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President Andrew Jackson Vs Jewish Bankers!

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2010

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Sources: History of Andrew Jackson, A. Buell; The Intimate Life Of Alexander Hamilton, A. Hamilton, 1910; The Shocking Death of Spencer Perceval, M. Gillen; Nicholas Biddle: Public Banker, T. Govan; The Rothschilds, F. Morton.


February 25 1791: Alexander Hamilton, (a Jew born Alexander Levine in the West Indies), as Secretary of the Treasury, pushed a bank Bill through Congress to establish the First Bank of the United States.

Documents in the British Museum prove that Alexander Hamilton received payment from the Rothschilds for his deed in binding the US government and the States to the international Jewish bankers.

January 24 1811: Congress debates renewal of the charter for the First Bank of the United States.

March 4 1811: The First Bank of the United States is closed. As a result, the House of Rothschild, who had controlling stock, loses millions. This enrages Nathan Rothschild who then coerces the British Parliament to retake the colonies thus fomenting the War of 1812.

May 11 1812: British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval, a devout Christian, is slain by an assassin named John Bellingham. Because Perceval was decidedly against entering into the War of 1812 the Jewish bankers of England had Prime Minister Spencer Perceval assassinated.

June 18 1812: Backed by Rothschild money, the British declare war on the US.

December 5 1815: President Madison proposes a Second Bank of the United States.

January 7 1817: Congress creates the Second Bank of the United States.


THE ROTHSCHILD AGENT and child prodigy, Nicholas Biddle (b. in Philadelphia 1786), was the main proponent for central banking. Biddle moved to France at the ages of 19-24 where he came under the tutelage of Nathan Rothschild.

In 1822, under President James Monroe, Biddle became president of the Second Bank of the United States located in Philadelphia.

In 1828, immediately upon his election as the new President of the US, President Andrew Jackson began an investigation of the Second Bank of the United States. President Jackson argued that the bank was privately owned with stockholders from foreign nations who had political agendas at odds with the United States. President Jackson, an avowed Christian, is known for these famous words against the Rothschilds:

“You are a den of thieves vipers, and I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out.”

The battle raged and by 1832 when Jackson was up for re-election, the bankers tried to get a renewal Bill for the bank passed. But Jackson vetoed the bill and made a speech concerning the event:

— “More than 8,000,000 of the stock of the bank is held by foreigners who are more dangerous than the military power of an enemy.” —

In 1832 when Jackson ran for re-election and, despite the fact that the Jewish bankers poured $3,000,000 into Henry Clay’s campaign to defeat him, he was re-elected.


IN 1833 PRESIDENT ANDREW JACKSON STARTED REMOVING the government’s deposits from the Rothschilds’ Second Bank of the United States.

In early January 1835, Jackson paid off the final installment of the National Debt. Jackson needed now only to complete the final removal of all US deposits in the Rothschilds’ Central Bank.

On January 30 1835, an assassin by the name of Richard Lawrence tried to kill President Jackson but failed. President Jackson later claimed that he knew the Rothschilds were responsible for the attempted assassination.

President Andrew Jackson then removed all the Government deposits in the Jewish Second Bank of the United States and it collapsed. President Andrew Jackson had conquered the Jews! (Unfortunately the Jewish Bankers are back with the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank).

Will leaders like President Andrew Jackson come forward today to stop the Jews?

Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to make it so!

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Brother Nathanael @ January 4, 2008


  1. dan rosenblit April 15, 2008 @ 5:36 pm

    you are one sick anti-semite

  2. admin April 15, 2008 @ 6:04 pm

    Dear Dan Rosenblit,

    Thank you for proving to the thousands of readers that come to the Comments Section that you Jews must resort to your insults and catch word, “Anti Semite.”

    You people cannot stand historical facts can you which incriminate the Jews. Why don’t you simply repent and join the true Brotherhood of Man in Christ’s Holy Church?

    My prayer is that you will dear Dan.

    +Brother Nathanael

  3. George April 15, 2008 @ 8:22 pm

    Dear Mr Rosenblit,

    I feel sorry for you because you are not able to objectively stand back and decipher the arch-evil criminals that you associate yourself with.

    If Br Nathanael’s story is not true, why then do simply state he is “sick anti-semite”? What about your murderous cousins in Israel you constantly terrorise the other side of the semite story – the arab races.

    Evil breeds evil – it has no face or logic. It is your interests to clean yourself of, and disassociate from such stench, otherwise evil may catch up with you and then what?


  4. Lynda April 15, 2008 @ 9:40 pm

    Hi Dan,

    It would be interesting to know what brought you to this website. And it would be interesting to know what is so ‘sick’ about factual and evidenced based reporting.

    I seriously doubt that either you or your ancestors are of the semitic race. But you may well be an American or a Canadian.

    If you are a patriot of one of these nations targeted for a Communist revolution by the Wall Street Bankers ( who sponsored the Bolshevik Revolution ), what do you propose to do to help your country?

    No body buys this ‘anti-semitic’ schtick and guilt trip as a rebuttal to facts and evidence. It is not going to fly.

    The blow-back to the Jewish and masonic scam being run on North America is brewing. The ordinary people of common sense are going to figure this out. And I am sure project America would rather have ordinary Jewish Americans or Canadians on the side of the patriots.

    I seriously doubt that a man who logs onto Real Jew News at 5:36 pm owns a bank or a tv station.

    One of the reasons why Judeo Masonry financed and organised the Bolshevik Revolution and WW II was to scape goat Jews and translate them from being citizens of their respective nations into ‘settlement fodder’ for Israel. And now with a Communist Revolution brewing in America they want Jews as ‘settlement fodder’ for Greater Israel.

    I think there are a lot of patriotic Americans who will be totally unco-operative with this NWO agenda.

    You don’t know who your real friends are. And one of those friends is the Christians.

  5. Brenda April 16, 2008 @ 9:34 am

    I absolutely have to agree with Lynda when she says that Jews are mistaken, their real friends are Christians.

    But I would like to add a caveat: Their REAL friends are Christians who will speak the truth to them in love.

    In other words, you will find many people of the world who have personal ambitions and agendas, who will say what every Jew would like to hear.

    But only devout Christians will tell Jews what they NEED to hear.

    Only devout Christians desire the salvation of ALL of their brothers and sisters — desiring NONE to be lost.

    Thanks to Brother Nathanael, (and believe me one day in heaven you will thank him) we are free to express our Heartfelt feelings about what we truly believe.

    Listen, my feelings are that modern day Jews are listening to their rabbis, as every good Jew is taught to do.

    Unfortunately, I believe the rabbis do not realize (fully) that what they believe is not exactly as the One True God would have it.

    It is true. The Israelites of the Old Testament biblical stories were the chosen people of God. And we know that God allowed the Israelites to wander the desert for 40 years before reaching the Promised Land. Many of them grumbled and could not understand WHY God would do such a thing.

    In my view, God had to teach man, even those He loved with all His heart, a lesson. And so they had to “learn” during those 40 years.

    Fast forward to today.

    Though God sent the promised Messiah, Christ Jesus, many Jews refused to believe he was indeed the Messiah. They missed all of the many ‘signposts’ of the Old Testament that prefigured Christ and His coming.

    Christ being the Fulfillment of the Old Law became the New Covenant. It is important to read the New Testament writings of Paul to the Romans, chapter 9, 10 and 11 to get a greater understanding.

    So what I am trying to say is that although many modern day Jews feel a “mandate” to take control of worldly offices internationally so that the Jews may have rule over the world (as they no doubt feel biblical inspiration to do so) I believe, as do many others, that they have missed the mark.

    God has “transferred” His holy mandate to Christians — to Believers.

    He intends for world governments to be inspired by Christian principles clearly laid out by Christ Himself on the Sermon on the Mount.

    So in essence, since the Jews are pursuing a worldly agenda that is largely “man-based” and inspired by men rather than God, they are pursuing an exhaustive and futile goal.

    Because as the Scriptures clearly tell us . . . “Unless the Lord build the house, the laborers labor in vain. . .”

  6. scott May 4, 2008 @ 7:26 pm

    Well, I had never heard that Hamilton was Jewish, so I went to the Jewish Virtual Library to see what it said on Hamilton, and the Jewish Virtual Library said Hamilton was most likely Jewish.

    So it is hard to criticize the article author for saying that when the same information comes from the Jewish Virtual Library.

    Anti-Semitism is a smear of last defense. I follow very closely the Israeli occupation, illegal mind you, of Palestinians’ lands and as soon as one speaks out on the obvious injustice of this situation, one is branded an anti-Semite.

    Jimmy Carter received this treatment for writing his book “Palestine — Peace Not Apartheid” and Jimmy Carter is a very good moral human being. If this smear can befall Carter then what for the rest of us who speak out or want to learn more.

    The domination of international banking by the Rothschilds and their ilk is not controversial but historical. To deny this is folly. 6 months prior to JFK’s assassination, JFK passed EO 11110 which authorized the U.S. Treasury to print U.S. Treasury notes backed 100% by silver (Silver Certificates).

    After the JFK assassination these notes were removed by the Federal Reserve System which prints money backed by nothing.

    Of all the goofy nutball conspiracy theories pertaining to the JFK assassination, the one with the most pieces fitting is a mob hit directed by the Federal Reserve, with certain people like Hoover and LBJ in the know.

    Jack Ruby (aka Rubinstein) lamented to Garrison while interviewed in prison that he was fearful there would be pogroms in the street if Americans knew more about the assassination.

    This is not fiction, not hallucination, not hyperbolic comments but verifiable data, and reasonable people should agree to first agree on data and then draw conclusions.

  7. Bob May 11, 2008 @ 1:47 pm

    I don’t know anything about this site as the link was just recently emailed to me. Maybe some of you do? Anyway, I found this:

    “Early in the 19th century the Pope came to the Rothschilds to borrow money. The Rothschilds were very friendly with the Pope, causing one journalist to sarcastically say ‘Rothschild has kissed the hand of the Pope… Order has been reestablished.’

    The Rothschilds in fact over time were entrusted with the bulk of the Vatican’s wealth. The Jewish Ency., vol. 2, p. 497 states, ‘It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are guardians of the papal treasure.’

    Link –

    The person who sent me the link mentioned something about one of the Pope’s trying to setup a bank in the US. This would have been around the same time the Rothschilds were trying to do so. I don’t know if it is true or not?

  8. Nate May 27, 2008 @ 10:47 am

    I once read that Jackson had the phrase:

    “I stopped the bank” put on his tombstone.

    Anyone know if that is true?

  9. Ali Kadri May 29, 2008 @ 3:31 am

    Brother Nathanael Kapner,

    Thank you for this eye opening article. This shows that Jews have an agenda and are working towards it.

    Unfortunately, these Zionists have conquered Christian brothers and are well on their way to conquer Muslims before the Shaitaan (dajjal or anti christ) appears.

    This however had to be fought back, they will lose.

  10. admin May 29, 2008 @ 5:56 am

    Dear Ali,

    Thank you for your comment. Please know that this is a Christian site and is not to be utilized to promote Islam. I am convinced that Christianity is the only true religion. +BN

  11. Anthony Clifton June 16, 2008 @ 4:47 am

    Thanks for your devotion to truth.

    Heard you on Henry’s show last night.

    Let’s try to make this real clear Br. Nathanael, as some falsely believe the Old Testament is about “Jewish”. When and where did all twelve tribes turn into “Jewish”?

    It should become increasingly clear to all interested in truth that Israel has never been “Jewish,” because Jews are not Israel the people.

    Look at the first world nations by PQLI, There according to the Abrahamic covenant, is Israel — the people.

    Abraham was not “Jewish,” Moses was not “Jewish,” David was not “Jewish.”

    “Jewish” means adhere to the Talmud and Hate Jesus — period. Israel is a people not a place. Read Obadiah & Matthew 13.

    Thanks again for your devotion to truth.

    It Will SAVE a lot of so-called “Jews” (Ashkenazim converts to Talmudic Judaism) who are assimilated (non)”Jews,” like Henry. Know the Truth…Jesus. [See Captivity-defined in Mackey’s Encyclopedia.]


  12. Hankerstein Zog June 18, 2008 @ 5:19 pm






  13. Barataria July 9, 2008 @ 8:54 pm

    I worked in the British Museum three years ago, working on research of US-Anglo relations post War of 1812.

    I never found anything at all relating to Biddle’s involvement with the Rothschilds. Most of my work revolved around espionage between the US and Britain, and not once — not even on coded payroll accounts of the Rothschilds — did any reference to Biddle appear. It makes for a great story, but it just simply isn’t factual.

    The closest Biddle ever came into contact with the Rothschilds was a receipt of payment for a sloop that would carry goods into the port Liverpool in 1827. Europe is a different story; I am sure the Rothschilds had their hand in a lot of financial endeavours, but very rare to be scouting out much in the US.

    Financially, there was really nothing worth investing in the 1820’s-1840’s, except for Southern agricultural staples, which they could not control.

    This NWO stuff has to stop — no way it could be happening considering the way the economy is doing. Let us worry about those things that are closest to us, and remember the message that Christ told us before the Great Commission: Love your neighbor as you would love yourself.

  14. alpha September 7, 2008 @ 8:30 pm

    I am a Muslim by faith.

    I really salute the administrator of this website for bringing facts into light.

    The world must know what the Jews are doing to it. USA is the greatest victim of theirs. They are controlling USA through the FEDERAL RESERVE and using USA for their mean purposes.

    Thank you again. Please keep up your effort.

  15. matthew September 22, 2008 @ 10:45 am

    Re 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, , and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

    Re 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    They are imposters The true Jewish people have suffered because of them.

  16. David Ben-Ariel September 26, 2008 @ 7:26 pm

    Chuck Baldwin recently wrote about the scam going on today:

    “Instead of sending these banksters on extended vacations to the Bahamas with millions of taxpayer dollars in their pockets, we should be sending them straight to jail!”

    That would be too merciful to the cruel: send the treacherous bastards to the gallows!

    And when will folks stop beating around the bush and acknowlege the fact that most of these “international bankers” are globalist Jews (who give Torah-observant Jews a bad name) intent on forging a New World Order?

  17. Brian October 6, 2008 @ 4:30 pm

    I have noticed that there are those who will always resort to calling people who expose such activities as being an “anti-Semite.”

    For the record, and to clear the air, the vast majority of those in the world who hide behind the shield of the term “anti-Semite” as not even Semitic, themselves.

    The vast majority of those who claim to be Jews are not of Semitic origin. They are of Khazar origin. One more point of contention.

    There is no such thing as a Jewish race. In order for one to be Jewish, they must practice the Jewish religion. When people refer to a Jewish race, it is as laughable as if one were to reply with something like Presbyterian, or Shinto, if another were to ask them their race.

    There appears to be a ton of criminals who have decided to hide behind a farcical description of a race which does not exist and a religion which they do not even practice and they still claim to be Semitic, which they are not.

    I’m not Jewish and I’m not Semitic, but it is a disgrace to the Semitic Jewish people and other Semitic peoples.

  18. James November 6, 2008 @ 3:54 pm

    Dan Rosenblit, you Mut!

    I know you think there are millions of Gentiles who agree with you, and all of the Goyim gather around and worship God’s Chosen people.

    Let me tell you that the tides are turning!

    God’s true Chosen people are going to expose all of you garbage!



  19. Rythmickarma November 7, 2008 @ 6:04 pm

    If only we had a leader in this century with the conscience, vigilance, strength, and action as President Jackson.

    I deject that this country’s citizens would be enlightened and strong, graced with noble sanctity, and living in union with liberty.

    In turn, the disrespectful barking of dimwitted slaves of the ruling corporatocracy would inversely be free peoples affirming with gratitude the historical truth chronicled by you Dan Rosenbit.

    Thank you for being a voice of objectivity conforming not to the vast sea of toxic bigotry.

  20. d-dub November 8, 2008 @ 11:06 pm

    Question, just because someone states a fact that just so happens to be talking about a Judaic person or practice does this make one a anti semite or are they just speaking the truth about another person that just so happens to be of the Jewish “race”?

    I am sure this is true about he Federal Reserve bank. This is also one reason why the Jews were pushed out of Germany by the 3rd Reich… and yes my father was born into Judaism and my ancestors were in the holocaust but this does not make me put a blind eye to reality… yes the merchant jews were and are smart businessmen. But should this skill set be used to control other people? Is corruption is good?

  21. Chuck Boldwyn November 19, 2008 @ 10:55 am

    The following is the Equation that proves that the 911 Twin Towere could not have possibly have collapsed due to exploding plane crashed and extremely widespread fires.

    CL(95) = 20*LL(95)
    = 20*[5*DL(95)]
    = 100*DL(95)
    = 100*(95/15)DL(15)
    = 633 Force Units of upward support

    CL = Collapse Load for 100% & Total Collapse
    LL = Live Load = Occupied & Furnished Weight
    DL = Dead Load = Unoccupied, Unfurnished
    110 = 110 Floor Steel WTC
    95 = 95 Floor Steel Block (Lower Block)
    15 = 15 Floor Steel Block (Top Block)
    20 = Collapse Load Factor of John Skilling
    5 = Load Factor of Ronald Hamburger of NIST

    Therefore, it required the Weight of 633 15-Floor-Blocks pressing down on one 95-Floor-Steel-Block before the possibility of total collapse can possibly occur.

    I am using the NIST and Mass Medias own published and or announces data to make this scientific proof that one 15-Floor-Block could not, even in one’s wildest dreames totally collapse the 95-Floor-Steel-Block below.
    The same application of this data will show that the other Twin Tower could not possibly collapse.

    I have prepared a MS Word document with photos, data table, graphs and other evidence to conclusively prove my assertions. If you are interested in receiving it for your own evaluation and can help me distribute it to the world, please emaial me at
    and I will send you a copy.

    I am also in the process of preparing a narated PowerPoint slide show to put on the Internet. Itis not complete yet.

    This site is an eye-opener and I was not aware that it existed. The American Free Press also has a lot of current and good related information for the discerning researcher.

    Chuck Boldwyn
    Retired Physics & Chemistry Instructor

  22. Bernie December 16, 2008 @ 8:17 am

    Hi Brother Nathanael

    Well, I am German. I pray each day that our own officials will swallow their own dirt which they spread among us. I do so, though I know they’re doing it by order of their beloved friends who we know as occupants represented by a government in the shade, both Berlin and Frankfurt.

    You all must know that our chancelor (Merkel) stated that “we all stand loyal by Israels’ side in fulfillment of our historical duty…” I find no agreement around me. So, she learns to walk on her own.

    To the sons of zion: learn to earn your bread in the sweat of your face. Be aware, how far you will dig into earth – nothing will ever save you from starvation in front of a brimfull plate.

    To everyone who respects the true nature of Man, if he lives in God or not, be welcome and grant a living for the helpless, the poor, the learners, the setting about, the children – for the whole community of Man.

    As a fact, particularly examine the permanent struggle between Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. You will endeavour the basics that led onto the road into your civil war.

    You remember the official mark? But why did Lincoln complain after Antietam Creek “If I could save the Union without freeing a single slave I would do so!”?

    Greetings from house to house

  23. Luis Magno December 31, 2008 @ 8:51 pm

    The controversy over whether Alexander Hamilton was or was not Jewish reminds me of the controversy over whether Christopher Columbus was or was not Jewish. Both controversies are contrived to confuse the goyim in the first instance about the discovery of America and in the second instance about the legal utterance of money.

    President Andrew Jackson may or may not have bankrupted the Second Bank of the United States and stiffed its Jewish controllers but what Jackson demonstrably did was destroy the bank’s essential functions leading to a period of national financial anarchy and economic chaos.

    In whose interests, other than his own, did Andrew Jackson destroy the essential functions of the Second Bank of the United States? Was he dumb enough to believe that those eliminated banking functions were not necessary to the orderly functioning of the American economy?

  24. jim karr June 12, 2009 @ 10:31 pm

    Brother Nathanael — this is all great stuff —

    I found you by accident and love to read a differing view to counter Charlie Rose and all the zionist maximus apologists — there are, like you say, so few outlets that are not propagandists for the new world order lies.

    Glad to have found a truthful news outlet — thanks a trillion!

  25. skip baker October 14, 2009 @ 5:19 pm

    A lot of people talk about the Jews being the Khazars but few know that a thousand years before that, they were the Edomite. In 745 BC they helped Assyria capture the real Israelites and in 586 they helped Babylon capture them.

    Then in 125 BC King of Judah John Hyrcanus defeated them in Edema which just means Edom in Greek. The Jews had moved from Edom to Idumea and attacked Judah from there. After King John defeated them in Idumea they turned around and murdered him four years later in 121 BC and took over.

    They are the Canaanites that God tried to kill off in First Kings 11. But Hadad the prince of the Edomites got away and fled to Egypt where he took an Egyptian wife. See my chart showing that the Jews are the Edomites on my page at:


  26. Monique December 5, 2009 @ 9:54 pm

    Andrew Jackson was one of our truly great Presidents.

    Thank you for your historically enlightening article.

    P.S. Now all the world’s chaos is making sense — dollars+cents — the souless money-changers in the global temple are destroying the world.

  27. vicky December 24, 2009 @ 12:26 pm

    This information is along the lines of another timeline of events and details go here to see more leading up to FRS:

    And Please read this and pass out the brochure to get everyone on board abolishing the FRS and keep our constitution and restore freedom, click to print copies of brochure link in article:

    Here an interview with private bank employee disclosed:

    We can regain control of our government the way it should have been in the first place before Bankers kept hold and gained more power. Let’s unman that power to peace and prosperity for all to have;)!!!

  28. Jeff March 2, 2010 @ 9:11 pm

    I don’t understand why Andrew Jackson was against a national bank when he was a fairly high level Mason.

    This is a huge contradiction that seriously impacts on the Mason conspiracy which I happen to accept.

    Jackson was my hero until I recently discovered this unsettling fact.

    If anybody has a plausible answer I would appreciate it.

  29. Enache Serban May 27, 2010 @ 1:28 pm

    Money back then was backed by gold, to let private banks control the money supply without regulation leaves that country without economic sovereignty. A national bank is a quasi private bank and it is not responsable with the currency, the department of treasury is.

    Alexander Hamilton was a real founding father, a true patriot and a genius economist.

    Hamilton’s credit system was not a monetary system, in today’s sense. That system was also advocated by Abraham Lincoln, and it’s through that system that the USA became the most advanced economy, and this without an income tax.

    The Jacksonian era was filled with economic instabilities. Through these charter banks the debt was a glue for the union, both in responsibility and opportunity.

    The Hamiltonian credit system addressed the general welfare of the people, it engaged only in projects regarding infrastructure, industry, agriculture and energy.

    For example, the country needs railroads or locomotives, the Congress passes a bill of exchange, worth say 4mill$, the president authorizes the bill, and it goes to the national railway company, it goes to a commercial bank under government charter, at exchanges the bill for the money to create the respective project.

    Then the bank buys by using the bill of exchange treasury bonds, medium/long term depending on the project. In order for the project to not be chocked, the interest of the bills are low and fixed, 1,5-2-2,5%.

    The deposits of the commercial bank are financed by the interest on the treasury bonds, and when they’ve matured, the original bill of exchange can be converted into bank notes, because that money is now backed by physical production, or it can go to the national railway company in the form of capital.

    And there you have it, no taxes, no speculation, just sound fiscal economy. Andrew Jackson wasn’t that great, neither was Thomas Jefferson, who was an adept of Lockean so called natural rights, he regarded the blacks as subhuman, he opposed the industrialization of the country as the worst thing to happen.

    He was the advocate of a medieval society for America.

  30. Avsec Bostjan August 22, 2010 @ 10:14 am

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    “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”
    — By Gen. Patton

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  31. Shaun Delage October 31, 2010 @ 9:00 pm

    Setting Up a Constitutional Bank in America

    I am starting to believe what this Country needs is a Constitutional Bank.

    And this one that will put the People at the Head of it versus some CEO.

    It will be a return to days of old when we had Sound Money in this Country.

    As We the People will be the Shareholders of it versus some Private Corporation.

    Imagine the Country we could have again if we knew our Currency was Sound, And the Communities that could be built if we could create the Bank of the United States in America.

    We would no longer have to worry about the Inflation or some massive devaluation of the Dollar, as it will be We the People heading this Bank versus some Federal Reserve System led by (Inter)national Bankers.

    I really could care less if the Gold is over at Fort Knox which is why I don’t care if we have an Audit of it.

    And the reason I say this is because the Dollar is still the Reserve Currency of the World while Debt is another Story.

    But wouldn’t the many of you rather see in this Country a reality based system of Banking
    So that greed can become a thing of the Past as we look to the Future where Scrooge once again opens his Eyes to everyone around him.

    I just have become a Firm Believer that what we need here in America is a Public Bank throughout the United States.

    And that to me would be so much better than Private Banks where those on the Top get paid Huge Salaries, Bonuses, and Stock Options while receiving Bailout Money.

    That saying we heard when they talked about Banks being too big to fail was the biggest Crock Pot of S–t that I ever heard.

    As it should have been the Little People in America who work the Fields of the Earth and those that work any way they can for a Dollar that should have came out ahead versus seeing these Thieves operate at the Tops of Private Banks in this American Temple.

    I am a believer in Main Street where People are down to Earth versus Wall Street where Heads are as big as the Tallest Skyscrapers.

    And what bothers me to this Day is seeing Corporations with Billions getting Bailouts while Small Towns across America die.

    I enjoy life on Copperhead Road where People work for a living and have fun with the Money they make.

    But I for one hate this Golden Road where we are left looking up to our Royalty in Private Banks and Government in Large Cities while Local Governments die which is why I would like to see the creation of a Constitutional Bank in this Country as this Tea Party Movement continues.

    There are around 3,000 Counties in the United States of America that range in size from a few thousand people to over a Million.

    And within those Counties are Townships or Districts that leaves the Area to be broken down even further.

    That is why I would like to see in this Country the Bank of the United States that has a Branch in each of these Areas.

    While the People’s Government supervises the Branch that operates in their Area while the Population as a Whole under the oversight of the Department of Treasury which will ensure that our Currency is Sound.

    That is why I would have loved to grow up a 100 Years ago when there were Banks in the Smallest of Towns.

    Because with them came Bankers who were where Neighbors versus a Government that seems to be in Bed with them that doesn’t seem to be the Poor and Middle Classes Friend.

    Now days we have CEOs that many of us will never get to see that sit atop their Palaces in their Golden Chair.

    That seem to think they are Kings of this Financial World when it used to be us Pawns that ran it all before the Privately Owned Federal Reserve System came to Power.

    Imagine if we had one United States Bank in every Township or District throughout America.

    And there most likely will be more in the populated Areas while others may consolidate together in Rural Areas.

    Each of these Banks will serve we will say 3,000 People all across this Republic of ours, so that in a Nation of around 300,000,000 Citizens would mean that we would need 100,000 Banks

    Smaller is always better which is why Gold is so beautiful in this Age of Debt and Deficits since our Dollar still buys some of it.

    But I really do think it is in a sense a Barbaric Relic so long as they don’t print our Dollar into destruction.

    The Federal Reserve fears me because they don’t like an Individual outside their Royal Class telling you how Debt enslaves People while Inflation destroys savings, and that is why they can take all this Debt that has been created and shove it up their a– as it becomes consolidated in a Bad Bank while the Private Banks evaporate before our Eyes as we give rise to a Constitutional Bank in America.

    There is definitely Money to be made in banking which is sad considering how Inflation allowed the Big Banks that created more Debt to prosper while Small Town ones died off that lived modestly.

    And that is why I look at CEOs at the Tops of Banks as a Devils whose Arms are branching out to our Local Areas only to see our Wealth end up in Far Away Towers.

    Something as important as Money should be kept in the Oversight of the People as it is our livelihood, and that is why I could give a s–t less about the Federal Reserve as they hide in their Books that haven’t been audited and their Note, when I for one would find more Light in what could be the Bank of the United States led by the People.

    That is why I wish we could set up the Bank of the United States with the People as the Overseer while the Head of it will be voted on by the Members of Congress.

    And within each State in America the People within it will vote for a Person to be the Chief Banker in that State.

    The People in each one of the Areas that a Bank operates will vote for the President to head it like we do with Politicians.

    And with it will you see Truth restored once again to our Currency as you put your Trust in your Fellow Man versus the Privately Owned Federal Reserve System and these increasingly Centralized (Inter)National Powers that leaves you to wonder who they are really sleeping with.

    The Books of your Local Bank will be open to the Public’s Eyes.

    And the Head of the United States Bank will put them online once the Head of each State and the President of the Bank signs off on them.

    That way there will be no secrecy involved with the Dollar that will have the Bank of the United States imprinted on it.

    So that together we can bring Light to a Darkened World and Trust once again to this Republic’s Financial System.

    The Chief in charge of the United States Bank will be paid a Salary of say $250,000 a Year to ensure our Currency is secure and to put together a Website that puts Bank’s Financial Statements on line.

    And the Heads of each State will be paid $150,000 a Year to ensure the Banks within that State are in line and to sign off on Financial Statements.

    THe Presidents at the head of each Bank in America will get paid $100,000 a year and this Position will of course be voted on by the People within that Areas jurisdiction.

    The Salaries for the Heads of each State and the District of Columbia along with the Chief will be $7,900,000

    And if we had 100,000 Banks where the average cliental was 3,000 People would their Salaries be $10,000,000,000.

    And we will have a Personal Banker assigned to every 500 People making $50,000 a Year and a Business Banker for every 1,500 People making $75,000 a Year for a Budget of $45,000,000,000.

    And let’s just say that we wanted to allocate one Teller for every 200 People at $30,000 a Year would mean that we would need 1,500,000 Workers for a Budget of $45,000,000,000.

    We can still have Private Banks in this Country but the One True Bank will be in the Hands of the People versus Private Individuals.

    And the reason I bring this up is transparency will be good in this Age of Secrecy where Bailed-Out Banks are apparently too big to fail.

    Once any Profits are made over and above the Operating Costs of the Banks, will you see being donated to better the Community or to cut a Dividend Check to every Citizen in the Area equally.

    So really we could have in America a Constitutional Bank that would employ over 2,400,000 People and that’s not even counting Cleaning Staff and other Workers.

    And all this could be done on a Budget of $100,000,000,000 which is really nothing as Banks create Money out of Thin Air and would rather have them Privately Owned where greed reigns supreme over the People’s Interest.

    And of course these Numbers can be fined tuned but at least they are straight to the point.

    Which is why I hope such a System could come about because it will be all the People that Benefit versus those that sit at the Top.

    You might say that such a System will be too costly to implement but it just leaves me to think that you are as crazy.

    Because in all reality how big of a Bank do you need when really the Goal of Money is to bring out the Hearts of Gold in others while keeping the Snakes in Banks under control as they handle the Root of all Evil.

    So let us just say that we need to build 100,000 Banks in this Country at a cost of $1,000,000 each.

    Which means we would need $100,000,000,000 or $333 Per Person in this Country of 300,000,000 Souls to make a United States Bank a success.

    I bet the many of you are thinking this is crazy and could never be done.

    But I just believe that it is us that is going to make a difference versus Men that operate behind the veils of this Federal Reserve.

    And really what is $333 Dollars a Person when over the course of this Bank’s lifetime will you see that most likely returned to you in Dividends and in Community revival Projects.

    As every Person around you will be rewarded with the Profits of your Local Bank versus giving one Individual Millions of Dollars when it can be instead divvied up amongst the People.

    And maybe some Areas of this Country likes the way their Area is and just has the Bank to simplify life, in which they may not necessary raise enough Revenues to cover their Salaries.

    That will be alright as the Expenses from here on out will be $333 a Person a Year on Taxes to make this Bank a success.

    And that could even be eliminated if the Bank is Profitable which will leave them to send the Chief of the Bank of the United States a Check for each Individual in the Area.

    The Smallest of Towns could be born again by turning the Power of the Banks back over to the People.

    And with it will come the down to Earth feel versus being directed on Phone Lines talking to some Computerized Robot.

    And let’s just say the Bank needs Money to create Loans but doesn’t have enough on Hand, will lead to the People of America investing a CD at another Branch of the Bank of the United States which most likely will pay Savers a higher Rate of Return.

    This to me sounds so much better than having to deal with the Federal Reserve System, as you and I will never be able to borrow Money at close to 0% like Banks currently do.

    And that is why the Bank of the United States will be a success as it really all will be under One Roof.

    So that if an Area needs Money will you see on your Account the Balance in your CD or Savings Account at the Bank of the United States – Branch #29,376 – Crookston Township – 7% Rate of Return.

    In all reality the Banks in this Country when the Floor fell out from underneath them should have been begging the People for Money.

    They shouldn’t have just been able to go to the Federal Reserve for Money or ask the Government for Bailout Funds.

    Each and every troubled Institution should have been begging your Neighbors and Family for Money at Rates that would beat Inflation, but now we are left to see them still making the Big Money while things never really do change unless we seek out a New Direction in this New Millennium.

    So it is by looking at the Smallest Unit of Wealth which in America at least is that of a Penny, will you than be able to see why those on Copperhead Road can benefit as well by setting up a Constitutional Bank.

    And with it we will see greed that operates behind the Banks that control the Root of all Evil, being replaced with Hearts of Gold while seeing which Branches of the Bank of the United States truly making a difference.

    And all reality these Banks once they are built should be able to be self sufficient, which is why a Small Change will truly make a Big Difference in this Country in this Age of Conspiracy Theories.

    America never will die as this is the way for the People to benefit versus just Thieves in the Temple, and that is why even if this Country does see troubling Times ahead you can think outside the Box to actually see a Change that we all can believe in.

    And I wouldn’t even mind if within these Banks that Citizens around them can design their own Currency, so that It can be as beautiful as some of those Notes that have circulated around us in the Past.

    Just think of the Dollars that could be created depicting Local Heroes or other Events or Landmarks that make America great, in which they will be designed with all the Security Features so that nobody can counterfeiting them can’t happen.

    And the reason I want to make The Bank of the United States a Public Bank is because if things get out of Hand you can vote them out of their Position, and this can be done on Election Day or another day by sending out Ballots or by having a Vote at the Bank someday made known in advance to the Public.

    I hope that this could be done without the use of Electrical Machines when we can fill out a Ballot and put it in a Sealed Box.

    So that legitimacy can be restored to this Process since I for one have Faith in the People to count the Ballots which is why I hope you will join me in Setting up a Constitutional Bank in the United States of America where all Citizens benefit versus just Private Individuals.

    The One question I have for the many of you is how much Money does it take for you to be Happy?

    And that is why I would rather Socialize the Profits of a Public Bank versus socializing the Losses with the Taxpayers like we currently see with Private Banks.

    We all just want to enjoy life in this American Garden while living the Dream without having to worry about the destruction of our Currency.

    And that is why when I hope you look at the Dollar Bill that you will see yourself at the Top of Pyramid with your Hearts of Gold versus what we currently see in this Country where greed talks amongst the Private Banks in this Republic.

    Shaun Delage
    October 31, 2010

  32. James Woroble Jr June 15, 2011 @ 8:02 am

    Dan ‘THE TRICK(Z)TER’ Rosenblit is at it again…

    ‘Anti-Semitic’: ‘It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.’ — Former Israeli Minister

  33. Tony Lopez-Cisneros July 1, 2011 @ 1:13 pm

    The “CISNEROS” Name & Ancestry Were, At Some Point In Ancient Time (Most Likely In The 1st Century AD), Roman/Italian/Spanish/Greek/Mediteranean/Sephardic “Jews” Who Were Physically/Genetically Descended From “CAESAR-NERO”:

    Hence, “CAESAR-NEROs”, “CAES-NEROs”, “CES-NEROs”, “CIS-NEROs”:

    “CISNEROS” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !









  34. G. Miller April 17, 2012 @ 12:56 am

    President Jackson did it. Only he and Bill Clinton ever paid off the national debt.

    I wish Obama would unwind the Federal Reserve Bank, because it’s management has been far from orderly. The US swamped in debt in dollars that are not even the property of the US Government, and that stupid Pyramid with the all seeing eye.

    The Federal Reserve notes [US Dollars] need to disappear and a real American currency created.

  35. Graeme May 20, 2012 @ 12:55 am

    According to Wiki America Declared War on Britain

  36. Pastor Michael Treis September 8, 2012 @ 7:14 pm

    Bro. Nathanael,

    Has been right on the money on everything I’ve ever heard him say.

    What always gets me is the “anti-Semitic” when 95% of modern day Jews are of Khazar origin & are not even Semitic.

    Our greatest problem today is they have embedded themselves in positions of power in every level of our government.

    Ben Franklin was right in his assertion to question whether they should be allowed in.

    We are plagued with their control of pornography, drugs, liquor & most of all our media & finance.

    This is why the upcoming Million Patriot March 9/17 on DC is of such importance.


    Which will be way more then a “march.” We are preparing to take America back as a Christian Nation again.

    There is a caravan page to coordinate rides plus links for charter buses. PLEASE JOIN US!!

  37. Pirate Jews December 20, 2012 @ 7:59 am

    You left out the British burning down the White House and Washington DC in 1814, and Andrew Jackson getting shot about a dozen times.

    General Jackson’s tombstone is marked with “I KILLED THE BANK”.

    A member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including ARABS. — Merriam Webster Dictionary

    “A ‘Semite’ is any person living in that area, including Arabs and Christians. It’s time we start talking about ‘The Other AntiSemitism’. A Semite is not a Jew living in America or Europe.” — Ralph Nader (Arab from Lebannon), C-SPAN, 2003

    “KHAZARS, a national group of general Turkic type, independent and sovereign in Eastern Europe between the seventh and tenth centuries C.E. During part of this time the leading Khazars professed Judaism.

    They may have belonged to the empire of the Huns (fifth century C.E.). Mas ? udi states positively that the king of the Khazars became a Jew in the caliphate of Harun al-Rashid (786–809 C.E.).”
    ( )
    ( )

    “The name Ashkenaz was applied in the Middle Ages to Jews living along the Rhine River in northern France and western Germany. The center of Ashkenazi Jews later spread to Poland-Lithuania and now there are Ashkenazi settlements all over the world.

    The term “Ashkenaz” became identified primarily with German customs and descendants of German Jews. In the 12th and 13th centuries, many Ashkenazi Jews became moneylenders. Ashkenazim focused on Hebrew, Torah and especially Talmud.

    Sephardim Jews there considered the Ashkenazim to be socially and culturally inferior. By 1750, out of 2,500 Jews in the American Colonies, the majority was Ashkenazi. The United States became the main center for Ashkenazi Jews.

    In Israel, political tensions continue to exist because of feelings on the part of many Sephardim that they have been discriminated against and still don’t get the respect they deserve. Historically, the political elite of the nation have been Ashkenazim.” – Jewish Virtual Library
    ( )
    ( )
    ( )

    “The terms “Marrano” and “converso” were applied in Spain and Portugal to the descendants of baptized Jews suspected of secret adherence to Judaism. Converso, from the Latin conversus, meant literally the converted.” – Jewish Virtual Library
    ( )
    ( )
    ( )

    “A circumcision ritual practiced by some Orthodox Jews has alarmed city health officials, who say it may have led to three cases of herpes – one of them fatal – in infants. But after months of meetings with Orthodox leaders, city officials have been unable to persuade them to abandon the practice.

    The practice is known as oral suction, or in Hebrew, metzitzah b’peh: after removing the foreskin of the penis, the practitioner, or mohel, sucks the blood from the wound to clean it.” – Andy Newman, New York Times, “City Questions Circumcision Ritual After Baby Dies,” August 26, 2005

  38. Dave Maxwell December 27, 2012 @ 11:55 pm

    For the record G. Smith, Bill Clinton did not pay off the national debt.

    The annual budget was balanced for two years of his Administration. But the National Debt continued to increase due to interest owed to the corrupt ‘ Federal Reserve Bank.’

    And when Clinton’s so-called balanced budget was reported, the nation’s unfunded liabilities of trillions were conveniently left out of the official numbers.

  39. 1MrNascar` May 7, 2013 @ 7:01 am

    The Zionist Jews who now COMPLETELY control the us (Israel’s Bitch) are very aware that White and Black Christians are waking up to EXACTLY what the Jews are doing and have done to our once (ONCE) great country.

    Like every other thing the jew touches,they suck the very life out of it. Anyone ever wonder why the Jew needs us so badly?

    Simple really.They cannot live among only themselves. They need Christians, Muslims, Hindu’s and every other race to feed off. Jews create nothing. Through usury, money changing, and Money Pooling, unbelievable interest rates…they aquire every thing.

    They are the scourge of the Earth. They have a set of rules they live by. “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” They scream its a forgery, but a 6 yr old can see they live and breath EXACTLY what that book tells them.

    Until all of us of other Races come together and TAKE BACK THIS COUNTRY, nothing will change. It will only get worse as they devour all our wealth and chain us to a Plow.Their Talmud teaches them we are Cattle.

    The Jews did the same thing in Germany till Hitler came on the scene. They want the World to believe the BS Holahoax. The Discussion in Iran 4 yrs ago completely exposed the FARCE. They also reminded everyone the Jews tried the same Lie in WWI.

    The Jew is the single biggest problem on this EARTH.

  40. 1MrNascar` May 7, 2013 @ 7:20 am

    Luis Magno,

    Not only are you IGNORANT of the truth, or your a Liar.

    Only a Jew would come on here trying to twist the truth. You’re just mad “The Bloodsuckin Parasites,” your ancestors, couldn’t kill Jackson before he ran you scum outta Washington and took all of “OUR” money back.

    Every person of average intellagence on this forum is laughin’ in your face.

    Now go sit and figure out a way to steal something.Thats the only thing you Jews can do.

  41. 1MrNascar` May 7, 2013 @ 7:23 am

    Pastor Michael Treis,

    Be advised FaceBook has suspended your link.

    How can I get more info as I will bring hundreds with me?

    Also this is the 1st I’ve even heard of this.

  42. Mary January 19, 2014 @ 2:36 pm


    I read your report about the Pope approaching the Rothschild’s in the early 19th century.

    When you look up historical data, France King Louis XVI was a devoted Catholic that the Jews set up with Marie Antoinette through Freemasonry and the French Revolution.

    By 1793, Louis XVI was gone (his memory still lives in America with the names of the cities of Louisville, KY and Saint Louis, MO). Regardless, the Jews were able to cast out Louis (just the same as the Russian Tsars).

    The Catholic Church had tithes in France before all of this. The historical data that I have come across is that the Catholic Church was battling this severe breakdown for 30 years, which leads to the year of 1823.

    The Catholic Church was in serious financial trouble and the Rothschild’s agreed to take over their finances. That was when the Tithes in Ireland were sold to rich people, that Catholic Irish priests were highly against. But the Rothschild’s claimed that they would only help in financing and that has turned into a complete disaster for the Catholic Church.

    It should be noted that 40% of Catholics are still Christian.

    The Catholic Church (I believe anyways) will get their Church back eventually, but it will be through God.

  43. Mary January 19, 2014 @ 2:45 pm

    In regards to the issues with President Jackson, America does need another President like him.

    He gave all of that money back to Americans after he bankrupted the Second Bank of the United States on the international bankers. He called them “a den of thieves” and they were and they still are.

    It appears that some countries are standing up to the Jewish bankers now. This began in 2006 with Russia. Iceland decided to throw these Jewish bankers in jail in 2008.

    They are slowly paying off their debts to the Bank of England (lost cause on that because the same people own that as well). Hungary has also made a move and they officially did pay off the Jewish bankers by 2013.

    So countries are proving that they can stand up to the Jewish bankers (the last country to do so was Germany between 1933-1935).

    If America pays off debt (they will tell you money can only be created out of debt, but everyone knows that it is easier to get into debt than to get out of debt), then America could then enter into a national banking society that would be debt-free and interest-free.

    There are barter systems that would not affect trading with other countries, if that would be what other countries would fear. This is not to the liking of the Jewish bankers, but America prospered so greatly on economic levels (lone exception: Civil War) in the 20th century.

    Anyone should then ask themselves: what happened to America?

    Not to worry though. America is not like England in the sense that they are so small that they need large bankers. I have faith that it will eventually happen here again (whether I am still alive or not is a different question).

  44. Anthony Salvatore February 24, 2014 @ 5:04 pm

    Mary, you are very optimistic.

    I doubt that any of what you say will come to pass. People are too distracted with things, and when the bottom falls out it will be to late to care.

  45. Concerned reader November 29, 2014 @ 2:55 pm

    I yearn for the day when the snake Federal Reserve Bank is killed.

    I want to see these Jews taught a lesson for good.


    God bless

  46. MarinaPrice February 21, 2016 @ 5:14 pm

    Hi just wanted to let you know that Andrew Jackson’s grave stone does not say “I killed the bank” on it.

    My husband researched it and he can’t remember what is written on it, but it definitely does not say that.

    This is a common myth among the patriot community that serves to discredit otherwise reputable people when they repeat this fallacy.

  47. MOLON LABE May 10, 2016 @ 1:01 pm

    The Satanic worshipping Jews designed a system of theft through the fraudulent Fed banking system.

    The Federal Reserve System will only die when everyone refuses to finance it through the income tax scam.

  48. Sam May 28, 2016 @ 5:37 am


    It explains why Jews hate him the most out of any USA president.

  49. Jay June 4, 2016 @ 11:36 pm

    That’s what Trump’s for. That’s what he was sent to do as well as get that border wall up.

    By doing those 2 things, States will be able to secede and reclaim the grants given to the what has become a completely criminal enterprise.

    The South will re-exert it’s Sovereignty, and the other States if they want to form a new Union will form a new Constitution.

  50. Tim October 6, 2016 @ 5:29 am

    America is doomed.

    Here, people are only interested in porn, LGBT, Atheism, Smartphones, Propaganda TV channels, fake news, lies, altered history, obesity, cultural diversity (which leads them to white genocide), etc.

    Some people know what’s going on here but can do nothing!

    Just wait! Your future will be same as Tsars in 1918. You and your children will be slaughtered as 66 million Christians were slaughtered in Russia!

  51. Tommy Leei January 27, 2017 @ 1:16 pm


    Looks like Trump is taking up that battle against the Federal Reserve and Central Bank.

  52. Frank Goodman February 26, 2018 @ 1:06 pm

    We need another Andrew Jackson.

    I am in no way, shape, or form anti-Semitic. Stop using that way overused term.

    Jews calling someone an anti-Semite is basically just telling someone they’re not allowed to ask questions or do any detective work. It’s kinda like how the mainstream Jew media calls anyone looking for truth a “conspiracy theorist.”

    Stop trying to control the dang narrative! It’s old already.

    I actually have a lot of respect for the Jewish people but I also know that just because you guys have suffered some here and there, doesn’t automatically make you good people. The Goodman family of mine was actually Jewish of you go back far enough.

    However, we decided that Jesus wasn’t just the Savior of the goyim but the Savior for Jews as well, and so now we’re Christian.

  53. Eric December 8, 2020 @ 3:10 am


    Small correction: St. Louis is named after Louis IX, not Louis XVI.

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