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Is Putin A New Hitler?


Is Putin A New Hitler?
By Brother Nathanael Kapner March 23, 2014 ©

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COMPARING PUTIN to Hitler seems to be the latest political meme these days.

Not only is presidential wanna be Hillary Clinton sensationally likening Putin to Hitler, but former National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, has joined the latest anti-Putin smear campaign:

“Putin’s thuggish tactics in seizing Crimea offer some hints regarding his planning,” barked Brzezinski in a recent OpEd in the Washington Post.

“Much depends on how clearly the West conveys to the dictator in the Kremlin — a comical imitation of Mussolini and a more menacing reminder of Hitler — that NATO will act if Ukraine is crushed,” threatened Brzezinski.

If superficially equating Putin’s response to Crimea’s request to join Russia to Hitler’s so-called ‘seizure’ of the Sudetenland and passing it off as ‘history repeating itself’ then hysteria and rhetorical distortion have replaced sober historical analysis.

Truth is, Putin is not interested in expanding the borders of the Russian Federation, and certainly not in ‘annexing’ Ukraine, in and of itself. This is where senile Brzezinski and brainless Clinton are dead wrong.


ONCE IN DEEP DEBT to the Jew-run IMF, Russia is now a growing prosperous state.

Since Putin’s presidency in 2000, billions have been invested in improving Russian infrastructure and boosting social services.

The top 50 Russian businessmen (and ex-oligarchs) now control only 35% of Russia’s GDP and have virtually no political clout, as Putin has legally purged the Jewish money changers from politics.

A prime example of the new Russian political ethics is Vitaly Churkin, ambassador to the UN, a consummate professional career diplomat.

Churkin represents no other interests than the Russian state. (See his reaction to Samantha Powers Sunstein’s attack on his person.) On the other hand, US diplomats are corporate revolving-door hacks switching back and forth from business to politics.

In contrast, the top 50 Ukrainian oligarchs control 85% of Ukraine’s GDP.

Other than the oligarchs, Ukraine is dirt poor with 25% of Ukrainians living below poverty level. Education is far behind Russia’s and the average salary is much lower.

(Once Yats the Yid subjects the country to IMF “loans”with Jewish conditions—then Ukraine’s demise is guaranteed.)

There has been absolutely no investment in Ukraine’s infrastructure since 1992 thanks to oligarch greed in successive central governments. And the Soviet infrastructure inherited by Ukraine, such as it was, is even further degraded now.

While Ukraine is a linchpin to Putin’s plan to build the Eurasian Economic Union, the concept is far different from ‘annexing’ Ukraine into the Russian Federation.

Russia still has a long way to go to overhaul its own old Soviet infrastructure, as well as developing new projects, including bringing up to RF standards Crimea’s share of military equipment and bases.


WHILE RUSSIA still must deal with outside interference in Ukraine, a greater threat is posed by the religio-cultural fault line of the “clash” of Western and Orthodox Christian civilizations in Kiev and Lviv.

This “clash” is made up of EU-leaning Ultra-Nationalists, Poland-loyal Catholics, Uniates, Jews, and uncanonical, schismatic Orthodox ‘churches’…all united…NOT in any love for Ukraine…but in their hatred of Russia.

Would Putin refuse part or all of Ukraine voluntarily and persistently wanting to join Russia? No. He’s a populist and pragmatic.

But more than that, he’s Orthodox, “Pravoslaviye,” which defines Russian identity. The Orthodox Church is the center of Russia’s national identity.

This is why the Patriarch is given a preferential seat of honor ahead of other religious figures during civil gatherings. This is why Putin affirms that Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine are tied by their mutual Orthodox culture and worldview.

Putin’s realpolitik not only includes his religious faith but what comes his way through God’s providence. This is what the West — ruled by brainless women, queers, and Jews — doesn’t understand about Putin.

In dollars and cents, it’s fiscal folly for Putin to receive Crimea, at least in the short term, into the Russian Federation. But the materialistic bottom line doesn’t matter to him.

He would do the same for Kiev (utterly broke as it is) as what he did for Crimea, that is, give it a leg up with every lawful and ethical means at his disposal, including those mystery men in green who always kept their rifle barrels face down.

Like General Kutuzov whose weapons “patience and time” wrought Russia’s victory over Napoleon, Putin allows “providence” to open its arsenals against the Jew-ruined West.


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Brother Nathanael @ March 23, 2014


  1. Brother Nathanael March 23, 2014 @ 4:50 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    What do the people of Ukraine want? Yids or Orthodox Christians?

    If they continue on the ‘EU’ path then Kiev gets YIDS.

    If they realize that their best interests are served by allying with Russia then they get Orthodox Christians who love the Lord Jesus Christ…rather than YIDS who HATE the Lord.
    Help Me FIGHT the Jews!

    I need your financial help to CONTINUE these hugely popular Videos and Articles.

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    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  2. Brother Nathanael March 23, 2014 @ 4:50 pm

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    “Can The Jews Stop Putin?” @

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  3. stevor March 23, 2014 @ 5:04 pm


    Hitler was against the communists and Putin is against O’bama, who seems to be a communist, so maybe it’s a good analogy!

  4. Irene Bonney March 23, 2014 @ 5:04 pm

    The meanings of ‘annex’ do not include President Putin’s actions from outside of Crimea. He never entered that area.

    Having been a child when Hitler performed his annexations, I well remember the newspaper headlines in Australia. Each action he took in annexation of various countries, was an invasion, using his army of troops, tanks, guns and planes.

    The western press is lying on every television channel we are able to view. Young journalists are but pawns in the serious games our own country and its allies are playing. All at the behest of Jews who dominate the situation as we were well able to discover.

    Christians and the American Right, ‘Arise, shake off your unscriptural beliefs with which you have been brain washed.’

    After much searching for many years, it is clear without a doubt that the brainwash has been imposed on hundreds of millions for 186 years, going back to Britisher, its revealator, John Nelson Darby.

  5. Grif March 23, 2014 @ 5:15 pm

    Jews doing their vial errands like always.

    It’s time for the world to stop them and unite rather than be distracted from the real enemy, International Jewry.

  6. Karen March 23, 2014 @ 5:17 pm


    There are some women and some queers who resent being slotted with Jews.

  7. Clarence Ozgood March 23, 2014 @ 5:38 pm

    “Putin’s realpolitik not only includes his religious faith but what comes his way through God’s providence.”


    Over here, Jews are committing “False Flag” events every other week. They paint swastikas on everything, then blame us. We don’t know where Jews live. Only Jews know where Jews live. That’s how we know they paint their own swastikas :o)

    They are SO crazy with “We must control everything,” that they’re choking the life out of everything. Our schools are REALLY suffering. And our newspaper has been converted into “The Jew News” (no relation).

    Now it’s all “Jew Cable TV” with all Jew news stations. And AMC/NPR radio takes public money and donations, but it’s an All Jew affair.

    I don’t see how they get away with it. Oh, that’s right. The FCC Executive chairman is JEWlius Genachowski. He attended yeshiva and studied in Israel.

    So we’re pretty much S.O.L.

  8. Stephen March 23, 2014 @ 5:55 pm

    Macho Putin vs. Girly-Boy Obama

    Enjoy! 🙂

  9. paschn March 23, 2014 @ 6:06 pm

    I was born a few short years after WW2 ended.

    I’m only 2nd generation United States of Israel. My father on the other hand was late ’20’s when the Jews suckered us, (with the help of President Roosenfeldt), into WW2 under orders from the City of London.

    What most people old enough to remember seem to forget all too easily is the fact that even then the Synagogue controlled the media. Dad remembered the German version of the Central Bank “depression” and the suffering it brought.

    Many of the countries Hitler marched through cheered the German Liberators and welcomed them because he and his had cut the Bolshevik Jew cancer out of their country. Even the Russian people, (not the Bolshevik Jews), cheered him on his march to Leningrad.

    Most don’t realize the millions of lives which could have been saved had the West worked with him rather than against him to service their Jew masters.

    As with Castro and Cuba, the professional class, (bourgeoisie), similar to our own class of traitors here, benefit from the corruption in one way or another and with NEVER give a telling of the facts of a matter.

    When you’re warm, well dressed/fed it’s very difficult to be honest and objective. Not impossible, but difficult.

  10. Lars Andersson March 23, 2014 @ 6:25 pm

    Very interesting article and I hope that Putin manages to stay out of war with the West.

  11. Fb March 23, 2014 @ 6:27 pm

    It seems history is repeating itself, at least that’s what they want.

    All of Putin’s actions prior to Ukraine, and during and after, have all the hallmarks with what Hitler did before the war, they are not exactly the same but are very similar.

    The Jews are upset with Putin like with Hitler about upsetting their plans and want blood.

    To me it seems too coincidental that’s it is happening in the same way, with all the rhetoric that is being going on like it’s being staged by both sides. I’m sorry I know everyone’s on Putin side but everyone knows they play both sides even if they don’t know it.

    Everyone must not forget the Judeo-masonic link and the role they play for their master. Everything has been planned for along time.

  12. KathJuliane March 23, 2014 @ 6:31 pm

    Fantastic article, dear +BN!

    Brought tears to my eyes, and I love how you showed Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church at the very head of the dignitary area, symbolizing that the Church has spiritual authority over the political.

    All of the symbolic and monumental memory of Emperor Justinian’s Byzantine political theology and Symphonia between Church and State, and the ideal of Christian patriotic service to one’s nation is present today in Orthodox Mother Russia.

    Bravo, and thanks also for pointing out the misinformation and rhetorical abuses of facts of history concerning the fully over-demonized Hitler, particularly by the likes of empty headed Clinton and Brzezinski, in order to attempt to demonize Putin.

    I agree, Brzezinski is going senile, he is quite stuck in the past, and trying to get his deflated legacy as a global mover and shaker started again.

    God bless and keep up the good work. The penetrating insights concerning Ukraine that are very seldom covered anywhere else, have been beyond remarkable.

    And thanks for bringing the religious-political issues of Western Ukraine. I know this is not bashing Papists, Poles, Uniates, and Schismatics simply for the heck of it.

    These are all powerful social and political influences with long histories in Western Ukraine now feeding the current pseudo-nationalism, like Svoboda and some of the groups of Right Sector for example, which have long, contributed to Ukraine’s miseries. A healthy patriotic nationality (not nationalistic) movement cannot be built on hatred of someone else.

    It is literally true that there are two different Ukraines culturally and politically, each having evolved along different historical paths, almost neatly following the divide of the Dnieper River. There is “right bank Ukraine” and “left bank Ukraine,” each with a distinct national identity.

    People have probably heard of Putin following the old tsarist formula of “Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality.” And then are confused when they hear that Putin’s a “nationalist.”

    The best I’ve been able to frame out for myself anyway, is that in Russian, natsional’nost’, is a concept that does not exactly equate to “nationalism,” nor does not refer to exclusively Russian ethnic nationalism.

    Rather, ‘Nationality’ suggests an imperial consciousness — patriotism, civic duty, and service to others, the consciousness of a ‘fatherland’ or ‘motherland’ among fellow believers in Christ and the spirit to defend the Church — the people of God — and the Faith as the traditional culture bearer of one’s homeland and people.

    Going back in time to the Christian Roman Empire where the slogan was never used outright but was still the foundation of Byzantine identity, “nationality” roughly corresponds to the Greek term “ecumene,” or the inhabited, civilized world, specifically the Roman Empire.

    Nationality in this Roman/Russian sense is similar to the greatly reviled and misunderstood “Prussianism.” Nationality = Civilization; the Ecumene, as opposed to barbarism. It is easiest to define what this term has meant, historically, and means today in light of the other two — Orthodoxy and Autocracy.

    Society is civilized if 1) the Church and State are acting in symphony and 2) the government, obedient to its conscience, expressed by the Church, works for the good of its citizens. Of course, national’nost is the most complex term of the slogan Orthodoxy, Autocracy and Nationality.

    Does that mean that Putin thinks he’s a tzar like the West keeps accusing him of being? Not in the least, nor does the Church treat him as such.

    All Putin did, much to Moscow’s surprise, was take bold advantage of the Russian constitution which was written with very strong, almost dictatorial presidential authority to begin with.

    Under that authority, he strives to deal with a chaotic, organized crime, and declining Russian world under the post-Soviet Communists turned hyper-capitalist Oligarchs, which made Chicagoland of the ’20s and ’30s and the Mafia families look like something out of Disneyland.

    Ukraine today with its Ukrainian oligarchs dominating politics, and the 50 top controlling 85% of Ukraine’s GDP is what Russia looked like in the ’90s. Clearly Putin has done a lot of work whittling the Russian oligarchs down to the top 50 controlling 35%, and he continues to work to build Russia up for future generations. And Putin is the first to admit that Russia still has many problems.

    The Emperor has a very specific place in the traditional political theology and ecclesiology of the Orthodox Church. Putin when he goes to church stands in a place where other dignitaries stand, and never in the place reserved solely for the Emperor.

    Born a few years after WW2, I remember Christian America having a spirit of “natsional’nost” expressed in the motto “One Nation Under God.” Patriotism and unselfish service to others was not only desireable, the Christian moral and ethical virtues to cultivate Nationality was rewarded.

    A Serb bishop once said to me, that a person can not be a patriot of Heaven if they are not also patriot of their earthly homeland, too. He also said that true patriotism of each realm requires faith, intelligence and thoughtfulness.

    I’m all for true Ukrainian independence. There’s a lot I do agree with about the Euromaidan protests against the criminality and corruption of not just Yanukovych, but all the predecessor regimes since 1991. Ukraine should look to Finland as a model for graciously and successfully making the reforms to integrate as a bi-lingual state. Federation and power-sharing among autonomous regional governments with their different social and cultural demands is truly the best solution.

    It would help start to break up the central authority’s power and perhaps put brakes on the never-ending corruption in Kiev, without splitting the country at the Dnieper again. Maybe Ukraine needs a Putin, but until one comes along the Ukrainians are going to have to do the work themselves.

    My donation is on the way, dear +BN.

    IC XC
    NI KA

    P.S. to Karen. +BN wasn’t talking about women in general, he was referring to the political alliance of elite womanoids, Sodomites, and Jews currently in power.

  13. Citizenfitz March 23, 2014 @ 7:01 pm

    “He’s supposed to just sit there and let the US encircle Russia!” whines American General:

    “The (Russian) force that is at the Ukrainian border now to the east is very, very sizable and very, very ready,” said Philip Breedlove, a U.S. Air Force general.

    “There is absolutely sufficient force postured on the eastern border of Ukraine to run to Trans-Dniester if the decision was made to do that, and that is very worrisome.

    “Russia is acting much more like an adversary than a partner!”

    Well, I’m rootin’ for Putin!

  14. Hugh Beaumont March 23, 2014 @ 7:02 pm

    So what’s going to happen to Patsy Yatzy?

    Is he going to be FPI’s puppet in the rest of Ukraine?

  15. Norbert March 23, 2014 @ 7:20 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael:

    Everyone is pretty much on target. Please remember that General Patton was the only WW2 American general that knew who the real enemy was (Soviet Union/Stalin).

    He wanted to continue the war and go and attack and destroy the Bolsheviks. However, he had an automobile accident ( attempted assisination ) where he was hospitalized.

    When in hospital Patton realized they trying to kill him. He told his wife to “get him out of here” (hospital) or he is dead.

    Since the Jewish establishment was working both sides they had to neutralize Patton.

    Today watch and see that Putin will win the eastern part of Ukraine as well because he needs that NATO buffer and breadbasket. Thanks, Norbert.

  16. Seek The Truth March 23, 2014 @ 7:57 pm

    I hope Putin is not another Hitler zionist stooge “boogeyman” who gave rich Jews Palestine by killing the poor ones and helping create the holocaust extortion racket used to dump a huge load of guilt on Christians so that they could be be much more easily fleeced by Jews.

    Please don’t make a hero out of Hitler.

  17. Marc Veilleux March 23, 2014 @ 8:13 pm

    Dear BN, I love you, your site and your politically incorrect commentaries.

    But I also don’t agree on all of what you believe.

    First, I was in Kiev (and Saint-Petersburg) as a tourist last summer. I saw in Kiev many addition to infrastructures such as the fast trains going all over Ukraine, a brand new airport in Kiev, nice highways around Kiev and plenty of constructions (mostly high rise buildings).

    Second, I see many similar scenarios between pre WW2 Germany and (pre WW3) Russia. Germany’s territory was split up into many different countries; in Poland, Germans were being slaughter and plundered.

    This would probably be the case now in Ukraine if it were not for Russians to have shown their teeth; but the threat is still there!

    But what is more important to understand is that war are chastisements from God; the Jews are not responsibles. They cannot have any power on a Christian nation, but will overcome any country that do not embrace our Lord Jesus-Christ.

    God still love his chosen people (in the flesh: Jews) because of their forefathers and his promises to them and He wants to gather them under his umbrella. But they are being led astray by their leaders.

    What I am seeing is that God used Hitler and the Germans to chastise the world and the Jews, and is getting ready to use Putin and the Russians to do the same.

    The only way to avoid WW3 (or limit the damages) would be for Russia, the whole nation, to convert and repent for their sins. They are still offending God with pornography, fornications, abortions, contraceptives, and most important: most Russians, like most Europeans, do not worship God, they do not love Him above everything.

  18. KathJuliane March 23, 2014 @ 8:20 pm

    Perhaps the most sober-minded man in America today concerning Ukraine and US public policy is Jack Matlock, retired from the Foreign Service.

    He was a career diplomat who served on the front lines of American diplomacy during the Cold War and was U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union when the Cold War ended. He’s now a teacher, historian, and linguist.

    Ambassador Matlock argues that the Number One spin of the Western media was to convince world public opinion that it was a conflict between Ukraine and Russia, not among culturally, ethnically, linguistically and religiously diverse Ukrainian people.

  19. dr albert pastore March 23, 2014 @ 8:44 pm

    In 1939, the killing of Germans trapped in Poland (and also along the German-Polish border) forced Hitler’s hand.

    I fear that groups unknown may start killing Russian nationals in Ukraine, thus forcing Putin to have to “conquer east Ukraine”…

    Ominous parallels between 1939 and 2014..

    Poland 1939 = Ukraine 2014?

  20. John Knight March 23, 2014 @ 9:08 pm

    The US-NATO like to claim that their ‘missile offense’ deployments increasingly encircling Russia and China are intended to protect against possible nuclear strikes from Iran or North Korea.

    Iran and North Korea though are the bogey-men.

    The real prize is the final corporate takeover of the Russian and Chinese economies, and in the case of Russia, the world’s leading supply of natural gas. (And don’t forget the Arctic Sea melting ice that leaves Exxon-Mobil and Chevron a freer hand to grab that undersea oil – if Russia is neutralized.)

  21. Mark Leininger March 23, 2014 @ 9:50 pm

    “Hitler — you knew him — what was he like? I have been asked that question a thousand times since 1945, and none is more difficult to answer.

    Some 200,000 books have dealt with WW2 and especially with Adolph Hitler. But has an AUTHENTIC Hitler been discovered in any of them? … Apart from Dali, who else has ever tried to present an objective portrayal of this extraordinary man whom Dali labeled the most explosive figure in human history?

    The mountains of Hitler books based on blind hatred and IGNORANCE do little to describe or explain the most powerful man… How, I ponder, do these thousands of disparate portraits of Hitler in any way resemble the man I knew?

    The Hitler seated beside me, standing up, talking, listening. It has become almost impossible to explain to people fed fantastic tales for decades that what they have read or heard on television JUST DOES NOT CORRESPOND TO THE TRUTH.

    People have come to accept fiction, repeated a thousand times over, as reality. Yet they have never seen Hitler, never spoken to him, never heard a word from his mouth. The very name of Hitler immediately conjures up a grimacing devil, the fount of all one’s negative emotions.

    Like Pavlov’s bell, the mention of Hitler is meant to dispense with substance and reality.

    After 1945 Hitler was accused of every cruelty, but it was not in his nature to be cruel. He loved children. It was an entirely natural thing for him to stop his car and share his food with young cyclists along the road. Once he gave his raincoat to a derelict plodding in the rain. If he did not like cats, it was only because they ate birds.

    Hitler was not much concerned with his private life. In Vienna he had lived in sordid, vermin-infested lodgings. But for all that he rented a piano that took up half of his room and concentrated on composing his opera. He spent many weeks in shelters for the homeless. But he never stopped painting or reading.

    Despite his dire poverty, Hitler somehow managed to maintain a clean appearance. Landlords and landladies in Vienna and Munich all remembered him for his civility and pleasant disposition.

    His behavior was impeccable. His room was always spotless, his meager belongings meticulously arranged, and his clothes neatly hung or folded. He washed and ironed his own clothes, something which in those days few men did. He needed almost nothing, nothing to survive. The sale of a few paintings was sufficient to attend to all his needs.

    The sight of young German Jews comfortably sitting out out the war and the massacres perpetrated against German civilians by Jewish communists, as well as the evidence that the Communist leaders were almost all Jewish, did little to endear the Jews to the Germans.

    If the Germans did not much like the Jewish ways before the war(1), they still had a policy of live and let live. But after the war Germans in the great majority were outraged by what they had seen and suffered. When Hitler denounced Jewish-communist sabotage and massacres he was only echoing the people’s outrage.


    General Leon DeGrelle “Hitler Democrat” 1994 p. 21, 22, 29, 54

    “Please don’t make a hero out of Hitler?” Really? REALLY?

    The Jews had been planning the extermination of the German people for 50 years !

    Without Hitler the demons of the hexagram would have steamrolled over all of Europe. It took until 1950 for the US & UK to suddenly change their tune, stop persecuting the Germans and say “we must build Germany up to help defend us from evil communism.”

    But this is all Hitler ever wanted in the first place! What hypocritical vipers !

    Read the little on-line book “The Dupes of Judah” (the title is a misnomer, but that’s another story). Written about 1940, it is simple, even funny, yet prophetic address to the American Legion vets of WW1.

    In just a couple hours an immense mountain of twentieth century war delusion will melt away under your seat.

  22. Halina March 23, 2014 @ 9:52 pm

    That “senile Brzezinski and brainless Clinton are dead wrong” I agree with.

    I cannot, however, fully accept this statement that claims: “Poland-loyal Catholics, are united with the rest, as stated, NOT in any love for Ukraine, but in their hatred of Russia.”

    There are still a lot of loyal Polish Catholics that do not approve of Vatican II, but they need their faith to get them through difficult times.

    Polish people never had, have and most likely won’t have a voice in these matters so long the Jew-infested Polish government rule this country.

    It is unfair to put all Polish Catholics into one basket with EU-leaning Ultra-Nationalists, Uniates, Jews, and EU-leaning uncanonical, schismatic Orthodox ‘churches’.

    People wish for better lifestyle and those unaware only get confused.

    Can’t you see it in Americans too?

    There are many Polish citizens that feel strongly against the EU, The Judeo-Polish government, and are definitely siding with Putin’s moves.

    Most do not want open borders with Ukraine especially those who still remember only too well the events of the past and the infamous, murderous Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).
    ( )

    I am following several blogs and comments where Putin’s decision-making is being praised and his personality admired.

    There will always be one or two paid agents or dumb asses that deliberately vilify their opponents, which has always been part of one’s propaganda tactics in world’s history.

    We all know they are everywhere!

    Comparing Putin to Hitler is definitely a great injustice being done to Russian President.

    It took me a long time to get convinced about Putin and I’m still not 100% sure, but I can definitely say one thing; I am getting a much better vibes about Putin’s personality than Hitler.

    No! Putin is no Hitler!

  23. Dante Ardenz March 23, 2014 @ 9:59 pm

    Germany in the 30’s and Russia today, do meet the comparison of fighting Jewish control.

    Both nations were raped by Jewish Finance, war, and revolution. Both leaders restored its infrastructure, morals, and culture. In Germany’s case, they had zero resouces but genius, and drive.

    The Rothchild International Bank Of Settlemests were driven out, transnationals taxed, and finanace nationalized. Putin has paid off Rothschilds, and has placed the vast resources of Russia in the service of the nation and not the Jews.

    The Jews of London, Paris, and Washington had divided up Central Europe, like they seek to divide up Russia, both opposed this.

    Danzig voted 100 perecent to return to Germany, just as Austria, and the Saar, had done etc. Crimea has done so today in Russia.

    The Jews agitated for war against Germany then, as they are doing today, against Russia. In calling Putin “Hitler,” the Jewish puppets of the USA seek to spread fear to the stupid, but in fact, are revealing more than they should — Jews start wars!

    SEE THE BAD WAR.COM. David Irving Action Report.Com. THE UNNECESSARY WAR, Buchanan.

  24. Brother Nathanael March 23, 2014 @ 10:46 pm

    I just added:(See the Article for the embedded links)

    “Other than the oligarchs, Ukraine is dirt poor with 25% of Ukrainians living below poverty level. Education is far behind Russia’s and the average salary is much lower.

    ***(Once Yats the Yid subjects the country to IMF “loans”—with Jewish conditions—then Ukraine’s demise is guaranteed.)***

    There has been absolutely no investment in Ukraine’s infrastructure…etc”

  25. Eva March 23, 2014 @ 11:22 pm

    With God’s help just hope that the global population wake up soon or later, and realise what crap we are fed.

    Russia is big country and if it is not enough for everyone that they been preserving these beautiful Orthodox churches even under the hard communist regime. Tell me from where will come these ornaments and so on that are there for generations to cherish if those hard liners communist did not save and restore.

    They believe that no one sees Mighty God, and if you wish to have a fate then believe.

    It is actually good to have some kind faith. This checks us in doing bad things, at least I think this way. Then please think for yourself, do not let some smart that think they are smart brainwash anybody feed us with nothing.

    Be good to yourself and others and I believe if there is God, then wish for us unity and understanding and compassion for one and other.

    To me Putin is such a man that will like people united for wellbeing of our home, our world, that we must learn to live in understanding and share our love for life and good think.

    If I would have some magical power, I would cut tongues to all those that mentioning violence and war. It is not necessary build weapons when in other parts of our world is famine and other sufferings of humanity.

    These that is spend on armour can help there where is most needed.

    Think of these people how we can contribute to improve our life on our planet and sent a postcards from to spread love and understanding between nationalities.

    With love to you all Eva, from down under Tasmania

  26. Stephen March 23, 2014 @ 11:28 pm

    I seriously wish people would take a good hard look at how Jews have brainwashed all of us.

    Hitler was an absolute good man, in my mind! He never harmed the head of one single Jew! In fact, some have suspected that he may have secretly been working FOR the Jews themselves.

    He clearly got the Jews out of harm’s way (out of the German cities) and into the comparatively safe work camps tucked away in rural areas.

    I will NEVER use the appellation “Concentration camps,” because those were the exclusive invention of the British who starved thousands of South Africans to death in the Boer War. The Jews repeated that themselves in the Soviet gulags.

    Jews had it very easy in Auschwitz by comparison. They had access to plays, orchestras, soccer, swimming pools, and even brothels!

    How the heck can anyone call Hitler a tyrant, in the midst of all this? If anything, Hitler was far too nice and accommodating to the Jews!

    If he had left them unprotected in the German cities, most of them would have ended up getting firebombed by the Allies, like the 15 million German civilians (almost all of them Christian) actually were!

    Or how about the million+ German POWs who were starved to death AFTER the War ended in Eisenhower’s death camps? These were, in my mind, the real Holocaust(s) that hardly anyone ever talks about, and it was the sole responsibility of US, the supposed “good guys”!

    Most of us have our heads screwed on backwards regarding Hitler and World War II. I certainly HOPE that Vladimir Putin measures up to the greatness of Adolf Hitler. I fear though, that he won’t!

  27. harry March 23, 2014 @ 11:56 pm

    Just a note to Marc Vellieux.

    I think you are disillusioned.

    Hollywood is the porn capital of the world.

  28. John Knight March 24, 2014 @ 12:19 am

    The point being that the American policy of territorial expansionism combined with the stupid theory that America is the rightful owner of values and morality has proven, on both counts, to be wrong.

    The United States and their vile bed-mate Israel are increasingly isolated from the global consensus of peaceful nations and in no time will fall into further disrepute and unavoidable crisis and calamity.

    The American dominance is coming to an end, and America will devour itself in internal conflict and economic disaster. Thank God for President Putin, and applaud him for respecting the will and plebiscite of the people of Crimea.

  29. Snowy Smith South Africa March 24, 2014 @ 1:19 am

    Brother Nathanael is doing a sterling job of exposing the Criminal MAFIA JEW World Order.

    We all know the JEWS have created this World Wide “Money Crisis” and we all are suffering daily.

    We need to get the word out that there is a Web Site exposing the Criminal MAFIA JEW World Order.

    Alex Jones is getting up to 2000 comments and we who are telling the TRUTH daily are only getting 80.

    This is totally unacceptable.

    I am calling on “We The People” Freedom Fighters World Wide to send an Email to everyone on your mailing list telling them of Brother Nathanael’s very informative Site:

    Snowy Smith

  30. Reinbeek March 24, 2014 @ 1:19 am

    Hitler: ‘ I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.’ Hitler to general Engel 1941.

    Hitler was a great leader and it was his Catholic duty as a leader to crush communism and Jewish filth in Germany.

    It was also his duty as a German leader to protect all ethnic Germans from communist thieves and murderers. It was also his duty to protect entire Europe from the Anglo Saxon Jewish/Zionist banksters and lords.

    He was truly a great man and he did not commit suicide. That is not the style of a Catholic politician.

  31. Reinbeek March 24, 2014 @ 1:39 am

    @marc veilleux

    Which prophecy is it that God used Germany as a chastisement of the world? Hitler’s invasion was merely focused on preventing communists to take over Europe.

    Poor Russia was the tool of God’s chastisement. Not Germany.

  32. Didgevillage March 24, 2014 @ 1:57 am

    A complete rewrite of world history is needed.

    The Bolshevik revolution was undertaken by the synagogue of Satan, which later killed 66 million Christians in the Soviet Union.

    Japan fought Russian in 1904-1905 and sent troops to Siberia after the Bolshevik revolution (in order to ensure the success of the Jews) which shows that Japan’s master was and still is in the synagogue.

    What a pathetic country Japan is today: It has no spiritual values and can export only “manga” and anime comics.

  33. Halina March 24, 2014 @ 2:16 am

    An interesting interview supposedly took place on 25 February 2014 between the group leaders of” Freedom ” party, Oleg Tiahnibok, and the leader of the “Right Sector” group, Dmitry Jarosz.

    The conversation also touched Polish topic.

    For those who understand Russian here is the link without any further comments from me about these people national slogans.

  34. Mary March 24, 2014 @ 2:37 am

    @Brother Nathaniel,

    Are you 100% certain that Putin is not a Zionist shill himself?

    There are articles that are not anti-Russian of course (who would be against the Russians after they found God and Jesus Christ), but rather that:

    1.) there are alleged statements made by Putin condemning the Ukrainian leader for being against the Jews, who was the same leader that was tossed out of Ukraine.

    2.) Putin has yet to open Russian archives to provide exact numbers concerning genocides against their own citizens, which these numbers (particularly in Ukraine) have been added not only to WW2 statistics (such as the Holodomor) and the Jews really do not like to discuss the Holodomor of course.

    3.) I have read statements with Putin pleading to the US to not declare war on other countries and even though they have had their differences, they need to come together to support Israel and how they combined to take out “the evil Nazis.” That was an article written by Putin and placed in the New York Times, which Senator John McCain then shot back at Putin and blasting him back.

    4.) I found yet another interesting article written in Hebrew by February 28 that shows the partition of Ukraine that Putin set up before it even happened, with collaboration of Israel and it was written in Hebrew.

    5.) The article in #4 also explains that Israel has shifted their alliance to Russia, which has made the US jealous, because the US is so incredibly weak and unaccountable that Israel cannot rely on them anymore.

    Israel is also supposedly watching the number of illegal Mexicans (interesting that the border patrol can’t do this) because of “Reconquista” and “La Raza” where the Mexicans plan on taking over the Southwest US that will dissolve the Union and the US will be no longer.

    6.) “Little” Orthodox Jews in Jew York have been currently protesting against war, which is a sign that Jews do not want to go to war for Israel. They appear to be highly against Zionism and even the genocides in Israel where Jews are killing Christians, which is supposedly hurting the “little” Orthodox Jews. (Could this be a red flag? I do not know because I’m going on facts and evidence on both sides.)

    7.) Iran has paid Russia for S300’s to defend themselves, but Putin has delayed giving Iran what it needs to defend themselves (this asks the question whose side Putin is really on … is he taking money from both sides of the coin???)

    8.) Israel has been so impressed with Putin’s performance that the Jews are saying: Are you sure that you are not a Jew? In light of this, many people are stating that Putin really does know how to pull strings.

    In light of this issue, it is natural for anyone to side with people that are also opposed to their horrible government policies. With as many Americans are suffering due to the delay of fixing the economy (if it’s intentional, it’s probably because Obama wants people to lose their health insurance so they sign up for his, which proves what a psychopath he is).

    However, where are the facts, proof, and truth of what Russia has truly done? This is the only anti-Jew website that I have come across that is pro-Russian.

    The other is Tomato Bubble, but they are pro-Russian because it is a website to “rebuke” the New York Times and the New York Times is spreading massive anti-Russian propaganda to kick-start another war and I am not for that at all.

    Tomato Bubble appears to be a pretty reliable source that does encourage people to read as much as they can to have people think for themselves and that’s a good thing.

    Are you sure that Putin is a good guy and he’s toying with them?

    Based on different things I have come across, it really does appear that Putin is a major, ultra-Zionist. The difference is that he is not receiving “fake” awards and medals like Merkel has.

    I became alarmed when I read, after there was a translation from Hebrew into English, that the Jews are planning on blaming the Germans and the U.S., as well as some parts of Europe for what is occurring. Why would they do that?

    According to evidence, the UN has placed sanctions against Israel multiple times since the creation of Israel, where the US has vetoed these sanctions approximately 2/3 of the time.

    For this reason, the Jews are planning on making Europe even smaller and basically in a nutshell planning on destroying Europe. These sanctions began in 1948 to lead up to the turn of the century.

    The situation with the US appears to be that the US would not apologize over expelling Jonathan Pollard for accounts of espionage. (I knew there was a motive, but I couldn’t pin-point it)

    The US is actually being forced to apologize for arresting Pollard on account of espionage (links between Pollard and 9/11 are still underway). The expulsion of Pollard occurred in 1985, which was 3 years following the Lavon Affair and it occurred under President Reagan.

    The only good news, which it really isn’t even good news, is that Israel is not only spying on the US, but they are also spying on Russia and China as well.

    If the Jews and Russia clearly had as great of a relationship as some people are quoting, then the Jews would have no reason to spy on Russia either. Maybe the Jews don’t completely trust Putin?

    Does any of this make any sense? No. Some Jews are highly against Netanyahu and are stating that he has a wild imagination and is hallucinating frequently.

    I am assuming that Brother Nathanael is an Orthodox Christian (former Jew) that is currently in the JewSA that has every right to be upset over what is occurring in the US, but what if Russia is pulling both strings just like the Jews do?

    What if Merkel wakes up one morning, realizing that these people are destroying her, and she decides that enough is enough and to finally be for the German people for the first time?

    JewSA appears to have major problems that are not getting any better. Does this mean that anyone is out to get you? No. Any website a person goes to that makes a person believe the world is out to get them (Alex Jones “Infowars” is a perfect example) is obviously a disinformation agent.

    No one is out to get you. They don’t care about you. They only care about themselves.

    The US doesn’t even really have a military anymore. They use their National Guard that have been in Afghanistan over the past year; that is how weak the US really is right now.

    This appears to be more of a situation where the US is falling, is too proud to admit that they are done, and they are acting in total disrespect against patriot US citizens and complete hypocrisy among the rest of the world.

    For example, read Tomato Bubble’s article where the NYT attacks India for minor things on major headlines, while never discussing how those same things happen in the US by like 100 times more frequently in fact, but shame on “naughty India” (sarcasm).

    If Putin is a Zionist shill, then that means that he is NO Hitler. If he is not a Zionist shill and he is playing them, then this question can be rediscussed during the after-math.

  35. Koen March 24, 2014 @ 2:50 am

    Hitler, Putin, some parallels but also many differences, certainly geographically.

    This time Putin has the advantage, he also knows history and what is going on. Putin will not attack other countries like Germany, no matter how much provoked by the Zionists.

    Yesterday, in the Dutch Zio controlled TV news: “terrorists have stolen enough plutonium world wide from nuclear facilities for the making of several neutron bombs.”

    The Dutch national news also spread the words that Russia has become a hostile nation to the world.

    Like all Zio controlled news, this is just more psy-op manipulation of the ‘public mind’. What does it mean? The Zionist are planning a false flag nuclear terror attack, probably on American soil.

    Iran will be blamed (“Iran is the plutonium thief”), then America is setup to attack Iran and Russia to respond to America’s attack. To characterise Russia as a hostile nation is part of the plan.

    Whenever Rothschild’s (who owns Reuters) “news” talking heads are talking about nuclear terrorism, brace yourself, Americans. The nuclear false flag attack is coming to your doorstep, soon!

  36. Snowy Smith South Africa March 24, 2014 @ 3:02 am

    Israel has just recalled ALL its diplomats from embassies across the globe under the pretext of a wage rise dispute ….yeah right.

    Not in their 70 years history has Israel closed ALL their Embassies around the world.

    This nation of vipers is up to something big, possibly an attack against Iran –

    It’s time to keep the Israeli embassies CLOSED for ever.

    Gay Night Club

    Obama when the crap hits the fan, are you going to be hiding in KENYA?

    I don’t think they want you in Israel; they are deporting all the Blacks.

    A mud hut in KENYA will have to do.

    Obama maybe you can start a Gay Night Club in KENYA.

  37. John Knight March 24, 2014 @ 3:23 am

    It’s not Zionism that will be the downfall of Zionists. It’s chutzpah — moral, intellectual, cultural, psychological.

    The migraine these particular goofballs are experiencing is the result of their inability to understand that the apex of their influence is only fully recognizable at the precise moment of the beginning of its inevitable, impending decline.

    If I were advising them, I’d tell them to shut the f*ck up in public and continue to work their magic by buying off politicians to talk for them. That would at least slow the decay.

    But they won’t shut up, because they can’t, and every time they engage directly in public debate it’s one more grain of sand down the hourglass.

  38. John Knight March 24, 2014 @ 4:18 am

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel phoned his Israeli counterpart Thursday to register “deep concern” over the Israeli’s charge that the Obama administration was weak on Iran, Ukraine and terrorism.

    In the call, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon sought to “clarify” his inflammatory remarks and also renewed “his commitment to the strength of the U.S.-Israel relationship,” the Pentagon said in a read out of the phone call.

    In a speech at Tel Aviv University earlier this week, Yaalon said the U.S. was consistently showing “feebleness” in its policies on the Mideast, Russia and China, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

    “Look what’s happening in Ukraine, where the United States is demonstrating weakness, unfortunately,” Yaalon said.

  39. mr. joe March 24, 2014 @ 6:03 am

    Bro. Nat,

    Your line “…the West, ruled by brainless women, queers and Jews..” had me in stitches! I’m still laughing.

    I DO agree with you 100% that Putin is a real populist, a person who really cares about his people. Instead, in the degenerate, vile, Luciferian West, to be labelled a populist is now looked upon by the NWO-run media as tantamount to being described as a demon.

    It proves irrefutably that the “democratic West” is in reality an oligarchy run by sociopathic Jew-bankster led criminals.

    @Marc Veilleux

    I don’t think you really understand what Bro. Nat has been trying to say for years now. Jews are NOT God’s chosen people. God does NOT ask someone to sacrifice his only son to him. That is veiled Satanism, a blood sacrifice! Do you get it? Stop drinking the Christian Zionist kool-aid!

  40. Christine March 24, 2014 @ 6:52 am

    There is a parallel plain as the nose on one’s face.

    Read the article ….link right below.

  41. Donna Gaddis March 24, 2014 @ 8:38 am

    I would consider being compared with Adolf Hitler a compliment if I was Mr. Putin.

    Adolf Hitler did the same thing that the 13 Colonies of the early US did. They issued their own colonial script without gold or silver backing and no interest. In fact, when Benjamin Franklin was asked by a Britisher why the 13 colonies were doing so well, Mr. Franklin said that that was easy. The colonies issued their own money.

    Right afterwards, the Bank of England got their captive British government to pass laws that said all colonies must use British money. End of the Continentals. This was the primary reason for the Revolutionary War.

    In the future, I hope that Russia and China will issue their own debt free money free of the Rothschild bankers and set up laws that make this stick.

  42. God's-Grace-Age_Not-War-Age March 24, 2014 @ 9:55 am

    Great job on all the photos w/the article, +BN.

    You must have a lot of fun making those. They certainly add “character” the the stories! 🙂


    Fb: “…I’m sorry I know everyone’s on Putin side but everyone knows they play both sides even if they don’t know it. Everyone must not forget the Judeo-masonic link and the role they play for their master. Everything has been planned for along time.”

    I have to agree with Fb. I realize people would love to see “the good guy win” (Putin) in this NWO-“Chess Game,” but I think it’s dangerous to put too much faith in any fallible human (Psalms 146:3), not to mention the Judeo-Masonic Dialectic that Putin could very well be party to.

    Though I admire his laws to reign in the “radical homos” & keep them on a leash, etc., I still have to stand back & continue to observe vs. getting too excited over [human] “creature worship.”

    Then again, since God DOES work through individuals these days (rather than nations as a whole), if a Christian man found himself as “head of state” of any nation, the Lord certainly could bless that man’s righteous efforts (Proverbs 29:2; & see next section).


    Marc Veilleux: “…But what is more important to understand is that war are chastisements from God…”

    God is not “war-mongering” in the current era of Grace (Ephesians 3:1,2) because He is working through INDIVIDUALS across the planet, NOT “Nations-Whole.”

    There is nothing in Paul’s epistles (which are for us in this era) which say God is dealing with humanity by “playing favorites” with any particular nation. In other words, He is not CAUSING WARS among the vast number of Gentile nations (they do that themselves, with help from apostate Jews behind-the-scenes!).

    The only era[s] in which the Lord God used “war as chastisement” was during His dealings with Ancient-ISRAEL whom He punished by allowing her enemies to overtake her, time & again.

    — He also allowed pre-Israel’s Moses to punish the Egyptians via the plagues.

    — And later He allowed Ancient-Israel to wipe out evil baby-sacrificing Gentile nations (such as Israel’s first taking of the Promised Land with Joshua at the helm).

    — He also allowed the Romans to wipe out the Temple in 70 AD, but, again, that was as punishment TO Israel, or what was left of it by that time, after which he “scattered them” throughout all the world. And that was the end of God’s warring, & still continuing through now.

    — In the FUTURE, however, *AFTER* “the fulness of the Gentiles (individuals) be come in [Roms. 11:25]” (“come in” to God’s salvation/forgiveness), & AFTER the appearance of Antichrist (the “worthless idol shepherd” Zechariah 11:17) will God again ALLOW Gentile nations (Zechariah 12:2,3,9; Zechariah 14:2,7,8,9,12,13,14,16) to attack the apostate, fake, modern, Rothschild/Masonic-funded-Israel-city of Jerusalem during the Great Tribulation.

    Then 2/3’s of Jews will be killed “IN THAT DAY” (the “DAY of the LORD” Zechariah 14:1), but a 1/3 “remnant” will Jesus come back & save (Zechariah 13:8-9; Romans 9:7, 11:5), & through that “remnant” “shall all Israel be saved” (Romans 11:25). (See also, “What is the ‘DAY of the LORD’?”: ( ).

    — Bottom Line: God does NOT “use war” against any “nation” NOW (Time-Frame is the Key).

    He ONLY ever in the past & in the future has/will “use[d] war” in His dealings with ONE NATION, Israel (for THEIR good or bad, them against nations or nations against them, depending on THEIR behavior… BECAUSE those who insist on “living under Law [rather than by Faith in Christ] will be judged by the Law” – Romans 2:12 vs. 1st Thessalonians 1:10, 5:9).


    SnowySmithSouthAfrica: “Alex Jones is getting up to 2000 comments and we who are telling the TRUTH daily are only getting 80.”

    Maybe fewer in number here but they are HIGH QUALITY COMMENTS vs. the infighting/waste-of-time-bickering-back-& forth between people who comment at AJ sites, most of which you have to skim over to find the “good stuff.” QUALITY TRUMPS QUANTITY! 🙂

    Also, you HAVE TO register at AJ’s sites in order to comment (something I refuse to do at any site that requires “registering” or commenting via logging in using FB or TW or Disqus, etc.) whereas here at RJN you can comment QUICKLY & EASILY by simply giving any ID & email addy (thank you for that!)


    Harry to Marc Vellieux: “…Hollywood is the porn capital of the world.”

    Yes, but where do they get their “scripts”? New Makow article today 3/24/14:

    “Does Talmud Teach Bestiality, Pedophilia, Incest?”:
    ( )


    Reinbeek: “…he [Hitler] did not commit suicide.”

    Makow also had a recent guest article re that:
    3/22/14: “Why the US Didn’t Pursue Hitler” [in Argentina]:

    ( )

    (RJN & Makow sites = The Best For Getting The Real Scoop on World Affairs!)


    Other “real Jew news”:

    3/23/14: “Unbelievable New Line of Satanic Children’s Clothing from Illuminati Jews at Disney”:

    Now this next is funny, posted at one of your regulars’ blog (ElderOfZyklonB): ADL’s Foxman vs. FB’s Zuckerberg:

    3/15/14: “Foxman Flips as Fellow Jews at Facebook Refuse to Remove Jewish Ritual Murder Info”:


  43. paschn March 24, 2014 @ 9:59 am

    Governments are oppressive. It’s their nature. A decent government is simply LESS oppressive and stands for all it’s people.

    I for one am not attempting to deify Hitler. I don’t think anyone posting here is that naïve. But as the Jew lead/controlled U.S. steals/destroys/murders it’s way across the globe, I want to make certain that the truth of the matter is put out there for as many “patriotic” young ones can see the heart of their country.

    Germany to this day is still being bled for the phony hallow’dcaust. Russia, to this day is still identified as “those stinking commie freaks”. But consider this:

    The Swedish Jew Eisenhower was responsible for all those AFTER THE WAR murders outlined in the video I hope you’ll take the time to view.

    Germany didn’t do Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Germany didn’t do Dresden. Germany didn’t violate international law and round up it’s citizens because they were of Japanese descent, confiscate their wealth.

    Please bear in mind, if it weren’t for the internet, we would still be ignorant to many facts hidden from us. Everything the treasonous swine in D.C. lie you into for their Jew paymasters is zeroing in on one purpose; to eventually get the gullible Muslims/Christians to murder each other off or crush each other to a point where members of the Synagogue can gleefully march in and finish the job themselves.

    The Christ was betrayed by Judas. We too, Christians/Muslims alike are being weakened, distracted, and mislead by our very own “Neo”- Judas class. The Bible doesn’t say “Money is the root..”, It’s the LOVE of money.

    The blowflies we are duped into fawning over are a very large part of this neo-Judas class. No politician is a hero. Hero is a very misused word, especially in the West.

    A good politician/statesman is simply one who’s actions are governed by honor, (to the world), and a sincere desire to do good not only for his fellow countrymen but for humanity en toto.

    We see nations and fools vilify Putin. For what? for seeing the true nature of the whores in power in the West? For taking steps to prevent his nation suffering yet another Bolshevik Jew slaughter?

    No. His actions are obvious just as the West’s are. But it was Jew run West that has slaughtered more people, stolen more wealth, destroyed more land for thousands of years and created future generations of poor, twisted little freaks to break the hearts and minds of their parents than Germany was EVER wrongfully accused of.

    It’s very, very easy to corrupt a government which is already predisposed to corruption. This nation has drawn the corrupt to it’s bosom almost since the beginning. An objective look at the facts will scream out the truth to you.

  44. The Chosen Ones March 24, 2014 @ 10:11 am

    Love thy neighbor as you would Love thyself.

    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness (good-ness).

    Death, enslavement, the pursuit of evil (sadness).

    Hate (destroy) your neighbor as you hate yourself (destroy).

    Sadly the way of the puppet-masters seem to be the 3rd and 4th sentence.

    Putin is not Hitler. Each is an individual; no one is the same as anyone else IMO.

    Question: Can he succeed in bringing to light the Truth? I have my doubts — he could be treading on dangerous ground as history has shown that the puppet-masters do not take kindly to those who stop the “gravy-train.”

    Is either man good or bad? I don’t know I never have met or spent time with either of them to make an informed decision. I won’t be influence by the media agenda that is for sure.

    It seems there is no middle ground ‘tween good and evil and rightly so. Yet the insanity of the recent events of this world and those who caused it must and should be examined and the people of the world informed and informed again and again (sound familiar).

    There are God-Given Universal Truths. These truths are self evident as endowed by our Creator and proven by Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, just under 2000 years ago.

    America was to be the beacon of the Light to the world. Now twilight approaches but friends have Faith, for Faith shall conquer our fear. Take a minute to reflect on the following:

    — We live in the “Garden of Eden”-Earth; read that again! What an incredible planet! Are 7,000,000,000 people going to let 700 people destroy this amazing world. We never learn from history do we?

    Earth is an amazing mix of great people! Beautiful geography, resources of (for) incredible and imaginable progress for all – not for a few! Unfortunately man has been unable to manage the responsibility of FREEDOM and self will and Faith! This is where and why the enemy prospers.

    In this industrial age (some say post-industrial), in this age of technological advancement, I sincerely believe that money as we know it is now obsolete. A new system must begin as there is no reason for war, famine, poverty to exist anymore other than for the benefit of “the few” at the expense of “the Many”.

    People just want to be able to live their lives without FEAR. The Cabal is masterful in the FEAR business. It is time to end the charade.

    The entire population of the Earth has the opportunity for Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness but only if the universal truth of Jesus’ simple yet so hard to fully attain statement is practiced.

    There is abundance. Starvation need not exist, housing, electricity, transportation, goods, travel etc., pursuit of a hobby and implementation of god-given talent to share with and improve the world could be strived for.

    All I’ve ever wanted is to live and let live as I believe 99% of other Human Beings want the same as I.

    But there always seems to be someone popping up to put an obstacle in the way. But the scales have fallen from my eyes BN+. The love of Money and with it usury and speculation and all financial instruments are useless or must be made so if we are to prolifigate, prosper and advance here in Eden.

    Central banks must be dissolved everywhere. In America, our Constitution plainly spells out who coins the money supply and that is not the federal reserve!

    We have been lied to for over 100 years. The insidious games of the “puppet-masters” must be revealed then retired and in turn the perpetrators must be brought to justice, for if this small cabal has perpetrated these aberrant crimes against multitudes of humanity for hundreds if not thousands of years and are allowed to continue unabated, then surely Armageddon will arise.

    But maybe that is what they want as it seems their desire is for what I wrote in sentences 3 and 4.

    Putin is not Hitler but the Puppet-masters seem to be uneasy concerning his actions. Might it be that there is some “in-fighting” transpiring ‘tween them? Hummmm!

  45. God's-Grace-Age_Not-War-Age March 24, 2014 @ 10:22 am

    Great post by Mary, above, in her eight listed reasons to be suspect of Putin.

    Amazing “hot tip” by SnowySmithSouthAfrica re: Israel calling all diplomats home & closing all embassies around the world! Hmmm! A wage dispute? Suspicious indeed.

    This comment by Mr. Joe is a little confusing: “…God does NOT ask someone to sacrifice his only son to him.”

    True, God did NOT “ask anyone” (humans), including the Jews nor Pilate, etc., to do it. But God the Father DID ASK the Lord Jesus Christ to offer himself willingly of His own accord, which He did:

    “Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again. No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.” — John 10:17-18.

  46. William H.G. March 24, 2014 @ 10:29 am

    A dream I had a few weeks ago, I saw Putin greeting people and he was covered entirely with chrome?

    I think the msm and the politicians have become so insane with power because they are really starting to feel it now have been rubbing it in the public’s face, they are Satanists.

    The elite want us all to look in the wrong direction, at the same time believe they have total control over the masses to the point of feeding on fear makes them more powerful.

    TV media is nothing but bot fly parasites.

  47. Snowy Smith South Africa March 24, 2014 @ 10:45 am

    Quote: “the West, ruled by brainless women, queers and Jews”

    Here is another brainless women.
    Yulia Tymoshenko: 8 Million Russians in Ukraine Must Be Killed With Nukes

    This JEW Woman is a lunatic.


    Never forget that 62 MILLION Christians murdered by the JEWS in USSR.

    The JEWS hold the WORLD RECORD for GENOCIDE of White Christian Russians.
    The JEWS forced COMMUNISM on the Russian people.

    The JEWS MURDERED 62 MILLION Russian & other Christians in the biggest GENOCIDE in history.

    Putin chucked all the JEW “ROBBER BARONS” out of USSR and turned it back Russia.
    USA is run and owned by the Synagogue of Satan JEW WORLD ORDER NOT Russia.


  48. paschn March 24, 2014 @ 10:49 am

    Sorry to post again, but I thought it important to show how times/morals can be twisted. For instance, it’s now okay to be homosexual, heck, we’ll teach it to your grade school children!

    One thing “evil” Germany was annihilated for was their supposed dabbling in Eugenics, (which, oddly enough was being developed here on the West coast at least since the early ’30’s). Well, try to wrap your mind around this;

    Brought to you courtesy of the Jew controlled West. Perhaps our Jew masters will alter their DNA to have them slaughter any non-Jew denizens? Shall we make heroes of them?

  49. Carol Ann March 24, 2014 @ 11:38 am

    In this most holy season, it is wise to reflect on who we worship.

    Mankind is defined by who or what we worship. Eyes and hearts raised above our own selfish perspective is always a wise choice.

    Litany of Peace – Миром господу помолимся

    Jesu Dulcis Memoria

    The Ave Maria

  50. Wayne Pacific March 24, 2014 @ 11:54 am

    Putin is a master of judo and has written a book about it.

    It apppears to me that his policies bear the mark of judo. And what is judo?

    It is a martial art based upon defense and not attack. The opponent is carefully observed and if he attacks, his force is used against him. If he gets out of balance, he is then tripped or thrown down. SDems exactly what happened in Syria and in Ukraine. Putin only made his moves after being attacked, and they were defensive.

    By the way, if I am not mistaken, the Czar appointed the head of the Orthodox Church. And when I was in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) I observed that the Patriarch’s residence was directly across the Neva river within the Peter and Paul fortress, where the Czar also imprisoned his major polirtical threats.

    From his palace he could actually keep and eye on them all.

  51. Steven March 24, 2014 @ 12:25 pm

    Possibly but not the evil Hollywood Hitler the tribe has told the world about.

    Some of what Putin has done has parallels with what the government of Germany sought to do prior to September 1, 1939.

    This is not a bad thing. It would be a mistake to punish Russia for acting in the interests of justice and the defence of its nation and peoples.

    The reaction to such an obstruction of justice could be very serious. Russia is no push over.

  52. Manu Costa March 24, 2014 @ 12:44 pm

    The “Internationales Judentum” are trying to create a ‘Crimea incident’ in order to blame Putin the same way they blamed Hitler, when he “invaded” Saar Region, Rhineland, Sudenteland, Austria, Slovakia, Ruthenia; on intentions to backing German populations in those areas.

    History repeating itself…

  53. Halina March 24, 2014 @ 2:27 pm

    @The Chosen Ones March

    Beautiful commentary, thank you.

    Now, please follow these events;

    1. The Ukraine Majdan
    2. The disappearance of Malaysian aircraft
    3. The closing down of ALL Israeli Embassies around the world

    Stand back and keep watching….

  54. Halina March 24, 2014 @ 2:46 pm

    Response to Manu Costa:

    Was Danzig worth a war?

    Another similar question:

    Was the Death of 500,000 Iraqi Children Worth it?

    Sometimes Genocide Is OK… It just depends who is in office at the moment.

    Everyone has their own PROPAGANDA that fits them!


  55. KathJuliane March 24, 2014 @ 2:58 pm

    Dear Marc Veilleux,

    Before continuing to flog Russia with your apocalyptic worldview, which is truly rising from the ashes of militant Soviet Atheism thanks to the revival of the Orthodox Church, do you know how many American Catholics support a same-sex marriage law in their state, and how many American Catholics believe abortion should be legal?

    60% approve same-sex laws, and 53% approve legalized abortion, respectively.

    Poll: Pope Francis’ Comments on Abortion, Homosexuality Win Strong Approval from US Catholics

    Russia Considers Banning Abortions as Abortion Decimates Its Population

    Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning abortion advertising.

    Some members of the Duma (the Russian state assembly), are talking about going even further and banning the procedure itself.

    The Russian Orthodox Church, whose numbers are swelling with converts and “reverts,” is weighing in as well. One Orthodox prelate called abortion a “mutiny against God.” I
    couldn’t have put it better myself.

    This is an amazing turn about in a country which has long been known for its tragically high abortion rate. Until recently, the average woman in Russia could expect to have seven abortions over her lifetime.

    Even The New York Times, no bastion of pro-life sentiment, has been compelled to acknowledge that Russia’s high abortion rate was damaging the health and fertility of Russian women. As the paper noted in a 2003 editorial, “Now the Russian government is attempting to slow the abortion rate.

    Abortion was forced on the Russian people by the Bolsheviks (the Russian communist party under Lenin), who upon coming to power in 1920 legalized abortion up to birth without any restrictions.

    Their goal was to destroy the family by encouraging women to get abortions, get out of the home and into the workforce.

    Soviet Russia was the first country in the world to declare war on the unborn in this way. Of course, with its purges, mass executions, and Gulag it warred on the unborn in other ways as well.

    In fact, it was the early Bolsheviks who developed the suction abortion machine that is still in use in abortion clinics today.They actually developed two versions.

    PRI [Population Research Institute] has played a role in helping to turn Russia back to life. I participated in the first Demographic Summit at the Russian State Social University in Moscow in May, 2011. We talked with senior Russian leaders about the need to protect life.

    Not long thereafter, a law was passed banning abortion of unborn babies older than 12 weeks. It also mandated a waiting period of 2-7 days for those wanting an abortion, and required that anyone advertising abortion services include a warning to the effect that “abortion is hazardous to a woman’s health.”

    Taken individually, each of the laws put in place by the Russian government has a fairly small demographic impact.

    The cumulative effect of all of the pro-life, pro-natal policies taken to date is far more significant.

    While there are still, according to the Russian Health Ministry, 1.7 abortions for every live birth in the country, that ratio is shrinking as the birth rate climbs and abortion becomes gradually less common.

    As a result of the adoption of enlightened policies to protect the sanctity of human life, Russia’s population decline has been virtually halted, and the country has been put on a more stable demographic course.

    Russia’s demographic winter is not yet over, but there are signs of a spring thaw.

    LifeNews Note: Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute.

  56. Jean March 24, 2014 @ 3:04 pm

    As it is, the Western stupidity to deal with difficulties or problems is the same as for the last 4800 year of this Jewish people.

    Always trouble, problems, hate, and their total immoral spirit and lifestyle to know (for someone else) everything better. Now they have a new target — The President of Russia. and again they don’t know anything.

    Unfortunate this crisis will not be their last although they shall lose again. But their final blow comes on the Day of Judgement when the books are opened. Shall I not hate who hate You Lord? (Answer) DA.

  57. J€$\/$ March 24, 2014 @ 3:28 pm

    Hitler had been powered by Ford, Bush, IBM, Rockefeller. Me as a German was shocked by these facts.

    Comparing Hitler to Putin fails at this facts. Comparing Obama to Hitler is the better choice, because he belongs to the same powers Hitler’s suppliers did.

    Putin saved us at least for 2 times from the beginning of WW3 by 1) stopping America starting war against Syria; and 2. stopping US-NATO military getting the Crimea.

    But I think he has to do so any more times, until the USrael empire will implode. It is time for!!

    PS: Did you see this?

    Would be a great joke of history.

  58. Hassan March 24, 2014 @ 3:30 pm

    Sheikh Imran Hosein is a pro-Putin Muslim scholar.

    Here is his latest video and it is about Russia and Crimea:

    Brother Nat, you should have an interview with him since you share lots of views, really.

  59. Cornelius March 24, 2014 @ 4:48 pm

    This year Easter and Pascha fall on Hitler’s birthday.

    When is Putin’s birthday?

  60. Hoff March 24, 2014 @ 6:22 pm

    Well, Joe “I’m a Zionist” Biden scumbag sure ain’t no “New Hitler.”

    Video where he praises homosex to high heaven.

    Vice President Biden’s Remarks from the 2014 HRC LA Gala

  61. KathJuliane March 24, 2014 @ 7:38 pm


    October 07, 1952

  62. John Knight March 24, 2014 @ 8:52 pm

    For this latest Turco-Islamo-Western aggression against Syria and Armenians, the proud “AmerikaHay” community (especially those championing Western fairytales inside Armenia, including ARF types in north America) can thank their spiritual bosses in Washington – for this is the thank you you will get every time for serving Western imperial interests.

  63. Mary March 24, 2014 @ 8:55 pm

    @God’s Grace Age_Not War Age,

    I think what he meant by “God would not sacrifice his son, but that’s what Jews do” is simply.

    When Jesus was on the cross, he was confused. He screamed out “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

    When the Jews stood there and they can be interpreted to standing there saying “So where is God for you now?”

    And then the whole thing went down, after Jesus did ask God why he had been forsaken. So I do have to agree with him. God did not sacrifice his son in the manner that some people claim. If a person reads the Scriptures, just as I showed a small portion of here, they will see a God that never left Jesus’ side and once Jesus did ask that question, the whole thing changed.

    I’m sure this will go up for debate and especially since Passover and Easter are just around the corner.

  64. Mary March 24, 2014 @ 9:01 pm

    @God’s Grace Age_Not War Age,

    It appears that with that statement I just gave could be contradictory, but it shouldn’t be. Us Christians focus on the resurrection of Christ, not the death of Christ by the Jews.

    In other words, God wasn’t the one that did that because Jesus was brought back up.

  65. Hoff March 24, 2014 @ 9:17 pm

    The first and most important thing, this administration has done is used the bully pulpit of the most powerful nation on earth to stand up in defense of LGBT rights around the world.

    It means speaking up against the criminalization of LGBT status or conduct, as President Obama has ordered all agencies working overseas to do.

    It means our annual State Department report on human rights now speaks out by name, naming countries that mistreat LGBT people.

    It is consequential. It means providing training and tools to our diplomats around the world so that they can integrate LGBT rights into how we do American foreign policy in the 21st century and by the way, five of these missions are now run by openly gay ambassadors.

    Full transcript of Biden speech.

  66. Seraphim March 24, 2014 @ 10:42 pm

    Putin is Haman!
    I repeat myself, but its worth it!


    March 19, 2014 @ 1:38 am
    Would you like to know who really, but really hates Putin (and why), in their own words? Look at this:

    TheUglyTruth Broadcast March 5, 2014

    It is Purim season, 2014 and Putin is this year’s Haman. Israel and Netanyahu are in full court press to see Putin — who is standing in the way of the New World Order — destroyed, even if it means war with the United States.

    We are joined by the one and only Michael Collins Piper to discuss this.

    And this: › JTF.ORG Forum › General Category › General Discussion‎

    Dress like Putin for Purim:

    Purim is coming up in a little over a week (a week from this Sunday)…

    Purim is the holiday we celebrate to remember the miraculous survival of the Jewish people in Persia in the face of certain destruction at the hands of Haman and the wicked king.

    I just noticed that the word Purim is very similar to the word Putin (’r’ is 2 letters before ‘t’ and ‘m’ is one letter before ‘n’)…

    I think I have figured out what I will dress up as for Purim. One of the fun things we do on Purim is dress up with masks and costumes…,74786.msg626826.html#msg626826

    Now where does Putin fit in…. Well in my mind he represents the Amalekian ideal, like Haman, and he is a puppet on the stage of Hashem’s creation.

    I listen to a Rabbi (Rabbi Shafier) who explains this concept very well (and I posted his video in the Torah section previously).

    The dictators of the world (like Pharoah) are just pawns in Hashems game. They have no power of their own (once we start believing they have power, then they gain power by our granting them it)…

    On Purim we laugh at the powers in the world which rise up against us. Russia is arming Iran and trying to subvert American interests around the world.

    I think that the fact that the words Purim and Putin are similar is because it should remind us that Putin is just another puppet on Hashems stage.,74786.msg627063.html#msg627063

    If Putin were the puppet of the Jews, as some hasbaratchiks try to push it, why do they hate him so much and want to eat his ears (Hamantaschen, Oznay Haman)?

    Have you noticed that in many caricatures Putin is represented with big ears (triangular)?

  67. John Knight March 25, 2014 @ 5:22 am

    Anton Dmitriev, staunch supporter of Maidan posted a new article:

    He wrote several articles through thrs months to alternative Russian press (yes, despite of what you may hear in West, we do have these), but it seems he now starts to understand what pretty much every Russian was writing to every Maidan activist – you are only destroying your own law and order.

    His own brother got beaten by some frenzied “revolutionaries” and he now admits that he hears more and more reports around about people being afraid to go outside when dark in Kiev.

  68. John Knight March 25, 2014 @ 5:23 am

    Poor little ‘Gas Princess” Yulia, go grab a US supplied Armalite and parachute into Moscow and show us what a brave little pseudo Neo-Nazi Barbie you can be. You can be an instant martyr for your rubbish West-driven cause when your remains come back promptly in a Russian bin liner.

    I don’t know if you or the other readers caught this bit of very suspicious behaviour, but Israel just closed its embassies around the world. Israel closes embassies around the world as diplomats strike.

    They report that it’s due to a sudden and prolonged strike by diplomats (who almost always double as spies, or other intel assets) but that just seems rather specious.

    The terror state with a flag is renowned for pulling stunts, false flags and various other acts of fifth column activity internationally, and this just seems like it could be a preparation for something rather nasty.

    Hope I’m wrong, but the False Flag vigilance alert should now be on full red. Especially since in October of 2006, during a aerial radiological survey of New York City, officials conducting the study discovered a very suspicious radiation spike in the direct proximity of the Israel Embassy.

    Was a dirty bomb crafted there to be used as a blackmail tool or perhaps a future false flag? It’s difficult to discern but worth remembering.

  69. John Knight March 25, 2014 @ 5:29 am

    @a jude
    7 minutes ago

    [quote] You are obviously unaware of the fact that if she had come to power less than a decade before she did, nuclear weapons are precisely what she would have had the power to use, luckily Ukraine signed a non-preliferation treaty and they were taken out of Ukraine’s hands.

    She is no church girl caught touching herself, she is a former world leader who is calling for the use of nuclear weapons on mostly innocent civilians who stand in her associates’ way of obliterating a whole country, what planet are you on? [/quote]

  70. John Knight March 25, 2014 @ 6:21 am

    U.S.-Backed Chief of OAS Is Protecting Venezuela’s Rogue Government:

  71. Citizenfitz March 25, 2014 @ 6:21 am

    KathJuliane: “…do you know how many American Catholics support a same-sex marriage law in their state, and how many American Catholics believe abortion should be legal?

    “60% approve same-sex laws, and 53% approve legalized abortion, respectively.”

    1. We cannot trust polls. There are usually two polls: the one the elite use to inform themselves. And the “poll” they publish in order to dupe the peasants.

    2. Most of those who identify themselves as Catholics are not.

  72. Lowenstein March 25, 2014 @ 7:36 am

    “Seek The Truth” says, “Please don’t make a hero out of Hitler.”

    That’s right and we shouldn’t make a hero out of Putin either.

    As a public service I will mention this:

    “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.” – Adolf Hitler

    Of course it’s too late. The US is past the point at which changes can be reversed.

  73. Mary March 25, 2014 @ 7:58 am


    I have to agree with Citizenfitz.

    I am an ex-Catholic, but I still walk around with an automatic response saying “Forgive them for they know not what they do” and also “And also with you” whenever someone says the word peace to me.

    I have many Catholic friends as well.

    The majority of Catholics are scared of Biden because he supports homosexual marriage, has also pushed for contraceptives and abortion as well. With this many Catholics against Biden, I would say that those polls were taken by people they selected and it is not a true representation of Catholic Americans.

    This week, Obama has allegedly been summoned to the Vatican over his Obamacare with mandates of contraceptives. Pope Francis I has stated that the Catholic Church is not changing their stance and Obama is probably not going to change his stance either.

    There were plenty enough enraged Catholics to where Obama actually did get sent straight to Rome to speak with the Pope.

    Forget about polls. The summoning to Rome speaks for itself.

  74. John Knight March 25, 2014 @ 8:36 am

    The Obama administration is “infested” with “crazy, lunatic neo-cons” who are pushing the United States to a confrontation with Russia, which may lead to another world war, an analyst from Chicago says.

    The standoff between the US and Russia over the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea, “is very reminiscent of what happened preceding, in the run-up to, World War I,” said Stephen Lendman, an author and radio host, in a phone interview with Press TV on Monday.

    “The idea of war between Russia and America or Russia and the West is absolute madness.”

    “What worries me is neo-cons infest Washington, they infest the Obama administration, some of them want war, they’re lunatics, they’re crazy, I don’t know what these people expect,” he added.

  75. KathJuliane March 25, 2014 @ 8:45 am

    Dear Citzenfitz,

    God bless! I understand your point about nominal Catholics — the wretched Biden, for example.

    I’m still waiting for the host to burst into flames in his mouth. And Pelosi’s mouth for that matter.

    But the fact still remains that when it comes to the vote, the Catholic Church has a lot of political clout. There are around 79 million self-identified Catholics in the US, about 25% of the population, and the third largest religious denomination here.

    And whether they attend mass or not, whether they are traditionals or not, whether there’s a “real pope” or not, the round figures I gave of Catholics for legalization of abortion is what the highly respected Qunnipac University Polling Institute arrived at.

    “American Catholics agree 68 – 23 percent, with little difference between more observant and less observant Catholics, with Pope Francis’ recent observation that the Church has become too focused on issues such as homosexuality, abortion and contraceptives, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.”

    I didn’t further break it down in my earlier comment into those who are for full legalization, and those who approve a more limited legislation.

    My point about American Catholic poll on abortion in my other post was in the context of “[to] avoid WW3…would be for Russia, the whole nation, to convert and repent for their sins. They are still offending God with pornography, fornications, abortions, contraceptives, and most important: most Russians, like most Europeans, do not worship God, they do not love Him above everything.”

    According to this person’s apparent logic from his statement (it may not have been meant that way), only Russia offends God with these moral evils, but Europe and America and the rest of the world do not; and that the worst than can be said about most Europeans is that they do not worship God and love Him above all like most Russians.

    Let us not forget that Marxist Communism, Fabian Socialism, atheism and all of its aspects including eugenics originated in Britain and Europe, and was imported into Russia through revolutionary nationalist, communist, labor socialist, Jewish and Zionist groups in the Russian provinces of the Pale of the Settlement adjoining Austria and Germany, particularly Poland.

    The point is that when it comes to Russia’s once hideously rampant abortion situation, which is improving all of the time due to stronger and stronger legislation against it, then other Christians should not be casting stones at Russia, especially operating from old, outdated assumptions or apocalyptic predictions.

    And, as an example of Russia’s ongoing repentance, of turning towards God, this has been directly proportional to the phenomenal growth of the Orthodox Church in Russia and its social influence not just among the Orthodox but other traditional religions and ethnic communities, and civil societies in the federation.

    Nor should stones be cast, especially when the Pope has signaled the Catholic world, particularly the American Catholic church, to drop political action on the issues of homosexuality, abortion and contraceptives in the US.

    Whether this pope is a “true Pope” is not for me, an Orthodox, to say. This is strictly a Catholic issue.

    Nevertheless, Pope Francis as head of the Catholic Church and the head of state for the Holy See, is still extremely influential, especially when it comes to public opinion among a politically powerful group in the US. This poll follows what Francis had already said, not the other way.

    And while Biden is suddenly more vocal in pushing the sodomite agenda and traditional Catholics are focusing on him, it’s because Francis has given the signal that Biden can now open his mouth and stump away to his heart’s content, because he has the Catholic numbers behind him politically.

    “We cannot trust polls. There are usually two polls: the one the elite use to inform themselves. And the “poll” they publish in order to dupe the peasants.”

    Agreed, but this is a poll from a reputable university formulated for Catholics which political Catholics have used for years, and their results in this poll are consistent with previous ones.

    This is the best that we have, crooked or not, and political Catholicism is guided by it. You’d have to conduct your own published poll in order to refute any of this with proveable facts.

    P.S. to Mary. Summoned? American Catholics afraid of Biden and enraged at Obama?

    54% of American Catholics voted for them in 2008, and 50% voted for them in 2012. Catholic voting since 1990 has generally split about 50/50 between Democrats and Republican parties, especially in national elections.

    Obummer was not “allegedly summoned to the Vatican” about abortion, etc; it is an official state visit to the Holy See planned at least as far back as last January while Obombya is in Europe for other visits with heads of state.

    He and Pope Francis are going to discuss “their shared commitment to fighting poverty and growing inequality” according to the White House Press release of January 21, 2014. Francis has already indicated publicly in other venues that he will likely not bring up sodomite marriage, abortion, or contraception as part of their little talk.

  76. The Elder of Zyklon-B March 25, 2014 @ 9:55 am

    Lowenstein mentioned this as he said in “public service”:

    “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.” – Adolf Hitler

    NO source and NO context is noted of course for this “public service.”

    This reminds me of the “Big Lie” quote that is promoted without mentioning that Der Führer was taking about die Juden or perhaps all the disinformation promulgated about his non-existent gun control programs in Deutschland.

  77. Mary March 25, 2014 @ 11:15 am


    The Roman Catholic Church does not believe in abortion, contraceptives, or same-sex marriage. Despite there being modernizations that occurred upon Vatican II and Mass being preached in the language of the land instead of Latin with priests turned towards the people, the Church has changed very little on their stances.

    Many people that are Christian with somewhat large families decide to become Catholic because the Catholics do not care if a family of five children attends their Church. I don’t know what other Churches’ stances are, but my father had 5 children, so I know that to be true.

    The Catholic Church is very strict over marriage. Pre-marriage counseling is practically required before a marriage even takes place. It is very controlled. Even when a woman becomes pregnant, the Catholic Church will want to be involved to help the woman as well. That’s Catholic-style.

    So to believe that a bunch of Catholics, who already know that they will or did have to attend pre-marriage counseling, full involvement of the Church concerning future children, and if they ever were to seek a divorce, they would have to be granted an annulment only leads to the conclusion that someone is not going to be Catholic unless they are very devoted to the Church. Either that or they are a poser.

    Going to actual Catholic websites, which I’m not quite sure which websites you did attend, but regardless, that is not the issue.

    When Pope Francis I was elected to be the Pope upon the resignation of Pope Benedict, Catholics in America were asked the questions that you have addressed.

    According to the polls set forth in 2013, approximately 1 out of every 4 Americans was Catholic and of the Hispanics in America, 1 out of every 3 Hispanics in America were Catholic.

    You are correct in the percentages on the polls that you provided. However, they have omitted one line that should have been placed under that poll, in my opinion. The people conducted in the poll that you are referring are I presume the younger generation.

    So if 60% of those polled for this survey, then that means approximately 30% of Catholics even agree with this. That is assuming that the poll was conducted on a non-biased standard.

    However, most children that disagree with these strict standards of the Catholic Church either 1) grow up and get over it, or 2) leave the Catholic Church when they turn 18 and become a Protestant denomination. Or in Joe Biden’s case, use religion as a way to get religious people’s votes to be the VP.

    A lot of people not exposed to Catholics can simply state: well, I am not Catholic because I don’t believe in there being an apostolic Pope and my worship of Mother Mary is different. That is correct as well. But all of these people have not taken into account the seriousness of devotion given when a person becomes a Catholic and this includes the strictness and obedience to God’s law according to the Catholic Church standards.

    I hope this answers your question.

  78. Hoff March 25, 2014 @ 12:05 pm

    Rabbi Tarfon reminds us, “It is not incumbent on you to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it.” (Pirkei Avot 2:21).

    The task of achieving marriage equality nationwide is not yet complete, but at the state level there have been several hard-won victories over the past year.

    In Seattle, the members and clergy of Temple Beth Am (TBA) played an active role in the Jewish Marriage Equality Coalition and helped make Washington one of four states that supported marriage equality at the ballot box in November 2012.

  79. Wotan March 25, 2014 @ 12:11 pm

    Neither Putin nor Hitler are/were controlled by Jews.

    Both are/were motivated solely by deep concern for their countries and their respective cultures. Nations need heros.

    That’s why it is Jewish policy to vilify nation builders, because the Jews are nation-destroyers.

    Those who throw doubts on Putin or Hitler, on Saddam, Gadaffi, Amadinedschad or Assad are therefore supporting the Jewish agenda and it does not matter if they are aware of it or not.

    Hitler has not annexed countries just as Putin has not annexed the Krim. Under German civil law the courts have defined the law principle of “ungratefulness,” whereby gifts
    made even 20 years earlier must be returned if ungrateful children turn bad on their parents, who transferred substantial gifts to them earlier.

    And when you hear this Ukrainian bitch talking of nuking the Russians living in the Ukraine the parallels are clear. And it would be a fallacy to argue that the one was the consequence of the other for the attempt to eliminate the Russian language in the Ukraine happened well before the return of the Crimea to Russia.

    As for Hitler, like a range of other commentators have stated already, he and the German troops were well received everywhere with people throwing flowers on German tanks – until the Jews discovered that Poland would be a suitable lever to stop the German nation building and drag her into a war with the aim of her complete destruction.

    The poor Poles were brainwashed by the Jews to resist any form of settlement with the Germans. They were led to believe that half the world stood behind them and that they were so strong that within 14 days of the outbreak of hostilites they would occupy Berlin.

    As it happened when the German troops moved in to stop the Polish killing spree of the German population placed under the rule of the Poles by force of the treaty of Versailles not a single allied shot was fired in the defence of Poland, not a single allied plane started, not a single allied warship ran out of harbour.

    The Polish patsies had done their duty, the casus belli was to hand and I can hear M/s Nuland (Nudelmann) of the thirties say “fuck the Poles.”

    And I can equally envisage how some Polish patriot will try and urinate on my shoes for speaking the truth,

  80. Hoff March 25, 2014 @ 12:46 pm

    Zeek reports a “new study about same-sex marriage by the Public Religion and Research Institute.

    “A Shifting Landscape: A Decade of Change in American Attitudes about Same-Sex Marriage and LGBT Issues” speaks to the widespread support of American Jews for LGBT civil rights.

    83% of us support same-sex marriage, and 58% of the Jewish community strongly supports same sex marriage. But this overwhelming support wasn’t always the norm.”

  81. MONITOR LXX March 25, 2014 @ 12:51 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael

    Allow me to make a comment on the situation in Russia and for their great leader Vladimir Putin.

    What Russia needs to do: Distance themselves from the USSR (CCCP) as soon as possible – and as strong as possible!

    People across the world are confused and do not understand that the true Christian Russians where NOT in CHARGE from 1917-1999 and has NO SHARE of the Communist homicide– , violence– and war orgies.

    Russia urgently needs a historic showdown with itself, a revisionism, so true history can be explained, spread and understood.

    People in the Ukraine, and many more, has indeed all reason to hate USSR. What happen was people joined up with the Germans, against the USSR, and this very same people kept their hate until this very day.

    Organised in “Right Sector” they waited for generations…..

    But in meantime both the former National Socialist Germany and the USSR are gone! People who want revenge are blind and driven by primordial forces.

    Everyone should read “UNDER the SIGN of the SCORPION, by Jüri Lina. It is a true lesson. But it could be even better if the Russian themselves opened the archives and let thousands of documents coming to light, and the Russians start to explain what really happened to them.

    Who killed millions of their relatives? Who destroyed their country? Who betrayed the world?

    I believe that the Russians have this information and use it in secret to keep deadly elements at bay. They need that! But they also need support from normal people whit common sense around the globe. Because of that they need to start a “campaign,” and explain themselves, and get free of that scarmark.

    Thus they have millons hearts to win!

    Mr. V. Putin said in his amazing open letter to the NYTimes, in September 2013, when he refers to as “we” (Russia) fought with the U.S.A., together, against the “Nazi” Germany. Thus the confusion, this new Russia and V. Putin can not simultaneously be the “heroes” of WW2 and be responsible for acts performed from 1917 to 1999.

    The new Russia has no other choice than point out the difference between new Russia and USSR “Russia”.

    And, by the way, should hail thousands of people fighting against the Bolsheviks monster before, under and after WW2. A GOLEM monster that Putin is working 24/7 never ever will have any chance for a comeback.

    In most Western country’s this new Russia is labeled as bad as it was. The brainwashed masses do not understand the deception.

    Therefore they can not understand that Mr. Putin, and the reborn Christian wave from the east, can be the big saviour of our time.

    Monitor LXX

    PS: Thank you for your fight. I will help you as soon as possible.

  82. KathJuliane March 25, 2014 @ 12:54 pm

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you for your response.

    For the sake of full disclosure, a quarter of my relatives are conservative Catholics from my maternal uncle’s side, a quarter are Anglican/Presbyterian from my mother’s side, and half are Orthodox from my father’s side.

    My father is a Kennedy Democrat; my late mother was a Taft Republican. We have lively discussions, care about each other, and we all get along at Christmas time and BBQs. The one forbidden topic in my family is the pope, because not even my extended family of rather hot-blooded Catholic relatives can’t agree if he is a “true Pope” or not.

    Concerning an age breakdown, there is one clue in the Quinnipiac release that adult age was indeed a question in the polling (its a standard question in any polling, particularly if it touches on politics and voting) and was factored into the results:

    “Support for women priests grows with age, from 57 – 32 percent among Catholics 18 to 49 years old to 68 – 28 percent among those over 65 years old.”

    This is just the release at the links I gave you. I would think that the full scientific poll report going into further detail and methodology would cost something to buy.

    In the meantime, according to Pew, Catholics lead in the number of religious political advocacy groups (41) to evangelical Protestantism (39), along with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is still a powerful force on Capitol Hill as was apparent when they came out as an unexpected influence in the 2009 health care debate.

    These Catholic political action and advocacy groups (and the Protestants) would want the most accurate polls. Quinnipiac has been one of their mainstays.

    And Catholic Vote which quoted the Quinnipiac release, and gave you the link for, obviously by its name, is a conservative Catholic advocacy organization as well.

    IC XC
    NI KA

    P.S. A wave to Wotan.

  83. Wotan March 25, 2014 @ 1:29 pm

    Thanks, KathJ,

    I am always with you!

  84. Donna chestergimli March 25, 2014 @ 2:21 pm

    @monitor LXX

    I agree with you totally.

    They must educate people everywhere about the differences between USSR Russia and Orthodox Russia. This means that they will have to point the finger at the people (Hebrews) responsible.

    This I think that they would be unable to do because of the backlash from the Jew owned press world wide. But why care? I believe that the peoples of this world are becoming weary of the anti-Semitic name calling of the Jews.

    Just let them answer the charges.

  85. uh-oh March 25, 2014 @ 3:06 pm

    Just saw on the internet news that Obama said Russia isn’t his #1 concern – rather, he said – “I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan.”

    Whoa! Sure seems like a strange thing to say . . . unless . . . Is this a set-up for a false flag or something more? Could it be that the Israeli embassies (or at least some of them) are rigged with bombs, and that’s why they’ve been evacuated?

  86. Carol Ann March 25, 2014 @ 3:19 pm

    “An IMF team was completing talks in Kiev on a loan of $15 billion and $20 billion. Ukraine’s economy will contract 3 percent this year, the minister said.

    The G-7 remains ready to intensify actions, including coordinated sanctions that would have “an increasingly significant impact” on Russia’s economy if the authorities in Moscow escalate the situation.

    The group — the U.S., Germany, the U.K., France, Italy, Canada and Japan — reverted to its Cold War-era format, suspending what became the G-8 in 1998 when Russia was welcomed in.

    “While a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine can by no means be excluded, Putin must surely calculate that it would be a poor and risky option,” Roderic Lyne, deputy chairman of Chatham House in London and a former U.K. ambassador in Moscow, said in a comment on the research group’s website.

    “He also knows that it would trigger much deeper Western sanctions, which would hit his Achilles heel — Russia’s declining, unreformed economy.”

    Further Russian action might trigger wider sanctions that could cover Russia’s energy and finance industries, as well as weapons procurement, Obama said, even though they might “cause some disruptions to each of our economies.” (Bloomburg 3/25)

    Playbook used against Hitler revisited. Though there are still many questions about his affiliations and behavior, Hitler was caught in the same web.

    Versailles Treaty plunder plan. The privately owned Schacht- Rothschild-Reichsbank saturated the stripped economy with fiat. Speculators’ feeding frenzy resulted in Weimar hyperinflation brought on by the private Reichsbank.

    Huge German Gold confiscation was completed. Countless German homes, businesses, “everything” were bought for pennies on the dollar, so conveniently owned thereafter by the “financiers” and “speculative” vultures.

    Boycott against Germany by the “allies,” and the energy boycott.

    Foreign trade Barter reestablished the ability to get necessary commodities. Feder proposed Labor Treasury Certificates introduced to survive, produce, employ and revive the economy, and debt free money established to by-pass the usurers.

    Hitler and company were put in the crosshairs. Don’t mess with Mother Nature or N. Rothschild and Company.

    Putin insisted that natural resources benefit the Russian people. Oil needed to be paid for without tribute to multinational oil and energy companies attached.

    Communists and Monopoly Capitalists wrecked Russia, especially its agriculture, middle class and businesses. Just as they wrecked Germany. Oligarch “speculators” bought out everything of value at the Soviet fall.

    Now, Russian boycott and sanctions are part of an endless repetition from the same playbook. Note Chatham House, London, is right in the middle again.

    Russian people, like German people before them, are in the crosshairs again, along with Americans this time.

    The only solution, for everyone on earth, is to end the reign of the usurers and their own private government, the multinational corps.

  87. Santiago Ramirez March 25, 2014 @ 5:02 pm

    Wanna see a Goyim Real Holocaust taking place right now?

    The Cruel Footprint of War on American Soldiers (Spanish)

  88. John Knight March 25, 2014 @ 5:26 pm

    India’s betrayal of Palestine:

  89. Halina March 25, 2014 @ 5:33 pm

    First of all I apologize to all other commentators for my firm stand on the issue presented below, but I feel strongly patriotic about my country and seem to be the only one so far taking the stand.

    So please allow me.

    “Nations need heroes” and they find them in the simple, humble people who are not power hungry.

    “The Jewish policy is to vilify nation builders, because the Jews are nation-destroyers,” which is true, but unfortunately also applies to non-Jewish policy, unless those shit-stirrers are secretly jews themselves or crypto-jews.

    Whenever a fragile bond is made their desperate envy will attempt to destroy it.

    No! Putin is no Hitler!

    His annexation of Crimea didn’t come with bombardment of cities killing thousands of innocent people. Putin took what rightfully always belonged to Russia and did not proceed any further.

    Putin definitely uses his Marshall Arts skills, and stands by alerted not wanting to escalate the conflict.

    There seems to be a big push around by some disinformation artists posting on White sites their lies and propaganda about the WW2 constantly vilifying and bashing the Polish people.

    What’s their true purpose for this especially now, in the face of real danger of WWIII?

    To say that Hitler was forced into war with Poland is ridiculously insane and hypocritical after the annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia.

    Polish people love their freedom and independence.

    Unfortunately their country is right in the middle of two power hungry giants.

    It is absolutely ridiculous to shift the blame onto simple, peace loving folks that for centuries had to endure the occupation of its neighbours as it is clearly and historically documented.

    When the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth lost the last vestiges of its independence in 1795 and remained partitioned for 123 years, ethnic Poles were subjected to Germanization under Prussian and later under German rule, and to Russification in the areas that had been annexed by Imperial Russia.

    These were experiences enough for Poles not to welcome the Germans with flowers who announced themselves first with the bombardment of Polish cities.

    Putin did nothing of it!

    Those nasty comments and lies about ethnic Poles are used by Germans as a way to whitewash their view of history Germany and particularly the terror regime established by German state in Poland.

    Well…Make up your mind! Was it the Jews or Poles?!

    By presenting Poles as the nation that initiated WWII, they give German society a justification in the form that the invasion of Poland was the right thing to do. WRONG!

    The hypocrisy is also evident in further events.

    There was no Polish killing spree, but on the contrary; there was an invasion, there was a war and there was the “necessary” German propaganda.

    And at the very beginning of war anything was possible as the ethnic Germans would take advantage of the situation and Poles clearly defended themselves, which is now called “ethnic cleansing.”

    The Poles were not brainwashed, but rather past historical events thought them not to trust their neighbours.

    The neo-nazis seem to have an explanation for everything else except their own conduct.

    Hiding behind the M/s Nuland (Nudelmann) “fuck the Poles” rude insinuation well expresses some German commentator’s vindictive attitude towards Poles.

    Such arrogant and sarcastic stand of these commentators here doesn’t help the cause. On the contrary; builds up the resentment.

    Well… don’t blame us then. Blame yourself!

    Urinating on certain people shoes for speaking despicable lies any dog is welcome to do.

    My pride, however, would not allow me to come anywhere near as his professed truth stinks!

  90. Cornelius March 25, 2014 @ 5:41 pm

    In WWII the Soviet Union had to appeal to patriotism of the Russians to motivate them to keep fighting for their oppressors.

    Every Russian POW was sent to the gulag if he came back alive.

    It is against communism to support patriotism, but it was a desperate time. Later this was baked in the cake of lies that went into the history books of Soviet Russia.

    Now it does not make sense any more to people that know the truth, but Putin can’t just start a battle against misguided patriotism. He has to be realistic, because emotions can run high.

    It is his approach to lead Russia back to the truth of the Orthodox Church and to facilitate through a conversion of the soul of the Russian people a return to the truth in general.

    This means in practice that he supports Orthodox Christian values and counters Judeo-Satanic influences.

  91. The Elder of Zyklon-B March 25, 2014 @ 5:44 pm

    Putin is in possession of the H-bomb.

    It is the massive bomb of truth concerning the cash cow of eternal sympathy for Jewry known as the “Holocaust.”

    The Russians have been sitting on facts and evidence which would blow the holocaust narrative to pieces. Add this to what Monitor LXX mentioned, and you would see International Jewry become unglued.

    As Easter nears, we are entering the “Holocaust” season of mass programming. April is a very big month in the Holocaust Industry for never ending “remembrances”.

    This is just wishful thinking as I doubt that Russia will ever release the facts of the matter.

  92. Halina March 25, 2014 @ 5:51 pm

    Ukrainian ‘Right Sector’ Leader Assassinated

    Ukrainian nationalist group Right Sector has announced it holds the acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov accountable for the death of notorious radical militant Aleksandr Muzychko and will avenge it, Ukrainian media reports.

    “We will take revenge on Arsen Avakov for the death of our brother,” said Rovno coordinator of the Right Sector Roman Koval, as cited by news portal. “The shooting of Sashko Bilyi [Muzychko’s nom de guerre] is an assassination ordered by the minister.

    Muzychko never received any notices concerning criminal offences and was never summoned anywhere.”

    Earlier, Muzychko, also known as Sashko Bilyi, was proclaimed dead after a police raid against his gang in Rovno, western Ukraine.

    This is a weird turn of events. Almost like the French Revolution, the Revolution is starting to eat itself. So will the Right Sector, who supposedly has some 10,000 men under arms, declare war on Kiev?

  93. KathJuliane March 25, 2014 @ 7:44 pm

    The Strange Tale of Sashko Bily And Its International Dimensions:

    Muzychko’s was killed in his headquarter city of Rivne last night, where he coordinated actions of local groups belonging to the nationalist Right Sector movement.

    On March 7, the Russian Investigative Committee had opened a criminal inquiry against Muzychko, who was suspected of involvement in acts of banditry targeting Russian federal forces in Chechnya in the 1990s, and was accused “killing at least 20 captured RF soldiers.”

    A resolution was passed and Muzychko was put on the international wanted list.

    He came to the attention of Russian authorities “after a series of scandals in Ukraine, when the radical nationalist leader went on with the rampage against regional authorities, lashing out at a local prosecutor, threatening local authorities with an AK-47 and making openly anti-Semitic statements.”

    According to parliamentarian Oleksandr Doniy to the Kiev Post:

    “I have just been told that Sashko Bily (Oleksandr Muzychko) was killed. Two vehicles cut up his car, after which he was dragged out of his car and forced into one of these vehicles.

    He was then thrown out of the vehicle handcuffed behind his back and with two gunshot wounds to his heart,” Doniy said.

    According to RT: At a press conference dedicated to Muzychko‘s death, First Deputy Interior Minister Vladimir Yevdokimov announced that charges of hooliganism and obstructing law enforcement agencies had been filed against Muzychko March 8, and on March 12 Muzychko was put on the EUkrainian police’s wanted list.

    Yevdokimov provided a dramatic version of the events leading up to Muzychko’s death.

    The operation to arrest him took place in a village near Rovno, where the militant leader and three of his bodyguards, all of them armed, were in a local restaurant, called “The Three Crucians.”

    An assault group from the Sokol special police task force stormed the restaurant to detain Muzychko and his henchmen.

    The militant leader made an attempt to flee through a window. He opened fire, and two of his bullets wounded a police officer, who returned fire and shot Muzychko in the leg.
    Other police officers shot in the air, Yevdokimov said.

    According to Itar Tass:

    Ukrainian police have opened a criminal case over the murder of Oleksandr Muzychko in western Ukraine, the press service of main police department in western Ukraine’s Rivne region told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday.

    “Muzychko was killed at midnight local time (22:00 GMT, Monday) on Tuesday at a cafe named Dzhereltse (‘little springs’) in Barmaky village in Rivne Oblast not far from his house,” the police press service said.

    “There were many people there, investigative actions are being taken, and witnesses were questioned. No one has been detained yet,” the press service said.

    According to preliminary reports, a conflict sparked up between several groups of people
    at the cafe. Then, the conflict continued outside and resulted in shooting Muzychko dead.
    He was presumably killed from a submachine gun.

    Criminal experts who have worked at the murder scene have found several gunshot wounds in his body, one bullet hitting the leg and others the body.

    March 5, another leader of the Right Sector, Dmytro Yarosh, was put on international wanted list. Charges were brought against him in absentia, according to spokesperson for Russia’s Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin.

    The investigation believes that in his speeches, the leader of Ukrainian ultranationalist organization Right Sector Dmytro Yarosh publicly called anti-Russian forces to extremist actions ant terrorism on Russia’s territory.

    Yarosh posted a call on the social network, urging Chechen separatist leader Doku Umarov to support Ukraine’s anti-Russian forces “with weapons in arms.”

    “Ukrainians have always supported the liberation struggle of the Chechen and other Caucasian peoples. Now it’s the time for you to support Ukraine,” Yarosh wrote.

    “As the Right Sector leader, I urge you to step up the fight. Russia is not as strong as it seems.”

    During the first Chechen war, Yarosh was among several Ukrainian militants fighting against Russian troops.

    His post has caused indignation in republics of the North Caucasus and among the Russian public and lawmakers.

  94. KathJuliane March 25, 2014 @ 7:47 pm

    The Strange Tale of Sashko Bily And Its International Dimensions Part II:

    So, who really did it?

    Pointing like a weathervane, Yarosh and Right Sector’s wrath is directed at the EUkraine Interior Ministry and the Falcon special police task force.

    Right Sector demands Interior Minister Arsen Avakov’s immediate dismissal and the arrest of members of the Sokil (Falcon) special task force involved in killing nationalist leader Aleksander Muzychko nicknamed Sashko Bily in the Rivne region early on Tuesday.

    ( )

    In the meantime, now that the horse is out of the barn, Kiev tries to close the doors after they set it on fire.

    The “armed groups” have served their purpose for their EUkrainian masters, but now it seems their Frankenstein monster is growing out of Kiev’s control, with additional lawless pseudo-nationalist thugs joining themselves to the increasingly militant anarchist Right Sector group.

    On March 3, on Ukrainian National News, it was posted that D.Yarosh “Right Sector” coordinates its activities with the National Security Council and creates branches in all regions of Ukraine (updated video)

    Interior Ministry warns it now views all armed groups as illegal – deputy minister

    “I want to tell the Right Sector, the White Sector, [and others]: the time for disarmament is over, it’s expired.

    “We will view any armed group and those with unlawful orientation as acting unlawfully, and all our actions will be within this framework. They will be tough and resolute,” Yevdokymov said at a press conference in Kyiv on Tuesday.

    Incidents in which armed people involved in hostile takeovers of firms and companies or in other unlawful actions use Right Sector’s slogans and introduce themselves as its members have lately become increasingly frequent, Yevdokymov said.

    ( )

    Chechen President Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov “took notice” of Dmitriy Yarosh of Ukraine’s Right Sector over latter’s alleged appeal to Caucasus Emirate leader Umarov.

    He spoke with Crimean Tatars who said they had no intention of raising arms against Russia.

    “Doku Umarov went to where no one has yet returned. We will write out the ticket for Yarosh to go there.” Ukraine’s Right Sector blames alleged Yarosh appeal on hacking (2 March 2014) (Rus)
    ( ) Chechen Head Kadyrov pledges to check links between militants and Ukrainian nationalists following alleged Yarosh appeal (3 March 2014) (Rus)
    ( )

    Kadyrov has stated that he is willing to destroy his enemies not only on the territory of Chechnya and Russia.

    “The terrorists first approached us for help through Yarosh, and then began to deny it. Now let them be responsible for their illegal actions and statements, the time of reckoning has come.”

    “Later, they realized it, the terrorists first approached for help, then began to deny his appeal. Now let responsible for their illegal actions and statements, the time of reckoning has come,” – said Kadyrov and assured that in Chechnya, “tens of thousands of volunteers” ready “to stand to protect the Ukrainian people “from radicals with Maidana.

    “If need be, I am ready to go to Ukraine together with the volunteers who are willing to protect the population” – quoted Kadyrov Monday press service of the government and Chechnya.”

    Kadyrov had posted another comment late February after about 100 riot police in western Ukraine got down on their knees on stage [under threat of force] to ask local residents on Monday to forgive them for their force’s role in recent violence against anti-government protesters.

    Kadyrov said Chechens “could not watch in silence” as Berkut riot police repented, and clashes took place between pro-Russian separatists and anti-Moscow Tatar activists in the Crimea.

    He also said he had “received information” that Russians living in Ukraine were “starting to have serious problems with their personal and business security.”

    Kadyrov then issued a formal press release on his government site:

    Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has upheld the decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Federation Council on the provision of comprehensive care to residents of the Crimea and the use of armed forces in Ukraine.

    This Kadyrov told journalists in Grozny.

    The Federation made the right decision, supporting the treatment of Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine to [restore] normalcy.

    Situation that has arisen there – chaos, lawlessness, rampant armed criminal groups – is a direct threat to the lives of the citizens of Ukraine, and the Russians, in its territory.

    I talked with the Tatars, Russian, Cossacks, Ukrainians, and they all say that on the streets of the Crimea are many people who walk around with black flags and behave aggressively.

    A similar situation began recent events in Kiev, when nationalists gradually began to dictate terms. So I think that we all need to unite and support the Russian President Vladimir Putin in this difficult situation, “- said Kadyrov.

    He added that “any decision of the Supreme Commander, we Marines, and we will execute to the end.”

    “If need be, I am ready to go to Ukraine together with the volunteers who are willing to protect the population,” – said the head of the republic.

    However, Kadyrov called on the Ukrainian people to resist criminal forces who are trying to seize power in the country.

    “Ukrainians are warlike [warriors] and courageous people, similar in spirit to the Chechens. And I urge the Ukrainians that they comprehended the situation and strongly condemned all terrorists and extremists.

    We have to live together. That’s how people have historically lived in Russia and Ukraine – loving, appreciating and respecting brotherly relations.

    We will not allow anyone to play off the two fraternal peoples,” said Kadyrov.

    Surely by now Jews in Israel have their knickers in a bunch over this.
    Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov on Sunday [3/23/14] dedicated a multi-million dollar mega-mosque [the Mosque of Peace] built with Chechen donations in the Arab village of Abu Ghosh, just west of Jerusalem.

    Kadyrov, a former separatist who is now an ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin, was in Israel mainly for the mosque ceremony and, according to material sent by the GPO, did not have a meeting scheduled with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Kadyrov said on Sunday that it was an honor to visit “this good and holy land” during a stop in Abu Ghosh.

    The mosque was constructed at a cost of NIS 35 million ($10 million), out of which Chechnya contributed $6 million.

    The land on which the mosque sits, 3.5 dunams (0.86 acres), was donated by the Israel Land Administration.

    The Chechen government also donated NIS 5 million for a skate park in west Jerusalem’s Liberty Bell Park.

    A press conference with Kadyrov scheduled for Sunday afternoon in Jerusalem was abruptly canceled without explanation.

    ( )

    Oh, oops, Bibzy.

    The four clans that comprise Abu Ghosh trace their origins to the Caucasus, from which they claim to have emigrated in the 16th century.

    Because the community had outgrown their old mosque, and people were forced to pray on the sidewalks and streets, the Israel Land Administration made more land available out of some kind of municipal need, it wasn’t donated out of the milk of human kindness by the Jews.

    The street on which the mosque is located is named after Kadyrov’s father, former Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov, assassinated by Chechen Islamists in a car bomb in 2004.

  95. Yankee Goy March 25, 2014 @ 7:53 pm


    Yagoda is the linchpin, before the wheels come off their Holocaust apple cart: If they lied about Yagoda, they lied about the ENTIRE Holocaust.

    That is why Abe Foxman wants to hide facts about Yagoda so badly, because Americans will ask, “Why was this Jewish perpetrator whose genocide dwarfs any accusations of Hitler, hidden from us? If you hid Yagoda, Hitler is a lie too.”

    Then wait until Americans wake up to the fact of 66 million Christian Russians, 10 million Christian Ukranians, 3.5 million Christian Armenians and innumerable other religious ethnic groups killed by the Zionist Bolsheviks, yet all they ever hear about is “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” etc. ad nauseum. T

    he backlash will be more than Abe and his ADL spinsters can manage, to say the least.

    If one building was wired they all were wired. etc. Olympic’s keel was never repaired, etc.

  96. Carol Ann March 25, 2014 @ 10:33 pm


    Bravo! Your patriotism is admirable. The Poles have been maligned and betrayed over the centuries. Being the breadbasket and crossroads of Europe, they took the blows from all sides. The bravery of Poland kept Christianity alive against many invasions.

    Little known fact: Thomas Jefferson so admired the Polish Constitution that he worked to have its tenets put into the American Constitution. Most people now know that Polish patriots tried tirelessly to warn London and FDR about the Jewish and Christian holocausts in Europe.

    My great-uncle, an American army officer, died in Dachau. Would like to know the Truth about what actually happened to him. There is still great confusion as to who actually killed whom to trigger the entry of Hitler into Poland.


    “Neither Putin nor Hitler are/were controlled by Jews.” Usurious banking types excluded? Hope you were referring to poor non-Zionist Jews who were herded into the concentration camps with the Christians, gypsies and other ordinary citizens.

    Is there a privately owned Central Bank in Russia? Was there a privately owned Reichsbank in Germany?

    Who confiscated all the land, homes and businesses in both countries? And who set the stage for the rebuilding of those now Rothschild owned buildings? Who rented them back to the peasants? Who labored to rebuild the country and for whom?

    Since the country (1919) was now owned lock, stock and barrel by the usurers and their speculators, they exerted no influence?

    “Hitler has not annexed countries”… “On March 12, 1938, German troops march into Austria to annex the German-speaking nation for the Third Reich.”

    Hilter was suspicious of Schacht, Rothschild agent, but listened to his advice until Feder’s monetary proposal was introduced.

    “The government has recovered 400 pages from the long-lost diary of Alfred Rosenberg, a confidant of Adolf Hitler” (2013).

    “The poor Poles were brainwashed by the Jews” aka Zionist Pharisaic financiers and other bankster types. Looks like the rest of humanity has been too.

    Influence unavoidable at all strata due to the strangle hold of usurious banking upon both countries then and all countries nowadays.

  97. Halina March 26, 2014 @ 2:48 am

    @Carol Ann

    Thank you for your comment, which is truly appreciated.

    God Bless you.

    Another significant aspect I forgot to mention is how considerate it was of Putin to ask people’s opinion in the Crimea’s referendum.

    Hitler didn’t bother asking anyone….

    Therefore, I’m quite confident that President Putin would find such comparison offensive.

  98. Wotan March 26, 2014 @ 3:16 am

    @Carol Ann

    You should know that Vienna was for 500 years the German capital. The insignia of the 1st German Empire are kept in Austria to this very day.

    You should also know that the last free resolution of the Austrian parliament after the break up of the Austrian Empire in 1918 was that German Austria (Deutsch-Österreich) with all her German speaking provinces should become part of the German Empire.

    The implementation of this resolution was prevented by the treaty of Versailles. When German troops marched into Austria in 1938, 2 million Austrians congregated in the Streets of Vienna to greet Hitler and the German troops.

    As far as I know this was the biggest assembly of happy and smiling people ever recorded in the history of mankind. Austria is and was just another German state same as Bavaria or Prussia.

    Some of the other things you say seem so confused that I would voluntarilily refrain from contradicting.


    “…Urinating on certain people shoes for speaking despicable lies any dog is welcome to do…”

    I know what you mean, Halina, and I know how you feel. I am nevertheless convinced that most dogs fit better into the natural order of things than some of our kind!

    By the way, are you also proud of those Poles who led the German Army to the mass graves of Germans created by different-minded Poles between 1918 and 1939?

    And how do you feel about the German Army uncovering up the Communist-Jewish crimes in the forest of Katyn? Was that good or bad? Here, too, the local population was involved.

    Oh, pardon me, I forgot, all this never happened, it is merely part of my over-stretched imagination!

    Your insults cannot, however, prevent me to state my conviction that had the Germans and the Poles been able to finalise their reconciliation as commenced during the Pilsudski era history might have taken a different turn and the Jew might not have been able to wreck the entire western civilization as is the case today.

    But I suppose when Pilsudski died it turned out that there were too many “Halinas” in Poland!

  99. Mary March 26, 2014 @ 7:16 am


    May I revise your statement “Hitler didn’t bother asking anyone.”

    The Versailles Treaty 1919 placed the Danzig (formerly part of the Prussian Empire) into Poland and separated it from Germany. These people were Prussians and also German minorities that were placed under Polish control.

    A Polish Army had even been formed to fight the Germans for the Entente during WWI. The most crude evidence on this is that Merkel’s grandfather was prisoner-of-war by the French and then went to fight with the Poles after release against the Germans.

    To make matters even more confusing, Freemasons and all sections designed to not only destroy the Roman Catholic Church, but all of Christianity met in Paris, France in March 1931.

    This upset many Germans and as a result, the Nazis then rose to power within only two years.

    The Catholic Church has not been shown to be affiliated with any of this, but they never condemned the Nazis because even though the Nazis did lose, it preserved both the Catholic Church and Christianity as a whole, not to mention that Europe still exists after what the Bolsheviks were attempting to do.

    The RCC was not in favor of war, as many people claim that they were associated with this. However, they also did not condemn the Nazis during that time period for their valiant efforts to preserve all of Christianity throughout Europe.

    The Protestants (e.g. Lutherans) were supporting this cause as well because of what the alternate side’s motive truly was and this was apparent once Polish Jews began to burn down Protestant Churches in Poland in August 1939, as well as forcing Catholic priests to sleep on concrete floors.

    I would recommend for the reader to research “Bloody Sunday.”

    Hitler was a devoted Catholic and for that reason, many people jump to immediate conclusions.

    Hitler asked Poland more than once for the Danzig. This is/was a very important part of Germany because it was part of the Prussian/German Empire. It is true that certain parts of Poland had always been in conflict with Germany and Prussia, just as no one in a large region will agree with each other on everything.

    Following the Bolshevik/Russian Revolution that ended up in a Bolshevik Jewish Victory over the Russian Christians and Bourgueoise, Soviets appointed certain Chinese to lead a communist war against Nationalist China, at which point Japan became involved and then Japan and Germany signed both the “anti-Comintern Pact” and “Tripartate Alliance” by 1937.

    Anti-Comintern was spread across Europe and it is responsible for the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Spain, Portugal, and Italy also signed the Anti-Comintern Pact, but Poland did not.

    Hitler asked Poland for the Danzig more than once. Once Protestant Churches were burnt to the ground (same thing happened to Orthodox Churches in Russia during the Russian Revolution and even in Spain that provoked the Spanish Civil War) and the mistreatment of German Catholics as well, the German minorities in Danzig were begging for Hitler to save them.

    Within one day, Germany appeared on September 1, 1939.

    On September 17, 1939, the Soviets also invaded Poland. On that same date, the Danzig was given back to Germany, the military returned back to Germany for the lone exception of those needing to stay for “investigations” upon the brutalities made against Christians in Poland.

    By April/May 1940, even the US was stating that this was a “phony war” and they were not realizing that Roosevelt was doing everything he could to interfere in matters. When Germany looked up at that time, thousands of troops were on the northern French front against Germany.

    Do you not realize what happened in the Katyn Forest? This was not Germany that did that to the Poles. That was the Soviet Union. The Poles up to today even and if any are still alive will be happy to state the victims of Katyn Forest were caused by assaults made by Soviets against the Poles.

    These Poles are clearly not Polish Jews, nor were they involved in the audacious crimes against Christians in Poland in 1939.

    In fact, if it actually was up to Poland, they would be talking about the Katyn Forest, not Auschwitz. This proves that not even the Poles are even allowed to speak of crimes against them and that is a sad moment since the world is taught to be sympathetic towards Poland.

    To be sympathetic towards Poland, a person should learn the accurate details of the Katyn Forest.

    WWII was not pretty. Was invading Poland worth it? In the short term with Germany losing the war, no. In the long run with Christianity still standing (thanks to what people are told was the most evil man on this planet), the Nazis in their own way did win because Christianity is still here and Europe is still here as well.

  100. Carol Ann March 26, 2014 @ 11:18 am


    Merely mentioning that Hitler did annex. My point proved by your comments. Where did the Holy Roman Empire and Napoleon fit in the scheme of things for Vienna?

    The carving up of kingdoms has led to such great discord throughout Europe for centuries. Land acquisition and shifting borders has been mankind’s Achilles heel.

    Your patriotism for your own people is good. It would be wonderful if all people would stop fighting the last World War and treat every day as a gift from God to be used to better the lives of those around them.

    Our Final Judgment, Jesus states, is an open book exam. How we treated those around us and what we do to help each other is vital and will be the source of final pronouncement on our lives.

    Gently educating, giving a “helping hand” in time of need, forgiveness of previous wrongs and forceful rebuke, if need be, when one is sinning will assure us entry into the Way of God’s Kingdom.

    I disagree concerning the” happiest group of people”. The happiest earthy time will, hopefully, be in the future when mankind is finally freed from the shackles of usurious, fractional reserve banking. And an honest economic exchange system is established for all countries.

    That is, if mankind can finally stop arguing and killing each other over inches of ground.

    Every leader, for hundreds of years, has been shackled or influenced greatly by the thoroughly corrupt, international banking system guaranteed by its very nature to cause enslavement.

    Usury banking, with all of its insidious procedures, is the lifeblood of this corruption.

    The Babylonian system is effectively poisoning sovereign leadership, confiscating valuable property, cunningly moving world assets into the hands of a small group, and causing massive dissension worldwide. It would be naïve to think that Putin or Hitler would not be in any way touched by the abomination.

    If one resists the secretive schemers and bully thieves, the result has been assassination, annihilation of whole populations either through bloodbaths, or starvation. Thereafter, brute force acceptance is imposed. Any leader who shows the slightest concern for others and has virtuous integrity is a threat and a target.

    Those that would enslave us relish it when we argue was each other, insult each other, and kill each other instead of focusing in on them. True Christianity banned usury and all its mechanisms. Therefore, it had to be destroyed.

    The international “financiers” care not about “religion” as long as it does not interfere with their “business” practices. That’s why they are pushing the anomalous, amorphous New World “faith of tolerance” of every abomination.

  101. Carol Ann March 26, 2014 @ 12:34 pm


    God Bless you too, Halina.

    I respect Poland’s contribution to human betterment, its rich history of invention and innovation, and the hardships its people have had to suffer.

    Especially, I acknowledge Poland’s steadfast contribution to the preservation of true Christianity. A remarkably resilient people of great courage and heart.

    This in no way is to denigrate the fine contributions of the rest of humanity. We have all suffered. We have all struggled. We have all been sinned against. And every country on earth has had its sinners.

  102. KathJuliane March 26, 2014 @ 3:01 pm

    @Carol Ann

    You asked elsewhere: “Is there a privately owned Central Bank in Russia?”

    No. The central Bank of the Russian Federation, has a continuous history back to the State Bank of the Russian Empire, was founded on July 13, 1990, on the basis of the Russian Republic Bank of the State Bank of the USSR.

    It is state owned as an independent entity, its functions are described in the Russian Constitution, as an independent entity, but must carry out monetary and financial policy in cooperation with the Russian government.

    Under Russian law, half of the Central Bank’s profit has to be channeled into the government’s federal budget.

    You said your great-uncle was a US officer who died in Dachau. That would have been an unusual circumstance in that uniformed POWs were incarcerated in Stalags, special POW camps.

    There are only a few reasons that I know of that he’d wind up in Dachau, which was essentially a political prisoner camp, and that is if he happened to be in transit to a Stalag (possible to have gotten stuck there with the Allied bombings towards the end).

    Another reason would be because he was an OSS officer captured by the Germans as a spy, advisor to resistance units or espionage agent behind enemy lines, or was materially assisting the resistance movements in some way in Germany or the occupied territories.

    If he were a pilot, for example, taken captive after being shot down on a bombing run, he would go to a stalag.

    But if he was dropping food and supplies to resistance units, under the conditions of the Hague Conventions and the Geneva Convention of 1929 depending on where he was captured, he could have wound up in Dachau in that he was considered a civilian, that is not a uniformed member of the military.

    So, maybe this helps, or not. If he were a regular military POW, then he should have been in a stalag with a good chance of having a record.

    The place to start would be whatever military records held by either US or German government archives on veterans and military service, if that hasn’t been done already.

    Your claim that it is a “Little known fact: Thomas Jefferson so admired the Polish Constitution that he worked to have its tenets put into the American Constitution” is anachronistic at best.

    Constitutionalism is a product of the Enlightenment. The US Constitution has numerous colonial constitution precendents and exemplars, as well being as rooted in the Magna Carta and Anglo-Saxon Common Law, as well as Christianity.

    The first constitution that used the word “constitution” was Virginia’s Constitution of 1776.

    The Declaration of Independence of 1776, which Jefferson authored, and the US Constitution of 1787 preceded the Polish Constitution of May 3, 1791.

    The 1791 document was designed to redress political defects of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth; the system of “Golden Liberty” had conferred disproportionate rights on the nobility (szlachta), nothing for the common man and peasant serfs and religious minorities, and over time had corrupted politics.

    Its adoption was preceded by several decades of agitation and gradual reforms beginning with the Convocation Sejm of 1764 and the election of Stanisław August Poniatowski as the Commonwealth’s last king, and culminating in legislation adopted by the Great Sejm.

    The 1791 document remained in force for only 18 months and 3 weeks; it was annulled by the Grodno Sejm on 23 November 1793. By 1795, the Second and the Third Partitions of Poland ended the existence of the sovereign Polish state.

    The 1791 Constitution remained as a symbol promising the eventual restoration of Poland’s sovereignty. But in form, it remained a constitutional aristocracy, not a democracy.

    This legend of Polish influence on the US Constitution is anachronistic. The Polish Enlightenment has its roots in the earlier English and French Enlightenment eras. Constitutionalism which spread from America, resulted in consitutional documents expressed in similar Enlightenment idiom in various countries.

    Where the legend probably has its origins back to Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko, a Polish nobleman who fought on the American side in the American Revolutionary War and his admiration for and close friendship with Jefferson with whom he shared Enlightenment ideals.

    Jefferson was attracted to the French philosophies, which influenced Poland. Jefferson called him a “True Son of Liberty.” Kościuszko and Jefferson had become firm friends by 1797 and thereafter corresponded for twenty years in a spirit of mutual admiration.

    Jefferson didn’t speak Polish, but he spoke French, the lingua franca of the time, and as classically educated, also spoke Latin, as did Kościuszko.

    I’ve also read the claim that because Jefferson had Polish books in his library, this proves that Poland influenced the US Constitution. Such is not the case. He had a vast library.

    The 6,500-volume Thomas Jefferson library, acquired by the United States Congress in 1815, included only three examples of Polonica –one of which was an English version of the May Third Constitution of 1791, published in London.

    There is no telling when Jefferson actually received these items of Polonica or how, but it is far more likely they were sent to him when Kościuszko returned to Poland in 1784 during their long years of correspondence.

    Kościuszko became a major general in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Army. Two years after the Polish–Russian War of 1792 had resulted in the Second Partition of Poland (1793) after Poland lost, Kościuszko organized an uprising against Russia in March 1794, serving as its chief.

    Russian forces captured him in October 1794. The defeat of the Kościuszko Uprising in November 1794 led to the Third Partition of Poland in 1795, which ended the country’s independent existence until the Second Polish Republic was founded in the wake of World War I, in 1918.

    Jefferson would have been very interested in all of these events as they occurred because of his friendship, and also because of the Polish revolutionary politics at the time.

    In lore I have about the Scottish peddlers in Poland, Poland is called the heaven for the nobility, the paradise for the Jews, purgatory for the common man, the hell for the peasant, and the gold mine for the stranger.

    Jews handled all monetary, financial and economic tasks for the nobility and the magnates, and were about 10% of the total population.

    We can see that the 1791 Constitution was limited in its scope to the Polish nobility and magnates, and Jews had their own separate set protective laws and charters and autonomy, by virtue of the fact that the Emancipation Reform of 1861 in the Russia Empire also applied to Russian Poland.

  103. Halina March 26, 2014 @ 3:10 pm


    I appreciate your acknowledgement of my patriotism and also understand your stand on this issue.

    Forgive me if I dare to disagree on the matter of Hitler asking for Danzig.

    He demanded it already annexing other countries!

    Poles not stupid, knew very well what will follow. It doesn’t take a genius to work it out following the events.

    However, this topic is about comparison of Putin to Hitler and I felt compelled to express my views as I come to like Putin more lately and therefore I believe such a comparison is unjust to him.

    I am well aware of Katyn.

    But “pin-pointing” it to Putin wouldn’t be the right thing to do in this thread as he wasn’t even born yet at the time, which happened under Judeo-Soviet regime.

    Putin currently is the President of RUSSIA.

    Please excuse my firmness and passion about this issue, but I am sick and tired of all the insults and accusations thrown my way or the simple ethnic Polish folks who never had the choice nor voice, whether before or after the the war and NOW!

    In the face of possible WWIII for the interests of one certain tribe I found it despicable having White people still stuck in the past and steaming with hatred, unless it is a deliberate act to justify the additional events that might take place in the future, taking advantage of this sickening situation, in which only the innocent ones are suffering the most.

    I hate wars!

    The play pen of insane men who do not consider the lives of those at whose expenses they live on.

    We are expendable! You and me! We are their slaves.

    They don’t give a darn about us! And yet like the idiots we keep arguing.

    Well, let them enjoy the show!

    Once again I say: Putin is no Hitler and I sincerely hope I am right.

  104. Carol Ann March 26, 2014 @ 7:03 pm


    “The Polish contribution to the concept of pluralism was first stated in 1415, by Pawel Wlodkowicz (Paulus Vladimiri) Poland’s ambassador to the Council of Constance. In 1493 it was given further force when Poland became the first state in early modern Europe to be ruled by a bicameral parliamentary government.”

    “Forms of Republican government had been introduced by 1454 among the land owning nobility and gentry who comprised Poland’s nobility and gentry who comprised Poland’s dominant feudal estate, szlachta.

    “These groups include over 10 percent of the country’s population and the national parliament which emerged from their deliberation with the most broadly based representative political institution in Europe at the time.” (Documentary History of Poland, 1963)

    From 1454 on Poland became a commonwealth of nobility, in fact, a commonwealth of citizen soldiers.

    Parliamentary government in Poland was underpinned by the most sophisticated legal system in Europe. Development had started relatively early. Due process under law, for example, was established in Poland at the being of the 15th century, some 250 years earlier than in England. (Myths and Reality in Eastern Europe, 1946)

    The First Polish Republic was formally founded in 1569 with the establishment of the Union of Lublin between Poland and Lithuania. It cemented a process started in 1386, when Lithuania had accepted Western Christianity from Poland.

    The union of the two nations developed as a single state shaped by the Polish legal system. The principle of the equality of all citizens was articulated the passage of law abolishing titles of nobility.

    It has rightly been said the “the old Polish State was …the first experiment on a large scale with a federal republic down to the appearance of the United States. In the 16th and 17th centuries this republic was the freest state in Europe, that state in which the greatest degree of constitutional, civil and intellectual liberty prevailed… (Charles Haskins, R.H.Lord, Some Problems of the Peace Conference, 1920) Also quoted in “Poland in the Twentieth Century”, 1977

    Edmund Burke (1729-1797) British statesman, who had ardently supported American Quest for independence, had pronounced Poland’s Political tradition and “republican constitution of 3 May 1791 more moderate than the French and more progressive than the English.” But many exponents of the Enlightenment, ignorant of Poland history and values acted as apologist for the partitions.

    Those republican and constitutional ideas were dangerous. Poland had to disappear.

    “There is an obvious paradox in the coexistence of monarchy with republicanism yet the Poles tried hard to make a virtue out of the seeming contradiction” Adam Zamoyski (not exactly an apologist for Polish republicanism)

    Didn’t the colonists originally want to make Washington king?

    Who handled the Russian banking from 1913 through the fall of the Soviet state since the government was in the hands of the Bolsheviks? “Rothschild financed the Russian Revolution which confiscated vast portions of the Orthodox Church and Czar’s wealth.”

    “A Weirder Twist on Cyprus: Rothschilds At War With Putin?” Would like your impression on this article.

    Thank you for the various ideas as to the fate of my great uncle. A paper from the camp may have clues.

  105. Halina March 26, 2014 @ 7:56 pm

    @Carol Ann & KathJuliane


    Your interest in Polish history and your knowledge is amazing 🙂

  106. Wotan March 27, 2014 @ 12:16 pm


    Thanks for doing what I was not willing to do and what I could not have done as well as you.

    In the course of reading your text I was reminded of Obongo’s uncle, who, as an American soldier, allegedly freed Auschwitz! Maybe O. has smoked too many joints!

    Your contr. on the German Wolga Republic, which was dissolved under Stalin during the war, was also an admirable piece of detailed research! Don’t know how you do it!

  107. Halina March 27, 2014 @ 7:55 pm

    Interesting interview: intelligent and diplomatic

    UkrainianGirl – Breaks Down Media Lies #Crimea #Ukraine

    That’s the way to go! Looking forward. Not back!

  108. Polish American March 27, 2014 @ 8:20 pm

    Dear Halina,

    I am reading your comments and would like to thank you for passion and love of our country.

    Sadly, current events in Poland are pessimistic and the successive crypto-Jew governments there are outright selling Poland for Polin.

    Lord have mercy on us Poles and our beloved country.

  109. Halina March 27, 2014 @ 9:16 pm

    Dear Polish American,

    Unfortunately, Poland is also under jewish occupation.

    Do not give up, however. Do NOT give up hope!

    Polish spirit lives on.

  110. Seraphim March 28, 2014 @ 12:20 am


    Orthodoxy, autocracy…natsional’nost’

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Just a little correction. The term is not natsionalnost but narodnost. Narodnost comes from narod, whose meaning is people, peuple, Volk, popor.

    It had not the meaning of national in the modern sense, but rather of what comes from the people, expression of the soul of the people.

  111. KathJuliane March 30, 2014 @ 10:05 am

    Dear Seraphim,

    Thank you for the correction. That was a total brain-blip, a senior moment, getting narod’nost scrambled up trying to juggle between Byzantine and Russian concepts and then putting it to English!

    IC XC
    NI KA

    Dear Mary,

    In response to your statements/questions about about Putin:

    There are articles that are not anti-Russian of course (who would be against the Russians after they found God and Jesus Christ), but rather that:

    1.) there are alleged statements made by Putin condemning the Ukrainian leader for being against the Jews, who was the same leader that was tossed out of Ukraine.

    You mean he called Yanukovych an anti-Semite? Really?

    2.) Putin has yet to open Russian archives to provide exact numbers concerning genocides against their own citizens, which these numbers (particularly in Ukraine) have been added not only to WW2 statistics (such as the Holodomor) and the Jews really do not like to discuss the Holodomor of course.

    Answer: The Soviet State central archives, as well as the KGB archives, have been open for years, since 1991, starting with the families of those who disappeared in the Gulags, and no one knew their fate.

    And, 15 independent countries of the Former Soviet Union, like the Baltic states, have opened their own archives as well, many are online.

    The Russian authorities have become somewhat balky about keeping the archives open to full access, especially after so many investigating groups do so not for intellectually honest and academic research, but for politicization and agendas of their own.

    The archives were open for the Katyn Forest Memorial committee coordinated between Russia, Poland, and Polish Americans. Captured German war documents from Soviet archives have also been returned to Germany.

    The Russian Archives have their own website:

    And our own Library of Congress has its own section of images of documents from the Soviet Archives, as well as captured German war documents in a special archive of its own.

    There are millions of files, and the process of making them available is ongoing, usually initiated by private organizations for specific purposes. As with our own government secret archives, quite a bit of material has to go through the process in Russia comparable to a freedom of information request and declassification.

    The Orthodox Church has built memorials, churches, canonized saints and martyrs, and written liturgies to the victims of the Soviet Repressions. There is not an area in the Russian Federation now, as well in the CIS, which wasn’t touched by Communism and Scientific Atheism in terms of victims.

    On the secular side, the organization Memorial has done 25 years worth of documenting and archiving the the victims of Soviet Repressions as well as documenting sites of mass executions and burials. ( )

    The fate of many of the millions who perished in the terror and the gulags will probably never be known. While Lenin and Stalin had ordered that all records of the NKVD be turned over to the central State Archives, but in actual practice the NKVD, and later the KGB, refused to do so in order to maintain some independence from the Politburo.

    Sad to say, the KGB routinely destroyed older documents, much like our government and corporations, even hospitals, routinely do.

    But as far as the Soviet Repression, there is plenty of public information, and many private organizations have worked on them.

    And as another example of a famous atrocity of the Soviet era, research for the Katyn Memorial was in process for at least 15 years between Polish American groups, Polish groups, Russian groups and the Orthodox Church, prior to the ceremony of dedication in 2010, and which the Smolensk Air Disaster is associated with.

    As for publicized actions at the time, first off, for the Katyn massacres an investigation conducted by the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Soviet Union (1990–1991) and the Russian Federation (1991–2004), confirmed Soviet responsibility for the massacres.

    In November 2010, the Russian State Duma approved a declaration blaming Stalin and other Soviet officials for having personally ordered the massacre.

    The term “Katyn massacre” includes victims who were executed in the Katyn Forest in Russia, the Kalinin and Kharkiv prisons and concurrently elsewhere in other Soviet cities and camps as well as the NKVD headquarters in Somlensk.

    Of the total killed, about 8,000 were officers taken prisoner during the 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland, another 6,000 were police officers, and the rest were arrested Polish intelligentsia the Soviets deemed to be “intelligence agents, gendarmes, landowners, saboteurs, factory owners, lawyers, officials and priests.”

    There’s a certain ethnocentric myopia about this atrocity, as if Polish suffering was any more special than the millions of Russians who’d been murdered for the very same reasons in the various purges and political class warfare actions authorized by Stalin and the Politburo, and before him by Lenin.

    Once at the camps, from October 1939 to February 1940, the Poles were subjected to lengthy interrogations and constant political agitation by NKVD officers. The prisoners assumed that they would be released soon, but the interviews were in effect a selection process to determine who would live and who would die.

    According to NKVD reports, if the prisoners could not be induced to adopt a pro-Soviet attitude, they were declared “hardened and uncompromising enemies of Soviet authority.”

    But there was a pragmatic side as well. Stalin wanted to deprive a potential future Polish military of a large portion of its talent. And he knew many of the Polish patriots would not stand for a Fourth Partition, either.

    In a cruel kind of paradox of Russian history, Stalin never signed the Hague Conventions and the first Geneva Convention of 1929.

    It was Tsar Nicholas II and his foreign minister, Count Mikhail Nikolayevich Muravyov who were instrumental in proposing and supporting the First Hague Conference of 1898, and also for conducting the talks in neutral territory among the Great Powers.

    Along with previous European treaties concerning warfare, the Tsar was in turn inspired by, and the Hague Conventions were largely founded on the First Geneva Convention, and the Lieber Code, which was signed and issued by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln to the Union Forces of the United States in April 24, 1863, during the American Civil War.

    The Hague Peace Palace keeps Tsar Nicholas II’s vision alive.

    When he was the Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, Patriarch Kirill initiated the idea of building a monument to the Katyn victims. Today, the Katyn Memorial has a Polish half and a Russian half.

    The ceremony of laying down the first stone of a future memorial church at Katyn Forest took place on April 7, 2010, which was attented by then Prime Minister Putin and Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

    Three days later the Smolensk Air Disaster occured. People in the West presume that the Poles are “all Catholics,” but they are not, there is a minority of Polish Orthodox (Gallician and Rusyn heritage mostly from western Ukraine) who have been so since the conversion of the Slavs by Sts Kirill and Methodius and who resisted the Treaty of Brest in the 17th century.

    On board the flight which crashed at Smolensk was His Eminence Miron (Chodakowski), the Archbishop of Hajnówka and Orthodox Military Ordinariate for the Polish Army of the Church of Poland, Vicar of the Orthodox Diocese of Warsaw and Bialy. He was killed alongside his counterpart bishop of the Polish Catholic Church, along with 4 priests from both Churches.

    In 2012 the Katyn Memorial Complex was completed, Patriarch Kirill sanctified the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, and then went on to bless the rest of the complex.

    He said at the time:

    “The Resurrection of Christ is a victory of Good over Evil, of Truth over lies. For many years, the Soviet authorities hushed up the Katyn tragedy. However, finally, the truth prevailed over lies.”

    After sanctifying the church and performing a divine service in it, Patriarch Kirill, together with a Polish delegation, which included politicians, military officials, Catholic clergy, and Polish Orthodox hierarchs, visited the Alley of Memory, which separates the Russian and the Polish parts of the memorial complex, and laid down wreaths to the 10-meter Orthodox cross in the Russian part of the cemetery, and to a chancel in its Polish part.

    The parliament of Russia has passed its own resolutions on matters. On 26 November 2010, the Russian State Duma passed a resolution admitting that Soviet leader Joseph Stalin personally approved the Katyn Massacre.

    In 2008, Russia marked the 90th anniversary of the murder by the Bolsheviks of Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and their five children that occurred July 22, 1918, with conferences, concerts, exhibitions, processions and debates about repentance,rehabilitation, and remembrance.

    “The evil deed committed in July 1918 marked the beginning of those tragic events that our nation endured in the 20th century,” said Patriarch Alexei II.

    The canonization in 2000 of the royal family, the Romanovs as “Passion-Bearers” for their faith and humility in the face of persecution and execution has made Ekaterinburg, the city in Russia’s Urals region where they were slaughtered, a magnet for religious pilgrims.

    They come to the Church-on-the-Blood, built on the site of Ipatiev House, where the Romanovs were imprisoned. The basement room where they were gunned down has been turned into a crypt surrounded by icons of the family.

    The pilgrims also visit a modest monastery of log churches built at Ganina Yama just outside the city, in the birch forest from which the remains of the royal family were exhumed.

    Services of commemoration drew more than 30,000 pilgrims. Some had been walking since April in a religious procession from St. Petersburg that retraced the train route of the Romanovs as they were transported across the country to their death.

    At the same time, the Orthodox Church called on the Russian State to officially repent of the murders.

    “A state that has not condemned the crime committed against the imperial family burdens itself, and to some extent the nation with the consequences of these crimes,” said Fr. Vsevolod Chaplin, deputy chairperson of the Moscow Patriarchate’s External Relations Department.

    “Russia can’t face the future with a free conscience,” he said, if we think what the Bolsheviks did is normal.

    Until the state says the murder of the tsar family was a crime and gives a moral evaluation of the actions of those who gave, approved and executed the command to shoot them, who took the family into custody and kept them under arrest, and until this is done on the level of symbolically important state decisions and of clarifying this question in the public mind, Russia will have difficulty facing the future.”

    In a decision announced October 1, the appeals presidium of the Russian Supreme Court ruled that Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and their children were victims of “groundless repression” and ordered their rehabilitation.

    My own late second husband, originally a Russian national from St. Petersburg who immigrated to California in the 1990s, told me a lot about life behind the Iron Curtain, and then the miseries of the fall of the Soviet Union.

    He was able to review his own KGB file accumulated over his life time, and was very hurt and betrayed to find that his best friend since childhood had been spying on him throughout the 1980s. Although never involved with the KGB but of modest special interest in the KGB because he was an English major, he had a KGB code name because virtually every one in the Soviet Union had one and a file.

    So, Mary, just because there’s not a lot of publicity in the West about things, doesn’t mean that it is still being buried by the Russian government. Right after the fall of the USSR, the archives were open to the public for research but the state has become more restrictive and access to the archives are now generally limited to special academic work.

    I’ve never heard an actual reason why, but I think it probably has to do with so many interest groups politicizing the research, and turning around and then attempting to sue now the Russian Federation for something the defunct Soviet government was responsible for, or otherwise simply using it all as ammunition to publicly embarrass Russia.

    I mean, the White House would never, ever, resort to cheap shots, now would they?

    By this I mean the Tribe which can’t be named, but Jew-know-who they are.

    And I don’t think I blame Russia, considering the tens of billions of dollars the Jews have extracted from Germany and other countries as ‘holocaust reparations’ (with seemingly no end in sight), even though the responsible NS German government is long gone.

    So, what more do you want? You can go to Russia and find all kinds of books on various subjects from various points of view which contain historical research from the archives. You can find books that idealize Lenin or Stalin next to ones that despise them.

    Clearly, your stated assumption is wrong.

  112. KathJuliane March 30, 2014 @ 3:25 pm

    @Mary (continued):

    3.) I have read statements with Putin pleading to the US to not declare war on other countries and even though they have had their differences, they need to come together to support Israel and how they combined to take out “the evil Nazis.”

    That was an article written by Putin and placed in the New York Times, which Senator John McCain then shot back at Putin and blasting him back.

    Answer: Wow, are we reading the same op-ed piece that Putin wrote on Sept 11, 2013 and was published by the New York Times?

    Putin mentioned the word “Israel” only once, said nothing about supporting Israel, and that was in the term “Israel-Palestine conflict” in the context of US actions destablizing the area.

    In fact, read for yourself again the paragraph that it’s found in:

    “The potential [military] strike by the United States against Syria, despite strong opposition from many countries and major political and religious leaders, including the pope, will result in more innocent victims and escalation, potentially spreading the conflict far beyond Syria’s borders.

    “A strike would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism. It could undermine multilateral efforts to resolve the Iranian nuclear problem and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and further destabilize the Middle East and North Africa. It could throw the entire system of international law and order out of balance.” — V.V. Putin

    That entire piece was about the crisis in Syria and urging the White House to desist from making a military strike on Syria, to follow international law, and to stop what the US is doing meddling in the Middle East before it all blows up.

    In the way of diplomacy, Putin was simply reminding the White House, which is openly still at Cold War enmity with the Kremlin, of the political “friendship” and shared history of the US and the Soviet Union during WW2 in the victory over the Axis Powers, trying to establish some common political ground today.

    In case it escaped your attention, Russia is supporting the al-Assad regime and protecting its interests in Syria and providing humanitarian aide, while the US has been trying to get rid of him and install a new regime, supporting the so-called Syrian National Council and the Syrian “rebels” composed of hundreds of different fighter groups from all over the Muslim world, often Western-backed, in a proxy war against Assad.

    As far as the state of Israel in general goes, in terms of Putin personal, and Russia’s political, historical and cultural interests, the Russians as part of the historical Orthodox “Byzantine Commonwealth” have been making pilgrimages to Jerusalem and Palestine since the baptism of the Kiev Rus in 988, and even before.

    Putin personally loves going to the Holy Land, and having the chance to pray in the Orthodox churches and monasteries there. So he treads in the footsteps of ancestors who made pilgrimages to Jerusalem traveling thousands of miles often on foot to get there.

    Russians have built churches and monasteries there. The Church of Jerusalem is the Mother Church, and all of the Holy Land is important to all Orthodox Christians including Russian Orthodox.

    Putin is also populist as well as a patriot. In 2010, he was at the dedication of a monument in honor of the very elderly Soviet veterans of the Red Army and are now Russian Israelis who immigrated there in the 60s, 70s, and ’80s.

    The original proposal brought up I believe by Netanyahu was for a war memorial for the veterans of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army from the Soviet Union, which liberated its country from the invading forces of National Socialist Germany.

    Eventually it became a double monument, because the Jews just can’t help but put something about the holocaust and Jewish suffering in.

    It was a private memorial on a site donated by the State of Israel, the Jewish Oligarchs did all the fundraising.

    Without glorifying Soviet Communism or Bolshevism, or the personage of Stalin, Putin was there to commemorate those veterans as Russian patriots with the dedication of the memorial, because they did, in fact finally find victory after 4 years of hell.

    Under the Law of Return, Israel grants automatic citizenship to anyone who has a Jewish grandparent — even though this includes people who would not be considered Jewish according to the official Israeli rabbinate.

    As many as a quarter of those Russian Israelites who immigrated to Israel from the FSU under the Law of Return are not considered Jewish by Israel’s Orthodox rabbinate. Russian Israelis (many considered “non-Jews) immigrated to Israel in the Soviet ’70s and ’80s, and another continuous wave who came from the Russian Federation in the ’90s.

    They think of themselves as primarily Russians in culture, don’t have a holocaust mentality (either the elderly Soviet veterans identify as victors in the Great Patriotic War, or the later immigrants just don’t have that close a connection with European Jewish culture and history).

    The earlier waves of immigration to the state of Israel occurred under athe so-called Soviet persecution, and happened to coincide at a time when Tel Aviv needed to boost demographics (and perhaps needed some cannon fodder for the IDF as well).

    Over a million citizens of the Former Soviet Union (FSU) have immigrated to Israel since the collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1989.

    Most of the immigrants who arrived from the FSU were urban and well-educated and looking for better opportunities than could be found in the wild and wooly days of the economic free for all in the privateering of Russia’s wealth by the mostly Jewish oligarchs. The

    Russian Israelis found employment in the scientific, high-tech, medical, and education fields.

    An unknown number of these Russian Jews are actually descendents of Polish Jews who converted to Catholicism and Orthodox Christian converts from Judaism during the 19th century.

    Immigrants from the former Soviet Union many of whom are ethnic Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians, who were eligible to immigrate due to having, or being married to somebody who has, at least one Jewish grandparent.

    Over the course of the nineteenth century in Russian Poland, the majority of Warsaw’s most affluent Jews converted to Christianity; these numbers peaked during the 1880s and 1890s. (And that doesn’t count the 30,000 or so of the “Zoharist Christian” disciples of the messianic Jacob Frank who converted in the 18th century in Poland.)

    In the years immediately following the final partition of Poland (1795), most converts chose to adopt the state religion, Catholicism.

    After the partitions, however, the Polish territories were controlled by non-Catholic powers, and Jews who converted to Christianity still stood to gain but no longer particularly benefited from a switch to Catholicism.

    Subsequently, Protestantism became the religion of choice. Between 1821 and 1907, the Protestant London Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews converted 949 Jews, effecting this action even when the organization was banned by the government for the 20-year period between 1854 and 1874.

    Since the majority of converts in Russian Polish Warsaw according to the available data were males, this implies that the conversions were for political reasons.

    By the latter half of the nineteenth century, Jewish converts to Christianity were distrusted in Polish society. Polish literature provides numerous examples of such sentiments.

    Nineteenth-century Jewish converts in Russian Poland included two broad categories of former Jews: involuntary and voluntary converts.

    Among the first group were conscript cantonist soldiers who had converted under Nicholas I in the canton schools or later service, and children who had been baptized by their parents.

    Voluntary converts included members of the upper-class bourgeoisie and Jews seeking educational or professional advancement.

    There were undoubtedly also cases of conversion out of religious conviction. Among the converts were Jewish criminals, who until 1862 could have their sentences reduced or overturned if they accepted Christianity.

    In Russia, single Jewish women appear to have outnumbered single Jewish men among the converts. As in Poland, women’s conversions were typically followed by immediate marriage to a Christian.

    Of the 85,000 recorded conversions of Jews to Christianity in nineteenth-century Russia, more than 65,000 converted to Russian Orthodoxy.

    Initial attempts to convert Jews, however, were not successful; although Tsar Alexander I (r. 1801–1825) established a Society of Israelitish Christians and agreed to grant wide privileges and land to Jewish converts, his measures failed to attract Jews.

    Some were sincere converts, some weren’t and led a crypto-Jewish life, or were atheists under a veneer of Christianity, which opened up a number of advantages for them and acceptance into Russian society particularly because of their military experience.

    Some of these Israelite Christians went on to become the liberal intelligentsia of Russia.

    Simply speaking, “anti-Semitism” in the racial sense is generally absent from Russian society and culture today, except for small pockets of its feral, irrational form of simply hating someone for being born a certain race.

    One can certainly find rational and religious anti-Judaism and teachings about the Antichrist and his world kingdom, or the historical reactions of oppressed peasants to Jewish maltreatment and exploitation as Solzhenitsyn records in his “200 Years Together,” as well as political anti-Zionism.

    Organized Jewish crime is another rational basis for being anti-Jewish.

    All of which the Jew lumps together as “anti-Semitism.” But anti-Semitism really grew out of 19th century intellectual racialism and nationalism of Western and Central Europe which didn’t find it’s way into Russia. The term itself I believe was actually coined by secular atheist Jews as a political term to get away from the religious connotation in public discourse.

    The Church Fathers, particularly St. John Chrysostomos, were quite concerned about the corrosive effects of the Jewish spirit, were anti-Judaism and anti-Judaizing among believers, and the Jews’ collective community behaviors of exploiting the poor and helpless, and polluting the morals and culture of Christian society.

    A primary reason that there is no anti-Semitism in the Russian Federation today as it developed in Germany and Austria, because there were no comparable 19th century racialist intellectual movements such as the Aryan-Juden clash of ideologies in Austria-Germany which arose out of the liberation struggles within the Ottoman Empire.

    If the secular 19th century racial-nationalist struggle between the Aryan and the Jew originated in Austria had roots in the 18th century Jewish German Enlightenment and assimilation into German society philosophically, at the same time, 19th century Russia was experiencing the Tsars’ efforts to assimilate Jews into Russian society by way of their conversion into Orthodox Christianity.

    Basically, the classic antagonism between the Russian and the Jew took the form of anti-Judaism on religious and political grounds, reaction of peasants and serfs fed up with exploitation and abuse, business rivalries between Christian burghers and Jews in the cities and towns, and having to cope with Jewish cheating, dishonesty, monopolies, competition and sharp practices.

    But the real major blowups (that the Jews love to call pogroms) arose from the Jews’ organized community behavior and enlistment as Arendars for the Polish-Lithuanian nobles — the chronic and extreme exploitation of the peasants, serfs, and townspeople for centuries in the Kingdom of Poland (Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth) and the former Polish territory of west Ukraine.

  113. Halina March 30, 2014 @ 3:43 pm

    Very informative and interesting commentary by KathJuliane @ 10:05 am.

    Thank you.

  114. Seraphim March 30, 2014 @ 7:20 pm


    If only a few would take the pain to inform themselves more thoroughly about these subjects (i. e. to go beyond the journalistic, sentimental, know-it-all approach)!

    You have been fortunate to have had a husband who lived behind the Iron Curtain. It is clear now to me where your understanding come from (thing that I suspected from the beginning).

    I lived forty years behind the Iron Curtain. I went back many times after the fall of Communism and I saw the files.

    We know what’s going on in Ukraine. Take a look at Judeopolonia Google entry (and Max Bodenheimer).

  115. KathJuliane April 1, 2014 @ 10:28 pm

    Dear Seraphim,


    And God bless you!

    My P.L. was a blessing in my life.

    It’s a very good thing that my husband had excellent English.

    Having to fight chronic lymphoma a few years after our marriage left me with no energy and too much chemo-brain to learn to speak Russian.

    Quite the odd couple, we still found a lot in common, plus we had Orthodoxy to share. We had many discussions about life on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

    Even as a child growing up in the early Cold War, I had a strong attraction to Russia. He was delighted that I knew a few little things about Rodina, had several translations of Russian authors, and books on East European and Russian folklore.

    And, being 3rd generation Californian, I knew about Russian California and some of the local lore, and have friends who are members of the Coastal California Indian tribes in the North State who kept fond tribal memories of the monks who were part of the Russian mission at Ft. Ross and other parts of the region.

    There is, for example, the beautiful Russian Wilderness north of Eureka, CA.

    Their legend, and so it has became local Orthodox lore, too, is that a Russian monk made his way to this pristine wilderness and lived as hermit in a cabin in the high mountains, and made friends with the native people.

    The Spanish never made it much past the North Bay, the Americans didn’t settle in the North State until the mid-1800s, yet there is a Mount Cross there in the Russian Mountains that was named that before the settlers came during the Westward expansion.

    On the other side of the valley in the Sierra Nevada range, I found out from a local anthropology instructor when I was attending college, that an Indian tribe near Eagle Lake etched a petroglyph of a white man with a long beard, robes and a cap.

    He thought that somehow it was a picture of a Viking, but had never heard of Viking explorations making it to California.

    My immediate response was “That sounds like a Russian Orthodox monk. The Russians were at the Fort Ross colony until 1849, and very active in missionary work.

    It’s very probable that there other explorations, attempted colonies, and missionary work all over North California among the natives.”

    The instructor thought that made sense.

    P.L. was very interested in North California local histories because of Russian presence at one time.

    He also thought that the name of the famous Mt. Shasta (no one knows the origin of the name — it’s not from one of the Indian dialects) was derived from Russian or Ukrainian and that it was named by the Russian colonists. I think he said it was an archaic word for ‘happiness’ or maybe ‘white.’

    I also learned to make several regional variations of borshch. He was a great cook.

    My lymphoma turned aggressive again, I went back to the hospital, and he had a coronary at the age of 56, admitted to the ER of the same hospital I was in. Please say a prayer for him — God knows his name.

    Judeopolonia? I believe there’s something to it.

    Both Jabotinsky and the German Committee for Freedom of the Russian Jews proposed it as a Jewish buffer state and German protectorate, and that the Polish, Ukrainian, and Lithuanian Jews during WWI were opposed to the formation of the 2nd Polish Republic.

    Polish Jewry is very fond of Poland — the Paradise of the Jews for a thousand years.

    Forgive me if I am presumptuous. You may know Polish history already, and if so, maybe someone else will find it of value.

    You may know of Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz’s 1817 dystopia novel, The Year 3333, or an Incredible Dream, first published posthumously in 1858, “that describes a Poland transformed into a sinister Judeo-Polonia.”

    It was published during the period corresponding to European Jewish history known as the Haskala (Jewish Enlightenment).

    Niemcewicz introduced the word “Judeo-Communism” (Żydokomuna) in his dystopia describing a Communist Poland that would be run by assimilated Jews.

    The word would later be revived as “Judeo-Bolshevism” during the Bolshevik revolution and was used once more during the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-21, when Jews were blamed for having supported the Soviets.

    During World War II, “Żydokomuna” was applied to resemble the “Jewish-Bolshevism” rhetoric of National Socialist Germany, wartime Romania and other war-torn countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

    Here is a secondary source describing the pamphlet and the historical context:

    At, they have Luther Calvin Saxton’s two volumes of the Fall of Poland

    published before the era of political correctness in 1853, I believe, which makes it contemporary with partitioned Poland, a few years just before Niemcewicz 1817 novel was published, and about 8 years prior to Tsar Alexander II’s emancipation of the serfs.

    With the eye of a reformer, Saxton doesn’t hold back about the faults of the historical Polish tyranny of aristocrats as being one of the major causes of the Fall of Poland, nor is he shy about a detailed history of the Jewish Paradise’s major role in the backwardness, corruption, decay, popular and peasant unrest, and ultimately fall of the Kingdom of Poland.

    He also lauds the patriotic Polish noblemen who time and again made every effort at reforms to save their country from oblivion, to give relief to all of the oppressed people and the monarchical Constitution they came up with.

    A constitutional monarchist, he also saw the partition of Poland as being a good thing for the country, as it reigned in what Saxton called “the aristocracy of the worst kind.”

    Saxton’s work gives the thorough historical and social context to Niemcewicz’s literary vision of Judeo-Polonia in The Year 3333. Saxton’s overall thesis is that it was the Polish nobility without a strong centralized organization which was responsible for Poland’s decline and destruction.

    Only the nobility could own land, they were slaveowners, and 80% of the Jewish population in the world at the start of the 17th century lived in the Polish empire, and as the aristocracy’s ubiquitous agents were a major component of Poland’s downfall.


    Saxton wrote:

    “According to the old laws of the republic, the nobles were terrigenous; and every person who possessed a freehold estate, however small, or could prove his descent from ancestors formerly possessed of such an estate, and who had not degraded himself by engaging in any kind of commerce, manufacture, or in any profession, was a nobleman.

    Under the republic the nobility were everything, and the rest of the people nothing, or worse than nothing. The Polish aristocracy were absolute lords of their estates, and of the slaves who occupied them.

    They enjoyed the royal privilege of maintaining troops and constructing fortresses; and they only could elect the sovereign.

    No nobleman could be arrested until after conviction, except in cases of high treason, murder, or robbery on the highway; and then only when he was taken in the very act, which of course could seldom or never be done.

    Their houses were secure asylums for all to whom they chose to extend their protection, whatever might be their crimes; even their slaves could not be arrested or their property seized.

    They were exempted from all payment of tolls and other direct duties; and although the king could bestow titles, yet he had no power to create a nobleman or gentleman, that being the exclusive privilege of the diet.

    Fortunately this state of things has been wholly changed by the humane hand of time and modern reform. Under the rigorous governments of Russia, Austria, and Prussia, the tyrannical privleges of the nobles have been suppressed.

    They can no longer trample with impunity on their inferiors with the power of life and death, nor commit offenses without subjecting themselves to the full penalty of the law, and a poor gentleman no longer considers it a degradation to engage in some deparment of honest industry.

    Though modernized to a considerable degree, the richer Polish nobles still continue to live in large castles, in a state of rude luxury and hospitality, entertaining the great numbers of their dependents, and such strangers as may happen to visit them.

    The society of Poland for fifteen centuries, while they existed as a nation, was divided into two classes, the nobles and the peasants. The former are tall, robust, handsome, brave, frank, gay, courteous in their manners, and hospitable to strangers.

    The latter are ignorant, indolent, servile, slaves to the nobles, and far superior to the former in numbers. Such a state of society, existing in the worst of extremes, for ever separated from each ther by that impassable gulf which always divides nobility and slavery, ever has, and ever will, undermine any government, and ultimately wereck and crush any nation.

    The nobility, containing five hundred thousand of a population of fifteen millions, jealous of their oppressed inferiors, and fearful of being compelled to divide their power with the people, should the lower class be elevated by rank, riches, or intelligence, stamped every lucrative or useful profession with the stigma of dishonour.

    It was their maxim, “That nobility is not lost by indigence or domestic servitude, but is totally destroyed by commerce and industry.” Influenced by this absurd doctrine, they debarred the serfs from all knowledge of the use of arms, and all lucrative business, because they both feared and despised them.

    With these principles, alike hostile to all indivdiual, social, and national interests, they lived and died, pitied by every friend of humanity for their ignorance and folly.

    As a natural consequence of this policy, while the nobles on the one hand were too proud, and on the other the serfs were to indigent and igorant for the progressive interests of industry and commerce, every lucrative employment fell into the hands of a foreign race of Shylocks.

    The Jews, stimulated by these propitious circumstances, and their native cupidity of avarice, spread themselves like locusts all over the country, seizing every branch of Polish industry and commerce, until more than two thirds of these scattered, covetous sons of Abraham may now be found on the soil which formerly constituted the Polish dominions.” — L C Saxton; Fall of Poland Vol I; pp 195-197.

  116. max April 2, 2014 @ 6:39 am

    Hmm, this channel is blocked in Poland.

  117. Brother Nathanael April 2, 2014 @ 2:43 pm


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  118. Halina April 2, 2014 @ 3:37 pm

    Judeopolonia can be understood as a Jewish republic on Polish soil, governing on behalf of itself or foreign rulers, or as a large Jewish ruling class over Poland, also governing on behalf of itself or foreign rulers.

    (The latter sense of Judeopolonia [Judaeo-Polonia] is an extreme form of Judeocracy).

    The one time possibility of a foreign-ruled Judeopolonia was facilitated by a number of factors that existed while Partitioned Poland was off Europe’s map (1795-1918).

    For a time, the Jewish population grew more rapidly than the Polish population, and Jews assumed 15% of the population of Russian-ruled Congress Poland.

    Jewish loyalties were divided between increasingly-distant-memory Poland and the big-power Russians, Prussians, and Austrians. Most commerce, and nearly all of the early industrialization, was owned by Jews, and this tended to create and reinforce Jewish-German and Jewish-Russian bonds.

    Jews generally tended to think themselves a separate nationality, not just a separate religion. The Yiddishist movement enhanced this further.

    Judaism became increasingly politicized.

    Early forms of Zionism did not limit their concept of a future Jewish nation, of some sort, to Palestine. Moreover, this new Jewish state did not have to be Jewish-only or even have a Jewish majority.

    Judeopolonia can also refer to Jews existing, not as a minority group, but as a de facto separate and parallel nation in an independent but clearly-Balkanized Poland.

    Jews would have their own private and public language (Yiddish), their own schools, their own courts (kahals), etc., and would be living in self-imposed apartheid from Poles.
    This form of Judeopolonia would have developed had the original version of the Minorities Treaty been implemented around 1918.

    To Poles, [German Zionist] Bodenheimer is remembered as one of the architects of Judeopolonia. (in Bodenheimer’s case, jointly German- and Jewish-ruled Polish territories).

    Although Bodenheimer recognized the virulence of German anti-Semitism (p. 61), and the mistreatment of Jews by the WWI German Army (p. 248), this did not change his Germanocentric orientation relative to the Slavs.

    When he was just about to describe his concept of Judeopolonia, Bodenheimer, as if bending over backwards to confirm the Endeks, pointed to the Jews’ Yiddish language as an anti-Slavic weapon for the Germans: (quote) One of the war aims of Germany was the destruction of Russia.

    That is why I thought of utilizing the impending overthrow in the East for a new political orientation of Russo-Polish Jewry. In 1898 I had already pointed out in a memorandum to the Foreign Office the importance that Yiddish, which was nothing other than a German folk dialect, could have for the German Empire. (unquote)(p. 234) 0f “Prelude to Israel;: The memoirs of M.I. Bodenheimer:

    Bodenheimer was strongly anti-assimilationist. He believed that, whereas Zionism preserves and revives the Jewish people, assimilation only leads to their dissolution. (p. 138).

    He also rejected the Social Democrats and the Communists, contending that equal reward for unequal performance was contrary to human nature, and that transferring the means of production to society would merely be a change in authority. (p. 53).

    Although condemning Polish anti-Semitism, and disagreeing with Polish ideas about mass Jewish emigration, Bodenheimer tacitly recognized the fact that Polish hostility to Jews was not absolute, and that it was driven primarily by economic factors.

    Poles hoped that Zionism would induce most of the local Jews to emigrate to Palestine, so that the positions of merchants and tradespeople would open up for Poles, and so that the smaller number of remaining Jews could be assimilated. (p. 271).

    A few sentences later, Bodenheimer describes his vision for Judeopolonia. It would have not only denied Poles their nation, but also reduced Poles to a third-place status in this German- and Jewish-ruled conglomeration of subjugated, disjointed nations.

    He writes, (quote) My memorandum became the basis of a comprehensive plan which I submitted to the Foreign Office. In the event of a German victory a League of East European States should be created, which would run approximately along the edge of the Pale of Jewish settlement.

    In this League the Poles would be the strongest nation, but Ukrainians, White Russians [Belarusians], Lithuanians, Estonians, and Letts would maintain the balance.

    The Jews together with the Germans would turn the scales. For the constitution of this new State I set up the principle of the national autonomy of the alien peoples within the Russian Empire. (unquote).

    Again, as if out to confirm the Endeks beyond doubt, Bodenheimer, as an embodiment of German Zionism, made obvious his fundamental hostility to an independent Polish state. Worse yet, his concept of Judeopolonia was no idle talk. It had the ear of influential Germans.

    Bodenheimer comments: (quote) It was Ludendorff who best grasped the significance of my plan. He had at once recognized that a national autonomy of the alien peoples of Russia such as I proposed must make the new State permanently dependent upon the German Reich, whereas a Polish national State would be a danger.

    This is why he was inclined, just as he had made use of the Jew Rathenau in his economic and industrial preparations for war, to harness the Jew Bodenheimer to his political cart. After the creation of the Polish State he had no further interest in the Committee.” (unquote).

    It is evident, from the quote above, that Bodenheimer’s notion of “national autonomy” of nations, under this Judeopolonia, was a thinly disguised DIVIDE ET IMPERA tactic designed to facilitate German-Jewish rule.

    Therefore, I found it amusing that some authors with anti-Polish sentiments choose to ignore the facts of peasant’s slavery in other countries as there is no denying that history shows most nobles were oppressive in every European country, not just in Poland.

    To say:

    “As constitutional monarchist, he also saw the partition of Poland as being a good thing ( ?!!) for the country, as it reigned in what Saxton called “the aristocracy of the worst kind” is just another justification by Saxton in his explanation for the partitioning of Poland.

    Although there is no denying that “the szlachta” in an unholy alliance with the Roman Church, granted Jews special privileges to collect taxes, distill grains for liquor and practice usury, it was also seen by other rulers as an opportunity to take advantage of the weaken position of this country.

    It was instantly used by, for example Boghdan Chmielnicki, who along with the Cossacks demanded more right and control over their lands from their Polish overlords.

    So, lets be honest; Poland has always been the “tasty treat” for the occupying forces, be it the German, Prussian, Russian or the Jews.

  119. Seraphim April 3, 2014 @ 12:30 am


    Vechnaya Pamiat!

    I know enough of Polish history, but it is always good to refresh it.

    About “Polish Jewry is very fond of Poland — the Paradise of the Jews for a thousand years” (and peasants slavery and szlachta):

    “Some Polish nobles erroneously felt that their supposed Sarmatian ancestors were a Turkic people and accordingly viewed their Turkish and Crimean Tatar enemies as peers, albeit ones who were unredeemed because they were not Christians.

    Many Sarmatians believed that the Slavs whom they ruled (whether Polish-speaking Roman Catholic or Ruthenian-speaking Orthodox) were backward. This ideology placed the Polish followers of Sarmatism at odds with the later Russian pan-Slavists.”

    Wikipedia, where I took this quotation from, is very shy about “the Turkic people,” but could you have doubts that it was the Khazars? Is just a quirk of history that the szlachta was so chummy with the Zhids and Boghdan Khmelnitsky made little difference between them?

  120. KathJuliane April 3, 2014 @ 1:42 pm

    Dear Carol Ann

    It is only a myth that anyone ever offered to make George Washington “king” and that he selflessly refused the offer of a crown. There is no primary evidence that this ever happened.

    This site gives a good treatment on how the myth evolved.

    But you’ll need this link to get the pdf on the Nicola letter which is at the heart of this myth:
    History Today: American Monarchy (excerpt)

    The hostility to Britain and its King during the Revolution has tended to obscure the constitutional affinities between the two nations.

    Americans, as Franklin’s grandson Benjamin Franklin Bache put it in 1797, created a constitution before they ‘had sufficiently un-monarchized their ideas and habits’ (his italics).

    Republics, such as Venice, and ‘elective’ monarchies, such as Poland, existed in the western world; but hereditary monarchy was the principal constitutional model on which Americans had to draw before the French Revolution.

    The forms of government on offer to the Founding Fathers were essentially variations of monarchy, ‘the rule of one.’

    Though few Americans said it openly after 1776, many of them believed that limited hereditary monarchy was a practical system of government. As John Adams wrote to Benjamin Rush in 1790:

    No nation under Heaven ever was, now is, nor ever will be qualified for a Republican Government, unless you mean … resulting from a Balance of three powers, the Monarchical, Aristocratical, and Democratical … Americans are particularly unfit for any Republic but the Aristo-Democratical Monarchy.

    Such phrases as ‘Aristo-Democratical Monarchy’ suggest just how arbitrary definitions of republican – and monarchical – government were in the late eighteenth century. Even Thomas Paine recognized that kingship was not inconsistent with republican government. As he put it in the Rights of Man, ‘what is called a republic, is not any particular form of government’.

    King George, though often described as a tyrant, was himself a classical republican, wholly supportive of a balanced constitution.

    Not all the Founding Fathers were averse to kingship, at least of the undespotic, limited variety, a point made nearly a century ago by the American historian Louise Dunbar.

    Various American thinkers, most notably John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, leaned towards incorporating monarchical elements in the American constitution, a tendency that fuelled the hostility of their critics.

    As an officer at Valley Forge in 1778, Hamilton had signed an oath in which he repudiated any allegiance to George III, but not necessarily to monarchy itself.

    But his mind had been shaped by the British constitution, which he believed, like many of his contemporaries, to be the finest in the world.

  121. KathJuliane April 3, 2014 @ 2:22 pm

    Regarding Rothschilds & State Bank of Russia

    The Rothschilds were never involved in the state bank of Tsarist Russia. The reason is simple, because of Russia’s thousand year old tsarist autocracy and the Russian state owned the bank.

    The tsarist autocracy refers to a form of autocracy (later, absolute monarchy) specific to the Grand Duchy of Muscovy (which later became Tsardom of Russia and the Russian Empire).

    In a tsarist autocracy, which is heir to the Byzantine Roman political theories and civil organization of the Roman Empire as the “Third Rome,” all power and wealth is controlled (and distributed) by the tsar.

    While there are a number of differences between the New Rome (Constantinoplian) and Muskovy (Third Rome) forms of imperial government the Muscovy form of Byzantine imperialism was very much in line with Justinian’s Orthodox political theology of the two spheres of Church and State in mutual submission to each other in their respective spheres.

    The Church while a political subject to the Emperor in the temporal sphere, never surrendered her spiritual power over the Emperors.

    It is a mistake to refer to tag either the Roman or Russian form of Byzantine imperialism with the erroneous Western label of “caesaropapism.” The Emperor (or Tsar) was still a layman with a special place in in the ecclesiology and political theology of the Orthodox Church, but he was not an ordained deacon, priest, or bishop, or the equivalent of a Western pope.

    Up until Tsar Peter I, the Russian Tsars had exerted some influence on church operations; however, until Peter’s reforms the church had been relatively free in its internal governance and had the power to impose penitential discipline through the sacraments of the Church.

    Following the model of the Byzantine Roman Empire, the Tsar was considered to be the “Defender of Orthodoxy.”

    In this capacity he had the right of veto over the election of new bishops, and upon the consecration of new bishops he would often be the one to present the crozier to them symbolizing the shepherd of the Christian flock (but not the charism of divine anointment). The Tsar would also be involved in many major ecclesiastical decisions.

    In 1551, Tsar Ivan IV summoned the Synod of a Hundred Chapters, which confirmed the inviolability of church properties and the exclusive jurisdiction of ecclesiastical courts over clergy, and the norms of church life were regulated.

    The Great Synod of Moscow in 1666-1667 was also presided over by the Tsar, just as the earlier Ecumenical Synods of the Church were called and presided over by the Roman Emperor.

    In Orthodoxy, the relationship between Church and State is characterised by the concept of ‘symphonia’ or the ‘system of co-reciprocity’ (lat. consonantia), the doctrine which developed in Byzantium beginning with the example of Emperor Constantine the Great.

    The great dream of Byzantine Roman civilisation was a universal Christian society, ‘administered by the emperor and spiritually guided by the Church.’

    According to this vision, the empire was considered the kingdom which would last forever, whose political and religious domination would be without competitor on earth, as it was the reflection of Christ’s kingdom. Both the Church and the State should collaborate towards ‘achieving a sublime destiny’ of the people under their jurisdiction.

    For close to 600 years, beginning with Kiev principality, Russians were permanent members of the Emperor’s court at Constantinople, and there were intermarriages among the Byzantine and Russian elite, including dynastic marriages among royalty.

    Russians were the first nationality to form the corps of the Emperor’s personal bodyguards and elite military corps called the Varangian Guard.

    Until 1453, Russia was a strong part of the ‘Byzantine Commonwealth’ which had evolved and developed over time, and included such independent Christian principalities and kingdoms like Serbia, Bulgaria in the Balkans, the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons of the British Isles before 1066, the Baltic nations, Hungaria, and Georgia and Armenia in the East.

    After the Norman conquest, many Anglo-Saxon and Celtic nobles fled not to Rome, but to Constantinople.

    What Constantinople lost in imperial Roman territory to wars, she also eventually gained back with diplomacy. The ‘Byzantine Commonwealth’ can be symbolically seen through the formal court protocols listing Emperor’s political family of brother kings and princes and nobles, their closeness in terms of religion, and proximity to the dynasty and their court seniority, some of whom were conferred Roman titles such as caesar and imperator, and were formally arranged by court status and individual protocols for each.

    While there could be only one Vasiliás (Basileos) at Constantinople, much of the growing European world centered on Constantinople, the New Rome, and acknowledged the Basileos as the supreme monarch, but more in the fatherly sense in his brotherhood of kings.

    In the 10th century, included in the Byzantine Commonwealth and the Emperor’s brotherhood of kings, was the Ottonian or Saxon dynasty of the Roman Empire of Germania politically united with Constantinople when the Emperor conferred the title of Roman Emperor to Otto I, King of Germania, which was sealed with the dynastic marriage of his son Otto II with Princess Theophanu of Constantinople, and Kievan Rus.

    The German Roman Emperor was in status a junior emperor to the emperor at Constantinople, but otherwise was the autocrat of that domain.

    While the Carolingian Empire may have been the prototype, and declared itself along with the Pope to be the successor of the Roman Empire, it had no clear title, nor could the Pope lawfully confer the imperium and magisterium of a Roman emperor.

    Charles’ original title of “King of Francia and Patrician of the Romans” clearly shows what political authority Pope Stephen II did have at the time.

  122. KathJuliane April 3, 2014 @ 2:38 pm

    The center of the Russian tsarist autocracy was the person of the tsar himself, a God anointed sovereign with absolute authority — a dictator when benevolent, and a tyrant when he was not.

    In case you don’t know, ‘kaiser’ and ‘czar’ or ‘tsar’ are each linguistic variations of the latin Caesar. The German form comes directly from the Greek – Kaísaras.

    The rights of state power in their entire extent belonged to the tsar.

    Power was further entrusted by him to persons and institutions, acting in his name, by his orders, and within the limits laid down for them by law. Before a central bank at all, Imperial Russia’s Treasury was under the tsar himself.

    Governors of the State Bank of Imperial Russia was appointed by the tsar. The purpose of the system was to benefit the entire country of Russia. A metaphor existed likening tsar to the father, and all of the subjects of the Empire, to his children; it was even used in Orthodox primers.

    This metaphor is present in a common Russian expression translated literally “tsar-dear father.”

    The Rus’ were long a trading people before the establishment of Kievan Rus’ (which was called by the Byzantine Romans “Rossia” – land of the Rus’ from the ethnonym Ros; in Arabic of the time it was ar-Rus, in Latin Russia, in local German Ruscia and Ruzzia).

    The term “Kievan Rus'” (Kievskaya Rus’) was coined in the 19th century in Russian historiography to refer to the period when the center of Russia was in Kiev.

    Kievan Rus’ was a loose federation of East Slavic tribes in Europe from the late 9th to the mid-13th century, under the reign of the Rurik dynasty. The modern peoples of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia all claim Kievan Rus’ as their cultural inheritance.

    At its greatest extent in the mid-11th century, it stretched from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south and from the headwaters of the Vistula in the west to the Taman Peninsula in the east, uniting the majority of East Slavic tribes.

    Byzantium was Kievan Rus’ most prominent trading partner, however to the southwest, the principality of Halych had developed trade relations with its Polish, Hungarian and Lithuanian neighbours and emerged as the local successor to Kievan Rus’.

    In the early 13th century, Prince Roman Mstislavich united the two previously separate principalities, conquered Kiev, and assumed the title of Grand Duke of Kievan Rus’.

    His son, Prince Daniil (r. 1238–1264) was the first ruler of Kievan Rus’ to accept a crown from the Roman papacy, apparently doing so without breaking with Constantinople.

    Early in the 14th century, the patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Constantinople granted the rulers of Galicia-Volhynia a metropolitan to compensate for the move of the Kievan metropolitan to Vladimir.

    Lithuanian rulers also requested and received a metropolitan for Novagrudok shortly afterwards. Early in the 15th century, these Metropolia were ruled again from Kiev by the “Metropolitan of Kiev, Galich and all Rus’.”

    However, a long and unsuccessful struggle against the Mongols combined with internal opposition to the prince and foreign intervention weakened Galicia-Volhynia.

    With the end of the Mstislavich branch of the Rurikids in the mid-14th century, Galicia-Volhynia ceased to exist; Poland conquered Galich; Lithuania took Volhynia, including Kiev, conquered by Gediminas in 1321 ending the rule of Rurikids in the city.

    Lithuanian rulers then assumed the title over Malorossiya (now Ukraine).

    In the north, the Republic of Novgorod prospered because it controlled trade routes from the River Volga to the Baltic Sea. As Kievan Rus’ declined, Novgorod became more independent.

    A local oligarchy ruled Novgorod; major government decisions were made by a town assembly, which also elected a prince as the city’s military leader.

    In the 12th century, Novgorod acquired its own archbishop Ilya in 1169, a sign of increased importance and political independence, while about 30 years prior to that in 1136 in Novgorod was established a republican form of government – elective monarchy.

    It was most likely Novgorod Republic which some centuries later inspired the Republic of Poland-Lithuania’s constitutional form of government with its elected monarch.

    Since then Novgorod enjoyed a wide degree of autonomy although being closely associated with the Kievan Rus.

    In the northeast, Slavs from the Kievan region colonized the territory that eventually became the Grand Duchy of Moscow by subjugating and merging with the Finnic tribes already occupying the area.

    The city of Rostov, the oldest centre of the northeast, was supplanted first by Suzdal and then by the city of Vladimir, which become the capital of Vladimir-Suzdal’.

    The combined principality of Vladimir-Suzdal asserted itself as a major power in Kievan Rus’ in the late 12th century. In 1169 Prince Andrey Bogolyubskiy of Vladimir-Suzdal sacked the city of Kiev.

    Prince Andrey then installed his younger brother, who ruled briefly in Kiev while Andrey continued to rule his realm from Suzdal.

    Roman of Halych (1160–1205) also claimed primacy in Rus at the time. In 1299, in the wake of the Mongol invasion, the metropolitan moved from Kiev to the city of Vladimir and Vladimir-Suzdal.

    The state finally disintegrated under the pressure of the Mongol invasion of Rus’, fragmenting it into successor principalities who paid tribute to the Golden Horde (the so-called Tatar Yoke).

    In the late 15th century the Muscovite Grand Dukes began taking over former Kievan territories and proclaimed themselves the sole legal successors of the Kievan principality according to the protocols of the medieval theory of translatio imperii.

    On the western periphery, Kievan Rus’ was succeeded by the Principality of Galicia-Volhynia. Later, as these territories, now part of modern central Ukraine and Belarus, fell to the Gediminids, the powerful, largely Rusynized Grand Duchy of Lithuania drew heavily on Rus’ cultural and legal traditions.

    Due to the fact of the economic and cultural core of Rus’ being located on the territory of modern Ukraine, some Ukrainian historians and scholars consider Kievan Rus’ to be a founding Ukrainian state.

    During the Kievan era, the peoples of Rus’ experienced a period of great economic expansion, opening trade routes with the Vikings to the north and west and the Byzantine Romans to the south and west; traders also began to travel south and east eventually making contact with Persia and the peoples of Central Asia.

    Kievan Rus’, although sparsely populated compared to Western Europe, was not only the largest contemporary European state in terms of area but also culturally advanced in it diplomatic, social and cultural associations with Byzantium and the Roman Orthodox Church and its ecclesiastical and hierarchial structure in its own missionary work conducted in harmony with the state.

    Russians fully participated in Byzantine life. They attended the secular and theological academies of Constantinople and elsewhere in the Roman lands, built monasteries and churches both in Russia and Byzantium, became monks at Mt Athos.

    Russian princes and nobility supported Mt. Athos and Orthodoxy elsewhere, particularly in the Holy Land and made pilgrimages there. Several monks founded thhe monastery of St. Panteleimon at Mt. Athos in the 11th century known today as the Rossikon.

    Literacy in Kiev, Novgorod and other large cities was high. As birch bark documents attest, they exchanged love letters and prepared cheat sheets for schools. Novgorod had a sewage system and wood paving not often found in other cities at the time.

    The Russkaya Pravda confined punishments to fines and generally did not use capital punishment. It regulated the relationship between the Church and laity, and the elite, and commoners and peasants, designated several different strata for the peasants, only one of which can actually be translated as serf.

    Certain inalienable rights were accorded to women, such as property and inheritance rights.

    The economic development of Kievan Rus may be translated into demographic statistics. Around 1200, Kiev had a population of 50,000, Novgorod and Chernigov both had around 30,000.

    Constantinople had population of about 400,000 around 1180, which clearly shows that Kiev, Novgorod and Chernigov and their regions were well established and prosperous.

    The Soviet scholar Mikhail Tikhomirov calculated that Kievan Rus’ on the eve of the Mongol invasion had around 300 urban centers.
    Imperial Russia became extremely wealthy from trade through the centuries.

    By about 1900, Russia and her central State Bank would be a major competitor to (and target for) the Rothschilds, particularly their Bank of England, but their European branches as well.

    Tsar Nicholas II just in terms of personal wealth was the richest monarch in all of Europe.

    There was no need for the Rothschilds, nor were they wanted.

  123. KathJuliane April 3, 2014 @ 2:56 pm

    Dear Carol Ann,

    Let’s let the Bank of Russia tell her early history. As stated before, the Central Bank of Russia today is still a state bank. Although independent, it operates under the authority of the Constitution and subject to government regulation.

    “The State Bank of the Russian Empire was founded in 1860 as Russia’s entire banking system was overhauled. It was established when capitalism was gaining ground in the Russian Empire and it became the first “great reform,” carried out Emperor Alexander II.

    The activities of the State Bank of the Russian Empire may be divided into two periods.

    During the first period (from 1860 to 1894) the State Bank was largely an auxiliary institution of the Finance Ministry. Most of the State Bank resources were absorbed by direct and indirect financing of the Treasury.

    It was vested with the functions pertaining to the Finance Ministry apparatus: conducting the buy-out transactions and handling all paperwork related to them, propping up the state mortgage banks, and so on.

    Until 1887 the State Bank settled the accounts of pre-reform banks. All settlement operations were conducted at the State Treasury’s expense, which was debtor to these banks, but since the budget deficit made it impossible for the Treasury to provide the necessary funds, until 1872 the State Bank annually used a large part of its commercial profits for these purposes.

    Government debt to the State Bank was settled during the second period of the State Bank’s activities (in 1901).

    Throughout the entire pre-revolutionary period the State Bank, being an instrument of the government’s economic policy, participated in establishing and subsequently supporting commercial banks (for example, it extended unstatutable loans to them).

    Bankrupt banks were subsidised, financed, acquired or taken into receivership by the State Bank before being sold.

    In the early 1880s the State Bank began to prepare a monetary reform, which was launched in 1895 and ended in 1898 with the introduction of gold monometallism in Russia. In the course of the reform the State Bank was granted the right to issue currency.

    The State Bank’s second period began with the adoption of its new charter in 1894. After the monetary crisis of 1905-1906 caused by the Russo-Japanese war and revolution, the State Bank began to be transformed into a banks’ bank.

    By the beginning of the First World War the State Bank had become one of the most influential lending institutions in Europe.

    It had vast gold reserves, whose ratio never fell below 93%, except in the crisis year of 1906, and on average exceeded 100%.

    The State Bank regulated Russia’s money circulation and foreign exchange settlements and through commercial banks actively participated in crediting industry and trade.

    During the First World War the State Bank mainly financed Russia’s war effort and on the eve of the October 1917 revolution the lion’s share of its assets was represented by treasury bills and loans against interest-bearing securities.

    Its gold reserves shrank from 1,604 million rubles as of June 16, 1914, to 1,101 million rubles as of October 8, 1917.

    The pre-revolutionary history of the State Bank ended on October 25 (November 7), 1917, when its Soviet history began.”

    “In some ways, Russia was in a strong position to withstand the stresses that war placed on its economy: it had rich reserves of raw materials and fuel that could have enabled it to provide the additional industrial output that was needed to sustain its military campaigns.

    Difficulties arose, however, in transporting raw materials to the main manufacturing centers: the Russian economy was dependent on the railway network and the railways proved unable to cope with the twin demands of transporting soldiers and materials to the front and keeping Russian manufacturing industry supplied. Labour supply was also a continuing problem for Russia’s war industries.

    The army took many skilled workers and the stresses on those remaining in factories grew as the war progressed. The First World War was an expensive conflict, requiring sustained expenditure on arms and military equipment by the state.

    It cost Russia fifteen times more than the Russo-Japanese war of 1904–5 and the government had to resort to financing the war by taking out loans and printing money.

    As a result, inflation roared ahead: Gatrell shows that retail prices in Moscow doubled in the first two years of the war and then accelerated dramatically in 1916 and early 1917, more than trebling in twelve months.

    Russia’s indebtedness grew significantly as the government needed additional finance to keep its war effort going while the policy was also storing up problems for the post-war period. The Bolshevik repudiation of Russia’s debts after 1917 had a financial, as well as an ideological motive.

  124. leetbean May 7, 2014 @ 6:22 pm

    Brother Nathanael, could you please provide the sources for the following quotes:

    “The top 50 Russian businessmen (and ex-oligarchs) now control only 35% of Russia’s GDP”

    “In contrast, the top 50 Ukrainian oligarchs control 85% of Ukraine’s GDP”

    Just curious where these figures came from.

  125. Brother Nathanael May 7, 2014 @ 6:43 pm


    Check the embedded links in my article.


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