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How The Jews Took Great Britain

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2007-2012

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IT ALL STARTED with The Edict of Expulsion of 1290 AD.

The Jews would have us believe that their expulsion from England by Edward I (reigned 1272-1307) was due to their money lending endeavors. The real reason was due to the Jews’ crime of blood ritual murders.

The Orthodox Christian historian of the 5th Century, Socrates Scholasticus, in his Ecclesiastical History, 7:16, recounts an incident about Jews killing a Christian child:

— “At a place near Antioch in Syria, the Jews, in derision of the Cross and those who put their trust in the Crucified One, seized a Christian boy, and having bound him to a cross they made, began to sneer at him. In a little while becoming so transported with fury, they scourged the child until he died under their hands.” —

Here are a few examples which led to the English expulsion of the Jews in 1290 AD:

1144 A.D. Norwich: A twelve year-old boy was crucified and his side pierced at the Jewish Passover. His body was found in a sack hidden in a tree. A converted Jew to Christianity named Theobald of Cambridge informed the authorities that the Jews took blood every year from a Christian child because they thought that only by so doing could they ever return to Palestine. The boy has ever since been known as St. William.

1160 A.D. Gloucester: The body of a child named Harold was found in the river with the wounds of crucifixion.

1255 A.D. Lincoln: A boy named Hugh was tortured and crucified by the Jews. The boy’s mother found the body in a well on the premises of a Jew named Jopin. 18 Jews were hanged for the crime by King Henry III.

1290 A.D. Oxford: The Patent Roll 18 Of Edward I, 21st June 1290 contains an order for the Gaol delivery of a Jew named Isaac de Pulet for the murder and blood letting of a Christian boy. Only one month after this, King Edward I issued his decree expelling the Jews from England.
(See Sources #1 Below )


JEWISH BANKERS FROM AMSTERDAM led by the Jewish financier and army contractor of Cromwell’s New Model Army, Fernandez Carvajal and assisted by Portuguese Ambassador De Souza, a Marano (secret Jew), saw an opportunity to exploit in the civil unrest led by Oliver Cromwell in 1643.

A stable Christian society of ancient traditions binding the Monarchy, Church, State, nobles and people into one solemn bond was disrupted by Calvin’s Protestant uprising. The Jews of Amsterdam exploited this civil unrest and made their move. They contacted Oliver Cromwell in a series of letters:

Cromwell To Ebenezer Pratt of the Mulheim Synagogue in Amsterdam,
16th June 1647:

— “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England: This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.” —

To Oliver Cromwell From Ebenezer Pratt, 12th July 1647:
— “Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous. Charles shall be given opportunity to escape: His recapture will make trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.” —

Cromwell had carried out the orders of the Jewish financiers and beheaded, (yes, Cromwell and his Jewish sponsors must face Christ!), King Charles I on January 30 1649.

Beginning in 1655, Cromwell, through his alliance with the Jewish bankers of Amsterdam and specifically with Manasseh Ben Israel and his brother-in-law, David Abravanel Dormido, initiated the resettlement of the Jews in England.
(See Sources #2 Below )


WILLIAM STADHOLDER, a Dutch army careerist, was a handsome chap with money problems. The Jews saw another opportunity and through their influence arranged for William’s elevation to Captain General of the Dutch Forces. The next step up the ladder for William was his elevation by the Jews to the aristocratic title of William, Prince of Orange.

The Jews then arranged a meeting between William and Mary, the eldest daughter of the Duke of York. The Duke was only one place removed from becoming King of England. In 1677 Princess Mary of England married William Prince of Orange.

To place William upon the throne of England it was necessary to get rid of both Charles II and the Duke of York who was slated to become James II of the Stuarts. It is important to note that none of the Stuarts would grant charter for an English national bank. That is why murder, civil war, and religious conflicts plagued their reigns by the Jewish bankers.

In 1685, King Charles II died and the Duke of York became King James II of England. In 1688 the Jews ordered William Prince of Orange to land in England at Torbay. Because of an ongoing Campaign of L’Infamie against King James II contrived by the Jews, he abdicated and fled to France. William of Orange and Mary were proclaimed King and Queen of England.

The new King William III soon got England involved in costly wars against Catholic France which put England deep into debt. Here was the Jewish bankers’ chance to collect. So King William, under orders from the Elders of Zion in Amsterdam, persuaded the British Treasury to borrow 1.25 million pounds sterling from the Jewish bankers who had helped him to the throne.

Since the state’s debts had risen dramatically, the government had no choice but to accept. But there were conditions attached: The names of the lenders were to be kept secret and that they be granted a Charter to establish a Central Bank of England. Parliament accepted and the Jewish bankers sunk their tentacles into Great Britain.


MAYER AMSCHEL BAUER OPENED a money lending business on Judenstrasse (Jew Street) in Frankfurt Germany in 1750 and changed his name to Rothschild. Mayer Rothschild had five sons.

The smartest of his sons, Nathan, was sent to London to establish a bank in 1806. Much of the initial funding for the new bank was tapped from the British East India Company which Mayer Rothschild had significant control of. Mayer Rothschild placed his other four sons in Frankfort, Paris, Naples, and Vienna.

In 1814, Nathanael Rothschild saw an opportunity in the Battle of Waterloo. Early in the battle, Napoleon appeared to be winning and the first military report to London communicated that fact. But the tide turned in favor of Wellington.

A courier of Nathan Rothschild brought the news to him in London on June 20. This was 24 hours before Wellington’s courier arrived in London with the news of Wellington’s victory. Seeing this fortuitous event, Nathan Rothschild began spreading the rumor that Britain was defeated.

With everyone believing that Wellington was defeated, Nathan Rothschild began to sell all of his stock on the English Stock Market. Everyone panicked and also began selling causing stocks to plummet to practically nothing. At the last minute, Nathan Rothschild began buying up the stocks at rock-bottom prices.

This gave the Rothschild family complete control of the British economy – now the financial centre of the world and forced England to set up a revamped Bank of England with Nathan Rothschild in control.
(See Sources #4 Below )

(As much as that is possible given Rothschild secrecy)

A PRIVATE FINANCIAL CORPORATION exists today in England known as “The City.” It is also known as The Jewish Vatican located in the heart of Greater London.

A Committee of 12 men rule The Jewish Vatican. They are known as “The Crown.” The City and its rulers, The Crown, are not subject to the Parliament. They are a Sovereign State within a State.

The City is the financial hub of the world. It is here that the Rothschilds have their base of operations and their centrality of control:

* The Central Bank of England (controlled by the Rothschilds) is located in The City.
* All major British banks have their main offices in The City.
* 385 foreign banks are located in The City.
* 70 banks from the United States are located in The City.
* The London Stock Exchange is located in The City.
* Lloyd’s of London is located in The City.
* The Baltic Exchange (shipping contracts) is located in The City.
* Fleet Street (newspapers & publishing) is located in The City.
* The London Metal Exchange is located in The City.
* The London Commodity Exchange (trading rubber, wool, sugar, coffee) is located in The City.

Every year a Lord Mayor is elected as monarch of The City. The British Parliament does not make a move without consulting the Lord Mayor of The City. For here in the heart of London are grouped together Britain’s financial institutions dominated by the Rothschild-controlled Central Bank of England.

The Rothschilds have traditionally chosen the Lord Mayor since 1820. Who is the present day Lord Mayor of The City? Only the Rothschilds’ know for sure…
(See Sources #5 Below )


Here is what we must do to stop the Jews:

*** Only a strong Christian society can counteract the Jewish financiers of the world.

*** We must all make a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and regular Church attendance.

*** Ron Paul wants to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank which is part of the Jewish financial Cabal. We must all support him.

We Can Stop The Jews. The Lord Will Help Us!

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Sources #1: Ariel Toaff, Bloody Passover-Jews of Europe and Ritual Homicide, 2007 Click Here; J. C. Cox, Norfolk Churches; Victoria County History of Norfolk, 1906; Arnold Leese, Jewish Ritual Murder In England; Henry III, Close Roll 16; Joseph Haydn, Dictionary of Dates.

Sources #2: Isaac Disraeli, Life of Charles I, 1851; Hugh Ross Williamson, Charles and Cromwell; AHM Ramsey, The Nameless War; Lord Alfred Douglas, Plain English, 1921; Geoffrey H. Smith, The Settlement Of Jews In England

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Sources #4: Frederick Morton, The Rothschilds; Benjamin Disraeli, Coningsby

Sources #5: E.C. Knuth, The Empire of The City; Des Griffin, Descent Into Slavery

Brother Nathanael @ December 18, 2007


  1. Charlemagne April 1, 2008 @ 3:13 pm

    Spot on Paul. But a comment: the Jesuits
    were once a long time ago a formidable force
    in defending Catholic truth, but are today
    of little import. The Roman Curia is the only force which is capable of defeating the
    Satanists who now have complete control over
    God`s creation. This simply because man is too
    arrogant to love Him as he loves us. When we
    do He will vanquish the Rothchilds and their
    whores in a twinkling.

  2. Giles April 3, 2008 @ 8:00 pm

    ‘Herr Hitler was not a nice man, neither were Stalin or Churchill. I believe Henry Makow ( is pretty close to the truth when he says that Hitler was built up by the Zionist bankers of London and New York to bring Stalin back in line.’

    Rubbish. Henry Makow, who is Jewish, is a disinformationist working for the Illuminati he public professes to revile. His aim is to discredit the only man who actually stood up against Jewish power. The idea that he ‘was built up by the Zionist bankers of London and New York’ is an idea without substance and based upon sheer rumour mongering. In fact, the international bankers did very little to build up Hitler. It was his ability to create a strong and powerful Germany despite the bankers that led Stalin to united with the Jewish and the Anglo-American economic empire to destroy the system Hitler had built.

    In short, Makow is a shill peddling disinformation designed to discredit the one man who actually worked out how to build up a country without depending on the support of the City of London. For this reason, Hitler should be an inspiration to us all. It’s pretty obvious why, as a Jew, Makow has an interest in making false allegations that Hitler was a tool of ‘Zionist bankers’ and ‘Illuminati.’

  3. Frank July 3, 2008 @ 8:26 am

    Ron Paul seems like a decent person to me. But this business of the Federal Reserve and the International Bankers owning most of the gold in the world is an issue that must be brought to light. Has Ron Paul ever talked about this issue?

  4. Bernie December 16, 2008 @ 9:45 am

    Yes, the campaign against James II based on his strong roman-catholic belief.

    Since he inherited his brother Charles II, he was seen as a stubborn pursuer of all presbyterian ministers. The (modified) common cry pushed it to another possible killing-time like in 1660-ies. In fact James was more moderately as anyone believed, for he wanted to pass a guarantee for presbyterian ministers.

    The claimed him a liar (even though not being German). Orange embarked for Buckingham Palace, James II withdrew too fast from the throne, hid irresolutely and in fear in the near of London just to make three weeks later for France. A resolute George Monck had already passed away in 1670, so noone rose up for his restauration, with the exception of Bluidy Cluyver (John Graham of Claverhouse – famous as ‘Bonnie Dundee’) in the Highlands. He got the vista onto the Williamite – plot and its’ financial background and the danger to Scotland, his home.

    He formed the small Jacobite army to support his king in the Highlands, defeated the superior British body at the Pass of Killiecrankie but was unfortunately mortally wounded on the spot when he learned about his victory. So this Day in July 1689 marked the end of the run for a sooner restauration (Battle of the Boyne was never a thread to Orange – even if he had lost – France was too heavy involved on the continent — but means still today an anual thread caused by the Orange-March to recall the battle-victory of 1690!!!!!! What the hell you do need more to spend happy days?) and won the match for – the bank of Scotland (1695 by an English on advice of Paterson), Bank of England (1694 by William Paterson – Scottish).

    Freaking uncanny – again the financial instruments of the government were scattered like in 1656 with Cromwell (There it was a 2 mio. pounds with Cromwell receiving an anual 100.000 pds. salary). The first time, it’s not clear, it was a donation from his hollandaise backers, but this time it was a loan for the government.

    As you can imagine Paterson invited his friends to support the loan just to grant the Williamite story of success. And soon the loan swept over to a complete financial controlling. So was the outset onto the road to Union in 1707, which found Scotland busted in behalf of the former rubbish Darien-Expedition (learn the backgrounds). Further on some more Jacobites were initiated but were all dommed to fail because of iresolute handling.

    The greatest thread was the ’45, but was drowned in a bloody holocaust starting at 1 p.m. 16 April 1746 at Culloden. This was the last real chance to get rid of the usurers. Those who were out for the Jacobites’ support in these times made an uprise against the shifting of values (examine!).

    Funny, however, in 1721 the Duke of Marlborough (ancestor of Winston Churchill), supporter of the Hanoverians, ruined the financial run in England with speculating on shares. Descendant Winston Churchill (Duke of Marlborough) wrecked Great Britain completely down for victory in WWII – what a tradition (I’ll get by with a little help from my friends…)
    So, be aware, as you know I am German – an eternal liar an anti – semetic person, the wretch of the world. But before you drop me, please examine the role and the fate of the De Witt – Family in Holland and their relationship to Orange, Cromwell and most formidable – to their economical counterparts in Holland. Your hands will be too small to grip!
    At last I must tell you one of our TV-Channels ZDF introduced us a series about us ourselves – the Germans.

    Short story to tell, what we Germans know now as a fact, that we are the eternal tribes, the eternal xenophobics, the eternal arms suppliers (so good that the 1907 Krupp – canons served Norway to sink German ships in 1940 – what a material!), the eternal anti-semitics – but one thing they forgot! I feel awkward to tell you, that Wallenstein invented the system of financing war by declining good coins and properties in the 30-years-war (with Hans de Witte).

    Such good a system they created, that afterwards nearly every court employed an “Hoffaktor” to grant a finance for war (except Prussia! They were to stingy). As you can imagine the term “Hoffaktor” changed shortly after that into “Hofjude”. (Please examine, don’t forget – I am German!)Oh, I have to apologize, Wallenstein was Bohemian and Jesuit alumni.

    With greetings to all of you as my next – door – neighbours! (Community begins at the front door, all over the world!)


  5. soylentjesus May 3, 2009 @ 6:23 am

    The English have always done whatever it takes to keep Scotland from having any power. The Scottish and Irish made alliances with anybody who would help against England. In the times of Charles Stuart it was all about Catholics and Protestants. Alliances were made with other monarchies based on religion. Elizabeth kept Mary Queen of Scots of the throne because of her connection with Catholic Spain.

    I’m Scottish and Irish and people here live their history. We have the Orange Marches every year, and here in Northern Ireland we have Catholic/ Republican areas, and Protestants who are strong loyalists.

    I’m not saying jews arent involved, but you are giving them way too much credit and deflecting from problems that still exist. Scotland still wants independance, and the Irish want back Northern Ireland, and the loyalists have no intention of giving it up.

    what you should be researching is the Jews’ role in Andalucia, and the City of Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland. The whole City of Derry was sold to the bankers.

  6. Joelle May 20, 2009 @ 7:18 am

    The President of Iran and The President Chavez are also Heroes.

    we love them

  7. analyst August 25, 2009 @ 10:29 am

    Madoff was the biggest deceiver.

    The Jews are ugly in appearance. They try to make up for it by looting others. They are sociopath and sadistic in my experience. They are backstabbers and corrupters. Indeed they corrupt the Gentiles by their baits.

    They are NOT smart. Einstein was a plagiarist. They do promote their own by hook and crook and that is how they are so much in academia and industry by insider trading of knowledge and tips.

    Then, they are able to invest the ill gotten wealth and make black money into white skill and white training, and being Darwinian materialistic atheists as HARUN YAHYA explains well on his site, they approach material problems materially.

    And they have the money to do that last point. All it requires is capital and ANY race on earth can do it.

  8. David September 18, 2009 @ 10:38 am

    That last one was really OUT there.

    1. Ugly only matters much for women.

    2. Madonna and MANY other starlets are Jewish

    Does not compute (unless you are really just trying to sell your awesome cosmetics)

    I have to acknowledge that the Jews are very clannish, and are in that respect guilty of a certain amount of discrimination.

    Their place in the world makes them natural proponents of globalism. We should never forget that “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The New World Order will be that absolute power, whoever runs it.

  9. Dugoth May 3, 2010 @ 3:16 am

    I did not know about those poor children William and Harold who died at the hands of “Jewish” murderers in England a long time ago.

    Another fact censored by our Zionist media.

    Lying stealing and killing, an unquenchable thirst for absolute power over others, the perpetrator playing the victim and an absence of remorse nor morality are their hallmarks.

    Those of a Sociopath. This is their “chutzpah”.

  10. D. Edmund Brady October 19, 2010 @ 3:22 pm

    Dear Giles, Thank you.

    The plain and simple truth.

    The way things are currently going in Germany it may well be, given the grace of God, that that great nation at the heart of Europe may once more see the rise of The Holy Roman Empire.

    And then, take the lead in the annihilation of the Marxist EU, the wicked Jewish Trojan Horse working daily for the enslavement of the late Christian continent of Europe.

  11. Maxine April 20, 2012 @ 10:50 am

    Went to the cross, got the victory, got the harp (Rev.15:2).

    See overcoming testimony at this site.

  12. David Currie July 10, 2012 @ 9:10 pm

    April 3, 2008 @ 8:00 pm

    ‘Herr Hitler was not a nice man, neither were Stalin or Churchill. I believe Henry Makow ( is pretty close to the truth when he says that Hitler was built up by the Zionist bankers of London and New York to bring Stalin back in line.’

    Rubbish. Henry Makow, who is Jewish, is a disinformationist working for the Illuminati he public professes to revile. His aim is to discredit the only man who actually stood up against Jewish power.

    The idea that he ‘was built up by the Zionist bankers of London and New York’ is an idea without substance and based upon sheer rumour mongering. In fact, the international bankers did very little to build up Hitler.

    It was his ability to create a strong and powerful Germany despite the bankers that led Stalin to unite with the Jewish and the Anglo-American economic empire to destroy the system Hitler had built.

    In short, Makow is a shill peddling disinformation designed to discredit the one man who actually worked out how to build up a country without depending on the support of the City of London. For this reason, Hitler should be an inspiration to us all.

    It’s pretty obvious why, as a Jew, Makow has an interest in making false allegations that Hitler was a tool of ‘Zionist bankers’ and ‘Illuminati’ :

    Hitler has been misrepresented in official history, BUT he was a controlled puppet of the Illuminati. I have seen so much evidence proving Hitler was financed by the House of Rothschild, that rather than leaving a bunch of links I’ll just say “google it”.

    Germany did print its own money, which Hitler was credited with doing, BUT he was only doing what his puppet masters wanted. The House of Rothschild needed a Germany which was strong financially, so they could later destroy it (again) during WW-II.

    I feel sorry for people who worship Hitler, and there are many – they are SO deluded! Hitler was likely a Rothschild himself, and early in his life had homosexual relationship(s) with Jews, which may have caused him to later condemn Jews and homosexuals, even though the nazi elite was full of both..

  13. bobby mckail November 23, 2012 @ 3:55 pm

    I think that if you look at the world as it is now, then nobody can disagree that in the last 40-45 years there has been a march towards globalisation.

    The EU has come together and its on a roll right now to become a federal United States of Europe and the free single market that goes hand in hand with it.

    People that I talk with, say that to combat the rising super economies of the BRIC countries and non-aligned countries if we fail to create a federal European super state then as individual countries in Europe we would be sidelined.

    This is a false argument of course, me being from Scotland and we are having a referendum on independence in 2014 do not want to join the Eurozone but keep the pound and with the Bank of England being an independent institution.

  14. O'Neill December 27, 2013 @ 8:00 pm


    Thank you for making a report on this subject. My clan, the O’Neill’s, were once the rulers of the war torn area of northern Ireland and we were defeated by William of Orange and Cromwell.

    My family produced the Scottish and former Irish monarchs. The famous Mary Queen of Scots said she was subservient to Shane O’Neill, and the British monarchy today claims royalty through a broken bloodline that comes back to my family.

    I believe that the only way to bring peace back to northern Ireland is to abolish the Kabbalistic Orange Order and masonic lodges, expose the republican movement as a Jewish controlled communist group, and for this information to be taught in Ireland and Scotland. Ultimately restoration of the Catholic monarchy.

    Jews, IRA/republican communists and the Zionist British government are desperate to keep people in northern Ireland and Scotland ignorant to this history.

  15. Lochie February 22, 2014 @ 2:10 am

    The world is waking up & the Creator’s eyes are awakening to the JEW SCUM!

  16. Paul O'Neill March 12, 2014 @ 6:18 pm

    I too am from the O’Neill clan, but had we never been kicked out Ireland, then I never could’ve brought those Yanks World Series rings.

    The good Lord works as He wishes.

  17. Mike Green April 7, 2014 @ 7:13 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Thank you for your article which I read with much interest. Michael Hoffman has issued a rebuttal of your article here:

    I would be very grateful for your views as clearly both accounts cannot be correct.

    Many thanks,

  18. allegoricalfact October 6, 2014 @ 2:44 pm

    Hitler double crossed the Bankers — he tried to put things right — which is why he is still demonized to day.

    They still fear him.

  19. Frank Williams December 28, 2014 @ 4:54 am

    I’m always amazed when I read that Hitler was “in cahoots with the Rothschild banksters.”

    In the midst of all the intellectualizing and esoteric historical theories has no one taken the time to read Mein Kampf? If they did a couple of things would be quite obvious:

    (1) Hitler was prophetic in his understanding of “the Jewish problem,” particularly with the relevance of the situation in the world today and…

    (2) Not even the most cunning artist of deception (and that covers quite a lot of territory as we are on the subject of Jews) could have maintained such an attitude of such total and complete genuine disdain against against the slimy jews simply to put up a front.

    It is amazing to me how many of the”awakened” fall straight into the age old (dating back at least to the earliest biblical writings) Jewish trap of division by misinformation.

    Or perhaps those that profess the truth of this deception are part of the misinformation network. Beware the filthy Jewish scoundrels infiltrate your very pores waiting to erupt as an infectious boil.

  20. Shawn January 22, 2015 @ 9:05 am

    Hitler ran fiat money.

    He needed nothing, nothing, nothing from boy-raping Jew Bankers.

  21. Shawn January 22, 2015 @ 9:09 am

    Hitler paid families to pump out as many babies as they possibly could up and until the end of the war. It took him 15 years to get any real traction. Decent Jews were around him because they knew the hard truths about “Jews.”

    I was privy to pictures from my grandfather’s inheritance. He left me a trunk full of diaries, notes, minutes of meetings, and photos. Hitler and Goebbels were hacked to pieces, and Goebbels’ children and wife brutally raped by the psychopathic Jewish Bolsheviks.

    They did not escape to Argentina or commit suicide. That’s Jewish lies. Do they do anything else? Hahahahahah! Look at Saville with the royal Jewish animal family.

  22. maj gen aps chauhan April 12, 2015 @ 6:25 pm

    Hitler has been demonised because he spoke truth and was closest to our ancient civilisational philosophy spelt out in the Gita the doctrine of ideals that should shape human race — the “Aryan” or Noble path.

    In Jews one finds the basest of human instincts steering life for amassing of wealth.

    Ideals and not material prosperity makes a super man. The Jewish stranglehold on humanity, especially the self announced leaders of the world, is so throttling that an apocalypse will take all down.

    I don’t believe in fiction and fib of holocaust concocted by victors of war.

    Truth will surface someday.

    Hitler must be thanked as unless he existed the wretched slaves of the world would still be in shackles. He broke the back of English, the world’s largest slave traders and ingenious extortionists.

    He was an ardent advocate of values, and who turned his people into an ideal model of a super refined nation from whom the world could draw good lessons. He was never a war-monger. This credit must go entirely to Anglo Saxons!

  23. Big sam May 31, 2016 @ 4:21 pm

    The 2nd world war was manipulated by the Zionists movement, as was the banking crash in 2008, like they did with Hitler to get him out of Europe.

    They will control The EU with their self appointed top brass in Brussels. Stand up against this unholy Zionist movement. Their aim is to control the world. At the present time, only 3 countries in the world don’t have a Rothschilds’ controlled bank system — Cuba, Iran, and North Korea.

  24. Matt L. Ehens September 29, 2016 @ 5:01 pm

    The Creature from Jekyll Island


    Transcending Duality Paradigm

    Please read them my good people.

    Cosmic Brotherhood
    Freedom Fighter


  25. Kamilia November 16, 2016 @ 11:41 am

    I never knew that the British monarchy since King William, son of ben Israel, has become a Jewish monarchy.

    Those Zionists are helped by Satan himself. This is too much for Man’s doing.

  26. William Caxton October 8, 2020 @ 7:48 am

    This would have never happened if not for the English Reformation.

    Catholics always defended Europe from Jews and Muslims, while Anglicans supported these enemies of Christ!

  27. Eli James July 29, 2021 @ 12:12 pm

    “The Censored Truth on ‘Jewish Supremacist Fascist Mafia’ Genociding White World” @

    “Verite Censuree sur La ‘Mafia Supremaciste/Fasciste Juive’ Qui Genocide le Monde Blanc” @

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