. Your blood be upon your own head.

    The Jews started pushin this crap in the 60’s. Remember? when they took Jerusalem?

  19. Mike July 27, 2016 @ 9:22 am

    This was a great one, Brother Nathanael.

    Transgenderism is the sickest of all sick things to me. I self-indentify as the unopposed emperor of the universe. Kiss the ring, cowed subjects.

    I think they will add an “S” next. For sadomasochism. I’m sure the extra “B,” and the “P” will come shortly.

    I say they should add another “G,” for good grief.

  20. AJ July 27, 2016 @ 9:59 am

    Any of you read the blogger and author, Andrew Sullivan?

    He’s an openly gay journalist who has had considerable influence in Washington. He often had some good insights about politics and gay identity, but I stopped reading him. I happened to come across his Facebook posts. What is this guy smoking or what poppers is he sniffing?

    “Some readers think I’ve been too negative, even cynical, tonight. Believe me, I am utterly uncynical about this election. I’m worried sick. We need to put behind us any lingering beefs, any grudges, any memories from the past – and you know how I feel about the Clintons’ past – in order to save liberal democracy.

    “The only thing between him and us is her. So – against all my previous emphatic denials – I’m with her now. As passionately as I ever was with Obama. For his legacy is at stake as well.”

    He also says “The Clintons are flawed people. But they are our last hope. That’s all I need to know.”

    Some homosexuals in America are actually scared about a Trump presidency even though he is light years more pro-gay than any other GOP candidate.

    I feel compassion for homosexuals because many are trapped in a lifestyle that ruins them physically and psychologically.

  21. Brian July 27, 2016 @ 11:07 am

    Not a Trump high moment for sure, but I agree with him in that it is wrong to physically attack or kill a mentally disordered homosexual.

    Given time, maybe some will straighten themselves out and stop engaging in their abhorrent acts.

    As for the Orlando gay nightclub shooting, there are many oddities about it, such as there being no images of blood on the ground; people being shot in the legs and buttocks area and being released from the hospital a day or two later.

    A man (Angel Colon) claiming to have “blocked” a bullet with his hand with no visible wound to either hand; alleged victims having acting and performing backgrounds; victims being carried back to the nightclub while the alleged shooter was still inside with hostages (how did they know he wouldn’t come out at any time blasting), and so on.

  22. Oona July 27, 2016 @ 11:13 am

    LGBT is a “stir the crowd up” type of issue. Anything, anything to keep Americans from focusing on the only REAL issue — the Grand Theft and Serial Wars that have resulted from the Jews’ private ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank….the license to steal.

    ALL the TV “news” (shootings blaming blacks, whites, Muslims) are false flags scripted by DA JOOOZ.

  23. Zionien July 27, 2016 @ 11:23 am

    Thanks for the video +BN!

    Makes me wonder where the Poke E man fad came from..?

    Hopefully this LGBTQueer fad will pass as well and VERY SOON!+

  24. Missy July 27, 2016 @ 11:59 am

    I’m pleased to know that I’m not the only person who’s NOT sold on Thrumpfff.

    And I could tell he was nothing but a blowhard long before he made his statements on homosexuality. That’s the least of it. He is a 4-star, card-carrying LIAR. I don’t trust him to be anything other than what he is: just another disturbed, opportunistic, greedy, immoral pol.

    Anybody remember that scene in The Ten Commandments (movie) where the wicked Israelites were dancing around a golden calf?

    That is what the Repub convention reminded me of. Damn them all.

  25. Auwal Mohammed Nyako July 27, 2016 @ 1:03 pm

    Good work, Bro.

    This remind me a story of an IDF Rabbi who called homosexuals perverts. He was supported by 250 Rabbis from all over Israel.

    But the children of the devil have to force him to recant, almost apologising. The devil rules the world.

  26. GRXS July 27, 2016 @ 2:54 pm

    Trump is against the previous invasion of Iraq.

    Says we were fooled about the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) claim.

    Who was fooled? GW Bush came in not subject to that kind of disinformation.

    The Jews had to work hard to get Bush to agree to the attack.

    Now how much effort did it take to get Trumpster to want to wage war against all Muslims?

  27. APS Mesomorph Rocket pop July 27, 2016 @ 3:34 pm

    Wow, supporting a bunch of mentally deranged cross-dressers.


  28. ZIONEXIT July 27, 2016 @ 4:13 pm

    Well, every vote counts now. Too many brain-dead people are willing to vote for the devil-incarnate, Hillary.

    This is perhaps the way we will go and have to just face reality.

    Total unisex bathrooms in time. If there are showers in the locker rooms for kids at high schools, I suppose we’ll have to have third party video monitoring at low resolution and only allowed high resolution per a saved feed in case criminal acts occurred, yet everyone should have a towel securely wrapping all the private areas before entering the solitary shower stall.

    No more group showers.

    All the toilets would need to be solitary with the necessary privacy as well. It could be done. I was in Europe a long time ago and was shocked at seeing women in the bathroom right near where I had to pee. It’s just the way I think it will have to go and so just make the necessary modifications and end the discussion.

    I suppose the higher class unisex bathrooms could have more stringent privacy barriers.

    Expelling waste from the human body or bathing is what is in essence the issue, not sexual activity, though of course young boys with hormones going crazy and the older preverts[sic] may see it differently.

    Make the necessary safeguards and the division of boys and girls bathrooms will be the past. You would be creating an even greater problem by making a third bathroom for the “its”.

    Perhaps someone could send this comment to Trump.

  29. KathJuliane July 27, 2016 @ 8:51 pm

    Dear +BN.

    What an astonishing and revealing Video this time. I hadn’t watched any of the RNC at all, nor the DNC either, so watchimng Trump during his his speech is rather like getting a bucket full of ice water tossed in the face.

    Both conventions were a farce. We’re going into another negative presidential campaign and general election between Hildebeast and Dumpf, out the gate in a virtual dead heat.

    We are stuck having to suffer through a competition between two candidates viewed unfavorably by a majority of the current electorate of both parties, and with voters motivated as much, if not more, by whom they don’t like as by whom they do.

    Nearly 6 in 10 registered voters say they have negative and very impressions of both major candidates. How many voters turn out to deny each candidate a win will determine this race.

    In the mudslinging campaigns between now and November, like monkeys flinging feces at each other, Trump will continue to attack HRC’s demonstrated lack of character. HRC will continue to claim Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be President. Bla bla bla.

    Neither deserves the office, for obvious reasons.

    We are left to pick the least evil of the two, but to do so is still choosing evil. The only way out is not to play the game or be swept up by the kabuki politics.

    God help America, because no matter who wins the race for the President of the United States of Israel, the Jews win, whether in shades of left or right.

    As the womanoid Hildebeast shrieked with that tree-killing voice of hers, “What difference does it make?”

    On another note, yes, indeedy, that ridiculous video clip of Bruce Jenner, the trans-mutilated man, “taking a pee” in the women’s restroom of the Trump Hotel had to have been cooked up between Trump and Jenner. Made me ill and I regurged a little.

    Note to Jenner: 99% of the men in the world do not want to be women.

    It is not normal for a man to want to be a woman.

    It is not normal for a man to want to be a woman.

    It is not normal for a man to want to be a woman.

    And, no matter how many times you click your heels in the Land of Oz, you’ll never become a woman.

    Should I perceive any male-to-trans, including you, walk into a woman’s restroom while I’m in it, no law requires that I remain in the ladies’ room while the creep is present, be polite, say anything to them, or acknowledge in any way I accept them as a woman, when they are not and never will be.

    That’s what many of these creeps like mega-cross dresser Jenner, who may not be actual sexual predators, but like Jenner not only cross-dressed but self-erotically fantasied about themselves being women, crave wanting access to women’s restrooms–some kind of perceived acknowledgement by women that they “pass” as “trans-women.”

    I’ve already instructed my nieces not to say one word to any men or older boys they find using women’s restrooms and other facilities, and to leave it immediately.

    The one thing corporate business understands is the bottom line.

    If enough consumers tell retail outlets who’ve jumped on the transgender bandwagon that “I’m taking my business elsewhere because of your company’s transgender nonsense” and then mean it, the more that corporate retail will start putting profits over gender politics.

    The entirety of the Queer Nation with their pathological cornucopia of blossoming gender identies is somewhere around 2-3%. The other 97% of us still have a lot of purchasing power to leverage.

    Dear Trump:

    Don’t you know that the acronym LBGTQ is soooo two decades ago? Get with the times, man.

    SJW’s pride themselves on making everybody a special snowflake living somewhere over the Rainbow Kingdom of the Unicorn.

    From the Urban Dictionary


    An umbrella acronym that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Two-spirited, Queer and Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual and other marginalized orientations/identities.


    Acronym for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, I Don’t Know”. Used to encapsulate all of the labels for the gay & lesbian community whose political correctness frequently change. The IDK is meant to sum up any new meanings for the remaining letters after LGBT (i.e. Q can also stand for Queer instead of Questioning).


    Lesbian, Gay, Genderqueer, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual, Polyamorous, and Kink.


    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and Ally — pro-sodomite heterosexual supporters.

    Generation LGGBTQQIAAPPK makes this stuff up as they go along thinking of new ways to reinvent themselves.

    These acronyms can endlessly multiply like bacteria, depending on one’s particular own “gender identity” self-image (aka self-idolatrous sexual deviancy and legal justifications for perversity and sexual immorality) and the ever-expanding gender agenda.

    And now, we can add GSA to the alphabet soup by a small but irritating voice buzzing like an annoying mosquito around one’s head, demanding “Marriage Equality” for (wait for it)–Genetic Sexual Attraction (Incest) as another legitimate form of “gender identity” which is being repressed and discriminated against.

    But wait, the Snowflake Liberation Army wing of the regressive Social Justice Warriors (SJW) keep charging on their never-ending quest to make reality conform to their unreality.

    Now HuffPo informs us last month that the accepted and quasi-official expanded LBGT acronym by the queer community is LGBTQQIP2SAA.

    Most of us have LGBT figured out.

    The first Q for Queer has been around for awhile, and is an umbrella term that includes all sexual and gender minorities, including those that do not fit into, or reach beyond the LGBT (or is it LBGT?) terms.

    The second Q for Questioning is someone who is “exploring” their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

    I is for Intersex (a legitimate term for various medical conditions replacing “hermaphrodite”) which in humans and other animals, describes disorders of variations in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones, or genitals do not fit the ordinary and typical anatomical presentation of male or female bodies.

    Such variations may involve genital ambiguity due to irregular sex hormone exposure affecting sex development (mother over produces testosterone which masculinizes a pre-born girl baby; or too much estrogen exposure in the womb from mother which feminizes a pre-born boy baby; gonads don’t completely differentiate between ovaries and testicles during pre-natal development, etc), and combinations of chromosomal genotype and sexual phenotype other than the normal XY-male and XX-female.

    P means Pansexual–a person who is attracted to members of all gender identities and biological sexes.

    2S is “Two Spirits” people, a term some indigenous people use to describe their gender, sexual, or spiritual identity.

    A is Asexual. Does not experience sexual attraction, but can have romantic, emotional, or aesthetic attraction to another person.

    The second A is for Ally. Does not identify as LGBTQetcZ, but supports the rights and safety of those who do.

    The Snowflake Liberation Army will be making up more Alphabet People tomorrow.

  30. KathJuliane July 27, 2016 @ 9:12 pm

    This is slightly off-topic but I couldn’t pass up Gilad Atzman’s recent gem to post on RJN.

    Ecce Iudaei, in lucem gentium! (Behold the Jew, light unto the nations!)


    Gilad Atzmon: This is not Gaza After Israeli Invasion

    This is how Pambos Napa Rocks, a 5 stars hotel in Cyprus looked when a group of Israeli youngsters checked out (see Gilad’s site). (It’s more like 3 star, because of all the online travel agency complaints about Israeli trolls).

    Israeli Ynet reports this morning on the incident. The Israeli youth vandalised the place and terrorised the local population.

    Zionism promised to civilise the Jews, it vowed to make them ‘people like all other people’…it failed!

    Gilad posts:

    From ynet: “Deepening into detailed reviews on the (hotel’s) site, reveals a terrible description of the Israeli tourists in the island.

    ‘Israelis stayed in the hotel because it seems that no one else would agree to take them. They were either rude or sexually abusive.’

    ‘They attempted to steal things from other people’s rooms,’ wrote one of the guests at the hotel two years ago… ‘I do not recommend this hotel unless you want to mingle with the Israelis.'”

    More from another ynet article:

    “According to the hotel, the boys vomited in the balconies, resulting guests had left and received a refund. They destroyed the wallpaper in the corridors and threw bottles from their balconies.

    They swam in the pool at 4 in the morning when they are intoxicated, even though they were told that this is forbidden.

    “When the cleaner knocked on their door, they opened it they all naked and asked her, do you want to have sex with us?. Cleaning lady left her job subsequently. ”

    The hotel also said that Israelis ‘did not respect the property and destroyed furniture in the lobby and reception. They threw bottles at guests.

    ‘On leaving we discovered that they caused more damage to the premises, so we decided to cancel the deposit to repair some of the damage.

    ‘We told them a repeatedly that smoking is not allowed in the reception, but they laughed and smoked all the time and put the cigarettes on the furniture for the lobby, and consequently destroyed furniture.'”

    The Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 de facto partitioned the island into two political areas: 99.5% of Greek Cypriots now live in the Republic of Cyprus, while 98.7% of Turkish Cypriots live in Northern Cyprus (of other nationalities, 99.2% live in the Greek Cypriot area in the south).

    Greek is predominantly spoken in the South, where the majority are Greek Cypriots, Turkish in the north, where the majority are Turkish Cypriots.

    English is widely used over all of the island, Russian has become fairly widespread in recent years due to the influx of immigrants and investors from CIS countries.

    Cyprus has a well-developed system of primary and secondary education. The majority of Cypriots earn their higher education at Greek, Turkish, British, or American universities, while there are also sizable emigrant communities in the United Kingdom and Australia. Private colleges and state-supported universities have been developed by both the Turkish and Greek communities.

    The hotel is located in the Greek Cypriot Republic of Cyprus portion of the island, which is about 95% Greek Orthodox Christian.

    I can’t imagine that they would get away with the same garbage troll behavior elsewhere on the island in the Turkish Cypriot Northern Republic where the Turks are overwhelmingly Muslim.

    The Ynet articles Gilad links to is in Hebrew. Even with a rough google translation into English, the picture of Israeli locust tourism and their contempt for gentiles, especially the Orthodox Christian population in Cyprus is very clear, along with contempt for gentile tourists.

    (,7340,L-4832812,00.html )

    (,7340,L-4832840,00.html )

    No, this is not an anomaly, its a part of Israeli Jews’ sabra (Israel-born) mentality to be rude, obnoxious, arrogant, and nervy, and deliberately cultivate bad manners and confrontations. Of course the Israeli Jews involved denied it, claiming they left everything in pristine condition, and I presume they also protest that they never had a cross word with anyone while at the hotel.

    In 2004, 61% of Israeli Jews liked and identified with “The Ugly Israeli” image.

    Horror stories about the chutzpah — of the sabra-men, women, and children alike — are notorious and abound around the world, not just confined inside the Zionist entity. Many sabra are proud of their “national vice” of being consciously and insufferably rude jackasses.

    Google “Israeli Backpackers” sometime, hated around the world. Non-Israel Jews, and the better-mannered Israeli Jews, are disgusted by Ugly Israelis. Jews tell on themselves:

    Why Israelis Make the Worst Tourists

    Israeli backpackers’ behavior dirties Israel’s name around the world, and Diaspora Jewish communities are tired of trying to minimize the damage they cause.
    read more:

    Israel Hayom reported on a Travel warning: ‘Obnoxious’ Israeli backpackers a hazard in Chile

    According to Lonely Planet’s new Chile edition, Israelis are listed among the hazards visitors can expect to encounter in the South American country, alongside random volcano eruptions, earthquakes, high crime rates in some cities and sandflies.

  31. Eileen K. July 27, 2016 @ 10:14 pm

    Now, who got Trump to support sodomy, when he had been against it for so long? Organized Jewry, of course.

    I also believe the Jews foisted this guy Mike Pence on him. I was hoping he’d pick either Gen. Flynn or Sen. Jeff Sessions. Either of those two men would’ve been very helpful in steering Trump in the right direction regarding foreign and military policy.

    Pence has NO foreign policy experience (He’s just the governor of a Midwestern state). The 39th POTUS – Jimmy Carter – had NO foreign policy experience, either, and he made huge blunders. No wonder he was defeated in the 1980 election.

    Regarding the LGBT issue, Trump should’ve just said that attacking and/or killing a homosexual was wrong and a felony and let it go at that.

    You nailed it perfectly, Br. Nate, when you castigated The Donald over his remarks about “Caitlyn” Jenner being allowed to use the ladies restroom at his Trump Tower complex.

    Why on Earth did he have to bring it up at all at the RNC? What was he smoking that day?

    We sure as hell cannot allow Hillary the Hildabeast in the Oval Office. You rightfully thought Barry Soetoro was terrible — Hillary would make him seem like a choir boy in comparison.

    She’d start WW3 in a flash; that’s how much she hates Vladimir Putin and Russia. Trump seems to want friendly ties and fair trade deals with Russia and other nations. He wants to bring good, high-paying jobs back to this nation, as well as repair its crumbling infrastructure.

    He’s no politician; that’s his strong point. Politicians as a whole are lousy at negotiating deals with other nations.

    The Bushes, Bill Clinton and – especially, Barry Soetoro have squandered opportunities to seal fair trade deals with the rest of the world, because they were more interested in sealing US hegemony than in world peace.

  32. Eileen K. July 27, 2016 @ 11:06 pm

    Barry Soetoro had several opportunities to end all these wars of aggression in the Mideast and in Afghanistan; instead, he expanded the wars to include Libya and Syria, as well as a violent coup d’etat in Ukraine.

    Barry also issued unconstitutional Executive Orders forcing Christian business owners to go against their faith in catering to same sex “marriages”, involving baking wedding cakes for same sex couples and photographing and/or video-taping same sex “marriages”.

    He also threatened to withhold funding from states, such as Mississippi and North Carolina, who had passed and signed into law forbidding males to use women’s bathrooms, showers and locker room facilities. In doing so, he violated women’s rights to their own facilities. Men have theirs; therefore, women must have theirs as well.

    He’s a certified pervert. Period. He’s the worst President this nation has ever had — made W a choir boy in comparison. W wasn’t very intelligent; Dick Cheney, his VP, actually ran the show.

    Even Soetoro made W-type blunders in the 6+ years he’s been in office. He’s unable to deliver a coherent speech without his teleprompter; that was apparent in one he gave around two weeks ago, when he didn’t have a teleprompter at hand.

    His speech was downright awful – mumbling and stuttering throughout. He’s let Zio-neocons run US foreign/military policy; simply, because he had zero experience in foreign affairs. The only success he had was the Iran Nuclear deal. He’s done more damage to the US than any of his predecessors – turning it into a moral, ethical wasteland.

    And, the Hildabeast – if she cheats her way into the Oval Office – will not only continue Soetoro’s domestic/foreign policies, but destroy the entire world with her megalomaniacal narcissism and mental instability.

    I agree with you, Brother. Trump made two blunders that may cost him the Oval Office; that is, stating that the transgender “Caitlyn” Jenner was welcome to use the women’s bathroom in his Trump Tower complex and making concessions to the Jews.

    Unfortunately, there are no strong 3rd Party candidates. Trump’s the only one who will put the US back together again – by closing the vast majority of overseas bases and bring the troops home to secure our borders, and to cut foreign aid — especially, to Israel and Saudi Arabia — and use the savings to repair our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

    The Jews hate Trump, because he’s an American Firster, is pro-Russian, and is anti-illegal immigration. He’s also against endless wars of aggression across the world. He, like Putin, abhors the Jew World Order (Mike King’s phrase) and strongly supports a multi-polar world.

  33. Brother Nathanael July 27, 2016 @ 11:25 pm

    @Eileen K.

    First of all, many thanks for your continued financial support of my ministry.

    And, I don’t fault anyone for supporting Trump. I simply like to see more than the rosy picture bloggers like Dr David Duke and others paint of him. For every rose bush there are thorns you know.

    That said, you wrote: “Trump’s the only one who will put the US back together again – by closing the vast majority of overseas bases and bring the troops home to secure our borders, and to cut foreign aid – especially, to Israel and Saudi Arabia – and use the savings to repair our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.”

    Do you mean Ron Paul? I never once heard Trump say he would close the vast majority of overseas bases.

    Moreover, not once did I hear Trump say he would bring the troops home to secure our borders (and why would we need US troops to secure our borders? … do we want a US military occupation?)

    And when did anyone hear that Trump would cut foreign aid, especially to Israel and Saudi Arabia?

    He instead will increase foreign aid to IsraHell (he has “out-trumped” Hillary in his vows of fidelity to the “Jewish state,”) as well as Saudi Arabia since it’s an obvious ally of Israel in preventing Iran to significantly join with Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah in forming a formidable Axis of Resistance to IsraHell’s hegemony in the Middle East and beyond.

    You also wrote: “The Jews hate Trump.”

    They do?

    Over 17,000 Jews gave Trump many standing ovations at the AIPAC conference this year; Sheldon Adelson is contributing to his campaign; Trump’s Jewish financial manager, Steven Mnuchin, set up a Trump Super PAC, “Rebuilding America Now,” with fat cat Jew donors that include Stephen Feinberg, Andrew Puzder, and Home Depot’s founder, Bernard Marcus.

    See my Video: Layers of Jewish Power @

    You concluded with: “He [Trump], like Putin, abhors the Jew World Order (Mike King’s phrase) and strongly supports a multi-polar world.

    Well, I object to attributing the phrase “Jew World Order” to Mike King. I like Mike but yours truly started using the phrase, “Jew World Order” long before Mike King started blogging.

    As regards Putin abhorring the Jew World Order, I would not put it in those terms.

    Putin sees the international scene in specific terms as it pertains to various political, diplomatic, and geopolitical regional issues, albeit I’ve been told by clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church that Putin is aware of Jewish influence in Washington.

    Yes, you’re right that Putin supports a multi-polar world, but does Trump? For when he uses the slogan, “America First,” he uses it to apply not only to domestic national interests but to military preeminence internationally.

    +Brother Nathanael
    Member in Good Standing of ROCOR (Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia) @

  34. Joey July 28, 2016 @ 12:49 am


    LOL @ “LGBTQ? Add a P? Add a B? Pretty soon it will be the whole alphabet”.

    Way to go Jewmerica!

  35. The English Man terry colledge July 28, 2016 @ 2:50 am

    Br. Nathanael,

    Please keep in mind when we “lesser” mortals get it “wrong,” it only goes to remind the world how great a mind Christianity’s champion is.

  36. Koen July 28, 2016 @ 2:54 am

    The big LGBTQ question is, what is natural and what isn’t?

    What does scientific theories teach us about this? I share Brother Nathanael’s concerns — pedophilia and bestiality are next?

    And what about the “right” to get married and adopt children by gay couples? Natural is that kids have a mam and a dad, not a mam mam or dad dad. There is also a coin flip side, is there scientific evidence homosexuality (for a part of the population) is natural?

    If so, prove this scientifically, and if not, also prove it. There is no doubt pedophilia has horrible consequences, where most pedophiles are in denial they have a big problem.

    The LGBTQ community does not draw a line, which is one of the reasons NOT to be so proud of being LGBTQ since no responsibility is taken. Putin has drawn a line, and is condemned for it; he does not forbid homosexuality, but it is forbidden to openly manifest one’s sexual inclinations, and there is nothing wrong with such a law.

    I hate these gay parades in my country, has nothing to do anymore with ‘liberation’, only with disrespect to the heterosexual majority and to children.

    And above all, the LGBTQ have always been exploited to further Jewish political agenda to world dominance, since Jews are masters in the game of divide and conquer … by invoking and stimulating the most extreme behavior possible!

  37. KathJuliane July 28, 2016 @ 8:49 am

    Who created the Gender Identity Delusion?

    Back in the ’50s, Dr. John Money, an “out” pedophile advocate and pioneer of transgender surgery at Johns Hopkins, loyal and adoring disciple of the bug scientist, pedophile and sexual pervert, Alfred Kinsey.


    Life Site News: LGBTQIA: the expanding gender agenda

    February 6, 2013 ( – Last month The New York Times published an article on the latest expansion of sexual identity among students at progressive universities in the United States.

    LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) no longer covers it, according to a handful of students who seem to have nothing better to do than reinvent themselves.

    “Generation LGBTQIA” want recognition for queer, intersex and asexual proclivities as well. According to the Times, this list by no means is final but continually being added to as students “move beyond the binary of male/female”, heterosexual/homosexual and reject the normal.

    Most people are unaware of the inroads made by gender theory — the ideology that has produced “Generation LBGTQIA” — or of the dangers it presents. Part of the confusion lies in the fact that there are several different theories of gender each of which is based on a false understanding of the human person.

    The various theories — the gender perspective, gender identity and expression, and gender queer — are not logically consistent and are continually changing, making it difficult for those who try to critique them.

    The term “gender” has become ubiquitous. The forms we routinely fill out, which previously asked for our sex, now asked for our gender.

    Most people assumed that gender was simply a polite synonym for sex – preferable since sex has a secondary meaning, namely as a shortened form for sexual intercourse. But those pushing the use of “gender” did not do so out of an over-scrupulous sense of propriety, for them gender and sex are not synonyms.

    In the past, sex referred to the totality of what it meant to be a man or a woman, and gender was a grammatical term – some words had gender – masculine, feminine, or neuter.

    However, in the 1950s, John Money, who was on the staff at Johns Hopkins University, promoted the idea that sexual identity could be broken down into its constituent parts: DNA, hormones, internal and external sexual organs — and gender, the sex that the person identified with.

    He argued that a person could be one sex physically, but identify with the other. Money promoted so-called sex change operations, in which men who believed they had the brain of a woman were surgically altered to resemble women.

    When Dr. Paul McHugh took over at Johns Hopkins, he commissioned a study into the outcome of these supposed sex changes and, finding that they did not address the underlying psychopathology of the clients, discontinued the practice.

    Unfortunately, other hospitals continued to perform this mutilating surgery.

    Money also pushed the idea that if a baby boy were born with deformed genitals, he could be castrated and raised as a girl and he would never know the difference.

    In other words, one’s sense that one was a man or a woman was socially constructed by the way people treated you.

    However, studies done on these boys raised as girls found that many of them rejected the reassignment and demanded the right to live as males, even without intact genitals. In 2006 a book by John Colapinto, As Nature Made Him, exposed Money as a fraud who covered up the failure of his most famous case and abused the boys brought to him for help.

    The rest of this article describes some of the main developments in gender theory.

    Mainstreaming the gender perspective

    Before Money’s theories had been publicly discredited however, Marxist-influenced feminists combined his concept of gender as socially constructed roles with the idea that all history is the history of class struggle. According to their theory, the first class struggle was between men and women, and women were the first oppressed class.

    If Money were correct and the differences between men and women were not natural, but the result of socially constructed gender roles imposed by an oppressive patriarchy, then the way to eliminate the oppression of women was to eliminate all differences between men and men.

    This would be achieved by mainstreaming a gender perspective under which every societal recognition of the difference between men and women would be eradicated, and quotas imposed so that men and women would participate in every social activity in statistically equal numbers and receive statistically equal power and rewards.

    Any deviation from absolute statistical equality would be regarded as evidence of sexist discrimination.

    While equality of rights, equal treatment under the law, equal opportunity, equal education, and equal access to social goods are admirable goals, men and women do differ.

    If allowed to act freely, they will not arrive at absolute equality. Given freedom, a percentage of women will choose to make motherhood their primary vocation, either leaving the workforce to devote themselves to their children or choosing jobs which allow them more time with their families.

    Thus, fewer women will participate in the paid work and a percentage of those who do will work shorter hours in less demanding fields and in the aggregate receive lower wages.

    Gender feminists were well aware of this and pressured governments to institute policies which would force women out of the home and into the workforce.

    Behind the gender perspective are anti-motherhood policies that are fundamentally anti-woman, anti-child, and anti-family. Gender feminism has been strongly influenced by women involved in same-sex relationships.

    The denial of the natural differences between men and women leads to a redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples and the promotion of adoption by same-sex couples. If, as the these radicals argue, all differences between men and women are artificial constructs, imposed by an oppressive patriarchal society then why should same-sex relationships be treated differently?

    However, if men and women are different, if motherhood is fundamentally different from fatherhood, if children need a mother and a father, then a multitude of reasons exist to privilege marriage between a man and a woman.

    Gender expression and gender identity

    Recently, those pushing the gender agenda have pressured governments to add the concepts of “gender identity” and “gender expression” to anti-discrimination laws.

    They argue that while sex is “assigned” to a baby on the basis of observation of its genitals, some people do not accept this designation. For example, a biologically male may argue that, while he has a man’s body, he believes he has a woman’s brain.

    He may want his body surgically altered to resemble that of a woman or simply to dress as a woman. He may demand that his birth certificate and other documents be changed and that he be allowed to marry a man.

    Things are more complex, however. Some of the men who have been surgically altered to resemble women are still sexually attracted to women and claim to be lesbians.

    Some of the “transgendered” may want to be accepted as the other sex even without surgical alterations.

    In the past, persons who wanted to be or thought they actually were the other sex, or who rejected the clothing and interests of their own sex and adopted that of the other sex, were considered to be suffering from gender identity disorder (GID).

    Recently, this designation has been dropped by the American Psychiatric Association in favor of “gender dysphoria,” reflecting the idea that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be the other sex so long as it doesn’t make you unhappy, and that if society’s refusal to pretend you are the other sex makes you unhappy then society has to change.

    Including gender identity and expression language in anti-discrimination laws would essentially prohibit people from refusing to pretend that people have changed their sex.

    While the gender feminists fought to eliminate everything they considered a stereotype, the transgendered frequently adopt clothing and behavior which reflects narrow stereotypical concepts, almost caricatures, of what it means to be a man or a woman.

    Some of those who go through so-called sex changes try to wipe out their pasts and pretend they have always been the sex they want to be. However, many find this continual deception difficult to sustain.

    Rejection of the reality of one’s sexual identity and the pursuit of mutilating surgery suggests a severe psychological disorder. It is neither charitable nor required for others to go along with the pretence of sex change.


    “GenderQueer” is an ideology founded on a rebellion against all restrictions on identity, behavior, and sexual activity.

    The GenderQueer claim a right to present themselves as male, female, or neither and to change their identity at any time and to have sex with persons of either sex.

    Riki Wilchins, author of GenderQueer: Voices from beyond the sexual binary, “Gender is the new frontier: the place to rebel, to create new individuality and uniqueness, to defy old, tired, outdated social norms, and, yes, to occasionally drive their parents and sundry other authority figures crazy.”

    According to the New York Times article cited earlier, the progressive universities are catering to this rebellion.

    For example, Jack (born Judith) Halberstam a transgender professor at University of Southern California, is the author of Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of Normal. Society is under no obligation to encourage such rebellion against reality.

    Sexual orientation

    While those promoting gender theory insist that gender identity is different from sexual orientation, the two are linked.

    Sexual orientation describes persons based on whom they are sexually attracted to — their own sex, the other sex, or both (bisexual).

    Persons with same sex attraction (SSA) are among the most outspoken spokesmen for the various theories of gender.

    Many, but not all persons with SSA experienced gender identity disorder as children and many continue to imitate the other sex in clothing or behavior.

    They feel that they have been discriminated against because they do not conform to gender norms.

    They also oppose “heteronormality” — the belief that heterosexuality is the norm and any other combination is abnormal.

    A small percentage of persons with SSA decide to pursue so-called sex change surgery. For example, a growing number of masculine-identifying women in same-sex relationships have opted for breast removal and male hormone injections.

    This and the increase in men who, after being surgically altered to resemble women, are still sexually attracted to women and therefore claim that they are lesbians, has lead to conflict within feminist ranks. Some of their events are limited to women, born as women and living as women.

    Gender theory in whatever form it takes is a denial of the reality of sexual difference.

    Those who have adopted the theory into their lives are in rebellion against their own nature, which leads to feelings of alienation.

    Rather than recognize that their theory is fatally flawed, they denounced anyone who defends reality as a “homophobe”, “heterosexist” or a “bigot”.

    They demand that those who speak the truth about marriage, family, motherhood and the needs of children be silenced.

    We need not surrender to this bullying. We have a right to point out the inadequacies and inconsistencies in their theory of gender. A first step towards exposing its errors is never to say “gender” when we mean “sex”.

    Dale O’Leary is a US writer with a special interest in psychosexual issues and is the author of two books: One Man, One Woman and The Gender Agenda. She blogs at What Does The Research really Say?

  38. Seek The Truth July 28, 2016 @ 9:20 am

    When homophilia (love of same sex) becomes “normalized” it opens a Pandora’s box to all kinds of other philias such as pedophilia, negrophilia, zoophilia, necrophilia etc.

    All of this has been touched on during Miley Cyrus concerts. One concert on TV last year had her rubbing her ass against the statue of a giant German shepherd dog, (zoophilia) or laying down while Blacks crawled out from under the stage to drool over her (negrophila and necrophilia. Or in one TV concert she played a little girl rubbing her ass against the crotch of a man (pedophilia).

    Right now, it’s not considered illegal in the U.S. to have sex with an animal unless it appears to be a clear case of animal abuse. Having sex with a dead body is only considered to be abuse of a corpse but not a perversion and of course the Jews encourage every young White gentile girl to shack up with Blacks from Africa.

  39. Brother Nathanael July 28, 2016 @ 11:18 am

    @The English Man

    Thank you for your kind words and your faithful financial support of my ministry.

    It just came to me. Trump’s “America First” touting is not the same as Charles Lindbergh’s “America First Committee” which was non-interventionist, especially as regards entering into a second world war.

    Trump’s “America First” is just another way of touting “America Exceptionalism,” a pernicious ideology that will only cause more deaths, bloodshed, bloating of our military economy, and a greater blow back.

    See my Video: Trump’s Catch 22 Military Policy @


  40. Brother Nathanael July 28, 2016 @ 12:09 pm

    @Brother Nathanael

    You wrote to Eileen K: “Moreover, not once did I hear Trump say he would bring the troops home to secure our borders (and why would we need US troops to secure our borders? … do we want a US military occupation?)”

    We already have a US military occupation of America.

    And it’s funded by the Jew-owned Federal Reserve that prints money out of thin air and charges interest to tax payers.

    Have you never heard of the Income Tax Act (Revenue Tax Act euphemism) of 1913? +bn

  41. KathJuliane July 28, 2016 @ 2:33 pm

    Another moving story of Russia’s religious persecution and oppression of the evangelical “Christian” religious wing of the Snowflake Liberation Army branch of the Social Justice Warriors.

    On the serious side, a rare glimpse into the chameleon nature of politically active, revolutionary and sexually deviant frauds and their queer theology. They make up apostolic and ecclesiastical credentials and put on the trappings of Orthodox priesthood and rewrite Orthodox Tradition.

    They form internationalized, political uncanonical, vagrant, syncretic and interlocking jurisdictions, especially here in the Anglophone world who are registered as protestants, and of how these same deluded fools work like Trojan Pigs to target, infiltrate and get a toe-hold in traditionalist places like Orthodox Russia.

    Russia has several good reasons to tighten up laws concerning unregistered religious associations, especially those with explicit socio-political agendas, a casus belli for Judeo-Christian American Baptists and their evangelical Russian disciples uttering the war-cry “freedom of religion” and screaming persecution.

    Russia is making every effort to halt the cancerous spread among Russian Muslims of radical Wahabi/Salafi terrorism and revolutionary doctrine from being preached in mosques and in informal religious groups, especially in and from the Caucasus republics by Wahabi Chechen or Caucasian jihadi veterans who have fought in Syria with Daesh or Al Qaeda/Nusra.

    A second set of related reasons for Russia’s tight controls on unregistered American-based and foreign-based Judeo-Christian evangelical and tele-evangelical religious groups, is that they have a long track record for being willing stooges for the CIA, assisting clandestine activities carried on from behind the evangelical missionary front, particularly during Russia’s chaotic and confused political transition from USSR to the Russian Federation.

    CIA activities involve ethnic groups, and to essentially an unknown degree, churches, clergy, and missionaries of various denominations, as well as foundations and voluntary NGOs.

    The CIA regards ethnic groups in the United States- from Eastern Europeans to Cuban to Chinese-as fair game for its clandestine operations. While the stated targets of the agency are supposed to be overseas, the CIA is authorized to work clandestinely at home if the information it seeks has to do with foreign places and is gathered from foreigners.

    The millions of Americans belonging to some ethnic group are potential targets under this standard. In Miami during the mid-1960s for example, the CIA organized an intelligence service among Cuban exiles, which operated extensively among that city’s Cuban community.

    Immediately after WWII, the CIA also organized anti-Soviet/Russian intelligence service and clandestine espionage/guerrilla units from among Ukraine’s ultra-nationalists under Stephen Bandera from among the various émigré nationalist Ukrainian communities, particularly from the Ukrainian Greek Catholics of West Ukraine, to carry on terror operations behind Soviet borders.

    The CIA has been using various denominations and numbers of missionaries and church personnel in operational activities and as intelligence sources.

    Some of these included American missionaries in Bolivia who passed to the CIA information on dissident groups, a South Vietnamese bishop on the CIA payroll, ClA-financed radio broadcasts to promote literacy and spread anti-Communist propaganda in Colombia, and use of a Jesuit (Roger Vekemans) in Chile as a conduit for millions of dollars in political-action funds.

    Since at least 1981 during the Reagan administration, a worldwide network of `free-standing’ companies, including airlines, aviation and military spare parts suppliers, and trading companies, has been utilized by the CIA and the U.S. government to illegally ship arms and military spare parts staffed primarily by ex-CIA, ex-FBI, and ex-military officers.

    A key component of the private intelligence circuit are non-profit organizations, including relief groups like the International Rescue Committee, AmeriCares, and Air Commando Association, which can quickly gain access to sensitive areas, as well as fronted by various civil society NGOs.

    In the ’90s, the CIA smuggled arms into the various African conflicts by way of willing cooperation of evangelical Christian humanitarian aid supplies privately flown in. And we know how Zbignew Brezinski and the CIA covertly supported Saudi Arabian Osama bin Ladin and his “Afghan Arabs” with arms and camp training who fought alongside the Afghan rebels during the Soviet-Afghanistan war in the 1980s.

    Zbig is responsible for this gift to Russia which keeps on giving in the way of Chechen terror attacks thanks to the CIA using its networks, such as Kavkaz and the defunct American-based, Jew-run & émigré NGO’s like the defunct Friends of Chechnya to support the rebel Wahabi Chechen and Caucasian terrorists in the bitter, bloody, Chechen civil wars.

    Here is another good reason. Of course the CIA must have its claws in it.


    To clarify a point at the start of the article, Mulcahy is based in Ukraine, but Samara is on the Middle Volga River in Russia. It is 86% Russian, the rest are ethnic minorities inclusive of about 1% ethnic Ukrainians. Mulcahy traveled to Samara on an expired tourist visa.

    I don’t know (yet) if he actually is a CIA asset, but he is the kind of zealous deluded personality the CIA likes to have in its stables, particularly for Exceptional Jewmerica’s current unilateral Cold War 2 against Russia.

    If before the threat of exposure over closet sexual deviancy or adultery was used as extortion the CIA to force cooperation, now it’s “We’ll help you with your Alphabet People agenda if you cooperate with us”.

    35% of the population of Samara Oblast adheres to the Russian Orthodox Church, 7% are unaffiliated generic Christians, 1% are Orthodox Christian believers who do not belong to any church or are members of non-Russian Orthodox churches, 3% are Muslims, and 1% of the population are adherents of Rodnovery (Slavic folk religion).

    And, lest I forget, thousands of (lawfully registered) Russian Protestant Christian groups do turn out to peacefully protest the (miniscule) LGBTQ…Z Snowflake Liberation Army’s agenda and attempts at parades and demonstrations. By force of Christian will, they persuade the darling little special snowflakes to reassemble somewhere in the woods somewhere for a picnic and then celebrate their “victory”.

    Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of Russian Protestants vigorously oppose LBGTQ…Z on it’s soil, and are no friends of Mulcahy and his sodomite theology or the Metropolitan Community Church.

    Today: Life Site News:

    Russia expels US clergyman over plans to officiate gay wedding

    SAMARA, Russia, July 28, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — An American clergyman in the Ukraine was deported for planning to officiate a gay wedding.

    Jim Mulcahy, pastor of Metropolitan Community Church, was arrested at the LGBT center Avers in Samara.

    The Kremlin’s Vesti News Channel reported that Mulcahy intended to marry LGBT couples and engage in gay propaganda, a violation of his tourist visa.

    Mulcahy is the Metropolitan Community Churches’ Eastern Europe Coordinator. His arrest was videotaped by state-controlled television (NTV). He denies planning to officiate a gay “marriage” but reportedly performed “unspecified ceremonies for homosexuals.”

    Sodomy is no longer illegal in Russia, as it was during the communist years. However, Russia passed a law in 2013 banning propagandizing minors to the homosexual lifestyle.

    In a video interview with an LGBT organization, Mulcahy is introduced as a “gay priest” and calls himself “Father James Mulcahy.”

    In the interview, Mulcahy says that homosexuality is innate (“If you are gay, you are gay, and if you are lesbian, you are lesbian”), and advocates for gay rights. “We are fighting for (gay) rights. We are fighting for equality,” he said.

    Mulcahy teaches in the video interview, which is titled, “My Choice, My Way, My Spirituality,” that homosexuality should be affirmed in churches, that the Bible portrays homosexuals positively, and that practicing, unrepentant homosexuals should be given communion.

    “Americans cite cases like the treatment of this pastor as interference of the state in religion while Russians perceive the gay activists not as religious but as political figures,” Father Johannes Jacobse of the American Orthodox Institute told LifeSiteNews.

    “Americans define their morality in the public square. Russians define their morality through the Church.”

    “Russia sees American activists as political and cultural agents; a view easy to understand given America’s uncritical embrace of the homosexual political agenda in the last decade,” Fr. Jacobse added.

    Ethicist Dr. H. Tristram Engelhardt of Rice University explained to LifeSiteNews, “The government of Russia properly understands itself to be charged with protecting the Orthodox Church and the Orthodox people in Russia.

    “It is from this perspective that a foreigner who was fomenting disagreements that would undermine Orthodoxy would be removed.”

    Mulcahy’s lawyer, Karina Arutyunyan, told Interfax that Samara’s Sovetsky District Court ruled Mulcahy must pay a small fine ($30) and be deported.

    Mulcahy appealed on July 12, and the Samara Region Court will hear the appeal. A final judgment is expected in August or September. Meanwhile, Mulcahy plans to leave his appeal in the hands of his lawyer and flee the country.

    Mulcahy presents himself as an Orthodox priest, yet at his arrest he denied being a member of the Orthodox Church.

    He is actually a former Catholic priest who left all forms of organizational Christianity until he found the gay-affirming Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) and then, as an MCC pastor, became “ordained” by a renegade “Orthodox bishop.”

    Mulcahy shares his story in the lengthy LGBT video interview. As an adolescent, he felt conflicted by his same-sex attraction and his Catholicism.

    “The Catholic Church, like the Orthodox Church, has terrible teachings about (homosexuality), so I hated myself.”

    Then, at age 16, he says he had a vision that told him he had to become a Catholic priest. He figured, “If I go to a monastery, it will not be a problem, because nobody will be having sex. We will all be celibate, so it will be a nice life.”

    Instead, Mulcahy found that “it was torture” to be “surrounded by 200 men.”

    “And I found out that even in monasteries and in seminaries, there is sex,” Mulcahy said. “But you still hate yourself about it.”

    He says he couldn’t stay a Catholic priest because “I couldn’t not have sex. … So I left the Catholic Church.”

    LGBTnet reports that Mulcahy “left the Catholic Church after years of being a priest” because “he could not stand its homophobic position.” He became a hospital chaplain and hospice worker.

    After living independently as a non-denominational religious leader for 25 years, Mulcahy was diagnosed with cancer. He decided then that he needed to join a church. “But I couldn’t belong to any church that makes discrimination against gays or women,” he reasoned.

    He found a gay advocating group, Metropolitan Community Church, which also had ordained women priestesses — another concern of his — and joined the denomination. Not long after that, “The pastor left and I was asked to be pastor, and I accepted.”

    In 2010, Mulcahy came to the Ukraine to spread his gay gospel and to minister to LGBT people.

    A New York lawyer who claims to be an Orthodox bishop told him that if he wanted to work with Ukrainians, he had to be Orthodox. “He said, ‘I will take you as a priest.'” Mulcahy was then ordained to the priesthood of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church on March 20, 2012, by “Bishop” Paul Peter Jesep.

    Paul Peter Jesep is a lawyer and “bishop” in the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. Part breakoff and part self-startup, the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church is not recognized by canonical Orthodox churches. As one critic termed them, “They’re Protestants with a liturgical itch. … They’re NOT Orthodox, and we shouldn’t allow them to usurp the title.”

    Like Mulcahy, Jesep is a gay activist. The uncanonical “bishop” penned a glowing introduction to the book, “Exploring Homosexuality in Eastern Orthodoxy,” which was written by a former Orthodox student turned Episcopalian.

    In the introduction, Jesep espouses quite convoluted Trinitarian theology, calling the Holy Spirit, “She,” and “God’s constant companion,” and “humanity’s teacher.” “She (the Holy Spirit) is logic, intuition, and commonsense,” Jesep wrote.

    Jesep goes on to blame the Church for slavery and the Salem witch trials. He quotes an Orthodox saint, St. Tikhon of Zadonsk, who advocates submission to authorities, as the Apostle Paul does in Titus 3:1 and Romans 13:1-7. He concludes, “The Orthodox Church justified and legitimized a corrupt, abusive form of government that exploited people.” Then “despite Church teachings of the day to the contrary, she (the Holy Spirit) took humanity by the hand.”

    Jesep also accuses another Orthodox saint, St. John Chrysostom, of “advocating for the homophobia that abuses,” and “laying the foundations for anti-Semitism that continues to this day in Orthodoxy.” He says the Orthodox Divine Liturgy was filled with “offensive, un-Christian” passages, until finally “Orthodoxy had the spiritual security to realize the error of its ways,” and priests changed the text of the liturgical prayers.”

    Finally, Jesep gets to his pro-sodomy argument. “Science also has shown that homosexuality is not an aberration of God’s universal order. It is a natural component of the human experience that is not a lifestyle choice.”

    Jesep even goes so far as to say certain Orthodox saints were homosexual. “Sergius and Bacchus, two Orthodox saints, have been identified by numerous historians as gay.”

    The rogue “bishop” concludes, “Orthodoxy rejected slavery and anti-Semitism. Now its time for it to reject homophobia and embrace gay and lesbian Orthodox Christians as equally loved members of God’s family.”

    Besides his advocacy for homosexuality and the uncanonical status of his denomination, Jesep has been criticized for promoting editorial changes in the Divine Liturgy and for his presence at and approval of the “ordination” of openly homosexual Episcopalian bishop Gene Robinson, whom he praises as “a man of courage, conviction and tenacity.”

    LifeSiteNews sought comment from Jesep about his decision to “ordain” Mulcahy, his gay advocacy, and the legitimacy of his denomination, but he has not returned our emails.

    The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church should not be confused with the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States or the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, both of which are recognized by Orthodox communions worldwide. [Or confused with the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church autonomous under the Moscow Patriarchate, or confused with the uncanonical nationalistic, and vagrante UOC of the Kiev Patriarchate-KJ].

    The Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) was founded by defrocked Pentecostal minister Troy Perry, who was abused by his stepfather as a child. A married man with two sons, Perry had homosexual affairs that ended his marriage and his ministry.

    After laicization, a failed homosexual relationship, and an attempted suicide, Perry, the son of a Florida bootlegger whose father died while fleeing police, claims he received “an unexpected prophecy” from God and hosted the first MCC service in his Huntington Park, California, home in 1968.

    Today, the MCC counts 43,000 followers within 300 congregations in 22 countries around the world and performs more than 6,000 homosexual “marriages” every year. The gay denomination’s website states, “MCC’s prophetic witness has forever changed the face of Christianity, and helped to fuel the international struggle for LGBT rights and equality.”

    Indeed, the MCC performed the first church “weddings” for homosexuals in 1969. In 1970, Perry filed the first lawsuit seeking legal recognition for gay “marriages.” Wikipedia reports that “Brent Hawkes and the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto were key players in the legal action that ultimately brought same-sex marriage to Canada.”


    It’s not just a story of one pastor, Mulcahy, being booted out of Russia. With him goes a large, noxious, international religious association, the MCC, preaching the subversive Marxist-queer gospel as its missionary work that he is representative of, with strong ties to Ukraine, and probably a CIA/Mossad/MI6 operative front as well.

    The MCC is actively a part of the LGBT…Z allied political organizations. It draws from a very strong, political influential queer base in Chicago, second home to “Bathhouse Barry” and his supporters of the Jewish Pritzker dynasty, particularly the pillar of Chicago queerdom, the gender delusional male, James Nicholas Pritzker, aka Jennifer Natalya, a billionaire investor and philanthropist, and a member of the Pritzker family.

    Pritzker retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army in 2001, and was later made an honorary Colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard. No doubt we can thank the Jew man-to-trans Pritzker as a major force behind the queering of the US Armed Forces.

    Notes from Wiki on the MCC:

    The Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), also known as the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC), is an international Protestant Christian denomination. There are 222 member congregations in 37 countries, and the Fellowship has a specific outreach to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender families and communities.

    The Fellowship has Official Observer status with the World Council of Churches. The MCC has been denied membership in the US National Council of Churches, but many local MCC congregations are members of local ecumenical partnerships around the world and MCC currently belongs to several statewide councils of churches in the United States.

    MCC bases its theology on the historic creeds of the Christian Church such as Apostles’ and Nicene creed. Every church is required to celebrate the Eucharist at least once a week, and to practice open communion, meaning that recipients need not be a member of the MCC or any other church to receive the Eucharist.

    Beyond that MCC allows its member churches independence in doctrine, worship, and practice. Worship styles vary widely from church to church.

    MCC sees its mission being social as well as spiritual by standing up for the rights of minorities, particularly those of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. MCC has been a leading force in the development of queer theology.

    Many local churches are also involved with other national and international campaigns, including Trade Justice[5][needs update] and Make Poverty History.

    Infant baptism in an MCC church

    The MCC supports same-sex marriage, and has performed the first church-based weddings for same-sex couples in the United Kingdom.

    MCC’s founder, Troy Perry, performed the first public same-sex marriage in the United States in Huntington Park, California in 1969.

    In 1970, he filed the first lawsuit in the U.S. seeking legal recognition for same-sex marriages. Perry lost that lawsuit but launched the debate over marriage equality in the U.S. Today, MCC congregations around the world perform more than 6000 same-sex union/marriage ceremonies annually.

    Brent Hawkes and the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto were key players in the legal action that ultimately brought same-sex marriage to Canada.

    A notable aspect of MCC’s theology is its position on homosexuality and Christianity where it fully embraces and welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

    Indeed, the majority of members are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, with many clergy being openly LGBT. MCC fully affirms the ministry of both men and women, seeing them as equal, and the recent election of Nancy Wilson as Moderator makes MCC one of a small number of communions with female senior leadership.

    Washington Post dramatically whines about Evil Russia™’s persecution of queer pastor Mulcahy:

    P.S. to Judeo-Christian evangelicals: It’s not solely about you being prevented from “spreading your version of the gospel in Russia”. The picture is much bigger than that. Get over it.

    You forget that the Russian Federation is not America. You must follow their laws, particularly meet certain conditions and register with the authorities to be recognized as a lawful religious association if you are not one of the four historical indigenous religions integral to the formation of Russian Culture and Civilization (the crown of which is naturally the Orthodox Churh), as listed in the Constitution of the Russian Federation — the Russian Orthodoxy, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism which were the officially state-recognized religions of Imperial Russia.

    Russia bureaucracy registers everything, always has, and always will.

    Mostly you are considered an annoyance. Part of which has to do with your stubborn refusal to either register under certain statutory conditions and limits, or else you don’t want to pay the required government fees, screaming about “separation of church and state”.

    Your Judeo-Christian “persecution” doesn’t rise to the level of any kind of persecution and martyrdom. Nor does the anti-terrorist laws concerning religious associations specifically target you Judeo-Christians. It’s more comprehensive than that.

    The RF has been fighting Western/Saudi Arabian/Turkish backed militant Wahabi terrorists (the very same Chechen Takfiri of ISIS and al Nusra in Syria that Putin doesn’t want back in Russia) since the mid-1990s in its North Caucasus region, where the republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, and Ingushetia have been the scene of sporadic attacks and militant clashes. These Wahabi terrorists have been attacking schools, train stations, apartment complexes, public gatherings inside the RF for decades.

    Takfirism with the help of Saudi cash is spreading across central Asia and Caucasus. That’s a huge danger to Russia’s security both in short and long term. President Putin takes the matter with outmost seriousness and urgency.

  42. Billion Dollar Boy July 28, 2016 @ 5:35 pm

    Dear Brother Nate,

    Your comments/replies to this particular thread (especially the ones just telling it the way that it is about Trump) have been very very good thus far…

    However, don’t worry; the end is nowhere near yet at hand.

    How do I know these things, one might ask?

    For I AM…

    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

    Who is Billion Dollar Boy?

    Stay Tuned…

  43. MM July 28, 2016 @ 6:20 pm

    Amurica…delivered to Satan in a hand-basket loooong time ago.

    We are a hideous nation full of hideous people! God have mercy on us.

    Woe to the lands where Talmudic people dwell, slowly, but ever surely that body politic turns gang-green.

    The head so diseased it becomes maggot filled. That body politic is then overcome & gives up the fight.

    Many the Goy that joined that rotten, diseased head either knowingly or unknowingly. Woe to them as well…

    Truly sad to say, but I willingly gave up my “right to vote” 4 years ago. Never say never, but I doubt I will want to regain that right again!

  44. go lucky "happy'" senior July 28, 2016 @ 8:37 pm

    @Brother Nathanael

    Great to see TY’S flying all over your webside. Thats the way to do it

    But don’t just stop there.

    Be inventive, colorful, encouraging and and most of all INFORMATIVE……

    Your true friend,

    Miserable unlucky old man

  45. robertvnik July 28, 2016 @ 10:31 pm

    Sad indeed that we are having the ‘gay??’ agenda pushed on regarding public toilets etc.

    Now personally I don’t care if a gay guy or woman or whatever wants to use the same toilet as me.

    Each year I spend a couple of months or so in a town in Australia and usually board in one of the pubs there. Now it just so happens that the mens’ showers at one end of the hotel aren’t very nice so us guys(and we aint gay) simply use the ladies showers.

    No one cares and the girls are confident we aint doing pervert stuff. Newcomers look worried at first when they see someone like me come out of the girls area, but they soon adapt.

    One year a couple of gay guys were there, too, and they fitted in just like the rest of us. But then they weren’t trying to push the LBGT…. agenda onto us anyway. Never trouble from them.

    Quite a few Muslim men from Iran and Afghanistan were there last year as well-refugees they reckon. Some of the girls found them more uncomfortable than gay guys. And they dirty the toilets more than gay guys do.

    Any man who causes the girls any sleazy problems in that place soon gets a smack in the head from one of us normal blokes and everyone’s happy again.

    Most of the gay guys I met over the years don’t seem to have a political agenda with their depravity, but certain wicked people use them.

  46. Ted Gorsline July 28, 2016 @ 11:36 pm


    I find it remarkable at how quickly you are able to assemble very long, detailed, well thought out, and documented arguments.

    Its as if you have pre-assembled boiler plate ready to drop into place every time Bro Nat makes a video.

  47. Brother Nathanael July 28, 2016 @ 11:48 pm

    Dear All,

    Working on a NEW Article about…(will be a surprise but I KNOW you’ll like it!)

    Hope to post tommorow, Friday. +bn

  48. benzion kook July 29, 2016 @ 12:03 am


    DNC – dance of the Mephistophelean puppets

  49. Hoff July 29, 2016 @ 2:53 am

    Bill Clinton is a serial rapist? This man wrote a book about BC raping women, on RT.

    Hillary Clinton regularly beats Bill while advocating against domestic violence – frmr Nixon adviser —-25 min.

  50. Jason July 29, 2016 @ 7:01 am

    I also look forward to the election of Hillary Clinton.

    It will be the final nail in the coffin of an evil, indifferent, unrepentant people who have earned and therefore deserve their upcoming suffering and mayhem.

    Any questions?

  51. Steven July 29, 2016 @ 10:46 am

    The big problem is Nicolaitanism and disbelief in the word of God.–14510.html

  52. The English Man July 29, 2016 @ 12:43 pm

    To ALL Br.Nathanael’s admirers, family, and true friends, esp.those I may have offended or even insulted in the past.

    I believe we all agree North America is facing undoubtedly the most serious manifested corrupted GODLESS period in it’s history.

    Personally, is it not for Br.Nathanael’s all-round ability & suitability to save your great nation from abject rottenness, I can see no hope of salvation.

    I earnestly look forward several times a day to read the “latest” from you all on this beautiful site.

    So keep your superlative comments + some $$$$$$ coming in!

    I implore ALL to support THIS SITE To quote Ted ” Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”.

  53. GRXS July 29, 2016 @ 6:11 pm

    Re Jason the Jew above.

    How does anyone figure that the English of America are evil? It is not them. They don’t deserve it. You know who does.

    Just last September America was spared a great attack because it didn’t work technically. Apparently “they” were going to set off a N-bomb in the Gulf of Mexico splitting the Mississippi Valley and creating an inland sea.

    Jade Helm was standing ready to take control. They were not able to set off the bomb by remote.

    One prominent Jew in Colorado had actually built/bought a large cargo ship in anticipation of inland sea transport.

    This was to have been the fabled “asteroid” falling, which would have swamped the entire Caribbean.

    No, the English and other gentiles do not deserve this BS. God just might make sure that this backfires.

  54. Mark July 30, 2016 @ 5:00 pm

    I have been saying these things about Trump since last summer.

    Just the fact that the Jews let him run says it all.

    Christ said I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

    Only the Father knows when.

  55. Jason July 30, 2016 @ 10:08 pm


    I am not a Jew.

    You state that the English of America and gentiles are not evil.


    Can the Jew alone bring any mandate into fruition without the full assistance of the non-Jew?

    Most gentiles will perform any unseemly deed or speak any heresy so long as their remunerated to their satisfaction.

    They could care less how their fellow gentiles are affected whether emotionally, spiritually or physically. Those with a hint of conscience still intact simply pretend no harm has taken place.

    Their excuse if proffered. I do it because it is my job and I need a paycheck.

    Most gentiles have become cowardly, immoral, indifferent, vicious and wisdomless.

    There is absolutely nothing good about any individual who has forsaken God and sold out their brother and sister for lucre.

    America, you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

  56. Brian August 1, 2016 @ 5:54 am

    One has to crawl before walking.

    Trump gets this.

    He won’t win using a Sig Heil. We are not there yet. But it’s coming

    8 years of Trump, then his son and we can straighten this out.

    Trump twice refused to visit Israel and told them he didn’t want their filthy shekels, that he can’t be bought.

    Joos are freakin.

  57. KathJuliane August 2, 2016 @ 12:08 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    I appreciate your compliment, but I am somewhat puzzled about your comment, “Its as if you have pre-assembled boiler plate ready to drop into place every time Bro Nat makes a video.”

    So far as I know, “boiler plate” language has more to do with contract legal language.

    Be that as it may, I also am an Eastern Orthodox Christian along with being an American with patriotic roots all the way back to 1500s colonial British America, England, Scotland and France, and share most of the same religious, political, and social world view with Brother Nathanael, including the evils of Zionism and world Jewry.

    So, there should be no surprise that I usually work to support my Orthodox Christian co-religionist, anti-Judaist and anti-globalist, and fellow patriotic American are closely aligned. More than anything, to help +BN spread the Christian truth that the Jew, antichristian vanguards of the demonic kingdom of the Antichrist, is not the sum of all values.

    Israel, and Israel only, is America’s real enemy in spiritual, political, and earthly terms.

    Being disabled and retired, I haven’t watched TV or cable in about 20 years.

    I mostly read Orthodox spiritual books, do historical research on the classic Roman Empire of Old Rome and the Orthodox Roman (“Byzantine”) Empire of New Rome and its historical international relations, and that of the other former (pre-1054) and current Orthodox countries which compose the Local Church territories of the Orthodox Church; Church history, etc.

    I also spend time trying to stay up with domestic and foreign politics through both secular and Orthodox Church newsletters and sources.

    I have plenty of time some days when my energy is up, and I’d like to do more research supporting points that +BN makes in his Articles and Videos, or more broadly illustrate the issue he’s presenting.

    I’ve been voluntarily doing “research comments” since August of 2008. On occasion, I’ve emailed +BN items I’ve found that he might find of interest. However, he certainly receives hundreds of suggestions similar to mine, especially when it has to do with current events.

    It is my hope to add to +BN’s online ministry of Real Jew News which I strongly support–I’m sure to the appreciation of some and to the annoyance of others.

    God bless.


  58. John Carter August 3, 2016 @ 12:53 pm


    I would not be surprised to see a disembodied hand writing on the White House wall soon.

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