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Can The Jews Stop Putin?

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Can The Jews Stop Putin?
March 20, 2014 ©

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Brother Nathanael @ March 20, 2014


  1. John Knight March 20, 2014 @ 5:19 pm

    World War III Is Close, Martial Law Is Even Closer:

    Why was Ukraine’s gold flown from the country and deposited in the New York Federal Reserve?

    Why hasn’t the US media so much as dealt with the formal allegation by Iskra News that this event took place on March 7, 2014?

  2. Brother Nathanael March 20, 2014 @ 5:44 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    Can The Jews Stop Putin?
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2014

    The Jewish shriek against Putin is at fever pitch.

    Leading the crusade are Thomas Friedman of the New York Times and Martin Wolf of the Financial Times.

    Friedman wants to raise gas pump taxes thinking this will lower global oil demand.

    Who cares if Americans suffer at the pump? This will “punish Putin,” says Friedman, and that’s all that matters.

    Wolf says the IMF can punish Putin by making Ukraine an economic powerhouse and less dependent on Russian gas and trade.

    But the first 3 billion of an IMF loan goes straight to Moscow via Russia’s bailout deal Ukraine signed with Putin last December.

    Wolf’s scheme is a con and Yatsenyuk is his patsy.

    Everyone knows that loans from the IMF will not “improve” Ukraine’s economy but will make Kiev the slave of Jewish bankers.

    How about sanctions? Obama says Russia must “pay the cost” for “grabbing” Crimea:

    [Clip: “Today, I’m announcing a series of measures that will continue to increase the cost on Russia.

    “First, as authorized by the executive order I signed two weeks ago, we are imposing sanctions on specific individuals responsible for undermining the sovereignty, territorial integrity and government of Ukraine. We’re making it clear that there are consequences for their actions.

    “Second, I have signed a new executive order that expands the scope of our sanctions. As an initial step, I’m authorizing sanctions on Russian officials.”]

    The Russians are laughing.

    Russia’s deputy prime minister, Dmitry Rogozin—one of the ‘evil eleven’ on Obama’s ‘freeze-their-assets’ list—tweeted back, “Hey Comrade Obama! I don’t own a single asset in the USA.”

    Victoria Nuland (born “Nudelman”) of the US State Department tried to stop Putin by ‘regime-changing’ Yats the Yid as Ukraine’s prime minister.

    Instead, it sent Crimea, home of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, flying into the arms of Vladimir Putin.

    It’s a super deal for Vlad whose Black Sea Fleet lease with Kiev to the tune of 90 million a year will soon be rent free.

    AND it looks like neocon Jews Jeffrey Goldberg and William Kristol along with AIPAC’s shill McCain are drumming up war against Putin with the same old lies just like they did against Saddam:

    [Clip: “There’s a broad array of options that we have. Why do we care? Because this is the ultimate result of a feckless foreign policy where nobody believes in America’s strength anymore.”

    “Putin looks at the West and I think he sees it as weak and certainly not willing to put its money where its mouth is.”

    “What can we do?”

    “Well we can do a lot short of sending troops there, we can indeed remind people that we have a NATO relationship which is a security guarantee…”

    “People like Vladimir Putin take note when you draw a line in the sand and it is crossed…”

    “…The guy used chemical weapons, let’s not forget, weapons of mass destruction. I think one thing that would help would be if Americans and government especially didn’t say the first thing they say; ‘well God forbid we can’t do anything militarily, I mean oooh troops that would be just out of the question.’ If Americans said; ‘look, all options are on the table, Russia will pay a price for this, Putin will pay a price for this.'”]

    The only ones who will “pay a price” are American Gentile boys who will be shipped back from Ukraine in coffins. Jews don’t send their own to die in their wars.

    Can the Jews stop Putin? Yes they can.

    When all else fails send in the nukes and bomb Russia to kingdom come…and wipe out the entire human race along with them.

    If Jews can’t get their way, the Sampson Option comes into play.

  3. Brother Nathanael March 20, 2014 @ 5:51 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Jews are accursed with the Deicidal Curse on their foreheads.

    “Crucify Him! Crucify Him! His blood be upon us and on our children!” screamed the Jewish murderers of The Lord Jesus Christ.

    But Christ ROSE from the dead and mocks the accursed Jews to this day.

    Problem is, Jewmerica has not mocked the wretched Jews but has allowed them to RULE (and ruin) our hapless country.

    WHY DO JEWS have such an insane hatred of Vladimir Putin?

    It’s because this righteous man has taken the Jews at their own game and has OVERTURNED their agenda (homosexuality, bombing Syria and Iran) and STOPPED THE JEWS.

    Putin stopped Nudelmand and her Yidishee boy Yats the Yid in Ukraine by welcoming Crimea into his pious Orthodox Christian hands.

    Bravo Vladimir! We LOVE and ADMIRE you for STOPPING the wicked, Christ-slaying JEWS!
    Help Me FIGHT the Jews!

    I need your financial help to CONTINUE these hugely popular Videos and Articles.

    I am getting more new emails than ever…MORE NEW VIEWERS and READERS than ever…telling me how much they LOVE the Videos and Articles.

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    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  4. Brother Nathanael March 20, 2014 @ 5:52 pm

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    “Can The Jews Stop Putin?” @

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  5. Hugh Beaumont March 20, 2014 @ 5:53 pm

    What needs to be made known to everyone is that Yats the Yid just shipped the Ukraine’s entire gold supply (33 tons) to the US for safekeeping.

    The neocons are not sure he’s going to have a long career, so, first things first.

  6. Clarence Ozgood March 20, 2014 @ 6:13 pm

    I’m speechless.

    And expecting to be vaporized overnight by an attack.

  7. Didgevillage March 20, 2014 @ 6:24 pm

    I don’t consider myself as one of those spineless New Age love-and-lighters who refuse to confront the evil, but I must say this:

    Let’s focus on peace in Ukraine, thanks to Putin, and not war there, because this will play into the hands of Yats’s and MacCains.

    Let’s expose the nature of the demonic religion called Judaism.

  8. dr albert pastore March 20, 2014 @ 6:34 pm

    Awesome as usual, Bro Nat.

    I wonder, could the Jews be behind the missing Malaysian Airliner?

    Must read….


  9. John Knight March 20, 2014 @ 6:54 pm

    With such a “special relationship” with a “strategic partner” like Israel, the US does not really need any enemies.

    The American Zionist-owned media and the Zionist-bought American Congress officials keep repeating the deceitful mantra of American Israeli “special relationship.”

    History shows that Talmudic Jews had systematically adopted and followed this kind of “special relationship” scheme with every empire.

    This is a parasitic relationship where the Jews keep sucking the blood of the empire until it collapses. Such is the American Israeli special relationship.

    – See more at:

  10. Irene Bonney March 20, 2014 @ 6:57 pm

    It would appear the Jews cannot stop Putin, but God will stop them — the harlot Babylon. She is doomed to fall at the decree of heaven.

    The people of Christ, Apostles and Prophets will rejoice then as they see her judged by God on their account. This judgment will be because ‘God has judged your judgment on her’.

    Those millions of Christians who have love of her and who partner with her, even sending finance to Israel, where do they stand?

    One sincerely wonders! All such, be warned. Yes, it is possible a Divine hand is setting the scene to use Putin and Russia for this. Again, one does wonder. Babylon will come to an end.

  11. John Knight March 20, 2014 @ 7:22 pm

    ZIONIST Kagan wants us to embrace the empire with gusto.

    Instead, we should reject and liquidate it.

  12. Dante Ardenz March 20, 2014 @ 7:23 pm

    The Jews’ arrogance has no bounds. The historical, political, and personal lies against Putin and Russia are beyond comprehension.

    They will do anything to justify their actions. The Jews patented methods in full bloom. It’s really living history!

    This is how they conned and pressured Pilate into crucifying Jesus. Creating schisms in Christian Europe, backing Cromwell to let them back into Britain, and in the last century agitating for WW1, and WW2.

    Watch their hysterics, slanders, calumnies, ridicules, and threats.

    In 1952, Francis Parker Yockey, author of masterwork IMPERIUM wrote an essay: WHAT IS BEHIND THE HANGING OF 11 JEWS IN PRAGUE. He predicted even then how the Soviet System would turn on the Jews! Thus, the Cold War was born.

    Now Putin is at war with them as a fully Christian Leader!

  13. TheKeyLing March 20, 2014 @ 7:47 pm

    Kiev has ‘Yats’ and Crimea has ‘Natalia’!

    The Jew Rat Yats versus that Baltic Danube Russian Natalia!

  14. paschn March 20, 2014 @ 7:57 pm

    Always remember this:

    The synagogue destroyed Russia once. Prompted and financially backed by the Jew Jacob Schiff, ($20,000,000, an enormous amount in the early 20th century), in the end, it cost decent Christian/Muslim Russians 60,000,000 lives, almost total destruction of their places of worship, (less legally protected synagogues).

    Adolph Hitler, a decent war hero who loved his country and recognized the treachery of the synagogue.

    Read carefully. For had we been blessed with honorable leaders in the West rather than Neo-Judas’ such as Churchill, Roosevelt et al, the Synagogue’s stranglehold on Eastern Europe would have been broken, millions would have been saved and the Jew Central Banks would be extinct rather than, (again, thanks to the West), global.

    Educate yourselves:


    Remember, Russia stopped the Rothschild take-over of the U.S. during the Civil War by placing 2 fleets off of the Eastern and Western coasts, telling Britain and France if they made a move against the U.S., Russia would consider it and act of WAR.

    Even then, the treacherous dogs sided with Japan when several decades later they committed an act of war against Russia.

  15. John Knight March 20, 2014 @ 8:04 pm


    The recent on-air resignation by former RT news anchor Liz Wahl was just the latest stunt orchestrated by a neo-conservative think tank, according to a new investigative report shedding light on the group’s role in an ongoing Cold War revival campaign.

  16. Yankee Goy March 20, 2014 @ 8:11 pm

    Malay press exposed Israeli war crimes in Operation Cast Lead 2010, and China supported Syria.

    Many Chinese citizens were onboard Malaysia Flight 370.

    Israel is a supremacist bully and global menace, demanding obeisance through holohaux payouts, central bank usury theft, and support of their terror without question.

  17. John Knight March 20, 2014 @ 8:31 pm

    Sanctions are an act of war:

    Anti-Iranian, pro-Jewish pundits have already begun sounding the alarm trying to link Iran to the tragic and mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airways Flight 370.

    But at least Israel now knows that even its staunchest supporters in the US Senate can no longer be relied upon unconditionally, even when they are distracted.

  18. stoogie March 20, 2014 @ 8:55 pm

    If they can’t beat Putin, then they will join Putin and bring the US secrets to the table with them.

    That would trump the Samson Option.

  19. Nicolae March 20, 2014 @ 9:43 pm

    The children of Satan will not stop the Russian Bear

    They have poke him long enough,yet he ignores them until now. The eagle and other birds were flying with the clouds and they likes the riches of his territory, an evil thought came to their mind and they said “We can have all of this if we follow up a plan” (The Grand Chessboard Book by Zbigniew Brzezinski).

    “Let’s start a fire outside his cave and hope that he will not smell the fumes. But, the bear woke earlier and waited for them. This winter was not that heavy and surprise them all.

    Now that the birds have finally landed, they begin to gather wood for the fire (5 billion sticks), when the bear came out from his cave and saw their fire burning, he peed on it and put it out.

    Being surprise by the bear, the eagle flew away to his nest with the golden egg (Ukraine Gold) and the rest of the birds flown to their home in panic.

    War World 3 will be fought on USSA soil, but not yet.

    This is the most important thing everybody fail to see, a strategic move made by Putin.

    Russia plans military bases in Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela

    Russia is planning to expand its permanent military presence outside its borders by placing military bases or seeking permission for navy ships to use ports in a number of foreign countries, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday.

    The list includes Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Seychelles, Singapore and several other countries.

    The Russian will make a deal with those countries very soon. Putin knows that USSA is going to collapse, the toilet paper (petrodollar) is finished, and martial law is coming.

    Sooner or letter the American people are going to raise up and start to fight against the Zionist government in Amerika. When the country is in turmoil, Putin is going to attack and destroy America.

    Collapse and Systemic Failure at All Levels Coming to U.S. — Dmitry Orlov

  20. tsgordon March 20, 2014 @ 10:26 pm

    I hope Putin’s staff will save this hilarious video, in case an EMP should magically find it’s way into the American Power Grid.

    Anyway, your analysis is spot-on and middle-America is waking up faster than the masters of war had anticipated.

    By looking into the activities of the Rothschilds and their European financial partners since around 1731, at I have found well over a dozen direct links to the not-so-great French Revolution.

    Turn a country onto itself, cause havoc, pain and suffering, and come in to clean-up the mess. This is their standard operating procedure. Rockefeller, et. all, they are all just bitcoins in that mix.

    The ‘best case scenario’ would be for the world to go dark — and for no one to accept the current elitist’s participation from that day forward.

    The ‘purge’ would be brief and strictly limited to the ones who currently ‘own’ the Fed by theft, and whom directly participate in ‘fixing’ rates worldwide.

  21. Chris March 21, 2014 @ 12:35 am

    Yep… the Khazar “Red Jews” and their legion of apple-eaters are some of the nastiest sore losers there are.

  22. Davidski March 21, 2014 @ 1:26 am

    Єврейські хробаків, що паразитують континент зі своїми жадібними очима, встановлених на нафтових і газових маршрутів труби лінії і портів експорту в неприємний сюрприз.

    Путін і кримські люди більше буде для них, ніж проти, і я боюся Варіант Самсона буде використовуватися, ці безумці не знають меж!

    English trans. — Jewish worms infesting the continent with their greedy eyes set on the oil and gas pipe line routes and ports of export are in for a nasty surprise.

    Putin and the Crimean people have more going for them than against and I am afraid the Samson Option will be used, these madmen know no boundary!

  23. Reinbeek March 21, 2014 @ 1:32 am

    The high oil prices are the second most outrageous extortion of the money of the lucky citizens who have a job and salary, after the national debts and the interests on that which workers have to pay off.

  24. Snowy Smith South Africa March 21, 2014 @ 1:45 am


    I Snowy Smith on behalf of “We The People” herewith formally nominate Christian Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin of Russia for a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

    He deserves it.

  25. Mary March 21, 2014 @ 2:15 am

    @John Knight

    Prior to the Russian/Bolshevik Revolution, the Jews used Ukraine to later be a place to launch their Russian Revolution. After the Bolshevik Revolution broke out, Orthodox

    Priests were killed and they were replaced by Jews who claimed to be Orthodox Christians.

    They first infiltrated the government and after the Revolution broke out, they were able to seize power.

    Despite the fact that innocent Ukrainians were intentionally starved in the Holodomor, where those innocent Ukrainians were begging for Third Reich Germany to save them, which they did, Ukraine was in fact used as a central pivotal point to overthrow the Russian Orthodox Church during the Bolshevik Revolution.

    Brother Nathanael is hitting the nail right on target. I figured I would try to provide further valuable insight, but there is a reason why Brother Nathanael is sticking to the situation of Ukraine.

    Another excellent article.

  26. Eugene Williams March 21, 2014 @ 3:45 am

    There is a You tube video of Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League in the Ukraine telling the leadership that they must downplay or not discuss the Ukranian Holocaust.

    Why? Because if the Ukranians make a big fuss about their Holocaust, It will lead to the world having to know the Jews were behind it?

    The video is captioned:

    Deception: ADL bullying Ukranians into downplaying their Holodomor as the Holocaust.

  27. zane_al March 21, 2014 @ 3:50 am

    There is another interesting tidbit about Ukraine.

    It is the home country of Blavatsky; the modern day servant and keeper of Satan and his prince the Antichrist. She had many followers and successors namely Annie Besant, Aleistair Crowley, Alice Bailey etc.

    I guess many of us remember the fine song ‘Mr. Crowley’ by Black Sabbath. Many thought they were singing about their neighbour or someone from the same village.

    Presently the successor to Blavatsky is Benjamin Creme.

    And horror of horrors he has announced the arrival of the Antichrist, in flesh and blood. Though his clues are cryptic many have the opinion that the Antichrist has appeared in the form of an American-British academic/economist RAJ PATEL.

    Listen to him on youtube and judge for yourself. I am quite convinced. He talks about food now as a start, as it concerns everyone.

    We do live in interesting times.

  28. Steve March 21, 2014 @ 4:08 am


    Yep TS, I think he might have the magic wand too.

    The greedy Westerners that stole all Tesla’s stuff, allowed Oliver Heaviside to butcher Maxwell so no one could see the Unified field implications, and Western science’s inability to employ the stone the builders forgot, the pure light of consciousness itself (which Heisenberg & Bohrs to a degree didn’t) is another poetic justice.

    By denying the data to all and sundry, the scientific ramifications could not fully play out so we missed the technology.

    The U.S. also has to throw buckets of money at it, a high tech approach that misses simple ideas and things like, for example, planting claymores for Charles to just go and pick up, or drop more bombs than both wars combined and hit about 12 people. (I’m exaggerating a bit there, but you know the essence is true.)

    You can’t hit the mark by sinning, either literally, or by definition and semantics. Psychopaths don’t realize they are sick and a can of suds short of a Symposium running with a fouled plug.

    They think everyone else is slow by virtue of their morally rectified boundaries that they don’t even have an organ of perception to observe such things with. So BANG right in the foot Rockefeller.

    Samson Option won’t be enough. The other guys have got something way beyond nukes, and have developed it to effect everything via the unified field, I’m almost certain of it. I can see it in their eyes and body language.

  29. John Knight March 21, 2014 @ 6:28 am

    These pro-Israeli Neo-Cons had been schooled in the Machiavellian/Hobbist/Nietzschean theories of Professor Leo Strauss who taught political philosophy at the University of Chicago in its Department of Political Science for many years.

    Do not send your children to the University of Chicago where they will grow up to become warmongers like Wolfowitz and totalitarians like Ashcroft and politicians like Obama!

    The University of Chicago is an intellectual and moral cesspool. As J.D. Rockefeller, the Original Robber Baron and Funder of the University of Chicago once commented about his progeny: “It’s the best investment I ever made.”

    Still is.

  30. Peter Reibel March 21, 2014 @ 10:15 am

    Don’t you just love it when the armchair coaches, prognosticators, and bettors gather at a sports season closing to “pick the winner”?

    They exclaim this reason, that reason, this guy’s hurt, that guy’s been put in jail, ad nauseum.

    Sort of like now, the Olympics are over, making turds of all those who predicted terrorism. But what else is there to do in the winter except argue over ‘winners’ and drink Vodka.

    If one were to accept the mouthings of “experts” on Ukraine and Crimea, the world is in trouble — big trouble, like WW 3.


    And spare me the doomsday predictions. If you’re right, I won’t care. We will all be glowing. If you’re wrong, I don’t care You are just one of hundreds who are fear mongers.

    Of those who espouse real solutions, I refer to Bro Nathanael and the American Defense Party.

    So few solutions, so few Patriots, so few “statesmen.” Voila!

  31. Jedi Command March 21, 2014 @ 12:14 pm

    No More G-8!

    Looks like the BRIC nations are to rise up and take over from the corrupt and decadent Jewish-controlled west. A new world bank, IMF and WTO in the making?

    A new SWIFT interbank financial transfer system in the offering?

    How about a new world currency to take over from the US dollar…

    I wonder which side the nation of Germany is going to come down on in the end?

    Russia provides alot of pipeline energy to the German state, and to the EU nations as well.

    All coming through Ukraine. Well, what a coincidence!

  32. Ted Gorsline March 21, 2014 @ 1:31 pm

    Its very telling that the sanctions-mad West has no plans whatsoever to interfere with the business interests of the 35 or so Russian Oligarchs. They are almost all Jews.

    Its now clear that the Oligarchs are deep moles in waiting for the winds of change to blow in their favour so they can take complete control of Russia.

    Putin will have to deal with them soon or they will be the end of him.

  33. Karen March 21, 2014 @ 2:04 pm

    The prostitutes in the news segment of this video are embarrassing, lifeless dead-eyed puppets mouthing their masters line without thought or passion.


  34. Reinbeek March 21, 2014 @ 2:17 pm

    Yes, it is a interesting question which side Germany will choose. The BRIC nations or America and England.

    My guess is that The German main industrialists will choose for the future sales market and that is India and China if America does not get rid of the ADL and the FED and the ACLU.

    Those are targeting their beastly tribe warfare hate against the good of that nation, and the USA may not survive that. But can Germany cut out the Jewish cancer in it’s brain and survive as a nation?

  35. chestergimli March 21, 2014 @ 2:19 pm

    What Steve above has said, I believe to be true.

    Go ahead, NWO, make God’s day.

  36. michael mazur March 21, 2014 @ 7:22 pm

    @Yankee Goy

    Thank you. I checked it out. These last two weeks, the method and opportunity were there, but not the motive. Now the motive is established. Case closed.

    Nadezhda Kevorkova, on December 4 in wrote a very good article in which is, “And yet Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, has now called a tribunal for war crimes and produced a genocide ruling – against whom? Not against Assad, as one might have expected, but against Israel, the state that considers itself to be beyond the jurisdiction of any court or tribunal.”

    This means that Israel, three and a half months on, is paying Malaysia back.

    Where is MH370?

    Resting intact on the bottom of the Gulf of Thailand, brought gently down onto the sea surface for it to take on water with emergency doors remotely electronically locked.

    It no longer surprises why ALL of the possible locations for the missing plane, indicated by the Israeli-controlled planetary media, have even been out to the limits of the fuel supply on board and almost in any near plausible direction.

    The Malaysian government is too scared of the unforeseen consequences globally were it to start telling the truth to the distraught relatives of the entombed 239 innocents.

    The relatives correctly sense that the Malaysian govt is holding something back, but can’t quite put their finger on it.

    No one of this whore media to date has suggested, nor is going to suggest, the methodical sonar sounding of the likeliest area of the sea bed of the Gulf of Thailand, determined by the triangulation of sets of local control tower data.

  37. John Knight March 21, 2014 @ 8:47 pm

    Putin is “a Russian ethnic nationalist.”

  38. Justin March 21, 2014 @ 8:50 pm

    Freezing any assets of Russia won’t work and the Jew’s “night fantasy” of conquering Holy Russia won’t succeed either.

    Amerika is broke and the Jews know this, which is why IsraHELL would have to fight Putin on their own and no Russia could defeat the Christ-hating Jews, because as I have said before and will say until my last breath, they have Christ at their side.

    I’m confident that Yatsenyuk’s government will fall, because the NATO alliance is afraid of the Russian Bear. Trust me Obama cannot win against Holy Russia.

    The Jew’s oligarchy will tumble down like the Walls of Jericho.

  39. B March 21, 2014 @ 10:45 pm

    I am glad that no one has mentioned that there may be some similar associations between the present Crimea events, and the 1867 events that involved the USA obtaining Alaska from Russia.

    My understanding is that the only vote involving the 1867 Alaska take over by the USA, was that the US Congress voted to quickly grab Alaska for the price of 7.2 million dollars, and to not waste more time by offering to Russia a lower purchase price for buying Alaska from Russia.

  40. Ted Gorsline March 22, 2014 @ 3:24 am

    Putin sure has his work cut out for him.

    The 33 or so Russian Oligarchs who now control of the Russian economy are all Jews. They were planted there in alcoholic Yeltsin’s time.

    They all seem to have got the seed money they needed to bribe the poor Russian bureaucrats to hand over all of Russia’s natural resources to them from the Rothschild Family who through the federal reserve system can at will print all the US$ dollars bribe money they need for bribes to grab a the natural resources.

    Mikail Khodrokovsky did get his seed money from the Rothschild family and then when he tried to uase it to dislodge Putin he got his legs chopped off by Putin. But there are 33 others sitting there in place, pretending to be non political, just waiting for Putin’s demise.

    It can be from assasination, plane accident, car crash, cancer, anything and then once again as in Yeltsin’s day all of Russia will once again slide right into the hand of international Jewery.

    So Putin still has a huge problem to overcome and NATO and the west are only a small part of it. Its a true Putin versus Goliath story with a lot of heavy lifting for Vladimir Putin.

  41. AJ March 22, 2014 @ 11:35 am

    Bravo again Brother!!!

    Was able to send a small donation today. More to come!!

  42. B March 22, 2014 @ 12:07 pm

    People should know that the grain that was stolen by Stalin from the Ukraine in the 1930’s years, was sold and delivered to the USA at very high grain market prices due to the great need for grain in the USA due to the Great USA Dust Bowl Drought that existed for “years” in USA in the 1930’s.

    The Great USA Dust Bowl Drought began in 1930, right at the same timing that the US Federal Reserve began the Great US Depression by reducing the US money supply, which also caused the European World War Two by causing economic depression in other countries such as Germany.

    Hitler won the election because he was the only candidate for office in 1933 in Germany, that spoke words with hope about the economy.

    The Great USA Dust Bowl Drought “years” also completely encircled in timing, the world’s greatest water reclamation project up to that time, the 1931 to 1935 building of Hoover Dam which created the new large man made that is located behind Hoover Dam called Lake Mead.

    Hoover Dam received this officially designated name back again in 1947, after the dam was called in error “Boulder Dam” until 1947. I think that the name Boulder is linked as close as they could get to the name Bolshevik.

    Also if this new first-time-ever large concrete construction method failed, then the failure would not then be directly associated with US president Hoover.

  43. Kasner March 22, 2014 @ 12:49 pm

    Dear friends,

    No doubt Germany is tot a sovereign country but totally under the control of the Zionists and the US/GB and France (France at least economically).

    We are governed by Jewess Merkel who collects the highest Jewish medals of honor.

    Our children are raised with hatred against our own people and subjected to horrible gay propaganda. Even bestiality is taught to 14 year old school children as a “matter of choice” that is “as good as marriage with children.” Germans are treated like the red Indians in the US in the 19th century.

    Look at this pictures:
    Jewish “Antifa” left radicals demand the rape of German women to impregnate them with foreign seed. The writings on the picture says: “Germans are no humans”

    So do NOT expect anything from the Zionist puppet Merkel and her regime.

  44. bill March 22, 2014 @ 1:37 pm

    Alternative opinion.

    “Shalom,” says Putin. “Previet,” Lieberman answers. Russia and Israel are getting closer, developing a business both countries excel in. War is in the air, a tornado about to twist the Crimea and Ukraine. Instead of the wild whirl, Russia and Israel see a cloud of dollars about to make landfall.


    “But Syria! But Iran! You are wrong. Putin is pro-Islam.”

    Judging actions of a country by single events is dangerous and wrong. Russia is delaying the supply of S300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran, despite their being paid for, due to Israeli pressure. According to this news, Putin is ultra-Zionist. He tricked Iran to pay for merchandise being denied.

    Judging actions of a country by cultural motivations seldom works. Civil servants are greedy people contemplating their pensions and the entrance of their children into the noble business of oppressing people.

    They want the state to get richer and the people poorer; a wild whirl of hurricaning dollars is far more important than any religion. “Shalom,” says Putin. “Previet,” Lieberman answers. “Let’s make money,” both are thinking.

    Don’t Speak

    Crimea is not the focal point of attention of this website. A map published by an Israeli newspaper on February 28 convinced me to publish Zion Splits Ukraine. The map* shows a split Ukraine. Not just the Crimea, but all the Russian majority areas. At the time, even the Crimea was formally a part of Ukraine.

    The rather mild article described the creation of businesses between Israel and Russia after the fall of the Communist Empire, where all people were equally worthless. I expected to get the usual share of Zionist hate-mail. Instead, I got an email in English with a Hebrew-styled threat.

    “Don’t speak about the Crimea,” was the message. “It will be painful,” was the subtext.

    I was not to be deterred by that. At the first opportunity, the follow up article was published.

    Official: Israel Supports both Sides in Ukraine analyzed the disclosed connections between Israel and Oleh Tyahnybok, a militia leader affiliated to Svoboda, the Social-National Party of Ukraine. He was involved in the deposal of the pro-Russian government.

    Mimicking flies jetting towards the nearest butcher shop, Israel cannot resist war zones.

    For those in the business of war, battlefields are profitable; a McDonald’s branch at a premium location, an unguarded blood-diamond placed on the town’s central plaza awaiting a thieve. This was the opening paragraph of that article.

    Oleh Tyahnybok is Israel’s newest friend despite saying “Moscow-Jewish mafia rules Ukraine” and “Germans, Kikes and other scum want to take away our Ukrainian state.”
    The Crimean War: A History

    The link was admitted by Reuven Din-El, Israeli Ambassador in Kiev. While this cooperation took place, Israel helped Russia near the Crimea, by constructing the massive War Room controlling the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in February.

    Meanwhile Russia kept dealing with Iran and Syria. Do not expect moral behavior from countries. Dollar hurricans control the behavior of civil servants; neither Russia nor Israel is different.

    On March 8, the Crimean government voted on a resolution to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. It passed 78-0, with eight abstentions. A popular referendum approved the decision, which was immediately adopted by the Duma, the Russian Parliament.

    Dramatic images of the annexation fill the media. The first stage of the map published by Hebrew media became reality. Where is that going? Luckily, history provides an antecedent of Israeli involvement in the Crimea.

    Crimean Kibbutz

    Never in the history of mankind such a large and pretentious social (and Socialist) experiment was conducted. Kvutzat Degania was established near the Sea of Galilee in 1909 as the first Kibbutz. Many followed afterwards and became an important part of the military machine that allowed the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

    I was not born back then, but I had the rare opportunity to grow up in a kibbutz located not far from Degania in the 1980s. I will skip the rudimentary socialist ideology preached there; it was overshadowed by other monstrous aspects.

    One of the themes repeated to us time and again was that the kibbutz goal was to create a “New Jewish Man in the Land of Israel.” No one was asked his consent about that.

    One of the problems was that the adults’ generation was supposedly contaminated with reactionary ideas; they could not be trusted with children. Hence, children grew up separated from their families and were subjected to forced work in the fields from a relatively early age.

    Weekly meetings with people called “coaches” were used for our brainwashing with Socialist and Humanist ideas. God, Bible, and family were reactionary concepts.

    One of the movement factions was Gdud HaAvoda (The Work Battalion), which existed between 1920 and 1929. In 1923, it split into right and left wing factions, creating the kibbutzim Ein Harod and Tel Yosef in the Jezreel Valley. The Communist faction was expelled in 1926.

    Key figures in the Zionist movement belonged to the battalion, including Yitzhak Sadeh, who later headed the Palmach militia. In 1929, Gdud HaAvoda was dissolved after Kfar Giladi, Ramat Rachel, Tel Hai and Tel Yosef formed the HaKibbutz HaMeuhad movement (“The United Kibbutz,” see Bukhara Blues: Zionist Hero Har-El Died).

    The most bizarre event in the short history of this civilian battalion was the creation of a kibbutz in the Crimea under Soviet sponsorship.

    Via Nova

    Related: Official: Israel Supports both Sides in Ukraine

    Do you know? Zion Splits Ukraine

    “Via Nova” means “New Way” in Esperanto. It was the name chosen for the kibbutz established by a small group of Hebrew pioneers who renounced Zionism for the closely related Communism.

    In the 1930s, the Soviets decided to Russify the settlement. It was transformed into a Soviet Kolkhoz (collective farm) named “Fraternity of the People.” Most of the original members left. Others were expelled during the Stalinist purges. In 1941, the settlement was destroyed by the Third Reich.

    The bizarre event was unlikely to be remembered. After all, Zionists looked at them as traitors. One of its members wrote a tiny book about the experience.

    Shira Gorshman was a prominent member of the group. In 1923, she arrived at Palestine and joined Gdud HaAvoda. In 1927, Menahem Elkind, leader of the Communist faction of the movement held secret talks with the Soviet government. He was allowed to create a kibbutz in the Crimea. Shira joined his faction.

    In 1928, they left and reached Odessa, Ukraine, by ship, and from there continued overland to the Crimea. Their dream was to create “A Jewish commune on the entire Crimea,” as described by Elkind.

    She left in 1934, and lived in Moscow until 1989. Afterwards she moved to Israel, where she died in 2001.

    In 1998, she published a book in Yiddish called “Following the Work Battalion.” Having belonged to anon-Zionist faction, it was natural for her not to use Hebrew. Thus, the book was highly ignored.

    Following the developing events in the Crimea, Hebrew publishers are working on a translation that will soon be published. Meanwhile, they are marketing excerpts. The descriptions are painful:

    “The children didn’t stop screaming ‘We want home!’ We put them to sleep. In the morning we gave them hot water and black bread.”

    “Here, on the palm of my hand, can grass grow? In such a way things will grow in your fields,” Tatars from a neighbor village told them.

    “Sad was the cowshed. The winter was cold.”

    Crimean War Room

    “That was then, now it is different,” my Zionist readers will exclaim at this point. They are correct. Zion does not care about cowsheds anymore. War rooms are more profitable.


    Zion has experience in Crimea and motivation to return there. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine can be transformed into multiple sources of profit. War rooms openly sold to Russia and secretly to Ukraine.

    Weapons to a Crimean rebel movement about to be established by special agent James Cohen. A Hollywood movie praising the oppressed Tatars of Crimea, while guiding them in efficient rebellion strategies.

    “There is no business like war business,” Lieberman told Putin, caviar filling his mouth, champagne dripping from his chin.

  45. Reinbeek March 22, 2014 @ 1:43 pm


    That devilish racist filth… I will be glad to transport them all off planet.

  46. Georgios March 22, 2014 @ 3:47 pm

    I am a Byzantine (East Roman) Greek and as I know the Byzantinian and the Orthodox history very well, I have never read that the Byzantines ever mentioned the existence of any Ukrainian nation!

    Since when is there a Ukrainian Nation?

    We all know since the Christianization of Russia, Kiev was the heart of Russia. Is it a Jewish invention like the “Macedonian” Slavs?

  47. Carol Ann March 22, 2014 @ 7:08 pm

    The ultimate contest is between well-funded, money bloated criminals who mercilessly prey upon the weak, the vulnerable, the poor and the oppressed as their perpetual prey.

    This is a spiritual battle. Good vs Evil. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesian 6:12.

    People of good will worldwide are struggling against the self-absorbed who care not for anything but their own plunder profit.

    All people are pawns in this diabolical, exploitive plot. Babylonian usurious banking is the lifeblood that gives this monster its destructive life. The human heart corrupted gives this monster its ominous force. The story is the same worldwide.

    Please view the following: note especially the stark contrast between the well-heeled and the desperate. Interesting view on Putin’s Russia and its problems.

  48. jack March 22, 2014 @ 7:46 pm

    John Knight —

    Good point about the Ukrainian gold being flown to the U.S. Along the same line, why were Blackwater mercenaries allegedly flown in right before the rioting in Kiev?

    Any country who sends a nuke into Russia would be sending all of us back to the stone age.

    The Russians have 6582 land based nuclear missiles and God only knows how many can be launched from their submarines. Even if Russia was hit with a first strike, its missiles will respond which is why they are known as the Vindicators.

  49. Daves March 22, 2014 @ 8:17 pm

    I would like to stress that Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, does not speak for the majority of Canadians.

    He is a Zionist through and through and has sold his soul to the devil.

    He is a globalist who will not hesitate selling our sovereignty to the NWO. He has shamed Canadians with his support of thugs who have taken over the government of Ukraine in a coup d’état.

    More and more we have been siding with terrorists and cutthroats. This country, like the US, is run by rabid Zionists and neo-Bolshevists.

    Time to clean house…

  50. John Knight March 22, 2014 @ 9:44 pm

    Putin to put Russian bases in Latin America

    WASHINGTON – As the world remains riveted on Moscow’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, Russian President Vladimir Putin is shifting gears to Latin America.

  51. KathJuliane March 22, 2014 @ 9:56 pm

    NOT TO FORGET: 15 Years Since NATO Aggression Against Serbia And Montenegro (InSerbia Independent News)

    In March 1999, at the direction of the United States of America, NATO engaged in its first act of illegal aggressive war, beginning what can be called the “dark age of intervention” in which we are living today.

    The fact that NATO was allowed to get away with the aggression on Serbia and Montenegro emboldened US/NATO and the US military industrial intelligence banking complex and since that day, under a doctrine of Responsibility to Protect, Humanitarian Interventionism, Preventive War and then the all encompassing “War on Terror,” US/NATO have proceeded to destroy country after country and do away with leaders that they have not found to be submissive enough to their will.

    The events of 9-11-2001 were a watershed moment for the geopolitical architects and served as a catalyst to allow them to expand their military machine to every corner of the world and invade countries at will and conduct operations with complete disregard for international law and accepted international norms.

    John Robles
    Voice of Russia

    Fifteen years have passed since the beginning of NATO aggression against Serbia and Montenegro (24 March 1999).

    This aggression resulted in the loss of 4,000 human lives, including 88 children, and 10,000 people were severely wounded. Over two third of these victims were civilians.

    How many human lives have been lost in the meantime due to the consequences of weapons with depleted uranium, as well as of remaining cluster bombs, will hardly ever be established.

    Breaching the basic norms of international law, its own founding act as well as constitutions of member countries, NATO was bombing Serbia and Montenegro during 78 days continuously destroying the economy, infrastructure, public services, radio and TV centers and transmitters, cultural and historical monuments.

    NATO bears responsibility for polluting the environment and endangering the health of present and future generations.

    Economic damage caused by the aggression is estimated at over USD 120 billion. War damage compensation has not yet been claimed, and judgments ruled by our court, by which the leaders of aggressor countries were convicted for the crimes against peace and humanity, were annulled after the coup d’état in 2000.

    Governments of aggressor countries seized and occupied the Province of Kosovo and Metohija, and then formally delivered it to former terrorists, separatists and international organized crime bosses.

    An American military base was established in the Province – “Bondstill,” [Bondsteel] one of the largest beyond the U.S. territory.

    After the aggression, over 250,000 Serbs and other non-Albanians have been forced out the Province of Kosovo and Metohija; even today, 15 years later they are not allowed to return freely and safely to their homes.

    Ethnic cleansing and even drastic change of ethnic population structure are tolerated by so called international community if only to the detriment of Serbs.

    The remaining Serbian population in the Province of about 120.000 continues to live in fear and uncertainty. Attacks upon Serbs, detentions and killings, including liquidations of their political leaders, have been continuing up to these days, and nobody is held responsible.

    NATO aggression against Serbia and Montenegro (FRY) in 1999 is a crime against peace and humanity. It is a precedent and a turning point towards global interventionism, arbitrary violation of the international legal order and the negation of the role of the UN.

    The “Bondstill” [Bondsteel] military base is the first and crucial ring in the chain of new American military bases reflecting strategy of expansion towards East, Caspian Basin, Middle East, towards Russia and its Siberia natural resources.

    Europe has thus got overall militarization and the new edition of the strategy “Drang nach Osten” (“Thrust to the East”).

    Destabilization and the tragic developments in Ukraine are just the most recent consequence of that strategy.

    15 years after objectives of US/NATO military aggression continue to be pursued by other means. Serbia has been blackmailed to de facto recognize illegal secession of its Province of Kosovo and Metohija through so called Brussels negotiations.

    The most of the puppet states of the former Yugoslavia are much dependent on and indebted to the leading NATO/EU countries, their financial institutions and corporations so that they could hardly be considered independent states but rather neo-colonies.

    There is no stability in the Balkans, redrawing of borders has not ended, overall situation is dominated by devastated economy, unemployment, social tensions and misery.

    Europe, particularly its south-east regions, are experiencing profound economic, social and moral crisis.

    Preparations for NATO military aggression against Serbia and Montenegro (FRY) and 1999 aggression itself have been used in the meantime as a blueprint for many other NATO aggressions and occupations – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali and so on.

    Wherever NATO undertook “humanitarian intervention,” like in former Yugoslavia, it left thousands of dead and mutilated, millions of refugees and displaced persons, ethnic and religious divisions, terrorism and separatism, economic disaster and social misery.

    NATO expansionist strategy made Europe militarized. There are more US/NATO military bases in Europe today than at the peak of the Cold War era. What for?

    NATO imperial expansionist strategy has provoked new arms race with unforeseen consequences. Who really needs an organization threatening global peace and stability?

    During and after the aggression, 150 Serb monasteries and churches built in the Middle Ages were destroyed.

    Killed or abducted were some 3,500 Serbs and other non-Albanians, and fates of many of them have not been established until today. Not even one of the thousands of crimes against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija got a court clarification.

    Even such terrorist crimes as was blowing up the “Nis-express” bus on 16 February 2001, when 12 people were killed and 43 wounded, neither the murder of 14 Serb farmers reaping in the field in Staro Gracko, on 23 July 2009 remained without thorough investigation, be it by UNMIK, be it by EULEX, or by any other of so many structures of the so called international community.

    The Swiss senator, Dick Marty, revealed documented report on trafficking in human organs of Serbs abducted in Kosovo and Metohija.

    The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the oldest European democratic institution, adopted his Report as the official CE document.

    Although all factors stand verbally for an efficient investigation and bringing the perpetrators to justice, for many years now there have been no results whatsoever.

    The documentation on human organ trafficking submitted to The Hague Tribunal had been – destroyed!

    Zivadin Jovanovic

    The President of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals and the last Foreign Minister of the FR Yugoslavia

    Kosovo & Metohija: Ten Years After The ‘March Pogrom 2004′

    In the promotion video of his party ”Fatherland,” where Yats the Yid sees Ukraine as a part of Europe, video shows that Serbia no longer exists and is a part of Croatia.

    IC XC
    NI KA


  52. William H.G. March 22, 2014 @ 11:13 pm

    Psalm 114, (2014?)

    Could this be the final warning to modern Jews living in Israel that if they do not change they will be punished directly from the hand of God?

  53. Mary March 23, 2014 @ 1:22 am


    Great idea. Now how do we transport them off this planet? I’m thinking Antarctica.

    Gentiles do have souls, unlike their definition of “cattle with no souls.” But the part that gets me is hearing that verse from the Talmud “Even the best of the Goyim must be killed.”

    The Jews actually believe we only exist on this planet to serve them. I am not serving them.

  54. John Knight March 23, 2014 @ 1:40 am

    Neocons hastened demise of US empire – Prof Kevin Barrett

    As the US attempts to rule the world from Washington through the use of force and a policy of aggressive war the neocon architects have overlooked the fact that the military depends on the economy and the US economy is hallowed out and on the verge of collapse.

    Countries such as Russia and China with strong economies will rise while the US neocons who came into power in the 9-11 coup d’état have only hastened the demise of the very empire that they were intended to prop up.

    This was stated in an interview with Professor Kevin Barrett, who characterized Zbignew Brzezinski and the neocons as complete fanatical militarists zio-nazis that want to attack anybody and are even happy to attack Russia and threaten the world with WWIII.

  55. Palestine March 23, 2014 @ 1:43 am

    It’s amazing how the mainstream media totally avoid someone as well informed and as dedicated as Brother Nathaneal.

    God bless you, mate.

  56. Mary March 23, 2014 @ 1:53 am

    @Eugene Williams

    I do not know if they have any boundaries.

    If it was up to Poland, they would be talking about the Katyn Forest.
    If it was up to Germany, they would be talking about Dresden.
    If it was up to Ukraine, they would be talking about the Holodomor.

    But we all see who is in power.

  57. John Knight March 23, 2014 @ 4:37 am

    Neocons infest Washington. They hugely influence policy. The Liz Wahl affair highlights to what lengths they’ll go. More on this below.

    Putin and Obama are geopolitical opposites. They’re world’s apart. A previous article explained.

    Putin supports peace and stability. Obama wages one war after another.

    Putin affirms UN Charter and other rule of law principles. Obama ignores them. He claims a divine right to pursue unchallenged hegemony. He does it belligerently.

    Putin believes nation-state sovereignty is inviolable. Obama wants pro-Western puppet governments replacing independent ones.

    Washington wants Boris Yeltsin reinvented. He presided over Russia’s lost decade.

    He let 80% of Russian farmers go bankrupt. He closed 70,000 state factories. He presided over an unemployment epidemic.

    Half or more of ordinary Russians became impoverished. A permanent underclass was created. Crime, suicides, mortality, alcoholism, drug abuse, and HIV/AIDS soared to intolerable levels.

    So-called “shock therapy” (aka force-fed austerity) produced economic genocide. GDP plunged 50%. Life expectancy fell.

    Democratic freedoms died. An oligarch class accumulated enormous wealth. Western interests profited. They did so at the expense of millions of exploited Russians.

    Yeltsin let corruption and criminality flourish. One scandal followed others. Grand theft became sport. So did money laundering. Billions in stolen wealth were secreted in Western banks or offshore tax havens.

  58. Mary March 23, 2014 @ 5:15 am


    I’ve never heard of a Ukrainian nation during the Byzantine Roman period either.

    I am coming to the conclusion, based on what little I even know, is that Ukraine will more than likely be sanctioned in half: one to Russia and the west to the European Union. Just a guess.

  59. sam March 23, 2014 @ 8:03 am

    If we look around to Turkey, Venezuela we see that the bankers use money to bring nations to their knees.

    Inflation rages in Caracas and protests begin. In Turkey, which hasn’t forgiven Israel for murdering its citizens, the currency has fallen by 40%.

    The Jewish bankers hold the power. Even in Egypt they were able to cause the overthrow of freely elected president Morsi.

  60. Hoff March 23, 2014 @ 8:25 am

    The Jews plan explained in one minute:

  61. John Knight March 23, 2014 @ 1:40 pm

    Like cockroaches, neocons are everywhere, especially when there’s a chance for the US to flex its military power and especially when it comes to Israel.

    Robert Parry has written a must-read article, What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis, in which he describes the neocon connection to Ukrainian events.

    First, Parry reports how neocon organizations, like “National Endowment for Democracy” and other U.S. sources, played key roles in destabilizing and overthrowing the democratically elected president.” Parry describes:

    NED, a $100 million-a-year agency created by the Reagan administration in 1983 to promote political action and psychological warfare against targeted states, lists 65 projects that it supports financially inside Ukraine, including training activists, supporting “journalists” and promoting business groups, effectively creating a full-service structure primed and ready to destabilize a government in the name of promoting “democracy.” [See’s “A Shadow US Foreign Policy.”]

    State Department neocons also put their shoulders into shoving Ukraine away from Russia. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, the wife of prominent neocon Robert Kagan and the sister-in-law of the Gates-Petraeus adviser Frederick Kagan, advocated strenuously for Ukraine’s reorientation toward Europe.

    Last December, Nuland reminded Ukrainian business leaders that, to help Ukraine achieve “its European aspirations, we have invested more than $5 billion.” She said the U.S. goal was to take “Ukraine into the future that it deserves,” by which she meant into the West’s orbit and away from Russia’s.

    … Nuland was soon at work planning for “regime change,” encouraging disruptive street protests by personally passing out cookies to the anti-government demonstrators.

    She didn’t seem to notice or mind that the protesters in Kiev’s Maidan square had hoisted a large banner honoring Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist who collaborated with the German Nazis during World War II and whose militias participated in atrocities against Jews and Poles.

    By late January, Nuland was discussing with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt who should be allowed in the new government.

    “Yats is the guy,” Nuland said in a phone call to Pyatt that was intercepted and posted online. “He’s got the economic experience, the governing experience. He’s the guy you know.”

    By “Yats,” Nuland was referring to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who had served as head of the central bank, foreign minister and economic minister — and who was committed to harsh austerity.

    As Assistant Secretary Nuland and Sen. McCain cheered the demonstrators on, the street protests turned violent. Police clashed with neo-Nazi bands, the ideological descendants of Bandera’s anti-Russian Ukrainians who collaborated with the Nazi SS during World War II.”

  62. Carol Ann March 23, 2014 @ 1:41 pm

    “In 2010, Leviathan was discovered. Soon it turned out to be the largest gas field discovered worldwide in the last decade.”

    Located off Israel coast. On February 6, 2014 “Woodside Energy of Australia bought 25% of the rights to Leviathan in exchange for payments and royalty commitments amounting to roughly $2.71 billion.” Korean workers are on the rigs.

    “Beginning of 2014, the talks about war disappeared. Improvement in relations between Israel and Turkey created the possibility of placing a gas pipe between the two. This created a strategic interest between the former leaders of the opposing alliances.” Ancient trade routes revisited.

    “The U.S. accomplished the takeover of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Fields, through Noble Energy, an oil and gas company from Houston, Texas. It doesn’t matter what Israel does with the gas, Noble will collect an extraction fee.”

    Tribute is paid to Houston Texas corporations by both Russia and Israel. We do live in interesting times.

    Israel is fracturing from the inside with Ultraorthodox rejecting Zionism. Russia before 2001 Putin intervention was losing all of its oil revenue to those nebulous “American” interests via “agreements.”

    Australia and U.S. corporations figured in that mix. “Now Australia, a supplier to China, is also a key partner in the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Basin”.

    “China” “Israel” “America” ”Russia” “Australia” the masks the master deceivers wear to blame shift. Think profit and plunder. They care not where. Neither “religion,” “ethnicity,” “national borders,” nor “sovereignty” faze them one bit. Just something for the peasants to argue about and kill each other over.

  63. KathJuliane March 23, 2014 @ 2:03 pm

    This is almost too good to be true, but it is really true:

    Israel Closes Embassies All Over The World As Diplomats Go On Indefinite Strike

    Employees of Israel’s Foreign Ministry went on an all-out strike Sunday for the first time in the country’s history over a dispute surrounding workers’ salaries and conditions.

    The dispute has been going on for nearly two years. Seven months of negotiations ended on March 4, when workers rejected a proposal by the Finance Ministry.

    Israeli ambassadors abroad will not go to work, no consular services will be available, and Israel will not be represented at any international gatherings during the strike.

    Even the Foreign Ministry’s political leadership and management will be locked out.

    The strike is indefinite and will affect everyone, including employers bringing foreign workers to Israel for work, immigrants, and anyone who wants to travel to Israel – including foreign dignitaries.

    “Today, for the first time in Israel’s history, the foreign ministry will be closed and no work will be done in any sphere under the ministry’s authority,” a statement by the ministry’s workers’ committee reads.

    It added that the strike would be “open ended” because of the “employment conditions for Israeli diplomats and because of the draconian decision by the Treasury to cut workers’ salaries.”

    A number of visits have already been canceled or put on hold, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned trip to Mexico, Panama, and Colombia next month, as well as Pope Francis’ planned visit to Israel in May.

    Avigdor Lieberman said the worker’s committee has “lost its head” in what was a “miserable decision.”

    “This move has no benefit, and will only cause more damage to the ministry’s workers. I’m sorry that these irresponsible steps will come at the expense of the country’s citizens,” he said.

    The diplomats are demanding an increase in their monthly salaries and want compensation for their spouses who have to quit jobs because of foreign postings. They say that one-third of Israeli diplomats have already quit over the past 10 years because of low salaries.

    “The Treasury is determined to destroy the foreign ministry and Israeli diplomacy,” said Yacov Livne, a spokesman for the Israeli diplomats’ union.

    Yair Frommer, the head of the worker’s committee, implied that the Treasury does not value the crucial work that diplomats do.

    He said the Treasury will not be able to “prevent boycotts of Israel, will not foster business transactions that yield huge economic benefits and will not raise our voices at the UN Security Council.”

    I stared at the headlines in disbelief, and so double checked them with Israeli press.

    Haaretz confirms the strike, and with even more details:

    Best comment from RT:

    “A. Smith: An early Christmas Present to Humanity on Earth as all Apartheid Israeli diplomats go on Strike due to the global Boycott, Deinvest and Sanction Apartheid Israel campaign gaining traction.

    “Boycott All Apartheid Israel, their products produced on stolen lands, their culture events, their artists, Boycott All Apartheid.

    “Tell everyone including your friends to not give a single dollar to Apartheid, turn off their money spigot which would then leave world peace and prosperity.”

    Somehow, Putin will get blamed for this, too.

  64. Hassan March 23, 2014 @ 3:05 pm

    Jew world order unmasked:

  65. Hassan March 23, 2014 @ 3:10 pm


    Turkey is very comfortable being a member of the Zionist NATO.

    Can you explain why hasn’t Turkey left NATO as yet, if Turkey is not ruled by Zionists?

    Thank you.

  66. Кирие Элейсон March 23, 2014 @ 3:19 pm

    Sharing this as we live emboldened in our quickened spirit with the rest of the brethren…

    I hope everyone will appreciate this article written by another Orthodox brother –

    Crimea: Putin’s Triumph. Now the Confrontation Moves East to “New Russia”

    “…Besides the pleasure of getting this lost bit of land back, there was the additional joy of outwitting the adversary. The American neocons arranged the coup in Ukraine and sent the unhappy country crashing down, but the first tangible fruit of this break up went to Russia.

    A new Jewish joke was coined at that time:

    Israeli President Peres asks the Russian President:

    – Vladimir, are you of Jewish ancestry?

    – Putin: What makes you think so, Shimon?

    – Peres: You made the US pay five billion dollars to deliver Crimea to Russia. Even for a Jew, that is audacious!

    Five billion dollars is a reference to Victoria Nuland’s admission of having spent that much for democratisation (read: destabilisation) of the Ukraine. President Putin snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, and US hegemony suffered a set-back.

    The Russians enjoyed the sight of their UN representative Vitaly Churkin coping with a near-assault by Samantha Power.

    The Irish-born US rep came close to bodily attacking the elderly grey-headed Russian diplomat telling him that “Russia was defeated (presumably in 1991 – ISH) and should bear the consequences… Russia is blackmailing the US with its nuclear weapons,” while Churkin asked her to keep her hands off him and stop foaming at the mouth.

    This was not the first hostile encounter between these twain: a month ago, Samantha entertained a Pussy Riot duo, and Churkin said she should join the group and embark on a concert tour.

    The US Neocons’ role in the Kiev coup was clarified by two independent exposures. Wonderful Max Blumenthal and Rania Khalek showed that the anti-Russian campaign of recent months (gay protests, Wahl affair, etc.) was organised by the Zionist Neocon PNAC (now renamed FPI) led by Mr Robert Kagan, husband of Victoria “Fuck EC” Nuland.

    It seems that the Neocons are hell-bent to undermine Russia by all means, while the Europeans are much more flexible. (True, the US troops are still stationed in Europe, and the old continent is not as free to act as it might like)… ”

  67. Hoff March 23, 2014 @ 3:34 pm

    This is a must read:

    Republican Party, Red From the Start

  68. John Knight March 23, 2014 @ 4:01 pm

    In his latest groundbreaking book, entitled A Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of Iran Nuclear Scare, the historian and investigative journalist Gareth Porter catalogs a long list of false reports manufactured by Israeli intelligence agencies in order to mislead the public and pave the way for a war against Iran.

  69. Halina March 23, 2014 @ 5:44 pm

    Thank you KathJuliane for this news @ 2:03 pm.

    It certainly is a NEWS!

    Talmud ‘demoncracy’ want war with Russia.

    With the disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft and the latest movements of military “searches” for it make me feel a little uneasy….Nervous to say the least.

    Don’t yet understand ‘why,’ but perhaps the future will reveal…?

  70. KathJuliane March 23, 2014 @ 5:55 pm

    Dear Halina,

    God bless! And just so there is no mistake, I checked the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and this is their official word on the general strike.

    “05 Mar 2014

    As of March 23, 2014 at 15:00 a general strike has been declared at the Foreign Ministry. The Ministry in Jerusalem will remain closed and Israel’s missions abroad will not open as of Monday morning, March 24.

    Labor dispute at the MFA

    As of Tuesday, March 4, 2014, Israel’s diplomats will no longer engage with foreign representatives, take care of official visits of any kind, either in Israel or overseas, issue visas or provide any consular services. Requests for special dispensation should be sent by e-mail to

    This is just part of an extended list of organizational measures which will take effect immediately, after the Ministry of Finance caused the failure of a seven-month mediation process led by the former Chief Justice of the Labor Court.

    It may seem unusual for the diplomatic service of a country to become engaged in a labor dispute. Out of our deep commitment to presenting Israel’s interests abroad, Israel’s international standing and national security, we, the Israeli diplomats, insist that our reasonable demands be met.

    There will be no updates on this channel until further notice.

    Regular updates will resume upon a satisfactory resolution of the dispute.

    I truly believe heaven has heard enough prayers, like “Can’t someone just shut Bibi’s mouth for awhile?”

    The way I read it, the travel restrictions should apply to him, too.

    Glory to God for all things!

    IC XC
    NI KA

  71. Trisha March 23, 2014 @ 7:14 pm


    A friend brought this to my attention:

    This “strike” over wages could be a cover for the real reason to close all their foreign embassies.

    If Israel is planning a preemptive strike on Iran they would not want their personnel anywhere in view. Further, last Thursday the vote was taken to set aside nearly $3 billion “for a possible war with Iran,” and they did say that they would go it alone, without the help of the US, in a war on Iran.

    Suppose it would be interesting to see if the foreign embassy personnel in certain countries leave those countries – to be one step ahead of war . . . sure hope this ain’t so . . .

  72. Axe Man March 23, 2014 @ 8:19 pm

    SATANov is a town south west of Kiev, Ukraine.

    It is of no surprise that their is a prominent Jewish cemetery there.

  73. Putin for US President 2016 March 24, 2014 @ 4:12 am

    Dont forget Christian Russia and Putin have 15,000 nuclear weapons and a military 3 times America.

    Putin will save the Evil Empire taken over by homosexuals in Hollywood and Jew York City, and the subhuman mongrel mutt radical with room temp IQ from hell.

  74. ak March 24, 2014 @ 8:40 am

    “When Jews can’t have their way,

    The Sampson Option comes into play.”


  75. MONITOR LXX March 25, 2014 @ 9:34 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Allow me to make a comment on the situation in Russia and for their great leader Vladimir Putin.

    What Russia needs to do: Distance themselves from the USSR (CCCP) as soon as possible – and as strong as possible!

    People across the world are confused and do not understand that the true Christian Russians where NOT in CHARGE from 1917-1999 and has NO SHARE of the Communist homicide– , violence– and war-orgies.

    Russia urgently needs a historic showdown with itself, a revisionism, so true history can be explained, spread and understood.

    People in the Ukraine, and many more, have indeed all reason to hate USSR. What happen was people joined up with the Germans, against the USSR, and this very same people kept their hate until this very day.

    Organised in “Right Sector” they waited for generations…..

    But in meantime both the former Germans and the USSR are gone! People who want revenge are blind and driven by primordial forces.

    Everyone should read “UNDER the SIGN of the SCORPION, by Jüri Lina. It is a true lesson. But it could be even better if the Russian themselves opened the archives and let thousands of documents coming to light, and the Russians start to explain what really happened to them.

    Who killed millions of their relatives? Who destroyed their country? Who betrayed the world?

    I believe that the Russians have this information and use it in secret to keep deadly elements at bay. They need that! But they also need support from normal people with common sense around the globe. Because of that they need to start a “campaign,” and explain them self, and get free of that scarmark. Thus they have millons hearts to win!

    Mr. V. Putin said in his amazing open letter to the NYTimes, in September 2013, when he refers to as “we” (Russia) fought with the U.S.A., together, against the “Nazi” Germany. Thus the confusion, this new Russia and V. Putin can not simultaneously be the “heroes” of WW2 and be responsible for acts performed from 1917 to 1999.

    The new Russia has no other choice than point out the difference between new Russia and USSR “Russia”.

    And, by the way, should hail thousands of people fighting against the Bolsheviks monster before, under and after WW2. A GOLEM monster that Putin is working 24/7 never ever will have any chance for a comeback.

    In most Western country’s this new Russia is labeled as bad as it was. The brainwashed masses do not understand the deception.

    Therefore they can not understand that Mr. Putin, and the reborn Christian wave from the east, can be the big saviour of our time.

    Monitor LXX

    PS: Thank you for your fight I will help you as soon as possible.

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