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US States Going Belly Up (BrN On Video!)

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US States Going Belly Up
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Brother Nathanael @ January 12, 2011


  1. Brother Nathanael January 12, 2011 @ 7:19 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    I keep on HAMMERING HOME the Culprits, Wall Street JEWS, and spell out SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS.

    What politician is calling for our jobs to be BROUGHT BACK TO AMERICA?

    Not a single one.

    Only Brother Nathanael Kapner and Paul Craig Roberts are INSISTING on this to SAVE our economy!

    All the Jews can think about with their influence peddling on Capital Hill is how to GAG us and Violate our free speech.

    Now these WICKED JEWS led by the SPLC want to enact legislation (they draft the bills for the Jew-bought “lawmakers”) to prevent valid criticism of politicians in light of the recent AZ shooting.

    We MUST STOP these WICKED JEWS who hate our freedoms.

    America is IN TROUBLE.

    The proverbial “s” is going to hit the fan this year my dear RZN family.

    And the Jews with their BILLIONS of $$$ couldn’t care less.

    So, we MUST be prepared:

    I. Buy FREEZE-DRIED foods ASAP.

    II. Store up on bottled water.

    III. Get your money and investments OUT OF THE DOLLAR and BUY Silver and Gold.
    On Another Note.

    The Legal Center of The Brother Nathanael Foundation is NOW IN PLACE.

    In the Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation Under “Articles of Purposes” it spells it out:

    “To encourage the open display and equal treatment of Christian Symbols in the Public Arena and to take legal action when appropriate and/or necessary.”

    Now we’ve got our “guns” ready to aim fire.

    The first “shot” is to petition the White House to put up a Nativity Scene on the South Lawn – now occupied by the 40 foot HannuKUKA Menorah.

    If we are refused we will LITIGATE AGAINST the Devil’s Pitchfork and BRING THAT WICKED Anti-Christ symbol down!

    Next, we will work to put up MORE Nativity Scenes this year and provide LEGAL SUPPORT for those who wish to put one up in their home towns and cities ON PUBLIC PROPERTY. Let the Jews eat mazta balls!

    We NEED Financial Help! Come JOIN our Winning Team if you have not already.

    To Donate Online Simply Click:

    OR @

    Donations By Mail: The Brother Nathanael Foundation / Or Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.
    Let’s Keep Our Unity Intact!

    We’re On The Move and We WILL See the Judaic Rule of America toppled sooner than later.

    Much Love In Christ To All!

    Your Ever +Brother, Nathanael

  2. Brian Crowell January 12, 2011 @ 7:44 pm

    Brother Nathanael you must watch this video. It is awesome..

  3. Disgusted White Christian January 12, 2011 @ 7:46 pm

    A metaphorical representation of Bro Nate’s latest thread.

    Joe six pack of beer fits the bill?

    What think Bro Nate, Joe?


  4. Brian Crowell January 12, 2011 @ 7:49 pm

    Brother Nathanael you tell the absolute truth I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. john king January 12, 2011 @ 8:09 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    How apropos that you talked about Shanghai!

    Last night I watched a very balanced program on Shanghai.

    I cannot explain to you the wealth in that city. Most every container ship leaving China for the US leaves for China.

    They have the most modern building, hotels, businesses, etc. Having “western eyes” (unslanted) is seen as a way of boosting your career growth and it is the most common plastic surgical operation.

    All of the American and European brands are very prominent. While more than 70% of American believe their country is going down, the same number in Shanghai think its going up.

    The population is already 20 million and 2 million more come there per year. The old buildings are being torn down fast to build new ones. Imagine if we would raze our ghettos and build the most modern building there.

    Imagine if we had high speed trains instreads of roads with pot holes.

    Unless stopped the Chinese economy will be 3 times that of the US by 2040.

    If your interested in the program, I saw it on Green Planet.

  6. JamesD January 12, 2011 @ 8:11 pm

    If we Christians believe that the Jews and Zionists are so strong in the US, then can we safely deduce that their God is more powerful.

    Why does our Christian God allow them to prosper?

    Why do we have to struggle to stop their influence.

    Is our God and beliefs inferior and weak?

  7. USSA TODAY January 12, 2011 @ 8:12 pm

    Anybody catch Obama’s speech on the main stream networks about the Arizona shooting?

    They had a pagan Medicine Man open with a prayer, Lesbian Janet Napolitano read from the book of Isaiah, and Globalist Eric Holder read from the New Testament. Obama talked about God-has he ever done that?

    It’s a total Public Relations fest to attempt to improve public opinion in light of the government supported Wall Street bankster economic implosion.

    It’s an insult to Christians having homos and pagans associated with anything public and the true God.

    If people buy their PR propaganda they are total dupes. What’s next Patriot Act 5? We’re a joke today.

    Tyranny, poverty, and oppression — not freedom, prosperity, and righteousness are Amerika’s lot.

  8. USSA TODAY January 12, 2011 @ 8:39 pm

    Arizona shooter Loughner was a “Jew”/Khazar according to Rense –

  9. Brother Nathanael January 12, 2011 @ 9:04 pm

    Text — Text — Text
    US States Going Belly Up
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2011

    “The day of reckoning is upon us. Individual states are about to go belly up.

    No jobs means no tax revenues for states like New Jersey, Arizona, and California, to name just a few.

    And with the collapse of housing prices and foreclosures, the resulting decrease of property tax revenues is leaving the cities and towns the most exposed.

    These local governments will surely default on their bonds this year. Municipal bond investors are already running away scared.

    And the states, dependent on Federal subsidies, will need all the money they can get to cover their own shortfalls, leaving the cities and towns to fend for themselves.

    The Federal government itself is in the hole by $14 trillion. It can’t keep on bailing out the states indefinitely.

    The states’ only recourse is to raise taxes, cut benefits, and to carry out huge layoffs. One million public employees will lose their jobs this year and they ain’t gonna get them back.

    Now, with the states going belly up, the tax revenues to fund all of Congress’ irresponsible spending programs, like funding the foreign nation of Israel, will dry up.

    Then the Federal Reserve will step in with their fake money to placate the Jewish Lobby, creating hyper-inflation and skyrocketing prices. Indeed, the day of reckoning is upon us!

    Now, what’s the answer? We need to bring our jobs back from China and India back to the USA. And not a single politician is talking about this. Why?

    Because it’s going against the grain of the Zionist Wall Street bankers who own Capitol Hill, that’s why.

    Investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, led by Zionist Jews, Lloyd Blankfein, Gary Cohn, Sanford Weil, Robert Rubin, are shifting their investment portfolios from Detroit and Silicon Valley to Shanghai and Bangalore, even building their skyscrapers and headquarters there with their cheap labor in blue collar and white collar jobs in Shanghai and Bangalore.

    As President of The Brother Nathanael Foundation, we are calling for a value-added tax to be placed on the US corporations that boost their profits from cheap labor and services overseas.

    By opposing the investment portfolios of the Zionist Wall Street bankers we still have a chance to save America from economic ruin.

    And…we better do it soon!”

  10. SINNER January 12, 2011 @ 9:06 pm

    I wish to extend a praying session to all for tomorrow afternoon, at 4:00 PM EST, for 1 hour.

    Please pray as a group here. And, please — no postings during prayer — for that 1 hour of group praying to God.

    We must pray to GOD, in our Christian belief, to help us understand what he wants us to do.

    It would be my humble honor to have everyone here talk to Jesus, The Holy Trinity, and Mary begging for their forgiveness and humbly ask for divine guidance for everyone reading this message.

    Pray for family, faith and direction.

    God Bless Everyone.

  11. Gracie January 12, 2011 @ 9:49 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Thank you for telling us once again the REAL STORY of the dangers facing the United States.

    Perhaps our day of reckoning can be avoided if enough citizens understand who is behind America’s woes and constantly “remind” our politicians who they work for and that nation-saving solutions can be implemented.

    The irony is that wealthy Talmudvision news stations do not talk about the real threats to our liberties and financial future.

    But here, our Dear Brother Nathanael operating out of his home-studio, single handedly writing and creating his own videos, tells us the important news of our day…and offers solutions!

    PLEASE send our hard working Christian Brother a donation to keep his timely and insightful messages in the public domain.

    My family has and will continue to support Brother Nathanael’s tireless efforts to create his videos and articles and hopefully expand his reach in the new year.

    Blessings to all members of the RZN Family.

  12. KathJuliane January 12, 2011 @ 9:54 pm

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ, +Brother Nathanael,

    Outstanding, dear brother in Christ. You are really beginning to hit your stride.

    Thank you for calling it just like it really is, and how conditions are beginning to cascade.

    And God bless you for pointing out the Jew trouble makers, and the 5 critical points of America’s Mandate of the most immediate domestic, economica and political problems need to be focused on.

    We need any patriotic movers and shakers to begin pressing swift, hard and practical actions this year to put the brakes on at the critical junctures you’ve spelled out in the Mandate, to at least try to slow down, if not stop, this long slide down into an earthly hell as the cascade of collapse exponentially builds up steam.

    Dear Sinner,

    I’ll be with you in Christ in prayer tomorrow.

    God bless RZN Family, and God save our American country.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  13. Gregory Laux January 12, 2011 @ 9:59 pm


    Did you ever hear of the concept called “MERCY?”

    God says in His word that true Christians won’t fight or try to physically harm the anti-Christ leaders, as a gesture of mercy.

    It is those who don’t love God who have decided that “anything goes” is the rule to live by. These lost souls are saving up coals that are going to be heaped on their heads on judgment day.

    Christians could physically fight off the evildoers, but we are told that “Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord.”

    Where will these evil souls go to escape God’s certain and true judgment, after they have been shown kindness and mercy and they still insisted on being wicked?

  14. stevor January 12, 2011 @ 10:20 pm

    Loughner is smiling because he knows what all those looking at him don’t know.

    He knows that he’s part of something far beyond what we’re told/shown.

    Just what it is, we may never find out, but with news that he and she are Jewish (maybe true) and other things, beware.

  15. Kalif January 13, 2011 @ 12:05 am

    Virginia Creates Subcommittee To Study Monetary Alternatives In Case Of Terminal Fed “Breakdown”, Considers Gold As Option

  16. Tanarus January 13, 2011 @ 1:28 am

    Virginia Creates Subcommittee To Study Monetary Alternatives In Case Of Terminal Fed “Breakdown”, Considers Gold As Option

    Definitely a good idea! That way we wont get stuck holding the bag with worthless paper money.

    Once the collapse happens, “don’t be tricked into thinking being chipped is our way out.” It will just lead to the same thing all over again. Enslavement!

    Gold/Silver is the way to go. It guarantees us our Freedoms & Liberty over monetary enslavement.

    Honest money for a change!

  17. David Palmer January 13, 2011 @ 2:32 am


    Israel is the strongest force in the world because behind Israel there hides the hand of God.

    Zionism is more powerful than Christianity, a man-made religion, and Islam, an evil religion.

    Those who perceive Zionism as something negative, such as the crowd, do not know God.

    Let me say one thing about these despicable people. Islam kills 21 Coptics in Egypt and there is silence. Israel slaps the wrist of a Palestinian kid and there is an uproar.

    David – not a Jew

  18. x January 13, 2011 @ 3:12 am

    There is no hand of god behind israel brainless idiot, and Jews bombed in Egypt, you s***ty criminal

  19. Dave January 13, 2011 @ 5:02 am

    I love these vids!

    Especially the crazy smile at the end of all of them.

  20. Glory B. January 13, 2011 @ 5:51 am

    Mr. David “Not a Jew” Palmer,

    “Israel is the strongest force in the world because behind Israel there hides the hand of God.”


    Mr. “Not a Jew,” I think you’re hiding behind the hand of Satan.

    Through you, Satan is boasting that he is more powerful than God.

    The Bible has an entire book devoted to this subject, the Book of Job.

    God allows Satan to test Job’s faith by afflicting him with all sorts of trials and disasters.

    Through it all, Job questions God’s actions, but he never denies God, nor does he take his wife’s advice to “curse God and die.”

    Eventually, God answers Job, and tells him that His actions are so far beyond man’s comprehension that man cannot understand why there is evil in the world.

    God then restores Job to his former position of wealth and contentment.

    Mr. “Not a Jew,” it is not our place to question God’s purpose, or why He has seen fit to disregard the actions of the evil JEWS.

    Obviously, the godless kikes prefer Satan to God, and have the power of Satan behind them.

    The kikes worship filthy lucre (“the love of money is the root of all evil”) and practice all sorts of indecencies, with their control of finance, education, media, academia, government, science, technology and the church.

    If you doubt this, just find the Talmud on the Internet and read some of the passages of this most evil, dirty book. You’ll discover Satan in every word.

    God will deal with the satanic JEWS in His own way.

    God sent His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to show man how to live.

    Due to their greed and avarice, the JEWS rejected our Lord and His way of life.

    The jealous JEWS decided to kill Jesus, and did murder Him to end His preaching and the miracles He performed.

    But our Lord defeated death and the JEWS by rising from the grave on the third day.

    And He sent His apostles around the world to preach the Gospel — the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    As a result, Christianity — the religion of Jesus Christ — has become the most powerful, most influential religion in the world.

    The dirty JEWS have never accepted Christ, and they compound their sin by trying to destroy Christ and His Church.

    It is our duty as Christians to oppose the evil JEWS, and to do our best to defeat them.

    Ultimately, however, it is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit who will overcome the Christ-killing JEWS and their supporters, like you, Mr. David “Not a Jew” Palmer.

    Never fear, never doubt, we will triumph in the end, and the satanic JEWS will be sent to their real home — Hell — to be with their father, the devil.

    Do you really want to be among them?


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  21. albert d pastore January 13, 2011 @ 6:35 am

    Dear David Palmer,

    Islam did not kill 21 Coptics. The Mossad did and framed the Muslims.

    They do this all the time. Do some research into the Lavon Affair, or the USS Liberty, or google: “The Dancing Israelis.”

    And by the way, Israel doesn’t “slap the wrists” of Palestinian kids. No – they shoot Arab kids in the head and then cut out their organs for for sale. Google: “Operation Cast Lead”

    Stop listening to money hungry Zionist owned jerks like Jogn Hagee and Pat Robertson.

    Satan is the force behind Zionism….not God.

  22. Big_G January 13, 2011 @ 6:45 am

    I’m thinking that each individual state should create it’s own Gold/Silver backed currency, and to hell with the Fed.

    Time for the states to break away from the union and become independents. Let the government, and all the corporations that went foreign go belly up.

  23. enya January 13, 2011 @ 7:22 am

    The U.S.Federal Judge John McCarthy Roll was the REAL intended victim of the shooting in Arizona.

    He was assassinated because he opposed Obama’s plan to confiscate the private savings of U.S. citizens, their private reetirement savings etc.etc.

    He had marshalls protecting but they were removed. What a country?

  24. russ January 13, 2011 @ 7:25 am

    Here we go again – PLEASE ignore the posts of JamesD and David Palmer.

    They are just muddying up this site hoping we take the bait.

    Lets focus on the evil banksters and corrupt politicians – surely enough fodder to keep us all on point.

  25. Donna chestergimli January 13, 2011 @ 7:30 am

    Crypto-Jew David Palmer

    Say you are not a Jew huh?

    Sorry buddy! Your speech gives you away as either a crypto-Jew or stupid goy. Do your math.

    Jewish faces have control of the federal reserve, the big banks, the White House, the House and the Senate. Our economy, morals, religious beliefs, and way of life are under attack. 2 + 2 = Jews. And Moslems kill Coptics in Egypt? You mean Jews dressed up as Moslems-don’t you.

    John King

    You mentioned that China will have an economy 3 times the size of the US. You mean that China will have 3 times the money that the US has don’t you?


    You claim that silver and gold are the way to go. Yeh, Rothschild got that idea in the 18th century. Now they have it all corralled. So where you going to get it anyway? There’s not enough gold and silver in this world to cover the economy of this world.





  26. Donna chestergimli January 13, 2011 @ 7:38 am

    I wanted to mention something else.

    All of you who are interested should get the book, “The Babylonian Woe” by David Astle. It is on the Web by looking up Babylonian Woe. David Astle was an Englishman with I believe the British Navy.

    I consider this book my second bible. It is hard to read. I have read it about 3 times. And I will read it again. He says basically the same thing that I am saying in not the same words, namely that Babylon in the Apocalypse of St. John is a metaphor for money-the medium of exchange.

  27. Steven Rowlandson January 13, 2011 @ 7:46 am

    Hello Brother Nathanael.

    On the issue of bringing jobs back to America.

    How is the government going to do this? Are they going to issue an executive order to the multinationals that they can not produce any thing out side of America?

    Are they going to outlaw the importation of finished goods?
    Even if they put extreme tariffs on imported goods why wouldn’t the producing companies

    Totally relocate out side of America and sell to all nations except America?

    In effect telling the government we like being on our own and you and your bankrupt country doesn’t matter anymore so screw you!

    Abandoning America is no skin off the butts of multinationals and wealthy individuals. Some micro state or nation will take them in and offer them a better deal.

    Money has no loyalty to nation, race or place, and it goes where it will and where it gets treated well.

    If America is to recover it needs a proper government that will tell its businesses and people either stand with America and on your own on American soil or leave.

    After that the economy, money and body of law must be rebuilt from scratch according to the constitution.

    Never ever allow masons/illuminists, satanists, traitors, homosexuals, zionists, lawyers, bankers or women to rule America ever again. To do other wise will be your downfall as it has been this time around.


  28. Rachel January 13, 2011 @ 8:13 am

    I normally don’t dream about god…but I did the other day.

    In this dream “god” was speaking to a general of the US air force. He told him…”This is my world. I created this world. I do not like what you are doing to this world. You have one chance to change it. Then I will destory this world. Only those I deem worthy will survive.”

    I am not of any affiliated religion. I do have a history of prophetic dreams in the past…usually containing to personal situations.

    I had a vision of the earth being frozen over by ice. Horrible winters to come. Bridges over waterways being compacted in ice.

    Make of it what you will.

  29. Paul January 13, 2011 @ 8:15 am

    Thank you Br. Nathanael for exposing the real truth. You are so right in what is about to happen to America.

    As i travel between Asia and N. America at least 3-5 times a year, I have seen a huge transfer of wealth from the West to Asia.

    What Br. Nathanael is telling you is the real deal.

    Here is a good article by reuters:

    (Reuters) – To hear a number of prominent economists tell it, it doesn’t look good for the U.S. economy, not this year, not in 10 years.

    Leading thinkers in the dismal science speaking at an annual convention offered varying visions of U.S. economic decline, in the short, medium and long term. This year, the recovery may bog down as government stimulus measures dry up.

    Rest of the article can be read here

    To KathJuliane, thank you for that piece you did on the good Samaritan. I have just got back from Asia and I read and reread on the plane what you had written.

    Here is something to think about and that is, in ordinary human affairs, it repeatedly happens that the diverse people are held together in a common fellowship, because they all give allegiance to a great leader, as was the case in Russia before the revolution, same with France before their revolution and Spain in the 30’s.

    Even in Thailand with their King. What I have found is that their loyalty to each other depends entirely on their loyalty to the leader (King).

    Prime example as Hoff has told us, the Czar of Russia, also Archduke Franz Ferdinand, but when you realise what the Jews have done and that is to Take the Leader (King) away, and now the whole population disintergrates into isolated and often warring units.

    We must ask the question, who are these AGITATORS? If you like the comforts of home and enjoy watching Talmudvision day after day, then go back to sleep. But, if you know something is wrong, turn off the T.V.

    Grab the book, that is on the shelf full of dust. Pray to God and read the Holy Bible, if anything read the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The answer to who are the Agitators is in the Bible.

    So to you with the uncircumcised ear, I pray that you will hear the word of God. Jeremiah 6:10


    The true Israel is not composed of any Nation or Race. It is composed of those who accept Jesus Christ in Faith

  30. hvt January 13, 2011 @ 8:27 am

    David, you “maybe” aren’t a Jew, but you speak their language.

  31. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2011 @ 8:46 am

    “And now, I (the Most Holy Theotokos) announce to you that THE HOUR OF GREAT TRIAL is on the point of arriving.

    “THE GREAT TRIAL HAS ARRIVED FOR YOUR (USA) COUNTRY. How many times, as a concerned and sorrowing Mother, I have endevoredto urge My Children to follow the path of conversion and of return to THE LORD.

    “I HAVE NOT BEEN LISTENED TO. You (USA) have continued to walk along the way of REJECTION OF GOD, and of His Law of Love.

    Sins of impurity have become every more widespread, and immorality has spread like a sea which has submerged all things.

    Homosexuality, a sin of impurity which is against nature, has been justified; recourse to the means of preventing life have become commonplace, while ABORTIONS – these killings of innocent children, that cry for vengeance before the Face of God – have spread and are performed in every part of your (USA) homeland.

    “The moment of Divine Justice and of great mercy has now arrived. You WILL KNOW the hour of weakness and of poverty; the hour of suffering and defeat; the purifying hour of the Great Chastisement.

    “THE GREAT TRIAL HAS ARRIVED FOR YOUR CHURCH. Those errors which have brought people to the loss of the True Faith have continued to spread. Many PASTORS have been neither attentive nor vigilant, and have allowed MANY RAPACIOUS WOLVES, clothed as lambs, to INSINUATE THEMSELVES into the Flock in order to bring DISORDER and DESTRUCTION.

    “How great is your responsibility, O Pastors of the Holy Church of God! You continue along the path of DIVISION from the Pope and of the REJECTION of his Magesterium; indeed, in a hidden way, there is in prepartion a true schism which could soon become open and proclaimed.

    “And then, there will remain only a small faithful remnant, over which I will keep watch in the garden of my Immaculate Heart.

    “THE GREAT TRIAL HAS ARRIVED FOR ALL HUMANITY. The Chastisment, predicted by me AT FATIMA and contained in that part of the Secret WHICH HAS NOT YET BEEN REVEALED, is about to take place. The great moment of DIVINE JUSTICE and of mercy has come upon THE WORLD.”

    – The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God Incarnate, the Most Holy Theotokos to +Fr. Stephano Gobbi @ Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA, November 15, 1990 – the Mother of God’s Message #437 contained in the book ‘To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons’ available to everyone and in ‘The Public Domain’ at

    – +Fr. Joseph
    ‘Informer’ ‘Communications Expert’
    1st Lt. – His Holy Army @ ‘Bastogne’

  32. Michael Kelley January 13, 2011 @ 8:51 am

    David Palmer,

    Yes, Zionism is the strongest force in the ‘world’, and it will only get stronger.

    Yet Zionists will be looking for a rock to hide under when Christ returns… but there will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

    Then they will burn, and with them anyone who is wise in his own eyes.

    Repent and be a fool for Christ before the day of wrath.

  33. Hoff January 13, 2011 @ 8:55 am

    “There are approximately 300 national Jewish organizations in the United States with a combined budget estimated?

    In the range of $6 billion — a sum greater than the gross national product of half the members of the UN.”

    – Kevin MacDonald (The Culture of Critique, Chapter 7)

  34. Fr. Joseph January 13, 2011 @ 9:51 am

    Dear Rachael,

    Our All-good, All-loving and All-wise God, the Creator and Author of Life WHO IS the ‘Creator’ and ‘Author’ of YOUR own personal being, character, personhood and life is Perfectly Capable of sharing His Thoughts, His Ideas and His Proposed Courses of Divine Action with you via ‘dreams’.

    God did precisely that with St. Joseph of Nazareth.

    With regards to that ‘dream of YOURS’ you’ve posted here to RZN, just wanted to share something with you in order ‘to confirm’ to you that God the Holy Spirit works on, works with and works in the lives of people who 1) harbor Good Will and Charity towards others and 2) have the inner spiritual character traits and abiding spiritual virtues living and ‘alive’ in their hearts, minds, souls, spirits and bodies.

    It was back in February, 1994 while living in Florida that fellow members of my Carmelite Order “urged/insisted” that I get up to Conyers, GA on February 13th to “Pick Up A Message From THE LORD”.

    Here’s that Message other members of the Carmelite Order “urged/insisted” I go personally pick up that cold, windy, overcast and wet-rainy day in Georgia:

    It coincides with and is a ‘confirmation’ to YOU about the nature/subject matter of your own personal recent dream.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  35. Derek January 13, 2011 @ 10:26 am

    @ David “not a Jew” Palmer:

    Israel only exists because America props it up and backs it to the hilt vetoing every single resolution against it at the UN.

    What will happen once America backs off from supporting Israel? It will disappear pretty darn quickly. Everybody knows it.

    If you are not a Jew, hate Christianity & Islam & have an anglophile name what are you & why feel the need to stress that?

    Lying is second nature to Jews it seems. So transparent!

  36. david January 13, 2011 @ 10:38 am

    David Palmer,

    The Jew expects the Christian to believe the Jew’s word. I believe John 8:44 explains your situation.

    Your words are an example of the powers and principality’s that are at work .

    The worlds overexposure to the lies of your kind is about to come to an end.

  37. david January 13, 2011 @ 10:42 am


    I don’t usually comment on here.

    I watch and see your work. It is honorable and good.

    Your stand against evil needs all our prayers. Peace to you.

    Love for you. Hope for us.


  38. Gregory Laux January 13, 2011 @ 10:45 am

    David, you make the fatal mistake of replacement theology, whereby you substitute the name “Jew” everywhere you see the words “nation of Israel” in the Bible.

    Zionism is the modern equivalent of the first century Phariseeism, a belief system that the Jewish people have a right to disobey the commandments of God that Moses handed to all of humanity.

    There is a sad eternal price for promoting behaviors that are direct violations of God’s will for humanity, David. If I was you I would step back and think for awhile if what you are posting makes any sense.

    Even the word of God says that those who claim to be His chosen people will have profaned His name among the nations of the world, thus God won’t be keeping the covenant about the promised land because the Jews deserve it, because they don’t deserve it, but He will keep the covenant in order to prove that He is God.

    But when God says that all of “Israel” will be saved, it means the spiritual “Israel,” people willing to live their earthly lifetime in love and service to God and all human beings.

    God’s word begins with “all of the nations of the world will be blessed due to the people of Israel obeying His commandments and will.”

    The modern state of Israel is not the same as the “Israel” that God was talking about, as many nations are being destroyed and ruined due to the actions of the leaders of modern Israel.

    Even the fires last year at Mt. Carmel prove that God is not protecting the state of Israel leaders and people anymore.

  39. charlie January 13, 2011 @ 11:52 am

    “How great is your responsibility, O Pastors of the Holy Church of God! You continue along the path of DIVISION from the Pope and of the REJECTION of his Magesterium”

    You condemn yourself by your own posts, Fr Joseph.

    Didn’t I tell you Our Lady was going to set you straight with regards the Consecration by the Pope?……

    And she just did.

    “THE GREAT TRIAL HAS ARRIVED FOR YOUR CHURCH. Those errors which have brought people to the loss of the True Faith have continued to spread. Many PASTORS have been neither attentive nor vigilant, and have allowed MANY RAPACIOUS WOLVES, clothed as lambs, to INSINUATE THEMSELVES into the Flock in order to bring DISORDER and DESTRUCTION.”

  40. charlie January 13, 2011 @ 12:36 pm


    Fr Joseph.

    “It was back in February, 1994 while living in Florida that fellow members of my Carmelite Order “urged/insisted” that I get up to Conyers, GA on February 13th to “Pick Up A Message From THE LORD”.

    “Here’s that Message other members of the Carmelite Order “urged/insisted” I go personally pick up that cold, windy, overcast and wet-rainy day in Georgia:”

    Fr Joseph, I used to get those messages in Australia — posted.

    Don’t they have a postal service in Florida?

  41. charlie January 13, 2011 @ 12:40 pm

    Enya is correct about the Judge, not the politician, being the intended victim.

    They kill anyone who gets in their way.

  42. acudoc January 13, 2011 @ 12:44 pm

    The Mexican billionaire, Hugo Salinas Price, offers an analysis and a solution to the de-industrialization of the West.

    He traces the trend back to President Richard Nixon’s de-coupling of the dollar from gold in 1971. He is an honest businessman with a very clear style of writing.

    I highly recommend his clarifying essay —

  43. Craig January 13, 2011 @ 2:47 pm

    To Georgios,

    It looks like Greece is going to go “belly up” (if it has not already done so) by entertaining scumbags like Lieberman. Please read this and I look forward to your comments. Is the Greek leadership “Krypto-Jewish”?

    The Palestinians and pro-Palestinian supporters gathered on Wednesday in front of the Greek parliament in the capital, Athens, and denounced Lieberman’s visit to the country, the Greek news agency ANA reported.

    The protesters carried Palestinian flags and photos of Palestinians wounded or killed by Israeli forces.

    Lieberman kicked off a four-day visit to NATO-member Greece on Wednesday for talks with the country’s leadership. The event is the first such visit by an Israeli foreign minister in more than 15 years.

    Upon arrival, Lieberman met his counterpart Dimitris Droutsas and was also scheduled to have talks with President Carolos Papoulias, Prime Minister George Papandreou, Defense Minister Evangelos Venizelos and minister of state for investment, Haris Pamboukis.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also traveled to Greece last August to become Israel’s first premier to visit the country.

  44. Georgios January 13, 2011 @ 3:19 pm

    The Greek leadership is Jewish.

    Prime Minister Jeffrey Papandreou is Jewish from the Jewish-Polish family of Mineiko.

    The Minister of Internal Affairs Ragoussis is a crypto-Jew from Spain (from Saragossa in Spain).

    The Health Minister Loverdos (Luerdo) is a crypto-Jew from Ionian Islands. There are dozens of Sabbatean Crypto-Jews who adopted Greek names after the Greek revolution against the Turkish Yoke (1821).

    In 2000 the Jewish Aaron Avouri (Simitis) as Prime Minister then, brought the Goldman Sachs Vampires to manipulate the economical indices in order for Greece to enter Euro Union. Of course Goldman Sachs cashed millions for their …services!!!

  45. Georgios January 13, 2011 @ 3:25 pm


    Do you know why Jews celebrate HANUKAH more than anything else?

    Because of their alledged victory against Antiochius IV Epiphanes and their hatred against the Hellenes.

  46. Brother Nathanael January 13, 2011 @ 3:38 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    Just So You Don’t Miss It, Here is Joe Cortina’s Latest Knock-out Comment From The Previous ‘Mandate For America – 2011’ Page:


    After ALL of the information –

    The facts, the irrefutable proof, the first hand testimony the CRYSTAL CLEAR position of Brother Nate and the multitude of experiences with wicked Jews – NOT Zionists mind you – just JEWS – that he has endured – you STILL DON’T GET IT!

    All the time I was in IsraHELL – and ALL of the Jews I saw doing horrible things and speaking blasphemies against Christ – hatred against Palestiniians – IDF thugs political people – Mossad – land theives partying as they watched bombs falling on children in the occupied valleys below and turning human beings into charred raw meat! – businessmen – shoppers – Jew tourists – I never met ONE person who ACTUALLY called themsleves a ZIONIST – NOT ONE!

    I see trolls and bats in our midst who contribute nothing and spread dissention lies and confusion. you have learned NOTHING nor do you CARE to learn anything Brother Nathanael and the learned members have shared here. Mike Stanley – WHY are people like you even here?

    Charlie – why do you tell LIES about Jew influence in Australia? Been there seen that. That place is EATEN UP with the most WICKED and evil of Jew influence. you are either very ignorant or you are LYING! In either case – STOP IT!

    As for the shooting of that DemoCRAP Jew Congresswoman – here are some FACTS – to ponder, before you get all teary eyed about that poor innocent ‘defender of the truth goodness and the American way’.

    Here is just a snapshot of what Gifford-STEIN is REALLY all about – and you can take it to the BANK!!

    (1) This sweet mom is a 100% supporter of homosexual/pedophile/child molesting perverts. How predictably Jewish!

    (2) Mrs. Wonderful is typical Jew, foaming at the mouth, child-hating, big time supporter of infanticide – she screams for the death of innocent unborn children! How predictably Jewish!

    (3) She is an IsraHELL-firster who ADORES that demonic hellhole and places the welfare of the stinking filthy Jews FIRST AND FOREMOST BEFORE AMERICANS! How predictably Jewish!

    (4) She is a BIG fan of the terrorist murderous IDF, and supports their endless war crimes against helpless children and civilians – she screams for the death of Palestinian children! How predictably Jewish.

    (5) She is a supporter of Obama’s Marxist legislations, including his infamous ‘DEATH CARE BILL’. OH VEH!

    (6) She is or was – a regional board member of the ADL. How typically Jewish!

    (7) She chose a openly homosexual pervert for intern Congressional aide. Oh Veh! Now isn’t that specially Jewish!

    IF- I could find out all these juicy rancid tidbits in less than a hour – Can you imagine what in INSIDER could tell you about this Jew bitch?

    Obama the master fraud – gave a canned speech last night at a ‘vigil’ for all this meant to America. I’m sure a copy can be secured – just be sure to have an industrial strength barf bag at the ready – cause decent Americans will need one when the hear the rancid crap that spewed out of his black lips!

    To give you an idea of just how LOW this scumbag and the Jew dominated DemoCRAP Party has sunk – consider what he said in his official statements concerning White House support for homosexual perverts.

    While doing his hearts and flowers display of how anguished we, as parents or spouses, were to lose a loved one (father mother brother sister wife husband etc) he simply couldn’t miss the opportunity between mega-hypocrite references to God & Scripture to include the loss of A SEX PERVERT’s anal sex lust for his male lover – on EQUAL PAR with that of a mother losing a son or daughter – or husband losing his beloved wife!

    I WANTED TO VOMIT FROM PURE DISGUST — of the REALITY that the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES – in a solemn delivery of a NATIONALLY TELEVISED speech to ALL the world – and ALL of our children and grandchildren and parents and grandparents, had just said with great pride – as the official – ‘CONSCIENCE OF THE NATION’!!

    Despite the rancorpus, filthy, nasty nature of his clearly defined deification of the acts of SODOMY – AND WORSE – the huge DemoCRAP Jew dominated audience roared with approval and applause!

    It was the most disgraceful, nasty, filthy, putrid garbage I have ever heard come from the mouth of a seated President of the United States in an official formal dignified delivery in my entire life.

    I PROMISE you that the vast majority of that audience were too braindead stupid to even grasp the gravity of the insult to their dignity and sensibilities – since they had none.

    I cannot even imagine God any longer bestowing His grace upon our filthy twisted perverted Jew-infused nation EVER any more!

    Joe Cortina


    More at Joe’s HARD-HITTING Web Site @


  47. Sam January 13, 2011 @ 3:52 pm

    I’m no fan of Beck, but he’s outing a whole crop of Jews today on his show.

  48. charlie January 13, 2011 @ 4:13 pm

    Enya just stated who and for what reason the assassination was carried out.

    It had nothing to do with the collaterally damaged senator.

    Why even mention her, except to inflame hatred?

    We already know the state of play with regards Zionism and Freemasonry.

    They played the same trick with Hitler.

    It worked then and its working now.

    The reason for it then was to create Israel.

    The reason for it now is to destroy America and create a New World Order.

    Notice how they turn the shooting into something it never was. An attempt on the senators life and used it to create even more Draconian legislation banning criticism of politicians.

    There are plenty of sane Australians on this board with the exception of Macro.

    Ask them about Jewish symbols in public at Christmas, and I don’t mean the temporary symbols erected for Jew only celebrations then taken down the same day…that’s called freedom of religion.

  49. kmarie January 13, 2011 @ 4:32 pm

    Value Added Tax.

    One of the last comments on Brother Nathanael’s current video said that the Brother Nathanael Foundation is calling for a Value Added Tax.

    Am I the only one who had no idea what a Value Added Tax is, anyway?

    I did a little internet research to see for myself what this is all about.

    From the consumer point of view, a Value Added Tax is quite similar to a Sales Tax.

    But the product value is taxed at every point of production, and everyone except the consumer gets some sort of rebate when they apply to the government properly.

    It seems that under World Trade Organization guidelines, any smart member nation would have a Value Added Tax.

    It seems that every other modern nation of any substance (every nation except the United States) does have a Value Added Tax.

    Somehow the Value Added Tax acts as a sort of hidden import/export tax.

    So a car which costs $20,000 to make in either the United States or China could cost $17,000 when someone in the United States buys the car made in China. The same $20,000 car could cost $23,000 when someone in China buys the car made in the United States.

    This definitely impacts our balance of trade deficit.

    (By the way, last year Obama established a commission which recommended a Value Added Tax, among other things, but Congress showed no interest.)

  50. kmarie January 13, 2011 @ 4:54 pm


    Craig Paul Roberts suggests that corporations be VAT taxed differentially, according to whether their products’ value is value added at home in the United States or is value added abroad.

  51. Disgusted White Christian January 13, 2011 @ 5:34 pm

    Albert D Pastore,

    You are the best my friend. Dave Palmer is either a Zionist Jew, or worse, one of their “puppets” see John Hagee, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

    Henry Ford said, the Jew’s Christian puppets are actually worse than they are, and believe me, in 15 years of dealing with brain dead, brainwashed, soulless puppets, like Dave, I know what he meant!

    Remember Dave, the Israelis are only strong because they have a brainwashed America to do their fighting for the yellow b_astards, and providing the best weapons the Military Industrial Complex here can deliver to those Psychopaths in IsraHell.


  52. James Cleghorn January 13, 2011 @ 6:11 pm

    Loughner’s Jewish mother not so much:

  53. James Cleghorn January 13, 2011 @ 6:22 pm


    το θέμα δεν είναι αν διαφωνούμε ή αν συμφωνούμε με τον α’ ή β’ πολιτικό αλλά αν οι οποιεσδήποτε διαφωνίες μας έχουν να κάνουν με τις πραγματικές ή μη θρησκευτικές πεποιθήσεις των πολιτικών ηγετών ή με την φημολογούμενη, χωρίς οπιαδήποτε στοιχεία, Εβραϊκή καταγωγή τους.

    Δυστυχώς στην σύγχρονη Ελλάδα, το να σε αποκαλούν Εβραίο είναι ύβρις ενώ κανονικά θα έπρεπε να μην είναι τίποτα διαφορετικό από το να σε λένε Κορίνθιο, ή Σερραίο ή Σμυρνιό. Οι οποίοι χαρακτηρισμοί κουβαλάνε βέβαια μιά ιστορία, διαφορετική σε κάθε περίπτωση αλλά χωρίς κανένα ανθελληνικό υπονοούμενο.

    Greek to English translation (Google):


    The issue is not whether we disagree or agree with the first or second political but if any disagreements we have to do with real or non-religious beliefs of political leaders or the rumored, not made any data Jewish ancestry .

    Unfortunately in modern Greece, being a Jew is called hubris and normally should not be anything other than to say Corinthian, or Serres and Smyrna. The ratings who are carrying a story, of course, different in each case but no anti-Hellenic innuendo.

  54. James Cleghorn January 13, 2011 @ 7:03 pm

    Obama apparently is a proponent of the VAT.

    On that basis alone, we should be leary of it. Is it not punitive to the poor and working folks?

  55. James Cleghorn January 13, 2011 @ 7:13 pm

    UNLESS it is implimented with relieving needs based credits or subsidies the VAT would rapidly increase costs across the entire spectrum of wage earners, but the middle class would get particularly hard.

    Wealthy families won’t have it hit their disposable income as hard. Implimentation must be carefully considered otherwise the middle class will end up carrying the burden of the VAT.

  56. James Cleghorn January 13, 2011 @ 7:27 pm

    If this, what follows, from Wikipedia, not Wikileaks, is true, the Jews should be very apprecaitive of the Greek Orthodox Church

    During World War II, Greece was conquered by Nazi Germany and occupied by the Axis powers. 12,898 Greek Jews fought in the Greek army, one of the best-known amongst them being Colonel Mordechai Frizis, in a force which first successfully repelled the Italian Army, but was later overwhelmed by German forces.

    86% of the Greek Jews, especially those in the areas occupied by Nazi Germany and Bulgaria, were murdered despite efforts by the Greek Orthodox Church hierarchy and many individual Christian Greeks to shelter Jews. Although the Germans and Bulgarians deported a great number of Greek Jews, others were successfully hidden by their Greek neighbours.

    On July 11, 1942, the Jews of Thessaloniki were rounded up in preparation for deportation to the German camps. The community paid a fee of 2.5 billion drachmas for their freedom, the effect of which was only to delay deportation until the following March.

    46,091 people were sent to Auschwitz. 1,950 returned to find most of their sixty synagogues and schools destroyed. Many survivors emigrated to Israel and the United States. Today the Jewish population of Thessaloniki numbers roughly 1,000, and maintains two synagogues.

    The Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture writes “One cannot forget the repeated initiatives of the head of the Metropolitan See of Thessaloniki, Gennadios, against the deportations, and most of all, the official letter of protest signed in Athens on March 23, 1943, by Archbishop Damaskinos, along with 27 prominent leaders of cultural, academic and professional organizations.

    The document, written in a very sharp language, refers to unbreakable bonds between Christian Orthodox and Jews, identifying them jointly as Greeks, without differentiation. It is noteworthy that such a document is unique in the whole of occupied Europe, in character, content and purpose.”

    In Corfu after the fall of Italian fascism in 1943, the Nazis took control of the island. Corfu’s mayor at the time, Kollas, was a known collaborator and various anti-semitic laws were passed by the Nazis that now formed the occupation government of the island.[19]

    In early June 1944, while the Allies bombed Corfu as a diversion from the landing in Normandy, the Gestapo rounded up the Jews of the city, temporarily incarcerated them at the old fort (Palaio Frourio) and on the 10th of June sent them to Auschwitz where very few survived.[19][20]

    However, approximately two hundred out of a total population of 1900 managed to flee.[21] Many among the local populace at the time provided shelter and refuge to those 200 Jews that managed to escape the Nazis.[22]

    As well, a prominent section of the old town is to this day called Evraiki (Εβραική) meaning Jewish suburb in recognition of the Jewish contribution and continued presence in Corfu city. An active Synagogue (Συναγωγή) is an integral part of Evraiki today with about 65 members.[21]

    The 275 Jews of the island of Zakynthos, however, survived the Holocaust. When the island’s mayor, Carrer, was presented with the German order to hand over a list of Jews, Bishop Chrysostomos returned to the Germans with a list of two names; his and the mayor’s.

    The island’s population hid every member of the Jewish community. When the island was almost levelled by the great earthquake of 1953, the first relief came from the state of Israel, with a message that read “The Jews of Zakynthos have never forgotten their Mayor or their beloved Bishop and what they did for us.”[3]

  57. James Cleghorn January 13, 2011 @ 7:37 pm

    Kalispera Georgio:

    Antiochus IV (175-164 BC), was the 8th ruler of the Seleucid empire. He gave himself the surname “Epiphanes” which means “the visible god” (that he and Jupiter were identical).

    He acted as though he really were Jupiter and the people called him “Epimanes” meaning “the madman”. He was violently bitter against the Jews, and was determined to exterminate them and their religion.

    He devastated Jerusalem in 168 BC, defiled the Temple, offered a pig on its altar, erected an altar to Jupiter, prohibited Temple worship, forbade circumcision on pain of death, sold thousands of Jewish families into slavery, destroyed all copies of Scripture that could be found, and slaughtered everyone discovered in possession of such copies, and resorted to every conceivable torture to force Jews to renounce their religion.

    This led to the Maccabaean revolt, one of the most heroic feats in history.


  58. Macro January 13, 2011 @ 7:57 pm

    Deprogramming Yourself (The Parting of the Ways)!


    “Its so hard not to get emotional any time I see this amazing clip, its makes me really sad when I try to wake other people up to what’s really happening in the world, then some say if I don’t like whats happening, I should go and do something then, a lot of people just don’t care.”

  59. Brother Nathanael January 13, 2011 @ 8:34 pm

    @Sam –

    You wrote: “I’m no fan of Beck, but he’s outing a whole crop of Jews today on his show.”

    Can you please provide the link and title etc? +BN

  60. Georgios January 13, 2011 @ 8:56 pm

    “12,898 Greek Jews fought in the Greek army?”

    Only in your dreams!

  61. Georgios January 13, 2011 @ 9:04 pm

    Let us see, what the notorious criminal Henry Kissinger told in 1975 about the Greeks:

    “Greeks are a nation that is very difficult to control. So, we should deeply hit their cultural rootes. Maybe then they will be more careful. I mean to assail their language, their religion, their intellectuall and historical reserves.

    “We should eliminate every ability of them to evolve, to distinguish and to prevail, so that they don’t harass us in the Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, which is a neuralgic region of strategical importance for the U.S.A.”

  62. James Cleghorn January 13, 2011 @ 9:05 pm


    That video is by Levin. Please do not post Jew material here.


  63. Sam January 13, 2011 @ 9:39 pm

    @Brother Nate:

    His show rebroadcasts at midnight here on Fox; I think the audio is available.

    He went on about Bernays, Freud, Piven Fox, Rendell, Soros and others and their manipulation of media and treatment of American as animals.

    I didn’t see the whole thing.

  64. Macro January 13, 2011 @ 9:43 pm

    To JC

    As seen on David Icke…

    Is he Jewish too?

  65. Sam January 13, 2011 @ 10:21 pm

    @Brother Nate:

    I found a better link re Beck:

  66. ZillaLilly January 13, 2011 @ 10:26 pm

    All these different sects fighting over did Jesus mean this or that is useless!

    If you believe in Christ unite!

    Its our divisions that keep us under the Zionist thumb.

    A splintered army can defeat nothing!

  67. Brother Nathanael January 13, 2011 @ 10:46 pm

    Hi Everybody – (BTW, thank you Sam for the Glenn Beck link!)

    I thought you might all enjoy the comments on YouTube for this latest Video, “US States Going Belly Up.”
    Magnificent web presence, very powerful presentation, thank you Brother Nate, we love ya.

    motonegros 2 minutes ago
    Very smart with the common sense approach..I Amen you on all you have stated…You make it sound so simple much like bailing the water out of a boat to keep it from sinking.

    Dogface276 1 hour ago
    That is an awesome beard!!

    1family4me 1 hour ago
    Other than the crazy antisemitic language I agree with you.

    Twist9 2 hours ago
    Ruin is already here. We’re just being plundered on the way out.

    kmg501 4 hours ago
    LAWLZ!!!!!!!! XD

    Durinsbane404 6 hours ago
    Hail comrade,

    Well said. Only a patriotic policy and not the international Jewish policy can save the USA. The big defense budget to fight wars for IsraHell will be its undoing.

    Sieg Heil!

    11Mbanderafalsa 9 hours ago
    @11Mbanderafalsa A patriot policy? Might as well be a traitor policy for all the sense that makes. Patriot policy has absolutely no definition/meaning.

    SteadyHaze 7 hours ago
    Jews get gold, gentiles get pieces of paper. war is the best PROFIT. Eustace mullins. They use the left hand to create social unrest so you will accept the WAR AS INEVITABLE. It is elite English jews and Windsors.

    aburke673 9 hours ago 2
    Brother, I have more respect for you than alot of these ‘3rd row press’ on youtube and on the net because you have the guts to address the real parasite eating at america and the world.

    PRCNews 10 hours ago 3
    The PUBLIC employess who now work for and agree with this insane Zionist FED destruction soon will themselves be thrown under the treads of the machine they support!

    davids11131113 13 hours ago 4
    im moving to China. 

    mrzack888 14 hours ago
    Brother Nathanael for president!

    ThePhotobot 15 hours ago 5
    What we need is real people starting real companies here again. Let China have their crappy products. We have the backyard tinkerers here in the US to have product lines and at an affordable price. Sure we’re gonna take a hit. No this is not a Nationalist frame of mind. Those greedy banksters need a hit in their wallet. That’s the only thing they understand. Well, they understand greed and world conquest. America is already being shown how bad the Fed Res is. Hopefully wake up won’t be too late.

    chop98 16 hours ago
    I want people to understand this: The (rhymes with blues) are in China. Now. Understand, I’ve lived in China, am a son-in-law of China and do business with China.

    Brother Nathaniel is not rambling conspiracy theories when he tells you that prominent Jews are now (as we speak) physically and systematically establishing their businesses in China.

     Some bad signs? Chinese tell me they worry for nothing because they are clever like Jews. A sure sign Jews will play them like flutes 🙁

    ElProximo 18 hours ago
    God bless you brother. 

    74brooklynboi 22 hours ago 2
    The corps aren’t going to be paying the VAT tax. We are.

    I’ve been, ever since the BUSH-KERRY runoff, asking the politicians to end the disasterous trade laws of





    The politicians of BOTH parties aren’t listening. Come on people, maybe if we all demanded an end to this, we could stop this.

    calico2229 23 hours ago

    Totally agree. Now, that cuts are happening, I say, anyone who voted for any of those things should be the first to get their pensions revoked, retirements seized and benefits cut.

    biozamadotcom 18 hours ago 2
    SHARE THIS!!!!!

    nathuwjohn 23 hours ago
    i like it …i like it~!

    planthi80 1 day ago
    Brother Nate, you tell it exactly how it is and I’m sure your plans would work if our government wasn’t completely corrupt. Bless you and your work, you are entertaining and inspiring.

    lubbockboy1 1 day ago 3

    You have a great smile Sir.

    MustacheVerra 1 day ago 10
    I really wish you would quit soft pedaling how you feel…LOL. Love you man.

    hatch381 1 day ago 3


    I “hard pedal it” my friend. +BN

    zionget 1 day ago 21
    @zionget Yes you do, you do name names.

    Brother it’s too late now to save this country.

    Prepare yourself mentality and spirituality for the collapse

    and what will ensue. It will be apolacalyptic. There is also

    dark forces at work here.

    66Tigercat 1 day ago 2
    @66Tigercat – It will not be apocalyptic. It is a controlled collapse as it has been for years. The next generation will be living in a 3rd world United States, sort of like Mexico. The Greatest generation has mostly died out and the baby boomers will all be dead in another 10 to 20 years and their last years will be miserable, anyone say 40 and under will have a miserable life in this country. anyone 20 or under forget it. leave now and start a new life in a booming country.

    AngelWillGetYouBitch 11 hours ago 2

  68. Kalif January 14, 2011 @ 1:43 am

    Obama Orders Military To Prepare For Spring Food Riots

  69. Georgios January 14, 2011 @ 4:40 am

    James Cleghorn

    The Maccabean war was against their own countrymen because they were hellenized. They did sports, they participated in theatre and arts and in common hellenized civilized life. If you believe the fables about Antiochius forced them to eat pork, then I can not help you.

    About the Jews served in Greek army, where do you have the numbers? From Wiki? If you google you find 1000 times the same text you posted here.

    During the Greek resistance against the Germans the Greek Partizans asked from the Jews to join them but only a handful did it. The Rabbi Koresh of Thessaloniki (hm, the mother of Israel, no?) was the BIGGEST collaborator of the Nazis, you forgot to mention that.

    Today everything in Greece is in Zionists hand. The Central Jewish Committee is a state in state and no Jew in Greece pays taxes to Greek state but to the KIS (Central Jewish Committee) and 99% of the Greek Jews serve in the Israelian army, not the Greek one.

  70. Georgios January 14, 2011 @ 8:21 am

    I found the petition filed by the official Jewish board of Thessaliniki after the war. Contary to Koresh the other Jewish Rabbis told the people in other cities to hide.

    Salonika Jews Sponsor Trial Of Collaborators

    The Petition

    To the Commissioner of the Special Court for judging persons guilty of cooperation with the Germans.

    LAWSUIT submitted by the Jewish Community of Salonika, represented legally by their President, Haim Moise Salitiel, resident of Salonika, on Vassilion Ireklion Street No. 24


    1) Hirs Sevy Koretz, of unknown residence
    2) Solomon Ouziel, merchant
    3) Jack Albala, unemployed
    4) Vital Hasson, taylor
    5) Edgard Cunic, temporarily staying in Athens
    6) Leon Sion, or Topouz, rag-picker
    7) Albert Castro, photographer
    8 ) Sack Max, unemployed
    9) Yoel Groufter, unemployed
    10) Ezra Barsilay, merchant
    11) Joseph Hasson, merchant
    12) Isaac Hasson, merchant
    13) Joseph Errera, private employee
    14) Gitta Koretz, house-keeper
    15) Laura, wife of Jack Albala
    16) Ida Jack, house-keeper
    17) Moise Castro, private employee
    18) Mathilde Yoel
    19) Abram Benroudi
    20) Djoya Hasson
    21) Rebecca Benroudi
    22) Louna Hasson
    23) Alphonse Levy
    24) Sol, wife of Alphonse Levy
    25) Rosa Levy
    26) Issac Beraha
    27) Estrea Beraha
    28) Valeria Saltiel
    29) Nina Saltiel
    30) Susy Saltiel
    31) Derio Saltiel
    32) Abram Seiaky
    33) Reya Seiaky
    34) Salomon Seiaky
    35) David Menache
    36) Marietta Menache
    37) Issac Menache
    38) Saoul Menache
    39) Lida Errera
    40) Haim Jack
    41) Ida Jack
    42) Leo Koretz
    43) Lily Koretz
    44) Paula Cohen
    45) Julia Sarfatti
    46) Bella Barzilay
    47) Reyns Barzilay
    48) Ida Ouziel
    49) Marcel Ouziel
    50) Daisy Castro
    51) Fortunee Castro
    52) Moise Castro
    53) Rena Castro
    54) Daniel Solomon
    55) Plata Castro

    Salonika, September 11, 1945.

    In January 1943, the Rosenberg Commission, consisting of a small number of German officers and soldiers belonging to the infamous SD GESTAPO, arrived in Salonika specifically for the purpose of persecuting the Jews.

    The Commission’s purpose was to capture en masse all of the Jews of Salonika, to deport them to Poland, and generally to exterminate them and to appropriate all of their property. To achieve this objective, the Commission approached all low-class people in Salonika who were willing to serve and assist them in exchange for various forms of remuneration.

    The Commission asked for the assistance of the first 18 persons in the above list, who had willingly placed themselves under its orders. They thus became organs of the occupier and consciously contributed to the execution of a crime the likes of which has not been witnessed in human history.

    The first one accused, H. Koretz, who, as chief Rabbi and spiritual leader of the Jews of Salonika, had considerable influence on his flock, obtained an order from the Rosenberg Commission to be appointed president of the Jewish Community of Salonika. In addition to his religious duties, he also invested himself with political authority.

    With the assistance of those engaged by the Germans upon his suggestion, he began carrying out faithfully the orders of the Commission, even though he knew that he was assisting in the systematic destruction and extermination of the Jews of Salonika.

    Among those engaged by him were Solomon Ouziel and Jack Albala, liaison for the Chief Rabbi and President to the Rosenberg Commission, and later, also to the Town Civil Police Chief.

    In the course of this mission and under the leadership of Vital Hasson, the remaining 15 accused placed themselves under the orders of the S.D. GESTAPO SERVICE, which supplied them with authority to execute any unjust act of violence against any Jew or Greek Christian who assisted the Jews.

    Under the protection of the first 3 leaders and the immediate orders of the S.D., this gang of 15 thugs quickly took a census, concentrated 43,000 Jews in special closed quarters (Ghettos), and then captured and imprisoned them in the BARON HIRSCH concentration camp, from whence they were deported to death camps in Poland.

  71. mr.israel January 14, 2011 @ 9:43 am

    Dear RZN family, a prosperous New Year to you all, and stay in the best of health.

    The audience Mr. Jack van Impe is addressing is certainly not the type of people who respond to Bro Nate’s videos, because there is certainly a difference in the perception of Jews as a people.

    Jack van Impe speaks on behalf of Jews who are Talmudic and not Talmudic, but that they are Jews, he certainly does not have anything negative to say about Jews on his show. He really goes into his show sincerely and projects a positive image of Jews, that’s his show.

    One would ask after watching Bro Nate’s videos and the postings available on the web page, just why does Jack van Impe not see these issues ? Jack van Impe is a national show, and are you saying that Jack van Impe is lying on his show about the Jews in USA and Israel ?

    Jack van Impe is professing the Bible and indicates Jews are a target on his show, while on your show, Bro Nate, you show Jews are the ones doing the harm. Quite a difference. There are numerous web sites that are anti Jews, and there is a lot of material available on Jewish actions in the past.

    There is the church channel, and there are many Christian shows on the channel, and none profess the material that you are posting on your web site, none. Why is that ? Are they afraid of Jews, or are they in a conspiracy with them ?

    I know of a few anti Jewish radio shows too, one in particular is Texe Marrs who operates out of Austin Texas, he has a web page and posts his show on the web page, weekly. Lots of surprising anti Jewish stories.

    It would seem that Bro Nate is neutral to the Moslems, but Moslems have a different perspective of Jesus, its a type of anti christ perspective.

    All in all, Bro Nate provides proof to his show by naming names of Jews involved in the conspiracy, and that too of the present time, not just the past time events.

    The main thrust of my posting is just why are there people like Jack van Impe and Bro Nate who have opposing views on Jews, why dont they have the same perspective on Jews ?

    Amen, and God bless.

  72. Theodoric January 14, 2011 @ 11:04 am

    Jack van Impe is a Zionist Judeo-Christian and Dispensationalist, just like all the other televangelists.

    Why do you keep trying to stir the pot, demon Jew?

  73. Derek January 14, 2011 @ 11:47 am

    @ Google: mr israel: Its called media manipulation.

    Google: “How the Jews use power” & read about all the Anti-Christian legislation they have tried to put through starting with: 1899-1900. The Jews attempt to have the word “Christian” removed from the Bill of Rights of the State of Virginia.

    Muslims revere Christ & he is a prophet in their religion. How exactly are they the anti-Christ? Could you elaborate?

    Brother Nate has done many articles on the Anti-Christ issue on here.

  74. KC January 14, 2011 @ 12:06 pm

    Mr. israel,

    “There is the church channel, and there are many Christian shows on the channel, and none profess the material that you are posting on your web site, none. Why is that ? Are they afraid of Jews, or are they in a conspiracy with them ?”

    It could be both, plus maybe paid by the Jews, but that doesn’t mean it is an actual Christian perspective.

    Zionist Christians distort the message of Christ, as they are under a satanic influence, which is only capable of distorting. The more Truth in the lies, the worse.

    I don’t know why they worship Jews as something special while Christ clearly said their house is empty, i.e. they lose their ‘chosen’ status until they become Christians.

    Matthew Ch. 23

    37 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

    38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.

    39 For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

  75. KC January 14, 2011 @ 12:22 pm

    “Muslims revere Christ & he is a prophet in their religion. How exactly are they the anti-Christ? Could you elaborate?”

    They are anti-christ because they do not profess Christ as the Son of God.

    1 John 2:22


    Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.


  76. hvt January 14, 2011 @ 1:51 pm

    To enya,

    With regard to your 7:22am post yesterday, do you have a link relating to your theory about Judge Roll being the target?

    As best I can tell the protection was related to threats he received in a civil rights lawsuit back in 2009, and it was only for a month.


  77. Nicolae January 14, 2011 @ 1:51 pm

    Virginia Considers Gold as Alternative Currency for When FED Breaks Down

    In what could be the financial shot heard around the world, the state of Virginia is considering the establishment of a joint subcommittee to study whether the Commonwealth should adopt a currency such as gold or silver to serve as an alternative to the currency distributed by the Federal Reserve System in the event of a major breakdown of the Federal Reserve System.

    Read here their plan for you.

    Who Is Esau-Edom.

  78. Suzanne January 14, 2011 @ 2:27 pm

    Great effort is made to hunt down and prosecute suspected Nazi war criminals, no effort is made to bring Zionist war criminals to justice.

    What is Russia doing to hunt down Jew zionist war criminals that helped in the massacre of million in Russia.

    Are there any monuments, museums etc in Russia to commemorate all the Russians killed in the Bolshevik revolution?

  79. Mike Phillips January 14, 2011 @ 2:29 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    OK, back again with part 2 of a response to your posting on the Jewish Banker thread. I’ve chosen to post it here because I intend to try to show why this is important and relevant to the main subject of this website.

    Joe Cortina asked in his post why Mike and Stanley were here. I don’t think I’m the Mike he was referring to, but I do believe I should try to answer this anyway.

    I came to this site because of the information it presents, much of it not available elsewhere. However, this is not the only website attempting to expose the evils of today’s “Jews.” Jeff Rense does this daily, but he is a New Age flying saucer devotee. Mike Rivero also does this, but he is an unrepentant Jew and an avowed atheist.

    What sets this site apart is that it purports to be a Christian website. It is this which gives me hope that something useful might be accomplished. I don’t believe a non-Christian has the basic framework to ever really understand this world. They may get many parts of it right, but they never put everything together properly. Like Jesus said, “Without me you can do nothing.”

    After I first came here, as I read more I came to the conviction that while he was very right about what the Jews were doing in this country, the course he was advocating was completely wrong from a Christian point of view.

    Since my conversion, I have tried my best to live my life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible. I don’t claim to do it perfectly, but I do try to the best of my current understanding.

    I can’t support something I believe goes against the teachings of the Bible, but I can attempt to persuade others, especially those who are trying to be Christians, to better align themselves with the word of God.

    If you think I am overlooking something in the Scriptures, feel free to point it out to me. I am always willing to change when I get a better understanding, which has happened to me many times along the way.

    For now, this is how I see things taking place from a Biblical perspective. I think the place to start is with the principles of how God deals with nations. I won’t quote the whole thing, but here’s the beginning:

    Deu 28:1 And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth:

    At the beginning, the United States was largely populated by real Christians fleeing persecution in Europe. As a result – and it’s important to note here that this is an actual cause and effect relationship – God blessed this nation with the things which follow in Deuteronomy 28. We were the breadbasket of the world, lived in prosperity, no one invaded us, etc. But God goes on:

    Deu 28:15 But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee:

    Notice who God is talking to here. It is His people Israel. If they don’t hearken to His voice and do things HIS WAY, then the curses follow and they come from Him. Today Israel, or God’s people, are the Christians.

    This is exactly what has happened in the United States and in fact the whole world. We have left God. Wanton living abounds. Sodomy is celebrated, etc. Virtually nobody (maybe 1%) of Americans really care about God of what he wants any more.

    They no longer care about worshipping Him the way he requires. So, the same cause and effect relationship takes place again. While they all apply, here is one that is extremely relevant to the discussion on this forum:

    Deu 28:43 The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.

    Deu 28:44 He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail.

    This is what God said HE, repeat HE, would do to any nation that left Him. Do you have any problem seeing that in the United States the Jews are “the stranger within thee” and that God is using them to bring about His judgment. We have gone from the richest nation on earth to the most indebted. They are the head, we are the tail.

    The important thing to understand is that this is God’s doing. The New Testament says the same thing in a little different way:

    Rom 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

    Rom 13:2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

    In other words, God is running the show. He even uses wicked people to accomplish his purposes. Why would God want the Jews to do what they are doing? I’ll get to that in a bit. It involves the principle that all things work together for good to those who love God.

    First, for a biblical example of a situation that is remarkably similar to that of that of the United States, we don’t have to go any further the story of Jeremiah. In that case, like the U.S., Israel had left following God and God, as He said in Deuteronomy, was bringing the Babylonians to execute His judgment upon them.

    The Babylonians were not a righteous people, but God used them anyway to accomplish his purpose. Jeremiah tried to give them the real solution to their problem (it is the same and only solution which will work for the U.S.) which was for the people as a whole to return to God and the problem would go away just like He promised in the first part of Deuteronomy28.

    The people of Israel, however did not want to repent. They said, “Hey, the Babylonians are coming to destroy our city, eradicate our traditions, tear down our Temple, rape our women and carry us off slaves. We must fight them.”

    When Jeremiah couldn’t get the whole of Israel to repent, at God’s command he urged whoever would listen to surrender to the Babylonians and God would protect them. (The similar command in Revelation is, “Come out of her, my people,” meaning the corrupt religious system. When the authorities heard this, they called Jeremiah a traitor for refusing to fight and tossed him in a cistern so he couldn’t talk to anyone anymore.

    I’m sure they would have liked to kill him, but God promised Jeremiah His protection and when Jerusalem was later burned to the ground and its inhabitants carried away captive, Jeremiah walked away a free man.

    The people who fought the Babylonians (and hence God’s judgment) lost while those who followed God were approved. This, by the way, is a preview of what is going to take place worldwide this time.

    So, why would God want to bring these terrible judgments, the Babylonians or in our case the Jews, upon us? Simple, God looks at the big picture and not the short term. Everything on this earth is short term. We all live a few years and then we die. Eternity is forever. God is concerned about where we spend eternity.

    The Bible says that God is not willing that any perish. Some people take this verse out of context to argue that God will eventually save everyone, but a reading of the whole Bible will show the error of that. Jesus said that most were on the broad way that leads to destruction, so obviously most will perish.

    Therefore, this can only mean that God is not willing for anyone who “can be saved” to be lost. Since God is omniscient, can read all hearts and knows the future as well as the past, He is able to determine if there are any left who can be saved.

    Here it might be worthwhile to revisit the story of Sodom and Lot. The Lord had appeared to Abraham and told him of his plans for Sodom. Abraham was concerned since he knew his nephew Lot lived there and tried to negotiate. Surely God will not destroy the righteous along with the wicked? 50, 45, 40 etc, down to 10 it went. Finally God said He would not destroy it for ten and left.

    The story really doesn’t end there. Lot was informed by angels of God’s plan and tried his best to convince his relatives to leave. He was not having much success and the angels finally grabbed him by the hand and told him he had to leave because they couldn’t do anything while he was still there.

    Later Peter tells us in his epistle that Lot was the ONLY righteous person in Sodom. The angels only took Lot’s wife and two daughters because he would not leave without them. His wife became a pillar of salt and his daughter’s later behavior proved them less than righteous. In other words, God will not destroy a single person who He knows can be saved in order to get at the wicked.

    The problem is how do you get the last few holdouts to turn to God? I’m thinking here about Americans who care only about their personal pleasure and nothing about God.

    Suppose for just a moment that Brother Nathanael’s plan of a military coup would work more spectacularly than even he can imagine and that the United States was returned to a land of peace and prosperity. What would be the incentive for pleasure loving Americans to turn back to God? Absolutely none. They would simply become more depraved.

    There is an old military saying, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” In other words, when things become dire enough and people totally despair of solving their own problems, then and only then will they consider turning to God.

    If all the people who could be saved were saved, then God would come and destroy the wicked right now. Since He hasn’t done that yet, there must be some left who are still reachable. You and I may not know who they are, but God does.

    Revelation suggests that there aren’t many and that most after suffering the plagues will curse God and not repent of their sins. But, there must be some. Our job as Christians is to try to find them and bring them the word.

    Can you see now why God is doing what He is doing? He knows that the last of those He can save need, IN FACT ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE, hard times, circumstances where they totally despair of solving things themselves, before their hearts are softened enough to turn to God and listen to Him.

    The Jews are God’s instrument to bring the last of those possible to salvation and to bring judgment upon the rest. If you fight the Jews, you are fighting God and fighting God is a hopeless proposition. You can’t possibly win.

    Deuteronomy tells us the problem in this world is not the Jews, it’s the so called Christians who have stopped following the word of God and set about to do that which is “Right in their own eyes.”

    You can read the book of Judges to see what God thought about that. One by one he sent them enemies. They would cry out and repent until finally they would repent no more and everything was taken away from them. This is what lies in store for us.

    If you want to do something about a cause and effect relationship, you must attack the cause, not the effect. If you don’t like the effect (Jews taking over America and the world) then you must address the cause which is Christians who have left the word of God.

    In Deuteronomy 28 above, God promised blessings to any nation that would follow Him. Remember, God was talking to His people. If you want the curses lifted (the Jews, financial woes, other calamities) then those calling themselves Christians must turn back to following God. Nothing else will work. Unless and until this happens, nothing will stop the judgment of God.

    Right here we run into a big problem. We are nearing the end of times. Revelation suggests that very few will repent, but instead will curse God for the calamities. Jesus Himself asked rhetorically, “When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith?”

    Apparently true Christians will be few and far between. Paul said that before the end there would be a great falling away. The Greek word is apostasia or apostasy. We certainly have that today. It’s everywhere, the Catholics, the Orthodox, all the Protestant denominations and the weird religions that call themselves Christian like the Mormons or the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the money grubbing televangelists.

    In Christianity there are not supposed to be denominations. That’s a primary message of 1st Corinthians. A practical definition of a denomination is a group of people banded together around one or more (usually more) false doctrines.

    If all held the truth, then there would be just one church. Since there are many holding different “truths” then logically at the very least all but one of them must be wrong. Of course, each one thinks they are the one that is right and no one considers that ALL the denominations might be wrong.

    So, how do you know what’s right. God left us signposts and they are not this or that group of fallible sinful human beings. They are his Holy Scriptures. In them He clearly states for those want the truth what He wants done.

    The trouble as Paul noted is that very few have a love of the truth and bring judgment upon themselves. The don’t care what God wants, they want what they already believe TO BE the truth and they will twist the scriptures into a pretzel to accomplish this.

    Here we come to the various aspects of Mary worship, praying to Mary, her supposed perpetual virginity, her being the “Queen of Heaven or the Mediatrix and so on. This isn’t really new. Jeremiah wrote about this:

    Jer 7:17 Seest thou not what they do in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem?

    Jer 7:18 The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger.

    Jer 7:19 Do they provoke me to anger? saith the LORD: do they not provoke themselves to the confusion of their own faces?

    Jer 7:20 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, mine anger and my fury shall be poured out upon this place, upon man, and upon beast, and upon the trees of the field, and upon the fruit of the ground; and it shall burn, and shall not be quenched.

    This pagan goddess worship began with Semeramis in ancient Babylon and has been continued on through the ages under different names like Diana, Ishtar, Isis, etc.

    The Catholics have continued this “Queen of Heaven” worship only changing the name to Mary. God hates the worship of the Queen of Heaven and He destroyed Israel because of it and their many other sins.

    The Catholics also call Mary the Mediatrix and pray to her to intercede with God for them. What do God’s scriptures have to say about this:

    1Ti 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

    The Bible says over and over again to worship God only and flatly forbids any worship of men or even angels. Prayer IS worship.

    Then again, how could Mary even hear prayers? She was a human being. She is not omniscient unless you think we all become Gods when we die, which since you are not a Mormon I doubt.

    There are about a billion Catholics praying to Mary. How is she supposed to hear any of those voices, much less all of them at once.

    There is only one instance in the Bible of prayer to a dead human being acknowledged and that’s when Saul prayed to Samuel. God went and got him. Notice the response. First Samuel was irritated at being disturbed from his rest and then instead of assisting Saul, he pronounced his death sentence. Can’t you see God hates this? So, let’s go back to Deuteronomy 28 again:

    Deu 28:15 But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee:

    If you are praying to Mary then you are not following God and YOU are part of the reason the curses are coming upon this nation. This is the relevance. If you want the Jews to stop what they are doing to this nation, you must eliminate the cause, first from yourself and then by preaching to as many others as you can. That is the task Jesus assigned to all Christians, not to fight the world:

    Mar 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

    One final point that I omitted last time: why did Jesus assign the care of Mary to John? I think that’s easy. Jesus cared most about the spiritual condition of Mary and assigned her care to His most beloved disciple, not to His brothers who as yet did not believe in him although they would shortly and would all be together as you can see:

    Act 1:14 These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren.

    About reading the word brethren to mean cousins, there is a separate Greek word to denote cousins used by Luke to describe Elizabeth but never used to describe the other children of Mary.

    soong-ghen-ace’From G4862 and G1085; a relative (by blood); by extension a fellow countryman: COUSIN, kin (-sfolk, -sman).

    One last observation, I see a tremendous lack of faith by many on this forum. God is able to put a hedge of protection around His people and has promised to do so:

    Rev 3:10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

    If there is a financial collapse, do you trust God to take care of you or do you buy gold and silver to cast to the moles and the bats. Jesus said:

    Mat 6:31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?

    Mat 6:32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

    Mat 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

    Do you believe and trust in Jesus, or do you advocate storing food? Paul said our weapons are not carnal so where does that leave a military coup?

    I really wish this were a Christian forum, but I can’t see that it is and that’s a shame. It could be. Jesus said we were to be wise as serpents, and this forum contributes to an understanding of what is going on in the world, but the solutions are all wrong. I just hope that some will see the light and make following God their priority.

    In Christ,


  80. USSA TODAY January 14, 2011 @ 3:45 pm

    The public fool system is brainwashing kids as young as 6 to be controlled serfs of the police state/NWO-

    And another Jewish “Elected Thing” as Jack McLamb calls them, trying to impose on the Bill of Rights in light his co-tribalista mass shooting in Arizona. He’s Jew. He’s from New York. He hates America’s freedoms/ the Bill of Rights.-

    Jewmerika set some records in 2010 (for economic disaster) –

  81. Mark January 14, 2011 @ 4:58 pm

    Who makes up most of the Investment portfolio’s? Government investors as in State, city, local and Federal.

    Trillions not ever mentioned on the political football referred to as the “Budget.” I’m talking about the net assets.

    Check your counties, city’s and state CARF. You’ll find the investment stashed there, outside of the spotlight of daily nightly News!!!!!

    Government coast to coast has been betting against the American Worker and taxpayer since 1946. See

    We have become useless eaters…

  82. Mark M January 14, 2011 @ 5:06 pm

    Maybe Glen Beck will wake up now…..

  83. hvt January 14, 2011 @ 5:08 pm

    Mike Phillips,

    I hear you loud and clear. Thank you for sharing that.

    Can I surrender all to the holy Lamb of God
    Who at Calvary surrendered all for me?
    Am I willing to drink the cup He has prepared
    That holds the certainty that I will see
    That the cross and the pain…
    Leads to life and great gain?
    Surrender, O, my soul, surrender to His will.

    “Shall I not drink the cup My Father gives to drink?”
    Said Jesus in Gethsemane’s garden of utter pain.
    And now the same question is being asked of me!
    Can I acquiesce, and let go of Adam’s bitter strain?
    There is life in such yielding…
    And safety under His shielding.
    Surrender, O, my soul, surrender to His will.

    Why do I fight so against the tenderness of His will,
    While knowing to do so just adds to the present grief?
    And why do I not stand upon the rock of obedience,
    Rather than giving in to the original thief?
    His will? Abundance of His grace
    To mightily win life’s critical race.
    Surrender, O, my soul, surrender to His will.

    Jesus, only You have the key to overcoming life,
    And time after time You have offered it to me.
    Enable me, moment by moment, to accept it by faith.
    To let self go…for the gift of being free.
    There truly is no other way…
    To exit this old Adamic clay.
    Surrender, O, my soul, surrender to His will.

  84. Fr. Joseph January 14, 2011 @ 5:38 pm

    Mr. Mike Phillips,

    You make me feel as it’s a complete waste of my time EXPLAINING things here to and for people about the Church’s Apostolic Faith.

    You take that ‘Bible’ of yours without even taking the moment to consider ‘WHO?’ and by ‘WHOSE AUTHORITY?’ you have a ‘Bible’ to read to from.

    You take that ‘Bible’, utterly DISREGARD those who have THE LORD’S OWN AUTHORITY to tell you which books are to be contained in it for the EXPRESSED PURPOSE of being Public Reading in the Church’s Masses and Divine Liturgies in what is referred to in that part of the Christian Church’s Liturgies as “The Liturgy of the Word”.

    You make yourself your own singular ‘authority’ and by YOUR ‘authority’, you REJECT the Lord’s Own New Testament’s Divine Sacrament of THE EUCHARIST, His Very Own Body and Blood which THE LORD HIMSELF says ‘IS’ God’s New Covenant with ALL of Mankind.

    “Your” BIBLE SEZ:

    “There remained FAITHFUL to the Teaching of the Apostles, to the brotherhood, to the breaking of Bread and to the (liturgical) prayers.” Acts 2:42

    Have you ever read the writings of the Early Church Fathers?

    Have you ever read ‘The History of the Church’ by Euseibus?

    Have you ever looked into the writings and decrees of the Ecumenical Councils of THE CHURCH?

    If there was NO ‘Pope’, NO ‘Bishop of Rome’, and if there were NO Church Councils of Carthage and Hippo 397 AD & 400 AD, you’d be HERE right now quoting to ALL OF US from any of the SPURIOUS and GNOSTIC writings and books you can so readily find in your PUBLIC LIBRARY under the cover entitled

    ‘The Apocrypha of the New Testament’!

    And you’d be here in front of us all CONDEMNING everyone for being a ‘heretic’ as well as an ‘apostate’ because you’d be SUPPORTING and PROMOTING any one of THESE non-Apostolic heresies of the Early Church:

    Either ACCEPT that THE CHURCH has been in existance since the time of the Apostles and Pentecost – OR – DENY that God the Holy Spirit EXISTS and that Christ Jesus Himself IS INCAPABLE of Leading and Guiding His Church here on earth down through the centuries SINCE Pentecost!

    If you assert publicly that GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT and our Lord Jesus Christ IS INCAPABLE of doing THAT, then what makes you think that ‘you’ are the ‘Divine Leader’ of HIS CHURCH here on earth?

    You are PUBLICLY ASSERTING here on this commentary section that JESUS CHRIST either ‘abandoned’ His Church – OR – God the Holy Spirit DOES NOT EXIST!

    Now ‘Go Away’ to some quite, solitary place of your own choosing and THINK/PRAY about what I’ve just told you!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  85. bproman January 14, 2011 @ 6:22 pm

    Thanks Brother for providing us with accurate information and common sense solutions.

  86. hvt January 14, 2011 @ 6:40 pm

    Oh, Father Joseph, what are we gonna do with you?…:-)

  87. dookee boy January 14, 2011 @ 6:56 pm

    DUDE is foaming at the mouth….the heck is that all about ?

  88. Words of Wisdom January 14, 2011 @ 11:45 pm

    As Christians we have been ordered to not practice necromancy. Praying to dead people is necromancy. Case closed.

    Now let’s turn our attention to common interests rather than squabbling among ourselves.

    Brother Nathanael works pretty hard on his videos and articles and it would be nice if we could keep our comments relevant to the topic of the thread.

  89. Kalif January 14, 2011 @ 11:58 pm

    Monsanto voted Most Evil Corporation of the Year by NaturalNews readers

    Monsanto Now “Owns” Blackwater (Xe)?

    7 Reasons Food Shortages Will Become a Global Crisis (Updated Jan. 14, 2011)

  90. Glory B. January 15, 2011 @ 5:00 am

    Dear Mike Phillips,

    Rarely have I had the displeasure of having to read the JEW-inspired B.S. that has spewed from your pen.

    You take a bunch of quotations principally from the Old Testament and purport that they show what happens to those who oppose the JEWS.

    Well, I have a quote for you, my ignorant friend: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    You conveniently forget one very important fact: THE JEWS KILLED JESUS CHRIST.

    And until they get down on their knees and repent of that awful crime, and confess, “I’m sorry, Jesus, for having rejected you in the past. I was wrong, and I now accept you as my personal Savior, and the Divine Son of God,” they will continue to remain GUILTY OF KILLING CHRIST!!!

    But you know something, Mike, most of the JEWS won’t do that, because they are too proud, too haughty, too sure of their superiority over the “stupid goys,” to humble themselves.

    If it’s one thing JEWS hate above all else, it is to humble themselves.

    Until you have lived in a JEWISH home — and I have, ’cause I was raised as a Jew, and remained one until the Holy Spirit entered my life and led me to the Lord Jesus Christ — you don’t know the evil, wicked, vile thoughts and deeds of the JEWS.

    But Scripture vividly describes how the evil JEWS treated Jesus and his folowers, the Christians.

    Mike, why don’t you look a little further into the New Testament to see how the wicked JEWS treated Jesus in His day?

    Well, I’m sure your mind is made up, so you won’t take the time to open your New Testament to see the evil deeds of the JEWS. So here’s a little “cheat sheet.”

    Gospel of Matthew

    3:7 The Pharisees and Sadducees are called poisonous snakes.

    12:34 The Pharisees are called evil poisonous snakes.

    15:3-9 Condemnation of the Pharisees for rejecting the commandments.

    15:12-14 The Pharisees are called blind guides leading the blind.

    16:6 Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

    19:3-9 The Pharisees are said to be hard-hearted.

    19:28 The disciples of Jesus will judge the twelve tribes of Israel.

    22:18 The Pharisees are called hypocrites.

    23:13-36 The scribes and Pharisees are vilified as hypocrites.

    23:38 The house of Jerusalem is to be forsaken and desolate.

    26:59-68 The chief priests and council condemn Jesus as deserving death.

    27:1-26 The people demand that Jesus, not Barabbas, be crucified.

    27:62-66 The chief priests and Pharisees request a guard at Jesus’ tomb.

    28:4 The guards tremble and become like dead when the angel appears.

    28:11-15 The chief priests bribe the guards to lie about their actions.

    Gospel of Mark

    3:6 The Pharisees begin to plan to destroy Jesus.

    7:6-13 Condemnation of the Pharisees for rejecting the commandments.

    8:15 Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees.

    10:2-5 The Pharisees are said to be hard-hearted.

    14:55-65 The chief priests and council condemn Jesus as deserving death.

    15:1-15 The crowd demands that Jesus, not Barabbas, be crucified.

    Gospel of Luke

    3:7 The Jews are called poisonous snakes.

    4:28-30 The members of the synagogue in Nazareth try to kill Jesus.

    7:30 The Pharisees are said to have rejected the purposes of God.

    11:39-54 The Pharisees and Torah scholars are repeatedly condemned.

    12:1 Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.

    13:14-17 The ruler of the synagogue is condemned as a hypocrite.

    13:35 The house of Jerusalem is to be forsaken.

    22:63-71 The chief priests and council condemn Jesus as deserving death.

    23:1-25 The people demand that Jesus, not Barabbas, be crucified.

    Gospel of John

    5:16-18 The Jews persecute Jesus and want to kill him.

    5:37-47 Jesus tells the Jews that God’s word and God’s love is not in them.

    7:19-24 Jesus tells the Jews that they do not do what is written in the Torah.

    7:28 Jesus tells the Jews that do not know the One who has sent Jesus.

    8:13-28 Jesus tells the Jews that they know neither him nor the Father.

    8:37-59 Jesus tells the Jews that they are descended from their father the Devil.

    9:13-41 The Pharisees and other Jews are condemned as guilty.

    10:8 The Jews are said to be thieves and robbers.

    10:10 The Jews are those who steal and kill and destroy.

    10:31-39 The Jews pick up stones to throw at Jesus.

    11:53 The Jews realize that they have to kill Jesus.

    11:57 The chief priests and Pharisees plot to seize Jesus.

    12:10 The chief priests plan to kill Lazarus and Jesus.

    12:36-43 It is said that most Jews love the praise of men more than of God.

    16:2-4 The Jews who kill Jesus’s disciples will think they are serving God.

    18:28-32 The Jews demand that Pilate sentence Jesus to death.

    18:38-40 The Jews demand that Jesus, not Barabbas, be crucified.

    19:4-16 The Jews insist to Pilate that Jesus must be crucified.

    Book of Acts

    2:23 Peter tells the men of Israel that they crucified Jesus.

    2:36 Again Peter tells the men of Israel that they crucified Jesus.

    3:13-15 Peter tells the men of Israel that they killed the originator of life.

    4:10 Again Peter tells the men of Israel that they killed Jesus.

    5:30 Peter tells the members of the Jewish council that they killed Jesus.

    6:11-14 Jews bring false accusations against Stephen.

    7:51-60 Stephen condemns the Jews for betraying and killing Jesus.

    9:1-2 Paul is depicted as planning the arrest of disciples of Jesus.

    9:23-25 The Jews plot to kill Paul.

    9:29 Jewish Hellenists try to kill Paul.

    12:1-3 The Jews are said to be pleased when Herod killed James.

    12:3-4 Herod seizes Peter to please the Jews.

    12:11 Peter realizes that the Jews wanted to kill him.

    13:10-11 Paul condemns the Jew Elymas as a son of the Devil.

    13:28-29 It is said that the Jews had asked Pilate to crucify Jesus.

    13:39 It is said that Jews cannot be forgiven by means of the Torah.

    13:45-46 Jews speak against Paul.

    13:50-51 Jews encourage persecution of Paul and Barnabas.

    14:1-6 Many Jews oppose Paul and Barnabas and attempt to stone them.

    14:19-20 Jews stone Paul, thinking that they have killed him.

    17:5-9 Jews incite a riot, looking for Paul and Silas.

    17:13 Jews stir up turmoil against Paul.

    18:6 Paul tells the Jews, “Your blood will be on your own heads!”

    18:12-17 Jews bring accusations against Paul.

    19:13-19 Jewish exorcists are shown to be condemned.

    21:27-36 Jews seize Paul and try to kill him.

    22:4-5 Paul says that when he was a Jew he had persecuted Christians.

    23:2-5 Paul condemns the chief priest for striking him.

    23:12-22 Jews plot to eat nothing until they kill Paul.

    23:27-30 Paul is nearly killed by the Jews.

    24:9 The Jews accuse Paul of many crimes.

    25:2-5 Jews plot to kill Paul.

    25:7-11 Jews continue to bring accusations against Paul.

    25:15-21 Jews speak repeatedly against Paul.

    25:24 The Jews shout that Paul must be killed.

    26:21 The Jews seize Paul and try to kill him.

    28:25-28 Paul condemns the Jews for never understanding God.

    Paul’s Letters & Epistles

    1st Thess 2:13-16 Paul condemns the Jews for killing Jesus and the prophets, and celebrates the suffering of the Jews now that the “wrath of God” has come upon them.

    Do a little more research, Mike, then take your newfound knowledge to your JEW friends, like the ADL’s Abe Foxman, and see how they react. I guarantee it won’t be pleasant.


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  91. Michael Kelley January 15, 2011 @ 5:44 am

    On the subject of the Most Holy Theotokos:

    It is my opinion that to conflate Mary, Jesus’ mother, with Ishtar/Jezebel is a major mistake both for the Catholics, who do so ‘with good intentions’, and for non-Catholics who do disrespect her as well.

    When a person prays to a saint, they pray to a person who is presumed alive in heaven, not dead in Hades. And when they pray, they ask for the saint to pray to God for them, not for the saint to grant the thing asked of their own authority.

    If your grandmother was alive and was a saintly woman who walked her whole life in the ways of God, you could ask her to pray for you without committing a sin, right?

    It is no different when we call upon the Blessed Virgin to pray for us, since we assume she is alive in heaven.

    If she bears the title of Queen of Heaven, it is to take it away from the impostor. Remember, both Jesus and Lucifer are called the “Bright and Morning Star.” Do you think that they the same person?

    Peace in Christ.

  92. Michael Kelley January 15, 2011 @ 6:09 am

    On the subject of the Most Holy Theotokos:

    Why is it that we believe that the saints are alive in heaven?

    Revelation 1:18. “I am he that lives, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for ever more, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.”

    When Christ was removed from the cross and laid in the tomb for three days, the tradition teaches that his spirit descended into Hades, from whence he released John the Forerunner and the Old Testament patriarchs.

    Whatever the case, the Bible clearly states that he, the Son of Man, has complete personal control over the realm of the dead, does it not?

    From that, we reason that he raised his faithful and long-suffering mother after she went to sleep. Do you presume that he would not do so FOR HIS OWN MOTHER? And for what reason? That is what is implied by the statement that it is necromancy to ask her for her prayers.

    Through the prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos, may Christ have mercy on us sinners.

  93. Derek January 15, 2011 @ 6:31 am

    @ KC: The Jews reject (ed) Lord Jesus Christ, not the Muslims.

    As stated on a previous article here on Realzionistnews by Brother Nate:

    THE PROPHET DANIEL predicted the Anti Christ would be a Jew: ”At the end of time a ruler shall exalt himself against God speaking great swelling words. He shall not regard the God of his fathers. He shall honor a god of opposition, a god whom his fathers knew not.” (Daniel 11).

    St John of Damascus of the 8th Century, whose authority is recognized by ALL Christian denominations, states that the Anti Christ 1) will be a Jew 2) will come to the Jews 3) will be accepted by the Jews.

  94. Derek January 15, 2011 @ 6:50 am

    @ Mike Phillips:

    You waffled on and on, cherry picking.

    Approx. only 8% of Jews today are Semites the rest are Asheknazi European who are descendants of Khazars.

    The way they went about the land grab of Palestine from the native people was anything but Godly & the Zionist leaders were by all accounts atheist & considered the Bible a myth.

    These are the kind of people to save us? They do not have an inkling about right or wrong!

  95. Brian Crowell January 15, 2011 @ 8:13 am

    Brother Nathanael:

    I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!! You woke me up smiling this morning!!!

    Keep doing what your doing — its working!!!

  96. Fr. Joseph January 15, 2011 @ 8:37 am

    Words of Wisdom,

    Have you NEVER encountered the words

    “I am the God of Abraham, the God of Israel, the God of Jacob. God is God, not of the DEAD, but of the LIVING.”?

    Have you NEVER encountered the words

    “With so many witnesses in a a great cloud ON EVERY SIDE of us…”?

    Have you NEVER encountered the words

    “A large quantity of incense was given to him to offer with the prayers of THE SAINTS?”

    Have you NEVER encountered the words declared for century and after century IN THE CHURCH since the times of the Lord Jesus Christ’ Own APOSTLES:

    “I BELIEVE IN….the Communion of the Saints”???

    In ALL my years of encountering and being engaged by people who are ‘Profession Internet Catholic Church Bashers’, there is this ONE COMMONALITY that every last one of them (and Lord know there are just SO MANY of them!) share, and that is:

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do these ‘Professional Internet Catholic Church Bashers’ who are ‘polished in their Craft’ of impugning, belittling, mocking and insulting the Apostolic Faith OF the Catholic Church ever 1) identify the cult, sect, congregation, denomination they personally hold allegiance to and are personally affiliated with, and

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do they ‘reveal’ the names and the addresses of their particular ‘pastor’, ‘preacher’, ‘teacher’, ‘leader’ or ‘trainer’ in their “Craft” of bashing/assaulting the Catholic Church.

    So Mr. Words of Wisdom, Mr. ‘Kaptain Keyboard Kourageous’, might you tell ALL OF US here on RZN

    1) What cult, sect, congregation, denomination to you belong to or hail from, and

    2) Can you provide ALL OF US here on RZN the name of your ‘Pastor’, your ‘Preacher’, your ‘Teacher’, your ‘Leader’ your ‘Trainer’ of your INTERNET CRAFT?

    Thank you for your prompt, sincere and truthful cooperation with ME and with all the rest of RZN commentary section readers throughout our contemporary World.

    “We Have A ‘NEED-TO-KNOW’!”

    – +Fr. Joseph

  97. Donna chestergimli January 15, 2011 @ 8:59 am

    To all who reject the Mother of God, Mary

    At the Second Vatican Council, it was the deference given to Mary and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that the Jews went after. Both of these are major stamps of Our Beloved Roman Catholic Church that were ripped to shreds. That says it all.

    All of you Jews out there know that Christians must show devotion to His mother because she was His mother and the most important woman in this world to Him. How many readers of RZN would appreciate someone who praised his/her accomplishments and totally ignored the persons who made it all possible for him/her, his mother and father.

    In case any of you are interested, Catholics also pray to St. Joseph, Jesus’ foster father. The month of March is the month of St. Joseph. Although he doesn’t get as much attention as Our Most Holy Mother, he still gets a big share after her.

    Now that the Rosary is practiced more and more, the Holy Tridentine Mass is being practiced more and more. It seems the two go hand in hand. I, for one, cannot tolerate anyone who denigrates the Mother of God without having something to say.

    Glory B,

    Your mention of Luke 7:28 and 8:13-28 brings to mind something that has occured to me many times. And that is that I think that the Jews worship a different God the Father than Christians do. And that would have to be the Christian perspective.

    For how could any bunch of people say they worship God, the creator of the universe, and then from the Christian perspective kill the Son of that Father. Remember Jesus telling the parable about the householder who had prepared a great feast and the sent his servants (the prophets) out to welcome all to his feast. But they all had excuses not to come.

    Then he sent his son (Jesus) out to invite them to come and they killed him. Jesus then said that his Father would order all of these who had rejected his request and killed his son to be killed by his servants.

    Then he calls in all of those from the highways and biways to come to his feast (all the non-Jews-Gentiles). If the Jews rejected the Father’s invitation, then how could they worship him? There is no basis for being called Judeo-Christian in this world. It is an insult to Christian peoples everytwhere.

  98. Fr. Joseph January 15, 2011 @ 9:06 am

    I just want to post something here on RZN ‘For The PUBLIC Record’ for future reference’s sake.

    Last night while at work, I turned my thoughts to God in Heaven and just flat out told Him


    It’s a very telling thing, put the ‘+Fr.’ in front of your religious ordination name and inform people that you are a ‘Catholic Christian’ – and people from every walk-of-life, from every whazoo-cult-sect, congregation-denomination in and throughout our entire World ALL act and behave in the same exact way…

    …the ALL ‘pick up their STONES’ and want to STONE YOU TO DEATH verbally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

    I don’t know why these ‘stone wielders’ DON’T go off in a rabid raging RUSH to pelt +Fr. John.

    After all, the Eastern Orthodox Church DOES HAVE valid Christian Sacraments of 1) Baptism 2) Confession 3) the Eucharist 4) Chrismation 5) Marriage 6) Holy Orders 7) Anointing of the Sick.

    The Eastern Orthodox Church DOES hold the Canonically VALID Canon of the Apostolic Christian Church.

    The Eastern Orthodox Church DOES have Apostolic Succesion, DOES have BISHOPS and PRIESTS and VOWED RELIGIOUS.

    The Eastern Orthodox Church DOES have Monasteries, Convents, Monks and Nuns.

    Does ANYBODY throughout the World see ANYONE here on RZN “going after” the Eastern Orthodox, such as +Fr. John or +Br. Nathanael with regards to their Orthodox Faith? No.

    So therein lies a ‘religious-spiritual’ MYSTERY of sorts…

    ‘Why Is It that those of the CATHOLIC Church have to be/must be singled out for these people who have picked up and are armed with their ‘spiritual’ STONES?’

    Anyways, I’m going on the ‘Public Record’ here on RZN to inform all of you of the utterly BIZARRE psycho-spiritual mindset and heartset WITHIN people who have their own ‘Bibles’ and who go on and on ‘quoting chapter and verse’ here (at me) in an attempt to DISCREDIT and ASSAIL the Catholic Church.

    In doing that, all of you will be able to see this psyk-psycho-spiritual behavior and mannerisms working in and working through such individuals with their ‘Bibles’ when they come lashing out at me in the very near (if not immediate) future here on RZN.

    But now…time for a cup of coffee! 🙂

    – +Fr. Joseph

  99. KC January 15, 2011 @ 9:44 am

    Dear Derek,

    :@ KC: The Jews reject (ed) Lord Jesus Christ, not the Muslims.:

    Please read the part of the Scripture I’ve quoted, VERY carefully again. Yes the antichrist will be a Jew, etc..I love John of Damascus by the way.

    Muslims do not accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God who was Resurrected, that means, they reject Him.

    What they say about him, is that he was not Ressurected, but walked away into the crowd and someone else got crucified.

    That is a Gnostic teaching, back then Gnostics lived as outcasts in the desert, that’s who Mohammad met and that is their teaching. Mohammad has not even met REAL Christians. Gnostics are influenced by satan.

    If someone ‘likes’ Jesus Christ but does not accept Him for what He is, will accept the antichrist.

  100. Dafydd January 15, 2011 @ 9:59 am

    I hope this destroys the lies put out about Adolf Hitler once and for all by Jews or their brain washed, uninformed, useful idiots.

    Ways Out of the Crisis

    Gerd Walther’s response to a reader’s question concerning National Socialist economic policy:}

    Thank you for your inquiry and for the opportunity to briefly explain the basic principles of National Socialist economic and financial policies.

    First of all you should know that when President Paul Hindenburg named Adolf Hitler Chancellor of the Reich in January 1933, he came to power in a country whose economic deformation and political devastation was similar to that of today’s Germany.

    With thirteen and a half million unemployed, a disintegrating industrial economy, ruined agricultural sector, idled trade and moribund shipping industry, the nation was collapsing.
    In just two years Germany overcame its crisis and by 1938 our Chancellor and Führer had created an active social state with full employment –- a state that was the envy of the world!

    Hitler was guided by the principle that the economy exists to serve the people and capital exists to serve the economy.

    Today it is the other way around: in Austria and the so-called Federal Republic, the German People, including the millions and millions of unassimilated foreign workers on our soil, exist for the sake of the economy; and the economy exists to serve Capital.

    As the economist Gottfried Feder explained in his books DER KAMPF GEGEN DIE HOCHFINANZ (The Struggle Against Globalism) and DIE BRECHUNG DER ZINSKNECHTSCHAFT (Abolition of Interest Slavery), there is a big difference between “Capital” and “Economy.”

    {While recuperating from his war wounds in Munich in 1919, Hitler attended Prof. Feder’s lectures, which he describes in Chapter VIII of MEIN KAMPF.}

    The German national spirit had arrived at this conclusion in the preceding century, in response to Isaak Adolphe Crémieux’s ALLIANCE ISRAÉLITE UNIVERSELLE (Universal Israelite Alliance in Paris, the precursor to the First World Jewish Congress.)

    The ALLIANCE charged Karl Marx, a grandson of rabbis, with the task of obliterating the difference between capital and the economy.

    Their purpose was to pit workers against employers and distract them from the depredations of Jewish banking capitalists, who lived from usury.

    (Consider the parallels with Greece and France today.)

    Mr. Marx always kept quiet about the fact that under the system of ZINSKNECHTSCHAFT (Interest Slavery), the employer is required to deal in money that has to be repaid with interest.
    Under this system the “capitalist” is not the employer who creates the basis for the worker’s existence, but rather the money-lending Jewish “Bankster.”

    This is perhaps the greatest difference between the theories of National Socialism and Jewish Bolshevism.

    It helps us understand Goebbels’ oft-quoted remark that “Adolf Hitler killed Karl Marx.”

    To me, it explains that Siemens was not the exploiter of my dear working class mother, but rather Rothschild.

    On the contrary, Siemens provided her livelihood!

    In today’s Germany, enslaved by Globalism, her livelihood would be destroyed, since Siemens now produces everywhere in the world except Berlin.

    By lending money, the plutocrats had triumphed everywhere in the world, thanks to the fact that the world’s currencies were based on the gold standard.

    International trade was possible only through transactions involving gold or interest bearing loans in currencies backed by gold.

    Following its national revival in 1933, Germany abandoned this financial tyranny, with the result that barter — the direct exchange of goods — became possible in international trade.

    An example of this is Germany’s exchanging locomotives for Argentinean beef, which did not require international trading credits or a “reserve currency.”

    RAFFENDES KAPITAL (money-grubbing capital) capital lost billions upon billions in private profit from interest on international indebtedness, and SCHAFFENDES KAPITAL (productive capital) won the day in Germany!

    That is why, on orders from RAFFENDES KAPITAL, France and England declared war on Germany in September 1939.

    At present a similar development is occurring in trade between China and Turkey, which is bypassing the US dollar as global reserve currency.

    Consider that the Chinese recently rebuffed Chancellor Merkel in her efforts to persuade them to deliver their currency over to the Wall Street plutocrats.

    Like the Chinese today, the National Socialists insisted on maintaining the independence of the German single currency in the days of gold backed currencies.

    Adolf Hitler had a different concept of economics, and gold was simply not a factor in his considerations.

    He agreed with Gottfried Feder that productive labor created value, not gold.

    Hitler’s “gold” was German ARBEITSKRAFT (the power of German industriousness), and with this “gold” an unfettered Germany trumped every country in the world.

    Under National Socialism the German economy was concerned with work and production rather than usury and speculation.

    Ultimately it was the capabilities and industriousness of the workers, engineers, economic managers and organizations of the VOLK that backed the REICHSMARK, which was the single currency of the National Socialist state.

    Under the financial and political principle of ARBEIT IST GELDWERT (Money is backed by productive labor), National Socialist Germany introduced bills of credit called MEFO-WECHSEL in the amount of 5.5 billion Reichsmarks.

    This was an addendum to the 4.5 billion Reich marks allowed under the Dictate of Versailles until 1933.

    German heavy industry including Siemens, Krupp, and AEG etc. undertook to cover these bills of exchange in such a way that their fixed industrial assets provided security for the newly created money.

    This enabled the creation of up to 10 billion Reich marks, the minimum amount required to boost the economy in a “work-for-work” exchange.

    After this medium was established, contracts for residential construction, superhighways and modernization of agriculture were immediately undertaken.

    Don’t be tricked into believing that rearmament put the unemployed back to work – that is a propaganda lie!

    The driving powers of free enterprise, innovation and intellectual activity shaped the new economic system for the benefit of the entire German nation.

    The National Socialist state was opposed to Bolshevik GLEICHMACHEREI (trying to make everyone the same.)

    When an individual accomplished something outstanding that benefited the community, he or she was rewarded financially.

    To be sure, profits and dividends were capped, in keeping with the social element of National Socialist policy.

    For example in the armament industries, which in the so-called “democratic” countries allowed speculators to pocket 70 to 160 percent of invested capital as dividends, National Socialist Germany allowed a maximum of six percent, of which half was conveyed to the community in the form of taxes.

    Even then the major industrialists were not entirely free to commandeer the entirety of their half of the wealth created by the Volk.

    It was expected that the industrialist would invest or re-invest in ways that would be advantageous to the national community.

    If he did so, everyone was satisfied.

    If he did not do so, the National Socialist state would intervene.

    By contrast, consider how today’s industrialists are transferring capital to low-wage countries in order to destroy German jobs.

    The same principle restricted fees paid to boards of directors.

    Representatives to Parliament were not allowed to hold positions on corporate boards of directors unless these positions were completely unremunerated.

    This was the opposite of the situation in the “Weimar Republic” or today’s “Federal Republic.”

    The National Socialists put an abrupt end to the corruption involved in allowing parliamentary representatives to serve on corporate boards of directors.

    And now you know, dear reader, why Adolf Hitler was so hated and vilified by the phony “democrats” and why he continues to be hated and vilified today.

    With best regards from

    Gerd Walther, AUSCHWITZPROZEßFÜHRER (Auschwitz Litigant)


    The translator is a Germanist who makes German articles about the plight of Germany accessible to those who do not read German.

  101. Donna chestergimli January 15, 2011 @ 10:00 am

    Fr. Joseph,

    Why do they go after you specifically? Because of you deference to the Mother of God. It is she that said that she would save the world through the Rosary and Scapular. Jesus saved the world spiritually. Apparently now it is Mary’s turn to save the world physically and from the Jews. And this the Jews really hate.

  102. stanley January 15, 2011 @ 10:16 am

    @Mike Phillips, well said.

    Let us keep our precious friend Fr. Joseph in our prayers.

    He needs to be born again. Jesus said, “Lest you be born again, you cannot see the kingdom of Heaven.”

  103. Disgusted White Christian January 15, 2011 @ 10:48 am

    James Cleghorn,

    The JTA is run by Zionist Jews and sanitize everything, why don’t you come out and criticize the SPLC: Southern Poverty Law Center, all Jews, Blacks, other minorities, and White puppets who were first on the scene, to ACCUSE the Arizona shooter, of being “another gun toting White Christian Racist.”

    Why isn’t it racist, when Jews or Blacks immediately JUMP to the White Christian
    stereotype, the Zionist Jew has created in the west?

    You can’t believe the JTA, or any other Zionist Jew Org. Would you love to hear what their version of the blowing up of the King David Hotel in the 40s might be, the Levon Affair and the USS Liberty?

    They are, and have always been, history’s greatest revisionists!

    Father Joseph, good point, on the Catholic thing, I have shed light on this myself.

    How is it, a site, for REAL ZIONIST NEWS, becomes an attack forum on the Catholic church and smear campaign against decent Catholics, like Mother Teresa, Padre Pio, Katherine Drexel?

    How come Real Zionist News, always drifts to the Vatican, and heretics within the Catholic church?

    Isn’t it the Zionist Jews and their satanic antics, why we are protesting here??


  104. Donna chestergimli January 15, 2011 @ 10:54 am


    You Mike Phillips and Charlie are those who purposely confuse the issues.

    I think that everyone on this site should just overlook your comments.

  105. Derek January 15, 2011 @ 11:04 am

    @ Father Joseph:

    I really value your posts and insight into religion on here & love how you know the Bible from heart. Please do not feel you are not appreciated.

    Personally I feel the good outweighs the bad as regards the Catholic church and the Jew media has tried to smear it with guns ablazing. We must not forget the Catholic Church is by far the biggest Christian denomination so that must count for something.

    @KC: Am I correct in assuming from what you wrote that in your opinion both the Jews & Muslims are the Anti-Christ?

  106. Donna chestergimli January 15, 2011 @ 11:15 am


    BRAVO! This is the way a country should be run. With politicians not using a swinging door between their federal office and their chair positions on corporate boards. But money speaks all. That is why a stable form of governments cannot be maintained.

    I firmly believe what you said about Britain and France declaring war on Germany due to their monetary system.

    I also agree with you about the international barter that they subscribed to. A few people in government, such as Hitler and Goebbels cannot keep the money hogs at bay though.

    There needs to be courses REQUIRED in every school throughout the land to teach the next generations these truths.

    You will notice that a Rothschild bank got back into the US amost 100 years after Old Hickory got rid of it. And Abraham Lincoln’s greenbacks are no more.

    The public NEEDS to be educated about this matter or else it will not hold sway and despot will take over again.

    And gold is G-d to the Jews.

  107. frank depinto January 15, 2011 @ 11:23 am

    Letter-to-the-Editor: the Shootings: America, A Sick Nation.‏

    From: Frank DePinto (

    Sent: Thu 1/13/11 4:35 PM

    To: timesfree press (;;;;;;;;;;;;
    9 attachments (total 2.4 MB)

    Frank DePinto
    Box 6194
    Chattanooga, TN 37401


    Letter-to-the-Editor: the Shootings: America, A Sick Nation.
    No. of Words: 200

    Dear Editor,

    — US Politicians and Obama have decided to cut government spending i.e. healthcare, social security, education on the backs of the middle class: while they continue to extent tax-cuts for the rich.

    — US politicians and Obama continue to murder Muslims for Jews in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Gaza to protect fascist Israel at a cost of $6 trillion dollars to the American taxpayer.

    — At the end of the Clinton administration America had a surplus budget, no wars.

    — During the Bush administration the US surplus was rifled by tax-cuts for the rich and wars for Jews i.e. Iraq and Afghanistan.

    — Wall St. Jews i.e. Greenspan, Goldman-Sachs, et al destroyed the US economy by their subprime mortgage heist. Obama Jews i.e. Giethner, Emmanuelle et al rewarded Wall St. Jews with bailouts and bonuses.

    — The death of the 9 yr. girl in Arizona Saturday was caused by the poisonous ether created by the decisions of American politicians.

    — America is reaping i.e. 9/11, Ft. Hood, now Arizona the evil America has created domestically and in the Middle East.

    — Americans murdered 2,000 Iraq children during the 2003 US terrorist invasion of Iraq. There are now 2 million Americans without extended unemployment benefits and jobs.

  108. Brad January 15, 2011 @ 11:23 am

    Hey Brother Nat,

    Looks like ya got yerself an awesome video there.

    A VAT would be a big help, as would be its cousin tariffs. In fact, before income taxes govt was funded by tariffs.

    I also agree about hyperinflation.

    When I dreamed I was in the year 2014, things were very expensive. There was also a lot of talk about some major historic event everyone referred to as “the change”.

    As in “How did we get by before the change?” or “such and such happened a year before the change?”

  109. Derek January 15, 2011 @ 11:43 am

    @ Frank: Very concise, insightful and factual. Thanks.

  110. KC January 15, 2011 @ 11:49 am


    @KC: Am I correct in assuming from what you wrote that in your opinion both the Jews & Muslims are the Anti-Christ?

    They are antichrist in spirit, each in their own way. However there will be the Antichrist in person at the end of times which Jews will worship as their messiah.

    The Bible talks about the antichrist in both ways.

  111. antonis January 15, 2011 @ 1:25 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I have been following your site for just over a month now.

    You definitely know what you are talking about as I have cross checked what you are saying.

    Thank you for your efforts, and the sacrifices you are making. I GREATLY appreciate what you are doing.

    Glory to God!

    I am promoting your work to my contacts.

    May God and all His saints protect you in your perilous journey.

  112. Gary January 15, 2011 @ 1:33 pm

    China will invade US, last year the power was out for 5 days.

    These are dry runs boys and girls.

    Those containers will be full of troops on there way here and Al Bushomma will be in Dubai sucking on sherry.

    They will come collecting.

    Sitting ducks is the best term for us fat people.

  113. JKnTX January 15, 2011 @ 1:57 pm

    “I normally don’t dream about god…but I did the other day.

    In this dream “god” was speaking to a general of the US air force. He told him…”This is my world. I created this world. I do not like what you are doing to this world. You have one chance to change it. Then I will destroy this world. Only those I deem worthy will survive.”

    I am not of any affiliated religion. I do have a history of prophetic dreams in the past…usually containing to personal situations.

    I had a vision of the earth being frozen over by ice. Horrible winters to come. Bridges over waterways being compacted in ice.

    Make of it what you will”.

    Pole shift. The sun rose two full days earlier in Greenland this year than it ever has in recorded history. Get ready boys and girls, the new world is coming to a theater near you!


  114. JKnTX January 15, 2011 @ 2:10 pm

    “Gnostics are influenced by satan”.

    An outright lie. You’d best learn history – during the Middle Ages, it was the Cathars of France (allegedly Gnostic Christians) who were butchered by the Catholic Church in what was one of the most shameful of the so called “Crusades” – look it up.

    Most of the so called “Christians” I have met in my life were FAR more evil than any Gnostic could possibly be.


  115. JKnTX January 15, 2011 @ 2:23 pm

    “– At the end of the Clinton administration America had a surplus budget, no wars”.


    You mean the same Clintooner misadmistration that cooked the books to produce those stats?

    No wars? Oh you mean blasting the living daylights out of Orthodox Christian Serbs during Christmas to protect Muslim “Kosavars” wasn’t a war then?

    Do you remember that? I do – look up how many died and tell me what year Slick had it done.


  116. Words of Wisdom January 15, 2011 @ 5:22 pm

    Gnosticism is heretical. Freemasonry is based around gnosticism.

    The G in Freemasonry stands for Gnosis. The Gnosis is the Secret Knowledge.

    Freemasonry is operated by the Jews as a way to get stupid goyim to do work for them.

    Gnostics/Freemasons are part of the enemy.

  117. JKnTX January 15, 2011 @ 5:26 pm

    We Christians believe that the Jews and Zionists are so strong in the US, then can we safely deduce that their God is more powerful.

    “Why does our Christian God allow them to prosper?

    Why do we have to struggle to stop their influence.

    Is our God and beliefs inferior and weak”?


    “Belief is the enemy of the truth”.


    These “people” operate using a logic system which is totally foreign to the run of the mill of mankind. You cannot begin to oppose them or fight them effectively until you accept and understand that fact.


  118. Words of Wisdom January 15, 2011 @ 5:30 pm

    F. Joseph,

    Prayers OF THE Saints is a lot different than Prayers TO THE Saints.

    I know you donate to the site and as a reader I appreciate that very much. But I feel your comments are too divisive.

  119. JKnTX January 15, 2011 @ 5:38 pm

    “Hey Brother Nat,

    Looks like ya got yerself an awesome video there.

    A VAT would be a big help, as would be its cousin tariffs. In fact, before income taxes govt was funded by tariffs.

    I also agree about hyperinflation.

    When I dreamed I was in the year 2014, things were very expensive. There was also a lot of talk about some major historic event everyone referred to as “the change”.

    As in “How did we get by before the change?” or “such and such happened a year before the change?”

    You need to read H.G. Wells’ “In the days of the Comet”.

    Why is ANY tax needed when they can just print all the “money” wanted?

    Think about that folks, why are you working as slaves to a corrupt, bankrupt system than doesn’t care a flying flip for you, your children, or anything else that you think really matters?
    WAKE UP!


  120. JKnTX January 15, 2011 @ 5:43 pm

    “Gnosticism is heretical. Freemasonry is based around gnosticism.

    The G in Freemasonry stands for Gnosis. The Gnosis is the Secret Knowledge.

    Freemasonry is operated by the Jews as a way to get stupid goyim to do work for them.

    Gnostics/Freemasons are part of the enemy”.


    The knowledge of the real truth comes from God thru the heart-mind. You are a servant of evil if you espouse the books written by men over that.


  121. ProtestingAnt January 15, 2011 @ 6:13 pm

    Thank you again Brother Nathaniel for a concise and well researched video.

    As for the comments, hmmmm, what a depressing lot! I suppose unity in Christ just isn’t going to happen until Jesus comes back to separate the wheat from the tares. So many little pet theories and doctrines!

    I have humbly and prayerfully been seeking the LORD for His guidance and counsel, to lead me to ALL truth, since shortly after my salvation from sin and death over 20 years ago. He has not disappointed or left me hanging! It has been quite a ride!

    There are many on here who’s hearts are sincere but their doctrines are unbiblical. There are a few who are just plain unregenerate and vindictive! There are some who will not see the Truth of the Holy Scriptures if it bites them on the nose!

    It is interesting how, in my quest for the absolute truth, I found Brother Nathaniel and this web site. Do I agree with everything he says? No. Do I believe he is a deceiver or deceived? No. There are so many “mysteries” as the Bible calls them, for us to “seek out”, that I don’t believe that any single human can know all of the truth in this life time.

    We will only “know and be fully known on the day of the glorious appearing of our LORD Jesus Christ.

    There are some scriptural absolutes however. Mary worship is just not scriptural. Jesus Christ IS very GOD, not a “great prophet”. We cannot “win” in the flesh. No matter how hard we try, we will only be fighting YHWY ELOHIM!

    Now, we are to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, are we not? We are not children of the darkness but of the Light, correct? Therefore we must humble ourselves in the sight of the LORD and He will lift us up. He will lead us into all knowledge. And He will set us free, not as the Judahites expected their messiah to fight the Romans, but as Jesus has set us free from the fear of death!

    I know some on here cannot stand the idea that the white Anglo Saxon race could be the actual physical descendants of the “lost” tribes of Israel, but my study of the true history of the world, lead by the Spirit of God, has shown me that they most definitely are!

    That is not a racist statement, because God has made it quite clear that “whosoever will” is quite accepted by Him. There will be from “every tribe and tongue of man” in Heaven, present with Him. Hallelujah!

    This doesn’t contradict the teaching of those who are exposing Zionism at all, it validates them!

    To call any followers of British Israelism heretics, without first doing a thorough investigation is simply foolishness and ignorant pride. I highly recommend you all start with a simple search of the nation of Parthia (they are mentioned in Acts 2:9), asking the LORD to guide you from there…

    Here’s some teaching from The Association of Covenant People’s web site…

    Now, does that look like Zionist a** kissing to you?

    Brother Nathaniel, I will continue to pray for you and your ministry, may our Saviour, Lord and Father bless you and protect you!

  122. Disgusted White Christian January 15, 2011 @ 6:27 pm

    “Freemasonry is operated by the Jews as a way to get stupid goyim to do work for them.”- JKnTX

    See that charlie, myself and Donna C, have been trying to get you to see that for months, everyone else seems to see the true devil on earth, the Zionist Jews (origins in Babylon with the Talmud).

    All the rest (Freemasons, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Bilderburgs, Trilateral Commission, Communism) are just their tools, or instruments, to distribute their DIABOLIC plan of world conquest, through a world government: NWO, controlled by Zionist Talmudic Jews.


  123. Suzanne January 15, 2011 @ 6:51 pm

    @Father Joseph,

    Please forgive me if I have offended you in any way on this site?

    I don’t think I have. I have always welcomed your input and comments and have derived much comfort from them. Anyway, my apology still stands if I have been in any way “quick to cast any stones” at you.

  124. JKnTX January 15, 2011 @ 7:23 pm

    “I hope this destroys the lies put out about Adolf Hitler once and for all by Jews or their brain washed, uninformed, useful idiots.”

    Hitler was worthless, just as Obama is today.

    If Adolf had been a true leader, he would have had laws passed that all Germans should own firearms and then expelled the Jews.


  125. Words of Wisdom January 15, 2011 @ 7:46 pm


    There is absolutely no difference between Gnosticism and Jewish Mysticism. Both originate with the occult.

    By supporting the Gnostics, you have clearly shown that you are not one of us.

  126. jackie January 15, 2011 @ 9:15 pm

    DWC wrote

    All the rest (Freemasons, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Bilderburgs, Trilateral Commission, Communism) are just their tools, or instruments, to distribute their DIABOLIC plan of world conquest, through a world government


    Yes but where would their plans be without the masonic web?

    Nowhere, that’s where.

    And you should also remember that the Jews are also organized into Masonic associations, to carry out their world enslavement and destruction. Of a higher order and rank than the other lodges perhaps, I don’t know, but these Zionist lodges, for want of a better word rule Israel and control the Zionist agenda worldwide.

    Think of any Zionist Jew banker, industrialist, politician, judge whatever. They belong to an organization, they have a plan, they have a network of implementation, and it involves many more non jews than jews at the lower levels at least.

    They can see the future they will be foisting on us. using their black ops technology for both of the above, seeing and foisting, and that’s why they have reserved a place for themselves at the bottom tip of Tasmania.

    They know they will not be welcome in that country thats why they carried out the Port Arthur Massacre to act as a catalyst for gun control and confiscation. The country was armed to the teeth. And did they put the guns in an armory? No they destroyed them. And left the place a sitting duck for invasion if their plans go wrong.

    If you attack Freemasonry you attack the organization.

    If you attack Jews, you attack… well simply Jews.

    ‘Peter Paul and Mary’ were Jews. Are you attacking them too?

    I understand there is a much greater influence in the USA.
    I know this because of what people are writing here.
    How people over there look up to them as superior.

    I don’t even think that occurs in Europe but I may be wrong.

    They destroyed Germany because it was their main opposition and replaced it with a compliant Talmudic Jew dominated country.

    Now they are going after USA, where most Germans by origin at least live outside Germany.

    You know about the vote in the nineteenth century in the US government that adopted English over German as the national language by one vote?

  127. Disgusted White Christian January 15, 2011 @ 10:04 pm

    “If you attack Jews, you attack… well simply Jews.” — Jackie

    Why do you people ALWAYS twist what people post on here.

    Go back and read my posts. I have a problem with Zionists, IN FACT THERE ARE A LOT MORE CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS THAN THERE ARE JEWS, this is simply because they only are 2% of the world’s population. Read my post on John Hagee, on Bro. Nate’s newest thread.

    In fact, I have more respect for Gilad Atzman and Norman Finklestien (Jews), who have risked their lives, and livelihoods fighting Zionist oppression, then most Gentiles, that are Zionist Jew controlled puppets!

    I have gone over this a hundred times with charlie. The Freemasons are not a tangible
    thing or entity, no one knows who they are, most people assume they are a fraternity of old White Christian, Anglo Saxon, WASPs, like George Bush Jr, and his dad.

    If you are from Europe, Jackie, you remember, Benny Disraeli and his comments in the mid 1880s, that behind every monarchy in Europe there is a Jew running everything in secrecy.

    “How people over there look up to them as superior.

    I don’t even think that occurs in Europe but I may be wrong.” – Jackie

    Ohh is that why many of your rulers in Europe have Jewish blood, at least partial, in France and England.

    Is this why you Europeans have the strongest “Hate Law” crimes or Holocaust denial crime laws?

    Christian symbols in public are banned in Europe also, just like here.

    Is this because YOU DON’T SEE JEWS THERE AS SUPERIOR? You just legislate a bunch of laws, where you put yourselves in a caste system, that is certainly beneath them.

    Because you view them as your equal, boy, talk about a delusional queen of denial.


  128. Disgusted White Christian January 15, 2011 @ 10:40 pm

    @James Cleghorn

    “Loughner’s Jewish mother not so much:”

    According to JTA?

    A response to the JTA’s weak arguments.

    by James Buchanan

    Shortly after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 other people, a reporter from the left-wing Mother Jones magazine interviewed a classmate of Jared Loughner, Bryce Tierny, who knew Jared in both high school and college.

    Tierny told Mother Jones that Jared Loughner’s mother was Jewish. The only reason the ethnicity of Jared’s family came up was that Jared had claimed Mein Kampf as one of his favorite books (not to mention the Communist Manifesto).

    Tierney explained to Mother Jones that Jared liked to push people’s buttons and had likely listed Mein Kampf to annoy his Jewish mother.

    Normally, you’d think that the word of a long-time friend would be pretty solid evidence. Surely Bryce visited his friend Jared around Christmas (or Hanukkah) and remembers which holidays his friend’s family celebrated or didn’t celebrate.

    An individual at the Jewish Telegraph Agency however appears determined to contradict Mother Jones.

    Does he accuse Bryce Tierny of being a horrible anti-Semite, making up a false accusation of Jewishness? Strangely, No. In fact, the JTA individual suggested that Jared Loughner himself may have been lying to Bryce Tierny.

    Obviously, that’s a pretty weak assertion, so the JTA individual came back with a second article and a partial genealogy study of Jared’s mother, leaving out the mother’s paternal grandmother. If the JTA individual’s information is correct:

    Jared Loughner’s mother’s maiden name is Amanda Totman. Another relative in Jared’s lineage is named Bleifuss.

    A Jewish surname database lists the name Totman as Jewish, the name Lofner (a homonym for Loughner) as Jewish, and the name Beifuss (pretty darn closes to Bleifuss) as Jewish. (And there’s a Jewish journalist named Joel Bleifuss.) Given the fact that we’re batting 1000 for Jewish names and Jared’s friend, Bryce Tierny says that Jared Loughner’s mother is Jewish, you’d think that would be enough for most people.

    A Mr. Ron Kampeas from JTA however has discovered that Jared’s grandfather’s aunt on his mother’s side had two parents born in Ireland. Two things however could make this irrelevant:

    (1).The name Totman is not Irish by any stretch of the imagination and (2).there has been a Jewish community in Ireland going back to the nineteenth century, including Jews from Germany and eastern Europe –who might have the name “Totman”. It would make sense for someone from eastern Europe to immigrate to the US by way of Ireland in the nineteenth century since direct immigration was highly limited back then.

    Another argument by Mr. Kampeas was that Totman might be an English name, and that “Helen… the sister of Lois M. Totman (and) the great aunt of Jared Loughner (had a) funeral (mass) …at a Catholic church.” Again, there’s a possible explanation for this. The great aunt could have married a Gentile and adopted the Catholic faith.

    There are other clues that Jared Loughner is Jewish. For one thing Loughner painfully went out of his way to use BCE and ADE instead of the Christian terminology “BC and AD” in one of his youtube videos.

    Most Christians highly resent the attempt by the Jewish media and atheists to remove references to Christ from our system of keeping track of years. One article notes ” ‘Jared Lee Loughner!’ …says (in a youtube video), ‘If B.C.E. years are unable to start then A.D.E years are unable to begin. B.C.E. years are unable to start.

    Thus, A.D.E years are unable to begin.’ …Besides the weirdness of the syllogism, B.C.E. stands for Before Common Era, a way that Jewish scholars commonly refer to the period before Christ was born without referring to anything Christian. Non-Jews don’t use it unless they are trying to impress Jews with their respect for Jewish hostility toward Christianity.”

    Another clue about Loughner involves a vandalism arrest. Another news article notes “Loughner was arrested in October 2008 on a vandalism charge near Tucson after admitting that he vandalized a road sign with a magic marker, scrawling the letters “C” and “X” in a reference to what he said was Christianity.”

    The letters “CX” can stand for “Christian Era” which would be the sort of obscure reference that Jared liked to make to try to prove he was smart. If he were writing “CX” on traffic signs, it’s probably a good guess that he was writing that on “Stop” signs so they would read “Stop CX” or “Stop the Christian Era”.

    These last two points are admittedly circumstantial. The most important point is the statement by Jared’s friend, Bryce Tierny that Jared’s mother is Jewish, followed by the fact that all the names in Jared Loughner’s lineage turn up in Jewish surname databases and Jared’s Jewish appearance with the dark kinky hair and big nose.

    Curiously, Jared in his shaven-head state bears a considerable resemblance to David Berkowitz the “Son of Sam” serial killer.


  129. Words of Wisdom January 15, 2011 @ 11:07 pm


    Lough-ner, Tot-man, and Blei-fuss are not Gentile names.

    Tierny would certainly know if his friend is Jewish just like I knew of my Jewish friends growing up.

    Don’t forget the Loughner family’s Sukkot tent in the backyard.

  130. Georgios January 16, 2011 @ 1:45 am

    Another example of the Government-industry revolving door is Margaret Miller.

    In order for the FDA to determine if Monsanto’s growth hormones were safe or not, Monsanto was required to submit a scientific report on that topic.

    Margaret Miller, one of Monsanto’s researchers put the report together. Shortly before the report submission, Miller left Monsanto and was hired by the FDA [as deputy director of the Office of New Animal Drugs].

    Her first job for the FDA was to determine whether or not to approve the report she wrote for Monsanto. In short, Monsanto approved its OWN report!

    In the same way they did it with Law S510 and Michael R. Taylor.

  131. Dafydd January 16, 2011 @ 3:19 am

    “Hitler was worthless, just as Obama is today.

    If Adolf had been a true leader, he would have had laws passed that all Germans should own firearms and then expelled the Jews.”

    The Germans were allowed to own arms, and what do you think the final solution was?

    Jews were being resettled outside German territory, and only an ignoramus would Compare Adolf Hitler to Obummer.

    And If Adolf Hitler was so worthless; perhaps you could tell us all what you have achieved in your worthless life, o great one.

  132. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 6:32 am

    Just what ‘The Doctor’ ordered – a GOOD night’s sleep – and now…’Back-To-Business’…

    First, to Words of Wisdom…regarding this Universal Spiritual Thing of Mankind we’ve termed ‘PRAYER’.

    When we turn our minds, hearts and emotional longings and desires TO GOD ‘IN PRAYER’, what are we doing as created incarnate spirits?

    Don’t we ASK God for Something of His? Don’t we ASK God for His Assitance? Don’t we ASK God for some Information or Guidance or Divine Intervention?

    And don’t we all PRAY to God asking Him to help, guide, assist and intervene in OTHER PEOPLE’S lives and lifetimes IN ORDER TO “lift them UP” into a much better and worthwhile sort of living existance?

    And don’t we ASK EACH OTHER ‘here on earth’ for some sorts of help, assistance, guidance for OURSELVES and for OTHERS during the course of EVERY DAY of our lives here on Planet Earth AS members of God’s Human Race?

    We DON’T go asking rocks and trees, birds or animals, to help US or OTHERS with some sort of illness/disease. We go ask OTHER human beings knowledgeable in such medical subjects for THEIR personal help and assitance.

    And mere human children go ASKING their mommies and daddies for something TO EAT when they are hungry and their ADULT help to tie their shoelaces or button up their coats and sleeves.

    What STOPS a mother or a father who has DIED from ASKING Almighty God TO HELP their widowed spouse or their orphaned child(ren) IN PRAYER to Almighty God?

    What is going TO STOP ME from praying to God asking Him to help people here on earth as a Priest?

    If PEOPLE can ask ME to offer up for THEM a votive Mass here at my hermitage for THEIR personal intentions while still ‘Alive & Kickin’ here in my mortal body here on earth —

    WHAT ‘All-Of-A-Sudden’ PREVENTS or PROHIBITS a person yet alive in THEIR body here on earth UPON hearing of MY death and burial six-feet-under to turn their hearts and minds TOWARDS me ‘in spirit’ asking ME to offer up MY prayers to Almighty God in order to ASK HIM for His Divine Help and Assistance, Guidance and Divine Providence and Protection upon THEM?

    I ASK the souls in Purgatory, all the Angels and Saints in Heaven right along with the MOTHER OF GOD to PRAY FOR ME at every one of my votive Masses here at my hermitage.

    And IN TURN, I pray for those Holy Souls in Purgatory that GOD HIMSELF would send THEM every mannner of spiritual comfort, consolation and Blessing.

    Our PHYSICAL DEATH, our separation from these mortal bodies or ours, DOES NOT annihilate our God-given minds, our God-given hearts, our God-given FREE WILLS from doing GOOD THINGS TO & FOR others, whether they are IN God’s Heaven, IN Purgatory or YET IN this Seen Realm of God’s Creation, Sustaining and Maintaining.

    Even the ‘Rich Man’ used by Jesus to teach about Divine Supernatural Spiritual Things in Luke 16:19-31 attempted to solicit the ‘PRAYERS OF THE SAINTS IN HEAVEN’, i.e. ‘Abraham’ in order to obtain God’s Help for people still yet alive here on planet earth.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  133. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 6:42 am

    Dear Donna, DWC and Derek,

    Regarding all of these ‘others’ who come here to the Russian Orthodox Church’s +Br. Nathanael RZN and USE his website’s commentary sections to ‘bash’ the Catholic Church is because of THE FACT…

    …the Catholic Church’s Eccesliastical Hierarchy HAS been given the Supernatural Means TO CRUSH SATAN’S HEAD.

    Hence, all of these Kabbalah-Khazarian-Talmud-Zohar-Esoteric-Gnostic WORSHIPPERS and FOLLOWERS of God’s Own Arch-enemy – SATAN – have to do EVERYTHING in their power and ‘at their disposal’ to DIMINISH anything at all associated with the Catholic Church!

    Their very ‘SPIRITUAL SURVIVAL’ and their ‘SATANIC GRIP’ on our Planet Earth and ALL of the six (6) billion human souls currently living and alive here on our Planet Earth DEPENDS ON THEIR KEEPING THE ‘CATHOLIC CHURCH’ AT BAY, TIED UP IN KNOTS, WEAKENED and LOOKED-DOWN-UPON by those same six (6) billion OTHER members of our Human Race.

    And, the MOTHER OF GOD, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Most Holy Theotokos, God’s Own Immaculate Conception FOR our Human Race in being our Human Race’s ‘NEW EVE’ as well as ‘SPIRITUAL MOTHER’ or all members of our Human Race is also ‘The MOTHER of the Church Militant’ here on earth.

    “That’s why they DO and SAY what they all do and say vs. the Catholic Church!”

    – +Fr. Joseph

  134. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 7:34 am

    Dear Suzanne,

    Call your HUSBAND over to your PC immediately do that BOTH you and he can read this posting of mine to YOU – so that BOTH OF YOU can joyfully and delightfully LAUGH a good, deep-down HEARTY spiritual laugh right along with OUR LORD JESUS, Christ the King!

    Dear Suzanne…no, no and a thousand times ‘NO!’, you haven’t offended me in the least nor have you caused me any bit of harm or injury.

    Suzanne, you have been to me and for me very much a wonderful ‘NURSE’ serving in a M.A.S.H. unit in the Lord’s Holy Army deployed right there on the ‘Front Lines’ in this Spiritual Warfare/Combat vs. Satan and ALL of his seen and unseen spiritual allies.

    I came walking by in this almost-constant ‘Shell-Shocked’ state of mind, heart, soul and spirit and you’ve cleaned out some of my ‘wounds’, ‘bandaged’ them up, provided me with a GOOD & HOT ‘U.S.O.’ meal (and the cup of COFFEE was ‘out of this world’!) – and to both ‘hear’ as well as to ‘feel’ the gracious and ‘lucious’ touch of your FEMININE/WOMANLY spirit was like getting a personally autographed ‘Pin-Up’ photo from such a star-celebrity like ‘Marilyn Monroe’! :).

    It’s time for me to go pick up my ‘M-16’ and go back to the ‘trencheds’, the ‘fox holes’ up at ‘The Front Line’.

    But I wanted for your HUSBAND to know that you, my dear Suzanne, that I think HE’S a most blessedly wonderfully GIFTED-BY-GOD to have a WOMAN, to have a WIFE like YOU!

    So, in heading back to the ‘trenches’, you’ve left ME with this thought that I want for you to share/give to your HUSBAND:

    “Gosh, I gotta go find and get myself a woman LIKE ‘Suzanne’. Her husband is an AWEFULLY LUKCY MAN!” 🙂

    And might as well as tell you and your husband this personal/private, intimate and 100% true ‘Spiritual Story’…

    My +Bishop has this very close friend who was a MEDIC in the U.S. Army during the Viet Nam War and, as a MEDIC, tended to and ‘patched up’ Lord-only-Knows how many WOUNDED U.S. Army soldiers.

    Anyways, the carnage, the suffering, the death and the personal miseries/anguish of those other WOUNDED-IN-ACTION U.S. Army soldiers eventually wore him down to the point he underwent his OWN ‘break down’.

    THE LORD eventually gets him to become a Benedictine Oblate of the HIS OWN Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    One day, while at PRAYER to the Most Holy Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary APPEARED to him IN PERSON.

    He was SOOOOoooo overtaken by Her Womanly Beauty, SOOOOooooo enraptured by the Divinely Graced FULLNESS and FULFILLMENT of Her Feminine Nature that…

    …he ASKED Her to MARRY HIM!

    I suppose that there can be NO GREATER spiriutal COMPLIMENT any ‘man’ alive on earth can give to a woman than to go ‘head-over-heels’ OVER her, telling her just how beautiful she IS, just how utterly captivatingly mesmerizig she is to him to the point of volunteering his entire self to TAKE CARE of her, to PROVIDE for her, to PROTECT her with his very life for as long as he lives.

    Such is what HAPPENS to us, for us, within us and amongst us WHEN God’s Own Superntural Divine Graces and Gifts of HIS OWN DIVINE LIFE are imparted and/or infused INTO us!

    And THEN (and only then) do we wind up in possesion of ‘The Fullness of Life and Living’!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  135. Moshe January 16, 2011 @ 8:08 am

    I laugh! China is a basket case! When the U.S goes down – China goes with it!

    I want all of you doom and gloomers to tell me WHERE China gets it’s wheat, iron ore and tungsten from?

    China’s economy is built on TRADE with the U.S!

    No one could be that stupid to propose China is anything but an economic and environmental basket case. It will IMPLODE into civil war and violent internal revolution the second the dollar tanks.

    God Bless America!

    Land of the free, fields of wheat and rivers of iron ore, oil and gas and human ingenuity!

    Rid yourself of the poison of Jewish degenerancy and America will be BACK ON TOP before you know it!


  136. Disgusted White Christian January 16, 2011 @ 9:54 am

    For JamesD and David Palmer ( David I assume, a Jew, or worse, one of their Christian puppets.)

    “If we Christians believe that the Jews and Zionists are so strong in the US, then can we safely deduce that their God is more powerful.

    Why does our Christian God allow them to prosper?

    Why do we have to struggle to stop their influence.

    Is our God and beliefs inferior and weak?” — JamesD

    First off, Jesus said, right in the New Testament, this world is Satan’s domain, he is the ruler of this world.

    Or when he was being captured in the Garden, and he told Peter, “I could raise one hand, and have an army of angels here to protect me, Peter.”

    Man has free will, he chose Satan’s way right from the beginning, and still does, so mankind is REAPING WHAT HE HAS SOWN!

    Jesus’ sacrifice was required for our salvation, but Jews, who are the most brainwashed, one-minded race, I have ever seen, and can’t comprehend this fact.

    You Jews didn’t outsmart Him or capture Him. He gave Himself up of his own free will.

    Now, the Satanic Zionist Jew follows Satan and does his bidding here. So he shows them how to deceive Goyim and trick them, make them fight each other, while the Zionist Jew sits back and gets fat and rich and rules them through MONEY.

    What is Satan in Judaism: the GREAT ACCUSER. What do Jews do when someone shines the light of TRUTH, on their dark lies, they ACCUSE THEM of being “anti-Semitic,” or a “self-hating-Jew.”

    See Helen Thomas, Oliver Stone, Norman Finklestein, Gilad Atzman, Marlon Brando, David Duke, Bro Nate, Ted Pike…..etc. The list is endless it could go into the 1000s, if you go back through history.

    Sa•tan (sÀt¿’n)
    1 Judaism any of various celestial beings functioning as accuser or critic of man
    2 Christian Theol. the great enemy of man and of goodness; the Devil: usually identified with Lucifer, the chief of the fallen angels

    But as we all know, God will send his Son back, to reclaim his GARDEN, and Satan will
    turn on the Jews, they will finally get their true reward.

    Doesn’t Revelation say that Jesus will slay the Beast with the TRUTH?

  137. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 10:07 am

    “Then PETER addressed them:

    ‘The TRUTH I have now come to realise,’ he said ‘is that GOD does not have favourites, but that ANYBODY of ANY NATIONALITY who fears God and DOES WHAT IS RIGHT is acceptable to Him.'” – St. Peter the Chief Apostle – Acts of the Apostles – Acts 10:34-35 – Jerusalem Bible (JB)

    “In summary, ZIONISM is an ANTI-CATHOLIC movement that attempts to remove THE CHURCH as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, and the only authoritative voice for interpretating these prophecies.” – quoting from last paragraph from here:

    It’s time to PUBLICLY ‘DISARM’ all of these RABID Khazarian-Kabbalah-Krazed-Zohar conjuring-up-spirits RABBIS with their Babylonian Talmud right along with these ‘sola-scriptura/sola-fide’ “Bible-believing” so-called CHRISTIAN CHURCHES throughout our United State of America as well as throughout our entire World!

    So, for all of you from ANY NATIONALITY who also do and desire TO DO what is RIGHT in the Sight of God (thus making YOU ‘acceptable to Him’ as well), I’m going to have to give you a short, sweet, to-the-Divine-Point BIBLE-RELIGIOUS CATHOLIC CATECHISM Class:

    In order to ’empower’ ALL OF YOU in getting on with the Divine Business of ‘DISARMING’ these RABID-RABBIs and their legions of so-called ‘christian’, ‘Bible-believing’ CHURCHES and their so-called ‘PASTORS’ all in league with these ZIONISTS collaborating the RUINATION of both Christ’s CHURCH here on earth as well as ALL OF MANKIND….

    – +Fr. Joseph

  138. Glory B. January 16, 2011 @ 10:18 am

    Donna Chestergimli,

    You wrote: “I think that the Jews worship a different God the Father than Christians do. And that would have to be the Christian perspective.

    “For how could any bunch of people say they worship God, the creator of the universe, and then from the Christian perspective kill the Son of that Father.”

    I agree with you, Donna, that the Jewish god is different from our Christian God.

    The Jewish god is full of hate, vengeance and war. Our Christian God is gentle, loving and peaceful.

    The Jewish god brings death and destruction to non-Jewish people. Our Christian God wants all people, including non-Christians, to lead happy, productive lives.

    I know that Brother Nathanael does not agree with you and me, and once he “corrected” me — gently — when I expressed these feelings.

    He certainly knows more of the Scriptures than I do, and I respect his knowledge.

    But still, I wonder if the Jewish god is not really Satan. Didn’t our Lord call those who do not belive in Him the Synagogue of Satan? And who is foremost in their hatred of our Lord than the JEWS?

    The Jewish god is the golden calf. The JEWS worship gold over God.

    When I see a damn Jew or Jewess covered with gold jewelry, necklaces, rings, the satanic Jew-star — which the Jews in IsraHELL have adopted as their national symbol — dangling from their necks, it makes me want to puke.

    They’re just flaunting their riches, the wealth that they have swindled and cheated out of us, in our faces. They’re proclaiming their superiority over the dumb Christians.

    And then they whine about “anti-Semitism” and how they’re always the victims.

    I agree with Moshe who wrote: “Rid yourself of the poison of Jewish degeneracy and America will be BACK ON TOP before you know it!”

    Here are a few steps we can take to bring our country back to its former Christian self.

    1. Arrest all Jew-swindlers, pornographers and media tycoons and put them on trial.

    2. Arrest all Jewish leaders who are working against Christ and His Church.

    3. Prohibit Jews from working in any governmental or official capacity.

    4. Prohibit Jews from working in any financial, educational or media job.

    5. Cut off ALL American foreign aid to IsraHELL and spend the money that we are wasting in financing and fighting the JEWS’ wars in our country, on our people.

    6. Demand that JEWS swear a loyalty oath to America and give their allegiance to America, not IsraHELL.

    7. Deport all disloyal JEWS to Khazaria or some other country where they can’t bring harm to us, and where they can spend their lives cheating EACH OTHER.


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  139. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 10:21 am

    Whether you are ‘religious’ or not:

    Whether you are of ANY of the OTHER major ‘World Religions’ of our contemporary World, IF you get yourselves a copy of ‘The Bible’, it would appear ‘at FIRST glance’ that it is an incredibly DAUNTING TASK to read through that collectiong of ancient writings in order to ‘figure out’ this incredibly HUGE SPIRITUAL-RELIGIOUS MESS in which our contemporary World of 2011 Anno Domini now finds itself.

    Such is NOT the case! Ya just need an ‘Itsy-Bitsy’ bit of HELP in having somebody point out to ALL OF YOU some critical/pivot VERSES from the ENTIRE ‘Bible’. Once you have THOSE few critical/pivot verses pointed out to you, then the ‘REST OF THE BIBLE’ becomes a commentary and explanations!

    In opening ‘The Bible’, the VERY FIRST PAGE that ought to be there right before the ‘BOOK OF GENESIS’ ought to read ‘The OLD Testament’ or ‘The OLD Covenant’. Both ‘Testament’ and ‘Covenant’ MEAN THE SAME THING.

    Just before ‘The Gospel according to St. Matthew’ there ought to be a page with the DIVISION PAGE entitled ‘The NEW Covenant’ or ‘The NEW Testament’. ‘Testament’ and ‘Covenant’ MEAN THE SAME THING.

    Now if there is an ‘OLD’ Testament and ‘OLD’ Covenant and there is a ‘NEW’ Testament and a ‘NEW’ Covenant – THAT MEANS that the ‘NEW’ replaces/superceeds and DOES AWAY WITH the ‘OLD’!

    But ya gotta know something about what the ‘OLD’ was all about in order to understand what the ‘NEW’ is all about!

    So…get your BIBLES out and I’ll point out to ALL OF YOU – regardless of your current religious faith or NON-religious outlook – WHICH ARE the ‘critical/pivotal’ VERSES in ‘The Bible’ so that IF you wind up reading the rest of ‘The Bible’, you’ll UNDERSTAND ‘What On Earth Has and Is God TRYING TO DO with, to and FOR our entire Human Race of Six (6) Billion Human Souls Living and Alive in this Year 2011 Anno Domini’!

    (I need a cup of coffee – researching, composing, typing, staring at PC monitors is a ‘Brain-Sucking’ sort of FATIGUING sort of WORK!)

    ‘Divine-Supernatural UNION Coffee Break Time!’

    – +Fr. Joseph

  140. Disgusted White Christian January 16, 2011 @ 10:21 am

    Father Joseph,

    I did put a post up on here about a site that is called “Real Zionist News” that many of the participants seem to be attacking Catholics or the Catholic church.

    They need to go to a site called” Real Catholic News” and I am starting to get PRETTY MAD AGAIN THAT SOMEONE IS MODERATING MY POSTS AND MATERIAL AGAIN?


  141. Brother Nathanael January 16, 2011 @ 11:02 am

    Dear DWC –

    On my most recent RZN page GOLD, THE DOLLAR, & THE DEBT, I already gave you the explanation very early this morning for removing your post:

    Because of the VERY LONG link you posted on Hagee, somehow it created a HUGE blank space on many of RZN readers’ computer screens.

    Please post it again but this time PLEASE use a “tiny url” for the link.

    Your contributions are MUCH APPRECIATED here on RZN!


  142. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 11:13 am

    Now if ALL OF YOU have a copy of ‘The Bible’, the ‘bible’ or the ‘bilios’ is a COLLECTION of writings down through Human History that were written and complied and FINALLY given the designation of belonging to the ‘OLD’ Covenant and the ‘NEW’ Covenant.

    Now what ‘on earth’ is this thing call a ‘COVENANT’?

    A ‘COVENANT’ is a mutual AGREEMENT between two or more sovereign-with-FREE-WILL persons who make a PLEDGE to do or NOT to do something with, for or along with others who are part of that FREELY WILLED AGREEMENT between those persons.

    The “Three Musketeers” made a COVENANT between themselves WHEN they used their God-given FREE WILLS to PLEDGE to one another


    In the BIBLE’S Old and New Covenants, we have our Creator and Almighty GOD Himself initiating and entering into a PERSONALLY PLEDGED AGREEMENT with us members of the Human Race. THAT MEANS…

    …if YOU are a member of the ‘Human Race’, if YOU are a Human Being – you have a ‘NEED-TO-KNOW’ what is this DIVINE COVENANT that GOD HIMSELF has PLEDGED HIMSELF to UPHOLD and KEEP VALID for YOU, your family, your relatives, your friends, your countrymen AND…for your FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS all across this Planet Earth of ours, the year now being 2011 Anno Domini!

    In your copies of ‘The Bible’, this ‘biblios’ collection of ancient writings persered and handed down from one generation-to-another-generation of Human Beings since Ancient Times Past, that section designated the ‘OLD’ Covenant conists of FOUR major divisions or groupings of those ancient OLD Covenant related writings.

    There is the ‘TORAH’, the first five (5) books of Old Covenant. There are the ‘Historical Books’ giving a kinda/sorta personal-communal GOINGS-ON with and within that nation of people who were UNDER the ‘OLD’ Covenant. There are the ‘Wisdom Books’ which are a generation-to-generation compilation of INSIGHTS and WISDOM into how we best live these lives of ours.

    And then, there are the books of ‘The Prophets’ – and these books of the OLD COVENANT PROPHETS God sends to those ‘Chosen People’ of/under His Own OLD Covenant in order to ‘Straighten Them Out’ and to ‘Warn Them To Get Their Act Together’ AS God’s ‘Chosen People’ of/under God’s OLD Covenant.

    It is in the FIRST FIVE BOOKS of your ‘Bible’ known as ‘The Torah’ which contains God’s OLD COVENANTS with Mankind.

    And God’s FOUR (4) OLD COVENANTS with all of Mankind are these:

    The Adamic Covenant – Genesis 3:15

    The Noahide Covenant – Genesis 8:20-9:17

    The Abrahamic Covenant – Genesis 17:1-8

    And FINALLY, the much twisted, despised, wrecked, ruined, misunderstood and utterly misrepresented (nowadays in our contemporary World of 2011 Anno Domini by these RABID-RABBIS and their ZIONISM!) MOSAIC Covenant Exodus 2:24-3:6, Exodus 19:-20:21

    Take the time to use a colored highlighter or marker to PERSONALLY NOTE those FOUR (4) COVENANTS contained in ‘The Torah’.

    These RABID-RABBIS with their Babylonian Talmuds and their conjuring chanting of their Kabbalah’s ZOHAR want for EVERYONE to simply ‘Forget All About’ GOD and HIS DIVINE COVENANTS with ALL OF MANKIND!

    These Rabid-Rabbis have made themselves out to be ‘GODS’, hence, they have NO NEED FOR Moses, God’s Mosaic Covenant and the RELIGIOUS PROPHECIES to and for ALL OF MANKIND as contained in the Mosaic Covenant!

    These RABID-RABBIS and their ZIONISM have made themselves PUBLIC ENEMIES of God Himself, Moses, the Old Covenant Prophets as well as of GOD’S ONLY ETERNALLY BEGOTTEN SON JESUS, the Christ, and HIS Church Militant here on earth – not to mention PUBLIC ENEMIES of the entire Human Race as well!

    More to follow….

    – +Fr. Joseph

  143. Derek January 16, 2011 @ 11:20 am

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    No doubt about it you know what you are talking about & I love your posts – along with many other informative posters (too numerous to mention but they are regulars)- on this wonderful website of Brother Nate.

    I would like your opinion on the Holy Trinity if you do not mind me asking.

    Thanks in advance.

  144. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 11:31 am

    Dear DWC,

    I think +Br. Nathanael fully recognizes and understands what we CATHOLICS who are TRULY CATHOLIC are really and truly 100+% on ‘HIS SIDE’ – that we ARE Spiritual Allies fighting the SAME ENEMY who have as THEIR Enemy our Lord and Saviour JESUS, CHRIST THE KING!

    Now if others here on RZN, principlely the EOCs, want to make it a Divine ‘FEDERAL CASE’ as to whether we bless ourselves with the Sign of the Cross from right-shoulder to left AS OPPOSED TO left-shoulder to right and other such things (culminating in the ‘filioque’ and the ‘primacy of the Bishop of Rome’) – ya simply HAVE TO ACCEPT that is part of their EOCs 1,000 year religious training.

    Just call THAT ‘Friendly Misdirected Fire’, chalk all of that up to ‘MISSPENT-MISUSED’ religious-spiritual AMMUNITION, mumble something to yourself under your breath like ‘…bumbling boneheads…’ – and THEN…

    …redirect your attention, your efforts, your written and finanical contributions IN SUPPORT OF +Br. Nathanael of the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH OUTSIDE OF RUSSIA.

    Never EVER in the history of ALL OF MANKIND has the MOTHER OF GOD HERSELF taken on such a Personal Interest and CONCERN FOR the peoples of the nation of RUSSIA as did Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D..

    If the MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS wants Something Divinely SPECIAL to give to RUSSIA and to do FOR Russia, the very least we as CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS here on +Br. Nathanael’s RZN is to HELP +Br. Nathanael out as much as we possible can, even if the Bishops of our Catholic Church DON’T want to ‘help out the peoples of Russia’.

    And those who are members of the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church inside or OUTSIDE of Russia all belong to the Mother of God’s CONCERN as well.

    So, as far as EOC’s giving you a hard time here on RZN, just silently speak/pray the Words of our Lord and Savior Jesus, CHRIST THE KING, as He was dying on His Cross…

    “Father, FORGIVE THEM, they DO NOT KNOW what they are doing!”

    – +Fr. Joseph

  145. Glory B. January 16, 2011 @ 11:33 am

    Dear DWC,

    Talking about websites, I found one called “Catholic White Nationalists” which may interest you. Here’s the link:

    This is a sub-group of Stormfront, which I look at from time to time. They seem to have good information about the Catholic Church (although I’m not Catholic), and how the Church was very much opposed to the Jews who betrayed and killed Jesus Christ until it was infiltrated and subverted by Jews at Vatican II.

    Stormfront, it seems, is more about Europe than America, and seems to be populated by a lot of neo-Nazis and pagans. But it does contain a lot of information about the Jewish enemy.

    So if I’m intruding, please forgive me, but I do enjoy your posts on RZN, which are very informative, well-researched and well-written.

  146. Disgusted White Christian January 16, 2011 @ 11:42 am

    Father Joseph, he plays right along with it.

  147. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 11:43 am

    Dear Derek,

    Egads! Here am I in the midst of this ‘Bible-Catechism Class’ for EVERYONE regardless of their religious or non-religious faith at the moment, just answered DWC’s concerns over the ‘static’ he’s received – and now you ask me about my opinion on the Blessed Trinity.

    Well…what is it that you’d like to ask me about the Blessed Trinity.

    I’ll give you the best possible HUMAN answer that I can possibly give you. For you see, it has been ONLY ‘By the Graces of God’ and by ‘the Powerful Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary’ that I have had my own personal mystical-spiritual encounters of the Blessed Trinity.

    Now mind you, THAT does not make me out to be some great ‘High and Holy Saint’ nor some great ‘Prophet’ or ‘Holy Man’. It was out of my utter spiritual IGNORANCE and POVERTY and HELPLESSNESS/WEAKNESS that caused the Blessed Trinity to ‘drop a couple of Divine Coins’ into my ‘Blind-Beggars Cup’.

    I’ll tell you what I ‘know’ and will entirely AVOID any personal ‘speculations’ as I would GREIVE BITTERLY if I conveyed or relayed anything of mine to you that is not of true reverence and piety to +God the Father, +God the Son and +God the Holy Spirit.

    So, with that having been shared with you…

    ‘What’s on your mind?’ 🙂

    – +Fr. Joseph

  148. Disgusted White Christian January 16, 2011 @ 12:01 pm

    Glory B,

    That is the truth but some of the people here, see stanley, and some of our Orthodox friends, seem to think, it is the other way around?

    The Catholic church is nothing now without their Zionist Jew Masters.

    It is like attacking a dying man, whom is succumbing to CANCER. Do you attack the man with a club, or try your hardest to heal his cancer and get him cancer free and healthy.

    The other Christian faiths, and it isn’t just Orthodox, and Protestants, the Mormons
    should say “Morons” and Jehovahs, all others, make it their EXPLICIT duty, to attack the Catholic church, and HELP the Zionist Jew kill it once and for all.


  149. Derek January 16, 2011 @ 12:06 pm

    @ Fr Joseph: Lol.

    Am (internet) friends with an American Christian Mystic who mentioned that not only the Jews corrupted the Holy Bible but so did the Catholics – by adding the Holy Trinity so just wanted your side of the story/take on that as there are 2 sides to every story. I hope its not a tall ask.

    Much obliged.

  150. Brother Nathanael January 16, 2011 @ 12:13 pm

    Dear DWC,

    I just spoke with the moderating team.

    This comment you posted on this page on Jan 15 at 10:48 a.m. seems to be the one you are complaining about being missing:

    The JTA is run run by Zionist Jews and sanitize everything, why don’t you come out and criticize the SPLC: Southern Poverty Law Center, all Jews, Blacks, other minorities, and White puppets who were first on the scene, to ACCUSE the Arizona shooter, of being “another gun toting White Christian Racist.”

    Why isn’t it racist, when Jews or Blacks immediately JUMP to the White Christian
    stereotype, the Zionist Jew has created in the west?

    You can’t believe the JTA, or any other Zionist Jew Org. Would you love to hear what their version of the blowing up of the King David Hotel in the 40s might be, the Levon Affair and the USS Liberty?

    They are, and have always been, history’s greatest revisionists!

    Father Joseph, good point, on the Catholic thing, I have shed light on this myself.

    *** How is it, a site, for REAL ZIONIST NEWS, becomes an attack forum on the Catholic church and smear campaign against decent Catholics, like Mother Teresa, Padre Pio, Katherine Drexel?

    *** How come Real Zionist News, always drifts to the Vatican, and heretics within the Catholic church?

    Isn’t it the Zionist Jews and their satanic antics, why we are protesting here?

    Jan 15, 10:48 AM


  151. Disgusted White Christian January 16, 2011 @ 12:51 pm

    Br. Nate,

    Don’t worry about it, just forget it. Thanks for your help.


  152. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 1:35 pm

    Dear +Br. Nathanael,

    Sometimes, ya simply HAVE TO ‘LAUGH’ in the face of adversity and at every manner of obstacle thrown into our paths.

    The Carthaginian General HANNIBAL, when he was FIXATED ON wrecking all sorts of HAVOC inside and throughout the then Roman Empire and when he and his army confronted the natural geological PROTECTING BARRIER WALL of the Italian Pennisula known as ‘The Alps’ is reported to have said:

    “We will either FIND a way…or we will MAKE a way!” 🙂

    +Br. Nathanael, it sure looks to me like that we are goint to have to ‘MAKE A WAY’ through, across, over and under EVERY manner of man-made social-civil and ‘official’ ECCLESIASTICAL obstacle thrown and strewn into/across our paths in order to TAKE OUT these Zionists and Crypto-Jews throughout the Ecclesiastical Hierarchies of our respective Catholic AND Eastern Orthodox Churches!

    God used, guided, assisted France’s St. Joan of Arc TO RESTORE Catholic France.

    I don’t see why God can’t or won’t use YOU and RZN to ‘RESTORE CHRISTIANITY’ anywhere He so pleases for the Faith to be RESTORED.

    Besides, this is ‘Real Work’ for us to do – and not this silly-stupid spinning-squirrel cage “functions” created for us to do so as to pile up FedResNotes or Euros into Jewish owned Central Bank accounts! 🙂

    – +Fr. Joseph

  153. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 1:58 pm

    Okie dokie – back to our ‘BIBLES’ and the stucy of ‘GOD’S OWN COVENANTS’ with ALL OF US members of the Human Race – a.k.a. ‘Mankind’.

    So you all have the OLD Covenant’s Adamic Covenant (Genesis 3:15) highlighted/marked in your Bibles. And you have the Old Covenants’s Noahide Covenant (Genesis 8:20-9:17, Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 17:1-8) AND the Mosaic Covenant (Exodus 2:4-3:6, Exodus 19:5-20:21) highlighted/marked in your Bible as well.

    Now pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to this….

    The books of Exodus and following it (Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) are detailed explanations OF and FOR the Divine Provisions of the Mosaic Covenant wherein GOD promises to His People VIA Moses that He, God, is gonna HELP THEM OUT in order to come to a much more ‘fullness of living’ of their HUMAN lives.

    So that’s why there are all these ‘laws’ and ‘guidelines’ and ‘instructions’ given to the people UNDER the Mosaic Covenant dealing with every manner of CIVIL-SOCIAL and HUMAN-MORAL-ETHICAL aspect of an ‘Honest-To-Goodness-Living-For-God’ HUMAN community.

    Now the MOSAIC Covenant is NOT concerned with only ‘what-shall-we-eat’ and ‘what-shall-we-wear’ and ‘how-to-conduct-business’ and every other imaginable TEMPORAL necessity for INCARNATE SPIRITS to live successful lives and lifetimes within a truly HUMAN society and community.

    The Mosaic Covenant DOES make provisions for all of these very necessary ‘temporal’ things for HUMAN BEINGS to live together in health and social harmony – but the AIM of God’s Helping out people to live good, decent, healthy and socially harmonious lives together is to make it POSSIBLE for all of them to DEVELOPE and EMPLOY as a real ‘Living Life Force’ here on planet earth their indivdiual and communal SPIRITUALITY!

    Human Beings, a.k.a. Incarnate Spirits need to have their SPIRITS taken care of and tended to as well. And the Mosaic Covenant of God INFORMS all of those under the Mosaic Covenant that GOD FULLY INTENDS TO ‘Minister To Their Spirits’ at a future time via yet ANOTHER Prophet just like Moses was God’s prophet to help them all out solely on the ‘physical’ realm of human life and existance.

    Now HIGHLIGHT/MARK this one particular passage from the Mosaic Covenant’s BOOK OF DEUTERONOMY as you READ IT s-l-o-w-l-y and c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y for your own personal COMPREHENSION/UNDERSTANDING:

    Deuteronomy 18:15-20

    Now remember, that is MOSES himself who is advising God’s People that He, GOD, has ALREADY PLANNED and has in His Divine Mind what He, ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF, intends to do for THEM who are God’s Beneficiaries of God’s MOSAIC Covenant.

    More to follow….’Step-by-Step, Inch-by-Inch’

    “We will either FIND a way, or we will MAKE a way!” – Hannibal

    – +Fr. Joseph

  154. JKnTX January 16, 2011 @ 2:11 pm

    ““Hitler was worthless, just as Obama is today.

    If Adolf had been a true leader, he would have had laws passed that all Germans should own firearms and then expelled the Jews.”

    The Germans were allowed to own arms, and what do you think the final solution was?

    Jews were being resettled outside German territory, and only an ignoramus would Compare Adolf Hitler to Obummer.

    And If Adolf Hitler was so worthless; perhaps you could tell us all what you have achieved in your worthless life, o great one”.

    Excuse me, but are you really as big an idiot as you sound? Have you ever taken a look at the 1935 Nazi “Weapons Control Law”?

    The US “Gun Control Act of 1968” is an almost word for word translation of that law. And what have you achieved in your’s?


  155. Craig January 16, 2011 @ 5:59 pm

    To JKnTX,

    Hitler was a either a traitor or a fool. You decide. Please take off your rose tinted glasses regarding Hitler.

    When Adolph Hitler began attracting attention beyond Germany with his anti-Jewishness, the Jew Cahilla in America selected James P. Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb, & Co. to finance him so as to build up a Nationalist Germany, then push Anglo-Saxondom into attacking Germany and thus, break the back of Christianity in Central Europe so as to pave the way for Jewry to seize all of Europe in the name of Russia in the final prelude to the destruction of the White Race and the establishing of Satan’s World Empire.

    Major Robert H. Williams reported in his “Williams Intelligence Summary” for February, 1950, about James P. Warburg’s part in the plot against Christendom. He said:

    “Last November, the widow of the late General Ludendroff, on trial at Nuremberg, explained why her husband broke with Hitler, confirmed the reports in convincing detail.

    She stated that, ‘…as early as the summer of 1929, James P, Warburg had undertaken an assignment from financial circles in America, which desired to exercise solitary influence on Germany in the unleashing of a national revolution.

    “Warburg’s task was to find the suitable man in Germany, and he entered into contract with Adolph Hitler who subsequently received sums of money amounting to 27 million dollars up to January 30, 1932, and still another seven million dollars thereafter, enabling him to finance his movement.’”

    After the 1919 German Revolution, Jewry took over the country lock, stock, and barrel. Jewry retained power until Hitler came on the scene.

    Then why was international Jewry so anxious to foment a NATIONALIST revolution in Germany? Because they desired to destroy the Royal Judah tribe of Israel (the Nordic Germans) because Jewry could not absorb them in mongrelization; and to destroy Christianity in Central Europe.

    After Adolph Hitler received the financial assistance he disenfranchised the Jews in Germany, then set up a banking system of his own. Nevertheless, Anglo-American Intelligence Services learned that Hitler, Jew Rudolph Hess, and Von Papen secretly called on Jew Baron Kurt von Schroeder in Cologne and obtained his guarantee to further finance Hitler’s schemes.

    Schroeder agreed to the proposition after bribing Hitler to place Jews in strategical positions to direct the very heart beat of National Socialism. Hitler made Jew Hjalmar Schachet the Director of the Reich Bank. Rudolph Hess became Deputy Fuhrer. He is the son of an Egyptian Jewess.

    General von Haushofer was made Geopolitical Minister. He is a Jew. General Milh became head of the Luftwaffe. He is a Jew. Goebbels was with Hitler to the end. He was a Jew. All of which is in accordance with Jewry’s protocol No. 15 which says:

    “But, if there should arise in its midst a plot, then at the head of that plot will be no other than one of most trusted servants.”

    Baron Kurt von Schroeder was related to Baron von Schroeder of J.H. Schroeder & Co., Ltd., London, England, which, together with Messrs. N.M. Rothschild & Sons’ Rutgers, Ltd., and the Imperial Chemical Industries assisted James P. Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., finance Hitler in accordance with protocol No. 9, which says:

    “Nowadays, if any State raises a protest against us, it is only ‘pro forma’ at our direction and at our discretion, for their anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren.”

  156. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 7:14 pm

    In ‘THE TORAH’, the first five (5) books in everyone’s ‘Bible’, we see that there are FOUR Covenants initiated by God and made with Mankind – the Adamic, Noahide, Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants.

    EACH of these Divinely instituted Covenants contained in ‘The Torah’ have THREE commmon similarities – God Himself, members of Mankind/our Human Race and GOD’S VOICE “Speaking Into Being” that particular Divine Covenant WITH members of our Human Race.

    The LAST of the Old Covenant ‘covenants’ was the MOSAIC Covenant God make with members of our Human Race via MOSES, and as I’ve shown in a previous posting, it is in the Book of Deuteronomy that MOSES advises the members of our Human Race that GOD would send us ANOTHER Divine ‘Prophet’ Who would have GOD HIMSELF put His Divine Words ‘into His Mouth’ to speak to and address to our Human Race in Deuteronomy 18:15-20:

    Does ANYONE throughout our entire World see or hear from ANY currently living and alive ‘Rabbi’ even MENTIONING this particular aspect of God’s Own MOSAIC Covenant? That GOD HIMSELF would provide our Human Race another DIVINELY ANIMATED ‘Prophet’ Who would have God’s Own Words placed in His Mouth to be spoken to the members of our Human Race???

    The current ‘crop’ of RABBIS throughout our World have “Killed Off MOSES” and God’s Own Mosaic Covenant in order to PREVENT both those of ‘Jewish’ blood-line heritage as well as those of ‘Gentile’ blood-line heritage from paying close personal attention to what MOSES HIMSELF has to reveal to BOTH ‘The Jews’ as well as ‘The Gentiles’ throughout our contemporary World of 2011 Anno Domini in ‘The Torah’ at Deuteronomy 18:15-20.

    Why, the current crop of ‘RABBIS’ have, are and wish to continue to REPLACE Moses by denying God’s Own Mosaic Covenant as found in ‘The Torah’ – and instead, have taken it upon themselves, individually as well as collectively, to ELEVATE THEMSELVES above and beyond God’s Own PROPHET to the Hebrew people who was MOSES with their own Babylonian Talmud!

    So now, if EVERYONE currently living and alive on our planet earth can understand the very SIMPLE aspect concerning God’s Covenants with us members of Mankind that such Covenants of old required and contained the THREE (3) simple spiritual elements of a) GOD Himself, b) members of our Human Race and c) GOD’S Own Voice SPOKEN in establishing/ratifying His Own Divine Covenants of Old….

    ….then any ‘NEW’ Covenant that ‘might’ come forth from GOD HIMSELF to and for our entire Human Race with this DIVINE ‘Prophet’ promised to come to our Human Race as a PROPHECIED PROVISION of God’s Mosaic Covenant with our Human Race would necessarily require a) GOD HIMSELF b) members of our Human Race and c) God’s SPOKEN Voice.

    Now then, as we PROCEED into the pages of the books/writings of God’s ‘NEW’ Covenant with ALL of the members of our Human Race, do we “FIND” those three very simple yet very SPECIFIC elements which make a VALID DIVINELY INSTITUTED COVENANT between God Himself and we members of the Human Race??

    Once again, I want for all of you to HIGHLIGHT or MARK the following passages and verses readily found in EVERYONE’s Bible:

    Matthew 3:16-17

    Mark 1:9-11

    Luke 3:21-22

    Matthew 17:1-5

    Mark 9:2-8

    Luke 9:28-36

    2 Peter 1:17-18

    So you see, my dear RZN readers, the current RABBIS throughout our contemporay World with their ‘Babylonian Talmud’ which THEY ASSERT is superior to and surplants the Old Covenants of ‘The Torah’ and SPECIFICALLY and CUNNINGLY brushes aside what the Hebrew’s own MOSES had to reveal in Deuteronomy 18:15-20:

    Is a ‘Bloomin’ CON-JOB’ being foisted upon ALL people who claim some sort of ‘Jewish’ heritage, is an utter and overt SPIRITUAL REBELLION against Moses himself and is an overt spiritual-religious CRIME against ALMIGHTY GOD as well as the members of our ENTIRE Human Race!

    These RABBIS and their ZIONISM and their BABYLONIAN TALMUDS and their KABBALAH-ZOHAR incantations/conjurings are ALL in open, over and in-your-face spiritual REBELLION against Almighty God, against Moses, against the Divine Prophet of God prophesied by Moses and against our entire Human Race!

    Now onto this ‘Divine Prophet’s’ initiated and established ‘NEW’ Covenant with ALL of Mankind…

    – +Fr. Joseph

  157. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 8:09 pm

    I believe it is a saying of those in the United States Marine Corp that goes something like:


    I don’t know if that’s a fact. I’m a United States AIR FORCE vet! 🙂

    But anyways, now that I’ve done my own personal best (in His Holy Army) to ‘MOW DOWN’ all of the so-called JEWISH Rabbis and their ANTI-CHRIST Zionist Political State of Israel, its now time to ‘MOW DOWN’ all of these so called ‘Christian’ Zionists and THEIR Bible-butchering Pastors, Preachers and Leaders.

    Now DON’T YOU DARE tell me that what I’m about to share with you here now is NOT ‘the truth’, but if you go ask ANY of the members and/or pastors of ANY of the current non-Catholic or non-Eastern Orthodox Church cults, sects, congregations and/or denominations here in the United States of America, or for that matter, throughout the rest of our contemporary World of 2011 Anno Domini


    They’ll tell you that the ‘New Covenant’ IS the 27 Divinely Inspired BOOKS of ‘their’ Bibles!

    And just like these current RABBIS who have blown spiritual-religous SMOKE on, upon and all over those who claim some sort of “Jewish” heritage regarding their DENYING the Divine Provision contained the Mosaic Covenant at Deuteronomy 18:15-20 as their promote/propel their ‘ZIONISM’, these many ‘pastors’, ‘preachers’, ‘leaders’ and ‘teachers’ who call themselves ‘CHRISTIAN’ and who likewise support ISRAEL and its Rabbi’s ZIONISM are ALL blowing spiritual-religious SMOKE on, upon and all over the members of their particular cults, sects, congregations and demoninations with respect to WHAT CONSTITUTES God’s Own ‘NEW COVENANT’ with all of Mankind!

    God’s ‘NEW’ Covenant with ALL of the members of our Human Race is NOT! and I repeat emphatically NOT! the 27 Divinely Inspired Books in the ‘Latter Half’ of “their” Bibles!

    Let us CLOSELY and CAREFULLY examine the Divine Provision of the Mosaic Covenant as relayed to our Human Race in Deuteronomy 18:1-20 in order to CLOSELY and CAREFULLY examine just what exactly IS and just what exactly CONSTITUTES God’s Own ‘NEW’ Covenant with ALL of Mankind…

    – +Fr. Joseph

  158. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 8:26 pm

    As I explained in an earlier posting here, to make a Divine Covenant initiated and ratified WITH members of our Human Race, it takes a) GOD b) members of our Human Race, and c) God’s Own SPOKEN Voice.

    The excruciatingly PRECISE conditions spelled out by Moses to the members of our Human Race regarding another ‘DIVINE PROPHET’ per Deuteronomy 18:15-20 gives the following:

    “…and I (GOD) will put MY WORDS in HIS MOUTH. He (God’s Divine Prophet) will tell them everything I (GOD) COMMAND HIM.” – from

    So GOD is going to speak to ALL of us members of the Human Race via this prophecied DIVINE PROPHET – and GOD HIMSELF is going to put His DIVINE WORDS into the very mouth of this DIVINE PROPHET – and by God SPEAKING to us all members of the Human Race giving us His ‘NEW’ Commands, GOD FULLY INTENDS to bring about a ‘NEW’ COVENANT with all of Mankind???

    Hmmmmm….well then, do we members of the Human Race FIND these very Divinely Exacting Conditions which herald in God’s ‘NEW’ Covenant with all of us members of the Human Race anywheres WITHIN the ’27 books of the New Covenant’.

    Yessiree bob…every last member of our Human Race can READ for themselves with their very own TWO EYES the words contained in the Gospel according to St. John the Apostle at John 14:7-11!!!

    So if the ’27 books of the Bible’ are NOT God’s New Covenant with ALL of us members of the Human Race as all of these so-called ‘christian’ ZIONISTS throughout the USA and the rest of our World PUBLICLY ASSERT, then ‘What IS this ‘New’ Covenant’ established by GOD HIMSELF for the spiritual sake and the spiritual lives and spiritual WELFARE and WELLBEING of every last member of our Human Race??

    As they say in the ‘Mass Media’ business…I’ve got you ‘On The Hook’!

    Time for a CUP OF COFFEE and a couple of messages from our ‘sponsors’ while you wait for ‘The Program’ to come back on! 🙂

    – +Fr. Joseph

  159. Fr. Joseph January 16, 2011 @ 9:32 pm

    So I’ve shown ALL OF YOU that the very exacting Divine Conditions stated by MOSES in the Mosaic Covenant in Deuteronomy 18:15-20 are COMPLETEY and ENTIRELY FULFILLED in what St. John the Lord’s Apostle has to relay in his Gospel account right there in John 14:7-11.

    You have GOD (THE FATHER) speaking to all of us members of the Human Race through the Spoken Voice of GOD (THE SON) Who has the FULLNESS of GOD (THE HOLY SPIRIT) Himself as I’ve already established for you via having you refer to the Gospel accounts of St. Matthew, St. Mark and St. Luke:$203:16-17&version=NIV

    ‘BUT’….we still have these 20,000+ ‘Bible’ sects, cults and denominations with us throughout our United States of America as well as throughout the rest of the World – MANY OF THEM fully supporting and ‘rooting for’ this utterly CORRUPT, IMMORAL and ANTI-CHRIST Political State of Israel via its Mosaic Covenant and Torah TRASHING/REJECTING Rabidly Ruling Rabbis and their ‘ZIONISM’!

    ‘AND’…these 20,000+ ‘Bible’ cults, sects and denomination ALL PROCLAIM that God’s ‘NEW’ Covenant with ALL OF MANKIND (to include themselves) are the ’27 Divinely Inspired Books’ of the latter half of “their” BIBLES!


    God’ Own ‘NEW’ Covenant with ALL OF US members of the ENTIRE Human Race is DIVINELY ‘REVEALED’ TO BE…

    Matthew 26:26-29

    Mark 14:22-25

    Luke 22:19-20

    John 6:52-71

    1 Corinthians 11:23-34

    And will the ‘REAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH’ here in the World STAND UP for everyone in our wholewide world TO SEE??

    Acts 2:42

    So if you bethink yourself to be ‘Jewish’, you now know that your RABBIS have been, are and will continue ‘TO BLOW SMOKE’ into your faces by actually making you believe that ‘their’ Talmud ELIMINATES and DOES AWAY WITH both Moses and God’s Mosaic Covenant ESTABLISHED WITH His Prophet MOSES!

    Those of you who fancy yourselves to be ‘Jews’ can now simply WALK OUT ON your Rabbis rambling on from their ‘Talmuds’, go over to your local Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Church, enroll yourselves in a good Christian catechism class and get yourselves BAPTIZED into the Church.

    Those of you who are ‘bible believing ZIONISTS’ here in and throughout the United States of America, you TOO, can now simply WALK OUT of your pastor’s, preacher’s, leaders’, teachers current so-called ‘church’, head right over to your local Catholic or Eastern Orthodox parish, enroll yourselves in a good Christian catechism class, and get yourselves BAPTIZED into a REAL Christian Church.

    Those of you who are MOSLEMS, you too can simply accept that your Prophet Mohammed got some VERY BAD ‘CATECHISM’ about JESUS, God’s DIVINE PROPHET to and for all of Mankind, from the heretical Judiazing sect known as ‘The Ebionites’. Your Prophet Mohammed would have done all of you MOSLEMS a very GREAT DIVINE FAVOR if he simply had gone to sign up for a ‘Catechism Class’ with the PATRIARCH OF JERUSALEM back in his day. So all of you MOSLEMS can simply put down your Qu’rans, walk over to your local Catholic or Eastern Orthodox parish, sign up for a ‘Catechism class’ as well, and get yourselves BAPTIZED into the Lord Most High’s CHURCH here on earth.

    And on and on it can conceiveably go! Millions upon millions of our Human Race getting themselves BAPTIZED into CHRIST’S CHURCH MILITANT here on earth in order to receive Him in HIS VERY OWN ‘DIVINE’ NEW COVENANT WITH ALL OF MANKIND – in the Divine Sacrament of the Eucharist!

    And THAT would most assuredly HELP our entire Human Race in its own efforts to reach out TO GOD in order for Him to show us His Divine Mercy and His Divine Assistance in getting us ALL six (6) billion human souls some WORLD PEACE for once in our very long Human Race’s history on this Planet Earth of God’s Creating, Sustaining and Maintaining!

    For it was GOD THE FATHER Himself Who relayed the following to Mother Eugenia:

    “Of course, I can understand My children’s weaknesses! Because of this, I asked My Son (JESUS, the Christ) to give them the means to get up after they have fallen. These means will help them to purify themselves from their sins, so that they may still be the children of My (Divine) Love. They are, chiefly, the SEVEN SACRAMENTS. And the greatest means of securing your salvation, despite your falls, is THE CROSS, My Son’s Blood poured out upon you every moment, if you so wish, both in the Sacrament of Penance and in THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS.

    “MY DEAR CHILDREN, I have lavished these Gifts upon you with Special Graces FOR TWENTY CENTURIES, BUT WITH WHAT MISERABLE RESULTS!” – quoting GOD, the Father of US ALL! at:

    It’s now all up to you, folks. Each and every last one of you really and truly do have a ‘FREE WLL’.

    I can’t make your individual or collective choices for you.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  160. Suzanne January 16, 2011 @ 9:40 pm

    Father Joseph,

    You are a delight, a wealth of information and a real tease! Can’t wait for the next ‘episode’ of ‘The Program’.

    You have one viewer hanging out for the next ‘show’.

    It is nice to see you lighten up. I have been praying for you. Hoping and praying that the Lord would lift the heaviness of your heart that I knew you had been experiencing.

    for your information. My Lutheran Pastor believes that it is the 10 Commandements of Moses that are our “rule of law” and the “school master that leads us to Christ.”

    I personally have often thought that the Sermon on the Mount was the “new law” for Christian living and conduct.

    Anyway, I will wait impatiently for your next Program.

  161. Words of Wisdom January 17, 2011 @ 12:22 am

    F. Joseph,

    I’m with you on this one. I would give anything to hear you debate Jack Van Impe or Hal Lindsey face to face.

  162. Macro January 17, 2011 @ 12:48 am

    Very interesting!!

    EXPOSED: Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Political Syndicate!

    Peace be with you all

  163. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2011 @ 7:36 am


    Thanks for your prayers. Yes, those Graces you’ve earned for me HAVE allowed me to ‘lighten’ up in spirit. Kinda/sorta like getting a couple of asprin/chronic pain killers in prayer-pill form from a NURSE.

    Might I ask you, in your capacity in the ‘Nursing’ field, could you pray for our +Rev. Mother Anastasia at our +St. Seraphim’s Skete asking the Lord to help her out. She’s been ‘road-kill’ for the past several days with some sort of FATIGUE that leaves here exhausted at the end of her day.

    Each one of us is given some sort of special ‘Talent’ coupled with the necessary spriitual ‘Graces’ to PUT LIFE INTO those ‘Talents’ that are really and truly ours.

    I think everyone in the whole wide world recognizes the Divine Spiritual Graces of God the Holy Spirit working with, in and through +Br. Nathanael as one of God’s Instruments in our contemporary World on account of the actual and latent ‘Talents’ our LORD JESUS CHRIST ‘Knows’ and ‘Sees’ in him.

    As for you, Suzanne, it seems to me that you specialty ‘talent’ deals with nursing and healing of others – and that is not simply limited to our physical bodies, but to our minds, hearts, souls and spirits as well!

    So, as you pray, and ‘WE’ report the wonderful RESULTS that have been afforded to us on account of YOUR spiritual ‘ministry’ and valuable ‘function’ within the Mystical Body of Christ – that is to both encourage you and to confirm TO you your own very personal and very intimate-with-the-Lord CO-REDEMPTIVE spiritual powers that really and truly ARE yours and IN your spiritual possession!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  164. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2011 @ 8:09 am

    Dear Words of Wisdom,

    Might as well ‘level’ with you – I’ve been at this ‘apologetics’ work, a kinda/sorta running ‘Spiritual Battle/Warfare’ that has its roots in/with the ‘Protestant Reformation’ with all sorts of ‘bible-alone’ types for the past 25 years….AT LEAST!

    Oh, to be sure, there is no longer any PHYSICAL/BODILY violence, warfare and bloodshed on account of the ‘Peace of Augsburg’:

    But that did NOT cause a ‘Cessation of Hostilities’ that have remained and STILL REMAIN in the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of PEOPLE throughout our World.

    The ‘Religious Wars’ just keep on going and going and going and going, decade in and decade out, century in and century out.

    So, instead of firing canons off at each other, shooting arrows and throwning spears at each other, burning down each other’s cities, towns, villages and hamlets, taking others ‘captive’ and burning them at the stake as ‘heretics’ in the PHYSICAL sense, all of those OVERT manifestations of spiritual hostilities finds its overt expression in VERBAL and EMOTIONAL lashings out at others.

    The ‘Religious Wars’ have NEVER CEASED for us Catholic Christians since the time of the Protestant Reformation, even up to this present day. And we’ve ALL been thrown into this religious-spiritual “Catch-22″ because of the Protestant’s ‘Battle Cries’ of ‘Sola Scriptura!’ and ‘Sola Fide!”

    For ‘Sola Scriptura!’ and ‘Sola Fide!’ is the VERY REASON why you have all of these LEGIONS of ‘bible-alone’ so-called ‘Christians’ who have now been turned into ‘RABID ZIONISTS’ in full support of the SATANIC Kabbalah-Zohar Criminal Political State of Israel!

    So while we ALL await for the mobilization of the Christian Church’s “10TH ARMORED” to launch a blistering religious-spiritual COUNTER-ATTACK vs. Jewish inspired and institaged Marxist-Bolshevik Communism, Socialism, Feminism, Abortion and ZIONISM via the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of Jesus Christ’ OWN MOTHER as Our Lady of Fatima.

    The most/best I can personally do is but to get back into my ‘trench’, into my ‘foxhole’ here at ‘Bastogne’ in the MIDST of this Global-Worldwide SPIRITUAL-RELIGIOUS WORLD WAR raging all around us – and simply ‘hold at all costs’ the best as I can.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  165. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2011 @ 9:09 am

    Dear Suzanne,

    Just re-read your posting to me – and a ‘Divine Light Bulb’ flashed off over my head!

    As I’ve always said (to myself) since my religious profession into the Catholic Church’s Order of Carmelites:

    ‘The MORE OBVIOUS something is, the MORE LIKELY it will be overlooked!”

    You say about your Lutheran Pastor that he maintains the 10 Commandment of Moses are the ‘schoolmaster that leads to Christ’.

    Your Lutheran pastor is clearly in ‘locked-step’ with Martin Luther who asserted that we are ‘SAVED BY FAITH ALONE’ which is the ‘Sola Fide!’ half of the Protestant Reformation’s religious-spiritual battle-cry vs. the Catholic Church.

    It was Martin Luther who INSERTED the word ‘alone’ into what St. Paul wrote as Apostolic instruction to the Roman Church at Romans 3:28:

    ‘On the contrary, it is the law of faith, since, as we see it, a man is justified BY FAITH (Luther inserts ‘ALONE’ right here) and not by doing something the Law tells him to do.’ – Romans 3:28

    If we truly DO have ‘FAITH’ in Christ Jesus, then we have to make ourselves spiritually ‘DOCILE’, like SHEEP, in permitting Him TO DO that which only He can DO in order to spiritually SANCTIFY us in order to spiritually REDEEM us.

    Hence, we are in abject need of CHRIST JESUS imparting/infusing/giving us those Divine Sanctifying Graces that are HIS TO GIVE to us in order to both 1) sanctify and 2) redeem us.

    And Jesus Christ, as our High Priest before our Almighty God Who is OUR FATHER in Heaven, obtains for us every manner of DIVINE GRACE to grant us via His Very Own HOLY SPIRIT!

    Luther, by his asserting that we are saved by FAITH ‘ALONE’! is teaching and implying that we need only have a ‘notional mental idea’ or ‘knowledge ABOUT Christ’ and to TRUST IN THAT BIT OF MENTALLY HELD ‘KNOWLEDGE’ – and that sort of ‘faith’ is what is going to save and redeem us.

    So, ‘Faith ALONE’ is the assertion that human beings DO NOT NEED the Graces and Gifts of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT in order to sanctify and redeem them!

    Yet, it is the Apostle St. Paul’s teaching that it is PRECISELY the Divine Spiritual Graces and Gifts of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT which empowers us to really and truly understand and experience our innate spiritual ability to call God ‘OUR FATHER’!

    It was the Descent of God the Holy Spirit UPON JESUS HIMSELF at His Baptism that ‘affirmed’ and ‘confirmed’ to us other members of the Human Race that GOD IS OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN!

    So one might distill this raging Catholic-Protestant Reformation theological-spiritual argument/debate to this:

    Luther says all you need to be ‘saved’ and ‘redeemed’ is to have FAITH in YOUR KNOWING that Jesus Christ died for our sins – and THAT ‘ALONE’ is sufficient for the redemption and spiritual maturation of your own personal spirit…and this simple ‘knowing’ that Jesus Christ died for our sins bring abouts this spiritual REGENERATION to our minds, hearts, souls and spirits.

    The CATHOLIC CHURCH’S position is that we are in dire need of the INFUSION of God’s Divine Graces- where ‘Grace from God’ is the actual spiritual RECEPTION of some Bit or Part or Parcel of GOD’S OWN DIVINE LIFE that is really and truly HIS All-the-Time and Forever-and-Ever.

    And it is the CATHOLIC CHURCH’s position that we OBTAIN those ‘Spiritual-Bits’ of God’s Own Divine Life known as ‘Grace’ VIA Christ Jesus Who Is our High Priest before ALMIGHTY GOD – and His Divine SACRAMENTS of His Church Militant here on earth!

    As the Lord Himself taught “It is the (HOLY) SPIRIT that gives Life – the flesh (human beings WITHOUT the Spirit of God Alive and Living in them) has NOTHING to offer. The Words I have spoken to you are (HOLY) Spirit and they are (Divine) Life!” -the Gospel according to St. John – John 6:63

    So the DIVINE SPIRIT, God the Holy Spirit, Who resides in His Fullness IN the Divine Person of Jesus Christ informs human beings WITHOUT that (Holy) Spirit within them that:

    “I tell you most solemnly
    you WILL NOT have (Divine) Life in you.”
    – The Gospel of St. John – Jn. 6:53

    So you see, my dear Suzanne, this is how ‘Divine-Spiritual Charity’ WORKS IN the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ – the CHURCH – here on earth.

    You’ve helped ME out with your prayers and those prayers HAVE lifted me out of a pit of a very, VERY HEAVY ‘HEART’ – and in turn, out of Christian Love and Mutual Concern and Gratitude to and for YOU, I’m encouraging you to receive the EUCHARIST from the hands of an ordained Priest in either the Catholic Church or Eastern Orthodox Church.

    The EOCs do have ‘valid Christian Sacraments’ which DO confer Divine Graces into a person’s inner most unseen being.

    All of this ‘make sense’ to you? If not, let me know – and I’ll go back to my Priestly ‘Drawing Board’ to engineer some other way of explaining this to you! 🙂

    – +Fr. Joseph

  166. Fr. Joseph January 17, 2011 @ 11:54 am


    Another way of considering this ‘Saved By Faith ALONE’ protestant theology and spirituality vis-a-vis Catholic Sacramental theology and spirituality:

    Imagine yourself as a NURSE in a 27,000 (denominational) room hospital. On your 12 hour shift, you are to go into one room after another to note the attending Doctor/Physician diagnosis of the very sick Patients.

    In EVERY room you enter, you encounter and witness this SAME SORT of exchange between Doctor and Patient:

    Doctor: ‘Sir/Madame, you have Such-and-Such disease. But fear not! Our Pharmacy department has the Bottled Cure for your particular disease.’

    Patient: ‘Thank you, Doctor! I feel much better now. I have ‘FAITH ALONE’ that in possessing the informational knowledge that that Cure in Pharmacy department is capable of and has been developed to bring about the CURE of my disease!’

    The Doctor turns around and leaves the room and the patient.

    The Patient rolls over in his/her bed, closes his/her eyes, and goes to sleep.

    Now as a professionally trained Medical and Nursing person yourself, I ask you now to consider the question:


    What percentage of this hospital’s patients are going to GET CURED in this way and medical methodology?

    – +Fr. Joseph

  167. Dafydd January 17, 2011 @ 2:11 pm

    @Excuse me, but are you really as big an idiot as you sound?

    Have you ever taken a look at the 1935 Nazi “Weapons Control Law”?

    The US “Gun Control Act of 1968″ is an almost word for word translation of that law. And what have you achieved in your’s?


    So what were the Hitler Youth fighting with to the very end ? Toy pistols. Duh!

    And what were the German Home Guard fighting with? Toy guns? Duh!

    The difference with me and your simple minded self is this; that I don’t call someone who has achieved far more than most, worthless.

    Now as you made that statement; could you now let us all know what you have achieved in your worthless life?

    And no one with a modicum of intelligence would call Adolf Hitler’s social revolution worthless; because what you stated amounts to this.

    And are you suggesting that the Germans should have gone around gunning down Jews? Idiot!

    O’k, I over stated it regarding the gun laws; but you have not answered the rest of my points, o none achiever.

  168. Dafydd January 17, 2011 @ 2:43 pm

    @Excuse me, but are you really as big an idiot as you sound?


    When the National Socialists were fighting for power; large numbers of their members were being murdered by Communists.

    For evidence of this, read the Goebels diaries.

    After the National Socialists came to power, large numbers of Communists were still armed; this was the reason for the Gun laws.

    Or is this idiot suggesting that the National Socialists should have armed all Germans including Communists, or so called former Communists.

    Learn the social and political history of this period, rather than making sweeping simple black and white statements.

    One cannot make statements about this period of history without running into gross ignorance, of this kind.

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