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Marine Le Pen, Patriot Extraordinaire

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Marine Le Pen, Patriot Extraordinaire
By Brother Nathanael Kapner January 1 , 2015 ©

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“POLITICS IS THE ART of the possible, the attainable—the art of the next best,” said Otto von Bismarck.

And when asked what was the greatest political fact of his time, he replied, “the fact that North America speaks English.”

While the art of the possible was not part of St Joan of Arc’s range of activity, (burned at the stake for her unwavering vision), in the case of Marine Le Pen, (head of the ‘right wing’ Front National party), “the art of the next best” appears to be her modus operandi.

Yet, at the same time, the greatest political fact of Le Pen’s time, is the fact that France (and all of “Western Christendom”) is overrun by mass immigration from countries with different cultures, habits, and worldviews.

With this scenario at the forefront of Le Pen’s political climate, she is no less unyielding than Joan of Arc. View Le Pen’s Platform Here.

Besides the FACT that JEWS are the driving force behind mass immigration flooding Western Christian lands, (in France, immigrants from Sub Saharan countries), Le Pen sees her task as preserving France’s “Christian Tradition” that has informed French culture.

While the Jew-run EU denies the central role of Christianity in Europe’s formation, Marine Le Pen, in her quest to guard France’s national identity, shaped largely by the Roman Catholic Church, is standing at the threshold of power.


NOTORIOUS ‘ANTI-SEMITES,’ comedian Dieudonne and filmmaker Alain Soral, announced their departure from Le Pen’s Front National last September.

Displeased with the “pro-Israel” stance of Le Pen’s adviser, Aymeric Chauprade, the duo created their own party, Réconciliation Nationale, where as co-presidents they’ll blend their distinctive trajectories. View Video Here.

Dieudonne sees the party as a vehicle through which he can respond to the “flunkies of the World Jewish Congress” which forced the government to ban his shows.

Soral wants Réconciliation Nationale to counter Chauprade’s betrayal (due to the sellout of French Muslim patriots that Soral enlisted) with the same anti-Zionist zeal he wielded when chairing a seat on FN’s central committee.

In Dieudonne’s popular video last October, he exposed Ron Lauder, the president of the World Jewish Congress, as a spiritually bankrupt Jew:

“Lauder. Oh, the smell [he’s heir of Estée Lauder.] He’s a billionaire. He buys paintings for millions like you buy a comic book. He puts it over his fireplace, he looks at it and says ‘I’m happy’ and when the fire runs low he throws it in the fire.” View Video & Story Here & Here.

Regarding the split, when it comes to French politics, (and it could be strategic kabuki between the two and Le Pen), when push comes to shove, they’ll likely kiss and make up.

The split could be that Réconciliation Nationale, while getting the publicity in order to get its “anti-Semitic” anti-establishment message out, will also be functioning as a political cul de sac channeling the energies of the more volatile of the nationalists.

At the same time, the split helps polish Front National’s image of the mainstream center-right party reformed under Marine Le Pen, securing a wider appeal among the growing number of disenchanted voters from a wide range of French society.

For with unemployment at new highs, Le Pen, twice as popular as Hollande, could very well become the country’s next president.


LIKE JOAN OF ARC of old, Marine Le Pen is hailed and admired as “defender of France,” and as France’s “only hope.”

She and her staff currently describe the National Front as “a party of patriots.”

“We want to assert our right to national priority,” Le Pen says. “People want to live like French people in France, not like Saudis or Qataris.”

On the fringes of political clout only two years ago, Le Pen has propelled her party to power in twelve French towns, two seats in the Senate, and top position in the EU parliament.

With her rising popularity, Le Pen is making the ‘establishment’ (Read: JEWS) very nervous.

Leading the anti-Le Pen campaign, is Jewry’s European propaganda machine, the European Jewish Press, headed by president of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor.

Branding Front National as “extremist,” “far right,” “racist”—Jewish buzzwords that should suggest to the keen observer that the targeted object is doing something right—the Press warns all the (Jew-bought) politicians that the NF’s platform is “dangerous” for Europe.

IT’S ALL ABOUT the Great Sanhedrin leading yet another who threatens their influence to Pilate to be crucified.

“This is our Europe,” says Kantor. “As Jews, we know the dangers when a society turns to nationalism.”

The “dangers” of nationalism for the international Jew, who has no loyalty but to his own, is that a host country will turn to its Christian roots and see the Jew for what he is: an alien force, a parasite, and subverter of Christian unity.

That’s the bottom line. Le Pen is no fool. She knows what she needs to do to engage a broader constituency.

But when she comes into her kingdom…no Jew can block her nationalist vision.


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Brother Nathanael @ December 31, 2014


  1. Brother Nathanael December 31, 2014 @ 9:12 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    LOOK FOR THE JEWS to try to “dig up dirt” on Le Pen or to frame her.

    Believe me when I tell you, even though some French Jews support her, MONEY JEWRY hates her guts. And that’s the REAL power in this world – MONEY JEWRY.

    They already tried to “tar” her by saying that she is funneling all kinds of money from that ‘evil thing’ Putin.

    BUT the REAL story, that is, the TRUE story, (Jews FEAR truth), is that no European banks would loan her party money, (wonder why???…I mean, who controls the banks throughout the JEW-U?), and she was forced to borrow NOT FROM PUTIN but from a Russian bank.

    I don’t think the Jews have anything on Le Pen. She’s open and clean as a whistle, so to speak. This is why the JEWS are SCARED TO DEATH of her rising popularity AND potential to be France’s NEXT PRESIDENT.

    Like Putin, she will be another true hero for this woe-begone, JEW-RUINED world.
    If you like my Articles and Videos, I need your help to continue.

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    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  2. Dr. Betty Weaver December 31, 2014 @ 9:13 pm

    Too many American women are like vicious crackwhores. Always screeching about women’s rights, and dialing 911 to get even with men.

    Ugly as a Jewish American Princess.

  3. Brother Nathanael December 31, 2014 @ 9:13 pm

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    May Christ Bless Us All!

    +Brother Nathanael @

  5. Brother Nathanael December 31, 2014 @ 9:16 pm

    New Video Coming Soon!

    I hope to post it Sunday eve. Stay tuned! +bn

  6. Ed December 31, 2014 @ 10:07 pm

    If this Lady gets the chance, what a positive for France and the rest of Europe.

    Hungary is showing its metal as well.

    Too bad the poor Scots were cheated in their referendum.

    But the tide is surely turning against the Zionist Crime Cabal.

  7. KathJuliane December 31, 2014 @ 10:11 pm

    Great Article, dear +BN

    Thank you for giving us more precious insight into national-patriot movements overseas, especially the National Front.

    There is just something about Marine Le Pen that I like a lot, despite the fact that I don’t care for most women politicians, particularly not the shreaking womanoid Hilary, and their in your face feminism and gender issues.

    I think it’s Marine’s deep rooted, from-the-soil love for the French people, history, and country which shines through, period.

    You’ve captured her essence in the title — Marine Le Pen, Patriot Extraordinaire.

    Your montages are wonderful. I can just imagine the patriotic feelings she stirs among the French — St. Joan of Arc meets La Marseillaise.

    And that one montage of the creepy, dead-eyes Lauder between Soral waving his finger at him, and Dieudonne given him the Q, is hilarious.

    God bless you, dear +BN, and may God grant a blessed New Year to you and everyone of the RJN family.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  8. Hugh Beaumont December 31, 2014 @ 10:55 pm

    Funny that historically the Jews always needed a “host country.”

    Today, the USA is the “host” country. Israel itself is an optical illusion — a bunch of Jews camping out, pretending they have a country of their own.

    Take away America and they’ll all skidaddle.

  9. Lee/Gene December 31, 2014 @ 11:13 pm


    Finally. Some good news.

  10. Irene Bonney Faulkes December 31, 2014 @ 11:51 pm

    KathJuliane, I love your comment.

    Le Pen had my admiration from the time she came to the forefront.

    Yes, she could be another Joan of Arc.

    France lost much of her Christianity at the time of the atheistic French Revolution. It seems one of my ancestors was guillotined, the rest escaping to England. One has some feeling for the French.

    If this modern heroine comes to power, it would be a paradox in history. Its meaning would be — she defeated the Jews.

    The French Revolution was engineered by the Jews. They had been there for centuries weaving their evil webs of enticement and honeyed but heartless power.

    The Duc d’Orleans was a willing tool in their hands. Yes, the people had a case. The aristocracy and Catholic Church were oppressing them cruelly, but they did not deserve what the Revolution brought forth.

    This relative of the King gambled to the loss of his estate. The Jews came to his rescue. He was forever under their control. They engineered the Revolution.

    The incident regarding the Duke bears a similarity to what occurred with Winston Churchill. Apparently he too lost his family’s estate to gambling. The Jews bailed him out and forever he was in their power.

    In 1920 he as a journalist wrote against them. Towards the time of World War II he was their tool to a war Hitler did not desire. This acclaimed hero, Churchill, caused untold misery on his own countrymen and certainly on the whole of Germany.

    So Le Pen could be an instrument the British have not had and probably never will, to lead her country to a nationalism almost lost and that has been entirely lost in Britain.

    The British left their churches empty after the horrors of the last world war. That Christianity has never been reclaimed.

    It may prove to be the case for a period, long or short, when it is that nationalism not Christian roots revival of a country, will prevail against the Jews.

    Luther, churchman, could never remove them. Hitler, with his nationalism and what Christian roots existed in Germany, failed miserably. This was not due to his steadfast loyalty to Germany as Chancellor, to the very end.

    Hopefully, Le Pen will win and be a torch for much of Europe to follow out of the encroached darkness that has fallen upon them.

    Only history will bear the record.

  11. laurence January 1, 2015 @ 1:37 am

    This is a great article on my country; as usual dear Brother you are spot on!

    Manuel Valls the “French” first minister is now attacking the internet connection.

    His goal is to destroy any kind of freedom of speech. he wants now to prohibit Egalite et Reconciliation and our amazing Dieudonne.

    I wish you a wonderful New Year full of successes.

  12. Mario Herrera January 1, 2015 @ 2:24 am

    Happy New Year Brother Nathanael! And everybody else!

    Oh YES! Le Pen Président! Vive le nationalisme! Le Pen terreur des JUIFS! Le Pen le évolution en Europe!!!

  13. Koolz January 1, 2015 @ 5:32 am

    She can save France!

    Now who can save Germany and Sweden?! Le Pen needs to team up with Putin.

    Great Article!

  14. God bless Putin January 1, 2015 @ 6:51 am

    God bless Russia, Putin, Marine Le Pen, and Brother Nathanael in 2015.

    Pray for them.

  15. Andrew John January 1, 2015 @ 9:19 am

    @Dr. Betty Weaver

    Very well said!

  16. Greg Groebner January 1, 2015 @ 10:04 am

    @Irene Bonney Faulkes

    Might you be able to supply references to Jewish involvement in the French Revolution?

    I am helping with a documentary, and at this point in the project, the culprits are entirely Masons and Christians-gone-bad.

    I have only a little information about Jewish involvement; specifically about the financing of the Revolution by Benjamin and Abraham Goldsmid, Moses Mocatta, and Sir Moses Montifiore (gleaned from Lady Queensborough, in her work “Occult Theocracy”, taking her data from “L’Anti-Semitisme” by Bernard Lazare, 1894).

  17. Matt Wayne January 1, 2015 @ 11:36 am

    Revelations 17:2 says the kings of the earth committed adultery with the great prostitute.

    Adultery is the act of sex with someone other than your spouse you’ve committed to.

    This is what most of the politicians in America are doing with the Jew.

    With Le Pen, it’s good to see someone who’ll fight the prostitute’s agenda of multiculturalism and forced blending with people who worship rats, deny Jesus and are cursed.

    I’ve also read she’s against homosexual marriage.

    The Bible tells us that the nations will hate the Jews and turn on them. The Jews will eventually be stripped naked and burnt with fire and their land left uninhabitable.

    Eventually more and more people will make a stand against the Jews until it’s unstoppable. God has already preordained their destruction for their opposition to God and his ways. Jer. 50:24

    Another women, Ursula Haverbeck lays criminal charges against the Central Council of the Jews in Germany, under S. 344 of German Penal Code with “False Prosecutions” perpetrated against innocent Germans concerning their “denial of the holocaust” The crime of False Prosecution is punishable with up to 10 years imprisonment.

    “Frau Haverbeck says that “these documents indicate very clearly, in full detail, that the Auschwitz campwas not an ‘Extermination Camp’, but rather a ‘labour camp’ for the defence industry”

    Hopefully it goes somewhere, but with Jew control and corruption of the court system, we’ll see. At a minimum it will be another straw that eventually breaks the camel’s back.

  18. tom dean January 1, 2015 @ 1:04 pm

    Happy New Year, Brother N:

    Hopefully this movement will spread.

    These money Jews want “multiculturalism” everywhere but Israel. The same Jews call Putin a “Hitler” but don’t mention the Bolsheviks.

    The international Jews in the US want 3rd world immigration for one reason besides exploitation of labor, and that is to dilute the Christian faith.

  19. Eileen K. January 1, 2015 @ 1:25 pm

    Happy New Year to Br. Nathanael and the rest of his Foundation.

    As usual, he is spot on. Marine le Pen is, indeed, a very moral, courageous lady, the polar opposite of American women such as Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton aka the Hildebeast. I wish Marine le Pen were a Natural Born US citizen and would run for the Presidency here.

    Greg, you wondered where you could obtain info on the Jewish involvement in the French Revolution? Try Juri Lina’s UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION. This book details the Illuminati’s founding in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt (Jew), along with Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Jew).

    Within a decade of this founding, Jewry infiltrated Christian-oriented Freemasonry (which came out of the church mason guilds) to such a degree that some of the leading figures in the French Revolution — namely Robespierre (atheist Freemason and Crypto-Jew) – were its instigators.

    Lina’s an Estonian author and historian, and this book details important events, from the Illuminati’s founding – through the French Revolution, Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto – all the way to the 1918 Bolshevik Revolution and founding of the USSR.

    His books aren’t very easy to find, since they greatly criticize Jewry’s involvement in the events listed above, and are deemed anti-Semitic by World Jewry.

  20. KathJuliane January 1, 2015 @ 4:33 pm

    New Year Address to the Nation

    December 31, 2014, 23:55 Moscow



    The New Year of 2015 is about to begin.

    As always, we look forward to it with anticipation, making wishes, giving gifts and traditionally seeing in the New Year with family and friends.

    An atmosphere of kindness, goodwill and generosity warms our hearts, opening them up to pure thoughts and honourable deeds and giving hope.

    Naturally, everyone is concerned primarily about the well-being of their own family, wishing health and happiness to their near and dear ones.

    The happiness and success of each person makes up the well-being of Russia.

    Love for one’s Motherland is one of the most powerful and enlightening feelings.

    It has found its reflection in our fraternal aid to the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol, after they made the firm decision to return to their native home.

    This event will remain a landmark in national history.


    Now, as we reflect on the outgoing year, I would like to sincerely thank you for your unity and solidarity, for your innermost truthfulness, honour, justice and responsibility for the fate of your country, for your invariable readiness to defend Russia’s interests, to be with it both in days of triumph and in times of trial, to strive for the implementation of our bravest and grandest of plans.

    Only a few years ago, the Sochi Olympics were no more than a dream. Meanwhile, it not only came true: we not only organised and hosted the best ever Winter Olympics, but we also won them.

    This victory has been achieved by all the citizens of this country, both the Olympic athletes and those who supported them.

    In the coming year, we are facing quite a few tasks and the year will be as good as we make it, depending on how efficient, creative and effective each one of us is. There are no other recipes.

    We need to implement all our plans – for our own sake, for the sake of our children, for the sake of Russia.


    The New Year is knocking at our doors.

    It is time to let it in and say words of kindness to our near and dear ones. Time to thank them for their understanding and reliability, for their patience and care.

    The more kindness and love there is around the more confident and powerful we become, which means we will definitely be successful.

    Happy 2015 to you!

    C Новым годом!

    [Pronounced as “s nóvym gódom”].

    Happy New Year!

    The hymn of Russia in Simferopol after the referendum on March 16th!

    Crimea Happy!
    ( )


    Must see the incredible artwork depicting Holy Rus: Orthodox Christ-centered national memory and identity of the Russian folk handed down from the ancestors both holy and worldly:

    *English Translation*

    Russia-our sacred state,
    Russia-our beloved country.
    A mighty will, a great glory
    Are yours forever for all time!


    Be glorious, our free Fatherland,
    Ancient union of brotherly peoples,
    Ancestor given wisdom of the people!
    Be glorious, country! We are proud of you!

    From the southern seas to the polar region
    Lie our forests and our fields.
    You are one in the world! You are one of a kind,
    Native land protected by God!


    Wide spaces for dreams and for living
    Are open to us by the coming years.
    Our faith in our Fatherland gives us strength.
    So it was, so it is, and so it will always be!



    Rossiya – svyashchennaya nasha derzhava,
    Rossiya – lyubimaya nasha strana.
    Moguchaya volya, velikaya slava –
    Tvoyo dostoyanye na vse vremena!


    Slavsya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye,
    Bratskikh narodov soyuz vekovoy,
    Predkami dannaya mudrost narodnaya!
    Slavsya, strana! My gordimsya toboy!

    Ot yuzhnykh morey do polyarnovo kraya
    Raskinulis nashi lesa i polya.
    Odna ty na svete! Odna ty takaya –
    Khranimaya Bogom rodnaya zemlya!


    Shirokiy prostor dlya mechty i dlya zhizni.
    Gryadushchiye nam otkryvayut goda.
    Nam silu dayot nasha vernost Otchizne.
    Tak bylo, tak yest i tak budet vsegda!

    ( )

    Molitva Russkikh (The Prayer of the Russians)

    First National Anthem God Save the Tsar to the tune of God Save the King
    19th century patriotic art

    ( )
    God Save The Tsar

    IC XC
    NI KA

  21. Citizenfitz January 1, 2015 @ 8:40 pm

    Irene: “The aristocracy and Catholic Church were oppressing them (the people) cruelly….”

    The aristocracy? OK. But how was the Catholic Church oppressing them?

  22. michael mazur January 2, 2015 @ 3:44 am

    “This is our Europe,” says Kantor. “As Jews, we know the dangers when a society turns to nationalism.”

    What?? Who does this dirt bag think he is??

    What he just said is that he and his kind — or is it species, since they treat us as livestock to be kosher slaughtered at will — is that they also own North America, Britain, and Australia.

    An end to this allusion of the dangers of nationalism, since the census data for 1939 and 1947 show that there were more Jews worldwide after the war than before, by 90,000!

    The Jews try and airily dismiss it by saying that before the war – no date, that there were 17,000,000 Jews world wide.

    No official census, of course, just as a desperate gambit which they hope we don’t latch onto, and call their bluff on.

  23. JHK January 2, 2015 @ 9:12 am

    Wow, Br. Nathanael, what an Article. Merci beaucoups!!!!!

    I have heard that when we see in the news that the streets of Paris are burning (the lodges and synagogues) the end of the present trials is in sight.

  24. DW January 2, 2015 @ 11:29 am

    We need a resurgence of national sovereignty movements world wide.

    I pray Le Pen gains the presidency of France, and that for 2015, the EU is dissolved.

  25. Brother Nathanael January 2, 2015 @ 12:52 pm

    In Case You Missed It (From previous Comments post)

    Regarding Putin’s Press Conference/Economy/Central Bank @

    First of all, please AVOID JEW-Media’s “interpretations” but rather read Putin’s calmly given facts and informed opinions. He and Medvedev are both very aware of the economic and financial situation of Russia and that of the state Central Bank of Russia.

    Incremental legislative, civil and criminal investigative steps are already being taken by Putin, Ms. Nabiullina and Medvedev to make reforms and bring the CBR and the Russian economy back under fully national control and independent of politics, a very large and complex project to carry out.

    Russia will easily weather this JEW attack on the ruble, oil prices, and its economy via JEW-AUTHORED (JewS Treasury Department) sanctions. Already, the Russian ruble is beginning to stabilize.

    Basically Putin is saying, “Don’t expect breadlines,” of which the Jew Rojanksy is licking his demonic chops in anticipation of.

    Is Russia on the edge of economic collapse? Far from it.

    If you recall during the Reagan 1980s, there was a huge artificial drop in oil prices in an effort to collapse the far more fragile Soviet economy, which was even then exporting energy resources, and was ONLY one of the MANY factors that set into motion the eventual collapse of the USSR.

    So, the same tactic of a sudden drop of oil prices is tried again to collapse the RF economy, and the Russians mostly yawn this time around.

    The figures Putin cites in his press conference evinces that Russia is in pretty good shape with trillions of rubles in various reserves, enormous gold reserves of which some 55 tons (pretty sure of that figure) were bought or accumulated just in the third quarter.

    Unemployment is way down, and all of the social welfare obligations are being met.

    Putin is comparing the current economic situation to 2008, and that some of the same measures will be taken as were taken then.

    Right at the outset of the press conference, Putin states matter of factly that the Central Bank and the Government *didn’t act swiftly enough* to protect the ruble, and that is what all the complaining boils down to, which stops the mouth of all the complainers.

    But there is no personal complaint that Putin has toward his economic “hit woman” at Russia’s Central bank, Elvira Nabiullina, who is a recent Putin appointee, a no-nonsense tough Russian woman who plays by the book NOT by graft, and fully in Putin’s corner.

    Nabiullina (an ethnic Tartar) has some very impressive credentials @

    As regards some shrill voices on the internet barking that Russia’s Central Bank is in the hands of “Jew globalists,” this is just sensationalist internet nonsense and frothing at the mouth.

    Nabiullina is opening the Central Bank’s doors to more government scrutiny and oversight, and inviting the Duma inside. This is the issue, NOT “Jew globalists.”

    For the past year, she, Putin and Medvedev have been working on cleaning up corruption and graft inside the RCB. (AGAIN – This is the issue, NOT “Jew globalists.”)

    I hope to do a fuller report or Article soon regarding Russia’s Central Bank and its so-spun ruble “crisis” soon.

    Please know that I have many “Russia observers” both inside Russia and abroad as resources who are better informed than internet gossips. (Keep in mind that I’m a member of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) in good standing @ +bn

  26. Brother Nathanael January 2, 2015 @ 12:53 pm

    Paul Craig Roberts Gives Putin BAD ‘Advice’

    I feel a need to address Paul Craig Robert’s recent piece on King World News @ in which he takes it upon himself to be Putin’s and Xi Jinping’s (president of China) foreign policy advisers.

    Robert’s piece is titled, “How Russia & China Can Save The World In 2015.”

    Let’s take it apart bit by bit.

    Roberts says: “It took the Russians and Chinese too long to comprehend the evil that has control in Washington.”

    +BN: You gotta be kidding. Putin and Jinping are “old school” boys with a lot of practice and experience dealing with deceivers, double-crossers, schemers, double-dealers, that is, (at least in Putin’s case), JEWS.

    For example. When did Jewmerica begin its Anti Ballistic Missile System program in Poland and the Czech Republic aimed at Russia?

    In 2002, two years into Putin’s first term as President, when Jewmerica broke the ABM treaty.

    Since then, Jewmerica insists that the missiles were to deter “nuclear attacks” from Iran.

    You believe that and all the Jew neocons (whom Putin is well aware of) are giving up their jobs to become Christian missionaries in Kenya.

    Then Roberts says: “Russia can announce that as NATO countries are now officially recognized by Russian war doctrine as an enemy of the Russian state, Russia can no longer support NATO’s aggression against Russia by selling natural gas to NATO members.”

    +BN: Pardon me PCR, but Russia will go instantly bankrupt by losing revenue from the HUGE sales of gas to “all those Nato members” who make up every country throughout Europe and the EU, and then some.

    In common parlance, it’s called “cutting of your nose to spite your face.” Putin is NOT that kind of guy like the clowns run by the Jews in DC.

    The shock to the Russian economy by cutting sales of gas to Europe would result in what happened in the 90s to Russia when millions likely died of starvation, when the Harvard Jews looted Russia’s industries.

    BE REASSURED everybody, that Putin (and Xi Ping) are not ingenues when it comes to dealing with JEW-RUN DC.

    They will both first PROTECT their OWN national interests before venturing into casino games where ‘winners’ eventually lose their shirts. +BN

    PS Since PC Roberts no longer responds to my emails after telling him that JEWS and NOT “presstitutes” own the media, (Jews who own the media do not prostitute themselves to their fellow Jews who own Capitol Hill and Congress, but work together in their evil schemes), if any of you are in contact with Roberts, PLEASE send to him my above rebuttal of his foolish “plan” for Russia and China “to save the world” in 2015.

  27. Brother Nathanael January 2, 2015 @ 1:35 pm

    Dear All,

    Spiteful JEWmerica just slapped some JEW sanctions on North Korea for the JEW LIE that it “hacked” Sony.

    I’ll tell you why the two wicked Christ-hating Jews from US Treasury (for Jacob Lew and David Cohen are the authors of ALL JEW sanctions against countries that threat their JEW WORLD ORDER.)

    The sanctions against North Korea is because N Korea is about to forge a major alliance with CHRISTIAN Russia and China, that’s why. Watch for it. +BN

    PS Christian Russia WILL EMERGE VICTORIOUS Over the JEWS who run Jewmerica. I guarantee it.

  28. Wayne Pacific January 2, 2015 @ 2:36 pm

    From my readings about Saint Joan of Arc and my own feelings, I see that she was imbued with the Holy Spirit, which gave her strength, vision and courage.

    If Joan had not been God-inspired, then the English would have conquered France and there would have been no French assistance in the American Revolution. America would not have existed. We owe much to Saint Joan of Arc.

    Le Pen and Putin, are of course, facing an enormous enemy, with an army of agents seeking to vilify them and even kill them if possible. God be with them and us.

    PS: Paul Craig Roberts is on our side. Go easy on him.

  29. Brother Nathanael January 2, 2015 @ 3:15 pm

    @Wayne Pacific

    You want me to “go easy” on Paul Craig Roberts?

    I do not “go easy” on anyone who is clearly giving WRONG advice.


    Roberts imagines himself to be Putin’s “adviser.” He is NOT. He doesn’t have a clue about Putin besides giving him BAD advice.

    (Putin does not “surf” the Internet, believe he doesn’t. He’s got “intelligence services” that know FAR MORE than Roberts pretends to know, at least with regard to Russia.)


    +Brother Nathanael

    PS Please tell Paul Craig Roberts (and his beloved atheist friend Celente), that “presstitutes” do not run the press, JEWS do.

    Jews don’t “prostitute” themselves to their fellow Jews who contol US politics…they WORK TOGETHER to DESTROY our country.

  30. Zionien January 2, 2015 @ 3:54 pm

    I just LOVE Her! Just look at her – what’s NOT to LOVE!!! Vive Le Pen!!!+

    AND YES – May GOD Almighty continue his loving blessings for Putin, Russia, and Gaza!!!+

  31. KathJuliane January 2, 2015 @ 6:20 pm

    Dear +BN and Wayne Pacific,

    To put my 2 cents in, I find P C Roberts a mixed bag. I know he knows his stuff.

    He’s the best when he puts that formidable mind, education and experience in political economics of his, writing clear explanations to the layperson like myself about what things are, what is going on, and the dynamics of the big picture.

    Then there seem to be mornings when PCR wakes up in a “sky is falling” mood, his writings have turned into emotional, apocalyptic doom and gloom nuclear winter stuff, all over the map about NATO and such.

    I am certain of one thing.

    If Putin were to direct Gazprom to unilaterally shut off the gas to the EU, that would most certainly be an immediate casus belli–an act or event that provokes or is used to justify military war–for the District of Criminals and NATO who would gleefully jump on it with both feet.

    Not that I believe for a minute that Putin would do so, or that the Russian people would support such a thing with winter just starting.

    WWII, General Winter, and the sieges of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and Stalingrad (Volgograd) are still within living memory of survivors who endured, and their children who were born and grew up in the aftermath (like Putin).

    What PCR advocates is that Putin should resort to the crudest form of blackmail and extortion against the EU by holding millions of European people in several dozen countries hostage.

    Jewmerica would resort to that, and certainly has done so in the past to get it’s way. Iraq immediately comes to mind.

    Putin has labored mightily for the past 14 years to ensure that Gazprom (and Russia) has the reputation of being a reliable state business corporation and responsible supplier that takes its obligations to its customers seriously to provide natural gas.

    Putin, unlike our Jew-owned District of Criminals, would never stoop so low as to direct Gazprom to break its contracts for such a vital necessity to hundreds of millions of people. Sometimes pundits and nitwits derisively call Russia nothing but a “gas station” but in this case, Russia is akin to a municipal gas utility company.

    All the gas company expects is that its customers pay their bills on time on what has already been delivered according to contract.

    In that regard, Ukraine and my 40-something irresponsible nephew have something in common. He is always behind on his bills and whining about it being someone else’s fault.

    At this time of year, for Putin to take such an action would be more than a disruption of industries, it would be life-threatening.

    Several countries which are almost 100% dependent on Gazprom gas would suffer thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of deaths due to the harsh realities of winter. A person can die of hypothermia when the temperature is only 50 degrees, it doesn’t have to be freezing.

    These business contracts are NOT made with the EU, but bilaterally with individual countries on behalf of their citizens and Gazprom. The only time that natural gas delivery to Europe has ever been held up is because of Ukraine.

    Russia has bent over backwards at significant expense, despite all of Ukraine’s past and present criminal shenanigans, to reassure by its actions that Russia would never resort to such measures that would bring harm to dependent and vulnerable populations.

  32. Brother Nathanael January 2, 2015 @ 6:49 pm


    Thank you for adding to my post as to why Paul Craig Robert’s “advice” to Putin is BAD advice.

    SEE My Original Rejoinder @

    I keep on getting vindicated in spite of the naysayers who opposed me months ago.

    Now it looks like The Saker, (whoever he is, why does he remanin anonymous? What’s he afraid of? Bectha he NEVER gets death threats compared to yours truly who gets the “death treat of the week” ad nauseum) has admitted that IT WAS CORRECT for Putin NOT to employ military intervention in East Ukraine.

    I have been saying this EVER SINCE Lugansk and Dontesk refused to recognize the JEW-orchestrated coup in Kiev (Nudelman and JEW friends at US State Department and her JEW husband Kagan (also at State, surprise, surprise.)

    I was the FIRST ONE in 2007, shortly after I launched Real Jew News, to show to the Western World that Vladimir Putin was Jewry’s worst nightmare.

    He continues to intensify that “nightmare” to the COWARDLY JEWS (with their “sanctions” on any country that doesn’t kiss their Jew-arses) to this day. Bravo Putin! +BN

    PS Looks like “The Saker” is still sending out disinfo in his “2015 Predictions Report” of the “Atlanticists” in “Medvedev’s administration.”

    The Saker (who is he? why is he hiding?) pretends to know the “inside” of Russian politics.

    Let me assure you, he DOES NOT.

    Putin and Medvedev play their political cards VERY CLOSE to the chest. Even Kerry (the Jew-controlled DUPE) doesn’t have a clue.

    Perhaps there are a few “Atlanticists” in “Medvedev’s administration” but I guarantee you they have NO INFLUENCE but are mere clerks, typists, and data entry functionaries.

    See My REFUTATION of The Saker’s disinfo: “Medvedev And Putin…In Sync! @

  33. The Elder of Zyklon-B January 2, 2015 @ 7:02 pm

    The bottom line on North Korea:

    “The sanctions against North Korea is because N Korea is about to forge a major alliance with CHRISTIAN Russia and China, that’s why. Watch for it.” +BN

    Jewmericans have lies instead of real history. They think Jewish declarations of economic war are a good thing just like they did in 1933 when “Judea Declares War On Germany” was on the headlines in London.

    Die Juden have used the same playbook since the dawn of time.

    The gullible goyim can’t seem to figure it out.

  34. Brother Nathanael January 2, 2015 @ 7:03 pm

    One More Thing

    As a member in good standing of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, (ROCOR), I have “inside” information on Putin and Medvedev.

    I have contacts in Russia and Bishops and Priests who KNOW Putin and Medvedev personally.

    Yes, I do know something of their personal lives, habits, Christian position, and opinions…BUT I do not know specifically what their “political actions” will be. NO ONE knows, except them.

    We can deduce from diplomatic interchanges, visits, speeches, but that’s about all.

    Like I said, Putin and Medvedev play their political cards VERY CLOSE to their chests.

    So, whenever “arm-chair” Putin “advisers” like Paul Craig Roberts and “know-it-alls” like “The Saker” (who is he? why is he hiding?) give Putin “advice” and tell you the “inner workings” of the Russian government…BE WARY.

    +Brother Nathanael KAPNER (I do not hide behind a fake name)

    “Brother” is my monastic title; “Nathanael” is my Orthodox baptized name.


  35. Caveman2012 January 2, 2015 @ 7:08 pm

    Like father, like daughter!

    Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine’s father, is a Patriot of the first hour. He served in the Foreign Legion and saw combat in Indochina and elsewhere, and was decorated several times. He also served as an Intelligence Officer in Algeria.

    He is the real deal! Imagine what he might have taught to her daughter!

    If Marine Le Pen gets elected it will be game over for the monster called EU. An axis Moscow-Paris would also bail out Germany of its vassal status of the US.

    Go Marine, go!

  36. Brother Nathanael January 2, 2015 @ 7:40 pm

    “3 Things Truthers Need To Do In 2015”
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    I recently saw this on

    “7 Things Truth Seekers Need To Do In 2015” @

    Here’s My “3 Things Truthers Need To Do In 2015”

    1. Name The JEW – We get NOWHERE if we have “fear of the Jews” in our hearts and pens.

    Here are the MAIN CULPRITS who NEVER get “death threats” like yours truly from JEWS due to their FEAR of the JEW-word:

    a. Paul Craig Roberts
    b. Gerry Celente
    c. “The Saker” – (who is he? why is he hiding behind a fake name?)
    d. Stephen Lendman
    e. Dave Lindorff (a Jew himself)
    f. Alex Jones

    Here are the MAIN EXPOSERS who are NOT afraid of Christ-hating, sanctions-happy JEWS:

    a. Brother Nathanael KAPNER @ (MY Gloves are OFF in 2015!)
    b. Jeff Rense @
    c. Mike King @
    d. Incogman @
    e. Dr David Duke @
    f. Dr Kevin MacDonald @
    g. James Edwards @
    h. Gilad Atzmon @

    2. Nail Down Assertions With Facts – Too many froth at the mouth presuming that their imaginations, wishes, and biases are “facts.”

    “The Saker” (whoever he is) is spreading disinfo that Medvedev is an “Atlanticist” (that is, “pro West”) and even predicted that Putin would “scrap” him.

    NEVER happened.

    I PROVE “The Saker” WRONG, (who is he anyways?…why the fake name?” He is NO “Assange” and has NO reason to be afraid of injury), in my RECENT Article “Putin And Medvedev…In Sync!” @

    AND SEE: My RJN Comments Post @

    3. Don’t Give “Armchair” Advice

    Paul Craig Roberts imagines himself to be Putin’s “special adviser” on foreign affairs.

    Putin does NOT need “advice” from someone who obviously is clueless with regard to the “inner workings” of Putin/Medvedev politics.

    SEE: My RJN Comments Post @

    AND: A Reader’s Penetrating RJN Post @

    I am a member in good standing of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) and have contacts in Russia and America who have informed me of something of Putin’s personal life, Church attendance, piety, clerical affiliations, opinions, habits, lifestyle, etc.

    BUT, I don’t pretend to know the “inner workings” of Putin’s and Medvedev’s political actions and plans. (They both play their political cards VERY CLOSE to the chest.)

    We can infer and deduce their political agendas and future actions from speeches, events, diplomatic interchanges, announcements, etc. BUT, to claim to know and give advice is presumptuous and brazen.

    BE WARY of anyone who does.

    Wishing All the Real Jew News Family a LIFE-CHANGING New Year!

    We WILL win against…”the presstitutes?” (verbiage from Paul Craig Roberts and Celente)…”the globalists?” (ala Alex Jones)…”the special interests groups?” (Paul Craig Roberts again)…NO, against JEWS.

    I’m talking about USA-ruled JEWS. Europe-controlled JEWS. Christ-hating JEWS. Sanctions-happy JEWS.

    The ENTIRE world now HATES Jewmerica due to its Jew-authored JEW-SANCTIONS against any country that refuses to KISS JEW ARSES.

    Their day in the blackened sun is COMING TO AN END.

    TOO many are NOW on to the Jews (like the popular Diuedonne and Alain Soral.) See: “Marine Le Pen, Patriot Extraordinaire” @

    Those who REFUSE to NAME THE JEW will not be crowned with laurels when the day of reckoning against wicked Jews comes. AND believe me, it IS coming.

    +Brother Nathanael KAPNER

  37. Brother Nathanael January 2, 2015 @ 9:19 pm

    Dear All –

    I’m putting out some feelers now to find out just who the anonymous ‘Russia expert”‘ The Saker is.

    One such contact who is a keen journalist agreed with me that The Saker does not reveal or report on any “Top Secrets” (like Assange) and thus has no reason to HIDE behind a FAKE name. +BN

  38. Brother Nathanael January 2, 2015 @ 9:54 pm

    Russian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs DENOUNCES UN (JewN) Security Council Vote On Palestinian State Resolution:

    I can ASSURE you, that the countries who “abstained” and thus sabotaged the Resolution were BRIBED by Jewmerica.

    Here is who abstained:

    Nigeria, Rwanda, Lithuania, South Korea, Britain.

    Here is who voted No:

    Jewmerica, Australia.

    Here is who voted YES to a Palestinian State:

    Russia, China, Jordan, Argentina, Chile, Chad, Luxemborg, France


    +Brother Nathanael KAPNER

  39. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2015 @ 12:00 am

    Dear All –

    Those of you who have been following alternative news, know that Hungary’s government under Orban has been critical of JewU’s (EU’s) sanctions vis a vis dictates from Jewmerica against Russia and is tilting toward the Kremlin.

    So, what have the JEWS cooked up?

    A “PROTEST March”- complete with professionally-made expensive signs (oh sure, of the rank and file) – AGAINST the “anti-democracy” (JEW’s fave buzz word for their subversive control) government of Orban.

    See the JEW NGO’s orchestrated (complete with “hired” ‘democracy lovers’) Protest March against Orban’s administration @

    +Brother Nathanael KAPNER

  40. Wayne Pacific January 3, 2015 @ 1:22 am

    I don’t recall that Paul Craig Roberts said to “shut off the gas.” I believe he said to inform NATO nations that their gas would be shut off if the acts of war against them continue, which seems to me a better idea than a nuclear war.

    Roberts is also a strong defender of Christianity. Read his annual Christmas column and see for yourselves. He states that Christianity is the basis of western civilization and oujr personal freedoms – same as Putin says.

    If you want to pick a fight with someone, Dershowitz would be a taget.

  41. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2015 @ 1:57 am

    @Wayne Pacific

    I applaud Paul Craig Roberts for all the positive things you mention. Bravo!

    BUT, when he thinks he is in a position to give Putin “advice” SUCH AS advising him to THREATEN Nato countries with cutting off gas supplies, I MUST respond:

    Roberts Is Giving Putin BAD Advice.

    See My Comment:

    AND see KathJuliane’s VERY BALANCED Comment (she does give PCR credit where it’s due) @

    +Brother Nathanael KAPNER

    Oh, and BY THE WAY dear Wayne…I ALMOST forgot! Goodness me!

    You say I should “pick a fight” with Dershowitz and not with PCR.

    I’m not “picking a fight” with Roberts, I am telling RJN readers WHY HE IS WRONG on THIS particular issue regarding giving Putin advice. Period.

    As for your advice that I should “pick a fight” with Dershowitz…Ha, ha, ha. If it weren’t such STUPID advice, you would make me laugh.

    Do I “pick a fight” with the COUNTLESS Jew names I expose for their evil?

    Not on your life. I don’t “pick a fight” with LYING, Christ-hating, MURDEROUS, Christian Russia-Hating Jews.

    I am AT WAR with them (not “picking” a back alley “fight.”)

    I’m using LETHAL AMMUNITION: THE TRUTH. And They are BEING DEFEATED with their wretched, devil-inspired LIES and cowardly SANCTIONS little by little.

    Dershowitz (who I have exposed COUNTLESS times) can “fight back” in your “pick a fight” venue…BUT it will be with his scrawny, “picky” fingers.

    I’M NOT INTERESTED in such a “fight.” Go ahead, dear Wayne, why don’t YOU start a website and “pick a fight” with the worthless Jew. And you and Dershowitz can exchange marshmallow blows until the worthless Jew wears you out.

    But I keep on BLASTING Dershowitz and his Christ-crucifying ilk with TRUTH, EXPOSURE, HUGE HITS (58 million on RJN) (22 million on Videos) and a GROWING number of people who write to me saying, “You Removed The Scales From My Eyes.”

    I am at WAR dear Wayne and am NOT interested in a side-line “pick a fight.”

    It’s a LONELY “wartime” scenario dear Wayne, where you get DEATH THREATS, Internet SLANDERS, LIES, and shouts of “Hey You Nazi, Jew Hater!” when walking to the Post Office.

    But for those who are into “picking a fight” like you, they have no trials and tribulations to deal with. They can even use a FAKE name (and NOT even Name the Jew) like “The Saker.”

    Again, I sign this reply to you as Brother Nathanael KAPNER

  42. Stein January 3, 2015 @ 3:35 am

    Truth is the medicine.

    The rotten intellectuals and demonic mystics of our time are trying to create a mess out of truth. They pretend to adore it while making it a mystic and irreproachable factor.

    But Truth is easy. It’s a practical tool for measuring. Truth is in our daily trivial world the identity between the description and the descripted.

    Never have it been so splendidly laid bare as by Aristotle in the law of logic.

    And that is the cornerstone of Western culture. What philosophy students are not told is that this is also a Major spiritual teaching. Hated and loathed by demons as the law of non-contradiction is making a sharp line between COHERENCE of the living versus the fallen, those undead, the unliving.

    Yes, what falls outside of the law of non-contradiction is the qliphoth, the tree of knowledge, Otz daath, the spiritual home of the Jews.

    Therefore is Truth and Exposure the way to unwind the demonic conspiracy of the Earth. The demons of the world have had a great revival the last decades in the “harmless” wave of irony. (Deluge of sin is what I saw.)

    Philosophers also try to make truth something way profound, something so metaphysical, a higher octave, self beholding …

    But the higher Truth is just WHAT IS, as opposed to what is not.

    And remember the teachings of the Bible on who shall be saved. It is he who lasts to the end.

    Those who join the ranks of un-this and un-that are excluded. Fallen is gone.

  43. Sam January 3, 2015 @ 4:53 am

    Marine Le Pen working with the Zionists of France, her political party is controlled by masonry, sorry to tell you this Brother Nathanael, but she’s not what you think.

    The political system in France is like the United States, it is locked.

  44. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2015 @ 6:50 am


    Can you PROVIDE PROOF to support your allegations against Marine Le Pen?

    Where do you live? In France? Or Oklahoma? +BN

  45. Rogier January 3, 2015 @ 6:51 am

    Point with Le Pen is that she is collaborating with the Dutch ‘Freedom Party’ of Geert Wilders.

    This Geert Wilders gets funding from Jews all over the world. The man has many friends in Israel and even gives speeches in Israel:

    I would not trust anyone who works together with Zionist funded Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party.

  46. Rogier January 3, 2015 @ 6:57 am

    I do admit it isn’t a ‘good marriage’ between the two…joining together must raise alarm bells I think.

    Maybe you can try to figure out this ‘cooperation’ between the 2? Can’t wait to read what you find.

  47. Mark January 3, 2015 @ 7:27 am

    BN, tell me your opinion of Assange, as I have often thought that he was just a fabricated shill like so many others.

    It’s difficult to know who is genuine and who is not, in this insulated world of illusion.

  48. Caryl January 3, 2015 @ 7:37 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Thank you for your courageous ministry. I am a supporter of yours.

    Perhaps one of these days you will come to Philadelphia. I’d like to meet you.

    There is room for many variations of protest in today’s world. I am also a supporter of The Saker. If he chooses to write under that name, it is his business.

    How can you say he does not mention “Jews” when his entire blog is dedicated to showing the lies and tyranny of the Anglo-Zionist Empire?

    Please be fair and don’t get caught up in a crusade of self-righteousness. You have too much of importance at stake.

  49. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2015 @ 7:44 am


    Assange is truly a “political prisoner” of Jewmerica. For all his personal faults, one can only commiserate with his current plight.


    Also see my Video on Assange I posted 2 years ago:

    “Bad News For Wiki Leaks” @


  50. The Elder of Zyklon-B January 3, 2015 @ 7:45 am


    Maybe Wayne can write an article “picking a fight” with him. Watch out Wayne, Dershowitz says he is ready to go to battle.

    Jew Dersh is in the Jew news.

    The Epstein case has very long Jewy tenacles. The pervert networks reach far and wide. Die Juden rats are being exposed.

    May 2015 be a year of MASS exposure of Talmudic Jew criminality.

  51. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2015 @ 8:05 am


    How am I on a “crusade of self righteousness” if I point out that “The Saker” never uses the JEW word?

    Am I not stating a FACT? What is so “self-righteous” about stating the obvious?

    You ask me: “How can you say he does not mention “Jews” when his entire blog is dedicated to showing the lies and tyranny of the Anglo-Zionist Empire?”

    My answer is:

    If The Saker is all about resisting the “ANGLO-ZIONIST” Empire, then I rest my case. He does NOT use the JEW word.

    “Anglo-Zionists” can mean the Goyim like Cameron, Bolton, Lindsey “fagella” Graham, McCain, etc. And “Zionists” itself has become an innocuous term.

    BUT, to use the word JEW…Look OUT! You will be slandered, lied about, discredited, ignored, marginalized, and that’s what I get bombarded with daily.

    As for The Saker not using his own name, you say that “it’s his own business.”

    I simply ask WHY is it his “business” NOT to reveal his REAL name? What is so “self righteous” about asking that?

    I do not claim any special “righteousness” of my own over others.

    I simply critique and call into question some aspects of other’s Internet “business.”

    I ask, “Why do ONLY a FEW use the “Jew” word? And why do those who have a growing readership (like The Saker) do not?

    It IS my business to do so. After all, I am an “Internet Publicist.”

    And I’m FAMOUS! Whippee! My life is IN DANGER because of my “fame.”

    +Brother Nathanael KAPNER

  52. The Elder of Zyklon-B January 3, 2015 @ 9:12 am

    Those who purport to tell the truth about economic and geopolitical events both past and present who don’t name the Jew are doing themselves and their readers a disservice.

    By not bringing up the endless names of die Juden who are at the helm of monetary debasement, social/cultural destruction and endless false flag instigated war, they are RUNNING COVER for those the New Testament warns us are opposed to ALL MANKIND, the Jew.

    “Der Evige Jude”

    They are lying by OMMISSION.

    They are like the Jew owned media who hides the true nature of violent crime perpetrated by Blacks against White people every hour of the day. The criminals are “youths” and “teens,” but never is the truth of the rapidly growing Black on White crime revealed.

    Roberts and the rest, who do indeed write good things, are kissing up to International Jewry by keeping “the Goyim” in the dark concerning the TRUE nature of command and control structure of EVERYTHING these people attempt to bring to our attention.

    Just try making a comment that names the Jew on Paul Craig’s site. It won’t be posted; you will be CENSORED because Paul Craig does NOT WANT to name die Juden.

    Read it from the man all those who are compelled to serve the Christ-hating Jew love to hate if you have the courage.


    “The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat.

    But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.” – Dr.Joseph Goebbels.

    It is far past the time that die Juden get “found out” for the sake of humanity.

    Those who use “presstitute,” “bankster,” “white shoe boys,” and the never ending “Neo Nazi” are simply kissing Jew butt.

    The Jews have them where they want them and will even thow them a few $heckles for not naming the Talmudic criminals.

  53. Keyne January 3, 2015 @ 9:20 am

    Elder of Zyclon B –

    You’re close, they are Jews, but not the Jew you think.

    It’s the Sabbatean-Frankist Jews who’ve ruled the Western world since 1666.

    From Jacob Frank to the French Revolution to the Civil War to the Young Turks, to the Bolsheviks, to 9-11 and today, the disciples of Shabbati Tsvi-Jacob Frank are the anti-jew-Jews who are Satanists.

    They are the “synagogue of satan as per the book of Revelations.

    Read Rabbi Antelman’s “To Eliminate the Opiate ,Vols. 1and 2” to begin. Knowing who exactly the enemy is, HOW they control everything, is the only way to defeat them…

  54. Cornelius January 3, 2015 @ 9:20 am

    Jew this, Jew that.
    Republican Jews working with Democrat Jews against our national interest.
    Jewish majority in the Supreme Court.
    Jewish owned Federal Reserve.
    Jews in the woodpile.

    How can anyone seriously discuss the issues that Brother Nathanael writes about without using the word “Jew”?

    Why is everybody so afraid of the Jews? Because they are a powerful gang of criminals, that’s why.

  55. chuck January 3, 2015 @ 9:26 am

    Under The Sign of the Scorpion was available on line and I presume it still is.

    Br Nathanael, many people do not use the Jew word because it covers the entire race and not just the Synagogue of Satan to which not all Jews belong.

    If you are a Jew and you do not belong to this Synagogue called Zionism you belong to the race which has an eternal covenant with God which cannot be broken.

    I agree with you however concerning Roberts. His armchair comments re cutting off oil to Europe do not include the likely results of such action and his comments are therefore worthless.

    The reason he does not give any insight into the results of such action is probably because he thinks its better to quit while he thinks he is ahead.

    He was Assistant Treasury Secretary for 2 years in the early eighties – tells us very little.

    Concerning America’s leadership in the current world politic I found this illustrating:

    “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon….the pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”

  56. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2015 @ 9:33 am

    @Zyklon B

    You wrote: “Roberts and the rest, who do indeed write good things…”

    Yes, you’re right.

    Paul Craig Roberts and the rest, that is, The Saker, for one, DO write good things. They would not be so popular with the alternative media and those looking for the truth about current events if they did not write good things.

    Obviously, I READ both of them. For how could I be critiquing them on specific statements of theirs if I do not read their posts and the “good things” they write?

    And as Caryl pointed out in her reproof to me, “there is room for many variations of protest.”

    Of course. But if we don’t NAME the culprits behind and causing the evil we’re protesting about, we get nowhere.

    It is now 2015. There is a small, organized group that is in TOTAL CONTROL of the Western world.

    Their control will TIGHTEN in the coming weeks and months.

    We can call them “banksters,” “Anglo-Zionists,” “neocons,” “elites,” “globalists,” presstitutes,” “white shoe boys,” “illuminati,” “corporatists,” “special interest groups,” even the “Israel Lobby,” in contrast to the “Palestinian Lobby,” or in contrast to the “Antarctica Lobby.”

    But where does that leave the reader? He simply does NOT know who specifically he needs to oppose.

    He does not know just WHO the ENEMY of his life and his children’s future is.

    Is that fair? Is that the COMPLETE truth of our “protest” against the evil all around us?

    I rest my case. I am not “attacking” either Paul Craig Roberts or The Saker.

    I’m saying, “for fear of the Jews,” it appears that Roberts and The Saker are NOT giving us the WHOLE truth.

    +Brother Nathanael

  57. chuck January 3, 2015 @ 9:36 am

    Being burnt at the stake was Joan of Arc’s final sacrifice, not her legacy.

    She was all about the “art of the possible” and is famous for it–not for being burnt at the stake.

    Her actions eventually freed France from a hundreds years of English occupation. She is one of the greatest women of all time.

  58. Tony January 3, 2015 @ 9:38 am

    You guys should read AVA Research, Mike Stathis on the economy.

    He posted his book about the crisis in 2006 and predicted the crisis in 2008:

    He call Jews by names also on every aspect while Paul Craig Roberts never mentions anything.

    Mike Stathis is the chief investment strategist of AVA Investment Analytics, a financial research firm catering to financial institutions.

    He also serves as the managing principal of the venture capital firm Apex Venture Advisors.

    At the height of the financial crisis of 2008, within days of the seizure of Washington Mutual by the Office of Thrift Supervision, Stathis issued a formal complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission, demonstrating evidence of insider trading. The complaint also alleged that Washington Mutual was not insolvent, and several Wall Street firms and hedge funds had conspired to short the stock.

    He also stated that he spoke with a reporter from the Associated Press who told him that he was contacted by a Washington Mutual executive hours before the seizure, telling the reporter that it would happen for “political reasons.” In later criticisms, Stathis discussed that the neither the FDIC nor OTS ever disclosed any evidence of Washington Mutual’s insolvency.

    Stathis has written extensively regarding what he has documented as corporate fascism in the United States.

    Most of these publications can be found only on his company website, but several appear on Veterans Today. He has also written about financial and accounting tactics used by Washington, written about poverty, Wall Street fraud, and focuses much of his writings on social justice.

    He has attributed the nation’s economic decline primarily to the effects of free trade and other aspects of globalization, as well as the nation’s poorly structured and “inefficient” healthcare system.

    He has been interviewed only on rare occasion by a couple of mainstream media journalists.

    Certain articles fuel speculation that his views may be anti-Semitic, particularly an article titled “Jewish Mafia Tied to Death of America” where he is quoted as writing: “There is but one solution.

    The root cause of this cancer must be extracted. This would be the Jewish Mafia. The objectives of the Jewish Mafia include both Zionist and non-Zionist elements. Their main goal is to extract all wealth from every nation and seize complete control of the entire world. Until Americans come to acknowledge the role of the Jewish Mafia in the subversion of their nation, they will remain enslaved indefinitely. The same applies to Canada, Australia and all of Europe.”

    He has appeared on the Thom Hartmann Show, Financial Sense, and the Jerry Doyle Show.

    In July 2008, when interviewed by CNN, he was quoted as saying that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac held “$1.4 trillion on their books.”

    His Press TV biography indicates that he holds an MSc in Biological Chemistry and Biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania and was a National Science Foundation research fellow at UC Berkeley.

    He previously worked for UBS and Bear Stearns in asset management and merchant banking. where he dealt with institutional investors, including corporate treasury departments and pension funds. His investment expertise spans several industries, but his technology focus in both the public and private markets is healthcare (including healthcare IT) and biopharma.

    Published books:

    America’s Healthcare Solution. 2010.
    The Wall Street Investment Bible. 2009.
    America’s Financial Apocalypse: How to Profit from the Next Great Depression. Condensed Edition. January 2008.
    Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble. 2007.
    America’s Financial Apocalypse: How to Profit from the Next Great Depression. 2006.
    The Startup Company Bible for Entrepreneurs. 2005.

  59. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2015 @ 10:05 am


    You write: “If you are a Jew and you do not belong to this Synagogue called Zionism you belong to the race which has an eternal covenant with God which cannot be broken.”

    Ahem. Cough, cough.

    When Christ said that those who “claim to be Jews” (Hebrew, “praisers of God”) “but do lie, they are of the Synagogue of Satan,” He clearly meant that ALL those who IDENTIFIED themselves as “Jews” were NOT “praisers of God” but PART of the Synagogue of Satan.

    How then can the entire Kehillah of the Synagogue of Satan (there were NO “Zionists” at the time Christ said the above), have an “eternal covenant” with God?

    No way. Jews BROKE the covenant when they rejected Christ and CRUCIFIED Him.

    The “eternal covenant” is “in Christ’s blood,” as St Paul states, and is with those ONLY who are worthy to partake of Holy Communion. This is in Hebrews Chapter 13.

    The “covenant” is with the “Israel of God,” NOT Christ-denying Jews.

    See my Videos: “Who Is The True Israel” @

    AND “Are Jews The Chosen People?” @

    +Brother Nathanael

  60. Matt Wayne January 3, 2015 @ 1:33 pm


    Brother Nathanael is 100% correct.

    You say the Jews have a covenant.

    Can you show me in the Old or New Testament any where God ever made a covenant with the Jews to give them eternal life based upon their flesh or birth?

    At most you can find is where God told the Jews in the Old Testament that if they did right, God would help them is this life.

    Currently, God has no covenant with the physical Jews. Any covenant God did have with the Jews was broken when they rejected God and then murdered his Son.

    This can be seen in Zachariah 11:

    8 The flock detested me, and I grew weary of them 9 and said, “I will not be your shepherd. Let the dying die, and the perishing perish. Let those who are left eat one another’s flesh.”

    10 Then I took my staff called Favor and broke it, revoking the covenant I had made with all the nations. 11 It was revoked on that day, and so the oppressed of the flock who were watching me knew it was the word of the LORD.

    12 I told them, “If you think it best, give me my pay; but if not, keep it.” So they paid me thirty pieces of silver.

    13 And the LORD said to me, “Throw it to the potter”—the handsome price at which they valued me! So I took the thirty pieces of silver and threw them to the potter at the house of the LORD.

    In case you missed it, this is what happened when they rejected and crucified Jesus.

    The prophesy of Zachariah fulfilled, Matthew 27:

    1 Early in the morning, all the chief priests and the elders of the people made their plans how to have Jesus executed. 2 So they bound him, led him away and handed him over to Pilate the governor.

    3 When Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus was condemned, he was seized with remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders.

    4 “I have sinned,” he said, “for I have betrayed innocent blood.” “What is that to us?” they replied. “That’s your responsibility.”

    5 So Judas threw the money into the temple and left. Then he went away and hanged himself.

    6 The chief priests picked up the coins and said, “It is against the law to put this into the treasury, since it is blood money.”

    7 So they decided to use the money to buy the potter’s field as a burial place for foreigners.

    8 That is why it has been called the Field of Blood to this day. 9 Then what was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet was fulfilled: “They took the thirty pieces of silver, the price set on him by the people of Israel, 10 and they used them to buy the potter’s field, as the Lord commanded me.”

    It happened just as it had been prophesied by Zachariah; they gave God his “pay” for a divorce and threw the 30 pieces of silver back to a potter’s field at the house of the Lord’s.

    As God said “revoking the covenant I had made with all the nations”.

    It couldn’t be any clearer; there is no covenant with the Jews.

    As John the Baptist said in Matthew 3:

    9 And do not think you can say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham.

    10 The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.

    Jew or Gentile it’s all the same, you have to produce good fruit. There is no chosen people outside of Jesus Christ.

    1 Peter 2:

    “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.”

    This is us who receive salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and live accordingly.

    Tell me in the New Testament where it says that about the Jews? All I read is that they’ve rejected Jesus and please not God, and are enemies of the Gospel.

    As Paul said, the Old Testament is type and shadows of good things to come, that being Jesus Christ and God’s true people, the spiritual Israel.

    And this is why Paul said in Romans 9:

    6 Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:

    7 Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called.

    8 That is, they which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.

    In other words what Paul is saying here is that the PROMISES made were types and shadows and were made to “children of the promise” or the spiritual Israel, not the fleshly Israel, the Jews.

    Therefore God’s promises are 100% true and irrevocable.

    Galatians 5:6 “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.”

    If you have any doubts left, read Galatians 4:21-31. About the children born according to the flesh (the Jews) have no promise and will NOT share in the inheritance with the children born according to the promise or covenant.

  61. Harold Smith January 3, 2015 @ 1:35 pm

    Here’s the thing with Putin.

    He could’ve opposed the machinations of the Jew-controlled “West” years ago, without firing a shot.

    For example, he could’ve put the Empire on the defensive by demanding an international investigation into 9/11; instead, he made statements in support of the official story.

    He could’ve armed Syria years ago, since the present aggression aginst Syria was forseeable. He could have delivered the S-300 systems to Iran, as he was contractually obliged to do; instead, he took orders from Jews and their puppets to cancel delivery.

    He could’ve at least vetoed the UN resolution establishing a “no fly zone” over Libya, as he had to realize that the Jew-controlled “West” was seeking “regime change”. Unfortunately, the barbarians are now at the gates.

    So I understand exactly where Paul Craig Roberts is coming from. Our Masters are doing everything they publicly said they would do in their PNAC manifesto, and the longer Putin waits to take any significant action in opposition, the more his options dwindle.

    So cutting off gas sales to NATO members in Europe may be drastic, but it’s far less drastic than a nuclear war, which is clearly where the Jews are driving things.

    Lastly, loss of that revenue may bankrupt Russia, but it would also hurt Europe, and there’s a good chance it would break up NATO.

  62. Nico January 3, 2015 @ 2:09 pm


    Right you are about that list; I could add other ‘prominent’ names but you covered the big ones.

    Moreover, those on your list cannot write the Jew word anymore than say, a Pat Buchanan could. Why? Because they are afraid: of retribution and in many cases real pecuniary losses.

    Perhaps a more compelling reason is, that unlike you, those ‘big names’ lack real ammo (and guts). The preponderance of their polemics is old info that is so readily available in the public domain.

    Each, in their way, rehash that same banal stuff so much so that it makes them appear that they alone have insider knowledge to the machinations of the Putin/Medvedev leadership circle.

    Hence, that’s why so many of them offer their own pearls of wisdom to the Kremlin, when in reality they do not really know what they’re talking about. And it shows.

    In another way, no one person (aside from yourself) really relishes taking the fight to the Jews. Although many see themselves as a modern ‘David’, they lack faith; big time. Truth be known: every one of them (and us) fears fighting Goliath alone.

    Don’t expect that perspective will change much either as the entire world enters even more trying times in 2015.

  63. Ed January 3, 2015 @ 2:40 pm


    You make no mention of your brother Dr Henry Makow. I’m sure he has endured countless death threats himself.

    Your bother-in-Christ,


  64. KathJuliane January 3, 2015 @ 3:06 pm

    Dear Harold Smith,

    +BN has made clear in his post “Putin & Medvedev…In Sync!” that Putin was not the president at the time of the Libya debacle.

    Medvedev was president and he was essentially deceived by Obama and Jewmerica.

    Putin was the Prime Minister and therefore had no executive right at all to veto the UN resolution.

    Medvedev, after becoming prime minister, explained that he consented to Russia’s abstention from vetoing the UNSC resolution for a “no fly zone” over Libya in the hopeful belief that this would lead all of the then warring parties, Gadhafi and the rebels, to the negotiating table.

    Medvedev manfully took full responsibility for his own executive decision in public, which paved the way for the JewSA-NATO war machine to overreach the resolution and violate Libya’s state sovereignty for purposes of regime change in Tel Aviv and DC’s interests.

    But we have to ask in the first place, what led Medevedev to believe that abstaining from vetoing the UNSC “no fly zone” resolution would open the way to peace negotiations? It didn’t come out of a vacuum, it could only have originated with some kind of off-the-record, personal assurances from arch-liar Obama.

    I don’t think anyone in the world actually anticipated that Obummer would initiate, unprovoked, an illegal war on President Gadhafi’s lawful government that was then being represented by Obummer’s administration as a key American counter-terrorism ally.

    I don’t think even Putin, with his professional intelligence instincts, could have fully suspected that Obummer, justifying his actions under the abused “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine of military “humanitarian” intervention, would suddenly switch sides to militarily support the takfiri jihadist “rebels” to eliminate Gadhafi, who was supplying the US with national security intelligence on Wahabist terrorism to begin with.

    In any case, let us not forget that it was President Medvedev, and not Putin, who dug his heels in when the US began playing the same lethal games again in Syria with the aim of overthrowing President Al-Assad’s government.

    It was also Medvedev back in August of 2008, who justifiably ordered Russian military troops into South Ossetia after Georgia unilaterally invaded and started killing Russian peacekeepers (mostly local South Ossetians), police and thousands of civilians in the 5 day Georgia-Russia war.

  65. chuck January 3, 2015 @ 3:29 pm

    Brother Nathanael, you are missing the truth here.

    The Word of God is sacrosanct. I am going to give it to you piece by piece so there will be no misunderstanding, for your benefit and that of the whole commenter “group.”

    The crucifixion was not the first time the Jews turned their back on God, nor the last.

    “From the day that you came out of Egypt unto this place you have always strove against the Lord.” Deut 9:16

    But in spite of this Christ still formed an eternal bond with them. This cannot be denied.

    1. “…..and all the people answered with one voice: we will do all the words of the Lord, which he has spoken….and he [Moses] took the blood and sprinkled it upon the people, and he said ‘This is the blood of the covenant which the Lord has made with you concerning all these words.” Exod. 24:8

    2. “It is an everlasting covenant between Me and the children of Israel, and a perpetual sign” Exod 31: 16-17.

    “and He wrote upon the tables the ten words of the covenant.” Exod. 34:28

    3. “I have made a covenant with mine elect,
    I have sworn to David, My servant.
    I will establish thy seed forever…..” Psalms 88:4-5

    4. “He remembers his covenant forever
    the commandment he gave to a thousand generations
    Even the covenant He made with Abraham
    and His oath unto Isaac
    Yes He established it as a statute for Jacob.
    As an everlasting covenant for Israel” Psalms 104:8-10

    5. “He remembers his covenant forever.” Psalms 110:5

    6. “He has commanded His covenant forever.” 110:9 Psalms.

    But notice He does not say He will give them the possession of the land forever;-
    “… them the possession of the nations….” Psalms 110:6
    there is no forever tacked on to the end of that. and this is exactly what happened.

    This is different to the covenant.

    “I will make an everlasting covenant with you.” Isaiah 55:3

    ” For My thoughts are not your thoughts: nor are My ways your ways. says the lord. for as the heaverns are exalted above the earth, so are My ways exalted above your ways, My thoughts exalted above your thoughts.

    And as the rain and the snow came down from heaven and return no more hither but soak the earth, and water it and make it to spring and give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall My words be which shall go forth from My mouth.

    “IT SHALL NOT RETURN TO ME VOID but it shall do whatever I please and it shall prosper in the things for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:8-11. ie. Israel shall be redeemed!

    7. “This is My covenant with them, says the Lord. My spirit that is in you, and My words that I have put in your mouth shall not depart out of your mouth, nor out of the mouth of your offspring, nor out of the mouth of your offspring’s offspring, says the Lord form henceforth and FOREVER.” 59:21 Isaiah.

    This is not to say the nation of Israel shall exist forever. This is not part of God’s promise.

    8. “If these ordinances shall fail before Me, says the Lord, then also the seed of Israel shall fail, so as not to be a nation before Me forever” — Jeremiah 31:36.

    But the everlasting nature of God’s covenant is surely shown in the preceeding paragraph to the above which is too long to reproduce here. Jeremiah 31: 31-34. which ends with the line”….and I will forgive their iniquity and I will remember their sins no more.” And this is spoken in regards to the Saviour and His New covenant- see Jer. 31:31-34

    And what is the New Covenant?

    “and He took the cup, and after giving thanks He gave it to them saying ‘Drink you all from it, for this is the Blood of the Covenant which is being shed for many unto the forgiveness of sins.” Mathew 26:27-28. also Mk. 14:23-24; Luke 22:20; 1 Cor 11:25; Heb. 8:8-10.

    Jesus is the mediator of the New covenant, compared to which the old covenant was but a ‘type’ but it stands for Jews and Gentiles alike.

    We know not the heart of each and every Gentile or Jew. Not all Gentiles know Christ yet, but this is not the criteria salvation just as not all Jews know Christ YET and this is also not a criteria for the dissolution of God’s covenant with the House of Israel…

    For in the end we know that every knee shall bend and every mouth proclaim that Jesus is Lord.

  66. Eileen K. January 3, 2015 @ 4:50 pm

    You’re certainly right, +BN, as proven by all the research that has been done about the evil nature of die Juden and all of the LIES they’ve been spewing out from time immemorial.

    They’re the perpetrators of more false flags than all other nations combined, with the USSA running second.

    You’re definitely correct re PCR’s ill-given advice to Vladimir Putin on shutting off gas supplies to the EU.

    Putin had done that to Ukraine when that nation defaulted on its gas bill around two months ago; however, that was settled just in time, as the populace was already feeling the effects of the cold.

    Another fact PCR failed to take into account is correctly detailed in KathJuliane’s comments re Libya. I don’t need to repeat them; they speak for themselves. She’s quite an informed poster, and I believe what she posts is the truth, just as yours are, Brother.

    We all know that it takes a great deal of research to present these facts. I, myself, am very appreciative of all the research you, Kat, and other well-informed posters write on this website.

    And, btw, my donation will be coming within the next day or two. The Lord God bless you always; and, may the New Year turn out better for you financially than it had this past year.

    A theoretical 3 cheers, 21-gun salute, and 25 high-fives to you, +BN,


  67. Patrick J. O'Brien January 3, 2015 @ 6:55 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael B.C.O.H.M.

    Wayne “pick a fight” Pacific.

    Check list: Tinker toys, marsh mellows, Kleenex, toilet paper, picnic basket.

    Your response to Wayne was spot on. You are not playing games. This is a life and death struggle. A WAR.

    You are taking on the biggest satanic rattlesnakes in the wood pile. No children or Boy Scouts allowed — Men only.

    I say a prayer to God every night, to have His Cosmic Marines stand guard over +Brother Nathanael Kapner.

    God bless you, Brother Nathanael.


  68. DEMOSTHENES January 3, 2015 @ 7:50 pm

    Wherever Particular People Congregate.

    RJN will become even more important as fateful events of 2015 unfold. Thankful we are to +BN. On this site freedom of speech, historical truth, proper reverence and correct reason prevail.

    +BN’s incisive article on Marine Le Pen will be proven correct. In correlation please check out (on wiki) Phillippe de Villiers, le Penite, and watch video interview on Russia Insider 14.10.14, where he says :

    “There is no Europe without Russia… Russia is the expression of our soul..”

    A gravitational field has formed. Social and political forces are pulling together towards betterment.

    Russia represents tru(th) North. The Church of Christ is the compass. Vladimir Vladimirovich is the needle.

    The French it seems are early to the fight. In time the Zionist onslaught prosecuted by the cross-dressers in Brussels and Washington will end — as have other evils in the frozen tundra. Or to put it another way: “I shall build My Church and the forces of hell shall not prevail against it.”

    Sodomites and pedophiles beware.

    As KathJuliane constantly reminds us:

    IC XC NI KA. Blessed year to all.

  69. Norbert January 3, 2015 @ 7:52 pm

    Dear +BN:

    You are right about the fake Jews and the synagogue of Satan as stated in the Book of Revelation.

    Putin has indeed outmanuevred the West and the Jewish thugs. I’m glad France has someone standing up for France. Now we need a Marine La Pen type for Germany.

    Putin’s best move so far was signing a deal with Turkey to supply Turkey with oil/gas and nuclear power.

    Turkey is NATO’s largest member with the largest military. Putin can use Turkey to break NATO. Then France and Germany can break the Jewmerica hegemony with the help of Russia.

    The future prosperity for the world is the Silk Road from Berlin-Moscow-Beijing with the Eurasian Union involving the whole landmass of Europe and Asia.

    Thanks, Norbert.

  70. Harold Smith January 3, 2015 @ 8:23 pm

    KathJuliane, Putin was always the guy with the power. If he wanted the no fly zone over Libya vetoed, it would’ve been.

    Let’s face it after all the U.S. treachery against Russia et al. since the USSR collapsed, Russian leadership would be very foolish to trust the “U.S. government” in regard to anything.

    And how do you explain Putin’s public statements backing the U.S. government’s official 9/11 story? How could Putin, with Russian intelligence services at his disposal, not be able to figure out what most everyone in the world has already long understood, i.e., that 9/11 was an inside job?

    Lastly, can you imagine if some kind of major “terrorist attack” happened in Russia and there was the slightest appearance that the Russian government was holding something back?

    The Jews would be screaming…SCREAMING about Russian government involvement.

    The Jews would be all over Putin and they would be demanding an international investigation. So why not the reverse? Why does Putin support the liars and mass murderer version of 9/11 to the detriment of the whole world?

  71. KathJuliane January 3, 2015 @ 9:53 pm

    Dear Harold Smith,

    How is it Putin’s job to conduct an investigation into an tragedy which happened in someone else’s country when in fact he has had to deal with many crises inside of his own country, and still continues to do so?

    Shall he just drop everything which are urgent foreign and domestic matters of national security to Russia, and order his FSB and other intelligence and government services to solve the problem of the Twin Towers Disaster, which happened over 13 years ago, now, and fix it for us since our District of Criminals is so corrupt and inept?

    Someday when a proper new criminal investigation can be conducted, and matters are far less hostile between the USA and Russia, I think Russia would be willing to lend assistance, and maybe share whatever intelligence information they might have.

    Putin, prime minister at that time, was speaking at the Seliger-2011 youth educational forum, and one of the young attendees asked Putin about the so-called “America’s fake landing on the Moon” theory.

    The subject of 9-11 was brought up by Putin himself in the context of the so-called “moon landing hoax.”

    Since he was the prime minister, he had no authority to speak as the head of state. I’m certain that he also did not want to create an international incident. At the same time, Putin does, on occasion, off-handedly drop meaningful pearls.

    9/11 inside job “impossible to conceal,” says Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

    So far as I am aware, this is the only time within the past few years that Putin has publicly mentioned the September 11 attack.


    Harold, when it comes to what Putin says, or really any of the Russian authorities, he is very precise with what he says, and at the same time uses an economy of words and understatements. It is always important to go to the original sources and get the most correct official translations into English.

    You have examine what Putin said, and then think about what was not said.

    Excerpted from official Russian government English transcript from the Archive of the Prime Minister’s website: 01.07.2008 to 07.05.2012. (Primary Source)

    Alexei Anisimov: My name’s Alexei Anisimov, I’m from Novosibirsk. Here’s my question: Do you believe the Americans landed on the Moon?

    Vladimir Putin: Sure they did.

    Alexei Anisimov: There’s a theory claiming …

    Vladimir Putin: I know this theory, but I just don’t think such an event could be falsified.

    Likewise, there’s a theory that the 9/11 explosion of the [World Trade Centre] twin towers [in New York City] was masterminded and staged by U.S. authorities themselves.

    But that’s absolute nonsense! In my view, the September 11th attacks, which left thousands of victims, are a huge tragedy for the nation and for the entire world, and it would be crazy to assume that U.S. special services were behind it.

    You know, only those who have no idea about special services’ modern techniques can come out with such theories. With hundreds of professionals involved in intelligence activity, it’s impossible to avoid leaks in those quarters, doing something on the sly.

    Admittedly, we don’t always see eye to eye with our American partners, but I just cannot imagine such an idea would occur to any U.S. political leader, incumbent or former, or to an intelligence chief.

    One would be mad to think of killing his or her fellow countrymen.

    The same is true of the Moon landing. Such an event is just impossible to falsify.

    Of course Putin can imagine such madness. Be that as it may, if Putin sort of discounted the possibility of it being an “inside job” of the US government, specifically “special services, did also he discount the possibility of it being an “outside job” of a foreign government and their “special services”?

    Did he continue speaking to the young man using the official U.S. line that the disaster was due to terrorist actions of 19 Arab malcontents?

    You might ask Putin your questions. He just might answer you.

    Send a Letter to the President

    Please read the following carefully before you send any letter addressed to the President of Russia.

  72. sandor January 3, 2015 @ 10:24 pm

    Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fisher. Pax Judaica on the way? Quite a politically active guy for a banker too. Astonishing.

    “As Bank of Israel governor, Stanley Fischer played a central role in coordinating the implementation of AIPAC-generated sanctions against Iran—ostensibly over its nuclear program.

    “Stuart Levey, the head of the U.S. Treasury Department’s division for “Terrorism and Financial Intelligence,” an office created after heavy AIPAC lobbying, met often with Fischer in Israel alongside the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and chiefs of both the Mossad and Shin Bet to explore how to “supplement” UN sanctions and end-run Russian and Chinese opposition.[v]

    “The Levey-Fischer strategy was “to work outside the context of the Security Council to engage the private sector and let it know about the risks of doing business with Tehran” particularly against European banks that had only partially drawn back their business dealings with Iran.

    “In 2010, Israel dispatched Fischer to meet with Chinese and Russian “counterparts” in order to financially isolate Iran.”

  73. Harold Smith January 3, 2015 @ 11:08 pm

    KathJuliane said:

    “How is it Putin’s job to conduct an investigation into an tragedy which happened in someone else’s country when in fact he has had to deal with many crises inside of his own country, and still continues to do so?”

    LOL! Are you serious? First, I didn’t say it was his personal “job” to “conduct an investigation.” But it is his job, OBVIOUSLY, to at least have his intelligence agencies look into what happened and to assess the security implications for Russia.

    And, with Russia being a permanent member of the UN Security Council, it is surely Russia’s responsibility to demand a UN investigation into something that has ominous implications not only for Russia but for the whole world.

    You make it sound like 9/11 was just some quaint, distant crime that only affected the towers…merely a case of insurance fraud, or something like that.

    Well guess what, 9/11 was the pretext the Jews used to overthrow the rule of law (domestic and international), erect a domestic police state, and set about using U.S. military, economic and political power to beat the rest of the world into submission (i.e., to impose their Satanic New World Order) as publicly spelled out in their PNAC papers.

    BTW, of course I know what Putin said about 9/11, and if his statement is a true reflection of his thoughts, it shows a breathtaking ignorance of what’s going on in the U.S.

    What insider is going to “leak” anything really bad (regarding U.S. & government treachery) in the U.S. today?

    If Dan Ellsberg walked into the New York Times or Washington Post today, with “Pentagon Papers” in hand, they’d call “Homeland Security” and someone would come by and pick him up, never to be seen again. That’s why Ed Snowden went to Hong Kong and then to Russia.

    I’m sorry but Putin’s statements (and complete inaction) about 9/11 reflect very poorly on him, in my opinion.

  74. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2015 @ 11:14 pm


    Sounds like you just came out of a tent meeting led by John Hagee.

    Lots and Lots of Bible verses!

    And like Hagee, you just can’t seem to distinguish between those “who are of Israel” and those “who are not of Israel.” (St Paul has much to say about this in Romans 9.)

    You see dear chuck, God-forsaking JEWS have NOTHING TO DO with God’s eternal covenant.

    This is because His eternal covenant is with the “Israel of God,” THE CHURCH, and NOT with Jews who killed the prophets, crucified Christ, and are contrary to all men.

    You can quote as many Bible verses as you like…have a ball!…but you simply can’t see the forest for the trees. Tsk, tsk.

    +Brother Nathanael
    Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR)

  75. Brother Nathanael January 3, 2015 @ 11:53 pm

    Dear All –

    Abe Foxman, who promotes: sodomy, same sex marriage, homosexuality, multi-culturalism, miscegenation, for the Goyim, GETS IT RIGHT BACK in his fat Jewish face.

    His son, Ariel Foxman, 40, editor of InStyle magazine, just joined his body in unholy wedlock with the body of his Cuban-American ‘lover’ Brandon Cardet-Hernandez.

    What goes around comes around, eh dear Abe?

  76. PK January 4, 2015 @ 12:55 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    If the breaking of the covenant resulted in the destruction the Jewish nation AD 70, could America, a covenanted nation, be destroyed because of America’s loyalty to the Jews, rather than Jesus?

    Seems to me the world is at a crossroad, going the Jewish way or Jesus’ way.

    But if the Jew provokes Russia, Putin may be forced to act, reminiscent of the response which lead to “no stone left unturned” upon America.

    I can understand if Putin was to smite this beast, but do you think it is remotely possible a nuclear exchange would occur or is their a peaceful nonviolent way out?

  77. fred January 4, 2015 @ 12:58 am

    “Not available in your country”….

    Your Video on YouTube on gays (recent) cannot be played in NZ…why?.

    The prime minister KEY is a Jew who has donated $150,000 to an Israel hospital.

    The head of the two branches of the intelligence services are Jews. Christianity is under assault in NZ.

    A Mark Taylor who is supposed to be a NZ Muslim convert is VERY likely to actually be.

    Like you, I get trouble “while walking to the post office”…just recently they have had plain clothes police hanging about.

  78. chuck January 4, 2015 @ 1:04 am

    Br Nathanael,

    The average Jew has no idea who Christ is and would convert tomorrow if given the chance.

    So your approach is baloney.

    The Resurrection is unknown to them. I know a lot of Jews read your articles.

    The approach which preaches the Resurrection is the truth and cannot be denied. Christ died and rose again from the dead on the third day, freeing all mankind from sin if they so choose, through His grace and the Holy Spirit which descended on his disciples 40 days after his Ascension into heaven in the sight of many witnesses on Mt Thabor, near Jerusalem, itself 20 days following His Resurrection.

    I think Jews want to hear the good news, not how bad they are for their mythical denial of Christ.

  79. Brother Nathanael January 4, 2015 @ 1:23 am


    America is not a “covenanted” nation, the CHURCH is the ONLY “covenanted” edifice, under the New Covenant promise in which “the gates of hell shall not prevail against Her.”

    Yet, the wise Solomon did say, “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin brings it down.”

    America’s sin is letting Jews dictate to it the bombing of innocent people in Serbia (1999), Gaza, East Ukraine, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen…ALL for the sake of Jewish world hegemony.

    America’s sin is letting Jews dictate to it the destruction of Christian values and the promotion of sodomy, lesbianism, and homosexuality.

    God will not be mocked. What goes around comes around.

    I have said it MANY times. If the American people do not repent, then this country is going down. It’s already going down morally, socially, economically, and spiritually.

    +Brother Nathanael

  80. Brother Nathanael January 4, 2015 @ 1:31 am


    How many times do I have to announce it both on my Video postings and on this Comments Section? (See:

    ALL of my Videos can be viewed Globally CENSOR FREE on my OWN Video Platform:

    “The Brother Nathanael Channel” @

    My Video, “The Plot To Make America Gay,” that New Zealand apparently banned (in an arrangement with YouTube) can be viewed on my own Channel @

  81. Wayne Pacific January 4, 2015 @ 1:37 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    I made a sincere comment and you called me stupid.

    Mr. Roberts is a brilliant and wise man, and his sage advice is based upon the conclusion that America is shoving Russia around, itching for a war, and this American bully must be confronted now rather than later.

  82. Brother Nathanael January 4, 2015 @ 1:40 am


    You sound like a typical “goy” that not only Jews laugh at behind closed doors but a “goy” that doesn’t have a clue about Jews.

    Let me assure you, (for I grew up in a B’nai Brith intensive upper middle class synagogue), that Jews do NOT want to “hear the good news.”

    Jews DO KNOW all about the death and resurrection of Christ but scoff at it while blaspheming Christ’s Holy Name.

    The ONLY language Jews understand are words that HIT THEM BETWEEN THE EYES.

    That’s how the prophets dealt with them. That’s how Christ dealt with the scoffing Jews. That’s how St Peter dealt with them at Pentecost. That’s how St Paul dealt with them.

    The ONLY incentive for Jews to change their ways is to EXPOSE and CONDEMN their deeds.

    …But what Bible are you reading anyways? You imply that the denial of Christ by Jews is “mythical?”

    Why don’t you set your Bible aside for a while and pick up Gibson’s movie, “The Passion Of Christ.”

    There is NOTHING “mythical” about Jewry’s CRUCIFIXION of God.

    +Brother Nathanael

    PS This is the END of this Thread. Please do not waste your time (and mine) with another post. It will never make it through moderation.

    Moderators Please Take Notice.

  83. Brother Nathanael January 4, 2015 @ 1:52 am

    @Wayne Pacific

    I did NOT call you “stupid.”

    I said that your advice to me that I should “pick a fight” with Alan Dershowitz was “stupid advice.”

    That said, please forgive me for being a bit sarcastic in my reply to you. I know you meant well and have a high regard for Paul Craig Roberts.

    I too have a high regard for him, (I do read some of his columns…but stop in midstream when he says “presstitutes”), but frankly, not as high as it once was.

    Did you know that when Paul Craig Roberts wrote his “Goodbye” post 4 years ago, I was the first to write to him telling him not to do it…that the world needs to hear from him more than ever.

    He wrote right back to me, thanked me and said: “Perhaps you’re right.”

    The following week he started posting again and a year later started his site “Institute For Political Economy” @

    We had emailed back and forth since then. BUT, our final email exchange occurred last year when I told him and SHOWED HIM SPECIFICALLY that JEWS and NOT “presstitutes” OWN the media.

    I mean, I spent a lot of time on that email spelling out the JEW NAMES that OWN CBC, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox News, New York Times, Time magazine, etc etc etc.

    All he could do was write back saying, “You give them hell, don’t you?”

    I replied, “No. I give the FACTS.”

    Never heard from him again after 4 more tries on my part. +bn

  84. Hugo January 4, 2015 @ 2:18 am

    You are absolutely right about naming the real culprits, Brother Nathanael.

    Here is an article from the Daily Mail saying that Russian people are using American flags as doormats because of the sanctions the U.S.G. has imposed on them.

    Surely they should be stepping on Israeli flags, since most of the trouble-makers behind this crisis are NEOCONS with dual US-Israeli citizenship loyal primarily to the sinister goals of international Jewry.

    The same can be said of Bolshevism, the banking swindle, Hollywood & endless cultural degradation, endless wars etc.

    It all seems to get blamed on individual nations when the real culprits are always the Jews hiding behind someone else national identity and using the tiresome anti-Semitic charge to silence people who point this out.

    Because we fail to identify the perpetrators — JEWS — the names of honorable nations continue to be dragged through the trash whilst the real culprits remain unidentified — hardly an incentive for the Jew to change his behavior.

  85. Jack January 4, 2015 @ 10:12 am

    Dave Lindorff is not Jewish.

    As far as I know him, he never was a Jew, but an Atheist. However, his wife is Jewish.

    He does use the “Jew” word but does not entirely agree with you. There are overlapping opinions:

  86. Santiago January 4, 2015 @ 11:12 am

    As Jews perpetrate their self elected planet earth domain “agenda” all over the entire world, in all languages, we the readers could help others to be rightly informed.

    We can include linked references of BN’s Real Jew News articles into the comments áreas of other web sites when the same topics are disinformed in the Zionist agenda massive media.

  87. KathJuliane January 4, 2015 @ 12:38 pm

    Dear Jack,

    Jews, which hold the Tribe supreme to religion and even God, generally categorize Jews according to five different “Judaisms” — Haredi, Conservative, Reform, Liberal, and Secular (atheist).

    According to traditional Jewish Law, a Jew is anyone born of a Jewish mother or converted to Judaism in accordance with Jewish Law, religious or not.

    There are rare references online to Dave Lindoff’s “Jewish background.”

    Lindorff himself has referred to his “mostly Anglo-Saxon” background in an announcement on his website about the marriage of his Jewish daughter to a Sri Lankan Hindu man “co-officiated by a rabbi and a Hindu pandit to accomodate the traditions of both Ariel’s maternal Jewish and Sathya’s Sri Lankan Hindu families.”

    Lindorff (“mostly Anglo-Saxon”) and his family appear to be politically in the Jewish leftist-religiously liberal camp.

    Jewishness is not just a tribal thing or how much blood, it is a spiritual condition. Church Fathers, like St. John Chrysostomos, himself a keen observer of the human condition an exceptional “behavioral psychologist” by today’s standards, even describe the Jewish spirit as being highly contagious.

    There was no difference in the Church Fathers’ minds spiritually between a Jew and a Judaizer. They did not base their judgements on biological race. If one clings to or takes up Jewish ways, one is a Jew.

    Chrysostomos is the most explicit in his diagnostic 8 homilies of the Kata Ioudaious (Adversus Judaeos — Against the Judeans) in his zeal to cure his flocks of the Jewish spirit infecting them.

    The homilies are directed of course to the Judaizing Christians, and now political correctness dictates that Kata Ioudaious be titled something like “8 Homilies Against the Judaizing Christians,” but St. John was in fact calling his own congregation “Jews” for going to their synagogues, participating in Jewish festivals, and taking up some of their ways.

    I’ve not ever read that Lindorff repudiated attachment to Jewish identity and tribalism such as +BN, Israel Shamir, or Gilad Atzman have done. Lindorff has “Jewish” and “mostly Anglo-Saxon” background, married a Jewish woman, and their child or children were raised Jewish.

    Leftist, secular, “cosmopolitan” Jews criticize rightist cultural, religious “nationalistic” Jews all of the time in Jewish and Israeli politics.

    Put 5 Jews in a room, and they will argue, debate, kick and scratch each other until they come up with 20 different political opinions. Then, at the end of the day one will say about another Jew they violently disagreed with to the point of murder, “What can I say? He’s a Jew.”

    Many, if not most, Jews will excuse some of the most morally outrageous behavior with this rationalization and protect another Jew, particularly if it hurts non-Jews. There are some with outraged consciences who otherwise keep silent because of tribal loyalty, and peer and family pressure.

    And then there are the minority of courageous Jews who are truly directed by moral conscience to protest and act against crimes and injustices against Gentiles or Jews well above such narrow tribalism, earning the epithet of “self-hating Jew”.

    Today, atheism in a religious sense has nothing to do with “the Jewish spirit” because it is acceptable among Jews for a Jew to be an atheist and/or a “cultural Jew”.

    I read Lindorff sometimes, and appreciate his pro-Palestinian efforts and insights into political trends, but as +BN says, he does not “name the Jew.”

    A great part of what +BN does by naming the Jew is to expose the tribal glue that holds Jews together in supreme loyalty to each other as a virtually invisible nation camouflaged within nations which works in its own interests.

    There is a very real phenomena recorded throughout history of the satanically-powered Jewish spirit parasitically eroding the dominant culture and society of many nations that the Jews have lived in.

    The Church Fathers, like St. John Chrysostom labored to keep the Jewish spirit in quarantine from infecting Christians.

    At the same time, Roman Emperors of Byzantion ensured that the Jews only lived and worked in society as productive members confined to their own communities, and kept them out of government, banking, finance, public education, and religion.

    Jewish converts to Orthodox Christianity had to prove their sincerity with years of catechumen instruction under a spiritual father, and swore oaths made in public repudiation of the Jewish faith as “works of the devil” before being baptized in the Church.

    1600 years later we see the German National Socialists attempted to expel this parasitic nation from the midst of Europe with over a hundred incidents and expulsions of Jewish communities from kingdoms, cities and towns between Chrysostom’s 4th century and the 20th.

    And this after Imperial Russia’s two centuries of struggle to keep the Jew confined to the Pale, after the thousand years of living, dominating, and exploiting the peasants and serfs in the Jewish Paradise of Poland.

  88. Wayne Pacific January 4, 2015 @ 1:27 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Thank you for clarifying about Mr. Roberts.

    Yes all the “serious” commentators and authors are afraid to say anything about Jews. Can’t be labeled anti-Semitic you know.

  89. Brother Nathanael January 4, 2015 @ 1:41 pm

    Dear All,

    Working on NEW Video now.

    I hope to have it up, Lord willing, tonite.

    Stay Tuned! +BN

  90. Jack January 4, 2015 @ 2:58 pm


    By your and my family’s definition, I am a “Self Hating Jew.” It’s good to see a well-articulated definition. Thanks.

  91. apologeticos2013 January 4, 2015 @ 3:20 pm

    Is Russia Anti-illuminati?

    “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

    That memorable phrase came from the mouth of Winston Churchill, during a speech he gave to the British Parliament in 1939, when trying to describe Russian action.

    Today, the characterization of Russia holds no cloud of mystery and its motives are clear. Prince Charles and Hilary Clinton have compared Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, to Adolf Hitler.

    President Obama has declared Russia one of the three major threats that face the world today, along with the terrorist group ISIS and the Ebola disease. And one only has to look to NATO’s twitter page to find their animosity towards Russia. But is this hostility warranted?

    An obvious “yes” would be said by anyone who accepts Western media as honest, unbiased journalism when they report on Russia’s actions in Ukraine and its involvement in that crisis.


  92. apologeticos2013 January 4, 2015 @ 3:25 pm

    Air Asia jet “thrust down by giant hand” …of Zionism?

  93. Brother Nathanael January 4, 2015 @ 4:37 pm

    NEW Video Coming Tonite!

    It’s shaping up real nice. It’s gonna bring the house down! +bn

  94. Danielle January 4, 2015 @ 4:45 pm

    We cannot compare Jeanne d’Arc with Marine Le Pen.

    Jeanne d’Arc was a young virgin who was taking care of sheep. She was born to a peasant family.

    She heard voices of angels telling her to go to save the King of France. At that time no poor virgins living in the country could dare to take the initiative to go and speak to powerful personalities of the Kingdom to speak about how to deliver France and the King.

    Virgins like her were humble and not ambitious. The King of France at that time was what is said in French: a King of “droit divin” and the country was a Christian country on the whole and the country was under the great danger of English invasion and colonisation!

    I suppose Jeanne d’Arc spoke with her confessor before she undertook ther travel to meet the King.

    Today, Marine Le Pen is not a young virgin, she does not hear voices coming from God, she uses her own intelligence to analyse the political situation instead of prayer. She fights with no religious motives, her instruments of fighting are not holy but rather humanist instead of religious.

    Her arguments are based on laicity “la laïcité” (the right for all to practice its own religion in private even if not Christian), and on Christian culture and traditions of France as a Christian nation for 2000 years.

    France being a nation as a people with one history, one language, one “patrimoine,” one culture: the Christian culture (all Christian denominations mixed together) rather than to base her arguments on “one faith, one baptism, one Lord: Jesus-Christ, one Kingdom, one Church” (which are antithetic to masonry).

    She was born after WWII so she has never been complicit with the German Nazis and never collabored with them during WWII. Her only sin is to be born to a man called Jean-Marie Le Pen who was not afraid in the past to say what he wanted to say (as there was in the past freedom of speech).

    If Marine were a man instead of being a woman, and even if she were born to Hitler after the war, she would have had been attacked on the political plan just because of that name.

    Nobody is responsible of being born in the families they are born and nobody should be condemned because of his father name.

    Her political line today is quite different of that of her father: her father did not want in the past to talk with freemasons.

    On the contrary Marine is opened to freemasons, homosexuals, and even Jews (she takes now much care not to speak a single word against Jews because of Gayssot law), but she speaks a lot about the danger of Islamic radicalization in France (and some Muslims fight now to have a law prohibiting to speak against Islam).

    She has a good economic programme. I do not think she has a program to Christianize the French youth which is completely brainwashed by the French educational school system here in my country.

    She said she will not abolish the abortion law but will favorise natality. From a Christian point of view, her intention is very bad.

    In order to gain voices she is ready “to serve Mammon and God together” but our Lord taught us: “nobody can serve two masters at the same time” because when one will be satisfied the other will be not satisfied and he shall become full of wrath against the servant, so when this happens war will result.

    Marine Le Pen is with no doubt quite ambitious (Jeanne d’Arce was not ambitious at all) but full of courage, and she deserves admiration for her perseverance and tenacity to continue her fight in spite of the fact she is attacked violently from all sides by all political parties and lobbies.

    In case she wins the elections she will inherit a very heavy package of catastrophic situation in all domains (finance, education, health, international, etc…).

    The package started to be filled by Giscard d’Estaing who brought Muslim immigrants to France to work in Peugeot and Renault factories, with the help of Chirac who authorized that working immigrants to bring their wifes and children to France.

    Then Simone Weil added into that package the abortion law who lead to millions of French white babies to die, assassinated in the belly of their mothers while Muslims had plenty of children.

    Mitterrand destroyed the economy with the law of 1973 permitting the French institutions to get loans from foreign banks instead of getting loans from the Banque of France so that the debt is awfully gigantic nowadays.

    And finally, that bad packaging has been completed with government Jospin-Chirac, and crowned with Hollande so is so proud now “to be a normal president” instead of being an extraordinary one loved by all and not bending his neck to bankers !

    Waouh we have had many puppets as presidents!

    Marine Le Pen is not a saviour, we should not speak of her as if she were missioned by God to save us! Only our Lord Jesus Christ is our Saviour and can save France out of the chaos: His ways are not ours, so we are not at the end to be surprised!

    If she is elected I wish her much force, determination and courage because the task is gigantic: to put France on her legs is not so easy to do!

    I do not adhere to a political party. I only deduce things observing political — national and international — events from a Christian point of view that’s all!

  95. Brother Nathanael January 4, 2015 @ 4:48 pm


    I just read your reply to Jack. Bravo! (I have read St John Chrysostom’s Against The Judaizers…much of the book is AGAINST the Jews…many times.)

    You mentioned how Jews who wished to come into the Orthodox Church during the Byzantine Empire were required to repudiate their Judaism publicly.

    This was my case as well.

    The priest who baptized me required that at my baptism before the congregation, at the point in the service where I “spit on the devil,” (part of the Orthodox baptismal service), I then had to repudiate Judaism and its Talmudic blasphemies against Christ and the Virgin Mariam; its denial of the Messiahship of Jesus Christ; and repudiate my former involvement in its ‘Synagogue pf Satan’ worship.

    AND, as someone stated a while back on the Comments Section here, after my baptism and anointing with Holy Chrism, I sensed a radical transformation within. I have not been the same since.

    +Brother Nathanael

  96. Irene Bonney Faulkes January 4, 2015 @ 6:14 pm

    I am quite amazaed at all the flack given our Brother Nathanael and from many who are his supporters.

    He has answered wisely. It is evident the real, absolute truth regarding the Jews, Israel the old nation, Israel the church and that facts as to national matters are somewhat misunderstood, particularly regarding Russia, Putin, USA, Britain and her little cubs as well as European countries.

    Even if one does not know the history truly of Europe, not having lived there nor studied ancient and present history of the various countries, one can see the trend and actions of Jewry in all of those places.

    There is a truthful history to be found. Most only believe the lies propagated world-wide by the Jews. This is particularly so about Germany and Hitler, Putin, Russia and the past world wars. Generally lies anyone could see on a thorough investigation.

    As an Australian, one is ashamed that her country voted against Palestine and for a murderous one – Israel. One good thing she has done on the political horizon, is to produce Assange, who of course follows the truth and not the lies of the Jews in Australia, that is now a servant of JewUSA, with a Jesuit trained Prime Minister.

    In matters relating to the church there exists world-wide an abyssmal ignorance and blindness to the truth regarding the matters of the Jews.

    Let us understand this, much of which was pointed out by our Brother in his various replies and truthfully:

    There exists no separate covenant with the Jews. There never was a covenant with them. Jews were never mentioned as such in the Bible generally until the times of the New Testament and in history until the captivity of Judah around 600 B.C. At that time the name ‘Jews’ was given to the Judahites only, as the ten Tribes of Israel had been scattered.

    As for the New Testament, the English word ‘Jew’ did not come into existence until well after the Middle Ages.

    When God made a covenant first with Abraham and then Moses, it was never to ‘Jews’ but to Hebrews and then the people of Israel. He never made any covenant with Jews. Surprised? They were called Hebrews or Israelites, and in the Old Testament, on occasions, Jacob but there is a reason for that.

    Israel as a nation did not exist after AD 70. Where was she? Was God speaking to such a nation? If so, where and how.

    Had all the prophecies regarding Israel and Judah been fulfilled? Yes, even as true and honest historians have disclosed. Nothing from the Old Testament remains to be fulfilled except the resurrection of the dead, some to eternal life and others tos judgment.

    Is there a true Israel nationally today? Of course not. Israel over there, having robbed the Palestinians and murdered them by the hundreds of thousands, including our brother Christians, is full of those who are not Semites.

    There exists no such thing as being ‘Anti-Semite’.

    So please lose your fears about using that expression. Then shed your belief that God may curse you if you say a word about ‘Israel’ that God does not even recognize!

    They are not spiritual descendants of Abraham. They do not follow the written Law of Moses, but the the Judaism of the Rabbis, Talmud and Cabala.

    On the above counts alone, there exists today no covenant from God with any people, naturally or nationally. All the hundreds of millions of ‘Christians’ who follow such error are on a wild goose chase to their spiritual detriment. Hopefully it will not deprive many of their hope of eternal life.

    In any case the Old Covenant was totally superseded by the New Covenant with no space here to relate its truth found in many parts of the New Testament, the Gospels, Hebrews, Galatians, Ephesians, 1& 2 Thessalonians,1&2 Peter, and the book of Revelation that is so variously and wrongly taught world wide.

    Time we Christians looked at our Bibles thoroughly.

    The New Covenant is Spiritual. The Old one was based on a natural, worldly tabernacle/temple, along with its priesthood, institutions, sacrifies and was just a ‘shadow of heavenly things’.

    How was it so many people, so many of us, read our Bibles not totally understanding the absolute Truth of the Gospel? It was deception through the witchcraft, Satanism of the Jews.

    They have and did have us in their grip. Blind, following blind, unseen leaders through our visible leaders, into the ditch.

    We should listen totally to what Brother Nathanel says and writes.

    It would appear he is 98.9% right. I dare not claim infallibilty for him or for anyone as only God is infallible.

    However, if we are ‘a follower of Paul’ as he commanded us to be by the Holy Ghost, in everything he taught and with the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, we will know the ultimate truth.

    Brother Nathanael, once one of those Jews, is now called and placed by God among us to guide us into whatever truth we see shining through him.

    So back to our Bibles, correct ones and correct translations – if there is such a thing?

  97. Irene Bonney Faulkes January 4, 2015 @ 6:18 pm


    Thank you for your excellent comment.

  98. Brother Nathanael January 4, 2015 @ 6:38 pm

    @Irene Bonney Faulkes

    The Septuagint for the Old Testament (in English) and the Orthodox New Testament (published by Holy Apostles Convent) are both reliable translations. +BN

    PS But I LOVE the old King James. The power of expression is wonderful.

  99. Irene Bonney Faulkes January 4, 2015 @ 6:39 pm

    With regard to Air Asia going into the sea, to Apologeticos2013, of course it points to being a Zionist trick.

    It also appears there were forty Christians on board from one church in Indonesia, Protestant Charismatic as I understand, having lived there.

    The possibiity of such a disaster as being ‘chance’ is about one in a trillion, after the other two Malaysian planes were downed – possibly by Jews and America.

    There was onboard one Britisher, a Chinese, who was connected to the same American Energy Company as was twenty one of those on the first downing, MH370.

    Six of them had been shareholders with Rothschild reported to have been able thuse to hold all the shares.

    Strange that on that plane MH370, was a block seating of so many, with such from the Dutch and Australians on MH17.

    What is somewhat crucial is that two families of Indonesians (Javanese it seems) did not board. Each was part of a family of men in Intelligence and the Police.

    There is much mineral wealth in Indonesia and that country went off the Dollar with her President visiting Obama in Hawaii, as is reported.

    To me, it seems strange it occurred on December 28th and I read, Brother Nathanael would know for sure, that the Russian Orthodox commemorate that day the martyrdom of 20,000 Christians in Roman Anatolia, now Turkey, because they would not bow down and worship idols.

    On another 28th December, there was a small massacre in Turkey.

    The Jews hate the Roman Orthodox Church. Was this part of the choice as being a downing on that day?

    Turkey at present is somewhat aligned with Russia and of course is Muslim as are may of the countries of the Middle East.

    Turkey had just built her first church in ninety years.

    Many of the countries of the Middle East are under attack due to their Christian churches that have been there for centuries.

    Presently, it is Syria, Iraq, and Palestine that are suffering so.

    The Syrian Orthodox Church, the Christian populations of Iraq and the Moslem and still some Christian populations in Palestine surely are being targeted. Why did Clinton interpose with war in the Balkans?

    Surely it was to remove the Serbian Orthodox Church. The Jews controlling him had it in their sights, surely?

    The above is all speculation and not a yet known truth.

    However, three planes in one year, against a country that that dared hold a world forum a few years back against Israel’s War Crimes towards Palestines at the beginning of the century?

    It appears there can only be one answer.

    The war is being continued by Jews gainst all of Christendom with its Christianity.

  100. Frank Frivilous January 4, 2015 @ 8:47 pm

    Brother Nathanael tells it like it is out of Christian love as he should.

    Here is another timeless excerpt from pages 48/49/50 of ‘On the Jews and Their Lies’ by Martin Luther

    “There are innumerable examples throughout all of scripture which show what cause or purpose the Jews assigned to circumcision.

    For as often as God wanted to speak with them through the prophets whether about the Ten Commandments, in which he reproved them, or about the promise of future help they were always obdurate, or as the quoted verses from Moses and Jeremiah testify, they were of uncircumcised heart and ears.

    They always claimed to do the right and proper thing, while the prophets (that is, God himself whose word they preached) always did the wrong and evil thing. Therefore the Jews slew them all, and they have never yet allowed any to die unpersecuted and uncondemned, with the exception of a few at the time of David, Hezekiah, and Josiah.

    The entire course of the history of Israel and Judah is pervaded by blasphemy of God’s word, by persecution, derision, and murder of the prophets. Judging them by history, these people must be called wanton murderers of the prophets and enemies of God’s word. Whoever reads the bible cannot draw any other conclusion.

    As we said, God did not institute circumcision nor did he accept the Jews as his people in order that they might persecute, mock, and murder his word and his prophets, and thereby render a service to justice and to God. Rather, as Moses says in the words dealing with circumcision in Genesis 17, this was done in order that they might hear God and his word; that is, that they might let him be their God.

    Apart from this circumcision in itself would not help them, since it would then no longer be God’s circumcision, for it would be without God, contending against his word; it would have become merely a human work.

    For he had bound himself, or his word, to circumcision. Where these two part company, circumcision remains a hollow husk or empty shell devoid of nut or kernel.

    The following is analogous situation for us Christians: God gave us baptism, the sacrament of his body and blood, and the keys for the ultimate purpose or final cause that we should hear his word in them and exercise our faith therein. That is, he intends to be our God through them, and through them we are to be his people.

    However, what did we do? We proceeded to separate the word and faith from the sacrament (that is, from God and his ultimate purpose) and converted it into a mere opus legis, a work of the law, or as the papists call it, an opus operatum, merely a human work which the priests offered to God and the laity performed as a work of obedience as often as they received it.

    What is left of the sacrament? Only the empty husk, the mere ceremony, opus vanum, divested of everything divine. Yes, it is a hideous abomination in which we perverted God’s truth into lies and worshiped the veritable calf of Aaron.

    Therefore God also delivered us into all sorts of terrible blindness and innumerable false doctrines, and, furthermore, he permitted Muhammed and the Pope together with all devils to come upon us.”


    Republished in 2014 by RiverCrest Publishing. Thanks to good ol’ Texe Marrs

  101. Seek The Truth January 4, 2015 @ 9:14 pm

    The gist of what many Jews believe is that they can’t sin as God’s chosen as long as they’re hurting the goyim or non Jews.

    Therefore, they don’t have to repent and can’t be punished in the afterlife.

    The Jews who did 911, believed they were tricking the goyim into fighting Arabs and therefore it was not a sin.

    Since Jews worship the devil just like King Solomon who sacrificed children to Moloch, the god of the underworld, they see 911 as a great sacrifice to the devil to insure the growth of the Zionist state from the Nile to the Euphrates River after the American goyim soldiers have killed and poisoned and chased out enough helpless Arabs.

    Either Jews are very smart or the American goyim are very ignorant. How else can it be explained that America is the land of dolts who suck up to wicked Jews to their own detriment?

  102. Danielle January 5, 2015 @ 9:56 am


    Brother Nathanael is right: Jews know everything about our Lord Jesus Christ.

    They do not deny His existence on earth nor they deny His crucifixion (their Talmud mentions this clearly).

    What they deny is His Resurrection and His redemptory mission as the only Redemptor and Savior for all souls ready to believe in Him and follow Him.

    To follow Him implied: in the past for the Great Priests in the Temple and now for the so-called Rabbis over the world, to get rid of their power and domination on people under their religious juridiction and consequently to lose money (money of tithes and donations) and influence, so being too attached to their own interests they have fallen in the trick of the Demon.

    There is a well known person who fell in that trick: Judas and we know how was his end.

    So instead of defending the Jews spreading heretic “theological” statements that is to say calling them and designing them as “the chosen people” or “the first brothers in the faith” as Jean Paul II excelled in, every Christian should follow our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles He commissioned and appointed to spread His word of Truth, for their sake because our Lord said: “the people who will not believe shall be condamned.”

    (Condamned contains the words : con= with, and dam = separation, so condamned = punished as to be rejected and thrown the lake of fire and sulfur reserved to the demons).

    So if Christians, of low or higher rank in the society, were less fond of personal interpretations of the Holy Scriptures (San Peter forbids this and Saint Paul also), and would have not “brossé dans le sens du poil” Jewish theologians, Rabbis, atheists and masons etc… the situation would have been today less catastrophic for the Church.

    The words of our Lord are more and most superior to the words of heretics, apostates and so-called “theologians” of our times because His words are words of Truth, but the words of heretics, apostates, atheists, idolaters etc… are words of lie.

  103. r a feibel January 6, 2015 @ 2:59 pm

    @Bro N

    Paul Craig Roberts doesn’t know the noun Zionist or Jew or Jew cabal etc. Nor does Le Pen, sorry. Until they do I won’t spend 1 second with these disinformationalists like Alex Jones and don’t bother to and try and explain it away it won’t work with me.

    I’m wise since 1955 and nothing has changed exept they have become a thousand times more powerful. They totally control the Fed and Wall Street.

    if you don’t play their game you don’t play at all!

  104. Michelle Favard January 9, 2015 @ 7:50 am

    About Marine Le Pen:

    Being French myself, I unfortunately will disappoint Brother Nathanaël and some other readers when I warn them about that woman.

    It seemed at first that to sound ‘moderate’ was a strategy but with time, she revealed her true colours, siding with Israel and distancing herself from the high values that made the Front National so special, especially, in the choice of an homosexual as vice president of her party – attracting a lot of his kind to join in.

    What looks like pragmatism is in fact mere opportunism in order to come to power.

  105. Michele January 11, 2015 @ 5:56 pm

    Bravo Michelle Favard – au moins vous avez tout compris.

    Marine LePen is part of the establishment. She ruthlessly disavowed her father when he dared on television to use a word in French that all journalists immediately qualified of anti-Semitic when it was just a regular word.

    Why do you think she’s always invited on mainstream media networks?

    Is Brother Nathanael invited on CNN, Fox and CNBC and other networks?

    She is already in bed with the Zionists, not to be confused with the regular Jewish person on the street who has nothing to do with all this mayhem.

    Marine LePen is an opportunist whose values are anything but Christian. She never came out against same sex marriage and is all for “laicite” so clearly not Jeanne d’Arc.

    Do your research before you shower an individual with so much compliments.

  106. Chemseddine January 21, 2015 @ 6:15 am

    Hold your horses for a moment people.

    Madame Le Pen is associated with a certain Geert Wilders a far right Dutch (of Indonesian descent) politician who and everybody in Holland knows is heavily sponsored by American and European Jews. She says she is anti-immigration anti-extremist Islamism, but how come she never dares to tackle the Jewish question?

    How come she didn’t dare to speak up against the lies of the French government about the C.H. attacks? How come she doesn’t have the guts Br. Nathanael has to tackle the real issue and that the European politicians are controlled by Jewish/Zionist power and money?

    THEY have destroyed the European culture, religion, and nation-states. THEY have forced immigration, abortion, pornography, gay marriage and the euro-visiongay festival upon the European people?

    How come she never dares to speak about that? Only about the Muslims?

    That doesn’t make sense she knows the game and she knows that if she goes too far well that’s the end of it for her …..

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