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Who Owns The Media 2012?

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Who Owns The Media 2012?
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Brother Nathanael @ October 2, 2012


  1. Brother Nathanael October 2, 2012 @ 2:16 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    Who Owns The Media 2012?
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2012

    Election time is here once again and the lure that your vote “makes a difference” is nothing more than a scam.

    You see, the boyz who run the Propaganda Machine—The Main Stream Media—are the ones who decide who will live and who will die.

    Naah, they’re not “presstitutes” like Gerald Celente would have us believe. And no, the Machine is not “corporate owned” like Alex Jones tells us.

    They’re Jews and I’m going to tell you just who they are.

    CBS is owned by Murray Rothstein, he passes himself off as Sumner Redstone.

    NBC is owned by Brian Roberts. His CEO is Jeff Zucker.

    ABC’s CEO is Robert Iger he took the reins from Disney’s Michael Eisner.

    Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch – a proven Zionist – his mother, Elisabeth Green, is of Jewish extraction.

    CNN is owned by Time-Warner where Jewish mogul, Carl Icahn, apparently calls the shots.

    Its top reporter Dana Bash who trashed Ron Paul back in the Primaries

    [Clip: “There’s no question I’m sure you talk to Republicans who are worried as well just like I am that Ron Paul will continue on long into the spring and summer further even if he runs as Republican or as an independent nobody thinks he will ultimately be the nominee.”]

    Well, of course she’s worried; her real name is Dana Ruth Schwartz.

    Print media bears the same Jewish stamp.

    To name a few: Time Magazine shifts from one Jew to another. The New York Times is owned by the Sulzberger family and Newsweek is co-owned by Jane Harman and Hollywood’s Barry Diller. All bringing the ‘news that’s ‘fit to print’ as long as it has a strong Jewish imprint.

    So go ahead and vote – but the Jewish fix is in. They smeared Pat Buchanan back in the 90’s and ignored Ron Paul in 2012, and left us with two losers to choose from.

    You see, “democracy” is any country, like Amerika, where Jews are in control.

    And they’ve got the media all wrapped up: lock, stock, and you, over the barrel.

  2. Brother Nathanael October 2, 2012 @ 2:22 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family.

    I PROVED it! JEWS own the Media NOT “presstitutes” and “corporate owners” that those who FEAR THE JEWS like Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, and Paul Craig Roberts feed us with day after day.

    And JEWS decided who gets nominated and who gets elected. MONEY and MEDIA (both in Jewry’s hands) DECIDES who will live and who will die in Amerika’s faux “democracy.”

    This is why I say in the Vid that “democracy” is defined as any country where Jews are in control.

    My “Streets Across America” Street Evangelism is NOW in HIGH GEAR.

    People are now donating to me by earmarking on PayPal and on their checks: “Streets Across America” Project. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ARE SUPPORTING THIS HOLY CAUSE!

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    Sarasota, Florida – Mid December

    Tucson AZ – Pending Early 2013

    St Louis – Pending Early 2013

    Seattle – Pending Early 2013

    Washington DC – Pending March 2013


    First of all, Here is a recent interview with me LIVE at Times Square on September 28, 2012 @

    Many PICS!

    The next two pics basically show me holding the Cross in the POURING RAIN @ &

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  3. Arjan October 2, 2012 @ 2:32 pm

    The only alternative media is the media that exposes the Jewish hand behind the scenes.

    If they use kosher terminology like banksters and presstitutes they are afraid of the Jews or paid by the Jews.

  4. Elie Weasel October 2, 2012 @ 2:39 pm

    Oy Vey, Oy Vey, the Goyim are on to us. Looks like it’s time to dig up the old holocaust-card before this self-hating Jew gets too unpleasant.

    Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the Beast, for it is a human number. It’s number is 666.

    Meaning: Those “Christians” who worship the Jews and likening the “holocaust” with the crucifixion (both historical events, both suffering for our sins) are indeed following the Antichrist – the false Christ that the Bible speaks of.

    The symbol of “six million Jews” are replacing the Savior on the cross, and the symbol translates to six – six – six.

  5. Justin October 2, 2012 @ 2:39 pm

    Great follow up Br. Nathanael.

    I know you did a who owns the media video before. This one was the better of the two (I’m not saying the first was bad). This one just goes in depth more than the first.

    I know of the Christ-hating satanists (Judaism is Satanism) who own these outlets.

    Fox is my favorite — they grovel and drool over Jewry and their anti-Christ state of Israel in the most pathetic fashion. They always have Bill Kristol on, too, which you already know the anti-Christ and anti-Mohammedan filth that is going to be spewn forth.

    “Conservatives” (they have no idea Jews are commies) in Amerika are like sheep. They say “we must support Israel” (they want wholesale slaughter of Palestinian Christians and Moslems to further their heresy of Jews being chosen).

    The Jew owned media also puts their apostate protestant preachers up to further their aims.

    Hagee, Robertson, and others are all pawns to the Yids thanks to their own damnable “Dispensationalist” heresy. These fools don’t know Scripture and they flash their phony credentials before the Jew media moguls, cameras, and networks.

  6. KathJuliane October 2, 2012 @ 2:53 pm

    Greetings in the Lord, dear +BN,

    I’m just passing through for the moment, but wanted to say what a great video.

    This is a very striking technique to match up the well known media logos which appear in every living room on TV or Internet with the particular Jewish faces that own or influence the mainstream media companies.

    The two are just not graphically associated together, particularly since Jews tend to keep their faces out of much public view.

    The animated effects you’ve worked brings that association between Jew and broadcast/press logo into the ‘really real’ of every day life and certainly closer to home.

    God bless and thank you for all of your labors in Christ, dear +BN.

    That is also an impressive Street Evangelism schedule, too. I know I can squeeze a little more out this month to devote to that.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  7. Shane October 2, 2012 @ 4:48 pm

    Let me know where you’ll be in Atlanta in November, Bro Nat.

    Would love to come by and give you my support personally!

  8. The Elder of Zyklon-B October 2, 2012 @ 5:47 pm

    “You see, “democracy” is any country, like Amerika, where Jews are in control.

    And they’ve got the media all wrapped up: lock, stock, and you, over the barrel.”

    The Elder’s open letter to the Goyim of “Los Estados Judios”:*

    That’s RIGHT sports fans, the Talmudic vampires from the Synagogue of Satan are licking their ugly chops as they salivate thinking about closing in for the kill. Enjoy what you have slavishly helped usher in!

    Don’t worry, after all of you have been dispossessed, bankrupted, and starved out, you will be headed for your regional Jew-run FEMA camp.

    There, you will be safe and secure from the turban-headed boogieman who hates you for your freedom. If you cooperate, you will get plenty of Jewish produced entertainment via big screen TVs and Sunday sermons by “righteous Gentile” preachers such as John Hagee, Joel Osteen, and the Southern folk’s favorite, Charles Stanley.

    Don’t worry about your children either. There will be abundant brothel opportunities for your girls AND boys.

    You see, the chosen rabbis have needs too, and your family can and will do their part to satisfy them. You will sleep well at night knowing your little boys and girls are snuggled up next to the special chosen spiritual leaders. Remember God blesses those who bless Israhell.


    If you should be so foolish not to cooperate with your Talmudic masters, a kosher guillotine will be waiting for you. Rest assured, your organs will be harvested for the benefit of The Tribe because you see, your synagogue buddies are oh-so-frugal that nothing will go to waste.

    So whatever you Goyim decide to do, be sure to vote in November because all those heroes you idolize so are fighting Jewry’s eternal enemies for your right to vote and live free!

    Remember too Goyim, that Amerika is such a blessed nation because you here in the land of the free and the home of the knave have still, after ALL THESE YEARS continued to bless die Juden.

    * “Los Estados Unidos” is Spanish for the United States. “Judios” = Jews in español and it sort of rhymes with unidos. It is a very appropriate and catchy term for this country in more ways than one.

    Put it on my tombstone:

    “Die Juden sind unser unglück”

  9. AN OLD MAN October 2, 2012 @ 6:17 pm

    The perfidy of the Jews has been long known (to the few) and long suppressed (to the many) but now thanks to the Internet and the remarkable courage of sainted individuals like +BN the ugly truth is getting out.

    A demonic race of people, the satanic Zionists, want worldwide power, wealth and prestige to the exclusion of everybody else on the planet.

    In fact everybody else is just cattle, or GOYIM, to these would be masters of the universe. They want it all, and they want you to bow down and worship them, and if you don’t they’ll exterminate you.

    Growing up in the 1940s in San Francisco, I grew up next to the wonderful old adobe Mission Dolores church (the oldest building San Francisco and where I was baptized) it is one of California’s original 21 missions built by the Spanish. It is an iconic and much beloved church with a very faithful flock of parishioners from all over the city.

    One day, walking home from school I saw a strange man, all dressed in black with a wide brimmed black hat, walk up to old adobe church and quite purposely spit on the church wall.

    I was shocked and horrified by this sacrilegious act. I told the priest on my next Sunday Mass about the incident, and he knew about this man from other parishioners, and he told me the man was a Jew. This was my first contact with THE EVIL JEW.

    I later learned that this is a common practice with many Jews and they even encourage their children to do it. How despicable is that!

    No wonder that they have been so reviled by the whole world. MAY THEY SOON ALL BE CAST INTO HELL!!!

  10. Albert D Pastore October 2, 2012 @ 8:53 pm

    Good work Bro Nat….although you left out some really big names:

    Sam Zell — owns LA Times and Chicago Tribune

    Mort Zuckerman — owns US News and World Report and the NY daily News

    Craig Duboff — CEO of company that owns USA Today

    The Meyer Graham family — own Washington Post

    Also at CNN — Wolf Blitzer, Gloria Borger, and John King (converted so he could marry Dana Scwartz Bash)


  11. Paul87 October 2, 2012 @ 9:14 pm

    -Sumner Redstone (Chairman & CEO)
    -Includes: Viacom Cable, CBS, MTV, Blockbuster, BET, UPN, Paramount Pictures, VH1, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Spike TV, etc.
    -Philipe Dauman (President and CEO of Viacom)
    -Leslie Moonves (President of CBS TV)
    -Martin Franks (Exec VP of planning)
    -Louis Briskman (Exec VP of research)

    Comcast/NBC Universal
    Steve Barke (gentile member of JP Morgan) CEO
    Roberth Greenblatt (Chairman NBC News)
    Steve Capus (Pres NBC News)

    -Robert Iger (Major owner)
    -Includes: Walt Disney, Disney Channel, ESPN, A&E, ABC, etc
    -Allan Bravenmen (Exec VP Walt Disney)
    -Ben Sherwood (Pres ABC News)

    -Robert Murdoch
    -Includes: FOXTV, New York Post, London Times, News of the World

    -Wolf Blitzer: host of Situation Room

    Encyclopaedia Judaica in “Motion Pictures” pg 449 says “all Hollywood companies except for United Artists were founded (or run) by Jews”
    -Sony Corporation- Howard Stringer (Chairman and CEO)
    -Columbia Pictures- Michael Lynton (Co Chairman)
    -Sony Pictures Entertainment- Amy Pascal(Co Chairman)
    -Warner Bros- Barry Meyer (chairman)
    -Time Warner Gary Ginsberg (Exec VP pres of market and communications)
    -Paramount- Brad Gray (Pres of Paramount Pics)
    -Dreamworks: Stephen Spielberg, David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenburg
    -Minimax Films- Harry Weinstein (Weinstein Films)
    -MGM- Harry Sloan (Chair)
    -Screen Actors Guild- Alan Rosenberg (Pres)

    Clear Channel Comm- Robert Sillerman (founder)
    PBS- Ben Wattenberg (mod of PBS Thinktank)

    Viking, Knopf, Random House, Modern Library, Simon and Schuster, Greenberg Pub, etc

    Literary Guild, Book of Month Club, Heritage Club, etc
    Random House, Double Day, Anchor Books
    Bertelmanns American- Joel Klein (Chair and CEO)

    -Wallstreet Journal – Peter Khan (CEO)
    New York Times, Boston Globe- Arthur Sulzberger (publisher)
    -New York Daily News- Mortimer Zuckerman (owner)
    -Village Voice, New Times- David Schneiderman
    -Washinston Post- Donald Graham
    San Francisco Chronicle- Ron Rosenthal, Phil Bernstein
    AOL/Time Warner Books –Laurance Kirschbaum

    US News and World Report- Mortimer Zuckerman
    New Republic- Marty Peretz
    Barons- Peter Kahn
    Nationreview- Michael Leden
    Business Week – Bruce Nussbaum
    Newsweek- Donald Graham
    Weekly Standard- William Kristol
    The New Yorker- David Reznik, Nicholas Lehman, Henrick Hertzberg

    Ivan Seidenberg- Verizon/Comcast (CEO)
    Norman Ornstein- American Enterprise INstitute
    Barm Diller-US Interactive (CEO)
    Kenneth Roth- Human Rights Watch
    Richard Leibnar- NS Bienstock
    Ari Fleischer- Bush’s press secretary
    Stephen Emerson- medias choice expert on domestic terrorism
    Terry Semel- yahoo (CEO)
    Mark Golin- AOL (VP)
    Warren Lieberford- Warner Bros Home Div (Pres)

  12. 123arrow October 3, 2012 @ 3:40 am

    Two thumbs up for you Brother!!

    Many thanks for your continuance in the exposure of the REAL problem not only in the U.S. but globally as well.

    You sir keep up your good work ! Bless YOU .

  13. Glory B. October 3, 2012 @ 4:00 am

    In compiling the names of the Jews who control the media, don’t forget the Internet — probably the most powerful spreader of the truth about the Jews today.

    Google — Sergei Brin and Larry Page – JEWS
    Facebook — Mark Zuckerberg — JEW
    Wikipedia — Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger — JEWS

    Yahoo! — Terry Semel – JEW
    My Space — Brad Greenspan, Josh Berman, Tom Anderson — JEWS (Anderson said to be a half-Jew)
    Huffington — A Jew-lover if not an out-and-out JEW

  14. Snowy Smith South Africa October 3, 2012 @ 4:52 am

    World Without Israel

    Kissinger, US intelligence community endorse “World Without Israel”

    The American “PEOPLE” have gone from the most “LOVED” in the World to the most “HATED” in the World as a direct result of the WAR MONGERING JEWISH CRIMINAL MAFIA who has HIJACKED the American Government.

  15. Goyz In The Hood October 3, 2012 @ 8:08 am

    I was inspired by this video and its comments regarding the kkkosher media.

    While inspired, I happened to be at Wal-Mart.

    I was so inspired that I shoved all the Swindler’s List DVDs on sale behind the display case.

    All of them fell down inside the bloated contraption. The entire display case of hundreds of other titles would have to be taken apart to get Spielberg’s discs out, if anybody even sees them down inside there.

  16. Furor Teutonicus October 3, 2012 @ 9:04 am

    Good job Goyz.

    That sounds exactly like something I would do. People continually ask me, “What can I do about it?” before finally telling me that they are tired of hearing about the kosher kommandos.

    Here is a perfect example of someone who hears and accepts the truth and is therefore inspired to take action.

    In this case the producers as well as the vendors of kosher mind control “entertainment” are deprived of revenue. The filth is also kept out of the gullible goyishe minds who would no doubt would buy up the crappy talmudic videos.

    It is tactical subversion without violence and it is indeed justified.

  17. KathJuliane October 3, 2012 @ 9:38 am

    Before these news items are occulted by being tossed down the Judeo-Western Media Memory Hole or is otherwise torn, spun, or mutilated by the Hildebeast and her State Department orcs:

    Russia hopes Georgian election will help normalize relations

    (Reuters) – Russia’s Foreign Ministry hopes Monday’s parliamentary election in Georgia, won by billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Georgian Dream coalition, will help normalize the country’s relations with neighbors, it said in a statement on Wednesday.

    This just in: 95% of ‘Syrian rebels’ not Syrians – RT video interview Georgetown University Professor of International Law, Daoud Khairallah

  18. Wotan October 3, 2012 @ 12:52 pm

    Dear Bro Nat,

    Your gesturing, mimicry and intonation are close to perfection in this video – as is content.

    Most Americans don`t understand that whoever they vote for, President will finally be somebody the Jews have decided upon. The present situation is just the more funny, since both horses have Jewish owners.

    Democracy requires a pluralistic, independent and controversial press. Without various lines of thought being presented how should the population choose, which thoughts are the ones they like best?

    That is why democracy will remain a theoretical ideal and in practice it will always allow the most cruel and the most successful thieves to control the thoughts, which are on offer.

  19. Shane October 3, 2012 @ 1:17 pm

    Glory B.-

    From what I could gather on Huffington, she’s not a Jew, but Huffington Post was started by her and 4 or 5 other writers who are indeed all Jews.

    Huffington apparently had some kind of big love affair with some older Jewish guy when she was young, and he had a big impact on her thinking.

  20. JMO October 3, 2012 @ 1:27 pm

    Great article and great outbound links from the commenters:

    @Albert D Pastore – Great source of actual history.

    @Snowy Smith South Africa – Please God, let it be true.

    @KathJuliane – It was probably a lot easier to hide the origins of CIA/Mossad led coups before the internet.

    People may actually be emerging from the Jew-induced fog to see the light of truth.

    I will continue to spread the word. People in the US (especially Southern California) are heavily indoctrinated in Jewish culture and look at you like an alien when you criticize Jews for their atrocities.

    It tends to help when I clarify that it’s their leaders and not the Jewish masses (even though we all know that there is evil in the root of their teachings and upbringing, whether they realize it or not).

    At least we have about a million examples of coups, wars, backroom dealings, theft, murder, eugenics, etc, etc, etc to give them over the last 150 years alone.

  21. KathJuliane October 3, 2012 @ 1:52 pm

    This is not very good news, and I smell self-serving Judeo-NATO propaganda brewing

    Turkey Fires Artillery at Syrian Targets in Retaliation for Civilian Deaths

    BEIRUT, Lebanon — The Turkish prime minister announced on Wednesday night that Turkey had fired artillery at targets in Syria, in retaliation for Syrian mortar fire that fell in a Turkish border town and killed five Turkish civilians.

    Turkey doesn’t know if the shelling came from the Syrian government forces or from the “Syrian rebels” (95% from somewhere else but Syria) which Israeli-NATO backed Turkey is supporting, or if accidental or deliberate, or if it is a bloody CIA/Mossad or Shin Bet false-flag.

    What the hell, just blame the current Syrian regime.

    Then go on to imply that the Assad government is insane by claiming that it is trying to pull Turkey into the conflict. Then Turkey blasts away at Syrian targets in retaliation.

    This is like the Jew who cries to the world he is a victim, while beating you with a stick!

    This is asinine!

  22. Justin October 3, 2012 @ 2:03 pm

    I smell Jew aggression in the Mid-East, if the Turks invade Syria over this whole artillery debacle.

    Maybe the Jews are sick of their puppet Turkey and want her eliminated. It’s the only reason I could think of if this is a Zionist-NATO false flag.

    Turkey doesn’t know where the artillery from. Let me help you Turkey–it came from either the Jew-sponsored Free Syrian Army, Assad’s boys (I highly doubt that), or from Zionist NATO.

    This now, just as Asia is heating up with China and Japan bickering talking of war, which China would win–Japan hasn’t got a chance.

    P.S: Thanks KathJ for the information. I knew of the Sino-Japanese Island dispute, but thanks for pointing this out.

    Christ God bless you all,


  23. Nizin Lopez October 3, 2012 @ 2:43 pm

    Greetings, Brother Nathanael, my name is Nizin Lopez.

    I am a 36 year old Cuban who is also a U.S citizen, I happen to be halachically born Jewish though both my mother and my maternal grandmother were Catholics. My mom was half Jewish but 100% assimilated and my grandma was 100% ethnically Jewish yet Catholic and 100% assimilated.

    My maternal greatgrandparents were Sephardim from Turkey/Istanbul who are buried in the place that is called Israel today, in the North. So, I am technically born Jewish but biologically I am only 1/4 Jew. I discovered my lineages back in 2002 after doing genealogical research.

    I became immersed in the whole thing, had a Brit in Brooklyn, traveled with Birthright for 2 weeks, then in 2003 made Aliyah and studied in Midrash Sephardi and in machon Meir.

    I had some positive experiences there and I met good people but I realized that in Israel I was a 2nd class citizen because I am brown and Arab looking, plus my last name Lopez was worse than the Epiphanes abomination for them.

    I was harrassed everywhere by Israeli guards who would constantly interrogate me in public. I was basically dehumanized in many cases, many long stories, bitter stories.

    I left Israel for good. I realized that Israel was a supremacist Jewish-Ashkenazic state and that Sephardim and Mizrachim were only brought there for manual labor and maybe for Mossad jobs that would require infiltration in Arab countries.

    I was back in USA in 2004 after 8 months of harassment in Israel. I attempted to go to a few synagogues in Miami Beach, but I was always given the cold bucket of water because of my social status and my genetic imperfections (the last name etc).

    I went to a shul called Ohev Shalom in N. Miami Beach of Rabbi Webberman who is a chaplain of law enforcement or something, his sons work I believe in something connected to the prison system or something.

    I also went to the Chabad of Midtown of R.Shmuel Gopin here in Miami Fla, after a while I had some disagreements with him. When I started going to Miami Dade College/Hialeah campus in Miami, I made a presentation that my -Jewish Ashkenazi speech professor SHERRY SINKOFF did not like and then many weird things started happening to me in that college.

    A student asked me to do his homework for $. Then all of the sudden I job that I had applied for before, a Gov Job, answered me back saying that I qualified as a “prison guard” but that I had to undergo a psychological evaluation. Strange coincidence!

    Some other student approached me saying that she hated America, etc. Then I was called into the security office of MDC/Hialeah campus and interrogated by two security officers and two cops because somebody had said that I supposedly had a weapon or something, it was a false accusation.

    The academic dean adviser Sonja came in and made me sign a bunch of papers.

    Then the academic dean of MDC/Hialeah campus Ana Maria Bradley Hess summoned me to her office to interrogate me. She gave me a piece of paper with the address of a psychologist telling me that if I would go to that address to see a psychologist she would accept me back ( and I had done nothing!). The paper didn’t say her name or the name of MDC.

    Then I remembered about the job asking me for a psychological evaluation…I was extirpated from the college but I was not given a separation letter or anything. A complete mystery. In my opinion this happened because of the presentation that I made but well…what can I do?

    After this my life became a hell — long story — it would take many pages to tell my complete story which is similar to the Will Smith film “ENEMY OF THE STATE”.

    I came from Cuba in a boat risking my life and then after being here in USA with a spotless record, this injustice was done to me. Incredible ah?

    I have chosen to absolutely divorce myself from Judaism, Torah, and definitely from Israel. I want nothing to do with them at all. I will continue my story Brother Nathanael. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to have freedom of speech.

    Blessings my brother. My name is Nizin Lopez. Thank you!

  24. Dave October 3, 2012 @ 5:25 pm

    Another great video!

    When Dana Bash said “I’m sure you’re talking to republicans who are worried as well, just like I am”, she meant “she too is talking to Republicans who are worried”, not that “she is worried.”

  25. Brother Nathanael October 3, 2012 @ 5:51 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family.

    The “Debates” begin tonite. BUT like I said in my Video above IT’S ALL A SCAM.

    You see, the Jews who got the MONEY & MEDIA decide who gets nominated.

    Like I said in the Vid, two good men, Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, were DEEP-SIXED by the Jews.

    Pat Buchanan the JEWS who own the Media SMEARED. Ron Paul the JEWS who OWN the Media IGNORED,

    And now the JEWS left us with 2 losers: COMMIE OBAMA enabled by JEW COMMIE George Soros (Born George Schwartz) & Mittens Romney enabled by JEW MONEY AND JEW NEOCONS:

    Sheldon Aldelson (who made his billions peddling VICE in Vegas) and ALL the WARMONGERING JEW NEOCONS who make up Romney’s foreign policy/security advisers including CHERTOFF, KAGAN, and Senor.

    The problem is, is that I know too much and I am NOT AFRAID to say it. I NAME THE NAMES and I SHOW THE FACES: JEWS. NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS.

    Paul Craig Roberts just came out with a new article and ONCE AGAIN the “Jew-Fearer” stated that the Media is “corporate owned.”

    SORRY Mr Roberts, you LOSE YOUR CREDIBILITY with this kind of cover up. THEY ARE JEWS and THEY OWN THE MEDIA & CONTROL THE ELECTIONS. Period.

    I WILL NOT watch these sham debates tonite between too “Scripted” LOSERS.

    JEWMERIKA is JEW OWNED and SO are the candidates the Jews have left us with. THIS IS PITIFUL and DISGUSTING.

    But Amerikans are TOO STUPID and TOO BRAINWASHED by the JEWS to grasp this.

    Here is a recent interview with me LIVE at Times Square on September 28, 2012 @

    I got a good KICK START by a FEW contributors for my Street Evangelism. But not it has all died down.

    As soon as I got back from NYC I did not get any rest but began filming and working on this Video. I work hard for the money as the saying goes.

    I am reliant on a FEW to keep these Videos, my Articles, and now by Streets Across America going. Quite frankly, VERY FEW help me.

    I expected some nice donations after putting up this Video BUT only 5 people donated.

    Everybody “loves” the Vids. I “love” them too. BUT I am going broke.

    Many have made promises to me but BROKE THEIR PROMISES.

    A major contributor STOPPED sending me a large regular sum of financial help.

    PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING ME “financially” to Continue.

    To Donate Via PayPal CLICK:

    By Mail:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    May Christ Bless Us All!

    Be Sure To Check Out My NEW Website, “Brother Nathanael’s Amazing Videos” // “” @

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Publisher, Real Jew News

    PS Many Thanks to all who send in Cash Donations.

    All cash donations arrive SAFELY and SECURELY.

  26. GS Patton October 3, 2012 @ 7:55 pm

    @Nizin Lopez October 3, 2012 @ 2:43 pm

    Thanks for your moving story.

    I am sure that, along with BN+, the veterans here will be able to give you a well-deserved and articulated welcome.

    I can only say: God Bless You In Christ!

  27. Justin October 3, 2012 @ 7:58 pm

    I only watched a quarter of this sham ‘debate’ before I turned it off in disgust.

    Obama and Romney are like a puppet. The Jew just pulls the string and makes them talk (there is a cartoon with both of them held on puppet strings and Soros commanding the strings). The caption say I can make them move or something like that.

    Let me put it this way, the debates were a BORING JEW SCAM!

    All the “Conservative” pages on Facebook are raving (Zionist Republican loons are swooning for Mittens). They are not Conservative….They are Zionist. I just wish they would admit that Netanyahu was their master they love – that Christ-hating, warmongering, genocidal maniac.

    The blessing of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ be with you all,


  28. Glenn Michael October 3, 2012 @ 11:30 pm


    “This is the gun site video from ONE Israeli sniper code named “juba” who was responsible for killing over 200 U.S. troops in Iraq.

    And what about the other Israeli snipers? America totally decimated the Iraqi army before a single soldier ever set foot on Iraqi soil.

    Our soldiers did not have a whole lot there to fight. So to get American troops to FIGHT and kill civilians and erase Iraqi society which was the real goal, and to label common civilians as “insurgents” there HAD TO be a few American deaths happening…….”

  29. arjan October 4, 2012 @ 4:14 am

    Jew owned media refers to themselves (Jews) as global mafia.

    So, I was watching the play on the global mafia network about the global mafia leaders in the most powerful global mafia state.

    Some corporate sponsors control the global mafia, by bribing the mafioso, because the global mafia is afraid they will go to jail.

    After getting fully informed on the global mafia network, I learned that the only thing that can save us from the global mafia is the global mafia.

  30. sarz October 4, 2012 @ 7:53 am

    @arjan –

    It is ironic that the largest and most powerful criminal ethnic group does not have its own name, hiding behind the name “Mafia” from a far less offensive community.

    May I suggest that we use the term “Jewry” for just that purpose.

    It is an ethnic based criminal organization, but of course not everyone of that ethnicity should be looked on as necessarily a criminal. No more “global mafia”. It’s just “Jewry”.

  31. Nizin Lopez October 4, 2012 @ 9:12 am

    Greetings brother Nathanael, this is Nizin Lopez again. This is PART II of my message.

    Today I went to check my email (after I posted my comment in your site yesterday) but I couldn’t get in, what a funny coincidence!

    Well, let me go ahead and continue if I may. So, like I was saying before, I went to Ohev Shalom in N. Miami Beach were I was treated very fairly (I won’t deny that), then I went to the Chabad of the Israeli Ashkenazi Rabbi called Shmuel Gopin for many months.

    There I met several individuals including a guy with Law Enforcement connections named Bernie among some others.

    I remember that during one of the shiurim we (the group) started talking about a certain tragedy that took place not so long ago in 2001.

    When I made my point an Ashkenazi lady of the shul got up and called me “AN ARAB UNDERCOVER” and a “CONVERT” even though I am halachically born Jewish and even though the Last names of my maternal great-grandmother were “Cohen and Levy”.

    I had never been in a Mosque in my life! How could I possibly have been a spy for the Arabs or whatever? This told me that during all the time that I had been in that shul everyone had been smiling at me while thinking I was some kind of infiltrate or something simply because of my looks.

    I guess she never read the 13th Tribe from Mr Arthur Koestler and I guess she never read “the Jews of Khazaria” from Kevin Alan Brook. After being in that shul for a while I had some disagreements with Rabbi Gopin so I vanished from there.

    After I was un-officially extirpated from Miami Dade College/Hialeah campus, I moved on to the tattoo world. I took some classes, practiced a lot, and worked in 2 different shops located here in Fla.

    Right after I stopped going to MDC a friend of mine who had a dirty record showed me a gun while I was sitting in the passenger seat of his car. He had been hired by someone obviously and he was hoping that I would put my finger prints on the gun he was holding with both of his hands.

    Maybe he was gonna get “HOOKED UP” BY SOMEONE OR SOMETHING if he would have managed to bring me down? This reminded me automatically of the false accusation I had undergone in Miami Dade College.

    Then a certain tattoo artist who was introduced to me by one of the guys from my 1st tattoo shop (an MDC student) gave me some advice about tattoo equipment.

    He told me not to buy the metallic bag from a tattoo supply, he told me to go to one of those shops that sell “WEAPONS” because they sold something similar for cheaper. Was he trying to advise me or was he trying to get me on camera in a place where weapons were sold? Did somebody hire him? Coincidence!

    Then I ran into an old friend of mine named Nelson who had been into every single religion on the planet. He was and is a martial arts expert.

    Nelson all of the sudden professed to be a Muslim, I had the suspicion that it was a lie and that he had been hired by someone hoping that his Islam would somehow appeal to me in order to accuse me of something.

    Nelson taught me self defense for approximately 2 months in Miami/Fla. We used to train in Amelia Park which is in the heart of Hialeah Fla, this place is kind of a like a forest and people usually go there on the weekends to do BBQ’s.

    So, I learned some self defense techniques with this fellow. One time he told me he was going to Cuba for 2 weeks, before he left he gave me 2 sharp wooden sticks that looked like big thorns, he told me to keep them in my car in case somebody would assault me.

    Why would anybody try to do that? When he supposedly flew to Cuba I threw them away. The next day when I went to Amelia Park to practice and to exercise by myself all of the sudden 2 police officers showed up in the middle of the forest.

    They searched me down, checked my body for “WEAPONS” but could not find anything because I had thrown away the two pointy sticks Nelson gave me. They told me they had confused me for somebody else. Was this a coincidence? This was not it.

    Nelson took me to a Hindu Temple in Fla and there I met a guy from Chile who was all of the sudden saying all kinds of good things about Hitler in front of me as if he wanted to record me saying something that could be used against me in court or something, I don’t know.

    Nelson also took strange people to some of our practices in Amelia Park. He took for example a Dominican guy of Jewish Ashkenazic background who spoke about all kinds of controversial things in front of me, he was also the son of a cop.

    Another time Nelson took a guy who looked like a cop and spoke about weird things as well. I guess maybe the tactic behind this was to record me saying something bad in order to take away my American passport? I don’t know.

    Nelson knew I had been collecting my notes about my Jewish experience all the way since 2003 until 2009, so he gave me a video he had downloaded in YouTube about an anti-New World Order guy who had been murdered for his writings.

    Was Nelson subliminally telling me that somebody was going to kill me because of my research?

    It was clear to me that Mr Nelson was not a Muslim (I have absolutely nothing against Muslims or Arabs) and it was clear to me that Nelsito was working as an undercover agent for some power, his goal was to throw me in jail.

    The minute I started polishing and organizing my notes in order to put them into Microsoft Word, all hell broke loose and it was clear to me that I was being harassed by more than one intelligence agency here in Miami. I cannot even begin to describe the kind of things that were done to me, most people would not believe me.

    My cell phone for example was interrupted for more than a month even though I went to the headquarters of the cell phone company and showed them my receipt, one of the guys even admitted that this was being done by someone who was very powerful (they were all together in the game).

    Thugs were thrown in my direction in order to provoke street fights, I guess the goal behind this was to arrest me and to dirty my super-clean record….on one occasion a car cut me off, the guy got off his car and started cursing me.

    I stayed inside my car because I had the feeling that he was an undercover agent and that his goal was to make me angry enough so that I would get out of my car and fight. A street fight with an undercover would surely have put me under arrest and God knows what else would have happened. I couldn’t believe it!

    All of the sudden I started having diarrhea almost every day. I would go to a Cuban restaurant located in East Hialeah, I had been going there for years so, why this diarrhea all of the sudden?

    I realized that they were putting something in the water (I was not drinking from sealed bottles) so when I stopped drinking water from the cups the diarrhea stopped, when I began to drink from sealed Pepsi cans and so on there was no more diarrhea.

    The restaurant had been hired by something or by someone to cause me discomfort in order to break my will, in order to punish me.

    Several other situations happened in 2 other restaurants as well. This is why now I only eat from sealed cans and drink from sealed bottles. The last time I drank Cuban coffee in S.W Miami, a few hours later on I felt a strange pain around the area of my left lung. This happened at night.

    The next day I felt a weird intestinal pain and I had a really hard time going to the bathroom for approximately one week. I started feeling a very uncomfortable burning sensation in the area of the sciatic nerve that gave me an awful rash.

    The rash was not produced by unwashed skin or anything like that, it came from the inside of my legs and gluteal area. In other words, something was put in that coffee in order to cause me extreme discomfort. What was it? I don’t know.

    It’s funny that when this happened weird ads about “DISEASES” also started popping up in the computer screen anytime I used the computer lab in the library (MDPLS).

  32. Nizin Lopez October 4, 2012 @ 10:19 am

    Greetings brother Nathanael, this is part III of my message.

    So, one time I was called up by this Hispanic lady that I had known for many years. She said that her husband wanted a tattoo on his arm but that he didn’t want to get it done in a tattoo shop because it was too expensive and so on. I consented — I had known her and her x-husband for many years.

    When I went to their house only her husband was there. He proposed that I should do the tattoo in their bedroom because there was more illumination. I thought it was strange, but I got all the equipment ready.

    When I placed the stencil on his arm, his wife showed up in the house with some little girl that was approximately 7 to 10 years old. I had seen that little girl before in their house, it was a Jewish-Ashkenazic girl who happened to be the daughter of a Jewish psychologist. The Spanish lady of the house was paid to take care of her on the weekends.

    I met the father of the girl on one occasion, he even gave me his business card.

    When the Spanish lady got to the bedroom where I was about to tattoo her husband, I looked at her to say hello. That’s when I realized that the Jewish little girl had some freaky red lipstick on, I found that veeeeeeeeeery weird and grotesque. Why would a little girl be wearing red lipstick? That made no sense to me at all.

    All of the sudden the Spanish lady took out a camera and went into a frenzy taking pictures of me.

    Then I realized that she was trying to photograph me in the tattooing process next to the little girl with the freaky red lipstick. In other words, she was trying to photograph me tattooing next to a minor “IN A BEDROOM.”

    The whole thing was a set up in order to throw me in jail. This was why the guy wanted the tattoo done in the bedroom and not in the living room, this is why he didn’t want to go to a shop.

    I packed all my things at the speed of a lightning and I left in the middle of the whole thing. They didn’t get to screw me over.

    After I left I thought about the whole thing.

    Then I remembered: in 2009, when I was in MDC (Hialeah Campus) I got that governmental job offer that demanded that I would see a psychologist in order to be considered for the job. A strange coincidence and I thought about the other coincidences I wrote about before.

    As far as the Spanish lady that tried to set me up in order to throw me in jail, she had a government job in Fla and she needed that job in order to provide for her family.

    Could it be possible that in order to keep her job she was pressed into committing this hideous crime against me? Did somebody threaten her in order to force her to do this horrible action against me? Who was behind this? Did she do it voluntarily because somebody brainwashed her making her believe that I was the devil incarnate?

    I know one thing for sure, what she did was absolutely evil, she set me up in order to accuse me of the most vile accusation of all time. I think the goal behind this was to deport me back to Cuba and to take away my U.S citizenship.

    Then I remembered that when I was called into the security office of M.D.C/Hialeah campus, one of the first things the officers did was ask me if I was a resident or a U.S citizen.

    There were some other individuals around this time that asked me if I reached America by boat or by plane. This of course does not prove anything but it is I would say a very strange coincidence.

    So, this is one of the many-many-many things that I experienced during what I call “MY PERSECUTION ERA” in Miami/Fla.

    Apparently this is what happens when one opens his mouth in order to speak his mind. I would have never imagined, not even in my wildest dreams, that something like this would ever happen to me. This happened in 2011.

    Incredible but true, it shows how humanity really is.

  33. Hans October 4, 2012 @ 12:28 pm

    Dear Nizin,

    your reports are truly shocking. Thank you for them. I have already known that the Jews are wicked and evil – especially when you consider how they behaved in Germany during and after WW1.

    As thanks that the Germans gave them shelter and protection and opened all doors in society for them they turned against us. Many Jews came from Russia to Germany because of pogroms.

    The Germans back then thought because they were nice and polite other are also nice and polite so they didn’t recognize the danger of this psychopaths.

    There are not many peoples who give you a snake if you ask them for a fish but our good old friends are definitely one of such tribes.

    They reward kindness with a knife in your back.

    But that what you write is really shocking. Even for Jew-wise persons.

    It is good that you left this supremacist death cult, which has sold its soul to the devil.

    That is why they rule the earth. Because they are in league with the ruler of the earth. For now – but not long any more.

  34. dobrowolski73 October 4, 2012 @ 1:21 pm

    Dear Brother,

    Thank you for other great video. Polish mass-media is also under Zionists occupation and influence.

    Are these poeple humans? Syrian free army kills:

    Greetings from Poland,

  35. GS Patton October 4, 2012 @ 3:23 pm

    @ sarz October 4, 2012 @ 7:53 am ( RE: @arjan )

    A while back DD did an interesting YT video based on Wklks report on “The Land of Organized Crime.”

    In that video, DD explained that using the Italian word conjures hate towards Italians, thus diverting the focus from the real culprit.

    He proposed to use the term: “Organized Crime” (which has been around from a long time).

    Therefore, one could combine both terms: yours + DD’s. Below is video link:

  36. Paul October 4, 2012 @ 5:21 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael,

    Let me know when are going to be at Harvard, would love to come out and support you with some of my college friends!

    Keep up the good work, you are the only source of news we watch!

    May God Bless and keep up the good work!

  37. Matt Wayne October 4, 2012 @ 6:01 pm

    Dear Nizin,

    That was an interesting story, but in your situation whether it was real or imagined is hard to tell.

    If true, you have to be somewhat thankful that nothing worse has happened. I’ve dealt with the Jews for more than 3 decades and the things I have personally seen have been horrific. I’m left with the belief that they’re sociopaths who are devoid of any conscience.

    The feeling of compassion is non existent in the Jews. But the lust of the flesh, greed, pride, and murders are alive and well.

    I’ve seen them on several occasions unjustly take someone’s life savings, and leave them in destitute, often worth millions through the judicial system which they own and control.

    I’ve heard of organ thefts without anesthesia because it damages the organ(s). Defrauding women with promises of marriage only to wind up sex slave in Israel. And murders in the tens of millions.

    Every time I hear of a business a Jew owns, I think who did they steal that from. Because this is what I’ve seen them do with my own eyes.

    Brother Nathan is Jew by birth who converted to Christianity when he realized Judaism is dead. Life is in Jesus Christ.

    In your 3 parts I’ve heard a story with no mention of Jesus. I’ve only heard you think the Jews are not treating you well. Had they accepted you and treated you better would you be partner in crime with them? Or are you on this site to help and further the truth?

    Brother Nathanael with this site is warning of the danger. The same people (the Jews) that murdered 65 million + or – in Russia are here in Amerika, in our midst. Their plan and goal if left unchecked will again be to murder in the tens of millions.

    The poor deceived Zionist Christians are now hurriedly making the rope that Jews will hang them with.

    John 8:44

    You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

  38. kmarie October 4, 2012 @ 6:46 pm

    This video does name Jews in high media places, to the extent that it is obvious that Goyim participation in media decisions is weak, weak, weak.

    At the same time, Jews, always looking for ways to improve the bottom line, look for deals with other corporate players. (I guess we know what group is in charge of most major corporations?)

    Amber Lyon, Emmy award winning CNN journalist, recently lost her job because she tried to convey pertinent, truthful information on the violence in Bahrain.

    Interestingly, she learned that the Bahraini Economic Development Board “was actually advertising on CNN and paying for sponsored programming” (AFP).

    She also noted that the Obama administration is enhancing censorship, making it legally more and more risky to feature politically incorrect news and viewpoints. (I guess we know what group has the Obama administration on their puppet strings?)

  39. kmarie October 4, 2012 @ 6:56 pm

    Jewish control of our media is but one more outward manifestation of “spiritual wickedness in high places”, as I understand it.

    When Brother Nathanael does his street evangelism, lifting up The Cross, he is actually waging spiritual battle AGAINST these evil spiritual strongholds.

    The spiritual influence for good is strengthened as ordinary people see him and and express spiritual unity and support.


  40. Seek The Truth October 4, 2012 @ 8:06 pm

    Speaking of the misuse of the media by Jews, the wicked Jews on the eBay discussion boards constantly tell lies.

    Anyone who criticizes Israel for war crimes or who makes the claim that Israel was involved in 911 gets called all kinds of names such as Nazi, Stormfronter, holocaust denier, anti semite, Jews hater etc. They put respected journalist Patrick Buchanan on their ADL kill list and called him an anti semite.

    That’s how they deflect any criticism or evidence. They attack the messenger with name calling so that the message will be denied and users will be afraid to read it or watch any youtube videos.

    The Jews who use the eBay discussion boards make the claim that the Arab patsies who were blamed for 911 were all college educated and rich living in fine houses including Osama Bin Laden.

    This is a radically different story than was told by the Jews in the Bush administration who claimed right after 911 that they were Saudis who trained in Afghanistan and who lived in caves.

    The videos released by the CIA and Mossad on TV always showed someone they claimed was Osama Bin Laden inside a cave with other Arabs. Bush even told the TV audience that the U.S. military was developing bunker buster bombs that would destroy the caves.

    This proves that the wicked Jews that use the eBay discussion boards to confuse the minds of children are contradicting liars.

  41. Christian Colbert October 4, 2012 @ 9:30 pm

    IF you want some musical re-enforcement for your upcoming events, I will volunteer.

  42. Gene Lovell October 4, 2012 @ 9:40 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Great video on the media! Yes, I appreciate that you always say it the way it is without fear.

    Please put me on your list to notify when you will be in Atlanta. I would really like to shake your hand and buy you lunch and/or dinner.

  43. michael October 4, 2012 @ 10:57 pm

    @Nizin, thanks for sharing your interesting and disturbing story.

    If it were possible through BN I would like to make email contact and hear more. I compile incidents like this for use as needed to educate.

    I would be interested in the what your report said that got the professors ire.

    His website was mentioned by a reader, but your harrassment, though not as sinister (Jim had to leave the US, 2 attempts on his life), has some similarity to Jim Stone’s story, “My Experience with the Jewish Community” at

  44. Nizin Lopez October 5, 2012 @ 10:14 am

    Greetings Brother Nathanael, and thanks to all of you who have commented on my posts, I truly appreciate it, I mean it.

    As far as I go, I have no fear of being murdered whatsoever. if I am murdered that simply means that God Almighty has called me to his presence. I am not a coward and I don’t kneel before devilish supremacists, I don’t care how much influence and power they have, I do not kneel.

    So, if my adversaries want to kill me, then let them go ahead and bring bad karma upon themselves.

    My soul is clean and my heart is clean, the funny thing is that after all that has happened (I know many will not believe me because my adversaries are very well organized)I still believe in being a good person. I am not saying that I am in any way perfect but I still believe in righteousness.

    As far as Germany goes, I love Germany, I refuse to say bad things against Germany. To the German people I say the following: be proud to be who you are, don’t listen to all these devilish groups who hate you.

    I love heavy metal rock and I thank Germany not only for their great advances in science and so on, but for all those great metal bands such as Kreator, Scorpions, Ramstein, etc. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Germany.

    The Germans are just people just like anybody else.

  45. Nizin Lopez October 5, 2012 @ 10:54 am

    Greetings Brother Nathanael and everyone else, this is part IV of my message.

    So, I worked in two tattoo shops in Miami Fla.

    First I worked in one owned by an Argentinean born in Mendoza. It was clear to me that the guy hired me not because of my so-called skills but because someone or something told him to hire me in order to have me on camera constantly and to hopefully catch me doing something that could be used against me.

    One time for example, there was a very young looking kid that went there with a broken ID, the ID said he was 18 but he looked like he was 14. I told the owner I was not gonna tattoo him because he looked like a minor.

    It was incredible to see that the owner was pushing so much on me to do this tattoo! Why was the owner so interested? It was a small tattoo so it was not because of money.

    Several minors went there trying to get tattoos done by me without ID but I never tattooed them. I figured that some of them were just regular Joes trying to get away with it but some of them were sent by some intelligence agency in order to screw me over.

    It is interesting that the main tattoo artist of that shop, an Argentinean also born in Mendoza who was going to Miami Dade College, was always talking about controversial political things in front of me as if he was recording me or something. He and the owner would always talk about Bin Laden, Communism, Hitler, the Jews, Al Qaeda, etc, always in front of me and they would always ask me what I thought.

    Another interesting thing is that I had many people there asking me if I spoke Arabic. yes I know that many people get tattoos in the letters of that language but it kind of seemed strange.

    I had two minors one time who claimed to be Palestinians (they spoke Arabic), they said they wanted a tattoo saying “PLO.” I told them I couldn’t tattoo them because they were minors. Then they came with a guy who pretended to be their legal guardian but he had no proof so I told him I could not tattoo them. Were these all coincidences?

    One time the owner said he wanted to celebrate the success of the shop by going to a club. After I did my research I realized that the club he had chosen was a club for non-heterosexuals (I am 100% straight of course). I told him I would not go there.

    I knew he was straight and I also knew that the other tattoo artist was straight. There was a piercing girl there who was not straight but still, why would the owner choose that kind of club? Perhaps somebody wanted to take pictures or a video of me going inside in order to do “character assassination”?

    As far as the individuals of these tattoo shop who did everything in their power to destroy me: I feel sorry for them in the sense that they are victims of their own ignorance. They probably agreed to cooperate in that repulsive endeavor because they were brainwashed to believe that I was a horrible human being.

    Maybe they received some kind of compensation…I don’t know.

    Right before I started working in this shop a certain tattoo artist (a straight guy) from Miami called me up and offered to tattoo me for free (this was a very $ oriented guy).

    I told him that the problem was that I lived in a very small place and I had no space for the set up. He told me he could not do it in his house either so then he offered to do it in a “MOTEL,” he even said that he was willing to pay for it.

    Why would this guy who was not even a close friend of mine offer to tattoo me for free in a motel? Why was all this so important to him?

    Answer: because someone hired him. Someone was interested in taking a video or a picture in order to discredit me, in other words: character assassination. It was clear to me that this was what was happening.

    I know that many people who read this may not believe this but this happened in Miami Fla. In case you think “Nizin Lopez” is some weird name I made up, go ahead and look me up in the internet, I am an artist from Cuba and I am heavily immersed in the Heavy Metal scene.

    In case you wonder, I do not do any drugs of any kind and I don’t even smoke cigarettes. I am into art. I’m not saying I am perfect, I am far from being perfect, there is no such things as perfection in the physical plane.

    So yeah my brothers and sisters, this is one of the many things I went through. I am not scared of them. I think now my adversaries have nothing but great respect for me (silently of course) because they have realized that I am stronger than they ever imagined.

    I lived in Cuba for 15 years and I crossed the Atlantic on a boat, I almost died during the long trip. I have experienced many things in life, maaaaany things. So, it is not easy to bring me down.

    I am not perfect or invincible, but I have been out there and my will is stronger than steel. I always thank God either way, I know He desires mercy and not SACRIFICE.

    Thank you my friends for taking the time to read my words.

    Thank you Brother Nathanael for giving me an opportunity, I really mean it.

    Muchas gracias a todos.

  46. Susie October 5, 2012 @ 1:37 pm

    Thanks for the update, Bro Nathanael.

    I did a YouTube video in 2006 listing who owns the media. Nothing much has changed. Still Jewish-owned.

    I am voting for Ron Paul again. The thought of voting for Obama or Romney makes me nauseous, besides being anti-American.

    I loved ‘Democracy means any nation Jew controlled.’ True.

  47. Matthew/Boston October 5, 2012 @ 3:11 pm

    Excuse me while I vent… Is that Sumner Redstone one of the homeliest and oddest looking bipeds walking the surface of the earth or what?

    Brother Nathanael drawing back the curtain and showing us the demons at the controls. And there are actually people out there who like Romney and Obama! They both stink!

    Merlin Miller is a presidential candidate that calls out the Zionists and does it very openly. Consider voting for him. Encourage third party candidates.

    I hope to see you in Harvard Square soon, Brother Nathanael.

  48. dobrowolski73 October 6, 2012 @ 3:39 am

    Dear Brother Nathaniel,

    Crypto CIA agent Henrique Capriles Radonski (Jewish origin) against Hugo Chavez. Today presidential elections is starting in Venezuela. Hugo and Radonski are main candidates.

    Here from Wikipedia:

    “Capriles was born in Caracas on 11 July 1972. His father, Henrique Capriles García, was a Catholic of Sephardi Jewish ancestry from Curaçao.

    Capriles García was a successful businessman, and in the 1950s helped launch Kraft Foods’ entry into Venezuela by inviting the vice-president of its Nabisco subsidiary and persuading him to do business there. Capriles’ mother was born in Venezuela to Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants from Russia and Poland who had left Europe during World War II.

    In February 2012 Capriles was subject to what were characterized in the press as vicious attacks by state-run media sources. The WSJ said that Capriles “was vilified in a campaign in Venezuela’s state-run media, which insinuated he was, among other things, a homosexual and a Zionist agent.”

    A 13 February 2012 opinion article in the state-owned Radio Nacional de Venezuela, titled “The Enemy is Zionism” attacked Capriles’ Jewish ancestry and linked him with Jewish national groups because of a meeting he had held with local Jewish leaders, saying, “This is our enemy, the Zionism that Capriles today represents … Zionism, along with capitalism, are responsible for 90% of world poverty and imperialist wars.”

    He declared he would analyse all contracts signed with China, Russia and any other nation and only continue those that are good for Venezuela. He also declared he will progressively liberalize currency controls to promote exports and invest more in agriculture.

    Capriles has stated in an interview with Reuters that he would move relations away from countries like Belarus and Iran.”

    He is for sure crypto USA and Zionist agent.


  49. Glory B. October 6, 2012 @ 6:50 am

    As always, the comments of readers to Real Jew News are as interesting as the posts by Brother Nathanael himself.

    Nizin Lopez’s experiences rang a bell with me. Being an ex-Jew myself, I can identify with him as halachically Jewish.

    As I have written before, I was born and raised Jewish, went to Jewish classes, was bat mitzvahed, the whole megillah.

    Then I found out when I went to college that everything I had been taught and believed about Judaism and Christianity was a Jewish fable, no, a lie.

    I read the New Testament (for the first time; it is a forbidden book to the Jews) and discovered that Jesus Christ was and is the true Messiah of the Jews and the Savior of mankind.

    When you’re a Jew like Brother Nathanael, Nizin Lopez and myself, who has abandoned the Jewish belief system (Judaism is NOT a religion because the JEWS WORSHIP GOLD, NOT GOD. SATAN IS THE REAL FATHER OF THE JEWS), you can expect to be persecuted by the Jewry.

    We have to be very careful to stay within the boundaries of the law, where we are protected by the First Amendment, which was conceived by Christians, by the way, and which the Yids would love to see eradicated.

    It is no surprise to me that Jewish undercover agents have tried to entice Nizin into doing something illegal, because this is what Jews do. They are very tricky, sneaky and cunning, and although their whole life is a lie, they are very proud of being able to con people and steal their life savings.

    I personally was disowned by my own family when I told them that I was leaving the Jewish belief system and had turned my life over to the Lord Jesus Christ. I was cut out of my inheritance, my parents refused to let me into the house and cast me out, they even conducted a funeral for me and consider me dead.

    Well, I am dead to them and their satanic belief system, but I am alive in Jesus Christ and rejoice that when I die for real, my soul and my spirit will be transported to heaven where I will be united with our Lord and live with Him eternally.

    The Jews are indeed the spawn of Satan, and they do their father’s wishes willingly. They are all condemned to spend their eternity in hell, where they will burn and twist forever and ever in the Lake of Fire.

    “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.” (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

    One thing that did disturb me in reading Nizin’s story was when he admitted that he worked in a tattoo shop, and that he became a tattoo artist. Personally, I don’t believe in tattoos, and I think they are a desecration of the body. When you desecrate the body, you wound the Holy Spirit.

    “Yet the body is not for immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord is for the body. Now God has not only raised the Lord, but will also raise us up through His power. Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take away the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute? May it never be! Or do you not know that the one who joins himself to a prostitute is one body with her?

    “For He says, “The two shall become one flesh.” But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him. Flee immorality. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body.

    “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.” (1 Corinthinians 6:13-20).

    I can’t prove it, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the kikes were in back of the tattoo craze. Maybe since Yids don’t get tattooed, that’s their way of showing their contempt for us Christians, that many of us are willing to desecrate our bodies, which are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

    It’s well known that the reason that most American men are circumcized is because the kikes want to blend in with the Christians so that they can’t be identified with the mark of the circumcision. Personally I think circumcision has become the mark of the devil, and any kids that I have brought into the world have not been circumcised.

    One thing that I have learned over lo these many years is that we Christians have to stand together and unite against the Jews. The Jew-swine are united against us, and they don’t differentiate between Protestants, Catholics or Orthodox — they hate us all equally.

    So we have to be united against them, and not constantly bicker amongst ourselves. Only then will we be able to defeat the Jew-devils, the killers of Christ.

  50. to contact Nizin Lopez October 6, 2012 @ 8:10 am

    Greetings Brother Nathanael and the rest of the group.

    Somebody said that I made no mention of Christ. Well, the truth is that I do believe in Jesus Christ, I believe and know that Jesus is the role model for humanity, Jesus is Western Civilization, Jesus is the Constitution, Jesus is freedom, Jesus is the light.

    Most Christians ignore the reality concerning the Jews, they just don’t see what’s happening in this world.

    As far as tattoos, I am no longer interested in working in a tattoo shop. Tattoos are forbidden for the Jews, this is why I have tattoos myself.

    As far as Judaism goes, I got into it in 2002 because due to my ignorance at that moment, I saw it as an exotic Mediterranean thing. After a while I realized what’s really behind it: Gold.

    But well you know, I learned my lesson and now the only thing left is that I am constantly being harassed by undercover agents, I see them as victims of their own ignorance. This is why Jesus said: forgive them because they don’t know what they do.”

    If anybody would like to contact me: antimatter AT or: robertogarcia758 AT

    Nizin Lopez 22537 hialeah fla 33002 USA.

    Keep in mind that I use the computers of the Miami Dade Public library system which is government owned and I am under absolute surveillance, sometimes my e-mail account doesn’t open for obvious reasons. Thank you my friends.

  51. Kelly October 6, 2012 @ 8:42 am

    Following is a link to a video describing Antony B. Sutton’s investigations of Wall Street and the Banking elites not only in the buildup of the National Socialist regime, but also in the buildup of the Bolshevik regime in Russia, as well as their support for the Viet Cong during the Viet Nam war.

    In fact, Sutton is citing some of the very same American elitists that Brother Nathanael consistently points out and opposes.

    In a previous thread, a poster attempted to dismiss Sutton’s research as “Jewish propaganda” but clearly that assumption is seriously flawed. Obviously, if Professor Sutton supported the Jewish hegemony he would have never written a book condemning Wall Street’s financial support of the Bolsheviks as well.

    Another poster commented that when the banksters and Wall Street elitists engaged in financially supporting the National Socialist regime that it merely qualified as “good business,” and I adamantly disagree with that concept.

    What Wall Street and the Bankers did (and still do) qualifies as treason in my opinion.

    The media is owned by the very same companies that have relentlessly conspired to cover up the truth of their duplicitous acts throughout known modern history.

    It is not only the media, but the corporations that own the media that have consistently produced “the best enemies that money can buy.” Inevitably the financial harvest of Wall Street and the Babylon’s bankers has resulted in the deaths of millions around the world.

    Those people lost their lives supporting an ideology that was ultimately contrived for no other reason but the financial gain of a few.

    We should know these treasonous elitists for who they are and what they do, for the whole world faces wars without end until we put a stop to them.

  52. Snowy Smith South Africa October 6, 2012 @ 9:54 am

    Brother Nathanael has educated you.

    Now that you are starting to see the Big JEW Picture I want to ask you the following question:

    How do you know who the JEWISH CRIMINAL MAFIA “Puppet” Governments are?
    How do you know who the JEWISH CRIMINAL MAFIA “Puppet” People are?

    The answer is simple:

    Guess before you read the answer.

    See Answer Below.


    Watch Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.

    They are both “JEW PUPPETS”
    Both get their orders from the CFR and Bilderberg.

    Hillary Clinton recently did a World Tour to discuss the upcoming JEW WAR on Iran.

    Every single person or government she met with is JEWISH CRIMINAL MAFIA “Puppets”

    Nelson Mandela +++++

    Make me a list and I am prepared to bet you R10 000.00

  53. Caveman2012 October 6, 2012 @ 11:24 am


    Instead of repeating the same mantra here and totally out of context, why don’t you try to answer the questions I made in the previous thread?

    I provided you with founded arguments against the false notion that Sutton “proved” that National Socialism was funded by the Jews. But you answered NONE, ZERO of my objections.

    No, I do not think and have never said that Sutton was doing “Jewish propaganda.” He was a serious researcher, but I think he just got it wrong in the case of Hitler.

    As far as I am concerned I am not going to argue with you anymore, unless you address and rebuke my previous comments.

    Do not waste our and +BN’s time.

  54. Snowy Smith South Africa October 6, 2012 @ 11:46 am

    WOW must watch

    Russia Today exposes CNN

  55. GS Patton October 6, 2012 @ 12:12 pm



  56. Kelly October 6, 2012 @ 2:14 pm

    @ Caveman 2012

    You are quite correct. I answered NONE, ZERO of your objections. And I don’t intend to either.

    My goal is fairly simple and that is to give people enough information so that they can research the events that led up to WWII themselves. I am not trying to tell people what to think. I trust that God gave them each a brain.

    The very same organizations and bankers that put Hitler into power were funding the Bolsheviks in Russia at the very same time. Hitler eventually realized it and tried to turn the tables, but by that time, it was far too little and far too late.

    By that time his entire military operation was dependent on parts from Ford, chemicals from I.G Farben, Oil from Standard Oil, not to mention Brown Brothers Harriman’s role in the whole thing.

    All of this was run through the same international bankers that now control things worldwide. Those same companies and banks were supplying the Bolshevik Jews in Russia as well.

    Our history books (i.e. the media) tell us that it was the “Soviets” or “the American Allies” that marched into Berlin but they aren’t calling a spade a spade.

    Who marched into Berlin was the Bolshevik Jews, and they not only brought the NS Germany down, those same Bolshevik Jews essentially supported the entire holohoax story that was to influence the media’s historical accounts for at least five entire decades.

    Clearly, the media, the bankers and the industrialist elites were the ones that won the war because they manipulated all these events from the very beginning.

    Without their money and support, it’s doubtful that Hitler would have risen to power, and the same might be said for the Bolshevik Jews.

    It was the bankers and the industrialists who made money and accumulated power while Germany, America, Europe and Russia were plagued with mountains of accumulated debt to these shysters just to support the war.

    That same hegemony of elitists set the Jews up as well. European Jews were very comfortable in Europe and they did not want to go to Israel. But from the elitist’s point of view, the war HAD TO HAPPEN just as Hitler had to happen, because the Rothschilds wanted to drive the Jews into Israel.

    The Jews can whine and point their fingers at Hitler all they want to, but the true madman directing all these events was none other than Rothschild himself. With the cold precision and premeditation of a criminal psychopath, Rothschild sacrificed every single Jew that died in WWII simply to further his own ends; Israel.

    And as is evident by the recent Intelligence Report indicating that America will no longer support Israel, once again it is evident that it’s the Jewish people who are going to be sacrificed.

    Personally, I wonder when the Jewish people will wake up to the truth. Their religious leaders teach the Jews that “only they are human,” and that all other people are “just animals,” but clearly it is the Jews themselves that are being laid upon the altar of animal sacrifice.

    When will the Jewish people wake up to it? They cannot trust their leaders, because time and again their leaders are willing to sacrifice the Jewish people, just like they sacrificed the Russians, the Germans, the Americans and the Europeans

    One’s race, creed, religion, identity, or nationality does not matter to the elites, for ultimately they support no one but themselves and the tiny hegemony that they represent.

    Many people in Europe and America recognize this today, but not the Jewish people, particularly those in Israel. It’s like someone has put a blindfold on them and they refuse to acknowledge that ultimately, it’s the Jewish elitists themselves who have constantly set the Jews up as a human sacrifice.

    Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t like what the Jews of Israel have done in the least.

    What I am saying is only that it amazes me that the Jews don’t see it.

    I cannot believe for a moment that Intelligence Community’s recently stated lack of support for Israel was not ultimately a decision arrived at by the Jewish elitists who still rule in Washington D.C.

    Israel may wail against “the treachery of Americans,” but it’s high time they woke up to the fact that the decision had to have ultimately been made by the Jewish elites and their shills.

    Time and time again it’s the Jewish people that ultimately get set up, and ultimately I’d have a hard time believing that that decision didn’t come directly from the Rothschilds themselves.

    Maybe it’s time that the Jews stopped aiming their Mossad at America and the Muslims and put a hit out on the Rothschild family instead. And God willing, perhaps they’ll do us all a big favor and take out the Rockefellers too.

    And if the Jews in their anger bombed the Bank of International Settlements to smithereens, would the European or American people shed a tear? NOT! In fact, we might even all cheer.

    The Jews are famous for getting even. Hopefully this time they will direct their wrath at the elites where it belongs, because it sure looks like the Jewish-led elites have set the Jewish people up once again.

    I think those elitists will go right on creating more Hitlers, and Bolsheviks and Israels and setting them all up to take the fall over and over again unless we work together to find a way to stop them.

    Israel should not be mad at America. They should be mad at the Jewish elitists that control America.

    And that’s a truth the media will not print.

  57. hvt October 6, 2012 @ 3:39 pm

    Wow, Kelly, what a feisty post!

    I’m in total agreement that we must do what Brother Nathanael is doing, i.e. attacking the jugular.

    This trying to defend the past with back and forth arguments is counter-productive. I have learned much from this informative site and hold in high esteem so many people here, but it is high time plans be formulated that relate to our extreme needs NOW!

    Time is running out. Bickering will not see the realization of Brother Nathanael’s goals, nor will it open the minds and hearts of the very many who are beginning, and will soon come, to see just who and what the “synagogue of satan” is.

    He’ll Turn the Tides Into Blessings

    When the ocean-tides of life
    Come upon you in their fullest force,
    Oftentimes they tend to erase
    That which we thought to be our course.
    But let us always keep this in mind:
    The steps of the righteous are God ordained,
    And in all the ways that He requires us to go,
    By His grace we will be sustained.

    So many times the courses we are on
    Are ones of our own choosing.
    Then God brings in the tide, and alas!
    We see that we have been loosing
    The blessings of knowing that we are following
    In His most holy and perfect will,
    Requiring we seek His presence and guidance
    To be quiet…and to be still.

    Then as we patiently wait in spirit,
    Adore, love, yield and listen,
    He so graciously makes His holy Word,
    And the gold therein to glisten,
    Causing the willingness to submit
    To His hand of love removing the chaff,
    Thus allowing the flow of Resurrection life
    Within us to leap and bubble and laugh

    Now, I ask you each, my dear beloved
    Brothers and sisters in the Lord
    If the pain of letting self-life die
    Is that which you will choose to afford?
    As for myself, I join with Paul in saying
    “I count all a loss for Christ’s sake.”
    Finding rest in the reality of His Truth,
    Shunning the world and all that is fake.

    Dearest brother’s and sister’s, Father wants us to be clean, holy warriors for His cause!

    P.S Kelly, just to clarify…this is what I meant by the adjective I used:

    feisty [ˈfaɪstɪ]
    adj feistier, feistiest Informal
    1. lively, resilient, and self-reliant

  58. Susie October 6, 2012 @ 4:43 pm

    Bro Nathanael,

    I seldom, or more accurately NEVER, comment twice. But I have noticed that many people leave long comments here.

    I have also noticed that they seldom interact and those that do, leave strange comments such as, “National Socialism was funded by the Jews.” Where the heck did that come from?

    I mean, its nice that some people ‘talk’ to each other but can’t they at least be accurate?

  59. Caveman2012 October 6, 2012 @ 7:03 pm


    Thank you GS Patton for the link to the excellent article by Adrian Salbuchi at RT.

    Indeed, we are now witnessing the fight between Patriots and Jews. Capriles Radonski is himself a Jew and stooge of both the US and Israel.

    A strange phenomenon has occurred in South America: Socialists like Chávez have at long last discovered the Jewish question. They have turned to patriotic and nationalistic movements, unlike the International Socialism fostered by the Jews.

    Without Chávez all other leaders opposed to the Jews will fall, like Ecuador’s Correa and Bolivia’s Evo Morales.

    That is why Israel and the US hate Chávez so much. The April 2002 coup d’etat against him was carried out with full support of the US. The architects were non other than the Jews OTTO REICH and ELLIOT ABRAMS. That says it all.

    Apart from the reasons mentioned by Salbuchi, I would like to stress that USrael hates Chávez also because:

    -He is CHRISTIAN and constantly refers in his speeches to Jesus and the Bible. He recently said in an interview of Telesur TV: “If I get elected, with GOD’S HELP and the people’s vote,…”.

    -He was one of the few countries to break diplomatic relations and expel the Israeli ambassador due to Operation Cast Lead atrocities in Gaza. Diplomatic ties have not been restored to this day.

    -Once and again he has accused Israel of financing the opposition and trying to kill him (!). It wouldn’t surprise me if his timely cancer actually has to do with poisoning, as we have seen in the case of Arafat.

    -He fervently opposed American interventions in Iraq and Libya, calling George W. Bush in front of the world “the Devil” in a legendary UN assembly speech!

    -He has close diplomatic ties not only with Iran but also with Russia. The Russian Navy held joint exercises with Venezuela in the Caribbean in 2008, close to American territorial waters!

    -Last but not least, he regained control of Venezuelan oil, to the dismay of the Jew stooges in the US and oil corporations.


  60. michael October 6, 2012 @ 8:51 pm

    @Glory B or others:

    In discussion with a friend who works with Messianic Jews on the Jewish issue/True Israel, the verse “to the Jew first…” came up regarding the Gospel.

    I hold as BN, Roi Tov as to true Israel. This verse was taken as mentioned in a context as “favored, special.” And it seems to me part of the Christian attitude and perception to excuse evil wrongdoing of Jews.

    I argued, and believe that the verse is probably related to God’s mercy, realizing the evil Jews can do, “God, good to the unthankful” true to His character, was sending the Gospel out “to Jew first.” I think because of things on this website they need it the worst. (Though we all do…most other groups are not quite as prolific in their promotion and attack on Christianity).

    I think this is why, not as the verse was used “Jews are special, they get the Gospel first.” Anyway, Paul’s experience left him angry and frustrated, “your blood be on your own heads, from henceforth I go to the Gentiles.” “Since you deem yourselves unworthy of eternal life…”

    Any thoughts on “to the Jew first…?”

    And @ Nizi…thanks.

  61. Glory B. October 7, 2012 @ 5:00 am

    @ Michael,

    I have several thoughts about your remarks above, and I will try to express them.

    Keep in mind that I am answering you as a former Jew who was raised Jewish, and who abandoned the Jewish belief system (Judaism is not a religion because THE JEWS WORSHIP GOLD, NOT GOD. SATANISM IS THE REAL RELIGION OF THE JEWS) and turned my life over to the Lord Jesus Christ due to the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit.

    You start off by mentioning your friend “who works with Messianic Jews on the Jewish issue …” Personally I don’t believe in Messianic Judaism. ONE CANNOT BE A JEW AND A CHRISTIAN AT THE SAME TIME.

    Let’s face it, we Christians accept Jesus Christ as the only Son of God and worship Him as the second part of the Trinity. Jews not only reject Jesus Christ’s divinity, but they also crucified Him, and they take pride in that terrible crime, the worst crime ever committed by any person or group of people in the history of the world.

    The Jews’ real god is money, which is the root of all evil. They do the work of their father the devil, not only willingly but also enthusiastically. Anything that the Jews can do to tear down Christ and His Church, they do because their father the devil commands it.

    So they do everything in their power to mock our Lord and tear down His Church, with their money control and their so-called holidays, like Yom Kippur, when they take their Kol Nidre oath that gives them the right to lie, cheat, steal and kill and not feel guilty about it.

    Not only did the Jews crucify Christ, but they also called down His blood on their heads and on their children. So anything bad that happens to the Jews is not only because they deserve it but because they asked for it. In a sense, the Jews have invited their own destruction.

    Now, as to your question regarding “to the Jews first …” I think I understand what St. Paul meant when he wrote that Jesus brought salvation to the Jews first and then to the Greeks, that is, the Gentiles.

    However, the Jews have historically and to this day rejected the salvation that Jesus offers them, and refuse to turn away from their satanic works.

    Ironically, the Jews do believe “to the Jews first,” but not in the way that St. Paul meant it. “To the Jews first” means, to the Jews, that they are entitled to lie, cheat, steal, kill, in other words, to do anything, to commit any foul deed, in order to rule the world and bring about the rule of Satan.

    So to the Jews first comes all the wealth that they have stolen from the Christians by their lust for filthy lucre, their usury and their swindling ways. Not only do the Jews cheat us at every opportunity, but they laugh about it in their synagogues.

    And if they can cheat a Christian on one of our holy days, like Christmas or Easter, why that just makes their wickedness even more enjoyable — to them.

    To the Jews first also comes the desire to enslave non-Jewish people, which they have done with their accursed communism and Zionism.

    There is no difference between Judaism and Zionism. While not all Zionists are Jews, ALL JEWS ARE ZIONISTS!!!

    Zionism is positive proof that the Jews mean to rule the world and exterminate non-Jewish people.


    To the Jews first comes the ability to corrupt non-Jewish people, which they have done with their control of the media, Hollywood, pornography and general immorality (queerism, sado-masochism, abortion,so-called “rap” music, which isn’t music at all but banging drums straight out of the jungles of Africa, etc.).

    The Jews are taught that they are the Chosen People because God chose them above all others to come to first and receive his message of salvation. And this, they believe, gives them the right to lie, cheat, steal and kill, and not feel guilty about it, because they are commanded to do so by their Talmud.

    The Jews are trying to corner all the wealth in the world, because that is their way to enslave the non-Jewish people. As their Talmud teaches, “When the (Jewish) Messiah comes, every Jew will have 2800 slaves.”

    Personally, I believe there are only two kinds of good Jews. One is the kind personified by Brother Nathanael and myself, who have turned our lives over to the true Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The other kind of good Jews are not of this world — they are with their father the devil in hell. And while they are not good in our sense of the word, at least they are not on earth to trouble us with their evil ways.

    Now, if any Jews choose to come over to OUR side, the side of Christ Jesus, we will welcome them with open arms. Not as messianic Jews, not as Jews who celebrate Jewish holidays like Hanukkah and also Christmas, but as Christians who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and His plan for salvation.

    But until they make that choice, the Jews will continue to be disliked and distrusted, yea, even hated — for good reasons — by the non-Jewish peoples of the world.

  62. James Woroble Jr October 7, 2012 @ 5:16 am

    “I PROVED it! JEWS own the Media NOT “presstitutes” and “corporate owners” that those who FEAR THE JEWS like Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, and Paul Craig Roberts feed us with day after day.” – Brother Nathanael

    It is such statements that demonstrate that you possess the superior intellect of all those mentioned above, and of greater importance, the greater virtue and courage of all three combined.

    “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” –Henry David Thoreau

  63. Wotan October 7, 2012 @ 5:30 am

    Susie October 6, 2012 @ 4:43 pm

    Susie, you seem to be the diametically opposite counterpart to Kelly, with your feet on the ground, precise, short in sentences and an apparent grasp of how things really are. (Well, according to theoretical phycisists we can never quite understand the nature of things, since we are system immanent, but that would go too far for the
    sake of this argument).

    This argument revolves around the question “where does the idea come from that National Socialism is a ‘Jewish Product.'” It is almost inevitable to link this question to a further problem-riddled field, namely the frequently uttered assertion that Christianity, like National Socialism, is also a Jewish product.

    And I won’t go here into the idea of the true house of Israel, which I know is part of Bro Nat’s teaching positions, since I think this would only complicate matters even more.

    And anyway, these teaching positions may actually be a contributing factor to the very confusions, which we are talking about here, but indeed only a contributing factor, and in that sense only affecting people, who may already be confused anyway.

    Having set the frame in this way you can now offer axiomatic thesis that the Jew fears Christianity and National Socialism. He feared these two movements for 2000 years and longer. And whenever he thought he was close to his ambition of ruling the world one of these 2 movements screwed him up.

    You may object and say that National Socialism was for the first time entering the stage of world history in the thirties of the last century. The objection is wrong, for National Socialism is eternal, as eternal as Christianity and Judaism.

    Hitler has only discovered it like Mozart and Beethoven discovered the music ingrained and carried eternally by the particles making up our universe.

    In our occidental world you can therefore say and this only in very general terms: Christianity stands for the formulation and the practice of “good,” Judaism stands for the formulation and practice of evil, National Socialism stands for for the best and most efficient form of organising a national society.

    From there it is easy to derive the answers to the questions you have been asking. The Jew knows that within our hemisphere his most profiled enemies since time immemorial are Christianity and National Socialism.

    In a world where many people are beginning to sense that the Jews may have, for a long time, led them in the wrong direction, people are wondering to where they should turn with their thoughts. In the idealised world we have created it is crystal clear: People should drop Judaism from their mind and turn to Christianity and National Socialism.

    So what does evil do in order to thwart this, to confuse people?

    Evil says to mankind: do not turn to Christianity, because if you want to leave us and you think you find something better in Christianity you are wrong. We have created Christianity to dazzle your eyes, only we exist and wherever you want to turn you will only find us. The very same applies to National Socialism, every slander about it is operated in exactly the same way.

    The Jew spreads these transparent lies to take the spirits from his slaves, to keep the slaves under his control.

    His message is: There is no hope for you, stop kicking around, we are the masters and the rulers of the world and if you don’t stop kicking we will hurt you! And because the Jew is not sufficient in numbers he needs most of the time people he can use, such as Kelly.

    Some of these Jew slaves, so it seems, are even surpassing their Jewish masters in the artistry of lying. In this sense it doesn’t really matter who or what Kelly is: for the job she is doing she is really doing it very well – for the Jew! Having said all this, Susi, I can only hope that I haven’t made things worse for you!

  64. Shane October 7, 2012 @ 9:42 am


    I have reached the same conclusions as you re: WWII.

    As Eustace Mullins said, it was a 3 ring circus with the Rothschilds and their Talmudic and Kabbalistic Jews, as well as their Kabbalistic and Lucifer-worshipping gentile Masonic occultists controlling the show.

    But the real supernatural force behind it all is Satan himself and his fellow rebels against God who these people have given their souls to.

    The racialist element among the wealthy Western Masons has clearly been played for fools, and their power has been completely usurped by Kabbalist Jews and those Masonic elements who knew all along that it was not ‘The Great Architect’ and his secrets of the ancient pagans, but SATAN who these people served.

    Their goal: as it is in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to occultist Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter notion — to warfare mankind into total destruction so that we will willingly accept the anti-Christ’s rule.

  65. Joe Blow October 7, 2012 @ 12:49 pm

    @ Susie

    I don’t care for long posts either. I just won’t read long posts and skip right past them.

    If they were smart, they would make sure to keep them moderate in length. The day isn’t long enough.

  66. Tyler October 7, 2012 @ 1:46 pm

    @ Wotan, @ ALL

    100% spot on, across your post, I could not agree more and it is enlightening to see more and more people understanding the true nature of the issue and what stands in the way of addressing the problem properly.

    You have nailed it exactly, but above all, you have the ability to express it in a way that is understandable for a broad audience.

    My own preoccupation for the last few years has been exactly this: once you awaken and truly understand this widening satanic & psychopatic cancer, you know that there are only 2 possible ways to be immune for it and even stop it from destroying true Western Civilisation: Christianity or national socialism (the enemy of communism by the way and not what you understand by ”socialism” now).

    There simply are NO alternatives. But of course, everything is done to keep the masses away from both solutions, especially the latter, since it is the most efficient one imho.

    Prof Kevin MacDonald has once briefly addressed the same question in a Q& A and he was not very hopeful: more people turn away from Christianity and there are many flaws in its Western belief system. National Socialism has to first fight the gigantic stigma, slander and the horrendous lies and counter propaganda which have been planted in the western mind by the real destroyers. An almost impossible task.

    Christianity is a desert religion which has nothing to do with original and ancient European root values, nothing to do with ancient Western ”nine noble virtues,” nothing to do with paganism connected with ”Old Europe.”

    Frankly, I respect Bro Nath tremendously for his work, for his courage, for his turning to Christianity, but -IMHO- it won’t be enough to stop the gigantic monster which we are facing.

    We can whinge and moan and point fingers to the Jews and their few Judaized Christian sycophants, but we also need to work on ourselves and stop falling into these Jewish traps like idiots time and time again.

    We need to return to our own terms, i.e. go back to courage, truth, honour, fidelity, discipline, self reliance, industriousness, etc. the nine noble virtues i.e. our own natural original core values.

    That will make us resilient to further Jewish deception. Also here I agree with Bro Nat: ”Americans are stupid” he says, and I now what he means. They are not really stupid, they are just dumbed and numbed down. Let’s also work on ourselves to change that.

    It starts by educating ourselves and digging there where ”they” absolutely don’t want you to go and dig (for obvious reasons): read revisionist history. There are several very good sites that will go over all available academic books.

    At least make the effort to investigate what it is: many revisionists are extremely honest and very knowledgeable historians, from all walks of life. Why is it that all of them are systematically marginalized, one by one? Why is revisionism a crime in ALL European countries (except the UK)?

    Do Americans understand the severity and implications of that law? And who benefits????? Why is this???

    Remember: knowledge is POWER! Stop watching rubbish on TV, use the time to educate yourself into real history. Eyes will go open and the riddle will be solved: everything fits nicely together, but it takes some time and willpower to study things properly.

    Remember: unity is power! Above all, they want to keep you divided, while they stay united and rely on your being uninformed!

    Best regards

  67. Johann October 7, 2012 @ 2:21 pm

    Yet another great video, dear Brother Nathanael. God Bless you and your work.

    Wotan is right, again. A couple of weeks ago he and KJ proved once and for all that the “Hitler was Jew myth” was disinfo, and now we can also dismiss several other myths about Hitler.

    There can only be one truth, but myths are a dime a dozen.

    BTW, I find it especially amusing how people who don’t even speak German somehow actually believe they have a greater understanding of German culture and history than a full blooded German. It is a bit like me arguing with Marina about the situation in Russia or the Ukraine.

    Wotan is also correct about the importance of Christianity in all this, something we can easily verify by studying the positive situation in Russia under Putin. For Christ is the key ingredient needed to get us out of this sorry mess we currently find ourselves in.

  68. suzy October 7, 2012 @ 5:10 pm

    “I’ve never seen a President stand up to them.

    “They always get what they want. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms.” (Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1983)

  69. Matt Wayne October 7, 2012 @ 6:06 pm

    Hello Suzy,

    JF Kennedy stood up to them. Look at Executive Order 11,110. (Dated 6-4-63)

    He also made a sincere effort to keep Israel from obtaining nuclear weapons. Less than 6 months later Kennedy was killed by supposedly Oswald who was silenced by Jew, Jack Rubinstein.

    Kennedy wasn’t weak in spirit; his weakness was in understanding the Jews, in that underestimated how far the Jews would go.

    A simple study of history should tell everyone that the Jews have no limit to their murders and mayhem, look at Russia.

    Their father the devil is here to kill, steal and destroy, and they follow in their father’s footsteps and carry out his will.

  70. susie October 7, 2012 @ 7:31 pm


    Sir, you are correct, somewhat. It is true that Jews are taught they are the ‘chosen people’ and we know that is a myth.

    Jews did not exist in Jesus’ time. Zealots and Rabbis and Pharisees did…but not.’ Please read my blog at

    Johann: same thing.

    Thank you both for commenting. Perhaps in the end we can contribute to the unraveling of the Israeli hold on America.

  71. Wotan October 7, 2012 @ 11:19 pm

    @susie October 7, 2012 @ 7:31 pm

    Susie, evil always existed, 10 000 years ago and now.

    It matters not if you call these people “Zealots and Rabbis and Pharisees,” Jews or whatever other term you care to choose.

    It always means the same.

    In evolutionary terms 2000 years is almost nothing, so take it from me that the gangsters, who put up the Georgia Guidestones are the same as the ones who were kicked out of the Temple by Jesus: We are talking about the “Children of the Devil,” then and now!

  72. Glory B. October 8, 2012 @ 5:10 am

    @ Joe Blow,

    You don’t know what you’re missing!

  73. Wotan October 8, 2012 @ 10:07 am

    @susie October 7, 2012 @ 7:31 pm

    Having been busy for some hours with other work I ventured to check on your link.

    Anna Karenina? Not bad, am just trying to plough my way for the 2nd time through War and Peace, a linguistic delicatesse. First time was 30 or 40 years ago.

    Bollyn has been one of my favourites for a long time, as has been DD. Regretfully there are some who follow in priniciple the same line, but are busy to find fault with their “competitors”, which has divisive effects. There is no perfection in this world.

    In the top region of the list remains our Bro Nat with his interceptor JC. Happy to see that you value them. The simplicity with which Bro Nat has presented some rather complex points in his current thread is remarkable!

    I have also touched on your linked posts and would, on account of this, fully subscribe to what GloryB has been saying just one or a few posts above!

  74. Justin October 9, 2012 @ 11:07 am

    To Glory B:

    I didn’t know that the Christ-hating Jews actually do “funerals” (that must be their shunning ceremony) for those of them that cast off their Satanic blood — that’s shocking.

    It just goes to show how sick and twisted the Jew belief is. I myself am not a Jew (or former Jew).

    I am of Nordic Background, grew up in the protestant “religion” (I call it heresy), and I know exactly how Jews and Christian Zionist heretics think.

    Go to a “conservative” page on Facebook, they are all Christ-mocking, IsraHell worshipping heretics.

    I came to Orthodox Christianity myself after discovering the manifold heresies of my former heretical sect and through the inspiration of Father Seraphim Rose (whom +BN has mentioned before), and Br. Nathanael himself who via YouTube instructed me on Church teachings and gave me resources to find the true patristic Scripture interpretation.

    If I had questions I’d message him. He hasn’t made a full video on Orthodoxy, I don’t think.

    I boycott the Jews as much as I can, but sometimes you can’t escape them–they are in everything Media related.

    Christ God bless you,


  75. Taylor October 10, 2012 @ 9:09 am

    @ Glory B.

    Terrific post (as always). Some on this blog have griped about long posts. Frankly, yours are NEVER too long and it’s sort of disappointing when I arrive to the end of yours. I would rather that you keep going on.

    You are one of those special contributors whom I could keep reading, reading, and reading, and never quite be able to get enough.

    Your sincerity, candidness, and clarity of message place your posts, IMO, at the top of the list. Same goes for Joe Cortina. Wotan’s remarks too are exceptional as he appears to be a man with a keen intellect, coupled with vast life experiences.

    I would urge Wotan to please understand than many of the rest of us are lower on the learning curve, due to our being younger and thus having far fewer rich life experiences.

    But we are happy here to learn (from him and others, such as you, Joe, as well as other informed bloggers) to try understanding this worldwide Judaic mess: its origins, its prior and ongoing criminality, and where it appears to be driving and taking us in future.

    Just one remark about your latest post: i.e., the comment about rap music stemming from the drums of the jungles of Africa. Rap music, apparently Satanic, is a cacophonous mixture of hideous and obnoxious unpleasantries.

    However, the sound and the beat of drummers in Africa, while not Christian and probably pagan, resemble little the rubbish popularly known as rap.

    I’ve lived more than four years in Africa, two countries, and what I recall about the sound of drums was its clarity, simplicity, and repetitiveness. In other words, you hear it once, you’ve pretty much covered the gamut of drumming in the small villages of West and Central Africa.

    However, there’s little (IMO) similarity to the obscenity and offensiveness of American rap music. I don’t advocate the sound and melody of drumming in Africa, as there just isn’t much to it. My point is that it’s not in the same ballpark when compared to the terrible rap heard in the states and throughout other technologically advanced countries.

    Please keep posting. You’re terrific.

  76. Zebo October 10, 2012 @ 12:31 pm

    Hallo Brother

    Sorry for bothering you, but I want to know if my donations have reached you by letter.

    It was not much but maybe it will help.

    I’m not interested in Thank Yous though it may sound so, but I’m interested whether my money has arrived to you or not, as a possibility to control if you got the money (I don’t want to feed a greedy postman).

    Hope you will answer.

    Shine on.

  77. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2012 @ 4:55 pm


    Yes, got it…Thank You! +BN

  78. Wotan October 11, 2012 @ 12:15 pm

    Taylor October 10, 2012 @ 9:09 am

    Thanks, Taylor, for your kind remarks.

    It seems with your African experience we have something in common. That’s why I can tell you that on the West Coast the Africans have a faible for Spanish music and rhythms.

    This type of music seems to have reached them via South America and the Caribbeans (the Spaniards weren’t very active in Africa) and the local Blacks call that “Afro-Cuban” music.

  79. David Breitenfeld January 6, 2013 @ 9:43 pm

    Here is something interesting.

    As long as I have watched TV, like the big three: ABC, CBS, NBC since that is all we could receive. Here is something I have observed.

    Jews are always portrayed as the victim, defenders,and helpless. No bad or scandals.

    They have a very well polished and oiled Public Relations, that now all they do is hit the “victim button” and their trained and conditioned Americans instantly defends them and attacks those who are against-verbally. Works all the time now days. Just like Pavlov’s Dog. Hmmm. The Jew over the Goy (Gentile).

    Only the Roman Catholic is given media attention as the main “spokes person/organization” for the entire “Christian” people.

    Even the child molestation by priests are played down, but as always, given the main spotlight when the apostates “protestants” are not given the spotlight/voice except when scandals are found out, and when the Zionists need support by those (mostly Evangelicals/millennialists)who are Supporters of Israel, and to help round up the other “Protestants” to Israels defense.

    But if anyone points out anything bad against Israel, watch out, they will be flogged (verbal ridiculed). Also know how the media always divides the Christians into Catholic and “Protestants.” Also Catholic organizations will say Catholic, then Christian community, or “Protestants.” Catholic teaches “protestants” are apostates.

    Israel is automatically seen as Jews, but never the people outside are labeled as Jews here in America, but for Islam, the media makes sure Muslims are pointed out and identified, especially here in America.

    It is okay to say Islam is influencing,taking over and changing your Christian America so that Christians and Americans can be afraid and go after them and resists Islam for changing our laws and ways.

    But never, ever is this done for the Jews, because this is automatically seen as antisemitism, which is “bad,” and the Jews are the “innocent people’ while the Muslims are the “guilty” people–the invaders. The Jews are using this fear to get the Christians to fight for the Jews. Just like Pavlov’s Dog.

    Also the Jewish media, loves to point out the “Satanic Verses” of the Koran to make Islam to hate Christians, and Christians to fear and hate Islam, but never, ever shows how the Jewish Talmud has worse “Satanic Verses” found here,

    Read, ““If a ‘goy’ (Gentile) hits a Jew he must be killed.” (Sanhedrin 58b),“If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a),“Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15),“‘Yashu’ (derogatory for ‘Jesus’) is in Hell being boiled in hot excrement.” (Gittin 57a)

    Again, the Zionist uses the media to keep the Christians fighting Islam and hating them so that we keep fighting Islam on behalf of Israel.

    So when Islam wants to go after Christians, the Christian/American govt can go after them in the name of National Security. A natural cycle of hate, fear, fighting. We have been conditioned to blindly see one side only and never think or investigate.

    So we Christians/Americans are seen as the hate filled religion, oppressors, and Satanic, while the Zionists are smiling and loving it all the way home and to the bank.

    When it comes to Christianity and Islam. The Zionist media is always pitting these two, conditioning and instilling in the Christian/American mind, the FEAR OF ISLAM taking over the USA and the World. Just like Pavlov’s Dog.

    The Jews over the Goyim (Gentile). So now the Zionists can use the American military, have us pay for the war, shed our blood and lives to fight their enemies, all because they conditioned us to blindly think and react for their interests.

    We are die-hard Christian Zionists and did not know it — thinking we was following the teachings of Jesus, land of the free, home of the brave, life and liberty.

    America is in a perpetual state of war that will forever be fought. Now you too can live the rest of your life in a war. Welcome to Zionville — where you can enter, but never leave — unless you die poor.

    Christians, Americans, etc, remember ” “All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a), you are expendable, ie, subject to use, not worth salvaging or reusing, and open to sacrifice in the interests of gaining an objective, especially a military one.

    This is now your life.

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