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Why Jews Push Homosexual Depravity

America In Decline Articles, Jews Push Perversion

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Why Jews Push Homosexual Depravity
By Brother Nathanael Kapner January 30, 2014 ©

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JEWRY’S MUSIC ELITE united together in their slavish promotion of “marriage equality” for this year’s Grammy Awards.

“Marriage equality” is Jew-run Hollywood’s new term for pushing homosexual sex.

Grammy’s Jew producer, Ken Ehrlich, hyped this year’s depravity fest with “All things are possible on the Grammys. It’s what we do, one of the trademarks of this show.”

All things are indeed possible when it comes to promoting degenerate lifestyles and occult sorcery in the name of ‘entertainment’ when amoral Jews like Ehrlich are at the helm.

Perversion and demon worship is good business for Jews!

Last Sunday’s jewbilee was highlighted by homosexual couples exchanging ‘marriage’ vows before millions of viewers.

The stage was set neon church style while Macklemore & Lewis belched out “Same Love” which is known as the ‘gay rights anthem.’

Jew producer Ehrlich, noted by the Jew York Times for orchestrating every detail of the Grammys, also barfed up an occult performance for singer Katy Perry.

Jews control all sides of these parades of degenerate filth which they promote.

It’s a ‘Judaica Carney Show’ designed to defile Christianity and promote Jewry’s father (as Christ affirmed) the devil.

And THAT’S why Jews PUSH homosexual depravity.

At least one Christian in the audience rejected Jewry’s nation-wrecking filth.

Christian singer Natalie Grant walked out of the Grammys knowing she was witnessing a celebration of perversion and satanic ritual.

“We left the Grammy’s early, said Natalie. “I’ve many thoughts, most of which are better left inside my head.”

No Natalie, those thoughts instead should be stated boldly if you really have faith in Christ as you claim.

DO YOU THINK Jews will be content to tone down their nation-wrecking agenda?

With each passing day they dig deeper into new depths of evil. They’ve been allowed to come way too far to stop now. It’s not in a Jew’s obsessive nature to be able to stop.

Productions of ritual sacrifice, bizarre sex acts, bestiality, and pederasty are on Jewry’s agenda. Even now, Jew-owned NBC is about to launch a follow-up to its homosexual “The New Normal” with Jew-writer Liz Feldman’s lesbian show, “One Big Happy.”

Once God’s law is scorned to embrace homosexuality, all devilish options are on the table.

But Christ will not be mocked and judgment comes to any country that sells out their last shreds of morality and decency at the altar of Jew-produced filth.

If the JEWS are NOT STOPPED NOW then America is toast.


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Brother Nathanael @ January 30, 2014


  1. Brother Nathanael January 30, 2014 @ 10:18 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    The Anti-Christ, PERVERT-LOVING JEWS have DESTROYED this hapless JEW-INFESTED country.

    Americans need to WAKE UP and put an end to JEW DESTRUCTION NOW or America is TOAST.

    I am FIGHTING a WAR and I don’t mince words for “lovey dovey” evangelical ‘christians.’

    If these JEW-LOVING ‘christians’ DON’t WAKE UP and STOP worshiping sleaze ball JEWS, then their children will all become QUEERS, LESBIANS, and FAGS.

    You see, I am an Orthodox Christian and WE Orthodox Christians are not “lovey-dovey’ evangelical zio-christian types. We Do NOT mince words.

    St Paul called Jew DOGS. The Lord Jesus Christ called Jews, SONS OF THE DEVIL.

    I call Jews WICKED. And I call zio-christians IDIOTS and JEW-WORSHIPERS.

    Now, if we DON’T tell it LIKE IT IS and call out the JEWS and their zio christian enablers THEN as I said in the Article, America IS toast!
    Please Help Me TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS.

    I Name the Names. I Show the faces of SLEZE-BALL Jews.

    Now I NEED your FINANCIAL help to continue.

    Mark Weber of IHR is not a Jew but he (rightly) ALWAYS asks for money.

    I ask for money and wretches call me a “jew.”

    Well here are the facts.

    Last week, I received an email from a long-standing benefactor whose substantial funding has been going for my rent and living expenses.

    He informed me that he was no longer going to help me.

    This was a HUGE BLOW. I’m at my wit’s end in total “survival” mode.

    Not only do I now have to worry about staying online…NOW I have to worry about KEEPING A ROOF over my head.

    I called many asking for help. The door was slammed in my face.

    Please help!

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    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  2. Brother Nathanael January 30, 2014 @ 10:20 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael January 30, 2014 @ 10:20 pm

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  4. Brother Nathanael January 30, 2014 @ 10:21 pm

    My NEW Vid about ending the Fed is coming soon.

    An anonymous donor is funding it.

    It looks like it won’t be up until this weekend as my Videographer is still very sick with a high fever and flu.

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  5. The Fathers Initiative January 30, 2014 @ 10:37 pm

    This might seem unrelated; but General Mills (and “Cheerios” brand cereal) has launched a campaign for racial mixing.

    And, oddly enough, they’re also promoting trans-racial adoption.

  6. Nico January 31, 2014 @ 12:34 am


    Brilliant reporting, another superb piece!

    And like the Bibilical Bartholomew, you truly are an Israelite in whom there is no guile. We Christians need thousands, even ten thousands more just like you.

    Over several weeks I’ve been following your videos with much enthusiasm and vigor. I must say that you were right from the get-go: the Jew psyche, which for the most part a result of a debased mind, is obsessed with only one thing: CONSUMPTION.

    And that consumption is not the kind that builds or increases a nation’s GDP. Nay, better expressed in an equation. CONSUMPTION = ENTERTAINMENT. No wonder this nation and much of the world is drunk with the blood of the saints. Especially our youth.

    Our young people are lost. No one cares for their souls. And why would anyone else care? No one has neither the time or the inclination. A prime example is the parents. Instead of leading their kids to Christ, they and society in general worldwide are all too consumed with SELF. That scenario does not bode well for neither group’s future prospects.

    Now the controlling Jews have an easy time leading the sheep to slaughter. And why not? The killing ground conditions are, well, perfect especially with that homo in the WH paving the way for even more perverse conditions.

    If it wasn’t for your brave efforts, no one would be the wiser. Don’t stand down. And you’re not alone. More of us now will enter the breach. Victory is still possible.

    As for the Jews, their only hope is Salvation in Jesus Christ. Some will repent and convert.

  7. Phil UK January 31, 2014 @ 12:53 am

    “There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.”

    “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

    Given such succinct Commandments how is it that the biggest fags and jammers and rammers of fag filth in all its guises are the apparently pious (and apostate) Jew?

    Got some faggery, any faggery, and you’ll find a Jew at the forefront banging the drum and undoubtably the bodily waste pipe of some unfortunate soul (probably quite literally) roped into their sick delusions. And not forgetting their hordes of cheerleaders.

    “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

    Spiritual or bodily death?

    Luckily we know its soul destroying poison, but we must pity the poor souls who have fallen for their depraved human rights and equality (what with, groaning brute beasts and masturbating apes? Though God and Christ DO love His blessed creatures, bless um.) speil.

    Well there’s a bright side, I know bear with me, what did our blessed Christ say?

    “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.

    “Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.”

    The more faggery the better if it hastens our Lord being revealed in all His Glory, to judge righteously on behalf of the orphans, the poor, needy and the infirm and to shame the evildoers.

    Let them run to their idols on that fateful day, let them hide in the clefts in the rocks begging the mountains to fall on them and hide them from the face of Him upon His throne and the wrath of the Lamb!

    But they won’t be able to hide or resist, our Heavenly Father knows all their secret places and who or what can hope to stand against the wrath of an angy God?

    “Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them, Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.” “… if it were not so, I would have told you. …”

    Oh but being just a ‘normal Joe’, this whole filth thing makes me sick…

  8. Wayne Pacific January 31, 2014 @ 12:55 am

    Homosexuality is obviously degenerate.

    At no time in human history, as far as I know, on the planet has there been “gay” marriage. Duh, that should tell us something.

  9. Brother Nathanael January 31, 2014 @ 1:00 am

    I just added this to the Article above:

    “Once God’s law is scorned to embrace homosexuality, all devilish options are on the table.”

  10. Kalif January 31, 2014 @ 1:09 am

    Corrupt a peson sexually and you have corrupted the person thoroughly.

  11. Brother Nathanael January 31, 2014 @ 1:29 am

    Did you see this?

    “Jews Go Home!” … Jews Leave! France Is Not For You!”

    This is the BEST news that’s come down the pike in a LONG time.



    The 17,000 protesters were made up of mostly French youth with many traditional Catholics and Dieudonne supporters.

    JEWS in France with their powerful MONIED Lobbies push homosexuality, abortions, same-sex marriage and censorship of free speech brought to the fore in their Jew-persecution of French comedian Diudonne.

    Once you see a protest march in DC of the same import: “Jews Leave! America Is Not For You!” then you’ll know that our Jew-caused misfortunes will soon be over. +BN

  12. $10 Bagel January 31, 2014 @ 2:24 am

    The Grammys have become known for pushing “degenerate lifestyles and occult sorcery” every year. And that’s the most accurate description I’ve heard so far of this so called entertainment.

    Who can forget the 2012 Nicki Minaj Grammy ritual?

    I actually watched this whole thing. The quality of what these people consider music was awful, and I’m no prude.

    I didn’t know that there was going to be 34 homosexual/interracial marriages during the show and I was completely sickened by it.

    The Jews were shoving it in our face saying, “The homosexuality debate is over and we won!”

    Now anyone that disagrees with homosexuality whether it be on religious or racial grounds is considered to be “hateful”. It’s becoming almost illegal or at least the Jews want to make it that way.

    I’m glad Br. Nathanael isn’t afraid to say, “QUEERS, LESBIANS, and FAGS.” I use these terms also not because I’m a hater, but because I’m sick of Jews telling me what is offensive.

    There is nothing more offensive to me than Jewish behavior.

  13. TimW January 31, 2014 @ 2:53 am

    God is long-suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to a knowledge of the truth.

    Thus, His hand is restrained from Judgement. There are some who presently advocate this satanic jew-promoted deviltry, who will come to the Truth, and be mortified and ashamed at their previous total blindness and participation in the activities of evil spirits.

    For these, there is yet time; though time is short.

    I like to think of the present times as being like a house with a mouse problem. The only way to catch the mice out in the open is to allow them all to come out of their holes to play; at that point, the cats are released.

    There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Incidentally, I am interested in the verbal response of the “Christian Singer” Natalie Grant to these goings-on. The Scripture comes to mind, “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.”

    Because if you don’t, your heart will be darkened, and permanently.

  14. David S. January 31, 2014 @ 3:08 am

    It is amazing to me how God works over historical time.

    I only recently let go of my tightly held myth of the righteous Jewish people. These are out the direct lineage of the faithful ones of the pre-Christian, Old Testament Jews.

    Those recognized Christ and became the early Christian Church. I recognized this hard reality that my well-intentioned sympathies were being played as are those of the deluded Evangelicals.

    God’s turning people over to depravity, whether an individual or a race, is his sovereign act of love for a free being that has obstinately gone too far with his gift of free will.

    We all need to be reminded of this since our hearts tend toward sin, error and frailty.

    God is letting the fruits of the Talmudic Jewish rejection and hatred of Christ mature and ripen. It is not that Christians have been persecuting Jews in America. No, everything that is happening in the form of Jewish self-degradation is being done by their own free hand.

    Sadly, they threaten to drag a nation and world into the sewer drain with them. People will see that there was no rampant “anti-Semitism” in America. Far from it! What is happening is what natural law governed by divine law demands must happen as a consequence of self-indulging in sin: calamity on person all and global scales at once.

    God forgive us and help us repent! Christians MUST quit being the fools caring only of ease and the comforts of cowardice and vice, and Talmudists must do what God demanded of the real Chosen People: accept Christ.

    Let’s All do what we can to help Bro. Nathanael — many are in hard times I know only too well. Do whatever you can and ask your friends to help too.

  15. nz January 31, 2014 @ 5:51 am

    Have Jewish prime minister here in New Zealand too, “Mr John Keys” has normalised same-sex relationship.

    He also wants to change the New Zealand flag — remove Union Jack and Southern Cross. We’re going to have silver fern.

    Oh yes, he will sign the T.P.T.A too.

    BN – Don’t be afraid for your self or your needs. Keep revealing the truth brokers. You should know angels are real by now.

    You need to go after Assange soon.

  16. Berserker January 31, 2014 @ 6:50 am

    I love Brother Nathaniel’s informative articles.

    I wish more would digest the information and stop feeding the beast.

    I have nothing to do with pop culture, pro sports, Hollywood, etc. My children/wife hate hearing about the Jews, or their worldwide socialist DEMOCRATIC revolution continues on due THAT attitude in people.

    The world is being herded by UN ( a Jewish construct) along with IsrAhell into WW3 one way or another.

  17. VVV January 31, 2014 @ 7:34 am

    France was utterly destroyed by the Jews’ Masonic Jacobin Illuminati French Revolution. It has never since recovered.

    Ironically, despite a very few Zio-stooges acting as thug mercs in the M.E., it is the MUSLIMS who really comprehend the fake Jews and their satanic agenda.

    A few thousand thugs out of 1.2 billion have painted Islam as total animals. Why the bad PR? THEY are onto the Jews, big time, and always have been. BTW, Jews who call Christ the ‘son of a whore’ are wholly condemned by Muslims who venerate Jesus as a sacred prophet (along with the Virgin Mary).

    Our biggest enemies are not the Khazars however, it is their enablers and worshippers like John Haggee etc who have given untrammeled power to this despicable Beast

  18. VVV January 31, 2014 @ 7:36 am

    Feb 1, German group called LEVO, will mark IMBOLC by declaring the right to beastiality ‘sexual preferences’.

    Where are our Christian Televangelists?

  19. Steven January 31, 2014 @ 7:42 am

    If the JEWS are NOT STOPPED NOW then America is toast.

    If the JEWS are NOT STOPPED NOW then the nations are toast.

  20. The Elder of Zyklon-B January 31, 2014 @ 8:35 am

    This is an outstanding and concise current review of just one of the reasons why Henriech von Treitschke, the Professor of History at the University of Berlin coined the phrase, “Die Juden sind unser unglück.” “The Jews are our misfortune.”

    Why can’t Americans see this?

    This weekend we be one prime example of why they can’t.

    Superbowl Sunday has become one completely Jew-owned and produced circus which has unfortunately become a national obsession. This event borders on a civil “holiday” of gluttony, excessive drinking, gambling, and unending Jewish commercialism.

    The now gullible American public were once mostly White European Christians and much more aware of the danger of International Jewry’s degenerate nation wrecking ways.

    The Jewish subversion and monopolistic takeover of the entertainment industry has allowed hideously ugly Jews like Ken Ehrlich to “orchestrate” one decadent production after another, which over decades has debased our sense of traditional morality.

    After years of yucking it up in front of the electronic synagogue and movie theater, Americans have become accustomed to the mass debauchery of homosexuality, homo-marriage, hyper-sexualization, and heavy Jewish promotion of miscegenation.

    America can not, and will not survive this depraved Talmudic agenda. This recent article by Brother Nathanael serves as a warning to those who have become far too comfortable here in what is now Jewmerica.

    Continue to condone and be “entertained” by this Talmudic filth, and you and your children will suffer utter slavery, persecution, ritual sacrifice, and starvation under a Jewish scripted Marxist system of communistic Hell on earth.

    Take advantage of these timely warnings of Brother Nathanael and others who bravely defy Jewry.

    Unplug the Talmudvision, warn anyone who will listen to you, turn to Christ Our Holy Savior, and yes, prepare to FIGHT.

    If someone asks you what Jesus would do, tell them that turning over tables and chasing Jews with whips is not out of the question.

    Christ was a real mensch who took on Talmudic Jewry and showed us the way.

    If you are not prepared to fight this filth, then you are not worthy of survival and deserve the psychopathic hell headed your way like a “dark horse.”

  21. Brother Nathanael January 31, 2014 @ 9:30 am

    @$10 Bagel

    You wrote: “I’m glad Br. Nathanael isn’t afraid to say, QUEERS, LESBIANS, and FAGS. I use these terms also not because I’m a hater, but because I’m sick of Jews telling me what is offensive.”

    You see, I am an Orthodox Christian and a monastic and WE do NOT mince words to pleeze lovey-dovey, pietistic ‘christians.’

    The Orthodox Church teaches TRUE Spirituality which is LOVE for Christ and obedience to His commandments YET not being afraid to simply TELL IT LIKE IT IS in plain language.

    Christ NEVER said we are to tone down our rebukes of evil doers like the miserable PERVERT-LOVING Jews. NEVER.

    Christ WARNED us of being “lukewarm.” HOT WORDS prove we are true defenders of His honor before those who crucified Him.

    I’m NOT only SICK of Jews like the FAT WRETCH Abe Foxman (who drafted the “hate legislation” passed by the JEW-OWNED Congress) telling me what’s offensive BUT faux ‘christians’ TELLING me that “oh, you are not being Christ-like for speaking like that.”

    NO WAY. St Paul when rebuking JEWS for insisting on circumcision for salvation said he wished their private parts were MUTILATED. He called Jews DOGS. Christ called Jews, of their father THE DEVIL.

    And Christ HIMSELF and St Paul weren’t being “Christ-like?” What a joke.

    The young man Ash who I called an IDIOT for claiming that al-Sisi was a “Jew”… a LIE spread by the Muslim Brotherhood and picked up by on-schlock “illumintati-exposing” websites…GOT THE MESSAGE and apologized to me.

    When St Peter said BLUNTLY to the Jews on Pentecost, “YOU CRUCIFIED the Lord” they were “pricked to the heart” and answered, “What shall we do to be saved?”

    BLUNT words CUT right to the heart. I love CUTTING TO THE CORE!

    The WICKED, Christ-Hating, MISERABLE Jews MUST be STOPPED NOW or America is toast.

    I’m at war. And soldiers on the front line AIM TO KILL!

    Help Me Fight!

    To Donate Via PayPal CLICK:

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    TO: The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Personal Needs: (Rent, food, utilities, necessities etc)

    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

  22. Grif January 31, 2014 @ 10:26 am

    The Jews push Homosexual deviancy to limit White Gentile Populations, while at the same time collecting more money from deviants in Marriage Taxes as well as mocking for lord Jesus Christ.

    They are guilty of genocide against Gentiles because of their undeclared mercenary war against us. This consists of excessive agendas to push Birth Control, Abortion, deviant relationships, brainwash of our youth and the evisceration of the faith of Western Christianity.

    They have the mark of Satan in their eyes, looks and actions.

    They do not accept remorse for their material lives on earth, because they do not believe in God but instead their vile race. This means they will burn in hell for their crimes, end of story.

  23. Mary January 31, 2014 @ 12:29 pm


    Now you’re starting to sound like a German for sure. Bravo!

    There were so many German-Americans running around 2 years before 9/11 saying that if the Jews were not stopped, we were going to get attacked and … well … then the Jews did 9/11. But some Americans love these people.

    It does state that few will be saved, but the Jews seem to think it’s only them. There are so many Jew-loving Christians.

    St. Paul was clearly anti-Judaism and the founder of our Christian Church with St. Peter. The Jews do not like St. Paul at all and St. Paul was stoned while teaching the news of Christ by them. The Jews even today admit that they do not like St. Paul, but they deny stoning St. Paul.

    Now it does teach people as Christians to forgive those who do not know what they do. But what about those who do know what they are doing? I prefer to leave that up to God, but even Jesus teaches us that we guard ourselves because Satan is of this world.

    The Jews are pushing for more than just homosexual depravity. They are also pushing for abortion, contraception, overpopulation, global warming (pushed for the coming of the Ice Age in 1977 and 1979 … look it up).

    I really don’t know what to say, other than “What is wrong with them?”

    No wonder Sigmund Freud and other Jews created high psychology that is twisted (Freud believed everything is tied into sexuality … almost everyone knows this). Of course us Gentiles are responsible for actual inventions as scientists (the airplane, the car, the telephone, etc.) and that was not the Jews.

    So it should be thought on in this manner. While the Jews are working in perverted mind-sets, we are actually working on bettering society. I don’t think I know anyone that wants to live in a cave without a heater in ten degree weather.

    That’s what will happen if the Gentiles are wiped out, while the Jews want to run around with this sexually perverted thought process with Freud as their leader.

    It’s more than just Satan in their eyes, Grif. They can’t sit still like a normal human being. They are always fidgeting around and exhibit similar behavioral characteristics as a criminal in jail for life. Their eyes will wander. They don’t sit still and calm for that matter. They are always paranoid and suffer from xenophobia as well.

    Being around them long enough is surely enough to drive anyone to be just as insane as they are or to the point where that person is seriously about to lose it. It’s just that simple.

    I think they push homosexual depravity because there is something very seriously wrong with their brains, along with other things. I think they like the attention, which I don’t understand at all because this is not the type of attention that a person should desire.

    Another well written article with excellent comments. I love reading what everyone is thinking and it’s very well thought out.

  24. Al Pastore January 31, 2014 @ 12:43 pm

    Bro Nat,

    You forgot to mention Beyonce and JayZee’s pornographic performance that night…”Drunk In Love.”

    The thong clad ghetto skank gyrated while singing about having liquor induced sex, “surfing” and “graining it” on his wood….and singing on his “mic.”

    Google the lyrics for “Drunk In Love.”

  25. Brother Nathanael January 31, 2014 @ 1:11 pm

    In Case You Missed It



    According to Makow Putin is an “Illuminati” and a “crypto-Jew” too. He shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

    Neither Kevin Barrett also, who is a Muslim convert, married to a Morrocan woman, apologist of Muslim Brotherhood, and “professional” conspiracy theorist.

  26. Brother Nathanael January 31, 2014 @ 3:04 pm

    In Case You Missed It


    Dear Wayne Pacific,

    As far as conditions in Sinai and Al Sisi as the chief military commander goes, +BN is entirely correct.

    Al Sisi is an Egyptian nationalist through and through, in other words, he is looking out for Egypt’s national interests first and foremost, particularly with Sinai, of which Gaza borders on.

    From this perspective, that it means that if Egypt reconfirms a peace treaty and a modus operandi of various agreements with a disagreeable neighbor because of common issues that threaten both, then that is NOT “supporting Israel.”

    Sinai is a very lawless place with organized crime, terrorists acts against Egypt as well as Israel, (just recently an oil pipeline supplying Egypt was blown up by radical Islamic terrorists), Bedouin nationalism, troubles with the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot — Hamas — ever since Sunni Hamas turned against Syria,and what not. Tourism is integral to Sinai and Egyptian economy and a major land buffer between Tel Aviv and the Suez Canal.

    If Egypt does not take control of the Sinai, then that would be just another excuse for Israhell to blow off the peace treaty and roll the IDF across Sinai to the Suez, or beyond to the Nile for “security reasons” as an occupation force which would then be almost impossible to dislodge, all in the name of ‘Greater Israel.’

    The blue stripes on the Israeli flag represent the two rivers of defining Greater Israel — “from the Nile to the Euphrates.”

    The latest to emerge in Sinai is the militant fundamentalist al-Qaeda affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, who have been terrorizing Syria, fighting with other radical Muslim groups of the Syrian “opposition” and now control a portion of Iraq trying to set up their fuedal medieval emirates, complete with putting decaptitated heads on stakes as a warning to communities they’ve taken over.

    And if you don’t think ISIS creates problems for everyone in the region, with which the Muslim Brotherhood is sympatico, just look at the YouTube brag videos by ISIS.

    “Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) have executed dozens of prisoners being held at a children’s hospital in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

    “The hospital had been used by ISIS as their headquarters until they were forced into retreat by other opposition groups.

    “In recent weeks the jihadists and more moderate brigades [of the so-called FSA] have been fighting against each other as well as against President Assad’s forces.”

    How about ISIS Takfiri thugs murdering in cold blood innocent truck drivers for “not being Sunni enough” according to ISIS’ criteria?

    As far as Al Sisi closing the Gaza tunnels, the suddenly precious Morsi did as well, a year ago February, as +BN has posted. And not only did he merely close them, he did so by filling them up with sewage, which the Gazans eventually pumped out. How insulting is that?

    You focus on smuggling going just one way into Gaza, but don’t consider the fact that Hamas, no longer a part of the ‘Axis of Resistance’ to Israhell having turncoated on al Assad, and other militant groups are smuggling arms and war material into Sinai, where ISIS is building a formidable base, particularly among some of the Sinai Bedouin tribes, who are Arabs, not Egyptians.

    You and other people complain about how all this smuggling affects the Gaza economy and Gazan employment, but stop and think man, what crappy little Zionist country in the Middle East created these conditions to begin with?

    Which little rogue state is stealing and occupying Palestinian land, and is keeping Gaza in this situation of seige where smuggling from Egypt is the main thing that keeps the Gazans alive? And who is really benefitting from the smuggling?

    The Gazans have to pay an exorbitant amount to the Hamas government as a “smuggling tax” from these tunnels as well.

    People have to stop being lazy and start reading beyond their cyber-comfort zone of being entertained by conspiracy fantacists (love that term, +BN) and the usual alternative sites, like Veterans Today and Makow.

    Trying to get away from “the clash of civilizations” garbage, and to get a handle on the complexities Middle East politics is very difficult if one spends only 5 minutes a day doing so, and depending on bare regurgitation from various sites.

    Everyone has to check for an author’s “bias” in their stories and opinions, such as Seraphim has pointed out about Kevin Barrett — its important to know that he “is Muslim convert, married to a Morrocan woman, an apologist of Muslim Brotherhood.”

    This is therefore necessary to know, because this means that Barrett is subjectively and ideologically opposed to Al Sisi’s secularist and nationalist ideals of the Baathist (Arab Socialist) ideology; meaning Islam, particularly the Sharia, does not become the state religion, as in the secular republics of Syria and Egypt.

    In any case,

    God bless.

    P.S. @Seraphim

    Thanks for double checking the French language Algerian news journal El Watan site.

    Clearly, Gamal Nassar, the Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece which kicked off this entire fabrication now making the rounds, was lying from the get go about his source to substantiate his smear campaign that Al Sisi was a crypto-Jew.

    And, as I recall, Gamal Nassar is Kevin Barrett’s source, as other sites are doing as well.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  27. Harriet January 31, 2014 @ 3:22 pm

    Should Christians Support Israel?

    “Jewish extremist power has been this biggest enemy of Jesus Christ and Christians for the last 2,000 years.

    “They lead the destruction of our Christian values with Hollywood, and lead every kind of degeneracy from Porn to Abortion, to destruction of every Christian value. Jewish extremists led the legal fight to ban prayers in school, even ban Christmas carols.

    It is not every Jew, of course, but the Jewish power structure has led the fight for abortion, for homosexual degeneracy and marriage and for the de-Christianization of America.” — David Duke

  28. Brother Nathanael January 31, 2014 @ 3:45 pm

    More GREAT NEWS on the ANTI-JEW Protests in France

  29. Al January 31, 2014 @ 4:22 pm

    I hear that many western nations are politicizing the Olympics (again) and having a homosexual/lesbian represent their respective nation to carry their national flag at the opening ceremonies in Sochi.

    Canada & the U.S are confirmed with Billie Jean King and Hayley Wickenheiser. I believe they are both lesbians.

    Anyone know of any other nations doing this?

  30. Phil UK January 31, 2014 @ 4:49 pm

    When your moral compass has been usurped by the mindset of the Jew then you have no moral compass, the pointer is corroded, stuck, you are adrift upon the raging seas without a hope, blown by the Jew wind, that being the verbal and bottom flatulence of satan itself.

    Renounce the pernicious doctrines of the Jew, renounce and repudiate, vomit up their oh so sweet syrup, touch not their unclean thing, wipe the slate clean and start afresh in God and Christ today. That’s the best advice I can give to mankind.

    God is not mocked, in deed God mocks the mockers, scorning and rebuffing the advances of the scoffers. Yep there will in deed be much wailing and gnashing of teeth when the truth is revealed and the lovers of lies find themselves without.

    I just can’t work out how seemingly rational people do the calculations in their brains and come to conclusions that make madness requiring heavy medications seem sane. That’s the power of the Jew, the power of the dog. It’s really quite sad…

  31. Cornelius January 31, 2014 @ 4:53 pm

    All these awards were invented by Jews, so they could further their agenda, which is exactly what they are doing.

    That’s why Hitler wanted to make entertainment for Germans made by Germans, instead of wandering Jews.

  32. Joe January 31, 2014 @ 4:54 pm

    How can a group of people be subject to a very broad and determined plan for extermination without there being some cause for it?

    Doesn’t anybody ever wonder about that?

  33. Cornelius January 31, 2014 @ 5:13 pm


    And why would it be illegal to research if there really wasn’t such a plan?

  34. Harold Smith January 31, 2014 @ 5:26 pm

    Of course, another excellent piece!

    I want to run something past Bro. Nate.

    I wonder could the first Beast of Rev 13 be “Organized Jewry” (or the Jewish collective or whatever you want to call it)?

    In support of this idea, I submit that one of the important features of the first beast is a mouth “like the mouth of a lion.”

    This could be a reference to Jewish control of Hollywood and the Mainstream media. A lion “roars” loudly and everyone hears it; likewise, the Jews use their control of the entertainment industry and the media to speak “great things and blasphemies,” and everyone is inundated with it.

    (Simple reasoning says that in order to deceive and corrupt people, you first have to get their attention, thus anyone in the unique position to do that should be suspect).

    Also from the description given in Revelation 13, the first Beast has seven heads which are apparently geopolitical features. These “heads” of the Beast could be a reference to influential countries of the “West” that are firmly under Jewish control, e.g., the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France and Germany.

    If the “heads” can be seen in this way, then the deadly wound to one of the heads, which was subsequently “healed” (which at first glance seems like a contradiction in terms), can be viewed as Germany’s attempt to rid itself of Jewish subversion. The Bible tells us that this fatal wound that healed was made with a sword.

    Hitler saw what the Jews were doing, recognized them as a mortal threat to Germany (and the world), and tried to stop them. And he actually did stop them, but only for a little while; thus the mortal wound that “healed”.

    This is partly why the real truth about WW2 is unknown, and WW2 “History” is such a pack of closely guarded lies.

    Most of the rest of the text of Rev. 13 seems to fall into place as well; e.g., the people who “worship” B1 are those who’ve become intoxicated with Jew mind poison and have accordingly completely lost touch with their spiritual side.

    Jews basically control our societies and are always promoting whatever it is that’s destructive, e.g., pornography, sexual perversion, gambling, materialism, collectivism, moral cowardice, etc.

    You name it, and if it’s morally/spiritually destructive, you’ll find organized Jewry pushing it. Those that are fully plugged in to the Jew-controlled matrix are lost to God.

    Lastly, the second Beast of Rev 13 seems to be a “puppet” ruler who of course takes orders from the first Beast.

    The pieces seem to fit, don’t they?

  35. Joe January 31, 2014 @ 5:36 pm


    Because when the plan = religion, denial of the plan is blasphemy!

  36. Phil UK January 31, 2014 @ 5:40 pm

    Exterminating the Jew is wickedness, and their own wickedness however abhorrent, should not be met in kind with wickedness. God does not justify the wicked.

    We should pity them, we should feel sorry for them, we should genuinely shed tears for them, they play with fire and get burned at every turn. Fire and water are put before them and they choose the fire, they’re masochists (and they get their rocks off on it).

    God will avenge the blood of the innocents (on both sides, Christian and Jew, and any others) caught up in their snares, traps and evil devices, it’s inevitable.

    The most Christian thing to do is to free them from the bondage they’ve trapped themselves into, their vicious cycle of self/soul abuse. Render what they love, their fetish idols (filthy lucre and power) worthless and obsolete.

    A Christian should be “… wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

  37. Maple Leafs fan January 31, 2014 @ 5:50 pm

    The feminist promotion of Lesbianism positively caused a divide between heterosexual males and females of all groups except white Jews.

    First the white Jews started with corrupting the white Anglo females, now these Joohs are globalizing their feminism to nearly every ZOG on the planet.

  38. Eileen K. January 31, 2014 @ 7:11 pm

    Br. Nathanael,

    Your article on Jews pushing homosexuality and other forms of sexual deviancy is straight on. Thank you so much for bringing this out.

    You’re the second person to write about the anti-Jewish protests in France; John de Nugent was the first. The French people have finally awakened to the dangers of Jewish power in their nation after their government had initiated “gay” marriage over a year ago.

    This latest demonstration was even more anti-Jewish after comedian Deudonne was sanctioned by the government for using the “quenelle” (a reverse of the Roman salute) in his shows.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin did the right thing; he banned exposing minors to gay propaganda, gay pride parades, and exhibitions of such at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi.

    Of course, International Jewry has gone berserk over these restrictions; but, the Russian President — unlike Barry Soetoro aka Obama and other Western leaders — has the well-being of the Russian people, especially the young, at heart. We need such a leader here.

  39. Eileen K. January 31, 2014 @ 7:39 pm

    Br. Nathanael,

    It’s so good to hear that the French people are totally awake and fed up with Talmudic Jewry altogether.

    Now, if only the lazy, stupid sheeple of the USSA would follow the French lead, this nation would at least stand a chance of freeing itself from Talmudic control.

    I know you’re doing your best, producing videos, writing articles, and even traveling around evangelizing. Hopefully, more of the people you come in contact with will listen to your message; because, if they don’t, they’ll spend eternity in darkness, out of God’s sight.

    Russia in 1918 was devastated by the Jewish-Bolshevik seizure of power, the horrific genocide of her population, and the destruction of 26,000 Orthodox Churches nationwide. Christian morality and values were viciously repressed, and people were executed for the most trivial of reasons, or for none at all.

    In the 72 years of such rule, not one synagogue was damaged or converted into museums, stables, etc., as were the Churches. However, with the election of Putin as President, Orthodox Christianity reasserted its rightful place in Russian culture; and, the restoration of the Churches began.

    We know why the Jews hate him so much; he is the antithesis of their evil character.

    You’re a light in the darkness, Br. Nathanael; and, may you continue to be so highly blessed by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as you go forth to fulfill His mission.


  40. Mary January 31, 2014 @ 10:26 pm

    @Harold Smith

    If you want to know the truth about WWII, go to Tomato Bubble, but that is only one website about the truth about Germany and Hitler. There is no indication to give that the Jews like this website at all. Anyone not willing to listen to the German version is clearly under the influence of the Jews.

    Also, it appears that the Jews have owned Hollywood for quite some time, but had little influence over what Americans wanted to watch (Walt Disney was a Gentile under attack for “Three Little Pigs” that the Jews changed because the big bad wolf was originally anti-Semitic for example).

    Supposedly, Walt Disney was only given a chance because it was too world-wide spread following WWII that the Jews didn’t want Gentiles to realize that Germans were right, so they backed off for a few decades before they did take over.

    Regardless of what people think, Germany wanted the Danzig back and Germans were literally on a mission to try to save humanity and civilization from the capitalist-communist yoke of the Jews (i.e. Red Scare).

    But as anyone recalls, it was when Star Wars was released when this truly began to take off. “The Birth of a Nation” was the most popular film (Gentile) until “Gone with the Wind,” which was also Gentile. Don’t get me wrong. I actually like the Star Wars Trilogy, even though my heritage is known as the Storm Troopers in it.

    We were the evil people and the American soldiers were the E-Walks that even Harrison Ford said “Not bad for a little fur ball” after they were able to convince the E-Walks that they were gods for the E-Walks to defend and save them for their cause from “The Power of the Dark Side.”

    I think the films are classic and I love each one of them of course, but I’m making a point that was the moment when the Jews “really” began to control Hollywood. Any American remembers that all of the characters for that trilogy were actors and actresses that no one had even heard of before and it was a major hit … it stuck.

    Even the Jews say today about Harrison Ford (excellent actor in my opinion, but he might be different in real life because I don’t know him) even made the comment that his personality was the Irish side of him, but his acting skills were clearly Jewish.

    This only leads to one conclusion: the Jews are actors whether they are in Hollywood or not. They are excellent at what they do and that’s why I don’t believe him. It’s like Ronald Reagan … great actor that became President and did the opposite during his Presidency that all of his big comments to Americans (but America prospered because everyone bought into it and everyone does have to buy into a system for it to prosper).

    The only problem I have with Reagan is that he did take our national debt from 1 trillion to 3 trillion. I’m simply making a point. Wow … I think I want to sit down and watch Star Wars right now.

    But everyone does have to admit that this society has gone completely immoral. By human nature, we are going to make mistakes and we are not immune to error. But Christianity kept America a moral nation for a very long time.

    Now that it is Judaized by so many different factors that it can be quite a list, I do not believe it to be true their claim that crime rates have gone down (our jail cells are completely full across the nation and this is a large nation by the way).

    This is what I called “The Immorality of America Movement” than even a few liberals knew better than to try to backtalk me on this issue.

    I have stated that the youth of America simply only knows what they are exposed to, they are children, and I can’t condemn the children because they have a heart and they don’t know any better. So I feel that a lot is going to have to be done to reverse this, but to never take away the advantages of a child being allowed to be a kid.

    No solutions have been thought of at this point other than setting a good example. Anyone have any solutions?

    While I am not a Fundamentalist Christian, I do believe that it was inspiration by God. There are many verses in the Bible that condemn homosexuality. There is mention of homosexuality in the Bible (Old and New Testament), but when a person does read through it, homosexuality is not promoted a single time. It is condemned.

    For people that believe that Jesus was on the Jew’s side: two things. One: the Jews crucified our Messiah and Two: the Gospel of Matthew teaches many parables and philosophical teachings of Christ that anyone should live by which is phenomenal, but Jesus also told the truth about the Jews and none of it is good.

  41. Yankee Goy January 31, 2014 @ 11:55 pm

    You know since Americans are so desensitized to shock-value portrayals (always pushed by the Jews)…well the pendulum always swings back.

    What I find interesting is whenever a celebrity dresses very conservatively and behaves with class, like Julie Andrews for example, that nowadays THIS is what’s considered radical and unexpected and very, very welcome.

    Compare Julie Andrews in a proper evening gown singing a wonderful opera or Broadway song, versus Beyonce (who’s always doing her illuminutty hand triangles and Baphomet hand horns=owned) and her piece of duct tape grinding on that uggo JZ.

    The world has had enough, and the pendulum will indeed swing back and clobber the pervoJews.

    Class is where it’s at.

  42. Caveman2012 February 1, 2014 @ 12:09 am

    Dear +BN,

    Yes indeed, great news from France!

    However, I will be satisfied only when the Front National wins the next elections, and Mme. Le Pen becomes President!

    The prospect of a real liberation of France is at hand, the rest of Europe will follow!

  43. Caveman2012 February 1, 2014 @ 12:20 am


    This is contagious: many countries passed laws allowing gay “marriage” in the last few years.

    2001 Netherlands
    2003 Belgium
    2005 Spain, Canada
    2006 South Africa
    2009 Norway, Sweden
    2010 Portugal, Iceland, Argentina
    2012 Denmark
    2013 Brazil, France, Uruguay

    Many are supported by powerful “philantropists” like Soros and their NGOs.

    Their goals are: CORRUPT the souls of our youth and PROMOTE DEPOPULATION.

    SATAN wants first to defile our souls and then kill us to harvest them. He HATES Mankind because men are made in the image of God.

    All these Satanist are nothing but Satan’s useful idiots, who will find sooner than later what he has in store for them!

  44. Phil UK February 1, 2014 @ 12:36 am

    To paraphrase somewhat. By way of extension our Lord said it’s better to cut your testicles off with a rusty nail than to be a sodomite.

    In sum, it’s better to go to Heaven maimed than to Gehenna as a sodomite where the fire is never quenched and the worm dieth not…

  45. Mary February 1, 2014 @ 6:59 am

    @Yankee Goy

    I have no idea why they would try to call Julie Andrews from Mary Poppins a racist. She is a good conservative woman. I wish they’d back off of her.

    I think a lot of people use those hand gestures though because “they think they’re cool.” But it’s like … come on now … seriously. They do not know what they do for sure.


    Great news of a possible change in France since the French Revolution! Napoleon eventually turned decent by 1808 concerning waking up and realizing a few things before his exile by the Jews.

    But here’s the deal on depopulation. When people want control because they are control freaks, then everything about you they have (driver’s license, cell phone number, etc. etc. etc.).

    The Soviets were killing the blinded Russians that didn’t know what was happening during the Bolshevik Revolution and a report came from a Russian that was blinded, but was able to make it out of there alive, where he said that the Soviet Bolshevik Jews were happy each time a person died because … and I quote “LESS PAPERWORK!”

    So the idea of depopulation in my opinion has nothing to do with the Earth itself. It has to do with the fact that they are lazy and do not work. Of course you see everything today go electronic. Since computers and text messages, people do not even know “proper English” in America. I have actually been made fun of before for “pronunciation.”

    I think the idea of homosexuality is another push by the Jews to depopulate the Earth because everyone knows two homosexuals can’t have children, but they can adopt.

    Once I explained to a few people that new Russia was against homosexuality and banned US adoption (I should actually say “Gay America”), then they changed their stance and stated that they didn’t blame the Russians because they wouldn’t want their children to be raised by queers either.

    I try to not worry about it all that much because I have morals to stick to and under the Serenity Prayer, there are things out of my control that I cannot change. I try to open up to speak to people with a little bit of common sense, but beyond that, I just shake my head.

    But I wouldn’t worry too heavily about it. The Jews are going to finally outdo themselves … again.

    After that happens, we might be able to sit down and figure out what in the world the Jews have done to cause so many people to be gay. We are the “original” inventors for why you aren’t walking a mile in the snow to get a jug of milk. So we’ll figure it out once we move back into control and do our best to try to fix this problem.

    If someone is born gay, I can’t condemn them and I can only condemn the act itself. But I really don’t believe that people are born gay. I think science and propaganda that was started by Freud started all of that. Just an opinion, but we’ll figure it all out one day.

  46. tom Dean February 1, 2014 @ 7:08 am

    The homosexual agenda is alive and well in the US and now its starting to show up in the primetime shows once families were able to watch.

    The Jews have contaminated primetime with not only same-sex kissing, but now with same-sex marriage. Pretty soon your son will ask you one day who should I marry : a boy or a girl.

    And Brother N you are right, Natalie Grant should have spoken out and had a news conference. She in my opinion is afraid of the Jews and wants a paycheck.

    Also did you notice who the Jews picked to give a devilish performance? Katey Perry whos father is a Christian pastor.

  47. Steven February 1, 2014 @ 7:38 am

    Mary, I am Anglo Scotish on my father’s side of the family and German Dane on my moms side of the family. So I am in part German.

    Frankly I don’t think Jews in general are compatible with Gentiles in general and White people in particular. There may be some exceptions, but it would be better if the Jews were confined to the Middle East awaiting God’s judgement. That is if one wants to be merciful to the jews.

    Frankly, I think the Jews have made too many enemies, and if those enemies ever got organized and in charge of countries then things can go very badly for the Jews. That’s just justice and there is no shame in it.

    It seems to me that God warned the Jews that he would use the foreign sword as an instrument of his justice when dealing with the Jews. By that yardstick all the action against the Jews were punishment for the crimes and sins of the Jews. To date most Jews still do not understand or accept this and will not repent for real.

    Fortunately the teachings of God do not now depend on the existance of Jews, making Jews expendable if their crimes and sins warrant their extinction.

    Bad news for the Jews — their sins and crimes do warrant their extinction. The executioner is not ready yet.

  48. Nicolae February 1, 2014 @ 7:56 am

    Satan must be very proud of Sarah and her work, yet, the stupid idiot-antichrists (Christian-Zionists, puppets) never condemn this child of the devil.


    Galatians 6:7
    Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

    Romans 2:6-8
    6 He will render to each one according to his works: 7 to those who by patience in well-doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life; 8 but for those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, there will be wrath and fury.

  49. Steven February 1, 2014 @ 8:02 am


    If you download and watch the following video you will see why the Jews were punished during WW2. This is a download of a MP4 version of the Greatest Story Never Told.

    Before German armies crossed the Polish border, Jews and their Polish fellow travelers were committing genocide against ethnic Germans in Poland. This made the invasion of Poland a moral imperative.

    If it were not for the anti German genocide it still might have been possible to find a negotiated solution to the problem of the Danzig Corridor.

    Jews and their minions think they can get away with crimes against humanity with impunity because the perps are Jewish and are above and beyond all law and justice. The Jews are seriously mistaken and will find out the hard way.

  50. indy February 1, 2014 @ 8:21 am

    All the objections to homosexuality seem religious based.

    What about the fact that anal intercourse is about the same as swimming in raw sewage.

    Wonder where all these new diseases come from?

  51. Nico February 1, 2014 @ 12:11 pm

    In Exodus, the Lord said, “You (obstinate Jews; not the righteous) are a stiff-necked people. They have not known my ways.” Most would agree with that statement.

    In fact, the incorrigible Jews went further: they hardened their hearts. And in the process, they PROFANED God’s Holy Word. That’s not earth shattering news, because the fake Jews continue do so, right to the present age.

    How does one speak to profanity? Well, by evangelizing, just like +BN’s done in the streets. And probably, he’s had some success. No doubt some Jews have taken the Lord’s Word to heart and turned from their sinning ways. I laud him for his courage.

    But what about the rest of them? As most of us also know, the modern unrepentant Jew is just as obstinate as those ancient devils that God killed in the Sinai. Which should tell us something. Harsher measures are required in order to rid all society of this profanity.

    To wit, all good God fearing people need to CUT THEM OFF FROM OUR MIDST. That means from every facet of life!

    And as +BN has already posited, maybe there’s a Napoleon, or even a Cromwell waiting in the wings to get the cannon balls rolling. From the historical record we’ve already seen this happen: in Europe.

    The dictators, Il Duce and Adolpho were up to the task. However, their methods, murder and mayhem, were not exactly ‘good works’. And those same works would not ‘square’ with Scripture. Aside from their auspices.

    Folks, if the aforementioned scenario does happen, and there’s a good chance it will, we Christians just may not like the outcome, or the ‘New National Socialism.’

    And the ‘new order’ could even be even more Fascist then the previous versions. And once we subscribe, which is probably for life, how does one ‘unsubscribe’? That prospect doesn’t look likely, especially if one values their own head in its current position, atop of the body.

    Not sure if I want to go this route. Truth is, I have a bad feeling about this. Real bad. Hope I’m wrong.

  52. Justin February 1, 2014 @ 1:37 pm

    Jews push homosexuality, because of their quest for global dominion.

    They think by ridding themselves of others particularly Whites (although Blacks and others they consider less than human) then they can have the upper hand in world affairs.

    This is the furthering of the Jew’s plan to bring about the reign of their false god the Anti-Christ, nothing more nothing less, as another person here stated.

    Satan hates that man is made in the image of God and seeks to destroy the image that Jesus Christ so successfully made good. The USA is a lost cause, but in Europe things look set for a Christian revival under Russia and Orthodoxy. May Christ grant us all victory over the Devil and his children the Jews!

    P.S People aren’t born gay. Think of Athens, they chose homosexuality as the ideal partnership, because of extreme hatred toward women. Mankind is born to produce monogamously and have children, not to defile themselves, unless their passions overtake them.

  53. A.J. February 1, 2014 @ 11:45 pm

    The Grammy’s spectacle didn’t shock me at all. It’s sad our young female pop stars behave like degraded whores – Beyonce, Lady Gaga. Madonna, etc compared to classy divas if the past.

    I’m sure Tina Turner or Diana Ross or the young Whitney Houston wouldn’t have been caught dead looking like Beyonce did! And homosexual men love these sluts because they epitomize their own depraved sexual lifestyles.

    Homosexual men literally killed each other by the thousands during the height of the AIDS epidemic caused directly because of their sexual behaviors. It’s notable that the homosexual Wilde converted to Catholicism toward the end of his life.

    I think most homosexuals today are badly delusional about themselves. And of course the Jews would love nothing more but to turn the goyim into homosexual eunuchs!

  54. Mary February 2, 2014 @ 12:49 am


    I will first state that I am Prussian-German-Swiss-Belgium. The two pre-dominent are Prussian and German, but all of it is German pretty much.

    I am well aware of the persecution of the German minorities in Poland leading up to September 1939. I can watch the video again, but I think it’s wonderful that you already knew and have provided that for readers and listeners.

    The entire situation was very complex because the Versailles Treaty was extremely unfair to Germany when it was more than likely all countries went into the Great War’s fault.

    I have a slightly different view of the Jews than you do. There are obviously infamous rumors that they lived in ghettos for many centuries, but now they are all of a sudden in a heartbeat completely rich. Ghettos are poor neighborhoods obviously and this is what is so confusing about what we were discussing.

    Ghettos are also very notorious for being dangerous, but that is not quite the discussion because the discussion is concerning their supposed return as well as how people that are poor to live in ghettos could almost instantaneously be the richest (monetary wise) people on this earth.

    We are discussing the richest people in the world that are Jews, but there are discussions about Jews living in ghettos for centuries.

    I have tried many times to not think about the possibility of God’s wrath upon these people for the past 2,000 years because that is not my decision. The reason I am against Zionism is because of the Arabs and I do not believe that the Jews are the biblical Jews (read the difference between ghettos and rich people).

    The Jews could have returned to Palestine in 1948, but instead, they are still in America and Europe. You know it. I know it.

    You stated that the preference would obviously be for the Jews to remain in Palestine and wait for God’s judgment. I can’t go against a group of people waiting for God’s judgement and you definitely have me on that issue. However, I am going to quote Martin Luther himself from 500 years ago now on this issue.

    First of all, the Jews were originally interpreting the Scriptures as they saw it. These interpretations were first discounted by Lyra and Burgensis around 700 and 600 years ago, respectively.

    When Luther sought a reform on the selling of indulgences of “bishops” of the Catholic clergy, there came the Diet of Worms. He asked for a reform, not an insane Protestant Movement.

    Luther did not feel that the Jews learned their racial tendencies (male supreme over female, human when others are sub-human, and Jew not barbarian) before Christ, but those were rather Greek and Roman tendencies.

    John 3:39 “If you were Abraham’s children would do what Abraham did. You are the of the father the devil.”

    Luther then stated, which you are more than happy to read the literature that I hold, which states “I hold if their Messiah for whom they hope, should come and do away with their boast and its basis they would crucify and blaspheme him seven times worse than they did our Messiah; and they would also say that he was not the true Messiah, but a deceiving devil.

    For they have portrayed their Messiah to themselves as one who would strengthen and increase such carnage and arrogant error regarding nobility of blood and lineage.

    “… We propose to discuss their argument and boast and prove convincingly before God and the world not before the Jews, for, as already said, they would accept this neither from Moses nor from their Messiah himself that their argument is quite empty and stands condemned.

    (On to the issue that we are all God’s children and not only the Jews, also written by Luther)

    “… I could go back to the beginning of the world and trace our common ancestry from Adam and Eve, later from Shem, Enoch, Kenan, Mahalel, Jared, Enoch, Mehuselah, Lamech; for all of these are our ancestors just as well as the Jews’, and we share equally in the honor, nobility, and fame of descent from them as do the Jews.

    “We are their flesh and blood just the same as Abraham and all his seed are.”

    This now promotes that we are all born in the image of God and not only for the Jews, which is what they promote.

    “… After they have scourged, crucified, spat upon, blasphemied, and cursed God in his word, as Isaiah 8 prophesies, they pretentiously trot our their circumcision and other vein, blasphemous, invented, and meaningless words.

    “They presume to be God’s only people, to condemn all the world, and they expect that their arrogance and boasting will please God, that he should repay them with a Messiah of their own choosing and prescription.”

    – Now onto the major issue who boast to the world that they are God’s people when all of humanity led to the following generation over a very long extended period of time.

    Luther – “That shall be enough about the false boast and pride of the Jews, who would move God with sheer lies to regard them as his people. Now we come to the main subject, their asking God for the Messiah.”

    (This is what you are referring to them waiting in Arab lands)

    “… they show themselves as true saints and blasphemers but reliable prophets, asserting that the Messiah has not yet come but will still appear.

    “Who will take them to task here for their error or mistake? Even if all the angels and God himself publicly declared on Mount Sinai or in the temple in Jerusalem that the Messiah had come long ago and that he was no longer expected, God himself and all the angels would have to be considered nothing but devils … Nor will they listen to us.”

    (Luther acknowledges that some Jews changed to Christianity and so much for the better even though it is extremely rare.)

    Luther — “We let them go their own way and wait for the Messiah. Their unbelief does not harm us; but as to the help they derive and to date have derived from it; they may ask of their long-enduring exile. That will, indeed, supply the answer for us. Let him who will not follow lag behind. Yet act as though they were of great importance to us.”

    That is what happened and the world knows it.

    Then the question obviously leads to what Luther thought when he was alive about a possible return of the Jews to Palestine.

    “… If they do not want it, they can disregard it; we are excused and can easily dispense with them, together with all that they are, have, and can do for salvation. We have a better knowledge of Scripture, thanks be to God; this we are certain of, and all the devils shall never deprive us of it, much less the miserable Jews.”

    Now onto the discussion about all of the exiles of the Jews over the past 2,000 years, as well as their very long enduring exile.

    Martin writes “No one is holding them here now. The country and the roads are open for them to proceed to their land whenever they wish. If they did so, we would be glad to present gifts to them on the occasion; it would be a good riddance.

    “For they are a heavy burden, a plague, a pestilence, a sheer misfortune for our country.

    Proof for this is found in the fact that they have often been expelled forcibly from France, which was an especially fine nest. Very recently, they were banished by our dear Emperor Charles from Spain, the very best nest of all. This year they were expelled from the entire Bohemian crownland, where they had one of the best nests, in Prague …

    “In fact, they hold us Christians captive in our own country. They let us work in the sweat of our brow to earn money and property while they sit behind the stove, idle away the time, fart, and roast pears. They stuff themselves, guzzle, and live in luxury and ease from our heard-earned goods.

    “With their accursed usury they hold us and our property captive. Moreover, they mock and deride us because we work and let them play the role of lazy squires at our expense and in our land. Thus, they are the masters and we are their servants, with our property, our sweat, and our labor.

    “And by way of reward and thanks they curse our Lord and us! Should the devil not laugh and dance if he can enjoy and thanks they curse or Lord and us!

    “Should the devil not laugh and dance if he can enjoy such a fine paradise at the expense of us Christians? He devours what is ours through his saints, the Jews, and repays us by insulting us, in addition to mocking and cursing both God and man.”

    So you see Steven, I am not against the Jews finding a God of Love and not of a superficial material wealth. My being upset is that they are disrupting many people’s love that God has given all of us to convince so many people to love the Jews more than to love God.

    Since Jewry has replaced Christianity in America, morality has declined to the point where the prisons are full, no one trusts each other, there are plenty of atheists that blaspheme what they were even given, which is being born for that matter.

    This is not to mention the fact that Jews such as Sigmund Freud (even the Jews admit Freud was a Jew) was a well-known sexual pervert.

    Then his follower (Carl Jung) then was Freud’s successor to convince people on issues of bisexuality when the truth is that every child on this earth loves his mother and father, even though the child does not understand what their parents have already experienced, clearly does enter conflict with their parents.

    But the “know-it-all” stage does not begin for a person until they reach the “Age of Reason,” which is almost precisely the moment when the psychology of Freud and Jung are presented to children, so they therefore do not know any better.

    That is homosexual propaganda being given to minors and I do not condemn Putin of Russia at all for passing laws to forbid homosexual propaganda to be given to minors … look at what this has caused.

    You see, Steven. Brother Nathanael was a Jew and he found Christ. He was in Jewry, he knows the Jews, he will back up every word I just said and he will agree with Luther, and Nathanael I do hold as a friend.

    Nor would I be against any Jew that is willing to accept the love of Christ into their lives and the true Seed of Abraham. But even though I can forgive people, that does not mean that I have to tolerate them or that I would not have probable reason to warn people, and only because I care about people and I do actually care about this world.

    I had to do extensive research on the history of Jerusalem following the exile of 70 AD. The Jews were thrown in exile and the evidence of this is not only concerning an exile, but it is also found a Muslim invasion of Jerusalem in the year of 641 AD, only 29 years following the death of Muhammad.

    The Muslims claim that was not them and persecutions came to them as well as they did not leave their land of Mecca or other lands, but by pagan invaders that claimed to be Muslim.

    These were Christians in Jerusalem when this happened. Of course this is also supported by the Holy Inquisition that occurred in Spain shortly after this, as Muslims then entered Spain, but were stopped by the French.

    The anti-Semitism (if that is what you would like to call it) is due to the fact that people that claim they are Jews have allegedly returned to Palestine, created the State of Israel, and any one of us can look up the history of Palestine from 1948 to present, to where the Jews have been persecuting the Christians of Palestine.

    We have many supporting evidence of this matter. We feel that they have not learned much from their 1,878 year long exile, but have increasingly become hardened, bitter, and turned further away from God than prior.

    We would be thrilled to see the Jews learn and follow a God full of love, but we realize that if they have not learned for that period of time, it is nearly worthless on our part to even attempt this, as they will find some sort of manner to defend their beliefs under some logical manner to discount a Messiah even if “their” Messiah did actually arrive, which ours already did.

    Now many will read and begin to talk about the Book of Revelations. Revelations 2:9 and Revelations 3:9.

    Regardless of a person’s beliefs, I still do not believe it is the end of the world either. That book is so incredibly difficult for anyone to understand (more so than any other book in the Bible) to where a person does have to think about this: life is short and we live for God. That’s what we are supposed to do as human beings.

    Even if end times were to come, what is anyone going to do about? There is nothing you can do about it, so why worry about it? I allow God to make decisions for me, even though I error many times and I do make many mistakes in my life.

    The only people I see worried about the end of the world would be people that are either “shaky” in their faith or people that seriously want the world to come to an end.

    Then a person will read everything I just stated and wonder why Brother Nathanael has felt the need to step up and speak all that he has. It is a Christian’s duty to reach out to other Christians and since Nathanael is a former Jew, he understands this far superior to me or others.

    Nathanael is telling Christians that we are now the chosen people of God and not the Jews. Nathanael is telling people that the Old Covenant gave way the New Covenant in Christ and giving special literature, validity, and Scriptures that enforce this as well.

    This is during a time where the Jews have managed to get out of the ghettos and are turning Christians away from God.

    Saint Augustine in the “City of God” did discuss the difference between the City of Man and the City of God. St. Paul also discussed this issue as well. Jesus Christ also discussed this issue when he called out the hypocrites that only went to pray to look good in front of others.

    Brother Nathanael is exposing evil and he has found love in his life. I have nothing to say other than I commend him for finding this wonderful love in his life, instead of the Synagogue of Satan.

  55. nz February 2, 2014 @ 5:47 pm


    Not only that, the recipient is also exposed to vectors that get directly into the blood via anal sex. An enema is a medical technique preformed to provide instant blood absorption for emergency medical intervention for a reason.

    Homosexuality and any anal sex is natural, but it’s mother natures biological control, it eliminates those who have chosen not to express their genes and selected themselves for extinction. It is an ultimate act of depravity.

    It’s a form of population control. And it’s being normalised by the media almost exclusively in White nations.

    Wake up people of the White nations, you are being destroyed. Not only that you are being made to look like the face of depravity so other nations will feel justified in destroying you. Stop acting the part.

    LOTR..On your feet Sam!

  56. Mary February 3, 2014 @ 4:18 am

    @Indy and NZ

    Whenever a woman gets a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), it is more times than not blamed by physicians on act of infections that cross from anal glands into the bladder that increases the production of white blood cells because higher levels of acidity concerning pH levels creates mucus build-up.

    They even blame this on “anal sex” when the woman probably has never had anal sex to begin with. That’s just silly, but the part about the pH levels on acidity are entirely correct on the build-up of white blood cells. Ask any woman … she’ll tell you.

    Why is talking about a UTI infection so important when you are discussing vectors and recipients. I have no idea where you read this. I agree with your point that this is definitely population control.

    Now if you notice the levels of homosexuality among races, it is the white race that is predominantly more homosexual than other races, even though it still happens to other races.

    You mentioned a comment about a medical technique to provide blood absorption for emergency medical interventions. What are the details concerning that?

    I have to ask because my little sister developed what is called “HELP” syndrome when she was pregnant, which is a very low platelet count that could kill you, she went into pre-mature labor, they were not able to give her an epidural until they were able to get enough emergency blood into her system to where she would be fine, she finally got the epidural, the baby was born, and then everything was fine.

    My nephew is not gay, he is very smart, and I am wondering where you have received this information.

    I have taken notice that homosexuals do look differently than heterosexuals and this would give probable reason for one to believe that they are truly born gay. They look different. Lesbians look more manly than men do. Gay men are much more feminine than women are and even some of the most feminine women out there.

    So I have taken notice of that. So then I asked myself, the situation then is clearly that it is not only homosexual propaganda, but something else is obviously occurring.

    As in the case of polio or any vaccine that a person is given, there are chemicals (the same as additives in meat that make meat, which is very healthy, to be less healthy) in the vaccine.

    As in the case of the polio vaccine, it was later found that a certain percentage of people that were given this vaccine contracted a separate type of illness that was not their fault. They died from this. Please look it up.

    Another example is whatever the name of that HPV vaccine is. An uninformed person would get that vaccine, but an informed person is aware that there are thousands of strains of HPV, so the vaccine is therefore completely worthless.

    The girls that have chosen to get this vaccine are now faced with sterilization by the way, and that was never stated when this vaccine first came out.

    Children are pushed at young ages to have far more vaccines today than they were … say … 50 to 100 years ago. But you don’t know what the additives are in these vaccines, as in the case of polio or others until later on.

    Now that is a fact and not a conspiracy theory. So what is being put into these vaccinations? The correlation between the number of vaccines being given to children (don’t get me wrong … infant mortality has declined since the introduction of vaccinations) and the rise of homosexuality.

    When a person truly thinks about it, here’s another awareness. The chances of a blue-eyed child (by recessive genes) is still very rare if both of the child’s biological parents have brown eyes (dominant gene).

    So if two heterosexual parents have a child, it could be thought of in the same manner … that child will be born as a heterosexual, but there are clearly other factors that would produce a homosexual.

    My rationalization is built on wanting to know what is in all of these vaccinations that could create a shift away from what God’s plan truly was.

    Before homosexuality was ever promoted by the media, every time I saw a gay person, they were always walking around flaunting their sexual preference that no one wanted to hear. The common talk among heterosexuals was this “We do not flaunt our heterosexuality, so it is actually annoying for someone to actually be like that.”

    More than likely (assuming gay people are born gay) are probably outcasts before they reach adulthood and it is probably an outward cry for someone to finally notice them.

    They really do walk around and want the whole world to know that they are gay and for the world to actually be okay with this … if you really think about (I don’t want to, but I have to in order to have this discussion), the things that two gay men do to each other is downright sick in my opinion.

    I have also not only formulated an opinion concerning the possibility of additives in vaccinations that may cause this, but also the topic of incest. Why am I discussing incest? Because when two cousins actually engage in something sick (just as gays engage in sick behavior), the child is sometimes born with being cross-eyed, down-syndrome, they look different than the rest of us (hint hint), and some of them are even born with 11 fingers or 11 toes.

    Of course this was not God’s plan either because it tells you not to sleep with your brother (meaning either incest or homosexuality … however you would like to interpret the Bible).

    Those are my two rationalizations, if a person actually is a homosexual.

    Many homosexuals in America admit that they are actually heterosexual, but this is being pushed so far and so bad to where they feel that it is not okay to be straight.

    Then many conservative, traditional people become upset and tell them that there is nothing wrong with them, there is nothing with being straight, and to stop listening to these people.

    So why do the Jews push homosexual depravity? I have sat down and read how they want to depopulate this earth. They tried to blame it on the environment and even humans (Chuckling right now when they told the world an Ice Age was coming in 1977 and now they are running around talking about the quite opposite … global warming).

    But I don’t go and get flu shots like many people do. I don’t get vaccinations like other people either, even when people think I am insane.

    God made me and I am perfectly fine with how I was born and made (I was born half-deaf, which was inherited, and I look at this hearing impairment as a gift that God gave me to where I do not have to listen to mean people in this world … I like this gift from God).

    But I can assure you that I am much healthier than half of this country because I do other things to take care of my body than to run to the doctor over every minor problem.

    Based on personal experience, I have also noticed that people that go to the doctor for minor problems are more prone to becoming sick than those that don’t go to the doctor (this has nothing to do with being sick … I’m referring to vaccinations and stubbed toes).

    It’s all in your mind for the most part, but if you really are sick, then go and see a doctor.

    Sick and twisted psychology that promotes homosexuality and bisexuality, combined with vaccinations that have not been proven to be 100% safe when entering the markets, and incest that has occurred in the past can clearly make my assertions for anyone to ponder over.

    None of the things I mentioned in that last paragraph was what God gave us … he gave us parents and a world to live in … it is our choice to decide how to live our lives. But homosexuality does need to end for white people to begin to grow further in numbers and these people are actually allowing it.

    Now I have come to a conclusion on gay marriage. Like it or not, here it comes. The U.S. is strongly pushing for gay marriage. The U.S. already has a divorce rate of 50%.

    The gay people want to get married because they are not allowed to and they aren’t listening to heterosexuals because “they know it all.”

    So instead of entering a conversation with gay people that I would give the same advice to a straight person, I then say “Good luck with that. Wait until the lawyers, attorneys, and judges get their hands on you.

    “First, you are going to spend a lot of money to get married to prove some point more than likely. Then, reality kicks in because you are finally allowed to do it.

    “Then, you will more than likely end up in divorce over both financial issues and probably role model issues because it may or may not be certain who the man and woman are in the relationship, and then all of your money will go to the courthouse and you will be dead-broke. Good luck with that.”

    Even though this will clearly benefit the judges and attorneys, I am not sure how judges and attorneys are going to actually react to sitting in court surrounded by gay couples wanting to get divorced. That could cause quite a riot.

    But you are correct. This is a depopulation technique and the sooner people realize this, the better off they will be.

  57. Glory B. February 3, 2014 @ 5:32 am

    Nico wrote : “As for the Jews, their only hope is Salvation in Jesus Christ. Some will repent and convert.”

    As a former Jew who renounced the false Jewish belief system (Judaism is not a religion because the Jews WORSHIP GOLD, NOT GOD. Satan is the REAL GOD OF THE JEWS), and turned my life and my eternal soul over to the true Messiah and Savior of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ, I think that we can hope that “some Jews will repent and convert.”

    But their number is minimal, because Jews are too proud, too arrogant, and too much in love with the almighty shekel, to repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

    They will never admit that they are wrong, so they make fun of Jesus, say that He is a bastard and the son of a whore (that’s what Jews call the Virgin Mary) and believe He is boiling in hot semen in hell (that’s what their holy book, the Talmud, says).

    Of course, the Jews are free to believe what they want, even if they are wrong, because they are destined to spend eternity roasting in hell, with no hope of redemption. They will wail and whine and grind their teeth, but Jesus will not accept them when they are in hell, because they did not accept Him when he was on Earth.

    However, Jews are not free to tear down Christ and His Church, to cheat honest Christians out of their hard-earned life savings, just to line the pockets of Jewish swindlers.

    They are not free to ruin our country with their control of the media, the financial system and the legal system and government, and allow illegal aliens into the country to take away the jobs of hard-working Christians.

    Jews had better wake up and smell the coffee. More and more people are getting fed up with the way their lives are controlled by money-hungry Jews, and there will be “hell to pay” for the Jews who continue in their evil ways.

    Christian people have been deceived by Jewish lies and propaganda, into believing that the Jews are the persecuted race, when in reality it is the Jews who have always persecuted the Christians.

    Speaking to the Jews, St. Peter told them: “God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ (Acts 2:36).” Let’s not forget that it was the Jews who killed the Lord, and it is the Jews who continue to murder Him to this day by their acts of disobedience and evil.

    It is up to true Christians who love the Lord to fight Jewish evil and make other Christians understand that the Jews only care about themselves, and not for the Goyem.

    Harriet wrote: “The Jewish power structure has … lead every kind of degeneracy from Porn to Abortion, to destruction of every Christian value, for homosexual degeneracy and marriage and for the de-Christianization of America. Jewish extremists led the legal fight to ban prayers in school, even ban Christmas carols. It is not every Jew, of course …”

    Yes, Harriet, you are right about the degeneracy of the Jews. They lack any kind of morality because they are obsessed with sex (which is why they control the pornography industry) and money (they control the financial sector).

    Their control of the media gives them the power to influence how people think. They control Congress and the legal system, and the Magic Negro that occupies the White House is their obedient servant.

    But don’t be fooled into thinking that there are “some good Jews.” All Jews are guilty of deicide, the murder of our Lord, and they will remain so until they have a change of heart and sincerely repent of their past evil, and accept Jesus Christ as their eternal Savior and the Messiah that they are still waiting for.

    Harold Smith wrote: “Jews basically control our societies and are always promoting whatever it is that’s destructive, e.g., pornography, sexual perversion, gambling, materialism, collectivism, moral cowardice, etc. You name it, and if it’s morally/spiritually destructive, you’ll find organized Jewry pushing it. Those that are fully plugged in to the Jew-controlled matrix are lost to God.”

    Yes, all aspects of social decay have been permeated by the Judaic culture-destroyers, who well realizes their value in their plan for world domination.

    The degradation of Western-Christian social life did not merely happen, it was planned, deliberately fostered and spread, as outlined by The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This systematic undermining of the culture of the West continues today.

    The instruments of this assault on Christian culture and consciousness are the weapons of propaganda: the press, television, cinema, and education.

    The chief fount of the propaganda is the cinema. From his capital in Hollywood, the Jew spews out an endless series of perverted films to debase and degenerate the youth of America and the Western world.

    Through movies which preach a message of destruction of normal familial and sexual life — exalting the alienated hero in pursuit of hedonistic pleasure — belittling patriotism and national identity — the Jew has succeeded in fragmenting members of society into a heap of disparate grains of sand, bereft of meaning and without permanence.

    Not only are individuals the victims of the Jew, but the family and the White race itself is dissolved wherever his propaganda touches.

    Divorce replaces marriage, abortion replaces birth, the home acquires a mere utilitarian function, and the family becomes the battleground of individual strife.

    Promoting the erotic-as-its-own-end, Jewish Hollywood deliberately undermines the propagation of the White race, scorns its history, and crushes its destiny.

    The disintegrated victims, shorn of their organic and historic connections with the great super-personal content of Life, become unfruitful, lose both their will to power and their will to propagate.

    Following in this wake of Judaic wreckage, the White Christian victims lack the ability to believe in or to follow anything noble and future-reaching.

    The Jew has attained his goal in destroying Western culture while at the same time he remains embodied in an organism immune from his destructive program.

  58. Patrizia February 3, 2014 @ 5:35 am

    Jews not only push homosexuality upon others – they live and breathe it themselves.

    Everything that God´s Law prohibits, satanists (including jews) indulge in. This is the definition of the synagogue of satan.

    These people eat feces, drink urine, sodomize anything living and perform human sacrifice. Hospital protocols allow infant umbilical cords to be cut and the cord blood sold.

    Who do you suppose drinks and bathes in the blood of babies, except for those who worship the devil himself. (See Birth of a new Earth). Curing diseases with cord blood is a wicked and ribald ruse.

    Alas, it is not enough for the psychopaths to indulge themselves, they must win souls for their would-be god.

    This is why they promote homosexuality, sodomy with animals and child rape as “the new normal.” (Do not call it “sex” – the word is a euphemism in this context). NOT only to keep the population size down but in obedience to their wicked master and overturn the ONLY TRUE LAW.

    They even get you to commit cannibalism when you drink Pepsi, as this contains fetal tissue for flavour enhancement (google it) and engage in witchcraft and hypnosis when you watch television. They implement “sigil magic” and sorcery that you are not even consciously aware of. Abra kadabra – you are now complicit!

    You see, they are engaged in a myriad of ways and means on every imaginable level and in every tangible and untangible area to harvest your unwitting soul.

    This is why we must be vigilant and SEEK the truth, even if it seems unbearable. Yeshua-Yaweh and his own will prevail.

  59. Mary February 3, 2014 @ 10:55 am

    Romans 1:24-32

    Most people would not even think to read all of these verses. We have yet to find a single Bible version that promotes homosexuality.

    A new interesting finding concerns the lifespan of homosexuals to heterosexuals.

    The average lifespan of a heterosexual is 72 years old.

    The average lifespan of a homosexual male is 39 years old and a lesbian’s is 45 years old.

  60. Mary February 3, 2014 @ 11:20 am

    @Glory B

    I am happy to hear that a person has found God, not gold, in their life.

    I agree with everything you have said, even though I was clearly never in Jewry, but I have certainly heard enough from my family of German descent to know the ways of the Jews.

    I am glad to hear that even you are discounting the myth of the “good Jew.” We have been asking for a very long for a good Jew to stand up and expose their criminal counterparts, but they have not done so.

    It appears that the “good Jew” does not exist, but Jews who do come to their senses end up becoming Christians (very rare). We don’t try to convert you because we really don’t think it’s possible, but whenever it happens, we do have loving arms.

    You are correct. Divorce replaces marriage. Abortion replaces children. Hatred replaces love. Etc. Etc. Etc. They have reversed everything on people.

    I just wanted to send a message because it is so rare for me to hear that this happens.

    A bunch of people even put a video on YouTube called “The Myth of the Good Jew” and then the Jews that took-over YouTube banned the video. So now it is on a different website, where people are very sincerely asking for a good Jew to please stand up, but this is why it is a myth.

  61. nz February 4, 2014 @ 4:52 am


    An enema is not a method for blood transfusion sorry, it’s a method of delivering a medication via the rectum, which allows medications to pass into the blood almost instantly, for example someone who is unconscious or is having convulsions (and cannot therefore receive oral meds) may be treated with an enema.

    I drew parallels between anal sex and an enema because the act of anal sex exposes the blood of the recipient to any sexually transmitted disease carried in the fluids of the protagonist performing the act. This almost guarantees infection.

    Judgements regarding genetic predisposition to gayness are hard to make, maybe individuals look more female or male because they wish to be perceived as such. Many gay men are outwardly quite masculine, so maybe there are many colours and flavours of gayness?

    In NZ homosexual or “same sex” relations have been accepted for some time. What has changed in NZ is that now gay individuals have been allowed to adopt or have children in the context of their gay relationship. This is a disaster for those children and I’m sure if there is a God, we will be judged for that.

    Particularly, the context of gay men having the right to have a child within the gay relationship is very negative. Statistically, gay men are promiscuous. A gay man may have a long-term partner true, but is very likely to continue having concomitant multiple partners. This is not a stable environment for a child, not even a safe environment biologically.

    Vaccinate or don’t vaccinate, there is very little solid proof either way and no guarantees in life either. Sometimes we humans do odd things to gain a sense of control.

    I don’t think all Jewish people are bad, but I do think being exclusive or seeing your race as separate or special leads to problems, they seem to be over represented among psychopaths, but if we grew up in a system that wanted us to believe everyone is trying to kill us, we may become psychopaths too.

    If it is true that the Jewish nation has an agenda to destroy the White race it would mean killing off one of their greatest supporters. It would also make many White people into equally bad psychopaths.

    White people just need to become aware of their self defeating behaviour, to start looking out for and being proactive towards their race, to have enough self respect to get up and live!

    Ultimately we cannot blame others for our own actions. The problem is our collective conditioned selfishness, which is so embedded in westernised consumer/ pleasure-based society now. Our eyes have been, for a long time now, firmly focused on the little picture. the self, time to change.

    I have meet Jewish people who are good as well as bad and I like your sentence “God gave us parents and a world to live in.”

    If God is real, I hope that that God can understand us all. I also recognise there are many thoughts and outcomes, which are well outside the conceptions and constructs and perhaps attempted de-constructs of the human race (one race) which are things beyond the minds of us earth children.

  62. Glory B. February 4, 2014 @ 7:07 am


    Thank you for your kind remarks concerning my post above. Let me state that since I became a Christian, I have looked at the situation in Germany before, during and after the Hitler era, and I have come to understand that everything that Americans believe and have been taught about Germany and Hitler is a lie spawned and promoted by the Jews.

    When I was a Jew — and as I have stated, I was born, raised and grew into adulthood in Jewry — I was taught that the Germans were evil, that they persecuted Jews for no good reason, and that Hitler was a madman who desired to take over the world and kill all the Jews, including me.

    It was only after I became a Christian and began to investigate these things that I began to understand that everything that I was taught about Germany was a Jewish lie.

    Germany did not declare war on the Jews; it was the Jews who declared war on Germany by promoting anti-German feeling and calling for a boycott of Germany with the intent of overthrowing Hitler.

    So naturally the Germans had to defend themselves against Jewish greed and Jewish communism which was determined to keep control of the German economy and keep millions of Christian Germans in economic wage slavery.

    Many reading this will ask, “But what about the Holocaust?” The Holocaust is a gross exaggeration by International Jewry in order to create sympathy for Jews and thus help advance their agenda. It is also used as a political weapon to justify Israeli persecution of the Palestinians.

    Germany’s Final Solution was a plan to remove Jews from Europe, not to kill them. During WWII, just as the U.S. couldn’t trust Japanese people, thus causing FDR to round many of them up and place them in concentration camps, Hitler couldn’t trust Jews since many of them were partisans sympathetic to the USSR and hence they aided the USSR in various subversive, anti-German activities.

    Therefore the Nazis rounded up Jews and placed them in concentration camps. So some Jews died during WWII (not six million) mostly due to disease and starvation in the final months of the war. Allied bombing of German-occupied Europe destroyed many roads, rail lines and bridges, making it impossible for Germany to adequately supply the camps with food and medicine.

    So if some Jews died of starvation and disease, this was really their own fault, since they started the war against Germany and agitated for the overthrow of the German government.

    Also the Jews make it seem like they were the only ones who suffered during the war, completely obliterating the fact that millions of non-Jews died, many more than the Jews. They died in a war started by the Jews and promoted by the Jews to further Jewish interests.

    Likewise, there were no “gas chambers.” Much has been written about this. To study this subject, read the research papers published by Germar Rudolf & Carlo Mattogno (there are many others as well). They have proved that the so-called “gas chambers” were really disinfection chambers that the Germans used to kill the lice that the Jews brought into the camps with them. Jews would rather live in filth than keep themselves clean, so the Germans had to make sure that the Jews did not bring disease with them into the camps.

    It should also be noted that Hitler never wanted to “conquer the world.” He simply wanted to safeguard Europe from nefarious Jewish influence and safeguard the world from usurious Jewish banking.

    Sadly, FDR and Churchill were puppets of International Jewry and the rest is history, as they say. World War II was a war between two competing ideologies: Nationalism vs Jewish Bolshevik Internationalism (Communism) — and unfortunately International Jewry won.

    Jews not only declared war against Germany, but they have spread their lies about one of Germany’s most beloved and important sons, Martin Luther.

    After I became a Christian, I read Luther’s book, “Against The Jews and Their Lies,” and it was a revelation to me. I realized that what Martin Luther had warned about the Jews and their lies back in the 16th century was still true in the 20th century, and of how they mutilated and abused their version of the book of Esther.

    Luther wrote:

    “He [Jesus] did not call them Abraham’s children, but a ‘brood of vipers’ [Matt. 3:7]. Oh, that was too insulting for the noble blood and race of Israel, and they declared, ‘He has a demon’ [Matt 11:18].

    Our Lord calls them a ‘brood of vipers’; furthermore in John 8 [:39,44] he states: ‘If you were Abraham’s children ye would do what Abraham did . . . You are of your father the devil.’ It was intolerable to them to hear that they were not Abraham’s but the devil’s children, nor can they bear to hear this today.”

    “They are the real liars and bloodhounds, who have not only perverted and falsified the entire Scriptures from beginning to end and without ceasing with their interpretations.

    “And all of the anxious sighing, longing and hoping of their hearts is directed to the time when some day they would like to deal with us heathen as they dealt with the heathen in Persia at the time of Esther.

    “Oh how they love the book of Esther, which so nicely agrees with their bloodthirsty, revengeful and murderous desire and hope. The sun never did shine on a more bloodthirsty and revengeful people as the Jews, who imagine [themselves] to be the people of God, and who desire to and think they must murder and crush the heathen.

    “And the foremost undertaking which they expect of their Messiah is that he should slay and murder the whole world with the sword. As they at first demonstrated against us Christians and would like to do now, if they only could; have also tried it often and have been repeatedly struck on their snouts . . .”

    “Their breath stinks for the gold and silver of the heathen; since no people under the sun always have been, still are, and always will remain more avaricious than they, as can be noticed in their cursed usury.

    “They also find comfort with this: ‘When the Messiah comes, He shall take all the gold and silver in the world and distribute it among the Jews.’ Thus, wherever they can direct Scripture to their insatiable avarice, they wickedly do so.”

    “Therefore know, my dear Christians, that next to the Devil, you have no more bitter, more poisonous, more vehement an enemy than a real Jew who earnestly desires to be a Jew…”

    Also, I read St. John Chrysostom’s “Eight Homilies Against the Jews,” which showed me how a courageous Christian preached against Jewish evil way back in the 5th century. He said:

    “If, then, the Jews fail to know the Father, if they crucified the Son, if they thrust off the help of the Spirit, who should not make bold to declare plainly that the synagogue is a dwelling of demons? God is not worshipped there. Heaven forbid! From now on it remains a place of idolatry.

    “They [Jews] live for their bellies, they gape for the things of this world, their condition is not better than that of pigs or goats because of their wanton ways and excessive gluttony. They know but one thing: to fill their bellies and be drunk, to get all cut and bruised, to be hurt and wounded while fighting for their favorite charioteers.”

    “Certainly it is time for me to show that demons dwell in the [Jews] synagogue, not only in the place itself but also in the souls of the Jews.

    “As Christ said: “When an unclean spirit is gone out, he walks through dry places seeking rest. If he does not find it he says: I shall return to my house. And coming he finds it empty, swept, and garnished.

    “Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter into him and the last state of that man is made worse than the first. So shall it be also to this generations.”

    “Do you see that demons dwell in [the souls of the Jews] and that these demons are more dangerous than the ones of old? And this is very reasonable. In the old days the Jews acted impiously toward the prophets; now they outrage the Master of the prophets.”

    Well, I’ll stop quoting from these very wise men, but I urge all Christians who have not read Luther’s “On the Jews and Their Lies,” and Chrysostom’s “Eight Homilies Against the Jews” to do so (they are readily available on the Internet).

    It’s really amazing how many wise men and women have written about the evils committed by the Jews, yet the Jews continue to prosper even as they drive honest Christians into poverty and filth.

    To me this just shows that our Lord was right when he told the Jews, “You are of your father the devil.” Satan is the father of the Jews and he has protected them throughout the ages.

    In return, the Jews worship Satan and do his will, which is ultimately to destroy Christ and His Church.

  63. Mary February 4, 2014 @ 5:10 pm

    @Glory B

    That is so wonderful to hear. Thank you for your kind words.

    It is rare for people to understand the boycotts made by the Jews against the Germans. It is also rare for people to understand that Jews were persecuting Germans in Poland in the leading moments up to where Germans (Prussians and Hessiens in particular) were crying for help.

    A German (at least back in those times) did not associate themselves as being of a different nationality than being German (it’s hard to explain).

    You are entirely right. The Allied Powers cut off things, such as electricity on railroads, in order to defeat Germany during WWII. The main causes of deaths among “all” people in these concentration camps were old age, starvation, typhoid fever, and a few other things.

    The Allies wanted to win the war and that’s all that could be said. Unfortunately, the innocent Pole was caught in the middle and they were not at fault; bad situation to begin with. If the Poles were able to control what is discussed, they would actually be talking about the Katyn Forest.

    Many people also do not know that Poland was annexed to both Germany and Soviet Union in September 1939.

    I absolutely loved all of your quotes from Germany’s beloved Martin Luther. It is wonderful that you researched this and you agree with him. So do I.

    Luther requested for Christians to not try to convert Jews, but if it ever happened, for us Christians to open up with loving arms to the newly converted Christians of course, but that we must keep on guard against the Jews as well. You didn’t have to stop quoting Luther … I could have read all of that all day long. That is too kind.

    I think the reason why Jews continue to prosper and drive honest Christians into poverty and filth actually has more to do with the fact that Christians are taught to not become involved in usury (you are obviously well aware that the Protestant Movement was clearly over usury), where Jews do continue to practice usury.

    But there always appears to be a Gentile that is soft on the Jews and because they have not been betrayed or truly exposed to the Jews, they simply do not know. Hitler’s often quote was “Forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

    He clearly picked that up from where Christ always talked about forgiving people that did not know that they were doing wrong. But some Christians tend to focus only on certain Gospels and leave out other Gospels, in particular the Gospel of Matthew, where Christ does call out the hypocrites and Christ does tell the truth about the Jews.

    So they reference some verses, but then they ignore other verses. A well balanced Christian (I am not perfect and I have to work on many areas) will understand to take all into account.

    The Catholic Church was complaining for a long time concerning “perfidious Jews” and that they were working very actively to destroy the Church. The Jews that know this then try to convince Protestant Christians that those reformers (Luther, Calvin, etc.) were working for them and they were not.

    You quoted Luther quite well. Calvin believed that many Jews in today’s world were not the biblical Jews and there are many indications to give that Calvin’s father that was Catholic was a Jewish descent. In other words, all the Protestant Movement was … it was an attack on the usury of bishops. It had nothing to do with Jews.

    I doubt this world is for us, but I am only a human being. It irritates me how many people are actually falling for this Marxist ideal that they claim is democracy, and they actually believe the whole thing on depopulation.

    My belief on depopulation is that only makes it easier for them to have “less paperwork.” No conspiracies … just less paperwork to have to do.

    Of course homosexual depravity is clearly on the list to depopulation as well. The average heterosexual lives to be 72 years old, but the average homosexual only lives to be 39 and 45 years old (male and female), respectively.

    Needless to say, I do not believe that people are born gay, but I do think some very strange things happen to where it isn’t possible to find what is really going on without getting the Jews out of the way to find out what they have actually done on this issue.

    But thank you for the kind words in return. I can read about Luther all the time because he was such a great reformer and a very smart man, also kind and a peacemaker as well the more you read.

    I really enjoyed reading your statements and I am glad some people are coming to their senses.

  64. Seek The Truth February 4, 2014 @ 7:07 pm

    The little Jews that run the eBay moderation team called “Lithium” recently kicked me off for a month because I made fun of gay marriage. It must have made them really mad what I said.

    I simply promoted the rumor already on the internet that there was going to a be a gay marriage during the half time show of the Super Bowl.

    My humor was certainly no worse than the wicked Jew hag Sarah Silverman getting on stage and saying she would kill Jesus again if he returned or any number of TV and night club black comedians ridiculing white people.

    But the rule is that Jews and Blacks in the U.S. are allowed to get away with saying anything they want as long as they’re attacking White Gentile heterosexual Christians, whereas a smart aleck White Gentile Christian like myself has no right to get away with saying anything about Jews, Blacks or queers unless I want to get crucified.

  65. Mary February 5, 2014 @ 3:57 am

    @Seek the Truth

    Do not let it bother you that some Jew kicked you off that site for a month for sarcastic remarks against gay marriage. They don’t seem to understand and make fun of our marriages.

    Of course we had pre-arranged marriages that were set up by our parents. Over a period of time, this idea was abandoned.

    However, it was only allowed to be abandoned on the principle that the man had to show that he was a complete gentlemen and would probably ask the father for permission first.

    Keeping things moral and the structure of marriage did not change; the only thing that changed was that the parents were slightly less involved in the choice of the spouse.

    Now we have entered an era that most do not recognize that marriage is hard work and most people aren’t getting married for one of two reasons: divorce will cause you to go broke or the fact that marriage is just too hard and people don’t want to work anymore.

    There is this belief in soul mates. I am not discounting that. I do believe that God brought me and my husband together.

    My sarcastic remark is always: We know marriage is very serious and we’re at a 50% divorce rate. Good luck to the gays! Sarcasm!

    Most people don’t appreciate how facetious I am, but most people start laughing hysterically and say “That is so true. Good luck and there’s no telling what the attorneys and judges are going to say and react when the gays all want to get divorced, even despite the extra money.”

    As long as it is not on some Jew-owned network, people are still name-calling to this day. The rumor is that California is about an internal civil war over this issue. But I hear men make fun of other men all the time if the man isn’t being manly enough, and say to him “Stop being so gay.”

    It’s just how men talk to each other to beef them up to be more manly … I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    But I think the media and the gays are making such a huge deal out of it, that as long as we keep everything from the Jews that we haven’t changed one bit, there is little that they can do to try to control an entire continent of people that are all like this. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

    I would have loved to have heard your sarcastic remarks on it though. I’m sure it was hilarious. Why do they keep banning everything we try to put on the internet anyways? Are they are a bunch of control freaks?

  66. Seek The Truth February 6, 2014 @ 8:34 pm


    Thanks for your comments.

    It’s easy to see how this rumor about a Super Bowl half time show with a gay marriage got started.

    The week before on the nationally televised Grammys, they married a number of homosexual couples and Bruno Mars, the featured entertainer at the Super Bowl was there and won the best pop album award. According to a Youtube video he admitted to being gay.

    They might have been planning a gay marriage during half time but decided to nix it because the fans wouldn’t like it and the advertisers might pull out.

    The problem with Jews attempting to cram homosexuality down the throats of American Christians is that once homosexuality is made “normal” then what follows is “normal” pedophilia, bestiality and necrophilia. In other words, it’s going to be hell on earth.

    No doubt Jews were behind the recent show put on by Miley Cyrus in which she came out of a giant Teddy Bear with her tongue sticking out in a gesture of lust and proceeded to rub her rear end on the crotch of a man playing a horn to herald the “new age” or “New World Order” in which Babylonian Jew child molestation is accepted as perfectly O.K.

  67. Mary February 7, 2014 @ 2:58 am

    @Seek the Truth

    I actually didn’t even watch the Superbowl. I watched the first play of the game and I knew it was over. I did check on things towards the end of the game to see if Denver even had a chance … nope.

    The commercials is very boring now and filled with this disgusting and perverted ideals, which if they were funny, that would be one thing, but they aren’t even funny. So they not only ruined the Superbowl, but even the commercials.

    The Winter Olympics have begun in Sochi. Russia’s gold metal went to a guy that had a “Pussy Riot” logo. I can send many links, although it would be great if Brother Nathanael fully covered this one … this is right up Nathanael’s alley.

    Pussy Riot literally went into a Russian Christian Cathedral dressed up in costumes and they were basically making fun of Christianity while dancing. Very anti-Christian.

    You mentioned Miley Cyrus. Some of Cyrus’ comments are actually anti-Semitic. But her stance is that she is very young and they pay her good money … sounds like another Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston case.

    Of course she was forced to stand on national TV with gay people and all I saw was her looking down at the crowd of people celebrating the New Year and it really appeared as if she would rather be hanging out with all of them instead of being on national television.

    That was the moment when I was like “What they are doing to her is so wrong. She actually might be an alright person. She’s just a kid. I don’t know her, so I can’t come to any conclusions. But they are definitely using her in the same way as they have done with Madonna.”

    You are aware of how homo San Francisco treated Russia on the 150th anniversary of when Russia arrived in America (San Francisco as one of the forts) to block foreign invasion of the United States during the Civil War until America could get their act together.

    San Francisco could have put aside their “gay agendas” to honor the country that prevented any invasions into the US to further complicate an already traumatic Civil War in America, but they were “so low” to even want to do this. That happened in 2013.

    I sat and pondered about the Jews’ idea of them being super-human and believing to be God’s chosen people, while the rest of us (Gentiles/Goyims) are sub-human. I still have some research to perform, but I am currently looking through all detail on the Theory of Relativity that was supposedly written by Charles Darwin.

    I never understood this and did not perform this part of Biology Class well in college and someone stated that I was failing to see the overall picture due to my religious beliefs. I never discounted science, so then I said “Fine then. Where is the anti-thesis or anti-hypothesis? There are so many loopholes.”

    I would hate to break it to all of the people that believe we came from apes (does not discount evolution whatsoever because we clearly came from somewhere), but there are more loopholes in this theory than you could imagine and it is leading to even more skepticism in the area of science than you could imagine.

    You are not a sub-human. You are a human being and progress is being made to fill in the blanks. This could cause quite a riot.

  68. Glastonbury February 14, 2014 @ 9:57 am

    Eileen is nearly there.

    Joe Stalin tried to wipe out Orthodox Christianity but he failed. The Zionist Yids failed.

    It went underground just like in the early days of Christianity when Nero was burning Christian bodies in Rome’s parks as torch lights. Stalin relented and reopened some churches (the secret of the Orthodox onion-domed church buildings — they peel in several layers.)

    Anyway latest Jew Skullduggery from UK.

    Prime Minister Cameron (an anagram of surname is ‘Romance’ — likes to let in the ROMA in mockery):

    We have floods in the UK at the moment and Prime Minister Cameron was saying he has Jew “empathy” with the people of the Somerset Levels.

    As an anagram Somerset Levels = “Loveless Metres.” Explanation: The etonian oiks/elites/Jews etc love to stress the population to the limit eg with polltaxes/bedroom taxation/window taxes/wars etc. Then as riots and rebellion breaks out (as in Thatcher times) they relax the stress (cancel poll-tax) this is called ‘metering’ (of the sheep).

    Now, think back to Jew Talmud bollox about Christ boiled in excrement and you have the oldest church in Glastonbury surrounded by a sea of excrement from flooded sewers. The reason for the floods are that the authorities stopped dredging the rivers over 20 years ago which had been done for well over a thousand years!

    Another underlying reason, is the first King who unified most of England for the first time was the Christian King Alfred. The Moors or Somerset Levels are where he hid and burnt the cakes! This whilst the Subversive Jews try to divide and conquer the UK by using Zionist Jew ogre, Salmond, to subvert Scotland!

    When Zionist Jew Cameron says he has “empathy” (with the suffering Christians flooded out) the hidden meaning is ‘passion’ which we all know was to do with the suffering of Christ and hence symbology of the suffering of the Christians, too.

    Hence he revels in the suffering of those flooded out, being a Christ hater!

    MOOR Jew witty symbology:

    Anagram of Zionist Gideon OSBORNE = “ROBS ONE” (being Jew CHANCELLOR OF EXCHEQUER).

    You Yank white cousins should be ‘more’ aware of your ‘roots.’

  69. Anna June 30, 2015 @ 8:40 pm

    Thank you for your work, I love all these articles.

    If you could leave references and footnotes, it would be easy to convince almost anyone.

    The evidence is beyond damning.

  70. john July 18, 2017 @ 7:10 am

    Israel LGBT rights are rising in popularity

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