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Diary Of A Brexit Watcher

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Diary Of A Brexit Watcher
By Brother Nathanael Kapner June 29, 2016 ©

DEAR DIARY, LATELY I’VE BEEN READING that a majority of Brits voted to leave the European Union.

Along with this, I read that the Jewish-owned media and Jew-bought shills like David Cameron are spinning the vote as a “win for Putin but a loss for Britain.”

Cameron actually vomited out months ago that “Putin and ISIS will be happy with Brexit.”

Seems strange.

If Putin is the one leader who’s putting the screws on ISIS by providing air cover for Syria’s ground troops, why is he being lumped together with his adversary, ISIS?

There’s no justice in this world, and if there is, (like Russia waging lawful warfare against the blight of ISIS), the Jews through their patsies (like Cameron) will spin it as malfeasance.

Demonizing Putin (a favorite Jewish pastime) notwithstanding, it can be argued that Putin might be the “loser” with Brexit. Why?

Because it would strengthen the Anglo-American sphere of anti-Russian posturing, of which, EU member nations desirous of restoring economic ties with Russia, has weakened.

As far as all the excitement over Brexit, it ain’t over ’till it’s over.

There’s lots of time for the Jewish-owned Fed to devalue the pound; create ‘turmoil’ in the financial markets; time to convince Brits their economy will tank; and time for the Jew-owned media to concoct horror stories of how Putin will “invade” a “divided” Europe.

Moreover, Boris Johnson is apparently backpedaling about stemming immigration, hinting at joining the EU’s single market, an arrangement (like Norway’s with the EU), that stipulates “freedom of movement and labor.”

I’m all for Brexit, but somehow it’s all too big and remote. I’m struggling to personalize it. I mean, is there a personal “brexit” I can forge for myself?

And if not for myself, for our own Jew-ruined country?

THE PROBLEM IS that most Americans haven’t a clue what Brexit is, and if they slightly do, hardly know what it’s all about.

Brexit’s champion, Nigel Farage, says it’s all about “getting Britain’s borders back and becoming an independent, self-governing nation, freed from the enslavement of a super-state political union.”

Trump also wants to “get America’s borders back.” But everything else, no one’s saying it.

Who’s saying we must free ourselves from the Jews who have the power to print money out of thin air, gouge us with interest, and call their scam the “Federal Reserve?”

Who’s saying that Congress has been bought by Jewish Lobbies who have the power to bring a man to his knees if he won’t obey Jewry’s demands?

Who’s saying that the power to form public opinion is totally in the hands of Jews who own the entire gamut of the press and media?

Anyone who dares say it will see his employment severed, his reputation ruined, and branded for life as an “anti-Semite.”

And what could be worse than being branded an “anti-Semite?” Every goy’s been brainwashed to view it as a capital crime.

One can bribe, lie, blaspheme, promote perversion—all of which Jews do—but committing the crime of “hating Jews,” all bets are off for winning a popularity contest.

WHICH BRINGS ME to the prospect of making a personal brexit, so to speak.

It’s not about copping out or going off the radar, it’s about seeing the world as Jew-ruined and either mocking it or denouncing it.

If mocking it, you’ll get the last laugh. If denouncing it, you’ll hang by your toes.

But dear diary, I’d rather hang from my toes than cave to the murderers of Christ.


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Brother Nathanael @ June 30, 2016


  1. Brother Nathanael June 30, 2016 @ 12:59 pm

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    Dear All,

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    The rental agreement has been signed, sealed, and delivered. It’s an unfurnished cottage house that will suit my needs very well. My ministry continues unabated.

    I just put down a sizable payment to secure the rental and will have to buy furniture, (I have none, nor a car), thus all financial support to keep this site alive with more Articles and Videos will be much appreciated.

    As I stated many times since being thrown out of my living residence by former supporters—who reneged on their offer to provide me a place upon my refusing to cave to their extortion attempt when demanding that I publicly announce that homosexual activity is a legitimate life style—my ministry WILL continue.

    Yes, I lost a roof over my head but kept a guard on my soul.

    As I now have a hefty rental payment and security payment to produce tomorrow, I am asking for your financial help to help me through this VERY trying time.

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  3. Dave Strickland June 30, 2016 @ 2:08 pm

    Thank you for treating this major development in the world.

    What a shame most Americans know next to nothing about what Brexit is about and why it’s important, so they sorely need educating. But thanks to the internet there is no excuse for anyone to fail to come up to scratch very quickly.

    In its simplest terms the EU is an impossible political construct – yes, with Jews’ heavy involvement – which is now like the Titanic and in the process of sinking.

    It is already bankrupt and being held together with sticking plaster. Most of the UK government are pro-EU and they refuse to listen to its own people. Successive leaders have got the UK into the mess it’s now in, where it has become a sitting duck for the invasion of literally millions of migrants who are determined to enter the country and take advantage of the generous handouts, free housing, etc., on offer.

    The fact that the vote for Brexit has become a reality shows how bad the situation has become. There is a distinct realisation amongst ordinary UK citizens that the EU totally refuses to listen to the UK’s concerns, and they’ve simply had enough. The UK foolishly chose to become part of Europe in 1973 and has now lost the power to make its own decisions.

    There are rocky times ahead for the UK as an independent nation, but anything’s better than being a slave of Europe.

  4. Chris Browne June 30, 2016 @ 2:09 pm

    Dear Brother,

    The Jew bastards have this all under control. Ah…I mean Satan does.

    Brexit is just what the power elite wanted. They will now crush the rest of Europe when other countries try to walk. They will destroy so they can rebuild to their liking. World domination is their game.

    Satan’s game? The same as it’s always been: steal souls from God! I won’t pretend to understand this Cosmic Chess Match but it seems to be the way God allows things done. No matter how painful, I guess that makes it the only way.

  5. Mr. Pedro Aja June 30, 2016 @ 2:27 pm

    Dear Brother:

    Please read the source of present NEED for Brexit. The EU is an experiment.

    Title of article: Get Ready for the Phoenix
    Source: Economist; 01/9/88, Vol. 306, pp 9-10

    THIRTY years from now, Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people in many other rich countries, and some relatively poor ones will probably be paying for their shopping with the same currency. Prices will be quoted not in dollars, yen or D-marks but in, let’s say, the phoenix. The phoenix will be favoured by companies and shoppers because it will be more convenient than today’s national currencies, which by then will seem a quaint cause of much disruption to economic life in the last twentieth century.

    At the beginning of 1988 this appears an outlandish prediction. Proposals for eventual monetary union proliferated five and ten years ago, but they hardly envisaged the setbacks of 1987. The governments of the big economies tried to move an inch or two towards a more managed system of exchange rates – a logical preliminary, it might seem, to radical monetary reform.

    For lack of co-operation in their underlying economic policies they bungled it horribly, and provoked the rise in interest rates that brought on the stock market crash of October. These events have chastened exchange-rate reformers. The market crash taught them that the pretence of policy co-operation can be worse than nothing, and that until real co-operation is feasible (i.e., until governments surrender some economic sovereignty) further attempts to peg currencies will flounder.

    But in spite of all the trouble governments have in reaching and (harder still) sticking to international agreements about macroeconomic policy, the conviction is growing that exchange rates cannot be left to themselves.

    Remember that the Louvre accord and its predecessor, the Plaza agreement of September 1985, were emergency measures to deal with a crisis of currency instability. Between 1983 and 1985 the dollar rose by 34% against the currencies of America’s trading partners; since then it has fallen by 42%. Such changes have skewed the pattern of international comparative advantage more drastically in four years than underlying economic forces might do in a whole generation.

    In the past few days the world’s main central banks, fearing another dollar collapse, have again jointly intervened in the currency markets (see page 62).

    Market-loving ministers such as Britain’s Mr. Nigel Lawson have been converted to the cause of exchange-rate stability. Japanese officials take seriously the idea of EMS-like schemes for the main industrial economies. Regardless of the Louvre’s embarrassing failure, the conviction remains that something must be done about exchange rates.

    Something will be, almost certainly in the course of 1988. And not long after the next currency agreement is signed it will go the same way as the last one. It will collapse.

    Governments are far from ready to subordinate their domestic objectives to the goal of international stability. Several more big exchange-rate upsets, a few more stockmarket crashes and probably a slump or two will be needed before politicians are willing to face squarely up to that choice.

    This points to a muddled sequence of emergency followed by a patch-up followed by emergency, stretching out far beyond 2018 – except for two things. As time passes, the damage caused by currency instability is gradually going to mount; and the very tends that will make it mount are making the utopia of monetary union feasible.

    The new world economy

    The biggest change in the world economy since the early 1970’s is that flows of money have replaced trade in goods as the force that drives exchange rates. As a result of the relentless integration of the world’s financial markets, differences in national economic policies can disturb interest rates (or expectations of future interest rates) only slightly, yet still call forth huge transfers of financial assets from one country to another.

    These transfers swamp the flow of trade revenues in their effect on the demand and supply for different currencies, and hence in their effect on exchange rates. As telecommunications technology continues to advance, these transactions will be cheaper and faster still. With unco-ordinated economic policies, currencies can get only more volatile.

    Alongside that trend is another – of ever-expanding opportunities for international trade. This too is the gift of advancing technology. Falling transport costs will make it easier for countries thousands of miles apart to compete in each others’ markets. The law of one price (that a good should cost the same everywhere, once prices are converted into a single currency) will increasingly assert itself.

    Politicians permitting, national economies will follow their financial markets – becoming ever more open to the outside world. This will apply to labour as much as to goods, partly thorough migration but also through technology’s ability to separate the worker form the point at which he delivers his labour. Indian computer operators will be processing New Yorkers’ paychecks.

    In all these ways national economic boundaries are slowly dissolving. As the trend continues, the appeal of a currency union across at least the main industrial countries will seem irresistible to everybody except foreign-exchange traders and governments.

    In the phoenix zone, economic adjustment to shifts in relative prices would happen smoothly and automatically, rather as it does today between different regions within large economies (a brief on pages 74-75 explains how.) The absence of all currency risk would spur trade, investment and employment.

    The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF. The world inflation rate – and hence, within narrow margins, each national inflation rate- would be in its charge.

    Each country could use taxes and public spending to offset temporary falls in demand, but it would have to borrow rather than print money to finance its budget deficit. With no recourse to the inflation tax, governments and their creditors would be forced to judge their borrowing and lending plans more carefully than they do today.

    This means a big loss of economic sovereignty, but the trends that make the phoenix so appealing are taking that sovereignty away in any case. Even in a world of more-or-less floating exchange rates, individual governments have seen their policy independence checked by an unfriendly outside world.

    As the next century approaches, the natural forces that are pushing the world towards economic integration will offer governments a broad choice. They can go with the flow, or they can build barricades. Preparing the way for the phoenix will mean fewer pretended agreements on policy and more real ones. It will mean allowing and then actively promoting the private-sector use of an international money alongside existing national monies.

    That would let people vote with their wallets for the eventual move to full currency union. The phoenix would probably start as a cocktail of national currencies, just as the Special Drawing Right is today. In time, though, its value against national currencies would cease to matter, because people would choose it for its convenience and the stability of its purchasing power.

    The alternative – to preserve policymaking autonomy- would involve a new proliferation of truly draconian controls on trade and capital flows. This course offers governments a splendid time. They could manage exchange-rate movements, deploy monetary and fiscal policy without inhibition, and tackle the resulting bursts of inflation with prices and incomes polices. It is a growth-crippling prospect.

    Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes.

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    or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written

    However, users may print, download, or email articles for
    individual use.


  6. Auwal Mohammed Nyako June 30, 2016 @ 2:42 pm

    Bro. Nathanael,

    I don’t know what I can do without you.

    You are one in a million who dares to expose all-mighty Jewish power. The effect of hasbara has rendered people irrational.

    May the living God continue to bless you. Very soon you ll receive my small contribution.

    To the Jews — “peoples’ laugh comes last”.

  7. Lrapsody June 30, 2016 @ 2:44 pm

    Ah Brother,

    I’m glad to see your opinions on the matter. As an Englishman, I and many I know voted leave. Those pushing for remaining in the EU were very vocal, not to mention insulting and lewd.

    Now that leave has won out (at least on the face of it) supposed remain supporters are protesting in London, supported of course by the communofascists ANTIFA, wielding ‘no borders’ and ‘refugees welcome’, and the old ‘no to old white racists!’, violently attacking anyone who disagrees even amicably. Clearly so clearly many there paid for by Soros.

    There is such a storm of liberal young university students showing such horrendous disrespect to the large elderly population who dared to vote leave. I am 25, and thoroughly denounce these young generations as a disgrace, and thoroughly pray for their repentance from all these things.

    As a Christian, a nationalist- a traditional fellow- I am in minority even in my generation. The UK must deprogram these holocaust hooligans. They are largely atheist and their professors have inundated them with a love of Marxism.

    The Lord Jesus Christ save our two countries- and indeed the world.

    Keep up God’s work, Brother.

  8. Zionien June 30, 2016 @ 3:02 pm


    Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly top yourself, you go and write this^!

    I’m speechless +BN! OUTSTANDING!!!+

  9. Brad June 30, 2016 @ 3:10 pm


    I live nearby and would caution you as there are many usefull idiots in Idaho. I have lived and ran a business here for 40 years.

    FBI is all over the place and is Jew controlled as anywhere else. Michael Collins Piper moved here, and shortly after was dead after his cabin was burned to the ground.

    Veterens Today smelled a rat as they had interviewed him within weeks of his death.

    Dick Cheney giving a speech in Idaho said to the crowd “I like how you think”.

    Other than that it is a beautiful place.

  10. ELLIS W. MICKEY June 30, 2016 @ 4:52 pm

    My Dear Brother Nathanael,

    it is one ‘thing for sure’ to our chagrin, we cannot trust other people to keep their word if they are not in The Body of Jesus Christ!

    We are so glad that you have found a new residence. Keep exposing the “LIES” of the ‘Adversaries’!

    The LORD be Magnified as we spread The Truth of His Word!!

    Our financial help will be arriving on the 1st as usual.

  11. Johnny June 30, 2016 @ 5:13 pm

    This is what the Brexit is all about.

    “The reason Lawson has come out now and demanded withdrawal appears to be to do with the future not of Britain as a whole but of the City of London. The EU is in the process of constructing a fiscal and banking union because of the eurozone crisis.

    Europe’s central bankers have concluded the only way to stop any recurrence of financial turmoil is to create a central European treasury with powers to regulate banks and to issue bonds backed by the EU rather than simply member states. This would stop borrowing costs rising unsustainably as they did in Greece and Spain last year.

    To finance all this and police the banks, the EU wants to cap bankers’ bonuses and introduce a financial transactions tax on banks’ activities. This money would go into an insurance fund to guarantee a future bailout is paid for by banks, not taxpayers. Many regard these measures as the very least needed to get banking back onto a stable and socially-responsible footing.

    But the City of London’s bankers are fiercely opposed to the tax. They don’t want to lose their bonuses either. They say financial services is one of Britain’s biggest earners and Europe simply wants to cut British finance down to size.”

    Read more about it here:

  12. Tetragrammaton June 30, 2016 @ 5:14 pm

    Good on you for standing up against the cancer that is homosexuality, Brother!

    People need to realize that this universe is a duality and we are electrical beings by nature – if you are male, you are an anode; if you are female, you are a cathode. An anode (positive) without access to a cathode (negative) cannot produce an electrical charge (reproduction).

    In nature, you do not see magnetic lines of force being attracted to the same magnetic lines of force – on a magnet. A north pole (male) will always repel another north pole and vice versa.

    With this observation in both electricity and magnetism, it is more than correct to say that homosexuality is a crime against nature. People can blame genetics all they want, but the sad truth is, homosexuality is a CHOICE and, therefore, people who practice such a lifestyle are abominations and and sexual deviants.

    As for moving to Idaho, I live here myself, and can say with experience that it is a beautiful place that is tainted by some incredibly stupid and ill-tempered people.

    The only words of wisdom I can impart to you is to watch your back and be extremely cautious because some of the people here have a way of sniffing out weakness and taking advantage of generosity.

    Be careful!

  13. Semitism B Fascism June 30, 2016 @ 5:39 pm

    +BN et al,

    Does anyone here know a good answer to this?

    When I talk about the JWO, the Jews media, the USS Liberty, or something of that sort to people who are not already in the know, 98% of the time they just look at me like I’m crazy. They don’t believe it. Does anyone on this site know a way to open peoples eyes? What can you tell people so they understand?

    As for the Brexit, the JWO is worried that other nations may follow Britain’s lead. The EU is one of the big organizations the JWO uses in their world government scheme. The JWO doesn’t want one of their major organizations like the EU or UN to come unglued.

    Rev 2:43-45 CEV
    This kingdom will be the result of a marriage between kingdoms, but it will crumble, just as iron and clay don’t stick together. During the time of those kings, the God who rules from heaven will set up an eternal kingdom that will never fall.

    The United Nations UN is the prophesied marriage of kingdoms / nations which won’t stick together. The JWO created the UN and then created Israel shortly thereafter in 1948. The UN is the front group, the puppet, through which the JWO runs its one world government.

    One protocol of the JWO is to incite goy nations to war against each other – Divide and Conquer 101. Uniting the goys is about opposite of what the JWO really wants.

    The JWO names its many organizations to sound good or innocent even though they are used for evil. Good they call bad and bad they call good. A more honest name for the United Nations would be Opposing Nations, Enemy Nations, Divided Nations, or something similar.

    An honest definition of anti-Semite is “someone hated by Jews.” The Justice Department is really the Injustice Department. George Orwell understood it well. JWO naming conventions give nice names to their sinister operations.

    WW1 and WW2 were both instigated by the JWO, partly to make Christian nations destroy each other. Similarly, the current wars between Muslim nations and Christian nations are being incited by the JWO so Muslims and Christians destroy each other.

    The JWO instigated 911 to provoke Americans to attack Arab and Muslim nations. The JWO uses the UN to divide nations against each other and destroy each other even though they named it the “United” Nations.

    As prophesied – They will not remain united any more than iron sticks to clay. The JWO is using the UN to instigate wars between member nations of the UN; manipulating them to destroy each other. There is no chance of the nations being truly united while Satan and his JWO rule the world.

    The JWO keeps the nations perpetually divided against each other while calling them united. It will remain this way until Satan is bound and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  14. The English Man terry colledge June 30, 2016 @ 6:19 pm


    The populus voted (barely) to get out. The reasonings of “independence” “sovereignty” “save the NHS” were not uppermost in the “outers” minds.

    What heartlanders are furious about has been the uncontrolled flooding of this small Island with refugees, who many feel have more rights than indigenous folk.

    It is sickening to hear commentators, politicians, news media & celebrities talk of “This terrible result.” They, the defenders of wholesale immigration, hate laws, homosexuality, diversity, multiculturalism, Uncle Tom Cobly an ‘ll.

    Millions have had enough! Many of Westminster’s politicians are treasonous, rotten to the core, bought & paid for by Y.K.W. Though very few can see it.

    Farmers in the U.K. are struggling, if the food supply here be affected/threatened we should all look out.

    Indeed Ted, the flame thrower could become a serious necessity.

  15. Kiimm June 30, 2016 @ 8:06 pm

    Yep, all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

    They have their (br)exits and their entrances.

    And as Dylan so aptly penned “All the Truth in the world adds up to one big lie. People are crazy and times are strange. . I used to care but. . things have changed.”

  16. Geoffrey June 30, 2016 @ 8:21 pm

    Excellent article Brother Nathanael.

    Simply put and the facts are obvious.

    Yet most people do not want to know that we are totally dominated by Jews in every sphere of life. The 1913 creation of the private Jew Fed is the biggest heist of the large two hundred years. The whole world financial system is dominated by Jews and the US military is used to crush any opposition to the current Israeli world domination.

    The eternal victims have somehow become our masters. They can never be criticized because they are victims. They use their media to silence and ridicule all opposition. They stack courts with Jews, like the US Supreme Court.

    They hire only Jews and allies as artists, singers, writers, producers.

    All Western politicians are beholden to them except a small fringe which they mock and denounce. Even Marine le Pen must bow down to them, if she wants to win. Her father told the truth about the Jews, that is a real no no.

    The current Ponzi scheme is the longest lasting Ponzi scheme in history. The debts of Governments like the USA will never be repaid and cannot be repaid.

    Nobody cares. The Fed just makes more counterfeit money and keeps charging more interest to US tax payers.

    If the capital loan is not repaid they do not lose a cent because the money never existed in the first place. Bond holders will lose however.

    White elderly pensioners will probably be financially wiped out sometime in the next few years, as the Jews grab their pension savings through another financial crisis swindle.

  17. Half Jew Raised Catholic Praise Jesus June 30, 2016 @ 8:41 pm

    As some of you know, or if you don’t know, there is an actor by the name of Jesse Williams that gave a speech at a recent BET awards show after receiving an award for being a part of black lives matter as a “humanitarian”.

    His speech consisted of saying that whiteness is an invention and how blacks get killed by police more than whites, which according to FBI stats is untrue. I explained this to a black kid I went to elementary school with and he called me a troll, a jack ass, a dumb ass and told me to shut up and how he was tired of me.

    I told him how BET is owned by Zionist Jews. He wasn’t hearing any of it.

    Actress Stacey Dash had her opinion on Jesse Williams speech and if you know her politics, you know she obviously disagrees with the whole “woe is me” black routine. Someone on his post wrote “can we like kill her already and get it over with? No one would know or even care she’s gone”.

    I called this person out for making a death threat. I asked him why can’t a black person have a dissenting opinion? The person I went to elementary school with called me a dumbass for saying it was a death threat because “it wasn’t”…I was blocked. You can’t save everyone.

  18. Ted Gorsline June 30, 2016 @ 9:25 pm

    My impression is the role of national leaders should be to look out for the interests of the people who pay their taxes, and thus their salaries – and not pay to support dysfunctional cultures in the rest of the world. You can’t fix them. They have to fix themselves.

    The best you can do is provide education but that isn’t easy. For example, in Tanzania, Julius Nyere made it mandatory for all children from the Mangatti tribe to go to school. The Mangatti elders then went into the schools and cut the throats of the teachers. The Mangatti kids no longer go to school.

    Nyere also made it mandatory for all kids to learn Swahili. But there are no text books of any kind in Swahili so if its the only language you know you can’t learn anything. There are no books to read. Its the old slave trade language.

    In the West politicians look after the interests of the 1%, mostly Jews, who pay their election costs and give them media support, and what the 1% then wants to do is glom onto and divert control of the public tax money to their own purposes.

    For example, the Israeli Lobby in the US has been able to divert half of all American foreign aid since 1945 to Israel, and Jews are per capita the richest people on earth. Bet you thought foreign aid was designed to help the poor – not the rich.

    Government budgets are the largest pools of poorly protected cash around, and such pools of cash “ALWAYS” attract the guys in black hats, the Jews. Money is their god.

    The more than $2 trillion that went missing at the Pentagon is a good example.

    Dual Israeli/American citizen Dov Zakheim could maybe weight in on this as he is the guy who knows the most about where it likely went.

    $Billions more get eaten up in defence contracts for people like Diane Feistein’s husbands.

    The telling thing about Brexit is the first and immediate demand from Europe, extortion really, was to say a British economic union with Europe, and that is how the European Union was originally sold, now depends on Britain allowing unlimited immigration — on giving up its national sovereignty to unelected European technocrats financed by Jews.

    For example, Giscard D’Estaing, first head of the European Union, worked for the Rothschilds. A guy with the classic hooked nose is now on center stage in the European Union.

    The people pushing multiculturalism are Jews who at no time in their history have ever integrated with anyone else and whose racist state of Israel, the show place of Jewish values, puts the real owners of the land, the Palestinians in cement cages and disarms and murders them.

    The Israeli Jews even snipe journalists and regularly murder Palestinian children.

    This is all ignored while the Jewish owned media focuses on the conviction of a 95-year-old German accountant for war crimes even though eveybody knows he didn’t hurt anybody and was in no position to protest his accounting job. After all there was a war going on and as a wounded soldier what else could he do except take any job he was ordered to take.

    The Jews have deliberately weaponized immigration to balkanize and weaken Christian civilization.

    Now rich Jews like Diane Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, and George Soros want to disarm Christian Americans so they can treat them just like they treat Palestinians. Ted Nugent is 100% right.

    Regarding flame throwers.

    The Jew boys think they have aready succeeded in disarming Britai,n but Britain is a nation of gardeners, and gardeners use flame throwers to clean out the rubbish in the undergrowth. Perhaps the laws of unintended consequences will kick in?

    In East Africa bandits know all rich people can get the handgun permits they can’t get so they swarm houses in groups of 30 shouting out a warning that they know the homeowner can only get a few of them before they split his head open with a panga. Their message is “let us rob you and we won’t hurt you but if you resist we will kill you”.

    You never know what thy will do so the self defence answer to this is a flame thrower. Ammo is cheap and available in unlimited quantites at a petrol station. You only need a few pipes, valves and an igniter, to make one. Its all available at any hardware store.

    No need to practise as you must do with a handgun. Just point like a garden hose and flip a switch.

    More range than a handgun if boosted with compressed air from a scuba tank.

    Handles more bad guys at once than a shotgun. Just imagine 30 threatening tribals ganged up in a screaming mob at your front door carrying their traditional shields and pangas.

    Just lob a stream of flaming gasoline their way and you have got a game changer.

    Liberty “ALWAYS” depends on the distribution of power, and it’s important law abiding citizens are as well armed as the bad guys.

    Reminds me of the story about how democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is two wolves and a sheep with a gun deciding the same thing.

  19. Brother Nathanael June 30, 2016 @ 10:35 pm

    Dear All, or maybe is should be, Dear Diary,

    Is “nationalism” an option for any country?

    Whether it’s Britain, France, or even America, it seems to me the question is not, “can nationalism work in a globalist economy,” (for it certainly can work), but rather, “is nationalism even possible?”

    I mean, what sovereignty does any nation have when “transnationals” (almost like “transgenders”) control Western countries’ central banks, governments, militaries, and press?

    Like a “transgender” who can morph beyond the boundaries of a sexually-specific body, so Jews morph beyond the boundaries of a nationally-specific country.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Brexit, and a Frexit could even be better. But how can dismembering from the EU cleave asunder the strangleholld Jewish fingers have around these nations’ necks?

    Britain will still be controlled by Jews in or out of the EU. France the same. And thus we’re playing ring around the rosey while the HUGE Jewish elephant craps all over a person’s patriotic longings.

    It’s easy to be a patriot on paper but a true patriot wants Jews out of power. If we can’t name the enemy we’re just filling the air with smoke. +BN

  20. benzion kook June 30, 2016 @ 11:00 pm

    “The spirit of usury holds sway over them.

    They are a nation of swindlers, who benefit only from deceiving their host’s culture.” — Immanuel Kant

  21. Koen June 30, 2016 @ 11:16 pm

    “Give me control of a Nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”

    Of course, the creation of a nation’s money should be under control of the nation itself. Both Lincoln and Kennedy were killed for the attempt to take back control of the money supply. Also ‘nazi’ Germany and Muammar Gadaffi were attacked and killed for the same reason, and probably many more, I do not know exactly who and how many.

    The petro-dollar mechanism is another example of international money control. The euro must be abolished, national currencies must be restored, and its creation under state control.

    The Brits will be attacked now, especially by the banks, however, Rothschild is rather fond of England and has many pleasant memories of controlling this country, so punishing Great Britain will not be easy I suppose.

    So what can we do? Well, we can talk about this subject as often as we can, then eventually “rulers” and “politicians” will have to listen. Then Nigel Farage finally meets David Icke.

  22. Geoffrey June 30, 2016 @ 11:38 pm

    If the Jews succeed at swamping the West with unemployable violent dark skinned young men, then their entire deadbeat families, who will pay for Aid for Israel?

    As the Western world slides down in to racial chaos, who will provide safe refuge for rich Jews to enjoy their money which they stole from us? Who will make quality wine in France when Muslim workers are pissing in it? (South African wine has declined a lot in quality in the past 20 years, I wonder why?)

    Belgian beer will also decline in quality, as will even German cars. In the future most of the young population will be uneducated, brainwashed by Marxists, stupid and violent, as London shows us right now.

    Air travel safety will decline, airports will be staffed by stupid people who do not care. So even Jew billionaires will be at risk every time their plane lands or takes off. Their aviation fuel may not be so clean as it once was, if it can be obtained at all. The air traffic controllers will be less intelligent than today, and they will care less about accidents.

    The West may resemble the lazy incompetence of the Soviet Union with long queues for basic food necessities like milk, and regular air crashes and other disasters, which the media will not report. The non working black and Muslim parasites, with their huge families, will kill the soft host nations like the UK and Germany.

    Sweden will be the first to collapse, the canary in the coal mine. White men for the past two hundred years have carried non working wives and large families through hard work over long hours. Why will whites also do this for full families of rapefugee Muslims and blacks, men also, who choose not to work?

    Also many whites have woken up themselves to the welfare racket by observing dark skinned people up close. Why work at all if the Government will pay you not to work, and use drugs and alcohol for fun instead?

    Taxation collection will collapse in the West, another canary in the coal mine. Why pay taxes to support bums, Muslims, blacks and Marxists who hate you?

  23. Jack Mite June 30, 2016 @ 11:55 pm

    Mr Aja in his article above, forgot to mention that a big disadvantage of a common currency like a “phoenix,” as Greece discovered with the Euro, is that a country cannot devalue the currency to make exports more attractive if it is a currency used right across borders.

  24. Hugo July 1, 2016 @ 12:48 am

    8 facts the Jewish controlled M.S.M. will not mention in relation to BREXIT.

    1). BREXIT is primarily NOT a vote against Europe but a protest vote against:

    a) multiculturalism
    b) The current Mediterranean immigration tsunami

    2). No one is against immigration per se. What they are opposed to is mass immigration which by sweeping away our cultural identity makes us foreigners in our own lands.

    3). Multiculturalism is an offshoot of Cultural Marxism and like most destructive things is an invention of the Jew for everyone else but the Jew. Multiculturalism is only for the white gentile nations. There is no talk about multiculturalism in India, Africa, China or Israel.

    4). The Mediterranean immigration tsunami has been caused by the Jewish Neocons fictitious war on terror/Israel 1st policy/regime change agenda.

    5). The same Jewish controlled M.S.M. channels (e.g. CNN, Sky-lies etc.) that fully support multiculturalism and that fully supported the destruction of Iraq, Syria and Libya are now calling Europeans “racist” for not wanting to absorb all these immigrants.

    6). In a typical display of Jewish hypocrisy these same media channels never criticize Israel (arguably the direct and indirect cause of this immigration tsunami) for refusing to take in 1 refugee.

    7). Britain’s immigration laws are set by Brussels not London. Brussels also promotes multiculturalism as part of its social policy (with Jewish trouble-makers like SOROS pushing from behind the scenes). Therefore without an exit Britain has no control over the destruction of its white European cultural heritage.

    8). The BREXIT voters detest the Anglo-Jewish elites of London, Washington and NY as much as they detest the European elites of Brussels.

    BREXIT is a vote against losing our cultural-historical identity.

    It is a rebellion against the treacherous internationalist elites — whether in Brussels, London or NY — who care nothing about our nations.

    It is a rejection of the lies of M.S.M. who think they can brand us racist for standing up our cutural-historical identity. Watch these traitors/liars now spin the story in the wrong direction.

  25. The English Man July 1, 2016 @ 2:46 am

    @Brother Nathaneal

    You may be as financially poor as the proverbial church mouse.

    Anon. You, YOUR site, have the riches of Solomon, together, who in truth would not concour, you through our Lord are the WAY THE TRUTH THE LIGHT.

  26. AR July 1, 2016 @ 6:55 am

    In the name of The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen-FOREVER!

  27. Wtc 7 no longer controversial July 1, 2016 @ 8:06 am

    @ Semetism B Fascism

    The Question was how do you open people’s eyes, when you tell them about the media or Uss Liberty..ect.

    #1. I have found that you cannot ” tell them”
    #2. You must understand that people that people are completely brainwashed.
    #3. The media uses Psychology of association.

    Example: Ron Paul had an employee that worked in Ron’s newsletter decades ago and wrote something “racist,” so therefore Ron is a racist and we shouldn’t take his Political Positions or we might be called a racist. The gist is if you take Ron Paul’s positions YOU will be seen as a racist!

    Light turns on, dog gets food. DO THIS OVER AND OVER , after a while. light turns on , no food, but dog salivates! Association!

    #4. People must be SHOWN Videos. People will not believe you, but IF YOU Show them, a percentage of People WILL BE JOLTED OUT OF THE BRAINWASHING.

    I recommend the following videos.

    1. Where was Larry Silverstein on 9/11
    2. Larry Silverstein Pull it. wtc7
    3. Wtc7 no longer controversial
    4. Fire fighter exposes wtc7

    After showing these 4 videos, you must ask them how, after 50 minutes of knowing that the U.S. was under attack BY JUMBO JETS, why can’t the air force scramble a jet fighter (that travels 1500mph) to intercept a non stealthy jumbo jet that only travels 500 mph, when all civilian air craft have been grounded! I call bullshit on that one!

    This takes a lot of one-on-one time. Wtc7 is the key. It goes down in 7 seconds but never got hit by an airplane. Exposing Wtc 7 as a controlled demolition and 9/11 destroys ALL CREDIBILITY of the media.

    I had one CNN watcher tell me that If she believed what she saw in these videos that she would be a “Conspiracy Theorist”! There again, Pavlovs dog comes back again!

    Logic that goes against mainstream spin is confronted with emotional name calling such as Hitler, Racist, anti-Semite, Putin, Isis whoever they have used for character assassinations is used for Pavlov associations.

    Using the Emotional side if the brain to get people to react like an animal instead of slowing down and meticulously evaluating the arguments.

    You must ask them if their representative in politics truly represents the people or if he just represents his own self interest and empowerment.

    If they agree that representatives just represent themselves, then you must tell them that the tools to control these people are bribes and blackmail. The money and the media. The control of the media and the money supply controls the politician. The politician controls the appointments, which is the government. In other words if you control the money and monopolize the media you control the government.

    Guess what, we have four Jewish supreme court Justices, Obama just nominated a fifth. Name them. Ginsberg, Kagan, Sotomayor, Breyer! Point out that Silverstein is Jewish, Jack Ruby, (Rubenstein) was Jewish, Karl Marx was Jewish, Lenin, Trotsky was Bernstein.

    In the end the game is: use the media for divide-and-conquer, character assassinations, Pavlov’s conditioning, heightened emotionalism, degradation, keep you scared, keep you confused, cover ups.

    Enslave the worker through inflation and taxes while pretending to be for the worker — just like communism. The wars are about getting other countries in this debt system and linking this dollar that is not backed by gold but by oil puppets that exclusively accept dollars for oil internationally.

    At home this Federal Reserve dollar has demand because you need it for taxes and debt payments. Show them Jonathon Perkins Confessions of an Economic Hit Man; months later the Leuchtner Report. Do not mention Jews or Leuchtner Report unless they get 9/11 or you will be blown off.

    Protocols of Zion says many will complain but they will still pay their taxes.

  28. Semitism B Racism July 1, 2016 @ 10:18 am

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch: I’ll File Charges Against Clinton…

    If Loretta can sell this, she can sell oceanfront property in Montana.

  29. Hoff July 1, 2016 @ 11:05 am


    Breastfeeding as a female to trans dad:

  30. KathJuliane July 1, 2016 @ 11:58 am

    Dear +BN

    God bless you for a new and outstanding Article. I really enjoy the ‘Dear Diary’ format.

    Thank you for always keeping your eye on the Jewish bouncing ball, or should I say their transnational interlocking directorate shell game emanating out of Tel Aviv is always rigged for “What’s good for the Jews”?

    Akiva Eldar of El Monitor’s Israel Pulse (Jew-owned but usually somewhat balanced in a Jewish center-left direction), former senior columnist and editorial writer for Haaretz, bolsters your observations in his piece today, ‘Why Netanyahu Quietly Applauds Brexit’:

    Tissues are not in great demand in Jerusalem these days. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not shed any tears over the decision by the residents of the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union.

    According to the rules of Israel’s zero-sum game in the international arena, the weaker the gentiles, the stronger the Jews. The greater the anxiety in Brussels, the lower the tensions in Jerusalem.

    The governments of Europe are competing with the US administration, goes the thinking in Jerusalem, for the championship of the Israel-haters league.

    The EU’s clipped wings improve the prospects of removing from its agenda the European threat to thaw the diplomatic freeze with the Palestinians and freeze construction in the settlements.

    As far as the prime minister is concerned, the timing of the shockwaves that rattled Europe could not have been better. It happened in the same month that France woke the long-dormant “peace process” that had been idle for more than two years, ever since Secretary of State John Kerry waved a white flag of surrender and folded up his peace initiative.

    This was also the month that an international conference took place in Paris, raising from the dead the problem of the Israeli occupation and its West Bank settlements. In June 2016, the European Council recorded in its minutes that 28 foreign ministers voted in favor of the French initiative and pledged to support it. Implementation of the Brexit decision will bring down the number to 27.

    Britain is not simply 1/28th of the EU. The standing of the United Kingdom is not like those of Poland or Greece. Britain is one of two European permanent members of the UN Security Council and the closest and the most loyal partner of the United States on the continent. France, the EU’s second representative among the five permanent members, was very open about its efforts to thwart Brexit.

    The failure to stop it has eroded what was left of French President Francois Hollande’s popularity. Nor did the UK referendum help German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the third party in the top European leadership, recover from the Syrian refugee crisis. Her name, too, is included among the losers in the move.

    Britain’s pullout will also damage the Middle East Quartet, whose members include the EU, the United States, Russia and the UN. Netanyahu has devoted significant efforts in recent weeks to soften the criticism of Israel’s policy in the territories contained in a special report compiled and soon to be published by the Quartet.

    A diplomatic source who asked to remain anonymous told Al-Monitor this week that authors of the report were privy to a document prepared by foreign consular representatives in Jerusalem containing data about a marked increase in the extent of Israeli construction in the territories and human rights abuses against Palestinians.

    However, the Quartet’s report is expected to resonate less with the EU, busy licking the wounds of Britain’s amputation, and the United States busy with the most frenetic election campaign it has known in generations.

    Netanyahu may have reasons to celebrate Britain’s farewell to the EU. But ordinary Israeli citizens have no reason to cheer the downfall of the EU. The European Union is hostile to the policies of the Israeli government, not to the State of Israel, and proof can be found in the archives of the European Council of Ministers.

    In December 2013, the council proposed upgrading Israel’s ties with the EU to the status of special privileged partnership, the highest level that can be reached in the EU by a non-member state. The upgrade was supposed to include an “unprecedented” package of economic, diplomatic and defense aid for Israel, as well as for the Palestinian state that would be established at its side.

    The package includes better access to the European market, a strengthening of cultural and scientific ties, increased trade and investments by EU members, encouragement of cooperation between the European private sector and the private sectors in Israel and Palestine, a deepening of the diplomatic dialogue and defense cooperation with the two states.

    The European package deal stands to provide thousands of jobs and an infusion of billions of dollars. All of this, of course, comes in addition to a significant improvement of Israel’s international and strategic standing.

    This generous offer was clearly not generated by a clandestine organization of lovers of Zion and members of pacifist clubs. International organizations are not in the habit of doling out freebies to developed countries like Israel. The resolution underscores that “the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict is a fundamental interest of the EU.”

    The package comes with a price tag: a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. The heads of the EU, like many Israelis, know that construction in the territories at the heart of the conflict does not advance the agreement. Over the past year they have not only issued press releases condemning the settlement enterprise, they have switched from words to actions.

    The first move was the EU’s decision to label settlement products. The next was a vote of support or abstention by EU member states on the UN Human Rights Council decision to endorse the compilation of a blacklist of companies operating in the settlements.

    Israel’s Foreign Ministry rushes to issue sharp reactions to every negative word emanating from Brussels about the settlements. The prime minister rushes to protest a peace initiative originating on the European continent and insinuates that it reeks of anti-Semitism.

    On the other hand, the incentive package that the EU offered Israel was greeted in Jerusalem with a yawn. The attitude of Israeli politicians toward Europe is basically “don’t do us any favors” — as long as they don’t disturb us while we drag our feet in the peace process and accelerate the settlement project.

  31. Anonymous July 1, 2016 @ 5:30 pm

    Finally was getting some relief from the 3-4X overpriced stock market per historical valuations for an economy in the toilet, barely made much as I was scared to add to my short position right before the Brexit vote happened (recall the market getting manipulated up on the Thursday prior).

    Then, in just 4 days, all my gains disappeared from further upward stock market manipulation.

    We’ve had massive upward stock market manipulation since Feb 11 of this year at a greater rate than the natural climb in the internet go-go years!

    That’s how egregious the manipulation has been, not even counting all the manipulation since March of 2009.

  32. All quiet here in Falwell land July 1, 2016 @ 6:28 pm


    Status quo here in Falwell ‘s Christian Zionist wonderland.

  33. Anonymous July 1, 2016 @ 6:51 pm


    That’s why so many American citizens left California.

    I only miss California in the most feeble way, having spent 4 decades there, done much, been to many places in the state, but it’s like a foreign land to me now and no real desire to go back except if I can find some non-fat woman to marry (I give it a near zero percent chance of this happening) and then travel through there just one time till my death, camping in my car since I wouldn’t be able to afford hotels.

    I had some possible chance of continuing to be a scientist if I would care to relocate to San Diego.

    Now, I love burritos, could eat them every day, but I don’t want to be in a neighborhood that I could afford in trying to be financially responsible and be worried about being robbed, mugged, or killed by some Mexican national.

  34. Heine Goldprick July 1, 2016 @ 8:20 pm


    And the Slithering Snakes of the Rothschild Clan aloof in their Hidey Holes will be Disincorporating the City Of London…when?

  35. KC July 1, 2016 @ 8:22 pm


    You wrote “The West may resemble the lazy incompetence of the Soviet Union with long queues for basic food necessities like milk, and regular air crashes and other disasters, which the media will not report.”

    You should know that not working in S.U. was punishable by law? Unless you were disabled. Women had three years of paid maternity leave and it was illegal to fire them? Interns were guaranteed a job?

    That was the ‘good’ part of state involvement. Food was nearly organic and high quality? The queues for food necessities were only a few years out of 70 of the state and most likely was an engineered crisis to speed up its breakdown. The food production of that time was more than enough.

    However, the West is starting to resemble Soviet Union through its destruction of family as a godly creation and making everyone work hard for false ideals while thoroughly brainwashing them.

    It’s like a satanic Babylon virus. The worst part is that the culture is becoming very very least USSR had a high standard for culture. Almost Christian but without Christ. So currently I’d say it’s worse :/

  36. Ed July 1, 2016 @ 10:46 pm

    Now we all know what the Federal Reserve is and the Jews that run it, so be it.

    Let’s look and start a good start phrase to rid ourselves of it. Brexit brilliant phrase for the English.

    Why not FEDEXit, AMEXit, AMERExit, Fox-in-the-hen-house-exit.


  37. Ted Gorsline July 2, 2016 @ 2:27 am

    @wtc 7 is no longer controversial.

    You are right about jewish Pavlovian dog training. Just watch the daily ‘Nazi bad guy’/’Jew as victim’ stories on yahoo News. Pure Pavlovian dog training. Not news at all! WW2 has been over for almost 75 years.

    Same with CNN’s Christian Anamwhore. She has repeated hundreds if not thousands of times in the past year that President Assad is killing his own people in order to drag America into war against Syria on behalf of Israel.

    Its a repeat of Iraq all over again, and once again pure Jewish and Pavlovian dog training. Interesting to see the Jewish NY Times reporting that more than 50 members of the Jewish-dominated US State department have essentially called for war on Syria. Once again they want Americans to die for Israel.

    I guess the Jew boys need American Christians to fight for them. They are not much good at it unless their opponents are unarmed children.

    You are right about videos changing attitudes. I was stunned to watch the video interview with Hitler’s valet, whom Hitler actually fired, and who, despite their falling out, expressed nothing but admiration for Hitler.

    He was with Hitler for almost the whole war. His depiction of Hitler bears no resemblance whatsoever to Hollywood’s depiction, and he was at Hitler’ side for most of the war. Nobody from Hollywood was there.

    Watch it. Hitler does not come across as being even slightly mad. He owned nothing except maybe two pair of shoes and a couple of shirts and suits, sacrificed his life to his country, and was incredibly brave during WW1.

    His almost pastoral paintings do not reflect the mind of a tortured soul. On the contrary they show rather peaceful scenes.

    Hitler could walk around anywhere in Germany unguarded during the war. Compare that to rich American Jews like Michael Bloomberg or their paid flunkies like Hillary Clinton who must be surrounded by dozens of armed guards to survive.

  38. Seek The Truth July 2, 2016 @ 7:06 am

    Brexit means there are some people in Great Britain and the U.K. that don”t want to be swallowed up by immigrant flooding to destroy their race and culture as well as a “revived Roman Empire” subjected to Jewish manipulation, war and enslavement. Maybe it’s a good sign.

    The Zionist-Comnmunist Jews have been planning the demolition of Christianity through war and Immigrant flooding for a long time, much longer than the 30 years it took them to plan and execute the 911 ruse or “great deception”.

    Homosexuality also plays a very important role in all this, because it attacks the core of the Christian family which is obviously heterosexuality.

    Here in Cincinnati, the rag “City Beat” just issued a special LGBT issue given away free in Kroger’s supermarkets and Cincinnati public library branches to influence young people to try out the new Obama (rainbow President) endorsed “life style”.

    One Cincinnati public library with “City Beat” copies is next to a Catholic grade school and church with no complaints from Catholics, so weak and watered down has become their religion.

  39. Peter July 2, 2016 @ 8:47 am

    Excellent post Brother Nathanael.

    This is what really happens on the news.

    You can criticize anything and everyone except the…ssshhhhh you can’t say that!

  40. KathJuliane July 2, 2016 @ 1:33 pm

    In the Jewish political spectrum, there really is no Left, Right, Democrat, Republican, Communism or Fascism, it’s what’s bad, good, better, best for the Jews.

    The Jewish Chronicle Online

    Why Brexit will be best for us

    By Geoffrey Alderman, March 3, 2016

    On June 23, British electors will be asked which of two answers they prefer to the question: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” Voters will have to choose between the two.

    If a majority indicate that they would rather leave the EU, the present government is pledged – though not legally bound – to set in motion the steps that would be needed to give effect to ”Brexit” – the UK’s orderly exit from the EU, which would probably take around two years to complete.

    Would Brexit be good for us Jews?

    In 1975, on the initiative of Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson, a referendum was held on whether the UK should remain a member of what was then called the European Economic Community. I voted with the majority to stay in the EEC. I did so on grounds that were fundamentally economic.

    I felt that the fragile UK economy needed access to European markets but I also feared that this fragile economy might otherwise provide a fertile soil in which racism would grow and prosper, which would certainly not be good for the Jews.

    So I ignored the siren warnings of those – they included Tony Benn and Enoch Powell – who insisted that the EEC was basically a political project that must, sooner or later, result in the transfer of sovereignty from Westminster to Brussels. I took the short-term view. I voted to stay in.

    Powell and Benn were right. The United Kingdom is now governed in large and ever-expanding measure by unelected apparatchiks in Brussels.

    True, there is a Council of Ministers, on which the UK has a seat. But it’s one seat out of 28. Prime Minister Cameron has defended this state of affairs as what is termed “shared sovereignty”. But sovereignty shared is sovereignty lost.

    Of course there are compensating advantages. The fact that the UK has lost control of its borders has meant that Jewish refugees fleeing daily occurrences of rampant and murderous racism in France can seek shelter here (as tens of thousands have done) without let or hindrance.

    They just present their EU passports to UK Border Force officers and are waved through. But so are the French racists.

    I’ve heard it argued that the British voice in Europe is on the whole a voice sympathetic to Israel; that as a member state of the EU the UK is automatically a party to various agreements between the EU and Israel (covering not merely trade but also scientific and technological co-operation), and that Brexit would bring this sympathetic voice and these agreements to an end.

    So it would. But other, bilateral agreements between Israel and the UK could easily be negotiated in their stead. Whether, at the present time, the British voice is on the whole sympathetic to Israel is of course a moot point. But British Jewry knows its way around Westminster and Whitehall.

    For more than 350 years, we have defended shechita and brit milah in these governmental contexts. Why should we not continue to do so?

    I am mindful of the fact that Brexit would impact radically upon the balance of power within the EU and indeed within the UK. If we agree that the British voice in Europe is on the whole sympathetic to Israel and to other Jewish concerns, Brexit will of course still that voice. But there are other voices – not least that of Germany – that will continue to be heard.

    A vote for Brexit might also precipitate another Scottish independence referendum since (rather oddly), the SNP favours independence from the UK but not from the EU. If Scotland did then vote to leave the UK, and given the SNP’s ambivalence towards Jewish interests, this would surely serve to strengthen philosemitic sentiment in the Palace of Westminster.

    Some Jewish business leaders certainly take the view that Brexit would be bad for business. But others do not share this concern. When the Brexit referendum was announced, the pound fell against other currencies. This was actually good for business since British exports are now cheaper than before.

    But, at the end of the day, Brexit comes down to a question of sovereignty. As a religious Jew, I pray for the welfare of the nation. And that is why I shall be voting for Brexit on June 23.

  41. KathJuliane July 2, 2016 @ 3:48 pm

    Trump’s crypto-neocon Likud Party-West is asserting itself more and more each day:


    Exclusive Trump Would Support Israeli Annexation of Parts of West Bank, Says Adviser

    In interview with Haaretz, David Friedman, candidate’s co-adviser on Israeli affairs [and possible Trumpian lead candidate for ambassador to Israel-Kj], says Trump doesn’t believe Palestinian state is ‘an American imperative.’

    He’s also not concerned over possibility of binational state: ‘Nobody really knows how many Palestinians live there.’
    read more:

    JTA: Donald Trump would let Israel decide on Palestinian state, says adviser

    NEW YORK (JTA) — Donald Trump would retreat from the longstanding American commitment to establish a Palestinian state if elected president, an adviser to the Republican candidate said.

    In an interview with Israeli daily Haaretz, Trump adviser David Friedman also said the presumptive Republican nominee would support the expansion of Israeli settlements.

    American presidents of both parties have supported the creation of a Palestinian state for decades. In the presidential campaign, Trump has also committed to working to reach Israeli-Palestinian peace.

    But Friedman, who heads a group that funds Israeli settlement activity in addition to working for Trump, told Haaretz that Trump would leave the question of establishing a Palestinian state to the Israeli government.

    “The Israelis have to make the decision on whether or not to give up land [they’ve stolen-Kj] to create a Palestinian state,” Friedman told Haaretz.

    “If the Israelis don’t want to do it, so he doesn’t think they should do it. It is their choice. … He does not think it is an American imperative for it to be an independent Palestinian state.”

    In the absence of a peace deal, Friedman said, Trump would have no problem with the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, a policy the United States has consistently opposed since Israel took control of the territory in the 1967 Six Day War.

    Israel “has a commitment to its citizens in Judea and Samaria,” Friedman said, using the biblical term for the West Bank. “Trump’s position is that we have to deal with reality [of the Jews’ land and resources thefts-Kj] and not hopes and wishes.”

    Friedman also suggested Trump might support unilateral Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank, though he said he hasn’t discussed that issue with the candidate.

    The Israeli pro-settler Jewish Home party, as well as some Likud government ministers, support partial West Bank annexation.

    [It’s only another kind of eminent domain land deal for Trump who apparently doesn’t mind murderous, psychopathic squatters as long as they are Jews-Kj].

    Friedman said Trump would be enthusiastic about signing a new military aid deal with Israel, should an agreement not be concluded by the end of President Barack Obama’s term.

  42. KathJuliane July 2, 2016 @ 4:19 pm

    The Telegraph (April 2016):

    The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover
    Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

    Brexiteers should have been prepared for the shattering intervention of the US. The European Union always was an American project.

    It was Washington that drove European integration in the late 1940s, and funded it covertly under the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations.

    While irritated at times, the US has relied on the EU ever since as the anchor to American regional interests alongside NATO.

    There has never been a divide-and-rule strategy.

    The eurosceptic camp has been strangely blind to this, somehow supposing that powerful forces across the Atlantic are egging on British secession, and will hail them as liberators.

    The anti-Brussels movement in France – and to a lesser extent in Italy and Germany, and among the Nordic Left – works from the opposite premise, that the EU is essentially an instrument of Anglo-Saxon power and ‘capitalisme sauvage’.

    France’s Marine Le Pen is trenchantly anti-American. She rails against dollar supremacy. Her Front National relies on funding from Russian banks linked to Vladimir Putin.

    Like it or not, this is at least is strategically coherent.

    The Schuman Declaration that set the tone of Franco-German reconciliation – and would lead by stages to the European Community – was cooked up by the US Secretary of State Dean Acheson at a meeting in Foggy Bottom.

    “It all began in Washington,” said Robert Schuman’s chief of staff.

    It was the Truman administration that browbeat the French to reach a modus vivendi with Germany in the early post-War years, even threatening to cut off US Marshall aid at a furious meeting with recalcitrant French leaders they resisted in September 1950.

    Truman’s motive was obvious. The Yalta settlement with the Soviet Union was breaking down. He wanted a united front to deter the Kremlin from further aggrandizement after Stalin gobbled up Czechoslovakia, doubly so after Communist North Korea crossed the 38th Parallel and invaded the South.

    For British eurosceptics, Jean Monnet looms large in the federalist pantheon, the emminence grise of supranational villainy.

    Few are aware that he spent much of his life in America, and served as war-time eyes and ears of Franklin Roosevelt.

    General Charles de Gaulle thought him an American agent, as indeed he was in a loose sense. Eric Roussel’s biography of Monnet reveals how he worked hand in glove with successive administrations.

    It is odd that this magisterial 1000-page study has never been translated into English since it is the best work ever written about the origins of the EU.

    Nor are many aware of declassified documents from the State Department archives showing that US intelligence funded the European movement secretly for decades, and worked aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into the project.

    As this newspaper first reported when the treasure became available, one memorandum dated July 26, 1950, reveals a campaign to promote a full-fledged European parliament.

    It is signed by Gen William J Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the Central Inteligence Agency.

    The key CIA front was the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE), chaired by Donovan. Another document shows that it provided 53.5 per cent of the European movement’s funds in 1958.

    The board included Walter Bedell Smith and Allen Dulles, CIA directors in the Fifties, and a caste of ex-OSS officials who moved in and out of the CIA.

    Papers show that it treated some of the EU’s ‘founding fathers’ as hired hands, and actively prevented them finding alternative funding that would have broken reliance on Washington.

    There is nothing particularly wicked about this. The US acted astutely in the context of the Cold War. The political reconstruction of Europe was a roaring success.

    There were horrible misjudgments along the way, of course. A memo dated June 11, 1965, instructs the vice-president of the European Community to pursue monetary union by stealth, suppressing debate until the “adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable”.

    This was too clever by half, as we can see today from debt-deflation traps and mass unemployment across southern Europe.

    In a sense these papers are ancient history. What they show is that the American ‘deep state’ was in up to its neck.

    We can argue over whether Boris Johnson crossed a line last week by dredging up President Barack Obama’s “part-Kenyan ancestry”, but the cardinal error was to suppose that Mr Obama’s trade threat had anything to do with the ordeals of his grandfather in a Mau Mau prison camp.

    It was American foreign policy boilerplate.

    As it happens, Mr Obama might understandably feel rancour after the abuses that have come to light lately from the Mau Mau repression. It was a shameful breakdown of colonial police discipline, to the disgust of veteran officials who served in other parts of Africa. But the message from his extraordinary book – ‘Dreams From My Father’ – is that he strives to rise above historic grudges.

    Brexiteers take comfort that Republican hopeful Ted Cruz wants a post-Brexit Britain to jump to the “front of the line for a free trade deal”, but he is merely making campaign hay.

    Mr Cruz will conform to Washington’s Palmerstonian imperatives – whatever they may be at that moment – if he ever enters the White House.

    It is true that America had second thoughts about the EU once the ideological fanatics gained ascendancy in the late 1980s, recasting the union as a rival superpower with ambitions to challenge and surpass the US.

    John Kornblum, the State Department’s chief of European affairs in the 1990s, says it was a nightmare trying deal with Brussels. “I ended up totally frustrated. In the areas of military, security and defence, it is totally dysfunctional.”

    Mr Kornblum argues that the EU “left NATO psychologically” when it tried to set up its own military command structure, and did so with its usual posturing and incompetence.

    “Both Britain and the West would be in much better shape if Britain was not in the EU,” he said.

    This is interesting but it is a minority view in US policy circles. The frustration passed when Poland and the first wave of East European states joined the EU in 2004, bringing in a troupe of Atlanticist governments.

    We know it is hardly a love-affair. A top US official was caught two years ago on a telephone intercept dismissing Brussels during the Ukraine crisis with the lapidary words, “fuck the EU”.

    Yet the all-pervading view is that the Western liberal order is under triple assault, and the EU must be propped, much as Britain and France propped up the tottering Ottoman Empire in the 19th – and wisely so given that its slow collapse led directly to the First World War.

    Today’s combined threats comes from Jihadi terror and a string of failed states across the Maghreb and the Levant; from a highly-militarized pariah regime in Moscow that will soon run out of money but has a window of opportunity before Europe rearms; and from an extremely dangerous crisis in the South China Sea that is escalating by the day as Beijing tests the US alliance structure.

    The dangers from Russia and China are of course interlinked. It is likely – pessimists say certain – that Vladimir Putin would seize on a serious blow-up on Pacific rim to try his luck in Europe.

    In the eyes of Washington, Ottawa, Canberra, and those capitals around the world that broadly view Pax Americana as a plus, this is not the time for Britain to lob a stick of dynamite into Europe’s rickety edifice.

    The awful truth for the Leave campaign is that the governing establishment of the entire Western world views Brexit as strategic vandalism. Whether fair or not, Brexiteers must answer this reproach.

    A few such as Lord Owen grasp the scale of the problem. Most seemed blithely unaware until Mr Obama blew into town last week.

    In my view, the Brexit camp should be laying out plans to increase UK defence spending by half to 3pc of GDP, pledging to propel Britain into the lead as the undisputed military power of Europe.

    They should aim to bind this country closer to France in an even more intimate security alliance. These sorts of moves would at least spike one of Project Fear’s biggest guns.

    The Brexiteers should squelch any suggestion that EU withdrawal means resiling from global responsibility, or tearing up the European Convention (that British-drafted, non-EU, Magna Carta of freedom), or turning our backs on the COP21 climate accords, or any other of the febrile flirtations of the movement.

    It is perhaps too much to expect a coherent plan from a disparate group, thrown together artificially by events.

    Yet many of us who are sympathetic to the Brexit camp, who also want to take back our sovereign self-government and escape the bogus and usurped supremacy of the European Court of Justice, have yet to hear how Brexiteers think this extraction can occur without colossal collateral damage and in a manner consistent with the honour of this country.

    You can quarrel with Europe, or you can quarrel with the US, but it is courting fate to quarrel with the whole democratic world at the same time.

  43. Half Jew Raised Catholic Praise Jesus July 2, 2016 @ 4:31 pm

    Ding doing the witch is dead…

    Well…one of them…Elie Weasel is dead…

  44. The English Man July 2, 2016 @ 4:36 pm

    Disunited Kingdom.

    Watching a watchable film on U.K. TV tonight “Terminator 11”– Arnie has just replied to young John Conner “It’s in your nature to destroy yourself.”

    Well it seems to be happening, today thousands have marched round London protesting belligerently, demanding no Brexit.

    The one thing this referendum has done more than an election could do is to precipitate out Federalists fom English Nationalists from Homogenists.

    Quote: FT 2/3/15
    “London is globalisation incarnate, plausibly the most diverse cosmopolis in history.”

    Make no mistake, (ALL Prime Ministers since Macmillian BAR NONE) we, as a nation, have all in place for utter strife at some time in the not so far off future.

  45. Semitism N Mobs July 2, 2016 @ 6:28 pm

    Englishman, I sympathize with your comment on the useful idiots protesting against the Brexit.

    The JWO agents have goys cutting their own throats. Protests and marches against the Brexit are almost certainly being instigated by JWO handlers using paid protesters.

    Inciting riots, mobs, useful idiots, to accomplish evil plans is an ancient JWO tactic which goes back to at least the time of Jesus. The Sanhedrin rounded up a mob to follow Judas to Jesus and his followers on the Mount of Olives. When Pilate wanted to set Jesus free, the leaders of the Jews stirred up a mob to shout, crucify him! crucify him!

    When you read the Bible, notice that when a riot occurred and a mob attacked a Christian, it was Jewish leaders who instigated the riot. When you read about the Apostle Paul being lashed or stoned and left for dead, notice that the Jews were behind it. Using riots, protests, mobs, as puppets is an age old strategy of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    These anti-Brexit protests are more evidence that the JWO is strongly opposed to the Brexit.

  46. Kiimm July 2, 2016 @ 6:42 pm

    I would never “celebrate” the death or the misfortune of anyone (in this case Eli Wiesel).

    However, allow me to take Luke 9:59-60 out of context just a little. . . when Jesus said “Let the dead bury the dead. But go thou and preach the kingdom.”

  47. Bobby July 2, 2016 @ 7:17 pm

    “And they said among themselves this is the heir, let us kill Him, and sieze upon his inheritance.”

    And so this is what they have been working towards ever since then. And they still say Jesus was not a true prophet even?

    Yes, they will attempt to rule the world through their antichrist “Messiah” who will rule from Jerusalem.

    Until…”And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming.”

  48. Mike July 2, 2016 @ 8:22 pm

    Elie Wiesel finally got gassed.

    I’m sure the hologram is ready to go.

  49. Hoff July 2, 2016 @ 8:29 pm

    Russia vs USA Explained in 2 Photos

  50. benzion kook July 2, 2016 @ 8:53 pm

    See? The lying weasel is dead.

    Jew controlled mass media continues it war of falsehoods.

    do we really need these “people”?

  51. Zionien July 2, 2016 @ 9:50 pm

    Indeed – The Lying Weasel is Dead!

    Doomed for all eternity to spend it ALL in Hell as Satan’s little mohel :O~ !

  52. Jmom July 2, 2016 @ 10:16 pm

    Brother Nathanael –

    How is your new rental home coming along? Are your eyes doing better?

    Please keep us apprised.

    Thank you for your ministry and may our loving Father God in Heaven protect you.

  53. Hoff July 3, 2016 @ 2:00 am

    This is a must read.


    If the Jews had not been there in the institutions pretending to be Europeans and pretending to be wanting the best for their nations, their ideas would have been seen for what they are, nothing less than the genocide of the Jews’ only capable enemy: the White European Man.

    ( )

  54. Peter July 3, 2016 @ 6:51 am

    @Half Jew Raised Catholic Praise Jesus

    I heard one of the most craziest statements a couple days ago.

    A person that I know that is half-Jewish stated that he wished that he was raised Jewish instead of Christian.

    About 10 years ago a statement like that would not have gotten my attention but yesterday I just looked at him and thought “What a strange thing to say. Your an odd little fellow.”

    Half a century ago someone would probably praise God every morning and night that they were raised Christian instead of Jewish.

    Now we have universities debating whether Shakespeare was racist and anti-Semitic?! No he was not!

    Telling it like it is just hurts and that’s why his play The Merchant of Venice is hated so much.

  55. Terrorism B Semitism July 3, 2016 @ 6:54 am

    Bobby, that was a fitting quote about killing the Heir from the Parable of the Vineyard Tenants.

    The picture from Hoff tells 1000 words. The picture shows Obama having Passover with Jews wearing beanie caps.

    The Jews’ media has millions of people worried that Obama is a Muslim, that Obama is subverting the USA for Islam, and so on. Even though Obama was financed into office by George Soros, Andy Stern, and similar Jewish money, the masses have been tricked by the Jews media into worrying about Obama being a Muslim problem.

    If you google something like – Obama Jews Soros Stern Emanuel Geithner Axelrod Orszag – you can see that it is Jews who are in bed with Obama, not Muslims.

    Like with the USS Liberty or 911, the Jews media tricks goys into being worried about muslims instead of the real enemies, the Jews. Obama’s “Muslim connection” is a Jews’ diversion to focus people away from the real problem, Obama’s Jewish puppet masters.

    Obama’s former preacher Rev Wright understood well that it was Jews who pulled Obama’s puppet strings. As soon as Rev Wright talked publicly about the Jews behind Obama, big media began doing hit pieces on Wright.

    Once the Jews chose Obama to be a bigtime puppet, the Jews quickly ended Obama’s relationship with Rev Wright. One big reason the Jews did that was because they wanted to portray Obama a Muslim, not a Christian. Rev Wright was running a church instead of a mosque so Wright had to go.

    The terrorist attacks being instigated by JWO agents are becoming more frequent and widespread. The number of people murdered per attack is rising. This weekend alone, in separate “terrorist attacks” there were over 20 people murdered in Bangladesh and over 90 in Iraq.

    Over 110 years ago, the Learned Elders wrote plans in their Protocols of Zion on how they would accomplish the evils that are now happening. The Jews plan to overthrow and replace all goy governments with a JWO. This implies more power for the UN and less sovereignty for individual nations.

    The Bible tells us that unless God intervenes and cuts it short, no flesh would survive.

    The great majority of Americans are worried about “Obama’s Muslim connections” more than the real connections Obama has, the Jewish connections. The great majority of America doesn’t have an inkling of an idea about the JWO and the Jews’ media works 24/7 to keep it that way.

    The world is filled with blind sheep. Rich Jews are the false shepherds who lead them astray.

  56. Seek The Truth July 3, 2016 @ 8:28 am

    Maybe some of the Brexit people don’t like Jew promoted perversions, if they’re true Christians, with one of the main ones being homosexuality.

    Right now, typing in “gay interest” in search on eBay retrieves over 13,000 items with many of them being snapshots of boys wearing shorts or swimming trunks.

    It appears that many gays are also pedophiles; maybe most of them are closet pedophiles and one theory holds that they became gay because an adult male molested them when very young.

    One well known gay who visits flea markets around Cincinnati likes to buy old snap shots of young boys and then puts them on eBay and often gets $10 to $20 for a snapshot but he doesn’t use the word “boys” but rather “men” or “soldiers” even though many look less than 15 years old and some look less than 10 years old.

  57. KathJuliane July 3, 2016 @ 8:43 am

    The Duran: UK in Peril: England Voted Overwhelmingly For Brexit

    Alex Mercouris

    The British elite are in denial about its rejection by voters in England. All the arguments made to challenge the Brexit result are bogus.

    The rage and fury of the pro-EU camp in Britain has been a wonder to behold at a result that they never imagined. One of their particular refrains is that the British people were deceived by the Leave camp into voting to leave the EU. Is there any truth to this claim?

    The short answer is that plenty of lies were told during the referendum campaign. Like every election that is ever fought it was characterised by exaggerated claims, personal abuse and hyperbole.

    Though any view on such an issue must be subjective my view is that the referendum campaign was no worse – and the lies told during it no more and no greater – than in any other British election. Moreover both sides said lies and my again necessarily subjective impression is that neither side said more lies than the other.

    The Leave campaign undoubtedly did say things which were untrue. The claim Britain could negotiate effortlessly an arrangement with the EU whereby it could quit the EU but remain a part of the EU’s single market whilst simultaneously imposing immigration controls was a fantasy.

    It was however a fantasy that was repeatedly exposed by the Remain campaign during the referendum campaign.

    Moreover the Remain camp had the help in doing so of most of the media and of the US and of EU leaderships – including people like Angela Merkel whose comments on such a question would normally be considered authoritative.

    To imply that this bogus claim swung voters as if it went unchallenged is nonsense. What is often overlooked is that the Remain also told its share of lies.

    Not only did it predict economic Armageddon in the immediate aftermath of a Leave vote – of which there is no sign – but it also repeatedly and constantly accused the Leave camp of carrying out the sinister agenda of Vladimir Putin. Moreover it persisted in doing so even after the Russian embassy complained about it.

    Indeed some members of the Remain camp sometimes gave the impression that for them the need to thwart the evil plans of Putin was the single most important reason to vote Remain (see for example here and here).

    Prime Minister Cameron – the erstwhile leader of the Remain campaign – shamelessly played up this trope, disgracefully lumping Putin with Daesh as the twin supporters of Leave.

    The argument was taken to such fantastical lengths that articles even started to appear – admittedly more in the US than in Britain – saying Putin’s silence on the Brexit question was part of his cunning plan to improve the prospects for a Leave vote.

    At one point there were even claims – made in all apparent seriousness by David Cameron no less – which (though quickly retracted) claimed that Britain quitting the EU would set the scene for World War 3 – presumably by encouraging Russian “aggression”.

    In my opinion the referendum campaign – like most election campaigns at least in Britain – made little difference to the eventual outcome.

    I strongly doubt working class voters in the north east of England who voted Leave were at all interested in the question of whether or not Britain would be able to negotiate access to the single European market – a technical issue that would have gone completely over their heads.

    Whether or not I am right about that, they were all too obviously not interested or in the least impressed by all the flesh-creeping talk about Putin and his sinister plans or about the dangers of World War 3.

    As it happens I suspect Putin commands far more respect amongst British voters of every class than the elite in London realises, and I doubt the parading of the Russian scarecrow changed a single vote.

    The truth is that British attitudes to the EU became settled long ago and the vast majority of British voters decided how they would vote long before the referendum campaign began.

    For the record I should also say that I think Boris Johnson’s contribution in getting British voters to vote for Leave was minimal.

    Claims – some of them borderline hysterical – that he swung the advantage to the Leave camp and that Britain voted Leave because of him, are frankly farfetched and ignore how confused and uncertain his leadership of the Leave camp actually was.

    The truth about Johnson’s role is that it was a case of a cynical and opportunist politician trying to ride a wave the size of which he completely underestimated, and certainly not of his creating that wave.

    There is good reason to be angry with Johnson for his abdication of responsibility in the days immediately following the announcement of the referendum result (see my comments here and here) but to blame or credit him for the result itself is ridiculous.

    There is a continuing refusal to understand the Brexit vote and a continued denial about it. It is misleading to call it close. Across the United Kingdom as a whole the Leave vote won by a clear margin.

    That however actually understates the issue. Outside Scotland and Northern Ireland – which have their own particular cultures and histories and which had strong reasons of their own to vote Remain – England outside the metropolitan centre of London voted overwhelmingly on a high turnout to leave the EU with the Leave campaign winning in every single region of England and Wales.

    By not facing this fact, by instead chasing around for scapegoats (Cameron, Corbyn, Johnson etc), by refighting a referendum campaign in op-eds and editorial pages after it is lost, and by cooking up elaborate strategies designed to nullify or set aside the result of a democratic vote, the Remain camp and the British political elite are closing their eyes to the fact that their case for Britain staying in the EU was utterly rejected by the people of England, the core population of the United Kingdom without whose support it cannot exist.

    This is to play with fire, creating a distance between the elite in London and the people of England which has not existed since the start of democratic politics in Britain in the 1920s, and arguably not since the civil war of the 1640s.

    It is a cliche that an elite begins to lose its way and its legitimacy not so much when it runs out of answers to questions but when it is no longer capable of even seeing the questions. As of today Britain’s elite is dangerously close to that point.

  58. The English Man July 3, 2016 @ 1:19 pm


    It’s going back to May 20th. A must for RJN viewers to watch.

    RT’s Oksana Boyko interviews Frank Wisner.

    She NAILED him.

    Boy that laugh of his uuuugh.

    Lass, what ever RT is paying you,~~~~ It ain’t enough!

  59. Mark Taylor July 3, 2016 @ 9:44 pm

    My Father used to say “The Jews’ desire to impose their dominion over the lowly Goyim is so insane that the gentle gentile cannot believe that such evil could exist.”

    My father is long gone now. I was so disrespectful of his seemingly radical and crazed view of the Zionist Jews.

    I’m so sorry, Dad.

  60. Citizenfitz July 3, 2016 @ 10:37 pm

    The kikes are running a new game: now it’s *The Vatican!* that rules the world!

  61. KathJuliane July 4, 2016 @ 8:18 am

    Newsweek: Nigel Farage Resigns: Who Could Be UKIP’s Next Leader?

    Nigel Farage has resigned as leader of the U.K. Independence Party, just weeks after a victory in a referendum on the U.K.’s EU membership that he and his party helped to secure.

    “I want my life back,” Farage told journalists, and what he does next is likely to be a subject of frantic speculation.

    On Monday, he suggested he would be a good addition to Britain’s team of negotiators on a new deal with the EU.

    In the past, he has suggested he would like to make military history documentaries. Perhaps he’ll find time to do both.

    But the immediate question for his party, which Farage has ruled for most of the period from 2006 to the present, is who succeeds him.

    Nobody has yet entered a formal bid, but here are five possible candidates.


  62. R A FEIBEL July 4, 2016 @ 9:20 am

    What I have to say the “PCers” will not like. In fact, they will curse me loudly, and others as well.

    Bro, I am very close to you on a place to live. I have the ability, though, to find the cheapest extended stay hotels. But there is a down side to that as they are filled with the most criminal element on the planet.

    In fact, they advertise that there is no background check or credit check and these hotels all over the nation are used for criminal activities.

    But what I have to say living in these, I learned our biggest problems are not Latinos or the Middle Easterners.

    They are our own citizens called the African Americans and White Americans for 3, going on 4, generations of welfare which has developed a society of non-working, non-producing eaters.

    The blame can be put directly on the shoulders of President Johnson and the so called Great Society. He knew that to stay in power he could keep the money flowing, and that has been passed down for generations. Of course it crosses over to both parties.

    We have a major, major sociological catastrophe.

  63. go lucky "happy'" senior July 4, 2016 @ 11:24 am

    @Brother Nathanael

    You are the best of journalists and a great performer, but a stingy thanker. Those premanufactured, preprinted, composed 10 yrs ago emails are stale, totally ineffective-same-o-same-o (donations prove it).

    It is time to take an action. What are you waiting for?

    Right now would be a perfect timing. You should make a vid, I would call it “Thank You and Hallo”.

    In the T.Y. part you should thank America for making you rich and famous. Use catchy, entertaining funny verses. (Should be no problem with that, cause you are a master of words). Copy Ross Perot and call yourself a humble servant, call people “My Dear fellow Americans” JFK.

    Speak from your heart,be thankful for subs,watching,liking,tell how much you enjoy reading comments.Tell people what they want to hear. Make them feel good and special. In “Hallo” part introduce yourself to ” Great State of Idaho”. Complement their blue sky, green scenery and a wonderful climate.

    Don’t forget their hospitality. Assure them that you will be the best neighbour ever, and thank them for accepting you. You could also thank people who support you on regular basis and people who comment on every vid.

    Like KathJulliane (she is the queen of commentators).

    At the end of this vid-thank yourself for coming with the idea of producing such valuable and educational materials.

    Last but not least you should thank Albert. He is a good kid with heart of gold. Viva Australia.

    Albert is the one who started BROTHER NATHANAEL MANIA.

    That’s what somebody on Internet is calling it, and he says he will capitalize on it by making key chains, hats, and wallets.

  64. The Semitism Within July 4, 2016 @ 12:15 pm

    To those who have studied the evidence and done the homework, its as obvious as the sun at noon on a clear day. The antichrist Jews have taken over the governments of the nations.

    To those who have been educated only by newspapers, TV, Jews media, it seems like Democrats and Muslims are the root cause of most problems.

    The Jews media throws out lots of catch phrases like “anti-government” or “conspiracy theory” as a way to discredit and cast doubt on those telling the truth about who runs government. It’s hard to even think that our worst enemy is our government, and harder still to face it. The antichrists have taken over government and one of their main goals is to destroy Christianity.

    Tolerance for pagan religions, floods of non-Christian immigrants, outlawing guns, promotion of perversion and pornography as protected free speech, expulsion of Christ from schools and government, promotion of queers and special protections for queers, EEO / AA / diversity / special rights for non-whites, and such evils became more prevalent as Jews gained more control over government.

    One big reason the antichrist Jews hate white people so much is because Christianity was accepted and spread by white people in Europe much more than by people in Africa or Asia. Christianity spread quickly throughout Europe but it was rejected in Judea and most other places, moreso than in Europe. Therefore the antichrist Jews, motivated by Satan, hate European people.

    The war on Christianity, the war on America, the war on the whole world really, is being waged by puppet politicians whose election campaigns are financed and promoted by antichrist Jews.

    It’s a secret war, an invisible war. Some of the puppet politicians seem not to even know they are puppets.

    The great majority of people are not even aware that their government is working against them, or that their government is being used to shut down Christian culture and influence. We are in a subtle war where one side doesn’t know the other side is killing them. One side doesn’t even know they are in a war.

    The Jew World Order JWO has succeeded in dividing the governments against their citizens – Divide & Conquer. The JWO has turned governments into enemies of their people.

    It has been done in such subtle ways that most people don’t realize it. In the US government, the JWO made a big power grab by rigging the 1912 presidential election for their puppet Woodrow Wilson. The “Federal” Reserve Bank, IRS, and WWI followed.

    Ever since Wilson, the JWO has been consolidating power by working from the top down.

    Now, about 100 years since the antichrist Jews began controlling the issue of US currency, the USA is only an empty shell, rotted out from the inside by the semitism within it. At this point, the antichrists control practically everything that has power and influence.

    The Jews took over without firing a shot in their secret war, a war of which relatively few people are even aware.

  65. Brother Nathanael July 4, 2016 @ 12:17 pm

    Dear All –

    New Vid coming tomorrow, Tuesday. Stay tooooned! +BN

  66. go lucky "happy'" senior July 4, 2016 @ 2:14 pm

    @Brother Nathanael

    I forgot to ask you to use all your charm and charisma which would sweep the nation and make you laugh your way to the bank…..

  67. The English Man July 4, 2016 @ 2:15 pm

    @Unlucky Miserable Old Man

    It is obvious you haven’t a clue what Brother Nathaneal is about.

    He is beholden to one, and that is not himself.

    The respect and love he has derived is because he isn’t and doesn’t run a circus.

    The remark regarding donations was below the belt.

    If you are confident and believe what you say, may I suggest a private email to RJN will do less damage to your judgement in the eyes of thousands of +BN FAMILY.


  68. go lucky "happy'" senior July 4, 2016 @ 6:06 pm

    @The English Man

    Your positive criticism will help me learn and grow. Yes, you are right, that sending private email would be more tactful and appropriate.

    But +BN was asking his viewers several times why his donations were scarce. Never mentioned to whisper in his ear.

    As I look at it now, I see they are all uninvolved, uncaring individuals, afraid to voice their opinion which would make them unpopular.

    My words and my actions are pure and sincere, and they come from my heart. That’s why I’m unafraid of criticism, and I do not choose to hide in a safe zone.

    I say as I feel it — and I mean what I say. I think a world of +BN and would never want to hurt him. If I do – I apologize!!!

    Thousands of viewers you mention are cowards. All they care for is enjoyment of his Vids and Articles. Nobody, but nobody came out with an idea of how to improve his situation.

    Many people don’t care, they are selfish, egoistic – uncaring. SHAME ON ALL OF THESE!

  69. Donald Trumpstein=Jew Yuck City Double Crosser July 4, 2016 @ 8:38 pm


    Who were THE specific Jews behind the EU and it’s macro economic hooliganism?

  70. The English Man July 5, 2016 @ 7:36 am

    Many families and peoples are today awaiting with bated breath to hear the out come of the exhaustive & costly inquiry into the unashamed mass murderer, namely Mister Tony Blair.

    Nothing short of a damning indictment of Blair in Sir John Chilcot’s report will attest British Justice.

    Haven’t heard of any “Snowcem” being delivered into Whitehall, but we can’t be sure. We’ll know tomorrow (Wednesday.)

  71. Larry July 12, 2016 @ 2:36 pm

    As a Christian, the scenario we find ourselves in is simply explained.

    Jesus was offered the whole world by Satan, if He would bow down and worship him. Well those who did bow down and worship Satan, (and as an added gesture arranged for Jesus’ death), did get the whole world.

    Trouble is, Satan hasn’t got forever. And he knows it. Wise, righteous Jews did follow Jesus the Christ, while he walked the Earth and up to today ( including our very dear Br Nat ).

    So Br Nat, I think that every time you print the word Jew, suggesting those in power, you should rename as Satanist.

    My very best friend in the UK is a Jew by birth but like you is now a devout Christian.

    I also have secular Jewish friends, who want none of this power game, and in fact are just happy to be British.

    Also I must add that I think there are other non Jewish Satanists in this global power game. I don’t think it is exclusively a Jew only club. Just a club where members, have sold their soul to Satan.

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