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The Jews Behind Michael Sam

America In Decline Articles, Jews Push Perversion

The Jews Behind Michael Sam
By Brother Nathanael Kapner February 12, 2014 ©

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IS IT ANY SURPRISE that the much celebrated Michael Sam announced his ‘pride’ in being a homosexual via the New York Times and ESPN, both Jew-owned?

Indeed, college football star Michael Sam is one large piece of homosexual propaganda resonating throughout Jewry in its relentless attack on Christian morality.

Since Sam’s public relations team decided to announce his ‘queerness’ right before the NFL draft, one wonders how many teams will decide to pass on him.

Would they dare such a thing? The Jew-infested press will destroy them.

And since 34% of the League are Jew-owned, there will be no shortage of teams clamoring for the services of Sam seeing that the Jew-promoted NFL is fully behind the idea of open homosexuality.

And what better way to promote perversion than to have a Jew doing the PR!

Sam picked the Jew Howard Bragman as his personal PR pro to “lead the charge” in the creation of his soon-to-be NFL identity.

Bragman, also an open sodomite, is known as the “gay guru” who helps celebrities “come out”…and Sam, (his father repudiates his son’s vile sin), is Bragman’s latest client.

The night before Sam’s “coming out,” Bragman offered a toast during a celebratory dinner for the up-and-coming hero.

A host of perverts in the sports community were honored in the toast but Sam got the highest honors as “the bravest of all.”

Timing is everything, and with the non-stop Jew-bashing of Putin and his traditional Orthodox opposition to all things homosexual, what a wonderful opportunity to show the rest of the world the disgrace of homosexual worship here in the Jewnited States of Jewmerica.

No doubt, America’s newest hero will have no qualms when it comes to donning pink in the hot new fad of feminizing the manly sport of football under the guise of “good causes” which in reality are no more than Marxist social engineering indoctrination.

Maybe Sam’s agents can team up with the copyright owners of the works of famous children’s writer, Dr Seuss, aka Theodor Seuss Geisel, a noted Jewish propagandist for Stalin’s Marxism.

You can see it now, a cleverly designed spin off of “Sam I Am” & I’m Gay Too!

What a wonderful way to help young “goyim” minds to accept new ideas, overturn the accepted order of things, and fall in love with our latest and greatest sports hero.

This will help those young goyim to think that being homosexual is a “cool thing.”

But if having sex with another man’s feces is a “cool thing” then this country is toast.

God rained down fire on Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Jews are provoking God to do the same here in our Jew-ruined nation.

And Michael Sam is just another chump in Jewry’s plan to sodomize America.


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Brother Nathanael @ February 12, 2014


  1. Brother Nathanael February 12, 2014 @ 7:46 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    It’s NOT going to last.

    Either Jewmerica ends up on the ash heap of history OR there WILL be a major RIDDING OF JEWS in this Jew-ruined country.

    I’m not sure HOW it will happen BUT it WILL happen.

    Droughts, floods, ice storms are a foretaste of what’s to come.

    Either Jewmerica is toast OR we WILL see a BACKLASH against nation-destroying Jews.

    History bears me out. Jews are NOT victims. The host countries of which the Jew is a parasite are the VICTIMS of Jewry.
    Please help me continue.

    Three weeks ago my prime benefactor stopped his funding which covered my rent and living expenses.

    I’m struggling to KEEP A ROOF OVER MY HEAD besides staying online.

    Please help!

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    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  2. Brother Nathanael February 12, 2014 @ 7:47 pm

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    “National Monetary Reform Convention Now!” @

    This is my STATE-OF-THE-ART Video Platform AND I OWN It!

    ALL Jew-Ruled EU Countries Can NOW View ALL My Vids Without JEW-CENSORSHIP! @


  3. The Elder of Zyklon-B February 12, 2014 @ 8:25 pm

    What a great expose of truth which exposes Jewry’s ever present hidden hand behind the assault on morality!

    In less than a week after Sam’s “coming out” announcement, Brother Nathanael brought to light the creepy Bragman and Jewry behind this totally Jew organized and managed sodomite public relations event.

    The Jew press has been ALL OVER this “story” and no doubt will continue to milk it for a LONG TIME. It won’t be going away anytime soon, that you can be sure of; it is just getting cranked up my friends.

    Die Juden are going to sign up “Sam I Am” for one lucrative faggy endorsement contract after another. Yes indeed, they plan on making him a big lovable role model for children.

    They WANT our children dear readers. They WANT their minds, bodies, and souls. That is what the Jews are in business for, stealing souls for Satan, their father the devil.

    Pay attention to the warnings of Brother Nathanael in his comments. Harsh judgement is coming to Jewmerica is it continues to embrace the Jewish agenda.

    This piece on Jewry’s latest pawn needs to be spread far and wide.

  4. Griff February 12, 2014 @ 8:53 pm

    It seems these Jews have two methods of launching their rape on America, Christian White Gentiles, (real) conservatives, and innocent people alike.

    That is, they either use a proxy like a non Jew minority, liberal trader (Jewtile) savage homosexual, to divide and conquer for them or as of late, they take off their masks and openly admit their sadist agendas.

    This deviant sodomite, “Michael Sam,” first of all does not deserve the name Michael after the holy archangel, and should be named something akin to an object or waste of natural resources. It’s the same God who lets people like this, Jews included, live on what was once a beautiful planet, in sound with its faith and nature.

    This “Sam” homo is disturbingly like an Obama persona with the the ideology of a Jew robot.

    I can not put into words my anger, sadness, fear, and sense of hopelessness to these wicked, diabolical creatures.

    Sometimes I wonder why God has not done anything yet. I hope He is just waiting or teaching us a lesson, for the betterment of our Renaissance that awaits us after these pathological personalities are eradicated.

  5. Reinbeek February 12, 2014 @ 9:26 pm

    The West is a family without a father.

    And the Jews are our new hate-filled, demonically-possessed wicked step-mother.

    Making of her sons little faggots. And kicking the best characters out of her house to sleep on the street. And she brings in all kind of strange men to sleep with.

  6. True Christian February 12, 2014 @ 9:44 pm

    Every word is true.

    I wish Brother Nathanael can go on a tour, educate the over-fed-sports-and-French-fries society we have, set them straight and show them the light.

    I can imagine the get together we can have if we can just see the truth. I hope you can do it, Brother.

    Keep fighting the good fight +BN, God Bless!

  7. The Elder of Zyklon-B February 12, 2014 @ 9:47 pm

    Just another tentacle of the talmudic octopus, NPR loves their disgusting sodomite Bragman as noted in the link in the “gay guru” text in +BN’s Article.

    With all of this, the countless preachers and pastors of churches all through the so called Bible Belt can’t seem to see Jewry’s role in promoting all of this.

    I see most of them crumbling in the future and accepting the “new normal” which they now condemn.

    These vile Jews are laughing their butts off knowing that they are the ultimate mind controllers.

    No way can these “evangelical Christians” ever criticize anything Jews do. Talmudic Jewry has their minds.

    If they continue to “warm up” to Big Jewry’s wicked agenda, it will have their souls as well.

  8. J4 February 12, 2014 @ 9:53 pm

    It’s a mess in America when traditionally masculine cultures like African Americans are being used as homo NWO anti-family agendas.

    People, we have to pray for this country, and God bless you Brother Nathanael every time you do His work of evangelizing.

    We need a revival – please Jesus give our sick, sinful nation a revival.

  9. Michael February 12, 2014 @ 10:17 pm

    It’s disgusting. I remember when homosexuality was talked about a few times per month, now it’s every day.

    It’s an agenda these Jewish creeps are pushing. Oh, and the newspaper business which I work in is struggling. I wonder why!?!

    It’ll take an act of GOD to strip power away from the Jewish mafia. The fist step is to stop supporting sports teams, and whatever you do, stop the newspaper delivery.

    I’m also sick of professional sports, period. I’m from Minnesota, home of the Vikings football team. Our owner is Zygi Wilf, who is Jewish. He acts like a mob boss in his business dealings in New Jersey as a judicial judge described him.

    Guess what? The NFL allowed the sale of the team to be transferred to him. He’s a dirt bag straight from the film “Once Upon a Time in America.”

  10. 7y February 12, 2014 @ 10:41 pm


    How about: Jewsodomite Sam? Even Yosodomite Sam.


    Another riveting and revealing Article! Way to go!

    Time and time again, you’ve managed to peel back the facade of the benign ‘helpless’ Jew guise that the Zio-Xtians worship so passionately. And in the process you’ve exposed these vile ‘Jew’ imposters for who they really are: DEVILS of the worst order.

    Clearly, each one of us needs to reach out to our youth with God’s message of Salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. They are in grave danger. We owe it to them; pull them from the fire and out of the demonic grip of the Jews.

    But as long as this generation continues to go whoring after idols like ENTERTAINMENT, I’m afraid with the passing of each day, many people, both young and old will slide ever faster into the abyss. Time’s running short. It’s so painful watch.

    Each of us needs to do more. Please, if you’re able, keep sending your donations to Brother Nathanael. As you all know, his ministry work here and through his street evangelizing has been nothing short of staggering.

  11. Elton Robb February 12, 2014 @ 11:09 pm

    If everyone could strive to be like Jesus Christ in this country, then the Jews who want to destroy it will leave on their own accord.

  12. paschn February 12, 2014 @ 11:12 pm

    Okay, now it makes sense to me!

    The NFL has had “non-profit” status gifted to them by the private FED RESERVE’S collection agency, the IRS since I believe ’66.

    You know, I’d like to see some tax receipts from all Jew owned corporations. This also explains why the Goy-owned corporations have been quietly paying their extortion via the Kosher tax.

    We Goyim quietly pay our incomes to the IRS, “Justice” Department, and any or all of the Jew controlled FED agencies in this “host” nation.

    Sad thing? Most Western “Christian” nations haven’t a clue nor do they WANT one. They’re buying a stairway to heaven, (they think), by supporting the “chosen.”

  13. Eileen K. February 12, 2014 @ 11:41 pm

    Br. Nathanael, one thing you will never find in Russia is the flagrant openness of homosexuality.

    The country’s President, Vladimir Putin, along with the Duma, has banned “gay” parades, along with “gay” propaganda around minors.

    The latest news about a homosexual college football player, Michael Sam, just left me totally disgusted.

    Here is a sport that, for generations, has always been a truly manly sport; but, since Jews started buying NFL teams (the Washington Redskins, owned by Dan Snyder, for one), the sport was inching toward the day when a “Michael Sam” would appear on the potential NFL draft list.

    Well, folks, he’s here, in all his homo glory, just waiting for a team to pick him in the upcoming draft. If it weren’t for the Jews pushing homosexuality into professional sports such as football, this Michael Sam character would still be way in the shadows.

    This is how far Jewmerica has fallen. God help us!


  14. TheHolyCrow February 13, 2014 @ 12:10 am

    I often wonder what would happen if a very committed percentage of the population simply refused to pay their income taxes.

    If 10% or 20% flat out refused, what could the FED or the IRS do? Do they have the manpower to enforce their unconstitutional laws, or would they just fade away for lack of financing? Would this 10 to 20 percent put those fascist pigs out of business? Some folks reckon that a mere 5% could wipe them out.

    Karen Hudes, previous chief counsel of the World Bank, claims that not one cent is used for the day to day operations of the US Government, and that sounds like a giant theft operation to me.

    It’s time we got some answers, and some reparations.

  15. Glory B. February 13, 2014 @ 1:06 am

    If Americans really knew how the Jews are sneering at them behind their backs, there would be hell to pay.

    In Jewish circles, in the banquet halls of Jewish country clubs, and at the debut parties of the bratty kids of rich Jewish businessmen, the loud laughter of the Jews rings out.

    Sure, in public the Jews whine and bitch about how people hate them, and why are they being persecuted when they have done nothing wrong? That’s what THEY say, in public.

    But in their synagogues and country clubs and private schools, it’s a different story,

    See, the Jews know why people dislike them, even hate them, because they take pride in cheating the “dumb Gentiles.”

    The Jewish Talmud — the holy book of the Jews, holier even than their Torah — classifies non-Jews as “cattle.” That’s what the Yid word “goyem” means.

    So in their private places, the Jew lawyers and businessmen boast about swindling the “dumb goyem” out of their life savings. They even compete amongst themelves to do as much damage to Christians as they can.

    It’s all part of world Jewry’s wicked plan to destroy Christ and His Church, put the White Christian world under Jewish domination, and make slaves out of the Gentiles.

    Pornography and sick sexual practices are weapons used by the Jews in their never-ending war against Christianity.

    With their control of the news media and the entertainment industry, the Jews encourage young men to turn to sick behavior such as homosexuality and transvestism as a way to enjoy cheap thrills, and at the same time enrage and embarrass their families.

    The famous Jewish pornographer, Al Goldstein, once told an interviewer: “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.”

    Goldstein died last year of kidney failure at the age of 77. In his lifetime, he made millions of dollars as the publisher of Screw magazine, a filthy magazine that only the warped brain of a greedy Jew could invent.

    In Screw’s first issue in 1968, Goldstein wrote, “We promise never to ink out a pubic hair or chalk out a sexual organ. We will apologize for nothing. We will uncover the entire world of sex. We will be the Consumer Reports of sex.”

    Pornography, White slavery, sex trafficking, and the systematic promotion of sexual deviance, promiscuity, debauchery, homosexuality and transgenderism are all Jewish in their origin.

    As Dr. David Duke has documented, pornography and the systematic promotion of sexual deviance are weapons used by organized Jewry in their ongoing cultural, spiritual, and psychological war against traditional White Christian civilization.

    In his book “Jewish Supremacism,” Dr. Duke cites an article published in the winter 2004 edition of The Jewish Quarterly, a leading literary, cultural and political journal in the Jewish academic world, in which Jewish professor Nathan Abrams openly documented the Jewish role in promoting pornography as a means to debase, corrupt, and ultimately destroy White Western Christian civilization.

    Professor Abrams described pornography as “a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged.”

    Professor Abrams went on to explain that “Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority. Jews are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.”

    Which is exactly what Al Goldstein did in the pages of Screw magazine!

    Goldstein was a leading figure in the subversion, corruption, and destruction of traditional American morals, sexual practices, and culture.

    When he died, major Jewish newspapers lamented his death, arguing that “American culture will be poorer without” radical, debauched deviants like Goldstein.

    Could it be any more obvious how hostile and contrary to Christian civilization Jews truly are?

    Jews must be excluded from our society, once and for all.

  16. Patrizia February 13, 2014 @ 2:33 am

    If it’s any consolation, they have started making sports role models admit they are gay here in Germany as well:

    Perhaps these people are not gay, but are forced into admission or coaxed into it with the promise of more fame and fortune. You never know.

  17. BERSERKER February 13, 2014 @ 5:15 am

    Most Americans don’t realize the coup d’état announced with the assassination of JFK, whom had certainly been as, or more aware than we of TPTB which murdered him.

    Jewish power in America was Pronounced that day. WAKE UP.

    Most Americans have been so screwed in their “thought” process through indoctrination, Judaizing religion, and many programming mediums all designed by Jews and shabat goy, they’ll NEVER organize to effectively, peacefully oppose these shameless pigs.

    Most of America since the 60’s IS JEWISH REALITY. Until awaking even I have helped it grow…..I hope after the initial purge when the Jews institute their terror, we the people will unite under the banner of national socialism/anything the Jews hate, and respond in self preservation.

    Most Americans cannot understand why I would insist upon outlawing abortion or pornography much less nuclear power, weapons, etc. etc. Everything the Jews worship, profit from, delight in….. I OPPOSE!

    See what he (Kennedy) had to say on Adolph Hitler. The two most maligned individuals in the history of the world are Christ and Hitler.


  18. Luke February 13, 2014 @ 7:42 am

    “If you do not exclude them from these United States in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government.

    “Their ideas do not conform to an American’s. Jews are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention.” — Benjamin Franklin 1787

  19. George February 13, 2014 @ 7:52 am

    If a small minority (3%) of the population, attempted to suggest the propaganda that it’s appropriate to ingest our food thru our nostrils, even though it’s possible, we would immediately say “they are nuts!”

    We would pay them no attention because they obviously have a psychological aberration; a dis-order.

    If the 3% continued and then spawned a contagious disease as a result of their CHOSEN aberration, we might have removed them from society, similar to the people who contracted Tuberculosis years ago.

    Removal, so they couldn’t infect or accelerate or advance their contagious disease. Removal so no others could be exposed, and infected, to further spread their disease. This 3% by CHOICE isn’t oriented correctly, or naturally, according to Nature, the Natural Design, or the Universal Code, which happens to be Male + Female.

    Natural Design and the Universal Code is displayed in the plant world, the insect world, the fish and fowl world, the animal world, the Human world, in science, physics etc.

    Those that CHOOSE to “pollute” Nature (where we live) attack OUR “Garden of Eden” so to speak. Those that CHOOSE to “pollute” OUR Natural Design and OUR Universal Code,attack OUR Humanity. They are IMMORAL. “Those” that attack, are the enemies of Humanity!

    It is therefore proper to be Homophobic! Never Mind the Media Propaganda! We should be against the attackers, against the “Enemy From Within.” The 3% having no time constraints for families or children, utilize that additional time resource to gain entrance into the political or govern-Mental arena.

    They organize to promote the 3% LGBT propaganda agenda. The 3% COLLUDE, and deviously use every govern-Mental and media deception, to further their improper negative destructive influence. That’s the problem!

    The solution is to Right the Wrong, and change the Negative Dynamic. How? Defeat the Enemy. “Vote Incumbents OUT!”

  20. Jeannon Kralj February 13, 2014 @ 8:28 am

    “…overturn the accepted order of things.”

    The “order of things” that is revolted against, infiltrated and subverted is Logos.

    John 1:1 In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God.

  21. Mary February 13, 2014 @ 8:38 am

    The Jews probably just paid Michael Sam to tell people he was gay.

    One has to wonder … gay people supposedly came out of the closet years and even decades ago, so why all the hype now?

    I didn’t even know who this guy even was. Probably no one important.

  22. A.J. February 13, 2014 @ 8:49 am

    Fascinating stuff…

    Donation coming soon Brother!!

  23. Mary February 13, 2014 @ 9:04 am

    Different thought concerning this topic.

    1) What if this to promote homosexuality in sports because they aren’t being as successful as they wish during the Winter Olympics?

    The gays haven’t been completely successful in destroying Christian Russia, even though the damage really has been done to people that don’t get out in the real world and use their brains.

    2) Most teams are not going to pick up whoever this Michael Sam guy is that the world just heard about. He was probably never good to begin with at football and they’ll scream discrimination. More media coverage of course.

    They already managed to destroy the success of viewers to watch the Superbowl and this year, it actually hit an official “That was the worst Superbowl I have ever seen in my life.”

    That is what all of the Goyim are saying about the most previous Superbowl and the Goyim have officially declared the commercials during halftime to reach an all-time low many years ago as well.

    I just wish they would just leave the world alone. I would think that they are simply just trying to promote homosexuality, but they are actually going to end up destroying football. Go figure. Which one makes more money?

    That is all too confusing for a Jew, though, because the Jew does not know when to stop, which is why so many people end up getting upset with them (more than likely).

    I keep turning off anything that could expose me to this insane world (including those that actually believe these people) and I still can’t get away.

    I doubt Michael Sam is even gay. Probably paid to say that.

  24. Vanessa February 13, 2014 @ 9:28 am

    Hi, Brother Nathanael,

    I just sent you $25.00 last night. I really appreciate all the good work you are doing.

    I will send you more when I am able. I am a young Christian woman (ironically, married to a Jewish man) who is frustrated with what is going on in the world.

    Thank you for your fearless commitment to the truth.

  25. jim west February 13, 2014 @ 10:11 am


    Where does the figure “3%” Jewish population in the USA come? What is the real number?

    I think it’s more like 10%, with a lot of Jews changing their names etc.

    +BN, can you or someone with accurate knowledge and figures address this issue of actual Jewish population in USA?

  26. Hoff February 13, 2014 @ 3:10 pm

    According to Haaretz newspaper in Israel, Jews in the “entertainment” industry are deliberately trying to destroy America’s “family-friendly culture” by being as obscene as possible—an act which also allows them to “assert their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity.”

    Writing in an article in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, Professor Josh Lambert, academic director of the Yiddish Book Center and visiting assistant professor of English at the University of Massachusetts,  said that “American Jews have found the explicit representation of sex, and four-letter words, so very useful.

    “The answers vary: Some Jews use obscenity to fight anti-Semitism, while others use it to rewrite traditional Jewish stories in a contemporary idiom.”

  27. George February 13, 2014 @ 3:28 pm

    @jim west

    The 3% is referring to the percentage of the population that is homosexual, according to the latest census figures.

    “Vote Incumbents OUT!”

  28. Nico February 13, 2014 @ 5:38 pm


    Russia’s Putin and the Orthodox Church have the right attitude. No surprise. The missive says it all!

    We should all read’em and WEEP!

  29. albert pastore February 13, 2014 @ 7:11 pm

    Hello Bro Nat,

    This piece will make your blood boil! San Fran sodomites spit in Putin’s face (metaphorically)

  30. Charles Krafft February 13, 2014 @ 11:07 pm

    Theodore “Dr. Seuss” Geisel was raised a Lutheran.

  31. Koen February 14, 2014 @ 12:12 am

    Many gays are interlocked with the left-wing political agenda, which actually is Judaic fascism.

    The many million victims of Communism (sovjet union: 66 million people murdered and the rest misused as slaves, China: same story), were all victims of the fascist tendencies of Judaism.

    Communism was invented by Jews and carried out by Jews. The many millions of African slaves were also victims of Judaic fascism; the majority of slave traders were Jewish.

    The Talmud falsely discriminates between Jews and non-Jews in a very vile way. In other words, this religion is not a religion, it is the most dangerous form of fascism in world history.

    Gay people identify themselves with Jews: the holocaust, illegal prosecusion of Jews (and gays) by the Christian fascists, etc …

    By interlocking with the Jewish left-wing agenda, gays show their enormous ignorance with respect to fascism and illegal prosecution of innocent people in general. Exactly the same can be said about the Afro-Americans who cooperate with their former Jewish slave masters, like gay sport professional Michael Sam.

    The Jews have lied and scammed their way to the center of power on this planet. Initially, the enemies of Jewry’s biggest enemies are friends, such as gay people, but in the end all non-Jews are the enemy.

    The artist Michael Jackson realised this at the end of his life, and he signed his own death sentence by expressing this view about Jews. I hope his courage will spread like wild fire.

  32. Reinbeek February 14, 2014 @ 1:27 am

    ‘The Talmud falsely discriminates between Jews and non-Jews in a very vile way. In other words, this religion is not a religion, it is the most dangerous form of fascism in world history.’

    This is my thought on Judaism:

    Judaism transformed a long time ago into the ultimate, godless, dangerous international, very aggressive race cult. Slinking on their road that leads to the entire planet being their possession.

    It is basically only the true church that can hunt them down.

    Judaism and Jews are the ultimate example of Godlessness and the lowness of character of the majority of the human race.

    Judaism developed from traits like godlessness (self-worship), pride, jealouzy, anger, hate, hopelessness and greed.

    The West will confront harsh times considering all those godless backward races that might become the majority, and the Jews leading politics and media.

  33. Mary February 14, 2014 @ 2:56 am

    Some examples of sports figures that have been removed by the Jews include: Marge Scott (Cincinnati Reds Owner), Charlie Ward (Football Heisman Trophy), and Tim Tebow (latest is unconfirmed just yet).

    Confirmations in the entertainment world to have been eliminated by the Jews so far are: Mel Gibson, Michael Jackson, and Charlie Sheen.

    Prior to the Jewish takeover, many athletes would praise God and Christ for their athletic accomplishments; so it is not fair to state that sports have created an atheist atmosphere.

    It appears that an enforcement to let them know to not openly practice their religious beliefs has rather been imposed, while allowing spiking the football, non sportsmanlike conduct permitted on the field in the NFL particularly, and the use of sports-enhancing performance drugs (well known, but they did not strip Barry Bonds of his achievements obviously through steroid use).

    Their only interest in sports is how popular sports are and Jews love money and they can’t stand hearing people talk about Jesus Christ.

    @Hoff and Nico

    I agree with both of you. Hoff has recognized the Jews working to attack a family-friendly culture and Nico has recognized that Americans were condemning the Soviet Union for being atheists during the highest part of the Cold War and now the roles are completely reversed.

    I would say that the attack against Christianity in the US officially began in 1958 that reached the Supreme Court where the Jews in Hyde Park wanted the word “Almighty Father” omitted from public schools and it appears that since then, American morality has been on a steady decline.

    Also part of this prayer included that each student reciting this prayer would also recite to respect their country, their teachers, and their parents. All of this was gone in America by 1963.

    If there is a Jew that is simply only questioning whether Jesus Christ was or was not the son of God, or with all of the mixed distortions given that they are not sure if he ever existed, I cannot fault that Jew.

    I would rather ask that Jew in a very kind manner to explain in full detail to me why the Jews have actually so actively worked for the past 2,000 years to destroy Christ if none of this is real.

    I don’t feel that most Jews are like this (giving them this sincere benefit of the doubt) because they are a race, not a religion.

    The Bible highly opposes homosexuality, which is what Christians (Catholics and Protestants) go by. I find this rather yet another wild attempt to infiltrate their propaganda into America’s currently #1 sport.

    Gays are the Jews’ biggest supporters right now. I know many people (Christians, of course) that have now officially made t-shirts that say “It is okay to be straight.”

    Since this topic is on a sports’ related person that I never heard of before with the Winter Olympics occurring, Russia is sitting with 10 Medals and wishing Russia the best of luck.

  34. J4 February 14, 2014 @ 9:29 am


    Have you ever covered how the Jews created social media and smart phones as a means of 1984 mass surveillance?

    The reason I mentioning is because the youth are the future of any land and all of them I meet at Church are now just totally consumed with social media and the related implements.

    They need a voice of clarity to protect and guide them from this trick, and an Orthodox believer like you serves as a good example of faith and discernment.

    Blessings to you,


  35. Karen February 14, 2014 @ 10:34 am

    “Asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity.”

    Basically they’re saying that Jews are obscene.

    Traditionally Gentiles glorified their Gentility by glorifying beauty.

  36. Stein February 14, 2014 @ 12:49 pm

    Sorry to say, but this is the weak spot of Nathanael’s mission.

    Imagine if all gays were gone tomorrow, how would your lives be? I reckon you to be heterosexuals who do not socialize with gays anyway, so the light difference would be some sitcom that you didn’t have to zap over. But the family politics would still be unsolved.

    We live in a society which entraps us by debt and does provide fewer opportunities to become economic solid and thereby to make families.

    This matters to all Whites, others don’t care, but Whites avoid creating families if they have an unstable economy. This I know for sure as I know plenty of artists. They wouldn’t dare to include others in their strainful life.

    And then there is the war between the genders. Feminism still has the major rights with regards to the children, and usually they benefit from divorce. These problems and others which occurs to those who want to create families must be given priority!

    Gays do not create so many children and that is one of the reasons for objecting them.

    I have realized its a Middle East disease. “We must create much more people to survive as a culture and race, because we are always warring against everyone. Therefore, do we have to force even those who have other missions to conform to this instinct?”

    I say, do you really want to force dykes into the nursery? Do you want to force gays back in the closet and watch how many are becoming unknowingly married to one? What about instead going straight to the big task of reestablishing the good conditions for family life?

    Also, it is not just Jews who do gay campaigns. Whites have done so a long time now, because they want to live a decent life unharmed by the shame and vilification earlier generations faced.

    Do not forget that the great bait of the Jews have always been freedom. Liberalism, the longest standing political fraud is but illiberal-ism and it creates just new needs for freedom, which is refreshed by Marxism, objectivism, libertarianism.

    And after all this Jewish freedom, we finally see the prison planet come through as NWO. We have to take back our freedom, by developing ideologies which hits the ambitions it says it aims at. If the Jews cannot use freedom as a bait, they will have to use lesser potent means. They will become vulnerable.

    Today, we see the media as using gayness for what it is worth during the Olympics in Sochi. It is so transparent.

    It is nothing but a hate campaign against Putin who has dared to say loud that he believes in a two polar world, (as opposed to the single pole world of NWO). These suckers care not for gay rights, they care for holding and controlling the greater weapon of human rights of which gay rights are a part.

    And they are now running short of moral ammunition. For their actions are different. By human rights do they throw your human rights to those that do not want to have it, Muslims and others who never will learn what we have created through millennium, and make them come here and replace your genetic wonder.

    Don’t focus on distractions. You of all should be focusing on family and its conditions.

  37. tom dean February 14, 2014 @ 3:51 pm

    Thanks for the hits that keep on coming, Brother N:

    Michael Sam and the Jews are both using each other…

    The Jews are using Sam to promote their gay agenda and lifestyle, and Sam is using the Jews to get better opportunities outside of football since he can’t play.

  38. Yankee Goy February 14, 2014 @ 4:37 pm

    So, the Talmudic end game ultimate prize is total ethnic cleansing of White Christian goyim, again…

    http: //

    And WE are funding our own oppression, since our taxes pay the FED debt, which funds Israel, which bribes/threatens/owns the occupation US government politicians.

    Who then design policy to whittle down, abuse, use, kill off, the target of ethnic cleansing (White Christians) here and abroad, often using proxy “barbarians” (angry Blacks, Muslims) to do their cowardly dirty work against whites.

    Bibi wants our soldiers coming back in body bags to fight Iran/WWIII for their Jewish Moschiach (youtube video of Rebbe Schneerson pressuring Bibi to do something to make Moschiach come sooner).

    All of these “little battlefronts,” like a gay NFL player, add up to a large amount of distraction and misdirection and energy waste away from the ultimate prize.

    To Blacks: As Louis Farrakhan lectures, the Jews owned about all of the slave ships, running them out of New Hampshire in the triangle (molasses for rum for slaves) trade to Zanzibar. Then the Jews have their Spielberg et al movie producers make movies to blame White Christians.

    The Jews are laughing at Blacks as their “predictable barbarians” against Whites.

  39. Taylor February 14, 2014 @ 6:41 pm

    @Yankee Goy

    “To Blacks: As Louis Farrakhan lectures,…”

    Farrakhan understands the ins and outs of Jewry’s treachery and game-plan quite well.

    Unfortunately, he does not advocate constructive policies and actions to combat this perfidy, as has been the case consistently (especially recently) via +BN.

  40. zane_al February 14, 2014 @ 8:01 pm

    I am amazed sometimes at the simplicity that we attach to the relationship between the Jews and Whites.

    A very small percentage of Whites realized what the Jews are up to, while the rest will defend the Jews at the drop of a hat.

    You can do you own experiment with your colleagues, relatives, acquaintances, etc. See where it will get you.

    The truth is that many Whites are attached to the Jews like Siamese twins. It will take more than a crowbar to split them. It will take a major operation performed by Jesus. But even he won’t save them all, a vast majority will be destroyed.

    So if you’re concerned about the Whites, spread the message like what Bro Nat is doing. You have to convince them the evil of the Jews. Other issues pertaining to Blacks, Muslims, etc are just a distraction or inherent.

    Remember, in a Siamese twin, if you kill one you will kill the other, so you have to split them first.

  41. Seek The Truth February 14, 2014 @ 9:07 pm

    Yes, the Jews have been busy little bees or should I say cockroaches.

    A Jew once told me that “Jews are like cockroaches.” “They just keep coming back. Hitler tried to kill them and failed.”

    Some of the methods being used to destroy Christianity are endless fighting between Christians and Muslims using the 911 inside job carried out by Jews as the main propaganda tool.

    Then endless depravity and vice including the promotion of homosexuality as better than heterosexual marriage, keeping Christians down with outsourced jobs to the two fat cows, India and China.

    Then there is race mixing in which Africans are encouraged to shack up with White Christian girls and White Christian girls are encouraged to shack up with Africans as “slavery reparations” which means blaming White Christians for what the Jews did to Africans and what the Africans did to themselves.

  42. William February 14, 2014 @ 9:12 pm

    The Canadian News stations (BELL/CBC) are one proud in-your-face Satanist run organization.

    Selling.. forcing ‘bread and circuses’ type junk most of the time. Now it’s hard to tell if I’m watching FOX, CNN or CTV.

    Canada’s news stations have gone so American these days that people can hardly watch them anymore or just go to the net for information. They are so arrogant, especially Toronto people.

    The thing is, most of the people don’t want anything to do with what the msm declares as; “all the news we need.” So that pile of stinking garbage they keep trying to sell only ends up being redirected to their own backyard and to themselves.

    This all-fangled church of the msm angrily told viewers many years back it’s stations and employees would begin plastering/wearing violet in it’s strong support for the gay/lesbian cause and that resistance would be useless.

    The long coat strong-armed gay gestapo has been selling nothing but bogus wars and hiding what should be the more important issues to thinking minds.

    They happily partook in the slaughtering of children in the Mid-East while their lies continue to destroy families around the world.

    And for what? So some Zionist cult modern day corporate Jews can try to build an even greater protective wall around itself made from bogus issues they magically create out of thin air. This house won’t stand.

    Especially one made from manure.

    What I really hate is that it is our taxes paying for all this stupid propaganda. Canadians are paying for the million dollar lawsuits against these corporate giants who get-off saying straight to our faces they in the media-mafia are “winning.”

    No news anchors here show any kind of remorse for their major part of this dark death and destruction they’ve been selling.

    In fact, they can become quite hostile when defending gays, but ignore the increase of suicide in troubled heterosexual families.

    To me, they have declared war against God and every Christian just as they did the Muslims after 911.

  43. Mary February 14, 2014 @ 9:44 pm

    @Yankee Goy

    In reading between the lines, I think I’ve found some sort of connection in all of these countless wars. Israel and Satanyahu want Syria and Iran to fall to their knees. The question I had to ask myself was: why?

    Syria and Iran help arm Hezbollah. This is in Lebanon. This is supposedly where one of the Temples of Solomon once stood and they are ultimately going after Lebanon.

    Russia stands in the way and Russia is a major target. Russia (very traditional Orthodox Christian again) respects all religions, although they obviously love their own.

    I believe +BN has already covered the topic that they should not rebuild the temple and this explains why the temple has not been rebuilt yet … they still haven’t reached their destination.

  44. reinbeek February 14, 2014 @ 10:33 pm

    The aggresive red ant walking on the skin of a human body will bite.

    An entire nest of red ants confronting a paralyzed human body will kill the human. There is no question or arguing.

    Jews being insects… It is true for many other godless cultures as well.

    Mix godless, amoral multi-cultural race cults with White, Christian culture and you get gay propaganda, black mobs robbing stores and beating promising White students to death, Jewish police spying on Whites, etc, etc.

    They would surely understand when we would wipe them of the map. That is a kind of language they do understand.

  45. B February 14, 2014 @ 10:46 pm

    People should know that just prior to the year of 1933, when Germany came under National Socialist control, Germany then had a great increase in homosexuality and in homosexual propaganda.

    Also people should realize that there may be other reasons, than just “hate for Christianity,” that a very selfish world wide organization that desires to control the world totally for it’s own selfish gains by deception, would seek an increase of worldwide homosexuality and in homosexual propaganda.

    The immorality of homosexuals in general, and in particular homosexuals in high government positions ( such as John Edgar Hoover ) may possibly cause this type of fantasy sensual person to be more easily controlled and influenced in many different clandestine ways, and to do very terrible things by control from someone else, that a normal person would not be as easily influenced to ever do.

  46. Yankee Goy February 14, 2014 @ 11:17 pm

    @Seek The Truth

    Many White Christians think of Jews as humble self-deprecating ethnically interesting White people with big noses. NOT!


    I’ve read they’re already training legions of creepy high-end uber psycho temple Cohenim rabbis who will do, shall we say, “unspeakable rituals” on Goyim.

    Their Jew World Order entails ethnic cleansing of all Goyim, especially Christians, with enough left over as slaves (500 million per their Georgia Guidestones), and serious rituals at their temples, with a capital in Jerusalem.

    The rituals are meant to psychologically reassert their supremacism over the Goy and some feel that without them there will be dire consequences. These fudgenuts live amongst us, drive cars, attain status positions, pretend to be semi-normal, but are anything but.

    To crawl into their psychotic gray matter to determine how they would get Goy down to 500 million population, their track record is always cowardly proxy-wars, creating in-fighting and sitting back and playing that whiny-victim role and profiting off both sides.

    On top of that, I think they’d likely pull off a major EMP/biowarfare move and crawl into some kahilah-planned hidey hole until it was safe and most of the bodies had decomposed, emerge and have some level two plan to get the residual excess Goyim; they’re experts at starvations and gulags.

    The Muslims know that the Jews want them completely destroyed, they have an acute awareness of this too. The Schwartzas (Blacks), will go down too, but first they’ll be used as proxy tools.

    Look at what the Jews did with the FED; they ran up this $17 Trillion b.s. compounded interest “debt” for printing debt notes out of thin air, then the SOLD the debt to China, which they must have negotiated with to exchange the b.s. debt for real assets, homes, land, resources in the US, to literally physically evict White Christian Goyim from their own homeland.

    My city when I grew up there was all White, had maybe 1 Black family…so I have been going to Costco for the past 10 years and now recently I am definitely the minority amongst Chinese-speaking Chinese and East Indians, my light hair seemed to stand out as “absurd,” there are no Blacks.

    It’s just a huge demographic change I’ve noticed, and these “fresh off the boat” people have money to spend. I read that Chinese are buying up houses, like $400K + all cash. Something big is going on right under our noses with this debt conversion too. It’s big, sudden and probably very bad.

  47. reinbeek February 15, 2014 @ 12:26 am

    Is it so difficult now a days for Whites to dare to say out loud what most of them want?

    America for Whites. Europe for Whites? The political options for fighting Jewry’s conquest of the world are decreasing.

  48. William G. February 15, 2014 @ 12:34 am

    All that truth and a sense of humor to boot.. Nobody lays it down like brother Nate..

  49. Preterist1951 February 15, 2014 @ 10:03 am

    William (from Canada):

    Your statement about Canadian msm’s “stations and employees would begin plastering/wearing violet in it’s strong support for the gay/lesbian cause and that resistance would be useless” caught my eye.

    I have relatives in Canada who appear to buy into Canada’s msm propaganda and are basically unaware of what’s really going on.

    I noticed that after Obama was elected, Obama, mostly ALL of our Congress”men” (both Republicans and Democrats) and our msm nightly news”men” amongst many others began wearing PURPLE TIES.

    I noticed it and believed it was them sending the message of “compromise” between the two parties. If you mix the color red (Republican) with blue (Democrat) you get purple (or in your case violet).

    There was talk after Obama was elected of “compromise”… Boehner spoke of it. I know it’s all a front and that both parties are owned by the Jews…..

    That was my interpretation of the PURPLE TIES and I tried telling that to my brainwashed family and they of course laughed.

    But your pointing out what’s going on in Canada with the color violet connected with the sodomites is probably what is going on here in the jewnitedstatesofamerica…

    Five years later and they’re still wearing PURPLE TIES.

  50. Mary February 15, 2014 @ 10:33 am

    @Yankee Goy

    In regards to depopulation, I’d recommend reading about the fall of Rome. If they want to depopulate this earth, I think it will ease your mind after you finish reading all of that. It ends with all of the politicians murdering each other and everything goes back to the people (455-476).

    When I was a kid and even up through high school, it was 90% White and 10% Black. No Black people were ever mistreated and I am still friends with them to this day, as well as all of the White people.

    All of these Mexicans have entered where I live (I don’t live in the Southwest fortunately … I feel so bad for California right now on this issue) and if a person tries to talk back to one Mexican, you will literally be driving in your car with 10 Mexicans stacked up in a car behind you following you until you find a way to get rid of them. It’s that bad.

    White women sometimes get lost and when they are drunk and see a White person, they automatically shout “Thank God, an American. You have saved me.”

    Everything Californians state about Mexicans and their lies about how hard they supposedly work are completely true and they are under conditions far worse than the North/South split.

    I am aware of the 1,300 year old sedimentary rock that the Jews plan on destroying for their temple in Jerusalem. Then they plan to make Jerusalem the capital of the world once they do that, as they believe that this rock was the origin of where God created the Earth.

    The ordeal with China was an exchange of IOUs and there are only 12% imports in the US. I have no reason to believe that the Chinese are after me, but they very well could be after other people. If you feel you are in danger because other people are insane, get out of there. Run!

  51. Em February 15, 2014 @ 12:49 pm

    @Reinbeek and @Mary

    You both are spot on with your comments.

  52. Justin February 15, 2014 @ 2:02 pm

    Michael Sam, just another example of the Jews hatred of all other races, by promoting the sin of sodomy, as their media does on a daily basis in fallen Amerika.

    Be not deceived God is not mocked what the Jew sows he shall reap, in his case eternal damnation for the crime of deicide and unrepentance for all other genocides and destruction of morality and order.

  53. Hoff February 15, 2014 @ 4:25 pm

    ‘How The White Man Was Jewed’ For Dummies:

  54. Tosh February 15, 2014 @ 10:46 pm

    I think this promo homo is a divide and rule strategy to promote multiculti (which is the most important issue for Jews: destroy the White voting block that can oppose their control) by confusing and demoralising the people.

    This homo thing is thrown into the pot with immigration and discrimination as a way of breaking the spirit of those who might object by confusing them. The obsessive promotion of women into power positions is the same game.

    The MSM then moves from one issue to another back and forth, back and forth between new moons and full moons (emotional extremes) eventually exhausting opposition, propagandizing division, until people throw up their hands and turn away, weary with anger & confusion.

    Meanwhile drones become mainstream to ‘police’ the milling masses and target deserters with all sorts of evil techno devices.

  55. Em February 16, 2014 @ 7:00 pm

    Today the actress from the movie Juni came out as gay, she is 26 years old.

    It seems to me that since THE Olympics in Russia, gays are coming out DAILY. It is like some kind of plague, it is not even promoting it as usual.

    People are bombarded 24/7, and all of this is happening like some kind of celebration. Hollywood stars are giving them best wishes, like if you come out, you matter or are considered a celebrity. I have never heard About this Sam person, and the Juno actress is a has-been for years.

    Would it all be a kind of plot, or at least an incentive for youth to declare they are gay? Since gays are given the treatment like they are the most important, special, awesome, “kind” of people at this moment. One must wonder…..

  56. William February 17, 2014 @ 1:03 am


    I also have a few relatives that are caught up in the satanist gay-god propaganda. I have been able to convince members of my immediate family not to fall for it all.

    I almost fell into the trap of homosexuality when I was just a child, but the demons would not be able to trick me for God made the connections with the right people and events that would open my eyes.

    Two day’s ago a Bell employee came to our door and asked me if we would like to try the new fibeye.

    Right away I asked him how he got into the building? No reply. He just drew a big circle around our address that I could see was written on a list, quickly wrote something and gave me a sneer. I told him, “have a nice day.”

  57. Phil UK February 17, 2014 @ 6:27 am

    Not that anyone needs convincing around here that the Jew tribe are the sons and daughters of filth, who wear the weight of their grevious abominations and whorings upon their miserable countenance and generally degraded moral demeanor.

    And let them never forget: THEY murdered Christ.

    Anyway. I was over checking out Dr David Duke’s site and stumbled upon his (or one of his minions) comments on this nugget from Haaretz :

    ‘Dirty Jews’ and the Christian right

    Unfortunately (or rather, conveniently?), the ‘story’ is behind a pay wall, but Dr Duke comments on it aren’t; worth a look?

    According to Haaretz newspaper in Israel, Jews in the “entertainment” industry are deliberately trying to destroy America’s “family-friendly culture” by being as obscene as possible — an act which also allows them to “assert their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity.”

    Yep, tell us about it…

  58. Curtis February 17, 2014 @ 2:47 pm

    It is obvious what group is their real target.

    They are not pushing for Jews or Moslems or any other group to accept and approve the homosexual lifestyle. It is Christianity that is seen as the enemy in their eyes.

    If Maher and Stewart approve so much, why don’t they engage in it instead of saying they’re comfortable in their sexuality? On some level the Left does look down on gays. Silverman used the term “tea baggers” in her attacks on tea party members and Alex Baldwin was fired from MSNBC for using an “anti-gay slur.”

    They mislabel their opponents as well. Homophobe is just like Anti-Semite. I would not call anyone who speaks out against the gay lifestyle and agenda someone who fears it. This tactic removes any honest discussion of the issue.

  59. Mary February 19, 2014 @ 5:05 pm


    I see your point on the purple ties, but I wouldn’t be too overly concerned about it until the day comes when the Democrats and Republicans are both wearing “rainbow” colored ties.

  60. steve2 May 12, 2014 @ 12:34 pm

    Howard Bragman is head of Fifteen Minutes, A PR company. Some of his clients are Ford and AT&T.

    You can find the names of his other clients on the website. If you don’t like how he’s pushing Michael Sam and the Gay agenda, you can boycott his firm and clients.

    Here’s the link:

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