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Jewish Lobby To Kill Iran Talks

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Jewish Lobby To Kill Iran Talks
By Brother Nathanael Kapner Copyright 2013
September 30, 2013

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JEWS ARE DETERMINED to KILL any hopes for peace in the Middle East. For anything short of war spoils their plans for hegemony in the region.

Preparing for the Jewish destruction of peace talks between Iran and Jewmerica, Netanyahu just arrived in DC to first browbeat Obama into submission followed by a bribing session with the already Jewish-bought hacks on Capitol Hill.

And Israel’s unregistered foreign lobby AIPAC is on the warpath.

What would Netanyahu do without Iran to demonize as a “nuclear threat” and keep the coffers of US aid flowing?

The Jews are afraid that if the ‘Iranian Question’ is solved, Israel will be boxed in, forced to declare their nuke inventory, and pressed to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

But the Jews demand special privileges. And Jewmerica always hands it to them on a silver platter. Jews got the money and the media…and Tel Aviv’s colony in DC caves in.


BIBZY IS LINING UP his patsies on Capitol Hill.

With mission in hand to “tell the truth” in the face of what he calls “sweet-talk” from Iran vis-a-vis Rouhani’s promise to limit uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes only, Bibzy is setting the parameters for ‘peace talks’ between America and Iran.

Netanyahu’s ‘Mission Kill’ INCLUDES His 4 Step Program:

Iran Must Halt ALL Uranium Enrichment

Iran Must Remove ALL Previously Enriched Uranium

Iran Must Close Its Qom Uranium Enrichment Facility

Iran Must Halt Plutonium Development (Used for Peaceful Energy)

As signers of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has every right to peaceful nuclear energy. Rouhani is BOLDLY insisting that Israel does the same by signing the NPT.

But IsraHell and its unregistered Jewish Lobby remain traitors to America’s (and the world’s) best interests.


AIPAC HAS SET the killing field to decimate any chance of success in upcoming talks between Obama and Rouhani.

By POSTING DEMANDS last week to every hack on Capitol Hill who hopes for campaign funding in the next election, AIPAC is determined to KILL any hopes for a settlement of the ‘Iran Nuclear Issue:’

Iran Must Halt ALL Uranium & Heavy Water Activity

Iran Must Send Previously Enriched Material To A Third Country

Iran Must Cease Development Of Heavy Water Reactor In Arak

Iran Must Allow International Inspectors To Access Parchin Military Facility

Iran Must Be Subjected To INCREASED US Sanctions For Non-Compliance

AN EASY MARK on Capitol Hill (among MANY others) who hopes to be next president has taken the Jew bait…Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz filed a resolution on Saturday demanding that there be no further communications between Obama and Rouhani until Iran “recognizes” Israel as a “Jewish state.”

This demand is IMPOSSIBLE to meet for those who support the “right of return” (as Rouhani does) of the Palestinian victims of Jewish theft, genocide, and usurpation.

But all hail Jewish rule in Jewmerica!

If there’s a chance for peace in the world AND the end to political corruption in Jewmerica…you can count on it…Jews will KILL IT in a MINUTE.

But many are on to the Jews with their own plans to KILL the Jewish Lobby. Stay tuned

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Brother Nathanael @ September 29, 2013


  1. Brother Nathanael September 29, 2013 @ 10:37 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family –

    Ted Cruz wants to be the next president.

    He’s an EASY MARK for the Jews.

    Cruz made an IMPOSSIBLE demand on Iran to “recognize” Israel as a “Jew State.”

    Now the Jews will POUR MILLIONS of JEW $$$s into his campaign coffers and the Jew Media will drum up terrific press.

    This is what happens when a good man SELLS HIS SOUL to Christ-Crucifying Jews.

    Chuck Hagel did the same. Now look at the sorry sap…
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    I Hope To Have a BRAND NEW One Up Wednesday Eve.

    Many Thanks To The Few Who Donate To Make It Possible!

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    PS ALL cash donations by mail come in safely and securely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    With Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  2. Brother Nathanael September 29, 2013 @ 10:38 pm

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  3. DudleyDoRight September 29, 2013 @ 11:09 pm

    Cruz’s wife is a member of Council on Foreign Relations.

  4. Reinbeek September 30, 2013 @ 4:33 am

    The social developments in the West are to lead us in a Certain DEATH as nations. Our governments are killing us! For instance Holland:

    A tiny overpopulated country with a rising unemployment. Now 25 percent of the population is of immigrant background. A lot of illegal African immigrants. Opening of borders in 2014 for a flood of certain Eastern European (and Gypsy) ‘workers’ (Dutch will never go to Rumania to work there in a factory). And a rapid ageing white population.

    A feminization of all spheres of social life thus forming a huge competition on the labour market for promising young men. But there are even rules about discrimination in government and other vacancies for the benefit for women, Gays, and Black and Brown immigrants.

    The consequence of this is a low birthrate and licentiousness. And from licentiousness far reaching evil in everything.

    We have a communist system for people without work to give them maintenance of 1300 dollars per month per person.

    Many coming asylum seekers receive that benefit without actually be able to work for the next 5 to 10 years due to the fierce competition. (Many of them are Gays who flee their country. They put a dildo in their anus at the border police to test whether they are really Gay or not, or they let them see a Gay porn movie to see their reaction).

    Still they are welcome with huge numbers. (140,000 per year on a population of 16,000,000).

    In the education field the next intellectual elite is being indoctrinate to be global and to be DARWINISTIC and to be opposed to anything Christian and nationalistic. And the popularization of all kind of occult things on the TV and at the universities.

    A scary thing is the total Zionistification of the police, army and surveillance services (private and public).

    This time it is not called communism but it is secret with masonery killers and Zionistic hidden Jews but it leads to genocide and extermination of Christianity (already exterminated) and Whites (in the making and waiting for an explosion of orchestrated killings of whites).

    Our justice system is corrupt and now someone only receives a punishment for murder of 5 years. For robbery about 3 months. Many (North) African (Muslims) do robbery and the latest fashion is to rob old people with harassment and rape.

    Combined with the debt crisis we will never be able to maintain this social system. There will be no way to solve this coming problem out than with extreme measures.

    Most people are loyal to this government because they own money from them.

    There are many other problems…

    My solution: Throw out all Jews and free masons of the political arena and form a new political system under the command of one leader who is, of course, nationalistic, because still the majority of Dutch people don’t want all these problems with immigration and globalism.

    The Dutch want peace, happiness and prosperity. But this right is us not given by foreign jews, communists and free mason traitors but we have to take this right by ourselves.

    You can see how inhuman many countries with their fake religions are. For I will not leave my country out of misery, but I will STAND MY GROUND and defend the weak people, because I foresee a genocide.

    That is about the situation in Holland as I see it.

  5. michael mazur September 30, 2013 @ 4:51 am

    Obama isn’t going to bomb Syria, much less Iran, and the Jews won’t be able to do a thing about it, as their ‘behind the scenes’ presence is less the ‘hidden hand’ of yore, and more the ‘sticking out like a sore thumb.’

    Because of circumstantial reporting available on the truly heaven sent internet, and almost in real time, we can infer thereby who is being got at and by whom.

  6. Steven September 30, 2013 @ 4:53 am

    Who are the Jews to dictate all things to the nations and peoples of the world? They are nothing!

    Get thee hence, you sons of Satan, and trouble us no more!

  7. Cornelius September 30, 2013 @ 5:01 am

    The good thing about the possible peace plans in the Middle East, is that it forces the Jews on the defensive.

    Their false flag in Syria did not work, and now they are forced to demand political concessions from the US Congress.

    To do this they have to show themselves, which is something they don’t like to do, as they work best in the shadows.

    Except for the Zionist Christians and bribed congressmen, they won’t get any support.

    More and more open-minded Americans will get fed up with this little country telling them what to do.

  8. Taylor September 30, 2013 @ 7:21 am

    An excellent and (thankfully) in-their-face article.

  9. Citizenfitz September 30, 2013 @ 10:35 am

    Excellent article!

    I just got off the phone with my “elected” US reps offices and reprised the concerns Bro Nate voices here.

    The insufferable hypocrisy of the Tribe is reaching a critical mass.

  10. Citizenfitz September 30, 2013 @ 10:43 am

    Cornelius: “To do this they have to show themselves, which is something they don’t like to do, as they work best in the shadows.”

    Well seen and said.

  11. jOSHUA September 30, 2013 @ 11:25 am

    It seems to me (knowing very little of the logistics) that Rouhani is sending a mixed message.

    On the one hand, Iran wants Israel to sign the NPT, and on the other Iran will not accept or declare it to be a state.

    Can it be both ways?

    With this perspective Ted Cruz is giving Rouhani an opportunity to negotiate an outcome favorable to Iran.

  12. DudleyDoRight September 30, 2013 @ 11:36 am

    Off topic but it might be of interest to you. I’ve watched many youtubes on 911, but had not seen this one where John Kerry admits they

    brought down building 7 by demolition explosives in a “controlled fashion”.

  13. DudleyDoRight September 30, 2013 @ 11:44 am

    To Israel-Bribed Congress critters: Israel commands the paper money and the gold coins but the USA has the hard assets, resources, people and soldiers.

    If we tread into war with Iran (then Russia/China) we will have zero left, mutual assured annihilation. I believe Israel/Zionists

    want WW3 war between Muslims (Russia/China) and Christians (Europe/USA) to come out as ultimate victors (global capitol of Jerusalem).

    No matter at what leverage, skeletons, bribes that Israel has, of what use is it when the USA and half the globe is a barren landscape? What if

    Russia uses Cobalt 60 weapons as it has said? Then you cannot come out of your hidey holes for another 1.5 lifetimes. And what good

    is a “conquered” territory with enough Cobalt-60 to kill every mammal upon it?

    Israel has nothing to convince anyone with a modicum of sanity into this war. NOTHING.

  14. Tired of Wars for Israhell September 30, 2013 @ 12:42 pm

    Dear Brother,

    Thank you so much for your inspired and tireless work. Once again, you are correct in this article.

    The prostitute Ted Cruz is already getting the tribe’s treatment. Someone sent me a story this morning from the Jew Breitbart, promoting Cruz on the Jewish, Communistic Atlantic Wire.

    And of course, the whore Cruz is another minority. The Jews don’t want to ever again have a damned White Man in the White House.

  15. tom dean September 30, 2013 @ 1:15 pm

    Brother N you are right on as always.

    In the papers everyday all you hear is about Israel not trusting Iran and going to war.

    If Israel wants war why don’t they go at it alone? Instead, they want to drag us and the West into it.

    Iran keeps all of the Jews in Iran in check, like Putin.

    They don’t want Democracy because then the Zionist Jews will take over.

  16. bobbi September 30, 2013 @ 2:21 pm

    God only knows the Jews have the money because they have sucked the United States dry.

  17. r a feibel September 30, 2013 @ 2:23 pm

    Bro. Nathanael,

    You speak of an American public awakening to the Zionist Cabal. I would love to believe that, except I’m not a novice and have watched and been part of the cabal since 1955.

    It is so complicated and convoluted that even for me to get it right, it is difficult.

    So a public who has been educated by both the government education system and the Zio-Christian leaders to obey all of “God’s orders” to safeguard Israel, or Christ will not return.

    This is preached every Sunday on the big religious shows by the Christian televangelical ministers. And for me that is a huge problem as you can not speak with these people as they immediately call you a sinner and anti-Semite.

  18. Wayne Pacific September 30, 2013 @ 3:32 pm

    Chuck Hagel was used for a public whipping to keep the rest of the money/power slaves in submission. He was and is pathetic – a disgrace to America.

    By the way, the vast majority of slaves were never whipped and were taken care of because they were valuable items of personal property. Whip marks lowered their resale value. When they were given freedom, their intrinsic market value was immediately reduced to zero.

  19. DudleyDoRight September 30, 2013 @ 3:42 pm

    “Dr. Leo Szilard invented the self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction in 1933. He developed a multistage device consisting of a warhead surrounded by a layer of cobalt-59. A plutonium fission reaction would initiate a fusion reaction in hydrogen, emitting neutrons in a step called ‘salting.’

    “Salting converts cobalt-59 to cobalt-60, contained in the fallout. Dr. Szilard deduced by 1950 that 2.8 grams of Cobalt-60 per square mile from a “Promethium” bomb would kill every mammal on Earth, rendering turf uninhabitable for about 70 years — only of use for “scorched Earth” ambitions, not conquering new land.

    “The USSR had developed this bomb.”
    This is the scenario for WW3.

    Zionism is the religion of global domination and establishment of Israel as its head.

    WWI: US zionists funded WWI after the FED was formed; zionists acquired (extorted) the former British colony of Palestine.

    WWII: US zionists also funded WWII. The empty colony needed to be populated with European Jews. Germany now occupied territory run by a zionist (Merkel).

    WWIII: Make Jerusalem global capitol and per Georgia Guidestones reduce world population from 6B to 0.5B by manipulating war to erupt between Christians (Europe/USA) vs. Muslims (Iran/China/Russia) so that zionists are the only ones left over.

    BUT they didn’t take into consideration the Promethium cobalt-60 bombs, which would be used as one side or the other figured they were losing (why leave your land inhabitable for conquerers?)

    Do these people figure on raising another generation of children in underground tunnels? Because that’s what it would take before they could re-emerge.

  20. Halina September 30, 2013 @ 4:20 pm

    This is off topic but very important.

    [VIDEO] Syrian man pleads with West not to support Al Qaeda:

  21. tom dean September 30, 2013 @ 5:05 pm

    @RA Feibel and Wayne

    Chuck Hagel was whipped good and also by the Jewish Whip (Sen. McClean) and all he is, is Obama”s puppet.

    He traded his soul to become Defense Sec along with Panetta. A lot of churches preach that we must be pro-Israel. I don’t see that in the Bible.

    In my opinion God will preserve Israel for Biblical prophecy only and not because of the Jews.

    A lot of Christian leaders are brainwashed. They don’t realize that in the end times God will punish Israel and 2/3rd of the Jews will die but a small remnant will be saved.

    Pastor Hagee is a good example of a brainwashed pastor.

    Someone should remind him that there is only one salvation plan not two. The Jews must be saved like the Gentiles. But he is too busy kissing the tushes in the temples.

  22. Russ September 30, 2013 @ 5:20 pm

    Interesting, Obama is said to be eager to push for peace deal with Israeli and the Palestinians and thanked Netanyahu for entering in a into “good faith” negotiations but said there was limited time to reach an accord.

    Obama agreed to insist Iran get rid of all uranium enrichment or face tougher sanction. This was recommended be Netanyahu. Ok, why not ask for the peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, now.

    This basic negotiating method between two parties and your interest is to ask one thing from one party and another party gives you something that you want.

    Israel wants Iran to not be able make a nuclear bomb. The USA has been asking Israel for a peace deal with the Palestinians for decades. The simple solution is to put pressure on Israel to make a peace deal now!

    Wait a minute! If you were negotiating in the interest of the selfish interest of the Israeli lobby then no way put the peace deal on the same table as the Iranian issue.

    It is really obvious, either our leaders are retarded or there is a great deal of Israeli pressure in the US and Iran negotiations. This can not be denied anymore by rational people.

    There is a joke and it is not too funny for Americans or should I say Jewmericans.

  23. The Elder of Zyklon-B September 30, 2013 @ 7:45 pm

    Teddy Boy just could not take The Mark quick enough.

    “A week after taking office, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz headed to Israel on an unannounced congressional delegation trip, led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.”

    “Cruz, who took office Jan. 3, is a new member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and this was his second trip in a month to Israel.”

    This, dear readers is just one of the many reasons why we use the term Jewmerica. Could it not be any more obvious?

    Not one junket Satan’s Sin-a-go-go, but TWO right off the bat.

    Cruz took The Mark; he sold his soul, which is the first order of business to survive as a politico here in Jewmerica.

  24. The Elder of Zyklon-B September 30, 2013 @ 7:56 pm

    JFK refused to kiss the butt of Zionist Jewry.

    Compare and contrast what Kennedy wrote here to what Cruz and comrades say and do.

    “As I wrote Mr. Ben-Gurion, this Government’s commitment to and support of Israel could be seriously jeopardized if it should be thought that we were unable to obtain reliable information on a subject as vital to the peace as the question of Israel’s effort in the nuclear field.”

    I do believe JFK was despised by the in-the-know Rabbinical class.

    JFK’s Letter to Eshkol About Dimona

  25. Eileen K. September 30, 2013 @ 9:41 pm

    Well, R. A. Feibel, you must have fallen asleep lately, since you’re unaware that the vast majority of US citizens have let ZOG know in no uncertain terms that there would be NO war against Syria; and, thus, NO war against Iran.

    BTW, most Americans have a far higher respect for Vladimir Putin than they have of Barry Soetoro, aka Obama. At least Putin put Bibi Boo-Boo in his place; whereas, poor, ignorant Barry was incapable of doing so.

  26. Caveman2012 September 30, 2013 @ 10:17 pm

    Dear Reinbeek,

    Thank you for the update on the sorry state of affairs in Holland.

    It looks pretty much the same in many European countries, including Germany, France and Sweden.

    There is a very simple solution for this dilemma: you cut funding for all the parasites!

    Stop giving money to the economic “refugees”
    Stop funding people that don’t want to work
    Stop funding “quotas” (Homos, Lesbians, etc)

    They will go away in a second!

    Therefore: the best that can happen to Western Europe is a big economic crisis, that get Europeans back to basics.

    Your people will suffer for a while, but then parasites will disappear!

  27. $10 Bagel October 1, 2013 @ 2:39 am


    I’m sorry, but your entire comment sounds like Jew-speak to me.

    You are suggesting that Iran should acknowledge Iran as a “state” in order for Iran to request that Israel stop manufacturing nuclear weapons and dismantle their current supply.

    Perhaps Iran should recognize Israel as an “illegal state,” but definitely not a JEWISH state.

    Nobody else is allowed to have nuclear weapons in the region, so neither should Israel. That seems like common sense, doesn’t it?

    There should be no double standards. Either nobody has them or everybody does.

  28. Danielle October 1, 2013 @ 3:06 am

    On the French TV news (BFM) I have heard and been informed that the US Governement has no money to pay its agents (salaires des fonctionnaires)!

    Immediately in my mind came the remembrance of what happened in Vatican before Ratzinger alias Benedict XVI resigned! They could not buy or sell anymore until this Pope accepted to resign, then they brought as per magical prestidigitation the current way of buying and selling and brought out of their long sleeves their new false Pope Bergoglio alias François I!

    I guess, perhaps I am wrong and it is just an hypothesis, that the sources of US money coming from very rich international influential banking lobbies have put Obama in front of an ultimatum:

    “If you do not go to war with us against Iran you will have no more economic support from our part.”

    So, Obama will certainly be obliged to go to war for two reasons:

    – First, because of the pressure of the workers (les fonctionnaires) who need to feed their families,

    – Secondly the pressure of the pro-war lobbies, so being as a hot dog in a sandwich, he is much afraid of civil rebellion of the people against him!

    Is it not strange that he said he will pay the soldiers because of their courage etc… and has no money for the others? No, it is not strange: He needs the soldiers in his favour because he is afraid for his life and his status of US President.

    Actually, he has money to pay the soldiers but he has no money to pay those who seat behind a desk and consequently even the “social help” given to the poors will follow going down to the extent that one day civil war for food and water may start in his country!

    God bless America and the whole Christian World! Because only a Divine intervention of our Lord Jesus Christ can save millions of people dying in the coming WWIII whose premises have been yet seen in the Arab countries with the turmoil and the fall of their leaders under the false title “the Printemps Arabe for democracy!”

  29. wolf911 October 1, 2013 @ 3:31 am

    Holland is ruled by the religion of holocaustomania.

    The Dutch are still in state of shock by their indoctrination that starts at early youth that their fellow tribemen the Germans grilled, boiled, gassed 6 million nice Jews just because they were Jews.

    They do not need real Jewish oppression like in France where the Jews reign in all places of media and government. In Holland they rule by the proxy of guilt and shame of the holohoax cult.

    Any common sense of nationalism to stop immigration, debt or export to China of our knowledge equals “Nazism.”

    You will be kicked out of your social life, jobs and family.

    Sometimes I just feel the Dutch deserve what the get like they currently are, as stupid and gullible they are, and hateful towards any one who resists. If it was not for the memory of this beautiful country prior to WW2 and my dear courageous ancestors.

  30. Al October 1, 2013 @ 9:25 am

    I also experience what r a feibal states above.

    I HAVE BEEN OSTRACIZED by 2 families that we used to hang out with. They don’t call us anymore!

    Many others I reveal information to, get physically contorted and angry and pull out all the Christian-Zionist talking points.

    When I break them down with SCRIPTURE they get more angry and say THAT I twist Scripture. Even Jesus’ plain words about unbelieving Jews.

    When I also point them to historical facts and current day FACTS they just get more angry and do not want to look at the info!

    I ALWAYS preface everything by telling them that I do not hate anyone and do not call for any violence.

    And that I only want truth revealed and that ANYONE who does not repent and believe on Jesus is going to hell – they agree, but refuse to turn from their support of Israel or change their mindset and attitude to any degree.

    It really IS looking into the eyes of someone who IS brainwashed.

    I admit that once upon a time I was also. And I believe that if God does not open their eyes to all this THEY will go on supporting Israel and — in their mind — the chosen people.

    Very Sad.

    I thank God for opening my eyes!

  31. Al October 1, 2013 @ 11:38 am

    Check out BB showing true colors.

    Netanyahu calls Iran’s president ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’

  32. DudleyDoRight October 1, 2013 @ 11:40 am

    Germany today is occupied territory headed up by a Zionist, Merkel.

    Germany was the VICTIM of the Zionist Nationalism who commandeered the rightful fear that Germans had of Zionists who’d just run the Bolshevik genocides, and manipulated the Germans — using their extremists, into a sorry state.

    The “auto-punch” is a Zionist tactic.

    It is like using an American Airlines jet to hit American office buildings, like convincing a young naive American woman to kill her own flesh and blood American progeny, her son or daughter (which she goes mad with guilt about later in life), like convincing Germans to go to war and express extremes over nationalism (which was just a manifestation of their fears at becoming the next Ukraine or Russia)…then they blame the victims later.

    Enough of the guilt, it’s an emotion kindled for continued manipulation and harm.

    By the time the Dutch and Germans and all of Europe awakens, there will be no more Europe, just a sea of burqas and mass kaffir abuse, and then there will be no more Europeans.

    The Zionists have used the predictable barbarians and useful idiots to act as their cheap foot soldiers to destroy all white Christian countries.

    The Zionists have prioritized their enemies (Europeans/Americans to be exterminated first, THEN the Muslims).

    American Zionists funded the Zionist Nationalists in WWI and WWII and American Goyim were murdered in their wars.

    Blame is a composite of complexity, but neither war would have occurred were it not for Zionist planning and promotion in the first place.

    And neither would have happened if it did not benefit Zionism, which is global domination and Jewish supremacy and establishment of the Israeli state as the capitol of the world.

  33. DudleyDoRight October 1, 2013 @ 12:04 pm

    Al, I too was brainwashed for … forever.

    I used to read Atlas Shrugs and really got onboard with anti-Muslim sentiment (solely).

    The presentation of Muslims in always such a bad light I realize now, is controlled by the press. Muslims are not without guilt, but to focus only on them is to ignore the greater culprit: Zionists — which is the point of focusing only on Muslims.

    I feel really bad for believing Geller, who calls Palestinians “Fakestinians”…and shows pictures of fat, happy Palestinians shopping in farmers’ markets (thank God for the Israelis who grow the food! [she’d write]). And she regularly details gruesome jihad, beheadings and Muslim abuse of Christians and Jews.

    Again, Muslims are not without blame but I can see how Arabs must know that Israel plans their extermination. They are under seige, they saw what Israel did and does to Palestinians, the Arab and Egyptian Army (which was NOT attacking Israel when they were decimated in the wars).

    The Arabs see how these “people” in Israel who claim some ancestral deed to that land, are not genetically related to those who actually do (the Semitic Jews), and that Ashkenazi Jews actually discriminate against Arab Jews themselves!

    I can see that Muslims may have perverted Jihad to extremes out of fear, and how they would blame Zionist-led America for these fears.

    When I first started reading Bro Nathanael, I was most surprised that all of US media is owned by Ashkenazi Khazar Jews, and he could name each one.

    I found out something that works. Instead of saying “all of US media is owned by Jews” which results in a cringing (brainwashed) reaction and knee-jerk “antisemitism” remarks, I ask them to name one single US media corporation that is NOT owned by Ashkenazi Jews.

    At least it gets them thinking and since they cannot name any that are Goy-owned, they wander away mumbling, and begin to open their minds.

  34. jOSHUA October 1, 2013 @ 12:19 pm


    Israel IS a JEWISH state. JEWISH=ZIONISM

    But here’s my understanding: When Netanyahu claims anti-Semitism it is a farce. “Jewish” people (Khazars) are not from the seed of Jacob but Esau therefore are not the true Hebrews. They hide behind the Israelites’ lost identity.

    I like Ted Cruz but I wouldn’t be surprised if he sympathizes with Zionism due to this deception.

    Nevertheless, I see some comments referencing Russia in line with China in a WW3 scenario. Again, this is deception. Christian Zionists have been claiming Gog and Magog as an Israel – Russia scenario. No way. It is actually Iran and China v Russia/USA.

    Israel would like to see a transfer of wealth from the $ to the EU for a WW3 outcome.

    Dumb Obama with Valerie Jarret are emboldening the Muslim population moreover the Shi’ite caliphate.

    Had to get this off my chest.

  35. wasabi October 1, 2013 @ 1:36 pm

    This is an excellent and well written article.

  36. tom dean October 1, 2013 @ 1:52 pm


    I beg to differ.

    Gog and Magog does not reference Russia.In fact my interpretation of Bible prophecy does not include the US in the end times.

    We will be irrevelant when it comes to that period.

    It could reference China and the armies form the North against Israel only.

    All the countries of the world will go against Israel from what I have been reading. If you see what is going on in the world today you can see why.

    The source of all our problems is with, about, and from Israel and that is why God in the end will punish Israel.

  37. jOSHUA October 1, 2013 @ 4:57 pm

    @Tom Dean

    Agreed, and then all nations will turn against the 2nd coming.

  38. World Trade Center 7 9/11 October 1, 2013 @ 6:41 pm

    After Fukushima, who wants nuclear power anyway?

    Nuclear power plants are time bombs. Iran is known for earthquakes. Power plants can be a target.

    They require lots of staff to keep it safe, because it is inherently dangerous. It’s not worth the risk. US media is very quiet about the food supply contamination from the ongoing Fukushima melt downs.

    Personally I am not eating any tuna or crabs. YouTube Arnie Gunderson on Fukushima.

  39. Brother Nathanael October 1, 2013 @ 10:00 pm

    Dear All –

    Here’s a piece on the subject at hand by Robert Fisk published by the Main Stream Media which has tons of establishment advertisers @

    This is another example showing that the ‘tide is turning’ against the Jewish Lobby…and that now, apparently, the MSM is NOT afraid to use the ‘Jew’ word @

    PS – Working ’round the clock on a new Vid with lots of ‘Jew’ words.

    Hope to have it up Wednesday or no later than Thursday. Stay tuned!

  40. Robertvnik October 1, 2013 @ 11:26 pm

    Al and R A Feibal

    Fully agree with you guy’s about telling Christians the truth, etc.

    Most dont want to know. Question: Are their names really written in the book of life?

    About 15 years ago I too believed in the Jews as God’s chosen and Israel today is his people. But if I got one good point (and I aint got many) about me; I’ll check it out if someone tells me something I dont want to hear. Either that or tell them they may be right but I haven’t got time to check it out.

    So when some fellow told me the Jews today aren’t even descended from Israel I just had to start finding out.

    Fortunately about the same time along came the internet. Still finding out and not one person I know ‘PERSONALLY’ is as dedicated as me to this constant searching.

    Brother Nathanael seems to me after years of constant searching to be one of the best…. maybe the best and a courageous man to boot. Men like him make men like me feel a little pathetic.

    Sad to think that in this world of cowards and dogs Nathanael will probably be left out on his own when they come for him. Reminds me of some Scripture: ‘of whom the world was not worthy’

    God help us all.

  41. wasabi October 2, 2013 @ 2:18 am

    Poll Shows Major Shift in Identity of U.S. Jews
    Published: October 1, 2013

    The first major survey of American Jews in more than 10 years finds a significant rise in those who are not religious, marry outside the faith and are not raising their children Jewish — resulting in rapid assimilation that is sweeping through every branch of Judaism except the Orthodox.

    DOCUMENT: A Portrait of Jewish Americans

    The intermarriage rate, a bellwether statistic, has reached a high of 58 percent for all Jews, and 71 percent for non-Orthodox Jews — a huge change from before 1970 when only 17 percent of Jews married outside the faith. Two-thirds of Jews do not belong to a synagogue, one-fourth do not believe in God and one-third had a Christmas tree in their home last year.

    “It’s a very grim portrait of the health of the American Jewish population in terms of their Jewish identification,” said Jack Wertheimer, a professor of American Jewish history at the Jewish Theological Seminary, in New York.

    The survey, by the Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project, found that despite the declines in religious identity and participation, American Jews say they are proud to be Jewish and have a “strong sense of belonging to the Jewish people.”

    While 69 percent say they feel an emotional attachment to Israel, and 40 percent believe that the land that is now Israel was “given to the Jewish people by God,” only 17 percent think that the continued building of settlements in the West Bank is helpful to Israel’s security.

    Jews make up 2.2 percent of the American population, a percentage that has held steady for the past two decades. The survey estimates there are 5.3 million Jewish adults as well as 1.3 million children being raised at least partly Jewish.

    The survey uses a wide definition of who is a Jew, a much-debated topic. The researchers included the 22 percent of Jews who describe themselves as having “no religion,” but who identify as Jewish because they have a Jewish parent or were raised Jewish, and feel Jewish by culture or ethnicity.

    However, the percentage of “Jews of no religion” has grown with each successive generation, peaking with the millennials (those born after 1980), of whom 32 percent say they have no religion.

    “It’s very stark,” Alan Cooperman, deputy director of the Pew religion project, said in an interview. “Older Jews are Jews by religion. Younger Jews are Jews of no religion.”

    The trend toward secularism is also happening in the American population in general, with increasing proportions of each generation claiming no religious affiliation.

    But Jews without religion tend not to raise their children Jewish, so this secular trend has serious consequences for what Jewish leaders call “Jewish continuity.” Of the “Jews of no religion” who have children at home, two-thirds are not raising their children Jewish in any way. This is in contrast to the “Jews with religion,” of whom 93 percent said they are raising their children to have a Jewish identity.

    Reform Judaism remains the largest American Jewish movement, at 35 percent. Conservative Jews are 18 percent, Orthodox 10 percent, and groups such as Reconstructionist and Jewish Renewal make up 6 percent combined. Thirty percent of Jews do not identify with any denomination.

    In a surprising finding, 34 percent said you could still be Jewish if you believe that Jesus was the Messiah.

    When Jews leave the movements they grew up in, they tend to shift in the direction of less tradition, with Orthodox Jews becoming Conservative or Reform, and Conservative Jews becoming Reform. Most Reform Jews who leave become nonreligious. (Two percent of Jews are converts, the survey found.)

    Jews from the former Soviet Union and their offspring make up about 10 percent of the American Jewish population.

    While earlier generations of Orthodox Jews defected in large numbers, those in the younger generation are being retained. Several scholars attributed this to the Orthodox marrying young, having large families and sending their children to Jewish schools.

    Steven M. Cohen, a sociologist of American Jewry at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, in New York, and a paid consultant on the poll, said the report foretold “a sharply declining non-Orthodox population in the second half of the 21st century, and a rising fraction of Jews who are Orthodox.”

    The survey also portends “growing polarization” between religious and nonreligious Jews, said Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz, senior director of research and analysis at the Jewish Federations of North America.

    The Jewish Federations has conducted major surveys of American Jews over many decades, but the last one in 2000 was mired in controversy over methodology. When the federations decided not to undertake another survey in 2010, Jane Eisner, editor in chief of The Jewish Daily Forward, urged the Pew researchers to jump in.

    It was a multimillion-dollar effort to cull 3,475 respondents from a pool of 70,000. They were interviewed in English and Russian, on landlines and cellphones from Feb. 20 to June 13, 2013. The margin of error for the full sample is plus or minus three percentage points.

    Ms. Eisner found the results “devastating” because, she said in an interview, “I thought there would be more American Jews who cared about religion.”

    “This should serve as a wake-up call for all of us as Jews,” she said, “to think about what kind of community we’re going to be able to sustain if we have so much assimilation.”

    This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

    Correction: October 2, 2013

    A chart with an article on Tuesday about a poll that shows a major shift in the identity of Jews in the United States misstated one age range of adults surveyed. It was those born from 1946 to 1964, not 1946 to 1954.

  42. johann October 2, 2013 @ 2:29 am

    Yes, dear +BN, the tide is turning.

    The Jew lies are being exposed. Their puppet politicians are being shamed publicly as the warmongering liars they are. The people in positions of power the world over are now in the know of the true nature of the Jews.

    We know that they hate us and wish us harm. Why else have they got tons of nuclear weapons hidden away in Israhell? We know that they have been murdering us by the millions in war after war.

    We also know that they are hoping to get further wars started to finish us off once and for all, for in the end these days all wars are wars for the Jews – something Putin and friends understand. And that is why they seek peace.

    The problem for the Jews is that it isn’t just us, the old Christian foe, they have to deal with any longer — but also the rising powers of China and India and, eventually, the sons and daughters of Ham in Africa.

    They are all watching the goings-on in the Middle East with interest and they can see the hidden hand (now not so hidden) of the Jews behind it all. And they are wondering, when are they going to turn on us?

  43. Seraphim October 2, 2013 @ 3:41 am


    Whiffs of Hasbara?

  44. Danielle October 2, 2013 @ 4:14 am

    @tom dean

    If we read Ezekiel well, we can see that Gog comes TWICE to fight against Israël a land without walls!

    We can understand “walls” as:

    – Material/real/concrete walls: Sharon wall, of the Mexican wall, or other walls in the world.

    – Spiritual walls: the walls of virtues which have fallen, and the spreading of impurity/immorality within the inhabitants of the land.

    1. Gog arrives on the surroundings of Israel but cannot enter into the land: he is stopped by the inhabitants of the land by material walls, army etc…

    We can interpret: the believers in our Lord Jesus Christ do not let heresies, impurity, immorality of life to contaminate them and keep their Creed safe.

    2. Gog comes again but this time he enters into the land because there is no more obstacle!

    We can interpret: those who believed in the power of Redemption of our Lord Jesus Christ lose their faith because their souls have allowed the impure ways of life to prevail on their faith and have apostasied (masonry values, homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, free sex, etc…).

    However we can read in the prophecies of Ezekiel that the soldiers of Gog die on the land of Israel in the place called “Guy Hamon Gog” = la Vallée de la multitude Gog. That is to say that much people will die in this coming war. So I think the battles shall take place in the land of Israel where the State of Israel seats.

    The Germans could not enter to fight to conquer the land of Israël. They are protestants (for the majority if I am not mistaken)

    The English people entered to the land of Israel for a period of time but they had to go out because the zionists of the time fighted to make them out. They are protestants (they have abandoned all sacraments ordained by our Our Lord).

    The Muslims who came to build the mosques in Jerusalem are not descents from Gog, but do not believe in the Holy Trinity. Chinese are still atheistic and communist, so they will not escape loss.

    The Roman Catholics have most of them converted to masonry (inconsciously among lay people because of brainwashing, but consciously for the clergy).

    So, I suppose we should rather think that Ezekiel talked about spiritual walls instead of material walls as in the whole world people have thrown away the True God in order to do their will instead of His.

    We can see that punishment (earthquakes, floods etc…) comes first among the idolaters (Haïti, Malaysia, Japan,China etc…) and this should make us think that it is the start of the global punishment for sins committed against God.

    And as in wars normal parents prefer to keep their beloved little children in security and do not put them in the first line during war but in the rear.

    God who is the Father of all Christian believers in Truth and Spirit and loves them very much, keep the families of the Christians in the rear to protect those among them who still have need to convert because He does not want to punish but to save.

    So he gives them time to repent because the condition of a Christian sinner who does not repent is worse at death than those idolaters from birth who never knew the True God (St Paul taught us this).

    So the Gog and Magog war will be so harmful, so scary, so horrible because all the nations and peoples (Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindis, Animists etc…) will be punished and will perish together at the same moment.

    And God said that those who will remain alive and escape the war will not be saved because of the merit of their fathers and not because of their own merits, but because of His Holy Name and His Holy Honour, which has been profaned among the nations, as He is the Lord, He says and He does!

  45. Reinbeek October 2, 2013 @ 8:11 am

    I am freaking out here.

    We have to exterminate all hate and crime. We have to exterminate that minority complex of the Jews and their fear for decent Christian authority, because that, my friends, is killing us.

    The Christian world belongs to Jesus. And Jews have no place in that at all unless they are indiscriminately as Christian as other Christians. How rebellious against God to let Jews rule over us Christians. Because they, as Satan’s slaves, are bullying and killing us.

    Jews have no right for our sorrows.

    They can blame themselves because they do not obey God and hate us, White Christians. Jews don’t have any leg to stand on in the titan clash between true Catholics and them. We have to boycott them, as well as all other haters of God and us.

  46. Al October 2, 2013 @ 11:03 am

    Thanks to all of you… encouraging to know that some of you are also suffering same for the cause of truth and justice.

    In the end we WILL do as our God given conscience compels us …to speak or act.

    All we can ask our Lord is for the same as did Augustine of Hippo – Lord give us what thou commandest and command what thou will.

  47. Al October 2, 2013 @ 11:50 am

    When I read the Scripture that state, “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

    And…When considering (a) that the Antichrist MUST be Jewish for Jews to accept him as their long awaited messiah; and (b) all the Christian Zionists that drool over Israel and Jews, and would do just about anything to allow them continuance for the implementation of their nefarious agenda, I can’t help but wonder that this deception is fully at work in these folks (in the world) today.

    As these Christian Zionists willfully refuse to discern and to PLAINLY see (1) facts in Scripture, (2) in who heads today’s influential power bases (from Finance to entertainment) that have affected Christian culture horribly and (3) also in historical facts that are easily researchable.

    All these absolutely show these people are of the devil, and that they (Christian Zionists) are gleefully enabling them to conclude this ultimate plan of Satan to get his last kicks in – because he knows the time is short.

    I realize that it is God’s will to let this iniquity of devil and man reach its full prophesied conclusion, until the Wrath of God comes for them.

    We can’t stop it nor should we attempt to thwart God’s will. BUT we must always continue to expose their plan and always fight injustice and continue to raise the name of Jesus Christ as our God and Lord and King and Redeemer and as the only way to Heaven!

  48. jOSHUA October 2, 2013 @ 12:50 pm

    Hey, Al –

    I too once was “freaking” out. Catholic doctrine by the likes of Ignatius Loyola and Francisco Ribera make false claims that might as well be part of the antichrist spirit seen in what Seraphim earlier referenced as Hasbara (new to me).

    The claim of the antichrist as a man was their way to defend the Catholic church from scrutiny at that time. Very deceptive.

  49. Al October 2, 2013 @ 4:10 pm

    Hey jOSHUA,

    I am not sure why you have placed “freaking out” in quotations…lol

    I am only guessing, BUT it appears that you may have erroneously attributed this “freaking out” to my posts. Just in case you did, that was not me, I am not freaking out….lol.

    However, further to your other points. I am not sure exactly what your implying regarding the Antichrist – as to what you believe or don’t.

    For me, I’ll just say that, there has been and is (1) a spirit(s) of antichrist in societies/cultures; (2) Many men/woman throughout history who have been as a likeness to the coming antichrist in their actions, words and spirit; and (3) there is actually a literal “THE Antichrist” coming — the man of perdition to be revealed and recognized by the elect during the tribulation of the saints.

    I personally hold a Post-Trib Pre-Wrath rapture viewpoint just as it is outlined in Mathew 24 — “after the tribulation” — and also elsewhere in Scripture.

  50. ely October 2, 2013 @ 4:21 pm

    Obama meets with Goldman Sachs for new line of credit – in violation of US law

  51. DudleyDoRight October 2, 2013 @ 5:12 pm

    Thinking back to 6 years ago when Obama let the peace-democracy protesters (the real kind) get slaughtered by Iranian government as they begged for American support.

    I even read that he allowed the Iranian government access to Twitter data which allowed them to kill protest leaders in their homes.

    So obviously Obama, for Israel, WANTED the most weird/radical government in Iran, as it serves Israel’s purpose to have holocaust denial (Jews have got a lock on the twisted version of history that’s out there for now) and “wipe Israel off the map” statements floating about.

    It was heartbreaking, kind of reminded me of the SEALS in Benghazi hoping for help to come, and it never did.


    Dr. McCaughey: Obamacare is Eldercide

  52. The Elder of Zyklon-B October 2, 2013 @ 6:13 pm

    More here on Kosher Cruzman, the new Senator jockstrap for International Jewry.

    Cruzman, during his recent showmanship filibuster shows he is a true suckup to Marxist Jewry by bashing the noble Neville Chamberlain.

    He also gets in that Hitler name as well of course.

    Amazingly enough, Chamberlain gets some decent treatment in this BBC writeup.

    Thanks to David Irving for posting the above article.

  53. Brother Nathanael October 2, 2013 @ 7:27 pm

    New Vid Coming Soon!

    You MUST stay up for this one. +BN

  54. DudleyDoRight October 2, 2013 @ 8:05 pm

    This caught my eye — confirms what you’ve said about Hollywood.

    What’s Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude doing at 1:36 with the star of David on his head?

    This is one of a series of his silent home movies from 1965 at his Malibu home (Roddy McDowall) they often show big movie stars (and what I imagine to be Jewish Hollywood producer-mogul types) mulling around the beach scene.

    I’ve seen a few of these videos and it seems that to be in the in-group you’d have to abide by “the rules.” This must still be the case in Hollywood.

  55. Beno Candelon October 2, 2013 @ 8:08 pm

    Putin outfoxed Obama?

    Well, sure, but Bro. Nathaniel, you’re smart enough to know Obama’s a puppet, right? What good does outfoxing Obama do when he’s not calling the shots?

    The banksters knew Putin only had one card to play. They weren’t sure he’d play it. So they prepared “Plan B” in advance, set it ready, then knocked on Putin’s door to see how he’d react.

    I deeply respect your spiritual path and your courage. My path is different. I believe in “sanantan dharma,” universal religion: one God, many paths. 18 months ago my guru, whom I have never met in the flesh, told me telepathically Armageddon would begin by the end of September 2013. And the last day of September, it began.

    Here is my best analysis and advice as the crisis unfolds and before others realize the severity of it. If those of you who have investments see this deadlock in the US Congress continue until Wednesday, the 16th, I urge you to liquidate all your paper investments and buy scrap gold and silver coins before the close of business that day.

    I believe we will see the Congress pretend to be close to a resolution on the 17th, but that no resolution will be forthcoming that day. If that happens, the US will default on a critically important debt payment.

    The next day, Friday, the markets will panic. Then, perhaps over the weekend and before the markets reopen on Monday, perhaps a day or two later, Congress will come to an agreement.

    Then we will see the markets rally, but not enough to cover their losses. This process will be repeated until the value advantage of the Russians and Chinese’ dumping their holdings of US Treasury Bonds is, for all intents and purposes, destroyed.

    Here is the rationelle: By the 16th, those in control will have done what I am advising you: liquidated their paper assets and purchased hard assets. Then, they will start playing the game of what is called “shorting the market.”

    This means they will purchase “put options” on the S& P 500, which, in layman’s terms, means they’re betting money that the market will go down. And, lo and behold, the market will crash. They’ll make a fortune.

    Then they’ll “go long” with “call options” on the S&P 500, betting the market goes up. Lo and behold, it will rally. They’ll make another fortune. They’ll keep repeating this process until they’ve shaken all of your hard-earned dollars (and the Russians and Chinese’) out of your investments and put them into their pockets.

    Russia and China will sit by, wringing their hands. There is nothing they can do, because if they were to start dumping their US investments, they would, in essence, be declaring war against the US, and they know they’re too weak to do that.

    After the banksters have decimated the markets and robbed the majority of the wealth, then they will declare war against Syria. At this point Americans will still be hopeful of a recovery.

    The government and media will still be feeding you lies. The masses will still be believing them, like you always have, BECAUSE THEIR LIES ARE THE MASSES’ ONLY “HOPE.” (My hope lies in, and has always laid in, God. And I put my money where my mouth is.)

    This isn’t the full collapse. But it’s the beginning of it, and all your other options — such as escaping to someplace safe like I have, liquidating your paper investments, etc. –will have evaporated.

    They, on the other hand, still have another killer financial card up their sleeve: the derivatives time bomb, what Warren Buffet calls “financial weapons of mass destruction.” But they’ll play that when they’re ready to totally destroy the global economy.

    Go here, read the instruction at the top, then click the 2nd to last link, read, then repeat with the last link.
    ( )

    If you want to read about my fascinating, miracle-filled spiritual journey of how my guru led me to the safest place on earth, read the rest of the links.

    Good luck,

  56. jim October 2, 2013 @ 8:14 pm

    May Christ guide me through Life towards Truth.

    The Iranian President, elected with properly regulated paper ballots, just like his predecessor, comes out with a message of peace befitting nobility, and even lies about the Holocaust, and the suicidal mad dogs from Israhell call him a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    WTF, how can anyone in their sane mind accuse Iran of being a wolf when they have attacked no one in over two hundred years?

    You have to be on many prescription medications, and spend at least four hours a day listening to Pope Bill O’Reilly discuss the New Testament, before you can seriously buy any of this.

    What really hurts the most is the sexual molester, narcissist, dirt bag, White trash, atheist shill for the Self Chosen Vampires (SCV) is allowed to confuse innocent people about the New Testament.

    For the love of God, please read the four books at least twice, in a slow manner and with an open mind, before believing anything stated from those most Holy Books. Only the SCV would have a goy monster from Hell interpret this gift from God.

    On a related note, am absolutely amazed that the Messiah Obama backed off of the Syrian war. He is either afraid of full scale retaliation from the Christian King, really bad Karma, or is just a pussy.

    Maybe the coke head, homosexual, commie, house Negro in charge of the Pink House is just afraid of the reaper, like all wanna be atheist bad asses.

  57. ted October 2, 2013 @ 8:31 pm

    The Golem is waking up and Humanity has very little time left.

    Please enjoy it.

  58. Matt Wayne October 2, 2013 @ 11:02 pm

    Dear Danielle,

    In Luke 21:20-22 Jesus specifically told what would happen to Jerusalem and Judaea. Jesus said that it would be surrounded and its desolation is nigh, in fulfillment of what of what has been written and God’s vengeance.

    20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

    21 Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.

    22 For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.

    Desolation in the World English Dictionary: desolate region; barren waste

    Desolation in Webster Dictionary: the condition of a place or thing that has been damaged in such a way that it is no longer suitable for people to live in : the state or condition of being desolate.

    Jesus could not make it any clearer, God is not going to save or spare the Jews, and they will be wiped out in an instant, completely and never to return.

    To understand bible prophecy you have to understand that when it refers to the God’s people, Jews or Israelites in future prophecy, it’s generally referring to the children of the promise, those who are saved through faith, believers in Jesus Christ.

    The physical Jews are referred to as Babylon in the bible. This is why in Revelations 17:16-17 it says:

    16 The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire.

    17 For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God’s words are fulfilled.

    It says until God’s words are fulfilled, that’s the same as Luke 21:22 “in fulfillment of what of what has been written” or in God’s word.

    Where is the destruction and desolation of the Jews and Israel written? In many places, but for one in Jeremiah 50 and 51.

    In Jeremiah 50:26 “Completely destroy her and leave her no remnant”.

    Jer. 51:62 Then say, ‘LORD, you have said you will destroy this place, so that neither people nor animals will live in it; it will be desolate forever.’

    In Revelations 18:24 In her (Babylon) was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people, of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

    To Show that Babylon is the Jews, Jesus said Matt. 23:37 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you.

    Babylon and Jerusalem are one in the same. As Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 2:14-15:

    14 You, brothers and sisters, were like the churches of God in Judea that are united with Christ Jesus. You suffered the same persecutions from the people of your own country as those churches did from the Jews

    15 who killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets and who have persecuted us severely. They are displeasing to God. They are enemies of the whole human race. (GW)

    It couldn’t be any clearer, that the Jews killed the Lord Jesus, the prophets, are enemies of the whole human race and are the prostitute/Babylon spoken of in Revelations.

    Who else killed Jesus, the prophets, have persecuted the church for centuries, murdered 65 million Russians in an attempt to destroy Christianity there, have started and instigated almost every major war in the last 100 years, just as it says in Revelations 18:24.

    The prostitute sits over the people of the earth, who corrupted the earth with her adulteries (Rev. 19:2) and is drunk with the blood of the saints. (Rev. 17:6)

    It’s the Jews and no one else. They are the guilty party and God’s judgment is coming in fulfillment of all that has been written.

    Jer. 51:49 Babylon must fall because of Israel’s slain. (The spiritual Israel spoken of in Romans 9:6-8)

    The scriptures in Ezekiel and Zechariah 14 you’re referring to are about the battle of Armageddon spoken of in Rev. 19:17.

    After the nations fulfill God’s word and destroys the Jews and desolates Israel, they will eventually turn against the Kingdom that Jesus set up in the world.

    Probably in retaliation to accepting his rule over them. The ungodly and rebellious will be destroyed and the world will see 1,000 years of peace as Jesus Christ rules.

    There will never be peace in the world until the Jews and their satanic false religion is gone.

  59. Van Helsing October 3, 2013 @ 6:44 am

    Netanyahoo was in NYC this week and went to dinner and he had “detail of eighteen security guards” protecting him at the kosher restaurant Harry Cipriani, and four drivers outside, according to the NY Post.

    “There was a ring of guards all around him, with more stationed at the door.” Wonder what he’s afraid of?

  60. Sander October 3, 2013 @ 1:25 pm

    There’s a lot of celebratory talk around here suggesting the ‘death of Zionism’ is imminent.

    Please! This Rouhani charm offensive is a temporary setback, nothing more.

    There are a hundred ways to deflect and derail it.

  61. Iran News October 7, 2013 @ 8:21 am

    The NCRI is comprised of 25 committees that act as shadow ministries.

    The committees are responsible for expert research and planning for future Iran. For more information visit

  62. Rehmat October 7, 2013 @ 7:58 pm

    London ‘Jewish Chronicle’ American correspondent and author, J.J. Goldberg, believes that Benjamin Netanyahu failed in his mission to stop Barack Obama from talking with ”moderate” Hassan Rouhani – because there was no Monica Lewinsky in the White House to blackmail Barack Obama.

    In an article published in Jewish Daily Forward on October 4, 2013, Goldberg said that Netanyahu could not blackmail Barack Obama as he did to Bill Clinton using Monica Lewinsky sex scandal in January 1998.

    At that time Zionist prime minister Netanyahu was at loggerhead with Bill Clinton for stalling the handover of the West Bank to the Palestinian Authority (PA), a deal signed by prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in September 1995. Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a fellow Zionist Jew for caving-in to American pressure.

    “Netanyahu’s plan was to spent September 30 at the White House, convincing Obama and his top aides of Rouhani’s duplicity, and the next day, October 1, appealing to the conscience of the world from the rostrum of the United Nations,” said Goldberg.

  63. ATWasabi October 10, 2013 @ 10:35 pm


    The article you quoted does not square with my experience.

    I never met a Jew who did not support Israel, who did not bring up the Holocaust and who did not identify as Jewish, in some way, even if it was secular.

    The Jews described in the article you quoted are still culturally and politically Jewish, but probably not religiously so.

  64. john thompson November 16, 2013 @ 8:33 pm

    Dear Bro Nat,

    I was deeply disturbed the other day to discover that around just under one third of the elected members and ruling members within my countries (UK) government hold duel nationality passports.

    I guess that wouldn’t be too bad or be anything to worry about if they were say, Dutch, er French, er Canadian etc…. But they aren’t, and that just under one third hold British and Jew passports?

    I don’t need any one to tell me what is seriously wrong with this picture.

    There have been a few times in my life that I have doubted my intense dislike of the Jew.

    I sometimes questioned myself thinking that maybe they really aren’t the devious, dirty, backstabbing, moneygrabbing, murdering, manipulators that I thought them to be?

    I will never doubt again. We all know the Jew runs and owns most, if not all, major corporations, banks, etc., in the world! And now I discover they are integrated heavily within the British government.

    How can you be loyal and honest to one country in a position like that if you have dual nationality? Simply you can’t.

    They really do want everything don’t they? I wonder now how many other heavy hitting governments throughout the world they are integrated and comfortable inside.

    Obviously the USA was lost to the Jew a long time ago. Anyway my mission now is to try to expose them and to find out why so many Jews hold positions of power within my country’s parliament when they are not truly British etc.

    I could never understand why certain things within my society/country seemed to be getting destroyed from within, but now its the light bulb moment and it all became so clear, my friends.

    It is gonna be a bumpy road ahead but I shall never have doubts about the underhanded, manipulative, devious, greedy, evil Jew again!

    Knowing about some of the things that they get away with in Israel goes to prove that there is something wrong with them, they don’t think like us, look like us, every thing they do is just wrong.

    It maybe harsh, but I personally don’t look at or see them as anything remotely close to being human because they aren’t, and that is why when we finally do get eject them all and I mean all (men, women, kids), it will be the best day of my life and I hope I live to see it.

    Just imagine virtual every bit of fighting that is going on in the Middle East probably the world would stop tomorrow if the Jew disappeared.

    Anyway, keep the faith Brother N.

    I love your site. jm thompson, UK

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